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.. 1, .I.. , I I I T""-4AL..1i-.'aLL,.-,.,Q,,VI,III I Iggy M' " 1 W II II 1 fv Q v A I A-J I ,,.I I i- I I I , II III II II IIIIQIII I rf 4, WN-"IJ , ' ,Q-Y ,.A' -' --I - Y N F A4-Q VY 51552-- qr N ' L' 1 ' X'-ill!! J 4. fb., ..f A. . h LQ b . -ng bmi 5 ai mi A f lx . Af . ' A' 5" I ,IIA , I II ' EQIQJ Ia V :XQI II I l I II I M4 .II rx jx? .lxfj I K X . 1 lf xr' , ji ' my ' .'i1 J V jx ' '- Vw j N I X, , ,f ,' I ' 'f XX I f '-'ff l, . I Q b L' 'J U' t ,jx f 'N .W X Q n- -Q . -, 'H ..f .. -'J 1- -2 Ji If, 2 ,i JT X' 5"II,3,+"' 'fyy A., I, - . W IKZQA. . J I ' gj I ',I . ! , If IfIII,4 U III?-I '. ffI5,!III ' - Uf hgj 5 if fx? 'fflf f nf HQ' if N ff 5 II I, "if',4,,Q" N df . X V. A i,g5f,, . 2? v A ' -1 I H ' r 'fm i I ' W I j,'I'pu tQi Q"-9 I If I! III II I, 'Q ml JI Q Q f , Q rw rr f Q' 5 x 1.1. I H" ' J A ? A f M0 f Y Q6 sg II I,,. I E I: , X ' -., -, , 7I , gg?if,II P - ' ik' . U: kj f f ?9 "A' 'X-458 L ' up DMV Av V .NX 5 'ft' f -if 3 t ' " , L "fb C. IF' ' 55' NOX es' M iw G92 ,. fu V' . 2 F' ' 1 v T V JM ' lw A "af?s-M' M' A ' A "" -'x' JMU '. ,VVW d N ' ' wi Ai . - l 71 w0'N V5-'gms q X K vi + a. ww' -P , A Nh' ,fav-0' Wy 'F -x ' ' .5 x W- 7 Q f 7 ' V fhfk' 21, ff fi? 'V,,, xl'-Q ' .ff ,. ., ,,, ' W. - j! JP? EV X ,, .f1 Q ? ,fx Wf .M A - 'S V, --'- ff , K 'J rf' - , :X 1" ' f "" Q. ' x r 4'.4' w U if .j I 4 ' f ' 2 N ' ' -... I I I z X I I H X I 'LF' 'Q ,I I I I I I 'big Y . II' 6 J ' 5 N :gk A! I 'fairy ,214 , fl f ' ,f ,W W 5' f A , ' 'r ,x I Kb ue? V H ki r Q ' I I X 12,25 I . ' ' -ri' QQ 3 ,V X 'J .A I f ' 3, . ,, ,.,X , - Qlme 4, ' A IO K HI : II Q! 1 I '. I' ff ,war Q, V A 5 -4- ff , -v'IIIIIII'IIII, 'QXII Nga I IIE? - S. I M , L., '- L I I X X2II,II -- xII I, 2'-'ff ' ' . iv -' B 02 ' .H 5- Jfq1f'w,,A4 I ' fhfff ix , .J ' -X D - , ,E . ,, -1- f' - -Q. , -. " - fm 'JA F . 1---. ! W f , ,5f?"'i nk 'f f -'Q ' 1 " lf 5 ' 2 3- ,' '. T 'Q3712 'T' + ' -.4 1 1 1 "Wi QI-15 , I I A 'I I I I, ""' "J,':?iQ,Q:fff5'fEiIQT'5fw?Y ?:.31,1'?-,L-.f A X ' 'N"1"1f'P'r'f'fl?'FQ'i5gfF1l3?gi5'Q23g?55y45,x:I::IINII I I ' . 2 wx. Ye1iJ,gy.,qr:12f1eyj1533 .6 IIII IIFII Y Ji ' ' T TTGR is H .,.f , M I. ,F l gay A w , s f'- Q MA EX - Q .I -'. J, ,-un, , A H I . H I in ga if . X M53 ' AX M4 'Tv P , f .j,'.n'ff gif " '5.zQ34'Y, ' . ' 6 ga Q 1 1 5 V' QQ Q04 ww 479 ' X52 Q ' C l Msg' va, Uxygafi F Q95 49,6 my X Lzigx J wx - ' ll :tram-A my v 1 1 -Z ff . 6 Q ' GNN X fl' I 'L gg . . we O L- ' , ' I fx' 9 N ,- E ' 6 - S . -I C I ' 1 ,. 1 N G J-'NX i . L ' QE X ip, awfef . '- v A 3- , 5, ' 4 , ' ' 5 ' v-5 1' " , l 4' Q -. - . f"f"f-W' ' ffggw 'fvf"'-jj, F M17 4 gimp? Mwljwf ZW! M57 QQMJ W7 NA f gym S3553 xg Q WZWW if if SV ,Q X Tkl5ig"?i5M yi M if 9 M535 W K ai we im MM, W,2Wg"Wf JW - ,Mai ww fd' gifs? tu., 7,177 .,. V Y YY Y---- -f- - .-1- Y -, 27 f Y V --- - -- , , i. - . 1 ,QS xg ' Q W Q3QX ci M L jg My f Di? H " 4? if F M 'WW' Q0 ii S XLS? 3 ' -x H' T MWWH I R LWI Nflsiiiii Q70 P U B L 1 S H E D B Y i ASSOCIATED STUDENT BQDY Q . Q SN ' T BANY HIGH SCHOOL af A 1 YJ I ZZ 9 W M SSS! 4?!j,XvAMMJ7!fZALBANY,OREGON 2- SQ .RO AD 101 1 S T WW ZQ52 5 f SS 1 T' D X' I ffx W f X b ACWGJ . 'DO 0 f . T53 T O' mm Erlilor-irz-f'l1i1'f . . . ABTA OHLINC R ff 55fl.s'.s'i.s'Ir111l Editor . I KENCIE XVOODVVORTH X 'f1.7D11r1?gf'15 ' iCITIfxRED'r WN T X QS fam! U Elf? ' Dilip TWT SYS 'ESB 'TTVU7' R Txijlgrsffzx w Q, QW' .- ", I 1. P s MU. T 74 .-,VV ' L ',, ' J " '- s , H . -3 , L.. vw- 9 H' 'nf ,Mg S' ggi., , . if-"-f 'mv .. A 1,-fu: I ' -1. 1' 5' pu i I", .4 . s 'A i I -4 -:if"?'Il'a 3 .H .,.4 'F Y' IFlli M 'fiPi5 'T' W" -fi ? f' M at-'Lil ', la Lube f .V V 'K Tiifwf- " -. L " Af J 1 --'ff' all 5-64 A , ,,6 .-AF yes- H, 1.9m , -'Qs 1- 1, V: ' -,I-1 , Q A, --,, 5,9 8 1- ,,,1laf, ,K 53" of. J' ,sg-A - -fa? ff?" Vg: T if w- ,,,g,,' Y , 4- , f' ,LW JT? .iv A6389-j'3,.,,,.' , 5 A :gil 4' V5.8 tex- ,,,u-- tmp, . .f ,,.. -'M ,J 4, .A N, 1,7 ,1-L A 4 W if ,Llp 935' .. ..,""" af- " l"f"g'r 6 ' QL 1 ,Q el - wr' '3' "Y -" iggs , ' , .qw".' -' '?,:f11-Q" .' ' ,,-n' ' ,A '1' if-me .- -' W . N- ' ' ' .,rl','l'l"? 1653 1' -.. - .,,- 4--fr ,.,--1 4 ...fe g. ,-if ---",g,,w4-HA. ,,,-rf 1,,,g,7e-sf-,r,.tpg ", nf "AJ,- -ll.-, - M.-. .l-if ,, - , -- ...V--"ww, -'T-if i., - .,1' ,H-'ir--1,4 If gn? - ,,..w-",.1,-f,- -at .. .,f-' -1 '- - ..I-1-a gui' ,- ' f' ,AJ-J' 'm,.r lg."-P". ,V-"E .-vf'.f', -"' fm-f al .sv .M ' .ff M if Hy' if fur- . . I-3' f',...,-.- xy ,W ,. ,. , . ,yr . - V - 0 Aja M Air,-Av i:u,f,,'K , Jk'A1,,.z-. ,iff ,L A 1 . .M ,A , -1- I ,, -t f 'J , , I . ,V - ' ' N .-- :V . , N N N' . f-fx f 1 I 1- A ,V S 104' ' "'-1 "3-,qi , -- A me ' lf , v'g"". V ,.- -f-'gg - .1 ' . I-F' A ', .1 .-. : me - H" , 'if-r 1,11 -4' - L2 - 2.19: 'Q 1 J-N24 gre' .L-44 ' " ' r"' 'F' we ,.,3,'v"" V-1 1 99" HQ f ,M Y, Vw--rf '..4,.f,v3 if: ,, ff J-if ' V 'fefi-.'.,w1W,,,..7 1-1-fe ff-"P, ui' ' wf - -rg-:.:,, i'-df :"f, V .i---f r- is ""-,er"""""'- ""' ""i,q,v' 1 1 ic -- '. ' igfufr-'L"','f-fini?"-" bl 11 ' ' gl' 0-f " ' i 'jjlf---jj , Q- ',,-gs ,- I ' fi-'f7"" ' "-1- "Sir f""'l'f..i -"ffm ""li' '3 iii? -f ' j'v1!'g,.,d if .- gb -- ip :A-ig til' . 'Qt ., 14721 -2 -' M .ni " ,-v ,N,.4. . ' K. Y .. Q ,yy i ---1 7 . ', J , .4 ' , , - 3' 1 ' " , Br-" ' FTM" 1-vi J. "fre fi' -' ,. ' A, . erm V ., ,-- al-'T . -I I . .+-H . :Pi ' "nf" I -if 'fj i ' ,, ,. , . ,-wg.. . -he V- e- 'f-in V ,,,: -Mi J.:-V --.1 ' J' Ji! --P' 'H 4'8" ' ' , -- i ' - .,,.. r'--W vf' my 1 r-if I , , ,D ,M gi, ,1- t.e-v ., 1 qu- 1 - .. - -- "lf if-Y fl. ,I f",,- 1 - 4 .r,.'- E f""... M .,,f. I1 will , 1, ve' ""l':f'i2n . H l l ' 1 f - 2- z I' '. Q ,gi . si n 4 A V-L 1 I 'l , . X cf-fi" I J A" , .W .A , mfnsr. L?.1f' -- Y ' . Hi 1 .,,. .1 'J ' .mlm nu . Z .f -. , fav 1 31 ,Q in: - ' '- - Amar: ' 'J ,Q H ' i I W-,1 1.--mad -1 --ll Jw- ' . -fri,--il , ' -JBHJUD 6 . " ' -.i-J " mf .H , ., is- iq . i . U., . -dc 4, .. , .aw nz- - .la nf: .- II , ' A I IL , au ' f , '-' r ' ,f r 5 ' Q A-fe i ',.-, J 3.7 ' 281' .ii 5 , , 'Y U-' 1' "'JY2'iv4 ' If-'f N Q' ' 45... 1,- or "m,-11", Ju, N 3 f va- W '5,j'Z.,"'f -sf-Qin, gd qi Qft'S"f'W' IF' is ,dd v f v f 'A' 'A 4 lx -ri '-'L .X-e -,.-.fs A r .zswhf ffiffgg-+g+1'o,,41 es, f , -M 1 lfsi-Fen wi, ti X- ls flair' ',-E:- ii xdf I, 1 -n-u --s- if , 'oi me ou- This book is designed to keep you in perpetual remembrance of your "high school days." Through the year we have attem tures and Words the outstanding activities that occurred in school. We hope that in the years to come you will be able to find old friends, pictures, reminisce, and live over again the happy moments of your high school days ' :mf W4 'ig' T WE' , 2" iii 'Y jg.-1 ' ' if l. ' ' P-'Q W 1 gi-r' f 'av' 'L H - if F i ,qi r FV! 1 1 ., l ?' X ' I 4 fy 1 V l V b - Y -+- ' Y F F 3 .Lf if .- . ' V a, , I, r 5 1 -1, ' 'f I e ll, if ': X! H :L v -5... ' , , ' 5 1 Q. f e, ' V 1, . , - -.Fi V -5 I if ' L" 5 Arg ...'.K1-' Y , , . ,QML 5 'G' Q- pted to capture in pic- ' P . ctr' - '- . " . ,5 W "'3"F". 'li' , 1' , W . , T 'll-J' 'X at 4 ,-. 'F 1 V . , , ,. ,an Y D E D11 CAT 1 o N fi-li" K ,Y 5 ,. KJ X J K 5 ti f U To the long-suffering but ever patient parents of the Senior Class this annual is dedicated. We realize that this is a small token and is just a small expression of our gratitude. Under- stand please, that we are not trying to repay the fathers and mothers, only attempting to give credit where credit is due. i To the Moms and Dads of the Class of '452" we say, L'Thanks for everything and most of all for just being you." V' 1 l w li 1 I 1 I i l I l r 3, .U IN MEMCRIAM v . ' X: , is- 'N -HK -. . 'els Rusty Rex, our beloved high school mascot, was killed in the late fall of 1951. Rusty, owned by Wade and Bun Doerfler, met his end when he tangled with a milk truck. He died after suffering from a cerebral hemorrhage. 1 All of the fellows on the team and the rooters remember Busty for his friendly spirit. He faithfully attended all the games and never once let the team down. Everyone was grieved by his passing and we all extend our sympathy to those who were nearest Rusty. H if ' l M 1 lu - U E iiiiiie s . 1 . 1' 4 l G 3 70 zu- I G z ul mf 1 ,, . - 9900 Q 1 Ai 2 0 2 . l f , '4 ,Qs W. 4 em, H 4 -V R Q QLMF .3 " L.. " b" ws 'H . 4, ' ' ' ',, I Al if?-1 K - x 45 V i'?WN-: W .Wa ' . :eq ,F V,' A, V , , !,,.x ,Y 'J " 1' 33'--"Q" ' ' KW! D5-'?f'3"1 ix 2 ' di 'f - bg x XS 12 I 5 3 I ,. V m N , '41, . f' qv - 3 , 1, ,- .5.,,ii3 5 k : V J' 73 :fl f-' '. If V .3 5 " H 9fe'::,'.:,:'E V 'V 1- .3 1,55 pi' ' A 'fi' ref- 2 'fwiqf 1 , J gg, , , I .1 ,L Lghigg . 1 , Fi - . pf W N My I ,f as . 3 X ig? giglia Zaiiifw EQ QM? giifi 56223252 I Wyfyfyfgp my ol W 'K I ,. -. U-,L -. , F"'F"P'l".,.,, , 1,-'1n1,"""'.e,, , - A ,MM-5 I- - f 'f!'D?1I, m",',1 ,Im-it un ' :LV U H LZ. ,. V l , , l ' V - U ltf ft "V .lk .1. W I 1 t 7 K- 4.4 r" M - m :E 3"j n: w""-"+'-'-' P: , it ft , V l an-..N l , P , X .p, .. -, Y . zt we 1: 3. 2 -1 : - 1 ,Q Y 172: Mir Q. tl i I .L , .2 .IE 7 m, I VY! Q. ' ' -'I . f,-It f - ' l' ' :ig ,I ' 552325 I-iff l f J ......m .-..,., .,,. ......t..i. ' - mv'-ttf'-tri-' 'fe 'T mgfl' From Left fo Right: Orville Wiseman, I. R. Halselh, Superintendent of Albany Schools, James Jenks George Nissen Chairman James Weatherfordg Stanley Peterson, Clerk, Mrs.'Stanley Peterson, Secretary, Ben Pharis. BGARD of EDUCATIO ALBANY BOARD of EDUCATION The policies concerning the governing of the schools in District 5 are handled by the Albany Board of Education. These men are responsible for the well-constructed educa- tional system that is available for the youth of Albany and surrounding territory. The major problem under consideration -this year is the nature of the school system. Many evenings were spent by the Board of Education studying the problems in order to arrive at a satisfactory solution. ' The Albany students feel indebted to this group of civic- minded leaders who so willingly donate their services. MRS. DOROTHY RAGLE 1 u ,.....,-1. -- -,,,-iw ,W -- ...., ..w. .-. ,.qfs-.--...mL,.,.,,- - V? It u 1 1 ll ,gp 1 1 1, H t w l I tl - -f-u-v-v-,-nw-1--7-.-W :-wwf?-:-1 -.A G..--m11.?,,,,Y mei, Y-,,-V SUPERINTENDENT OF PUBLIC SCHOOLS A lVl1'.l R. Halseth Even with the present state of affairs prevailing throughout the world, we are enjoying one of the finest school years since my arrival in Albany. 5 I attribute this successful school year to the very high cali- ber teaching staff, the fine senior, junior and sophomore classes, plus a cooperative, alert school board and adminis- trative staff. The year 1951-1952 finds us with a splendid Annual Staff. I wish to compliment them on the excellent job they have done. It will be a pleasure for all those who purchase annuals to keep them as memory books of their high school days. Especially to the senior, good luck and best wishes for your success. I. R. HALSETH Superintendent MISS HELEN HULSMAN PRINCIPAL OF HIGH SCHOOL 1 Mr. Arnold Ha en It has been a pleasure for me to work with all of you this year. I am pleased because I think you are showing devel- opment in character, scholarship and citizenship. As teachers and students continue to work together, we shall continue to build for our better futures. ARNOLD J. HAGEN MRS. MARIAN MARTINSON F r F A CITY PHYSICAL EDUCATION DIRECTOR Mr. Tom Drynan Mr. Drynan, city co-ordinator of physical education and health, is responsible for these smoothly run classes in all Albany schools. He works in all the Albany schools and in grade schools to obtain a Well balanced program of health and physical education. Mr. Drynan' tries to help make the class- es enjoyable to both teachers and students. CURRICULUM CO-ORDINATOR MI. A. E. P81111 elf Mr. Palmer, as co-ordinator of the Albany Public School System, is in charge of order- ing all films and film.strips for the schools as well as maintaining the seven projectors and instructing teachers in the use of them. He also orders all text books and is in charge of their distribution. It is his job to see that all curriculum in the system is co- ordinated to obtain best results. BUSINESS AND PUBLIC RELATIONS Mr. Harold Williams Mr. Williams has proved that he is well suited for the position of Business and Pub- lic Relations which was created just one year ago. The position includes taking care of all press, radio and photographic publicity that is released concerning school affairs. W ' JW J s X 'HMB .f K DEAN OF GIRLS COUNSELOR Mrs. Irene Parent Ililiss Wilma Spence I ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL Mr. Stanley Czech -H F03 SPECIAL EDUCATION LATIN AND ATTENDANCE Mrs. Dorothy Miller Miss Veronica Tracy 1 I Miss Dorys Crow, English and Journalism, Miss Wilma Spence, English, Miss Mabel Howard, English and Spanish, Miss Helen Dumbeck, English, Miss Ida Anderson, English. l li Mr. William McCammon, History, Mr. Andy Knudson, United States History, Mr. Allen Rogers, Social Economics: Mr. Stanley Czech, Social Economics. ll 1 J l Mr. Tom Drynan, Boys' P. E., Mrs. Kathryn Hardt, Girls' P. E. Mrs. Irene Parent, Girls' P. E., Mr. Lee Cordon, Boys' P. E. yi -. Mr. Charles Kerr, Biologyg Miss Virginia Harper, Chemistry and Senior Reviewg Mr. Robert Buchanan, Biology. M 1 Mrs. Nellie Kelly James Lunn, Geometry and Physicsg if Miss Clara Voyen, Office Procedureg Mr. Wendell Heintzman, Shorthand and Typing Miss Lois Burris, Bookkeeping and Typing. gs !' r Ass--w 5"- l. Mrs. Jeanette DeShazer, Home Economicsg Mrs. Bernice Ladendorff, Home Economics Mr. Wallace Caldwell, Agriculture, .i 1 li 1 s ll li l is .V pu-.. ll, I I. l, V, l 'v 'l . ll Mr. Woodrow Sarchet, Musicg Miss Betty Holmes, Artg Mrs. Florence Zimmer, Library. l -I' ll T Mr. William Mickelson, Shopg Mr. Robert Foster, T8.lg Mr. George Perry, Shop. 1 ,J tv, sf in 35 4 QP Back Row: James Pound, Junior Representative, Bill Sim, Student Body Vice-President, Dick Forster, Senior President, Frank Burford, Sophomore President, Jack Weiss, Junior Representative, Gil Morse, Student Body President. Front Row, Put Burkhart, Student Body Treasurer, Charlotte Nygren, Student Body Secretary, Delores Shortridge, Junior Representative, Arta Ohling, Senior Representative, Ardys Widmer, Sophomore Representative, Myrna Ridenour, Sophomore Representative. TUDE T CO CIL The voice of the Albany High School Student Body is its Student Council. This group, composed of class presidents, representatiyes and Student Body officers, was maintained to help iron out most of the difficulties regarding school activities. This year the student council worked on an amendment to the constitution pertaining to changing the name of the VVhirlvvind Paper. The Student Body officers for this year have led most successfully the student in a program of activities and scholastic accomplishments. President Vice-President Gll. MORSE BILL SIM STUDENT BODY OFFICERS CHARLg?f?:alZYGREN PATTrIE:Ji:IZ-QART -2: gals ll Lid- .-1 if ,rel M529 WL: wa, aaaawam j I S- , .Hb ,. "Liss 1 Q. I I 1 91. NIDR CLASS Volrene Faulkner, Dick Boennighousen, Arto Ohling, Dick Forster, Betty Bates In the fall of '49 the great and ever to be remem- bered Class of '52 entered Albany High with a burst of enthusiasm and determination. During their sophomore year the class made history. With Jerome Kenagy, as president, they, for the first time in many years, presented a class play. In the spring "J une Mad" was staged with overwhelming success. This year the '52ers took second place in the class acts when "Spookie Woogie" was used as a theme. The year closed and everyone was aware that the class under the guidance of Mr. Stan Czech and Miss Wilma Spence had set a high mark for all following sophomore classes to strive for. The election of Bill Parrett and the replace- ment of Miss Spence, who remained as an Hon- orary Adviser, by Miss Burris launched the J un- iors in '50-'51. The popular stage play, "Cheaper by the Dozen," was reproduced by the Class of '52 as a feature of the year. The success of this venture won another feather in the cap of the Class of '52, "High Barbaree on a Southern Sea" was the theme used for the class acts in the spring of '51, This colorful spectacle captured second place, shattering the old tradition of juniors taking third. "Undercurrent," the title of the 1951 Junior- Senior prom, prevailed as a lasting tribute to the graduating Class of '51, With a flare of class spirit and the will to suc- ceed the Class of '52 entered its senior year. With the ambition to make their last year their most successful the seniors elected Dick Forster to rule as prex. Another Hollywood hit, 4'Father of the Bride," was the play presented by the class. Its three-day performance totaled a record-breaking attend- ance and receipts for a class play. The Christmas prom, "Sno-Ball," was the highlight of the winter social session. This event brought much praise and acclaim to the people who were directly responsible for the prom and the sponsoring Class of '52. The spring carnival of '52 provided an oppor- tunity for the seniors to display their talent and ability to produce, direct, and present an original show of their own. Without any doubt the seniors can be credited with setting the stage with a bril- liant and sparkling production packed with grade "A" entertainment. Senior Skip Week was enjoyed by all and fur- nished a memory for every member of the class. The class graduated with high honors and a superb record. The '52ers did not leave their class spirit behind at graduation time, rather this spirit was infused into each soul making every individual a better world citizen. EN BON TRAIN! :J BEVERLY BOYLE DON ,.. I BETTY BATES 't:"' 5 s BRENNEMAN DON BROWN ' W ED CLARK 'CTW ST EPH EN COX -1 'U 1 . I v W 1 , E' -f' JUNE GOIN JOHN GOODWIN MARIE GRANT DU WAYNE HAIGHT 'L D 'qi CLAUDIA HANNON LA DONNA HARDIN DAVE HARNISH BETTY HARRINGTON 4' 3- GAYLE HESS ALICE HOFFMANN BILL HOGG GEORGE HOLBROOK an T7 LOWENA HOPKINS BARBARA HOWARD KAY ISOM BEVERLY JANTZI vw Q-r CARLEEN JOHNSTON DALE KAUFMAN KENNY KAUFFMAN JOANNE KAUFMAN 'Z REX HAINES 1:-1' GLENN HATCH TOM HOLLAND PAUL .IELLISON JEROME KENAGY K . .4 . - 1 .. A- 1 L I Y 1 ' L 1 sf. R., f i 1. .g,. A - PAUL KINSEY DICK KIZER ALICE KROPP Z GENE KUTSCH RAE LA CHANCE JOAN LACHANCE - I w .,.... LARRY LARIOS MILDRED LARSON BARBARA LINES '0',. 5' DON MAC DONALD KEITH MACKIE LEONARD MAYFIELD z f L L 1 1' .fa- X-f BOB KUBES RUTH KUHNS I PAT LAMBRECHT FLORENCE LANE gb- CHARLES LITTLE , . LUELLA MC KEOWN JANE LOWELL LARRY MISHLER ' 1 MERLE MONTGOMERY CECELIA MOODY ALBERT MOORE MARY mEN MOREFIELD 505 MORRIS 0 :I iw- . si " L 1:- GIL Morzsz BEVERLY MOTTER nuxoN Nsuscl-IWANDER PAT NICKEL CHARLOTTE NYGREN l I I I I 51 T ARTA OHLING EVELYN PALMER DIANE PARKHILL . BILL PARRETT KENT PARSONS I I 0' L BEVERLY PEPPER KATHRYN PHILLIPS JANET PORTER LOIS PROHASKA WILMA PROPST , L,II .III W ,- I f sf I 'S' JIM RABE WALTER REDSHAW DICK REIMERS DICK RENN NORM ROTH MIKE SANTO HELEN SAPP MARY SAUSE BARBARA SAYLOR g, M . .. -. 'F JACK SEASE JIM SERFERT 1 JACK SWANSON ev-. ROSALEE STALEY CHARLOTTE SIMONST BETTY STELLMACHER GARY TORGESON CHARLENE VENARD TWYLA VENARD V MARIE VOGT I I I I I x EVERETT WINTER in W I MARJORIE WILLIAMSON TED WI'-KENSON 3 N JIM BARBARA DAVE YOUNG vn- SE 1oR VoT1 G Greatest Contribution ,At .. C7 . w., . on Mouse PAT ooNAHuE Most Popular DICK FORSTER JOAN LA CHANCE Most Thoughtful C7 DoN MAC DONALD JEAN CARPER Most Intelligent , 1 A - - 1. - T ' In I WILMER BOESEL BARBARA HOWARD Most Lilzely to Succeed -- Y -ff, Ihffr, 1- f TW! 'CP oucx sosNN1cHAuseN ARTA oHuNG Handsome Prettiest 'il 1. ,.a DON BRENNEMAN ALTA SJOBLOM Most Friendly BILL PARRETT BETTY BATES Most Athletic LE ROY BABCOCK JANE LOWELL SENIOR FEATURE Evelyn Anderson - "Don't get around much anymoref' Betty Bates- "A You're Adorablel' Donna Bilyeu - "On the Sentimental Side" Barbara Black - "What Do You Think About Men" Carolyn Bonitz - "Lass With a Delicate Air" Beverly Boyle - "I Hate Men" Verna Buerge - "Small One" Pat Burkhart - "Money, Money, M oney" Jean Carper- "I Get Rhythm" Phyllis Carrick - "Can't Help Loving That Man of Mine" Shirley Case - "Maiden Fair and Slender" Alice Collier - "Little Girl" Virginia Culter - "On the Beam" Pat Dooley - "Look for the Silver Lining" Irene Ellison - "Good Night I rene" Marilyn Farlee-"What Is the Soul of a Man" Shirley Ford - "What Makes Rainu June Goin - "On the Sentimental Side" Marie Grant - "Oh Marie" Claudia Hannon - 'cPretty-Eyed Baby" LaDonna Hardin - "Disposition Sweet" Betty Harrington - "Where Did You Get Those Eyes" Connie Cox - HN ow and F orever" Alice Hoffmann-"What's the Use of Wandering" Lovvena Hopkins - "What Is a Man?" Barbara Howard - "Music, M usic, M usic" Kay Isom - " World Is Your Balloon" Beverly Jantzi - "Got the World on a String" Carleen Johnston - "Heart Breaker" Joanne Kaufman - "Easy to Love" Ruth Kennel- "Y ou Were Only Teasing" Alice Kropp - "Beautiful, Beautiful Brown Eyes" Ruth Kuhns - 'L You're a Sweetheart" .loan La Chance - "Sharp as a Tack" Rae La Chance - "Smile, Smile, Smile" Pat Lambrecht - "Who Wants 'em Tall, Dark, and Handsome Florence Lane - "I'll Take Romance" Mildred Larson - "With a Smile" Barbara Lines - "Sophisticated Lady" .lane Lowell - "Janie" Luella McKeovvn - "On the Beam" Cecelia Moody- "That's My Man" Mary Morefield - "Mary's a Grand Old N amen Beverly Motter - "Sweet and Lovely" Pat Nickel- "Say It With M usic" Charlotte Nygren - "Blue Ribbon Gal" Arta Ohling- "A Life With a F uture" Evelyn Palmer- "Don't Telephone, Tell a Woman" Diane Parkhill - "You Wonderful You" Beverly Pepper-"Oh How I Hate to Get Up in the Morning" Kathryn Phillips - "There'll Always Be a Lady F air" Janet Porter - "Come Boys" Lois Prohaska - "When Y0u're Pretty and the World Is Fair Wilma Propst - 'CI Want to Be Happy" Helen Sapp - "Put That Ring on My F inger" Mary Sause - "One of the Roving Kind" Barbara Saylor - "Dark Eyesl' Alta Sjoblom - "Baby F ace" Rosalee Staley - "Rosie" Patricia Stamps - "Marrying for Love" Betty Stellmacher - "Baa, Baa, Black Sheep" Dorthey Theison - HA Worthwhile F riend" Marylu Vandel - "Vanity" Charlene Venard - "The Man I Love" Twyla Venard - c'Keep Your Temper" Barbara Walker- "Because You're You" Marie Vogt - "A F riend" Marjorie Williamson - "Stand By M e" Gloria Worland - Hlust My Bill" Nadine Zehr - "Quietly" Joel Aarnes -- "There's a Tavern in the Town" Larry Albrich - "There Must Be Someone for M e" Dennis Anderson - "Them There Eyes" Bob Andrews - "There's N o Holding Me" LeRoy Babcock - "Chocolate Whiskey and Vanilla Gin" .lim Bash - "For My Girl and Me" Frank Betzer - "There's No Place Like H ome" Bob Bisonette - "They Always Pick on M e" Bon Blessing - "Things Are Looking U p" Dick Boennighausen- "Girls', Wilmer Boesel - "Right As Rain" Jerry Boyd - "I'll Look Around" Nolan Bradley - "To Each His Own" Don Brenneman - "When You're Smiling" Don Brown - "Remember M e" Jim Campbell - "H ot Lips" Darrel Carper - "Great U nderstandingn Buck Chaney - "Fm Sitting on Top of the World" Max Childs - "Tall Grows the Timber" Dean Christiansen - 4'When Is Sometime' Ed Clark - "M ary Lou" Pat Claxton - "Talk, Talk, Talk" Elmer Cook - "Country Boy" Stephen Cox - "Give Me the Simple Life" Stephen Covey - "F ive Foot Two, Eyes of Blue" Clifford Dannon - g'Out of Reach" Bob Decker- "A Friend of Yours" J ack DeWall - "Jack, Jack, Jack" Dale Dickerson - "You and Your Beautiful Eyes" Tom Dorsing - "I Don't Know Enough About You" Dave Durr - "The Strong and Silent Type" Dick Forster - "Personality" Ed Frink - "Get H appy" Paul Gerig - "Good, Good, Good" John Goodwin - "Lazy John" Duane Haight - "N ever Trust a Woman" 7 MW- D. Rex Hanes - "I Don't Work for a Living" Dave Harnish - "Load of Hay" Glenn Hatch - "Clink, Clink, Another Drink" Gayle Hess - f'That Girl of Mine" Bill Hogg - "Better Luck Next Time" George Holbrook - "That Deep, Deep, Voice" Tom Holland - "Somebody Stole My Rose Colored Glasses" Ron Jackson - "Crime Will Never Pay" Paul Jellison - "That's Hirnv Dale Kaufman - "The F atest Man in Town" Kenneth Kaufman - "Anything Goes" Jerome Kenagy - "Sunny Boy" Paul Kinsey - "I'll Be the Last to Let You Down" Frank Kizer - "Diane" Edward Kraft - "Catch 'em Young, Treat 'em Rough, Tell 'ern Nothing Robert Kubes - 'cDon't Fence Me I n" Eugene Kutsch - "He's the Diyjferent Type Guy" Larry Larios - "Patricia" Charles Little - "M y Rough and Rowdy Ways" Keith Mackie - "A Genius I Shall Be" Leonard Mayfield - "Everyday's a H oliday" James Meredith - c'Funny F ace" Larry Mishler - "A Good Man Is Hard to F ind" Merle Montgomery - 'UM e Too" Albert Moore - "I'll Get By" Bob Morris - "Gonna Get a Girl" Gil Morse - "A Wonderful Guy" Fred Mote - "Sick, Sober, and Sorry" Don MacDonald - "Steppin' Out Again" Dixen Neuschwander - "The Straight and Narrow" Bill Parrett - "For Me and My Gal" Kent Parsons - "Heap Big Smoke - No Fire" James Babe - "The Girl Friend" Jim Bedshaw - "So Tired" Dick Biemers - " Want to Be Happy" Dick Benn - "Ladies' M an" Norman Both - "Girl Crazy" Mike Santo - "I Want a Girl" Bill Saylor - "Big Bad Bill" Bill Scott - "Steamboat Bill" Jack Sease - "I Like the Wide Open Spaces" Jim Seufert - "That's My Girl" Bill Sim - "Billie Boy" Bon Sloan - "Wine, Women, and Song" J. R. Stamps - "Just we Two" Jack Stockton - "Set 'em Up, foe" Jack Swanson - "That Old Gang of Mine" Lowell Tobey - "I Get a Kick Out of You" Gary Torgeson - "There's Nothing Like a Dame" Jim Waggoner - "Peanut Vendor" Ron Wallace - "Say No More" John Wilber - "Cold, Cold, Heart" Ted Wilkenson - "Farmer in the Dell" Everett Winter - "F ull of Fun and Fancy F ree" Orville Wiseman - "Scatter Brain" David Young - "Thou Swell" JU 1012 CLASS Janet Johnston, Secretory, James Pound, Representative, Nancy Neuschwonder, Treosurerg Ernie Emith, President, Delores Shortridge Representative: .luck Weiss, Representative, and Mary Jenks, Vice-President. Adding a second successful year to their fine rec- ord at Albany High, the Class of "53" began Well by electing Ernie Smith their leader. He was ably assisted by Vice-President Mary Jenks, Secre- tary Janet Johnston, Treasurer Nancy Neusch- Wander. They were represented in the Student Council by James Pound, Delores Shortridge and Jack Weiss. The first activity of a busy year was the Wit- nessing of the Sophomore Initiation which we remembered only too clearly. Juniors also con- tributed many baskets of food for the needy, and placed first in the clothing drive at Christmas tilne. At the "Queen of Hearts" dance the Juniors Were represented by Claris Poppert and Carol Canida. The class contributed all their pennies and dimes to the March of Dimes contest. "Ready Made Family," the class play, was well received by audiences two nights in March. Much credit was due to the director, Mrs. Zim- mer, and the leads. During the sports seasons the class sponsored three successful after-game dances. Their Febru- ary assembly vvas also a success and proved that the talent in "53's" class was diversified. The Juniors Worked willingly and energeti- cally to produce an original class act. The tradi- tional J unior-Senior Prom, which was their last activity for the school year vvas a fitting tribute to their arch enemies and friends, Class of 'L52". The final farewells to the Seniors were recited at Baccalaureate and Graduation, for vvhichnthe Juniors traditionally decorated the stage. JANICE AARN ES , BETTY BARLEY I LOIS BRENNEMAN EE I MARILYN CHANDLER vr""" 'H rl, ,. , 3, 'A Ii U- f 3 1 Il ' :- " 1 .f Qi- . 3 - 2 LI ::Q:7 E.:- ffjfl N! m 59 ff, I - 'La "1 .JFK 4 '-'F V- f cz. V. BUN DOERFLER I 3 Q '- BETTY FEURSTEIN 1 - I, M., JANET ADAIR GAYE ATLEE Q-- CLARA BARTH DONNA BAXTER V'--f - - I I 0,5 I or Y xl! A gf I '.,v,4,4... thu. I ,xii ,, WAYNE BURCK DOROTHY CAHILL I I I ESTER COLE PATSY COVEY I I , . I I I I1 L,,, ,. J SHIRLEY DOW BI'-l DRAGER 5- I iw I rg. I SHIRLEY FINTELL JACKIE FISHER I KAYE ATLEE ARYLENE BELL W7 CAROL CANIDA I? MARIETTA CULP WESLEY DU MONT I Q I , I AN Q , X il. I ,XA .1 ,Ai,.,,.I fu, CLYDEFORNEY -an-SQ -RA '27 MARILYN BAKER J, 1:1 I I .7 W FRED BOLLINGER :RRI 15: .. , ' Alf' if NEIL CAUSBIE -9' DENISE DERRAH JOANNE ELLISON JOAN FOX EDITH BANCROFT JOHN BRENNAN -Q , Ou JANICE CEGAVSKI S' RAMONA Dewm PHYLLIS FERGUSON DARLENE GIFFORD I 1.1 JOANNE GILMORE -:J ,I MARILYN JACKSON DELORES KNAKAL DELORES LOONEV WANDA ERWIN -ff if -f- Af '-:Lg -,I Is. -,JL gg ix v If ni- 'II 1' M 'hfikf' ' I , II' .M X 111,435 an-H, , LI- ,gall JAY :I -V 'iff Q, " 11. 1,41 'F 'I I -if -15355 1 ' -f ' 'I . . -. ." . 1' 212213. ' W Iiqixgjycr, Ti 'I I ' In . r H I MV if I' 'TQf"fl!':,::lL2l, I '- I .. ,,-L7Q7S:,'h ,- '. .154 lIkL,,sI,,q,1.. -' -' DELBERT GRATE ANNETTE HOEL MARY JENKS BOB KNOWLES DELANEY LOTT I PAT McI.ING SHERMAN GRATE ELSIE HOFFMAN GLORIA JERDE DOLORES KRANDA DON LUTHER MARA LOU McMlLLAN JANET GUYTON SHIRLEY HUFFMAN JANET JOHNSTON ELIZABETH KRIEVER CONNIE MucDOUGALL LYLE MAYER ART HAAS A -I I -'x FRANCES HUGHSON DONALEA JONES MARJORIE LANDIS ' ' -9, I E ' ,fx-' I I I I 2 BILL MCCALLUM ARLENNE MAYS -l J".'?' .!., MELVILLE HALSEY SANDRA HULL PAT KOEPPEL GLADYS LARSON JAN McINNlS r.3'5Q'53vf f I' Vi-f-nga? - . xf1"1EL HJ RON MIDDLESTADT MARILYN MILLER 'Gr MARY NASH JAN ETTE PHARIS V' ' , .715 . , , ff BEVERLEY REESER I -n -sr wr-7 ' AGNES ROLAND I I yr, -ev' XML ms' I r If! JUAN ITA SHEELER I I ':L'3""'7". wifi" 'VI' ev? QI! It PI-IYLLIS MILLER JANET MISNER ,4 NANCY NEUSCHWANDER DORIS NEWTON fi? JEANETTE PHELPS JUDY FOLLOCK JEAN REIL PEGGY REINECKE I I ,AI gf CAROL MONTANK LYLE NOAH LOIS POPE IL- In , 5 I. I -':'EL'. I, Q". ' I 3 . ' 7' 9 xx -- - 'I' f i.. --.II ,. - 5"-, IL-fw H . "I-WE L I , ,, JII , - ' ,. , . I , , I I IF- gn 'I .EI GARY REX I3.If-..-I-.W Hg," - 'gftsg I, I . r . 'Y ,-:E , ., -,- I., . ,v,, 011.135-, ,, I 'leg I LJ- . c ' I 4 I , Ho- Msg, 1, I :'-'I . f 'I'M I ,FI I "'I ' I 'Wiafmg 'A'-31. ' ,I 5IIvf 2 11" 01. ' .'Y.7'n 'LK -sf. ..:' LA VON MOORE LESLIE PERSE J ,, I,I.,' 'VI MTL' 'Ei US: -Q JAMES POUND 'I-:- CHARLES REYNOLDS Ii' 1 I VIRGINIA MOTE 57' 7' 'SJ . 'I V' UIQ? ' " 7-, :IF'.e'iT ' 2 .J . J' :ff Q' 1" f -' 4: f. 4 BUCK FESCHECK RUTH RAWDON 'J LOLA RIDENOUR a : . f , 'JI . , , .Q , ' . 15" , , Q 'I , I .1 I1 A .5 I L Y e I I I .V uri 1'--rf' .itil SHA... ARI-ENE SANMRD E13-QEL SCHABLE PAT SCOTT VIRGINIA SENTERS DELBERT SEUFERT I I - I I . I I . . I W I I , , I . I C' 9 H ,' .' I I I . J' V -' -N - MEL EL? LIE 1 I A CAROLYN SHEPPARD DELORES SHORTRIDGE ELAINE DONNA SLAVEN5 ERNIE SMITH i 1 1 ru, ,, Iii: 19 GERRY SMITH LOIS SMITH yu-:KS V7 ARLIS STEINMEYER GARY STRUNK ANITA WALBRECHT AUDRIENNE WAIKER ff- ,. 0" I '. K V ' . I I - 61 , .3 Z' I 3? , ' , Q, N Y, ,Hn N' 'Tf'F" fQQ4 .1 A --YLTWZI 32 'rss -1 132. 'v- Q59 I 1' ffm gggf p A DEE ANN WIIIIAMS IVAI. WILLIAMS 9w"M'I'J.5'I MR WW VHMA SODERHOLM JANET STAPLETON I ,II JIM TAPPER KENTON THEILON CHARLOTTE WEATHERFORD BOB WEBER DONNA wlsscuv PAYE WISECUP ARLENE ZEHR FV ...SI 9. V IIZI 5 155-.," I., L , . IT' , -I ,Q 3 . V! ' f 4 I ff. : I . j Z' A' I ,515 Y R- - I - I ' - " MURRAY STAUBLE JACK THURBER lx , it j p? il, ' ' lx, I I I If I , . ' , ,IEQQI '-LQ. 4+' gsf1" t5 JACK WEISS ORPHA WOLFORD RUTH STAUFFER DONNA UKEN LEORA WHITE FLORENCE WOODWORTH S N 4 .S 4, is - Y ,41 JW? wx ff as ,1 I .lg Gi' oi5i5tMoRE CLASS Carlene Newport, Janette McDonald, Ardys Widmer, Frank Burford, Myrne Ridenour, Barbara Faulkner, JoAnnAMarfin. After registering and getting acquainted the class of "541" got started under the guidance of Mrs. Kelly and Mr. Perry, class advisors. To help through "51" and "52" the class elect- ed able bodied Frankie Burford as president. The other officers who cooperated splendidly in assist- ing Frankie in the multifarious tasks which al- ways face the incoming sophomores, were vice- president, Barbara F aulknerg secretary, Janet McDonald5 treasurer, Carlene Newport, and class representatives, Myrna Ridenour, Ardys Widmer and JoAnn Martin. Sophomore initiation started with the sopho- mores coming to school every day for a week attired in various unusual and uncomfortable costumes. uTorture" week terminated with an assembly in which the sophomores, with the aid of a few helpful and highly imaginative senior Hi-Y members, provided most of the entertain- ment. The class of "54"' put up a good fight in the clothing driye even if third was awarded to them. With class spirit rising higher, the 549s sponsored two after-basketball-game dances. Carlene New- port and Bill Johnson were elected the class can- didates for King and Queen of Hearts. Although the Writing, directing and producing of a class act was an art highly unfamiliar to the sophomores, the class presented an act, that they were rightfully proud of. I., , ..,,,. , H -L , , I I I . I A A I 'fa I , W E X I. L I I A D' I .. SH A '. ' " ' 9 - ' , ' 1 '-'A' ,V IL, E' I2 " I . QL- I . Lis- - I ' 1' 'Q U - ' 'L 1 f I M K. L . I f if Ill! : - X I I 151. 1 . I! 5777 I . 1. I If WI 5 LYNN AHART BETTY ARNOLD BARBARA BAKER sos BAKER DONNA BAILEY DICK BANTON BUZZ BATES , , . M T 7, , , Q! E , , l , . I I ' , II If 3 II' I 'N L' , L' I . I ' , "' 9 15' L I g, . I ' 4 ' A- I , I tv -' L- ' Ms. I U' I QI I Z ' I I, Rf I I I v I ', . I wh -, " 55- . ' :,4. .' - ' iz I 13" ' 15 " A-I 5 I, A , N ' EL., " I A 53.133 -Iwiiff ' L' I O-- , LQBB -E GARY BLACK JAMES BLAzIER IOM BOENNIGHAUSEN MARVIN BRENNEMAN JIM BRISTOL NANCY BROWN Io ANN BORDE V I f. 2 li ,, EILW I I" ' -1325. L' .- IL A ' I If ge' I I 1 4-Q I ,. ,- tw. ' I' 1. V A ' QL.. 'zp -Eff! " I -I-,rf BE' 5 u L, . Aa , ' If . uf, I 'LL .AI 8 L IFE. I ,E 'L .. N- I :.LR..1L LORETTA BUSH NADINE CLARK DAVID cLEM SHIRLEY COLE JIM CONRAD DONNA Cox NORMA KRAFT Ez.. ! . .. . W, A ,D I A I L95 as 1' -A 4- R-Y If I, I 1 . .r 'tn IL' , ' - ' , - IA' -' .U qi- IE- g-, , KL! H- I III- V I -" W Ia 'P' ' I , . I f -. EL - A Ali A Om N511 CRAIG DON C3055 BETTY CUSTER SHIRLEY DAVIS VIRGINIA DIMICK BOB DIXON WILMA EHERLICH H Q5 II I, ' if :I Y Mn, '- ' 'H ' I- Il - ' ' WEEK. , . , , V . I , 4- Q my X X A n I I W E? , -1.7 ,I II ESTHER ELLICKSON BARBARA FAULKNER Yi! W EUGENE FISHER JOYCE FLAMME PHYLLIS GOIN , ' ' :Sw A 'T sq- I E" , ' ' I! gs?37?2."' .Liga F- '- ' 1 'D I f JA I DONNA GROSHONG GLENDA HARMQN DICK HARFIEI1 RALPH HARRISON DIANE HARWOOD - ' I I U- : 4 ,I ' :Q X I A 4 f 'A' I M MK-"y by 4' ' 1 I 2333 -' 3 ' 'NT ' 'US' J I III- ,QI Ig I ,I A - ,Q , ,.gI,I:eQ . I I I Qv3'i"Y,,A J, .' , - I A I L- O : -1 2 5 .O TOM HOGG GEORGE HOLLAND JANE HOLMES DICK HOPEMAN JERRY HORN RH EA GOODWIN Ev CAROLYN HEINS , " ' ,' . Q, D . BILL HOUCHIN , 1- Avg GEORGINA GRIFFIN 5.. .1 LENORA HENDERSON S, ' QI Fa FC , I SHARREL HOUFEK .vu TONI ILCH 1: I ' ff q r- I, . - . P .. - -4 , 5 I , I . -, 5 "1 .T I I I ll M. . I v I ,- I 1 .. M ' I-:iff-'.-1' BOB JAMES -1 PATSY KASPER NORMA KAUFFMAN T' JT' J A JANET LANDER GARY LARSON Ig JO ANN MARTIN EVALEE MAYFIELD :vw-In , 4. 'TT HELEN MILLER E' NORMA Q, of I ' 1 . J ' f fig RAYMOND MILLER 3 I1 -, ,I I ff . , MOODY DICK MOORE 'ff -:Y I I SALLY OHLING T Af-I, .-1,-f L '.-1-f :I ja! . ' I F . . I v-1 II I, , I. ,Y 1385514 I, ai . 1,1 0 " I 1 1: la L 'S i 31 I II JA v I . I 7 1' " mu JOHNSON I. 4- if .pmt 1 I if ' - 3 I I - I If ' I 2-11- LORETTA KELLER - -I 2 --1 M . , Ln XT! 1 L ' I GRANT LARSON 'H-, ft -4. wg MARJORY McCORMlCK .. 'IT . '1 1 I 1 :ff RUTH MILLER .- ,' , ' ,4- , 1 ' 4' - .L J f 'gy .X 'T KENT MULLER I . 'AI -J " ,. . -II f , X I I , J. DICK PARSONS VIVIAN JOHNSON JOYCE KLAUS l 5355 EI "'F:"'i .JBA f :f. -Ir A, Eff 5 I. J I 13.5, 513421: Qi BRUCE LETHIN I , JANET McDONALD ff J N sf I, ,KI ravi? I I -Q y'f:l,4, QF. ' ' 11, s-' "Ji - :ix ' KEN MILLS I I BEVERLY MURRAV --s PEGGY PEYTON A' 'f' 15 3' f I Lf: - La I' 'f fair . I A QI fi' - , ' Bidi' " JEL' ". ' , ' I 5212- 1.531 Ii U wma, . , . ,fa . - - : 2 I .1112 I H- 5.255 . -, . I " :r aw ., ,- '3 If-775773 - 4.2-5?r"f7f BRUCE JOHNSTONE , I, , M A mf - I 4 'Q Aff 3 4 'I El, ' 1 1 1:-' 'f I ' ' Rig' ' , ,. IK I 9? . EDWARD KOHOUT I A in-Q HS 'ai 5.--'ji A BLIQ , E.q, ,GV Ia- I, 'Y' asv ," " 5 DON LOVE " ' "fl I. 3:1 . A229521--I . I ' 't gp' ,I rg I gg H3553 . 'JJ iiii- ' E S :Yu A A5 I VA-.Li 331 , . - I I Y - 1:4 , T "L ily? pl fa.. ,J kim gm' r . 1 1 raw DON MEADER PHYLLIS MISHLER kj! 51- ' I,-1 BETTY MUNFRADA I ,IT ,T V Q i VERLE PEIRCE DIANE JONES . SHIRLEY KUHNS WANDA LOVE HELEN MEREDITH T7 - PAT MITCHELL I CARLEN E NEWPORT -JC- , if DONNA PIROUTEK I 41f-f-, I I ,, - I 'E' I il I Q: ' 1' I, - , , I, . I . 2 E V . iz. I 'f I Ia f Q 1 - - 'Ili WALLY JONES gs' if 'af ' I I' BARBARA KUTSCH I KAY MAHR I I . I QIMS' IEEJH , I JANICE MILLER VERLYN MONTGOMERY FM" """TfT'fT" I I I f if ,.. ., 7 l 'rg ' EI T if Tw?-J f 'K' -fl.-x Wig?-L' -- fi " f . L 5' Q BILL NOAH 51" ., ' "" ,qw I I Tr! gl DONNA RAE . ,, I OV-, ,Mr -..! I I I . I X V 1 'I I X I' , I I Q y 1 I 'ig 15 I ' J' I - I vi ' ' 1 , ,. , . I I JOHN RAWDON ARLENE RAYMOND ALICE REDSHAW RON REESER NANCY Rsnv BONNIE REYNOLDS If, , ' " H O' v ' H 'f 1" . ' , I I I A I , , I ,. , ,JL I II , gf . z., I . ., 4- A IQ 4 ' . QI! ' 1 I 'T Ib 11 Q- ,- LL. I . I 'A , ' " ' 4 I 3 :,' 1,Q,,'II -' WF? II , I '15 N - ' , 2" - . ' I :H 1 .5 , ,I I I I- , Ui "I AS .nfl I I IIS. ,I I I 1- ' ' ggi ' ' I.. ,, It ,Q,'I, ,,:. I .,,, III liz. H 1 . 'Iii-I' I' IVY. , NJ! A J?" ' . L I Ig. . J GEORGE RKIODABACK JIM SCI-IIEGEL DAVID SHElBY BILL SHEPPARD JANET SHUCK mu SLATER I I I 'I I' I .px SALLY SLIIMP in--,fo ful" I 'I' YI I ' fy . I I PEGGY STONE gr- 5. I 1. , I ,Y . I I , -,I Igl' ry ARLONA WEAVIL , 3-,J BEN SMITH JEANEITE SMITH liisi - I r., ,Z -evv J ' , I 3, Zigi A If ' -5 I. ig PHYLLIS TUEPKER Al TRIMBLE .3 , NANCY WEESE BOB WEINRICK I fu. ISI MILDRED WRIGHTMAN ELSIE YOGELSKI I Y ' -L I ...- SI I JO ANN STEEN 0. 1:1 MARTHA STEINBRINK FAITH STOCKTON X L ? ,I if JOHN UNFRED mu VENARD DON WAGGIE '.- - . I' 3' 1' ' if I 9 k - ,I -.f .I :pry 45.1 u - Annvs WIDMER BARBARA WHITMAN JOHN WILBER :I Y? , I ' - I I I I - I' : , I ' , I ' . ,- .- R' f' I I I ,', - ' IHA I ' ff 3: RONNIE YOUNG TERRY YOUNG MYRNA RIDENOUR I I I ht , f I 3 3 A I ,J CHUCK SLOCUM MARY STONE 1. Q I I .M xx , I va' , I . I Y 1 I I I ' , ji C' If LARRY WALKER I I I LI IE DARLE WOODS 6Rlg SNAP'SHOf'ES , Sweef -Dreams - 'Pun Han! li . ' :Ba Bs U 'fi 1: 5' ,J 'A . ' ,nn Q Long Long Ago Jgm? wha+JQ C11-Ck ."' I' IP". -Q1 if 'f ' r l QF A' LQ a f if XX U4 nl 1 Sam s on Ok Y OU- KI J S We Tw Q 4 'Pfay Ball Cm' O" F"""" 'T' C' NIO SNAP HO 7-51,475-a4c.Q'!'ff4fV 1-. 1 i 6p R k+ is Gu-e s 5 Ywfa 5' fy, U f 173 -2 - 720 I 1 :I 1 W i XWQNJJJQ Be lily Cvrd'676 .? E if v i X BW2ms u . Pagfgi 4 A it 'SE 'Sea Mays Te!-.S Q11 QQ-cz A005 2 , 44- 'fx WHA T'-5 UP LAR R Y ajvi 5U!WV!V AF7J"'!?A!Ad!Y I y1fxLz.1-ff' 1 7 - !'1 All V I Says 4054. -L 1,6 y07 Q yah, X imlznn DICK BOENIGHAUSEN T PAT sum-uuzr l KAY ISOM w MARIE VOGT JEAN CARPER DALE KAUFFMAN HO OR OCIETY 1, , NT asa pl BEVERLY MOTTER T Ewen coox A ' A V' l . 'Q I Y 11 5 '2 ? I r . I J at-14 I r ' y n '- L ' ve l R W JEROME KENEGY l . VERNA BURGE BETTY BATES WILMER BOESEL CAROLYN BONITZ + L ' . ' L 15, iv- fp ,iw T-Z w 'A .V 3 -- 5 -E 1 F 5, '. 'it 1, A t I SHIRLEY FORD AUCE HOFFMAN LOWENA HOPKINS BARBARA HOWARD R J ' lr- tfij ' ' ' 1 1'--123111-115 Sig j ' LW- 1 ' I A-2 - Pt , px A ff -- rf t V ALICE KROPP BOB KUBES KEITH MACKIE CHARLETTE NYGREN ni 1 A . 114 'V af' 1'3Z"f5 if f RA'R I ARTA onune DIANE PARKHILL KATHRYN Pr-muvs mu scorr PAT sTAMPs asm stEu.MAcHen JIM wAcscoNEn The members of Taken Chaptertg' - Pgnfaward as given by the club to the senior or Society, are selected 'a faculty V - 1 I . - .o and gir who has made the most progress basis of scholarship, cha acter, leM'e 1 . I ' h'iTe' in h' 4 school. service. The upper fifteen n Q cent gift - , Office ere elected for each semester. Those Class are members. The up 've pepc t :Q e servi s gg : first semester were Barbara Howard, initiated in the spring of t - ior y r, a d Pr o - f Jean Carper, Vice-Presidentg Kathryn another ten per cent last fall. : 'I o - ecretary, and Shirley Ford, Treasurer. The members sold candy a v- 1 -. - t u e Ad as Miss Ida Anderson. football and basketball games f 7 3 - 5 n n ffi s second semester were Dick Boennig- hours to raise money for the organization. hausen, Presidentg Marie Vogt, Vice-Presidentg Initiation ceremonies were held in the fal . F I Beverly Motter, Secretary, and Verna Burge, spring, and a banquet for the members and y Treasurer. parents was held March 11. J l ORDERCHW ' The Order of A is a club composed of lettermen from the five major sports: football, basketball, wrestling, baseball and track. The club was presided over by Bill Scott, presi- dent, with Dick Forster, vice-president, as his right hand man.'The secretary's work was efliciently carried out by Steve Covey. The strong man of the club was Merle Mont- gomery. The treasurer's job was done by Mike Santo. Mr. Czech and Mr. Knudsen were the able-bodied advisers of the club. On December 13th the club held their annual Smoker ILLA which was very successful. The proceeds from this went toward the banquet held in January and others throughout the year. At these banquets the new lettermen are initi' ated. Another portion went to the club's project fund, the whirlpool bath, for the athletic department. At each assembly men were stationed at doors as ser- geant-at-arms. Guards patroled the football field to keep people off the field. In all, the year 1951-1952 was very successful for the Order of A. CROLL Arto Ohling, Don MacDonald, Kay lsom, Skip Wiseman, Florence Woodworth, Dick Forster, Janet Stapleton, Wilmer Boesel, Lola Ridenour, Pat Stamps. Quill and Scroll, the International Honorary Society for high school journalists, was guided this year by Miss Dorys Crow. Nlembers were chosen on the following basis: They must be at least a junior, in the upper third of their class in scholastic standing, must have done superior work in either the paper or annual staff for at least one semester, and must be recommended by their adviser. Officers elected are: Arta Ohling, presidentg Florence Woodxvorth, vice-presidentg Kay lsom, secretary-treasurer, and Wilmer Boesel, nominee for state president. The national rating for this chapter is "AAA". BA K PER ONNEL 4. ,uiQiQ,Qn .' H, 5 Valrene Faulkner, Shirley Ford, Pal' Burkhart, Gaye Allee, Pa1Koeppel. The bank personnel is composed of the student body treasurer and her assistants. These assist- ants are either experienced seniors or juniors who are doing in service training this year. These girls man the store in the main hall and also keep the books for the school system. These girls not only render a very important service but they also have received a good deal of practical training. The students certainly ovve these girls a great big thank you for helping get the necessary school bookkeeping done. A B.P.W. GIRL I i i , - " i I Y Y , I 9 T aj- I , , U, J f ' sr ,W l ll fg. x E-G, N I V o r li ,uf g Q Pdf Burkhurl Charlolle Nygren Alice Kropp Rue lUChGlICe Jane Lowell, i .nl '- W 4 ll .I i ' 4 l 4 1 : ,. Q Y we X . I :I 2, 1 ij :yr E 4 Y 3. g W -1' xl . ' 4 4 l at it il. C ' 62513: fl 'E W it Ylfvwb ' X iii - 1 136 U ? T . . -- 1 . 11 2 W Valrene Faulkner Kathryn Phillips Arfa Ohling Kay Isom Pal Stamps. The B P W Girls are honored by the Albany chapter of the Business and Professional 'Womerfs Club. These girls are chosen for service, and general achievement. These ten senior girls are hon- ored by this organization at their monthly banquets and by being presented with an honorary B P W pin to Wear all during the month a particular girl represents. L .gm 7.7--. .. -. -., PURE IC C Pal Covey, Melville Halsey, Paul Cleaver, Dick Bdennghausen, Neil Causbie, Mr. Rogers, Charles Reynolds, Kent Parsons Dick Renn, Marilyn Chandler. Debate, although not widely publicized, is one of the most. active and hard-working organizations in Albany High. . Debate this year has taken part in many tour- naments, among these were Pacific University tournament, Linfield College tournament, Wil- lamette University tournament, and the Oregon High School State Debate tournament. All mem- bers of the squad took part in these tournaments. A selected squad also went to the Pacific Coast Tournament at Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington. Those participating were Patsy Covey, lVIarilyn Chandler, Paul Cleaver, Charles Reynolds, Wilmer Boesel, Kent Parsons, and advisor Mr. Rogers. The members of the squad, besides debating this year's question, resolved that all American citizens should be subject to conscription for essential services in time of war, took part in many other varied activities, such as extempora- neous speaking, impromptu speaking, interpre- tive reading, radio announcing, oratory, and stu- dent congress. . Debate raised their own expense money through the sale of football programs and ads, popcorn, and sponsoring a magic show. , Officers this year were Dick Benn, President, Charles Reynolds, Vice-President, Neil Causbie, Secretary-Treasurer, and Paul Cleaver, Song Leader. Debate is capably advised by Mr. Allen L. Rogers. . P RTT ciiuiiiiiii pvvfmf- - 5 Back Row: Dean Mier, Erwin Mustoe, Lowell Tobey, Norman Roth, Alice Collier. Middle Row: Rena Goodwin, Dorthy Theison, Marietta Culp, Juanita Sheller, Jane Holmes, Pat Burkhart, Delaney Lott, Evevlyn Palmer. Front Row: Betty McFrade, Pat Nickel, Donna Piroutek, Jeanette -Pharis, Lola Ridenour, Barbara Black, Donna Slavens, Phyllis Tuepker. Although the club is young it did many interest- ing things during the year. They have made money selling refreshments at the games and sponsoring a dance. We have made posters and have exhibited our works in the halls and on the bulletin boards. They also have exhibited their works at the primary schools. They put in win- dows downtown for the Tuberculosis Association. They took a trip in the spring to the coast to I paint and take in the Art Gallery. Officers for the year were: President ............ ..... P at Nickel Vice-President . . . . . .Lola Plidenour Secretary ..... .... D onna Slavens A Treasurer . . . . . .Alice Collier I CAFETERIA T 1. W , lv' 75" l Wanda Love, Alice Redshaw, Mrs. Ernest, Mrs. Cade, Pat Burkhart, Beverly Pepper, Mrs. DeShazer, Barbara Kutsch, Arlona Weovill, Valrene Faulkner Donna Piroutek. This is the fourth year that Mrs. Mary Cade and Mrs. Charlotte Zintner have been cooking the meals in the cafeteria. Each meal, to meet the requirements of the state school. Lunch program must contain a main dish, a vegetable, bread, milk and a dessert. Mrs. DeShazer was manager, and the bank furnished the cashiers, Pat Burk- it hart and Valrene Faulkner, with alternates, Car- olyn Sheppard and Beverly Pepper. Several students helped in many ways and by doing so, they received their lunch free. l 1 l-l Y Q! ll TEE ir X' i . i V 1 'Q ' , G. gg K I:- Seventeen is composed of seventeen girls who sewe as the council for the Girls' Federation. These girls are elected by the other girls in the student body. The group is com- posed of ten seniors and seven juniors. This year's officers were: President, Alice Kroppg Vice President, Kay Isomg Secretary, Lois Smithg Treasurer, Betty Bates, and Chap- lain, Kathryn Phillips. The Seventeen girls attend church in a body once a month. They alternate and in this way are present at the church of most of the members at least once during the year. Another activity sponsored by the Seventeen is the an- nual Big Sister Party that is held each fall to welcome the sophomores to Albany High. The girls provide entertain- ment and refreshments and make sure that each new soph- omore meets as many upper classmen as possible. The Seventeen's biggest activity of the year is the Queen of Hearts contest and dance. Each year the Seventeen picks a boy and girl' from each class to run for King and Queen' of Hearts. The members of the different classes are then urged to buy votes for a penny apiece. The money gained in this way is divided between the Girls' Federation and the March of Dimes fund. This year's proceed's grand total was well over 3250. The council this year took over the task of being foster big sisters to a girl in Denmark. They sent clothing and other gifts periodically to brighten up the life of a war victim less fortunate than themselves. Seventeen continued its policy of presenting a rotating bracelet to the girl whose service they felt was outstanding during a particular month. Seventeen wound up a very active year with annual "17"-Hi-Y breakfast on the morning of the carnival parade. This was held in the school cafeteria and attended by the old and new members of both organizations and the car- nival court. While Seventeen is the most active service club in the school it is to be remembered that none df their work would be possible without the support of their advisor, Miss Spence, and the rest of the girls in school. THIS YEAR Hi-Y A K' - . hir? , 51-' 'LA' ' Eif Q ii- '. ' at 1 - ff m ?"L fr:-' L 'MJ' if JJ : l .1 . I iw. .v N- Vi? J? fm' + fe 1 f We-' QE V . r " ' ! I ' e K ii ,i . . in 1 v' iff f - -H IQ! at f ' A . V Y at RP. A X The Hi-Y is one of the most active organizations in Albany High School. The regular membership is 25 boys, but due to three transfers from other schools the membership was raised to 28. The Hi-Y has charge of Sophomore initiation in the fall of the year. Invocation at assemblies is the duty of the T-Ii-Y members. Once a month the members of this organization attend church in a body. During the course of the year various activities are undertaken to raise funds. The activities are selling programs at the games, and sponsoring dances. Activities for the Hi-Y are climaxed at the end of the year with a picnic. The purpose of the club is to create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and commu- nity high standards of Christian character. The officers were President, Don Brennemang Vice- President, Dick Foresterg Secretary, Jack Weissg Treasurer, .lim Rabeg Chaplain, Neil Causbie, and Sergeant-at-Arms, Bill Parret. Advisor was Mr. Wendell J. Heintzman. P. H. A. The Future Hornemakers is a national organiza- tion for all high school girls between the ages of 14 and 18. The activities of this organization are holding monthly night meetings. This is either a pot luck or a chili feedg a weekly meeting held Monday noon, swimming, skating and hayrides. The services which F.H.A. performed this year have included a varied program of activities dur- ing National F.H.A. Week when they presented roses to all teachers, had a 15-minute radio pro- gram at KVVIL and attended church together. There are about 70 girls in the chapter this year. The officers were Rae LaChance, presidentg Gloria Worland, vice-presidentg Florence Wood- worth, secretaryg Valrene Faulkner, treasurerg Frances Hughson, reporterg Jeanette Pharis, his- toriang Toni Ilch, parliamentarian, and Kathryn Phillips, degrees chairman. F.H.A. served at the annual F .F.A. parent and son banquet and also put on the annual Lions Club Award Banquet for the Albany High School football team. At Christmas time they went caroling, made candy for the old folks homes, and fixed a basket for a Brazillian couple who had just moved to the United States. F.H.A. Frances Hughson, Rae LaChcnce, Mrs. DeShazer, Jeanette Pharis, Toni Ilch, Mrs. Landendorf, Kathryn Phillips Valrene Faulkner. FF. Back Row: Gene Kutsch, Paul Stauble, Phil Shoemate Don Luther, Gary Rex, Bill Shaw. Third Row: Don Misner, Kent Muller, Sherman Grate, Jerry Horn, Darrel Peterson. Second Row: Wally Jones, Ivan Hershberger, Ron Reeser, Kenneth Wallace, Leonard Mayfield, Bill Houchin. Front Row: Mr. Caldwell, Dick Kizer, David Harnisch, Ernie Smith, Bill Sim, Clayton Wood, Steve Cox, Clifford Dannen, Elmer Cook. The Future Farmers of America is an organization of, by, and for the farm boys studying Vocational Agriculture in high school and the Albany chapter now has 35 members. One of the outstanding accomplishments of the boys this year was attained at the Oregon State Fair. Larry Sitton, a 1951 graduate, had Grand Champion Fat Barrow, and Steve Cox, 1951-1952 Albany F,F.A. president, had Re- serve Grand Champion. Ernie Smith, this year's secretary, had first place with his poultry at the state fair. In the shop exhibit, Dick Kizer took tirst place with a well-constructed post driver. The annual Parent-Son Banquet was held early this fall at the Liberty Grade School. Honorary members were elected and regular traditions carried out. A joint F.F.A.-F.H.A. formal initiation was held last fall which raised all sophomores to the Greenhand degree and all Juniors to the Chapter Farmer degree. Also held were Tb basketball and softball games, and joint F.F.A.-F.H.A. par- ties, picnics and recreational activities. Jack Magnuson, a State Farmer of last year, had at the state fair enough registered Duroc swine to fill every class with one or more hogs. The Parliamentary team placed fourth in the district, with the following officers as team members: Steve Cox, president, Bill Sim, vice-president, Ernie Smith, secre- tary, David Harnish, treasurer, Clayton Wood, reporter. The corn judging team placed fourth with Leonard Mayfield, Don Luther and Philip Shoemate as team mem- bers and Paul Stauble as an alternate. There were other outstanding achievements by individ- uals such as Clifford Dannon placing first in Jersey, dairy judging at the Pacific International Livestock Exposition held at Portland, Oregon. F9 A. COUNClL-Back Row: Darrel Peterson, Phil Shoemate, Don Luther. Second Row: trnne amnn, Bill Sim, Clayton Wood, Sherman Grate. Front Row: Dick Kizer, David Hcirnisch, Steve Cox, Clifford Dannen, Leonard Mayfield. ' AG RED LETTER DAYS V The highest honor given to an FFA boy in the state of Oregon was bestowed upon Albanyls president, Steve Cox. The honor he received was the State Farmer Award. Out of the state of Oregon sixty-seven boys were chosen as State Farmer. Five of these boys were from Albany. They were: Elmer Cook, John Burge, Dick Kizer, Steve Cox, and David Harnisch. The Albany FFA chapter also received the highest award given to a chapter in the state. It was the Cooley Award. Ernie Smith's vice-president's book received second place in the state. l'j'Y.' .- u , STM: ,M 1' x 5 E9 4 1 . , ' X xv N . .X , Q, 5 g -.. -W 4 N X ,N - , , , Xf X . ' ' 1 s , ig . Q ' M , ' J -- v -. I 1-1 Ti-I X A . X , X, ' V ,f , I .2 fn, 1 , N . X X N" 17- J fy 0 ' ' . . .m 5 H , H - V ' I .V l , i Y 1 -1' . ' - gy, E 1' 1 ',4 'V , Llv . .X 4 ' 1 I I Tl g l iw Y , . 5551- 'L' A' W - 1 ' . ' 5 ' V I ' 5 4' V x 41 1 ' M' all ' Q. 5" ' ' 5 4 Q' '- 1? Q -V .1 -, , V' - -- Q 'Y' , 3. ,. 5-1, X Y X Q ' lf: A hx, ,TVEQN 2 i 1 , I, - , , 1 W ,. an . . V -,,. Af' - 2225191-r?.:-"'lM , V Fmff -. ' -' ' , A' am 7 -QQ' . ' , f , , , , , M . , , W, . , ,,, IM .,, . . - H. Y . H , r .. V- - .sv ,. -- ,. . ,. , ' , , , I A. X ' ' 1 -., V 1 B . . -' N , 1 PEP BAN Back Row: George Rhodaback, David Clem, John Cathey, Dick Harper, Bob Job, Everett Winter, Richard Fisher. Middle Row: Dick Banton, Bob Knowles, Don Heyerly, AI Trimble, George Holbrook. Front Row: Bob Andrews, David Young, Dean Packard, Bob Dixon, Don MacDonald, Delbert Grate, Jim Seufert, Chuck Slocum, Bill Sheppard, Larry larios, LaVon Moore, Jerome Kenagy. The Pep Band this year Was composed of Sarchet and Bob Andrews. The band played the boys in the band. lt was a very success- at the basketball games and pep rallys. ful organization under the direction of Mr. D CO NCIL l ,I -. .., 1 lx l Fl l Back Row: Don Heyerly, Everett Winter, LaVon Moore, Bob Andrews, George Holbrook, Jerome Kenagy. Front Row: Barbara Howard, Judy Pollock, Jean Carper, Anita Walbrecht. The Band Council served as an advisory band are eligible. The band council planned board for the entire band. All band letter- the band trips, the parties, and attempted to men, officers, and first chair members of the solve all problems confronting the band, ' 4 Nx' , f Wm TW' x. T ff mfr W 17 a rf re-if I I 1 M, ,. l, , l - J . . ,. 1 H! 'I W N , - ', S. 424 . Y .. 4. ,fn , w'4,'C4 we 'Tit "-EQQCJ ,tg-igf' STA? we Je' gr rf. V p' Ill L Q 'A-,rm 'fix 3-'45,-.w v---A as D -mar-., lt -. 1, -au m v n - w ww n lil' J , - . 1 Y 1' lu N 1 l . t I I 1. Nl V H u in xx I 1 ol 1 .- ' fu . v F l 1. lg ,. Fourth How: Delbert Grate Erwin Mustoe Dick Moore Ardys Widmer Leon Wallace Richard Fisher Third Row: Second Row: First Row: George Rhodaback Bob Knowles Mr. Sarchet Bill Sheppard Pat Mclging Barbara Howard LaVon Moore Bob Andrews Anita Walbrecht Pat Nickel John Cathy David Clem Barbara Gregson Carolyn Sheppard Dick Banton Don Heyerly Chuck Slocum Donnie Reeves Jean Carper Dean Packard Dick Harper Bob James Everett Winters Myrna Ridenour Larry Larios George Holbrook Jerome Kenagy Phyllis Nlishler Georginia Griffin Dave Young I, Al Trimble Betty Stellmacher Don MacDonald Sally Ohling Bob Dixon John Brennan Arylene Bell --- --- E1 -,. .1..lvll-Cl nun if - fri Y grzwwr ,L 7 IE CLUB J R-.. , . f -,, ffegye' ' -H- 9 E ! E i l 4 1 l Front Row: Evereil Winle-rs, John Unfred, Gil Morse, Jerry Boyd, Kenny Kauffman, Chuck Slocum, Mr. Buchanan, David Young. A Back Row: Gene Jacobs, Art Haas, Buzz Bates, lval Williams, Tom Holland, Clyde Forney, Jim Robe. l The Movie Club is organized for three rnain pur- poses, the first is to train operators to handle Vari- ous projectors, the second is to provide a crew of H men to set up, handle, or sponsor noon movies for ,i entertainment and to raise money for worthy groups or causes. The third purpose of this or- ganization is to begin a provision for the school of photographic equipment. Adviser for this club is Mr. Buchanan. PRODUCTION SHGP nd A .5 -iw l MW. Q 9? q-zu, . g. , . I, , 1. K i XJ .. jf John Newton, Lloyd Sharp, Lyle Mayer, Joel Aarnes, Jack Secse, Clifford Dannen, Mr. Mickelson. TR DE andl DU TRIAL EDUCATIO Back Row: J. R. Stamps, Ron Sloan, Marshall Hough, Darryl Carper, Max Childs, Don Fidler, Larry Albrich. Third Row: Frank Meyer, Gail Wlllis, Bob McConnell, Paul Kinsey, Don Shephard, Bob Tucker, Pat Claxton. Second Row: Jim Seufert, Lyle Noah, Leon Wallace, Garold Jenkins, Ray Weldon, Dixon Neuswander, Ed Kraft, Melvin Chaput. Front Row: Connie Cox, Lavada Herman, Carolyn Bonitz, Marilyn Farlee, Phyllis Carrick, Rosalee Staley, Clara Barth, Marlene Baxter, Mr. Foster. A number of high school youths are interested in and in need of securing employment training in the industrial and business fields, looking toward full-time employment following high school graduation. If a local community is to satisfy the needs of such students, then vocational education for initial employment should be made available. One method for providing such instruction is through the Part-Time Co-operative D. O. Pro- gram. C D. O.-Diversified Occupationsj. This program is unique in that the school utilizes the training facilities and personnel of local busi- nessesg employers utilize the school's facilities for training employees at no extra cost to them. The basic objective of the Part-Time Co-opera- tive Program is to prepare high school boys and girls for useful employment in occupations of their choice. Students acquire practical work ex- perience through part-time supervised legal em- ployment that provides systematic training un- der actual job conditions. The school provides instruction in the technical and related informa- tion pertaining to the student's job in a specially scheduled class. In addition, students take such additional regular school subjects as are neces- sary for high school graduation. WHIRLWIND PAPER TAFF Bill Sheppard, JoAnn Martin, Harriet Moody, Pat Aylward, Bun Doerfler, Bob Morris, Dick Forster, Clyde Forney, Barbara Howard Sally Slump, Ben Smith, Skip Wiseman. Seated: Wilmer Boesel, Pat D. Stamps, Keith Mackie. The Whirlwind paper staff published twelve issues this year under the direction of Miss Dorys Crow. A new policy was inaugurated which proved successful. The small staff was comprised mostly of beginning journalists, nevertheless the paper was excellent. The staff is as follows: Editor-in-Chief, Pat Stamps, Business Manager, Skip Wiseman, Man- aging Editor, Wilmer Boesel, News Editor, Barbara Howard, Sports Editor, Dick Forster, Assist- ant, Pat Aylward, Feature Editor, Clyde Forney, Assistant, Sandra Hull, Circulation Manager, Keith Mackie, Reporters, Barbara Howard, Sally Slump, Harriet Moody, JoAnn Martin and Bill Sheppard. ' ' QK :7Wm'1.F ' '?"jmlf'- hd .41 , fi, .NWN PHYLLIS CARRICKH ' CONNIE COX I. N-, ,E EE I LE I .1 I , I I I I BARBARA LINES fa .. AL i ' I ,I I 5 MARY SAUSE CAROL CANIDA PAT MELING A I BOO TER CL I I L I I I II ,I I I I CARIEEN JOHNSTON I LOWENA HOPKINS L CECELIA MOODY BARBARA SAYLOR L SHIRLEY DOW I 4 I I NANCY NEUSCHWANDER T230 3' VALRENE FAULRTLIER I . , . I it .I r Y II IFE 4 I I I KAY ISOM CHARLOTTE NYGREN ' -A I -sa In - L.. , E ' 1 A,' .,, wuz.. I, ' I I I I ALTA SJOBLOM 'UN I I WANDA ERWIN K, 2. Q? BEVERLEY REESER ' KAYE ATLEE .QL.- I. I .IOANNE KAUFMAN R 'P r I It .I-I ARTA OHLING E! MARYLU VANDEL G.. B BETTY FEURSTEIN 1.5, N. LOLA RIDENOUR Q If Yer BARBARA BLACK ALICE KROPP I III Y nga? F, I E1 -MI far II WELYN PALMER I 5 ',a'fI BARBARA WALKER SHIRLEY FINTELL I1 ' i 'I .-I . I2"+ It I II ,X DELORES SHORTRIDGE 11.2 .J If I PAT BURKHART ALICE coLuER I I ,I A I 1 - I I q . I .F E' A, -223, '-" I I I-ff " I , ,. I , RAE LACHANCE FLORENCE LANE I V .4 I I' ' " I 52:5 IIE BEVERLY PEPPER JANET Ponmz .I I I I 'qi' 5, . -- l.,. I - V215 1, E7 GLORIA wonLANL: NADLNE za-LR Y QI' L ' ' ' 7 K ' I I S CONNIE McLcDOUGALL HIRLEY HUFFMAN ' -' II m wir I I GERRY SMITH VELMA SODERHOLM ,IE I - I ., , R I .I ' , I JANET STAFLETON CHARLOTTE WEATHERFORD DEE ANN WILLIAMS FLORENCE WOODWORTH NNUAL ,mv 5 Editor-in-Chief . Assistant Editor . . Business Manager . Senior Editor . Junior Editor . Sophomore Editor . Organizations Editor . Activities Editor . Girls' Sports Editor . Boys' Sports Co-Editors Tjfpists .... . . Artist . Advisor . -.9-vg,T---iw ' -- -- V -v 1 Q . . . ABTA OHLING FLORENCE VVOODWORTH . CHARLOTTE NYGREN . DON MACDONALD .A JANET STAPLETON . SALLY OHLING . LOLA BIDENOUR . . . . KAY IsoM NANCY NEUSCHWANDER ' .... B013 MORRIS . BEVERLY REESER . CAROLYN SHEPPARD . SHIRLEY HUFFMAN WILLIAM MCCAMMON T' FB 'A LA ' r?i r- .FSL I' Y L. ami- . 1.-1. i ' ' -'- 1 r ra--1, g..f' .5 l- ' -' 'E Q. ' - 'r - -'... T l V l F Standing: Betty Bates, Alice Hoffmann, Marie Grant, Pat Dooley, Miss Voyen, Donna Bilyeu, Lois Prahaska, Beverly Motter, Beverly Pepper, Gaye Atlee, Pat Koeppel, Kaye Atlee, Danalee Jones, Claudia Hannon, Shirley Case, Valrene Faulkner, Pat Burkhart Seated: Charlene Torry, Shirley Ford, Kathryn Phillips, Pat Lambrecht, l.aDonna Hardin, Wilma Propst, Nadine Zehr, and Irene Ellison The Future Business Leaders of America is an interna- tional organization of girls and boys who planned to enter the business world sometime after graduation. The Albany chapter took on new life this year when its membership greatly expanded and the girls activated the club so that it was an important part of the scho0l's extra curricular activities. This group met'periodically on Fridays during the noon hour for business meetings and frequently had guest speak- ers. These speakers usually were prominent businessmen or businesswomen from downtown. The organization also held an evening initiation and installation service which was well attended and very nicely conducted. Miss Voyen is to be commended for her work with the Future Business Leaders of America. PA I HCL B .r- 'QI CRLF I Jim Neeley, Barbara Lines, Don Love, San The Spanish Club is comprised of those people who have taken Spanish or are taking it at the present time. The main purpose of the club is to further interest in Spanish. As projects the club works to contribute things that will be of value to the students. This year the club is dra Hull, Bun Doertler, Arlene Bell, Miss Howard giving records to the Spanish department. - This year's officers are: President, Barbara Linesg Vice President., Bun Doerllerg Secretary, Sandra Hullg Treas- urer, Arlyne Bell. The club advisor is Miss Mabel Howard. A . :F 1 . if 1' if "" .Q- Mgi ,I 5 . - x- , A 1 U 9 Q is xv We A, vw FJ? O 9 M . 'gina ' A E 7' I. " if I U b' ' I .BQ ' ,-. ' rt af. ,W A 4 . s 1 ' .5 mi' ' " ' vi - f w " J- . V ,AH ' . -I ,I ' - ' W f ff jaw,-, ,...:. --., U - . f Q, --' f rl W 11 'QA ,A - ' wV . 'V gn ad as lv . I gl , 8 f 1 1, .I 2 -Sig., 'W-iw' v QF' ,E V 1? . 13 -. ha- - Q-,E J ab , I - , .1 'va 5- ,H-1,1 lv W v 'M - I - H! 'lv- I "E KX H., fu.. x ,. ,Wx ' Ilia: F' Lxfzt "'!. , - Y 'N ' ,,w5W" " . . N " ' V ...ff-'M' -. ,uf- vef' 'ln We, "vm .A mm,,.,.f-4 'N-L. X W I-,.4v1""" mmf-5"" Y 1 ' 3' w ' - Y 4 LM Vu, ws--4"" l - give all these boys, a big hand for their job as I , SCHOOL ASSEMBLIE Don MacDonald, Jerome Kenugy, Skip Wiseman, Bob Andrews, Bill Sim. 1951 and 1952 MC's We would like to thank Don MacDonald, Jerome Kenagy, Skip Wiseman, Bob Andrews and Bill Sim for the swell job they did as lVI.C.'s for our high school and national assemblies. In past years two lVl.C.'s have been chosen out of several boys who at one time or another M.C.'d for an assembly. However, this year we have had sev- ,eral different boys to NLC., and they all have done a wonderful job. We would also like to give credit to those boys who lVl.C.'d for their own clubs, but whose names we didn't receive. Let's M.C.'s for the school year of 1951 and'1952. The above picture was taken of Mr. Kraft, the Dean of Music at the University of Oregon, en- tertaining us with his own unique style of music. This is just one of the several national and higher education assemblies that we have had the pleas- ure to enjoy this year. However, these are not the only assemblies that should be acknowledged. There are our own high school assemblies put on by the three classes and a great many of the organizations of Albany Senior High. These people that have worked on our school assemblies deserve a lot of thanks and credit for the swell programs they have presented to the faculty and student body. SOPHOMORE INITIAT x-J. ,S POOR SOPHOMGRES G. A. A. POW-WOW TR P0 T is 504 P 'ff zzz Q N ' , ' 'J fl k P' 4 . 1 - M ' 1 2 ,li , 5 mi ha 1- JD v :YW nv fi Ji Mm 7 5 IOR CLASS v+?fi ,x . IL T' 'E W H i,gQv,, g f - N. 'I ' n f ,3 '8LUlGlS A . HRBERSHL, -4... E 1s.f2a 'ugwr gg, l W 'E 'E-X.Q,f+vw Q' 533: .rg 4 5. A y A A., ,- iw, , 71,5 me 9 . 3? ,1 ,f ..4. .1 -- r 3 1 , SSEMBLY .R I, , . Q . 4 ' lr. y ! . HNIKLW SNIVE x , i i W O'-BALL Under a false ceiling of pale blue crepe paper, forty-five couples tripped the light fantastic to the music of VVolfer's orchestra in the VVaverly school gym. This highlight of the winter social season was sponsored by the senior class. An at- tractive centerpiece of a puclgy little snowman surrounded by fir trees occupied the main inter- est point on the floor. Mother Nature added to the festivities by providing a two-inch snowfall. U U 77 Father of the Brule Betty Bates ................... Kay Banks Bob Andrews .................. Mr Banks Betty Stellmacher .... .... M rs. Banks Jerome Kenagy ,.,, .... K en Banks Valrene Faulkner. . . ........ Deliliah Skip Wiseman ,,,,, ,,,., T ommy Banks BClrbC1r0 Howard ---- -.-- M iss Bellamy Don MacDonald .... . . .Buckley Dunstan Barbara Lines ..... . . .Miss Massoula Mr. Rogers Jifn Wqggoner, , . , . . . . . Evelyn Palmer. . ........ Peggy . Dick Renn ,,,, , , Marilyn Farlee ,... . . .Miss Pulifski Dlfeclof' Bill Saylor ...... . . . Florence Lane. . . ............ Prompter George Holbrook. , , .-,,..1- r , r t' flig b, ,.' '-xv" . x. ,L ' '- . A,-Q l D.. .I .lim s Man X 35 A :ll ' A l-llllllllll ., l' 2 ' 9 . - 1 ,J 3.2. is if Q'1-ill-"f-291 ll ali. I i 4 :Hag 7 1 life l fi-Ev 'Q - 4' ' e ga,-' 5' READY-MADE FAMILY l Shirley F intell-Mrs. Agnes Martyn Paul Cleaver Samm1e Turner Charles Reynolds-Mr. Henry Turner Don Hyerley Bob Martyn Jackie F isher-Gracie Martyn Leslee Perse M1ss Lydia Orpha Wolford-Marilee Martyn Patsy Covey Begoma Washlngton Donna Slavens-Doris Turner Fred Bolhnger Nlcodemus P1pp Mrs. Florence Zimmer Dlrector l rl -.. gn, 1 " LJ' ,, lll , Hllll l g-'f-'F-"PE 'A ELELIZJU ' M' 5 Illlllllnuliif 1952 "LEAP... ' L DST QUEEN BETTY III The 1952 carnival, "Leap Year Frolic," was ruled over by petite Betty Bates, five-feet-two-eyes of-blue miss who hails from Philadelphia and Georgia. Betty is an active member of The National Honor Society, G. A. A., and the Senior Class of which she was secretary. This year's carnival schedule was as follows: April 17 Thursday Evening-Coronation, Queerfs Ball April 18 Friday Morning-17, Hi-Y, Court Breakfast Noon - Parade Afternoon-Baseball Game, Albany vs. Salem Evening- Class Acts April 19 Saturday Clean-up The carnival was a superior production from the coronation program and parade floats to all three class acts. Miss Virginia Harper, advisor, Larry Mishler and Bob Decker, co-chairmen, and Kay Isom, secretary, along with all of the sub-committees should be congratulated on the success of the "Leap Year Frolic". HYEAR FROLIC' s 1- Rue LaChunce, Mistress of Ceremoniesg Queen Betty Bdiesg Princesses: Alta Sioblom, Joan LuChcnce, Donna Slcvens, Nancy Neuschwander Carol Canida, Janet McDonald, and Diane Jones! Queen Betty's Court was composed of two senior princesses, three junior princesses, and three sophomore princesses. Princess Alta Sjoblom was a familiar member of the court when she was dubbed for the third time this year. Blonde, slender, blue eyed, and very active in many school affairs, she was a very popular choice for princess. Amid tears and shrieks of joy, Princess Joan LaChance was dubbed as the other senior mem- ber of the court. One of the most popular girls in Senior class, Joan was yell queen this past year. Another repeat from last year's court was tiny Donna Slavens, who is also amember of the rally squad. Donna's main interests are the Junior class and dancing. She is a pretty little blonde with blue-grey eyes. Tall, dark, stately Nancy Neuschwander was the second Junior Princess. Nancy is one of the working girls who also finds i time to be an active memberiof Booster Club and Annual Staff. Auburn-haired, blue-eyed Carol Canida was the last Junior Princess. She is one of those busy little people who is always doing something for someone else. Carol is also a member of Booster Club and "17". f Talented Janet McDonald was one of the soph- omore choices for princess. Anyone in AHS knows of the many achievements of this dark- eyed, brown-haired young miss. Red-haired, blue-eyed Diane Jones was anoth- er of the cute little "sophy', gals to grace the court of "52". An active member of 4--H, G.A.A., and the annual staff, Diane was a very good choice. Unable to be present at the dubbing because of illness, Sophomore Princess Carlene Newport recovered in time for carnival events. A slim little brownette with light brown eyes, Carlene completed the court in amost delightful manner. DCESSIONA 1 CROWNING ENTHRONEMENT LEAP YEAR FROLIC COURT K l N I - . i I 1 W 'rf - vrzfmangqf- x 9 f.,, fi? :Av M v ,M I 1 f -- .v. .ffflf 'ff x, Q 1 ,ew Q , M2 WM 52 Ii SSO1-W3 I-,IRT -I' .SMA ' 1 Y T' '. .. 1 1 7 1 , , 1 . 5 , 4 4 i 1 ,,, Y 1 X i 'AL' K ,ie M ff!! g : ,fx V 1 N'f2fj,0 ' K ,- AA qi V j V, ff' CLASS OP '54 WINS THIRD UE E N'S ELGAT THE WINNER 1 I TUDE T BODY COMMITTEE I- K 1' 11? , f f' ' :I 'fx 'ly' ' 1 L lnteractivity Committee composed of Janet Stapleton, Betty Bates, and Bun Doerfler sets dates for inter-school activities and keeps them from conflicting. The Student Affairs Committee which is composed of Dean Chris- tiansen, Kathryn Phillips, Everett Winters, Wayne Burck and Mary Jenks create cooperation and friendly relationship among students and teachers. The Parliamentary Committee composed of Steve Cox, Clifford Dannen and Elmer Cook solves problems that arise during student body meetings concerning proper parliamentary procedure. i wi ,1' ll Social Committee composed of Janette McDonald, Bob Andrews, Nancy Neuschwander, Don MacDonald and Delores Shortridge arranges dates for social activities to avoid conflicts. The Point System Committee composed of Dick Kizer, Florence Woodworth, Art Haas, Beverly Pepper and Jim Robe distribute activities evenly among the students. ax Assembly Committee composed of Steven Covey, JoAnn Steen, Bob Kelley, Jean Carper, Betty Stellmacher and LaVon Moore not only arranges dates for exchange assemblies but also locates talent for our student assemblies. . 1122- 5 Q 'K Y , Y ,-.4-. , ffflvf' ff W A Q15 Jfifff Qf5es? 1Hf ff SV x JW 22 ' Nix XX aw Wg N Miii ,Jw w I THE BRAINS . .V V . V V---v V -- ...V VV Vw- -fm-71:0 Q .1 ' 5, f-V '-... 'f' - 1- gfrfvqf- -Q , ' ,, V 5. Aa ., V -ww ' , -- V 39-ig. -7 n?55!'Mm1V1:wVV-If V J4"Ct"wS 1-TP-.1 WT f- FJ ' mi fa-s isfiasif -qv-and-avi. 125+ H. Q ,.,, ,K was 4 IB ,,,,, 4...-np . Xwcs Q .- i f as g n A1,Qi-f 4. Standing: Lyle Bain, Couch Stan Czech, Coach Tom Drynan. Kneeling: Coach Andy Knudsen, Coach Chuck Kerr. i ,f' STANLEY F. CZECH Stanley F. Czech received his Bachelor of Science degree from Oregon State College. Following his graduation from college, Mr. Czech entered the army. He served with the 35th and 25th in- fantry divisions for a total of four and one-half years in both European and Asiatic theatres. While in Japan with the 25th division, Mr. Czech was divi- sion information and education officer. In the fall of 1946 he was selected as coach of the rlivision's football team. After his separation from the service, Mr. Czech continued his education at Oregon State College, and served as line coach of the Rooks in 19417. He came to Albany in 194-8 as in- structor of social economics and assist- ant football coach. Last year Mr. Czech was elected to fill the position of dean of boys, instructor of social economics and head football mentor. During the school year, 1951-1952, he has been vice-principal, instructor of social eco- nomics, head coach, and senior class adviser. Mr. Czech lives at 1089 West 16th with his charming wife, Ora Lea, and a four-year-old daughter, Sally. TOM DRYNAN Claiming Benson of Portland for a high school alma mater is A1bany's popular football scout, Tom Drynan. It is his duty to "spy" on the forthcoming oppo- sition and report fheif strategy to the coaches. This information, of course, plays a great part in whether or not Albany will win their next encounter. Following his years at Benson, Mr. Drynan attended O. S. C. Here he stud- ied physical education and participated in football and track. He first taught at Salem, Oregon, for fifteen years and then accepted a posi- tion in Albany with the Bulldogs. Mr. Drynan is an all - important member of the faculty, for, besides his duties in the health classroom, he is director of athletics, an almost full- time job. He is responsible for the ath- letic equipment, the selling of tickets at athletic events, and the financing of the various school sports. "Terrible Tom" also coaches crosscountry, track, assists with football, and instructs the wrestling squad. Mr. and Mrs. Drynan and their three sons live in the west end of Al- bany and are active in civic affairs, ANDY KNUDSEN The California member of the coach- ing staff is Backiield Coach Andy Knudsen, a graduate of Eureka High in Eureka, California. Having received a basketball scholarship to that institu- tion, Mr. Knudsen started to college at Oregon State College in Corvallis, Ore- gon. He was a student in the physical education department. Mr. Knudsen, however, did not use his scholarship for basketball, but he found time to play football. To prove this he has one of the "Orange O" rings that are pre- sented each year to the senior members of the O. S.C. grid team. He a1so,has many stories to tell his American his- tory classes about team trips to such interesting places as Hawaii. After graduation from college, Andy came to Albany as assistant football coach in charge of the backfield. This year's backfield proved the excellence of his ability. This part of the squad held up their end of the team's duties, although they were plagued by in- juries. Besides these duties Mr. Knud- sen also coaches "B" basketball and is director of the interrnurals. He took on the position of adviser to the Associated Bulldogs, an organization of all the boys in school. Mr. Knudsen resides in Albany with his wife and small son who some day will probably be playing for old Al- bany High. CHARLES KERR One of the most willing workers on the Albany coaching staff is "B" Football Coach Charles Kerr. His job is mainly developing the younger talent who will some day fill the shoes and uniforms of the "A" squad. During "A" squad games "Chuck" sits in the crows' nest above the stands and reports on the plays of the other team as well as ad- vising our boys when they aren't get- ting their men or not getting them hard enough. This greatly aids both the defensive and offensive playing of the fellows. Having completed his secondary ed- ucation in Auburn, Maine, he served in the marines during the second World War. Upon his discharge he entered Ore- gon State, enrolling in the physical ed- ucation department. While in college, Mr. Kerr was an active member of Ralph Coleman's baseball squad. Halsey High had the good fortune to get Mr.'Kerr as a coach following his graduation. He remained in Halsey for two years and coached all sports. Mr. Kerr came to Albany to fill a vacancy left when Mr. Hunsaker ad- vanced to OTI. This position was as baseball coach. In addition to this duty teaches biology and is "B" basketball coach. Chuck also holds the "honor" of being a bona fide basketball referee and ofiiciates at many games around the Willamette valley. Mr. and Mrs. Kerr, Pamela, and Baby Bobby live on South Main Cin memory of the home state?j in Albany. FUGTBALL PACT The Albany High Bulldogs' football team of 1951 had a good season. They won five of their eight games and many of the lossesvwere by a very small margin, usually less than seven points. The Bulldog air attack was better than usual with Par- rett, Gatlin and Babcock doing the heaving, and Strunk, Stamps and Hall doing the receiving. This combined with an exceptional ability to intercept passes won much yard- age for Albany and, in some cases such as Eugene, resulted in victory. Albany's ground game specialized in speed and drive. With Babcock and Strunk through the middle and over the line the drive was most apparent. Doy Gatlin provided much of the speed but all of the fans and rooters will re- member Larry Larios as one of the scrappiest little men to ever carry the pigskin for old A. H. S. However, the coaching staff is, undoubtedly, looking for great things from Doy next year, since he is one of the returning backs. It is well to remember that no backfield, however good, can succeed without a good' line. While Albany's line Central Catholic . Lebanon . . Salem . . Sweet Home . Bend . . . Eugene . . Springfield . Corvallis . Team Eugene . Bend . Albany . Salem . . . Springfield . . Corvallis . . lacked the size it has known in previous years, it was one of the hardest driving and hitting outfits in the state. Many an opposing back has wondered, "what hit me?" after being thrown to the ground, none too gently, by Sanot, Scott, Doerfler, Haight, Webb or Montgomery, and woe be to him that was unfortunate enough to be greeted by this complete aggregation upon his entrance into Blue and Gold territory. The line was somewhat impaired by injury, the most noteworthy being the broken arm Ed Clark suffered in the Lebanon game. Although Ed wore his cast throughout the entire remaining football season, he was able to resume his duty as extra point booter-plaster of paris and all. Johnny Wilbur and Jim Harrison did an admirable job of filling Ed's shoes at the center spot in the line. -' , Although the Bulldogs did not go to the state playoff this year, the adult supporters of which there were many, and the students were very well pleased with Coach Czech's boys and the showing they made. 6-7 . 32-6 . 12-26 . 20-6 . 7-12 . 12-6 . 20-13 . 18-12 L Pct. PF PA 1 .750 76 4-5 1 .667 37 39 2 .600 69 69 2 .600 91 66 3 .250 66 72 4 .200 78 96 .1.,,,.Y 77 Y WMV A Y --- -af-1 -+1 -1 -4- -al.: 1- at-rvfr-'-f.Wf q.,:.:-.Q-,W : 7' G 5 fi H it - X v- " i , 1 1 - First Row: Se Frank Burford Bill Scott Manager Ralph Babcock Larry Larios John Wilbur Bill Parrett Buzz Bates, Manager Mike Santo Jerry Boyd, Trainer Merle Montgomery Dave Durr . cond Row: Andy Knutson Coach Lyle Bain, Physician I im Harrison Jerry Westbrook Bill Hogg Buck Chaney Third Row: Gene Webb Harry Edwards Bon Hall I. R. Stamps Coach Dick Grill Larry Mishler Doy Gatlin J im Harrison Ed Clark Gary Strunk Gene Fisher Bun Doerfler Claris Poppert Chuck Kerr, Coach Art Coffey Ernie Smith - Stan Czech, Coach David Shelby hn " X. 5. mlx 5 V N E , F' K., 9 Yin 'NW i wi 0 1 1 J R V - U I me A gm-.9 ,x H38 -11" if A., "1 1 . f 13 'Z if 1. -- 3. ff I Q-:N 'Vf'V ' , AA' a 535 - . 5 f ,! SP ff w 'R fa , I Y,-XJJLVK i , , 1- P . if :V 'V P, .1 A ' , 'Y .arm m hh' lie. M . l Is. ,gg I Q3 xv 4 1 ,fy l R ve. 'ml 4' 3g k f C BILL PARRETI' Sr. Quarterback R. STAMPS Sr. End , ' . -af 3 R .1 - I Y K LARRY LARIOS AJ Sr. Halfback Y Sr Fuubuck ' " ea 0 J LARRY MISHLER C Xa L J LE ROY BABCOCK Sr. Fullback ,sv Pc sTRuNK J . Halfbock JN T fijoov GATLIN . ' My rr- J . :fb ,N pf 'A Jr Ha 0 A .1 RON HALL J " '- Jr. End ED CLARK Sr. Center DAVE DURR Sr. Guard EUGENE WEBB Jr. Tackle MIKE Sr. Guard V w N. ' ' ll J l, . fl l l DU WAYNE HAIGHT Sr. Tackle BILL COTl' l Sr Tackle F JOHN WILBUR T Sr. Center BUN DOERFLE Jr. Tackle ' QBM5' GARY TORGESON Sr. Tackle K., S ll Es ll -I K' " FGUTBALL I E? 7 Fronf Row: John Rawdon, Henry Kelsdever, Jim Blazier, Richard Fish er, Clyde Forney, Ron Reeser, Bruce Lelhin, Ben Smith, Deon Pockar , Don Cross. Second Row: Doc Bain, Coach Drynan, Ray Derroh, David Fisher, LaVerne Bradley, Tom Hogg, Ray Fisher, Bill Johnson, Casebeir, Bruce Johnslone, Eugene Fisher, Richard Grill, Coach Kerr. Third Row: Ernie Smilh, Tom Boennighausen, George Rhodaba , Dave Shelby, Neil Causbie, John Caihey, Kenton Thielan, Raymond Miller, Ralph Harrison. My 'Bi BA KETBALL if ' F 2 4 .. - - ' A fi Front Row: Arnold Denton, Bob Dixon, Tom Boennighausen, Tom Hogg, Ray Derroh, Frank Burford, Coach Knudsen. Second Row: Doy Gailin, Richard Fisher, Dick Moore, Dean Sorenson, Jack Weiss, Junior Florke. Third Row: Claris Popperl, Kenton Thielen, Dave Shelby, Ari Haas, Gene Webb. M BA KETBALL svyslyl 9-'Wir tau, ' e 51-1952 Basketball season at Albany High was one mof est we have ever had. on Brennenman was the high scorer for the season with 320 points followed by Eugene Kutsch with 306 points, a Captain Dick Forster with 24-7 points. Alba was the District 7, Eastern Division champions b t t e championship game to Corvallis in the tourna- t. In Big Six play Albany was in a three-way tie for ird place with Bend and Springfield. In the previous two years Albany won only three basket- ball games while losing all the rest. This year they have taken a big step. During the season they beat many of the teams that went to the state tournament. They have a 15-8 win and loss record. E lMm'MW' J. R. Stamps, Ron Hall, Eugene Kulsch, Bob Morris, Neil Cousbie, Bob Decker, Dick Boennighausen, Bill Sim, Couch Carden Kneeling: Claris Poppert, Larry Mishler, Don Brennenmun, Dick Forster, Bill Pnrrett, Tommy Dorsing, Harold Pontius One of the highlights of the season was Albany's over- time defeat of Springfield. This was made possible by a free shot by Tom Dorsing in the last seconds of the game. Albany went on in that overtime to win by a nice margin. Another peak of excitement was Don Brennenman's 34- points during the Bend-Albany game. This was the most points scored by a single player in one game. i Graduating seniors this year are-Dick Forster, Don Brennenman, Gene Kutsch, Bill Sim, Bill Parrett, Bob Morris, Tom Dorsing, Dick Boennighausen. This leaves only three returning lettermen-Neil Causbie, first string center, Harold Pontius, reserve guard, and Ron Hall, re- serve center. SCHEDULE Albany 56, McMinnville 67 Albany 4-6, Salem 58 Albany 30, Springfield 32 Albany 56, Salem 74- Albany 61, Springfield 56 Albany 60, Eugene 69 Albany 56, Redmond 44- Albany 56, Eugene 74- Albany 4-7, Prineville 33 Albany 73, Bend 63 Albany 52, Toledo 25 Albany 70, Bend 61 Albany 4-1, Toledo 36 Albany 64, Sweet Home 46 Albany 55, Newport 31 Albany 56, Sweet Home 38 Albany 50, Hillsboro 35 Albany 53, Lebanon 51 Albany 4-4, Corvallis 54- Albany 76, Lebanon 67 Albany 53, Corvallis 39 DISTRICT PLAY-OFF Albany 52, Newport 4-3 Albany 51, Corvallis 63 F. E 5 , , R xn"i8A ' sf Q 1 .fx Q 5 1 QC V! A' 5' 1 I! 1 J, ,IH Q. X fi ,4 NX 5 f M 48311 BX nhl 2 1 1 X V , , A S . , , Lg, 4, L 1 N if Ligy' J, an X, L' BILL PARRETTI f Senior Forward Wir, .' .IMI -' fri' R f I ' 11 NN DON Senior Guard NEIL CAUSBIE I I If IL Junior Center-Forward I 'T I , - W.-Q , II 5 I R , I Iv I' I II jf? Jil" Z, , XIX I L I - 3 DICK FORSTER E - I ' Senior Guard QPR 5 J, n I f . ' GENE KUTSCH ' I Q Senior Forward . x' E I 5,3 gif? .Q Of- I fi? I 1' Senior Forward I BILL SIM I X. x. A A I uv I ' ly HAROLD PONTIUS I Junior Guard RON HALL ug? I .Iunior Center '1 K' If I I I N, TOMMY DoRsING , 1A ' Senior Guard I lik' . 55'-'L I Bos MORRIS ' - Senior Center-Forward L I' Q L ES ' L DICK soENNIoI-IAusEN A X Senior Guard Q Q 4 If Albany High School Athletic Department WRESTLING The wrestling team, under Mr. Drynan, has done very well this year considering the competition they were up against. They compiled a win over the tough Lebanon squad and then lost to them in the second match by a very close margin. In Big Six this year, Albany came in a close second to the mighty Salem squad. Five of our men placed as first and many others placed on downs. In the, district meet, our boys came in third behind Salem and Lebanon. Big Bill Scott had Albany's only first place and Don Reeves, Jim Kerr, John Newton and Sherman Grate all had seconds. All of the Albany grapplers who placed first, second, third or fourth in the district journeyed to Corvallis for the state meet. Don Reeves was the only man to place. He grunted and growled his way to a third in state which is very good con- sidering that he is just a Junior. All in all Albany's squad and Mr. Drynan are to be congratulated on their achievement. WRE STLING SCHEDULE Date School ' Place January 3 Thursday Dallas Albany January 7 Monday Canby, Albany January 9 Wedriesday Salem Salem January 14' Monday Corvallis Albany January 21 Monday Corvallis Corvallis January 24- Thursday Springfield Springfield January 28 Monday Lebanon Albany February .44 Monday Lebanon Lebanon February 7 Thursday Springfield Albany February 13 Wednesday Big 6 Meet Springfield February 14- Thursday Big 6 Meet Springfield February 20 Wednesday Dist. Meet Albany February 21 Thursday Dist. Meet Albany February 29 Friday State Meet Corvallis March 1 Saturday State Meet Corvallis Y ' GROAN CREW 'xv 2 W fs if -Q " ' ' :' ' ' 'X I 1' N- in Q I 'Qi BA E BALL April 29-Sweet Home at Albany one game May 2-Corvallis at Albany . May 6-Salem at Salem . . . May 10-Eugene at Eugene . . May 15-8 A-1 and 8 A-2 Play-offs SCHEDULE March 28-Grant of Portland at Portland ....... two games April 4--Sweet Home at Sweet Home .... . one game April 8-Eugene at Albany . . . one game April 11-Bend at Bend .... two games . April 15-Corvallis at Corvallis . one game April 18-Salem at Albany . . . one game April 22-Lebanon at Lebanon . one game April 25-Lebanon at Albany . . one game . one game one game one game May 22-State Play-offs COACH KERR Coach Kerr came to Albany from up the river, from Halsey that is. He received his training in baseball from the aca- demic standpoint at Oregon State College in Corvallis. VVhile in college he played baseball under the versatile Ralph Coleman. Coach 'Kerr also served in the Marines for a period of time and while in the service he also man- aged to play occasionally. All in all he came to Albany a very experienced and capable coach. Albany High fielded a very strong baseball team for the 1951-1952 school year, with the possible exception of the pitching staff which lacked experience and a strong leader. However, the pitchers probably had more of a will to win than any other group on the team and they literally threw their hearts out. The opening games with Grant of Portland, last year's state champs, were a good example of the spirit of the Albany team. Although they lost the first game, the boys came back to win the second by a 4--to-1 margin. This would not have been possible except for the excellent pitch- ing job by Ernie Smith. LeRoy Babcock leaned heavy on the big stick for Albany in that opening game and brought home the first round trip of the year. The hickory kissed the horsehide so high, wide, and handsome that Grant High suffered the loss of one of the windows in the school building proper. Accord- This was the second team that Coach Kerr has fielded at Albany High and it had all the possibilities in the world for making the state tournament. As the annual goes to press Albany is just leaving the alma mater to journey to Sweet Home for the first clash with the Huskies. Here's wishing the coach and the boys the best of luck and congratulations on their successes in the future. ing to all sources this is one of the longest hits in the his- tory of the Grant field. Coach Kerr has one of the scrappiest infields in the state. The fellows had a lot of the "old fire", and they knew what they were out there to do and how to do it. The outfielders discharged their fly catching duties with smoothness and accuracy. They also provided a good last stop for the few infield errors that did occur. The interdependence of the outfield and infield was exemplified in the boys' choice for team captain when they picked as co-captains Infielder Don Brennenman and Outfielder Bill Parrett, both letter- men and valuable players as well as good sportsmen. "Babe", besides being able to lean heavy on the bat, saved the dy many times with his beautiful throws to sec- ond and his immobility at the plate in case of a steal home. The Rock of Gibraltar had nothing on him. -9 4 I 1 1 1 i 1 '.'5r15g,'yQ-r-','- :H 'Z' -,2,--K, " --' Standing: Coach Kerr, LeRoy Babcock, Bob Andrews, Dick Forster, Ron Hall, Dave Shelby, Bill Parrett, J. R. Stamps, Ernie Smith, Steve Cox, Coach Czech Kneeling: Jack Sease, Jack Weiss, Frankie Burford, Ray Derrah, Ed Kohout, Doy Gatlin, Don Brennenman, Gary Torgeson, Manager Dick Fisher W. AND BALL B OY C0-Cqpfging Ye-Old-bCICkSfOp Don Brennenman LeRoy Babcock Bill Parreft Q ,QB WW' in 'I ,-119' ,gy . The Hurling Sfaff Ed Kohouf, Steve Cox, Ernie Smith, Bob Andrews, Ron Hall, and Gary Torgeson . f ,, Q! V 9'-1 'H' 2 ,, i if :ir f we 9 ,,, , V H.-5 AY B M f f iv f , ,J '.,. Y-...- A 3 ,, ing B K ,' L 47- ., L -. 49 ' P 42 " . Mg, ' A-I XR U , 1 , I A , - H !'-- 1- ,-3' 'Q X Q 'X ' 1 . X. , H u-. 42 ,, r " ' i in QE S2'7:i'? he- azfmbkgvsi . .r. ..e -af f - ,. few-. . u 1 The Diamond Boys Genflemen ofthe Outer Regions Jack Sease, Frankie Burford, J. R, Sfamps, Dave Gary Torgeson, Bill Parrett, Dick Forster Shelby, Don Brennenman, Ray Derrah, Jack Weise and Doy Gatlin 11- 1 GLF Back Row: Dean Christensen, Dick Reimers, Ed Clark. Front Row: Dick Renn, Jim Harrison, Bill McCallum. Dick Riemers, Dick Renn, Ed Clark are the top three men on the golf team which is composed of six fellows of which four are lettermen. The golf team putts against all the schools in the Big 6 ex- cept Springfield and Bend, whose places are taken by University High and Cottage Grove. The team took seventh in the State last year, and they hope to place higher this year. Coach Buchanan played in college and also in amateur tournaments. CROSS-COU TRY 5 E i . t . 1 is Q t Q , . .gs -Z ,Q xd.-. A sl Back Row: Dick Harper, Dick Hopeman, Frank Belzer, Jack Thurber, Louis Florke, Ronald Dittmer. Front Row: Coach Carden, Bob Webber, Bob Drynan, Jim Tapper, Jim Wilber, Bobby Brown, Dick Morss, John Barrett, lvul Williams, manager. The Cross-Country team, coached by Lee Carden, ran many meets this past fall. They ran the home meets in Bryants Park and those away from school in everything from tracks to cow pastures. The team did rather well in that they got a third in the State. Dick Morss brought home this honor. Morss, Dittmer, Webber, and Gil Morse were the fellows who most consistently placed in the top spaces in the various meets in which Albany participated. TRACK . -' , 'J y ,. . by , , t ., li. 1' 1 i '., i ' .1- 'fifff .,, , ' ' . tx in --' i-.2 . . . Ui fi. . .- 43,51 "gl 'N 'I it , J w 1' ' A -A ' '1 'l 5 -.4 ' 44023 xfbrsfiv' ' l if if .s?iAQe,3i-:Fi F, r . . . fi -U - iTc?ffF.1.5i:-virtfv . 3 ' tiff - 5 . Fr I . girls' w Ml!! " ht if il- V ii .' , 'iii ' ' V -,A "', in I We know that Albany's track team should be pretty good this year although it's hard to tell this early in the season. There are very few lettermen back this year which makes it difficult to predict results on past records of an individual. However, there are a number of freshmen and sophomores coming up that look very good. Albany should place high in the district and Big Six meets this year. A few of the boys are almost certain to take the trip to the state meet. So far in the season, Bill Scott has been winning consistently in the shotput. Bob Morris has looked very good in both high and low hurdles, in fact he is one of the hardest men in the state to beat. Harold Pontius, a junior, has shown a good deal of promise as a sprinter. While the Bulldogs have eight returning lettermen, the only returning record holders are Bob Morris, who has a rec- ord in low hurdles and one in relay, and Dave Durr, who also holds a recorrl in the relay. Coach Drynan, an old track man himself, seems to always turn out a good team regardless of the material he has. This year's team was no exception to that old adage. , ,was . P. - it s ' , -, -Y ' ff v:'T-' 25, 1 ' "'1f- ICT-'f ' :'I7 Y 1 B . . . . 51.2391-'Al i X' ' -he Q, H 1 Jw' SH 4 :V Tug-4 L ' - -' 1- e :ht,,:.5 1 faf,,,d,,,flg.'e:gg1L,"'l'-L '-I get 5- ,t gr - s s -. .r,,.2w- u .. - 4- 14-,,....d.,f ., r . - f N wt it it - mmrxsfe'-F'24?:-A V ,', S " ' N , , ,, ll . M' w' t ' .'-wr : it " is ffsifsa... J . 5245112125 ' ez r :ue Kneeling: Dan Casebier, Don Gregory, Bob Dixon, Dave Fisher, Bob Webber, Dick Morss. Middle Row: Coach Drynan, Dave Young, Bun Doerfler, Bill Scott, Dave Durr, Bob Morris, Larry Mishler, Jack Thurber, Jerry Westbrook, Ronald Dittmer, Dick Harper, Jerry Boyd, Coach Edwards. Back Row: Jim Rube, Dick Moore, John Cathy, Ed Reeser, Gene Webb, Gene Kutsch, Bob Kelley, Dick Hopeman, George Rhodeback, Bill Johnston, Jim Wilber, Franklin Rider, Bob Drynan, Don Luther. IAVELIN DISCUS SHUT PUT HIGH HURDLES f,1wV:1'g,1', ' . M I , , LOWVHURDLES SPRINT - ? I MILE 880 4440 g1 vw' April 1 April 5 April 8 April 10 April 15 April 19 April 22 April 25 April 29 May 2 May 7 May 9 May 13 May 16 May 17 May 21 SCHEDULE Lebanon Cpractice meetj ....... Willamette University Relays . Salem ......... Stayton . . . . . Lebanon . . . Hayward Relays . Make-up Meets . . Springiield . . Sweet Home ...... Corvallis . . X .... . District Meet Cpreliminariesj . District Meet Qfinalsj . . . Big 6 Junior Meet . . State Meet . . . State Meet . Big 6 Meet . Albany Salem Albany Albany Albany Eugene Albany Albany Albany Corvallis Corvallis Albany Corvallis Corvallis . Salem Mrs. Hurdt, Mrs. Parent. As president of G. A. A. Jane Lowell heads the list of Olive Branchers. She was chosen for her athletic ability in all sports and her outstanding leadership in G. A. A. Although she is fond of all forms of exercise, Janie lists basketball as her favorite sport. Previous to being president Janie was sergeant-at-arms her Junior year and has always been an active participator in athletic activities. Margie Williamson, the second Olive Brancher, was intramural manager this year. Margie is very active in all sports and has proven her ability in ping pong by being champion last year and this year. Margie has had a big job with intramurals this year, and has done an excellent job. Friendly Betty Stellmacher has contributed much to this G. A. A. year as vice-president. She also worked diligently as chairman of the annual spinster skip, which proved to be a huge success. Betty has been very active in intra- murals this year and chooses basketball as her favorite sport. In her spare time Betty takes part in 4-H and also plays in the band. Last, but certainly not least, Arta Ohling was chosen for her ability and leadership.. She has been active on many committees and is always willing to help wherever she is needed. Last year she served as basketball manager. When Arta isn't spending her time working on the annual, of which she is editor, she is active in Honor Society, Quill and Scroll, Booster Club, and church activities. .A.A. The Girls' Athletic Association has been very successful this year under the leadership and guidance of Mrs. Parent and Mrs. Hardt. This is Mrs. Parent's second year as P. E. teacher and G. A. A. advisor. She has been a swell friend as well as teacher to the girls with her kind and under- standing attitude. As well as being G. A. A. advisor, Mrs. Parent has been kept more than busy with being Junior class advisor and Dean of Girls. We are looking forward to seeing this Pacific University graduate again next year. Pert and neat, Mrs. Hardt made her first appearance in Albany High this year as P. E. teacher. She hailed from Lewis and Clark College in Portland where she was gradu- ated last year. Mrs. Hardt has won the hearts of all the students with her sparkling personality and her willing- ness to help wherever she is needed. - Mrs. Hardt also instructs the Girls' Modern Dance class, which she organized this year. She also served as faculty advisor to the Annual G. A. A. reversal dance. The Pow- Wow. We hope to see her "around" again next year. Arta Ohling, Jane Lowell, Margie Williamson, Betty Stellmncher l S G.A.A. 'i:l,gQggL'.ig-.p.-f.1p W ' ii i ' A 34'fii?4f". ..ff9 gg l ' P f- 4 The Girls' Athletic Association, composed of ap- proximately seventy-five girls is one of the most active and spirited in the school. Besides sponsor- ing intramural sports such as basketball, softball, volleyball, and ping-pong. They also credit girls who participate in sports outside of school such as A skating, skiing, hiking, and tennis. In order to raise money for the annual beach party and the Spinster Skip, the girls had con- cessions at both football and basketball games. The beach party which was held in the spring is an annual affair for G.A.A. members. They traverse by school bus to some coastal point of interest and spend the day playing and eating. The Spinster Skip, Albany's annual reversal ball, one of the most popular dances of the year, created its usual flurry of date getting, corsage making, and dance trading activities on the part of the girls. This provides a fine finish to the year. G.A.A. COU CIL l 1. s,iQg,,,fj - , .3'.t.i.,l , ,, .swiv- ' ' V , 2-.1 l Q , , fig Back Row: Shirley Dow, Connie MacDougal, Beverly Reeser, Dee Ann Williams, Charlotte Weatherford, Shirley Fintell, Shirley Huffman, Mary Jenks, Carolyn Sheppard. Second Row: Lois Smith, Donna Slavens, Beverly Pepper, Pat Burkhart, Valrene Faulkner, Alta Sioblom, Pat Lambrecht, Marie Grant, Betty Bates. Front Row: Mrs. Parent, Adviser, Mariorie Williamson, lntermural Manager, Charlene Venard, Sergeant-at-Arms, Betty Stellmacher, Vice-Presidentg Jane Lowell, President: Lola Ridenour, Secretary, Delores Shortridge, Treasurer, and Mrs. Hardt, Adviser. T"-xx 5 5 M ft "fri, N and PGOD f Y 4eT10N HERE I F va -..n:,fcz1, ff? , ,.- ,V N, , S? 'Q .. A A V , -my , .-. 2-vc" . . ' - f"'i'yE .v Y ' ' 'QW ,' ' u. L 2.-.gifs U, 1 ff' L' Q . "" f E 1, '- Wh- A '.wf,'-.,:r'! F :V V, -' 'fsab IAA, f-- 1, f V. t ,.,., r dl L." ' .- uiiw. -r ' , w N i 1 .V Y 4 X' X lx FMLQQV Q ' wffffy W Z 5256232 w, is R fx QF Pk - . Q, 45553 ALBANY? LEADING BUSINE S SE S The business houses listed on the following four pages are the people who make our annual dreams a reality. They provide the financial backing that is so neces- sary during these times of rising prices. We of the staff are exceedingly grateful to them for their support. . The list has not been compiled according to amount given or to the time at which the contribution was made. We urge the members of the Student Body to support these businesses who so generously have supported us. AR-EL HAMBURGERS W. M. FOLEY JEWELER FISHER FUNERAL HOME ' 9th AND ELM MARKET ALBANY PRINTING COMPANY SUNRISE GROOERY DR, ENDICOTT , DR. JENSEN OUMMINGS TRANSFER SKATEWAY ROLLER RINK SCHAHPF BROTHERS TOWN AND COUNTRY LADIES SHOP SPUDNUT SHOP BLAIN'S CLOTHING COMPANY PIOTSWEET FOODS PIERCE FREIGHT LINES LINN PLYWOOD Sz DOOR, INC. ALBANY WRECKING COMPANY' MODERN ACRES MOTEL WARREN'S SHOP CIVIC MINDED BUSINESSES . BROWN AUTO COMPANY BLACKBURN'S JEWELRY VINCE BARRETT'S SPORT SHOP f I VVES COOK'S SALES AND SERVICE n WAGNER-VVILLIAM'S SHELL SERVICE STATION SNOW PEAK DAIRY FREDRICKSON FUNERAL HOME FISHER PHOTOGRAPHS STATE FARM INSURANCE BOWMAN WILLYS DEALER BILL'S SPORT SHOP DONAHUE MOTORS COPELAND LUMRER COMPANY DEMOCRAT-HERALD LUPERIS MUSIC STORE ' MURPHY'S PAINT SHOP FRANK TAYLOR sz SON KAMPFEIFS APPLIANCE AND SHOPPING CENTER ALBANY LAUNDRY J. E. HYATT LAMMER'S PHARMACY POP'S CAFE MCKNIGHT E CO., LITHOPRINTERS QUR FRIENDLY FINANCIERS DEWITTS DRIVE-IN MARKET REID'S VETERINARY HOSPITAL HOWARD-COOPER CORPORATION DICKSON'S CORRAL LOWELL SEATON BUILDING SUPPLIES FISHER IMPLEMENT COMPANY WILLAIVIETTE TRACTOR COMPANY J. 85 E. HI-WAY MARKET WILLAMETTE MOTEL VOLLSTEDT'S GREEN THUMB MARCO POLO MOTEL STATE MOTEL RED CROWN FEED MILLS HAMMOND LUMBER COMPANY BOB 8a WARREN'S ASSOCIATED SERVICE STATION LEE'S CAMERA SHOP FRAGEPCS FURNITURE STORE WEATHERFORD 85 THOMPSON FRENCH'S JEWELRY STORE MASON'S DRUG STORE MOUNTAIN STATES POWER COMPANY TIMBER AND CASCADE ROOMS KESSEY'S FLOWERS 1 B955-!yI.L ,ULIZDQG BACKERS wxwbfgm QQLM' W .11 Qhwlli F 2 O2 if-D2 N555-5? ALBANY PROPANE GAS , U MITCHELL UPHOLSTERY A ERRY'S MOBIL ,SERVICE STATION DAVE EPPS FURNITURE HOFFMAN SERVICE STATION . b MARS BEAUTY SALON ROY B. CLUNES, OPTOMETRIST . LOVELACE FLORAL COMPANY J. C. PENNEY COMPANY P. AND H. MACHINE ,WORKS G. L. JORDAN, OSTEOPATHIC PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON CAUSBIE AGENCIES, REALTORS FRED BRALY REAL ESTATE MITZI-GRAY BEAUTY SALON PARKER AND SMITH, REALTORS HUB CLEANERS RAVVLINGS STATIONERY AND PRINTING COMPANY A ST. FRANCIS HOTEL GREATER OREGON NORIVFS ICE CREAM SHOP THE SPORTSMAN BALL STUDIO HOLLIS C. HULL, J EVVELER MONTGOMERY WARD . V , . :' I .R Y ri V+ , , H 1, M 1 ff A ,M M A KM 1.4! .34 . iw MQ PM .zazlinyffjww W' W Mao H My SM xg Xi QMWWW Sm 7 is 1 f WmWSf .xx MMQ N P , L 1 A i W '4 f? fs, . l fdwjwgfy ii iw ? N ' Y W S535 'Nl ix S f ., M' 4.4 Q Y . 'I 339952 s Q g 1 fix ek 5 My TS..-3l Xi ,Dfmffff'f,H,qfQ9'NW his X '2' if 0 we M1 if W L-L-ff gL,f., 1,. f' .Aw Qyfywyy pf' J- f QQ 5 'A !1 Q f x ""' Q mamm N ' f , his 0678? fl? 1 Q , , I Q gl a SQA gy A V ' XX' 152 P. . f .Ziff . K CF QR iff-2 if 5253 Q A 2' 1 ' Qgiwy A ' ' ,4 ,J -f - . if ' . ' A1 b U. I, W Q., 1 V P l ff' 25,1 L "" ff E Q ' 40qf3f:if,1 0 A f X gf H ,. , I K 'VA' MJUA' , J ff,'U -1, W A ,gg - M - , - -"' b , -A fhyl ,fe ik' L it 7, D, . r Lv X Hx ,1 5 f f D ML M AM Q .I . I". 2, 35 Q, in 1. X A 'I' 1 'A ' 'f Q fb P L x ' 0 Fw QA M Yi- i ' Q Q Q50 Q4 wx 'G 3ff" J f- A . fri .KV :af Y" ' D57 utah ,s a ge S , ' 5 N j iv e 4 M, Q-f Q 39531 f L' 5 M R r W' M Q 49+ f1 . ii fm X - X ig- 1 Q ' 1 f w, -' 1 '?"f ' M , 1 I , 'TL' ffl' 1 K J f 0 ip-1 F f , '22, ' , Tis. f ' l , ,,.- ,QS lg I Q -W Pj 'I i ' ft? A X E55' f' .5 " N T X - ff -fl ' q QQ J . - k .A W.W A , "w -- 52fm,a2fzp f - 'S 0,9 1 2 'F i 'X 'MT' Q Q f ' - ' If if 4 5" -L ff, M , SZ , , Mm- z.. -'Q --., -.z44.U..,,g,,:A.,,Q-, V.,-,L .L-- 1 ---, 1--W. . . f. -3-ev,-fu L-.1.n,.,.:.- Arm- .-,- - ..'. f- , -.,: H.. ,. ,NJA f. L,-. ., .. . .-.. , . ., M . ., -. ,. -.2,1fQ'f11 V- Vi-f:1?E3?L2tg'1c:: 5 . V:-'ff-144'-fw',w171g:fr"-LQ:-1,1-j:'1'-Wy I7:'-,-'5:.":5:-1'-'wir'--If15'12:s?LfE:5ifgivf-2:51:52-g1i3w'.'.-.3"'f,w'1-4- 331

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