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Albemarle High School - Crossroads Yearbook (Albemarle, NC) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 132 of the 1962 volume:

1 1 II THE 1962 CROSSROADS Published by the Annual Staff of ALBEMARLE SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL Albemarle, North Carolina BARBARA DOBY Editor MICKEY MAULDIN Business Manager FOREWORD “Within the Sea” refers to us, the Seniors of Albemarle Senior High School, through the quotation “Distinct as the billows, yet one as the sea.” In the school, one thinks of the student as a distinct individual ; yet in actuality, he is only one of our Senior Class, who will soon depart into the sea of life. For this reason, the staff of the 1962 CROSSROADS has chosen “Within the Sea” as the theme for this year’s annual. CONTENTS Administration 5 Classes 9 Features 47 Activities 57 Music 77 Sports 85 Advertising 99 DEDICATION For her patience with and understanding of every individual in our school, her constant support of school activities, her friendliness to all, and her untiring efforts toward the intel- lectual and social growth of each student ; we, the Seniors, respectfully dedicate this 1962 CROSSROADS to a teacher held in highest esteem by all, Mrs. Robert Deese. 4 ADMINISTRATION mM Claud Grigg, Superintendent H, T. Webb, Principal ADMINISTRATION Left to right: Charles W. Pickier, J. Heath Morrow, John M. Morrow, Richard L. Brown, Jr., H. Wells Rogers, Ted Furr, Claud Grigg. 6 FACULTY Mrs. Jacob Carter Commercial Miss Cbicora Caughman Mathematics Mrs. Paul B. Fry English Mrs. E. P. Gamewell, Jr. Phys. Ed., English Robert B. Gantt Phys. Ed., History Mrs. Robert B. Gantt Mathematics Mrs. Marshall Hall School Secretary Mrs. Guy Harrison Librarian 7 R. C. Hatley Science George T. Hauss Band M rs. X. A. H ayes English Mrs. Robert D. Lee Commercial Mrs. James H. McClintock Bible Miss Lillian Misenheimer English John C. Morris Mechanical Drawing Kenneth Nye Social Studies Mrs. S. L. Tesh English Miss Sibyl Thomas Bill Tyson Mrs. Frank Westerlund Distributive Education Biology Social Studies Mrs. John F. Wiles English 8 Mrs. Trailor D. Young English and French CLASSES SENIOR MEMORIES Big athletic events. The Science Fair 10 SENIORS President Mickey Mauldin Vice-President James Caudle Secretary Margaret Allred Treasurer Ellen Hatley Sponsor Miss Chicora Caughman Left to right: Ellen Hatley, James Caudle, Miss Chicora Caughman, Mickey Mauldin, Margaret Allred. SENIORS PHILLIP ALDRIDGE “A .little integrity is better than any career.” Track; Intramural sports RICHARD ALDRIDGE " He’ll find a way. " Intramural sports JANET ALLRED " So silent are her tvays.” F.T.A.; Boosters Club; CROSSROADS, Business Staff; Bible Club, Secretary; Senior Mixed chorus MARGARET ALLRED " She gets much out of life which is what she puts m it.” F.T.A., Chap., Pres.; Boosters Club; N.H.S., Chap.; Black Masque; Tri-Hi-Y, Chap.; Homeroom Guid- ance Chm. ; CROSSROADS, Asst. Editor; Debate Club; Band; Most Dependable; Senior Class Sec- retary; Jr. Play Comm. Chm.; Civitan Conference Delegate; Marshal; Christmas Dance Comm.; Soph. Hop Comm.; Prom Comm.; Senior Banquet Wait- ress; Homecoming Comm. BECKY ALMOND " Red hair and a pleasant smile would help any- one through the world.” Boosters Club; Bible Club; F.H.A. JUDY ALMOND " She never skips a small task, for one of the simple duties ynay hold the key to the biggest problems.” F.T.A.; Boosters Club; N.H.S.; CROSSROADS, Business Staff; FULL MOON, Typing Editor, News Staff; Library Club; Junior Mixed Chorus MILTON ALMOND “7 take life easy and bear no regrets.” Junior Mixed Chorus; Deca Club; Wrestling BOBBIE ATKINS " All good things which exist are the fruits of originality.” F.T.A.; Boosters Club; Black Masque, Scrapbook Chm.; Tri-Hi-Y, Pres.; Student Council; CROSS- ROADS, Art Staff; Modern Music Masters; Vice Pres.; Debate Club; Band; Best Dressed; Home- coming Queen; Majorette, Chief; Homecoming Spon- sor; Soph. Hop Comm. Chm. JACKIE BARBEE “Kindness is the sunshine in which virtue grows.” Boosters Club; Black Masque; Tri-Hi-Y ; CROSS- ROADS, Photography Staff; FULL MOON, News Reporter; Junior Red Cross; Bible Club; Debate Club; Band; Science Club; Jr. Play Comm. Chm.; Jr. -Sr. Prom. Comm.; Science Fair; Delegate to Band Clinic GARY BARRIER “Honest, sincere, quiet, dependable is he.” Boosters Club; Homeroom Representative; Home- room Pres.; Science Fair; Intramural; Wrestling Champion SYLVIA MORTON BIDDLE “The siveetest joy is love.” Boosters Club; Homeroom Treas.; Library Club; Bible Club; Junior Mixed Chorus; Deca Club LESTER BIVENS “Character is the key to the success.” Boosters Club; Black Masque; Hi-Y ; Pres.; Student Council, Election Comm. Chm.; Homeroom Pres., Guidance Chm.; CROSSROADS, Photography Staff; FULL MOON, Sports Staff; Monogram Club; Treas. of Junior Class; Jr. Play; Student Rotarian; Track; Wrestling; Soph. Hop Comm.; Jr. -Sr. Prom Comm.; Sr. Banquet Comm.; Intramural Sports; Sci- ence Fair; Intramural Council; Who’s Who SENIORS SKIPPY BALDWIN “Ambition has no rest.” Boosters Club; Black Masque; Hi-Y; Student Store; CROSSROADS, Business Staff; FULL MOON, Sports Staff; Intramural Sports; Science Fair DANNY BALLARD “Opportunity comes to all who work.” Boosters Club; Hi-Y; Band EVELYN BOST “A merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance.” Boosters Club; Deca Club; Homecoming Sponsor. MARY ELLEN BOWEN “A good disposition is more valuable than gold.” F.T.A.; Boosters Club; Black Masque; Intramural Representative; FULL MOON, News Staff; Junior Red Cross; Bible Club; Jr.-Sr. Prom Comm. JOSEPH BURRIS “His quietness does not make him less important. " Deca Club JULIE BUTLER “Never speak sense when nonsense will answer the purpose as well. " F. T. A.; Boosters Club; Black Masque; Tri-Hi-Y ; Student Council; Homeroom Sec.; CROSSROADS Photography Staff; Jr. Red Cross; Bible Club; De- bate Club; F. H. A.; Jr. Mixed Chorus; Jr. Play Comm.; Science Club; Basketball Man.; Homecom- ing Sponsor; Field Day; Intramural Sports; Soph. Hop Comm.; Sr. Prom Comm.; Homecoming Comm.; Science Fair; Sr. Banquet Waitress SUE BYRD “A very gentle heart and a good conscience. " F. T. A.; Boosters Club; Black Masque; CROSS- ROADS Business Staff; Monogram Club; Superla- tive, Most Athletic; Basketball; Intramural Sports; Sr. Banquet Waitress; Jr.-Sr. Prom Comm.; Soph. Hop Comm. KAY L. CAGLE “A friend loveth at all times. " Boosters Club; Jr. Red Cross; Monogram Club; Basketball; Homecoming Sponsor; Intramural Rep- resentative SENIORS ROGER BURLESON “Work tvhile you work, but play often.” Boosters Club; Bible Club; Sr. Mixed Chorus; Jr. Mixed Chorus; Deca Club, Chap.; Baseball STEVE BURLESON “Melody is the absolute language in which the musician speaks to every heart.” Boosters Club; Black Masque; Hi-Y, Pres., Vice- pres.. Basketball; Ho meroom Pres.; CROSSROADS, Photography Staff; Monogram Club; Sr. Mixed Chorus; Jr. Mixed Chorus; Superlative, Best Look- ing, Most Talented; Student Lion; Football; Basket- ball; Track; Baseball; Wrestling; Boys Double Quar- tet; Boys Sr. Quartet; All-State Chorus; Choral Workshop; Intramural Council IRIS BURRIS “The highest wisdom is continual cheerfulness.” F.T.A.; Boosters Club; Homeroom Sec.; Jr. Mixed Chorus; Homeroom Guidance Leader JIMMY BURRIS “Happy is the man ivho enjoys life.” Boosters Club; Homeroom Vice-pres.; Monogram Club; Student Rotarian; Football Co-captain; Track; Wrestling; Class Poet SENIORS JAMES CAUDLE “Some are born great, hut of more value are those who achieve greatness.” Boosters Club; Hi-Y ; Student Council; CROSS- ROADS Business Staff; Deca Club; Sr. Class Vice Pres. WILLIAM CLEMMONS “There’s a time for all things.” Jr. Red Cross; Transferred from Hillsboro High School LANE COBLE “As happy a man as any in the world.” Wrestling; Intramural Sports VONDA COLE “Let gentleness my strong enforcement be.” Boosters Club; Deca Club BILL CRAWLEY “I’ll never think of the future. It comes soon enough.” Boosters Club; Monogram Club; Football; Baseball BRENDA CRANFORD “She who finds not love, finds nothing.” Boosters Club; Library Club; F.B.L.A. ; BRENDA CRISCO “We live by admiration, hope and love.” Jr. Red Cross; F.H.A.; Deca Club LLOYD CRISCO “His limbs ivere cast in manly mold, for hearty sports or contest hold.” Boosters Club; Hi-Y; Monogram Club; Sr. Mixed Chorus, Sr. Quartet; Jr. Mixed Chorus; Superlative, Most Talkative; Football; Track; Wrestling; Jr.- Sr. Prom Comm. SENIORS ROGER CROWELL “Each vian is the molder of his own fortune. " Intramural Sports JANE CRUTCHFIELD “Good natured, generous, jolly, and clever, her tongue like a brook goes on forever.” F.T.A., Chap.; Boosters Club, Homecoming Comm. Chairman; Tri-Hi-Y, Chap.; CROSSROADS, Pho- tography staff; FULL MOON, Feature Writer; Jr. Red Cross, Pres., District Pres., Sec., Treas. ; De- bate Club; Sr. Mixed Chorus, Girls’ Ensemble; Jr. Mixed Chorus; Exchange Student; Science Fair; Guidance Chm.; Jr. -Sr. Prom Comm. Chm.; Sr. Banquet Waitress. DANNIE DAVIS “Full of fun and fancy free, if you want a good time come along with me.” Boosters Club; Black Masque; Hi-Y ; Homeroom Vice Pres.; Sr. Mixed Chorus, Sr. Quartet; Jr. Mixed Chorus; Most School Spirited; Science Club; Jr. Play com.; Soph. Hop Comm.; Jr.-Sr. Prom Comm. WAYNE DRYE “Never trouble trouble till trouble troubles you.” Boosters Club; Jr. Red Cross; Science Club; Deca Club GEORGE EFIRD “It is well to live that one may learn.” BARBARA DOBY “None but herself can be her parallel.” F.T.A.; Boosters Club, Homecoming Comm.; N.H.S., Treas.; Black Masque, Jr.Play Comm. Chm.; Tri-Hi- Y, Vice Pres., Fall Conference Dele.; Student Coun- cil, Special Comm. Chm.; Homeroom Vice Pres.; CROSSROADS, Editor; Debate Club, Vice Pres.; Girls’ State Delegate; Jr. Mixed Chorus, Jr. Girls’ Ensemble; Superlative, Best All Around, Most Likely to Succeed, Most Influential; Chief Marshal; Jr.-Sr. Prom Comm. Chairman; Soph. Hop Comm.; Choral Workshop; Sr. Banquet Waitress; Blue Ridge Delegate; Science Fair; Who’s Who; Assem. Comm. Sec.; Jr. Science Symposium Boosters Club; Black Masque; Hi-Y; CROSSROADS Business Staff; Band; Science Club; Jr. Play Comm.; Intramural Sports LINDA WHITLEY EUDY “Marriage begins with love.” Boosters Club; Library Club PATTIE FAGGART “A loving heart is the beginning of all knowledge.” Jr. Red Cross; F.H.A. PAULINE FURR “An eye for art, a taste for style; she has an artist’s breeding.” F.T.A. ; Boosters Club; Black Masque; Tri-Hi-Y ; Homeroom, Secretary; CROSSROADS, Co-Art Edi- tor; Debate Club, Secretary; Sr. Mixed Chorus; Jr. Mixed Chorus; Superlative, Most Original; Plays Jr. Play Comm.; Homecoming Sponsor; Jr. -Sr. Prom; Christmas Dance Comm.; Sr. Banquet Wait- ress, Girls’ Ensemble TOMMY FURR “A quiet lad with a willing hand, always ready on comynand.” Boosters Club; Bible Club; F.B.L.A.; Science Club. TONY FURR “His ready wit, his cheerful smile made him wel- come all the while.” Boosters Club; Black Masque; Hi-Y, Pres., Sec.; Student Council; Homeroom, Vice Pres.; CROSS- ROADS Business Staff; Modern Music Masters; Debate Club; Monogram Club; Sr. Mixed Chorus; Superlative, Friendliest; Science Club; Football; Track; Soph. Hop; Jr. -Sr. Prom; Science F air BOBBY GARNER “Our thoughts and conduct are our own.” Baseball SENIORS SYLVIA FESPERMAN “Happiness is the perfume she is always pour- ing 071 others.” F.T.A. ; Boosters Club; N.H.S.; Black Masque; CROSSROADS, Co-Art Editor; Jr. Red Cross; Sr. Mixed Chorus; Jr. Mixed Chorus; Jr. -Sr. Prom Comm.; Sr. Banquet Waitress; Intramural Sports JOE FRANKLIN “He was bomi with a gift of laughter ayid a sense that the woi ' ld was mad.” Boosters Club; Homeroom, Vice Pres.; Library Club; Jr. Red Cross; Monogram Club; Football; Track CATHY FREEMAN “Dark hair, laughing eyes, a personality full of surprise.” F.T.A.; Boosters Club; Black Masque; Tri-Hi-Y; Student Council; Jr. Red Cross; Band, Vice Pres.; Jr. Play Comm.; Majorette; Basketball; Homecom- ing Sponsor; Jr. -Sr. Prom Comm.; Soph. Hop Comm.; Intramural JOHNNY FURR “The combined qualities of a yuan and a good athlete.” Boosters Club; Hi-Y, Pres., Vice Pres.; Homeroom Pres.; Monogram Club; Soph. Class Pres.; Student Lion; Football, Tri-Cap.; Baseball; Wrestling; In- tramural Comm. SENIORS JOHNNY GARRISON “Success cones through effort.” Boosters Club; Black Masque; Hi-Y ; CROSS- ROADS, Asst. Business Manager; Debate Club; Jr. Mixed Chorus; Wrestling; Jr. -Sr. Prom Comm.; Science Fair; Sr. Banquet Comm. JOHN GORE “The idea of service is the basis of all worthy enterprise.” Black Masque; FULL MOON, Asst. Business Mgr.; Jr. Red Cross; Science Club; Football DIANA HARRIS “A smile is the nicest thing I kyiow.” F.T.A.; Boosters Club; Library Club; Bible Club; F.H.A. ; Flag Bearer-Band; Deca Club, Sec.; Sci- ence Fair SHEILA HARRIS “Always talking, always gay, we hope she stays that way.” F.T.A.; Boosters Club; Black Masque; Tri-Hi-Y ; CROSSROADS, Photography Staff; Debate Club; Sr. Mixed Chorus; Jr. Mixed Chorus; Superlative, Most Talkative; Basketball; Jr. -Sr. Prom Comm. BENNY HARWOOD “A modest guy with a twinkle in his eye.” Boosters Club; Hi-Y; Monogram Club; Band; Base- ball; Wrestling KAY HATHCOCK “Sincerity and truth are the basis of every virtue.” Boosters Club; F.H.A. JANE GREER “It is quality rather than quantity that counts.” F.T.A. Treas. ; Boosters Club; Black Masque; Tri- Hi-Y; Student Council; CROSSROADS, Photog- raphy Staff; Modern Music Masters; Sr. Mixed Chorus; Jr. Mixed Chorus; Jr. -Sr. Prom Comm.; Sr. Banquet Waitress CLAUDIA HALL “Born with a sense of laughter.” F.T.A. ; Boosters Club; CROSSROADS, Business Staff; Monogram Club; Basketball; Intramural Council SENIORS DIANE HATLEY “Anything worth having is worth working for.” Boosters Club; Black Masque; Tri-Hi-Y ; CROSS- ROADS, Typing Staff; F.B.L.A., Pres.; Sr. Mixed Chorus; Jr. Mixed Chorus; Office Worker; Home- coming Sponsor ELLEN HATLEY “Neatly dressed, full of fun, well-liked by every- one.” F.T.A. ; Boosters Club; Black Masque; Tri-Hi-Y Pres.; Homeroom, Treas., Vice Pres.; CROSS- ROADS, Co-Editor, Photography Staff; Modern Music Masters, Treas.; Debate Club, Sec.; Band; Sr. Mixed Chorus, Girls’ Ensemble; Class Treas.; Homecoming Sponsor; Jr.-Sr. Prom Comm.; Sr. Banquet Waitress; Soph. Hop JANICE HEARNE “Her good humor is surpassed by none.” F.T.A. ; Boosters Club, Vice Pres.; Black Masque; Tri-Hi-Y; Student Council; Homeroom Office, Pres.; CROSSROADS, Photography Staff; Modern Music Masters; Monogram Club; Sr. Mixed Chorus; Super- lative, Wittiest, Friendliest; Cheerleader; Basket- ball; Homecoming Sponsor; Sr. Banquet Waitress; Homecoming Comm. ANN HENDERSON “The quietness of her manner, the sweetness of her smile.” Boosters Club; Jr. Mixed Chorus JAMES HENDLEY “To worry little and study less, is my idea of happiness.” Homeroom, Vice Pres.; Sr. Mixed Chorus; Jr. Mixed Chorus DEAN HERRIN “Roll on world, and I’ll roll with you.” Band; Deca Club SUE HINSON “Friendship’s the spice of life.” Boosters Club; Black Masque; Tri-Hi-Y; Home- room Office, Vice Pres.; CROSSROADS, Typing Staff; Jr. Red Cross; Bible Club; F.B.L.A., Vice Pres.; Band ALAN HOLT “Quiet, unassuming, dependable.” Boosters Club; Library Club; Band SENIORS LORETTA HOLT “Ambition rules her brain; and love, her heart.” •F.T.A. ; Boostei’s Club; N.H.S.; Black Masque, Sec.- Treas.; Tri-Hi-Y, Basketball; Homeroom Sec.; FULL MOON, Feature Editor; Debate Club; Band, Ma- jorette; Sr. Mixed Chorus; Jr. Mixed Chorus; Jr. Play, Ticket Comm.; Homecoming Sponsor; Soph. Hop Comm.; Christmas Dance Comm.; Choral Work- shop; Jr.-Sr. Prom Comm.; Waitress, Sr. Banquet; Homecoming Comm, ; Homeroom Guidance Chm. NELL HONEYCUTT “How quiet and sweet she seems to be. RICHARD HONEYCUTT “Better things in life are free. " Boosters Club; Monogram Club; Deca Club; Wrest- ling JUDY HUDSON “Her cheerful smile matches her heart.” F.T.A.; Boosters Club; Black Masque; Library Club; Bible Club; Debate Club; F.B.L.A.; Science Club; Jr. Play Comm.; Basketball; Jr.-Sr. Prom Comm.; Soph. Hop Comm.; Field Day; Intramural Sports DAN HUNEYCUTT “Something attempted is something done.” Boosters Club; Black Masque; Hi-Y ; Student Coun- cil; Modern Music Masters; Band; Baseball; Wrest- ling, Manager; Intramural Sports JUDY HUNEYCUTT “The gardens of kindness never fade.” Boosters Club; Library Club; F.H.A.; F.B.L.A; Sci- ence Fair SANDRA HUNEYCUTT “Quietness is best.” F.T.A. ; Boosters Club; CROSSROADS, Business Staff; FULL MOON, News Staff; Modern Music Masters; Bible Club; Band, Delegate to Band Clinic ROWENA KLUTTZ “A daughter of the gods, divinely tall, and most divinely fair.” F.T.A. ; Boosters Club; N.H.S.; Black Masque; Student Council, Treas.; Homeroom Vice-Pres.; CROSSROADS, Literary Staff; FULL MOON, News Staff; Monogram Club, Sec.; Superlative, Best Looking, Most Popular; Science Club, Vice- Pres., Pres.; Class Sec.; Carrousel Princess; Mar- shal; Basketball, Mgr.; Homecoming Sponsor; U. S. History Award; Chm. Soph. Hop Comm.; Chm. Christmas Dance Comm. NCSCC Workshop; NCSCC Congress; Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee Home- coming Comm.; Sr. Banquet Waitress; Who’s Who SENIORS SYLVIA KLUTTZ “Ask everybody’s advice; then do as you -please.” Boosters Club; Junior Red Cross; F.H.A.; Deca Club, Sec. JANET KOONTZ “Tridy loyal as a friend, trust-worthy as a student.” F.T.A.; Boosters Club; Black Masque; Bible Club; Debate Club; Sr. Mixed Chorus; Jr. Mixed Chorus; Science Club SHARON LANE “Tridy loyal as a riend, trustworthy as a student.” F.T.A.; Boosters Club; Black Masque; Tri-Hi-Y ; CROSSROADS, Typing Staff; Library Club; F.H. A., Sec.; F.B.L.A., Treas.; Homecoming Sponsor JUDY LATON “What sunshine is to flowers, smiles are to humanity .” Transferred, Linden High School; Boosters Club; Deca Club, Treas. RAYVON LATON “Take it easy, have your fun, and let the old world flicker on.” Boosters Club; Black Masque; Hi-Y ; Sr. Mixed Chorus; Jr. Mixed Chorus; Ilasketball; Baseball JOE LAUGHLIN “Life is a series of surprises.” Boosters Club; Hi-Y; Band; Deca Club; Baseball JERRY LAWHON “Let every man he fully persuaaed in his own way.” Band; Wrestling LINDA LEFLER “Her charming ways and friendly smile make her friendship well worthwhile.” F.T.A.; Boosters Club; Black Masque; Tri-Hi-Y; Homeroom Pres., Treas.; CROSSROADS, Literary Staff; Jr. Play Comm.; Homecoming Sponsor; Soph. Comm.; Jr.-Sr. Prom.; Sr. Banquet Waitress SENIORS LLOYD LITTLE “Gcncrovs, big-hearted, and kind; a better friend would be hard to find.” Boosters Club; Hi-Y ; Basketball TOMMY LITTLE ‘‘It doesn’t pay to worry; things are bound to happen anyivay.” Boosters Club; Hi-Y; Sr. Mixed Chorus; Jr. Mixed Chorus; Science Club; Jr. Play Comm. LANE LOWDER ‘‘Nothing was ever achieved without enthusiasm.” Boosters Club; Black Masque; Hi-Y; Jr. Red Cross Monogram Club; Science Club; Football; Track; Baseball; Jr. -Sr. Prom Comm. MICKEY LOWDER ‘‘A mind equal to any undertaking that he puts it alongside of.” Boosters Club; Black Masque; Hi-Y; Homeroom, Treasurer; F.B.L.A.; Jr.-Sr. Prom Comm. SAMMY LOWDER ‘‘Youth comes but once in a life time.” Jr. Mixed Chorus; Intramural Sports RALPH LUCAS ‘‘What 1 do is all that concerns me, not what people think.” Traffic Control Comm. EDWARD LOWDER ‘‘The greatest truths are the simplest, and so are the greatest meoi.” N.H.S., Vice-Pres.; Homeroom, Pres.; PULL MOON, Business Manager; Monogram Club; Super- lative, Most Studious, Most Likely to Succeed; Stu- dent Lion; Football, Mgr.; Baseball; Who’s Who; National Memit Semi-Finalist JUDY LOWDER ‘‘Early marriage, long love.” Library Club. SENIORS TERRY MABE “A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men.” Boosters Club; Hi-Y ; Student Council; Monogram Club, Pres.; Science Club, Pres.; Football, Tri- Capt. ; Track; Wrestling WALTER MANLEY “ agree with no man, I have opinions of my own.” Boosters Club; Jr. Mixed Chorus JERRY MAULDIN “Nothing is impossible to a willing heart.” Soph. Hop Comm.; Science Fair; Golf JOHNNY MAULDIN “Jolly and good natured, one who can take the blimps of life without faltering.” Boosters Club; Homeroom Sec.; Soph. Hop Comm. MICKEY MAULDIN “He has achieved success who has lived well, laughed often, and loved much.” Boosters Club; N.H.S.; Black Masque; Hi-Y, Sec., Treas., Basketball; Student Council; Homeroom Vice-Pres.; Jr. Red Cross; CROSSROADS Business Manager; Debate Club; Superlative, Most Depend- able, Best Dressed; Science Club; Sr. Class Pres.; Sr. Banquet Comm.; Student Lion; Jr. -Sr. Prom Comm.; Soph Hop Comm.; Science Fair; Who’s Who; Homecoming Comm.; School Store; Youth Appreciation Week TOMMY MAULDIN “He can who thinks he can.” Boosters Club; Homeroom Vice-pres. ; Jr. Red Cross, Treas.; Monogram Club; Science Club; Football; Basketball; Soph. Hop Comm.; Jr. -Sr. Prom Comm. WAYNE MAUNEY “Honor is purchased by the deeds we do.” Hi-Y; Deca Club, Pres.; Intramural sports GARY McGALLIARD Boosters Club; Hi-Y ; Intramural Sports (r ... SENIORS EDDIE McLESTER “Comvxon sense is the knack of seeing things as they really are, and doing things as they ought to he done. " Black Masque; Hi-Y ; FULL MOON, Sports Staff; Senior Mixed Chorus; Jr. Play; Student Rotarian; Merit Scholarship Semi-Finals JIMMIE MORGAN " He has a senile for every one he meets, a laugh for evey ' y joke he hears.” Boosters Club; Black Masque; Band LOUIS MORTON " Easy come; easy go. " Boosters Club BECKY BASINGER MOSS “Life is nothing without friendship.” F.T.A.; Boosters Club; N.H.S.; Black Masqu e; Tri- Hi-Y; CROSSROADS, Typing Staff; FULL MOON, Feature Staff; Bible Club; Debate Club; Science Club; Homecoming Sponsor; Soph. Hop Comm.; Jr. -Sr. Prom Comm.; Science Fair; Sr. Banquet Waitress JIMMY NANCE " Of course I know what’s going on, I just don’t understand it.” Boosters Club; Homeroom Treas.; Monogram Club; Football; Wrestling, Co-Capt. ; Intramural Sports SHERRY PEGRAM “Smart, capable, always kind; in fact, she can’t be d,e fined.” F.T.A.; Boosters Club, Homecoming Comm.; N.H.S., Pres.; Black Masque; Tri-Hi-Y, Sec.; Sec. of As- sembly Comm.; Student Council; Homeroom Vice Pres.; FULL MOON, Managing Editor, Who’s Who; Modern Music Masters, Vice-Pres., Pres.; Debate Club; Sr. Mixed Chorus, Accompanist, Girls’ Ensemble; Girls’ State Delegate; Jr. Mixed Chorus; Sec.; Most Talented; Jr. Class Pres.; Jr. Play Comm.; Marshal; Homecoming Sponsor BRENDA MORRIS “Some think the world is made for fun and frolic — so do I!” F.T.A.; Boosters Club; Black Masque; Sec.; Tri- Hi-Y, Treas.; Homeroom Sec.; CROSSROADS, Business Staff; FULL MOON, Feature Writer; Monogram Club; Sr. Mixed Chorus; Girls’ En- semble; Jr. Mixed Chorus; Science Club; Jr. Play; Cheerleader; Homecoming Sponsor; Jr. -Sr. Prom Comm.; Soph. Hop Comm.; Homecoming Comm.; Sr. Banquet Waitress; Intramural Sports; Home- room Guidance Leader; Choral Workshop JANE MORTON “A quiet person is welcome everywhere.” F.T.A.; Black Masque; CROSSROADS, Business Staff; Modern Music Masters; Bible Club; Band SENIORS RAYMOND PERRY “Wit and wisdom are born with a man.” Boosters Club; Black Masque; CROSSROADS, Lit- erary Staff; Debate Club; Monogram Club; Most Original, Wittiest; Science Club; Sr. Banquet Comm.; Football; Track; Wrestling HARRIET REEVES “The happiest person is the person who thinks the most interesting thoughts.” Boosters Club; F.T.A.; N.H.S.; Black Masque; Tri- Hi-Y, Treas.; Student Council; FULL MOON, Edi- tor; Jr. Red Cross; Debate Club, Pres.; Sr. Mixed Chorus, Girls’ Ensemble; Jr. Mixed Chorus; Most Studious; Jr. Play; D.A.R. Good Citizen; Who’s Who; Jr.-Sr. Prom Comm. Sr. Banquet Waitress; Science Fair BETTY REVELL “The only way to have a friend is to be a friend.” F.T.A. ; Boosters Club; Black Masque; Tri-Hi-Y; Homeroom Chap.; CROSSROADS, Art Staff; De- bate Club; Jr. Play Comm.; Basketball Asst. Mana- ger; Jr.-Sr. Prom Comm.; Soph. Hop Comm.; Sr. Banquet Waitress; Intramural Sports BOB RICHARDS “The world has a place for a talented human.” Boosters Club; Black Masque; Hi-Y ; Sr. Mixed Chorus, Sr. Quartet; Jr. Mixed Chorus; Jr. Play Comm. Prom. Comm.; Science Fair CECILIA ROACHE “Beauty and charm combined.” Boosters Club; Black Masque; Homeroom Pres.; Modern Music Masters; Band, Drum Majorette; Deca Club, Reporter; Majorette; Homecoming Sponsor SHERRY ROBERSON “Good things come in small packages.” F.H.A., Parliamentarian MARIE RUFFAT “To know her is to love her.” Boosters Club; N.H.S.; Black Masque; Tri-Hi-Y; Student Council; Foreign Exchange Student NANCY RUSSELL “She answers gladly to every call; she’s kind, true, a friend to all.” F.T.A., Vice-Pres. ; Boosters Club, Homecoming Comm.; N.H.S.; Black Masque; Tri-Hi-Y, Pres.; Homeroom Guidance Leader; FULL MOON, News Editor; Modern Music Masters; Debate Club; Sr. Mixed Chorus, Sec., Girls’ Ensemble; Jr. Mixed Chorus, Jr. Girls’ Ensemble; Jr. Play; Tri-Hi-Y Convention; Hi-Y Council of the Carolinas, Sec.; Assembly Comm. Sr. Banquet Waitress; Corre- spondent to Stanly News and Press; Soph. Hop Cbm.; Prom Comm. DON SIMPSON “Man is the merriest of all species.’’ Transferred from Norwelk High School; Boosters Club; Hi-Y ; Homeroom Chap.; Intramural Repre- sentative; FULL MOON, Sports Editor; Junior Red Cross; Football; Baseball; Prom Comm.; Sci- ence Fair; Intramural Sports MIKE SKIDMORE “For he’s a jolly good fellow.’’ Boosters Club; Hi-Y, Chap.; Monogram Club; Jun- ior Mixed Chorus; Science Club; Baseball; Wres- tling; Prom Comm.; Intramural Sports; Science Fair SENIORS SUSAN RUSSELL “A smile on her face.” Boosters Club; Black Masque; F.H.A.; Jr. Mixed Chorus ARTHUR SELLS “Without laughter nothing is pleasant.” Boosters Club; Black Masque; Hi-Y, Vice-Pres. ; Homeroom, Treas.; CROSSROADS Business Staff; Library Club; Debate Club F.B.L.A. ; Jr. Mixed Chorus; Cutest; Jr. Play Comm.; Jr.-Sr. Prom Comm.; Hop Comm.; Homecoming Comm. RONALD E. SELLS “What is man that thou are mindful of him?” Boosters Club; Black Masque; Band; Science Club; Deca Club, 2nd place. District Contest; Jr. Play Comm. FRANCES SIDES “A personality as sparkling as dew in the moow- light.” F.T.A. ; Boosters Club; N.H.S.; Black Masque; Jr. Play Comm.; Tri-Hi-Y, Chap.; Treas., Homeroom; CROSSROADS Literary Staff; FULL MOON Fea- ture Staff; Modern Music Masters, Sec.; Debate Club; Sr. Mixed Chorus, Girls’ Ensemble; Jr. Girls’ Ensemble; Homecoming Sponsor; Soph. Hop Comm.; Prom Comm.; Sr. Banquet Waitress; Christmas Dance Comm.; Choral Workshop BRENDA SMITH “If you have knowledge, let others light their candles by it.” F.T.A. ; Boosters Club; N.H.S.; Black Masque; Tri- Hi-Y; Homeroom Officer, Pres., Treas.; Bible Club, Reporter; Senior Mixed Chorus; Jr. Mixed Chorus; Girls’ Ensemble; Senior Banquet Waitress; Play Comm.; Prom Comm. DANNY SMITH “An honest man is the noblest work of God.” Boosters Club; Intramural Sports SENIORS LARRY SOLOMON “I have my oivn philosophy of life; I made it; I live it; and I change it wheyi I please.” Boosters Club; Jr. Red Cross; Monogram Club; Science Club; Football; Track ROY SPRINGER “Laugh and the world laughs with yon.” Boosters Club; Bible Club; Band; Deca Club VIVIAN SMITH “Her smile is like a sunbeam, and her face is like a flower.” F.T.A.; Boosters Club, Treas. ; Black Masque; Tri- Hi-Y, Sec.; Student Council; CROSSROADS, Lit- erary Staff; FULL MOON, Feature Writer; Sr. Mixed Chorus; Jr. Mixed Chorus, Treas.; Superla- tive, Cutest; Science Club; Jr. Play Comm.; Miss Merry Christmas; Alt. Cheerleader; Homecoming Sponsor; Sr. Banquet Waitress; Jr. -Sr. Prom Comm.; Girls’ Ensemble; Christmas Dance Comm. GAY SNUGGS “Her ways are ways of pleasantness, and all her paths are peace.” F.T.A.; Boosters Club; N.H.S.; Black Masque; Tri- Hi-Y ; Student Council ; Homeroom Guidance Cbm. ; CROSSROADS, Art Staff; FULL MOON, Feature Staff ; Bible Club, Pres.; Debate Club; Sr. Mixed Chorus, Girls’ Ensemble; Jr. Mixed Chorus; Jr. -Sr. Prom Comm. ; Science Fair. JERRY SMITH “Achievement through sports is a great thing to acquire.” Boosters Club; Black Masque; Hi-Y ; Student Coun- cil; Homeroom Vice-Pres., Homeroom Treas.; Mono- gram Club; F.B.L.A.; Sr. Mixed Chorus; Jr. Mixed Chorus; Most Athletic; Science Club; Jr. Play Comm.; Football; Basketball; Track; Baseball; All State; All Conference; Jr. -Sr. Prom Comm.; Soph. Hop Comm.; Sr. Banquet Comm.; Intramural Sports JOYCE SMITH “To love and to be loved is the greatest happiness of existence.” Boosters Club,; Library Club; Bible Club; F.H.A.; Jr. Mixed Chorus; Deca Club, Sec., Hist.; Home- coming Sponsor. CHARLES STOCKTON “His mind his kingdom, his will his law.” Transferred from East Jefferson Sr. High; F.T.A.; Boosters Club; Black Masque; CROSSROADS, Business Stalf; Monogram Club; Jr. -Sr. Prom Comm.; Student Rotarian; Football. NANCY STOKER “Leave silence to the saints; I am but human.” F.T.A. ; Boosters Club; Black Masque; CROSS- ROADS, Business Staff; Homecoming Sponsor; In- tramural Sports; Soph. Hop Comm.; Guidance Cbm. SENIORS REBEKAH SWARINGEN “Without love and laughter votliing is pleasant.” Boosters Club; Black Masque; CROSSROADS, Typing Editor; Bible Club, Sr. Mixed Chorus; Jr. Mixed Chorus; Jr. Play Comm.; Girls’ Ensemble; Sr. Banquet Waitress; Intramural Sports BILL SWEET “As a basketball player he’s hard to beat; he’s very good-looking and mighty neat.” Boosters Club; Hi-Y, Chap.; Homeroom Pres.; CROSSROADS, Photography Staff Co-Editor; Monogram Club ; Football; Basketball ; Track ; Baseball ; Science Fair COLEMAN TREADWAY “Let each man do his best.” Boosters Club; Science Fair; Intramural Sports ROBERT THRONEBURG “His purity of purpose stands unimpeached.” B oosters Club; Black Masque; Hi-Y, Chap.; FULL MOON, Circulation Editor; Modern Music Masters; Band; Jr. Play Comm. DELORES THOMPSON “Sweetness, shyness, and a smile will always keep you happy.” Boosters Club; Librai’y Club; F.H.A.; Science Fair NANCY THOMPSON “A loving heart and a cheery smile are the char- acteristics of a life worthwhile.” F.T.A.; Boosters Club; Black Masque; Band; Sr. Banquet Waitress; Science Fair. FRANKIE TROUTMAN “What need is there for words.” HINKY TUCKER “A gentleman — amd always willing to oblige.” Boosters Club; Black Masque; CROSSROADS, Business Staff; Modern Music Masters; Debate Club; Sr. Mixed Chorus, Pres.; Jr. Mixed Chorus; Jr. Play Comm.; Student Rotarian; Boys’ Double Quartet SENIORS SANDRA TUCKER “Quietness forms the veil of many lovable quali- ties.” Boosters Club; Bible Club, Program Comm.; De- bate Club; Sr. Mixed Chrous; Jr. Mixed Chorus LANA TURNER “Kind, helpful, happy, and gay.” F.T.A.; Boosters Club; N.H.S.; Black Masque; Stu- dent Council; Sec. Homeroom; Bible Club; Jr. Mixed Chorus; Deca Club, Promotion Manager, Winner of District Speech Contest PATSY TURNER “A merry heart goes all the day.” F.T.A. ; Boosters Club; Black Masque; Library Club; F.H.A.; F.B.L.A.; Jr. Mixed Chorus; Home- coming Sponsor JEFF UNDERWOOD “His strength is in himself, and he moves the world by the power of his character.” Boosters Club; Hi-Y, Treasurer; Student Council, Pres.; Homeroom Vice-Pres. ; CROSSROADS, Busi- ness Staff; Debate Club, Pres.; Monogram Club; Sr. Mixed Chorus; Jr. Mixed Chorus; Superlative, Best All-Around, Most Influential, Most Popular; Boys’ State Delegate; Football, Tri-Capt. ; Basket- ball; Track; Baseball PAT VANHOY “7 own the greatest gift, a gentle smile.” Transferred from Norwood High School SYLVIA WALL “No star ever rose or set without influence some- where.” F.T.A. ; Boosters Club; Nat. Honor Society; Black Masque, Pres.; Tri-Hi-Y ; Student Council, Chm. ; CROSSROADS, Typing Staff; FULL MOON, Fea- ture Staff; Debate Club; Monogram Club; Sr. Mixed Chorus, Ensemble; Jr. Mixed Chorus; Jr. Play Cast; Marshal; Cheerleader, Chief; Home- coming Sponsor; Jr. -Sr. Prom Comm.; Sophomore Hop Comm.; Jr. Science Symposium; Sr. Banquet Comm.; Science Fair JIMMY WATSON “His life shall never lack a friend.” Boosters Club; Hi-Y; Homeroom Office, Vice-Pres.; Library Club; Bible Club; Deca Club, Vice-Pres.; Baseball JANE WHITLEY “Kindness is wisdom.” Transferred from New London High School. SENIORS JIMMY WHITLEY “He is complete in feature and mind, with all good grade to grace a gentleman.” Boosters Club; Black Masque Club; Hi-Y ; Student Council; Intramural Sports; Field Day RICHARD WHITLEY “Variety is the spice of life. " Boosters Club; Hi-Y, Vice-Pres., Chap.; Homeroom, Pres., Vice-Pres.; F.B.L.A. ; Basketball; Soph. Hop Comm.; Jr. -Sr. Prom Comm.; Science Fair; Intra- mural Sports; Assembly Comm.; Sr. Banquet Comm. ; Homecoming Comm. SHEILA WILCALIS “hi quietness and confidence shall he your strength. F.T.A.; Boosters Club; Homeroom, Chap.; Bible Club; F.B.L.A.; Science Fair JOYCE WILLIAMS “A tender heart, a will inflexible.” Boosters Club; Homeroom, Treas. ; CROSSROADS, Typing Staff; Library Club; Bible Club; F.H.A.; F.B.L.A., Sec.; Office Worker WANDA WILLIAMS “Silence is the greatest art of conversation.” Library Club; F.H.A. ; Band JUDY WILSON “From all her worthy qualities, it would he a task to pick her best.” F.T.A., Treas., Rep.; Boosters Club; N.H.S., Sec.; Black Masque; Tri-Hi-Y, Treas., Sec., Sec. of Cent. Dist. ; Blue Ridge Cong.; Student Council; Home- room, Sec., Treas.; CROSSROADS, Literary Edi- tor; Modern Music Masters; Sr. Mixed Chorus; Jr. Mixed Chorus, Girls’ Ensemble; Jr. Play Comm.; Jr. -Sr. Prom. Comm.; Sr. Banquet Waitress; Home- coming Comm.; Christmas Dance Comm.; Intra- mural Sports BRENDA YORK “Light of heart, light of step, quick of wit, and full of pep.” Boosters Club; Black Masque; Homeroom, Treas., Chap.; CROSSROADS, Art Staff; Monogram Club; Most School Spirited; Sec. Soph. Class; Jr. Play Comm. ; Cheerleader ; Basketball ; Homecoming Sponsor; Intramural Sports; Girls’ Play Day; Christmas Dance Comm.; Jr. -Sr. Prom. Comm.; Soph. Hop Comm.; Sr. Banquet Waitress; Home- coming Comm. KENNETH YORK “Don’t let studying interfere with your education.” Boosters Club; Hi-Y; Student Council; Monogram Club; Sr. Mixed Chorus; Football; Baseball; Wres- tling; Jr.-Sr. Prom Comm.; Science Fair 4 JUNIORS President Neville Patterson Vice-President Steve Smith Secretary Rickie Furr Treasurer Susan Kayler Sponsor Mrs. Robert Deese Left to right: Neville Patterson, Susan Kayler, Mrs. Robert Deese, Rickie Furr, Steve Smith. 31 JUNIORS Donna Allen Joe Allen Paul Alh’ed Margaret Archer Jimmy Barbee Jimmy Barrier Gleason Barringer Beth Bennett Vivian Blalock Jane Boaz Johnny Boaz Hurley Bowers Mike Burleson Catherine Burr Helen Burris Richard Burris Hilton Butler A1 Calder George Carpenter Wayne Chance 32 JUNIORS Farrell Chandler Tony Clark Sue Clayton Wayne Cranford Linda Crisco Max Crisco Steve Crisco Ronald Culp Gwen Davis Gaynelle Deese John DeWald Wayne Dick Billy Dobbs Patsy Dorsey Judy Drye Richard Dunn Louise Earnhardt Nettie Earnhardt Raymond Earnhardt Charles Edwards 33 JUNIORS Ellen Efird Nancy Elsen Doris Eudy Sylvia Feldman Johnny Fesperman Carol Franklin Beverly Freeman Rickie Furr Gene Furr Johnny Gaddy Myrna Gould Diane Green Steve Griffin Sylvia Griffin Jerry Hager Joe Haire Drinda Harley Nancy Harris Thomas Hartsell Olivia Hartsell 34 JUNIORS Edith Harwood Joan Hathcock Annie Hatley Larry Hatley Jane Herlocker Jo Anne Herrin Oscar Hinson Ronald Howard Gary Howell Ann Hudson Vicky Hudson David Huneycutt Diane Huneycutt Larry Huneycutt Ruben Huneycutt Susan Kayler James Keever Judy Kimery Joan Lambert Mildred Lambert 35 JUNIORS Tommy Lander Rachel Lefler James Leonard Larry Lisk Jimmy Lorch Bruce Lowder James Lowder Myron Lowder Ruth Lowder Larry Mabry Bill Mauldin Diane Mauldin Janice Mauldin Larry Mauney Bill McKenzie Gail McSwain Chuck Miller Paul Morgan Brenda Morris Jerry Morris 36 JUNIORS Joanna Morris Bertha Morton Betty Morton Delores Morton Gary Morton Phillip Morton Jack Norton Julia O’Steen Brenda Page Neville Patterson Mary Jo Pierce Janet Poplin Carrleeta Redfern Andrea Roche Jane Rogers Nancy Rogers Susan Rogers Larry Shoe Peggy Simpson Gayzelle Smith 37 JUNIORS Jannie Smith Josephine Smith Nelson Smith Peggy Smith Steve Smith Susan Snotherly Gene Snuggs Jennings Solomon Linda Souther Judy Starnes Kathy Still Jane Stoker Paul Stoker Keith Swanner Gary Swaringen Linda Talbert Joyce Terry Shirley Thompson Tony Thompson Linda Trimber 38 JUNIORS Jeff Tucker Jo Anne Tucker Wanda Tucker Judy Underwood Brant Ussery Johnny Vanhoy Kay Vickers Butch Von Cannon Johnny Waldrop Johnny Whitley Gene Williams Jimmy Williams Faye Layton 39 Civil War Days? I adore you, Atlas! Oh you beautiful doll! And where are you going in your blue hairnet! 40 SOPHOMORES President Terry Morgan Vice-President Robert Scarboro Secretary Sue Underwood Treasurer Barbara Furr Sponsor Mrs. E. P. Gamewell Left to right: Barbara Furr, Terry Morgan, Mrs. E. P. Gamewell, Sue Underwood, Robert Scarboro. 41 SOPHOMORES Beverly Adkins Donna Almond Ronald Almond Steve Almond Tony Almond Vicki Archer James Arey Benny Atkins Diane Austin Diane Baker Paul Barbee Melissa Beam Scott Bennett Bonnie Benton Gene Blackwell Don Blake Faye Blakely Harry Blalock Alvie Boles Phyllis Boone Paulette Braswell Tony Buiwe Brenda Burgess Joyce Burleson Leon Burleson Jean Burris Jimmy Burris Melvin Burris Annette Cagle Nancy Cagle Ric Cain Ronnie Caudle Eddie Chance Doloris Clay David Cole 42 SOPHOMORES Eddie Collins Andy Cook Joanne Cooke Palmer Cook Pam Cooper Kay Cornelius Judy Ruth Cranford Judy Susan Cranford Sarah Cranford Molly Crowell Dickie Currie Nancy Daly Benny Davis Toby Davis Ethel Dennis Alice Edwards Diane Efird Gail Eudy Ronnie Faggett Nancy Fatkin Richard Fitzgerald Joe Frick Barbara Furr Martha Gantt Patricia Garrett Sharon Gibson Bobbie Hall Bill Harwood Philip Harwood Wayne Harwood Ronald Hathcock Sandra Hathcock Karen Hatley Laura Henderson Mary Henderson 43 SOPHOMORES Linda Hendrick Betty Herlocker Judy Herrin Judy Hesley Ellen Hinson Peggy Hinson Richard Hinson Johnny Holt Sharron Holt Wanda Holt Sonny Howard Jerry Howell John Huneycutt Linda Huneycutt Richard Huneycutt Sherie Kelly Ronald Kirby Nat Kirkland Jimmy Kuppers Joyce Lambert Ray Lambert Pam Lambeth Patricia Lapierre Penny Lawhon Carol Jean Lefler Katrina Lefler Susan Leonard Helen Lowder Ronald Lowder Ronnie Lucas Dian Mabe Faye Mabe Eugene Mauldin Johnny Mauldin Linda Mauldin 44 SOPHOMORES David Maurice Joe Ann McCommons Eddie McCoy Diane McLester Rodney McSwain Elizabeth Mills Mary Montgomery Monty Montgomery Brenda Morgan Terry Morgan Gary Morris Doris Morton Evelyn Morton Linda Morton Pat Mullis Mary Napier Robah Osteen Murphy Ragsdale Jimmy Rankin Carolyn Reid Patricia Russell Reggie Sandoval Robert Scarboro Sheila Shankle Jimmy Sharkey Jeff Sikes Joe Sinclair Ann Smith Barbara Smith Donnie Smith Tommy Smith Steve Smith Edward Springer Doris Starnes David Still 45 SOPHOMORES Terry Stiller Doug Stokes Linda Stonestreet Richard Summerlin Ted Swaringen Billy Talbert Danny Talbert Edward Talbert Alice Talbert Sammy Talbert Sherry Talbert Pam Tarleton Anita Taylor Mike Terry Frances Ann Trivette Bobbie Troublefield Barry Troutman Peggy Tucker Sue Underwood Cathy Vanhoy Frances Vanhoy Jimmy Vanhoy Peggy Vanhoy Anita Wall Jimmy Watkins Suzanne Webster Judy Whitley Sylvia Wicker Marie Williams Jerry Williamson Elizabeth Wilson 46 FEATURES BEST ALL AROUND Barbara Doby Jeff Underwood BEST DRESSED Mickey Mauldin Bobbie Atkins SENIOI MOST TALENTED Sherry Pegram Steve Burleson CUTEST Vivian Smith Arthur Sells 48 SUPERLATIVES MOST ORIGINAL Pauline Furr Raymond Perry FRIENDLIEST Janice Hearne Tony Furr MOST POPULAR Jeff Underwood Rowena Kluttz MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Edward Lowder Barbara Doby 49 SENIOR BEST LOOKING Rowena Kluttz Steve Burleson MOST ATHLETIC Jerry Smith Sue Byrd MOST STUDIOUS Edward Lowder Harriet Reeves MOST TALKATIVE Lloyd Crisco Sheila Harris 50 JPERLATIVES MOST INFLUENTIAL Jeff Underwood Barbara Doby MOST SCHOOL SPIRITED Dannie Davis Brenda York MOST DEPENDABLE Mickey Mauldin Margaret Allred WITTIEST Janice Hearne Raymond Perry 51 CARROUSEL PRINCESS Rowena Kluttz HOMECOMING QUEEN Bobbie Atkins 52 MISS MERRY CHRISTMAS Vivian Smith 53 GIRLS’ AND BOYS’ STATE DELEGATES Left to right: Barbara Doby, Edward Lowder, D. A. R. GOOD CITIZEN HARRIET REEVES Sherry Pegram, and Jeff Underwood. CIVITAN CONFERENCE DELEGATE MARGARET ALLRED 54 MARSHALS Left to right: Margaret Allred, Rowena Kluttz, Raymond Earnhardt, Barbara Doby — Chief, Jane Herlocker, Sylvia Wall, Delores Morton, Sherry Pegram. EXCHANGE STUDENT MARIE RUFFAT 55 SENIOR CLASS MASCOTS TANYA HOLT KEVIN KEARNS Look, ma, no cavities! Can that be Mrs. Deese? 56 ACTIVITIES STUDENT COUNCIL Jeff Underwood President Rowena Kiuttz Treasurer Mrs. Trailer Young Sponsor Raymond Earnhardt Vice President Delores Morton Secretary First row: Jane Greer, Marie Ruffat, Barbara Furr, Rickie Furr, Harriet Reeves. Second row: Barbara Doby, Sberry Pegram, Bobbie Atkins, Lana Turner, Anita Taylor, Sue Underwood, Judy Wilson, Mrs. Young. Third row: Tommy Lander, Jimmy Barrier, Mickey Mauldin, Jimmy Barbee, Jimmy Whitley, A1 Calder. Fourth row: Terry Morgan, Tony Al- mond, Steve Smith, Skippy Baldwin, Gary Barrier, Lester Bivins, Neville Patterson, Tommy Smith. 58 Barbara Doby Sherry Pegram Nancy Russell Margaret Allred Treasurer President Chaplain Judy Wilson Secretary Harriet Reeves Rowena Klutt?: Frances Sides Edward Lowder Scrapbook Chairman Vice-President NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Sylvia Wall Judy Almond Gay Snuggs Mickey Mauldin Brenda Smith Lana Turner Sylvia Fesperman Becky Moss Loretta Holt Marie Ruffat Mrs. F. Westerlund Sponsor 59 CROSSROADS Assistant Editor Margaret Allred Assistant Business Manager Johnny Garrison Sponsor Mrs. Robert Lee BUSINESS STAFF Seated: Janet Allred, Nancy Stoker, Brenda Morris, Judy Almond, Sue Byrd, Claudia Hall. Standing: Jane Morton, George Efird, Skippy Bald- win, Hinky Tucker, Jeff Underwood, Tony Furr, Charles Stockton, Arthur Sells, Sandra Honeycutt. 60 LITERARY STAFF Left to right: Vivian Smith, Frances Sides, Ray- mond Perry, Rowena Kluttz, Linda Lefler. Editor Judy Wilson PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF Seated: Jane Greer, Jane Crutchfield, Jackie Barbee, Sheila Harris, Janice Hearne. Standing: Lester Bivens, Steve Burleson. TYPING STAFF Seated: Diane Hatley, Joyce Williams. Standing: Sylvia Wall, Sue Hinson, Sharon Lane, Becky Moss. Editor Rebekah Swaringen ART STAFF Left to right: Gay Snuggs, Bobbie Atkins, Brenda York, Betty Rcvell. Co-Editor Sylvia Fesperman Co-Editor Pauline Furr 61 FULL MOON Sponsor Mrs. Paul Fry FEATURE STAFF Seated: Gay Snuggs, V ivian Smith, Sylvia Wall, Brenda Smith, Brenda Morris. Standing: Frances Sides, Jane Crutchfield, Becky Moss. 62 NEWS STAFF Left to right: Rowena Kluttz, Mary Ellen Bowen, Sandra Huneycutt, Jackie Barbee. Editor Nancy Russell SPORTS STAFF Left to right; Don Simpson, Lester Bivens, Eddie McLester, Robert Throneburg, Skippy Baldwin. Editor Don Simpson Circulation Manager Robert Throneburg Typing Editor Judy Almond Admiring the finished product! 63 FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA First row: Mrs. Gantt — sponsor, Betty Revell, Bob- bie Atkins, Loretta Holt, Brenda Morris, Sherrie Kelley, Pam Cooper, Laura Henderson, Judy Hesely. Second row: Barbara Doby, Helen Lowder, Jane Rogers, Sandra Huneycutt, Dianne McLester, Linda Stonestreet, Anita Taylor, Martha Gantt, Linda Trimber, Beth Bennett. Third row: Judy Almond, Jane Morton, Mary Henderson, Judy Cranford, Frances Trivett, Judy Herrin, Linda Crisco. Fourth row: Brenda Smith, Sylvia Fesperman, Terry Stiller, Nancy Daly, Molly Crowell, Linda Lefler, Jane Boaz. Fifth row: Sharon Lane, Harriet Reeves, Sue Underwood, Sheila Harris, Janice Hearne, Julie Butler. Sixth row: Pauline Furr, Mary Bowen, Pat Garrett, Ibba Wilson, Wanda Tucker, Rickie Furr, Frances Sides, Delores Morton. Seventh row: Gayle McSwain, Gay Snuggs, Janet Koontz, Joan Lam- bert, Sherry Pegram, Kay Cornelius, Faye Mabe, Sue Byrd, Shirley Thompson. Eighth row: Bertha Morton, Wanda Holt Mary Napier, Ellen Efird, Julia O’steen. Ninth row: Becky Moss, Melissa Beam, Susan Rogers, Susan Kayler, Vivian Smith, Rowena Kluttz, Pat Mullis, Judy Whitley, Betty Herlocker. Tenth row Carol Lefler, Peggy Smith, Jane Stoker, Gaynelle Deese, Judy Underwood, Nancy Fatkin, Pat Lapierre, Linda Mauldin. Eleventh row: Susan Leonard, Patsy Turner, Beverly Freeman, Kay Vickers, Nettie Earnhardt, Sheila Wilcalis, Diane Huneycutt, Jo Anna Morris, Rachel Lefler, Nancy Harris, Mary Pierce, Betty Morton, Janice Mauldin, Anita Wall. Twelfth row: Tommy Lander, Eddie McCoy, Gary Morton, Joe Haire, A1 Calder. President, Margaret Allred; Vice-President, Nancy Russell; Secretary, Carrleeta Redfern; Treasurer, Jane Greer; Reporter, Judy Wilson. 64 FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA First row: Mrs. Warren Coble — sponsor, Patsy Tur- ner, Beverly Atkins, Judy Huneycutt, Sherry Rober- son, Wanda Williams. Second row: Sylvia Kluttz, Drinda Harley, Linda Talbert, Jane Rogers, Joyce Terry, Kay Vickers. Third row: Delores Thomp- son, Katrina Lefler, Doris Eudy, Donna Allen, Pat Dorsey. Fourth row: Susan Russell, Sharon Lane, Kay Hathcock, Patty Faggart, Joyce Smith, Helen Burris, Gwen Davis. President, Jane Rogers; Vice-Pres., Drinda Harley; Secretary, Sharon Lane; Treas., Joan Hathcock. 65 President, Diane Hatley; Vice-President, Sue Hin- son; Treasurer, Sharon Lane; Reporter, Ann Hud- son; Secretary, Joyce Williams. FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS OF AMERICA First Row: Judy Huneycutt, Diane Hatley, Sue Hin- son, Joyce Williams, Sharon Lane, Ann Hudson. Second Row: Mrs. Lee, Advisor; Andrea Roche, Ruth Lowder; Doris Eudy; Patsy Turner; Mrs. Carter, Advisor. Third Row: Sheila Wilcalis, Joanne Herrin, Louise Earnhardt, Myrna Gould, Peegry Simpson. Gayzelle Smith, Margaret Archer. Fourth Row: Janet Poplin, Linda Crisco, Brenda Cranford, Shir- ley Thompson, Diane Green. Fifth Row: Tommy Furr, Johnny Whitley, Johnny Fesperman, Arthur Sells, Jerry Smith, Richard Whitley. f.6 President, Wayne Mauney; Secretary, Sylvia Kluttz; Treasurer, Judy Layton; Historian, Lana Turner; Parliamentarian, Joyce Smith. DECA CLUB First row: Wayne Mauney, Jimmy Watson, Sylvia Kluttz, Judy Laton, Lana Turner, Joyce Smith, Miss Thomas. Second row: Sylvia Fesperman, Nancy Elson, Diana Harris, Judy Drye, Annie Hatley, Phillip Morton. Third row: Sylvia Biddle, Linda Crisco, Cecilia Roache, Evelyn Bost, Vonda Cole, Roy Springer. Fourth row: Wayne Drye, Roger Mauney, Richard Burris, Johnny Caddie, Jimmy Williams, Wayne Chance, Milton Almond, James Caudle. Fifth row: Richard Huneycutt, Joseph Burris, Dean Her- rin, Ronald Sells, Roger Burleson, Jennings Solomon. 67 BLACK MASQUE First row: Kaye Vickers, Wanda Tucker, Diane Hat- ley, Cathy Freeman, Shirley Thompson, Judy Hesley, Diane Green, Nancy Rogers, Margaret Allred, Ellen Hatley, Linda Lefler, Nancy Russell, Betty Revell, Harriet Reeves, Vivian Smith, Loretta Holt, Jane Greer, Joanna Morris. Second row: Olivia Hartsell, Joan Lambert, Sylvia Fesperman, Linda Trimber, Janice Mauldin, Mary Jo Pierce, Sue Byrd, Jane Crutchfield, Sherry Pegram, Julie Bulter, Rowena Kluttz, Janice Hearne, Sheila Harris, Pauline Furr, Mary Ellen Bowen, Barbara Doby, Francis Sides, Ellen Efird, Carrleeta Redfern, Edith Harwood. Third row: Linda Morton, Jane Morton, Jackie Bar- bee, Jane Boaz, Rebecca Moss, Sylvia Griffin, Rickie Furr, Delores Morton, Lester Bivens, Charles Stock- ton, Judy Starnes, Judy Wilson. Fourth row: Miss Sybil Thomas (advisor), Bobby Richards, Marie Ruffat, Brenda York, Sharon Lane, Janet Koontz, Gay Snuggs, Susan Rogers, Johnny Boaz, Billy Dobbs, Gene Snuggs, Thommy Lander, Mike Bur- leson, Mickey Lowder, Author Sells. Fifth row: Johnny Garrison, Mickey Mauldin, Susan Kayler, Steve Griffen, Jimmy Whitley, Skippy Baldwin, Butch VonCannon, Bill McKenzie, Hinky Tucker, Dannie Davis. Sixth row: Lane Lowder, Raymond Perry, Larry Solomon, Rayvon Laton, Dan Huney- cutt, Robert Thorneburg, Eddie McLester, George Efird, Charles Edwards, Ruben Huneycutt, Gary Swaringen, Mike Skidmore, John Gore, Steve Bur- leson. Front: President, Sylvia Wall; Secretary, Brenda Morris. Back: Vice-President, Steve Smith; Treas- urer, Chuck Miller. 68 SCIENCE CLUB 1st Row: Carrleeta Redfern, Brenda Morris, Ellen Efird, Delores Morton, Mary Jo Pierce, Jackie Bar- bee, Janet Koontz, Bertha Morton, Gail McSwain. 2nd Row: Judy Starnes, Rickie Furr, Nancy Rod- gers, Linda Stonestreet, JoAnn McCommons, Gail Eudy, Ibba Wilson, Janice Mauldin, Judy Hesley, Laura Henderson. 3rd Row: Carol Lefler, Mary Napier, Nancy Fatkin, Wanda Holt, Pat Mullis, Patricia Garrett, Becky Moss, Helen Lowder. 4th Row: Betty Herlocker, Mary Henderson, Anita Wall, Molly Crowell, Sharon Holt, Nat Kirkland. 5th Row: Johnny Whitley, Bill McKenzie, Tommy Little, Bill Sweet, Larry Solomon, Raymond Perry, Lane Lowder. 6th Row: Johnny Fesperman, Ray- mond Earnhardt, James Boaz, George Carpenter, Authur Sells, Ronald Sells. 7th Row: Steve Burle- son, Neville Patterson, Bill Dobbs, Mike Skidmore, President, Terry Mabe; Vice-President, Rowena Kluttz; Secretary-Treasurer, Jimmy Barbee. Tommy Mauldin, Bill Harwood. 8th Row: Gene Snuggs, Steve Smith, Chuck Miller, Johnny Holt, Kenneth York. 9th Row: Mickey Mauldin, Jerry Smith, Larry Mabry, Larry Lisk. 10th Row: Tony Furr, Scot Bennet, Blinchy Carter, Gary Morton, Ralph Dick, Butch Von Cannon, Gary Swaringen. 11th Row: Richard Hinson, Charles Edwards, Joe Allen. 69 Front row: Gay Snug ' gs, President; Beverly Free- man, Vice-President. Back row: Janet Allred, Sec- retary; Janet Morris, Treasurer. BIBLE CLUB First row: Betty Morton, Janet Allred, Julia Osteen, Dink Morton, Jane Morton, Mary Ellen Bowen, Sandra Tucker, Linda Moi’ton. Second row: Sandra Huneycutt, Jackie Barbee, Rachel Lefler, Edith Harwood, Sylvia Griffin. Third row: Nancy Cagle, Bobbie Troublefield, Janet Koontz, Nettie Earn- hardt, Diana Harris, Nancy Harris. Fourth row: Judy Starnes, Joanna Morris, Beverly Freeman, Brenda Smith, Rebecca Swaringen, Gay Snuggs. Fifth row: Gene Furr, James Keever, John Huney- cutt, Jerry Howell. 70 President, Harriet Reeves; Vice-Pres., Beverly Free- man; Secretary, Pauline Furr. DEBATE CLUB First Row: Harriet Reeves, Beverly Freeman, Pau- line Furr, Delores Morton, Kay Vickers, Sandra Tucker. Second Row: Wanda Tucker, Margaret All- red, Betty Revell, Karen Hatley, Sherrie Kelley, Edith Harwood. Third Row: Joan Lambert, Rebecca Moss, Peggy Hinson, Anita Taylor, Jackie Barbee, Janet Koontz. Fourth Row: Sheila Harris, Julie Butler, Sherry Pegram, Sheila Wilcalis, Pat Mullis, Betty Herlocker. Fifth Row: Gay Snuggs, Mickey Mauldin, Johnny Garrison, Paul Allred, Larry Mabry, Chuck Miller, Jeff LFnderwood, Johnny Boaz. Sixth Row: Mrs. Hayes, Advisor; Gene Snuggs, Hinky Tucker, Raymond Perry, Billy Dobbs, Myron Low- der. 71 Hl-Y SENIORS First row: President — Tony Furr, Vice-President — Johnny Furr, Secretary-Treasurer — Mickey Mauldin, Chaplain — Bill Sweet, Sponsor — Mr. Bill Tyson. Sec- ond row: Bob Richards, Benny Harwood, Johnny Garrison, Danny Ballard, Jimmy Whitley. Third row: Lester Bivins, Robert Throneburg, Gary Mc- Galliard, Rayvon Layton, Richard Whitley, Steve Burleson, Arthur Sells. Fourth row: Lloyd Little, Mike Skidmore, Kenneth York, Dannie Davis, George Efird, Skippy Baldwin, Dan Huneycutt. JUNIORS First row: President — Nelson Smith, Vice-President — Jack Norton, Secretary — Gary Morton, Treasurer — Bill McKenzie, Chaplain — Johnny Boaz. Second row: Max Crisco, Steve Griffin, Charles Edwards, Jimmy Barbee, Gene Snuggs, Steve Smith, Johnny Whitley. Third row: A1 Calder, John DeWald, Myron Lowder, Gary Swaringen, Wallace Williams, Bill Mauldin, Hilton Butler. SOPHOMORES First row: President — Terry Morgan, Vice-Presi- dent — Benny Atkins, Secretary-Treasurer — Steve Almond, Chaplain — Benny Davis. Second row: John- ny Holt, Donnie Smith, Tony Almond, Ronald Al- mond, Bill Harwood, Eddie McCoy. 72 TRI-HI-Y SENIORS First row: President — Ellen Hatley, Vice-President — Gay Snuggs, Secretary — Vivian Smith, Treasurer — Brenda Morris, Chaplain — Frances Sides. Second row: Julie Butler, Loretta Holt, Margaret Allred, Bobbie Atkins, Judy Wilson, Nancy Russell, Jane Greer. Third row: Barbara Doby, Sheila Harris, Sylvia Wall, Janice Hearne, Linda Lefler, Marie Ruffat, Sherry Pegram. JUNIORS First row: President — Gaynelle Deese, Vice-Presi- dent — Mary Jo Pierce, Secretary — Rickie Furr, Treasurer — Nancy Rogers. Second row: Delores Morton, Ellen Efird, Carrleeta Redfern. Third row: Joanne Tucker, Judy Starnes, Judy Underwood, Su- san Rogers. SOPHOMORES First row: President — Barbara Furr, Vice-Presi- dent — Frances Trivette, Secretary — Anita Taylor, Treasurer — Wanda Holt, Chaplain — Carol Lefler, President — Sherry Kelley, Vice-President — Nancy Daly, Secretary — Sherrie Talbert, Treasurer — Anita Wall, Chaplain — Pam Cooper. Second row: Judy Hesley, Molly Crowell, Terry Stiller, Pat Garrett, Linda Stonestreet, Linda Huneycutt. Third row: Melissa Beam, Mary Henderson, Martha Gantt, Betty Herlocker, Donna Almond, Sylvia Wicker. Fourth row: Kay Cornelius, Pat Mullis, Nancy Fat- kin, Judy Cranford, Susan Leonard. Fifth row: Judy Whitley, Mary Napier, Sue Underwood, Ibba Wilson. Kf si 1 73 74 J. Almond, S. Baldwin, J. Barbee, L. Bivens, M. Bowen, L. Holt, R. Kluttz, B. Moss, S. Pegram, H. Reeves, M. Ruffat, N. Russell, B. Smith, G. Snuggs, R. Throne- burg, S. Byrd, C. Freeman, T. Furr, D. Hatley, A. Hen- derson, J. Hudson, L. Lefler, L. Lowder, A. Sells, R. Whitley, J. Wilson, M. Allred, J. Butler, C. Hall, S. Harris, A. Holt, D. Huneycutt, R. Layton, J. Mauldin. M. Mauldin, L. Morton, R. Springer, R. Swaringen, N. Stoker, B. Almond, B. Cranford, D. Davis, B. Doby, K. Layton, T. Little, J. Koontz, S. Tucker, P. Vanhoy, S. Wilcalis, S. Fesperman, P. Furr, J. Garrison, J. Greer, K. Hathcock, S. Lane, G. McGallird, J. Nance, B. Revell, B. Richards, M. Skidmore, C. Treadway, P. Turner, E. Bost, R. Burleson, J. Caudle, V. Cole, N. Elson, S. Feldman, D. Harris, S. Kluttz, J. Layton, R. Sells, J. Smith, J. Solomon, L. Turner, J. Boaz, B. Dobbs, E. Efird, D. Huneycutt, S. Griffin, L. Shoe, J. Boza, M. Gould, J. Hathcok, B. McKenzie, P. Simpson, J. Starnes, K. Still, J. Whitley, W. Dick, J. Lowder, J. Mauldin, J. Terry, S. Snitherly, J. Stoker, G. Deese, D. Eudy, B. Freeman, J. Hager, D. Harley, N. Harris, J. Norton, P. Smith, J. Tucker, B. Von Cannon, P. Allred, S. Griffin, O. Hartsell, E. Harwood, J. Herlocker, S. Kayler, J. Lambert, R. Lefler, C. Miller, J. Morris, D. Morton, M. Pierce, S. Rogers, S. Smith, L. Trimber, K. Vickers, D. Austin, R. Cain, N. Fatkin, P. Garrett, F. Mabe, A. Tay- lor, T. Stiller, L. Stonestreet, I. Wilson, D. McLester, B. Furr, B. Herlocker, W. Holt, P. Lapierre, H. Lowder, P. Mullis, S. Shankle, S. Talbert, M. Beam, P. Cooper, M. Crowell, N. Daly, J. Hesley, C. Lefler, S. Leonard, S. Wicker, J. Burleson, K. Cornelius, G. Eudy, M. Gantt, K. Hatley, J. Herrin, P. Hinson, D. Mabe, E. Morton, F. Trivette, S. Underwood, J. Whitley, D. Baker, J. Cranford, A. Edwards, J. McCommons, M. Napier, D. Starnes, P. Tarleton, S. Webster, Honorary Members: Cheerleaders. 75 LIBRARY CLUB 1st Row: Wanda Tucker, Joyce Terry, Joan Lam- bert, Drinda Harley, Jo Ann Herrin. 2nd Row: Linda Trimber, Diane Green, Joan Hathcock, Brenda Page, Linda Talbert, Sharon Lane, Gwen Davis. 3rd Row: Delores Thompson, Susan Snotherly, Wanda Williams, Judy Huneycutt, Kaye Vickers, Doris RED 1st Row: Anita Taylor, Sec.; Pam Tarleton, Vice- Pres.; Jane Crutchfield, Pres. 2nd Row: Judy Hes- ley, Vickey Hudson, Karen Hatley, Judy Whitley, Nancy Cagle, Kathy Freeman, Susan Leonard, Joyce Eudy, Linda Souther, Josephine Smith, Patsy Tur- ner, Jane Stoker, Mary Pierce. 4th Row: Shirley Thompson, Judy Lowder, Edith Harwood,- Wayne Cranford, Alan Holt, Brenda Cranford, Eddie Mc- Coy, Judy Kimery, Linda Eudy. CROSS Terry, Gail Eudy. 3rd Row: Sylvia Wicker, Mary Henderson, Kay Cagle, Diane Huneycutt, Brenda Crisco, Sylvia Fesperman, Gene Mauldin, John Gore. 76 MUSIC 1st Row: Janice Mauldin, Richard Little, Diane Saunders, Jahala Holt, Gayle Byrd, Lynn Calder, Steve Treece, Daniel Blalock, Jimmy Lowder, Terry Lorch, David Edwards, Rodney McSwain, Jo Lee Burris, Dana Herrin. 2nd Row: Gaynelle Deese, Judy Underwood, Julia Olsteen, Sue Cooper, Sandra Huneycutt, Lynn Burleson, Ronnie Holshouser, Bob- by Lowder, Tim Clark, Gayle McSwain, Freddie Swink, Dickie Curie. 3rd Row: Becky Manley, Shelia Smith, Judy Fry, Faye Holleman, Diane McLester, Toni Fenters, Tommy Blalock, Linda Hatley, Elaine Efird, Richard Summerlin, Buddy Holt, Farrell Chandler, Steve Crisco, Charles Edwards. 4th Row: Sarah Cranford, Kathy Still, Gleason Baringer, Wayne Rogers, Tommy Alley, Harold Efird, Danny Ballard, Jimmy Morgan, Eddie Talbert, Ronald Sells, Lyndell Smith, Gary Long, Gary Swaringen. 5th Row: Wayne Cranford, Alvie Boles, Sue Snuggs, Linda Morton, Tony Almond, Eddie Lane, Tommy Smith, Jackie Barbee, Nancy Thompson, Wayne Harwood, Joe Sinclair, Joe Frick. 6th Row: Dan Huneycutt, Robert Thornburg, Larry Huneycutt, Ralph Mann, Mickey Burleson, Eddie Mauldin, Gene Blackwell, Ronald Blalock, Charles Morton, Reggie Sandoval, Joe Laughlin, Larry Huneycutt, Roy Springer, George Efird. A. S. H. S. BAND Mr. Tommy Hauss, Director 78 Bobbie Atkins President Cathy Freeman Vice-President Barbara Furr Secretary Cecilia Roache Drum Majorette MAJORETTES First Row: Barbara Furr, Jo Ann Tucker, Annette Thomas, Vickie Hudson. Second Row: Loretta Holt, Sheila Shankle, Bobbie Atkins, Chief; Pam Lowder, Cathy Freeman. 79 ' A s r • 1 « 1 J First row: Ellen Hatley, Pauline Furr, Janet Allred, Janet Koontz, Joanna Morris, Jane Greer, Rickie Furr. Harriet Reeves, Vivian Smith, Kay Vickers, Sylvia Griffin, Sandra Tucker. Second row: Nancy Russell, Jane Crutchfield, Helen Burris, Mary Jo Pierce. Third row: Jane Boaz, Nancy Rogers, Sylvia Wall, Sherry Pegram, Betty Morton, Janice Hearne, Sheila Harris, Susan Rogers, Carrleetta Redfern, Olivia Hartsell. Fourth row: Gay Snuggs, Judy Wil- son, Rebekah Swaringen, Frances Sides, Brenda Morris, Sylvia Fesperman, Judy Starnes, Brenda Smith. Fifth row: Steve Smith, Keith Swanner, Johnny Vanhoy, Steve Griffin, Chuck Miller, Steve Burleson, Dannie Davis. Sixth row: Gene Snuggs, Larry Hatley, Bill McKenzie, Johnny Fesperman, Bob Richards, Jeff Tucker, Hinky Tucker. Seventh row: Jack Norton, Tommy Little, Gene Williams, Mike Burleson, Eddie McLester, Lloyd Crisco. Eighth row: Jimmy Barbee, Nelson Smith, Rayvon Laton, Kenneth York, Johnny Boaz, Bill Dobbs. Mr. Paul Fry, Director SENIOR CHOIR 80 Hinky Tucker President Jimmy Barbee Vice-President Nancy Russell Secretary Tommy Little Treasurer 8 ! Third row Judy Wilson Frances Sides Brenda Morris Brenda Smith Rebekah Swaringen Second row Jane Crutchfield Janice Hearne Sherry Pegram Nancy Russell First row Harriet Reeves Ellen Hatley Sylvia Wall Pauline Furr Janet Allred Vivian Smith GIRLS’ ENSEMBLE BOYS’ QUARTETS Senior Steve Burleson Hinky Tucker Lloyd Crisco Dannie Davis Bob Richards Junior Larry Hatley Johnny Boaz Mike Burleson Jimmy Barbee Junior-Senior Johnny Vanhoy Jeff Tucker Kenneth York Steve Griffin 82 SOPHOMORE CHOIR 1st row: B. Troublefield, N. Cagle, S. Kelley, S. Leonard, D. Starnes, J. Whitley, P. Cooper, K. Hat- ley. 2nd row: M. Montgomery, S. Wicker, D. Baker, S. Hathcock, K. Cornelius. 3rd row: F. Trivette, P. Garrett, T. Stiller, M. Henderson, M. Gantt, S. Gib- son, P. Hinson, E. Hinson, S. Webster, B. Hall, J. SOPHOMORE 1st row: R. Russell, D. Austin, J. Burleson, D. Al- mond, A. Smith, J. McCommons, P. Tucker, J. Bur- ris, A. Cagle, B. Smith. 2nd row: S. Talbert, J. Cranford, A. Edwards, K. Vanhoy, E. Dennis, F. Mabe, K. Lefler, G. Eudy, P. Tarleton, L. Hendricks. Herrin. 4th row: R. Cain, J. Watkins, J. Huneycutt, L. Burleson, J. Mauldin, D. Smith, S. Almond, B. Harwood. 5th row: M. Montgomery, R. Huneycutt, J. Sikes, T. Swaringen, S. Smith, D. Blake, R. Scar- boro, B. Atkins. 6th row: D. Cole, J. Sharky, R. Osteen, T. Morgan. MUSIC CLASS 3rd row: J. Vanhoy, D. Talbert, J. Holt, E. Collins, P. Harwood. 4th row: R. Hinson, B. Talbert, R. Lucas, J. Burris, E. McCoy, M. Burris, R. Fagget, T. Buiwe, R. Lambert, P. Barbee, J. Mauldin. 83 First Row: Pam Cooper, Loretta Holt, Ellen Hat- ley, Barbara Furr, Nancy Daly, Sherrie Kelley, Jane Greer, Linda Morton. Second Row: Jane Boaz, Jane Morton, Carrleeta Redfern, Judy Wilson, Jane Her- locker. Third Row: Sherry Pegram, Robert Scar- boro, Janice Hearne, Nancy Russell, Frances Tri- President, Sherry Pegram; Vice-President, Bobbie Atkins; Secretary, Frances Sides; Treasurer, Pam Cooper; Historian, Jane Boaz. MODERN MUSIC MASTERS vette, Sandra Huneycutt, Rebekah Swaringen, Dan Huneycutt. Fourth Row: Bobbie Atkins, Richard Summerlin, Joe Sinclair, Paul Allred, Olivia Hart- sell, Robert Throneburg. Fifth Row: Steve Smith, Hinky Tucker, Johnny Boaz, Cecilia Roache, Billy Dobbs. 84 SPORTS SENIOR PLAYERS Lane Lowder Tommy Mauldin Larr3 ' Solomon Jerry Smith Jeff Underwood Tony Furr Raymond Perry Johnny Furr Steve Burleson Terry Mabe 86 Don Simpson Kenneth York Lloyd Crisco Charles Stockton Bill Crawley Joe Franklin TRI-CAPTAINS Jeff Underwood Johnny Furr Terry Mabe COACHES Mr. Bob Gantt Mr. Kenneth Nye 87 FOOTBALL TEAM 1st Row: Joe Franklin, Steve Burleson, Jerry Smith, Johnny Furr, Terry Mabe, Jeff Underwood, Ray- mond Perry, Lane Lowder, Lloyd Crisco. 2nd Row: Bill Crawley, Don Simpson, Ronnie Howard, Jimmy Barbee, Sonny Hinson, A1 Calder, Charles Stockton, Jimmy Lorch, Bill Mauldin, Johnny Fesperman. 3rd Row: Benny Atkins, Kenneth York, Tommy Lander, Ronald Almond, Benny Davis, Dannie Smith, Wayne Dick, Tony Clark, Bill Talbert, Raymond Earnhardt. 4th Row: Steve Almond, Bill Harwood, Nelson Smith, Tony Furr, Gary Morton, Terry Morgan, Larry Solomon, David Still. ASSISTANT COACHES Tom Maultsby, Jimmy Napier, Ken Frazier MANAGERS Neville Patterson, Edward Lowder, Gene Mauldin 88 SPONSORS First Row: Rickie Furr, Rowena Kluttz, Frances Sides, Diane Hatley, Pat Vanhoy, Sylvia Wall, Janice Hearne, Linda Lefler, Brenda York, Vivian Smith, Evelyn Bost. Second Row: Wanda Tucker, Judy Underwood, Delores Morton, Kathy Still, Jane Stoker, Jane Rogers, Vivian Smith, Ellen Efird, Judy Starnes. Third Row: Judy Herrin, Sherry Tal- Well, it’s like this. Coach. . . . bert, Ellen Hinson, Nancy Cagle, Karen Hatley, Bobbie Hatley, Bobbie Troublefield, Sherrie Kelley, Linda Stonestreet, Pam Cooper. Fourth Row: Sue Underwood, Kay Vickers, Faye Mabe, Donna Al- mond, Sylvia Webster, Anita Wall, Diane Baker, Bobbie Hall. Oops! Pardon me, sir. 89 BOYS’ BASKETBALL TEAM Kneeling: Steve Smith — Scorekeeper, Terry Morgan, Joe Frick, Jerry Morris, Bill Mauldin, Tommy Maul- Gary Morton, Mr. Ken Frazier — Coach, Doug Stokes, din — Captain, Rayvon Laton, Bill Sweet, Jack Nor- Jimmy Barbee, Johnny Holt — Manager. Standing: ton. 90 GIRLS’ BASKETBALL TEAM Center: Seniors — Claudia Hall, Sue Byrd, Kay L. Cagle, Brenda York. Left to right: Pam Cooper, Barbara Furr, Sheila Shankle, Sharon Holt, Peggie Hinson, Molly Crowell, Sue Underwood, Sammie Talbert, Pat Garrett, Ibba Wilson — Manager, Mr. Bill Tyson — Coach, Betty Revell — Scorekeeper, Ro- wena Kluttz — Head Manager, Sara Cranford, Wan- da Holt, Judy Starnes, Gail McSwain, Bertha Mor- ton, Wanda Tucker, Ellen Efird. 91 Center: Benny Harwood and Jimmy Nance, Co- captains. First row: Rodney McSwain, Joe Sinclair, Gary Morris, Ric Cain, Chuck Miller. Second row: Coach Gantt, David Still, Charles Edwards, Ronnie Lucas, Johnny Garrison, Steve Griffin, Terry Mabe. Third row: Mike Skidmore, Johnny Furr, Raymond Perry, Gary Swaringen, Tommy Smith, Lane Coble, Richard Huneycutt, Eddie Talbert, John Calloway — Coach, Dr. Keith Wolf — Coach. WRESTLING Mr. Bob Gantt, Coach 92 mm Bill Dobbs Larry Hatley Mr. Bob Gantt, Coach 1961 TENNIS TEAM Gene Snuggs Larry Shoe 93 Gene Williams Lester Bivens Kenneth Frazier Terry Mabe 1961 TRACK TEAM Bill Sweet Nelson Smith Jimmy Barbee 94 Jeff Tucker Edward Lowder Kenneth York Don Simpson Joe Laughlin 93 First row: Nancy Rogers, Wanda Tucker, Brenda Morris, Brenda York, Carrleeta Redfern. Second row: Mary Henderson, Sylvia Wall — Chief, Laura Henderson. CHEERLEADERS ALTERNATES Left to right: Janice Hearne, Rickie Furr, Vivian Smith, Sherrie Kelly. 96 MONOGRAM CLUB First row: Jimmy Barbee, Bill Crawley, Bill Sweet, Janice Hearne, Brenda York, Sylvia Wall, Brenda Morris, Sue Byrd, Kaye Cagle, Claudia Hall, Peggy -Simpson, Steve Burleson. Second row: Tony Furr, Jeff Underwood, Jerry Smith, Tommy Mauldin, Lester Bivens, Jimmy Nance, A1 Calder, Larry Solo- mon, Joe Franklin, Nelson Smith. Third row : Mrs. Nancy Gamewell, Advisor, Raymond Perry, Terry Mabe, Benny Har- wood. Charles Stockton, Ronnie Howard, Lloyd Crisco, Bo Burris, Sonny Hinson, Gary Morton, Chuck Miller. Fourth row: Mr. Bob Gantt, Advisor, Johnny Furr, Kenneth York, Don Simpson, Lane Lowder, David Still. Raymond Earnhardt, Johnny Fesperman, Max Crisco, Edward Lowder, Terry Morgan. INTRAMURAL COUNCIL First row: Donna Almond, Brenda York, Mary Ellen Bowen, Catherine Burr, Sherry Roberson, Penny Lawhon. Second row: Sammy Talbert, Peggy Simpson, Claudia Hall, Sue Byrd, Anita Wall, Bertha Morton. Gaynelle Deese. Third row: Johnny Furr, Jack Norton, Bill Sweet, Jimmy Barbee. Don Simpson, Fourth row: Benny Atkins. Ronald Sells, Gleason Barringer, Steve Almond, Tommy Mauldin. Fifth row: Jimmy Wadkins, Don Blake, Bill Harwood. 97 CAFETERIA STAFF Seated: Mrs. Claude Pickier, Manager; Mrs. Dillon Russell, Supervisor. Standing: Mrs. Russell Ford, Mrs. Charlie Huneycutt, Mrs. Julius Morton, Mrs. Roscoe Huneycutt, Mrs. Essie P. Hatley, Mrs. A. C. Burris, Miss Lillie Mae Poplin. TOP ANNUAL SALESMEN Charles Stockton George Efird 98 ADVERTISING YOUNG MEN’S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION North First Street Wiscassett Memorial Young Men ' s Christian Association, Albe- marle, N. C., serving youth of Albemarle and Stanly County through physical, social mental, and spiritual growth. 100 FURR CONCRETE WORKS Pre-Cast Concrete Products Phone YU 2-4456 Albemarle, North Carolina P. J. HUNEYCUTT CO. Furniture — Appliances — Jewelry Diamonds — Cameras Phone YU 2-3518 CENTRAL BARBER SHOP 149 South Second Street Albemarle, North Carolina Phone YU 2-3915 FRED HARWOOD " PREVO " HARWOOD DUN-RITE-LAUNDRY CLEANERS 1217 Pee Dee Avenue Phone YU 2-3511 " Sanitone Cleaning " Albemarle, North Carolina SERVICE DISTRIBUTING CO., INC P. 0. Box 310 Phone YU 2-6716 Main Office Albemarle, N. C. Albemarle, N. C. Mocksville, N. C. Ashboro, N. C. Mooresville, N. C. Asheville, N. C. New Bern, N. C. Biscoe, N. C Norwood, N. C. Boone, N. C. Pittsboro, N. C. Charlotte, N. C. Raleigh, N. C. China Grove, N. C. Ramseur, N. C. Concord, N. C. Randleman, N. C. Dunn, N. C. Rockingham, N. C. Fayetteville, N. C. Salisbury, N. C. Forest City, N. C. Sanford, N. C. Gastonia, N. C. Siler City, N. C. Greensboro, N. C. Statesville, N. C. Greenville, N. C. Thomasville, N. C. Hickory, N. C. Troy, N. C. High Point, N. C. Wadesboro, N. C. Jacksonville, N. C. Washington, N. C. Laurinburg, N. C. Whitnel, N. C. Lexington, N. C. Wilson, N. C. Locust, N. C. Winston-Salem, N. C. Marion, N. C. Lenoir, N. C. 101 ALBEMARLE SCHOOL OF BEAUTY CULTURE Get an exciting, interesting, high-paying CAREER . . . your chances of success are doubled when LINDA BROOKS CHARM TRAINING Is Part of Your Complete Beauty Course CUSTOM SPECIALTIES SHOP Underpass Body Shop " You Bump, We Fix " " Specializing In Fine Floor Covering and Upholstering " UNDERPASS TRACTOR CO. 118 East Main St. Ph. YU 2-7017 Massey-Ferguson Dealer Albemarle, N. C. N. Second St. Phone YU 2-4617 Paul M. Snuggs, Owner Albemarle, N. C. DEWEY D. TREECE Compliments BUILDING SPECIALTIES of N. Second St. SNUGGS ELECTRIC Albemarle, N. C. SERVICE Day YU 2-4117 Phone Night YU 2-5121 YU 2-3326 Compliments Compliments of of THE CHIC SHOP " Leaders In Style " CABARRUS CREAMERY Albemarle, N. C. 102 Compliments of BELK ' S DEPT. STORE Albemarle, N. C. GANTT RULANE GAS SERVICE, INC. 924 Norwood Rd. Albemarle, N. C. Phone YU 2-1129 Compliments of SETZLER- HINSON FURNITURE CO. Albemarle, N. C. C AND M TAXI Phone YU 2-1133 — YU 2-3333 148 S. Second St. Radio Dispatch HAZEL’S SALON OF BEAUTY Corner of 7th Montgomery YU 2-2416 103 TALBERTS JEWELRY 253 W, Main St. Albemarle, N, C. Phone YU 2-3826 L. C. Smith Watchmaker STANLY HARDWARE CO. Distributors For Spalding And McGregor Athletic Equipment Frigidaire Home Appliances Albemarle, N. C. YU 2-2129 YU 2-2131 Compliments of BUCK CLEANERS LAUNDROMAT LEFLER FUNERAL HOME Oxygen Equipped Ambulances Phone YU 2-1197 Norwood GR 4-3128 Compliments of E. J. S. YDER COMPAM 104 Open a Savings Account Today at HOME SAllGS m LOA ASSOCIATION Albemarle, North Carolina " Time and Temperature Quick As A Flash " ALBEAAARLE INSURANCE AGENCY INC. " Just Insurance " S. L. Gullege R. A. Crowell Joe R. Kluttz Bailey Gullege J. R. Kluttz, Jr. Albemarle, North Carolina 1 1 3 South Second Street Phone YU 2-2133 LORCH PLUMBING AND HEATING CO. INC. 221 North Second Street Albemarle, North Carolina Plumbing Heating Air-conditioning Roofing Sheet Metal Phones: YU 2-2100— YU 2-2109 106 " Let ' s Go Bowling " DOGWOOD LANES East Main Street Albemarle, North Carolina Phone: YU 2-8124 " Meet Your Friends At The Lanes " HUCKABEE LUMBER COMPANY INC. Lumber and Building Materials Albemarle, North Carolina Millwork — Paints — Builder Hardware — Coal Compliments of J. C. PENNEY COMPANY Albemarle, North Carolina " Now You Can Charge It At Penney ' s " The Complete Family Department Store Authorized Wedding Bells Dealer JEWEL BOX 110-114 South Second Street YU 2-2311 Albemarle, North Carolina Compliments of CITY BARBER SHOP Henry Thompson Dillon Lambert PEE DEE SUPERETTE AT FIVE POINTS " Complete Line Of Staple Groceries At Popular Price " Open Till 10 P. M. 107 Serving Albemarle For 63 Years STARNES Diamond Specialist • Watches — Jewelry Expert Repair Service — Photographic Equipment — China — Chrystal and Silver Phone YU 2-1013 127 West Main Street REGISTERED JEWELERS AMERICAN GEM SOCIETY 108 DRUG CEWRE, iC. City Wide Delivery 121 North First Street Phone YU 2-6612 Albemarle, North Carolina CHARM BEAUTY SHOP LEONARD ' S JEWELERS, INC. 146 South Second Street 121 North Second Street Ruth Snyder Trusted Jewelers For Mildred Lisk Three Generations YU 2-451 1 Student Charge Accounts Invited Compliments of Compliments EFIRD ' S DEPARTMENT of STORE E. B. STONE Albemarle, North Carolina FINANCE 109 ALBEMARLE SAVINGS LOAA ASSOCIATIOll Albemarle, North Carolina Insured Savings Direct Reduction Loans Officers M. M. Palmer, President J. H. Morrow, Vice-President C. B. Miller, Exec. Vice-President O. J. Rogers, Secretary-Treasurer " Large Enough To Be Safe, Small Enough To Be Friendly " " Current Dividend Rote 4% " ALBEMARLE BAKE SHOP " The Home of Good Baking " Wedding and Birthday Cakes Pastries — Pies — Breads 128 King Ave. Albemarle, K. C. Phone YU 2-1235 DUKE ' S BURGER HOP Badin Road Duke Says: " If you LIKE good food you will LOVE ours. " STONY GAP FISH HOUSE All The Fish You Con Eat — 1.25 — Phone YU 2-2559 PURCELL ' S DRUG STORE " Prescription Specialists " Drugs — Medical Supplies — Sundries 135 W. Main Street Albemarle, N. C. no HOLSUM Sof-Twist BURRELL BAKERY ALBEAAARLE YU 2-2124 Compliments of STANLY ELECTRIC, INC. Phone YU 2-1412 224 West Main Compliments of MUSIC MART Albemarle, North Carolina Compliments of COLLfflS A1 AIKMAA Albemarle, North Carolina YU 2-1141 MOOSE ' S For Your Clothing And Sportswear Needs Be Sure You Visit 141 W. Main Street Albemarle, North Carolina LEFLER FUNERAL HOME Phone YU 2-1197 Norwood GR 4-3128 ECONOMY AUTO SUPPLY B. F. Goodrich Tires Westinghouse Appliances Maytag Washers Sales Service 219 W. Main Street Albemarle, North Carolina FIRST MTIOML BAM OF ALBEMARLE " On The Square " Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation And The Federal Reserve System WjnM: K. ' . ' r.- Mat. ■■ •• ■ " ' ■.JH ALBEMARLE 1 NEW CAR AND TRUCK DEALER 1 Albemarle Truck Tractor Co. Davis Motor Co. Auten Motors Morgan Motor Co. Confederate Motors Spence Motor Co. 1 Crook Motor Co. i Stovall Wolfe Motor Co. r MURRELL ' S PHARAAACY " Prescriptions Are Our Business " Drugs, Medical Supplies and Sundries DISCOUNT HOUSE Your Better Life Store Serving Albemarle and Stanly County 1329 East Main Street Albemarle, North Carolina STANDARD OFFICE EQUIPMENT COMPANY Complete Line Of School Supplies Phone YU 2-7111 175 North Second Street Albemarle, North Carolina 1 14 EAST MAIN SUNOCO SERVICE Specializing In Tune-Ups and Brake Service Tires — Tubes — Batteries East Main Street Albemarle, North Carolina STILL OIL COMPANY Cities Service Petroleum Products Wholesale and Retail 1410 East Main Street Albemarle, North Carolina YU 2-3215 TINGLING FURNITURE COMPANY MORGAN INSURANCE AGENCY., INC. Your Lane Cedar Chest Dealer Mutual Insurance Dividends YU 2-6041 Albemarle, North Carolina " Congratulations " CABARRUS BAE AE TRUST COMPAM West Main Street Albemarle, North Carolina 115 MAE’S BEAUTY SALON Hilltop Street Albemarle, N. C. 1 16 MMIIT QUALITY IN MAilOOK MIMTIN ' mm ' ' " " 1

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Albemarle High School - Crossroads Yearbook (Albemarle, NC) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 1


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