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Text from Pages 1 - 120 of the 1958 volume:

WlSCASbE l i LicAwRIAL Y. M. C. A, LIBRARY THE 1958 CROSSROADS Published by The Senior Class ALBEMARLE HIGH SCHOOL Albemarle, North Carolina Pardon us, Washington Irving, If we borrow your story and plot Pardon us, Rip Van Winkle, For you ' re the character we got. We ' ve included in our story Mr. Winkle ' s dream, why yes! Of his youth and of his glory And his days at AHS. We see him for the first time Entering our high school building. To the Seniors who are prime. We see the freshman yielding. The hop — and how he cut the rug! — Made everything good appear Till in biology frogs and bugs Caused headaches his sophomore year. Selling potato chips and pencils too Began his Junior year Till the Southern Plantation theme came true In a Prom he ' ll always hold dear. " Stag Line " was another project And then came his high school ring; Mixed in with studies of subjects And NHS tapping in spring. Senior year was filled to the brim With fun and studies galore. There were such wonderful moments for him He had never enjoyed things more. Autumn days and football games Brought honor to the school With cheerleaders and sponsors — lovely dames — And a Homecoming Queen to rule. Then came French and Algebra II With Chorus and Band on the side. With Full Moon and annual work to do And occasional pranks to hide. Scurry, rush — he was almost in a coma — With the things to be done were the date When at last he ' d get his diploma With the Class of ' 58. 3 DEDICATION Through the years students of Albemarle High School have come to realize that there is an outstanding faculty member who is very much interested in us, our activities, our work, and our progress. She is devoted and patient. Always willing and helpful, she guided us through our junior year, as she has so often done for classes before, serving as Junior Class sponsor. As we think back we will always remem- ber how she worked with us on our class projects, the junior play, and the prom. To show our appreciation for her help in our junior year and during all four years of high school the class of 1958 dedicates this volume of the Crossroads to — Miss Lillian Misenheimer. 4 Mr. J. L. Cashwell Principal Mr. Claud Grigg Superintendent ADMINISTRATION Board of Trustees: Mr. H. Wells Rogers, Mr. R. L. Brown, Jr., Chairman; Mr. J. Heath Morrow, Mr. John B. Morris, Jr. Mr. Ted P. Furr, Mr. Charles W. Pickier. 6 LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT Seated: Mrs. Mildred Deese, French; Mrs. Addie Hayes, English. Standing: Mrs. Willie E. Fry, English; Miss Lu Jordan, English; Miss Lillian Misenheimer, English; Mrs. Mary Martin Little, English; Miss Pearle Michael, Librarian. FACULTY MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT Miss Chicora Caughman: Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry; Mr. Gerald E. Braswell: Geometry, Algebra, General Mathematics; Mrs. Carolyn McLain: Algebra, General Mathematics; Mrs. Josephine Allen: Algebra, General Mathematics, U. S. History. VOCATIONAL EDUCATION Mrs. Mildred K. Carter, Business Education; Mrs. Peggy B. Hill, Home Economics; Mr. John C. Morris, Industrial Arts; Miss Inez Bankett, Business Educa- tion. 7 SOCIAL STUDIES AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENTS Mr. William L. Lippard, Jr., Physical Education, General Science; Mrs. Nell Westerlund, Social Studies; Mr. Henry T. Webb, Jr., Social Studies; Mr. Don M. Knotts, Social Studies; Mrs. Margaret Ivey, Bible; Miss Charlene Rotha, Physical Education; Mr. Bob Gantt, U. S. History, Physical Education. FACULTY MUSIC DEPARTMENT Mr. Paul B. Fry, Chorus. Mr. George T. Hauss, Band SCIENCE DEPARTMENT Mr. R. C. Hatley, Chemistry, Physics, General Science; Mrs. Rosetta L. Rogers, Biology; Mr. Ken- neth Frazier, General Science, Biology, Physical Education. THE SENIOR CLASS THE 1958 Kaye Almond — " Obliging and cheerful, industrious and kind. " F. H. A. (2); Science Fair (2); Field Day; Crossroads Typing Staff; Junior Red Cross; Jr. -Sr. Prom Committee. Kitty Almond — " The way to be happy is to make others so. " Student Council Representative; F. T. A. Secretary; Boosters Club (3); Creative Writing and Speech Club; Library Club; Homeroom Devotional Leader; Bible Club (4), President, State Secretary, Editor, District Secretary, State Bible Club Retreat Workcrew; Na- tional Honor Society Secretary; Black Masque Club (2); Mars Hill Choral Clinic; Mixed Chorus Com- mittee Chairman; Tri-Hi-Y (4), Secretary, Basketb all Co-Captain; Modern Music Masters (2); Girls ' Ensemble (2); Who ' s Who; Science Fair (2); Assembly Committee; Field Day; Full Moon Editor; Crossroads Photography Staff; Jr. -Sr. Prom Committee; Sopho- more Hop Committee; Senior Banquet Waitress; Senior Superlative; Winthrop Editors ' Conference Martha Barbee — " Red hair and a pleasant smile would help anyone through the world. " F. H. A. (3); State Future Homemakers of America Convention Delegate; Homeroom Secretary; Tri-Hi-Y (2); Science Fair (2); Field Day, Basketball; Junior Red Cross. Gail Buck — " Everywhere in life, the true question is not what we gain, but what we do. " Transferred from Central Bucks High; F. T. A. (2); Secretary; Boosters Club (2), Dance Committee; Monogram Club; Bible Club (2), Historian, Bible Club State Retreat Delegate; National Honor Society; Black Masque Club (2), Secretary; Tri-Hi-Y (2), Tri-Hi-Y Convention Delegate; Science Fair (2); Field Day; Crossroads Typing Staff; Jr. -Sr. Prom Com- mittee; Basketball (2), Co-Captain; Senior Banquet Waitress. Eddie Burleson — " A song will outlive all sermons in the memory. " Homeroom President, Vice-President; Mixed Chorus President; North Carolina Choral Festival; Hi-Y (4), President, Vice-President; Secretary, Hi-Y Convention Delegate; Boys ' Double Quartet (2); Science Fair; Field Day (3); Full Moon Sports Staff; Jr. -Sr. Prom Committee; Sophomore Hop Committee; Student Rotarian, B-Team Football; Varsity Football; Senior Superlative. Saundra Burleson — " Leave silence to the saints, I am but human. " F. T. A. (2); Boosters Club (4); Homeroom Devotional Leader; Bible Club (2); Black Masque Club (2); Tri- Hi-Y; Jr. -Sr. Prom Committee; Sophomore Hop Com- mittee; Cast of " Stag Line " ; Senior Superlative. Jennings Burris — " Should life all labor be? " Homeroom Devotional Leader; Hi-Y; Science Fair (2); Field Day (3); B-Team Football; Track. Joyce Burris — " From her worthy qualities it would be a task to pick her best. " F. T. A. Secretary; Boosters Club (4), Dance Com- mittee; Junior Red Cross; Homeroom Secretary, Treasurer, Devotional Leader; Bible Club (2); National Honor Society; Black Masque Club; Tri-Hi-Y (3), Basketball Co-Captain, Junior Y Team; Crossroads Literary Staff; North Carolina Choral Workshop; Girls ' Ensemble; Science Fair; Field Day (3); Full Moon Managing Editor; Jr. -Sr. Prom Committee; Sopho- more Hop Committee; Basketball (2); Junior Play Usher; Homecoming Sponsor (2); Senior Banquet Waitress. Senior year was filled to the brim SENIOR CLASS Carolyn Butler — " Neatly dressed, full of fun, well- liked by everyone. " Boosters Club (4), Dance Committee; Creative Writing and Speech Club; Bible Club; Black Masque Club (2); Tri-Hi-Y; Science Fair (3); Jr. -Sr. Prom Committee; Sophomore Hop Committee; Senior Banquet Waitress. Brenda Casper — " The mildest manners and the gentlest heart. " Boosters Club; Homeroom Guidance Leader; Bible Club (3); Black Masque Club (2); Tri-Hi-Y (3); Science Fair (2). Reggie Chance — " Never trouble trouble till trouble troubles you. " Homeroom Guidance Leader; Hi-Y; Science Fair; Field Day; B-Team Football; Baseball. Yvonne Chandler — " She may not say much, but she knows a lot. " F. T. A. (4); F. H. A ; Boosters Club; Junior Red Cross Secretary; Library Club (2), Vice-President, Reporter; Homeroom Secretary, Devotional Leader; Guidance Leader; Bible Club (3); National Honor Society; Black Masque (2); Modern Music Masters; Science Fair; Field Day (2); Crossroads Typing Staff. Rebecca Coble — " None but herself can be her parallel. " F. T. A. (3), Treasurer, Boosters Club (4), Home- coming Dance Committee (2); Homeroom Treasurer; Devotional Leader; Bible Club (3), Retreat, Secretary, Editor, Local Bible Club Retreat Work Crew; National Honor Society; Black Masque Club (2), Scrapbook Chairman, Play Committee; Sophomore Class Treas- urer; Mixed Chorus Committee Chairman, Girls ' Ensemble, (2), Modern Music Masters (2); Science Fair (2); Homecoming Queen; Full Moon News Staff; Crossroads Photography Editor; Jr. -Sr Prom Commit- tee; Sophomore Hop Committee; Junior Play Com- mittee; Homecoming Sponsor (2); Senior Banquet Waitress; Tri-Hi-Y Basketball (3), Co-Captain (2). Gay Crowell — " Trim and neat, pretty and sweet. " Student Council Representative; Boosters Club (4); Homeroom Secretary, Treasurer, Guidance Leader; Bible Club; National Honor Society; Black Masque Club; Freshman Class Treasurer; Mixed Chorus Com- mittee Chairman, Girls ' Ensemble, (2), Modern Music Masters; Tri-Hi-Y (4), Treasurer; Science Fair (2); Field Day; Crossroads Art Staff; Jr. -Sr. Prom Com- mittee; Sophomore Hop Committee; Homecoming Sponsor. Reggie Crowell — " Happy am I, from care I am free; why can ' t they all be contented like me? " Black Masque Club (2); Hi-Y (2); Field Day; Cross- roads Business Staff; Jr. -Sr. Prom Committee; Soph- omore Hop Committee; B-Team Football (2). Elaine Davidson — " Laugh and the world laughs with you, weep and you weep alone. " F. T. A.; Boosters Club (4), Homecoming Dance Committee; Homeroom Secretary, Treasurer, Guid- ance Leader; Bible Club (2); Tri-Hi-Y (4); Science Fair (2); Field Day; Crossroads Photography Staff; Jr. -Sr. Prom Committee; Sophomore Hop Committee; Junior Play Committee; Basketball Manager. With fun and studies galore. THE 1958 Joyce Davis — " The unspoken word never does harm. " Tri-Hi-Y; Science Fair. Wayne Davis — " Let the world slide. " Boosters Club; Junior Red Cross; Homeroom Treasurer; Black Masque Club; Hi-Y; Science Fair; Field Day; Jr. -Sr. Prom Committe; Sophomore Hop Committee; B-Team Football (2). Carol Deese — " Quick, witty, charming, full of life, and ready to talk. " Student Council Representative; Boosters Club; Home- room President; Bible Club; Tri-Hi-Y (3); Science Fair; Assembly Committee; Field Day (2); D. O. Student; Jr. -Sr. Prom Committee; Sophomore Hop Committee; Junior Play Committee; Homecoming Sponsor. Charles Delk — " An honest man ' s word is as good as his bond. " Transferred from Westmore High School; Student Council Representative; Black Masque Club (2); Boys ' Double Quartet; Full Moon Sports Staff; Jr. -Sr. Prom Committee; Cast of " Stag Line " ; Junior Play Com- mittee; Baseball Team. Eddie Doby — " Never put off today what you can put off until day after tomorrow. " Science Fair (2), Field Day; B-Team Football; Baseball Team (3), Hi-Y Basketball. Tim Drye — " Of all things you wear, your expression is most important. " Boosters Club; Creative Writing and Speech Club; Homeroom Vice-President (2); Black Masque Club; Hi-Y; Science Fair (3). Jimmy Duke — " I take life easy and have no regrets. " Hi-Y. Nancy Eagle — " A good deed is never lost. " Transferred from Statesville; D. O. Student. There were such wonderful moments for him SENIOR CLASS Garnald Efird — " I agree with no man, I have opinions of my own. " Boosters Club; Junior Red Cross; Black Masque Club; Hi-Y Chaplain; Science Fair (2); Field Day; D. O. Student; Crossroads Art Staff; Jr. -Sr. Prom Committee. Henry Efird — " Young fellows will be young fellows. " Bible Club; Black Masque Club; Hi-Y; Science Fair (2); Full Moon Staff; Baseball. Judy Efird — " A daughter of the gods, divinely tall, and most divinely fair. " Student Council Representative; F. T. A. (2); Boosters Club (4); Dance Committee, Secretary; Homeroom Vice-President (2); Bible Club, District Rally; Black Masque Club; Tri-Hi-Y (2); Science Fair (3); Miss Merry Christmas; Full Moon Feature Editor; Cross- roads Art Staff; Jr. -Sr. Prom Committee; Junior Play Committee, Junior Play Usher; Homecoming Sponsor (3); Senior Superlative; Senior Banquet Waitress. Billie Jane Eudy — " Here ' s to the girl with a heart and a smile " Boosters Club (3), Dance Committee; Homeroom Treasurer, Guidance Leader; Bible Club (3); Black Masque Club (2); Tri-Hi-Y, Secretary; Science Fair; Field Day; Jr. -Sr. Prom Committee; Homecoming Sponsor. Roger Eudy — " He puts his troubles in a pocket with a hole in it. " Monogram Club; Bible Club; Black Masque Club; Hi-Y, Chaplain, Basketball; Science Fair (2); Field Day (3); Varsity Football (2); B-Team Football (2); Track Team (3) Alex Furr — " Smart, happy, carefree, and gay; a good boy in every way. " Boosters Club; Creative Writing and Speech Club; Homeroom Vice President; Tumbling Team; School Dance Band. Al Fusonie — " A handsome face is nature ' s best gift. " Transferred from Malvern Preparatory School; Hi-Y; Varsity Football, Senior Superlative. Karen Granville — " Not too serious, not too gay, but a true girl in every way. " Transferred from Charlotte. V He had never enjoyed things more. THE 1958 Jerry Harrington — " Life is a series of surprises. " hiomeroom Guidance Leader; Bible Club, Bible Club Retreat Delegate; Hi-Y; Science Fair; Field Day; Jr. -Sr. Prom Committee; Varsity Football. Billy Hartsell — " The hand that follows intellect can achieve. " Homeroom Officer (2); Science Fair (2); Jr. -Sr. Prom Committee. i Boyce Hartsell — " Let each man do his best. " Science Fair (2). Jeff Hartsell — " Full of fun and mischief too, doing things he shouldn ' t do. " Homeroom Secretary; Black Masque Club; Hi-Y; Science Fair (3); Field Day; B-Team Football; Senior Superlative. Graham Harwood — " He marks not that you won or lost but how you played the game. " Student Council Representative; Boosters Club; Mono- gram Club (3); Homeroom Vice-President; Black Masque Club; Senior Class Vice-President; Hi-Y (2), Secretary; Field Day (3); Crossroads Literary Staff; Jr. -Sr. Prom Committee; Sophomore Hop Committee; Student Lion; Basketball (3); Co-Captain; Varsity Football (3), Co-Captain, B-Team Football, All- Conference Football, All-State Football; Baseball (3); Track (2); Cast of " Stag Line " ; Junior Play Com- mittee; Senior Banquet Entertainment; Senior Super- lative. Elizabeth Hatley — " Knowledge is, indeed, that which, next to virtue, truly and essentially, raises one woman above another. " Student Council Treasurer; F. T. A., Vice President; Boosters Club (3); Creative Writing and Speech Club (3); Homeroom Office, Devotional Leader; Bible Club President, Treasurer, Bible Club Retreat Delegate; National Honor Society Treasurer; Black Masque Club; Tri-Hi-Y, Chaplain; Modern Music Masters; Girls ' Ensemble Accompanist; T. B. Essay Contest; Girls ' State; Science Fair (2); Debating Team; Full Moon Staff; Jr. -Sr. Prom Refreshment Commit- tee Chairman; Senior Superlative; Crossroads Literary Staff; Summer Choral Workshop; High School Piano Diploma. Kenneth Helderman — " Ever calm and dignified. " Homeroom Treasurer; Science Fair (2); Full Moon Asst. Business Manager; Student Civitan; Jr. -Sr. Prom Committee. Kenneth Hinson — " Youth comes but once in a life- time. " Boosters Club; Junior Red Cross (2); Black Masque Club (2); Hi-Y; Science Fair; Field Day (2); Baseball; Jr. -Sr. Prom Committee. Autumn days and f o o t b a I games SENIOR CLASS Barbara Hoey — " Anything worth having is worth working for. " Transferred from Sharon Hill High School; F. T. A. (2), Treasurer; Boosters Club; Bible Club (2); National Honor Society; Black Masque Club (2); Tri-Hi-Y (2), Basketball (2); Assembly Committee Chairman; Crossroads Typing Editor; Jr. -Sr. Prom Committee; Junior Play Usher. Molly Holbrook — " A cheerful heart, a cheerful smile, a charm of friendship all the while. " Boosters Club (4), Dance Committee; F. T. A. (2); Junior Red Cross; Homeroom Vice-President, Devo- tional Leader; Bible Club (3); Black Masque Club (2); Tri-Hi-Y (4); Field Day (2); Full Moon Feature Staff; Crossroads Literary Staff; Sophomore Hop Committee; Cast of " Stag Line ' ; Homecoming Sponsor; Senior Banquet Waitress; Science Fair (3). Sammie Holshouser — " Talent is that which is in a man ' s power. " Mixed Chorus Treasurer, Boys ' Double Quartet; Assembly Committee; Field Day; Crossroads Art Editor; Jr. -Sr. Prom Committee; Senior Superlative; Junior Play Committee. Betty Holt — " She is pretty io walk with, and witty to talk with, and pleasant to think on. " Student Council Representative; F. T. A. (3); Boosters Club Secretary, Treasurer, Dance Committee, Mono- gram Club; Homeroom President, Secretary; Bible Club (3); Black Masque Club (2), Scrapbook Chair- man; Sophomore Class Vice-President; Tri-Hi-Y (4); Junior Mixed Chorus Vice-President; Marshal; Science Fair (3); Field Day (2); Full Moon Staff; Crossroads Art Staff; Jr. -Sr. Prom Committee; Sophomore Hop Committee; Cheerleader (2); Junior Play Committee; Junior Play Usher; Homecoming Sponsor (4); Senior Superlative; Senior Banquet Waitress; Senior Banquet Entertainment Committee. Gary Howard — " I ' m not lazy, I just conserve my energy. " Science Fair (2); Field Day. Martha Huckabee — " And she shall excel even among the greatest of women. " Student Council Representative (2); F. T. A (2), President; Boosters Club (4), President; Dance Com- mittee; Monogram Club (2); Homeroom Treasurer, Guidance Leader; Bible Club (4), Bible Club Retreat Delegate, Local Retreat Workcrew, Vice-President; National Honor Society; Black Masque Club (2), Secretary; Junior Class Vice-President; Tri-Hi-Y (4), Vice-President; Science Fair (2); Assembly Com- mitee; Field Day (2); Crossroads Literary Staff; Jr. -Sr. Prom Committee; Sophomore Hop Committee; Lettergirl (3); Basketball (4), Co-Captain; Cast of " Stag Line " ; Junior Play Committee; Homecoming Sponsor (3); Senior Superlative; Senior Banquet Waitress; Junior Red Cross. Virginia Huckabee — " Goodness is the only invest- ment that never fails. " Boosters Club (4); Junior Red Cross; Bible Club (4), Historian; Tri-Hi-Y (4); Treasurer; Science Fair; Field Day. Linda Hudson — " It is well to live that one may learn. " F. T. A. (3); Boosters Club; Library Club (3); Junior Play Usher. Brought honor to the school. THE 1958 Kenneth Huneycutt — " I have enjoyed the happiness of the world; I have lived and I have loved ' Homeroom President. Norris Jeffrey — " A scholar is a favorite of Heaven and earth. " Transferred from Goldsboro High School; Hi-Y; Full Moon Circulation Manager; Varsity Football. James Johnson — " His limbs were cast in manly mold, for hearty sports or contest bold. " Student Council Representative; Monogram Club (4); Homeroom Treasurer; Black Masque Club; Hi-Y; Athlete of Month; Field Day (2); Crossroads Business Staff; Varsity Football (3); B-Team Football; All-State Football; Baseball (2). Lynda Jordan — " Small, dependable, carefree, gay; a likeable person in every way. " F. T. A.; Boosters Club; Bible Club (2); Black Masque Club; Tri-Hi-Y; Modern Music Masters; Girls ' Ensemble (3); Science Fair (3); Full Moon News Editor; Civitan Youth Conference Delegate; Sr. Banquet Waitress. Glenda Keever — " One on God ' s side is a majority. " F. T. A.; F. H. A.; State F. H. A. Convention Delegate; Creative Writing Club; Homeroom Guidance leader; Bible Club; Science Fair (2); Crossroads Typing Staff; Cast of " Stag Line. " Betsy King Kluttz — " Both were young, but one was beautiful. " Boosters Club (4); Homeroom Secretary, Devotional Leader, Guidance Leader; Tri-Hi-Y (3), Chaplain; Contest Winner (3); Science Fair (2); D. O. (2). Cecelia Lambert — " Her life shall never lack a friend. Boosters Club; Junior Red Cross, Treasurer; Home- room Secretary, Treasurer; Tri-Hi-Y (2); Science Fair; Homecoming Sponsor. Mike Langford — " Gladness of heart is the life of man. " Homeroom Treasurer; Science Fair (2); Creative Writing and Speech Club. With cheerleaders and s p o n s o r s . . . I o v el y dames. SENIOR CLASS Agnes Lawhon — " Sweet as the breath of roses. " Homeroom Treasurer, Devotional Leader, Guidance Leader; Junior Play Usher; Tri-Hi-Y; Science Fair (2); Library Club. Mickey Lawhon — " Life is a span; I enjoy every inch of it. " Student Council Representative; Jr. -Sr. Prom Com- mittee; Sophomore Hop Committee; Boys ' Double Quartet; Hi-Y (2); Junior Play Committee; Cast of " Stag Line " ; B-Team Football; Mars Hill Choral Clinic; Mixed Chorus Committee Chairman; Science Fair (2); Field Day; Cast of " Sunbonnet Sue " . Stanley Lawhon — " For always roaming with a hungry heart, much have I seen and know. " Student Council Representative; Crossroads Literary Staff; Freshman Class Secretary; Hi-Y (3), Secretary, Basketball, Volley Ball; Senior Superlative; Crossroads Photography Staff; Jr. -Sr. Prom Committee; Sopho- more Hop Committee; Basketball Team, Co-Captain; Athlete of Month; Boosters Club; Junior Red Cross, Treasurer; Black Masque Club (2); Bible Club; Home- room Vice-President (2); Monogram Club (2); Varsity Basketball (3); Varsity Football (3); Senior Banquet Entertainment; Science Fair (3); Field Day. Laura Lee — " A merry heart, a merry smile; happy is she all the while. " Transferred from Norwood High School. Barbara Lefler — " A good disposition is more valuable than gold. " Zelia Leonard — " Sweet smile of a cheerful face. " Homeroom Guidance Leader (3); Bible Club; Science Fair; Field Day. Peggie Sue Lisk — " How sweetly sounds thy voice; like an angel ' s. " National Honor Society, Vice-President; Crossroads Literary Staff; Modern Music Masters, Vice-President; Homeroom Vice-President, Devotional Leader, Guid- ance Leader; Senior Superlatives; Jr. -Sr. Prom Com- mittee; Sophomore Hop Committee; Junior Play Committee; Cast of " Stag Line " ; Tri-Hi-Y (4), Secretary; Black Masque Club (2), Treasurer, Black Masque Play Committee; F. T. A. (3), Vice-President; Mixed Chorus Committee Chairman, Section Leader; N. C. Choral Festival; Mars Hill Choral Clinic; N. C. Choral Workshop; Homecoming Sponsor; Bible Club (2), Local Bible Retreat; Senior Banquet Waitress; Boosters Club (4); Science Fair (3). Marney Lowder — " Talent is a gift which God has given us secretly, and which we reveal without perceiving it. " Jr. -Sr. Prom Committee; Sophomore Hop Committee; Crossroads Art Staff; Track; Junior Play Committee; B-Team Football; Dance Band; Hi-Y; Homeroom Devotional Leader, Guidance Leader; Junior Red Cross Representative; Boosters Club (2); Library Club; Science Fair; Field Day. and a Homecoming Queen to rule THE 1958 Patricia Lowder — " A good heart is better than all the heads in the world. " Library Club (3); Science Fair. Harold Lucas — " Ambition has no rest. " Science Fair; Field Day (2); Intramural Softball Champion. Janet Lunsford — " Her ways are ways of pleasantness. " Homeroom Guidance Leader; Science Fair; Field Day; Jr. -Sr. Prom Committee. Sylvia McDuffie — " Kindness is wisdom. " F. H. A. (2); Science Fair; D. O. Cary McSwain — " In all respects the best fellow in the world. " Monogram Club (2); Homeroom Guidance Leader; National Honor Society; Black Masque Club (2), Cast of " The Barrier " ; Junior Class Treasurer; Hi-Y (4), Treasurer, Delegate to Hi-Y Convention; Modern Music Masters (3), Treasurer, President; Who ' s Who; Science Fair (3); Assembly Committee (2); Field Day (3); Crossroads Asst. Editor; Jr. -Sr. Prom Committee; Sophomore Hop Committee; Student Rotarian; Varsity Basketball (3); Varsity Football (2); B-Team Football (2); Track (3); Usher; Senior Superlative; Senior Ban- quet Entertainment Chairman; Senior Play Com- mittee. Wade McSwain — " The greatest truths are the simplest; and so are the greatest men. " Boosters Club; Monogram Club; Homeroom President; National Honor Society; Black Masque Club (2), Cast of " The Barrier " ; Senior Class President; Hi-Y (4), President, Chaplain, Basketball; Boys ' State; Athlete of Month; Who ' s Who; Science Fair (2); Field Day (3); Full Moon Business Manager; Cross- roads Business Staff; Jr. -Sr. Prom Committee; Soph- omore Hop Committee; Student Rotarian; Varsity Football (2); B-Team Football (2); Track (3J; Junior Play Committee; Senior Superlatives; B-Team Basket- ball. Wayne McSwain — " Height adds to dignity. " Bible Club (2); Hi-Y (2). Sylvia Mauldin — " A good nature conquers all. " F. H. A.;Library Club (4); Homeroom Treasurer; Tri-Hi-Y (3), Basketball; Science Fair; Field Day (3); Varsity Basketball; Homecoming Sponsor. Then came French and Algebra II SENIOR CLASS Joe Miller — " A good sport every day. " Science Fair (2); Varsity Football (2); B-Team Foot- ball; Baseball (4); Hi-Y Basketball. Sadie Miller — " Our thoughts and our conduct are our own. " Ronnie Millican — " He has achieved success who has lived well, laughed often, and loved much. " Student Council (2), Treasurer; Junior Red Cross, President; Monogram Club (2); Home Room President; Black Masque Club (2), President, Vice-President; Cast of " The Barrier " ; Hi-Y (3), Vice-President, Hi-Y Basketball (3), Co-Captain; Boys ' State, (Justice of Supreme Court); Who ' s Who; Science Fair; Field Day (3); Staff of Full Moon; Asst. Business Manager of Crossroads; Jr. -Sr. Prom Committee; Cast of " Stag Line " ; Senior Superlatives; Sr. Play Com- mittee Co-Chairman; Basketball Concession Stand Chairman Student Civitan. Carol Milton — " Here ' s a maiden happy and gay. " F. H. A. (2); Creative Writing and Speech Club; Black Masque Club; Science Fair; Field Day (3); Crossroads Business Staff. Judy Montgomery — " A loving heart and a cheery smile are characteristics of a life worthwhile. " Boosters Club (2); Devotional Leader (4); Band Sec- retary; Science Fair (3); Field Day (2); Jr. -Sr. Prom Committee; Homecoming Sponsor. Charles Morgan — " Gladness of heart is the life of a man. " Junior Red Cross; Hi-Y; Science Fair (2); Jr. -Sr. Prom Committee. Dwight Morgan — " There ' s nothing like fun, is there? " Boosters Club; Creative Writing and Speech Club (2); Library Club (2); Bible Club; Black Masque Club; Hi-Y (4), Chaplain; Science Fair; Field Day (2); Crossroads Photog.aphy Staff; B-Team Football (3); Photography Club. Gail Morris — " We are not put in the world to sit still and know; we are put in it to act. " Boosters Club (4); Home Room Treasurer; Bible Club (3); Black Masque Club (2); Tri-Hi-Y; Science Fair (4), Cast of " The Barrier " ; Crossroads Business Staff; Cast of " Stag Line " . With Chorus and Band on the side THE 1958 Rita Morris — " It is quality rather than quantity that counts. " F. T. A. (2); Boosters Club (4); Dance Committee (2); Home Room President (3); Bible Club (3); National Honor Society; Black Masque Club (2); Tri-Hi-Y (4), Basketball, Secretary, Treasurer; Marshall; Science Fair; Assembly Committee (2); Field Day (3); Full Moon Staff; Jr. -Sr. Prom Committee; Sophomore Hop Committee; Jr. Play Usher; Homecoming Sponsor (2); Crossroads Literary Staff; Senior Banquet Waitress; Mixed Chorus Spring Concert Usher. Ronnie Morris — " For he ' s a jolly good fellow. " Boosters Club (3); Creative Writing and Speech Club; Black Masaue Club (2); Hi-Y; Science Fair (3); Field Day (2); Jr. -Sr. Prom Committee; Sophomore Hop Committee. Duane Morton — " Let us enjoy pleasure while we can. " Transferred from Aquadale. Emma Lynn Morton — " How sweet and fair she seems to be. " Student Council Representative; F. T. A.; Boosters Club (4); Dance Committee (2); Home Room Vice- President, Secretary, Guidance Leader; Black Masque Club; Tri-Hi-Y (4); Science Fair (2); Jr. -Sr. Prom Committee; Sophomore Hop Committee’ 1 Junior Play Committee; Jr. Play Usher; Homecoming Sponsor; Senior Banquet Waitress. Jerry Morton — " A light heart lives long. " Baseball Team; Science Fair (2). Kathryn Morton — " She gets much out of life, which is what she puts in it. " F. T. A.; Boosters Club (4); Dance Committee (2); Junior Red Cross, Treasurer; Monogram Club; Home Room Vice-President (2), Guidance Leader; Bible Club (2); Black Masque Club (2); Tri-Hi-Y (4); Tri-Hi-Y Convention Delegate; Science Fair; Field Day; Cross- roads Art Staff; Jr. -Sr. Prom Committee; Sophomore Hop Committee; Cheerleader (2); Junior Play Com- mittee; Homecoming Sponsor; Sr. Banquet Waitress. Linda Morton — " Speech is great, but silence is greater. " Library Club; Black Masque Club; Science Fair. Marcia Moses — " Obedience is the key to every door. " F. H. A. (3); F. T. A.; Black Masque Club (2); Play Committee; Jr. -Sr. Prom Committee. II Moon and annual work to do With F u SENIOR CLASS Larry Mullis — " The man who has music in his soul will De most in love with the loveliest. " Monogram Club (2); Home Room Vice-President (2); Black Masque Club (2); Marshal; Science Fair (2); Assembly Committee (2); Field Day (3); Full Moon Sports Editor; Crossroads Photography Staff; Sopho- more Hop Committee; Football (3), B-Team Football; Cast of " Stagline " ; Junior Play Usher. Tommy Murrell — " Character is the key to thy success. " Boosters Club (2); Junior Red Cross; Monogram Club (2); Home Room Vice-President; National Honor Society; Black Masque Club (2); Junior Class President; Hi-Y (3), Vice-President, Basketball (2), Volleyball; Sr. Banquet Entertainment; Science Fair (4); Field Day (2); Crossroads Sports Editor; Jr. -Sr. Prom Committee; Sophomore Hop Committee; Student Lion; Basketball (2); B-Team Football; Cast of " Stag Line " ; Junior Play Committee; Senior Superlative; Crossroads Literary Staff. Carolyn Nicholds — " Pretty, smart, and athletic too. " Transferred from Lumberton High School; F. T. A. (4); Boosters Club (3), Dance Committee (3); Junior Red Cross, Vice-President; Home Room Secretary; Bible Club (3); National Honor Society; Black Masque Club (2); Tri-Hi-Y (4); Delegate to Tri-Hi-Y Con- vention, Basketball; Science Fair (2); Field Day (2); Crossroads Business Staff; Sophomore Hop Commit- tee; Basketball (2); Homecoming Sponsor; Senior Banquet Waitress. James Norton — " The greatest pleasu re in life is love. " Boosters Club; Creative Writing and Speech Club; Monogram Club (2); Home Room Vice-President; Bible Club; Black Masque Club (2); Hi-Y (4), Chaplain, Basketball (4), Volleyball; Athlete of Month; Science Fair; Field Day; Crossroads Business Staff; Sopho- more Hop Committee; Vaisity Football (3); B-Team Football; Track; B-Team Basketball; Cast of " Stag Line " . Peggy Page — " The gardens of kindness never fade. " F. H. A. (3), Vice-President; Library Club; Home Room Vice-President; Science Fair; Homecoming Sponsor. Brenda Frick Parker — " Some think the world is mode for fun and frolic, and so do I " . F. H. A. (2); Boosters Club; Bible Club. Shirley Parker — " What should we do but be merry. " Transferred from Millingport High School; Boosters Club; Library Club; Black Masque Club; Sr. Banquet Waitress. Richard Peck — " What one has, one ought to use; and whatever he does he should do with all his might. " Student Council Representative; Boosters Club (2); Monogram Club (2); Home Room President (2); Black Masque Club (2); Sophomore Class President; Senior Class Treasurer; Hi-Y (4), President (2), Treasurer (2); Modern Music Masters (2); Athlete of Month; Science Fair. (3); Field Day (2); Crossroads Business Staff; Jr. -Sr. Prom Committee; Sophomore Hop Com- mittee; Basketball (2); B-Team Basketball, Varsity Football (3); B-Team Football; Junior Play Com- mittee; Usher. And occasional pranks to hide. THE 1958 Gary Pinion — " What ' s the use of worrying? It was never worthwhile. " Frances Poplin — " Sweet magic of a cheerful face. " F. H. A. (3); Boosters Club (2); Bible Club; Science Fair; Field Day. Marlene Price — " She who binds her soul to know- ledge, steals the key of heaven. " F. T. A. (2); Boosters Club (2); Black Masque Club; Play Committee; Science Fair (2); Field Day (2); D. O. Student; Hall Monitor. Jerry Reid — " An honest man, close-buttoned to the chin; broadcloth without, and a warm heart within. " Student Council Representative; Black Masque Club; Hi-Y (2); Science Fair (2); Field Day (3); Junior Mixed Chorus Vice-President. Charles Richardson — " Work while you work, but play often. " Boosters Club; Creative Writing and Speech Club; Homeroom Devotional Leader; Black Masque Club; Hi-Y (4); President; Science Fair (3); Field Day; B-Team Football; Wadesboro and Rockingham Band Clinics. Aloma Roache — " Opportunity comes to all who work and wish. " F. T. A.; Boosters Club (2); Library Club (3); Black Masque Club (2), Band President; Tri-Hi-Y; Science Fair (2); Jr. -Sr. Prom Committee; Senior Banquet Waitress. Janice Rogers — " They who are pleased themselves must always please. " Boosters Club (4); Junior Red Cross; Homeroom President; Bible Club; Black Masque Club (2); Tri- Hi-Y (2); Science Fair; Assembly Committee (2); Crossroads Typing Staff; Jr. -Sr. Prom Committee; Senior Play Committee. Jerry Russell — " Roll on world, and I ' ll roll with you. " Monogram Club (4); Science Fair (2); B-Team Foot- ball; Baseball (2). Scurry, rush. .he was almost in a coma... SENIOR CLASS Maxine Sells — " It is well to be merry and wise. " Science Fair; F. H. A. (2); Boosters Club; Library Club Homeroom Devotional Leader, Guidance Leader. Martha Ann Setzler — " A willing heart, a helping hand, always ready on command. " F. T. A. (2); Boosters Club (4); Creative Writing and Speech Club (2); Homeroom Guidance Leader (2); Bible Club (2); Black Masque Club (2); Tri-Hi-Y (4); Science Fair (3); Field Day; Crossroads Business Staff; Sophomore Hop Committee; Jr. -Sr. Prom Com- mittee; Senior Superlative; Senior Banquet Waitress. Glenn Sides — " Nothing is more useful than silence. " Transferred from South Forks High School, Winston Salem, N. C. Barbara Sue Smith — " In every sorrowing heart I pour ' d delight. " Boosters Club; Creative Writing and Speech Club; Homeroom Secretary (3); Devotional Leader; Bible Club (3); Science Fair (2); Field Day; Full Moon Staff; Jr. -Sr. Prom Committee; Homecoming Sponsor; Senior Banquet Waitress. Pat Smith — " All good things that exist are the fruits of originality. " Student Council Representative; F. T. A.; Boosters Club (4); Dance Committee Co-Chairman; Creative Writing and Speech Club (3), Vice-President; Home- room President, Treasurer, Guidance Leader; Bible Club (2); Black Masque Club (2); Tri-Hi-Y (4), President, Convention Delegate; Science Fair; As- sembly Committee; Field Day, Full Moon Staff; Jr. -Sr. Prom Committee; Sophomore Hop Committee; Home- coming Sponsor (2); Senior Superlative; Senior Banquet Waitress; Crossroads Literary Staff; Basketball Score- keeper. Peggy Smith — " The ideal of service is the basis of all worthy enterprise. " Student Council (4), President, Vice-President; Boosters Club (4), Dance Committee; Creative Writing and Speech Club (2), Vice-President; Bible Club (4), Vice-President, State Officer, Retreat Delegate, Workcrew (2), News Staff — General Repre- sentative; National Honor Society; Black Masque Club (2); Freshman Class Vice-President; Mixed Chorus Accompanist (3); Ninth Grade Chorus Ac- companist; Boys ' Double Quartet Accompanist; Tri- Hi-Y (4), President, Chaplain, Inter-Club Council Secretary, Blue Ridge Congress Delegate, Convention Delegate; Modern Music Masters; Girls ' State; Marshal (3); Who ' s Who; Science Fair; Assembly Committee; Full Moon Staff; " I Speak for Democracy " contest 1st place-school; 3rd place-county; World Peace Study 3rd place; American History Award; T. B. Essay 1st place; Crossroads Literary Staff; Jr. -Sr. Prom Commi ttee; Sophomore Hop Committee; Junior Play Committee; Homecoming Sponsor (2); Senior Superlatives; Senior Banquet Waitress; High School Piano Diploma; Commencement pianist (3); Cast of " Ghost for Rent. " Ronnie Smith — " He was born with the gift of laugh- ter and a sense that the world was mad. " Hi-Y; B-Team Football. William Roger Smith — " In friends I early was taught to believe. " With the things to be done were the date THE 1958 Ellen Starnes — " Happy and content. " F. T. A.; Literary Club (2); Vice-President, Secretary (2); Bible Club; Science Fair; Junior Play Usher. Patricia Starnes — " My heart is ever at your service. " Student Council Secretary; Representative (2); F. T. A.; Boosters Club (4); Creative Writing and Speech Club (3), President, Secretary, Treasurer; Homeroom De- votional Leader, Guidance Leader, President (2); Bible Club (4), Vice-President, Delegate to State Bible Club Retreat (3), State Bible Club President and Vice-President, Bible Club Workcrew, Local Bible Club Workcrew; National Honor Society, Scrapbook Chairman; Black Masque Club (2); Tri-Hi-Y (3), President, Chaplain, ' World Peace Essay Winner, 1st place; T. B. Essay Winner, 3rd place; D. A. R. Good Citizen; Marshal (3); Science Fair (2); Assembly Committee; Debating Team (3); Full Moon News Staff; Crossroads Editor; Jr. -Sr. Prom Committee; Sophomore Hop Committee; Cast of " Stagline " ; Junior Play Committee; Spring Concert Usher; Senior Play Committee; Homecoming Sponsor (4); Senior Superlatives; Senior Banquet Waitress; Who ' s Who; Debate Workshop, Winston Salem, State Finals (2); Winthrop Editors ' Conference; " I Speak for Democ- racy " contest 1st and 3rd place-school, 1st place- county. Judy Stoker — " Ever ready to do a kind deed. " Boosters Club (3); Junior Red Cross; Homeroom Treasurer, Devotional Leader; Bible Club; Black Masque Club (2), Tri-Hi-Y Basketball; Science Fair; (2) Crossroads Typing Staff; Basketball; Field Day; Jr. -Sr. Prom Committee. Anne Stokes — " She betters the world by living. " Science Fair (2). Nancy Swaringen — " Common sense is the knack of seeing things as they really are, and doing things as they ought to be done. " F. T. A. (2); Secretary Boosters Club (4); Bible Club (2), Vice-President; Mixed Chorus Committee Chair- man; Tri-Hi-Y (3); Tri-Hi-Y Convention Delegate; Tri-Hi-Y Basketball; Girls ' Ensemble; Science Fair; Field Day (2); Crossroads Business Staff; Junior Play Prompter; Jr. -Sr. Prom Committee. Kay Swindell — " Without love and laughter nothing is pleasant. " Boosters Club (4), Vice-President, Homecoming Dance Committee; Creative Writing and Speech Club (3), Secretary; Homeroom President, Treasurer, Guidance Leader, Black Masque Club (2), Play Committee; Tri-Hi-Y (4), Vice President, Treasurer; Marshal (2); Science Fair (2); Full Moon News and Editorial Staff; Crossroads Business Manager; Jr. -Sr. Prom Committee; Cast of " Stagline " ; Sr. Banquet Enter- tainment Chairman; Sr. Banquet Waitress. Ralph Thompson — " An honest man is the noblest work of God. " Homeroom Guidance Leader; Bible Club; Hi-Y Basket- ball; Science Fair (3), Field Day; Jr. -Sr. Prom Com- mittee; Junior Play Committee; Baseball (2); Junior Optomist Club (2). Roy Lee Tucker — " He can who thinks he can. " Homeroom President. When at last he’d get his diploma SENIOR CLASS Evelyn Underwood — " She never skips a small task, for one of the simple duties may hold the key to success. " F. T. A. (2); Boosters Club (4), Homecoming Dance Committee; Homeroom President, Treasurer, Guid- ance Leader; Bible Club (2), Treasurer; National Honor Society; Black Masque Club; Tri-Hi-Y (4), Basketball, Tri-Hi-Y Convention Delegate; " I Speak for Democracy " , Contes t 2nd Place winner; Science Fair (3); Jr. -Sr. Prom Committee; Sophomore Hop Committee; Junior Play Committee; Senior Banquet Waitress; Crossroads Literary Staff. Ruby Vanhoy — " Friendship is a sheltering tree. " F. H. A.; Science Fair; Field Day; Usher. I Diane Watkins — " A cheerful temper joined with in- nocence will make beauty attractive, knowledge delightful, and wit good-natured. " F. T. A. (3); Boosters Club (4), Vice-President, Dance Committee (3); Monogram Club; Home Room Vice- President; National Honor Society; Black Masque Club (2); Sophomore Class Vice-President, Tri-Hi-Y (4), Basketball (2); Junior Mixed Chorus President; Marshal; Science Fair (3); Field Day (2); Full Moon Staff; Crossroads Art Staff; Jr, -Sr. Prom Committee; Sophomore Hop Committee; Cheerleader (4); Junior Play Committee; Homecoming Sponsor; Senior Super- lative; Leap Year Queen. Gale Whitfield — " It is better to be little and shine than to be big and cast a shadow. " Creative Writing and Speech Club; Library Club (4); Associational Meeting, Social Chairman, President; Black Masque Club; Full Moon Photography Staff; Photography Club; Jr. -Sr. Prom Committee; District Library Club Association Meeting Delegate. Roger Whitley — " The combined qualities of a man and a good athlete. " Student Council Representative; Monogram Club; Black Masque Club; Athlete of the Month.Crossroads Business Staff; Student Lion; Varsity Football (3), Co-Captain; Track (3); Ail-State Football; All- American Football. Roy Wilhoit — " Such joy ambition finds. " .Monogram Club, Science Fair, Crossroads Business Staff; Basketball Team Manager; Baseball Team Manager. Sue Winn — " My zeal hath consumed me. " Student Council Representative; F, T. A., Chaplain; Boosters Club (3), Dance Committee (2); Homeroom Secretary, Devotional Leader, Guidance Leader; Bible Club (4), President, Vice-President, Treasurer; His- torian, Local Bible Club Retreat; National Honor Society President; Black Masque Club (2); Junior and Senior Class Secretary, Committee Chairman of Mixed Chorus; Tri-Hi-Y (4), President, Vice-President, Chaplain; Modern Music Masters, Secretary; Marshal (2); Who ' s Who; Carrousel Princess; Full Moon Staff; Jr. -Sr. Prom Committee; Sophomore Hop Committee; Cast of " Stag Line " , Homecoming Sponsor (2); Senior Superlative; Senior Banquet Waitress; South Piedrrvont District Bible Club Secretary; Workcrew for State Bible Club Retreat; Crossroads Literary Editor; Chief Commencement Marshal; Cast of " Ghost for Rent. " With the Class Of ’58 Big Decisions Which are the Flowers? A. H. S. I Wrote This One! Relaxing A Big Moment! At Last! Hollywood Bound? Hard At Work? Johnny Almond Billie Jo Barrier Tamara Almond Jerry Bell Mickie Arey Ed Bivens Billie Ray Atkins Gary Blalock Linda Barnes Pete Blalock Selling potato chips and pencils too Reggie Blalock Sue Burris Nancy Boger Lana Byrd Lane Brown Chip Cain Linda Brown Myra Carpenter Priscilla Burris Paul Carpenter Jane Chandler Jane Cotton Gaylene Clark Eddie Crutchfield Nancy Coggins Linda Curlee Joe Copley James Cotton Eddie Davis Linda Doby Began his Junior year JUNIOR CLASS Mickie Doby Oaksie Eudy Woody Durham Douglas Eury Cynthia Efird Tommy Fatkins Linda Efird Jimmy Eudy Judy Fesperman Gene Forte Bob Frick Vicki Harrison Brenda Gantt T. A. Griffin Aldena Harrington Janice Harris Dale Hartsell George Harwood Paula Hathcock Millie Hatley Till the Southern Plantation theme came true Hunter Hearne Garrett Honbarrier Larry Hedrick Glenda Sue Honey Sara Henderson Brenda Honeycutt Sylvia Hill Loretta Howell Barbara Hinson Nancy Jo Ivester Harold Kimmer Jimmy Kluttz Chester Lewis Nelson Kirk jerry Kimrey Trudy Kotter Richard Kimrey Georgette Lampsi Judy Kluttz JUNIOR CLASS In a prom he II always hold dear Pat Little Diane McSwain Joyce Lowder Jerry McSwain Lewis Lowder Betty McQuaque Sherrill Lowder Roy Mason Bettie McManus Suzanne Mauldin Jimmy Miller Rose Ann Minder Don Montgomery Terry Moore Billie Morgan Max Morgan Janice Morris Alice Morton Frank Morton Josh Morton " Stag Line” was another p ro j ec Ruby Morton Willie Page Gerald Moses Jo Parks John Wayne Napier David Pearce Loretta Nowling Kay Pennington Phyllis Page Judy Phifer Joyce Pickier Terry Ragsdale Nelda Poplin Judy Redfern Mike Prince Tommy Reeves Darrell Rabon Jimmy Renger Max Rabon Gerald Riggins And then came his high s c h o o JUNIOR CLASS ring Tommy Ritchie Ellen Rogers Patricia Saunders Lois Shaver Jeanne Rogers Wayne Shoemaker Carol Russell Bennie Sides Rodell Russell 0. J. Sikes Oren Simmons Martha Smith Ann Smith Roger Smith Betty Smith William Roger Smith Jamie Smith Wayne Spivey Marie Smith Linda York Springer Mixed in with studies of subjects Jane Story Shelby Thomas Charles Surratt Jimmy Thompson Carolyn Lee Swaringen Sandy Russell Swaringen Rebecca Thompson Virginia Thompson Genoal Talbert Brenda Treadway Nancy Trimber Brenda Tucker Sue Tucker Sylvia Tucker James Underwood Gail Vanderburg Hollie Vanhoy Sherrill Williams Shirley Williams And N.H.S. tapping in spring. JUNIOR CLASS Dreamboats Drinking Again Sun Bathers Relatives Very Popular Man What ' s the joke? Northern Belle Exchange Now or Later Charles Atlas The hop. .and how he cut the rug!. .made every Sandra Allen Butch Almond Carol Almond Linda Almond Paul Almond Frances Archer Ronnie Arey Brenda Bailey Jimmy Barbee Hazel Barbee Kenneth Barnes Trena Barnes Homer Blalock Patricia Boggen Eddie Bowers Charles Brown Jeffrey Brown Claude Burleson Jerry Burleson Judy Burleson Saundra Burleson Kenneth Burr Tim Burris Susan Cashwell Richard Cates Jan Caudle Edward Clark Gayle Clark Kay Chandler Pat Clemmer Johnny Collins Betsy Coleman Gay Crisco Harold Crisco Cathy Culp Karen Davis Raeford Deese Jeanenne Dennis Shannon Doby Joyce Dry I thing good appear SOPHOMORE CLASS Neil Efird Paula Feldman Frankie Fenters Suzanne Finch Richard Forrest Angelene Frick Vernon Gantt Susie Glover La Richa Gibson Susan Greene Delbert Gudger Betty Hagans Rebecca Haire Kenneth Harkey Bobby Harris Margaret Harris Sandra Hartsell Lindsay Harwood Ronnie Harwood Brenda Hathcock Eddie Hatley Frankie Hatley Luray Hatley Eunice Haynesworth Flora Helms Brenda Herrin Stephen Hill Jerry Lou Holbert Shelby Holshouser Jimmy Holt Jo Ann Holt Ronnell Holt James Hudson Joe Hudson Joyce Hudson Kenneth Huneycutt Malcolm Huneycutt Nancy Huneycutt Vance Huneycutt David Hunsucker Till in biology frogs and bugs caused headaches Larry Hunsucker Joe Ingram Brenda James Peggy Jordan Kay Kennedy Larry Kimrey Juanita Lambert Stanly Lambert Roger Laney Brenda Laton Eddie Lefler Becky Leonard Reggie Lewis Linda Little Annette Lowder Bonnie Lowder Calvin Lowder Darrell Lowder Gale Lowder Jack Lowder Judy Lowder Sue Lowder Sue Lowder Wayne Lowder Judy Mabry Pep Mabry Don Mauldin Larry Mauldin Leon Mauldin Wayland McKenzie Joe Medlin Landis Miller Wanda Miller Katherine Montgomery Elaine Morris Jimmy Morris Richard Morris Keith Morton Linde 1 1 Morton Bobbie Mullis — ! — 5 his sophomore year. SOPHOMORE CLASS Jane Murrell Sally Norton Barbara Owens Larry Palmer Steve Parker Charles Pennington Carolyn Phifer Billy Pickier Jean Poplin Ronnie Pu rser Ramona Ragsdale Anna Mae Renger John Riggins Dudley Roache Randy Roache Edward Roberson Mike Ross Ronald Russell Ted Russell Johnny Saunders David Scarboro Linda Shankle Larry Shelton Ivan Sibley Areitta Sikes Arlene Smith Dwight Smith Jimmy Smith Mike Smith Nelson Smith Sharon Smith Sylvia Smith Joe Snuggs Boyce Solomon Betty Speights Judy Speights Reba Stamper Gene Starnes David Stiller Joe Stoker SOPHOMORE CLASS Sue Stone Jimmy Stonestreet Johnny Stonestreet Sandro Talbert Ann Taylor Ray Terry Ronald Thompson Donnie Tindell Edward Thompson Pamela Thompson David Treece Benny Troutman Dwight Troutman Pam Truette Bill Tucker Jeanette Varner Sandra Walser Tommy Watkins Paul Welch Sylvia Welch Ann Whitley Bobby Whitley E. J. Whitley Gary Whitley Harry Whitley Myra Whitley Claudette Wilhoit Linda Wilhoit Mary Jo Winn 42 THE FRESHMAN CLASS O D Officers: Suzanne Swindell, President Louise Furr, Vice-President Pam Treece, Secretary Susie Napier, Treasurer Mrs. Josephine Allen, Sponsor FRESHMAN Jimmy Aldridge Nancy Aldridge Jane Arey Susan Ausband Deloris Barbee Margaret Barbee Sylvia Barnes Jan Barrier Kennie Beaver Ann Bell Gary Bell Joyce Benton Stanly Biggers Judy Blackwell Boyd Blakely David Blalock Jerrell Bunting Roger Bunting Billy Burbage Don Burgess Lovell Burleson Marion Burleson Marlene Burleson Martha Burleson We see him for the first time Scottie Burleson Aaron Burris ' Jimmy Burris Diane Butler George Cartrette Margaret Ann Casper Craig Caudle Mike Caudle Judy Chandler Bonnie Clayton Jo Anne Coley Aaron Cooke Roddy Cotton Dwight Cox Johnnie Cranford Sharon Cranford Carol Crisco Norma Delk Jimmy Dunn John Edwards Jean Efird Linda Eudy Nancy Einan Bryan Fox Jackie Franklin Brenda Furr Kenneth Furr Louise Furr Margaret Ann Furr Mike Fusonie CLASS Peggy Garrett Johnny Greene Brenda Gregson Diane Griffin Hoyle Griffin Hazel Grose Larry Gudger Martha Hahn Joyce Harris Judy Harris James Hartsell Linda Harwood David Hatley Mary Hill Hatley Shirley Hatley Linda Haynes Lydia Hearne Faye Helms Frances Herlocker Karen Herndon Ronnie Herrin Diane Hill Carlene Hinson Roger Hinson entering our high school building Betsy Holbrook Gerald Holt Jerry Holt Ronnie Holt Sandra Holt Trina Holt Janet Honbarrier Bobbie Honeycutt Wayne Honeycutt Chad Howard Deloris Howard Junette Huffman Jerry Huneycutt Joyce Huneycutt Vickie Hunsucker Robert Iddings Steve Isenhower Ronnie Johnson Don Kennedy Evelyn Kimrey Martha Lambert Roberta Lampsi Nancy Langley Pat Lawhon Diane Lefler William Lefler James Lisk James Lewis Sue Long Carolyn Lowder FRESHMAN Elwin Lowder Sammy Lowder William Lowder Darryl Mabe Robert Massey Gary Mauldin Pat Mauldin Billy Joe Merritt Phillip Miller Kent Montgomery Jeff Moore Connie Morgan Craig Morgan Jerry A. Morgan Jerry L. Morgan Roger Morris Michael Moses Craven Morton Florence Morton Judy Morton Roger Morton Roger Morton Joe McIntyre Sheila McManus Priscilla McSwain Susie Napier Larry Page Jo Lynn Pickier Michael Poplin Dorothy Jean Rabon Joe Rabon Larry Rash Mary Frances Reynolds Don Russell Jan Russell Lynda Russell Melvin Russell Pam Sells Jerry Shaver Johnny Shelton Mary Sikes Mickey Slack Benny Smith Brenda Smith Edith Smith Luther Smith Marie Smith Nancy Smith Sue Smith Tony Smith W. F. Smith Ted Snotherly Marie Snuggs Bill Springer To the Seniors who are prime CLASS James Starnes Terry Still Kent Stoker Fred Stokes Sandra Stone Bill Stubbs Jewel Summerlin Steve Surratt Suzanne Swindell Sara Talbert W. C. Talbert Brenda Thompson Carolyn Thompson Delores Thompson Lanny Thompson Sylvia Thompson Boyd Treece Pam Treece Johnny Troublefield Libby Sue Troublefield Jerry Tucker Marlene Tucker Peggy Tucker Phoebe Tucker We see the freshmen yielding. Brenda Vanhoy Johnny Waldrop William Walker Dan Walter Don Walter Tommy Ward Steve Watson Miriam Wilhoit Gwendolyn Williams Eddie Wilson Mike Wolfe Jump Ball Ring It. ' fe P Day Dreamers Miss America Marilyn Kim! Who ' s dying? Petrified! Future Seniors?! Chicks. Let ' s Go Calypso! Smile. best all-around Y ade McSwa n MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Pat Starnes Cary McSwain MOST DEPENDABLE Kitty Almond Cary McSwain MOST INFLUENTIAL Tommy Murrell 0 Pot Starnes SUPER WITTIEST Martha Setzler Jeff Hartsell FRIENDL IEST Sue Winn Wode Swaii most ORIGINAL Pat Smith Sammie Holshouser MOST SCHOOL SPIRITED Ronnie Millican Diane Watkins LATIVES CUTEST Betty Holt Ronnie Millican MOST POPULAR Pe 9gy Smith Graham Harwood SUPER best looking J udy Efird A| Fusonie MOST TALKATIVE Jeff Hartsell Saundra Burleson p Mosr Talented Pegg le Sue Lisk Eddle Burleson MOST ATHLETIC Martha Huckabee Graham Harwood MOST STUDIOUS Billy Hartsell Elizabeth Hatley y LATIVES CARROUSEL PRINCESS ue PUtmt 54 HOMECOMING QUEEN eck]j (Cubit MISS MERRY CHRISTMAS 3l«tly Eftrd 55 GIRLS ’ STATE DELEGATES Elizabeth Hatley Peggy Smith BOYS’ STATE DELEGATES Ronnie Millican Wade McSwain 56 D.A.R. GOOD CITIZEN Pat Starnes MASCOTS Kathie Leonard Dickie Eller 57 HOMECOMING SPONSORS First Row: Luroy Hatley, Anna Mae Renger, Karen Davis, Becky Coble, Betty Holt, Paula Feldman, Frankie Hatley. Second Row: Pam Truette, Florence Morton, Sandra Holt, Linda Eudy, Sara Henderson, Billie Jo Barrier, Jane Murrell, Molly Holbrook, Diane Watkins. Third Row: Peggy Jordon, Billie Jane Eudy, Pat Starnes, Barbara Sue Smith, Nancy Smith, Loretta Howell, Brenda James, Brenda Gantt, Suzanne Mauldin. Fourth Row: Joyce Burris, Brenda Herrin, Bonnie Lowder, Linda Curlee, Nancy Jo Ivester, Shelby Thomas, Katherine Montgomery, Ann Bell, Susan Ausband, Marie Snuggs. Fifth Row: Saundra Burleson, Ann Whitley, Pat Saunders, Judy Efird, Sharon Smith, Judy Redfern, Diane Butler, Lydia Hearne, Brenda Smith, Scottie Burleson, Peggy Smith, Louise Furr. MARSHALS First Row: Mary Jo Winn, Jo Parks, Kay Swindell, Pam Truette, Rita Morris, Peggy Smith. Second Row: Jane Chandler, James Renger, Pat Starnes, Neil Efird, Larry Mullis, Sue Winn, chief. mi Peggy Smith, President Mrs. Carolyn McLain, Mr. Don Knotts, Advisors Don Montgomery, Vice-President Neil Efird, Secretary Ronnie Millican, Treasurer STUDENT COUNCIL First Row: Pam Treece, Ann Bell, Jo Parks, Edith Smith, Peggy Jordan, Sylvia Hill. Second Row: Diane Butler, Sharon Smith, Bonnie Lowder, Peggy Smith, Mary Jo Winn, Martha Burleson, Judy Efird, Martha Huckabee. Third Row: Roger Smith, O. J. Sikes, Steve Surratt, Ronnie Millican, Neil Efird, Richard Kimrey, Don Montgomery. Fourth Row: James Johnson, Charles Delk, Johnny Almond, Graham Harwood, Wayland McKenzie. Members of the National Honor Society are chosen from the Junior and Senior classes. They are chosen on the qualities of scholarship, character, leadership, and service. The purpose of the society is to create and maintain these standards in our school. President: Sue Winn; Vice President: Peggie Sue Lisk; Secretary: Kitty Almond; Treasurer: Elizabeth Hatley; Scrap- book Chairman: Pat Starnes; Advisors: Mrs. Nell Westerlund. (not pictured), Mrs. Mildred Deese. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Peggy Smith Elizabeth Hatley Kitty Almond Pat Starnes Cary McSwoin Becky Coble Peggie Sue Lisk Sue Winn Martha Huckabee Joyce Burris Wade McSwain Tommy Murrell Gay Crowell Gail Buck Yvonne Chandler Rita Morris Evelyn Underwood Diane Watkins Barbara Hoey Carolyn Nicholds Pat Starnes, Editor Kay Swindell, Business Manager Cary McSwain, Assistant Editor Ronnie Millican, Assistant Business Manager CROSSROADS BUSINESS STAFF First Row: Carolyn Nicholds, Martha Ann Setzler. Second Row: Richard Peck, Nancy Swaringen, Carol Milton. Third Row: Reggie Crowell, James Norton, Wade McSwain, Roy Wilhoit. LITERARY STAFF Seated: Peggy Smith, Martha Huckabee. First Row: Peggie Sue Lisk, Molly Holbrook, Pat Smith, Elizabeth Hatley, Rita Morris, Evelyn Underwood. Second Row: Tommy Murrell, Graham Harwood, Stanley Lawhon. 62 Sue Winn Literary Editor Sammie Holshouser Art Editor Barbara Hoey Typing Editor Becky Coble Photography Editor Mrs. Mildred K. Carter Advisor Art Staff Seated: Diane Watkins, Kathryn Morton. Standing: Gay Crowell, Judy Efird, Betty Holt, Marney Lowder. Typing Staff Seated: Janice Rogers, Judy Stoker. Standing: Kay Almond, Glenda Keever, Yvonne Chandler. Photography Staff Seated: Elaine Davidson, Gale Whitfield. Standing: Dwight Morgan, Larry Mullis, Kitty Almond, Stanley Lawhon. J f IBBISI •ntiaisf i i i Kitty Almond Editor Wade McSwain Joyce Burris Business Manager Managing Editor Kenneth Helderman Norris Jeffrey Assistant Business Circulation Manager Manager 64 I I I Lynda Jordan News Editor Judy ifird Feature Editor Larry Mullis Sports Editor Mrs. Willie Fry Advisor Sports and Photography Staff: Larry Mullis, Eddie Burleson, Charles Delk, Gene Starnes. Circulation Staff: Norris Jeffrey, Pat Smith, Kenneth Helderman Editorial Staff: Elizabeth Hatley, Peggy Smith, Ronnie Millican, Pat Starnes MODERN MUSIC MASTERS The Modern Music Masters Society is composed of students who have participated outstandingly in one of the musical fields of the school. Members are chosen on the basis of scholarship, character, attitude toward others, and service to the school. President: Vice President: Secretary: Treasurer: Historian: Advisor: Cary McSwain Peggie Sue Lisk Sue Winn 0. J. Sikes, Jr. Jo Parks George Hauss Note First Row: Cary McSwain, Peggie Sue Lisk, Sue Winn, 0. J. Sikes, Jo Parks. Second Row; Lynda Jordan, Jerry Lou Holbert, Mary Jo Winn, Elaine Morris, Neil Efird, Wayland McKenzie, Jimmy Stonestreet. Third Row: Hunter Hearne, Brenda Gantt, Gay Crowell, Peggy Smith, Becky Coble, Sharon Smith, Kitty Almond. Fourth Row: Jimmy Miller, George Harwood, James Renger, Richard Peck. First Row: Mrs. Peggy B. Hill, Frances Herlocker, Judy Morton, Janet Honbarrier, Sylvia Barnes, Bobbie Honey- cutt. Second Row: Myra Whitley, Bobby Mullis, Linda Harwood, Marie Smith, Joyce Huneycutt, Phoebe Tucker, Carolyn Thompson. Third Row: Reba Stamper, Judy Burleson, Rebecca Haire, Sharon Crawford, Mary Frances Reynolds, Pam Thompson, Jeanenne Dennis, Shelby Holshouser. Fourth Row: Wanda Miller, Lana Byrd, Suzanne Finch, Loretta Nowling, Sylvia Thompson, Kay Chandler, Juanita Lambert, Sandra Allen. Fifth Row: Flora Mae Helms, Linda Wilhoit, Carol Almond, Judy Mabry, Jeanette Varner, Brenda Laton. FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA The Future Homemakers of America is a national organization for pupils studying homemaking in high school. Those who have been enrolled in Home Economics and are still in school may become members. President: Linda Wilhoit Vice President: Reba Stamper Secretary: Judy Mabry Treasurer: Kay Chandler Reporter: Myra Whitley Parliamentarian: Judy Burleson Song Leader: Mary Frances Reynolds Historian: Phoebe Tucker Advisor: Mrs. Peggy B. Hill 1 RERA STAMPER Breath-taking! Poor People! Some get-up Food! All Set? 67 FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA First Row: Mrs. Rosetta Rogers, Martha Huckabee, Janice Morris, Gail Buck, Joyce Burris, Sue Winn, Molly Holbrook, Glenda Keever, Trina Holt. Second Row: Margaret Ann Furr, Ellen Rogers, Betty Holt, Nancy Coggins, Aloma Roache, Jane Cotton, Pat Saunders, Jo Parks, Hunter Hearne, Linda Efird, Diane Lefler, Martha Smith. Third Row: Edith Smith, Nancy Smith, Diane Butler, Susie Napier, Anne Taylor, Nancy Boger, Rita Morris, Brenda Huneycutt, Luray Hatley, Martha Ann Setzler, Judy Redfern. Fourth Row: Nancy Jo Ivester, Sue Tucker, Becky Coble, Peggie Sue Lisk, Judy Efird, Diane Watkins, Lana Jo Byrd, Barbara Hoey. Fifth Row: Susan Ausband, Juanita Lambert, Pat Smith, Evelyn Underwood, Carolyn Nicholds, Harry Whitley. The F. T. A. is a nationwide organization. It strives to present to the members of the club the require- ments of a good teacher and to develop these requirements in them through the experience of teaching. Martha Huckabee, President; Janice Morris, Vice-President; Gail Buck, Secretary; Joyce Burris, Treasurer; Sue Winn, Chaplain; Mrs. Rosetta Rogers, Advisor. LIBRARY CLUB This is a service club composed of students volunteering to participate in the school library work. Its purpose is to increase the pupil ' s interest in library work and to have better co-operation in the library. Linda Springer, President; Sue Burris, Vice-President; Ellen Starnes, Secretary; Charles Surratt, Treasurer; Yvonne Chandler, Reporter; Miss Pearle Michael, Advisor. First Row: Linda Springer, Sue Burris, Ellen Starnes, Charles Surratt. Second Row: Loretta Nowling, Shirley Parker, Linda Morton, Sylvia Mauldin, Agnes Lawhon, Yvonne Chandler, Gale Lowder, Gayle Clark, Gale Whit- field, Aloma Roache. First Row: Ronnie Millican, Carolyn Nicholds, Frankie Hatley, Stanley Lawhon, Hunter Hearne, Mrs. N. A. Hayes. Second Row: Elaine Morris, Lois Shaver, Jane Chandler, Cynthia Efird, Nancy Trimber, Charles Morgan, Craig Caudle. Third Row: Jo Lynn Pickier, Diane Lefler, Yvonne Chandler, Homer Blalock, Annette Lowder. The main purpose of the American Junior Red Cross Council is to create good will with students in America and those in foreign countries. It is a service organization and has many school, community, and state projects. It also does important work in foreign countries. Ronnie Millican, President; Carolyn Nicholds, Vice-President; Frankie Ffatley, Secretary; Hunter Hearne, Committee Chairman; Mrs. Addie Hayes, Advisor. MONOGRAM CLUB Senior Cheerleaders and anyone who has earned a letter in a sport are members of the Monogram Club. This club attempts to promote good sportsmanship among the students. Miss Charline Rotha and Coach Toby Webb are the sponsors. First Row: Judy Kluttz, Hunter Hearne, Martha Huckabee, Diane Watkins, Betty Holt, Kathryn Morton, Gail Buck. Second Row: Richard Kimrey, James Johnson, Stanley Lawhon, Richard Peck, Tommy Murrell, Larry Mullis, Cary McSwain, Roger Whitley, Graham Harwood, Ronnie Millican, Sherrill Williams. Fourth Row: Mike Ross, Don Montgomery, Gary Blalock, Wayne Spivey, James Norton. BIBLE CLUB State Retreat The purposes of the Bible Club are to witness to others by word and deed, to become better acquainted with God ' s word, and to promote Christian fellowship, primarily among young people. Membership is open to all students. The basis for the three-fold purpose is I John 1:1- 3, which is as follows: " That which we have heard and seen declare unto you, that ye also may have fellowship with us; and truly our fellowship is with the Father, and with his son, Jesus Christ. " Mrs. Margaret Ivey, Advisor Elizabeth Hatley, President Nancy Swaringen, Vice President Martha Smith, Secretary E. J. Whitley, Treasurer Becky Coble, Editor Gene Starnes, Historian Linsay Harwood, General Representative Pat Starnes, President of N. C. Bible Clubs Kitty Almond, Secretary of N. C. Bible Clubs Game Time Sue Winn, Secretary of South Piedmont Bible Club District First Row: Mrs. Jim Ivey, Elizabeth Hatley, Nancy Swaringen, Martha Smith, E. J. Whitley, Gene Starnes, Lindsay Harwood, Becky Coble, Pa f Starnes, Kitty Almond, Sue Winn, Frankie Hatley, Sara Henderson. Second Row: Peggy Smith, Sylvia Barnes, Gaylene Cork, Oaksie Eudy, Judy Morgan, Rita Morris, Betty Holt, Nancy Boger, Brenda Honeycutt, Judy Fesperman, Nancy Coggins, Alice Morgan, Elaine Morris, Luray Hatley, Gail Buck, Joyce Burris. Third Row: Suzanne Finch, Betsy Holbrook, Linda Wilhoit, Judy Chandler, Mary Hill Hatley, Margaret Ann Casper, Janice Morris, Lana Byrd, Pat Little, Sandra Stone, Sue Stone, Nancy Finan, Carolyn Nicholds, Virginia Huckabee, Martha Huckabee, Gay Crowell. Fourth Row: Barbara Hoey, Molly Holbrook, Nancy Jo Ivester, Jean Efird, Glenda Keever, Brenda Gregson, Aldena Harrington, Judy Lowder, Yvonne Chandler, La Richa Gibson, Angeline Frick, Bryan Fox, Kenneth Huney- cutt, Peggy Jordan, Mary Jo Winn, Brenda Casper, Barbara Sue Smith, Hunter Hearne, Pat Saunders, Judy Redfern, Jo Parks. Fifth Row: Millie Hatley, Ellen Rogers, Robert Iddings, Annette Lowder, Harry Whitley, Larry Shelton, Ivan Sibley, Willie Page, Ann Smith, Sharon Smith, Ronald Purser, Roger Laney. First Row: Ronnie Millican, Jo Parks, Peggie Sue Lisk, Becky Coble, Betty Holt, Second Row: Molly Holbrook, Brenda Casper, Barbara Hoey, Yvonne Chandler, Sue Tucker, Linda Curlee, Glenda Sue Honey, Brenda Gantt. Nancy Boger, Judy Kluttz, Myra Carpenter, Mickey Doby, Betty McManus, Linda Doby, Brenda Honeycutt, Nancy Coggins, Judy Fesperman, Rita Morris, Sue Winn. Third Row: Carol Milton, Kay Swindell, Pat Smith, Ann Smith, Ellen Rogers, Martha Huckabee, Judy Redfern, Janice Harris, Diane Watkins, Hunter Hearne, Shelby Thomas, Sara Henderson, Judy Efird, Billie Jo Barrier, Nancy Jo Ivester, Gail Vanderburg, Billy Rae Atkins, Kay Pennington, Oaksie Eudy. Fourth Row: Pat Starnes, Gail Morris, Elizabeth Hatley, Carolyn Nicholds, Martha Ann Setzler, Wade McSwain, Stanley Lawhon, Cary McSwain, 0. J. Sikes, George Harwood, Tommy Murrell, James Norton, Cynthia Efird, Jane Cotton, Joyce Pickier, Billie Jane Eudy. Fifth Row: Kitty Almond, Evelyn Underwood, Gay Crowell, Ed Bivens, Lane Brown, Jimmy Miller, Josh Morton, Jane Chandler, Lois Shaver, Judy Stoker, Janice Rogers, Peggy Smith. BLACK MASQUE CLUB The Black Masque Club is an organization primarily for the purpose of entertaining others through dramatics. Membership is open to any eleventh and twelfth grade students who are interested in different phases of drama. Ronnie Millican, President Jo Parks, Vice President Gail Buck, Secretary Peggie Sue Lisk, Treasurer Becky Coble, Betty Holt, Scrapbook Chairmen Miss Inez Bankett, Advisor Cast of " Ghost for Rent " Caught — " The Barrier " Hands Up — " The Barrier " ' SOPHOMORE CLUB Joe Stoker, President Gene Starnes, Vice President Jerry Burleson, Secretary Neil Efird, Treasurer Ivan Sibley, Chaplain Mr. Gerald Braswell and Mr. Toby Webb, Advisors FRESHMAN CLUB Fred Stokes, President Billy Burbage, Vice President Ronnie Herrin, Secretary Eddie Wilson, Treasurer Mr. Jacob Carter, Advisor Hl-Y PURPOSE: To create, maintain, and extend, throughout the home, school, and community, high standards of Christian Character. SENIOR CLUB Richard Peck, President James Johnson, Vice President Eddie Burleson, Secretary Cary McSwain, Treasurer Garnald Efird, Chaplain Mr. Tommy Hauss, Advisor JUNIOR CLUB Chip Cain, President Jimmy Miller, Vice President O. J. Sikes, Secretary Harold Kimmer, Treasurer Josh Morton, Chaplain Mr. Robert Mauney, Advisor TRI-HI-Y PURPOSE: To create, maintain, and extend throughout the home, school and community higher standards of Christian living. SENIOR CLUB Pat Smith, President Becky Coble, Vice President Rita Morris, Secretary Virginia Huckabee, Treasurer Sue Winn, Chaplain Mrs. Mary Ann Hauss, Advisor JUNIOR CLUB Ellen Rogers, President Tamara Almond, Vice-President Ann Smith, Secretary Linda Doby, Treasurer Janice Morris, Chaplain Miss Jean Bullock, Advisor SOPHOMORE CLUB Bonnie Lowder, President Sharon Smith, Vice President Elaine Morris, Secretary Susan Cashwell, Treasurer Judy Lowder, Chaplain Mrs. Rosetta Rogers, Advisor FRESHMAN CLUB Suzanne Swindell, President Lydia Hearne, Vice President Susie Napier, Secretary Nancy Finan, Treasurer Margaret Ann Furr, Chaplain Mrs. Josephine Allen, Advisor First Row: Bonnie Lowder, Sara Henderson, Gail Vanderburg, Susie Napier, Pam Truette, Miss Charline Rotha, Martha Huckabee, Hunter Hearne, Judy Efird, Betty Holt, Diane Watkins, Janice Harris, Kathryn Morton. Second Row: Nancy Langley, Margaret Ann Furr, Lydia Hearne, Marie Snuggs, Jane Murrell, Frankie Hatley, Margaret Harris, Elaine Morris, Saundra Burleson, Eunice Lee Haynesworth, Paula Feldman, Ann Taylor, Sharon Smith, Sue Stone, Sandra Walser, Judy Lowder, Sue Winn, Third Row: Martha Ann Smith, Ellen Rogers, Billie Rae Atkins, Betty McManus, Judy Kluttz, Mickey Doby, Linda Doby, Sandra Allen, Aloma Roache, Luray Hatley, Judy Redfern, Jo Parks, Linda Curlee, Sue Tucker, Shelby Thomas, Barbara Sue Smith, Brenda Casper, Barbara Hoey. Fourth Row: Jane Story, Yvonne Chandler, Pam Sells, Karen Herndon, Pat Lawhon, Sara Talbert, Diane Butler, Sheila McManus, Nancy Aldridge, Suzanne Finch, Georgette Lampsi, Gail Morris, Evelyn Underwood, Kitty Almond Fifth Row: Jane Chandler, Millie Hatley, Priscilla Burris, Pat Little, Anna Mae Renger, Sylvia Smith, Sally Norton, Brenda Herrin, Ann Whitley, Nancy Swaringen, Becky Coble, Joyce Burris, Rita Morris, Gay Crowell, Peggie Sue Lisk, Janice Rogers, Judy Stoker, Peggy Smith. Sixth Row: Tamara Almond, Nancy Boger, Loretta Howell, Joyce Pickier, Kay Pennington, Judy Phifer, Nancy Smith, Susan Ausband, Molly Holbrokk, Carolyn Nicholds, Martha Ann Setzler, Pat Smith, Kay Swindell, Virginia Huckabee, Billie Jane Eudy. Seventh Row: Judy Fesperman, Nancy Coggins, Linda Haynes, Suzanne Swindell, Betsy Holbrook, Diane Lefler, Trma Holt, Brenda Thompson, Brenda Vanhoy, Willie Page, Brenda Honeycutt, Susan Greene, Pam Treece, Florence Morton, Landis Miller. Eighth Row:Louise Furr, Brenda Furr, Sandra Stone, Judy Harris, Margaret Ann Casper, Mary Hill Hatley, Diane Griffin, Jo Lynn Pickier, Martha Burleson, Miriam Wilhoit. BOOSTERS CLUB The Boosters Club is open to all students of Albemarle High School. This organization is for the purpose of creating an interest in the recreational program. They help supply the materials to decorate the goal posts. Homecoming is always a gala event due to the dance and other activities that take place on this day. Martha Huckabee, President; Hunter Hearne, Vice-President; Judy Efird, Secretary; Betty Holt, Treasurer; Miss Charline Rotha, Advisor. Anxious Blue and White Bulldog ' s Harem CHEERLEADERS: First Row: Pam Truette, Betty Holt, Gail Vanderburg. Second Row: Susie Napier, Bonnie Lowder, Janice Harris, Diane Watkins, Kathryn Morton, Sarah Henderson, chief. Homecoming Feast DEBATE CLUB Seoted: Miriam Wilhoit, Jerry Lou Holbert, Georgette Lampsi, Pat Starnes, Mary Jo Winn, Martha Burleson. Standing: Brenda Thompson, Brenda Vanhoy, Mike Ross, Homer Blalock, Jo Parks, Roger Laney, Woody Durham, Lane Brown, Mrs. Mary Martin Little. This club, for which any A. H. S. student is eligible, encourages and promotes public speaking and creative writing in the high school. The main emphasis is on debating. Jo Parks, President; Woody Durham, Vice President; Pat Starnes, Secretary-treasurer OFFICE WORKERS Students participating in this program attend school half a day and work in offices the other half. Certain scholastic requirements must be met before students are eligible for this work. Seated: Betsy Kluttz, Sylvia McDuffie. Standing: Marlene Price, Linda Hudson, Miss Inez Bankett, Advisor, Carol Deese. MUSIC MIXED CHORUS Mr. Paul Fry, Director Mixed Chorus is a service organization as well as a regular class. During the year the members present musical programs for civic organizations as well as for the public and the school. Among these programs are the spring and Christmas Concerts. The group also participates in the District Contest in Salisbury. Membership is limited to those students who can qualify for the high standards maintained by the group. First row: Brenda Gantt, Susan Cashwell, Pat Little, Elizabeth Hatley, Shelby Thomas, Pam Truette, Jane Story, Linda Jordan, Joyce Burris, Gay Crowell, Glenda Sue Honey, Nancy Swaringen, Peggy Jordan, Jo Parks, Peggie Sue Lisk. Second row: Janice Harris, Judy Redfern, Martha Ann Smith, Ann Smith, Hunter Hearne, Bonnie Lowder, Jane Murrell, Landis Miller, Sue Winn, Janice Morns, Kitty Almond, Sharon Smith, Carolyn Nicholds, Becky Coble, Molly Holbrook. Third row: Ronnie Arey, Jimmy Stonestreet, Wade McSwain, Bobby Gene Harris, Max Morgan, Richard Kimrey, Eddie Davis, Ronnie Millican, Charles Brown, Don Montgomery, Roger Smith, Eddie Burleson, Mickey Lawhon. Fourth row: Homer Blalock, George Harwood, Al Fusonie, Roger Laney, Billy Pickier, Charles Delk, Larry Mullis, Sherrill Williams, Sammie Holshouser, Steve Hill, Josh Morton, Reggie Crowell, Ronald Russell, Paul Welch, Woody Durham. Eddie Burleson President Sherrill Williams Vice President Larry Mullis Secretary Sammie Holshouser T reasurer Peggy Smith Accompanist 79 BOYS ' DOUBLE QUARTET First Row: Lorry Mullis, Charles Brown; Second Row: Eddie Burleson, Mickey Lawhon; Third Row: George Harwood, Sherrill Williams; Fourth Row: Charles Delk, Sammie Holshouser. JUNIOR MIXED CHORUS First Row: Paula Feldman, Judy Fesperman, Judy Kluttz, Martha Barbee, Jean Rogers, Frances Poplin, Becky Leonard, Jeanette Varner, Katherine Montgomery, Eunice Lee Haynesworth, Myra Whitley, Frankie Hatley. Second Row: Brenda Parker, Betty Speights, Sylvia Smith, Peggy Page, Sylvia Tucker, Glenda Keever, Maxine Sells, Saundra Burleson, Sue Stone, Sue Lowder, Linda Almond, Anna Mae Renger, Reba Stamper. Third Row: Nelson Kirk, Frankie Fenters, Mike Prince, Stanley Lambert, Gary Howard, Jack Lowder, Ray Terry, Eddie Hatley, Kenneth Harkey, Gene Starnes, Jerry Bell, Calvin Lowder. Fourth Row: Raeford Deese, Tim Burris, Jan Caudle, Larry Palmer, Harry Whitley, Dale Hartsell, Paul Carpenter, Bobby Whitley, Jerry Reid, Billy Swan, Butch Almond, Pep Mabry, Joe Ingram. First Row: Peggie Sue Lisk, Linda Jordan, Joyce Burris, Gay Crowell. Second Row: Jo Parks, Becky Coble, Janice Harris, Shelby Thomas. Third Row: Nancy Swaringen, Hunter Hearne, Judy Redfern, Kitty Almond. NINTH GRADE CHORUS First Row: Linda Haynes, Pam Sells, Nancy Jo Aldridge, Pat Lawhon, Jan Barrier, Karen Herndon, Bobbie Honeycutt, Billy Burbage, Terry Still, Steve Isenhour, Jerry A. Morgan, Ted Snotherly, Brenda Harris, Johnnie Ann Crawford, Jo Lynn Pickier, Phoebe Tucker, Brenda Furr, Pam Treece. Second Row: Vickie Hunsucker, Miriam Wilhoit, Edith Smith, Judy Harris, Nancy Smith, Florence Morton, Wayne Honeycutt, William Walker, Craven Morton, Connie Morgan, Margaret Ann Casper, Dorothy Jear, Rabon, Brenda Thompson, Ann Bell, Norma Delk, Martha Burleson, Jean Efird. Third Row: Diane Butler, Brenda Vanhoy, Susie Napier, Ronnie Holt, Ronnie Herrin, Don Burgess, Mike Cau dle, Eddie Wilson, Mike Fusonie, Gary Bell, Bill Stubbs, George Cartrette, Craig Caudle, Trina Holt, Betsy Holbrook, Diane Griffin. Fourth Row: Marie Snuggs, Susan Ausband, Sheila McManus, W. C. Talbert, James Lisk, Hoyle Griffin, Sammie Lowder, Aaron Burris, Kenneth Furr, Michael Poplin, Johnny Shelton, Mary Frances Reynolds, Sandra Stone, Brenda Smith. Mr. Tommy Hauss, Director BAND First Row: Jimmy Miller, Tommy Ward, Jan Russell, Lewis Lowder, Ronald Sells, Bryan Fox, James Renger, Gerald Holt, Jerry McSwain, Wayland McKenzie, Jennings Burris. Second Row: Roy Springer, Eddie Lefler, Gay Snuggs, Betty Taylor, Sandra Holt, Mary Sikes, Margaret Ann Furr, Cecelia Roache, Jane Boaz, Barbara Hinson, Jerry Lou Holbert. Third Row: Tony Almond, Nelson Smith, Robert Iddings, Priscilla McSwain, Elaine Morris, Ellen Hatley, Tomora Almond, Aloma Roache, Luray Hatley, Judy Montgomery, Rebecca Haire, Don Huneycutt. Fourth Row: Butch Helms, Jerry Tucker, Steve Surratt, Dannie Ballard, Joe Laughlin, Gaynell Deese, Gaylene Clark, Joan Herrin, Cathy Freeman, Jackie Barbee, Vanda Cole. Fifth Row: Dean Herrin, Rubin Honeycutt, Mike Terry, Jerry Burleson, Bobbie Atkins, Mike Ross, Carlene Hinson, Vance Huneycutt, Carolyn Varner, Sandra Hartsell, Ronnie Johnson, Diane Harris. Sixth Row: Johnny Barbee, Marney Lowder, 0. J. Sikes, Jimmy Morgan, Gayle Clarke, Kay Kennedy, Gail Lowder, Delores Thompson, Donnie Tindal, Jan Russell, Benny Smith. Aloma Roache Mary Jo Winn Judy Montgomery Priscilla McSwain Jimmy Miller President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Drum Major 82 LETTER GIRLS Lydia Hearne Martha Huckabee Nancy Langley MAJORETTES Mary Jo Winn Brenda Gantt Ann Whitley Ann Taylor Jo Parks, chief Shag Slow and Easy Room 84 Recital Time James ' ll ckoff and got down to work, fullback Roger -Whitley, ade McSwain took the kick Wavnp Snivev. tackle am the eleven back to the 34- rd line. Whitley carried twice r 25 yards to the 41, and Har- aod clocked off nine yards, hitley added seven more and en Graham Harwood broke into the way for " the ' oucMown " • Their All-State Checklist hon- Bulldogs played on a mud- 1 — Moments later Graham Har- ' oring outstanding players i each J sl PPjry. and sloppy Lexing- 0+1 11 LOddlHQ »od took a punt on the Albe- week has carried the names ox. r e , . l be game, played irle36 and °a„ it back to the Bulldogs. some, more tb- Thanksgiving Day has been I ms- 39-yard line. Driving for l Webb ' s ' 57 Bulldog Tea m Reigns As Supreme Champions 13 one oi uie tup field gen- ' fulU ■ in the state. Barry Ram. name ' . 180-pounder, starts at full. ,J d uj and Jerry Burnett and Don- 2 00 yi olden at the half positions. °- | backed Quarterha rdage were Whitley and Har od. Whitley finally moving the 11 over for the TD. rhe Bulldogs were greatly im ?ssive. as at halftime the score od 39-0, In the second hpj. ■ Bulldogs scored on th- y from scrimmage Swain took an m Roger d 31 ya --’ " S’ once. Those mentioned - been Roger Whitle- ' Harwood, Lajrv Spivey, and. ” k oprlately named the " Mud •ack Roger Whitley again ' the major part of the burden as he chalked ill yards for the entire game A J «f rtv out , w !)!, ,ley scored the game ' s only 1 l t lav |,ouc,ldown ln the first quarter - .a “ d A Crutchfield hid - was to tile 2 ' “ " fllSt haU| SST Defensively, the Bulldogs we ‘ r h Albemarle Bulldogs .. iV i e ‘ r best ‘ From end to e ib) consistently been rated ... rtioemarle and the Bulldogs rushinv h£ e nfJ3!! ed bri ). llar , 0 v r on ® double A team had possession for the first time the bafkctn S„ and whlle Mailon l of the ramp .u DacKs t0 small gams rr v the too five, game. the way Whitley and Mom t Q In three playB Whitley drove 0ry °n tbe fla nks, Johnson, Pet.. SJ -•« Rip. 14 yards for a first down on the Crutchfield at tackles andl J av. 25-yard line. Graham Harwood I Wayn ® S P‘ ve Y and Tommy Mur-I lor Ojb VI 1 fell at the guards held Piedmont (Snfer- tbe bal1 .- wh,ch was slapped from the quarterback’s hand. fhe Bulldogs weren ' t to be A 0 eral nied this time as Whitley bulled - ifensive for two yards and then Roger he AH the brt f Fass + -on by Law- Smith took a double reverse going , Harwoi and Almond, a- 63 yards untouched for the TD. ? with reoovered fumbles by Richard Peck ' s P. A. T. went off rTell, McSwain, Spivey and to the left making the score 6-0. hiess 161 be °® ense n Conditioning proved to be of great importance a3 the Bulldogs picked up two yards then hit , ,, „ . •- « « mu Don Montgomery with a nine- f ne ' vbde A1 Fusonie and Law- ▼ard aerial to the 14 and an- ' I Y m took care of the linebacking Whitley drove „ res m a n outstanding fashion. , . J - - Harwood snared two Jackets 1 tll U ' CfOQS eriaJs and Smith combined with d T MS ' right-yard SE? T ho m «SV« e L ?t« ,ouchdor Verted thC P ° ln ' Alb ,e - 60-0 Jerr Lith aJ’jie Bri were v tW ? ' . • Albemarle missed another scv.- the mainstays in the J acket line ine Yellow Jackets had only mg chance in the second period while Yarbrough lived up to his one serious threat which was ln when the line rushed Owens notices as a running threat. Ed- the third quarter following an again. Don Montgomery hit the wards and Clifford also ploughed 1 - £ ’ 1 — ' inH tha Kell rUrtt harH thrnnch tUn m.. j firm “ ach Toby Webb ' s team o be again be at full strength. ehec ugh Tom Murrell pulled ‘hning- a leg muscle Thurs day and A1 1 and Fusonie received head fmrl face e chief cuts and bruises, they are ex- pected to be ready for the 1 Phas Wednesday night fireworks. tars Sn Whitley, who ' ll also JPgroi TIUd. Coach Toby V „ grcdi imuuiidiiLt as me duiiuoks , « tlev ii.h ' pushed the Kannapolis «e a m hard j , r ... . — - pusneu me ivaimapuiis team nara ■in twirl three touchdowns. j n the fourth quarter, completely Harwood, and Don tgomery. Wade McSwain and Till Williams were credited i one score each, and Larry lis kicked six extra points. play by trouncin 27-7 in a re-schedi to bad weathe Homedoming gam Nov. 8, was postp day night, Nov. 11. Roger Whitley, Albemarle’s big ?ad Coach Toby Webb of Al- arle has meant much to all boys who have played for There are many schools would be glad to have Toby b as their head coach. 215-pound fullback, scored two st0 PP €d the threat. a • . in me iuuiui uuaiic iH „ ere J ° hnn Y Al- overpowering them id, Graham Harwood, and Don n 0 ... ....... Roger Smith. Roger Whitley, and Graham Harwood did excep- tionally fine jobs in ball carry- ing roles. Smith tallied three touchdowns and Whitley one. Harwood ' s pin-poi- passing gave the Bulldogs advantage through A ' n addition polis de- ?» ound at- i got fjnal one ' on a six . yard smash. End Don Montgomery , Jj 0 tallied for Albemarle on nTa . season with yard pass play from tailbj .at over Winecoff bam Harwood. having their fa 52 ' °- g ave ? cored , Id show him and the oogs their first victory in Larry Mu] Q oouthern division, marking “Mud Bowl” Splndale • Newton Wilkes Central Is 19-13 and 40-13. The Bulldogs of Albei, have piled up 411 points games. They beat Winecoff 52-i Kannapolis 24-0, Landis 45-1 Mooresville 56-7, Monroe 48-0 Thomasville 60-0. Charlotte Har- ding 54-7, Concord 7-0. China Grove 27-7 and Lexington 31 and 7-0. Roger play in the Shrine Bowl Satur- s day. will be starting at fullback. • jj np u Graham Harwood and Roger rton Smith will be at the halves and ks 1 Richard " Drip " Kimrey will be at ■ ' katt- blocking back post in the «nd Tn, r a wing offense. stanl ' Q nks will be manned by votwhi - -mery and James Nor- e on h ’ohnson and Rich- fhh •des. Murrell . ,„ a ° h nil be at W -i tMS Jim McFadden ' s Marion outfit hasn ' t seen action since N ?vem- vas the third ber 16 when they won the Wes- Webb ' s foot- ern with a victory over ve years. Al- Shelby. The Rippers, however, mont in 19531 have be «n f ”ine daily in prep . Lexingtonl a ?ation for ; . n 1954 and Tb e Rip Vy pound for 1 again a game Yellow Jacket line) to kp ' touchdowns to lead the Bulldogs to their victory. Whitley scored the first touch- winning record to 11 straight 200-poun ' Before switching to. a defensive SjSSV ' me ftrst half, bufc »““ ““‘.year. pound fort. ,. e 6h v. e lu-inl bemar e extended its all- Wetoesd ' n Q the In. O, Crutch fieiJ defensive tat, Although littit about the strength f at the •k up Eddie rer Wt ying a • «od 11 agai I own here muj „ .he Marion wln outfit, they are bound to be l 113 al good. They’re the class of the f 9®» ha Western conference and that’s a borhooc rather tough league. r the s- Thirteen seniors, seven from rofn , the starting unit, will be don- ning the blue and white uni- 5TOble ™ forms for the final time for AHS. , arwood ' --Captains Harwood and Whit- °S er s playing their last r Y wl11 i % ' % ec °ff £ r Ush ■fy in... P e nin n Ven game, the Bulldogs drove to the(S, ' J e 60U i. in ,he last 63 Bfggie tovinoMn on fki.j jl th one ending in a tie. • ' K ' % ' ;tting up at five At morning and vis, AX ' O 1 Ball Park while tv . ,N ' . e bulldogs Lexington 20 in the third period. After talcing an] Conch Webb was highly the Albemarle 4a. 1 pleased with his team ' s bel- ied four plays be- 1 iormance. He painted out that his tactics would have been entirely different the second had - ] game along with „ .. Murrell, Lawhon „ pie offe the beefy i mv Hall also tipping i.. 2? ' 0’ f 5 ure. w ' @ Von Taylor, who will also play 1 . Vn 9 Get A of the starting team. ibers of the coaching, KA- a „ , cing with the boys. jtart toward the South Piedmont Conference title. Albemarle ' s eleven outclassed the Winecoff team. Albemarle started the first quarter off right, scoring, within three plays of the first time they gained possession of the ball. Starting on he Bulldog 32 yard line v litley bulled for one a tthe second try We. Graham, job, sho .. . -c 1 over and ILdog eno q . (J09 v p L 1 Vnce for - patterns. DU» 1 - artempte. ed Duke Un L n3 - out the kick outstanding ,e| ing the score 6-0. ith the backs is Coach Bob Goo” Gantt, who was an tanding player while at the -ersity of North Carolina, h Gantt played wingback on Carolina team and really rs his backfield manoeuvres ffense as well as defense. Harwooa offense all the way aow„ field. Whitley took over on th ' ,arion 17 and entered the ent me for the first touchdown o night. Larry Mullis ' attemp and the clock glowed a brigh 17-0 score for the Bulldogs. Early in the second quartei launched what turned ou only scoring drive o Taking over on thei ' d line, Marion drov Devil team. ach Ernest “Bear” Knotts, is a brother of Don Knotts also attended Duke Univer- may be seen down the field the linemen along with h Toby Webb, helping them bemarle went home with the ?r end of the score, after a non -conference battle in the ngton stadium. The famed logs defeated the Lexington w Jackets 31-7 in an almost •y rainfall. Rain didn ' t make : difference, as tailback Gra- Harwood hit four passes out ur attempts. tting the opening kick-off 3ulldogs got down to work ng in seven plays. Roger ley took thg kickoff on Albe- ? ' s own 25 yard line and ?d it to the 47. He and tail- Graham Harwood ripped off i more yards. Roger Smith i loose on an inside reverse 0 additional yards, moving all to the Yellow Jacket 20 first down. Whitley added and Harwood added two; finding end Don Montgom- pen he hit with a six yard moving the ball to the Lex- n 7. Whitley crashed gh the middle of the line e touchdown. Richard Peck’s for the P. A. T. was perfect, ng the score 7-0. This was the went, as the sco halftime in favo] Still another was to come as t ed harder than touchdown sta: went right to Spivey recover fumble. The Bui yardage, moving] to the Winecof Lightning then Roger Whitley a head of steal Richard Peck ' s tra point was tl score 32-0. Drip Kimrey si ing defensive pi cepted two Wineo ning the remainir An intercepted pass Graham Harwood s for the game ' s lone ing in an aerial on hi] Harwood scampered 17 the 38 and then directed hi! the end of the first quarter ' to victory in eight plays. Through some outl fensive play, Albemarl , eked out a 7-0 victor; three-touchdown under cord team at Concord. The visiting Bulldog; in nine straight gam ' a first period score, the remainder of the, ing to protect their gin. core stood 13-0 in favor of narle, but the Yellow Jack- drive well underway. erback Joe Owens and Joe w mgback Wade McSwain ough headlined a 50-yardJ- f end zon ® ' Larry Mullis ‘ that climaxed with ?d - a Webb ' s boys .1 Spiders, in contention . 7 -U v end - P ut °n their longei 141+50 - Orf I -f ' ned drive of the night in th. -uey warun 6 minutes. But Concord r -m leading a Possible tie game when foi McClamrocks fourth down pass seoonV— slipped off the fingers of end Doug Fusonitf Harwood in the end zone. scoring. as ' oB Albemarle suffered heavily with team fullbacl . .. , . . mjunes, as end Don Montgomery, Defensive stanH you see, Albemarle has art tackle James Johnson, tackle Whitlev Tommv lent coaching stall. .Wap, Spivey and fuliback 4gcr Jota n ' . and Toge ' - , Whitley were all injured slightly the hiehlieht nf a. some time during the game. the ] ex a 1, fo; n , 0t k i c th k !„| a 0 T ' i La bemarle Bulldogs won their -traight game by wallop ,i their pulling, blocking, sive moves, and other mv nt details. ' id Fusonie. a terrific ' .. n are also seniors. Nor- r Wade McSwain, Cary ent A lb !L th ' ,? h J lM samc Saturda y. is Mooresville gaVS -the BOIldogsrry a th the Starting rpnfor nh i CW1 - J . oounds. Gilbert Hollifleld and matching a touchdown for a Vayne S be on the flanks touchdown. After that they com- ?11 at gi Onrrt« n . ” T ’ Youn ? pletely folded and were able to ill be at ni - O © NpL .muster but one more first down ill go f ()fl , the rest of the game. That came a line All °n a pass play— their only com- d will y AHS •ln the sec- isively. Toby It was the fifth straight vie- 1 tory for Albemaile which Is now at the halfway mark of a 10-game schedule. The Bull- eX ra P° n was perfecl dogs have scored 32 touch downs thus far and 16 extra points for a 208 total score. Meanwhile the AHS crew has held all opponents to 14 points. Lexington being the only oth- er team to cross the goal line. take tl vorites. if the i as it v ed the Jacket 1 Coa have expec this t fs c f - — -• After winning the toss. Roger tor the TD witl Smith returned the opening and Leonard Go kick-off 12 yards to the 22-yard the unit. Gofortl line. A drive was immediately d 5°P e from launched for the goal with Whit- D. The extra lev and Harwood alternating for wide and th. a first down on the Bulldog 35. as the scon Whitley carried for another eight de - and Roger Smith tore loose for - 29 yards to the Moors’ 28. defense be Ha rwood flipped an incom-4 Bulldog P leted Pass then picked up five 1Qoe; yards. Whitley added 10 for a first dawn on the 13. Two more line pm ' throw skill, their lost t they strait Bill watch i Quart ' I The ot ' David will ] Frida; Joe for on. touchd. Extra consist! their Rips ir Harding By 54-7 Albemarle showed its greatest the other ff ' , ?,, 0 ; P»»a and ability in downing an nprfp. Hls P ired Charlotte Harding team ■tpr tri here by a crushing score of 54-7. Kannapolis £f ter td r Getting the opening kickoff. ace in the heibnni Hardin g was unable to move the rvin Query K 1 ball and was forced to punt- chard Kar-ri „J Fullback Roger Whitley of Al- Roger Whitley icra n-cir - 1 imvei 7 — • , “ " ' - ” » • ' -j ™ McClam- 1 - 24 I bemar . le sma shed the line sev- quarter- 0 Following 9 and 12 yard g! by Roger Whitley. Harwood, i mg to his left, fired a 15-yard! selves the narrowest of eral times, picking up yardage t for the Bulldogs. Then Wing- — ct wi ,777. back Wade McSwain took an ' ied by the inside reverse for the first Bull- ! hut t dog touchdown. The PAT was Dl " 1 off to the left, making the score Eat 6-0 early in the first quarter, fullbi The first half was exciting as on la the Harding team scored once eT } d 2 and the Bulldogs scored foui W1 th times, the points being 27-7 al pointj the end of the half. Mot The second period was almosl the r the same, the Bulldogs scoring ran o four times again, with Coach j Webb playing his bench. Es Scaring in this victory were Fullback Roger Whitley with wort three, Graham Harwood anc eiid. wade McSwain with two each , we ! e and Sherrill Williams with one lvel ] Larry Mullis converted si i times. Roge ery and Stanley Lawhon giv- ing excellent performance in the line. Eddie Crutchfield al- so did u lot of damage to the Mooresville offense. at the record jeate a good, crap for Fri- appearance ide here two ied ln a hard Ictory for the the two trips to 1954 and 1956 iuts. Albemarle 46-0 in 1954 to C Coach Webb was especially side irds a split t ils rul marie continued its win- treak by crushing Monroe i a SPC b attle played at but r Smith, on his far- reverse, ripp ' J w “ - Albemarle ' s Bulldogs again resville 56-7, running up !„ showed their supremacy by down- wide open an. -ds down the 1 ouchdown. L true, leavini SPORTS Bulldogs four ;h the gam v Iftime was $ ing ln this ' m Harwood wit Johnny Almofl hitley, Fusonii ,nd Roger Smi! Larry Mullis Hooted six |g ack Roger Whitley, and Har- ' s record this ear d losses. Kannap- ! hem 38-0 and Con- lem back 41-7. The beat Statesville 19-6, -7. Spencer 7-6, Wine- t nd Mooresville 6-0. has victories — all by r except one — over T, Kannapolis, Lexfng- ton. Landis. Mooresville, Monroe, — i- Thomasville. Charlotte Harding, mont crian W!ffs7iot met the an( j Concord. ' • c c cLmuy .. ary for any Western kingpin since that date. ph e homecoming game will be pleased with Larry Palmer’s play a cessful and many It’ll be the fifth post season the last appearance In the AHS covering kick-offs. Palmer plays L 1110 ■ese players have devoted tre- game for Albemarle in as many stadium for Graham Harwood, a guard position on the second n ®f en ' mendous effort over a period of years. Following the 1953 clash Roger Whitley, Richard Peck, team and can “bust” the opporT- .r 13 years. Whether they had been on with Belmont they met Lexing- , Stanley Lawhon, Tommy Mur-i ®nts with the bes of them. He’s T7 e r the Varsity four years, three ton ln 1954. Asheboro in 1955, rell. James Norton and Wade Me- j b 2 pounds), rugged, and years, two years, or one year made Lexington again in 1956 and the | Swain of the starting unit. Fu- loves --hit He’s only a tenth- no difference, for all seniors on Jackets for the third time this sonie and Johnson are also sen- ( ETad «, -vos Webb smile the team had played their last Year. After beating Belmont in iors along with Larry Mullis, I whei Oft ). game on the AHS field. It ' s a 1953 the Bulldogs lost 19-14 to Norris Jeffries, Cary McSwain, is, l,l O l fnnnv feeling to walk off the Lexington in 1954 with this de- and Roger Eudy. rl x, I -mnnv reel ing warn ou int ; f iat hreak5ne a 29-pame winning Roger Whitley, the Bulldog fou.’ , U °QS leading scorer with 16 touch- third te a ,.. J dowms for 96 points, will start at After Whitley w.. fullback Friday night. He’s tal- the fdurth play, whicn fe . c lied at least one in .even game bemarle possession on the Moors except the Conco--’ affair and 10-yard line, he drove into the could extend h 1 ' ing over the lend zone for a score from six irsity Wins WNCHSAA Crown ned Marion Team By 54 to 6 rrd fie he hit 10 yar South Piedmont Conference bat- Y forced a Landis tie. ■ the second drive. Tr js. Whitley drove Kannapolis took the kick-off tussell ' s toe found and racked up two first downs 100 mark - in the minds of the players lat they had won the con- e for the fifth straight year, g 10 out of 10 games, seniors who played their ime on the A.H.S. field were y Murrell, Stanley Lawhon, Eudy, Roger Whitley, Gra- iarwood, Larry Mullis, Rich- wood’s sneak off tackle for an ing the score 13-0 on tbe Albemarle defense, tre During the second quarter. Al- ,f° r ® bemarle scored three times, with . tol f bdo P on ]Y to ? ve U P the 3ther touchdowm. lup ? an on t tHe n A lb e rI e h Si x yaja en field running and Al Fusonie P u " u - fourth down pass which showing his toichdown stamina. h , e ,. Bu ‘ ldo ® s ,g“PJ ed U P ? " d d OVe ended the Yellow Jackets threat Smith scored once on a pass play !Y i,h Ro ? er Whitley and Graham The stiff Bulldog defen. - — ■ — ' ' onstrat plays. Bulldog defenVA™- and again on th. WM. ' Harwood M - Albemarle Crushes Marion By 54-0 L u.ei championship games, Albemarle ! was victorious in the regular se- son game each year. .A®. Grovers. x passing and. i yards out on third down. The PAT was perfect and the score board read Albemarle 35, Moores- ville 7. last week-end and the go KO sign was posted on James v ' he plays a whale ' .ciensive halfixrck along Richard " Drip” Kimrey, the blocking back on offense. Late in the same period, Albe- marie drove to the five only to lose the ball on down. The TD wasn ' t in vain, though, as the forced punt sailed out of bounds gle” Johnson Wednesday valch gives the Bulldogs their entire starting units back for the first tim® I Wade McSwain, scoter of | winning (one and only), touch- Snalre S down a-gainst Concord, will start {- ° b " ac a rA® limitinj as at least the past ith became Mr. Wingback, then ran the fa mous Webb inside reverse for the distance. Excellent block- ing all along the line broke Smith away and he legged it like a rabbit all the wav. Mullis’ Doint the the Tl how deep sail. and kick goal scho behi The Harw playe VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM First Row: Wayne Spivey, James Johnson, Tommy Murrell, Stanley Lawhon, Graham Harwood, Roger Whitley, James Norton, Richard Peck, Don Montgomery, Roger Smith. Second Row: Kenneth Harkey, Ronnie Harwood, E. J. Whitley, Joe Snuggs, Wade McSwain, Sherrill Lowder, George Harwood, Roger Eudy, Cary McSwain. Third Row: Don Mauldin, Jimmy Stonestreet, Woody Durham, David Scarboro, Al Fusonie, Johnny Almond, Gene Forte, Frankie Fenters. Fourth Row: Mike Prince, Larry Palmer, Ronald Russell, Pep Mabry, Paul Welch, Bobby Whitley, Neil Efird. Fifth Row: Dudley Roache, Richard Kimrey, Sherrill Williams, Steve Hill, Larry Mullis, Eddie Crutchfield, Chip Cain. FOOTBALL HIGHLIGHTS Albemarle — 52 Wirtecoff — 0 The Bulldogs opened their season with a one-sided win over Winecoff. Graham Harwood led the team scoring with three touchdowns. Richard Kimrey scored two more, while Roger Whitley, Roger Smith, and Johnny Almond each made one. Richard Peck converted four points after touchdowns. Albemarle — 24 Kannapolis — 0 Albemarle ' s defense was great, holding Kannapolis scoreless while Roger Smith scored three touchdowns and Roger Whitley one. Standouts on defense were Wayne Spivey, James Johnson, and Roger Whitley. Albemarle — 31 Lexington — 7 Lexington was the scene of the third game of the season. Roger Whitley, the bone-crushing fullback, led the scoring with three touchdowns, while Roger Smith and Johnny Almond scored one each. Richard Peck kicked one point after touchdown. Albemarle — 45 Landis — 0 The Bulldogs for the third time held their opponents scoreless while beating Landis in a 45 to 0 battle. Roger Smith scored four touchdowns, Roger Whitley two, and Al Fusonie one. Ronald Russell kicked three points after touchdowns. Albemarle — 56 Mooresville— - -7 The Albemarle defense for the second time in the year allowed a team to cross into our end zone. Roger Whitley and Graham Harwood led the scoring with two touchdowns apiece. Roger Smith, Al Fusonie, Paul Welch, and Don Montgomery crossed the goal line for one apiece. The highlight of the game was Larry Mullis ' s kicking eight straight points after touchdowns. Albemarle — 48 Monroe- — 0 The Bulldogs trounced the rival Monroe Rebels in a one-sided victory. Reserve wingback Johnny Almond led the scoring with two touchdowns. Graham Harwood, Roger Whitley, Al Fusonie, Don Montgomery, and Roger Smith crossed the goal line with one each. Mullis kicked six points after touchdowns. Albemarle — 60 Tbomasville — 0 The Bulldogs remained undefeated for seven games after beating Thomasville 60 to 0. Roger Whitley and Graham Harwood carried most of the load for the Bulldogs. Roger collected three touchdowns and Graham two. Wade McSwain, who started his first game at wingback, made one touchdown, as did Don Montgomery, Sherrill Williams, and Johnny Almond. Larry Mullis kicked six points after touchdowns. Albemarle — 54 Harding — 7 This was the one that the team had been waiting for! After the first quarter the Bulldogs hit high gear and the scoring race was on. Roger Whitley went for three touchdowns, Graham Harwood two, Wade McSwain two, and Sherrill Williams one. Larry Mullis hit six points after touchdowns. Albemarle — 7 Concord — -0 The Bulldogs hit the toughest conference foe this week. In a game that was mostly defensive, the Bulldog line did a great job. Wade McSwain collected the game ' s only touchdown on a pass from Graham Harwood. Larry Mullis kicked the extra point. Albemarle — 27 China Grove — -7 The China Grove game was homecoming for the Bulldogs. For the fifth straight year the Bulldogs were conference champs. The scoring went like this: Roger Whitley, two touchdowns; Graham Harwood, one; and Don Montgomery, one. Larry Mullis was true for three points after touchdowns. POST SEASON GAMES Albemarle — 7 Lexington — 0 Albemarle traveled to Lexington for the South Piedmont Conference championship game on Thanksgiv- ing Day. Playing on a muddy field, the Bulldog line was led by Wayne Spivey, James Johnson, Tommy Murrell, Eddie Crutchfield, and Stanley Lawhon. Fullback Roger Whitley scored the lone touchdown. Larry Mullis kicked the point after touchdown. Albemarle — 54 Marion — 6 Thirteen seniors played their last game for the Bulldogs as they captured the Western North Carolina High School Activities Association championship by a score of 54 to 6. Roger Whitley and Roger Smith scored three touchdowns each; Don Montgomery and Al Fusonie scored one each. Larry Mullis kicked six points after touchdowns. James Norton, Tommy Murrell, Stanley Lawhon, James Johnson, Richard Peck, Roger Whitley, Graham Harwood, Wade McSwain, Norris Jeffery, and Larry Mullis were the senior members of the squad. Also Roger Eudy, Cary McSwain, and Al Fusonie are Senior members. Managers: First Row: Craig Caudle, Ronnie Arey. Sec- ond Row: Ronnie Millican, Jan Caudle, Bobby Harris. 89 First String Backs Roger Smith, Richard Kimrey, Roger Whitley, Graham Harwood. First String Line First row — Richard Peck, Stanley Lawhon, Tommy Murrell. Second row — Don Montgomery, Wayne Spivey, James Johnson, James Norton. Second String Line First row — Larry Palmer, Chip Cain, Roger Eudy, Neil Efird. Second row — Cary McSwain, Ronald Russell, Eddie Crutchfield, Woody Durham. 90 Second String Backs Johnny Almond, Larry Mullis, Al Fusonie, Sherrill Williams. I 1 Third String Backs Pep Mabry, Joe Snuggs, George Harwood, Paul Welch, Frankie Fenters. Third String Line First row — Ronnie Harwood, Sherrill Lowder, Jimmy Stonestreet, Bobby Whitley, E. J. Whit- ley, Don Mauldin. Second row — Wade McSwain, Gene Forte, Dudley Roache, Steve Hill, David Scarboro, Mike Prince, Kenneth Harkey. B-TE AM First row — Coach Bill Lippard, Craven Morton, Ronnie Herrin, Mike Wolfe, William Walker, Kenneth Huneycutt, Kenny Furr, Eddie Bowers, Johnny Stonestreet, Billy Burbage, Coach Kenneth Frazier. Second row — Kenneth Montgomery, Tommy Ritchie, Johnny Saunders, Charles Pennington, Mike Fusonie, Craig Morgan, Charles Surratt, Billy Tucker, Eddie Wilson. Third row — Charles Brown, Butch Almond, Bill Stubbs, Jimmy Thompson, Shannon Doby, Steve Parker, Ted Snotherly, Vance Huneycutt, Stanly Biggers. Fourth row — Joe Franklin, Larry Hunsucker, Joey Doby, James Hartsell, Ronnie Holt, Terry Still, Lloyd Crisco, Steve Isenhour, Stanley Lambert. Fifth row — Mickey Slack, Kenneth York, Terry Mabe, Steve Burleson, Tony Furr, Johnny Furr, Jeff Underwood, Mike Skidmore, Jerry Smith, Jimmy Burr is. Love That Pigskin! Practice Pays! Catch, Tuck, Run Mud Bowl Victory Hands Off! “All Tripped Up. " Wham! 92 GIRLS 7 BASKETBALL STARTERS Gail Buck, Judy Kluttz, Hunter Hearne, Martha Huckabee, Jane Chandler, Joyce Burris. BO YS 7 BASKETBALL STARTERS Cary McSwain, Richard Kimrey, Don Montgomery, Tommy Murrell, Stanley La-whon, Graham Harwood. GIRLS’ VARSITY BASKETBALL First Row: Jane Chandler, Tamara Almond, Martha Huckabee, Gail Buck, Judy Redfern, Martha Smith, Hunter Hearne. Second Row: Miss Charline Rotha, Coach; Elaine Davidson, Manager; Martha Barbee, Janice Harris, Carolyn Nicholds, Ann Taylor, Judy Kluttz, Joyce Burris. BOYS’ VARSITY BASKETBALL First Row: Cary McSwain, Richard Kimrey, Stanley Lawhon, Graham Harwood, Tommy Murrell, Don Montgomery. Second Row: Sherrill Williams, Charles Pennington, Richard Peck, Mike Ross, Ronald Russell, Neil Efird. Third Row: Bill Lippard, Coach; Gary Blalock, Bobby Harris, Managers; Larry Palmer, Jimmy Stonestreet, Frankie Fenters, Steve Isenhour, Manager; Kenneth Frazier, Coach. GIRLS ' FRESHMAN TEAM First row: Nancy Langley, Susan Ausband, Lydia Hearne, Betsy Holbrook, Marie Snuggs, Susie Napier. Second row: Elaine Davidson, manager; Brenda Thompson, Edith Smith, Linda Haynes, Florence Morton, Mary Frances Reynolds, Miss Charline Rotha. BOYS ' FRESHMAN TEAM First row: Charles Brown, Vance Huneycutt, Jerry Burleson. Second row: Bobby Harris, manager; Mike Fusonie, Jerrell Bunting, Steve Isenhour, Stanley Lambert, Kenneth Frazier, coach. “r- rr. First row: Sherrill Williams, Jennings Burris, Dale Hartsell, Benny Hudson, Ralph Thompson, Gary Whitley, Mike Ross, Bobby Harris. Second row: Eddie Doby, Joe Miller, Graham Harwood, Don Montgomery, Max Morgan, Charles Delk, Kenneth Harkey. 1957 TRACK TEAM First row: James Norton, Cary McSwain,. Woody Durham, Larry Palmer, Richard Kiinrey, Paul Welch. Second row: Roger Smith, Wade McSwain, Chip Cain, Johnny Almond, Eddie Crutchfield, Wayne Spivey. 96 WRESTLERS Roger Whitley, Al Fusonie, Jeff Hartsell, Lindsay Harwood, Eddie Doby, Butch Almond, Don Mauldin, Ronnie Millican, Don Walter, Gary Mauldin, Jerry Shaver, Kenny Furr. Bridge ' em Gr-r-r-r Oh-h-h-h Lineup janitorial staff Calvin Pemberton, E. C. Haley, Hazel Bradley CAFETERIA STAFF Soi e, S Po m " s. WfS, Row - High annual salesman — Martha Ann Setzler High advertisement salesman — Ronnie Millican 99 WISCASSETT MEMORIAL YOUNG MEN ' S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION Albemarle, Norfh Carolina Serving the youth of Albemarle and Stanly County through physical, mental, social, and spiritual growth. Compliments of GLAMOR SHOP Compliments of HERLOCKER SERVICE West Main St. Phone YU 2-1512 HERLOCKER " 52 " SERVICE Salisbury Rd. Phone YU 2-5816 SPENCE MOTOR CO. Dodge Plymouth Automobiles 213 S. Second St. Phone YU 2-3812 Compliments of G. C. McMANUS Allis-Chalmers Farm Equipment Compliments of CENTRAL BARBER SHOP 149 S. Second St. F. 0. Harwood T. V. Harwood Compliments of MILLERS INC. Compliments of CITY BARBER SHOP Compliments of BELK ' S DEPARTMENT STORE Compliments of RABES Montgomery Avenue Compliments of M. W. LOAN CO. 1 50 East Main St. Auto Financing Auto Loans Compliments of ALBEMARLE RADIO CO. P. J. HUNEYCUTT CO. Furniture — Appliances Jewelry Diamonds — Cameras Phone YU 2-3518 Compliments of CONFEDERATE MOTORS Compliments of McLELLANS Compliments of CHARM BEAUTY SHOP 146 S. Second St. YU 2-4511 Marie Napier Mrs. Lisk Josephine Pierce HARTSELL FUNERAL HOME 24-Hour Ambulance Service Albemarle Midland YU 2-2233 TU 8-5571 STANLY HARDWARE CO. Distributors for Spalding, McGregor, and Riddell Athletic Equipment " Always Be a Good Sport " Phone YU 2-2129 Albemarle, N. C. MORGAN INSURANCE AGENCY 177 N. Second Street Phone YU 2-1156 FIRST NATIONAL BANK ALBEMARLE, N. C. Member Federal Reserve Bank Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation STANDARD OFFICE AND EQUIPMENT CO. " Complete Line of School Supplies " Phone YU 2-7111 175 N. Second St. Albemarle, N. C. Compliments of J. C. TALBERT JEWELERS YU 2-3826 253 W. Main St. ALBEMARLE, N. C. LOWDER HARDWARE COMPANY G. E. Home Appliances Wilson Sporting Goods Building Materials — Paints Delta Tools ALBEMARLE, N. C. What does the Registered Jeweler mean to you? This is the title conferred by the Ame rican Gem Society upon jewelers who are qualified. To be a Registered Jeweler requires a very high standard of business ethics as well as special study of gems and jewelry. When purchasing diamonds or other gem stones, you will add to your satisfaction by going to your Registered Jeweler. You can always depend upon his knowledge and integrity. Starnes Jewelry 5t@re West Main Street Albemarle, N. C. DAVIS MOTOR CO. S. R. Davis, Owner YOUR CADILLAC-OLDS DEALER 234 East Main Street Phone YU 2-3114 FIRESTONE HOME AUTO SUPPLY C. D. Hatley, Owner FACTORY METHOD RECAPPING No. 1 — 230 W. Main St. Phone YU 2-2171 No. 2—1006 W. Main St. Phone YU 2-4315 ALBEMARLE, N. C. WHAT-A-BURGER East Main YU 2-6888 CURB SERVICE Orders to take out " See us before you buy " Boats, Outboard Motors, Trailers Marine Accessories TIME SPORTING GOODS Phone YU 2-6212 STANLY LUMBER CO. INC. ROSS STUDIO Lumber Mill Work and Portrait and Commercial Photography Building Material YU 2-5815 215 W. Main Street ALBEMARLE, N. C. ALBEMARLE, N. C. COLLINS AIKMAN CORPORATION AUTOMOTIVE FABRICS DIVISION Albemarle, North Carolina HOTEL ALBEMARLE A GOOD DINING ROOM Air Conditioned Banquet and Convention Facilities Compliments of ALAMEDA THEATRE " Nothing But the Best in Pictures " JEWEL BOX Diamonds — Silver China — Watches VOGUE BEAUTY SHOP 310 Montgomery Ave. Phone YU 2-2215 OPERATORS — Mrs. Frances Winn Sara Archer J. V. Simpson Compliments of CHIC SHOP ALBEMARLE, N. C. Compliments of JAMES CLOTHING ALBEMARLE SAVINGS LOAN ASSOCIATION Albemarle, North Carolina ' Insured Savings Direct Reduction Loans Current Dividend Rate 3Vi % OFFICERS M. M. Palmer, President J. H. Morrow, Vice-Pres. C. B. Miller, Exec. Vice-Pres. O. J. Rogers, Secy.-Treas. " Large Enough to be Safe; Small Enough to be Friendly " DUN-RITE LAUNDRY A CLEANERS, INC. Visit Our Branch Office and Cloth Shop On the Charlotte Road for Cloth, Buttons, Thread, and Many Other Items! 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Suggestions in the Albemarle High School - Crossroads Yearbook (Albemarle, NC) collection:

Albemarle High School - Crossroads Yearbook (Albemarle, NC) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Albemarle High School - Crossroads Yearbook (Albemarle, NC) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Albemarle High School - Crossroads Yearbook (Albemarle, NC) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Albemarle High School - Crossroads Yearbook (Albemarle, NC) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Albemarle High School - Crossroads Yearbook (Albemarle, NC) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


Albemarle High School - Crossroads Yearbook (Albemarle, NC) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 1


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