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I ,J Editor ...............,,, ....,,. J anct Thurber Business Manager .. ,.,,,... Maurice Kurtz Advisor .,.......,.,,.,. ,.,,,, M iss Elvira Reilly WHIRLWI D ffflanq Ozegon 1956 cha! Hmmm Adwmwmmn 5 6644444 75 0-zgmugamw 55 Awww X7 Spam W WE DEDICATE OUR 1956 WHIKLWIND TO MISS IDA B ANDERSON a devoted teacher and respected member of the commumty who retlred ln une of 1955 after teaching ln Albany s semor hlgh school smce 1931 Mxss Anderson recelved her Bachelor of Arts degree m 1926 and her Master of Educatxon degree 1n 1936 from the Umverslty of Washington Being xnterested ln wntmg herself she communicated thls enthusiasm to her students and over the years her pupxls have won many prxzes m natxonal poetry and essay contests and thelr works have been publxshed m hterary magazmes Since her retirement Mlss Anderson has been dolng church work, catching up on her readmg and makmg plans to travel, although she retams her mterest in the school and the students she has had 2 I I - s , J . . , . . . 2 7 , . 2 1 , e f 4 3 9 E 2 I Z I 2 A 1 f , f .1 5 EE 5 W if f - I :ff.izm5f..x..'Lf1W 4 I I f :I I 1 4-ffm. , ummm WW ' ' 'V 2 P' PEZ' ,wfwmu fax ADMINISTRATION 4 fain 2 az One of the busxest places m Albany Umon Hxgh School 15 the 0ff1CC Presldmg at the counter IS Pnncnpal Stan Czech who wrxtes excuses for the boys 1n addltlon to hxs other dutxes Here Mr Cox takes care of all the admlmstratlve work whxch runnmg a large school demands Mrss Voyen and Mrss Hardm are thelr mdlspensable Grrl Fndays Here too you wrll see Miss Spence who wntes rxcuscs and counsels the grrls when not teachmg an Enghsh class Mr Rogers the boys counselor can be found ln has offlce m the hbrary when not teachmg a class or helpxng hrs debate students 4 P. ,f'N, l S . S ,e 55. v- , 'FW 1 ,gg-' Cla I .Egg ? s X f x ny. 4i. fzagvf ' . -1 .ff ,si-.1 .- 15315114.20 'gtg +244-1-'V f -9 f' , I ,, 'W 4 ' 2,51 , f 'e'ywim, Z f , QQLWNV . , - L. WN A vm 'K 7. fi, ,V I ,L . 1 ,. , 5.555 Z, : ,img by 4, , , , QA, J .A ,- ,aj,z5i., I4'f'j - -1,576 ser ,,'2'5 N . , 'lv , W '," 1 7 I MBA fb- X DON BRASH -IO BARTON MARY ANDERSEN Linfield-B.S., M.Ed. SX MacMurray College-B.S. U. of Idaho-B.S. Science n P Home Economics Typing 1, Sh0rthanCl, Office Freshman Adviser 15W F.H.A. Adviser Practice, F.B.L.A., K Junior Adviser X , I l QQ" E E In-service training was the first item on a busy agenda for AUS teachers when they arrived Septem- ber 6. After getting acquainted with new members of the staff, teachers heard speakers from business and the department of education and had committee meetings for two days. Freshmen were registered one day and began classes. Then the upper classmen arrived and school was in swing. An important event was the evaluation of the school conducted by the state department of education. This meant countless teachers' meetings climaxed by the arrival of the evaluation committee on February 6 to observe AUS school life for three days. After the final day of school teachers stayed an additional week to get records in order and then left for summer school, work, or a much needed rest. MARILYN BECKHAM BEATRICE BARNARD GLADYS BELDON U. of Oregon-B.A. Southem Methodist-B.S, Oklahoma A 8: M-B.S English 2 English 3 Home Economics Honor Society Adviser Junior Girls' League Adviser .1 F.H.A. Adviser l MABLE EHRLICH DAVID EVANS BRUCE BRAY Willamette University-B.A. Macalester CollegefB.A. U. of Oregon-BAI, M.M, English 4, Spanish Englishfi, journalism. Vocal Mdsic Whlrlwmd Paper Advlser cle.: Club, choir, Mixed chorus WALLACE CALDWELL 15' , 'wx Oregon S. C.-B.S. ' ' Agriculture F.F.A. Adviser ROBERT BUCHANAN Albany College-3-B.S., O,S.C.-M.S, Biology, Golf Coach Camera Club, junior Adviser X . i u i.XV T bl, EDWARD BRYANT Oregon S. C.-B.S. Chemistry, Senior Review Hi-Y Adviser If THOMAS DRYNAN Oregon S. C.-M.Ed. Director of Athletics Track and Wrestling Coach ARCHIE EUWER Iowa Wesleyan College-iB.A U. of Iowa-M.A. Art, Study Hall I I fgff J 51 f 1 AIWELBERT HACKERT WALLACE GlllllS ELDON GROSSHUESCH Southern Oreqon S.C.iB.S, Orecfon S.Kl.iB.S. Ynnkton ClOllC'C'C-B.S. Algebra, Senior Review Social Science, Drivers' Training U. of Colorado--lSl.Ed, Order of A Adviser, Varsity Football Social Ec. Senior Adviser viiktizi 1135 E ! gf, Q UC Ufpr ' Q RANDY HARRISON Linfield-B.S. American History, Social Science Junior Varsity Basketball Coach ROBERT FOSTER Southwestern F.-B..-X, O,S.C.-M.Ed. T SL I, Social Ee. Supervisor, Adult Education YYENDEL HEINTZKIAN ELBIA HEYVITT THOMAS HOLMAN N. S. Teachers College-B,S. Oregon S.C.-B.S. Oregon S.C.-B.S. Oregon S.C -M. Ed Phwsical Edu ' Social Science, Boys! Health K . . ,' cation Typing, Shorthand Booster, G.A.A. Adviser Book Store P. E., Order of A Adviser Varsity Basketball gk. 4662135 T7 JAMES LUNN Iamestown College-B.A. Geometry 84 Physics Student Council Adviser Ngdll -1 A . V CHARLES KERR NELLIE KELLEV oregon S.C.-M.Ed, Hamline UWBA Biology o.s.c.-Mad. Council of Clubs Algebra 1 51 2 Order of A Adviser BETTY LEACH GENE NIILLER U. of Orcqon-BS. Linfield Collcqr-B.S., M.Ed. Social Science Social Er., Typing Freshman Adviser Student Bank NORKIAN LOVELL LAZWONT KLICK QIAKIES LLYSTER Orezon SXT,--B.S., M.Ed, Oreqon S.CI.-B,S. Oregon S.CI, lkfath 3: Mvch. Drinvinq 1 f Wood lVorkinQ Health and P.E. Sophomore Advisor V 51- 3 l 'QQ' 1 i fn E if X 3 J ' S Q ta, l , 1. , 1 i - A .3 ,' ,ST S Q V - ' 1 Ho. 259: fix. ,dw my. ' 1ffM,44'1?v 9 -' ,M if ff if 4, F11 JR ENCIWE ZININIF ll GRETCHEN WALKER l . of fxliiiru-mls: BS. ArlZ0na State-B.A., O.S.C.-M.A Lihrzxrv f3"i1-fwfr' EHgllSl'l l Libi"r" K I--5. ' '- Mir Sophomore Adviser WM' 'ZQ gy . CARROLL TYLER DARLE WEST U. of Oregon-B.A. U. of Oregon'-B.S., M.S. English 3 8: 4 Band 8: Orchestra Drama 81 Speech Band Club Adviser Assembly Committee Adviser ff X 1 'YS ,Q - L A - 4, Q-5? v ' no .f -V ,Si l 4-f , Q X be , IAN 'X- Y, , ..:.n.0-s. Q . if,-4 B i k ' IK lF54'5L9 . I , vw l . s 4x xy X li-wifi 5 5 A l '1 . NA Pxfx, K r X -IANITORS: Ray Hallock, Art Colbert, Laurette Fief, Ed Lange, ' s COOKS: Mrs. Evelyn Snyder and Mrs. Minnie Briggs. Lee McKnight, hfad janilor, Albert Chapin. BUS IDRIVERS-Standing: Leo Baker. Denver Hampton. Bob Parrett, Clyde Dun- ham. Ken Cosler. Kneeling: Maurice Cox and Virgil Haight. I 4.2 xg Y' N 1 ,J J I fl!! x i' auixwewx. if f' Y -W-f MW. ,Q CLASSES . , ,, ,JWAWU '? fWb JU' ADVISERS ELDON GROSSHUESCH AND EUNICE SANDERS We, the class of 1956 pause once more to glance through the halls of Albany Lmon High We shall always remember our xlctorxes, as well as our defeats Our sophomore year started wxth bang when we won the clothxng drne The successful productlon of our class act Purple Planet followed The jumor year began wxth energy and ambrtxon We presented the class assem bly In the Park Seventeenth Sum mer was the class plav The Myster nous Frontler was our class act and the junxor Semor Prom theme was Maytxme Magic We wound up the year by as sxstmq wnth commencement As semors we haxe completed our most successful year The Chrlstmas Prom, Srlver Bells , was well recexved The class assembly, as well as the class play, The Curious Savage , taught us to work together better A spaghettx dxnner and dance was one of the new actxvmes for semors only The fmal days began wlth our senior breakfast, then bacca laureate and at last commencement, fol lowed by the all mght party We wlsh to express our thanks to our advxsers for a successful hugh school career CI ASS OFFICERS Ladd Westbrook vice-president' Mary Ann Safley treasurer' Gary Koeppel president' Nancy Hop- per, secretary. E 25 WP ..u 14 5- KAREN ANDERSON MARJORIE ANDRUS Photography Club Treasurer Booster Club 43 GAA 2, 3, 4 4, Transfer from Oakland, Calif., 3 KELLY ARNOLD LOUISE ATKINSON Science Club 1, "A" Choir 3 FBLA 4 maui? Q, ' FV' I Q, Af' BETTE LOU BACON Pep Club l, Booster Club 3, GAA l, 2, 3, FBLA 2, 3, T81 I 4, "A" Choir 3 RAY BALDWIN Student Body Committees, Order of 'A' 2, 3, 4, Cross Country 2, 3, 4, Basketball 4, Track 2, 3, 41 Paper Staff 3, 4, As. Sports Ed. 3, Co-Editor 4, Boys Glee 3 DAVID BENDER FI-'A2gT8:I4 15 WILLIAM D. BAIN Hi-Y 3, 4, Order of "A" 3, 4, Pep Band 2, 3, 4, Band l, 2, 3, 4, Student Director 3, 4, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4, Football Manager l, 2, Baseball Man- ager 2, 3, 45 HonoLSociety 4 x , A ' -. X I ,J ELAINE GAIL BARNEY Pep Band 4, Band 2, 3, 4: Transfer from Salem Academy 2 JOANIHENEK Assembly Committee 2, 3, 4: Booster Club 3, 4, Vice-Pres. 4, Pep Club lg Girls' State, Council of Clubs 4, GAA l, 2, 3, FBLA Reporter 3, Paper Staff 1, Reporter: Class Play 3, Honor Society 4 ar- MARY ANN BROCKLEY Student Council 2, Student Body Committees 3, Booster Club 3, 4, Pep Club 1, Rally Squad 3, 4, Girls' League Cabinet 3, 4, Chaplain 3, Vice-Pres. 4, Soph. Rep., Council of Clubs 4, Debate 3, 4, GAA l, 2, 3, Sgt.-at-arms 3, Class Play 4, Paper Staff 4, News Editor, Honor Society 4 BONNIE BUERGE Annual 4, FHA 2, 3, GAA 1, 2, 3, 4, Biking Manager 3, In- tramural Manager 4, Science Club 1, Latin Club l, 3, 4, Band l, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4, Honor Society 4 JO DICK BLAKE Band l, 2, 3, 4: Orrhestra 1, 2, 3, 4, goottball l, 2, Basketball lg Baseball 1, LEROY BOWMAN FFA 3: T 8: I 4: "A" Choir 3: Transfer from Ruskin High, Ruskin, Neb., 3 LEROY BREMER Order of "A" 2, 3, 4, Wrestling 2, 3, 4 MARLENE BRENNEMAN Booster Club 3, FBLA 3, T 8a I 4 HN F. BROWN Student Council 4, Student Body Committees 3, 4, Chair- man Exchange Com., Council of Clubs 4, Debate 3, 4, Vice- Pres. 4, Class Play 4 ROSINA BURCK Booster Club 3, 4, Girls' League Cabinet 4, GAA 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 3, Pres. 4, Band l, 2, Orchestra 2: Pep Club 1, Class Play 3, Honor Society 4 DARLYNE BYERS ANDREA CAMPBELL Booster Club 4, Pep Club 1, Annual 2, 3: FBLA 4, "A" Choir 2, 3, Ensemble 4 Student Body Secretary 4: Student Council 4: Booster Club 4, Girls' Leazue Cabinet 3, 4: GAA 2, FBLA 3: Class Play 3, 4 IG CAROL EAGLES Most 'U' -QE' J GARY COVEY IVAN COYKENDOLL Class Treasurer 2: Hi-Y 2, 33 Hi-Y 4 Paper 4, Sports Editorg Honor Society 1, 4 Student Body Treasurer 43 Student Council 4g Student Body Committees 2g Booster Club 3, 4g Pep Club l: GAA 1, 25 Honor Society 4 LARRY CUSHING Football l: Wrestling l, 25 Baseball l is 5 I ,idx OAN CROCKER KAROLYN CULTER Library Club 3 JANICE DAVIS LARRY DE LAP HARRY DAY Wrestling 25 "A" Choir 2, 3 ROBERTA DAY Pep Club lg GAA 1, Ski Club 2: Library Club 2, 3, Rep- resentative 3 A SHARON DECKER I I T 8: I 3, 4, Secretary 4 . Transfer from jefferson Hinh, Portland 4 1. VEAL o Succeed ,W 'YUM 'ix in GARY DENIING Counfil of Clubs 4: Ili-Y 3, 4: Sefretziry 4: Order of 3, 4: Latin Club 4, Sf-rrvtzxry 3, Football Manner-r 3, l: Bus- lxf-tball Mzinnuv-r 'L -4: Trzirk Nizxnziuer fi': Band 2: Honor Suriv-ty 4, Vive'-l'rr's. 1. Choir 4, President 4 RL'lDY lllilili.-Xll Stud.-nt Clminfil J, G, Rvprvs- vritutixr- 2, flluss Sf'4l"'l1ll'Y 4' my 1, fs, i WADE DOERFLER Student Council 35 Student Body Committees 3: Class President 3g Council of Clubs 45 Hi-Y 3, 4: Vice-Pres. 4, Order of "A" 2, 3, 4: Ski Club 3: Class Play 33 Foot- ball 2: Wrestling l, 2, li, 4: Honor Society 4 ,IOANNE DOOLEY Student Council 4: Booster Club 3, 4, Science Club 1: "A" Choir 3, 4 LOIS AILEEN DRAPER FHA 2, 35 Library Club 3 THONTAS DRYNAN Ski Club 4: Pep Band 3, 4: Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 43 Football 1, 2, 3: Wrestlinz I, 2: Track 1, 2 SAUNDRA DUNHANI Booster Club 41 GAA 2, 3, 4: FBLA 3, 4: Library Club 2: Triple Trio 2, "A" Choir 3: Girls' Ensemble 4 19 LYNNE DENNIS Class Play 4: Transfr-rred from Wuylginfl .-Xrad1:my', Beaverton, Wiis., 1 'XIAIQIIXN I JI'I"I MICR l'r'p lilulm li llvlriill' 21 2, fifsxx l, Q, il' oi I 4 EDITH IJOMBROWSKY Library Club 3, Reporter 3 fJ'1 I6 'C I if is 12. MELVYN FARSTAD ED FAULKNER PCP Band 2, Band I, 2, 3 Annua CAROLE EAGLES Student Council 3, 4, Pep Club lg Yell Leader 3, 4, Queen 4, Girls' League Cabinet 3, 4g Annual 2, 3, 4, GAA 2, 3, Publicity 3 ANNABELLE EDWARDS Booster Club 4, FHA 3: GAA l, 2, 3, 4, Bowling Manager 4, Science Club 1, Sec. lg Honor Society 45 "A" Choir 4, Sec. 4 JAMES ELKINS Student Council 4, Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Pres. 45 T 8: I 3, Football 1, 2, 4 SHARON ESKELI Student Body Business Mgr. 45 Student Council 45 Booster Club 33 Pep Club lg Council of Clubs 2, 3, 43 GAA l, 2, 3, FBLA 2, 3, 4, Pres. 3g IRL 2, 3, 4, Vice-Pres. 2, 35 Class Play 4, Honor Society 4 f ' x.-1 G K , X L ' GENE FISHER, PAT P Cutest l 43 Honor Society 4 is K x LARRY FAULKNER PATRICIA FEENEY Off-lei' Of "An 2, 39 T 31 I 4, Transfer from Olym pia, Vice-Pres., Cross Country 2, Wash., 4 ku 3, Wrestling 1, 2, 35 Track 1, 2, 33 "A" Choir 2, 3 GENE FISHER RODNEY FISHER Order of "A" 1, 2, 3, 45 Wres- Student Council 4, Council of tling I, 2, 3, 4, Captain 4 Clubs 3g Pep Band 2, 3, 45 Band l, 2, 3, -1-, Vice-Pres. 3, Pres. 4, Orchestra 3, "AH Choir 2 W Dv- il C- Y? I cw VIONTY TORGESON, CAROL WIDMER Best Looking LORRENE FREERKSEN FHA 3: GAA lg T Sa I 43 UA' Choir 3 JERRY GATLIN Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: Order of "A" 2, 3, 4 Cross Country 2, 3, 4, Captain 43 Basketball 4: Trark l, 2, 3, 4 BETH GEISTER Student Council l, 25 Student Body Committees 4: Booster Club 3, 4: Pep Club l, Pres. l: GAA l, 2, 33 FBLA 31 IRL 3, 4, Secretary, Ski Club 3, Band 1, 2, 35 Orchestra 2, 3 MARIAN GIEDD ,,g, STEVE GLASER JERRI ANN GOLTRA Hi-Y 3, 4g Ski Club 3, Honor GAA 1, Band 1, 2 Society 4 .3 'QE q CHUCK GOODWIN NANCY GRAHAM FHA 2, Library Club 2 i 2' DONAVON GRILL XIARTIN GRIFFITH Order of "A": Football lg Pep Band J, 2, 3, 45 Band 1 Wrestling lg Transfer from 2, 3, 45 Wrestling 3 'V 'Ln- if Lebanon 4 2' EDWARD GRILL LUIS GUTIERREZ Yell Leader 3, 45 Ski Club 3, T 8: I 4 4, "AU Choir 3, 4 DAVE HAALAND ROBERT HAMILTON Hi-Y 3g Order of "A" 2, 3, 45 Band lg Basketball 2, 3, Golf 4 GEORGE HAMMACK SANDRA HARGER FFA2,3gA8zI4 GAA2 9? 'kj BRUCE VALERIA HART MOS' Band lg Orchestra 1, 2, 3 CONSTANCE HARWOOD Booster Club 3, 4, Pep Club 1: GAA 1, 2, 3, Swimming Manager 3g FBLA 2g IRL 2 -ff DENNY HENNINGER X Council of Clubs 43 Hi-Y 4: Order of I "A" 45 Ski Club 45 Football 4, 'RAN , Choir 4, Vice-Pres. 'A ' ff- f Q BONITA HILL Booster Club 4 Pep Club 1: GAA 1, 2 X 2 DAVID FFA LARRY FFA Play JOAN HILLIKER GAA 1, 2, 3, 4 Library Club 3 LEROY HINCK 5 FBLA 41 Hi-Y 3, 45 Ski Club'4g Or- chestra l, 2, 33 Movie Club l LARRY HITE MARGARET HODSDON Hi-Y 4: Order of UA" 3, 4: Student Body Committees 4z Ski Club fl, 4: Football I, 2, Booster Club 45 G.-XA 1, 2, 3, 3, 43 Wrestling 2, 3, 4, Track 4, Danfinsz Manager 3, 4: l Latin Club 3, Class Play 3: Paper 4g Honor Society 4, Pres. 4 RUTH HOFFMAN NANCY HOPPER Library Club 2, 3, 4 HORN 2, 3, 4, Reporter 4 HOUCHIN 2, 3, 4, Reporter 3, Pres. 41 Class 3: Football 33 Baseball Manager 2 ROBERT HUNT Pep Band 4: Band 3, 4: Orchestra 3, 4, Golf 3, 4 ROGER HUNTLEY Order of "A" 3, 4: Art Club l, 2 23 Booster Club 33 Yell Leader 45 Girls' League Cabinet 3, 4, Secretary 35 Class Secretary 4, GAA 2, 3, Tumbling Manag- er 3, Paper lg "A" Choir 33 Student Council 4 1 ,, 'C' -IOHN .IENSON CHUCK JOHNSON Student Body Committees 4g Hi-Y 3, 4: Order of "A" 4: Pep Band 2, 3: Band l, 2, 3, Class Play 4g Football 25 Bas- ketball l, 3, 45 Track l, 2, 3,4 GENE JOHNSON JACK JONES STAN KELLER llTLll KNIGHT Ofdef 0f HAM 2, 3, 4, Sm-'al' Latin Club 3, Rf-porter Afm5 43 Football ly 2, 3, 43 Science Club l I Movie Club l VVrestlina 1, 2, 3, 4: Track l: Baseball l, 2, 3, Choir 4 PAT HL RLEY DICK -IANSEN T Ee I 4: Transfer from Yakima Hilh, 3 BEVERLY ,IANSSEN Transfer from Hayfield High, Hayfield, Minn., 4 EMILY JENKINS GAA 4, Basketball Manager 45 Library Club 4: Transfer 4 ,ffm ,...- .Ilan DON M4 QY ANY l..'XNl.l'IY ' I l XIXS MIKE LEE Student Body Vice-President 43 Student Council 4g Council of Clubs 4, Presidentg Debate 21 Hi-Y 2, 35 Band 1gOrches- tra lg Class Play 4s Paper 4 JLDX LEW INS ICELAND LILLY Booster Club 4 Pep Club l FFA 3: T Sc I 43 Class Play 43 FHA 9 3 Hnstonan 3 G-X-X Football 2: "A" Choir 3 ma wr ZIDANA LINDLEY Pep Club lg FBLA 45 Latin Club 15 UA' Choir 4 WILBURN MCCARY Hi-Y 3, 45 Pep Band 2, 3, 45 Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Cross Country 2, 35 Basketball 25 Wrestling 2 CHERIE MCREYNOLDS Student Council 45 FBLA 45 Transfer from Menla Port, Calif. .Q I I MILBURN MCCARY Order of "A" lg Pep Band 15 Band 45 Orchestra lg Cross Country 15 Wrestling l DON MCCONNELL Order of "AH 4, Presidentg Football l, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Track 3, 45 Base- ball 1 ANNE MACKIE Booster Club 3, 4, Secretary 45 GAA 1, 2, 3, 4, Volleyball Manager 4, Spedball Manag- er 35 Latin Club 15 Science 1, Secretaryg Paper 3, 45 Honor Society 4 MAR-IORIE MAIER Library 3, 4 VICKIE MARQUIS Student Body Committees 35 Booster Club 3: Pep Club 1, Presidentg Yell Leader 15 FHA 15 GAA l, 2, 3, Golf Manager 35 FBLA 35 Ski Club 3, 45 Library Club 25 Class Play 45 Paper 4 MARILYN MARTINAK Student Body Committees 2, 35 Booster Club 3, 4, Treasur- er-1-:GAA 1, 2, 3g Ski Club 35 Honor Society 45 Pep Club 1 MARILYN MARTINSON Booster Club 3, 45 Pep Club 1: Annual 4: GAA l, 2, 3, 45 Ping-Pong Manager 3: FBLA 2, 35 Latin Club l: Paper, Editor 15 Honor Scoiety 4, Treasurerg "A" Choir 3 26 DICK C. WHEELER alented . sy L K MARILYNNE MAURER Latin Club lg Band 1, 2, Paper 1 ROGER MIDIJELSTADT CONNIE MISHLER Student Council 43 Booster Club 3, 4, Pep Club lg Girls' League Cabinet 3, -lg GAA l, 2, 3 Band l, 2, 3, Treasurer 2, Orchestra l, 2 DONNA MISNER ELEANOR MITCHELL Booster Club 3, 4, Pep Club lg Rally Squad 3, 4: GAA l, 2, Pins-Ponq Manager l, Tennis Manafzvr 2g Library Club 2 SANDRA MONTANGE Pep Club l: GAA l, 2: Latin Club l: Library Club 2 BIIKE XIOORE Hi-Y 2, 3,41 Order of "A" 41 Latin Club 3, -lg Football 4 JOANN MEADER Pep Club ll FHA 2, GAA 2 33 "A" Choir 3, 4 RICH MIKESELL Basketball l, 2, 33 Baseball 1,2,3 ARLA MAE MILLER FBLA 4, Library Club 3 V, 'K 4 RENE NIOYE Order of "A" 2, 4: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Baseball 3, 4- ROYAL MULLER Council of Clubs 45 PFA 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 4 KENNY lX4UND'l' Order of UA" 2, 3, 4: T 8: I 4, President: Football 3, 4: Co'Captain 4: Track 2, 3, 4 SYLVIA NEUSHVVANGER Booster Club 1, Honor So- ciety 4, "An Choir 3, 4, Girls, Ensemble 4 BODIL NORMOSE JACKIE NOVATNEY Ski Club 4: Class Play 45 Honor Society 4, Secretary' Exchange Student from Den- Transfer from Wrangell Pub- mark 4 lic High 3 GERALD PALMER DUANE PARK Pep Band 2, 3, Band 1, 2, 3, 4 PAT PARRETT FRANCES PARRIS Booster Club 3, 4: Pep Club Booster Club 3, 45 Pep Club 1, Rally Squad 3, 4: Girls' l: GAA 1, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra League 3, 4: GAA 1, 2: T 811 1, 2, 3, 4, Concert Mistress 4, Secretary niiif, Wg' 1-. ' -sm, A v of ' ' 4 x S N."-, 1 9? ff r"'Q- f JIM Most x 7-. DONALD REESER SONJA REPP Order of ZA" 45 Football 1, 2, 3, 4 LaVERNE REYNOLDS FHA 2, 3, Degrees Chairman 3: Council of Clubs 4g GAA 2, 3, 4, Biking Manager 45 Latin Club 1, 3, 4, Vice- Pres, 43 Band 2, 3, 4: Class Play 4 MARGARET RICH JOYCE RICKE FHA 45 GAA 4: Honor FHA 2: Library Club 2 Society 45 Transfer from Marshfield High School 4 , ll ll I so , fl i JN Eifgfffdbf Transfer from Hood River High School 4 CHARLES RHODABACK 3 Student Council 41 Hi-Y 41 Order of UA" 3 4 Vice-Pres. 41 Cross Country l 2 3 41 Basketball 1 2 3' 'Frafk l 2 ,Afjw ,3- K BIARY LOU RICKE FHA 2, 3: Library Club fl BRUCE RIDING ER Order of U.-Y' l, 1, 3, 4: Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Co-Captain 4: Basketball fl, 4 a or C plain 4g Baseball 1, 2, 3, -ig Hon Society 4 GEORGE RINGE Order of 'KAN 4: Class Play ,SQ Football if I, 4: Yhfcsllinu 4: 'l'r:ic'k i, 4: Hon Society 4, Sut.-at-Arms 4 L'IJY RFYNOLIJS .l A Paper 3 30 sg: -it ,FY ' 4 ,gr mv SUSAN K 'ff 1, ROSE ROTH MARY ANN SAFLEY Pep Club l: GAA 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Body Committee 4: Sec. 3, Playday Manager 4, Booster Club 3, 4: Pep Club Honor Soficty 45 "A" Choir l: Class Treasurer 4: GAA l, i l, 3 2, 3: FBLA fl, 4, Tri-asurf-r fi: GRILL IRL fl, 4: Paper I: "X" Choir 3 ' 4 ROGER SffllAl'll"l'1R RUNAl,ll SfIlllVAl5 nv 'ui 1 Nlllilf Sli.-XSIC ll.'XliliAli.-X SllELllY l"l".-X 2, fl, lixm-c'utix'1- Uffirz-1' .lg FII,-X 2, 'l, 4, Rc-port:-r Il: 5 'Q Bust-bull I5 GAA I 2 fi 4 Skzxtinf ' CT' , , , , 1, Mun- ngt-r -lg Honor Society 4 I' ,Z BUD SHELLEY Student Body Vice-Pres, 1: Library 4: Football l, 2, 3: Baseball l, 2 PHYLLIS SHELTON FHA 35 FBLA 4: Transfer from Washimzton High L A 'S STEPHEN SHELTON Debate 4 BOB SIMMOINS .uv .gs VS' V5-va I I-'FA2gT8tI3,4 'r ' ii T1 CHARLES SIVER Order of "A" l, 2, 3, 45 Football 35 Golf 45 Art Club 2 BOB SLATER Order of "AU 3, 45 Latin Club l5 T GL I 45 Wrestling 35 HA" Choir 3 FRANCES SNYDER GAA 1, 2, 3, 45 Library Club 2 INEZ STAUFFER Pep Club 15 FHA 2: GAA 2, 35 FBLA 45 Triple Trio 25 "A" Choir 3 ALICE STOWE GLORIA STURGIS gooster Club 45 Latin Club , 4 DON SWARTZENDRUBER Student Council 25 Class President 25 Order of UA" 3, 45 Football 1, 2, 3, 45 Basket- ball I5 Track 2, 3, 45 Base- ball 1 AWN TERHUNE Booster Club 45 Council of Clubs 45 GAA 2, 3, 4, Vice- Pres. 4: Hiking Manager 35 Ski Club 45 Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Sec.-Treas. 3, Treas. 45 Or- chestra l, 2, 45 Honor Society 4 Student Council 15 Pep Club 15 FHA 2, 3, 4, Parliamen- tarian 35 GAA 1, 2, 3, 4 DIANE TAYLOR T8cI4 BEV TOWNLEY T 81 I 45 Transfer from Sweet Home 3 32 lbs LOIS CEQA bs- xg 1 T"'v 2. IT -P05 LADD YVESTBROOK CAROL WHEELER Class Vice-Pres. 43 Council of Booster Club 3, 4, Pep Club Clubs 4: Football 1, 2, 35 lg Rally Squad 4: FHA 2, Track 2 CAA l, 2 DONALD lVHlTAKER GEROLD YVHITMAN GORDON YVIBBENS CAROL WIDMER Football 2, 3, T Er I 4 CP-:er1ClEb lg Yell Leader 3, 4, . , 3 4, . . 1r s eague , , Publicity Chairman 4: GAA 2, 35 Band l, 2, 35 Orchestra l, 2: Triple Trio 2 KAREN STANFIELD WIBBENS Booster Club 3, 4: Pep Club l g FHA g GAA l, 2, 3: FBLA 2: IRL 35 Q I Honor Society 1: "A" Choir 2, 3, 4 B. E. YVILLIAMS Order of "AU l, 2: Cross Country 1, 2, 3, Wrestling l, 2 DENNIS YVILLIANIS Camera Club 4: Hi-Y-4: Class Play 3, 4: Football 2, 3, 4: Science Club l: "AU Choir 3 ""' JUNE WILLIAMS LARRY F X x'-buf Z 3- BOB WILSON Transfer from Eugene 4 BILL WISECUP GLENN WRIGHT Orger of "A" 3, 43 Track 2, 3, A' 1 HOPPER DICK ANSTINE Transfer from Eugene 4 NOT SHOWN LOIS WINN GAA 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball Manager 45 Ski Club 4, Science Club 1 SHARON WOOD FHA 2, 3, 4, Degree Chair- man 2, Vice-Pres. 3, Pres. 45 Council of Clubs 3g FBLA 4 RUSSELL ZINK Debate 33 Order of UA" lg Cross Country 2 KENNETH BROOKS Transfer from Cascade Union High 4 EILEEN ZUHLKL Club 1 FHA lg GAA 25 Library H. Civ xii 'z gr as K' Q 'Z' 0, Q44 ,WW irggav - fwvzs 4 3 Q M 's I 4, ':"f',. . , -'fff J' fffi11g3gE:':.: 344712, .. 1 , :ye , 1 -fi -, . f wr-mzgzsfr,-: "M:5.:..,A -frrfrwfxfs .,,,2'.-1:91-1 'E 5' :affirm -my vicar -3?i9+2i3:: "'-'QIEQ' , mmf: " gk f -'g:555gs:ss,3355:5asiE , X ff: fn 55,3512-:nuycup lug: , ' "-"SEe1,' - '52 A ,,z:xw.'m . .J .. 52:3-.:gn...-1 nm :f Qafliiigf ,5 gZ'.'..f "' 3 Nr f. -r-rg, za-tri? f' L ,rim . J , -rr " ,ss f -- ,ff N N gf, M '-37" A ... :S-'21-STM ' I 4451.531 C ' ,m 1-f , , .. 1525: ' .:Z':'- 'iizl-5,1 Q ff4fgi1,1'-gfzzgfml , -xiiifift' .4 'rn '12, 15:11 IA, . 4 2, Y ' R Hey D kv nc Hate You heard the latest, Ably advised by Mlss Mary Anderson and Robert Buchanan the class of 1957 began a successful JUHIOI' year by clectmg offxcers Trasel Bureau , the junlor class as sembly was presented to an applecntlyc audnence Royalty representmg jumors at the Sweetheart Ball was Prlncess Sharon McConnell and Prmee Pat Emmons T1me Out for Gmger , a three act ted by the Jumors fm aww M Ex eryone IS thlm h Y W en the re s a camera around' comedy was presen under the d1rcct1on of Mr Ed Tyler The Cml War rages on 1n Nir Rassmussen s h1SIOI'y class ggaepatwutif-' 31 Z Q ?5r 4 i ..,l 0' A I .lx x ,-31 gi, Q - ' i Wt 1 ' RIIH 1: l.1u'ryKriiul1t, Gloria Ilulinstrwri. V1-nito Klutins. Mvrilyri llrornas. Ruth Klnhk, Dvlorvs llinlvy. NI.ri,i4iri1'.Ifir11'x Dirk .l.1IH1'9. le1lIf'2.' lJ.rxr- llvyrnrrn. I'l!kIllAl Ill'IlSl'lli'l. Virginia llydrw. P111 llzurix. llrrmtlry lNlIl.1lx.ll. lwrhrxw- Ilyrnrlnrlq, Clligirlvrrm' Kr-1-lilrzr. Sh:-rrill Krrrrim-irir'r'. Kitty lliirlvi. Rim 'fp Dill. D4-hiis. Druid Kvlli. Kwitlr Almm-pli, Ilrrvid ll1'rinl1'r'srrri. lirrd Irwin, Rodrir-y llrrirrrriini, llirrlvy llI1'IlIll'Zll2lIl. Ke-n Ilury. Iwi Ibnvdzill. Rn:-' fl: Toni Kvtsclc-wig 'll-rr'y llolni. .Iirn lloclwri, Errivst ll!'IlSClll'l. Floyd -In-nlw. Dick Holloway. Dau- King. Dong Keck. Reading from topARow I: Pat Emmons. Irwin Griffith, Alfrvd Farlvy, Glenn Harrison. jack Drake, Curt Frcdcrickscn, Mike Fish. Row 2: Wayne- Hawke. Ann Frihcrg. Gle-nda Freitag, Helen Dodge, Shirley Eddlcman, Dorthy Endicott, Trudy Donnelly. Ron- ff: Ge-no Harris. Tmnrny Hassey. Garry Grill, Art Ellickson, Del Dirnick. Row 4: Sheryl Elkins, udy De-rw-, .Indy Haatvrclt. Marjoriv Graves, Arlcne Faligowski. 'Q Z ftlf' W 1 i 13,3 1 Row I: Fri-ida Stark, Calc- Tarhvt, Pat Marman, Betty Stadlcr, Janet Silkwood. Row 2: Paul Shri-vfi, Dixie Shvparcl. Nancy Stuvrnim-r. I.:-onard Stvinhrink. lic-v Taylor. Hvnrivtta Tatv, Dick Robertson. Row J: .Ioan Stvlliiiaclim-rp Barhuru Row. Kun-n SA1lllSl!'UlIl. Myron Sarclivt. .lim Stott, Rosc- Sim, .Ivan Stoka-S, .lziuvt Str-llii1:u'l1ci'. Ifllli' -I: Donald Strong, Ewrctt Russvll, Orvnl Schovn, David Schmidt, Foliuc-r Strunk, Denny Tzxylor, Les Stccklv. I Rvading from top-Ron' I: Dan W'z1ttS. Rohr-rt XN'ulf. .Iohn Zander, Buz Ytlilfvrt. L21Vc'rn XVolfC, Nlyron YN'ihbQris. jim W'illiLunS. Ronald Young. Rozy 2: Blue' Hills. livau XVf'inriCk. liarharzi XN'vldon, Now-lla Tincfr. Slarilyn lhiclvn. .Ioycv D.unst1'n. Dorothy Vvttvrx Pat 'l'L1c'lwi', Part Nvlson. Dolnzi Zaronvs, Llvnnnr' XYoithlc-y. R0z1'.'f: Shnron Vfalkm-1' Gloria Willis. lionnin- XN'cinric'li. Sally Young, Sharon Vvclclvr, l.ufi11 lylvr. llnrrivtt Wliitv. Gloria Cool:-n, Rox' 4: Eluinr- Xvf'i1I'Sll'f'. .Innvt llilli'IJliL'I'. Sharon lvlliTHll1Il. Suzannm- xYllllZlIllS. XYf'lDlJl'I' Dou!hton. linihurgi Cloopvr, Xlurilyn Wilkinson, Louise' Gutierrez, Blartha lfnclvrwoocl. ,Mx 93' s-MQ QC" 5 51' X1 1 0 .fy X K W 4V .QVK , fy: if in , 14. "2 W 1, P fri' GO551D1Dg Galsr has ffoni hw Anothu succvssful wil for thc' dass of 19.18 Ilackstwfn on Broadway thf sophomorm class xsscm blw was L1 bw hxt and uerwom Lnjoycd lt Of coursc one ment that cant be forgotten was thc dxmn thit the Qoph omorns suonsoxnd lftcr thc Icbanon Wunm Wham hmlp xx IS nuclnd thc ad YN xlku md I uuon N113 lx uk um rs llxx ui IL ldy lllll Wllllll f 0 Compu ML Somcthinff looks fishy. K Rf: Ron' I: Margarette Blackburn, Freida Barth, Beverly Carpenter, Judy Borde, Dorothy Chandler Sharon Capps. Ron' 2: Linda Brown, .Indy Bunting, Pat Billings, Kay Baxter, Diane Brown, Patt Baker -luana Burk. Velma Bradehoft, Raza' fi: Carolyn Chandler. James Arnold, Maurice Banning Rav Berry .lllllllly Brown. Larry' BalC!'. R3YIT10I'1Cl Averill, Catherine Causbie. Row 4: Kenneth Cadwallader 154 k C , ic o bert, Paul Agee, Mike Beaueage, jerry Borden, Dave Aro, Wally Ccgaske, Wayman Bradley, Dick Buike. Reading from topfliow I: Bruce Chapman, Galen Clack, Leroy Cole, Gary DeMars, Alvin Fohrman. Doyle Decker. E D lfl. D E ' ' ' " ' ' me o ge on ngstrom, jim Cox, Bob F1sher. Rota 2. Joyce Coonrod, Margaret Ellison, Betty Farmer. Lolita Drager, Marlana Faulkner, Julia Dawson. Marlene Cox Donna Dannen Rose 3: Marcie Dixon. Bobby Duedall, Frank Dimick, Ray Fisher, Lavell Craig, Don Eilkins, Gary Fergul son, Dolores Deakle. Rose 4: Barbara Clark, Kay Fennie, hlargaret Corkier, Shirley Colvin, Pat DeLong, Carolyn Delano. 455 X 4 J Tm HZ A ti Q i l 4 5 Q e i N ' I 1 iii' Q i Q4 I Row 1: Judy Higgins, Billie Hedeen, Marjorie Griffin, Barbara Harrison, Pat DeLong, Joan Halli- well, Marenia Benson. Roze 2: Bev Heyerly, Charlotte Hanson, Dixie Gatlin, jo Gabbert, Virginia Green, Joan Goss, ,Indy Henderson, Eileen Heintzman, Pat Haynes. Roze 3: Robert Henderson, Bob Hash, Gary Han- son, Ray Graber, .Ierry Good, Dewey Hannon, Byron Grill, Dick Edwards, Tommy Hall. Row 4: Lyle Gilmore, Bob Hinkle, Harold Henderson, Marion Frydendall, Larry Griensewic, Bruce Goldson, Ken Hardin, Ron Gero, james Holt. 0164 Reading from top f--Razr' I: Vern Lillie. Pat Mallon, Bill Hulshof, Kenny Kudrna. john Kasper, Gary Hylton, Elmo Keck. Frank Howe, Gerald Kosniek, Dick fN1eLeod. Role 2: Terry lN'IeKeehnie, .Indy johnson. Carolyn Kuteh. Bob Kenagy, Floyd lNIeKenney. Bob Ingram, Clara Lehman, .loan Lattin, Virginia Manning. Rose 13: Sandy Lakin. Mona johnson, Virginia Leek, Janet jones, Bernice Janssen, Claudia Huff, Niarlys Hroinas, Christine Long. Rosa' 4: Donita Loring, Christine Kalinowski, Robert Klein, Kenna Hut- chins, Delores Hopper. f 1 X B X I Q . ,, - i- 1 X . f il, X M its 5 xi, 1 4 , , X tl Y 1 55. 1 , an Q25 K 'nf Q Rozy 1: Loretta Nyquist, Susan Payton. mln Ann Blnyhry, Rogvr Morrill. Judy Nlirhclc, Rarvn Niillvr. ll21l'l3llI'21 Nlillvr. Rom 2: Anvtfc Bfillhollvbn, Carolyn Nforlan. Chvric lkiullm-n. Judy lNlrii'tr'nson. Rom-nv N1-wtsml. lll'f'IlLll1 Bloorv, Sally Kfallrffr. Rozy fl: Yvonne Blalialfvy. Fu-rl fylorton. Bob Nlartin. Larry Mull:-n. Richxird Olson. .Ie-iiy Nlzilson. .lim Nforris. .lanvt Pattilf. Rmb 4: Alicv TYI4'l'l'1'I'. ll0!1'I' Mmvlnrid, Richard Nnlhv, Dick Klalir, 'licrry Noi-dyke, 'lov 510010, GL-orgv Klallon, 'loin llundorf, Connie lXIl1SFlL'. 0264 Rc-ziclinq from top-Row I: Blcrrill Salnirwn. Kfilw Ragsdalc, .lim Rich, Bill Rivtz, Richard Rawis' Alum- I'i'ogz1slu1. Ni-il Rvynolds. Daw- Rohan: Bill lii1IlClfllI7ll.ROIi' 2: .lack Rohrhmigh, Erniv Powvll, Harold Krivgm-r, Gail llm'Sn'i', Tmniny Mvivr, Gvnc- Ruark, l.21I'I'y Rowson. Toni Rifharclson, -Ivrry Pruvtt. Ron' fi: Ann Piliivtt, Sll2ll'0Il Ransom. HCV Richmond. Judy Pvtm-rson, Gm-rald Powcll, live Roth, .Indy Rogvrs, llurnthy Pm-41i'l. CTliux'l4'm' Salmon. Razz' 4: Phyllis Rnhison. Put Pc'nrc'c-, Donna Riclw, Lancc Portvr, .Ioan P0dlM'SlxllI'. Ilit Rcynolds, lionnic Plumlcf. 2 -flag ' I Y' 5 f y I my my !,,,f, ,V , A f .. A ' Jx V! N 1 ,., M' f f' 1 H ' H if N I f 1 X ff! 2' xr vi , :Q-,, fmki ,V gh '- S 1. I - 'gm gi! T7 Ron' 1: Joan Stanlvy. Razz' 2: Rozvlln Sfie-xvvy. Susan Smith. Sandy Si-rgf-ant. Rozf' fi: Iii-tty Smith, Shiili-v Stark. If-gm Smith. Sgmdx Nivfnitll. Kiwi-ii Sprifw. Rim' -I: Slizimii Svxiw. .Indy Szirchvt. Put 811011- 1 I h , . . Y - , riduv, Iirmiign Ncliim-mlm. lrllIll.l!1lSI1Yt1l'!'. lx.u'1-ri Spgiiiqlz-ix Rim' 51: lvillgmfl Siiiiiiimis. Nfymri Stn-minicl, liuguif' Smith. Philip XYulI':'. lh-im Shvlh-5, Iliuu-5' Sprsricw, 'lguiivs Smith, Daw Sensi-, Hill SFS:-l. 0464 Rr-adinu' from trip' Rm. I: Imiiii XYrv0cls. Stvw Tlioiiinsfiri. Curl XN'ulf.lI0l1Ii YYilson, Arlvn Yardlvy. IJ'-an XYiiQht. Mvlvin X'l'il!1'I. lixsniiii' XY:-iiclvl. lion Zuhlkv, Roy Cflnik. Rllfi 2: Xinrjnriff YN'alt0i'S. Richard Nkhltvii. Huh Ynriwy. lirwhvrt Yung. Nu-xv xYilli11Il190I1.'IiI!1 XYQMI1: firvrdmi Yugi, cihf1!'ll'4 Stfrcn. Bill Wiight. I.IlI'I'f'vl.UIJ1xiIl4. Rim .15 fir'1t1r1c1f'CfnHiI1S. I.m'1141 V'4'.1x'ill. Lois Sturm-. lhigmf- XY1xlkc'i'. Hvidi Xyl'bl'Ik. .loan XN'r'lc'li. H1111 Ntmw. Hstlivi' XYlllli1', lhiilvm- Yeuiiklvv, Rini' 'IJ Ilmmizi Wirscwcla Doris NYilbui'. Alta NYhitc'. Kzirvn 'I'ownlr'y. Patti Yuuxiu. Nmicy Wumiy. Gail Stiuifht. Judy Wvllx Alanvt xx-4'ZlII'll'I'5. if? . 1 if M1 if 5 klgfz' 4 W x Z X Q-.:., 466 'Q' I9 I before 1 D t s larvfut 01 thf tour Cliws nf 1 IS onn of thm dlSflflLtlOI1S of thv freshman f Class of '308 studnnti Another fxrst or thc frosh xx as wmnmff thn Nfurfh of IJIITH s contest Sponsormff a sock hop aftcr thu Sweet Homx game xx as anothcz freshman actultw Arent uc Qtudxous X .l The hngupv 3' iw n KW? km- TK 49 ,M . mv l Y Rose 1: Cordelia llldke. llorwenna Benty. Donald Bootle. 'Indy Anderson, Beverly Adair. Razr' 2: .Imtiie Booker. Mary Alden. 'Ihr-one Aldrich. Carolyn Arlandson. Caroline Barnett. Rosalie Backer. Lily Britton. ifzirrol Aclzunson. lime James .-Xro. liohhy Ayers. Gerald Belt, Robert Beaucage, Dave Brace. Armand Horde. George Anioi. Clifford Heckler. Duane Becker, Razr' 4: Larry Barclay, Bob Bailey. Donnie Barrett. ,Inn Alden, Terry liztyne, Ernie Anderson, Donald Albright, Bill Alberts, Garry Andrews, Gary Adamson. Reading from trip- Rose I: Kent Chziprnnn. Raymond Cleland, Thomas Bunce. Bonnie Bunce Ifairk Cfogites. Patil llzinielwn. Donald Gingrich. Rust' 2: Joyce IJax'iS. Phineas Capron. Vain Hurrus. Ernest llntley. Ronald Rrmwn. -Iulin liurhner. Rohert lloonrod. Emilie Cine, Rare 3: Carinzilita Cox. Niarlene Cle- laxntl. Alice llatvix. Cionnie Christensen. .Iounne llnnton. l.incl1i Carter, Rott' 4: Joyce Culbertson, Bobbie llucllong. Kathi Ctratig. Robin fileziver, Kay Cotter, ltlariorie Clzinieron, Wlinifred Carroll. fi l ' if ., f ll .2 , ,cl , ' i i V -, . 8 i , ,., 1 ,J ' v- . A ' .-. x.,' , J GU I, 31X vx, 1 f r . X x. R . ' Z , E g r ii . :- i l Xa AL Rox' I: Dvzinnzi D1-Izino, ll'-x'r'rly Furguson. Louisa- Dodgv, Sally Dc: Lap, Phyllis Fcvnvy. Row 2: Mika- Da-ry, liflflgfl' Cizuclrif-r. not known. Wuyrir' Fnliuowski, Frank Fivf, Arnald Frcdrickson. Dale Folcv. limi' Imonn Dvvlin. Nginci' Df'nniS. lie-tty Fvhr. l,im'Ltc- Gvntry, Dorothy Engstrom, Dixie Dunham. Pvnnov Fl'f'C'IIlllIl, Willa Cahhr-rt. 4Il'l'21lyl'l Fox. 1eUZi"l.' Erwin Dc' Nlars. David Dill, Tom Endicott, Niikc Emmong, Rohm-rl Fl'l1CI'SIl,'iI1. Glvn Franklin. Gary Elkins, Melvyn Foltz, Bob Catlin, Rogvr Ehrlich. Rs-aclinu from top --Ron' 1: llnvid ll1'iIltZ,.IUllIl llxnnilton, Jvssic' Grimvs, Gary Gilhrrt, Kvnnvth Gili-Q, llrm- Gmtvriliuis. flurry Garrvtt. Ievlf' 2: Paulina' Clilhvrt, .Ioan Hapnc-r, Sherri? Hill, Niarva Goltra, lNIgirgar1't Hoffman. llmmhy Hanslovan, Shirlvy Hardin, .Iam-t Graves. Rozf' 3: Charlotte Hcycrly, Kvn Gray. john Hodsdon. Cforhit Hiclwrsmi, David Hairy. Travis Hill, Ellvn Grill. ROLL' 4: Sonja Hill, Robvrta Giuliana, janet Grvcnfivld. Kathrvcn llarpcr, Peggy Goodwin, Sharon Hart. ' f 5 l " I ' , x J e It 'pr Frmzls Kitty Kelley, Ron' I: Cary Lange. Starla Janssen. Jim L. Johnson, lluclee Hutcheson, .lim Krnplr .Indy Kerns, Bobby Jones. Rozy 2: Andre Imngyel. Kay Klostrrr, -Ianell Jones, Joanne King, Sharon llollowary. lrzrel Huddlestnn. Barbara lranclretll. llarnes A, mlnhnsrvn. Row fi: Anne Hurd, Llirn IJ. Johnson, Cilmarles 'lr-men, Delvin Hull. Leonard llewell, Rielrarcl Hubert. George Keesee. Def: Ilch. Razz' 4: Clifford King. liill Lane, David Ii0f1ZClII1Z1I'1, lixrvid Holmes, Mark Krwnstelneri Robert Hoffmann, Leslie Hoefer, Ronald lYagner. Reading from ICJIJ-ROZL' l.' Dwaine Nlaflonrber. Wayne Lowell, Everett lN11-redith, Clark lX1eCrae, l,1'1rry Kfrrllwy. Stanton Long, Larry Kledow, Stew McCallum, R015 2: Joanne Bicflonnell, llarilyn Lebolcl 'Indy Miclcllr-lmrrm. Mary fNIcKechine. Mary Mime-r. Janice Miller. Pat Header. Roar ff: Marvin Mann. Charl S lfrtte Nfarrt. liarlwara Kliller. Marlene Rlason. Lavnn fXIC5IaCkin, jerry Biacldy. Ron' 4: Norvell Bfellonald jerry Klarrnond, jerry fxlfllonald, Kenneth Blitehell, Edward Loy. v-1 4 1 X 1 T Run' fi 11'.111 1'1'1'11 i , . 1.1 Q21 5 "1..r ' 111. I':1.I1Ill' M111 111.1-, N111111 P1-11r11nu', '11f1II1 112111, fIr1r111i1- N111-1-11. 1311111111 R1lX'IIlf1I111 1151111-1 N'l1Il1'l. 1611.1 J. I.11111's N111111-. 11111 P11111111. 1111111-11 BI11011-, E11111-11 B111-1's, IJ1-1111 R1-1111, 111111111 N1111111111 111113111 1'1 111 1111 1x 11X111 111 11111 111 11 X11I1l. P11 1 1411111 111111111 N1 1111 R111 1. 1.11 1X.l1Il1'. "N . .11'1, 11 . 11'r111.1':r1. 'JIU' 1 4- 11 '- 131111111 fJ1l11'11,1. 1111111111 1ll"l' X1 11,1111 Il 111 111 1x 11111111 S R1 1 1 11111 I I . -1. - -111 h '11 1- ', gy, 1: 1 vs I'1'1s1'. 13111111 11111111111 .X.111111 31l11111lIIl1.1-11111. 11'.lll1', 111111111 11l1I1L'11'. I'.1111 14131. 11.111111 N11-1111111. 1.1'w1s Ra111111111s1'11, 11111 I'1-111'111'11. K1-11111111 1111111111113 131151 I:R1111.1111N1111141111,.li111 51111111, 11111111111 1i1lSiI'11. 111111 S:1111s11'11111, 1J1111.1l11 51l1'11l1. fl.11l 5111, 12111111111 N111111111111.. 1,.1111 1Qf11'11'I'1N, 1ifl1ll'71 Ruin Iefffi' 2: lJ21I'11'I11' S1Ilf1Il, 13111115 51111311-11. N111. 1,1111-11 5111111 . . .XIllll' 5.11111-, 111111 1111111-11, .11lN44' N111lU1'111'I. lll111N R11111-11. A111111 S111i111. 5113111111 R11i11s11111, Razr N11.111111 II 111 141111 1 N111111 11 11111111 N11 111111 1 11111 1 R11 1311111 R1 g1111X 11111 S111 If T11 I I . -.'. , I1 : 1111 111. 111' 1111.111-, ,1--- 111151 AI: 1f.1111'111- N1.111l1-1. 11111111 N111-111-1. l1LHl1'1 1i1'XIl1l111N..I1ll1y81111111111111101111 Stark. I 1 1 , ,gl 4 p I Lv 1 ,, it Q' Y 1 1 .,-vvf, ,','c'!1'6 x 1 'W'-7VH,,N W.-M,,,A , ., , , . mg' s-J. . N., ,,WwMMw,. M Q' ,, , 1 .A fx 5 . in f , ' as ily 'C . Y, . 1 if - A, . Ah M X X ' ff PI ukuaauaivvneu- 'VM' ' , 1. ,i , '1 V - f ' we 1 f ,fy I' ,, ff .V GRGANIZAT , -'fr' N S Studcnt council, ably lvcl by stuclvnt body president fxlarjzxri Parsons. mvcts every otlivr Thursday to vstziblisli gi basis for lc-uisliitiw prow-dun: to provide a foundation for intcifration of activitiw. to proinotc- :ind maintain an opportunity for Continued pioqrvss toward cls'si1'z1blv achivvmiir-rits. and by undvrstanding and Co-oporation. to support 21dIIllIll5II'L1IlX'l' policif-s. The Coufil sponsorcd tliv Klarrb of lliinvs drive and xIZlSC1llt'I'Z1Cll' llnll and publisbvd thc buzz books and Bulldog handbook. Tha- frt'slnnc'n wc-rr' welcomed into Albany High with a Hvllo Day sponsorvd by tlicr Stndvnt Council. In coordinating all activitifrs thc council works close-ly with Cloucil of Clubs. Standing: Sharon Eskcli, business managcrg Andrea Campbvll, sm-crctaryg joan Crocker, treasurer. Seated: Mike Loc, vice-prcsidcntg lN1arjan Parsons, president. ,.. l lc Pa rl zam ern Doughton. ,, 1 1 . 0 , Q. Q ' t 6 sf S: . . K'1"'1f'l2-'51181111Korlvlv,C11mlfliaxflci. KIa'1'ilx'n I'II'0IIlI1S, .S'Iandin'f.' Nunn' H01 i'I'. Rick' D h .' Lddlc Grill, Carol Widmcr. K A I 1 lp V 5 6 mi 9655 em few 74 Www CAROLE EAGLES, QUEEN --Q--.- ........... 5 ---1---4. 5 .--.,,1......, 3 nun-uusq-nu-u-sq Q -.......--.-. 3 .--......,,,,.. F"Q , A 5? 3 M .,. G A ,V PF Cf' V , ,"'wM,LA ta V 9 ' , Aix J' R.-XI.I,Y SQLQ-XID flxnfflzng: KI, NN he-vlvr, S. Mcllonnr-ll, V. lglaypool, 1'. Farrctt. Standing: Ste machcr, BI. Iirocklr-y, CI. Xlitchcll, Stvl1111aChcx'. 4 B SQUAD Standirzg: S. Sm-ifarth, S. Lakin. Kneeling: McC0nnc'll, D. Hopper, K. Cotter, 1 F' l: 'Q- 'Q Row I A Campbell, K. Wibbens, F. Rau 2 L Cegavske R Burek, C. Mishler, B. S Whitman B Nygren A. Lowell, H. White Primrose C Clark L Blakely, R. Klohk, M, Q Q leaf? ,lwfklf Promoting school spirit and enthusiam for varsity sports is the purpose of the Booster Club girls. Miss Elma Hewitt is their adviser. The girls are required to attend all meetings and most varsity games. They sponsor busses to take the students to the out of town games. An- other activity enjoyed by the girls is sewing for the athletic banquets. To end the football season the Booster Club sponsored a Beat Corvallis Rally. Geister A Stowe B Hill . Levins A. Ter S. Young D. Pescheck, K, Sahlstrom, H T Parris, M. Martinak, J, Bienek, D. Veal, A ' , A , - ,J I , 1 D ! a Loy, D. Reed, N. Nelson, M. Jones, S. Xed 27 D. Bw-rs, Dunham, Neusrhwanzz-r, D. West, J. Dooley, M. Hodsclon, J. Thurber. X. Edwards, M. Parsons, M. Andrus, D. Carlile, K. Hurley, M. Arnett. Raw 3: S. Williams D. N'r-inrirk, B. Wrlnrirk, V. Banrroft. V. Hyder, l'lnatvr-dt. Row 4: M. Bc-lluws, A. Willis, B Daly, R. Pittman. I 6414! Mt JOAN BIENEK, VICE-PRESIDENT ANNE MACKIE, SECRETARY MARILYN MARTINAK, TREASURER A A AJ. au- x 8 . 1 .,,, " E 61 ' .mum mf. Y? Srat1'rI.' I.. Nyurvn. I.. ffx1rte'r. Pnttim-. CI. Kutwh. Srllvrm-ltf'. Standing: Darlvnrv Ycarslvy. KIC- Cifmvll, V. Sigmninu. IJ. W'iIb4'1'. N, Guhbvrt. I.. lIlldLHl'hIOll. P. Shortridqv, A. N1L'Tl'I'I4. Smith, S, Ransom, A. Hind, KI. Silkwocrd. ewan qua .league Za' 70245 Zm ' gfcuedfec Tuff Rfm: CT. Krltwh. IJ. PA.-Qchr-k. Ii. FiQhm'. YY, I,0i'I'fll'I4. S. Rzxniom. S. Eslwli. R. Nfullvr, D. Rohan-, .'X. ,Ikt'Ihll1lt', .U1'dzHf Rm. : I, R!'XIlUICiS. Imggxn. N, CI:1r't:'r'. H. YVhitv. NI. Hrocklr-y, BI. Arnvlt. Bcim-k. 'I.llLlI'ht'I'. XIV. Kf'I'I. gulxisvly Hutiwnz Rum: 'lf lindicott, U. I"Il'Ill1iIlQl'I', CI, Rhodzxhack, G, Iivming, Brown. L. XYk'5llJI'OUl'i. A. lilliuksrm. KI. Lvc. I., r Q4-, ' Seated! .l- Smlthx N ' ad! Carter. Standing: ,I Q? C wc P- Young' B. Miller, M' on l 1 2 A new club in Albany this year is the junior Booster Club which is open to any freshman or sophomore girl with a 3 average or above. Chosen to lead these girls were jean Smith, president, Nathalie Carter, vice-president, fwiarlene Cox, atten- dencc secretary, Barbara Miller, re- cording secretary, and Pat Young, treasurer. They have shown a lot of school spirit and enthusiam at the junior varsity games. Standing: Thurber. A. Mackie, D. W'est, V. Marquis, Mr. Evans. adviser: G. Covey, president, R. Baldwin, M. Lee, M. Kurtz, Seated: K. Hurley, secretary, K. Sahlstrom, vice-presidentg ll. Carlile, R. Pittman. EN-if' ,Y m A 4 Q Q! gf 'ig' iw' 51 ,g may K- ,. V is ,, 1? Q-H1 1? Q Ui Dedaze 5 --af,m.., Kneelir1g:G. Hanson S Shelton B Wright B Harden M Ban F D k S d V7 Strunk, B. Hulshof, Brown B Wilson G Hylton C Kutsch P Larson P rffgaice D gdliiinxdttgn flliomfll son, Mr. Rogers, adviser. Members of Debate participated in many contests and tournaments throughout the state. Some of these were at Pacific University, Linfield, the I Speak for Democracy contest. and the American Legion Oratorical Contest. Money is raised for these trips by sell- ing ads for the football programs and having them printed and sold. Seated: Mr. Allen Rogers, ad- viser. Standing: Pat Pearce, sec- retary, Gary Hanson and Garv Hylton, treasurersg Pete Larson, president 5 john Brown, vice-pres- ident. Varied activities, including style shows, banquets, a cherry pie con- test, dressing dolls for Christmas, landscaping the courtyard and spon- soring international goodwill occupy the time of the FHA girls. Guided in these activities by their advisers, Mrs. Gladys lieldon and Bliss -Io Barton, the girls are striving to make home economics more rneaningful through social and group activities. Seated: Donna Reed. treasurer: Sharon Wood. president Barbara Landrcth, secretary. .S'tana'irz.g.' Harriet White, vice-prt-si dentg Louise Dodge, parliamentariang Karen Packard, historian. I I Seated: l.. Aldrich. B. Landreth. Logan, degree Chr.. S. W'ood. H. White, D. Reed. K. Packard, ll. Dodge, Standing: li, Delano, B. Shelby, G. Sturgis, M. lllelen, L. Gentry, Mrs. lieldon and Miss Barton, advisers, Y. Adzunson, IJ. Morlan. S. Hardin, S. Calvin. E. Coe, K. Kelley. K o K ,v ' ,W L xg! ' z lx!! A 1 1 uf 1 rr mith. R. Yung. R. Flirlich. B. Sparks. Row 9 hir Caldwell Coins L Nlcllou ohnson T Bunn D. Macmnhcr. I.. Stvckley, K. Chapman. Rot 3 F Harmon in G lxusu E offu J Aro Sox, Stone: W. Ifgiligowski. 77,-470014 High honors wvnt to thc Albany FFA whcn thvy rccciwd the only Gold Em- blem in the Northwest at the National Convention in October, 1955. Thvir busy year, running from June to June, is crammcd with many activ- ities, including a banquet, speech con- test, shop Conti-st, state convention. judging contests, and showing at fairs. Through these various activities thr- boys liaw won many honors for them- selves and thc-ir chapter, Their ad- yisc-r is Mr. XVallacc Caldwvll. fl S ?5 O'v.t C Q -' Standirzg: NI. Banning, trcasu1'L'1': ID. Horn. 1'vpo1'tr'1' f gw. Scntinvlg IJ. Iiumgv, Chaplain. .S'rat1'd.' R. Mullvr. x prcsidcntg L. Houchin, prcsidcntg YV. Doughton. sc-cn-tzxry Iivaclinu frmn top+Rw:K 1: IS. Randolph. Fr, Snyder. IJ. Brown, B. Close, Il. Hom, L. Houchin. R. KIUIIIZ-11 IJ. Iimu-ruv. L. XIc'NIac'kiI1. YY, Ilouuhtoxl. R. Simmons. Rosa' 2: Nfr. Ralph Nlorgfan, State Supervisor IJ, EI1QSIl'flIII. .-X. I'1l'7I'lIgIl12lIl. T. Kivir. II. IIa1'nIr'n. P. Agn: Bordvn. IJ. Aro, B. Rivtz, NI. Frydvndall, R KIu1'v-Iuncl. XI. ff.1IcIw:'II. 4uIviwz. Ron QI: IJ. Iilkini. I.. Craig. Good. L. Nofzigvr, Ii. Yancy. G. Fvrguson Cy. X o!t. NI. Iinnmnq. I.. I'oxle'1', . in f ' 7 3 ,,,,, , V, Manlyn M W9 Mg W ty Sponsoring its .annual "Sinoker" was the higgesl activity of the Order of "A" this year. Members also presented the world fzunoiis Hzirlein Magicians for the first Lime. 'lihe chief Qoal of the club this year was to buy more equipment for the athletic departinent. Don lNIcConnell. president: Stun Keller. sergeant-at-arms: Dick Hollo- way, secretary-treasurer1 Charles Rhodahaek. yiee-president. gaazogdeeizzeewa- dwg" " Reading from top-Razz' I: Adviser B. Gibhs,, G. Wright, B. Bain, R. Christenson. B. Harden, L. Faulkner. Gatlin. B. Snyder. R. Baldwin. I., Bremer, T, Holm, D. Holloway, B. Henry, P. Emmons, M. Torgeson, Rnze 2: Adviser 'If Holman. ll. lleyinan, I.. Hite. Elkins, B. Ridinger, G. Ringe, D. Keck, D Henninger, R. Moye, Moore. ll. Wilson, Rich. XV. Bradley, Pruit, Row 3: G. Fisher, M. lNibbens, G Koeppel. Rieliarcls, IJ, King. D. Swzirtzendruher, IJ, Reese-r, W. Doerfler, C. Rhodaback, D. Haaland, M. Moore, D. Sense. ll. W'ilfe1t. Ron' 4: K. Mundi, IJ. Neuschwander, B. Williams, E. Coffey, G. Grill, S. Keller, W. Hawke, D. Rleifonnell, Rohrbough, B. Sissel, R. Simmons, Adviser G. Kerr. . f ' o , . pil Many girls L-njoy participating in sports at noon through thi- girls, intrainurals sponsored by the GAA. Over potluck dinners once a month the girls make plans for thvir many activities, including thc Spinster Skip, playdays and noon intrainurals. M. xoncs. 'fgcv ',1, '. 1. . xi. ii1'0EaiEkBHiliZwc,A' NW 1 -!Km.,n1!- ' L Rl u : OAFF1gE5QConncll, R' RON' Standing: ' ' A 1 .I I ' I MAN.-XCERS-Km'rlz'r1gf Logan. li. Slivllw. A. Primrose. M. Hodsdon. M. Coughlan, oan Ntclliiiirlivr D Pcsliult XI lox I Runolds Slarizldi K Packard -X Lowell x V I . . . . . - 1 . . . ,. .. . rig: . ' ,. . ' , A. Edvards. Bliss Moscly. lliss H1-witt. L. Winn. K. S1ll1lSIl0lIl. A. Bfacki- N " L, E. -It nkins. 73 72.11-7? Row 1: Haatvedt, S. Hunham, V. Hyder, Beinek, B. Geister, C. Clark, D. Heed, K. Hurley, Vedder, D. Byers. Row 2: Mrs. Neely M. Hromas, M. Hromas, M. Thielen, V. Bancroft, D. Peschek, Smith P. Shelton, L. Bogue, Miss Anderson. Row 3: Brown, Stokes, M Blackburn, L. Weavil, P. Baker, K. Miller, Hilliker, A. Pruiett, Y Mahaffey, Dawson, E. Borden. Rott' 4: M. Safley, Eskeli, B. Stadler, B. Welden, G. Coolen, B. Smith, Maurer, C. Salmon, S Seavy, N Woody, S. Sergeant. Row 5: H. White, M. Lehman, M. Faulkner, P Shortridge, L. Tyler, E. Stowe, Welch, H. Wever, Heidi WVeber, R. Newston, B. Moore. The Future Business Leaders of America meet under the direction of Mrs. Neely to promote interest in the business fields and to ac- tually participate in business or teaching of business, The forty members led by presi- dent Virginia Bancroft, vice-pres- ident Diana Pesheck, secretary, Marilyn Thieleng recorder, Jean Smith, and treasurer, Niarlys Hromas, plan activities to raise S25 to contribute to the state FBLA scholarship fund. '72-4'?ace4 Wald? lVorking for better world un- derstanding and international re- lations, IRL members have very . W aw , .4 1 fi lixyely discussions and talks at their twice monthly evening meetings. The last week in Februa a - VY delegation attended the State Convention in Eugene. Funds for these trips are obtained by work- ing at the concession stand at games. .S'aatr'd: T. Donnelly, Eskeli li. Geister. Standing: Miss Peter son. adviser. XVade, G. Hvlton P. Larson, B. Harden. K A f'fv61f'g' Rott' 1: G. Owen, G. Harrison, B. Hulshof, M. Powell, B. Harden, L. Woods. Row 2: Michele, Hutcheson, P. Ranta, B. Buerge, C. Yoakley, D. Gatlin, E. Heintzman, R. Reynolds. Row 3: L. Reynolds, Greenfield, M. Alden, Rogers, E. Osberg, C. Causbie, Stowe, D. West, B. Peterson, K. Harger, K. Kelley, Miss Peterson, adviser. 5792214 5 " Www NSPQR HOLDS MUST SUCCESSFUL YEAR" under the direction of Miss Peterson. In addition to their noon meetings, a potluck is held every other month to develop more interest in the civilization and culture of the Roman people and to understand the classical contribution to our own culture. A formal initiation was held in the fall and again in the spring. ihddy S 'gadq One club designed for serving the student body is the Library Club. Monthly, over potluck dinners in the members' homes and one again each month at school, the members meet to discuss their work and to learn more about the library. The rest of their meeting time is devoted to recreational and social activities. Standing: L. Miller, D. Endicott, P. Harris, R. Hoffman, M. Kutch, R. Manning, J. Brooks, K. Moyer, M. Graves. Goltra, E. Borden, B. Argo. Seated: Bud Shelley, C, Stanneart, Mrs. Zimmer, adviser, Logan, D. Sheppard. ng l.!!1Lll 1 ' ,WJ 1 ' fr ig " ' ' S ,, I! P ' E32 'ai . ' V , is fi Eff for , .S'ra11'rl: CI. hx'llt't'lt'l', edilmial rzwistrirztg M, llrocklvy, news editorg V. Marquis, assistant rzezvs editor. .Wrzyzdizigj G, Lion-y. sports i'r1'itm,' ll. W:-st. fvaturf rditorg K. Hurley, assistant feature editorg M. Hodsdon, bopy fdiftllf Scott, a.is1'starzt sports editor. ,'I.7gf ,I my 1. 91 DARLENE CARLILE, EDITOR RAY BALDWIN, EDITOR X ,. q ' .., ,.-I 9 , R . 4-aug gd- Once every two weeks there is a rattle of paper as the students eagerly look through the latest editiori of the WHIRLWIND to read the gossip and news about themselves and their friends. The WHIRLWIND is published by members of the paper staff who are students in either Journalism I or II, directed by Mr. David Evans. Standing: Jacobson, photographerg Mr. David Evans, adviserg M. Lee, advertising manager. Seated: G. Coolen, circulation managerg Uken, editorial assist- ant,' A. Mackie, business manager. 5f74'MQZ',5 SJW I s- . we l 1 ,lp Seated. s - K g 5 Stand' ,,. ' 'ahISfr X' Q M- Kurtz Zli",F.FauIk1:n and J. L0 3 , ,I 1 uszrzess manangi :fgorts fd,-,Og 'Hi ggtedilom girly is , l .v . ' ' is JANET THURBER, EDITOR Jacobson, f, 'midst rpm JF'?'ff- mmlsfaff Rushing to meet the March 1 dead- line, the annual staff spent many long hours after school and at noon interview- ing, deciding who was who in pictures, E' P Ologfapher 5 Jegfloni V7 and finally putting the pages together for publication. Despite the hard work and long hours, we of the annual staff, are happy to present to you the 1956 WHIRLWIND. V7 Seated: C. Stanneart, administration editor, R. Pittman, organization eo-editor. Standing: L. Martin, activity editor, J. Dawson, administration section, ISI. Graves, administration sectiong B. Nygren, organization eo-editor. Standing: P. Shortridge, sophomore class editor, S. Kronsteiner, assistant editor, C. Eagles, senior class editor, B. Buerge, senior :lass section. Seated: D. Reed, junior class editor, Miss Reilly, adviser, M. Martinson, senior class section. MQ '-7 C7 ? I il ' Lai. i 5 im Z i Row I: P. Perry, S. Decker, S. Powers, P. Parrett. E. Jenkins, B. Bacon, L. Freerksen. Row 2: G. Hz1mmack,B.Simmons, L. Guitcrrez, G. Grill, G. XVibbens, W'eiss, G. Harris, T. Coffee, B. Slater, E. Barnes, Mr. Foster, advisor. Raw 3: D. Jansen, S. Ainstein, L. Newport, B. Lakin, L. Lilly, K. Mundt, L. Faulkner, D. Bender, L. Bosman, G. Whitman, L. Reeser, L. Culbert. Trades and Industries is an organization which promotes social and recreational activities for those students who work half of the school day. The club is supervised by lNIr. Foster with the follow- 7 ing officers: Kenny Mundt. president: Larry Faulkner, vice-presi- dentg Pat Parrett. secretary-treasurerg Sharron Decker, advisory committeeg LeRoy Newport and Gary Grill, planning committee. fatcvuf ' ' Mike Lee, September Gary Koeppel, October jim Elkins, November Pete LBFSOIL D0CCmlJCI' x. I-HWY H0UChiH- .lflfluafy Don McConnell, February Bill Bain. March KN .ide Iloeifligi. .Xpiil Gary Dv1i.i:..'. May X 5,111.1 X ll 11111 C 11111111411 N111 Illkbll I it Q' 1.111 P.11xr111N. U41 1111 fs' X 1 -111,111 IJf11'1K Yvzxl. OCIfIYJ"I Nl1111f111 Wwmix. N111f111b1-1 Lok CL-gg1uk1-, Xr1x11111I1q-1 M 17 .Iam-t 'l l1llIlUl'I'. I,t'CL'II1ht'I Iiodiv NO1!110v'. Fl'bl'Ll11Iy H1 ,1 511 11,1111 W f "NJ f ' 9114111111 R-km-11. IJK'K'1'IUlJ4'I' i.1111l1- IQ11ul1 N I.1111..111 1XI:liI' 1C-3 1 V5 U' 0 . . . Roiixm Iiulck. XI.11'ch Ijlllllill' f':11l1lm'. NIg11'd1 X11111 XI 1- 111 X 1 I ...Xp Xi 1 IH x 1 .1. .X ..,.,. 1111: 1, -.,- ...Mx XL11 ' 1.1.1 U'N! I X ll I 5 X Awwsaaagwzqmezfm Tx fs.- fi? Janet Thurber, senior Dorothy Vetter, junior Mary Alden, freshman Barbara Miller, sophomore -Gym :sf QI' Darlene Carlile, September janet Thurber, October Joan Crocker, November BUYII Gl'Nl?1E DUf0IUbC1' Vicki Marquis, February Anne Mackie, March Anne Fribfgrg. April Donna XYNI. Slay 3 Mary Ann iafl-ly. lluluiary Alicw Ifmvll. june A 'H fr I Q ' N ff' , - 1. -GT 5 'W , ' f v 8 Q Y' 1 Razz' 1: Young. M. Misner. S. Reinstzidt. A. Sauce, I.. Chandler. M. Dixon, S. Payton, Wade, Aj. Peyton, B. Adair. Ron' 2: Burke. D. Delano. D. Raymond. K. Cotter. F. lN'ashburn, King, S. Holloway, Potlpeskar. D. Grill. R. Nah. RI. Sillawoocl. Greenfield. R. llieliani. E. Stanley. Rose ff: li. Bunce, S. Sauer, li. Kleyer. Vedder, XV. Gzibbert. l'. Taylor. LY. Hrynehuelc, P. Gilbert, P. Goodwin, Y. Adamson, P. fvfeader. S. llzlrger. Selie-rette. K. l'if'I'Il!'y'. Run' 4: l'. Sin-wr-y. I.. Gentry. V. Peterson. D. Dasmon, M. Goltrzl, L. Drager, Hoffman, L. Nygren, Ellisons, V. Cree-n, D. Page, D. Sitton, M. Johnson, C. Cox. , r Schedule of Appearances September Isl -- Ensemble at Niorning Star Grange. December 5 - P.T.A. December 14 -- Tree Lighting at Courthouse. March 5 - P.T.A. March 27 - Easter Concert, April 2 -H P.'I'.A. May 17 ,fd Spring Concert. Aeeompanist for Girls' Glee is Joan Lattin. Reading from top-Row 1: D. Knakal, R. Shewey, B. Richmond, .I Middleburg, Hardin, S. Hill, B. Rannings, B. Shelby. Row 2: Miller L. Britton, Bunting, D. Beaty, Ricke, B. Smith, T. Aldrich, Sapps J. Stanley. Roze 3: C. Arlandson, L. Barham, V. Manning, B. Hedeen L. McMackin, W. Carroll, C. Page, M. Wells, D. Hayes. ROIL' 4: C. Huff J. Jones, M. Hromas, Davis, C. Yoakley, Lattin, Delap, D. Wib- bins, C. Blake. ln, Row I J Logan D Hopper, B. Daley, N. Woody, R. Simmons, S Keller C Delano Row 2 A Mlllhollen, J. Brown, S. Dunham, D. Zarones, S. Price, D King Neusrhwanger M Sllkwood J Dawson, V. Leek. Row 3: N. Nelson, I. Henshaw D D Aro, E Keck D Neuschwanger, P. Billings, M. Corder, I. Stauffer, P. Haines H Shortndge C Miullen M Wlbbens, J. Callahan, D. Holloway, B. Wulf, D. Williams T I-I M Chaney C Mclleynolds G Spriggs. pmcdaaa 7Zew faded Through the hard work of mem- bers of A Cappella Choir, striking new royal blue robes have been pur- chased. The 83 members of the choir raised the money selling hot dogs at games and having candy cales. Mr. Bray's vocal groups have made many appearances this year, two of the most important being the Easter concert and spring concert. CHOIR COUNCIL - Back Row: D. King, D. Holloway, D. Hen- ninger, G. Deming, President. Front Row: D. Hopper, A. Edwards, secretary-treasurer, S. Neushwanger, Mr. Bray, director. ff Y- M- f' 7 ' -ffmEJ1'-11- , :t Qmf,g1w!:fvg,w 0' 4 " 'f Q gzwwwww V ff. y ' ' 1 ga ' H' nfwfwww 4 ii 5g 5'2 35 9 5- 3 J' I 5 3 5, ii? 295' gg, Q wfgglbi 06' HB ww' -fi 'Ie BAND COUNCIL-Seated: M. Bellows, K. Moyer. Standing: , V R Fisher, D. King, D. Pesheck, B. Bain, B. Fisher, A, Tcrhunc. if Y. ..,, K ' in Zend cum! 0 fm Reading from bottom-Rau' I: F. Parris. R, Yung, Hapncr. M. Loy. R. Yung. Rozz' 2: Pc-rsv A. Farlvv, M. Powell, D. King. B. Bain. A. 'l'0rh11nv. ll. lSll!'lif'l'. Sflffllfi A N44 R1 ' ' I , I . . . -rcvr, zzz' .i: Lattm, A Milchum, B. Hulslmf, W. Mcllary, P. Day, CI. -If-nsf-n, ID. KOIlZl'lIH8U. M. Mcifarv. B. Fish1'r.'I'. Nordvkc A, Smith, Hamilton. Standing: D. Blake, B. Pc-tr-rson, B. Hunt. 'lf Drynan, Dzxrli- W1-st, Dire-ctor. Pirino J. Michele. E f Q E , Alf Q - ,if f 1 A' 'if' . 'V f ,. f. My , , 4' '81 gi " 3' Q' uf Z? 'T V: Q uf 1 '0 ew 1 Q nz 1 f 1 ,,. a 1 ,' . Y . x if fmvx. N w V 'em Klfiw 5' Q1 ff, in .game 93,3 V'-12 sh M, lj, ' ' M14 N gmac! Row I.' L. Tompkins, B. Peacock, J. Rogers, C. Vanderpool. Row 2: Y. Mahaffey, Kems, Wade, D. Reighley, S. McCallum, C. Nored, T. Hill, L. Muller, D. Holmes. Row 3: E. Myers, S. Fletcher, H. Weber, D. Albright, N. McDonald, J. Grimes, M. Derry, J. Schroeder. Row 4: Danton, Strait, B. Gatlin, B. Hinkle, B. Railey. Drum Major-D. King c9444?mcdplaq40vz Majorettes-J. Kerns, M. Loy, BI. Bellows. 7 A 5 .5 'U' TIVITIES 6 W' 1' AZ , lf 2? , 1 1 1, 5 1 ' A 15: 'Q ' W , , . 1 v T , , l my 1 , ' ..7 R K f . . " A WN deux, 'Cf v ji rg, '-. , ,J l K 4, ,Ha , 53 an-'LA ' A, , N, 'f "-V. , f ff. 5, A 'w il' Q? 42.0 9 v ,315 .z Q ugh? -if Ge- If if in b A1 I wi Y ,Q 'Y 'gilg 'iimirf 2' In P TE' Q Q I 55, A .Q D 74 ,, 'Ig ? XRS! '35 Q' "" na, E533 lst W. 1 fl? e Q ,,,,,,., gxfifigfi-. Q1 A- ' 'Q 'Stiff sig , 1' ,S sg W fqiiiiilfkfix . 1'- an . Gmgf 35 t fOl film, Ol' ' Kafilifx H ' B h tx fn' an 1 TW . XD CX thi' SC at A X ttopo A Ulm ou lay. cast WMS - - J . unlfll 1 l' st it-l1t'a1'Si1l' ll' d f Klfk, age . 1 C, DOW h .leann Clzirk, Dlck IEZUFOF Play un carols ' it discU55 Pa - tsenfdlf .. r 3g3i4thlCY' ortltly Hea ds Iuniar P t tor G' comedy ' he cast h by Ed T ire. Carol, jeanne Worth ie Carol, Carole Cl t ary Be s, Doug Kee n, David Schmidt. Ginger, the l4eyear-old d Agnes and How the ayC HS ifne Ou Inger," a three ac by Ronald Alexander. nt be presented by the junior class Fri day, April 5, in the high school cafe torium. Members of l en ave been chos yler. director of the play and dramawspeech instructor, after try- outs were held Thursdry and Frid Feb. I6 and 17. They Ginger HY, ly,' jean- ark: joan Carol, nedictg Agnes Carol, Marilyn Hromas: Howard Carol, Folmer runk: Lizzie, Ann Fribergg Mr. Wil- son. jim Scott: Tommy Green, ' Parlee: Eddie Davi offma Dick ' k, Ed a ugh ter ard Car football of ol. goes team T deal of out . his cau disturba to h ' I or ses a great nce and is a dis er sisters, sleanie as to th gra and joa e high Wils ce n. as well School principal on and Ginger's ' Ginger' , Mr. mother. s father ' W risks l is proud of her but Osing his job because M man, president of - Carol V inogheu :fax r. Hoff- the bank where Mr works, is faced w' by his pa Y . xt PO . n Y Xmef Suu d 0 ith the opinion irons that his employee is scatterbrained. This results in a great deal of confusion for the entire Carol family and their friends. . ' ll fd Scllmlc a DW .,bClkQ- an Stott. ANU Fu .lim ' ' lav- . - C1355 p ' K . un10r for 10105 In J .. alll IJILP 1' Q YA: 4 .Ianicc Sln'i'm'ttv i'c'ccix'cs piizm' at F7'CYh77lflll Hfllo Danna A Competition among classe-s fills wishing we-ll Junior Booster Club supports V. team. IOF Mardi of DilTlCS. Win' W XN'atch thc inajorcttcs in tlicir now uniforms, 1. Albanfs Hamish 1- Normosc. xclmrigf- stuclvnt. Boclil 4 ll 1'-, Nia -iv efzecwd7 K .. 3 X f , f 2 , s 1, ' fi M MQ Mis Favorite gal of AUHS I If 'I A . f I X,-nav' Students leave after a busy day. f 5 9 " ' - ' , MLA, Q , A , ,vfwuf ,mfvygn ,.f W ,,f,,.,,Y, M H" .W f wf, H V WMM 5, ,WA 5, Q, jjfffh , ' f' , 2 W ,Q I if usp sf-4 MW mmm-N AW W 'TT X i L "2 3 if' and- v , f t 1 , f f ' :. , fl- Q I ' U ,A E an 5' ,, ' ,A If , 1 f - i X ,wg ga taw ,igawwi-.-wav-ww ,Q f -W in s.. Rau V G 5 ill NI Wibbens S Keller Nigr Moore Mgr C Deming Mgr B Archer W Hawke D Swartzendxubti D Sease Roz 2 M Moore K Mundt G Koeppel J Wilson W Bradlex D Reeser F Strunk Rot 3 Coach Gibbs Richards R Christensen Elkins D Hennmqtr A Blake B Henry D Keck L Hlte Tlr Lyle Bam loach Luster Rau 4 B Ridmger P Emmons B Snyder D Mc Connell G Rmge D Holloway D Williams J Clemens B Scott Coach Harrison CAPTAIN KEN MUNDT COACH BUD GIBBS CAPTAIN BRUCE RIDINGER fx. The fightinff Bulldogs coached by Bud Gibbs and assisted by Randy Harrison and im Luster, finished the 1955 season with seven wins and two defeats. Although the Bulldogs were defeated in their first district game by South Salem, their courage and drive took the Bulldogs to a three wav tie for first place in district 8 A-1. By de- feating Corvallis 19-7 they were tied with South Salem and Corvallis. The Bulldogs lost to Corval- lis bv a district vote of 4 to 3 to see which team would represent the district in the state playoffs. Co-captains Bruce Ridinger and Ken Mundt were presented the Lions Club trophies as the most valuable back and lineman respectively. After this they received a higher honor bv being elected to the Oregonian first string all-state tearn. ALBANY DEFEATS SALEM ON THEIR FIELD Albany Albany Albany Albanv Albam Albam Albam Albanv 4 99 Prmcvxlle Bend Lebanon Sw at Home Eugene Sprmqflc-ld 'North Salem Con aIl1s ' 2 ' 32 ' " Albany 6 South Salem ' 20 42 I 20 .' ' - - ,' U . ,' 32 .' ' A ' . I' 28 .' A 19 ' ' B RIDINGER KOEPPE1 E325 Lgf N :VVS t 1 .fr , 5 4 ei K MUNDI D MLC ONNI' I I D ,SWARTZENDRLBEF fi D HENININGER 7-5, Jil' VI XIOORE. XX ILI IANIS Gam if Vw- RINICJI' tam D REESER S KEI I ER in dm! HITL R LI-IRISTENS I ELRINS 57 u ' ' V .wi V, , XA, ft' ki ' B 3 ' 'R ' . fi A . , ' ' . ' G. . ' L S E if ,, i, , ? V ,, A F 4' if i VK. 'iw' ,V s K Q1 , f G Y A .": 'Q A O .,1. l ..,, N 3 R A ,Ls - Q . 'E f V A A:-h if P . ' ' A D. ' . A . . A X fivk , ,vs ' N in V - i - 3 n " x E ' V R if x s z, CA : . 'A A KV E A id! .',, f, :4 , W xl - AZ. , V,,!, l , f . -' ' ya r Xb E A Q? ? A fa? ' xl X -. Q x Q -.,..-Q-.,....-q 574444 Row I: D. Hannon, L. Mullen, D. Mahr, D. . , J. - ..,, L. nrown, uary Reeser, A. Ellickson M Stensrud D Olson Row 2 F Nfiorton G H lton V Lillie C Ball . , . . : . . , . y , . , . , Scott, M. Ragsdalc, R. Graber, N. Reynolds, Mgr. J. Rohrhough, Mgr. J. Rich. Row 3: L. Gilmore, D. Edwards, E. Keck, L. Craig, H Henderson, P. Agce, R. Walters, J. Wade, D. Barrett, J. Kaspar, D. Buike. Row 4: H. Spencer, E. Maier D. Zulhke, M. Banning. Not shown: E. Powell, Gale Reeser. Readin from top Roi I Coach B Warren B Peacock D Reed Summers P Ca ron K Q 1 I ' -i ' - 1 ' 1 ' 1 1 ' P 1 - Giles, G. Gilbert, G. Franklin, P. Rea. E. Anderson, J. Hodsdon, R. Gardner, Mgr. W. Neibulr, Mgr. M. Stromsith, Mgr. B. Rose. Row 2: B. Coonrod, Fletcher, F. Fief, C. Sylvester, D. Brace, D. Randle, D. Heintz, G. Southwick, Long, C. Wilson, A. Schwab, D. Becker, D. Albright, A. Fredrickson, R. Tuepkcr. Row 3: Coats, B. Russell, T. Endicott, M. Emmons, B. Fewerstein, M. Kronsteiner, L. McDow, B. Trask, Hohnson, T. Volz, T. Bayne, T. Bunce, D. Stuermer, Stauffer. Row 4: Mgr. R. Hill, R. Pringle, D Holmes L Transue B Gatlm P ewell R Clealand E M ers B Moore C Sox . ,. ,. , .J ,. , . y , '. , . ,J.Smith,L.Ram- bousek, C. King. -an - ...- rn . . Knerlzn Crimes D Wright 9 Thomason E Chandler, J. Gatlin, R. Baldwin, C. Rhodaback, B Rietz D king K Hardin fnot shownl Standzn C oach Grosshuesch, E. Coffee, D. Hyman, IJ. Dimick, B Hmkle G Vogt D Spiclde R Simmons R Morrill Mgr T. Holm. The Bulldog's Cross Country team under a new coach, Eldon Grosshuesch, finished the season with three wins and two defeats. In the Wfillamette Valley Meet the Albany Bulldogs placed second and placed fifth in the state meet. There were six returning lettermen-Catlin, Baldwin, Rhodaback, Hardin, Dimick, and Hyman.. Seniors Gatlin fcaptaing, Baldwin, and Rhodaback led the Cross Country team in points. "1--w-pw.-. r il ' 5 Z Coach Tommy Holman's Bulldogs started the season bv winning over both East teams in the traditional East- XN'est Jamboree held at Sweethome, Oregon, on Decem- ber 2. Besides winning both games. the Albany yell section brought home for the first time the cheering trophy. The Bulldogs had a standing of eleven wins and twelve losses for the season. Eight of the twelve games were lost by four points or less. Corvallis Spartans and the Bulldogs matched their abilities for the third time in Gill Coliseum at Corvallis. February 27, to see which team would be fourth in the district because of the tie. Spartans defeated the Bulldogs 46 to -H, thus eliminating Albany from district competition. Rene Nlove K279 pointsj, Buz W'ilfert 1252 pointsj, 'Iohn Wilson H75 pointsi, and Captain Bruce Ridinger H62 pointsi led the Bulldogs in scoring. Coach Holman had five returning lettermenf-Captain Bruce Ridinger. Rene Nlove, Boz XVilfert. Pat Emmons and Don Mcflon- nell. Out of the five there was only one starter from last year. Coach Holman will be losing seven seniors- Bruce Ridinger. Rene Nloye. lion Nlcffonnell, Monty Torgeson, john Jensen, jerry Catlin and Ray Baldwin. 'W . - , 47 ,J CAPTAIN BRUCE RIIJINGER COACH TOM HOLNIAN Standing: B. Ridinger. D. King, Gatlin, R.Balclwin, R. Moye, B. Wilfert, B. Close, Jensen, Wilson, ID. Mellonnell, M. Torgeson. Knccling: Mgr. R. Cummins, Coach T. Holman, Mgr. C. Deming. fi .24 'xiii 'Inv' J. ... .rl ......,. .W . i - P"qf'tC'5F1 liifl L4 init rfi:.flCl9,00xf, Q. ,NY ' i A 2 X pf v Q-v' HW! A A X T .I A.....' kLBAy Yr W4 Q H. .ns-'Q Tziafw .Q 0 gy: fl' 'L , .V f -1 hx. 9 J f 5 6 23,2 Wgfggw Albany Albany Albany Albany Albany Albany Albany Albany Albany Albany Albany Albany Albany Albany Albany Albany Albany xxlllllllf' Albany Albany Albany Albany Albany 2 Euivnc Astoria Astoria lit-avcrton lic-aw-rton .lunction City BIcNIinnvillf: Euscnc Lt-banon Swvct Homr- Soiith S3.lf'IN North Salvm Bond Corvallis junction City Lebanon Sw:-vt Horm- Sotxtli sLlll'IIl North Salcni Corvallis Bond Willamette Frosh District Playoff Corvallis "3" S Tip-Off Sf!17Zdl'VlQ.' Coach Randy Harrison, Blur, lNIoorf'. Sitting: Rolirbougli. IJ. llarnrw, F. Morton ll N-asv. ll. Mclmvrl. l., Mulle-ri, E, llolgv. R. liliartraw. IJ. Hannon, Prohmkzm. D. Malir. D. llfwllm n U. Schmidt. E. Clliancllt-r. P :fy ffl' f ,aft I . fl' I W pil 57, 'V el w at Q .V'ij'll5"., F W H 'J K 1 , , , 1 ! . s EM' X'-56" i aw l Qi- ' AI: 1 17 IN, I 544 ,I+ .y4'14,g? 3 'gi 4142 Roz I ll S C-ncvr Nl Ra sdaln P X cc H Hcnd B. 1- : '..p ,. . Q. -, Q , . - c-rson, N. Reynolds, Kasper, E. Keck, Goldson. Razr 2: Mgr. ll. Sisscl, R. Simmons, R. Walters, ll. Fisher, V. Lillie-, D. Edwards, G. Hanson, 7 7 Rfading from lnlh--Rom 1: D. Shvlhy, M. Kronstvincr, M. Emmons, Coach Bud Gibbs, B. Fcuvn stein. ll, Stmir'rii1'r.G. Cilhvrt. Razz' .'.?: Mgr. C. Sylvvstvr, B. Ncwtson, ll. lvloorv, S. Nlrffalluni, C. King. Williamson, L. Gillmorv, Coach Grosshucsch. S. Stauffvr. I.. Trzinsuv. I.. Ramhousvk. T. liaynv. Mgr. P. Rea. Rnuf fi: Il. Trask, Grimes, 'l'. Endicott, lil Barrett, Pcarcv, R, Pringlv, G. Southwick. -H- s X.f ,f 3: 'A' A he X 1 A Cloacli Tom Drynan's wrt-stling squad finishcd its sm-ason with five' wins and scvcn losscs. It was a fine sr-ason for a young tcam. Coach Drynan had only scvcn rcturning lcttcrmcn. hut cw-n with this handicap thc Bulldogs placf-d fourth in the district. Thr:-1' of Coach lJrynan's grapplcrs qualified for statcffjaptain Gent- Fishcr H23 pound divisionj, Stan Kcllcr ulfifl pound division 2 , and Larry Hitt- thc-avywvight divisionl. W'adc lloorflcr. ont' of thc outstanding licavywcights, was un- ahlv to participatc in district comp:-tition hc-cause of illnc-ss. Thr-rc wvrc many outstanding wrcstlcrs who failcd to makc statv hy a small margin. Coach Ilrynan will hc losing scvcn st-niors---Captain Gcnc Fishcr, Stan Kc-llcr. I.:-roy lirr-nu-r. Gt-orgc Ringc, K1-n Mtlndt. I.arry Hitt- and lVadc lloc-rflcr. Thx- rcsults of statt- compctition wcrc- unknown at tht- timc tht' annual wt-nt to prcss. 3.4 ! v 4 i COACH TOM DRYNAN CAPTAIN EUGENE FISHER Rrading from Iofr Rmz' 1:Kfoarh 'I'. Drynan, T. Mundorf, L. Bremmer, C. Ringc, L. Hitc, Rich, W. Ilovrllc-r. Ii. Suyclvr. -I. Good. CZ. Ball. ll. llcrkf-r, Mgr. Ii. Hash. Row 2: W. Cegaskc, IJ. Zuhlkc, IJ. Ilvyiuzui. S. Kr-ll:-r. K.. Mundt. G. Fishcr. ll. Ilinklc, C. Hicl-ccrson, Il. Russell, D. Albright. Row fi: E. Myers, M. lizmning, A. I.:-ngycl, C. Lange, IJ. Iizxrnvy, R. Merrill, Ii. Kcnagy, B. Catlin. th - as FWPPPIA Q 9:1 4 . - 1 u l B ll' 'l cyl? Pa P I Fw X .ln X ' ' Olive 214464 lglddfld The Glrls Athletlc Assoclatlon has bestowed on four glrls nts hxghest honor that of bemg an Olxve Brancher Ann Terhune Rose Roth Loxs Wmn and Ann Maclue above were pxcked for thenr oustand mg leadershxp and ablllty 1n athletxcs and ln GAA They wnll be glVCn a gold pm nn the form of an ollve branch symbolxzmg those branches glven to Roman vlctors 1n the ancxent Olympxcs Ann Terhune has been actlve m GAA sxnce she jomed xt nn her sophomore year As a junxor she was hlkmg manager and the next year she was voted to the uce presndency of the club As vlce presxdent she lS m charge of the Spmster Sklp GAA s annual glrl ask boy dance Besides bemg busy ln GAA Ann IS also actne ln Honor Soc1ety Booster Club Councxl of Clubs and Band Ann has been on two all star teams-one volleyball and one basketball If the GAA ever had an all star lt has one 1n Rose Roth Rose has been on cnght all star teams three basketball three volleyball one speedball and one softball As lf havxng the hard job of secretary of GAA m her jumor vear werent enough Rose m her semor year had the arduous task of bemg playday manager Roses other mam club ln school xs Honor Society Out of school Rose 15 actxve m her church group and IS a hardhlttlng outflelder on the Albany Alcoeds the travelmg glrls softball team Lols Wmn has always been actxve 1n the noontxme mtramurals ln her semor year she was mn com plete charge of the basketball mtramural program Slu Club IS her other mam club interest Out of school she IS busy 1n 4-H and ns the speedball pxtcher for the Albany Alcoeds Lo1s has been on two all star teams one softball and one basketball Wherever you see Anne Mackne she 15 busy hurrymg to some actxvxty meetmg Anne has been a txreless worker m GAA actnmes too In her jumor year Anne was speedball manager and m her semor volleyball manager Paper Staff Qunll and Scroll Honor Society and Booster Club are her other club 1n terests Out of school she works hard on 4-H projects Anne has been on flve all star teams two volleyball one speedball one softball and one basketball 108 . , . .. . . . . . . 1. - 2 9 G l I ' .. . . , . . . . . a ' 1 .Y . 1 J J ' 5 . ' ..- ' a a s ' ., . 1 s a . , . . . , . V . . . . .. . . . , , . K . . Y . . . .. . 1 . ' . F . v . . s - 9 . . . . - 9 ' 1 s ' . . . - , Q J ' Alice Lowell, Ann Primrose, and Janet Stellmacher ready for action, 75 Dmwgddaatdlde " ,1,,Y,m2l: l This fall the girls were given three out- door sports to choose fromfarchery, golf and tennis. Archery seemed to be the favorite sport. Archery and golf were played behind the school. while tennis was played on the Bureau of Mines' courts. Bev Taylor and Mary Amett eyeing their goal. Watch out! Bullseye! Nine points for Charlotte Madsen 6147474 tau Hlgh scorers durmg the basketball tournament were Standm Emily enkms sr and Ions Wmn sr 26 pomts tlcd Karen Sahlstrom jr 51 pomts Kneelmg Sandy Lakln so 48 pomts udee Hutcheson fr 9 pomts After the basketball lntramurals were over G A A mcmbers voted on an all star team and the followmg, gxrls were chosen Sandzn E Osbu f D S heck jr K Qahlstrom jr P Short rldge so R Roth sr Knerlzng A Terhunc sr E enltlns sr H rlate jr S Laltm so U S'0j1lznnzm fhanzfwv Helm D I onng S III 1 tan! Ill Q ll nth 1 III Ii 4 I7 W1 mx I'he urls mtrarnuxal pro gram had a hxghly successful s1x weeks tournament The classes were dlwlded mto senxor and jumor dxxxslons and mam excntmg games were staged be fore the toumament vlctors fmally appeared wxth perfec no loss record 9471107 D1 mon ffhonl Fharnps nf 1 Im 1 mu msc Roth It x rn no 4 s Stmzdzrz PIIXIIV mn ns 1 Illllxknr ms YN xr r nihmllt Pdxw nds lxuth Hoff mlnn Freshman Fhamfnf Knfclzn L McMack1n L Nygren Capt S Sapp Standzng M Alden Young D Morlan C Heverlv 'Yw 'Wada gfallawn 79 Albany g1rls at the head table sm1le happlly after a del1c1ous lunch 7 Februarx -1- xx as the date of a much enjoyed playdax xuth basltetball teams from all oxer the xalley A total of elght teams were present and each team played three hard fou ht games After the tournament a large lunch was serxed IH the cafetorlum Followmg th1s trophles and m e d a l s whxeh were made from painted p1pe cleaners on boxes and crepe papcr were presented to the rtspectxxe teams A slut and pxano solo concludcd the program Rose Rosma and Bev look down on a successful playday -f--1"""' Glrls from all oxer the valley Y1Slt over lunch VN eary uctors after three hard games 1 I 44 if Xl, i. bw-g . .55 . Nfhrxlxn fhuls n Shoots abou Glorla Coolcn XS h1Ch of thc sophomou xrls mll get thc rebound Over the lmc no good' Loy Lowell and Hromas cant quxtn stop the shot 5 11 v , ' v 1 , . x x 7 J ' ' . . . in -iq. ,. Y i ? . 7 ., NWS --,.M-:l, . . A X, , 1, 1 ww J 6 V . A ,.. . . ., . Q . m, I ' K.. . ,1-A I ' I I ir ., U 6,-4,-47!4l1eqda1z Sam Followmq the wolleyball tournament GAA members voted on a xolleyball all star team The aboxe QIFIS were chosen Standzn R Roth sr K Sahlstrom jr P Shortrldge so A MHCRIC sr H Tate jr Kneelzn A Terhune sr S Lakm so D Pesheck Jr Where IS 1t9 What happened to the ball? As her team mates stand around Pat vahantlv spnkes the ball 11 w w . 0. . . 5. . , ., , t , ., . , ., . . U. . 1 '7 ' : 'J 23' ' J 'S K ' : ': . , . . . l , , ,1 1 qi L .0- v A " n 6cZZc4S4oauemczW ,f Pat and Annette caught during a rousmg Rosa plays an muslhlc Iols Wmn as Nixss game of shuffleboard Hfmtt and Ann match The httle known game of deck ICHDIS IS prac Ewen though thex are domg exhaustmq push tlcnd by a class of senlor gxrls ups and the ul on thc ught 15 out of step thus class of freshman glrls looks happy EY! 2a7aq7 cmd? 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I 1 L 11, 6' I YJ 5 'L 4 I ? lf X fb x , I , fbzf 1 " I , Q vvnumuum 1 Iinx llil Pusvu Wdlplxillglun . . 76 Wlhiskcrs rcccivc trcatmcnt. Couples cnjoy smooth music Whixkerino Wmnrrv: Larry Hitc, firstg Bob Scott, second: Garv Koeppcl, third: Denny Hcnningcr, fourth. I 73? ' weflfs. 5 1" ., ,539 , I f ...gk 1 gd .. :. ,ffm N ' yfayv in . in 'f ,- fyzm Q fjyf 174 -9, 1, M JT , V , f ' 2 rx ni, .vs nf if V Tiff? L .M ff Y 54 f gr E ff M3 1 of-F: 2, randi, wi' I 9 4 25 1, Q, ""dz,'1-,In V 2- we zfgf' KZ. M' tm If f 'sfi , 5 . 7 Q f wr'fA I at . . an f, I, , V37 PV . wk m 4 "ff, YS 'U M -" 3 K in fi 2 3 'WM , wg, , 'fav' + ww, jgwmw 'K Q Q 3 54? A . K if ' '38 ji, 5 I 4 A Y f T' 2 V- ' - ,vw V 4 'iff' Jay, L,-rf" STA' ' - 'W -f',:5,2. ' A 4 f'w'1z41'2- 2 In thf- first four district gamvs of thc svason Cloafh Chuck Kr,-rr's Bulldogs dfffvatvd Swvvt llomf- fl to U. Lf-hanon 8 to 3 and South Salmn 5 to fl. North Salt-m defwatvcl Albany in a ninr' in- ning huttlf' by a srorr- of -1 to 3. Gary Ko:-pp:-l. a onv yrrar lr-ttf-rman, and llrucr' Riding:-r, a thrr-1' yvar lr'ttr'rman. we-rv rhosvn co-captains. 'l'hr-rr wr-rv six rvturninu lr-ttf-rm1'n. fihiifll Kvrr, who has r'f'rovf-rvcl from I1 svrious illnf-ss this yt-ar, has lcd tht' Bulldogs to tht' district championship four tirnvs and qualifivd for statt- four timf-s. Out of tht' four time-s to state: thfs Bulldogs placfrd first and svcond. Coach Tom Holman has hwn zihly assisting Mr. Kvrr this Sva- son."- COACIH CHUCK KERR, CIO-C APTAINS BRUCE RIIJINGER AND GARY KOEPPEI Tuff Rm : Clourli Km-rr. ll. Bain, ID. lilakv, .I. Wilson. Richards, B. Ridingcr, f Kovppvl. M, lm-. R. Moyv. Coach Holman. Front Roux' Mgr. P. Shrcvc, M. loigvsoni R. lbvrrali. Nriss. IJ. S1-asc. Moorv. L. lklap. Zander, P. Emmons. ISK Il. saw YKTM , tam na Q ll- li ll jf FBNN, sang, 'U' .4 g in L J' E+ XS -,JV Q .I 0 gy!! wr,-Q ., , . 'Day ' WIAXI' 05'm' 'NBVM' I . 99705 Jam i 99 W' X H4 1 X I V 43 ',,Q?gLQfUlY' , it M- BEAAQ -L W --'Av Rngp lg Mgr, NI. Stcfnsrud. D. Mclmwd. N U ' Rvvnolds. I.. Klullvn. Y, Lillif-. F. Xlmtrm. IJ 4 IiX'ill2i!1. Mgr, B. Hush. Rmu 2: IS. C1051-. NI. Sal mgm. Il. Ilimmm. IJ. Mzihr. Scott. D. Edwards ' D, -Izmws. Conch Tom Holman, Run' ff: IJ. Spillcle- 'l1"f7 RW'-' R4 PNUUIV- L4 Riilllhollwk- P1'rwh:1Qk41. Ii. FiNl1f'I'. XY, B1'adl1'y. II. SIJVIILVI. I5 fjI'iIIl1'9, gllillft-l'I'. NI. Emmons. Ii. Rlmvll. Ii. Xyilfm-tl f xllm I' K 1: A . . fnpmu. G. Gznrrvtt, Cfmach Rohr-xl XN'z11'1'vAr1, Iffrzrm Rmf: Mgr. R, Clmlxmd, CI. King. Hudsdon. I,. ,IxIkLiHSl1t', R. Moore. R. F1-uvrstcih, IJ. SflIf'I'IHVI', A. I"n'cl1'icks011, B. Trask. IJ. Hr-intl. M. Chow. Front Rmfx' Mgr. R. Czu'dm'r. IJ. Rzuldlv, B. Rziilcy. F, Vvttvr. U. Rwd. E. NIXWH. 'If Hnyxw. IJ. Rvighlvy, B. Nvwtson. llohnsun. N. Ingzm, Nm .S'h0zuz.' T. Hill. K. Gilm. B. Pl'Lit'OCk, Managers. . as ek? 3? 'I , , A, a Mg ,iff ,H ,Q h ., Nw 'iw Uh! it . 1 If 1' - Q-., 2. gg f Iii f P bl X wr - W L 1 qv! A if 1 44 z 'I X I '-A4 I 1 L A 1' 1 , t. , ' 2: if E I i E I . -.I jgst' I 1-1 , i ,pw Y, ' ' ,vyq . s Z. f.L2 SJ N' ' - V' - 's jus I 'A 1. . 12,91 - , W, I x J xl! ff' ' Xe ' iw.-w Q' 7 Alhanyls truck smlson had 11 good hcginning with the- liulldogs placing sixth in thc' Hayward Rfflays and making 21 good Showing in the XNilla- mvttf- Rvlayx. The tvam won over North Salem 73-25 to -I8-lffl and Lf.-hanon 10155 to IQW. North Salt-m and Eugene dc.-fczitvd Alhany 61 to 64 and 66 to 56 r'e'spe-Ctiw-ly. Coach -lim Lust:-r. AlhL1ny's nf-xv track coach. had te-n rc-turning' lf-ttf-rmvn. Outstanding in thc- shot-put and high jump was Kvn Mundt. jvrry Catlin. Ray lizildwin, and lioh Snydvr wvrc cxccp- tional in distzincc' running while- Gary Grill was outstanding in thi' sprint and hrozidjurnp. Kern Mundt and jerry Catlin were chosf-n co-captains. U 'Mg , I Ls, '-v I M954 L 'dum all L CAPTAIN .IARRY GATLIN, COACH JIM LUSTER, AND CAPTAIN KEN MUNDT. Top Rocca' R. Engl-l. R. Milam-sz-ll. G. XN'right, IJ. Rt'PSt'I'. E. Chandler, K. Arnold. Km-r-k. Crrzfm Roux' .lr-rwfiri. fl. Ringv. R. Cliristf'n'sc'xi, C. Rvcscr, B. Snydvr, P. l.2ll'Sl'U, 'lf VVIIIIVIIIZIII. Fran! Ross: Conch .lim lnistvr, IJ. Swartzvndruber. King. IJ. Mcffonnr-ll, ll. Kvclx. Catlin. IJ. Holloway. li. Archvr. Not Sl1nzi'n.' R. Baldwin, K. Mlinclt, G. Grill. D. lf . il., lin '11 N akvikixisw f K if

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