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 - Class of 1956

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Albemarle High School - Crossroads Yearbook (Albemarle, NC) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 104 of the 1956 volume:

Wm THE SENIOR CLASS AIBEMARLE HIGH SCHOOI xx C590 92 JD ff? 42 '56 A 1 JT I I I I I I I I I ' Published By .li Ar""""h -Jr-""'rqJ-T 0l"QlUOI 6 IAN. - ee f o o e e O e o o e fo the 56 Se o s As e blast fo n o ocket o kno Ie ge e w II neve un Io o the fuel of p epc: or o obto ned n o fo yeor sfoy n the halls of A H S ' 1 i X 0 0 V . P' . , Q l Q ,Az , ' 'V X' PIX! rg: 5, ,f.. ,,., 'h M Ag O 1 ' ff VNU I 4 fx : K 4 ' ' W 5 , F143 + 50, 4 9 fs ? F5 1 31 W , KW! E X 3 f A . 'I N ..1 t tx' . KU? I! I IQX 1 f W pai X R .' Q w 2 Q . X 4 W V f 1 Q 'K ' i 7 i 1 can I , ' ,S 55 QE Q 5 , A ' k hx 1 71 wvfl? A I A V Thr-w-n-zrYThezr huris her r ' ni r . w rth i ur r f w d , w i r " PM - Q 1 . Q 'fx ", ... I ef-... i i , i , I A x- i 9 J 2? 1 v 'iL""I I X I A backward glance from our space slup W X M Q M X-2 a ga Y a a WX rp: . N X, J 9' E X a N X E S X 2 E 4 X kv a I a X a 4 Q ff " gflffg- W ,.aaa 'Q LCatl0I'L Wnth loving kmdness we the sensors gladly deducate the 56 Crossroads to one of the most well lnked teachers of A H S because of her many valuable traits whvch are so gracuously shown every day She has helped us wsth our U S Hustory our sociology and has worked wlth the National Honor Society to keep nts standards hugh lt IS with prlde that we express our love and apprecuatuon to MRS NELL WESTERLUND 4 -'NX 'I at Oi 5 le. O U le J wks' vm Qxflfflfxx Z U , jJA,L Xl QX 1. A w M-My 1 vw km 1 'vfcznk pw fwwkcw s, xx cxkxx GX ywxx LX fi gvbxv-sA1Xx fNfXfv-fx Jhfxi fx, XIX 1 ymjxvx, V9 KJ fbi' f Nzxlx Lfxiw-if x,kKN A 1 I ' O O , -1 A .vu X, X X 'QS NN I Q Rx if ., i 4 - ' vi Ap 'Q -,ca-, f- f X , 1 J ' X , s 5 x f K ,IX x.,wJvX,x, ,- NYJ 'XKQQ Nb,N,x3'g :J I ' k XJ ' I ' 1 X- 'VNQV s ' I va V 1 1 'J f r - Q xg xx fvf C,Q,,,, XY ' Y N ' X ' . 'X 1 X, .Rf "'i K- 1 , .JTAT-1 ' -fif4'gxf'x 1- 'iQ,1.N'x A -X-N yy! If x rc. qxw x,f ' 'f . fxx. Y' L: VN XJ jc "X X2 5 ji- -1 N.,-c-SX,-43 V V I xg.-H V1 -4 Cixflfv VJ TH ' Q W. N f 5 I - A , f ' QM ' A fx 'W J 1 l x i E F i ' ,,. K f' X ,X A 1 X. I' -' 1 7 I ' Ig N I 0' L Lfk.. ff! ,ff 1 I r I, lf Y,i, 'LJ 1. Qi ' 1- I 575 S. . A V Gs ts N- ' , 'uv' Pg... A TIN fx.-, , ' N at A M if r J 4 . tg '. i 12' . x 1"UJK Jean Abroharnsen Inez Bonkett Rex Benton Mrs. Jacob M. Carter Chicora Coughma Bible Business Physicol Education Business Mothemotics Mary Ann Cross Mrs. Robert Deese Paul B. Fry Mrs, Pgul B, Fry Bob Gantt Home Economics French ond English Chorus English Physical EClUCOTi0f1 Gnd Sociol Studies acuffy ana! .fgalminififrafion Cloud Grigg Superintendent Mrs. N. A. Hayes Mrs. Tommy Haus: Biology English R. C. Hailey Science Bond Tommy Houss 'Q . , as ' w-. L I 4 ,ll . V., ,aff 1 if-Ax g t fW . jl Carolyn Holt Mathematics and English Mrs. A. S. Lynn English and Social Studies Doris Tucker Mathematics Pearle Michael Librarian 5: gm, gh I J, , 'Q 1 i .., 4 Henry T. Webb, Jr Physical Education Lillian Misenheimer English 1.,.,5f '1 f" 14:27, "f . f , 'i'f.',' fi: ..,.+ V. '- in 5 i i ' is ""- J M357 EZ, A ' fix -H 1 ' - TP-ei ' .f . V. W-eg ,ng "Q, ij- J. , as 4, A . e v, ,fu , ,vw ' Pic i, ,agus l 1 J. L. Cashwell ZMJMWJ Principal Mrs. Frank Westerlund Mrs. Charles Whitley ' History, Social Studies Physical Education J Bill Robinette J. C. Morris Social Studies and Mrs. Hiram Saunders Industrial Arts Physical Education Science and English sw- 7 Jw N QQ U 5 113 fjgvl l f CQ . ff Nw iv E' -fi ff.-,.1.'Q jjj if .. .. SCI 55 SENIORS SENIOR OFFICERS M s N- g-ff X .1 ni i 1 0,2 X f N C V 4'1- 6 1 if. z' X N X 4' ,Ax L" L h , ., ,.... ......,.., .., . .. P ' a N' :dh s .,......,.. .,A........ . ,v' P 'a I ' M .............. ........,.. ,,........ S ry J En ll' g ........ ......,... ...,A..... 1' M' Ch' c h ..,...,.. .,........... A a ' my 'HX 3'- ". N gg 2 ' 3 0- o . f . V ' o , 4 4 J I o ' -9 5 f " '- YN f ' V, 1 :ll ii-nv L 'X N - I, 0 Lx v ' 'x is, QNX. AIN -ig f I ul.: sv ,,, ., g. f---5, . ', rv nf .-. 1 r, . -...Q-41, , . y:,':1. 'gt' U' ,.vv,,n: 444 v ff,v' Trait' ' -I" 'r' 35 5.5 '19, ,'. .rnvvv o' 'g,- 4 1 pssyvve- ' -.,,.-My , .if 1' ',, l ur .. . '. .S-!..4 IS 'Us 1 8. l l ov-xx P. PATSY ALDRIDGE "Nhat .-411111 rirlryllrt 11 1111111 lrff r1'ffnr1I,u." E.ble Club, Sclence Falrq Jr,-Sr. Play Commuttee, V-alvrc-ss for Jr-Sr. Pram, DAVID ALLEN "Tin lmlgfr nm lima th' muff M' Ivurn-a BOBBY ALMOND "Life is but rx play." Baseball team l2f. JIMMY ALMOND "Thr lluml thu! follozrs intf'Il1'1't run 1u'hi1'1'f'." Business Manager of Crossroads, Sports Staff of Full Moon, National Honor Society, President of Modern Music Mastersp Black Masque, Jumor Red Cross Council, Photography Club, Varsuty Basketball l2lj B-Team Basketball, Intramurals, Boosters Club, Mar- shal, Scnence Farr, Fleld Day, Hu-Y Presxdent, Vuce Presndent, l-ll-Y Basketball, Presxdent Sophomore class, Sophomore Hop Commutteej Jr.-Sr. Prom Com- mntteeg Jr. Play Committee, Entertannment Committee for Sensor Banquet, Student Councnl Representatuveg Delegate to Hn-Y Conventnon, Boys' State, Delegate to N.C.S.C.C.j Delegate to W.N.C.S.C.C.g Clnanrman Sportsmanshup Commntteej Chalrman of Polnts Com- mntteeg Constntutnon Commutteeg Gunde for N.C,S,C.C.g All tournament Hi-Y Basketballj Talent Show, Book Club. NORMA JEAN AREY "Tix good-u'1'Il that 'mains x'w1tf'IIiger1rv." PAT ATKINS Hlfuzzdy is truth, and truth is beauty." Art Staff of Crossroads, News Staff of Full Moon, Student Councul, Buble Club, Creative Wrxtung Club, Black Masque, Boosters Club, Mxss Merry Chrustmasg Sclence Falrg Fuelcl Day, Chaplaun of Tru-l-ll-Y, Presu- dent and Vuce Presudent at l-lomeroom, Jr. Play Commltteey Entertannment Commlttee for Sr, Ban- quet, Waltress for Sr. Banquet, Student Councll Rep- resentatwe. JIMMY BARBIE "Thy :ln mv-rr alum' that ure 1-vrnnpflnird zmth noble ttlalxgllfsf' DD E-Tccm Football, Intramurals, Boosters Club' Sc ence Farr KENNETH BARBIE ".-1 110011 man is hm orrn fri4'nd." Assembly Commntteei Baseball Team lzlf B-Team Football 'Q , Intramurals, Monogram Club, Boosters Club, Scnence Farr, Fneld Day, Boys' Quartet, Vnce Presudent of Homeroomg Vlce President of Mixed Chorus. LINDA BARNES "Thr mrzrrh if i'rftr'lliy1v:rrr," Back Vasque, Boosters Club, Science Farr, Tri-H.-Y, Jr 'Er From Committee. JERRY BARRIER "I hvixv' rx hrrirf irith room for rr-f'ryllix'ify1." DO, Baseball Team lli, Boosters Clubi Sophomore Hoo Committee, Pres:aent at Homeroam. BOBBY BAUCOM "To be strong is to lm happy." B-Team Basketball '21, Intramurals, Boosters Club, Science Fair, Field Day, Vice Pres. and Treas. of Home-room. ALLEN BENNETT "Life is a srrirwc of surprises," Business Staff ot Crossroads, Track, Science Fair, Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee, Pres., Sec, and Treas. of Homeroom. BETTY BOONE "I feel that I am hnppirr than I l:n01l'." Assistant Editor of Crossroads, Feature Staff of Full Moon, Creative Writing Club, Black Masque, Photog- raphy Club, Varsity Basketball, Boosters Club, Sci- ence Fair, Tri-Hi-Y, Tri-Hx-Y Basketball, Secretary of Sophomore Class, Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee, Enter- tainment Committee for Senior Banquet, Waitress for Senior Banquet, Cast of "Father Says No", Home- coming Sponsor, Vice President, Treasurer, Chaplain of Homeroom, Trl-Hi-Y Basketball Conference, Dec- orating Committee for Homecoming, Book Club, Reporter tor "ln and Out the Bug's Ear", Guidance Chairman, Jr. Play Cast, Future Teachers of America, CHARLES BOWERS 'AFrirnd.-:hip is rl sheltering tree." GENE BOWERS "An honext ,fellow is rx tribute to life." EDSHAY BRUNSON "Humor, u-it, and honesty." Sports Staff of Crossroads, Sports Editor of Full Moon, President of National Honor Society, Assembly Com- mittee, Varsity Football, Varsity Basketball l2l, Mgr. ot Boys' Basketball, Track, Intramurals, Monogram Club, Boosters Club, Who's Who, Chief Marshal, Science Fair, Field Day, Hi-Y Pres. and Vice Pres., Hi-Y Basketball, Student Lion, Sec. and Treas, ot Class, Jr.-Sr. Prom Comm., Sophomore Hop Comm., Junior Play Cast, Entertainment Comm. tor Senior Banquet, Athlete ot Month, Pres, and Student Coun- cil Rep. for Homeroom, Boys' State, Baseball Score- keeper, Chairman Hall of Fame Comm. lStudent Councill, Vice President of Senior Class. at T5 cv- 'GD I 1 Q,- 1' 15'Qv L i -nu. 1. su X wa.. 6 V .1 I ' 1 LA TRELLE BURLESON ".-1 qutuff jnrsnuu und 11-rl:-nvnral nv-fry1l'fl4rf," Bbe Cuub DO Fl-lf-, Junuer Rea Cross Councui, Boosters C ab, ioptwznoare Hob Commuttcc, Chaplaun of Homerzifr, '.fu1n:c Faut, Vyautrc-ss at Teachers Banquet, Cyan House Guude TED BURLESON "Ttulftr us 11 fluff ulhuth 'Intl lux :ilu-rt 11.4 .-urrotlyf' Assrnott Ccmmuttce B-Team Football ui 5 Intra- murals Boosters Cub Scucnce Faur, Fueld Day, HufY, H-Y Basketball, Qopnomore l-loo Commuttee, Jr.-Sr, Prem Corona ttee Eo,s Quartet Presuaent cna Treas- urer ot Home-roof' Presudent of Muxea Cl'uorus. EUGENE BURRIS "Ulm mu fimlfs suflr is fr vrtrxjnrxtyf' Busuness Manager of Full Moon, Modern Musuc Mas- ters, Buble Club Prcsudcnt, Vuce Presldent, Socual Chaurman, Black Masque, Assembly Commutteeg FTA. Treasurer, Debatung Team, Jr.-Sr Prom Com- muttcc, Boys Quartet, Cast of "Father Says No", Homeroom Chaulaun, Delegate to Youth Cutuzcnshup Conference, Bus Druver, Delegate to State Buble Club Retreat. KAY CAUTHEN "Thr srrrlf of .sul1'r'r'.s:-u is rvnlrtlunry to purp0:44'." Art Staff of Crossroads, Curculatuon Manager of Full Moong Buble Club, Creatuve Wrutung Club, Black Masque, F.T.A.g Junuor Red Cross Council, Boosters Club, Scuence Faur, Fucld Day, President, Secretary of Tru-l-lu-Y, Co-Cabtaun of Tru-Hu-Y Basketball, Jr.- Sr. Prom Commutteeg Sophomore Hop Commutteej Wautress for Senuor Banquet, Cast of "Father Says No", Hornecomung Sponsorj Conference "Y" Basket- ball, Reporter "Bugs Ear", Guudance Chaurmang Book Club, Homeroor-n Otfucerg Decoratuon Committee for Homecomung. IRENE CHRIS "Early nmrr1'r1yf', lung l01'r." MAURICE CLARK lndustry mud not wish. D.O.j Scuence Fair. BOBBY COGGINS "fl 5111011 sport rn :Very awry." Lubrory Ciub Reporter, Varsuty Football, Baseball Team u-2, Varsuty Basketball, B-Team Basketball 2, Intramurals, Monogram Club, Boosters Club, Scuence Fa r, Fucla Day, Hu-Y Basketball, Jr-Sr, Prom Commuttec Secretary, Treasurer of Home-room, All Conference Baseball JIMMY COGGINS "Thut wrrxnu is ntrrrrugj, lrhrrh hun not rr mullzludr, but uruz' strung mlm hfltund tl." Socrts Staff of Crossroads, Baseball Team u4ug Var- sury Basketball 5 , B-Team Basketball, Monogram Club, Scucnre Farr, Vuce Presudent of Sophomore Class, Sophomore Hoo Commuttee, Treasurer of Homeroom. JERRY COOPER "Thrrf'n no pnxsiori in the human soul but finds its food in music." Photography Club Vice President, Treasurer, B-Team Football, Hi-Y, Hi-Y Basketball. BARBARA COPLEY ".'x'rr1tIy drrsfwd and full af fur, guy and u'r'lI-liked by rvrryonef' Literary Staff of Crossroads, News Staff of Full Moon, Bible Club, Black Masaue, Assembly Commit- tee, F.T.A., Boosters Club, Science Fair, Field Day, Treasurer of Tri-Hi-Y, Trl-Hi-Y Basketball, Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee, Sophomore Hop Committee, Jr. Play Committee, Waitress for Senior Banquet, Enter- tainment Committee for Sr. Banquet, Treasurer of Homeroom, Delegate to Tri-Hi-Y Convention, Book Club, Reporter for Bug's Ear, BEAUPINE CRISCO "A xrholrrr is Ihr' favorite Of f1r'u1'r'n rnirl mirth," Scicnce Fair, Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee. SUSIE CULP "My zeal hath consumed me." Art Staff of Crossroads, Feature Staff of Full Moon, National Honor Society, Scrapbook Chairman, Bible Club, President of Creative Writing Club, Black Masque, F.T.A,, Varsity Basketball, Manager, Mono- gram Club, Boosters Club, Science Fair, Field Day, Treasurer, Vice President of Tri-Hi-Y, Tri-Hi-Y Bas- ketball, Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee, Sophomore Hop Committee, Jr. Play Committee, Jr. Play Usher, Waitress for Senior Banquet, Cast of "Father Says No", Homecoming Sponsor, Vice President, Secretary of Homeroom, Delegate to Tri-Hi-Y Convention, Delegate to Tri-Hi-Y Camp, Co-Captain of Confer- ence "Y" Basketball Team, Joke Editor of Bug's Ear, Book Club, Girls' Ensemble. VICKY CULP "The laugh that wins." Sports Staff of Crossroads, Scrapbook Chairman of Black Masque, F.T.A., Photography Club, Varsity Basketball, Boosters Club, Science Fair, Field Day, President, Secretary of Tri-Hi-Y, Tri-Hi-Y Basketball, Jr,-Sr, Prom Committee, Sophomore Hop Committee, Jr. Play Committee, Waitress for Senior Banquet, Homecoming Sponsor, Treasurer, Chaplain of Home- room, Delegate to Tri-Hi-Y Convention, Book Club, Reporter for "Bug's Ear", Tri-Hi-Y Conference Team. BRUCE CURLEE "He was born with the gift of laughter and a sense that the world was mad." Photography Editor of Crossroads, Sports Staff, Pho- tography Manager of Full Moon, Band, Science Fair, Hi-Y, Jr. Play Committee, Entertainment Committee for Senior Banquet. REGGIE DAVIS "A little integrity is better than any career." SYLVIA DAVIS "Her 'ways are the ways of pleasantnessf' Bible Club, F.H,A., Varsity Basketball, Boosters Club, Field Day, Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee, Sophomore Hop Committee 5 iw-- 019, 'UN l lf, . 4... 53" X "Q-auf' 4 tx. 'Yfw-,t ,4 , 'Qt' Q- 4. k 1 '-...RJ f NO E AVAILABLE Ru - J' 'rv-E JAMES DENNIS "I,ul:r1hl1 ufuri fully." 1: once Fgur Hcmcrcom Chaplaun JUNIOR DENNIS "Thr gurls rzllwulma fuvrzr Ill: :4Irmug," Varsuty Football 'Ig B-Team, Scuencc Faur. SYBIL EFIRD "E1'rrythl'ng that is brnutiful is Im'rrbIc." Tybung Staff of Crossroaasg Natuonal Honor Socuclyg Buble Clubg D,O,g Fl-l,A.g Junuor Red Cross Counculg Marshalg Scuence Faur, Jr. Play Ushcrg Homccomunq Sponsorg FH A, Hlstoruang F.H.A. Conv-:ntuong F.H.A. Modelg F,H.A, Playg Waufress for NC.S.C.C.g Walt- ress for Dustruct Teachers Banauetg Chalrman Publucf ufy Commuttee of Buble Clubg Refreshment Commuttee of Prom. HUGH EUDY ".1mh1't1'rm lnuozrs no 'resting 11lrlf'r." SHIRLEY EUDY "Fr1'r'nrIs1zip'fu the 'wills' of life." Buble Clubg F,H.A, JACK FAULKNER "Hr is 11 'mun of sr'mu'." Varsuty Football 'ZW Baseball 1315 B-Team Football 115 Monogram Cloby Fueld Day. EDDIE FENTERS "l'urr1nwuu srnnf in thc hrs! :enum I l.'nn1l'." Basuness Staff of Crossroadsg Varsuty Football, Base- ballg B-Team Football 12 5 Scuence Faurg Fleld Dayg Hu-Y Treasarer and Chaplaunj Student Councul Rep' resentaflxe WILLIAM H. FISHER, JR. ",X'utllufuy 1.-4 mon frrrllvuuf ihlnu lruuon-I1rIgr." Luterary Staff of Crossroadsj News Staff of Full Moon, Nafuonal Honor Socuety, Busuness Manager of Modern Masuc Masters, Buble Club, Presudent of FTA, Scuence Faur: Januar Class Presudentg Jr.-Sr. Prom Commuttecg Jr Play Castg Jr Play Commutfeep Homeroom Presldent and Secretary. BILLY FITZGERALD "l11171,- I111.r, l11111,I11,11f 11115, 11 1117,-u11l1'1ty j'11ll of .-11r,1r1,41," Lverary staff of Crossroads, Feature Stott of Full veon, B ack Maaque, '-'anaqer of Football Team 41, lntrCr'rt,ra'L, Monogram Club, Boosters Club, EClCnCC Fotr, F1e'd Day, H1-Y Vrce Pres1dent, ChCDNCllY'l, H1-Y Baskettggzl, Jr-lr Prom Commzttee, Zoobomore Hop Cen-rn ttee, Jr Play Comme ttee, Hcneeroorn Treasurer EDWARD FITZGERALD '-1'11111 111..11o 1111 111111115 Fhcso-grcelw, Ztgff of Crossroads, Elcck Maszue, Jun or Rff: Cros Co:,n:11, Pnotoqraotw C1ub, Man- afyr at F,:'bo'l Team, lntrnrnurah, boosters Club, -e ence Fzzr, Fe'd Day, H1YY, H1-1' Easlfeetboll, Jr! fr From Coma 'tee ,apteomore Hap Commrttee, Jr Plzy Comm ttei, Jr Play Lzber, l-lontcroom Treosurer, PAUL FRICK "Sl.11l fx hrllrr 1111111 str11111Il1," Lrbrory Club, Jr-Sr. Prom Comrmttee PEGGY FURR "I'rmr1 l1fr 11-nrfhy 111111!1l11x 1! 11 n11l1l hr' 11 I11Nl.' In ,111-I: I11-r l11.ft," L1tc-rary Edttor of Crossroads, News Stat! of Full Moon, Natlonal Honor Socrety, Modern Mus1c Masters, Treasurer of Crcatrye Wr1t1ng Club, Prestdent and Vleo Pres of Black Masque, Assembly Comm., F.T,A,, J.1n1or Red Cross Connell, VJbo's Who, Marshal, Scl- enee Fatr, Freirl Day, Prestdent, Secretary at Trrfl-lt-Y, Tru-H11Y Basketball, Jr-Sr, Prom Comnvrttee, Junrar Play Cast, Jr Play Comrwttee, Entertamment Com- mrttee for Senor Banquet, l1t1'a1tress for Sentor Ban- quet, Hamecommg Sponsor, Cboplarn of I-lomeroom, Student Coun:1I Reoresentatwye, World Peace Key Wrnner. TOBY FURR "Tl11 yrurrwf 111111 most tl1o1111l11j'11l m111rls ara tlruxr 11-l11'1'l1 lm-1 1-nfnr flu- must." D.O., Wartress for Jr.-Sr. Prom. MICKEY GREENE ".X'11r1ly rlrrsxfrl 111111 full of j'1111, 1r'1ll l1'l.'r'1l by :rr-r11o111." Art Staff ot Crossroads, Feature Staff of Full Moon, Varsrty Football Team '21, Manager of Basketball Team, Intramurals, Monogram Club, Boosters Club, Sc1er1ee Falrg Chaplarn of H1-Y, Student L1on, Soph- omore l-IOD Commrttee, Jr -Sr Prom Commrtteeq Jun- 1or Play Cast, Athlete of Month, Student Council Rearesentatlye, Junror Play Commrttce, Enlertaln- ment Commlttee for Sr. Banquet CELIA GRIFFIN "Thr ylrultrsl plrrl.-urrr' nf lffr 1.1 law." L1terary Staff of Crossroads, Feature Staff of Full voen, Creatne Wr1t1ng Club, Black Mosaue, FTA, FHA, Pnotoaraalty Club' L1brary Club, Boosters C1ub, Scrence Fa1r, Fwld Day, Tr1l-lrfY Sophomore Hoo Commuter- Jr Play Comm-ttee Entertamment Commntee tor Een1or Banquet, Treasurer and Chop- latn of l-lomeroom, World Peace Essay V11nner, Cate- ter.o Worker RUBY GRIFFIN "l'f1I111'r1l1'r111 is rr 1111.111 x.11'n11 that 11u11r' 1'1111 l1r1.'1 rlu-ny." Screncc Fa1r, Wartress for Sen or Banquet fl. liz is .ge , rs '55 '--Q., if .alf- U' U- :N 'Qs .av tm' df? PATSY GRIGGS "Sf if-rf tv r iifr, .si If-Iqrinii If rlqf, xrlj'-1-nrf1rrtl" Business Staff of Crossroads, Modern Music Masters, Science Fair, Secretary of Homc-room, Secretary Treasurer, and Student Director of Band, Invitation Committee tor Jr-Sr. Prom. KAYE HAIRE ".-1 putty tllirfyl is :wort ful.-fro' Nevis Staff of Full Moon, Junior Red Cross Council, Boosters Club, Science Fair, Homecoming Sponsor, Treasurer of Homeroorn. PAUL HAIR! ".'lIu.vz'r' is Ihr' 1niii'rr.suI lfnryurxylr of 711r1n1:irirf." Business Staff of Crossroads, President of Band, ln- tramurals, Science Fair, Field Day, Entertainment Committee for Senior Banquet, ZALOTTA HARRIS "Thr izlfrzl of sl'r1'ir'1' ix Ihr' basis of 1111 irorflly mztfrprie-'r." Literary Staff of Crossroads, Editor of Full Moon, Vice President of National Honor Society, Block Masque, Chief Cheerleader, Monogram Club, Boosters Club, Who's Who, Marshal, Science Fair, Field Day, Presi- dent of Tri-Hi-Y, Tri-Hi-Y Basketball, Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee, Sophomore Hop Committee, Junior Play Cast, Entertainment Committee for Senior Banquet, Waitress for Senior Banquet, Cast of "Father Says No", Homecoming Sponsor, Secretary and Chaplain of Homeroomg Chairman of Dance Committee, Deco- ration Committee for Homecoming. LOIS HARWOOD "Both short and strut, that is the best." Literary Staff of Crossroads, Feature Staff of Full Moon, Bible Club, Block Masque, Treasurer of FHA., Boosters Club, Science Fair, Tri-Hi-Y, Waitress for Senior Banquet, Chaplain of Homeroom. MAXINE HARWOOD "To do ruxily iz-hut is difficult for ntlirnr is the mari: of talent." Literary Staff of Crossroads, News Staff of Full Moon, Historian of Modern Music Masters, Black Masque, V':e President, Librarian of F.T.A.j Boosters Club, Science Fair, Tri-Hi-Y Treasurer, Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee, Entertainment Committee for Senior Ban- quet, Waitress for Senior Banquet, Homecoming Sponsor, President of Homeroom, Modern Music Mas- ters Yop-Notcher of the Month. MICKEY HARWOOD "Thr mirror of all rourtnvyf' Business Staff of Crossroads, Block Masque, Boost- ers Club, Science Fair, Field Day, Secretary, Treasur- er, and Chaplain of Hi-Y, Jr,'Sr, Prom Committee, Sophomore Hoo Committee, Jr, Play Committee, En- tertainment Committee for Senior Banquet, Cost of "Father Says No." YVONNE HATHCOCK "She is ma quilt an rt lamb." Business Staff of Crossroads, Bible Club, DO., Sci- ence Fair. FRANCES HATLEY "l'flfy1ufit an simplicity, and warm." DO. Student. CAROLYN HELMS "All good things 11-hifh frist any the fruits of 0ri111'iu1lity," Typing Editor of Crossroads, News Editor of Full Noon, Bible Club, Secretary of Creative Writing Club, Black Masque: F.TAj Secretary ot Photoqra- phy Clubg President of Boosters Clubg Science Fairg Vtc-3 Prestdent and Chaplain ot Tri-Hi-Yg Tri-Hi-Y Basketball Jr,-Cr, Prom Committee' Jr. Pla Usher' . - i Y 1 Entertainment Comrntttee for Senior Banquetg Wait- ress for Senior Banauetj Vice President of Homeroomg Delegate to Tri-Hi-Y Convc-ntiong Decoration Com- mittee for Homecomingg Tn-Hi-Y Basketball Confer- enceg Jr, Play Cornmitteeg Transferred from Greens- boro. PAMELA HINSON ".Uaiiii1'rxf-Ulf' final and prrfrrt flau-rr of linlplr rh117Ilr'll7." National Honor Societyg Secretary of Modern Music Mastersg Creative Writing Clubg Junior Red Cross Councilg Boosters Clubg Science Fair. JEANETTE HITCHCOCK "Our thoughts and our roiirluct are our own." D.O.g Girls' Ensembleg Secretary of Homeroom. BARBARA HOLT "It ix quality rather than quantity lhut counts." Editor of Crossroadsp News Staff ot Full Moong Treasurer of National Honor Societyg Bible Club Editorg Creative Writing Clubg Scrapbook Chairman ot Black Masaueg Reporter of F.T.A.g Photography Clubg Checrlcaderg Monogram Clubg Boosters Clubg Who's Whoq Marshalg Science Fairg Field Dayg Tri- Hi-Y Vice Presidentg Tri-Hi-Y Basketballg Jr.-Sr. Prom Committeeg Sophomore Hop Committeeg Jr, Play Castg Jr. Play Committeep Entertainment Committee for Senior Banauetg Waitress tor Senior Banquetg Homecoming Sponsorg Vice President and Chaplain of Homeroomg Delegate to Tri-Hi-Y Convention: T.B. Essay Award Winnerg Cast of The Miracle: Book Clubg Editor ot "In and Out the Bug's Eor"5 D.A.R. Good Cifizeng Stanly News ond Press Reporterg Chair- man of Sponsor Committee for Homecomingg Dec- orating Committee for Homecomingg Tri-Hi-Y Bas- ketball Conterenceg Devotional Chairmang Girls' En- semble. ELAINE HOLT "Ihr 1-nit-r ever soft, gentle and Ioui, rm fzrrllenl thing in a woman," News Stott ot Full Moong President ot Library Clubg Student Council Representativeg Delegate to Bible Club Convention. JAHALA HUDSON "The only ii-ay to havr a friend is to be ri friend." D.O.g Treasurer and Chaplain of Homeroom. JOAN HUNEYCUTT "Faithful, trusty and trim." Science Fairg Cafeteria Worker. 1- WWI .-.f' I 15 5 is lex GERALD JOHNSON "lV'f, 1 H11 111 fl H11 11, .-tru: I: .-mftrtltl, sltuu .-4 11 s1ff1rl.'." Busrness Stott of Crossroads, Varslty football team -1 Baseball Tean' 41, B-Team Football, Monogram Club, Sclencc- Farr, Flcld Day, Athlete of Month Homeroom Prestdent, Vlce Prestdcnt, Treas- urer ot N' xcd Chorus, Jr. Pioy Commlttee TOMMY JOHNSON "Tir zrnrlrl lrtn gutsy 11 1111111 114.0 lilfrnrs zrltwrr ltr its g1u11t11." B-Team Football' lntramuralz Boosters Cleo' ic ence Farr, Fra.: Dayg H1-Y, Jr Play Commlttee BOBBY KIMREY "S1'lr'nl unrl rulm rlrr' thy trays," LUTHER KIMREY "Xml: but lttrrrtulj' 1-1111 hr' hi.-t p1tr1tllr'I." Sports Edttor of the Crossroads, News Staff of Full Moong Student Counctl, Natlonal Honor Socletyg Mod- ern Must: Masters, Varsuty Football l4lj Baseball Team f3l, B-Team Basketball l2lg Intramurals l4l, Scorekeeper 'ZH Monogram Clubg Boosters Clubg Who's Whoj Sctence Farr, Fteld Day, H1-Y, H1-Y Basketball, Student Luong Sensor Class Prestdent, Jr.- Sr. Prom Comrmttee, Sophomore Hop Cornmtttee, Juntor Play Cast, Jr. Play Commutteeg Entertalnment Commlttee for Sensor Banquet, Athlete of Month, Horneroom Treasurer, Homeroom Student Council Rep- resentatlve, Boys' State, Co-Coptaln Football Team, All-Conference and All-State Football. JOE KLUTTZ "Fur ttlwttys rm1'rr1t':ryl 'll'l'fh tl lzuntlry heart, 'rtttlrlr lturv' I sun 411111 lt'n0tr'11." Sports Edutor of Crossroadsj News Staff of Full Moonj Student Counctlg Nattonal Honor Socletyg Varsuty Football ISU Intramurals ill, Monogram Club, Boosters Clubg Science FOIYQ Fteld Dayj Hi-Y Secretory and Treosurerg Ht-Y Basketballg Jr.-Sr. Prom Comm.j Sophomore Hop Commttteeg Jr. Play Comrmtteeg En- tertomment Commtttec for Senlor Banquetg Athlete of Month, Presldent, Treasurer, Student Counctl Rep- resentatlye for Homeroom, Boys' Stateg Justtce of Supreme Court of Boys' State, Clock Keeper, Score- keeper ond Manager of Basketball Teamg Book Clubg Reporter for Bug's Ear. FOLGER KOONTZ "Young man wlth a horn." Drum Mo,or ot Band, Scuence Farr, MARIE LAMBIRT "Thr nrtlrlr.-I 1r1r11111rrs 111111 fhr g1r'1t!le',-41 Inari." S'udent Councll, DO, Student Counctl Representa- tl-.'e, V-'altrcss for Jr-Sr Prom. HAZEL LAWHON "SM 11ln11r' 1.1 ylrmrl :tml 1:-1.u'." Llterar-. Staff of Crossroads, Feature Stott of Full Moon General Representatlye of B.ble Club, Block Mosflue, Tr,-H1-Y Basketball, FTA, Vlcc-President ot FHA Secretary of Juntor Red Cross Councll, Photography Club, Boosters Clubj Sclence Falr, T,,,y-My Jr Ploy Usher, Vwattress for Sentor Ban- quet Entertctnment Comrmttee tor Son cr Banouetj Chcplo rt for Home-room Delco'-te to Blblf- C wb Con- vcntlon, Attended Dlstrtct Buble Club Rollyg Com- m-ttec Charrman of F HA, Prestdent of Buble Club MARGIE LEE "f'0rff'fr Hrs.-'ii-rl rlfirl' forrfvr lflfs.-uri." Fic-a Day, Library Club. SUE CAROL LEONARD "lion trfth the .iftf-'U 'U' I'll'!lf'fff-U Bt:'e Cub, DO, Fl-LA., Science Fair, Jr-Sr. Prom Committee. LARRY 4LEOl LISK "Roll on irnrlrl, mill l'll rnll irilh yum." Photography Club, Boosters Club, Science Fair. AARON LOWDER "Inf frrru man lm fully 1J1'r:41u141f'1I in his own way." Art Staff of Crossroadsj Black Masaue, Photography Club, Varsity Football 'Sig Manager of Baseball Team i3ig B-Team Football l2lg B-Team Basketball 121, Intramurals 4315 Monogram Club, Boosters Clubq Science Fairg Field Day, Hi-Y, Hi-Y Basketballg Jr,-Sr. Prom Committee, Jr, Play Committee, Enter- tainment Committee for Senior Banquet, Boys' Quar- tet. BILLY LOWDER "I liln' trnrlr, if frifu-i'm1ffs mr, I wut :lil nm! lnol: ut it for hour.-i," Library Club, Baseball Team 'Zig B-Team Basket- ball i3l, Boosters Club. CAROL LOWDER "To br' Irllwltrrf is n grrntrr rnmplimrnl than to be l0l'fd.n Literary Staff ot Crossroads, DO., Black Masque, F.H.Aq Science Fair, Tri-Hi-Yj Jr. Play Committee, Homecoming Sponsor. GEORGE LOWDER "For has a jolly good fz'IIo1l'." Literary Staff of Crossroads, News Staff of Full Moon: Black Masque, F.T.A, Junior Red Cross Coun- cil' Pha'onraphy Clubj Manager of Football Team l3l, Monogram Club: Secretary of Boosters Club, Science Fair, President of Hi-Yg Jr.-Sr. Prom Com- mittee, Sophomore l-lop Committee, Jr, Play Com- mittee, Entertainment Committee for Senior Banquet, Boys' Quartet, Secretary, Treasurer, and Chaplain of Homeroomg Delegate to Hi-Y Convention. MAX LUWDER "fl mnrfr.-if guy irflli rl flrinlrlr in his lynx" Bible Club, Reporter of Library Club, Football Team lltg Baseball Team lil, Boys' Basketball l2lg ln- tramuralsg Monogram Club, Boosters Club, Science Fair, Field Dayg Hi-Y, Hi-Y Basketball, Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee, Sophomore Hop-Committee, Vice Presi- dent, Treasurer of Homeroomg H.R. Flag Committee. U! 7 , pw 1- if? ' . Q f 9 X 9 "-30 Ik K1 ,'fLm, p WX JEANETTE MCDONALD "TIN ruruf flruurvr of ynuliflf' Qcuenne Fo r NANCY MCDUFFIE "I ouu-u tl' gunuutu.-I fluff, uu 311 ruth' smu'lr'." Buble Club, F H A, Boosters Club, Science Four. CREAD McMANUS "A hcar! of Gold." Photography Club, Varsity Football, B-Team Foot- ball 121, lntramurals, Monogram Club, Boosters Club, Science Fair, Field Day, Hu-Y, Hu-Y Basketball u2l. IRIS HUNSUCKER McMANUS "BDU: rtwrc young but mfr' urns b1uuuli,t'uI." National Honor Society, Secretary, General Represenl tatuye of Buble Club, Black Mosque, President, Sec- retary of F.T.A., F.H.A., Photography Club, Carousel Princess, Marshal, Tru-Hu-Y, Class Secretory, Treas- urer, Jr,-Sr. Prom Committee, Jr. Play Usher, Wait- ress for Senior Banquet, Homecoming Sponsor, World Peace Essay Contest, Third Place. JOE MADREN "Silr'r1rc is goldrnf' Buble Club, Lubrory Club, Hi-Y. SIBLEY MANUS "A zu-iffy ul-umuuuu is fx Irfuusuurvg mu witty huuuzty is tu pouu'r'r," Buble Club, FH A., Boosters Club, Science Four, Tru-Hu-Y. ROSS MASON "Thru lui urull hull: gmml' y0:4h.' limi' lui' 1:-u'II hulk." Literary Staff of Crossroads, Feature Editor of Full Moon, Creatuve Writing Club, Block Masque, Bosc- boll Team, B-Team Football, Intramurals, Science Four, Hu-Y, Hu-Y Basketball, Jr,-Sr Prom Commuttec, Sophomore Hop Committee, Jr Play Committee, En- tertounment Committee for Senior Banquet, Cast of "Father Says No." ELIZABETH MEDLIN "U'hrit Hu:-:ff dfliyhl ui quirf lufr r1ff0rd:4." DO. Student, Jun.or Red Cross Council, Boosters Club, Science Fa-r, Homeroom Vice President. GARY MILLER "ll, hrilh rx hun! as sound as a bell." J EAN MORGAN "Sim is 11 prztli if any mifwlirf. If any 1-lmiirf to huwyler, she brand." Literary Staff of Crossroodsg Feature Staff of Full Moong Bible Clubg Block Mosaueg F,H,A.g Boosters Clubg Science Fairj Jr.-Sr, Prom Committeeg Girls' Ensemblej Choral Clinic-sponsored by Rotary Club. RUTH MORRIS "l'ortn arf- all who low-, 11-ho fm-I great truths, und twll thL'm,." Bible Clubg Creative Writing Club: D.O. studcntg F.T A.p Librciriong F,H.A,g Vice President of Junior Rod Cross Councilg Boosters Clubg Science Foirg Homo- room Secretary, Chaplain. MARVIN MORTON "Easy rome, easy go." Business Staff of Crossroodsg Block Masqueg Photog- raphy Clubg Band: B-Team Footballg lntramurolsj Boosters Clubg Science Fairp Hi-YQ Delegate to Hi-Y Conventiong Book Club. SHIRLEY MORTON "Our irnrd is suffiricnt to the wise." D.O. studentg Science Foirg Vice President of Home- YOOYTT. SHIRLEY OWENBY "Ihr qualities arf' hard to surpass." D.O. studentg Black Masquej Boosters Clubg Tri-Hi-Yg Homeroom Secretory. WAYNE PAGE U "A light heart lives long." D.O. student. FRANCHOT PALMER "An honmit man, clone-buttonnd to the ching Broad:-loth without. and a warm heart within." Business Staff of Crossroads: Sports Staff of Full Moong Black Masque, Secretaryg Boys' Basketball lvarsitylg B-Team Bosketbollg Monogram Clubg Boosters Clubg Science Fairg Hi-Y, Vice President: Hi-Y Basketbollg Jr.-Sr. Prom Committeeg Sophomore Hop Committeeg Athlete of Monthg Homeroom Presi- dentg Bug's Earg Talent Showg President of Book Club. 34 mr-mvi J X ii X 'is Os K ,g', rh- as GEORGIA PALMER "Lott mf, rv., 1 fr jf 11-, .ln rfrmttf rr, ,t.,.," Tw: my 'tfztt of Crr, srgq't',, E Dio Ciao, Elnckf '.'o'.'1tm, F H15 'mfr' tom Trv'1sxIrf'r, Trfgosnnor of Jtmtctr Rod Cross Cooocwl, Sctcocc Four, Fctd Doyg Sccrctory and TrL'f7',..vLr LI I-'Umm Rzom, Jr PIO, Comrvwtfco, Vinni- rrtss tar ffntor Eoomtot, Ckoptom ot Hcmcrocm, Labor for Concert. SANDRA POPLIN "I fffw fwfl 11, ftrfrlfrsftsrflwry hurl." CYOESYCTCS Lrtcrcry Qtctf Fafi Moon Footoro Efoffg Natcnot Hofwcr Socrc-tw, Brock 'J-canoe, F T A Coocr- lcoficr, Gtrls Boskcttzott Morstry, Monogram Cmb, Boosters Club, Sctcncc Fatr, Fteia Day, Trt-H.-Y Soc- rctorx, Trl-Ht-Y Boskctboit, Jr-Sr Prom Comrrwttco Jootcr Ftrw Commwttco, Entortatnmont Commtttco tor Scmar Banquet' Homocomtng Sponsor, Homcroom VICC-Prcstdcnt, Dolcqoto to Trv-Ht-Y Cormcrwttoo Second Frrzc tn TB Essoy Contcst CAROL PRICE "Sim-rrrrnl mul Irullt ur: flu lmsrs of 1-wrt, 1-vriurf F.T Ag Scncnco Farrg Ftcld Doy PEGGY PRICE "Ix'f.f1l,tf.-fs 1x zrtsflnrnf' Crossroads Typnng Staffg Scncncc Four. .A ,ED THOMAS REEVES "Our llmugflris und our rmfrluvf un our Photography Clubg Boosters Club. JOHNNY RICHARDSON "ll, u-rm 41-rr prrv-1'.-N' in pronzim' l.'upr'ny1." FUN Moon Sports Staffg Student Cooncnlg Nattonat Honor Socucty, Manager of Footbatl Tcomg Intra- moralsj B-Tcom, Monogram Clubj Boosters Clubg Who's Whog Scuonce Fourg Fueld Doyg Hn-Yg Hn-Y Bosketballg Student Rotaraorxg ,Iumor Closs Vncc- Presndentg Jr-Sr Prom Commutteeg Entertonnment Comrmttcc tor Scnxor Bonouetg Homr.-room Vncc- Prcstdont, Sccrctaryg Bosketboll Scorckccpcrg Tumb- ling Tccm. JOHN RITCHIE "Il, .tru who lltrftlm ltr- rrlnf B Tc-om Football Eoostcrs Club, Scrcnco Fotr, Ftcld Um Jr Hr Rc-trcshmcnt Commuttcc HUBERT ROGERS "1'l.n',-4 tr frm' for ull llrfml.-t." SUE ROGERS -tru, rum, fum,-uf of .u r.ffu,ru,r.,..- 'ffwfrn "u C '.'o:tf3r',, DO Block 'Aoeiue Boost- grg CQE3 Q1 Cnfg F3 r, FEV1 DOW Tr,-Hr-V SCSI"- rmcrg H35 Comrnuee, Grls Ensembie RALPH RUMMAGE Q --1'1,,, ,Luli nr,-urls uluu, ,mu-fr Q, BENNY RUSSELL "Ill lluzl lun.-1 uzuliffurf- mruz 1-nm msn uufurtluuuuuif' I I I .l . Art Eflutor of Crofsrofzdsg Boosters Clubj Scuence Four, Jr-lr, Prom Commuttee. JOHNSIE RUSSELL "XntlumyI fa u'n111o.vsu'Irlw tu ur ru'fllu'fug Iurfurtf' Crossroads Typung Statfg Full Moon Feature Edutorg Natuonal l-lonoruSocuety, Secrctaryg Member of Month, Progcct Chaurman, Presudent of Buble Clubg l-lustorion of Black Masqueg F,T.A.g Presudent, Secretary of Junuor Red Cross Counculg Boosters Clubg Scuence Fourf Tru-l-lu-Yg Jr. Play Usherg Homecomlng Sponsorg l-lomeroom Treasurerg Chaplaung Delegate to Youth Cutuzenshup Conferencej Delegate to State Buble Club Retreatg Secretary of N. C. State Buble Clubj Dele- gate to Fl-l.A. Conyentuong Dustruct Buble Club Rally. CAROLYN SMITH Nllrufufurr, not yfolrl, fsu uu-mru11uu'x bwst f1!l07'Il7Y'Iftlf.V Crossroads Typurug Staffg Buble Clubg Black Masaueg F.l-lAg Lubrcry Clubp Boosters Clubp Scuence Faurg Fueld Dayg Sophomore Hop Commutteeg Jr. Play Com- rnutteeg Wautress of Senuor Banauetg F.H.A. Playj Wautress for the Dustrlct Teachers Bcunquetg Refresh- mcnt Commuttee for the Jr,-Sr. Prom, CHARLES SMITH "There urrzs Fl slrzr that rlrxrurrd, and uuudrr that IFIIS I born." Assembly Cornmltteeg Baseball Teamg lntramurolsp Monogram Clubg Fueld Doyg Freshman Class Vuce- Presudentg Sophomore Hop Comrnutteeg Homeroom Presudentg Vuce President of Muxed Chorus: All County Softball Throwg Negro Munstrel Showg Talent Shawl DORIS SMITH "A good h-fart is hvttrr than all the hrads in the zu-ov-Id." D.Og FTA' F,H.A.g Junior Red Cross Counculg Pho- tography Clubg Boosters Clubg Scuence Four. WADE SMITH "Tho greatest trzutluuu are the simplcstg and so are the greatest mor." Full Moon Sports Staffg Student Councul Presrdent, Vuce Presudent, Secretaryg Modern Musuc Mastersp Assembly Commutteeg Football Team l4ug Baseball Tecmg Basketballg Trackg Monogram Clubg Boosters Clubg Whos Whog Marshalg Fueld Dayg I-li-Yg Hu-Y Bosketballg Student Rotaruang Freshman Class Presu- dent, Jr.4Sr. Prom Commutteeg Sophomore Hop Com- mutteeg Junfor Play Castg Entertaunrnent Commuttee for Senuor Banquet: Boys' Quartetg Athlete of Monthg Governor of Boys' Stateg Co-Captain of Football Teamg All Conference Team un Greensboro News l2l, Charlotte Observer, Charlotte Newsg All Stateg Holder of Western Conference Broad Jump Recordg Delegate to Student Councul Conyentiong Member of Constutu- tion Commutteeg Mayor of Cuty, Sheriff of County at Boys' Stateg Winner of "I Speak for Democracy" Contestg Representative to Shrine Bowl from A.H.S. ,fx if n ds-, Ee . 3? X, I f u 'Q' s ,u. wg, .S - 'Z Q,- Rl' is gs. QQ! VIVIAN SMITH 'Hllflmluf is Ihr uhxulutw lunyurzye in which Ihr rrulmifzun splvulref to :rr ry hrarff' Tronsferrcd to Glassboro New Jerseyj News Staff of Full Moon, President of Buble Clubg Delegote to State Buble Retreat, Chaurmon of Refreshment Committee for Jr-Sr Promg Block Mosaueg F,T.A.g F.H.A.g Vor- suty Boskctballg Boosters Clubg Science Faurg Field Doy, Tru,Hu-Y, Debating Tcomg Jr. Ploy Castj Jr.-Sr. From Comrnutteog Chaplain of Homeroom. JAMES SPEIGHT "lt is uuusifr uint to spuzlc fu word ut all than to sluul: 'morr u-nrrls than hc should." Basketball Intramuralsg Boosters Clubp Homeroom Chaplounj Fucld Day. JERRY SPRINGER "Youth romrs hu! ouure in a lfft'f1v77lf,H DO. JO STALLINGS "Thr uray to he happy is to make others so." Typing Staff of Crossroadsp National Honor Societyg Buble Club, Sec., Treos., Gen. Rep., Edutorg F.H.A. Pres, Treosg Junior Red Crossg Boosters Clubg Sci- ence Fairg Treasurer of Senior Classg Homeroom Pres.g Delegate to State Buble Club Retreat 1215 Delegate to State F,H.A. Conventuonj County F.H.A. Assistant Secretoryg Member of Month in Bible Club. DOT STARR "Tis well to be merry and wise." D.O.g Block Mosqueg Junior Red Crossg Boosters Clubp Science Fairg Field Dayg Tri'Hi-Yg Tri-Hi-Y Basket- bcllg Jr. Ploy Cornmitteeg Book Club. BILLY RAY STILLER "Our youth u-0 mn have but today. We may alu-nys find time to grow old." DON SWARINGEN "Wit and wisdom are within u man." Photography Clubg Boosters Clubg Science Foirg Jr.- Sr. Prom Comm. DAVID TERRY ".-huythiuug u-orth hrurirug is worth working for," Lubrory Club. PHYLLIS HARTSELL TREECE "I haw' 110 other bil! fl u'0muri'.4 rr'u.v0r1." Junior Red Cross Council, Treasurerg Boosters Clubj Tri-Hi-Yg Jr. Play Usherg Band Secretary. PATRICIA THOMPSON "Everywhere in life the true question is not what utr gain bu! 11-I.r1l 14-f du." Business Staff of Crossroodsg Monaging Editor of Full Moong National Honor Societyg Bible Club Treas- urerg Black Mosque: F.H.A. Parliamentariang Boost- ers Clubg Science Foirg Field Doyj Tri-Hi-Yg Sopho- more Hoo Committeeg Jr,-Sr. Prorn Committeeg Jr, Ploy Committeeg Entertainment Committee for Senior Bonquetg Waitress tor Senior Banauetg Homeroom Secretory, Treasurerg Girls' Stoteg Third Place World Peace Contest. JOYCE TURNER "Virtue, the strength and beauty of the soul." Typing Stott of Crossroadsg Feature Staff of Full Moong Block Masqueg Assembly COFTWYHTYCGI Junior Red Crossp Boosters Clubg Science Foirg Field Doyg Tri-Hi-Y Chaplainj Tri-Hi-Y Basketballg Jr.-Sr. Prom Committeeg Sophomore Hop Committeeg Jr. Ploy Usherg Entertoinment Committee for Senior Banauetg Waitress for Senior Banauetg Homecoming Sponsorg Student Council Representativeg Girls' Stateg Book Clubg Secretory of F.T.A. DWAIN WAISNER "Happiness is the harvest of a quiet eye." DOTTY WALKER "A fair exterior is a silent 7'C'I'O'lVl7Y!671lll1tf07l.n Assistant Business Manager of Crossroadsg Feature Staff ot Full Moong Student Councilg Modern Music Masters Historiang Black Masaueg F.T.A.g Varsity Basketball 137, Co-Coptoing Boosters Clubg Home- coming Queeng Who's Who: Science Fairy Field Dayg Tri-Hi-Y Chaplaing Tri-Hi-Y Basketbollg Jr.-Sr. Prom Committeeg Sophomore Hop Committeep Junior Play Castg Jr. Play Committee: Waitress for Senior Ban- quetg Girls' Ensembleg Athlete of Monthg Homecom- ing Sponsorg President, Student Council Representa- tive of Homeroomg Mixed Chorus Secretory. BENNY WATTS "Honest, sincere, quiet, dependable is he." D.O.g B-Team Football. CAROLYN WHITLEY "Sugar and spice and everything nice." Bible Clubg F.H.A.5 Junior Red Crossg Photography Club. fflnnrurlul nm Of uhom the uorld uas not uoifhzf ln remembrance of has pleasmg smile and ablluty to get along wnth not only hrs class mates but also all of those with whom he came an contact we the sensors will always remember ammy olleonru September 28 1936 July 30 l955 In remembrance of hls lovable dasposmon and wnllmgness to help everyone we the seniors will always remember wlth hugh admlratlon gwfdlfa LN February I9 l937 December 22 l9S3 Yu,- Nof lost but qonc before " C' , .if A -.,.- 2 . . ff- b T an I li x X ' QL ' x as . . ll llnsf Iz'I'wI1 To S'14cc1'c'fI Host Iwflzlelzfial 1109? IQCIJIVIKICIDIC . . 1 1 A 4 . U q , . Eugene Burris Edslwoy Brunson Joyce Turner Johnsie Russell Peggy Furr Jimmy Almond C'lfll0l" MiJQl"!ClllUU5 Host Dressed Mos! Tnlcnfcd M"-gf OV?'fl?'HUl Borboro Copley Maxine l-lorwood COVOIYU l'l9lmS Tommy Johnson Ted Burleson Poul Frick ?..r-Z' Xxx 1 N. r TK ..8', .aff -WL. 3 r n - I 1- .iyg if F? f , A ,,. iq' " lc, sk' , Best All-Around Cutest Biggest Trrllfmzs- Peggy Furr Borboro Holt Susie Culp Wode Smith Mickey Greene Ross Mason Most Popular F1'f67ZdZi08f Luther Kimrey Gerald Johnson Zolofto Harris Vicky Culp Edshoy Brunson Koy Couthen ff gffaehm 'I , , Tr 4 4 L... Best Looking Most Sfzldious Paf Afkins Bill Fisher Tommy Johnson Barbara Holt Best Atlzlefes Best Dancers Wittiest Wade Smith Zalofta Harris Dot Starr Daffy Walker Charles Smith Ross Mason Qwibsv YZ 6f!'f1f'i XE? M X Q 5 2 ff 'fy if X! I' N rl , fl! x H Q 1 f Ni ?t l 1 H gl fl' 3 - f i3 v9 ' fliixlf , ' X Site- 5 , r u "'-- . . . . . -. y I1 I, 1 5 fu T z 1 , : I - I ! 1 1 5, ' -' K Z. 1 If X 1 X I Q f' f f b , SX-L. K Y H I XQ QVUNIORS M fe-9, mf X Illlllhi I 5 ef ggxwgl J 215 51-J-if " V JUNIOR OFFICERS ' vid Grigg ..,.......................,..,...,.,....,.,....... President ne Tucker ..,..........,.......,..............., Vice President is Westerlund ,,,.......,..,,,....,........,..,....,.... Secretary - ert L. Smith .......,......,...............A.,,.,..,..,.. Treasurer x Lillian Misenheimer ......,........,..............,. Advisor 0 S - y e .. if we r I , nu. b 'Q bs RSL' ' xx Q 1 xx X . X e . 'X '1 A '- " X A L Q A - ' 3 I cf' Q i X , W .qs I I I Q- U J B46 it ff ll Bob Archer Patsy Blake La rry Burleson Ned Carpenter RN I l Qs ,, LN , it-ff 1:4 J X lg Annie Laura Barbee Clara Bost Jewell Bunting Wayne Carpenter ,...... J 5' 4 if l QQ, Ned Barrier Jo Ellen Brooks Sue Burris Dean Chandler 3 'Vx f-Q., lhvx gi em- Q-.v-.. 'X-. David Beaver Terry Brooks Mickey Cagle Jimmie Cochran ... Jackie Biddle Barbara Burleson Hilda Campbell Ronald Cole 1' V """' . my ,X ., ..'k ,vrry I . ri f' 'ii i fs-V iv-...,,,' Michael Cooper Ronald Crawley Linda Duke Phyllis Efird Billy Corbett Sylvia Davis Eldon Ea rnhart Wayne Eudy F as K M, , , Q his iv v , . S 6- xr Q. ig-r Sk 1 'E Q4--' Vernell Couick Jimmy Deese Pot Edwards Wayne Eury -1 'Ni ?3- Yr Jack Cranford Barbara Dennis Peggy Edwards Steve Fesperman .mil 6 is XX Vicki Cranford Mickey Dry Carolyn Eli rd Winford Ford i '-C? 91 ... 4. tr' V Ei , J' 'g Q.- - X Larry Freeman Boyce Hartsell Barbara Helms Loretta Holt xX To .Il-. Q Steve Gantt Bill Harton Jenny Henderson Ronald Hudson 'Sm I fl, i' ,asm Carolyn Glover Conrad Hathcock Clyde Hill Rogell Hunsucker .bs 7 P' Q bg.. . , A - .,g2I" -'1 . 5222? 5. .lx- ,: 'T321 gr , 8 s-'Q An. .Q x . 'Cuz . . Mary Griffin Sue Hatley Jeanette Hinson John W. lddings L- A H 'El- David Grigg Phyllis Hcrward Jerry Hinson Carol James i 'Q 5. B - sr, . 44, eivlqi 'Lil f, lv- 75...- Roderick Jordan Roger Laton Donald Lowder George McManus LH V 4 L 1 in , Wu... ' 1 Barbara Kimrey Larry Lisk Jerry Lowder Macie Mann Q'-X- I u CA 'Q7 .QCWH C5 Herbert Kluttx Carol Little Lane Lowder Lanny Mauldin Ye' Shirley Kluttz Frances Little Bill Lyon Pat Mauldin 6 wx F 4? t1""74 X1 If i .qw a Nr. Yrs! Rona Jane Mauldin Linda Moose Sue Page Delores Prince no i C3 QV QQ, it gs, 5 Q,- iv Burnie Miller Roger Morris Roger Poplin Jackie Richardson 3' 1 S A 1 F? VT Q15 , . Q, v 0 . .R S' K is Myrna Mills Bob Morton Ann Presson Johnny Renger 3-vs' if. 1 Reggie Roberson Sheila Scorboro Reggie Simpson Nancy Smith E oe.x .a'!"'? x iv" N Jean Robinson Tommy Shaver Charles Smith Robert L. Smith 5 keg.. So Anne Rogers Gene Simmons Joyce Smith Robert T. Smith lfigfhs fi ,O-A " '52 , ' tvs, Sylvia Russell Claude Simpson Larry Smith Max Snuggs ' i J. ,, 1' ...M ' 'A l is Y X X 4 . " v -. 2 if Darrell Scarboro Phillip Simpson Lulabelle Smith John Solomon XIX O'-x L, . X, is 'lam Jim Stiller Glenn Talbert Jerry Thompson Billy Vanhoy K ,,, xfgg' f fine Wx 'eg ,, X ll if "3 A J fig , Buddy Stoker Norris Talbert Peggy Troutman George Weaver l 1 5 lf 'V' 'VN Q25-If John Stokes Don Taylor Vernon Troutman Janis Westerlund N- QTAF Q1 ,,l"':gx Ann Stone Jane Thomas Diane Tucker Linda Whitley Qs, Y.. f lx its 'S' Hurley Strickland Carolyn Thompson Elizabeth Tucker Rex Whitley ,. Aw.,-,.,.M, , i W 'AJ Q- Q-X GL fb-9 i -319 Barry Whitlock G. C. Wilhoit K Q'-Q X J ff' fQ X JW! ffhjfg MMM fi Vgffyb Jjlkaffjmww MQZAM if 4 W Vfffiigzf MM XMXJMMMMQ !f 25405 MWQZ Mil' E wx SUPHUNURES , 'I 2' , 1 1, f J ' ' f , ' W7 ff, ' f ' V f 7 'Of 5 L I A 541 7 ! f f 75517 X I V, f if f I ffl ,, lj! I ,' I 'f If I L M f 'if fer' 4, b, X A 7 11 X xfbWz L 4 iff, ff A V ,f 7 cr, U X , ff K I 24 ,- A f , X, I If m 1 L' Af ,4- ' -f' 'Q' 4 , 747 ' - ' AL ' ' I 4 Q1 ,N X fi A X f X fa I F Iklf- S M Al v 1 JMU ' , AN 1X. X lf, K 1 t ., ' ' A' Jgwb WWW y f pl! ' ,, 6 , M 4 ff 'f f ,ML U g wif' WCVW L, x, ' SOPHOMORE OFFICERS Richard Peck ,.....,........,,,,,,..........,.,...........,............ P d t Betty Holt .............,,...,...,.,...,.........,.....,............. V' P d t Diane Watkins .,,...,... ...S t y Becky Coble ,,,,.,,..... ...Treosur Bob Gantt ..... ..........,,,.. ..A...............,...,......... A d visor ,JIYZ ill .6 44.1. 9 25 22? QQ 25: ---x ii--,-1-1n i E C-S Q 'E Af 1 v wi Q""v L Z v ,. RA -nr' 'Os Y-, 0,1 IOIil0l"0J Firsl' Row: VC, fA1'Yx"'f1 Km, f-Nmfrwi Tlkmmfmi Au Ym, 'V'fZ"'Z Fav?-y VCV' P wr Elidw H' rj Scum r fnmh ru ECW burnt. Second Row: l'Y"I'fQ Emu, J J- Finn. NHIPO Cgmgxb NI Lyn Cnrhr E"-"it Cngm f 'rx Cgpvjlg Ywrvw QFmi"iV-r if fm' C-,hgmcf Third Row: FH'-. T WWW, C 1 ,pw Cfwu' E 1, A W, ' 5x, Zguvc Dgyyz FQ? L- EH", Fourth Row: Qi vi, Twfv fm V Jfwfrg. Cdf Q:"':'ff E' ': 1, Uv-f E3 Q 13" M Er-rl IHC. Fifth Row: Cir'-3 VMC-A T A Gruffm, levy Horrnrgkrwl E1 , r Q NN Pj" ,:J'fjhCVTW Har.-.'Qj Egrbgrg HCM C cl Lwlb. Hcrlfy 4 I .5 Q tar bla -5.-. .asv JIQL LN, N A ff iid ima: .. gm , s.,, . 4,,,x Q-v '- gxffxy ,- x 42-4- ,, Q uJi,,Q, V -Tw Q. . um- 0,J IOFH 0140.5 First Row: Kf'-'wth H1,idc'morw, Chorfic LCC Hcima, Crcrvddi Herrin, Kc-mmyiw Hmscry Minlif Hiibrook, Sommnc HCIA Vvueir Egfrw Hit Gcry Hcwcrd Second Row: Martha Hucicnbco, Virginia Huckoboo, Lindo Hudzirw Brenda Hir'-eycwr, Kornoth Himneycurf, Jomcs J'hn,',n, Linda Jfrdcrw, Gicndc Kccwer. Third Row: BAN Kmgl Ccfic Lambert, Muchoci Longford, Agrww Lowhfml Stanley Lovshorj Borboro Lefier, Zclno L4 ward Fpggio Sue Lusk Fourfh Row: Mirvw, Liwdcrl Oliii Ljwdcr, Pct Lcwdcfl Jgmt Lui'-furd Syluo AACDLJHAE, Ccry MC5wcvn, Wade Miiwgm Entry Mgfugquc Fifth Row: SUN: Miiluidvi JQQ MMU, Ronald Milierl Sgdfa Miilcr. Rvnmc Miilicgn, Cqrcl Miltzrwl Judy Montgomery, O':r'i2 Nfrgorw 43 B. if 5 Y f 44 W IN bf 17 Ou 9 ,fs D042 . yn x f-it JS. 'fx tv 0,91 0 First Row: Dwight Morgan, Gaul Marrus, Rita Morris, Emma Marreil, Carolyn Nnchols, Second Row: James Norton, Patsy Osteen, Kay Owcngf PQ lone Price. Third Row: Jerry Rc-ld, Jarm Vlrtchncy Steve Saunders, Max SVTMYH. Fourth Row: Rcgor Smufh, Rcfruc Smnrhl Julia Solomon, P Swarmgen, Fifth Row: Ka, Swr-dei! Ralph Thampscrwl Ewciyrw Undcrv. Xfwrrnthcld Pau! Whntley 44 wt., 5 f"N GN' ,g, if . U, lf! Roger Whltleyf, SI'wer','l X.'JPv'c., P:-, Vfrwhjw? Sue Vfgrnl J l 'ui All! 1 1 .5 Z FHESHMEN r ' i i, I ' 4 'W 1 1 A I ,Q I O o .111 ' 'S '. A f , a f , Q , Y I . o . yr -i' 'f L: .V -, .X 1. n D , X ' ,I . J !f V f f f j J N1 1 W I .President vfeziaem Secgdary Treasurer ,..Advisor 1 1 25 'Q .G ,J V , 1 1 I B V4 I S . , 'P U , I I A 55 rl 2K Q"! 5' 7 5 S Q7 in I 31 ' .. 'wh , - r, J--5 3 M A' 4 xg .gl J B 1 Q s 4 Q -A - xx H JQQX lf'-A if Z' 1 2. 'T 255.1 -" 1-' 'xr , t 5, J 'x ni. rv' C " A N xjain . 'Q QQ an, 1 3 L- L sf i Q Q- Q- "J Q I C i "" ss' '.,g1,X I :ll ' it v Muff' l H P Em. A 6 .L .L l P815 lflflefl First Row: J Almond, P Almond, T. Almond, B. Atkins, M. Arcy, L. Barnes, B. Barrier, J. Bell. Second Row: E Bnwrvs, P Blalock, N Boger, D. Bost, M. Bowors, W Bowers, L. Brown, B. Burr. Third Row: P Barns, S Bows V Burns L Byrd, J. Caglc C Cam, B. Corwfucld, M. Carpenter. Fourth Row: P Caroevfcr L Carter, J Clworwdlor, G Clark N Cogglrws, J Crowe-ll, J Copley, J Cotton Fifth Row: E Crurclwfwld L Curlec, E Dams, L Dobv, E Dom, M Dcby, W Durham, S. Earnhcrt. sam. nw: C Eflrd J Ewa L Eflrd P Eflrd, C. Eudy, o amy, J Eudy, o. EW. R 'wa 'W 7' ,,,. Qs A., X33 -' .s rf '. y' "F 1 3 ' 4 V" 'N 'SST '-6 gk X . x X. 1, 3 -, I l ,f J A I , 'I I ,,l ll of L. S.. 35' . 17 Q , . . L . cg 265, ' 7 J " Ji' Q., L J l l -1: 2 q - -'sf' fi A l A .. 2, Q 9-X. . ur " "rf, i M I hit -b r JAAIJ FF 5 AG' t 'H l , x X 651' u . A I Q V T J 'J' FL s L x . X Ou :QQ ,, A-,J 1, ' 's -Q-ix LX- wiki-,ll f - iv . -lf .., J J a. L " V S' P05 H1611 First Row: T, Faulkner, M. Fesperman, E. Floyd, G. Forte, B. Frick, B. Gantt, B. Harper, A. Harrington. Second Row: D. Hartsell, J. Harris, V. Harrison, E. Hatley, M. Harley, G. Harwood, H. Hearne, S. Henderson. Third Row: S. Hill, B, Hinson, G. Hombarrier, B. Honeycutt, R, Honeycutt, V. Honeycutt, L. Howell, B. Hudson. Fourth Row: L. Hudson, R. Huneycutt, V. Huggins, N, lvestor, P, James, G. Jones, H. Kimmer, J. Kimrey. Fifth Row: R, Kirnrey, N. Kirk, J. Kluttz, J, Kluttz, G. Lambert, V. Laton, S. Lefler, S. Lefler. Sixth Row: C. Lewis, Z. Leonard, P. Little, L. Lowder, S. Lowder, B. McManus, D. McSwain, J, McSwain, 49 fa if ... ,Q 'l f 436' T' 1 lr 'U eo J s.. ' T5 si' Q -V x J - A ."Al I X NPL ' I 'agfxh .4 , 51 A Q, as C- A gg if 1 il , ' Q X J xx X 1 x .L I- it ,i. it my 'f Q., X L '45, x Q, - f ,VT 4 ' Q , xx 1- 'f - 8 f X, x , P A I W ,. L t f J ,., 1 kg, Z., ikmm, , .tab S .ml Ke' " ' Q M I wif," I 'Q 'ix gg fl L. 4 i f K-ia., ,, Alu.. K ' ' 1 Q P85 fl ITlQl'l First Row: S Mouldnn, J Miller, R, Mindnr, R Milton, D Montgomery, T Moore, A. Morgan, B. Morgo Second Row: M Morgan, A Morton, F Morton, J Morton, R Morton, J Morris, J Nopncr, L Nowllng Third Row: S Ovvcns, J PICLIU, R Porlfor, J Pork, D Pierce, C Pennington, K Pennington, J. Phifcr Founh Row: N Poplin, M Franco, B Puclfctt, D Robon, M Rolmn, T Rogudoic, J Rcdfcrd, T, RL-uc-s. Fifth Row: G Rcggins J Rungor, T Ritchf-, E Rogers, C Rumc-JJ, J Ruaacil, R Russell, P Soundua Sixth Row: C Scott, L Shoxor, W, Shfomolfcr, B Sldcz, O J SIPCS, O Sumo' ons, .' Smith, VV, Spiny 'EO 'X .h -ft -'wa - 'a . fax Q 42. X N.. .ag llq CA 'R T Qair.. a ,Q X 5 3. X' , A UW, . ' X 5 Xtl JVM X 2 e -s . a ,K sv X 4 ., r Q ,,, Q, gg a, T l " l 4 ,d if mt.. - jg Q v - , - t R 'P ' tt . X . z, XX A l , if .. . V M' I I' 8 6 l nfl 8 fl , t First Row: B. Smrth, C Smnth, ,l Smlth, J. Smlth, M. Smith M Smlth, R. Smlth, B Solcmcrt. l Second Row: E Stamca, J. Stfvrv, C. Surrat, G Talbcrt, B. Taylor, A Thomas, S. Thcmas, J. Thompson., ,A I Third Row: J Thcmtffh, R Thfmrson, B, Trcadwoy, B. Tucker, J Uhdcrwocd, R, Vfmhcy, H. Vahhoy, P. Waller Fourth Row: R Watlfms, L, Whats, L. Whttley, J. Whttlack, S. Wtlltams, S. Williams, l.. York. W4 is ul J gk-1 -i he E. vii 770a4cof.4 Janice Cuip Tommy Andrews ,LMA POUND GROUND ROUND 0411 on M0050 Trul Ski i!1 anf+f2L1HGff TOMATOE E. PICKLE N00 I-WIS y 4 455 T 0 2626 mmm X Q2 QQQQQ X, Q f ,s 47,445 FICTKVITIES O o Q C 0 I f fi I' ' Q9 f , .f 0 O O 0 Q O. ff . u 9 Q Q , .4 ' ' . x -' Q X f ' 4- 'L 1 ' ff f 2 432- ... . f . " f X f f 'i f f, If ,, f 5 . O Student Council ' .N To promote oll worthy projects of the school ond to creote ond rnointoin high stondords of citi- zenship ond scholorship is the purpose of the Student Council. Four student body officers elected by the student body ond o council representotiye elected from eoch home room moke up the Student Council. Wade Smith Jo Ellen Brooks Pat Stames Libby Hailey President Vice President Secretory Treasurer bil" Q01 Qlnlf National Honor Johnsie Russell its Susie Culp bl bara Holt Zaloflo Ha B ll Fisher President Vlce Presndent Secretary Treasurer Busuness Manager Edshay Brunson Zalotfa Harris Johnsue Russell Barbara Hot Bull Fisher Susae Culp Scrapbook Chaurman Jum y Almond Lufhe K mrey Johnny Rncha dson - U Ins McManus CHARACTER SCHOLARSHIP LEADERSHIP SERVICE 55 Edshay Brunson N AT lONAL HONOR socnsw Sl 'ZZ' Peggy Furr r7' -U - fy, S Pofr'c'a Thompsa " .5 Ll Jo Sfallmgs Joe Klultx Sandra Paplm he Pamela Hmson Sybul Efl d Mrs Weslerlund Adv sor ww Q I I I1 X 5 . l m 3 l J ll ' r i K' SR Bar h rris M Q R' , 6 ' . . , V' N il ..,. I Y' x ,ll F if A by 3 5 ,J G Qtvl I lr in h ' 5 D """"""" . """ l 5 p. A ' I ' ...a,Y........,..sYa - :ins I ,v.,,,,,A,,,,,,w.,w.,A., V . ' 253. ig .521 Jnnj . Avyp ,A I A ' 4 , .aa 7 ' A ' Z., '- vs gf F Barbara Holt Editor Jimmy Almond, Business Manager Carolyn Helms Typing Editor Joe Kluttx Sports Edltor .em O- 'II' t- ,K Sports and Literary Staffs Art and Photography Staffs and Typing Staffs I N1 Zalotta Harris, Editor uf! Feature Staff News Staff Sports Staff Eugene Burris, Business Manager 00I'l Patricia Thompson Managing Editor Johnsie Russell Feature Editor Carolyn Helms News Editor Edshay Brunson Sports Editor Ross Mason Asst. Feature Edttor Bruce Curlee Kay Cauthen Photography Editor Exchange Editor f W i X fi 'S i Q nuan- OFFICERS Jimmy Almond .A...,..,,,,,,,, President Peggy Furr ,,,,,,,,..,,.. Vice President Pamela Hinson ..,..,..,.i.,.,. Secretary Rex Whitley ,,,,,,,.., ,..,... T reasurer Maxine Harwood .,.,.., ,..,. Dotfy Walker ,..,, Paul Fry, Tommy .Historian Co-Historian Hauss ,... Sponsors 06!8l"I'l The Modern Music Masters Society is composed of students who have par- ticipated in a school music organiza- tion in an active and superior manner and who have made an outstanding contribution to the music lite of the school. ff 1 -. l, I PURPOSE: Scholarship l Character X-gifgilgfsg Cooperation A Leadership , and Service D ufiic ariferd First Row: Maxine Harwood, Peggy Furr, Linda Duke, Janis West- erlund, Elizabeth Tucker, Pamela Hinson, Patsy Griggs. Second Row: Rex Whitley, Luther Kimrey, Eugene Burris, Dotty Walker, Jimmy Almond, John W, lddings. Nol' Pictured: Sue Rogers, Wade Smith, Bill Fisher. if ici, . . Q. 1 2. S' KN x Q Q KCLCL Clffqlle Membershup In the Block Mosque IS open to onyone Interested In drornotlcs In hls junior or sensor yeor In hugh school The purpose of the Block Mosque IS to troun students unter ested nn dromotlcs ond to produce ploys for the entertornment of the student body Peggy Furr Lrnda Moose Franchot Palmer Burme Muller Vrcky Culp and An Muss Inez Bankett Vrce n Stone Scrapbook Presudent Presrdent Secretary Treasurer Chaurmen Advrsor can ., of Father Say, Nou "Father Says No" "Father Says No" iv- v I XQQZVIS jlflflllne Iris McManus , ,, ,, ,A,,,,, ,, , , , ,,,, ,President Maxine Harwood, . ,,Vice President Rona Jane Mauldin., , ,,,,., ,,,,,,,, ,,,,, S e cretory The Future Teachers at America is a club for high school students and is part at a state and national organization of the same name Its purpose is to interest the best young men and women in teach- QCIC lC'l':5 Eugene Burris , ,, ,. ,Treasurer Barbara Holt , , Reporter Miss Doris Tucker , , Sponsor ing as a career. The initiation requirements were to wear clothes backwards and inside out to schooli Students completed this by wearing sun glasses, X1 i! N may Jjemdfy Commiffee Billie Jo Barrier Kitty Almond Peggy Smith Woody Durham Mrs. Hiram Saunders .,,,,....4..............A,.....,,.A... Advisor Nat Pictured ,,,,,,rr....,,,,t... Wade Smith, Buddy Stoker The Assembly Committee is made up of a faculty chairman, appointed by the prin- cipal, a student chairman, and various students appointed by the Student Council. The goal of this committee is to prepare and supervise entertaining and informative assembly programs throughout the year. gidfe Sue Winn c........,... .............,. P resident Eugene Burris ,,..... .....,. V ice-President Ann Stone ,,..,,. ........,,.,,,. S ecretary Libby Hatley .,,,,,,.......,..,...,....,,.,,.,,...,.,.,,.....,.,, Treasurer Jo Stallin s .,t..,,,,..... Y ,,...., Editor of Paper 9 ,,....,,,...,, , ,,.... , Johnsie Russell .,.,,,,, Secretary of N. C. State Bible Club Miss Jean Abrahamsen ..........,,.,..........,,.............. Advisor 1 PTS C06 The purpose of the Bible Club is to become better acquainted with God's word, to promote Christian fellow- ship, and witness to others by word and deed. The club takes as the basis for this three-fold purpose: John lil-3: "That which we have seen and heard declare we unto you, that ye also may have fellowship with us, and truly our fellowship is with the Father, and with His son, Jesus Christ." Parties, weekly meetings, and working together on projects have helped to develop Christian fellowship. 'T' .CILTTLL A Marshals Zalotta Harris lris McManus David Grigg Linda Moose Edshay Brunson, Chief Barbara Holt Glenn Talbert Rona Jane Mauldin Patricia Starnes Peggy Smith Peggy Furr Diane Watkins Not Pictured: Sybil Etird Library Club The Lrbrary Club IQ a service club composed of Jatlrnt, who wrlantver to help rn the library, The an tant, are members of the North Carolrna Hugh Schf rl Llbrarx Assocuatron and send representatives rn dusrrrci and state meetings. Marshals are selected on the basis of scholarship and serve at concerts plays and other programs of the school They also serve at the Baccalaureate and Commencement Exercises, Elaine Holt , , Vernell Couick Priscella Burris Carolyn Etird Paul Frick and Ruby Morton Publicity Chairmen Maxine Sells and Margie Lee Constitution Committee Miss Pearle Michael Advisor SOPHOMORE CLUB OFFICERS i SENIOR CLUB OFFICERS George Lowder ,,,,,,............,,,,, . . . ,,..,.....,,. President Billy Fitzgerald. . . Vice President Marvin Morton .. ........., Secretary Joe Kluttz ,,,,...,,,,Y,,,,,,,,,, ,.,,.. T reasurer Mickey Harwood ,....,.., . ,,,,i,. Chaplain Rev. Mr. Dan Sapp and Mr. Wayne Alexander ,,,,, ..,.,,. A dvisors JUNIOR CLUB OFFICERS Johnny Renger .....,....,.,........,............,.........., President Robert Smith .,,... Vice President Rex Whitley .,..,. ...,,...,.... S ecretary Glenn Talbert ....... ,...,.. T reasurer Roderick Jordan ....... Mr. Ernest Knotts ...... ....,..ChapIain .......Advisor Charles Richardson .... Eddie Burleson ......... Stanley Lawhon ,,..... Wade McSwain ,,,. Mr. H. C. Cook ,.,,... FRESHMAN Roger Smith .,.......,...t Woody Durham. ..... . James Renger ..,... Richard Kimrey.. Eddie Crutchfield. ,..,. . Mr. J. M. Carter .,... ,,...,.........................President ........Vice President .............Secretary ...........ChapIain .......Advisor CLUB OFFICERS ..............................President ........Vice President ..........Secretary Treasurer .Chaplain ...Advisor C I' l ' l ' SENIOR CLUB OFFICERS U Vicky Culp .,..,,,,,,,,.........,..............,,.,.,........ President Carolyn Helms .,,,l.. ,,..... V ice President Peggy Furr . .,..., ,.,......... S ecretary Maxine Harwood. ..,,,,. .,,..,,.. T reasurer Kay Cauthen ,,,.,....,...,.,,,. ....... C haplain Miss Margaret Barrett ,,,,.. JUNIOR CLUB OFFICERS Elizabeth Tucker. . ,,,,,........w..,,,,....., ,,., . Delores Prince. ,,,,,. .Vice Vicki Cranford .....,, .......,. Ann Stone .,.,...,,, .A.,.. Jo Ellen Brooks .,....,,., ...... Miss Jean Bullock .,,,.. ...Advisor .President President .Secretary Treasurer .Chaplain ...Advisor SOPHOMORE CLUB OFFICERS Patricia Starnes Sue Winn Almond Kitty Rita Morris Peggy Smith Mrs Mary Hauss FRESHMAN Pat Saunders .............. Billy Jo Barrier ..... Linda Doby ..,..... Linda Barnes ......... Hunter Hearne ...... Miss Carolyn Holt ...... Vice President President Secretary Treasurer Chaplain Advisor CLUB OFFICERS .......Vice .President President .Secretary ..,....Treasurer .Chaplain .Advisor , f 7' 4 , "i"'--S-N -. 1--V f Q 11, A,,. K in' 5 1-30.1 wily. x6-' ff X4 0 in DN ? if 'if M X , A " 5 fa' X-rf , ,QW Qs 'S 4 XR f if",-gi: ff my rf?-A X. AE' 5, Lg KAOPUJ ll3fEll9HQ.:fY ,W,f'f-- s. - .....i-R- 1-,, -A- Q +, 1-xx, -V - -i - S. NINTH GRADE cl-fonus Qgtpip gd? 0 6' BOYS CHORUS GIRLS CHORUS FW 'V 30146 'Q V 4 ixec! KAOIALLJ Ted Burleson Kenneth Barbee Doffy Walker Gerald Johnson Peggy Smith Paul B. Fry BOYS' DOUBLE QUARTET Vice Ac President President ,Secretary ,Treasurer companisl' ,, Direcfor GIRLS' ENSEMBLE 'fi i President President Patsy Gnggs Secretary Treasurer LETTER GIRLS gwnda Gunn, Jeanette Hrnson Jo Parks Martha Huckabee Lnnda Moose Eluzabeth Tucker Barbara Furr Mascot lNot Prcturedl CAROUSEL PRINCESS llria E'IlIII'51Ilflil'I' .4'HFl'I'Illl'IlI HOMECOMING QUEEN Qnfiu 111 Illur X wma ws if , , Z K f K-X 3 ,I P h , ' ', S V K 1 Y r M ' X O' A P Q V' Y+'.SYfnxxYNQ B X 4? . 1 ' : N, r Q4 f '- ' X . , in . . f' ' , X W - , -lv X 7 1' X L 4 I lx - 1 C 1 I" 'I I . A U xl, I y 140. , 'je fx fl ,E f. v" 'N if W 62" Xyfkx is ifgr 5 MQW! AH. S, UNE FUR ALL i QD W gym A ,VN f-. K x 7 4 Vx. .X LX xx x , fx- l ' 4h 3525! f U . I r 1-. x A X, 'cf M, , A , 3. ? 'i p. QM A- ff J 5 14,7 13 7571, lj A ,- , f ' gs 7 W 44 O ' W v ,,, , 4 S Q r QQ 99 1 bf, Q x 1- BULLDOGS I Oofdaffl . - rt , 424 r""S'Zf .J Qgg - 'f-44 M, ii" S .fm , f X 1 7 ' , 'P ' , . ' Q X K, i ' A . lyk , trr' ' 4 J V ft Nfl, A i X 3 g , , ,J L I X - J f Bill Robinette Rex Benton Bob Gantt Ernest Knotts f 1 Backfield Coach B-Team Coach End Coach Line Coach Toby Webb Coach FOOTBALL TEAM First Row: Graham Harwood, Don Taylor, Steve Gantt, Wade Smith, Luther Kimrey, Larry Lisk, Jerry Lowder, Edshay Brunson. Second Row: Stanley Lawhon, Garrieth Pendergraft, Robert Smith, Mickey Green, Junior Dennis, Gerald Johnson, Roger Whitley, Cread McManus, David Grigg, Barry Whitlock. Third Row: Roger Smith, Eddie Burleson, Richard Kimrey, James Norton, Joe Miller, Richard Peck, George Weaver, Glenn Talbert, Charlie Smith, Joe Kluttz, Fourth Row: Johnny Efird, Wayne Spivey, Bobby Coggins, James Johnson, Aaron Lowder, Max Lowder, Jack Faulkner, Mickey Dry, Sherrill Whit- ley, Clyde Hill. 35 3Ef 32 3l 6 J ' RESULTS OF 1955 FOOTBALL SEASON Albemarle Winecoff .. Albemarle Kannapolis Albemarle Lexington Vgadg Smith Luthea llgragl Kirnrey Albemarle l.Of'ldlS ...... o- t 'n O- t in Op O' op O Albemarle Moofesvaile Q Albemarle Monroe xg x Albemarle North Mecklenburg , QQ Q NR Albemarle, Myers Park za- -c: , I , 'v Albemarle Y-,,-... Concord A li 5 '84 E. 4. Albemarle ,,e...., China Grove POST SEASON GAME ' 1 t Albemarle 19 ........ Asheboro. f -P' L.- '- lp 4 'L Totals 356 First String Backs: Joe Kluttz, Robert "Q" Smith, Wade Smith, Edshay Brunson. t , Q . 19"f G 2s ' ,YW-ir' '?,.r "' . rg. .L " A ,?g+5 Pj' ' ft 'W M 44 A :L -f A , - . . s -L -as A QM' fi - A 'f 4 ,Qt 4 I X . .jx E WJ. il in C fi R L ' P1 D1 1' - - - QI k f I 1 - - f' Second String Backs: Don Taylor, James Norton, Richard Kimrey, Graham Harwood. First String Line: Gerald Johnson, Jerry Lowder Mickey Greene, Steve Gantt, Roger Whitley Luther Kimrey, Larry Lusk Managers: Roderick Jordan, Johnny Richardson, Second String Line: Cread McManus Wayne Spivey Billy Fitzgerald. Mickey Dry, James Johnson, David Gngg Charlie Smith, Junior Dennis, Richard Peck Garrneth Pende rg raft, Bobby Coggins fr., E Q 'VN L S I-ff' .gs A Q6 Us an "' I ofhe' Bucks? J0l"n"'Y Eflfd, ROQQV Smlfh Other Linemen: Aaron Lowder, Joe Miller, Clyde Sherrill Whitley, Glenn Talbert. Hill, George Weaver, Stanley Lawhon, Barry Whitlock, Max Lawder, Eddie Burleson Jack Faulkner. B-TEAM FOCTBALL First Row: Jimmy Thomason, Bobby Canfield, Sherrill Lawder, Chip Cain, Eddie Dcby, Max Morgan Second Row: Coach Rex Benton, Woody Durham, Johnny Almond, Sherrill Williams, Jimmy Miller, Roger Eudy, Eddie Crutchfield, Vernell Couick. Third Row: Cary McSwain, Wade McSwain, Pete Blalock, Gary Blalock, Holly Vanhoy, Reggie Crowell, Don Montgomery, Jimmy Eudy, Larry Mullis, Nelson Kirk, Reggie Chance, Mickey Lawhon, Dale Hartsell, Jerry Russell, HIGHLIGHTS The Albemarle Bulldogs South Pned mont Conference Champions an I953 and I954 wnth only two returnnng reg ulars and seven returnnng letter men rolled to eleven vnctorues and the I955 Champnonshsp thus season The lne featured Gerald Johnson Cread Mc Manus Roger Whitley Davud Grugg Mickey Greene Junuor Dennus James Johnson Steve Gantt Co Captann Drag Knmrey Wayne Spuvey Jerry Lowder Lane Lowder and Larry Lusk The backs were Joe Kluttz Don Taylor Robert Smuth Edshay Brunson Graham I-lar wood and Co Captann Wade Smith They opened the season wnth a 20 6 vlctory over Wnnecoff Mr Outside Edshay Brunson and Mr Insude Wade Smnth led the offense The Bulldogs won the second game napolls Wade Smlth consistently dvd damage up the middle and Drag Kim rey Steve Gantt Roger Whitley and Jerry Lowder led the lnne play Often outwenghed but never out fought the Bulldogs surprnsed a bugger Lexington team wnth a I9 I3 defeat un a complete team vnctory avenging last year s lone defeat The next team on Albemarle s sched ule was the much publucuzed Landus team but they proved llttle trouble to the Bulldogs as they were defeated 54 I4 by the runnlng of Edshay Brunson Que Smuth Wade Smith and the de fensuve and offensnve play of the entnre lnne Mooresvnlle was next and led by Wade Smith and Drag Klmrey the Bull dogs beat them 38 6 Monroe fell vnctnm to the Bug Blue next and were handed the short end of a 37 6 score wnth Steve Gantt Roger Whntley and Jerry Lowder shnnung un lane play The Bulldogs finally met a team theur own size and defeated North Mecklen burg 42 O wlth the whole team helplng an the vuctory Albemarle walloped Myers Park 44 O for a happy homecomlng wnth Wade Smsth and Edshay Brunson pacing the touchdown parade and Drag Klmrey Lane Lowder Jerry Lowder Mackey Greene Roger Whltley and Steve Gantt shnnung an lme play In the next game Albemarle crushed Concord 39 O wnth Wade Smuth sconng four touchdowns and Edshay Brunson sconng one and passing to Gerald Johnson for another Albemarle beat a tough Chnna Grove team I9 I2 wlth Wade Smlth forgetting has hurt ankle to lead the team to vlctory By wrnnung the Southern dnvnsnon crown of the South Piedmont Confer ence the Bulldogs earned the rnght to play Asheboro for the South Puedmont Conference tntle The Bulldogstookthns one I9 I4 nn a hard fought battle wnth Wade Smuth Edshay Brunson and Rob ert Smuth sparkung the offense and Steve Gantt Drag Kumrey Don Taylor Lane Lowder James Johnson and David Grlgg leading the defense Sensors playung their last game were Wade Smuth Edshay Brunson Drag Knmrey G e r a I d Johnson Mickey Greene Cread McManus Joe Kluttz Junior Dennls Jack Faulkner and Max Lowder I .. - .I u n 1 u ' - 1 , . n I 1 n - - 5 ' I 1 . I I 1 ' ' I f. . I , I - - - T I I . I . I l ' A ' . f I I I 1 t 1 I ' 1 u 1 I - I . . I . . I ' l - U- . I I l 1 A 1 ' 1 ' , . by a 25-24 score in a thriller with Kan- ' l l ' . I li I - , . . I - I - u I . . u n s I I - - f ' l I ' I 1 I . I . . . I - . . . . I l . ' 1 I I ' ' 1 1 I I - . . - 1 1 oyfi, Clifgelgaf x., My A. 4' if! STARTERS Jimmy Coggins, David Grigg, Franchot Palmer, Burnie Miller, Edshay Brunsorm, Larry Lusk, Buddy Stoker. Not Pictured: Wade Smith. MANAGERS REX BENTON Jerry Russell, Clyde Hill, Robert lQuel Smith Coach Johnny CWhea1iesl Richardson, px in-0 OFT Feb 1956 Schedule Winecoff , ,,. ...... -Maoresvi I Ie Landis ,, ,,.,. Kannapolis ..,w, ...... A-China Grave -Concord , ,,, --Winecaff AA.. 7--Mooresville -Monroe L , -Landis o..o. -Kannapolis -China Grove vConcord ,,,,, There There .Here There There ,.L.:.Here There .Here There :Here :Here .Here There :Here fbf M y 'S il f 5 7 W Seated: Burnie Miller, Franchaf Palmer, Jimmy Cochran, Edshay B unsan David Grigq, Max Lawder. Kneeling: Gene Langley, Graham Harwood, Roger Morris, Buddy Stoker, Jerry Morris Standing: Steve Gantt, Jimmy Coggins, Bobby Coggins, Larry Lisk, No! Pictured: Wade Smith. STARTERS COACH Ba rba ra Whitley Lefdaff 5.4 Sue Page, Libby Sue McLeod, Dotty Walkcr, Jeanette Hinson, Martha Huckobee, Lindo Moose, Judy Kluttz, Barboro Kimrey. SCORE KEEPER Ann Morgan MANAGER Peggy Fun 1" silk' 5'-fm Quia I if! il i- l v'X, f co-CAPTAIN lf l Libby Sue McLeod XL! Q Iii: X l I K: - L vi EJ sl U . Q : O A NN Q ! Tximgm X m ": . 3 Q33-LX., - . E- ' 'o ' NJ v NSQL co-CAPTAIN A Qgkgx ' X ' F " ox Dotty walker ? , -.XQQA UQN Q33 f Q ' X lxxkkgnb, 4. 'Job Ms X Q- QQQKCTM L ga l , xkgg ,x.XkLkkxkxTixL' M, F ' gjgix XLL v' Qgy,,,ggk . Y fob Xxar. -rixxg E5 f s 1 We sawing: Dolty Walker, Judy Kluttz, Bobbnbxgnrey, Libby McLeod, Linda Mfr- , Jranattg Hanson, Martha Huclrabcc. Kneeling: Sandra Poplin, Sylvia lwuul ln, Myrna Mills, Betty Boone, Nancy Ja lvl mr, Janlcc Horns, Hunter l-lcarnc-. Standing: Susie in iuglfagc, Jo Ellen Brooks. 1 Xxx, a 'W 'sax wr 21'-' Ai- x x 4 v,..,,,. 4 'A , " A 75?Aff" lf!! 1" 41 'CZ' WP 41810. BASEBALL Af bot 'mm Clockwlsc from home plctc V ,141 x 1956 SC P123 h27 mrl TL X MVFVL r Q. Q 1 ,zigfm HEDULE 'm V nm P P V GTM I H an , ' if ' , A .18 ' : A ' 1 - , J W I 5,-A W sv f ,ly -r r K4 N' A X I s. -,' 9-A F ' Q . 'fl Q- - 2 , N f 1 . Lf X v 2 I -, Cfgjw ' Mgyg April I7 2 Lu., Vwnfvf. J x V Q G' uv' TQH- 'YI ,V 'wr-1 QT f"Vfx'rv'xgrl' f'N4.,r' Qrl-' f'rCE'.lHf1 ig '31 N' ' Vw - A 'ggrw TP F-' 217 ,Vin Al rf 20 f:f:'f Qf'i'H '. 'f Jcfv' , 'w' 1' lg", Cir V '- ull' gf X'-kz'mcr" All :fly OT V-frociff Y' 5 ::,, xv 33' A 'wir im Him-. N1 -' rm! Vjvfiw 28 AWN 24 V-"W-.1 f'-' mm!! 2' C 'iwri A-:0"'7'TCYl' cf Chwa Grfw f5g'1l3 M:-, I "3-fig In i' f-ivrwjf X'-1,-fvfzr!-' cf Kifrcgftlv Agn! 6 Mex 4 g n 11 or med' f- bmi IL cr Mirrcz f+g'wN IO Mit, 8 Q " wi C' fl' wifi' CM' 3 x gf f4'1.,l'TWC AIU! NAT. IO A I, :J 1 3 :Min Vlvwf 'f gr A bfmyh ,l"ClC'? C Ufllll ir 407.350, 1 463051 1,2 ., 'Y' , ' M. I ,A ' I W ,', . '4 A -f.slU.i,,.'fJa'ir .' -.., f, -A: fr: N.. V , . i A . V A . Barry'WhitloCl1, Joe Kluttz, Robert Smith, Charlie Smith, Steve Gantt, Larry Lrsk, Lane Lowder, Ronald Hudson. - Ol'l0 Pain C 'ity '-C if Ln. f First Row: Linda Moose, Jimmy Coggins Larry Lisk Cread McManu: Charlie Smith, Gerald Johnson, David Grigg, Steve Gantt Glenn Tolbert. Second Row: Garrieth Pendergraft, Billy Fitzgerald, Aaron Lowder, Clyde l-lill 'Drag' Kimrcy Joe Kluttz Miclcev Dry, Lane Low- der, Robert Smith, Roderick Jordon Third Row: Jack Faulkner, Etbbv Coggins, Max Low- der, Ronald Hudson Johnnx Richardeon Graham Harwood lfranchot Palmer, Jerrv Russell, Dan Taylor, Charlie Smith Not Pictured: Vxfade Smith Edshov Brunson Susie Culp, Zalctta Harris, Barbara l-lolt, and Sandra Poplin. "- !?,.,.,f,,,,, FLA """""""""""""" AA N .gf 'x r l XX Y T 1-ll N 3 4 l J - F X J J '- Q ll x N 1 :X l X C rl K1 lf l . Q , . .xx 3 X . K xi 5 l Inf? kk NN LLJJKJX Q." v- " l " I nsruvmggl ll, "l ' ,Lv 4 HLKJV-'lvl f'1ff5"lfVLiJ ' L'f1ll,fl 0 X551 'N 4-- - lm G9 rl QUMQ, msfllikll k, , sl K5 4,5 is - Q' ll 6' A .U YY I l DM ' 'lf 41 1 X - Q 9 43- 'x 'lf I1 1 ,Q Ol :sw 5 X xx 17 Q . A A SS lllyxfl a l ' , QQ k i - 9 l AX'-'T f s C Xi Q as 3,4 W I r rg we Q l ' ' xr Ti- U 1 r 11 5 Q , Q .Q QC . if A 4 , ' X . Q l ' x X wi -L l l Rl QC l ill 5 ff", 1 A 'X , A gxfvfw I' I A X' I KW? X W1 ll iz X 4 Gerald Johnson Top Annual Salesman Marvin Morton Second Highest Salesman H144 ff fj RJ ff wg, N MJ jf Wx!" N FIIV s so QQL 2 fm 30, 6 Yxiuj' 6 cqc' gl IQ WM ?rw3 G il Compluments of MURRELL S PHARMACY l67 North Second Street Phone l59 Albemarle N C Delnvery Servnce See Us for Your Prescruptlon Needs "' Cd fllffld ,WDP PIJ Alfredo Davis Mrs Ernest Poplm Mass Lnllle Mae Poplm Mrs Mary P Pickler Compllments f Badln Road Dnve In Theatre Best In Movues S R Davis Owner YOUR CADILLAC OLDS DEALER 234 East Mann Street 86 I , V 5 1 F49 P if , ,C A f J I A1 E l L S ? K . x L X f ' 4 . :Ai ,Q + ' 1 F i Cosmetics Candles Sundnes Wholesale and Retarl oo Lumber Fuel Oll l2l North Fnrst Sf Palms hone ll3l Bullders +- Hardware Albemarle N C Albemarle fx! Com :ments of 1 HERULDCKFR Envlce man L DRUG STORE WM, Mom 5, f? bvleaftgomery Avenue Phone 60 Herloc er 52 Sdr ce Phwe 1055 255 Salnsbur Rd e 726 ECONOMY AUTO SUPPLY Fetzer Harfsell Owner C0mPl'm9"f5 f 219 MGII1 Sl' Phone Sales and Service Albemarle N C Mgblbllf-B 1-lf!-ll-QuJ.nb-lQ,k3 3 Qq,P1,Tjit,Q5pfjj,J X V ' A l ' - lx I x A V .. P f . N N e Y- Lf. g s - 1 I ' al -A l ' . l ' . V ' . K 1 , i ? C I - - , . I . . P . , nl C l Cf' L " , X , . . wb , fr lf - 'V fo X Q! '-ft , fl Y 74" A 'W' L! My LL H 3 ll IVLZJ ki Q IL I JL, bf rj I ,A Lf , , ,T fi V, Lf if ' f Lf' 1 L IU L, .7 1'L'L" ' M 2 1 YL f :O , ef gw -LK. T . L7 r W - 1' JJ NX'-f:.f N Y I7 . An rl , - I L, E F'-L , N :A ' Q UV ,LW V, lfxvi, f ' ' 4 I ' ll Il X x I L V, ll , vf I If ' l ' J I , , ' " ' Q ff CV ' . Q . U7 , i l I uf ,r K ' ' fl ' ' , yr J , , A I bl L JI L I ' o 1' 'U r H' r A- A I . U L9 J V V XA , I Nsvvr ' ,1 , , Q 43" VNU! ,Mn Lgwl ,ff I of M , fm bp UM, M Iv, 6 Wwllft 'Ly . rff"2IQ.ffi,,4r1 W1 WJ wrgjrffjf -v'w,I',v M7 TANLY DAIRI S I East Mann eet Manufacturers I STANLY MAID PRODUCTS Phone Jlx 'RIN JI GANTT PLUMBING 8' HEATING WTL I COMPANY INC Plumbmg and Heating on I'UC 0I'S an eI'VICe c r f d s QNX J, X AX East Mann treet Eg emarle N C xx VL Wax ,va -L. Cc, J g 7X ft 'Q f'-A 'S X I-IOME Qfv A?3sQ,1G1A2rlQriFf IZ9S'East North ,Stre-eb ,L O7- XCQ -D 5-X AfFr:eFdlX Horifwe Iior Y6UTIgjSOVJI'lQ5 if -Ju k X X ff K ,ft - ,f L . 1 , f - . I J 4 0 ' Str 268 . xy K , fx Hx 'X I . .. ' X ,E N I ' X3 ' I I I n .IRL V . I - .IXPX I- Tk-D ,R I X!! , ' X. E N X1 K ,E I ,J ' ll U 0. I WL -A f E J' L N fd 'XIX r V: C , Qrff V I 34" 1 0 .." if XB' IX . I I ff " -xx f x N , M ' ,xx , 'vi' X, JJ - L PM 1 K . . K v X Avv 'ID I --,X R XE' . We x C "' Q I Q I AL 5x X- J' J J 'X I1 I5 ' A ff' W PAH Inj-, Nl fx S - N -- xxx ,Xu 'K rr T- Y .Q , ' s cfs 5' wi . . If ff Q ,. 5' ' . R -J is-DT ,YN 'mix' fifty , , - A fl fs- L: SC? 'J , '-V ' N 1 ' IL X P X,XPf 57' l , fx , , ,C W3 X A ,V U 1 V xx. , K -, Q , , , V, I '74 I tk .J ,Hr-X , Ll f ' A 4' r N , f- 7 KP 'Q fx 'I ,K j ,Lx E 1.,1,C-kit L- Z-0 1'-?' - x , I I - , I N V, L V ily I 0-fu I fy yi 5 LT Q2 I ii I LVL, I Q ,A V, Hr V Q 4. 5' i - 7 Sf Cu ,gxc 7x ' '14""' ' 'A H' s' ' ' 'Ni' f f V fx x jf' ' i , - V K N -. X , 0 l 1 A I X KL f' us-Q XFX 1, f -- I nj .y fl-' flff LVL N141 maj I1 fli-1 Zv ' ' , AX ff X , ' f' '3 - 7 ff' Y- zx IW ' , rj J I xi" if 1 Q L4 . -1 24 5, fur ff? -11 W TV-:,g7f:4,:'N X ,XfQ' L L fk-It 14. X ' I " 1 X , , -- U If E QRS- A My C NBUIJ , sf at . wr v -N 1 'X L2 .. ' ,U XJ Y X ,K LJ x As ' , 5 XX ff' 7--J ' 1 Ll L1 X V lx ' ff"-'Ilya slv'A""' U L' P1 A - X I -I , vw .L 4- X Q", A- ,X ' ' ,ff , .f s, N X .if E C ,L Hx X, 4, L Q, Y ,C K A . X K , XC X!! " '7- - Tw .Q L, fs .. ,VY V' " 'N ' X ' XS C., Lk N 5.7 LJ K L Px K r 2 x ,E v' , 1 v ' C j",t 44 .' In f Q , xr ' 2, 5 C2 - XP L- L4 . f -f' 'Q C9 V '- fl Q-1' r , ' , C A X A , I -1 ,gf 7h : X .Q sf f r 4 L f-7 -v -Q., N fix 'I 51- , 1 1' I XL4 , v-- fgr X' ' x- f I . ' f A fx ' " ' ,I J , ,X if ' ,I C. sk F, gt f Q . ' ff X44 -3 Q -K X f -' K L' , Q C, .in S in N! 'V I ' ,' :xx fix h ef A W X, R! " f X' vs 'E ' .1 Q' CX- -.Q N Ny Cf lf N' ' , f" .ws 'L A ll , - " X' ' ' V' I ' - , in Q 'IL Nh' X , . I 4' fl V K I If ,-fs .f ,, st -a WN - XP 1 Q N Q sf N ', fx JL N , v-D H lc Q' Y M Q- I' - J sf K- 0 PM - ' ry Q1 ' ' 1 - X ,. N' f ' f L f xg 1 - I is -, - fm f ,I , 4 I-N ,N v sg X rn f f 'AC X -xgrk ax fy 1 J V, ' . .Q K , ,, , , N ,' - I L J ' g 7 ' ,rf K 4 Bi! 'X Ks N-'Ab " X 0 qv, -V 7. ,xx NLI L P ' I xx Lfx K, fi, X- I gf, 4 zw 1050669 77 ,L,,6C.,,c4.aQ,fyaf Z Jie-ff 6L 52.469 ,Jfjcf ,614 ,ficafi LOFTIN S DRUG C6644 McLELLAN S C CL XUC fluffil c tiff M If L7 NTER RISE MIM Qsfwjflf XV jaw! cw! 1? 14006919 44'fffLJ H7 ,fb 7404141 fffjgifwl AMW 5 XQLZA, 5-F0 fZ 'rf-f46f'6 I QV QMLQ ld If M If JA A cV1aJgQfSalvlQgs8i oan Association XR XJ CUR NT DI ND RATE af 5111! t PM I5 Insured Up To SIO OOO OO my fy X Ql by th IREDERAL QAVINGS AND LOAN INSURANCE CORPORATION VE TO BUILD BUILD TO SAVE f A A -Q f ' 'T d 4 144! 5 4 I-f??L57fLf V 43,61 7 ' 16, U , I '67 7' X Cf ' ' ,. f Compliments of EX' , f f J, Compliments of X , , wg g Albemarle, N. C. 5 nfs. I I b -'J N X- V ., 4 , A U I. V :I V L . 1 4 . A Lula E R L. fha I A ' " E 4 I A Lu? - I Q Q If I ff' , i 7 In I-7 ki ,ld 'R 1 I . X - I 'ii 'N E k V l I IX Compliments of X ' Ju I I X Q! I If ' . P . . if Pl I If I 1 , Ixpfnj I f . lvl! oo lv 'N If il ps ' ,'- if A I s e u p . V . 1 ,J g V f M1 J V jx ,fl My L, N U PV X! e VI ll J ll ll- X , , I X ' , I . fa' sf xl Sf V MF' r' 1 II ll ll "1l ll ffl , , f f 11' mhz, Qfwwm..,,,,,,,,4,,, 5 .JV --LV e'.yAV r 4 ' , E . N my hwqaamawzxy ww . -f, - I I , ,J . veg u V. N VL ' fn , .fmyefdf ef M V. if ww -1 XL :Y .ef . fafmrkoe .Q I J V, fx 4, . r . V Q - . 1 .L , ,Nb V 5 ,Vw 4.81 , ' L7 my ' V Sil'AN LY HARnwA adMw M0 ' ,W , 6 -Mi - 'Q't9"25 - ' 1 pf eaersgbmy Dogg ? all Pr 't V M GREGOR so I 3 weld! SPORTS 56 pg 5 A A TYPES snfcfiifoeiof, '474!A154f M 6?"4 97-2 ytfpfj, 5 My ffm ? 70 "5-sf DELUXE CAFE C T p 044. 4-v M1 Q0 rmwgiffi Wfrwliff f V U 144 Ca.f45f Rscusmfu Jfwuens AAWICAN GEM SOCIETY 2 L' K fgo tY','4:g, , 'f flex f dVf .4 G ld ,E STARN ES J EWELRY 4 c , P L ' Fx , J I fr . ' 44 ,S , Q? s 1 . .Y . I . O D-Q E D - pli 5 0 Compliments of . . U ' C halmers hom son, Proprietor A -C er arm mes! Albemarle, N. C. , A t C 4 GQ 'N 4. 4. .. ' , ' ' 'ig E My ff' 3 ' I 4 ' L " 5 . 3 X f . 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