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Albemarle High School - Crossroads Yearbook (Albemarle, NC) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 84 of the 1949 volume:

THE 1949 CROSSROADS PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOR CLASS ALBEMARLE HIGH SCHOOL ALBEMARLE, NORTH CAROLINA Mary Anna Peck, Editor Jeannine Boysworth, Associate Editor Marion Sifford, Business Manager Hanky Skidmore, Associate Business Mgr. Mrs. Paul B. Fry, Advisor This book we dedicate to those alumni of AHS who gave their all for us. God grant us their courage, their spirit, and their ideals to carry on the work which they left undone. KILLED IN WORLD WAR II Maynard Sheldon Bailey Charles F. Beatty Julius L. Bost David Burleson Balph T. Cashatt Max Davis Cranford Walter Guy Efird Harold L. Eudy Pearly Fields Lewis R. Frye Walter Edward Freeman Wade A. Harris William Gene Hatley Richard T. Henning Richard T. Howell William Lee Mann Grady Moyle Robert McSwain Franklin Niven George C. Redfern Ralph Robinette Paul D. Shaver Wallace Shiplett Owen Skidmore " To live in the hearts of those we leave behind us is not to die. " FACULTY Left to right: Mrs. Paul Fry, Paul B. Fry, Mrs. Eddie Hinson, Mrs. N. A. Hayes, Mrs. Keith Almond, R. C. Hatle, Miss Catherine Harrison, Miss Chicora Caughman. FACULTY Seated: Miss Lillian Misenheimer, Miss Edna Matheson. Standing: Miss Lenna Morrow, Miss Beatrice Holbrook, Mrs. A. S. Lynn, J. C. Morris, Miss Jeanne Lentz, Mrs. J. W. Ivey, Miss Pearle Michael. Seated: Mrs. Don Peiffer. Standing: Toby Webb, Miss Olive McIntosh, Miss Eunice Reese, Miss Emily Teague, D. H. Peiffer, Mrs. Mott Saunders, E. F. Wilson, Mrs. George Stovall, Mrs. Paul Helms. Football heroes . . . Misses Morrow and Matheson . . . Seniors wax playful . . . Mrs. Peiffer . . . Light fantastic . . . Gal from Texas . . . Bus drivers . . . Harry Pawlik . . . Seniors . . . Mr. and Mrs. . . . Roy ' n ' Alma . . . Jimmy ' s Ford . . . Faculty at lunch . . . Jis playin ' . 6 Headed for school . . . Oh, happy days . . . Up to mischief . . . Toujours amour . . . F. and F. . . . Lady killers . . . Campus scene . . . We use Colgates . . . Curly . . . Ready to go . . . Spring bonnet . . . Warming up . . . Old gym gems . . . Friends . . . Hold ' er . . . Hiya! . . . Just courting . . . When we were Scouts . . . Pickin ' on Gene . . . Giggles . . . David . . . Let ' s eat. 8 Dick Redden President Frank Lowder Vice President Sue Herrin Secretary Jimmy Miller Teasurer Miss Chicora Caughman Advisor 9 BARBARA ALDRIDGE " The greatest pleasure of life is love. " Secretary of 3th grade homeroom.. Vice President of Boosters club, Secretary of Mixed chorus, Boosters club 2 years, Dramatics club, Dance club, Girls ' chorus, Mixed chorus, Cheerleader 4 years, Chief cheerleader 1M years, Cast of " Season ' s Greetings " , Secretary of 1 1th grade home room. TlMMY Allen " The light of friendship is like the light of phosphorus, seen plainest when all around it is dark. " Library club 2 years, Creative writing club, French club. Intramural basketball, " Full Moon " staff, " Crossroads " staff. CHARLES ALMOND " He never skips a small task, for one of the simple duties may hold the key to the biggest problem. " Intramural basketball 4 years, " Full Moon " staff, " Crossroads " staff. GENEVA BaRBEE " Friendship improves happiness. " Typing club, Dance club. Girls ' chorus, " Full Moon staff, Crossroads staff. JESSIE BARBEE " Happiness is the supreme object of existence. ' Typing club, Boosters club, Girls ' chorus 2 years. RUBY BaRBEE " Modesty is a shining light; it prepares the mind to receive knowledge, and the heart for truth. " Donald BARNES " Today is the wise man ' s day. " President of homeroom, Student Council representative, Bible club, 8th grade chorus, Vocational student 2 years, cast of Bible play, " Full Moon " staff, " Crossroads " staff. SALLY BEAVER « To j 0V6) t0 l earrl) to dream, to do— this is to live. " Secretary 8th grade homeroom, 8th grade chorus. Student Council representative, Mixed chorus 2 years, Dramatics club 2 years, President of French club, Creative Writing club, Boosters club, cast of " Season ' s Greet- ings " . National Honor Society, chairman of Assemble committee, Co-editor " Full Moon " , Literary editor " Crossroads " , usher, " Who ' s Who " , Accompanist Mixed Chorus, Valedictorian. Ci .AUDE BEEKER " If you believe in Fate, believe in it at least for your own good. " Vocational Student, " Full Moon " staff, " Crossroads " staff. ANNIE LAURA Bell " Kind words are the music of the world. " President of Library club, Library club 2 years, Boosters club 1 year, Intramural basketball, Delegate to North Carolina High School Library Association, Librarian 2 years, Cast of " Esther " . NORMA Jane BOGLE " Happiness is the perfume she is always pouring on others. " Vice president of Library club, Librarian, Library editor of " Full Moon " , Supervisor of annual pictures, French club, Diamaties club, Mixed chorus 2 years, Cast of " Season ' s Greetings " , Hospitality committee for Mixed chorus, 8th grade chorus, Intramural basketball. JACQUELINE BOWERS " Opportunity, sooner or later, comes to all who work and wish. " French club, Home Economics club, Dance club, Boosters club, Hospitality committee, Welcome committee, Intramural basketball. JEANNINE BOYSWORTH " She walks in beauty like the night of cloudless climes and starry skies. " Homeroom officer, French club, Dramatics club, Basketball team, Boosters club, Dance club, Girls ' chorus, 8th grade chorus, " Full Moon " staff, " Crossroads " staff, Intramural basketball, Nat. Honor Society, Salutatorian. ELIZABETH BROWN It ' s nor - how much we have, but how much we enjoy that makes happiness. " Homeroom officer, Boosters club, Typing club, Bible club. LOUISE BURGESS " Gifts are what a woman has, but graces are what she is. " Girls ' chorus, Intramural basketball 2 years. ERNEST BURLESON " Common sense is the knack of seeing things as they really are, and doing things as they ought to be done. " Student Council representative 2 years, Mixed chorus, Soloist, Member of Double Quartet, Vocational student, Intramural basketball. ALBEMARLE HIGH SCHOOL 1 1 194 9 SENIOR CLASS 12 MaaINE BURLESON " What sunshine is to flowers, smiles are to humanity. " President of Girls ' chorus, " Full Moon " staff, " Crossroads " staff, Vocational student 2 years. VERA BuRRIS " She who commands herself commands others. " Boosters ' club, Dramatics club, National Honor Society, cast of " Grapes For Dinner " , Varsity basketball 2 years, B-team basketball 2 years, Athletic committee. Bill IE JEAN Camp " Gaiety and a light heart are the best medicines for everyone. " Dramatics club, Boosters club, 8th grade chorus, Mixed chorus 2 years, Hospitality committee, Publicity committee and Transportation committee of Mixed chorus. JlMMIE CARPENTER " I like work; it fascinates me; I can sit and look at it for hours. " Mixed chorus 2 years, B-team basketball 2 years, Varsity basketball, cast of " Season ' s Greetings " , Transportation committee and hospitality commit- tee of Mixed chorus, Home room officer. MeLVIN CARPENTER " A great man is what he is because he was what he was. " Treasurer of Boys ' chorus, Art club, Boosters club, Science club, Monogram club, Intramural representative, Sports editor of " Full Moon " , Sports editor of " Crossroads " , Athlete of month, Varsity football 2 years, B-team football 2 years, Varsity basketball 3 years, Varsity baseball 2 years. L. C. CAUDLE " He can who thinks he can. " Boosters club 2 years, Dramatics club 2 years, 8th grade chorus, Mixed chorus, " Full Moon " staff, " Crossroads " staff, National Honor Society, Intramural football and basketball, chairman of Transportation committee of Mixed chorus, Who ' s Who. JAMES Cox " I ' m sitting on top of the world. " President of home room l()th grade, Boys ' chorus 2 years, B-team football. Intramural basketball 4 years. Assistant manager football team, Vocational student, Creative Writing club. CHARLOTTE CriSCO " Goodness is the only investment that never fails. " Dramatics club. Typing club. Art club, Boosters club. Girls ' chorus, cast of " Easter Parade " , Secretary of Bible club, Intramural basketball, Field Day. BlCHARD CriSCO " It ' s the songs ye sing and the smiles ye wear that ' s a-making the sunshine everywhere. " Student Council representative, " Full Moon " staff, " Crossroads " staff, cast of " Season ' s Greetings " , Mixed chorus class 2 years, Mixed chorus club 2 years, Double quartet, Varsity football 2 years, stage arranger for Mixed chorus. TeCIL Curl EE " The temple of our purest thoughts is silence. " Vocational club. EVELYN DENNIS " The soul is strong that trusts in goodness. " Library assistant, Typing club. CLYDE DOSS " Happiness is the harvest of a quiet eye. " Vocational student, Intramural basketball. Keith Drye " We can do anything if we stick to it long enough. " Bible club, Boys ' chorus, Intramural basketball, Vocational student. EUGENE EARNHARDT " Men, like bullets, go farthest when they are smoothest. " Treasurer of home room, Vice-president of Mixed chorus, Science club, Boys ' chorus, Mixed chorus, Boys ' quartet, B-team basketball, Varsity basketball, cast of " Season ' s Greetings " , Intramural basketball and football, chairman of Stage committee of Mixed chorus. PEGCY Earp " The highest fraces of music flow from the feeling of the heart. " Secretary of 10th grade home room, secretary-treasurer of 12th grade home room, 8th grade chorus. Mixed chorus, Dramatics club, Boosters club 2 years, French club 2 years, Art club, " Full Moon " staff, " Crossroads " staff, usher, Intramural basketball 2 years, National Honor Society, east of " Sea- son ' s Greetings " , Girls ' Ensemble. Joe EDWARDS " I have all that I have ever enjoyed " Art club, Mixed chorus, Dramatics club. ALBEMARLE HIGH SCHOOL 13 Delmar Efird " There is nothing like fun, is there? " Library club, Intramural basketball 2 years, Librarian, Chorus 2 years. Mary El DER " She has achieved success who has lived well, laughed often, and loved much. " Secretary Dramatics club, Student Council representative. Mixed chorus 2 years, Dramatics club 2 years, French club, Boosters club 2 years, Scrap- book committee, Cast of " Season ' s Greetings " , Co-editor of " Full Moon " , Assistant literary editor of " Crossroads " , " Stanly News and Press " reporter, Creative writing club, National Honor Society, Who ' s Who. Jack Eudy " Today is worth two tomorrows. " Boys ' chorus, Mixed chorus, Cast of " Season ' s Greetings " , Boosters club, Intramural basketball. Coi.ON FAULKNER " Those who bring sunshine to others cannot keep it from themselves. " Dramatics club, Band, Librarian, Cafeteria worker, Delegate to N. C. Library Association. Bn,L FESPERMAN " A good face is a letter of recommendation, as a good heart is a letter of credit. " Boosters club, Mixed chorus 2 years, Football team, Intramural basketball 2 years, Usher, Dramatics club, " Full Moon " staff, " Crossroads " staff, Cheerleader, Bus driver, Librarian. ARCENE FlTZGERALD " The highest wisdom is continual cheerfulness. " Homeroom officer 3 years, Boosters club, Dramatics club, French club. Dance club, Intramural basketball 2 years, Librarian, cast of " Petite Nelle " . DAVID Gaddy " Good humor is one of the best articles of dress in society. " 8th grade chorus, Band 2 years, Boys ' chorus 2 years, Library staff, President of Band club, Member of " Musical Morons " , " Full Moon " staff, " Crossroads " staff, Boosters club, French club, Stunt night, Publicity man for Band, Who ' s Who. Frances Caddy " Laugh and the world laughs with you. " Transferred from Highland Park School, Dallas, Texas, Homeroom officer 2 years, Boosters club, French club, Mixed chorus, Girls ' chorus, Cast of " Season ' s Greetings " , " Full Moon " staff, " Crossroads " staff, National Honor Society, Dramatics club, cast of " Grapes For Dinner " , Girls ' Ensemble. JOHNNY HAIRE " Every man is a volume, if vou know how to read him. " Homeroom officer. Treasurer of Band, Boys ' chorus. Band, Photographers club, Band club, Varsity football 1 year, B-team football 2 years, Manager of basketball team. A. B. Harris " He knows it ' s always morning somewhere. " Intramural basketball. MADELINE HathCOCK " Modesty is the citadel of beauty and virtue. " Student Council representative 2 years, Girls ' chorus, Girls ' Ensemble, Mixed chorus 2 years. Art club, Cheerleader, Dramatics club, Cast of " Season ' s Greetings " , Chairman of Social Standards committee. NANCY HeaRNE " She gets much out of life, which is what she puts into it. " Bible club, Boosters club, Dramatics club, French club. Dancing club, Girls ' chorus, Mixed chorus. Girls ' ensemble, Assistant manager of basket- ball team, Cast of " Esther " , advertising committee of " Crossroads " , Home- room officer 2 years. DlCK Hedden " This is the final test of a gentleman; his respect for those who can be of no service to him. " Transferred from Badin High School, Badin, N. C, Band, Senior class president, Homeroom officer, Boys ' double quartet. Geraldine Helms . , „ . . u t- i • » 1 he truly generous is trie truly wise. Homeroom officer, Library club, Vocational student. Sue Herrin " Genius is the gold in the mine, talent is the miner who works and brings it out. " Homeroom officer, Secretary of Senior class, Mixed chorus accompanist, Dramatics club. Mixed chorus 2 ears, " Full Moon " staff, " Crossroads " staff, cast of " Season ' s Greetings " , 9th grade chorus. National Honor Society, French club, Girls ' Ensemble. " Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm " Dramatics club, Boosters Club, 8th grade chorus, Intramural basketball 2 years. Alvin Holt ALBEMARLE HIGH SCHOOL 15 Calvin HOPKINS " All other knowledge is hurtful to him who has not honesty and good nature. " Mixed chorus, Intramural basketball, Vocational student. EVELYN HOWARD " It is well to think well; it is Divine to act well. " French club, Bible club, cast of " Esther " . FRANCINE Howard " If you work, if you wait, you will find the place where the four-leaf clovers grow. " President 8th grade homeroom, 8th grade chorus, Typing club, Boosters club, Vocational student, Girls ' chorus, Intramural basketball 2 years, Cheerleader 2 years, Chief Cheerleader 1 year, Librarian. Page Huckabee " The only right is what is right after my constitution; the only wrong what is against it. " President of Dramatics club, Student Council representative, Boosters club, French club 2 years, Mixed chorus, cast of " Driving Lesson " , " Grapes For Dinner " , Intramural basketball, National Honor Society. VERNON HunsuCKER, Jr " The secret of being happy in this world is not to mind or be troubled by the little things. " Boys ' chorus 2 years, Boosters club, Intramural basketball 2 years, Intra- mural football. T K HURT c ' b m b the steep hill requires slow pace at first. " ■ ' J ' Band club, Boys ' chorus, Mixed chorus, Band 2 years, B-team basketball, Intramural basketball 2 years, cast of " Season ' s Greetings " . DONALD KlRKPATRICK " It is not what he has, nor even what he does, which directly expresses the worth of a man, but what he is. " Vice-president of Monogram club, President of Boosters club, Student Council representative, Dramatics club 2 years, chairman of Boys ' chorus, 3 years Varsity football, 1 year B-team football, 3 years Varsity basketball, Intramural committee, " Crossroads " staff. Athlete of Month, Who ' s Who. RALPH KlMREY " S ' pose you ' re out of every dime! Gettin ' broke ain ' t no crime; Tell the world you ' re feelin prime- Keep a-goin ' . " Vocational student, Intramural basketball. Margie Lambert " Joy is not in things-it is in us. " Girls chorus 2 years, Intramural basketball, Typing club. ToMMIE Laton " One cannot always be a hero, but one can always be a man. " Vocational student, Intramural basketball, Bus driver L. C. LONDON " Much wisdom goes often with fewest words. " Science club, Vocational student, " Full Moon " staff, " Crossroads " staff. FbA t K LoWDER " A mind equal to any undertaking that he puts it alongside of. " Vice-president of senior class, President of Monogram club, 3 years varsity football, 1 year B-team basketball, Tennis team, Science club, Boosters club, 8th grade chorus. JERRY LOWDER " Ambition rules his heart and love his brain. " President of Student Body, President of Honor Society, Science club, Mixed chorus, Dramatics club, 8th grade chorus, Boosters club, cast of " Season ' s Greetings " , Commencement Marshal, Intramural basketball. " Crossroads " business staff, Who ' s Who, cast of " Grapes For Dinner " , delegate North Carolina Student Council Congress. MABLENE LOWDEB " She flies with her own wings. " Secretary 8th grade home room, secretary 9th grade home room, French club 2 years, Boosters club, Dramatics club, Dance club, Art club, Mixed chorus 2 years, National Honor Society, Secretary of French II club, cast of " Season ' s Greetings " , business staff of " Crossroads ' , Intramural basketball 2 years. ADELIA MAULDIN " Contentment is a habit-she contracted it. " French club, Dramatics club 2 years, Art club, Boosters club, Dance club, Advertising committee of " Crossroads " , Office worker, Intramural basket- ball 3 years, Scrapbook committee of Dramatics club. CHBISTINE MeCIMORE " An act of goodness is in itself an act of happiness. " Typing club, Intramural basketball, Vocational student. ALBEMARLE HIGH SCHOOL 17 VlOIJET Mf.LTON " She looked for excitement and found a world of happiness. " Library club, French club, Typing club, Vocational student, Dramatics club, " Crossroads " staff, Intramu ral basketball. ElI7 BETH MlLLER " Life is like music; it must be composed by ear, feeling, and instinct, not by rule. " Homeroom officer, Dramatics club. Boosters club, French club 2 years, Mixed chorus, " Crossroads " staff. Intramural basketball. Girls ' ensemble. JlMMY MlLLER " Every man is the maker of his fortune. " " Crossroads " staff. Student Council representative. Homeroom officer. Vice-president of Student Council, President of Mixed Chorus, Treasurer of Senior class, Dramatics club, Dance club, Commencement marshal, Var- sity football 2 years, B-team football 2 years, Who ' s Who, Boys ' Quartet. Sam McMANUS " The shortest and surest way to live with honor in this world is to be in reality what we would appear to be. " Varsity football 2 years, B-team football 2 years, Science club, Photography club, Dramatics club, 8th grade chorus, Intramural basketball and football. BLONDELL MORRIS " Nothing is so strong as gentleness. " Typing club, Band, Vocational student, Girls ' chorus, 8th grade chorus. LuLA MORRIS " To love and be loved is the greatest happiness of existence. " Homeroom officer, Boosters club, Dramatics club, Home Economics club, Dance club, Mixed chorus 2 years, Girls ' chorus, cast of " Season ' s Greet- ings " , " Full Moon " staff, " Crossroads " staff, Librarian, National Honor Society, Girls ' ensemble. MARGARET MORRIS " Memory is the diary we all carry about with us. " Dramatics club, French club. Boosters club, Girls ' chorus, Winner of poetry medal. DONALD MuLLIS " What I must do is all that concerns me; not what the people think. " Home Economics club, Boys ' chorus, Varsity Football 2 years, B-team foot- ball 2 years, Intramural basketball 2 years, Field day. JlMMY NAPIER " The first sigh of love is the last of wisdom. " Homeroom officer, Vice-president of Home Economics club. Treasurer of Monogram club, Student Council representative. Monogram club 2 years, Boosters club 2 years, Varsity basketball 4 years. Varsity football 2 years, Cast of " Season ' s Greetings " , Chairman of Social Standards Committee, Boys ' Double Quartet. ISABEL OUTLAW " Friendship is the highest degree of perfection in society. " Homeroom officer, Boosters club, French club, Dramatics club. Dance club, Mixed chorus, 9th grade chorus. Girls ' ensemble, " Full Moon " staff, " Cross- roads " staff, Intramural basketball. Bob PATTERSON " Man is the merriest species of creation; all above or below him are serious. " Student Council representative, Dramatics club, French club, Commence- ment marshal, Varsity football 2 years, B-team football 2 years, Intramural basketball. Mary Anna Peck " An acre of performance is worth the whole world of promise. " Homeroom officer. Secretary of student body. Council representative, Boosters club, Dramatics club, French club, Art club. Mixed chorus, Cheer- leader, Commencement Marshal 2 years, Dance chairman, Council con- vention delegate, Intramural basketball, Assembly committee, Usher, " Full Moon " staff, Editor of " Crossroads " , Who ' s Who, National Honor Society. WlLLIS PENCE " Genius lights its own fire, but it is constantly collecting material to keep it alive with flame. " Band, French club, Cast of " Petite Nelle. " Ramelle PLYLER " Nothing good comes; all has to be fetched. " Typing club, Girls ' chorus 2 years. BETTY Jean POPLIN " If eyes were made for seeing, then beauty is its own excuse for being. " Student Council representative 2 years, Dramatics club, B-team basketball, Varsity basketball 2 years. Cheerleader, Boosters club, National Honor So- ciety, Commencement Marshal, Chief Marshal, Assembly committee, " Miss Merry Christmas " of A. H. S. " , cast of radio skit, usher, Business staff of " Crossroads " , Winner of History Medal, Co-captain of Varsity Basketball team, Who ' s Who. Nancy PRIESTER " Life is made up of little things. He is wise who cherishes the loving yet seemingly trivial details of daily living. " Dramatics club 2 years, Boosters club 2 years, French club 2 years, Dance club, Mixed chorus, Business staff of " Crossroads " , 3 years Intramural basketball. Girls ' Ensemble. ALBEMARLE HIGH SCHOOL 19 CHARLES ROSS " I make the most of all that comes and the least of all that goes. " 3 years Varsity football, Monogram club. Clyde RUMMAGE " Every time a man smiles, and much more when he laughs, it adds some- thing to his life. " Boosters club, B-team basketball, Varsity basketball. Librarian, staff of " Crossroads " , Intramural football, staff of " Full Moon " , Chairman of Stage Arrangements in Mixed Chorus. Ted RUMMAGE " A laugh is worth 100 groans in any market. " Boys ' chorus 2 years, Intramural basketball, basketball manager. Alma RUSSELL " The only way to have a friend is to be one. " Mixed chorus, Girls ' chorus, Boosters club, Typing club, Intramural basket- ball 3 years. Home Economics club. ElMON RUSSELL " Progress is the activity of today and the assurance of tomorrow. " " Full Moon " staff, Mixed chorus, Band, Boosters club, " Crossroads " staff, Treasurer of French II club, Dramatics club, Boys ' Double Quartet, 8th grade chorus, Librarian of Mixed chorus, Who ' s Who. GRAHAM RUSSELL " A merry heart is the blessing of the world. " Vocational student 2 years. PeGGY RUSSELL " Of all the things you wear, your expression is the most important. " Typing club, B-team basketball, cafeteria worker. RACHEL RUSSELL " Happiness consists in activity. " Dramatics club, " Full Moon " staff, " Crossroads " staF, Art club. " His mind his kingdom, his will his law. " Home room officer, Boosters club, B-team football, Art editor and pho- tography staff of " Crossroads " , Intramural basketball, Business staff of " Crossroads " , " Who ' s Who " , National Honor Society. " I have enjoyed the happiness of the world; I have lived and I have loved. " Typing club, Band, B-team basketball, Boosters club, Intramural basketball, Home Economics club. " Real glory springs from the silent conquest of ourselves. " Boosters club, Ninth grade chorus, Girls ' chorus, Mixed chorus, Librarian, Intramural basketball 2 years. " Too low they build who build beneath the stars. " President of homeroom 10th grade, Dramatics club 2 years, Secretary of 9th grade home room, French club 2 years, D. A. R. Good Citizen, Busi- ness Manager of " Crossroads " , Secretary of Student Council, Student Council representative, Boosters club, Secretary-treasurer of National Honor Society, Commencement Marshal 2 years, delegate to Girls ' State and Stud- ent Council Congress, chairman of Assembly committee, Secretary of Junior class, " Who ' s Who " . " Do noble things, not dream them all day long; and so make Life and that vast Forever one grand sweet song. " Dramatics club 2 years, French club 2 years, National Honor Society, Assistant Business Manager of " Crossroads " , Art club, Boosters club, Intramural basketball 2 years. " Of plain, sound sense, life ' s current coin is made. " Bus driver, Science club. Intramural basketball. " Men of the noblest dispositions think themselves happiest when they share their happiness with others. " Boys ' chorus 2 years, Intramural basketball, Vocational student. " A good deed is never lost. " ALBEMARLE HIGH SCHOOL 21 Rill Sanders Peggy Saunders Elizabeth Sides Marion Sifford Mary Frances Skidmore Jack Smith Hugh Smith Marshall Smith 1 94 9 SENIOR CLASS 22 BROYCE SNUGGS " What your heart thinks great, is great; The soul ' s emphasis is always right. " Vocational student, Mixed chorus, Girls ' chorus, Intramural basketball. PeGGY SNUGGS " The most sensible of all pleasures consists in promoting the pleasures of others. " Typing club, Art club, Boosters club, Intramural basketball 2 years, Dance club, Bible club. BETTY StaTON " Sincerity and truth are the basis of every virtue. " Dramatics club, Tvping club, cast of " Easter Parade " , Dance club, Boosters club. Bob Stoker " A light heart lives long. " Varsity football 2 years, B-team football 2 years, Tntramural basketball, Homeroom officer, Athletic representative, Monogram club. Athlete of the Month. KENNETH T ALBERT " The unspoken word never does harm. " D. O. Club, Vocational student, Intramural basketball. p oy TALBERT " I never met a man I didn ' t like. " Treasurer of Home Economics club, Boosters club. Home Economics club, Boys ' Chorus 2 years, Intramural basketball, Field day. DoRJS THOMAS " The world is a comedy to those who think so. " Art club, Home Economics club, B-team basketball, Librarian, Welcome committee. Betty Thompson " To love and win is the best thing. " Transferred from Yadkinville. GENEVA THOMPSON " The surest way not to fail is to determine to succeed. " Girls ' chorus, Mixed chorus, Vocational student. EDWARD UNDERWOOD " The highest manhood resides in disposition, not in mere intellect. " Boosters club. Boys ' chorus 3 years, Mixed chorus, Baseball team, Intramural basketball. MARTIN USSERY " He ' s looking over a four-leaf clover. " Boys ' chorus, Vocational student. Betty West " That best portion of a good woman ' s life: Her little nameless, unremem- bered acts of kindness and love. " Varsity basketball 2 years, Dramatics club, Boosters club, Intramural basket- ball, B-team basketball. Edward Whitley " Silence is golden. " Vocational student, " Full Moon " staff, " Crossroads " staff. Joe Efird WHITLEY " Life is a gem of many facets. " French club 2 years, " Crossroads " staff, President of French club, Dramatics club, Boosters club. Cast of " Job " , President of Bible club. ALBEMARLE HIGH SCHOOL 23 Most likely to succeed and most ambitious— JOE, EFIRD WHITLEY and SALLY BEAVER; Best dancers— FRANCINE HOWARD and ELMON RUSSELL; Most popular-MAEY ANNE PECK and JIMMIE MILLER; Most studious - JOE EFIRD WHITLEY and BETTY WEST; Wi ttiest—F R A N C E S GADDY and RALPH KIMREY; Most influential- MARION SIFFORD and DONALD KIRKPATRICK; Best looking - BETTY JEAN POPLIN and BILL FESPERMAN; Biggest talkers-FAGE HUCKABEE and JIMMY ALLEN. SENIOR SUPERLATIVES 24 Cwfesf— BARBARA ALDRIDGE and BILL FESPER- MAN; Best dressed-EBW ARB UNDERWOOD and JEANNIE BOYSWORTH; Most dependable-]ERRY LOWDER and MARION SIFFORD; Best dl-round- TIMMIE NAPIER, BETTY JEAN POPLIN, and JLMMIE MILLER; Best Athletes - DON KIRK- PATRICK and VERA BURRIS; Most talented and most original - BILL SAUNDERS and SALLY BEAVER; Friendliest-JIMMIE CARPENTER and MARY ANNA PECK. ALBEMARLE HIGH SCHOOL 25 CLASS OF 1950 William Grigg Bill Kluttz Gaynelle Chandler President Vice President Secretary Bob Barringer Treasurer 26 JUNIORS FIRST ROW: Stancil Aldridge, Peggy Almond, Douglas Archer, Jimmy Austin, Jean Railey. SECOND ROW: Doris Barnes, Bobby Barringer, Bill Baucom, Betty Boone, Lamar Bowers. THIRD ROW: Fred Braswell, Barbara Brown, Jane Bullock, Jean Bullock, Betty Burleson. FOURTH ROW: Ted Burleson, Gaynelle Chandler, Mary Helen Cooper, Dwight Cranford, Bobby Cree. FIFTH ROW: Terrell Crisco, Willie Crisco, Conrad Crotts, Joyce Crowell, Carroll Davis, Janet Deese. 27 JUNIORS flr ; 1 fK L J» B L. ' 8 p J»- iPffifflL 4bt " T J§LJf B it, P [ ,3T ift ' Jtttaii mii ... — . alMMri[ „ r - i % f i r ' m. ' : fc. -flfc f ' jf tar sr ., - . ; : ; ; :r : :: ; s : : : resin r rs 6- 1 JlR tit w I BY — • «■ ■ HUfli " FIRST ROW: Sidney Doby, Anne Dry, Rebecca Dry, Eileen Efird, Henry Efird. SECOND ROW: Norma Efird, Henry Forrest, Jo Fox, Lorene Frick, Reba Frick THIRD ROW: Royd Furr, Hoyle Gilbert, Rill Griffin, Etui Griffin, William Grigg. FOURTH ROW: James Gulledge, Aileen Hall, Charles Harrington, Claude Hartsell, Perline Hartsell. FIFTH ROW: Cranford Hathcock, Jimmy Hathcock, John Helms, Clegg Herrin, Frances Hinson, Ellene I [olbrook. 28 JUNIORS 4 s ■ m ♦ ' u| " Aj|| ■ ' rT 1,1 •v (in - ' j HhK i V I 1 H M JET " ' , . B ■ m f " ■ i ■BP FIRST ROW: Elbert Holt, Roy Holt, Frank Hopkins, Evelyn Howard, Alice Hudson. SECOND ROW: Everette Hudson, Kathleen Hudson, Junior Honeycutt, Jimmy Kelly, Mildred Kelly. THIRD ROW: Rill Kluttz, Jimmy Knight, Mary Lamar, Max Lambert, Gene Laughter. FOURTH ROW: George Lee, Jack Lee, Tommy Lilly, Vernon Lisk, Larry Lowder. FIFTH ROW: Geraldine Mabry, Joan Marby, Rarbara Mauldin, Edith Mauldin, Kirk Michael, Jack Miller. 29 JUNIORS — " ... iumBMM H l bhha HhBv ' . HWSIfe O. O ilk 14%Jl2K IHHIIII HSIiS HR HflH 5 j i FIRST ROW: Anne Milton, Martha Moore, Carolyn Morgan, Alma Rae Morton, Bobbv Morton. SECOND ROW: Elbert Morton, Jack Morton, Rayvon Morton, Max Moyle, Connie McLain. THIRD ROW: Peggy Napier, Marlene Page, Harry Pawlik, Irene Peck, Malcolm Pelt. FOURTH ROW: Howard Plyler, Lauretta Plyler, Carolyn Poplin, Evelyn Poplin, Sara Frances Poplin. FIFTH ROW: Curtis Ragsdale, Peggy Redfern, Attrice Rich, Marie Roscoe, Mary Rose Rummage, Louise Russell. 30 JUNIORS SECOND ROW: Sara Skidmore, Barbara Smith, Dorothy Smith, Betty Sprinkle, Bryant Stallings. THIRD ROW: Madie Stamper, Sadie Stamper, Elizabeth Starr, Leroy Swaringen, Monzelle Talbert. FOURTH ROW: Norma Talbert, Catherine Taylor, Allen Tindall, Kenneth Tucker, Hattie Tucker. FIFTH ROW: Bobbie Watson, Kenneth Willis, Ed Whitley, Juanita Vanhoy, Bob Youngblood. 31 Soup ' s on . . . Leap frog . . . Don and Lula . . . B uddies . . . Miss Lentz . . . Dressed up . . . Ride ' em, cowboy . . . Four of a kind . . . New angle . . . Fall in . . . Sue and Jerry . . . You dance divinely . . . What ' s what? . . . Five by five . . . Shoot . . . Ha, ha . . . Jis ' posin ' . . . Swink and Jack . . . Getting a tan . . . Jessie Barbee . . . When you and I were young. 32 SOPHOMORES FIRST ROW: Carolyn Akers, Wren Almond, Colleen Archer, Clara Barbee, Billy Barnes, Dewey Bailey, J. C. Bell, Helen Bowers. SECOND ROW: Johnny Boyett, William Bradley, Virginia Brown, Jo Ann Burrell, Arthur Burris, Virginia Byrge, George Causby, Larry Chandler. THIRD ROW: Jane Coggin, Lillian Copley, Eddie Criseo, Lucille Curlee, Myra Davis, Carol Dick, Donald Earnhardt, Dora Efird. FOURTH ROW: Frank Efird, Elizabeth Elder, Eva Mae Eudy, Ardree Ferrell, Harvey Ferrell, Mary Jewell Fesperman, Billy Frye, Dorothy Gaskin. FIFTH ROW: Jimmy Green, Martha Griffin, Claude Harwood, Helen Harwood, John Harwood, Nell Hatley, Catherine Helms, Sidney Helms. SIXTH ROW: John Herrin, Lewis Hinson, Paddy Hinson, Essie Kimrey, Eunice Kimrey, Roberta Kimrey, Phyllis Kluttz, Sallie Neal Kluttz. SEVENTH ROW: Martha Knight, Dillon Lambert, Constance Lefler, Jane Little. 33 SOPHOMORES Li Mm A 1 3 S i W n o Ik «L j X - - ; J -L- ' — ' V 1 It i v i " - V 1 i -V , ' : 4a .X..: o FIRST ROW: Elsie Mae Lowder, Lois Lowder, Malcolm Lowder, Mary Lowder, Vina Ruth Lowder, Blondell Lucas, Bryce Luther, Delia Rose Mabry. SECOND ROW: Billie Rose Mauldin, Bobby Mauldin, Dick Mauldin, Angela Moncrief, Talmadge Moose, Billie Morris, Tommy Morris, Joe McAnulty. THIRD ROW: Reid McLendon, Charles Palmer, Edward Patterson, Mable Pennington, Betty Jean Poplin, Jane Rogers, Betty Russell, Ola Mae Russell. FOURTH ROW: Frances Saunders, Robert Scaggs, Jimmie Scarboro, Bernhard Schadt, Jimmy Simmons, Carolyn Simpson, Jane Smith, Louise Smith. FIFTH ROW: Mary Ellen Speight, Henry Springer, John Stoker, Eleanor Swaringen, Ann Taylor, Billy Thomas, Janice Thomas, Louise Vanhoy. SIXTH ROW: Donald Wagner, Charles Whitley, Elbert Whitley, Joe Whitley, Frank Wilhelm, Frankie Williams, Lois Wilson, Donald Woolly. 34 Young ' un and Sonny . . . Spring fever . . . Coin ' my way? . . . Ed . . . Dinner time . . " Allen " . . . Love ' s grand . . . Lost week end . . . On top of the world . . . jerry and T model . . Campus scenes . . . Sittin ' pretty . . . Loafin ' . . . Dead-eye Dick. 35 " v. FRESHMAN CLASS CLASS ROLL Betty Aldridge Betty Dennis Lina Belle Lamar Billy Poplin Olema Aldridge James Dennis Charles Laton Hilda Poplin Donald Almond Mary Ann Dennis Jerry Laton Richard Poplin Ruby Andrews Mazelle Dry Roy Laton Tommie Poplin Don Archer Johnny Eagle Betty Lefler Sue Redfern Catherine Atkins Carrol Foster Joyce Lewis Betty Sue Rogers Jimmy Austin Donald Frick Billy Lisk Doris Rogers Nancy Austin Joe Gaskin James Lisk Carrie Russell Jimmy Baldwin Larry Glover William Litaker Dewey Russell Tohn Barbee Neill Graham Joe Long Jane Russell Marie Barbee Clarence Griffith Betty Jean Lowder Joe Russell Ralph Barbee Jo Ann Griffin Bruce Lowder Kenneth Russell Peggy Barnhardt Margaret Griffin Nancy Lowder Tony Russell Jean Barringer Elizabeth Hagans Helen Luther Gladys Sanders Bill Batten Kenneth Hall Farrell Mann Janice Scott Betty Jo Boles Marlene Harrington David Marbry Richard Scott Buddy Boone Ruby Hatley Jane McDowell Katherine Shaver Delma Bowers V. L. Harwood Jim Mclntyre Jimmy Skidmore Jimmy Brown Nancy Jo Haynes Nancy Meachum Bonnie Small Betty Brunson Hoyle Helms Jeanette Mesimer Don Smith Edward Buic Janette Helms Jimmy Michael Harold Smith Clara Burleson Virginia Helms Emily Milton Sue Smith Eleanor Burleson Carol Herrin Franklin Mitchell Kenneth Speight Alton Burris Gene Hinson Lovell Moose Ozell Speight Audrey Burris Helen Hitchcock Jimmy Morgan W. B. Stallings Betty Jean Burris Virginia Hollingsworth Jerry Morris Reggie Stoker Bill Burris Leroy Holt Peggy Morris Leslie Swanner Keith Byrd Gene Honeycutt Roger Morris Ann Swaringen Helen Cagle Angeline Hopkins David Morrow Jean Taylor Phyllis Callicutt Larry Hopkins Nancy Morrow H. T. Thompson Genoal Carpenter Paula Howard Sylvia Morrow James Thompson Henry Carpenter Louise Huneycutt Betty Jane Morton Jimmy Thompson Raymond Clark Jimmy Hunsucker Glenn Morton Leroy Thorpe Ruth Clark Carolyn Jones Hamilton Morton Jeanette Troutman Joe Clayton Cornelius Jones Helen Morton Larry Tucker Kenneth Coley Lindsay Jones Mickey Morton Charles Walters Jimmy Crisco Flint Josey Jr. Bob Palmer Kenneth Whitley Barbara Jean Crowell Bobbv Kelly Bobby Parker Patsy Williford Betty Lynn Crowell K athryn Kimrey Patsy Pettit Johnny Youngblood Ann Reeder Daniels Lewis Kluttz Laura Mae Plyler Nancy Yow Betty Davis Douglas Knotts Randall Plyler 36 FRESHMAN CLASS 87 EIGHTH GRADE MRS. HAYES Glenn Almond Bobby Archer Edna Barbee J. C. Boone Bobby Bunting Ruby Burkhardt Bob Carriher Marie Clayton Sandra Davis Carolvn Doby Dai rill Frick Sue Graham Don Harrington Dalton Hathcock Larry Holt Bill Huckabee Mildred Huneycutt Mildred James Peggy Johnson Frances Laughlin Carolyn Miller Shirley Morton Don Pearce Rubv Phillips Betty Rummage Wanda Sells Kenneth Small Janette Smith Carol Thompson Gene Snuggs Royce Thompson MPS. IVEY Shirley Boone Jeanette Bowers Larry Bowers Frank Burrell Evelyn Burris David Bruton Frank Chandler Larry Crisco Marian Davis Teanette Dennis Toby Frick James Gibson Marilyn Greene Pat Haire Douglas Harper Benny Herrin Robert Lowder Jeanette McLendon Macie McLester Charles McManus Ted Mabry Clayton Mauldin Aveline Morton Donald Morton Avanell Osborne Donald Perry Bernice Roscoe Betty Ruth Russell Helen Starr Julie Ussery Juanita Ussery Anne Walter Judith Whitley Anne Whitlock Kay Thomas Louise Kindley MRS. LYNN Ann Allen Sally Ausband Nancy Chance Mona Rae Crotts James Crowell Eugene Deese Edna Mae Dick Dwight Efird Don Eudy Carolyn Gaddy Betty Haire Harold Harkey Janelle Harrington Martha Rae Harris Shirley Hinson Joyce Holt James Hudgens Nelda Huneycutt Nancy Kluttz Shirley Lisk Jeanette Mabe Ann Mayberry Carroll Layton Buford Lucas Gary Lunsford Patsy Page Gerald Parker Bobbie Russell Robert Shaver Carolyn Smith Donald Stogner Don Thomas Imogene Tucker Leroy Tucker Gary Waisner Trudie Weaver Patsy Wilhelm MBS. SAUNDERS Wayne Bailey Bob Boger Elizabeth Broadway Clay Cole Ruth Ann Copley Douglas Davis Shirley Deese Billy Freeman Betty Gantt Reba Harrington Colieene Harris Mary Louise Helms Carol Sue Hudson Barbara Huneycutt Max Lambert Claude Lawhon Bobby Lefler Barbara Lowder Curtis Lowder Peggy Jo Lowder Ray Lunsford Shirley Medlin Peggy Jean Morris Betty Moyle Harold Pennington Larry Stallings Douglas Simpson nnie Ruth Stevens Martin Thompson Robert Thompson Tanet Troutman Bill Tucker Shirlev Turner Neil Whitley Carolyn Williams 38 B Team game . . . Bubble gum contest . . . Horseshoe pitching . . . Field clay . . . Band practices marching . . . Gym class . . . Intramural practice . . . Tag football champs. 4C ACTIVITIES STUDENT COUNCIL First row: Charles Harrington, Charles McManus, Donald Kirkpatrick, Leslie S wanner; Second row: Betty Branson, Helen Bowers, Jane Little, Page Huckabee, Nancy Morrow, Janette Mabe, Mr. McFadyen; Third row: Patsy Pettit, Madeline Hatheock, Ann Taylor, Christine Melton, Sue Smith, Lucille Cnrlee Mirle Hinson; Fourth row: Bay Von Morton, Dwight Cranford, Terry Lowder, Bill Grigg, Charles Whitley, Johnny Helms, Jack Morton. The Student Council is an organization through which students may work on problems and projects which are of immediate concern to them. It acts as a clearing house where they may present their ideas on all matters concerning the student body. The idea behind this organization is to .help consolidate school opinion along lines effective to students. The Student Participation Organization was formed ten years ago and has progressed successfully since. Although the present or- ganization is not known by this name, it operates under the same constitution with the same purpose. Most of us think of it as the Student Council or Students ' Government Program. The Student Council is composed of four major officers elected by the student body and a representative elected from each home room. The advisor this year is Mr. McFadyen, the principal. Some of the major activities of the Council this year have been: the forming and sponsorship of various clubs, the planning of assem- bly programs, aiding in intramural tournaments, serving as host to school guests, sponsoring home room devotionals, and carrying on various civic and school campaigns. It is the aim of the Student Council this year to bring students into a closer relationship with their school. OFFICEBS President Jerry Lowder Vice President Harry Pawlik Secretary Helen Bowers Treasurer Dwight Cranford Sponsor Mr. McFadyen 42 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Left to right: L. C. Caudle, Jeannine Boysworth, Sally Beaver, Vera Burris, Page Huckabee, Betty West, Sue Herrin, Marlene Lowder, Mary Elder, Mary Anna Peck, Lula Morris, Frances Gaddy, Hanky Skidmore, Peggy Earp, Betty Poplin, Bill Sanders. Center: Marion Sifford, Jerry Lowder, Miss Lentz. OFFICEBS President Jerry Lowder Secretary Marion Sifford Sponsor Miss Jean Lentz The local chapter of the National Honor Society was organized in Albemarle High School in 1938. Since that time many students have worked and served to attain the high qualifications demanded for membership. Before a student can become a member of this national organi- zation, he must maintain a high scholastic record. This record, how- ever, only makes him eligible for membership. Next he is judged by his teachers and fellow students on the basis of service, leadership, and character. New members are inducted twice a year— in a fall tapping limit- ed to Seniors, and a spring tapping open to Juniors. Since the names of those to be tapped are kept secret until the actual tapping in as- sembly, excitement runs very high among all the students. Membership in the local organization is a sought-after honor, but it involves many obligations as well as offering social and recreation- al opportunities. Various projects are sponsored from time to time. Each spring a tea is held for students making the semester honor roll. The local group feels that this is a wonderful opportunity to encour- age students with high scholastic standing to serve, to lead, to be- come good citizens. It is hoped that students honored by membership in the National Honor Society will be inspired to continue the worthy beginning they have made in high school by continuing to grow into world citizens of tomorrow. 43 First row: Melvin Carpenter, Sue Herrin, Hanky Skidmore, Marion Sifford, Mary Anna Peck, Jeannine Boysworth, Sally Beaver, Frances Gaddy, Isabel Outlaw, Bill Sanders. Second row: Elmon Russell, Elizabeth Miller, Marlene Lowder, Violet Melton, Nancy Priester, Donald Kirk- patrick, Jimmy Miller, Betty Poplin, Jerry Lowder. Third row: Geneva Barbee, Lula Morris, Maxine Burleson, Bill Fesperman, L. C. Caudle, Richard Crisco, Clyde Rummage, Ed Whitley, Willis Pence. Fourth Row: L. C. London, David Gaddy, Donald Barnes, Rachel Russell, Mary Elder. ' »im Karp. Norma Bogle. Ji i Ulen, Charles All id, ( ' laud " Beeker. 1949 CROSSROADS STAFF STAFF Mary Anna Peck Editor In Chief Jeannine Bcysworth Managing Editor Marion Sifford Business Manager Hanky Skidmore ' Assistant Business Manager Charles Almond Make-up Editor Bill Sanders and Frances Gaddy Art Editors Sally Beaver Literary Editor Melvin Carpenter Sports Editor Sue Herrin Snapshot Editor Mrs. Paul B. Fry Literary Adviser Miss Chicora Caughman Business Adviser Mary Anna Peck Editor Marion Sifford Business Manager 11 Kneeling: Norma Bogle, Bill Fesperman, Geneva Barbee; Seated: Donald Barnes, Maxine Burleson, Isabel Outlaw, Sally Beaver, Mary Elder, Peggy Earp, Jeannine Boysworth, Lula Morris, Claude Beeker; Standing: L. C. Caudle, Melvin Carpenter, Richard Criseo, Ed Whitley, Rachel Russell, L. C. London, Mary Anna Peck, David Gaddy, Frances Gaddy, Clyde Rummage, Willis Pence, Charles Almond, Elmon Russell, Jimmy Allen. 1949 FULL MOON STAFF Sally Beaver Mary Elder Co-Editors STAFF Mary Elder. Sally Beaver Co-editors Isabel Outlaw News Editor Mary Anna Peck Feature Editor Norma Bogie Library Editor Melvin Carpenter Sports Editor Charles Almond Business Manager Willis Pence Exchange Editor Mrs. Paul B. Fry Sponsor 45 MUSIC CHORAL Mixed Chorus One hundred twenty-two choral students, divided into four large groups— a ninth grade chorus, and a girls ' chorus, boys ' chorus, and mixed chorus consisting of senior high school students— led an active life this year. Under the direction of Paul B. Fry, they participated in a joint Christinas Concert with Harding High School chorus at Albemarle, the Piedmont district contest, the Festival chorus at Greensboro, a return joint engagement with Harding High in the spring, a Spring Concert, and numerous church and civic appearances. Smaller groups chosen on a competitive basis are the girls ' ensemble, boys ' double quartet, and mixed quartet. OFFICERS Jimmy Lee Miller President Eugene Earnhardt Vice President Gaynelle Chandler Secretary Jimmy Napjer Treasurer Paul B. Fry Director 46 GIRLS ' CHORUS BOYS ' CHORUS NINTH GRADE CHORUS 47 BAND The Band, consisting of 40 members, was organized last year under the supervision of Spencer B. Hatley. It was the first time since 1942 that instrumental music had been offered to students of A. H. S. In its concerts it has presented music ranging from Bach to Boogie. This year it partici- pated in several Christmas Parades throughout the state, among them the Charlotte Christmas Festival, one of the largest in the southeast. The Band also entered the Piedmont District con- test this spring. OFFICERS John Haire President Frank Jones Vice President Flynt Josey Secretary, Treasurer Donald Tucker Librarian David Gaddy, Willis Pence Reporters Johnny Knight Dram Major Jo Ann Burrell Annie Ruth Stevens Jeannete Davis Majorettes Spfncer B. Hatley Director Johnny Knight Drum Major 48 Scene from " Grapes For Dinner " DRAMATICS CLUB Johnny Knight Page Huckabee Frances Gaddy Jerry Lowder Bill Grigg Vera Burris Barbara Brown The Black Masque is a dramatic organization open only to Juniors and Seniors who are especially interested in acting, costuming, production and make-up. This year seventy upper classmen joined this organization, thus making them eligible for open try-outs before any play was cast. Characters for all plays are chosen on the basis of talent alone; however, die production staff is selected on a voluntary basis. Each year the Black Masque presents a minimum of three or maximum of five one-act plays for assembly and public programs. The spring production, which is given by the Senior members of the group, is a three-act play. This year the Black Masque presented the following one-act plays: " Grapes for Dinner " , " We ' re Dieting, " " Mr. Lincoln ' s Whiskers, " " How to Propose. " The season ' s climax was the presentation of George Washington Slept Here. It is the hope of the organization that they may entertain; however, they also strive to give the members a greater appreciation of " good theater. " Director of the Black Masque this year is Mrs. D. H. Peiffer. DRAMATICS CLUB OFFICERS Bill Grigg, Mary Elder, Adelia Mauldin, Frances ' Gaddy, Page Huckabee, Dwight Cranford 49 MONOGRAM CLUB Front row. John Harwood, Joe McAnulty, Don Kirkpatrick, Sara Skidmore, Johnny Knight, John Haire, Donald Mullis, Leroy Swaringen; Second row. Ed Patterson, Elbert Holt, Bill Kluttz, Bob Patterson, Charlie Whitley, Charles Boss, Hoyle Gilbert; Third row. Whit Whitley, Melvin Carpenter, Bob Stoker, William Grigg, Jimmy Miller, Frank Lowder, Cranford Hathcock, Jimmy Napier, Bob Youngblood. OFFICEBS Frank Lowder President Don Kirkpatrick Vice President Sara Skidmore Secretary Jimmy Napier Treasurer The Albemarle High School Monogram Club was organized in the fall of 1947. Membership in the club is limited to those boys and girls who win letters in the athletic program of the high school. The club has as its main objectives the promotion of friendship, exemplifi- cation of good sportsmanship, fostering the privileges and responsi- bilities that come with high school athletic participation, and the realization that the greatest heritage of youth is the right to play. The main project of the Monogram Club is to raise funds to buy monogram sweaters for each member of the club. These funds are raised through various projects promoted by the club during the school year. The club has adopted as the official monogram of Albemarle High School a navy sweater with white chenille letter with a sleeve stripe for each year of competition. 50 BOOSTERS ' CLUB i In 1947 the Boosters ' Club was reorganized under the sponsor- ship of Miss Mary Edna Matheson, and during its two years of opera- tion it has proved itself an almost indispensible part of school life. The club is open to all students, and for this reason its member- ship is larger than that of other organizations around school. Nothing is required of the members except an active part in activities sponsor- ed by the club and a pledge to support the various teams in sports participation. The main purpose of the club is to boost school spirit and keep students ' interest high in extra-curricular activities. The activities of the Boosters are many. They have sponsored many successful dances, pep rallies, stunt programs, assembly pro- grams, etc. Also the Boosters are responsible for choosing cheer leaders and making up the cheering section at football and basketball games. Besides these activities, the Boosters also help buy sweaters for football players with proceeds from various functions. Although the club has no special program or meeting time, it has won a reputation not only for getting things done, but for getting things they undertake done successfully. OFFICERS Donald Kirkpatrick President Bill Fesperman Vice President Mary Helen Cooper Secretary Mary Anna Peck Dance Chairman Miss Mary Edna Matheson Sponsor 51 BIBLE CLUB The Bible Club meets every two weeks to discuss any topic in which the members are interested. Its members may come from any class in school. The officers are: president, Margaret Griffin; secretary-treasurer, Charlotte Crisco; sponsor, Miss Catherine Harrison. FRENCH CLUB The French Club, sponsored by Miss Jeanne Lentz, is in two divisions, one containing French I students, the other, French II students. Officers of the French I club are: president, John Helms; secretary, Carol Davis; treasurer, Elbert Holt; program chairmen, Henry Efird, Dwight Cranford, and Elizabeth Starr. Officers of the French II club are: president, Joe Efird Whitley; secretary, Marlene Lowder; treasurer, Elmon Russell; and program chairmen, Bill Saunders and Frances Gaddy. 52 VOCATIONAL CLUB Officers of the Vocational Club are: President, Donald Barnes: Vice President, Jimmy Austin; Secretary- Treasurer, Geraldine Helms; Co-ordinator, Mr. E. F. Wilson. LIBRARY CLUB First row: Catherine Atkins, Lucille Dennis, Nancy Lowder, Norma Bogle, Alline Dennis, Marie Boscoe; second row: Marlene Arey, Virginia Lee, William Bradley, Julian Swaringen, Clyde Rummage, Leon Underwood, Bill Fesperman, Argene Fitzgerald, Ruth Blankenship. Miss Beatrice Holbrook sponsors the club. 53 SENIOR GIRLS ' FOOTBALL TEAM JUNIOR GIRLS ' FOOTBALL TEAM CHEER LEADERS 54 FOOTBALL First row: Ed Patterson, Bob Youngblood, Charles Ross, Frank Lowder, Cranford Hatcbcock, Sam McManus. Second row: Don Kirkpatrick, Elbert Holt, Joe Clayton, Joe Whitley, Bob Barringer, Leroy Swaringen, Jimmie Napier, Melvin Carpenter. Third row: Coach Don Peiffer, Bill Grigg, Jack Lee, Bob Stoker, Don Mollis, Leslie Swanner, Sidney Helms, Johnny Helms, Bob Patterson, Elbert Whitley, Coach Toby Webb. Back row: Reid McLendon, Dwight Cranford, Bill Kluttz, Johnny Hairc. HIGHLIGHTS OF ' 48 SEASON The Albemarle Bulldogs completed a very successful season in 1948 with a record of six victories, one tie, and three defeats. The season was featured by the outstanding line play of Ross, Lowder, Patterson, Youngblood, Stoker, Mullis, Napier, Miller, and Whitley. The backfield was led by Kluttz, Patterson, Holt, Carpenter, and Kirkpatrick. Albemarle scored a total of 152 points for the 10 games played. All opponents scored a total of 77 points against the local eleven. The Bulldogs opened the season by losing to Barium Springs, 15 to 7. Albe- marle got its only TD on a 39-yard pass from Carpenter to Kirkpatrick. Albemarle downed CCUNC next by 8 to 0, with Napier scoring on a pass. The local eleven then toppled Kannapolis by 20 to 7, with Kirkpatrick, Kluttz, and Carpenter all having a hand in the AHS scoring. Carpenter Grigg Haire Hathcock Helms 56 FOOTBALL Albemarle traveled to Charlotte on October 2, and battled Harding to a 7-7 deadlock, with Carpenter making the Bulldog ' s points Score 25 to 6 in favor of Albemarle over Monroe was next on the list. Kluttz scored twice, while Carpenter raced 75-yards for a TD and tossed to Napier for the last score. Children ' s Home stopped the Bulldogs ' wheel, 22 to 6, while Kirkpatrick scored the lone touchdown on a 60-yard run. Albemarle then lost a heartbreaker to Salisbury by 7 to 0. The Yellow Jackets won in the last 30 seconds on a pass play. Troy came to the local stadium on October 29, and probably wished they had never made the trip. The Bulldogs pounded the visitors 46 to 0. The big homecoming clash with Concord took place on November 5 and Albemarle delighted the old grads by downing the Spiders 13-7. The game was featured by excellent line play on the part of Boss, Patterson, Youngblood, Low- der, and Stoker and an 85-yard run by Kluttz in the closing minutes for the win- ning touchdown. The Bulldogs ended their season by spanking Asheboro 20-8. Ten Albemarle seniors ended their career, including Don Mnllis, Bob Stoker, Frank Lowder, Charles Boss, Don Kirkpatrick, Bob Patterson, Jim Miller, Melvin Carpenter, and John Haire. FOOTBALL Donald Kirkpatrick Co.Captain Charles Ross Co-Captain Kirkpatrick Ross RESULTS 1948-49 TEAM Pts TEAM Pts. Albemarle 7 Barium Springs 15 Albemarle 8 CCUNC 0 Albemarle 20 Kannapolis 7 Albemarle 7 Harding 7 Albemarle 26 Monroe 6 Albemarle 6 Children ' s Home 22 Albemarle 0 Salisbury 7 Albemarle 46 Troy 0 Albemarle 13 Concord 7 Albemarle 20 Asheboro 6 153 77 Stoker Swaringen Whitley Youngblood Gilbert 58 BOYS ' BASKETBALL Kneeling: Ted Burleson, Kenny Willis, Jimmy Napier, Don Kirkpatrick, Melvin Carpenter. Standing: Gene Huneycutt, Charles Whitley, Leroy Swaringen, Joe McAnulty, Gene Earnhardt, Coach Peiffer, Clyde Rummage, Elbert Holt, John Harwood, Jack Morton. 1948-49 SCHEDULE Jan. 11 Monroe There Jan. 14 Concord Here Jan. 18 Asheboro There Jan. 21 Kannapolis There Jan. 25 Monroe Here Jan. 28 Harding There Feb. 1 Mooresville There Feb. 4 Open Feb. 8 Asheboro Here Feb. 11 Kannapolis Here Feb. 16 Badin There Feb. 18 Harding Here Feb. 22 Badin Here Feb. 25 Concord There Mar. 1 Mooresville Here Mar. 4 Open 59 GIRLS ' BASKETBALL Kneeling: Vera Burris. Sara Frances Dry, Betty Jean Poplin, Mrs. Almond, Sara Skidmore, Perline Hartsell, Bobbie Watson. Standing: Helen Bowers, Martha Moore, Betty West, Connie McLain, Ellene Holbrook, Janet Deese. Mary Lamar. 1948-49 SCHEDULE Jan. 11 Monroe There Jan. 14 Concord 1 lere Jan. 18 Asheboro There Jan. 21 Kannapolis There Jan. 25 Monroe 1 lere Jan. 28 Open Feb. 1 Mooresville There Feb. 4 Open Feb. 8 Asheboro Here Feb. 11 Kannapolis Here Feb. 16 Badin There Feb. 18 Open Feb. 22 Badin Here Feb. 25 Concord There Mar. 1 Mooresville 1 lere Mar. 4 Open 60 FOOTBALL SPONSORS Seated: Betty Boone, Nancy Morrow, Betty Lynn Crowell, Jean Bullock, Helen Harwood, Virginia Byrge, Jewelline Holt, Paula Howard, Wanda Sells. Standing: Jo Fox, Jane Little, Marion Sifford, Jane Smith, Betty Jean Poplin, Mildred Kelly, Mary Elder 7 Lula Morris, Mary Helen Cooper. Barbara Setzler, Barbara Brown. CHEERLEADERS Betty Boone, Barbara Aldridge, Mary Helen Cooper, Jane Bullock, Bill Fesperman, Jean Bullock, Betty Jean Poplin, Mary Anna Peck. 6] THE CROSSROAD We ' re now at life ' s crossroad; We may ne ' er meet again; Till our time of parting, Let us be friends. Some take the left, and others the right, And if I shall see you, whatever my plight, I ' ll smile and I ' ll greet you, And wish you good cheer And remember with pleasure The fun we had here. We ' re now at life ' s crossroad. Will you be my friend, Till our time of parting Or till this life end? —Joe Efird Whitley 62 To the High School Annual Advertising Sales Force . . . THE BEST IN THE WORLD AUTEN-WOLFE STANLY LUMBER COMPANY INCORPORATED Manufacturers and Dealers Lumber, Mill Work and Building Material 63 COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND 64 COMPLIMENTS OF ALBEMARLE BOTTLING CO. 65 " Let Us Help You Live In A Home Of Your Own " HOME BUILDERS ASSOCIATION 113 S. Second Street Compliments of ROSS STUDIO 215 West Main St. ALBEMARLE, N. C. " Pictures for All Occasions " BOONE CLEANERS Hatters — Dyers — Altering PHONE 116 ALBEMARLE, N. C. Congratulations to the Class of 1949 CABARRUS BANK and TRUST COMPANY ALBEMARLE, N. C. 67 STANLY NEWS and PRESS Your County Neivspaper Established 1880 Published by Press Printing Company, Inc. BELK ' S DEPARTMENT STORE Albemarle ' s Leading Department Store ALBEMARLE, N. C. 66 A. W. Oil Company Phone 657 P. O. Box 686 ALBEMARLE, N. C. SINCLAIR GOODYEAR Compliments of STANLY DAIRIES 1,000 Watts 1,000 Kilocycles Radio Station W A B Z ALBEMARLE, N. C. Compliments of HARTSELL FUNERAL HOME 68 Sibley Manufacturing Company, Inc. Coal — Lumber — Wood ALBEMARLE, N. C. STANDARD OFFICE EQUIPMENT CO. TELEPHONE 1190 141 S. Second St. Office Equipment Royal Typewriters Compliments of ECONOMY AUTO SUPPLY Compliments of EFIRD ' S DEPT. STORE ALBEMARLE, N. C. 69 Compliments of E. B. Stone Finance Co. of Albemarle, Inc. CREED McMANUS, Mgr. CITY MARKET PHONE 72 " It Pleases Us To Please You " Carolina Realty and Insurance Company 113 South Second St. H. L. HARRIS B. C. PARKER COSMETICS CANDIES SUNDRIES THE DRUG CENTRE A Professional Drug Service 121 N. First St. Phone 1131 ALBEMARLE, N. C. Sossamon Furniture Co. MOOSE ' S Ladies ' Clothes Men ' s Clothes 141 WEST MAIN ST. ALBEMARLE, N. C. T. F. MORGAN, President M. M. PALMER, Vice-President JAMES W. MORGAN, Sec.-Treas. Morgan Insurance Agency, Inc. P. O. Box 108 - Office Phone 585 Mutual Insurance Dividends ALBEMARLE, N. C. Compliments of STANLY HARDWARE COMPANY Distributors of MacGregor Goldsmith Sports Goods and Sports Equipment 70 Albemarle Plumbing and Heating Co., Inc. Plumbing and Heating Contractors o o ALBEMARLE, N. C. Phones: Local 234 Lone Distance 204 RUSSELL ' S Famous for Diamonds DIAMONDS - WATCHES SILVERWARE - CAMERAS Easy Credit Terms 121 N. Second Sr. ALBEMARLE, N. C. Congratulations ro the Graduating Class of 1949 and Best Wishes to All Students of A.H.S. ELDER WHOLESALE COMPANY ALBEMARLE, N. C. W. E. Smith, Pres. M. M. Palmer, Vice-Pres. C. B. Miller, Sec.-Treas. R. L. Smith Son, Attys. Albemarle Building and Loan Association Office in Hotel Albemarle Building 185 N. Second St. Phone 28 Albemarle, N. C. Directors Directors F. L. PRI ESTER W. E. SMITH M. M. PALMER J. H. MORROW G. C. MORTON WADE F. DENNING C. B. MILLER R. J. TUCKER GEO. C. McMANUS, JR. 71 Compliments of CENTRAL LUNCH Compliments of Maxwell Bros. Collins Compliments of C M TAXI Phone 3 Compliments of QUALITY GROCERY Compliments of TUCK S GRILL Compliments of Gantt Rulane Gas Service Compliments of J. C. PENNEY CO. Compliments of Morrow Bros. Hcarh 72 THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK CAPITAL $50,000 SURPLUS $100,000 Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation LOFTIN ' S Jewelry — Gifts Phone 1140 CONVENIENT TERMS 175 North Second Street ALBEMARLE, N. C. A. Z. Price Co., Inc. Charlotte, N. C. Distributors for GENERAL ELECTRIC Automatic Oil-Burning Heating Products Sold, Installed and Serviced in Stanly and Montgomery County by J. E. Gantt Plumbing and Heating Co., Inc. Albemarle, N. C. LEFLER FURNITURE COMPANY HOME FURNISHINGS FUNERAL DIRECTORS Furniture Phone 117 Ambulance Service Phone 97 73 JAMES CLOTHING Men ' s and Ladies ' Ready-To- Vear The Store With The Nationally-Advertised Lines " West End Esso Station Telephone: 205 907 W. Main St. Albemarle, N. C. Headquarters for Esso Products, Adas Tires, Batteries and Accessories Compliments of F. M. Coffee Co. " Say It With Flowers " Harwood ' s Florist Norwood Road — Albemarle, N. C. Member T. D. S. Flow ers Wired Anywhere Compliments of Lowder Hardware Co., Inc. North First Street Albemarle. N. C. Tel. 325 and 1040 Compliments of Peck ' s Florist Alameda Theatre " Nothing But The Best in Pictures " Home of Metro-Goldwyn Mayer. Warner Bros.. First National, 20th Century Fox Pictures Matinee Daily 1 3 P.M.-Night 7 9 P.M. Saturday Continuous showing from 1:00 P.M. Compliments of Buck ' s Cleaners Compliments of Southern Flour Mills Firestone Home and Auto Supply C. D. Hadey Dealer Tires, Batteries, and Recapping Home and Autos Supplies Store 930 West Main Street Station 1006 W. Main St. - Albemarle, N. C. Dun-Rite Laundry and Cleaners Albemarle, N. C. Ritchie Auto Parts Phone 1029 Albemarle. N. C. Low der ' s Florist Phone 661 1410 West Main St. " Flowers For All Occasions " Hotel Albemarle " A good dining room. " Compliments of United 5, 10 25c Store " A Friendly Dime Store " Leslie H Weaver, Manager Compliments of G. C. McManus Co., Inc. Albemarle. N. C. Allis-Chalmers, Farm Machinery Mack T r ucks 74 West End Grocery Meats Groceries Compliments of American Cafe Pepper Pot Grill West End Paul Usrery Compliments of Hamp ' s Transfer Compliments of Napier ' s Service Playboy Sales Service 224 Concord Rd. Phone 1067 T. T. Motors Inc. STUDEBAKER CARS - TRUCKS Sales Service Five Points— Phone 1033 For friendly courteous service visit South Albemarle Esso Station At the forks of the Aquarlale Norwood Roads Compliments of W. E. Powell Albemarle, N. C. Ivey ' s Florist (The Albemarle Greenhouse) Flowers, Plants, Funeral De signs 1012 Pee Dee Ave. Phone 146 Albemarle, N. C. Member F. T. D. Terminal Grill 150 E. Main Street Albemarle, N. C. Phone 227 W. S. Cooper Wholesale Drugs, Notions, Specialties Albemarle, N. C. Morgan Motor Co. Pontiac Sales Service Phones: ' Service 533-Office 1057 Compliments to High School Students from Gable ' s, Inc. Compliments of Tate ' s Drug Store 316 Montgomery Ave. Phone 1055 Compliments of Johnson Grocery Co. Compliments of Albemarle Oil Co. 75 P. J. HUNEYCUTT FURNITURE CO. Albemarle, N. C. " You Furnish the Wife, We Furnish the Howe " Compliments of Reliable Jewelry Store STARNES Leading Jewelers since 1898 ALBEMARLE, N. C. Compliments of Vogue Beauty Shop 310 Montgomery Ave. Compliments of Standard Auto Parts Co. 76

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