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-ft Lt 1501 • C.H12 A 03 m i Table of Contents Dedication 12 Faculty- 14 Activities 44 Organizations 58 Sports 82 U nderclassmen 110 Seniors 150 Advertisements 190 " y PROPERTY OF OF VIRGINIA 2 As I ponder years here spent and watch the flurry of images cascading through my mind, I listen also to the rumblings of my soul: I hear the insistent cacophony of the words “if I could ' and am deafened by their discordant tunes. But now 1 shall have the chance to mold their dissonance into euphony, into a symphony of myself and of my dreams. i 3 7 H JUh j6 S J cUtk ' t ujdLH %a6 Q asvo a y C, Juc i 7 vv (jfjn++ KVlJ W r “ " r ' ” ' •M " mpiJ ttu thQcl -1 ' w " 5 £ - - u rut. C AJL 4 ». 3 -®- 6v jp C+u L f- it Ct — £ t S) thJJUL (hA!)1 t U+UAJ b ' rf The sun will soon set on this day but I fear not the night For another sunrise awaits me, A new horizon rises above the old, and wilted stalks display nascent buds Promising new blooms, fresh flowers and another day. Therefore, as I leave Academia’s reign and enter a new world, a new day, I need to pause for a moment to catch my breath, to take new bearings. I must face up to myself and evaluate my life and my doings. 5 6 I attempt to transform the torrent of names, novels, nouns, numbers, - Learning - into a unified whole: essaying to forge an enduring creation out of ephemeral components. But it is a difficult, tedious task and often are the failures. 7 In pursuit of the all-mighty grade, assignments and homework seek me out and haunt my being like alphabetical specters. Seeking to please those under whose domain I toil, I feign my interest with a pasted-on smile yet real earnestly occasionally breaks through. Strugging to fit together a world that seems to be missing some pieces. My mind is whirling as it wrestles with people, places, questions, and ideals. 8 Gentle reflections of teacher c and j ds and happy hours passed; Chafing memories of unknowns, boring classes and forgotten work; And amidst it all, daydreams of sunny fields and faraway shores. Yet my education is not consummated solely in the classroom or at my desk; But also on the field, in the halls, and outside these doors. 9 I am deluged with questions, both from within and from without. But responses come slowly and answers but rarely. And though 1 struggle to create a liveable code from my beliefs and ideals. Must 1 forever seek philosophic intangibles with which to sooth my soul? 10 Dedicated to Mrs. Mary A. Lederman Using avid knowledge to combine the culture of a foreign nation with that of our American one . . . Unselfishly concerning herself with student interests, involving herself in various community activities . . . Always willing to contribute her services to one who needs a helping hand . . . It is with sincere appreciation and gratitude that the Peer is dedicated to Mrs. Mary A. Lederman by the 1974 Senior Class. 12 13 . . . I would level with my students and have them put their confidence in me. . . . I would sing my lectures to my classes. . . . only tell the students that teachers are humans too and need to dream a little on the job. . . . just get these kids to understand so I can get on with the rest of the lesson. If I Could . . . John C. Sessoms B.S., University of North Carolina; M.Ed., University of Virginia Assistant Principal Zelda Murray, Office Secretary The Administration — Nerve Center of the School James N. McCauley, Administrative Aide John N. Anderson B.S.,M.S., Virginia State College; Virginia Commonwealth University; University of Virginia Assistant Principal Mr. Hurt . . . our friend, Mr. Goodwin . . . the seniors’ own, Mr. Sessoms . . . the juniors’ domain, Mr. Anderson . . . the sophomores’ guar- dian, Mr. McCauley . . . our friend, the watchdog of the halls. And below, yet beyond them, reign the secretaries — Mrs. Murray and Mrs. Bryant — sometimes suspected of actu- ally running the school. One hears in this office of ours many familiar sayings such as: “Mr. Hurt, my child would never “Late again. What’s the excuse?” “You don’t look sick. Are you?” “O.K., three days of vacation with- out any make-up work for that.” “I have a student here who claims to have an appointment with his doc- tor but he doesn’t have an excuse.” In spite of all that has been said, the office is the spoke of school life. ft Ben F. Hurt B.A., Hampden-Sydney College; M.Ed., University of Virginia Principal Donn A. Goodwin A. A., Wingate Jr. College; B.S., Appalachian State University; M.Ed., University of Virginia; Adv. Grad., University of Virginia Assistant Principal Ruth E. Bryant, Attendance Secretary. 17 As graduation draws nearer, many seniors can be found in the guidance office and the staff has to cope with such questions as these . . . “But Mrs. Dofflemeyer, it’s got to he in by next week. Can’t you have it ready tomorrow?” “After high school, what am I going to do?” The underclassmen have their ques- tions too and one can hear them quiz- zing the counselors . . . “Should I take my College Boards now or next year?” “Summer school? You’re kidding!” At the receiving end, the counselors provide satisfying answers to these inquiries. Inez Bowler A.B., Virginia State College; University of Virginia Guidance Counselor Virginia R. Dofflemeyer B.S., Longwood College; M.Ed., University of Virginia Guidance Director Our “HELP!” Department John B. Titus B.A., M.Ed., University of Virginia Guidance Counselor; Bicycle Club; Lacrosse Club; C.G.B. Representative 18 Paul Cale, Jr. B.A., Wake Forest University; M.Ed., University of Virginia Guidance Counselor; Guitar Club; Intramural Club Daniel Monahan B.A., St. Francis College; M.Ed., University of Virginia Guidance Counselor; Motorcycle Mattie Lee G. Forties B.S., North Carolina State University . M.Ed., University ' of Virginia Guidance Counselor 19 Into the Second Year of Operation, the Elective The phase-elective program, intro- duced last year, has grown and estab- lished itself as part of the academic structure. Despite some problems, which were of course inevitable, we have adjusted to the departure from tradition. For the most part, the change has been good. It has both student and faculty support and hope- fully will continue to be responsive to criticism. W. Curtis Holgate B.A., University of Akron; M.A., University of Virginia English 11,12 Jim Watts A.B., King College; M.A.T., University of Virginia English 10,11,12 Marilyn Pirkle B.A., Le Moyne College English 10,1 1,12; Harlequin; Junior Class Sponsor Beverly Ann Yates A.B., Central Michigan University; M.Ed., University of Virginia English 10,11,12 20 Program is Swinging More . . . Marion M. Thomas B.A., Livingston College English 10,11,12; Concerned Black Youth of A.H.S, Virginia Barnett B A., Wheaton College; M.Ed., University of Virginia English 11,12; Peer Joyce P. Johnson B.A., Dickinson College; M.A. Emory University English 10,11,12; Critique Club; Senior Class Sponsor 21 Marilyn J. Fantino B.A., Emory and Henry College English 10,11,12; Senior Class Sponsor Fredrick T. Hardy, Jr. B.A., M.A., University of Richmond English 10,11,12; Cross Country; Track Sarah E. Maddox B.S., University of Virginia English 10,11,12; Debate and Forensics David L. Hill B.A., Grace College; M.S., St. Francis College English 10,11,12; Senior Class Sponsor; J.V. Basketball; Critique Club; Prism 22 . . . Toward Acceptance by All of Us Judith L. Hallahan B.A., M.A., University of Michigan English 11,12 . Victoria T. de Vries A.B., Douglas College; M.A.T., University of Virginia English 10,11,12; Harlequin-, Ichthus Club; C.G.B. Representative “It’s more work and more exciting for a teacher. It forces a teacher to do research in areas that he is not familiar with. It’s an educational experience for the teacher as well as the student.” “One disadvantage is when one finds a course he likes because of the mater- ial used but can’t take it since it is not offered in his tract or period.” Mary E. Wilkes B.A., University of Kentucky; M.A., University of Virginia English 10,11,12 Noreen G. Mulliken B.A., San Francisco State University and California State University at Los Angeles English 10 23 Are You Physically Fit? Harry E. Null B.S., Hampden-Sydney College Physical Education; Athletic Director James Arbaugh A. A., Greenbrier Military Academy; B.S.Ed., University of Virginia Driver’s Education; Varsity Football; Varsity Baseball Brenda F. Langdon B.S., East Carolina University; M.Ed., University of Virginia Physical Education; Driver’s Education; J.V. Basketball Dennis C. Craddock A. A., Ferrum Jr. College; M.Ed. University of Virginia Physical Education; Driver’s Education; Indoor and Outdoor Track; F.C.A. Leonard J. Hrica B.S., M.S., University of Virginia Physical Education; Soccer; Intramural Soccer, Intramural Basketball; Psychology Club 24 A. P. Moore B. S., M.S., North Carolina Central College Driver’s Education Ralph A. Harrison, Jr. B.S., South West Missouri State; M Ed., Drury College Driver’s Education; Varsity Football Jumping jacks, sit-ups, physical fit- ness tests and many other routine tor- tures are a small but vital part of our physical education program. The competent staff of coaches and teachers is concerned with helping the students to realize their potential, both mentally and physically. In addi- tion to physical exercise, classroom courses in health and driver education are mandatory. These courses are de- signed to mold the students into fu- ture responsible citizens. Susan A. Miller B.S, Madison College Physical Education; G.A.A.; Varsity Tennis Mary Anna S. Kaplan B.A., Bridgewater College; M Ed., University of Virginia Physical Education; Varsity Basketball and Softball; G.A.A. 25 Mathematics — The Precise and Logical Way To Pamela P. Bateman B.S., University of Georgia Elementary Functions; Trigonometry; Algebra I; S.C.A.; Liberation Club Ever since Newton was hit by that fateful apple, mathematics has played a major role in the world. Mathematics helps us in solving complex problems from the outer limits of space to the inner limits of a triangle. What’s more, it is mathematics upon which an in- creasing number of careers are based. Aside from its practical application, mathematics demands logic and precision and is a vital tool for abstract reasoning. Do not despair then if geometric principles or algeb- raic formulas frustrate unmercifully. They are mind stretching and w While. Virginia L. Fulcher B.S., Longwood College Geometry; Algebra II - Trigonometry Richard H. Ergler B.A., St. Vincent College Math Analysis; Calculus S6 Courtenay T. Stanley A.B., College of William and Mary; M.Ed., University o Virginia Trigonometry; Analytic Geometry; Math Analysis; Peer Martha L. Bennett B.A., Sweet Briar College; M.Ed., University of •Lj Virginia ,.i - Math 10; Geometry; Photography Club. i ngoiiumeiry; naiyuc oeumcuy; mam nnaiy»i»; i ee v jhld ? Uo)t A ' U nder standing Connie Logan A.B., Meredith College Algebra II; Math 10, J.V. Cheerleading Dorothy Sulock B.S., Glasboro State; M.A. and Certificate of Adv. Grad. Studies University of Virginia Math 10; Geometry; Sophomore Class Sponsor Brenda R. Broadwell B.S., Radford College Algebra I, II Bessie P. Brickhead B.S., Mary Washington College Math 9; Algebra I Ann A. Broaddus B.A., Bryn Mawr College Algebra II; Geometry; C.G.B. Representative 27 The Watergate hearings and the current issues discussed in the guber- natorial race have touched the lives of all of us. The courses offered through the Social Science department give the students a chance to look critically at these and other problems in our world. They may analyze these events in terms of historic importance, their legality and the political pressures which influenced them. The courses examine the content in terms of how the events affect people, the influence of blacks in America or how the world reacts to the events in our country. Social Science Classes Dissect Nancy C. Grim B.A., Longwood College; M.A., University of North Carolina U.S. History Willis C. Wake B.A., Lynchburg College; M.Ed., University of Virginia U.S. History; U.S. Government J. Daniel Patterson A. A., Bluefield College; B.A. Madison Collegi U.S. History; Senior Class Sponsor Franklin W. Allen B.A., Roanoke College Sociology; V. Basketball; Junior Class Sponsor; Fellowship of Christian Athletes Daniel L. Gibbes, Jr. B.A., University of South Carolina U.S. Government Vital Issues Mary A. Tanner B.A., Virginia Union University World History; Black Studies; Concerned Black Youth of A.H.S. Douglas J. Selden B.A., Norwich University; M.A.T., University of Virginia U.S. Government; Outing Club; J.V. Football Catherine Q. Hitchcock B.A., College of William and Mary; M.A., University of Arizona U.S. History Harold F. Paris B.S., M.A., Madison College Government; Social Problems; Athletic Equipment Manager Jamie H. Brown B.S., University of Virginia Government; Ass.’t Varsity Basketball Coach; Senior Class Sponsor Carolyn H. Saunders B.A., Radford College; M.A., University of Virginia U.S. History 29 Science Richard D. Monfort B.S., State University of New York; M.Ed., University of Virginia Biology I, II, Science Club Cracked test-tubes, shattered coverslips, wandering fruitflies, appal- ling odors, and unexpected explosions are just a few of the occurrences that help keep us on our toes in the chal- lenging programs our Science de- partment offers. However we soon learn that these bumps along the road must be traveled over if we are to give some order to the intricate formulas, the lengthy lab reports, and the mul- titude of minute facts that partially compose the often chaotic world of science encountered for at least fifty minutes each day. Hopefully the per- severance will pay off and it will lead to a broader understanding of the hows and whys of science and even life itself. Thomas M. Dugan B.S., West Virginia Institute of Technology; M.A.T., Miami University Chem Study; Chemistry II; Chess Team; Chess Club S. Timothy Grey B.A., Presbyterian College; M.S., Jacksonville State University Psychology; F.N.A. Guy B. Oldaker, III B.A., University of Virginia Chemistry I; Cross Country; Indoor and Outdoor Track; Bicycle Club 30 The Pathway To Progress Samuel W. Terry, Jr. B.S., Arkansas A.M. and N. College Biology I; Varsity Tennis Sally S. Stringfield B.A., Wellesley College; M.A., Duke University Biology I William L. Bishop, Jr. B.S., University of Virginia General Physics; PSSC Physics; Photography Club Beverly B. Otis B.S., Madison College Biology I; Ecology Margaret P. Fowler B.S., Madison College; M.Ed., University of Virginia Biology I 31 Experience A New World If you want something different, take a foreign language. You don’t just learn a language but a whole new cul- ture. For beginners, there are the head- phones for listening to dialogues and programs. You may feel like a Martian when wearing these but they accomp- lish their purpose. New language books were this year’s good news. The teachers, of course, may have been more excited than the students. Years of teaching from obsolete materials is oppressive even for the most good-humored teachers. Mary A. Lederman A.B., Syracuse University; M.Ed., University of Virginia French III, IV, V; National Honor Society; French Club Eugene E. Norton B.S., Spring Hill College German I, II, III; German Club; Senior Class Sponsor Joyce M. Rice B.A., Madison College; M.A.T., University of Virginia; University of Messina Latin I, II, IV; Latin Club; Majorettes Valerie D. Lane B.A., Mary Washington College Spanish II, III, IV; Spanish Club 32 Julie H. Crover A.B., Immaculata College; Universidad de Valencia Spanish I, II; V. Cheerleading; Spanish Club Evelyn Brubaker B.A., Berea College; M.A.T., Antioch- Putney Graduate School Spanish II; Spanish Club Joelle M. Hobson A. B., Chestnut Hill College; Certificat de la Sorbonne, Paris M.A.T., University of Virginia French I, II, III; Drill Team; French Club Beverly H. Jones B.A., Washington College French 1,11,111; French Club; National Honor Soci- ety; Senior Class Sponsor; C.G.B. Representative J 33 The Fine Arts ' Connection With Construction Jane Gallant B.S., Macalester College; M.A., University of South Florida Library David A. Blanchard B.M.E., Westminster Choir College Chorus I, II; Music Theory; Junior Class Sponsor Waldo E. Johnson B.F.A., Catholic University; Rutgers University Art 2, 3, 4; Visual Arts Club Beverly Lecuyer, Library Aide 34 Marjory Goodall B.S., University of Virginia; Averette College Library 1 The renovation program, started last year and continuing throughout this school term, has been geared mostly to the Fine Arts department. Larger and better equipped rooms have been given to the ar t, drama and music classes and the library. A new addition is being finished to house these departments next to the auditorium. The new art rooms will be behind the auditorium so that items may be rolled onto the stage. There will be dressing and storage rooms for the actors. And for the band, rooms for classes and for practicing will be available. The Media Center, formerly the li- brary, has been completed on the old library site. It contains research rooms and a large area for reading on the lower level. On the upper level, there are conference rooms, workrooms, and the audio visual room. E. Marcia Dobbs B.F.A., Drake University Drama; Albemarle Players; Thespian Troupe 500; Auto- dramatic Activities Katherine C. Gardner B.F.A., University of North Carolina; Tufts University; Boston Museum of Fine Arts; University of London Art 1, 2; Art Club Kenneth E. Moulton B.M., Boston University; M.M.E., East Carolina University M.M.E., East Carolina University Band 1, 2; Music Appreciation; Band Club 35 Business Education strives to meet the needs of business, the worker, and society by integrated programs within a block of time. The block program in- creases student understanding of basic office concepts and fundamental prin- ciples applicable to various business fields. Co-operative office education is available for those students who wish to participate on the job. This program co-ordinates classroom study and on the job training. The office instruction is an extension of the classroom in- struction. Reba H. Sandell B.S., Madison College; M.Ed., University of Virginia Clerical Typing II; Steno Block II; F.B.L.A. New Block Programs Nancy G. Small B.S., Madison College; M.S., Old Dominion University General Business; Clerical Accounting; F.B.L.A. Simulate Office Conditions Sherry Aylor B.S., Radford College Typing 1; General Business; J.V. Cheer- leaders Katharine Hancock B.A., Lynchburg College Typing 2; General Business Brenda J. Graves B.S., Longwood College Typing 1; General Business; Drum Majorettes Agnes J. Anderson B.S., Montreat College Clerical Typing I; Steno Block I; F.B.L.A. 37 r t»! Learning by Doing is Vocational Training There exist several educational programs here designed to give the student mastery in a specific market- able skill. With this, he can begin his career immediately upon graduation, or temporarily enter the job market until he can earn money for further education. The goal for Albemarle is for each student to be prepared for high er edu- cation or for immediate skilled job opportunities. The available fields are home economics, agriculture, and office oc- cupations. The DECA, VICA, and ICT organizations further advance this goal. Jeanne F. Thompson B.A. Marshall University Consumer and Homemaking Education I, II, V; F.H.A. Joseph R. Gillenwater B.A., Emory and Henry College; M.S. West Virginia University I.C.T. I, II; V.I.C.A. Darrell C. Gardner B.S., Virginia Commonwealth University Distributive Education 2,3; D.E.C.A. Clarence M. Anderson B.S., University of Delaware; M.Ed., University of Virginia Vocational Coordinator John H. Pleasants B.S., West Virginia State Industrial Arts I, II; Woodworking 38 Edwin O. Russell B.S., Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Agriculture 2,4; Natural Resources Management; F.F.A. Le Roy H. Smith B.S., Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Mechanical Drawing; Industrial Arts I; Power Mechanics Delsie T. Hancock Registered Nurse; University of Virginia Health Assistant; V.I.C.A. Suzanne Mawyer B.S., Virginia Commonwealth University Distributive Education I, II; DECA James Lacey B.S. University of Virginia Basic 3; Track Coach Linda Lee Davis A. A., Averett College; B.A., West Hampton College; M.Ed., University of Virginia Vocational English 40 Charles de Kraft B.S., Appalachian State University; Gardner Webb College Vocational Math; Job Orientation; Vocational Guidance; Outdoor Club New Programs Prepare Students for the Future . . . The Charlottesville-Albemarle Technical Education Center is a new addition to the total educational prog- ram for the County of Albemarle and the City of Charlottesville. The primary objective of the center is to increase the potential of indi- viduals through specialized training in salable skills, thus enhancing their opportunity for employment in the competitive labor market. Programs are designed for employ- ment after graduation from high school or for further education in in- stitutions of higher learning. Clevester Logan B.S., M.S., Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Assistant Principal Bernard J. Snyder B.A., Salem College; M.Ed., University of Virginia Guidance, Curriculum Jean L. Brown, Secretary-Bookkeeper Lyman R. Comey B.S., Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University; M.Ed., College of William and Mary Principal •11 Virginia H. Nowlin B.S., Longwood College; M.Ed., University of Virginia Data Processing; F.B.L.A. Russell P. Wood Virginia State College Auto Mechanics; V.I.C.A. George A. Teed Jr. B.S., Madison College; Danbury State College; University of Virginia Drafting and Design; V.I.C.A. Blaine E. McIntyre Plumbing, Heating and Cooling; V.I.C.A. Janice M. Evans Blue Ridge School of Nursing; Watson School of Hair Design; U. ofVa. School of Ed.; Va. State College Cosmetology, V.I.C.A. James E. McDaniel B.S., Virginia State College Carpentry; V.I.C.A. 42 . . . With a Marketable Skill Nina Louise Estep B.S., Eastern Mennonite College Commercial Food Service; V.I.C.A. Hugh N. Billhimer B.S., State University of New York at Buffalo; Technician’s Diploma, Coyne Electronics School Electronics; V.I.C.A. P.M. Section Advisor; School Safety Committee Chairman Allen W. Helmandollar U. of Notre Dame, Indiana State Welding; Machine Shop Ruth G. Updike Registered Nurse, University of Virginia Practical Nursing; V.I.C.A., Nursing Dept. Kenneth Lee Brown Piedmont Va. Community College Electricity; V.I.C.A. Sponsor William H. Johnson B.S., Tuskegee Institute Brick Masonry; V.I.C.A. 43 r If I Could . . . . . I’d really boot Lane away for good. . . . only have been to see Schultz’s Peanuts characters played by student actors. . . . just have a replay of the exciting Powderpuff games. ■ . ' -3 I 1 ‘I got that feeling!’ J.V. Cheerleaders give their team support. Victory! Victory! Victory! Homecoming Weekend: A “ Fantabulous ” Pep Rally . . . Varsity Cheerleaders proudly get their corsages pinned. 46 • • • A Parade featuring floats requiring time and TLC Rhoda Morton and Jackie Terrell — Senior Members of Girl’s Second Place: The French Club Varsity Basketball Team. First Place: The Spanish Club Third Place: Concerned Black outh Club Honorable Mention: Eurtan Club. . . . The Court — Composed of Girls Chosen for Susan Hunt — Maid of Honor Bonnie Outright — Senior Representative Melissa Lecher — Senior Representative 48 Liana Solorzano — Homecoming Queen Beauty as well as Personality . . . Sherry Conway — Junior Representative Pat Lee — Junior Representative 49 . . . Enhanced by a Dance Through “ The Enchanted Forest “Party-time! Queen Liana Solorzano and her escort, Mark Patterson. Ned and Alex enjoy the scenery, the music, and the company. What do you mean you don’t know how to dance? And the crowd dances on. What The Lane Game Means To Me . . . Spirit is what it’s called . . . the best City Slicker Day ever . . . Red and Blue Day with the best Pep-Rally of the season . . . Then there was the game itself . . . “N, N-O, N- O-T-H-I-N-G, that’s what Lane High means to me, nothing, absolutely no- thing.” Albemarle - 7 Lane - 0 Debbie Deane, Mr. Grey, and Kathy Thalmann John Nelms Beth Stephenson Chip Berry Tri-Captains: Mike Lewis, Bobby Albert, and Gre t Barbour. I i 51 Powderpuff: Juniors Emerge As Victors! Sweatshirt clad girls braved and survived chilly practices so they might stomp their opponents when the moment came. When it did fi- nally arrive, the juniors proved vic- torious by beating both classes. Now the rain drenched field and mud en- crusted legs and feet are history. The upcoming senior girls are the team to beat. The Juniors gather. 52 Senior Pat Washington runs for a TD. The Senior huddle. Paula Bull carries the ball. “ You ' re A Good Man Charlie Brown ' ’ “You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown,” directed by E. Marcia Dobbs, was a new challenge for the Al- bemarle Players. Without the use of traditional sets or plot, the musical re- lied solely upon the cast of six. The show was a nostalgic experience. Schulz’s subtle humor held the audi- ence captive through the final number, “Happiness.” The choreog- raphy by John Owen and special- effects photography by Tom Mathews brought “C.B.” together, creating a thoroughly delightful production. The play was also presented at a special The World War I Flying Ace — Snoopy. showing at Henley. Big-mouthed Lucy threatens poor Linus. OH GOSH! Who stole the flag? Look, I can run this show, Meathead! Now see here Charlie Brown . . . National Merit Finalists , first row: Cooperative Governing Board, first row: Mr. Monahan, Mark Patterson, Scott Cohen, Ned Deets, Alan Susan Russell, Yvonne Waller. Second Hodge, Mr. Anderson. Second row : Mrs. DeVries, Thea Hurt, Demmie Coyner, Bes Fisher, Jackie row: Cary Branch, David Merkle. Maupin, Ms. Bateman. Third row: Mrs. Thomas, Mrs. Broddus, Mr. Estes, Mrs. Logan, Mr. Van Fossen, Miss Brubaker, Mr. Goodwin. Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomor- row Award: Mary Ann Thompson. Local Soroptimist Club Award: Melody Nightingale. Girls’ State Representatives: Nancy Rutland, Emily Graebner. Boys’ State Representatives: Craig Van de Castle, Cary Branch. 54 A.H.S Ljb; 4 T ’ Regional Band, first row: Doug Webber, Quinton Congdon, John Peterson, Eugene Hilbert. Second row: Chris Samuel, Jeff Wol- frey, Joe Bunts, Alice Averette, Karen Jameson. Third row: Authur Busby, Ray Conway, Glen Adams, Tim Adams. Not pictured: Susan Smith, Bill Huber. State Forensics Contestants: Mark Patterson, Craig Van de Castle. Governor s School Representatives : Susan Russell, Emily Graebner, Sung Wha Hong. D.E.C.A. District Leadership Conference, first row: Mary Beth Zivic, Judy O’Mary, Barry Boggs, Theresa Stephens. Second row: Cindy Hughes, Joan Roach, Claude Walton, Danny Roach, Tracy Blankenship, Linda Willis, Carolyn Wood. District Festival Chorus, seated: Candy White Reclining 1 - S.mmel Standing: Melissa Locher, Helen Shortell. Paul I .am ; • Kenneth Coles, Bruce Robinson. Not pictured: Jin. 1m ha., I- Hall. 55 Honor Graduates: 1974 t .... ' ■ u • ' YypiBpKL A l f 1 A,- 1 | UJ Third: Susan Russell Valedictorian (tie): Emily Graebner Valedictorian (tie): Sung Wha Hong Sixth (tie): Pam Sprouse Sixth (tie): Steve Rungwerth Eighth (tie): David Merkel 56 Left to right: Twelfth, Jane Grinnell; Fifteenth, Ruth Judge; Twentieth, Klaus Ziock; Eleventh, Dennis Peck; Sixteenth, Beth Stephenson; Thirteenth (tie), Gary Pasternak, Larry Hartman; Seventeenth, Ann San- ford; Eighteenth (tie), Nancy Rutland, Craig Van de Castle. Tenth: Pattie Hamner 57 If I Could . . . get my instrument to make music quickly but all this thing does is make squeaky noises. . . . run home and get my gloves, then my hands won’t be so cold while I’m hiking. . . . only get the judges to think highly of my float. SCA SCA is a very prosperous school ac- tivity composed of homeroom rep- resentatives, class officers, and a newly formed CGB. Seeking to im- prove the student voice in the school and trying to dissolve some of the apathy that had grown within SCA it- self, the CGB worked to grant seniors new privileges and to give students the opportunity to hold dances after football games. It is hoped that stu- dent participation will be greater in SCA activities next year. The follow- ing officers: M. Patterson, President; B. Fisher, Sec.-Treas.; C.G. Maupin, V. President; B. Huber, Reporter; and their sponsor, Ms. Bateman deserve special recognition for their wholehearted efforts put into the func- tioning of SCA. S.C.A., juniors, first row: M. Stuart, V. Foster, S. Buchanan, D. Jones, White. Fourth row: R. Adams, T. Crenshaw, A. Hodge, D. Corrigan, D. Brown. Second row: B. Lasley, B. Word, C. Weary, J. Quasebarth, K. Seabrook. Fifth row: J. Graham, B. Chisholm. C. Hurt. Third row: E. Tull, N. Kendall, B. Huber, J. Maupin, C. S.C.A., officers: C. G. Maupin, Vice president; Mrs. Bateman, Sponsor; Bess Fischer, Secretary-Treasurer; Mark Patterson, President; Bill Huber; Reporter. 60 i S.CA., sophomores, first row: S. Kauzlarich, A. Coffman, D. Coyner, T. Hurt. Second row: C. Carrell, T. Hughes, M. Binns. Third row: F. Ruiz, M. Lange, D. Winstead, L. Hennessey, S. Cohen. S.CA., Seniors, first row: M. Carter, B. Fisher, R. Golladay, T. Nor- cross, K. Thalmann, M. Nightingale, H. Glasgow, N. Rutland. Second row: C. Van de Castle, D. Merkel, R. Owen, P. Sprouse, L. Arbaugh, J. Terrell, S. Winter, A. La Rue, I. Juul-Nielsen Bateman, Sponsor. Third Row: R. Kent, ' 11,11 son, M. Lewis, B. Bailey, M. Wolf. ■ i 61 Prism After being called The Highlight for years, the school newspaper received a new name: Prism! The Prism staff has been striving to create a new format. Along with this new format, the staff tried to enrich the minds of the students with cover- age of community activities. Another new service of the Prism has been to keep the students informed on student government affairs. Offering their sol- utions to current problems, whether school or community oriented, the staff has attempted to bring across sin- cerity as well as objectivity in their opinions. Prism, editors, first row: T. Goodman, Publicity ; T. Norcross, Exchange; K. Thalmann, News; L. Wingfield, Typing. Second row: Mr. Hill, Sponsor; B. Curtight, Features; J. Owen, Layout; T. Haigh, Art; L. Ricciardelli, Editor-in-Chief. Third row: S. Van Fossen, Photography; L. Ander- son, Photography; J. Terrell, Business Manager; K. King, Sports. Fourth row: R. Owen, Editoral. Prism, staff, first row: M. Wolf, B. Tiglor, M. Pearce. Second row: N. Epstein, K. Brown, A. Cote, G. Kiser. Third row: S. Claytor, S. Rennolds, T. Bowen, S. Allen. 62 National Honor Society , first row: J. Huie, D. Deane, M. Nighting- ale, P. Hamner, M.L. Wolf, M. Thompson, B. Cutright. Second row: C. Simmons, T. Mathews, B. Stephenson, P. Sprouse, K. Jameson, B. Drash, C. Van de Castle, J. Bates, C. Branch. Third row: Mrs. Jones, Sponsor; S. Russell, B. Lindsey, D. Merkel, L. Solorzano, E. Graebner, A. LaRue, S.W. Hong. Fourth row:D. Peck, S. Rungwerth, C. Berry, B. Cutright, D. Andrews, T. Goodman, L. Ricciardelli, A. Echols, B. Fields, M. Carter, T. Rennolds. Not Pictured: T. Quasebarth, S. Rogers, J. Sandridge, A. Sanford, W. Snow, M. Walton. Honor Society The Honor Society is composed of a group of students who have exhibited superior qualities of leadership, character, scholarship and service. Students are nominated by a panel of teachers, reviewed by the entire faculty, and chosen according to their con- tributions to Albemarle. In the spring, parents are invited to an Honor Society Tea where new members are inducted into the society. The Harlequin has essayed to incorporate the talent and the creativity of the student body and faculty into a fine arts magazine. It is hoped that the magazine will be estab- lished permanently and will gain more support from the school body. Special thanks go to the English Department for it’s aid and enthusiasm and the Editors-in-Chief, Emily Graebner and Craig Van de Castle. Harlequin, editors and staff , first row: B. Cutright, D. Merkel, M.L. Wolf, Literary ; M. Thompson, N. Rutland, Publicity Second row: T. Haigh, C. Van de Castle, Co-editor-in-Chief; R. Owen, M. Nightingale, S. Terhume, M. Rydei. rt 1 ' row: C. Simmons, Publishing; S. Russell, Circulation ; E. Graebner, Co-editor-in-Chief. Harlequin 63 Peer Peer Underclassmen, first row: R. Johnson, A. Colony, S. Claytor, P. Hantske, J. Tremblay, C. Jones, R. Comfort. Standing: D. Congdon. Minor. Second row: D. Graff, B. Craig, V. Foster, J. Moore, R. The Peer is a continual strivance of patience, the efforts and contributions of many. The staff, which was larger this year, has attempted to produce a yearbook to suit the interests of many. With the guidance of sponsors, Mrs. Courtenay Stanley and Mrs. Virginia Barnett, the Peer staff has formulated what they believe to be a true rep- resentation of the 1973-74 school year. 64 Editors: Jane Huie, Melody Nightingale. Peer section editors, sitting: R. Morton, Circulation and Activities ; B. Stephenson, Circulation and Activities. Standing: C. Simmons, Seniors and Underclassmen ; T. Mathews, Photography; J. Bates, Clubs; J. Nelms, Sports ; S. Topper, Ads. Peer, seniors, first row: D. Deane, S. Hunt. Second row: K. Kindrick. Third row: L. Solorzano, J. Grinstead, A. Knight, B. Lindsey. Fourth row: L. Harris, D. Jones, D. Garrison. Fifth row: R. Kent, A. Sanford, D. Robinson, A. Jaeger. Sixth row: B. Maxa, D. Thacker, M. Snyder. 65 French Club “Le Tour Eiffel” was the French Club’s first undertaking of the year. The effort was successful as ‘‘Le Tour” placed second in the Homecoming Parade. The ‘‘Cercle” held a tradional bread and cheese meal, and was later in the year enter- tained by Christmas skits written and performed by French IV and V stu- dents. French, seniors, first row: L. Hartman, B. Cutright, M. Thompson, B. Stephenson, P. Sprouse, J. Howe, S. Russell. Second row: P. Hamner, S. Taylor, K. Stahl, S. Martin, M. Wolf, C. Simmons, E. Graebner. Third row: T. Mathews, Ms. Jones, Sponsor ; D. Brown, K. Hall, S. Nelson, Mrs. Lederman, Sponsor; P. deTerre, A. Echols, L. Ricciardelli, R. Owen, C. Van de Castle, D. Mer- kel, B. Harris. German Club This year, with the aid of Herr Norton and club presi- dent, Tom Quasebarth, the members of the German club recreated the German bi-plane of yesteryear for the Homecoming parade and had a get together of connois- seurs at the Schnitzelhaus restaurant for a night of Sauer- braten and apple strudel. Speakers were also at club meetings to give the members a better understanding of the Germanic culture. French Club, underclassmen, first row: A. Hall, S. Hermansdorfer, H. Kupke, N. Epstein, D. Drash. Second row: P. Harmon, C. Winston, P. Null, K. Bain, C. Curme. Third row: R. Ruscher, J. MacLeod, K. Adams, L. Thorsey, M. Kelly, J. Townsend. Fourth row: R. Hantske, K. Dulaney, C. Bondurant, E. Cutitta. Fifth row: T. Bowen, H. Rungwerth. Sixth row: V. Foster, B. Craig, N. Kendall, S. Hauser. Seventh row: C. Keiser, V. Fong, G. Goldstein, E. Solomon. Eighth row: S. Critzer, L. Meyers, K. Jackson, G. Madison, D. Madison, J. Lewis. Nineth row: P. Humphries, C. Carroll, S. Wingfield. Tenth row: M. Sedwick, N. Gar- r, b Via, N. Jagorem, 1- Ogilvie, D. Slossen. Eleventh row: B. Ches- ter, A. Averette, W. Stamp, C. McKeen, K. Wagner, M. Bain. German Club, first row: M. Ryder, K. Wright, D. Brown, S. Holtz. Second row: K. Kunkler, N. Heilman, J. Langman, J. Jones. Third row: K. Wade, K. Blankenbaker, D. Brown. Fourth row: A. Colony, P. Milks, S. McCann, S. Hudson. Fifth row: R. Conway, T. Haigh, S. Baggett, J. Ohman. Sixth row: J. Gotten, M. Locher, R. Langman, G. Wade. Seventh row: G. Welbon, R. Long, H. Shortell, G. Russell. Eighth row: T. Kuder, T. Simpson, G. Harlow. Nineth row: C. Holland, R. Kain, B. Harlow. Tenth row: S. Dellinger, G. Kiser, A. McDermott. Eleventh row: J. Allison, L. Lindamood, S. Rungwerth, C. Leary. Twelfth row: B. Grimm, M. Waugaman. Spanish, underclassmen, first row: C. McWilliams, R. Ward, E. Jones, A. Hawks, K. Wade, K. Clarity, P. Powell. Second row: J. Russell, E. Batten, B. Houchins, D. Armstrong, D. Graff, K. Kane, J. Crowell, D. Phillips, J. Powell, I. Shiflett. Third row: J. Hutchinson, C. Wheeler, P. Compton, R. Sheridan, N. Bain, C. Riall, G. Spottswood. Fourth row: S. Jenk- ins, B. Starke, B. Pritchett, S. McVey, V. Merkel, D. Smith, K. Brown, C. Jones. Spanish Club In order to aid the club members in gaining a greater insight of the Hispanic culture, the Spanish Club has invited speakers from the Hispanic nations. Also through the use of visual materials in the form of slides and films, the club has achieved its goals. Under the direction of Miss Brubaker, Mrs. Crover, and Mrs. Lane, a trip to Washington, D.C. was planned. This trip was intended to serve as a cultural experience for the club. Spanish, seniors, front row: S. Batten, T. Plymire, M. Nightingale, J. A. Luck, L. McVey, M. Carter, L. Soloranzo, D. Andrews, G. Paster- Huie, M. O’Leary, S. Jones, S. Mondy, K. Thalmann. Back row: L. nak, B. Lindsey, S.W. Hong. Wingfield, T. Norcross, R. Judge, P. Markwood, E. Terrell, D. Brown, Latin Club After years of being called “dead” the Latin Club has at last been re- vived! Several club members attended the State Latin Convention in Roanoke. Everyone at the convention was aware of the Albemarle delega- tion after they placed in scholastic as well as in art contests. Other events were dinner at the Villa Capri and at- tendance to the Classical Certamen. And, as usual, the Latin banquet was held during Latin week. After making this comback, it is hopeful this club will survive. Latin, first row: K. Kindrick, J. Grinnell, D. Smith, C. Durrer. Second row: D. Deane, J. Wol- frey, R. Payne. Third row: B. Cutright, N. Ozerov. 67 Albemarle Players Thespians is an honorary society for the advancement of dramatic arts in secon- dary schools. This year, the Thespians, with the aid of the Albemarle Players, celebrated the tenth anniversary of Thes- pian Troope 500 with a banquet. The Al- bemarle Players were also quite busy with “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown”, which was presented in November. The Players host other ac- tivities in the Spring. These include a night of one act plays and a spring produc- tion. fy W rj ' yj . m j W Li W Albemarle Players, underclassmen, first row: J. Respess, E. Silverman, A. Hodge, A. McDermott, M. Amato, C. Leavy. Second row: G. Berry, H. Bazzarre, B. Word, N. Deets, B. Tignor, A. Colony, F. Root. Third row: D. Shifflett, S. Crider, S. Buchanan, C. Weary, P. Treal, T. Jones, J. Snyder, L. Gibbs. Fourth row: R. Creasy, L. Williams, T. Friend, D. Huckstep, A. Coffman, L. Peelman, R. Adams, A. Davenport, G. Arnhoff. Fifth row: A. Dickie, K. Breen, C. King, C. Wolfe, R. Peterson, C. Norman. Albemarle Players, seniors, first row: D. Leake, S. Smith, J. Owen, V. Garrison. Second row: M. Jackson, S. McCann, B Smith, K. Thalmann. Third row: K. Jameson, M. Locher, S. Pullen, S. Taylor, A. Echols. Fourth row: T. Ewell, M. Wolfe, A. Cote, E. Graebner, N. Rutland, M. Thompson, M. Wolf, K. Stahl, J. Brochu. Fifth row: D. Merkel, M. Gar- nett, B. Klepach, M. Carter, E. Fields. Thespians, first row: F. Rothacker, Mrs. Dobbs, Sponsor; M. Weeks. Second row: A. Davenport, M. Amato, M. Locher, K. Stahl, D. Conklin, J. Owen, T. Mathews, Mrs. Lederman, Sponsor. Top, first row: M. Thompson, S. McCann, E. Graebner, V. Garrison, N. Deets, M. Garnett, I B. Klepach, B. Word. Top, second row, sitting: S. Smith, B. Leake, B. Fields, S. Pullen. Ladder: M. Wolf, J. Respess, N. Rutland, K. Thal- mann. 68 Chess Chess, first row: J. Pape, S. Collins, D. Lee, J. Nelms, B. Drash, D. Congdon, R. Comfort, B. Boring, G. Hearn, D. Huff. Second row: D. Garrison, T. Buchanan, J. Wolffey, B. Lasley, W. Huber, B. Maxa, J. Tremblay, B. Cochran, C. McClure, R. Peck, B. Riall. Third row: K. Ziock, C. Burkhart, K. Crider, D. Vernmillion, C. Benjamin, D. Mawyer, T. Via, J. Davis, J. Baker, J. Clements, T. Jay, J. Stephens, C. Tanner, A. Mosca, S. Wood. Exhibiting the qualities of true sportsmanship, the Chess Club com- peted in tournaments matching the masterminds of strategical skill and concentration. Coached by Mr. Dugan, all members attempted to im- prove their game and to succeed in making the Chess Team. The high- light of the club’s activities was ag- reed to be the double-elmination tournament which took place during the school year. The person emerging as the winner took top position in our rank of impressive chess players. Chess Team, first row: B. Huber, D. Congdon, Second row: R. Comfort, B. Drash, D. Garrison. Third row: D. Lee, J. Tremblay, A. Mosca, C. Benjamin, B. Riall. Debate Team: David Merkel, Elizabeth Tull, Cary Branch, Craig Van de Castle, Cathy Simmons. Debate Team Last year, the Debate Team did extremely well in its first year of formal competition. The negative team won the District division, while the affirmative was runner-up. This year, the team has been invited to participate in ser- veral tournaments and hopes to better last year’s record. The topic under discussion was “Resolved: that the fed- eral government should guarantee a minimum annual in- come for each family unit.” The successfulness of this team depended solely on the effort put forth by the De- bate Team members. 69 F.C.A. The purpose of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes is to promote fair play, fellowship and sportsmanship among the athletes at Albemarle. They raise money for various sports at Albemarle and they are also required to volunteer their services with two community and school projects which do not necessarily have to be related to athletics. Fellowship of Christian Athletes, kneeling: C. Pryor, R. Kelso, M. Pearce, L. McCauley, M. Granger, R. Payne, S. Mahone, D. Napier, R. Slosson, G. Howard, R. Harris, M. Wawner, T. Marshall, B. Albert, D. Corrigan, B. Abbott, L. Washington, G. Miller, D. Craddock, Sponsor ; A. Henderson. Second row: M. Wright, S. Cohen, M. Fan- iino, B. Snyder, S. Shifflett, P. Compton, L. Bain, A. Conley, P. Minor, D. Winstead, B. Mawyer, S. Craig, B. Word, T. Broader, M. Wade, D. West, B. Fields, L. Hawkins, G. Barbour, Coach Allen, Sponsor; B. Branch, L. Churchman, G. Davis, J. Davis, J. Townsend, D. Leake, J. Carkin, J. Chisholm, C. Berry, B. Atkinson, G. Hunt, J. Martin. F.H.A. The Future H omemakers of America is a club that helps individu- als in the surrounding community to improve their family relations and personal lives. This year some of the members visited Bloomfield and have brightened the day for the children there. Other members of the club have adopted a family and helped the family improve its surroundings. Through these and other activities the members have gained understanding of other people and themselves. Future Homemakers of America, seated: E. Frankfort, C. McCauley, F. Loschelder, K. Chap- man. Standing: W. Shifflett, P. Armstrong, Mrs. Harraway, Advisor, P. Martin, R. Marsh, A. Fitzgerald, S. Napier, Mrs. Thompson, Advisor; C. Taylor. 70 Concerned Black Youth, Underclass , first row: R. Maupin, F. Maupin. Third row: J. Barbour, S. Waller, C. White, J. Maupin, J. Thomas, S. Johnson, L. Harris, W. White, T. Robinson, C. Ragland. Steppe, D. Smith, M. Swingler, M. Parham, T. White. Second row: T. Anderson, S. Agee, A. Gordon, S. Johnson, B. Concerned Black Youth The Concerned Black Youth strives to induce the knowledge of a proud heritage into the school system and the community. The youths are urged to freely express their culture in dress, dance, and song. Improving the image of the black man in our society today is one of the club’s main goals. The club engages in some activities in the community such as Black History Week and talent shows. The Con- cerned Black Youth hopes to gather more attention and members in the fu- ture. Concerned Black Youth, Seniors, first row: C. Thompson, G. Howard, T. Bradley, Y. Waller. Second row: L. Jordon, B. Byrd, N. Thompson. Third row: L. Branch, R. Agee, M. Burton. 71 Monogram Club The Monogram Club was a new club started for those girls who are seriously and actively interested in women’s athletics. This club also tried to raised money for the school’s athle- tic department by sponsoring the powderpuff game and the student- faculty game. The members of the club were restricted to those girls who have received a letter from a sport or who have been cheerleaders. Monogram, first row: G. Burton, R. Morton, T. Todd, L. Smith. Second row: D. Gray, P. Thomas, P. Bull, R. Armistead, L. Rexrode. Third row: D. Miller, H. Smith, C. Toms, P. Armis- tead, L. Pettit, D. Sprouse, V. Hensley. Motorcycle Club Ever ridden a motorcycle before? If the reply is negative then whoever said no is missing some fun. This two-wheel machine provides an irresistable escape from the ho-hum world of big cars. The members of the Motorcycle Club try to promote the image of efficiency, safety and fun through various means. These ways include learning techniques of riding and planned trips through the roads of Virginia. Motorcycle Club, first row: M. Shifllc ' , I). Critzer, C. Sandridge, D. Berry, B. Tirrell, B. Walker, W. Estes, J Richardson. Second row: G. Hall, B. Clements, S. Brown, D. Shafer, P. Sawyer, M. Bell, R. Payne, S. Costello, R. Crickenburger. Third row: D. McDonald, P. Car- penter, P. Thomas, R. Bell, P. Shaver, K. Sheets, B. Carpenter, C. Campbell. 72 Future Business Leaders of America, first row: I. Dollins, C. Banton, D. Solomon, P. Shiflett, W. Snow, R. Maddox. Second row: P. Bain, C. Scruggs, P. Shifflett, N. Johnson, D. Lamb. Third row: D. Kirby, C. Boatwright, T. Payne, L. Brown, W. Jones. F.B.L.A. The FBLA strives to create more in- terest and understanding in the intel- ligent choice of a business occcupa- tion. Developing characters, training members to be useful citizens and fos- tering patriotism are the goals of the FBLA. Members are encouraged to participate in worthy undertakings for the improvement of business and the community. It’s members are involved in developing themselves into indi- viduals prepared for a future in the business world. The purpose of the Bicycle Club is to advance the sport and pleasure of bicycling at Albemarle. In these times of heart disease, pollution, and rationed gas, it is felt that the bicycle is the most effective and inexpensive way of ending all three. Along with over- night camping trips and weekend riding, the club has a rugged race training program designed for road and track racing. Bicycle Club Bicycle Club, first row: C. Aberle, J. Respess, C. Hurlbut, B. Thomas, L. Engberson, R. Hanger, D. Leake. Second row: B. Gentry, G. Sketchley, N. Deets, A. Lane, J. Quasebarth, I. Juul-Nielsen, P. Plymire, S. Watson, J. Ratcliffe, J. Gregg, Mr. Oldaker, J.H. Kin, C. Deane, G. Hanson. Third row: R. Wiebel, M. Snyder, P. Thompson, C. Lane, J. Cronemeyer, R. Norvell, K. Hasenfus, C. Taylor, F. Root, S. Birkhead, C. Van de Castle. 73 M3 $4? s . v ahr a A I k EkT L vn Outdoors , sitting: M. Walker, S. Wells, J. Hoy, R. Kent, D. Robinson, D. Thornley, S. Davis S. Chronister. Second row: S. Hunt, L. Stem- bridge, L. Poole, T. Jones, P. Trail, C. Weary, C. Rea, J. Olson, A. Sterling, B. Clark, D. Coyner, J. Sowers, D. Echols, M. Arata, K. Gen- try, L. Nelson, R. Smith. Third row: C. Hurt, L. Jones, J. Maupin, J. Terrell, A. Jaeger, S. Nefos, P. Duncan, S. Buchanan, P. Buehler, M. Avery, G. Berry, N. Brown, M. Sandell, T. Ewell. Fourth row: D. Chronister, J. Topper, H. Jones, J. Snyder, P. Woodson, S. Kauz, L. Lasley, J. Pitts, J. Garrett, B. Thomas, L. Sprouse. Fifth row: B. Gen- try, C. Ruscher, B. Carriker. Outdoors Club Being a very large group this year, the Outdoors, Club, under the direction of Mr. Selden, was divided into two sections. One section was for those members whose main interest was skiing. The other section was composed of hikers and the like. This club, unlike the others, welcomed the participation of non-members throughout the year. The activities included trips to ski resorts in Virginia and nearby states, hiking and canoeing excursions. Photography Clui : • ; row: Ms. Bennett, sponsor ; N. McDermott, A. Farley, J. Moore. Second row L. Rainey, G. Jarman. Third row: S. Van Fossen, Mr. Bishop, .sponsor, N. Q . . . Ichtus, first row: J. Brochu, T. Taylor. Second row: P. Roach, B. Martin. Third row: M. Marlby, Mrs. deVries, sponsor; A. Tanner, A. Hodge. Photography ( tub Ichtus Working to improve their ski! is, the photography club has spent the year studying the techniques lor capturing emotions on film. With the aid of guest speakers, the members have been enriched in the art of picture taking and processing. The Ichtus Club is composed of individuals who meet in order to grow in understanding of God and mankind. They have guest speak- ers and have made a donation of books to the Media Center. 74 Erutan, first row sitting: C. Shea, S. Hearn. Second row sitting: K. Payne L. Holmes, T. Riffe, M. Coleman, J. Brochu, S. Burrus, C. Kino, C. Fulcher, K. Montgomery, L. Fulcher, J. Charlton, M. Jones, J. Shotwell, D. Deanne. Kneeling: D. Shifflet, L. Gibbs, B. Fischer, D. Kirksey, S. Carson, D. Wolfrey, S. Hunt, J. Grinstead, R. Golladay. Standing, first row: S. Conway, J. Dunbar, S. Crider, J. Radcliff, M. Hall, L. Garrett, A. Averette, B. Chester, K. King, D. Jones, P. Rousenbaum, K. McNulty, N. Drucker, K. Eways, A. Maupin. Last row, standing: K. Wyant, N. Riopel, R. Seabrook, T. Grinde, A. Busby, E. Price, N. May, B. Towler, J. Smith, T. Rainey. Euratan Club Under the direction of Mr. Grey, the members of the Euratan Club (nature spelled in reverse), worked toward making the environment more presentable and at the same time, the members strived to enjoy the environment. In addition to having guest speakers, the club planned clean-ups in various places visual interest and enjoyed numerous nature hikes. Lacrosse Club The Lacrosse Club, under the direc- tion of Mr. Titus, is one of the newer clubs. The purpose of the club is to generate interest in the sport at Al- bemarle. This year, the club has been busy raising money for equipment and working on a schedule for after school games. A visit from University of Vir- ginia Coach, Glenn Thiel, further en- couraged the small but eager nucleus of Lacrosse enthusiasts. Lacrosse Club, first row: Mr. Titus, sponsor; J. Macleod, C. Bonderant, M. Miller. Second row: T. Roberts, B. Chisholm, P. Crawford. Third row: B. Borchers. Fourth row: G. Hewitt, J. Sweeney, M. Steward. 75 V.I.C.A. Teaching many students practical skills in trade and industrial education, V.I.C.A. attempts to give it’s members alternatives to straightforward high school and college education. In training programs, these students learn trades such as brickmasonary and skills for jobs in the health field. These students put forth wholehearted efforts in order to shape themselves into better individuals, self-sufficient and responsible enough to handle employment after graduation. VICA, first row: D. Walker, P. Toet, S. Morris, J. Garver, M. Gilmer, ers, S. Bryant, P. Leake. Third row: A. Wood, W. Taylor, R. Critzer, J. P. McDaniel. Second row: R. Rush, J. Shifflett, W. Butler, S. Leath- Harrell, P. Shifflette, E. Wood. Guitar Club This free-spirited club is for anyone who enjoys guitars. The meetings are workshops in folk, rock, soul, and country music. Novice musicians, accomplished artists and avid listeners come together to experiment with new techniques and sound. Members share these various techni- ques learned during the club meetings and continuously experiment with new ones indepen- dently. In its first year of existence, the Guitar Club has b en successful and the members hope for the club’s long life. Guitar Club, first row: M. Andrews, S. Barrett, T. Hamm, S. Smith, B. Smith, N. Rutland, L. Fields, M. Armentrout. Second row: R. Witt, C. Hunt, B. Holland, C. Branch, D. Merkel, B. Thompson, W. Poindexter, Mr. Gale, Sponsor. Third row: J. Webber, R. Berthold, J. Aker, R. Meadows, C. Johnson, M. Mitchell, V. Maupin, R. Wood, F. Miles. 76 D. E. C. A. Encouraging leadership through marketing and distribution was one of the main goals of DECA. This was accomplished by on-the-job and classroom training. Members par- ticipated in various school and community projects. They also competed in leadership development contests on the local and state level. Winners were chosen on the basis of their contributions to their high school chapter and to the community with which they come into contact. DECA, sitting: J. Roach, K. Von Herbulis, M. Davis, J. Webber, S. M. Trunzo, F. Rawlines, C. Walton, D. Puch, B. Murray, R. Layne, A. Mowbray. Second row: Mrs. Mawyer, Sponsor; T. Stevens, K. Leake, Seal, M. Staton, D. Bentley, J. Ramsey, E. Brown. T. Thomason, T. Gentry, K. Walton, R. Glasgow. Standing: R. Seal, Liberation, first row: S. Wiley, D. Bush. Second row: S. Maine, J. Maupin, C. Jones, K. Winner. Third row: K. Kirkland, M. Sandell, J. Richardson, B. Bailey, P. Lee, M. Lewis. Liberation Club The Liberation Club, new this year, was formed to generate student dis- cussion on the roles of women as de- fined by society. The club has had speakers who attempt to broaden the club members’ knowledge of these roles. DECA, 2 and 3, first row: L. Bowles, K. Shifflett, C. Pryor. Second row: P. Highlander, D. Riddle, L. Willis, M. Zivic. Third row: K. Wood, G. Zapata, J. O’Mary, S. Sheler. Fourth row: G. Sprouse, V. Pace, A. Frank. Fifth row: R. Gibson, D. Glasgow, R. Christmas. Sixth row: D. Roach, Mr. Gardner, Sponsor. 77 Science Club Under the guidance of Mr. Monfort, the Science Club delved into the many mysteries contained in the world of science. They used ex- perimentation and evaluation to solve problems that interested them. Out- side of the club periods, the members worked on their various projects. The main goal concerning these projects was to have them presented at one of the state science fairs. Science Club, first row: L. Workman, D. Earle. Second row: D. Thacker, B. Ratcliffe, K. McAffe, D. Davis. Third row: J. Taggert, W. Hunt, D. Porritt, Mr. Monfort, Sponsor. Art Club Art Club, sitting: L. Mills, D. Morris. Second row: T. Sklany, S. Bishop, A. Meredith, Miss Gardner, Sponsor. Third row: G. Bond, S. Mor- ris. Art Club, first row: J. Webber, T. Goodman, C. Via, H. Marks, R. Sprouse, T. Gibson. Second row: M. Johnson, L. Cockerille, C. Roberts, T. Trunzo, K. Corrigan, J. Riffe, D. Van der Linde, L. Bitt, R. Thompson, A. Davis, B. Micham, R. Wagner, K. Etheridge, K. Meeks, G. Bond, Mr. Johnson, Sponsor. Art enhances one’s ability to see and define things in our world with the many available materials. The art clubs of Albemarle High School have been very active this year. In previous years, the art club has been one group, but this year, the club had to be split into two groups because of overwhelming interest. In order to make Albemarle a better place in which to learn and work, the clubs have done paintings for the cafeteria, the majority of the halls and the new fine arts wing. In addition to this, the club helps in involv- ing students in school activities such as painting scenery for various dances including the Junior-Senior prom. The club also has submitted various cover designs for the yearbook. The clubs participate in various art festivals and contests. Many members have won prizes in these contests on the local and state level. Much of the members’ success can be attributed to the guidance given to them by their talented sponsors, Mr. Waldo Johnson and Miss Katherine Gardner. 78 Band Club, first row: S. Lawrence, S. Critzer, E. Tull, B. Ballard, J. Ford, Mr. Moulton, Sponsor. Second row: D. Mawyer, C. Samuel, K. Jameson. Third row: M. Figgatt, K. Barber, B. Lassetter, J. Peterson. Fourth row: F. Brown, M. Wolfe. Band Club The Band Club is primarily an or- ganizational structure within the ranks of the Band itself. Its function is to coordinate all the student activities associated with the Albemarle Band. Having been inactive for the past two years, the members are presently reorganizing and planning their objec- tives for 1974-75 school year. In addi- tion, the members sponsor fund- raising drives for the purpose of send- ing the concert band on trips, to purchase new music sheets and for repairing instruments. Psychology Club, first row: S. Hancock, L. Whitcomb, M. Brubeck. Second row: R. Carver, G. Morris L. Hardin, V. Morris, L. Hrica, Sponsor ; C. Loving. Psychology Club Psychology is the science devoted to the study of human behavior. The psychology club explored various levels of human behavior. It was con- cerned with the four major functions of behavior: description, understand- ing, prediction, and control. The club members’ knowledge, as revealed by their differential studies, found that the goal of enhancing the quality of human life can be, at least partially, fulfilled through endeavoring to un- derstand ourselves as well as others. bi i " ■■ .. H ' M ) ij ill « ... , « 1 li ► FF A, first row: B. Hurt, P. Maupin, S. Klapp, M. Hicks, D. Shifflett. Second row: M. Wingfield, D. Spradlin, B. Gibson, J. Frazier, J. Bickel. On Tractor: M. Walton, R. Mayo. F. F. A. Future Farmers of America is an intra-curricular activity of vocational agriculture. Learning to conduct and participate profitably in meetings is a major objective of the group. In addi- tion, the group strives to foster a spirit of cooperation and to encourage fi- nancial and civic responsibility among its members. 79 I Concert Band: R. Adams, M. Adams, M. Amato, A. Avertee, K. Baber, M. Bain, N. Bain, B. Ballard, S. Batten, J. Berry, M. Binns, A. Brie, J. Brown, L. Bryant, J. Bunts, A. Busby, M. Butler, B. Carricker, B. Chester, S. Cohen, A. Colony, A.M. Colony, Q. Congdon, R. Conway, J. Cotten, P. Crawford, S. Crizer, C. Davis, J. Evans, B. Fields, B. Figgatt, M. Figgatt, J. Ford, C. Gibson, G. Good, C. Goodloe, W. Gordon, T. Grinde, J. Hahn, T. Harding, S. Hearn, V. Hensley, E. Hilbert, W. Huber, C. Hughes, C. Hurt, J. Hutchinson, K. Jameson, Beginning Band: R. Ahrend, M. Arrnentrout, S. Brown, C. Burton, D. Cavanaugh, J. Clements, R. Clements, L. Dorman, C. Dunn, M. Dur- rette, M. Erickson, M. Forbes, J. Garrett, G. Gentry, G. Hall, O. Har- ris, T. Harris, S. Kauzlarich, C. Leavy, O. McCullough, A. McDer- mott, G. Molyneux, M. Morris, S. Morris, L. Morris, J. Payne, R. D. Jones, T. Kim, K. King, T. Lange, W. Lassitter, S. Lawrence, D. Lee, M. Mattby, D. Mawyer, V. McCauley; P. Merkins, P. Murphy, D. Napier, J. Peterson, J. Pitts, D. Porritt, W. Porritt, J. Quasebarth, L. Rainey, J. Respess, T. Reynolds, J. Ritchie, R. Rushia, C. Samuel, M. Sedwick, T. Selden, J. Rainsey, S. Smith, W. Stamp, J. Starke, M. Tull, J. Vascott, D. Vermillion, S. Watson, C. Webber, C. Wheeler, D. Williams, G. Williams, C. Wingfield, M. Wolfe, J. Wolffey, R. Wood, B. Ward, E. Ward. Peterson, C. Pugh, L. Rexrode, D. Rhodes, D. Shafer, J. Sheridan, D. Shortell, T. Steppe, K. Stout, W. Sudduth, J. Wright, H. Yancey, J. Yates, W. Johnson, T. Hunt; W. Hunt, R. Johnson, D. Huckstep, L. Anderson. The concert band is an organization composed of many talented musicians. They prepare challenging music for two concerts and the District V Festival, where the band competes for ratings. The beginning band, a “reserve group”, is mostly concerned with individual improvement of skills and techniques of music. Under the skillful direction the Mr. Kenneth Moulton, both the concert and beginning bands provide concerts for the whole student body during the year. Band 80 Concert Choir: M. Amato, S. Baggett, C. Barbour, S. Batten, D. Bral- ley, C. Branch, J. Brochu, A. Burruss, T. Carr, B. Chester, K. Coles, A. Conklin, C. Dolan, M. Erickson, H. Fitch, S. Fitch, A. Gardner, M. Garnett, M. Garwood, R. Golladay, P. Hall, T. Hamm, R. Hill, P. Hin- ton, M. Jackson, J. Jones, S. Jones, K. Konkle, P. Lancaster, L. Later, M. Locher, R. Long, C. Loving, J. Martin, B. Maupin, C. MeKeem, M. Mitchell, K. Montgomery, J. Paige, M. Patterson, P, Price, M. Pugh, B. Rees, J. Respess, J, Richardson, B. Robinson, C. Samuel, H. Shor- tell, E. Terrell, C. Thompson, D, Tinsley, C. Vest, M. Walton, C. Wheeler, C. White. Mixed Chorus, 1st period: A. Agee, F. Barbour, G. Barbour, R. Bolden, D. Brown, G. Brown, M. Brown, K. Burrus, M. Butler, N. Coleman, M. Corbin, W. Dowell, D. Eubanks, A. Farley, W. Fisher, V. Garrison, R. Glasgow, W. Graves, A. Gray, R. Gray, K. Haynes, M. Henderson, J. Heslep, E. Holt, B. Hughes, J. Jackson, R. Jackson, A. Johnson, D. Jones, R. Jones, R. Keithley, T. Lamb, J. Mahone, M. Moneymaker, S. Moore, A. Morris, B. Morris, R. Norvelle, C. Powell, G. Powell, L. Price, D. Shifflett, D. Smith, S. Swingler, J, Thomas, S. Thomas, N. Vest, F. Walker, S. Wallace, K. Walton, D. Woodson. Choir Mr. Blanchard’s choruses have sung their way to success for a third year under his leadership, but the year was not without frustrations. Months of practice for the Annual Christmas As- sembly were thwarted by Mother Na- ture and the consequent sch ool clos- ing. As if to compensate for our holi- day loss, the chorus delivered a truly outstanding concert for us in the Spring. Mixed Chorus, 2nd period: S. Agee, B. Anderson, M. Barbour, R, Barbour, M. Bell, J. Bishop, P. Brackett, T. Bradley, J. Brown, K. Carr, B. Carter, W. Carter, D. Critzer, A. Dillard, G. Dyer, D, Feggans, M. Flick, D. Grady, G. Hall, L. Harding, B. Henderson, E. Henderson, G. Herndon, G. Hewitt, D. Howard, D. Hutchinson, L. Johnson, P. Johnson, R. Johnson, D. Jones, J. Jordan, K. Kirtley, J. Lee, F. Loschelder, J. Louderback, C. Maupin, M. Moneymaker, E. Morris, S. Morris, H. Mundie, C. Ragland, M. Rexrode, K. Shifflett, G. Steppe, F. Thomas, D. Thompson, T. Thompson, T. Thurston, S. Waller, C. Wolfe, D. Wolfrey. 81 Si If I Could . . . only run over and hug that guy for making that wonderful touchdown. . . . say Soccer is The Sport, then I say I’ve accomplished a great feat. vi - . . . I would yell to everybody that women in sports are catchin’ up with the guys so get outta the way! . . . just get this ball over this big hand to . . . A Victory over Lane Highlights a Gloomy Season Varsity Football , first row: J. Richardson, J. Bates, B, Bailey, J Chisholm, J. Carlin, G. Barbour, M. Lewis, B. Albert, M. Sandell, L Dowell, L. Stembridge, A. Henderson. Second row: D. Leake, J Allen, R. Smith, L. Whitcomb, J. Allen, G. Howard, R. Conley, J Nelms, B. Fields, J. Ritchie, J. Gilbert. Third row: D. Pullen, L Cockrum, S. Von Herbulis, S. Mahone, M. Miller, S. Swingler, D Shifflette, M. Figgatt, B. Gibson, D. Echols, J. Townsend. Fourth row: B. Carriker, J. Bickel, M. Reed, G. Wade, B. Ballard, K. Hasen- fus, R. Gray, P. Minor, D. Brown. Fifth row: M. Wade, D. Rhodes, J, Ford, M. Warner, M. Durrette, M. Mitchell, S. Rawlings, T. Cren- shaw, C. L. Vest, L. Churchman. Sixth row: R. Gardner, T. Mahone, T. W. Marshall, R. Brown, M. Wright, B. Abbot, B. Tirrell, B. Rosser. Why has our Varsity football team been having trouble winning games? Was it because the news media openly predicted that the team was to be the leading contender for the 1973 Commonwealth District Title? Was it because they were overprepared or were they underprepared? These are just part of the endless list of ques- tions asked by everyone including the football players and the coaches. Asked why the team did poorly, a football player answered, “I think what the team needs is the spirit of togetherness and the will to win the game. A lot of guys here have the skill but they lack this spirit. If you really love to play football, then you’re going to dedicate your time in practicing and putting your whole heart and mind into the game.” In the last game of the season, the team finally got tlvmselves together. The team really put their minds into the game; they knew they had to win and they did. They beat Lane! Next season, hopefully, our team will have the spirit they had at the last game and the skill to make a good winning team. Richardson and Gilbert close in on the runner. Coach Harrison doesn’t look too happy. Bill Bailey hands off to Larry Churchman. Our managers and trainers: B. Batcliffe, T. Abbot, B. Klepach, B. Word, D. Conklin. Coach Arbaugh shouts instructions. 7 - 18 — James Wood Albemarle Albemar] ■r Albemarle Albemarle 27 - 2 Albemarle Albemarle Albemarle Albemarle Albemarle Albemarle 15 - 17 Fauquier 15 - 21 Stonewall Jackson i Jr 27- 2 Handley ' 14 - 19 James Monroe 30- 0 Osbourn 15 - 20 Garfield 0- 18 Woodbridge 15 - 31 Stafford 7- 0 Lane 85 Lewis sticks Johnson just as promised. A last second release by Bailey. Greg Barbour juggles the ball but makes the catch. 86 Lewis and Reed get to Minor. It’s as easy as taking candy from a baby! Victory! How sweet it is!! Bill Bailey keeps the ball. Jeff Chisolm gets ready to boot another one. 87 The defense closes in on the Handley runner. 88 Jayvees Ramble Through Rough Season ]. V. Football, kneeling: M. Baber, T. Felker, G. Johnson, M. Wood, M. Fantino, R. Payne, R White, S. Wells, T. Maxa, G. Harlow. Second row: B. Ratcliffe, B. Gardner, M. Carson, D Cavanaugh, W. Dowell, J. Brown, J. Watt, C. Howard, D. Howard, R. Whiting, J. Sullivan, B Word. Third row: B. Atkinson, Mr. Flint, coach; V. Maupin, S. Cohen, F. Miles, B. Easteen, J Haas, S. Wright, C. Corrse, D. Winstead, D. Bates, M. Stuart, L. Hennessy, H. Henderson, Mr Selden, coach. The season was a tough one for Mr. Selden’s jayvees. The offense, with Les Hen nessey, Ricky Whiting, Tommy Felker and Delano Cavanaugh leading the way, got off to a slow start. In the second half of the season, they improved considerably, but it was the defense’s consistent, good efforts that cheered the fans and consoled the coaches. Led by such stalwarts as Scott Cohen, Bill Atkin- son, Vernon Maupin and Tim Maxa, the defense did themselves proud. The 2-4 record is deceiving be- cause it can not show how close all the games were. No opponent ever beat the team by more than one touchdown, but such truths are un- known or forgotten and the statistics remain. The two wins over our cross town rival is not apt to be forgotten so easily. For the second year in a row, Lane has failed to score against the team. It looks as though there are some impressive prospects for next year’s varsity team. 89 Albemarle Booters Earn Respect Now that they are more familiar with the European style of playing, the team tested themselves with what was probably the toughest schedule in the state. The players improved their skills tremendously from last season. And in the eyes of Coach Hrica, the team was the best squad this school has had, although the 4-9 record doesn’t show it. In four of their games, the booters, could not outscore their high class op- ponets in a race against the clock. The team simply was unable to prevent their opponents from scoring the deci- sive goals. An outgoing member of the soccer team concluded his career with this sentiment, “We feel that although our season was not as successful as ex- pected the soccer program has ' turned the corner’ and is on its way to becom- ing a major sport here.” y xSsMnMSmSksZ ' s iAjb- ; ??■ S. s4i irp ,mM Soccer, Kneeling: S. Snow, W. Estes, R. Owen, C. Van de Castle, M. Reed, R. Golladay, S. Wood, P. Crawford, C. Hurt. Standing: D. Thornley, C. Benjamin, B. Borchers, J. Thacke r, M. Snyder, A. Powell, D. Amdrews, T. Selden, D. Minter, T. Ryalls. Bobby Borchers prepares to defend his goal. 90 Charlie Hurt exhibits good ball control. Dale Minter watches the action. Craig Van de Castle in action. Doug Andrews follows the flight of the ball. 91 Bobby Borchers makes the save. Randy Golladay takes the free kick. ... ' Eastern Mennonite Albemarle Albemarle Albemarle Albemarle Albemarle Bollingbrook Eastern Mennonite Albemarle Tandem Albemarle Holy Cross Albemarle 4 - 1 Tandem Albemarle 2 -1 AMA Ibemarle W L Charlie Hurt passes to Tom Selden. 92 Cross Country Enjoys a 6 - 5 Season ■ ■ Cross Country, first row: N. Epstein, D. Peck, P. Bain, D. Moyer, J. Saunders. Second row: R. Davis, R. Peck, B. Figgatt, R. Williams, F. Root, D. Napier. The sport no one pays attention to is Cross Country. The harriers spend hours of running and running and running over the same specified route. Dull, isn’t it? However, it demands stamina from the runners. To these people, cross country is very reward- ing since it is really a test of endur- ance for themselves. Coached by Mr. Hardy and Mr. Oldaker, the harriers boasted a nice 6 — 5 season. Last year’s Most Val- uable Runner, Jeff Saunders has im- proved himself and was outstanding this season. Other outstanding runners included senior Robert Williams and junior Dave Moyer. With these run- ners in the lead, the team earned a trip to the district meet. Cross country is not dull. It is more of an individual sport rather than a team sport. G.A.A. Cheerleaders, Majorettes, and Drill Team, first row: J. Ratcliffe, M, Hall, B. Reese. Second row, N. Riopel, K. Thalman. Third row, K. Adams, C. White, A. Davenport, Fourth row, N. Kendall, M. Carter, S. Hearn. Fifth row, L. Garrett, K. Seabrook, S. Conway. Sixth row, T. Dunbar, C. Shea. Seventh row, S. Crider, K. Wyant, V. Foster. Nancy Riopel dances to the music. The G.A.A. Cheerleaders run thru a cheer. Cheryl Fulcher entertains the crowd. 94 Drill Team Members Create Excitement GAA. Cheerleaders , first row: L. Word, J. Townsend, N. Drucker, L. Workman, Second row, K. Brine, D. Coyner, J. Shotwell, K. Dulaney. The drill team performs at half time of the football game. The G.A.A. Cheerleaders give a “V” for victory. Majorettes, first row: C. Fulcher, K. Roberts. Second row: W. Ferguson, K. Hanes, M. Suther- land. Third row: L. Garnett, D. Sprouse, R. Arhend. Kathy Roberts gives a twirl. 95 Kaplan’s Cagers Have Successful Season Girl’s Basketball, kneeling: R. Morton, D. Terrell, Mrs. Kaplan, coach; L. Washington, J. Terrell. Standing: L. Pettit, T. Armistead, G. Burton. On ropes: D. Sprouse, R. Armistead, P. Bull, T. Todd. The Girl’s Varsity Basketball team had another sucessful season, proven by their record of 14 wins and 4 losses. Two disappointing losses to Lane came late in the sea- son, the latter squelching their chances to attend the district play- offs. Paula Bull, leading scorer with 20 points per game, Robin Armistead, second leading scorer, and Debbie Terrell’s tenacious defense should provide a good nucleus for next year’s team. However, the leader- ship of seniors Rhoda Morton and Jackie Terrell will be missed. Rhoda grimaces as she trys for a rebound. Paula shows her dribbling form against Lane. 90 Robin dribbles while Debbie waits to help. Paula and Debbie watch Rhoda’s defensive tactics. The ref points out the culprit. mm Albemarle 61-17 Amherst Albemarle 31-38 Harrisonburg i Albemarle 44-31 Fauquier Albemarle 63-25 Louisa Albemarle 38-34 Lane WKli 1 Albemarle 41-32 Nelson Albemarle 53-29 Louisa Albemarle 47-29 Turner Ashby Albemarle 47-37 Fauquier Albemarle 46-48 Lane Pj-s Albemarle 43-27 Nelson S ' " Mr, . ■ Albemarle 48-73 Lee High Albemarle 42-18 Amherst Albemarle 43-46 Lane Albemarle 47-37 Turner Ashby Robin grabs a rebound as Rhoda adds support. 97 Jayvees Shoot To a 9 - 3 Season Kathy Blake can really dribble that ball. Girls’ J. V. Basketball, kneeling: L. Smith, C. Toms, K. Blake, G. Faulkner. Standing: Lisa Rexrode, T. Bowen, J. Marshall, K. Brown, N. Funk, Lori Rexrode. Jane does a doubletake at the ref’s call. Amherst Hanisonburj 45-18 A! bemad 38-10 H Albemarle Albemarle Albemarle Albemarle Albemarle Albemarle Albemarle Turner Ashby ' .A i 98 J.V. Cheerleaders Support Soccer Team. C. Bondurant, J. Charlton, A. Rennolds, P. Hanaman, S. Nefos. JV Cheerleaders whoop it up! Ann’s got that beat. 99 Varsity Cheerleaders Promote Spirit Debbie Phillips, Tricia Jones, Lisa Poole, Pam Sprouse, co-head; Ann Sandford, head; Debbie Deane, Karen Payne, Judith Currin, Pam Trail. Pam Sprouse leads a round of cheers at the bon- Open nice and wide, Anne, fire. 100 Tricia leads our men on. ‘Atta baby Pam, that’s the way to look wide awake. Debbie Deane with the Senior battle cry. The cheerleaders applaude as the coaches walk in. J. V. Basketball J.V, Basketball, first row: Michelle Fulton, Manager ; D. Bates, R. Meadows, M. John- son, C. Johnson, Brooke Dickie, Manager. Second row: V. Maupin, R. Whiting, L, Anderson. Third row: B. Casteen, E. Anderson, K. Carson. x Albemarle 48 James Monroe 41 Albemarle 57 Fauquier 49 Albemarle 33 Lane 36 ■: Albemarle 27 Handley W 39 Albemarle 43 Stafford 37 Albemarle 37 Car-Field 54 Albemarle 31 Woodbridge 35 OT Albemarle 39 James Wood 52 Albemarle 51 Lane 41 Albemarle 36 Woodbridge 23 Albemarle 39 James Monroe 38 Albemarle 32 James Wood 36 Albemarle 53 Fauquier 42 Albemarle 54 Stonewall 23 Albemarle 49 Osbourn 26 Albemarle 33 Stonewall 30 Albemarle 29 Stafford 30 Albemarle 47 Handley 27 Albemarle 42 Gar-Field 60 Albemarle 43 Osbourn 27 Assistant Coach Morgan and Head Coach Dave Hill. Mike Mitchell antagonizes this Lane player. 102 Cagers lose many at the wire Basketball team, first row: C. Pryor, D. Corrigan, T. Crenshaw, W. Abbott, B. Johnson, J. Saunders. Second row: Coach Allen, S. Swingler, J. Martin, E. Williams, L. Hawkins; Co-captains Greg Barbour, Chip Berry, J. Kauzlarich, Assistant coach Brown. Under the guidance of new head coach, Frankie Allen, the Patriots started off the year with a big bang, but finished with a disheartening 11-10 record. It seemed as though the packed schedule with numerous can- cellations took its toll. As with most teams, the Patriots won the bulk of home games, taking 8 of 9 (including 8 in a row), but only won 3 out of 12 on the road. Two very big points should be made: first, our cagers were never out of any ball game, losing six by 3 points or less; and second, during the final stretch of the season, includ- ing the tournament, we were without the services of our co-captain, Chip Berry, due to an ankle injury. Chip was always near the leaders in scoring and rebounding while serving as a “coach” on the court. Co-captain Greg Barbour was the team’s leading scorer while Jerry Martin led the team in re- bounding. These three guys along with the rest of the seniors will be sorely missed next year. Looking ahead, the Patriots will be led by all-district candidate, Dave Corrigan, and the hot-shooting Leon Hawkins. Ever- dependable Steve Swingler will be joined by Todd Crenshaw and Elvin Williams along with Bill Abbott and some fine JV prospects to round out the ’74-’75 Var- sity basketball team. Albemarle Albemarle Albemarle Albemarle Albemarle Albemarle Albemarle Albemarle Albemarle ; Albemarle Albemarle Albemarle 61 Albemarle 61 Albemarle 64 Albemarle 76 Albemarle ' .« 52 Albemarle 81 Albei made 57 55 Albemarle Albemarle 69 Tournament: Albemarle 58 7 I .gnsjgssrfpj® Osbourn Stonewall Stafford Handley Gar-Field Osbourn James Monroe 45 64 45 52 53 67 42 65 70 68 Coach Allen talks strategy. 103 Leon shoots a jumper. Greg and Chip apply the press. Chip makes the in-bounds pass Steve Swingler at the foul line. 104 Jerry Martin lays in two against Monroe. Head coach Frankie Allen and Assistant coach Jamie Brown. Leon trys to steal the ball away from a Lane player. Managers Jo Shotwell and Kelly McNulty. 105 Chip Berry trys a reverse layup against Lane. David Corrigan shows his shooting form. Jerry goes up for a jump shot. Steve taps the ball in for two. 106 Greg goes up to shoot as Dave and Steve look on. The coaches get some spirit flowing. Steve trys to find the open man. Chip puts in two of his points against Lane. 107 Patriot Thinclads bring home State Track Team, first row: Coach Craddock, J. Allen, S. McVey, G. Howard, J. Pitts, R. Williams, L. Dowell, G. Davis, J. Gardner, B. Albert, R. Brown, R. Harris. Second row: D. Peck, R. Slosson, B. Carriker, R. Powell, D. Cavanaugh, F. Josephs, J. Bates, K. Bur- russ, A. Henderson, L. Churchman, C. Vest, Coach Oldaker. Third Row: J. Bingler, J. Konkler, F. Root, T. Felker, M. Granger, S. Cohen, D. Napier, M. Wright, L. Branch, S. Darcus, T. Seldon, Coach Hardy. Fourth row: R. Conley, M. Wade, M. Reed, R. Payne, D. Mayer, D. Ivory, B. Mawyer, M. Durrette, F. Miles. Fifth row: D. Darsh, B. Figgatt, P. Thomas, H. Yancey, D. Wins- tead, C. Wood, B.B. Gregg, E. Hilbert, R. Davis, F. Ruiz. Jimmy Pitts clears the high jump bar with ease. Coach Dennis Craddock’s indoor track team brought our school its first state championship in any sport since the school’s advance to AAA status. For the 50 plus young men on this squad, this has to be a great honor. It should also be pointed out that along with winning the state, they brought home the regional and district champ- ionships as well. Their fourth straight undefeated season in Commonwealth District should not be overlooked either. The six captains, elected by the team members, were: Bobby Al- bert, weightmen; Johnny Allen and Robert Williams, distance men; Gary Howard, jumpers; Ronnie Harris and Lee Dowell, sprinters. Dowell, Har- ris, Gardner, and Howard were cho- sen for All-American honors. Our mile-relay team made up of Jimmy Pitts, Kelvin Burruss, Dowell and Harris own the fastest time in the na- tion this year for that event. The only encore for this team would be to win the state outdoors champ- ionship. With these fine athletes, they could do it!! Johnny Allen runs the mile. 108 Championship ! Ronnie Harris crosses the finish line for another win. Lee Dowell and Ronnie Harris finish one-two. Steve McVey pushes off after clearing the bar. Bobby Albert shows region-winning shot put form. Kelvin Burrus hands off the baton during a relay. 109 ■ 5p jflv M» ml J „ V A ril L» l r i H. a — , B If I Could . . . . just get out of the hole and be at the top where the seniors are. . . . I’d try my best not to lift that typewriter cover to look where my fingers are but the temptation is great. ... I would at the end of the year reflect that all the hard studying was worthwhile and dream about next year. in No. 10 Do Not Fold, Demmie Coyner, President. Thea Hurt, C.G.B. Representative Chris Aberle Karen Adams Joyce Adock Sharon Agee Robin Ahrend John Aker Kimberly Allison Dallas Anderson Edward Anderson Larry Anderson Patricia Anderson Michelle Arata Emma Armentrout Tricia Armistead Peggy Armstrong Gwen Arnhoff Steven Arruda Bill Atkinson Michelle Avery Karla Baber Mike Baber Skipper Baber Katherine Bain Lindy Bain David Barbour Fred Barbour Mary Barbour Linda Barnett Ted Barnett David Bates Donnell Bates Wilhemina Bates ' 112 Spindle or Mutilate Kim Baugan Helen Bazzarre Lori Beasley Linda Beck Shirley Belew Cynthia Bentley Melvin Bentley Doug Berry Karen Berthold Jeff Bickel Martha Binns David Bishop Sandra Bishop Kathleen Blake Tracy Blankenship Barry Boggs Cassie Bondurant Becky Boring Gwen Borkin Michael Bowyer Pamela Bradshaw Kathy Breen Susan Bridges Timothy Broader Geneva Brock Alvin Brooks Benard Brown Deborah Brown Ernest Brown Gayle Brown Nancy Brown Robert Brown Stephen Brown Wanda Brown Doris Browning James Bufford 113 We adjust to new surroundings. Carrie Burkhart Charlie Bunxt Marshall Burrus Wanda Buttner Michael Cain Peter Carpenter Kent Carr Catherine Carrell Betty Carter Wanda Carter Bobby Casteen Delando Cavanaugh Robert Clements Bobby Coleman Vincent Coles Anne Coffman Jerry Coleman Philip Collier Scott Cohen Karen Coleman Scott Collins . , x , Thomas Cole Robert Coles Anne Colony Carl Monroe Jonathan Cavanaugh Violet Childress Sheila Claytor Kaki Chapman Larry Churchman Kareyle Clements Jane Charlton Rose Clark Laurentina Clements 114 Imagine! 726 classmates! Quintin Congdon Henry Connors Lynda Cook Duane Corle Demmie Coyner Ellen Crawford Iris Crawford Robin Creasy Reta Crenshaw Keith Crider Dale Critzer Mildred Critzer Ricky Critzer Sharon Critzer Jo Ann Crowell Regina Curva Elaine Cutitta Gary Dale Rebecca Dameron Gregg Davis Mary Davis Richard Davis Cathy Deane Denise Dent Alison Dickie Alfonso Dillard Sylvia Dillard Melvin Dixon John Dollins Ronald Dollins Laura Dorman Pauline Douglas Larry Dowd Art is the right making of the thing to be made — Joanne Shotwell Large (but crowded) Patricia Dowell Daniel Doyle Wallace Dowell Nancy Drucker Kathy Dulaney Joyce Dunbar Gregory Dunn Miranda Dunn Beulah Dunnivans Carolyn Durrer Joyce Durrette Lisa Durrette Michael Durrette Cathy Dyer Gloria Dyer Jacqueline Dyer Elizabeth Earle Lisa Edmondson Lynn Engberson Neal Epstein Meg Erickson Deborah Estes Kim Eubanks Larry Eubanks Frances Evans Janet Evans Kathleen Eways Mark Fantino Arris Farley Georgiana Faulkner Cynthia Faust Debra Feggans Tommy Felker Christine Ferguson Ricky Ferguson Wilma Ferguson 116 halls to wander Linda Fields Samuel Fields Bret Figgatt Peggy Fincham Peggy Fisher William Fisher Adele Fisk David Fitzgerald Lar ry F ' itzgerald Patricia Fitzgerald Meredith Forbes Ellen Frankfort Linda Frankfort Teresa Friend Donna Fritz William Fugett Cheryl Fulcher Nancy Funk John Gaines Julia Gaines Bobby Gardner Richard Gardner David Garner Nancy Garnett Jeff Garrett Lizabeth Garrett Dreama Garrison K ren Garrison Bill Gentry Gregory Gentry Mary Jane Gentry Theresa Gentry 117 Boy, Vm lost Rose Glasgow Barbara Glass Chris Gleason Charles Goodloe Kim Goodman William Gordon Maverick Granger Deborah Graves Lynn Graves Tony Graves Wanda Graves Rodger Gray Sharon Gregory Britt Grimm Audrey Hackett Tony Haga Jeff Hahn Brenda Hall Glenn Hall Myra Hall Wanda Hall Lisa Hannirai Randy Hanger Richard Hansen Pamela Hannemann Linda Harding Banana Hannon Tracey Harding Can’t you see Cary’s eating? 118 Where is Room 321 ? Donita Harlow Gilbert Harlow Lillie Harlow Deborah Harmon Debra Harris Lee Harris Perry Harris Sandra Harris Theresa Harris Robert Harrison George Harvey David Hugh Shelia Hauser Kim Haynes Robert Hayslett Barry Henderson Earl Henderson Malcolm Henderson Les Hennessey Debra Herring Linda Herring Richard Herring Delores Herrion Florrie Hickson Donald Higgins James Higgins Eugene Hilbert Steven Hodges It ' s Monday — Gym or Class? Cynthia Hoeffer Leslie Holmes Eric Holt Gregory Honn Susan Hotz Dale Houchens Vicky Houchens Alice Howard Donald Howard Vickey Howard David Huckstep Diana Huckstep Desmond Hudson David Huff Rosetta Hughes Theresa Hughes Edward L. Hunt Edward W. Hunt Monte Hunt Robin Hunt Terry Hunt Waller Hunt Robin Huriburt Thea Hurt William Hurtt Nese Icgoren Daniel Ivory Franklin Jackson Jacqueline Jackson Rhonda Jackson Holli Janssen Joyce Jarrell Trayton Jay Tina Rainey — One expression is worth a thousand words. Two English Teachers? ! Catherine Johnson Debra Johnson Gilbert Johnson James Johnson Mathew Johnson Richard Johnson Ruth Johnson Sharon D. Johnson Sharon L. Johnson Shelia Johnson William Johnson Brenda Jones Jo Ann Jones Milicent Jones Richard Jones Robert Jones Sandra Jones Robert Kain Jonathan Kaut Susan Kauzlarich Mark Kelly Mike Cain believes that haste makes waste. Mary Kelly Annette Key Carolyn King James Kirby Kim Kirtley Deborah Klepach Charles Koch Carl Kois Jeffrey Kunkler Sean LaBuy Sue Lacey Debbie Ladd A successful debut requires adaptation Theresa Lamb Mark Lange Juliet Langman Caleb Larue Lee Lasley Gregg Lauffenburger Janelle Lee Laurie Lazarus Tamara Lewis Karen Leake Dennis Lilly Christopher Leavy Michael Lizama Bonnie Lee Sylvester Logan James Louderback Scott MacGregor Jinny MacLeod Diane Madison Yvonne Madison Jane Mahone Tom Mahone Mark Maltby Gary Marsh Jane Marshall Theresa Marshall Thomas Marshall Vickie Martin Michael Marzano Mark Maslyk Linda Mathews Anita Maupin Percy Maupin Ruby Maupin Vinnie Maupin Laurie Lazarus shows her form. 122 New Courses = New Responsibilities. Charlie Mawyer Sandra Mawyer Nayoka May Kenneth McAfee Susanne McAfee Gregory McAllister Patricia McAllister Crystal McCauley Marvin McCauley Star McClelland Clarence McClure Mark McCormack Mitch McCullough Bridget MdDaniel Debbie McDaniel Leonard McDaniel Arthur McDermott David McDonald Cheryl McKeen Kellie McNulty Tim Maxa Barbara Maybush Robert Meadows Amanda Merdith Valerie Merkel Fred Miles Lore! Mills Caroline Mitchell Michael Mitchell Garth Molyneaux Martha Moneymaker Mary Moneymaker Carl Monroe Doris Moore Jim Moore Word problems in Algebra provoke varied responses. A portrayal of boredom — Delando Cavanaugh. 16! Oh boy! Room 221 gives a good view of the hall. Joetta Moore Joyce Moore Angela Morris Brenda Morris Cheryl Morris Dede Morris Elvist Morris Gonde Morris Jo Ann Morris Kathy Morris Learl Morris Marsha Morris Nelson Morris Shelia Morris Vickie Morris William A. Morris William B. Morris Sandra Mowbray Herbert Mundie Bruce Murray Martha Murray Lesley Myers Charlotte Napier Sharon Napier Susan Nefos Lindsay Nelson Steve Nelson Cynthia Norman Lewis Norris Lina Ogilvie Nick Ozerov Laura Panned John Pape Diane Parrish Carolyn Patterson Glen Payne 124 Driver s License! Robert Payne Rodger Payne Russell Payne Linda Peelman Randall Peck Ruth Peterson Lauren Pettit Michael Phillips Gary Pleasants Geraldine Powell Vickie Powell William Poindexter Charles Pollard Alexander Popp William Porritt Bobby Porter Darlene Porter Judy Prior Lydia Proctor Daniel Pugh Cheryl Ragland Linda Rainey Tina Rainey Judith Randolph Thomas Raque Roy Raudabaugh Barbara Ray Janet Ray Judy Rea Kathleen Reilly Ann Rennolds Laurie Rexrode Lisa Rexrode Karen Rhodes Elizabeth Rifle Joan Roach 125 By participation. Lois Roberts Kenneth Robertson Teressa Robinson David Rogers Mildred Rohm Richard Roseberry Helen Rungwerth Richard Ruscher Martin Rush Becky Rosenbaum Brennan Rosser Frank Ruiz Ocino Rush Timothy Ryalls Cole Sandridge Dannie Shafer Pam Shaver John Sheridan Alan Shifflett Ann Shifflett Curtis Shifflett David Shifflett Terry Santana Philip Sawyer Peter Schrepfer Theresa Scott Timothy Seal Martha Sedwick Tom Seldon Michelangelo strikes again! There’s more to it than meets the eye, Laura Mills. we strive for a better environment. Delores Shifflett Dennis Shifflett Ivy Shifflett James Shifflett Judy Shifflett Krystal Shifflett Michael Shifflett Robert Shifflett Sandra Shifflett Stanley Shifflett Teresa Shifflett Walter Shifflett Patty Shirey Philip Shoop Rose Shores Joanne Shotwell Tom Simpson Clifton Sipe Theresa Sklany Deborah Slosson Dallas Smith Deannee Smith Deborah Smith George Smith Jaymee Smith Karen Smith Litsa Smith Mike Smith Walter Smith . . . theory, hypothesis, deduction, conclusion. 127 1 Panic! Exams! Lori Snow Etta Solomon Donna Sprouse Doris Sprouse Mary D. Sprouse Mary S. Sprouse Shelia Sprouse William Sprouse Tom Stafford Warren Stamp Elton Starks Barbara Staton Tony Steppe Amy Sterling Theresa Stevens Kent Stout Charles Stov all Wes Sudduth Joel Sullivan Terri Sullivan Jeffrey Surguy Mary Sutherland John Taggart Charles Talley Craig Tanner Cathy Taylor James Taylor Robert Terrell Susan Tewksbury Anthony Thacker Cynthia Thacker Faye Thomas Janice Thomas Jo Anne Thomas Kim Thomas Pamela Thomas Patricia A. Thomas Is Fuzzy really working? Cram ( success ) Patricia D. Thomas Teri Thomason Debra Thompson Jackie Thompson James Thompson Joi Thompson Peter Thompson Steve Thummer Judy Thurston Timothy Thurston Beth Tignor Bob Tirrell Barry Toler Cynthia Toms Roger Toms Barbara Towler Jill Townsend Eddie Trench Mark Trunzo Robert Tuck Camelia Turner Vamessa Turner Charles Varga Rebecca Vamer David Vermillion Beth Via Jo Ann Via Kathleen Von Herbulis Cheryl contemplates the day ahead. Kent Carr relaxes in class. 129 1 ; Yes , We are James and Sharon look for pictures to sketch. Michael Wade Vivian Wade Linda Wagner James Walker Paula Walden Frances Walker Kimberley Walker Michael Walker Selena Wallace Shelba Waller Claude Walton Kathy Walton Robert Ward Debra Washington Gerald Watts Scott Waugaman Mark Warner Bob Wells Douglas West Linda White Wendy White Ricky Whiting Reue! Wiebel Jackie Wilbury Stephen Wilfomg Darlene Williams Ellen Williams Evan Williams Gary Williams Laura Williams Temple Williamson David Wimmer Michael Wingfield the Class of ‘76. Susan Wingfield Richard Winslow David Winstead Bridget Witcher Richard Witt Carol Wolfe Arthur Wolff Demmie Wolfrey David Wood Dawn Wood Linda Wood Mark Wood Randy ponders his Math Analysis homework. Monte Wood Natalie Wood Ronald Wood Ronnie Wood Vickie Wood Debra Woodson Diana Woodson Gary Woodson Patricia Woodson Wayne Woodson Eddie Woodward Marilyn Woody Elizabeth Word Lisa Workman Jonathan Wright Kathleen Wright Patricia Wright Timothy Wyant Hunter Yancey Phillip Yates James Zimmerman m K Wmtm Hftk i Wm MiMM Alan Hodge, C.G.B. Representative. Jackie Maupin, C.G.B. Representative. Ned Deets, President. Juniors — Bill Abbott Gerry Adams Richard Adams Roy Adams Marsha Amato Bernard Anderson John Anderson Theresa Anderson Marian Anderson Robin Armistead Debra Armstrong Teresa Arnold Debra Austin Alice Averette Hilda Awkard Barbara Ayres Martha Bain Nancy Bain Brady Ballard Patricia Banton Dale Barbour Sharon Barrett Ursula Baskin Jean Batten 1 ' 12 Caught in the Middle Mary Bell Stanley Birckhead Richard Bond Barbara Brite Candy White, Vice-President. Christopher Debra Bishop Tricia Bowen Angela Brown Benjamin Carol Blades Kevin Bowles Barbara Brown Vickie Bentley Mike Blake Linda Bowles Daniel Brown Ralph Berthold Kim Blankenbaker Robert Branch David Brown Rebecca Bickers James Bingler Charlotte Boatwright Alan Brie Ethel Brown 133 The courtyard is gone ! A4aA Robin relaxes in the whirlpool Fred Brown Howard Brown Jacqueline Brown Kayanne Brown Linda Brown Theodore Brown Becky Bryant Stanley Bryant Suzanne Buchanan Paula Bull Steven Bunch Matthew Bunyea Andrew Burrus Kelvin Burrus Curtis Burton Gail Burton Daris Butler Mattie Butler George Byerly Bruce Carriker Larry Cain Deborah Carter Courtenay Campbell John Carver Woodrow Campbell Charlene Cederquist Denise Carr Barbara Chester Theo Carr Gloria Chidester 134 Is life worth this So what’s wrong with being an elephant? turmoil? Bill Chisholm Roosevelt Christmas David Chronister Kathy Clarity Cynthia Clarke Beth Clarke Denise Clarkson Sharon Claytor Logan Coclcrum Alan Coleman Ann Collier Rene Collins Alison Colony Celeste Cooper David Corrigan Shannon Costello Gary Craddock Michael Coltrane Danny Copeland Michael Costello James Cowan Barbara Craig Richard Comfort Patricia Compton Duncan Congdon Sherry Conway 135 . doctor , lawyer, Indian chief . . And Kayanne, then she said . . . . Samuel Craig Paul Crawford Roger Crawford Todd Crenshaw Ricky Crickenberger Caroline Curme Sharon Crider Judith Currin Roy Critzer John Daly James Cronemeyer Jean Dameron Alison Davenport Ann Davis Calvin Davis Deborah Davis Donald Davis Gregory Davis James Davis Melvin Davis Randolph Davis Ned Deets Brooke Dickie Charles Dillard Robert Dillard Charles Dolan Welford Douglas Gary Drumheller 136 Decisions, decisions, decisions . . . Scott Duncan Kathy Dunsmore Susan Earhart Darcy Echols Jon Erkenbrach Warren Estes Mike Figgatt Teresa Fitzgerald Phyllis Fogle Vivian Fong Justin Ford Valerie Foster Leonard Fulcher Michelle Fulton Karen Furr Bertha Gardner James Gardner Rebecca Garrison Stephen Garstang Jann Garth Lenora Gentry William Gentry Elizabeth Gibbes Gary Gibson Rosanne Gibson Teresa Gibson William Gibson David Glasgow Sandra Glass Steven Godfrey 137 I ni too young! I know I knew this last night! Gary Goldstein Gail Good Toby Goode Donna Graff James Graham Darlene Gray Robert Gray Patricia Green Barbara Greims Allen Guilford Robert Haake Deborah Haas Edward Haigh Ann Hall Neanne Hall Sharon Hall Steven Hall Teresa Hamm Susan Hancock George Hansen Robyn Hantske Bebe Harlow Rene Harlow Michael Harris Ronald Harris Kevin Hausenfus Ann Hawkes Larry Hawkins 138 abcscathijklpsatqrstuvwsat Leon Hawkins Gary Hearn Nancy Heilman Linda Henderson Tracy Henley Venna Hensley Leslie Henszey Susan Hermansdorfer Debra Hicks Pam Highlander Ralph Hill Lucy Hinton Pearl Hinton Alan Hodge Bill Holland Beth Houchins But Cece, it says here to add . . . Larry Howard John Hoy William Huber Betty Hughes Debbie Hughes Patty Humphris Charles Hunt Kay Hunt Theresa Hunt Charles Hurt Jean Hutchinson Sherry Ingerick M Happiness is a class ring. Meredith James Stephen Jenkins Barbara Johnson Brenda Johnson Connie Johnson Linda Johnson Marvin Johnson Nancy Johnson Orlando Johnson Cecilia Jones Deborah Jones Delores Jones Doris Jones Elizabeth Jones Do you think this will promote school spirit? Under Dale’s hand, acrylics become a landscape. Forest Jones Patricia Jones Richard Jones Michael Jordan Voilet Jordan Janet Joseph Kathy Kane Cindy Keiser Ronald Keithley Matthew Kelly Ruby Kelso Nancy Kendall 140 “ Powderpuffers ” are no. 1 ! Karen King Gay Kiser Kathleen King Jon Klapp Kay Kirkland Cindy Kline Debbie Kirksey Mary Kline Joseph Knight Teresa Kuder Heidi Kupke Debra Lam Paul Lancaster Mary Lane Cary Lang Bobby Lange Ronald Langman Bob Lasley Billy Lassiter Jack Lauffenburger Carolyn Lawson Melissa Layne Dan Leake David Lee Pat Lee Lewis Lindamood Grace Lipscombe David Lowry 141 Le bonheur est un bague de classe Ruth Maddox Sharon Maddox Steve Mahone Susan Maine Leslie Mann Nancy Manweiler Glenda Marshall Jospeh Matthews Bessie Maupin C.G. Maupin Jacqueline Maupin Linda Maupin Richard Maupin David Mawyer Donald Mawyer Everett Mawyer Leon Mawyer William Mawyer Keith McAlphine Patrick McCafferty Karen McCann Alice McCauley Doris McCauley Leigh McCauley Debbie McDaniel Lynn McDaniel Steve McMillion Steve McVey What dream house in the making! Cheryl McWilliams Kim Meeks Philip Meekins Bernadette Micham 142 Use no. 2 pencils Only — Fill in spaces completely. Patricia Milks Mathew Miller Patrick Minor Dale Minter Donna Moore Linda Moore Brenda Morris Coleman Morris Donna Morris Elizabeth Morris Jo Anne Morris Luellen Morris Patricia Morris Patsy Morris Ronald Morris Patrice Murphy Dennis Napier Ronald Nickell Jeff Ohman Disa Olson Judy O’Mary Vicky Pace Michael Parham Michael Patterson David Paul Karen Payne Tina Payne Mary Pearce I can see it now: Lee vs. Fischer . 143 The talent show does require planning. Jennifer Perkins Roger Perkins Leslie Peterson John Peterson Debbie Phillips Debbie Plymire Lisa Poole John Popp Bernard Powell Page Powell Patricia Powell Pamela Powley Juanita Presho Linda Price Roger Price Barry Pritchett Dawn Pritchett Cranston Pryor Kathy Pryor Mark Pugh Donald Pullen Jane Quasebarth Kathy Rabe Carl Rainer Joyce Ratcliffe Frankie Rawlings Russell Ray Cindy Rea Just try it, Comfort! Wiley Reed Jim Respess Lisbeth Rees Michelle Rexrode 144 Kicklines are chauvinistic ! David Rhodes Anita Riall Dallas Richmond Nancy Riopel Clarence Roach Patricia Roach Thomas Roberts Larry Robinson Floyd Root Houston Ross Phyllisteen Rush Rufus Rush George Russell Joan Russell Kevin Russell David Rybolt Mary Ryder Denise Sacra Glenn Salzman Fannie Sampson Cynthia Saunders Connie Scruggs Rhonda Scruggs Kathy Seabrook Bradley Shaver Cindy Shea Karen Sheets Rebecca Sheridan Cynthia Shiflett Wallace Shiflett Debra Shiflett Bonnie Shifflett All this work. For what, Donna Graff?? 145 La alegria es un anillo de classe Larry Shifflett Pauline Shifflett Shelia Shifflett ‘Lullaby and good night,” Stephanie Wiley. Wanda Shifflett Debra Shifflette Don Shifflette Susan Shriner Tony Simpkins Joan Sipe Rick Slosson Fannie Smith Karen Smith Sandra Snow Trudy Snow Brenda Snydor John Snyder Scott Sowers James Spain Max Sperry Gloria Spottswood Vivian Spradlin Geneva Sprouse Roger Sprouse John Stafford Richard Stalnaker Barbara Stargill Billy Starke Successful proms Can Be financed? Cristi Stauffer Joseph Stephens Johnsey Steppe Madeline Steppe Andrew Sterling Ethel Stovall Michael Stuart Michael Sutphin John Sweeney Mildred Swingler Steve Swingler Diane Taylor Debbie Terrell Bruce Thacker Michael Thacker Clayton Thomas Diane Thomas Paul Thomas Bob Thompson Joyce Thompson Timothy Thompson Priscilla Thorne Laurie Thorsey Darlene Tinsley Sharon dreams of Camelot. 147 Gluckeweisse ist ein Klassenring Debbie Shifflett — 1 .wonder if it will ever happen to me. Jim Tremblay Elizabeth Tull Gary Turner Paul Umstadter Janice Vascott Carl Vest Nellie Vest William Veyvada Cathy Via Mary Vidrine Jonathan Von Herbulis Karen Wade Kathy Wagner Rosemary Wagner Joan Ward Roger Ward Rose Ward Reginald Warfield Emanuel Washington Leslie Washington Susan Watson Connie Weary Jennifer Webber Joey Webber Sam Wells Carol Wheeler Nancy Wheeler Candy White Karen White Randy White 148 • • • Celebrate life One year to go. Rita Whitmore Steve Wickest Stephanie Wiley Lawton Williams Valerie Williams Georgia Wilson Mary Beth Winslow Carla Winston Jeff Wolfrey Andrew Wood Carolyn Wood Mark Wood Sharon Wood Thomas Wood Evelyn Woody Ben Word Mike Wright Cindy Young Michael Yowell Maria Zapata Mary Beth Zivic 149 1 . If I Could . . . . . . have the opportunity to reflect my senior year, I will remember the senior slump the funny times the social life the confusion of deciding careers and colleges for the coming years. 151 The Class of 1 974 . . . Kerry Ahrend Bob Albert Johnny Allen, Jr. Steve Allen William J. Allen Doug Andrews Linda Arbaugh David Argenbright Vickie Armstrong Donna Asher Nancy Rutland, Secretary-Treasurer. Tim Adams Audrey Agee Ronald Agee Chris Samuel, President. 152 We are the best Susan Rogers, Vice-President. Nadine Barbour Ruby Barbour John Barnett Jack Baber Ginny Bain Sandra Baggett Connie Banton Bill Bailey Carl Barbour Bess Fisher, C.G.B. Representative. Sue Pullen, C.G.B. Representative. 153 Where is everybody? Johnny Bates Anri Beasley Jimmy Bishop Randy Bowen Deidra Bralley Susan Batten Chip Berry John Black Clarasteen Brackett Cary Branch Russell Bolden Phyllis Brackett Libby Branch Bobby Borchers Antoinette Bradley Vivain Bransfield Gail Bornstein Mark Bradley Reggie Bras sfield 154 The confusion of construction — What changes! Eileen Broader Judy Brochu Carroll Brown Debbi Brown Debra Brown Frank Brown Gloria Brown Joyce Brown Maureen Brubeck Liz Bryant Lynn Bryant Robert Bryant Pat Buehler Troy Burcham Sandra Burrus Same leaders lead us Beverly Byrd Bertha Carey Linda Calloway John Carlin Bryant Carpenter Scott Carson Hilda Carter Mayo Carter Dan Casey Samuel Casey Brenda Cason Jeff Chisholm John Christmas Steve Chronister James Clements William Clements 156 Same workers work Robert Cochran Kenneth Coles Vickie Collins Ray Conway Sam Crawford Laura Cockerille Kim Coles Anne Conklin Kathy Corrigan Don Critzer Steve Coleman Janice Collier Roy Conley Ann Marie Cote Ron Critzer The wait in front of locked doors! 157 Two minutes early Beep protects her teeth. Susie Dameron Dabney Davis Steve Davis Debbie Deane Mary Deaton Steve Dellinger Suzanne Dixon Bridget Dodson Irene Dollins Robert Drash Pat Duncan David Dunn Marcy Dwier Pat Dyer Ann Echols 158 3:23 is the magic number. Bill Enyeart Cheryl Estes Karla Etheridge Deborah Eubanks Teri Ewell Diane Farish Glenda Farish Mandy Fauver Blair Fields Marline Fields Bess Fisher Frances Fisher Sh elia Fitch April Fitzgerald Tim Fedrikson Judy Forman Susan Fox Ava Gardner William Gardner College Night Mike Garnett Doug Garrison Susan Garrison Vickie Garrison Marsha Garwood Jackie Garver Buck Gentry Kathy Gentry Jim Gilbert Tony Gibson Melissa Gillman Diane Glasgow Cindy Glosser Randy Golladay Toni Goodman Deloise Grady 160 full of questions and confusion. Jane Grinnell Janet Grinstead Diane Gruenwald Thelma Hacket Petie Hall Emily Graebner Angelina Gray Jerome Gray John Gregg Tom Grinde Kenny Hall Jude Hall Susan Halterman Kenneth Hamm Pattie Hamner Sheree Haney Another one of Kenny’s tall tales. Red Tape: How do you view yourself as Jud Harrell Bruce Harris Linda Harris Spanky Harris rrnce Hartman Vallerie Harvey Susan Hearn Joni Helmandollar Art Henderson Judy Hensley Mike Hensley Gilda Herndon Dale Herring Debbie Herring Ruby Herring Jeff Heslep 162 a member of your generation ?” Greg Hewitt Darla Hicks Sungwha Hong Page Horrocks Garry M. Howard Gary W. Howard Joan Howe Susan Hudson Dee Huff Cindi Hughes Larry Hughes Jane Huie Sharon Kay Hunt Susan Hunt Tina Hunt “I in my kerchief and Ma in her cap . . 163 “If your answer to the above was a , 6 , or Cliff Hurlbut Alison Jaeger Mildred Jackson Karen Jameson Sandy Jackson George Jarman Mike Garnett shows us his abilities! Ava Johnson Dana Johnson Deborah Johnson IM Melissa Locher has a mouthful. Edward Johnson Gary Johnson Mike Johnson Paula Johnson Curtis Jones Laurie Jones c, please explain. ” Gary finds something in the hall amusing. Taeho Kim Kathy Kindrick Eddie King Donna Kirby Edward Kirby Bobby Klepach 165 The taste of victory is sweet Aubrey Knight Loretta Lam Steven Lawrence Frankie Layman Mike Lewis Kathy Konkle Debbie Lamb Brenda Lawson Doug Leake Bob Lindsey Kris Konkle Alexandra LaRue Cornelia Lawson John Leathers Melissa Locker Tom Quasebarth Something seems to have diverted the guys’ attention. 166 Albemarle 7 - Lane 0 Rodney Lee Long Francis Loscheldor Cathie Loving Andre Luck Guy Lukes John Manley Heather Marks Mike Marks Paula Markwood Jodi Marston Barbara Martin Debbie Martin D.J. Martin Lee Martin Pat Martin S.K. Martin Trudy Martin Tom Mathews Paul Matysek 167 Cooler classes, heavier sweaters, and an Billy Maupin Janet Maupin June Maupin Vernon Maupin David Mawyer Bruce Maxa Debra Mayo Melvin McAllister Sharon McCann Alice McCauley Keith McGory Patricia McDaniel Lexi e McVey David McGehee Lynn McWilliams Ryland and Chip give us their indescribable smiles. My! What big eyes you have, Rhoda! extra week of Christmas vacation Theresa Melton David Merkel Debbie Miller Dorothy Miller Greg Miller Steve Minter Sherri Mondy Vincent Monroe Karen Montgomery Now Richard, you know better than that! Howard Moore Shelby Moore Craig Morris Mike Morris Wanda Morris Vegina Morris Rhoda Morton Alton Mosca Harvey Mowbray Robert Mowbray 169 Work is a four letter word Mike Sandell discusses the football game. Susan Munson John Nelms Suzanne Nelson Melody Nightingale Terri Norcross Alan Norford Richard Norvelle Mike Oliva Margaret O’Lear y Mary O’Leary John Owen Ryland Owen David Owens Betty Pace John Paige 170 but we prepare for (last? ) exams. Eugene Parker Rita Pleasants Gwen Powell “What, me worry?” — Bob Thomas Gary Pasternak Terry Plymire Mike Powell Mark Patterson Debbie Porritt Tyrone Powell Dennis Peck Alvin Powell Brad Price Jimmy Pitts Charles Powell E.T. Price 171 At last we are rewarded . . . Pattie Price Hans Pryor David Pritchett Robert Pugh Sue Pullen Tom Quasebarth Bill Ratcliffe Debbie Quarles Lawrence Rainey Matt Reed Mark Reed 172 Sarah Rennolds Matt Rexrode Tim Reynolds Robert Riall Laura Ricciardelli Yes, among other things Craig can type. the infamous. Maxa — The Thinker? Johnny Allen ponders his ice cream. Jim Richardson Jenny Riffe Cathy Roberts Kay Robertson Susan Rogers Robert Richardson John Ritchie Charlotte Roberts Bruce Robinson Pat Rosenbaum Donna Riddle Ellen Ripberger Dan Roberts Dave Robinson Steve Rungwerth the heralded. Happy birthday, Ann Echols. Now leave the money alone, Art! Chip Rusher Nancy Rutland Judy Sandridge Ruby Seale Deborah L. Shifflett James Rush Chris Samuel Anne Sanford Teresa Shelton Della Shifflett Susan Russell Mike Sandell Jeff Saunders Deborah Shifflett Elizabeth Shifflett 174 the fact Gloria Shifflett Margaret Shifflett Patsy Shifflett Peggy Shifflett Velma Shifflett Virginia Shifflett Norbert Shockley Helen Shortell Connie Showers Cathy Simmons Pamela Sipe Garsed Sketchley Bea Snow Betty Smith Debbie Smith Helen Smith 175 . . . the Slump. Two intelligent faces on the breezeway!! John Owen personifies the senior slump! Louise Smith Randy Smith Susan Smith William Smith Samuel Snow Wanda Snow Mike Snyder Liana Solorzano David Spradlin Larry Sprouse Lynita Sprouse Pam Sprouse Leigh Stembridge Beth Stephenson Wayne Stevens 176 This is an Education? Angela Tanner Susan Terhune Robert Thacker Alvin Thompson Charles Thompson Terry Tate Evelyn Terrell Kathie Thalmann Sally Taylor Jackie Terrell Bob Thomas Tina Taylor David Thacker Pam Thomas Woodrow Taylor Jean Thacker Shirley Thomas ill Cap and gown. Mary Ann Thompson Richard Thompson Nan Thompson Donald Thornley Mary Tinsley Kim Tirrell Petra Toet Helen Tomlin Rhonda Toms Steve Topper Susan Travis Toni Trunzo Sally Turnbull Dennis Turner Sharlene Turner Mike Twardoski Craig Van de Castle Derek Van der Linde Steve Van Fossen 178 diploma in hand . . . Debbie Vecchiolla Tony Via Jeff Viar Gerard Wach Gary Wade Dora Walker Eddie Wallace Yvonne Waller Marsha Walton Michael Walton Tim Walton Cassandra Washington Pat Washington Doug Webber Jodi Webber Aubrey listens intently to the teacher. 179 Solemn poses for the camera . 180 Pam’s daydreams must be amusing. Lou Williams Marcella Wilson Don Wimmer Robert Williams Lyn Wingfield Mary Linn Wolf Linda Willis Susan Winter Merrily Wolfe Toni has too much help! We were the class of ‘74 Claire Wolff David Wood David Wade Wood Helen Wood Stuart Wood Doug Woodson Gary Woodson Elizabeth Wright Esther Wright John, there’s a time and a place for everything! .... Kim Wyant Mary Wyant John Young Maurice Young Robert Ziegler Klaus Ziock 181 Senior Directory Adams, Timothy Howard, Tim: Chess Cl. 3, Band 1,2,3. Adcock, Robert Wayne, Bob: FFA 1,2; VICA 3. Agee, Audrey Jezel, Sweet-Pea: CBY. Agee, Ronald Allen, Ronnie: CBY 1,3, Sergent of Arms 3. Ahrend, Kerry Lynn: Latin 1; Spanish 2; German 3; Erutan 3; “Fiddler on the Roof,” “Hello Dolly,” “Dracula,” “Night of One Acts.” Albert, Robert Dennis, Bob: Football 1,2,3; Most Valuable Offensive Lineman 3; All Central Va. 2,3; Capt. 3; Indoor Track 1,2,3, Capt. 3; Outdoor Track 1,2,3; Key Cl. 1,2; FCA 1,2,3; Pres. 3. Allen, John William, Jr., Johnny: V. Football 1,2,3; Indoor Track 2,3; Outdoor Track 1,2,3; Capt. 3; French Cl.; Jr. Class Talent Show. Allen, Stephen Teel, Steve: Albemarle Players 1; Aradia 2; Guitar 3; “Hello Dolly,” “Wizard of Oz,” “Fiddler on the Roof;” Highlight 2; Prism 3. Allen, William John, John: Football; Lacros- see; Outdoors Cl. Andrews, Douglas Martin, Doug: JV Basket- ball 1 Soccer 2,3; Spanish Cl. 1,2,3; SCA 3; National Honor Society 2,3. Arbaugh, Linda Frank: Softball 1,2; JV Cheerleader 1; V Cheerleader 3; Ski Cl. 1; Art Cl. 2,3; Night of One Acts; Homecoming Court 1. Argenbright, David Lewis, Wiffle: Environ- ment Cl. 2; Bicycle Cl. 3. Armentrout, Richard Witten, Bird: JV Foot- ball; GolfTeam; Ski Cl. 1,2,3. Armstrong, Vickie Gail. Asher, Donna Gail: FNA 1,2; FHA 3. Baber, Brenda Lee. Baber, John Lawrence, Jack: Baseball 1,2,3; Chess Cl. 2,3. Baggett, Sandra Elizabeth, Snuggles: Ger- man Cl. 2,3. Bailey, George William, Jr., Bill: Football 1,2,3; Honorable Mention All Central, Hon- orable Mention All Northwest Regional; In- door Track 1; Outdoor Track 1; Intramural Basketball 1,2,3; Chess Cl. 2; Reporter; Key Club 1,2; Vice-Pres.; Liberation Cl. 3; Pres. Bain, Virginia Kirk, Ginny: Spanish Cl. 2. Banton, Connie Diane: FBLA 2,3; Pres. 3. Barbour, Carl Robert. Barbour, Francis Roosevelt, Junior: FFA 1,2,3. Barbour, Gregory Huston, Greg: Football; Track; Basketball; MVP; FCA; V. Pres. 1. Barbour, Nadine Elizabeth: CBY 1,2,3; Sec. 3. Barbour, Ruby Louise, Tack. Barnett, John Albert. Bates, Johnny Lee, Killer: JV Football 1; Outdoor Track 1,2,3; Indoor Track 2,3; JV Basketball 1; V Football 2,3; MVP 3; MV De- fensive Back 3; FCA 1; Honor Society 2,3; Falcon Club MVP Award; Peer 2,3. Batten, Susan Carole : Powder Puff 1; Spanish Cl. 1,2,3; Concert Band 1,2,3; Con- cert Choir 3. Beasley, Ann Leslie: JV Basketball 1; Spanish Cl. 1,2; VICA. Berry, Charles White, 11, Chip: JV Basketball 1; V Basketball 2,3; Capt. 3; Latin Cl. 1, FCA 2,3; Nat’l Honor Society 2,3. Bishop, James Edward, Jimmy: Photography 1; Ski Cl. 2; Motorcycle 3. Black, John Steven, Steve: FFA 1,2,3; Sen- tinel 2. Bolden, Russell Wendell. Borchers, Robert E., Bobby: Soccer 3; Letter 3; Intramural Basketball 1,2,3; Spanish Cl. 1,2; Lacross Cl. 3. Bornstein, Donna Gail, Gail. Bowen, Carroll Randolph Edward, Randy: Football; Art Cl. Bowles, Katherine Louise, Kathyln. Brackett, Clarasteen, Brack: FHA 2,3. Brackett, Phyllis Marie, Phill: CBY 3. Bradley, Antoinette Cecilia, Toni: CBY 1,2,3; Concert Choir 1; Choir 1,2,3. Bradley, Mark Andrew, Mad Dog: VA Welter-weight Boxing Champion. Bralley, Deidra Elaine : Bicycle Cl. 1; Aradia Cl. 2; Make-up crew. Branch, Cary R., Ill: Guitar Cl. 3; Latin Cl.; Nat’l Merit Semi-finalist; Nat’l Honor Soci- ety; Who’s Who Among American High School Students; Debate Team; District rep- resentative to Regional. Branch, Olivia Elaine, Libby: CBY 1,2,3; SCA 1,2,3. Bransfield, Vivian: Drama Cl. 1; Science Cl. 1; Aradia Cl. 2. Brassfield, Reginald Nathaniel, Reggie: Track. Brezinski, Rebecca L., Tinker: Motorcycle Cl. 1; Aradia Cl. 2. Broader, Eileen Theresa: Art 2,3; Music Ap- preciation 1; Girls’ Chorus 2. Brochu, Judith Gail, Judy: Drama Cl. 3; Eru- tan Cl. 3; Ichthus Cl. 3; Aradia Cl. 2; Ski Cl. 2; Art Cl. 1,2; Motorcycle Cl. 1. Brock, Huey Sanford, Skeet: VICA 2,3; DECA 1. Brookshire, Brian Keith. Brown, Carroll Dale. Brown, Deborah Ann, Debbie: Spanish Cl. 3; French Cl. 3; German Cl. 3; Drama Cl. 2; Band 1,2. Brown, Debra Lynn, Debbie: Pep Cl. 1; Ic- thus 3. Brown, Franklin Dewey, Jr., Frank: Outdoor Cl. Brown, Gloria Jean: FHA. Brown, Joculyn Elizabeth. Brown, Joyce Ann Nixon, Boosie: CBY. Brubeck, Maureen Annette Gilbert. Bryant, Donald Lee: FFA 1,2. Bryant, Lizabeth Anne, Liz: FTA 1; Secret- ary; French Cl. 2; President; SCA: Smifhfield Little Theatre; “Plaza Suite,” “Music Man,” “Fiddler on the Roof,” “The Glass Man- agerie,” “40 Carats;” CGB 2; Junior Mar- shall. Bryant, Naomi Lynne, Linnie: Nursing Cl. 1,2; VICA 3; Reporter; Guitar Cl. 3; Concert 182 and Marching Band 1,2,3. Bryant, Robert Lewis. Buehler, Patricia Lynn, Pat: Powder Puff Football 1,2,3; Ski Cl. 1,2; Outing Cl. 3. Burcham, Troy Lane, Troy: Guitar Cl. 3. Burns, Howard Allen: VICA. Burrus, Sandra Leigh, Sandy: Intramural Sports 1; Basketball 1; Euritan Cl. 3. Burton, Charles ■ Burton, Desiree Marie, Mickey: CBY 1,2,3. Burton, Mich ael Donnell, Sly: J.V. Basketball 1; FCA 1; CBY 2,3. Busby, Arthur Neale, Ace: Photography Cl.; V. Pres. 2; Erutan 3; Best Trombone Section in ’73; Peer photographer 2; Concert Band; Regional Band. Butler, Michael Thomas, Mike. Byrd, Beverly, Cleo: CBY. Calloway, Linda Diane. Carey, Bertha Avis, Avis: CBY 1,2,3; Pow- derpuff football 1; SCA Rep. Carlin, John Thomas, Yank: V Football 2,3; Key Cl. 2; FCA 2,3; Spanish Cl. 3. Carpenter, Bryant, Stud: Motorcycle Cl. 1,2,3, V. Pres. Carson, Scott, Platapuss: Spanish Cl. 1,2; Erutan Cl. 3, V. Pres.; First and Third Place in the Regional Forestry Contest. Carter, Hilda Aistrop, Murt: VICA 3; FHA 1; Nursing Cl. 3. Carter, Mayo Davidson, Beagle: Drill Team Captain 3; Enviroment Cl. 1; Spanish Cl. 2,3; Sec. Tres. Casey, Daniel, Dan: French Cl. 2; Icthus Cl. 3; V. Pres. 3. Casey, Samuel: Latin Cl. 1; SCA 1; VICA 3; Choir 1, 2; Student practical nurse 3. Cason, Brenda Joyce: Library 1; Pep Cl. 1; Library Ass’t. 1,2. Chisholm, Jeffrey, Chis: V Football 1,2,3; V Baseball 1,2,3; FCA 2,3; All District Baseball ’72-73. Christmas, John, Fly: DECA 1,2,3. Chronister, Steven ]., Steve: Golf 2, In- tramural Basketball 1,3; Ski Cl. 2; Outdoors Cl. 3. Clark, Robert, Robin: Photography Cl. 1; Outdoors Cl. 3. Clements, James Arthur, Fuzzy: Football 1,2; Track 1,2; Chess Cl. 3. Clements, William Wyann, Bill: FFA, V. Pres. 1; Pres., Chaplain of Flageration, Sec., Sential of Flageration. Cochran, Robert James, Bob: Chess Cl. 3. Coleman, Stephen A. Coles, Kenneth, Man: John Finley William- son Scholarship Award. Coles, Kim Louise: CBY 3. Collier, Janice Kay, Cookie. Conklin, Ann Felicita, Toots. Conklin, Daniel Thomas, Dan: V, JV Football Manager; Drama Cl. Pres.; Thespian Troupe 500, V. Pres.; One Act Play Festival; “Dracula”. Conley, Roy Lee, Rocky: V Football 2,3; JV Football 1; Indoor Track 1,2,3; Outdoor Track 1,2; FCA 2,3. Conway, Raymond W., Ray: Tennis 3; Ger- man Cl. 3; Chess Cl. 3; All Regional Band 1.2.3. Cook, Marvin Luke. Corrigan, Kathryn Lee, Kathy: JV Cheer- leader 1; V Cheerleader 2; Softball 1; Pow- derpuff 1,2; SCA 1,2,3, V. Pres. 2; Art Cl. 2,3; Pep Cl. 1; Night of One Acts. Cote, Ann Marie: Drama Cl. 3; Prism 3. Cotten, Jeffrey Young, Jeff: Track 1,2,3; Bicycle Cl. 1; Chess Cl. 2; German Cl. 3. Crawford, Samuel Lambert, Sam. Critzer, Donald Albert, Don. Critzer, Michael Wayne. Critzer, Ronald Edward, Ron. Critzer, Susan Diane: FBLA 1,2; Band Cl. 3. Cutright, Barry Kim: Ski Cl. 1,2; Latin Cl. 3; Nat’l Honor Society 2,3; Highlight 2, Layout Editor 2; Prism 3; Features Editor 3. Cutright, Bonnie Sue, Beep: French Cl. 1,2,3; SCA 1; Nat’l Honor Society 2,3; Homecoming Court 3; Harlequin 3. Dameron, Susie Belle. David, Gary Lynn. Davis, Jeffrey Scott, Jeff: Motorcycle Cl. 1; Chess Cl. 2,3. Davis, Steve Wilson: Spanish Cl. 2; Chess Cl. 2.3. Davis, William Dabney, Dabney: Chess Cl. 2 . Deane, Debra Diane, Debbie: GAA Cheer- leader 1; JV Cheerleader 2; V Cheerleader 3; GAA 1; Ski Cl. 2; Erutan Cl. 3; Latin Cl. 3 ; Nat’l Honor Society 2,3; Peer 3. Deaton, Mary Elizabeth. Dellinger, Steven Ray, Pickle: German Cl. 2.3. Dickerson, Linda Clarice. Dixon, Suzanne Marie, Suzie: GAA 1; Outing Cl. 3. Dodson, Bridget Ann: Icthus Cl. 3. Dolan, Vickie Collins, Vic: Art Cl. 2; Motor- cycle Cl., Tres. 3. Dollins, Florence Irene, Agnus: Pep Cl. 1; FBLA 3, Treas. 3. Drash, Robert Wayne, Bobby: Chess Cl. 1,2,3; Nat’l Honor Society 2,3. Dowell, Lee McKinley, Leo: Track 1,2,3; All American 2; Football 1,2,3; All Central; FCA 1.2.3. Duncan, Patricia Launelle, Pat: JV Basketball 1,2, MVP 2; Softball 1, Baseball Mgr. 2,3; Powderpuff 1,3; GAA 1; Spanish Cl. 2; Out- ing Cl. 3; SCA 2; Peer 3. Dunn, David Lee: FFA 1,2. Dwier, Marcella Danielle, Marcy: French Cl. 1; Ski Cl. 2; FNA 3. Dyer, Patricia Ann, Pat: DECA 1,2,3. Echols, Ann Estelle: Tennis 2; French Cl. 2,3; “Hello Dolly”; “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown”; Nat’l Honor Society 2,3; Peer 3. Enyeart, William Joseph. Etheridge, Karla Johanna: Art Cl. 3. 183 Evelyn, are you using sign language in study hall? Eubanks, Debrah Diane, Debbie: CBY 1,2. Ewell, Teresa Louise, Teri: Powderpuff 3; Outing Cl. 1,2,3. Farish, Diane Leigh: German Cl. 2,3. Farish, Glenda Dale: FHA 1; Spanish Cl. 2,3. Fauver, Carlene Amada, Mandy. Fields, John Blair, III, Blair: Football 1,2,3; Outdoor Track 1,2; FCA 1,2,3; “The Fiddler on the Roof’, “Hello Dolly!”, Orchestre; Nat’l Honor Society 2,3; Concert Band 1,2,3. Fields, Marline, Marty: Tri-Hi-Y; GAA; FHA. Fisher, Elizabeth Carmichael, Bes: Powder- puff Football 2,3; Ski Cl. 1; Outdoors Cl. 2; Drama Cl. 3; Thespian Troupe 500 3; “Hello, Dolly!”, “Count Dracula”, “Night of One Acts ; SCA Secretary 3; Class Representative 3; CGB 3. Fisher, Frances Marie. Fitch, Sheila Faye, Faye: CBY, Choir. Fitzgerald April Celeste, Ape: FHA 1,2,3, Pres. 2. Flick, Margie Juanita: FHA 1,2,3, Reporter 3. Ford, Deborah Ann. Forman, Judy Hawkes: Environment Cl. 2. Fox, Susan Kay. Frazier, Carl Edward. Frazier, Charles Nelson. Fredrikson, Timothy Graydon, Igor: Soccer 1,2; Cinema Cl. 1; French Cl. 2,3. Gardner, Ava Marie: CBY 1,3; GAA 2. Gardner, William Nathaniel, Bill. Garnett, Michael Glenn, Mike: Drama Cl. 1,2,3, Pres. 2; Thespians 2,3, Reporter 2; Thespian Troupe 500 3, Pres.; “Wizard of OZ”, “Tale of Chelm”, “Fiddler on the Roof’, “Hello, Dolly!”, “Count Dracula”, “You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown”; Va. State Thespian Pres. Garrison, James Patterson, J.P. Garrison, Mary Susan, Sue: FHA 1; French Cl. 2 VICA 3; Pres. 3. Garrison, Vickie Lynn: Drama Cl. 1,2,3, ICC Rep.; Thespians, ICC Rep.; “Wizard of Oz”, “Fiddler on the Roof’, “Hello, Dolly!”, “Count Dracula”, “Night of One Acts”, “Tale of Chelm”, “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown”, Head of Make-up. Garver, Jacqueline Faye, Jackie: GAA 1; VICA 2,3, Sec., District Sec. 2, Pres., 3 Dis- trict Parlimentarian 3. Garwood, Marsha Joy, Goo Goo: Aradia 2. Gentry, Kathy Lyn: Pep Cl. 1; Art Cl. 2; Out- doors Cl. 3; Jr. Class Talent Show 2. Gentry, Lewis Wesley. Gibson, Charles Michael. Gibson, Tony Allen: FFA 2. Gilbert, Debra Gail, Debbie. Gilbert, James Gilhams, Jr., Jim: V Football 1,2,3; SCA Rep. 1; FCA 1,2; Key Cl. 1,2. Gilmer, Melissa Lynn, Missy: ICT-VICA 3, Treas. 3. Glosser, Hattie Dianne, Dianne: SCA. Glosser, Cynthia Ann, Cindy: Powderpuff Football; Spanish Cl. 1,3; Outing Cl. 2; Ger- man Cl. 3. Golladay, Randolph Glenn, Stripes: Soccer 2,3; MVP 2; Critique Cl. 2; Erutan Cl. 3, Newspaper Ed. 3; Janet Clinic 2,3. Goodman, Toni Dare: GAA 1; Art Cl. 2,3; Nat’l Honor Society 2,3; Prism 3. Grady, Deloise Louise, Deedee: CBY 1,2. Graebner, Emily Laura: French Cl. 1,2,3; Albemarle Players 1,2,3; “Wizard of Oz”; “Fiddler on the Roof’; “Hello Dolly”; “The Bald Soprano”; DAR award; Thespians 1; Nat’l Honor Society 2; Girls State 2; Governor’s School 2; Harlequin, publishing editor 2, editor-in-chief 3; English Forensics 1,2; French Forensics 2. Gray , Jerome Lawrence. Gray, Angelina Elizabeth, Pudding: DECA 1, GAA 2, CBY 3. Gregg, John H., Banana Bread: Indoor Track 1,2,3; Mgr. 1,2,3; Outdoor Track Soccer 1,2; FCA 1,2; Bicycle Cl. 3. Grinde, Thomas R. Tom: JV Football Track 1; Intramural Basketball, 3; Spanish Cl. 1; Chess 2; Erutan 3; Pres. 3; Concert March- ing Band 1,2,3; Drum major 3. Grinnell, Jane Eyre: Albemarle Players 1; French Cl. 2; Latin Cl. 3. Grinstead, Janet Lynn, Peanuts: Cinema Cl. 1; Erutan 3; Peer 3. Gruenwald, Diane Lynn: Powderpuff 1,2; Spanish Cl. 2; GAA 1; Outing Cl. 3; Drill Team 1,2. Hackett, Thelma Jane. Hall, Conrad Stevenson, Steve: Intramural Basketball 1; Cavalier Cl. 1. Hall, Hilton W., Jr., Petie: Soccer 1; Outdoor Cl.; Bicycle Cl. Hall, Kenneth Eldridge, Kenny: Indoor Track 1; French Club 1,2,3; Photography Cl. 1; Cavalier Cl. 1; Highlight 2. Hall, Mark Stephen, Jude: German Cl; Art Cl. 3; Harlequin 3. Hamner, Pattie Carolyn: French Cl. 2,3; SCA 2; Honor Society 2,3. Haney, Sherie Kaye, Bit: Art Cl. 1,2. Harrell, Judson Jerome, III: VICA. Harris, Bruce Alpheus: Aradia Cl. 2 French Cl. 3. Harris, Linda Alease; G.A.A. 2,3; Peer 3. Harris, Ollie Martin, Sporty. Hartman, Lawrence Wright, Larry: Philosophy Cl. 1; Aradia Cl. 2, Pres. 2; French Cl. 3. Harvey, Vallerie Moore, Val: Spanish Cl.; SCA. Hearn, Susan Lyon: Spanish Cl. 2; Erutan Cl. 3; Drill Team 3. Helmandollar, Joni Marie, Sammy. Henderson, Arthur Giles, Art. Hensley, Judith Lynn, Judy: French Cl. 1; Motorcycle Cl. 2; Guitar Cl. 3. Hensley, Michael Ray, Mike. Herndon, Gilda Sue, Susie: Nursing Cl. 1. Herring, Deborah Jean, Debbie: DECA 1. Herring, Dale Marie, Dale: Cinema Cl. 2. Herring, Ruby Lee, Rubs. Heslep, Jeffrey Kyle: German Cl. 2,3. Hewitt, Gregory Rice, Greg: Varsity Soccer 2; Tennis 3; FCA 2; Lacrosse 3. Hicks, Darla Anne: Art Cl. 2,3. Hon, Sung Wha: Soccer 1; Spanish Cl. 1,2,3; Alpha Chi Sigma Award; Nat’l Honor Society 2,3; Participant at Governor’s School for the Gifted. Horrocks, Paige Llewellyn: JV Basketball 1; German Cl., Sec. 2. Howard, Garry Mitchell, Mitchell: Art Cl. 1,2; Chess Cl. 3. Howard, Wayne Gary, Wayne: JV Football 1; Varsity Football 2,3; CBY 1,3; FCA 2. Howe, Joan Knapp: French Cl. 2,3; SCA 2; Keyettes 2; District Representative. Hudson, Susan Miller, Susy: GAA 1; German CL 2,3, Sec. 3. Huff, Deborah Halene, Dee: Softball 2; Cinema Cl. 2; SCA 1. 184 Hughes, Cynthia Susan, Cindy: Track Man- ager 3; DECA Rep. 3. Hughes, Larry Milton. Huie,Jane Elsa, Jane: Spanish Cl. 1,2,3; Nat’l Honor Society 2,3; Peer 2,3, Co-Editor-in- Chief 3. Hunt, Donna Riddle: DECA Junior Board of Directors 2; Pres. 3. Hunt, Sharon Kay: Powder Puff 2,3; Ski Cl. 2; Erutan Cl. 3; Peer 3. Hunt, Susan Jane: Powder Puff 2,3; Ski Cl. 2; Outing Cl. 3; Homecoming Court 3; Maid-of Honor 3. Hunt, Tina Lynn, Tanuk: Cinema Cl. 2. Hurlbut, Clifford Todd, Cliff: Cross-Country 1; Track 1; Bicycle Cl. 3. Jackson, Mildred Brennell, Milly: Softball 1; Girls Track 2; Intramurals 1; Gymnastics 1,2; Powder Puff 3; GAA 1,2; Monogram 3; CBY 1,2,3; FCA 2; SCA 1,2,3; Harlequin 2; Foren- sics 2,3; Black Culture Assembly 1,2,3. Jackson, Joanne. Jaeger, Alison Elaine: JV Basketball 1,2; GAA 1; Art Cl. 2; Outdoors Cl. 3; Powder Puff 1,3; Talent Show 2; Peer 3. Jameson, Karen Lea: Band 1,2,3; Drama Cl. 2,3; Band Cl. 3; Latin Cl. 3; Nat’l Honor Soc- iety 2,3; “Hello Dolly” 2; Reg’l Band 2,3; NCTE Nominee 2; Outstanding Jr. Musician 2. Jarman, George Burton Photography Cl. 3; Nat’l Merit Letter of Commendation. Johnson, Ava Maria: Drill Team 2; GAA 1; Aradia 2; CBY 3; Chorus 2,3. Johnson, Charles Michael; Mike. Johnson, Dana Leigh: Ski CL. 2. Johnson, Deborah Ann; Debbie: FHA 1; CBY 3. Johnson, Edward Frazier: Alb. Players 1; Spanish Cl. 2,3. Johnson, Gary Lee: Blue J: V Basketball 3; FCA. Johnson, Paula Evangelin: CBY. Jones, Curtis Allan; Curt: JV Football 2; Art Cl. 2; Guitar Cl. 3. Jones, Debbie Kay: Bubbles: Art Cl. 1,2,3; Peer. Jones, Laurie Marie: Motorcycle Cl. 1; Art Cl. 1,2; Liberation Cl. 3. Jones, Sharon Elaine: Spanish 2,3; Chorus 2,3. Jones, Wanda Carol: FHA 2; FBLA 3. Jordan, John Archie: Football 1,2. Jordan, Lillian Lucille. Judge, Ruth Kathryn: Spanish Cl. 2,3; “Wizard of Oz” 1; “Fiddler on the Roof’ 1. Juul-Nielsen, Ingrid Lisb, Jewel: Powderpuff Football 1,2,3; V Tennis 2,3; GAA 1,2; Bicy- cle Cl. 3; SCA 2,3; Peer 3. Kauzlarich, John Howard, Kauz: JV V Bas- ketball 1,2,3; V Tennis 2,3; Track 1; Photo- graphy Cl. 1. Kelly, Timothy Jude, Tim. Kent, Ronald Keith, Ron: JV Basketball 1; Key Cl.; Photography Cl.; Outing Cl. 3, Pres- ident 3; Peer. Kim, Tae Ho: Cross Country 1; Indoor Track 2; FCA 2; Bicycle Cl. 3. Kindrick, Kathryn Marie, Kathy: Latin 1,2,3; Sec. 2,3, V Pres. 3; Peer 3; Marching Band 1,2; Symphonic Band 1,2. King, Ernest Edward, Eddie: Motorcycle Cl. 1,2; Guitar Cl. 3. Kingrea, Ashton Lee. Kirby, Donna Louise: Motorcycle Cl. 2; FBLA 3. Kirby Nancy Lavon: Powderpuff 1; Basket- ball 1; DECA 3; Art I. Kirschnick, Steven John: ICT Cl. Kleppach, Robert James, Jr., Bob: Trainer; Thespians; “Dracula”. Knight, Aubrey Lee: Albemarle Players 1; Latin Cl. 2,3, Pres. 3; Peer 3. Konkle, Kathryn Jeanne ; Kathy. Konkle, Kristin Ann, Kris. Kysor, Edith Gail: DECA 1,2; FHA 3. Ladd, Cary Thomas, Jr. Lam, Loretta Faye: Pres. P.F. Award. Lamb, Deborah Jean, Debbie: FBLA 3; Chrm. Float Committee; Chrm. Fund Com- mittee. Lane, Joseph Lawrence, Joe. LaRue, Alexandre Pauahi, Alex: French Cl. 2; GAA 1; Bicycle Cl. 3; Honor Society 2,3. Later, Linda Sue. Lawrence, Steven Lee, Hop-a-long: Cinema Cl. 2; Band Cl. 3. Lawson, Brenda Bevins: Intramural Gymnas- tics 1; French 1,2. Lawson, Cornelia Mae, Corny: Nursing Cl. 1; FHA 2; VICA 3. Layman, Charles Franklin, Frankie. Leake, Douglas Bryan, Doug: Football 1,2,3; Indoor Track 1; Baseball 1,2; German Club 2,3; FCA 1,2,3; Albemarle Players 3; Thes- pians 3; “Fiddler on the Roof’; “Hello Dolly”; “Dracula” SCA 1,3. Leathers, Jonathan Franklin, Johnny: I.C.T., VICA 2,3. Lewis, Charles Michael, Mike: Liberation Cl. German Cl.; Photography Cl.; Most Valuable Defensive Lineman. Lewis, Sarah Helen, Merdal, Boo-Boo, Big Dog: CBY. Lindsey, Robert James, Bob: Drama 1; Look, Cary can sit up and sleep at the same time! 185 Spanish 2,3; SCA 2; Nat’l Honor Society 2,3; Peer 3. Locher, Melissa Leigh, Lissa: German Cl. 2,3; Drana Cl. 2,3; Thespians 2,3; ' Outdoors Cl. 3; FCA 2; Albemarle Players 2,3; “Hello Dolly” 2; Jr. Class Talent Show 2; “Show Me” 2; Homecoming Court 3; Regional Choir 3. . Long, Rodney Lee, Lee: German Cl.; Concert Choir. Loschelder, Frances Elizabeth, Fran, Fran- kie: FHA 1, Rep., V. Pres. 3. Loving, Catherine Irene, Cathie: Intramural Gymnastics 1; Spanish Cl. V. Pres. 1,2; Psychology Cl. 3; Concert Choir 1,2,3. Lucas, Vicki Lynn, Vic. Luck, Andre Gregory, Arms: Spanish Cl . 2,3; Albemarle Players 1; Peer 3. Luck, Dana Eric, Uncle Bear: Ichtus Cl. Ad- visor; Director of “Come Together”. Manley, John Wilford. Marks, Katherine Heather: Latin Cl.; Art Cl. Sec.; Nat’l Honor Society 2,3. Marks, Michael Irvin, Mike, Hippie Jones: Basketball; Outdoor Track; Indoor Track; Weightlifting Cl. 1; FCA 2; Outdoors Cl. 2,3. Markwood, Paula Ann: Spanish 1,2,3. Marston, Jodi Ann, Jo: Ichtus Cl., Treas.; President’s Physical Fitness Award. Martin, Barbara Lee: Ichtus Club. Martin, Debra Faye, Debby. Martin, Jerry Dean, Jay: Basketball; Track; FCA. Martin, Mabel Gertrude Ward, Trudy: Bas- ketball; Art Cl.; FHA. Martin, Marion Lee, Lee: German Cl. 1,2. Martin, Patricia Ann, Pat: FHA Treas. Martin, Sarah Kathryn, S.K.: Bicycle Cl. 1; Art Cl. 2; French Cl. 3; Placed first in state, second in region in French Contest 2. Maupin, Janet Leigh, Jan: Motorcycle Cl. 1; Art Cl. 2, Sec. 2; Liberation Cl. 3. Maupin, June Juanita. Maupin, Vernon Allen. Maupin, William Joseph, Billy: JV Football 1; SCA 2; Concert Choir 2,3. Mawyer, David Duane, De De. Maxa, Colin Bruce, Bruce: JV Basketball 1; Intramural Basketball 2,3, Capt. 3; FCA 1; Chess Cl. 2,3; Chess Team 2,3; Peer 3. Mayo, Debra Williams, Debbie: VICA 2,3, Pres. 2, Sec. 3. Mathews , Thomas Philip, III, Tom: In- tramural Basketball 1,2,3; Photography Cl. 1; French Cl. 2,3; A Night of One Acts 2; “Count Dracula” 2; “You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown” 3; Thespians 2,3; Nat’l Honor Society 2,3; Peer 2,3, Photography Editor 3. Matysek, Paul Edward: FFA; VICA. Maupin, Charles William, Billy. Mayo, William Jenning, Billy fcr l A future fashion model? McAllister, Melvin Ray: Art Cl. 3. McCann, Sharon Lynn: Albemarle Players 1,2,3; Thespians 1,2,3; Pep Cl. 1; German Cl. 2,3; “Wizard of Oz” 1; “Fiddler on the Roof’ 1; “Hello Dolly” 2; “Count Dracula” 2. McCauley, Alice Faye, Al. McDaniel, Patricia Ann, Pat: ICT 3, Reporter 3. McDermott, Neal. McGehee, David Winston, Dave: Spanish Cl. 1,2,3; V. Pres. 3. McGrory, Keith James. McVey, Lexie Ann Lex: Girls’ JV Basketball 1; GAA 1; Spanish Cl. 2,3; Albemarle Players 3; Thespians 3; “Count Dracula” 2. McWilliams, Mona Lynn, Lynn: Powderpuff 3; Pep Cl. 1; Spanish Cl. 2,3; Junior Class Talent Show 2. Melton, Theresa Pauline, T.C.: VICA 3, Treas. 3. Merkel, David Crispin: Critique Cl. 1,2; French Cl. 3; Guitar Cl. 3; Albemarle Players 3; “Our Town” 2; “Count Dracula” 2; Nat’l Merit Semi-Finalist; Nat’l Honor Society 2,3; Harlequin; Debate Team. Miller, Deborah Dorita, Debbie; GAA 1,2. Miller, Dorothy Louise: Softball 1; GAA 1, V. Terry Norcross. Pres. 2; Pres. Monogram Cl. 3; GAA Cheer- leading 2. Miller, Gregory Lee, Gregg: Indoor Track 2,3; Outdoor Track 2,3; Intramural Basketball 1; CBY 1; FCA 2,3. Mills, Carolyn Marie. Minter, Stephen Ray, Steve: VICA 3. Moore, Howard Lee: Track 2,3; FCA 2,3; CBY 1,2,3. Mondy, Sherry Peyton: Pep Cl. 1; Spanish Cl. 2,3. Montgomery, Karen Lynn: GAA 1; Spanish Cl. 2; FNA 3. Monroe, Vincent. Moore, Shelby Jean, Slim: Nursing Cl. 1; Motorcycle Cl. 2; Outdoors Cl. 3. Morris, Alton Monroe: Alton. Morris, Michael Keith, Mike. Morris, Pamela Sue, Sue. Morris, Ronald Craig, Craig: Baseball 1,2,3. Morris, Susan Elizabeth, Sue: VICA 1,2. Morris, Vegina Marlene, Gina: GAA 1; Spanish Cl. 2; VICA 3; Guitar Cl. 3; Nursing VICA Sec. 3; Junior Class Talent Show. Morris, Wanda Jean. 186 Morton, Rhoda Sue, Rhoda: Girls ’ JV Basket- ball 1; Girls’ Varsity Basketball 2,3, Most Im- proved Player 3; Girls’ Varsity Softball 3; GAA 1,2; SCALZ; Monogram Cl. 3, Sec.-Treas.; Peer 2,3; Co-Editor of Circula- tion and Activities 3. Mosca, Alfon Bernard, Al: Science Cl. 2; Spanish Cl. 2; Chess Cl. 2,3. Moubray, James Harvey. Munson, Susan Jan: Spanish Cl. 1; Ecology Cl. 2; Photography Cl. 3, Sec.-Treas.; Drama Cl. 3; Thespians 3; “Hello Dolly”; “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown”; Harlequin. Nelms, John Anderson, Nelms: JV Basketball 1; Golf Team 1; V Football 2,3; JV Baseball 3; Intramural Basketball 2,3; Offical Scorekeeper, V Basketball; Chess Team 3; FCA 1,2; Chess Cl. 3; Junior Class Talent Show; Peer 2,3; Sports Editor, Co-Editor of Photography 3; Draper Chem. Contest 2. Nelson, Suzanne Mathews: Pep Cl. 1; French Cl. 2,3; NEDT. Nightingale, Melody Denise, Mel: Powder Puff 1; CBY 1; ICC Representative; CBY 2, Assistant Sec.; Spanish Cl. 2,3; “Young, Gifted, Black” 1; Nat’l Honor Society 2,3; Peer 2,3; Co-Editor 3; Harlequin 3; Janet Clinic 2,3. Norcross, Teresa Rea, Terri: Pep Cl. 1; Spanish Cl. 2,3; Prism 3; SCA. Norford, Charles Alan, Alan. Norvelle, Richard Alan: Cinema Cl. 1,2; Bicycle Cl. 3. O’Leary, Margaret, Mole: Spanish Cl. 1,2,3; 2nd Honors. O’Leary, Mary Jane, O’Learshky: Softball 2; Spanish Cl. 1,2,3; 2nd Honors. Oliva, Michael Joseph, Mike: Ski Cl. 2,3. Owen, John Paul: Drama Cl. 1,2,3, Treas. 2; Thespians 1,2,3, Publicity Director; French Cl. 1; ICC Rep. 2; “Wizard of OZ”; “Tale of Chelm”; “Fiddler on the Roof’; “Hello Dolly”; “Count Dracula”; “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown”; Honor Thespian 2,3; Layout Editor Prism. Owen, Ryland Reamy: Varsity Soccer 2,3; In- tramural Basketball 1,2,3; French Cl. 1,3; Certificate, NEDT 1; Prism 3; Harlequin 3. Owens, David Johnston. Pace, Betty Ann: FBLA, Reporter 3. Paige, John Rowland. Parker, Milburn Eugene, Eugene: Mgr. Track, Football 1,2; Ski Cl. 3, V. Pres. 3; Out- ing Cl. 3, V. Pres. 3. Pasternak, Gary Alan; Spanish Cl. 2,3. Patterson, Julia Marie. Patterson, Mark Gregory, Mark; Intramural Werstling 1; Bicycle Cl. 1, Sec. 1; Philosophy Cl. 2; Science Cl. 2,3; Debate Team 2; SCA 1,2,3; Pres. 3; “Wizard of OZ” 1; Jr. Class Talent Show 1,2; Forensics 2,3, 1st in Reg- ion, Oratory 2. Peck, Dennis Wayne; Cross-Country 1,2,3; Indoor, Outdoor Track 1,2,3; Nat’l Honor Society. Pitts, James Colvin, Jimmy; JV Basletball 1; Outdoor Track 1,2,3; Indoor Track 2,3; FCA 1,2; Outing Cl. 3. Pleasants, Rita Kay. Plymire, Theresa Lynn. Porritt, Debra Kay, Debbie; Powderpuff 2; Nursing Cl. 1; Ski Cl. 2; Science Cl. 3. Powell, Alvin Ray, Al; Indoor, Outdoor Track 2,3; Soccer 3; Chess Cl. 2; SCA 3. Powell, Charles, Audwin. Powell, Gwendolyn Lee, Gwen: Ichtus Cl. 3; Library helper. Powell, Jonathan Michael, Mike: ICT tran- ing. Price, Brad Richard: DECA, FFA. Price, Edward Taylor, II E.T.; Varsity Foot- ball 1; FCA 1, Erutan Cl. 3. Price, Pattie Page, Beasley, Pat: Choir; Motorcycle Cl. Pritchett, David Lee. Pryor, Hans Irving: FCA 1; CBA 2,3; In- tramural Basketball 1,2,3. Pugh, Donald Wayne. Pugh, Robert Vance, Butch. Pullen, Susan Gayle, Sue: Drama Cl. 2,3; French Cl. 2; Parliamentarian 3; “Hello Dolly”, “Kiss Me Quick . . . I’m Double Parked”, “Dracula”; SCA 1,2,3; Reporter; Senior Class Representative; CGB 2,3; Pow- derpuff Football 3. Quarles, Debbie Ann: Powder Puff 2, Cheer- leader 2; Spanish Cl. 3; SCA 3. Quasebarth, Thomas Francis; Quase: In- tramural Basketball 1,2,3; Cinema Cl. 1; SCA 1,2; German Cl. 2,3, Pres. 3; Thespians; 1,2,3; “Wizard of OZ”, “Fiddler on the Roof’, “Hello Dolly”; Nat’l Honor Society 2,3. Rainey, Lawrence Elliott, Larry: Chess Cl. 2. Ratcliffe, William Sampson, Bill: Soccer 1, Trainer 1,2,3; Bicycle Cl. 1,2, Science Cl. 3. Rice, Joseph Darrell, Joey: V Football; Track; Spanish Cl. 1,2; Monogram Cl. 1,2. Richardson, James Lee: V Football 2,3; Track 2; Chess Cl. 2, Liberation Cl. 3; “Hello Dolly”; PBA 2,3. Reed, Christopher Matthew, Matt: V Football 1,2,3; Indoor Track 1,3; Outdoor Track 1,3, Most Valuable Player; FCA 1,2; Lacrosse Cl. 3. Reed, Mark Adams: Soccer; FCA: MVP, Soc- cer 3. Rennolds, Sarah Winston; Powderpuff 1,2,3; French Cl. 2; Monogram Cl. 1; Outdoors Cl. 3; Prism 3. Rexrode, Matthew Charles; Matt. Reynolds, Timothy Owens, Tim: Golf 1,2; Chess Cl., treas. 2; Erutan Cl. 3; Nat’l Honor Society; Marching and Concert Band. Riall, Robert Archie, Bobby: Chess Cl. 3. Ricciardelli, Laura Therese; Critique Cl. 1; Alb. Players 2,3; French Cl. 2,3, Pres. 3; “You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown”; Nat’l Honor Society 2,3; French Forensics 2; Highlight 1,2, Business Mgr. 2; Prism 3, Editor-in-Chief 3. Richardson, Robert W. Riffe, Jennifer Ann, Jenny: Philosophy Cl. 1; Art Cl. 2,3. Ripberger, Ellen Jeffrey, Rip: Outing Cl. 3; Ski Cl. 2; SCA 1; Drama Cl. 1. Ritchie, John Coleman Cotten: Football 1,2,3; Letter 2,3; Track 2,3; FCA 1; Ski Cl. 2; Pep Cl. 2; Outing Cl. 3. Roberts, Catherine June, Cathy: Powderpuff 1,2,3; Pep Cl. 1; Ski Cl. 2; Euratan Cl. 3, Sec. 3; Drill Team 1; Majorette 1,2,3; Co-head 2, Head Majorette 3; Chemistry Lab Assistant 3. Roberts, Charlotte Page: Art Cl. 1,2,3. Roberts, William Daniel, Dan: Bicycle Cl. Robertson, Kay Doreen: French Cl. 1; Ger- man Cl. 2,3. Robinson, David Neal: Tennis 1,2,3; J.V. Football 1; Outing Cl. 3; FCA 1,2; Key Cl. 2,3; “Hello Dolly” 2; Peer 2,3. Robinson, Roger. Robinson, Bruce, Brucie: Environment Cl. 3; CBY 2; Music Cl. 1; English class, “Instant Theatre”; Local Music Scholarship. Rogers, Susan Flood: Powderpuff 1,2,3; Out- ing Cl. 1,2,3; Sec.; Albemarle Players 1,2,3; “Wizard of Oz” 1; “Fiddler on the Roof’ 1; “Hello Dolly” 2; International Thespian Soc- iety 1,2,3; Nat’l Honor Society 2,3; Senior Class Vice-Pres. Kathy Konkle’s friend seems to be camera-shy. 187 Rosenbaum, Patricia A, Pat: Nursing Cl. 1,2; President 2; Eurutan Cl. 3; Library Cl. 1,2; Librarian Asst. 1,2. Rungwerth, Stephan, Steve: Intramural Bas- ketball 1,2,3; Latin 1; German 2,3; Honor Society 2,3. Ruscher, Charles Booth, Chip: Photography 1; Drama 2; Outing 3. Rush, James McKinley. Rushia, Robert C.: Indoor Track 1; Outdoor Track 1; Cross Country 1; Photography 1. Russell, Susan Trotter: Albemarle Players 1; French Cl. 2,3; National Honor Society 2,3; Vassar Award 2; Governo r’s School 2; Harlequin 3. Rutland, Nancy Allen, Rutgers: Latin Cl. 2, Treas.; Albemarle Players 1,2,3; Thespians 2.3, Publicity Director; Critque 1; Guitar Cl. 3, Chairperson; “Wizard of Oz” 1; “Fiddler on the Roof’ 1; “Hello Dolly” 2; “Dracula” 2; “Tale of Chelm”; “Bald Soprano” 2; “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown” 3; Governor, Girls State; Class Sec-Treas. 1,2,3. Samuel, Christopher, Chris: Drama Cl. 1,2,3; French Club 2,3; Band Cl. 3; SCA 1,2,3; Jr. Class Talent Show; Senior Class Follies; Re- gional Band 2,3; Regional Choir 3; AHS Con- cert Choir, 2,3; Soph. Class Vice-Pres.; Jr. Class Pres.; Sr. Class Pres. Sandell, Michael Carroll, Mike: V Football 1,2,3; F.C.A.; Outdoors Cl. Sandridge,Judy Sue: Nat’l Honor Society 2,3. Sanford, Anne Lindsay: JV Cheerleading 1; V Cheerleading 2,3; Girls’ Tennis 1,2; Pow- derpuff 1,2,3; GAA 1; Outing Club 2,3; Nat’l Honor Society 2,3; Peer 3; SCA 3. Saunders, Jeffrey Carl, Jeff. JV Basketball 1; V Basketball 2,3; Track 2,3; Best Runner award 2,3; Cross Country; Key Cl. 2,3; SCA 2.3. Scruggs, Michael, Mike: Motorcycle Cl. Seale, Ruby Lee. Shelton, Teresa Ann: VICA 3. Shifflett, Bennie Miller, Bennie. Shifflett, Deborah Gale: Art Club; FNA. Shifflett, Deborah Lynne. Shifflett, Della Jean. Shifflett, Elizabeth Anne: Art Cl. 1,2; FBLA 3. Shifflett, Gloria Jean: Tri-Hi-Y; FBLA. Shifflett, Margaret Ann. Shifflett, Patsy Marie: FHA 1; FBLA 2,3. Shifflett, Peggy, Ann: Ski 1; FBLA 2. Shifflett, Velma Mae. Shifflett, Virginia Mae. Shockley, Norbert Michael, Doc: French 1; Biology 1. Shortell, Helen Elizabeth, Hel: Gymnastics 1; German 2,3; Albemarle Players 1,2; “Wizard of Oz” 1; Regional Choir 3; Solo Festival 2; Talent Show 2; Prom 2. Showers, Connie Marie, Lacie: Home Ec. 1,2,3. Simmons, Cathy Ann: JV Basketball 1; GAA 1; French Cl. 2,3, Sec-Treas . 3; Talent Show 2; Nat’l Honor Society 2,3; Peer 2,3; Senior, Underclass Editor 3; Harlequin 3, Publishing Editor 3; Debate 3; Extemperaneous Speak- ing 1,2,3. Sims, Randy David, Sketchley, Rothwell Garsed, Garsed: Soccer 2; Bicycle 1,2,3. Smith, Betty Virginia, Bert, B.B.B.B.: Drill Team 1,2; Scrapbook 2; Spanish Cl. 2; French Cl. 3; Albemarle Players 1,3; Guitar 3; Art 1,2,3; Bicycle 2; Pep 1; SCA 3; “Wizard of Oz” 1; Talent Show 2; Art Award 2; Peer 3. Smith, Debra Elaine, Debbie: FBLA 1,2,3. Smith, Dianne Rebecca. Smith, Helen Risher: VICA 3; DECA 1,2. Smith, Louise Anita, Lou. Smith, Patrick William, Billy Bhong: Indoor Track 1; Bicycle Cl. 1, Pres. 2; German Cl. 2,3; The Jaber-Wockey; SCA 2; Talent Show 2. Smith, Randall Winston, Randy: Football 3; Bicycle 1,2; Outdoors 3. Smith, Susan Leigh, Sooze: Drill Team 1,2; Concert Band 1,2,3; Marching Band 3; Drama 1; Bicycle 2; French Cl. 3; Guitar 3; “Wizard of Oz” 1; “Fiddler on the Roof’ 1; Regional Band 1,2,3; Thespian 1,2,3; Municipal Band 3. Snow, Beatrice Comer, Bea: Library; FHA; DE. Snow, Wanda Faye: FHA 1; FBLA 2,3; Nat’l Honor Society 2,3. Snow, Samuel Lawrence. Snyder, Michael John, Mike: Soccer 1,2,3; Cinema Cl. 1; Chess 2; Bicycle Cl. 3; Harlequin 2; Peer 3. Solomon, Patricia Diane. Solorzano, Liana Esperanza: Spanish 1,2,3, Pres. 2,3; Nat’l Honor Society 2,3; Peer 3; Homecoming Queen 3. Spradlin, David Lee, Dave: FFA. Sprouse, Larry James, Larry: Outdoors Cl. 3. Sprouse, Lynita Dawn. Sprouse, Pamela Faye, Pam: GAA Co-head Cheerleader 1; Varsity Co-head Cheerleader 3; Powderpuff football 1,2,3; GAA 1; French Cl. 2,3; SCA 1,2,3; Jr. Class Talent Show 2; Jr. Class Vice-Pres. 2; Honor Society 2,3. Stafford, Thomas Joseph, Tom. Stahl, Kimberley Claire: French Cl. 1,2,3; Environment Cl. 2; German Cl. 2,3; Thes- pians 2,3; Albemarle Players 2,3; “Hello Dolly”, “The Bald Soprano”, “Count Dracula”, “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown”. Stembridge, Robert Leigh, Leo: Football 2,3; JV Basketball 1; Baseball 1,2,3; FCA 1,2; Key Cl. 1,2, Pres. 2; SCA 1. Stephens, Horace Wayne, Wayne: Chess 2. Stephenson, Elizabeth Lawson, Beth: Pow- derpuff 1,2,3; GAA 1; French Cl. 2,3; Jr. Class Talent Show 2; Honor Society 2,3; Peer 2,3. Strever, Alison: Drama Cl. 1; Art Cl. 2; French Cl. 3; Harlequin 3. Tanner, Angela Gail, Angie: Spanish Cl. 2; Ichthus 3; Players Cl. 1. Tate, Terry Michael: Ardia 2; Photography Cl. 1; Outdoors Cl. 3. Taylor, Christine Marie, Tina: Albemarle Players 1,2; Ichthus 3, Sec. 3. Taylor, Sarah Tyler, Sally: Tennis 2,3; French Cl. 2,3; “Hello Dolly”; Peer 3. Taylor, Woodrow Truman. 188 Terhune, Susan Johnson. Terrell, Evelyn Senora, “L”: Spanish Cl. 2,3; CBY 1; “Come Together” 3. Terrell, Jacqueline Lee, Jackie: JV Basketball 1,2; V Basketball 3; Powderpuff 1,2; GAA 1; Spanish Cl. 2; Outdoors Cl. 3; SCA 3; Prism 2, Business Mgr. 3. Thacker, David Ray : Cinema Cl.; Science Cl. 2,3; Concert Band 2,3; Peer 3. Thacker, James Carroll, Jimmy: Soccer 3. Thacker, Jean O’Dell: Bicycle Cl. 1; Art Cl. 2; Outdoors Cl. 3; SCA 1,2. Thacker, Robert Wayne: FFA, V. Pres. Thalmann, Katherine Christine, Kathie: Drill Team 1,2,3; Albemarle Players 1,2,3; Spanish Cl. 2,3; Pep Cl. 1,2; S.C.A. 3; Thes- pians 2,3; “Kiss Me Quick I’m Double Parked” 2; “Count Dracula” 2; “Fiddler On The Roof’ 2; Prism 3. Thomas, Archie Carlton. Thomas, Pamela Sue, Pam: GAA Cheerleader 1; Powderpuff 1,2,3; Basketball 2; Softball 2; GAA Treas. 2; Honor Society 2,3. Thomas, Robert Joseph, Spud: Cross Country 1; Indoor and Outdoor Track 1,2; Bicycle Cl.; Outing Cl.; French Cl.; Spanish Cl.; Jr. Class Talent Show. Thomas, Rosemary. Thomas, Shirley Maria, Shirl: Powderpuff 2; CBY 1,3; GAA 2. Thompson, Alvin Randall: VICA, V. Pres. Thompson, Edrina Nannette, Nan: CBY 1,2,3. Thompson, Mary Ann: French Cl. 1,2,3, V. Pres. 2; Thespians 1,2,3, Treas. 3; Albemarle Players 1,2,3; German Club 2; “Wizard of Oz”, “Fiddler on the Roof’, “Hello Dolly”, “The Bald Soprano”, Jr. Class Talent Show; “Count Dracula”; Honor Society 2,3; Harlequin. Thompson, Richard Lee. Thornley, Donald Jonathan, Mur: Soccer 1,3; Indoor Track 1; FCA 1,2; Outdoors Cl. 3. Tinsley, Mary Etta, Etta. Tirrell, Kim Marie: Powderpuff 1; Drama Cl. 1; Thespians; Art Cl. 2,3, Pres. 3; “Fiddler on The Roof’; “Wizard of Oz”; Night of One Acts; Junior Class Talent Show. I Toet, Petronella Andriana Margreta, Petra: ICT, SCA Rep. Tomlin, Helen Marie, Reedy. Toms, Rh onda Gale. Topper, John Stephen, Steve: Intramural Basketball 1,2,3; French Cl. 1; Ski Cl. 2; Lac- rosse Cl. 2; Outing Cl. 3; Peer 2,3, Ad Editor 3. Travis, Susan Ann: Drama Cl. 1,3; Spanish Cl. 2,3; “Wizard of Oz”. Trunzo, Antonia Maria, Toni: Philosophy Cl. 1,V. Pres. 1; Art Cl. 2,3. Turnbull, Sally Williams, Carrott, JP. Turner, Dennis Keith. Turner, Sharlene, Dee Dee: Softball; GAA 1,2,3. Van de Castle, Craig Garrett, Vandy: Soccer 1,2,3, Captain 3; Intramural Basketball 1,2,3; Bicycle Cl. 1; Critique Cl. 2; French Cl. 3; SCA 1,2,3; Debate Team 2, Commonwealth District Champion 2; Forensics 1,2, Regional 2; Junior Class Talent Show; Who’s Who; Nat’l Merit Commendation; Boy’s State; Nat’ 1 Honor Society 2,3; Harlequin 2,3, Co-Editor 3. Vanderlinde, Derek: Soccer 1; Bicycle Cl. 1; Art Cl. 2,3. Van Fossen, Stephen Allan, Steve: Soccer 1; Tennis 2,3; FCA 1; Chess 2; Photography Cl. 3; Prism 3. Vecchiolla, Deborah, Deb: Intramurals 1,2; Drama Cl. 1; Pep Cl. 1; SCA 1; Tri-Hi-Y 2. Via, Thomas Anthony, Tony; Chess 2,3. Viar, William Jeffrey. Wach, Gerard Stephen, Ron: Intramural Bas- ketball 1,2,3; Football 2. Wade, Gary Thorton: Intramural Basketball 1,2,3; Football 3; German Cl. 2,3. Walker, Arthur. Wilson, Marcella Patricia, Pat: CBY. Wimmer, Donald Edward, Donny: Football 1; Baseball 1; FCA; VICA. Wingfield, Betsey Carolyn, Lyn: Spanish Cl. 2,3; Prism 1,2,3; Harlequin 3. Winter, Susan Lynn, Suse: Softball 2; Bridge Cl. 1; Bicycle Cl. 2; SCA 1,2,3. Wolf, Mary Linn: Albemarle Players 2,3; Philosophy Cl. 1; French Cl. 2,3, V. Pres. 3; “A Tale of Chelm”; “Dracula”; “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown”; Junior Class Talent Show; Thespians 2,3; Nat’l Honor Society 2,3; Nat’l Merit Commendation; Prism 3; Harlequin 3. Wolff, Claire Marie, Claire. Wolfe, Mary Lea, Merrily KFT: Powderpuff 1; GAA; German CL; Albemarle Players 1,2,3; “Wizard of Oz”; Junior Class Talent Show. Wood, David Ross, Fred. Wood, David Wade, Woody: FFA 1,2,3, Pres. 1, Reporter 2; State Farmers Degree; Lives- tock and Forestry Chapter Award 2. Walker, Thedora Loratte, Dora: VICA 3. Wallace, Edward Clive. Waller, Yvonne Elizabeth: Softball 1; CBY 1,2,3, Reporter 3; Black Culture Program 2,3; Nat’l Achievement Semifinalist 3. Walton, Marsha Ann: Pep Cl. 1; FCA 2; Ich- tus Cl. 3. Walton, Michael Wayne, Mike: FFA 1,2,3, Reporter 1, V. Pres. 2, Pres. 3; Nat’l Honor Society 2,3. Walton, Ted Carroll, Teddy: FFA. Walton, Timothy Wade, Tim: German Cl. 3. Washington, Cassandra, Sandy. Washington, Patricia Ann, Pat: Basketball 2,3; Softball 1,2,3; CBY; GAA 1,2; Monogram Cl. 3, V. Pres. 3. Waugaman, Mark Alvin: Intramural Basket- ball 2,3; German Cl. 2,3. Waybright, Audrey Gwen. Webber, Douglas Franklin: German Cl. 1,2,3; “Fiddler on the Roof’; “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown”; Junior Class Talent Show; Symphonic Band 1,2,3; District Band 2. Webber, Jodie Lee: Latin Cl. 1; Enviroment Cl. 2; Art Cl. 3; 2nd Place in Art Show 2. Whindleton, Cynthia Dorothy, C.C.: CBY. Whitcomb, Lee Peck, Whit: Football 1,2,3; Track 1,2; Spanish Cl. 1; FCA 2; Psychology 3. White, Beatrice Ann, Bea: DECA 2,3, Sec. 3. White, Theresa Ann: CBY. Whiting, Mary Agnes. Whitmore, Patricia Lee, Pat. Williams , Louis Leon, Peanut: Outdoor Track; Football; FCA. Williams, Robert Athony, Bobby: Football, Indoor Track; Outdoor Track; Cross Country; FCA. Willis, Linda Faye, Willie: DECA 2,3, His- torian 2, Treas. 3. Wood, Steward Preston, Stewart: Soccer 2,3; Ski Cl. 1; Chess 2,3. Wood, Helen Irene. Woodson, Douglas Thomas, Sonny. Woodson, Gary Peyton, Pax: Intramural Bas- ketball 2,3; Ski Cl. 2,3. Wright, Elizabeth. Wright, Esther Alice, Alice: FBLA 3. Wright, James Junior. Buster: Football 1. Wyant, Mary Kimberly, Kim: Ski Cl. 1; Eru- tan Cl. 3; Drill Team 3; Junior Class Talent Show. Wyant, Mary Lucy: Art Cl. 2; FBLA 3. Young, John Alan, III, Jay: Photography 2; Ski Cl. 3. Young, Maurice Clifton. Ziegler, Robert Charles. Ziock, Klaus Peter: Tennis 2; Photography 1,2; Chess 3. 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White, owner Compliments of HOME BUILDING SUPPLY, INC. to the Graduating Class You have already been told that the world is at your feet and is yours for the effort, that the challengers are great as are the rewards. There is no doubt that is true. Let us add this. You have just conquered one major hurdle in your life — graduat- ing from school. You did it by taking one day at a time, one week at a time, one test at a time. That’s the way life is — one step at a time. And each step builds on the one be- fore it. “Genius is the capacity to take in- finite pains.” Few of us are geniuses but each of us owes it to himself to do every task to the best of his ability and in his own inimitable way. Each of us has a contribution to make to society. What yours is and will be is now in the making. tizen s SANK TRUST CO NATIONAL BANK AND TRUST COMPANY VIRGINIA NATIONAL BANK 203 MURPHY INSURANCE ANDTRAVEL, INC. KELLER’S Shoes for the entire family, “friendly red carpet service” Downtown Charlottesville 108 Second Street, S.E. — Dial 295-4157 Charlottesville, Virginia 22902 PAUL’S “The most complete newstand on the Corner” Mobile Homes |j {%M Sales and Service INCORPORATED Serving Mans Needs For Mobility And Modern Luxury Living Since 1935 Route 8 - Box 432 Rt. 29 N Walt Bukrim Charlottesville, Va. 22901 Sales Representative (804) 973-4491 Telephone: 295-7875 The Spokesman Ra’el Auto Shop Bicycle Service Center Specializing in all Auto Body and Fender Repair Painting and Glass Installation 204 Distinctive Custom Homes By R. D. Wade, Builder 101 Georgetown Road Charlottesville, Virginia 22901 Phone 295-7146 Flowers for All Occasions P. O. Box 476 Crozet, Virginia 22932 823-4793 ALICE GARRISON J. DANIEL PATTERSON LYNDA S. PATTERSON Virginia’s Official Steak House ANGUS BARN Route 29 North Next To The Holiday Inn 2018 Holiday Dr Charlott esville, Va. 296-4630 BETTER LIVING ■ x SINCE 1893 CHARLOTTESVILLE LUMBER CO. Charlottesville, Va. 22902 Route 29 North 310 Avon Street Phone 973-8361 Phone 296-5111 Green Mountain Service Center Keene, Virginia Groceries-Fresh Meat-Frozen Foods Fruits And Vegetables Ice Cream By The Cone Gulf Gas And Oil We Give S. H. Green Stamps Ruth, William, and Oscar Mahone 205 Hall Brothers, Inc Route 6, Box 390C Charlottesville, Virginia 22901 Phone (804) 295-1121 or 295-1122 Custom Cabinetry COR1AN Bathtub Wall Kit, Vanities Sheet Goods CORNING” Cooking Appliances SSBSCSljErsirM-AiR Kitchen Storage Aids Gibson sFORMICA JSmm . brand §) TEXTOLITE AMEROCK ' A M AJAX BQMipS “Food Fun for Everyone” Hoagies On Our Home Baked Sub Rolls Pizza PeeWee Small Medium Large Spaghetti Lupo’s Own Italian Sauce Pick-up Orders Delivery Service 296-7007 295-9153 5 PM to 12 PM Sun. — Thru — Thurs. 5 PM till 1 AM Fri Sat. Bruce C. Kroencke owner Compliments Of DOMINICK MOTOR CO. 1 and. 1 Mercedes-Benz ® DEALER “See How Much Car Your Money Can Buy.” Reliable Used Cars Rt. 250 E. on Pantops Mountain 973-4601 973-5346 CRENSHAW’S MOBILE HOMES, INC. L.B. Crenshaw Route 29 North Charlottesville, Virginia 22901 “The Mobile Home of Your Future Is On Our Lot Today” 206 Congratulations Class Of 1974 Morton MORTON FROZEN FOODS DIVISION ITT Continental Baking Company Crozet, Virginia WOODBROOK VILLIAGE — Route 29 North Charlottesville, Virginia 22901 Distributor Of Pittsburgh Paints And Fine Wall Coverings ROY WHEELER REALTY COMPANY Virginia Real Estate Charlottesville-Virginia City — Suburban and Country Property The Virginia Real Estate Clearing House “Wheeler Building Court Square” 401 East High Street Phone 296-4171 Darden Jim Forrest TOWE INSURANCE SERVICE, INC. 418 East Main Phone 295-5191 Charlottesville Friendly Service Since 1934 k BIueRkJgCf ■ Mountain Sports 1417 Emmett St. (Route 29), Charlottesville, Va. 22903 Tel. (703) 977-4400 207 Hanckel — Citizens Insurance Corporation Compliments Of Meadowbrook Hardware, Inc. 2039 Barracks Road Phone 293-8052 Charlottesville, Virginia 22903 Pet Supplies — Glidden and Dutch Boy Paints Wall Paper — Hardware 3rd and Jefferson Streets Charlottesville, Virginia Phone 296-7191 “Over Seventy Years of Service” FOUR SEASONS Swim Raquet Club Phone 973-4444 S. W. BARNES INCORPORATED Crozet, Virginia Telephone 823-4391 William T. Stevens estate Joseph G. Pace Realtor Ui X v«V Robert E. Carter III Edward B. Stevens Alexander T. Stumpf Thomas F. Clemmer, Jr. Noel Stevens STEVENS COMPANY Member of National Institute of Real Estate Brokers • National Institute of Farm and Land Brokers • American Chapter, International Real Estate Federation Telephone 804 296-6104 One Boar’s Head Place Charlottesville, Virginia 22901 208 24 Hour Service 6:30 To 10:00 Daily R. E, By Pass Gulf 1333 Long Street Charlottesville, Virginia MAJOR AND MINOR REPAIRS SON, INC. Offices on Hydraulic Road Charlottesvile Phone 973-4393 Sales Service Lawn Garden Small Construction Equipment Wayne Gentry Phone 293-4601 manager If No Answer Phone 973-7308 GENTRY’S POWER EQUIPMENT SERVICE, INC. 2115 Berkmar Drive Charlottesville, Va. James A. Gentry, Jr. Phone 973-5349 209 Continental Trailways BENOIT NURSERY RFD 4 Airport Road Charlottesville, Va. 22901 804-973-8317 George C. Benoit President Compliments Of UNIVERSITY BOOK STORE Supplies for Collegians For Over a Century Visit Our Record Department ‘Serving the academic community over 125 years. Road Wrecker Service BILL’S SHELL SERVICE CENTER Route 250 West Charlottesville, Va. 22903 Bill Barnett, Owner Phone: 295-9571 or 977-8210 “See Us For Everything Automotive” Virginia State Inspection no. 3175 210 Lane’s Tailoring Shop 311 East Main St. Charlottesville, Va. 22901 Telephone 295-2257 “The Oasis of Men’s Clothing” BOOKER REAL ESTATE Hwy. 29 N. at Woodbrook Villiage Charlottesville, Virginia Phone: 973-8373 E. Lee Booker, Jr. W.R. (Wally) Dunn Best Wishes to the Class of ’74 H. M. Gleason Co. Incorporated Compliments of W. E. J. F. BISHOP First and Garrett Streets Dial 295-5145 P.O. Box 299 Charlottesville, Va. “Where Service Continues Long After the Sale” 211 212 WAYSIDE TAKE-OUT OLE VIRGINIA FRIED hicken 2203 Jefferson Park Avenue Phone 977-5000 SEAL’S B P SERVICE STATION Crozet, Virginia Phone 823-4121 C. H. Williams Inc. Charlottesville’s Leading Fashion Stores Charlottesville, Virginia 22902 Compliments of Whitt Company Realtors 2248 Ivy Road Phone: 295-2191 LA PAREE RESTAURANT Located at the Holiday Inn Route 29 N. and 250 Ry-Pass MATTHEWS Salon of Beauty 1819 N. Emmet Street Charlottesville, Virginia Owner Operator: Betty Matthews Next Door to the Pancake House Restaurant Open Friday Evenings by Appointment 213 VIRGINIA TELEPHONE TELEGRAPH COMPANY 1924 Arlington Boulevard Charlottesville, Virginia UNIVERSITY CAFETERIA 1517 West Main St. At The Corner Recommended by Mobil Travel Guide McCall’s Magazine Free Parking Charlottesville Savings Loan Arrow Hart-Murray Division Route 660, Earlysville, Va. 22936 214 FRANK IX SONS, INC. equal opportunity employer Visit Our Pot Pourri Shop For Gifts of Fragrance Pot Pourri «Fontana CLAIRE BURKE, INC. Ivy Road (250 West) Main Street Downtown Charlottesville, Virginia Compliments of E.M. Martin, Inc. 215 Pool 296-7106 TV White House Motel Corp. Rt. 250 E. Charlottesville Air Conditioned Restaurant Total Insurance Service E. W, BARGER CO. T A Crozet Insurance Agency P.O. Box 217 Crozet, Virginia 22932 823-4321 Delight thyself also in the Lord; and He shall give thee the desires of thine heart. Carlton A. Luck WWW Electronics, Inc. P D. - Charlottesville, Va. 22903 ’ . ' ustom Manufacturing Printed Circuiis ■ Silk Screens - Name Plates Box 157-A Esmont, Virginia 22937 Commit thy way unto the Lord; and He shall bring it to pass. Psalms 34; 4-5 216 Charlottesville Oil Co. Gulf Office 293-9107 Emergency Number — 295-1730 S tr omb erg- Carl son Congratulates Albemarle High School Class of 1974 217 CHARLOTTESVILLE AUTO TRUCK DEALERS BRADY-BUSHEY FORD, INC. Route 250 East, Pantops Mountain Charlottesville, Virginia Ford, LTD, Torino, Thunderbird, Mustang, Maverick, Pinto, Ford Trucks R. M. DAVIS MOTORS, INC. Route 29 North Charlottesville, Virginia Plymouth, Valiant, Chrysler, Imperial H. M. GLEASON CO., INC. First and Garrett Streets Charlottesville, Virginia International Trucks and Farmall Equipment DON MANN VOLKSWAGEN, INC. 918 Preston Avenue Charlottesville, Virginia Volkswagen — Subaru RUSSELL MOONEY OLDS SALES SERVICE 315 West Main Street Charlottesville, Virginia Oldsmobile, Oldsmobile F85, Toronado POLLARD AUTO G. M. C. SERVICE 1021 Linden Street Charlottesville, Virginia G. M. C. Trucks JIM WILLIAMS BUICK, INC. 900 Preston Avenue Charlottesville, Virginia Buick, Opel, Kadett MacGREGOR MOTORS, INC. 416 West Main Street Charlottesville, Virginia Lincoln Continental, Mercury, Comet, Cougar, Capri, Montego — Rambler PEYTON PONTIAC CADILLAC DATSUN, INC. 858 West Main Street Charlottesville, Virginia Pontiac, Firebird, Pontiac Tempest, Cadillac, Datsun JIM PRICE CHEVROLET Route 250 East, Pantops Mountain Charlottesville, Virginia Chevrolet, Chevelle, Nova, Corvette Camaro, Vega, Chevrolet Trucks S-K MOTORS, LTD. Route 250 West Charlottesville, Virginia Imported Auto Specialists — Sales Services WILHOIT MOTORS 404 East Market Street Charlottesville, Virginia Dodge, Dart, Coronet, Polara, Monaco Demon, Charger, Dodge Trucks DOMINICK MOTOR CO. Route 250 East, Pantops Mountain Charlottesville, Virginia Toyota — Mercedes Sales Service 218 ANDERSON BROTHERO ABOOK STORE Inc.O Compliments of W.A. Lynch Roofing Co., Inc. 1234 River Road Charlottesville, Virginia 22901 Serving This Community Since 1876 Located at the University of Virginia James H. Williams Realtor and General Contractor 973-8381 Recreation Investment “Land Is Our Business” VIRGINIA LAND COMPANY Route 29 North Phon e 973-5381 Compliments of MASSACHUSETTS MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY Developer of Jefferson Village and Greene Lea L. Peck Whitcomb, C.L.U. George W. Eudailey, Jr., C.L.U. Chris C. Cramer William B. Trevillian One Boar’s Head Lane 296-5694 219 VI j 1 m A V iA® ®» W ¥ Red Lion Gifts Gifts for all occasions Compliments of WAYSIDE PRESS Compliments of JEWEL BOX Heaven To Seven Shoppe 319 East Main Street Downtown Charlottesville 220 Congratulations to the Senior Class of 1974 Compliments of Polaris Farm Mr. Mrs. Macgruder Dent Page Foster Inc. Quality Men’s Clothing Downtown, Charlottesville Compliments of J. F. Bell Funeral Home, Inc. OMOHUNDRO ELECTRIC Company — Incorporated 400 East Market Street Phone 296-6161 Sales and Service Frigidaire and Zenith Serving Families of Albemarle and Surrounding Communities Since 1917 Phone 295-9169 Charlottesville, Va. COLLEGE INN RESTAURANT 1511 University Avenue at the comer 221 UNIROYAL Scottsville, Virginia Congratulations to the Class of 1974 Compliments of Compliments of L. A. LACY INC. Parks Finance Service, Inc. 900 Harris Street Jefferson Professional Institute and Holden School of Art and Design 2421 Ivy Road 295-9357 Career training in: Business Commercial Art Automation Fine Art AT T Long Lines Vaughan Tire Appliance Co., Inc. 218 West Water Street Phone 293-8131 Charlottesville, Va. 22901 Itc I Compliments of W. C. Bascom 223 Walker Manley T A MAC’S Bear Wheel Alignment Service 515 Stewart Street Phone 296-1774 where “Savers do better” §ub avings; $f top at your one -stop $( opping Center yjc put tt off together fir you f arrack$ jload Shopping (inter shop tO-b many stores 0 9 JR 224 The PEER Staff Thanks Betty Smith — cover design The Administration The Faculty Mrs. Virginia G. Barnett Mrs. Maria Hurt Charles Perry and Hunter Publishing Co. And a special thanks to Mrs. Courtenay T. Stanley, our dedicated advisor, who has completed her eighth year with the PEER staff. PEER BOOSTERS Ashley’s Country Clothes Mr. Alonzo Branch Mr. Mrs. Percy Branch Jr. Mr. Berchel Brown Brown’s Lock Safe Bryan Beck Mrs. Susan Burruss Crozet Foods Miss Dorothy Davis Mrs. Ella Fitch The Flower Cart Wayne Gentry Mr. Joseph Hankney Mr. Lawrence Hackney Mrs. Evelyn Harris Mr. Mrs. Gus M. Heilman The Hub Mr. Mrs. Charles G. Huie Ward, Seay Son Plumbing and Heating Ida’s Grill Ivy Exxon Mr. Mrs. C.M. Johnson Mr. Mrs, John J. Johnson Dr. Mrs. C.E. Juul-Nielsen Mr. Mrs. Allan Kindriek King Roberts Edgar C. Lawson (M.D.) Lesco, Inc. Martin Hardware Maupin’s Service Mr. Mrs. Kenneth Mitchell Monticello-Skyline Safari Campground New Dominion Bookshop Mrs. Lillie B. Nightingale The Nook Mrs. Edith N. Peoples Claude Phillip’s Garage (Earlysville) Process Builder’s Corp. Mr. Mrs. Charles H. Simmons Spradlin Feed Seed Tremble’s Dry Cleaning Paul B. Victoritis Framing Shop Mr. Mrs. James Walker 225 A kaleidoscope of images are now etched onto the emulsion sheet of my mind. But will they there remain forever? Or will they soon fade and disappear like a misty dream? These years have indeed been an experience in all respects . . . Friends, books, teachers, assignments, teammates, administrators, grades . . . 226 w. I But soon all of that will be just a memory instead of a day-to-day reality For now 1 am about to embark on a journey into a new world and into myself. And both the world and myself stand waiting, expectant . . . 227 There is so much to be done, so much to be changed if I could - no - if I would. Craig Van de Castle 228 .M o z. " Kimr H0 -0 X- 00003 IO 2 3101(2. -to SrtSOd i r 2- - ' r cpao LOf ' wzn X uoorlt Ge. «s)o z. 1-0 S 2 2 up SortiUrND f C 2- OCj Or©£0 ■f x-o rrc Q tof ' xGo SJo £. ZUi2 ' c d 3J Oo IOOCN2A. UOiU X Qd OOV v ' dO hog sod 4t 2 U cu Ai “ -to uodovc uS s S-Voc Gc . Oo UGX2A, , C?OSrt .a. V i 2. 1 Xs rasun ssd - o op sod X o.odre. " to i aaoe some " P 20 pvz cGr iga t X ' U 3 2d- -to S 2- 2- GPG St +0(2. in OAr Xnr ojdd 400 can e -for 4irv2. uJroip uO(2C-tS icol “X 5 onnd Voa fcM 3 b . " X oG30!t pOG IO 0(2 C r 2- Of ' Mo 2 o ' - 2 loooJo rstia-snd tdnoGVSvoq a.rc 2 s ojod loeioeoo upo eif. X " OOOuJ X ' ' . S 2i2 L S odot fcx 2 GOJJ- X oaWt V 2«3 ug vrv touGO [ Xf QXXLf i aod , sonpvc2 t.m it) do —caoktL -to OOoCorrr CctS ' “Kd. dto orv5 sod uUfilu op to ' VTtG frsrt ard Q£ 4 Vi 2, bocp O HCufcVS 0 $. " XT uOoeW qxku ibrcpx. t p j Kl K be, apod 0 Loo l T oni ' 1 (Gn, I ' Vy ' y y? 1 cy evt ptc su ' %eeo is yesfsC. . eye ZZT y r - s c yt K y ? . L y £c £ 7sfcs£ C y fr T y SO u£ -rsuCT. -yoct its er vexS- yest sf ’d Wy6g- Z ' a " ' £ Vf Co yoc . . i KV X CW -faraiS d Ox d do onxor u QOO ; d -p nrv. t Q i r (riio. V,. ' A wr . 0 ' XX f , voxx -ume UJV c.r x — , o a Hx? uxx rannivncy 0 LA 7 ( ■ , , T a 5 rmad dtxa e tu C 0 vvMd o-e W«A . o funno, rvu YouX W- sl u X£ -te -teU XX., r „ ,aA v ;u t ,, to. oA d vxVViK i i . xyejjJY (U mu, t ®X d Vt. StuaW X and vwe vW aj j- to. J) ft w . — ru.u. i( idn jadmu, CoJdx a d or (L - oxOn dVc k 0 qA, luiX X(aXO r ' J -j cJ ad, Xo rfua X d ,im ' ° ux 9 mu X ' -Via xaclx i„x a 5 oae Ck 7rv( -. axe a a oa -d deaV AHcJr xe kC A ax ju a ' eJ MeX f ,) ) i i l ' n v cMd , X V: ) . ,! X X ' d- M-K M HUNTER PUBLISHING COMPANY Ca (■ , ( jT ' - ' ' - North Carolina I dre rft d od f]X , ■ — i-- LXXVX ' V L AJ . CHARLES PERRY, CHARLIE GARRISON, JOHN PERRY ( I -,, j I I 1( " lid -) d 0 " d k C T dd- 0 REPRESENTATIVES V ' | ( K ( ( L Xj I Ui( r out a L ) f x oYt y Pad D k knO rr; Yoa kJ ' O ( MkT( x C xXP do )o uou rc rrxirote-er - J (y x rvLQ v cjo 4- i u •( i K ' i doer fill 7 5 1 (e kjwcj ( yu (SAk OVW%V !YlU flVkAj KvjvWjlu , YpuCW trcvn ao W Wy ! V i -5 c (VHVi. 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Vw oavc) () Dl D JU V o | W ' Vo WW ' Y- h(Mbc5l un ' iumvnxxio taxcl D Ww (Oj(j CMk uaxVi WxvD, WfeKa CbjWio VoxatW vWol W yWAva .9 fey y wfto cp© Uxb J ujvn 1 , 0 V cmW onvt aavr) f) Yv y VcyA y. poda Wxac aw avcovx VfA yO vuu ' H W Wvt . y. W j 0 v nvW M. ojb V vWwfN 9 v ' xo i rW to jWl uSus W i ' os ’nN Cm wvu wA Y k ( W (jt W y . ow u- Wuyr , lw yWwA KV aW. sji CH JtN CVJSJyTTN.’ ' Will ( WW § (VJCkTPv o-W to. , W bo ctnl Wwvr imx. Civyuv (tinuW) -v l “ N. i( MX k

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