Albany Union High School - Whirlwind Yearbook (Albany, OR)

 - Class of 1938

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Albany Union High School - Whirlwind Yearbook (Albany, OR) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Page 17 of 126
Page 17 of 126

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Page 17 text:

WARNER, LEROY-General. "The style is the man himself." I-Ii-Y 3,45 pres.4.0rder of A 3,4. Quill and Scroll 3,49 sec.- treas. 4. Honor Society 4. Band 1,2,3.4. Football 2.3.4. B.A.A. 2,3,4. Whirlwind Staff 2,3,4. WARREN, ROBERTAGeneral. "Inquire about everything you do not know." Glee Club 1,2. Dramatics Club 1. Track 1, 2.3. Basketball 1,2. B.A.A. 1,2,3. Tumbling 1,2. WAY, ALLEN-General. "For every why he had a wherefore." Whirlwind Staff 3,4g Advertiser 4. Quill and Scroll 4. Com- mercial Club 2. Science-Math. Club 3. Assistant Business Manager 4. B.A.A. 2,3,4. WEDDLE, AGNES-Commercial. Eoco Club 1. Girls' Federation 2,3,4. G.A.A. 1. Commercial Club 3,45 Sec. 4. Secretar- ial Club 3,4. Band 2,3. WICKIZER, CRYSTAL-General. "Genius can never despise labor." Girls' Federation 2,3,4, Commercial Club 4. G.A.A. WILLARD, KATHLEEN-General. "My heart is a singing bird." Eoco Club 1. Glee Club 1,2,3. G.A.A. 1,2,3. Commer- cial Club 2.3. Girls' Federation 2,3,4. WINTERSTEIN, CARL-Science. "Life is not so short but there is always time enough for courtesy." Camera Club 4. Track 3. Band 2. WOLFE, HAROLD-History. "He who has learned to obey will know how to command." Radio Club 3,47 pres. 4. Latin Club 3,4. Basketball 2,3,4. Honor Society 4g secretary-treas. Whirlwind Staff 3.4. WOODARD, CLIFTON-General. "Gold is good in its place, but intelligent men are better." Entered from Gridley, Cal- ifornia 4. Camera Club 4. Literary Explorers 4. WOODS, DAVID-General. "When man is in earnest and knows what he is about. his work is half done." Entered from Donnelly high school 2. Radio Club 3,4 Camera Club 4. WOODDY, JAMES-General. "Every man for himself." Football 2,3,4. B.A.A. 2,3,4. Order of A 3,4. ZEMLICKA, KENNETH--General. "Though last not least in love." Entered from Scio 4. Band 4. Senior' Wiillll I, Fred Anderson, will my popularity with Miss Tracy to a lucky junior. I, Joanne Andersen, will my curiosity to the one who needs it most. I, Cleo Armatta, bequeath my hair styles to Hollywood. We, Mildred Aya and Gladys Mae Horsky, leave our place in the orchestra to some other musicians. We, Bill Bacon and Bud Tucker, leave our lettering ability to the future seniors to make civics notebooks. I, Sarah Louise Baker, bequeath my willingness to do things to any stubborn person. I, Harold Banton, leave my stage "hands" to Oris Willard. I, Zella Mae Barrett, will my dimples to Ruby Barrett. I, Sally Bartcher, leave with good wishes. We, Irene Beamis and Patsy Clifford, do not leave each other yet. I, Virgininia Brinson, leave my stature to Henry Belle Faulkner. We, Carolyn Burch and Janice Hermanson, leave volleyball and basketball to whoever is good at it. I, Clarence Burck, leave my girl friend, but I'll be waiting for her. I, Evelyn Burck, leave my laurels for Lois to travel on. I, Howard Burrelle, leave my knowledge of chemistry to Mr. Otto. We, Roberta Burrelle and Dorothy Sheler, regretfully leave allour dear teachers to next year's seniors. I, Edith Burton, leave odds and ends here and there. I, Virginia Butts, leave to join Merle Groat. I, Dorothy Cade, leave behind my battered textbooks. I, Gatha Cade, leave my "henna rinse" to Beatrice Conner who needs it just as little as I. I, Carolyn Campbell, will my talkativeness to Virginia Hooker. I, Jessie Campbell, leave the next year's operetta to someone of Mrs. Johnson's selection. We, Lucille Coates and Margaret Canning, leave the Home Ee. Club after long faithfulness to it. I, Doris Coffelt, leave my place in the Library Club to next year's executive. I, Mattie Copple, leave to join my friend at noon as usual. I, Robert Cox, regretfully leave Winona Perry, I, Bruce Davis, leave my croak to the frogs in the marsh. I, Jean Dawson, leave the ancients to their fate. We, Leona Day and Gladys Hoflich, leave our quiet ways to some of those boisterous sophs. I, Carol Dirrett, will my queenly ways to Ruth Ehrlich. We, Marion Doble and Alice Leichty, leave together, taking most of the brains of Albany Hi With us.

Page 16 text:

ORTON, LLOYD--Social Science. "Let any man speak long enough: he will get believers." Camera Club 2,3. Boxing 4 B.A.A. 2,3,4. PACKARD, DORWIN-General. HA hearty life is worth a hundred groans." Hi Y 4. Band 1,2,3,4. PATAPOFF, LLOYD-Science. "We must eat to live, and live to eat." Entered from Corvallis 4. Football 4. Wrestling 4. B.A.A. 4. PENLAND, ERROSfGeneral."Great works are performed, not by strength, but by perserverancef' Editor Whirlwind 45 Assistant Editor 3. Seventeen 3,4. Commercial Club 2,3,4. Secretarial Club 3,4. Quill and Scroll 3,4. Math-Science Club 35 Treasurer 3. Girls' Federation 2,3, 4. G.A.A. 1. Honor Society 4. Literary Explorers 4. Debate 2,4. PETTIT, ROBERTfGeneral. "A man is known by the company he keeps." Entered from Grants Pass 4. Radio Club 4. PHELPS, EDWARD-Social Science. "The world's great men have not commonly been great scholars." M.E.N. 1. B.A.A. 2,3,4. Math-Science Club 4. PHILLIPS, GEORGE-Social Science. "Wit and wisdom are born with a man." Eoco Club 1. Debate 3. Camera Club 3,45 Vice Pres. 3, President 4. POTTS, ROSEMARYs-General. "Knowledge is more than equivalent to force." Girls' Federation 2,3,4. Public Speaking 2. Glee Club 3. Home Ec. Club 4. RANDALL, FRED-General. t'Speech is great, but silence is greater." Radio Club 3,4. Track 3,4. F.F.A. 2,3,4g Vice pres. 4. Science-Math Club 49 Secretary 4. RERUCHA, ALICE-General. "She acquires strength in her progress." Entered from Mt. Angel Academy 4. Glee Club 4. Girls' Federation 4. Debate 4. ROBERTSON, BOBYGeneral. HA sound conscience is a brazen wall." Order of A 2,3,4. Hi-Y 2,3,4: vice president 3, custodian of paddle 4. Vice president class 2. Baseball 2.3.4. Track 3,4. Football 3,4. B.A.A. 2,3,4. ROTH, TRACY-General. "The man who minds his own business generally has a good one." Archery Club 2. Camera Club 3,4. RUSSELL, ELLEN-General. "She is above ridicule." G.A.A. 1,2,3,4g vice president 3, president 4. Home Ec. Club 4. Girls' Federation 2,3,4. Girls' Council 4. Honor Society 4. Girls' Athletics Editor Annual 4. SAFLEY, MAX-Agriculture. "Your difficulties will slip away when you laugh at them." F.F.A. 2,3,4.g Judging team 4. SAFLEY, MAXENE-General. "And nature made her what she is and never made another." Girls' Federation 2,3,4. SCHLEGEL, OLLIVENE-General. "It is good to live and learn." Glee Glub 1,2,3.4. Girls' Federation 2,3,4. SCHROCK, LEROY-General. "Laugh not too muchg the Witty man laughs least." B.A.A. 2,3,4. Football2,3,4. Basket- ball 2,3,4. Baseball 2,3,4. Track 3,4. Boxing 4. Order of A 3,43 President 3,4. Commercial Club 4. SCOTT, GERALDINE-General. "The fashion wears out more apparel than the man." G.A.A. 1,2. Home Ec. Club 2,3,4g custodian 4. Commercial Club 3. Girls' Federation 2,3,4. Band 3,4. SEARS, DEAN4General. "I don't believe in principle, but I do believe in interest." Track 3,4. Basketball 3,4. SHEARER, GORDON-General. "Women are the least of my worries." Entered from Tangent 2. F.F.A. 2,3,4, Reporter 3, President 4. Radio Club 3,45 Vice president 4. Science-Math. Club 3.4. Honor Society 3,4. B.A.A. 2,3,4. SHELBY, RUTH-Commercial. "A brilliant mindg a person of geniusf' Eoco Club 1. Orchestra 1. Girls' Federation 2,3,4. Commercial Club 2,3,4. Secretarial Club 3,4. Honor Society 4: President 4 Literary Explorers 4. Camera Club 4. Organization Editor Annual 4. G.A.A. 1,2. SHELER, DOROTHY-General. "Not stepping o'er the bounds of modesty." Vice president class I. Glee Club 3. Secretarial Club 4. G.A.A. 1,2,4. Tennis 3. Girls' Federation 2,3,4. Eoco Club 1. SMITH, GEORGE-General. "And to some men popularity is always suspicious." Literary Explorers 49 Sergeant-at-arms 4. Track 3,4. Commercial Club 3. SPEER, SHIRLEYYGeneral. "She has the salt of youthin her." G.A.A. 1,2,3. Girls' Federation 2.3,4. SPENCE, ROBERT-Mathematics. "The reward of a thing well done is to have it done." President Class 1,2. Student Body Vice president 3, President 4. Band 1,2,34. Hi-Y 2,3,4. Honor Society 3,4. Orchestra 2,3. Debate 2,3. Whirlwind Staff 2,3,4. Quill and Scroll 3,4. SPRAGUE, RUSSELL-General. "As merry as the day islong." Entered from Canton, Illinois 4. Football 4. Order ofA4. B.A.A. 4. Wrestling4. STELLMACHER, ERMA-Commercial. "Studious to please, yet not ashamed to fail." Commercial Club 3,4. Secretarial Club 3,4. Girls' Federation 2,3,4. STEWART, CLINTON-General. "This quiet young man keeps his thoughts t o himself." Band 2,3. Camera Club 4. B.A.A. 1,2,3.4. STILLWELL, EMORY-General. "By the work, one knows the workman." Entered from Spokane, Washington 3. B.A.A. 3,4. Order of A. 3,4. Track 3,4. SUESENS, ELAINE-Social Science. "Times change and we change with them." G.A.A. 1. Girls' Federation 2,3,4. Glee Club 3,4. TANNICH, RUDOLPH-General. "I live in a crowd of jollity." Commercial Club 3. Camera Club 4. TORBET, CLIFFORD-Science. "Be sure you are right, then go ahead." Entered from Lebanon 3. Camera Club 3. Radio. Club 4. Science-Math Club 43 vice president 4. TUCKER, BUDYGeneral. "And what he greatly thought, he nobly dared." Athletic Manager 2,3,4. Basketball 2,3,4. Commercial Club 3,4. Tennis 3,4. Band 1,2,3,4. B.A.A. 2,3,4. Debate 4. Math-Science Club 3. TYCER, GERALDINEvHome Economics. "Do not allow yourself to grow old in thought or feeling." Girls' Federation 2,3,4. Commercial Club 3,43 president 4. Rally Committee 3,49 secretary treas. 4. Seventeen 4. Home Ec. Club 2,3. Glee Club 3. Library Club 4. G.A.A. 1,2. VANDEVENTER, VEE ETTE-General. "There's no art to find the mind's construction ing the face." Girls' Federation 2,3.4. Home Ec. Club 3. WARD, NANCYfGeneral. "The orator is made, but the poet is born." G.A.A. 1,2,3,4. Latin Club 2,3,4g Treasurer 3. Girls' Federation 2,3,4. Literary Explorers 4. Glee Club 3. Girls' Council 4.

Page 18 text:

I, Leland Dragoo, leave my sleepiness to those who keep late hours. We, Charles Duncan and Glen Kenagy, leave some camera parts behind. I, Rolin Eastlund, leave my angelic chubbiness to Velma Hewitt. We, Verena Eastman and Nancy Ward, will Marvin Lovett to Marjorie Street. I, Arlene Ehrlich, leave gym teaching to Miss Osborne. I, Rachel Elder, will my studiousness to Lyman Olliver. I, Mabel Forster, will my executive ability to whoever will have greatest need for it. I, Bill Fraser, will my shortness to Henry Morrison. We, Forrest Freitag and Max Safley, will our F.F.A. books to Jack Bird and Thurston Gilchrist. I. Lurline Fulk,retain my nerve for future use. I, Helen Gee, will my ceaseless talking to Hazel Gerig. I, Irvin Grrig, will my gray matter to Lucy McAfee, who doesn't need any more than she has. I, Ed Goman, leave high school with my own clarinet. I, Russell Gott, leave a reputation to be assumed by Ronald Daggett, Ed McKee, or Willard Hulbert. I, Marie Gourlev, leave in the height of my fame. I, Marion Graham, leave to go to Salem---and stay there. I, Glen Gregory, leave my proportions to Clarence Leichty. I, Carolyn Grenz, leave my friendship with Miss Voyen to Alice Hubbell. We, Clifford Torbet and Leroy Warner, leave our places in Chemistry lab. to two intellectual juniors. I, Geraldine Tycer, bequeath my friendliness to others who haven't it. I, Vee Ette Vandeventer, leave my troubles to David and his dog. I, Allen Way, leave my "Puck" appearance to Helen Marks. We, Harold Wolfe and Margaret Fox, each leave a better renown than wolves and foxes have. I, Clifton Woodard, leave my long lashes and starry eyes to Eugene Brandt. I, Kenneth Zemlicka, leave, just having become acquainted. I, Erros Penland, leave my worries in the print shop to the lucky junior to be editor of the paper. I, Virginia Hackleman, will my winning ways to Jack Ralston---who certainly needs them! I, Bernadine Hainz, bequeath my knowledge of talking at the right time to Marilyn McKinley. We, Berniece Goble and Lavon Mixell, leave with the others, although we came late. I, Ival Hill, bequeath my boyish pink cheeks to Lawrence Soderstrom. We, Clyde Hines and Earl Miller, will our differences to Rex and Ben Roth, We, Vernon Hoefer, and Fred Randall, leave to farm in wider places than the Ag room. I, Bonita Hogevoll, leave my bookkeeping practice set to anyone who can straighten it out. We, Venita Holloway and Margaret Miller, bequeath our domestic art to Eudora Willis and Edith Cox. We, Florence Horning and Ellen Russell, leave hosts of friends to gain many more. I, Mary Howard, leave my quaint and shy ways with boys to Doris Scott. I, Albert Jantzen, leave the Romans to Miss Tracy. I, Dale Johnston, bequeath Geraldine to no one. We, Rosalie Johnston and Harriet Kampfer, will our secretarial ability to Jeanette Conn and Julie Merrill. I, Virginia Kelly, leave the typing of the annual to next year's typists. We, George Kelty and Lloyd Patapoff, leave the pigskin with those juniors hoping to make the team. I, Virginia Kenagy, leave book reports, at last. I, Edna Kennedy, will my stately mien to Ardelle Day. I, Marie Lamphere, leave "jacks" and ping pong for bigger things. I, Karl Leabo, bequeath my scowl to Mary Frances Brandt. We, Blevins Lewelling and Junior Hamm, leave for California. I, Helen Light, leave my intellect to my sister. I, Merle Long, bequeath my manly form to Bob Witherite. I, Marian Marks, leave the reputation for a good annual to some able junior. We, Rolland Martin and Dean Sears, leave our "David and Jonathan friendship" to Leatha Gootch and Jane Furrow. I, Amos Martinak, leave my ability to win a trip to the farmer that's lucky enough. I, Helen Merrill bequeath my ability as a good typist to Delmar McClain. I, Dorothy Metzger, leave room in shorthand for Jean Dunn. We, Margaret Mishler and Virginia Norton, leave our appearance of being twins to Connie Case and Wanda Eastburn.

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