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K w X N5 XNXNNNX llllil, Q E N Q Q E N E E N Q Q Q Q E N E N Q Q Q E X Q E N S Q Q E 3 S Q Q Q S S Q Q Q S Q S Q Q Q S Q S S Q X Q Q S E E Q Q Q Q E Q S Q S E 5 5 S E 5 SS LA C IOR EN ES TH ,,,g,gg,Zgffll!!!32352gfggagr ,II X 039 X X HT E B 5 NNN Z,gg4,4231Z3412643Iiggggggfg,Zlg2,22 N X X! W U N 'L C Q E O B , H Y A T R I C N w I xx C X Ky I M A fit X' T' O C Selgelid We, the class of 1940 feel hon cred to have the opportunity to dedi cate our High School Annual, the Echo, to our efficient coach, Mr Selgelid Credit is due him for his efforts in promoting our scholastic views, al so through him have we gained greater recognition in the athletic world -2- f' J' 1 V O O , - 0 O O 1-K ALBERT CITY CONSOLIDATED SCHOOL FACULTY Top Row: Mr. Selgelid, Mr. Sheppard, Miss Bringleson, Mr Paulson, Mr. Hanson, Mr. Carns, and Miss Souther. Bottom Row: Miss Faught, Miss Olson, Miss Hanson, Miss Nelson, Miss Soellner, Miss Hendrickson, and Miss Wittman -5 xx ' V . . ,. . ' 4 Yin, . ' . . . - , f ff--, K., f ' A ' , . ' ' f V . . , f ,. X T , , , 5 ' . . 41' ' ' X v I X . 4 'V X ' -I , 1, If N N.--A . K :M QM 1 N - ' I Z L C Sheppard Des Moines University B A , Iowa State Teachers Col lege M S., University of Southern California Uni versity of Southern Cal , University of Colorado, Cad vanced work on a Ph. D J He who has conquered doubt and fear has conquered failure A- C Paulson B S , University of Minnesota, Summer School for four summers wisdom thoroughly learned will never be forgotten O C Selgelid B A Upper Iowa University Morningside Coaching School You will be missing much if you approach your pupils only as a teacher Kenneth Hanson Buena Vista B A , Denver University Always seeks to excel himself each day Each morning look back upon your work of yesterday and then try to beat it Vernell Faught B A , Iowa State Teachers College If you want learning you must work for it wlnifred Wittman Stephens College, Fort Dodge Junior College B A , University of Iowa In character, in manners, in style in all things, the supreme excellence Hazel Hansen Ellsworth Junior Coll ge, Iowa Falls, B S Iowa State College I have but one lamp by which my feet are guided and that is the lamp of experience Alice Souther Two year course at Buena Vista College poiness is like jam You can't spread even a little without getting some on yourself Arlene Hendrickson Two year course at Buena Vista College Self confidence is the first requisite to great undertakings Lorene Soellner Two year course at Buena Vista College one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another Josephine Bringleson Two year course at Iowa State Teachers College I will study and get ready and some day my chance will come Emelia Nelson qhat one has one ought to use and what ever he does he should do with all his might Iowa State Teacher s College two years Eleanore Olson Two year course at Iowa State Teacher's College If I not so much the size of the dog in the fight as the size of the fight in the dog Charles Carns B A Crinnell College I aIl tHe affairs of life courtesles of a sm ll and trivial character are the ones which strike deepest 4 0 0 3 O 0 ' 0 o c 0 , S 3 o 0 o .1 ' S 0 0 is simplicity. e . . Ha L . No . I - . . S A O n a - CONRAD ARONSON Glee flub 1234 1234, Band 4, Orch estra 1234 Chatter btaff 34 nThe muslcal lauv EVELYN FRYKBERG Basketball 4 I T 123, Chatter staff 'She's loyalty and frlendshlp PCPSOH1 fled H P T 1234, chatter staff 34, Annual 'He's gainlnn ln wls dom what he lacks ln helght ILA CARLSON Glee Club 1234, Jr Class Play, P T 12 34, Chatter Staff 3 NA good lOOKlHg blonc wlth dlmples ' ' HELEN CALBWAITH P T 1234 Chatter Staff 3L, H1 Y l Trl W 2 All I care to do dance N RAY GOERNER Football 234 Bas ketball 234, Baseball 2, Track 2 Chatter Staff 4 'A pln setter at heart P T 1234, Glee Club 123, Chatter Staff 3 Orchestra 234 Annual 'She loves them al W BOYD BOYANOVSKY Bascetball 4 1 T 1234 Jr Class Play hatter Staff 24 Glee lub 34 Annual 'Our most bashful b 3 S PUTQ , . 3 . '1 - . . - S . I' . L3h'n 0 r 3 H. . g - . 'W 3. , I ' 3 U O .H 1 WENDELL SKOG A ADELAIDE LOVING Q Q ' , , ' . . Y , 3 , . . . T 3 ' .n R 1. . ' L 3 Ll U O . 0 Q A Q . Q ' - C 3 ' . 1 W Oy.n -5- ANNA BELLE JOHNSON P T 1234, Jr Class Play, Llbrarlan 23, Chatter Staff 3, H1 Y 12, Class Sec'y and Treas 3 Class Treas 2, Annual '20 MllllOn Sweet hearts N ELDON ERLANDSON Glee Club 1234 J Class Play, Band 4 Orchestra 4 Base 4 Chatter Staff 34 Football 3, Track 1234 'He knows it all ' LAVERNA WERNER P T 1234, Glee Club 1234, Chatter Staff 34, Jr Class Play, Glee Club Pres 4 H Y 1, Frl W 2, Annual Editor 'Straight A's her speed ' DELWIN OTTEMAN Basketball 1234 Football 1234, Track 2 Glee Club 34 Jr Class Play V1ce Presldent 4, Asslst Annual Editor 'His mlnd runs toward verse W LORRAINE WESTHOLM P T 1234 Glee Club 1234 Chatter Staff 4 Llbrarlan 23, Jr Tri W 2 Class Sec'y 2 Annual She s taken EVERETT BLOMBERG Chatter Staff 4 Basketball 1234 Football 1234 Track 34 Vlce Presldent 3 Glee Club 14 Capt Football 4 'The boy w1th the rainbow halr W Q o . ' 'a . 3 I .1 3 - g . . H l S l O 3 O . Q g r. . . g ' 9 . 5 - . ball 343 Basketball Class Play, Hi-Y lg S S 'f 3 ' N n 1 .n I , : i- 'l .' . Q U I , Q 1 o V T ' . -5- EDWIN HIBBS Basketball 1234 Football 4 Glee Club 1234 Baseball 1234 Track 4 Annual nThe class s hear breaker MARIAN OLSON Glee Club 1234 J Class Play P fr 1234 Librarian 3 Chatter Staff 4 nHer temper matc es her hair LOWELL GUSTAFSON P T 1234 Chatter Staff 4 U A G spells lag SUZANNE SCHUELKE P T 1234 Glee Club 1234 Chatter Staff 34 Annual U aug y but nice L 'USR 51.3 IZETTA NORDLUND Glee Club 1234 P T 1234 Jr Class Play Chatter Staff 3 Annual 'Her artistic ability 'nows no abounds MARVIN MILLER Basketball 1234, Foot ball 234 Track 234 Glee Club 3 Chatter Staff 4 Class presi dent 4 Annual 'Steadfast and true FRANK GOERNER Football 34 Basket ball 234 Baseball 34 Track 234 Chatter Staff 3 nFootball's his dis N ROMAINE KISCHER Basketball 1234 Football 34 Glee Club 1234 Track 24 Chatter Staff 4 'His mind wanders ROY JOHNSON Glee Club 154 J Class Play P T 1254 Orchestra 1254 Foot ball 54 Baseball 12 I I s ring gets aroun BETTY PETERSON P T 1254 Glee Club 1254 Class Pres Cheer Leader 254 Chatter Staff 154 H1 Y 1 Annual NHappy in her inno cence LA VONNE WESTHOLM Glee Club 254 P T 1254 Cnatter Editor Class Pres Jr Class Play Class Sec y 1 Annual 'Her humor never fa her an 'O-. 'fb' ill'-W-v LUCILLE JOHNSON Glee Club Pianist 1254 Orchestra 54 Librarian 5 Chatter Staff 34 Hi Y 2 Jr Class Play, Annual 'Paderewski the sec ond H ROGER SATORY Football 1254, Bas ketball 254 Track 12, Glee Club 1254 Jr Class Play Chat ter Staff 4 Orches tra 125, Annual nHe's a very fast lad, literally speak 1 DORIS PEARSON P T 1254, Glee Club 1254 Orchestra 54 Chatter Staff 4 Jr Class Play Class Sec y and Treas 4 Llbrarian 5 Annual 'Timely typica typist N History of the Class of 1940 Cne bright September morning in the year 1928, 21 subdu ed youngsters climbed aboard the good ship HEducat1onH for a twelve stop voyage with Mrs Anna Stevenson as our cap tain As we sailed out toward unknown waters we little re alized the many pleasures and troubles we would encounter on our journey Those who boarded the ship were as follows Mildred Anderson, Ella Bergling, Burton Behrens, Wayne Chris tenson, Eldon Erlandson, Anna Belle Johnson, Eunice Johnson Lucille Johnson, Morland Johnson, Roy Johnson, Marian Larson, Mavis Oleman, Marian Olson, Betty Jean Peterson, Kenneth Pearson, Martha Rolfing, Roger Satory, Nendell Skog, LaVonne Westholm, Laverna Werner, Lawrence Wenell During the year we made an unchartered stop, picked up Helen Galbraith, Lorraine Westholm and Charles Dusing, and resumed our journey toward our second port Those who miss ed the boat were, Wayne Christenson, Mavis Oleman and Ella Bergling We sailed out of port on September 2, 1929 with Edith Ecklund at the helm and Adelaide Loving as a new pas D senger. Martha Rolflng and Burton Behrens boarded another ship We had smooth sailing during this year and so we were off in search of another port Upon reaching our third port Evelyn Pflugshaupt became our captain Here we took on Lenore Larson, Izetta Nord lund and Everett Blomberg, Elwood Gary and Kay Filler were with us for a short time As we went on into our fourth port, Lenore Larson miss ed the boat Iva Mae BGPSS took control of the helm Gordon Heinsoln was a new passenger and Bertil Blomstran made a short stop with us Taking on Frances Overby and Marjorie Carlson at our fifth port we continued our voyage with Grace Malone as our captain Mow as we sailed into our sixth port we were beginning to realize that it wasn't altogether smooth waters and we appreciated the sunny days more when we sailed for this, Marjorie Carlson, Kenneth Pearson, and Morland Johnson had left on another boat but Patricia Scoles, Evelyn Frykberg, Earl and Leona Gustafson had made their reservations These however, excluding Evelyn were but with us for a short trip, boarding another ship at the seventh port There also, we took on a new passenger, Doris Pearson, our captain being Joyce Clarke 9 We were soon off for our eighth stop, where Gordon Heinsoln left us and Romaine Klscher obtained his passage As we entered the ninth port we came into the final and most enjoyable port of our cruise With several newcomers the passengers were Conrad Aronson, Everett Blomberg, Boyd Boyanovsky, Ila Carlson, Viola Ehlers, Eldon Erlandson, Helen Galbraith, Lowell Gustafson, Anna Belle Johnson, Lucille Johnson, Roy Johnson, Romaine Kischer, Adelaide Loving, Marvin Miller, Izetta Nordlund Marian Olson, Delwin Otteman, Doris Pearson, Roger Satory, Betty Peterson, Suzanne Schuelke, Wendell Skog, Laverna Werner, Lavonne Westholm, and Lorraine Westholm O C Selgelid was at ginning to have supervised our new passengers joining enjoyable, indeed We had the helm We were be entertainment and with in we found the voyage a good time at this port but were glad to move on At our tenth stop we took on two new passeng ers Ray and Frank Goerner, and a new captain Winifred Wittman We made our eleventh stop where Eddie Hibbs and Norma Warren joined us Lorraine Hoevet was our captain Here we presented a play, Pickles Becomes a Lady This was our first chance to show our talent in the ability to act In the spring we gave a banquet in honor1of our supposed super iors We hated to leave This port but we were glad to reach our goal, our twelfth and last stop with A C Paulson at our head, we are Conrad Aronson, Everett Blomberg, Boyd Boyanovsky, Ila Carlson, Eldon Erlandson, Helen Galbraith, Evelyn Frykberg, Frank Goerner, Ray Goerner, Lowell Gustafson, Eddie Hibbs, Anna Belle Johnson, Lucille Johnson, Roy Johnson Miller, Otteman son, Su Lavonne to take college , Romaine Kischer, Adelaide Loving, Marvin Izetta Nordlund, Marian Olson, Delwin , Doris Pearson, Roger Satory, Betty Peter zanne Schuelke, Wendell Skog, Laverna Werner Westholm, and Lorraine Nestholm are sorry our voyage is ended, and we hope another as successful when we enter our career 10 o Q D a n 0 0 M o u 0 0 0 0 0 ll . . ' o . 1' I K I 0- 0- 2 1 Qu We .- JUNIORS IW. BACK ROW Betty Johnson, Lorraine Boettcher, Edna Allen Marion Larson, Alice Larson, Lenore Larson, Mary Duslng, Keith Johnson, Steven Lofquist, Carroll Dilocker, Charles Dusing and Elmer Gustafson . MIDDLE ROW Miss Hanson, Isabelle Johnson, Neoma Elchhorst Rosalyn Olin, Mildred Anderson,,Carl Danielson, Lloyd Jafvert, Roy Carlson, Folke Anderson, Arnold Wenell, Roland Nordlund, and Robert Aronson FRONT ROW Rosalyn Shold, Norma Peterson, Dorothy Thevenin, Vivian Blomberg, Dorothy Blomquist, Marion Samuelson, and Frieda Sanders The junior class is the largest of the high school groups We are well represented in various school activities The band claims six, the orchestra seven, the girls' glee club eighteen, and the boys glee club five Some have entered the field of sports Four of our boys went out for football and four for basketball Other activities such as the junior senior banquet and class play have made this an outstanding year The class officers are as follows President Steven Lofquist, Vice President Folke Anderson, Sec y and Treas Betty Johnson -11- 'L 4, .. . -M -4l-,.M 1' 3 W ' 'HY 'n, ' U ' , ' f , V . ' r f . . , a . ' . 0 I 0 0 o - o 5 K -- -- ' ii o c Top row Anderson, Gustafson, Loving, B Peterson, Henning son, Olin, Harkness, N J Johnson, N Johnson, Dilooker, Second row Mr Selgelld, Brown, E Larson, Blomberg, Lof quiet, Putnam, Strodtman, Bjorklund, Carlson, D Johnson, Bottom row Benna, Dusing, Otteman, A Peterson, Nordlund, E Larson, J Johnson Not on picture Sorbe Hansen Top row Thleman, Bjorklund, A Johnson, Christensen, Beckfleld, Youngberg, Allen, Iverson, B Peterson Second row Miss Wittman, Anderson, A Thieman, Miller, Sundstrom, M Johnson, L Wenell, L Wenell, R Satory, Bottom row Erlandson, Lampe, I Johnson, L Carlson, Josephson, D A Thieman, A Carlson, Lofqulst, Olson Not on picture Voelschow 2 l W 2 Q ' 0 o o : 0 o ' 0 2 . . 0 Q ' 9 L. N A Y 2 . 4 2 0 9 O 0 0 I 2 . . 0 o 0 - , - - FRESH AN CLASS Twenty eight members enrolled in the Freshman class at the beginning of the year They soon elect ed as their class officials the following President Harvey Anderson Vice President-Arlene Peterson Secretary and Treasurer Burnell Peterson They readily became involved in many various activities Several joined the orchestra, boys and girls' glee clubs, and band A few of the members joined the girls' basketball team which was organized this year The Freshman also have a wide variety of sub jects They are agriculture, Latin, manual training home economics, English and algebra The old saying that a sophomore can be recognized by his cocky manner is not to be disputed at Albert City However, we feel assured that we have something to be cocky about Our stars shine brightest in girls glee club and in the marching band We are equally represented in athletics and other activities You can always tell a Senior, he is so sedately dressed can always tell a Junior, by the way he swells his chest can always tell a Freshie by his greenish looks and such can always tell a Sophomore but you cannot tell him much You You You 13 1 ' I SOPHBMORE CLASS 3 1 FRONT ROW M Johnson, Blomberg, R Satory Hibbs, Miller, Otteman, Jafvert, Anderson, Sundstrom R Goerner BACK ROW Coach O C Selgelid Peterson, Kischer, Beck field, Erlandson, K Johnson, Boyanovsky Dusing, Nordlund, Student Manager R Sgtory FRONT ROW D Johnson, Olin, N Johnson, B Peterson A Blomberg, H Anderson, R Satory MIDDLE ROW Miller, F Goerner, B Peterson, R Goerner, M Johnson, R Johnson, Dilocker, K Johnson, Hibbs BACK ROW R Satory, E Blomberg, Sundstrom, Otteman, F Anderson, Jafvert, Coach O C Selgelid lk FOOTBALL Line Q2 Eddie Hlbbs Harvey Anderson Keith Johnson Romaine Kischer Roy Johnson Norman Johnson Merlyn Johnson Carroll Dilocker Ray Goerner Billy Peterson Frank Goerner Burnell Peterson Marvin Miller Andrew Blomberg Capt Everett Blomberg Lloyd Jafvert Roger Satory Oliver Olin Folke Anderson Donald Johnson Delwin Otteman Billy Sundstrom Rodney Satory, Mgr SCHEDULE Albert City Gilmore City Sept 8 1939 Alta Lake City 22, Peterson 2 , Marathon Oc Laurens l Manson 20, Sioux Rapids 2 Pocahontas Nov Total Scores 7 Coach O C Selgelid FOOTBALL AS8't Coach C L Carns Albert City has enjoyed some good years with the lean year s in football, but the 1959 football team made the best record of any team since the fall of 1954 The Hurricanes waded through a tough nine game schedule and lost only one game, that being 7 to 6 to Sioux Rapids The Hurricanes opened with Cilmore City, after only a week of school, and the ball game turned out to be a defensive battle, ending in a O to O battle Next the locals invaded Alta where the game ended O to O although the Hurricanes were inside the A1ta's ten yard line three times, once fumbling on the one yard line Alta never pene trated into the A C territory once 5 Following came the Honecoming game with Lake City Roger Satory s last second touchdown and Frank Goerner s place kick gave the locals a well earned 7 to O victory A pass from Folke Anderson to Eddie Hibbs for 55 yards, placed the ball in position for Satory to score Marvin Miller played a swell defensive game -15- L.E. L.T. L.G. 59 ,f C. X 9 ROGO V ' R.T. K7 R.E. 0 ' H.B. ' H.B. QQBQ F.B. O O . , It It O O H , ll ga N H 7 A 9 O, u u H H 6 .6 , N , 9 M , u n 6 J, A fl ,' 'O J 'LQ 96, n -A u n O L O n 3, H n n 14 7 n n n M 6 7 n 7 , N .N H M 22 -Q . 1 , QI 20 1 1. J 2. ' I Q ' 4 Peterson came to town and tied the Hurricanes 6 to 6 Albert City scored when Everett Blomberg smashed off tackle for ten yards, then lateralled to Roger Satory who galloped 60 yards, for the touchdown Frank Goerner and Marvin Miller played fine defensive games this day 5 In 1958 Marathon spoiled the Hurricanes record after the locals had won 4 straight, so the locals were out for revenge They got it, 6 to 0 The Hurricanes scored in the last quarter First Sunny Sundstrom intercepted a Marathon pass on the 40 yard line Then Anderson passed to Hibbs for 20 yards and then to Miller for the touchdown Delwin Otteman played in his first game since the Gilmore City game and was really good for lots of yardage through the line, until he sprained his shoulder 6 On the first really cool night of the season, the Hurri canes ended up on the Laurens field with a 0 to 0 battle Both teams made lots of yardage, but no score Roger Satory made one nice run of 50 yards 7 Manson came to conquer, but lost 14 to 7 Soon after the opening kickoff, Sundstrom intercepted a Manson pass, Sator went around end for 25 yards and Miller passed to Hibbs for 50 yards and Hibbs went over for a touchdown In the second quart er, Satory, on a double reverse went 45 yards, Hibbs made 15 yards, and Miller went off tackle for the touchdown Manson scored on an intercepted pass 8 The Big Game of the Season Two undefeated teams clashed and when smoke cleared away after the battle, the mighty Hurri canes had been toppled by the Sioux Rapids Indians 7 to 6 The Hurricanes scored in the first half when Miller recovered a fum and drive went eight yards over guard for the touchdown The try for extra point was stopped cold The Indians scored in the last quarter 9 In the final game of the season the Hurricanes really opened up and beat Pocahontas 55 to 0 Otteman really had a great day to score two touchdowns Satory, F Goerner, and Blomberg each got one Late in the game Hibbs caught two passes from Miller for 25 and 50 yards The locals won a tie for first place in the Twin Lakes Con ference with Rockwell City Miller, F Goerner, and Roger Satory were chosen on the first All Conference team at end, tackle, and halfback respectively These boys also received Honorable Men tion in the State Roy Johnson and Ray Goerner played guards, with Roy doing some fine blocking Ray played end on the defense Folke Anderson and Sundstrom did most of the passing which was the Hurricanes chief weapon Folke also did all the punting Keith Johnson and Romaine Kischer played hard tough oall games at tackle and guards Merlyn Johnson played practically all the time at cen ter with Carroll Dilocker helping him out on occassions Jafvert saw a lot of action as a back field man, and did some fine work while he was there 16 ' Y Q 0 ble, Otteman went off tackle for 42 yards, and later on sheer power I HURRICANES PLAY IN STATE TOURNEY AT IOWA CITY LINE UP Folke Anderson Roger Satory Everett Blomberg Lloyd Jafvert Marvin Miller Ray Goerner Delwin Otteman Merlyn Johnson Eddie Hibbs Billy Sundstrom Rodney Satory Mgr SCHEDULE DeWayne Beckfield Romaine Kischer Eldon Erlandson Keith Johnson Roland Nordlund Albert City Alumni Pomeroy Gilmore City Newell Laurens Lake City Albert any Sioux Rapids Alta Rolfe Rockwell City Marathon Sulphur Sp Storm Lake Marathon TOURNAM NTS Pocahontas Twin Lakes Tournament Albert B V County Tournament Albert Sectional Tournament Albert District Tournament Albert State Tournament Albert City City City City City Manson Rolfe Laurens Alta Sioux Rapids Storm Lake Alta Storm Lake Aurelia Hawarden Spirit Lake Ames F. F. C. G. G. N I1 ll ll .. .. gg .. .. QQ ll ll ll ll x : 46 17 : : 27 tt u I n n . 43 Rembrandt 32 37 Manson ll ll ' 26 23 U ll 26 24 . . : 22 17 li ll ll ll ' ' 23 17 ll ll ' 40 19 n n 38 5 34 II I1 ' lO 22 -3-7- in J 5'yf J , f?Jb K ALBERT CITY MAKES GREAT RECORD IN BASKETBALL The Albert City 1939-40 Hurricanes led by Captain Marvin Miller, and flanked on all sid by such outstanding players as Otteman, Blomberg, Hibbs, Anderson, Satory, Sundstrom, and Jafvert, made the best showing of any local team in the history of the school Last year s team lost in the second round of the district, the 1935 team lost in the finals of the district, but the 1939 40 team went to the State Tournament at Iowa City They were defeated by Ames, who lost in the finals of the State meet to Mason City, the greatest team to ever win the State Tournament Ames beat two other teams in the tourney including the defending State Champions, Creston, by a larger margin tha they did the locals Albert City lead Ames 8 to 4 at the end of the first half but were absolutely cold on their shots in e second half and there fore dropped the decision to the second best team in the State Meet The Hurricanes started the season with a nbang winning 16 games in a row before being stopped These victories included a swell 39 to 26 win over the County Seat team, Storm Lake, Rembrandt was taken 43 to 32, the only game they dropped duri their season until eliminated in the finals of the District Their winnings also included the Twin Lakes Conference Tournament at Rockwell City by whipping Manson, Rolfe, and Laurens A week after dropping their first game, the Hurricanes lost to Storm Lake 35 to 25 This de feat was at Storm Lake ln the County meet The local boys got in the finals by beating Alta and Sioux Rapids Later the boys seemed to be in a slump and barely managed to nose out Sul hur Springs The following week saw a decided change in the Hurricanes play They hit their stride by running over Pocahontas 59 to 24 and Hanson 37 to 30 to win the Twin Lakes Conference schedule and their second trophy of the season The local boys had replaced Rolfe as Champions in the conference 18 The Sectional Tournament was held at Storm Lake Albert City beat Alta 23 to 17 to get in the finals while Storm Lake beat Marathon 26 to 17 to gain the final round Would Storm Lake again upset the Hurricanes? Everyone felt that they would because of their size That night brought forth the finest exhibition of basket ball ever witnessed on the Storm Lake floor and the winner was Albert City by a score of 41 to 18 Every boy was a ball hawk and everyone of them gave his best It was the worst beating any Storm Lake team had ever taken on their home floor and a game that shall be long remembered by all Albert City The District Tourney was held at Spirit Lake The Hurricanes ran over Aurelia 40 to 19 ln the opening round, had to overcome a l3 to 5 disadvan tage to beat Hawarden 38 to 34 in the semifinals, and led Spirit Lake all the way to win 27 to 23 and thus represent District 8 in the State Tourna ment With this win the local boys had complied a record of 26 victories against 2 losses Albert City was going to their first State Tournament and local interest was nothing but basketball Captain Miller, Eddie Hlbbs, and Folke Ander son were named on the first Twin Lakes Conference Basketball team Miller and Hibbs received the same honors ln the County Meet Otteman played consistent ball all season and was the star of the locals in the sectional Blomberg was hampered a creat share of the season with boils but was going strong in the final tournaments and looked very good against Ames Satory, Sundstrom, and Jafvert saw a lot of action, especially Satory, who was used at both forward and guard Miller lead the scoring for the season followed by Anderson, Hibbs, Blomberg and Otteman The Albert City seconds also had a good sea son winning 14 and losing 3 Much of the success of the first team was due to the tough competition giv en by the seconds in practice The outstanding sec ond team boys were Jafvert, Sundstrom, Pete John son, Kischer, R Goerner, Erlandson, and K. Johnson -19- MJ vnf4fl FM IJ Ufolfjal SJ DJ..,.,, 'WV !7'Mmm Ellflh 'Zak' Back Row Coach O C Selgelid, Folke Anderson, Eldon Erlandson, Frank Goerner, Everett Blomberg Front Row Roger Satory, Eddie Hibbs, Marvin Miller, Delwin Ottemen Majorie Harkness, Patty Brown, Norma Jean Johnson, Lenore Larson, Marilyn Miller, Mary Lou Thiemen Front Row Gladys Sheppard, Maxine Thiemen, Arlene Thiemen, Mildred Dusing, Mary Dusing, Marlyss Johnson 20 Back Row: Miss Hanson, Janice Johnson, Dorothy Ann Thiemen, 1940 TRACK TEAM Delwin Otteman Hurdles and relays Roger Satory Dashes and relays Edwln Hlbbs Dashes and relays Marvin Miller Mile run, discus, Javelin, Q high Jump Frank Goerner Shot, discus, and Javelin Eldon Frlandson Q mile run and relays Folke Andersen Pole Vault and relays The 1940 prospects for track are the brightest they have been for a number of years A fourth man added to Satory Hiobs and Otteman will make one of the fastest 440 880 relay teams in this section of the state Miller and Goerner should have a big year in the weight events SGHEDULE Pocahontas Relays Twin Lakes Conference Meet Buena Vista County Track Meet Big Four Relays at Fonda Alta Relays Tomahawk Relays at Cherokee District Track Meet GIRLS' BASKETBALL A new organization in the school this year has been girls' basketball, coached by Miss Hansen Despite a late start, with a consequent incomplete schedule of games, considerable progress has been made by the girls Only one IBHDBP of the squad will be lost this year through graduation, so the chances are we should have good material to develop next year Some of the schools we played were Linn Grove Hayes Con solidated School, Roesie, Sulphur Springs, and Brooke Consolidated School Our first victory was over Rossie The girls' county tournament was played in Albert City on January 29, 30, and 31st Three trophies were won, but Albert City failed to place in the consolation game, and was overtaken, with a small margin, by Brooke The finalists were Hayes and Sulphur Springs, the former team winning the county championship. The sectional tournament was held in February in Storm Lake and we participated. The team was somewhat liakened by the illness of Evelyn Frykberg, forward, during an important part of the season. Outstanding high-point player was Maxine Thleman, sophomore. Those on the squad include: Maxine Thleman, Evelyn Fryk- berg, Mary Dusing, Mildred Dusing, Gladys Sheppard, Arlene Thieman, Marlyss Johnson, Patty Brown, Marilyn Miller, Dorothy Ann Thieman, Mary Lou Thieman, Janice Johnson, Rosalyn Olin, Ruth Frykberg, Marjorie Harkness, Lenore Larson. -21- 1. --- 2. ----- 3- ' ------ 4. ---- 5. ---- 6a 4.4 ' 7. Everett Blomberg-Hurdles and relays 80 ' 1. 2. ' 5. . . 4. 1 5. 6. 7. BACK ROW R Johnson, C Aronson, Blomberg, Boyanovsky, Kischer, Dilocker, Dusing, Jafvert, Nordlund, Erlandson B Peterson, Pearson, FRONT ROW Mr Hanson, R Satory, Bjork, R Satory, M Peterson, R Aronson, R Satory, D Johnson, H Anderson, D Johnson, I Erickson BACK ROW E Larson, Samuelson, N Johnson, Youngberg, Eichhorst M Anderson B Johnson, L Johnson, D Thevenin D.Johnson, ROW: Shold J.Johnson, Pearson, E , A Larson, A Carlson, A Thieman, Olin, L Westholm L Larson, M Anderson, L Westholm MIDDLE ROW Boettoher, Olson, Werner, Nordlund, A Peterson, , I Carlson, Bjorklund, Lofquist, Blomberg, Erickson, Sheppard, Brown, Benna, Allen, Mr. Hanson. FIRST , I.Johnson, Loving, D.Th1eman, N.Peterson, Schuelke, Blomquist, L.Car1son, B.Peterson, .Larson, Sanders, V.Nordlund. ..22- WE I :ue WM 1 J -of-fs , f as-W L 0 p 0 o 0 2 o 0 o 0 o 0 0 I 0 0 0 5 0 , 4 0 Q 0 0 0 O . 0 Q I O O I O O 0 O O Q Q GIRLS GLEE CLUB The girls glee club is a regular activity offered to the high school girls who care to partake This year there was an enrollment of forty eight girls In February try outs were held and twenty four girls were chosen to participate in the District Music Contest which was conducted March 28, 29, and 50 at Spirit Lake The state contest was held at Storm Lake Following are the names of the girls who were ell gible for the contest Izetta Nordlund, Laverna Werner, Norma Peterson, Vlvadelle Youngberg, Arlene Peterson, Lavonne Loving, Mildred D Anderson, Elaine Larson, Ilon Erickson, Ila Carlson, Dorothy Blomquist, Lorraine Westholm, Betty Johnson, Alice Larson, Dorothy Thevenin, Rosalyn Olin Doris Pearson, Betty Peterson, Edna Allen, Norma Sheppard, Mildred E Anderson, Eunice Larson, May Benna, Lenore Larson and Lucille Johnson, pianist BOYS GLEE CLUB Albert City School, for one of the finest Boy s Glee Last year they had the honor Music contest at Carroll and other club which is indeed a This year the boys have members They participated test which was conducted at test was held at Storm Lake Following are the boys club the past few years, has had Clubs in Northwest Iowa of competing in the State were bettered by only one fine record a group of twenty two in the District Music Con Spirit Lake The State con who are members of the glee Roland Nordlund, Donald Pearson, Darwin Johnson, Donald Johnson, Eldon Sorbe, Burnell Peterson, Eldon Erlandson, Rodney Satory, Reynard Satory, Harvey Anderson Maurice Peterson, Lloyd Jafvert, Boyd Boyanovsky, Romaine Klscher, Carroll Dilocker, Robert Aronson, Eddie Hlbbs, Roger Satory, Conrad Aronson, Delwin Otteman, Roy Johnson and Everett Blomberg. - 3, e ' o e e U l e I 0 . La e I e ' e . - . - I I I 3 i Standing Mr Hanson, R Shold, C Aronson, T Buse, P Hussey, M Miller, E Allen, I Erickson, M Peterson, D Johnson, W Olson, B Johnson, H Johnson, D Lampe, E Erlandson, R Nord lund, B Christenson, R Lofquist Seated S Johnson, D Pearson, L Loving, A Peterson, N Swan son, V Bloom, A Thieman, E Larson, G Sheppard, R Bjork, M Anderson, E Erlandson, B Johnson, M Peterson, D Johnson, D Blomquist, B Peterson, D Johnson, J Johnson, R Satory, N Sheppard SWR: Standing E Erlandson, T Buse, R Johnson, G Sheppard, E Larson, B Johnson, E Erlandson, L Johnson, I Erickson, L Jafvert, R Nordlund, D Johnson, R Satory, Mr Hanson Seated R Bjork, L Loving, A Peterson, E Larson, V Young berg, M Anderson, A Loving, N Sheppard, L Larson, A La? son, D Pearson, C Aronson, M Benna, M Johnson, D LHHPC, M Swenson, M Johnson, M Peterson, W Olson, D Blomouist, B Peterson 24- 2 0 0 0 g . 0 o 0 g , , 0 0 0 g g - . l Q : I 0 ' Q O o 0 o o o o o o o a I . C Q l u o W , J W' 2 QM. ,. 1 'A ' .. fr-.Aw Qwf' f ' ,smash AA A A A A 7dr AAZJ fzzstefs I Q o 0 0 s 0 0 0 I 0 , 9 0 0 o . 2 0 0 ' ' ' ' o 0 0 ' ' - , , , o o . . , o o I I - BAND The Albert City Band is a new organization in our school and is proving very popular in the school as well as the entire oommulity This school year the Marching Band has played for the majority of home football and basketball games and traveled to many of the neighboring towns during the football season to strut their stuff and flash their new uniforms I m sure we can say they are an organization of which we are indeed very proud The following are the present members of the band Clarinets Elaine Larson Gladys Sheppard Dicky Bjork Mildred Anderson Vivian Bloom Arlene Thieman Norman Swanson Flutes Saxaphones Baritones Trombones French Horns Bass Horns Snare Drums Bass Drum Xylophone Drum Major Director Eldora Erlandson Betty Johnson Maurice Peterson Dorothy Johnson Warren Olson Dorothy Blomquist Burnell Peterson LaVonne Loving Rosslyn Shold Arlene Peterson Donald Pearson Stanley Johnson Darwin Johnson Beverly Christensen Rosalie Lofquist Norma Sheppard Janice Johnson Reynard Satory Dorothy Lampe Billy Johnson Marlyss Johnson Eldon Erlandson Roland Nordlund Terry Buse Marilyn Miller Phyliss Hussey Conrad Aronson Edna Allen Ilon Erickson Mr Hanson 25 1 O Cornets Morris Peterson L D ORCHESTRA The Albert City Orchestra was organized in 1934 Three of this group, Norma Sheppard, Lucille Johnson, and Warren Olson are still members Since then they have participated in sub district contests four years In 1937 and 1938 they received a rating of excellent and in 1939 they received a rating of division I which entitled them to go on to the district contest Here they also received a division I This entitled tnem to go to the state at which place they received a ratlng of division 11 b The orchestra of 1940 started with 35 members In March there will be try outs for the music contests they will enter th1s spring The orchestra will be cut down to twenty eight members of the most capable performers. The orchestra now consists of the following members Piano Lucille Johnson Ilon Erickson Roland Nordlund Lloyd Jafvert String Bass Bass Horns Bass Drum Snare Drum Alto Saxes Trombones Flutes Cellos French Horn Alto Horn Violas Violins Trumpets Cornet 26 Eldon Erlandson Terry Buse Lavonne Loving Arlene Peterson Reynard Satory Darwin Johnson Eldora Erlandson Betty Johnson Gladys Sheppard Roy Johnson Dicky Biork Alice Larson Doris Pearson Marlyss Johnson Dorothy Lampe Conrad Aronson May Benna Norma Sheppard Lenore Iarson Mildred Anderson Adelaide Loving Eunice Larson Vivadelle Youngberg Norma Westholm Maxine Johnson Mavis Jean Swenson Burnell Peterson Warren Olson Morris Peterson Dorothy Blomquist Clarinets ---------------------- iEla1ne Larson JUNIOR CLASS PLAY nP1ckles Becomes A Lady,n a comedy in three acts was pre- sented on November ll, 1938 by the Class of l94O The setting is The Dibble School for Girls, a small private country school, and the central character is Edltha Fair, or Pickles , as she is known to her schoolmates Pickles is a tom boy, athletic, popular warm hearted, but not greatly concerned with boys, clothes, or the usual things that occupy a girl's mind One of her greatest friends is Mr Burleigh, the school janitor, who is teaching her the methods of Jiu Jitsu that enabled him to win the war for General Pershing Because of her pop ularity, Pickles has aroused the enmity of Lillian Haller, the school politician, who is adept at making trouble, and Pickles finds herself in deep water with Miss Dibble, the school mistress Then two young aviators, Lieutenant Tony Hamilton and Sergeant Blimpn Reid who stutters are forced down in a crash on the school grounds In Tony, Pickles meets the first great love of her young life But alas Tony s attentions are centered else where Helsewhere' being the charming person of Helen Martin, a young teacher Enter the Villains Duke and Pete who are inter ested in a mysterious document of international significance which Tony is carrying Pickles unwittingly enables them to secure this document, and her fortunes are at a low ebb indeed But she has a staunch ally in Old Burleigh and how they turn the tables on the villainous pair makes for a startling and exciting climax As the play closes, Pickles has definitely crossed the line past adolescence and her tomboy days are behind her CHARACTERS Burleigh Roger Satory Pickles Anna Belle Johnson Hattie Ila Carlson Ma Marian Olson Wlo Lorraine Westholm Miss Dibble Laverna Werner Lillian Haller Lucille Johnson Helen Martin Lavonne Westholm Myra Parsons Doris Pearson Lieutenant Tony Hamilton Delwin Otteman Sergeant uBl1mpn Reid Boyd Boyanovsky Duke Roy Johnson Pete Eldon Erlandson GRADUATION ACTIVITIES At the time that this annual was sent to press the grad uation activities were not entirely complete, and the senior class play had not been selected However, the school calen dar, indicates thltbaccalaureate will be Sunday May 19 Class night May 20, and Commencement, Wednesday May 22 27 ll H f .- Il . I ' I - ' O ' O 3 ' s ---------- ------------- ------------ Pee-wee ---------------------------- Izetta Nordlund I A l . rs 1 - A. C. CHATTER Editor-in-chief ----- Roger Satory ---- Marvin Miller Assist. Editor ------ Eunice Johnson--Betty Johnson Sponsor ------------ ---------------- - -Miss wiwnan The A C Chatter has been published every week for the past few years at the Albert City School The Chatter, the officlal news publication Albert City School, is published by the junior other Hlgh of the senior English class It is sponsored by the English structor, Miss Wittman Eavesdropping wrltten by Lulu Belle, 1S one of the featured articles of the Chatter Other items of lnterest are editorlals, grade news, and also the hlgh school news ANNUAL BOARD Thls publlcatlon of its k1nd in the h1story The 'EchoN 1S published annual board is elected Editor in chlef ASS1St8Ht Edltor Business Manager Asslst Buslness Managers ACt1Vlti6S H1StOTi8nS Sponsor of the Albert by the senlor from and also e NEchon 1 the second of City Hlgh School class and the by them Laverne Werner Delwln Otteman Lorralne Westholm Lucllle Johnson Boyd Boyanovsky Izetta Nordlund Eddle Hlbbs Doris Pearson Suzanne Schuelke Adelalde Loving La Vonne Jestholm Anna Belle Johnson Betty Peterson Mr Paulson 28 - in- . . . th .S Sports ------------------- ---------- Marvin Miller y Atv ! 3 M n,Lf,,1,, i f9'f-9 J ' J' A ' 2 All N -an m-MW .' .W SQ , 'Sri' --X K Vg?-j fi' ffwgwl' aflgtf Lkmjwjflk , ,, .f- fxw fxx r WVV' ZWQMMM CIW CAFE HOL STANDARD SEM ICE 'PL T T RI SHORT CDRDH1 LC NC!-IES CT R 1 Ln JI L J QOrT LRI 1x5 CIR W SILING COMPLLI' G JOB G1 301,111 sv LUBRICA IO VV ff X f LA fS W3 Q! 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KISCIQIH v f' -- -' ----avv-vf--'-'fv--i- v - Y r DX SER-VICE STATVW WASHING, I I.I,: HYPOID ILORIOIIION FIRESTONE TIRES ARD OBIS DIAMOND 7I0 MOIOR OIL D X LUBRI ATING MOTOR OIL AUGUST CLAUSEN PROP SUPEHIUR WHO HIGH PRESSURE GREASE GUNS GREASE PAILS SMOKING STANDS SUNDHOLM ,fi IP Nix fx RV' APPRECIATE s..! ldv? 4 I J OAI JW WI M DNERAL MERCHANDISE SHCP QUICK AND CONVENIWTTLY WE CARRY Ak RV RIEQ CAFE ' Q A Good I x,QgfQg5W5 Lxs, D, Ear mes Prop, filgIM.OI Y IQWA O2 T .ALI f m . . 'O , f D. I O FN f7 Q Q Q , 1111: ' GI? ,. - , X I BA. v Ip? S 'IQ ,, I , I E Q FN S I TOY O VOR O SCZAJYII -f,Lf'g MJ IQISK VIOQIILIS A SIIEIWIO 3.fIII f 4 ' - I,-' . .Z O5 III :SOIL 5-- I f I W I I iw lf! lx 52 lwf ClnJ? oVDP2,,2gp,.4 QE' ko? 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Suggestions in the Albert City High School - Echo Yearbook (Albert City, IA) collection:

Albert City High School - Echo Yearbook (Albert City, IA) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 1


Albert City High School - Echo Yearbook (Albert City, IA) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Page 9

1940, pg 9

Albert City High School - Echo Yearbook (Albert City, IA) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Page 50

1940, pg 50

Albert City High School - Echo Yearbook (Albert City, IA) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Page 39

1940, pg 39

Albert City High School - Echo Yearbook (Albert City, IA) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Page 34

1940, pg 34

Albert City High School - Echo Yearbook (Albert City, IA) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Page 9

1940, pg 9

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