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Albemarle High School - Crossroads Yearbook (Albemarle, NC) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 120 of the 1960 volume:

THE CROSSROADS 1960 CONTENTS Published By The Senior Class of Albemarle Senior High School Albemarle, North Carolina ;SS?5 ' FOREWORD Tempus fugit. Yes, time flies; and as it does it sweeps away every moment, both joyful and sad. Upon entering high school for the first time, the underclassman wonders if he ' ll ever become a senior. Then suddenly, seemingly almost overnight, he holds in his hand a diploma and finds himself on his own. The moments of happiness and sorrow which he knew in school have hurriedly disappeared. Perhaps the pictures in this annual may someday become cherished reminders of his high school days, and through the years these friends and events Will remain with him as memories of THEN and NOW. DEDICATION Because Of . . . Her personal interest in each student and in his spiritual, intellectual, and social growth Her willingness to help those who seek help Her unceasing service to the Commercial Department of the Albemarle Senior High School and through it to every department in the school Her patience and understanding and unselfish giving of her time in order to make this 1960 annual possible We, with deep appreciation, dedicate the 1960 CROSS- ROADS to — MRS. JACOB CARTER 4 ADMINISTRATION Claud Grigg Superintendent J. L. Cashwell Principal ADMINISTRATION Board of Trustees: Charles W. Pickier, J Heath Morrow, John B Morris, Jr., Richard L. Brown, Jr., Claud Grigg, H. Wells Rogers, Ted P Furr. Mrs. R. Kenneth Archer Mathematics Mrs. Warren L. Coble Home Economics Mrs. Frank Armfield English, History Mrs. Robert J. Deese French Mrs. Jacob M. Carter Commercial Miss Chicora Caughman Mathematics Kenneth R. Frazier Physical Education, Biology Paul B. Fry Music FACULTY Mrs. Paul B. Fry English George T. Hauss Band Mrs. E, P. Gamewell, Jr. Physical Education, Biology Mrs. Guy W. Harrison Librarian Robert E. Gantt Driver Education Mrs. N. A. Hayes English R. C. Hatley Science Mrs. John R. Helms Commercial Mrs. J. W. Ivey, Jr. Bible Mrs. Clarence J. (Bill) Rogers Biology Mrs. Marshall Hall School Secretary Thomas N. Maultsby Physical Education, History Miss Lillian Misenheimer English Miss Saundra Tucker Mrs. Frank W. Westerlund Biology Social Studies John C. Morris Industrial Arts Mrs. Tailor D. Young English, French FACULTY Jailers take lunch break. Teaching " Birds ' n Bees " Har-dee-har-har! SENIORS we OFFICERS MISS CHICORA CAUGHMAN Sponsor JOE STOK ER President EDDIE LEFLER Vice-president ANN TAYLOR Secretary PAUL WELCH Treasurer SENIORS BUTCH ALMOND " Build castles in the air. " Black Masque Club ; Hi-Y, Basketball ; Monogram Club: Track: Wrestling; Homeroom Guidance Leader. CAROL ALMOND " A smile in her eyes. " Crossroads, Typing Staff; Office Worker; F.H.A. Convention. LARRY JOE ALMOND " Everytime a man smiles, and much more when he laughs, it adds something to his life. " Full Moon, News Staff. LINDA ALMOND " True to herself, true to her friends, true to her duty always. " Boosters Club; Bible Club; F.B.L.A., Secretary. RONNIE AREY " Hear him sing and then rejoice, not so big but such a voice. " Boosters Club ; Black Masque Club ; Hi-Y, Basket- ball ; Student Council; Junior Red Cross, President; Monogram Club ; Superlative ; Homeroom President, Vice-president; Field Day. BRENDA BAILEY " A merry heart maketh a cheerful counte- nance. " F.B.L.A. TRENA BARNES " Kindness is the sunshine in which virtue grows. " Boosters Club; Tri-Hi-Y ; Junior Red Cross, President, Hospital Worker ; F.B.L.A., Historian ; Homecoming Committee ; Homeroom Vice-president, Secretary, Treasurer ; Assembly Program Committee ; Jr. -Sr. Prom Committee. PAT BOGGAN " A good disposition is more valuable than gold. " Homeroom Devotional Leader. 10 SENIORS EDDIE BOWERS " Life is a series of surprises. " Boosters Club; Hi-Y ; Junior Red Cross: Monogram Club; B-Team Football; Baseball, 3; F.H.A. Play; Field Day. CHARLES BROWN " His strength was in himself, and he moved the world by the power of his character. " Boosters Club; National Honor Society; Black Masque; Hi-Y, President, Chaplain, Secretary; Stu- dent Council, President; Crossroads, Business Staff; Modern Music Masters, Treasurer ; Monogram Club ; Boys ' Double Quartet ; Superlative ; Student Rotarian ; Marshal, 2 ; Varsity Football, B-Team, 2 ; Track, 4 ; Who’s Who; Jr. -Sr. Prom Committee; Sophomore Hop Committee ; Senior Banquet Entertainment ; Field Day ; Exchange Student to Sweden ; Home- room President, 2 ; Junior Play. JEFFREY BROWN " Must I study? Oh, what a waste of time. " Hi-Y ; Bible Club. JOHN BURCHETTE " A scholar is the favorite of Heaven and earth. " Transferred from Kernersville High School ; Nation- al Honor Society ; Black Masque Club ; Hi-Y ; Student Council Representative ; Crossroads, Photography Staff; Full Moon, Editor; Junior Red Cross; Boys’ Double Quartet ; Student Rotarian ; Track ; Junior Play ; Carolina Editors Conference ; National Merit Semi-finalist ; Youth Appreciation Week, Councilman ; Auditorium Lighting Technician. CLAUDE BURLESON " I ' ll never think of the future. It comes soon enough. " JUDY BURLESON " A friend loveth at all times. " Boosters Club; Tri-Hi-Y ; F.H.A. ; F.B.L.A. ; Office Worker. SAUNDRA BURLESON " I ' ll be happy, I ' ll be free, I ' ll be sad for nobody. " Boosters Club; Tri-Hi-Y; F.B.L.A.; Office Worker: Homecoming Sponsor; Sophomore Hop Committee; Jr. -Sr. Prom Committee: Field Day. KENNETH BURR " Sometimes I sit and think, and sometimes I just sit. " Transferred from Norwood High School. i i 14 SENIORS TIM BURRIS " A little fun now and then is relished by the best of men. " Black Masque Club ; Hi-Y ; Crossroads, Literary Staff ; Junior Red Cross ; Field Day. SUSAN CASHWELL " Her smile shows her happiness, her friends, her popularity. " F.T.A., Chaplain; Boosters Club; Homecoming Com- mittee; National Honor Society; Black Masque Club; Tri-Hi-Y, Treasurer, Chaplain, 2 ; Crossroads, Liter- ary Staff; Full Moon, Feature Staff; Bible Club ; Creative Writing Speech Club; Girls’ Ensemble; Superlative; Junior Play Cast; Senior Banquet Wait- ress ; Homeroom President, Assembly Committee ; Summer Choral Clinic; Jr. -Sr. Prom Committee; Sophomore Hop Committee. JAN CAUDLE " He ' s quiet and has little to do, he takes his time and gets things through. " Bible Club ; Monogram Club ; Football Manager ; Baseball Manager. til EDWARD CLARK “What sweet delight a quiet life affords. " Field Day. GAYLE CLARKE " The very flower of youth. " Crossroads, Business Staff ; Library Club, Vice- President : Program Chairman ; Homeroom Devotional Leader, Guidance Leader ; Sophomore Hop Committee ; Junior Play Committee; Jr. -Sr. Prom Committee; Shorthand Speed Penmanship Award. PAT CLEMMER " Elegant as simplicity, and warm. " Transfer from Spencer, N. C. ; F.T.A. ; Boosters Club Crossroads, Literary Staff ; Library Club : Bible Club F.H.A., Chaplain, State Convention, District rally Jr. -Sr. Prom Committee. GAY CRISCO " Her ways are the ways of pleasantness. " Boosters Club ; Crossroads, Business Staff ; F.H.A. ; F.B.L.A. ; Library Club, Secretary, State Conven- tion, 2. KAREN DAVIS " Full of fun and devilment; without the boys what would she do? " Boosters Club; Homecoming Committee; Black Masque Club ; Tri-Hi-Y ; Crossroads, Business Staff ; Junio” Red Cross Representative; Bible Club; Home- coming Sponsor; Senior Banquet Waitress; Jr. -Sr. Prom Committee; Sophomore Hop Committee. 12 SENIORS RAEFORD DEESE " It doesn ' t pay to worry; things are bound to happen anyway. " Boosters Club ; Library Club ; Field Day. JEANENNE DENNIS " Good natured, generous, jolly, and clever, her tongue like a brook goes on forever. " F.T.A. ; Boosters Club; Tri-Hi-Y ; F.H.A., County Song Leader ; Field Day. JOYCE DRYE " The only way to have a friend is to be one. " Transferred from Badin. NEIL EFIRD " Every man is the architect of his own future. " Boosters Club; National Honor Society; Hi-Y, Vice- president; Student Council, Vice-president, Secretary, Representative; Full Moon, News Staff; Modern Music Masters ; Debate Club, Secretary, Treasurer ; Boosters Club ; Hi-Y ; Crossroads, Literary Staff ; Monogram Club; Basketball Team; Varsity Foot- ball, 3; Senior Banquet Entertainment; Jr. -Sr. Prom Committee ; Sophomore Hop Committee ; Homeroom Vice-president. Field Day. PAULA FELDMAN " Merrily she can laugh and chatter. " Tri-Hi-Y, Treasurer ; Student Council Representative ; Crossroads, Business Staff ; Bible Club ; Creative Writing and Speech Club; Homecoming Sponsor; Homeroom Devotional Leader ; Sophomore Hop Com- mittee ; Boosters Club. FRANKIE FENTERS " Happy am I, from care I am free. " Boosters Club ; Hi-Y ; Crossroads, Literary Staff ; Monogram Club; Basketball Team; Varsity Foot- ball, 3; Senior Banquet Entertainment; Jr. -Sr. Prom Committee ; Sophomore Hop Committee ; Homeroom Vice-president. SUZANNE FINCH " One who is always dependable , as rare as a valuable gem. " Boosters Club; National Honor Society; Black Masque Club ; Crossroads, Art Staff ; Full Moon, News Staff; Junior Red Cross, Secretary; Bible Club, District Rally; F.H.A., Vice-president, Parliamen- tarian; Monogram Club; Basketball, 2; Junior Science Symposium ; Prom Committee ; Correspon- dent for Stanly News Press and WABZ. ANGELINE FRICK “My honor is dearer to me than my life. " F.H.A. ; Bible Club. 13 SENIORS VERNON M. GANTT, JR. " Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know. " F.T.A. ; Crossroads, Photography Staff; Bible Club; Wrestling; Jr. -Sr. Prom Committee. % SUSIE GLOVER " take life easy and have no regrets. " Transfer from Richfield High School; Boosters Club; Black Masque Club; Library Club; F.H.A. ; Waitress for Rally; F.B.L.A. SUSAN GREENE " The happiest person is the person who thinks the most interesting thoughts. " Boosters Club: Black Masque Club; Bible Club; Basketball. REBECCA HAIRE " What I was yesterday, I am today and will be tomorrow. " F.T.A. ; Boosters Club ; Black Masque Club ; Tri-Hi-Y ; F.H.A. ; F.B.L.A. KENNETH HARKEY " Speech is great, but silence is greater. " Boosters Club ; Hi-Y, Basketball ; Monogram Club ; Football, 2 ; Baseball, 4. BOBBY HARRIS " A good name is rather to be chosen, than greater riches. " F.T.A. ; Boosters Club ; Black Masque Club ; Hi-Y ; Crossroads, Literary Staff ; Full Moon, Sports Edi- tor ; Bible Club; Monogram Club, Treasurer; Boys’ Double Quartet, 2 ; Baseball ; Homeroom Vice-presi- dent, Devotional Leader, Guidance Leader ; Football Manager; Basketball Manager, Storekeeper ; Jr. Play Committee ; Summer Choral Workshop. MARGARET HARRIS " A soft answer turneth away wrath. " F.T.A.; Boosters Club; Crossroads, Photography Staff ; Library Club, Secretary ; F.H.A. LINDSAY HARWOOD " He stands in his own light. " Hi-Y ; Bible Club, Treasurer, State Retreat Dele- gate, District Rally; Monogram Club; Superlative; Wrestling, Co-Captain ; B-Team Football, 2. 1 4 SENIORS RONNIE HARWOOD " There may have been greater men than t — but I doubt it. " Boosters Club; Hi-Y ; Monogram Club; Football; Track; Wrestling, Co-Captain. BRENDA HATHCOCK " Quietness forms the veil for many lovable qualities. " STEVE HATHCOCK " Let each man do his best. " FRANKIE HATLEY " Some think the world is made for fun and folly — so do I. " Boosters Club ; Black Masque Club ; Crossroads, Business Staff ; Girls’ Ensemble ; Bible Club ; Home- coming Sponsor; Senior Banquet Waitress; Prom Committee ; Homeroom Guidance Leader ; Miss Coed ; Sophomore Hop Committee ; Junior Red Cross, Scrap- book Chairman, Vice-president, Vice-president Stanly County Chapter Junior Red Cross. JERRY HATLEY “Men of few words are the best men. " Transferred from Endy ; Boosters Club; Library Club ; Bible Club ; Baseball. LURAY HATLEY " Her charming ways and friendly smile make her friendship well worthwhile. " F.T.A. ; Boosters Club; Black Masque Club; Home- coming Committee, Chairman ; Tri-Hi-Y, Vice-presi- dent : Crossroads, Art Staff ; Full Moon, Typing Edi- tor, News Staff ; Modern Music Masters : Bible Club, Vice-president, Reporter, State Retreat Delegate, Dis- trict Rally, Local Retreat ; Homecoming Sponsor ; Senior Banquet Waitress ; Student Advisor for Foreign Student ; Field Day ; Jr.-Sr. Prom Com- mittee. EUNICE HAYNSWORTH " Imagination is the air of mind. " F.T.A. ; Boosters Club; Black Masque Club; Tri-Hi- Y ; Crossroads, Art Editor ; Creative Writing and Speech Club ; Superlative : Homecoming Sponsor ; Junior Play Cast; Senior Banquet Waitress; Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee ; Sophomore Hop Committee ; Home- room President ; Guidance Leader ; Carolina Editors Conference. LINDA HECKARD Smart, capable, always kind; in fact, she can ' t be defined . " Transferred from Marion High School; Boosters Club; National Honor Society; Black Masque Club; Tri-Hi- ; Crossroads, Typing Editor ; Full Moon, Feature Staff; Bible Club; Homecoming Sponsor; Junior Play Cast; Senior Banquet Waitress; Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee ; Assembly Committee. 15 SENIORS BARBARA BURNETT HEDRICK " Early marriage, long love. " Transferred from Baton Rouge Senior High School. BECKY HELMS " A personality as sparkling as dew in the moon- light. " Transferred from Southport ; F.T.A. ; Boosters Club ; Homecoming Committee : Black Masque Club ; Tri- Hi-Y ; Crossroads, Literary Staff ; Basketball ; Senior Banquet Waitress; Junior Play Committee; Home- room Secretary; Jr. -Sr. Prom Committee; Home- coming Sponsor. BRENDA HERRIN " A good disposition is more valuable than gold. " Boosters Club ; Tri-Hi-Y ; Student Council Repre- sentative ; Junior Red Cross; F.B.L.A. ; Homecoming Sponsor. STEPHEN HILL " Life is a span; I enjoy every inch of it. " Hi-Y, Treasurer ; Student Council Representative ; Full Moon, Sports Staff ; Monogram Club ; Boys’ Double Quartet ; Football, 3 ; Track, 2 ; Wrestling ; Summer Choral Workshop. TOMMY HINSON " The way to be happy is to make others so. " JERRY LOU HOLBERT " She gets much out of life which is what she puts in it. " Boosters Club ; National Honor Society ; Black Masque; Tri-Hi-Y, Chaplain; Crossroads, Art Staff; Full Moon, Managing Editor ; Modern Music Masters ; Monogram Club; Superlative; Basketball, 2; Junior Science Symposium; T. B. Essay Winner, 1st Place; Field Day; Band Librarian; Carolina Editors Con- ference; Band Clinic. SHELBY HOLSHOUSER " The way to have a friend is to be one. " JIMMY HOLT " Dark hair, laughing eyes, a personality full of surprise. " Baseball; Field Day; Homeroom Secretary, Treasurer. 16 SENIORS RONNELL HOLT “Sincerity and truth are the basis of every virtue. " Tri-Hi-Y ; Office Worker. BRENDA LATON HONEYCUTT " Love is wonderful , but to be loved is more wonderful Boosters Club ; Tri-Hi-Y ; Crossroads, Typing Staff ; Library Club; F.H.A.. District Rally, Reporter, Con- vention; Monogram Club; F.B.L.A., Chaplain; Super- lative ; Basketball, Captain ; Field Day : Homecoming Clean-Up Committee. MALCOLM HONEYCUTT " Not too serious, not too gay, but altogether a jolly good fellow JOE HUDSON " Time reveals all things JAMES HUNEYCUTT " A little integrity is better than any career. " KENNETH HUNEYCUTT " Gratitude is the sign of noble souls. " Boosters Club ; Black Masoue ; Hi-Y ; Crossroads, Business Staff; Full Moon, News Staff; Bible Club, Reporter ; State Retreat Delegate ; District Rally ; Retreat Workcrew ; Creative Writing and Speech Club : B-Team Football. NANCY HUNEYCUTT " Self -reverence , self-knowledge, self-control . Library Club ; Bible Club ; F.H.A. VANCE HUNEYCUTT “Never speak sense when nonsense will answer the purpose as well. " Boosters Club; Black Masque; Hi-Y, Treasurer; Full Moon, News Staff ; Monogram Club ; Basketball ; Football, 3: Track, 3; B-Team Football; Jr. -Sr. Prom Committee ; Sopnomore Hop Committee. 17 SENIORS DAVID HUNSUCKER " The world lets pass a man who knows where he is going " Boosters Club ; Black Masque Club ; Hi-Y ; Junior Red Cross ; Bible Club ; Monogram Club ; Baseball, Captain ; Field Day ; Sophomore Hop Committee ; Hbmeroom Treasurer. LARRY HUNSUCKER " Take it easy , have your fun, and let the old world flicker on. " Boosters Club ; Black Masque Club ; Hi-Y, Basketball ; Student Council Representative; Junior Red Cross; Monogram Club ; Basketball, 3 ; Football, 3 ; Baseball ; Track, 3; Sophomore Hop Committee; Jr. -Sr. Prom Committee ; Field Day ; Senior Banquet Entertain- ment. JOE INGRAM " A little wit has pleased me more by half, I didn ' t come to learn, I came to laugh. " PEGGY JORDAN " Melody is the absolute language in which the musician speaks to every heart. " Boosters Club ; National Honor Society ; Tri-Hi-Y ; Student Council ; Crossroads, Literary Staff ; Modern Music Masters ; Junior Red Cross ; Bible Club, His- torian, State Retreat Delegate, District Rally; Girls’ Ensemble, 2 ; Superlative ; Homecoming Sponsor ; Junior Play Prompter; Senior Banquet Waitress; Jr. -Sr. Prom Committee; Sophomore Hop Committee; Homeroom Guidance Leader. KAY KENNEDY " Quiet, unassuming, and dependable. " Crossroads, Typing Staff ; Secretary, Junior High School ; Shorthand Speed and Penmanship Award ; Sophomore Hop Committee. RONNIE KERNER " Honest, sincere, quiet, dependable is he. " Transferred from Moniger High School, Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania. LARRY KIMREY " He can who thinks he can. 1 ' Field Day. STANLEY LAMBETH " The ideal of service is the basis of all worthy enterprise. " Boosters Club ; Hi-Y ; Full Moon, Sports Staff ; Bas- ketball, 3 ; Football, 3 ; Track, 2. SENIORS ROGER LANEY " A student possessed of a very good brain, the envy of schoolmates who struggle in vain. " Nation al Honor Society ; Black Masque Club ; Cross- roads, Art Staff ; Full Moon, Assistant Business Manager, News Staff ; Junior Red Cross : Bible Club ; Debate Club, President ; Boys’ Double Quartet ; Su- perlative ; Student Lion; Junior Play Cast; Home- room President ; National Merit Semi-finalist ; Junior Science Symposium ; American History Award ; De- bate Award ; Attended Advanced Secondary Science Institute. THOMAS LAPIERRE " Thy fame lies in thy disposition. " Transferred from Findlay Senior High School, Ohio. EDDIE LEFLER " This young man ' s so witty and gay that deep trouble never comes his way. " Boosters Club ; National Honor Society ; Black Masque Club ; Hi-Y, Vice-president, Treasurer, Chap- lain, Basketball; Crossroads, Business Manager; Full Moon, Feature Staff ; Debate Club ; Superlative ; Boys’ State Delegate ; Basketball ; Track ; Senior Class Vice-president; Jr. Play; Who’s Who; Senior Banquet Entertainment ; Carolina Editors Conference ; Jr. -Sr. Prom Committee; Homeroom Vice-President; Sophomore Hop Committee. BECKY LEONARD " Always talking, always gay, we hope she stays that way. " F.T.A. : Boosters Club; Bible Club; F.H.A. ; F.B.L.A. ; Homeroom Devotional Leader ; Field Day ; Jr.. -Sr. Prom Committee. LINDA LITTLE " The unspoken word never does harm. " Bible Club; F.H.A. . District Rally; F.B.L.A. ANNETTE LOWDER " She ' s sunny, peaceful, fine, and sweet; we all agree she ' s hard to beat. " Boosters Club ; Tri-Hi-Y ; Crossroads, Business Staff ; Junior Red Cross; Bible Club, Historian. Vice-Presi- dent, Reporter, Local and State, State Retreat Dele- gate, District Rally; Creative Writing and Speech Club. BONNIE LOWDER " None but herself can be her parallel. " F.T.A., President; Boosters Club, Vice-president; Homecoming Decoration Committee ; National Honor Society, Secretary ; Black Masque Club, Secretary ; Tri-Hi-Y, President, Inter-Club Council, Basketball Capta in ; Student Council Representative ; Crossroads, Literary Editor ; Full Moon, Feature Staff ; Mono- gram Club ; Girls’ Ensemble, 2 ; Superlatives ; Car- rousel Princess ; D.A.R. Good Citizen ; Homecoming Sponsor; Marshal, 3, Chief; Basketball; Junior Class Secretary; Sophomore Vice-president; Who’s Who; Senior Banquet Waitress; Cheerleader, 3, Chief; Field Day, 2; Jr. -Sr. Prom Committee; Sophomore Hop Chairman ; Assembly Committee ; Junior Play Com- mittee. CALVIN LOWDER " Easy come, easy go. " 19 SENIORS DARRELL LOWDER " Must I study? Oh, what a waste of time. " Hi-Y ; Senior Banquet Entertainment Committee ; Field Day. GALE LOWDER " A steady girl with a goal in view, willing to work and see it through. " Black Masque Club ; Crossroads, Art Staff ; Full Moon, Feature Staff; Library Club, Treasurer; Homeroom Devotional Leader, Guidance Leader; Jr.- Sr. Prom Committee; Junior Play Committee; Soph- omore Hop Committee ; Gregg Penmanship Award. JUDY LOWDER " Merry as the day is long. " Boosters Club ; Homecoming Committee ; Tri-Hi-Y, Chaplain ; Crossroads, Business Staff ; Bible Club, Newspaper Editor; Senior Banquet Waitress; Sopho- more Hop Committee; Jr. -Sr. Prom Committee. MARTHA SUE LOWDER " Good health and good sense are two of life ' s greatest blessings. " F.T.A. : Boosters Club ; Black Masque Club ; Cross- roads Business Staff ; Girls’ State Delegate ; Home- room Guidance Leader ; Jr. -Sr. Prom Committee. SUE JEAN LOWDER " The gardens of kindness never fade. " WAYNE LOWDER " Silence is more adequate than words. " JUDY MABRY " Her ways are the ways of pleasantness. " F.H.A., 4, President, Secretary, Miss F.H.A. ; F.B. L.A. ; Boosters Club ; Tri-Hi-Y ; Library Club ; Office Worker. PEP MABRY " Of course I know what ' s going on, I just don ' t understand it. " Boosters Club ; Black Masque Club ; Hi-Y ; Cross- roads. Business Staff ; Monogram, Secretary ; Bas- ketball ; Superlative ; Football ; Track ; Athlete of Month ; B-Team Football ; Homeroom Vice-president, Treasurer; Sophomore Hop Committee; Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee; Senior Banquet Entertainment. 20 SENIORS DON MAULDIN " As merry as the day is long. " Boosters Club ; Black Masque Club, Treasurer ; Foot- ball, 4 ; Track, 3 ; Wrestling, 3 ; Athlete of the Month ; Field Day ; Hi-Y Basketball ; Homeroom President, Vice-president. LARRY MAULDIN " Better things in life are free. " WAYLAND McKENZIE " Common sense is the knack of seeing things as they really are, and doing things as they ought to be done. " Hi-Y; Student Council Representative; Full Moon, News Staff ; Modern Music Masters ; Jr. -Sr. Prom Committee ; South Piedmont Science Fair. JOE MEDLIN " Greatness belongs to only those who strive. " Boosters Club; Black Masque Club; Hi-Y; Junior Red Cross ; Monogram Club ; Varsity Football ; Var- sity Baseball ; B-Team Football ; Sophomore Hop Committee ; Field Day. LANDIS MILLER " A big heart wishing to do right and to be friends with everybody. " F.T.A., Vice-president ; Boosters Club, Vice-president, Homecoming Committee ; National Honor Society ; Black Masque Club ; Tri-Hi-Y, President, Vice-presi- dent, Treasurer, Blue Ridge Congress Delegate ; Cross- roads, Literary Staff ; Full Moon, News Editor ; Modern Music Masters, Secretary ; Junior Red Cross ; Bible Club ; Creative Writing and Speech Club ; Girls’ Ensemble ; Homecoming Sponsor ; Senior Banquet Waitress; Sophomore Hop Committee; Junior Play Committee; Junior Science Symposium; Carolina Edi- tors Conference; Jr. -Sr. Prom Committee; Assembly Committee : Homeroom President ; Field Day ; Greens- boro Choral Festival. KATHERINE MONTGOMERY " Sweetness, shyness, and a smile will always keep you happy. " Boosters Club ; Tri-Hi-Y : Student Council Representa- tive ; Crossroads, Literary Staff : Junior Red Cross ; F.B.L.A., Secretary, Vice-president; Office Worker; Homecoming Sponsor; Senior Banquet Waitress: Jr.- Sr. Prom Committee ; Sophomore Hop Committee ; Homecoming Committee. ELAINE MORRIS " A good conscience is a continual joy. " Boosters Club ; National Honor Society ; Black Masque ; Tri-Hi-Y, Secretary ; Student Council Repre- sentative, 2 ; Crossroads, Editor ; Modern Music Masters; Junior Red Cross, Vice-president, Training School Delegate, County Council Vice-president, Hos- pital Assistant ; Bible Club, Treasurer, State Retreat Delegate, District Rally, Local Retreat, Play Cast ; Superlatives ; Sophomore Class Treasurer ; Who ' s Who; Senior Banquet Waitress; Carolina Editors Conference ; Civitan Conference Delegate ; Jr. -Sr. Prom Committee ; Homeroom Guidance Leader, De- votional Leader; Assembly Committee; Junior Play Committee. JIMMY MORRIS " Achievement through sports is a great thing to acquire. " F.T.A. : Boosters Club ; Black Masque Club : Hi-Y, President, Blue Ridge Conference; Crossroads, Art Staff ; Library Club : Junior Red Cross, President • Monogram Club ; Basketball, 2, Co-Captain ■ Sopho- more Hop Committee; Senior Banquet Entertainment Committee; Junior Play Committee: Field Day 21 SENIORS RICHARD MORRIS " Life has no pleasure nobler than that of friendship. " Track : Wrestling. LINDELL MORTON " Something attempted is something done. " BOBBIE MULLIS " Not too serious, not too gay, but a true girl in every way. " F.T.A. : Boosters Club ; Black Masque Club ; Cross- roads. Literary Staff ; Basketball ; Homeroom De- votional Leader ; Assembly Committee ; Field Day ; Bible Club; F.H.A., Vice-president; Jr. -Sr. Prom Committee; F.H.A. District Rally, State Rally Dele- gate. JANE MURRELL " Her joy is deep as the ocean. " Boosters Club ; Black Masque Club ; Tri-Hi-Y, Secre- tary, Basketball ; Crossroads, Photography Staff ; Girls’ Ensemble ; Superlative ; Homecoming Sponsor ; Senior Banquet Waitress ; Sophomore Hop Commit- tee ; Jr. -Sr. Prom Committee; Homeroom Treasurer. SALLY NORTON " Happy-go-lucky , fair and free , nothing ever bothers me. " Boosters Club ; Tri-Hi-Y ; Junior Red Cross ; Bible Club ; F.H.A. ; F.B.L.A. LARRY PALMER " Giant in frame of a soul superbly human. " Boosters Club ; Hi-Y ; Crossroads, Photography Staff ; Monogram Club ; Basketball ; Football ; Track ; Ath- lete of Month : Senior Banquet Entertainment ; All- Conference Guard — Football ; Sophomore Hop Com- mittee ; Jr. -Sr. Prom Committee. CAROLYN PHIFER " The silence that is in the starry sky. " Tri-Hi-Y. BILLY PICKLER " Smile and the world smiles with you. " Hi-Y : Crossroads, Assistant Business Manager : Foot- ball : Homeroom Devotional Leader; Homeroom President. 22 SENIORS RONNIE PURSER " When it was to be done, he did it. " Boosters Club : Hi-Y ; Student Council ; Bible Club ; B-Team Football ; Track : Wrestling- ; F.H.A., Play. RAMONDA JEAN RAGSDALE " A quiet person is welcome everywhere. " Black Masque Club ; F.H.A. ; F.B.L.A. ANNA MAY RENGER " A spark is the beginning of a flame. " Boosters Club ; Black Masque Club ; Tri-Hi-Y : Stu- dent Council Representative ; Crossroads, Art Staff ; Bible Club : Homecoming Sponsor ; Junior Play Com- mittee ; Senior Banquet Waitress; Jr. -Sr. Prom Com- mittee; Sophomore Hop Committee; Field Day. TOMMY REEVES " What should we do but be merry. " Hi-Y ; Field Day ; Junior Play Committee. DUDLEY ROACHE " A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men. " Boosters Club : Black Masque Club ; Hi-Y ; Mono- gram Club; Football, 3; Track; Freshman Class Vice- president ; Athlete of the Month ; Red Cross ; Band, President; Junior Play Committee; Homeroom Vice- president ; Field Day ; Sophomore Hop Committee ; B- Team Football, 1 ; Jr. -Sr. Prom Committee. RANDY ROCHE " Silent and calm are thy ways. " Monogram Club; Wrestling. MIKE ROSS " Character is the key to thy success. " National Honor Society ; Hi-Y ; Student Council Rep- resentative, 2 ; Crossroads, Assistant Business Man- ager ; Bible Club ; Debate Club ; Monogram Club ; Stu- dent Lion ; Varsity Basketball, Co-Captain ; B-Team Football; Varsity Baseball; Jr. -Sr. Prom Committee; Homeroom Secretary ; Senior Banquet Entertainment. DON RUSSELL " take life easy and have no regrets B-Team Football ; Track ; Wrestling. 3 SENIORS RONALD RUSSELL " He marks not that you won or lost but how you played the game. ' 1 ' Boosters Club ; Black Masque Club ; Hi-Y ; Cross- roads, Business Staff ; Full Moon, Sports Staff ; Mon- ogram Club ; Basketball, 2 ; Football, 3 ; B-Team ; Jr -Sr. Prom Committee; Homeroom, President. TED RUSSELL " Full of fun and mischief too, doing things he shouldn ' t do. " Boosters Club; Homecoming Committe e; Hi-Y; Cross- roads, Art Staff; Superlative; Jr. -Sr. Prom Com- mittee ; Sophomore Hop Committee. DAVID SCARBORO " Good looks and lots of style make the girls cast many a smile. " Boosters Club ; Black Masque Club ; Crossroads, Busi- ness Staff ; Full Moon, Sports Staff ; Monogram Club ; Sr. Mixed Chorus, President ; Boys’ Double Quartet ; Superlative ; Football, 2 ; Track, 2 ; Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee ; Athlete of Month ; Homeroom Vice- President ; Senior Banquet Entertainment ; Sopho- more Hop Committee; Junior Play Committee. LINDA SHANKLE " Friendship ' s the wine of life. " Boosters Club; Tri-Hi-Y ; Junior Red Cross; Class Officer, Secretary, Treasurer; Office Worker. LARRY SHELTON " Ambition has no rest. " National Honor Society ; Black Masque Club ; Hi-Y, Vice-president, Chaplain ; Crossroads, Photography Editor; Full Moon, News Staff; Bible Club, Trea- surer; Marshal; Student Rotarian ; Junior Play Cast; Homeroom Vice-president; Jr. Science Symposium; National Merit Scholarship semi-finalist ; Teen-age Road-E-0 Winner; Morehead Scholarship Nominee; Hertz Engineering Scholarship semi-finalist ; Blue Ridge Delegate ; Auditorium Lighting Technician. IVAN SIBLEY " To love and win is the best thing. " F.T.A. ; Boosters Club ; Black Masque Club ; Hi-Y, Chaplain, 2 ; Bible Club, Representative, State Re- treat Delegate; District Rally; F.B.L.A. ; Home- room Devotional Leader, Guidance Leader. ARIETTA SIKES " Her cheerful smile matches her heart. " Boosters Club; Tri-Hi-Y; Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee. DWIGHT SMITH " A quiet lad with a willing hand, always ready on command " Full Moon, Sport Staff. 24 SENSORS JIMMY SMITH " Our thoughts and our conduct are our own. " Hi-Y ; Field Day. MICHAEL SMITH " Why worry? Life is too short . 11 NELSON SMITH " Small , dependable, carefree and gay. A like- able creature in every way. " Boosters Club ; Homecoming Parade Chairman ; Black Masque Club, Secretary ; Hi-Y ; Crossroads, Business Staff; Superlative; Junior Play; Cheerleader Man- ager ; Sophomore Hop Committee ; Senior Banquet Ensemble ; Superlative ; Homecoming Sponsor ; Jr. Sr. Prom Committee. SHARON SMITH " A daughter of the gods, divinely tall, and most divinely fair. " F.T.A. ; Boosters Club ; Black Masque Club ; Tri-Hi- Y, Vice-President ; Student Council ; Crossroads, Art Staff ; Modern Music Masters ; Bible Club ; Girls’ Ensemble; Superlative; Homecoming Sponsor; Jr. Play Cast; Senior Banquet Waitress; Jr. -Sr. Prom Committee ; Sophomore Hop Committee ; Homeroom President, Secretary. SYLVIA SMITH " She answers gladly to every call; she ' s kind, true, a friend to all. " Boosters Club ; Black Masque Club : Tri-Hi-Y, Secre- tary ; Crossroads, Literary Staff ; Full Moon, Fea- ture Staff; Monogram Club; Creative Writing and Speech Club ; Homeroom Guidance Leader ; Senior Banquet Waitress ; Cheerleader, 2 ; Sophomore Hop Committee; Jr. -Sr. Prom Committee; Field Day: Homecoming Committee; Tri-Hi-Y, Basketball. JOE SNUGGS " I don ' t think I ' m good looking, but what ' s my opinion against the rest of the world. " Boosters Club ; Black Masque Club ; Student Council Representative ; Crossroads, Business Staff ; Football ; Track ; B-Team Football, 2 ; Field Day. REBA STAMPER " Quiet in appearance with motives unknown. " F.H.A., Vice-president, Miss F.H.A. Queen, District Rally; Homeroom Devotional Leader; F.B.L.A. ; Field Day ; Jr. -Sr. Prom Committee. GENE STARNES " A gentleman — and always willing to oblige. " Boosters Club ; Black Masque Club ; Hi-Y, Vice- president, Delegate ; Crossroads, Photography Staff ; Full Moon, News Staff ; Bible Club, Vice-president, State Retreat Delegate, District Rally, Work Crew, Historian; Junior Play Cast; Senior Banquet En- tertainment; Sophomore Hop Committee; Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee. 25 SENIORS ANNETTE STATON " What sunshine is to flowers, smiles are to humanity Transfer from Ansonville High School ; F.T.A. ; Boosters Club ; Tri-Hi-Y ; Bible Club ; F.H.A. ; F.B. L.A. ; Homecoming Sponsor; Junior Play Com- mittee. DAVID STILLER " It is better to have no ideas than to have false ones. " Baseball ; B-Team Football, 2 ; Field Day. JOE STOKER " It is quality rather than quantity that counts. " Full Moon, Sports Staff; Bible Club; Student Lion; Wrestling; Senior Class President; Homeroom Vice- President, 2 ; Field Day ; Hi-Y, Conference Delegate, Basketball. SUE STONE “Shining hair, shining eyes, a friendly smile that never dies. " F.T.A. ; Boosters Club ; Black Masque Club ; Tri-Hi- Y ; Library Club ; Bible Club, Representative, State Reporter, District Rally. JIMMY STONESTREET " He is truly great that is little in himself, and that maketh no account of any height of honors. " National Honor Society, Treasurer ; Boosters Club ; Black Masque Club ; Hi-Y, President, Secretary, 2 ; Student Council, Co-Treasurer, Representative ; Crossroads, Business Staff ; Modern Music Masters ; Library Club ; Monogram Club ; Marshal, 2 ; Student Lion ; Varsity Basketball ; Varsity Football, Co- Captain ; Track ; Athlete of Month ; Who’s Who ; Jr. -Sr. Prom Committee; Sophomore Hop Com- mittee; Sr. Banquet Entertainment; Youth Apprecia- tion Week, Mayor. JOHNNY STONESTREET “His ready wit, his cheerful smile made him wel- come all the while. " Hi-Y ; Student Council, Co-Treasurer ; Library Club, President; Track; Wrestling; Jr. -Sr. Prom Commit- tee ; Senior Banquet Entertainment ; Sophomore Hop Committee., ANN TAYLOR " Not so tall, really quite small, dear and sweet and loved by all. " F.T.A. ; Boosters Club ; Black Masque Club, President, Vice - president ; Tri - Hi-Y, President, Basketball ; Crossroads, Literary Staff ; Full Moon, Feature Staff ; Modern Music Masters, Vice-president; Bible Club; Creative Writing and Speech Club; Superlative; Homecoming Queen ; Homecoming Sponsor, 3 ; Senior Class Secretary; Senior Banquet Waitress; Majorette, 4, Chief ; Homeroom Secretary, Treasurer, 2 ; Tri-Hi-Y Convention Delegate ; Blue Ridge Delegate ; Assembly Committee; Jr. -Sr. Prom Committee; Sophomore Hop Committee ; Homecoming Committee ; Field Day. RAY TERRY " His life shall never lack a friend. " Full Moon, Circulation Manager, News Staff ; Boys’ Double Quartet. 26 SENIORS KENNETH THOMPSON " The world is a comedy for those who think so. " Track; Wrestling. PAMELA THOMPSON " shall laugh myself to death. " F.T.A. ; Boosters Club ; Crossroads, Typing Staff ; F.B.L.A. : Bible Club, District Rally; F.H.A., District Rally, Convention ; Library Club, Miss Library Club ; Office Worker; Field Day; Science Fair; Shorthand Speed and Penmanship Award. DONNIE TINDAL " Silence is golden Hi-Y. DAVID TREECE " Oh this learning, what a thing it is. " Black Masque Club; Crossroads, Art Staff; Jr. -Sr. Prom Committee. BENNY TROUTMAN " He hath a heart as sound as a bell. " DWIGHT TROUTMAN " Let every man be fully persuaded in his own way. " PAM TRUETTE " Her smile is like a sunbeam, and her face is like a flower. " F.T.A., Secretary; Boosters Club, Treasurer, Presi- dent; National Honor Society; Tri-Hi-Y, Vice-Presi- dent, Treasurer; Basketball; Crossroads, Literary Staff; Full Moon, Feature Staff Editor; Modern Music Masters, Secretary ; Monogram Club ; Creative Writing and Speech Club; Girls’ Ensemble; Super- lative ; Miss Merry Christmas ; Homecoming Sponsor, 4; Marshal; Jr. Play; Who ' s Who; Senior Banquet Waitress: Cheerleader, 4; Homeroom Guidance Lead- er, Vice-president, President; Sophomore Hop Com- mittee ; Carolina Editors Conference ; Assembly Com- mittee. BILL TUCKER " I ' m not lazy, I just conserve my energy. " Hi-Y; Junior Red Cross; B-Team Football; Fresh- man Class Secretary Treasurer; Field Day; Sopho- more Hop Committee. 27 SENIORS 28 JEANETTE VARNER " Speech is a mirror of the soul : as a man speaks, so he is. " F.T.A. ; Bible Club; F.H.A., District Rally; F.B.L.A. SANDRA WALSER " Mild her manner, soft her talk; sweet her face and stately her walk. " Boosters Club; Tri-Hi-Y ; F.B.L.A., Reporter; Mar- shal ; Office Worker. PAUL WELCH " All mankind loves a lover. " Boosters Club; National Honor Society; Black Masque ; Hi-Y ; Student Council ; Crossroads, Business Staff; Full Moon, News Staff; Modern Music Mas- ters, Historian ; Monogram Club, President ; Boys’ Double Quartet ; Football ; Track ; B-Team Football ; Freshman Class President; Junior Class Vice-presi- dent ; Senior Class Treasui-er ; Junior Play Commit- tee ; Homeroom President; Jr. -Sr. Prom Committee; Sophomore Hop Committee ; Sr. Banquet Entertain- ment; Field Day: Youth Appreciation Week, Coun- cilman ; Summer Choral Workshop. ANN WHITLEY " She ' s playful and humorous, her friends, they are many. " F.T.A. ; Boosters Club; Tri-Hi-Y, Secretary; Student Council ; Mo dern Music Masters ; Junior Red Cross ; Homecoming Sponsor: Junior Play Cast; Senior Ban- quet Waitress ; Basketball, Captain ; Majorette, 4 ; Band, Secretary ; Field Day ; Sophomore Hop Commit- tee ; Jr. -Sr. Prom Committee; Homecoming Commit- tee ; Homeroom President, Vice-president. BOBBY WHITLEY " will sit down now, but the time will come when you will hear me. " Boosters Club ; Hi-Y ; Crossroads, Literary Staff ; Monogram Club ; Football, 4 ; Track ; Homeroom pres- ident, Vice-president, Devotional Leader, Guidance Leader; Field Day; Sophomore Hop Committee; Jr.- Sr. Prom Committee ; Senior Banquet Entertainment. GARY WHITLEY " He ' ll find a way. " Boosters Club ; Black Masque ; Hi-Y, Basketball ; Crossroads, Literary, Staff ; Modern Music Masters ; Monogram Club ; Superlative ; Varsity Basketball, 2 ; Baseball, 4; Cheerleader Manager; Field Day; Home- room Officer; Sr. Banquet Entertainment; Jr. -Sr. Prom Committee ; Sophomore Hop Committee. HARRY WHITLEY " The greatest truths are the simplest; and so are the greatest men. " F.T.A., State Convention; Boosters Club; National Honor Society, Vice-president ; Black Masque ; Hi-Y ; Crossroads, Photography Staff ; Full Moon, Business Manager ; Bible Club, President, Treasurer, State Re- treat Delegate, District Rally Chairman, News Staff ; Boys’ Double Quartet ; Superlative ; Junior Play Cast ; State Bible Club Newspaper Business Manager ; Homeroom Treasurer, Chaplain, Devotional Leader ; N.C. Jr. Science Symposium; Summer Choral Work- shop ; Greensboro Choral Festival ; Jr. -Sr. Prom Com- mittee ; Sophomore Hop Committee; Jr. Play Com- mittee ; Sr. Banquet Entertainment ; National Merit Scholarship Semi-finalist ; Carolina Editors Confer- ence ; A.F.S. Exchange Student Candidate; Youth Ap- preciation Week, Councilman ; Auditorium Lighting Technician. MYRA WHITLEY " Red hair and a pleasant smile would help any- one through the world. " Boosters Club ; Black Masque Club ; Tri-Hi-Y, Basket- ball ; Crossroads, Typing Staff ; F.H.A., Secretary, Entertainment Committee Chairman, Reporter; F.B. L.A., Secretary ; Homeroom Secretary, 2 ; Field Day, 2; F.H.A. District Rally; Sophomore Hop Committee; Shorthand Speed Penmanship Award ; Alphabetic, Geographic Filing Awards. SENIORS LINDA WILHOIT " Ask everybody ' s advice; then do as you please. " F.T.A., Treasurer, State Convention ; Student Council Representative ; Crossroads, Literary Staff ; Bible Club, District Rally; F.H.A., President, Secretary, County Parliamentarian, District Rally, State Conven- tion, Hostess for County Rally, Blue Ribbon Winner at fair ; Jr. -Sr. Prom Committee. MARY JO WINN " No star ever rose or set without influence somewhere. " Boosters Club; National Honor Society, Scrapbook Chairman ; Black Masque Club ; Tri-Hi-Y, President, Secretary ; Student Council Representative ; Cross- roads, Assistant Editor ; Full Moon, News Staff ; Mod- ern Music Masters, President, Chaplain ; Bible Club, Secretary, local Retreat, State Retreat ; Debate Club ; Superlatives ; Homecoming Sponsor ; Marshal ; Home- room Secretary; Junior Play: Who’s Who; Sr. ban- quet waitress: Majorette 2; Junior Science Sympos- ium; band clinics; Band, Secretary, Vice-president; National Merit Semi-Finalist ; Class Secretary, Trea- surer ; Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee; Sophomore Hop Committee. CHIARA ZOFFOLI " To know her is to love her. " Exchange Student ; Boosters Club ; National Honor Society ; Student Council Representative. To work or not to work . . . My stars! IN MEMORIAM In loving remembrance, we, the seniors of Albemarle Senior High School, dedicate this page in memory of Jerry Burleson. Although we are profoundly saddened that Jerry has gone from us, we are thankful that we had the opportunity of knowing him. During Jerry ' s short lifetime he served in all phases of activities with- out asking reward. Jerry found a place in this world and he filled it well with the best he had. Jerry ' s willingness to help everyone and ability to get along with not only his classmates but all of those with whom he came in contact will be remembered, and there will always be a place in everyone ' s heart for a beloved friend, Jerry Burleson. 1942-1958 OFFICERS ROBERT IDDINGS LOUISE FURR PAM TREECE RONNIE HERRIN President Vice-president Secretary T reasurer JUNIORS MRS. ROBERT DEESE Sponsor JUNIORS J immy Aldridge Nancy Aldridge Jane Arey Susan Ausba nd Hazel Barbee Jimmy Barbee Margaret Barbee Sylvia Barnes Jann Barrier Kennie Beaver Ann Bell Gary Bell Joyce Benton Stanley Biggers Pat Black Judy Blackwell David Blalock Jerrell Bunting Bill Burbage Don Burgess 32 JUNIORS Lovell Burleson Marlene Burleson Martha Burleson Scottie Burleson Aaron Burris Jimmy Burris Jimmy Burris Dianne Butler Frank Casper Margaret Ann Casper Craig Caudle Mike Caudle Judy Chandler Bonnie Clayton Aaron Cooke Roddy Cotton Dwight Cox Sharon Cranford Darlene Crowell Norma Delk 33 JUNIORS Jimmy Dick Shannon Doby Jimmy Dunn John Edwards Jean Efird Linda Eudy Barbara Everhart Nancy Finan Bryan Fox Brenda Furr Kenny Furr Louise Furr Margaret Ann Furr Mike Fusonie Peggy Garrett Jerry Garris Johnny Greene Brenda Gregson Diane Griffin Hoyle Griffin 34 JUNIORS Hazel Grose Martha Hahn Ronald Hall Judy Harris Linda Harwood Mike Hathcock David Hatley Mary Hill Hatley Linda Haynes Lydia Hearne Frances Herlocker Karen Herndon Ronnie Herrin Carlene Hinson Roger Hinson Betsy Holbrook Gerald Holt Jerry Holt Ronnie Holt Sandra Holt 35 JUNIORS Trina Holt Wayne Honeycutt Brenda Hopkins James Howell Betty Hudson Eleanor Hudson Bobbie Huneycutt Jerry Huneycutt Joyce Huneycutt Vickie Hunsucker Robert Iddings Steve Isenhour Don Kennedy Roberta Lampsi Nancy Langley Pat Lawhon Diane Lefler Willi am Lefler James Lisk Carolyn Lowder 36 JUNIORS Elwin Lowder Sammy Lowder George MacDonald Bob Massey Gary Mauldin Sheila McManus Priscilla McSwain Phillip Miller Kent Montgomery Jeff Moore Connie Morgan Craig Morgan Roger Morris Craven Morton Florence Morton Judy Morton Richard Morton Roger Morton Susie Napier Linda Phillips 37 JUNIORS Jo Lynn Pickier Dorothy Jean Rabon Joe Rabon Mary Frances Reynolds Donald Russell Jan Russell Linda Russell Sue Russell Johnny Saunders Diane Sells Pam Sells Jerry Shaver Johnny Shelton Mary Sikes Becky Smith Brenda Smith Edith Smith Luther Smith Marie Smith Nancy Smith 38 JUNIORS Tony Smith Ted Snotherly Marie Snuggs Bill Springer James Starnes Terry Still Kent Stoker Fred Stokes Sandra Stone Jewel Summerlin Steve Surratt Suzanne Swindell Sara Kay Talbert W. C. Talbert Allon Thompson Brenda Thompson Carolyn Thompson Delores Thompson Boyd T reece Pam T reece 39 JUNIORS Gwendolyn Williams Mike Wolfe Carolyn Gilbert T roublefield John T roublefield Sue T roublefield Billy Joe Tucker Jerry Tucker Peggy Tucker Phoebe Tucker Johnnie Harley Vanhoy Johnny Waldrop William Walker Dan Walter Don Walter Tommy Ward Steve Watson Eddie Wilson Roy Wilson 40 SOPHOMORES ££33£S»BegaMHHI OFFICERS BRENDA YORK Secretary JEFF UNDERWOOD Vice-president JOHNNY FURR President TONY FURR Treasurer Not pictured SPONSORS Mrs. Nancy Gamewell and Kenneth Frazier SOPHOMORES Phillip Aldridge Richard Aldridge Janet Allred Margaret Allred Becky Almond Judy Almond Milton Almond Bobbie Atkins Skippy Baldwin Danny Ballard Geraldine Barbee Jackie Barbee Gary Barrier Becky Basinger Faye Bauer Lester Bivens Evelyn Bost Mary Ellen Bowen Merle Britt Roger Burleson Steve Burleson Iris Burris Joseph Burris Julie Butler Sue Byrd James Caudle Kay Chance Lane Coble Vonda Cole David Collins Brenda Cranford Lenora Cranford Bill Crawley Brenda Crisco Lloyd Crisco 42 SOPHOMORES Roger Crowell Jane Crutchfield Danny Davis Barbara Doby Joel Doby Wayne Drye George Efird Pattie Faggart Sylvia Fesperman Joe Franklin Cathy Freeman Johnny Furr Pauline Furr Tommy Furr Tony Furr Bobby Garner Johnny Garrison Jane Greer Buddy Griffin Elizabeth Guthrie Linda Hagans Claudia Hall Patrick Hall Roy Harker Diana Harris Fillmore Harris Sheila Harris Thomas Hartsell Benny Harwood Kay Hathcock Diane Hatley Ellen Hatley Janice Hearne Billy Helms Ann Henderson 43 SOPHOMORES James Hendley Dean Herrin Marie Hicks Sue Hinson Loretta Holt Janet Honbarrier Nell Honeycutt Richard Honeycutt Mary Rose Hopkins Judy Hudson Dan Huneycutt Judy Huneycutt Sandra Huneycutt Ronnie Johnson Rowena Kluttz Sylvia Kluttz Janet Koontz Sharon Lane Faye Laton Kaye Laton Rayvon Laton Joe Laughlin Jerry Lawhorn Linda Lefler James Lewis Lloyd Little Tommy Little Edward Lowder Joann Lowder Lane Lowder Mickey Lowder Ralph Lucas Terry Mabe Mary MacDonald Walter Manley 44 SOPHOMORES Jerry Mauldin Johnny Mauldin Mickey Mauldin Tommy Mauldin Wayne Mauney Gary McGalliard Eddie McLester Betty Lynn Morgan Jimmy Morgan Brenda Morris Jane Morton Lewis Morton Sylvia Morton Jimmy Nance Sherry Pegram Raymond Perry Harriet Reeves Betty Revell Bobby Richards Cecelia Roache Sherry Roberson Nancy Russell Susan Russell Arthur Sells Ronald Sells Frances Sides Mike Skidmore Brenda Smith Danny Smith Jerry Smith Joyce Smith Vivian Smith Gay Snuggs Larry Solomon Roy Springer 45 SOPHOMORES Nancy Stoker Rebecca Swaringen William Sweet Barry Talbert Barbara Kay Thomas Delores Thompson Lanny Thompson Nancy Thompson Patricia Thompson Robert Throneburg Coleman Treadway Frankie Troutman Sandra Tucker Wallace Tucker Lana Turner Patsy Turner Jeff Underwood Carolyn Varner Frank Wade Sylvia Wall Jimmy Watson Ann Whitley James Whitley June Whitley Linda Whitley J immy Joyce Williams Wanda Williams 46 FEATURES M M vrH nil ] 1 o r ff ' X 9 J s ' j i ll MOST TALENTED Ronnie Arey Peggy Jordan BEST LOOKSNG David Scarboro Sharon Smith 48 MOST INTELLECTUAL Jerry Lou Holbert Roger Laney CUTEST Pep Mabry Pam Truette MOST POPULAR Bonnie Lowder Charles Brown MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Elaine Morris Neil Efird 50 WITTIEST Eddie Lefler Susan Cashwell MOST SCHOOL SPIRITED Bonnie Lowder Gary Whitley ... Y ' SUPERLATIVES BEST DRESSED Jane Murrell Lindsay Harwood MOST ATHLETIC Brenda L. Honeycutt Pep Mabry 51 CARROUSEL PRINCESS Bonnie Lowder 52 MISS MERRY CHRISTMAS Pam Truette Beauty queens pose for formal portrait 53 AWARDS GIRLS STATE Sue Lowder BOYS STATE Eddie Lefler Neil Efird D.A.R. GOOD CITIZEN Bonnie Lowder CIVITAN CONFERENCE DELEGATE Elaine Morris 54 MARSHALS Judy Harris, Rowena Kluttz, Bonnie Lowder, Chief, Pam Treece, Sherry Pegram, Larry Shelton, Jimmy Stonestreet, Edward Lowder, Charles Brown, Robert Iddings. 55 Hula-girls? I do! Join the Navy — see the girls Graduated already? 56 STUDENT COUNCIL Officers Charles Brown Kenny Furr Janice Hearne Johnny Stonestreet Mrs. Young Jimmy Stonestreet President Vice-President Secretary Co-T reasurer Sponsor Co-T reasurer Representatives First Row: Jerry Smith, Cathy Freeman, Elaine Morris, Brenda Furr, Chiara Zof- foli, Diane Lefler, Dan Huneycutt. Sec- ond Row: Jane Arey, John Burchette, Ann Whitley, Jeff Underwood, Sheila McManus, Eddie Wilson Third Row: Joe Snuggs, Johnny Furr, Ted Snotherly, Anna May Renger. 58 Charles Brown Bonnie Lowder Eddie Lefler Pam Truette Harry Whitley Elaine Morris Mike Ross Jerry Lou Holbert Paul Welch Susan Cashwell Suzanne Finch Chiara Zoffoli Neil Efird Landis Miller John Burchette Jimmy Stonestreet Larry Shelton Linda Heckard Mary Jo Winn Roger Laney Peggy Jordan NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Character, Scholarship, Leadership, and Service are the qualities a student must pos- sess in order to become a member of the National Honor Society. Students who be- long to this organization are honor students and they must maintain these standards. Mrs. Nell Westerlund and Mrs. Mildred Deese are co-sponsors. Officers: Pom Truette, President; Harry Whitley, Vice-President; Bon- nie Lowder, Secretary; Jimmy Stone- street, Treasurer; Mary Jo Winn, Scrapbook Chairman. 59 CROSSROADS Elaine Morris Eddie Lefler Editor Business Manager Mrs. Jacob M. Carter Advisor Linda Heckard Typing Editor Mike Ross Assistant Business Manager Bonnie Lowder Literary Editor Mary Jo Winn Assistant Editor Billy Pickier Assistant Business Manager Larry Shelton Photography Editor Eunice Lee Haynesworth Art Editor TYPING STAFF PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF Seated: Carol Almond. Standing: Pam Thompson, Brenda Laton Honeycutt, Myra Whitley, Kay Ken- nedy, absent. Seated: Margaret Harris, Harry Whitley, Larry Pal- mer. Standing: John Durchette, Vernon Gantt, Gene Starnes, Jane Murrell. 60 CROSSROADS ART STAFF Seated: Gale Lowder, Anna May Renger, Sharon Smith, Luray Hatley. Standing: Suz- anne Finch, David Treece, Roger Laney, Jimmy Morris, Ted Russell, Jerry Lou Hol- bert. LITERARY STAFF Seated: Katherine Montgomery, Ann Taylor, Pam Truette, Susan Cashwell. Standing: Landis Miller, Sylvia Smith, Bobby Whitley, Pat Clemmer, Linda Wilhoit, Tim Burris, Becky Helms, Frankie Fenters, Gary Whit- ley, Bobby Mullis, Peggy Jordan. BUSINESS STAFF Seated: Judy Lowder, Sue Lowder, Gayle Clarke, Frankie Hatley. Standing: Paula Feld- man, Gay Crisco, Annette Lowder, Kenneth Huneycutt, Charles Brown, David Scarboro, Ronald Russell, Joe Snuggs, Paul Welch, Nelson Smith. 61 FULL MOON John Burchette Harry Whitley Editor Business Manager Roger Laney Assistant Business Manager Luray Hatley Typing Editor Jerry Lou Holbert Managing Editor Bobby Harris Sports Editor Landis Miller News Editor Ray Terry Circulation Manager Mrs. Paul B. Fry Sponsor Pam Truette Feature Editor BUSINESS STAFF Seated: Luray Hatley, Harry Whitley. Standing: Dwight Smith, Gene Starnes, Roger Laney, Ray Terry. The staff at work 52 SPORTS STAFF Kneeling: Joe Stoker, Ronald Russell, David Scarboro. Standing: Dwight Smith, Steve Hill, Stanley Lambeth. FEATURE STAFF Seated: Susan Cashwell, Eddie Lefler, Bon- nie Lowder. Standing: Ann Taylor, Sylvia Smith, Linda Heckard, Gale Lowder. NEWS STAFF Seated: Wayland McKenzie, Mary Jo Winn, Standing: Paul Welch, Kenneth nuneycutt, Larry Shelton, Larry Jo Almond, Vance Huneycutt, Neil Efird, Suzanne Finch. 63 FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA v Floating About Town Betty Crocker Rejects! Learning to Sew First Row: Mary Frances Reynolds, Suzanne Finch, Peggy Tucker, Betty Hudson, Patsy Dorsey, Joan Hathcock, Brenda Huneycutt. Second Row: Mrs. Coble — Advisor, Kay Hathcock, Gay Crisco, Myra Whitley, Bobbie Huneycutt, Brenda Hopkins, Bobbie Mullis. Third Row: Diana Harris, Becky Leonard, Annette Staton, Becky Jo Almond, Linda Harwood, Joyce Huneycutt. Fourth Row: Nancy Huneycutt, Judy Mabry, Jeanette Varner, Carolyn Thompson, Scottie Burleson, Kay Vickers, Marie Smith. Fifth Row: Carol Almond, Marlene Burleson, Ann Whitley, Linda Wilhoit, Diane Huneycutt. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA Professor Whitley! They don ' t make teachers like this anymore. Future Teachers? First Row: Bonnie Lowder — President, Landis Miller — Vice-President, Pam Truette — Secretary, Linda Wilhoit — Treasurer, Susan Cashwell — Chaplain. Second Row: Louise Furr, Becky Helms, Ann Taylor, Jo Lynn Pickier, Jane Crutchfield, Eunice Lee Haynesworth, Pat Clemmer, Annette Staton. Third Row: Betsy Holbrook, Janice Hearne, Bobbie Atkins, Vivian Smith, Mary Hill Hatley, Nancy Aldridge, Diane Lefler. Fourth Row: Sherry Pe- gram, Pamela Thompson, Margaret Allred, Judy Wilson, Nancy Finan, Judy Harris, Sylvia Wall, Mary Sikes. Fifth Row: Sharon Smith, Jeanette Varner, Margaret Harris, Ann Bell, Brenda Morris, Judy Chandler. Sixth Row: Rebecca Haire, Becky Leonard, Frances Sides, Trina Holt, Suzanne Swindell, Brenda Thompson. Seventh Row: Bobbie Mullis, Martha Sue Lowder, Diane Butler, Peggy Garrett, Sue Stone, Barbara Doby, Susan Ausband, Sheila McManus, Susie Napier. Eighth Row: Brenda Smith, Nancy Russell, Nancy Langley, Sue Byrd, Margaret Ann Furr, Harry Whitley. Ninth Row: Jimmy Morris, Ivan Sibley, Vernon Gantt, Diane Griffin, Brenda Smith. Heave ho! BIBLE CLUB The pause that refreshes. First row: Harry Whitley, President; Annette Lowder, Vice President; Nancy Finan, Secretary, Larry Shelton, Treasurer; Peggy Jordan, Historian; Margaret Ann Casper, General Representa- tive, Judy Lowder, Co-Editor; Luray Hatley, Co-Editor. Second row: Joyce Huneycutt, Mary Sikes, Jo Lynn Pickier, Sylvia Barnes. Third row: Paula Feldman, Sue Stone, Judy Harris, Mary Hill Hatley, Sandra Stone, Becky Jo Almond. Fourth row: Margaret Ann Furr, Sue Hin- son, Diane Griffin, Linda Wilhoit, Brenda Smith, Rebecca Swaringen, Annette Staton. Fifth row: Kenneth Huneycutt, Jerry Hatley, Lindsay Harwood, Gene Starnes, Vernon Gantt, Ivan Sibley. 66 First row: Ann Taylor, President; Judy Chandler, Vice-president; Nelson Smith, Secretary; Don Mauldin, Treasurer; Landis Miller, Diane Butler, Susan Cashwell, Susan Ausband, Susie Napier, Luray Hatley, Eunice Haynsworth, Pam Truette, Don Burgess, John Burchette, Linda Heckard, Mrs. Armfield, Sponsor. Second row: Harry Whitley, Jerry Tucker, Kenneth Huney- cutt, Dudley Roache, Gary Whitley, Steve Surratt, Larry Hunsucker, Steve Watson, Butch Almond, Ivan Sibley, Gene Starnes, John Troublefield, Ronnie Herrin, Robert Iddings, Ted Snotherly, Judy Harris. Third row: Elizabeth Guthrie, Loretta Holt, Harriet Reeves, Faye Bauer, Margaret Ann Furr, Florence Morton, Edith Smith, Judy Morton, Brenda Gregson, Jane Morton, Nancy Smith, Sara Talbert, Karen Herndon, Louise Furr, Brenda Smith. Human " Cabbages? " BLACK MASQUE CLUB 67 Hl-Y Hi-y purpose: To create, maintain, and extend throughout the home, school, and community, high standards of Christian character. SENIORS first Row: Jimmy Stonestreet- — President; Eddie Lefler — Vice- president; Charles Brown, Secretary; Joe Stoker, Treasurer; Larry Shelton, Chaplain. Second Row: Kenneth Huneycutt, Pep Mabry, Gary Whitley, Vance Huneycutt, Joe Medlin, Don Mauldin, Ronnie Harwood. Third Row: Nelson Smith, Ivan Sibley, David Hunsucker, Ted Russell, Butch Almond, Bobby Whitley. Fourth Row: Harry Whitley, Billy Pickier, Jimmy Morris, Gene Starnes, Larry Palmer, Ronnie Arey, Johnny Stonestreet. Fifth Row: Mr. Maultsby — Sponsor, Stephen Hill, Ronald Russell, Kenneth Harkey, Larry Hunsucker, John Burchette. JUNIORS First Row: Ronnie Herrin — -President; Johnny Shelton — Vice-president, Mike Fusonie — Secretary, Mike Wolfe — Treasurer, Steve Isenhour — Chaplain. Second Row: Eddie Wilson, Jerry Tucker, John Troublefield, Robert Iddings, David Blalock, Craig Morgan, Johnny Greene, Don Burgess. Third Row: Gary Bell, Ronnie Holt, Stanley Biggers, Craven Morton, William Walk- er, Kenny Furr. SOPHOMORES First Row: Johnny Furr — President, Steve Burleson — Vice-president, Jeff Underwood — Secretary, Robert Throneburg — Treasurer, Richard Whitley — Chaplain. Second Row: Lester Bivens, Jerry Smith, Mike Skid- more Third Row: Joe Laughin, Ronnie Johnson, Tom- my Little, Danny Davis, Rayvon Laton. 68 TRI-HI-Y Tri-Hi-Y purpose: To create, maintain, and ex- tend throughout the school, home, and commu- nity, high standards of Christian character. SENIORS First Row: Ann Taylor — President, Landis Miller — Vice-presi- dent, Sylvia Smith — Secretary, Pam Truette — Treasurer, Susan Cashwell — Chaplain. Second Row: Jane Murrell, Myra Whitley, Anna May Renger, Ann Whitley, Bonnie Lowder. Third row: Katherine Montgomery, Brenda Laton Honeycutt, Sue Stone, Luray Hatley. JUNIORS First Row: Lydia Hearne — President, Suzanne Swin- dell — Vice-president, Linda Haynes — Secretary, Betsy Holbrook — Treasurer, Pam Treece — Chaplain. Second Row: Mary Sikes, Nancy Finan, Susan Ausband, Marie Snuggs, Susie Napier, Louise Furr. Third Row: Nancy Aldridge, Peggy Garrett, Sheila McManus, Dianne Butler, Nancy Langley, Judy Chandler. Fourth Row: Jo Lynn Pickier, Margaret Ann Casper, Diane Griffin, Florence Morton, Pam Sells, Edith Smith, Judy Harris, Mary Hill Hatley, Saundra Stone, Ann Bell. Fifth Row: Brenda Smith, Sharon Cranford, Jean Efird, Trina Holt, Sara Talbert, Kennie Beaver, Nancy Smith, Margaret Furr. SOPHOMORES First Row: Nancy Russell — President, Shelia Harris — Vice-president, Sherry Pegram — Secretary, Judy Wil- son — Treasurer, Jane Crutchfield — Chaplain. Second Row: Loretta Holt, Margaret Allred, Janice Hearne, Julie Butler, Bobbie Atkins, Cathy Freeman, Frances Sides, Jane Greer. Third Row: Harriet Reeves, Eliza- beth Guthrie, Becky Basinger, Brenda Morris, Sylvia Wall, Diane Hatley, Barbara Doby, Gay Snuggs. 69 OFFICE PRACTICE Good business students are chosen to receive additional training through work in offices. seated: Saundra Burleson, East Albemarle School; Linda Shankle, Dr. Richardson; Carol Almond, North Albemarle School; Kathy Montgomery, Senior High School. Standing: Judy Mabry, Senior High School; Pam Thompson, Home Finance Company; Saundra Walser, Home Savings and Loan Association; Ronnell Holt, Senior High School; Judy Burleson, Senior High School; Kay Kennedy, Junior High School. FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS OF AMERICA First Row: Becky Smith, President; Kathy Montgomery, Vice-president; Myra Whitley, Secre- tary; Marie Smith, Treasurer; Sandra Walser, Brenda Honeycutt. Second Row: Reba Stamper, Becky Leonard, Joyce Huneycutt, Gay Crisco, Trina Barnes, Pat Lawhon, Martha Burleson. Third Row: Sally Norton, Jeanette Varner, Judy Burleson, Carolyn Troublefield, Brenda Hop- kins, Linda Almond. Fourth Row: Annette Staton, Rebecca Haire, Pam Thompson, Barbara Everhart. Fifth Row: Brenda Herrin, Ivan Sibley, Mrs. Helms — Sponsor. DEBATE CLUB Seated: Neil Efird — Secretary, Jeff Underwood, Mrs. Hayes — Sponsor, Eddie Lefler, John Troublefield. Standing: Mr. Stiles — Co-Sponsor, Brenda Thompson, Roger Laney — President, Bryan Fox, Pat Lawhon, Kenneth Huneycutt. RED CROSS First Row: Trina Barnes — President, Jimmy Morris — Vice-president, Suzanne Finch — Secre- tary, Tommy Mauldin — Treasurer, Frankie Hatley, Karen Herndon. Second Row: Mrs. Hayes — -Sponsor, Linda Harwood, June Whitley, Mike Fusonie. Third Row: Harriet Reeves, Kay Laton, Saundra Stone, Nancy Aldridge, Dudley Roach, Tim Burris. Seated: Johnny Stonestreet — -President; Gayle Clark — Vice-president; Margaret Harris — Secre- tary; Gayle Lowder — Treasurer. Standing: Sylvia Barnes, Pat Black, Brenda Thompson, Pam Thompson, Joyce Huneycutt, Tommy Ward, Linda Harward, Brenda Honeycutt, Linda Eudy, Gwen Williams, Linda Russell, Marlene Burleson, Nancy Huneycutt, Gay Crisco, Betty Hudson, Marie Smith, Sue Russell. The Library Club is composed of students who volunteer their services to help the librarian. Members of the Library Club do various jobs which promote our library, such as record keeping and shelf reading. The attractive bulletin boards, giving the students an idea of the various types of books, are designed by these people. MUSIC BAND Mr. Hauss Director First Row: Gayle Clark, Gale Lowder, Linda Hatley, Nancy Elson, Sylvia Feldman, Jo Ann Tucker, Johnny Barbee, Robert Throneburg, Freddie Harkey, Sonny Hinson, Jeff Tucker, Susan Greene. Second Row: Jerry Lou Holbert, Margaret Allred, Jane Morton, Jackie Barbee, Jane Herlocker, Jane Boaz, Joe Laughin, Steve Crisco, Gaynell Deese, Sandra Huneycutt, George Efird, Gary Howell, Farrell Chandler. Third Row: Kathy Still, Carlene Hinson, Louise Earnhardt, Betty Herlocker, Sandra Holt, Margaret Ann Furr, Robert Iddings, Jerry Tucker, Jerry Lawhorn, Gail McSwain, Gleason Barringer, Paul Allred, Gary Swaringen, Charle Edwards. Fourth Row: Janice Mauldin, Mary Sikes, Anita Taylor, Julia O ' Steen, 74 Wanda Williams, Vicky Hudson, Frank Casper, Jan Russell, Steve Surratt, Dean Herrin, Danny Ballard, Larry Hunneycutt, Charles Edwards, Dudley Roache. Fifth Row: Hal Lowder, Luray Hatley, Dan Huneycutt, Tommy Ward, Nancy Thompson, Diana Harris, Jimmy Morgan, Sue Hinson, Dean Herrin, Ronnie Johnson, Benny Harwood, David Collins, David Hunneycutt. Sixth Row: Roddy Cotton, Betty Lynn Morgan, Ellen Hatley, Gerald Holt, Ronald Sells, Joe Haire. Seventh Row: Majorettes — Barbara Furr, Ann Taylor, Ann Whitley, Mary Jo Winn, Bobbie Atkins, Cathy Freeman. Letter Girls — Lydia Hearne, Diane Butler, Nancy Langley. Drum Majorette — Cecelia Roache. Cecelia Roache Drum Majorette Dudley Roache President Majorettes: Barbara Furr, Kathy Freeman, Mary Jo Winn, Ce- celia Roache, Ann Whitley, Ann Taylor, Bobbie Atkins. 75 Mr. Paul B. Fry Director David Scarboro — President Susan Ausband — Vice-president Peggy Jordan — Secretary-Treasurer Nancy Finan — Accompanist Bryan Fox — Accompanist SENIOR MIXED CHORUS First Row: Karen Davis, Frankie Hatley, Karen Herndon, Jann Barrier. Second Row: Pam Treece, Martha Burle- son, Brenda Furr, Nancy Finan. Third Row: Eunice Haynesworth, Pam Truette, Edith Smith, Florence Mor- ton. Fourth Row: Betsy Holbrook, Susan Cashwell, Norma Delk, Linda Haynes. Fifth Row: Anna Mae Renger, Jane Murrell, Mary Frances Reynolds, Brenda Smith. Sixth Row: Peggy Jordan, Brenda Thompson, Sharon Smith, Miriam Wilhoit. Seventh Row: Trina Holt, Mary Hill Hat- ley, Landis Miller, Susan Ausband. Eighth Row: Louise Furr, Nancy Langley, Dianne Butler, Bonnie Lowder. Ninth Row: Craven Morton, Frankie Fenters, James Lisk, Ronnie Herrin. Tenth Row: Johnny Shelton, Larry Pal- mer, Joe Snuggs, Ronnie Arey. Eleventh Row: Roy Wil- son, Jan Caudle, John Burchette, Ray Terry. Twelfth Row: Ted Snotherly, Terry Still, Larry Shelton, Harry Whitley. Thirteenth Row: Billy Pickier, Tim Burris, Ron- nie Holt, Eddie Wilson, Mike Fusonie. Last Row: Ronald Russell, Steve Isenhour, Paul Welch, Bryan Fox, David Scarboro, Roger Laney, Steve Hill. The Senior Mixed Chorus, in addition to being a regular class, is a service organization as well. This group performs for civic clubs in Albemarle. They have participated in the church services of many Stanly County churches. The chorus travels and exchanges programs with schools from various sections of North Carolina. A rating of " superior " has been achieved by the group for the past three years in the District Contest. The Senior Mixed Chorus presents two con- certs a year, the Christmas Concert and the Spring Concert. A song, " 0 Clap Your Hands, " taken from the Forty-Third Psalm, was written for the Senior Mixed Chorus by Mr. Thomas A. Cou- sins from Morganton, North Carolina. In the fall of 1959 the choral group, along with many students from colleges in North Carolina, presented the Messiah at the Munic- ipal Auditorium in Raleigh, North Carolina. Membership is limited to those who are able to maintain the high standards of the group and who have a love of music. GIRLS’ ENSEMBLE Peggy Jordan, Pam Treece, Frankie Hatley, Susan Ausband, Susan Cashwell, Florence Morton, Pam Truette, Jane Murrell, Trina Holt, Martha Burleson, Louise Furr, Sharon Smith, Bonnie Lowder, Dianne Butler, Betsy Holbrook, Landis Miller. Harry Whitley, John Burchette, Ray Terry, Paul Welch, Roger Laney, Steve Hill, David Scar- boro. Absent when picture was taken: Bobby Harris. BOYS ' DOUBLE QUARTET 78 JUNIOR MIXED CHORUS First Row: Becky Helms, Loretta Holt, Janice Hearne, Harriet Reeves, Pauline Furr, Linda Phillips, Susan Russell, Ann Henderson, Jane Greer, Vivian Smith. Second Row: June Whitley, Judy Almond, Frances Sides, Dianne Hatley, Patsy Turner, Barbara Doby, Joyce Smith, Jane Allred, Gay Snugg s. Third Row: Nancy Russell, Judy Wilson, Sherry Pegram, Janet Koontz, Brenda Morris, Shelia Harris, Iris Burris. Fourth Row: Sylvia Morton, Jane Crutch- field, Sylvia Wall, Lana Turner, Sylvia Fesperman, Rebecca Swaringen, Pat Black. Fifth Row: Roger Burleson, Johnny Garrison, Eddie McLester, Milton Almond, Merle Britt, Jerry Smith, Arthur Sells. Sixth Row: Richard Morton, Wayne Huneycutt, Roy Harkey, Mike Skidmore, Dan- ny Davis, Tommy Little, Steve Burleson, Jeff Underwood, Bobby Richards, Hinky Tucker, Pat Hall. Seventh Row: George McDonald, Sammy Lowder, Raeford Deese, Hoyle Griffin, Don Burgess, Rayvon Laton, Gary Bell, Walter Manley, Kenneth York. 79 Officers Seated: Mary Jo Winn, President. Standing: Ann Taylor, Vice-President; Landis Miller, Secretary; Pam Treece, Treasurer; Paul Welch, Historian; Robert Iddings, Chap- lain. The Modern Music Masters Society is com- posed of students who have participated in a school music organization in an active and superior manner and who have made an out- standing contribution to the music life of the school. . Modern Music Masters believe in Charac- ter, which emphasizes a devotion to high ideals; Modern Music Masters believe in Co- operation, which teaches them friendliness and the true spirit of getting along with their fellow man in work and play. Modern Music Masters believe in Leadership, which guides men to greater undertakings; Modern Music Masters believe in Service, which encourages assistance and kindness to others. Co-sponsors are Mr. Paul B. Fry and Mr. Tommy Hauss. MODERN MUSIC MASTERS First Row: Neil Efird, Cecelia Roache, Ellen Hatley, Pam Truette, Janice Hearne, Jerry Lou Holbert, Mary Sikes, Nancy Finan. Second Row: Jimmy Stonestreet, Charles Brown, Sherry Pegram, Peggy Jordan, Sharon Smith, Susan Ausband, Elaine Morris. Third Row: Wayland McKenzie, Johnny Shelton, Ann Whitley, Bryan Fox, Luray Hatley, Gary Whitley. 80 Frankie Fenters Paul Welch Bobby Whitley Pep Mabry Dudley Roache Jimmy Stonestreet Ronnie Harwood Ronald Russell Neil Efird Stanley Lambeth Larry Hunsucker David Scarboro SENIOR PLAYERS Charles Brown Joe Medlin Larry Palmer Vance Huneycutt Johnny Saunders Steve Hill Don Mauldin FOOTBALL Co-Captains: Jimmy Stonestreet, Neil Efird. Coaches: Milton Bardon, Tom Maultsby, Bob Gantt — head coach. First Row: Tony Furr, Craig Morgan, Dudley Roache, Don Mauldin, Frankie Fenters, Jerry Smith, Ronnie Harwood, Kent Montgomery, Joe Medlin, William Walker. Second Row: Steve Burleson, Vance Huneycutt, Mike Wolfe, Bill Burbage, Pep Mabry, Larry Palmer, Neil Efird, Co-Captain, Jimmy Stonestreet, Co-Captain, Paul Welch, Johnny Saunders, Bobby Whitley, Jeff Underwood, Kenneth York. Third Row: Larry Solomon, Lloyd Crisco, Tommy Mauldin, Steve Isenhour, Mike Fusonie, David Scarboro, Ronald Russell, Steve Hill, Stanley Lambeth, Larry Hunsucker, Terry Mabe. Fourth Row: Arthur Sells, Jimmy Nance, Raymond Perry, Lane Lowder, Roy Harker, Johnny Furr, Jimmy Burris, Joe Franklin, Bill Crawley, Merle Britt. HIGHLIGHTS OF ' 59 Albemarle — 35 Winecoff — 0 The A.S.H.S. gridders battered out their first win of the season on the Winecoff field. Leading the scor- ing was Terry Mabe with two touchdowns. Also scoring were Pep Mabry, Jerry Smith and Steve Burleson with one touchdown each. Johnny Saunders kicked five PAT ' s. Albemarle — 14 Kannapolis — 14 The Kannapolis Little Wonders staged a fourth quar- ter drive to tie the Bulldogs 14-14 at home. A rule in- fraction gave the Wonders two chances to make their fourteenth point. Pep Mabry scored both Albemarle T.D. ' s and Johnny Saunders kicked the PAT ' s. Albemarle — 7 Lexington — 6 With twenty-five seconds left in the ball game at Lexington, the Bulldogs sent Jerry Smith slicing across the goal line for the tying score of the ball game. Johnny Saunders kicked the PAT and the Bulldogs were the winners. Albemarle — 35 Monroe — 7 Monroe played host to the Bulldogs for the next game. The forces of Bob Gantt ran the score to 35-7 before the night was over. Six players shared in the scoring. Jerry Smith, Kent Montgomery, Steve Burleson, Larry Hunsucker and Terry Mabe made scores with Johnny Saunders adding five extra points. Albemarle — 39 Mooresville — 0 Returning to the home field for a five game stand, the Bulldogs bulldozed the Blue Devils up and down the field. The touchdown parade was led by Steve Burle- son with two, followed by Jerry Smith, Terry Mabe, Larry Hunsucker, and Vance Huneycutt with one each. Saun- ders kicked three PAT ' s. Albemarle — 35 China Grove — 6 The Bulldogs continued unbeaten in the conference as they blasted the Red Devils of China Grove. De- fensively the Bulldogs were led by Jeff Underwood who swiped two Grover aerials. Scoring were Smith with two, Hunsucker, Mabry, and Burleson with one each. Saunders booted the points. Albemarle — 12 Harding — 8 The Bulldogs gained revenge for last year ' s defeat by drabbing the Rams of Harding 1 2 to 8 on the local field. Mauldin, Palmer, and Saunders held the Rams in check on defense while Jerry Smith and Steve Burleson scored the T.D. ' s. Albemarle — 7 Rockingham — 13 For the second straight year the Rockingham Rockets defeated the Bulldogs and this time it was at home. For Albemarle Pep Mabry scored the only touchdown with Saunders adding the point. Albemarle — 26 Landis — 14 The Bulldogs claimed at least a tie for the conference championship by defeating a highly-touted Landis High team before a Homecoming crowd. Jerry Smith ran the opening kick-off 83 yards for the T.D. Later he added another. Pep Mabry also contributed two scores. Johnny Saunders booted two PAT ' s. Albemarle — 7 Concord — 7 Both the Bulldogs and the Spiders scored late in the second half to battle to a 7-7 deadlock. Jerry Smith scored on a 70 yard run to give the Bulldogs an early lead, and Saunders kicked the extra points. The Spiders passed for their only score. Albemarle — 6 Children ' s Home — 0 Grinding out huge chunks of yardage on offense and throwing runners for losses as defense the Bulldogs upset the number two team in the state. Children ' s Home, at Kannapolis. The hearty boys A.S.H.S. pushed the Meth- odists all over the field the entire night, but only scored once with Pep Mabry going over. Johnny Saunders missed the point. Albemarle — 13 Hickory — 34 Trudging off the field after a beating from Hickory at Kannapolis, eighteen young men realized that they would never wear the Blue and White of A.S.H.S. again. These hearty boys were Jimmy Stonestreet, Neil Efird, Paul Welch, Pep Mabry, Charles Brown, Joe Medlin, Frankie Fenters, Ronnie Harwood, Stanley Lambeth, Larry Hunsucker, Bobby Whitley, David Scarboro, Vance Huneycutt, Johnny Saunders, Larry Palmer, Ronald Rus- sell, Steve Hill, Don Mauldin, and Dudley Roache. Scor- ing were Jerry Smith and Larry Hunsucker. Saunders booted the PAT. Managers: Bobby Harris, Edward Lowder, Lane Coble 85 First row: Pam Truette, Luray Hatley, Ann Whitley, Mary Jo Winn, Lydia Hearne, Diane Butler, Nancy Langley, Ann Taylor, Becky Helms, Peggy Jordan, Katherine Montgomery. Second row: Pam Sells, Sylvia Smith, Bonnie Lowder, Sharon Smith, Landis Miller, Linda Haynes, Karen Herndon, Edith Smith, Ann Bell. Third row: Susie Napier, Louise Furr, Susan Ausband, Nancy Smith, Pam Treece, Trina Holt. Fourth row: Pat Black, Sylvia Wall, Becky Basinger, Cathy Freeman, Brenda York, Brenda Morris, Vivian Smith, Joyce Smith, Kaye Laton. Fifth row: Janice Hearne, Rowena Kluttz, Cecilia Roache, June Whitley, Frances Sides, Pauline Furr, Sherry Pegram, Bobby Atkins, Sharon Lane, Patsy Turner. SPONSORS Congratulations, Ann Jump ball MONOGRAM CLUB The honor of being in the Monogram Club comes to students who have earned letters in various sports. The five major sports in which a person can let- ter are: football, baseball, basketball, wrestling and track. Senior cheerleaders are also members of the Monogram Club and re- ceive jackets. Coaches Bob Gantt and Nancy Gamewell are the sponsors of the organiza- tion. Officers: Paul Welch — President, Johnny Saunders — Vice-presi- dent, Pep Mabry — Secretary, Bobby Harris — Treasurer, Mrs. Gamewell — Sponsor, Mr. Gantt — Sponsor. First Row: Sylvia Smith, Pam Truette, Bonnie Lowder. Second Row: Suzanne Finch, Jerry Lou Holbert, Edith Smith, Lydia Hearne, Dudley Roache, Don Mauldin, Gary Whitley, Linda Haynes, Florence Morton, Trina Holt, Brenda Huneycutt. Third Row: Jimmy Stonestreet, Larry Palmer, David Hunsucker, Ron- nie Harwood, Joe Medlin, Jerry Smith, Mike Ross, Bobby Whit- ley, Vance Huneycutt. Fourth Row: Stanley Lambeth, Terry Mabe, Steve Burleson, Steve Isen- hour, Gary Mauldin, James Starnes, Eddie Bowers, Jimmy Morris, Larry Hunsucker. Fifth Row: Tommy Mauldin, Jimmy Burris, Mike Wolfe, Charles Brown, Lindsay Harwood, David Scarboro, James Lisk, Fred Stokes, Kent Montgomery, Kenny Furr. Sixth Row: Ronald Russell, Steve Hill, Jeff Underwood, Neil Efird, Johnny Greene, Mike Fu- sonie, Kenneth Harker, William Walker, Frankie Fenters. 87 Mike Ross, Jimmy Morris Co-Captains Kneeling: Mike Ross, Jimmy Morris — Co-Captains. First Row: Richard Whitley, Frankie Fenters, Steve Burleson, Jeff Underwood, Pep Mabry, Gary Whitley, Fred Stokes, Jerry Smith, Lester Bivens. Second Row: Kenneth Frazier — Coach, Johnny Furr, Kent Mont- gomery, Stanley Lambeth, Eddie Lefler, Larry FHunsucker, Tommy Mauldin, Jerrell Bunting, Jimmy Burris, Stanley Biggers — Manager. 88 GIRLS ' BASKETBALL Brenda Laton Honeycutt Captain First Row: Becky Helms, Diane Lefler, Linda Haynes, Brenda Laton Honeycutt, Florence Mor- ton, Loretta Holt, Julie Butler, Brenda York. Second Row: Trina Holt, Judy Hudson, Faye Bauer, Edith Smith, Janice Hearne, Barbara Doby, Nancy Stoker, Becky Smith Ann Whitley Geraldine Barbee. Third Row: Nancy Russell, Jerry Lou Holbert, Sheila McManus, Suzanne Finch, Shelia Harris, Claudia Hall, Lydia Hearne, Linda Hagans, Sue Byrd, Rowena Kluttz Mrs. Gamewell. 89 WRESTLING Ronnie Harwood Lindsay Harwood Co-Captains Tom Maultsby Coach First Row: Dan Walter, Don Walter, Jerry Lawhon, Benny Harwood, Kenny Furr, James Starnes, David Collins, Richard Huneycutt, Milton Almond — Manager. Second Row: Lindsay Harwood — Co-captain, Don Russell, Kenneth Thompson, Raymond Perry, Richard Morris, Don Mauldin, Kenneth York, Vernon Gantt, Jimmy Burris, Gary Mauldin, Ronnie Harwood — Co- captain, Jerry Shaver, Terry Still, Dan Huneycutt — Manager. First Row: John Burchette, Eddie Lefler, Fred Stokes, Larry Hunsucker, Paul Welch, Bobby Whitley, Dudley Roache, Pep Mabry, Don Mauldin, William Walker. Second Row: David Scarboro, Craig Morgan, Gary Whitley, Vance Huneycutt, Mike Wolfe, Joe Snuggs, Johnny Shelton, Jimmy Burris. Third Row: Johnny Saunders, Kenneth Harkey, Jerry Shaver, Charles Brown, Steve Hill, Jimmy Stonestreet, Steve Isenhour. 1959 TRACK TEAM 1959 BASEBALL TEAM First Row: Mike Fusonie, Larry Hunsucker, Gary Mauldin, David Hunsucker, Gary Whitley, Kent Montgomery, Eddie Bowers. Second Row: Mike Ross, Don Mauldin, Jerrell Bunting, Connie Morgan, James Lisk, Kenneth Harkey, Jerry Hatley, Mr. Maultsby. Homecoming Celebration O ' Clap Your Hands Camera Shy! Louder, Mr. Morris BOOSTERS CLUB First Row: Pam Truette, Brenda York, Sylvia Smith, Susie Napier, Bonnie Lowder, Louise Furr, Brenda Morris, Pam Sells. Second Row: Frankie Hatley, Luray Hatley, Pam Thompson, Saundra Burleson, Jo Lynn Pickier, Sheila McManus, Florence Morton, Nelson Smith, Vivian Smith, Judy Lowder, Gay Crisco, Lovell Burleson, Bobbie Huneycutt, Margaret Barbee, Kenny Furr, Julie Butler, Ellen Hatley, Margaret Ann Casper, Nancy Finan, Loretta Holt, Jane Greer, Mary Ellen Bowen, Margaret Allred, Karen Herndon, Ann Bell, Nancy Aldridge, Ann Taylor, Landis Miller, Suzanne Swindell. Third Row: Chiara Zoffoli, Myra Whitley, Harriet Reeves, Nancy Smith, Sara Kay Talbert, Bobbie Mullis, Jane Murrell, Sharon Lane, Rowena Kluttz, Pep Mabry, Gary Whitley, Faye Bauer, Scottie Burleson, Barbara Doby, Sharon Cranford, Jean Efird, Brenda Furr, Jerry Tucker, Susan Ausband, Sue Byrd, Susan Greene, Pauline Furr, Becky Basinger, Paula Feldman, Becky Helms, Susan Cashwell, Judy Chandler, Mrs. Gamewell — Advisor. Fourth Row: Paul Welch, Marie Snuggs, Lana Turner, Sharon Smith, Linda Lefler, Bobbie Atkins, Betty Lynn Morgan, Ann Whitley, Don Burgess, Don Mauldin, Eddie Lefler, Gene Starnes, Dianne Butler, Judy Wilson, Kenny Beaver, Margaret Ann Furr, Suzanne Finch, Jane Crutchfield, Elizabeth Guthrie, Judy Hudson, Janice Hearne, Dianne Hatley. Fifth Row: David Scarboro, Frankie Fenters, Carlene Hinson, Joyce Smith, Frances Sides, Sherry Pegram, Gaye Snuggs, Cecelia Roache, Nancy Russell, Steve Watson, Bobby Whitley, Dudley Roache, Joe Medlin, Jerry Smith, Ronald Russell, Linda Heckard, June Whitley, Judy Harris, Mary Hill Hatley, Brenda Herrin, Diane Griffin, Lydia Hearne, Betsy Holbrook, Nancy Langley, Pam Treece, Linda Haynes, Jimmy Morris. Sixth Row: Steve Hill, Mary Sikes, Sue Stone, Becky Jo Almond, 3ecky Smith, Sandra Stone, Brenda Thompson, Margaret Harris, Brenda Smith, Peggy Garrett, Annette Lowder, Sue Lowder, Anna May Renger, Vance Huneycutt, William Walker, Steve Isen- hour, Gerald Holt, Larry Hunsucker, Johnny Saunders, Craig Mor- gan, Steve Surratt, Kenneth Huneycutt, Sylvia Wall, Sheila Harris, Tommy Mauldin, Ronnie Herrin, Katherine Montgomery, Robert Iddings, Brenda Laton Honeycutt, Sally Norton, Charles Brown, Trina Holt, Diane Lefler. Seventh Row: Larry Palmer, Johnny Shel- ton, Harry Whitley, Jerry Shaver, Tommy Ward, Jimmy Stonestreet, Mary Jo Winn, Neil Efird, Bill Crawley, Mike Fusonie, Kent Mont- gomery, Jimmy Burris, Jimmy Aldridge, Ronnie Harwood, Stanley Lambeth, David Blalock, Jerry Hatley, Bryan Fox, John Troublefield, Jeff Underwood, Mike Skidmore, Joe Franklin, Arthur Sells, Lane Lowder, Raymond Perry Frank Casper, Terry Mabe, Stanley Biggers, Ronnie Holt. CHEERLEADERS Center: Bonnie Lowder, Chief; Clockwise: Pam Truette, Brenda York, Sylvia Smith, Susie Napier, Louise Furr, Brenda Morris, Pam Sells. CAFETERIA WORKERS Seated: Mrs. Corl Herrin, Mrs, Clyde Davis, Mrs. Robert Lambert, Mrs. Russell Ford. Standing: Mrs. Hoy Moose, Mrs. Rogelle Cranford, Mrs. Claude Pickier, Mrs. Authur Burris, Miss Lillie Moe Poplin, BEHIND THE SCENES JANITORS AND MAIDS Calvin Pemberton Hazel Gaddy, Mary Smith, Viola Allen, Hazel Bradley, Bobbie Lee Rivers, I la Kent, Ernest May, Effie Henry. ADVERTISEMENTS -Uf e W O 4 - O CiOL 4bt2 AAa L; Civ. e, rx. -+-OOCD V oaS ■S rvVM,. ru- v ' s rO e5j ■Vv o S-V Ci tVtH V-V V. u , Vo uA. t 5 v vC - V v»V ■s» ‘ix N- JJk. OO -S = - - X C- S Su v " S fvs Ogzji ClN i vo Vo rx r . X V c V5 W° ' « A -a ® 4 no ■° Lx -t O Vvx. oVV f) • ' VkO T ' Le. E-GS 3 c OC Zi. V TSTC. High An nual Salesmen Seated: Nelson Smith Standing: Joe Snuggs Va s- WISCASSETT MEMORIAL YOUNG MEN ' S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION Albemarle, North Carolina Serving the youth of Albemarle and Stanly County through physical, mental, social, and spiritual growth. Stanley Hardware Company HOTEL ALBEMARLE Distributors for Spaulding and McGregor Where Dining Is A Pleasure Athletic Equipment, Frigidaire Home Appliances, and Building Supplies Air Conditioned YU 2-2129 YU 2-2131 Banquet and Albemarle, N. C. Convention Facilities STANDARD OFFICE EQUIPMENT COMPANY " Complete Line of School Supplies " Phone YU 2-7111 175 N. Second St. Albemarle, N. C. Compliments of STANLY LUMBER CO. fH • r U Math genuises Meanwhile, back at the lab 97 ARNOLD BUSINESS COLLEGE Latest office machines and devices for training. Enroll in a modern school which offers train- ing to meet the demands of present-day busi- ness efficiency — training that brings results. " Licensed by North Carolina State Board of Education " Telephone, Write, Visit ARNOLD BUSINESS COLLEGE 705 West Main Street Albemarle, North Carolina Telephone YU 2-3418 MURRELL ' S PHARMACY " Prescriptions are our Business " Drugs — Medical Supplies — Sundries 167 N. Second Phone YU 2-2214 PHILLIPS CLOTHING CO. Clothing For Men and Boys YU 2-3116 127 N. Second St. STANLY ELECTRIC INC. Phone YU 2-1412 W. Main Albemarle, N. C. SETZLER-HINSON FURNITURE CO. Albemarle, N. C. " Say It With Flowers " Phone YU 2-2615 PECK ' S FLORIST " Flowers of Distinction " Norwood Road 98 LEFLER FUNERAL HOME Funeral Directors and Furniture Dealers Phone YU 2-1912 Ambulance Phone YU 2-1197 Norwood GR 4-3128 Srtuggs ' Electric Service Contracting and Repairing For Free Estimates, Dial YU 2-3326 N. Second Street Albemarle, N. C. VOGUE BEAUTY SHOP 310 Montgomery Ave. YU 2-2215 Mrs. Frances Winn Sara Archer J. V. Simpson ALBEMARLE RADIO CO. 123 S. Second Phone YU 2-1215 JEWEL BOX Diamonds — Silver China — Watches " Ride with us to School " NOAH TRANSIT CO. 605 W. Main St. YU 2-1718 99 DUN-RITE LAUNDRY and CENTRAL BARBER SHOP CLEANERS, INC. 149 S. Second St. “A Laundry and Cleaning Service As You Want It " F. 0. Harwood — T. V. Harwood Phone YU 2-3511 1217 Pee Dee Avenue Albemarle, N. C. Meet Your Friends WHAT-A-BURGER PHILLIPS CUT RATE DRUG STORE East Main YU 2-6888 Curb Service Orders to Take Out QUALITY GROCERY TALBERT ' S JEWELRY 304 Montgomery Ave. 253 West Main St. Phone YU 2-2611 Albemarle, N. C Albemarle, N. C 100 ECONOMY AUTO SUPPLY B. F. Goodrich Tires Westinghouse Appliances Maytag Washers Sales and Service 219 W. Main St. Albemarle, N. C. CHARM BEAUTY SHOP 146 S. Second St. YU 2-4511 Ruth Snyder Mildred Lisk Josephine Pierce Suppose there ' ll be enough? II faut que je renonce a mon bain aujourd ' hui. MOOSE ' S, INC. 141 West Main Street Jantzen McGregor Sweaters T-Shirts Swim Suits CONN S E ' S " We Wish To Make Our Store the Best Place For You to Trade " YU 2-6543 141 S. Second St. 101 ALBEMARLE INSURANCE AGENCY, INC. " Just Insurance " S. L. Gulledge R. A. Crowell Joe R. Kluttz Bailey Gulledge Albemarle, N. C. 113 South Second St. Phone YU 2-2133 Crazylegs Mabry. Tired heroes. CRISCO ' S ESSO SERVICE 907 W. Main St. Albemarle, N. C. YU 2-2414 Compliments of WILSON FARM SUPPLY Albemarle, N. c. K L DRUG STORE Montgomery Avenue ALBEMARLE PLUMBING HEATING COMPANY Wholesale Distributors 102 STARVES Diamonds Watches Jewelry Leading Jewelers Since 1898 DRUG CENTRE, INC. The Rexall Store A Professional Drug Service Phone YU 2-6612 121 North First Street Albemarle, N. C. STILL OIL CO. Distributor of Sinclair Products Wholesale Retail Phone YU 2-3215 Albemarle, N. C ELITE BEAUTY SALON Merle Norman Cosmetics 200 S. First St. Phone YU 2-4614 Albemarle, N. C. Belk ' s Department Store " Remember — You always save at Belk ' s. " PURCELL ' S DRUG STORE Compliments of Purcell ' s Drug Store 103 COMPLIMENTS OF RIFF ' S DEPARTMENT STORE OF ALBEMARLE " Dress Well and Succeed " MODERN BEAUTY SHOP Haynsworth Building 171 N. Second St. YU 2-1015 Gantt- Rulane Gas Service, Inc. J. E. Gantt Plumbing Heating Co. YU 2-1 129 YU 2-41 18 Albemarle, N. C. GABLE ' S " Finest in Clothing " S. Second St. Albemarle, N. C. JACK ' S GROCERY MARKET YU 2-321 1 Fresh Meats and Vegetables 1 32 S. Second Street 104 HERLOCKER SERVICE West Main St. Phone YU 2-1512 HERLOCKER " 52 " SERVICE Salisbury Rd. Phone YU 2-5816 MILLERS, INC. 185 N. Second Phone YU 2-2149 GLAMOR SHOP Smart Apparel for Women 134 West Main St. YU 2-4612 Albemarle, N. C. What ' s this? Big decisions. SOSSAMON FURNITURE CO. South First Street Albemarle, N. C. FIRST NATIONAL BANK Albemarle, N. C. Member Federal Reserve Bank Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 105 Albemarle Savings and Loan Association Albemarle, North Carolina Insured Savings Direct Reduction Loans OFFICERS M. M. Palmer, President J. H. Morrow, Vice-Pres. C. B. Miller, Exec. Vice-Pres. O. J. Rogers, Sec.-Treas. " Large enough to be safe; small enough to be friendly " " Current Dividend Rate 4% " 106 107 DO NUT DINETTE STANLY FUNERAL HOME N. Second St. Ambulance WHITLEY ' S Phone YU 2-2288 LUNCHEONETTE Albemarle, N. C. N. First St. Stanly Burial Association LOFTIN ' S DRUG STORE DEWEY D. TREECE Albemarle, N. C. Building Specialties PHONES: Day YU 2-41 17 Night— YU 2-5 1 25 PEE DEE SUPE RETTE " Complete Line of Staple Groceries at Popular Prices " Open till 10 P.M. at 5 Points Esther Williams Swimming Pools 108 ALBEMARLE TRUCK TRACTOR CO. MORGAN MOTOR CO. CONFEDERATE MOTORS ALBEMARLE NEW CAR and TRUCK DEALERS CROOK MOTOR CO. - SPENCE MOTOR CO. STOVALL WOLFE MOTOR CO. P. J. HUNEYCUTT CO. Furniture — Appliances Jewelry Diamonds — Cameras YU 2-1518 Phone YU 2-3518 DELUXE CAFE Regular Meals and Short Orders Chalmers Thompson Owner . Curb Service YU 2-6216 Charlotte Road 109 TAXI! 1 Dial YU 2-1133 and YU 2-3333 I M TAXI Radio Dispatched What was the attraction here? Why, Mrs. Carter. N. C. Jr. Science Symposium 1 10 MORGAN INSURANCE AGENCY 177 N. Second Street Phone YU 2-1156 Compliments of E. B. STONE ROSS STUDIO Portrait and Commercial Photography YU 2-5815 215 W. Mam Street Albemarle, N. C. SEALTEST FOODS 1 1 1 THE MUSIC MART 350 Concord Road Phone YU 2-3627 Records, Phonographs, Pianos, Band Instruments, Music YOOt l l lYEIMQRl Y. IV ' Ml t M i R R I AUTOGRAPHS ■ ••

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