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 - Class of 1951

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Albany Union High School - Whirlwind Yearbook (Albany, OR) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Cover

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x I f i K QA ' I A 'f L f V ' . ,, xi- 4 . f ' D.,-gy 'xl X -,A .. uf , fx 'Q , ,lg ' NLM I A ,Lx 61 ' Y' . i . ,'Y 'G ,n in M , D 'A Q 4 E fkh ia, -44 46 ki V ,,b'l , -X V,f 15 I A n 'f N 1 I ' , N i U, Wm-vv Q ANN, fb X, N fx Q59 f X K 9x Q .X ff . f ,f 51:3 'x Px x E x 5X . , Q 4 X ' 'r ' w Q., ' 1 XX 1 I 7 X 'Q al, f X ' XA N sl I X X, x ' ky X .f 7- hx .fl-W N In ,ul ,fd J 2 sy Ml fig f'fv:num ' ' Y W fx F XX, N Y m QR V .ng X' 47 M my ,J ':? fr .,'. if - K 5f ' ,4-..-14 -..-,.J' , -A - ',' - if , 'iii' 1355 N ...4-v ff.. aux I' f? ld 3 O 5 BEEF -f H Qnuc, ix J A Q X I r W M ' X W D X I l ' vu N ' h 0 ' -F I V M 4 QM ' .M 4 9 S X X f l f I 5 2 'fa V f ' :I fig Q. ' 5 f ' f X., ,, X, J Z E X: WSELVQET, 15 Xiifizxd 'Ha Y ia, 5 , ww - . xx.. 5 'U 454 f x xx ff' ' 'A' Z x J K ffsw32i'gg1, yffjfgff-J Rm -fixff-ji k K 'N 1 W 0' Q f ff , ff cf g I -Z1 X 't- XXXNJ' Q 2 f flfh X fx N 5 ,, 1 C N 1 -K x f- ff f i ff if ' f J dx. f-N 9'! fiffx X fxfwwxj af THE lQ5l NVH I RLWIEND 3 . I UITIISIICLI ASSOCIATED STUDENT BODY ,fXl.BANY HK il I SCHOOL Axlllilllbl ibfijgllll CLS. - - - EJ' 6 lcatlon Mr W H Dolmyef To Nlr Dolymer who was admxred by all the students who worked wxth hxm thls lnnual IS dedxcated Mr D was always mterested nn the smallest problems of all 1 e student body 'Ihe srudenrs of Albany Hxgh were glad to see Mr Dolymer go on to a better posmon but mr xurhout 21 small rwmge of partmg pam Thx dednmuon IS a token of our great adm1rat1of1 D A . 0 . , , K Q' ,, , Fix- v , , Big ,fy . up 'x , , 7, , , . ,. 'w H 5 4 - 7 v .. A I A A , 4 X ' ' ' I -ff Z.. ' :L+ , lifyl err.: ,f .:,. ' . ' ' U O O fs-', ' M 1 rl r' l r . . r lldxtor m Ch1ef Ass1stant Edrtor Btrsxness Staff Senror Edxtors lunror Echtors Sophomore Echtors ACIIVIUCS Edxtors Poxs Sports Eclxtors G1rls Sports Eclltors Artlst T v ts nnual Staff MCCammon Mr Wllll3mS Cub Sexton Arta Ohlmg Dlck Drushella Phylhs Carrxclc Charlotte Weatherford Vxrgmxa Looney Marcla Spiegel Kay Isom Don MacDonald Florence XY'oodworth janet Stapleton Sharon Casey Lola Rxdenour Ehnor Coleman Carleen ohnston Charles Reynolds jeff Lay Bob Crocker Marianne M1chele Nancy Ixeuschvs ander Jack Schrader Donna Slavens Alrce Kropp joan LaChance INI. - l A Organization Editors ..,,,.,.....,,.,.,.,,..,,.,,,................. leila Dehm l 'jul is ,Y..,.,.,,t,,,.,,,a,,t,,,,,t,t,,,,,,lt,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,A,,,, . awww? W, If Y Z? W y 'dd 4 1' I' . X1 Xx'-E t J A515 f ' k f' ' M gf-'23, ir A 81' - liz' ' A I X r fifflf X I ,, u X f f JM ' ll oar D1fCCtOTS From left to right John Bucknum tC1erkJ Orvil Wiseman I R Halseth fSuDt of Abany Schoolsl George Nissen Ralph Benton lCha1rmanJ Ben Pharis James Weatherford All of the affaxrs concernmg the govermng of the schools nn Dnstnct 5 are handled by the Board of Dnrectors They are the men who are responsnble for the well constructed system of educatxon facxlmes that are avaxlable to the youth of Albany and the sur roundmg terrltory The major problem thls year was the nature of the school system unnon or consolxdatnon The Board of Dlrectors spent many evemngs studynng the problem m order to arnve at a satnsfactory solutxon To thns group of unpand cxvxc mmded leaders all the students tn the Albany school system are nn debted They make th1s splendld free edu canon possxble and practlcal fl of X : : : . . . l I upermten ent 0 c oo s 4.3 ui N5 'Ss M l R Halsetla Ixexer have our schools been more xmportant to the welfare of the natxon and the world than today They are undoubtedly the greatest weapon rn the world for mam tarnmg peace nn these troubled days Russu fears the education our youth recenve nn our schools more than she fears our A bomb or our H bomb' The rugged Sovret bear does not want an educated publrc because an educated cmzenry THINKS And Russia fears a THINKING cmzen who cannot be molded mto a mechamcal cog nn the commumst wheel of state It then behooves us the ones who realxze the nmportance of educatnon as a factor m brmgmg order out of the chaos whlch ex rsts around us nn the begmnmg of the Atomrc age to direct every ounce of our strength and courage and effort toward the fmal vnctory of a clear thmkmg honest l1v mg people over the confusron that rs com munxsm Let each of us then as he goes out to face the world of tomorrow dedxcate hxmself to the cause of educatnon and enlxghten ment and promxse hlmself that he wnll be on the alert constantly to counteract the subverslve elements of communrsm and pro mote the cause of educatron rn the hope of perpetuatlng the peace we love x S OLIISC LW'-wi Q N I N ,A L c , Qld 517.3 .. 'l 'l K T I'. . . 1 , , , , ' ' 1 . D I Aa V . . - A i , 541 . . . . . . , , , 7 1 ' 3 , rhuipa cJPlgb,Scbo0 A E Panwr The 1951 Whnrlwrnd whrch records for you the actrvxtres of the past school year I s representatne of the fine work bezng done by the students of Albany Senror Hugh Fub Sexton and the entrre staff are to be congratulated for rts qualrty Mr Perrr Mr McCammon and Mr W1ll1ams deserve our gratrtude for therr patlence and trmeless effort as adwrser of the annual strff lhrs has been a busy year for all of us but tt has also been pleasant and profxtable nn terms of learmng experrences l hase smterely enloved workmg wrth the fme Student Body of Al bany Senror Hugh and wtsh them all the success and happlness I rnow they deserxe City Pltysical Education Directtar M Clyde Nlartm Mr. Martin, city co-ordinator for physical education and health, is responsible for the smooth opera- tion of these classes in all Albany schools. He works at all the schools in A1- bany, including the grade schools, to obtain a well balanced program of health and physical education Mr Martin tries to help all the students and the teachers enjoy these classes uslness and P Relatlons The position of Business and T iblxc Relations was created this yeai and Mr Bucknum is well fitted for it being experienced in radio and press work Mr Bucknum is in charge of the press radio and photographic pub licnty that is released conce ning school affairs meetings to explain the objec tves of the Albany School System also 'Q F' Jolmn Buc 1111111 r. ' ' 1C He is available to appear at pitblic n . ,. all ., F . lily .. .K , I Mr. lt '5 MISS Wllma PCIICC MISS Dorotby Mlller Mr. Stanley Czecb C311 O OIIICH one of the schools most popular and most actnve faculty members She not only serves as advlsor to the Grrl s Federanon and the junior Class but she also teaches Sopho more and Junlor Engltsh Mxss Spence counsels the gurls rn subjects to be taken possible voca nons and problems deahng wnth school and home life P6013 E ucatlon Mrs Mrller wtth the asslstance of Mxss Bev erly Speer and Mnss Adanr supervrses Al banys specnal educanon Specnal Educauon mcludes the care of re tarded students and the supplymg of rn structors for students who are nll Mrs Mnller and her staff do an excellent job can of Men Coach Czech, Dean of Boys, ns to the fellows what Mlss Spence ns to the gnrls Mr Czech fills out entrance sltps and generally provndes the solution to the fellows educanonal and per sonal problems Along wnth these dutnes Mr Czech teaches Soclal Economtcs and ns advxsor to the junior Class fl' 'Wi A-.wi 4 E N K f Miss Spence, the Dean of Girls, is A. Faculty MISS IDA ANDERSON Enghsh Honor Soclety Advlser MR LEE CARDON Boy s Health and P E Basketball Cross Country Track Sophomore Class Advxser MISS BETHIN E BIGEJ Home Economlcs F H A AdV1Sef Boys Health and P E Wresthng Track MR ROBERT BUCHANAN Blology Movle Club Advlser MR TOM DRYNAN L Semor Class Advlser MISS HELEN DUMBECK Englxsh Semor Class Advlser -1--up-4 MISS LOIS BURRIS Typmg Bookkeeplng MR EUGENE FOREMAN Agmculture F F A Advlser A H S Paw MR ARNOLD HAGEN Social Economxcs Debate Hxgh C Advlser Debate Advxser Pep Band MISS MABEI. HOWARD Engllsh Spamsh Spanlsh Club Advlser Semor Class Play Dlrector MISS VIRGINIA HARPER Chemlstry Senlor Revxew Booster Club Advlser MRS NELLIE KELLEY Algebra Baslc Math Typmg Shorthand H1 Y Advlser Biology MR WENDELL HEINTZMAIN MR. CHARLES KERR B Football, Basebau ' li MISS BEI IY HOLMES Art Art Club Adviser U. S. History Football, B Basketba Associated Bulldogs MR. ANDY KNUDSEN ll A. Faculty MR. JAMES LUNN Physics, Geometry .l '9 G1rls Health and P E F 'SSX G A A Adviser Drivers Training MISS BETTY PARRISH MR BILL MCCAMMON History Whirlwind Adviser MR GEORGE PERRY Mechanical Drawing 'C' MR WILLIAM MICKELSON Industrial Art Production Shop MR WOODROW SARCHET Band Chorus Band Club Adviser MRS IRENE PARENT Girls Health and P E Sophomore Class Adviser 1 MISS VERON ICA TRACY Latin 2 Iuffgxi Attendance Recorder Home Economics 4. A H S Facuty MISS CLARA VOYEN Shorthand Transcrxptlon Bank Attendant MARGARET W Cafetena if MR LEO WALKER T8zI MR HAROLD WILLIAMS Engllsh Journalism Jumor Class Play Dlrector Llbrary Llbrary Club Advxser tu ent OUHC1 Back row B111 Parrett fJumor Presb James Pound tsophomore Presb Jxm Brrdgewattr fSemor Repr Wes Price iStudent Body Vice Presb Dick Drushella fSen1or Presb Hxeke Ohling fStudent Body Pres! Front row Jerome Kenagy idunior Rep? Gerald Westbrook fSODhOmOf6 Rep? Lorll Kenagy fStudent Treash Conme MacDouga1 iSophomore Repb Dee Ann W1ll18mS fSophomore Repl The students vorce nn Albany Hngh School government IS the student councnl Th1s group under the capable leadershrp of Student Body Presldent He1ke Ohhng Vrce Presrdent Wesley Prxce, Secretary Lorh Kenagy Treasurer Els1e Kay Colher, and adv1sors Mr Dolymer and Mr Palmer worked toward the mntlgatron of Ll1fllCL1lIlCS regardmg sthool actrvmes Thxs years student tountll d1str1 buted money and bought new equxpment lncludxng rx spot hght and a com changer The counc1l -fr' attempted to set up n new system of student conduct Thxs years set of ofhters led the stu dent body rn 1 hlghly successful year of aCt1x1t1es and scholastlc sc tombhshments tu ent 0 x resx ent Here ommg EW' cl ' it 53 ! xx Body Sec.J: Charlotte Nygren Humor Real: Alta Sjoblom 1Junior Rep.r: Elsie Kay Collier rstudent Body , 7 - lit . Q 5. . . .. M - ,f A . V I 4 l l . 6 1 L i . x f:I ' ax' PN 4 MMA 42 , . knkmsixqx -,, N906 X X '14 0' X J V ' f' 1 4 4 A'-- X I If 'X X X f ,M X -. - m S - ' ff . , -I . - , V f xy fy Jm vgqvfi ' ' K, V0 1 , , - P 452 A gc' , V , n 'gf' ' i ' ' 1 . , I .f - 4' 1 I KxXXiXk'Q tj-,--,..,.,. - in-V J 'A h ,Xxx I ,K ,-.---- A..Lf'.:fT K - 7 W. H- Af-Z-.L . lx ' enior ass Miss Dumb ck advisor Jim Bridgewater representative Earl Wlllard vice nresldent Dick Drushella peldent. Elinor Coleman ecretary Charlene Chllcote treasurer Mr Buchanan advisor Wxth the never dxe attltude of all sophomores the mlghty class of Sl entered Albany Hlgh wlth great confidence which stayed wlth them all their three yelrs They lmmedlately Cl3SS1f:lCd themselves as umque by electmg a glrl janet Buss 1rd to wleld the gavel as presxdent Durmg that year thelr successes IS x well or ganlzed class were many As untors Rlchle Wllbanks was chosen to rssue the orders The unlors placed thlrd ln the Chrlstmas Clothmg Dr1ve and the class acts Thelr play Pure As the Drrven Snow and the jumor Senlor Prom brought them many laurels Wlth much determlnatlon and new spark of llfe the Senlors began thelr btggest and mlghtlest year by electlng D1Ck Drushella to handle the yob as top executne Earl Wlllard served as vlce presldent Ellnor Coleman kept the mxnutes md Charlene Chllcote kept the books well balanced jlm Brrdgewater served as cllss representatxve Betng the smallest class dnd not hamper them ln thelr successes as thelr cl rss pl ty enny Klssed Me and the Chrlstmas Prom Santas Retgh proxed The Ch lstmas Clothmg Dr1ve brought forth an unbellevmg supply of clothes col lected to place them a mtghty first By golng lunchless the senlors donated 95193 for the March of Dlmes to elect Davsn Neuschwander and Bob Crocker as the Kmg and Queen of Hearts By tltelr splendxd class act they proved thelr talents by workmg together to vym thcms lves a hlgh place m the hrstory of Albany Htgh Senlor Vfeek and Skip Day proved to be fun and bullt lastmg memorzes for the c ass As th small but mnghty class of 51 leaye thelr Alma Mater they want to wlsh the succeedlng Senior classes all the success and happmess they have been pm: leged to experlence 5 , 3 ' ' . : . - ' 2 , rs : .s : , : . . 7 4 1 . 1 A 1 . 2 2 - J 7 I -I g - , Y . , L . 2 2. L' , . , r ' - - . Y v s- - . L . . L , v . in - ' Y . 3 Y , , , Y.. 1 uv- 3 L05 AU-LN um umm as 9 4: ,II LANE BRONSON HRELNNEMAN T' JLNE BLRLLIGH JANLT lil SSARD QQ! 'sv- SHARON C Abky DEE K HAMBERS HKUN UHTPQ IIINUR fouuu. un 'C' ww! Q? FIIHARD BAYTIR BARBARA MIRRH Q ! fb-X r i 5- x., at-4 -...A N2-f MyL55 mfmgk vc nv: uxxrm .- ,. an '25 KAIHRXN IHAMHERS KHARLANI KHIHUH 1 r- 3 H211 My romxnz rx-11 umm 1 K TX NNN HRNINNFN W- 1 Q.. xr ,- fv- HR Il' IARR fs IL T' L itll 1 klPI1IhIlli0llR nf . . -5. I f . s l . Lv, , ' - s 5 5 uv K qx M , , Xf X O . y 7 M: , 5,1 fb , , Q ' , M4 'f . . Q H- ., - T up ' L ' M ' ' . J' ,. , 1Q2 - - ' f Ziff Q . E, l X. .1 X I, Q, A. X, ,.,,,RL,Aru1 HRENNF-'MN use muxx-w.u'z-R fmumf sw.,-,N rf-Hx lwkm, Sf ' , y Y W 5, - , ' 3 :V V L 2' , , Az- . t A -V A 4 ' . If' 'fr' ' .. vi.-f -- tx. W . K , l - f ' s Ln R ' 5- +4 Q Q., 5 ? ' 41' N - ' F' ff? V , , . .U wp-J ,, , X f N I ,' i ' f .' . wx 1.Ar,K YL H1 9 S . ,V A u 1 V, ' ci. ,J ,Q 1 Q ' ' X I nh mf fs- :VW IOANNI' IURHI Il PREUA COX an -S Q L UI fl H DIPLANO DELESKY gn- 4. I DONNK IXJKIURUXX NkX IxKRB'kR'X DOW fv- 1' X HRH! ns IH mmm L Q4 DOW, M,-, mm 1 swf un sos cnof un Q DOY DANIELS DKK DRI SHI 1 I A Qi G-uv DUN HkXHNl 'ii' a- 1.- ,-gp! .pu ...- Y? H Rs IN XXUHL NNY. HIA L lllll IHNTTR li NNI 14 N fs -5. A Q - 1 .5 , if - l csv eg M f . . . . , A F k 4 1 r - - - , . W J' g y I ' A . X. V ' x . V i Xb .f L: i '.' - - U all 5475 ' ' 54 5 yi: f ' T, ' . 5 ' f f I 3 ,' Q16 . KW . i . 1 xx-mlm . 15. X 7 V '- 5 I 4 Q V' j 5 If .N ., , - A ' 'X .i C r . v, ,, u 1 ' lL I 1 IT V T' ...Z ISIPLORIS Y RIIHIN 4, rv: 5. .. 4- Q.,-' IARRY HLIMS Jm HI rr PAL I. IUHNSON 14 'S HELLN I AVELLE R KYIINI IIKRNION LHARI ES HOIXJF5 LORLI KENAL Y BILL IOHNSTOIN IEFF LAY 4- 1 bv IRIX HHN CECIL KRAFI an 'Nm Ioncfxm loumz My M fm FLORENI' kl X AAS ,Q Q' BE GTRII 2 LKRMIN gr, 25 iw., 'Rss 1' -sv' rxmmun juni v' IUANNk L-XLBNFR 'E' .ve an Lau LIHIII Rox au: LITHIN QC? - QQ' S 1 I av- I ' 4' ns I -I K 'Q . M vb ' kv, X . ' ' ' A I . '..' . . .V MIX' .' ...IRI IIIII IIIIIVIH IIHINI HXIIH I f I , 5 5 .35 6- ' Q 9 ' ,L . , ,. I f L , , . I .ll f I I I I xx ,V I ,I I I , I ,U A - LFUKIJI' HOOKI R ISAKHAKA HMI SI.kY I.MMA 'I I 'Rf UIII HONXLLI S' ' . , ' f J.- . QSM . . 1 , ' 'll' , I 5 I I f 4 U . , I 9' r 3 . - ' ' 2 1 Nl ! VV V is 4 I, V X Y' KIM! K IUON IOAN ILKHI GORDON N1 PSPELT wov- P4 IIN! MURI HI l D 4-q UAW N NELK4 HV. ANDER .-1 Y DUNN A PL KT! NER 41 3 RUHERIA WMKARY MARIANNE MICHELE BONNIE MINSHALL UNM MOR ,ON bHIRLEY Mouuon 1 rx in PETFR NH vmx ANDER W 'U-1-VY VVTOV ov' TY PRI L PRINTON U10 PRN? 05, marv- T' v- IAIN P, HM vxx , or lM,R3,4g,q M5555 IFRANMIN. MHNROI- ...., IUIX Nil Rl HY IA RIINI NH M N 'SN .1 Hllkk Ol-11 INK IARRY Plhllf F new 'E' NK LNULX PRI! E V RNET4 PITVKN . A , A' 5 9 , 6 Q L3 I '. Q 5, V Ab- my W fi - V 7 ., xv' X- 4 X -Q ,KM H A- v ' , , n..xHs MU , Mr g ,xv . V 1 . ' . Ai 5 A f ff D ' ' 1 : ix f 5 'I' I W V . , - fi - A ' E5 7 ft 1 Al s Q, Q- V s i . - 4. . L ' ' ' , A 'Y V 'Y' I, , ,I . , 1 ,. A V - - .. ' - ' ' ' 'A'- Q - 'Q p W 1,1 as A Q x '7 'I ,,- x ' 3 ' A Q-M ,I gg I . A I W . X , l - n- 1.3 . fc. I ' W R I F K ' Y 1: x - Q . T E . ,L I 5, X ' - , , ii Hflkx KHHAHU- MARY LOL MHLLTE SHIRII-Y SMITH SHARON SMITH L MARLIA SPIFGEI. FLOYD THARP 5' ARLEAN YRFAT i '? HOLIDON SLXTON REX SOPFR EDWIN STALFFER IRFNE QTHNMEX ER I as .X sf- MURU Timm IOHN TOBIN QHHEPIW wuuxsox 11' bu LAII XHkINI1l RC NORIIIN VALKU' JOHN VUXIID XX in I f 6 . ' ' 0. . aff' 15 4 4 if 'uf' I X 1 ' I4 W A 5 u I 4' 'T Gs I is, , - 'NA ,ff 6 1 , 5 ' ' ' I I Q ' I I gn -pq LFONARD WILI IAMSON DICK V ILSON LE ANNA WORLAND Q' NIISUIN WUI FE . V 1 1: 6' noasnr WHITE mcMARDsoN wmmwxs mm WILLARD PATRIUA w1Ll,4.oxEs u'G':NE W M 5 3 5 4' 2 0 , emor eature WE THE UNDERSIGNED being of fairly sound mind and body heretofore and henceforth do will bequeath and bestow upon the herein named called and honored lucky ones the following gifts qualities and valuable abilities hoping that they will accept receive honor cherish and obey them with the same honor integrity and in telligence with which we heretofore onward backward forward etc have possessed them As a class we bequeath to the juniors our seats in the assembly and our place of honor rn the Albany High School together with the love affection sympathy and tender care of our faculty To the sophomores we leave the old saying Green things will grow To the faculty we leave all grudges behind us As individuals we leave the as foresaid the following Norm Walkup will my coast trips to Don Sheppard Lloyd Sharp will my Social Economics book to Bill Parrot Wayne Canida will my long hair to Mr Buchanan Leslie Culp will my English teacher to Darrel Carper Gordon Mespelt will Mr Czechs love for me to Bob Andrews Don Jeter will my private music stand to Everett Wmters Freda Cox will mv willing will to skip school to anyone with a will as willing Art Good will my Model A Ford to Mr Martin who is driving a wreck Richard Baxter will my ability to sleep in class to Gary Norrrngton Pauline Morefxeld will my periods in Study Hall to Donna Draper Helen Coates will Miss Andersons adoration to Elmer Cook Sharon Smith will my locker to Alice Collier Ed Stauffer will my ability to play intramural basketball to Bob Kubes Jake Meyer will my ability to make a good car trade with anyone Waneta Putnam will my manners to Margie Williamson erry White will my ability to get in trouble with a camera to Clyde Forney Lauroy Davis will my popular name of Tennessee to Albany High Shirley Moulton will my ability to talk out of turn in Social Ec to any bashful junior john Tobin will the ability to stand straight on a bender to Bill Scott Larry Helms will my big ears to Dick Forster Mary Lou Schulte will part of my pounds to any junior girl who needs them Clarence Little will all my bad luck with the coach to Charles Little Barbara Misner will my artistic ability to Pat LaVelle who can use it Franklin Monroe will all my Spanish grades to Delores Shortridge Dee Chambers will my incompleted Self Aids book to anyone who has the ambr tion to finish it Bill Harper will my sense of humor to anyone Wes Price will all my sophomore women to Hank Rabe Cyou lucky girlsj Beth Fisher will Arta Ohlnng my natural curly hair Bob Williams will my T and I notes to Lyle Noah Lois Murphy will my tricycle to Bob Morris Rtchard Johnstone will my absence for illness to David Durr Peter Neuschwander will my ability in athletics to Nancy Neuschwander S ' F P ' ' . ' . . . I ' ' . I , . . . . I ' ' ' . . I ' ' ' '. I ' . ' . I . . . . U I . . . . . U I La Reine Neuman will my ability of stage work to Leroy Babcock. I . . , . G I . . . . . I . . . . 1 I . . . . A I . . . . . I J . . .. . . 1 I . . . ' I . . . . . I . . . . G I . . . . U I ' ' . I . . . . - I . . . ' I . . . . U I . . , . n I . . . . . D Barbara Dovy wall my scooter and wagon to Bob Andrews Elotse Hatch wxll my abxltty to wrrte letters to Washnngttnn to Charlotte Burrovys Ken Sutherltn wlll my place ln Honor Society to Merle Montgomery Lols Allen wxll my enyoyment of danctng to Duck Ktzer Ball Gexster wnll the posttnon of left guard on the footbrll tetm to Larry Dryden Cary McCla1n w1ll my seat on the baseball bench to Call Wtllls Sh rron Casey wtll my job as head mayorette to my yunror wnth 1 strong constttu non and good feet Donna Dombrosky wxll my love of Cottonwoods to Alrce Collter Paul ohnson wtll my debate shovel to whoever IS drovyntng and ln the need of help Barbara ean Housely Fenner wrll to Cecelna Moody my abtllty to sleep tn study hall Myles Butner wtll my bass drum to some sucker Florene Kuvaas wtll my abtlrty to date 4 boys at the same trme wrthout them knowtng about the other three to V1rg1n1a Flemtng Rtchte Wrlbanks cheerfully w1ll my Lattn book grades and enthusrasm for Latrn to any energettc seeker of knowledge who deslres them for the furthermg of classtc educatron Wallace New ton wxll my attendance record to whoever lakes to sk1p school Helke Ohlmg wtll my wobbly w1ll to any yunror vytllrng to take my wobbly yylll ack Magnuson wrll the Duroc stgn on my car to Bob Decker Larry Plerce wrll my ltttle votce to Joan La Chance or anyone Beverly Hamre wrll my stubborness to Barbara Harght Leonard Wnllramson wrll my football yersey to Steve Covey Nrta Ferguson wtll my green eyes to anyone w1th brown eyes Beatrtce Larson wlll leave Shrrley Ford the typmg paper I borrowed from er john Burge wnll my opmton on certam subjects to the yumors Krm Hyatt wrll my srze 14 shoes to anyone who needs a couple of rowboats Donna Plattner wnll my excellent abxlxty to fltrt to Margte Wrllramson Larry Srtton wnll my abthty to pass for 21 to Steye Covey Cecxl Kraft wxll my reputatron to Mtke Santo oan Lucht wtll my gum to anyone who can pop tt enthusmsttcally oan Layman will leave Mr Sarchet to next years chorus Bud Hodges wtll my red hanr to Bob Mac Connell Lorlr Kenagy cheerfully w1ll my student body ofhce to Charlotte Nygren Lella Dehm wlll my art1st1c ab1l1ty to ack Schrader eyen though I need more than he does Gordon Kutsch wrll my brother to jane Lowell Beverly Sorter wtll leave wrth my partner rn crtme Pat Whllcoxen Pat Wtllcoxen wxll lease all my good txmes to anyone crazy enough to have a partner tn crtme ltke Beverly Sorter Btll ohnston wrll Mr Sarchet to whoever wants htm jamce Clack wtll my perfect attendance record to Beverly Anderson Fred Boll tnger and Don Sheppard Catherme Tomlmson wxll my place as first chart to jean Carpet john Walsted wlll my superlor tntellect to Lowell Toby A C A l D I K . V X V . . y. V , . 7 ' ' ' ' ' 1 1 . ' . Yr 4 l l 4 . ' It l I D . , julane Brenneman will my used-to-be long hair to anyone who needs it. ' l l ' h . . L Y . . 7 1 . I . . . . . J v it Donna Morton will my height to Verna Burge jeff Lay will my excellent self discipline to Gary Norrmgton Martha Franklin will the class of 52 the minority of the class of 51 jimmy McCary will my bubble gum on the last seat in the second row 1n Miss Andersons room to any good Englrsh student Mary Gourley will my last years Latrn grades to Elsie Hoffman Joanne Laubner w1ll my chemistry book to anyone Helen Schable will my ability to stay in school to Darrel Hickman Eugene Williams will my ability to get along with the teacher to Bob Morris Mary Franklin will my locker to someone who can keep If clean Helen Lavelle wtll my Brooklyn accent to Barbara Lines Harold Daniels will my ability to hand in late typing papers to Agnes Roland Elinor Coleman if I had a will to will I would will the will to anyone wishing a will Cub Sexton will if I can and if I cant I will anyway Virginia Looney will my ability to roam the halls without a pass to Atta Ohling to take the job next year Charlane Chilcote will all my bookkeeprng problems and watermelons to Charlotte Burrows Bob Cooper will my high scholastic record to anyone Emma Howell will my ability to miss school to Alice Hoffman Ron Lethin will my church key to Don Sheppard and to the Gestapo of the school my attendance record and good behavior Rex Soper will to Eddie Frmk my trigonometry book Bonnie Goin will my ability to get kicked out of chorus to Carol Canida Margaret Brenneman will my love of water in chemistry to Nadine Zehr Delano Dalesky will my absences on Monday mornings to someone who stays up late Sunday night Marcia Spiegel wtll be surprised rf Donna Plattner and I ever get our locker cleaned out Irene Stetnmeyer will my locker to any yunror We Barbara Berry Shtrley Smith Beverly Leavrtt and Beulah Velkinburg will our beloved Self Aids books to Dale Dickerson Miss Howard any junior and Rose May respectively We Gene Ballet Robert Clem Crocker and Don Craft will Mr Czech to any poor junior who gets caught in his Social Economics class next year Signed and witnessed on the thirty first day of May in the year of our Lord nine teen hundred and Hfty one Wntnessess OL MAN RIVER FATHER TIME MOTHER NATURE I ' ' . I . . . . . I . , . . h I ' ' . I . . . . . . I . . . s I ' ' . I . , . . . , . . . . I . . . , . - I Dick Drushella will my troubles as senior class president to whoever has the nerve I . . . I . . . U I . . . . . b I . . I . . . . U I . . . . D I . . I . . . . . I . . . . ' Nios Xos x1., 1 LEILA DPHM M BRIIXJWATEK Greatest Contrilwution Q1 n -fm XIRGINIA LOONEX X' nit LORLI KENALJY remegq X ost am smug ,- 5 DAY N NILIJSC HWANDER 1 UKRBKR N DON! Baby Barb ' Q My 3 33? . .h ,El,i,A 4 . 'r iv, Q. wg. :57fff2ffgum x, V L, sv, TWH U, ,Q gg: 1, e 1 V 3 6 4' 5: Q X 'fb wuz? N4 fry if Y , , W , I W, 'em gt 1 .3 I . . 5 ,g 1-Q i, Q, gifs f 22 Bnby Eddie 4551, ,Q AKA ,A fm, Wx my ff? mln , V f n5g.L'f?P'ff 71 -f T , --xg.. ii A mm 0 UIIIOI' HSS Mr Czec1 adv1sor Lowena Hopkins secretary Jean CBFDEY V109 President Charlotte Nygren repres ntatlv B 1 Paxlott president Alta SJob1om representative Kathryn Phillips treasurer Jerome Kcnasy represntatlve Miss Spence advisor The class of 52 began the year by electmg as IIS off1cers Pres1dent Parrett, V1ce Pres1dent Carper, Secretary Hopkms, Treasurer Ph1l11ps, and representat1ves to the Stu dent Councrl Alta Sjoblom, Charlotte Nygren, and Jerome Kenagy The adv1sors for the year were M111 W1lma Spence and Mr Stan Czech However M1ss Spence turned her dUIlCS over to M155 Burr1s 1n the spr1ng The first act1v1ty of the year was w1tness1ng Sophomore In1t1at1on wh1ch everyone en yoyed Other act1v1t1es 1n wh1ch the Junrors part1c1pated were Bushels of Baskets for needy fam1l1es at Chr1stmas t1me They also took second pr1ze ID the clothmg dr1ve and th1rd IU the P0110 Fund Dr1ve ln the Queen of Hearts assembly 52 was represented by Pr1ncess Alta Sjoblom and Prmce B111 Szm Betty Bates Alta Syoblom, and Carleen Johnston were dubbed Junlor pr1ncesses to help re1gn os er the annual Sprmg Carn1val In March the un1ors put on an assembly wh1ch was well rece1ved by the Student Body The play Iune Mad wh1ch was presented 1n the Sophomore year was followed by mother success th1s year when Cheaper By the Dozen was put on for two evemngs to large houses Much of the success was due to the d1rector Mr W1ll1ams The un1ors worked long and hard on the1r successful Class Act, and the tradruonal unxor Sen1or Prom wh1ch was the1r last act1v1ty for 1951 As the year drew to a close the junrors b1d a sad farewell to the1r best frrends an d rnals the Class of 51 4 uns: uxmui mln ranks Tv nur- BRLNNEMAN uuumx fn. 57 ' We ..f aivaff 24 Dzxxn wmpinrf Boa Awnnfvss .,, 4 'E' 'UL ANL xsnxfws N E fsgmxg, M! 'DNN' um fl nnlaum unix ruluu x Bonn VUNA BLEILVE Pu m menu: ? x mnuu Ms: W1 K mmm , f. 'S Hamm func 4 6 b 41 C' 401. fv- ' 1' urnurrx fq , 1 4 . F. A 5 ' 'ai 5 v mu 1 unnwx MRM, UNM A mHu1Lu1TL BL xuzmu unc 1 Hun 1 1011 M I K A In . ' cv PA w Lxyxw L .nf w nm on 1 Q mxvmx sm FG Q' nuuuz umm up 1' hr' r nu 1 ml M uw-x van 6- muh W M 5 j f ' Q L +f : Q 1 1 Q L 2 5 1 ' my 4 -ww ' . M . 1 4 . . . f:,-5. 9: J 5,9 . X ' -W f .V 1 s. Q .. if ' . 1: K ,im I :ima '1 ,f A . if I VI- I ,.. K H Q. Q 1 r v- , . if , S ,j -A , I W .' ' I -. Uk any um, 3.7 5, fx ' ' 11 x A' N 2 J 1 A ' - l - f' if , ' 4 fi fi ' V ' gg. , - 2 V- . . f ,I . ' X 7 V' 3- i A C' 1 . 3 N -5 N fig K ' E ' . 0, - A 4, ' 'X lg l J H in 4: KL . L' ,Q mmf . - , X 5 R I ,'..m.M, , ' ' WWW-1Hh1Kl1N'.qx I4 wi r :E , QQ ' -6- ' Q- , U ,f 8,3 3- 1:- - A L. K ,IP . N 1, lyk, Q ' gig, '- J-5' ' .J- I v I C ' sigh. U N N '-U x 4 . ,Y . mx mi WWW W. 'V xxx: xx vlnrmu FLLMNQ wuxlrw mm nosmnv rluzv mum Gum you-mmf wonvrm MAME GLDIN HATLH n :ummm uuuw Dnvm uAnNlsu1 X mu. Nou hunks uvm nu mmm 4 wwf '0'B'00K mu HOLLMD un-in Homrn our KAL FMANN c Annu youwsnm .- v nz an mln ED, ARD Kun mum r nzx Hula A A vu Hhs va-6:91 S-v' kumar N nn 'A PML-ur .1 -v Aux 1 I f 3 . 1 If , ,. NW' f . , if ,S 1 , 1' ig T f 4 . I Q i X 1 i V H . ,- , 1 yy f ! . ,. 6.3755 , A Qi' , h , , , 5 j f L , A ' 12514 . -,, ,-if x ings?-1 Taj 4' A V h K , , It , h M ' J , If 1 ' f x vi , 3 , 7 4 , f Ti A I 7 ' Q' L-1, xX x 2' 4 ' il 3 U i 1 A 5 -Q. A ' aj :S N V 'gf . X y 1 ' ' Q V yf -1 A y . ITL., D Q A 4' 1 L XA, N Q.. :jill ' ' V X Y 'E-' A K X w , if M' hi B I ' m::4'. 4- T' x A mmf vw: mx Y bl ELIA MGIDY .5- uu m :mum f- vnrl mann Q a- Nf U HW' mr uwsnzcnr -gs 4 Damn Alu MA non Am A non Moluzxs ,IL NONE kvuvr- PALMHI Dum vmumlll H onrxni :Ani 15 , W EDDIE MAPS nzvsluv Mom! xx-wr Puuxm 4-. r 2-uf Lon vxummu MMU nu: vs xL ua nrxwswn: r F21 , . 09 ' : V '.4 W ' 1? 1 'Q 1 I , .1 1 .. r I ' :ah ' I 574 ak '4 -.nun-nu nr H pug, ,,,,,, Ins r-rm 26 M A xnxx su xi xxx mm mm Mn M1 mmm 'r x 'Q'-C. 'Y' 1 -Q Lu:-Ax MMHILD .1- nrunxmxz Mum QW xnxx H R11 Rxmuu x I4 1 nu- umm 'E . I Y. If s-- 3' H 1 A '15 1 1 1 1 u --'rw - 5,3 A Q LV J A., - Q J. ,A . 'Yr 'A ,-If ,f ' 337' K .-Q41 C L-if 2. , J g 4' 'J' . ' V '- - . 1251 T 'f :ci , f , I 3, ' I . ' ' 1, f f' ' 5 ' A ' ' - ' f ' Ct - . 4 , , . . I J f , 1 ' , , J ,J I I , A V, I url N. xl 1 ' E , , . x ' . v - xi X -vu--v.-zu rx 'L :Q K K i ff' '- zz , 13 r A, .1 E 3,9 '-.5 A , m - 1: , Q . 3 -, f Q, A ' . 4' Q ,' - Y g X. 05.2 Y . .. grim Y , 3 MA- L 4 ,. I t . Q :jig V , '-1 , ' 'V ' 1 ' W , ' x L., 4 J 0' 3 ' 'Mu 5 A-.Q sn ' r f V N 1 Q f r , .9522-,1 ,1 ' fl, f Q ff ' - 'f r F' ' Q A . EKY 'fp -' ' ' . '- 1 'f' ,: ' , . . .U - 1 - , '- 1- M , K L u ' . , 7 I kkkr . Q , , 54 5 ., x f 1 ' - , x .A - , 64 K, . ' 351, A , 312 R K - ,?i4L Wy , 15 sf. L . . I, , Q.. ., 45 . 331 - ff' ' 455 ' :Q 1 N' f o K , , Si . if Jw. . Q' k - . ' 314, ,, an 3, X ,1 , ' V V ' mxnu, mmm ,nl , ,WNW 0- ' sv 5 ,. -f v 4 . . ' r X R H ' I ' V H-f 1 . H' M - mum num is ,- '-v 3 J 121 4:5 1 ., .5 fa- Q Wh.-Rf ,- rs M if lux WML fmuxmlr www. L iolmn. rHL'lMM. NYU mnlrxou Q-r nun 1 xx vuuwlw RH xrnl un syfmum ff fu'-v Low ru. Imam JAMES WAGGONER c Loan wunuxb naw srum Arun mn Tom mon BARBARA W ALKFR HAM-mum vuzlg mn. -vs new ,HHN ,Hr umkvu MANUEL rn-umzix xsvuxn A 'W aw mum WILBFR mu wummon Q xuxlw F Linn 343 21 H if .W i 9 - A - , 5 - ' Q A , , 4 ' , 4 A .1 , V 9 , ,- W ' i? X 31 t ,, L ,V , ! r, , , VJ' , 7' ky ,- A ,f I I A. s -, n V 2 ' 3 l 'A ff- ,w Hn - 1 Q . , I A 14 if L ' ' LM 'ff 'K 1 . ,J T , T591 5 . ' x t' ' ' fifi 1' ' X ..,,g, i, -219, f A if 5 :1 , t 4 . ' - A 55? Q15 ,f' N ' ' X V: ' A nl 1 vu: . ' A -. I, SOPIIOIIIOFZ HSS Mrs Parent advisor Jim Harrison treasuxer Connie MacDouga.l representative Jerry West brook repres ntatlve Delores Shortrldge secretary Jim Pound president Dee Ann Wmmms repres ntatlve Ernie Smith vlce presidnt Mr Cardon advisor Here registered are the members of the Sophomore Class, who, under the guidance of Mrs Parent and Mr Cardon, embarked upon a successful year The Class of 53 chose james Pound as its leader during 50 and 51 He was assisted by Vice President Ernie Smith Secretary Delores Shortridge, and Treasurer jim Har rison. Connie McDougall Dee Anne Williams and jerry Westbrook served as Sopho- more repreesntatives to the student council. The year got off to a good start with the majority of the class coming through Sopho- more Reception without injury. They sponsored a dance after one of the basketball games as well as producing a fine assembly. jerry Westbrook and Dee Speigel were chosen Duke and Dutchess of the March of Dimes. The Sophomores also put forth a very original class act for the 1951 Carnival. The Sophomores proved as a class that they would work well together. vm-4111 Mn-Ls Q6 mn Mun u Hx urvmr- num nmam Dams: Dunn ruvun summon 1. mu mum, 30 xnu mmnn-. :Mu num mu nnmnmm umm. .Nmnul .mom mmm .rn-v num-mn UU Www- cnrr A-rm mn nur lU A 'ANU nAlLD4n nxrn um au mms nvmn wmv nun wh 49, nm- uounn mmuv mrrm Mom mu, umm: omow you-N M,- -nwfx umm 4.139 ml -1 111,-.1 nf mmm L mm nu ur nwrur- f sxmnnor an-rv noun X . qc xv. 4- 'bu hr - 15 . fr' ' Y' ' 1 gg 7 v V Q ' Q . - - v ' 4, I 'C ' Q , ' ' ' f-, . -1 .f y , -w , ' ' A N - 1 fy:x4,,g,.Jg'L'g5 f 7,75 J w ' ily? his - T35 ' Q'-Q: ,N ' , ' - ' -f.g-mf,,'- ,Qs ' E . ,f f. U 4 N ' ' ,X wx Mixiiixp 13, 4 .A L - -- vi Q M- . .f.,4 , 3' W. l .. J- , gin 'q,,.. .. ...Ei QS . L ' Q 1 ' ' - ' f' - .X ' ' .fl Q ' I -Xkslit 1 kiki L -f V . M ' -f ' 3 'Q L, 5 wr if A Ars. 311.73 , . 2' if ' ,gig , A f f -Q !3-gif., ' V ' - 5 ' i ' - i f - -kg.: 3,,-Pffm - ' -.p,,,,, 53, g- + i-imW,.f .w Mil. 5 ,, f i , r ' L . 51,12 i r . X Q, , , . I Z . c , 5 i - : 1 A , K 5 V 'Q Q N 1 5' , ' n 5 . 4 g U . 'M' 2 - ' A .- ' N 4- wi tlwfgg-. A . f ' V NN I I , Sijsxuf,-.,u AS I I 1 5 ' . . fp - , ' 1 . -' 1 F . M, I 4 . 5 , . ,. v Q 1 , M ' C 2 ? fg K. ,W J , , Q Z 1 , 1 V is .i Q. ' ' - ' :5,'TR::'g5.:g-'f 'Iii greg, :sw - S' 'Q N1 ,iw .V Q, . , gf , , '. 5. , vw wx uf nu. un u :ww rf un Ar mn , M, M nw mn I ml H mum.: mum. 1 M mx T. .Nw H. . 'ff-1 f 3 1 9 :mn um-u un Wm nu Qs J 1. mmayu- un H u 1: mor- nn an Q-X. ma, N rx 'Aa Q 33- Q. 4' 1: vat 1 tv- g v A K I -Ms' mm 32 ur sm mmm fx 'Q ff s mf Auf mn mmm x may A .1 X :wx Q. mx vm: muw if 4 , mm mn K xx Nu smug and x., un sxwmox .MES aww u mum- u ,nn- '45, N an -Q amp uu ww mum xwn 5, ,N Q- Q .- Q mmxu 1 4n AV M an new mnom .A sa J h w ' ,ff H is .r L ' . ' ' ,ty q 1 X f ' 4,323 ' , ' '73 5 ' L 'ff ' n ' . , , .,,,, , .x.,. ,. , 4 . tif? l ' W '. 1. wr 3 'A - V - .. K. si ' ' 4, E- ' A - x 1 gf 2 . ' Y ' If W X 1 , ,ff X u ' W'M N mm-m ww- my um-M f an 1 mm UM MMU N - 1 L -. W, i :iw G- ? A- 1 , P L - 'yin A . in -' ' xv ' ' ' I ' ' ,L A . - , . . m mm ,, x . - Nea? , L'-'fgf ' k ' . Fink E ' W ' T? 'AD t 'L y r A -- x , . . , ,.,. .',.. ,N., X ,,., ' , ' H rg 2 xt Q fb 'I ' W flvk 'A A +A A L 24 ' h N Y L L .A J Q 1-an V . H? T- w ' 'C' 7 ' gif' ji N X VY, , N H Hr- -'WWHH - hw I ,. I.. , . .ru M. Mm mx- K-mu , ' , , 2' K 4: I kr Vi A if ' . ' 'R A ' it ,t , I' Q- 9 ' : :. ' ' V L. 93' 7, V Q H K F' x ' 1 13,5 Ali: AA: . - , ' - 1 f v ' .- An dei., ,aw V A , . f I A 1. .. A k 3 J, ' A if if X A ' 4 . ,, ' , I , V .L J . L lf' s . G . 5 . ' gl. 'K J' 1' K ' 'X A. . .E.., . .N ...,l . , . N, ,M , , V 5 2 L A.: . I 5 1 k - Q -'? , H ' ' K , v ' ffw A. ve- wi V 5, ex Q. 1 1 1 V 3 x ,, M, . ' 'T.'iuE 5 '-M 'f X NN N' V rw pw, ,.,.4. .. V, 1, 1 ,mn--. f -. - A .f,f1't,, Q: i 81' 'J , . Z' sf - ' W1 ,Q , avg? T S'4r:i an A ,051 5 QQ . - 4 V A-ff., . A ,n.:,,gif?'g9f1. - naps K XJ N xxri ,..-,.- ,-D g ' 6275 --xph- V.-'Za s 1 5 'I y I ef- 4, 1 F1 if' 1--f -'fi l 4 1fAz' Q K nga W i ff' -o f am X E1 - 'I LS' W' U1-Jl J 'V WJ-37 'QT' 9 7-if Q ,L 47 lin P 1.' T JD X K? IWW7 1 A CA xy-Ji' fix ' Q '-ii fi 'Q 77, Xxx nx x 0 N f-.3 ,- Q L 1. f7 X x 1 5 ' gm '-1'L-I-.K X N 5-Y' Macbhx 0 X 1 V ' X I-ri. x X . 1 '95, X ' ' S Lf X' . .: ' . J ' I W-' Q- . , , A X .A N Af Q' -., f f 7: A' Q '2:?f'ihA? riff?-Q-' f ' e - Q p X1 2 5iwu'i E. 'iff T, X 'Q ' -3. .A qu I, x Q DX 3 1 ' . ' ' 1 W v Q5 '- ,S .cgi 1 - Wx x J w. , 1 , ',,'?47 I I f ! S we-, if is fq, 1 X ff ' . .W f I - X Nz' ff.'1',f:v' Q1 , X 4 I Q ,- ' ,f?,- 'AQ W Q N x I I fe' ' ' ff 'f V 3 My 1 x y ' V Q1 XN s Q., jffwdq' -is I '14 f 1 ' -y-3-27 Ai ,ff J ,Arai fi, YM, 1 1 f . U4 ' A..:t 4 r Zxff 71 X is - ,A 4-- ' ' if 7 , N w L ' 1, .., 1 71? ffQ' fl' -it! i 5- 2,71 35221 fa, A FQ, XX -uf-. if ' ff-J!-ra! W NL. X '-., x '-fm I X , r A ZAIII, '30 -Qi, 'qi l Z 'T',,f 4 'i':,'f, 5191 Q f 7,7 f f Q A ,,, H1512 e 0 A ivife - -, 1 4 -m 1 Sie- 'f,! ?..L W ' igaaiiiw Wi' 1 1 J ' ' v Q W 'MH 'ff-v S X L 1.95. X ,, ' , QQ A L ,Q ua- -V: -1 N , ' :A , ii. : Y 1 1 ,isx u..f.5:.v 4. f xi I xc,?.?,' Q -1 A L' It . 'rj K x: '. '- or 'v M In ix v .M 1, , 'Q W ' ' ' N ,M , A 9 f 'f . 2 , A Qu , ' . . f h x' ' ' - .X mx fx f f 'O VX W X-Q. Q., E :iw f- ' I 5 . ,-x, - ., . 9 , X U X- A , 0 140' ,,4,. I X I' Sn, Ji... -c 's- 5 sl. ,iiiodf N AY! A X I f X s N xx , X ,x SXSXN5 W f unmv Q N35 A A N X A 'N XX QNX xxx' x NX xx X XXX- Q Xx , 1 5' X S if na' 'ff' wma ' W D 917 o y,-sid' onor OClCty -3 Q- 7 an LL mfwzn lon :Asn 'UNE HH' 'U' C' mu. L 'rel '-UKU KF-V Y mon. z nt N rs-mf M1Nsrm.L PAuuNE Mosman HUKE UHF-INK' urnnmi muuxsou T' nm 3' ' mol VA rt M m5oN M lx N E vluinr Hour. 5 NETSWY Km TN Vmexuu y us Ks Natrona! Honor Society The members of the kena Ho r Socrety are chosen by faculty vote to quahfy fo memberibx e el m c racter, scholarshrp, leader shrp, and servxce Inmatxon of new membe s hel e annual banquet was held on March 13 at Norths - uran Candy sales at the basket I 3 u ela d t money during the year X The oiiicers for the fall sem v ' 1r ln ' president, Pauline Morefiel ug and semester the ofhcers were t .gram . 411, Florene Kuvaas, secretary, and Marnann advxsor of the dub X on ho - rved as a means of raxslng x ndent, jack Magnuson, vnce I : , treasurer For the sprmg -an-nt-r-an yles Burner, vrce presndent, hele, treasurer Mrss Anderson was the 35 I ae, ,, L1 ,S '? sd ' . SQ , ., 5- I-in , f - V, V S . V hh 2 h 1' Af' re. I- 4. ' Q W x V T E' Pj el ff Al. - X . Q ' , I I, S A sm . on f 1 ,p ' r nA.' r rn HT nl, ' -. d G- . he fs ' . A Q.. . -Q L? ' , 2 '- ff ,X ,se V rg I ,ki j , V I A i , V K ,ef 1 1 cz rs AG -4 , A5 - . xr L L r ' . Aux : . Ars . ' wi . , 5 ff, mr, A , 7 t W J ii? ' at ' f , V W '12 1 , H-iz: - ig Q. g. 'V , we 8 X. 1 xt J .Q f ' f 'N ' ' j ,, R X ' i ,Xt - Ik? f ' 5 . I v:.' iyii, , I A N S XION ' , '.' 3 ' 4 rd- P' r W :' r ' mt mmm w AN M wr Will' Ms 1 1 e o ' t - Q no ' . . i O H , . Z . - . . . . A H 1 .Wh y I . ' V ' x . . all x LFQUIIHL Elsie Kay Colhtr Lorlx Kenaglv DSWH euscmancier Pat Burkhaff Cnarluttc Burrows Wes Prxce Marianne Micnelle Valrene Faulkner Martha Frank n ,- The Bank Personnel ns headed by the SIl1df'U' treasurer Elsre Kay Collxer Elsre IS assrsted by Sharon Casey who has been on the job the entrre year, helpmg as cafeterla cashier Other rmportant members of this group are X Valrene Faulkner, Dawn Neuschwander joanne Corbett, Lorlx Kenagy Pat Burkhart Marranne Mrchele and Mrss ClaraVoyen advrsor Wrthout thenr help the bank could CJ not carry on the varred actrvntres whlch keep If running smoothly 1- T' lLIl'l DI K1 il Xl lgrgyy LURMIN MAKIANNE MILHELE CATHERINE TOMLIN-SON X N N XXDIR B P W Glrls Each month a grrl IS chosen for Glrl of the Month by the Busmcss md Professlonal Women of Albany This glfl IS picked on qualrtres of good mem 'lhe gxrl must be actlve rn school actrvmes and must hawe h1g,h scholarshxp The girl of the month rs muted to luxe dmner wrth Women at whlch time she g1VCS a brlef talk on what she vms chosen to represent the Busmess md Professronal 36 Every girl conslders this a great prlvxlege, and each glfl that has been a Glrl of the Month has mdeed been honored i. J CJ ' 5 , sv L f if ' 1 'A A .Y ' l. x V rl I . V . .. . - V , V - li . ' l ,,,,0,,,.,,.,,,L..,,- rf V - , Y: ' 'L 'nw -' : rl., y 4: - ,U , -su fa, ' x , . . - - 1 r 'J ' ' J 'I . , 3 , y y . . . 1 . 7 ' ' . .x ' A , ' 1 S' ,S . , 4. f LQ : l :Ji . I f y ., f , . . H. I P. H . A t RL V is r' . .' .' mm ll MI -11.11 lxxxx nrsrpm I - .... I , , A I 4 A . . . Y ,Y . ' - - 7- V . . A N A 1 . 1 . . Y rf p Debate Wayne Burck, Wilmer Boesel, Arts. Ohllnl. Paul Johnson. Jim Harrison. Kent, Parsons. James Pound Charles Reynolds, Marilyn Chandler, Arnold J. Hazen. Debate, though not widely publicized, is one of the most active and hard-working or- ganizations in Albany High. Debate this year has taken part in many tournaments, among these were Pacific University Tournament, Linfield College Tournament, Willamette University Tourna- ment, and the State Tournament in Corvallis. All members of the squad took part in these tournaments. Five members, Wilmer Boesel, Paul johnson, Arta Ohling, Richard Renn, and Richie Wilbanks also went to the Pacific Coast Tournament at Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington. The members of the debate squad also took part in many other varied activities, such as extemporanious speakingampromptu speaking, interpative reading, radio announcing, oratory and student congress. Debate raised their own expense money through the sale of football programs and candy. Debate is capably advised by Mr. Arnold Hagan and its president is Paul Johnson. GUJVZAGA gi' ,W janet Bussqrd Blu Johnston mn Lqchqm S Mary enks Dlck Prlce 9 2. , f Pa , 'J ooster vw 1-v 'T' run Ni Ill! SHAIO -x T' T' MW? vs. -. I' ru-K Lu. X Q X , .se e ,X ' .xref N , ,rf , f J A n 1 A Q I ' i Qs? .ewef W ' X Vo ls 4 Xb ,Q s .far a 0 '-, V! -?5l,, I 45 -Q Amin' mu M, M Q' S' . Q e' L 0. Booster Club IS a pep organrzatron composed of twenty nve senrors and flfteen jumors This club was created and IS mamtamed solely for the purpose of mcreasmg school sprrnt at athletxc functrons Game clecoratrons pep rxllres trtchy posters md the luke are tasks vuhlch are well carrred out by thrs orgamzrtnon Fun as well as servrce was present rn the heavy actrury calendar thrs year A Chrrstmas art as well as a Mother Dau hter ban uet hr hlr htetl the werrs entertarnment Y 8 fl 8 8 Being prrmarrly a servxce orgamzatron the grrls were ple tsed to don tte funds toward .1 school project Capably dxrectmg the actrvrtres of the Booster Club was therr president oznne Corbett She was assrsted by Dolores Grrfhn, VICC presrdent, Vrrgmm Loonex treasurer md Marranne Michele, secretary Mrss Vrrgmra Harper was the club ftdxrsor f' t r ' s - r :V A A ..,. , . , ., J 'A fx ,vi ' .., . , al ' . C 'B 1 A R 'L ,,, 1 Z 'wb' 'gg Q ' we 'Ng' , N E' ' xv ' 5, s A ' i A' 'A 'W' 1 ' az 'nh 1 . UH MM- 1 fc-rl M Y r .U 4.11. il f 5' f - x 4 K al -s. A . f tl 5 l x in ,A . a ,-sl ' if 'Q 5 t , V. ,,,., ,,,. . r . C ,, ,X f 5 ' k of Q ' 4: .aw - V 151 As- .L e - ,A . V 4 - 223. 'tai-5 ',- ' ,f ' 3 .5523-Q ' ' Y ' - ., X N .. ,, L, 'if fag ' ' W Ffsssrf ru 1 ' A fi ,ms rum , m ft, ts ' , ,V mn P M I H H .1 . W? -'HC- . te..- ' J 25: -:f:8ft4-?fZ-.- -:Zi-I .Q-S f. t ' - W If 93 ff s. -K Y -Q '.rf-wfaasss:airzwmfs-1 'Q we rm:-t. 1, w g,g.1...,,,5,-,-,,',.+M,v, - 34. 1:35 .v pf. 4.3 ...gag V -' ee .-.-.'.sgf:gtg.g.g' 33.2.--o , 845- , - -wg, .-t 1 - 4+ f. 1 , in 5 S. ... L 5 3, 6 . , 3 q ' , N f ig 1 ' hx Q w Q., 6 Y f 1' r , H... .r,. .1,.r1 t . X C ,, , p 5 Ke v. 1 2 . - . K3 , . lb 'fe s .ig cf' . , h . , 3 V f if x 11 I , H PXOILMI LAK! , I ' , D 1 ll1l'kSmr4'.vum ql x ' xxlrgg ' . , z , L , 4 4 ' ' ' ' K . 1 ' ' - 1 ' f ' '. ' . J 1 . ' . '. . g 2 . L Y , Eloise Hatch Florene Kuavaas Janet Bussard Kathy Chambers Elsie Kay Collier Martha Franklin Dawn Neuschwander Mary Franklin Larry Pierce Marianne Michelle Lella Dehm The Future Buslness Lealers of Amerrca lS a natronal orgamzatlon The Albany Chapter, Chapter 100 was formed three years ago Thrs organxzatxon ns a servxce club and performs many, many servxces for the school the communlty, and other WOIIhWh11C clubs durlng the year The OHICCIS for the year were Bonnle Mrnshall, presrdent, Dawn Neuschwander, vrce presldent Elolse Hatch, secretary treasurer, Larry Plerce, reporter, and Mlss Clara Voyen advlsor ara' 'X C Standmg Margaret Brenneman Carol Kauffman Catherxne Tomlmson Esther Hoover Lorl1KeI1a5y Raylene Harmon Verna Burge Alice Kronn Delores OHara Barbara Lines Nita Ferguson Sandra Hull Mxss Howard Kneehng Leslre Culp Franklin Monroe Bun Doerfler The purpose of the Spanrsh Club lS to furnlsh a better understandlng of the Spanlsh spcaklng people and thelr language In order to rarse money thrs year the club sponsored noon movxes grven twlce each month For recreatlon they went Chrlstmas carollng and had a party ln the sprlng In February the club appropnately costumed, gave an assembly spoken entlrely rn Spamsh Any student who rs takrng Spanlsh or who has had one or more years of Spanlsh 15 ehgxble to yoln the club The ofhcers for the year were Ravlene Harmon presldent, Leslxe Culp vlce presldent, Barbara Lmes, secretary, Allce Kropp, treasurer, and Mrss Mable Howard, advlsor C V 3 Q . . . , . N - iff, Hs: ,T as ., as , Y , W ' J , ' 1 -7.1 W ,. A 1 1 v A A 1 u I Y . . . . Y . . . . . , 7, . . Y - ' . I . w , , . 8.1 100.1 Orpha Wolford Pat Lambrecht Rosemary Gllley Betty Barley Vlarre Grant Barbara Lines Leo White Delores Oliara. Faye Wlsecup Mrs Zxmmer The purpose of the Llbrary Club rs to famxlrarrze the student llbrarlans wxth correct lrbrary procedure to ard the Llbrarxan and to make a more efhcxent lrbrary for student USC Smce the begmnrng of the school year the card cat llogue and the books on the shelves have been brought up to date Dnsplays have been planned for specral occasxons such as Thanksgrvmg and Chrrstmas Also a scrapbook rontamrng clrppmgs concernmg th1s school lS berng kept by the club Thns years ofhcers are Leo Whlte, presrdent, Rosemary Gxlley, vrce prestdent, an anette Pharrs, secretary treasurer The advrsor rs Mrs Zrmmer the Lrbrarran :Bill 40 v Mrs Mary Cade Mrs Warren Mrs Charlotte Ernest Dorothy Cahlll Marilyn Farlee LaDonna Hardin Arlene Bamard Pat. Burkhart Valrene Faulkner Arlyne Bell Donna 'Horton Elsie Kay Collier Our cafeterra, wrth the help of surplus commodntres serxes an average of 100 student meals daxly at the cpst of preparatxon Thxs IS the thrrd tear that Mrs Mary Cade and Mrs Charlotte Ernst have cooked the meals Each meal to meet the requrrements of the state school lunch program must contaxn a mam dnsh 1 xegetrble bread, mrlk, and d a essert Mrs Margaret Warren IS the manager of the tatetern and has the help of several of the students who recerve thent lunch free for thelr servrces i YF . -- T , - ' l T W0 f ' l 1 i T l s fd I V i W I, . z 4 I L 'asf' . . D - 4' . D' ,,eg,. K - L I , . U I ' : ' . I' p . ,P 's . ' ' . ' l . E I I ll Lv l .. o 'lf ',, V T- 1' ' I Q 'f K U . p p t xx I , r, 52944 Q3 1 eventeen Every grrl rn hngh school IS a member of Gnrls Federatron Thus group rs headed by a group known as 17 These grrls meet every Tuesday noon to drscuss busxness and soclal problems 17 goes to church as a body once a month they also have a mght meetmg once a month Early m the fall 17 emertamed the Sophomores at a Brg Srster party A Chrrstmas Assembly was sponsored by thxs orgaruzatnon at whrch tnme gnft baskets for Albanys needy were gnven to the Welfare board for drstrnbutron Hrdden Harmonres was the all glrl show put on by Grrls Federatron Every vear a gxft of ten dollars 15 given by 17 to the most outstandrng senror grrl The glrl must possess the seventeen qualnues desrrable rn a grrl Lerla Dehm IS presrdent of 17 wrth jean Carpet as vlce presndent, Barbara Dow, secretary, Sharon Casey, treasurer, and Catherrne Tomlmson, chaplarn Miss Wrlma Spence IS the clubs advxsor and has led the group through a very successful year VU' S.. The Hr Y IS one of the most actrve organnzatrons m Albany Hxgh School The mem bershxp ns regularly composed of twenty hve boys however thrs year two transfer stu dents were accepted for membershxp because they had been members of the H1 Y rn the school from whnch they came The H1 Y has charge of Sophomore lnntranon 1n the fall of the year Invocation at assemblles IS the duty of the H1 Y members Once a month the members of this or gamzatton attend church tn a body During the course of the year varxous actlvxtxes are undertaken to rarse funds The x actnvmes are sellmg programs at the games, and sponsormg dances Thxs year the H1 Y donated S100 for World Serv1ce Actxvmes for the H1 Y are clxmaxed at the end of year with a pncnlc The purpose of thns club IS to create, mamtam, and extend throughout the school and communxty hxgh standards of Chrtstxan character Th1s years ofhcers were Bob Crocker, presndent, Wesley Prtce, vnce presxdent, jxm Rabe, secretary, Dale Cooley, treasurer, Larry Mnshler, chaplam, and Larry Helms, sgt of arms Advtsor was Mr Wendell j Hemtzman .a ' ig af- sf . g an-' ii ,1 ix ' E3 3 ,A Q , ' af R N X 5 A V p K1 , , U , , r Q - v' i . T A s 5 ' 1 . Q, . , , J , ' 9 Q ' , I 1 : - Q 1 in , v . . r 4 , 1, . . , A7 I 'K ' , y ja' , A' - 1, - lf I 4 ' I Ad., QV: Q Y aaa, 1 eq ' .5 , eg ua J s av ,I f':l' i L V' ' il f A and ,king if 1- H ' Y iff-Il.-11+ 0 I ,gd Ax.. gg 5-a-rl! l mo e aters Top Row Bill Hogg Jim Endicott Gail Wlllxs Merle Montgomery Leroy Babcock Wes Price Gary Torzeson S cond Row Cub Se ton L onard Wllllamson Fred Bollinger Don Sheppard Ed Clark Delano Delasky Bob Livingston Front Row Iohn Tobin Jef! Lay Norm Roth Larry Larios Cecil Burkhart Dave Emmons Bill Scott Art Good The Smoke Eaters is a club composed ot twenty tour boys rnterested in nre prewention cafeteria, and by having after game dances Wlth this money the boys have sknng trips in the winter and deep sea l:lSl'llIlg trrps in the spring The members of this club inspect all fire equipment and keen the school clean of fire hazards They make sure that everyone is out of the buildlng during fires and fire drills The club advisor is Cecil Burkhart Presldent 15 Dave Emmons, Secretary john Tobin and Treasurer, Bill Scott em OVIC Back Row B111 Drager Charles Little Ferry Boyd Don Wallace Mr Bob Buchanan John Sweet Clarence Little Wayne Canida Gill Morse Everette Wintrs Duane Mlere Front Row Jerry White Ed Stauffer Dick Relmers Jim Rahe The Movie Club is organized for three purposes the first is to tram operators to handle varlous makes of projectors The second is to provide a crew of men to set up handle or sponsor noon movies for entertainment and money raising for worthy groups or causes This year the club contributed S7115 to the March of Dimes The thnrd purpose of the club is to begin a provision for the school of photography equrpment The club is ably directed by lts president jerry White and Mr Bob Buchanan, the club advisor i 1 b , . ' 1 ' 2 V A-A V In A ., U ,..,. ,, r i ,. as ,. I , 17 wg ' 3 K .X , 'T , Q P I IW: ' - 'fn , A l - J , s ,Q They obtain funds for the maintenance of their club by having a coke machine in the ' I Els :A ii' :L 1 W 'iff 'J . 'ff I I l O Back Row Blll Scott Cub Sexton Larry Larlos Gary Torzeson Fred Bollmger Art Good Third Row John Tobin Dick Forester Don Brenneman Dale Dickerson Steve Covey Gary Norrlrlgton Ken Sutnerlln Jerry Dxyden Second Row Cecil Kraft Bob Morrl: Bob Decker J R Stamps Dale Cooley MIKE Santo John Neuton Ron Hall Front Row Stan Czech Earl Willard Larry Helm: Leroy Babrock .Jeff Lay Delano Delesky Ken South 'af wick. Gary: McClain. Blll Gelster, Clark. H I V V Y - f lx . . 1 g Le, . fr on 4 V h .n . ' r. . Q ,K I L .Y sv Q y Av This is the twelfth year for the Vocational Trades and Industries Club in Albany High School and has proved the most successful with the enrollment nearly doubling that of last year The purpose of the club is thus to develop qualities of leadership stability and self conndence to promote interest and participation in business and trade training among high school students through the commumty to encourage social and recreational ac tivines and to participate in all state T841 activities Albany Students For Albany jobs is the main T8c1 oblective Our instructors and employers make nt possible for us to earn while we learn The Related Subjects Class coordmates on the job training with technical and factual information to make efficient employees. The Albany Club has been instrumental in initiating a State T811 Organization. The first meeting was held in Albany, November 15, 1951. This date will probably be an important date in connection with the history of the T841 Club in Oregon. The club ofhcers are as follows: president, jim Bridgewaterg vice-president, Wesley Priceg secretary, june Burleigh, treasurer, Dick Priceg sgt. of arms, Clive Wilson, his' torian and advisor, Mr. Leo F. Walker. T811 D ii i I YT' ,yr -u: k' The Future Farmers of Amerxca IS an organlzatnon of by and for ftrm boys studying vocatlonal agrrculture 1n hlgh school The Albany chapter composed of forty three members complete .1 very successful year as evrdenced by the fact that xt was declared the outstandmg chapter rn the state and presented the Cooley Keystone Plaque Some of the act1vrt1es whrch have led to the success of the FFA were wlnmng the Upper Wrllamette Vocat1onal contest wmntng of the chapter farm shop exh1b1t at the state farr exhlbxtmg by members of the grand champ1on Guernsey grand chtmplon sow of all breeds grand champlon pen of three fat lambs, reserve champlon fat lamb, and many other w1nn1ngs at the county state and Pac1f1c Internatronal lrvestock shows Helke Ohlrng ack Magnuson Larry Srtton and Dee Chambers earned Sttte Farmer Degrees Heike Ohlmg was elected State Presldent for the year of 1951 D7 Chuck Bnggs won hrst place secretarys books Blll Slm won first place treasurers books and jack Magnuson kept the best project record books 1n the state jack also placed fourth IH the state publrc speakmg contest The parlramentary team placed second rn the drstrrct and thrrd rn the mterdrstrrct parlramentary contests Other acttvrtxes of socxal and recreanonal nature were the annual Parent Son banquet lomt mmatrons and partres wlth the Future Homemakers basketball and softball teams part1es and prcmcs In September the chapter wlll summarrze the actrvrtres and accompl1shments of the year and enter the nattonal chapter contest competrng w1th 100 top chapters oxer t e natron for one of the v5 gold emblems to be awarded at the natronal conventron Fr A EXLCUTIVE QV' 7 Jig,-k nb' ' M Dive H519 3211 uson Bobby Crocker, Bill Sim. Chuck Briggs. STATE FARMERS Larry Sitton, Heike Ohlinz. Dee Chambers. Jack Maznuson. The Future Homemakers of Amerrca IS a natronal orgamzarron for hrgh school gurls etve ' ges o 1 and 18 The actrvrrres of thxs organrzatron are holdmg a mght meetmg once a month thrs bemg erther a pot luck or a chrle feed holclmg a meetmg every Thursday noon swrm mmg, roller skatmg, and volley ball The servrces of the club for thrs year have mcluded sendmg a delegate to the natronal FHA conventxon rn Kansas Crty Durmg Natronal FHA Wfeek they presented a program to the Chlldrens Farm Home, and had a fifteen mmute program at KWIL The grrls also attended church together durmg thrs wee Warren Mlss Bree: Kathryn Phlllips Diane Parkhxll H LaCL ance Charlotte Nygren Gloria Worland vs There are elghty rrls rn the chapter thrs year The officers are Rae LaChance presx dent Charlotte Nygren vrce presrdent, Donna Morton secretary Florence Lane, treasurer Glorra Worland reporter, Lors Allen h1storxan Drane Parkhrll parlla mentarran, and Kathryn Phrllrps degrees charrman b .' en .he ann f 4 . 3 , K S Q ' ae 1 . , ' . at F A ri , - , A x F' ' ,, , i T, y J , I. t 1 , r , O' 4 T: P ' . of F ....., K 'u 'xq' V T 8 h - , ' 1 D , ' , z W I 5 1. . D v Q 5 ' Back Row Mr Williams Clyde Forney Dick Forester Kim Hyatt Jerry Lamb Wilmer Boesel SKID Wiseman Pat Aylward Front Row Barbara Baylor DeeAnne Williams Janet Guyton Lorll Kenagy Frances Hughson 'W-. 4-an 5' WV' DONNA DRAPER PATTY DONAHLE 11905 FQW- X ISOI' MR HAROLD WILLIAMS The Art Holmes, was Art advxsor organrzed :hrs year under support club was particularly active durmg the first semester an they were actxve during the second semester The officers for the club were Presxdent jack Schrader Vxce Presrdent Lola Rrdenour Secretary Pat Nnckel Treasurer Beverly Reeser Councxlmen Roly Poly Pat Nrckle The art club held pot luck dmner for nts members durlng the year The Valentine Dance whxch was named Cuprds Ball, was sponsored by thrs organrzatxon Thls dance was rn honor of the basketball players of Albany Hrgh School The club held one meetmg at Mxss Holmes home and officers met there every month and dlscussed projects for the followmg month Back Row LaRe1ne Neuman Clarence Little Dixon Neuschwander Bill Harper Mr Mickelson Front Row Rex SOD r L roy Babcock Jim Endicott Donal Craft I 3 A, . . I . . . d --f OIIHLI Back Row Everett Winters Dick Wilson Jerry White Kxm Hyatt Don eJter Second low Sharon Casey Betty Stellmaker Jean Carper Bonme Furs! Row Barbara Howard Pat Burkhart Pat Donahue Kathxwn Phxlllpps Mmshall Catherine Tomlinson The band council served as an advisory board for the entire band All band lettermen officers and first chair members of the band are ellglble The band council planned the band trips and parties and attempted to solve all problems confronting the band ,....- ...,.. N 0 e anc Back Row Kim Hyatt Everett Winters Dlck Wllson Don Jeux Jer 5 Vthxte Second Row Jim Seufert Stan Hammond John Brennen Marlene Karstens Jean Carper Bonnle 'tlxnshall Pat Nlrkle Front Row Arnold J Hagen Don Heyerly Barbara Howard Calrerxre Tomlmson Kathryn Phillips Kneehng Mxles Butner Floyd Tharn The pep band was a very successful organlzatlon th s '-tar order the dlrectxon of Mr Arnold J Hagen This group provided the music for all the main ha netball games and made a number of out of town trips . G ,fix ,Y L Q 0 .r 1 T. 'Pe Q- 6' S Q A 4 s 6 2 The Albany band under the direction of 'Pappy Sarchet has appeared at many foot- ball and basketball games, and has added much to the enthusiasm of the rooting section. XVith over 50 members, the band marched and played at the Oregon State-Washington State football game at Corvallis. It has appeared at many civic affairs and participated in the annual music contest. Several soloists and ensembles received high honors at Eugene. March 17. The oflicers for the year were: Dick Wilson, President, Don Jeter, Vice-Presidentg Bonnie Minshall, Secretary, and Everett Winters, Treasurer. c 5 itil , Q 5 , 2 1 Q at ti Q , - ? : if ' I 1 T klI'CHCSII'3 ' Albany High School was fortunate in having such a good orchestra this year. The orchestra provided the music for the Coronation and graduation exercises and a few of its members played for the Micado. Mr. Sarchet was the director of the orchestra. .4 .4 -1 x4 K4 N4 ... V f-V ..,. N.- ..... -vs v-n -A W 4 U-1 W U P-1 N U' D ra Z -1 ns S 4 WO I UN JV 'u SIP 2 .-F O L4 q : 1 U '57 : 'Q ,Q w 'ft ,nw Q w Fw is ol'- IJ EWU J JUUO .D E1 H311 O 'e -1 C. D' S S S s1a1 leg ' wo 10 4 3- Z:rE. U1 . 9... F-' Q Pr C-4 :Z rz: SW '41 3: vb: Dm ..- C f:F 22? If-Q -J WW nnual St H Arta Ohling Mr Williams Mr McCammon Cub SQXUOD Virginia Looney Florence Wood worth Janet Stapleton Don MacDonald Ka I Y som Marcia Speigel Phyllis Carrick Charlotte Weathe rford Edltor m Chief Assrstant Edrtor Busmess Manager Senror Co Edrtors junior Co Edrtors Sophomore Co Edrtors Boys Sports Co Edrtors Gxrls Sports Edrtor Ofg8nlZaIlOHS Editor Actrvrtres Edxtor Typrst Donna Slavens Artrst jack Schrader Co Advrsors Mr McCammon Mr Wrllxams nnua t Donn: Blaveng, Alice Marranne Mrchelle Lexla Dehm Elmor Coleman Qr Cub Sexton Atta Ohlmg Drck Drushella Vrrgmza Looney Marcra Spregel Don MacDonald Kay Isom anet Stapleton Florence Woodworth Jeff Lay Bob Crocker aDhm E1 o Col lee Joh Charles Rey ld Rid nou S a R-'rf I :Q Yr :, P ' Jil' AA U. 'X 1 rf 6' B- 5 - Wife' -nik ,' Q , Q, . , kifsi f45'1 Pf , - flew 5 QR, .E A. V if xp f M J af. ' ' ,ggg'1,'ei nkkh A Ct1V1t1CS M sters of Ceremomes Wesley Prxce and Rnchre Wllbanks conducted our assemblnes m smooth effrcnent way Thexr rare jokes and jovxal ways made the STUDENT BODY ASEMBLIES Most of the assemblles were produced by student orgamzatxons clubs and classes provxdmg an outlet for the talent 1n our school the re manrung few were produced by the Natnonal Assemblxes Assocxatron whxch offered fine entertamment . . I . . a assemblies very enjoyable. Sophomore Initiation 'Q 5 Free Shampoo Shoes shoes vshose got the shoe The Latest 3 . 7 I I JP 7 'N . ,. wi - ,ox ' , s 5 s. ' . bt' E? h s 3 Y fl ' X 60' I i Mnssm Ten Brands' 'X fi- V f HIGV N J' 4? X I .X op! 'Q GNN C X :AW lb. 5 MQ' 5 i Nw 7' W. C-AJ ff 9 4 1 N 3 ? ,ii E. lamllw 'Mlllgg f X J fffm J I Mm c- ' QQ , ix B V- x cr! ff fl w ' X wwf f fl ig. ww i 'W .LT 'io , 4 f3i ..,,f1'i: l f x .Eff XA 'NE . Y xi' AFI: l X r If Hx :NNW gr E ix Xxx X .xx XX N -X XY ' xi' , xXXXX K wwgr v S-X ' H O X 'N y 5 , H XlX'fHf'kM fa -D 'Wk A vx N ff' 2 Q' ' f X 'Q ,S - iss W , xg -Q I 1 Aw Hum! Whip Cream Poor Sophomore Baby It'S Sophomore ssem The Sophomore class revealed a great deal of talent and good enter- tainment to the student body at the traditional Sophomore assembly. C ristmas ssem x 5- M Q Swami.. Bushels of baskets and pxles of clothes were drsplayed at the Chrnst Ffmkle mas assembly sponsored by the Mr and Mrs C121US Grrl s Federatnon The student body and facutly smcerely showed the true sprrrt of Chrlstmas m thenr generosxty and hard work to make the assembly such a success 1' sf 1. +43- I -WW Sllfm Night ,flgushels of Baskets Santas Helpers SENIORS Wing 'SANTAS REIGNH The annual Christmas Prom proved to be 21 brilliant success. As is the custom the senior class -sponsored the prom following the Clever theme of Santas Reign. The prom was held in the Whverly grade school gymnasium on December 22. An outstanding band provided the music for some 50 couples. enior Pla y fast i 2 E 4 'N Q Jenny Kisse parlwnf- RIA niha l ...mei muy n ,,,.,. 7Y.,,,,,......,...,,...,,.......,,w..,,.,,. Bill Johnston Michael Saunders ......,A.,...... ..,.,... J im Bridgewater Mrs. Deazy .,..,.........,............... .............. J oan Lucht Sister Mary of the Angels ,V,,.. Shirley Terahossi ,,..,r.,,.,,,.,,V Miss Stearns ....,... Mary Delaney ,.... Harry ,.,..,.......... jo ..s.....,w.,i....,.,.,Y.. Owen Parkside ,...,.. jenny .,.......l...,..,.. Pricilla ...,........... jane .........,...... . Mr. Parkside ,,,.. ..,.........,... .,..,,.,..joan Layman Barbara Misner ......,..Mary Lou Schulte ,...,...,.Marcia Spiegle ........Shirley Moulton ...Wjuanita Ferguson .,,...,.Gordon Mespelt .,,H...,Elinor Coleman ,,....,....Eloise Hatch ,,.t,.,Bonnie Goin ,.,....Earl Wfillard I l 114f1-:lx-an DI ,.,- F-- Mrs. Gilbreth .,,. Mr. Gilbreth ...... .Mary Sause jean Carper .Jerome Kenagy Ernestine ....,........ janet Porter Alice Horn Frank ..,... ...... . .jim Waggener Anne ...,.... ,,...,,, j oan LaChance Betty Bates Larry ........ ...... - .Glenn Hatch Martha .... ....., . .Evelyn Palmer Joanne Kaufmann Lillian .,.... ...... . .Barbara Black Cecilia Moody Fred ....... ....., . .Everett Winters Dan ....... ......t.. B ob Kubes Bill ,......... ..... . .Stephen Covey jaCkiC ............... ...Dale Kaufmann Miss Brill ......... .. Rae LaChance Arta Ohling MIS. Fitzgerald Marylu Vandel Marilyn Farlee JOE Scales .........,,, Skip Wiseman Doctor Burton .George Holbrook Ncheaper lay the Dozenv Girlas Fecl Show W1nter Lazy Bones EN A mom Q Be a clown ooster a entlne ssem M1111 Barber Shop Quartet --'H QR f 1' ,AE4 by fs B Club V 1 ' A lnly iii! 4 '+1',fgm I , ' 1 l VA' S wr CHC L,...'- A---.A,l I A Happy Court P . f S-. Dubbing gr- Pom p and Ceremony ompa Reginae oronation fmiq. f A' W ul., 1-T Ji'-is KX' ara e 0 tle ueens L vp, i 5 fl I5 oya ourt 0 1 P oronatlon rogram 2 95144 Ar-8-ri HW? -Y I ,X Ups e Da1sy Th F1 ,vu C ymg Consellas Belle of the Clrcus The Royal Dame enior Act takes Tllircl Dance to the Trapack Round and Round HOIIJHX fl ussla wwaggqs gg:-3 LTP! sam Danglmg Daley unlor Act places econ ka! my Ks H gli Barlnaree on a out ern ea :M s 'il-Hills., ALOHA Salt Shuffle 3' JE' Saxlmg, saxlmg home N Act Wins First e i,Oph0n1OF Devil to Pay ThC'1'63 a story The Gypsies s ay is rrue Should you r love Wear Golden Earn' He Belongs ro you! ngs ku Flrst Place 4.-.S ........f'L,al F oats f 0 4535 W CCO H T Place 14 Q---H j fW..,.,... 7 Oh you kxd Student Body ommlftees HtCFaCtlVlty ommlttee Thrs commrttee was orgamzed to set dates for mter school acnvrtres and to keep them from conflxctmg wrth each other Left to rrght Cub Sexton Alta Syoblom Bun Doerfler olnts ystem ommlttee 'fx The purpose of the commrttee os to d1s trrbute actrvrtres evenly among the students Left to rrght Earl Wrhard Drck Krzer Catherrne Tomlinson Drane Parkhxll Not shown Joanne Laubner The duty of rhts commrttee rs to create ssem y Commlttee Thns assembly not only arranges dates for exchange assemblxes but also locates talent for our student assemblies Left to rrght Drck Prrce Don Brenneman Harold Pontxus Donna Slavens Betty Stell macher Not shown Rrchre Wrlbankg Barbara Dow 0018 ommlttee Thrs commlttee arranges dates for socral actrvrtres to avord conflrcts Left to right Dale Cooley Drck Forester oanne Corbett Alxce Kropp Lors Smrth Thrs commrttee solves problems th t a arrse cooperatron and frrendly relatronshrp among durmg student body meetmgs concernrng students and teachers proper parlramentary procedure Left to rnght jrm Rabe jeff Lay Bob Left to rrght Dee Chambers jack Magnu Crocker Gl M 16 1 orse son Jim Brrdgewater 0 . ' 9 V v La . Q I . A 1 9 . 7 .: , 2 . ' a ' . 1 , , I . I . 1. ' 1 kk 1 p F 1 I r 'fx C S I . : . , . . , A . I . . . . ' ' v . D s , . J a a ' , . ' l V I 51 31, 4 , S. , - 1 ff r ' : 1 1 . D I I , . 1 - s . AQWTXFMXQWH Gym ff 23 ff bf-4x 1 0 J X Q -nn- V X X n H W W W, X X m WX of rg Q13 X ' Q, ii:-sg Eiga N X SW x N U X ' 2 .A f, an f 2505? A Tx I U -3--E1 T. ig W Wm. f - ' Q gp :LO Q 5 y , Q I :, 4 X j A V! 1 N 2' v - v 2, f W, ! xl ga A- . W: ,, W if , ' xg g KA, ,,L - 7 - j-- ,--- , 4- -'V- V - i Z 'u l I, 1. f 2 , ,agix NN 2 6, 1 X ' W '-- 1 0 x new 7 . U 5 A f Y V ff'4Zf,r:1i::2l'f T '- ', -: ffff' xxx, xx 1 ZW! fiiill wflyg Nl ff' -- EL l 'iT 1 W , Z--gf X ,Q -7-Q--A-fgzf -XX 1 x FOOTBALL SCHEDULE Q Albany Albany Albany Albany Albany Albany Albany Albany Albany OPSCIIICH CT afootfaafl.. BACKFIELD COACH KNUDSEN Andy Knudseng in his first year out of Oregon State college, handled the backfield like a veteran coach and had a hery spirit that seemed to rub off onto the players. He took four boys, two experienced and two inexperienced, and developed one of the most potent running combi- nations in the state. This backfield averaged over live yards a carry per man. COACH KERR Coach Kerr, fresh from Halsey, stepped in and developed a good hard charging, dynamite-packed B squad, which will supply the need- ed replacements for next vears varsity. Coach Kerr and Lee Cardon also helped aid in the Albany victories by sitting up in the windy crows nest during the games and spot- ting mistakes made by both teams. Albany's ability to play a rugged second half can be in great measure attributed to them because their re- ports at halftime gave Stan the chance to instruct the boys on what they were doing wrong and how to correct it. .93 HEAD COACH STAN CZECH Albany high school's football team coached by Stan Czech, finished a highly successful season with a record of seven victories and three defeats. Coach Czech came into his own in coaching this year, as he stepped into the shoes of head coach for the first time and did a marvelous job. Coach Czech built into his players a fine spirit and attitude, a tre- mendous will to win, and at the same time made them graceful losers. SCOUT TOM DRYNAN An unheralded but nevertheless vitally important member of the staff was Tom Drynan, who scouted Albany's opponents each week be- fore the game and brought back to Coach Czech and Coach Knudsen the information that helped them to plan victories. Mr. Drynan seems to have an unusual talent for picking out weaknesses of teams and it's a sure thing that many of his reports led directly to Bulldog touchdowns. John Tobin fl Lay O ED GJ 'U RS O O 'ed O O U 6... GS S-4 I-4 L-4 -CI 3 ter art n Pau or g ab ock S4 O L4 UD GJ J m Harr s N94 9-1 :O U t :ACJQC 5 mgtfl ASO E-i as xocggm Emi' C!1'U.C. O Quoiumw No -C1 ,ZW JIM ENDICOTT tackle SCOTT tackle LAY guard V , ED CLARK ' center JOHN TOBIN center end RON HALL GARY TORGESON ' QQ! end 'ii CUB SEXTON fullback ,- ,A X f - I N Q N I X X ff' .1 S, A1 ,Lb f N AH-1. X N. .f LEONARD WILLIAMSON fullback 32 3 LEROY BABCOCK halfback -4'-3 BILL PARRETT quarterback im: '. I if 1 W DELANO DALESKY quarterback FRED if hal I U F BILL GEISTERU guard X A' I , x Y- St 1 X. X 1 X I. .QI fback R' ,V LARRY LARIOS halfback 2 W1 DICK DRUSHELLA I tackle 'Q CECIL KRAF guard X I If s around and over lg SIX W. I.. T. Pct. P. F. ' P. A. Eugene ....... .... 5 0 0 1.000 147 32 Bend ..,.... 3 1 1 .750 106 59 Albany ...,... 3 2 0 .600 105 70 Corvallis ........ 2 3 0 .400 58 1 16 Springfield ........ 1 3 1 .250 25 69 Salem ..,...... 0 5 O .000 35 131 The Bulldog football team of 5O-51 was the result of two newcomers on the well known coaching staff of Albany High School. When the season ended, the final tally was 7 games won and 3 games lost. The two new coaches started the season with three returning regulars and although the rest of the squad were inexperienced, coaches Stan Czech and Andy Knudsen de- veloped a powerful grid machine which carried on the great traditions of AHS, Head Coach Czech was the man responsible for a line that overpowered and outfought opposing players that outweighed them 20 pounds straight across the line. Without a superior line the backheld would not have made the showing they did, but together the line and backfield were an almost impossible combination to conquer. The backneld coached by Andy Knudsen was fast and hard charging on the ground along with the ability to gain yardage in the air. All in all, the football coaches and their team displayed a type of football that everyone is proud of. Congratulations! ID W8. B Footlya l F' O eu, 5 1535 Back Row Jerry Wesbrook Dean Christensen Gene Webb Leonard Mayfield Dave Durr Bun Doerfler Art Hoss Richard Fisher Middle Row Bob Tucker Glen Belknap Garry Norrmgton Art Coffee John Wilbur Larry Mishler Paul Hartwell Neil Causbie Buck Chaney Ed Clark Mike Santo Chuck Kerr CCoachl Front Row Gail W1ll1s Merle Montgomery Dick Renn Don Shepard Fred B011 mger John Newton Jack DeWall Jim Harrison Doy Gatlin Bob Kubes B Basketball in Back Row-Charles Gupton, Jim Waggner, Neil Causbie, Jim Harrison, Ed Clark. Middle Row--Dick Reimers, Bob Kubes, Jack Sease, Jack DeWal1, Gail Willis, Jack Towe, Ken Theilen. I-'ix-si Row-Dean Christenson, Fred Bollinger, Bill Parrett, Larry Mishler, Ron Hall, Bob Morris, Gene Kutch, Harold Pontius. 943 .h . -n PPf'n9Q:5,f ,iam F233 5, - , 1, ,x 8 K Left to Right: Steve Covey CManagerJ, Don Fleming, john Tobin, Chuck Briggs, Dick. Forster, Don Brenneman, Heike Ohling, Gordon Kutch, Leroy Babcock, Bill Sim, Larry Helms, Cub Sexton, Gary Torge- son Bob Decker Coach Cardon started his basketball coaching career in Albany High School by starting from scratch, and building a team that would make anyone pleased, Although the team won but a few games, Coach Cardon developed in them a spirit to fight until the very end. Coach Cardon was reflected in a group of basketball players who showed the kind of fight and sportsmanship that truly good players have. With this in view the basketball situation in Albany High has a very bright future. 5 t ,yi askeilaa U. . K L.- ,F in lv if S W GARY ToRGEsoN F d ' DON BRENNEMAN Omar f CUB SEXTON Forward BOB DECKER W Forward GENE KUTCH LARRY HELMS Forward Center ff Manny ALBANY 7 4 Sf, , ' ilk'-N xi 3 3 I :,' :fe R. HEIKE OHLING DON FLEMING DICK FORSTER Forward .W X Guard K Guard 85 5 F! 92 2 1 R x Albany Albany Albany Albany Albany Albany Albany Albany Albany Bas etball Sclsneclule Q51 Cottage Grove .,,..... -13 Albany 55 Eugene ,,,,A,, H ,,,,, 54 Albany 46 Grants Pass . , .,... 76 Albany f 45 Cottage Grove . ..... 50 Albany . 1 40 Corvallis , .,.,, 313 Albany ,,..,,,. 32 Springfield ...., 70 Albany ,t,,,,,, 56 Sweet Home ,,,,....,.., 50 Albany .,.., ,V 50 Springfield ,,,, ,. .. 55 Albany 59 Salem ,, 59 Albany 50 Eugene Sweet Home Salem Corvallis Lebanon Lebanon . North Bend Marshfield .. Bend 59 419 70 50 -15 61 51 6,4 58 lbany Sixth in State fzestfing.. Back Row-Jerry Renolds Larry Dryden Don Kraft Ron Wallace Gayle Hess Sherman Grate Don Reeves Middle Row-John Wllbur B111 Gexster Ken Halloway B111 Scott Km: Hyatt John Newton Earl Willard Gary Norrxngton, Jeff Lay Tom Drydan iCoachJ I-'roni Row Tom Dryden Dick Renn Dale Dlckerson Ken Southwzck Gary Mclaln Ken Southerlm Kent Muller Jun Kerr Under the local tutelage of Coach Tom Drynan, the local wrestling aggregation closed another successful year Winning six of ten dual meets the team went on to nose out a strong Salem team for the Big Six championship Wrestling against the revenge inspired Salem squad in the District meet the Bulldogs came in a strong second The Bulldogs surpassed any previous record of an Albany wrestling team by placing sixth in the state meet Dallas Canby jefferson 8: OSC Rooks Salem Salem Lebanon Lebanon Springfield Springfield Shedd VVRESTLING MEETS Albany Albany Albany Albany Albany Albany Albany Albany Albany 4 Albany Albany Secon ln Disirlct R. Wx NN .H McClain 113 M 145 165 ,dr f Second Second Fourth Second Ch L Ken- Albany Hrgh School recerved a new coachrng genrus rn the form of Coach Chuck Kerr When Mr Kerr graduated from hrgh school he rrnmedrately jorned the Unrted States Marmes and served three and one half years rn that capacrty He then went to Oregon State College where he majored rn physrcal educatron Upon graduatrng from Oregon State rn 1948 Coach Kerr recerved hrs frrst coachrng assrgnment at Halsey Hrgh School In hrs frrst year at Halsey Coach Kerrs team won most of therr games havrng a hrghly successful season Last year Coach Kerr had a burldrng team that rs playrng off for the drstrrct trtle thrs week Last summer Coach Kerr led the Albany Amerrcan Legron team to fourteen strarght drstrrct wrns wrth out a loss Thrs Amerrcan Legron team lost only to a powerful Medford team rn the drstrrct play off s Takrng everythrng rnto consrderatron we must com mend Coach Kerr for hrs past three years of hrghly successful coachrng Congratulatrons' Coach Kerr We wrsh you the best of luck rn your future coachrng campargns C158 Ll The baseball season tor 51 proved to be for Coach Kerr and hrs boys a very success ful year Begrnnrng thrs year wrth only seven returnrng letterman Coach Kerr went on to mould a powerful team Thrs team under Coach Kerrs superror rnstructron forged ahead to rack up 10 wrns agarnst only 3 losses rn drstrrct play By far the most thrrllrng game of the ntrre season was the second ball game between Albany and Corvallrs Under the steadfast prtchrng of Cub Sexton and Leroy Bab seven rnnrngs went fourteen rnmngs before the Bulldogs could squeeze out the wrnnrng run The most crucral game of the year was the second Sprrngfreld game played on Sprrngfrelds home ground on May 18 Thrs game was to be the decrdrng factor for the bulldogs and would determrne whether or not they would be Brg Srx and Drstrrct champrons Our Bulldogs came through wrth the vrctoq' repeatrng therr prevrous wrnnrng score of 6 to 5 Thrs gave the drstrrct and Brg Srx champron shrl s to Albany Thrs wrn also gave Albany a berth rn the state tournament that rs berng held rn Albany agarn thrs year Albany plays a tough Dalles team May 24 rn rts W frrst game of the tournament Congratulatrons Bulldogs for a rrp roarrng season' Team Place Sacred Heart 61 Albany C Salemj Grant Albany C Portland J I Double I Sweet Home 8 7 Lebanon Salem 0 0 Corvallrs 7 Eugene Sweet Home Lebanon Albany Corvallrs Eugene Sprmgfreld Albany Sweet Home OSC Rooks Lebanon Salem Corvallrs Albany OSC Albany Salem Albany Eugene Albany Sprrngfreld Spfmgfreld Sacred Heart CSalemD 6 1 Albany Grant fPortlandJ 40 5 1 Albany UC I . . . . L llll cock the Bulldogs finally eked outa six to five score. This ball game scheduled for W ' ' 6-5 W . W 3-0 L 10-1 L 4-0 5-1 W 8-4 W 4-3 W - W ' 6-5 W 9-3 L 7-5 L 1 - W ' ' 6-5 ' ' L ' 14- ' W . 8-6 L - . as 4 In 1 B lad L lr' , -H ' 'lk I Batters Row H it to Right: Jr. Stamps, Dick Forster, Jack Sease, - Bill Parret, Cub Sexton, LeRoy Babcock, Bob -' Crocker, Don Brermeman. , A --v-.- 'il is JACK SEASE 5rd Q 5- g I' , .gAg.'xv,'q-N, +'f . s 7 f , ' L. .' 'Q ,L W , ct' av 4 A sa 1-f u, Jil' Q 1 z . ,fl wv,.l ,r B ffp1 flQs':g7f'ff.1 wf ' ggPd5' U N- 1 ' 4 - , fare, . if 1 .:,:x'rAv1-' +4 .J W - we 1'.'W ,Jw 51 , ,V ,Yip U,, . -P' Q 1 ' K .1 ' ' 6 . ,1 1 ' .i :IX ' Y, . I , ' , :,,,'k e . , U , L 3 5 -, 41 ' u ' V ' I -I , , ,, ,' . ' V 'if V r A+. 9: 5,151 1 1, Q Y Y 'fungus -' . 'y. pa, .yy .. wx rail' , ,J 5' xD!'g' . W ,. n 1, I-fx 3, 1. V 3,3 xl ,Q , Q, ,f . 4 x. ., f,'.'i ' -- 'O y . b 1 'lr I X. x 1 o X 7 . fm., 1,1 A.. x cam x x ':',,l15.'+. vnu H1111 'G v. X STAMPS l lst GARY MCCLAIN X , L Roy Bobcock, Cla? Q-rlgfeslcgob indrews, DOH Shephard FORSTER 2nd BILL PARRET LeRoy Babcock, Bob Crocker, Cub Catcher I K, Sexton Doye Gatlin Gar Tor e- 1 - Y S scn D Frnnk Burford Par ret 8 B Q I no ez .Sd :- 1. .C G. 0 'UQ Ron IO! Sex Mid I Row: Con. Kerr. Coal Czech, Hie Ohllng. ack Seas . ill . , on She hard. Jr, Stamps, LeRoy Babcock. Gary Torzeson, G ne M r in. F ont Row: A. st. Man ger a k Fi.-her, Bob. Cro ker. Dic Forster. . Brennemnh, Cub . Hall, Do Ga lin. Ga. McClain. B b An rews, Manager Gil Nurse OW k D U 1: I o U '1 9- dx- va U P: L 'QE 9 Q -, .aa 1-1. ?, 5374, lack low: Manner Jim Rube. Ted Wilkinson. Bun Doerfler, Jerry White, Nell Clusbie. Larry Mlshler. Earl Willard, Manager Jerry Bo!d. liddlo Row: Coach Edwards. Bob Llvlnnton, Bill Scott, Jurgen Franz. Bob Morris. Larry Helms. David Fisher. Don Gregory. Conch Drvnln. Front low: Jim McCsry. Je!! Loy, Dave Durr. Delano Dslesky. Harold Pontius. Elmer Cook. Dick Morss. C? CIC .. I 5 , ' 73' 'V om rynan Perhaps not many of the people around Albany High School notice, or pay attention to one very important personage at Albany High School. Coach Drynan, who coaches two major sports and plays a very important part during football season, as scout, works continually throughout the year on his many activities. In the past years Coach Tom's teams have won and lost, but never been down very far. Mr. Drynan has built the track and wrestling teams into strong contenders for District and Big Six titles. In fact, in the last four years our track and wrestling teams have each won two of those District or Big Six titles out of the four. Mr. Drynan has been building his track team and expects to win the majority of track meets next year. If the team follows the vigorous and hard working ex- ample of Coach Drynan, we know that team will take a victory every outing. H' X10 OTE! P BM 4 UD er C0 Greg ok bmw xsh I Doerilei' earl W yNX-nie, Berfil MILE Y A LM . . - f Gd Wllk 1 lvmgswnnson' Dick Mor ss, B0 b owe gud dv' J urgen F Fan Z I D e1an0 D ele- URW 993 f .O QY59 f .Ir V 1 A,, 4,4 WV 0206 X UZ McCary, Team Place Stayton 48 1X3 Albany 73 275 Springfield 61 Albany 56 Salem 741!2 Albany 47 1!2 Cottage Grove 70 Albany 52 291f3 Albany 92 2f3 -' Home 145!6 Albany 107176 58 Albany 64 Meet Albany 2nd iff Q hr'-fx! lf l . ft Back Row: Jlm Bash, Jim Waggoner. Gene Kutch. Keith Mackie Bill Sim. Middl, Row: Mr. Carrlon. Coach: Ted Wilkinson, Jack Swanson. Dick Forster. Don Brenneman. Chuck Briggs. Paul Preston. Front Row: Bob Gabbert, Pat. Clayton. Ken Southwlck, Dick Riemers. Larry Helms. Bob Decker. Heike Ohllng, Ron Zimmerman manager. Ihe cross country team thus year consnsted mostly of athletes who partxctpated tn other sports and were buxldmg up then' endurance Because of the tnexpertence of the team, they lost every meet But tn so domg they gamed presttege for they kept country team us to be commended fo tts bard ork a d tremeclous intestinal fomtude Jxm Harrlson, B111 McCallum, Dean Chrlsttansen, Ed Clark Dick Rlemers, Mr Buchanan, Coach On the whole this season of golf has been a very successful one To show their exceptxonal abtltty, we wnll have to cxte you an example, for mstance the defeatmg of a strong Salem team by the unusually large score of 15 to 3 Thxs may not seem SlgDlflC8.I'lI unttl you realtze that Salem ts four txmes as bug as Albany and that one of their mam past ttmes IS playmg golf Lookxng at the golf team thus year, we ftnd that there are no semors on the roster Therefore we are lookmg forward to the season of next year and anttcxpatmg a state champnonshnp team a sw? Q Q 9 2 ' 9 . '49 , A ' L.. K .hir X I lf 51, 54 e . ' ,coming back and each time they improved and came nearer to winning. The cross- - r'........w n -- 'e . .0 I Y Aclsaisors Miss Parrish has been our adviser, and Mrs. Parent has been our assistant adviser for G A A this year They have taken a keen interest in our or ganization and have contributed very much to activities We are very proud as well as fond of our advisers and we hope they will have many more successful years at Albany Senior High School Lvery year four Senior girls are selected to receive the reward for their sportsmanship co operation leadership and character This is acknowledged as the highest honor that the GAA can bestow upon any senior member in its organization Catherine Tomlinson this years GAA President was chosen for the co operation and leadership throughout the school Besides being an important person in our GAA she has contributed a lot of her music ability Two of her other important ac tivities are Seventeen and Honor Society Janice Clack is best known for her athletic ability in all sports To head the list of her favorite sports is basketball in which she made the All Star team Her job is sportsmanager of volleyball and her ideas for the Volleyball Playday turned out to be a great success Marianne Michele known to all the kids as Mtke drd an outstanding job as intramural manager She found skiing her most enjoyed recreation but partici pated in all other sports Her other activities and honors have included Honor Society Booster Club FBLA and 17 and BPW Girls of the Month anet Sipe did an excellent job as secretary for the GAA this year She has participated in GAA from her first year in high school and says she en yoys all sports Janets other activities include Boost er Club and Honor Society IVC I'81'1C GTS GAA members are Catherlne Tomllnson Marc1a McM111an Marlanne Mlchele Janet Slpe Barbara MISHCF Beverly Anderson Shlrley Huffman Darlene Haworth Pat Koeppel Den1se Derrah Carol Montank Mary Jenks DeAnne Wlll1amS Delores Shortrldge Joanne Corbett Beverly Reeser Conn1e McDougall Janlce Clack Mary lou Vandel Marllyn Jackson Lola Rldenour Joan LaChance Rae LaChance Annette Hoel Sharon Casey LOIS Smith Shirley Dow Janet Porter Pat Burkhart ITIS Mann Margle W1ll1amson Jane Lowell Valrene Faulkner Shxrley Moulton Betty Bates Barbara Tamblmg Beverly Lev1tt Arta Ohlmg Beverly Pepper Allce Kropp Mary Sause Charlotte Burrows Betty Stellmacher Carleen Johnston Ellnor Cole man Le1la Dehm Shrrley Fmtel Barbara Yutzxe Glorla Jerde Barbara Saylor Evelyn Palmer Barbara Black Alta Sjoblom Glorla Worland Pat MCLIDQ Betty Feuerste1n Pat Nlckel Charlene Venard Twyla Venard Dlane Parkhlll Patsy Covev Charlotte Weatherford Advlsers Muse P31-meh Mr Parent gamzatxons rn the school The assembly rn February carrymg the theme Stude Ranch was a wmnxng success Also our volleyball Playday was successful and enjoyed by all who attended The GAA was acnve all through the year They sold popcorn and candy at several football games and took coat check at almost all the basketball games In Apnl the Splnster Skxp was held The theme was Daxsy Do You and was one of the most successful dances of the year One of the most enyoyed of all was the beach tmp rn May Wet feet drrty clothes and sandy food was the outcome but everyone enjoyed rt Left to rlght Jane Lowell sergeant at arms Margle W1ll1amson Badmlnton Cath erme Tomllnson Presldent Mrs Parent asslstant advlsor Betty Bates Blkmg Marlanne Mtchele Intramural manager Valrene Faulkner H1k1ng Le11a Dehm Publxclty manager Barbara Yutzxe Tumbhng Arta Ohhng Basketball Janet Bus sard Swrmmmg Janet Porter Tennls Janet Slpe Secretary Pat Burkhart Golf and Skatmg Beverly Pepper Pmg Pong Mlss Parrlsh Advlsor Charlotte Burrows Treasurer Betty Stellmacher Skung Jamce Clack Volleyball . . . I :I , I , , Y I ! Y Y I I 7 I , , , I , I , 1 I 1 V Y 1 D - , I I I ,,,, I , 1 I 7 I ! I Y I I Y 7 9 Y ' Y I I I Y I I ! I 1 I Y - , , , I ,I , I , , , . .: , A , , ,., - s. . The G.A.A. got off to a good start with sixty-three members, one of the largest or- l 7 1 Y ' 9 , . I If I , ' ' S I I 1 II I ' . . r 9 - Y 3 . . n 3 I I , I Q I I Y S y I I S , I I I , Z ' . I 5 ,I 5 I ,I I Q , 1 , II 9 I , L , I , I v - 1 7 Uhhhlq!!! Wh pp Get on t STRET Wfffrmx ff r ,m N4 flfgfmllllkl i ,...QX N1 X Q 231 ff v A XX-Lfbuxkgtyk QCEAJ ,,X,,,.g, Q , . Whlrlwlnd Annua as een supportecl lay the 0 OW'lIlg any uslness lrms Agnew Motors Albany Farm Supply Albany Propane Gas Albany Seed Company Albany Typewnter Exchange Ames Hardware Company Barrett Brothers Bassmet Shop Ben Franklm Vanety Blackburn Jewelers Braly Fred Realtor Bowman Motor Company Burch s Shoe Store Carnck John Contractor Carpenter B111 Umon Servrce C C Store Chandler Servlce Station Cottage Cafe Cummmgs Transfer Democrat Herald Dxrrett and Davis Plumbmg Dooley Brothers Market Duedall and Potts Fisher Implement Flsher Studio Foley Jewelry Store Ford Garage Frager Furmture F M French and Son Jewelers Harry s Meat Market Hammond Lumber Company Hamllton s Hull Hollis Jeweler In and Out Hamburgers Jake s Cleaners Joe s Dlner Johnson J P M D Kaufman s Apparel Lee s Camera Shop Lmn Creamery Lovelace Floral Shop Mason Drug Store Mlllers Mltchell Upholstery TLiS ' ' 1 L L ll ll ' L L ' I' . 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Suggestions in the Albany Union High School - Whirlwind Yearbook (Albany, OR) collection:

Albany Union High School - Whirlwind Yearbook (Albany, OR) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 1


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Albany Union High School - Whirlwind Yearbook (Albany, OR) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


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