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Albany Union High School - Whirlwind Yearbook (Albany, OR) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Cover

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5 xx ff iv. 1-K Oibf- :L7.,-Qmfq., V 'Tj' U Q, 12x ,, Z.-- P34 is Ig g gi 'T f 'A il NTT'--- " w Q X x x K -X F, f may-in x fu- -X X I I l ig? I Elk' Dc . '-:1'. J f'. ..,f ff,-f .... Ill. E 5 E ' f,'i?:-J. 55, .. 11 E .1 f 5 I 1 I 1- ' Q. ""'3?riL?1 " ' ---- f I Q :mag -qdg QQ 117 I 7 , QLBQHH I-HC l , I-' -'Y Y, 145.3 f Y ' , -X M y . . -- 4 . . ., .' e.::-,f-1 , , , f U 4 I , 2 , Q , A X X 311 ED ' 3 QV E3 51:1 if CE W crm mn Vw D-E E3 g 5 X:-of' ' 1 , 2 S ' Z 5 li-E W ' IE 2 gg 5 5 --GI .7 Q 'X E E3 A , 11 l-I 1 -wh! X V "1 x 7 A 3 A ,gym Ky ' ,bil 1 X 3 Q55 , , 1 N . X4 xx Yi X .QQ a.,91 . fw ng vu., K , I MX f W.. Wx Il "aw 'A - Q 1 ' :ia - if . 'rl' ,J E, X , 0 WX, X I-W Ni , 'N Y -' ,S-530 ri-Bez.. N-Y: , : . :flair -Q' hw' ,A QI, X NXXYX Thx EAM? ' Sgrelfiik FRQXX xx X Xxx X Y' QJG5:,4m ' xiym H A M,.JMlIy -VE, N Y XXX 'Q 34,91 3 -. f"f'W.Hf' i w'1 H-sf vu' -'WK' GW' X Q ies - B t Ipglllfl flfdll' bl' .tm ' , xxx 'SQ 1, .u.1 f .X x. . xx . P ., N , ' ! 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L -E 54 Q . , A, T 3! 59 xy VL, -rvg f .1 . 5, 3 Ai V, -i 1 1 N I 1 S , Vai 4 ,VF . -Q X' Vx' ,tif My s. N 4 ' . ' f5,, " 2 - wp. , , V1.3 J, ., , 2 - . , r':w41f,"'ii,Tf2" ' nf' V 5-V, ' Qi ' ' V556 . A-V Vv?,.,:,, rf? arg L if '1 .ff , ' ' 1 155? 'Y ' u fbi' A ,.,..V X ' A LX 5 '. '1, " , n K XV MR flew A in - MESIQ. K f wwmw H Q. Lx L. , .. . 'Q ' A. , I, . ,M . ,, -, L . -af N -,ga-Vw .V L , , Y f , V' 1 V '21 V M's w' V ,E -w mf ,, V ,- W-JFK-w,f'5f,.QVV1:., , , 'V 'Y I - V314 ,V vx..,:t,.., 4. , qx, Y t X MDA f V J.,. M . Q, V V N f' V Y' . ,. '. 1 af A sf 'ck ' fp 'V - f .1 P , , ,., .5 'gi . 'V 'W ' 1' if f -f V.. V - ' ,gui :Ni A up ,vb t W 4: MAL A . L, .Ak LJ V A f,gg'Qe-- . f A , , t 3- r WE f, . 5 45 , E5 1 V ' 7 , ggi. ' A 4 . ,,,-effL":.,,' K ' 3 . V .' " t GQ, ,- 1 ,B vi th. f wwa - pVxggwV Y 4. Y 5.32 V J 4, , g" ,. I 5. 'EQ - Ai- L A. - ' 'V , '-'-Ji ' . m " ' " .iz ' Ifbzgnat - F' ' "R, -f 1 if " Kf'?v9'f' ffm- 'r A Q 'V 4 , i , ga fl, , V 1- X, pr V up , ..4 . V V-af V: V afamf - -, V yi V X. ' hw . V V mf,- fvf 'wi4Vwww, I QV A 1- ' , Q wwii Y w pwv -iyihw-M fw,g Q .gg L-L, - :ls mt V, V .QQ +L V '. , - if IL' "' . . H 2 1 ' V , ' 16 1 V X M Q., ' , A ,Mp gf -V , ' by L 'ff k -V5.3 ' t . X is V 'Ay 3 5? V4 M wV ' ,gif ' ,. 4 , VV, . , V v M3 ' A N V-w -1 ,Q5?1 .A, - Y . -V ,Q M if ,N . 451.434, jk V Q N- 'f Y . ' he . V fx 3 1 4 H E12 P. - X - V . . 'ef'-5 , V .gfg - y ' .we V V -V . .. - V- at iq . 4- -1 , ' 'es1?"", gr, . wg, V Q S , . , 29, VT' A .. . ,V 'A AQVQ I I JVVK A Y. xii nw . . V .51 Jia' ' 4' yr. 'ff's'? V , , ff: 1 M , lk Wai, Wu., l . ,uf :- . ff ' ea K tw is wif n I , , I T W9-Un. '- an A W- 1 1-if QV' f ,f A '- ff 'V " f ' A V-'JYEQH "-E11'3:',.- ' V - ,!,:f.1f 3 V 5 1:'9g.:g,,' mm - . if .5 mv '1l"f3-H' ' 2 fi i 'ls A 7.1 Qi . Lg V ffkwx Zi, Q ax 3. -yi Foreword Memories! Pioneer memories! 1848 memories! We are celebrating the century mark in the growth of the city of Albany. It has been a century of building and forming a thriving city. This school in which we are enrolled is a comerstone of this com- munity. It has sent forth many workers from its doors to make the world a better place in which to live. We are proud to help portray the spirit of cele- bration ot the community at the time of this historic centennial. May we, as we look through the pages of this book, think of the wonderful discoveries and the inventions that have enabled us to omit the hard- ships of one hundred years ago. Let us. the students of 3948, commemorate the Spirit of 1848. 1 4 . ' f v .Q W-f"ff '-Ag'fXf" "' V A .,.,. ,vr 1'4, 1 ', z , 4, 4 . Q qv ,f,. ..v. W X -,wi vf ,g wx .542 nA 1, ' ?f4'.:Z'f1- - lu. ,,. , gg-Q ,,. ., M 4.1 'a 4,- f. X , 1-, f , ,n A 'mi-LLQ4 ' 1, iw, . 1 1 1. f.. N X --4 .- 'F m ,- LJ, , Q ' wk: xi. , ff .. x ,, , 1' ,Lf H, .1 A ' gi' 1.39.-2':vf'fAi-Wf,' . 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S :ffl V fig- 'I ' :ff " '-l"'f7is:,f5f.' , ,K J 'fi' Qu, W . - a - - , A .., V. , ' ' 1 Q' T Y , My f +, fi ,fi-.gig 1 5 ' 7 .. -L-1 J ',jwf'43T"ff 41 gag , qf,,,,' W .h g Egiilgj-LM: 2. V. 'fbi iff ' ' fi 1 Uaiifiel- WZ! 'rf G' , . "EFL 4,1 Qjljfih. xii, gf 'V-Nvrfjh,-,' X . " t- k . f-,,1..,1-- -xxx ,Q fu if 1--:1 :::5-fan ' ' , " .4 -afiffif' H.+r,g:,. , . . L .Tgfff 1 ,V kws, I . . 34 5 5, J'-,Q sy, 9 1592-QC 1 Y o ' .'f,1:?.,'!'.- Z f .1 A- Y 5.1 hz V.: U. .- v if-QM' -,fj 'Z' . yu- 1ffw,,5r,, . 'L '.,.,g2, 2, .. VT ' ,ffmf K Til' Wt-,. infix? ami' 5 f :Ir , Hg ' X 3 , , ,, A .. ,+ k z , i ' I , R . "im ' V , K . 9 ' ."'n. ' N, Yah .',..Q f - , ,Km 1 ,, .-'QL .."f L - ,,,. , . 'W '1 'il 1 1. 1 'al "1ww4" 1' 1 "U MPA M X , fu, ,wr H -4 'cv' '. , ilk. aff, X , .. A 46, 3-f.,Z '. ,,.,. ' Q wym ,. , 2 1. Jr-S' .U P , M . 1. 4, .N f X 4 K K , T-. - . -.. .K . a . lf Qwl-,e 4 - T2,?,:,.1 w ,K ' ,NAL Lk K., . V JN. -V , ,I , ,.. w ,lr ' . ' ' ' f.f1fiw',g .-x5..'5fgg. 3-1, K 'Jig' gf 'vfjig Aj ii. '??Q.. . . .Qi , a . ' lv ,W . -Y. , . Wy: l 'Q 'tif r . - rf fi ' , "f.v,aMv,3,. L f T , 1, L' K 723-L ji ' "TQ, f . . ka: -. 1 1 . ' S . 1 I rf? - J 34-if . U f ffm. -- ,ewa,'E'r2'r 1 n x .,.,,,,J W 'ffl' -h T 1 N 5 5 'W ZW .vc 5 'ff 'fi Hg 'ie , iii lf. , kg lf' k AJ -. .G , .5- -W 4' f ? LBANY CENTENIXEIAL AUGU T , 25-6- , ,.,1.,.ff "hw 'g"1i E .,-, +535 x yu. an UVM Ol 91 ""+ R 2 2 3 if 5 E 2 a Ei 3 5 i 5 s a FE U6 u 4 5 J if 14 E In E 5 E 5 a B 1 3 . X E E L ? E 5 4 E fi E rs E 'I 2 n E s 5 5 z E If Mr. Floyd Mullen. Chairman Mr. Max Rohrbough The School Board l Mr. Glenn Holmes Mr.- George Nilsen Mr. Ralph Danton Mr. Dan Brennaman. Clerk Mr. McCormack The Centennial, a challenge! What does a centennial mean to you? lf I could read your publication, dear editor and staff, before writing this brief message, perhaps I could know. lt can mean a celebration--with people com- ing from far and wide-with parades and banners and gala dress and a carnival, it can mean a motivated way to get a history lesson with many a look into the past, it can mean a challenge. One hundred years ago when our forefathers came to this place, it was for the most part "forest primeval." Can you imagine the solitude? Now we have the fertile valley with the forest mostly gone, farrnsteads and fields' and fences, bridges and highways and railroads, people and cattle, cars, trucks, and trains, homes, stores, theaters, and larger buildings-our city. Toil and vision, toil and hope, toil and achievement-for a hundred years. It is good! Time rolls on. Toil and vision, toil and hope, toil and achievement for another hundred years. Can we do better? This is our challenge. R. E. MCCORMACK P P t i Mr. Otto A yearbook is a personal book. Your interest in it is in direct proportion to the extent that it reflects those activities in which you have shared. Oi what will the pages of this book remind you in the years ahead: days well spent in preparation tor what you now are, reminders of things, left undone, or, indications of a happy present, As you review these pages, may each page stir happy memories of the past: memories of preparation, loyalties, and friendships which still exist. May this book serve to remind you that the lasting things of life come through the mind and the heart and cannot be bought. 'YT he reward of a thing Well done is to have done it." HENRY G. OTTO Mr. Palmer Miss Spence Miss Ida B. Anderson Mlss Dorothy Belders W Mr. Robert Buchomdn Mr. Paml Collins. Ihr, Faculty :Min mf . - v X we . 5 X' f 'www' 5, Miss Beatrice Engh Mr. Eugene Foremen is 23" 3 X ' 2 img-f Miss Virginia Harper Miss Marjorie Herr Miss Helen Hollandsworth Miss Mabel Howard fl sw, RN? ,X fW'AQbAALM 'i Mr. Rex Hunscrker Mr. Clyde Martin .lg Mrs. Pitney - . Knee Miss Barbara McFc:ddenJ MISS Monica McNamara -r- ,, ??"!fFf ! WH yawn 1: ex,i in MT- William Mickelson Mr. Woodrow Sarchet H . if X ,x A ' e Miss Clara Voyen Mr. Leo F. Walker Mi-SS Vema Weeman Mr. Iames Wheeler Mr. Harold Wynd The Office Secretaries Mrs Hewitt-Principal's Secretary Mrs. Green-Superintendenfs Secretary The Student Council, the govern- ment of our school, has become more democratic in its proposals and de- cisions than ever before. The council is led by Bob Kouns as president, LaVern Adkins, vice presi- dentg Adeline Ehrlich, secretary, Fran- ces Schmidt, treasurer, and Mr. Otto, principal. The remainder of the council consists of the class officers and the representatives. This year the council has been read- ing the constitution and discovering many things overlooked before and not understood by the students. One of the many things formerly overlooked is the fact that a person must have an activity card to run for offices and to belong to organizations. Since some of the laws were not so good as they could be, the council has amended the constitution to take care of them. 'vhllllq I-'rom left to right: Adeline Ehrlich, Secretary: LaVern Adkins Vice-President: Frances Schmidt, Treasurer: Bob Kouns, Pregi dent. The Student Council Back row: Rex Vollstedt, LaVern Adkins, Ole Olson, Bob Kouns, Duane Mick. Middle row: Adeline Ehrlich, Frances Schthidt, Bud McDougall, Bill Finch. Front row: lim Doerfler Willard Gibbs, Lee Ruthruft, Lennard Roth, Charles Keller. Li-iw-fEfEf'fa?34'.'Lw . - fi! ' fL.v'nN7fi' Fei '-VLH .' f' H 'MFIAM' 'E5"Mv""y-S13 1'-ff-m .-f H ' !f'QT"'f'i?f'5"T1"'7f'L5 ' ' ' " Z' , Y . . ,,W. 4,-,, f Z, EU' ' , '. -N '-+L... Q' 35pSf:x WV v" '-X A ' ' ' 'ia I , . Q 5 T, fe, . k 'gAIf,f5?f , 1 J ,i 1 1 vt-f-. 1f'3f' " ' 151, I .kj-gy - - I liar 'X' 5 nys, 1 M 1 W ' li 1 " I: f , " ' Q g -fc " A X- X ,..'T': . .Lf R. v ,,.- ,- a- W xg K fx .t ,144 ' 55323 A .. A551 ft, A ff u - if ' fha .2 A '-TTL-iiif ,-45 ,': xi-X ,,!'je.,,,u' x 'wiv' ,n fl iw, ., AP- Q71 ,, , ,L M ' A315 fl Y - wg 1' .,x ,.Q-.H r in V LBP-NY OE , , 3 S. 4 A , .r 91, 1 ,e Zia- 1 A ffg, . M1 -if , , L X 5,11 l Fxfgii. 5 . 2, v 'V ' . - , f 'z -- ' - lg "' mfr, .. :- ' z y W f': . 1 -351 . A A ' w'M1,.,:.g f 'f 1, ' ,gfsfb A 4 . Eff V . -Q.: ' 1- 1., A ,V E, L -'Tir ' f 'e ix . 4 'f ' , .N ,RM a-mb' . , -rf ' ' vi 551 yi-543251, .FJ "il K i. Z5 rfxgii.-,.. -- . , . . - . . A . 1 ,iw-x . Lam' - -- ' -,fm ' H ,, , ' ' . fb M--M, gff1f1.Q, . fx ef F , ,,. , gg, xv, Q i V A r., , gf,,Jj,,4 Qjibg :cn ,bfwlf if-Ti'i,"'fg:jLr Q '41, L. cg ,Lg ,1,,', 1 ,,,y,'?'5i2 if t, Q. , , . vw, , , . .-,,. ., AZ? awww., ,, , . , K, ,. .jk ,, if ?gv'QQ1i1.e'A V W- -, 1 . ,.L' ,. ,A , M' gg, - - , M A , It'ff?!drf2.1l2-' I --:'.- f N5 " 'x ' V X 'WA ' N .- W ' I Q.:-,g3g?: N' gt' ,P TEE.-A, - , 5 f, ' A1 M fl K 1 , P 3 J Q ,M x' f 5 -M ws 4 V1 .+G A f -V uf Q-.5-Q -v fi Y,-Q. -1' 'I fy Q v-Y A .., - -.,!,.,x. mf-1 , . . t vw, w 1 V.. , f-F. , .. P'- . 1 ., H, f' ,rf , a 5 R 9 N, x , l , - - ' gui A, - ' . . ' . - , 1 , .- f W4 - 1. " K ' .- f. ,fm -. ' f"'..,. J v fn' ' 1 -,.W.' ,,:v A ' an - ,, , ' . , ' '. ,. , ,. 'ffm 'mf mfw gf .ww fm. ,,,M-2 ,. H -. P W 'x ,W . ,m5,3535,5,g, f 4' A :X x 1' YZ' " -K -, r - Q xg' ,KL , , ,, 1:.i.,Q, .. Q1u.u:vq-Wi,-,,?9vjl L vga V ' My ,-.4 J.- ,A A H, KKK d 6? Q 5 . . C Q1 V2 fi Q? ' f "i 1,2 ,si ,354 ik S5 --A U4 lf -C 1 H . 1 -f Q f 3 , Qu J. , - , I ,, .1..l'? :. lg 'J ' '1.i.--:.':"- 'filly 'V -Y 4 T5 422 - xv . :aff A , ms ws 52" i 7112 fi' ' . ' 'H-QA n,,f"LJ 1 .9f ',, fa -A H, - 7'?i51Jn- .4 4.1 ' .- I " -1' ' . 'ifii !ff'::'1Lf. V' 5'f,: f i-,I :E-I' A Ffa, ., U X -. rl, en 1 +1252 Q me Eh r I uc f- ' Q M ' Q by u are Luech 4- ' Judlzl GI f-1' . X L- f i 1 E 3 , r u 5 i L E 7' 2 Q V L a E 3 I V E E : 3 3 Z Z E .gba-t QQ. 'IN QM M' . V r its V. Wit? it Left to right: Ole Olson. president: Delores McDaniels. secretary: Rex Vollstedt. repre- sentative: Harold McCloskey, vice-presi- dent: Ioy Van Riper. treasurer: Mr. Collins, advisor. The Senior Class The train pulled out of the station, and little Iohnny and Father Time settled back in their seats. "Now?" asked Iohnny. "Now! Well, son, what shall it be? Have I ever read you this story? It's called 'Senior Reviewl' " "This is a story about a class entering the doors of Albany High School in 1945. They came from rival junior-high schools, but they were united into one determined class, under the leadership 'of Roger Reid. "Le't's turn the page, now. Here we see David Hobbs taking over the position uf president. He led his class to many outstanding feats. This is a scene from 'The Skull.' That play went over very well, and it is well remembered by those who saw it . . . Here's another picture. You might think this is a true beauty spot of the South Seas. That's the impression the students got when they attended the junior-senior prom, 'Pago-Pago.' "The last pages of this story are devoted to this graduating class of '48. An increased spirit and determination led this class to choose Ole Olson as president and Hal McCloskey as vice prexy. Delores McDaniels as secretary: Ioy Van Riper, treasurerg and Rex Vollstedt, class representative in Student Council, comprised the other officers. "ln November, the seniors presented 'The Whole Town's Talking,' q great success with a full house to witness it. The honors went to Miss Howard, who directed this class to their second success. "Vida Lee Willard, editor of the Whirlwind, received the DAR good fellowship award in that same month. It was this year that the football team went to the quarter-finals for the State Championship, and the seniors did their part to furnish material for this outstanding football team. In March, Fred Henshaw brought to Albany his trophy from the Willamette University tor his oration. ln May, Frances Schmidt became queen of the 'Spring Carousel after attending the royal court in the two previous years. Bob Kouns earned the honor of F.-F.A. President of Oregon: he was also our own student body president. "And here, Iohnny, this page is in honor of Mr. Collins. He served this group faithfully for three years." "Father Time, why are those last pages empty?" "Son, this story doesn't end just here. It's hard to say what the future holds for these people, but these empty pages will be filled, some day, with many great stories. ln the future, l'll return to continue the greatest story in the history of our time." ACI-IESON, MARVIN ADKINS, LQVERN ls., BAILEY EARL BANKS, SALLIE -.. L-8, BIRCHARD, DON BIRCI-IFIELD THERESA BRENNFMAN NANCY 3URGE' ml-:NE CAHILL BILL GATE, DOUG AGEE, HOIVIER BARKER, RALPH BLACKBURN, SHIRLEY Q- BURRELLE, BETTY CAUSBIE, SHELBY MQ ALBEKE, ED ARMATTA, EVANGELINE EECKER DALE BERRY, IIIARCIA bu I 6 A Yi " I - f 'I JL HF? 315121 f. BLAZIER, BOB BORDERS, MAE BELLE BURTON, MARVO LEE CADE BEVERLY CI-IRISTMAN MYRT COLE WAYNE 'TDOPYR MARY ANNE Y' CRITES, BOB DURHAM, BILL FLLINGSON, EILEEN GRAHAM DUANE HA MMFR, ELMA QQ HENSHA W, FRED HOFFMAN, NADINE IFNSFN, A RLENE KLUTKE HATTIE HARMSI RICHARD HARSHMAN, ROGER HENRY' CLEO HENRY' LEO fe HERSHBERGER, ORIS HEYERLY, GLORENE HOBBS, DAVID HOFFMAN, DONNA HOLBROOK, HOPE HOLUB, BESSIE IACOBS, TIM IENNEESSV VERNON IOHNSON, FRANCES IORDAN, IEAN KENAGY, WILLXS KENNEL EDNA -u. KNIGHT, CAROL Kouws, BOB mom, PEARL LANCFN ELLA LOU AKG , my Q IIIXIPSIITR, IMI? I LEMONS, BILL LINES, RUSSELL LORAIN MARY FRANCES p4AT1'mjW5! fjfym, .4- rfmru1TH, IUNE MERRILL, SONNY MIDDI-ESTADT' DOROTHY MILLER, IUSTIN MINSHALL PAUL MONTGOMERY IRENE MORSE, LEWIS MULLER, BILL MUSGRAVE, MARILYN MCCLOSKI-jY HAROLD ACCORMICK, VIRGINIA MCDANIEL, DELORES MCKAY, KENNETH NEUMAN, DFLORES NIEMANN, WAYNI' HOMIE GERWY NOAII, GERALD OLSON, OLE OSIZOIIN, SIIIRLFY I'AI+yqf'R KQHIHI-yy 1! I PESHECK, BEVERLY PETERSON, HELEN PLATTNER, GEORGINE PURDY, OREN REINECKE, LESTER ROWLEE, SUZANNE RUTHRUFF, IANET SALVON, MARY SCH!-EGEL GEORGE sc!-IMIDT, FRANCES sci-IULZE, VERA SCOTT, VERNON SHERBY, LEE SHUMAKER, BETTY SHUMAKER LYNN SMITH, CLIFF I SpARKS- EULA MAE STAUFFERI EDNA STAUFFIIR, LEVI SIELLMACIIER, LUCI-IIYVIA REID, ROGER SAYLOR, NORMAN SFLVOG, EDLA SMITH, LOIS STRANDT, ANNALEE -x,,,-...Q STRONG, LARRY STUART, RICHARD TREAT, IUNE VANCE, IIM WILLARD, VIDA LEE TROYER, VICTOR WAGY, BOB WINN, GENE I SWANDER, LLOYD TALBERT, IOANNE TR-AVI-OH, KAY TUNISON, ETHELYN VAN RIPER, JOY VOLLSTEDT, HEX -sq WALLIS, ELAINE WELLS, ELDON WHITE, VIVIAN WOOD, 'SHIRLEY WORKMAN, BOB ZARONES' RICHARD ZEI-IR, CURTIS The Senior Will We, the undersigned, being of fairly sound mind and memory and not acting under any fraud or undue influence of any kind, bestow and declare the following as our last will and testament. As a whole we leave to the future senior'class our seats' in assembly and our place of honor in the Albany High School, together with love, affection, and sympathy. I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 1 1 To the faculty we leave all grudges behind. As individuals, we bequeath the following: Marvin- Acheson, will my ability to get along with Mr. Collins to whoever needs it. May his soul rest in peace! LaVern Adkins, will my ability to leave Student Body meetings to the new vice-president. Homer Agee, will my solemnity to the sophomores. Ed Albeke, being in sound mind and body, will ALL my school books to Bob Givens. . Evangeline Armatta, will leave with no remorse. Earl Boiley, will my headaches to next years Annual editor. Sallie Banks, will my wig fthe blond one, that isll to anyone who would like to get asked every day if she dyes her hair. Ralph "Wheaties" Barker, will my nickname along with my no-good, worn- out track shoes to D. Cooley. Dale Becker, will my wrestling technique to any girl who needs it. Dorothy Benedict, will my home in Forest Grove to anyone who likes a small college burg. Marcia Berry, will my alluring giggle to Lugene Whitaker. , Don Birchard, will, if I'm lucky. Theresa Birchfield, will my jumping rope to Carol Mercer, who loves to skip classes. Shirley Blackburn, will my office as president of the Senior Book Guild to Virginia Burke. Bob "I-Iardrock" Blazier, will my name on the football field to I. D. Doerfler. May Belle Borders, will my record of tardiness to Yvonne Hough. Nancy Brenneman, will graduate-if my "apple polisherf' holds out. Irene Burge, will my dear old Self-Aids book to Virgil Haight. Betty Burrelle, will my athletic ability to lim Doerfler. Marvo Lee Burton, will my dimples to one of my best friends, Betty V. Beverly Cade, will my athletic ability to Margery Darby. Bill Cahill, will my ability to flunk at least one class each year. Doug, Cate, will my sideburns to next year's Carnival. Shelby Causbie, will my good grades in algebra to Rod Carson. Myrt Christman, will my love for' horseback riding to Winifred Kyberg. Wayne Cole, will my problems of getting acquainted to the next Iefferson student who comes to Albany for his senior year only. Mary Anne Cooper, will leave to be with lim. Wilma Cosler, will my unfinished oration and high speaking voice to Mr. - Collins. Elinor Cox, will my friendship with "Honest Iohn" to some unsuspecting junior. Helen Cox, will my car to anyone who thinks it is a taxi. Marion Craft, will my plight in getting behind in my studies to Iim Larsen. Bob Crites, will my phone number to any good-looking girl. Twila Dehm, will my artistic talent to future artists. Barbara Densmore, leave that which was never mine, because l've never had it. Marilyn Dohring, will my absentee record to anyone who envies it. Gwen Dumont, will my ability to get along with Mr. Collins in Social Ec. to Chuck Anderson, who'd need it. Bill Durham, do not will the Oregon Climate to any North Carolinians. Kitty Durschmidt, will my worn-out tennis shoes to Dorothy Phillips, who can float home in them on a rainy' day. Adeline Ehrlick, will my nose to the A. H. S. bulldog. Don Elder, and I, Ray Elder, will leave, we hope! Eileen Ellingson, will my small tin locker on the main floor to anyone who can elbow through the crowd to find it. Sam Erb, will leave while I can. Dick Filsinger, will my unexcused tardy slips to Harold Conner in the hope that he can change them to "excused" r Gerry Foster, will my good disposition to Keith Holmes. Verla Mae Gillespie, will my black curls to Sue Blanchard. Duane "Tootsie" Graham, will my name and scholastic ability to Harold Hershner. y Dorothy Guild, will my locker to anyone who can work the combination. Ioan Haberle, will my curiosity to anyone who can keep a secret. Beverly Haglund, will 'my quiet ways in Health class to Mary Cutts. Iack Haines, will my tendency to receive four's to all unfortunate mortals. Elma Hammer, will my ability to rhyme, to anyone who is willing to take the time. Richard Harms, will the coke machine to any able junior. Roger Harshman, will my desire to see how last a gadget will go to Earl Cade. Cleo Henry, will my gigantic stature and "superman" physique to Billy Cason. ' Leo Henry, will the good times at Albany High to all the lucky people who 'don't have to leave this year. Fred Henshaw, will rnylittle automobile to.Earnie Young, who doesn't mind keeping in condition. Oris Hershberger, will my tendency to loaf to all who are tired. Glorene Heyerly, will my clarinet to Norma Morton. David Hobbs, will my ability to create discussion in Social Econ. class to an ambitious junior boy. I, Donna Hoffman, will my er-ah-shyness to Iunior Simons. I, Nadine Hoffman, will my Spanish Grammar Book to Marilyn Luper. She'll enjoy it! I, Hope Holbrook, will my quiet dignity to Shirley johnson. I, Bessie Holub, will my unfinished shorthand assignments to Avis Arnold. I, Iim Iacobs, do will my geometry look to Hugh Nelson, if he has to take it over again next year. I, Ludvick Ianota, will my smiles to the faculty-they need them. I, Vernon Ienness, will my ability to eat breakfast in Social Ec., my lunch in physics, and my naps in English to any poor under-nourished junior. I, Arlene Iensen, do will Social Ec. with Mr. Collins to any future senior who is innocent enough to accept this gift. I, Frances johnson, leave to my sister, all the flat tires and car troubles we , have had in our beautiful Hudson. I, jean Iordan, will my ability to chew gum in class and get away with it to anyone who can't succeed. I, Willis Kenagy, will the last hundred pages of all my text books to Harry Cason. I, Edna Kennel, will my ability to serve on decorating committees to any junior who likes to put off doing school work. I, Hattie Klutke, will my large understandings to Bev. Roy. I, Carol Knight, will my place in Mr. Collins' heart to anyone who likes the Arctic temperature. I, Bob Kouns, will my feet. ears, green cords, and extremely quiet personality to any sucker who is foolish enough to take them. I, Pearl Kroll, will my quietness to Bobby Iune Reed. I, Ella Lou Lance, will my "little dusting job" at Ward's to anyone who likes to dust. I, Ianet Laubner, will my share of the "Desert Song" to Donna Olsen. , I, Bill Lemons, will my parking place to Bud Brown's scooter. I, Russell Lines, will my Ag. Notebook to Keith Carr. I, Mary Frances Lorain, will my bangs to someone groping around in the dark. I, Earl Matthews, will my "new curl" to next year's stage crew. I, june Meredith, beingof sound mind and body, do hereby will my locker to some orderly junior who has the ambition to clean it out. We, Sonny Merrill and lim Vance, will our knack to roam the halls during Activity period to some underclassman who wants to get out of school early. I, Dorothy Middelstadt, will my shortness to Ieanette Beeler. I, Iustin Miller, hereby will by beard to the Radford twins, who should be able to handle it together. I, Paul Minshall, will my red hair and my way with the girls to Henry Dickhouse. I, Irene Montgomery, will my ability to type 25 words per minute to anyone who thinks he can raise it. Lewis Morse, supposedly in sound mind, will my front seat in English to Harry Cole. Bill Muller, will leave with my accordian. Marilyn Musgrave, will my ability to wander in the halls without a pass to anyone who enjoys "hide and seek." Harold McCloskey, will my staunch arguments to the new debate team. Virginia McCormick, will my henna rinse to Bill Finch. Delores McDaniels, hereby will my fickle .nature to Marilyn Renn, who, I hope, never takes advantage of it. Ken McKay, will my two cute dimples to Iim Doerfler. Delores Neuman, will my teacher worries to Pat Lumunyon. Wayne Nieman, will leave my vacant seat. Gerry Noble, will my numerous absences to the person who' can make up work. Gerald Noah, will my Senior spelling lists to Herb Olsen. Ole Olsen, will if I can. Shirley Osborn, bequeath my shortness and my name to anyone who can stand it. Shirley Parker, will my job in the office to anyone who is brave enough to face the boys' gym and health class. Beverly Peshek, will my position in the cafeteria to my sister. Helen Peterson will my dark hair to Yvonne Hough. Georgine Plattner, hereby will my 'skill in doing the splits to Iim Darling. Oren Purdy, will my 'forward nature 'to Ianet Kahles. Roger Reid, will leave, much to the regret of some of the sophomore girls. Lester Being-ke, will my poker playing ability to Keith Holmes. Suzanne Rowlee, will willfully will what I will will when I will my will. Ianet Ruthrutf, will to Vena Gourley all the stencil and ditto ink that I collect on my hands. Mary Salvon, do will my place in Albany High to my little brother, Benjy, hoping his next two years will be as memorable as mine. Norman Saylor, will my cute little stride to Barbara Roy. George Schlegel, will my troubles to Bud MacDougal. Frances Schmidt, will the opportunity to have such good food, free, in the cafeteria to the lucky treasurer next year. Vera Schulze, will graciouslyleave to my sister, Veda, my place on the roll of Albany High. Vernon Scott, will my slender curves to Keith Carr. Edla Selvog, will my old Eugene bus stubs to anyone who wcmts a guide bookful. Lee Sherby, leave-my ability to get down and dig for good grades to lim Wood. Betty Shumaker, will my last worry to the junior class. I, Lynn Shumaker, will my annual touch of spring fever to any unlucky junior. I, Cliff Smith, will my white letterman's sweater to any fellow who doesn't mind being in bed at IO o'clock every night. . I, Lois Smith, will my faithful Reader's Digest to any junior who takes Social Ec. frorn'Mr. Roberts. I, Eula Mae Sparks, will my job with Miss Spence to anyone who is honest enough not to skip class. I, Edna Stauffer, will my freckles to Ioan Iohnston. I I, Levi Stauffer, will my nsquirreling technique" to Mr. Roberts. , I', Lucretia Stellmacher, will my wasted ,study hall time to some needy person. I, Annalee Strandt, will my English workbook, to all unsuspecting juniors. I,' Larry Strong, will my curly mustache and long, flowing .beard to Lyndall Lovett. I, Richard Stuart, wish to will my worn-out ball point pen to'Iay Richardson to write better notes to his girl friends! .:, fi ' I, Lloyd Swander, will my good behavior to Ioanne. H I, Ioanne Talbert, willfully will my job in the Student Bank to Iim Wood, who is always complaining about the I-Ii-Y account. I I, Kay Traylor, will my beautiful blue eyes and blond hair to anyone who enjoys them as much as I do. I' ' ' H I, Iune Treat, will my stature to Dean Hood. P I, Victor Troyer, upon leaving Albaiy High,,wil1,my violin to Iack Benny.. I, Ethelyn Tunison, will my ability to 'sock' Miss Herr in the nose to anyone who thinks he can get away with it. I, Iack Vandeventer, will my intense liking for school to Iazneshkfddyf . ' 1 I, Ioy Van Riper, do willmy place as 'keeper of .the money bags' for the senior class to any class who has any-moneypto keep. I ' I' I, Rex Vollstedt, will all my .money and good looks toany poor juniorq 'if I, Bob Wagy, will my cowboy suit to Kenneth Allen. , I, Elaine Wallis, will my April lst birthday to any tool who wants it. I, Eldon Weus, will ieqve Clara., this year, "Happy Dcyun I, Vivian White, do will my ability to get out of class to someone else who enjoys doing the same. I I - I . - - I, Vida Lee Willard, will all of my Uof O stickers to anyone who 'is detere mined to go there and not to Willamette U. '- - ' I, Gene Winn, will my geometry ability to someone who can master it. I, Shirley Wood, will my ability to catch poison oak to Anyone who likes to build bonfires with it. I, Bob Workman, will admit that my friendliness is exceeded only by my good looks. I " ' A I, Richard Zarones, will my half of "Who's on First"Vto Duane Mick. , I, Curtis Zehr, will my "Macbeth" to Ierry Brenneman, and I hope he will enjoy "him" more than I did. y , y 1 , 1 Franca: Schmid! Bob Workman P"'li"'5 Mme Handsome: W Mary Fnmcil Lorain Larry Show - --... MM' 5C""""i5 Mm scmuuc Gradual Contribution: Vldd lat Willard Earl Bailey Mn!! Mhlndc Guerin! Contribution: MM, Mudge: Bally Burnllc Cliff Smith Moll Popular: Mol! Popular: Elaim Wallin Roqu Raid Back row: Bill Finch. representative: Duane Brenneman. tr.easurer: Duane Mick, representative. Front row: Lugene Whittaker, secretary: Charles Keller. president: Mr. Drynan, ad- viser: Iim Ienks, vice-president. The I unior Class With a sigh af regret, the Class of "49" turned its back on a highly suc- cessful school year. Under the guiding hand of Mr. Torn Drynan, .class adviser, the juniors placed Charles Keller in command. Elected to assist him were jim Ienks, vice- president, Lugene Whitaker, secretaryg, and Duane Brenneman, treasurer. Chosen as representatives to the Student Council were Duane Mick, Bill Finch, and Lee Ruthrull. Outstanding among the junior class activities was the class play, "Summer Scene," one ot the few plays in recent years to attract a full house. In a lighter mood, the class sponsored two dances in the Kennel Club: one was the Valentine dance, "Heart Throb", the other was staged after or football game. On March 19, much junior talent was brought to light during a versatile assembly which they presented as their contribution to the school. 'fTwirp Season" was also sponsored by the ever-active juniors in a semi- formal dance, the "Twirp Twirl." With this wonderful year behind them the class looks forward to attaining even higher fame in the senior year. Alflkhiiv 14-'U1Ie.LEI'I ADKINS DELOHES Mil ASJDSGII VIRGINIA ARNOLD AVIS BLAIR PENNY BLANCHARD, SUE RRIMIIEMAN DIIANI: BRENNEMAN IHRRV HURYTVWT YUNT HURRUQ MQSHFR Q, 4 f,,if3f - . W, is ' i - , I 1 -f 1 .Qi g ' ,,. I Qs 1 1 s ww 1 IFIVK STANLFY CLAUSEN HOB I R ALBRICH, IOAN ALLEN' KEN AMMON ,Mm MII In.-wi VI In AXTELLX HOWARD HIQELEH IEANNETTE Bl LIOXVS VVVIYN M NNHI II"HIIIIMJ ' 2, I -I . my V if I W5 F - as 3,5 ' gg-I I 0 X5 I 55555 P 'if' I BLANKENBAKER. lor: BOFSEL RONALD BOTTFMII1 ER, mu N -If 'IW BRIGGS VLARA BUFKNVH IANFTH HUD? 'II P.f'VlHW1'N I, I..I I X-k - L .r RAI x pf., 4, nip wizv , I- IKWQL 'Wii . - M. . . CAFPFF FY-CVD CARR KFITH f-Awwrr www:-IA I CLEAVPR SIIIRLFV fTO1PVWl KATIIVHINF IWIIIIII, IIIIIA - - Coon IUANITA cook Roesnm roam MARGIE comm, MARIORIE cormm PAT CRM-T, NADINK CRANF BARBARA CROSS, LQRENE CUIBERTSON DOFEANE CUNNINGHAM, KAY CUTTSV MARY DARBY MARIOFT X efwisiii' ' g fffflw- i W D 5 , x my L get Q 'Q xi PAWS GWTRUDE DICKSON BOB DHUSHELLA, DUANE DHYDEN, my gpm UM EHRLICH, HUGO F.-'UW ITF DOROTHY FINCH BILL FINTEL, DONNA FINTPI GLORIA FOSTER, CHARLENE GILLESPIE, 'ACK 5 zr, 1' f' A " GKVENS BOB GOODWIN, GLORIA GRICEX IUNIOR GRIPTITH IOHN GFOESBFCK DIVK HANCOCK, IOYCIT HARVEY MDA HAYES SHIRLEY HICKWN my-wmv HQOVER POB HOUGH WONNE ,CERN TOM 45 ' 5 I HUF!'MAN CLINTON !-IUNTE11, DONALD IENKS UM IOHNSON, KEITH IOHNSON SHIRLEY IOHNSTON IOANI IONES MARTHA KALIFFMAN, IAY KEESEE, BILL KELLER CHARLES KENNEL, IuVERNE KIT' H ANI YNI KIZEH, BARBARA KRAGHR, DONNA KYBURZV WINIFRED LcCHANCE. STANLEY LAMBETH, JEAN IANUIS IWW LARSEN LORRAINE LARSEN, IIM LARSON, IUNE LEABO, DALE IITLANI7, II'AN IIINTWVII I' 'AN I ' . E A ' Q ,. ,. I ' 'Y L' QQ I Paw .aa 3 IE iz'-g..: " I X J!" Q 'L fi 'IJ' , ff! 'li ff' U 2 X , L 4 Z E I LL U g v .,,fww ,K-,Q,Q.., , 1, 4 , Ulnik MAHIAN LUECK, MARXE LUPER, MARILYN MADSEN, BOB MALER, DICK MANNIN1: rnsm' mm 'UXIHIING SHIRLEY MARQUIS, ROSEMARY MAYNARD, ITILEEN MAYNARD, LENORA MERCER CAROL MIVI, ' LAN! 31 mrs is I :,. . .,L .fi ,MH-R 'MWF Mm Hum Moons, PAT W I 5 if J AQ, in I .- QE .T ,. g Qf' ' IIQM SSY f fps YQ- aw wJaHAY, worm MCCLANAHAN PHYLLIS MCDOWELL' DA'-E OLSEN, HERB ORR BEVERLY PHILLIPS, DOROTHY ' -' 'f 'E ' " f Q Q ' , W2 ,x . 1 , k . RANUOI PH WAYNE RATZLAEF, IRENE RICHARDS, MIKE Q., , D42 asa? Nszwfgyf wifi xg 1, . .X L RUHKII BARBARA RUTHRUFF, LEE SCI'-IIEMAN KARLYNE I' I if A ' I JT MORSE, KAY lf I QE A MCGUIRE, ROBERTA ,. as' POWELL, BETTY . ,,s,m, V fu: .a.,,, ggiyg Q V ,:Egl:g',-'- fgjfp. f- .' sf'-'5?Gh?:.f , rw RICHARDSON, IAY SCHLEGEL, MARY . I Q,,',.,,, ., . , -1. ri MORTON, NORMA MULLER DORIS Wm H, 1 BI L L ' : f. E 5. I NEISON, HUGH NEWTON IOHN RABE MARLENE ,EE , ,FQ wp. S L, ROY, BARBARA 4- . , 5..,. A vw If . - zlffsgfifege. SHOLMAKER, LOIS HANDLE, GAY FUI-ILMAN, IOAN SIMON VERNA 3, .KE-3 X or . . A wr , V N V I 3 ' A A iff A s1MoNs yumorz SMART, SHIRLEY SMITH Deus SMITH JOYCE SOUTHWICK, IO ANN SPEER eivrmv TIGNEHV 1-AURA H51-V-E Tosnv, HAYDEN TRANSUE, MARGARET TUWER1 EDITH unmm lou: vmuununc Berry VOHDERSTRASSE, ROGER WASNICHT, PHYLUS WAGNER, DQLAYNE WAITE, GORDON WEBER, MARION WHEELER SHIRLEY WHITAKER, LUGENE WHITE EAR!-ENE WIBERG. rox-m wuou, mmrrx-1 woma, Acnzs wooo ar:vmLY 2. I f iw - 1' ' .- 4? ,,. Vi k .. Lrg ? WIMER, DON 1 WOOD. IIMMIE YOUNG, ERNEST DOMBROSKEY, OUINTON Left to right: Lennard Roth, representa- tive: Iecmette Allen. secretary: Neil Ben- nett. vice-president: Miss Weeman. ad- visor: lim Doerller, representative: Willard Gibbs, president: Bud McDougal. repre- sentative. The Sophomore Class With calls of "Long live the class of '50" echoing through the halls, the Sophomores entered Albany High School. With Miss Weeman helping to get them started, the class elected last year's junior high president, Willard Gibbs, as their leader. Assisting "Bub" with his job were Neil Bennett, vice-president: Ieannette Allan, secretary-treas- urerg and Iirn Doertler, Pete Roth, and Bud McDougall representing the class in the Student Council. After recovering from the SOPHOMORE RECEPTION in the late tall, the class presented an assembly on February 13, 1948. Since the first dance sponsored by the class was held during the flood, it was called the "Flood Flop." The second dance was combined with the Hi-Y. After presenting the class act in the Spring Carousel, the class ended a well-filled, happy year. ADAMS, THERESA EARTH DON BRANNEN BONNIE BUSSAHD DAVID CATE RALPH OOOLEV MILTON DAVIS MARY 0 I SI I is Jr in ADKINS, CAROL ALLEN IEANNETFE BAINES, IEAN BEIIKNAP EVERW BI:Nnsn Prrsv szuwm, Nm. BRKNNEMAN MELVIN BHINSON CLARA BROWN, BUD CADE, EARL CAHILL, cmuux CALDERONN mug ,-i f -,. W 2 an I f I Q cnmsrovrasn, muy CUIUSENA Bm-ry COLE ARLENE COWGILL. DON CRAIG, PATH cnoclczn, DALE mvuu MARGIE DICKHOUSEA HENRY DIMICX smmnf BAINES. IOAN BANKS. STEPHEN BARICER, PAT BEWLEY, LESTER BOND- E'-Sm BRAMMEIER nos BURFORD, Cl-IARLZNZ Bum-ogg CLEO BURRUS, IOHN CAMPBELL. SIDNEY CANIDA, GAYLE CARSON, ROD COOK, ILENE CULBFFITSON VELMA cooL:v DALTON COOUW- DUN CU5-rm Umm DARLING IIM 5. I- DIRRFFY, ED DOERFLER. HM DRAPER DAVE 'JIIMONT AUDREY DURHAM KENNETH I 1-1 WT ' ADD' FLICKINGIJII VERNON GILLIAM BUD GINTI-IER, IO ANN mf-Ll' AUDRFY IIAu.IwI:I.I., numca HINKSGN DELOIIES HOLMES, KEITH IIUFFMAN 'OHN HULTS, LAUREITA A - I - :Ixg.'f-7 :,.2'f:. ,. Ig . X 'X T I at A J A 9 I Aim EAKIN, STUART FOBAR, PATTV GOURLEV, VENA HARDING, HM A I HOOD DEAN Incxsow sI:vI:w.v A f' I ZX Y I NI gk + 5 1 Q -I A 53 6 3 X FEI I t f I I Ik EASTBURN DONNA EIDSQN ALLEN El-DER DOROTHY ELLINGEOE NOIIMA ,I III ,. A In V2 5 I 23 I S SQ K I J X FREEMAN, IUNE GARCIA, mm 91535, WILLARD GILCHRIST, IUDY S 2 , '5?f!'i?? f , . Is, . . 1 IN fm 5 N1 , . ,fa -III , N: Ii R19 .I . elk ,, ,R ,,.' MU. I 'X' 1 1 i ' 9 J GFABEPI HOB GREGERSON, sms: GRIFFIN RONNIE GFYFFVTH WW'-ENE HARRIS. ORA MA: HARSHMAN, ozone: I-Iss, amy HEYERY-Y URBAN , I .. . N II., Sf' In K ' 4- . N, NS 'I W I I SI HORN, IaoNNIx HOIINEY, cI.nnIA IIousI:II, VERNON HOUSE? '-YUI K I IAcIcscN, LAVONNE IANTZI, uu.IAN Iormsow, Imuumz IoI-INsIoN an -. IoNI:s AI.vIN IOIIDON Anmu: KAHLES IAN KAHSTENS I-IAIIIIII:1' Ie:I:sEE, DONNA KENNEL LOLA I-:mann ANNA Lou KRUS3 DOROTHY H1554 1 V Uh HMA MARGASON HM MONTANK STANLEY MYFPS IANICE NIKLSFN AUDRFY ' AINQNL. :fcy1A1.11 ww KUHNS, RAV KUSKE, IOAN LAGLER MARGARET Liichiv JJZLMER LILLIE OTIS LOVE1-1, LYNDAU, MARTIN BARBARA MAFTINAK, BOB MEIER, IUNE ,MY MONTGOMERY, ALICE MOORE, MILDRED MOORE, VERLE MYERS, VO ANN MCCAULPY MARY LOU MLCLOSKEV ALLEN NYELSUN VERA NVGREN GENE OLSHN DONNA ,, I? T LAMUNVON, PAT LVTLE, HM MIDDLESTADT CARL MOTLEY, MARY MCDOUGALL BUD OPBROEK MELVIN LARSON, CONNIE LEE CAROL Mus, oAvxn Mmm Munm MISHLER, CAROLYN Mlxm-L' SARA Munvnv, Hnnow WSTOE Enwm MCKEEV CECIL NASH CAROL OSBOFNT RAY vnmcs C-LENNA PERRY MARTHA PESHFCK SHIRLEY PETERSON DUANE PHILLIPS SALLY PLUMLEE BETTY LOU POIASYK FVFLYN 37 'wa 1. 455 EN Ax '- .:.-:R 15951. K EI ' X' .-Liz ..-Q .. , 'E L fee: I xi. . V- R wronn. DONALD RADFORD, RONALD RAGLE, FRANCIS RANDOLPH REDSHAW. LOUISE REIMERS, BOB HHIMEHSV VERYL RENN MARILVN REULAND ELMER RIEMATH, BERNICE REITZ HERBERT RIETZ, IUANITA ROBINSON, BYRON ROE, DARLENE ROLAND, IO Rom BRUCE ROTH, LEONARD ROY, BEVERLY Roma, CHESTER SALVON, EEN SAUNDERSV Msn num' -9, sc:-xu1.zE, VEDA scnwn, IKM SEWV' DAVID SHEPHEPD, mv: SWNNV MARY suxmrv. Damn' SIME LUANNE SMALLEV, DICK swANsoN lust SWINKV ALAN THORNY TERRY WADE, RUTH WALLACE, FERN WARNKE LEONOM WEBB- LAVERNE wggsgx GEORGE wHrrE non WIDMER, ELwoon WILLIAMS. BOB WILSON. ELMNE STEEN A'-LAN STEIDEL, DICK STRUNK, HOWARD SUMPFER. IOHNNY SWANSON, GEORGE vu , 1 4+ ' , 31 '5f'f'.1,1 f'::-"1"YhI:am-'11 .5 '20- mx., . V ,- x 4,y,J,T,,AgYl-' f ' . !.ugJ'3g: -K1-' 1 X- , i Pl.: ff . U .W m, f, N Eiwfaf-', .. 2. y ,V .,.iQ:,,,E?,f,-QA,-..l1 ..H:4 ., - N iff . ' A P. - gli' f Q1 K 55, - ., ,.A'? 5 ' H' 'TL-"-Q"-l-'. ' 1114, J ' .VM4 LA 1 V ,::.,mp,5fi3:a 1- . nv QT., .?,f,, nf Q. ' " 'f ' fx vwr-.'f,'4 X 0 , - 1 A .. Mm, A . . L vi v 53, . J wmv, L'-V .fa ,.4. L.,,., 5 , , . 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X ,Q ., 1,53 -: Q 1 a 5 5 : 5 a 5 P1 5 5 n 5 n F 55 a ,, H yi 5 2 1 1 E I f E s Q E U F F 5 p F 'E 4 5 1 . 1 1 5 3 r F E E : B E i E Bank Personnel The bank has required a larger personnel this year, because of the in- creasing business that was handled. The 'training that the girls received was very helpful as well as enjoyable. Business was handled just as it is in a large bank, with each girl having her particular job and responsibility. The girls were supervised by Miss Voyen, who is very capable and ex- perienced as a bank manager. Frances Schmidt, student body treasurer, and Ioan Talbert were clerks. Verla May Gillespie was the bookkeeper, Irene Burge did the machine work, and Yvonne Hough took care of writing checks. Cafeteria t This year the cafeteria has been under the supervision of Mrs. Pitney of the Home Economics department. The cooks, Mrs. William P. Larsen 'and Mary Ellen Ziemer, were assisted by ten high school girls in preparing and serving the food. The caieteria has served an average of one hundred students and teachers daily. The selection 'ol food consists of a hot dish, a salad, a dessert, cmd milk. The cafeteria is operated on a non-profit basis. The cashiers for the year were Frances Schmidt and Verla May Gillespie. From lelt to right: Marjorie Darley, Ieannetto Allen, Dorotln Middelstadt, Louise Redlhav, Verna Sindh. Pearl Kroll, Mn. Reimors, Mary omoll, Beverly Pelhock, rl. Pitney. Literary Explorers The Literary Explorers Club is a group of seniors with a grade of "1" or "Z" in English. The members must memorize twenty-five quotations from the Treasure Chest to be eligible tor membership. The meetings take place once a month. At this time outside speakers tell about the literature and the customs of foreign countries. This year's officers were as follows: Hope Holbrook, presidentp Ethelyn Tunison, vice- president, Edla Selvog, secretary, Sallie Banks, treasurer, Paul Minshall, sergeant-at-arms. Library Club The Library Club is primarily a service club. Its main purpose is to form and carry out an effective library system. By assisting in checking books in the library, the members contribute cz much appreciated service to the whole student body. This is the twelfth year that the club has functioned. Clubs similar to the high school library organization have also been organized in the other Albany public schools. The election of officers was held shortly after mid-term. The results were as follows: Lavonne Iackson, presidentp Mary Davis, vice-president, and Beverly Cade, secretary- treasurer. Mrs. Childs is the adviser. ' ht: B tt V lk' b , Al' M t , M . Ch'ld , M r Cornell, Iuanita Cook, Betty Plumlee, gffolgsrweumsn,YLa6orllr-ieLl1ti:ksoxeVircg!inSlgnBTgf:h, Batty lgo':'ell,Glvf'ary Davis, Beverly Cade. F. B. L. A Back row: Iim Wood, Iustin Miller, Vernon Ienneas, Eldon Wells, Richard Harms, l.aVetn Adkins, Shirley Parker, Donna Hoffman, Geraldine Foster, Marva Lee Burton, Iune Meredith, Lois Smith. Front row: Maebelle Borders, Ioanne Talbert, Vera Schultz, Margie Cordz, Frances Schmidt, Verla May Gillespie, Ethelyn Tunison, Virginia McCormick, Irene Burge, Yvonne Hough, Ianet Ruthrult, Shirley Wood, Barbara Densmore, Nancy Brenneman. Desk: Miss Voyen, Bessie Holub. Table: Ioan Jordan, Delores McDanlels. Mary Anne Cooper, Shirley Osborn, Dorothy Guild. The Future Business Leaders ol America is a national organization. The Albany Chapter, Chapter 100, was formed in A.H.S. only this school year. This organization is a service club with many services lor the school and the community to its credit. Food and program sales at games, census work, sending out of questionnaires to the high school graduates of the last two years, donating money to the curtain fund, and reporting for the District F.F.A. Parliamentary contest, have been just a few of their many activities. The membership lot thirty membersl is made up of the Associated Treas- urers and of the business courses in high school. The following people have served the club this year: Bessie Holub, presi- dent, Delores McDanie1s, vice-president, Iean Iordan, secretary, Georgine Plattner, assistant secretaryg Mary Anne Cooper, treasurer, Shirley Osborn, reporter, and Miss Clara Voyen, adviser. Standing, lelt to right: Maebelle Borders, Miss Voyen, Bessie Holub, Dorothy Guild, loanne Talbert, lim Wood. Seated, left to right: lean Iordan, Delores McDaniels, Mary Anne Cooper, Shirley Osborn. Student Book Guild Back row: Lois Smith, Vivian White, Earl Bailey, Lewis Morse, Dale Becker, Vernon Ienness, Lynn Shumaker, Cleo Henry, Larry Strong, Paul Minshall, George Schelgel. Third row: Irene Montgomery, Hope Holbrook, Beverly Pesheck, Dorothy Guild, Shirley Parker, Donna Hoffman, Iune Treat, Vera Schulze, Vida Lee Willard, loy Van Riper, Leo Henry. Second row: Miss Chase, Edna Stauffer, Delores McDaniels, Mary Ann Cooper, Helen Cox, Elaine Wallis, Pearl Kroll, Marilyn Dohring, Bessie Holub, Ioanne Haberle, Suzanne Rowlee. Front row: Shirley Osborn, Georginne Plattner, Nancy Brenneman, Shirley Wood, Barbara Densmore, Betty Shumaker, Adeline Ehrlich, Shirley Blackburn, Irene Burqe, Helen Peterson, Delores Neuman. The purpose of the Student Book Guild is to induce the senior students to build up their home libraries. This year the eighty members have not only ordered several hundred books forbindtvidual use, but have also presented the high school library with a wide variety o oo s. Each class elected a representative to take orders, collect money, and distribute books. From these representatives the guild elected the following officers: Shirley Blackburn, presi- dent, Beverly Pesheck, vice-president, Edna Stauffer, secretary, Rex Vollstedt, treasurer, and Donna Hoffman, Vernon Ienness, George Schlegel, board of directors. Production Shop Left. to right: Edwin Mustoe, Earl Mathews. Ed Albeke, Wayne Numan, Bob Givens, Mr. Michelson, Ronnie Griffen, Paul Minshall, Everett Belknap. The Production Shop is a service group that give their time and effort for the betterment of Albany High School, on a non-profit basis. This group have managed the stage in an efficient way for all school and civic activi- ties. They have made cabinets and built-ins tor many of the rooms. It has also been their responsibility to make the general repairs needed in and around the school. The production class is composed of the better industrial arts students who have their motto: "Better workmanship-responsible workmen." The adviser for this group is Mr. Wm. Mickelson. Smoke Eaters Back row: Bill Finch, Wayne Miller, Richard Harms, Assistant Chief Cecil Burkhart, Gene Winn, Ralph Barker, Iim Iacobs, Ed Albeke, Wayne Nieman. Front row: Leo Henry, Sam Erb, Charles Keller, Cleo Henry, George Schlegel, Lynn Shumaker, Bob Clausen, Bob Dickson. Led by president Iirn Iacobs, the members of the Smoke Eaters aided in monthly fire drills, inspection of fire equipment, and learning to handle emergencies. Cecil Burkhart of the city Fire Department advised the group. The other officers were Ed Albeke, vice-presidentp Wayne Miller, secretary-treasurerg and Ralph Barker, sergeant-at-arms. Movie Club Back row: Ed Albeke, Don Elder, Deam Cooley, Hugh Nelson, Bob Reimers, Larry Custer, Bob White, lim Harding, Chester Royer. Front row: Bob Gruins, Bruce Roth, lim Iacobs,-Stephen Banks, Mosher Burrus. Under the guidance of Mr. Wynd, the Movie Club is fast becoming a lead- ing organization of the school. Besides operating projectors for school uses, the club has plans underway to learn the skill and the uses of photography, Officers of the Movie club are president, Iirn Iacobs, vice-president, Bruce Roth, secretary-treasurer, Stephen Banks. Back row: Luanne Sime, Ianet Laubner, Vivian White, Evelyn Bellows, Lugene Whittaker, Betty Shumaker, Ioy Van Riper, Frances Schmidt, Clara Briggs, Gloria Fintell, Roberta Cook, Dorothy Phillips, Iaanette Beeler, Lorraine Larsen, Ioanne Talbert, Vera Schultz, Hattie Klutke. Third row: Gloria Harney, Dorothy Middelstadt, Icanne Leonard, Kathryn Burch, Eileen Maynard, Kathoryn Colbert, Veena Gourly, Yvonne Hough, Iune Burkhart, Louise Redshaw, Virginia Arlandson, Vera Niomcm, Margaret Lagler. Second row: Beverly Iackson, Martha Iones, Marjorie Corbet, Penny Blair, Barbara Crane, Nancy Brenne- man, Helen Peterson, Marilyn Dohring, Charlene Buriord, Arlyne Kizer, Evelyn Polalek, Elaine Wilson. Front row: Pat Cotter, Bonnie Horn, Laliene Cross, Beverly Orr, Mary Anne Cooper, Avi: Amold, Iudy Gilchrist, Otis Lilly, Carol Lee, Pat Barker, Betty Hess, Miss Hollandiworth. Future Homemakers of America F.H.A. is a nation wide organization of high school girls interested in home economics. The qualifications for membership are that each girl must have successfully completed one semester ot home economics and must have paid her chapter, state, and national dues. Among the more important of the P'.H.A. activities were the serving at school banquets, being hostess chapter tor the F.H.A. District Conference held in Albany, giving a radio pro- gram in recognition of National F.H.A. week, entertaining the parents at a reception follow- ing the joint initiation held with the F.F.A. boys, and sending two delegates to the state conference at Pendleton. One of their main accomplishments was sending boxes to needy girls in Europe. The local officers for this year are Avis Arnold, president, Lugene Whitaker, vice-presi- dent, LaRene Cross, secretary, Mary Anne Cooper, treasurer, Lorraine Larson, historian, Roberta Cook, parliamentarian, Nancy Brenneman, custodian, Hattie Klutke, reporter, Helen Hollandsworth, adviser. F. H. A. Council 44 Lett to right: Avis Arnold, Nancy Brenneman, Lugene Whittaker, Miss Hollandsworth, Hattie Klutke, Mary Anne Cooper, Roberta Cook, LaRene Cross, Lorraine Larsen. Art Club Back row: Ierry Brenneman, Iim Harding, Nadine Hoffman, Vivian White, Verl Moore, Orin Purdy, Roger Vorderstrasse. Second row: Ioanne Landis, Marilyn Musgrave, Twila Dehm, loanne Unfred, Iune 'l'reat, Betty Brannon, lean Lambeth, Barbara Adams, Donna Carrick. Front row: Anna Lee Strandt, Marian Lueck, Martha Ann Wynd, Mr. Wynd, Marie Lueck, Iune Hae. The Beaux-Arts Club was organized this year by the students in Mr. Wyncl's art class, The purpose of the club is to promote interest in the various fields of art. To be eligible tor membership, students must submit a sample of their art work in any medium. lf their work is approved, they may then join the club. Their adviser is Mr. Wynd, The officers for this year were as follows: lune Treat, president, Marian Lueck, vice- president, Nadine Hoffman, secretary and treasurer, Clinton Huffman, sergeanteat-arms. Girls' Distributive Back row: Kathryn Lennox, Myrt Christman, Betty Powell, Ruth Mix, Dorothy Benedict, Dorothy Middel- stadt, Miss Spence, Second row: Kay Trayler, Vivian White, Iune Larsen, Iune Meredith, Evangeline Armattcl, Margaret Ellen Front row: Irene Ratzloff, Dorothy Guild, Irene Montgomery, Ella Mae Sparks, Kitty Durschmidt, Theresa Birchfield. Theresa Birchfield has been the president of the Girls' Distributive Club this year. These girls, working in downtown stores, have piled up a total of over 6000 hours for the current school year. The girls receive one unit of credit for the class, which is held at 8 a.m. every morning, and one unit of credit for their work in various Albany stores. The other officers of the club are Irene Montgomery, vice-president, Dorothy Guild, secretary, Vivian White, treasurerg and Miss Spence, adviser. Booster Club Back row: Nancy Brenneman, Ioanne l-laberle, Wilma Cosler, Suzanne Howlee, Ethelyn Tunison, Iune Treat, Hope Holbrook, Dorothy Phillips, Miss Weeman, Miss Herr, Vida Lee Willard, Elaine Salvon, Roberta Cook, Marcia Berry. Carol Knight, Front row: Shirley Osborn, Marlene Robe, Shirley Manning, Ioy Van Riper, Frances Schmidt, Shirley Iohn- son, Clara Briggs, Edith Tucker, Beverly Hickman, Shirley Smart, Marilyn Musgrave, Laura Bell 'l'lgner, Olita Colbert, Eileen Ellingsen, Center: Georgine Plattner, Barbara Roy, Adeline Ehrlich, Sue Blanchard. The Booster Club has been very active this It is now an all-girl organization and has year and has done much to stimulate pep enlarged its membership to thirty. among the students during football and bas- . ' I ketbgu seqsgnsl The officers tor the year have been Marcia Berry, president, Marilyn Musgrave, vice-presi- A few of their activities have consisted of dent and chief booster, Ioy Van Riper, secre- taking tickets at games, sponsoring dances, tary, Shirley Osborn, treasurer, and Elaine and supervising pop corn and candy sales Wallis, publicity chairman. at noon. Yell Leaders x Lett to right: Cleo Henry, Barbara Roy, Sue Blanchard, Adeline Ehrlich, Georgine Plattner, Vernon Iennese Probably one oi the hardest working organizations in school has been our Yell Leaders Adeline Ehrlich was selected as queen. Much credit tor the success of the squad is due their amiable coach, Miss Herr, Members of the squad were four seniors-Adeline Ehrlich Georgine Plattner, Vernon Ienness, and Cleo Henry, two juniors-Sue Blanchard cmd Ba: bara Roy. This grand choice ot leaders was selected by the student body last year. Once again, we take our hats off to the members of an organization that will be remembered for great spirit and morale. ' tit ' E393 5 1 I . i Mixed Chorus The mixed chorus of 1947-48 held honors of all kinds. Outstanding in all kinds of music, the singers made a name for themselves and Albany! The honors achieved were fine ratings in the music festival and many "ones" awarded to the soloists and sextette. Among the most outstanding appearances were the Christmas concert and the singing at various meetings and rallies. This choir was capably directed by Miss Beatrice Engh. The officers were Vida Lee Willard, president, Ken McKay, vice-president, lim Ienks, secretary- treasurerg Iunior Simons and Dick Graber, sergeants-at-arms, Dick Smalley, librarian. We are looking forward to more good work from this group. Girl's T Chorus The Girls' Chorus met first period this past year. The chorus of forty-one girls was ably directed by Miss Beatrice Engh. The officers were Lyndall Lovett, president, Kitty Durschmidt, secretaryg and Marilyn Renn, sergeant- at-arms. The class has worked on voice production, note reading, interpretation, and directing. Vocalizing was faithfully carried out each day. The singers rated well in a music festival and also in a contest in Cor- vallis. The chorus were Raggedy Anns and Andys for the "Dollies' Follies " The girls sang for the Oregon Christian Endeavor Convention, the Christmas Concert, and The Spring Concert. Quill and Scroll Left to right: Vida Lee Willard, Roger Reid, Wilma Cosler, Mrs. Penland, Sam Erb, Nancy Brenneman, Harold McCloskey. The Quill and Scroll is an International Society tor high school journalists. A member must have a high scholastic rating and have the approval of the National executive secretary. The aim of the Society is to show the possibility of advancement in the field of journal- ism and to give credit to deserving students. The Hudson-Penland Chapter of Quill and Scroll has. been an active organization in Albany High School since 1929. On April 22 the members held their annual banquet' with Professor George Turnbull of the University of Oregon school of Iournalism as the guest speaker. The officers for the year were Nancy Brenneman, presidentg Harold McCloskey, vice- presidentp Vida Lee Willard, secretary-treasurer and Mrs. Penland, adviser. Whirlwind Paper Staff Standing: Delores Hinkson, Beverly Roy, Sam Erb, Norma Ellingboe, Harold McCloskey, Kon McKay, Vida Lee Willard, Nancy Brenneman, Lorraine Larsen, Pat Lamunyan, Tom Kem, Shirley Manning, Audrey Neilson. Seated: Beverly Speer, Wilma Cosler, Roger Reid, Mrs. Penland, lack Gillespie, Shirley Dimick. The Whirlwind staff, with Mrs. Mabel Penland as adviser and Vida Lee Willard as editor, put out ten editions of the paper this year. Much hustling about and doubling up of staff duties proved that the small staff could successfully meet the deadlines. Student interest and journalistic standards were the goals of the department. The business manager, Nancy Brenneman, efficiently managed the finances of the paper. The sports department was headed by Hal McCloskey. The exchange editions were 48 sent to over sixty schools. Honor Society ssnnv, mncui ANNS, mvm nAiu:Y, EARL BANKS, sA1.ui: BAKER' RALPH BAENNEMAN. NAN ovizn MAI-iv ANNE mx' EUNOR EHRLICH, ADELINE El-UNGSON ffl-'EN Gruggprgl vgnu MAE HAMMER- :UW Horus, aussie ,ENNEESSV VERNON LOHAIN, MARY minors Mcciosxrv, ifmnoun Magma, DL-Longs pu-rmm Ggonqm OWLEE SUZANNE STRONG' LARRY mo-mn, vxcron VAN RIPER, lov WALLIS, ELAINE wrrunn, vnu Lzr: The membership ot the Takena chapter of the National Honor Society is made up ot a selected few who are chosen by a faculty vote. To qualify for membership one must excel in character, scholarship, leadership, and service. The National Honor Society is the high school equivalent to the college honor society, Phi Beta Kappa. The initiation oi new members was held twice during the year. The or- ganization's annual banquet occurred on May 21 at the Hub Restaurant. The guest speaker of the evening was Mr. Robert Upson of the Albany Iunior Chamber ot Commerce. The members raised money during the year from the sale of ice cream at basketball games. The officers for the tall serriester were Earl Bailey, presidentg Ben Kenagy, vice-president, Mary Frances Lorain, secretary-treasurer. The spring semester officers were Larry Strong, president Nancy Brenneman, vice-presidentg Sallie Banks, secretary-treasurer. The society's adviser is Miss Anderson. Order of "A" Last row: Dale Becker, Iirn Ienks, Iunior Simons, Don Bottemiller, Mosher Burrus, Bud Brown, Coach Hunsaker. Third row: Richard Harms, Larry Strong, Ernest Young, Dale Leabo, Dick Schlegel, Dick Graber, Don Wimer, Charles Keller, Bill Finch. Second row: Coach Buchanan, Iim Doerfler, Norman Saylor, Dave Hobbs, Sam Erb, Iustin Miller, LaVern Adkins, Bob Heins, Hal McCloskey, Allan McCloskey, Bob Kouns. Front row: Roger Reid, Fred Henshaw, Bob Blazier, Leon Merril, lim Vance, Ralph Barker, "Ole" Olson, Iack Haines, Bob Workman, Cliff Smith. The Order of A officers for the year of 1947-48 were Cliff Smith, president, Ralph Barker, vice-president, Iustin Miller, secretary, and "Ole" Olsen, ser- geant-at-arms. The Order of A had an active program throughout the year, and also represented the school on the football field, the basketball court, track oval, and baseball diamond. The Order of A started the campaign for the school grounds clean-up, watched the doors at assemblies, and in general en- deavored to co-operate in full with the student body. They put on a very successful "smoker" and entertained the student body with an assembly. An invitation banquet was held at the Hub on March 4. Fifteen new members were initiated to bring the year's total membership to forty members. All in all, the Order of A enjoyed one of its most successful years. Smith Receives Football Award uleu u w anus a Left to right: Iustin Miller, Coach Martin, lim Ienks, Richard ZCITODDI. The members of the Clef Dwellers this year were Iustin Miller Ir., top tenor: Coach M ti ond tenor: lim Ienks Ir., baritone, Richard Zarones, basso. With thef efforts and ar n, sec patience of Coach Martin, the Clef Dwellers gradually became recognized as one of the ' ' h b ren't called upon best singing groups in Albany. Scarcely a week passed that t e oys we to sing for the various functions in Albany and the vicinity. Throughout the year, the boys enjoyed singing as much as the audiences enjoyed lmtening to them. Miller and Zarones. d atin this year will take with them memories of their association and the fun that gra u g , they had in springing a flashy new bow tie every other week. Such organizations as this will never be forgotten. Platter Quintet Left to right: Richard Zaronen, Bob Crites, Charles Keller, lim Ionkl, Fred Honlhaw. A newly formed organization this year is the "Platter Quintet." The Platter Quintet is sponsored by radio station KWIL. The boys were selected through competitive tryouts. Five boys were chosen, one for each night, Monday through Friday. They were trained to operate the RCA console and to do announcing. The first had a half-hour program on KWIL-FM. Beginning in April, each had his k ' t d with the American Society of regular program on KWIL-AM. The disc Ioc eys, regls ere Disk Iockeys, are Iimmie Ienks, Bob Crites, Freddie Henshaw, Charlie Keller, and Dick Zarones. Chet Wheeler, manager of KWIL, is to be commended for taking this interest in high school students. Back row: Bob Wagy, lay Richardson, Marshal Manning, Richard Berry, Ralph Cate, Homer Agee, Doug Cate. Fourth row: Allen Stein, Ludwig Ianota, Gene Nygren, Lester Reinecke, Richard Stuart, lay Dryden, Iohn Newton, Bill Muller, Lee Sherby. Third row: Edwin Mustoe, Oris Hershberger, Vernon Scott, Wayne Randolf, George Well, Raymond lohm- ton, Dick Maier, Kenneth Allen, Dick Groesbeck. Second row: Don Parsons, Bobby Madson, Milton Cooley, Melvin Opbrook, Dick Draper, Ray Kuhnl, Bob Brammeier, Carl Middelstadt, Stanley LeChance. . Front row: Mr. Foreman, Fred Vogt, Duane Drushella, Lee Ruthruii, LaVern Adkins, Bob Kouns, Keith Carr, Roy Elder, Hugo Ehrlich, Rex Volletedt. ' The F .F.A. elected the following officers for the year 1947-48: -LaVern Ad- kins, president, Bob Kouns, vice-president, Ray Elder, secretary, Keith Carr, treasurer, Lee Ruthruff, reporter, and Hugo Ehrlich, sentinel, After losing Mr. Iohn Welbes, and spending cr month without an adviser, the F.F.A. finally settled down under the able leadership of Mr. E. H. Foreman, who had been ranching at Ellensburg, Washington, after four years of service in the U.S. Navy. Mr. Foreman, who was reared on a farm in Oklahoma, is a graduate of the Oklahoma Agricultural and Mechanical College. He taught vocational agriculture for tive years prior to entering the service. For the incoming members the F.F.A. held a joint initiation with the F.H.A. At this time, fifteen "greenhorns" were accepted into the organization. This made a total of forty-six members in the chapter. ln addition to the annual banquet and other social activities, the F.F.A. sponsored a community talent show. In co-operation with Albany merchants, prizes totaling a value of 3150.00 were awarded sixteen student and four adult entries. This show, which was well attended, netted the F.F.A. a total of over 35200.00 The money was used to pay for chapter farming equipment. In competition at the State Fair, the boys were awarded numerous indi- vidual prizes. ln all fairs and contests, the boys totaled over S600 in prizes during the year. . The Annual State F.P.A. Convention was held in Klamath Falls on April 7, 8,9 and 10. A total of twenty-tive boys attended from Albany. While at the Convention, Bob Kouns, president of the local student body and vice-president of the chapter, was elected president of the State Association of F.F.A. Bob Kouns, Rex Vollstedt, and Ray Elder received their Oregon Farmer Degree at the convention. Bill Muller and LaVern Adkins received a third prize on Stunt Night. Ray Elder also received a Gold award on his secretary's book. The F.F.A. always holdsan annual picnic in Avery Park to welcome new members from the Iunior High. The boys swim, play softball, and engage in other forms of entertainment. me uw 'svnxsn 3945 IYIYK 'ARMMQEHYIRV CONYKIY 47 , rm 1' couvumen Executive Committee Fence Buildefs Public Speaker Back row: Gerald Noah, Howard Strunke, Dale Crocker, Bob Clausen, Eayd Swander, Stephen Banks, Ralph Marker, Carolyn Mishler, Ronald Boesel. Fourth row: Ianet Kahles, Lynn Shumaker, David Moss, Donna Hoffman, Bill Cahill, Dale Peterson, Ianeth Buchner, Dale McDowell. Third row: Richard Harms, Doris Muller, Donna Fintell, Bob Rhodes, Mary Motley, Barbara Heyerly, Dorothy Kruse, Marian Lueck, Lugene Whittaker, Hayden Toby, Mr. Sarchet. Second row: Frances Iohnson, Evelyn Bellows, Verla May Gillespie, Carol Adkins, Iessie Swanson, Betty Saylor, Veda Schultz, Carol Lee, Beverly Pesheck, Glenna Parks, Cleo Henry. Front row: Glorene Heyerly, Betty Shumaker, Iudy Gilchrist, Ioanne Leonard, Marilyn Luper,, Herb Ollen, Charles Keller, Iunior Simons, Ioe Garcia. The Band marches onl Under the capable direction of Mr. W. W. Sarchet l"Pappy." as many students fondly call himl, the band has achieved many accomplishments. A few of the many achievements were playing faithfully at the basketball and football games, leading several parades, sending the football boys off to Nampa with several peppy numbers, representing the school at the Central district festival at Corvallis, entering the ensemble and solo contest at Dallas, presenting their annual concert lor the entertain- ment of the public, supporting the football team in the quarterly-finals at Marshfield, and playing on many other occasions for the public, despite mud and rain. The two students who earned superior ratings at the contest in Dallas were Doris Muller and Gerald Noah. Although it seems as if the band worked a lot, the members had many good times with their annual skating party and picnic, the Christmas caroling, and the chili feed at the school. The officers presiding over this rapidly improving organisation were Ralph Barker, president, Herb Olsen, vice-president, Doris Muller,' secretary, and Verla Mae Gillespie, treasurer. Donna Hoffman, Gerald Noah, Donna Fintel, Bill Cahill, Rose Mary Marquis, and Marilyn Luper, plus the officers, made up the Band Council. Band Band Council Orchestra Back row: Bill Cahill, Donna Hottrnan, Ianeth Buchner, Delores Cahill, Bob Clausen, Gerald Noah, Carolyn Mishler, Iohn Wiberg, Doris Muller, Verla May Gillespie, Evelyn Bellows, Mr. Sarchet, Front row: Bill Earl, Pauline Iohnson, Carol Lee, Glorene Heyerly, Lynn Shumaker, Herb Olsen, Mary Motley, Lyndall Lovett. The orchestra has made fewer public appearances than usual because of the inexperi- ence of most of the string players. They have worked hard, however, and have accom- plished a great deal, they show promise of being a much stronger group next year. They played at the district music festival, at the Oueen's Coronation, and at the graduation exercises. Because of the smallness of the organization, no officers were elected. Mr. W. W. Sarchet was orchestra director. Pep Band This year the Pep Band consisted of fifteen members taken from the regular band. Since there were only a few, it was possible for them to attend almost all of the out-of-town games and support the team. Back row: Gerald Noah, Ralph Barker. Third row: Carolyn Mishler, Donna Hottman, David Moss, Dale McDowell. Second row: Doris Muller, Glorene Heyerly, Verla May Gillespie. Front row: Pat Barker, Donna Fintell, Rosemary Marquis, Betty Shumaker, Herb Olsen, Dale Crocker, Bill Cahill, Bob Clausen. QANY 4 V sf ash -.4-aeQf'l will QF' Trades and Industries Front row: Ioe Elliott, Bill Durham, Bob Whisnant, Ron Hover, Louis Michele, Duane Graham, Herehal Randolph, Vern Ienness. ' x Second row: Levi Stauffer, Alvin Eidson, Ir, Gi-ice, Lloyd Swander, Don Forkner, Don Erickson, lim Coates, Dick Filsinger. Third row: Willis Kenagy, Ernest Young, Howard Kershner, Leonard Redshaw, Ralph Campbell, Harold Conner, Leo F. Walker. ' Fourth row: Dick Spence, Allen Eidnon, Henry Hoffman. The Vocational Trades and Industries program has for the past eight years been successful in placing a large percentage of its graduating seniors in good jobs. Employers have found by experience that if a student is trained on a particular job during his high school years that he is less apt to become dis- satisfied at a later date and change employment. During this year we have spent considerable time in laying out a founda- tion for the continued study of- a-How to secure a job to fit our particular requirements. b-How to hold this job. c-How to advance on this job. Much work has been done on the study of essentials of an occupation and the required qualifications necessary to enter it. Possible exploratory fields have been listed and details have been discussed concerning them. lt is our desire that every T GI student be properly placed so that later in life he will not find that he is a square plug in a round hole. Some of the recreational highlights of the year are- l. Employer-Employee banquet. 2. Ice skating at Eugene. 3. Hay-ride and party at Colorado Lake. 4. Trip to Hoodoo bowl. , 5. Trip to Eugene Vocational School. 6. Trip through the University of Oregon. For the second successive year we have been judged the outstanding T CSI club in the state. r - ill illll'l W' r l ' ' l z :' i ti T, , : --" I .,. ,-. if m WW Table decoration made by Apprentice carpenter Willis Kenagy for fifth annual Employer-Employee banquet. Dr. Zeran. Dean of Men 0.S.C.. address- ing annual Trade 6 Industrial Employer- Employee banquet. f T 6 I class officers. left to right: Bill Dur- ham. president: Harold Conner, sergeant- at-arms: Don Forlmer ,reporter: Dick Fil- singer, secretary-treasurer: Levi Staulter. vice president. anim Quail QT F lf I 1 'Q' AAMVW X fy . Y .3. u , ii X, N.. xx 1 3 ,Mel f.X+ wt Toastmaster Vernon I enness introducing guests at the fifth annual Bmployer-Em- ployee banquet. A spans Editors Assistants Don Wimer, Verla Mae Gillespie. Dave Hobbs MC-HY Frances I-Orain. Sallie Banks, Miss Chase, Larry Strong - LaRene Cross, Earl Bailey, x wif' Verle Moore, Marian Lueck, Oren Purdy, Ioan Un- Mr. Harold Wynd, LaVem Adkins, Keith Holmes fred, Roger Vorderstrasse, Clinton Hufiman, Marie Lueck, Barbara Adams, Twila Dehm, lean Lambeth Marilyn Musgrave. ix R Center. Ediiors A Artists Camera Editors 53 NJIKIBB Llkllllllu Richard Zurories, Duane Mick- Iudy Gilchrist, Marie Lueck, Adeline Ehrlich. Here "it" is. You are reading "it" now. We of the Annual staff are proud to present "it" and greatly relieved to have "it" published. Yes, "it" is the 1947-48 Annual. We have obtained much valuable experience by working on this Annual, and We wish to thank our advisers, Miss Chase and Mr. Wynd, who have helped us so much. We also wish to thank the other teachers for their cooperation in suffering our frequent interruptions. A A The following students are on the' staff: Earl Bailey .......... ............. E ditor-in-Chief LaRene Cross .............,.................. Assistant Editor LaVern Adkins ,...,,.,.,,.,,,,.,..., Photographic Editor Keith Holmes ........ Assistant Photographic Editor Richard Zarones ........................ Business Manager Duane Mick .............. Assistant Business Manager Sallie Banks ................ L ............. Manuscript Editor , Larry Strong .................................. Activities Editor Mary Frances Lorain ............ Organization Editor Dave Hobbs .............................. Boys' Sports Editor , 1-ypisis Don Wimer .............. Assistant Boys' Sports Editor Verla May Gillespie ................ Girls' Sports Editor Adeline Ehrlich .................................. Senior Editor Marie Lueck ........... ................... I unior Editor Iudy Gilchrist ......... ......... S ophomore Editor Donna Hoffman ........ ....,........,.,.,,,.,,,,.,, T ypist Ethelyn Tunison ........ ......................... T ypist Bessie 'Holub ..................... ,,,,..,, T ypist Verla Moore ................,......,. ,.,.,,,,, A rtisf Sixth period art class ........ B-9" Donna Hoffman, Bessie Holub, Ethlyn Tunison 5 9 .I.".l.1' I ADKINS, LGVERN BAILEY, EARL KOUNS, BOB l N E S ER ON Mcciosxrv. HAROLD MERRILL, LEON MH-V-ER IUSTIN OLSON, OLE C I VOLLSTEDT REX WORKMAN Ros DRUSHELLA DUANE UNCH EU-L MICK, DUMB MORSE, KAY wusoN, KENNETH woou. HM GIBBS, WILLARD MLCLOSKEY, ALu:N RO I SO The Hi-Y club, the high school division of the Young Men's Christian As sociation had a great year in the 1947-48 term. Roger Reid held the gavel, and from his position as president, led the club to a successful year, religiously, financially, and socially. Using the club's purpose as a guide, "The purpose of this organization is to create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community, high standards of Christian character." The members always attended church in a group. During the year they invited their fathers, mothers, friends not in Hi-Y, and girls to attend church along with the club on the Sunday they were scheduled to attend en masse. The Hi-Y raised enough funds to send S150 to the "World Service" cam- paign, sponsored by the YMCA, to aid children in foreign countries. The funds were raised by sponsoring dances and selling programs, pop, and other con- cessions at the athletic events. . From the funds raised, also came the price of fifteen oak armchairs that are used in the council room. Also sponsored and pgid for by the Hi-Y was the picture of the Albany Bulldog basketball team in the state tournament directory. Many other donations and contributions to worthy causes were deducted from the Hi-Y treasury. The members also set aside a fund of sixty dollars with which the club can start next year. Sophomore initiation, or Welcome, was sponsored by the I-li-Y to bring the sophomores officially into high school life. Each year the Hi-Y holds joint meetings with the Girls' Federation Council, and on each "Loud Sock" day a breakfast is jointly served. The sponsorship of the breakfast is exchanged between the two clubs annually. Combined in the activities of the Hi-Y is the constant feeling of brother- hood. An aim of the club is to fight intolerance, both in the nation and in our school and community. This year, the club has taken great strides in that direction. The officers of this 1947-48 year were Roger Reid, president, Vernon Ienness, vice president, Earl Bailey, secretary, lim Wood, treasurer, Duane Mick, chaplain, and Harold McCloskey, sergeant-at-arms. Proposed Hi-Y Service Flag Hi-Y in Action Hi-Y Sponsors Sophomore ttecepiion LICIIIII WIND Back row: Neil Bennett, David Shephard, Don Cowgill, Keith Holmes, Harold Murphy, lim Woodsf Miss McNamara, Third row: Vivian White, Eleanor Cox, Helen Paitch, Marlene Griffith, Lyndall Lovett, Verla Mae Gillespie, Shirley Smart, Ioy Van Riper, Ioanne Haberle. Second row: Fern Wallace, Bonnie Hom, Rosemary Marquis, Ieanette Allen, Shirley Cleaver, Elaine Wat- lace, Marcia Berry, Wilma Cosler. Front row: Ioan Baines, Sally Phillips, Suzanne Rowlee, Carol Negal, Marilyn Renn, Iudy Gilchrist. The Latin Club membership is limited to those having one or more years of Latin. The club held regular meetings every other Monday. A banquet was given in Ianuary for all new members. The club held ice cream sales every Wednesday as a service to the school and also as a means of adding to the treasury. They also sponsored in May an assembly with the Spanish Club. The officers for the year were Suzanne Rowlee, president, Neil.Bennett, vice-president, Rosemary Marquis, secretary, Vivian White, treasurer, Harold Murphy, sergeant-at-arms, and Miss McNamara, adviser. Spanish Club 'I'he Spanish Club was not organized until the second termg hence the members were not as active this year as they have been in the past. They did, however ,sponsor one fudge sale and an assembly. To be eligible for membership in the Spanish Club, a student must have completed at least one term of Spanish. This year's officers were Irene Montgomery, president, Vera Schultz, vice-president, and Annalee Strandt, secretary and treasurer. Back row: Iuanita Cook, Carol Mercer, Edith Tucker, Nadine Hoffman, Harriet Karstens, Beverly Cade, Sally Phillips, Larry Strong, lim Eddy, Delbert Shirley, David Moss, Miss McNamara. Second row: Lola Kennel, Ioan Kuske, Shirley Osborn, Georgina Plattner, Anna Lee Strand, Iudy Gil- christ, Kitty Durschmidt, Shirley Wood, Carol Adkins, Iesse Swanson, Mary Motley, Irene Cook. a Front row: Donna Olson, loanne Talbert, Vera Schultz, Alice Montgomery, Irene Montgomery, Mary Frances Lorain, Glenna Parks, Shirley Dernmick, Audrey Neilson, Floyd Carper. BRENNEMAN, NANCY seam, MARCIA nrwsmoonz, BARBARA ELLINGSON, EILEEN El"lRl.lCH, ADELINE MUSGRAVE, MARILYN ' O . ' Q Z SCHMIDT, FRANCES SHUMAKER, srrrv WILLARD, VIDA LEE ARNOLD, AVIS BRIGGS. CLARA HICKMAN, BEVERLY MANNING, SHIRLEY PHILLIPS, DOROTHY RUNKLE, BARBARA WPUTAKER, LUGENE The membership of the Girls' Federation is composed of every girl in Albany High School. Seventeen girls form the advisory council of this or- ganization. This group, known as "l7," meets every Tuesday noon to discuss Girls' Federation business and school problems. Every girl in school belongs to one of seventeen committees, each headed by a member of "l7." These seventeen committees have been very active this year. The following are some of their activities: Sewing for the Linn County Red Cross, making Christmas favors for the elderly people at the nursing home, caring for the sick bay, col- lecting over five hundred pounds of clothing for European reliefg donating three cases of milk for the milk drive. This year the Girls' Federation has sponsored the following: an assembly, the admission to which was a can of milk, a Christmas caroling partyg a "big sister" party for all sophomore girls, an assembly for the Girls' League of Lebanon, anlall-school girls' show entitled "Dollies' Follies", and an all-school dance at the Recreation Center after the Corvallis football game. The organiza- tion has also bought some new furnishings for Miss Spence's room, better known as the "girls' room." The group has helped pay for a large mirror for the girls' dressing room in the gym. . Every year a gift of ten dollars is given by this organization to one of the most outstanding girls in the senior class. This girl is chosen for her leadership, personality, friendliness, and, most important oi all, contribution to the school. The officers of the Girls' Federation for 1947-48 consist of Elaine Wallis, president, Betty Shumaker, vice-president, Dorothy Phillips, secretaryg Beverly Hickman, treasurer, and Miss Spence, adviser. ouup 011015 .. X Q .L ,m . . .Mar QE, , I W , WC . a . ,f W . . w. wi ' . -iv. .,.s . 4, ... J," ,gn ,ab , V WHY' 2 Vx'-ff fx' f-,.- : , f . Yrxgg x, Q M3 I A 'Rl , 3' A , cr: 1 ' 1'1i"?"3P5vf1 '41 ' ' Y A -A , ?e:..,-1-1.1, 1-,L ,,.- fb- , Mr:-sg ,4 K , + I A :MN J . A , in fx M K w vi. xv. , K- . . , - -. V, g.. ,,a , 'H ,551 .,:.w . F 1 y L 'jf ' " ffm . 41,22 .4 1 5, x 1, , 43,4 , 1. " 'Q 3 I 1 N . 4 . 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Q-fzpmli' l hc 'f' 91- z,'.'f.,. 21' QB., .",g "ff-.44 Lf . ' . ' 1 e?J3.'1'1, ff, ,f1fl!f4'17'..' .- .. -. ,531 .5p ,:,.j 3. -. 4. .1 'ju jj. 5, .rag-sftiqawg .1f, gg.:-1-.f.--'.g.s ' . - ,'1'.1".'7 rw - f, 3 HA - rf' rf. LJ" ',, - ' '1-,a"..' fy . .- "ng l .I 522- . F45-:Eff-,:?f.-ff ffl'-?".'11,'..'f.:3,'f: 1..- ff ff." 9 1.13 " -.- '.' '5 2,31 Y ,4 nba? - -1, 'rr .5 .1 .U-,,.3. .!. ::1'H.- 'lg r ...I :K 1 l ' Hgh ' 1. S .,., y - - 1- - 'n .' 1 1 .. 'al - - ff -..' ' '. '.,. 'I -I f .- ' 4 ' Q '-.51 ,.- . A ,. J' ,, q. ...g ., .- ,.,,. 1- . -, , - fx- ,,..4. . "- v.. ., k J,i.3-'J.'g'.-1, . L51 :Af "'-f1'1':.,"1" -2 5 ' g , 23, bi --4,?-:'- - --,-',"- ij ,, .11 .1:: 23' ' 1 Eff "' -f .-. . ' -' v ' - - I - .1 - . . vm. , a --,-- - -.'-, 1" QQ -s :.' w -. ,QQ A ' A"'I - 'T 2 " 'ff'-',2.':" ' ' :I 0 'ffl - . .'1.--"'1 1 .. - . ' ' " .. -' 9+ wt-f G - ' ' '... . -. 2- .f.'.-'su o ff V ' A I - 4. H Q -.'v....'.,' ,:4"' - Q W . Q A - ' .',. . , . gil . ' . 'G A 5, . 1 . . 1 2:5193 'Q X - i A - V X ' h fiqaf? . ' it ' 1 W Mi' , , ., .- . ' 4' .51 ri . ?-. -fr -1' ww fb. -Ziff fini- ' ' an . .. - " - v- : 1' :., wffkvfs ,s ' 1. ' '- , fp' 1 Q - . A . I ' vii. , . M ai: ,,., 4, ,b1m,..-M-xr?5zf.fa-1 wx1,,,:.f-5.g,gp,p,gY . .gipyplfmiiih My .V , -A '. V W it . ,L ,VA 1 14 VMQYH., V A5 iskfig gbi ' -' - f--'H' w, . 1. wg, fr' and-ft , - ... - , ,i"mjP,5 '4 1" :71 5--as-g-iff . 'P' Q X1 5 - A 'Q' ' ' ' ' -' ' 'W '- W 1 I 5 2 ! 1 Q F . I w f P E Hssemblles One of the high points of every week was the Friday assembly. Most ol the talent was furnished by the student body. Our two Masters of Ceremonies were Fred Henshaw and Richard Zarones. The high- lights of the assembly programs were ex- change assemblies with Lebanon on October 20 and with Salem on February 235 the Sopho- more reception on November 24p a talent as- sembly: and several special assemblies spon- sored by the F.F.A. and F.H.A., Order ol A, Iunior Class, Hi-Y, Senior Class, and the faculty. Sophomore Initiation Once again Santa stopped off at Albany High School on his Christmas rounds and arrived during our Christ- mas Assembly. He brought Mrs Santa Claus also, and together they had gifts for everyone. Santa was easily recognized by his "cheerful laugh" and by his "chubby" figure. Teachers' Assembly in 6- 55... Wu.. .Qi D - , ollles F015 es cl ,QS-I. JI 191, 5 e G-ids' Federation Show. 'Domes' ?oXXies," vfcxs presented evening, November owd assem- on Yridqvpt X61 ge cr ditoriunl to seventh. bXed in the Pnl BYQOY it. 11 Senior Class Play 12 4 The Senior Class play this year was "The Whole Town Is Talking." The performance was given on Tues- day, November 18, after being moved ahead three days because of the state football quarter finals. The play was directed by Miss Mabel Howard who deserves much praise for her patience and for her untiring energy. The plot was a businessman's at- tempt to marry his daughter to his junior partner. Mrs. Simons ........... Henry Simmons ........ .............Sa1lie Banks .........Richard Zarones Ethyl Simmons .......... ......... N ancy Brenneman Chester Binney. Letty Lythe ....... . Donald Swift ..... Roger Shield ..... Lila Wilson ......... ........ Sally Otis ....... Annie .................. Sadie Bloom ..... A Taxi Driver ......... ............Larry Strong ..........Adeline Ehrlich ................Bob Crites ...........Fred Henshaw Mary Frances Lorain ...............Hattie Klutke ................Edla Solvig .......Suzanne Rowlee ...........Roger Reid Iunior Class Play The Iunior Class Play, entitled "A Summer Scene," was presented by the Class of '49 on March the 19th. The date was on Friday, at eight o'clocl: in the Audi- torium. A capacity crowd turned out to see this de- lightful mystery-comedy, which was ably directed by Miss Belders. The play brought out some fine new dramatic talent in Albany High, including Iohn Griffith, Everest Ever- hart Ill, Shirley Iohnson, Binkie, Clara Briggs, Miss Hero Plunkett, Shirley Cleaver, Louise, Tom Kern, Ned Weaver, Beverly Wood, Princess Kate Waterfall, Iim Wood, Iohn Smith, Delores Adkins, Sheriff Dora Sykes, Kay Morse, Roscoe, LaRene Cross, Anita. The story was about q summer resort operated by an elderly spinster with the "Help" of her two nieces. A tangled plot, including escaped criminals, prospec- tive suitors tby maill, and a lame girl who began to walk, finally reached a satisfactory and dramatic ending. Christmas Time M., A 'KQENI' wwf Queen Frances I Former Queens Gtovl We Que 61110 60 Ymketkdmed bfi W ek! G65 The Queen's Coronation BUMPER? 'l'ho1Quoen's Float x A E I 82 X i - Loud Sock Day Coronation Practice 1 x-JA-m'v , ,, , .. ,v kwin Preparation cmd Cleaiihup SPYS SPW Second First Prize Floats Third Floats Honorable Mention 9. 8 I .J 'fin More HAMMOND LUMBE Floats Senior Hct Wins Iunior Hct Rate s Third Sophomore Hot Places Second eqkkekke en ne! c,ub Student Hffcrirs Committee The student affairs committee was created to improve relations between teachers and students. The committee must be commended for promoting good feeling and marvelous co-operation. Parliamentcrr Committee The Parliamentary Committee was chosen tor their knowledge ot Roberts Rules of Order to iron out problems in proper procedure that arise during student body meetings. Social Committee Y The Social Committee had the job ol arranging activities connected with, but outside ot, the school. They have done much toward improving Albany' already excellent record, s 95 The Assembly Committee has the obvious task of locating talent and ar- ranging the weekly assemblies and exchange assemblies. lntlseractivity Committee The job of the interactivity committee is to regulate inter-school activities and set dates in order to keep them from conflicting. The members are to be complimented on a very fine job. we 1 1 Wg if v . my J - - Q .WAN . 5 ,L ,-,, . f 1 ff -. 'uf'-1 fn , ,- 5 x -nu n A H-v ,w 1... X W, 'Q 41 , 4, 1 '52 V . , , .-A . , g, . 1- U V " '-13114, H f X '4 lv f , , - . , X ,YQ . f, V' ur, k J ggi ,,,'3,, ff !,,fp,4.r- 1. Y 6. ' mx 1 1 f . I5 r fTLh1'YV' . ,. ay- 1 3 'N Q X' f:'r9f 5F'f7'7 f9""""' ?"QM'!5f"' ' ' '-7f'WT"'A'W5' 1 L, l' ' 5 '1"iI,"5'L5'33?,, "af f . 13. p yL,0jm-- 115 . ' if . , YM1 ff , ,N ,, ,YA Yi N WV ,Wu,, 4, 'iq ,Til F321 2 1 wi 6:51, , M i- -5-W? 4'P'h'V -. 'Wg' -7r"'ft?'f ii W i ' Q,.',1,7 gil? - .A 7' 11? ' is? -Q lr if Ha Spa , -.W Q lf' 1 ,gin i 'gf eff' - f . , ' f 1-b , ' A , ' .mx M4 ,. ' - 71 jj.. X ' 1 V X , I ,W - H , f , W 1 ,,f . A X I I x-x, .,j 2 ' ' V, if" k 7 J.: f A , ' A ., Q .7 vw 1 l , 3- , V: fn. 1: IM H ALBANY :mm-NIA . fi .. if X, Q: 'Q' 'JJ ' fb Tl. - 'V wg? .ls rv 1 1 .1 Lv' Z., yn A w '. , , -xv , F."' ,V- , f A ? k A- Q NL f fy Q , lv . , ,. A-J , 1 . , in , :K A f br., L -L K R Q - 1 . ' if Va' I X534 23 E4 E Q 2 S E 'I Y :J E 2 4 E 5 'if 47? 'im WE 0456 elim x g wth . . ,fszsg ' 1 'ff fr VH? nBQ1l , 1. , 'V , ,h I Am D GV2 HO bbS I6 a .i E -I ii S E e 9 A L5 a F ,. 5 1 E B 5 rn i 5 H 2 2 E .. H 3 Z n E. 9 '4 I E Q I 3. as i . f Q E E i F5 sf Left to right' "B" squad coach Tom Drynan Line coach Iohn fob Dir-fiber 1001! Dick G Roberts, Head coach Rex Hunsaker, and' Backfield coach HD MCCSOI1, H S over Bob Buchanan' Ioskekeqd monggglmggnr wit X h ., 'Chwd H B Sqn Crm? Cid In ' . Q U11 Hd assist-793 The Bosses Head Coach Rex Hunsacker. assisted by Line Coach Iohn Roberts. Bacldield Coach Bob Buchanan. and "B" Squad Coach Tom Drynan had a tumout of fifty-eight boys and seven let- termen last September. This formed the best football team Albany High School has had since 1941. when Tom Swanson was head coach ot the Bulldogs. Coach Hunsacker has been coaching for Al- bany High School ior three years: Coach Rob- - ,ff 'ft . ki erts. Tom Drynan and Bob Buchanan have been with us for two years. These coaches worked hard to develop a team that would surpass any that Albany has ever had before. The Coaches worked hard to keep the boys in training. and this kept the iniury department down considerably. Harms. McCloskey and Dickson., the managers. were kept packing and unpacking during the live trips that were taken during the season. Pqr A .S The Albany Bulldogs started their season slowly. losing their first game to Myrtle Point by a 32 to 6 score. But from here on. they won 6 games. tied 2. and lost 3 games for their season's record. The Bulldogs had an average of nearly 175 pounds per man. but wherever the Bull- dogs went .they were the underdogs. One of the many highlights of the season was a trip to Nampa. Idaho. to play in the annual Lettuce Bowl football game. The Bulldogs dropped a 12 to 13 decision on the slimy field. The Albany Bulldogs were looking ahead at the District title. but Corvallis was there to fight for her rights. The final battle was waged on Armistice Day when Albany defeated Corvallis by a I2 to 6 thriller. Gnd ack row: Kohn Roberts Bo Doerher, Bob Heins ex unsaker hd row: hm Vance Lee uhruik Bud Brown aines, Bob Workman e OXson R Xph Bar e Second row: Fred Henshaw erxks Chliord Srmih Leo HQIIYY Susrin Miner, Don rrner ob Bk: xer S rn rb ron! row: Keith Xohnson Norman Say or rck Graber Kennelh MCKGY HaroXd McCXoskey CharXes Keher BM Frnch Mosher Burru Albany . Bend Corvallis I Sorlem S ' . Pfmgfle-1d Eugene -.-. fr YQ r K Jar , K 7' ' ,am E 3 074 After driving off with the District championship, the Bull- dogs went to meet Marshfield at Coos Bay. Oregon. Here they pushed over two touchdowns in the last quarter to give the Bulldogs a 25 to 13 victory. Albany then met The Dalles on Hu-dson field. where a record-breaking crowd watched every play. The Bulldogs played superb ball in the first half. but lost men in the second half from injuries. This gave The Dalles clear sailing, and the game ended with a 19 to 12 score. This is the first time the Albany High School's history that a football team represented Albany in the State play-off. When we speak of football in later years. this football season of 1948 will be well remembered. t ylor, amor Henry, center Brown' tackle K Grebe 'f-.ww-ff - ku' ' at fr 1.- f " 1' .' -,1m.i: W i'.'11'Fif1 - L' . f 'frsrwt' mg N , .,.:5,g -,fr..fs:f,,-. eggs 1 'L I ,vw is - f we ,gtxgqy-' ' 22,2 5 f, ,- 1-,X-. 4 - .. . g if I I McKay, halfback Bob Workman. Barker, guard :Kim an-Q Spreen, fullback Miller, end Vg': Dick Graber 5 3 4 5 5 . x N Lg? - :Ar , Q 4 Heins, quarterbac Ole Olson, I' xv g . 'Q 1- Norman Scylor, Bob Blazier, 101 k row: Iohnny Spreen, Elliot Sipe, Ben Salvon, Duane Mick, Harry Cason, lint Hard- ' l r Bill Earl, Vernon House-r, Iim Darling, Melvin Brenneman ond row: Byron Robinson, Bud Brown, Ioe Garcia, Ronnie Grillin, Dave Shephard, e Leabo, David Seavy, Dave Draper, Raymon Iohnston, lay Richardson, Tom Drydan. nt row: Iohn Burrus, Bill Christopher, Basil Sanders, Did! SIIICIUY. Neil Bennett, Dalton :Jley Francis Ragle, Iohn Sumpter, Bud Gilliam, Dale McDowell. Albany players as three Corvallis boys fight over ball. By the end ot the season. the "B" squad. coached by Bob Buchanan. had won thirteen of the twenty games they played. Their total points for the season were 691 to their opponents' 598. This record proved it to be a successful season. 102 ,"B" Football The Albany 'Bullpups had a fair season. four and losing three ofsseven games. The "B" squad was made up of thirty-three men this year under the efficient coaching of Tom Drynan. From these boys will come the prospects for our next year's football team. "B" Basketball B Squad: Lett to right: Coach Buchanan, Hugh Nelson, Don Bottemxller jim Schwab, Willard Gibbs, Charles Keller, Kenneth Wilson Neil Bob Buchanan coached Football and Basketball in Albany High in 1943. He then went into the Navy for two and a half years as an athletic specialist. In 1946 he returned to Albany to become the assistant coach of football and to take over the head position of basketball coach in 1947. Coach Bob Buchanan developed a smooth and fast ball club. As the team obtained experience. they developed ability and team work that pulled them through a successful season. Lettermen back from last year were Roger Reid. David Hobbs. Clifford Smith. and Sonny Merril. These boys were backed by a strong unit of last year's "B" squad players. 2 B Og? 'ow' H 6 Qrry C Fi, t S' C0 Q-Son, Spriegowr Leon och Bob gfgzogeri S , C1111 Smgzernul H anon, om L-,bi O , orold Mcclosk Ie Olson, lunl Sy lor ' Roger R . Simons eld. Bob Hei ns, ,ohh The Bulldogs played excellent ball by winning 17 out of the 25 games. The team scored 1182 points to their opponents' 976 at the end of the seaspn. Iunior Simons was the high point man on the tecnn. with 260 points. He also was elected on the mythical Big Six all-star basketball team. The Albany fans picked up their enthusiasm when the Bulldogs became one ot the runners for the district honor. The Bulldogs tied with Corvallis for the district title, each losing one game to the other. The two teams then played a two-out-of-three play-oil to see which one would represent district seven at the state tournament. Corvallis won the play-off at the state and became the state championship team of Oregon. GUY COIVG cl Cl lub don ol plGYe . Bed! A dlstrid gomgaumps wxm Secorlxs of Albfggx . mo . Eesslfin oi me . rx 47 33 zcofvollxsufgoior pos I I I The Albany High School Basketball team was invited to play in an invitational toumament at Lewis and Clark College. formerly Albany College. Coach Buchanan. a former alumnus oi Albany College. accepted the invitation. There were four "A" school teams at the tournament-Sandy, Albany, Forest Grave. and Washougal lwashingtonl. On the first night the Bulldogs played Sandy. beating them by a 66 to 51 score. The second game was played with Washougal for the championship. The Bulldogs won 77 to 30 in a fine exhibition ot skill. David Hobbs received the cup offered lor the winning team. and Iunior Simons was awarded the individual cup for the outstand- ing player at the toumament. ""b CJ 'X . F - Q PX 'ti 4 Q l .. f Z 3 . - A I H g J 5, Q A Vzgb g " J .. wa .T . V " mr-V. 5 . 5 Iunior Simons holding individual cupg Dave holding team cu DISTRICT 7 W Albany ..,...., ....., 5 Corvallis ..,.... ...... 5 Lebanon ............. ...... 2 Sweet Home ....,... , ..... U First district game played at Corvallis. Albany won 46 to 44. Merrill grabs ball from basket as Simons, Erb, and Mc- Closkey look on. Pct. .833 .833 .333 .000 D , if X. X. Q sais , X X i , S C HE Q Q QW vi X: W-P mx? N 411359 lk as .-1 S .K . 5 K i 2 ai-in z , ,www W ?il'54liw5ia9f, l-if r ' E . ,W Back row: Assistant Manager Dick Smith, Head manager Don Elder, Don Bottemiller, Wayne Miller, Mike Richards, Iunior Simons, Leon Merrill, Iim Ienks, Willard Gibbs, Bob Xouns, Coach Rex Hunsaker. Front row: Bob White, Roger Reid, Byron Robinson, Bob Heins, lim Vance, Harold McCloskey, Iohn Spreen, Alvin Iones, David Hobbs and Rex Vollstedt. 2 Managers: Dick Smith, Bob White, and Don Elder. First baseman, Bob Heins. Baseball, under the direction of Rex Hunsaker, has scheduled 17 games this season. This year bad weather has caused the bulldogs to cancel or re- schedule a great number of these games. The bulldogs were rated as one of the too teams of the district and are expected to go a long way in the state play-offs. D mf ' 1 . H.a...,. l'fG?'3'. . H5 .y Q ,K N. lk,3 ,vl,, . , Coach I-lunsaker shows a few pointers lo culcher, lohn Sproen. 091, Shortstop, Dave Hobbs. Albany Bulldogs' pitching stall: Loft to righi-Roger Reid, Bob Kouns, Willard Gibbs, and Iunior Simons. Second Bcsemcm, Sonny Merrill 1 ,N u X ' K4 Ccncher, Harold McCloskey. Kouns up, Simons on deck, and Merrill in the hole. Byron Robinson, lim Vance, hm Ienks i 1 Murderers' row: Leh to rightflfirst baseman, Rex Vollltedty outfielder, 6 l by 9 109 Left to right: Dave Seavy, Vemon Houser, Dalton Cooley, and Coach Tom Drynan. my Coach Tom "T. D." Drynan tumed out one of the best track teams ever to be seen around Albany High. Although the squad didn't win all of their track meets. they turned in many a good performance. Early in the season Ralph "Wheaties" Barker ran the century in 10 flat. ln the Willamette valley meet Fred Henshaw won the High Hurdles in the new record time ot 16 flat. thus cutting off one-tenth of a second from the old time. Iunior Dale MacDowell's shot put toss oi 45'6" in the Big Six meet was considered one of the best ot the season. Other well- balanced performances were given by Iustin Miller, half-miler: Gordon Waite. miler: Clit! Smith. hurdles: Don Wimer. high jump. ld! - anlfi 1 n11e"' - te to alefnlu we his X rledalngs 1699 to cap we ew ,Q med- Burke! bf p,xb4""' """"'.,.... f Included among the season's victories was the three-way meet win over Lebanon and Eugene. Albany tied Corvallis in the first track meet of the season because of the climactic victory by Albany's winning 880 yard relay team. From the many participants in track, twenty-two were awarded maior letters. The following are the boys who have com- pleted their requirements for letters: Ralph Barker, Don Wimer. Dalton Cool- ey, Fred Henshaw. Cliff Smith. Gordon Waite, Bob Rhodes. Iustin Miller. lim Doerfler, Iay Dryden. Keith Carr, Junior Simons, lack Haines, Dale McDowell. Dale Crocker, Dale Leabo. Dave Shepard, Iohn Burrus. Bob Blazier. LaVeme Adkins. and Francis Ragle. Upper left: Dale Crockers about to begin grueling 440. Middle: Dave Shepard clears bar to keep in pole vault race. Lower left: Fred Henshaw passes baton to Cliff Smith after finishing first leg of 880 yard relay. Lower right: Gordon Waite leads field by twenty yards to win mile run. Keith Carr watches as Don Wirner lim Doeriler shows Dale McDowell his takes oii to clean' the bar in the High lump. form in throwing ihe shot put. Iuvelin throwers: Iohn Sumpter. Icy Dryden. cmd' lack Haines. w N u--' '1 fo - l -iT Top row, left to right: Tom Drynan, Fred x1emm...v, , , Iohn Sumpier, Francis Ragle, Vernon Hauser, Richard Smalley. Middle row: Clili Smith. l..aVeme Adkins, luelin Miller, lay Dryden, Don Wimer, Bob Hoover. ab Dalton Cooley, Bob Rhodes, Dave Seavy, Dave Shepard, and Bottom row: Keith Carr, Dale Le 0, Wien H dles Clif! Smith. Fred Henshaw. ur , Dale Leabo. and Don Parsons. Q1bGI1Y'S three discus throwers. le!! to nght: Iohn Burrus. Bob Blazier. and Bud Brown. or Leaaue Badminton Champion, Hayden ay, and minor league Badminton champion, Left to right: Ron ld R df d, All ' ' Donald Hunter' Saunders, Stephez-iaBankg, Bbnald glxddlgiigloskey' Don Cowgu' Basil champions. The Intramural Program this year was led through a very successful season by the Intramural boss. Duane Brenneman. f 7"' Intramural in Albany High School is made up of various ,sports in which boys of any class may participate. Competition was held in basketball. bird-. minton. and volleyball. This year. because of the large tum-out for major and minor sports. not many boys entered intramural. The most outstanding participation this year was in badminton. which has COITIS fl'O!'l1 G fO1'gOll9Il Duane Brenneman sport to one oi recognition. Each year two boys are chosen irom the ranks of the Intramural program to have their names en- graved on a plaque. Points are kept each year and the two boys with the most points are chosen. This year they are Don Baxter. from the maior league. and Stephen Banks from the minor league. Major league basketball champions. Lett to right: LaVern Adkins, Bob Crites, Iustin Miller, Rex Votlstedt, Fred Henshaw. 29" 'rvaffvwi' - Dale Becker on top, Clinton Hutlman on bottom ' l': Bob Blame U H,,umGf"nc,,,. Cm-,ton Tom DH Baxter, llmdn' sch x, 90" Becker. l.oh'lrol1,l4gumPl?xr'g:xvln Opbroo b White- Dale HYQ1-'le' 1-us Bl ' m 1 tn. B0 Z ' x 4 - ' . C Q Mc Elm , . yay Chnsl0P Dick KDGGY2? buff. Bilbo Doyle Hou' Cla? 0 Leo - , . Dale Sgxtxnfll lay Dryden gets the 0 i gif' best oi Don Baxter. Tom Drynan worked hard to develop this minor sport so that in some future year wrestling will become a maior sport in Albany High. This team had out- standing wrestlers. five oi whom won their first matches at the state play-offs: Gary McClain. Doyle Hall. Clayton Durr, Bob Givens. Bob Blazier. Oi these live, Doyle Hall and Bob Blazier went on to the semi-finals. The team, during the season. won two and lost nine of its meets. Dale Becker looked especially good in the "Big Six" meet, winning all three of his matches. Sixteen members of the squad earned enough points to receive minor letters. Next year the wrestling team will be equipped with experienced and well-trained wrestlers. 3.1 it ,M gi Iohn Burrus attempts to get W 'sl .4 a hall-nelson on heavy Bob q,,,..!'.fLffffQfE B A . Blazier. rl' 5 EW'sg5i5'3li51fx, g,ik Q1 W: is it t f 3 1 K X ffoach om rynan. D uwsfw, Abyss' I I Doyle Hall and Dale Leabo Albany s wrestling team ready to leave for state meet in Corvallis. bottle for ,ha m,,Wm,mm 115 The Golf team. under the direction of Bob Buchanan. Golf participated in dual meets with Corvallis. Salem. OSC. the Olson Coa h B hanan Coach Tom Drynan's cross country team. in its second year oi competi- tion. showed much im- provement and promise in the meets this year. Coach Drynan trained a squad oi ten runners Lelt to rights: D313 Cowgill, Duane Mick, Sam Erb, Kenny Wilson, Ole I 1 . Hooks. the Big Six Toumament at Ehxgene. and the Willam- ette Valley invitational tournament at Corvallis. They also took part in the forming oi a new Upstate League with Salem. Eugene. Cor- vallis. University Hi. and Marshfield. Ken Wilson and Ole Ol- son averaged 72 to 82 score on most 18 hole rounds and gave all their opponents close competi- tion. ...pluw u li' Y 9 'o who ran in four meets this YGGTF 0119 with Springfield and one with Iefierson. two with Salem and the big Valley meet. Our team tailed to place high in any oi the meets. but the outstanding runners of the Albany squad were Gordon Waite. a iun.ior: and Dale Crocker. a sophomore. 118 - ff Ven 251, M QQ xx AAAA YOUR MOVE DOG-GONE THIS FINGERNAIL COME ON KIDS YELL 111 FIGHT EM FELLA'S ON THE AIR V ON THE MARCH SMILEIII Another year has passed, and four more girls will leave Albany High School with the highest honor that G.A.A. can bestow upon any girl. This honor is based upon cooperation, lead- ership, and character. Betty Burrelle heads the list for her able leadership shown while she was president of G.A.A. Basketball is her favorite sport, and Betty has been a member of the all-star team for three years. She is also in music and busi- ness. Next is Verla May Gillespie, more commonly known as "Pete," She has served as vice-president of G.A.A. for the past year. She claims volleyball and basketball as her favorite sports. Her other activities have included Band, Latin Club, Literary Explorers, F.B.L.A., and Honor Society. Betty Shumaker, known for her beau- tiful complexion, has really shown us her athletic ability this year by partici- pating in basketball and making the all-star team. She has proved out- standing not only in G.A.A. but also in Home Economics and Band. Last, but not least, is energetic Glor- ene Heyerly. She has been found out- standing in almost every sport. She is the third senior girl who was voted a basketball all-star. Music is a hobby of Glorene's, and she is very active in Band. Miss Herr Miss Herr, known to all as "Gym," is loved by both students and faculty. Her cheerv "Hello" and pleasing personality have made her a favorite with everyone. If you cut a finger, you go to "Gym" lf you want a ping-pong ball, "Gym" will get it for you. If you have problems, "Gyms" under- standing and sound advice will give you comfort. Those that pass through the doors of A.H.S. for the last time will always remember "Gym" and how she has, more than once, boosted the spirits of Albany High. Olive Branchers GAA This year the G.A.A. and Girls' Federation put on an all girls' show en- titled DOLLIES FOLLIES. The G.A.A. used their share of the proceeds to buy a full length plate glass mirror for the shower room. The annual G.A.A. dance was held in the gym on March 30th, the title being "Lolli-pop Leap" and the theme "red and yellow, catch your fellow." Pat Barker's and Lynn Shurnaker's names were drawn from the hat to reign with their lolli-pop crowns. The first state swimming meet for high school was held in Portland on March 27th. Those girls representing Albany were Vida Lee Willard, Adeline Ehrlich, Shirley Smart, Marilyn Renn, and Martha Perry. Shirley Smart took third place in the 100-yard free style. This year the G.A.A. had regular bowling parties. These were held on Friday evenings after school and proved to be very successful. GAA Council The council consists of the officers and the sports managers. The officers for the past year were as follows: Betty Burrelle, president, Verla May Gillespie, vice-president, Shirley Osborn, secretary, Barbara Densmore, treasurer, Sallie Banks, publicity, Marilyn Musgrave, sergeant-at-arms, and Barbara Runkle, intramural manager. The remaining girls in the council are managers of the various sports: Twila Delm, archery, Ianeth Buchner, badminton, Anna Lee Strandt, basket- ball, Beverly Haglund, hiking, Katherine Colbert, bowling, Norma Morton, folk dancing, Ioanne Leonnard, golf, Lugene Whitaker, hiking, Ioanne Talbert, ping-pong, Virginia Arlandson, skating, Lorraine Larsen, skiing, Frances Iohn- son, swimming, Beverly Orr, tennis, LaRene Cross, speedball, Kathryn Burch, softball, Elma Hammer, track, Olita Colbert, tumbling, Shirley Smart, volleyball. Kick it hardl Back Bender! Wakh the birdiel 121 he "sluggers"I Watch that ball Ping-Pong Champions Shirley Smart and Virginia Arlandson Strengthen those musclesl ? Tennis team Barbara Roy, Marlene Rabe. Beverly Speer, Barbara Runkle. -mlrxx Santa in person at GAA Christmas party Roll it easy Le mermaids ., :rilyn Renn. Martha Perry, Marilynwiif' am' per. Vida Lee Willard. Adeline Ehr-gt h. Shirley Smart. h Up Herlrl goes. The typical Athlete Q at 1 Q51 my- ,Q qbirawf-X g, A 118 I , 6 ,1, ith imqwf. vc! l"'q4,ng4'4:' M f E"":?w M QQQE? ref func -.-u A , .. 5. 1 A' .fv,. M M 5? 11' A , jk.. , . gf' - ' , f-5,551 ,L -'wwf' A -fl-Xb?-'73, L fl 'ful z .AA :'-1- ' Q ,V , ' if , ,l .Ig .N 2 , wif, 1 ' ' ' We '. Li, , U ,gl ,uv ,, -A Q r . ,Y ' 4..'fweM,..'4w-,gf g , A f '- EQ.'.151L'-i4'f' 531 w , ',.n,-lr, ',efv,,4.t4 ' fs.-5. ' sffxiifk 2 E' KEY ' . VV :QA A ..,, W - Y :sqm , M. 1,1-3 If ,ff 2,1 '- ,M k ,. an ,gn 3: , fQ,y-5!',,j.'- S .. vvyggiiry 35,454 , J.. ,ly X -1 . . . - V: ' Xi A 1 'wif' J .. it A ' A"5'.f if f vw, U, jw"'1:jfer+3 X-.5 ' I A 1, A ,ny . n 1-7 . mg' ,pf-' .3 f .Q 4 ga: - - ei, f A, mf, ..4g-Jqrygfg.-..i:-':.x , f fir' 15- y , ffl-wA,,qj,ig, gi? qv,-'g??f.jj5. h me W ' AQ., ' - 3.1, ' Q.-nw ,L nf ,Qh'.'- ,,2?,' ' . 4 , 4 ' X W, f"fg53-fvfggfffi r 1 " ?g,'h - '.- 1f.'.y' H5,','5., ,,.',AZ'?f4!'Q:'' -f!f'a'fA ,2T,,'i,'-f9.5P.v' ':"mfZ,a,L', - Avigfw V.-,A N ,f'- ff- V' vi QM- 5,5114 NX -Q x .ww ' . ' 5,.,.H-,,-.374 1 'f W ,V , Hz' JP' Q f 515. PJ ...N :YH , I pf, gy., ' W f- ,., Lv-y yfd!-11 , -, 'MQ' . ' 1 9 Q .1 , V iztlbq .Q -'-.fy NL Ax! N- if? Lf! 3 'Q KC ' '17, , 1151 x ,gy ,. Q 2, fs' 1 jg f f AW.. :A 42.5. '. 9. 1.34 L 'gp i., L - 9. '?,g,. , if six '1 A 1 , L?f" ' Fw ..,...t. T 5 1 ' 7 'sr A ' u u 5, - s , i fi J 4, ,Q il .ff if Q , - ,aux 1- 49 we - k , he -f . ' 2. r772:vX 1 1 wx , .N Q xl? 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Phone-307-R Ladies' Ready-to-Wear Men's Wear Ladies' and Childrens Shoes Shoes Portrait Studio Yardage . , Electrical Patterns Appliances ALBANY'S NEW DEPT. STORE Fisher Implement Co. IOHN DEERE IMPLEMENTS AND TRACTORS "CATERPILLAR" TRACTORS ALBANY, OREGON I ALBANY STORE HALSEY STORE Phone 47 Phone 34 KERN ELECTRIC COMPHNY KELVINATOR REFRIGERATORS RANGES FOWLER HOT WATER HEATERS R.C.A. RADIOS - 231 Lyon St. Phone 687 POP'S CAFE 24 HOUR SERVICE ON HIGHWAY QQE S. H. UKEN, Prop. PHONE 1233 7 1 L I I : , i HHMILTON'S Raymond Flsher THE HOME-OWNED STORE Hg "Where You Find Nationally Advertised Ladies' Apparel F Y I I and Home Finishing" or our nsurance I Needs We Wish to Extend Our Congratulations I to Each of the "Class oi 1948" I I Phone 1225 110 W. 2nd St. 3rd of Broadalbin Phone 324-R 1 1 I 1 7 l l 1 l l l 1 7 l Duedall-Potts Stationers I "Albany's New Stationery Store" School Supplies - Stationery - Office Supplies Greeting Cards - Roll Film and Photo Finishing Carnival Parade Pictures 231 Broudalbin St. lOpposite Hamilton'sl Phone 139B l l 1 1 - - Vince Barrett Sports WILSON df SPAULDING SPORTS EQUIPMENT HIRSCH-WEIS SKI TOGS Albany, Oregon FRHGER FURNITURE co. , "QUALITY FOR LESS" COMPLETE HOME YOUR G-E FURNISHERS STORE First and Lyon Streets Phone 1020 Albany, Oregon Hlbcmy Creamery Hssociation Manufacturer of LINN BUTTER AND ICE CREAM Phone 21 Second and Washington BOWMAN MOTOR SERVICE "W'ILLYS SALES AND SERVICE" 1139 Salem Rd. Phone 862 SERVE YOURSELF AND ' PAY LESS Parker 6. Smith AT REALTORS LOANS AND INSURANCE I "Best Wishes to Our Future Citizens" I DRUGS I Q TQILETRIES Office Office 123 W. ist 1130 E. 8th Q FOUNTAIN . D I BLATRT CLOTHING C6 ALBANY'S MEN'S AND BOYS' STORE Cummings' Transfer 6: Fuel Co. M. O. WILKINSON. Prop. Local and Long Distance Hauling, Storage, Wood, Coal, Briquets, Sawdust, Fuel Oil We specialize in the moving of household goods, either local or long distances. A well trained staff with the most up-to-date equipment. "If you have Cummings do your moving, it will be the best move you ever made." I I E LONG' RUSTER I Qlehjg, RROWN SHOE X, G, I STORE fl ' ,RQ SHOES RQ R J . SHOES of OOOf " g XE SHOES S I fr Roblee Shoes ' I For Men Air-Step Shoes DEL'S MOTORCYCLE For Women vi? Bus er Brown Shoes I Fort Children 815 SO. Morin Phone 1310-I Woodworth Drug Store 1: 120 W. lst KEN CROSS, Owner Prescription Service Our Specially" ALBANY, OREGON Phone 25 Ben Franklin Stores 5c - 10c - 25c School Supplies Iohn Bai 122 West First Si I I I FIRST BECAUSE IT'S FINEST Select Your Graduation Gift From the Beautiful PRINCE MATCHABELLI LINE CHEVROLET Exclusive At I Mason Drug Store 1 -1 - 1+ Qnrlsvlloiiilff 42747 W" V. L. Calavan and G. M. Steel, Props' znd fs Eiiswofih . Phone 1122 I il 1 1 l l BEST WISHES FOR YOUR SUCCESS AND HAPPINESS Your Friends At BHN K CF HLBHNY ALBANY, OREGON Member Federal Deposit Corp. Zadie Nationally Known For PORTRAITS OF DISTINCTION Albany Location-128 Ferry St. Phone 1117 Fairley-Pack Shoe Store ' WINTHROP "THICK SOLE" SHOES Broadalbin at First l "The Friendly Corner" Hocken Hardware I GENERAL AND HEAVY HARDWARE I SPORTING GOODS O NASON PAINT SUPPLIES 320 West Second Street Phone I3 Albany. Oregon Lammer's Pharmacy IACK LAMMERS, Pharmacist I GIFTS I FOUNTAIN I SCHOOL SUPPLIES Of PRESCRIPTIONS FOR FINE IEWELRY A ..n- A '- ' ' fl Q . R eeeee 3 Holhs C Hun . -..H .ir , 11 CL fa WM Cleaazhg - Qgelhg- .llferatzbn ImbrQ- 1 -gg Q if " S Y , H 1-5 - f Q Q E GON ,awww LESTER HORTON? Pnop. Watch and Iewelry Repairing 421 West Street The Store Where Customer Phone 499 Satisfaction Means Everything Donahue Motors STUDEBAKER CARS AND TRUCKS General Repairing - Painting - Body and Fender Work "A Friendly Place to Trade" 230 E. 2nd St. Albany Ore. Phone 286 1 Steen Bros. Food Stores ALBANY. OREGON 2nd and Main-Phone 301 334 W. 2nd-Phone 1197 N1ssEN MOTOR co. QQ AUTHORIZED DEALER 121 Ly St T 1 ph 0 ALBANY. OREGON "High Quality Gifts Our Specia1ty" 1-1URLEY's DRUG STORE. Dud1ey's Music Shop O Decca and Capital Records O Radio Sales and Service O Pianos O Elect ' 1 Appl 300 Main St. Ph 1466-R SINGER SEWING Tripp 5' Tripp REALTORS Ass 4 4 4 S I Singer Sewing Machines A O Sinqer Vacuum Cleaners U Sinqer Electric Irons E 90 O Singer Hand Cleaners -NOTIONS -SEWING ACCES. b "The Best in the Willamette Valley 4 W. lst Ph. 1363 I Farms and Homes" M. Senclers 6 Co., Inc. BUYERS AND SELLERS Hay Grain Seed Feed Wool Mohair Cascara Poultry Supplies 435 W. First St. Phone 48 Warehouses at Albany, Tangent, Tallman and Courtney I REESER S CREHMERY O Grade A Pasteurized Milk C Albany Made Butter and I Cream Ice Cream I Homoqenized Milk I Eze Pineapple-Orange 440 E. 5th Phone 17 I Speedometers I I I Edwards' Hutomotive Service I Briggs-St tt I Magneto Service 122 E. IST PHONE 245 CONGRATULATIONS STUHRT-CLEHVER HGENCY "INSURANCE FOR EVERY NEED" 237 W. 3rd Ph 86 STROUT REALTY 904 E t 8th Ph ne 915- 25 BROWN HUTO CO. Complete Service for Your Car We Rebuild- O Willard Batteries 0 Generators O Pennsylvania Tires I Mo-Par Parts ' smners I Evinrude Motors O Clutches CHRYSLER-PLYMOUTH DEALER For Albany and Linn County "' Phone 337-Nite l86-R We Wire Flowers 5 2 , Lovelace Floral Company 4 X "FLOWERS AT THEIR LOVELIEST" if 337 W. First St. Albany, Oregon X Crites Tire Co. O U. S. ROYAL TIRES I SIEBERLING TIRES I ALUMA-CRAFT BOATS I CHAMPION OUTBOARD MOTORS LUPGIIS Piano :S Music Store "ALBANY'S MUSIC CENTER" 327 W. FIRST ST. PHONE 1426R CONGRATULATIONS - - - ALBANY BRANCH The First National Bank OF PORTLAND Th F' t National Bank West of the R k' DHRLING'S BHKERY "FOR THE BEST IN PASTRIES" 210 WEST FIRST STREET I PHONE 137 2 clOyn4vM"4", oslwrfe Srnm-fT QQ, if Jdffgm, I4 av-oe, A2536-,ff Q?'ffP-WM, QW QW 58746 gym Z, MMM ,Q1,'L5L ,H MM WM Hufwraphs 'ful'-'Lrt. 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Suggestions in the Albany Union High School - Whirlwind Yearbook (Albany, OR) collection:

Albany Union High School - Whirlwind Yearbook (Albany, OR) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 1


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