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Albemarle High School - Crossroads Yearbook (Albemarle, NC) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Cover

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‘ I . Oul Published By The Albemarle Senior High School Annual Staff Albemarle, North Carolina ELIZABETH WILSON Co-Business Manager MISS DIANE THOMPSON Advisor SHARRON HOLT Editor TONY ALMOND Co-Business Manager if- Each year the time comes for the Crossroads staff to pick one faculty m ember who has served and helped our school. To select one person from the many who qualify is a very dif- ficult task. This year a pei’son has been chosen who has indeed served the school well and in many capacities. He has spent much time and effort in the development of the athletic pro- gram of our school. In his position as coach he has brought victory after vic- tory to Albemarle Senior High School. Not only has this person been of service in the athletic program ; during the past years he has also endeavored to bring to his students a knowledge and an appreciation of the world of science. He attended Pfeiffer College where he received his B.S. degree in Biology in 1958. From there he went to Duke University where he did extensive graduate work in biology for two years. In 1960 he came to Albemarle Senior High where he has become an inte- gral part of our school. For all his efforts and contributions, we, the senior class of Albemarle Seni- or High School, proudly dedicate this, the 1964 edition of the Crossroads to CLAUDE BILLY TYSON 5 Mue That 9 Qouokf, 9 Could of Find. . . 6 MucA Tht 9 Found, 9 Could Hoi Find. . . 7 Muc Vuitd owd, Could Hot Freo. . . Muc Freed Fekrned F Me. Freedom to- impart. . . to- (earn . . . to- ejplore. . . to- share. . . ioate . . . to- express. . . 9 X-» We. the students of Albemarle Seni- or High School, owe many thanks to the faculty and administration of this school. It is they who have the all- important tasks of guiding, teaching, and training the future leaders of our community, the nation, and the world. Each one tries his best each day so that, as we leave this high school at the end of our senior year, we are pre- pared to meet the challenges of life. To you, the teachers, we say, “Thank you.” ‘‘There is no greater service to the Republic than to teach our youth.” Cicero Mr. Claud Grigg Superintendent of City Schools Mr. Henry T. Webb Principal A DMINISTRA TION MEMBERS OF THE BOARD OF EDUCATION OF ALBEMARLE CITY SCHOOLS Mr. Charles W. Pickier Mr. Maurice W. Richardson Mr. H. Wells Rogers Mr. Richard L. Brown, Chairman Mr. Ted P. Furr Mr. John M. Morrow )2 Mrs. Sybil Bi own Mrs. Mildred Carter Miss Chicora Caughman Mrs. Mildred Deese Mr. Kenneth Frazier FACULTY Mr. Paul Fry Mrs. Paul Fry Mrs. Nancy Gamewell Mrs. Ruth Hall Mrs. Guy Harrison Mr. R. C. Hatley Mr. George T. Hauss 13 Mrs. J. C. McLain Miss Lillian Misenheimer Mr. John C. Morris Miss Betty Richardson Mr. Moyer Smith FACULTY Mr. Walter Smith Miss Rebecca Stasavich Miss Diane Thompson Mr. Claude Billy Tyson Mrs. Nell Westerlund 14 15 Our hijrh school days should be the happiest and fullest time of our lives. We fill our time with activities of all sorts: clubs, sports, i)rojects, and some- times school work. From morning to night we seem to be in a whirlwind, seldom looking to see where we are going and where our aims lie. We entered high school as unsure sophomores, a little scared of this new life, but eager to learn what it was all about. As seniors we leave this building, but we keep all the wonder- ful memories of the days gone by. It is our freedom and our privilege to use each day to the fullest, so that, as we leave A.S.H.S., we may be con- fident citizens, sure and steady in the knowledge that we have gained. “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. ” John 8: 32 SENIORS Miss Chicora Caughman Sponsor SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS: Andy Cook, President; Laura Henderson, Vice-Presi- dent; Evelyn Morton, Secretary; Tommy Smith, Treasurer. 18 RONALD JEROME ALMOND “Life’s too short to waste” Football: Wrestling; Monogram Club: Hi-Y. STEVE NEWELL ALMOND “The world’s no better if we worry ” Life’s no longer if we hurry ” Football : Hi-Y Pres. ; Vice-Pres. : Intramural Council : Soj»h. Hoj) Comm., Jr. -Sr.. Prom Comm.; Sr. Choir; Boys’ Double Quartet : Sr. Boys’ Double Quartet : Boostei-s’ Club : Science Fair : Homeroom Officer : District Choral Contest : Inti-amur- al Sports. TONY ROMAN ALMOND “And he shall excel even among the greatest of men ” Soph. Hop Comm. Jr. -Sr. Prom Comm. ; Hi-Y Pres. ; Hi-Y Basketball : Track ; Jr. Class Pres. : Student Council Treas. ; Student Council Rep. ; Math Club : Black Masque Club ; Mono- gram Club; Jr. Play Cast; Fall Play Cast; Science Club. Vice Pres.: Football: Boys’ State; NCSCC Delegate; National Honor Society Pres ; Intramural Sports ; Boosters’ Club ; Band : Crossroads Asst. Bus. Mgr. ; Best All Around ; Mar- shal : Student Lion, Student Api reciation Day ; Science Fair; Hi-Y District Delegate; Who’s Who. BENJAMIN THOMAS ATKINS “A merry heart, a merry smile, happy is he all the while” Homeroom Pres. ; Student Council ; Sr. Choir Pres. ; Tri-Capt. Football; Athlete of the Month: Monogram Club; Track; Sr. Boys’ Double Quartet ; Jr. -Sr. Prom Comm. ; Student Lion, Best Looking : Boosters’ Club. SYLVIA DIANE AUSTIN “Ever ready to do a kind deed” Boosters’ Club; Intramurals, Play Day; Jr. -Sr. Prom Comm.; Bible Club. CAROLE DIANE BAKER “Music is the universal language” Soph. Choir Sec. ; Sr. Choir : Boosters’ Club ; Crossroads Art Staff: Black Masque: Soph. Hop Comm.; Jr. -Sr. Prom Comm. ; State Choral Festival ; Homecoming S! onsor ; Sr. Banquet Waitress; Assembly Comm.; Soph. Girls’ Quartet: Science Fair. PAUL EDWARD BARBEE “My heart is whole, my hand is free, run along little worries, don ' t bother me ” MELISSA JOSEPHINE BEAM “There is nothing like fun, is there” Boosters’ Club; Crossroads; Inti ' amurals ; Science Fair; Sr. Banquet Waitress; Jr. Play Cast; Homecoming Comm; Black Masque Club; Tri-Hi-Y ; Wittiest: Jr. -Sr. Prom Comm. Chr. : Sr. Banquet Ent. Comm. Chr. : Soph. Hop Comm. 19 BONNIE MAE BENTON “Kindness, friendliness, and intelligence, the investments that never fail” Boosters’ Club ; Science Club : National Honor Society, Chap- lain ; Crossroads Typing Staff: Homecoming Sponsor; Sr. Ban iuet Waitress; Jr-Sr. Prom Comm.; Homecoming Comm., Chm. : Student Council, Vice Pres.; Science Fair; N.C.S.C.C. Delegate; Who’s Who; Math Club, Treas. ; Assembly Comm. Chm. NORMA JANE BINNS “A cheerful temper joined with innocence will make beauty attractive, knowledge delightful, and wit goodnatured F.T.A. ; F.H.A. ; Boosters ' Club; Black Masque Club; Mono- gram Club: Tri-Hi-Y ; Vice Pres. Basketball Captain. GENE BOST BLACKWELL “His quietness does not make him less important’’ Deca Club ; Bible Club ; Band. FAYE BLAKELY “Kindness is the sunshine in which virtue grows” ALVIE RATIO BOLES “I take life easily and bear no regret” Deca Club: Band: Homeroom, Treas.; Deca Con.; Science Fair. PHYLLIS JANE BOONE “Laugh and the world laughs with you” Intramural Sports; Science Fair; F.T.A. Jr. -Sr. Prom Comm. Boosters’ Club; Bible Club: F.H.A. Rally. DAVID LLOYD BOWEN “Let me be deft and debonair. I am content, I do not care” Hi-Y ; Homeroom Treas.; Boosters’ Club; Monogram Club JUANITA PAULETTE BRASWELL “My heart is ever at your service” Boosters’ Club ; Bible Club : F.H.A., Pari. ; Crossroads Literary Staff; Jr. -Sr. Prom Comm. Sr. Banquet Waitress: Intramural Sports; Science Fair; F.H.A. Library Club; Student Council. 20 BOBBIE TROUBLEFIELD BURLESON “Her voice was ever soft, pentle, and low, an excellent thing: in a woman “ Soph. Hoi Comm. : Homecomingr Sponsor : Science Fair ; Soph. Choir; Jr-Sr. Prom Comm.; Science Club; Bible Club; F.B.L.A., Sec; Homeroom Pres JOYCE LYNETTE BURLESON “Whose little body lodg:ed a mighty mind” Boosters’ Club ; Jr. -Sr. Prom Comm. ; Library Club. State Convention. District Rally, Chm. of Scrapbook Comm. ; F.H.A. County Rally, District Convention, Lions Club Banquet, Mon- roe District Fair, Mothei ' -Daughter Banquet. SHELBY LEON BURLESON, JR. “He is complete in feature and mind, with all good grade to grace a gentleman” Hi-Y, Sec. ; Intramural Sports ; Soph. Hop Comm. ; Black Masque Club ; Science Club ; Captain Gold Team ; Conference Champion; Association Co-Champion; Most Talented; Jr. -Sr. Prom Comm. Homeroom Vice-Pres. ; Boosters’ Club; Senior Choir ; Crossroads Literary Staff ; Sov h. Chorus ; Monogram Club ; State Choral Festival ; Sr. Boys’ Double Quartet. BARBARA JEAN BURRIS “The unspoken word never does harm” Intramural Sports ; Field day ; Library Club, Treas. MELVIN LAMAR BURRIS “A light heart lives long” Bible Club. CONSTANCE ANN BUXTON “A good deed is never lost” F.H.A., Treas.; F.B.L.A. ; Deca Club; Boosters’ Club; Tri- Hi-Y. BARBARA ANNETTE CAGLE “A good heart is better than all the heads in the world” Soph. Music Class, Sec. ; Intramural Sports ; Science Fair ; F.H.A. ; Library Club; Deca Club, Historian; F.H.A. Rally. ERIC HOWARD CAIN “He gave with a zest and he gave his best; give him the best to come” Homeroom Pres.; Soph. Choir; Boosters’ Club; Monogram Club; Science Club, Vice-Pres.; Senior Hi-Y, Vice-Pres.; Black Masque Club; Wrestling Team, Tri-Captain; Soph. Hop Comm.; Jr. -Sr. Prom Comm.; Crossroads, Photography Staff; Friendliest. 21 EDDIE COLLINS “Never trouble trouble til trouble troubles you “ WILLIAM ANDREW COOK “A scholar is the favorite of heaven and earth “ Hible Club ; Sr. Class Pres. ; Student Council : Chie.. Marshal ; National Honor Society: Full Moon; Payre In U.S. Of Kepres. : Key Club Intern. PALMER COOK “He’s quiet a ul has little to do, he takes his time and gets thing:s through PAMELA FURR COOPER “Her smile shows her happiness, her friends, her popularity,” Modern Music Masters: Science Club: Boosters’ Club: Mono- g:ram Club: F.T.A. : Cutest: Basketball, Co-Captain, Ca] tain : Intramural S)K)rts ; Sr. Bantjuet Waitress: Jr. -Sr. Prom Comm.: Marshal: Black Masque Club: Tri-Hi-Y : Girls’ En- semble : Homecoming: Sponsor : Home coming’ Queen : Cross- roads Photogra])hy Staff: So])h. Hoj) Comm.: Homeroom Vice Pres. KATHERINE GRAHAM CORNELIUS “True to herself, true to her friends, true to her duty always Senior Choir: Soi h. Choir: Girls’ Ensemble State Choral Festival: Choral Workshop; Math Club: Black Masque Club: Jr. -Sr. Prom Comiri- ; Jr. Play Cast: Full Moon; Booster’s Club; F.T.A. : Intramurals; Evaluation Comm.; Homeroom Sec. : Crossroads Business Staff : Modern Music Masters : Tri- Hi-Y ; So) ' h. Hop Comm. : Sr. Banquet Waitress. JUDY RUTH CRANFORD “When fun and duty clash, let duty go to smash Science Fair : Intramural Sports : Play Day : F.H.A. ; Library Club. JUDY SUSAN CRANFORD “One word is sufficient to the wise ” Tri-Hi-Y : F.T.A. ; Jr. Red Cross Pres. Vice ; Intramural Si o)-ts : Boo.- ters’ Club: Ji-.-Sr. Prom Comm.: Bible Club: Crossroads Business Staff : Science Club : Soph. Hop Comm. ; Science Fair. SARAH THERESA CRANFORD “As she thinketh in her heart, so is she” Band: State Band Clinic; Debate Club Jr.-Sr. Prom Comm. Soph. Hop Comm. ; Jr. Red Cross ; Crossroads Photography Staff; Radio Staff; Basketball; Science Club; Tri-Hi-Y; Black Masque Club; Intramural Council; Play Day. 22 WAYNE ASHLEY CRANFORD “I am sure care is an enemy of life” Band: Library Club; Bible Club MOLLY HARRIS CROWELL ‘‘Smart, capable, always kind; In fact she can’t be defined” Basketball : F.T.A., Vice Pres. ; State Convention Delegate : Science Club ; Boosters’ Club. Sec. ; Black Masque Club ; Science Fair; Tri-Hi-Y, Sec.; Soph. Hop Comm.; Sr. Banquet Waitress; State Choral Festival; Jr. -Sr. Prom Comm.; Math Club; Homeroom Pres.. Vice Pres.. Sec.; Choral Workshop; Bible Club; Modern Music Masters; Crossroads Business Staff. RONNIE TILLMAN CULP ‘‘Silent and calm are their ways’’ RICHARD PAUL CURJtlE ‘‘My zeal hath consumed me ” Deca Club, Pres. ; Band ; Hi-Y : Science Club. BENJAMIN BAKER DAVIS ‘‘What shall a man do but be merry” Sr. Choir: Sr. Boys’ Double Quartet: Hi-Y Pres. Sec.: Foot- ball: Wrestling: Track; Monogram Club; Soph. Choir; Soph. Hop Comm.; Science Fair; Intramural Sports; Jr. -Sr. Prom Comm. Boosters’ Club. ETHEL MARIE DENNIS ‘‘Nothing is impossible to the willing heart” F.H.A. ; F.B.L.A.: Black Masque Club: Bible Club; Intra- mural Sports ; Science Fair. ALICE EDWARDS ‘‘The gardens of kindness never fade” Boosters’ Club ; Intramural Sports ; Bible Club, Reporter ; Science Fair: Jr. -Sr. Prom Comm. KATHRYN DIANE EFIRD ‘‘Laugh and be well” Boosters’ Club: Jr. Red Cross: Jr.-Sr. Prom Comrn. : F.H.A. : Bible Club; Soph. Hop Comm.; Library Club; Science Fair; Tri-Hi-Y. 23 PAUL ELLIS “All ffood things which exist are the fruits of oriffnality” Most Oi ' ijjinal. NORMA GAIL EUDY “There’s a time for all things” Boosters’ Club; Intramurals: Red Cross; Science Club; Play Day; Soph. Choir; Science Fair: Library Club: Bible Club. RONNIE KENT FAGGETT “Roll on, world, and I’ll roll with you” Deca Club. NANCY EMMA FATKIN “Gaiety and a light heart are the best medicine for everyone” Science Club : F.T.A. ; Boosters’ Club ; Homecoming Comm. ; Bible Club; Red Cross; Debate Club; Tri-Hi-Y ; Crossroads; Sr. Choir; Girls’ Ensemble; Sr. Banquet Entertainment Comm. : Jr. -Sr. Prom Comm. : Soph. Hop Comm. ; Science Fair: Intramurals; Math Club; Full Moon; Mars Hill Choral Clinic; Choral Workshop; State Music Contest: Jr. Play Comm. RICHARD ROGERS FITZGERALD “What’s the use of worrying? It never was worthwhile” Tennis Team; Hi-Y : F.B.L.A. ; Booster’s Club; Soph. Hop Comm. ; Soph. Chorus ; Hi-Y State Conference. GRADY JOE FRICK “Everywhere in life, the true question is not what we gain, but what we do” So))h. Hoj) Comm. ; Baseball ; Basketball ; Intramurals ; Mar- shal : Band : Monogram Club : Math Club ; Homeroom Pres. ; Science Fair: National Honor Society; Jr. -Sr. Prom Comm. BARBARA ANN FURR “The fairest garden in her looks, and in her mind the wisest books Majo.ette Award; Chief Majorette; Band, Vice-Pres., Sec- Treas. ; Homecoming Sponsor; F.T.A. ; Marshal: Black Mas- que; Jr. Play Cast; Soph. Class Treas. ; Tri-Hi-Y, Treas., Vice-Pres.; Crossroads Photograph Editor: Student Council: Modern Music Masters. Treas.; Most Popular: National Hon- or Society: Jr. -Sr. Prom Comm.: Soph. Hop Comm.; As- sembly Comm. ; Homeroom Vice-Pres. ; Science Fair ; Intra- murals : Carrousel Princess : Evaluation Comm. MARTHA LOUISE GANTT “A willing heart, a helping hand, always ready on command” Soph. Choir : F.T.A. : Boosters’ Club : Tri-Hi-Y ; Sr. Choir : Radio Staff; Jr, -Sr. Prom Comm. Science Fair: State Choral Festival. 24 PATRICIA LYNN GARRETT “The rule of my life is to make business a pleasure and pleasure my business " Soph. Choir; Basketball: F.T.A. ; State F.T.A. Convention; Black Masque ; Soph. Hop Comm. ; Homeroom Guidance Chr. ; Jr. -Sr. Prom Comm.; Homecoming Sponsor; Choral Work- shop; Crossroads Business Staff; Tri-Hi-Y ; Boosters’ Club. SHARON MARIE GIBSON “Pleasure is the most real good in this life " Deca Club : Deca Sweetheart ; Intramurals ; Basketball ; Sci- ence Fair ; Soph. Hop Comm. ; Play Day. BOBBIE CHERYL HALL “Youth comes but once in a lifetime " Science Club; Science Fair: Intramurals: Deca Club; Cross- roads Art Staff : Jr. -Sr. Prom Comm. ; Soph. Choir. WILLIAM DAVID HARWOOD “Red hair and a happy-go-lucky heart has he " Football: Homeroom Vice-Pres. ; Boosters’ Club; Hi-Y : Mon- ogram Club. RONALD HATHCOCK “I am sure that care is an enemy of life " SANDRA KAY HATHCOCK “It’s quality rather than quantity that counts " F.B.L.A. : Boosters’ Club : Intiamurals ; Deca Club ; Deca Dis- trict Convention : Soj h. Hop Comm. : Science Fair ; Tri-Hi-Y. MARTHA KAREN HATLEY “The world has a place for a talented human " Crossroads Typing Editor; Boosters’ Club; Jr. Red Cross; Debate Club: Soi)h. Choir: Full Moon Typing Editor; Senior Choir ; Sr. Choir Scraj)book Comm. ; Girls’ Ensemble : State Choral Festival; District Choral Contest; Soph. Girls’ Quartet; N. C. State Music Award ; Homecoming Si)onsor : Jr. -Sr. Prom Comm. ; Soph Hop Comm. ; Intramurals Science Fair. IDA LAURA HENDERSON “A loving heart and a cheery smile are characteristics of a life worthwhile " Chief Cheerleader, Boosters’ Club; Black Masque; Jr. Play Cast; Science Club; Math Club; Bible Club; F.T.A., Sec. Mon- ogram Club; Most School Spirited; Homecoming Sponsor; Sr. Class Vice-Pres. ; Crossroads Business Staff : Science Fair : Jr.-Sr. Prom Comm. Assembly Comm. : Homeroom Officer. 25 MARY HENDERSON “Liffht of heart, liffht of step, quick of wit. and full of pep ” (’heevleaders : Roosters’ Club; F.T.A. ; Science Club; Black Mas(iue ; Library Club; Monogrram Club; Tri-Hi-Y ; Radio Staff; Jr. -Sr. Prom Comm.; Miss Merry Christmas. RANDALL LEE HENION “A handsome face is natures’s best gift” Football: Monogram Club: Homeroom Officer: Jr. -Sr. Prom Comm. ; Cutest. BETTY HERLOCKER ‘‘Knowledge is, indeed, that which, next to virtue, truly and essentially raises one woman above another” Debate Club Sec. ; Debate Team ; Science Club ; Boosters’ Club: Tri-Hi-Y: Homeroom Sec.; S]»eech Institute: Math Club: Black Masque; Jr. Red Cross: F.T.A. : Jr.-Sr. Prom Comm. : Sr. Banquet Waitress : Student Council Sec. : National Honor Society; N.C.S.C.C. ; N.S.F. Institute: Most Studious: Full Moon editor : Student Council Publicity Chrm. : Sr. High News Rei orter. JUDY LAVONNE HERRIN ‘‘The greatest pleasure of life is love” Homeroom Officer: F.T.A.: Black Masque; Tri-Hi-Y; Science Club : So])h. Choir : Crossroads Art Staff ; SoT h. Hop Comm. : Deca Club Sec. : Deca 8th Dist. Sec.-Treas. : Boosters’ Club : Sr. Banquet Waitress; Science Fair ; Intramurals. JUDITH ANN HESLEY “Leave silence to the saints, I am but human ” Science Club : F.T.A. ; Boosters’ Club, Publ. Chr. : Tri-Hi-Y : Black Masque : Sr’. Play Pub. Chrm. : Red Cross ; Assembly Comm. ; Jr.-Sr. Prom Comm. Soph Hop Comm. Chr. : Sr. Banquet Waitress: Full Moon, Feature Ed.: Crossroads; Intramurals: Science Fair; Homecoming Sponsor: Most Talka- tive. ELLEN MARIE HINSON “If eyes were made for seeing, then beauty is its owm excuse for being” Sr. Choir: Soph. Choir; Girls’ Ensemble: Boosters’ Club; Intramural Sports : Homeroom Treas. ; Tri-Hi-Y ; Soph. Hop Comm. ; Jr.-Sr. Prom Comm. ; Basketball. PEGGY JO HINSON “The heart is wiser than the intellect” Boosters’ Club: Debate Club: F.B.L.A. Pres., Reporter; Deca Club: Science Club; Intramurals; Soph. Choir; Basketball; Homeroom Treas. ; Miss F.B.L.A. ; Soph. Hop Comm. : Jr.-Sr. Prom Comm. Crossroads; F.B.L.A. State Convention; Deca Dist. Con. RICHARD LEE HINSON “Exceedingly well read” Science Club ; Library Club. 26 JOHNNY DARRELL HOLT “Don’t let studying interfere with your education” Science Club: Boosters’ Club: Hi-Y, Sec. Vice Pres.: Black Masque Club; Soph. Hop Comm. Basketball Mgr. Track Mgr.; Intramural Sports : Soph. Choir. SHARRON LARUE HOLT “An acre of performance is worth the whole world of promise” Science Club, Sec. Treas. : Math Club; Boosters Club; Mono- gram Club ; Student Council ; Basketball Cap. Tennis ; Cross- roads Editor ; National Honor Society ; Civitan Wildacres Youth Conf. ; Who’s Who; Most Likely to Succeed: Home- coming Sponsor; Science Fair. WANDA GALE HOLT “To be trusted is a greater compliment than to be loved” Basketball : Boosters’ Club ; Math Club ; Science Club ; F.T.A. : Jr. Red Cross Pres., Pres. Tri-Hi-Y, Treas. Soph. Hop Comm. ; Crossroads Typing Staff ; Sr. Banquet Waitress ; Science Fair. LONNIE BAXTER HOWARD, JR. “Live for today, tomorrow is not” Science Club ; Boosters’ Club ; Intramural Sports ; Soph. Hop Comm.; Jr.-Sr. Prom Comm. JOHN HUNEYCUTT “i onest, sincere, quiet, dependable is he” Bible Club, Vice Pres. ; Track ; Monogram Club ; Intramural Sports. RICHARD HUNEYCUTT “Why should life be all labor when one could also play” Boosters’ Club; Monogram Club; Wrestling; Intramural Sports; Soph. Choir; Science Fair. PAMELA ANN LAMBETH ‘‘Imagination is the air of mind” Math Club ; Black Masque Club ; Debate Club ; Boosters’ Club ; Crossroads Art Staff ; Jr.-Sr. Prom Comm. Sr. Play Program Chm. PATRICIA ANN LAPIERRE “Quiet in appearance with motives unknown” F.T.A. ; Boosters’ Club ; Black Masque Club ; F.B.L.A., Project Chm. ; Soph. Choir ; Crossroads Typing Staff ; Intramural Sports ; Science Fair. 27 PENNY DIANE LAWHON “A merry heart goes all the day” Fiible Club: Intramural Council; Boostei ' s’ Club; Jr. Red Cross: Soph. Hop Comm.: Science Fair: Deca Club, Re- porter; Jr. -Sr. Prom. Comm. : District Deca Convention. CAROL JEAN LEFLER “Common sense is seeing things as they are and doing things as they should be done” Boosters’ Club: Crossroads Art Staff, editor; Science Club, Refreshment Comm. ; F.T.A. : Tri-Hi-Y, Chaplain ; Jr. Red Cross, Pres. Jr. -Sr. Prom Comm. ; J.R.C. Rep. ; National Honor Society: Intramural Sports: Science Fair; Math Club; Sr. Waitress: Soph. Hop Comm. KATRINA SUE LEFLER “We must laugh before we are happy” Boosters’ Club: F.H.A., County Rally; Library Club; Science Fair: Intramural Sports. SUSAN ELIZABETH LEONARD “We are charmed by the neatness of a Person” Boosters’ Club : Crossroads Photography Staff : Jr. Red Cross : Soph. Choir: Jr. -Sr. Prom. Comm. Bible Club; Tri-Hi-Y; F.T.A. : Best Dressed ; Intramural Sports ; Library Club ; Sci- ence Club. HELEN MARIE LOWDER “Little said is soon amended” Science Club : F.T.A. : Math Club ; Basketball Mgr. ; Crossroads Photography Staff ; Black Masque Club ; Boosters’ Club. RONALD GENE LOWDER “Thinking is but an idle waste of thought” Intramurals Sports: Science Fair; Deca Club. RONNIE LUCAS Let the world slide” BARBARA DIAN MABE “Be silent and safe — Silence never betrays you” Soph. Choir: Boosters’ Club; Library Club: F.H.A., County Rally: Deca Club: F.H.A., Vice Pres.; Deca District Con- 28 CAROLL EUGENE MAULDIN “As happy a man as any in the world’ Boosters’ Club: Jr. Red Cross; Soph. Hop Comm.; Football Mgr. ; Baseball Mgr. ; Jr. -Sr. Prom Comm. ; Hi-Y ; Science Club; Choral Workshop; Soph. Choir. JOHNNY LAMAR MAULDIN “In quietness and confidence shall be your strength” DAVID MAURICE “A little work, a little play, to keep going day by day” JOE ANN MCCOMMONS “And there is perpetual summer in her heart” F.T.A. ; Science Club ; Library Club ; Boosters’ Club ; Sr. Banquet Entertainment Comm. ; Black Masque ; Tri-Hi-Y ; Jr. -Sr. Prom. Comm.; Alternate Cheerleader; F.T.A. Con- vention ; Science Fair; Homecoming Sponsor. RAMONA DIANE MCLESTER “In every sorrowing heart I pour’d delight” Band ; Bible Club, Pres. : F.T.A. : Boostei s Club ; Black Mas- que ; Jr.-Sr. Prom Comm.; Jr. Red Cross, Historian; Soph. Hop Comm. ; Intramurals ; Science Fair. RODNEY GORDON MCSWAIN “Wit makes its own welcome and levels all distinctions” Hi-Y ; Science Fair ; Boosters’ Club ; Monogram Club ; Library Club ; Soph. Hop Comm. ; Crossroads Business Staff ; Jr.-Sr. Prom Comm. ; Wrestling Team; Homeroom Secretary. ELIZABETH ANN MILLS “The gentle mind by gentle deeds is known” Science Fair; F.H.A. ; Black Masque; Library Club; Jr.-Sr. Prom. Comm.; Intramurals; Boosters’ Club; F.B.L.A. ; Bible Club. MARY MONTGOMERY “Silence is more eloquent than words” F.B.L.A.; Boosters’ Club; Soph. Choir: Soph. Hop Comm.; Science Fair; Deca Club; Jr. Red CiX)ss County Council Sec. ; Crossroads Art Staff. 29 MONTY BRYSON MONTGOMERY “His limbs were cast in manly mold for hearty sports and contest bold ' Monogram Club ; Boosters’ Club ; Football ; Basketball ; Base- ball ; Homeroom Pres. : Student Council ; Intramurals ; All- Conference Baseball Team; Jr. -Sr. Prom Comm.; Student Rotarian ; Radio Staff Editor; Most Athletic; Soph. Choir. BRENDA LOUISE MORGAN “Not to go is somewhat to advance Soph. Choir ; Library Club ; Deca Club ; Science Fair. PAUL MORGAN “Never put off til tomorrow what you can put off til day after tomorrow” Intramural Sports. ROBERT TERRELL MORGAN “He has achieved success who has lived well, laughed often and loved much ’ Soph. Class Pres.; Sr. Choir; Vice-Pres. ; Student Council; Jr. -Sr. Prom Comm. Chr. ; Football, Tri-Captain ; Basketball Co-Captain; Track; Monogram Club; Boosters’ Club; Cross- roads Literary Staff; Who’s Who; Athlete Of The Month; Greensboro Daily News Check List ; Student Lion. GARY EUGENE MORRIS “Men of few words are the best” Wrestling. DORIS DIETTA MORTON “Come live in my heart and pay no rent” Boosters’ Club: Science Club; Jr.-Sr. Prom. Comm. F.B.L.A. ; Library Club, Pres. ; Library District Convention ; Science Fair. EVELYN ANN MORTON “To know her is to love her’ Soph. Choir ; Tri-Hi-Y ; Crossroads Photography Staff ; Home- coming Sponsor; Boosters’ Club; F.T.A., Pres.; Sr. Class Secretary; Science Club; Black Masque: Jr. Play; Soph. Hop Comm.; Jr.-Sr. Prom Comm.; Sr. Banquet Waitress; Intra- murals; Math Club; Fall Play Prop Comm.; Science Fair; Homecoming Committee. LINDA LEE MORTON “The silence that is a starry sky” Bible Club, Sec-Treas. : Black Masque : Band ; Modern Musi c Masters, Vice-Pres. ; Jr.-Sr. Prom Comm. ; Science Fair. 30 PATRICIA KAY MULLIS “A smile in her eyes” Science Club; Debate Club: F.T.A. ; Tri-Hi-Y Boosters Club; Science Fair ; Soph. Hop Comm. Bible Club. MARY ALEXIS NAPIER “No star ever rose or set without influence somewhere” National Honor Society, Vice Pres. ; Math Club ; Boostei s’ Club ; Homecoming Comm. ; Science Club ; Pres. ; Tri-Hi-Y Chaplain, Sec. ; Jr.-Sr. Prom Comm. ; Sr. Waitress ; Who’s Who ; Most Influential : F.T.A. ; Crossroads Asst. Editor ; Homeroom Sec.; Choral Concert Usher; Intramural Sports. JAMES EVERETTE NESSE ‘Thy fame lies in thy disposition” MURPHY GARFIELD RAGSDALE. JR. ‘‘Silence is golden, but I’m no Gold Digger” Bible Club; Boostei ' s’ Club; Jr.-Sr. Prom Comm.; Intramural Si)orts ; Most Talkative; Soph. Hop Comm.; Science Fair. CAROLYN SUE REID ‘‘Talking she knew not why, nor cared not what” Bible Club ; Intramurals Sports ; Science Club : F.B.L.A. ; F.H.A. Historian. JOE ROBERSON “Neither is there work without reward, nor reward without work, being expended” PATRICIA ROSE RUSSELL “I hate scarce smiles; I love laughing” F.B.L.A. : Student Council ; Boostei ' s Club : Deca Club : F.T.A. : Science Fair; Intramural Sports. REGINALD ALLAN SANDOVAL “The man who loves and laughs must surely do well” Science Club ; Boosters Club ; Black Masque Club : Soph. Hop Comm. ; Hi-Y ; Most School Spirited ; Homeroom, Pres. : Homecoming Comm, ; Jr.-Sr. Prom Comm. : Intramural Sports: Band; Black Masque Play Cast; Science Fair; Sr. Banquet Comm. 31 ROBERT SCARBORO “What one has, one ought to use; and whatever he does, he should do with all his might” Football : Golf ; Modern Music Masters ; Soph. Class Vice- Pres. ; Intramurals ; Science Club, Debate Club : Sr. Boys’ Quartet; Sr. Choir; Hi-Y : Soph. Hop Comm.; Jr. -Sr. Prom Comm. ; Boosters’ Club ; Crossroads Business Staff ; Choral Workshop ; State Choral Festival. SHEILA ANN SHANKLE “She’s a laughing, peppy dame; never, never quite the same” Majorette: Band, Pres.; Homeroom Officer; Modern Music Masters; Crossroads Typing Staff; Boosters’ Club; Basketball; F.T.A.: Soph. Hop Comm. Chrm. ; Jr.-Sr. Prom Comm.; Sr. Banquet Entertainment Comm. JAMES EDWARD SHARKEY “Few boys are born with talents that excel, but all are capable of living well” Boosters’ Club ; Monogram Club ; Black Masque ; Tennis Team; Soph. Choir; Sr. Choir; Soph. Boys’ Quartet. Jr. Boys’ Quartet; Sr. Boys’ Quartet; State Choral Festival; Science Fair; Jr.-Sr. Prom Comm.; Full Moon Photography Editor : Feature Staff ; Hi-Y ; Student Lion. BEVERLY ADKINS SHUE “I’ll be merry and free. I’ll be sad for nobody” F.H.A. County Rally; Intramurals ; F.B.L.A. State Conven- tion; Science Club; Black Masque; Boosters’ Club; Jr. Red Cross : Deca Club ; Science Fair. WILLIAM JEFFREY SIKES “If I had my life to live over. I’d do the same things again” Boosters’ Club ; Homeroom Treas. ; Hi-Y : Football ; Jr.-Sr. Prom. Comm.; Soph. Hop Comm.; Intramurals; Soph. Choir; Sr. Choir. JOE THOMAS SINCLAIR “Calm, whatsoever storms may stake the world” Wrestling; Baseball; Jr. Red Cross: Band; Modern Music Masters: Science Fair; Bible Club; Homeroom Vice-President. ANN BERNICE SMITH “In her life becomes happiness” F.H.A. ; F.B.L.A.; Science Fair; Boosters’ Club; Jr.-Sr. Prom. Comm. : Library Club ; Bible Club. DONNIE RAY SMITH “Take it easy, have your fun, and let the old world flicker on” Football; Track; Intramurals; Monogram Club; Sr. Boys ' Double Quaitet ; Hi-Y ; Boosters’ Club ; Sr. Choir ; Soph. Choir ; Homeroom Officer. 32 WILLIAM STEPHAN SMITH “An honest man’s the noblest work of God” Soph. Hop Comm. Intramurals; Jr.-Sr. Prom Comm.; Boost- ers’ Club ; Soph. Choir. TOMMY EDWARD SMITH “An honest man’s word is as good as any wealth” Monogram Club; Baseball; Wrestling: Science Club: Bible Club ; Band : Student Council : Homeroom Pres. : Intramurals ; Sr. Class Treas. : Most Dependable; Jr.-Sr. Prom Comm.; Who’s Who; Field Day; Science Fair. WALTER SCHWARTZ SNEAD “Honor lies in honest toil” Transferred from Troutman High School; Hi-Y ; Wrestling. DAVID MITCHELL STILL “The world lets pass a man who knows where he’s going ” Wrestling; Track; Homeroom Sec.; Jr. Class Tres. ; Boys’ State Delegate ; Governor’s Youth Fitness Conf. ; Football : Tri-cap t. ; Monogram Club: Math Club; Student Rotarian ; Morehead Scholarship Nominee; Student Council, Pres.: NCSCC Delegate: Jr. Play Comm.; Most Influential; Intra- murals: Science Fair; Jr.-Sr. Prom Comm.; Sr. Banquet Comm. GRACE TERESA STILLER “Neatly dressed and full of fun, gay and liked by everyone” Homeroom Sec. ; Black Masque ; Ji . Red Cross ; Homecoming sponsor ; F.T.A. ; Boosters’ Club ; Tri-Hi-Y ; Sr. Choir ; Soph. Choir ; State Choral Festival ; Choral Workshop ; Intramurals : Soph. Hop Comm. ; Jr.-Sr. Prom Comm. : Science Club ; Bible Club : Crossroads Literary Staff. LETITIA MAXINE STOCKTON “Shining hair, shining eyes, a friendly smile that never dies” Boosters’ Club: Tri-Hi-Y; Black Masque: F.T.A. : Treas.; Sci- ence Club ; Math Club ; Full Moon, Page Editor ; Atl. Cheer- leader ; Jr.-Sr. Prom Comm.; Homecoming Sponsor: Science Fair: Sr. Choir; Girls’ Ensemble; Sr. Banquet Waitress. DOUGLAS DWIGHT STOKES “His life was gentle, and the elements so mixed in him that nature might stand up and say ‘This is a man’ ” Wittiest: Homeroom Officer; Black Masque; Basketball, Co- Capt. ; All-Conference Basketball ; Student Appreciation Day : Track: Student Rotarian; Science Club; Boosters’ Club; In- tramurals; Jr.-Sr. Prom Comm.: Monogram Club; Soph. Hop Comm. LINDA VIRGINIA STONESTREET “As full of spirit as the month of May” Boosters’ Club; F.T.A.; Science Club; Black Masque; Cheer- leader; Tri-Hi-Y; Bible Club; Homecoming Sponsor; Sr. Choir; Sr. Girls’ Ensemble; Crossroads Literary Staff; Jr. Play Cast; Monogram Club; Sr. Banquet Waitress; Jr.-Sr. Prom Comm. 33 RICHARD WAYNE SUMMERLIN “Character is the key to thy success” National Honor Society; Science Club: Math Club; Modern Music Masters; Soph. Hop Comm.; Jr. -Sr. Prom Comm.; Intramurals: Boosters; Club: Band; Science Fair. WILLIE TED SWARINGEN ‘‘I shall laugrh myself to death” DECA Club : Homeroom Sec. : Boosters’ Club : SoT h. Choir : Science Fair: Intramurals; Science Club. ALICE ESTELLE TALBERT “Good things come in small packages ” Science Fair; F.H.A. ; F.B.L.A. ; Jr. -Sr. Prom Comm.; Boost- er’s Club: Bible Club; Intramural Sports. WILLIAM WEST TALBERT, III “My only books were women’s looks and folly’s all they taught me” Football: Wrestling; Monogram Club; Hi-Y ; Intramurals Sports ; Boosters’ Club ; Soph. Choir. EDWARD WARREN TALBERT “What could I be but what I am?” Hi-Y: Wrestling: Soph. Hojt Comm.; Field Day: Band; Boosters’ Club: Monogram Club; Jr. Play Cast; Jr. -Sr. Prom Comm. : Black Masque ; Science Club ; Crossroads Business Staff. SAMELIA DIANE TALBERT “The girl who wins is the girl who works” Boosters’ Club; Monogram Club; Basketball, Co-Capt ; Bible Club; Most Athletic: Intramurals: Tri-Hi-Y ; Jr. -Sr. Prom Comm. ; Science Fair : Homecoming Sponsor. SHERRY LEE TALBERT “She smiles with the intent to do mischief” F.T.A. : Boosters’ Club; Science Club: Black Masque; Jr. Play Cast; Tri-Hi-Y: Homecoming Si)onsor ; Soph. Hop Comm.; Jr.-Sr. Prom Comm.; Sr. Banquet Waitress; Science Fair ; Crossroads Photogra))hy Staff. PAMELA MAE TARLETON “Joy is not in things — it is in us” Jr. Red Cross, Vice-Pres. ; Bible Club; Tri-Hi-Y; F.T.A. ; Sci- ence Club; F.H.A. ; Intramurals; Boosters’ Club; Crossroads Business Staff; Jr.-Sr. Prom Comm.; Homeroom Secretary. 34 ANITA ELLEN TAYLOR “The ideal of service is the basis of all worthy enterprise” Student Council: Homeroom Officer: Sr. Choir, Sec.; Sr. Girls’ Ensemble Band : Mars Hill Choral Clinic : F.T.A. : Chaplain : Science Club : Full Moon, News Editor : Tri-Hi-Y ; Pres., Vice-Pres. : Boosters’ Club, Pres. ; Modern Music Mas- ters, Pres.: Who’s Who: Best All Around: Jr. -Sr. Prom Comm. : Sr. Banquet Waitress : Homecoming Comm. : Debate Club : Science Fair : Soph. Hop Comm. : Bible Club : His- torian ; Math Club: Jr. Red Cross. MICHAEL DENNIS TERRY “What need is there for words” Band, Secretary. FRANCES ANN TRIVETTE “She answers gladly to every call; She’s kind, true, a friend to all ” National Honor Society, Treas. : Modern Music Masters, Vice- Pres. : Math Club, Pres., Vice-Pres.; Who’s Who; Most Tal- ented; F.T.A. ; Jr. Play Cast; Tri-Hi-Y: Boosters’ Club. Black Masque: Soph. Hop Comm.; Jr. -Sr. Prom Comm.; Soph. Choir: Sr. Choir, Vice-Pres., Accompanist: Girls’ En- semble : Assembly Comm. : Homeroom Sec. : Science Club. Rei)orter : Sr. Banquet Waitress; Girls’ State Delegate: Cross- roads Literary Editor ; D.A.R. Good Citizen : Homecoming Comm. : Intramurals ; Science Fair. BARRY NORMAN TROUTMAN “Why rush? Rome wasn’t built in a day ” DECA Club. SUE STATON UNDERWOOD “Vitality in a woman is a blind fury of creation” F.T.A. : Soph. Class Sec. ; Basketball ; Soph. Hop Comm. Science Club; Jr. -Sr. Prom Comm.; Black Masque; Sec.: Boosters’ Club; Vice-Pres.; NCSCC Delegate; Handbook Comm, Chrm. ; Sr. Choir ; Crossroads Business Staff ; Girls’ State Delegate: Most Dependable; Jr. Play Cast; Sr. Play Cast; Homecoming Sponsor; Homecoming Comm.; Tri-Hi-Y, Sec. : Sr. Banquet Waitress. FRANCES MARIE VANHOY “She betters the world by living” F.H.A., Pres. ; County Historian : F.H.A. County Rally : District Convention : Full Moon Typing Staff : Jr. -Sr. Prom Comm.: Science Fair; Boosters’ Club: Library Club: Dist. Conv. JIMMY VANHOY “Avoid shame, but do not seek glory — nothing so expensive as glory ” PEGGY IRENE VANHOY “Quietness forms the veil of many lovable qualities” 35 ANITA GRAHAM WALL “A happy combination of rare talents and qualities” Hoostei s’ Club: Treas. ; Black Masque; Science Club; Jr. Class Vice-Pres. ; F.T.A. ; Sr. Banquet Waitress : Crossroads Ty))in ? Staff ; Soph. Hop Comm. : Student Council, Handbook Comm. ; Jr. -Sr. Prom Comm.; National Honor Society; Tri-Hi-Y, Pres., Treas.; Intramurals; Sr. Choir; Science Fair: Choral Workshop ; Assembly Comm. ; JAMES ROBERT WATKINS “Smart, happy, carefree, gay, a good boy in every way ” Hi-Y ; Monogram Club: Golf; Intramural Council: Boosters’ Club; Soph. Choir; Sr. Choir; Best Dressed; Soph. Hop Comm. ; Flagman. SUZANNE WEBSTER “What sunshine is to flowers, smiles are to humanity ” Boosters’ Club ; Full Moon Art Editor ; Homeroom Vice-Pres. ; Sec. Sr. Choir; Soph. Choir; Bible Club; Homecoming Spon- sor; Jr. -Sr. Prom Comm. ; So])h. Hop Comm. FAYE MABE WHITLEY “She’s pretty to walk with and witty to talk with and pleasant to think on “ Tri-Hi-Y; F.T.A. : Boosters ' Club: DECA Club; Treas.: Soph. Hop Comm.: Jr. -Sr. Prom Comm.; Intramurals; Homecoming Sponsor; Best Looking; Science Fair; Deca Dist. Conv., Black Masque. JUDY HUDSON WHITLEY “A soft answer turneth away wrath” Bible Club; F.T.A.; Boosters’ Club; Jr. Red Cross, Sec.; Tri-Hi-Y; Cross roads Business Staff; Sr. Choir; Girls’ En- semble: Sr. Banquet Waitress: Jr. -Sr. Prom Comm.; Science Fair ; Soph. Choir : Sr. Choir Scrapbook Chrm. SYLVIA WICKER “Without love and laughter nothing is perfect” Soph. Hop Comm.; Soph. Choir; Tri-Hi-Y; Boosters’ Club; Science Fair; Choral Festival; Jr-. Sr. Prom Comm.; Jr. Red Cross. CARRIE MARIE WILLIAMS “It is not wise to be wiser than necessary” F.H.A., Historian : F.H.A. County Conv, ; Jr. -Sr. Prom Comm.; Library Club, Pres., Vice-Pres.; Boosters’ Club; Full Moon typing Staff ; Intramurals. ELIZABETH WILSON “We are not put in the world to sit still and know; we are put in it to act ” Student Council Ethics Comm. Chr. : Black Masque, Pres., Vice-Pres.; Crossroads Business Mgr.; Modern Music Masters; Marshal ; Assembly Comm. ; Sr. Choir, Treas. ; F.T.A. ; Girls’ Ensemble: Boosters’ Club: Science Club; Monogram Club; Science Fair; Jr. Play Cast: Fall Play Cast; Basketball Statistician ; Homecoming Sponsor ; National Honor Society ; Who’s Who; Tri-Hi-Y. 36 JUNIORS M iss Mildred Deese Sponsor r+EM JUNIOR CLASS OFI- ' ICERS: David Miller, President; Johnny Morris, Vice-President; Cindy Stone, Secretary; J. W. Disk, Treasurer. 38 Joe Allen Tommy Alley Kay Almond Michael Archer Harold Arey Jane Austin Doris Barbee Jackie Barbee Jerry Beaver Brown Bivens Jimmy Bivens Roger Blake Daniel Blalock Ronald Blalock Matilda Boone Robbie Bost Phylis Bowers David Boyer Ronnie Bradshaw Diane Britt Madalyn Brooks Johnny Burleson Mickey Burleson Raymond Burleson Janice Burnett Linda Bun- Jo Ann Burris Pearlie Rae Burris Nancy Butler Gayle Byrd Lynn Calder Sue Callaway Kay Carpenter Bud Caudle Carolyn Caudle 39 Cecil Caudle Tim Clark Jan Claywell Billy Coley Eugene Coley Greg- Cook Wesley Cook Sue Cooper Becky Cotton Billy Cotton Gayle Cranford Roger Crisco Debbie Craver Sue Culp Mike Davis Jack Deese Linda Dennis Ruthie Dennis Terry Dennis Peggy Dick Eddie Dixon Laura Doby Dewaine Dorsey Smoky Dorsey Roddy Drye Brenda Dunlap Myra Early Joe Earnhardt Elaine Efird Harold Efird Sally Efird Bobby Eudy Gerald Ford Henry Fox Sherry Fi’etina 40 Richard Frick Sheila Frick Judy Frye Inez Furr Priscilla Furr Anne Gaddy Janice Gales Kathy Gamewell Gary Glover Heath Godfrey Linda Griffin Carlton Hager Shelia Hall Wayne Harkey Roger Hartsell Jane Hartley Darrell Harwood Jimmy Hathcock Ann Hatley Danny Hatley Linda Hatley Marcell Hatley Vickey Hatley Jean Hendley Phillip Herlocker Brenda Herrin Dana Herrin Larry Hinson Ronny Hinson Gus Holbrook Fay Holleman Michael Holly Jahala Holt Wanda Honeycutt Danny Hopkins 41 Elaine Hudson John Hudson Joe Huneycutt Sherry Hunsucker Edith Johnson Kelly Jones Janies Keever Mary Alice Lambeth Eddie Lane John Lanier H. C. Laton Terry Leitch Linda Lewis JoAnn Lisk J. W. Lisk Wayne Litaker Richard Little Anita Long Gary Long Linda Lorch Terry Lorch Brenda Love Bobby Lowder B obby Gene Lowder Brenda Lowder Butch Lowder Emily Lowder Greg Lowder Jimmy Lowder Mary Lowder Pam Lowder Shelia Lowder Ralph Mann Sara Ann Mann James Manning 42 Eddie Mauldin Libby Mauldin Ray Mauldin Billy Mauney Joe McManus Curtis Melton Vicky Mesimer David Miller Frances Miller Chuck Morehead Diane Morgan Vicki Morgan Johnny Morris Judy Morris Terry Morris Betty Morton Charles Morton Diane Morton John Morton Linda Morton Nancy Morton Steve Morton Darrell Newton Gary Nicholds Nancy Parker Ronald Parks Dianne Pearce Norton Pease Brenda Peeler Curtis Pierce Stephen Pinkston Sue Plyler Becky Purser Kitty Purser Janie Ragsdale 43 Franklin Reeves Willene Rice Ronnie Robinson Buck Rogers Allan Rothwell Lionell Rushing Alana Russell Brenda Russell Joyce Russell Karen Russell Patricia Russell Sandra Russell William Russell Gwen Sasser Diane Saunders Linda Sells Mike Shoemaker Warren Simmons Bob Smith Brookie Smith Carolyn Smith Jane Smith Shelia Smith Sue Snuggs Linda Solomon Yvonne Stalcup Mark Stambaugh Billiephine Starnes Becky Staton Cindy Stone Holland Stowe David Swanner Warren Swaringen Freddie Swink Jerry Talbert 44 Shelia Talbert Carolotta Taylor Lane Taylor Tommy Taylor Annette Thomas Larry Thomas Janis Thompson Mary Lillie Thompson Ronald Thompson Pegg ' y Thorpe Vernell Townsend Ronald Trexler Dolan Tucker Diane Tysinger Paula Vanhoy Rusty Vick Sylvia White Brenda Whitley Jimmy Wilhelm Staton Williams Tony Wolfe Lee Youngblood 45 SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS: Dane Perry, President; Danny Disk, Vice- President; Ginny Rogers, Secretary; Whit Morrow, Treasurer. 46 Vickie Alexander David Almond Debbie Arey Joyce Bailey Judy Bell Lois Benton Allan Blake Benny Bowers Ted Bowers Gwen Boyd Kay Brannon John Brooks George Burleson Lynn Burleson Bill Burney Carolyn Burris Joe Burris Doris Capra Barbara Caudle Kathy Cissel Janis Clark Cathy Clemmer Lowell Cook Mark Cook Cecelia Come Sarah Cox Marian Cranford Edward Crisco Joe Culp Charles Daniel Charlotte Davis Lorraine Davis Jan Deane Anita DeWald Alberta Doby Doris Dorsey Winnie Dry Mike Drye David Earnhardt David Edwards Sarah Efird Carolyn Eury Toni Fenters Linda Fesperman Sidney Fields Cynthia Freeman Cathy Fretina Eddie Furr Gary Furr Reed Furr Rita Furr Patricia Gallagher Grey Gamewell Charlotte Gantt Wynnell Gardner Larry Garris Martha Garrison Bob Hall Ned Hammond Walter Harkey Allison Harris Dianne Harris Linwood Harwood 47 a a a Emily Hathcock Steve Hathcock Wade Hatley Tony Hedrick Emalynn Helms Leon Helms Carl Hicks Dianne Hill Judy Hinson Lana Hinson Steve Hinson Buddy Holt Mitchell Holt Susan Hopkins Ruth Howell Sylvia Huneycutt Gahlon James Brenda Johnson Sandy Kelley Steve Kendrick Ernest Kimrey Ray Lambert Nancy Laton Charles Lefler Tanya Lefler Judy Lewis Danny Lisk Lin Little Robert Loeb Sherry Lomax David Long Jerry Love Barbara Lowder Dianne Lowder Danny Lowder Roger Lowder Janice Lucas Linda Lucas Sara Mabry Celia Mauldin Eddie Mauldin Tommy McSwain Rodney Medlin Wayne Melton Jessie Menefee Jimmy Morgan Rodney Morgan Jimmy Morris Whit Morrow David Mullis Jerry Myers Bobby Overcash Anita Parker Carolyn Parker Barbara Peck Melody Peck Dane Perry Shelia Phifer Fredia Plyler Judy Poplin Joe Rabon Jean Ray James Redwine 48 David Ritchie Linda Ritchie Ginny Rogrers Mickey Rowland Dwight Russell Ned Russell Gerald Safrit Jimmy Schooley Cathy Sells Tony Senter Cecelia Shankle William Sherrill Billy Sikes Russell Sims Barbara Ann Smith Barbara June Smith Charlie Smith David Smith Joe Smith Joyce Smith Mike Smith Rickey Smith Sidney Smith Tommy Smith Patricia Snipes Buck Snuggs Jimmy Stockton Joyce Story Diane Surratt Ronnie Swanner Dickie Talbert Sheri Talbert Charles Taylor Jennifer Taylor Don Terry Bob Townsend Steve Treece Bill Trivette Sam Truette Bobby Tucker Billy Tucker Nancy Ussery Steve Vanderburg David Vanhoy Robbie Vick Nancy Walker Mike Waller Sharon Ward Tom Webb Barbara Whitley Billy Whitley Billy Wilhelm Ellen Wilson Danny Wood Mary Wood Patricia Worley Marie Wright Teresa Yow Joe Huneycutt Special Student a ' C: ' m 49 rm. . . Albemarle Senior High offers sev- eral means by which its students may express their talents. Working on the Crossroads and Full Moon staffs offers an outlet to those pupils whose interest lies in the publication and literary fields. Others use their skills in pro- ducing a special radio program once a week. Twice a year the students of the school produce a play for the school and community. Music is also a vital part of the curr iculum. These activi- ties throughout the school offer oppor- tunities for the pupils to fully express themselves. “He is the greatest artist who has embodied, in the sum of his works, the greatest number of the greatest ideas. ” John Ruskin Tony Almond Co-Business Manager Ibba Wilson Co-Business Manager Sharron Holt Editor Mary Napier Assistant Editor Carol Jean Lefler Art Editor CROSSROADS The Crossroads, the A.S.H.S. year- book, is published by members of the senior class. Most of the work is done during the first semester with many hours of trying to meet deadlines, find that certain picture, and sell just one more ad. The staff works long hours, including weekends, to get all the work done. But when the yearbooks are giv- en out in the spring, the staff realizes that the final result is well worth all the time and effort put into it. Miss Diane Thompson Sponsor Frances Anne Trivette Literary Editor Barbara Furr Photography Editor 52 Karen Hatley Typing Editor LITERARY STAFF PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF 53 TYPING STAFF Betty Herlocker Editor Kay Cornelius Business Manager FULL MOON Mrs. Gamewell Advisor Gary Nicholds Asst. Business Manager Brown Bivens Circulation Mgr. Eugene Coley Sports Editor Jimmy Lowder Sports Editor, Asst. Karen Hatley Typing Editor Judy Hesley Co-Feature Ed. Edith Johnson Jim Sharkey Anita Taylor Co-Feature Ed. Photography Ed. News Editor Suzanne Webster Art Editor 54 FEATURE STAFF ART AND PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF NEWS STAFF 55 RADIO Gwen Sasser News Editor Monty MontRomery Editor Matilda Boone Feature Miss Stasavich Sponsor Larry Thomas Sports Editor This recently formed organization has added a great deal to the curriculum of A.S.H.S. The members of the radio staff are chosen from each of the three classes. Each Saturday on station WZKY a program is presented by the staff. 56 The Black Masque Club was re-organized this year. The membership of thirty stu- dents is taken from the sophomore, junior, and senior classes. The club’s main project is the presentation of two plays during the school year. One of these plays is held in the fall and the other in the spring. This fall the production was You Can’t Take It With You by Kaufman. BLACK MASQUE Ibba Wilson President Gary Nicholds Vice-President 57 Mrs. Sybil Brown Sponsor L. to H., First Row: Judy Whitley, Jan Claywell, Letitia Stockton, Nancy Fatkin, Kay Cornelius, Karen Hatley, Linda Lewis, Pam Cooper, Second Ftow : Anita Taylor, Martha Gantt, Frances Miller, Diane Morton, Ibba Wilson, Ellen Hinson, Linda Stonestreet. GIRLS’ ENSEMBLE 58 SENIOR CHOIR Paul Fry Director 59 SENIOR HOYS DOUBLE QUARTET; Jim Sharkey, Leon Burleson, Donnie Smith, Benny Davis, Terry Morgan, Steve Almond, Robert Scar- boro, Benny Atkins. JUNIOR BOYS DOUBLE QUARTER; Jerry Ford, Rusty Vick, Joe Earnhardt, Richard Frick, Ronald Parks, David Miller, Curtis Pierce, Lane Taylor. COACHMEN; Frances Ann Miller, Joe Earn- hardt, Bill Burney, Staton Williams, Jerry Beaver. SOPHOMORE GIRLS ENSEMBLE; Melody Peck, Jennifer Taylor, Barbara Smith, Cecelia Shankle, Emmalynn Helms, Judy Lewis, Cyn- thia Freeman, Nancy Walker, Ellen Wilson, Sandy Kelly, Teresa Yow, Barbara Peck. SETTLERS; Steve Kendrick, Dane Perry, Mark Cook, Gerald Safrit, Mike Waller. 60 CHESSMEN; David Smith, Bob Hall, Reed Furr, Danny Lisk, Sam Truette. SOPHOMORE CHOIR SOPHOMORE MUSIC CLASS 61 1 BAND Sheila Shankle President Ronald Blalock Vice-President Pam Lowder Secretary Sue Cooper Treasurer Mr. Tommy Hauss Director 62 Kitty Purser Acrobat Barbara Furr Chief Sheila Shankle Elaine Efird Diane Saunders Annette Thomas Sue Snuggs Drum Majorette Pam Lowder 63 Chapter 35 of the Modern Music Masters, an honorary music organization, has long been an integral part of this school. The memb ers are selected from those students who are enrolled in a music class and who have achieved a better than average acade- mic standing. MODERN MUSIC MASTERS Anita Taylor President Linda Morton Vice-President Pam Lowder Secretary Charles Morton Treasurer Lynn Calder Chaplain Jan Claywell Historian Mr. Paul Fry Sponsor 64 65 This year, 1963-1964, has been one of great importance in the Space Age. i Ien of science have reached into out- er space and delved into the deep mys- teries of our earth. From their work have come discoveries which have made life much more pleasant for us. The citizens of our nation work to their fullest abilities because our soci- ety is based on the foundation of free- dom and democracy. Even though high school students do not yet have the responsibility of leading the country, we can do our part in protecting our freedom by being worthy and out- standing citizens of our school. “Great achievements raise a monument which shall endure until the sun grows cold. ” Fabricius BEST ALL AROUND Anita Taylor — Tony Almond MOST POPULAR Barbara Furr — • Terry Morgan Senior BEST LOOKING Faye M. Whitley — Benny Atkins MOST ORIGINAL Paul Ellis — Pam Lambeth 68 Norma Binns — Ric Cain Qmiof MOST DEPENDABLE Tommy Smith — Sue Underwood MOST TALENTED Frances Ann Trivette — Leon Burleson CUTEST Pam Cooper — Randy Henion 70 BEST DRESSED Susan Leonard — Jimmy Watkins MOST SCHOOL SPIRITED Laura Henderson — Reggie Sandoval MOST TALKATIVE Murphy Ragsdale — Judy Hesley MOST ATHLETIC Sammy Talbert — Monty Montgomery MOST STUDIOUS Andy Cook — Betty Herlocker Carrousel Miss Barbara Furr was elected 1963 Carrousel Princess by the senior class. She represented Albemarle in the Char- lotte Carrousel Parade. Barbara is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bill Furr. Miss Mjernf Ckrisfnm Miss Mary Henderson was chosen as Miss Merry Christmas of 1963. The senior class elected her to this honor. Mary is the daughter of Mrs. J. T. Henderson. The 1963 Albemarle Senior High School football team elected Miss Pam Cooper Homecoming Queen. Pam is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ned Cooper. 74 Hmecmiry On January 31, 1964, at the halftime of the games between Albemarle and Wades- boro. Miss Pam Cooper was crowned 1964 Homecoming Queen. Miss Cooper, a senior, is co-captain of the girls’ basketball team. Miss Sharon Gibson was District Sweetheart of the Distributive Edu- cation Clubs of America for 1963-1964. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Hoot Gibson. 76 FOOTBALL ftmmmiM Qpmors BASKETBALL 11 Left To Right: Andy Cook, Tony Almond, Joe Frick, Brenda Peeler, Jo Ann Lisk, Lynn Calder, Pam Cooper, Barbara Furr. MARSHALS A SHS MA SCOTS SENIOR CLA SS MA SCOTS Lynn Shuping Dale Roberson 78 Left To Right: Sue Underwood, Frances Anne Trivette, Andy Cook, Tony Almond, David Still. GIRLS’ and BOYS’ ST A TE BAR GOOD CITIZEN Frances Anne Trivette CIVITAN DELEGA TE Sharron Holt 79 The extra-curricular activities of Al- bemarle Senior High are an important and vital function of the school. Through the various activities in the school, students enjoy the fellowship of working together and the satisfac- tion of completing a project or reach- ing a goal. Each student can find some interest in the wide variety of clubs available. He may choose from a number of sports, including football, basketball, and track. The types of clubs range from Math Club to the Boosters’ Club. All these organizations contribute thi ' ough meetings, projects, and other worthwhile activities to the betterment of the school as a whole as well as the individual student. iiiiiiu liiii ii “Not what we give, but what we share— For the gift without the giver is bare. ” James Russell Lowell STUDENT COUNCIL Nancy Butler Tony Almond Secretary Treasurer The Student Council of Albemarle Senior High School is the organization which binds the students together better than any other. It is composed of the officers, who are elect- ed by the vote of the entire student body and a representative from each homeroom. The purposes of this group are to create a closer cooperation between students and the school administration, to promote high standards of citizenship, and to pi ' omote worthwhile activities. 82 NA TIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Betty Herlocker Ibba Wilson Secretary Frances Anne Trivette Treasurer Tony Almond President Barbara Furr Anita Wall Mrs. Nell Westerlund Sponsor Sharron Holt Mary Napier Vice-President Members of the National Honor So- ciety are chosen from the junior and senior classes at initiation ceremonies held in the spring and fall. The mem- bers are chosen on their qualities of scholarship, character, leadership, and service. Bonnie Benton Chaplain Andy Cook Joe Frick Wanda Holt Carol Jean Lefler Richard Summerlin 83 The Future Teachers of America is com- posed of students interested in making a career of teaching. During the school year the students give a tea in honor of the teachers. In the spring the members are given an opportunity to teach the grade of their choice for half a day. A fifty dollar scholarship is given to the most deserving senior member. F. T. A. a Evelyn Morton President Molly Crowell Vice-President Laura Henderson Secretary Tish Stockton Treasurer Brenda Peeler Chaplain 84 Miss Betty Richardson Sponsor Mrs. Jo Allan Sponsor Carol Jean Lefler President Judy S. Cranford Vice-President Linda Lucas Secretary Wanda Holt Treasurer JUNIOR RED CROSS The main purpose of the American Junior Red Cross is to create good will between students in America and those in foreign countries. This is a service organization com- es posed of students who volunteer to partici- pate in activities which will benefit the school and community. SCIENCE CLUB The Science Club is composed of students taking biology, chemistry, or physics. At the monthly meet- ings interesting films or speakers well-known in the field of science are presented. Claude Billy Tyson Sponsor Mary Napier President Kic Cain Vice-President Sharron Holt Scretary-Treas. 86 Miss Chicora Caughman Sponsor MU ALPHA THETA Mu Alpha Theta, an honorary mathematics society, was organized at Albemarle Senior High in 1961. The purpose of this organi- 87 zation is to stimulate interest in mathematics among the students. Mu Alpha Theta is af- filiated with the National Mathematics Club. The Future Homemakers of America is the national organization of girls studying homemaking in high schools of the United States and its territories. As a goal for the homemaking program, F.H.A. provides op- portunities for students to have addi tional experience in planning activities related to homemaking. FHA Frances Vanhoy President Dian Mabe Vice-President Carolyn Smith Secretary Connie Buxton Treasurer 88 Miss Betty Brooks Sponsor Miss Betty Richardson Sponsor Sarah Cranford President Jimmy Lowder Secretary-Treasurer DEBATE CLUB The Debate Club is composed of students interested in learning the correct art of de- bating. During the year they hold debates 39 among themselves and with other schools. This year A.S.H.S. was host to a debate tournament for our district. The purpose of the Bible Club is three- fold: (1) to become acquainted with God’s word; (2) to witness to others by word and deed; (3) to promote Christian fellow- ship among young people. Bible Club mem- bership and meetings are open to any in- terested student of Albemarle Senior High School. BIBLE CLUB Diane McLester President Libby Maudlin Vice-President Elaine Efird Secretary Linda Morton Treasurer 90 Mrs. McClintoek Sponsor Peggy Hinson President Joyce Russell Vice-President Bobbie Burleson Secretary Nancy Parker Treasurer Alana Russell Reporter Vickie Morgan Historian Mrs. Mildred Carter Sponsor FBLA Anyone taking a business course can be- long to this club, which is affiliated with the state and the national organizations. Among the club’s purposes are to develop competent, aggressive, business leadership ; to create more understanding and interest in choos- ing business occupations ; to participate in cooperative effort ; and to establish and im- prove standards for entrance into store and office work. Projects and programs during the year are aimed toward achieving these goals. 91 The local club is a member of the Distributive Education Clubs of America. The members attend the district rallies and conventions and enter various competitons. DECA CLUB Dickie Currie President Jahala Holt Vice-President I-.- Judy Herrin i; Secretary p Faye Whitley f Treasurer Annette Cagle Historian 92 Mrs. Sybil Brown Sponsor Mrs. Harrison Sponsor Doris Morton President Marie William Vice-Pres. Paulette Braswell Secretary Jean Burris Joyce Burleson Treasurer Reporter LIBRARY CLUB Membership in the Library Club is avail- able to the students who serve as regular library assistants and to any volunteer stu- dent workers. The club’s purpose is to enable students to learn more about the library and to render service to the school. The local club is a member of the North Carolina High School Library Association. 93 First row: A. Taylor, M. Napier, K. Cor- nelius, N. Binns, J. Cranford, F. Trivette, B. Furr. Second row: E. Morton, J. Whit- ley, J. Hesley, S. Leonard, C. Lefler, M. Gantt, L. Stonestreet, S. Talbert, J. Mc- Commons. Third row: E. Wilson, T. Stiller, M. Beam, M. Crowell. Fourth Row: A. Wall, N. Fatkin, S. Underwood, W. Holt, P. Gar- rett, P. Tarleton, J. Cranford, L. Stockton. Senior Tri-Hi-Y First row: F. Miller, M. Thompson, L. Griffin, P. Lawder, S. Cooper, Second row : S. Plyler, C. Stone, A. Thomas, A. Long, K. Purser, L. Doby. Third row: P. Furr, E. Efird, W. Honeycutt, M. Boone, B. Peel- er, J. Claywell, F. Holloman. Fourth row: X. Butler, D. Tysinger, J. Austin, S. Cal- loway, B. Herrin, I. Furr, S. Snuggs, Miss Thompson, sponsor. Sophomore Tri-Hi-Y Junior Tri-Hi-Y First row: B. Peck, S. Kelley, A. Harris, B. Lowder, J. Story, G. Rogers, Miss Rich- ardson, sponsor. Second row: S. Hopkins, E. Hathcock, M. Peck, T. Lefler, B. Smith, A. Doby, J. Clark, J. Ray. Third row: R. Vick, S. Talbert, E. Helms, S. Mabry, C. Gantt, E. Wilson, S. Phifer. Fourth row: C. Mauldin, D. Arey, C. Shankle, N. Walk- er, F. Plyler, R. Furr, L. Hinson, D. Hill, L. Davis, M. Garrison. 94 First row: D. Smith, R. Cain, R. McSwain, B. Davis, E. Talbert, Mr. White, Sponsor. Second row: B. Atkins, R. Fitzg ' erald, J. Holt, R. Sandoval, G. Mauldin. Third row: D. Bowen, T. Almond, J. Sharkey, W. Snead T. Smith. Senior Hi-Y First row: B. Bivens, J. Earnhardt, H. Godfrey, R. Vick, Mr. Smith, Sponsor. Second row: G. Nicholds, E. Lane, J. Mc- Manus, G. Holbrook, R. Frick. Third row: N. Pease, D. Blalock, S. Pinkston, J. Biv- ens, T. Wolfe. Fourth row: L. Rushing, D. Miller, B. Lowder, T. Alley, M. Burle- son. Junior Hi-Y Sophomore Hi-Y First row: R. Swanner, D. Lisk, R. Mor- gan, D. Perry, S. Vanderburg, Mr. Smith, sponsor. Second row: J. Stockton, D. Earn- hardt, M. Cooke, W. Sherrill, E. Mauldin, B. Sikes. Third row: B. Trivette, W. Mor- row, C. Daniel, C. Lefler, N. Hammond, S. Kendrick, L. Helms. Fourth row: D. Almond, R. Medlin, G. Safrit, L. Garris, M. Waller. Fifth row: M. Smith, J. Red- wine, J. Rabon, B. Wilhelm. 95 Through the athletic program of our school, the students have an opportun- ity to develop physically, to learn to work as a team and to practice sports- manship. The highlights of the 1963-1964 foot- ball and basketball seasons were the homecoming celebrations. Pep rallies built up school spirit, parades and cara- vans were held, and tension built up until the moment when the homecom- ing queens were crowned. Other sports including baseball, track, tennis, and wrestling offer a varied schedule in which every stu- dent can find something to interest him. The different sports combine to form a busy schedule throughout the year for both players and spectators. ‘‘Few things are impossible to diligence and skill ” Samuel Johnson BOOSTERS Tlie Boosters’ Club is organ- ized to help create school spirit. At the meetings the members are taught the cheers so they can yell with the cheerleaders at the football and basketball games. The club also sponsors the football and basketball home- coming games. In addition be- fore each ball game, the club members sell “Beat” ribbons. Miss Becky Stasavich Sponsor Anita Taylor President Sue Underwood Vice-President Molly Crowell Secretary Anita Wall Treasurer 98 99 CHEERLEADERS: Left to Right: Cynthia Freeman, Frances Ann Miller, Linda Stonestreet, Laura Henderson — Chief, Mary Henderson, Gail Byrd, Brenda Peeler, and Barbara Peck. CHEERLEADERS ALTERNATE CHEERLEADERS: Left to Right: Joe Ann McCommons, Letitia Stockton, Jan Claywell, and Virginia Rogers. 100 101 GIRLS ' BASKETBALL TEAM Norma Binns Co-Captain Pam Cooper Co-Captain SP:M0K CIRL players: L. to R.: Ellen Hinson, Sharron Holt, Norma Binns, Pam Cooper, Sammy Talbert. 102 MANAGERS: Joanne Lisk and Annette Thomas. Norma Binns Pam Cooper Ellen Hinson Sharron Holt Peggy Dick Brookie Smith Sammy Talbert Linda Hatley Judy Lewis Doris Barbee Lynn Calder Vicki Mesimer Diane Pearce Linda Lucas Nancy Walker 103 Terry Morjian Kenneth Frazier Co-Captain Coach Dour Stokes Co-Captain BOYS’ BASKETBALL TEAM Senior player Monty MontRomei’y fights for the ball with a Xorth Rowan playei ' . This outstanding group of young athletes won the 1962-1963 co-championship of the South Piedmont Conference. The outstand- ing players of this winning season included Doug Stokes, who made All-Conference, and Kelly Jones, who made All-Tournament. These two boys, along with several promising sophomores and many returning lettermen show good prospects for this year. 104 SENIOR FLAYERS: L. to R.: Terry Morgan, Monty Montgomery, Doug Stokes. Monty Montgomery Johnny Burleson Tommy Smith Eugene Coley Jimmy Hathcock Kelly Jones Bob Townsend Tom Webb Vernell Townsend Manager !05 Although the 1963 football team did not have a very successful season, the stands were always full at ball games. The fans saw many exciting games. In these games the players were able to gain much valuable experience ; this experience should prove useful to A.S.H.S. teams of the future. FOOTBALL TEAM Benny Atkins Terry Morgan David Still Tri-Captain Tri-Captain Tri-Captain 106 MANAGERS: L. to R.: Allen Blake, Gene Maudlin, Steve Morton, Jerry Ford. The coaches hold a conference during the ball game. Kelly Jones carries the ball for the Bulldogs. 107 Bill Harwood SENIOR PLA YERS Ronald Almond Benny Atkins Randy Henion 108 Monty Montgomery Terry Morgan Donnie Smith SENIOR PLA YERS David Still 109 Billy Talbert -as k pr ’ 1 1 ' ' 1H • •• : " ■• .■ For a number of years Albemarle Senior High had not had a winning golf team, but in 1963 this trend changed. With a 7-7 record, A.S.H.S. placed sixth in the W.N.C.H.S.A.A. tournament. GOLF TEAM Leon Burleson Captain Moyer Smith Coach Coach Jack White BASEBALL Tri-captains — Ric Cain, David Still, Billy Talbert WRESTLING Coach Jack White The track team is a member of the South Piedmont Conference, and it placed in the top third of the conference in the 1963 season. This outstanding team is coached by Mr. Kenneth Frazier. 1963 TRACK Kenneth F ' razier Coach Nelson Smith 1963 South Piedmont Conference Low Hurdles Champion. I 12 GIRLS TENNIS BOYS 1 13 1 14 Referee to the rescue Viewing: the game from Cloud 9. ns The membership of the Monogram Club consists of the athletes who have participated in football, basketball, track, wrestling, golf, tennis, and or baseball. The participants are awarded letters based on the amount of time played and the dedication of the player to the sport. Mr. Moyer Smith is the sponsor of the club. MONOGRAM CLUB 1 16 Your Safety Comes First! FIVE POINTS RECAPPING SERVICE 250 East Main Street YU 2-5013 " Tires Are Our Only Business " Charles B. Lefler, Owner Compliments of DENNIS CONCRETE WORKS, INC Phone YU 2-2147 — P, O. Box 352 Albemarle, North Carolina Diamonds — Watches Jewelry — Cameras STARIS JEWELRY STORE Jewelers Since 1898 Albemarle, N. C. 1 18 Compliments of E. j. SMDER mmm ALBEMARLE INSURANCE AGENCY, INC. " Just Insurance " S. L. Gullege R. A. Crowell Joe R. Kluttz Bailey Gullege J. R. Kluttz, Jr. Albemarle, North Carolina 113 South Second Street Phone YU 2-2133 Compliments of WILSON FARM SUPPLY Hearne Street 982-5512 Albemarle, N. C. Compliments of STANLY ELECTRIC, INC. Phone YU 2-1412 224 West Main LORCH PLUMBING and HEATING CO., INC. 221 North Second Street Albemarle, North Carolina Plumbing - Heating Air-Conditioning - Roofing Sheet Metal Phones: YU 2-2 1 00 — YU 2-2 1 09 HAZEL ' S SALON OF BEAUTY Corner of 7th Montgomery YU 2-2416 DUKE ' S BURGER HOP Badin Road Duke Says; If You LIKE good food you will LOVE ours. " 120 North First Street WiscQSsett Memorial Young Men ' s Christian Association, Albemarle, N. C., serving youth of Albemarle and Stanly County through physical, social, mental, and spiritual growth. YOUNG MEN ' S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION 121 Stanly County ' s most popular Savings Institution with current assets of more than twenty-five million dollars. Our entire staff is eager to be of assistance to you in every possible way, and we hope you will make frequent use of the many services we have to offer. — Our Services — Insured Optional Full-Paid Savings Accounts Including: Individual Accounts Joint Accounts Partnership Accounts Corporation Accounts Guardian and Trustee Accounts Church and Organization Accounts Save-by-Mail Accounts Christmas Savings Club Stock Loans on Savings Accounts Coin Savings Banks No Charge for Opening Savings Accounts Current Dividend Rate Direct Reduction Loans Including: C onventional Loans A.M.I.C Insured Loans Commercial Loans Construction Loans Home Improvement Loans Home Repair Loans Three Convenient Locations Safe Deposit Boxes Cashier’s Checks U. S. Savings Bonds (Selling and Paying Agents) Life and Health and Accident Insurance on Mortgage Loans SAYINGS LOAN ASSOCIATION Albemarle — Norwood — Marshville — Charlotte " Our Sixty-lirst Year " C. B. MILLER President O. J. ROGERS Exec. Vice-President M. M. PALMER Chm. of Board J. H. MORROW Vice-Presiaent Large Enough to Be Safe . . . Small Enough to Be Friendly Compliments of PURCELL ' S DRUG STORE CITY BARBER SHOP " Prescription Specialists " Drugs-Medical Supplies-Sundries Henry Thompson 135 West Main Street Dillon Lambert Albemarle, N. C. CENTRAL BARBER SHOP 149 South Second Street Albemarle, North Carolina Phone YU 2-3915 Fred Harwood " Prevo " Harwood ALBEMARLE NEW CAR AND TRUCK DEALERS ALBEMARLE TRUCK TRACTOR CO. AUTEN MOTORS CONFEDERATE MOTORS CROOK MOTOR CO. DAVIS MOTOR CO. MORGAN MOTOR CO. SPENCE MOTOR CO. STOVALL-WOLFE MOTOR CO. 123 LOWDER HARDWARE COMPANY Albemarle, North Carolina 103 North 1st Street YU 2-2101 G. E, Home Appliances — Mercury Motors Wilson Sporting Goods Building Materials — Paints — Delta Tools HUCKABEE LUMBER COMPANY, INC. Lumber and Building Materials Albemarle, North Carolina Mi 1 1 work — Paints — Builder Hardware — Cool ' " We Furnish The Homes of , Tomorrow Today " I P. J. HUNEYCUTT CO. I 143 N. Second Street Albemarle, N. C. K L DRUG STORE Prescriptions 982-6013 Albemarle, N. C. ECONOMY AUTO SUPPLY B. F. Goodrich Tires Westinghouse Appliances Maytag Washers Sales Service 219 W. Main Street Albemarle, North Carolina Underpass Body Shop Massey-Ferguson Dealer UNDERPASS TRACTOR CO. " You Bump, We Fix " N. Second St. Phone YU 2-4617 Albemarle, N. C. 124 PHILLIPS CLOTHING COMPANY 127 North Second Street Albemarle, N. C. Compliments of STANLY FUNERAL HOME, INC. 982-8134 Albemarle, N. C. MOOSE ' S For Your Clothing And Sportswear Needs Be Sure You Visit 131-135 North Second St. Albemarle, North Carolina " Congratulations " CABARRIS BAE A1 TRIST COMPAM West Main Street Albemarle, North Carolina 125 Compliments of SNUGGS ELECTRIC SERVICE YU 2-3326 Compliments of MUSIC MART Albemarle, North Carolina SERVICE DISTRIBUTING CO., INC. P. 0. Box 310 Main Office Albemarle, N. C. Phone YU 2-2197 Aberdeen, N. C. Locust, N. C. Albemarle, N. C. Marion, N. C. Asheboro, N. C. Mocksville, N. C. Asheville, N. C. Mooresville, N. C. Biscoe, N. C. New Bern, N. C. Boone, N. C. Norwood, N. C. Charlotte, N. C. Pittsboro, N. C. China Grove, N. C. Raleigh, N. C. Concord, N. C. Ramseur, N. C. Dunn, N. C, Randleman, N. C. Fayetteville, N. C. Rockingham, N. C. Forest City, N, C. Salisbury, N. C. Gastonia, N. C. Sanford, N. C. Greensboro, N. C. Siler City, N. C. Greenville, N. C. Statesville, N. C. Hickory, N. C, Thomasville, N. C. High Point, N. C. Troy, N. C. Jacksonville, N. C. Wadesboro, N. C. Kannapolis, N. C, Washington, N. C. Laurinburg, N. C. Whitnel, N. C. Lenoir, N. C. Wilson, N. C. Lexington, N. C. 1 Lillington, N. C. 1 Winston-Salem, N. C. 126 sAviNfisI Home Savings ANI Loan Association TIME AND TEMPERATURE QUICK AS A FLASH! Henry L. Harris, President W. T. Huckabee, Jr. Carl M. Hill, f 52nd YEAR Secretary-Treasurer 1911-1963 DRUG CEWRE, II. " PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS " 121 N. First St. — Albemarle FREE DELIVERY — PHONE YU 2-6612 127 THE FIRST MTIOML BAM I Brighten the life TALBERTS JEWELRY of someone close to yon , . . 253 W. Main St. Albemarle, N. C. Phone YU 2-3826 Bulova Gruen Watches BARRINGER ' S FLOWER L. C. Smith SHOP Watchmaker Wreath and Floral Designs Phone YU 2-2204 128 STANDARD OFFICE EQUIPMENT COMPANY Complete Line Of School Supplies Phone YU 2-7111 175 North Second Street Albemarle, North Carolina CHARM BEAUTY SHOP 146 South Second Street Ruth Snyder Mildred Lisk Linda Bowers YU 2-4511 JAMES CHILDREN SHOP 124 South First Street 982-3514 Albemarle, N. C. 129 i Compliments ROSS STUDIO ! of THE ALBEMARLE COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY Portrait and Commercial Photography Picture Frames and Oil Coloring YU 2-5815 215 W. Main Street Albemarle, N. C. LEONARD ' S JEWELERS, INC. 121 North Second Street LEFLER FUNERAL HOME Trusted Jewelers For Three Generations Student Charge Accounts Invited Albemarle YU 2-1197 Norwood GR 4-2831 Authorized Wedding Bells Dealer MODERN BEAUTY SHOP JEWEL BOX 110-114 South Second Street’ YU 2-2311 Albemarle, North Carolina 171 N. Second Street Phone YU 2-1015 Compliments DEWEY D. TREECE of BUILDING SPECIALTIES EFIRD ' S DEPARTMENT STORE North Second Street Albemarle, N. C. Albemarle, N. C. Day YU 2-4117 Phone Night YU 2-5125 130 MURRELL ' S PHARMACY " Prescriptions Are Our Business " Drugs, Medical Supplies, and Sundries LOFTIN ' S DRUG STORE Prescription Druggists 116 West North St. Albemarle, N. C. HERLOCKER SERVICE Phone YU 2-1512 SHELL PRODUCTS Albemarle, North Carolina DUN-RITE LAUNDRY CLEANERS 1217 Pee Dee Avenue Phone YU 2-3511 " Sonitone Cleaning " Albemarle, North Carolina YINGLING FURNITURE COMPANY Your Lone Cedar Chest Dealer YU 2-6041 131 ROYAL CROWN COLA Nehi Beverage Co. Albermarle, N. C. JiSlAi PniNTING COMPANY Charlotte, N.C. r s Al fM ; : l:7 ■ . f ‘ ■ -v7 • if ' ' ;‘j •• U J ■ : ■ II : s ♦y

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