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Albemarle High School - Crossroads Yearbook (Albemarle, NC) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 96 of the 1950 volume:

r w . =y . GcwJi a? . ' +. r 1034 - . ANNUAL PUBLICATION OF ALBEMARLE HIGH SCHOOL ALBEMARLE, N. C. Gaynelle Chandler Ellene Holbrook Mrs. Paul B. Fry Editor Business Manager Advisor FOREWORD 0 From the hearts, minds, and pens of those who have been inspired by the spirit of Albemarle High School comes this 19 5 0 Crossroads, more revealing perhaps for the things it omits than for those it includes. May you, both now and in later years, revel in its happy reminiscences and chuckle with glee when you see yourself in a picture — and remember. o DEDICATION Because of her Willingness to help Inexhaustible patience Interest in each student Years of loyalty to the school Friendliness Understanding personality Support of all school activities Inestimable influence and Ideal character 4 we dedicate this 1950 Crossroads to our senior sponsor, Miss Chicora Caughman. ADMINISTRATION Claud Grigg Mrs. Paul Helms H. C. McFadyen Superintendent Secretary Principal FACULTY Mrs. Keith Almond Physical Education Chicora Caughman Mathematics Paul B. Fry Choral Music Mrs. Paul B. Fry English Catherine Harrison Bible R. C. Hatley Science Spencer B. Hatley Band Mrs. Nelson Hayes 8th Grade Beatrice Holbrook Librarian 6 Mrs. Wallace Ivey 8tli Grade Jeanne Lentz French Mrs. Mazel Bowles Lyke Biology Mrs. A. S. Lynn 8th Grade Mary Edna Matheson Business Pearle Michael Mathematics Lillian Misenheimer English J. C. Morris Industrial Arts Lenna Morrow II i story D. H. Peiffer History Mrs. D. H. Peiffer English Mrs. Mott Sanders 8th Grade Marion E. Stanton Social Studies Mrs. G. O. Stovall Business Emily Teague Home Economics Henry T. Webb, Jr. Physical Education E. F. Wilson, Jr. Dice rs if ied Occupation s Jean Wise English FACULTY ( Stunt night . . . Mascots . . . Rings have come . . . Star athletes . . . Senior girls . . . Drugstore cowboy . . . Trophy for Coach Webb . . . Football Heroes . . . Good ole summertime ... Till death do us part . . . Sophomores . . . Lovell Moose . . . In Mr. Mac’s office . . . Dangerous Dan McGrew . . . Cafeteria . . . Watch the birdie . . . 8 GrURBV. Soemce - PhjSiCS- CLASSES 9 MR Signals— 1—2— 3— 4— . . . Posin’ . . . Slammin’ Sammy . . . Crackin ' the egg . . . Three of a kind . . . Buddy Acuff . . . Ahoy . . . Looking pretty • • . |nst a settin ' . . . My goodness . . . Shy . . . Courtin’ . . . Three stooges . . . Second childhood . . . Beauty Queens . . . Going my way . . . Pretty car. . . 10 DAVIS SKIDMORE CRANFORD BOONE SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Dwxgi-it Cranford President Carroll Davis Vice President Betty Boone Secretary Sara Skidmore Treasurer Miss Chicora Caughman Sponsor Butcii Helms and Cathy Freeman Mascots COLORS-Red and White FLOWER-Rose MOTTO Build for character, not for fame CROSSROADS 1950 11 Stansil Aldridge “Yesterday is dead— forget it, Tomorrow has not come— don’t worry ; Today is here— use it.” Intramural basketball, Full Moon staff, Vocational student, B-teani football, Boosters club. Dramatics club, D. O. basketball team, Assistant Literary Editor of Crossroads. Peggy Almond “She smiles with the intent to do mischief.” Boosters club, Dramatics club, Library club, F. II. A., Intramural basketball. Douglas Archer “ Man has his will, but woman has her way.” Home room officer, Student Council representative, Vocational student, B-team basketball, B-team soft- ball, Tennis team, D. O. basketball team. Jimmie Austin “1 live to love and make others laugh.” Home room officer, Intramurals, Vocational student, D. O. basketball team, Class Poet. Jean Bailey “The spirit which keeps her is noble, courageous, high.” Boosters club, French club, F. H. A., Dramatics club, Intramural basketball, Stunt Night, Beceptionist. Doris Barnes “She loves the men; some do not; Some love a few; she loves a lot.” Boosters club, F. H. A., Crossroads staff, Bible club. Student Council representative. Paul Barrier “Thy fame lies in thy disposition.” Band, Tumbling team, Intramural sports. Stunt Night. Bob Barringer “His mind is his kingdom, and his will his law.” Home room officer, Student Council representative, National Honor Society, Who’s Who, Commencement marshal, Varsity football, B-team football. Treasurer of Junior Class, President of Student Council, Junior Rotarian, Testator, Monogram Club, Civitan Good Citizen. SENIOR CLASS OF ALBEMARLE 12 Bill Baucom “ Why rush? Rome wasn’t built in a day.” Intramurals, Vocational student. Betty Boone “She laughed and the whole world was gay.” Student Council representative. Pianist for Mixed Chorus, Cheerleader three years and Chief one year. Secretary of Senior Class, Waitress for Senior Ban- quet, Football sponsor. Homeroom secretary. Lamar Bowers “Avoid shame, but do not seek glory— nothing so expensive as glory.” Intramural sports ( basketball and football ) Fred Braswell “Mij only books were womans looks, and folly’s all they taught me.” Intramural sports ( basketball, football, softball, volley- ball) Field day. Barbara Brown “Do you not know that I am a woman? When I think I must speak.” Intramural basketball. Cast of “Grapes for Dinner”, Football sponsor. Mixed Chorus, Stunt Night. Waitress for Senior Banquet. Cast of “One Foot In Heaven.” Jane Bullock “The great essentials of happiness are something to do, something to love, and something to hope for.” President of F.H.A., Managing editor of Full Moon, Business staff of Crossroads, Honor Societv. Com- mencement marshal 3 vears. Girls’ football te am. Intramural basketball. Cheerleader 3 years. Girls’ football team. Intramural basketball. Football sponsor, B-team basketball. Jean Bullock “ Good sense is the body of poetic genius; fancy is its life, and imagination its soul.” Full Moon staff. National Honor Society, Commence- ment marshal 2 years, B-team basketball. Cheer- leader 3 vears, Feature editor of Crossroads. Treas- urer of F.H.A.. Football sponsor. Girls’ Football team. Home room officer. Secretary of Honor Society. Betty Burleson “A bashful maiden meek and mild With never a word of action ivild.” Girls’ Chorus, Vocational student. Intramural basket- ball. HIGH SCHOOL— 1950 13 Bobby Cree “Not to go back is somewhat to advance.” Melody Makers, Band, Intramural basketball and softball. Field Day, Stunt night. Terrell Crisco “If love and school clash; let school go smash.” Boys’ chorus, Boosters club, Intramural sports. Willie Crisco “Speech is silver ; silence is gold.” Intramural basketball. Boosters club. Vocational stu- dent. Conrad Crotts “Music and the human soul are alone eternal. French club, Dramatics club. Mixed chorus, Music editor for Crossroads, Full Moon staff. Boosters club. Contest soloist. OF ALBEMARLE SENIOR CLASS Ted Burleson “In quietness and confidence shall be your strength .” Varsity basketball. Intramural sports. Monogram club. Stunt night. Gaynelle Chandler “A willing heart, a helping hand, always ready on command.” Mixed Chorus secretary, Secretary of home room Secretary of Junior Class, Full Moon staff. Editor of Crossroads, Student Council representative, National Honor Society, Who’s who. Girls ensemble, Girls contest trio, Delegate to North Carolina Press Asso- ciation. Mary Helen Cooper “ She’s a laughing, peppy dame ; Never, never quite the same.” Cheerleader, B-team basketball. Mixed Chorus, Full Moon staff, Photogranhv editor of Crossroads, Sec- retary of Boosters club. Secretary of Dramatics club Football sponsor. Council representative, D.A.B. good citizen. Cast of “One Foot In Heaven.” Dwight Cranford “So well he plays every part.” Class Historian. Vice president. President of Dra- matics club. Monogram club. Intramurals. Home room president. Full Moon staff. Assistant Business Manager of Crossroads, Senior class president. Treas- urer of Student Council Cast of “Mr. Lincoln’s Whiskers”, “If Men Played Cards As Women Do”, and Stunt night. Who’s who. Manager basketball team. Varsity football. Delegate to North Carolina Student Council Convention, Junior Rotanan. 14 Joyce Crowell Music is well said to be the speech of angels.” Mixed Chorus, Girls’ trio. Girls ensemble. Bernice Crump True to herself, true to her friend, true to her duty always.” Dramatics club. Boosters’ club. Intramural basketball. Full Moon staff, Crossroads staff. Carroll Davis “ A merry heart, a merry smile. Happy is he all the while.” Vice president of Senior Class, home room treasurer. Secretary of Boosters’ club. Sports Editor of Cross- roads. Full Moon staff. B-teanr basketball. Varsity football. Monogram club. Janet Deese Joy is not in things— it is in us.” Mixed Chorus. Varsity basketball, B-team basketball. Crossroads staff, Intramural sports. Monogram club. Alline Dennis The silence often of pure innocence persuades when speaking fails.” Librarian. Sidney Doby “ Here is a true and industrious friend.” Intramural football, basketball and softball. Anne Dry “ How sweet and fair she seems to he! ' Girls’ Chorus, Mixed Chorus, French Club, Boosters club. Rebecca Drye “ Neatly dressed and full of fun , Gay and liked by everyone.” Home room officer, Girls’ chorus, Student Council representative. Vocational student. HIGH SCHOOL— 1950 15 Henry Efird “I’ll find a way or make one.” I lome room officer. Boosters club. Dramatics club. Mixed Chorus, Crossroads staff. Full Moon staff, Intramural basketball. Stunt Night. Lorene Frick “ Be merry if you are wise.” Dramatics club, Bible club. Boosters club. Intramural basketball. Cast of Bible play, Ninth grade chorus, Girls’ chorus. Norma Efird “ The flowers spring to blossom where she walks.” Home room officer, Mixed Chorus, Girls’ Ensemble, Miss Merry Christmas, B-team basketball. Intramural basketball, Boosters club. Henry Forrest “ Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.” Mixed Chorus, President Mixed Chorus, Bov’s Quar- tet. Intramural basketball, softball. Sport’s Editor of Full Moon, National Honor Society, Commencement Marshal. Safety Contest Winner, Student Council representative, Junior Lion, Contest soloist. Jo Fox “If eyes were made for seeing, then beauty is its own excuse for being.” M ixed Chorus, Feature editor of Full Moon, Cast of “We’re Dieting”, Dramatics club, Football sponsor, Cast of “One Foot In Heaven.” Reba Frick “ Contentment is a habit she contracted.” F. II. A., Bible club. Dramatics club, Boosters club. Girls ' chorus. Intramural basketball. Cast of Bible play. Boyd Furr “A man must get a thing before he can forget it.” Boys’ chorus. Crossroads staff, Full Moon staff. Voca- tional student. Hoyle Gilbert Well, if 1 must. 1 must— and in that case the less said the better.” Monogram club, Boosters club, Bovs’ chorus. Man- ager of varsity football. Intramural sports. Cast of “One Foot In Heaven.” SENIOR CLASS OF ALBEMARLE 16 Earle Griffin “Live for today— tomorrow never comes.” Boys’ Chorus, Full Moon staff. Stunt night, Bus driver. William Grigg “We are not put in the world to sit still and know; We are put in it to act.” Student Council representative three years. Monogram club, Treasurer of Dramatics club. Athlete of the Month, Staff of Crossroads. President of Junior class, Varsitv football 3 years B-team basketball. Winner of U.S. History medal, Commencement marshal 2 yrs.. Chief marshal. Cast of “Grapes for Dinner” and “If Men Played Cards As Women Do,” Who’s Who. James Gulledge “If I had my life to live over. I’d do the same things again.” Photography club, Boosters club. Mixed Chorus, Stu- dent Council representative, National Honor Societv, B-team football. Football manager. Crossroads staff. Junior Rotarian. Ailene Hall “Some think the world is made for fun and frolic, and so do I.” Girls’ chorus. Mixed Chorus, Home Economics club. Intramural basketball. Claude Hartsell “I have all that I have ever enjoyed.” Intramural sports. Vocational student, B-team basket- ball, Manager of D.O. basketball team. Perlene Hartsell “The girl who ivins is the girl who works.” Varsity basketball 3 years, All-State plaver 2 years, All-Tourney player 2 years. Secretary of Monogram Club, Mixed Chorus, Girls Chorus, Boosters club. Cranford Hathcock “Love is the life of man.” Home room officer. Monogram club. Assistant Editor of Crossroads, Feature staff of Full Moon, Varsity football, B-team football. Athlete of Month, Boosters club. Junior Lion, School photographer. Charles Harrington “I make the most of all that comes, the least of all that goes.” Student Council representative two years. Intramural basketball. HIGH SCHOOL— 1950 17 Jimmie Hathcock Things are hound to happen. Why worry?” Intramural sports. Johnny Helms “A good sport every day.” Treasurer of Boosters club. President of French club, Monogram club, Student Council representative. Home room president. Crossroads staff, Full Moon staff, Varsity football, B-team football, B-team basketball. Varsity basketball. Athlete of Month, Cast of “If Men Played Cards as Women Do”, Stunt Night. Clegg Herrin “A little learning is a dangerous thing.” Mixed chorus. Winner of $25 band award. Stunt Night, Band. Frances Hinson This young lady is very sweet , A girl like her you seldom meet.” Monogram club. Mixed chorus, Intramural basket- ball, Varsity basketball, B-team basketball. Ellene Holbrook Then give to the world the best that you have , And the best will come back to you.” Mixed chorus, Home room officer, Monogram club. Business manager of Crossroads , Fidl Moon staff. National Honor Society, Who’s Who, B-team basket- ball, Varsity basketball. Delegate to N. C. Press Institute, Football sponsor. Cast of “One Foot In Heaven.” Elbert Holt Self reverence, self knowledge, self control .” Treasurer of Black Masque, Monogram club, B-team basketball, Varsity basketball, B-team football. Var- sity football. Commencement Marshal, Home room officer. Student Council representative. Treasurer of Student Council, President of National Honor Society. Roy Holt “ Notlnng is little to him that feels it with great sensibility.” Student Council, Vice president of Library club. In- tramural softball. Editor of Full Moon. Crossroads staff. National Honor Society, Who’s Who, Delegate to North Carolina Press Institute, Junior Rotarian, Prophet, Librarian. President of Honor Society, Cast of “One Foot In Heaven.” Frank Hopkins “The reward of a thing well done is to have done it.” Intramural sports, Bible club. Vocational student. SENIOR CLASS OF ALBEMARLE 18 Kathleen Hudson “As merry as the day is long.” Boosters club, Girls Chorus, Cast of “Mr. Lincoln’s Whiskers”, Intramural sports. Science Fair, Stunt Night, Cast of “One Foot In Heaven.” Jimmy Kelly “ The more we study, the more we discover our ignorance.” Vocational student, B-tearn basketball, B-team foot- ball, Intramural sports. Mildred Kelly “Women like not only to conquer but to be conquered.” Secretary and treasurer of home room. Boosters club. Mixed chorus, Tennis team. Dramatics club. Bill Kluttz “ His life was gentle, and the elements so mixed in him that nature might stand up and say, ' This is a Man.’ ” Home room officer. Monogram club, All-South-Pied- mont conference team. Co-captain football team. Varsity football team. Vice president Junior Class, B-team basketball team Baseball Athlete of month. Tumbling team, Full Moon staff, junior Rotarian Johnny Knight “His ready wit. His cheerful smile. Make him welcome all the while.” Monogram club. Intramur-als. Cast of “Grapes For Dinner.” “Mr. Lincoln’s Whiskers.” “If Men Place 1 Cards As Women Do.” Manager of Varsitv fnnW ' ill Band. Melody Makers, Stunt Night, Cast of “One Foot In Heaven.” Mary Lamar “Her voice was ever soft, gentle, and low, an excel! en ' thing in woman.” Monogram club. Boosters club F. H. A.. Girls’ foot- ball team. Intramural basketball. Typist for Crossroad « Circulation Manager of Full Moon, Manager of basketball team. Max Lambert “To be content, his natural desire.” Band, Chorus. Gene Laltghter “ Life’s but a span; I’ll enjoy every inch of it.” Intramural sports. Intramural referee. B-team basket- ball, Cheerleader, Mixed Chorus, Full Moon staff. Art Editor of Crossroads, Art chairman of Boosters club. HIGH SCHOOL-1950 19 George Lee Vernon Lisk Never trouble trouble till trouble troubles you.” Intramural basketball, football, volleyball, and soft- ball, Full Moon staff. Varsity basketball, B-team basketball. Jack Lee Youth calls for pleasure; pleasure calls for love.” Secretary of home room. Intramural football, softball, and basketball. Student Council representative, Field Day. Virginia Lee Happiness is the harvest of the quiet eye.” Library club two years. Tommy Lilly Happy am I , from care 1 am free; Why can ' t they all be contented like me?” Vice president of home room. Intramural softball, football, tennis, and basketball. Tennis team. Field Day, Giftorian, Cast of One Foot In Heaven.” I take life easy ancl have no regrets.” Library club, Boys’ chorus, Intramural sports. Dewey Lowder Everything comes to him that waits. Why hurry?” Boys’ chorus Elbert Lowder Sometimes I sit and think— and sometimes I just sit.” Boys’ chorus. Mixed chorus, Intramural sports. Larry Lowder Some one who’s real without pretence or show.” Boosters club, Photography club, French club, Dra- matics club, Vice president Mixed Chorus, Boys’ Chorus, Stunt Night. SENIOR CLASS OF ALBEMARLE 20 Geraldine Mabry “Who gained no enemies and lost no friends.” Homeroom officer. Joan Marbry “ Leave silence to the saints; I am but human.” Stunt Night, Girls’ Chorus, Boosters Club, Science Fair, F.H.A., Library Club. Barbara Mauldin “A good disposition is more valuable than gold.” F.H.A., Boosters Club, Intramural basketball four years. Editii Mauldin “ Tis better to be small and shine than large and cast a shadow.” Boosters Club, Bible club, Vocational student. Anne Milton “She was ever fair and never proud, had tongue at will yet never loud.” Boosters Club, Treasurer of home room. Dramatics club, B-team basketball. Girls’ football team. Cast of “One Foot In Heaven.” Martha Moore “ The fairest garden in her looks, and in her mind the wisest books.” Dramatics club, Science club. Secretary of Bible club. Library club, Mixed Chorus, Intramurals, Crossroads business staff, National Honor Society, Varsity basketball one year. Valedictorian, Cast of “One Foot In Heaven.” Carolyn Morgan “ How sweet and fair she seems to be! ' Home Economics club, Bible club, Secretary-Treas- urer of Library club, Mixed Chorus, Girls’ Chorus, Cafeteria worker. Librarian. Ben Morris “ There is nothing like fun, is there?” Band, Chorus, Intramural basketball, football, soft- ball, volley ball. HIGH SCHOOL — 1950 21 Alma Rae Morton Quiet, unassuming, and dependable.” Boosters club, Bible club. Vocational student. Bob Morton “ Not too serious, not too gay ; but altogether a jolly good fellow.” Intramural basketball, football, softball and volley- ball, Full Moon staff, Intramural athletic commit- tee, B-team basketball. Field Day. Elbert Morton His quietness does not make him less important.” Intramural basketball, softball. Tumbling team. Stunt night. Vocational student. |ack Morton Few things are impossible to diligence and skill.” I lomeroom officer, Monogram club, Officer of Pho- tography club. Intramural Sports manager, Student Council representative, Cast of “If Men Played Cards As Women Do,” National Honor Society, Manager of Varsity basketball team. Tennis team, Vice president of French club, Junior Lion, Vice president of National Honor Society. Rayvon Morton “Were there no women, we might live like gods.” President of home room, Boys’ chorus, Student Council, Vocational student. Max Moyle “ Easy come, easy go.” Intramurals. Connie McLain Do noble things, not dream them all day long, and so make life, death and that vast forever one grand sweet song.” Managing Editor of Crossroads, Full Moon staff, National Honor Society, Cheerleader, Varsity basket- ball, Who’s who, A. H. S. reporter to Stanly Neivs and Press, Secretary of Student Council, Delegate to Student Council conference, Football sponsor. Chairman of Assembly Programs committee, Saluta- torian, Cast of “One Foot In Heaven.” Peggy Napier “A smile in her eyes.” Boosters club. Mixed chorus, Girls ' chorus, B-team basketball, Intramural basketball. SENIOR CLASS OF 22 ALBEMARLE Marlene Page “Nothing good comes; all has to be fetched.” Field Day, Intramural basketball. Boosters club. Dra- matics club. Treasurer of F.H.A., Office assistant. Harry Pawlik “Of honest worth. Truly a friend. One on whom We can depend.” Science club. Monogram club. Mixed chorus. Intra- mural basketball, News Editor of Full Moon, Vice President of Student Council, Varsity football, B-tearn football, Student Council representative, Junior Lion. Malcolm Pelt “A little nonsense, now and then, is relished by the ivisest men.” Intramural basketball. Vocational student. Treasurer of Bible club. Howard Plyler “A handsome face is nature’s best gift.” Full Moon staff, French club. Stunt Night. Laurette Plyler “Beauty draws more than oxen.” Secretary home room. Boosters club. Intramural basketball. Crossroads staff. Delegate to F.H.A. con- vention, Bible club. Carolyn Poplin “Her blue eyes sought the west afar, for lovers love the western star.” Secretary of home room. Boosters club. Mixed chorus. Secretary and treasurer Girls’ chorus. Intramural basketball. Cast of “Season’s Greetings,” Princess in Charlotte Christmas parade. Evelyn Poplin “Silence is sweeter than speech.” Girls’ chorus. Sarah Frances Poplin “I have often regretted my speech, never my silence. F.H.A., Intramural basketball. Science Fair, French club, Waitress for senior banquet. Treasurer of Girls’ chorus. HIGH SCHOOL— 1950 23 Curtis Ragsdale “ A friend is worth all hazards we can run into.” Vice president of home room, Photography club. Vocational student, Intramural basketball. Peggy Redfern “ There is never too much of a good thing.” Boosters club. Intramural basketball, Stunt Night, Vice president of F.H.A., Dramatics club. Attrice Rich “lhippincss is cheaper than ivorry, so why pay the higher price?” Boosters club, French club. Dance club. Full Moon staff. Intramural basketball. Marie Roscoe “ She was a girl of quiet ways.” President of home room, French club, president of the Library club, Crossroads staff. Full Moon staff. Delegate to Library Association, Library Assistant, Waitress at Senior banquet. Mary Rose Rum age “A word of kindness is seldom spoken in vain, while witty sayings are as easily lost as pearls, slipping from a broken string.” Boosters club, Dramatics club, French club, Intra- murals, Waitress at Senior banquet. Louise Russell “A laugh is worth a hundred groans in any market.” Girls’ chorus. Barbara Setzler “ Ambition ruled her brain; and love her heart.” Boosters club, Dramatics club, Literary editor of Crossroads, Full Moon staff, National Honor Society, Intramural basketball. Home room officer, Cast of “Alleghany Primary,” Waitress for Senior banquet. Football sponsor, Who’s Who. Peggy 7 Siiankle “ Be silent and safe— silence never betrays you.” Mixed Chorus, Girls’ Trio, Girls’ Ensemble, Girls’ Chorus. SENIOR CLASS OF ALBEMARLE 24 Louise Shaver “Of manners gentle, of affections mild.” Boosters club, Girls’ Chorus. Tommy Sibley “M usic is the universal language. ' Boosters club. Dramatics club, Finance committee and Welcome committee of school. Jake Sides “Men of few words are the best men. ' ' Cast of “Pilgrims of the Way,” Intramural basketball and softball teams. Sara Skidmore “Fair and gentle. Good and true, Ever sincere And dependable too.” Secretary of Monogram club. President of Home Ec. club, Secretary of Mixed Chorus, Business man- ager of Fidl Moon, Secretary of Honor Society, Who’s who, Varsity basketball three years, Co- captain varsity basketball team, B-team basket- ball. Delegate to N. C. Press Association, Treasurer of Senior Class, All Tournament, Cast of “One Foot In Heaven.” Barbara Smith “Laugh and the world laughs with you. Boosters club. Girls’ Chorus, Intramural basketball. Stunt Night, F.II.A. Dorothy Smith “ I say just what I think, no more, no less.” Girls’ Chorus, Intramural football. Intramural basket- ball, Vocational student. Cafeteria worker. Betty Jo Sprinkle “ Talking she knew not why, nor cared not what. ' Vocational student. Girls’ Chorus, Intramural basket- ball, Girls’ football team. Bryant Stallings “An affable and courteous gentleman. Mixed Chorus, Intramural football, and softball. B-team basketball, B-team football. Assistant man- ager of football team. Stunt Night, Boy’s Quartet. HIGH SCHOOL— 1950 25 Madie Stamper “ Not much talk— a great sweet silence. Girls’ Chorus. Julian Swaringen “It is not wise to he wiser than necessary. Boys’ Chorus, Library club. Sadie Stamper “I hear , yet I say not much , but think all the more. ' Girls’ Chorus. Elizabeth Starr “ There is a maiden happy and gay. Willing to help in whatever she may. Home room officer, Intramural sports. Officer of French club. National Honor Society, President of Vocational students. Delegate to Girls State, “Miss Merry Christmas” contest. Leroy Swaringen “To play the game for all that’s in it, To play the game and play to win it.” Monogram club. Tumbling team. Varsity basketball, B-team basketball, Varsity football, B-team football. Athlete of the Month, Vocational student. Monzelle Talbert “The greatest pleasure of life is love.” Secretary of Vocational club. Treasurer of home- room, Intramural basketball. Vocational student. Boosters club. Home Economics Club. Paul Suggs “As fine a fellow as you can find on any summer day. Boys’ Chorus, Mixed Chorus, Tennis team, Intra- mural basketball, Orchestra. Norma Talbert “Character is the key to thy success.” Bible club. Cast of “Cloth of Sendonv,” Vocational Student. SENIOR CLASS OF 26 ALBEMARLE Catherine Taylor “The glass of fashion and the mold of form, the observed of all observers.” Girls’ Chorus, Intramural basketball. Boosters club. Student Council representative, Secretary home room. Cast of “Season’s Greetings,” Waitress for Senior banquet. Juanita VanHoy “A good heart is better than all the heads in the world.” Bobby Watson “A thousand girls in one.” Transferred from Norwood High School, Monogram club. Boosters club. Varsity basketball. French club, Co-captain Varsity basketball team. Allen Tindall “Content’s a kingdom, and I wear the crown.” Full Moon staff, Intramural basketball. Stunt Night, Hattie Tucker “Work while you work, but play often.” Secretary home room, President home room, Boost- ers club. Dramatics club. F.H.A., Full Moon staff. Crossroads staff, Cast of “One Foot In Heaven.” Kenneth Tucker “A kind and gentle heart he had to comfort friends and foes.” Intramural sports. Boys’ Chorus. Edward Whitley “To live is to love.” Intramural softball and basketball, B-team basket- ball, Manager 10th grade basketball team, D. O. basketball team. Vocational student. Kenneth Willis “I take life easily, and bear no regrets .” Mixed Chorus, Boys’ chorus. Intramural sports. Mon- ogram club. Varsity basketball, B-team basketball, B-team football, Tumbling team, Stunt Night, Bov’s Quartet. Bob Youngblood “Why should life all labor be?” Home room president. Boosters club president. Mon- ogram club president, Boys’ chorus, Mixed Chorus, Lighting technician for school programs, Crossroads staff. Full Moon staff. Student Council, Maintenance club. Junior Lion. Varsity football. Co-captain of varsity football, Who’s Who, North Carolina All-Star Football Player. HIGH SCHOOL NINETEEN FIFTY “I’m In The Mood ... In a huddle . . . The Bullocks . . . Stunt night . . . Ready to ride . . . Teachers . . . Lunch time . . . Books for show . . . Ride ’em, cowboy . . . What’s up? . . . Let’s take a dip . . . The sky’s the limit . . . Ken . . . After Hadacol . . . Ain’t we pretty? . . . Letter from whom? . . . Badin Lake . . . Before Hadacol . . . Concentration . . . Waiting . . . 28 SENIOR SUPERLATIVES Most Studious Sarah Frances Poplin Roy Holt Most Talented Tommy Sibley Connie McLain Most Popular Dwight Cranford Mary Helen Cooper Best All-round Gaynelle Chandler Bill Grigg Most Original Martha Moore Bob Barringer 29 SENIOR SUPERLATIVES Best Dressed Gene Laughter Joyce Crowell Most Dependable Gaynelle Chandler Elbert Holt Friendliest Betty Boone Bob Barringer Best Athletes Perlene Hartsell Bill Kluttz Best Looking Howard Plyler Carolyn Poplin 30 AT ALBEMARLE HIGH SCHOOL Best Dancers Ellene Holbrook Bob Gulledge Most Likely To Succeed Roy Holt Martha Moore Biggest Talkers Barbara Brown Peggy Almond Tommy Lilly Most Influential Gaynelle Chandler Dwight Cranford Cutest J ane Bullock Howard Plyler Mary Helen Cooper Wittiest Bob Youngblood Lorene Frick 31 PATTERSON LOWDER WHITLEY POPLIN JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Charles Whitley Ed Patterson Betty Jean Poplin Malcolm Powder President Vice President Secretary Treasurer 32 Carolyn Akers Colleen Archer Dewey Bailey Clara Barbee Bill Barnes Sue Barringer J. C. Bell Helen Bowers Johnny Boyett Virginia Brown Jo Ann Burrell Arthur Burris Greta Burris Billy Clark Jane Coggin Vicki Cooper Lillian Copley George Corriher Alyse Cranford Joyce Cranford Eddie Crisco Frank Crisco Chase Crump Lucille Curlee JUNIORS 33 Myra Davis Ezelle Doby Donald Earnhardt Frank Efird Dora Efird Elizabeth Elder Ardree Ferrell Harvey Ferrell Bobby Freeman Billy Frye Dorothy Gaskin Jimmy Green Carlyn Griffin Martha Griffith Blaine Hall Claude Harwood Helen Harwood John Harwood Morris Hathcock Nell Hatley Sidney Helms John Herrin Lewis Hinson Paddy Hi nson JUNIORS 34 Eunice Kimrey Roberta Kimrey Sally Neal Kluttz Martha Knight Dillon Lambert Janette Laton Constance Lefler Betty Jean Leonard Charles Litaker Jane Little Elsie Lowder Lois Lowder Lowell Lowder Malcolm Lowder Vina Ruth Lowder Bobby Lucas Blondell Lucas Bryce Luther Della Rose Mabry Douglas Mason Billie Rose Mauldin Dickie Mauldin Christine Melton Norma Miller OD JUNIORS Angela Moncrief Talmadge Moose Billy Morris Charles Morris Tommy Morris Merrill Morris Joe McAnulty Reid McLendon Charles McManus Dick Palmer Edward Patterson Betty Jean Poplin John Reap J ane Rogers Reggie Russell Frances Saunders Robert Scaggs Bernhard Schadt Joyce Scott Jimmy Simmons Jane Smith Louise Smith Mary Ellen Speight Henry Springer JUNIORS 36 Betty Lou Stevens Patty Stilwell Johnny Stoker Birdie Suggs Eleanor Swaringen Kathleen Talbert Ann Taylor Sue Taylor Janice Thomas Donald Tucker Louise VanHov Donald Wagner Charles Whitley Elbert Whitley Joe Whitley Frank Wilhelm Frankie Williams Frances Wingate Nell Winn Donald Woolly JUNIORS 37 Virginia Brown, queen of the sponsors . . . Junior-Senior prom . . . Dancing under the stars . . . Ain’t we got fun? . . . “All the Way, Choo-Choo’ . . . “Choo- Choo” again . . . Home-coming dance . , . 38 SOPHOMORES First Row: Betty Aldridge, O’Lema Aldridge, Donald Almond, Catherine Atkins, Nancy Austin, Marie Barbee, Ralph Barbee, Jean Barringer. Second Row: Betty Jo Boles, Betty Brunson, Clara Jane Burleson, Eleanor Burleson, Audrey Burris, Betty Burris, Keith Byrd, Helen Cagle Third Row: Genoal Carpenter, Henry Car- penter, Barbara Crowell, Betty Lynn Crowell, Ann Reader Daniels, Betty Davis, James Den- nis, Mary Ann Dennis. Fourth Row: Mazelle Dry, Donald Frick, Jo Ann Griffin, Margaret Griffin, Ruby Hat- ley, Marlene Harrington, V. L. Harwood, Nancy Haynes. Fifth Row: Janet Helms, Virginia Helms, Carol Jo Herrin, Helen Hitchcock, Virginia Hollingsworth, Angeline Hopkins, Larry Hop- kins, Paula Howard. Sixth Row: Gene Huneycutt, J. Lewis Kluttz, Lina Belle Lamar, Joyce Lewis, Bill Lisk, James Lisk, Betty Lowder, Bruce Lowder 39 SOPHOMORES First Row: Nancy Lowder, Helen Luther, Emily Milton, Lovell Moose, Jerry Morris, Peggy Morris, Roger Morris, David Morrow. Second Row: Nancy Morrow, Sylvia Morrow, Hamilton Morton, Jr., Wynona Mull, Bob Palmer, Patsy Pettit, Laura Mae Plyler, Randall Plyler. Third Row: Hilda Poplin, Tommie Poplin, Sue Redfern, Betty Sue Rogers, Carrie Mae Russell, Jane Russell, Joe Russell, Kenneth Russell. Fourth Row: Tony Russell, Gladys Saunders, Janice Scott, Kathryn Shaver, Jimmy Skid- more, Sue Smith, W. B. Stallings, Reggie Stoker. Fifth Row: Leslie Swanner, Ann Swaringen, Jean Taylor, Jeanette Troutman, Larry Tucker, Charles Walter, Patsy Williford, Johnny Youngblood. Sixth Row: Nancy Yow, Gary King. 40 FRESHMEN MRS. FRY Larry Crisco Dwight Efird Don Eudy Harold Harkey Wade Hearne Bobby Mauldin Clayton Mauldin Donald Morton Donald Pearce Gene Snuggs Larry Stallings Edna Barber Marie Clayton Ellen Cook Johnsie Deese Marilyn Greene Collene Harris Barbara Hinson Louise Hinson Mirle Hinson Carrol Sue Hudson Barbara Hunevcutt Jewell Kiser Shirley Medlin Betty Moyle Carolyn Smith Kay Thomas Inrogene Tucker Shirley Turner MRS. ALMOND Bob Boger J. C. Boone Larry Bowers David Bruton Frank Burrell Douglas Davis James Gibson Pat Haire Benny Herrin Bill Huckabee Claude Lawhon Charles McManus Donald Perry Richard Poplin Robert Shaver Neil Whitley Mona Rae Crotts Sandra Davis Shirley Deese Jeanette Dennis Shirley Hinson Mary L. Helms Mildred James Peggy Johnson Aveline Morton Betty Rummage Dorothy Rummage Joanne Russell Helen Starr Jean Spivey Julie Ussery Anne Walter Ann Whitlock 41 mini MOKE FRESHMEN MISS HARRISON Glenn Almond, Gene Deese, Will Tom Dennis, Toby Frick, Don Harrington, Dalton Hathcock, Baford Lucas, Max Lambert, Earle Stewart, Robert Thomp- son, Royce Thompson, Bill Tucker, Robert White, MR. HATLEY Bobby Archer, Wayne Barringer, Robert Corriher, Jerry Fincher, Billy Freeman, Larry Holt, James Hudgens, Gary Lunsford, Tyler Morton, Gerald Par- ker, Douglas, Simpson, Raggene Smith, Donald Stog- ner, Kenneth Stoker, Leroy Tucker, Jeanette Bowers, Edna Dick, Ruby Green, Janelle Harrington, Martha MISS STANTON Bobby Bunting, Willie Ray Curlee, James Dennis, F. E. Efird, Darrell Frick, Kenneth Gibson, Douglas Harper, Eugene Hudson, Robert Lowder, Ted Mabry, Richard Mauldin, Douglas Sasser, George Shaver, Sally Ausband, Shirley Boone, Ruth Ann Copley, Bernice Atkinson, Evelyn Burris, Peggy Cathey, Caro- lyn Doby, Carolyn Gaddy, Zelda Helms, Betty Haire, Joyce Holt, Nancy Kluttz, Frances Laughlin, Avanelle Osborne, Patsy Page, Bernice Roscoe, Betty Russell, Bobbie Russell, Annie Ruth Stevens, Carolyn Terry. Harris, Nelda Huneycutt, Shirley Ann Lisk, Janette Mabe, Ann Mayberry, Carolyn Miller, Peggy Morris, Shirley Morton, Wanda Sells, Janet Smith, Juanita Ussery, Betty Jean Vanhoy, Judith Ann Whitley, Peggy Wilhelm Marion Davis, Marcelle Floyd, Betty Gantt, Doris Gurley, Mildred Honeycutt, Barbara Lowder, Peggv Jo Lowder, Jeanette Me Lendon, Marcie Me Lester, Lucille Talbert, Carol Thompson, Janet Troutman, Trudie Weaver, Patsy Wilhelm, Carolyn Williams 42 EIGHTH GRADE MRS. IIAYES Delain Curlee, Claud Grigg, Richard Haynes, Gerald Holt, Kent Holt, Donald Jones, Neill Morton, Harold Price, Ralph Setzler, Dan Sibley, Richard Springer, Darrell Story, Larry Talbert, Richard Tucker, Jimmie Whitley, Hoy Whitlock, Peggy Davis, Barbara Eudy, MRS. IVEY Jimmy Brown, Kenneth Carpenter, R. B. Cox, Kent Curlee, Ronnie Curlee, Victor Dry, Larry Hartsell, Lowell Hartsell, Larry Heame, Dwayne Lowder, Marvin Miller, Jimmy Morton, Keith Morton, Jimmy Page, Wayne Palmer, Bobbie Reeves, Dwain Sells, Lydia Hall, Billie Rose Harris, Eleanor Ann Ivey, Shirley Lambert, Carolyn Lyerly, Shirley Mitchel, Emily Morton, Nellie Pickier, Joan Rummage, Marsh- aline Smith, Shirley Swaringen, Mable Williams Jo Ann Atkins, Margaret Brunson, Bettie Early, Nancy Farmer, Mary Foreman, Kathryn Groves, Barbara Holt, Jeanette Howard, Evelyn Kimrey, Doris Luther, Janelle Mauldin, Sarah Miller, Margaret Reeves, Lula Gray Thomas 43 MORE EIGHTH GRADE MRS. LYNN Sherrill Aldridge, Harold Bagwell, New Burris, Kemp Clayton, C. B. Crook, Ted Eudy, Dwain Furr, Ben Harward, Jimmie Howell, Jimmy Lentz, Ned Mann, Steve McLendon, Craig Smith, Marvin Thompson, Larry Yow, Patty Almond, Carolyn Barbee, Jimmy MRS. SAUNDERS James Austin, Ray Barringer, Bobbie Brooks, Van Dorn Camp, Lanny Ellis, Roger Furr, Jimmie Griffin, Arthur Lynn, Darrell Mauldin, Eugene Miller, Wayne Morris, F. A. Newton, Keith Sikes, Lentz Solomon, Lyndell Thompson, Ben Treece, Georgia Beaver, Ruby Carol Burleson, Betty Jo Burris, Caroleen Burris, Sally Crook, Janet Glover, Barbara Mall, Peggy Morton, Barbara McSwain, Ann Russell, Yvonne Sheppard, Kay Snuggs, Grace Speight, Sylvia Whit- ley Burkhardt, Claudette Chandler, Lula Mae Crowell, Laura Doby, Barbara Eudy, Betty Eury, Margaret Gilbert, Sue Hunsucker, Doris Hinson, Vann Lowder, Jeanette Morgan, Ellen Palmer, Rochelle Ritchie, Dixie Lee Schadt 44 ACTIVITIES 45 STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS Bob Babbingeb President Jane Russell Secretary Charles Whitley Vice President Elbert Holt T reasurer H. C. McFadyen Adviser This year the Student Council, consisting of one representative from each home room, set up school stores, giving the students an opportunity to purchase paper and pencils between classes. Several charitable drives, organized for the betterment of the school, have been sponsored by the council. It has also acted as a general informant to each home room. 46 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY MEMBERS Seated: Jack Morton, Martha Moore, Connie McLain, Barbara Setzler, Jean Bullock, Jane Bullock, Gaynelle Chandler, Henry Forrest Standing: Elbert Holt, James Gulledge, Roy Holt, Ellene Holbrook, Lib Starr, Sara Skid- more, Bob Barringer, Bill Grigg Character, scholarship, leadership, service— these are the ideals of the National Honor Society. The young men and the young women who possess these qualities today will be the leaders of tomorrow. It is the aim of each member of the Honor Society not only to possess these qualities but also to uphold them, so that he shall induce others to aspire to scholarly habits, worthy service, and active leader- ship. 47 Gaynelle Chandler Editor-in-Chief Ellene Holbrook Business M anager P U B L I 1950 CROSSROADS Gaynelle Chandler Editor-in-Chief Ellene Holbrook Business Manager Connie McLain Managing Editor Cranford Hathcock Ass t Managing Editor Gene Laughter and Talmadge Moose Art Editors Barbara Setzler Carroll Davis Henry Efird Mrs. Paul B. Fry Miss Ciiicora Caughman Literary Editor Sports Editor Snapshot Editor Literary Adviser Business Adviser First Row: Gene Laughter, Barbara Setzler, Cranford Hathcock, Connie McLain, Gaynelle Chandler, Ellene Holbrook, Dwight Cranford, Jo Fox, Jane Bullock. Second Row: Carroll Davis, Mary Helen Cooper, Jean Bullock, Martha Moore, Janet Deese, Marie Roscoe, Hattie Tucker, Bernice Crump, Kenneth Willis. Third Row: John Helms, Conrad Crotts, Bill Grigg, Henry Efird, Bob Young- blood, Stancil Aldridge, Bob Gulledge 48 T I 0 N S FILL MOON Roy Holt Editor Sara Skidmore Business Manager Roy Holt Editor-in-Chief fo Fox Feature Editor Harry Pawlik News Editor Henry Forrest Sports Ed dor Jane Bullock Managing Editor Sara Skidmore Business Manager Mrs. Paul B. Fry Sponsor Seated: Dwight Cranford, Harry Pawlik, Sara Skidmore, Roy Holt, Jane Bullock, Hattie Tucker, Mary Helen Cooper, Mary Lamar, and Gaynelle Chandler. Second Row: Mrs. Fry, Allen Tindall, Carroll Davis, Barbara Setzler, Ellene Holbrook, Jean Bullock, George Lee, Marie Roscoe, Henry Forrest, Bernice Crump, Henry Efird, Conrad Crotts, John Helms, Bill Kluttz, Staneil Aldridge, and Connie McLain. Third Row: Bob Morton, Howard Plyler, Bob Youngblood, Cranford Hatchcock, Gene Laughter, Earl Griffin, and Boyd Furr 49 OFFICERS CRANFORD EFIRD COOPER IIOLT Dwight Cranford Frank Efird Mary Helen Cooper Elbert Holt Mrs. Don Peiffer President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Director THE MACK MASQUE The Black Masque is a dramatic organiza- tion open only to Juniors and Seniors who are interested in acting, costuming, production, and make-up. This year eighty upperclassmen joined this organization, thus making them eligible for open try-outs before any play was cast. This year the Black Masque presented for assembly three one-act plays: “If Men Played Cards As Women Do,” “Alleghany Primary,” and “Boomerang.” The season’s climax was the presentation of “One Foot in Heaven” pre- sented by the Senior members. It is the hope of the organization that they may entertain; however, they also strive to give the members a greater appreciation of “good theater.” “If Men Played Cards As Women Do” “Alleghany Primary’ ‘George Washington Slept Here’ 50 MONOGRAM CLUB The Albemarle High School Monogram Club was organized in the fall of 1947, Membership in the club is limited to those boys and girls who win letters in the athletic program of the high school. The Club has as its main objectives the promotion of friendship, exemplification of good sportsmanship, fostering the privileges and responsibilities that come with high school athletic participa- tion, and the realization that the greatest heritage of youth is the right to play. The main project of the Monogram Club is to raise funds to buy monogram sweaters for each member of the club. These funds are raised through various projects promoted by the club during the school year. The club has adopted as the official monogram of Albemarle High School a navy sweater with white chenille letter with a sleeve stripe for each year of competition. OFFICERS Bob Youngblood Charles Whitley Perlene Hartsell President Vice President Secretary and Treasurer 51 BOOSTERS CLUB Under the sponsorship of Miss Mary Edna Matheson, tire Boosters Club functions as the most active and the most popular of the clubs of Albemarle High School. During its third year of operation, it has continued the many activities for which it is well-known in the school and community, such as sponsoring home- coming activities, dances, assembly programs, choosing cheerleaders, and various other successful works. The main purpose of the Club is to boost school spirit and keep students’ interest high in extra-curricular activities. Because the club is open to all students and its requirements are few, its membership is larger than that of any other organization around school. That its members take an active part in activities sponsored by the club, and that they pledge to support the various teams in sport participation are the only requirements. As an outlet of school spirit in A. H. S., the Boosters Club has become a vital part of school life. OFFICERS Bob Youngblood President Cranford Hathcock Vice President Carroll Davis Secretary John Helms Treasurer Jane Little and Mary Helen Cooper Dance Chairmen Miss Mary Edna Matheson 52 Sponsor DIVERSIFIED OCCUPATIONS The Diversified Occupations Club is composed of thirty-six eleventh and twelfth grade students training for a specific occupation in school. The vocational students attend school in the mornings and work in the afternoons. This enables a student to find his vocation while attending school, and at the same time serve his apprenticeship in his chosen trade. OFFICERS Lib Starr Ed Whitley Monzelle Talbert Rebecca Dry Mr. E. F. Wilson President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Co-ordinator 53 LIBIIAIIY CLUB OFFICERS Marie Roscoe President Roy Holt Vice President Carolyn Morgan Secretary and Treasurer Front Row: Marie Roscoe, Car- olyn Morris, Evelyn Burris, Virginia Lee, Allene Dennis, Catherine Atkins, Roy Holt. Second Row: Mildred Honey- cutt, Vernon Lisk, Peggy Mor- ris, James Lisk, Joyce Holt. In addition to these, there are 17 eighth grade pages, who con- stitute the junior section of the Library Club. Sponsor is Miss Beatrice Holbrook, high school librarian. FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA OFFICERS Phyllis Kluttz President Janet Troutman Peggy Redfern Vice President Marlene Page Secretary Treasurer 54 MUSIC DIRECTORS Paul B. Fry Choral Spencer B. Hatley Band The Band, consisting of 38 members, was organized two years ago under the supervision of Spencer B. Hatley. In its concerts it has presented music ranging from Bach to Boogie. This year it participated in several Christmas parades throughout the state, among them the Charlotte Christmas parade, the Concord Christmas parade, Albemarle Christmas parade, and the civic celebrations in Wadesboro and Concord. The band has played for all football games in Albemarle and out-of-town games. Assembly programs have been outstanding in the concerts given for the pupils. Johnny Knight Student Director Jo Ann Burrell. Annie Ruth Stevens, Jeannette Frank Burrell Librarian Dennis, Sue Taylor, Majorettes Jimmy M. Brown Drum Major 55 MIXED CHORES High School chorus at Charlotte, the annual Christmas Concert in Albemarle, the North Carolina District High School contest at Catawba College in Salisbury, One hundred thirty-eight choral stu- dents, divided into four large groups— a ninth grade chorus, and a girls’ chorus, boys’ chorus, and mixed chorus consist- ing of senior high school students— led an active life this year. Under the direction of Paul B. Fry, they participated in a joint Christmas Concert with Harding girls’ chorus boys’ chorus NINTH GRADE CHORUS 56 the Festival chorus at Greensboro, the annual Spring concert, assembly pro- grams, the ninth grade operetta, and numerous civic and church engagements. Mixed Chorus Officers Henry Forrest Larry Lowder Sara Skidmore Harold Hudson President Vice President Secretary Treasurer 57 I). 0. STUDENTS D. O. basketball team . . . Nurses aids . . . D. O. banquet . . . Stancil Aldridge, meat cutter . . D. O. dance . . . Secretary . . . Shop class . . . Auto mechanics. 58 ErOEL Jt,nuoHT£RjZ SPORTS 59 FOOTBALL i ) V J j y y ;; teJ 1 J ■ H. T. Webb Head Coach D. H. Peiffer Assistant Coach HIGHLIGHTS OF ’49 SEASON The Albemarle Bulldogs got off to a slow start this year, winning only one out of the first six, but came roaring back to win their last four games. The Albemarle line consisted of Young- blood, Grigg, Patterson, E. Whitley, Hath- cock, S. Helms, McLendon, Barnes, Boyett, Barringer, and C. Whitley. The backfield was led by Kluttz, Swaringen, Helms, Holt, Cran- ford, Davis, and Swanner. Albemarle’s record this year was five wins and five losses. They scored 137 points to their opponents ' 116. The Bulldogs lost their opening game to Oxford 14-0. Albemarle was downed 6-0 by Monroe in a mud classic that could have gone either way. Next the Bulldogs sent Kannapolis home with an 18-6 defeat. Albemarle’s line played a good game, and Kluttz scored all three touchdowns for Albemarle. Then Albemarle lost to Lexington 25-6, with Kluttz scoring the only touchdown. In another game that could have gone either way Barium Springs defeated the Bull- dogs 20-12, with Helms and Kluttz scoring on passes from Swaringen. The Bulldogs were again stopped, this time by Harding in a 32-0 contest. The Bulldogs finall y got rolling against Statesville in a runaway game of 44-0. Albemarle then beat a favored Concord team 25-0, with Kluttz scoring two touch- BARNES CRANFORD GRIGG S. HELMS BARRINGER DAVIS HATHCOCK IIOLT BOYETT EFIRD J. HELMS KNOTTS 60 downs and Swaringen and Whitley scoring one apiece. Albemarle chose Asheboro for homecoming and came out on top of the most thrilling game of the year by a score of 20-13. The scoring was led by Swaringen, who passed to Whitley for one and ran for another. The other Albemarle score was made by Kluttz. The Bulldogs won the fourth straight game 12-0 from Wadesboro. Swaringen again led the scoring by passing to Grigg for the first score and running around end for the last. Eleven seniors played their last game for Albemarle in the Wadesboro game. They were: Bill Grigg, Cranford Hathcock, Bob Barringer, Bob Youngblood, John Helms, El- bert Holt, Leroy Swaringen, Carroll Davis, Dwight Cranford, and Harry Pawlik. KLUTTZ YOUNGBLOOD Co-Captains First Row: Ed Patterson, center; Elbert Whit- ley, left end; Johnny Helms, wingback; Leroy Swaringen, tailback; Bill Kluttz, fullback; Bob Youngblood, left guard; Reid McLendon, right tackle; Cranford Hathcock, right tackle; Sidney Helms, right guard. Second Row: Arthur Burris, left end; Jack Lee, tailback; Elbert Holt, blocking back; Gene Snuggs, tailback; John Youngblood, right tackle; Frank Efird, wingback; Doug Knotts, blocking back; Leslie Swanner, full- back. Third Row: Assistant Coach Don Peiffer, Dwight Cranford, wingback; Bob Barringer, center; Bill Barnes, right guard; Clarence Griffith, left guard; John Boyett, left tackle; Carroll Davis, tailback; Bruce Lowder, block- ing back; William Grigg, right end, and Head Coach Toby Webb. Fourth Row: J. K. Russell, left end; Joe Whitley, right guard; Lowell Lowder, left guard, and Charlie Whitley, right end. Not Pictured: Richard Doby, right tackle, and Harry Pawlik, tailback. 61 1 f V • r - ft - -m w ; McLendon Patterson Pawlik S wanner Swaringen C. Whitley E. Whitley Team Albemarle Albemarle Albemarle Albemarle Albemarle Albemarle Albemarle Albemarle Albemarle Albemarle TOTALS FOOTBALL RESULTS Pts Team Pts 0 Oxford 14 0 Monroe 6 18 Kannapolis 6 6 Lexington 25 12 Barium Springs 20 0 Harding 32 44 Statesville 0 25 Concord 0 20 Asheboro 13 12 Wadesboro 0 137 116 Peiffer awarded trophy . . . Dressing room scene . . . Senior girls in huddle . . . Coach awards sweaters . . . Behind the scenes at banquet . . . When we were young and agile . . . 62 Cil First Row: Jean Bullock, Gene Laughter, Connie McLain. EERLEADERS Second Row: Mary Helen Cooper, Ann Taylor, Betty Boone. Jane Bullock, Dorothy Gaskin. First Row: Betty Jean Poplin, Virginia Brown, Barbara Setzler, SPONSORS Connie McLa in, Lib Elder, Jo Fox, Angela Monerief, Gaynelle Chandler, Janice Thomas, Jane Russell, Jo Ann Burrell, Paula Howard. Second Row: Carol Sue Smith, Jane Little, Barbara Watson, Jane Bullock. Ann Taylor, Sue Taylor, Jane Smith, Helen Har- wood, Ruth Ann Copley, Martha Griffith, Jeanette Dennis, Carolyn Akers, Nancy Jo Plavnes, Frances Wingate, Nancy Morrow. 63 Kneeling: Frances Hinson, Ellene Holbrook, Bobbie Watson, Mrs. Almond, Perlene Hartsell, Sara Skidmore, Janet Deese. Standing: Connie McLain, Kathryn Kimrey, Helen Bowers, Mary Lamar, Betty Lon Stevens, Sue Barringer, Martha Moore. GIRLS ' BASKETBALL 1949A50 SCHEDULE January 6 A.H.S. 49 Concord 20 There January 10 A.H.S. 54 Moores ville 27 Here January 13 A.H.S. 48 Thomasville 36 There January 17 A.H.S. 54 Asheboro 21 Here January 20 A.H.S. 42 Lexington 31 There January 27 A.H.S. 46 Monroe 28 There January 31 A.H.S. 57 Concord 29 Here February 3 A.H.S. 63 Monroe 35 Here February 6 A.H.S. 50 Asheboro 29 There February 10 A.H.S. 37 Barium Springs 45 Here February 14 A.H.S. 53 Mooresville 33 There February 17 A.H.S. 65 Thomasville 39 Here February 21 A.H.S. 61 Kannapolis 35 There February 24 A.H.S. 53 Lexington 27 Here February 28 A.H.S. 48 Kannapolis 28 Here March 3 March 6-11 A.H.S. 39 Barium Springs 76 There Tournament at Statesville 64 Kneeling: John Harwood, John Helms, Kenneth Willis, Leroy Swarengen, George Lee. Standing: Gene Honeycutt, Joe McAnulty, Elbert Holt, Coach Peiffer, Charles Whitley, Ted Burleson, Elbert Whitley, Jack Morton. BOYS’ BASKETBALL 1949- 50 SCHEDULE January 6 A.H.S. 33 Concord 56 There January 10 A.H.S. 30 Moores ville 37 Here January 13 A.H.S. 31 Thomasville 37 There January 17 A.H.S. 36 Asheboro 48 Here January 20 A.H.S. 37 Lexington 52 There January 27 A.H.S. 25 Monroe 33 There January 31 A.H.S. 52 Concord 67 Here February 3 A.H.S. 39 Monroe 33 Here February 6 A.H.S. 42 Asheboro 53 There February 10 A.H.S. 37 Barium Springs 38 Here February 14 A.H.S. 45 Mooresville 42 There February 17 A.H.S. 38 Thomasville 40 Here February 21 A.H.S. 43 Kannapolis 54 There February 24 A.H.S. 38 Lexington 47 Here February 28 A.H.S. 46 Kannapolis 45 Here March 3 A.H.S. 35 Barium Springs 45 There March 6-11 Tournament at Statesville 65 To The High School Advertising Sales Force The Best In The World AUTEN- WOLFE STANLY NEWS and PRESS Your County Newspaper Established 1880 Published by PRESS PRINTING COMPANY, INC. 66 COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND 67 COMPLIMENTS OF STANLY LUMBER CO. 68 Compliments of ALBEMARLE BOTTLING CO. 69 McCORMICK FARM EQUIPMENT International R efr iteration H. P. EFIRD CO., INC. East Main Sr. Albemarle, N. C. SERVICE DISTRIBUTING COMPANY WHOLESALE AND RETAIL PETROLEUM PRODUCTS One of North Carolina’s Largest Industrial Dist ' s. Phones: 108-1180 With Stations in these leading cities: Mooresville Randleman Salisbury Forest City Asheboro Charlotte Statesville Fayetteville Wadesboro High Point Concord Thomasville Troy Lexington China Grove Winston-Salem 70 SIBLEY MANUFACTURING COMPANY, INC. Building Materials — Millwork — COAL LUMBER WOOD — Paints — Builders Hardware ALBEMARLE, NORTH CAROLINA BELK’S DEPARTMENT STORE Albemarle ' s Leading Department Store ALBEMARLE, N. C. 71 Lefler Furniture HOTEL Company ALBEMARLE FURNITURE A good dining room” Phone 117 Headquarters for our AMBULANCE SERVICE CIVIC CLUBS Phone 97 H Standard Office MOOSE’S Equipment Co. TELEPHONE 1190 Ladies’ Clothes Men’s Clothes 141 S. Second St. 141 WEST MAIN ST. Complete Line ALBEMARLE, N. C. Of School Supplies 72 Albemarle Oil Co., Inc. Distributors Amoco Products Phone 55 Compliments of J. C. PENNY CO. Compliments of Albemarle Plumbing Morrow Brothers and Heating Co., Inc. and Heath Co. Pl unibi n g and Heating Contractors ( Incorporated ) ALBEMARLE, N. C. Dealers in HARDWARE — SEEDS Phones: Local 234 and FERTILIZERS Long Distance 204 Compliments of 1,000 Watts 1,000 Kilocycles Radio Station EFIRD ' S DEPT. STORE WABZ ALBEMARLE, N. C. ALBEMARLE, N. C. Compliments of Carolina Realty Gantt Rulane Gas and Insurance Co. Service, Inc 113 South Second St. Tappan Gas Ranges Gas Water Heaters H. L. Harris B. C. Parker Domestic and Commercial Heating 74 T. F. MORGAN, President M. M. PALMER, Vice-President JAMES W. MORGAN, Sec.-Treas. MORGAN INSURANCE AGENCY, INC. P. O. Box 108 — Office Phone 5 8 5 Mutual Insurance — Dividends Albemarle, N. C. LOFTIN’S civ elry — Gifts Phone 1140 CONVENIENT TERMS 175 North Second Street ALBEMARLE, N. C. Compliments of G. C. McMANUS CO., Inc. Albemarle, N. C. Allis-Chalmers Farm Machinery Alack Trucks Compliments of STANLY DAIRIES 75 STARNES Leading Jewelry Store ALBEMARLE, N. C. Compliments of Hartsell Funeral Home The First National Bank CAPITAL $5 0,000 SURPLUS $100,000 Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation A. Z. PRICE CO., INC. CHARLOTTE, N. C. Distributors for General Electric Automatic Oil-Burning Heating Products Sold, Installed ami Serviced in Stanly and Montgomery County by J. E. GANTT PLUMBING and HEATING CO., INC. Albemarle, N. C. 76 W. E. Smith M. M. Palmer C. B. Miller R. L. Smith Sons, Attys. Albemarle Building and Loan Association Office in Hotel Albemarle Building 1 8 5 N. Second St . Phone 28 ALBEMARLE, N. C. SAVE TO BUILD BUILD TO SAVE Compliments of BURRELL BAKERY Compliments of Boone Cleaners and City Laundry COSMETICS CANDIES SUNDRIES THE DRUG CENTRE A Professional Drug Service 121 N. First St. Phone 1131 ALBEMARLE, N. C. 11 Let Us Help You Ltve In A Home 0 Your Own ” HOME BUILDERS ASSOCIATION 113 S. Second Street 78 P. J. HUNEYCUTT CO. Compliments of E. B. Stone Finance Co. Furniture, Jewelry, and Appliances of Albemarle, N. C. Phone 69 CREED McMANUS, Mgr. Compliments of Meet your friends STANLY HARDWARE at Company Distributors of PHILLIPS DRUG STORE MacGregor Goldsmith Sports Goods Phone 9 1 63 and Sports Equipment Compliments of SOSSAMON FURNITURE CO. Compliments of VOGUE BEAUTY SHOP 310 Montgomery Ave. Firestone Home and Auto Supply CITY MARKET C. 19. Hatlev, Dealer Tires, Batteries, and Recapping PHONE 72 Home and Auto Supplies Store 930 West Main Street It Pleases Us To Please You” Station 1006 W. Main Street Albemarle, N. C. Compliments of Compliments of MAXWELL BROS. C. M. TAXI and COLLINS Phone 3 Radio Equipped Compliments of QUALITY GROCERY Compliments of CENTRAL LUNCH Compliments of Compliments of WILHELM’S ESSO STATION Cread McManus Motors Compliments of Compliments of Standard Auto Parts Co. A FRIEND 80 Compliments of BUCK’S CLEANERS Compliments of Mc’s 115 North Second St. Albemarle, N. C. Compliments of ROSS STUDIO 215 West Main St. ALBEMARLE, N. C. rr Pictures for All Occasions” A. W. OIL CO. Phone 657 Sinclair and Goodyear ROSE’S 5, 10 and 25c Store 3 5 th Anniversary Celebrate With Us SI Compliments of LOWDER HARDWARE CO., Inc. North First Street Albemarle, N. C. Tel. 325 and 1040 RITCHIE AUTO PARTS Phone 1029 Albemarle, N. C. “Say It With Flowers ' HARWOOD’S FLORIST Norwood Road — Albemarle, N. C. Member T.D.S Compliments of MAX’S SHOE STORE JAMES CLOTHING Men’s and Ladies’ Ready-To-Wear “The Store With The Nationally-Advertised Lines” Stanly Aircraft Sales Service, Inc. Albemarle Airport Albemarle, N. C. MODERN BEAUTY SHOP WEST END GROCERY Phone 18 Meats and Groceries Compliments of Compliments of PECK’S FLORIST BROADWAY BEAUTY SHOP Dun-Rite Laundry and Cleaners Compliments of Albemarle, N. C. ELDER WHOLESALE CO. GABLE’S, INC. Lise Your Credit T. T. MOTORS, INC. Studebaker Cars — Trucks Sales Service Five Points — Phone 1033 MORGAN MOTOR CO. Pontiac Sales Service Phones: Service 533— Office 1057 Compliments of JOHNSON GROCERY CO. ALBEMARLE INSURANCE AGENCY First National Bank Building Phone 90 Albemarle, N. C. IVEY’S FLORIST Flowers, Plants, Funeral Designs 1012 Pee Dee Ave. Phone 146 Albemarle, N. C. Member F.T.D. EAST MAIN STREET CURB MARKET FRESH FRUITS AND VEGETABLES OPEN UNTIL 9 P.M. TEL 618W LOWDER’S FLORIST Phone 661 1410 West Main St. “ Flowers For All Occasions’ ALAMEDA THEATRE “Nothing But The Best In Pictures” Home of Metro-Goldwyn Mayer, Warner Bros. First National, 20th Century Fox Pictures Matinee Daily 1 3 P.M. —Night 7 9 P.M. Saturday Continuous showing from 1:00 P.M. Compliments of CABARRUS BANK and TRUST COMPANY 83 Compliments of STILL OIL CO. HARMANCO’S LUNCH Phone 340 Wholesale and Retail Compliments of Fuel Oil — Gasoline — Motor Oils SOUTHERN FLOUR MILLS East Main Street Albemarle, N. C. Compliments of Compliments of UNITED DIME STORE ALBEMARLE DRUG CO. ATKINS SUPER MARKET Compliments of Self Service Meats — Groceries Produce A FRIEND K and L DRUG STORE Compliments of Montgomery Avenue PURCELL DRUG CO. Phone 1055 and 1255 The professional drug store and Phones 46-1041 LOFTINS DRUG STORE 116 South Second St. Phone 389 Compliments of For complete prescription service we invite you to visit these stores. Sundries— Fountain Service— Cosmetics A Friend Albemarle, N. C. 84 AUTOGRAPHS AUTOGRAPHS AUTOGRAPHS The Da (jcmmekclat tutd 114-120 WEST BLAND STREET ESS, l„c. Icalicn CHARLOTTE 3, C .

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