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S3355 533 pm I V55 . mg, BI L:-A xem :Mm Elf. Rav 5 'gli wwf gm H ww, 92' IFJ, 5:1 . fi Eh' .pei ii 15 4 5 i i u 1, 1 9 V if ,V V ' , Vw K ,, A .J S ,,. VV V fx? VV! ' M?" V 64 ' . .1 I t r 2 'Y . . A , f ! X., . f 1 vV' ,xt-"cw xiwlbi-'-Abi-x sa- 410,-var :,09,num 'va ff A1 ws. , ,, 1 : A ky Xf5T1i5iS9 5 as , ik S WFN s...-1' 5 xi N .3 w .LW X - Q N1 N...,,,vf H-...I WWWMY J Sif- Q-if .af ,guru in S 1 5 3 5 - I I EMAQ 1? . WN. S .QM Q N XX F QM-x -vw 11: xy .Nw . .. wx f. ww xr. R Q WN Nw Nw Y :Q . ww - . mf..-A .. . X.. :-- M. . ,. ww .Q N.. N. awxggx . K K .... Q -N. 1... .wx N... . ,if . . Q. - J, X .ww N5 . .K xs- S. NX 3. . A .. X. Q . N.. .wQ.. . X X Q Q .Q .. .X . .. -Q.. -.sw . .. - Q -. wv Q X .. .X .. W .ws - N. 1 'X v.. .lv X34 We Siiiflx Peer Volume Vlll Albemarle High Sclwool Cl1orloHesville, Virginia Foreword Here is the reflection of one year at Albemarle High School 4. .inarked by condnued growdh and sphit. .. an ur creased student body . . . a larger faculty . . . and an ex- tended building program. As we pause to glance through this book, we will recapture many pleasant memo1'ies. The stall sincerely hopes that each person will find himself reflected in the pages that follow, in this, the 1961 Peer. Table of Contents FACULTY AND ADMINISTRATION . SCHOOL PROGRAM ...... FEATURES .... SPORTS .... ORGANIZATIONS . CLASSES .... ADVERTISEMENTS . 4 Page Page Page Page Page page Page 3 3 www 5 Dedication With sincere appreciation for her contributions to the student body of Albemarle, not only through her responsibilities as a teacher, but also through her diligence in pro- moting school spirit among our students, we, the seniors of 1961 dedicate the '61 edition of the Peer to MRS. INETT MAHANES. Focully And Adminisfrahon Principal MR. BEN F. HURT 8 MH. HOMER M. KLINE MRS. ELIZABETH BEARD Assistant Principal MISS MARTHA BAILEY Secretaries School Board r Mrs. Anna B. Yancey, I. T. Henley, Harry Garth, E. I. Oglesby, F. E. Paulett, Paul H. Cale, Leslie Walton. 9 Facu MRS. DAISY B. ADAMS B.S. in Educutiong English I MRS. I'IARRIE'l'I'E B. ARMSTRONG B.A. in Educationg Typing Ig Bookkeeping I MRS. DOROTHY XV. ATKINS B.S.g M.Erl.g Physical Scienceg Gencml Science MR. HARRY A. AUSTIN B.S. in Ind. Arts Educationg Ind. Artsg Drafting MRS. ANGELYN A. BAGYVELL B.A.g Algebra lg General Mathematics MR. -HUBERT L. BAILEY B.S.g F.F.A. Clubg Vocational Agriculture MISS DOROTHY MAE BALLENGEE B.S. in Educationg Alg. Ig General Mathg Trigonomctryg Plan MISS MRS. B.S.g M.A.g MISS Not Pictured MRS. ALEXANDER CHEVRIER Eighth Grade English and Math MRS. ANTOINETTE XV. PICCOTT B.A.g Eighth Grade Artg Art I, II, III, IV c Geometry RUBY VIRGINIA BEARD B.S.g Government MRS. LUCILLE C. BOWEN B.S. in Education: F.T.A. Clubg Eighth Grade English and Geogfaphyg World H Letory MR. NORMAN L. BUSSE B.S. in Agr. Eclucationg F .F .A. Clubg Agriculture MR. RICHARD N. CAMPER B.A. in Eng. Literatureg Eighth Grade English and Geogruphyg English I NANCY L. CHAMBERS B.A.g Eighth Grade English and Social Studicsg English I MR. CHARLES L. COSTELLO Spanish I and Ilg U. S. History ELEANOR DICKERMAN A.B.g Orchestra MRS. VIRGINIA R. DOFFLEMYER B.S.g Chuirg Guidance MRS. LAURA C. DRUM B.A. in Mathg Plane and Solid Geometry MISS MARY R. EDMISTON A.B.g Eighth Grade Math and Algebra I MR. JAMES VV. ESTES M.A.g D. O. Clubg D. O. and Consumer Math MRS. MATTIE LEE FORNES Educationg Bible Clubg English Il and Guidance MRS. MARGARET P. FOYVLER B.S.g Physical Science MR. DARRELL C. GARDNER B.S. in Retailingg D. E. Clubg General Mathg Distributiae Education MRS. MARJORY COODALL B.S.g Iourualismg Librariang Sponsor af PEER and HIGHLIGHT MRS. KATHERINE NV. HANCOCK .-LB. in Businessg F.B.L.A. Clubg Shorthand I and llg Typing II MRS. JANE HENLEY B.A.g Eighth Grade Social Studies and Englishg Literary Club B.S.g B.S. in MRS. ELIZABETH C. HOLLAND B.S. in Home Ec. Educationg F.H.A. Clubg Home Economicsg U. S. History MRS. ELLEN W. HOUSTON A.B.g Latin Clubg Latin I and II MRS. KATHRYN P. HUMPHRIES B.S.g F.B.L.A. Clubg Office Practice and V.O.T.g Guidance MRS. MARIA A. HURT B.S. in Home Econnmicsg Home Economicsg F.H.A. MRS. STACY D. JACKSON B.A.g Drama Clubg English IIIg Speech and Drama MISS MARY HANNAH JONES B.S. in Educationg M.Ed.g Home Economics: F.H.A. MRS. PATRICIA LANUSSE JONES B.S.g M.Ed.g Algebrag Plane Geometryg Advanced Math MR. HARRY WV. KENT B.A.g U. S. Historyg Baseball Coach MR. JULIAN N. KING B.S.. Eighth Grade Mathg Varsity Football, Track, and Eight h Grade Basketball MR. JAMES A. LEITCH B.A.g B.S.g Physical Educationg Health: Drivers' Education MR. ROBERT C. LEXVIS in Educatiang M.Ed. in Guidanceg Guidance Director MR. KENNETH NV. LINDSAY A.B.g M..-Lg Biologyg Chemist:-yg Physics MRS. JANE H. MADDOCK A.B.g Frcnchg World Histaryg French Club MISS MARY A. MADDRY A.B.g Student Councilg English lIIg Latin I MRS. INETT H. MAHANES B.A.g English Ig English IVg Ir. Red Cross Council MRS. ELIZABETH M. MARTIN B.A.g M.A.g Physical Educationg Healthg G.A.A.g lr. Varsity Cheerleaders MR. HARRY E. .NULL B.S.g Monogram Clubg Physical Educationg Healthg Athletic Director MISS BEVERLY ANN PEARCE B.S.g Typingg General Businessg Girls' Tennis Team B.S. 11 Faculty 1 MISS TRESA F. QUARLES B.S. in Education: G.A.A.g Physical Educatiang Healihg Varsity Clwerlernling Spansorg Coach Girls' Varsity Basketball MR. IVILLIAM H. RAINES B.S.g Monogram Clubg Healthg Physical Education E I MR. LAIRD L. RUSH A.B.g M.ErI.g Healthg Physical Education MR. JAMES XV. SIMMONS B.S. in Music Eduaatiang M.Ed.g Bandg Eighth Grade Musicg Band Club MR. LEROY H. SMITH, JR. B.S. in Education: Industrial Arts Cluhg Prcviectors' Clubg 1nd. Arts 1g Drafting 11g Wuorlmvurlcingg Auturncclmnics MISS ELIZABETH C. STALLARD B.S.g Bialaggg General Scicnceg F.T.A. MRS. MARY T. STALNAKER A.B.g Eighth Grade Social Studiesg English MISS ELIZABETH SUTHERLAND B.S.g M.A.g English 1115 English 1V ' MR. JOSEPH L. TRICE B.A.g Eighth Grade Science MR. ROBERT B. TURNER B..-Lg English MRS. RUTH C. UPDIKE Reg. Nursvg Practical Nursingg Future Nurses' Club MRS. MARGUERITE B. VINES A.B.g C.A.A. Clnbg Physical Erlucationg Driver Training ' .1 e MRS. LADY B. YVALTON B.S.g Library Clalzg Librarian MR. NEIL si. YOUNG ' 13.5.5 VV0rld Histaryg Warld Gcagraplzyg Gouernmcntg Student Council 12 School Program A new and worthwhile addition to the program at Albemarle was added this year, a guidance de- partment, under the direction of . Mr. Robert C. Lewis. Its goals are to render a service to the students and to help co-ordinate their high school careers by steering them in the right direction from the very beginning. Next year an even smoother program will he in op- eration. New guidance counseling rooms are under construction now for use next September and more counselors are preparing for guid- ance work. This year the Art De artment has been greatly expanded and improved. Its members undertook the job of producing a set for the Albemarle Players' production of "Charley's Aunt" and brought forth a stylized set for three acts. In addition, they did the decora- tions for the annual homecoming dance, and the set for "The Mon- key's Paw." Many times coming school events are announced with the help of the Art De artment. In art classes, new fiellds, which include the study of colors, de- signing, ceramics, work in pastels, lettering and poster making, and perspective, have been introduced. The hysical education program at Albemarle for members of the eighth, ninth, and, tenth ades, consists of numerous activities and courses designed to give students social!-and physical training. The students artici ate in various athletic activities such as basketball, softball, tumbling, volle hai, andp tennis. Courses in health, first aid, and drivers' education are also offered, through the physical education program. The Social Studies Department of Albemarle aims to develop an appreciation and understanding of our cultural heritage. Its purposes Dare. to acquaint students with philosophies of history, govemment and economics, to instill a sense of responsi- bility as a citizen, to promote interest in current events, and to provide Pupils with training in critical thinking. Albemarle's courses in social studies mc ude U. S. History, U. S. Govemment, World History, civics, and geography. Ei., Wg ,..... .. ..... -W ..-., .... .... N,N The English Department aspires to encourage and promote good written and oral expression. It seeks to cultivate and instill an appreciation and under- standing of fine literature in the students at Albe- marle. The eighth, ninth, and tenth grade courses con- sist of a study of various literary selections and a study of basic grammar. The eleventh grade course includes a study of American authors and their works and the twelfth grade course emphasizes English authors and selections. Both the eleventh and twelfth year courses review the principles and application of grammar in reference to composition and other activities. S eech and drama and journalism are areas in- cluded in the English Department. EUHR SHSQNINE iS THE w P Home economics is a course designed to teach the students the basic principles of homemaking. It is education in the present, as well as preparation for home- making in the future. The development of basic beliefs concerning the contribution that the family may make to the development of individuals and communities and the essential skills for strengthening this contribution are the primary goals of the program. These beliefs and skills become increasingly important as society becomes more complex and individuals and family groups are faced with many problems which affect their health. happiness and economic well-being. The Mathematics Department consists of courses which will develo skills and abilities and stress accuracy and facility in the mathematic areas of, geometry, algebra, and trigonometry. The curriculum is designed to contribute to the present and future needs of individual pupils. The total mathematics department consists of thirty-three sections and 974 students. Drivers' training is a six-week non-credited course set up to instruct students in driving automobiles. Students, starting the course are first instructed in the mechanical parts of the car before they are allowed to get behind the wheel. In addition students learn how to keep a car in good condition and what to do in the case of any emergenc he might encounter while driving. .The main objective ofy the course is to produce safer drivers. The Business Education Department at Albemarle is set up to prepare students for initial employment in secretarial, stenographical, and general clerical positions immediately upon graduation. Subjects taught are: typewriting I and II, shorthand I and II, bookkeeping I, general business, clerical practice, and vocational office training. The department furnishes courses in the business department according to students' interests and abilities. It also offers typewriting, bookkeeping, and general business subjects to students for their own personal use. The Music Department of Albe- marle High is divided into three sec- tions, chorus, band, and orchestra. The chorus, under the direction of Mrs. Virginia Dofliemyer, consists of a concert, chapel, and girls' choir. Annually they present spring and Christmas concerts consisting of all three choirs along with the orchestra under the direction of Miss Eleanor Dickerman. Each year from the con- cert choir, members are chosen to participate at All-State Chorus in February and in March they go to the Festival. The band, under the direction of Mr. James WH Simmons, also presents annual concerts and participates in All-State Band and the Festival. 15 Albemarle offers three foreign languages, Latin, French, and Spanish. The programs' aims are to develop the ability to read and write the languages, as well as to speak them. It stresses the languages as a means of communication of thoughts, ideas, and emotions of the particular people and their way of life. S J Yi i Albemarle's library contains approximately 7000 volumes plus an excellent supply of magazines and newspa ers. It affords excellent audio-visual equipment, including fillnstrips, projectors, record players, recordings, and tape recorders. Students who are members of the Library Club help in the library during their study halls each day. The library is a resource center of materials for both students and teachers and it encourages their use. Construction work begun last summer will greatly reduce crowded conditions at Albemarle. Eight new classrooms are being added to the school to be used for study halls, math, D.E. and I.C.T., health, English, journalism, and social studies. The library is being enlarged to include Room 118. This additional space will be used for increased shelf space, a larger magazine room, and a sound-proof conference room. Teachers using the conference room will be able to guide students in library activities without disturbing the entire library. The guidance department will be located next to the oflice where Room 105 used to be. It will include three offices for guidance conferences and a waiting room. w X The Science Department at Albemarle consists of courses in general science, biology, chemistry, and physics. Em- phasis is placed on KU understanding and applying scientific princi lesg 125 using the scientific method, and C31 de- veloping good attitudes and interests related to science. There were 834 stu- dents enrolled in science courses this year. Industrial arts and the shop courses teach the student many industrial skills and practices. Aside from the many courses of drawing, designing, metal working, basic auto-mechanics, and elec- tronics, the student may learn to co- operate with others and ap reciate and use industrial products. Health and safe- ty are stressed in the shops. Feofures Senior BEST ALL ROUND ANN ADAMS AND DON OTT MOST TALENTED JEAN TRIMBLE AND BUDDY RITTENHOUSE 18 Superlofives MOST UNF ORGETTABLE MOST DBAMATIC I PAT VVARD AND CORY KELSEY ROSAMUND LYSTER AND MARTIN WVORK 19 Senior MOST DEPENDABLE MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED MARILYN BURTON AND MAC LAFFERTY NANCY EAGLE AND DAVID GARTI-I 20 Senior MOST POPULAR BEST LOOKING CHRIS MOONAN AND TOBY BROWN MARY SHARPE AND TOM CLARKE -I 92 T Superloffves WITTIEST CUTEST LOLLY TYLER AND MARK FINN SANDRA BOLICK AND MARTY RUNKLE 23 Senior MOST AMBITIOUS FRIENDLIEST AUDREY ALLEN AND PATTON BOYLE SHIRLEY LEAKE AND IIMMY FRENCH 24 Superlofives MOST SCHOOL SPIRITED MOST ATHLETIC SEATED: CHARLOTTE DANIEL AND STANDING: CLAUDIA ZIMMERMAN AND A WALKER POWELL DONALD LAYMAN 25 Senior Superlafives MOST SINCERE MOST STUDIOUS NANCY STORY AND JOHN CUBERO SUSAN TERRY AND ALLAN BARKER 26 Wl1o's Who These students, chosen by the faculty, are among those in the class of 1961 who have made marked contributions both to their class and to their school. NANCY EAGLE SUSAN TERRY DAVID GARTH PAT WARD SANDRA BOLICK MAC LAFFERTY ANNE WREN DAWSON MARILYN BURTON CHARLOTTE DANIEL FLOYD MASSEY CHARLOTTE LIPSCOMB CORY KELSEY F5 .ik ai. i-21 X X X J R 5 x 5 AQ. .ti . " -1-aulsiifiv W., 5. 3 R X wx X X E X Y Q M, P' 3 Q , X if T X A " as S X Q' Q I f Q Q I I ,Q s s A f' X , N F X Q xr - XS . Qi E X' . 5 Q f! Sak A 3 Y N Ni X X ft QQ, V'- "1 - Homecoming Court '--S--fo JUNIOR REPRESENTATIVES-Phyllis Powell and Susan VVa1'dg SOPHOMORE REPRESENTATIVES-Ann Addington and Carolyn Robertsong FRESHMAN REPRESENTATIVE-Barbara Wellsg EICHTH GRADE REPRESENTATIVES -Judy Dunn and Kathy Lux. 29 X . .N S sf- J N X k X. . 55. . X .gs N B 5 X XX gm SSX SSX SX X' ' X KS: 55? T' fy!- f X . . .. 5 K - X X X - X w - X X. wg . XX XX XX X X fi .535 XX QX ...X R . X X. X . X T X XX X. . X. X. -.X . . . i A . X XX... . - X X . :fr X N' XIX- Y -X .. XX.X X X -X . K QR S X XX NI X L X . -X X X QX -XXX., XX we - . ,,:, . B x X -K S r .' f-X X V .. A XX . X. . X XXL! L .X I:. in L XX X XL Z X X. X ' X.f'XgrX"s. X Ag ,Q X X X X X XX XQXNS NX Egf r X X tx , X X? ix XX X X SSX XX X X Q Q Xi X X K X 3 X - 3-Si Ti X XM g..X.XkXgX. X gi XX X .IXL i '..' X 11- X X .X it X f" ," 1,5 ff ' 7 V J if kj C.g'Kf,4jZff'!,f!j jzfjfffffzf f"' ' LV,4,Q.L.,5,.Q1.-4,fgX' '7 X ,f A V, 1 if , kTf4 fiffl6f-.4-f -f- '1f7C,f 6,z..g,C ff L' ' I n V if QZSLL7 ' ff 7 fix ,fr 'mv ff--fffff--ff' iff ' 4 .i Q gif K '86, ,,,,, ,MDV L'Q,,.J2,if U f-Ln fig! . -,gj K' X 6L"'Li,.,GQ.f A L, ., I up Zi 'fZ'L'f'I!-cg . ,1 , ' H M .sig r V xfg.,Z',C,f7 Q9 1 fr KNULR 'gij 1,,.. L4 v f ffzhgj.. j V aff 5-K-fffiu, Q jf' ji! J ff fly ff if f Y. Y,-' If, K Eg: ZW, I In V Sports -XS N 5 5 2 5 x X wx ll QS Nw 5 L5 1 X V ' A ,S ,,.. N if ,f X 5 3 N Q AJ X L 5 X 3 wx S X A km Ex FS X f S A 5 3 Q x i Q X K X L 3 , X is wi X N I uri M W X , . 5.3 L . - 4 W M A X ww. X x E is X up . J 3 1 5 SQ . X w x ,, ,Q f T S wk? m S ,. L J- xx gl E i N. M xi ,,,-,. . S SL . xii. 5 J Q 5 S . X . Y S r X A Q fr X Q" W H gg milk if N i m ii is X x S3 1 M - 'x N A ,xX. x. K - L . MNVW-Nm QQ.. XX E E - LW ' Q . T 'M . ' K :5- gg Ii A Wayne Carver, jack Yowell, Al Sprouse, jim French, jim Abell, Floyd Massey, Chuck Hunter. l COACH IULIAN KING AND. COACH XVILLIAM BAINES Offense First row: Pete McDaniel, Al Sprouse, Floyd Massey, John Cubero, Cory Kelsey, jim French, Richard Dy - sterhouse. Second row: Marvin Reese, Donnie Layman, Don Ott, Toby Brown. -,....i. i CULPEPER 0, ALBEMARLE 13 Albemarle, chalking up win number one, defeated a determined Culpeper eleven by the heroics of the defensive lines. Three times the Blue Devils were stopped inside the Patriots' five-yard line. Outstanding performers were Sprouse, McDaniel, Massey, Cronk, Kelsey, Ott, and Brown. ALBEMARLE 0, BUENA VISTA 14 In their second district game of the season, the Red and Blue fell before a determined Buena Vista eleven. Due to a ferocious ground attack on the part of Buena Vista's Wendall Coleman, the Patriots were unable to subdue the Blues. Standout performers for Albe- marle were: Work, Garrison, Layman, Cubero, McDaniel, and Ott. ALBEMARLE 6, DOUGLAS FREEMAN 24 The Patriots, in their opening game, fell before a heavier and more experience Douglas Free- man eleven, which went pretty much as experts predicted. Albemarlels only touchdown was a 67-yard pass-interception by Don Ott. Standout performers for the Red and Blue were: Don Ott, Cory Kelsey, Pete McDaniel, Toby Brown, Herbert Craddock, Don Layman, Al Sprouse, john Cubero, and Sterling Gibson. STAUNTON 7, ALBEMARLE 7 A letdown in team spirit and determination was the cause of the Patriots, second loss of the season to their Valley District foe. Due to a determined Staunton team in the second half, they rallied to tie the Red and Blue in the closing fourth quarter. Outstanding performers for the Patriots were: Work and Reese. ALBEMARLE 23, LOUISA 13 Before a homecoming crowd of 1500 fans, the Patriots rolled up 357 yards rushing to defeat the Rebels of Louisa County. Due to the com- bined efforts of the first and second string, the Patriots smothered their homecoming opponent. Outstanding performers for Albemarle were: Layman, Albee, Brown, Reese, Ott, Strickler, Falwell, Work, Gibson, Wright, Clarke, and Bunch. Q -fx KAR QW U 17.73 9 in Sk Q a K Rx fe S X x SN? RQ: Senior Players TOBY BROWVN MARVIN REESE FLOYD MASSEY MARTY VVORK DON OTT Halfback Halfback End Halfback ' Quarterback f JIM FRENCH Tackle SCHOOL SONG Fight, boys, letls win win this game And stand, Patriots, cheer them on To win-win this game tonight. Letls all give a cheer-Rah! Rah! Rah! On to the goal line, boys, Let,s go for a touchdown, boys. Fight, boys, let's win this game DONALD LAYLIAN For dear old Albemarle! Fullback CORY KELSEY Guard STERLING GIBSON JOHN CUBERO DAVID CARTH TOM CLARKE CLYDE CARRISON Guard Center Guard Center Guard 36 Undefeoted Junior Varsity Team ! First row: Bobby Gough, Mike McCann, Jim Pyles, Bill Tyler, Butch Hudgins, Steve Lydick, Allen Shifllet, john Wilson, Eddie jette, Tommy Turner. Second row: Tommy Massey, Steve Price, Danny Falwell, Bennett Barnes, Dale Roberts, Eddie Herring, Douglas Wood, Paul Carmody, Ray Kyser. Third row: Steve Clarke, Herbert Drolsha en, Dick Voris, Lindsay Herigington, Wayne.Ca.rver, Paul-Stacy, Mike Strickler, Robert Sprouse. Fourth row: Ed Nui Coach, Mason rg Charles Costello, Coach. Not Pictured: Charles Barnes, Billy Albemarle ' Visitors 13 ...... .... W aynesboro 0 20 . . . ..... Fishburne 7 7 . .... Buena Vista 0 13 . . . .... Waynesboro 0 20 . . . . . .Buena Vista 7 7 .................................... Miller 0 The Patriot's Junior Varsity football team finished their season with a 6 and 0 record. The overall defensive strength of the team proved its ability by allowing only two touchdowns during the six game schedule. The offensive team featured a well co- ordinated line with a quartet of speedy, running backs. Outstanding defensive players were Paul Stacy at right linebacker, Eddie Herring at left linebacker, and Steve Price at defensive end. Offensive standouts were Charles Barnes at fullback, Steve Lydick and Danny Falwell at the halfback positions. Co-captains of the J. V. team were Jim Abell and Danny Falwell. The J. V.'s winning season may be attributed to the combined coaching efforts of Mr. Ed Null and Mr. Charles Costello. Mr. Costello came to the Albemarle coaching staff from Fluvanna High School, where he coached varsity football for nineteen years. Coaches, Mr. Ed Null and Mr. Charles Costello 37 l Varsity Basketball First brow: Karl Mea-rns, Captaing john Cronk, Donnie Layman, Bobby Albee, Bobby Poole, Don Ott, Duffy Wood. Second row: Butch Harlow, Donnie Wright, Donald Corley, jack Knowles, Al Sprouse, Roger Thurston, Mr. Ed Null, Coach. MR. ED NULL Coach SS A-69 .... ..... F luvanna-34 A-33 .... ...... W aynesboro-56 A-67 .... . . . Natural Bridge-61 A-54 .. ...... Culpeper-24 A-72 . . ....... Alumni-55 A-54 . . ..... Fluvanna-20 A-52 . . . . . Buena Vista-64 A-42 . . ..... Lee High-54 A-42 .. ....... Lexington-48 A-39 . . . . . Natural Bridge-60 A-31 . . . .... Waynesboro-63 A-38 . . . ..... Lee High-63 A-34 . . . .... Lexington-41 A-54 . . . . . . Harrisonburg-48 A-57 . . . . . . Parry McCluer-69 A-59 . . . ...... Culpeper-44 A-62 . . . . . . Harrisonburg-65 A-63 . . . . .. Natural Bridge-83 4 X X X X N X X - XX, . -. ,-:XXX-XX, QE: W ffl "'.1i'ff' . "2 A 'iii .Sze M Xgx X r 'f X is N ,,1 if f X Xxx B. XXX X R -i f XXXX X"f6? Q ls XY ,5,,ff-'- m . tt' :GC Y' BX X 5 KX ee X Vx X 1 gi X K f ' lk 3 953 2 fl iq ef im X Rx A 5 A Junior Vorsify Boskefboll A-43 A-35 A-52 A 27 A-45 A-40 A-33 A-46 A-37 A-16 A-46 A 31 First row: Mr. Rush, Coaclzg Eddie Herring, Terry Vogt, Lane Gerhardt, Billy Reed, David Moyer. Second row: Tommy Bickers, Danny Falwell, Iohnny Rivers, joe Strickler. Third row: Larry Smith, jimmy Lasley, jimmy Mullendore, jimmy Rivers, Charles Oliver, Robert Sprouse, Manager. Fourth row: Tom Massey, Bill Tyler, Bill Rockwood, Danny Kusic, Carl McAllister. MR. LAIRD RUSH Coach 40 ' A-35 . . . Fluvanna . . . . NVaynesboro . Natural Bridge . . . . . Culpeper . . . Fluvanna . . . Buena Vista .......R.E.Lee Natural Bridge . . . Waynesboro . . . . R. E. Lee . . . Buena Vista .. . . . . Culpeper Alb. Eighth Grade Junior Varsily Baseball First row: D. L. Roberts, Bob Wlatson, Eddie Herring, Wayne Mawyer, Iimmy Mullendore, Mike Wofter, Kevin Cowen, M anager. Second row: Mr. Laird Rush, Coach, Ray Kaiser, George Smith, Charles Strauss, Buddy Tomlin, Billy VV ard, Massie Ray, David Propst, Kenny Sprouse, "Boogey', McAllister, jimmy Cib- son, Bruce' Toms. Varsity Baseball First row: Donnie Layman, Rob- ert Hathaway, Karl Mearns, Roy Herring, Donnie Carrison, Larry Mullendore, Clinton Yowell, Duify Wood. Second row: Stan- ley Butler, Manager, Carroll Herring, Donnie VVright, Iohn Cronk, Donnie Kennedy, Marty Runkle, Roger Thurston, Charles Oliver, Bob Albee, Paul Stacy, Mr. Harry Kent, Coach, Dennis Moseman, Manager. l Eighth Grade Football Eighth Grade Basketball First row: Iim Dandridge, Ray Egeland, Robert Burton, Van Ott, Dan Hale, G, A. Baker, David Booth, David Bradbury, Thomas Kesler, Mike Knowles. Second row: Gary Garber, Ierry Snead, Harry Burnett, Ed Strick- ler, Timmy Brown, Richard Voris, Chip Cheape, David Wy- ant, George Ga , David Propst, Bruce Woodruillj Larry Richard- son, Bobby Duncan. First row: Bobby Duncan, Lewis jones, Van Ott, Ashle Williams, Norris Woodzell, David Booth, Mike Walton, Ralph Carter, Philli Hensley, King Pace. Seconffrow: Bill McDiarmid, Stanley Butler, Harry Burnett, Johnny Cokes, Charlie Strauss, jimmy Dan- dridge, G. A. Baker, Mike Knowles, Larry Richardson, Larry Mundy, Richard Wood, Skippy McCormack, Champ Lawson, Mr. Laird Rush, Coach. Third row: David Moyer, Manager, David Propst, Larry Barnes, Larry Pugh, Raymond james, David Wyant, Timmy Brown, David Garth, Eddie Strickler, George Gay, Bob Vest, Gary Garber, Buddy Withers, Bruce Wood- ruff. First row: Mary Sharpe, Chris Moonan, Sandra Bolick, Head, Kim Gambrell, Charlotte Daniel, Co-head. Second row: Iudy Lanum, Carolyn Robertson, Pam Knight, Veegie Parker. A Tribute To The Cheerleaders Last june, when school work was over for most and play began for many, the cheerleaders began a hard- working summer campaign. They practiced week in and week out, and had several rummage sales to earn money for new uniforms. School started and their hard work began to pay off, but not to end. Immediately they began to push school spirit-making posters, selling pom-poms, promoting inter- 44 est in bus trips and pep rallies. They, alone, were re- sponsible for the Homecoming Parade, one of the main events of the weekend. The day basketball season opened, the cheerleaders appeared in new uniforms-red vests with the school seal, white skirts and red shoes. A big hand and a vote of thanks go to the cheerleaders and to Miss Tresa Quarles, their sponsor, who has provided them with much of their inspiration. i CHARLOTTE 1?ANIEL CHRIS MOONAN PAM KNIGHT JUDY LANUM Co-Hear A H end Cheerleader SANDRA BOLICK -5 si' N 7 2 KIM GAMBRELL VEEGIE PARKER A PHYLLIS POWELL SANDRA LIRERATI A MARY SHARPE OAROLYN ROBERTSON 'Auenwre A1,e,,,,,te LUCY F LANNAGAN Head Cheerleader Junior Vorsify Cheerleaders Ann Addington, Cheryl Roberts, Dana Sharpe, Pat Blackwell. Girls' Basketball First row: Claudia Zimmerman, Audrey Allen. Second row: Carol Zimmerman, WVatts Maupin, Vickie Gillis, Caroly Clark, Rachel Morris, Penny VVoodruff, Ann Adams, Linda Tomlin,,Brenda Dunn, janet Springborn, Indy Smith, Kathy Green, Missie Scott. - First row: Audrey Allen, Co-captain, Claudia Zimmerman, Co-captain. Second row: Miss Tresa Quarles, Coach, Beth MacKay, Manager, Mrs., Elizabeth Martin, Coach. 47 This year,s girls' basketball team was strong on defense but lacked experienced offensive players. All but three members of the team will return next year, so the future looks bright. Vicky Gillis' was recognized at the Athletic Banquet as the high scorer for the year, and Penny Woodruff received the Most Valuable Playe1"s Award. Il Tennis l Rosamund Lyster, Ian Armentrout, Debbie Englert, Deedee Drake, Watts Maupin, Carol Townsend. Not Pictured: Linda Richardson, jane Stevens. The tennis team had a winning season this year in matches against VVaynesboro, YVilson Memorial, and Saint Anne's. All of the girls on the team were commended for their outstanding performances on the court. The Most Valuable Player's Award went to Rosamund Lyster, who had the highest rating on the team. 48 MISS BEVERLY PEARCE Coach s ll Organizafions -an ,.. K NWS. . ., ,. ..,..-.Q K , W 7 .. Wa------W.........,, a .,...A,.,. ... . A . . Concert Bond FLUTES: Dana Gerhardt, Ronnie Gentry, Donna Rappolt, Garland Spangler, Barbara NVQ-ills, Martha Smith. SOPRANO CLARINETS: Sally Carter, Paul Smith, Patton Boyle, Allen Carver, Douglas Gibson, Fey Lyster, Louis Redden, Mary jane Nottingham, john Parson, K. G. Flowers, Bonnie Cromer, Beth MacKay, joan Tisdale, Marty Runkle, Susan Mum- mey, Dewey Garrison, Lloyd Toms, Mary Carter Bishop, Billy Ward, David Colvert, Douglas Patterson, Miles Seifert, Michaela Longley, Colleen Southall. ALTO CLARINETS: Judy Sandridge, Mary Frances Wood. BASS CLARINETS: Margaret Fowler. OBOES: Henry Schwarting, Roxanne Webster. BASSOON: Patty Tomlin. ALTO SAXOPHONES: Billy Estes, john Cubero, Francis XVithers. TENOR SAXOPHONE: David Robinson. BARITONE SAXOPHONE: Bobby Albee. FRENCH HORNS: David Lambert, joey Goldsmith, Sammy Belew, Charles Leake, Mike Walton. CORNETS: Roger Standley, Lewis Dudley, Mann Duff, Richard Swift, Ted Early, Herbert Drolshagen, Charles Barksdale, William Bishop, Thomas Kessler, jerry Maupin. BARITONE: Douglas johnson. TROMBONES: William Taylor, Shelton Ritchie, Lyle Garth, Ronnie Nay. BASSES: Buddy Rittenhouse, jesse Seale. PERCUSSION: Carl Judge, Steve Price, 'Danny Falwell, David Falwell, john Titus, Mason Powell. ' 50 Intermediate Bond Beginning Bond Steve Conley, Danny Hale, Charles Foster, Dale Purnell, First row: jean Rittenhouse, Rebecca Ashby, Nancy Lane Gerhardt, Paul Verburg, Charles Milton, George Proffit, Stanley Butler, Margie Kidd, Betty Ward, Carolyn Darnell. Via, Pam Hardy, Nancy Townsend, Phyllis Taylor, Kathryn Moore. Second row: Bobby Burton, Tom Mc- Cormick, Andy Johnson, David Garth, Dale Kems, King Pace. Bond Club First row: XVilliam Taylor, Treasurer, Paul Smith, Vice President, .Ioan Tisdale, Secretary, Allen Carver, President, David Lambert. Second row: Buddy Toms, Ronnie Gentry, Susan Munnney, Mary Wood, Judy Sandridge, Michaela Long- ley, Sally Carter, Douglas Gibson, Martha Smith. Third row: joey Goldsmith, Roger Standley, Jerry Maupin, Charles Barksdale, Michael Xvalton, Buddy VVithers, Colleen Southall, Billy Bishop, Garland Spangler, Douglas Patterson, Carl Judge. Fourth -row: Billy Estes, Lyle Garth, Shelly Ritchie, Marty Runkle, Richard Swift, Mann Duff, K. G. Flower, Ronnie Nay, Charles Leake, Buddy Rittenhouse, jesse Seale, Billy VVard, Dewey Garrison. 51 r I +--W sf S.. - ik .s W5 -wx X ff, X Q5-X ' X ., N5 ' .. Q Y X I 'XX SSN .. N95 N N Wm 921 . S K X N x N WQNRQ xxxx X wx N R W xxw W qs wx xx X wx. MN wmmwmwmaw .N M Q N ., ...ix -i f -1-1' fsN..f. .... .slffr prrm .:: ww ..,... I k ' k " E. . .-5 5 k .. ::'i--- N. v .. .gf . L A. - . WM... XXXQX. W . .. A... ...,,, . . .Z K. ...L.. . . , W. . . X Q v 4 xxxx ,.. .. , X.xXx... x... gsxx ? 3 .Q .. .. Q .1 N L, N 5 K K , J5WQ.,m, F. , V 'NK ' 4 .. . . . ,fx QM VOM 5 ..., - ,si N 1. , M - sk. .Q 1 Q Orchestra Elwood Conley, Gilbert Roberts, Tulita Owens, Otis Sprouse, Kenny Huff, Lee Garrett, Floyd Massey, Elaine Cook, Susan Firth, Pat Young, Miss Eleanore Dickerman. Bible club The purpose of the Bible Club is to broaden its members' knowledge of the Bible and to encourage Christian fellowship. This year pastors of the various re li gio u s denominations visited the club and spoke to the members. On Thanksgiving the club sent food to- a needy family and on Easter made novelties for ,the Children's Reha- bilitation Center. First row: Sheila Trunzo, Reporter, Betty Critzer, Secretary-Treasurer, Bruce Smith, Presi- dent, Elizabeth Seiler, Chaplain, Faye Hurtt, V ice-President. Second row: George Tilman, Sally Young, Margie Kidd, Nancy Proffit, Charlotte McDaniel, Betty Faulconer, Gloria Baughan, Nancy Yowell, Marty Gibson, Virginia Proffitt, Lois Cason. Third row: Steve Conley, jean Rittenhouse, Phyllis Taylor, Betty Sue Amiss, Elinor Umderstock, Mary Frances Thurston, Ioyce Truslowe, Evon Tomlin, Ann Albert, Donald Rohm, Ray Kyser, Charles McAllister, Denna DeHooge, Tulita Owens, Mrs. Mattie Lee Fornes. 54 Albemarle Players The purpose of the Albe- marle Players' is to offer an opportunity, for students in- terested in theater or any work having to do with dra- matics, to participate in pro- ductions and related work. Some of the plays which the Players have produced in past years are: "The Man VVho Came To Dinner," "Our Townf, and "Charley,s Aunt." Each year the players take part in the Virginia Drama Festival in which they pre- sent a one act play, which is judged on the basis of three ratings, creditable, superior, and distinguished. Last year the group won the distin- guished rating for their pro- duction of "Box and Cox." For this year's Drama Festi- val, the Players produced "The Monkeys Pawf, First row: Sally Terry, Cabell Smith, Walker Powell, Sue Allen, Nancy Yowell. Second row: Patricia Fitzgerald, Betsy Cockerille, Sally White, Fey Lys ter, Margaret Sanborn, Mary Lou Respess. Third row: Diane Sturtevant, Belle Malbon, Mason Powell, Iohn XVynne, Judy Dunn, Diane Robinson. Fourth row: Betsy Englander, Margie Fowler, Roxy VVeb- ster, Dana Gerhardt, Mary Jane Nottingham. Fifth row: George Sanborn, Tom Ward, Torn Parson, Danny Hale, Eddie Gentry. First row: Marty Work, Vice-President, Rosamund Lyster, President, Mrs. Stacy jackson, Sponsor, Walker Powell, Georgia Finnigan. Second row: Susan Terry, Sarah Bean, Pat Ward, Avon Sargeant, Anne Wilson, Linda Richardson. Third row: Laura Work, DeeDee Drake, Ian Arrnentrout, Cindy Bolick, Katha' Lux, jean Gabrielson. Fourth row: Tom Clarke, Frances Crafaik, Tonchie Vest, Andy Johnson, De bie Englert. 55 First row: David Bradbury, Mollie Fornes, Martha Smith, Herbert Craddock, Paul Carmody, Betty Hunter, Teresa Cren- Shaw, Nancy Eagle, Ann Adams, Van Ott, Tommy Kesler, Mac Laiferty. Second row: Douglas W'ood, Patsy Davis, Eunice Henwood, Joyce jones, Diana Ryan, Pat VValker, Beverly Lawson, Sally Terry, Linda Reynolds, Cheryl Roberts, Wilson Smith, Harry Burnett, Miss Mary Maddry, Sponsor, Danny Kusic. Third row: Robert Sprouse, Pat Ward, Pam Knight, Sandra Liberati, VVatts Maupin, Carolyn Senter, Harriett Lombard, Marty Runkle, David VVyant, john Clark, Steve Clarke, Tom Parson. Every student at Albemarle is a member of the Student Co-operative Association. The student body elects its officers and its representatives. In an effort to inform all students of S.C.A. activities, the minutes of all meetings are read in each homeroom. The Student Council strives to sponsor activities that will benefit Albemarle and its students. The honor code and the merit system were introduced by S.C.A. members this year and a foreign exchange student fund was started. All of the students participated in the Christmas project and in doing so brought happiness to three needy families. A formal Christmas dance, a homecoming dance, one sock hop, Color Day, and Club Night were sponsored by the S.C.A. 56 The Student Council is an organization of service, the main purpose being to create better relationships between the students and their school.. A The S.C.A. slogan is "the school and community grow- ing togetherf' its emblem a flaming torch, its flower the Dogwood, and its colors green and white. Student A bulletin board in the hall informs students of S.C.A. activities. S.C.A. officers: Teresa Crenshaw, Vice-Presidentg Nancy Eagle, Presiflcntg Mac Lafferty, State Vice- Prcsirlenfg Ann Adams, Secrefuryg Betty Hunter, Reporter. Ilomecoming Dance sponsored by the S.C.A. was attended by many ot Albemarlcs students. Co-Operative Association 57 Delegates to the State S.C.A. Convention were Paul Carmody, Pam Knight, and Mac Lafferty. First row: joan Sacre, Secretary-Treasurer, Marian Mowbray, President, Betty Jones, Re- porter, jimmy Mullendore, V-ice-President. Second rozo: George Tilman, Kathy Hanlan, Glena Alrich, Linda Beasley, Lynn Malory, Barbara Burnett, jackie Trimble, Carol Iean Rinley, Bernice Haney, Martha Michie, Sally Strauss, Brenda Shifflett. Third row: Miss Stallard, Sherry Manley, Ginny Brookman, Cynthia Zoulis, Rebecca Springer, Dean Nor- ford, Christina Frazier, Peck Maupin, Betty Mays, Linda Fitzgerald, Martha Armen- trout, Marie Harris, Lila Faye VVood, Carolyn Somma. First row: jimmy Stork, Reporter, Floyd Massey, Presidentg Robert Sprouse, Secretary, Rebecca Ashby, Presidentg Barbara James, Rosa Batten. Second row: Van Ott, Lewis jones, Dennis Moseman, Greg Poirier, Danny Rohm, Wilbert Breeden. Third row: Lar- ry Pugh, George Sullivan, King Pace, David Ludwig, Richard Sturtevant, Larry Greasy, Bill Gillikin, Robert Durrer, Roy Shitlett, Harold Ward, Bobby Michie. 58 Future ' Teo chers of America The purpose of the Future Teachers of America is to foster the development of desirable characteristics es- sential to the teaching pro- fession and to promote lead- ership among its members. The F.T.A. sent dele ates to the Virginia State Educa- tion Convention this year and sponsored a banquet at which awards were pre- sented to outstanding club members. 4-H Club The purpose of 4-H Club work is the development of boys and girls into worth- while, citizens. Club mem- bers carry on projects and participate in demonstration contests. The Albemarle club is divided into a girls' club and a boys' club. Girls, proj- ects include, Looking Your Best, Meal Preparation, and Entomology. Boys partici- pate in projects such as trac- tor maintenance and wild life. Each year the club recognizes N a tio n al 4-H Week and Rural Life Sun- day with special activities. First row: Mr. Bailey, Clarence Roberts, Donnie Garrison, Albert Schwarzenboeck, Kent Houchens, Wayne Miller, Cam- eron Thomas, Buddy Rittenhouse, N. L. Busser. Second row: Allen Cutright, Iames Apperson, james McAllister, Iames Blackwell, Larry Pugh, Charles Vanderveer, William Powell, john Pugh, Mercer Gamett, Clifford Mahanes. Third row: Billy Estes, Robert Yowell, Leroy Shifllett, Ronald North, Jimmy Herring, Charles Barksdale, Buddy ilones, Donald Gar- rison, Richard Poines, Wilbert Breeden, Monnie Hensley, Frank Sudduth, Wayne Duncan, George Su livan. Fourth row: Donald Casley, Roger Thurston, Leonard Cromer, Wilson Shifllett, Jerry Harris, Ronnie Nay, D. L. Roberts, David Fal- well, Richard Sturtevant, Samuel Romsey, I. P. Davis, Charles Strauss. Fifth row: john Barbour, Charles Baughn, Carl McAllister, Bradley Gibson, Raymond Hite, Leonard Lewis, Melvin Faris, Harry Blake, Raymond Egeland, Iohn Sprouse, Hallas Collier, Kermit Roberts, Lacy Mawyer, William Ward. Sixth row: Donald Woodson, Michael Wolfrey, Mason Fisher, Iames Morris, Tommy Frazier, Lames Morris, David Propst, Ray Wood, William Atkeison, Theodore Kennedy, Kenneth Sprouse, joe Pugh, Montie Kir y, George Baker. Seventh row: Bill McDiarmid, Bob Lydick. The Future Farmers' entry in the homecoming parade with Debbie Englert as F.F.A. Sweetheart won second place. Future Farmers of America The primary aim of the Future Farmers of America is the development of agricultural leadership, cooperation, and citizen- ship. Club activities for the year included an agri-business trip to Richmond and a Parent-Son banquet. Club members built a hot bed for growing plants, planned landscaping for com- munity church grounds, and participated in agriculture judging contests. The club entered a float in the Homecoming Parade which won second prize in the float division. 59 xi R N ,,LL . S if 5 V ...,..... ,Y Mu '? Q E n ie:-304 S .... .. 1 we bi S .V A gg x ' Q A . f Lx-A ...xi S SX I X ---- + -'-- L f' 5' . .' Ng .5 X QL - X . x .h .5 x N . Q :-- w A A 1.4 g A E55 . . EE . X ,. K A E X N ix W NK A A KE. xg gg gi gk .X E . K Q QQ X Q x' W' my X L: js. . .X 3 lg Q 3 Q 3? ' is X WE N' SS S is X aww E . N-2 .. L S S Mx X Y XX X fis' W .- N . .X wk mx. SX Ni X. Q 5 X M M, 5 "max X T525-I' . . . . . S if! . - X tm 3 M 5 Q N QQ ' is Q. Y' X , S . ii. X- M. E? X -.s sg X 1. Q S.. 'X Q Junior Future Homemokers of America First row: Patricia Burns, Vice-Chairman, Deanne Norford, Chairman, Lynn Hopkins, Secretary, Bernice Haney, Treas- urer, Virginia Brookman, Reporter, Patricia Acree, Historian, Mrs. Maria Hurt, Sponsor. Second row: Sharon Loeser, Carole Birckhead, Elizabeth Eubank, Polly Dobbins, Linda Wyant, Sheila Fielding, Dale Wilson, Ianice Lively, Karla Taggart, Betty Haney, Donna Shiflett, Hazel Redlands, Patricia Naylor. Third row: Carolyn Mawirer, Barbara Rosen- krans, Carol Barksdale, Brenda Canody, Betty' Mays, Pauline Graves, Beverly Lawson, Gerleane Hens ey, Barbara Dooley, Linda Leake, Mary Frazier. Fourth row: Glenna Alrich, Sherry Manley, Florence Gibson, Cynthia Zoulis, Lucy Gibson, Brenda Farrish, Pearl Estes, Elizabeth Dabney, jean Gibson, Brenda Sprouse, Ioan Chapman, julia Shaver, Shirle r Gibson, Alice Clarity, Carolyn Sullivan, Beverly Ward, Judy Farish, Nancy Morris, Sylvia Goad, Bonnie Morris, Ruth Blackwell, Hilda McKay. The motto of F.H.A., "Toward New Horizons," expresses the purpose of the organization-learning to live better today, so that our lives and those of our families will be better tomorrow. A special activity of the club is an annual fashion show in which the girls model garments they have made. The biggest event of the year is a banquet served by the Future Farmers. Summer activities include a week at camp in Smithfield, Virginia. First row: Dwight Andrews, P-resident, jimmy Bunch, Vice-President, Pete'McDan- iel, Secretary. Second row: Miss Dorothy Ballengee, Sponsor, John Bias, Robert Wil- liams, Steve Anslow, Gary Bugg, jack Yowell, Eddie Campbell, Terry Fitzgerald, Allen Carver. Third row: Lane Gerhardt, Bobby Green, Roger Standley, Carl judge, David Lambert, Mrs. Patricia Jones, Sponsor. First row: john Cokes, Gundars Osvalds, Treasurer, Jimmy Rivers, Secretary, Ralph Gould, President, Edward Jette, Vice-President, Mr. joseph Trice, Sponsor. Second row: Garland Gentry, David Booth, Bill Eastwood, George Bruce, Bobby Burton. Third row: Donald Hudgins, David Colvert, john Wynne, Douglas Wood, Albert Swartz, Robert Stobie, George Sanborn, Robert Eby. Fourth row: Thomas Ward, Samuel Belew, Charles Grossman, Timmy Brown, Fred Liady, Douglas Patterson, Charles Sorrell, Terry Vogt. 62 Moth Club The pur ose of the Math Club is to stimulhte interest in mathe- matics, to explain the job possi- bilities of math fields, and to pursue logical thinking as it aplplies to math and related su jects. The main objective of the club is to initiate a group of chess players called the "Albemarle Checkmatesf' and to investigate the possibility of tournament play with other schools. Electronics Club The purpose of the Electronics Club is to create interest in elec- tronics as a hobby or career. Members study the vacuum tube, transistor, receiver, and trans- mitter principles, and receive help in buying equipment and in obtaining various radio li- censes. - The club sponsored trips to the electronics plant, the ama- teur radio station, and a govern- ment electronics surplus outlet. First row: Marilyn Burton, President, jackie Morgan, Vice-President, Susan Hays, Sec- retary, Sandra Redlands, Reporter, Karen Kesler, Inter-Club Council Representative. Second row: Charlotte Tate, Betty Thurston, Carolyn Payne, Linda Wyant, Norris Woodzell, Terry Fitzgerald, Kathy Green, Diane Robinson. Third row: Linda Blincoe, Sandra Booth, Watts Maupin, Virginia Morris, Marie Harris, jackie Quick, Diana Maw- yer, Joan Wilberger, Dale Breeden. Fourth row: Margaret Mawyer, Cathy Morris, Brenda Dunn, Martha Gibson, jacob Sprouse, Louise Schwartzenboeck, Virginia Proffitt, Delores Van, Patty Green, Mr. Camper, Sponsor. First row: Sally White, Faye Sandridge, Teresa Crenshaw, Barbara Mawyer, Genell Graves, Jackie Morgan, Secretary-Treasurer, Ann Schwarting, President, Phyllis Garth, Reporterg Bob Webber, Vice-President, Edna Hammer, Ann Dawson, Jane Frazier, Ann Parrott. Second row: Lola Breeden, Marie Harris, Ann Anderson, Mary jane Mawyer, Virginia Morris, Cheryl Roberts, Marilyn Moore, Nancy Coleman, Susan Mummey, Tim- my Rogers, Walter Mehring, Marilyn Burton, Tommy Baughan. Third row: Marty Gib- son, jesse Lynn, Carolyn Fitzgerald, Darden jones, Margaret Sanborn, Grover Bowling, Robert Boem, Mrs. VValton, sponsor, Mrs. Goodall, sponsor, Carolyn Gibson. 63 Junior Red Cross Council The purpose of the council is to co-ordinate Junior Red Cross activities in the school. Each homeroom has a repre- sentative on the council. This year they made a correspon- dence album and sent it to Algeria. A JRC International Art Exhibit was placed on display at Albemarle during the week of January 30th- February 3rd, and members of the Council made Christ- mas favors which were sent to a Veterans' hospital in New jersey. Gift boxes were filled and soft toys were collected to send to children in disaster areas. Library Club The Library Club is striv- ing to render service to the school and to cultivate a love and appreciation for books. Each member works in the library two study halls a week. American Book Week was observed with a bulletin board display, a radio broad- cast and a tea for the faculty. The club participated in the annual Club Night. First row: Mac Birdsong, Lewis Redden, Linda Christensen. Second row: Linda Har- rington, Vickie Gillis, Gaye Davis, Georgiana Barry, Hobie Hammond, VV. A. Young, Susan W'ard, Margie Fowler. Third row: Diane Moyer, Jeanne McGilvery, Dana Gerheardt, Peggy Dudley, Jane Stevens, Colleen Southall, Michaela Longley, Tom VVard. Fourth row: Mr. Richard Camper, Sponsor, Lolly Tyler, Charles Vest, Frances Crafaik, Mary Sharpe, Jerry Sue Garrett, Tom Clarke, Mason Powell, Patton Boyle, Roxy VVebster, Tommy Chears, Richard Sinclair, Marty hV0l'l+I, Pam Davis, Cabell Smith, Bianca Redden, Marianne Heiberg,Jim1ny Garth, Mrs. Jane Henley, Sponsor. First row: Jean Trimble, Songleader, Marian Mowbray, Secretary, Joan Sacre, Presi- dent, Jane Stevens, Reporter, Susan Hays, V ice-President. Second row: Carol Remley, Kathy Gould, Lee Garrett, Martha Armentrout, Dana Sharpe, Donna Hamilton, Anne Leake, Judy Albee, Charlotte Morris, Sherrie Stanton. Third row: Mrs. Ellen VV. Hous- -ton, Sponsor, Sims Wright, Henry Schwarting, Sandra Redlands, Solomon McCauley, John Parson. 64 Literary Club The Literary Club is new this year. Its purpose is to stimulate an interest in the Hue arts. Through discussions, members hope to develop an intelligent appreciation of literature, drama, poetry, art, and music. In November the club spon- sored an assembly to inform the students about the issues of the presidential campaign. It plans to ,sponsor a school magazine which will publish articles and stories written by students.. Latin Club J The purpose of the Latin Club is to provide an opportunity for Latin students to pursue their interests in the Latin language and Roman civilization by en- gaging in pleasurable activities pertinent to these subjects. The programs are on Roman dress, social customs, architec- ture, religion, or other topics related to classical culture and civilization. Singing songs in Latin enlivens the meetings and gives practice in using Latin. Two major projects planned for the year are participation in Club Night and the observ- ance of Latin Week, the third week in April, to celebrate the traditional birthday of Rome, April 21, 753 B. C. The motto is "De nihilo nihi- lum"g the colors are Roman purple and gold. French Club The French Club strives to give its members a better under- standing of France, the French people, and their customs. Pro- grams at the meetings included guest speakers, movies, and re- ports on famous French authors. The main project for the year was writing and producing a short skit in French for Club Night. Spanish Club The purpose of the Spanish Club is to inform the students about Spanish speaking coun- tries. Through discussions and guest speakers, members learn about Spanish customs, history, and geography. First row: Audrey Allen, President, Debbie Englert, Vice-President, Ian Armentrout, Secretary, Anne XVilson, Reporter. Second row: Sue Allen, Susan Terry, Georgia F innigan, Deedee Drake, Carolyn Payne, Frances Hardey, Ann Maddox, Martha jones, Carol Frye. Third row: jimmy Mullendore, Joe VVilson, Charles Hunter, Mary Beth Carmichael, Betty Jones, Veegie Parker, Suzanne VValker, Mrs. Jane Maddock, Sponsor. Firstqrow: Joan Tisdale, Secretary, Tommy Bradbury, President, Leroy Yancey, He- porter. Second row: Allen Carver, VVoody Mundy, Adele Ptodeifer, Harriet Schultz, Edith Whitehouse, Audrey Smith, Linda Caruthers, Terry Fitzgerald, Mr. Charles Costello, Sponsor. Third row: Walker Powell, Gerald Burnett, Hugh Gildea, Larry Mullendore, Gary Bugg, Bobby Green. 65 0 ' ' ilif--Erie? I I e W, p ,...... . t t ALLA ' Occupations The Diversified Occupations Club trains young people to handle problems and situations in the business world. Various business men spoke to the club about their professions, members entered D.O. contests and held a banquet in cooperation with the D.E. Club. First row: Charles Taylor, Richard Davis, Jacob Sprouse, Thomas Critzer, John Taylor, Secretary-Treasurer, Earl Spears, Vice-President, Roger Powell, Tommy Birckhead, Robert Garrison, Carl Jarrell. Second row: James Shiillett, Wilmer Marsh, Andy Hac- kett, Delmar Iarrell, Warren Jones, Thelma Birckhead, Mike Birckhead, Bobby Marks, John Frazier, John Gibson, George Marion, Paul Gillispie. Third row: Vemon Shifllett, Daniel Haley, Robert Graves, Charles Mills, Mr. J. W. Estes, Sponsor. Disfribufive Education The Distributive Education Club encourages high ethical standards in business, helps cre- ate a greater interest in the students' chosen occupation, and develops progressive leadership. This year the club held a ban- quet for students and their em- ployees, and club members en- tered the district contest. First row: Betty'Hensley, Secretary, Elridge Roberts, President, Betty Sprouse, Treasurer. Second row: Joyce Mitchell, Reporter, Buddy Davis, His- torian, Grady Sliilflett, Vice-President, Roscoe Farrish. Third row: Roxio Wingfield, Ilene Onnan, Mr. Gardner, Sponsor. Fourth row: Frances Ward, Linda Via Moore, Doris Rogers. Fifth row: Billy Tomlin, Bobby Buck, Andy Ballard, Sherman Lawson, Harold Meeks. 66 .X --.s ll Future Business Leaders of America Members of the F. B. L. A. strive to better America's busi- ness world through their efforts to become better business lead- ers. They sponsored a Miss Ideal Secretary contest and the annual Christmas Carol Contest. At Thanksgiving members fixed baskets for nee y families. The club sold stationery as a money raising project. First row: Mrs. Hancock, Sponsorg Nancy Story, President, Patsy Powell, Vice-President, Ann Norford, Secre- tary, Peggy Evans, Histonkzng Marilyn Leathennan, Treasurer, Peck Maupin, Parliamentariang Shirley Lamb, Re- porter. Second row: Nancy Davis, Tommy Bickers, Becky Desper, Mary Ellen Corell, Linda Gibson, Barbara Bourne, Frankie Atkins, Rose Wood. Third row: Eleanor Garrison, Shirley Taylor, Norma lean Sullivan, janet Leathers, Marilyn Marshall, Lois Wil- liams, Sue Gentry, Margaret Morris. Fourth row: Io Ann Graves, Paula lrVilliams, Shirley Smith, Anita De- Hooge, Janet Herndon, Ellen Harris, Margaret Sinclair, Marion Spencer. Industrial Arts The Industrial Arts Club's ob- jective is to better understand the problems of industry. This year the club marked oil? parking places a ro u n d the school, sold tools to raise money and had a picnic at the end of the year. First row: Clyde Garrison, Reporterg Lindsay Harrington, Sergeant at Arms, Jacob Sprouse, Secretary and Treasurer, Louis Murray, Gary Mau- pin. Second row: Bobby Dunn, John Evans, Cornelius Ballard, Eddie Strickler, Raymond Iames, Walter Jarman. Third row: Roger ShilHett, Lacy Clements, Dewey Garrison, Mal- colm Hutchinson, Emmett Boaz, Mr. Smith, Sponsor. -... .Q as T- WX ....- We .tw,,,, Hi-Y . SQ Lx,,XX , t gig W., . First row: Terry Vogt, VVoody Mundy, Buddy Hatcher, W. A. Young, Treasurer, Ralph Gould, Vice-President, Terrv Fitzgerald, Chaplaing Hugh Cildea, Secreta-ryg jimmy Garth. Second row: jimmy Board, Peck Maupin, Jack Yowell Dwight Andrews, Buzzy Williams, David Falwell. I.. The Albemarle Hi-Y fosters clean speech, clean sportsmanship, clean living, and high standards of Christian character in the home, school, and com- munity. This year the Hi-Y provided,a concession stand at all home basketball games, sent Christmas baskets to needy families, and sent delegates to the Model General Assembly held in Richmond. School under construction A 5 K 4 Q5 Ck M 5,91 2' .L K- wk . Q - 3 is Q5 Q ! P g.....,...,.w. X X N J -:gg -N X - SSS S X .Q NN. .. M WY.. vi RX N Q si Ng: w . .., .M A Aww xx kwa. RN .. A S gli? X QM 35 Q- v li Q , .,,w.W M A W. VA. , V4 14 V1 Q gy f 4 T 4 , A we .3 .M , .,X, 4 N - X Q x W x. SM Q S Nursing Club The purposes of the Nursing Club are to promote a settingin which students interested in nursing as a career can meet to share that interest, and to ex- plain the opportunities and re- quirements in the field of nurs- ing. The -club helps me1nbe1's to grow as individuals by work- ing together and learning about the community life in which they will soon participate. Among the club's activities were making a scrapbook for children at the B-'Iartha jefferson Hospital and making Easter bas- kets. Members saw movies on various phases of nursing and heard speakers from the differ- ent fields of medicine. Each year the club sponsors a recep- tion for the graduates of the practical nursing class. Penny Woodruff, Vice-President, Laura Work, Treasurer, judy Brown, Mrs. Ruth Updike, Spon- sor, Sandra Springbom, Presi- dent, Shirley Leake, Chaplain, Pat Blackwell, joyce Grant, Pat Garrison, Beverly Parker, Secre- tary, Mary Lou Respess, Ann Via, Diane Sturtevant, Avon Sar- gent, Pat Morris, Ioyce Morris, Delores Van, Iudy F arrish, Mar- -garet Marston, Kitty Hippert, Rebecca Somma, Betty Morris, Ann Carver, Sharon Iosser, Martha Page, Carol Lee Wetsel, Betty Ladd, Peggy Gough, Con- nie Clark. Gladys Henwood,-Bar- bara Powell, Linda Cranford, Iudy Dunn, Brenda Dunn, Janet Springborn. First row Pam Davis President Marty Work Secretary Treasurerg Margaret Sinclair, Vice-President. Second row Indy Brown Blanca Redden Audrey Smith Lynda Caruthers Kathy Green, Pat Finn, Vicky Gillis, Jackie Trimble. Third row Chester Bakel Tom Ward Marianne Heiberg Sue Allen Anne Wfilson, Harry Roberts, Richard Sinclair, Emmett Boaz Spencer Birdsong Sandra Sprmgborn Diane Sturtevant Miss Virginia Beard, Sponsor. Debate Club The Albemarle Debate Club, under the direction of Miss Virginia Beard, provides a rewarding ac- tivity for students interested in public speaking and logic. Its major purpose is to allow students to express ideas and to teach them the fundamentals of formal debating. Its ultimate aim is to partici- pate in the State Forensics. Activities include educational classes on debating procedure, a series of practice debates, and a money raising project to cover tournament expenses. John Clark, second affirmative on this year,s debate team. 71 Monogram Club Boys who have been awarded a varsity letter in either football, bas- ketball, track, or baseball are eligible for membership in the Monogram Club. The purpose of the club is to promote good sportsmanship and to encourage care of school property. Activities included: Parents, Night, when the parents of the football play- ers received special recognition, spon- sorship of the Booster Club, an organ- ization of parents interested in the athletic program, the annual Athletic Banquet, and participation in Club Night. First row: Cory Kelsey, Secretary, Donald Ott, President, Donald Layman, Vice- Presidentg Toby Brown, Treasurer. Second row: Leroy Yancey, jimmy Bunch, Cameron Thomas,Donnie Garrison, Marvin Reese, Pete McDaniel, Duffy Wood, Mr. Harry E. Null, Sponsor. Third row: Roger Thurston, Brad Mordecai, Ronnie Coleman, Don Wright, Floyd Massey, Emmett Lilly, Roger Powell. Fourth row: Al Sprouse, jimmy French. Don presides over Monogram Club meeting. 72 Projectors Club The Projectors Club's goals are to render a service to the school and teachers, to help strengthen the school learning process, and to advance each member's self- respect as a useful part of societ . Members are required to stufly the projectionistls manual and to acquaint. themselves with the equipment of the library. Quali- fied members operate projectors for classes when movies are shown. First row: Douglas Wood,'Curtis Laster, Richar Bamett, Presi- dent. Second row: Bobby Burton, Robert Stobie, Gundars Osvalds, Herbert Barnett. Third row: Mr. Leroy Smith, Sponsor, Peggy Dud- ley, Reporter, Ann Schwarting, Secretary-Treasurer, Sims Wright, Larry Toms, Charles Milton, Lacy Clements, Vice-Presakient. Girls' Athletic Association The Girls' Athletic Association en- courages girls to participate in all phases of the physical-education program and promotes good sportsmanship and school spirit. First row: Paula Williams, Carol Zim- merman, Claudia Zimmerman, Phyllis Lasley. Second row: Lola Breeden, Bet- ty Herring, Dorothy Taylor, Marilyn Marshall, Betty Taylor, Ianet Leathers. Third row: Annie Nay, Shirley Roberts, Marie West, Lois Sullivan, Jane Frazier, Mary Mawyer, Patsy Hacker. Fourth row: Connie Parr, Beth MacKay, Caro- lyn Fisher, Betty Shifflett, Mary Frances Thurston, Vicky Gillis, Judy Smith, Caro- lyn Marrsq Fifth row: Sponsors, Mrs. Vines, Mrs. Martin, Miss Quarles. First row: Nancy Eagle, Sandra Bolick, Ann Adams. Second row: Carol Pugh, Mary Sharpe Mark F mn Third row Lolly Tyler, Frances Crafaik, Tom Clarke, Carolyn Payne, George Sanborn, john Cubero. The l96l Peer Staff Penny Woodruff, Business Manager, Marilyn Burton, Editor, Pat Ward, Man- aging Editor. MRS. MARJORY GOODALL ........ Sponsor MARILYN BURTON ......... Editor-in-Chief PAT WARD ............... Managing Editor PENNY WOODRUFF ...... Business Manager A DIANE STURTEVAN T ......... Class Editor AVON SARGENT ...... Assistant Class Editor NANCY MONTO ............... Club Editor GEORGIA FINNIGAN, SUE GAY Assistant Club Editors NANCY GREEN ............. Feature Editor DEBBIE ENGLERT. .Assistant Feature Editor DON OTT ............... . .... Sports Editor TOBY BROWN, MARTY WORK Assistant Sports Editors LINDA RICHARDSON .... Girls' Sports Editor GEORGIA FINNIGAN Assistant Girls' Sports Editor CORY KELSEY ......... Circulation Manager 74 The 1961 Highlight Staff MRS. MARJORY GOODALL. ....... Sponsor SANDRA BOLICK ........... Editor-in-Chief NANCY EAGLE, MARY SHARPE Co-Managing Editors ANN ADAMS .... ...... B usiness Manager MARK FINN ................. Sports Editor TOM CLARKE ........ Assistant Sports Editor CAROL PUGH. .Circulation dr Exchange Editor GEORGE SANBORN ........ .. .Photographer JOHN CUBERO, CAROLYN PAYNE Reporters LOLLY TYLER .............. Feature Editor SANDRA SPRINGBORN ........ Club Editor FRANCES CRAFAIK ...... .... N ews Editor Ann Adams, Business Manager, Sandra Bolick, Editor, Nancy Eagle, Mary Sharpe, Co-Managing Editorsg Mrs. Mar- jory Goodall, Sponsor. First row: Linda Richardson, Pat Ward, Marilyn Buxton, Penny Woodruff. Second row: Avon Sargent, Marty Work, Nancy Green, Toby Brown. Third row: Georgia Finnigan, Cory Kelsey, Mrs. Marjory Goodall, Diane Sturtevant, Nancy Monto, Don Ott. First row: Susan Ward, Secretary-Treasurer, Mary Klink, Vice-President, Rachael Morris, President, Peggy Lawson, Reporter Second row: Shelby Sprouse, Linda Morris, Ioyce Meadows, Page Mor- decai, Pat Finn, Laurie Simpson, Carolyn Carver, Emma Clements, Kathy Could, Sharon Dudley, Rebecca Somma, Ienny Raines, Hobie Hammond, Linda Christensen, Ann Anderson, Mary Gibson, Gaye Davis, jane Stevens. Third -row: Ronald Rushton, Ray Barry, Richard Wood, Wayne Mawyer, Lane Gerheardt. Art Club The purpose of the Art Club is to promote artistic interest. Among its activities for the year, the organiza- tion, along with members of the art classes, designed the scenery for "Charley's Aunt" and "The Monkey,s Paw." They made the decorations for the Homecoming Dance using "Autumn in Central Parkv as a theme. Susan Firth and jane Stevens at work in the Art Department. 76 Classes ANN MAXWELL ADAMS Chorus I, 2, 4, 5, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, 53 G.A.A. 1, 2, Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4, 5, Treasurer 4, S.C.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Sec.-Treas. 5, Model General Assembly 4, S.I.P.A. 4, Business Manager of Highlight 5. XX, z Rss , i 5 AUDREY MARIE ALLEN Albemarle Players 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Nursing Club Ig International Club 2, 3, 4, French Club 5, President 5, President of Class 1, S.C.A. 2, Reporter 2, Basketball 2, 3, 4, 5, Co-captain 55 Softball 3. 'TLSSQ . si si FRANKIE ADKINS F.H.A. 2, 3. MARY IANIS ARMENTROUT Albemarle Players 1, 2, 3, 4, 55 tional Club 3, 4, French Club 5, C i R Q its is S gs es ii 79 Interna- horus 1. FREDERICK SAMUEL ALBERT, IR. International Club 3, 4, 4-H Club 3. ,g,w THOMAS ANDREW BALLARD 4-H Club, F.F.A. JAMES ALLAN BARKER International Club, Math Club. GEORGIANA GROOTHOUSE BARRY BONNIE EARLE BARNETI' jr. F.H.A. 1, Songleader lg Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, 5, Chaplain 4, International Club 2, 3, 4, F.H.A. 5. GLORIA JEAN BAUGHAN Albemarle Players 1, 2, Nursing Club Ig International Club 3, 4, jr. Red Cross Council 4. 80- HERBERT EDVVARD BARNETT Industrial Arts Club 5, President 5, Pro- jectors Club 2, 3, 4, 5. SANDRA IO BOLICK Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, 55 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, 55 Model General Assembly 3, 4, Class Re- porter 2g Class Treasurer 3, Class Secreta 45 Ir. Red Cross Council 13 Nursing Clilb 2, Choral Club 1, 35 International Club 4, Editor of Highlight 5, S.I.P.A. 4, Cheer- geading 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Co-Captain 2, Head BARBARA ANN BOURNE F.H.A. 1, Reporter 1, Bible Club 2, F.H.A. 2, 3,, Tri-Hi-Y 3, International Club 4. ! MARILYN HODGES BURTON S.C.A. 4, Vice-Pres. 4, Library Club 3, 4, 5, Jr. Red Cross Council 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Vice-Pres. 4, Pres. 5, F.H.A. 1, 2, Girls' State 4, 4-H 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Pres. 2, 5, Honor Club 3, 4, 5, Pres. 5, All-Star 5, Peer Editor 5. PATTON LINDSAY BOYLE Science Club 2, Hi-Y Club 1, Band Club '1, 2, 3, 4, Literary Club 5, Track 3, 4, 5, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. ANNE MAURY CALHOUN Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, 5, Vice-Pres. 5, Model General Assembly 4, 5, Officer 5, International Club 4, Bible Club 1, Nursing Club 1, Music Club 2, 3. i 81 HARRY JORDAN BROWN, IR. Vice-Pres. of Class 2, 3, 4, Band 1, 2, Band Club 1, 2, Vice-Pres. 2, Monogram Club 2, 3, 4, 5, Treasurer 5, International Club 3, 4, Vice-Pres. 4, Jr. Red Cross Council 2, Senior Council 5, Football 2, 3, 4, 5, Basketball 2, 3, Track 2, 3, 4, Co-Captain 4. 5 5 5 5 VIRGINIA MAE CAMPBELL F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, F.B.L.A. 1. SARAH EVELINE CARTER G.A.A. 1, 2, Band 3, 4, 5, Most Improve- ment Award 1, 4, Band Club 3, 4, 5, Treasurer 4- Librar Club 1, 2, F.T.A. , Y 3, 4, F.H.A. 5. 1 . 1 I x X X at X? X. x 2 X i 5 5 s . H S t X S E HUGH ALLEN CARVER Attended Lane 1, 2, 3, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Band Club 4, 5, Pres. 5, Spanish Club 5, International Club 4, Drama Club 4. HARTVVELL GARY CLARKE, III JOHN DOUGLAS CLARK Hi-Y Club 3 4 5 Treasurer 4 Pres 5. 82 VACHEL THOMAS CHEARS, III Albemarle Players 2, 3, 4, 5, Electronics glug 54, International Club 3, Literary u . me W S JAMES THOMAS CLARKE, JR. K.V.G. 4, 5, International Club 4, Football 2, 3, 4, 5, Assistant Sports Editor of Highlight 5. KENNETH RAY CORCORAN, JR. THOMAS CLARENCE CRITZER JAMES DENNIS CRITZER International Club 49 D.E. Club 5, Mono- gram Club 5g Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Co- captain 5, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. LEONARD DeWITT CROMER 83 SHEILA BURTON CRITZER Music Club 15 Nursing Club 2, Interna- tional Club 3g F.H.A. 5. ii I Q 'Q S, 5 JOHN ANTHONY CUBERO Math Club 1, 35 Band Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, 55 Football 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. CHARLOTTE LEE DANIEL Basketball 2 3, C.A.A. Club 4, Bible Club 25 F.H.A. 2, 3, 4, 5, Treasurer of Albe- marle Chapter 3, Treasurer of Martha Jefferson Federation 4, Pres. of Martha jefferson Fed. 5, Tri-Hi-Y 3, 5, Reporter 54 Miss Ideal Secretary 4, Cheerleading 4, 5, Co-head 5. X ANNE WREN DAXVSON Library Club 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, G.A.A. 3, F.H.A. 3, 4, 5, Reporter 4, Sec. 5, Girls' State 45 F.H.A. Convention 4. LENVIS VVAYNE DAVIS F .F.A. 3, D.E. Club 4, 5, Parliamentarian 5, K.V.G.'s 45 Track 1, ANITA ELIZABETH DeHOOGE International Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Drama Club 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. 84 NANCY LaVERNE DAVIS C.A.A. Club 1, 2, 3, F.H.A. 2, 3, 4, Secretary 4, D.E. Club 4, Treasurer 4. REBECCA LEE DESPER Chorus Ig Music Club 1, International Club 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. 3, Tri-Hi-Y 4, 5, F.B.L.A. 5. NVOODIE VVINSTON DETAMORE Football 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, International Club 3, 45 Monogram Club 2, 3, 4, 5. E i , s iss' NANCY CAROL EAGLE Band 1, 2, 3, Cheerleading 25 S.C.A. 4, 5, President 5, Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4, 5, Vice- Pres. 3, Historian 5g Thespian Club 25 Science Club 2, Co-managing Editor of Highlight 5. t W' B"- LEWIS EDWIN DUDLEY Band 1, 2, 3, 4, 55 Band Club 1, 2, 3, 55 Football 2, 3. ROBERT MOYER ELLIOT Chorus 2. fi 85 EMANUEL LLOYD DUFF, JR. Band 2, 3, 4, 55 Math Club 23 Band Club 1, 2, 3 ,4, 55 Football 2, 3. .,..... Q Q - 2 5 5 wife A s 5 . 5 TEMPLETON ADAIR ELLIOT Hi-Y Club 1, Math Club 2, 3, Electronics Club 4. 5, Track 2. , DEBORAH KING ENGLERT President of Class 3, 4, International Club 3, 4, President 4, Secretary 3, Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4, Secretary 4, Chorus 1, 3, Secretary 3, Homecoming Court 1, 2, 3, 4, Home- room Officer 1, 2, French Club 5, Vice- Pres. 5, Tennis 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Cheerleading 1, 2, Drama Club 1, 5, Meloclears, Peer Staff 5. if HILDA LEE FARISH F.H.A. 2, 3, 5, Orchestra 1, 2, 4. V GEORGE NVILLIAM ESTES Band 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Band Club 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 4-H Club 1, 2. MARK TERRENCE FINN S.C.A. 1, 2, 3, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, All-State 4, Drama Club 3, 4, Latin Club 4, Presi- dent 4, Golf 3, 4, 5, Captain 4, 5, Sports Editor of Highlight 5. 86 PEGGY ANN EVANS F.H.A. 1, 2, Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 4-H Club 4, International Club 4, F.B.L.A. 5, Nursing Club 3. GEORGIA LOGAN FINNIGAN Attended Rush-Henrietta Central, Roches- ter, N. Y. and Indian-Hill School, Cin- cinatti, Ohio, National Honor Society 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Chorus 1, 2, 3, Band 1, Hockey 2, 3, 4, Tennis 2, 3, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Leaders Corps 2, 3, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, G.A.A. 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens 2, 3, President 2, 3, Dramatics Club 2, S.C.A. 2, Latin Club 3, Science Club 2, jr. Class Play, French Club 5, Peer Staff 5. 'Vs ELSIE MAE FRAZIER F.H.A. 1g D.E. 4. 1 CHARLES DONALD GARRISON Baseball 2, 3, 4, 55 Monogram Club 4, 55 l F.F.A. 4, 53 Vice-Pres. 5. JAMES WVILLARD FRENCH - Football 1, 3, 4, 5, Co-captain 5g Track 1, Monogram Club 3, 4, 5, Intemational Club 4. CLYDE JUNIOR CARRISON Baseball 2, 3, 4, 5, Football 5. 87 CAROLINE VVYATT GAMBRELL Attended North Chattanooga Jr. School 1, 2, jr. National Honor 1, 2, Glee Club 1, 2, News Ed Paper 2g Basketball 2g Art Club 25 Club 3, 4, International Club 3, 45 leading 2, 5. High Society itor of Drama Cheer- ELNER MAE GARRISON F.H.A. 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. l PATRICIA JANE GARRISON F.H.A. 2, 3, 45 Art Club 4. I? I I SUE ANN GAY Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, 5g F.H.A. 4, 53 Peer Staff 5. DAVID KINNEY GARTH Football 1, 2, 3, 4, 53 Track 3, 45 Chorus 3, 4, 5. DOUGLAS FRANKLIN GIBSON 88 HARRY LYLE GARTH, IR. Football 3, 45 Track 35 Band Club 1, 2, 33 International Club 4. ,FF ELWOOD LLOYD GIBSON LOIS IREN E GIBSON I PEGGY DEAN GOUGH Red Cross Council 45 F.H.A. 4. ff K :gpm S 1 STERLING GRAY GIBSON JOANNE HESTELLE GRAVES F.T.A. lg F.H.A. 4. 89 CECIL JOYCE GRANT ROBERT LAWRENCE GRAVES NANCY ANNE GREEN Attended Pacific Beach Ir. High School. San Diego, Calif. lg Honor Club 15 Las Soledad 15 Publications Club 25 F.H.A. 2, 4, 55 Treasurer of Martha Jefferson Fed. 55 International Club 35 Drama Club 45 Tri-Hi-Y 55 S.I.P.A. 45 Peer Feature Editor 5. inf THOMAS DANIEL HARRIS D.E. 5. NS 2 f L 5 5 w. . .N ,Q x G N S NX N Xt- .5 L 5 -1-Q, ,, -W -- ru . K K ANDREW CLAY HACKETT S.C.A. 15 Chorus 1, 2, 35 Hi-Y 25 Art Club 45 D.O. Club 5. VIRGINIA ELLEN HARRIS Band 1, 2, 35 Band Club 1, 2, 35 Jr. Red Cross Council 25 F.H.A. 25 International Club 45 Albemarle Players 1, 4, 5. 90 ELIAS DANIEL HALEY Hi-Y Club 1, 25 Projector's Club 35 Elec- tronics Club 4, 55 Chorus 45 D.O. Club 5. BETTY LOU HENLEY Attended Lane 15 G.A.A. 15 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, 55 Vice-Pres. Homeroom 35 F.H.A. 55 International Club 4. BETTY ANN HENSLEY Nursing Club 1g Choral Club 1, 2, 35 Basketball 2, 39 Annual Stall' 29 D.O. Club 45 Sec.-Treas. 4g D.E. Club 5. FAYE KILBURN HURTT r 1esr11 9 Chorus5 SCA 1 FTA OCl'tz,..g 55 F.H.A. 49 Bible Club 2, 3, 4, 5, Chaplain 3, 4, Vice-Pres. 5. MARY GLADYS HENWOOD Nursing Club 2, Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 4, 5, Secre- tary 5g Homeroom President 25 F.H.A. 4, 5, Jr. Red Cross Council 39 Intema- tional Club 3. MALCOLM DONALD HUTCHINSON 5 A 2 ,, 91 CARROLL DONALD HERRINC Baseball 3, 4, 5, Highest Batting Av Trophy 3, 4, Most Valuable Player 4. RALPH DOWNER JAMES XVARREN DOUGLAS JAMES i E s S JOYCE ELIZABETH JONES S.C.A. 1, 55 Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4, 5, President 54 Chorus 1, 2, Intemational Club 3, 45 F.H.A. 5, F.B.L.A. 2g Senior Council 5. DOUGLAS PAUL JENSEN Agriculture Club lg Football 2, 3g Inter- national Club 4. 4 DIANE CARLTON KANDLE Attended Lane 1, 25 Chorus 4, 5, Tri-Hi-Y 3 t z ' . In Cfll ltlonfll Club 4. 92 ELEANOR JUNE JONES Nursing Club Ig F.H.A. 2, 3, 4, 5. CLIFFORD CORYDON KELSEY Football 1, 2, 3, 4, 54 Track 2, 3, 4, 54 Monogram Club 4, 5, Secretary 53 Senior Council 5, All-District Guard 5. RUSSELL. MCFARLANE LAFFERTY Math Club 25 Science Club 2, Track 2g Football 3, State Science Fair 3, S.C.A. 3, 4, 5, State Vice-Presm 5. grass H 5 HOVVARD SHERMAN LAWSON 5 f SHIRLEY ANN LAM International Club 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Art Club 2, F.B.L.A. 5, Albemarle Players 3. PEGGY ANNE LAWSON Nursing Club lg 4-H Club 1, 2, Vice-Pres. 2, F.H.A. 2, Chorus 2, Sports Club 3, Art Club 4, 5, Reporter 5, International Club 3. , 5 is si DAVID NVINFRED LAMBERT Band 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, President 4, Band Club 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Hi-Y 1, 2, 35 Baseball 1, 25 Track 3, K.V.G.'s 5. 32 335 F5 ,H 93 DONALD XVAYNE LAYMAN Football l, 2, 3, 4, 5, Co-captain 5, Hi-Y Club 1, 2, S.C.A. 3, Math Club 4, Basket- ball 2, 3, 4,-5, Baseball 3, 4, 5, Monogram Club 4, 5, Vice-Pres. 5. SHIRLEY ANN LEAKE Nursing Club 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Vice-Pres. 2, Chaplain 3, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, 55 Tri-Hi-Y Club 3, 4, 5. 5 Sgr W E 2? , 5 Q Ysgfg i E 5 1,55 .ggi 5 i s 2 5 E Es , S ,'S E i ROSAMUND URSULA LYSTER Tennis 2, 3, 4, 54 International Club 2, 3, 4? 55 Nursing Club 1, Drama Club 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, President 5. EMMETT MURPHY LILLY Monogram Club 4, 5g Baseball 4, 5. ALICE BELLE MALBON Drama Club 45 Nursing Club 4, 5. 94 CHARLOTTE EARLE LIPSCOMB G.A.A.g F.H.A., Historian, President, State Conventions, Library Club, Reporter. s VVILMER EUGENE MARSH FLOYD LEE MASSEY Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4, 53 4-H Club 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Vice-Pres. 4, President 5, Football 2, 3, 4, 5. s EE -. CHARLES OBIE MILLS K.V.C.'s 3, 4, International Club 3, 43 Basketball 3, D.O. Club 5. BARBARA JEAN MAWYER F.T.A. 1, 2, Reporter 2, Library Club 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, F.H.A. 5. NANCY JANE MONTO Band 1, 2, 3g F.H.A. 4, 5, Vice-Pres. 55 Tri-Hi-Y 4, 5. 95 MARGARET ANNE MANVYER Nursing Club 1, 2, Program Chairman 19 Jr. Red Cross Council 1, 2, S.C.A. 35 F.H.A. 4, 5, Bible Club 5. 2 rw 2 5 Sigl 3355 f S5 Tir? K 5.3 ,.,, .1 Ei EEE ...N .311 53 5 Ui CHRISTINE ESTELLE MOONAN Hi-Y Regents Award 1, Glee Club 2, International Club 3, 4, G.A.A. 3, Drama Club 4, Literary Club 5, Class President 5, Cheerleading 2, 4, 55 Homecoming Queen 5, Class Representative 2. JAMES SEWELL MOORE F.F.A. 25 4-H Club 3, 4, Reporter 4, Track 5. E S JOYCE ANN MORRIS F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4g Art Club 3. x E 2 2 LINDA VIA MOORE Bible Club 1, 2, Home Ee. 3, 4, G.A.A. 45 D.E. 5. MARGARET LUCILLE MORRIS Nursing Club lg F.H.A. 2, 3, F.B.L.A. 5. 1 .i . XG! 1 96 5 E S! 's VVILLIAM BRADFORD MORDECAI Football 2, 3, 4, 5, Manager 2, 3, 4, Trainer 4, 5, Correspondent 43 Chorus 4, 5g Choral Club 1, 33 K.V.C.'s 3, 4, 5. sl 55 E 15 . , ll MARY CATHERINE MORRIS Nursing Club 1, 2, 3, F.H.A. 1, 4, 53 Bible Club 5. 5 , 5 MARY ESTER MORRIS jr. Red Cross Council 1, 25 C.A.A. 1, 2, 4, F.H.A. 2, 3, 4, 5. is ses 5.5 -EEK Rl. RAYMOND THOMAS MUNDY Baseball 2, 5, Softball 25 Basketball 2. PATRICIA YVONNE MORRIS Jr. F.H.A. lg Nursing Club 2, 55 4-H Club 3, F.H.A. 2, 35 Art Club 4. ELIZABETH ANN NORFORD Bible Club lg F.H.A. 2, 33 F.B.L.A. 4, Secretary 55 Chorus 4, 5. l 97 RACHAEL MAE MORRIS International Club, Chorus, Art Club President 55 Basketball 4, 5, Softball 3, 4 QUIN TON CORES NOTTINGHAM International Club 45 Football 25 Basket- ball 3g K.V.G.'s 45 D.O. 5. DONALD NELSON OTT Band 1, 2, Football 2, 3, 4, 5, Basketball 2, 3, 5, Track 2, 3, 4, 5, C0-captain 5, Treasurer of Class 3, Representative to Citizenship Camp 3, Alternate to Boys' gtate gg Monogram Club 3, 4, 5, Presi- ent . ROGER EDXVARD POWELL Track 1, 2, 3, 4, 53 International Club 45 K.V.C.'s 4, 5, Basketball, Manager 2, Football, Manager 5. BEVERLY JEAN PARKER Chorus 1, 2, 3, Nursing Club 4, 5, Secre- tary 4, 5, Jr. Red Cross Council 3, 4, Drama Club 1, 2, 3, Chorus Club 2, Bible Club 1, 2, 3. WALKER MALLORY POWELL Football 1, 2, 3, International Club 1, 2, 4, K.V.C.'s 4, 55 Spanish Club 5, Albe- marle Players' Production, "Charley's Aunt" 5. . li 5 98 AMANDA JOYCE POUND Bible Club 1, Chorus Club lg Vice-Pres. Homerooni 1, F.H.A. 2, 3, 4, 5, Historian 5, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4. CAROL JEAN PUGH International Club 1, 2, F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, G.A.A. 1, 2, 4g 4-H 1, 2g Tri-Hi-Y Club 3, Exchange and Circulation Man- ager of Highlight 5. CHARLES JOSEPH PUGH 4-H 1, 25 F.F.A. 3, 4, 55 Football 2, 35 Baseball 2, 3, 4, 5. , Q I MARCIA LANDIS RHEVV 3 as . S5 is MARVIN ALFRED REESE Football 1, 4, 5, 4-H 2, 3, K.V.G.'s 4. i l a JOHN ALLEN PUGH 4-H 1 2- F.F.A. 3 4 5- Football 2 3- Baseball 2, 3, 4, 5. LINDA RICHARDSON Nursing Club 1, Drama Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Art Club 1, International Club 1, 2, 33 :l3'Io:1ne5 Ec. 1, Secretary 1, Tennis Team 99 JULIAN WILLARD RITTENHOUSE Band 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, All-State 1, 2, 3, 4, Most Improvement Award 25 Band Club 1, 2, 35 F.F.A. 1 2, 3, 4, 5, Re orter 4, State and National F.F.A. Bans 55 Ir. seg Cross Council 2, S.C.A. 2, Basket- a 1, 2. ELDRIDGE TARLETON ROBERTS Football 1, 2, 3, Indusrtial Arts 3, D.E. Club 4, 5, Reporter 4. AVON GEORGETTE SARGENT Attended Lane 1, 2, Drama Club 3, 4, 5, Library Club 39 International Club 4, Nursing Club 5. DORIS ANN ROGERS F.H.A. 25 Nursing Club 33 Art Club 4, D.E. 5. ANN CHRISTINE SCHWARTING Library Club 2, 3, 4, 5, Secretary 3, Vice-Pres. 4, Pres. 5, 4-H Club 2, 3, 4, 5, Secretary 2, 3, Vice-Pres. 4, Pres. 5, Honor Club 3, 4, 5, Secretary 3, Chaplain 4, Projector's Club 5, Secretary 5. 100 MARTY THOMAS RUNKLE Band 2, 3, 4, 53 S.C.A. 3, 4, 55 Vice- Pres. of Class 5. ALBERT PHILLIP SCI-IWARZENBOECH 4-H 1, 3, F.F.A. 2, 3, 4, 5, Vice-Pres. 4, Pres. 5. MARY CATHERINE SHARPE Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, All-State 2, 55 Ir. Red Cross Council 1, Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 4, 5, Song Leader 5, S.C.A. 2, Albemarle Players 3, 4, 5g Music Club 1, 3, Interna- tional Club 4, 5, Secretary 4g Co-managing Editor of Highlight 5, Melodears 2, 3, 4. ANNA MAE SHIFLETT Orchestra 1, Nursing Club lg Chorus 4 5g C.A.A. 1, 3, 4, 5g F.H.A. 2, 3, 4, 5 Basketball 4. C-RADY COLE SHIFFLETT D E Club 4 5 Industrnl Arts Club ROGER LEE SHIFLETT Agriculture 4, F.B.L.A. 4, Baseball 3, 4, K.V.G.'s 5. STEVE FRANKLIN SIMPSON 101 ELEANOR MARGARET SIN CLAIR S.C.A. 1, Newspaper 1, Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, Debate Club 4, 5, Vice-Pres. 5, Interna- tional Club 3, 4g Nursing Club 2, ,3,., DONALD BRUCE SMITH Chorus 3, 4, 5, Vice-Pres., All-State 53 Bible Club 3, 4, 5, Reporter 4, President 5g Jr. Red Cross Council 5. MARIAN CRAY SPENCER Nursing Club 1. EARL NEXVTON SPEARS Band 1, 2, 35 D.O. Club 4, 5, Vice-Pres. 5. 75 255 I 3. lil wif. :Eli 2-2 if BETTY JEAN' SPROUSE Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, F.H.A. 3, 45 Art Club 3, D.E. Club 5, Treasurer 5. IACOB WHITE SPROUSE Football 1, 35 Industrial Arts Club 4, 5, Secretary 5. DIANE ESTA STURTEVANT International Club 2, 3, 44 Drama Club 4, 55 Sports Club 2g Literary Club 5, Class Editor of Peer 5. F' W5 Q .-I, 5 ii' L i NEIL MALCOLM STEVVART JAMES GARY SULLIVAN Football lg Basketball Ig Baseball 1, 2, 3, 5. Q is s . . .- '--., .L in i E iii? 103 tt .sb X xt. at NANCY LEE STORY F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 53 Secretary of Class 29 Jr. Red Cross Council lg Tri-Hi-Y 4, 5, F.B.L.A. 4, 5, President 5. S 5 NORMA JEAN SULLIVAN Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 4-H 1, 2g Winner of Spelling Contest lg F.H.A. 2, 35 Inter- national Club 4. RICHARD NEAL SWIFT Band 1, 2, 3, 4, 55 Band Club 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. 'H Q X, XXXX N Y S . S I x S R 'Q N E xy., Q 3 is 2 Q 1 Q ag, Q Q , 2 2, E 5, U gi 2 2, if Y EE E SHIRLEY MAE TAYLOR International Club 1, 25 F.H.A. 35 Sports Club 1. JOHN NVILLIAM TAYLOR Football 1, 2, 35 Hi-Y Club 1, 2, Inter- national Arts Club 2, 33 D.O. Club 4, 5, Secretary 5. DEW EY LEE TAYLOR WILLIAM EDWARD TAYLOR Band Club 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. 104 SUSAN BUFORD TERRY Drama Club 4, 55 International Club 43 French Club 5. RONALD REA THACKER 4-H Club 1 2 3- Football 2' A iculture s 1 : 1 gr Club 2g K.V.C.'s 4. CAMERON MASON THOMAS X' 'XFN gi Si i N sz i :iii c 5 R. I 3 VVILLIAM SAMUEL TOMLIN MARISKA MAE TOMLIN International Club 2. 105 S DANNY LEE THOMAS 4-H Club 1, 25 Agriculture Club 25 D.O. Club 4, 5. JEAN ELLEN TRIMBLE Chorus and Accompanist 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Awards in Choir 3, 45 Music Club 2, 35 All-State 3, 45 Nursing Club lg F.H.A. 2g Scholarship for Music Camp 1, 3, 4. SUSANNE GORDON TYLER Attended Langford Jr. High, Augusta, Georgiag Cheerleader 15 Pep Club 15 Glee Club 2, 3, Sextet 2, 35 St. Margarefs, Tappahanock, Va. 25 Drama Club 2, 3, 4, 55 International Club 45 Literary Club 55 Highlight Staff 5. FRANCES LEE WARD orchesrm 1, 2, 3, 45 Bible Club 15 F.T.A. 2, 35 F.H.A. 2, 45 D.E. 5. f s .Dix JOHN FRANKLIN VANDERVEER Industrial Arts Club 1. PATRICIA ANN XVARD Albemarle Players 4, 55 Tri-Hi-Y 55 Li- brary Club 1, 25 International Club 3, 45 F.H.A. 1, 2, Vice-Pres. 15 S.C.A. 55 Pub- lications Club 25 Peer Managing Editor 55 S.I.P.A. 4. 106 CHARLES THOMPSON VEST I 2 is X ' s PAULINE ROXIE WINGFIELD ROSE MARIE WVOOD Chorus 15 Nursing Club 2, 35 F.H.A. 45 F.B.L.A. 55 Intemational Club 5. MARTIN GREGORY WORK S.C.A. 2, 3, 45 Drama Club 4, 5, Vice- Pres. -55 International Club 45 Debate Club 4, 55 Litera Club 55 Class Re- porter 45 Basketball, 1, 2, 35 Football 2, 3, 55 Track 2, 3, 55 Peer Assistant Sports Editor 55 Senior Council 5. PENNY BRADFORD XVOODRUF F Nursing Club 2, Secretary 25 Sports Club 25 Basketball 3, 4, 55 International Club 3, 4, Treasurer 45 Drama Club 4, 55 Treasurer of Class 35 Peer Staff, Business Manager. CHARLES ERNEST YANCEY 4-H Club 15 F.H.A. 2, 3, 4. Q 107 LAURA FRANCES WORK Nursing Club 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Chaplain 3, Treasurer 4, 55 Chorus 1, 2, 5, Chaplain 25 gheerleading 2, 35 Drama Club 45 F.H.A. CLAUDIA ANN ZIMMERMAN 4-H Club 1, 2, President 1, 25 Intema- tional Club I, 45 G.A.A. 45 F.H.A. 2, 35 Basketball 3, 4, 55 Cheerleading 3. MISS MARIANNE BELL 2 I 5 , .14 MRS. DOROTHY DAVID Adulf Nursing Class Posfgraduafes 1961 MISS BETTY MORRIS XVILLIAM MARSTON NANCY SPICER 108 Don Ott, Marty Work, Cory Kelsey, Toby Brown, and Joyce Jones Senior Council The Senior Council, a new addition to the senior class this year, was set up to insure smoother and more efficient organization of functions of the class. As in most instances when new ideas and new prin- ciples are introduced, things are a bit rocky at first, and the Senior Council has been no exception. However, we hope that this council will become a tradition at Albemarle and in years to come it will improve and be a useful part of each senior class. It acts as a nominating committee to present a slate of officers to the class, and then works closely with the officers and the sponsors. Each senior homeroom elects a representative-one whom it feels is capable and willing to act as a negotiator in its behalf. Hats off to our first Senior Council and may there be many more! 109 3:16 Sheer joy-nothing else. Yep, we're puttin' the walls up to Ah-much better! day. I pass. What next! Extra-curricular activities . . . "Ferdinand" Graduation-July 4th! State your name, address, and phone number. Mac, are you sure you've got everything? WVonder who they're waiting for . . . Juniors Junior Class Officers JOAN TISDALE, Reporterg TERESA CRENSHAW, Secretary WATTS MAUPIN, Presidentg PATSY DAVIS, -Treasurrerg TOM MY FAULCONEB, Vice-President. 112 Andrews, Dwight L. Atkinson, Sarah Attardi, Lillian Baltimore, Brenda Ann Barry, Suzanne Birckhead, Norma La Vaughn Birckhead, Thelma L. Birckhead, XVilliam Michael Birdsong, McLemore Board, James Earl Booth, Sandra Ann Bradbury, Thomas Eliot Branham, Norman R. Breeden, Alvin E. Breeden,Mary Jane Brown, Judith Anne Buck, Robert Lee Bugg, Gary Hope Bumett, Gerald H. Burton, Linda Gordon Carmichael, Mary E. Christenson, Linda Clements, Lacy Burns Clements, Linda D. Coleman, Ronald Coleman, Susie Ann Corell, Mary Ellen Corley, Donald B. Craft, Courtney Scott Crawford, Elinor Kathleen Crenshaw, Teresa Mae Cromer, Bonnie lean Cronk, john Solomon Davis, Gaye Ann Davis, Patricia Juanita Davis, Richard Marion Davis, Robert jackson Davis, Ruth May Detamore, Mildred Ann Dudley, Peggy Jean Dyksterhouse, Richard Eby, Robert Lyndon Fairbanks, Russell N., Ir Faris, Roscoe Garnette Faulconer, Iames Thomas Flower, Garth, Fields, James Arthur, Ir Firth, Susan Marie Fitzgerald, Terry Allison Kenneth G., jr. Frazier, Doris jane Gambrill, William A. Garrison, Robert M. Phyllis Jane Gerhardt, Dana jane Gibson, Alvin Glenn Gibson, Janice Clare Gibson, Everett Gibson, Linda Ann Gibson, Martha Ellen Gildea, Hugh Morrison Gillespie, Paul Wilson Goldsmith, Joseph M. Gould, Ralph H. Graves, Ann Barbara Graves, Norman Lee Green, Robert Gordon Grossman, Charles Allen Gunter, Clark Preston Hammond, Ann Hobart Haney, james Milton Hartley, Frances Kathleen Harlowe, hvllllillll Randolpl Harris, Margaret Hathaway, Robert Cox, Jr. Herring, Betty jean Herring, Geraldine Mae Herring, Roy W. Holland, Beverly jean Holloway, Linda Lou Houchens, James 116 ljr Houchens, Rae Kent Hunt, Rebecca Lee Hunter, Charles Huckstep, XVilliam Thomas Hutchinson, Steve Kent Jarman, Barbara Ann Judge, Carl Kesler, Karen Anne Kirby, Ronnie Knowles, Jack William Ladd, Betty Jane Lasley, Phyllis Jean Layman, Rosemary Smith Leatherman, Marilyn Sue Leathers, Janet Irene Liberati, Sandra Jean Loeser, Jacob VVilliam Ludwig, David Lawrence Lynn, Jessie Lynch, Jr. Manson, Peter Clark 117 Marion, George Marks, Bobby Rogers Maupin, Eflie Marie lklaupin, Margaret XVatts Mawyer, Judith Earlene McDiarmicl, Jimmy McDaniel, Pete Mearns, Karl Casto Mchring, Walter Henry Miller, Benjamin NVayne Mitchell, Joyce Mae Moon, Evelyn Marie Morris, Barbara Anne Morris, Linda Ann Morris, Mary Elizabeth Mullendore, Lauren Gregg Mundy, VVoody Evans Murray, Anne Marie Nottingham, Mary Iane Orman, Ileen Diane Page, Louise M. Page, Martha Anne Page, Ronald Lacy Painter, Barbara Ann Painter, Mary Lee Parrott, Elizabeth Anne Payne, Carolyn Russell Pearson, Charles Granclison Poole, Robert Edgar Porter, xvllllillll Claiborne Powell, Patricia Lee Powell, Phyllis Ann Raines, Richard Jr. Ramsey, Janice Gayle Reclden, Louis Rowen Rayburn, Ellen Stuart Rittenhouse, Judy Irene Roberts, Clarence Wilfred Roberts, Harry Lee Roberts, Joyce Mae Robinson, David Preston Rodeifer, Adele Flora Rorrer, Doris Dean Schultz, Harriett F. Seiler, Evelyn Elizabeth Senter, Carolyn Shiillett, Judy F. Smith, Doris Jean Smith, Louisa Smith, Mildred Ann Smith, Shirley Standley, Roger Stevens, lane Stork, Jimmy L. Sweet, Palmer C. Tate, Charlotte F. Taylor, Charles F. Taylor, Dorothy L. Thomas, Janice P. Thomas, Kenneth E. Tisdale, Joan Tomlin, Linda F. Tomlin, Patricia Townsend, Carol Ward, Susan NVebber, Robert P. NVebster, Roxanne L. Williams, Charles L. Williams, Davis B. NVilliams, Lois Marie VVillia1ns, Paula Williams, Robert Whitehouse, Edith Wilson, Joseph Withers, Thomasine Wood, Kenneth XVright, Donald Craig Yancey, Alvin Leroy Young, Walter A. Yowell, Clinton C. Lemme outa here! Q Have you got a paper clip? What a mess! Next stop-Broadway. Hey, what's going onl Open wide. Jock, you lucky dog. It's got fo be in here somewhere. 122 And then he said . . . I'm not a Cadillac, but I still run. Push Harderl Isn't that guy running the wrong way? "A little learning is a dangerous thing." l journalism Class's Sockhop CaCO3bCaO -17 CO2 Hey, did you see that, Tom? 123 Sophomores Sophomdre Class Officers CAROLYN ROBERTSON, Presidentg PAM KNIGHT, Vice- Presidentg STEVE CLARK, Secretaryg SPENCER BIRDSONG Treasurer. ' 124 Brown, Julia Gray Bunch, James Edward - Cash, Linda Jean Cason, Lois Kas' Caruthers, Lyn a Verne Carver, Delmar Wayne Clark, Carolyn Sue Clements, Rebecca Faye Clarke, Stephen Magann Colvert, James David Corbin, Janet Ka Corcoran, Richard Olaf Craddock, Charles Hebert Critzer, Betty Lynn Cutright, Allen Wayne Dandridge, VVilliam Robert Davis, Jasper P. Davis, Pamela Cralle DeHooge, Derma Joyce DeMasters, Shelby Jean Drolshagen, Herbert Dunn, Brenda Elizabeth Edwards, Arthur Franklin Evans, Donna VVinifred Abell, James Caleb Addington, Ann Marie Albee, Albert, Allen, Robert Bruce, Jr. Muriel Ann Susan Jane Anderson, Mary Ann Anslow, Steven Parker Apperson, Alfred James, Jr. Ayers, Carolyn Marie Ballard, Patricia Ella Barnett, Richard Mehring Batton, Sandra Fay Baughan, Thomas Marcy, II Beale, Belew, Carolyn Paqe Samuel Ne son Bias, John Stefhen Bickers, Mere ith Thomas Birckhead, Patsy Jean Birdsong, James Spencer Bishop, Mary Carter Blinco, Linda Marie Boehm, Robert Leon Breede n, Thomas WVayne Brown, Janna Ellen Evans, Paul Mason Falwell, Daniel Eugene Falwell, john David Farish, Betty june Farrell, Kenneth Lee F aulconer, Betty jean Fields, Yvilliani Carson Fisher, Ray David Fitzgerald, Linda Fitzgerald, Patricia jane Flannagan, Lucy Cateshy Fomes, Irene Joyce Frazier Arthur Ray 3 Frazier, John Andrew Frazier, Vernice Geraldine Frazier, Viola Lucille Frye, Carol Lynn Garrett, Jerry Sue Garrison Dewe Rai , 'Y .' Garrison, Hugh C., Jr. Geer, George VVayne Gentry, Ronald Craig Giannini, Geor e Alexandc Giannini, Glenda Faye I' Gibbs Dorsey Cullen Gibson Joyce Ann Glllum Robert Ashley Grmbert Nelson Cale. Goodall james Line Cowen Joi LL Ann Gray Mary Frances Graybill, Mason Green, Patricia Ann Griesbach, Shirley Ann Hamm, Rachel jean Hamner, Edna May Hanlon, Mary Kathleen Harrington, Lindsay Marwin Harris, Betty Jean Harris, Vivian Marie Heiberg, Marianne Hensley, John Marion Henwood, Eunice Mae Herndon, Henry lNils0n Hobson, Gene Nicklous Hudgins, jo Ann Hunter, Elizabeth Anne Hurt, VVilliam Terrill Mahanes Clifford Barclay Marshall, Marilyn Naomi Maupin, Ira Peck Maupin, Sandra Loretta Mawyer, Mary jane Mawyer, Frank S Mayo, Frank Burnley, jr. Meyers, Xvilliarn Howard Minor, Alexander NVebh Moon, Sarah Elizabeth Moore, John Barber Mordecai, Margaret Paige Morgan, Sarah Jacquelyn Morris, Betty Jean Morris, Charlotte Anne Morris, Kenneth Odel Morris, Lois Anne Mowbrey, Connie Edward Mummey, Susan Ann Nay, NVilliam Ronnie Oliver, Charles VVillia1n Parker, Virginia Josephine Parson, Thomas Patterson, Douglas Roy James, Judy Gale James, Lois Barbara Jenkins, David Franklin Johnson, Andrew Herrin jones, Betty Meade Jones, Martha Ann Kennedy, Donald Lynn Kennedy, Rebecca jeane Keyton, Edgar Lee Klink, Mary Margaret Knight, Pamela Lucille Kyser, Lindsay Ray Lamb, Lois Marie Lanum, Judith Anne Lasley, James Owen Laster, Curtis Davis Lawson, Janet Hope Liady, Fred Gardner Lydick, Steven Allen McAllister, Charles Cole McClarf', Shirley Ann McCau ey, Palmer Lee McGhee, Mildred Marie Maddox, Anne Terrell Poole, Bobby Edgar Powell, Barbara Fey Powell, Emily Mason Powell, John Mason Proffitt, Virginia June Rankin, Richard Alan Ramsey, Brenda Lee Redlands, Sandra Diane Revels, Frances Beall Rhodes, Ronald Dee Riddle, Cecil Newman Ritchie, Joseph Shelton Rivers, Jolm Thomas Roberts, Cheryl Ann Robertson, Carolyn Louise Ryan, Diana Lee Sanborn, George Edward Sandridge, Alma Faye Sandridge, Clyda Judith Sandridge, Joyce Isetta Sawyer, Dorothy Elizabeth Sawyer, Joshua Raybeu Schwarting, Henry Victor Schwarzenboeck, Louise Linda Selle Jesse Early Shlfflett George NV1ll11m SlnfHett James Wilson Sluflett Brenda Kaye Shlflett Judith Lucille Simpson Delores Mle Sinclair, Richard Kenneth Smith, Audrey Jeanne Smith, George VVayne Smith, XVilliam Cabell Snavely, Jay Joseph Snow, Donna Mae Sours, Ronald Franklin Springborn, Janet Ann Sprouse, Grace Virginia Sprouse, Malcolm Lee Stanton, Sherrie Anne Stanton, Charles VVilliam Stobie, Robert Allan Strickler, Joseph David Terry, Salley Daniel Thurston, Roger Lee Tomlin, Marjorie Ann Toms, Lloyd Mainford Toms, Paul Michael Turner, Alene Dale Via, Dale Avington NValker, Suzanne Stuart XVard, Katherine Gertrude NVard, Thomas john Vfatson, Lonnie Ray XVatson, Robert Lee XVeakley, Thelma Shirley NVeast, Glen Allen XVebb, Leslie Valentine Williams, James Edward XVilson, Margaret Anne XVood, Clarence Joseph W'ood, Judith Mae XVood, Mary Frances NVoodson, VVil1iam Tucker VVynne, John Leigh . V, Hey, Tobe, you've got the wrong blonde! N L Marine Corps Band Anybody watching the game? AH-hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Yes? Clarke, Patricia Carol Clements, Hobert VVilliam, Jr. Clements, Nancy Jean Cockerille, Elizabeth Anne Coleman, Bobby VVilson -Coleman, Ronald Page Conley, Margie Lee Craig, Patricia Lee Critzer, Elizabeth Anne Critzer, Thomas VVatson Daniel, Lynda,Anne Davis, Betty Jean Davis, Ida VVillis Dudley, Carolyn Louise Dudley, Lamont, II Durrer, Charles Vernon Earhart, Irlet Fay Eastwood, XVilliam Ashley Eddins, james Samuel Edwards, Sylvia Mae Eheart, Brenda Joyce Elliot, Carolyn Louise Englander, V. Elizabeth Eppard, Carol Wayne Estes, Howard Lee Eubank, XVilliam Edward Falwell, Sara Lou Farrell, Nancy Jane Farrell, VVilliam Bernard Finn, Patricia Mary Fisher, Barbara Ann Fisher, Mason VVilbur Fitzgerald, Caroline Lois Fitzgerald, Linda Flower, Robin Leigh Adeock, Harvey XVilson, jr. Albee, Judith Lynn Allen, Faye Paulette Amiss, Betty Sue Anderegg, Gaines A. Armentrout, Martha Brooks Backman, Barbara Jean Bailey, Carolyn Lee Bain, Frank Nott Baker, Chester Henry Bames, Bennett Hosea, jr. Barnes, Charles Milton, Ir. Batten, Rosa Lee Batten, Vemon Alvin Benson, Dorothy Ann Berry, Raymond E. Bishop, NVilliam Lovington, Jr Blackwell, Patricia Ann Blake, Susan Emogene Blankenship, Nancy Jane Breeden, Dale Elaine Breeden, Lola Faye Breeden, Mary Frances Britton, Barbara Lee Burgess, Eugene Roosevelt, jr. Bumett, Barbara Jean Campbell, VViI1iam Edward Carlson, Patricia Ann Carmody, Paul Andrew Carver, Carolyn Marie Cason, Katy Elizabeth Cheape, Charles VVindsor, Jr. Ceme, Larry Lee Clark, Andrew Jackson Clark, Roy Shannon Fornes, Mollie E. Foster, Charles F . Frazier, Betty Jean Frazier, Jerry C. Funk, Betty A. Cabrielson, Jeanne Garnett, Mercer Garrison, Floyd Allen Garrison, James E. Garrison, Lucille Garth, Cornelia Garth, Holland B. Garth, James W. Gentry, Carolyn Sue Gentry, Garland Gerhardt, Lane Gibson, Betty Ann Gibson, Betty Jane Gibson, Betty Jean Gibson, Carolyn Sue Gibson, James H. Gibson, Mary Elizabeth Gibson, Percy NV. Gillikin NVil1i lm Burnle , 2 y Gillis, Vickie Glass, Shirley L. Gough, Robert Gould, Kathleen Cowen, Calvin Grant, VVilliam Graves, Michael Dale Graves, Mary Alice Gray, Charlotte Gray, Jean Elizabeth Green, Kathryn Hamilton, Donna Hardey, Joseph Harding, Pamela Harrington, Gay Harris, Jerry Lee Harris, Marie K. Harris, Rachel Hatcher, Buddy Heilman, Ty Xvilliam Hensley, Barbara Janice Hensley, Thomas Herndon, Kenneth Herring, James Eddie Herring, James Lee Herring, Jud I Holton, Stephen D. Hooker, Perry Huckstep, Dorothy Hudgins, Donald L. Huff, Osborne Lee Huff, Sharon Ann Hunt, Ruth Ann Irving, Steve Edward Harrell, Carrie Lee Jarvis, Ella Jette, Edward Donald Johns, June Ellen Johns, William Johnston, Rebecca Kennedy, WVallace Kesler, Kathleen Knight, Doris Ann Knight, WVayne Knott, Boyd Lee Kusic, Daniel Lam, Tony Bradley Langlotz, Peter Ramond Lawson, Frances Ann Leake, Anne Elizabeth Leake, Charles Fountain Morris, Homer Montgomery Morris, Harry Samuel Morris, Patricia Ann Morris, Shirley Mae Morris, Virginia Marian Moseman, Dennis james Mowbray, Marian Elizabeth Moyer, Davidi Allen Mullendore, James Myers Napier, Nancy Napier, Frances Lee Nay, Annie Isabelle North, Aubrey Ronald Oesterheld, Louise Herndon Parr, Constance Angela Parson, John Morris Payne, Danny Lee Pearce, Nora Ellen Poirier, Gregory Powell, Ann Virginia Powell, VVillia1n Price, Curtis Stephen Pronzato, Diane E. Pugh, Ethel Rea Pugh, Joan Kent - Pugh, Larry Nelson Pumell, Dale Robert Pyles, James Calvin Raines, Phyllis fame Ramse , Samue Bell Ra olt, Donna Redsen, Bianca Maria Redford, Aubrey Insley, Ir. Reid, VValclen Claines Remley, Carolvlean Leake, Shelah Maureen Lombard, Harriette Anne Longley, Carol Michaela Loving, Calvin Eugene Lyster, Felicity Catherine Mallory, Rosa Evelyn Markham, Anne Duane Marrs, Carolyn Marie Marsh, Arlene Marston, Margaret Jane Martin, Barbara Lee Martin, Peggy Jean Massey, Gerald Thomas Maupin, Gerald Alan Mawyer, Claudia Blair Mawyer, Richard Wayne McAllister, Carl Nelson McAllister, James Ernest McCann, Michael Henry McClary, ,Lillian Estelle McCauley, Solomon Melto McDaniel, Maxine Rosie Michie, Robert Kenloch Miller, Donna Delane Mitchell, Shirley Marie Manger, june Elizabeth Moon, Alma Mae Moore, Marilyn Levese Morris, Elizabeth Erlene Morris, Florence Virginia Il Respess, Marie Louise Rivers, James Calvin Robbins, Robert Freeman Roberts, Gilbert Pratt Roberts, Shirley Ann Robinson, Ruth Diane Robinson, Thomas Everett Rogers, Patricia Ann Rorrer, Daniel Chapman Rushton, Donald Edward Sacre, Joan Carol Sanborn, Margaret Joyce Sandridge, Carol Joan Sandridge, Linda Schwarz, Albert Emil Scott, Pe 1 Lee Sharpe, Shiflett gg! Dana Faye Allan Lee Shitletti Betty Lee Shiflett Shitlett Shiiiett Shiilett: Shiiiett 9 1 Caroll Evelyn Joyce Jean Judith Ann Roy 3 Simpson, Laurie Ann Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith Gaby Clark George Eddie Judy Ann Larry Clive Martha Anne Roland Neal Somma, Carolyn Ann Sorrell, John Schuyler Southall, Colleen Claire Spangler, Garland Stuart Spicer, Melvin Dulaney Sprouse, Nancy Matilda Sprouse, Shelb Gardner Stacy, Paul Albert Strickland, Michael Duvall Sturtevant, Richard Hill Sullivan, George Elliot Sullivan, Lois Marie Taylor, Betty Jean Terrell, Fay Leslie Terrell, Shelby Jean Thomas Charlie XVingfield Thomas, Clarence Mason Thomas, Juanita Ann' Thomas, Raymond YVilson Thompson, Susan Marie Thurston, Betty Lou Timberlake, Dawn Tipton, Diane Tomlin, Jerry Lee Toms, Gayle Lee Toms, James Bruce Trimble, Jacqueline Lee Trunzo, Sheila Beirne Turner, Rebecca Faye Turner, Thomas S. Tyler, William C. Umdenstock, Elinor Van, Delores Elaine Vest, Mary Jane Via, Ann Florence Via, Claudia Ann Vogt, Terry Arthur WValker, Charles Wayne Walker, Gladys M. NVOod, Mary Elizabeth Wood, Richard Lee VVoofter, Duane Ramsey VVright, Paul Sims Yowell, Nancy Lee YVard, Harold VVinston WVard, Janet Marie VVatson, Ida Frances YVebb, Randolph Peyton YVel1s, Barbara Jean WVest, Page Marie VVhite, Sally Page YVilberger, joan Elizabeth NVilliams, Bonnie Jean YVilliams, Jimmy Thornton VVillson, John Harvey Xvolfrey, Michael WVayne NVood, Douglas Cecil NVood, Lila Faye -1 X. 5 ' r L it E eiii I know-a iloweret by the wayside." Hey, look out! Sigh!! ! Don't burn your feet, girls. r Christmas Carol Contest. Another broken machine! Eighfh Grade 3 l l Elghfh Grade Officers King Pace, Vice-Presidentg George Tilman, Preskientg Kitty Hippert, Secretary-Treasurer. ' 136 Clarity, Alice Ann Clark, Andrew jackson Clark, Constance Leigh Clark, Sarah Katherine Clements, Emma L. Cokes, John Lewis Coleman, Nancy Rea Collier, Hollas Gene Conley, Stephen Michael Cook, Beatrice Elaine Crawford, Linda Irene Creasy, Lawrence Earl Critzer, Ann Elizabeth Dabney, Elizabeth Ann Dandridge, James H. Darnell, George R., jr. Davis, Barbara Jean DeMasters, Ellis Carlton Dillon, Billy B. Dobbins, Polly Ann Doty, Alan NVhitney Dowell, Sandra Ray Drumheller, VVayne Dudley, Sharon Leigh Duncan, Bobby Lee Duncan, Wayne V. Dunn, Judy Carolyn Dunn, Robert Mellette Easton, Gerald Wayne Edwards, Kenneth Samuel Egeland, Raymond Jens English, Woody Estes, Pearl E. Eubank, Elizabeth Ann Evans, John Phillip Acree, Patsy L. Alrich, Glenna Eagleston Allan, Judy Mary Ankney, Helen Anne Ashby, Rebecca Leigh Atkeison, XVilliarn H. Baber, Roger Lee Baker, George August Ballard, Cornelius Chapmzm Barbour, John Barkesdale, Carol Faye Barnes, Bruce Lawrence Baughn, Charles McKelvey Beasley, Linda Lee Birkhead, jennifer C. Blackwell, James Clifton Blackwell, Ruth Nickson Blake, Harry Hancock Boaz, Emmett Daniel Bolick, Cynthia Sue Booth, David VVilson Bradbury, David Kent Breeden, Charles Keith Breeden, XVilbert E. Brookman, Virginia L. Brown, Taylor Bruce, George E. Burns, Patricia A. Burton, Robert O. Butler, Stanley NValter Cannon, Donna M. Carter, Ralph Carver, Barbara lean -Cash, Xvalter lfVayne Cheape, George Baxter - 137 l Faris, Melvin Randolph Farish, Judith Lynn Farish, Judith Marie Farrish, Brenda Joyce Femback, Robert Fielding, Sheila L Fitzgerald, Ronnie Lee Fowler Margaret Shepherd Frazierl Christine Frazier, Mary Elizabeth Frazier VVilson B Garber: Frank Gerrin L Nora Lee Garrett, Garrison, Donnie C Garrison, Minor Ray Garth, David Hancock Gay, George Thomas III Geer, John Payne Gentry, Edwin Frances Gentry, Susan Ma s Gibson, Carl Bradllev Gibson, Charles S Gibson, Florence E Gibson, Jean Marie Gibson, Judith Ann Gibson, Judith Arleen Gibson, Luc M Gibson, Shir ey Marie Gibson Virginia Agnes Gibson: VVilliam Ronald Glass, Ka Frances Goad, Sylyia M Graves, J. Thurston Graves, Susie Pauline Graves,' William ' 138 Gray, Annie Mae Griesback, Jennifer Lynn Gribble, Ann Ostava Grim, Nancy C. Hale, George Daniel Hall, Maria Lucille Haney, Bernice Arlene Haney, Betty G. Harrington, Lynda C. Harris, Laura Nadine Hathaway, Susan A. Hawley, Hensley Hensleyi Herring, Hippert, Fleming Schuyler Phillip NVayne Monnie Veronica Elaine Catherine Elizabeth Hite, Raymond Harmon Hopkins, Lynn Ellen Truslow, Joyce Huff, Kenneth D. James, Raymond Jarman, Jarman, Jenkins, Jenkins, Jenkins, John Walter Massey Edward Joseph Gerald William Judy Jones, Lewis Earle, Jr. Jones, Phyllis Ann Jones, Randy William Jones, Sidney Clifton Jordan, James Carson Kennedy, Brenda Kems, Dale Burner Kesler, Thomas Ernest Kidd, Margie Sue Mckay Hilda Meadows, Jo ce A. Michie, Martha Tevis Mills, Carl Kenneth Milton, Charles R. Minter, Peggy Ann Moon, Thomas Jackson, Jr. Moore, Catherine Ryland Morris, Bonnie Alice Morris, Delmer Nelson Morris, James Garfield Morris Joyce Ann Morris Linda Lou 7 Morris, Nancy Jean Morris, Sandra Lee Mowbray, Charles Richard Moyer, Julia Diane Mundy, Larry Fitzgerald Mundy, NVilliam Join Murray, Louis Marvin Naylor, Patricia Ann Norford, Claire Deanne Odle, Nancy Virginia Oliver, Pau Shephard Osvalds, Cundars Ott, Robert Van Owen, Tulita Pickens Pace, Brenda Ann Pace, Carla Jo Pace, Ralph King Pace, Ronald Ca vin Painter, Alice Ray Parker, Brenda Louise Parr, VVilliam Emmett Paschell, Frances Marie King, Lynne Diane Kirby, William Monty Knowles, Charles Michael Landes, Edna Jean Lane, Sharon Lee Lawson, Beverly P. Lawson, Champ Jackson Lawson, Judy Carroll Layman, Ralph Benjamin Leake, Linda Rea Lively, Janice Elizabeth Loeser, Eldridge Arthur Loeser, Sharon Arlene Lucas, Marilyn Page Lux, Catherine Lee Lydick, Robert Roy Manley, Sherry Jeane Marion, Lewis Arnold Marsh, Shirley Ann Martin, Sterlon Emmanuel Maupin, Cary Wayne Maupin, John Denton Maupin, Joyce Viola Mawyer, Carolyn Sue Mawyer, Diana Jean Mawyer, Lacy W. Mays, Aubrey Malcolm Mays, Betty Ann Mays, Kenneth Edward McCann, Claudia Jean McCauley, Bett Ann McCauley, Shirley McDaniel, Charlotte Gail McDiarmid, Crover William McGilvery, Jeanne ,G M Patterson, Brian George Patterson, John Danie Payne, Terry Adella Pearson, Arthur Segar Powell, James Vemon Proffitt, Nan? Mae Propst, Davi L. Puckett, Glenda Pugh, Linda Quick, Jacqueline Lee Raines, Jenny Bea Rea, Massie Redlands, Hazel Irene Reynolds, Linda Martin Rice, Virginia Sue . Richardson, Lawrence K. Rittenhouse, Margaret Jean Roberts, Kermit Roberts, Lydia Maria Rogers, Barbara Earlene Rohm, NVilliam Donald Rosenkrans, Barbara Ann Sacre Frederick Franklin Schmiel Ulrika Louise Scensny, Patricia Bonnie Seifert Miles Carl Sensahaugh, Ronald Glenn Shaver Patricia Bonnie Shiiflett Betty Jane Shiiflett Donna Jean Shiiflett Frances Ruby Shifflett GBHGVICXE Shifflett Linda Ann Shiiflett Margiret Louise Shifflett Nvlllldlll Cl If Shiilett, Brenda Loraine Shiflett, Elizabeth Maybell Shiilett, Juanita Mardell Shores, Oleta Jane Shull, Marion Elizabeth Slavik, Edwin Joe Smith, Harry Wilson Snead, Jerome Stanley Sonnna, Spencer, Rebecca Lindsay Rebecca Jean Springer, Rebecca Ann Sprouse, Brenda Joyce Sprouse, Gracie Louise Sprouse, Jacob Rea - Sprouse, Jolm Mason Sprouse, Robert Lester Stanton, Kathy Anne Strauss, Charles Jeff Strauss, Sallie Marie Strickler, Edward Kenneth Sudduth, Charles G. Sudduth, Frank Steven Sullivan, Carolyn Lee Taggart, Karla Sue Taylor, Phyllis Jean Taylor, Vvillitllll Franklin Thacker, Alfred Madison Thomas, Charlotte. Ann Thornton, William Norman Tilman, George Thomas Titus, John B. Tomlin, Alice Evon Tomlin, Frankie- Dale Toms, Larry Mason Townsend, Nancy At-ten-shun! Zoulis, Cynthia Therapea Travis,' Millicent Clariece Verburg, Paul Karsten Vess, Robert Lawrence Vest, Martha Agnus Via, Carolyn D. Via, Marjorie Ann Voris, Richard J. NValker, Patricia Carolyn NValton, Michael Gene YVard, Beverly Ann W'ard, Carolyn Maxine XVatson, Dorothy Helen NVatson, Mark kvllliillll YVesner, Ronald Dean Wetsel, Carol Lee WVillson, Christine VVilson, Dale Wagers Winkler, Elizabeth Alea XVithers, Francis Carter NVood, Brenda Ann YVood, Gloria Jean XVood, Patricia G. XVood, Roy Allen Woodruff, Bruce Boyd Woodson, Donald L. X-Voodson, Sylvia Ann Woody, Joyce Woody, Patricia Ann VVoodzell, Norris XVillian1 WVyant, David C. NVyant, Linda Jo Yancey, Doris June Young, Patricia Barbara Young, Sallie Sue Yowell, Robert Melvin "Monkeys Pawn rehearsal Somebody call the sanitation department. Keep Moving! Great Photography! Yes, it's Georgia. Come on in-one more won't make any difference. He begged us to take it Cabell, don't you have anything better to do? Coming! Uewy SQ rl L-lik-lL, xQp'?Qvf,b4f ? 'ggfaiilv fULCP+ I yOJkC9-., O.j:-,- , N ' 'A XSL, C,E"Pflfo- Clfrsif te- M QM of Qbwqlfbggjii lJEc-'cA- Qty. CgJ C,fQf1,,g,y.!2-Evefu Lfjvgfg S bv WVWL01 "4j749'i.Xf- QMOQ -QA-Loflj Adverfisemenfs 143 TI-IOS. JEFFERSON INN VIRGINIA HOSPITALITY IN JEFFERSON'S COUNTRY Wonderful Food - Air Conditioned " A KNOTT MOTOR HOTEL" Bruce R. Richardson, Jr., GEN. MGR. Telephone 2-7101 Charlottesville, Virginia 144 GLEASON'S BAKERY, INC. Fancy Pastries, Cakes, Pies We Specialize in Decorated Cakes for All Occasions 101 East Main Street MONTICELLO MARKET Dial 2-5010 Charlottesville, Virginia CHARLOTTESVILLE OFFICE MACHINE CO. AUTHORIZED UNDERWOOD AGENCY GESTETNER MIMEOGRAPH MACHINES HEYER DUPLICATORS Dial 2-7419 915 W. Main Street Charlottesville, Virginia COLONIAL TILE CORP. Cixi A s..5X VN lx ,K C H X A C K , - X was Liv S. - . v Floor Coverings Soapstone Cefimlc Tile Acoustic Tile Counter Tops Wool Carpet Free Estimates Manager--Bill' Hayward Salesman-Buddy Critzer Phone 2-8169 145 CITY LAUNDRY LAUNDRY - QUICK SERVICE WASHETTE -- DRY CLEANING COLD STORAGE VAULT Just Dial 2-9136 CHARLOTTESVILLE, VIRGINIA GODWIN ELECTRIC Electric Contractors HOTPOINT Phone 2-6138 215 Avon Street CO. ROBERTS PIANO CO. BALDWIN PIANOS 81 ORGANS SELMA, BUNDY, 81 OLDS BAND INSTRUMENTS Dial 3-3791 1149 Rose Hill Drive RUDY'S CLEANERS. 705 Preston Ave. Phone 2-5042 --WE CLEAN RUGS INC JAY JEWELERS IN CHARLOTTESVILLE "Jay" Stands for Jewelry 205 East Main Street 146 CHARLOTTESVILLE LUM BER COMPANY Custom Mill Work Hardware All Types Paint Resilient Floors Glass Plumbing 81 Heating Serving the Community Since I893 Dial 2-5135 Charlottesville, Virginia CROZET HARDWARE CO. CROZET INSURANCE ' GENERAL INSURANCE Carl F. Barnes Ella S. Barnes Crozet, Virginia Crozet, Virginia University Bookstore Suppliers for Collegians for Over a Century UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA 147 CHARLOTTESVILLE HARDWARE CO HARDWARE HARDWARE HARDWARE HARDWARE HARDWARE All Kinds Charlottesville Virginia THE COLONNADE SHOP. INC-. "Fashion Center in Charlottesville" Charlottesville, Virginia EARL H. VAUGI-IAN, INC. PLUMBlNG AND HEATING CONTRACTORS Selectemp Heating-Iron Fireman Products "Coal That Burns" Dial 2-5177 608 Preston Avenue Charlottesville, Virginia 148 IN R KHPL-IQ H ,L If A is Qw ay MlJllIEZ l2allWDRUG CO. lily, 'filll "WE DELIVER" COLEMAN'S JEFFERSON SHOP My Dial 24231 414 East Main Street 9 201 East Main Street Charlottesville, Virginia Charlottesville, Virginia FREE PICK UP AND DELIVERY CAVALIER GULF University Shopping Center CABELL AND STORY INSURANCE SPECIALISTS Route 250 West 2110 Ivy Rgad Tl h 2-9995 sep one Charlottesville, Virginia "Ken" Thomason, Owner 81 Operator GILMORE HAMM Compliments of: at SNYDER' INC. FURNITURE FOR THE HOME BOTTLED GAS CORPORATION AND OFHCE Charlottesville, Virginia Crozet Print Shop FINE PRINTING SINCE l9l3 Telephone 2366 Crozet, Virginia 149 Dial 2 -9824 Gctrclnel' Sheet Metol Shop ROOFING AND HEATING AIR CONDITIONING River Road Charlottesville, Virginia THE JEFFERSON SCHOOL OF ARTS AND STUDIO ART SHOP ART SUPPLIES ART INSTRUCTION Phone 3-3788 906 W. Main Charlottesville, Virginia CHARLES KING 8. SON COMPANY, INC. WHOLESALE GROCERS Phone 2-9144 CROZET DRUG CO. SERVICE FOR THE SICK C. F. Stanley Manager and Pharmacist Phone 2081 Crozet, Virginia LEE H. CASON HORACE W. DANIEL Auto - Fire - Lite Insurance STATE FARM INSURANCE COMPANIES "It Pays to Know Your State Farm Agent' Phone 3-6777 Jefterson at 5th Street Charlottesville, Virginia HAZEL EASTHAM COSTUMES ACCESSORIES SPORTSWEAR Barracks Road Shopping Center Telephone 3-7136 CHARLOTTESVILLE FROZEN FOODS, INC. WHOLESALE FOOD DISTRIBUTORS 514-516 Preston Avenue Charlottesville, Virginia Telephone 6-6171 150 BHHHS UF CHHRLUTTESVILLE TIZENS BANK AND TRUST CO TIONAL BANK AND TRUST C Wiley 's, Inc. SPECIALIZING IN JUNIOR APPAREL SEALS SINCLAIR SERVICE Washing - Polishing Complete Lubrication At Underpass Phone 2811 Crozet, Virginia SANDRIDGE OIL COMPANY Crozet, Virginia Business Phone 2701 Residential Phone 2626 ESSO FUEL OIL DEALER SHOE CENTER JETS, KEDS ond P.F. GYM SHOES 313 E. Main Street Charlottesville, Virginia SUBURBAN BEAUTY SHOP Supervisor and Stylist Nellie Craft Dial 2-7045 Route 250 West AT UNIVERSITY SHOPPING CENTER THE SHORTHAND CLUB UNIVERSITY SHOPPING CENTER Charlottesville, Va. Telephone 6-3188 Phone 6-1300 SILHOUETTE BEAUTY SALON POLLY HARLOW-CHRIS WATSON 1106 W. Main Street Charlottesville, Va. Hill 81 Irving, Inc. FUNERAL SERVICES First and Market Street Charlottesville, Virginia THE W. J. KELLER CO. Spalding Saddles and Loafers Capezios - Bass Weeiuns Andrew Geller - Mademoiselle Paradise - Naturalizers Town and Country-Freemans Wright's Arch Preservers for Men 404 E. Main Charlottesville, Virginia L. A. LACY AIR CONDITIONING PLUMBING LOWE'S JEWELERS Your Headquarters for 1960 School Rings Cut " Prices Upon Request LOWE'S JEWELRY CO. 319 E. Main Street Charlottesville, Virginia HEATING RESIDENTIAL 84 COMMERCIAL Phone 2-7542 900 Harris Street See The New Collections iimitiit .,,..lf5:EQQ... 153 ere's to good times and good friends may you always have on abundance of both Lms 111 H jo 5 :folly Q My 420 fx or 4 LQ 5 LY. if K x .A K -, , 1 ,Leer HC' MQ: ' cjfhss , L S6131-Sli., I ,GJ , wise .5 aomso uuoea Aumonmr or me cocA-cou comrmv av CHARLOTTESVILLE COCA- COLA BOTTLING WORKS, INC. H 8. M SHOE STORE Always a Step Ahead in Fashion and Quality "Shoes for the Entire Family" Charlottesville, Virginia 101 W. Main Street Door Panels - Arm Rests - Seat Covers Convertible Tops - Floor Mats Headliners - Truck Seats Rebuilt JOHN'S SEAT COVER CENTER 107 Sixth Street, N.W. Charlottesville, Virginia Phone 3-5052 121 N. Commerce Waynesboro, Virginia Phone WH 2-7147 MCDONALD BICKERS HARDWARE 7 DAY SHOPPING CENTER Hotpoint Appliances Hardware Glidden Paints U Toys Nutone Built-in Stereo 81 Intercom 81 AM-FM Radio 81 High Fidelity Music System Hours-Seven Days a Week MIDWAY ELECTRIC CO. 114 East Main Street Charlottesville, Virginia 154 FOR THE FINEST IN GREETING CARDS BROWN'S GIFTS In Historic Virginia Charlottesville 8. Williamsburg My Eating WlZUgR'R55 OVER HALF CENTURY OF PUBLIC SERVICE L 50? KELLER M GEORGE H. M. GLEASON 8. CO. AUTHORIZED DEALER 0 Farm Machinery and Motor Trucks Serving You Since T871 Ist 8. Garrett St. HOME MATERIALS. INC. QUALITY BUILDING MATERIALS Telephone 3-5109 I24O Harris Street Charlottesville, Virginia Tel. 2-5145 JARMAN'S, INCORPORATED OFFICE FURNITURE SYSTEMS - SUPPLIES SCHOOL SUPPLIES 200 E. Market Street 155 Barracks Roacl Shopping Center A FINE FAMILY OF STORES SERVING YOUR EVERY SHOPPING NEED- Acres of Free Parking Tors - TWEENS - TEENS Fore A PRETTIER You CROZET SERVICE Call sunesss BEAUTY sALoN CENTER' 'NC' 3-5478 COMPLIMENTS KING 8. ROBERTS, INC. OF Wholesale Confectioners wise Pomro CHIPS FOOD MART 81 lNsTmmoNAL Fooo PRODUCTS TOWN 81 COUNTRY FOOD CENTER Phone 6-6945 IIO6 Rose Hill Drive 156 . E. WHEELER 8. COMPANY REAL ESTATE Post Office Box I64 405 East Market Street Charlottesville, Virginia S. W. BARNES Crozet, Virginia CROZET LUMBER CO.. INC. Crozet, Virginia CROZET GULF SERVICE Crozet, Virginia Light and Heavy Wrecker Service Gas - Oil - Accessories General Repairs HAYNES L. SETTLE REALTOR RESIDENTIAL - COMMERCIAL INDUSTRIAL 7I4 Rose Hill Drive ELJO'S UNIVERSITY SHOP "AT THE CORNER" Compliments of Roses 5-10-15 Cent Store BARRACKS ROAD SHOPPING CENTER SELF-SERVICE EOR YOUR SHOPPING CONVENIENCE .-v 1- , Cf0'21M, ' SQ add-fw ,.jQQ,2Q4x', 62766253 , A- . ,QQ ' If f M V3 A QQ C A. J. SHOE REPAIR SHOP MWTP-PWM-' L7,5wVa, BARRACKS ROAD SHOPPING CENTER Jff6CR..i fab f Dyk I Our Specialties-Men 8: Lady T ' MJ YQ' U Halt or Whole Sole A ELL Mig' 'Wifi .f -TTA, our Motto-WHILE-U-WAIT M", Ckdf N R- XSL- :IQ - 1 , .. jf'?.. A51 JZ!!! 2,01 ZSJ okf 'lair cl-,dp F L f R E L S the It ' . . cc 84 o I Incorporated New ALLIED SUPPLY COMPANY BUILDING CONSTRUCTION 'hone 2'7'9' Manufacturers of: Quality Ready-Mixed Concrete Autoclave Blocks Septic Tanks Miscellaneous Concrete, Yard 81 Garden Products College Day ESTES SUPER MARKET SHOP CASH AND CARRY AND SAVE MORE Independently Owned 8g Operated I. by J. ELMER ESTES 501 Cherry Ave. BROWN'S DRY CLEANERS Harry J . Brown Dial 6-6285 510 Preston Avenue Charlottesville, Virginia 158 igcfgjfq MEADQWBROQK QSTR ,IigQ'Q Specializing in Fancy Baked G cls ' Out of this World You can go far. . . but you can't buy better Barracks Road 81 U.S. 29 A Q r' Located in 7 Day Shopping enter Compliments of MEN 8. BOYS' SHOP iii West Main Street Charlottesville, Virginia BEAU HOP SN. xl? 256 2 tree st . - 'l , f X X MO -I A a e WITH THP ' X RENNOLDS, INC. "Southern Electric" Charlottesville's Most Complete Appliance Center Phone 3-5136 227 West Main Street Charlottesville, Virginia STANDARD PRODUCE CO., INC. Dial 2-5171 WHOLESALE FRESH Erzults AND VEGETABLES Compliments of Dairy Queen 159 66 , ' 99 GPS1, please TEE? reicreflx W Say, "Pepsi, please THE SMART JUNIOR MISS ALWAYS SHOPS AT . . . STYLE SHOPPE Main at Fourth Street HDISTINCTIVE APPAREL" Charlottesville, Virginia M. TIMBERLAKE INCORPORATED DRUGGIST 322 East Main Street Charlottesville, Virginia 2-9155 PREDDY'S WATCH SERVICE ON THE MEZZANINE IN WESTERN AUTO BUILDING BARRACKS ROAD SHOPPING CENTER Hours-9:30 to 6:00 Monday Through Saturday Owned and Operated by W. R. CGaitJ Preddy-Certified Watchmaker Dmohunrlro Electric Company Frigidaire FHS -4 Avvlime 400 EAST MARKET STREET H lx ld ni. Commercial Zenith Radio A Tele B on J F ning cHARLo,TllrEsv11.1.E, VIRGINIA Elechml C nh t 'O one 6-6161 160 Today's active people cheer lighter, less-filling food and drink. Particular faworlte today's Pepsi-Cola, reduced in calories-the modem the light refreshment PUll-PUll PUTT YOUR TROUBLES AWAY AT THE PUTT-PUTT" Rt. 29 N, Hydraulic Road TRIMBLE'S DRY CLEANING SERVICE Personalized Service Dial 2711 Crozet, Virginia WE GIVE S 81 H GREEN STAMPS TUEL JEWELERS Certified Watchmaker and Jeweler Authorized Representative for Bulova - Keepsake - Elgin Hamilton Watches Diamond and Wedding Rings 104 South First Street Charlottesville, Virginia Albemarle Students Go .................... Trailways 161 wh- rpEWg I Agnew' M -ff, ,QM mice h Q9QM Wagfffdygi """""" Congra'ruIations Class of '61 EASTERN REGIONAL OFFICE ' of State Farm Insurance Companies AUTO - LIFE - FIRE IOOI Emmet Street Charlottesviile, Virginia 162 cnoss RoADs stone COMPUMENTS Leonard E. Bunch, Sr. OF GROCERY- FEEDS AND SEEDS North Garden, Virginia Oasis Restaurant Phone 3-0014 C JEFFERSON SCI-IDOL OF COMMERCE RIC ESSO SERVICE Groceries - Novelities - Fireworks Snack Bar "Central Virginia's Leading Business College" John Lyster K Proprietor, Free Pickup Charlottesville, Virginia .Phone 3-0312 Branch Schools On Route 29 in 2 Miles N0fl'l'0 of Charlottesville Marion, South Boston, Fredericksburg Top Value Stamps Winchester, Emporia, Salisbury, Md. So Round, So Firm, So Fully Packed THE IN T025 E- www gm BA. E2 163 7574, 021, 'ffkg-'YA-ZX' -fZf6'u..A,fx.. ,QNZLNATJ Ak-Q-An? ,Zu ,X5-L,e,z"Mf'-'N if .--VA! JI s,4,,,,' dak ?C'4"""4 - difjff-ji' QVCUA' , .41-f-fvef fue-1.2! ,ff ,cw-QQLQ ,32fQ,,,,,,,,v ,LM-,gg c,.,,,,,L, f9.4M.7,' ,gif alokckm bc Afofod af 'I -ff-C1944-'K.,f 7Zf,cfwv. Zffmlk 64-C411 .,a,!lcwv" if !Z,,,.,4d, AL? l, ,wwf wc, XLZU. ,auf '-'A W ' rafulafions-fxi' 'M' bww .five-4.f,f' gan .flu ' To 'the VLLQ 5,416 I W wk.:-',4,wXx 63,590 V,4,QU,4A'Z - U- CMM AM QW CLASS OF 1961 W. Nffdvwwh ? ,- F if f-414' V935 I X - faaucj 6374, fJ14.fZ4.o-4.4.!4"'? af fxfbk-457 53.161, , Ly'-,917 613 jwso-ef-fdbi 455' dv Zeb 42444, ,Q A fr-Izjvfv . ,3glf'L11x.,vx.2X MONTICELLO DHIHU .,Jf44i4,c.f -5!Jf47242cJ47Z6fg,!4+ ,,dg',-2?-7 fgejb, .,6Q4Q4b N,4f,,,a-J .V , A Q , ,, A. -kg K -fQ4'4f"f1f""-ff! 'ffffi'-f' 0v"44f .ef4effUlg, J-QMQQ, fc 4.53 ISL L7 a , A ,A A ,arc .M:,ffL,4,L, jfvwifdf 'f41'Z4e7AJ uf fcffykfn. Jffufq. fbi-A agdejajv , M1 3, A , M fzfn,e,e,Jf.!4c?o 6141,-5 1-4-444.1 WLQCZZC, 6144161 X ,para 16 ,M 7 VY at 77 T612 9-1014! aww? l24,'?R4,c-4,1 and viz?-Jay? Q M441 f7Cf!0L'f-P" ff- ,kflcaff 164 MARTIN HARDWARE co., Compnmems of INC, THE NOOK Free Parking-Air-Conditioned THE FINEST FOOD IN TOWN Dial 2-8171 941 Preston Avenue 415 East Main Street NORCROSS TRANSFER 8. STORAGE 624 West Main Street Charlottesville, Virginia Compliments of M. C. THOMAS 420 East Main Street Charlottesville, Virginia Cong ratulations: 1 F zihszzh ll t,--Jul 9 Stop8cShop N N333 N I Supermarkets or ' -Aw..' , 5- -1 .Q j:Q1.1:g, 'gb . , 510 'G"'f4s rmssr oeimntwiln 165 A . ,M li till fa. Q' QQ Mi F ML WX A AWA AWN 'W AWWWL YL CHARLOTTESVILLEW MUSIC CENTER, INC. QZQ MINOR-DUKE MUTUAL INSURANCE AGENCY Cammann C. Duke - Addie Alexander 404 National Ba l TOBY BROWN - ALBEMARLE HlGH'S Representative on The High School Fashion Council Sponsored by KAUFMANS Outfitters To Young Gentlemen Charlottesville, Vo. Moin ot Third St. 1. TILMANS Chorlottesville's Shopping Center For 54 Years Compliments l of BERKELEY COMMUNITY BUILDERS 167 THE JARMAN University Cafeteria PRINTING COMPANY 916 Preston Avenue Charlottesville, Virginia At The Comer Industrial Publication Engraving HOUTSTANDINGH Brochures Industrial Forms General Printing bv Annuals Catalogs McCALL'S MAGAZINES FREE PARKING CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF T961 I A COMPLETE DEPARTMENT STORE IN DOWNTOWN CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA. 168 1 1A All HIQIYT lv! "I I Charlottesville's Oldest Music Store 233 West Main St. Charlottesville, Va. LANE'S TAILORING SHOP BARRACKS ROAD SHOPPING CENTER Phone 28505 "Complete Formal Wectr. Rentol Service" THE 213 SHOP 213 Fourth St., N.E. Charlottesville, Va. GIFTS GREETING CARDS DECORATIVE ACCESSORIES THE SHERWIN-WILLIAMS CO. Paints, Varnishes, Lacquers, Leads Oils, Enamels Brushes and Painter's Specialties 121 West Main Street Charlottesville, Virginia C. H. Williams, Inc. CHARLOTTESVlLLE'S COMPLETE DEPARTMENT STORE WADDEl.l.'S SHOES EOR ALL occAsioNs VALLEY VIEW ELoRlsT For GMS FLOWERS Fora EVERY occAsioN Cobblefs . . Edlih HWY Stride Rite Phone 6-6141 For BOYS Florsheim Taylor Made 418 East Main Phone 2-2244 308 E. Main Street Charlottesville, Virginia SPERRY PIEDMONT COMPANY lDivision of Sperry Rand Corp, Charlottesville Virginia The Young Meds Shop QUALITY MEN'S WEAR Charlottesville Virginia TOWN AND COUNTRY SHOP "Clothes for the woman of discriminating taste" Telephone 2-5339 l I4 Fourth Street N. E. Charlottesville, Virginia 170 For The School For The Home For The Office You'll Find Whatever You Need In Stationery School Supplies Greeting Cards Books Office Supplies Athletic Cards Office Furniture Novelties At Charlottesville's Leading Book Store ANDERSON BROS. BOOKSTORE INC. Serving This Community Since T876 Located at the University of Virginia PHONE 3-6083 OPE N The Jefferson House "FINE FURNITURE Pole LESS" Route 29 North-P. O. Box 683 Charlottesville, Virginia UNTIL 9 171 COMPLIMENTS OF Gulf Oil Company COMPLIMENTS OF Albert Mahanes Compan Grading Contractor Route 4 Box 4-A Charlottesville, Virginia Phone 2-8000 COMPLIMENTS OF , Gene Woods Garage 24 Hour Wrecking Service A.A.A. Emergency Service General Repairs for All Cars GENE WOOD'S GARAGE Charlottesville, Virginia CHARLOTTESVILLE AUTO AND TRUCK DEALERS VANCE BUICK CO. 900 Preston Avenue Buick-Buick Special-Opel MctcGREGOR MOTORS, INC. 416 West Main St. Lincoln-Mercury-Continentall Comet-English Fords-Borgwo WILHOIT MOTORS 404 East Market Street Dodge-Dodge Dart-Lancer Fiat-Simca-Dodge Trucks R. M. DAVIS MOTORS, INC. 1311 West Main Street DeSoto-Plymouth--Valiant COGGINS MOTOR CO., INC. 330 Preston Avenue Chrysler-Plymouth-ImperiaI Studebaker Cars and Trucks Mercedes-Benz-Valiant CHARLOTTESVILLE MOTORS 856 West Main Street Falcon-Thunderbircl-Ford Trucks BRADLEY PEYTON Ill 858 West Main Street Pontiac-Pontiac Tempest Cadillac-Vauxhall DOMINICK CHEVROLET CO. Ist ond Water Streets Chevrolet-Corvair-Corvette H. M. GLEASON AND CO., INC. 1st and Garrett Streets International Trucks and Farmall Equipment WRlGHT'S WRECKING YARD 1320 East Market Street Diamond T'Trucks Allis Chalmers Farm Equipment HARPER MOTORS, INC. Preston Avenue at Ninth Street Authorized Dealer for Volkswagen RUSSELL MOONEY OLDS SALES AND SERVICE 315 West Main Street Oldsmobile-G.M.C. Trucks-Oldsmobile F85 rd Ford- s O ACNXE VISIBLE RECORDSJNC cnozE1'.vuRc-.IMA All spectators please return to the stands. We thunk and thunk and no caption came! Did you ever get the feeling you're being left out? 173 THE MONTICELLO HOT EL PBTTISS Dances Recephons Showers Bancwefs Luncheons 2 SQUARE LET US BE YOUR HOST Telephone 6-611 C MU ICAT 2" NATO N idx U TED TAT L Z ME CO P. . CHA TTESVILLE V INIA 174 Aufogrophs ' QP 109' . w sf - zfjgjfgfifzif if fm 'fvvffy we Neg? W My 175 WJ Aufogrophs QWWHWJW NW WW pike. c-vox. Q..xg... Q mzzds Yggg. 5A-ego-2, Dowohw-L ig 67"'i'Xmi 80.41121 ! ' . Q fwkif . CML O QD B QBWIIN-Q J I ifybi..-LPQU C .. 1 ' f ,MJ figffg' lf LA MQW EW rv MQW f C42 W Q95iQTLL lU ' WMM Mui we W , , y +er JJ CIJIPANY 5 L GQ Migpaiifflww Q I ,f 1 h WMA X6 fw Tiki' UW 4 Tb W LQAMU 1' M . X. x l No hu- .QixQ,?.X . U!! 1214 QM ,QAM QKWM' V5 WW kb' x 4.15 ,K . Xywv E U' X Sw 2 . 5 X 3 sl Q 1 VY XX SQ :Qi W 1 h E 1 L E '2- XX Q A wg Q SX pi . Q. 5 'N-.. N-. 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 I A v 'Q 5 A 1? He ,iv ' ,Q 5 Tx, ,L 5 W ! .1 ' E

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Albemarle High School - Peer Yearbook (Charlottesville, VA) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Page 1


Albemarle High School - Peer Yearbook (Charlottesville, VA) online yearbook collection, 1975 Edition, Page 1


Albemarle High School - Peer Yearbook (Charlottesville, VA) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 35

1961, pg 35

Albemarle High School - Peer Yearbook (Charlottesville, VA) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 150

1961, pg 150

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