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Z -l L-U +...,.w, Q W Y 1 ,L -11 ' L ,W -...Q -1 'ww U Whirlwind 1955 Albany llnion High School Albany, Oregon ADVISER Miss Elvira Reilly EDITOR-IN -CHIEF Roy Parsons ASSISTANT EDITOR Ianet Thurber -weft A S uni X if 33 if rr' S 'S e40!lu ...0c2'oJm9,l954 An open house on Saturday, October 9, 1954, climaxed by an evening dedication ceremony formally introduced the new Albany Union High School to the public. Rex Putnam. Superintendent of Public ln- striiction. gave the principal address after an introduction of past and present board members. The Albany Union High band and choir made their first formal appearance of the year. 2 Speakers at dedication ceremony: Rev. R. I. Wetzel, M. O. Wilkinson, Floyd Edwards, I. K. Weatherford, Rex Putnam, Robert Groshong, Leslie Cade, William Grenz, Iohn R. Cox. 4 This year we have moved into a magnificent new school. As mem- bers ot the first student body to enjoy Albany Union High School No. 8, we wish to express our thanks to the people ot the community and all those who have helped to make our new facilities possible. In the following pages you will be able to see how well we have put our new school to use. Come to our classes and meet our teachers. Notice our extra-curricular activities and the wide variety ot classes, including agriculture, trades and industry, shop, home economics, the many commercial subjects, Engl-ish and other languages, sciences, histories, art, music and mathematics. 3 gf 6 1 AIIMINISTIIATIIIN IIIIISSES ACTIVITIES IIIIIIIINIZATIIINS SPIIRTS Page 5 Page 23 Page 53 Page 69 Page 103 . N UI I lib-.Is - -it N. I -'II ' g if N- ' .QMS-QL-.cirx Wxfifve ' x gg: 'HX ' 'Q 4 's SS -,-:Q QQ . X 1 s I! 1 J 5 S E E s surnmurnnnnur youu n. coil is WA" ' ' h The school year of 1954-55 has brought a new and interesting event to us. We are now a four year high school and occupying abeautiful new building. A school year is made up of many things - classes, games, competition, friend- ships, fun and club work - and the wise student shares in all of these. It is a con- stant goal ot our school to give a sound fundamental education while encouraging participation in a varied program oi activities. The realization of this -goal needs your co-operation. We all join in extending to the seniors our best wishes and support in their endeav- ors in the future. To those who are coming back to school next fall, we urge you to take lull advantage of the opportunities available and make these final years your busiest and happiest. Iohn R. Cox SECRETARY BEVERLY REESER "You have each been given a bag of tools, A formless rock and a book of rules: And each must make, 'ere life has flown, A stumbling-block or a stepping-stone." i VICE-PRINCIPAL STAN CZECH BOARD OF EDUCATION: Secreiary Beverly Reeser, I. K. Weatherford, Ir., Chairman Robert Groshong, M. O. Wilkinson, Iohn R. Cox, Floyd Edwards, S. O. Griifiih. R X s S GIRLS' COUNSELOR BOYS' COUNSELOR Wilma Spence Allen Rogers BOOKKEEPER Clara Voyen Commercial Wendell Heintzman, Typing, Shorthand: Michael Clark, Typing, Study Hall: Mary Anderson, Typing, Shorthand: Seated - Ethel Nordgacxrd, Bookkeeping, Typing English and Math ' Adelberi Hackert, Algebra, Geometry: Iumes Lunn, Physics Geometry: Nellie Kelley, Algebra. SSP 'K 1 QA: -S -x, -Xi B X 3, as N RX X -AM X M XX X , ww. Q L , www sm ix MW, ,., , ,, IIAMAWWW Wwwwwfff ,. , ' 1 f 4ww S X ww 3 T ..s six 'viii X X x Si NSNwxux wmww:g:iX -Q X SS I Six as k N qw-E ' , vw.-if R' A slwaw , i .QM " Www ,Q X -- M N is if ' Na x. 25 ' 5 f ,QS+ N 1 ' ,W A Q fi , + ,.....L+ Q Q 5 ji Y SR E Q Q. 11 Wi Q X if :QQ NNW V M-fg RH. ., . sr ,!'. 5 N' . X x . X .X X QE? 1 N Q5 wg x s K . R. -. w f . 9 EW il x XX X x 'WWW w :fx QQ ik xxx . jx , Q V" ""'f:f QM 5 -- -Xl RX "EIS :I-Sqn ' :fx 5, gn, lx X X X A . jk .' , . :'.'1"I tx Mit . .' ' X . " ..IZ--3:4 fx - :fifi-S X i SN fs- K qw x 1559-if Q v-'I E NYS A ., L Ax-R i x.b:.,. Z X Q.: si Iune Peterson, Social Economics and English: Gerald Ras- mussen, U.S. History cmd World Historyg Harvey Dunn, So- , , cial Science: Wallace Gibbs, Social Science and Driver Training: Randall Harrison, Social Science and U.S. History, Beverly Peterson, Latin and U.S. History. Florence Zimmer, LIBRARIRN Mae Donahue LIBRARY SECRETARY F X my TNXW' Xl Nf SX X wxms , . - ix si ,Q S f QRX - - M "5 X 'W Q X W X S " R Q X X , 1 QS E Q . -Igsgyfffge s1.Q?-il X A - A K U! A if I I y Q x X. YM ,waxfltgw x ggxqi ' Q X X NX ffvf wgw i' S if N x Y Es N 5 5 S 'J 'g x-sl, N es 'X M " a N f I is 'gg 1 1 5 sf 1 3 , X .Q .QE , ly 1 .S s , M 1 . 5 'N W U N ,I N 5 ,rf 1 Q N.. -- .. Si' .N . g ,E 1 . , x Q X ,J X EYE xw ..: xg 3, 1 1 Ex xx 5 i S 1 Sxsxlxfff ' 'gi zislgli QS. - Egg ' X S-if Xe ,S Ai XX N x sk X w iiY?fifF3S5, Q 'bf I x . S :S R- ig f X' xx .fx x Q, X X 'SQQX55 X ki Fgiilfx 5 X X :gs MT: -xx . . x X k-?E f 0 x ix vx 35 XX N X X X XX si 21 K W TS fi,.xE'iQ',: X 5 X Q S Whafs u pxohlxoa! Wllere'l that butlonholei Math could be easy. but X x ,N ..x... XWNX if SRF x NWXNFWMX 3 .,. ,. . J x Nm N. Russell Petersen, President Ralph Wilcox, Vice-President Sam Burch, Treasurer Carol Hopemcm' Secretary Wayne Huddleston, Business Manager Row 1: Susan Smith, Carol Eagles, Marjorie Parsons, Barbara Miller, Sandy Sielarth, Virginia Claypool, Carol Hopeman, Sharon Vedder. Row Z: Dewey Hannon, Ierry Pingerlos, Wade Doeriler, lim Richards, Sam Burch, Ralph Wilcox, Russell Petersen. Dick Crooks, Wayne Huddleston, lean Smith. Student Council Some ot the routine duties of Student Council are passing of legislation, governing the student body, having jurisdiction over the funds of the associ- ation, and striving for greater student opportunity and student-faculty co- operation. ' One of the largest projects undertaken by this year's Student Council was the Region IV Student Council Convention held here October 30, 1954. Student Council officers during the school year oi 1954-1955 were Presi- dent. Russell Petersen: Vice President, Ralph Wilcox: Secretary, Carol Hope- manp Treasurer, Sam Burch, and Business Manager, Wayne Huddleston. Z1 Student Body Committees i Inter Activity: Dick Mickelson, Alice Assembly: Terry Shannon, Ioan Bienek, Ann Primrose, Lowell, and Ianet Thurber. MaryAnn Brockley, Iohn Brown, and lim Cowgill. Student Altairs: Iohn Wilson, Iudy Haatvedt, Doris Parliamentary: Royal Muller, Ron Pittman, Wilbur, Iohn Jordan, and Maurice Kurtz. and Dick Fisher. Activity Regulation: Karen Sahlstrom, Pete Larson, Social: Tom Ketsdever, Frank Lane, Vicki Mar Larry Stevens, and Iean Smith. 22 quis, and Pat Shortridge. NM lean loluutone Moat Popular Deane Yancey Most Thoughtful Scmdu Nickel Greatest Contribution Lnelnc Weber Peppieat Manuel Elllchen Best Personality Molly Bdlck Most Dependable Carol Hepemcm Most Friendly Lulnn Mullen Preltlesl Wilma Yutxle Most Athletic Nikki Hel-nbxeek Moet Intelligent loan lemjluncm Most Likely to Succeed Malone Young Cutelt I r e 1 len-y Hazelwood Most Athletic L ' Bob lable Most Handsome Ieny letln Most Friendly lim COWUUI Most Likely to Succeed Blll Barrett Most Intelligent lol: Egan Cuteet E 1 'led lbelsen Most Popular Roy Passens Greatest Contribution llll Shreve Most Thoughthil Russell Petersen Most Dependable San Buell Best Personality Dlck Creeks Peppiest wh' LSR F 6 . A X NM., W 'W -. - 1' .- . X 'vi ., ', , .gr-Q:-Q: .- 5 Ni- S Bzgp zyiilglj' 1 X NSR , E . 1 EY- N- 5 - ,: 5 , Q ', x g X . K -.,iq,:-5.r,m.ggb1 F gbwfvizw' S X I S 3 gk- nm ES . A x x... Rf - x - Y W...MM,,, 61:1 -: x M' www fir'-x. - it , .. -I si ll' an ss! wp. Q:-:E - H k L 2 X X Aberson, Ted Ahcxrt, Ice Amble, Bob Anderson, Bud Atchison, Darlene Bader, Bill Barnes, Ieanette Barrett, Bill- Baughman, Ioan Beckeli, Bob Blake, Connie Blake, David Blanton, Rose Briggs, Barbara Brown, Bob Burch, Sam Carper, Margaret Carper, Margery Carter, Iohn Canon, Mondalee Cale, Bill Causbie, Iohn Chartraw, Gary Chesley, Beverly Clark, Dale Clark, Sheila Clemmer, Ristora Compton, Clarence Cooksey, Betty Cornell, Lois Cotmcxn, Bill Cowgill, lim Cox, Dave Crooks, Dick Culp, Clcxrietla Cunningham, Gary Daly, Bob Daniels, Evelyn Dannen, lane Davis, Bernard Debban, Ted Delano, Shirley Dickhous, Betty Dombrowsky, Betty Dooley, Mike Edick, Molly Egan, Bob Ehmke, Iunice Ellickson, Margaret Ellison, Ardys Emmons, Terry Faulkner, Blaine Fief, Leo Fingerlos, Ierry Fisher, Dick Frink, Incl: Frymcm, Iudy Gilbert, Ieanne Giles, Sharon Ginther, Doris Glassey, Marion Graham, Ethel Gregory, Don Grenz, Sharlee Groat, Don Groat, Sharon Halliwell, Alta Hanslovcm, Ruby Hapner, Bob Hardy, Karen Hare, Rebecca Harrison, Helen Hayes, David Hazelwood, Ierry Heath, Duane Heins, Charlotte Heinizmun, Don Heugins, Russell Heyerly, Donna Hickey, Bob Hink, George Holt, Rowayne . Hopeman, Carol Hornbrook, Nikki Horning, Alma lean Hubbard, Bill Huddleston, Wayne Hurley, Carolyn Hyder, Evelyn Iccot, Icxckie Iohnstone, lean Iorddn, Iohn Knakal, Richard Kaufman, Larry Kerns, lack Kloster, Kenny Kropp, Dick Iennings, Delbert Lagler, Paul Lamb, Ken Lander, lean Lane, Frank Lane, Marian Laubner, Shirley Lappan, Wanda Lehman, Lecford Lindley, Dwayne LoY. lohnnie Ludlow, Dave Lueck. Eugene Mackie, lean Magden, Forest Mann, Charles Mickelson, Dick Miller, Ann Miller, Dick Miller, Kathleen Miller, Melvin Mullen, Ioy Mullen, LuAnn ww., Mundorl, Marilyn Murphy, Ioyce McCcxIlisier, Eunice Nay, Roberta Nemchick, Harold Nickel, Sandra Nordyke, Ierry Olsen, Ann Pace, Shirley Purlee, Ieunne Parsons, Roy Pelletier, Ray Petersen, Russell Phillips. Eunace Pierson, Delores Pittman, Ron Plattner, Martin Pope, Max Porter, Ioan Propst, Bruce Rants, Dennis Rex, Iol-m Ridenour, Don Roland, Nancy Roth. Ierry Roth, Ionathan Roth, Mona Boyer, Arthur Ruark, Icmice Samard, Arlen Scuse, Sum Scott, lack Sellon, Ioan Shannon, Terry Sherwood, Colleen Shield, Phyllis Shrogren, Donnetta Shorey, Sonney Shox-tridge, Roger Shreve, Bill Smalley, Don Smith, Karen Smith, Roy Snyder, LeRoy Southwick, Ron Stamps, Don Stapelton, Shirley Sioddurd, Ioan Stone, Don Stone, Dorothy Strell, Roberta Swanson, loe Taylor, Dean Tiner, Ierry Tower, Eleanor Vetter, Irene Warner, Carl Warren, Martin Weber. Lucino Weber, Terry Welch, Iudy Wells, Colleen Whetsfone, Duane Whitaker, Larry White, ferry Willett, Pete A Wilcox. Ralph Williamson, Icmette Yancey. Donna Yearsley, Norma lean Young, George Young, Marlene Yulzie, Glenn Yulzie, Wilma Senior Class Advisers- Mrs. Mabel Ehrlich and Mr. lldelbert Haclrert. Senior Class History Looking back upon three successful years, the class of l955 can claim both victories and defeats. It has been the first to make tradition and the last to break it. In their sophomore year, under the leadership ot Pete Wilfert and the guidance of Nancy White and Bill McCammon. class members leaped over the tortures oi initiation and darted off to a bounding start. Many ol the seniors will remember the balloons that cluttered the halls. the stacks of clothing that brought the class second place in the competitive clothing drive, the sopho- more assemblywith the presentation oi the play. "The Little Red Schoolhouse," and finally "Vienna," the class act which took third place. Under the leadership of Ted Aberson and advice of Bill McCammon and Mrs. Mabel Ehrlich. the junior year was even more prosperous. A smash hit play, "Going Places," was presented in the spring. First prize in class acts was taken with the presentation oi "Hour of Destiny," and the Iunior-Senior Prom with its "Aloha" theme was a great success. Ted Aberson was again elected to lead the class in its greatest year. Because of the de- parture of Bill McCammon. the class once again changed advisers. and Mr. Hackert joined Mrs. Ehrlich in guiding the class. "The Dark House," senior class play, was presented and although it ran only one night, provided the financial backing for "Snowflake Hurry," the Christmas Prom. Graduation ended the three exciting high school years of the class of 1955. Making and breaking records right up to the last day. the class of 1955 became the first to graduate from the new school. 5 .. , .x fs 2. 2 . X ii: 5 35.3 Mx xx x SE ,Q :K K . X f H if W. QE .. S 5 , X g xx x J, -wx K SS xxx? xx. xx gxx x . X X .. x.. xp . . x x xg x x W - - .x X , Q X X3 xg Nw at 5 .x .:.x .. ...x xx, k Xiigxx xx xx Q-wfxw...-: Q. x .1-mx xx. xx-.xg . X 19.35 , . S Qxx QQ X 5 xx ,xxx .1 X R. X xx xiw QQ X x xxx X N' S g,,.....,., . x .x . am Q! QQ W Q3 . ., '53'5"S . x x. .:' X N .. v . . xx mgfxx - gg... X X Q.. X' 2 x .Q X x xx X ,.... X X R 5 x Q . x Y X Q ix 2 55' ' 5 'S 5 xx xx N Y X ,ti . sffcflf- ,, . X k 5 S Ni Xxx, xi - EN KSN N... Wf xv. x 1 3 sf xg f X54 Y wi-x K x N Q ww -ska .--, v,-.-w- S .....-W... ,Nw 5 S 3 ,,, ..:. Q YK. - x , K x S R . X .. , K 9' Wi . Rss! vi . ,,i., S 5 ., fi x 5 S Q X SK is Q :X 1 s wvig x X QR XXX SSX' --Mm N.. 1 'Sn 5 VW N Qx XSS E :Aw ,ff is 1 i. ,X ri? M :gr W L Q l , M 2 lr Ss' X RS . K A xxx A+ 5 AXA ...ww xx- - Q1 R. Si Si X - .ma Lg SQRX SSQ, ini srxami S Sftikxs ,X N' x x QQ. gwxy x f A x . ' -xx wx Q R.. X-SP1 " Q' r X X m 5 X sk KW R mi vii-v+"'X""" N www.M,vNNwXNW-Qx iv Xxx is gv .L x XX Ei. X X S Mamma , -4,9 11 .5 fx is xg 'SW M44 MANS, M NN gm .- "'J"5 wx ...E ,Q if S mn. 'f Wfmfr X Y ggi: if :sg X 2 1 I .gui www x - -1 wxwwwwm . , , S ., l 5' 2 Q 2 x Q K 4 s Row 1: Yvetta Adamson, Iohn Corder, Barbara Argo, Ioann Brown, Marlee Bellows, Ron Bigelow, Beverly Bain, Phyllis Blake, Ellen Betts, Carol Austin. Row 2: Virginia Bancroft, Kye Blanchard, Merwin Cray, Mary Arnett, Bill Cooley, Carole Clark, Linda Blakely, Sharon Baker, Bill Archer, Edythe Borden. Row 3: Mary Benedict, Cleone Christensen, Sharon Axtell, Gloria Burnham, Lauren Aarnes, Denny Barrett, Ioyce Brown, Bill Atkinson, Ed Barnes, Ianet Brooks. Row. 4: Chancey Ball, Ronnie Chartraw, Keith Bilyeu, Dennis Buerge, lack Callahan, Ellison Chandler, David Brown, Allan Blake, Harley Brenneman, Norma Barley, Keith Barry. Sophomores Reading from top - Row 1: Wayne Michele, David Neuschwander, Leroy Newport, Ted Love, Ronnie Mullen, Earl Maier, Gary Mustoe, Iohn Mickelson, Dennis Nelson, lack McDonald, lack Nemchick. Row 2: Luessia Martin, Kay Norrington, lanie Neely, Donna Porter, Ray Matthews, David Manning, Bill Matlock, Larry McMackin, Rhoda Pittman, Bunny Ny- gren, Diana Pesheck. Row 3: Ann Primrose, Karol Moyer. Patricia Nelson, Carmoletta Rae, Sonja Nelson, Ianet Mundi, Sharron McConnell, Karen Packard, Bonnie Moore, Sandra Page, Sandra Motter, Wilma Martinak. Row 4: Nancy Nel- son, Rosalinde Nash, Gordon Owen, Robert Little, Rick Marcotte, Richard Myers, Edward Marrs, Shannon Price, Pat Marmon, Iacie Phillips. Q l x I i E 2 s 5 i in Q5-A www mr- ..qW...... gwwwwfwmwwwmwwfw- WW X . x N 3 ' 11 5 k "1 1: ,......m............ x Ns-ww WN 'NVQ' """"'f .. S mmfwnx-an-. -R Qi ' .A w W My MW! Q 'S M WMM -3 E xx, . Z WWW, ww Exiwwww. XX xx ,, mfwww x 0. XX - .n un' Q S ilk Q .if .iw :SPV Q -xv-"' X W was J: X Q3 3 I .ii-5 iii? Nwlid X ll? N,,N M.-um... . Q dm E X .s E X' Q X Six, 3 as SX-X 5 NE .. if 5 L--L3 fi Qisx Xi. sf-'gi I X ii is? -R SNS- Xi S 48A X ASQ SN .gr . 3 ms 1. SS t Q-W, QQ x. M ul Y x K Q ? X is X Y wg av A Q 'W X R Q : M x f Y N lmfwwm .mmwmmm xx x ff . 5 S S s a E 5 3 5 w 91 'x 2 3 2 3 5 5 - .l --.-T-.-....-Hi.....--.-.--.l,-...,-...,...,.,.....,,....... .,.... . . , xx 5 1 X X X "MTV xf Q E? M X xx N? xxx S NS E 4 HX . X X as mu --N.. U' ...f f I I sw Er f-E553 X X S : .-,- :Th 5 "'N - ' l K' X Qi 1 I Q S X 5 IIN S 5 E ikiig xg 6 S wwuumwxz E my ,Q .. in 51 Q .Q--......,f. as N X Xi Q.. . X. X X - Q if 1 A XA Q ml - fx fi N g A M x mv 1 ws W., M5 S W N wffwamymmf SS S ve, X Xt.. . i ,WWWMN , E. in -Q--Q.......,,,,,, Reglstratnon "Line forms to the rear" was the pcxss- word cxs the first students to use the new high school registered for the 1954-55 school yecxr. Summer's hard-earned money was put into the school's coffers to pay for such items as books, student body cards. the paper, and the annual. Then class schedules were made out. followed by the inevitable changes. It was quite cm experience for the fresh- men cmd sophomores. and even some of the upperclassmen found registration confusing. Big Sister Party A "get-acquainted" party lor all RUHS girls was given by the l7 members oi the Girls League Cabinet the latter part ol September. Each iunlor and senlor girl selected a little sister from the freshman and soph- omore glrls. Punch and doughnuts were served and a program presented by cabinet members while the girls became acquainted. 55 Corvallis Cremated Bulldog spirit was at its highest when the traditional rally for the Albany-Corvallis football game was held Thursday night, Novem- ber' 4. The Spartans were burned at the stake. and an exciting time was enjoyed by everyone. About 300 students attended and contributed to the fun. Problems and Prospects Problems that student bodies are facing, and possible solutions to these problems were discussed at the 1954-55 meeting oi the Re- gion IV Oregon Association of Student Councils. Approximately 300 students representing 60 schools attended the meeting held at Albany Union High School. Saturday, October 31. Region President Sam Burch. who is Albany student body treasurer, conducted the meet- ing. . , Snowflake Flurry S cl h en! ol evergreen al the Snowflake flurry make a memorable Yule! 58 Christmas Assembly One of AUHS's traditions is the filling of baskets with food donated by students for needy families oi the community. At the close of the Girls League sponsored Christmas Assembly on December 23, the 48 baskets were brought on stage. In the picture below, Mrs. Santa, played by Mrs. Gretchen Walker. and Santa Claus. Adelbert Hackert. beam over the col- orfully decorated baskets. I 59 GirI's League Carnival Siep right up and get a bargain! l'd walk a mile lor one ol those cakes. Christmas Pageant "Why the Chimes Rang," one portion of Albany High's Christmas program which was presented the evening of De- cember 20. was a successful combining of the talents and efforts of four depart- ments- speech, music, home economics and commercial. The touching story was brought to life by realistic medieval cos- tumes. impressive choral music and sen- sitive performances. YY W Junior Class Assembly Reminiscences ol an old park groundskeeper, played by Iohn Brown, was the theme of the Iunior Assembly, presented December 20. Charleston dancers, quartets and tri- os, a marimba player, and an accord- ian player. all members ol the junior class, came through the park and pro- vided entertainment for visitors in the park. Liberace decided to put on a vau- deville show tor AUHS students. so he gathered the talents of many seniors and presented fine acts from all parts ot the world. From Italy came the mambo, from gay Paree, the can-can. and from the hills of Tennessee. Paupaumorta- worxop and Sam. Lee's silent part- ner, George, provided additional entertainment. Portraying the smil- ing pianist was Dick Crooks, and lim Cowgill played George. Senior Class Assembly 'ie S Booster Club Assembly Space Cadets Cupid was man of the hour at the annual Sweetheart Ball held February ll. Queen lean Iohnstone and King Ierry Hazelwood reigned at the gala affair with Princess Ppt Parrett and Prince Monty Torgeson represent- ing the juniors, Duchess Ianet Mundt and Duke LeRoy Newport representing the sopho- mores, and Lady Delores Hopper and Lord Larry 'Mullen representing the ireshmen. En- tertainment was presented by the Dominoes, girls sextet, and boys quartet. The dance was sponsored by ihe Girls League. I iusl cun't quite reach him. Pow! Right in the Iuce. Order of "A" Smoker May I have this dance? Spinster' Skip Peel:-u-boo - Th One. Iwo. three. crunch - 67 Wishiul Thinking. e Balloon Bounce N Here 'N There at A.U.H.S. Admiring state trophy Girls' League Party Christmas Prom. Conversation at game. Christmas Carousel. 68 , ,, XX Margaret Ellickaon, Vice President Charlotte Heins. President LuAnn Mullen, Treasurer Molly Edick Shirley Laubner Bette Bacon Ioan Baughman Ioan Bienek Marlene Brenneman Rosina Burck Mondalee Cason Lois Cegavske Beverly Chesley Sheila Clark Diane Collier Lois Cornell Ioan Crocker Gloria Darr Shirley Delano Ioanne Dooley Ianice Ehmke Sharon Eskeli Beth Geister Sharon Giles Doris Ginther Helen Harrison Connie Harwood Nancy Hopper Nikki Hornbrook Alma lean Horning Evelyn Hyder Iackie Iacot lean Iohnstone Marian Lane Wanda Lappen 70 Booster B U L I. Club l n o G s Mary Ann Brockley Carol Hopeman Virginia Claypool Patty Parrett Sandra Nickel Anne Mackie Ieanne Mackie Vicki Marquis Marilyn Martinak Marilyn Martinson Anne Miller Connie Mishler Eleanor Mitchell Ioyce Murphy Ann Olsen Frances Parris Marian Parsons lean Petersen Eunice Phillips Ioan Porter Mona Roth Mary Ann Salley Phyllis Shields Donetta Shogren Karen Smith Karen Stanlield Roberta .Strefl Ianet Thurber Ianice Uken Doris Veal Irene Vetter Norma lean Yearsley Terry Weber Colleen Wells Carol Wheeler 71 Yell Leaders Luclna Weber Queen Y-E-A. Albany Standing: Rose Blanton, Carol Widmer, Lucincx Weber, Susan Korble, cmd Carol Eagles Kneeling: Eddie Grill and Dick Crooks. SRM, 5 X YN NN Q l YN XX xx Carole Eagles , Carol Wxdmer Yell Leaders 41 Vi lx Qx x Q: xkxw SN' X X X X x X XXX X xX X55 Rx X x X 5 -X . xx Nix 4. fo X X X my X x N 1 x X XX X WX X X RRNN QS' lx Xxx wg V: A x xl. ..,., . 4 ,-,Y ESQ :si ,xl l o xx N A . l X Lucina Weber QUEEN Dick Crooks Edward Grill Rose Blanton Suzan Korble Rally Squad Rally Squad terms "Il" lor starting line-up. Rally Squad members are the girls in gold uniforms who assist the yell leaders in chants and yells. Girls are elected to Rally Squad by fellow members of Booster Club to fill vacan- cies left by graduating seniors. All aboard. -'s gal Kneeling: Pat Parrott. Standing: Virginia Claypool, Carol Hopemcm, Shirley Laubner, Mary Ann Brockley, Molly Edick, LuAnn Mullen, Charlotte Heins. NX ,B H 1 sf.. SM .3 xxx Sa .5 A W X S . 1 sgrgmwi 2 --K qyksg t SQ 0 x N -- N sly: Y 5 V .fiw N-Us W- N x 2 .4 ,Q 2 X xx. X is """K iw 3 :R Dick Crooks International Relations League State President State Sergeant-at-Arms Hi-Y Pete Larson State Officers Carol Hopeman Girls' League State President fState Convention at AUHS in May? Sam Burch Student Council Region 4 President State Secretary Future Farmers of America Ronald Pittman 76 lean Iohnetone, President Margaret Ellickson, Vice President Nancy Hopper, Secretary Virginia Claypool, Treasurer Mary Ann Brockley, Chaplain Girls' League Rose Blanton Sandra Nickel LuAnn Mullen Carol Eagles Nancy Roland Molly Edxck Cabinet Lucina Weber Carol Hopeman Shirley Laubner Pat Parrett Connie Miahler Carol Widmer Girl ofthe Month Each month the Girl's League Cabinet selects a girl who has shown out- standing work during that month for the Girl of the Month Award. Charlotte Heins Ioan Baughman Nikki Hornbrook Wanda Lappan September October November December Donna HeYe1'1Y Beverly Chesley Lois Cegarske Sharon Eskeli Ianuary February April May Margaret Hodsdon Andrea Campbell March Iune Honors Senior Girls lean Iohnstone Sandra Nickel ' Carol Hopeman Doris Ginther Ioan Baughman Molly Edick Character, leadership and service are the quali- ties which the Business and Professional Women Luoino Weber of Albany consider when Ieanne Mackie choosing a girl of the Irene vena, month. After being chos- en each girl is enter- tained at the B.P.W.'s monthly meeting and given a B.P.W. pin to wear the month she is honored. Charlotte Heins Nikki Hornbrook LuAnn Mullen Junior Rotarians A boy who has shown outstanding service to the .school is selected each month by the Albany Rotary Club. He is honored at a luncheon and at the last meeting of the month tells of his work and accomplishments during that month. Russell Petersen Ted 'Aberson Iohn Iordan Dave Cox lim Cowgill Ralph Wilcox Dick Crooks Ierry Hazelwood Roy Parsons 79 Whirlwind Paper Staff Sandra Nickel Don lldenour Darlene Carlile Gloria Darr lee Alrart . Q Bill Shreve . Ray Baldwin leanne Mackie Anne Mackie lady Reynolds Hal Sawatsky . . . Editor . Managing Edltor . . Co-News Edltors . . Feature Editor l . . . Sports Editor Assistant Sports Editor . . . Business Manager Assistant Business Manager . . . Circulation Manager . . . Adviser Ray Baldwin Indy Reynolda M Hal Sawatzky Darlene Carlile Anne Mackie, Gloria Darr. 80 gon high school newspapers th Scholastic Press Bulletin. every three weeks. Bill Shreve, lean Mackie, Sand Nickel, Don Ridenour, Ioe Ahart. "One of the most improved Ore- is year is the Albany Whirlwind . . " comments the Ianuary Oregon Under the direction of.l-lal Sawat- zky, the paper staff, assisted by the Iournalism l class. edits a four page. live column printed paper IC National Honor Society lim Cowgill Donna Yancey Ieanne Mackie Ioan Baughmtm Ron Pittman Harold Nemchick Pete Wilfert Ioan Porter Bill Barrett Rose Blanton lohn Causbie Dave Cox Dick Crooks Margaret Ellickson Terry Emmons Doris Ginther Karen Hardy Carol Hopeman Nikki Hornbrook Wayne Huddlesion lean lohnstone Dick Mickelson LuAnn Mullen Roberta Nay Sandra Nickel Ann Olsen Eunace Phillips Jonathan Roth Lucina Weber Terry Weber lley Parsons. Editor-in-Chief: Miss Elvira Reilly. Adviser: lanet Thurber. Assistant Editor. Whirlwind Darlene Byers. Assistant Activities Editor: Bill Barrett. Activities Editor: Marlene Yeung. Organizations Edi- 82 tor. Annual staff workers faced the usual headaches of trying to get everyone's pic- ture in the annual plus deadlines. In spite of a busy schedule, staff members had the opportunity to tour the Your Town Press to see the various stages an annual page must pass through before it is printed. Another important event was the Oregon Scholastic Press Conference at the Univer- sity of Oregon which Roy Parsons and Ianet Thurber attended. "The staff has enjoyed publishing an- other yearbook for the Student Body. We sincerely hope that the Annual will prove to be a permanent record of your friends and good times during your 1954-1955 school year at AUHS." J Doris Glnther. Business Manager: Maurice Kurtz. As- lim Cowgill. Boys Sports Editorg' Ioy Mullen. Girls sistant Business Manager. Sports Editor: Iohn lacobson. Photographer. Annual Staff 4 , , - ,.... Standing: Lncina Weber. Senior Class Editor: Pat Shorlrldge. Freshman Class Editor: Carol Eagles. Iunior Class Editor: Seated: Rhoda Pittman and Karen- Sllalltrom. Sophomore Class Co-Editors. 83 Norma Yearsley. President F. H. A. One of the major projects in which FHA members participated this year was dressing dolls lor the Fire Department at Christmas. Under the supervision of Miss Helen Barton and Mrs. Phyllis Meyers. members served at banquets, organized a Halloween party and skating party. and sold candles. Officers were Norma Yearsley. Presidentg Sharon Wood. Vice-President: Shirley Turnidge. Secretaryg and Harriet White, Treasurer. Chapter Moth- ers were Mrs. Herbert Wood, Mrs. Leb Mich- ele, and Mrs. Alice Mercer. N Kssx5i3 NX x Qs X W if Q Q x -A Q- Qxxx SX 5 X X R XX X' X X -X Q.. ' +i?g AX P QNX gs Q X X M -, x - W x 5- -' N, x . -ix wx Xx ik XX xg, X Q X Niw fsxx X T S Q w wx xx X x X S Q ggi? V ..,,. , ' 1 SSX fxgxl, X X A X YS x ARS xx imd ' gi S Q! s is 3:1 x X ffl: X 5: vwfi S5 STATE FARMERS Ron Pittman and Ralph Wilcox Albany Union High has the third largest high school agricul- tural department in the state and has 70 F.F.A. members. This year members won many state and national honors. Among these were the Master Chapter Award and Farm Safety Award of S100 at the State Convention. David Harnish was one of the four American Farmers chosen from Oregon, and Ralph Wilcox and Ron Pittman were elected State Farmers. Other activities includedua father and son banquet at which two hundred were present, serving at F.H.A. banquets, and participating in swimming parties. During the year 22 members showed at state and local fairs. Future Farmers of America X FRESHMAN I' F A OFFICERS AND ADVISE!! SOPHOMORE l".l".A. FRESHMAN FJ-'.A. Larry Houchin, Reporter Dick Fisher, Treasurer Ronald Pittman, Vice-Pres. Ralph Wilcox, President F rank Lane, Secretary Ioe Swanson, Sentinel Wallace Caldwell, Adviser Time out for relreshmontsl Wayne Huddleston, Sandy Siefarth, Sharon Wood, and Ier- ry Hazlewood. Council Of Clubs The main activity of the Council of Clubs is to distribute the several conces- sions at games to the different school clubs according to their financial needs. Meetings are held once a week under the advisership of Mr. Kerr with Ralph Wilcox acting as chairman. Row 1: Margaret! Ellickaon, Donna Yancy, Sharon Eskeli, Sharron McConnell, Sharon Wood, Donna West, Gloris D loan Mackie, Sandy Siefarth. ' Row 2: Mr. Kerr, Wayne Huddleston, Roy Parsons, Gary Koeppel, Ralph Wilcox, Ron Pittman, larry Hazelwood, D Ludlow, lorry Fingerlol. 88 l arr, l ave Lett to right: Larry Stevens, Chaplain: Dick Kropp, President: Gary Koeppel, Secretary: Roy Parsons, Vice-President, Wade Doerller, Sergeant-at-Arms, and Mike Lee, Treasurer. Hi y One of the most active organiza- tions in Albany Union High is the Hi- Y Club. The purpose of this club is to "create, maintain, and extend. throughout the school and community. high standards oi Christian charac- ter." To further this goal the club at- tends a different church each month. Hi-Y sponsors the annual Whiskerino. where the boy with the thickest five o'clock shadow is awarded an approp- riate prize. Other activities oi Hi-Y this year included the selling of con- cessions at football and basketball games and swimming parties at O.S.- C. Hi-Y's special project this year was the organization of the "Shirt-tail Section" at basketball games. where Hi-Y members wore white shirts. Row 1: Mr. Rasmussen, Adviser, Paul Shreve, Bill-Shreve, Ierry Fingerlos, Wayne Huddleston, Martin Warren, lack Kerns, Dick Crooks, lohn Rex, Mr. Dunn, Adviser. Row 2: Qick Kropp, Steve Glaser, LeRoy Newport, Wade Doeriler, Roger Huntley, LeRoy I-link, lim Scott, Bill Parsons, Don Ridenour. Row 3: Gary Covey, lim Elkins, Bill Barrett, Larry Stevens, Ierry Gatlin, Gary Deming, Bob Henry, Sam Burch, Roy Parsons, Bud Anderson, Larry Whitaker. Row 4: Orval Schoen, Ralph Wilcox, Pete Larson, Ellison Chandler, Pete Willert, Ron Pittman, lohn Causbie, Dick Mickelson, Merwyn Powell, Dave Cox, Bill Bain. 89 l Order of "A" Order of "A" held its annual "smoker" this fall. taking in enough money to buy training equipment for the athletic depart- ment. To earn additional money, members also ushered and operated concessions at basketball games. With these funds heat lamps were purchased. During the year there were two banquets at which speak- ers and films were presented. Pete Willett. Secretary-Treasurerg Ierry Hozel- wood. President: Bob Egan. Sergeant-at-Arms: Dave Ludlow. Vice-President. Row 1: Clark, Brown, Rex, M. McCary, Heyman, Egan, Keller, Fisher, Fingerlos, Dimick, McConnell, Blanchard, Pruett Huddleston. Row 2: Adviser Chuck Kerr, Bremmer, Walters, I. McCary, Cox, Cotman, Harmon, W. McCary, Harden Heath, Hite, Doerfler, Roth, Kropp, Anderson. Row 3: Rhodaback, Hayes, Miller, Fox, Davis, L. Faulkner, Blake Southwick, I-lberson, Emmons, Shannon, Amble, Ranta, B. Faulkner. Row 4: Ludlow, Shortridge, Baldwin, Holloway 90 Wilcox, Scott, Willert, Causbie, Hazelwood, Smalley, Richards, Snyder, Nordyke, Gatlin, Glassey. 1 G. A. A. One of the largest and most active organizations in school is G.A.A. The much anticipated event which members give each spring is the Spinster Skip. This year 110 couples attended the "skip" which was held in the catetorium on March 25. Under the advisership of Mor- na Chadwick. regular activities include monthly pot luck dinners and bowling, golf, biking and hiking. Trips were made to other schools and the coast. Intramural teams played speedball. badmin- ton. basketball, table tennis. soc- cer. and softball. Twenty-tive volleyball teams were formed which included 85 per cent ot the G.A.A. members. To raise money the girls sell candy, pop and other items at games. Row l: Ieanne Mackie. Vice-President: Donna Heyerly Presi dent: Rose Roth. Secretary. Row 2: Donna Yancey. Intramural Manager Charlotte Heins Play Day Manager-5 Rosina Burch. treasurer Mary Arm Brockley Sergeant-at-Armsp Carole Eagles. Publicity ISO Girls Active in G.A. . SX 5 .S as 1 0 Lx. gif.: L, ,A , Esigi. SSE KE WR Q- wx .Q t X . g .5 fm S3 ,Z ' iw X S 5 L Q alum E Qwa hm 25 wx iiwwgsf N. S Rx Q x W - -NN., f S ii? QNX - -:fix ki X? 'fbi ,L.f.1--A -mx. X Tl Q A 5 Q 5 xi xyi 9 5 EES 1- S X ,U gf -Qu, 111,51 x N X X 3? -22' -' ': 'S , 5 , kg. - QQWA , me Q , N4 SYN wus: X X X ww X N Q N .1 XA N X XSQ XF W K SQ N EX Ex Nw xg? Xxx x :wt X X X x X xx wx wx X M WNV Us S . QM X3 X N --" wi? f 1 xmmx W .Q X -..aqf1Q5x,q.5xggzygsfg , 535 X ig ' X ' X Qs X NK we . M, W W Q. www-K wg, , MMM Www, f f xxx X ' K -nf uw- xx mx NX Km-ax ,nm- 3555! Vw Maiorettes DRUM MAIOR Sharron McConnell, Murolyn Loy, and Ma:-lee Bellows Terry Nordyke Row I: Dave Hayman, Iim Noel, Ierry Palmer, Merwyn Powell, Bill Bain. Row 2: Milburn McCary, Bob Fisher, Melvyn Farstcxd, Wilburn McCary. Row 3: George Young, Paul Day. N 44 Dcrle Wes! Director - Band and Orchestra Band Under the able direction of Darle West. the AUHS band and orchestra made many local and out of town appearances this year. The band's first public appearance was at the high school dedication. Members participated in the tri-school band concert at Lebanon and scored a hit at the Christmas program by playing to a full house. Along with several other schools in the area, the band attended Dr. Goldman's Band Clinic and the Eugene Band Iamboree. During the year several solo contestants were chosen lor the Solo-Ensemble Contest held in Mon- mouth in March. The orchestra appeared in Christmas, mid- winter, and spring concerts and several other programs. sees MJ W SQ Q xxx - x 1-MSW.. Wx -ww-x ' X351 : , I f .,Qw.:M is .110 SG' x x X . N vb Q X X Sf X.:-, f X wiki, w,,v,,,,,, .N . A W X M ,Q Nw X A X X Q -X + rx X as v .f X X xx ggi xx , X X SSNX, GE: ' xv Q X Xxx X -ai .XXX xx Nw A in S x .Xi Q, A -mx N x N A ,QL XX X SS vw X 'R 3'-Ja ,WM,,,,,W,,W , N! as 3 ,,., N x.:. . i N Q e ix WN - SXQQ NSRRN M . SQ' s : Q E X s .ive Z .Q X.. X. s.: Nw .Esfi Qiig. 1 "li Q XX- .zsfx S X F .X X 5 . x ,, . 5 Q ix i S 5 .S X S . S 2. X.. . X.. S. if., J -Q E F 'NE X5 .. .S N .N .Q . is ff- ef 4 Tl if . .5 Q? .X 3 wk-Q.,--mf 3 as X .e Yx is S ANXQSL www W X . . i- K 98 MR S 2 ,Maya , , x . A M 1 ' as i 3 R -1 SN ,N x X EQ xx X55 Ns- M Q X Mi si , S if' X N-Qwwww-Q L 1 , X.. Y E -.ww .... .. 1ym:NfgMwN-N v W N --2 . 1 wumwmw ,X -Ny, 5 Q... S as -QQ M., S 'Wh .Si 99 aa.. Standing: Bill Barrett, Director Harold Sawatzky, Don Ridenour Donna Heyerly Dick Crooks Sonny Shorey Sheila Clark,Don Stamps. Seated: Ioan Baughman, lames Cowgxll Irene Vetter Wayne Huddleston Mondalee Cason and Ted Aberson. S Senior Class Play Bill Barrett Ioan Baughman Iames Cowgill Sheila Clark Ted Aberson Irene Vetter Wayne Huddleston Mondalee Cason Don Stamps Donna Heyerly Don Ridenour Sonny Shorey Dick Crooks Bates Mrs. Hunt Benedict Hazard Leda Ivans Charles Ivans Matilda Pink Professor Scallop Grace Gordon Glenn Chandler Swannee Inspector Malloy Flynn Orville , s Inspector Malloy and Mr. Hazard carry in an unfortunate victim ol Swanee's rolling pin. Donft you think we should get better acquainted. Miss Pink?" "Wild wage Ygq digging Ig! in the mgumlg? n 1 "Batesl He's been stabbed!" Junior Class Play " Seventeenth Summer " Why not take the dent out with a hammer! I put lt in with one! Enterprising juniors presented their class play to an appreciative audience Friday, April 1. Gary Koeppel and Rosina Burck played the leads in this play about the hap- piness and tribulations that accompany a youthful romance. Many favorable comments were heard about the "well-decorated set." Meet Tony: lne's a welt! Standing: Andrea Campbell, Mrs. Morrow: Wade Doertler, Mr. Morrow: Margaret Hodson, Lorraine: Larry Houchin Tony: Dennis Williams, Art: Susan Korble, lane: Larry Stevens, Martin: George Ringe, Fitz: Ioan Bienek, Margie: Mr l-lal Sawatzlry, Director. Sitting - Row 1: Virginia Claypool, Margaret: Gary Koeppel, lack: Rosina Burch, Angie: Darlene Carlile, Kitty. Sitting - Row 2: Iirn Buerge, Sets: Ianet Thurber, Prornpter: Sandi Powers, Properties: Doris Veal, Prompter: lim Elkins Sound Effects: Larry Hite, Lights. 102 v A X S S X x Q Q x S 3 x 3 S 3 3 S S S s N 3 s s S x S S X Q S W 5 .X . Sz :CSV ., .Q I: i s I s s I I 5 F 1 s X X F-of I Coach Bud Gibbs and Assistant Randy Harrison. Football The fighting Bulldogs. sparked by Coach Bud Gibbs. ended the 1954 season with four wins and live losses. In his first year at Al- bany High. Coach Gibbs introduced new plays, split-T formation and the system ol having team members elect co-captains weekly on their week's record oi sportsman- ship and skill. The traditional Corvallis - Albany game brought the season to an exciting close al- though the Bulldogs were defeated by a score of 7 to 6. Reading from top - Row 1: Director Tom Drynan, P. Emmons, B. Ridinger, I. Richards, I. Scott, D. Smalley, I. Causbie R. Christensen. 'l'. Shannon, I. Nordyke, R. Southwick, Coach Chuck Kerr. Row 2: Assistant Coach Randy Harrison, L. Snyder, D. McConnell, P. Larson, A. Zentz. B. Amble, D. KroPP. D. Ludlow I. Roth, D. Harmon, M. Glassey, Coach Bud Gibbs. Row 3: Mgr. B. Anderson, D. Blake, K. Mundt, D. Ranta, B. Faulkner, D. Cox, G. Grill, B. Cotman, Lf Hite, T. Aberson Mgr. I. Rex. Season's Record ALBANY ALBANY ALBANY ALBANY ALBANY ALBANY ALBANY ALBANY ALBANY PRINEVILLE - SOUTH SALEM BEND - LEBANON - SWEET HOME EUGENE - SPRINGFIELD - NORTH SALEM CORVALLIS - Dr. Lyle Bain, Coach Chuck Kerr Athletic Director Tom Drynan 105 Senior Players T I I A S mfs gui I. NOIDTKE T. SHANNON T. AIBISON ll. WILCOX I. BIBLE I. FIULINBI I- SCOTT D. SHRLLEY I. SOUTHWICK 106 - G0 BULLDOGS. FIGHT BULLDOGSI B-E-A-T LEBANONI HIT 'EM AGAIN. HARDERI FIGHT 'EIL BULLDOGSI ON WITH ALBANY. ON WITH ALBANY I VICTORY. VICTORY. TI'IAT'S OUR CBYI Row 1: Mgr. Ball, Farley, Edwards, Reeser, Scott, Keller, Aarnes, DeWitt, Taylor, Wibbons. Row 2: Mgr. Neuschwander, Scott, Derrah, Hawk, Fuday, Henry, Sivers, Williams, Wiess, Houchin, Schlatt, Drynan, Coach Kerr. Row 3: Mgr Dem- C ll h F ming, a a an, redericksen, Blake, Holloway, Keck, Reeser, Westbrook, Swartzendruber, Moore, Hassey, Coach Drynan. B Squad and Freshman Team Ending the season with one of the best re- cords in Albany's junior varsity history, Stan Keller and Bob Scott. co-captains for the Bull- pups, led the team to an unprecedented re- cord. Coach Chuck Kerr had a new in wins and losses for their team - five wins, two ties and one loss. With the addition of freshmen to AUHS, a freshman team has been added with Mal Mal- ouf and Bob Warren as coaches. Like the B team, .the freshmen were way out in front. winning five of their six games and tying, their sixth. Reading from top - Row 1: Coach Malout, Hanson, Kiel, Cadwallader, Good, Frydendall, Malson, Hylton, Sissell, Iury R I . . . . . eyno ds, Banning, Wade, Kasper, Grill, Smith, Mundorf, Yardley, Ashford, Clxke, Krieger, Yancey. Row 2: Vrel, Han- non, Lillie, Decker, Zuhlke, Sim, Reeser, Graber, Spencer, Buike, Ingram, Barney. Row 3: Coach Warren, Edwards, Rohrbough, Mahr, Eastwood, Sanders, Wilson, Powell, M t G'l Mgrs. Rich, Moore. or on, 1 more, Mullen, Henderson, Sease, Bradley: Kneeling: . Coach Lee Carden and Captain Don Gregory Coach Lee Cardon, with the aid of Captain Don Gregory, led the Bulldog's Cross Country team to a victorious season, winning first ,in the Willamette Valley and second in the Cross Country ALBANY 29 SO. SALEM 27 ALBANY 15 NO. SALEM 75 ALBANY I5 LEBANON 61 ALBANY I7 CORVALLIS 69 ALBANY 25 EUGENE 32 state. Returning lettermen were Don Gregory Bernard Davis, David Hayes, Eugene Lueck Ierry Gatlin, and Charles Rhodaback. Reading from top - Row 1: Coach Lee Cardon, D. Taylor, O. Schoen, E. Lueck, K. Harden, D. Wright, C. Rlxodaback, I Gatlin, L. Faulkner, R. Baldwin, B. Brown, I. Hazelwood, Capt. Don Gregory, B. Smith. Row 2: Mgr. A. Fohrman, G. Gr eeley, E. Aerni, B. Hinkle, D. Penning, M. McCary, I. Pruett, D. Dimick, D. Hayman, I. Phillips, G. Vogt, Mgr. B. E. Wil liams i ' i ' ' "ii'i"i'i " "" "N'MM's ' Q s'wK"A'X"'-X--NWN" Basketball Coach Tommy Holman led his fighting Bull- dogs to one of the most successful years in the history of A. U. H. S. Starting the season with five wins before losing, Captain Pete Wilfert, Don Stamps, Ierry Hazelwood, Terry Emmons, returning lettermen, led the team in a win- ning streak ot fourteen straight wins, going through district before the loss to Eugene in the second game of the State Tournament. Don Stamps reached his peak during the State Tournament, being second in tourna- ment scoring with 101 points. His efforts, along with others, won Albany fourth place in the state. With twenty-three wins and only five loss- es, our team deserves a hearty thanks from everyone. Left to right: Coach Holman and Captain Pete Wlllerl lohn Causbie, Don Stamps, Ierry Hazelwood, Terry Shannon, Roger Shortridge, David Cox, Bruce Ridinger, Pat Emmons Don McConnell, Gene Fox, Pete Willert, Terry Emmons, Buz Wilfert. Kneeling: Manager Dick Fisher, Coach Tommy Holman, Manager Iohn Rex. Don McConnell, N Ir.-F. X-XYNWQX X .gs L A . X X Ierry Hazelwood Sr.-C XX - S g X XX -XX' .Xi X011 we-:X-. - XX . XIX Q " , . X IX N11 X- nv x xxxix X A XR .Xx Q - X ffl : X E-i of X QB XX' XF - N X Dave Cox .- . N Sr.-G. X, -1 --1,3 X -- X i LXXX ' fl K- it-..f X-x --X .XRYX X fe - , ,,,. ,,,.,, , k x -35 qi: -XE Xj fm X- fx SXXEX- L -..,XQ 1m---: sz, 'ki 1- Y Y" X351 ., :'iJf'?Si SXLXX. ' -X ,,,. , six ,XRXXN-XXX X - - Xl X5FN5xS'i'iibi"V? ,, XX. XSX X sw- X XX - XQXQQXX. .. X -X 'NNSX X SE:-iXX ' SX-if -xi Q ' T .X-X X Bruce Rxdmger XXX 1 12 Ir.-G. Q uf Roger Shortridge Sr.-G. X. 2-X SXX. if XXQXX- X - X H:- XX , . d ig g? -Q - .X Rene Moya M. f-XX . XXX X I X X x X I X X Xxx X is X X S X QQX XX N S X XXX 3 i N I ,XX XXX, X X- XXXX XX X. X XX S N X W X xx X X NX Xs X S X X XX S N X X Xi X J ' X- k Xrf ' ' XX .A T X 2 Don Stamps, Sr.-F. If-'F Buz Wiliert, Put Emmons Soph.-G Pete Wiliert Sr.-F. Capt. BX XX X XXX X X S X X X X Q X -We XX if X X 5 XX X X X X X X xx Soph.-C. Iohn Causbie Sr.-C. Terry Shannon Sr.-G A Albany Albany Albany Albany Albany Albany Albany Albany Albany Albany Albany Albany Albany Albany Albany Season's Record McMinnville Bend Bend Redmond Prineville Springfield Coquille Eugene North Salem Sweet Home Eugene Corvallis Sweet Home Lebanon South Salem Albany Albany Albany Albany Albany Albany Albany Albany Albany Albany Albany Albany Albany Pacific U. Frosh South Salem Linfield Frosh North Salem Lebanon Springfield Corvallis District Toumament Newport Corvallis State Tournament Dallas Eugene South Salem St. Helens Total 23 Wins 5 Losses The Bulldogs trounced Corvallis and Newport to win first place in district. In the first game of the tour- nament Corvallis squeezed by Reedsportg the Bull- dogs then marched over Newport, the final score be- ing 67 to 33. On the second evening of tournament play Reedsport won over Newport, and Albany de- feated Corvallis in the first overtime with a final score of 41 to 38. Albany Wins District Room lor one more? Rnd away we gel "B" Squad Basketball Standing: B. Henry, I. Iensen, D. Chandler, I. Richards, P. Larson, I. Gatlin, C. Rhodaback, Coach Randy Harrison Kneeling: Mgr. Gary Deming, R, Miksell, M. Moore, D. Holland, M. Torgeson, K. Mundt .-, ,,,g e S S S e S E e X R Row l: B. Edwards, L. Newport, G. Reeaer, D. Iones. Row 2: A. Farley, Mgr.g D. Holloway, O. Schoen, W. 'l'urcotl,E. Maier, C. Fredericksen, R. Chartraw, Coach Mal Mqlouf, Sophomore and Freshman Basketball Reading from top - Row 1: D. Hannon, H. Spencer, I. Moore, H. Henderson, I. Kasper, I. Wilson, L. Griensewic, P. Agee, D. Mahr, L. Ashford, M. Salmon, L. Mullen, Coach Bud Gibbs. Row 2: B. Sissell, Mgr., D. McLeod, L. Gilmore, D. Sease, I. Rohrbough, I. Prohaska, D. Edwards, E. Powell, F. Martan. D. Buike, Mgr. ,, . ., ,....,. 2 ,.T....... Wrestling Coach Ten Bryan and Captain lab Egan demonstrating holds. Losing only eleven single matches. the Bulldog grapplers marched into state. alter winning first in the dis- trict. Ten of Coach Drynan's men qualified tor the state meet, in which Albany placed fifth. Bob Egan. the team captain. head- ed the large group. which was soon cut down to 45 due to the rugged comi petition. Coach Drynan expects only 30 of his 45 men back next fall. in- cluding about eighteen lettermen. Reading from top. Row X: Mgr. D. Schmidt, L. Hite, B. Snyder, L. Faulkner, I. Scott, L. Bremer, R. Southwick, L. Snyder, W. Doerller, D. Heath.. I. Sutherlin. Row 2: Mgr. G. Greeley, D. Hayman, B. Slater, F. Walters, D. Decker, G. Fisher, I. McCary, G. Grill, T. Schlacht, B. Hubbard and Coach Tom Drynan. Row 3: L. Skov, D. Clark, F. Van Hoosen, B. Egan, S. Keller, D. Barney, M. Griffith, P. Darr, D. Harmon. Wrestling Action Track Of the 55 boys that went out for track this year, there were ten returning letter- men. They are Ken Mundt. Don Gregory. Dave Blake, Dennis Ranta, Bob Amble. lack Scott, Ierry Gatlin, Gary Grill. Dick Holloway, and Larry Faulkner. In the Hayward Relays at Eugene on April 16, Albany won fifth place in the "A" division. Captain Bob Amble won last year's state track meet in the discus, setting a state record of 156 feet and ll inches. Don Gregory placed sixth in the half mile in the state meet. Bob Amble, Iack Scott, and Dave Blake composed last year's shotput relay team which won the Hayward Relays. Coach Tom Drynan and Bob Amble Reading from top - Row l: Charlie Rhodaback, Ierry Gatlin, lack Scott, Iohn Causbie, Ray Baldwin, David Hayes Dennis Ranta, Dave Blake, Bob Amble, Marion Glassey, Larry Faulkner. Row 2: Coach Tom Drynan, Dale Clark, David King, Dean Taylor, Don Reeser, Doug Keck, Eugene Lueck, Bernie Davis George Ringe, Iohn Iensen, Don McConnell, Glenn Wright. Row 3: Mgr. David Kelley, Gary Grill, Bill Hubbard, Dick Holloway, Bob Snyder, Don Gregory, Bill Archer Duane Har mon, Kenny Mundt, Larry Stevens, Mgr. Gary Deming, Coach Oral Lee. Track Action Sprint Dennis Ranta, Kenny Mundi, Bill Archer, Gary Grill. Pole Vaullers Marion Glassey, Larry Faulkner, Dennis Rama Discus lack Scott, Dave Blake, Bob I-lmble Distance Don Gregory, Ray Baldwin, Charlie Rhodaback, Larry Stevens, David Hayes, Ierry Gatlin, Bob Snyder. lavelin Don Reeser, Glenn Wright, Dick Holloway, Dave Blake Bob Amble, Iohn Jensen. Hurdlers - Bob Amble, Dave Blake, Doug Keck, and David King. ' I I ' Jumor Varsity Track Reading from top - Row l: Coach Tom Drynan, David Henderson, Allan Blake, Bob Scott, Laverne Wolie, David Schmidt, Orval Schoen, Iack Callahan, Terry Holm, Gary Reeser, Billy Williams, Duane Smith, David Kelley, Mgr., Coach Oral Lee. Row 2: Gary Deming, Mgr., Iim Wade, Don Taylor, Mike Fish, Bob Fuday, Eldin Aerni, Ierry Pruett, Gordon Vogt, La- vell Craig, Lyle Gilmore, Dick Sim. Captain Terry Shannon and Coach Bob Buchanan Golf Returning lettermen Terry Shannon. Chuck Siver, Dave Haalancl and Don Swartzendruber and an eager team of sophomores and freshmen completed a successful golf season after playing a full roundrobin schedule including Eu- gene, Corvallis. North and South Salem. and Cottage Grove. Showing average or better than average skill at the game. the team proved strong competition to all the teams they played. r Kneeling: lack Rohrbough, Bill Sissell, Bob Hunt.k Standing: Ioe Moore, Terry Shannon, Dave Haaland, Don Swartzen- druber, Charles Siver, Larry Grendwic, Iim Rich, Coach Buchanan. Baseball Last year's record of 18 wins cmd 4 losses placed the Albany Bulldogs se- cond in the state. This year the team has an even greater chance ol winning the state championship. Coach Chuck Kerr says that his team has a strong offense due to better and more hitters. In the last four years at Albany High, Coach Kerr has been the baseball coach. During this time teams have been to state three times, winning one first place and one second place. Returning lettermen are Blaine Faulkner, Pete Wilfert, Ierry Haz- elwood, Don Stamps. Eugene Fox, Bruce Ridinger, Ierry Roth, Dave Ludlow, Rog- er Shortridge, and transfer, Bill Colman. Co-captains are Ierry Hazelwood and Dave Ludlow. Standing: Coach Chuck Kerr, Blaine Faulkner Coach Chuck Kerr. Dave Ludlow and Ieny Hazelwood Co-Captains. , Pat Emmons, Rene Moye, lim Richards, Pete Willert, Ierry Hazelwood Don Stamps, Gary Koeppel, Eugene Fox, Mgr. Bill Bain and Assistant Coach Tommy Holman. Kneeling: Mgr. Wayne Huddlest B R'd on, ruce x inger, Dave Ludlow, Roger Shortridge, Monty Torgeson, Bud Anderson Bill Cotman, Ierry Roth and Mgr. Dave Cox. April BENSON LINCOLN SWEET HOME EUGENE LEBANON SOUTH SALEM NORTH SALEM SWEET HOME Baseball 1955 SCHEDULE Here Here There Here There There Here Here H May EUGENE There CORVALLIS There LEBANON Here SOUTH SALEM Here NORTH SALEM There CORVALLIS Here BEND Here 26, 27, Z8 State Playoffs - Albany Basemen - Monty Torgeson, Bill Colman, Dave Ludlow, Pat Emmons, Roger Shortridge, Rene Moya, lim Rich- outfielder, , Kneeling: Ie,-ry Roth and mds- Bruce Ridinger. Standing: Ierry Hazel- wood and Don Stamps. 124 Catcher Blaine Faulkner Catcher Gary Koeppel Pitchers Bud Anderson, Eugene Fox, and Pete Wiliert not pictured. Row 1: Rudy Derrah, Tom Ketsdever, lim Weiss, Mike Lee, Gene Fisher, Iohn Zander, Ed Faulkner, Dick Iames. Row 2: Mgr. Rod Cummins, Dave Heyman, Ted Schlacht, Chancy Ball, Stan Keller, lim Scott, Mike Moore, Rich Mike- sell, Myron Webbens, Wayne Hawke, Coach Tommy Holman. Row 3: Dick Blake, Ellison Chandler, Pete Larson, Buz Willert, Bob Henry, Warner Turcoit. Junior Varsity and Freshmen Teams Reading from top - Row l: Coach Mal Malouf, Loren Ashlord, Dick Edwards, Dick Mahr, Harold Henderson, Larry Mul- len, Iohn Wilson, Ioe Prohaska, Merrill Salmon, Neil Reynolds, Coach Bob Warren. Row 2: Lyle Gilmore, Dick McLeod, Dewey Hannon, David Sease, Vern Lillie, Harvey Spencer, Bill Rietz, Iim Wade, Ierrald Phillips, Ernie Powell. Row 3: Mgr. Myron Siensrud, Duan Spilde, lim Brown, Mgr. Bob Hash, Mgr. George Mallon, David Barney, Mgr. Mike Beaucage, Harrold Krieger, Fred Morton - Wayman Bradley, not pictured. E Oulslanding letter winning girls in GAA: Row 1: l. to r., Ioan Baughmcxn, Ann Olsen, Ieanne Mackie, Ann Miller, Alma Iecm Horning, Phyllis Shield. Row 2: Iocm Porter, Don- ncx Heyerly, Donna Yancey, Wilma Yulzie, Iecnette Barnes, Charlotie Heins, Colleen Sher- wood. Ollicers and advisers discuss business. 126 Girls enjoy program al monthly polluck. Olive Branchers Olive Branchers are the four senior girls who have contributed the most out- standing leadership, character, service, and sportsmanship to G.A.A. as judged by the members and advisers. Besides being publicity manager of G.1-LA. this year, Wilma Yutzie has been active in IRL and Library Club. Ieanne Mackie has held the office of vice-presi- dent this past year. She is also a mem- ber of Booster Club, Honor Society, Council of Clubs, and the paper staff. Donna Yancey, who has been in charge of the intramural program this year, man- ages to find time for Rainbow and Honor Society. President Donna Heyerly has many church activities, as well as her workin G.1-LA. Wilma Yutzie. leanne Mackie, Donna Yancey and Donna Heyerl Modem Dance Well. do something! P.E. Girls in Action lust a litile higher! Q mmm Whig, ""'W"4lbm, who WMM. ill l 1 4 4 4 ' ,nl 6.3 M., 1... v Q 7-0,--....w-,... W..,,,,,,.,, ,qw .-M-IL 'A 'i- n f. 1 X nu. , ,M-M A V MW , ,W xx s 1.

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