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% X c x y oc 5 ' id Xs Ls- -A L04J - ' Ajuafifi A JW JZXT ' SJ Ax Vtfe. v e-w. 50 V V V i °y y o fd rA . £ £ ( f e d p 5 ' r ■ - " . ..-■ ' . . ' “ ' RS , - cxC Vx „ 0 V x x c :vx • ! J xk cc Xc • . . c - .- , ., . W°o ■ V 0 , N f- k C V X W- C i . C, V ) -o ittfe mini W .. - o A X ' X lkrt " r k 4 o lu P r- WOu CWuL L SCcx as Xo Co ' rz. An 3 T % V TA n«nC caWv t ' e l ' - ( C“e H CjRXAA cr l m ' ] . K AWeS ' e M-e RS UMO iMq °° U 3 ■ " 0 1 M J , « ' j ' f d xac -j w ' , r; 4 ,w. uj 4 W M ov) yv C’O I A: vk i r ' dc Hd XX fl C S C kiS ? H-eC -jC aV ' V a) 1V ) RCVCva A. e k . ' C VCC l Y -’ i c Vfif 2, ) v fa o AoX cC Ac o ' c Sfe l xx.. : cr 7 A- V PTLU JT - — 1 X35TTTNj 7 pl’NM rtf ' rPw cih ' . o e ,, 1 u v " P Y - ( 0 O - l C V Cvll t rv= ' P u ' .o v0 . ( 0 V 6 c 5 Oro fc u Ipl pyP c 1 v s V p» fc = | a , u s TTi £ uv } (x t-? ' wtfltf v ri " ’ „ I? ® ’ HiO ' f f rt gizQ ' ! T 01 «. SU „ vV irtJS - " rfcCf C . v v s T (Y . - Y . 5 nJ J 0 „Q Cs v? £ u p YL •rv ' P ' l-r Oi 6 QerM 6 V ' Op - 2- Q0 ff t0 ' cCWV c PEER 1975 Albemarle High School Charlottesville, Virginia Volume XXII Dedication 12 Activities 14 Sports 28 Clubs 56 Upperclassmen 80 Underclassmen 158 Advertisements 188 THK LJQ HAX? Qf vr » “ • ... Hi V ' A Look through the doors of that empty place Where dreams are pursued, challenges met. Where memories lodge and hopes are spent, between its halls. What will tomorrow bring? A bell rings. A promise for the future or only a whisper of the past? For today is hello . . . but tomorrow goodbye 1 4 1 JB ■ 1 T iri ' ' v lf ' — t v 1 1 ■ Jjk iflfc L WjAMjK. Wa % " I Morning surrounds a silent building With dew dripping from an empty bicycle rack. The early sun slides across large paned windows, looking down on old grease puddles and rutting gravel in the wide parking lot. A sidewalk littered with cigarette butts, A poster, an abandoned trig book — Reminder of those who come and go. Down a quiet corridor, a solitary janitor sweeps trash. And a teacher erases yesterday’s lesson from a dusty board, While down the hall another straightens a desk or two. j A distant locker slams. The early morning recital of test notes drifts from one room. Soon the hellos of many students will grip the building With the furiousity of a lion, As bodies press against laughing crowds in front of lockers. In the stairwell, On the breeze way. The front door slams shut And feet rumble down an echoing hall. Lunch plates clatter and from a distant wing Drifts the tuning of an instrument. The conversations of faculty envelop a busy office Room Nine speaks Espanol, While upstairs, it’s Tfr 1 The clock in the hall always shows 2:37 And the day yawns out interminably. ■ m Dedicated to Coach In service five years at Albemarle High School as a teacher and coach . . . Nominated for “Man of the Year’’ in Albemarle County as a result of his talents as a coach, a father, and a leader in the community Deserving of grateful recognition for having led his thinclads to numer- ous district, regional, and state titles . . . Noted for his sense of humor and fair- ness in dealing with students, athletes, and faculty alike . . . It is with sincere thanks and apprecia- tion that the Senior Class dedi- cates the 1975 Peer to Coach Den- nis C. Craddock. 2 Dedication Dennis C. Craddock Dedication 13 A desire to be together. The need for sharing a thing to be done. Say hello to involvement in the times That pass. To homecoming games, smiling queens, gingerbread floats. For all too soon The music, the motions and the laughter Are only memories. ACTIVITIES Homecoming: The Pep Rally — SPIRIT! 16 Pep Rally The Parade — CREATIVE! I ■ tf: 1 jfU i § i! (— - ■ ■ 1 n w 53 fSflL ■ • J i I RP JB V v , VlflblRE [ALBEMARl 1. Fellowship of Christian Athletes float. 2. First Place: The French Club. 3. German Club float. 4. Third Place: The Spanish Club. 5. Sec- ond Place: The Latin Club. Homecoming Parade 17 — fun and good times! City Slicker Day 1 . Chris Benjamin shows how to Ilex your mus- cles. 2. The mob gathers for the rumble. 3. The bust!?! 4. Hi there, sweetheart! 5. You ' ll never guess what I have in here! 18 City Slicker Day The Dance — A Fall Festival Homecoming Dance 19 The Court — Beauty and Personality 20 Homecoming Court wmi A hard combination to beat! 4 ]. Junior Representative — Ruby Maupin. 2. Junior Representative — Lisa Hannum. 3. Sophomore Representative — Diane Hansen. 4. Sophomore Representative — Deana Coyner. Homecoming Court 21 Selections from “Godspell’ I Introducing Mark Maslyk! 2. The cast takes a how. 3 Mike Garnett leads the ensemble in singing " We Beseach Thee " . 4. " Prepare Ye the Wa of the Lord. " 5. Paul Lancaster — All Good Gifts " . 6. Jim Spence sings " All for the Best " . Godspell Christmas Assemblies — foreign customs and songs 4 1. French students display the true meaning of Christmas. 2. Kathy and Juliet — Santa ' s elves at work. 3. The Christm as concert was dedicated to Mark Pugh. 4. The Pinata — symbol of Spanish Christmas. 5. The choir performs another number. Christmas Assemblies 23 Outstanding seniors take pride 1. Tied for Sixth: Kim Blankenhaker. Tied for Sixth: Mary Ryder. 2. Valedictorian (tie): Jeff Wolfrey. 3. Twelfth (tie): Liz Gibbes. Twelfth (tie): Cece Jones. Twelfth (tie): Cathy Riall. Eleventh: Susan Hermansdorfer. 4. Eighteenth (tie): Marion Andrews. Eighteenth (tie): Barbi Chester. 5. Eighth: Bob Lasley (sitting). Ninth (tie): Alice Averette (sitting). Ninth (tie): Nana Bain (standing). 24 Honor Graduates in superior grades 1. Valedictorian (tie): Jean Hutchinson. 2. Salutatorian: David Lee. 3. Fourth: Susan Maine. Fifth: Randy Peck. 4. Seventeenth: Becca Sheridan. Sixteenth: Karen Wade. Fifteenth: Patsy Humphries. 5. Twentieth (tie): Matthew Kelley. Twentieth (tie): Susan Watson. Twentieth (tie): Leslie Mann. Twentieth (tie): Rick Slosson. Honor Graduates 25 Students bring variety I. Governor’s School Representatives: Jean Hutchinson, David Lee. Jeff Wolfrey. 2. Re- gional Chorus, sitting: Marsha Amato, Paul Lan- caster. Candy White. Standing: Alan Coleman. Beth Rees, Alan Hodge. Ronnie Keithly, Mike Figgatt. Not Pictured: Helen Shortell. 3. Boy’s State Representatives: Ned Deets, Rick Slosson. 4. DECA Awards, sitting: Sam Harris, Jeff Jor- dan, Joan Roach. Karl Bolden. Standing: Becky Wood, Hollis Lumpkin, Helen Bazzarre. Donna Thompson, Danny Roach. Judy Davis, Teresa Arnold. National Honor Society Senior Inductees, Kneeling: Dennis Napier, Connie Weary, Billy Mawyer, Jane Quasebarth, Nancy Riopel, Patty Null. Sharon Wood. Susan Hermansdorfer. First row, standing: Mrs. Jones, Sponser; Barb Craig, Kathy Clarity, Susan Watson. Tricia Jones, Leslie Mann. Kathv Via, Karen Wade, Rosemary Wagner, Dale Minter. Second row, standing: George Russell. Robin Armistead, Page Powell, Yvonne Batten, Elizabeth Jones, Karen Wright. Kayannc Brown, Alan Hodge, Lewis Lindamood. Bill Vayvada. 26 Honors of honors to A.H.S. 1. Latin Honors, First row, standing: Susie Schussler, Valerie Merkel, Ellen Williams. Second row, standing: Eugene Bickers, Cheryl Mason, Tom Simpson. Jan McAlpline. Rhonda Kite. 2. Girl’s State Representatives: CeCe Jones, Barbi Chester. 3. Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow Award: Cheryl McWillians. 4. National Merit Finalists: Jean Hutchinson. Karen Wade. 5. Art Awards, sit- ting: Sharon Barrett, Dale Minter, Vicky Pace. Standing: Kathy Via, Susan Earhart. Ricky Shifflett, Ruth Johnson. Not pictured: Penny Payne. Jonathan Kaut. 6 . Regional Band, sitting: Liz Word, John Peterson. Billy Lassiter, Eugene Hilburt, Alice Averett. Elizabeth Tull. Kneeling: Doris Jones, John Chappel. Glen Adams. Fred Brown. Standing: Carrie Clayton. Susan Watson. Joe Bunce. Garth Molino. Carla Baber, Rex Waters, Jeff Wolfrey. Barbi Ches- ter, Scott Warner. 6 Honors 27 Lightening-fast runners Pass the baton to the state champions. Say hello to bruised muscles and hoarse cheers. Defeat and triumph The battle of the sexes for different roles Title Nine — a new equality Up on the stage, before the masses Basketballs bounce Spirits soar Victory on the way. SPORTS ■ — The 1974 Albemarle Patriot Foot- ball team suffered their second con- secutive losing season. Because of their lack of size and speed, the Pat- riots were unable to hold their tough contenders. Although AHS fell to a 2-8 record. Senior linebacker, Todd Crenshaw was chosen Player of the Week when the Patriots played their best defen- sive game in the 25-6 victory over J.F.K. of Richmond. Albemarle’s strength was in their defense. Bill Atkinson, Mat Miller, Steve Rawlings, Mike Durrette, Mike Mitchell, Todd Crenshaw, Mike Figgett, Matt Johnson, Mike Wright, David Bates, and Tom Mahone were top Patriot defenders. Although the defense was overwhelmingly good, they were unable to make up for of- fensive mistakes. Overall perserverance and good team spirit made AHS fans proud of their team especially with their two victories over Osborn and JFK. Quar- terbacking the inexperienced team were Kevin Hasenfus and Ricky Whiting. The team will be losing sixteen Seniors, but the outlook for next year is promising. Those graduating are: Pat Minor, Steve Rawlings, Jay Townsend, J. Geren, Steve VonHer- bulis, Mike Wright, Mike Figgett, Max Sperry, Kevin Hasenfus, David Brown, Carl Lee Vest, Steve Mahone, David Glasgow, Mat Miller, Frank Rawlings and Justin Ford. I. Varsity Football, Front row: M. Wright. J. Townsend, M. Figgett, M. Miller, S. VonHer- bulis. Second row: K. Hasenfus, D. Glasgow. F. Rawlings, P Minor. Third row: M. Wawner, T. Maxa, M. Johnson, T. Thompson, D. Bates. F ' ourth row: R. Gardner. J. Maselli, V. Maupin, S. Cohen, B. Atkinson, B. Cason, D. Cavanaugh. Fifth row: M. Swift. O.D. Royals, R. Whiting, R. Hudson, J. VanFossen, D. Economos, R. Caldwell. Sixth row: J. Knight. G. Rund, W. Armstead, T. Valente, C. Bar- bour, D. McAllister. 2. Mike Wade spears a knight. Inexperience accounts for 2 30 Varsity Football unsuccessful football season 1. Varsity Football, First row: C. Vest. T. Crenshaw, D. Brown, S. Mahone. Second row: S. Geren, S. Rawlings, M. Sperry. J. Ford. P. Umstadter. Third row: M. Durrette, S. Hass, R. Payne, T. Mahone, T.W. Marshall. Fourth row: H. Yancey, F. Miles, M. Fantino, E. Hil- bert, P. Yates, T. Graves. Fifth row: F. Joseph. M. Wade, M. Carson, J. Wright, H. Smith. Sixth row: T. Mays, W. Sprouse, M. Graves, T. Carson. 2. Mitch listens to a last minute detail with a grin. 3. Coaches: D. Selden. G. Gay. J. Arbaugh, B. Taylor, G. Godfrey. Varsity Football 31 3 I Only forty more to go Delando! 2. Got ya! Now to get our ball to where it belongs. 3. Ber- nie leads the Patriots on to the field. Albemarle 6 Albemarle 8 Albemarle 6 Albemarle 0 Albemarle 0 Albemarle 0 Albemarle 13 Albemarle 0 Albemarle 25 Albemarle 0 R.E. Lee 25 Stafford 21 Fauquier 20 Stonewall 29 Woodbridge 40 Garfield 27 Osborn 0 James Wood 30 J.F. Kennedy 6 Charlottesville 29 32 Varsity Football Jayvees struggle through rough season Albemarle 0 Madison Albemarle 0 Dunbar Albemarle 6 Woodbridge Albemarle 6 Miller School Albemarle 12 Dunbar Albemarle 6 Charlottesville Albemarle 0 Charlottesville I. J.V. Football, kneeling: T. Corson, B. Mills, M, Ragland, J, Sillivan, M. Graves, G. Maupin, J. Garrison. M. Ladd. Second row: T. Valente, C.T. Pace, B. Pollard. J. Marselli, J. Thomas, B. Coles, G. Johnson. Third row: P. Tate, M. Rondeau, M. Swift, C. Shifflett, M. Carson, R. Reed. M. Via, T. Coles, P. Jordan, C. Garrison, M. Henderson, E. Morris. 2. The Patriot J.V. ' s catch the spider in their web. 3. Gilbert plays tag with his opponent. 2 J.V. Football 33 Band and Drill Team 34 Band and Drill Team provide halftime entertainment 1 1. Drill Team, first row: C. Daidone, B. Rees, M. Hall, C. Ingersoll. T. Sweeney, C. White. Second row: Mrs. Hill, sponsor. K. Adams, N. Riopel. S. Conway. S. Jones. D. Lancaster. C. Conn, C. Rea, K. Lassitter. Miss Graves, sponsor. Third row: C. Durrer. T. Carter. C. Deane, L. Garrett, P. Compton. S. Crider. K. Seabrook, cpt., C. Shea, J. Dunbar. T. Stod- dard. Not pictured: J. Ratcliff. A. Davenport. 2. To the rhythmn of “Block Band Jazz " , the band exhibits new marching abilities. 3. Cindy moves through the motions of her routine. 4. The Drill Team lifts their pom-poms as spirit rises. Band and Drill Team 35 The 1974 edition of the Albemarle High School Varsity Soccer team showed a year of improvement and sportsmanship that goes into making a good team. The players displayed ex- cellence in the preseason scrimmage against Herndon and in the blockbus- ter 1-1 tie against Augusta Military Academy. Although they have not yet achieved what it takes to make an outstanding soccer team, they showed flashes of brilliance as exhibited in their 6-7- 1 season. Many athletes showed spirited per- formances. Chief among these were Seniors Chris Benjamin, Charlie Hurt, Dale Minter. and Warren Estes. Juniors Tom Simpson, David Vermill- ion, Tom Seldon, Frank Ruiz, Tom Jay, and Robert Meadows performed admirably. Of course, getting a 100% perfor- mance from each player will make the difference between victory and defeat next year and the team is looking for- ward to meeting the challenge. A dedicated team produces 36 Soccer an improved soccer season I. Soccer, Kneeling: B. Sylvester. G. Evans. T. Ryalls, T. Haynes. R. Hanson. S. Wells, E. Mattson. D. Prater, C. Hurt. G. Harlow. T. Simpson, D. Riall, D. Minter. P. Crawford. Second row: S. Heatherington, G. Watts, B. Walker, F. Ruiz, D. Ellsworth. D. Ivory. R. Mangione. M. Phillips, J. Brown, R. Harrison. J. Talley. G. Hearn. N. Ozerov. Standing: W. Jay, R. Gevries, K. Goodwin, R. Meadows. B. Casteen, T. Jay. T. Seldon. P. Lee, W. Estes, R. Adams, C. Benjamin, D. Vermillion. S. Nel- son. 2. Managers: P. Lee, P. Hanneman. 3. Try Charlie’s tongue twister! 4. At last Bob uses his head! Soccer 37 I Hey guys, the hall ' s going the other way! 2. Which way did it go? 3. Dale runs to catch up with culprit. Albemarle 0 Eastern 5 Mennonite Albemarle 1 Holy Cross 2 Albemarle 0 Bollingbrook 2 Albemarle 2 E.C. Glass 0 Albemarle 7 Montevidieo 1 Albemarle « 0 Washington 1 Lee Albemarle 0 Eastern 2 Mennonite Albemarle 1 E.C. Glass 0 Albemarle 1 Augusta 1 Military Academy Albemarle 12 Tandem 0 Albemarle 12 Augusta 1 Military Academy Albemarle 0 Holy Cross 3 Albemarle 0 Washington 1 Lee 38 Soccer Cross Country endures frustrating season The Cross Country Team had only five members on the squad this year They were extremely dedicated, but unfortunately their record stood 0-12 at the end of the season. The team w ill be losing seniors Dennis Napier and Randy Peck. Hopefully, next year, there will be more response to the cause of Cross Country. Perhaps with more participation, the outlook of a State Championship will not be so dis- tant. 3 1. Coach Oldaker watches over his flock. 2. Kneeling: J. Sheridan. D. Napier. Standing: R. Peck, L. Bain. J. Bredin. 3. For first place . . . A bottle of Gatorade. Cross Country 39 The Girls’ Basketball Team The Albemarle High School girl ' s basketball team had a very successful season. By placing second in the dis- trict tournament, they were able to travel to the regional tournament in Roanoke. The highlight of the season was in defeating arch-rival Charlottesville High School twice. This year ' s team relied mostly on the speed and poise displayed by co-captains Paula Bull and Robin Armstead. The 1974 team exhibited tremendous sportsmanship throughout the entire season. This year’s team will long be remembered as the best at A.H.S. The team will be losing Seniors De- bbie Terrell, Gail Burton, Tomma Todd, Robin Armstead and Paula Bull. Although their presence will be missed, next year ' s Juniors and Sophomores will provide the nucleus for another excellent team. 3 I. Kneeling: P. Bull. R. Armstead. First row: G. Faulkner. G. Burton. D. Terrell. C. Bull, T. Todd. Back row: S. Miller, C. Toms. T. Armstead. D. Sprouse, L. Rexrode. L. Pettit. B. Langdon. 2. Co-Captains: P. Bull, R. Armstead. 3. Paula shoots above a wall of defenders. 40 Girls ' Varsity Basketball t 3 4 I. A mad rush for a stray ball. Will it be Donna or her opponent? 2. Although the other team has the ball at times, the girls strive to take it away. 3. Robin strives for two points. 4. Carrie must try to retrieve the ball before her opponent in order to gain a goal. Albemarle 59 Culpeper 38 Albemarle 41 Harrisonburg 36 Albemarle 48 Garfield 45 Albemarle 64 E.C. Glass 44 Albemarle 34 Charlottesville 31 Albemarle 59 Nelson County 45 Albemarle 50 Garfield 68 Albemarle 80 Louisa 19 Albemarle 76 Fauquier 41 Albemarle 31 Charlottesville 29 Albemarle 46 Garfield 42 Albemarle 42 R E. Lee 55 Albemarle 86 Louisa 31 Albemarle 53 Culpeper 45 District Games: Albemarle 49 Woodbridge 45 Albemarle 41 Garfield 72 Regional: Albemarle 37 William Fleming 42 Girls ' Varsity Basketball 41 4 1. Tricia reaches high to make the jump hall count. 2. Everyone watches while Donna makes an easy two-pointer. 3. Robin flings the ball towards the hoop. 4. Free shots can sometimes make or break a chance at victory. 42 Girls ' Varsity Basketball J.V. Girls’ Basketball Team has winning 13-1 season 3 1. The jump ball is tossed and Vicki jumps to retrieve. 2. Girls ' J.V. Basketball, kneeling: D. Dunbar, K. Townsend, P. Hawley, W. Wilson, C. Cutright, J. Henderson, D. Umstadter. Second row: C. Conn. D. DeHooge, T. Brown, P. Rush, M. Conklin, V. Wood. M. White, C. Woodfolk. Coach: M. Mason. 3. Debbie tries to shoot above her opponents’ defense. Albemarle 20 Culpeper 7 Albemarle 37 Harrisonburg 26 Albemarle 45 Harrisonburg 33 Albemarle 51 E.C. Glass 37 Albemarle 59 Charlottesville 26 Albemarle 55 Nelson County 15 Albemarle 28 Garfield 21 Albemarle 26 Louisa 23 Albemarle 27 Fauquier 17 Albemarle 38 Charlottesville 20 Albemarle 39 E.C. Glass 20 Albemarle 34 R.E. Lee 24 Albemarle 32 Louisa 33 Albemarle 46 Culpeper 24 Girls ' J.V. Basketball 43 The AHS Indoor Track Team de- feated all contenders to become State Champions for the second year in a row. Setting numerous school and na- tional records, the Patriot team is ranked as one of the top five teams in the nation. The Patriots produced their fifth straight undefeated season in the Commonwealth District. Sweeping the Regionals, District, VMI, and Ten- nesee Invitationals definitely termed the AHS thinclads as unconquerable!! National record setting perfor- mances came from Steve Darcus, James Gardner, Ronnie Harris, and the Patriot mile relay team. Darcus owns the fastest time in the nation among high school students in the high hurdles (7.3), while the mile relay team, consisting of Rob Brown, Tom Felker, Greg Davis and Ronnie Harris, ranks first in the U.S. with the time of 3:22.4. So much can be said about these young, talented athletes. These out- standing men compose the finest track team ever to come from AHS. Along with their accomplishments, their po- tential is far-reaching. It can be cor- rectly stated that the “Patriots’ strength is that they have no weakness.” Patriots wing their way into a 1 I . R. Harris races to the finish line. He holds the second fastest lime in the nation in both the 300 and 60 yd. dash, with the times of 32.2 and 6.2 respectively. 2. The Patriot’s winning Mile Re- lay team, consisting of R. Brown, R. Harris, and T. Felker. Not pictured: G. Davis. 3. G. Davis leaps his personal best of 47’7 " in the triple jump. 4. P. Thomas clears the bar. His largest jump is 6 ' 4‘ 44 Track brilliant repeat of last season 1st row: M. Granger, K. Stout, T, Felker. R. Slosson, G. Davis, P. Thomas, R. Brown, R Harris, J. Bingler, S. McVey, B Carriker, C. Pryor. S. Darcus. 2nd row: V. Foster — mgr.. F. Joseph, F. Miles. K. Burruss, B. Davis. J. Kunk- ler, L. Bain, J. Terrell, L. Willians, D. Drash. M. Durrette. M. Johnson, L. Johnson — mgr.. J. Gardner. 3rd row: K. Bolden. M. Morris, S. Reynolds, V. Maupin. H. Yancey, B. Terrell. T. Selden, A. Morris. B. Figgatt, J. Van Fossen. M. Fantino, I. Dickinson. 4th row: D. Robertson, I. Curl, C. Koch, T. Valente. T. Hall, C. Talley, K. Hickson. H. Smith. D. Napier. J. Bredin. J. Ohman. K. Goodwin. 5th row: A. Parham. R. Werner. F. Root. C. Route, W. Schulesser. 6th row: W. Jay. K. Bolden. J. Farrish, T. Wood. M. Miller, V. Villar. E. Hil- bert, W. Winston. 7th row: R. Hardy — Ass ' t. Coach, G. Oldaker — Distance Coach. D. Crad- dock — Head Coach. Not pictured: Coach Gay. B. Mawyer, and R. Davis. 2. Distance man. M Granger, runs the mile in his personal best ot 48.4. 3. S. McVey holds the school record of 1 3 ' 3 " in the pole vault. Track 45 Patriots battle their way to the Commonwealth District Championship The 1975 Patriot basketbal team dis- played a caliber of team basketball seldom achieved on the high school level. The AHS cagers fashioned a 19-1 record to win the regular season Commonwealth title. Although the Patriots were upset by Gar-Field in the District tournament, they automatically gained a berth in the Regionals because of their perfect 16-0 district record. In one of their toughest games of the season, the AHS team lost the Regional title to Halifax in the closing minutes. Albemarle ' s starting Five, consisting of Hawkins, Corrigan, Swingler, Wil- liams and Holland combined to form one of the Finest teams AHS has pro- duced. Team togetherness, a perfect defense, and excellent foul shooting are just a few of the factors that con- tributed to their winning season. Junior Evan Williams was selected as an All-District candidate for his front court skill, while Corrigan and Hawkins were named to the All- Regional team as two of the top guards in the state. Williams was chosen to represent AHS on the second All- Regional team, and Holland received Honorable Mention. Fine basketball dexterity will be lost upon the graduation of these seniors: Tri-Captains Hawkins, Swingler and Corrigan; along with Crenshaw and Holland. Congratulations go to Coaches Frankie Allen, Jamie Brown and their basketball players. I. Chris wonders who ' s shooting the ball. 2. Todd Crenshaw goes off the floor for a lay-up. 3. Roderick wants to bring the net down with him. Albemarle 98 Waynesboro 69 Albemarle 77 Stonewall 53 Albemarle 106 Fauquier 74 Albemarle 71 Osbourn 38 Albemarle 92 James Wood 67 Albemarle 79 Stafford 63 Albemarle 47 Charlottesville 45 Albemarle 86 E.C. Glass 76 Albemarle 100 Waynesboro 59 Albemarle 54 Gar-Field 50 Albemarle 76 Woodbridge 44 Albemarle 80 Charlottesville 70 Albemarle 85 Fauquier 38 Albemarle 106 Osbourn 60 59 Albemarle 76 Stonewall Albemarle 69 James Wood 44 Albemarle 77 E.C. Glass 80 Albemarle 83 Stafford 67 Albemarle 89 Gar-Field 79 Albemarle 95 Woodbridge 25 Tournament: Albemarle 67 Osbourne 47 Albemarle 51 Gar-Field 56 Albemarle 49 Halifax 53 3 46 Varsity Basketball Allen’s cagers pack gym 1. Varsity Basketball, kneeling: Coach Allen, Coach Brown. Standing: D. Bates, P. Brown. R. Martin, S. Swingler, E. Williams, G. Hol- land. M. Mitchell. L. Hawkins. D. Corrigan. R. Meadots, T. Crenshaw, G. Maynard. Not pic- tured: C. Barbour. 2. David Corrigan drives in while teammate Evan Williams lends assis- tance. 3. Leon Hawkins exhibits his poise in shooting. Basketball 47 Patriots exhibit talent and poise I. David executes another basketball manue- ver. 2. Greg Holland battles for the ball. 3. Steve Swingler takes the advantage over de- fending Knights. 4. Robert Meadows obtains the rebound. 48 Basketball Basketball 49 Jayvees eye varsity positions Albemarle 43 Waynesboro 32 Albemarle 50 Stonewall 35 Albemarle 66 Fauquier 69 Albemarle 52 Osbourn 28 Albemarle 58 James Wood 36 Albemarle 38 Stafford 34 Albemarle 38 Charlottesville 46 Albemarle 34 E.C. Glass 39 Albemarle 38 Waynesboro 30 Albemarle 47 Gar-Field 29 Albemarle 54 Woodbridge 37 Albemarle 39 Charlottesville 44 Albemarle 36 Fauquier 41 Albemarle 74 Osbourn 26 Albemarle 75 Stonewall 45 Albemarle 54 All-Stars 34 Albemarle 50 E.C. Glass 46 Albemarle 57 Stafford 35 Albemarle 62 Gar-Field 61 Albemarle 45 Woodbridge 32 kteri 4 50 J.V. Basketball J.V.’s enthusiasm helps team 4 1. On shoulders: S. Burruss, A. Norcross, B. Scott. On ground: D. Coyner. D. Hansen. C. Barnocky, B. Johnson. 2. Brenda lends a little soul to Albemarle spirit. 3. That ' s the way. Angela, keep the crowd moving. 4. The J.V. Cheerleaders continue their spirit. J.V. Cheerleaders 51 I I ■ w 1 I Top to Bottom: C. Weary, K. Payne, D. Coyner, J. Charlton, D. Smith, J. Maupin, T. Jones, co-captain; K. Breen. D. Phillips, cap- tain. 2. Connie creates that go get ' em spirit. 3. Karen leads the crowd in another cheer. 4. Tricia Jones — Cheerleader of the week. 5. We ' ve got that spirit! Varsity Cheerleaders support 52 Varsity Cheerleaders all major sports Girls show interest 1. Majorettes, first row: S. Barnett, K. Haynes, C. Fulcher, F. Henderson, T. McDonald. Sec- ond row: C. Mitchell, M. Garnett, M. Amato, R Ahrend, T. Steppe. 2. Majorette, Toni Steppe, helps provide halftime entertainment. 3. G.A.A. Cheerleaders: E. Tirone, K. McClanahan, S. Jahrsdoffer. K. Talley. D. Zapata. 4. The gymnasts enjoy the uneven parallel bars. 54 Majorettes in various activities 1. Gymnastics team, first row: B. Schmader. K. Wilson, R. Bailey. K. Brittain. V. Davis. Sec- ond row: H. Bain. N. Coleman. A. Hensley. 2. G.A.A. Cheerleaders enjoy the Homecoming parade. 3. Helen Bain holds her balance on the beam. 4. Majorettes perform at the Charlottes- ville — Albemarle game. Gymnastics, Majorettes, G.A.A. Cheerleaders 55 Clubs mean involvement. People cemented by common interests. Hello to International dinners, one-act plays, and a prize-winning Homecoming float. Experience for tomorrow. Fun together today. Members traveling, making new friends Improving skills, broadening horizons Working together. CLUBS SCA and CGB coordinate The SCA and CGB are both organi- zations designed to provide a forum for communication between the stu- dents, faculty, administration, and pa- rents. Senior, junior, and sophomore representatives brought student con- cerns to the attention of the CGB which acted on such matters as the traffic jam at Hydraulic and Georgetown roads, and extension of senior privileges. The SCA continued to sponsor such successful events as the Homecoming activities, Christ- mas caroling and door decorating, and several dances. 1. SCA Seniors First row, sitting: J. Snyder, J. Bingler, B. Mawyer, R. Slosson, T. Crenshaw. J. Cowan. Second row: P. Hinton. J. Maupin, R. Armis- tead, C. Saunders, C. Weary, E. Woody, J. Quasebarth. Third row: T. Anderson, C. Shea. K. McCann, B. Craig, N. Wheeler, C. White, C. Burruss. 2. SCA Sophomores First row: L. Forman, D. Riall. B. Bledson. Second row: M. LaRue, J. Hay, L. Locher. Third row: S. Barnett. Fourth row: R. Morris. Fifth row: W. Jay, J. Knight. Not pictured: D. Chapman. T. Carter. D. Hansen, L. Cramer, T. Breding. D. Coyner, K. Davis, F. Henderson, A. Yates. 58 SCA CGB mm efforts to attack student problems 1 1 CGB First row: D. Brown. B. Craig. N. Brown. Second row: J. Respess, L. Gibbs, Miss Gardner. Mrs. Ragland. L. Forman. C. Taylor. Third row: Mrs. Respess. N. Funk. Mr. An- derson. J. Currio, N. Deets, Mr. Van Fos- sen. S. Wallace. C. White. Mr. Monahan. Mr. Grey. Mr. Titus. M. LaRue, Miss Am- burn. Mrs. Stringfield. Mrs. Dunn. SCA Officers First row: M. Walker, Reporter; L. Gibbes, Sec.-Treas. Second row: D. Brown. President; J. Snyder, V-President. SCA Juniors First row, kneeling: C. Taylor. D. Bates. M Walker. J. Kunkler. D. Coyner. T. Jay. Second row, standing: N. Funk, S. Wallace, J. Crowell. K. Burthold. L Pettit. A. Ren- nolds. SCA — CGB 59 Students show talent The Harlequin, Albemarle’s fine arts magazine, encourages contribu- tions of creative writing, photo- graphy, and art work from students and faculty. Under the auspices of the English department, and sponsors, Mrs. Marilyn Pirkle and Mr. Curtis Holgate, the staff published and dis- tributed two issues during the 1974- 1975 school year. 1. Harlequin Staff First row, sitting: T. Haigh. Editor; R. Wagner. R. Comfort. V. Merkel. J. Hutchin- son, K. King. M. Ryder, Co-editor; J. Vas- cott. Second row: L. Gibbs, P. Humphris, S. Graham, S. Barrett, L. Lindamood, L. Mann. D. Mitchell, J. Russell. The Honor Society recognizes stu- dents who have exhibited superior qualities of leadership, character, scholarship, and service. Members are nominated by virtue of their class rank, reviewed by the faculty, and chosen according to their contribu- tions to Albemarle. 2. Honor Society First row, sitting: J. Radcliffe, M. Ryder. L. Gibbes, C. Reiser, A. Averette, S. Jordan, J. Hutchinson. Second row, kneeling: S. Maine. N. Ken- dall. N. Manweiler, C. Rial] , R. Hantske, C. Jones, B. Lasley, N. Deets, T. Hamm. Third row, standing: P. Humphris, K. Blankenbaker, B. Chester, K. Hasenfus, D. Lee. R. Slosson, K. Wagner, E. Tull, Mrs. Jones, sponsor. Not pictured: J. Wolfrey, G. Burton, M. Andrews. A. Davenport, S. Duncan, C. Benjamin. 60 Harlequin Honor Society intellectually and creatively The Prism has a new approach to journalism — the newsmagazine, which focuses on feature writing rather than strict reporting. The staff s chief aim is to put out a quality publication encompassing the in- terests of all students. Since the staff is self-supporting and relies on strong student readership, an extensive sub- scription drive was run in the fall. The result: eight great issues! 1. Prism Editors First row: S. Maine. K. King, T. Haigh. J. Russell. Second row-: B. Tignor. J. Sweeney, G. Hearn. Not pictured: T. Bow ' en. M. Pierce. R. Witt, L. Anderson. 2. Prism Staff First row: Mrs. Dunn. Mr. Hill; sponsors. Second row: P. Compton, L. Williams, C. Wheeler, C. Harrison, T. Hamm. Third row: C. Murad, D. Coleman. Fourth row: B. Chisholm, M. Hall. M. Ryder, M. Figgatt, P. Hurlock. P. Murphy. 2 Prism 61 Internal and external changes I PEER Editors F,. Soloman, Academics; P. Minor, Sports; D. Graff, Clubs; R. Comfort. Co-Head Photographer; R. Hantske, Circulation and Activities; C. Jones, Circulation and Copy; V. Foster, Advertisement and Layout; B. Craig, Senior and Underclass; J. Moore, Head Photographer. 2. Dennis Napier, Mrs. Stanley, Linda Mathews, and Ms. Gurren prepare materials for a deadline. 3. PEER Underclassmen First row: G. Arnhoff, C. Toms, L. Matth- ews. F. Solomon. Second row: J. Fink. D. Hadden, S. Critzer. Third row: J. Moore. J. MacLeod. Fourth row: N. Drucker, L. Lasley, K. Breen. 62 Peer characterize 1974-75 Peer Change was the keynote of the 1975 Peer — internal and external changes — an innovative cover and a new style of layouts — all moves to make the Peer a better representation of AHS students. The staff tried to steer away from a traditional yearbook to one that could and would translate the year ' s events into a contemporary composite of history. Sponsors, Mrs. Courtenay Stanley and Ms. Connie Gurren, provided leadership and guid- ance to the hard working group of editors and staff members. 1 . PEER Seniors First row, sitting: S. Watson. D. Plymire. J Quasebarth, K. Kane. P. Lee, D. Napier. Second row, sitting: P. Null. L.. Cockrum. T. Kim. T. Jones. J. Tremblay, R. Slosson. Third row, standing: L. Thorsey, P. Hum- phris, T. Sampson. B. Sheridan, T. Cren- shaw. C. Saunders. K. Wagner, N. Kendall, K. Kirkland. 2. Nancy Heilman. Editor. Peer 63 Band and Chorus delight audiences 1. Symphonic Band Piccolos: M. Sedwick, M Colony Flutes: B Chester, K. King, V Hensley, N. Bain, C. Wheeler, M Binns, J Evans, L. Rexrode, C. Huber, S. Barnnet, J Caster Oboes: J. Hutchinson. B. Word. C. Leavy. E Hat Clarinets: A Averette, G. Goode. A Davenport, A Colony, S. Stephenson, K Ballard, B Bowers, K. Cage, J Chappell. P Murphy. R Black. J Anderson, A. Steppe, T. Harris. M Amato, P Murphy. K Baber, D Williams. G. Bailey. D McAllister. F. Henderson. Alto Clarinets: Q. Congdon, D. Lindsay. Bass Clarinets: T. Smith. S. Warner. M. Maltby. Bassoons: S. Watson, D. Economos, Ed. O’Connell, N. Stamp Alto Saxophones: B Figgatt, R Johnson. H. Starke, M Bell. E. Woodson. Tenor Saxophones: J Farrish. A. Coleman, J. Ivory. French Horns: D. Jones, L. Word. G. Cotton. R. Hutchin- son, S Brown. K. Clayton, M Bobb. F Ruiz. Trumpets-Cornets: E Tull, T Harding, C. Wingfield, D Berry. S. Cohen. C. Gibson. G. Molynrex, T. Seldon, H. Yancey, G. Robinson, D. Ballard. G. Thompson. J. Knight, J. Respess, J. Ford. Trombones: E. Hilbert, B Lassetter, J Hill. R Waters. J. Fields. B Faulcones, W. Gordon. R. Whiting. C. Hurt. M Figgatt. Baritone Horns: J Peterson, B Williams. R Morris. J. Van Fossen, A. Starke. Basses: R Adams. W ' Porritt, R Wood, T. Gaithright. V. Bcnshoff String Bass: J Bunts. Percussion: F. Brown. J Woolfrey, L. McCauley. W Stamp, A Brie. C Davis, D. Jenkins, L. Walder. P. Craw- ford. J Hahn 2. Stage Band First row: S. Cage. B. Figgatt. M Figgatt. B. Stark. B Word. Second row: F Brown . L. McCauley, T. Hardy. E. Tull, T. Seldon, W Hunt, S. Forbes. R. Fields, M. Amato. J. Wool- frey. Fhird row: L. Nunn. J Peterson. B. Lassetter. E. Hilbert, R Waters, C Hunt. 3. Concert Band: R Ahrend. L. Andes, T. Andrews, F Barbour. H Brown, I) Cavanaugh, J Clayton, R Clements, D. DeHooge, L. Dudley, C. Dunn. W Dyer, F. Fagg, D. Fields. S. Forbes. P. Garvcr. G. Gentry. I Gibson, M Gibson. M. Graves, L. Greer. I H.i.u . I) Hammett. ( Hams. ( Hearn. W Hensley. R Howe. D Huckstep. R Hudson. T. Hunt, W Hunt. C. Ingcrsoll, W Johnscn, S Kauzlarish, K. Lasset- ter. F. Marshall, S Matysck, A McDermott. J. McFarland. M Nccs, L. Patterson. W. Patterson. J Payne, R. Peterson, K Reed, A Robinson. G. Samuel. T. Seal. J. Sheridan. D. Shortell. H Smith, D. Sprouse, R. Stewarts, M Swift. K. Tally. T. Thurston, K Townsend, E. Trench. T. Tucker, J. Tomlin. D Williams, M Williamson. J Wolfe. W Wood. B. Wright. 64 Band with their enthusiasm and talent o I 1 - , -J- mF " i 1 1 Ira . •«„ IJk : M The concert and symphonic bands have had a “facelift” in the forms of a talented, new band director, and the addition of a versatile and popular Dance band. Maintaining high degrees of discipline, quality, and spirit of cooperation, Mr. Elmer Sampson and friends wowed an enthusiastic fall au- dience with renditions of “Music That’s American’’. The band per- formed equally successful Christmas and Spring concerts, as well as par- ticipated in more than six parades. Squeezed between concerts and parades, the band hosted the All- Regional Band Festival and worked even harder to achieve a high rating at the District V Festival. With an abundance of enthusiasm and talent, the Concert Choir and Mixed Chorus delighted audiences with several different concerts. Mr. David Blanchard directed a well re- ceived Christmas concert during school, and another Spring concert. Tryouts for highly coveted member- ship in the All-Regional Chorus kept Choir members busy the remainder of the year. !. Concert Choir First row: L. Page. T. Carr, A. Farley, C. Wheeler, B Griems, C. Durrer, C. Hamm, H. Kupke. Second row: F. Walker. S. Wallace, A Meredith. M. Erickson, L. McCauley. L. Deeter. B. Chester, T. Hamm. L. Delong, C. Wolfe. Third row: D. Thompson, A. Morris. B Rees. L Hinton. K. Clarity, D. Lancaster. D Woolfrey, L Ashvach, R Johnson, P. Hinton, C. White. Fourth row: R. Hill, C. Vest, R. Whiting. M. Figgatt. A. Coleman. B. Word, B. Anderson, B Henderson, R. Keith- ley, J. Johnson. Fifth row: G Molenaux. P. Lancaster, J. Ford, M Hender- son. S. Swingler. J. Respess. A. Hodge. M. Mitchell. B Maupin. B Maupin, T. Jay, J. Garnett. 2. Mixed Chorus First row: D Feggans, J Lee, D. Carr. J McCauley, K. Walton, L. Williams. W. Carter, A. Carr, P. Jones. D. Woodson. B Green. Second row: S. Johnson. C. Rea. J Mahone. R. Sheridan, K vonHerbulis, M Moneymaker, S. Waller. L. Myers. F. Thomas. T. Snow, E. Morris, L. Henderson. R. Shores. L. Wood. B Snow. L.E. Harris. Third row: P Bradshaw , G Dyer, C. Dyer. L. Johnson. W. White, S. Johnson. R Glasgow. C. Young. B. Fisher. K Jackson. W Graves, K Kirtley. V. Turner. C Swift. E. Green, V. Matthews, P. Thorne. S. Morris. M Butler. B Hughes. D. Goff Fourth row: P. Sims. M Burton. .1. Nowlin. S Wood. I Thomas, C. Smith. A Monroe, J. Gardner. M. Johnson. C. Pryor, K. Burress, L. Churchman. D. Howard. K. Keithley. W. Dowell, L. Mosby, R. Dowell. R Gray. G. Steppe. M Mitchum, T. Thompson Choir 65 Trips, speakers, International Dinner Gummi bears and Toblerone . . International dinners and bratwurst at the Schnitzelhaus . . . Christmas caroling and a French musical . . . Fierce competition and secrecy sur- rounding the Homecoming floats. When French and German gourmets tire of the food and fun. there is al- ways the intellectual stimulation of guest speakers, planned trips to Washington embassies, and forensic competition. For those students who parle fran- cais tres bien, there is a newly insti- tuted French Honor Society to recog- nize outstanding achievement in the Gaellic language. The society offers tutoring services to students desiring aid. and raises funds to provide scho- larships for those who wish to con- tinue their study of French on a col- lege level. 1. French Honor Society First row: B. Chester, A. Averette, P. Hum- phris, S. Hermansdorfer, S. Wood, P. Null. C. Reiser, L. Beck. Second row: B. Craig. L. Myers. H. Rungworth, A. Keyth. H. Rupke. J. Langman, K. Bain, N. Icgoren, Mrs. Lederman. sponsor. 2. French Club, Seniors and Sophomores First row: M. Smith. S. Stanley, L. Deter, S. Hermansdorfer, J. Rushia, A. Averette. P. Murphy. V. Matthews. Second row: A. Curva, M. Wood. B. Garri son, C. Cutright. R. Hantske, C. Reiser, B Chester. Mrs. Lederman, sponsor. Third row: D. Hadden, H. Rupke, S. Wood P. Null. L. Thorsey, P. Humphris, T Bowen, B. Meador. 66 French occupy French and German clubs 2 1. German Club, Underclassmen First row: H. Shalloway, I 5 . Conklin. C. Ruder. C. Pape. Second row: A. Barrett, M. Agnor. V. Wood, S. Clarks, H. Rungwerth. L. Locher. C. Huber. Third row: R. Ziock. K. Evans, C. Faust. P. Anne. J. Wolfe. N. Schlamb. T. Smith. L. Ogilvie. Fourth row: J. Langmen. J. Kunkler. T. An- derson, J. Stargell. S. Dillon. P. Schrepher. E Kerl, D. Shockley, D. Scanlon. Fifth row: M. Lloyd. C. Pollard. M. Maltby. A. Currie. S. Meeks. W. Barrett. J. Kim. Sixth row: P. Nuesch. E. Woodson. R. Rain. S. Hotz, S. Arruda, T. McCune. K McAfee. L. Matthews. A. McDermott. B. Grimm. 2. German Club, Seniors First row: D. Smith, S. Quasebarth. D. Brown. R. Peck. Second row: Mr. Norton, sponsor. B. Har- low, G. Kiser. L. Lindamood. A. Colony. Third row: J. Smith. K. Blankenbaker. N. Manweiler. D. Plymire. Fourth row: R. Seabrook. B. Lasley. J. Ohman, N . Heilman Fifth row: J. Knight. K. Wright. T. Haigh. M. Ryder. 3. French Club, Juniors First row: Miss Biederman. sponsor. S. Critzer, N. Icgoren. S. Wingfield. Second row: A. Key, L. Williams. F. Hickson. T. Lewis. Third row: L. Ogilvie. R. Breen. S. Housaser. S. McCann. Fourth row: H. Rungwerth. R. Adams. R. Bain Fifth row: M. Sedwick. L. Myers. A. Col- ony. Sixth row: M. Kelly. N. Brown. S. Gibbs. Seventh row: N. Garnett. R. Wright. Y. Madison. Eighth row: B. Via. B Hall. J. Townsend. D. Madison. Ninth row: D. Harmon. D. Drash. E Sol- omon, L. Beck. German. French 67 The International dinner, prize- winning floats, fiestas, Latin week, Jose Greco performance, and a trip to the Spanish embassy are all part of being a Spanish or Latin club member. Spanish students are par- ticularly fortunate this year to have two visiting Mexican students with which to share cultural experiences. Latin students also participated in the State Latin Convention and Virginia Classical Certamen. The Guitar and Chess clubs require a certain amount of knowledge to par- ticipate. Members seek to improve their skills through such activities as ‘‘jamming " and chess tournaments. The Science club held discussions of mutual interest, in addition to trips to the University ’s Observatory and Shenandoah National Park. The Ar- chery Club seeks to improve skills in that sport. Clubs express a variety ] . Science Club First row, sitting: N. Stamp. D. Davis. Second row, standing: D. Lindsey. B. Cut- right, T. Mawyer, C. Mawyer, S. Mac- Gregor, S. Bishop. Mrs. Stringfield, spon- sor. 2. Chess Club First row: L. Fry, C. Carrell, D. Lee. P. Ber- tone, K. Blake, C. Burkhart. Second row: B. Wade. S. Graham. B. Dre- xinger. R. Comfort. R. Stewart, T. Smith, D. Rial I . B. Brittain. Third row: K. Crider. J. Chappell. B. Nichols, R. Funk. J. Tremblay, B. Stevens, M. Zimmerman, L. Fulcher, R. Toms, Mr. Dugan, sponsor. 3. Latin Club First row: J. Hood. R. Morris, J. Wolfrey, D. Earle, C. Durrer, M. Conklin, N. Ozerov, R. Fields, A. Furr. Second row: Miss Rice, sponsor, B. Tignor, J. C hisolm. T. Simpson, R. Payne, D. Clarkson, B. Dixon, J. Fields, A, Watson, C. Mason, J. McAlpine, P. Trench, M. Maltby, D. Economos. 68 Science, Chess, Latin 1 Archery Club First row: J. Cowan. K. Hodge. P. Urnstad- ter, M. Mitchell. 2. Guitar Club First row, sitting: L Wagner, M. Andrews, L. Forman, D. Smith, T. Hamm, S. Ed- wards. Second row: J. Bradin, N Morris, S Barrett. S. Burruss, A. Yates, L. Mann, D. Hansen, C. McKeen. Mr. Cale, sponsor. Third row: J. Davis, R Morriss, T. Hughes. J. Aker, B. Thompson. Fourth row: T. Wood. J. Garrett. V Pace, D. Paul. Not pictured: Charlie Hunt. 3. Spanish Club First row, sitting: K. Clarity. P. Krovetz. V. Merkle, M. Gentry, P. Thomas, C. McWil- liams, R. Ward. G. Powell. C. Wheeler. D. Smith. Second row: B. Sylvester. A. Hawkes. B Stalnaker, P. Stevens, L, Garrett, L. Flynn. C. Murad, M. Russo, D. Rohm, C. Mitchell. K. Riall. L. Christlieb, N. Sainz. Third row: Mrs. Schilling, sponsor, S. Hall, E. Jones. R. Bailey, B. Marshall. E. Mills. J Hutchinson, J. Carlin. D. Vanderveer. L. Boatwright, S. Maddox, J. Anderson. Mrs. Crover, sponsor. Fourth row: J. Anderson, P. Powell, F. Ruiz. B. Vayvada.J. Bunts, B. Porritt. K. Brown, E. Batten, R. Wagner. D. Mitchell. Archery, Guitar. Spanish 69 The drama and art departments were very active this year. The drama department, with both the Albemarle Players and Thespian Troope 500, helped the students at A.H.S. achieve a higher quality of theater activities. Both groups participated in a fall pro- duction of “Godspell” and a spring production of “Li ' l Abner”. The an- nual activities included A Night of One Acts, Virginia Thespian Confer- ence, and the National Thespian Con- ference in June. The fine arts clubs include the De- cor Art Club, the Photography Club, and a newly established Crafts Club. The Art and Crafts Clubs plan to beautify Albemarle with a mosaic de- picting some aspects of student life, as well as add to the school’s permanent collection on exhibition in the hall- ways, office, and media center. Ap- preciation of the environment was the theme of a slide show presentation by the Photography Club. Fans of modern dance and jazz worked on their own routines as well as those composed by instructor, Val Foster. The dance Club also planned a program for the spring. Clubs provide t 1. Albemarle Players First row: S. McMillion, M. Garnett, M. Maslyk. B. Meador, P. Morris. Second row: T. Jay, A. Hawkes, T. Kuder, A. Davenport. G. Ar nhofF. H. Kupke. Third row: J. Fields, M. Kelly, T. Knight, M. Russo, C. Mason, A. Norcross. Fourth row: B. Carol, R. Bailey, Mrs. Dobbs, sponsor, C. Ricks, G. Parker, A. Kaufman, T. Smith. C. Wolfe. Fifth row: B. Carol, C. Barnocky, B. Tignor, C. Saunders, P. Compton. J. Langman. Sixth row: D. Lancaster, S. Tewksbury, L. Word, K. Chapman, L.. Gibbes, B. Thompson. Seventh row: J. Fink, T. Browne, L. Benja- min, B. Bledsou, D. Chapman, M. Meredith. Eighth row: B. Word. J. Respess, A. Hodge, C. Grayson. M. Boron, K. Talley. Ninth row: N. Deets, P. Lancaster, C. Leavy, D. Hadden. A. McDermott. 2. Art Club First row: A. Yates, S. White, C. Vonhur- bulis, G. Wilson. G. Lipscomb, S. Wiley, V. Foster. Second row: C. Sampson, B. Micham, S. Harris, K. F.ways, K. Reilly, V Micham, S. Earhart. R. Bailey, Mr. Johnson, sponsor. Third row: Mrs. George, sponsor, L. Flynn, T. Patrick. G. Powell, R. Johnson, K. Hig- gins. Fourth row: B. Haacke, C. Sanunders, R. Shifflet. R Carver, T. Wood, N. Morton, B. Stalnaker, P. Payne, K. Meeks. 70 Players, Art outlet for talents Ca {LslclJL dU j IGp O “tb fco OcO .V ' fuK? i-U ■5 u a " O Lo , J CCtoxO (f- . hk? J} xjLs t cO (ifcixD 2y A J CXsQ j ' OZ Ly) , r h ' U uyj OUJCi ' rt , -JVQoo Qe e-C W 1 7 s 0 ji of lo£ D A? , iQO- af C’yJ y ' J c-p Qz£r T qJ (. (X qJ- 1 . Modern Dance First row: B. Hughes, L. Hinton, D. McClanahan, S. Wawner, S. Shotwell, B. Foster, S. Crider, B. Craig, S. Orrison, L. Rogers, J. Olson. Second row: T. Stoddard, G. Berry. S. Con- way, K. Payne, L. Davis, L. Cross, C. Daidone. Third row: P. Hinton, V. Foster, Miss Gur- ren, sponsor. 2. Photography Club First row: J. Russell. M. Ryder. J. Vascott, Mr. Bishop, sponsor. Second row: J. Chronemyer. G. Hearn. J.W. Moore, P. Dowing. 3. Albemarle Thespians First row: A. McDermott, K. Clarity, C. Saunders, B. Word. A. Davenport, Mrs. Dobbs, L. Word. L. Gibbes. J. Respess. Second row: C. Ricks. K. Wagner. J. Ratcliffe, C. Wolfe. Third row: J. Spence. H. Kupke. T. Jones. S. Buchannan, J. Quasebarth. M. Russo. M. Garnett. Mrs. Leaderman. Fourth row: S. McMillion. M. Maslyk, N. Deets, A. Hodge, T. Jay. C. Leavy. Dance, Photography, Thespian 71 Preservation of culture and resources The Ecology and Erutan clubs con- cern themselves with the preservation of natural resources. Ecology mem- bers held discussions on topics of mutual interest and encouraged guest speakers. A hike to White Oak Can- yon was planned by Erutan en- thusiasts. The Ski Club hopes to im- prove individual skills, as well as take advantage of nearby slopes. The Concerned Black Youth strives to promote unity, respect, and pride in black culture. Group discussions concerning racial problems and changes, a Red-Green-Black Day, and a Black Culture Show kept CBY members busy. 1. Concerned Black Youth, Seniors First row, kneeling: K. Pryor, D. Jones. Second row: G. Burton, B. Johnson, D. Philips, C. White, Third row: C. Ricks, B. Maupin, J. Maupin. Fourth row: M. Bell, C. Winston, J. Steppe. Fifth row: T. Crenshaw, P. Green, L. Bowles. Sixth row: S. Darcus. 2. Concerned Black Youth, Underclassmen First row: K. Cage, S. Jones, L.E. Harris, D. Carr, O. Swift, F. Henderson. W. White, M. Swift, R. Burruss. Second row: C. Ragland, D. Harris, F. Thomas, M. Johnson, C. Conn, B. Green. Third row: B. Witcher, S. Johnson. S. Johnson, C. Ferguson, D. Durrette. Fourth row: B. Childress, B. Henderson, C. Ricks, K. Carson, M. Bell. P. Brassfield, B. Gordon. 72 Concerned Black Youth II I till I MU | HM • mi , Wit ■ interests many 1 fcjUTLAjrnUxjv O-U -dh “tiM- X GrciU-JiSr ULuJu s!n cUxbJo - jrrv vpLeoJ " (? 1 ) »T iiH-y C pcxl ULuiu rju Xr n£QA - r -Da I Ski Club First row: N. Funk, N. Drucker. Second row: M. Leveque, C. Hurt, N. Ozerov, E. Williams. V. Merkel, Third row: W. Jay, C. Aberle. J. Geren. D. Chronister. B. Turner. Fourth row: J. Knight. 2. Ecology Club First row: R. Clark. R. Curva, Mrs. Otis, sponsor. 3. Erutan Club First row: J. Joseph, N. Riopel. K. Sea- brook, T-HuUctjy- Wvnure LMiatcliiu. C Shea, S. Watson. Second row: N. Manweiler. M. Hall, T. Hamm, C. Deane, M. McCormack, K. King, T. Jay. Third row: Mr. Grey, Ms. Amburn. spon- sors, D, Graff, B. Rees, D. Carswell, D Jones, D. Grim, S. Elledge. Fourth row: G. Hearn, R. Waters. B. Lasset- ter, J. Peterson, B, Chester, V. Hensley. D. Chronister, K. Hasenfus, C. McFarland A . 3 Ski, Ecology, Erutan 73 1. Outdoors Club, Seniors First row, sitting: K. King, S. Wickert, P. Highlander, P. Trail, C. Rea. T. Jones. S, Buchanan, S. Mahone. K. Meeks. Second row: S. Thomas, N. Kendall, K. Thomas, S. Wells, S. Maine, B. Haacke, K. Kirkland, B. Word, J. Hoy, P. Lee, G Weary. L. Williams, T. Henley. Third row: A. Hodge, G. Hanson, B. Car- riker, S. McVey, A. Farley, K. Wagner. R. Slosson, B. Branch, M. Sperry, S. Mow- bray. Fourth row: D. Leake, G. Wilson, S. Birckhead, S. Duncan, B. Holland, J. Tremblay, D. Echols, K. Hasenfus, D. Shifflette. B. Ballard. 2. Outdoors Club, Juniors First row, sitting: A. Bergin, J. Hahn, H. Gibson, C. Koch, E. Cutitta, D. Wolfrey, D. Coyner, T. Hurt. Second row: B. Towler, M. Walker, D. Smith, M. Erickson. M. Kelly, M. Jones, C. Fulcher, K. Dulaney, L. Work, J. Charlton, S. Sprouse. Third row: C. Tally, S. Arruda, K. Coleman, J. Dunbar, L. Rexrode, R. Doorman, S. Kauzlarich, K. Berthold, S. Nefos, A. Ren- nolds, R. Creasy, P. Shirey. C. Norman, K. Goodman. Fourth row: Q. Congdon. T. Felder, C. Gleason. Y. Madison, R. Peterson. Fifth row: N. Ozerov, J. Haaz, S. Nelson, M. Burruss, C. Varga, S. Brown, W. Stod- dard, M. Granger. E. Williams, L. Lasley, B. Shifflett, B. Tirrell, H. Yancey, T. Sel- den, S. Warner. Sixth row: J. Masselli, M. Phillips, J. Townsend, D. Winstead, S. Tewksbury, M. Davis, I. Shifflett. 3. Outdoors Club, Sophomores First row, sitting: T. Valentz, T. Russell, K. Byers, D. Chapman C. Burnette, P. Roanz. K. Davis. L. Forman, M. King. C. Grayson, D. Lancaster. S. Russell. Second row, kneeling: C. Wallace, C. Wangensteen, R. Marks, A. Yates, L. Cramer, S. Williams, L. Greer, K. Herring, S. Burruss, S. Wawner. B. Foster, S. Shot- well, G. Hathaway, A. Mark, C.T. Pace, D. Robertson Third row: E. Tironi, K. Conley, S. Ashen- bach. D. Coyner, K. McNulty, J. Fink, F. Pearson, R Hall, D. Hanson, L. Finger, R. Black, A. Hadden, B. Meador, D. Townsend, J. Terrell, M. McCann, B. Turner. T. Austin. Fourth row, standing: C. Hamm, D. Smith, R. Hudson, S. Stephenson. B. Davis, N. Stamp, S. Birckhead, T. Carson, C. Garri- son, J. VanFossen, K. Corrigan. Fifth row, standing: J. White, J. Brown, W. McCauley, K. Walker, J. ErkenBrack. M. Gibson, K. Lassetter, P. Morris, B. Tomlin. Students enjoy outdoor activity 74 Outdoors 1. Riding Club First row, sitting: H. Rungwerth. V. Zapata, B. Shifflett. Second row, standing: L. Nelson, M. Jones, P. Compton. Third row: A. Dickie, C. Harrison. Fourth row: C. Young, N. Bain. Fifth row: D. Clarkson. J. Rushia, Miss Gardner, sponsor. Sixth row: L. Hieshman. C. Jones, B. Sheri- dan. 2. Bicycle Club First row , lying down: P. Thompson. Bianca. Second row: M. Robb. R. Ruscher, T. Wil- fong, N. Deets, D. Napier, Mr. Oldaker. sponsor, J. Quasbarth, C. Wolfe. Third row: W. Hunt. D. Plymire. T. Gath- right. L. Lecher, B. Meador, M. LaRue, T. Carter, K. Haynes. L. Strever. Fourth row: C. Shifflet, R. Tremblay, C. Aberle, J. Spence, R Hutchinson, S. Bel- giane, J. Respess, C. LaRue, T. Jay, B. Bledsoe, L. Lukes, M. Boron. 3. Motorcycle Club First row, kneeling: K. Sprouse. G. Keyset , J. Smith, T. Riffle, R. Ray, W. Estes, B. Per- kins, T. Bradley, S. Wawner, T. Russell. B. Towle. Second row: R. Thomas, J. Hoy, R Man- gione.T. Simpkins, A. Lohr, Mr. Monohan. sponsor, P. Cook, M. King, B. Foster, D. Chapman, F. Rainey, D. Ahrend, T. Farrell, J. Fishbeck. Flagpole: C. Sandridge, G. Watts. D. Berry, M. Pannullo, T. Morris, L. Rhodes, I.. Cook, J. Argenbright, P. Carpenter, R. Crikenberger, R. Payne, D. Maw yer. D. Minter, B. Thacker, M. Maupin. Combining safety and an apprecia- tion of natural beauty, the Outdoors, Bicycle, and Riding clubs all planned overnight trips to nearby locations. Fending off the elements, the Out- doors club hiked to Elliot’s Knob. Bicyclists planned six such trips, plus some racing events. A spring horse show and speakers on horse manage- ment highlighted the year for the Rid- ing club. Motorcyclists planned an Observed Trail Event for the spring. Riding, Bicycle, Motorcycle 75 Various clubs attract 1 . Rally Club First car: D. Congdon, G. Molyneux, A. Coleman. Second car: V. BenshotT. Q. Congdon, D. Berry, Mrs. Stanley, sponsor, L. L.asley, D. Abidin, D. Manweiler. E. Mattsson. Third car: F. Brown, J. Cronemeyer, J. Trembly, R. Johnson. 2. Lacrosse Club First row: S. Elledge, C. McFarland. J. Gar- rison, K. Corrigan, W. Schvessler. Second row: B. Pollard, B. Grimm, D. Ver- million, P. Crawford, C.T. Pace. Third row: R. Rain, R. Braveh, R. Tremblay, T. Wilfong, J. Knight, Mr. Titus, sponsor. Fourth row: C. Tanner, K. Corrigan, B. Chisholm, C. Rogers, C. Garrison. J. Sweeney. 3. F.C.A. First row, sitting: D. Sprouse, D. Fitzerald. L. Bain. L. McCauley, B. Greims, J. Von- Herbulis, D. Umstadter. Second row: T. Snow. E. Morris, R. Payne, J. Lauffenburger. D. Berry, M. Granger, M. Fantino, K. Fleming, M. Smith, G. Davis, L. Hawkins, B. Mawyer, R. Davis. Third row: Coach Craddock, sponsor, T. Cole, J. Ford, G. Garland, M. Morris, P. Brown. L. Churchman, A. Morris, R. Har- ris, K. Burruss, R. Brown, W. Burton, C. Pryor, J. Bickel. Fourth row: L.. Perry, K. Goodwin. 76 Rally, Lacrosse, FCA the sports-minded The GAA is composed of girls who are interested in promoting women ' s athletics at AHS. The club sponsors the Powd er-Puff football game, won by the senior girls this year. The FCA makes every attempt to help the needy people of our community through volunteer work at the Chil- dren ' s Rehabilitation Center, a Christmas basket, and improving conditions of the school. Another school-spirited organization, the Pep Club, paints posters and otherwise supports athletic events. Rallying is not racing. It involves precision driving, following direc- tions, and maintaining set average speeds. The Rally Club, a new organi- zation, participates in rallies in the area. The Lacrosse club continued its efforts to improve skills and hopes to eventually form a team at AHS. I GAA First row: G. Faulkner, L. Smith. Second row: T. Todd. L.A. Rexrode. Third row: R. Armistead. D. Terrell. D. DeHooge. Fourth row: L. Rexrode. L. Dudley. Fifth row: P. Bull. C. Toms, C. Bull. T. Ar- mistead. 2. Pep Club First row: D. Napier. K. Breen. T. Jones. J. Brown, T. Kuder, K. Wagner. R. Slosson. Second row: V. Foster. N. Manweiler, B. Craig. K. Kane, D. Graff. GAA, Pep 77 Co-curricular clubs provide 1. FFA First row, kneeling: Mr. Russell, sponsor. B. Gibson, W. Shifflett. H. Tapscott. Second row: G. Davis, K. Belew, R. Ford. S. Pugh, C. Garrison, A. Brown. Third row: N. Maddox, P. Miller, D. Bryant, D. Rush. 2. FBLA First row, kneeling: M. Swingler, N. Johnson, R. Maddox, P. Shifflett, L. Peel- man, M. Armentrout. Second row: P. Banton, E. Jordon, V. Mor- ris, S. Lacy, S. Jordan, J. Garrison, Mrs. Sandell, sponsor. Third row: Mrs. Small, sponsor, C. Boat- wright, D. Williams, D. Rybolt. S. Morris D. Herring, B. Rosenbaum, L. Brown. C. Taylor. Miss Graves, sponsor. 3 FHA First row, sitting: D. Fegga ns, S. Rush, L. Page, P. Rush, V. Johnson. Second row: R. Bickers, P. Bowles, P. Vest, L. Herring, F. Knight, S. Fry. Third row: J. Pugh, S. Hager. S. Armstrong, K. Lecuyer, K. Jackson, C. Matheny, A. Mahone, D. Goff, M. Actterbuck. P. Brad- shaw, K. Miller. 78 FFA, FBLA. FHA additional learning activities Developing skills and acquiring practical experience in the fields of business, homemaking, and agricul- ture will aid members of FFA. FHA, FBFA, VICA, and DECA to secure rewarding jobs after graduation. Most clubs participated in local, state, and national conventions, notably VICA. which won a Gold Pennant Award for organizing VICA at the Vocational Rehabilitation Center. Speakers, floats, Christmas parties for hand- icapped children, and the operation of the Apple Core were other activities sponsored by these clubs. 1. V.I.C.A. First row, kneeling: S. lngerick. B. Sams. G. Hall, W. Moriss, D. Payne. V. Micham. Second row: J. Jackson, J. Moore. D. Jones, A. Davis, J. Shifflet. Third row, on bus: J. Harris, P. Spence. T Wade. Fourth row: D. Moyer, P. Harris. V. Fewell. Fifth row: G. Crawford. B. Shifflet. T. Mor- ris, M. Craig. 2. D.E.C.A. First row, sitting: D. McDaniel, M. Morris, B. Hawley, J. Roach. A. Seal. T. Gentry. J. Wilber, J. Jordon. M. Marshall. Second row, kneeling: V. Johnson. P. Washington. R. Ward, C. Roach. K. Bolden. J. Henderson. M. Rittenshouse. J. Harris. M. Rea. R. Crickenberger. J. Pugh. Third row: S. Rush. K. Bolden. H. Bazzarre. P. Thomas, C. Haga, D. Thompson. D. Har- vey, T. Seal. A. Mohler. S. Bush. R. Hebbe. K. Davis. Fourth row: Mr. Gardner — sponsor. T. Ar- nold, G. McDaniel, T. Blankenship. K. Shifflett. D. Pugh. M. Harris. Mrs. Mawyer — sponsor. Fifth row: F. Rawlings, J. Davis, A. Frame. G. Sprouse, M. Zivic, S. Harris, G. Honn. R. Coleman, K. Robertson. K. Davis. P Stal- naker. B. Childress. VICA. DECA 79 UPPER Turn the corner, and too suddenly. The graduated walk solemnly out the door Into the world of tomorrow. . principals, teachers, Homecoming queens Last minute changes . . . College decisions Hello world . . . We are ready to face life’s consequences. Goodbye CLASSMEN O ' , is 60 .-jaxl -U 4sOM lubty oX 0 to v uC£ M o »j Lf.A . - ; V J CT1A. ; i [ rU O ' L- 4Ar -L y o vt U. ki x- 2 iX tz ' -j c vO -io l C(. £A- — , [ 4L V ' rLM, ' vXy- v U dA — Ux UYv. cCx O 02— . “H Inot- P do- ' 1 tr r A ) l; CV— Av . ( 0£— ' IA- | LkvC " vO lA Kotr L 0 JiiL CL jUi-COt " ZtovysJL. Qot (x,e eA c cK glX-1 WaV ' 1 I x vtVr L . G L ' sL — d 0 od— " t ' A- " 30W ' ' A «AueOj • At ' oA v 12 years of hard work . . . Adams, Richard Donald Adams, Robert Glen, Glen: Regional Band 2,3; Solo Ensemble Festival 2,3; Auto Rally Cl. 3; Symphonic Band 2.3; Marching Band 2,3. Adams, Roy Gale, Cookie: Sports Cl.; V1CA. Amato, Marsha Lynn; Powderpuff 1; Baseball Manager 2.3; Chess Cl. 1 ; Icthus 2; French Cl. 3; Majorettes 1,2,3; Stage Band; Symphonic Band 1,2,3; Concert Band 2,3; Regional Choir 3; Al- bemarle Players 1,2.3; Thespians 1.2,3; “Hello Dolly ”, “Dracula " . " Charlie Brown’’, “Musi- cal Revue”. “Godspell”, " Li’l Abner”, “Night of One Acts” 2,3; Highlight 1. Anderson, Bernard Lewis: CBY 1; Chorus 2 3. Anderson, Teresa Dyane, Teesie: CBY 1. Andrews, Marian June: National Honor Society 2,3; Spanish National Achievement Test 1,2; Guitar Cl. 2,3; Symphonic Band 1; Concert Band 3. Armistead, Robin Irene: MVP Defensive Bas- ketball 2: MVP Softball 2; High Scorer Basket- ball 3; V. Basketball 1.2,3; V. Softball 1.2,3; GAA 1,2,3; Reporter 3; SCA 3. Armstrong, Debra Ann, Debbie: Spanish Cl. 1.2; Erutan 3. Arnold, Larmie Teresa: DECA 1,2,3. Austin, Debra Fay, Debbie: Powderpuff 1,2; V. Football Manager 3; GAA 1; Outdoors Cl. 2,3. Averette, Alice Marie. Bailey, Michael Edward, Mike: Motorcycle Cl. 1,2,3. Bain, Martha Louise, Misha: JV Basketball I; French Cl. 2; Riding Cl. 3; Band 1,2 Bain, Nancy Katherine, Nana: Spanish Cl. 2; Riding 1; Band 3; Commencement Band. Ballard, Brady Pembelton, Tonk: V. Football 1,2; V. Baseball 1.2.3; Ski Cl. I; Band Cl. 2; Outdoor Cl. 3; VIC’A 2,3; Band 1,2; Marching Band 1,2. Adams, Rick Adams. Robert Adams, Roy Amato, Marsha Anderson. Bernard Anderson, Theresa Andrews. Marian Armistead, Robin Armstrong, Debbie Arnold, Teresa Austin. Debbie Averette, Alice Bain. Martha Bain, Nana Ballard. Brady 82 Seniors almost finished Banton. Patricia Barnett. Ernest Barrett, Sharon Baskin, Ursula Batten, Evonne Bell, Mary Benjaman, Chris Benshoff. Victor Berthold. Ralph Bickers, Rebecca Bingler. Jimi Birckhead, Stan Bishop. Debbie Blades. Carol Blake. Michael Banton, Patricia Mae, Tricia: GAA 1 : FBLA 2,3. Barnett, Ernest Dale. Barrett, Sharon Kay: Philosophy Cl. I; Guitar Cl. 2,3: Harlequin 3. Baskin, Ursula, Urs: Powderpuff 1; V. Football Manager 3; Pep Cl. 1; Y-Teens 1; Drama Cl. 2; Outdoor Cl. 3; “A Thurber Carnival " 2. Batten, Jean Evonne, Von: Spanish Award: GAA 1; Spanish Cl. 2,3. Bell, Edwin Rae. Bell, Mary Louise, Putting: Basketball 1; CBY 1,2,3; " Night of One Acts " 2. Bell, Michael Allen, Mike: Motorcycle Cl. 1.2,3. Benjamin, Christopher, Chris: National Honor Society 2,3; Soccer 1.2,3; Chess Cl. 1,2.3; Inter- national Dinner 2; Language Christmas Assem- bly 3. Benshoff, Victor Torre, Chickie: JV Football 1; Auto Rally Cl. 3; Band 1; Symphonic Band 3. Berthold, Ralph Norman, Bert: Chess Cl. 1: Guitar Cl. 1; German Cl. 1; Outdoors Cl. 1. Bickers, Rebecca Dawn: FHA 3; Pres. 3. Bingler, James Thomas, Jimi: Indoor Track 1. 2,3: Outdoor Track 1.2,3; FCA 1: Bike Cl. 3. Birckhead, Edwin Stanley. Bishop, Debra Jo, Debbie: VICA 1. Blades, Carol Ann: Outdoors Cl. 2.3. Blake, Michael Joseph, Mike: Lacrosse 3: FCA 1; Lacrosse Cl. 3; Latin Cl. 2.3. Seniors 83 Where will I be Blankenbaker, Kimberly, Kim: National Honor Society 2,3; Powderpuff 2; German Cl. 1,2,3; Treas. 1.2,3. Blueher, William Charles, Bill. Boatwright, Charlotte Jenette: FBLA 2,3. Bond. Richard Graham. Borden, Kim. Bowen, Patricia Carol, Trisha: V. Softball 1,2; JV Basketball 2; Powderpuff 1.2,3; GAA 1; French Cl. 2.3; Prism 2,3. Bowles, Linda Carol: Basketball 1; DECA 1.2 CBY 3. Bragg, Barbara Eileen: Psych ology Cl. 1. Branch, Robert Mitchell, Lip: Cross Country I; Indoor Track 1,2; FCA 1.2; Ski Cl. 3. Brie, Alan Eugene: Chess Cl. 1,2,3; Symphonic Band 1,2,3; Marching Band 1,2,3. Bright, Barbara Jean. Brookshire, Brian Keith. Brown, Angela Norena, Angie: Environment Cl. 1 . Brown, Barbara Ellen. Brown, David Milton. Brown, Jacqueline Marie, Jackie: GAA I; Guitar Cl 3; SCA 1,2,3. Brown, James Erederick, Fred: Bicycle Cl. I; Band Cl. 2; Rally Cl. 3; Band 1.2.3; " Charlie Brown”. " Musical Revue " . " Godspell " . Blankenbaker, Kim Boatwright. Charlotte Bond. Graham Borden. Kim Bowen. Tricia Bowles. Linda Bragg. Barbara Branch. Bob Brie. Alan Bright. Barbara Brown. Angela Brown, Barbara Brown. David Brown, Fred Brown. Jackie 84 Seniors next year? Brown, Kayanne: JV Bit s k e t ba 1 1 2; Softball I. 2,3; GAA I; Spanish Cl. 2,3; Prism 2,3; Business Manager 3. Brown, Linda Marie: FBI, A 2.3; " A Thurber Carnival - ’ 2. Brown, William Baxter. Bryant, Becky I).: VI CA I. Buchanan, Suzanne: Powderpuff 1.2; Ski Cl I; Outdoors Cl. 2.3; SCA 1.2; " Hello Dolly " 1; " Night of One Acts " 2; Thespians 3. Bull, Paula Dian: V. Basketball 1 .2.3; V. Softball 1,2,3; GAA 1,2.3. Bunch, Steven Edward: V1CA 1.2. Bunyea, Matthew Welles, Matt: VICA 2. Burnley , David Lee. Burruss, Andrew Lorenzo, Andy: FCA; Concert Choir 1,2. Burruss, Kelvin Edwin, BO: JV Basketball 1: Outdoor Track I; Indoor Track 2.3; FCA 1.2; CBY 3; Chorus 1.2,3. Burton, Curtis Alexander, Alex: CBY I. Burton, Gail Corinne, G.B.: National Achieve- ment Scholarship Commended Student; Na- tional Honor Society 2.3; V. Basketball 1.2.3; FCA 1; GAA 2; CBY 3; Ass t. Sec. Bush, Delores Louise: Environmental Cl. 1; Lib- eration Cl. 2; VICA 3. Butler, Mattie Thersa, Mattie: GAA: Modern Dance Cl. 3; Chorus. Butler, Daris Jay: Bicycle Cl. 1. Byerly, George Elmer, III. Brown, Kayanne Brown, Linda Bryant, Becky Buchanan. Suzanne Bull, Paula Bunch. Steven Bunyea, Matt Burruss, Andrew Burruss, Kelvin Burton, Curtis Burton. Gail Bush. Delores Butler. Daris Butler, Mattie Byerly. George Seniors 85 Mrs. Dofflemeyer, do I have to take Cain, Larry Joseph, Blood: JV Basketball 1, Motorcycle Cl.; Outdoors Cl. Campbell, Courtenay M.: Outdoors Cl. Campbell, Woodrow, Jr. Carr. Dorothy Ann, Doris: DECA 1,2. Carr, Theo Augusta. Carriker, Bruce Williams: J.V. Football 1; In- door and Outdoor Track 1,2,3; V. Football 2; Chess Cl. 1; Outdoors Cl. 2,3; Symphonic Band I 7 Carter, Deborah Jo, Debbie: DECA 1; Art 2; Outing Cl. 3. Carver, John Russell, Russell: DECA 1; Psychology Cl. 2; Art Cl. 3. Chester, Barbara Stoddard, Barbi: National Honor Society 2,3; French Honor Society 2,3; V. Pres. 2,3; Regional Band 3; Solo and Ensem- ble Band 1,2,3; French Cl. 1.2,3; Erutan Cl. 2,3; Symphonic and Marching Bands 1,2,3; Pres. 3; Concert Choir 2,3; “Musical Revue " . Chidester, Gloria Faye: Environment Cl. 1; Sci- ence Cl. 2. Chisholm, William Hieghter Jr., Billy Boy: Soc- cer 2, Lacrosse 1,2,3; Intramural Basketball 3; Lacrosse Cl. 2.3; V. Pres. 2.3; Chess Cl. 1; S.C.A. 1,2,3; Latin Cl. 3; Jr. Class Talent Show 2; Prism 3. Christmas, Roosevelt Lee, Kid Dynamite: J.V. Basketball 1; V. Football 2; DECA 1,2; Con- cerned Black Youth Cl. 3. Chronister, David Michael, Freak: Intramural Basketball 2,3; Ski Cl. 1.2,3; French Assembly 3. Clarity, Mary Kathryn, Kathy: Spanish Cl. I, 2,3; Pres. 3; “Night of One Acts " 2; " Musical Revue " 2; “Godspell” 3; Thespians 2,3. Clark, Marcia Dawn: Art C ' l. 1,2; Latin Cl. 3; Riding Cl. 3; “Night of One Acts " 2. Clarkson, Denise Raye: Art Cl. 1.2; Latin Cl. 3; Riding Cl. 3; “Night of One Acts” 2. Cain, Larry Campbell, Courtenay Campbell. Woodrow Carr, Dorothy Carr, Theo Carriker, Bruce Carver. Russell Chester, Barbi Chidester. Faye Chisholm. Bill Christmas, Roosevelt Chronister. Dave Clarity, Kathy Clark, Marsha Clarkson, Denise 86 Seniors SAT’s and Achievements again? Clayton, Tim Claytor, Sharon Cockrum. Logan Coleman, Alan Coles, Earlene Coles, Eddie Collins. Rene Colony, Allison Coltrane, Michael Compton, Patricia Congdon, Duncan Conway, Sherry Corrigan, David Cowan, James Craddock, Gary Clayton, Clarence Timothy, Tim: Motorcycle Cl. 1; Archery Cl. 3; Band 1. Claytor, Sharon Elaine. Clements, Wilton Dale. Cockrum, Logan, Vand, Vaudeville: V. Football 1; Tennis Team 1 ,2,3; Indoor Track 1:FCA 1.2; Chess Cl. 3; Peer 3. Coleman, Alan Clayton, Big Al: Mgr. Football 1,2; Head Football Trainer 3; Liberation Cl. 2; Rally Cl. 3; Band 1 ; Choir 3; Symphonic Band 3. Coleman, Stephen Ashley, Steve: Soccer 2. J.V Football 1, Spanish Cl. I. Coles, Earlene. Coles, Edward Joslen, Eddie. Collins, Floyd Rene, Rene. Colony, Margaret Allison, Allison: Regional Band 3; German Cl. 2,3; “You ' re a Good Man, Charlie Brown " 2; Concert Band 1.2,3; Peer 2. Coltrane, Michael Jules, Mike: Intramural Bas- ketball 3. Comfort, Richard Liam, E.F. Judge: Chess Team 1,2,3; Chess Cl. 1,2.3; French Cl. 3; Harlequin 3; Daily Blah 2,3: Peer 2.3: Co-Editor of Photography 3. Compton, Patricia Annette, Pat; Spanish Ci. 1.2; F.A.A. 2; Erutan Cl. 3; Drama CI-. 3: Drill Team 3; Riding Cl. 3; “Musical Revue " 1; “Li ' l Abner " 3; “Godspell " 3; Prism 3. Congdon, Duncan A: Chess Team 1.2; Chess Cl. 1,2: Rally Cl. 3; Rally Cl.; Pres. 3; Peer 1.2. Conway, Sherry Lynn, Sherry: Cinema Cl 1; Erutan Cl. 2; Modern Dance Cl. 3: Drill Team 2,3; Jr. Class Talent Show 3: Jr. Rep. Homecom- ing Court 2; Maid of Honor 3. Corrigan, David Patrick, Lead Free: J.V. Foot- ball 1; V. Basketball 1,2.3; Lacrosse 2.3; F.C.A. 1,2; Lacrosse CI. 2.3; Jr. Class Talent Show 2, Cowan. James Hilton. Craddock, Gary K. Professor: Motorcycle Cl 1.2.3. Seniors 87 College applications, Craig, Barbara Ellen, Hungry Jack: National Merit Commended Student 3; National French Honor Society 2,3; Powderpuff Football 3; G.A.A. 1; French Cl. 2; International Dinner 1; Modern Dance Cl. 3; S.C.A. 3; C.G.B. 3; Pep Cl. 3; Jr. Class Talent Show 2; Peer 2.3; Section Editor 3; PUA 2.3; V. Pres. 3. Craig, Samuel Daley, High Test: Tennis 1,2.3; F.C.A. 1,2; Outing Cl. 3. Crawford, Paul Thomas: Soccer 1,2,3; In- tramural Basketball 3; Lacrosse 1,2,3; Lacrosse Cl. 2.3; Band 1,2,3. Crenshaw, Todd Andre, Tac: M.V.P. Football 3; M.V. Defensive Back 3; V. Football 1,2,3; J.V. Basketball 1; Outdoor Track I ; V. Basketball 2,3; F.C.A. 1.2; CBY 3; Peer 3. Crickenberger, Ricky Severn: J.V. Football 1; Motorcycle Cl. 1.2,3. Crider, Sharon Kay, Critter: Intramural Vol- leyball 1; Drill Team 2.3; Spanish Cl. 1.2; Mod- ern Dance Cl. 3. Critzer, Roy Lynn. Cronemeyer, James Roberts, Jamie: Soccer 1; Bicycle 1,2; Rally 3; Photography 3. Curme, Caroline Chenoweth: Tennis 2; French Cl. 1.2,3; S.C.A. 1.2; Peer 3. Currin, Judith B., Jude: V. Pres. Senior Class: C.G.B. 3; V. Cheerleader 2; Outing Cl. 1,2,3; Rally Cl. 1,2,3; " Li ' l Abner " 3. Daidone, Stephen E. Daly, John Michael, J.D.: Intramural Basketball 1,2,3; Intramural Softball 2; F.C.A. 1; Outdoors Cl. 2; Road Rally Cl. 3. Darcus, Gary Stephen, Steve: Indoor Track 2,3; Outdoor Track 2,3; F.C.A. 3; CBY 3. Davenport, Alison Bruce, Ali: National Honor Society 2,3; Drill Team 2,3; Drama Cl. 1,2,3; Thespians 2,3; Erutan Cl. 2; Concert Band 1.2,3; “Hello Dolly” 1; “Musical Revue " 2; “Godspell " 2; Language Assembly 3. Davis, Ann Sharon, Ann: Art Cl. 1,2,3. Davis, Calvin Ray: Concert Band 2,3. Davis, Deborah Sue, Debbie: Chess Cl. I; Sci- ence Cl. 2,3; Pres. 2,3. Davis, Donald Ross. Davis, Elvin Edward. Davis, Gregory, Greg: J.V. Basketball I; Out- door Track 1,2,3; Indoor Track 2,3; F.C.A. I, 2.3; Band 1. Craig. Barbara Craig, Sam Crawford. Paul Crenshaw, Todd Crider. Sharon Cronemeyer. Jamie Currin, Judith Daly, John Davenport. Ali Davis, Ann Davis, Billy Davis, Calvin Davis, Dabney Davis, Debbie Davis, Greg 88 Seniors job applications, Davis, Greg Davis, Randy Davis, Rose Deets, Ned Dickie, Brooke Dillard, Charles Dillard, Robbie Duncan, Scott Dunsmore, Kathie Dyer, Bob Earhart, Susan Echols, Darcy Edwards. Susan Erkenbrack. John Estes. Warren Davis, James William, Billy: D.E.C.A. I; F.B.L.A. 2,3. Davis, Melvin Gregory, Greg: Environment Cl. 1; V.l.C.A. 2.3. Davis, Randolph Fulton Jr., Randy. Wilbur: V. Football 1; Indoor Track 1,2,3; V. Baseball I. 2,3; All District 2; F.C.A. 1,2,3. Davis, Rose Henley: Erutan Cl. 3. Home Ec. 2; Ski Cl. 1. Davis, William Dabney: Chess Cl 2.3. Deets, FJdward Henderson HI, Ned: National Honor Society 2,3; Boys State 2; National French Contest; Thespian Troup 500; Jr. and Sr. Class Pres.; Cross Country I; Intramural Soccer I; Outdoor Track 3; Bicycle Cl. 1,2.3; Pres. 3; French Cl. 2; " Hello Dolly” 2; " Count Dracu- la” 2; “You ' re a Good Man, Charlie Brown” 2. Dickie, Barbara Brooke, Brooke: Basketball Manager 2; Art Cl. I; Outdoors Cl. 1. Dillard, Charles Samuel, Sandy: CBY; Poetry. Dillard, Robbie. Drumheller, Gary Wayne. Duncan, Clayton Scott, Skeet: National Honor Society 2.3; J V. Basketball I; AHS Golf Team 2,3; Intramural Basketball 3; FCA I; Outdoors Cl. 3. Dunsmore, Kathi FJizabeth: Environment Cl I. Dwier, Marcella Danielle. Dyer, Robert David, Bob: Chess Cl. 1.2; Auto Rally Cl. 3. Earhart, Susan FJizabeth: Environment Cl. I; Art Cl. 3. Echols, D’Arcy Andrews, Deer Slayer. D.C.. Andy: Football 1.2; Outing Cl. 2.3; Vice Pres. 2; Pres. 3; Ski Cl. 1; Peer 3. F’dwards, Susan Lee: Guitar Cl. I. Erkenbrack, Jon Scott, Erk: Environment Cl. 2,3. Estes, Warren Alan: Soccer 1.2,3; Track 2; Motorcycle Cl. 1,2,3; F res. 3. Seniors 89 Too many decisions to make . . . Eubanks, Pernell, Jr., Sonny: VICA 1,2. Farley , Darrell Eugene. Figgatt, Michael Kerry , Mutt: V. Football 1,2,3; Outdoor Track 2; Chess Cl. 1,2: Band Cl. 1.2; Outdoors Cl. 3; Guitar Cl. 3; Symphonic Band 1,2.3; Concert Choir 3; Prism 3. Eishbeck, John Diedrich, 111. Fisk, Edith Adele. Fisher, Francis Fitch, Harvey Levi. Fitzgerald, Teresa M.: FBLA 2,3; Pres. 2; V. Pres. 3. F ' ord, Justin Lynn, " the Toe”: V. Football 2,3; Soccer I; Intramural Basketball 3; Head Coach — Powderpuff 2.3; Spanish Cl. 1; Band Cl. 2; FCA 3; Marching Band 1; Symphonic Band 1,2,3; Concert Choir 3. Foster, Susan Margette. Foster, Valerie June, Val: Drill Team 2; Scrap- book Officer 2; Indoor Track and Outdoor Track Manager 2,3; Pep Cl. 1,3; Environment Cl. 1; SCA 1,2; French Cl. 2; Dance Cl. 3. Pres. 3; Jr. Class Talent Show 2,3; Peer 2,3; Ads and Co- Sports Editor 3. Frame, Andrew Levi: DECA 1,2,3. Frazier, David Mitchell. Frazier, Larry Thomas. Frazier, Vernon Jeffrey: FFA. Fulcher, Leonard Milton, Lenny: Intramural Basketball 3; Tennis 3; Erutan Cl. 1,2; Chess Cl. 3; “Godspell”; Harlequin 3. Fulton, Michelle Lynne: DE Poster Contest 3rd place I; J.V. Basketball Manager 2; DE 1, Treas. I; Pep Cl. 1.3; Outdoors Cl. 3. Furr, Karen Belinda: Environment Cl. I; DECA 2; Art Cl. 3. Gardner, Bertha Florine, Bert. Eubanks, Pernell Farley, Darrell Figgatt. Michael Fischbeck. John Fisk, Adele Fisher, Frances Fitzgerald. Teresa Ford. Justin Foster, Susan Foster, Valerie Frame. Andrew Fulcher, Lenny Fulton. Michelle Furr, Karen Gardner, Bertha 90 Seniors in too little time. Gardner, Janies Lee, Gardy: Indoor Track 1 .2,3, Outdoor Track 1,2,3: Chorus 3. Garland, Garry Lee, Bread: Track I; FCA 1,3. Garrett, Jeffrey David, Jeff: Outdoor Cl. 1: Guitar Cl. 3: Band 1; Concert Choir 3 Garrison, Rebecca Faye, Becky. Garstang, Stephen Raymond. Garth, Jann Maxine: Environment Cl. I; Erutan Cl. 2. Gentry, Lenora Ann, Lee: French Cl. 1. Geren, James Douglas, Jay: Ski Team. 1.2; Football 1,2,3; Hockey 3; Ski Cl. 1,2.3. Gibbs, Elizabeth Alexander, Liz: Critique 1; Eru- tan 2; Thespians 1; Harlequin 3. Gibson, Gary Wayne: DECA 1; FBLA 1.2: V Pres. I; Treas. 2. Gibson, Rosanne Edmonia: First place public speaker; DECA 2.3. Gibson, Steve Vance. Gibson, Teresa Lynn: Art Cl. 1.2.3; Harlequin. Gibson, William Lewis, Haircut: Football 1.2; Art Cl. 1,2; Outdoor Cl. 3. Glasgow, David Lewis, Glass: JV Football 1: V Football 3; DECA 1.2; VICA 3; Concert Band 1. Gardner, James Garland, Gary Garrett, Jeff Garrison, Rebecca Garstang, Steve Garth, Jann Gentry, Lee Geren. James Gibson, Billy Gibbs, Elizabeth Gibson, Gary Gibson. Rosanne Gibson. Steve Gibson. Teresa Glasgow. David Seniors 91 “Please excuse this interruption, Glass, Esther Wood. Glass, Sandra Carol. Godfrey, Steven Eugene. Goff, Darlene. Goldstein, Gary Brien, Gary: Soccer 1; Tennis 1,2,3; Bicycle Cl. 1; French Cl. 1; Outdoor Cl. 3. Good, Gail Annette: Latin Cl. 1 ,2; Guitar Cl. 2,3; Band 1.2.3. Goode, Tobv Llewellyn: FFA; DECA; Motorcy- cle; V1CA.‘ Graff, Donna Marie, Stumpie: Spanish Cl. 1,2; Erutan 3; Pep Cl. 3; PUA 2,3; Pres. 3; Talent Show 2; Peer 2.3; Club editor 3. Graham, James Willie, J.T.: J.V. Basketball 1; Outdoor Track 2; FCA 1; CBY 2,3. Graham, Richard: Motorcycle Cl. I; Guitar Cl. 3. Gray, Darlene Angelia: Powderpuff Football 1,2; GAA 1,2; VICA 2,3. Gray, Erskine Howard: Gray, Robert Avila, Rabbit: J.V. Basketball 1; VICA. Green, Patricia Ann, Pat: GAA I; CBY 3. Greims, Barbara, Cackles: Baseball Manager 3; Drama Cl. 1; FCA 3; Concert Choir 3. Guilford, Allen. Haacke, Robert S., Bob: Outing Cl. 2,3. Haigh, Edward Newman, II, Eager: German Cl. 1,2,3; Prism 2,3; Art Editor 3; Harlequin 1,2,3, Editor 3; Daily Blab 1,2,3. Godfrey, Steve Goff. Darlene Goldstein, Gary Good. Gail Goode. Toby Graff, Donna Graham, Jam es Gray, Darlene Gray. Erskine Gray. Robert Green, Pat Greimes, Barbara Guilford. Allen Haacke. Bob Haigh. Ted 92 Seniors Will the driver of the car 5 5 Hall, Mildred Anne. Hall, Sharron Lynn: Environment Cl. 1: Euratan Cl. 2. Hamm, Teresa Marie: Tennis 2; Powderpuff 3: Ski Cl. 1; Guitar 2,3; Euratan Cl. 3; Choir 1,2,3; “Hello, Dolly! " I; Prism 3. Hancock, Susan Diane. Hansen, George Arthur: Bike Cl. 2; Outdoors C ' l. 3. Hantske, Robyn Lynn, Robbie: National Honor Society 2.3; GAA Cheerleader I; Powderpuff Football 3; GAA Cl. I; French Cl. 2,3; Peer 2.3. Circulation and Activities Editor 3. Harlow, Daniela Doris, BeBe: German Cl. 2.3. Harris, Michael Steven, Harris. Harris, Ronald Keith, Ronnie: Indoor Track MVP 2; Outdoor Track MVP 2; Indoor Track 1,2,3; Outdoor Track 1,2,3; FCA 1.2.3. Hasenfus, Kevin John, Fus: National Honor So- ciety 2,3; J.V. Football 1; Track I; V. Football 2,3; Intramural Basketball 2.3; Intramural Softball 2; Bicycle Cl. 2; Euratan Cl. 3. Hawkes, Ann Marie, Ann: Spanish Cl. 1.2.3; “Godspell " 3; “LiF Abner " 3; Foreign Lan- guage Assembly 3; Peer 3. Hawkins, Leon Bernard, the “Hawk " : Best Foul Shooter 1.2; MVP Basketball 2; V. Basketball 1,2,3; Track 1,2,3; FCA 1.2,3. Hearn, Gary, Duke of Grozno: Track Manager 1,2,3; Soccer 3; Chess Cl. 1.2; Euratan Cl. 3; Photography Cl. 3; Prism 3. Sports Editor 3; Photographer 3. Heilman, Nancy Lee: German Cl. 2.3; Peer 2.3; Editor 3. Henderson, Linda Ann, Lynn: VICA 1. Henlev, Tracy: Ecology Cl. 1; Art Cl. 2: Outing Cl. 3. Hall, An ne Hamm, Teresa Hancock, Susan Hansen, George Hantske, Robyn Harlow, Daniela Harris, Mike Harris, Ronnie Hasenfus, Kevin Hawkes, Ann Hawkins, Leon Hearn. Gary Heilman. Nancy Henderson. Linda Henley, Tracy Seniors 93 A new Media Center and Hensley. Venna Lea; Softball 1; Powderpuff Football 2; GAA Cl. 2; Erutan Cl. 3; Concert and Symphonic Band 1.2,3; Marching Band 2.3. Hermansdorfer, Susan Elizabeth: French Flonor Society 2,3; French Cl. 1,2,3; V. Pres. 3. Herring, Wanda Carol. Hicks, Debra Murdock. Highlander, Pamela Lynn, Pam: DECA 1,2; Outdoor Cl. 3. Hill, Ralph Emerson, Jr. Hinton, Lillie Pearl: FHA 1; Liberation Cl. 3; Concert Choir 3. Hinton, Lucy Mae, Lue: Home Ec. Cl.; Modern Dance Cl. 3; Chorus. Hodge, Alan Andrew. Holland, Jonathan Gregg, Buns: Track 1; J.V. Basketball 1; V. Basketball 2,3; Latin Cl. 1; Outdoors Cl. 3. Holland, William Otto, Jr., Buzz: Intramural Basketball 1.2,3; Chess Cl. 1; Guitar Cl. 2; Out- doors Cl. 3; Daily Blab 1,2,3. Houchins, Beth Anne, Beth: Spanish Cl. 2,3. Howard, Larrv Edward, Preacher: DECA 1.2; Chess Cl. 1,2. Hoy, John Thomas, John-Boy: J.V. Basketball 1; Intramural Basketball 2,3; Golf 1,2,3; FCA I; Outdoors Cl. 2.3; Talent Show 2. Huffman, Loretta Denise: Honor Cl. I; FBLA 1; Spanish Cl. I; Peppergram 1. Hensley, Venna Hermansdorfer. Susan Herring, Wanda Hicks, Debra Highlander, Pam Hill. Ralph Hinton. Lucy Hinton. Pearl Hodge. Alan Holland. Bill Holland, Gregg Houchins, Beth Howard. Larry Hoy, John Huffman, Loretta 94 Seniors a new Fine Arts wing, Hughes, Betty Lou. Huniphris, Patricia Penn, Patsy: French Honor Society 2.3; Pres. 2,3; National Honor Society 2,3; French Cl. 1,2,3; Peer 3; Harlequin 3. Hunt, Charles Fenton, Charlie Boy: Environ- ment Cl. 1; Guitar Cl. 2,3; “Godspell” 3; Jazz Ensemble 3; Concert Choir 3. Hunt, Karen Lynn, Kay: Art Cl. 3. Hunt, Theresa Ann, Weige: VICA. Hurt, Charles William, Jr., Charlie: Soccer 1,2,3, Captain 3; Lacrosse 1,2; Ski Cl. 1.2.3; Pres. 2,3; CGB 1; SCA 1.2; Symphonic Band 1,2,3; Marching Band 1.2,3. Hutchinson, Jean Elizabeth: National Honor Society 2,3; Governor ' s School 2; National Merit Semifinalist 2; Spanish Cl. 1.2.3; Sym- phonic Band 1,2,3; Harlequin 3. Ingerick, Sherry Lynn. Jenkins, Stephen Paul: Spanish Cl. 1.2; Archerv 3. Johnson, Barbara Jane, B.J.: CBY 1.2; Chorus 1 . Johnson, Brenda Jean: GAA 1; CBY 1. 2; Band. Johnson, Connie Adell, Grunt: Cheerleader 1; VICA 2.3; Environment 1. Johnson, Linda Edith. Johnson, Marvin Henry. Johnson, Nancy Lee: FBLA 2,3. Hughes, Betty Humphris, Patsy Hunt, Charlie Hunt, Kay Hunt, Theresa Hurt, Charlie Hutchinson, Jean Ingerick, Sherry Jenkins, Steve Johnson, Barbara Johnson, Brenda Johnson. Connie Johnson. Linda Johnson, Marvin Johnson, Nancy Seniors 95 Johnson, Orlando Rudolph. O.J.: CBY. what will be Johnson, Richard Minor. Jones, Barry Eugene. Jones, Cecilia Carr, Cece: Honor Society 2,3 Powderpuff Football 2.3; Spanish Cl. 1,2 Horseback Riding Cl. 3; Christmas Concert 3 Peer 2.3; Circulation and Copy Editor 3. Jones, Deborah Darlene, Debbie: CBY 1,2; Chorus 1,2. Jones, Delores Ann, Ace: FHA 2. Jones, Doris Jean: Honor Society 2,3; Environ- ment Cl. 1; Erutan Cl. 2,3; SCA 1,2; Symphonic Band 1,2,3; Marching Band 1,2,3. Jones, Elizabeth Hart: Spanish Cl. 1,2.3. Jones, Forrest Melton, Jr., Rocky: Intramural Softball 2; Motorcycle Cl. 1: Guitar Cl. 2; VICA 3. Jones, Patricia Crane, Tricia: J.V. Cheerleader 1; V. Cheerleader 2,3; Bicycle Cl. I; Outdoors Cl. 2,3; Pep Cl. 3; Sophomore Class Reporter; " Hello Dolly” 1; " A Night of One Acts” 2; Thespians Reporter 3. Peer 3. Jordon, Michael Samuel. Jordon, Violet Sue, Sue: Honor Society 2,3; Ecology Cl. 1; FBLA 3. Joseph, Janet Lee: Spanish Cl I , Office Worker 2.3; Erutan Cl. 3. Kane, Kathleen Mary, Kathy: V. Basketball Manager 3; Spanish Cl. 1,2; Outdoor Cl. 3; Pep Cl. 1.3; Peer 3. Keiser, Cynthia Lynn, Cindy: National Honor Society 2.3; French Honor Society 2.3; Powder- puff Football 1,2; Girls Basketball Scorekeeper 1,2.3: French Cl. 1,2,3; Pep Cl.; Science Cl. Johnson. Orlando Johnson. Richard Jones, Barry Jones, Cece Jones, Debbie Jones, Deloris Jones, Doris Jones, Elizabeth Jones. Forrest Jones, Patricia Jordan, Michael Jordan, Sue Joseph, Janet Kane. Kathy Keiser, Cindy 96 Seniors added next year? Keithley, Ronald Dean. Kelly, Matthew Sean, Matt: Track; Chess Cl 1,2, Latin Cl. 3. Kelso, Ruby Louise, Lou: Softball 2; FCA 1.2.3. Kendall, Nancy Ellen, Kennel Vittles: Drill Team 2; National Honor Society 2.3; Ecology Cl I; French Cl. I; Outing Cl 3; Sec-Treas. 2,3. Peer Kim, TaeDong: Intramural Basketball 3; Chess Cl. 1,2,3; Symphonic Band 1,2; Peer 3. King, Karen Leigh. King, Kathleen Ann, Wheels: Intramural Softball 2,3; Spanish Cl. I; Erutan Cl 2.3; Band 1,2,3; Prism 2,3; Editor-in Chief 3. Kirby, Edward P., Eddie: Motorcycle Cl I; Guitar Cl. 2. Kirkland, Linda Kay, Kay: GAA 1; Tennis Manager 2; Powderpuff Football 2; Spanish Cl 1; Liberation Cl. 2; Outing Cl. 3; “GodspeN " 3- Peer 3 Kirksey, Debbra Jane, Kirks: Softball 2; GAA I; Erutan Cl. 2,3. Kiser, Gay Lynn; Environment Cl. I; German Cl. 2.3; Pep Cl. I; Motorcycle Cl. 3; Prism 2. Klapp, Jon Stephen, Steve: FHA 3. Kline, Cynthia Louise, Cindy: FBI.A 2,3; Motorcycle Cl. 1.2. Kline, Mary Anne. Knight, Joseph Willard, Joe: Intramural Basket- ball 3; Chess Cl. I; German Cl. 2,3. Keithley, Ron Kelly. Matt Kelso, Ruby Kendall, Nancy Kim, Tae Dong King, Karen King, Kathleen Kirby, Eddie Kirkland, Kay Kirksey, Debbra Kiser, Gay Lynn Klapp. Steve Kline. Cindy Kline, Mary Anne Knight. Joe Seniors 97 Albemarle holds Krohn, Dennis Ray. Ruder, Teresa Ann: Pep Cl. 3: Erutan 1; Al- bemarle Players 1; German Cl. 1,2; " Godspell " 3; Concert Choir 3; " Musical Revue” 2. Kupke, Heidi M., Heidi: French Cl. 1,2,3; French Honor Society 2,3; Albemarle Players 2,3; Thespians 2,3; Concert Choir 3; “A Night of One Acts " 3; " Fiddler On The Roof ' 3. Fam, Debra Ann: V1CA 1. Lancaster, Paul Dayton, Fred: Erutan Cl. 3; Al- bemarle Players 2.3; Concert Choir 1,2,3; Re- gional Choir 1,2,3. Lange, Robert Paul. Langman, Ronald Harmjan, Squid: German Cl. 1.2,3; Science Cl. 1.2; Language Assembly; Drama Cl.; Daily Blab 2.3. Lasley, Robert Day, Bob: National Honor Soci- ety 2.3; Boys Intramural Basketball; Chess Cl. 1,2; German 3; SCA 1. Lassetter, William Lee, Billy: J.V. Football I; Outdoor Track 2.3; Chess Cl. 1; Band 2; Nature Cl. 3; Marching Band 1.2.3; Symphonic Band 1,2.3; Stage Band 1,2.3; Regional Band 3. Later, Laura. I.auffenburger, Jack Curtis, J.C. Lauff: National Merit Letter of Commendation 3; V. Baseball 1,2,3; Intramural Basketball 3; Girls Gymnastics Manager 3; FCA 3. Lawson, Carolyn Yvonne: FHA I. Layne, Mary Ann. Layne, Melisa Ann: Majorette 1,2; French Cl. 3; Ecology I . Leake, Dan H., Bud: Ski Cl.; Bicycle Cl.; Out- door Cl. Krohn, Dennis Ruder, Teresa Kupke, Heidi Lam, Debra Lancaster, Paul Lange, Robert Langman, Ronald Lasley. Bob Lassetter, Billy Later, Laura Lauffenburger, Jack Lawson. Carolyn Layne, Mary Anne Layne, Melissa Leake, Dan 98 Seniors memories for all Lee, David Charles, Slant: National Honor Soci- ety 2,3; Intramural Basketball 3; Chess Cl. 1,2,3; Chess Team 2; Marching Band 1,2. Lee, Patricia Diane, Pat: Girls Basketball Man- ager 1 ,2; Girls Tennis Team; Soccer Team Man- ager 3; Spanish Cl. 1,2,3; Liberation Cl. 2 Homecoming Rep. 1.2; Peer 3. Leveque, Michelle Yvonne, Mimi: Outdoor Cl. 3. Lilly, Debra Hughes. Lindamnod, Lewis Allen: Latin Cl. 1; German Cl. 2,3; Sales Editor. Harlequin 3; Sales Editor; Daily Blab 1,2,3. Lindsay, Janice. Lipscomb, Grace Jeannette. Louderback, James Haywood: CBY. Lowrance, Jonathan Lawson. Lowry, David Carroll: FBLA 1; Band 1. Maddox, Ruth Marian, Ruth: Environment Cl. 1; FBLA 2,3; Vice-Pres. 2; Pres. 3. Maddox, Sharon Mae: Spanish 1.3; FBLA 2. Mahone, W. Stephen; Steve: V. Football 1.2.3; Track 1.2; Intramural Basketball 3; Wrestling 3; Albemarle Players 3; Outdoors Cl. 3; Spanish Cl. 1; FCA 2; " Godspell " 3; “Feathertop " 3; “A Night of One Acts " 3. Maine, Susan Nancy, Termite: National Honor Society 2,3: GAA Cheerleaders 1; Liberation Cl. 3; Outing Cl. 3; SCA I; Prism 3. Mann, Leslie Fontaine: National Merit Com- mended Student, Outing Cl. 1; Art Cl. 2; Guitar Cl. 3. Pep Cl.; Harlequin 3. Manweiler, Nancy Anne: National Honor Soci- ety 2,3: Tennis Intramurals 2; German Cl. 1.2.3; V.P. 3; Pep Cl. 3; Talent Show 2. Lee, David Lee, Pat Levegue. Michelle Lily, Debbie Lindamood, Lewis Lindsay, Janice Lipscomb, Grace Louderback, James Lowry, David Maddox, Ruth Maddox, Sharon Mahone, Steve Maine, Susie Mann. Leslie Manweiler, Nancy Seniors 99 good friends and Marsh, Ruby Marie. Marshall, Glenda Dale: VICA 2. Marshall, Kenneth Wayne. Martin, Richard Clarence, Ricky: DECA 1; Motorcycle Cl. 3. Marzano, Michael Kevin, Mike. Matthews, Joseph Phillip. Maupin, Bessie Theresa, Sis: DECA 1;CBY2,3. Maupin, Cecil Garland, C.G. : SCA 2; Guitar 2.3; Chorus 2; Talent Show 2. Maupin, Jacqueline Marie, Jackie: V. Cheer- leader 3; GAA 1,2; CBY 3; V. Pres. 3; SCA 2,3; CGB 2,3; Sec. 2,3. Maupin, Richard Dennis, Ricky. Maupin, William Michael, Mike: VICA. Mawyer, David Wayne, Dave: Cross Country 1,2; Indoor Track 1 ,2; Outdoor Track 1,2; Sym- phonic Band 1,2,3; Marching Band 1,2,3. Mawyer, Donald Edward, Donnie: Softball 2,3; Chess Cl. 2; Motorcycle Cl. 1. Mawyer, Everett Shannon, Jr. Mawyer, William Ivar, Jr., Billy: All-District Shortstop 2; J.V. Basketball 1; Indoor Track 2,3; Baseball 1,2,3; Intramural Basketball 2,3; FCA 1,2; Pres. 3. Mawyer, Leon Paine. McAlpine, Keith Allen McCann, Karen Lynn, Karen: Outdoor Cl. I; Art Cl. 2; SCA 3. McCann, Doris Mae: EHA 2,3. McCauley, Virginia Leigh, Wiggles: Baseball Manager 1; Powderpuff 2; GAA 2; FCA 2; Drama 2; Band 3; Concert Choir 1; ‘ ' Night-of- One-Acts " , I. Marshall, Glenda Martin. Richard Matthews, Joe Maupin, Bessie Maupin, Jackie Maupin, Richard Maupin. William M. Mawyer, Billy Mawyer. David Mawyer. Don Mawyer, Everett Mawyer, Leon McCann. Karen McCauley, Doris McCauley, Leigh 100 Seniors good times. McDaniel, Debra Ann, Little Mama: Motorcycle Cl 1,2; DECA 3. McDaniel Lvnn Marie: Albemarle Players I; Art Cl. 2. McMillion, Steve Edward: Soccer 1.2; Spanish Cl. 1; Drama I; V1CA 2; “Godspell”; “Musical Review”; “Night-of-One Acts”. McVey, Steve, Steve: Indoor Track 1.2.3; Out- door Track 1 .2. McWilliams, Chervl Ann, Cheryl: Powderpuff 1 ,2,3; Spanish Cl. 1 .2.3. Meeks, Kim Darnell. Micham, Bernadette. Miller, Mathew Deane, Stump: V. Football 1. 2,3; Outdoor Track 1; Indoor Track 3; Lacrosse 2,3; Intramural Basketball 3. Mills, Fannie Loretta. Minor, Patrick Keith, Pat: J.V. Football 1: V. Football 2,3; Indoor Track 1; Outdoor Track 2; Chess Cl. 1; FCA 2; Chess 3; Peer 2.3. Minter, Dale Edwin, Smoke: Soccer-Most Valu- able Player 3; Soccer 1.2.3; Art Cl. 1.2; Motor- cycle Cl. 3. Mitchell, David Raymond, Dave: Art Cl. 1: SCA 1; Spanish Cl. 2.3: Harlequin 2. Moore, Donna Jo: French Cl. 1; Highlight 1. Moore, Linda Gail, Ludy Gail: Motorcycle Cl. 1 . Morris, Brenda Gail: Motorcycle Cl. 1; Chorus 2 McDaniels, Debbie McDaniel, Lynn McMillion, Steve McVey, Steve McWilliams, Cheryl Meeks, Kim Micham, Bernadette Miller, Matt Mills, Fanny Minter, Dale Minor, Patrick Mitchell. David Moore, Donna Moore, Linda Morris, Brenda Seniors 101 Anticipation, dreams. Morris, Coleman Randolph: VICA. Morris, Donna Marie. Morris, Elizabeth. Morris, Patricia Ann, Pat. Morris, Ronald Heath, Ron: Soccer 1; Chess Cl. 1; VICA 2. Morris, Starr Louellen, Louellen: Art Cl. 1,2; Choir 1,2,3. Morris, Sylvia Joanne, Joanne: GAA 2,3. Morris, Wanda Shifflett. Motch, Robert Adolphus, Burt: Intramural Bas- ketball 3; Spanish Cl. 1; Lacrosse Cl. 3. Murphy, Patrice Catherine, Patti: French Cl. 1,2,3; Symphonic Band 1,2,3; Marching Band 1 ,2,3; Prism 3. Napier, Barry Glenn. Napier, Dennis W ' ., Al: Cross Country 2,3; In- door Track 1,2,3; Outdoor Track 1,2,3; In- tramural Basketball 3; Chess Cl. 1; FCA 2; Bicycle Cl. 3; Pep Cl 3; SCA 2; Concert and Marching Bands 1,2; Jr. Class Talent Show 2,3; Peer 3. Nickell, Ronald J. Jr., Ron: Spanish Cl. 2; Chess Cl. 3. Null, Patricia Faith, Patty: French Honor Soci- ety 2.3; French Cl. 1,2.3; Jr. Class Talent Show 2; Peer 3. O’Connell, Edward Brian: Ecology Cl. I; Band 1.2,3. Ohman, Jeffrey Paul, Jeff: Soccer 1.2; Indoor Track 3; Intramural Softball 2,3; German Cl. 1,2,3; Daily Blab 1.2,3. Morris, Coleman Morris, Donna Morris, Elizabeth Morris, Joanne Morris, Louellen Morris, Pat Morris. Ronald Morris, Wanda Murphy, Patrice Napier, Barry Napier. Dennis Nickell, Ron Null, Patty O’Connell, Edward Ohman. Jeff 102 Seniors What will the future bring? Olson, Disa Joy, Joy: Ski Cl. 1,2; Modern Dance 3. O ' Mary, Judy Anne: DECA Sales Judging, 2nd District I; Merchandise Sales Manual. 1st 2; Sales Demonstration, 2nd District 2; Public Speaking Local 2; Sales Demonstration Local 1st; DECA 1,2,3. Pate, Vicki Lou. Page, John Rowland. Patrick, Timothy Ivan. Parham, Michael Frank, Paul: Track 1; C.B.Y. Patterson, Michael Eugene, Mike: Paul, David William. Payne, Gary Braxton, Sparky. Payne, Karen Elizabeth: Varsity Cheerleading 2,3; SCA 1; Cinema 1; Erutan Cl. 1; Modern Dance Cl. 3. Payne, Penny Jeanne: J.V. Cheerleading 1; Arts Crafts Cl. ' 1,2,3. Payne, Tina Marie: EBLA 2; Band 1: Harlequin 3. Payne, Waddell, Dell. Pearce, Mary Elizabeth, " The Maid " : FCA 2.3; Prism 2.3. Peck, Randall Joseph, Randy: Outstanding Cross-Country Runner 3: Cross-Country 1.3; Outdoor Track 1; Chess Cl. 1,3; German Cl. 3. Perry, Leslie Ann, Les: CBY 1; EH A 2; Pho- tography Cl. 3. Peterson, John Gunnar, Pete: Regional Band 2,3; Intramural Basketball 1.2.3; Tennis V. 2.3; Band Cl. 2; Erutan Cl. 3; Band 1.2.3; Marching Band 1.2,3; Jazz Band 3; Talent Show 2. Phillips, Deborah, Debbie: J.V. Cheerleader 1: V. Cheerleader 2.3; head 3; CBY 1.3: Spanish 2; Peer 2. Ply mire, Deborah Lee, Debbie: Golf Team 3; Bicycle Cl. 1,2.3; Euratan 3; German Cl. 3; Band I ; Peer 3. Presho, Juanita Helen: VICA 1,2. Poole, Lisa Kersey : V. Cheerleader 2: Outdoors Cl. 1,2.3: Peer 3. Popp, John Franklin. Pop: FFA 1.2: Pres. 3. Poyvell, Bernard, B.L.: VICA 1.2. Olson, Joy O’Mary, Judy Pace, Vicky Patrick, Timothy Patterson, Mike Paul. David Payne, Karen Payne, Tina Pearce. Mary Perry. Leslie Peterson. John Phillips. Debbie Plymire, Debbie Popp. John Powell. Bernard Seniors 103 Class Rank: Powell, Page Mayton: Spanish Cl. 1,2,3; Sec- Tres. 3. Powley, Pam J.: Erutan 2. Presho, Juanita Helen. Price, Pattie. Price, Roger Lee. Pritchett, Barry Glenn: Spanish 2. Pryor, Kathy Darlene: CBY 2,3; DECA I; SCA 1,2,3. Pryor, Oliver Cranston, Tippy: J.V. Basketball 1; Outdoor Track 1; V. Basketball 2; Indoor Track 3; Outdoor Track 3; FCA; Chorus 3. Pugh, Mark. Pullen, Donald Lewis, Don: Erutan Cl. Quaseba rth, Jane Annette, Janie: Softball I; Powderpuff 1 ,2; Bicycle Cl. 1,2,3; German Cl. 3; SCA 1,2,3; CGB 1; Thespians 2,3; “Hello Dol- ly " I; “Dracula” 2; Marching Band 2; Peer 3. Rabe, Katherine Anne, Kathy: Powderpuff 2. Rainey, Carl E., Jim. Randolph, Judith. Ratcliffe, Joyce Carol, J. Rat: National Honor Society 2,3 Drill Team 2,3; Bicycle Cl. 1,2; Eru- tan Cl. 2.3; Musical Revue 2; Thespians 2,3. Rawlings, Frankie Leo, Frankie Ben: Football 3; DE 2,3. Powell, Page Powley, Pam Presho. Juanita Price, Pattie Price, Roger Pritchett, Barry Pryor. Cranston Pryor, Kathy Pugh, Mark Pullen. Donald Quasebarth, Jane Rabe, Kathy Randolph. Judith Ratcliffe, Joyce Rawlings, Frankie 104 Seniors now I know where I stand! Rawlings, Steve Ray. Rusty Rea, Cindy Reed. David Rees, Beth Respess, James Rexrode, Michelle Rhodes, David Riall, Anita Ricks, Cassandra Riopel, Nancy Roach, Danny Roach, Debra Roach, Patricia Robinson. Larry Rawlings, Steven Randlnph. Steve: J. V. Football 1; Indoor Track I; Outdoor Track 2; V. Football 2.3. Ray, Russell Garnett, Rusty: Motorcycle Cl. 1.3; VICA 2,3. Rea, Cynthia Ann, Cindy: Softball I; Powder- puff 1,2,3; Drill Team 3; Tennis 3: Outdoor C ' l. 1,2,3; Choir 3; " Li ' l Abner " 3. Reed, Wiley David, David: Archery 3. Rees, Lisbeth Morgan, Munchkin: Powderpuff 2; Drill Team 2,3; GAA I; Erutan Cl. 2; Pres. 3; Musical Review 2; Concert Choir 1,2.3. Respess, James Cyprian, Jim: Bicycle Cl. 1; V P 2,3; Thespians 2.3; “Hello Dolly " ; “Count Dracula " ; “Charlie Brown ' ; Symphonic Band 1,2,3; Concert Choir 2,3; Regional Choir 2. Rexrode, Michelle Hope: Ski Club 1. Rhodes, David Coleman: V. Football 2; Ski Cl. I : Outdoor Cl. 2; Band 1.2. Riall, Anita Catherine, Cathy: National Honor Society 2,3; National Spanish Award; Powder- puff; Science Cl.; Spanish Cl. 1,2,3; SCA I Ricks, Cassandra Joyce, Sandy: Track 3; Thes- pian 3; Albemarle Players 3; CBY 3; “Godspell " 3. Riopel, Nancy Jean, Ripple: Drill Team 1.2,3; Track 3; Chess Cl. I; Erutan Cl. 2.3; Band 1 Roach, Clarence Daniel, Danny: DECA 3. Roach, Debra Shifflett, Debbie: Girls Tennis I; Ski Cl. 1; Outdoors Cl I; Erutan Cl. 2; DECA 3; Chorus 2; “Night of One Acts " 2; SCA 1.2. Roach, Patricia Gail, Pat: Robinson, Larry Daurell,: CBY; VICA. Seniors 105 Senior Privileges? Root, Floyd, Root: Track 1,2,3; Cross-Country 1,2; Bicycle Cl. 2,3; “Hoytal” 2. Ross, Houston Caldwell, Jr. Hoy: Basketball 3; CBY 2,3; Talent Show. Rush, Phyllisteen. Rush, Rufus Lee, Weasel No. 2: DECA 1; VICA 2,3. Russell, George Gheen: German Cl. 2; Outdoor Cl. 3. Russell, Joan Theresa, Peaches: GAA Cheer- leader 1; Softball 2,3; Art Cl. 1; Spanish Cl. 2,3; Photography Cl. 3; Harlequin 3; Prism 3. Russell, Thomas Kevin: Motorcycle Cl. 1.2.3. Rybolt, David Michael: FBLA 3. Ryder, Mary Evelyn, Clutch: NCTE Achieve- ment Award for Writing; National Honor Soci- ety 2.3; German Cl. 1.2.3; Photography Cl. 3; Harlequin 1; Art Editor 2,3; Prism 3. Salzman, Glenn Edward: German Cl. Sammons, Paul Douglas. Sampson, Cecelia Anne, Annebelle. Sampson, Fannie l.adell, Tubie: Spanish Cl. 2; Peer 3. Sams, James William, Bill: ICT 3. Saunders, Cynthia Ann, Cindy: Art Cl. 3; Al- bemarle Players 1.2,3; V. Pres. 3; Thespians 2,3; SCA 3; “Musical Revue " 2; " Godspell” 3; Peer 3. Schmitt, Christopher Rene, Chris; Intramural basketball 3; VICA 2.3. Root, Floyd Ross, Houston Rush. Phyllis Rush. Rufus Russell. George Russell, Joan Russell. Kevin Rybolt, David Ryder. Mary Salzman. Glenn Sammons, Paul Sampson, Cecelia Sampson, Tubie Saunders, Cindy Schmitt, Chris 106 Seniors Senior Slump! Schwab, Kathy Scruggs, Connie Seabrook, Kathy Shafer, Kirk Shea, Cindy Sheets, Karen Sheridan, Rebecca Shifflet, Beverly Shifflett, Debra Shifflett. Pauline Shifflett. Sheila Shiflett, Cindy Shiflett, Karen Shifflette. Don Shifflette, James Schwab, Jan Katherine. Scruggs, Connie. Scott, Bradford Jay, Jay. Seabrook, Kathy Ann, Seabird: Drill Team 1,2.3. Co-captain 1,2, Captain 3; German Cl. 1,2.3; Chess Cl. 1; Erutan Cl. 2,3, Treas. 3: " A Night of One Acts” 2; Foreign Language Assembly 3. Shafer, Kirk Stuart. Shea, Cynthia Christine, Cindy: Drill Team 2,3; Outdoors Cl. 1; Erutan Cl. 2,3; SCA 1.3; ' Hello Dolly!” 1. Sheets, Karen Mae: Powderpuff 2; Motorcycle CL; Mixed Chorus 3. Sheridan, Rebecca Lee, Becca: Powderpuff 2; Art Cl. 1; Spanish Cl. 2; Riding Cl. 3; " A Night of One Acts” 2; “L’il Abner” 3; Peer 3. Shifflett, Beverly Jane, Bev: Riding Cl. 3. Shifflett, Debra Phyllis, Debbie; V1CA 2; Li- brary Cl. 1; Library Assistant 1.2,3. Shifflett, Michael Lewis: Motorcycle Cl. Shifflett, Pauline Faye: FBLA. Shifflett, Sheila Ann: GAA 1; FCA 2.3. Shiflett, Cindy S.: Environment Cl. 1; Erutan Cl. 2 Shiflett, Karen Jo: V1CA. Shifflette, Don. Shifflette, James. Seniors 107 Our last exams, Shoop, Philip Jav: Chess Cl. 1; Guitar Cl. 3; VICA 2.3. Shortell, Denise Irene, Denny: German Cl. 1; Art Cl. 3; Band 1.2.3. Shriner, Susan Lynn, Susie: Spanish Cl. 2,3. Sieling, Carol Neal: National Merit Commended Scholar; Riding Cl. 3. Simpkins, Tony Evans, Tony: DECA; Motorcy- cle Cl. Slosson, Richard W., Slossberg: American Le- gion ' s Boy’s State of Virginia; Who’s Who Among American High School Students; Na- tional Honor Society 2,3. Pres. 3; J.V. Basket- ball 1; Indoor Track 2.3; Outdoor Track 2.3; In- tramural Basketball 2.3; FCA 1,2; Outdoors Cl. 3; Pep Cl. 3; SCA 2.3; Junior Class Talent Show 2.3; Peer 3. Smith, Hunter. Smith, Jaymee Paulette. Smith, Karen Sue: Art Cl. 1. Erutan Cl. 3; Harlequin 3. Snow, Sandra Doris, Sandy: GAA I. Snow, Trudy Lynn: Environment Cl. 1; FCA Chorus 3. Snyder, Brenda Lea: GAA 1; FCA 2.3. Snyder, John Edmund, Jack: Golf 1.2,3, Most Valuable Player 2: J.V. Basketball I; Intramural Basketball 2; FCA 1; Outdoors Cl. 2,3; “A Night of One Acts " 2; Junior Class Talent Show Sperry, .Max W.: Dr. M.; V. Swimming I; V. Football 3; Motorcycle 2; Outdoors C’l. 3. Spottswood, Gloria. Spradlin, Vivian Lynn: DF.CA 1; FBI. A 2; VICA 3. Shoop. Phillip Shriner. Susan Sieling, Carol Simpkins, Tony Slosson, Rick Smith. Hunter Smith. Jaymee Smith. Karen Snow. Sandy Snow. Trudy Snyder, Brenda Snyder. Jack Sperry. Max Spottswood, Gloria Spradlin, Vivian 108 Seniors our last Prom, Sprouse, Geneva Stafford. John Stalnaker. Richard Starke. Billy Staten. James Stauffer. Cristi Stelliej. Barbara Stephens. Joseph Steppe. Johnsey Steppe. Madeline Sterling. Andy Stoddard. Tonie Sweeney. John Swingler. Mildred Swingler. Steve Sprouse, Geneva Louise: DECA 1.2.3. Stafford, John Joseph. Stalnaker, Richard Lee. Starke, Harry William, Billy: Intramural Softball 2; Intramural Basketball 3: Spanish Cl. 2: Bicy- cle Cl. 3; Concert Band 1; Symphonic Band 2,3; Stage Band 3. Staton, James Micheal, Mike: DECA 2. Stauffer, Cristi Jayne: Art Cl 1. Stelljes, Barbara Anne. Stephens. Joseph William, Joe: Chess Cl 1.2.3. Steppe, Gary Clinton. Steppe, Johnsey Suzzette: CBY 1.2,3. Steppe, Madaline. Steppe, Timothy Lee. Sterling, Andrew Jordan, Andy. Stewart, Richard Alan: National Honor Society 2,3; J.V. Football 1; V. Baseball 2: Chess Cl. 3. Stoddard. Tonie Beth, Tonie: Drill Team 3; Pep Cl. 1: Dance Cl. 3; Forensics 1.3; Cavalier 1.2. Sweeney, John, Sweeno: Intramural Basketball 2.3; Lacrosse 3; Motorcycle Cl. I; Lacrosse Cl. 2.3; Prism 3. Features Editor 3. Swingler, Mildred Elizabeth. Milly: CBY 1,2; FBLA 3. Swingler, Steven Lee, Stephen: V. Basketball 1.2.3: V. Football 2; Choir. Seniors 109 our last days Tate, Linda Price, Joe: Motorcycle Cl.; Choir 1,2.3. Terrell, Deborah Ann, Debbie: J.V. Girls Bas- ketball 1; V. Girls Basketball 2,3; Ski Cl. 1; GAA 2.3. Thacker, Michael Bruce: Motorcycle Cl. 2. Thacker, Michael Wayne, Mike. Thomas, Frances Diane, Diane: DECA; Art Cl. Thomas, Larry Edward. Thomas, Paul Stanley, Paul: Indoor Track 1,2,3; Outdoor Track 2.3; V. Baseball 1,2,3; In- tramural Basketball 3; Motorcycle Cl. 1,2; Chess Cl. 3. Thompson, Robert Bruce, Bob: Chess Cl. 1; Guitar Cl. 2,3; ' ' Godspell ' ’; “Lil’ Abner”; Jr. Class Talent Show 3. Thompson, Timothy Lorenzo, Bean Head: V. Football 2; CBY; Choir. Thorne, Priscilla Mae, Cilia: FHA; VICA; Ichtus; Choir. Thorsey, Mary Laura, Laurie: Ski Cl. 1; French Cl. 2.3; Peer 3. Thurston, Michael Stewart. Tinsley, Darlene Hope, Zippy: DECA 1; Concert Choir 1,2.3. Todd, Tomma Greer: V. Softball Hardest Worker Award 2; J.V. Girls Basketball I; V. Girls Basketball 2,3; V. Softball 1,2,3; Powder- puff Football 1,2,3; GAA 1,2,3, Reporter 2. Tomlin, Thomas Neil. Townsend, John William, Jay. Trail, Pamela Ann, Trailbones: V. Cheerleader 2; Ski Cl. I; Outdoors Cl. 2,3; “Musical Re- view” " Lil’ Abner " ; Jr. Class Talent Show 2; Night of One Acts 2; Peer 3. Tate, Linda Terrell, Debbie Thacker, Bruce Thacker, Mike Thomas, Diane Thomas, Larry Thomas. Paul Thompson, Bob Thompson. Tim Thorne. Pricilla Tinsley, Darlene Tomlin, Thomas Todd, Tomma Townsend. Jay Trail, Pam 110 Seniors of high school. Tremblay, James Edmund, Woody: J.V. Foot- ball I; Chess Cl. 1.2.3; Outdoors Cl 2.3; Rally Cl. 3; Chess Team 1,2,3; Peer 2.3. Tull, Marion Elizabeth, Elizabeth: National Honor Society 2.3; Solo-Ensemble Festival 2.3; Regional Band 3; Ski Cl. I; Band Cl. 2; SCA 1.2; Symphonic Band 1.2,3; Marching Band 1,2.3: Stage Band 3. Umsladter, Paul Edward: V Baseball 1,2,3; In- tramural Basketball 3; Spanish Cl. I; Archerv Cl. 3; Treas. 3. Vascott, Janice Alex, Bubbles: Intramural Softball 2,3; Photography Cl. 3. V. Pres. 3; En- vironment Cl. 1; Band 1.2; Harlequin 3. Vayvada, William Anthony, Bill: Spanish Cl 3. Vest, Carl Lee, J.J.: V. Football 2.3; Indoor Track 2.3; Outdoor Track 2; Choir 1,2,3. Vest, Nellie Ann: GAA I; Chorus 1,2,3. Via, Cathy Jeanette. Vidrine, Mary Cynthia: V. Softball 1: Powder- puff Football 1,2.3; GAA 1,2. Von Herbulis, Jonathan Stewart. Waddell, Charles Legh. Wade, Karen Elizabeth: National Spanish Exam 1,2; National Award-Scholarship for 6 weeks study in Cuarnauaca, Mexico 2; National Merit Semi-finalist 3; Spanish Cl. 1,2; German Cl. 2. Wagner, Katherine Rose, Rosebud: National Honor Society 2,3; Homecoming Court 3; Al- bemarle Players 1; French Cl. 2; Outing Cl. 3; “A Night of One Acts " 2; " Musical Revue " 2; International Thespian Society; Talent Show 2; Peer 3. Wagner, Rosemary Elaine: Art Cl. 1.2; Spanish Cl. 3: Harlequin 3. Walker, Kenneth Bruce, Kenny. Walker, William Bradley. Wallace, Russell Leonard. Ward. Joan: FBLA 2; DECA 1. Ward, Roger Lee. Ward, Tina Rose, Rosie. Pete: Driver ' s Range Helper 3; Spanish Cl. 1.2.3. Washington, Emanuel. Tremblay, Jim Tull, Elizabeth Umstadter. Paul Vascott, Janice Vayvada, Bill Vest, Carl Vest, Nellie Via, Cathy Von Herbulis, Stewart Wade, Karen Wagner. Kathy Wagner. Rosemary Ward. Roger Ward. Rose Washington. Emmanuel Seniors 111 Preparing for graduation: Washington, Kenneth. Washington, Leslie Chinetta: J.V. Basketball 1; V. Basketball 2; Girl ' s Softball 1; FCA 1.2; CBY 3. Waters, Rexford Anson, Rex: Regional Band 3; Soccer 1; Basketball 1,2; Track 1,2; Interact 1,2; Key Cl. 2; Erutan 3; Band 1,2,3; Marching Band 1,2,3; Dance Band 1,2,3; All County Band 2. Watson, Susan Marie: Intramural Tennis 1 Spanish Cl. 1; Bicycle Cl. 2; Erutan Cl. 2,3 Marching Band 1.2.3; Symphonic Band 1,2,3 Peer 3. Wayne, Suzanne F.: Cheerleader 1,2; Journal 1; Yearbook 2; Peer 3. Weary, Conway Christian, Connie: Homecom- ing Queen; Powderpuff 2; V. Cheerleading 3; Ski Cl. 1; Outing Cl. 2.3; S.C.A. 2,3: “Hello Dolly " 1; “Charlie Brown " 2; “A Night of One Acts” Webber, Jennifer Lynn: Ecology Cl. 1; D.E. 2; Outdoors Cl. 3. Webber, Joel Patrick, Joey: Chess Cl. 1; Guitar Cl. 2; V1CA 3. Wells, Samuel Love. Wheeler, Carol Christine, Carol: Spanish Cl. 2,3; Concert Band I; Symphonic Band 2,3; Concert Choir 2,3; Prism 3. Wheeler, Nancy Lee: Liberation Cl. 1. White, Raymond Francis, Jr. White, Wanda Mae, Candy: Regional Choir 2,3; Drill Team 1,2,3, Co-captain 3; CBY 2,3. Pres 3; GAA I; Beginning Choir 1, Concert Choir 2,3. Whitmore, Rita Kay. Wickert, Steven Scott, Steve: Bicycle Cl. I. Out- door Cl. 2,3. Washington. Kenneth Washington. Leslie Waters. Rex Watson. Susan Wayne. Suzanne Weary, Connie Webber. Jennifer Webber. Joel Wells, Sam Wheeler. Carol Wheeler. Nancy White, Candy White, Randy Whitmore, Rita Wickert, Steve 112 Seniors Caps, Gowns, Wiley, Stephanie Ann. Williams, Darlene Mary: Liberation Cl. 1; FBI. A 1. Band 3. Williams, Lawton Stockton, Moo: SCA 2.3: French Cl. 2; Outdoors Cl. 3; Prism 3. Williams, Valerie Floretta, Val: GAA 1. Wilson, Georgia Lee, Georg: German Cl. 1,2; Crafts Cl. V. Pres. 3. Wimmer, Kathy Marie: FBLA 3; Liberation Cl. Wingfield, Cheryle Lynn: Symphonic Band 1. 2.3; Concert Choir 3; Marching Band 1.2.3. Winslow, Mary Elizabeth, Mary Beth. Winston, Carla Denise: CBY 1,3; French Cl. 2. Wolfrey, Jeffrey Douglas, Tonk: Governor ' s School 2; Harvard Award 2; DAR History Award 2; National Writing Competition 2; Var- sity Baseball 1,2,3; Intramural Basketball 2.3; Chess Cl. 1,2; Latin Cl. 2,3, Pres. 3: SCA Rep. 3; Marching Band 1,2,3; Concert Band 1,2,3; All-Regional Band 2,3; Stage Band 3. Wood, Andy Michael. Wood, Carolyn, Faye: DECA 1; Drama 1. Wood, Mark Anthony. Wood, Sharon, Denise: French Contest 1; Softball 1; Soccer Manager 2; French Cl. 2,3. Wood, Thomas Earl. Woody, Evelyn, Jane: DECA 1; Liberation Cl. 2; FCA 3. Wiley, Stephanie Williams, Darlene Williams, Lawton Williams, Valerie Wilson, Georgia Wimmer, Kathy Wingfield, Cheryle Winslow, Mary Beth Winston, Carla Wolfrey, Jeff Wood, Andy Wood. Carolyn Wood, Sharon Wood. Thomas Woody, Evelyn Seniors 113 invitations and Word, Benjamin Harrison, Ben: Football 2,3; Girls ' Basketball Trainer 3; Soccer Trainer 1; Drama Cl. 1; FCA 2; Outdoors Cl. 3; SCA Rep. 2.3; Symphonic Band 1,2,3; Commencement Band 1,2; Stage Band 3; Marching Band 1,2,3; Talent Show 1 ,2; “Night of One Acts " 1; “Hello Dolly " 1; “Dracula " 1; “Charlie Brown " 2; " Musical Revue " 2; " God spell " 3; " L’il Abner " 3; Concert Choir 3. Wright, Karen Rebecca, Karen; German Cl. 2,3; Peer 3. Wright, Michael Kevin, Mike: Football 1,2.3; Indoor Track 1 ,2; Golf Team 2. Young, Cynthia Lynn, Catfish: GAA I; Mono- gram Cl. 2; Riding Cl. 3; Chorus 3. Yowell, Michael Nathaniel, Mike: Motorcycle Cl. 1. Zapata, Maria Virginia, Gini: Gymnastics 1; DECA 2; Pep Cl. 1; Riding Cl. 3. Zivic, Mary Beth. 1. Barbara Craig, C.G.B. Representative. 2. Jackie Maupin, C.G.B. Representative. Word, Ben Wright. Karen Wright, Mike Young, Cindy Yowell, Mike Zapata. Virginia Zivic. Mary Beth 114 Seniors rehearsals. 3 1. Ned Deets, President. 2. Judith Currin. Vice President. 3. Nancy Kendall, Secretary- Treasurer. 4. The Pep Club at work! Seniors 115 June 14th, ■ 4 1 . Denise Clarkson reviews her notes. 2. I don ' t like to he watched. 3. Oh Cathy, have I got a good story for you! 4. Who me, do that? 5. John Hoy th inks he has sexy legs. 1 1 16 Seniors The Class of 1975 1 . Ronnie ' s story isn ' t believable enough today. 2. Cheer up Denise! It can ' t be that bad. 3. Hey. shut up back there. I ' m trying to study. 4. Vic- tor Benshoff and his tuba. 5. Ted Haigh caught in the act. Seniors 117 says, “Good-bye Albemarle, 1 18 Seniors Hello World!” 1. Ron Langman contemplates stealing the exams! 2. Is this a new type of lab experiment? 3. One too many late nights for Debbie Terrell. 4. Gosh, Todd! 5. Dennis just has to look! Seniors 19 UNDER For the young, it’s just a beginning Open the door to a new surrounding Say hello to exams, college boards . . . Proms . . . deep dark halls, Work hard to be tops Elect presidents, class officers Adapt to the new environment. It will be a while before The move Up. CLASSMEN Juniors Selena Wallace, President Aberle, Chris Ahrend. Robin Anderson, Lorenzo Armistead, Tricia Atkinson. William Adams. Karen Aker. John Anderson. Patricia Armstrong. Peggy Avery. Michele Adcock. Joyce Allison. Kim Anderson, Tim Arnhoff, Gwen Baber. James Agee. Sharon Anderson. Edward Armentrout. Maria Arruda. Steven Baber. Karla Nancy Brown, C.G.B. Representative. Chip Taylor, C.G.B. Representative. 122 Juniors The class of ’76 Baber, Skipper Bailey, Mary Beth Bain, Katherine Bain, Lindy Barbour. David Barbour. Leroy Barnett. Linda Barnett. Ted Bates, David Bates, Wilhemina Bazarre, Helen Beasley. Lori Beck. Linda Bentley, Dan Bergin, Anne Berry. Ginny Jo Ann Crowell, Secretary-Treasurer. Berry. J.D. Berthold, Karen Bertone. Peter Bickel. Jeff Binns, Martha Birkhead. Roger Bishop. Sandra Blake. Kathy Nancy Funk, Vice-President. Juniors 123 • • • Only one more year of turmoil Boggs. Barry Bondurant . Cassic Bowycr, Mike Boykin , Gwen B redin. John Breen, Kathy Broader. Tim Brock. Geneva Brooks. Franklin Brown. Ernest Brown. Nancy Brown. Rob Brown, Steve Buchanan. Tom Busch. George Carrell Cathy Brown. Steve Bunts. Joseph Buttner, Wanda Carson. Kevin Brown. Wanda Burkhart, Carrie Cain, Michael Carson. Mark Browning. Doris Burruss, Marshall Carpenter, Peter Carter, Betty Carter. Wanda Cason. Bernard Casteen. Bobby Cavanaugh. Delando A.H.S. gives Phillip reading pains. 124 Juniors Why do I have to make decisions now? Cavanaugh. John Chapman. Kaki Charles. Steven Charlton. Jane Childress, Violet Churchman. Larry Clark. Rose Clayton. Kerry Clements. Bobby Cobbs, Phil Coffman, Anne Cohen, Scott Cole, Thomas Coleman. Robert Coles, David Coles, Robert Bobby tries to get in five more minutes of study before the lunch bell. Coles, Vincent Collier, Phillip Collins. Scott Colony, Anne Congdon. Quintin Conners, Henry Cook. Lynda Corbin. Martha Costello. Shannon Coyner. Demmie Crawford, Ellen Creary, Jay Creasy, Robin Crenshaw . Don Juniors 125 What does SAT mean anyway? “Hey. where are all the girls?” Crenshaw, Reta Crider. Keith Critzer. Dale Critzer. Mildred Critzer. Richard Critzer, Sharon Crowell. JoAnn Cirva, Regina Cutitta, Elaine Dale, Gary Dameron. Becky Deane. Cathy DeLong. Laurie Dent. Denise Dickie. Alison Dillard, Sylvia 126 Juniors Is it too early to start Senior slump now? Durrer. Carolyn Dwier, Marcy Dyer, Gloria Earle, Dabney Edmundson, Lisa Erickson. Meg Edwards, David Eubanks. Kim Ellsworth, David Eubanks, Larry Epstein. Neal Evans, Greg Evans, F Kat Evans. .Janet Eways, Kathy Fantino, Mark Farley, Arris Faulkner, Georgiana Faust, Cynthia Feggans. Debra Felker, I ommy Ferguson, Wilma Fields, Linda Figgatt. Bret Fisher, Willie Fitzgerald. David Fitzgerald, Larry Fitzgerald. Patricia Forbes. Skip Frankfort. Ellen Fox. Janice Frankfort. Linda Pam Hanneman vs Pam Hanneman Juniors 127 College Friend, Teresa Funk. Nancy Garnett. Nancy Gentry. Theresa Gleason, Chris Graves, Wanda Fritz, Donna Gardner, Richard Garrison. Janice Gibson. Bill Goodman. Kim Gray. Roger Fulcher. Cheryl Garner. David Garrison. Karen Gibson. Cullen Gordon. Algernon Gregory. Sharon Gentry, Bill Gibson. Gwendolyn Graves. Debbie Green. Walter Gentry, Gregory Gibson. William E. Graves. Mary Grimm. Britt Gentry. Mary Jane Glasgow 1 , Rose Graves. Tony Flaas, John 128 Juniors Who wants to think about that now? Hackett, Audrey Haga, Tony Hahn. Jeff Hall. Brenda Hall. Myra Hall. Roger Haney. Wanda Hanger, Robert Hannemann. Pam Hannon, Banana Hannum. Lisa Hansen. Richard Harding, Wayne Harlow. Gilbert Harman. Debbie Harris, Debbie Harris, Diane Harris, Lee Harris, Mike Harris, Sandy Harrison. Rob Harvey, David Hash II, Guy Haugh, David Hauser. Sheila Haynes. Kim Hayslett, Robert Henderson. Barry Henderson, Earl Hennessey, Les Juniors 129 Juniors — Herring, Debbie Herring, Linda Herring. Mark Hicks. Donna Hickson. Florrie Higgins, Donald Higgins. Ken Hilbert. Eugene Hodge. Kevin Hodges. Steve HoefTer. Cindy Honn. Greg Honeycutt. Lucinda Houchens. Dale Houchens. Vicky Howard. Alice Howard. Charles Howard. Donald Huckstep. David Huckstep. Diana Hudson. Desmond Huff. David Hughes, Rosetta Hughes, Terry Hunt. Monte Hunt, Robin Hunt. Terry Hunt. Waller Hurlbut. Robin Hurt, Thea Is that a Chemistry experiment, Mark? 130 Juniors Where the talent is Hurtt, Billy Ivory, Danny Jackson. Claretta Jackson, Franklin Jackson. Rhonda Janssen, H olli Jarvis. Becky Jay, Trayton Johnson. Catherine Johnson, Debra Johnson, Gilbert Johnson, James Johnson. Matthew Johnson. Ruth Johnson. Sharon Johnson. Sheila Johnson, William Jones, Brenda Jones, Jimmy Jones, Millie Jones, Ricky Jordan, Sylvester Kain, Robert Kaut. Jonathan Donna Sprouse is caught in the act. Juniors 131 Wow, my very own Prom invitation! Koch. Chuck Lacey. Virginia Lam. David Kunkler. Jeff Ladd. Debbie Lamb, Theresa Langman. Juliet LaRue, Caleb Lasley, Lee Lauffenburger. Gregg Leavy, Christopher Lee, Janelle Lee, Bonnie Lewis. Tamara Robert is wrapped up in his work!?) Lizama. Michael Lloyd. Michael MacGregor. Scott MacLeod. Jinny McAfee. Kenneth McAfee. Suzanne McDermott. Arthur Madison. Diane Madison. Yvonne Mahone. Anita M ah one. Tom Maltby. W. Mark Marshall. Jane Marshall. Thomas Martin. Vickie Maslyk. Mark 132 Juniors Filling in dots makes me dizzy. Masselli, Debbie Mathews, Linda Masselli, John Maupin, Anita i8gE=z=: -e-z-z-z-: =-=753 gg§g Smoke City Maupin, Percy Mawyer, Sandra McAllister. Patricia McNulty, Kellie Merkel. Valerie Molyneaux. Garth Maupin. Ruby Maxa. Tim McCauley. Crystal Meadows. Robert Miles, Frederick Moneymaker. Marti Maupin. Vinnie May. Nayoka McCullough. Mitch Mendicino. Chris Mills, Lorel Moneymaker. Mary Mawyer , Charles McAllister. Gregory McKeen. Cheryl Meredith, Amanda Mitchell, Michael Monroe. Carl Juniors 133 Work means a successful Prom. Moore, Jim Moore. Joetta Moore, Joyce Morris, Brenda Morris. Donald Morris, Elizabeth Morris, Elvest Morris, Gonde Morris, Jerome Ogilvie. Lina Ozeror. Nick Pape. John Parrish, Diane Patterson. Carolyn Patterson. Michael Morris, Learl Morris, Nelson Morris, Scott Morris, Sheila Mowbray. Sandy Myers, Lesley Napier, Sharon Nefos, Susan Nelson. Lindsay Nelson. Steve Norman. Cindy Norris, Lewis Payne. Roger Payne. Russell Peck. Randall Peelman, Linda Perkins, Jennifer Peterson. Ruth Cullen steps away until another day. 134 Juniors Oh boy, class rings! Pettit. Lauren Popp. Alex Pryor, Judith Raudabaugh. Cindy Riffe, Teddi Rohm. Diane Roston. Mary Phillips, Mike Porritt, Bill Pugh, Danny Reilly. Kathy Robertson. Kenny Roseberry. Kevin Ruiz. Frank Pleasants, Gary Porter, Darlene Pus hard , Lisa Rennolds. Ann Robinson. Teressa Roston, Bill Rund. Gary Pleasants, Susan Porter. Neal Ragland. Cheryl Rexrode. Laurie Poindexter. William Powell, Geraldine Rainey, Linda Rexrode. Lisa Pollard, Charlie Powell. Vicki Rainey. Tina Rhodes, Karen Juniors 135 I’ll never take Chemistry again! Rungwerth. Helen Ruscher, Rick Rush. Martin Ryalls, Tim Sainz. Norma Sandridge. Cole Schrcpfer. Peter Shafer, Danny Shifflett. Keith Shifflett. Teresa Shinaberry, Robin Scruggs. Rhonda Shalloway. David Shifflett. Michael Shifflett. Theresa Shirey. Patricia Seal. Andy Shaver. Pam Shifflett. Ricky Shiflett, Ivy Shores. Rose Seal. Timmy Sheridan. John Shifflett. Robert Shiflett. James Shot well, Jo Scdwick. Martha Shifflett. Bruce Shifflett. Ronald Shiflett. Krystal Silverman. Edward Selden. Thomas Shifflett. Dennis Shifflett. Stanley Shiflett, Sandy Simpson. Thomas T.W.; a prime example of boredom during study hall! 136 Juniors Questions, Answers . . . When will it end? Sklany, Theresa Smith. Mike E. Sprouse. William Stevens, Theresa Sullivan. Terri Slosson. Debbie Solomon. Etta Stamp. Warren Stoddard. Whit Surguy. Jeffrey Smith. Dallas Sprouse. Donna Starks. Elton Stout. Kent Taggart. Jay Smith. Deanee Sprouse. Doris Staton. Barbara Stuart. Mike Talley. Charlie Smith. Debbie Sprouse. Mary Steppe. Annette Sudduth, Wes Tanner. Craig Smith. Litsa Sprouse. Sheilah Sterling. Amy Sullivan. Joel Taylor, Cathy • • • A year of hard work Ellen knows that getting good grades is not easy. Thomas, Pam Thomas. Patricia Thomas. Patti Thomson, Debbie Thompson, Joi Thompson, Peter Thurston. Judy Thurston, Timothy Tignor. Beth Tirrcll, Robert Toms. Cindy Toms, Roger Townsend. Jill Tren ch. Eddie Turner, Camelia Turner. Tinn Varga. Chuck Varner, Becky Vermillion, David Via. Beth Von Herbulis, Kathy Wade, Bland Wade. Mike Wagner. Linda Walker. Frances Walker. James Walker. Kimberley Walker. Michael Wallace. Selena Walton. Claude Walton. Tommy Ward. Robert Warfel. Katherine Watts. Gerald Wawner. Mark Wells. Bobby l j 138 Juniors A year of good times Cindy gets a kick out of Chemistry? Wells, Michael White. Wendy Whiting. Ricky Wilburn. Jackie Wilfong. Todd Williams. Brenda Williams, Buddy Williams. Ellen Williams. Evan Williams. Laura Williamson, Temple Wingfield. Michael Wingfield. Susan Winslow. Richard Winstead. David Winston. Wayne Witcher. Bridgett Witt, Rick Wolfrey, Demmie Wood. David Wood. Linda Wood. Mark Wood. Monte Wood. Ronald Wood. Ronnie Wood. Vickie Woodson, Debra Woodson. Howard Woodward. Steve Word. Elizabeth Wright . Jonathen Wright. Patricia Yancey. Hunter Yates. Phillip Zimmerman. James Zimmerman. Mark Juniors 139 The Class of ’77 George Thompson, President Gwen Ward, Secretary-Treasurer Abidin. Dick Anderson, Johnny Anderson. Judith Andes. I.avonnc Argcnbright, Jonathan Armistead. William Armstrong. Sharon Aschenbach. Susan Austin. Terry Ayres. Tyke Bailes. Bill Bailey. Dale Bailey. Glenn Bailey. Karen Bailey. Robbie Ballard. David Ballard. Kenny Barbour. Christopher Barbour. Franklin Barksdale. Lynn Barnes. Wayne Barnett. Sue Barnocky. Carleen Barrett. Wesley Bates, Lucy Batten. Billy Baumgardner. Anita Beall. Dale Beams, Terry Bearden. Shirl Belew. Kenneth Bell. Mark Monica LaRue, C .G.B. Representative 140 Sophomores Ann Yates, Vice-President Laurie Forman. C.G.B Representative The beginning of a long journey Bellar, Suzanne Bishop. Sally Bolden. Keith Bradfield. Trixie Brittain. Robert Benjamin, Alicia Black. Robyn Bolgiano, Scott Branchaud. Cathie Brown. Anthony Benson. Thomas Blackman. Susan Boron. Mary Jane Breeden. James Brown. Jeff Bertone. Kurt Blades. Joan Bowers, Barbara Breeden. Troy Brown. Phillip E. Best. Eddie Bledsoe. Barbara Bowers. Robert Breeding, Teresa Brown. Roderick Bickel. Randall Boatwright. Lynn Bowles, Pamela Bremner. Mark Browne. Tracy Birckhead. Stuart Boggiano, C.C. Bowyer. Walter Brie. Karen Browning, Roger Birdsall, Suzanne Bolden. Karl Boykin, Gleenwood Brittain, Kirk Bryant. Donnie Sophomores 141 “Hola” Bryant, Ida Bryant. Roger Bull, Carrie Burnette, Cindy Burruss, Robert Burruss, Sue Burton. Walter Bush. Steve Byers, Karen Byrd. Larry Cage. Kevin Caldwell, Robert " She said what? " Callaway. George Carey. Charles Carr. Alice Carr. Debra Carr. Denise Carrcll. Betsy Carson. Tim Carswell. David Carter. Taryn Cason, Barbara Cason. Patrick Caster. Jana Chapman. Denny Chappell. John Charlton, Bill Chidrcss. Billy Clark. Wayne Clarkson. Deborah Clayton. Jeff Coffey. Paula Cole, Chuck Coleman. Ellen Coleman. Patricia Coles. Billy Collier. Clarence Collins. Danny Collins. Keith Combs, Steven 142 Sophomores “Bonjour” Conklin. Maureen Connors. Robert Corrigan. Kevin Couch. Robert Cramer, Linda Critzer, George Cutright. Burt Conley. Kathy Cook. Pamela Costello, Pat Coyner. Deana Crawford, Doris Cross, Lori Cutright, Carol Conn. Claudine Corbin, Marsha Cotten. Greg Craig. Mary Crickenberger. Robin Curva, Alfredo Daidone, Cathy Dameron, Ernest Davis, April Davis, Bob Davis, Cathy Davis, Cheryl Davis, Jonathan Davis, Karen Davis, Karl Davis, Leigh Dehooge. Debbie Deter. Lori Dillard, Margie Dooms. Donald Dixon. Beth Douglas. Jay Dowell, Ralph Only Robbie’s hairdresser, Vivian, knows for sure! Sophomores 143 “Guten tag” Downing. Perry Eckford. Leslie Eppard. Patty Farrell. Tom Ferguson. Christine Finger. Liz Flynn. Lucy Drexinger, B.R Economos, Demetri Esparza, Roland Farrish. James Ferneyhough. Delfeney Fink. Jane Ford. Ricky Durette, Deborah Elledge. Scott Farish. Debra Faulconer. Buzz Fields, Daniel Fleishman, Louise Forman. Laurie Dyer. Bill Enyeart. Nancy Farmer. Mike Feggans, Lloyd Fields, Jennifer Fleming. Keith Foster. Bonnie Sheer boredom for Tommy and friends? Fox. Page Frame. Tim Frazier. Daryl Frazier. Terry Fry. Luther Frye. Sandra Funk. Richard Furr. Allen Gaines. James 144 Sophomores New faces, new friends ■W ■■■i Garrison, Becky Garrison, Calvin Garrison. Charles Garrison. Jeff Garrison, Sandy Gathright. Thomas Gentry. Doug Gevry, Randy Gibson. Michael Gibson. Sherwood Godfrey. Jeffrey Goodwin, Kurt Gooisby. Earnest Gordon. Johnetta Gordon. Ronald Graham. Sarah Mike Smith and Ellen Green demonstrate their own version of Soul Train. Graves, Bobby Gruenwald. Dean Haden. Allen Hager, Sharon Hammett. Cindy Haney. Steve Harlow. Sonny Graves, Mark Haar, Fred Haga. Brian Hall, Suzanne Hammond. Raymond Hanger, Connie Harlow . Walter Gregg, David Hadden. Donna Haga, Jeff Hamm. Cynthia Haney, Debbie Hansen. Diane Harris, Connie Sophomores 145 Will I ever find my way around? Harris. Jeanette S. Harris. Paula Harrison. Carol Hathaway. Gwynne Hawley. Pete Harris. Jeannie Harris. Robert Harvey. Donna Hatcher. Cheryl Haynes, Timothy Harris. Patricia Harris. Samuel Hass. Laurel Hawley. Pearl Hearn, Craig Hearne, Theresa Hebbe. Robyn Henderson. Fellisco Henderson. Judy Henderson. Pete Henley. Steve Hensley. Donna Herndon. Thomas Herring. Janice Herring. Kim Herring. Linda Hetherington. Grant Hicks. Carol Hicks. Jesse Hill. James Hood. Jeffrey Horner. Jack Houchins, Ricky Howard. Patricia Howe, Rhonda Howell. Jesse Hoy. James Huber. Carolyn Hudson. Darnell 146 Sophomores New wing, old section, Senior Hall . . . Jones, Patricia Jones. Randall Jones. Susan Jordan Ethel Jordan, Jeffrey Jordan, Paul Joseph, Frank Keckley, John Keith, Susan Keithley, Kevin Kent, Paul Kessler. John Hudson, Richard Huffman. Eddie Hughes, Tim Hunt, Connie Hunt, Sue Hurlock, Pat Hutchinson. Robert Hutchison. Kim Ingersoll. Cheri Ivory, John Jackson, Gerald Jackson, Kim Jameson. John Jay, Woody Jenkins. David Johnson. Barbara Johnson, Barbara Lynn Johnson, Billy Johnson. Kim Johnson, Lisa Johnson, Sharon Johnson, Veronica Jones, Mary Jones. Mona Senorita Lourdes Chrislieb brings Mexican culture to Albemarle this year. Key, Charles Keyton. Sehlby King, Margie Sophomores 147 Is this really my last year of gym? Kirchmier. Charles Knight, Frances Knight. Sammy Krovetz. Peter Lang. Edward. Jr. Later. Jack Lipscomb. Randy Kirkland. Jill Knight. Jay Knight. Tammy Ladd. Mike LaRue. Monica Lecuver. Kathy Locher. Laurie Kile. Ronda Knight, Kenneth Kois. Vincent Lancaster. Debi Lanzon. Fred Lindsey. Don Lohr. Alvin Richard takes five. Lohr. Jessica Loo. Dai Kim Lowry. Debra Lumpkin. Hollis Maddox. Nelson Madison. Michael Mangum. Robin Manweiler. Dan Mark. Alyson Marks. Rosemary Marshall. Alma Marshall. Becky 148 Sophomores Trying to decide which club to join A test day for Mrs. Stringfield’s biology class. Marshall, Donald Martin, Roderick Lee Matheny, Crystal Maupin, George Mawyer, Donna Mawyer. Tim McAlpine. Jan Marshall, Harry Martin. Russ Matthews, Victoria Maupin. James Mawyer. Eddie Maynard, Greg Mays, Tim McCann, Marc Marshall, Red Martin, William Mattsson, Erik Maupin. Mary Mawyer, Curtis Mawyer, Elizabeth McCauley, Anna Martin, Christopher Mason, Cheryl Matysek, Stephen Mawyer. Ronald McAllister. Doug McCauley. Paula Sophomores 149 Sure is different from junior high! McCauley. Peter McCloskey. Pierce McDaniel. Grace McDonald. Terri Meador. Barrie Miller. David Mills, Bill McCauley, Wayne McCormack. Michey McDaniel, Sherry McFarland. James Micham. Manuel Miller, Kim Mitchell, C olette McClanahan. Kim McDaniel. Diane McDaniel. Tommy McNulty. Kim Micham. Vivian Miller. Paul Monroe. Alonzo Monroe, Marshall Montgomery. Scott Moon. Richard Moore. Carol Moore. Guy Morris. Alfred Morris. Alfreda Morris. Amy Morris, Cheryl Morris. Dillard Morris. Donna Morris. Keith Brenda waits for the bell. 50 Sophomores Where do I fit in? Morris, Mary Morris, Patricia Morris, Tim Mosby, Larry Morris. Michael Morris, Richie Morton, Marie Mrdeza, Matt Morris, Pam Morris. Ricky Morton, Nancy Mundie, Curtis Lee Nunn portrays the agony of testing. Mundie, Ricky Nelson, Laura Nowlin. Joyce Orrison, Savilla Owens, John Parker. Ginger Mundy. James Nickel), Gary Nuesch. Patrick Osborne, Beverly Pace, C.T. Pasternak. Peggy Murad, Christine Niday, Robert Nunn, Lee Osterbind, Donnie Pace. Tommy Patterson, Lorin Nees, Mary Norcross, Angela Oliva. John Osterbind, Ronnie Page, Linda Patterson. William Sophomores 151 Classroom Driver’s Ed . . . Learner’s . . . Payne. Darlene Payne. Sharlene Pearce, Billy Pearson, Frank Peck. Kevin Peregoy, Sherrie Perkins. Brenda Perkins. James Perkins. Stephanie Perry. Lester Peterson, Wesley Phillips. Gloria What are you hiding, Gary Rund? Pittman, Debbie Powell. Jimmy Pryor, Pam Pugh. Jeffrey Pugh. Ricky Rabinowitz, Mike Rea. Mason Rhodes, Lewis Plum. Patricia Prattcr. Dan Pugh. Sidney Ragland. Mark Reed. Debbie Riall. Dan Pollard. Billy Pritchcttc. Hoy Pugh, Judy Pullen. Kim Ralston. Donna Reed. Robert Rice. Jane 52 Sophomores Behind the Wheel . . . License? Ricks, Carol Robb. Mark Robinson. Gary Ross. Vanessa Rush. Perri Russell. Samantha Salisbury, Mary Riley. Sheila Roberts. Donna Rogers. Craig Royals. O.D Rush. Selma Russell. Terry Salmon. Kathy Rittenhouse. Mona Robertson. Doug Rogers. Lois Rush, Demetrius Rushia. Judith Russo. Mary Sampson. Cherie Roane. Paige Robinson, Alexander Rondeau. Mike Rush, Geneva Russell. Fred Sacre, Mantle Sampson. Lynn Susan Wawner, try to pay attention! Samuel. Greg Sandndge. Lewis Schuessler. Wesley Scot!. Brenda Seal. Theodore Sedillo, Pat Shackelford. Diane Shannon. Glenn Shea. Bill Sophomores 153 At the bottom again Sheridan. Joe Shifflett. Curtis Shifflett. Mitchell Shifflett. Wendell Sims. Harvey Smith. Cranston Smith, Timothy Shifflet . Greg Shifflett, Diane Shifflett. Rose Shisler, Barry Sipe, Patsy Smith. Diane Smith, William Shifflett. Beth Shifflett, Don Shifflett. Silver Simpson, Carroll Smith, Adelle Smith. Henry Snider. Sherry Shifflett, Bonnie Shifflett. Kenneth Shifflett, Susie Simpson. Kenneth Smith. Barbara Smith. Michael Snow. Lori Cheryl dreams of becoming a fashion model. Snow. Roxanne Sabbott. Richard Spain. Debbie Spence. Jim Spencer. Debby Sprouse, Karen Sprouse. Patricia Sprouse. Robert Sprouse. Wilson 154 Sophomores The highlight of biology — dissection Stalnaker. Betsy Starke. Ashley Stewart. Ricky Sweeney. Teresa Talley, Kathy Terhune. Nancy Thomas, Isidore Stalnaker, Robert Stephenson, Susan Strever. Laura Swift, Cynthia Tapscott, Harvey Terrell. Jim Thomas, Jay Stamp. Neal Steppe. Shirley Sullivan. Sandra Swift. Michael Tapscott, Hassie Terrell. Vicki Thomas. Richard Stanley, Susan Stevens, Pam Suther, Ajay Sylvester. Bobby Taylor, Wanda Thomas, Donna Thompson, Donna Thompson, George Thompson. Susan Thompson, Wesley Thurston, Michael Tironi. Emma Tomlin. Bennett Tomlin, Danny Tomlin, Francis Toms, Jessie Robert Tremblay, the mad scientist, is at work. Sophomores 155 Will I ever • • • C.T. and Jay, you have lovely legs! Townsend. Dale Troiani. Robert Turner. Page VanDerveer. Dawn Vess, Bessie Townsend, Karen Tucker. Tandy Umstadter, Debbie VanFossen. Jon Vess. Patty Tremblay. Robert Tumblin. Diane Umstadter. Philip Vassar. Jim Vest. Marilyn Trench. Peg Turner. Blair Valente. Tom Verts. Gay Via. Mark Oh well, what are three days of vacation anyhow? Via. Naomi Viar. Billy Villar-Gosalvez . Victoi VonHerbulis, Julie Wade. Deborah Wade. Patricia Wakefield. Barbour Walker, Leon Wallace. Connie Walton. Kathy Wangensteen. Chris Ward. Gwendolyn Ward. Julie Ward. Raymond Ward, Rebecca 156 Sophomores • • • be a senior? Warner, Scot! Watson. Mike White, Felix Washington. Patricia Wawner, Susan White, John Watson, Annette Webb. Daniel White, Sarah Watson. Dianne Wheeler. Sue Whiting, Ricky Carol makes use of the new library facilities. Whitlock. Lynne Widener. Teddy Williams, Darryl Wilson. Lisa Wood. Becky Wood. Keith Woodson. Edgar Wright. Ramond Whitten, Daniel Wilberger, Janet Williams, Joyce Wimer. Lloyd Wood. Bernice Wood. Michael Woodward. Danny Yates. Anne Wickert, Ronald Wilkins, Patricia Williams, Susan Wingfield. Richard Wood. Kathy Wood, William Woody, Carolyn Zapata. Dita Sophomores 157 v r Teachers and administrators. Offering new alternatives, provoking fresh ideas. Sharing our thoughts our fears our frustrations. Say hello to these guiding lights who challenge us to wisely steer through the rough waters of life. ACADEMICS Office coordinates ever-growing student body Take: 1 faithful guardian (preferably the Hurt variety) 3 musketeers (Goodwin. Sessoms and Anderson) 108 teachers (15 of them new) 1 Brite new attendance secretary 1 Murray steady secretary 1 Mills perfect bookkeeper The largest enrollment ever: 1,984 1 combination of " Mannix " and " The Manhunter " named Williamson After you have all the ingredients assembled, dash on a summer full of work, numerous departments to run, and plenty of anxious parents to deal with. Shake thoroughly. The results: the office — " Coordinative Agency of the School. " 1. Sessoms, John C. University of North Carolina, B.S., Univer- sity of Virginia. M.Ed. Assistant Principal 2. Murray, Zelda Office Secretary 3. Hurt, Ben F. Hampden-Sydney College, B.A.. University of Virginia. M.Ed. Principal 4. Williamson, Glenn Virginia Tech, B.S. Administrative Aide 160 Administration Vl2 C? 0 Ci 3 1. Anderson, John N. Virginia State College; Virginia Common- wealth University; University of Virginia, B.S., M.S. Assistant Principal 2. Mills, Lynn O. Bookkeeper 3. Brite, Helen M. Attendance Secretary 4. Goodwin, Donn A. Wingate Jr. College, A. A., Appalachian State University, B.S., University of Vir- ginia, M.Ed. University of Virginia. Ad- vanced Graduate Studies Certificate Assistant Principal Administration 161 Guidance provides innovative programs “I know it’s late, but I need a schedule change. I ' m flunking chemistry!” “Where is a catalogue on Bluefield College?” “But where do I go from here?” The Guidance Department has worked very hard this year innovating new, more comprehensive services for students. Career Day brought over ninety local businessmen, personnel directors, and professional people to talk to students about future careers. The annual College Night was held in November, and met with great suc- cess. Also this year, the Guidance Department initiated a program for “Problem Parents”, an experiment in improving family-school relations. These new ideas, along with the old, hectic ones of planning schedules, and working with future decisions, certainly make the Gui- dance Department “the life-line of our school”. , r Urey, S. Timothy Y Presbyterian College, B.A.; Jacksonville i State University, M.S. Guidance Counselor; Erutan Club; CGB J Representative 2. Johnson. Ethel M. Guidance Secretary 1 Bowler. Inez Virginia Sjate College; University of Vir- r ginia, A.T r Guidane J Youth { Counselor; Concerned Black gfijpp Titus, John B. University of Virginia. B.A.. M.Ed. Guidance Counselor; Lacrosse Club; C.G.B. Representative Banton. Connie D. Guidance Secretary Cale, Paul Jr. Wake Forest University, B.A.; University of Virginia., M.Ed. Guidance Counselor; Guitar Club; In- tramural Basketball Monahan. Daniel St. Francis College, B.A.; University of Vir- ginia. M.Ed. Guidance Counselor; Motorcycle Club; C.G.B. Representative Dofflemyer. Virginia R. Longwood College, B.S.; University of Vir- ginia, M.Ed. ; Guidance Director .J? N S 0 fDL bt ' yr CXJ — ) tm? " a JOL L English department expands repertoire Does Death, Philosophy, or Wo- men’s Liberation appeal? Or will it be Poetry, Russian Literature, or Faulk- ner this quarter? Moving into its third year under the phase-elective system, the English department has expanded its repertoire of courses even more. With an influx of new teachers and student-teachers, a student may find himself in a class taught by two, three, even four teachers simultaneously. To aid seniors, a new required course. Senior Composition, has been added. 1. Wilkes, Mary Randolph-Macon; University of Kentucky, B.A.; University of Virginia, M.A. English 10, 11, 12 2. Pitts, Baxter Longwood College, B.S. English 10, II, 12 3. Estes, Z. James, Jr. University of Virginia, B.S., M.A. English 11,12 4. Rooker. Ann R. Sullins College, A. A.; University of Vir- ginia, B.A. English 10, 11, 12; G.A.A. Cheerleaders 164 English 1. Franklin. Verona L. Longwood College, B.A. English 10; J.V. Cheerleaders 2. Dunn, Laura Hollins College. A.B. English 10, 11, 12; PRISM; Liberation Club; C.G.B. Representative 3. Hardy, Frederick, T., Jr. University of Richmond, B.A.. M.A. English 10, 11,12; Cross Country; Track 4. Gurren. Constance S. University of Virginia, B.S. English 10, 11, 12; Modern Dance; Peer 5. Pirkle, Marilyn Le Moyne College, B.A. English 11,12; Harlequin English 165 Electives appeal to 1 . Fantino, Marilyn J. Kmory and Henry College, B.A. English 10, 11, 12 2. Hill, David L. Grace College, B.A.; St. Francis College M.S. English 11, 12; PRISM; J.V. Basketball: Senior Class Sponsor 3. Hill, Sarah M. University of Virginia, B.S. English 10, 11, 12; Forensics; Debate; Drill Team; Senior Class Sponsor 4. Yowell, Stephen C. University of Virginia. B.S. English 10; Sophomore Class Sponsor 4 166 English students and teachers i 1 “The beauty and the success of the phase-elective system centers on one tenent: the freedom of choice for the student and the teacher. Interest is in- evitably higher as students move into areas of study that appeal to them. At the same time, the conception and content of a course offering becomes more exciting for teachers, as they are able to work in the area of their greatest competence and interest " . 1. Wheatley, Bonnie Mt. Holyoke, A.B.; University of Virginia. M.A., M.Ed. English 10, 11, 12 2. Mulliken. Noreen G. San Francisco State University; California State University at Los Angeles, B.A. English 10. 11, 12 3. Wall. Carol F. Peabody College, B.A. English 10, 11. 12 4. Holgate, W. Curtis University of Akron. B.A.; University of Virginia, M.A. English 10, 11, 12; Harlequin 5. Barnett, Virginia Wheaton College, B.A.; University of Vir- ginia, M.Ed. English 1 1. 12 English 167 Math provides frustrations and satisfactions Mathematics is the study of strange symbols, funny polygons, endless formulas, and somehow, the student ' s ability to make sense out of it all. It is percentages, perimeters, slopes, rates, sines, and sequences — the frustration of deciding how to solve a problem, and the satisfaction of find- ing the solution. The mathematics department at- tempts to stimulate interest in and add to the enjoyment of mathematics by offering courses that not only prepare students for more advanced work, but also provide practical application of the theories studied. l 1. Sulock, Dorothy R. M.I.T.; Glassboro State College; B.S., Uni- versity of Virginia, M.A.; Certificate of Ad- vanced Studies Math 10; Geometry 2. Creasy, Susan Westhampton College University of Richmond, B.S. Math 10, Algebra II 3. Birckhead, Bessie P. Mary Washington College, B.S. Algebra I 4. Broad well, Brenda R. Radford College. B.S. Algebra I, II 5 Bateman, Pamela P. University of Georgia, B.S. Math 10 168 Mathematics 1. Logan. Connie Meredith College, A.B. Algebra II; Elementary Functions; Trigonometry; S.C.A.; C.G.B.; Riding Club 2. Broaddus. Ann A. Bryn Mawr College, B.A. Geometry; Algebra II 3. Fulcher, Virginia L. Longwood College, B.S. Geometry; Algebra II 4. Stanley, Courtenay T. College of William and Mary. A.B.; Univer- sity of Virginia, M.Ed. Trigonometry; Analytic Geometry; Math Analysis; Rally Club; Peer 5. Ergler, Richard St. Vincent College. B.A. Math Analysis; Calculus; Ecology Club Mathematics 169 Biology I: Do crayfish have love-lives? Chemistry and physics involve mix- ing smelly liquids, sporting attractive goggles, and solving endless problems with a slide rule. Biology is the science of living things — ants consuming leftover lunches, snakes escaping from terraniums, fish eating smaller fish, discovering bacteria in the drinking fountain, and fruit flies looking for a feast anywhere. It is labs proving the impossible, seeds that refuse to ger- minate, discovering that earthworms have insides, and crayfish have a sex life, and that science is not so bad af- ter all. 1. Bishop, William L. University of Virginia, B.S. General Physics, Photography 2. Terry, Samuel W. University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff, B.S. Biology; Tennis Coach 3. Loetterle, Ruth College of William and Mary, B.S. Biology I 4. Brittingham, F. Michael University of Virginia, B.S.E.E. Geometry, Physics 4 170 Science 1. Fowler, Margaret P. Madison College, B.S., University of Vir- ginia, M.Ed. Biology I 2. Dugan. Thomas M. West Virginia Institute of Technology. B.S., Miami University, M.A.T. Chem Study; Chemistry II; Chess Team; Chess Club 3. Otis, Beverly B. Madison College, B.S. Biology; Ecology 4. Stringfield, Sally Wellesley College, B.A., Duke University, M. A. Biology I and II; Science Club; C.G.B. Rep- resentative; Junior Class Sponsor 5. Oldaker. Guy B. Ill University of Virginia, B.A. General Chemistry; Bicycle Club; Cross Country; Indoor and Outdoor Track Science 171 Gym class just a beginning " Ready, exercise! 1-2-3-4. 2-2-3-4 . . . Get those legs up there . . . Rest!” Sophomores finally see an end to locker rooms, partial showers, physi- cal fitness tests, and exercise . . . exercise . . . exercise. But for those who excel in sports, the gym class is only the beginning. A.H.S. offers a variety of competitive sports. Girls’ sports have been broadened considerably this year to include field and track, gymnastics, and golf. Alternated with gym days are health classes. Driver’s Education is offered during study hall periods for those who wish to take it. The combi- nation of these three phases serves as an energy-frustration outlet, after a five period day in a classroom envi- ronment. 2 1. Arbaugh, James Greenbrier Military Academy, A. A., Uni- versity of Virginia. B.S.Ed Driver’s Education; Head Varsity Football Coach; Varsity Baseball 2. Langdon. Brenda F. East Carolina University, B.S.; University of Virginia, M.Ed. Health and Physical Education; Girl’s Var- sity Basketball Coach; Girl’s Golf Coach 3. Bohannon, Dotty Longwood College, B.S. Health and Physical Education; Driver’s Education; Girl ' s Tennis Coach; Archery Club Sponsor 4. Miller, Susan A. Madison College, B.S. Physical Education; Assistant Varsity Bas- kelball Coach; Girl’s Softball Coach 172 Physical Education for those who enjoy sports 1 2 1. Moore, A.P. North Carolina Central College. B.S., M.S. Driver ' s Education 2. Gay, George East Carolina University, B.S. Driver’s Education; Football; Track 3. Null, Harry E. Hampden-Sydney College. B.S. Physical Education; Athletic Director 4. Craddock, Dennis Ferrum Junior College, A. A.; Lynchburg College, B.A.; University of Virginia. M.Ed. Physical Education; Driver ' s Education; Head Indoor and Outdoor Track Coach; Fel- lowship of Christian Athletes 5. Harrison. Ralph A. Jr. South West Missouri State. B.S.; Drury Col- lege. M.Ed. Driver ' s Education; Varsity Football 6. Hrica. Leonard J. University of Virginia. B.S.. M S. Physical Education, Varsity Soccer Physical Education 173 Classes consider total man This year, the Social Science De- partment offers a wide variety of ac- tivities, ranging from the " Youth in Government Day’’, to studies of Watergate and the impeachment pro- ceedings. Our history classes ap- proach their studies from the view- point of historians, rather than from textbooks. Courses designed by this depart- ment consider the development of cul- ture and the socialization of man. Students are able to analyze the so- cial, intellectual, and political aspects of man and his environment. 2 1. Patterson, J. Daniel Bluefield College, A. A., Madison College, B.A. U.S. History 2. Tanner, Mary A. Virginia Union University, B.A. World History; Black Studies 3. Selden, Douglas J. Norwich University, B.A., University of Virginia, M.A.T. U.S. Government; Football; Outing Club 4. Amburn. Molli L. William and Mary, B.A. Psychology; Senior Class Sponsor; Erutan Club 5. Saunders, Carolyn H. Radford College, B.A., University of Vir- ginia, M.A. U.S. History 174 Social Science 3 1. Grim, Nancy C. Longwood College, B.A.. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, M.A. U.S. History 2. Green. R.P., Jr. University of the South, B.A., University of Virginia, M.A. U.S. History; SCA 3. Wake, Willis C. Lynchburg College, B.A., University of Virginia, M.F.d. U.S. History 3. Gibbes, Daniel L., Jr. University of South Carolina, B.A. U.S. Government 4. Brown, Jamie H. University of Virginia. B.S. U.S. Government; Senior Class Sponsor; Assistant Varsity Basketball Coach 5. Paris, Harold F. Madison College, B.S.. M.A., University of Virginia. Post Graduate Government; Athletic Equipment Manager 6. Allen. Franklin W. Roanoke College. B.A. Sociology; Fellowship of Christian Athletes; Head Basketball Coach Social Science 175 New Fine Arts wing enjoyed by man 1. George, Marilyn College Misericordia, B.A.; The Ohio State University, M.A.; University of Virginia, Professional Development Crafts Art I; Crafts Club 2. Gallant, Jane Macalester College, B.S.; University of South Florida, M.A. Library 3. Lecuyer, Beverly Media Center Aide 4. Dobbs, E. Marcia Drake University, B.F.A. Drama; Albemarle Players; Thespian Troup 500; Autodramatic Activities Fine Arts wing has finally opened to eager students and faculty members. The Band made its big move from the chaos of the auditorium to its spacious new facilities. Chorus and music buffs can utilize the large chorus room or one of the smaller listening rooms. An exhibition room plus special rooms for kilns greatly enhance the new Art department. Even the drama department got a face-lift, with dres- sing rooms and storage for enthusias- tic Albemarle Players. The Media Center, opened last spring, continues to increase its effectiveness as a re- source center for the school. 3 176 Fine Arts 1. Gardner, Katherine G. University of North Carolina-Greensboro. B.F.A. Art I, II; Riding Club; C.G.B. Johnson, Waldo E. Catholic University; Rutgers University, B.F.A. Art Ii. Ill, IV; Visual Arts Club 2. Blanchard. David A. Westminster Choir College. B.M., B.M.Ed. Music Theory; Concert Choir; Mixed Chorus 3 Samspon. Elmer F. James Millikin University; Virginia Com- monwealth University. B.M.Ed. Concert Band; Symphonic Band; Music Ap- preciation; Marching Band; Stage Band; Majorette Corp 4. Goodall. Marjory University of Virginia; Averette College, B.S. Uibrary Fine Arts 177 Far-away lands become realities 1. Norton, Eugene E. Spring Hill College, B.S. German I, II. Ill; German Club 2. Biederman. l.ucia C. Dunbarton College. B.A.; Middlebury Col- lege Ecole Francaise, M.A. French II, III; French Club 3. Jones, Beverly H Washington College, B.A. French 1, II; French Club; French National Honor Society; National Honor Society; Junior Class Sponsor 4. Lederman. Mary A. Syracuse University, A.B.; University of Virginia, M.Ed. French III, IV, V; National Honor Society; French Club; French National Honor Soci- ety Would you like to enter a new world? Do you dream of far-away, romantic countries? A foreign lan- guage may be the answer to your de- sires! Every day, many A.H.S. stu- dents enter a different world for fifty minutes. One must start at the bottom with a foreign language, repeating endless dialogues, and writing sentences. More complex skills are developed la- ter, as the student becomes more familiar with the rhythms and sub- tleties of the language. Clubs, language contests, interna- tional dinners, honor societies, and Christmas assemblies are available for those who wish to pursue their in- terests further. The French and Spanish students are even planning trips to France, Canada, Spain, and Mexico during Easter vacation. Maybe that far-away country will be- come a reality for some of our stu- dents. 178 Foreign Language 1. Crover, Julie H. Immaculata College; Universidad de Valen- cia. A.B. Spanish I. II; Varsity Cheerleading; Spanish Club 2. Schilling, Judy Mary Washington College. B.A. Spanish I. II; Spanish Club 3. Rice. Joyce M. Madison College, B.A.; University of Vir- ginia; University of Messina; M.A.T. Latin I, II, IV; Latin Club; Majorettes 4. Hallahan. Judith L. University of Michigan. B.A.. M. A. Spanish III. IV. V; Spanish Club Foreign Language 179 Block programs enhance business education “How do you expect me to type without looking at the keys?” As fu- ture secretaries soon find out, there is more to business than typing. The Block program, involving a two period class block, enables the stu- dent to concentrate one hour of study in shorthand, typing, or bookkeeping. The remaining time is spent dealing with practical application of business law, economics, accounting, and other related skills. Senior business students have the option of entering the Cooperative Of- fice Education program, where they are able to apply their skills in offices of local employers. Benefits exceed personal satisfaction of a job well done, as many C.O.E. students sec- ure jobs with these employers after graduation. 1. Graves, Brenda J. Longwood College, B.S. Typing I; General Business; Drill Team; F.B.L.A. Co-Sponsor 2. Sandell. Reba H. Madison College, B.S. ; University of Vir- ginia, M.Ed. Steno II; Clerical Typing II; C.O.E. Coor- dinator; F.B.L.A. 3. Burruss. Margaret W. Mary Washington College, B.S. Typing I; Data Processing 4. Aylor, Sherry K. Radford College, B.S. General Business; Typing I; J.V. Cheer- leader Sponsor 180 Business Education . 1. Hunt, Jannette S. Kearney State Teacher’s College, B.A. Typing I 2. Hancock. Katharine Lynchburg College. A.B. Typing II; General Business 3. Anderson. Agnes J. Montreat College. B.S. Clerical Typing I; Steno I; F.B.L.A. 4. Small, Nancy G. Madison College. B.S.; Old Dominion Uni- versity. MS. Clerical Accounting I. II; F.B.L.A. Business Education 181 “Learning by doing” proves successful " Learning by doing is what’s hap- pening in Vocational Training " . The success of this program is evident, as future business leaders are able to move outside the school into the busi- ness world. Students learn skills in a specific marketable area, with work beginning immediately. There is a quantity of diversified fields of study, aided by the special interest clubs — D.E.C.A., V.I.C.A., F.F.A. and F.H.A. 2 1. Vaughn, Clementine M. Bennett College, B.S. Home Economics 111, IV; FHA 2. Muench, Mary L. University of Virginia, M.Ed. English; Job Orientation 3. Gillenwater, J.R. Emory and Henry College, B.A., West Vir- ginia University. M S. I.C.T.; V.I.C.A. 4. Westenberger, Paul University of Virginia, B.S. Math; Job Orientation; Career Education; Special Education; Junior Class 5. Baughan, Francis W. Virginia State College; St. Paul’s College, B.S. Auto-Servicing 182 Vocational Education 1 . Davis, Linda L. Averett College, A. A., Westhampton Col- lege. B.A.. University of Virginia, M.Ed. Vocational English 2. Gardner, Darrell C. Virginia Commonwealth University. B.S. Distributive Education I and II 3. Thompson. Jeanne F. Marshall University, B.A. Consumer and Homemaking Education I and II; Family Living; FHA 4. Cafeteria Staff 5. Anderson. Rodez L. Virginia State College. B.S. Career Education 6. Mawyer, Suzanne T. Virginia Commonwealth University, B.S. Distributive Education I and 11; DECA 6 Vocational Education 183 Careers begin immediately I 1. Russell, Edwin O. Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, B.S. Agricultural Science and Mechanics II; FFA 2. deKraft, Charles Gardner-Webh College; Appalachian State University, B.S. Work Study Supervisor; Outdoor Club 3. Pleasants, John H. West Virginia State, B.S. Industrial Arts I and II; Woodworking 4. Liskey, Nell Madison College, B.S. Special Education — Home Economics 5. Smith, LeRoy H. Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, B.S. Mechanical Drawing; Industrial Arts 1; Power Mechanics 184 Vocational Education Technical Center provides practical education i Where else in the same building can you find future business workers, mechanics, electricians, nurses, cooks, and beauticians? The Charlottesville- Albemarle Technical Education Center, of course! Moving into its second year, the center trains students for employment after gradua- tion from high school in a variety of different fields. Vo-tech students are able to pursue instruction in their cho- sen vocation, as well as continue their education here at the same time. 1. Brown. Jean L. Secretary-Bookkeeper 2. Logan, Clevester Virginia State College, B.S.. M.S. Assistant Principal 3. Snyder, Bernard J. Salem College. B.A.; University of Virginia, M.Ed. Guidance, Curriculum 4. Comey. Lyman R. Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. B.S.; College of William and Mary, M.Ed. Principal 5. Nowlin, Virginia H. Longwood College. B.S.; University of Vir- ginia, M.Ed. Data Processing; F.B.L.A. Technical Education Center 185 1. Park hill . Willard H. Penn State University, B.S. Commercial Food Service; V.I.C.A. 2. McIntyre, Blaine E. Plumbing, Heating and Cooling; V.I.C.A. 3. Helmandollar, Allen W. University of Notre Dame. Indiana State Welding; Machine Shop; V.I.C.A. 4. Johnson, William H. Tuskegee Institute, B.S. Brick Masonry; V.I.C.A. 5. Brown. Kenneth L. Piedmont Virginia Community College; Elec- tricity; V.I.C.A. 6. McDaniel, James E. Virginia State College, B.S. Carpentry. V.I.C.A. 7. Updike, Ruth G. Registered Nurse, University of Virginia Practical Nursing; V.I.C.A. 186 Technical Education Center a. Technical training at its best 1. Wood. Russell P. Virginia State College Auto Mechanics; V.I.C.A. 2. Hancock. Delsie T. Registered Nurse, University of Virginia Health Assistant; V.I.C.A. 3. Arnette, Dolly Poro School of Beauty Culture; National Beauty Culturist League; Virginia State Beauticians Associations Cosmetology; V.I.C.A. 4. Evans. Janice M. Blue Ridge School of Nursing; Watson School of Hair Design; University of Vir- ginia; Virginia State College Cosmetology; V.I.C.A. P.M. Advisor 5. Billhimer. Hugh N. State University of New York at Buffalo. B.S.; Coyne Electronics School, Techni- cian ' s Diploma Electronics; V.I.C.A. Coordinator; School Safety Committee Chairman 6. Teed. George A., Jr. Madison College. B.S.; Danbury State College; University of Virginia; Drafting and Design; V.I.C.A. A.M. Advisor Technical Education Center 187 Advertisements Flowers for All Occasions P. O. Box 476 Croxet, Virginia 22932 823-4793 Compliments of L.A. LACY INC. 900 Harris Street ALICE GARRISON J DANIEL PATTERSON LYNDA S PATTERSON 188 Ads THE DAILY PROGRESS Bruce’s Drug Store Charlottesville, Virginia “Rooted in History — In Step With the Future” A Cardinal-Rexall Drug Center Serving the Community’s Drug Needs Since 1909 Phone 286-3881 Scottsville, Va. PAUL’S On the Corner Has recently expanded their paperback book department. They offer the largest selection of magazines, games and paperback books in Charlottesville “The 1740 House” THE POT POURRI SHOP Gifts Of Fragrance Claire Burke, Inc. Ivy Road Charlottesville 293-6261 1000 Harris Street P.O. Box 510 Charlottesville, Virginia Telephone 296-7181 Ads 189 Hanckel — Citizens Insurance Corporation 3rd and Jefferson Streets Charlottesville, Virginia Phone 296-7191 " Over One Hundred Years of Service” S. W. BARNES INCORPORATED Crozet, Virginia Telephone 823-4391 Compliments of The New KIRBY JEWELERS 217 East Main Street Charlottesville, Virginia 22901 296-7054 Compliments of AVIS TRUCK RENTAL 190 Ads Compliments of Compliments Of Meadowbrook Hardware, Inc. 2039 Barracks Road Phone 293-8052 Charlottesville, Virginia 22903 Pet Supplies — Glidden and Dutch Boy Paints Wall Paper — Hardware Picture Framing ACME VISIBLE RECORDS, IIMC. 2007 Earhart Street Post Office Box 5447 Charlottesville, Va. 22903 VISIBLE CHARLOTTESVILLE, VIRGINIA OlDE VIR6 CAMPBELL ' S The Oasis of Alan ' s Clofhing 311 East Mam St. Downtown Phone 295-2257 FOUR SEASONS Swim Raquet Club Phone 973-4444 7:00 To 9:00 Daily BY-PASS GULF 1333 Long Street Charlottesville. Virginia Tires, Tune-ups and Accessories Steve Martin Phone 293-4601 Manager Ads 191 For Your Official Albemarle High School Class Ring Walker Manley T A MAC’S Bear Wheel Alignment Service 515 Stewart Street Phone 296-1774 Mr. Bob Sandell Box 5107 Charlottesv ille, Virginia It’s the real thing. Coke- 192 Ads MONTICELLO DAIRY Ads 193 D. CATLETT PULPWOOD CO. P.O. Box 385 Scottsville, Va. 24590 Dealer in Pulpwood Land, and Timber CROZET FOODS Meats — Groceries Dial 823-4828 Crozet, Va. 109 Elliewood Ave. Ralph Mustard Richard Wingfield BETTER LIVING SINCE 1893 CHARLOTTESVILLE LUMBER CO. Charlottesville, Va. 22902 Route 29 North 310 Avon Street Phone 973-8361 Phone 296-5111 Stromberg-Carlson Congratulates Albemarle High School Class of 1975 194 Ads Charlottesville Oil Co. Gulf Office 293-9107 Emergency Number — 295-1730 Compliments of W.A. Lynch Roofing Co., Inc. 1234 River Road Charlottesville, Virginia 22901 Compliments of J. F. Bell Funeral Home, Inc. 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Smile — Kaki When you ' re down and out, don ' t feel bad, just drop dead Larry’s favorite month is April When I think back on all the crap I’ve learned in high school ... Accept me as I am — Only then will we discover we don’t like each other — 1st per. Sociology Cynthia Thacker loves Roger Price Com- pliments — Jim Tremblay’s Farm I like not only to be loved, but also to be told I am loved — George Eliot Jimmy’s favorite country is Spain A smile costs no- thing, yet creates much. The PEER staff thanks you for your support. Compliments of MASSACHUSETTS MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY L. Peck Whitcomb, C.L.U. George W. Eudailey, Jr., C.L.U. Chris C. Cramer William B. Trevillian One Boar’s Head Lane 296-5694 Virginia Air Cargo Co. Inc. R.E. Maslyk 10824 Granada Rd. Richmond, Va. 23235 208 Ads Hall Brothers, Inc. KITCHEN CENTER 1825 Avon St., Ext. Charlottesville, Virginia 22901 Phone 295-1121 or 295-1122 Custom Cabinetry CORIAN ' Bathtub Wall Kit, Vanities Sheet Goods CORNING Cooking Appliances SS E22 S91j E N N • A.I R Kitchen Storage Aids CALORIC® Women, We Will Design Your Kitchen = FORMICA JSSm. brand AMEROCK’ A 4 AJAX Gibson Ivy Hairstylist located in Ivy Square Shopping Center 293-7777 and the new Ivy Hairstylist II 2102 Angus Road 293-6673 featuring Red Ken protein products Compliments of E.M. Martin, Inc. Ads 209 GILMORE, HAMM, AND SNYDER, INC. GRAHAM SCHOOL PICTURES, INC. Furniture for the Home and Office Charlottesville, Virginia Edgemont Duncan Streets Bristol, Tennessee 37620 Telephone (615) 764-7168 210 Ads UNIVERSITY CAFETERIA “At the Corner” A Students’ Sort of Place Free Parking While Dining Darden Jim Forrest TOWE INSURANCE SERVICE, INC. 418 East Main Phone 295-5191 Charlottesville Friendly Service Since 1934 V ) don ' t GUT 30 AHEAD, CWEC.K OUT OU FANi-TASTtC STOCK. OF Foc £ ) CLASSIC A u AMD JAZ.7L CPS — VODR- MOMEY t3A 3« N l LL THE e ' rsiCE ! 904 W. MAIN CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA PHONE 977-1653 Congratulations To The Class of 1975 Compliments of REID’S ANTIQUES (Antiques — Reproductions) Downtown Charlottesville Owner: H.K. Brooks R. E. SON, INC. OfPi ces on Hydraulic Road Charlottesvile Phone 973-4393 Keller and George Incorporated Jewelers Opticians Charlottesville, Virginia Ads 211 FRANK IX SONS, INC. At the Little Golden House on East High Street, you ' ll find extraordinary quality and selection at ordinary prices! Gifts, accessories and handcrafted furniture in colonial tradition, for graduation, wedding or any festive occasion. Bride ' s Registry ■ Gift Wrap Overnight Engraving jWfhsfottf fW jSl to 9 1 138 East High Street Weekdays 10 to 5 Bank Cards Honored Rio Road Gulf And Superette 973-3808 Intersection 29 N. Rio Rd. 212 Ads Bonded Master Locksmiths Complete Sales Service Distributor For: Schlage Ilco Major — Key Blanks Machines — “Locks Safes Opened " 295-2002 BROWN’S LOCK SAFE 210 W. Market Charlottesville, Va. MOORE REALTY Court Square, P.O. Box 604 Charlottesville, Virginia 22902 Town Country Area Code 703 Property 296-7169 296-2909 Compliments of FRUIT GROWERS COOPERATIVE CORPORATION Crozet, Virginia Phone; 823-4008 Home of — Farm — Orchard Supplies BROWN ' S DRY CLEANERS 510 Preston Ave. 1326 E. High St. Ads 213 Compliments of MI NOR- ALEXANDER MUTUAL INSURANCE AGENCY COLLEGE INN RESTAURANT Addie Alexander, Owner Thomas B. Leiteh, Associate 607 Nat ' l Bank Bldg. 293-8188 1511 University ' Avenue at the corner Compliments ot HOME BUILDING SUPPLY, INC. 1240 Harris St. Kawasaki Compliments of EAGLE AVIATION CITY LAUNDRY DRY CLEANERS 949 Grady Ave. — 601 Cherry Ave. Cycle Dynamics Rt. 29 North Charlottesville 973-6898 214 Ads Best Wishes to the Class of ' 75 remTH H. M. Gleason Co. Incorporated First and Garrett Streets Dial 295-5145 P.O. Box 299 Charlottesville, Va. “Where Service Continues Long After the Sale” GOOD-YEAR Vaughan Tire Appliance Co., Inc. 218 West Walter Street Phone 977-5291 Charlottesville. Va. 22901 ItCJl Ads 215 Flowers By Wire Almost Anywhere 296-6141 418 East Main Charlottesville, Va. Williams Harley Davidson Home of " The Great American Freedom Machine " Complete Sales and Service 11 - Phone 973-3195 Rt. 29 North at Airport Road Motorcycles ranging from the Mini X-90 c.c. to the Mighty FLH-1200 c.c. Green Mountain Service Center Keene, Virginia Groceries-Fres ' n Meat-Frozen Foods Fruits And Vegetables Ice Cream By The Cone Gulf Gas And Oil We Give S. H. Green Stamps Ruth, William, and Oscar Mahone HOY WHEELER REALTY COMPANY Virginia Real Estate Charlottesville- Virginia City — Suburban and Country Property The Virginia Real Estate Clearing House “Wheeler Building Court Square” 401 East High Street Phone 296-4171 n Jeep Piedmont Tractor Company, Inc. John Deere Farm Industrial Machinery Route 250 West Charlottesville, Va. 977-8100 216 Ads ANDERSON BROTHERP AbOOK STORE Inc.O CROZET DRUG CO., INC. Service for the Sick C. F. Stanley, President Phone 823-4211 Crozet, Virginia VIRGINIA ART INSTITUTE Three year courses in Commercial Fine Art. ; Professional Instruction, i Part time Day, Evening, Summer Courses Serving This Community Since 1876 Located at the University of Virginia ; Approved by the State Board of Education and | the Veterans Adminstration 2007 Earhart Street Charlottesville, Va. saLem m. eways inc. 1417 North Emmet Street Charlottesville, Virginia 22901 Ads 217 C LtfJf , , W dc« OtU “1 - C jKk - ft ut if. p4 j f act and an ok . CcX ■ , A,. , at 1 4 - ' zyy? L ' L Art . t JtL 4 “■ 4 . , KfeuMj Cwjaj-f Ci CC0 1 l£j 71 J fit ay awit s y 4 ' iff a y r 4 v C ° " J iz uy oc c tf aiy r Ja y ituy yc y C Compliments of CISMONT MANOR FARM Mr. Mrs. Kenneth Wheeler Keswick. 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Luck Box 157-A Esinont, Virginia 22937 Commit thy way unto the Lord; and He shall bring it to pass. Psalms 34: 4-5 SEAL S B P SERVICE STATION Crozet, Virginia Phone 823-4121 WOODBROOK VILLIAGE — Route 29 North Charlottesville, Virginia 22901 973-8344 Distributor Of Pittsburgh Paints And Fine Wall Coverings Barracks Road Shopping Center Charlottesville • Virginia Telephone 293-4552 220 Ads to tlie Graduating Class You have already been told that the world is at your feet and is yours for the effort, that the challengers are great as are the rewards. There is no doubt that is true. Let us add this. You have just conquered one major hurdle in your life — graduat- ing from school. You did it by taking one day. at a time, one week at a time, one test at a time. That’s the way life is — one step at a time. And each step builds on the one be- fore it. “Genius is the capacity to take in- finite pains. Few of us are geniuses but each of us owes it to himself to do every task to the best of his ability and in his own inimitable way. Each of us has a contribution to make to society. What yours is and will be is now in the making. VIRGINIA NATIONAL BANK tlzens BANK TRUST CO. NATIONAL BANK AND TRUST COMPANY Grassy Knoll Hatchery, Inc. BOOKER REAL ESTATE Hwy. 29 N. at Woodbrook Village Charlottesville, Virginia Phone: 973-8373 E. Lee Booker, Jr. Charles Woolheater Steve Ludeke Compliments of JEWEL BOX 319 East Main Street Downtown Charlottesville How can I get a luxury car with the rack-and-pinion steering of a sports car? The answer is Audi Berlin Porsche Audi, Inc. Route 250 East. Pantops Mountain Charlottesville, Virginia 22901 (804) 977-6060 Enjoy Ice Skating Charlottesville Ice Rink 310 Greenbrier Drive. Ph. 973-8787 COMPLIMENTS OF IVY MANAGEMENT CORPORATION and rr HATINO DIVISIONS! 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Mathews, Jr. Maupin’s Service New Dominion Bookshop The Nook Mr. Mrs. David L. Solomon Paul Victorius Mrs. Doshia R. White 224 Ads Another glance into A.H.S. 1. Mr. Yowell takes an avid interest in his stu- dents in and out of the classroom. 2. Jan and Jack look through the confines of a book for life’s many secrets. 3. Quintin and Nancy relive the days of the fifties. 4. A diligent student makes slow progress through a lengthy assign- ment. 3 225 A final bell shouts out the end of yet another day as swarms of students rush to waiting vehicles. Little knots saying goodbye until tomorrow. The parking lot empties in a flurry of gravel and excited conversation. The rhythms change as shouts are heard from the athletic field, A play rehersal, cheerleaders going through routines. Some leave until another day. But most stay on long past the orange sunset Establishing records, awards And glittering trophies in a crowded front-hall case. Goodbye school, basketballs, soccer teams Classmates, talent shows, varsity letters Havoc, exams, a final grade. Hello world, I am ready to dodge an obstacle Achieve a goal Conquer my fears Meet a challenge. If today is here already. Where did yesterday go? In search for tommorrow Nancy Heilman Cwt . . .J-fttoMzd. JLUJ ' Pb M . CPn d v ' YVO jLldl tS oML dx Z sj) c, -jihl Uloupp JJJ r W i uM phk mjl. end C V Z Oh- paduio at Phx Pbjimxa - -iin IjSdi hdja J UOk - Gct4 ' mui U Uvl JoMjl -Jam , - t ' hJ AyV c - rnatA. £A6t£ caa lj . daMsuwtxx that ‘Anfi - iOiifc jW£ kkod- {bjhhdt aOA) Liyyicrft ' c o XXwO T iete 2a L j fjO (Me 4M. craXis i- " tohite 1 ' Qir.i Xof X kirn eoe£ nw. C Ca noto n 4 a W ' mpirf) of 4k. pe, ' XGU and 4 Imp acrwa -fc iase d b5, °d ocuolog f TscLloga hau teLlu Wi -fo , . J T " 7 10 1 6c 7 of IolcoK ueajHHnp bxb- acu. 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Suggestions in the Albemarle High School - Peer Yearbook (Charlottesville, VA) collection:

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1975, pg 163

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