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Albemarle High School - Crossroads Yearbook (Albemarle, NC) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 138 of the 1961 volume:

;fjv ' •A . S ' !iv m- 3(. ' :v Published By The 1961 Annual Staff of ALBEMARLE SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL Albemarle, North Carolina Susan Ausband Editor Ronnie Herrin Business Manager Mrs. Jacob Carter Mrs. John Helms Advisors “The Flower of Youth” “The Flower of Youth” is a term that has been a])propriately used many times in referring to young people. This particular expression seems to describe, better than any other, youth ami all its gaiety, its freshness, its eagerness, its innocencfr- very precious God-given quality that accompanies youth. For this reason the Annual Staff has chosen “The Flower of Youth” as the theme of the 1961 CROSSROADS, using the Flower as a symbol to represent youth. Like a rare Flower, youth is a many splendored thing, as we have tried to show in the way we have presented throughout this annual the different phases of our high school life. Administration 5 Classes 9 Features 49 D Beauty Queens 57 Activities 61 Music 79 Athletics 91 Advertising 105 Searching — for humility. Seeking — for character. We found ... a teacher who possesses a pleasing combination of all the fine qualities that make a person out- standing. We found him in religious work, we found him in community life, we found him in school activities. His genuine desire to instill a love of music in the minds and hearts of his pupils, his sincere interest in the encouragement of school spirit, and his constant efforts to aspire the friendship of everyone he meets endear him always not only to Albemarle or to Albemarle Senior High School, but to each one of us. To you, George Thomas Hauss, we are indebted for so beautifully exemplifying the spirit of our school, and it is to you that we respectfully dedicate the 1961 CROSSROADS. Claud Grigg Superintendent H. T. “Toby” Webb Principal ADMIlSTRATION Board of Trustees: Charles W. Pickier, J. Heath Morrow, John B. Morris, Jr., Richard L. Brown, Jr., Claud Grigg, H. Wells Rogers, Ted Furr. 6 Miss Chicora Caughman Mathematics Mrs. Warren L. Coble Mrs. Robert Deese Home Economics French FACULTY Kenneth Frazier Physical Education, Biology Paul B. Fry Music Mrs. Paul B. Fry English Mrs. E. P. Gamewell, Jr. Physical Education, English Robert E. Gantt Physical Education, History Mrs. Robert E. Gantt Mrs. Guy W. Harrison R. C. Hatley Mathematics Librarian Science George T. Hauss Band 7 Mrs. N. A. Hayes English John C. Morris Industrial Arts Mrs. John R. Helms Commercial Mrs. James H. McClintock Bible FACULTY Kenneth Nye Social Studies, Mrs. Wayne Ritchie Physical Education Commercial Miss Lillian Misenheimer English Miss Sibyl Thomas Distributive Education Billy Tyson Biology Mrs. Frank W. Westerlund Mrs. Trailer D. Young Mrs. Marshall Hall Social Studies English, French School Secretary 8 SENIOR When you hear the word “Senior”, what is the first thing that comes to your mind ? Graduation, of course. When a student reaches his Senior year in high school, he is on the final stretch of his high school career. We, the Seniors of 1961, realize this with mixed emotions. Joy and perhaps re- lief overcome us because we are almost out of school at last, after twelve long years. We are ready to go on to the next step, some- thing new and different, college or a job. But the thought of graduation fills our hearts with something else, too. Something that brings a lump to our throats and tears to our eyes. It means saying good-bye to all the wonderful times we had in high school. Good-bye to all the friends who shared the fun and excitement with us. Good-bye to all the things we knew and loved for four years — four wonderful years in high school. The Hop, the Prom, the football games, the parties, and oh, so many, many more things we enjoyed must become only precious mem- ories after graduation. Seniors, as the last notes of “The Sacred Halls of Ivy” fade away on our graduation night this June, we can think back and re- member with tears filling our eyes. But we can also look ahead and dream and look forward to a new way of life. Susan Ausband, Editor 10 CLASS OFFICBRS President JOHN TROUBLEFIELD Secretary Vice-President SANDRA HOLT Treasurer Sponsor . . . MISS CHICORA CAUGHMAN BRENDA FURR . MIKE WOLFE Mike, Sandra, Miss Caughman, John, and Brenda measure for caps and gowns. Jimmy Aldridg:e Wrestling Boosters Club : Black Masque Club CROSSROADS Business Staff : Sci ence Club: Wrestling. Nancy Aldridge Week-ends F. T. A. : Boosters Club : Black Masque Club : Tri-Hi-Y ; Homeroom Secretary ; CROSSROADS Typing Staff: FULL MOON Feature Staff; Jr. Red Cross, President; Bible Club: Science Fair: Field Day: Jr. Mixed Chorus : Ninth Grade Chorus ; Sr. Banquet Waitress ; Piano Audi- tions ; Jr. -Sr. Prom Committee. Jane Arey World History Student Council Representative ; CROSSROADS Typing Staff; Short- hand Penmanship Award: Science Fair. Susan Ausband Being CROSSROADS Editor F. T. A., Treasui ' er ; Boosters Club ; National Honor Society; Black Masque Club ; Ti i-Hi-Y, All-Star Basketball ; Student Council Repre- sentative ; Homeroom Vice-President ; CROSSROADS Editor ; Modern Music Masters ; Sr. Mixed Chorus, Vice- President : Jr. Mixed Chorus, Presi- dent ; Ninth Grade Chorus ; Superla- tives, Most Influential, Most Orig- inal ; Band ; Majorette ; Girls En- semble : Homecoming Sponsor ; Bas- ketball ; Prom Committee ; Soph. Hop Committee ; Homecoming Committee ; Fresh. Fling Committee ; Sr. Banquet Waitress ; Piano Auditions ; Youth Appreciation Week Councilman ; As- sembly Committee ; March of Dimes Co-Chairman : Science Fair. Jimmy Barbee Senior Science Science Fair. Margaret Barbee Physical Education Boosters Club ; Library Club ; Bible Club; F. H. A. Bible Club; Club; F. H. ness Staff. Sylvia Barnes Bible Class Library Club ; Boosters A. ; CROSSROADS Busi- Jann Barrier The Hop Black Masque Club : Tri-Hi-Y, Bas- ketball ; Student Council Represen- tative ; Homeroom Vice-President; CROSSROADS Art Staff: Bible Club, Reporter ; Sr. Mixed Chorus ; Jr. Mixed Chorus ; Fresh. Fling Com- mittee : Prom Committee ; Sr. Ban- quet Waitress; Science Fair; FULL MOON News Staff. Ann Bell Everything F, T. A. : Boosters Club : Black Masque Club ; Tri-Hi-Y ; Student Council Representative ; Homeroom Secretary ; CROSSROADS Literary Staff ; Jr. Mixed Chorus ; Sr. Mixed Chorus; Homecoming S ponsor; Jr.- Sr. Prom Committee ; Ninth Grade Chorus. Gary Bell Physical Education Hi-Y ; Jr. Red Cross ; Jr. Mixed Chorus ; Ninth Grade Chorus ; Sci- ence Club. Joyce Benton Oral Book Reports Boosters Club ; Library Club. Stanley Biggers Being Basketball Manager Boosters Club ; Black Masque Club ; Hi-Y ; CROSSROADS Photography Staff; Library Club; Jr. Red Cross; Debate Club ; Creative Writing and Speech Club ; Science Club ; B-Team Football ; Basketball Manager ; Fresh. Fling Committee ; Soph. Hop Com- mittee ; Jr. -Sr. Prom Committee; Homecoming Committee ; Sr. Banquet Committee ; Traffic Committee. the senior class ot 1961 Pat Black The Prom Transferred from New London ; Li- brary Club ; Jr. Mixed Chorus; CROSSROADS Typing Staff ; Home- coming Sponsor. Judy Blackwell Football Games Boosters Club; Library Club; Jr. -Sr. Prom Committee. David Blalock French I Transferred from Badin ; Boosters Club ; Hi-Y ; Student Council Repre- sentative ; Homeroom Secretary ; CROSSROADS Art Staff ; Superla- tive, Most Original ; Jr. -Sr. Prom Committee. Inger Blomfelt Sweden Exchange Student ; Boosters Club National Honor Society ; Tri-Hi-Y Student Council Representative CROSSROADS Photography Staff Bible Club ; Miss Merry Christmas. Jerrell Bunting Basketball Boosters Club : Homeroom President Vice-President: Monogram Club: B Team Football : Basketball, Co-Cap tain : Baseball, Co-Captain ; Soph Hop Committee; Jr. -Sr, Prom Com- mittee: Jr. Red Cross. Bill Burbage The FULL MOON Boosters Club : Black Masque Club ; Hi-Y, Vice-President, Secretary, Chap- lain ; Homeroom Vice-President ; CROSSROADS Assistant Business Manager : FULL MOON Editorial and News Staffs ; Monogram Club ; Sr. Mixed Cnorus : Jr. Mixed Chorus : Ninth Grade Chorus : Student Lion : Assembly Committee: B-Team Foot- ball : Varsity Football : Basketball Score Keeper : Track Team : Soph. Hop Committee : Fresh. Fling Com- mittee; Sr. Banquet Committee: Sum- mer Choral Workshop : N. C. Scholas- tic Press Institute : Science Fair ; Homecoming Committee : Field Day. Don Burgess The Parties Transferred from Raleigh : Boosters Club: Black Masque Club; Hi-Y, Treasurer : CROSSROADS Photog- laphy Staff : Jr. Red Cross, Treas- urer : Sr. Mixed Chorus: Jr. Mixed Chorus ; Ninth Grade Chorus ; Super- latives, Best Dressed, Most School Spirited; Science Club; Fresh. Fling Committee : Soph. Hop Committee : Jr. -Sr. Prom Committee : Sr. Banquet Committee : Field Day : Science Fair ; Jr. Play Cast. Lovell Burleson The Holidays Boosters Club ; Bible Club : Basket- ball : Basketball Manager. the senior class of 1961 Marlene Burleson F. H. A. Initiation Library Club: F. H. A. Martha Burleson Speech Contest Boosters Club : Student Council Rep- resentative: Homeroom President; Modern Music Masters : Debate Club ; F. B. L. A. : Sr. Mixed Chorus : Ninth Grade Chorus : Deca Club, His- torian : Girls’ Ensemble; Jr. -Sr. Prom Committee. Scottie Burleson The Prom Boosters Club; Tri-Hi-Y : FULL MOON News Staff ; Bible Club : F, H. A. : Office Worker : Homecoming Si onsor : Jr. -Sr. Prom Committee. Aaron Burris Mechanical Drawing Jr. Red Cross ; Ninth Grade Chorus Wrestling. Jimmy Burris Jimmy G. Burris Diane Butler Frank Casper Wrestling Football Being Lettergirl A. S. H. S. Band Decs Club. Boosters Club ; Homeroom Vice-Pres- ident ; Monogram Club ; Student Ro- tarian ; Football, Co-captain ; Track ; Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee. F. T. A., Secretary; Boosters Club: Black Masque Club, Treasurer ; Tri- Hi Y, Basketball ; Student Council Representative ; Homeroom President, Treasurer ; CROSSROADS Literary Staff ; Sr. Mixed Chorus, Treasurer : Ninth Grade Chorus ; Band : Junior Play Cast ; Girls Ensemble ; Home- coming Sponsor ; Chief Lettergirl ; Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee; Soph. Hop Committee ; Homecoming Commit- tee ; Sr. Banquet Waitress; Science Fair ; Choral Workshop ; All-Star Basketball. Transferred from Sanford : Boosters Club : Black Masque Club ; Homeroom Vice-President: CROSSROADS Pho- tography Staff ; FULL MOON Sports Staff ; Library Club ; Jr. Red Cross ; Bible Club; Debate Club; Science Club ; Band ; N. C. Scholastic Press Institute ; Science Fair. Mar raret Ann Casper The Prom oosters Club : Black Masque Club : ri-Hi-Y : Homeroom Secretary ; ROSSROADS Co-Assistant Business anager : FULL MOON News Staff: ible Club: Jr. Mixed Chorus: Ninth rade Chorus : Fresh. Fling Com- littee?. Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee; Banquet Waitress. Craig Caudle Hi-Y Basketball Hi-Y : Football ; Jr. Red Cross ; Home- room Vice-President, Treasurer; Soph. Hop Committee : Jr. Play Com- mittee : Monogram Club ; Field Day ; Science Fair ; Ninth Grade Chorus. Mike Caudle French Homeroom President ; CROSSROADS Art Staff ; Baseball Manager. Judy Chandler Being Majorette F. T. A. : Boosters Club ; National Honor Society ; Black Masque Club, Vice-President, President; Tri-Hi-Y ; Homeroom Treasurer : CROSSROADS Business Staff ; FULL MOON Fea- ture Staff: Bible Club; Jr. Mixed Chorus ; Band ; Majorette ; Home- coming Sponsor ; Fresh. Fling Com- mittee : Soph. Hop Committee ; Jr.- Sr. Prom Committee; Sr. Banquet Waitress. Bonnie Clayton Aaron Cooke Physical Education D. E. Class Boosters Club: Library Club: Jr. Red Deca Club. Cross : Bible Club : F. H. A. : Soph. Hop Committee: Jr.-Sr. Prom Com- mittee. Roddy Cotton The Salisbury Parade Boosters Club : Black Masque Club ; Hi-Y : Homeroom Chaplain ; Bible Club: Deca Club: Band: Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee : Soph. Hop Committee. Dwight Cox Miss Thomas ' Homeroom Deca Club. Sharon Cranford Darlene Crowell The Snow Everything F. T. A.: Boosters Club: Tri-Hi-Y ; Transferred from Hopkinsville . Ken- Homeroom Guidance Leader ; CROSS- tucky : Deca Club. ROADS Photography Staff : FULL MOON News Staff: Bible Club; Fresh. Fling Committee: F. H. A.: State Convention : Homecoming Com- mittee. Norma Delk Singing On The Radio Homeroom President, Chaplain ; Sr. Mixed Chorus; Ninth Grade Chorus. Jimmy Dick Sleeping Deca Club. Pe gy Tucker Doby The Junior Play CROSSROADS Art Staff; F. Secretary, Treasurer. H. A., Science Football. Shannon Doby Football Fair ; Field Day ; B-Team Transferred Daniel Dry Basketball from Ridgecrest. Jimmy Dunn Sr. Science Hi-Y ; Field Day ; Bible Club. the senior class ot 1961 i John Edwards Jean Efrid Linda Eudy Barbara Everhart Miss Thomas’ Present Macbeth Economics The Prom Science Fair. F. T. A. : Boosters Club ; Tri-Hi-Y ; CROSSROADS Typing Staff; Bible Club : Jr. Mixed Chorus ; Ninth Grade Chorus ; Sr. Banquet Committee : Science Fair ; Bible Club. Boosters Club; CROSSROADS Pho- tography Staff ; Library Club ; Bible Club ; F. H. A. : Homecoming Spon- sor. Transferred from New London; Homeroom Chaplain ; CROSSROADS Typing Staff ; F. H. A. : F. B. L. A. : Office Worker ; Homecoming Spon- sor ; Shorthand Penmanship Award. Brenda Furr The Hop Kenny Furr Wrestling Bryan Fox My Norwegian Brother, Torger Nancy Finan Senior Mixed Chorus Boosters Club : Bible Club : Black Masque Club : F. T. A. : Tri-Hi-Y, President, Treasurer ; Modern Music Masters, President ; Homeroom Sec- retary : CROSSROADS Literary Staff : Fresh. Fling Committee : Soph. Hop Committee: Jr. -Sr. Prom Com- mittee : Superlatives, Most Depend- able. Most Likely To Succeed : Science Fair : Blue Ridge Delegate ; Choral Workshop: Jr. Mixed Chorus Accom- panist : National Honor Society, Treasurer. Boosters Club : Bible Club, Treasurer ; Black Masque Club : Modern Music Masters : CROSSROADS Assistant Typing Editor : Debate Club : Sr. Mixed Chorus Accompanist : Superla- tive, Most Talented ; Band : Fresh. Fling Committee: Science Fair; South Piedmont Science Fair ; Paderewski Gold Medal ; High School Piano Di- ploma ; Piano Auditions. Boosters Club; Black Masque; Tri- Hi-Y : Student Council Representa- tive : Homeroom Vice-President ; CROSSROADS Photography Co-Edi- tor ; Bible Club ; Sr. Mixed Chorus ; Ninth Grade Chorus : Class Officers, Vice-President, Secretary ; Jr. Play ; Fresh. Fling Committee ; Soph. Hop Committee: Jr. -Sr. Prom Commit- tee: Homecoming Committee: Piano Auditions. Boosters Club ; National Honor So ! ciety : Hi-Y, Treasurer ; Student Coun | cil, Vice-President, Preside ntl CROSSROADS, Literary Staff; FUL) MOON Feature Staff, Assistant Busi ness Manager ; Monogram Club Ninth Grade Chorus ; Superlatives , Best All Around, Most Likely T Succeed, Most Influential ; Boys State Delegate ; Student Lion ; Track Wrestling, Co-Captain ; Who’s Who NCEEA Westling Champion, Yout! , Week Mayor. the senior class ot 1961 Louise Furr Being Cheerleader F. T. A. : Boosters Club : National Honor Society : Black Masque Club ; Tri-Hi-Y : Student Council Represen- tative : Homeroom President, Secre- tary : CROSSROADS Business Staff ; FULL MOON Feature Staff ; Modern Music Masters ; Bible Club : Mono- gram Club : Sr. Mixed Chorus : Su- perlatives, Best-Looking, Best Dressed: Class Officer, Vice-Presi- dent: Jr. Play Cast; Girls’ Ensemble: Homecoming Sponsor ; Cheerleader : Jr. -Sr. Prom Committee; Homecom- ing Committee; Sr. Banquet Waitress; Fresh. Fling Committee: Soph. Hop Committee. Margaret Ann Furr The Prom F. T. A. : Boosters Club : National Honor Society, Vice-President; Black Masque Club ; Tri-Hi-Y, Chaplain, Treasurer, Conference Delegate; Homeroom Treasurer, Guidance Lead- er, President ; CROSSROADS Busi- ness Staff : Bible Club ; Debate Club : Sr. Mixed Chorus: Science Fair; Band; Jr. Play Cast; Homecoming Sponsor ; Marshal ; Fresh. Fling Com- mittee : Soph. Hop Committee; Jr.- Sr. Prom Committee ; Homecoming Committee Mike Fusonie Seeing Moravian Stars Boosters Club ; Black Masque Club ; Hi-Y, Secretary, President; CROSS- ROADS Business Staff ; Jr. Red Cross ; Monogram Club ; Sr. Mixed Chorus ; Ninth Grade Chorus ; Foot- ball ; Basketball ; Baseball ; Wrest- ling : Fresh. Fling Committee ; Soph. Hop Committee: Jr. -Sr. Prom Com- mittee. P ggy Garrett Algebra F. T. A. ; Boosters Club ; B 1 a c Masque Club ; Tri-Hi-Y ; CROSJ ROADS Typing Staff : Bible Clul Jr. Mixed Chorus ; Science Fail Field Day ; Sr. Banquet Committee Jr. -Sr. Prom Committee. John Gehring V. E. S. Transferred from Lynchburg, Vir- ginia ; Boosters Club ; Hi-Y ; Science Club; Wrestling; Golf. Johnny Greene Baseball Boosters Club ; Hi-Y ; FULL MOON Sports Staff ; Monogram Club ; Band ; Deca Club, President ; B-Team Foot- ball ; Soph. Hop Committee; Jr. -Sr. Prom Committee ; Baseball ; Home- coming Committee. Brenda Gregson The U. S. History Class Science Fair ; Bible Club ; Boosters Club ; Black Masque Club ; CROSS- ROADS Typing Staff. Diane Griffin My Junior Year F. T. A. ; Boosters Club ; National Honor Society ; Black Masque Club ; Tri-Hi-Y : Homeroom Guidance Lead- er ; CROSSROADS Business Staff; FULL MOON Corresponding Edi- tor; Bible Club; Jr. Mixed Chorus; Ninth Grade Chorus; Jr. -Sr. Prom Committee Jr. Play Committee; Science Fair; State Delegate; Sr. Banquet Waitress. Hoyle Griffin Hazel Grose The Junior Play The Prom Boosters Club: Jr. Red Cross: Sr. CROSSROADS Art Staff: F. Chorus; Jr. Mixed Chorus; Historian, District Rally Ninth Grade Chorus ; Jr. Play Com- mittee ; Science Fair. H. Ronald Hall My Freshman Year A., Transferred from Ellerbe : FULl ' MOON News Staff, Circulatioi Manager. Judy Harris My Swedish Sister Inger F. T. A.: Boosters Club; National Honor Society, Scrapbook Chairman ; Black Masque Club ; Tri-Hi-Y, Secre- tary, Blue Ridge Delegate; Student Council Representative ; Editor Stu- dent Handbook : Homeroom Secretary ; CROSSROADS Literary Staff; FULL MOON News Editor ; Bible Club, Sec- retary : Sr. Mixed Chorus ; Ninth Grade Chorus ; Jr. Play Cast of “Cab- bages” ; Marshal ; Sr. Banquet Wait- ress ; Assembly Committee ; Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee ; Homeroom Guid- ance Committee: A. F. S. Finalist; State Science Fair Delegate ; ' Junior Science Symposium ; Science Fair. Linda Harwood Being: F. H. A. Queen Boosters Club ; CROSSROADS Busi- ness Staff: Library Club; Jr. Red Cross: Bible Club; F. H. A.. Miss Merry Christmas, President. Michael Hathcock Laying Out of School Transferred from New London : Deca Club ; Wrestling. David Hatley Deca Club Deca Club; Wrestling. Mary Hill Hatley Practicing Piano I F. T. A. ; Boosters Club ; National Honor Society ; Black Masque Club ; i Tri-Hi-Y, Chaplain ; CROSSROADS ' Literary Staff: FULL MOON News j Staff; Modern Music Masters, His- 1 torian ; Bible Club, Historian, Vice- President, President ; Sr. Mixed I Chorus; Jr. Mixed Chorus; Superla- i tives. Most Studious, Most Influen- tial ; D. A. R. Good Citizen ; T. B. Essay Contest ; Fresh. Fling Commit- ! tee ; Soph. Hop Committee ; Jr. -Sr. • Prom Committee; Jr. Play Commit- H tee ; Science Fair, Stage Delegate ; I Choral Workshop ; Sr. Banquet Wait- I ress ; High School Piano Diploma ; ii Piano Auditions. Linda Haynes The Prom Lydia Hearne Being Carrousel Princess Karen Herndon National Honor Society Ronnie Herrin The Prom F. T. A.; Boosters Club; Black Mas- que Club; Tri-Hi-Y; Vice-President, Secretary, Chaplain : Homeroom Pres - ident. Chaplain : CROSSROADS Art Staff ; Monogram Club ; Sr. Mixed Chorus; Jr. Mixed Chorus; Ninth Grade Chorus : Homecoming Sponsor ; Basketball; Jr. -Sr. Prom Committee; Soph. Hop Committee : Fresh. Fling Committee; Assembly Committee: School Newspaper Reporter ; Home- coming Committee. F. T. A.; Boosters Club; Black Mas- que Club : Tri-Hi-Y, President, Vice- President, Vice-President; Home- President ; Homeroom, President, Vice-President, Secretary ; CROSS- ROADS Business Staff; Library Club; Jr. Red Cross; Bible Club; Monogram Club; Band, Su- perlative, Wittiest ; Carrousel Prin-. cess ; Homecoming Sponsor ; Basket- ball ; Lettergirl ; Fresh. Fling Com- mittee ; Soph . Hop Committee; Jr- Sr. Prom Committee ; Sr. Banquet Waitress; Homecoming Committee; Field Day; Science Fair. Boosters Club ; Black Masque 31ub ; Tri-Hi-Y, Treasurer, Secretary ; Homeroom Secretary ; CROSSROADS Literary Staff ; Jr. Red Cross ; Sr. Mixed Chorus ; Jr. Mixed Chorus ; Ninth Grade Chorus ; Superlative, Cutest; Sr. Banquet Waitress; Jr. Play Cast ; Homecoming Sponsor ; Jr. -Sr. Prom Committee; Soph. Hop Committee; Fresh. Fling Committee; Scfence Fair ; Choral Workshop ; National Honor Society. Boosters Club; Black Masque Clubjl Hi-Y ; Homeroom President, Treas i urer : CROSSROADS Business Man 1 ager ; Sr. Mixed Chorus, Vice-Pres ident ; Ninth Grade Chorus; Super ' lative. Most Dependable ; Class Of| ficer, Treasurer; Jr. Play Castj. Boys Double Quartet; Boys’ Stat Delegate ; Student Rotarian ; B-Tear Football ; Track ; Soph. Hop Commi tee; Jr. -Sr. Prom Committee. Carlene Hinson Roffor Hinson Betsy Holbrook Gerald Holt Last Sprinjr Miss Thomas’ Homeroom Being CROSSROADS Editor Everything , H. A. ; F. B. L. A.: Band: Jr.-Sr. Boosters Club: Homeioom Treasurer T- A., President, Secretary: Tri- Black Masque Club: Boosters Club; rom Committee. President : Science Fail ' . Hi-Y, Treasurer ; Student Council Hi-Y : CROSSROADS Business Representative: Homeroom President, Staff: Jr. Red Cross: Band: Home- Treasurer, Guidance Leader : CROSS- coming Committee : Soph. Hop Com- ROADS, Assistant Editor; Modern mittee ; Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee: Music Masters; Bible Club; Sr. Mixed Science Fair. Chorus ; Ninth Grade Chorus ; Girls’ Ensemble ; Homecoming Sponsor ; Basketball ; J r.-Sr. Prom Committee ; Jr. Play Cast : Field Day ; Science Fair; Fresh. Fling Committee: Soph. Hop Committee ; Homecoming Com- mittee. Sr. Banquet Waitress : Sr Banquet Committee; N. C. Scholastic Press Institute : Choral Workshop ; All Star Basketball Team ; Black Masque Club, See. the senior class of 1961 Jerry Holt Wrestling Baseball Team; Football; Wrestling. Ronnie Holt Prom Boosters Club ; Hi-Y ; Sr. Mixed Chorus ; Mixed Chorus ; Ninth Grade Chorus ; Football ; B-Team Football ; Baseball ; Basketball ; Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee ; Fresh. Fling Committee ; Science Fair ; Field Day. Sandra Holt The CROSSROADS Black Masque Club ; Student Council Representative ; Homeroom Secretary ; CROSSROADS Art Editor ; Modern Music Masters ; Sr. Class Vice-Pres- ident : Band ; Homecoming Sponsor ; Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee; Science Fair. Trina Holt Basketball F. T. A. ; Boosters Club ; National Honor Society ; Black Masque Club ; Tri-Hi-Y : Homeroom Chaplain; CROSSROADS, Photography Staff ; Modern Music Masters ; Monogram Club ; Sr. Mixed Chorus ; Ninth Grade Chorus ; Girls’ Ensemble ; Homecoming Sponsor ; Basketball Team; Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee; Woodmen of the World History Award. Wayne Honeycutt Chemistry Boosters Club ; Black Masque Club ; Hi-Y : Library Club; Jr. Red Cross; Bible Club; Sr. Mixed Chorus; Jr. Mixed Chorus ; Ninth Grade Chorus ; Traffic Control ; Science Fair. Brenda Hopkins Drivers’ Training Library Club: F.H.A. : F.B.L.A. ; Shorthand Speed and Penmanshij) Award. James Howell “Tootie” Being Mascot Homeroom Treasurer ; Marshall Art Staff. Betty Hudson Bookkeeping Library Club, Vice - President ; },i F.H.A. ; Shorthand Sneed and Pen-i-1 manship Award. the senior class of 1901 Bobbie Sue Huneycutt Jerry Huneycutt Miss Thomas’ Jokes Physical Education Boosters Club: Tri-Hi-Y ; Jr. Red Cross; Bible Club; F.H.A.; F.B.L.A.; Jr. Mixed Chorus; Ninth Grade Chorus ; Office Worker. Joyce Huneycutt F. H. A. CROSSROADS Typing Staff : Li- brary Club ; Bible Club, Historian ; F.H.A. ; F.B.L.A. : Shorthand Pen- manship Award. Vickie Hunsucker Shorthand Boosters Club : Tri-Hi-Y : Library Club: Bible Club; F.H.A.; Ninth Grade Chorus. Robert Iddings Steve Isenhour Don Kennedy Germany My Spleen Freshman Fling Boosters Club; National Honor So- ciety, President ; Black Masque Club ; Hi-Y : CROSSROADS Co-Photogra- phy Editor; FULL MOON Feature Staff : Modern Music Masters ; Bible Club ; Superlative, Most Studious ; Jr. Class President: Band: Jr. Play Cast ; Marshal : A.F.S. Ex- change Student to Germany : Fresh, Fling Committee ; Sr. Banquet En- tertainment. Boosters Club : Hi-Y, Chaplain : Homeroom Vice-President : CROSS- ROADS Literary Staff ; Jr. Red Cross, Vice-President : Monogram Club: Jr. Mixed Chorus; Ninth Grade Chorus : Superlative, Wittiest : Boys’ Double Quartet ; Varsity Foot- ball ; B-Team Football: Student Council Representative ; Sr. Mixed Chorus ; Track ; Fresh. Fling Com- mittee : Jr. -Sr. Prom Committee; Soph. Hop Committee ; Athlete of Month. Deca Club. Roberta Lampsi New York CROSSROADS Photography Staff : Bible Club, Historian ; F.T.A. : Boost- ers Club ; Black Masque Club ; Sci- ence Fair; Jr. -Sr. Prom Committee: Tri-Hi-Y. Nancy Langley Being Letter Girl F. T. A. ; Boosters Club : Black Masque Club ; Tri-Hi-Y : Homeroom Secretary ; CROSSROADS Literary Staff : Modern Music Masters ; Sr. Mixed Chorus ; Band ; Girls’ Ensem- ble ; Homecoming Sponsor: Basket- ball : Lettergirl : Homecoming Com- mittee : Jr. -Sr. Prom Committee: Soph. Hop Committee: Fresh. Fling Committee : Field Day. Pat Lawhon The Soph. Hop F. T. A. : Boosters Club ; Tri-Hi-Y : Homeroom Secretary : CROSSROADS Typing Editor ; Bible Club ; Debate Club ; F. B. L. A. : Jr. Mixed Chorus : Ninth Grade Chorus : Fresh. Fling Committee : Soph. Hop Committee ; Jr. -Sr. Prom Committee: Shorthand Penmanship Award. Diane Lefler Ballgames Basketball : F. T. A. ; Student Coun- cil Representative : Jr. Red Cross : F. H. A. : Monogram Club : Boosters Club : Black Masque Club : Tri-Hi-Y : Homeroom Guidance Leader ; Jr. -Sr. Prom Committee; CROSSROADS Art Staf. William Lefler Football Games Bible Club ; Hi-Y ; Field Day. James Lisk Chorus Trips Boosters Club: Modern Music Mas- tei s : Monopram Club : Sr. Mixed Chorus: Ninth Grade Chorus: Jr. Play Committee : Basketball. Carolyn Lowder English CROSSROADS Photography Staff ; Deca Club; Boosters Club. Elwin Lowder Chorus Trips CROSSROADS Photography Staff. Sammy Lowder ' Football Games J . Mixed chorus; Ninth Grade | Chorus. ! Gary Mauldin Wrestling Bob McCommons Chemistry Sheila McManus Basketball Priscilla McSwain My Piccolo Boosters Club ; Hi-Y : CROSSROADS Transferred from Siler City ; Deca Literary Staff; Monogram Club: Club, Vice-President. Football: Baseball; Field Day; Sci- ence Fair: Track: Wrestling, Co- Captain : Fresh, Fling : Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee ; Soph. Hop Committee : Athlete of the Month. F.T.A. ; Boosters Club; Black Masque Club : Tri-Hi-Y ; Student Council ; CROSSROADS Business Staff ; Li- brary Club, President ; Bible Club ; Monogram Club : Jr. Mixed Chorus ; Ninth Grade Chorus ; Basketball ; Field Day. Black Masque Club ; Tri-Hi-Y ; Mod- ern Music Masters; Bible Club; F.H.A. ; Band, Secretary, Librarian ; Office Worker; Jr. Waitress; Soph. Hop Committee; Jr.-Sr. Prom Com- mittee. Kent Montgomery Baseball and Football Boosters Club ; Monogram Club ; Superlative, Most Athletic ; Soph. Play ; Football ; Basketball ; Base- ball ; Field Day ; Athlete of the Month; All-Confei’ence Football. Jeff Moore The School Boosters Club ; Hi-Y ; Homeroom Secretary, Treasurer : Soph. Hop Committee; Fresh. Hop Committee. Connie Morgan French Fresh. ‘Fling Committee; Homeroom officer; Ninth Grade Chorus; Jr. Mixed Chorus. Craig Morgan My Spleen Boosters Club ; Black Masque Club ; Hi-Y : Library Club ; Jr. Red Cross ; Monogram Club ; Science Club : Football; Track; Field Day; B-Team Football ; Homecoming Committee ; Sr. Banquet Committee; Jr. -Sr. Prom Committee ; Soph. Hop Committee ; Fresh. Fling Committee. the senior class ot 1961 Tommy Morgan Washington Transferred from Endy ; Deca Club. Roger Morris French II Jr. Red Cross ; Science Fair. Craven Morton Traffic Conti’e! Boosters Club ; Hi-Y, Vice-President ; Student Council Representative ; FULL MOON Sports Staff ; Mono- gram Club; Sr. Mixed Chorus; Jr. Mixed Chorus ; Ninth Grade Chorus ; Football : Basketball ; Track ; Fresh. Fling Committee. Florence Morton Basketball Boosters Club ; Black Masque Club ; Tri-Hi-Y ; CROSSROADS Literary Staff ; FULL MOON Feature Staff, Typing Editor ; Modern Music Mas- ters ; Library Club ; Bible Club ; De- bate Club ; Monogram Club ; Sr. Mixed Chorus ; Ninth Grade Chorus ; Science Club ; Science Fair ; Jr. Play Cast : Girls’ Ensemble ; Homecoming Sponsor ; Basketball, Co-Captain, Most Valuable Player; Fresh. Fling Committee; Jr. -Sr. Prom Committee. Judy Morton Class Rinps F. H. A, : Boostei-s Club : Black Hi-Y Masque Club : Homeroom Secretary : Red CROSSROADS Art Staff; Bible ball. Club; F. T. A. Richard Morton Athletic Banquet : Homeroom Vice-President ; Jr. Cross; Jr. Mixed Chorus; Base- Susie Napier Cheerleading F. T. A. : Boosters Club ; Black Masque Club ; Tri-Hi-Y, Secretary ; Student Council Representative, Sec- retary, Treasurer ; Homeroom Vice- President, Secretary. Treasurer, President; CROSSROADS Art Staff; Monogram Club ; Sr. Mixed Chorus ; Ninth Grade Chorus. Secretary; Superlatives, Most Popular, Most School-Spirited ; Class Officer, Treas- urer ; Jr. Play Cast; Homecoming Queen; Girls’ State Delegate; Youth Appreciation Week Councilman ; Who’s Who ; Homecoming Sponsor ; Homecoming Committee ; Cheerlead- er, Chief; Basketball; Jr. -Sr. Prom Committee; Black Masque Club; Soph. Hop Committee ; Sr. Banquet Waitress. Jo Lynn Pickier T. V. History Class F.T.A. : Boosters Club : National Honor Society ; Tri-Hi-Y ; Homeroom Secretary, Treasurer, President; CROSSROADS Literary Staff; FULL MOON News Staff ; Jr. -Sr. Prom Committee; Jr. Red Cross; Bible Club ; Jr. Mixed Chorus ; Science Fair; Sr. Banquet Waitress. the senior class ot 1961 Joe Rabon Mechanical Drawing F. H. A. ; Homeroom Vice-President; Science Fair: Jr. Mixed Chorus; Ninth Grade Chorus. Jean Rabon Our Trio Mary Frances Reynolds E. M. I. Weekends Tri-Hi-Y ; JL Red Cross : F. H. A., President, Song Leader, County His- torian ; Sr. Mixed Chorus; Jr. Mixed Chorus ; Ninth Grade Chorus ; Bas- ketball. Louie Rosenkranz A Camping Trip Transferred from Hayesville ; Deca Club. I I I Don Russell Jan Russell Linda Russell Physics Kilgo’s Kanteen Being Library Aid Science Fair Boosters Club ; Black Masque Club : Library Club. Hi-Y: CROSSROADS Art Staff: Bible Club, Secretary : Science Club : N. C. Jr. Academy Science Fair; Band. President. Vice-President: Jr.- Sr. Prom Committee : Fresh. Fling Committee : Soph. Hop Committee : Field Day. Johnny Saunders Football Boosters Club ; Black Masque Club Monogram Club, Vice-President Band: Football; Track: Baseball Golf: Academy Science Fair: Band, President. Diane Sells Being a Junior Boosters Club: Library Club: Bible Club: F. H. A. : Jr. Mixed Chorus. Pam Sells Cheerleading F. T. A. : Boosters Club, President : Black Masque : Tri-Hi-Y ; Homeroom Vice-President, Chaplain : CROSS- ROADS Literary Staff: FULL MOON Feature Staff : Monogram Club: Jr. Mixed Chorus: Ninth Grade Chorus : Homecoming Spon- sor ; Cheerleader ; Fresh. Fling Com- mittee : Soph. Hop Committee: Jr.- Sr. Prom Committee : Homecoming Committee : Sr. Banquet Waitress : Choral Workshop ; Science Fair. Jerry Shaver Wrestling Boosters Club : Hi-Y : Monogram Club: Track: Wrestling: Jr. -Sr. Prom Committee. Johnny Shelton Y. M. C. A. Basketball Boosters Club : Black Masque Club : Hi-Y, Vice-President : Student Coun- cil Representative : CROSSROADS Business Staff : FULL MOON Sports Staff : Modern Music Masters : Sr. Mixed Chorus : Jr. Mixed Chorus ; Ninth Grade Chorus ; Science Club : Marshal ; Track : Fresh. Fling Com- mittee ; Jr. -Sr. Prom Committee: Soph. Hop Committee : Homecoming Committee : Science Fair ; Homeroom Vice-President, Treasurer. Mary Sikes The 19G0 Presidential Election F.T.A. : Hoostei‘s Club : National Honor Society; Tri-Hi-Y. Vice-Presi- dent ; Homeroom Chaplain ; CROSS- ROADS Photography Staff; FULL MOON News Staff ; Modern Music Mastei s. Chaplain; Bible Club: Jr, Science Symposium ; Blue Ridjre Del- e rate ; Science Fair. Becky Smith The F.B.L.A. Picnic Transferred from New London ; Boosters Club; Black Masque Club; Tri-Hi-Y ; CROSSROADS Typing Staff ; Blue Ridge Delegate ; Bible Club; F.B.L.A., President; Basket- ball; Science Fair; Jr. -Sr. Prom Committee; Jr. Red Cross, Vice- President. Treasurer ; CROSSROADS Art Staff. Brenda Smith Wildacres F.T.A. ; Boosters Club: Black Masque Club ; Tri-Hi-Y Student Council Rep- resentative ; Homeroom President, Secretary, Treasurer ; Bible Club : Sr. Mixed Chorus ; Ninth Grade Chorus ; Jr. Play Cast : Homecom- ing Sponsor ; Civitan Conference Delegate to Wild Acres; Jr. -Sr. Prom Committee ; Sr. Banquet Waitress ; Homecoming Committee. Edith Smith Basketball F.T.A. : Boosters Club ; Black Masque Club, Vice-President; Tri-Hi-Y; Stu- dent Council Representative; Home- room Vice-President: CROSSROADS Literary Staff ; Bible Club ; Debate Club, Treasurer ; Monogram Club ; Sr. Mixed Chorus ; Jr. Mixed Chorus, Vice-President ; Ninth Grade Chorus ; Superlative, Most Athletic ; Girls’ Ensemble ; Homecoming Sponsor ; Basketball, Co-Captain ; Fresh. Fling Committee : Soph. Hop Committee ; Jr. -Sr. Prom Committee; Sr. Ban- quet Waitress ; Homecoming Commit- tee ; Field Day ; Science Fair. Marie Smith Bookkeeping Library Club: F.H.A. ; F.B.L.A. Nancy Smith The Prom F.T.A.; Boosters Club; National Honor Society : Black Masque Club, Secretary; Tri-Hi-Y. President : Hjmeroom Secretary, Guidance Lead- er. President ; CROSSROADS Lit- erary Staff: FULL MOON Feature Editor; Bible Club; Sr. Mixed Cho- rus: Jr. Mixed Chorus; Ninth Grade Chorus; Jr. Play Cast; Homecoming Sponsor ; Marshal : Field Day ; Sci- ence Fair ; Fresh. Fling Committee ; Soph. Hop Committee; Jr. -Sr. Prom Committee; Sr. Banquet Waitress; Homecoming Committee; N. C. Schol- astic Press Institute ; Who’s Who. Ted Snotherly Senior Mixed Chorus Boosters Club ; Black Masque Club ; Hi-Y, Treasurer : Student Council Representative ; CROSSROADS Busi- ness Staff ; FULL MOON Sports Staff: Jr. Red Cross; Sr. Mixed Chorus: Bays’ Double Quartet; Var- sity Football ; B-Team Football. Marie Snuggs Homecoming F.T.A. ; Boosters Club ; Black Masque Club ; Tri-Hi-Y : Student Council Representative ; Homeroom Presi- dent : CROSSROADS Business Staff; Jr. Red Cross ; Bible Club ; Ninth Grade Chorus; Homecoming Sponsor; Basketball; Fresh. Fling Committee; Soph. Hop Committee; Jr. -Sr. Prom Committee; Sr. Banquet Waitress; Homecoming Committee; Field Day; Science Fair. Bill Springer Math James Starnes Terry Still Kent Stoker My First Wrestling Match Wrestling Deca Club Monogram Club; Wrestling. Wrestling; B-Team Football: Track; Baseball; Deca Club. Hi-Y ; Boys’ Double Quartet ; Ninth Grade Chorus ; Jr. Mixed Chorus ; Sr. Mixed Chorus ; Summer Choral Workshop ; Science Fair ; Field Day ; Homecoming Commitee ; Science Fair; Sr. Banquet Committee. the senior class of 1901 Fred Stokes Beating Kannapolis In Basketball Boosters Club ; Homeroom President ; Jr. Red Cross ; Monogram Club ; Soph. Class President; Basketball, Co-Cap- tain ; Track ; Soph. Hop Committee ; Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee; Field Day. Sandra Stone Choral Workshop Boosters Club ; Tri-Hi-Y ; CROSS- ROADS Typing Staff ; Jr. Red Cross : Bible Club ; Sr. Mixed Cho- rus ; Jr. Mixed Chorus; Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee ; Choral Woi’kshop ; Sr. Banquet Waitress ; Ninth Grade Chorus. Steve Surratt My Junior Year Boosters Club ; Black Masque Club ; Hi-Y, Chaplain ; Student Council Representative ; Homeroom V i c e- President ; CROSSROADS Photogra- phy Staff ; Debate Club ; Monogram Club : Superlative, Friendliest ; Sci- ence Club; Band; Jr. Play Cast; Basketball Manager ; Fresh. Fling Committee ; Soph. Hop Committee ; Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee. Suzanne Swindell THE FULL MOON F.T.A. ; Boosters Club, Seci’etary, Treasurer ; National Honor Society ; Black Masque Club ; Tri-Hi-Y, Presi- dent, Vice-President ; Student Coun- cil Representative; Homeroom Vice- President, Secretary ; CROSSROADS Photography Staff; FULL MOON Editor ; Jr. Red Cross ; Superlative, Friendliest : Fresh. Class President ; Soph. Class Treasurer ; Fresh. Fling Committee ; Soph. Hop Committee ; Jr. -Si’. Prom Committee; Sr. Ban- quet Waitress ; Blue Ridge Delegate ; Who’s Who ; Science Fair ; N. C. Scholastic Press Institute ; Youth Appreciation Week Councilman. Sara Talbert W. C. Talbert Parties and Dancing Chemistry F. T. A. : Boosters Club : Black Boo sters Club ; Hi-Y : Jr. Mixed MasQue Club: Tri-Hi-Y : CROSS- Chorus; Science Fair; Ninth Grade ROADS Literary Staff ; Bible Club ; Chorus. Jr. Play Cast; Jr. Mixed Chorus; Superlative, Most Talkative: Fresh. Fling Committee ; Soph. Hop Com- mittee; Jr. -Sr. Prom Committee; Sr. Banquet Waitress ; Homecoming Committee; Field Day; Jr. Red Cross ; Science Fair. Brenda Thompson Carolyn Thompson The Ninth Grade Chorus The Sophomore Hop F. T. A. : Boosters Club : Black Boosters Club ; Tri-Hi-Y : Library Masque Club; Tri-Hi-Y; CROSS- Club, Secretary; Bible Club; F. H. A. ROADS Photography Staff ; Library Club ; Bible Club ; Debate Club ; Creative Writing and Speech Club; Sr. Mixed Chorus ; Ninth Grade Cho- rus ; Jr. Play Cast; Science Fair; Fresh. Fling Committee. the senior class of 1961 Delores Thompson Football Games Boosters Club ; Library Club ; F. H. A. ; Band ; Deca Club. Boyd Treece Physical Education Baseball Team. Pam Treece Being Demolay Sweetheart Boosters Club ; National Honor So- ciety, Secretary ; Black Masque Club . Tri-Hi-Y, Chaplain ; Student Council Representative ; Homeroom Secre- tary ; CROSSROADS Literary Edi- tor ; FULL MOON Managing Editor ; Modern Music Masters, Treasurer ; Bible Club ; Sr. Mixed Chorus, Presi- dent ; Ninth Grade Chorus; Superla- tives, Best All Around, Most Tal- ented; Fresh. Class Secretary; Jr. Class Secretary ; Girls’ Ensemble ; Homecoming Sponsor ; Chief Mar- shal : Fresh. Fling Committee ; Sum- mer Choral Workshop ; Piano Audi- tions ; State Piano Contest ; Science Fair ; Who’s Who ; American Field Service Finalist ; Student Handbook Committee ; Homecoming Committee ; State Choral Workshop. Carolyn Troublefield My first day at work F. H. A., Program Chairman: F.B.L.A., Reporter; Deca Club, Treasurer. John Troublefield Sue Troublefield Being Sr. Class President Physical Education Boosters Club; Black Masque Club; Boosters Club; F. H. A. Hi-Y ; Student Council Represent- ative ; Homeroom Treasurer ; Debate Club ; Sr. Mixed Chorus ; Superla- tive, Most Original ; Sr. Class Presi- dent ; Jr. Play Cast : Student Ro- tarian ; Track ; Wrestling ; Jr. -Sr. Prom Committee; Traffic Control Chairman. Jerry Tucker The Jr. -Sr. Prom Boosters Club ; Black Masque Club ; Hi-Y ; Homeroom Vice-President, President : CROSSROADS Photogra- phy Staff ; Superlatives, Most Pop- ular, Cutest, Most Talkative ; Science Club ; Band, Secretary - Treasurer ; Fresh. Fling Commitee : Soph. Hop Committee; Jr. -Sr. Prom Commit- tee ; Homecoming Committee : Sr. Banquet Committee. Phoebe Tucker The Prom Boosters Club; Library Club; Bible Club : F. H. A., Historian ; F.B.L.A. ; Jr. Mixed Chorus ; Ninth Grade Cho- rus. William Walker Football Games Boosters Club; Hi-Y; Jr. Red Cross: Monogram Club : Jr. Mixed Chorus : Ninth Grade Chorus ; Superlative, Best Looking ; Deca Club, Historian : Varsity Football ; Basketball ; Track. Dan Walter Bowling Boosters Club; Homeroom Vice-Presi- dent; Wrestling: Jr. -Sr. Prom Com- mittee. Don Walter Wrestling BDOsters Club; CROSSROADS Busi- ness Staff; Jr. Red Cross; Mono- gram Club; Wrestling. Tommy Ward The Prom Boosters Club ; Black Masque Club ; Hi-Y : CROSSROADS Photography Staff : Library Club, Secretary, ' Treasurer ; Bible Club : Band, Vice- President ; Wrestling: Jr. -Sr. Prom Committee: Soph. Hop Committee; Sr. Banquet Committee ; Science Club : Science Fair : Library Club ; Library Aid. Steve Watson Business Manaprer of FULL MOON Boosters Club, Secretary-Treasurer : Hi-Y. Chaplain; Homeroom Vice- President ; CROSSROADS Business Staff; FULL MOON Business and News Staff ; Jr. Red Cross ; Science Club; Jr. Play Cast; Soph. Hop Committee; Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee; Homecominp: Committee ; Sr. Banquet Committee; Science Fair; Who’s Who ; N. C. Scholastic Press Insti- tute; Golf. Miriam Wilhoit Week-Ends Boosters Club ; Tri-Hi-Y ; Student Council Representative ; Modern Music Masters ; Debate Club ; Sr. Mixed Chorus; Jr. Mixed Chorus. Eddie Wilson The Parties after the Prom Boosters Club; Black Masque Club; Hi-Y. President, Vice-President ; Stu- dent Council Representative ; Home- room Vice-President : Bible Club ; Sr. Mixed Chorus ; Jr. Mixed Chorus ; Ninth Grade Chorus ; Football ; Bas- ketball ; Track ; Soph. Hop Commit- tee ; Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee; Home- coming Committee Field Day. Roy Wilson The Jr. Play Boosters Club ; Black Masque Club ; Homeroom Chaplain ; FULL MOON Photography Editor. News Staff ; Jr. Red Cross; Sr. Mixed Chorus; Jr. Play Cast; Boys’ Double Quartet; Jr. Mixed Chorus. the senior class of 1961 Gwendolyn Williams Football Game.s CROSSROADS Photography Staff ; Library Club; F. H. A. Mike Wolfe Football Boosters Club ; Monogram Club ; Hi-Y. President, Secretary, Treas- urer: CFiOSSROADS Literary Staff; Student Lion ; FULL MOON Spo " ts Editor; Who’s Who; Football. Co- Captain, All Conference; Fresh. Fling Committe; Jr.-Sr. Prom Com- Hjmeroom President; Sr. Tj ' easurer : Track : Athlete of t.he Month. Top Annual Salesman Mike Fusonie JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS President SHERRY PEGRAM Secretary ROWENA KLUTTZ Vice-President JOHNNY FURR Treasurer LESTER BIVENS Sponsor MRS. ROBERT DEESE Every class dreams of the time when they will be old enough to go to the Junior-Se- nior Prom, and the Junior Class of 1960- 1961 is no exception. It is their responsibil- ity to give the members of the Senior Class a beautiful and never-to-be forgotten Prom. Here we find Lester estimating the over- all cost, while Johnny and Rowena measure the gym, and SheiTy and Mrs. Deese make final decoration plans for the much antici- pated night. 33 Phillip Aldridge Richard Aldridge Janet Allred Margaret Allred Becky Almond Judy Almond Milton Almond Bobbie Atkins Skippy Baldwin Danny Ballard Jackie Barbee Gary Barrier Becky Basinger Faye Bauer Beth Bennett Lester Bivens Evelyn Best Mary Ellen Bowen Roger Burleson Steve Burleson fe ' - ' Iris Burris Joe Burris Julie Butler Sue Byrd James Caudle William Clemmons Lane Coble Vonda Cole Brenda Cranford Lenora Cranford the junior class Brenda Crisco Bill Crawley Danny Davis Ronald Deese Lloyd Crisco Barbara Doby Roger Crowell Wayne Dry Jane Crutchfield George Efird Billie Eudy Cathy Freeman Pattie Faggart Johnny Furr Sylvia Fesperman Pauline Furr Don Floyd Tommy Furr Joe Franklin Tony Furr the junior class John Garrison John Gore Judy Griffin Johnny Gaddy Jane Greer Bobby Garner Elizabeth Guthrie Claudia Hall Pat Hall Diane Harris Sheila Harris Benny Harwood Kay Hathcock Diane Hatley Ellen Hatley Janice Hearne Ann Henderson James Hendley Dean Herrin Sue Hinson Alan Holt Judy Huneycutt Loretta Holt Nell Huneycutt Janet Honbarrier Sandra Huneycutt Richard Honeycutt Judy Hudson Dan Honeycutt Howard Hussy Rowena Kluttz Sylvia Kluttz Janet Koontz Sharon Lane Faye Laton Kaye Laton Rayvon Laton Joe Laughlin Jerry La vhon Linda Lefler Lloyd Little Ralph Lucas Tommy Little Terry Mabe Edward Lewder Walter Manley Lane Lowder Jerry Mauldin Mickey Lowder Johnny Mauldin Mickey Mauldin Tommy Mauldin Wayne Mauney Betty Lynn Morgan Jimmy Morgan Brenda Morris Jane Morton Louis Morton Svlvia Morton Gary McGalliard the junior class Eddie McLester Donald Pearce Sherry Pegram Raymond Perry Bobby Richards Cecelia Roache Sherry Robertson Harriet Reeves Jimmy Nance Betty Revell Nancy Russell Donald Simpson Susie Russell Mike Skidmore Arthur Sells Brenda Smith Ronald Sells Daniel Smith Frances Sides Jerry Smith the junior class Joyce Smith Charles Stockton Vivian Smith Nancy Stoker Gay Snuggs Rebecca Swaringen Larry Solomon Bill Sweet Roy Springer Barry Talbert Barbara Thomas Frankie Troutman Delores Thompson Hinky Tucker Nancy Thompson Sandra Tucker Robert Thorneburg Lana Turner Coleman Treadway Patsy Turner Jeff Underwood Jimmy Whitley Carolyn Varner June Whitley Sylvia Wall Linda Whitley Jimmy Watson Richard Whitley Ann Whitley Sheila Wilcalis Jimmy Williams Joyce Williams Wanda Williams Judy Wilson Brenda York Kenneth York the junior class 42 SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS President STEVE GRIFFIN Vice-President GARY MORTON Sponsor Without a doubt, the most exciting experi- ence to new Sophomores at Albemarle Senior High School is being in the beautiful new building itself. Perhaps the modern com- forts and conveniences may seem a little too Secretary NELSON SMITH Treasurer BILL McKENZIE KENNETH NYE inviting and irresistible at first. Gary, Nel- son, Bill and Steve are proof of this fact as they are caught taking it easy in the student lounge. 43 Donna Allen Joe Allen Paul Allred Margaret Archer James Arey James Barbee James Barrier Gleason Barringer John Barringer Vivian Blalock Jane Boaz Johnny Boaz Hurley Bowers Merle Britt Hinky Broadwell Mike Burleson Catherine Burr Helen Burris Richard Burris Hilton Butler A1 Calder George Carpenter Wayne Chance Farrell Chandler Tony Clark Sue Clayton Wayne Cranford Lynda Crisco Max Crisco Steve Crisco Ronnie Culp Seven Culpepper Gwen Davis Ronnie Deese Gaynelle Deese John Dewald 44 Wayne Dick Billy Dobbs Patsy Dorsey Judy Drye Richard Dunn Raymond Earnhardt Louise Earnhardt Nettie Earnhardt Charles Edwards Ann Efird Ellen Efird Nancy Elsen Doris Eudy Sylvia Feldman Johnny Fesperman Carol Franklin Beverly Freeman Barbara Furr the sophomore class Rickie Furr Johnny Gaddy Myrna Gould Diane Greene Steve Griffin Sylvia Griffin Jerry Hager Joe Haire Freddie Harkey Drinda Harley Judy Harrington William Harrison Nancy Harris Olivia Hartsell Edith Harwood Joan Hathcock Ronald Hathcock Annie Hatley 45 Larry Hatley Linda Hatley Jane Herlocker Jo Ann Herrin Oscar Hinson Ronald Howard Garry Howell Ann Hudson Vicky Hudson David Huneycutt Diane Huneycutt Larry Huneycutt Ruben Huneycutt Susan Kayler Tom Keener James Keever Judy Kimrey Joan Lambert the sophomore class Mildred Lambert Tommy Lander Rachel Lefler James Leonard Larry Lisk James Lorch Edward Lowder James Lowder Myron Lowder Ruth Lowder Larry Mabry Troy Mabry Floyd MacDonald Bill Mauldin Diane Mauldin Janice Mauldin Larry Mauney Bill McKenzie I 46 Gail McSwain Chuck Miller Lynn Miller Paul Morgan Brenda Morris Jerry Morris Joanna Morris Bertha Morton Betty Morton Delores Morton Gary Morton Phillip Morton Jack Norton Julia O’Steen Bi enda Page Neville Patterson Mary Jo Pierce Sylvia Pinion Janet Poplin Carrleeta Redfern Andrea Roche Sylvia Rodiqruez Jane Rogers Nancy Regex ' S Susan Rogers Wayne Seymour Larry Shoe Peggy Simpson Gayzelle Smith Janice Smith Josephine Smith Judy Smith Nelson Smith Peggy Smith Steve Smith Susan Snotherly Gene SnuKK« Jennings Solomon Linda Southern Edward Springer Judy Starnes Kathy Still Paul Stoker Keith Swanner Gary Swaringen Linda Talbert Joyce Terry Shirley Thompson Tony Thompson Linda Trimber Jeff Tucker Jo Ann Tucker Wanda Tucker Judy Underwood the sophomore class Johnny Vanhoy Kaye Vickers Arvil Von Cannon John Waldrop Linda Ward Johnny Whitley Gene Williams Gimme that ball!!! Tyson’s Gang: WITTIEST Lydia Hearne Steve Isenhour MOST TALKATIVE Sara Talbert Jerry Tucker MOST INFLUENTIAL Susan Ausband Mary Hill Hatley Kenny Furr SENIOR 50 FRIENDLIEST SUPERLATIVES Steve Surratt Suzanne Swindell MOST POPULAR Susie Napier Jerry Tucker MOST DEPENDABLE [Nancy Finan Ronnie Herrin BEST ALL AROUND Kenny Furr Pam Treece 51 CUTEST Jerry Tucker Karen Herndon MOST STUDIOUS Robert Iddings Mary Hill Hatley SENIOR MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Kenny Furr Nancy Finan BEST LOOKING William Walker Louise Furr 52 MOST TALENTED Bryan Fox Pam Treece MOST ORIGINAL David Blalock Susan Ausband John Troublefield I SUPERLATIVES MOST SCHOOL SPIRITED Susie Napier Don Burgess MOST ATHLETIC Kent Montgomery Edith Smith I D.A.R. GOOD CITM CIVITAN COIEREIE DELEGATE Brenda Smith Mary Hill Hatley GIRLS’ m BOYS’ STATE DELEGATES Ronnie Herrin Susie Napier Kenny Furr 54 First Row: June Whitley, Jo Ann Lambert, Delores Morton, Pam Treece, Chief; Sylvia Wall, Nancy Smith. MARSHALS Inger Blomfelt Second Row: Judy Harris, Rowena Kluttz, Johnny Shelton, James Howell, Jimmy Barrier, Sherry Pegram EXCHANGE STIDENTS Robert Iddings 55 HOMECOMING SPONSORS First Row: Brenda York, Cathy Freeman, Marie Snuggs, Lydia Hearne, Diane Butler, Nancy Lang- ley, Cecelia Roache, Delores Morton, Florence Mor- ton, Susie Napier. Second Row: Nancy Rogers, Rickie Furr, Linda Haynes, Louise Furr, Betsy Holbrook. Third Row: Sylvia Wall, Janice Hearne, Carrleeta Redfern, Rowena Kluttz, Brenda Morris, Nancy Smith, Pam Sells. Fourth Row: Wanda Tucker, Judy Chandler, Nancy Stoker, Faye Bauer, Linda Lefler, Barbara Everhart. Fifth Row: Diane Greene, Olivia Hartsell, Ellen Efird, Vickie Hud- son, Vivian Smith, June Whitley, Jane Rogers, Ken- nie Tucker. Sixth Row: Jo Ann Tucker, Judy Un- derwood, Nancy Elsen, Bobbie Atkins, Loretta Holt, Kathy Still, Karen Herndon, Judy Starnes, Susan Rogers, Diane Honeycutt. SENIOR CLASS MASCOTS Gwendolyn Roxanne Howell Hal Wade Ingram, Jr. 56 CARROUSEL PROCESS Lydia Hearne 58 MISS MERRY CHRISTMAS Inger Blomfelt V CARROUSEL PRINCESS A Carrousel Princess is selected each year by the members of the senior class. A meeting is held in September and nomina- tions for Carrousel Princess are made at this time. The entire senior class then votes and the winning senior girl is the Carrousel Princess for that year. She is officially crowned in October by a member of the Toastmasters’ Club representing Charlotte’s Carrousel Committee. Then in November, all the Carrousel Princesses from North and South Carolina spend two exciting days in Charlotte. Among their activities are a Car- rousel Ball and riding in the Carrousel pa- rade. HOMECOMING QUEEN The girl who wins the title of Homecoming Queen is determined by the members of the football team. Every year a date is set for Homecoming activities, and each football player selects a girl to sponsor him for the occasion. On ly those girls sponsoring senior boys are eligible for Homecoming Queen. The football team meets and votes between these girls. On Homecoming night, after a big and beautiful half-time ceremony, the Queen is crowned. MISS MERRY CHRISTMAS A Miss Merry Christmas is chosen every year by the whole senior class. Each senior homeroom selects its own candidate. Then every member of the senior class has an opportunity to vote by secret ballot between these senior girls. The winner is declared Miss Merry Christmas, and she is honored by being the main feature in Albemarle’s annual Christmas parade. 59 A. H. H. S. Beauty Queens for 1961 60 OFFICERS Vice-President Jeff Underwood Sponsor Mrs. Trailer D. Young Treasurer Susie Napier Secretary Judy Starnes President Kenny Furr STllDEW COUML REPRESENTATIVES First Row; Pam Treece, Janice Hearne, Vivian Smith, Jan Barrier, Inger Blomfelt, Judy Harris, Susan Ausband. Second Row: Suzanne Swindell, Barbara Doby, Sherry Pegram, Marie Snuggs, Nettie Earnhart, Betsy Holbrook, Ann Bell, Gay Snuggs. Third Row: Tommy Lander, Bill McKenzie, Steve Griffin, Larry Hatley, James Caudle. Fourth Row: Craven Morton, John Trouble- field, David Blalock, Raymond Earnhardt. 62 1 Mary Hill Hatley Pam Treece, Secretary Susan Ausband Judy Harris Nancy Finan, Treasurer Robert Iddings, President MTIOML HONOR SOCIETY The ideals Honor Society Scholarship, Service. To be membership in this student must first scholastic must be judged the basis of the he can become a are Mrs. Westerlund of the National are Character, Leadership, and eligible for society, a possess a high average. Then he by the faculty on four ideals before member. Co-sponsors and Mrs. Deese. iMargaret- Ann Furr, Vice-President Nancy Smith Diane Griffin Jo Lynn Pickier Kenny Furr Trina Holt Judy Chandler Louise Furr 63 Inger Blomfelt CROSSROADS EDITOR Susan Ausband BUSINESS MANAGER Ronnie Herrin Assistant Editor Betsy Holbrook Advisor Mrs. John Helms Co-Assistant Business Manager Bill Burbage Co-Advisor Mrs. Jacob Carter Sandra Holt Art Editor ART STAFF Seated: Peggy Doby, Hazel Grose. Judy Morton, Brenda Smith, Linda Haynes. Standing: David Blalock, Diane Lefler, Jan Russell, Susie Napier, Mike Caudle, Jan Barrier. Pat Lawhon Typing Editor TYPING STAFF Seated: Pat Black, Barbara Everhart. Standing: Nancy Aldridge, Jean Efird, Peggy Garrett, Bryan Fox, Sandra Stone, Jane Arey, Joyce Huneycutt, Brenda Gregson, Becky Smith, not pictured. 64 LITERARY STAFF Seated: Sara Talbert, Edith Smith, Nancy Finan. Diane Butler, Mary Hill Hatley. Standing: Florence Morton, Pam Sells, Karen Herndon, Gary Mauldin, Mike Wolfe, Judy Harris. Jo Lynn Pickier, Nancy Langley, Ann Bell, Nancy Smith, Steve Isenhour, Kenny Furr. Pam Treece Literary Editor BUSINESS STAFF Seated: Lydia Hearne, Margaret Ann Furr, Mike Fusonie, Judy Chandler, Marie Snuggs. Standing: Sylvia Barnes, Linda Harwood, Don Walter, Louise Furr, Sheila McManus, Johnny Shelton, Steve Watson, Jimmy Aldridge, Gerald Holt, Ted Snother- ly, Diane Griffin. Margaret Ann Casper, Co-Assist. Business Manager PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF First Row : Linda Eudy, Roberta Lampsi, Inger Blomfelt, Mary Sikes. Second Row: Gwendolyn Williams, Sharon Cranford, Carolyn Lowder, Trina Holt, Suzanne Swindell. Third Row: Jerry Tucker, Don Burgess, Elwin Lowder, Steve Surrat, Tommy Ward, Frank Casper, Stanly Big- gers, Brenda Furr, Robert Iddings, Photography Co-Editors. 65 FULL MOON EDITOR Suzanne Swindell BUSINESS MANAGER Steve Watson Managing Editor Pam Treece Advisor Mrs. Paul Fry Assistant Business Manager Kenny Furr Judy Harris News Editor NEWS STAFF Seated: Margaret Ann Casper, Jo Lynn Pickier. Standing: Scottie Burle- son, Jann Barrier, Mary Sikes, Sharon Cranford. Nancy Smith Feature Editor FEATURE STAFF Seated : Pam Sells, Karen Herndon, Nancy Aldridge. Standing: Linda Haynes, Judy Chandler, Robert Id- dings, Louise Furr. 66 SPORTS STAFF Seated: Johnny Greene, Craven Mor- ton, Ted Snotherly, Johnny Shelton. Standing:s: Frank Casper. Mike Wolfe Sports Editor BUSINESS STAFF Roy Wilson, Diane Griffin, Florence Morton, Rnoald Hall. EDITORIAL STAFF Steve Watson, Pam Trece, Bill Bur- bagre, Suzanne Swindell, Mary Hill Hatley. 67 First Row: Jerry Tucker, Inger Blomfelt, Judy Harris, Janet Allred. Julie Butler, Mary Sikes, Jo Lynn Pickier. Second Row: Frank Casper, Wayne Huneycutt, Priscilla McSwain, J ann Bar- rier, Betty Morton, Beverly Freeman. Margaret Ann Casper. Third Row: Mary Ellen Bo ven, Jo Ann Tucker, Ellen Efird, Rickie Furr, Tommy Ward, Johnny Boaz, Sara Talbert, Sheila Wilcalis, Nettie Earnhart, Nancy Harris, Rachel Lefler, Joanna Morris. Fourth Row: Janice Mauldin, Joyce Williams, Sue Hin- son, Diana Harris, Brenda Smith, Rebecca Swaringen, Sandra Stone, Linda Harwood, Lana Turner, Sandra Huneycutt, Ro- berta Lampsi. Fifth Row: Carolyn Varner, Shai ' on Cranford, Jean Efird, Sylvia Griffin, Roger Burleson, Roy Springer, Gay Snuggs, Sharon Lane. BIBLE m The purpose of the Bible Club is threefold: to become better acquainted with God’s word, to witness to others by word and deed, and to promote Christian fellowship among young people. The basis for this purpose is I John 1:1-3. OFFICERS President -Mary Hill Hatley Vice-President Diane Griffin Secretary Jan Russell Treasurer Bryan Fox 68 Christmas Play CLUB The purpose of the Black Masque Club is to train those interested in dramatics and to entertain the student body. First Row: Milton Butler, Brenda Furr, Stanley Biggers, Ger aid Holt, Steve Watson. Judy Chandler, President; Edith Smith, Vice President ; Betsy Holbrook, Secretary ; Diane Butler, Treasurer ; Bobbie Atkins, Loretta Holt, Vivian Smith, Ellen Watley, Pam Sells, Janice Hearne. Second Row: Jimmy Mor- gan, Jann Barrier, Frank Casper. Ted Snotherly, Ronnie Her- rin, Bill Burbage, Eddie Wilson, George Efird, Johnny Gar- rison, Elizabeth Guthrie, Julie Butler, Betty Revell, Mary Ellen Bowen, Brenda Smith, Karen Herndon, Jerry Tucker, Nancy Smith, Florence Morton, Sara Talbert, Mike Fusonie, Johnny Shelton, Steve Surratt. Third Row: Jane Morton, Gay Snuggs, Judy Morton, Roberta Lampsi, Mary Hill Hatley, Brenda Gregson, Louise Furr, Susan Ausband, Lydia Hearne, Susie Napier, Marie Snuggs, Kaye Vickers, Nancy Langley, Susan Kayler, Bryan Fox, Ann Bell, Linda Haynes, Sylvia Wall, Judy Hudson, Jackie Barbee, Faye Bauer, Brenda York, Brenda Morris, Sherry Pegram, Sheila Harris, Robert Id- dings, Lana Turner, Margaret Allred, Robert Thorneburg, Cathy Freeman, Frances Sides, June Whitle, Betty Lynn Mor- gan, Judy Wilson, Harriet Reeves, Pauline Furr, Rowena Kluttz, Linda Lefler. Fourth Row: John Troublefield, Diane Griffin, Judy Harris, Susan Rogers, Ellen Efird, Margaret Ann Furr. Fifth Row: Roy Wilson, Wayne Honeycutt, Nancy Russell. Jane Greer, Barbara Doby, Sylvia Fesperman. Sixth Row: Tommy Ward, Olivia Hartsell, Jimmy Aldridge, Rebecca Swaringen, Brenda Smith. FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA First Row: Linda Harwood, President; Kay Hathcock, Vice- President; Marie Smith, Secretary (not pictured) ; Pat Dorsey, Treasurer; Jane Rogers, Historian; Gwen Davis, Reporter; Carlene Hinson, Song Leader ; Joan Hathcock, County Re- porter. Second Row: Sylvia Barnes, Beverly Freeman, Nancy Harris, Donna Allen, Sharon Lane, Joyce Williams, Patsy Tur- ner, Susie Russell, Kay Vickers. Third Row: Margaret Archer, Drinda Harley, Katrina Lefler, Wanda Williams, Julie Butler, Barbara Everhart, Jane Herlocker, Phyllis Boone. Fourth Row: Mildred Lambert, Sue Troublefield, Betty Hudson, Barbara Furr, Pattie Faggart, Brenda Hopkins, Marlene Burleson, Gwendolyn Williams, Sponsor, Mrs. Coble. 70 FCTllE TEACHERS OF AMERICA First Row: Betsy Holbrook, President; Suzanne Swindell, Vice- President; Diane Butler, Secretary; Judy Wilson, Treasurer; Margaret Allred, Chaplain ; Mrs. Robert Gantt, Sponsor. Sec- ond Row: Sylvia Fesperman, Rowena Kluttz, Linda Lefler, Loretta Holt, Delores Morton, Susan Ausband. Third Row: Diana Harris, Gay Snuggs, Susie Napier, Marie Snuggs, Louise Furr, Pam Sells, Sara Talbert. Betty Morton, Frances Sides. Fourth Row: Mary Ellen Bowen, Nancy Langley, Lydia Hearne, Janice Hearne, Ann Bell, Susan Rogers, Joanna Morris, Rachel Lefler. Fifth Row: Barbara Doby, Sherry Pegram, Brenda Morris, Sheila Harris, Judy Chandler, Judy Hudson, Nancy Finan, Lana Turner, Judy Harris, Mary Hill Hatley. Sixth Row: Carolyn Varner, Brenda Smith, Harriet Reeves, Jane Greer, Julie Butler, Janet Allred, Jo Lynn Pickier, Diane Griffin. Seventh Row: Judy Almond, Pauline Furr, Elizabeth Guthrie, Sue Byrd. June Whitley, Mary Sikes. Eighth Row: Nancy Thompson, Trina Holt, Bobbie Atkins, Cathy Freeman, Sheila Wilcalis, Linda Haynes, Nancy Smith, Jean Efird. Ninth Row: Nancy Stoker, Jane Morton, Diane Lefler, Sandra Huneycutt, Judy Morton, Betty Revell, Sylvia Wall, Betty Lynn Morgan, Becky Basinger, Nancy Russell, Ellen Hatley. 71 HI-Y CLUBS To create, maintain, and extend throughout the school, home, and com- munity high standards of Christian character. SENIOR First Row: Mike Fusonie, President; Johnny Shelton. Eddie Wilson. Co-Vice-President : Bill Burbage, Secretary ; Kenny Furr, Treasurer ; Steve Isenhour, Chaplain ; Kenneth Nye, Spon- sor (not pictured). Second Row: Wayne Honey- cutt, Jerry Tucker, Johnny Gehring, Tommy Ward, Mike Wolfe. Third Row: Don Burgess, Steve Surratt, W. C. Talbert, Steve Watson, Craig Morgan. Fourth Row: Ronnie Holt, Craven Morton, Gary Maldin. Fifth Row: Stan- ley Biggers, Jerry Shaver, William Walker. JUNIOR First Row: Lester Biven, President; Arthur Sells, Vice-President ; Tony Furr, Secretary- Treasurer ; Mike Skidmore, Chaplain. Second Row: Johnny Furr, Richard Whitley, Don Simpson, Robert Thorneburg, James Caudle. Third Row: Rayvon Laton, Mickey Mauldin, Jerry Smith, Benny Harwood, Dan Huney- cutt. Bill Sweet. Fourth Row: Jimmy Whitley, Danny Davis, Bobby Richards, Don Pearce, Ed- die McLester, Tommy Little. SOPHOMORE First Row: Jimmy Barbee, President; Gary Morton. Vice-President; Jack Norton, Secre- tary ; Nelson Smith, Treasurer ; Steve Griffin, Chaplain; Bill Tyson, Sponsor. Second Row: Tommy Lander, Billy Dobbs, Gene Williams, Bill Mauldin, Charles Edwards, Tony Clark. Third Row: Mike Burleson, A1 Calder, Myron Lawder, Neville Patterson, Johnny Boaz. Fourth Row: Gene Snuggs, Bill McKenzie, Steve Smith, Eddie Lowder, Jeff Tucker. 72 TRI HI Y CLUBS To create, maintain, and extend throughout the school, home, and com- munity high standards of Christian character. SENIOR First Row: Nancy Smith, President; Linda Haynes, Vice-President ; Karen Herndon, Sec- retary ; Margaret Ann Furr, Treasurer ; Mary Hill Hatley, Chaplain. Second Row: Edith Smith, Pam Sells, Priscilla McSwain, Jann Barrier, Marie Snuggs, Betsy Holbrook, Louise Furr, Nancy Langley. Third Row : Sheila McManus, Nancy Aldridge, Sara Talbert, Sandra Stone, Nancy Finan, Pam Treece, Margaret Ann Casper, Suzanne Swindell. Fourth Row: Mary Sikes, Judy Harris, Inger Blomfelt, Brenda Thompson, Sharon Cranford, Jo Lynn Pickier, Jean Efird. Fifth Row: Ann Bell, Judy Chan- dler, Roberta Lampsi, Peggy Garrett, Diane Griffin. Sixth Row: Brenda Smith, Susie Napier, Lydia Hearne, Diane Butler, Sponsor ; Mrs. Lillian Taylor (not pictured). JUNIOR First Row : Bobbie Atkins, President ; Barbara Doby, Vice-President; Judy Wilson, Secretary; Harriet Reeves, Treasurer ; Margaret Allred, Chaplain ; Miss Thomas, Sponsor. Second Row : Faye Bauer, Jackie Barbee, Elizabeth Guthrie, Loretta Holt, Ellen Hatley, Betty Lynn Morgan, Vivian Smith, Jane Greer. Third Row: Sherry Pegram, Cathy Freeman, Brenda Morris, Fran- ces Sides, Gay Snuggs, Sharon Lane. Fourth Row: Sue Hinson, Diane Hatley, Brenda Smith, Nancy Russell, Sylvia Wall, Pauline Furr, Janice Hearne, Sheila Harris, Becky Basinger, Julie Butler. SOPHOMORE First Row: Judy Starnes, President; Gaynelle Deese, Vice-President ; Nancy Rogers, Secre- tary ; Judy Underwood, Treasurer: Ricky Furr, Gail McSwain, Co-Chaplains. Second Row: Ellen Efird, Delores Morton, Carrleeta Red- fern, Sylvia Feldman. Third Row: Betty Mor- ton, Beverly Freeman, Joanna Morris, Janice Mauldin, Joan Lambert, Diane Greene. Fourth Row: JoAnn Tucker, Diane Huneycutt, Susan Rogers, Nancy Harris, Mary Jo Pierce, Rachel Lefler, Nancy Elsen, Sponsor, Miss Elizabeth Broome (not pictured). 73 LIBRARY CLUB LIBRARY CLUB Seated: Sheila McManus, President; Betty Hudson, Vice-Presi- dent; Carolyn Thompson, Secretary; Tommy Ward, Treasurer and Reporter. First Row: Margaret Barbee, Phoebe Tucker, Brenda Hoi kins, Judy Blackwell. Joyce Benton, Doris Eudy, Sylvia Barnes. Second Row: Mrs. Harrison. Sj)onsor ; Linda Eudy. Sue Clayton, Dianna Harris, Pat Black, Judy Hudson, Gwendolyn Williams, Lina Harwood, Marlene Burleson, Sharon Lane, Wayne Huneycutt, Joyce Williams, Frank Casijer, Jim- my Watson, Judy Almond. REB CROSS REPRESEMTIVES RED CROSS REPRESENTATIVES First Row : Nancy Aldridge, President ; Jane Crutchfield. Sec- retary ; Brenda Smith, Treasurer. Second Row: Jo Ann Herrin, Joan Hathcock, Gail McSwain, Linda Harwood. Third Row: Donald Pierce, Mickey Mauldin, Gleason Barringer. Fourth Row: Mike Burleson, Larry Solomon, Ted Snotherly. Not pictured: Steve Isenhour, Vice-President ; Beth Bennett, Mrs. Hayes, Sponsor. 74 Seated: Sylvia Wall, Judy Hudson, Loretta Holt, Nancy Rus- Pauline Furr, Johnny Garrison, Gene Snuggs, Margaret Allred, sell. Standing: Stanley Riggers, Becky Basinger, Sherry Jane Crutchfield, Sheila Wilcalis, Linda Crisco, Tony Furr, Pegram, Johnny Boaz, Julie Butler, Finances Sides, Harriet Billy Bobbs, Linda Trimber, Chuck Morehead, Jo Ann Herrin. Reeves, John Troublefield, Bobbie Atkins, Frank Casper, OFFICERS Secretary Ellen Hatley Vice-President Barbara Doby President Jeff Underwood Sponsor Mrs. N. A. Hayes The Debate Club is open to any student who is interested in public speaking and de- bating. Each year a few members are chosen as debaters, and these students represent the club and the school in state-wide com- petition. DEBATE CLUB 75 d mu CLUB The Deca Club is a new program in the curriculum at ASHS. The purpose is to de- velop progressive leadership in education through the exploration of vocational oppor- tunities in marketing and distribution. OFFICERS Miss Thomas, Sponsor; Cecelia Roache, Reporter; William Walker, Co-Historian; Martha Burleson, Co-Historian; Carolyn Troublefield, Treasurer; Joyce Smith, Secretaz’y; Bob McCommons, Vice- President; Johnny Green, President. First Row: Dwigrht Cox, Don Kennedy, Carolyn Lovvder, Sylvia Joe Laughlin. Third Row: Tommy Morgan, Ronald Sells, Roddy Kluttz, Darlene Crowell. Second Row: Jimmy Dick, David Hat- Cotton, Louie Rosenkranz, Mike Hathcock, Aaron Cooke, Gary ley, Milton Almond, Wayne Mauney, Kent Stoker, Daniel Dry, Bell, Jimmy Burris. 76 SCIEIE CLEB The Science Club is another new organi- zation at ASHS. Its purpose is to promote interest in the life sciences, and its goal is to introduce students to research, its aims, methods, and interpretations. OFFICERS President Rowena Kluttz Vice-President Margaret Ann Furr Secretary-Treasurer Judy Starnes Sponsor Bill Tyson First Row: Tommy Ward, Susan Rogers, Beverly Freeman, Jan Russell, Nancy Rogers, Joanna Morris, Wayne Huneycutt, Steve Surratt, Jimmy Aldridge. Second Row: Johnny Shelton, Johnny Gehring, Tommy Mauldin, Steve Burleson, Vivian Smith, Susan Kayler, Diane Huneycutt, Rachel Lefler, Becky Basinger, Nancy Harris. Third Row: Wayne Dic k, Ricky Furr, Bill McKenzie. Hinky Broadwell, Peggy Smith, Jane Herlocker, Jo Ann Herrin. Fourth Row: Joe Haire, Jimmy Barbee, Nancy Elsen, Charles Edwards, Gary Swaringer, Steve Smith, Chuck Miller. Fifth Row: Janice Mauldin, Jo Ann Pierce, Bertha Morton, Nelson Smith, Sylvia Feldman. Wayne Seymour, Johnny Fesperman, Ronald Sells. Sixth Row: Jo Ann Tucker, Gaynelle Deese, Florence Morton, Judy Underwood, Billy Dobbs. Johnny Boaz, Paul Aldred. Seventh Row: Tony Furr, Carrleeta Redfern, Ellen Efird, Delores Morton, William Walker, Mike Skidmore, Larry Lisk, Larry Mabry. Eighth Row: Frank Casper, Joan Lambert, Diane Gi ' eene, Sylvia Wall. Steve Watson, Julie Butler, Neville Patterson, Jerry Smith, Jerry Tucker, Mickey Mauldin, Stanley Diggers. 77 “SCARED STIFF” Mrs. T. L. Cashwell, Mrs. G. R. Wall, and Miss Sybyl Thomas assisted the Juniors with their play, “Scared Stiff.” The cast included: Standing: Harriet Reeves, Robert Thorneburg, Nancy Russell, Hinky Tucker, Brenda Morris, Eddie McLester, Shelia Harris, Elizabeth Guthrie, Sylvia Wall, Faye Bauer. On Floor: Johnny Garrison, Lester Bivens. M-m-m! Those Seniors! Gee thanks, fellas. 78 Help! Somebody! Is this how you hold it? A.S.H.S. MARCHiG Director, George T. Hauss Drum Major: Cecelia Roache; Majorettes: Vickie Hudson, Judy Chandler, Barbara Furr, Sheila Shankle; Letter Girls: Lydia Hearne, Diane Butler, Nancy Langley; Majorettes: Bobbie Atkins (chief), Cathy Freeman, Susan Ausband, Jo Ann Tucker. Members: Carlene Hinson, Louise Earnhardt, Linda Hatley, Lynn Morton, Tony Fenters, Elaine Efird, Donna Allen, Jane Boaz, Dan Huneycutt, Diana Harris, Sandra Holt, Tommy Ward, Jackie Barbee, Sue Hinson, Jane Herlocker, Kathy Still, Margaret Allred, Jane Morton, Sylvia Feldman, Robert Iddings, Tony Almond, Diana McLester, Fay Hollo- mon, Lynn Calder, Wayne Cranford, Janice Mauldin, Nancy Elsen, David Still, Joe Haire, Sara Cran- ford, Frank Casper, Carolyn Varner, Roy Springer, Steve Crisco, Sandra Huneycutt, Jerry Tucker, Gary Howell, Gaynelle Deese, Farrell Chandler, Butch Barringer, Paul Allred, James Huneycutt, 80 President Jan Russell Vice-President Tommy Ward Secretary- Treasurer Jerry Tucker Drum Major Cecelia Roache Danny Ballard, Ellen Hatley, Charles Edwards, Jerry Lawhon, Larry Huneycutt, Gary Swarringen, Reggie Sandoval, Helen Huneycutt, Alvin Boles, Mike Terry, Murphy Ragsdale, Wayne Harwood, Sue Cooper, Tommy Alley, Jan Russell, Steve Sur- ratt, Gail McSwain, Dickie Curlee, Gerald Holt, Ronald Sells, Benny Harwood, Eddie Talbert, Eddie Lane, Robert Lowder, Dana Herrin, Tim Clark, Allen Holt, Charles Morton, Ronald Blalock, Dean Herrin, Fred Harkey, Jimmy Morgan, Robert Thorneburg, Richard Sumerlin, Joe Frick, Tommy Smith, Joe Sinclair, Jeff Tucker, George Efird, Wanda Williams, Julia O’Steen, Anita Taylor, Judy Underwood, Rodney McSwain. 81 LETTER GIRLS Lydia Hearne Diane Butler Nancy Lan(?ley 84 Jo Ann Tucker Sheila Shankle Vickie Hudson SEIOR MIXED Director, Paul Fry First Row; Nancy Russell, Sandra Stone, Judy Wilson, Nancy Smith, Janet Allred, Pauline Furr, Karen Herndon, Jann Barrier, Florence Morton, Edith Smith, Ann Bell, Brenda Morris, Janice Hearne, Linda Haynes, Brenda Furr, Julie Butler, Jane Greer. 84 President Pam Treece Vice-President Ronnie Herrin Secretary Karen Herndon Treasurer Diane Butler Second Row: Trina Holt, Nancy Langley, Rebecca Swaringen, Betsy Holbrook, Louise Furr, Diane Hatley, Frances Sides, Miriam Wilhoit, Pam Treece, Sheila Harris, Diane Butler, Brenda York, Brenda Smith, Susie Napier, Frances Reynolds, Loretta Holt. Third Row: Tony Furr, Danny Davis, Ronnie Herrin, Steve Burleson, Johnny Shelton, Jeff Un- derwood, Hoyle Griffin, Roger Burleson, Ted Snoth- erly, Roy Wilson, Terry Still, Wayne Honeycutt, Bill Burbage. Fourth Row: Mike Fusonie, Eddie Wilson, Hinky Tucker, Rayvon Laton, Don Burgess, James Lisk, Larry McLester, Steve Isenhour, Lloyd Crisco, James Hendley, John Troublefield, Craven Morton, Bobby Richards. Accompanist: Sherry Pegram. 85 Florence Morton Trina Holt Louise Furr Diane Butler Betsy Holbrook Nancy Langley Pam Treece Edith Smith GIRLS’ ENSEMBLE BOYS’ DOUBLE OlIARTET Ted Snotherly Roy Wilson Steve Burleson Hinky Tucker Steve Isenhour James Lisk Ronnie Herrin Terry Still 86 Senior Mixed Chorus CHRISTMAS COICERT JlllOR BOYS’ ftUARTET Jimmy Barbee Larry Hatley Mike Burleson Nelson Smith Accompanist, Johnny Boaz 87 JUNIOR MIXED CHORES First Row: Susan Kayler, Jo Ann Herrin, Olivia Hartsell, Chuck Miller, Steve Smith, Billy Dobbs, Alfred Calder, Jimmy Barbee, Janet Koontz, Kay Vickers, Diane Greene. Second Row: Betty Morton, Larry Disk, George Carpenter, Hilton Butler, Wayne Seymour, Myron Lowder, Edith Harwood, Sylvia Griffin, Joyce Terry. Third Row: Joan Lam- bert, Ellen Efird, Linda Trimber, Diane Huneycutt, Linda Crisco, Susan Rogers, Nancy Rogers, Carr- leeta Redfern, Mary Burchette. Fourth Row: De- lores Morton, Ricky Furr, Mary Jo Pierce, Judy Harris, Bill McKenzie, Judy Starnes, Sylvia Fes- perman, Ann Efird. Fifth Row: Joanna Morris, Peggy Smith, Gayzelle Smith, Keith Swanner, Johnny Vanhoy, Reuben Huneycutt, Merle Britt. Sixth Row: Johnny Boaz, Larry Hatley, Gene Snuggs, Gary Morton, Nelson Smith, Johnny Fes- perman. Seventh Row: Jack Norton, Ronald Hath- cock. 88 MODERfll MUSIC MASTERS The Modern Music Masters Society is an honorary organization composed of stu- dents who have proven themselves out- standing in the music department. Mem- bership is based on scholarship, character, and service to the school through music. OFFICERS President Nancy Finan Historian Mary Hill Hatley Chaplain Mary Sikes Vice-President Sherry Pegram Secretary June Whitley Treasurer Ellen Hatley Seated: Pam Treece, Nancy Langley, Jane Boaz, Carolyn Varner, Janice Heame, Betsy Holbrook, Priscilla McSwain, Louise Furr, Bobbie Atkins, Miriam Wilhoit, Florence Morton, Sandra Huney- cutt, Jane Morton, Susan Ausband. Standing: Paul Allred, Bryan Fox, Hinky Tucker, Johnny Shelton, Sandra Holt, Jane Herlocker, Trina Holt, James Lisk, Robert Iddings, Ronnie Herrin. 89 Sittin’ pretty Think, girls. Think! I’m gonna trade in for a scooter! New way to eat chicken 90 00fmy- FOOTBALL Mascot, “Pug” (Bulldog) Co-Captain, Bo Burris Co-Captain, Mike Wolfe Coaches, Robert Gantt and Kenneth Nye 92 First Row: Kenneth York, Johnny Furr, Co-Captain Mike Wolfe, Steve Burleson, Jerry Smith, Jeff Un- derwood, Tommy Mauldin, Lloyd Crisco, Joe Frank- lin. Second Row: Don Simpson, William Walker, Raymond Perry, Lane Lawder, Larry Solomon, Gary Mauldin, Steve Isenhour, Terry Mabe, Tony Furr, Bill Crawley. Third Row: Ronnie Howard, Sonny Hinson, Gene Williams, Gary Swarin ?en, Jimmy Barbee, Hinky Broadwell, Tony Clark, Charles Stockton, Co-Captain Jimmy Burris, Nel- son Smith. Fourth Row: Bill Sweet, Ronald Hath- cock. Craven Morton, Gary Morton, Neville Patter- son, Raymond Earnhardt, Johnny Fesperman, Wayne Dick, Steve Smith, Mike Fusonie. Managers: Chuck Miller, Mike Burleson, Billy Maul- din, Edward Lowder. All the way, Mike! “The team is in a huddle. . .” 93 SEMOR PLAYERS Kent Montgomery Bo Burris Mike Wolfe Craven Morton 94 Craig Morgan First Row: Johnny Green, Florence Morton, Lydia Hearne, Craig Morgan, Pam Sells’, Susie Napier, Louise Furr, Jeff Underwood, Edith Snfith, Jerry Smith, Tommy Mauldin. Sec- ond Row: Trina Holt, Diane Lefler, Raymond Perry, Joe Franklin, Gary Mauldin, Jerry Shaver, Bill Crawley, Steve Isenhour, Steve Burleson, Kent Montgomery. Third Row: James Starnes, Linda Haynes, Sheila McManus, Kaye Laton, Claudia Hall, Sue Byrd, Janice Hearne, Jimmy Barbee, Wil- liam Walker. Fourth Row: Richard Honeycutt, James Lisk, Jerrell Bunting, Nelson Smith, Larry Solomon, Tony Furr, Bill Burbage, Terry Mabe, Jimmy L. Burris, Lane Lowder. Fifth Row: Craven Morton, Kenny Furr, Dan Walter, Lloyd Crisco, Mike Fusonie, Steve Surratt, Bill Sweet, Mike Wolfe, Kenneth York, Johnny Furr, Gary Morton. MONOGRAM CLUB A student who letters in any of the five major sports has the honor of becoming a member of the Monogram Club. The five major sports include football, basketball, wrestling, track, and baseball. Senior cheerleaders also become members of the Monogram Club. Sponsors of the club are coaches Bob Gantt and Nancy Gamewell. Trapped! 95 All clear! The Albemarle “Bulldogs” had a winning season on the hardwoods after many years of primarily being a one-sport school. The path to victory was found through team- work, deiermination, and good sportsman- ship on the part of the team, coach, and stu- dents. The 1959-1960 season ended with the “Bulldogs” tied for second place. Only a narrow margin separated them from being S. P. C. Champions. Albemarle ended the season with a 16-5 record. This fine record was made possible Kenneth Frazier, Coach BOYS’ Managers: Steve Griffin, Steve Surratt, Steve Watson. Team: Donald Pierce, Steve Burleson, Fred Stokes, Jerrell Bunting, Gary Morton, Jimmy 96 by Coach Ken Frazier. After being in Albe- marle only a few years he did much to build up a fine basketball team and whip up student enthusiasm. Two players were selected as All-Confer- ence. They were Jimmy Morris and Gary Whitley. Also contributing much were Fred Stokes and Jerrell Bunting. j In years to come you can look back with : a great deal of pride as you think of the basketball team of Albemarle Senior High School, and you may rest assured that they will still be yelling and eager for action. BASKETBALL Barbee, Jack Norton, Jerry Smith, Jeff Underwood, Nelson Smith, Ronnie Holt, Jimmy Lorch, Bill Sweet, Tommy Mauldin, Lloyd Little. Jerrell Bunting, Fred Stokes, Co-Captains 97 Coach, Mrs. Nancy Gamewell; Co-Captains, Flor- ence Morton and Edith Smith; Assistant Coach, Bill Tyson. GIRLS’ BASKETBALL It takes a deal of striving, And a firm and stern-set chin. No matter what the battle, If you’re really out to win. Kneeling: Faye Laton, Gail McSwain, Ellen Efird, Bauer, Sheila McManus, Judy Starnes, Judy Kim- Diane Lefler, Wanda Tucker, Florence Morton, Co- ery, Peggy Simpson, Claudia Hall, Sue Byrd, Trina Captain; Edith Smith, Co-Captain; Kaye Laton, Holt, Bertha Morton, Janice Hearne, Rowena Brenda York, Cathy Freeman. Standing: Faye Kluttz, Manager;- Betty Revell, Manager. 98 Seated: Kenny Furr, Larry Hatley, Terry Still, Johnny Garrison, Don Walter, James Starnes. Kneeling: Chuck Miller, Billy Mauldin, John Troublefield, Jerry Shaver, Dan Walter, James Tucker. Benny Harwood, Tommy Lander, Gary Mauldin. Standing: Keith Wolfe, Assistant Coach, John Calloway, Assistant Coach; Jerry Holt, Johnny Ghering, Kenneth York, Jimmy Aldridge, Lloyd Crisco, Raymond Perry, Johnny Furr, Mike Skid- more, Manager. On Mat: Jimmy Nance, Terry Mabe. WRESTLING Co-Captains, Gary Mauldin, Kenny Furr. Coach, Mr. Robert Gantt. Wrestling, though comparatively young as a sport at ASHS, has developed rapidly during the past three years in which it has been offered. Wrestling contributes more to the physi- cal development of boys than any other sport. A wrestler, to be worthy of the name, must develop endurance, speed, and balance. 1960 TRACK TEAM First Row: Terry Mabe, Craig Morgan, Jeff Underwood, Jerry Smith, Steve Burleson, Lane Lowder, Larry Solomon, Raymond Perry, Joe Franklin. Second Row; Gary Mauldin, Kenny Furr, Jerry Shaver, Kenneth York, Phillip Aldridge, Steve Isenhour, Mike Wolfe, Tony Furr, Tommy Mauldin. Third Row: Lloyd Crisco, Mr. Frazier, Coach. )00 1960 BASEBALL TEAM First Row: Mike Caudle, Mr. Nye, coach; Mike Fusonie, Steve Watson. Second Row; Connie Morgan, Johnny Furr, Jimmy Watson, Edward Lowder, Benny Harwood, Mike Skidmore. Third Row; Kenneth York, Ronnie Holt, Kent Montgomery, Jerrell Bunting, Bill Sweet. 101 BOOSTERS CLIB The purpose of the Boosters Club is to support the athletic functions of A. S. H. S. and promote good sportsmanship within the student body. Diane Butler, Linda Harwood, Roberta Lampsi, Nancy Smith, John Troublefield, Tommy Ward, Roy Wilson, Judy Morton, Jerry Tucker, Nancy Finan, Lydia Hearne, Ronnie Holt, Shiela Mc- Manus, Jeff Moore, Jo Lynn Pickier, Jan Russell, Jerry Shaver, Brenda Smith, Marie Snuggs, W. C. Talbert, Dan Walter, Judy Chandler, Robert Idd- ings, Mary Sikes, Don Burgess, David Blalock, Karen Herndon, Margaret Ann Furr, Hoyle Griffin, Wayne Honeycutt, Carolyn Lowder, Trina Holt, Johnny Shelton, Dan Walter, Joyce Benton, Edith Smith, Phoebe Tucker, Sylvia Barnes, Stanly Big- gers, Pam Sells, President; Nancy Aldridge, Bill Bui ' bage, Margaret Ann Casper, Bryan Fox, Peggy Garrett, Gerald Holt, Ronnie Herrin, George Mc- Donald, Florence Morton, Sandra Stone, James Lisk, Pam Treece, Kenny Furr, Pat Lawhon, Betsy Holbrook, Jimmy Aldridge, Judy Harris, Mary Hill Hatley, Nancy Langley, Frank Casper, Ted Snoth- erly, Sara Talbert, Steve Watson, Secretary-Treas- urer; Sue Troublefield, Suzanne Swindell, Inger Blomfelt, Suzie Napier, Judy Blackwell, Iris Bur- ris, Wayne Drye, Linda Haynes, Diane Lefler, Pauline Furr, Sylvia Morton, Janet Koontz, Lenora Cranford, Janet Allred, Beth Bennett, Cathy Free- man, Sheila Harris, Diane Hatley, Judy Huneycutt, Susan Russell, Arthur Sells, Gay Snuggs, Rebecca Swaringen, Patsy Turner, Richard Whitley, Skippy Baldwin, Lloyd Little, Dan Huneycutt, Judy Al- mond, Mary Ellen Bowen, Roger Burleson, Eliza- beth Guthrie, Janice Hearne, Vice-President; Betty Morgan, Brenda Smith, Delores Thompson, Linda Whitley, Danny Smith, Jimmy Whitley, Brenda Cranford, Margaret Allred, Becky Almond, Sue Byrd, Claudia Hall, Sue Hinson, Jimmie Morgan, Joyce Williams, Sharon Lane, Nancy Stoker, Evelyn Bost, Sylvia Fesperman, Diana Harris, Mickey Mauldin, Betty Revell, Hinky Tucker, Carolyn Var- ner, Ann Whitley, Judy Wilson, Harriet Reeves, Ronald Sells, Jackie Barbee, Becky Basinger, Fay Bauer, Julie Butler, Barbara Doby, George Efird, Johnny Garrison, Jane Greer, Ellen Hatley, Sandra Huneycutt, Sherry Pegram, Nancy Russell, Nancy Thompson, Robert Thorneburg, Lana Turner, Sheila Wilcalis, Bobbie Atkins, June Whitley, Loretta Holt, Linda Lefler, Frances Sides, Rowena Kluttz, Jane Boaz, Rickie Furr, Jo Ann Herrin, Susan Kayler, Myron Lowder, Gene Snuggs, Hilton But- ler, Ellen Efird, Nancy Elson, Myrna Gould, Olivia Hartsell, Janice Mauldin, Gazelle Smith, Joyce Terry, Kay Vickers, Billy Dobbs, Bill McKenzie, Bertha Moi ' ton, Judy Underwood, Mary Burchette, Gaynelle Deese, Wayne Dick, Ann Efird, Beverly Freeman, Sylvia Griffin, Butch Huneycutt, Joan Lambert, Phillip Morton, Sylvia Pinion, Peggy Simpson, Judy Starnes, Bill Mauldin, Nancy Harris, Paul Allred, A1 Calder, Doris Eudy, Sylvia Feld- man, Edith Harwood, Diane Huneycutt, Rachel Lefler, Larry Mabry, Chuck Miller, Delores Mor- ton, Susan Rogers, Gail McSwain, Kathy Still, Sylvia Pinion, Shirley Thompson, Merle Britt, Butch Von Cannon, Joan Hathcock, Betty Morton, Joanna Morris, Mary Jo Pierce, Keith Swanner, Jo Ann Tucker, Brinda Harley, Jane Rogers. 102 We manage the Cheerleaders Kneeling; Brenda York, Carrleeta Redfern, Nancy Rogers, Pam Sells. Standing: Sylvia Wall, Louise Furr, Susie Napier, Chief; Brenda Morris. CAFETERIA Seated: Miss Lillie Mae Poplin, Mrs. Arthur Bur- ris, Mrs. Russell Ford. Standing: Mrs. Lawson Crisco, Mrs. George Crisco, Mrs. Roscoe Huneycutt, WORKERS Mrs. Claude Pickier, Mrs. Essie P. Hatley. Not Pictured: Mrs. Charlie Huneycutt. MAIDS A1 JANITORS Ethel Henery, Hazel Gaddy, Hazel Brattain, Ollie Kent, Bobbie Rivers, Bennett Washington, Viola Allen, Mary Smith, Calvin Pemberton. 104 MtMWMVX.- ' K. V«M »»- - - ' ..°-!rr:- - YOUNG MEN ' S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION North First Street Wiscassett Memorial Young Men’s Christian Association, Albemarle, N. C., serving youth of Albemarle and Stanly County through physical social, mental, and spiritual growth. 106 Entertain your friends by using the Stanly Room at Stanly Dairies, Inc. 1230 East Main Street Albemarle, N. C. STANLY DAIRIES, INC. Join your friends at the Stanly Dairy Store for delicious dairy products. Sports — News — Music — Weather W Z K Y In and out-of-town games taped for play back on following day 1580 on your Dial Phone YU 2-1111 “Go BULLDOGS” P. J. HUNEYCUTT COMPANY Furniture, Appliances, Jewelry, Diamonds, Cameras Phone YU 2-3518 MURRELL ' S PHARMACY “Prescriptions are our Business” Drugs, Medical Supplies, Sundries 107 PURCELL ' S DRUG STORE “Prescription Specialists” Drugs — Medical Supplies — Sundries 135 West Main Street Albemarle, North Carolina MOOSE S For your clothing and sportswear needs — be sure you visit MOOSE S 141 West Main Street You will be glad you did. STARNES JEWELERS “In a class by itself” STARNES Leading Jewelers Since 1898 Albemarle, North Carolina 108 PHILLIPS CUT RATE DRUG STORE 111 N. Second Street Albemarle, N. C. PHILIPS CLOTHING CO. Clothing for Men and Boys YU 2-3116 127 North Second Street Compliments of STANLY ELECTRIC, INC. Phone YU 2-1412 224 West Main Street GANTT RULANE GAS SERVICE, INC. Albemarle, N. C. BELK’S DEPARTMENT STORE Albemarle, N. C. “Remember — You Always Save at BELK’S” YU 2-9935 Road Service EAST MAIN SUNOCO SERVICE R. G. Clayton, Prop. Tires, Tubes, and Batteries East Main St. Albemarle, N. C. Charlotte Road Dial YU 2-4895 Albemarle, N. C. DRY’S CLOTH SHOP Piece Goods — Notions — Thread — Zippers Sewing Machine Sales HONEYCUTT’S SHOE SHOP 110 West North Street The Best in Dyeing and Shoe Repairs L , , .... ffif m " i . -4 . But I’m still hungry! Your name please? 109 THE FIRST MTIOML BAM OF ALBEMARLE (Jfssj’C-ssJi Jii ii■lll SsiP i " si “On The Square” Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and the Federal Reserve System PECK’S FLORIST “Say it with flowers” Phone YU 2-2615 Flowers of Distinction Norwood Road ALBEMARLE BAKE SHOP “The Home of Good Baking” 128 King Street Albemarle, N. C. UNDERPASS BODY SHOP “You Bump — We Fix” North Second Street YU 2-4617 Albemarle, N. C. HARTSELL FUNERAL HOME Ambulance Service 24 Hours YU 2-2233 Authorized Wedding Bells Dealer MODERN BEAUTY SHOP JEWEL BOX Haynsworth Building 110-114 South Second St. YU 2-2311 Albemarle, N. C. 171 North Second Street Phone YU 2-4118 Albemarle, North Carolina ELITE BEAUTY SALON Merle Norman Cosmetics 200 South First Street Albemarle, N. C. Phone YU 2-4614 SETZLER - HINSON FURNITURE CO. Albemarle, N. C. COMPLIMENTS OF FRIEKDS Compliments of ROSES TALBERT’S JEWELRY 253 West Main Street Albemarle, N. C. CONNIE’S “We wish to make our store the best place for you to trade.” YU 2-6543 NOAH’S TRANSIT Albemarle, N. C. 1 Compliments of EFIRDS DEPARTMENT STORE STILL OIL COMPANY Wholesale and Retail Gasoline — Kerosene — Fuel Oil E. Main St. Albemarle, N. C. Phone YU 2-3215 Compliments of BUCK’S CLEANERS and LAUNDROMAT LEONARD’S JEWELERS INC. 121 N. Second Compliments of Leonard’s Inc. " Trusted Jewelers for three generations.” “Student charge accounts invited.” DEWEY D. TREECE BlILDiG SPECIALTIES Phone Day YU 2-4117 Night YU 2-5121 International Swimming Pools Today’s Photographs are Tomorrow’s Treasures ROSS STUDIO YU 2-5815 STOP SHOP GROCERY Charlotte Road STOP SHOP GROCERY, “where they sell the best and give away the rest.” PUTT-PUTT GOLF COURSE East Albemarle YU 2-4001 Entertainment for the whole family LEFLER FUNERAL HOME Jack’s Grocery and Market Phone YU 2-3211 132 S. Second Street Oxygen equipped ambulance Fresh Meats PEE DEE SUPERETTE Phone YU 2-1197 Norwood GR 4-3128 at Five Points “Complete line of staple groceries at popular prices” Open till 10 P.M. Compliments of QUALITY GROCERY STORE FURR CONCRETE WORKS Pre-Cast Concrete Products Phone YU 2-4456 Albemarle, N. C. ECONOMY AUTO SUPPLY B. F. Goodrich Tires Westinghouse Appliances Maytag Washers Sales Service 219 West Main Street Albemarle, N. C. DISCOUNT HOUSE Your better life store serving Albemarle Stanly Co. 1329 E. Main Street Albemarle, N, C. The morning after the night before! STANLY HARDWARE COMPANY Distributors for Spalding and McGregor Athletic Equipment, Frigidaire Home Appliances, and Building Supplies. YU 2-2129 YU 2-2131 Albemarle, N. C. C and M TAXI Phone: YU 2-1133 and YU 2-3333 148 South Second Street ALBEMARLE INSURANCE AGENCY INC. “Just Insurance” S. L. Gulledge J. R. Kluttz, Jr. R. A. Crowell Joe R. Kluttz Albemarle, N. C. Bailey Gulledge 113 South Second Street Phone YU 2-2133 HOLSUM SOF-TWIST BREAD BURRELL BAKERY ALBEMARLE YU 2-2124 SNUGGS ELECTRIC SERVICE CONTRACTING AND REPAIRING FOR FREE ESTIMATES Dial YU 2-3326 Compliments of RIFF ' S INC. “Dress Well and Succeed” CENTRAL BARBER SHOP 149 South Second Street F. 0. Harwood T. V. Harwood DUN-RITE LAUNDRY CLEANERS 1217 Pee Dee Ave. Phone YU 2-3511 “Sanitone Cleaning” Albemarle, N. C. DRUG CEWER II. City-wide Delivery 121 N. First Street Phone YU 2-6612 Albemarle, N. C. BADIN ICE AND FUEL, INC. ESSO Heating Oil Ice 1236 East Main Street YU 2-3817 AND FURTHERMORE!!! Twinkle, twinkle Caujjhman’s stars! HERLOCKER SERVICE West Main Street Phone YU 2-1512 HERLOCKER " 52 " SERVICE Salisbury Road Phone YU 2-5816 We’ll never forget those parades! Compliments of MUSIC MART Albemarle, N. C. Compliments of E. B. STONE FINANCE D. E. students get lecture DOGWOOD LAIS Entertainment for the whole family Compliments of COLLll m AIRMAN YINGLING FURNITURE COMPANY “Your Lane cedar chest dealer” YU 2-6014 CLYDE H. WHITLEY Plumbing and Heating Contractor 2310 Charlotte Road Albemarle, N. C. I 18 STANDARD OFFICE AND EQUIPMENT CO. “Complete line of school supplies” Phone YU 2-7111 175 N. Second Street Albemarle, N. C. 1 19 E. J. SiWDER CO. Compliments of E. J. SNYDER CO. CABARRUS BANK TRUST CO. Congratulations CABARRUS BANK TRUST CO. West Main St. Albemarle )20 ALBEMARLE SAVINGS LOAN ASSOCIATION Albemarle, N. C. Insured Savings Direct Reduction Loans Officers: M. M. Palmer, Pres. J. H. Morrow, Vice-Pres. C. B. Miller, Exec. Vice-Pres. 0. J. Rogers, Sec.-Treas. “Large enough to be safe, small enough to be friendly.” “Current dividend rate 4%” 531 West Main Street YU 2-1234 Albemarle, N. C. Compliments of TOWN-TALK BREAD ALBEMARLE NEW CAR TRUCK DEALERS Auten Motors, Davis Motor Company, Albemarle Truck Tractor Co., Morgan Motor Company, Confederate Motors, Crook Motor Company, Stovall Wolfe Motor Company, Spence Motor Company A beautiful school . . . CHARM BEAUTY SHOP 146 S. Second St. YU 2-4511 Ruth Snyder M ildred Disk Josephine Pierce with beautiful memories Compliments of CITY BARBER SHOP 122 Wish it was lemonade It’s a jeweled compass Never thought we’d be seniors! Mass confusion Was that on the test? Susan’s slumber party??? Three’s a crowd! Ee-e-ek! What it is?!! 123 MNItT QUALITY IN YIARIOOK fllNTINO I

Suggestions in the Albemarle High School - Crossroads Yearbook (Albemarle, NC) collection:

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