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"swf H2 ALBANY HIGH SCHOOL WHIRLWIND A Year Book THE STUDENTS KOKE CHAPMAN CO 19351936 11'f"Hl 5 . 1-' -fx, ADMINISTRATION 6 E BOW the head and bend the knee To those who olan the course Of the pleasant years we spend at schooI These noble souls who us have led Thru education s tonl and strufe Gave mach that we might be prepared To face the problems held by Iufe J C All hail! The administrative forceI pow 1 X f 4 X, 1 yen COITI O loss would be thout her cmd TIME Jlfczrcfves us x ar h w al Hu Albany school bulldlngs are beun re ouult and modernized we the Annual Stott have eneleav ored to glve vou not onlv a llstorx ot our earlx schools wut also a gllmpse ot our tuture edueatlonal program Our pletures record the past and the present We lS4O Although we have obtarnerl our unlormatxon trom varnou urees we are espeelally ple wnth the artleles eontrnbutecl bv the teachers and with the xntervuews granted us bv the puo neer resudents ot Albanv We wash to er press our appreciation tor Mass Chase s and Mr Hudson s able assrstanee We have enyoxecl edutung the Whlrlxwlnd Annual and we hope vou wnll be pleased wuth our attempt to por ray the More at Ts me sn the Albam schools -l-. 4' 'xx wr It ol 1 ' A Q T , , , . W. V X VW , . , . 1 . . N . have cwllvctvcl historical material clating hack to K, A 7. N . s so ' , , ' ased , A 4 . W . , . W VA ,, t " h . ,, . Admlnlstratlon ln Memornam School board Faculty Classes Sensor Junlor Sophomore Central Madison Table of Contents Junior ldlgh Faculty Hlstory Sectlon L Lnterary Explorers Debate Team l-lonor Soruety Assemblies Par nt Teachers Assocuatuon ACflYIfI2S Informal Snapshots Future Farmers Whlrlwlnd Annual Stott Whnrlwlnd Paper Statt l3and Glee Club Orchestra The March at Tame Ear ly l-lustory at Albany Schools Madison School Maple School Old Time Albany Albany l-lngh School Our Modern Schools Commencement Programs Do You Know Organlzatlons Library Club Shorthand Club Comrnercsal Club Latrn Club l-lome Economrcs ulll and Scroll G rls League Club 62 Student Council Student l3ody Ottscers l-lr Y Carnival Athletics Football Basketball Track Baseball Clrls Athletics Order ot A l3oys Athletnc Association Feature and Humor Calendar Cartoons Alumnn ' ,,.. 6 A . s . , . . ' . . . 7 Q . . . , ' ,,... 9 - A ..... 25 I y A T , , , 30 b y A 4 , . . , . 3' - - I I ' ...,. 34 ' - I I A l . . 37 ' I' ' ' ' lx . Q 38 V . . . Central School . . . 40 y ' ' 1 I . . , 44 ' k ' ' ' ' ' ' ., ,.,, 47 "" ' ' . . . 49 I ' . . 5l , . 55 "t' ' 5 ..... ? ,... 58 """ A .,., 59 .... . . . . 4 59 ' ' ' ' , ' , . . 60 A .... 60 ' ' , , 60 . . . , . Q ' . . . 62 . . . . . A ,- IIIIIFJ A :mo 9,171,606 Zed We devote thus page to the memory of Mr James Knox Weather tord who passed away o July 3l l935 Mr Weatherford was a member of the Albany School Board for nearly half acentury l-lnslong unselfnsh service In the Interests of education wull never be surpassed ' We the students of Albany Senior Hugh School deeply regret the loss of our frnend and advuser Has mem ory wall lunger long In our mnnds W THE SCHOOL BOARD A vacant place was made on the School Board last summer by the death of Mr J K Weatherford He had been with the Albany Hugh School Board for the past flfty years Mr Weatherford served on the Board of Hugher Edu catuon at Oregon State College for forty flve years and was also a represen tatlve to the Oregon State Leglslature Mr Mark Weatherford a leading lawyer an Albany was elected to take the place of hns uncle on the School Board Great prause should be given to the members of the School Board for their accompllshments In the progress of the new school buildings Mr V L Calavan Mr D E Nebergall Mr R L Burkhart Mr A G Senders and Mr M Weatherford all promunent buslness and professuonal men have given a large portion of their tame to the promotion of the new buuldnng project For four years Mr Rex Putnam has served as Supermtendent of the Albany Public Schools I-las arm us to make a complete and satusfactory product of our new schools Albany Hugh us proud of nts Supernntendent and nts School Board l MR PUTNAM Our Superuntendent of Albany Public Schools S R f - ' K 1 JI . ' Q A , 1 X l r Nebcrgall M. unrherford Senders Burkhart Cslax-an ' I I , . . . , . . . , . . . , . . , , Albany High School Faculty -1.1-. Reading from left to right Marlon S Stanford Biology Adustr Sophomore Class on ur1ry M m r lit cr1ry lxponrs Fanny D Chase Senior English Adviser Literary lrxplorers Adviser Wh rlwxnd Annual A Hudson Principal Physics Adviser of B A A Business Adviser of Whirlwind Adviser Hi Y Mabel A Penland Typing ournallsm Adviser uill Bc Scroll Adviser Wlmirlwtnd Adviser Commerual Club Philip A Lehman Geogmphy Sociology Spanish Economics Ruth Porter M1them1t1cs Wm Kurtz substituting J F Svmth Agriculture Aduscr Future larmers of Amtrica Mary Childs Public Speaking Llhrarxan Debate. Coach Dramatlcs Adviser L orary Club Arthur Palmer Industrnl Arts Adviser Senior Class Ida B Anderson Jumor English Adviser Honor Soctety Wilma Spence Sophomore English Guidance Adviser Girls League R A Buchanan Gladys McKnight Zelma Parker Adviser Home Fc Club t Club Advsier Carl Elhngsen Adviser Order of A Clara F Aldrich Typing Myrtle Worley Loren J Luper Director Band Orchestra Henry Otto Gtography Adviser unlor Class Guidance Guy E Richards f entral unlor High School Minnie McCourt 6 Civics American History Home Economics ate Home Economics Athleucs Commercial Geometry Music Chemtstry Sociology Principal Principal Nladlson unlor High School Clara Voyen Commercial Shorthand Adviser Shorthand Club Clerk of Student Bank Honorary Member Home Ec Club M Veronica Tracy Latin World History Adviser Latin Club Juanita Johnston School Nurse ,xg ' I . -Qi I ss l l V l l l I . ' f .. E ' - . J ' ' S 4 ' 'S . l Y I ' Boolclleeping. Business English, Business Training. J D . E' Q' I . A . . K A Z, , J ' ' ' A A A ': J ' ' . CLASSES O GET the best af anything The whale of at we must dlvude And master each part as It appears Nor the smallest part of at duvnde The furst long year ns just as fune As the last few months we spend Each class its full Importance has In shapnng our whole Iefe s trend JC I CLASS GF 1936 F-fm C LASS MOTTO To the Best of Our Abrlufy C LQSS COLORS Coral ond Sliver CLASS FLOWERS Joormo Hull Roses Gnd Coral Bovordlo T91 IM THE WHIRLWIND EWHIRLWIND 1936 Dooley Ru hmond Palmer u Holst SENIOR HISTORY Four years of hugh school have passed so rapudly that most of us are taken aback at the thought of ut The experuence has been so happy that we are not altogether ready to leave but not all our tume has been spent un pleas ure seekung All of us have gauned much for ourselves many have contruo uted to the school Our class has not been spectacular un any way there have not been a great many honor students no athletuc greats no master musucuans but ut has been a well balanced average class of whuch we are proud The Honor Socuety the hughest rankung organuzatuon was ably repre sented by twelve senuors Membershup unto the Quull and Scroll honorary socuety for hugh school uournalusts was attauned by Betty Futzpatruck Cath erune Bowman Maxune Stenberg lrvune Hood and John Dooley Fach year a dufferent presudent has led our class Roger Chandler and Howard Sternberg presuded un the freshman year Harold Fox guuded us un the sophomore year Earl Fortmuller was our chouce un the uunuor year and John Dooley us our senuor leader The hugh school band enuoyed the servuces of able musucuans Bob Douglas Koos saxophone The Whurlwund was ably eduted by Earl Fortmuller wuth a competent staff Debate kept uts hugh standung un Albany Hugh through the excellent debatung of Dermal Robertson and Ronald Long Anne Dooley was chosen thus vear as the outstandung senuor gurl She re ceuved the Good Fellowshup medal whuch was awarded by the D A R Football brought unto promunence such stars as Gene Sutton Gard ner Ewung Charles Hurley Wulton Erb John Ruchmond and Muke Pata poff Basketball was led for three years by Harold Fox Verlun Wolfe and Bob Arthur Baseball players were Ernest Underwood and Bob Arthur Clar ence Tubby Mannung has been outstandung un all three sports Many others haxe accomplushed wonderful achuevements Those men tuoned were promunent un hugh school actuvutues those omutted just as cap able but not so outstandung Our hugh school educatuon has taught us all a great deal What we are goung to do wuth ut remauns enturely for each one of us to decade Albany Hugh School has done her part to help us and we shall go on for tume marches on U01 'c , S'lk ' , - ' 1 - ff 11 - - - I -I I - I U . I . . . I T s . . . . . - I s . A I . I - I I I ' . D - .I . . - I ' I I trumpetg Roger Chandler, tromboneg Howard Sternberg, clarunetg and Helen , . ,, . . ,, . . . - ll - ll ' - . - ' ' ll II ' . . l I - . . . ,, . ,, 1 1 1 1 ' ' ' I I 11 ' ll - - - ' I , . Il'- II 1 , . l936 THE WHIRLWIN SENIORS Arthur Averhoff Boise Burkhart Caldwell Chambers Cochell Crane V Groenmg Hall Harnlsch Holloway Jacobs Kompfer Karstens l. Koos Byerley Duckson Hurley Koster A I Erb Ewing Feuerstein Fox Gregory THE WHIRLWIND 1936 SENIORS Kruml Larsen Llndley Long Mcmnmg Mortln Muller Morlcn Morley Muller McLaren McCrory Newport Roy D Robertson Russell Shank Sutton V Smlfh M Smlth L Sfeckley V Steckley Sfellmocher Sternberg Tenn llllll 1936 THE WHIRLWIND SENIORS Underwood Welgel Weigel Wolfe Anderson Barrlck Bowles Bowman Chandler Doerfler Dooley D Douglas V Brown R Douglas Fltzpatruck Huffman Hunter H Kaos G Looney Luvmgston Fortmiller Frozee Gllkey Henderson Hood THE lllllll W H IRLWIND 1936 s SENIORS Merrull Monroe Nash Romaune Ruthruff Stenberg Whutaker XX11lbur Wllluams CAMERA SHY Alnce Bennet Ido Clum Raymond Lance Cecll Mollett Melvln Torgeson Jock Clune Tom Kelty Fraeda Lucht Melvun Phelps Muke Potopoff SENIOR REVIEW Edlth Anderson General 1 111 rr1l lh 1 1111, 1 11 1 1 Gnrls League 2 3 4 Song Leader 3 Vnce Pres class I Comm Club 2 3 4 Shorthand Club 3 4 Sec Treas 4 Glee Club l 2 3 4 Vice Pres 4 Gnrls Tno 3 4 Gnrls net 2 3 4 t Explorers 4 Bob Arthur Mathematucs 1l I I1 rr r 11l1axx1hr 111 111 1 1 111 hr Jlxll plan Ihr 111111' OrerofA3 4 Pres4 BAA2 3 4Marh Club 2 3 4 Lxt Explorers 4 Waneta Averhoff Commercnal Y I l V Ylll lfll f 1 11 v 1 1 11 l 11 ln G A A 1 Home Ec 2 3 4 Girls League 2 3 4 Commercnal Club 3 4 Vnce Pres 4 Mary Al Barrick General h 11 11 11h l11 11 1l 1 11 p 1 111111 Glen Club I Debate I Home Ec Club l Library Club l Commerclal Club 4 U41 Alice Bennett General 111 Y' Illlfl ln f llf 11 111111 11 N 11 1 Lnt Explorers 4 Home Ec Club 2 4 Gxrls League 2 3 4 Glee Club 3 Edith Boise General 11 flrr 11 r I 111 11 1 ll r Vflf l-ntered From Gonzales C1l1f 4 Scnence Club I Gurls League 2 3 4 Edna Bowles General h 1 1 1 111z1x n 1 HX 1 1 11 111 I 11111111 1 X Glrls League 2 3 4 Catherme Bowman General 1r huppx 11111111 111111111 hx x lh 1 111111 r 111 lh uill and Scroll 4 Shorthand Club 3 4 Pres 4 Yell Leader4 G A A l 2 3 Girls League 3 4 Comm Club 3 4 Home Ec Clubl 2 I'reas 2 Whlrlwnnd Paper Staff 3 4 N ll' Q . . 1. 11 'll X Q V 0 ' 4 l "lI11:1' f1'1'11 fhr hu- :'r hr 11 f1111r x'1'1r vl1',:,'1'. "nl pr! 11111114 '1111 111 111' ' 111 11 1 L, .lfuhv 4' 1'11-11'1 ihr lull' ln' 1111'11' 11 111'-11' 111l'Q1'." T '1' 11'll" 111 f'111:gr h1'r f'1111l1'lif1"5 f1'111l'." 1 "'.g"Qua"1, .Lil ' "In 1111x'1 :Ph 11' li' 11-1111 fl111'1'111 l1'1'1l 111111' 1' A' 'n1l." ".11' 1 h1'A1'f11rJl111l11'1 1 ', 7' j , 1111. I .'. 1 ' . . ' . l1'h r:'1'1 h", ling. A U' if ,U ' 'l . , . d . E . .... , . . , ' "Sh1"1 l1111L' 1'1l h1' frlv' 111-111111 1 1' 1 ' ,Tilmtl i imljhip MUCH on hr 5 -ling 1 1 D ' 11111 1111111 I I111' 71111111 11 C."11 1':'11', fl' 111111 1r1lx'lf1f"11111 111133 vhf 1h11".f 11 nf." - 1 ' - "7'hf '1 1' ,in ' 1 Q 1111 I I ' ' . 11" 1' 1'1':1x' h1' '111' A 111' ' ' 1' hall." "fJ11111l1111'111lf 11-11 lh xl111l1' I f1'1' 11llr1- l1r,' Q A I 111 11111 1 1'111l 111111 1' .1 lilvf' I ' 4' 1 ' " . , A H Velna ones Brown General 11' r s l 111,111 'I111111 A Slmrtlnnnl C lu 1 Frances Burkhart General I xp nrt rs 11 11 4 ss: I1r1r11n 4 f omm 111 Cnr 4 1ap.,ut tu oto uw I ann 1.11 I Annual SNIII 1 I eroy Byerley 1 1 111 C I I Gale Caldwell l 14 lu Ii A Esther Chambers I IYI Mathemancs 11? 111 GCITCIUII 1 GCl'lCl"1l 1 1 1111 11 1 xp rr-14 Su Ireu 4 Gurls ome I r u I Roger Chandler L1y,ue I Scxence 1 1 1 1111 V1re I rs 4 Rant jack CI1ne I1 F11 1 lr Fxplorers Ida Clum 1 fl lflf II Ioro Cluh I uh 3 C rls le ue I xplorers 4 Myrna Cochell AA I ester Crane 1 hr 1 Thelma Dlckson 1 11 111 1 1111 1 Sclenct 11 11111 General 11111 1 11 1 7 Home I'c GCITCFTI General GCl1Cf1l 1 ee Cluh 7 3 Ill me C 4 Ma I' f o u nr s I ea ue 4 Home I C Song, I1-adcr 4 Glrls uaru tu Vlfglnla Doerfler General 1111 1 11 wan1sI1CIuh3 4 omm lu 4 G A Grls eague 4 Pres 4 V1ce res Spanish Club 3 I I 5 Anne Dooley General 1 4 1 1 u G A 111 4 'rn s and S ru 5311 11sl1 1 1 umm C ohn Dooley Gene al r. f ass ns K ass ll and 1r11 A I 4 Asst I dntor W ur 14111 9 th 1:1 s nor f nnual Derrlll Douglas General VI no fT1an1 3 I A Robert Douglas General 11 ent Iixcls Ir. res Band 3 H1 an 1 l1r xplnrers 4 Wxlton Erb General ml 1 11 1 I' N Ord. I3 A A Ihnd I Garclner Ewlng General 1 me Cluh 4 Comm f er Orr 11 str 4 Order o Band 4 General I rn 1ffr1111n' 1 1rf quxlr 1 V1 Vlfglhla Feuerstein 111111 Gxrls League I Cxlee Cluh 2 lt plorers 4 Betty Fxtzpatrlck General I r11r 1 lr 1 reas Class 'I 1 d S roll I Pres Comm Club I 1rs eague 3 4 Wh I umd StaIII3 4 A A Earl Fortmlller General 1 me Pres Cla s I rcs C ass 1 u1lI and Stroll 4 Asst I dlror Wlxlrluun I7-1p1 r I11m1- P1 er Cmlf C uh I reas res umm Cluh B A 4 Latm C uh Harold Fox General r Pres Class I A A I ann Clula lxplortrx 4 IVl1tl1 Clua Ordtr of A 4 Charles Frazee General Hand 4 Ornlxes r-1 4 Honor Qnclerx 1 4 1 I xv on rs 1 Il an Srro I a 1n C :Ia Qtudrrnt Rods Councxl Paper Srafl' 7 Annual SHIT 2 Crmm Club 3 "S1111111f1111f'l1'.'1:11!1.11'11,."f:.1'1'1I1I:111 111 1 '1.11:1. "l'11f111,1.1:.'1, '1.. ' 'I:.1l1:1111I1.11. Nfzr r1'1.1l1'x' 1:11'1l1 111:Jf:1'r.' F11 1 1111! 15111: 1'11 !:1r .ll111'111f1'1.:..1. .1. .11 '1I:1 511:'11f1.I1.11II "'-"'f-'I cg.-13 1.-.g...- Q. 1. 41 v.--111.-.. 1. 1 .A. 1. C11 l.I 1 1 I. 2. I. 4. I 1 Ii.:Cl11I1 2. I. 4 5. 4: Vi 1-P1111 . 4: I 4. Qu1Il .Ir ll I. G. .A. 1.2, .I . I I 3. 4, I .1 I. Cfltl 5. 4 C1 . Qluh 3. 4. '4I1l11.11:11:1g,1..11-,-111.111-1f111"1. "'f'1'.'7"' ""' "lI"I ' I "II II I'Ij'III'. II1- 1J1,a111.: 111- 1111 1.11..'I1,11 1:.1:' I "'f'-1' "I """ "' "'I"I'I "III 1.11. I -. 4. 111.-14 C11--Cl 1. . A.. 1.. -all ,I-4. 121. NA.--111 -. .1. . 11 Q... I I . . . f .CI I 4. CI A.A. I. 3. I' II 'I f' ' '. -1 ' ' " I I 1.1.1 -1.1. 1.4.1.-.. 1. Ii- CII 1 . 'd - A IW' I-1' A - I-4- CIl-.5. .,I. -. , I K I 1 . "K 11-- 1:11111 p111.11f 15:11 11.11..1'1'-.- 1111-il . U:Il.:..'1:1. :1'11 '11:f1I f.'111: :'111l f11'w1lI "l111.l111'r11:1I.'f:11I 11 1.I1,f1!.'x 1 1111. - I II .II I ll II1 I I 1.'.-1-111111111 111. .-11111 .1.111,11' 1.'.1f.1111i..I' C I ' 1 V- -A '-1- I-4- IVI. I. fu 1 5. 1 "ll1- !1,'11v-- 1:1111-1 11:1 11.11-1 '1:1:f1' 11111 "1'I11rl11111lI11'11I1 1:11 -11111 11' 11:..11111I-f1'1, 7 '. 1... . ,I 1, H, '. ... .1 ,,... Il1'If 1l.l:"11x1 1111111 11 l1111l11"11vI1 1'5'1'.II ,I II I1 lI I II I I lII II U III IIIIA IM I'r R1fIr C I1 I. .A. 2. 3. 4 Su .1 A ." ,ax 4 yH.,..p ' - .Y I. 4, Ifo' fflul I. . .Ii' . . "l.',11r:1IIl' 5 1111111-1 '11 111111,1111I11'1'1 111111111 I 1 ,If 'I II 'I lI"'I'IIII II' 'IH 'MII I 'II'ItII "ll'1' 11151151 1I:1' -11'.l 11111l1- ,11.111:I 111 im' I, r. If lo e. : . 'I l.1- 1 . 7'1111'l11-1'11-1111.1111111111111 l11111::-. wh '11:x.II 1 1 : 1 -1 "IH "c'll"'I-4' M. 1. . 1. -1 ..fA4. . .1.1.4. I'.l 1111111111 711111 111.11 11 1111114111111 zf 11 I ' IIIIH 111 11'1'1l 111 111111f11:11v11' 11111' l'I ff' "lf l11'I1111 f11111I!1I.1 1'11'.I1'- 1:11.111. Class Pres, I. Nlnth. Cluh I, Honor Sotietv 3. HH' WP Tfflf IH' f"f'f"f11' 51' 'f""1 VIH I'fI""- 41 I 'I 15. . . I 2. 1.4. CI1 . . I . flulw 3. 4. B.A.A. 2. 3. 4: S . 3. I1. 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Boy Genevieve Williams Betty Jane Livingston Llelen Koos Evelyn Larsen Frances Burkhart Anne Dooley Clio Russell Jean Merrill Esther Chambers Edith Anderson Shirley Silk Dermal Robertson Velna Jones Brown lvlurlel Smith Marceil I-larnisch Virginia Feuerstein Alice Bennett Ida Clum George Henderson Verlin Wolfe Gordon Kampter Charles Frazee Roger Chandler Victor Groening Earl Eortmiller Tom Kelty Tubby Manning Bob Douglas Norman Gregory I-larold Fox Dizz Wilber Ernest Underwood Jack I-lall Ronald Long Milton Newport Derrill Douglas I Ili iillgl 'I 9 3 6 T H E W I R L W I N D The Composite Senior Girl ii ',,'.'I I I I. ' ' i ii I I I I I I I I ' i ' . f f I I I I f Q ' H SENIOR PROPHECY The bent form of a man trudgIng along the raulroad track was momen tarIIy outlIned as a flash of IIghtnIng IlIumInated the sky The thunder rumbled The wretch shIvered tugged at the gunny sack on hIs back and peered Into the foggy gloom for some sngn of IIte HIs bleary eyes caught sIght ofa flame flIckerIng under a trestle He saw SIX men sprawled under a pIIe of TIES whrle a seventh stIrred a pot over the fIre Whatcha got Hobo? growled one when he notIced the wayfarer Cabbage he rep'Ied as hIs hand went down In hIs knapsack and came out wIth the vegetable HIs wnsts cocked straIghtened and the leafy sphere arched through the aIr and plopped In the boIlIng pot The cook looked sharply Into the newcomer s face and then emutted a terrIfyIng yell VI Groenmg there s only one' You remember me don t you? John John Dooley' VIC seemed unable to speak Then wIth a smIle spread across hrs whls ker covered soot blackened tace he pumped up and started pumpIng John s arm John' Gosh I m glad to see you' Where are the rest? MannIng Koos Sternberg McCrary Douglas and Mr Hudson? SIX of the sevew rose and came toward VIC Mr Hudson? He spraIned an ankle grunted an unkempt hump shouldered bum called Koos He fell down when the students perked the wrong way You re stIII the same aren t you Koos? saId Mannrng a tall over fed gIant But you must be hungry VIC Take thIs What happened to you Bob? saId Sprndy goulash drIppIng from hIs chIn You know how to play a trumpet That should have kept you out of t IS That s what got me In thIs mess srghed Douglas I was campaIgnIng for Bob Hunter Jack ClIne and Myrna Cochell the Townsend Clubbers and I got In the habIt of pIayIng Gardner EwIng Charles Frazee and lrvIne Hood In Rummy almost every nIght One nIght the stakes were awfully hIgh and Instead of ho'dIng every ace I trIed to trumpet Gee that was punk' groaned Sternberg And I lost my all contInued Douglas We were IU Sweet Home at the tIme I left that nIghtwIth DIzz WIlbur Ihe s a maIl carrIer In the hIlIsI for a lIttIe farm up round QuartzvIIIe where Evelyn Larsen Betty Jane Llv Ingston and Mary AI BarrIck were In theIr spInsterhood days I stayed there for nIne years Icould you blame me?I untII I found out that hIstory was no IZOI T H E W I R L W I N D I 9 3 6 ' l 1 l 1 ll II ' 11 11 - - - - I ' 1 ' I I . . ,, , . . . . c - . , avi- ' 'll 11 - 11 A - - - - A , . 1 - 1 T 1 I Il I ' . . , . . 1' , II I I I I ' ' h I I . "Tubby--say, this going to be a real reunion' What's the matter with Il II . Il 1 1 - II I I II II I ' I II ' ' 1 1 ' I I - ' II ' ' II II II ' ' - . . I ' I 4 II I h' 11 1 H 1 - - 11 1- ll . . , , 1 1 1 1 I I ' ' 1 - I - II I I 1 Il II I ' 1 II II ' II . , . ' ' ' I ' I ' I - . . . - 1 - . l - I . H longer taught at Albany Hugh then I returned I had to leave on a transport plane that flew to Balu un the South Seas rught away though because some farmer saud I d have to pay for some tures that were swuped b CK un 35 dudn t know what he was talkung about of course but I left town anyway The plane was puloted by Harold Fox and Roy Martun Among the passengers I found Anne Dooley Betty Huffman and Ruth Romaune tryung to get away from the ravages of tume When we landed un Ball I duscovered that Earl Fortmuller LeRoy Byerley and Lauren Karstens were makung belueve that they were Mutuneers from the Bounty One day I saw three haymows gludung along the beach I screamed but the haymows turned and I saw ut was only Vurgunua Goona Muller Grace Helen Looney and Catherune Bowman dusguused as natuve belles They told me that Jack Hall Gordon McLaren and Multon Newport went fushung for mermauds Professor D Henderson says that all mermauds are musucal sunce at an early age they practuce on theur scales Phooey' gasped Sternberg Then I went to one of those Buddha temples went on Douglas and I found Grace Gulkey Betty Futzpatruck Edna Bowles Vurgunua Doerfler and Jean Merrull masaueradung as temple dancers But waut a munute youd better tell us what you ve been doung Vuc Well began Vuc I left Albany Hugh for New York where I worked un a pettucoat factory whuch was owned by Gene Sutton Jess Tann and Gale Caldwell I was the chuef overseer and my uob was to see that the workers dudn t make a slup You re just as bad murmured Sternberg And every tume I came late to the offuce Vena Holst the manager 'node me get a punk slup Thus took so much out of the coupon stock that I was fured Then I became a revenue offucer and I left for Mel Torgeson s place un the Kauntuck hulls where everythung was nuce and stull and what a stull' I stayed there for almost four leap years untul Raymond Lance a munuster of the Holy Rollers reformed the whole range Everythung was not quuet then un other words there was no stull Glurp glurp drooled Sternberg So I left went on Vuc the stole and rode the rods untul here I am Want to sleep? asked Koos Mr Hudson nodded Koos put out the fure and the group settled down to peaceful slumbers ffl I . 1 1 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 O u V 1 I . , , 1 1 1 ' , , I u 11 - r ' - 1 1 1 1 A - 1 1 - 1 - - , - 1 1 - - - - 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 - - - - '11 u T 11 11 11 11 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 . . . . , J ' 1 1 - - 11 , . 11 11 - 11 - 1 1 1 1 ' 1 - 1 A 11 11 1 - 11 u , . nz 1 11 - - 1 1 1 1 . . . , ' 1 I i ' 1 , . . . . ,, 1 11 11 1 - ll 11 - 11 V 11 1 1 1 - 11 11 - 1 1 H SENIOR WILL KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS that we the graduating class ol I936 beang of son nd and dasposang mand and memory and not acting under restraint fraud or undue influence of any person or persons whomsoever do hereby make publish and declare thas to be our last wall and testament Iereby revoking any and all other former walls by us heretofore made Farst To the class of 37 we leave our best washes for continued success durang the remainder of their Iaves an Albany High School Second To the faculty we delaver thanks for their unendang persever ance an gavang to us our daaly doses of educataon Thard To the sophomores and freshmen we gave and bequeath the fond hope that some day through dalagence and hard labor they may become a class such as we are NOT Four Apart from the mass some of our weak and gasping andavadual members do hereay raase thear palsaed hands to make such bequests as the following I Clarence Tubby Mannang leave my graceful walk and laghtnang speed to Merle Long to Earl Watson and Edward Landley We the Girls Trao bequeath our sangang voaces to Eddae Gibson hopanc he can take a hant I Joyce Stellmacher wall my well rounded figure to George Porky Venable I Shirley Salk leave my popularity to Betty Jane Quagley I Verl Monroe wall my curly locks back to the American Beauty Shop I Leo Kaos bequeath my charmang ways wath the sophomore garls to any one who wall have them I Betty Jane Lavangston wall my abalaty to flart to Margene Stewart I Jean Merrall bequeath my athletac abalaty to Zella Mae Barrett I Wayne Walber leave my custom of askang antellagent questaons an class to Tom Babb We Varganaa Doerfler and Roger Chandler leave our snake charmang ways to Margaret Kaser and Willard Mallow I Violet Smath bequeath my abalaty to lure fish to Maraon Marks IN WITNESS WI-IEREOE we set our hand and seal and execute thas our last wall and testament at Albany Lann County Oregon thas 3rd day of June A D I936 IZZI l l lI. T H E W I R L W I N D I 9 3 6 We, Victor Groening and John Dooley, leave our ability to avoid girls H SENIOR VOTING 'vlost outstandung gurl Anne Dooley Shurley Sulk Most outstandung boy Vuctor Groenung John Dooley Most popular gurl Anne Dooley Betty Futzpatruck Most popular boy John Dooley Vuctor Groenung Cutest gurl Betty Jane Luvungston Maxune Stenberg Cutest boy John Ruchmond Bob Douglas Best gurl athlete Jean Merrull Anne Dooley Best boy athlete Clarence Mannung Harold Fox Busuest senuor Multon Newport Shurley Sulk Furst to succeed Roger Chandler Charles Frazee Vuc l-urst to be marrued Vena Holst Dermal Robertson Most polute Jack Clune Gordon Kampfer Most untellectual Charles Frazee Joyce Stellmacher Peppuest senuor Maxune Stenberg Catherune Bowman Sleepuest senuor Wulton Erb Eugene Sutton Worst old maud Vuolet Smuth Evelyn Lundley Worst bachelor Gale Caldwell lrvune Hood Worst vamp Ruth Romaune Evelyn Larsen Worst sheuk Wayne Wulbur Verl Monroe Worst hen pecked Earl Fortmuller Leo Koos Most curuous Leo Koos Catherune Bowman Most talkatuve Ruth Romaune Gardner Ewung The world goes round and round and round And the sun sunks unto the sea And whether I m on or under the ground The world cares luttle for me l23l tor Groenung 6 T H E W I R L W I N U u T , H A . i . . I I 1- I , . . i I . . I 1 , . I . ' .. ' I A ... ' I I T. ' I I -gg . I . . ' 'i 1 1 l l i. . T I 4 l ' I . T. I . , ' I ' I . . 7- . I . ' X . . . . l I . l I ' ' l ' I l .T ' I l - ., ' I . i I ' I l V I ' A 1L-1:1-1 11 I 1 I I I 1 - ll H George Mclntyre Terrx Mclntyre M s Mclntyre Prot Mclntyre SODDIQ Mrs Patterson ElsIe Patterson Trathc Othcer Dutch BrIan Omar l-la Prudence Patty Jane Marlan SENIOR PLAY GROWING PAINS A Comedy of Adolescence CAST OF CHARACTERS George Earl EortmIller Ruth Morley Evelyn Larsen VICTOF GFOQHIDQ Esther Chambers MurIel SmIth Gardner EwIng Mllton Newport John Rlchmond Clarence Mannlng John Dooley Dermal Robertson Ruth RornaIne CatherIne Bowman Geneweve WIllIOmS Boys and glrls Betty EItzpatrIcl4 MaxIne Stenberg Vena l-lolst Esther Chambers EdIth Anderson AlIce Bennett Frances Burkhart CatherIne Bow man Charles Frazee Verl Monroe Lauren Karstens Robert Hunter UnderstudIes Ronald Long Jean MerrIlI Dorothy Nash Wayne WIlbur Busmess Manager Stage Manager MusIc Manager Property Managers Costumes Managers Charles Frazee Gale Caldwell Robert Hunter Loren Karstens Ronald Long Ruth RomaIne Jean MerrIII AIIce Bennett lll My titty. IWIHV lIIWIlIl lJllIlll T I-I E W I R I. W I N D I 9 3 6 . , , . . , . ' ,Jr. f . ..rr. Violet Smith I ,.....,,., ' H l-l Groenung F 'Vlerrull Lehman Matson Ruchards I UN IOR CLASS HISTORY Under the able leadershup ot Jack Cheesman at Central and Ellen Houser at Maduson our present uunuor class began uts career Thus class has been very actuve and well represented un all types ot actuvutues Tume progressed as well as dud the students and they soon became the members of the sophomore class Early un the year the tollowung members were honored wuth ottuces Bull Morgan presudent Homer Groenung vuce presudent Ruth Brandeberry secretary treasurer Kay Chun reporter Dorus Murphy student body representatuve and Mr Henry Otto class advuser In l935 these same students became the uunuor class wuth l25 members Ottucers tor thus year were as follows Homer Groenung presudent Frank urer and Jack Cheesman student body representatuve Upon the resugnatuon at our advuser Mr Phulup Lehman Mr Otto was elected by the students agaun to be the advuser The many successful enterpruses whuch followed re tlect credut on these capable ottucers The class showed uts executuve abuluty un the George Washungton and Abraham Luncoln assembly wuth Dr M M Stocker as guest speaker The assembly was well receuved by the student body The junuors also sponsored a skatung party at Lewusburg February l2 for the pleasure of the whole stu dent body as well as the class members The uunuors took an actuve part un the hugh school carnuval March of Tume wuth a raduo program deluneatung the present or modern age Other socual events ot the year were the uunuor senuor banquet and the presenta tuon of Mama s Baby Boy The latter was a success from both the dra matuc and the tunancual pount ot vuew A great number of students were represented un athletucs Playung foot ball last fall were Raymond Schrock Charles Sutton Joe Kelty Fred Duck house James Woody Wulbur Kennell Frank Merrull and Kenton Bradley On the basketball floor were Homer Groenung one of the best players un hugh school Jummue Robertson a close runner up and Charles Sutton Junuor members of the track team were Blaur Warner Bull Morgan Joe Kelty Wullus Cole and Frank Merrull Durung the past we uunuors have made hustory for ourselves As tume marches on more records wull be made both un the scholastuc and the socual standung l25l I 9 3 6 T H E W l R L W I N D f F Merrill, vice-presidentg Kathryn Matson, secretaryg Harriet Richardsl, treas- llIUHW4JHn T H E VV H I R L VV I N D I 9 3 6 Bnbb Compton Kelty Stuart Howard Mrf lcll-an Blanclurd Bradshaw Dehm Dnckhousc Krzer Mnller Tripp Vuerxck Kenagy Lochncr Qu1y.,Imy M Steckhy I261 C1fKLf Houser Mlsncr Brandeberry R Looney W Smith Chccsman Cockcrlmc Hunter Jeffreye Morgan Oche D Murphy Garland M Brown K Murphy M Stewart Warner Oglesbee Olsen Rglston j. Robertson Safley Schmidt I 9 3 6 T H E l W' H I R L WV I N D Bob Anderson Norman Barnes Dorothy Baton Duck Blakely Sydney Bouse Kenton Bradley Eldon Bragg Leonard Churchull Helen Coates Ruchard Coates Wullus Cole Janet Coultard Maruorue Cox Saylor Dawson Burdette Dunnungton Lyle Eastland Banuta Fesler Helen Feuersteun Marcella Fletcher CAMERA SHY Robert Gallagher Nadune Gee Eddue Gupson Russell Gott Lloyd Gourley Howard Hall Royal Henshaw Unes Hermansen Vuctor Huckrnan Eunu e Hugbee Carl Hoeter Bob Howard Davud Howells Clemence Hubler Edward Jenks Glen Kenagy Wulbur Kennell Helen Ketterman Eleanor Koos Bob Lance Charles La Rue Edward Lundley Wullard Mallow Eluzabeth Martun Ruth McCleary Muckey McDanucl lrus fV'lCClaren Evelyn McTummonds Ralph Muller Agne Mushler Kenneth Molver Betty Morrow Evelyn Motley Maruorue Peebler Frances Plagmann Leonard Pugh Lawrence Rawue John Reuley Laura Belle Reynolds Marua Rudders Ralph Romaunc Tracy Roth Bob Russell Raymond Schrock Harry Seutsunger Charles Sutton Wnllard Southworth Emory Stnlwell Dorothy Straut Dorothy Truelove Mary Truelove Lucene Thompson Rob rt Tobey Berna Underwood Jennue Van Dahl George Venable Rebecca Walkup Wullard Watson James Woody Melvun Jenks JUNIOR FEATURE Bob Anderson What s the Name of That Song? Norman Barnes Turkey un the Straw Dorothy Baton St Louus Blues Tom Bubbs What s the Reason? Duck Blakely Walkung Around In Dream r-rank B'anchard Two Together Sydney Bouse Musuc Goes Round and Round Kenton Bradley Lost Genevueve Bradshaw Lovely to Look At Ruth Brandeberry Youre All I Need Eldon Bragg Am I Goung to Have Trouble Wuth You? Meru Dee Brown Beautuful Lady un Blue Ruchard Carter Object of My Atfectuons Jack Cheesman I m Shootun Hugh Leonard Churchull The Drunkard Song Helen Coates Love Thy Neughbor Ruchard Coates Stormy Weather Arthur Cockerlune Double Trouble Wullus Cole Blue Moon Janet Coultord Here Comes Cooky Maryorue Cox Cloe Myrtle Compton Sophustucated Lady Saylor Dawson It s Been So Long Laura Jean Dehm Goody Goody Frederuck Duckhouse You Started Dreamung Burdette Dunnungton My Old Flame Me C S V 1 11 1 11 11 H 11 - 11 11 1 1 - 1 1 11 - 11 11 - 11 1 11 - 11 11 1 O 11 ,, 11 L 11 11 11 11 1 'rf , 7' 1 - 11 1 11 11 -' K., "" . 1 11 1 11 1 - . 1 11 11 If 11 11 - 11 11 1 11 11 ,, , , 11 11 . ,, 11 1 - 11 - - 11 1 11 ,, 1 - 11 - 11 - 1 1 11 11 1 - 1 - 11 11 11 . ,, 1 11 1 11 1 11 11 - 11 11 11 11 - 11 11 1 - 11 11 -H . , . , ,, ,, 1 11 1 - 11 11 11 11 O - 1 11 11 F If 11 - - 11 11 1 11 11 1 11 - - 11 - - 1 11 11 11 - - 11 11 - . ,, 11 - 11 11 1 11 11 Lyle Eastland East of the Sun and West of the Moon Bonuta Fesler No No A Thousand Tumes No' Helen Feuersteun Black Eyed Susan Brown Marcella Fletcher Thunder Over Paraduse Robert Gallagher When Day ls Done Opal Garland Alone Nadune Gee Gee But ld Luke to Make You Happy Eddue Gupson Rhythm un My Nursery Rhymes Russell Gott Song Wuthout Words Lloyd Gourley We Il Make Hay When the Sun Shunes Horner Groenung It Aun t Necessaruly So Howard Hall Star Dust Royal Henshaw I m Gettung Sentumental Over You Unes Hermansen Accent on Youth Vuctor Hlckman Easy Come Easy Go Eunuce Hugbee I Got Plenty O Nothung Carl Hoefer Breakung In New Pour of Shoes Bob Howard Punk Elephant Jummue Howard Dunner For One Please James Ellen Hauser We Just Couldn t Say Goodbye Davud Howells Sugar Plum INI Clemence Hubler I Fa Down and Go Boom Paula Hunter sakes Melvun Jenks Edward Jenks Im Kccpunq Those Keep Good Bye Agoun I Don t Standa Ghost of a Chance Wuth You Donald Jeffreys Beautuful Blue Danube Joe K Ity The rlulls of Old Wyamung Glen Kenagy Star Ga ung Georg Kenagy Old Man Ruver Wulbur Kennell WlthOutaWOrcI ofWarn IF! Helen Ketterman When We Buuld Our Luttle Home Margaret Ku er My Heart ls Back Agaun Eleanor Kaos Footloose and Fancy Free Bob Lance Wake Up and Dream Charles La Rue Und r a Blanketof Blue Edward Lundley I m Puttung All My Eggs un One Basket Mary Louuse Lochner Ah Sweet Mystery of Lute Ruth Looncy I ll Never Say Never Agaun Agaun Wullard Mallaw You Ought to Be un Puc tures Eluzabeth Marten Sweet Sue Kathryn Matson Luttle But Independent Ruth McCleary Who s Sorry Now? Mackey McDanuel Wah Hoo Tom McClellan So Red the Rose Evelyn McTummonds I ve Got My Fungers Crossed Irus Mc La re n Thung Frank Merrull Vurgunua Muller Ralph Muller Agnes Mushler Elmo Musner Betty Morrow Evelyn Motley Wuth You Bu I Morgan Dorus Murphy Wuthout That Certaun Ive Got a Brand New Suut Wuth All My Heart Sleep The Lady un Red Three on a Match Dunah I d Love to Spend One Hour I m Gonna Clap My Hands I m Gonna Srt Rught Down and Write Myself a Letter Kenneth Murphy We Saw the Sea Kenneth Molver Put On An Old Pour of Shoes Marjorue Peebler Morgue Frances Plagmann Let Yourself Go II I II , q , II II 3 II I 1 I 3 II I II , If II II I II V I f' A gII I II - r. , Y If I u II II " II II L," I " II II I, II " s ' ' ' II II I. . W - H II Z II . , if ,I . . ,, II I II , . , 2 1 A iggII I .II II I, , , Q II In ,I ff , ' , II - II ' H II I II -7 II - II . H , II II . ,, II II ,I . ,, I . -4 . II A II II . .,, -H I. . 1 I - If I - II I - H I II II - II II I I l , . - II - II - II x II I m I x - - II I . I ' I . m h - - II II I 11 - ' II II II II I - -I - II I II II II - - If II II II I II . II - II II II ,WL ' I - II II - II - . - II I I II II - II ,I I II I I II I . - II II - II I - II II - II - - I I II - II ,I . ,, I II II - II - II - II - II II - II II - II II I II II II II I II II - II - II I I I II I II " II - I II I II I - - mf . I H - - II I II II - II II II - , - . ,, I . . II I ' i II II ' - - II , T - I II - II z.- II II II II II Leonard Pugh Take Me Back to My Boots and Saddle Gaul Oglesbec lm a Specualust Leona Olson Sleepy Tume Gal G ne Osche That s What You Thunk Betty Jane Quugley The Broken Record Lawrence Rawue Lazybones John Reuley Fut As a Fuddle Laura Belle Reynolds Where Am I7 Marla Rudders Red Souls un the Sunset I-larruet Ruchards I m Satusfued Bull Ralston I Feel Luke a Feather un the Brc ze Ralph Romaune Flyung Down to Ruo Tracy Roth I d Rather Lead a Band Jummue Robertson It Dont Mean Thung Bob Russell Please Belueve Me June Safley Moon Over Muamu Raymond Schrock Why Dont You Prac tuce What You Preach9 Ray Schmudt Love Me Forever Harry Seutsunger Moonlught and Pretzels Charles Sutton I m Suttun Hugh on G Hull top Wullard Southworth No Other One Margene Stewart I ve Got to Sung a Torch Song Ralph Stewart Tea For Two Dorothy Straut Brother Can You Spare a Dume Muldred Steckley Sung An Old Fashuoned Song Walter Smuth Alone at a Table for Two Emory Stulwell Two Cugarettesun the Dark Robert Tobey Melodues From the Sky Lucene Thompson Lights Out Barbara Trupp Just Fruends Dorothy Truelove Love ls the Sweetest Thung Mary Truelove True Berna Underwood Sweet and Slow Jennue Van Dahl Lets Face the Musuc and Dance George Venable Love ls Luke a Cugarette Duck Vuereck Arythmatuc Rebecca Walkup You Hut the Spot Blaur Warner I m Bulldung Upto an Aw ful Let Down Wr'lard Watson The Day I Let You Get Away James Woody I Cover the Water Front I 9 3 6 T H E W llll H JUNIOR PLAY The followung article from the Albany Democrat Herald announces the annual junior play The performance was thoroughly enloyed by the many spectators an the audltoruum Thus play was also presented at the Tubercu losrs Hospital at Salem the Shedd communsty and the Northlyn communlty Albany December ll l935 Albany Hugh School junior actors wall appear tonight and tomorrow night an the play Mamma s Baby Boy with two separate costs puttung on the productuon both under the durectuon of Mrs Charles Chrlds The cast appeanng tonnght wall Include the following members of the lunuor class Betty Jane Quugley Homer Groenmng Saylor Dawson Ruth Brandeberry Rebecca Walkup BlaurWarner Marla Rudders Men Dee Brown June Safley Willard Mallow and Mlldred Steckley Tomorrow nights cast wall be Hornet Richards Frank Blanchard Ball Ralston Barbara Tripp Kathryn Matson Blaur Warner Marla Rudders Margene Stewart Mer: Dee Brown Wullard Mallow and Eleanor Koos The door will be open at 8 30 o clock at the Hugh School audltoruum In tame there us no present In eternity no future ln eternity no past l29l l 1 1 4 1 1 ' ,, . . . . . . 1 1 I 1 ' - 1 1 , . , ,, . . . . . ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' ,, . , . . . . 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 - 11 - , 1 - - - 11 1 ,, . . 1 1 - 11 IRLWIND H Q- Spence B Robertson Stanford Hornung Gulchrust SOPHOMORE HISTORY When the freshman class of l934 35 entered the portals of Albany Hugh School they brought wuth them a spurut of enthusuasm and ambutuon from both Central and Maduson The class offucers for l934 35 were Central Bob Spence presudent Jean Dawson vuce presudent Carolyn Campbell sec retary treasurer Maruon Marks reporter and Mr Palmer advuser Madu son Merle Long presudent Dorothy Sheeler vuce presudent Katherune Zummerman secretary Eduth Gulchrust treasurer Januce Hermansen re porter and Muss Schultz advuser A bust of George Washungton may be seen un the hall at Central School lt was placed there by the Gurls Group whose members are now un the pres ent sophomore class For theur act un the carnuval the Maduson students presented an amusung comedy called Born Thurty Years Too Soon The Central students gave a musucal comedy called Here Comes Cookey whuch won thurd place un the unter class contest The class oftucers for l935 36 are Bob Spence presudent Bob Robert son vuce presudent Florence Hornung treasurer Mabel Forster student rep resentatuve Eduth Gulchrust reporter and Muss Stanford advuser A contest for the largest number of grade pounts was held between two of the sophomore Englush classes The losung sude treated the wunners to a dunner held un the hugh school After dunner the classes attend the theater and saw the dramatuzatuon of The Tale of Two Cutues a novel whuch had been studued un the luterature classes Thus year the class us well represented un all actuvutues such as musuc ath letucs debate and publuc speakung As the senuors have unformed us we stull have two long years un whuch to show our superuor worth The sophomore theme for the carnuval thus year was Futty Thousand Years un Sung Sung ln thus skut lufe un future vears was cleverly portrayed As the home customs are reversed lufe un the home wull not be a bowl of cherrues' As tume marches on the sophomores are determuned to be a class of whuch Albany Hugh School wull say That WAS a class' E301 E W I R L W I N D I 9 3 6 Q 3 A 4 fr C 5 , - 4 1, . X A H iii ll . ' ll - - 31 - - ll - . . ,, . I ' . . . H l 1 ll I ll - ll ' ' ' l ' ll ll Mlllll 1936 THE W H IRLWIND SOPHCMORE CLASS Fred Anderson Dorls Coffelt Wayne Abbott Lucllle Coates Cllnton Paul Allard Delbert Dally Ivon Alford ,Bruce Davls Eddle Ammon Jean Dawson Dorothy Jean AndersorrLeona Day Joanne Andersen Bob Deverell Cleo Armatta Marlon Doble Mlldred Aya Mlldred Douglas Sarah Loulse Baker Genevleve Dow Blll Bacon Leland Dragoo Harold Bonton .Rolln Eastlund Mary Barnes Zello Mae Barrett Sally Bartcher Irene Beamls Eva May Berry Eugene Bever Grace Bostwlck VIFQIHIG Lee Brlnson Carollne Burch Clarence Burck Gwen Botts Evelyn Burck Clyde Buckholtz Howard Burrelle Roberta Burrelle Edlth Burton VIFQIHIO Butts Gatha Cade BONNIE Carter Carolyn Campbell Jessle Campbell Margaret Cannlng Patsy Cllfford Velma Clum Verena Eastman Arlene Ehrllch Rachel Elder Marle Embrey Una Eastlund Lurllne Foulk Myron Fender Blll FISk -Mabel Forster Maraaret Fox Blll Fraser Forrest Freltag Bob Frltch Brady Gallagher Edna Gardland Eddle Goman Edlth Gllchrlst lrwln Gerlg Helen Gee Helen Gllkey Marle Gourley Pearl Jones Marlon Graham Mack Grlffln Carolyn Grenz Glen Gregory Vlrglnla Hackleman Charles Hart Junlor Hamm James Hampton Burnel Harnlsch Dorothy Hayman Janlce Hermansen VIYQIHIO Hooker Ernest Homuth Florence Hornlng Venlta Holloway Alleen Holloway Bonlta Hogevoll Gladys Hofllch Earl Holbrook Vernon Hoeter Davld Hlckmon Gladys May Horsky Albert Jantzen Dorothy Jenks VIFQIDIO Johnson Rosalle Johnston Wllma Kamph Harrlet Kampfer VIFQIHIO Kenogy Ellnor Keester Vlrglnla Kelly George Kelty Emma Klepetko Morle Lamphere Carl Leabo Allce Lelchty DOYIS Lemmon Blevlns Lewelllng Merle Long Don Maddux Florence Mannlnq Marlon Marks I3 Rolland Martln Helen Merrlll Dorothy Metzger Allen Mlller Earl Mlller Margaret Mlller Margaret Mlshler Eugene Mltchell Bert Montgomery Henry Morrlson Jay Mosher Mlckey Molver Marlon McPherron Glen Nance Donald Nebergall Frances Nedry Joseph Neely June Neugart Lols Odenborg Lloyd Orton Melvln Olson Dorwln Packard Erros Penland Arllne Petersen Edward Phelps Georqe Phllllps Rosemary Potts Rex Putnam Jr Fred Randall Mary Belle Reeser Bob Robertson Edna Mae Rubesh Ellen Russell Max Safley Maxlne Satley Leroy Schrock MOFVIH Schrock Geraldlne Scott Dean Sears Paullne Selpp Gllbert Shank Gordon Shearer Ruth Shelby Dorothy Sheler George Smlth Lawrence Soderstrom Shlrley Speer Robert Spence BQFHIQCC Steckley Mlrvln Stenberg Erma Stellmacher Cllnton Stewart Elalne Suesens Rudolph Tannlch James Trlckey Buddy Tucker Geraldlne Tycer Bernard Vrell Nancy Ward Leroy Warner Robert Warren Earl Watson Allen Way Agnes Weddle Robert Woodard Davld Wood Vlolet Woodford Randall Wllcox Kathleen Wlllard Carl WInfefSfEln LeRoy Wllllams Glen Vondeventer Vee Ette Vandevente Walter Zlegler I' "I H enfral Mx 1 he Shaofow Cask on Hue cfxal bg D X, Txme were Sthenmv for the near had glow 60 RS maixm Pncmc Jaage am! I2-L34 u qs w re ovev The calendar marked ihe month oF Selptember the Ewengg Second Jay f:hetHe8.r1935 the did! iold Lhe hour to be rme Exgkicg QXE1-.EH eager Freshwer Gai hereof af Cenh-a School E fake Time ig 'che orelocb HS mme Eur-nec! Fhe leaves the Calemf r reveaiei' 19 Sggiember 35 9 October 3 Choxce of Comm fy Elechou r Clas O peers Elgcfuj Cogfsaih HQ ovelhl ,. Pr-es Blvm Oberb n GRE Hub VCU M VC pres ifucfw E190 Pubhc S eahm P Ish? Grim Set: T1 BS 'hire Br 3ht'1" 3 CJ 3 9'2S p 1 M M if f1f'iJ1 11 l?flf"S C71 a sf J gg! C, 'UAE Janu lg Q Q: af P P 6'Sa'?fl' 0 a ebma . ba ef-vc 11 14 earfmals ' he P ss 6 G QT 'ram S oc 614961 Q C 5201 hlpkialhiigzers Mar h S s Conclusm of' Une A 1 Bash lbai' season 0 Fo 1, all Season nq G1-eefleriila' E983 Shy by-fe bhow POLL I fo Noi ejecefhoh 1173 P I gf! I' I N NEFF' F321 T H E W I R L W I N D I 9 F R E S H M E N f F. Xx- F ll 5 s X Xl if 2 Q V X v X if X S 5 S V I X 5 K k ' Q. d L- 'x 6 X ill A 'J lf? 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' I I A . I I . I . I I . I . , , 4 I , , , y . , I I l .- I. I . , A , I A 1 t , I I , V . I 4 . . . , , , f h 1 Y - f ' I --J 1 Bryant, Shirley Howells, Mary Nash, Jamie Stratton, Henrietta I - I I I U I I I ' I A V I Y I , 7 V I I ' I . . , . I I F I I I ' I , . I . . . . l I I l V I . . I I I I I . 4 I I . 'I . I C 1 . I I . I , H T Gulchrlst Fuske Turnndge McGuire SOI-Ifl'1 Voyage of the "Good Sh1p Mad1son" ln the foll of l935 the good shnp Moduson cleored the horbor for o four yeors voyoge on the unknown Hugh School seo The coptoun Henry Morrlson flrst mote Loss Odenberg second mote Florence McGuire ond Elvo Jane South keeper of the ship s log solled wnth o jolly crew of seventy seven freshmen All the crew ottended o porty soon ofter sonlnng ond the flrst duty on boord shup gettlng ocquolnted wos occompllshed A long perlod of cleor weother followed morked by pep rollles ond the orgonlzotuon of vonous teoms ond clubs The crew chose pep leoders ond bosketboll ond volleyboll teoms ployed mony gomes The Eoco Club presented severol enloyoble ploys omong them Turkey Red ond Chrvstmos ot Coseys ond the Girls Leogue olded oll octlvltles nn mony woys The opprooch of Jonuory brought stormy weother for there were exom motions ond grodes to be encountered The coptoln the furst mote ond mony of the crew were woshed overboord here but they were rescued loter by the shlp Sophomore A new coptoln Thurston Gllchrust ond o flrst mote Pete Fiske were elected ond offer o one ond o holf doy s vocotuon on Mud yeor lslond the journey wos resumed Snnce then the Eoco Club hos presented Their Just Deserts ond the Girls Leogue the orgonnzotuon of the Glee Club the Order of M ond the other extro currnculor octuvutues hove been engoyed olong wuth the regulor closs work Snnce the fnrst lop of the lourney IS beung successfully fnnushed the coptoln ond crew ore looklng forword to o well earned rest on populor Vocotlon lslond ofter June 5th E341 T H E W I R L W I N D 'l 9 3 6 F R E S H M E N u . - 11 . 11 1 - l ' I l I A 1 I 2 1 I . , . . . I I - . . I . I I ' I ' 1 . . , 11 11 11 - 1 ll ' 1 1 I - ' 1 1 I - 11 11 - - - - ' I I I . , . . 1 '1 ' , . - 11 - .ll I Q 1 ' - 11 11 1 1 1 - - 11 - ll I 9 3 6 lllll THE W H IRLWIND MADISON FRESHMAN CLASS Ammon Leland Banks Allan Banks Clanre Bennunger Harold Belgel Elva Burkhart Wulbur Chllds Gordon Conner Esther Cox Gnlbert Doggett Ronald Dolan Carrue Bell Dolan George Dunn Jean Erb Kenneth Erb Marceul Faulk Marguerite Faulkner Henry Belle Feuerstein Joan Flsk Charles Gulchrust Thurston Gleason Lucille Hart Francrs Helser Dons Helslnger Stanley Hetch Rudolph Hallman Edith Hoeter Vrola Hogevall Jack Holst Wayne Hornlng Harold Hubler Jessie Hulb rt Howard Hunter Georgla Jacobson Glorla Johnson Charles Kelly Roy Kendlg Bobby Kreger Edwln Leabo Kenneth Lelchty Clarence Lucht Walter McDonald Eunice Meyer Raymond Mespelt Dorothy McGulre Florence Morgason Faye Motley Vlrglnla f35l Rudders Pat Ross Multon Roth Loss Saxton Warren Schulze Mae South Elva Jane Spulde Margaret Stewart Harold Stryker Edwin Tuttle Loss Wallace La Vern Whltney P J Wl-nttle Dorothy Wulson Margorle Wlnstersteln Ruth Wolf Patrlcua Wooldridge Arllta Young Herbert Pugh Eunice Reynolds Wilbur Nordyke Margorle Pratt Ethel Nelson Iva Newman Byron I 1 I "- I I A I f' I . I . I . 1 I ' I I - I I I 9 I I I I I . I . I A I A I I I I I . Q I I Q' S I Egan, Claire Kelty, Edna Williamson, Paul I I I A U - I I b . I , I . A I I F I . I I . I . , . I v- I I . 1 . I I . . I A I I o I - I . I I THE W IIIIII H IRLWIND 1936 I Elnassen Morgan Launer Vand I Pratt Geubel Jarman JUNIOR HIGH FACULTY MADISON FACULTY CENTRAL FACULTY MISS MINNIE MCCOURT Prsnclpal MISS LETTIE PRATT Scuence Hlstory MR LINDEN LAUNER Mathernatlcs Algebra Eoco Club Advnser MISS OPAL JARMON Home Economlcs Advnser G MR WILLIAM MICKELSON Industrlal Arts MISS THELMA PETERSEN Geography Hustory MISS PEARL TURNIDGE Englush Advlser Freshman MR GUY E RICHARDS Prnnclpal Algebra MR SVEN ELIASSEN Manual Tralnung Adviser Freshman Clas MISS LOTTIE MORGAN Engllsh Adv1serGlrls Group Socnal Science Geography Cuvncs MISS DONNA GILL urls League Science MRS NEVA ANDERSON Home Economzcs MISS BESS GEIBEL History English MR CARLTON E RICHTER Class Algebra Arlthmetlc E361 MRS. GERTRUDE McLEOD MRS. MARY E. VANDEL HISTCDRY OWN through the silent halls of tame The stately xears wuth measured tread Same part that goes to buuld the thread Whuch hands the future wuth the past A hurldmg lme we all must know And use and strengthen as we Cart That we max help the future grow J C 'D tl . , Have game, and each has left behind ,Q S! I V vt. 1936 THE WH THE MARCH OF TIME The old order changeth yueldung placc to new Tcnny on We have prep Jred thus sectuon ot the Annual so that the students and the cutuzens ot Albany may know and understand how our old schools are changung and are beung replaced by new Thus duvusuon of the yearbook also portrays the unterestung hustorucal background ot our schools The tollowung pages COntGIn artucles and photographs ot the past the present and the tuture of our tour schools Muss Myrtle Worley beloved teacher ot mathematucs at Albany Hugh School has wrutten an unterestung remunuscence of the toundung and the growth of the schools un Albany A complete hu tory of Central School from the tume ut stood un Takenah Park to uts present locatuon has been colortully related by Muss Lottue Mor gan popular Englush teacher at Central Junuor Hugh School Upon request Muss Munnue McCourt the busy pruncupal ot Maduson Junuor Hugh has cheerfully submutted records of that school un the eastern part ot town Muss Ida Mutzner deserves credit for the artucle about Maple School where she teaches the furst grade lntormatuon about thus seemed more dutfu cult to secure than the rest and we are grateful for the trouble she has taken to obtaun ut for us The future whuch us no less untruguung than the past has been ably dus cussed by Mr Hudson and Mr Putnam That ot Albany Senuor Hugh has been explauned by Mr E A Hudson pruncupau ot thus school Mr Rex Put nam superuntendent ot Albany Publuc Schools has been devotung much of hus tume to the supervusuon of the new buuldung program and has very capably wrutten a concuse summary of the future Albany schools We wush to acknowledge the assustance guven us by the puoneer resudents ot thus cuty Dr Oluve K Beers who taught un Central and Maduson when those schools were yet new was happy to share wuth us her wude knowledge of the early days From Mr Fred P Nuttung s Old Tume Albany whuch us publushed un the Albany Democrat Herald we were able to obtaun duvertung facts concernung Maple School Others who helped to make thus sectuon passuble were Mr Kurk Pruce Mr A Monteuth JudgeC H Stewart and Mr C D Burkhart Near the close of this sectuon are placed two types of commencement programs the old and the new The one dated l897 us a reproductuon of a keep sake of Muss Worley s Thus was the furst graduatung class of Albany Hugh School The other program us a copy of the T939 graduatuon exercuses program Styles change and so do commencement programs' The Whurlwund Annual Staff suncerely thanks all those who have con trubuted to thus sectuon Although the buuldungs un whuch unstructuon us carrued on are changung the splendud spurut of the teachers stull prevauls lt us wuth great respect and admuratuon that we deducate thus hustorucal sectuon to our puoneer teachers l37l I R L W I N D ,u I I V A i In . u J I . . 1 1 1 I .S . . . , . . I 1 1 1 1 1 ' .- l I A In . . I . A I . - . f . . . . ' I . . . , 1 ' I Il - 11 - . . . . I A .I I , . , . . , , . . . I . l A . . . . , . I H EARLY HISTORY OF ALBANY SCHOOLS The account of perhaps the furst Instructuon guven un Albany dates back In the 40 s Sunce there were not enough chuldren In the communuty for organ Izatuon of a school It cannot be classed as one Mrs Abraham Hackleman gathered a few small chuldren Into her home a log house whuch stood In Hackleman s Grove and taught them readung wrutung and numbers The followung Incudent Illustrates the very busy lufe of these puoneers When ut came tume that the geese should be pucked Mrs Hackleman dud not want to negle t the chuldren so the geese were brought In and the puck Ing went on wuth as luttle Interference wuth spellung and wrutung as possuble The furst school was sutuated In the west part of town not far from the cemetery The furst school was taught Kl85ll by Dr Reuben Cohman l-lull Dr Hull was a practucung physucuan and a munuster In the Baptust Church ln l85O he crossed the plauns to Calufornua on the back of a mule and soon after came to Albany where he taught the furst school before returnung east for hus famuly small room near the locatuon of Takenah Park Durung the Cuvul War feelung ran so hugh that the school was duvuded One subscruptuon school the Republucan stood where the Methodust Church IS and the other known as the Duxue School Democratuc was located on the southwest corner of Second and Montgomery Streets Durung the early 80 s Albany had three schools The school at Takenah Park Central had four rooms and four teachers and took care of pupuls be gunnung wuth the advanced sectuon of the thurd grade Dr Oluve K Beers was one of the teachers at MadIson whu h was then a one room buuldung There were suxty pupuls In fuve classes furst second and lower sectuon of the thurd grade The Maple School dud the same grade of work as the Maduson The schools at thus tume were free beung supported by taxatuon Albany Colleguate lnstutute at thus tume had a preparatory department for those of the upper grades Because of the fact that some people had not yet outgrown the Idea that free schools were for paupers only there arose agaun two ruval groups among the young people known as the College Bummers and the Dustruct Scrubs When these three buuldungs were duscarded for a larger school the Maple buuldung was sold to the CatholIc Church and used as a church untul they buult a larger church when It became the hall of the church The Maduson buuldung was sold to the ChrIstIan Church organuzatuon moved to Fufth and Jackson and used as a church untul the ChrIstIan Church at Ellsworth and Fourth was buult Thus buuldung us now the creamery on Fufth Street T381 lu T H E W I R L W I N D I 9 3 6 Soon after this, Andrew J, Babb conducted a subscription school in one I 9 3 6 T H E W H The Central buIldIng was bought by Mr Peter RIley moved to the loca tIon of the present SenIor l-lIgh School and used as a resldence untIl It was agaIn moved to S cond Street to make room for the l-lIgh School When l came to Albany there was only on school the new Central School an eIght room buIldIng almost the same kInd of buIldIng as the one In whIch l had att nded school In the mIddle west Before Albany had a hIgh school HS95' the graduatIng exercIses for those fInIshIng the eIghth grade were auIte an event ln l894 there were twenty four In the class and the tIme gIven on the InvItatIons was Z P M and 8 P M ln addItIon to the musIcal numbers of such a program each member of the class read an essay or gave an oratIon whIch he had wrntten large fIr tree and sang carols and the tree was lIghted for the TIVST tIme The IntervIews necessary to OlDlOl!'1fl'1lS InformatIon were very IDTQVQSTIUQ and pleasant expenences to me and l know the readers of the Annual are especIally Interested In school hIstory Iust now whIle we are In a buIldIng program to provIde for the future needs of our schools Mary Myrtle Worley That great mystery of TIme were there no other The IllIrnItable sIlent never restIng thIng Called TIme rollIng rushIng on SWITT sIlent LIke an all embracIng ocean tIde on whIch We and all the UnIverse swIm luke ExhalatIons lIke apparItIons whIch we are And then are not thIs IS forever and LIterally a mIracle a thIng to strlke Us dumb for we have no word to speak about It Carlyle l 391 l HI II li l l I R L W I N D On Christmas Eve, l9l 4, the pupils of Central School gathered about the OLD CENTRAL SCHOOL IN TAKENAH PARK The Plontmq of the Trees ot Cenfrol School nn 1893 Central School os It Looked an 1915 Tokenoh Pork, the Sufe of the Old Centrol School T401 H CENTRAL SCHOOL When those who followed the Oregon Traul had come to uts western end they crossed a spot whuch un later years came to have peculuar unterest to many resudents un Albany Takenah Park has been offucually marked as a part of thus puoneer traul and ut eventually became the sute of Albany s furst Cen tral School As was usual wuth the type who settled the Wullamette Valley these people soon buult schools and before many years Albany had grown to a suze where three school buuldungs were necessary One who attended the furst Central School un l866 tells us that ut was a one room buuldung some thurty by fufty feet un suze standung un the block now known as Takenah Park Soon after thus date two ells were added form ung a T shaped buuldung where more teachers perhaps three and more pupuls were accommodated The Albany Durectory for l878 now un the Albany Publuc Lubrary says the chuldren from Ferry Street west attend the Seventh Street School lthus was a one teacher schooll and those luvung between Ferry and Raulroad Streets attend the Central School lthree teachers are named! whule those below Raulroad Street attend the Duxue School la one teacher schooll Thus duvusuon of the dustruct unto wards was found necessary by the durectors on account of some of the schools becomung greatly crowded whule others re mauned comparatuvely empty The march of tume made even more room necessary In H386 a frame buuldung of two storues and a basement o cupued the place un Takenah Park The eught rooms were large and well lughted The heat was provuded wuth furnace unstead of heatung stoves Two entrances one openung to the north the other to the south accommodated the pupuls A pretentuous belfry housed a bell whuch stull calls the pupuls of Central School to theur work Thus buuldung for years took care of the furst eught grades but as Albany s school system contunued to grow and other schools were buult the four rooms of the upper floor were used for hugh school pupuls whule grade chuldren con tunued to occupy the lower floor When the present hugh school was erected Central School became agaun a school for the furst eught grades Nune teachers were on duty here Cuvuc prude had unspured the plantung of varuous trees on the grounds of Central School Among these were three young evergreens planted on an Arbor Day un the early l89O s These were named for the three men then servung on the board of durectors of the Albany Schools and tradutuon says the graceful evergreen stull standung un Takenah Park whuch has become annually at Chrustmastude a tree of lught us the one named for the Hon orable J K Weatherford who was at tume and for more than forty years l-41 I 9 3 6 T H E W I R L W I N D . . I I I . . . . . , . I - . . I I u - . . I . . . . I . . . I f ' II II ' ' ' I I . I . . , I i- 11 - - - I . . . J . , l . - - ' II 11 - 11 . . . F . . C . . . I , . , . . . . , I 1 1 I . N ' I ' - 1 . . . I . - - 11 - 11 - I - - ' 1 1 l H I 9 3 6 after a member ot the Board ot Durectors ot the Albany Publuc Schools Another unter stung tree standung on the old sute ot Central School us a young elm a descendant ot the tamous Washungton Elm Agaun Albany needed more school rooms for the boys and the gurls un the Central dustruct Thus tume the sute was changed to a Iocatuon on Nunth Street whuch had been a part of the old Albany College campus l-lere un l9l 5 rose the buuldung ot red bruck wuth accommodatnons tor chuldren un sux grade rooms and Albany s turst lunuor hugh school The commoduous class rooms the laboratorues tor the departments ot domestuc art and domestuc scuence the work shops tor the department ot manual traunung the gymnasuum the athletlc tueld marked ut one of the Today fourteen teachers are connected wuth Central School A traul stull leads across Takenah Park Puoneers contunue to follow ut for ut leads to school or home agaun The clock un the tower near by marks the march of tume The evergreen tree by the traul looks down on all and blazes agaun wuth lught each Chrustmastude Lottue E Morgan To you the youth of today are passed on these deeds Thoughts and dreams of the youth ot the many yesterdays puled Up by the centurues They are your burthrught Upon the wungs Of these magnc words your own deeds thoughts and dreams may Soar unto the unguessed star spaces of the future T421 T H E W I R L W I N D , 6 , . u . ll . II , . 2 . I A, I . Q . , state's modern schools. II ' ll . I - l ' I I I Il I I I I A I I ' - ll Wy vx-4 eq, xr J o. 1-Yms A M431 The Present Central School f 43 1 ff -Q, - -. . 1 v,.-Atsagg 'Lp ., v 'D N 1 5' -Q ' A " . Tis" , if X ' - 5 fm ' 'IU-' 'X ' , il' , 4. Q' V9 4 cf. ' 1 F 'ii 321, , A , . ""AZ.f +. ' Q K L' , - J -lie I 0 ,, C A . 11' , . b I . ' ' 1 7 , , . , 5 Ax .X 3 x + .' . -At, -1 ' - ,QI t V 2 in CQ n "' Q MADISON SCHOOL Modsson School nn 1935 The Beglnnmg of the Wrecking Operotnons IU 1936 Fmol Stcges of Preparotnons for Erecting o Modern Edufuce i441 H MADISON SCHGOL The furst school bulldung located on the present sate of Maduson School was a one room buvldnng known successively as the Duxue School the Lower School and the East Ward School The earliest record for thxs bulldung dates back to l878 When a new school house was planned this bulldung was purchased by members of the Chnstuan Church and moved to the corner of Fnfth and Jefferson Streets where It was used for a tlme as a place of worship It now forms the maln pa t of the Pate Creamery bunldung ln l894 a new enght room bulldung was erected to take the place of thus humble one room structure and became known as the Madison School belng named from nts Madison Street location The architect was D C Schell prom :nent nn Albany at that tume and the builders were W Gamber and Scott Troynor The upper four rooms of thus new burldung were used for hugh school classes for a tlme These classes were later moved to Central School ln l92l a new brvck buuldlng to be known as the Madlson Junnor l-lngh was erected beside thus frame bulldung This building consists of seven classrooms sewing and cooknng labora tones for the home economrcs department a shop for nndustrlal arts and a gymnasrum Mvnnne McCourt And Tame s revolving wheels shall lose at last The speed that spans the future and the past And sovereugn of an undlsputed throne Awful Eternnty shall rergn alone Petrarch lll I 9 3 6 T H E W I R L W I N D QI? Ldhlmw.. 'R WK, LRE. IV' exam! 'g L 'ow- 'ions-Q-lah? I-in-5.1 Lab-1... 1.2: X If L......n.. a..1:..,... f 2 12 1533 +s..: 1 hm- ,S is 4 fi E461 .. -. fi: ' ' 1' 1- 2 f?f?3 ,ips x. . .,q.,. Q - Q ' ,fyfg ..,,. hhw- 5 if P 551 K Exim? .,Q. if 6 1 W- '5 SEE 1 W K K'l??Y 2 E E ygxfi, "L S 1 3: :4:, K Mi ij? .2 -, Nik, ' .ig XY? 1' "W E: 15524 M ' .ii . 5 -Q-. . We , ,., gk: , . .." . . P1 1 -.+A M Q yu- ,.., fx 3.3 f 1-1. , 1. 27 . ' 4 P i 6 s -jf . Xl j , Lf gc . i i M2 ' h '- EX' H is -'55 '-: .. ., 1 V 1 5'-,-'lab N' vigrx: 5, ix " Sid - Q F11 Q 5? 'S -e F ei Z ., , mfg in f .- ,4::1:'?'?r ,Ji K -.-l I Eli? ET " if XM .5 . ' .af :V '29 W. "". 1 .,., 'Ml 2 H if Q: Q 52 ' ,-" " A "" 2 '5 Y .-.. , I i it 5' ., 5 , - 1' . . "f A X fc X lm' MAPLE SCHOOL Mople School In 1935 Rozmg the Bunldmg to Moke Wav for o Modern Grcdc Schooi m 19:6 All Thot Remolned m thr' Sprung of the Structure Erectcd un 190 F471 T H E W H MAPLE SCHOOL In Albany s early anwrutten school hustory we txnd that a sample one room school bunldung stood on the present snte ot Maple School as early as l878 The well known and much loved Incense Cedar trees were there but In much maller proportlon than we have known them during the present There wcrc al o some large tar trees behnnd the buuldnng but they were rcmoved many years ago lt was In thus Small bunldlng that Mrs L E l-lamllton taught her tlrst term ot school She tunwshed the unexplred term ot Mrs Marla lrvune Gaston who was a s ster ot Mass Elrzabeth lrynne ot our clty In the sprung ot l902 the Board ot Dlrectors ard cutlzens ot Albany deemed xt necessary to erect a new sux room modern school buuldung on the The set of plans and specutncatuons submntted by Archltect C l-l Burg grat were accepted by the Board at Durectors who consisted of L M Curl chanrman and John Foshay J K Weatherford L Flunn and J L Tomlnn on Vlrgul Parker was the clerk The contract was awarded to I F Conn ID June l902 l-le completed the bulldlng heating nncluded tor SHO -400 The time for the completuon of the contract was September I5 l902 Mass Frances French was the tlrst pruncupal ot the new bunldlng and Edward G Adams was Supernntendent of Schools Some of the more recent prnncupals have been Mass Jennne Ruchue Mr Walter Boyer Mrs Barbara Moraan Musgrave and Mrs Velma Knzer Covey At present Mass Anna Frances McConnell as prrncupal ot Maple School Luves of great men all remlnd us We can make our luves sublume and departing And leave behand us Footprints on the sands of time Longfellow l4Sl l ll I R L W I N D I 9 3 6 block ot ground now owned by the district on West Seventh Street. 1936 THE WH The H1StOIY of the Maple Street School Block From The Old Tame Albany By FRVD P NUTTING From the Albany Democrat l-lerald When work had been begun to put the Maple Street School block an condltron for a new modern grade bunldung an effort was made to prevent the cutting down ot the old cedar trees on the Seventh Street side of the block but lt ns to be regretted nt came too late and the trees have been razed except one cut unto cedar posts or burned Thus brlngs out some In terestrng things about the hlstory of the black A prominent cltlzen In the early days was Demos Beech a store keeper a communnty worker too for we notrce that he gave llberally towards the construction of the Albany Col lege burldung l-le resided for quute a whale on the Maple Street School block We are not certaan about the date of has advent on It or when nt was sold to the dustruct l-le owned rt nn l862 and probably for some tame before for the rrngs on the buggest of the cedar trees sawed off near the ground showed an age of 73 years Mass Jennie Gordon whose father was a promunent res: dent here then says she was told by her father that Mr Beech planted the trees on the place whuch IS rellable Before l878 at IS known that Maggue lrvlne daughter of ex Sheruft lrvune and cousnn of the editor of the Portland Journal was the teacher In the school there called the Seventh Street School Mass lrvrne marrued Mark Bnlyeu as heretofore stated and was succeeded by Mass l-lettue Muller now Mrs Hamilton who graduated from Albany College un l879 At about the same tame Mass Mana lrvune was teachung the East End School a one room burldung at about the present srte of Madison School Luke the other Mass lrvlne no relatlon she was soon captured marryung W H Gaston recently deceased lt ns rnterestung to restate the fact that a son ns now an assistant In a hugh posrtuon In the treasury department of the Unnted States When Mr Beech sold the block to the school drstruct he moved hrs res: dence to the corner of Nunth and Maple Streets not far away and the house Improved has been at the home of Mass lda Stellmacher for many years The burldlng just torn down took the place of the old one and was moved to the block of the Cathollc Church where It was utllnzed A new bulldung was erected about l894 and served the clty well for 4l years Most of the tum bers Continued to be sound and usable What was called modern 4l years ago IS no longer so now perhaps more than un clothung the transltuon has been marked and ut IS pleasing to see the long one story structures for chuldren l49l I 11 1. 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' - 11 11 - 1 T 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 . I ' , . , . 1 - 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 - 1 , ' . 1 1 1 ' . , . . , ' 1 1 , . 1 I . 1 ' - 1 ,1 I - NRM ,.,m?W' '59- x x 5 1: 'RNNH 2 ...wi -GD'-' N3 x 2.4 ,V QF! L... aaa Um? 2 Ns... L.....,. mm Llp, EQ-SAE. V.. LHR 1 Ly nn wg-w..-.av its-Y t xsr t- 'K Q QW ea x xnga 'vxyz X fn ,y fn M-Q, 11 N K x z 4- ng Comp et on Now Neo OO Mop e Sch Fu ure v j ,' 1 V' V. A ' :QQS-' ,' f'-an "fi-5' 'Z' ,V iff! 6" .. ,- ,, QL- iv ,. V. FV" V- N .VV "'V'., V -V 4 V V V , ,, V, .' :V VV ' V V .. V ?' 5" A 1 . 5 ... '- " , 5 , 1-. . .Q " .,,. , 5 a..z:wsib?Vf""3, ,,.,.,,. V.,w"wF.iTf,'.-:ff .11-Ffffi H ' V -'+fm..f--V 1 . V V , V VV V. :x,.- .-...,,,V--..,,,,..,,..M - ,A , O V .V V V , -,,VV5,,..,V , V -V V' .,,,VV,,V-,+ W ,.Vg.V.V3,VVV,V VV VWVVVVV Vp. V, , -V e1'f'-.V- Af-2' "4- '- 1. - V ,,.--' --'-V V-f-V+1f'- V- Xi, , LMI.. : - - -V F- 2 V --" """"' , . Q.. ,e+"f- ' f' . " , .... V V 5 V " ., .- - ' -'L ' , .. 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Almost twenty sux yeors Cugo the Albony Hugh School wos opened un o grond new buuldung o buuldung thot wos then plonned to occommodote the hugh school for oll future tume Enrollment wos obout 250 ond th buuldung wos desugned to occommodote perhops 325 Sunce thot memoroble openung un l9lO ut hos been necessory to relueve the congestuon un the hugh school by constructung two uunuor hugh schools The Centrol Junuor Hugh wos buult un l9l5 ond o few yeors loter the Modu son .lunuor Hugh And stull we ore growung' ln the post few yeors we hove been strugglung olong un o buuldung buult for 325 wuth on enrollment of olmost SOO but now the unbeluevoble us hoppenung Through the efforts of Mr Putmon the School Boord the P T A ond other cutuzens of the dustruct we ore goung to hove o reolly modern school wuth oll of the equupment to moke on up to dote hugh school Our old over crowded closs rooms dork hollwoys ond our very unode quote ossembly room ore guvung woy to the lotest educotuonol udeos for hugh schools There wull be severol more closs rooms thon un our present buuldung The present oudutoruum wull be cut up unto four or fuve lorge rooms The holls wull be omply ullumunoted wuth lught from the outsude by meons of lught wells etc When we thunk of the struggles thot we hove hod un occommodotung our people un the post we con hordly conceuve of the foct thot our new hugh school wull be second to none of the hugh schools un the West The new oudutoruum wull hove the very lotest equupment ond wull hove one of the best stoges desugned to occommodote o chorus of l8O vouces or more ond seot obout l5O people lt wull hove the lotest lughtung foculutues wuth the proscenuum openung twenty feet hugh ond more thon forty feet wude wuth modern convenuent dressung rooms ond clook rooms for both boys ond gurls un oddutuon there wull be odequote storoge room for stoge equupment scenery etc The moun oudutoruum wull hove cu seotung copcucuty of more thon SOO ond wull be fure proof The floor wull be un the shope of o bowl ond so desugned thot every person wull be un o posutuon to see the stoge regordless of where he us seoted The bolcony wull sect obout SOO people The sects wull compore fovorobly wuth those un the very best theoters of the country The unteruor of the wolls ond ceulung ond the lughtung orrongements wull reolly be o work of ort ond wull conform to the very lotest requurements of lught control ond ven tulotuon The wolls wull olso be lovushly decoroted wuth murol The government us spendung severol hundred dollors for thus port of the buuldung plon Contunued on Page S9 lv3l lll 1936 THE W IRLWIND f54J pe on Cow I i L eonng I H N Schoo gh H UV A bo CW N H OUR MODERN SCHOOLS Two landmarks of educataan an Albany have dasappeared The old Maple and Madason frame structures have been sacrataced tar modern plants Both old bualdangs held dear memoraes for hundreds of people an Albany and at was wath a genuane teelang of sadness and regret that they saw them dasap pear under the wreckers cruel pack and bar However there as the consolang feeling that these old bualdangs had served long well and nobly but that thear effectave usefulness was over an the Iaght of modern school practaces and as assets of archatectural beauty The old buald ngs were frame structures wath full basements and two storaes an heaght Ihey were really dangerous as fare hazards because of thas latter fact The new Maple School wall O2 of brack veneer one story hagh lt wall an clude sax class rooms one large play room which may aaso be used as an assembly room a combanataon musac room and labrary a prancapal s offace and a nurse s room The heatnng plant wall be located outsade the maan buald ang and under ground at the southeast corner It wall be entnrely fareproof and wall be automatacally operated wath oal as fuel Of specaal anterest and beauty an both the Maple and Madason Schools wall be the entrances to the bualdangs These wall be very strakang and beau ta u The new Madason School wall be the same as Maple an desagn and appear once but at wall have nane regular class rooms and one extra room for any other purpose desared A prancapal s offace and nurse s room wall also be an cluded The present basement an the boaler room wall be floored wath con crete makang a large space for play and storage purposes More playground space wall be avaalable than was the case when the old bualdang was used The Madason and Maple Schools should be completed un the early sum mer Thus there wall be suffacaent tame to prepare them for occupancy before school opens an the fall A new and modern type of pupal s desk wall be used an each of these bualdangs also The detaals ofthe new hagh school set up whach wall be completed about September l as dascussed an another artacle bv Mr Hudson All an all Albany wall have a completely modern school plant when the bualdang program now under wav as fanashed No faner plant may be found an the state Rex Putnam Take tame by the forelock Let every man be master of hus tama. lx I I 9 3 6 T H W I R L W I N D 'f a. I I " I ' ' 1'-Sha cspcare liil -- K. , H Commencement EXGICISGS graduates June II I 97 Orah P Harkwess Llllnan Brenner Lutue R Sternberg Mary H Mon tanye M Adalene Chamberlln Sue Breckenrldge Stella M Hughes Carl R Ranknn Programme Plano Solo lnvocatuon Address Vocal Selection Salutatory Labor Conauers 'vtotlveless Man Vocal Solo Low Begunnlngs Lite lnstrumenta Duet Character Llberty Restrauns Lrberty Plano Solo Joyce Brownell Rev Dr Ware Hon G M lrwnn Mass Alderson Carl R Rankin Lutue R Sternberg Loretta Stewart Sue Breckenrldge Stella M Hughes 5 Lutle R Sternberg Lllllan Brenner M Adalene Chamberlun Orah P Harkness Lrlllan Brenner A Stone Fmt tor the Builders ls Never Thrown Away Mary H Montanye Lvterature Musuc Selected Drnll Our Cadets Presentatuon of D olomas Qualtet Tull We Meet Agann Benedlctlon lfl Lllllan Brenner L P S Quartet Hngh School Gnrls Loretta Stewart Anne Marshall M A Chamberlln rah P Harkness Rev R McKulIop llllq ll T H E W I R L W I N D I 9 3 6 , 8 5 : l ....... y V -I I l ',, A I, ..'.. . , l lll l ll lllllt ll l rlllll llllllr 1: llll ll lll :ll ll-l PROGRAM May 29 1935 WIN Pfocesslonal Mrs J Fred Braly lnvocatron Mr R A Buchanan Reading Due Mcltter a true tory lug Madeline L Doty bettx Chulds Clarlnet uartett Vespers on the Nlle Carver Cllttord Burton Wrllue Prager Jack Looney Ruth l-loeter Arlue Odenborg Accompanlst Reading The Aeroplane Francns Medhurst Charles l-llclcman Commencement Address Lute at lts Best Dr D V Pollng Presentation ot Pruzes Schmitt Pruze Busnness and Professional Women s Prlzes XX! C T U Pr: es Amerucan Legion Pruze Trophy Albany College Scholar hug XX! I Nucholl s Music Prize A H S Commercial Club Prlze Supt Rex Putnam Presentotlon ot Class of 1933 Principal E A Hudson Presentatlon ot Dlolomas Mr V L Calavan Chanrman Board ol Educatuon Class Song Sensor Class ot 35 Beneductron Rev R A Buchanan Recesslonal Mrs J Fred Bralx l IZS Cvraduatesl lfl ,ll I 9 3 6 T H E W H I R L W I N D ' Q e-"' ' " .... . X H W I N D I 9 3 6 DO YOU KNOW That the very turst school was taught un 1851 52? That the furst hugh school un Albany was organuzed un 1895 by Herman Tyree un the old Maduson Buuldung That the turst graduatung class ot Albany had only eught members who graduated un 1897? That the 1935 class ot one hundred and twenty eught students was the largest class ever graduatung tram Albany Hugh School? That Muss Myrtle Worley and Muss Lottue Morgan have taught un Albany Schools longer than have any ot the other teachers? That the turst Annual Whurlwund was publushed un 1908? That the 1926 Annual won turst place un the State Contest? That Melussa M Martun teacher of Spanush at O S C graduated from Albany Hugh School organuzed un 1895? That Mr E A Hudson was the leader of the turst Albany Hugh School Band whuch was started un 1912? That our band won the state champuonshup un 1931? That the same oand receuved the honor of beung the best amateur band at the Portland Rose Festuval un 1931? That the 1915 and 1916 football teams were champuons for Albany Hugh School? That the baseball tearn of 1911 was a wunner un the baseball league? That un 1912 and 1928 Albany Hugh School was proud of champuon de bate teams? That the Luvestock Judgung Team of the Albany Hugh School F F A won the champuonshup at the Pacufuc lnternatuonal Exposutuon un 1934? That Albany Hugh School has a Constututuon whuch was adopted un 1910? The whole lufe of man us but a pount of vuew let us enjoy ut therefore whule ut lasts and not spend ut to no good purpose Plutarch 1531 T H E W I R L That Latin has been taught in Albany since the time the hugh school was ORGANIZATIONS IKE the roots thot reach unto the soul And brsng the lute unto the tree Thot hold nts trunk upnght ond strong And help It grow so strong ond free Are the orgonnzotuons wlthvn o school Vhex ore bosed on fnendshnp ond duty And uphold ond help to bunld the whole lnto o thsng of strength ond beoutv J C I ... f , . . 3 H WIND LIBRARY CLUB The Lubrary Club was organuzed at the begunnung of the school year l935 6 under the sponsorshup and supervusuon of the school lubraruan Mrs Chulds lts membeushup us composed of sophomores uunuors and senuors who devote a portuon of theur tume each day to lubrary work Thus club us prumaruly a club of servuce and secondaruly a socual group The maun purpose of the club us to teach and traun the members of the club and the other students to fund books use them and conduct a lubrary un general These student lubraruans take care of the books fule them locate books for students fund reference materual and otherwuse help theur fellow students Thus leaves the offucual lubraruan to perform the technucal dutues of the lubrary and relueves her of the munor detouls These assustant lubraruans do not work for pay or credut but do ut for the student body and for theur own traunung benefut and enjoyment Thus udea has been thought of and formulated for some tume but has been put unto effect thus year for the furst tume and as an experument What comes of thus year s experument wull decude what wull be done un the future SHORTHAND CLUB The Shorthand Club was organuzed un l932 by Muss Voyen The purpose of thus club us to create a deeper unterest un shorthand outsude of the class room Although thus club has not been very actuve socually thus year ut has not been udle Thursday nught of each week the members of the advanced class par tucupate un the roduo shorthand contest conducted over K O A C All the students have taken an actuve part un thus contest and are gounung much valuable experuence and confudence un theur obulutv to make practucal use of theur shorthand and typewrutung At the recent Lunn County Agrucultural Conference eught of the members served as pruvote stenogrophers to the chaurmen of the varuous commuttees They were Genevueve Wulluams Helen Muller Cluo Russell Vuola Burck Dousy Ashton Merthal Place Betty Huffman and Vuctor Groenung Servung un thus capacuty was very good traunung for the students and they enjoyed doung the work Before goung to the Agrucultural Conference the students met un the dunung room of the school and were served a banquet dunner by the gurls of the Home Ec Department ln the pruncupal s offuce there are a group of gurls workung under the supervusuon of Muss Voyen unstructor of shorthand They are Mary Cozad Merthal Place Vuola Burck Paul Engel Dorothy Nash Genevueve Wulluams Helen Muller and Betty Huffman These gurls wrute letters make out attend ance lusts take announcements around to the varuous rooms and do the one hundred and one other necessary tasks to be done around a busy school offuce Durung cornuval week the advanced shorthand class under the edutor shup of Vuctor Groenung publushed the Dauly Cornuval Flashes Thus sheet was run off on the mumeograph and over four hundred copues were dustrub uted dauly among the students Offucers of the Shorthand Club for the present year are Cotherune Bow man presudent Genevueve Wulluams vuce presudent Eduth Anderson secre tary treasurer T591 1 T 1 1 ' - 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 I I 1 I I ' . , . . . . . - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' I 1 . . , . . . 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 T I I I - , . I . 1 1 1 - 1 1 ' H 'Nu' Commerclol Club Lctun Club Home Economlcs Club l6Ol lllll T H E VV I R L VV I N D l 9 3 6 f6f.jA ' NA E. gj?mf ' ' - ' L ' ' 'X' lnx ' LQ 'vig -. .1-C J 5 M' X -fi-V L . - lvl: igr. K , A ' s V K l ., I ' 3, v , K A . f' -. l wg A I F11 il --Q' A 415514 ' ' . Pi, ' X X F H COMMERCIAL CLUB The Comrnercual Club us one of the most actuve an the school wuth an en rollment now of suxty members The membership varnes wnth the years but the regunrement IS now a grade of l or two consecutsve ll s Only typung shorthand and bookkeepung students are elngnble Thls IS a servlce club which has complete management of the corn popper wrth all of the profits gonng unto the student body fund True democracy In school and club ns the arm of the organization Each member ns gnven names of new ellguble members an order to become ac gualnted with them to urge them to attend meetings and to see that they enyoy themselves The offrcers for l93S 36 are Dorothy Nash presrdent Waneta Aver hoff vrce president l-lelen Kaos secretary treasurer and Mrs Mabel Pen land adviser LATIN CLUB At the fnrst meetlng of the Latnn Club on October 22 l935 the follow :ng offncers were chosen for the year Ruth Brandeberry presxdent Rebecca Walkup vnce presndent Marla Rudders secretary treasurer and Miss Tracy adviser At thus meeting the club decided to have a wntten constututuon and the offncers of the club were delegated to make one lt was submitted at e Aside from the monthly buslness meetings the Latnn Club has enjoyed a number of soclal meetings Outstanding among these were a dinner In the school dlnlng room a theater party and at the begunnung of the sprung term an lnltlatnon of the frrst year Latin class members HOME ECONOMICS CLUB The Home Economics Department has performed a very actuve part In thus year s actnvutues On November l2 V935 a formal unntnataon service was presented n honor of the Parent Teachers Assocuatson Twenty four new members and eight honorary members were unutnated The club was hostess to the Dlstrnct Home Economics Conference on March l4 l936 Delegates from thurtv fave schools attended At an after noon meeting of thus conference the following Albany gurls were presented wnth Home Economics puns Grace Gulkev Clso Russell Paula Hunter Velna Jones Brown Mary Louise Lochner and Thelma Dickson The apporntment of Mass Parker as State Advisor for the club was an additional honor to the club She was appolnted by the State Vocational De partment The offrcers of the club thus year were as follows Grace Gnlkey pres: dent Men Dee Brown vlce presadent Barbara Trrpp secretary Clno Russell Treasurer Marceul Harnnsch reporter Thelma Dnckson song leader Ellen l-louser pnanlst Paula Hunter hlstornan Dorothy Baton custoduan l l Hl I 9 3 6 T H E W I R L W I N D ' I I I ' I th next meeting by the committee and approved by the club. 6l V H i 'luv .L..+ 1 hz Cuull cmd Scroll Girls League l 62 l Luterory Explorers H HUDSON PENLAND CHAPTER OF QUILL AND SCROLL uull and Scroll the unternatuonal honorary socuety for hugh school your nalusts was organuzed Aprul IO l926 at the Unuversuty of lowa for the purpose of encouragung and rewardung unduvudual achuevement un uournalusm and has taken an actuve part In rausung the standards and un durectung the course of hugh school uournalusm Twelve thousand young uournalusts from schools whuch are outstandung un the qualuty of theur publucatuon work share the responsubulutues and achueve ments of thus organuzatuon There are chapters located un every state un the unuon un Hawauu England Chuna Brutush Honduras and Alaska Membershup us based on the requuremen s of uournalustuc abuluty schol arshup recommendatuon by the supervusor of uournalusm and approval of the natuonal secretary uull and Scroll sponsors four unternatuonal contests a year and members from Hudson Penland chapter have often placed hugh un the dufferentduvusuons Offucers for th s year are Betty Futzpatruck presudent Betty Huffman vuce presudent lrvune l-lood secretary treasurer Mrs Mabel Penland advuser GIRLS LEAGUE Every hugh school gurl upon enterung Albany Hugh School becomes a member of the Gurls League The offucers elected for the year l935 l936 were Vurgunua Doerfler treasurer Maxune Stenberg song leader Eduth Cuulchrust puanust and Muss Wulma Spence advuser The League offucers Mary AI Barruck and Ruth Brandeberry attended he Dustruct Gurls League Conference at Mull Cuty The club chose Grace Gulkey l-larruet Ruchards and Eduth Gulchrust to represent the school at the Older Gurls Conference un Eugene LITERARY EXPLORERS CLUB The members of the Senuor Englush classes who have memoruzed twenty fuve selectuons from the Treasure Chest and have mauntauned a grade of l or ll un Englush work are entutled to uoun the Literary Explorers Club When a student has memoruzed sux unuts of the Treasure Chest h us entutled to a Pulot Wheel Each handle of thus wheel represents one sec tuon of poetry and auotatuons Thus year marks the Club s suxth annuversary The purpose of thus or aanuzatuon us to promote the unterest of students un good luterature Durung the year the students have enuoyed unspurung talks by Mr Rex Put nam Mrs Ary Neptune and Mrs Charles Chulds On February I2 Marceul l-larnusch entertauned the group wuth a delught ful Valentune Party at her home un Dever From a membershup of thurty two members the followung offucers were chosen Frances Burkhart presudent Multon Newport vuce presudent Es ther Chambers se retary treasurer Ronald Long lubraruan and Leo Koos sergeant at arms Muss Chase Senuor Englush teacher us the advuser l63l I 9 3 6 T H E W I R L W I N D I I I l I - I I ' I l Q ' ' ' , , . . ' I I ' Z . , - u - ' 1 ' I ' I presudentg Evelyn McTummonds, vuce-presudentsg l-larruet Kampfer, secretary- . J g , : , 5 , . ' I I , , . , . I ' ' Il ll ' ' T . . . . . . , - - - 11 Ill e - ' Il ' - II ' - . . . ,, , 1 . ,, . . . . . I v I ' r - ' 2 , ' Q ' H ,. ' - ' Q - 1 C A - I 1 I . 1 - - ' I I ' HIJHHIJ THE WHIRLWIND 1936 X DEBATE TEAM lop rom Gordon M41 irc-n RlrIxardV1crlcL Robvrr qpmnu Ronuld I nm, Hortoln row frros lmnland Mrs C hllds Dgrmal Robnrrson HONOR SOCIETY Top rms Robcrt Douglis Clnrhs Frau-L Norm1n C1rcg,ory Nlllton Nux port f mntvr row Ho ard bu, rnlu rp, Mx Hlldson Qhlrlvy Sxlk Mnss Andi rson Bottom row fluo RL sscll Graf Cul cy Pxelyn I qrsen Bully HLx9fx1111 joycl. Snllmarhcr F641 H DEBATE TEAM Debate thus year achueved the much sought level of beung recognnzed as an actnvuty and a sport throughout the chool For some tame nt has been the goal of Mrs Charles Chulds the coach to lighten the burden of debate and make nt more nnterestlng to the student as well as to the auduence The topic thus year was Resolved that the several states should enact legnslatuon for a system of complete meducal servlce for all cntrzens at public expense There were sux debaters Ronald Lona Dermal Robertson Gordon McLaren Duck Vnernck Eros Penland and Bob Spence Competu tlon was strong and vrctorles were hard earned Before the nnterscholastuc debates began the sux debaters partlcupated In the Lrnfueld tournament Although they dad not place they receuved valuable experuence NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY The Natsohal Honor Society was Introduced unto the Albany Hugh School an l933 Those persons whom the faculty selects as outstandung ln scholar Membership ns lnmlted to fifteen per cent of the graduatrng class The fall nnutuatnon was presented before the assembly for the new mem bers Howard Sternberg Robert Douglas Mllton Newport Grace Gulkey Clno Russell and Betty Huffman Joyce Stellmacher was sn charge of the ceremony Our Career a one act comedy was a popular feature un a program which was grven before the Corvallus Student Body by the members of thus Honor Socuety The comedy was also played before the ladues of the Furst Presbyteruan Church and at the United Presbyterian Church On Aprrl IO the Albany Student Body was entertalned with a program arranged by the Corvallis Chapter of the Natnonal Honor Society The offucers for the fall semester were Esther Meyer presldent Roger Chandler vsce presndent and Joyce Stellmacher secretary treasurer Those chosen for the sprung semester were Joyce Stellmacher presndent Charles Frazee vvce presudent and Betty Huffman secretary treasurer Miss Ander son rs the adviser of the soclety How nonseless falls the foot of 'fume Spencer Noth ng ns so dear and precuous as tame l6l I 9 3 6 T H E W I R L W I N D ship, leadership, character, and service become members of this society. 5, H ASSEMBLIES Through the efforts of the Student Body and the School DISIVICT the students of Albany HIgh School have had the opportunIty of attendIng a gro Ip of assemblIes presented by the Northwest Assembly Company The TIFSI of these ossemblIes was gIven on October 7 At thIs perform ance MIss Jane Dudley an occomplIshed vIolInIst entertanned the students wIth a group of selectIons These were chosen and played In an order whIch llustrated the growth of musIc The audIence was awed to hear her tell of the age and grandeur of her vIolIn On November l SmIlIng Bob BFIQQS played several humorous pIano selectIons He also drew a number of beautIful sketches wIth colored chalk The Gerde Brothers presented theIr MarIonettes for an hours enter taInment on November Z5 Several short sketches were gIven IncludIng a tap dance and a full orchestra VantIne and Company a mogrclan and hIs asslstants presented an entertaInment of magIc trlcks on January lO Among many others the rabbIt sawIng act and the rIce and the water act were presented Two Albany HIgh students Roger Chandler and VIrgInIa Doerfler as sIsted Mr Barret when he exhIbIted hIs snakes before the assembly on Feb ruary 28 Of specIal Interest In hIs collectIon was a great western dsamond backed rattler about TIVQ feet long a very flne entertaInment WITH vocal selectlons A program whlch proved very popular wIth the students was presented on AprIl 3 by the male quartette of LInfIeld College These four young men sang a varIety of songs IncludIng humorous ImpersonatIons The charges for these entertaInments are paId for before they are pre sented to the student body ThIs enables the students to attend the as semblIes free of charge On other stages admlttance to see such performers would be beyond a hIgh school students pocket book' THE PARENT TEACHERS ASSOCIATION Although the Albany HIgh School Parent Teachers ASSOCIOTIOH has clone nothIng spectacular thIs year we feel that our work has not been In VOID WIth the exceptIon of February a meetIng has been held the second Tuesday of each rnonth The February meetIng was a Iolnt one wIth the other assocIatIons of the cutv At thIs meetIng the state presIdent was the speaker and a Founders Day program was put on by the Albany Parent Teachers ASSOCIOIIOH CouncIl The presIdent ODDFCCIOIQS the co operatIon of the other OTIICQVS the helpfulness of the VOFIOUS commIttees and the Interest of the teachers and the members We also want to thank the students for theIr help In gIvIng pubIIcIty to our meetIngs and for any part they have taken on our programs We have had SIXTY TIVC paId members durIng the year We have always trIed to help In every OCTIVITY In the school whenever we have been called upon and have also done our share of the work carrled on by the CIty CouncIl of the Parent Teachers ASSOCIOIIOD The HIgh School P T A IS ever ready to help In every way that It can to make a clo er unIon between our homes and our schools our parents and our teachers and our pupIls MRS J O ARTHUR T661 T H E W I R L W I N D I 9 3 6 On March 3l the Orpheum Quartette, consisting of two couples, gave ACTIVITIES O WORK for the Iove of on octivitx Into which o person moy put his souI W thout the thought of gross returns Is to build toword o shining gooI Will return to them o thousonc' foId Blessings thot onnot De counted n but wil! do them mor good than go d J C if i To these who give themselves, their time C ' e ow 1 ' I e I , H N-is-f -IW ii-ax -Q5 4, 1 O' BRIEF CHRONICLES OF THE TIME Thr candxcl nmcra records fifteen mformal mnnutes uxth the faculty and the students INotnce parncularly our lou-ly Queen Betty m coronanon robes the two groups of Loud Sock ers and Mr Putnam Mxss Johnson and Mr Hudson nn serious conference i671 I 9 3 6 T H E W I R L W I N D . I .1 I A lf'-,At V gr ,. 1 ' ' 0 , an ' if , 5" , L kv I I 5 Y - t . ,:' . I If ti rl, 1 II if , . 'X ff- 3 I P I I "E Q . 5 'I f 5, 5 ' ' ' I I-If H i kiib. 3- A-1... u- Future Farmers Annual Staff I 68 1 Paper Staff 1936 THE WH FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA The l935 36 Albany Chapter of the Future Farmers of Ameruca has been no less actlve thus year than durung the preceding years A judging team entered the Pacufuc International Lavestock Exposltlon at Portland ln the Willamette Valley Parliamentary Contest held at Leb anon Oregon the local chapter placed second By wsnnlng the publlc speaking ellmnnatnon contest here Lawrence Rawue was entitled to represent the Albany Chapter In the Wnllamette Valley Sectnonal Contest at Salem The club participated an the State F F A Convention held at Corvallus Apnl 30 to May 2 Jack Looney vlce presudent of the state organuzatlon presided at the annual Parent and Son Banquet on February 29 The officers for thus year are Ray Schmidt president Lawrence Rawle vnce presldent Raymond Shank secretary Edward Jenks treasurer Robert Toby reporter andJ F Svnnth adviser ANNUAL STAFF The furst wee' of February marked the begnnnung of the Annual Staffs zealous attempts to edlt a yearbook featurlng the new buuldnng program Mass Shirley Salk Editor nn Chuef appounted the following group of assist ants Joyce Stellmacher manuscrapt editor Tom Babb photograph editor Milton Newport senlor edutor Harriet Ruchards lunuor editor Jean Daw son sophomore editor Elva Jane South Maduson freshman edltor Hen rnetta Stratton Central freshman edntor Grace Grlkey OCIIVIIIQS edntor Gordon Kampfer assrstant actrvltles edutor Robert Douglas organlzatlons edator Norman Gregory assistant organlzatlons editor Evelyn Larsen Inter ary and feature editor Marceul Harnlsch assistant luterary and feature edutor Jack Clnne poet laureate John Dooley boys athletucs edntor Anne Dooley gurls athletecs edltor Homer Groennng artist Frances Burkhart Cllo Russell and Cenevleve Williams typusts Clarence Mannmg business manager Ruth Brandeberry subscruptvon and advertising manager Muss Fanny Chase manuscrupt advlser Mr E A Hudson buslness advuser WHIRLWIND PAPER STAFF The staff of the Whurlwund newspaper consisted thus year of the follow :ng would be gournolnsts editor In chief Earl Fortmuller assistant edutors John Dooley and Harriet Ruchards business manager Clarence Mannung assistant Saylor Dawson subscrlptlon manager Ruth Brandeberry asslst ant Betty Jane Quigley athletuc editor Anne Dooley assvstant Bob Dever ell feature humor edltor Dorothy Jean Anderson organlzatlons edntors June Safley and Mildred Steckley soclety edutors Betty Fltzpatrlck and Cathernne Bowman exchange edutor Maxlne Stenberg freshman reporters Henrietta Stratton and Elva Jane South sophomore reporter Ednth Gllchrlst gunnor reporter Ruth Looney sensor reporter Irvune Hood proof readers Vena Holst and Jummue Howard typnst Ruth Romame edutorual advnser Mrs M A Penland mechanical adviser Mr C M Grlgsby l69l IR L WIN D 1 1 ' ,.. , 1 ' 1 1 1 1 - Q V, 1 , 2 , .. , . . I .. , I. 1 A' 1 I l - 1 ,U H A: y 1 H 1 1 1 - 1 .1 A F 1 6: 1 2 1 I 1 I D 1 I V V 1 F 1 1 I I I I I . 1 l I.. l 1 1 l 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 'I' '- .1 1 :V 1 2 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 ' J ' I 1 . l 1 U .1 - 1 1 1 I 1 an . I - I F 1 1 1 I 1 ,:,, D: , Bond Glee Club i701 Orchestra THE WHIRLWIND 1936 H EA BA Thus yeor Durector Loren Luper hcud the tollowung otfucers to help hum un mokung the l935 36 Bond o boomung success Howord Sternberg presu dent Normon Gregory vuce presudent Helen Koos secretory treosurer ond Multon Newport monoger On the evenung ot Februory 6 the bond gove uts onnuol concert un the hugh school oudutoruum One of the numbers ployed wos the Stote Concert selectuon entutled Lught Covolry Overture by Suppe At the Conby Hugh School Conby Oregon onother concert wos presented on Februory Z0 The Conby Bond whuch us durected by Mox Rohrbough former A H S Bond member ployed wuth our bond un the concert The bond us plonnung to portucupote un the Stcute Bond Concert on Aprul IO ll loter un the seoson ut wull ottend the Portlond Rose Festuvol ond the Lebonon Strowberry Four GLEE CLUB Although tew ot the l934 35 Glee Club members returned thus yeor new members were suttucuent to guve the present Glee Cuub on enrollment of obout thurty tuve At the turst meetung the tollowung oftucers were elected Moruon Morks presudent Eduth Anderson vuce presudent Groce Gulkey secretory treosurer Fronces Burkhort ond Evelyn Lorsen lubroruons Horruet Ruchords puonust ond Eduth Cuulchru t os substutute Becouse ot on unsotusfoctory tume ond ploce to reheorse Glee Club proctuce wos ot turst retcurded Proctuces now ore held before school ond hove recently been devoted enturely to contest musuc At the Glee Club Contest un Forest Grove on Aprul 24 25 Albony Hugh School wull be represented by the followung groups the Gurls Glee Club the Gurls Quortet composed of Dorothy Nosh Eduth Anderson Thelmo Duckson ond Moxune Stenberg The lotter three gurls ore olso enterung the solo contest Lunden Louner us the new durector ot the Glee Club Besudes trounung the group he olso ossusts the truo the quortet ond the solousts ORCHESTRA The Albony Hugh School Orchestro wos furst orgonuzed un l9lZ by G E Funnerty who wos ot one tume superuntendent of the Albony Publuc Schools Respondung to the unspurotuons of prevuous leoders ond to the durectuon of uts present conductor Mr Loren Luper thus group of would be moster ond mustress musucuons ore clumbung toword the hugher gools un the musucol world Thus orchestro entertouns mony lorge ond smoll groups un the hugh school ond throughout the Cuty of Albony Twuce o week the members thurty sux un number meet to prepore theur musuc for entertounment A lorge number of these members ploy un the Albony Symphony Orches tro un foct we ore proud to soy thot they furnush the foundotuon for thot orchestro The tollowung musucuons were chosen os otfucers for the yeor Vurgunuo Hocklemon presudent Louren Korstens vuce presudent Dorus Murphy sec retory treosurer l:ddue Gomon monoger l7ll I 9 3 6 T H E W I R L W I N D TH . H. S. ND - - 11 4 11 l A T , . I I T 4 Q , - 1 , - Q , . - A 11 1 I 11 - l l V l A U ' I I , 4 I ' ' 4 , . - , . . . I T l 1 ,, . I A . . . .V . ' I . I 1 1 ' ' U .1 . - ' . 1 I 1 I . . .S . . I . . ' - . I, . . ' I . , R . h A1 1 l 1 I . I . .l I . A , . 1 ' 1 - ' 1 - I V 1' , ' ' - ' 1 ' llll THE WHIRLWIND 1936 STUDENT COUNCIL Hudson Larsen Cneesrnon Forster STUDENT BODY V Groemng Morgan Merrill Douglas HeY H STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Councul was first organized on January 28 l924 and the plan of procedure formulated then has been followed closely through the years The Council consists of the student body officers a representative from each class and the principal Mr Hudson The representatives are Evelyn Larsen senior Jack Cheesman junior and Mabel Forster sophomore Vic tor Groenung presudent of the Student Body us also presudent of the Student Council Among the duties of the organization are the enforcing of athletic training rules making and approving dates for school events acting as a nominating committee for the Student Body officers taking charge of all elections and requiring a complete annual report of all clubs and actuvutues STUDENT BODY All students who attend Albany Hugh School and pay the student dues are members of the Student Body This entitles them to the privilege of voting at all student body elections or partucupatung un activities where the entire school us concerned Among the many functions performed by thus organization us the elect ung of the queen to reugn at the annual l-lugh School Carnival Voting us done durung the week previous to the Carnival and any hugh school gurl us eluguble and offucuates at many assemblues throughout the school year The other officers ofthe year were Bull Morgan vuce presudent Jean Merrill secretary and Robert Douglas treasurer The l-lu Y Club us an honorary service organization consisting of seven teen members who band themselves together un a definite cause calling for hugh scholarshup physucal efficiency moral worth and luves of unselfush service lts purpose us to create mauntaun and extend throughout the school and community hugh standards of Christian character The club stands for clean luvung clean speech clean sport and clean scholarshup Thus year the club was under the able leadership of the followung offu cers Clarence Manning presudent Kenton Bradley vuce presudent Homer Groenung secretary treasurer Charles Hurley custoduan of the paddle At the beginning of the school year un i935 the Hu Y undertook to perform at least one project for every teacher un the school Included un these projects was the provudung of an Amerucan flag for every class room The club also ushers durung assemblues builds bonfures for rallues and offers its services freely whenever real need aruses l73l I 9 3 6 T H E W I R L W I N D The student body president, Victor Groening, presides at all meetings, H I - Y H Our Carmval, "The March of T1me" Thus year there was some doubt about havung the Carnuval sunce the funds were not absolutely necessary for the Annual and sunce the annoyung remodelung of the buuldung was lukely to unterfere wuth rehearsals however both the teachers and students voted un favor of uts contunuance The theme March of Tume was adopted and the work was begun Mrs Penland was agaun chosen manager and to her belongs much of the credut for the success of the Carnuval Vuctor Groenung was appounted assustant manager Muss Voyen hard workung funancual manager dud many luttle tasks for whuch she receuved no thanks The hard uob of handlung the funances was hers and she handled ut most credutably Although the parade was a rather moust one the spurut of the Carnuval was not dampened un the least The raun made ut umpossuble for all of the organuzatuons to enter theur floats but un spute of the storm the students had a colorful parade Orugunaluty and cleverness un costumes were very apparent Muldred Steckley dressed as Umpadeedle won the pruze for the best costume Blevuns Lewellung won second pruze The beard con test was a close one When Mr Putnam and Mr Hudson had funally elum mated all the fakes ut was found that Myrna Cochell had the most luxuruant crop Duck Vueruck was a runner up The sophomore class was announced the wunner of the tucket sellung campaugn and each member of the class receuved fuve cents un Carnuval money After a busy week of funal preparatuon the Carnuval began The doors opened at 6 30 and by 7 30 the Armory was fulled to uts capacuty An extremely beautuful ceremony formally unaugurated the evenung the Coronatuon of Queen Betty Futzpatruck A processuon of attendants followed by the queen marched to the stage where the presudent of the Student Body crowned Queen Betty I Then amud much applause Queen Betty and her attendants marched to her throne After thus auspucuous prelumunary the senuor class began the stunts wuth a barn dance as uts unterpretatuon of the past Sungung dancung and hull bully uokes made ut a snappy accurate conceptuon of the olden days The uunuors had an amateur hour for the basus of theur show Wuth clever umutatuons by Homer Groenung and Ralph Romaune they put on a modern raduo show The sophomores used the Leap Year udea un theur futurustuc show Theur unterpretatuon showed the faulure ofa woman made marruage Mr Clyde Wulluamson chaurman of the judges announced the stunt wunner to be the senuor class for theur presentatuon of the barn dance He presented the Carnuval Cup to John Dooley presudent of the senuor class In apprecuatuon of her work on the Crownung Ceremony Mr Putnam presented Ruth Romaune wuth a guft from the school For three years the Coronatuon Ceremony has been un Ruth s charge and each year ut has been beautuful and umpressuve After the Queen and her company had left the throne the door pruzes were awarded A bulletun was publushed thus year by the advanced shorthand class Thus bulletun Dauly Carnuval News was ussued durung Carnuval Week It proved to be a handy Iuttle unformant for the students T741 . . I 1 1 1 II ' Il 1 1 1 - A 1 ' I I , . 1 ' 1 . 11 11 - A 1 1 r - - 11 11 I I , . . , . . ' 1 1 1 ' 1 1 ' 1 1 ' , . ' - ' - - 11 11 1 ' 1 1 , . , . . . , , 1 , . - 11 . . 11 - - . ' 1 1 . ATHLETICS Q : SPORTS there ore enough for oll XXfho would enter wlth o wrll But these whom we hove lrsted here All those who for the love of sport l-loxe upheld the honor of our school And on the gndvron ond the trock Hove lived the sportsmen s golden rule J C K-Q f l-love surpossed, in othletic skill, , N 1 H FOOTBALL One umportant change of fueld faculutues marked the openung of the 1935 football season Thus was the unstallatnon of a new lughtung system on Central Fueld Local cuvuc clubs and organuzatuons cooperated wuth the school board un unstallung the system whuch us as good as any other un the state Coach Ellungsen buult hus team around the followung lettermen Gene Sutton Tubby Mannung Elmo Musner Gardner Ewung Muke Patapoff Raymond Schrock and Charles Hurley October 4 Unuversuty Hugh There Coach Ellungsen s Bulldogs opened the season wuth a 9 to O vuctory over Unuversnty Hugh on Hayward Fueld Two blocked kucks paved the way for both scores Patapoff guard and Ruchmond end were outstandung Bulldogs October Il Tullamook Here The furst game played under the new lught ung system was wuth the Cheesemakers endung wuth a 6 to 6 tue October I8 Salem There Salem Hugh s Vukungs eked out a 6 to O score over Albany un a close game played on Sweetland Fueld Ellungsens chargers threatened the goal several tumes durung the contest October 25 Bend Here In one of the most thrullung games ever wutnessed on Central Fueld Bends Lava Bears drowned the fughturug Bulldogs by defeat Albany had the ball on the Bears sux unch lune when the gun sounded and ended the game November 4 McMunnvulle There By vurtue of a powerful runnung attack un the furst half McMunnvulle defeated A H S I2 to 7 Early un the second quarter Albany scored to take the lead 7 to 6 but Mabee Mac Hu left half took the ball and raced suxty fuve yards through the Bull dogs to complete the scorung of the day November ll Corvallus Here Playung un a sea of mud Albany lost to uts tradutuonal ruvals by a score of 7 to O A short pass from the eught yard lune over the goal Iune resulted un a score for the Spartans Excellent kuckung was wutnessed despute the condutuon of the ball and the fueld Musner and Gene Sutton starred for the Bulldogs November 22 Lebanon There A recovered fumble by Fred Duckhouse reserve center made a 6 to 2 vuctory possuble for Albany over the Berry puckers The Lebanon eleven came twuce wuthun fuve yards of the Bull dogs goal only to lose the ball on downs when Albany s lune stuffened November 28 Independence Here By scorung two touchdowns un the thurd quarter Albany came from behund to defeat an under rated lndepend ence Hugh team I4 to 7 The Turkey Day confluct ended Albanys l935 grud season wuth three vuctorues four defeats and one tue The game ended the hugh school grud careers of Clarence Mannung Eugene Sutton Charles Hurley Wulton Erb Gardner Ewung Muke Patapoff John Ruchmond and Elmo Musner I7l I 9 3 6 T H E W I R L W I N D I u V u - I 11 11 ' II II ' ' ' II ' II . I ' I I I I , . - u u - I , , . . I . ' I I I I ' I I ' ' . I - , . I . I , . . I a score of 6 to O. Only the timer's gun saved Bend from a tie and possible I I I D II I I I I - - I ' ' I I Il Il - I ' ' I I ' ' II I - . ,, . . , . I . I ' ' , . , . - I - . I U I I I D ' A I . I I I I ' II ' Il - . I I I ' 5 llp A. H. . Football Stars E761 0 'Q H Ou Ne Lght ng System f771 THE WH YELL LEADERS Pep and vutaluty are the sugnufucant qualutues of the Bulldog yell leaders We are led un the cheerung of our athletuc teams by Maxune Stenberg Cath erune Bowman and Blaur Warner The gurls are senuors but Blaur wull carry on next year OUR ATHLETIC COACHES Albany Hugh School us very fortunate un havung athle es luke Coach Ellungsen and Muss Lucule Murphy to guude the destunues of uts athletuc teams However athletucs us only one of the thungs they teach un addutuon the two coaches buuld a character of honesty and sportsmanship un every boy and gurl who come under theur supervusuon BASKETBALL December 3l Albany at Toledo Albanv s Bulldogs opened the season wuth a 29 Z3 vuctory over the Toledo quuntet January 7 Sprungfueld at Albany A contungent of Sprungfueld basketball players that could not rnuss the basket downed the Bulldogs 30 27 January 9 Lebanon at Albany By s orung thurteen pounts Homer Groenung guard led the Bulldogs un a 33 Zl wun over the Berrypuckers January l4 Corvallus at Albany The Bulldogs splut an excutung double header wuth the Spartans The furst strung went down to defeat 24 22 un the maun event Albany s Subs defeated the Spartan Subs 22 Zl tume by runnung up a score of S3 8 January l8 Albanv at Unuversuty Hugh Albany smothered U H S 24 l5 on McArthur Court January 24 Cottage Grove at Albany Comung from behund late un the fourth quarter to score seventeen pounts the Bulldogs downed the Luons 24 l7 January 3l St 'vlarys at Albany The Bulldogs soundly trounced the Gallopung Gaels to the tune of 44 20 Vuctor Groenung went on a scorung rampage runnung up a total of 22 pounts February 4 Albany at Eugene Although they were enuoyung an eught pount lead at the half tume the Bulldogs lost a 3l 29 over tume decusuon to Eugene February 7 Albany at Lebanon Albany agaun won a double bull from Reed Clarks charaes The furst strunqs won by a score of 42 l6 and the Bull pups won 28 I8 February ll Albany at Sprungfueld Albany players avenqed theur early season by Sprungfueld when they smothered them Sl l5 February Zl Albany at Corvallus Albany lost a one suded game to the Spartans 37 3l February 28 Albany at Cottaae Grove Paced by Wolfe and V Groenung the Bulldoas trampled the Luons 48 22 March 2 Unuversuty Hugh at Albany Albany won a lop suded vuctory over the vusutors 36 T6 March 6 Eugene Hugh at Albany The Bulldogs splut a double header wuth the purple and whute quuntets The furst strungers lost 28 22 but the Pups won March 7 St Mary s at Eugene Coach Ellungsen s Cages concluded a success ful season by defeatung the St Marys Gaels 34 29 I R L W I N D I 9 3 6 January l7, Toledo at Albany. Albany slaughtered Toledo for the sec-ond H L N.. Yell Leaders Bowman Warner Stenberg Coaches EHungsen AAurphy E791 Basketball 9 3 6 T H E VV I R VV I N D ' 5 sw .ga ffff' ,ig 1 . l - 4.. ly: i ' A V A ,. ag? Ll- :A jg 59- f ., 'Q Qib f 1 ll l . - ' f' . , fp 'ai 9 ll? f4' . " ' f, ' l '-.t, - - de- . ,,., Qi A ,, in ,vffl f Q Q .' rl Q Q9 9? eh' aid,-,EY-f' ,l T ock 1935 Baseball F801 T H E W I R L I N D I 9 3 6 I ' . 0 9' fa ' W - , ' - . ' , x Q 5 I x E I l ' N i ' - h . V' ' wx . x 54 I J v h . XL? x J 1 1 4 y N , ' ' 5 .x ., I- ' , " 'A Xi- ,ll ' QT' ' 'U ' 4? , pf ,U M . A . f - E ,Q 2 M X ' 1 ' , Q? . , by , V I ll 1936 THE WHIRLWIND TRACK The l935 trackmen ot Albany High had one ot the most successful track seasons in the history ot the school. Albany won three dual track meets with Stayton, Corvallis, and Inde- pendence but lot one to Springfield A triangular meet was taken by Albany from Independence and Dallas Near the close ot the season the Albany Hugh track sauad won the distract meet which was held an Corvallus The Bulldog racers who entered the State meet were Hall lOO yard Plagmann 440 Henderson 8550 Carnegie mule Appelgate javelln Put nam and Kelty pole vault Robertson shot put and Alderson hurdles Others who made theur official A were Morgan Warner and McLaren Schedule Independence Dua Corvallis at Corvallis Dual Dallas Independence Albany at Albany Triangle Corvallis at Albany Dua District No 5 at Corvallis Meet State at Corvallis Meet BASEBALL rll l April 22 April 25 May l May 9 May l5 l6 With sux lettermen returnlng Albany was the winner of nlne games and loser ot only one thus season The team entered the Strawberry Fair Tourna ment and returned home with the championship trophy for l935 Those who made their ottuclal A s were L Robertson Frager Bates Ehrlich Muller J Robertson R Robertson Underwood Manning Arthur V Groenlng H Curoenlng and Shrock The latter elght wlll return tor the l936 season The Seniors were proud winners ot the inter class series which were played at the beglnnung ot the year Albany cuo Albany Salem Albany Corvallns Albany Salem Albany Lebanon Albany Lebanon Albany Harrisburg Albany Lebanon Albany Halsey Schedule l36 Ol7 l38 l3O 6 l3ll April April April April May May May May May Jun e l , ,,,,,,c,cc,,...,....,, ,c..,c...,.,...,. l , ,. .,,.,,,.. Ap ' l ', c,c,,c,c c.,.,c,,,,,,,cc,.,,c,,,,c,, I cccccc.,cc. . vs, S ' ,, cc..ccc,.,,,c..cccc,c..,. 9-l , ,cccccc,.. ..c,cc ' l2 Albany vs. Corvallis,...,. 5-l .,ccc,.,,..,..,c,,c..,,c,.,.cc ' l9 vs, ,Yc,..,,.c...c,,..,.c.,... - cccccc.,,c...,cccc., .c,,,,.Yc ' Zl vs. ' c,....ccccc.c,,,ccc L 7-2 L ccc.ccc..,ccccccc,.,,cccc,. ' 3O vs. ,..c,.cc.....,.,......,.ct - ..,,,cccc.ccc,,,, ccccc..cccc l O vs. ,,,ccc.,,c.. - . Lc.,,,,,.....ccccc,.c.cccc, . 23 vs. ccccc.c,,,,....c.. ,A 9-3 ,,ccccccc. ,ccc cccc,,ccYc 2 4 vs. ' cccc.,cc.,cccc 4-2 L cccccccccccccc,,,ccc 30 vs. .,,,c...c.,c..,,cc , - , ,,,,,,,ccc, , ,,,, L 3l vs. cc...c,ccc....,...c -.l -l L L cc.,c.. L L H Q- ,4-f Gurls Athletrc Assocrotuon Order of A I 32 I Boys Athletic Association T H E W I R L W I N D I 9 3 6 1 1 X .dx V c xx A I Pg? ' 1-1 Q4 , 4 1 X 1 ' I936 THE WH GIRLS ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION The Gurls Athletuc Assocuatuon of Albany Hugh School proved to be one of the most actuve gurls organuzatuons of the school durung l935 and l936 Wuth Muss Luculle Murphy physucal educatuon unstructor as advuser the assocuatuon sponsored several hugh school socuals at Lewusburg and also conducted an unutuatuon for eluguble members Membershup un the club thus year uncluded appraxumately one hundred gurls At the fall unutuatuon whuch was held on November ZO un the Maduson School Gymnasuum fufty gurl athletes became members of thus assocuatuon The offucers for l935 I936 were as follows Anne Dooley presudent Margaret Kuzer vuce presudent Myrtle Compton secretary treasurer and Muss Murphy advuser ORDER OF A The Order of A us composed of all boys who have earned theur letter un any of the four major sports football basketball baseball and track The unutuatuon us the outstandung yearly event af the organuzatuon Thus year ut was held on December 3 and seventeen new members were taken un The dutues of the organuzatuon consust of actung as poluce at school affaurs such as Carnuval Day parade May Day parade and athletuc events at Central Fueld There are now twenty fuve members un the club wuth the followung people actung as offucers Robert Arthur presudent Eugene Sutton vuce presudent Ernest Underwood secretary treasurer Coach Ellungsen advuser BOYS ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION The Boys Athletuc Assocuatuon us an organuzatuon whose purpose us to promote a better understandung of hugh school sports Thus year s football season was better funancually than was the basketball however more vuc tones were won un basketball than un football The offucers for thus year were George Henderson presudent Robert Robertson vuce presudent Raymond Shrock secretary Jummy Robertson treasurer and Mr Hudson advuser The boys are antucupatung a better year un sports for l936 37 Besudes havung a new gymnasuum the B A A are plannung to purchase much new equupment for the athletes l83J I . , . . . . . . , . . . 1 1 1 1 ' 1 , . - ' 1 1 1 ' 1 1 - 1 , . ll ll 11 11 - - 1 1 1 ' I . 1 1 ' 1 1 1 - 1 1 ' 1 1 - I . . . , 1 1 - 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 ' , . . . H GIRLS' PHYSICAL EDUCATION PAST AND PRESENT Roamung the halls suxth peruod durung the furst week of school we saw between twenty fuve and thurty hugh school gurls leavung the school buuldung un a mad rush Lettung our curuosuty get the better of us we set out to unvestugate the reason for thus commotuon Upon askung one of the gurls where everyone was goung we were Informed that the desttnatuon of all was the hugh school gurls physucal educatuon class at Maduson Junuor Hugh School When we entered the buuldung we were greeted by Muss Luculle Murphy physucal educatuon IHSIFUCIOF and advuser who unvuted us to go up to the gymnasuum where we could outlune the year s schedule of actuvutues Furst on the lust was volleyball followed un order by speedball tumblung basket ball folk dancmg track baseball and archery The gurls were duvuded unto class teams and schedules for unter class tournaments un some of the actuvutues were arranged Members of these teams were as follows Senuors Jean Merrull Mary Kruml Vena Holst Volena Wuckuzer Mae post graduates Junuors Ellen Hauser Eleanor Koos Paula Hunter Margaret Kuzer Crystal Wuckuzer Genevueve Bradshaw Opal Garland and Mrytle Compton Sophomores Nancy Ward Arlene Ehrluch Paulune Seuppe Carolyn Burch Januce Hermansen Ellen Russell Carolune Grenz and Vurgunua Kenagy FUTURE Begunnung un I94O there wull ga unto effect a new State law whuch wull make the physucal educatuonal course a compulsory four year course Each student wull be requured to have a physucal examunatuon and uf unable to engage un thus actuvuty he wull spend has tume takung carrectuve gymnasuum work un order to overcome the dusabuluty The plan requures two days or two hours a week of gymnasuum work Sunce there are so many students en rolled new unstructors wull be added to the faculty to cooperate wuth the present physucal educatuonal unstructors Because of thus new law many new gymnasuums are beung erected throughout Oregon and Albany us havung a new gymnasuum constructed for the benefut of her young people The playung floor nunety four feet by seventy two feet wull allow enough room for three basketball practuce courts The bleachers un the gymnasuum wull seat about four hundred and twenty persons There wull be three dressung rooms one for the gurls one for the boys and one for the use of the vusutung team Each of them wull be equupped wuth ample shower fuxtures and unduvudual lockers for gym clothes I84l T E W I R L W I N D I 9 3 6 beth Bailey, lda McNeil, and Mary Eozad. The, last three named were FEATURE HUMCDR OOD fellowshnp tempers the monotony Of the workodoy world un whnch we strive And to get the best out of life We must keep oll fruendshnps olive Feature ond Humor go hand an hand Our leusure hours to beguule Frnends books or poems ore The thungs thot moke our lives worth while JC I e .fx H CALENDAR September 23 Openlng of school October Football game wlth Unlverslty Hugh U O A 9 Assembly Jane Dudley vlollnlst Football game wlth Tlllamook T 6 ulll and Scroll mc-etlng Teachers lnstltute Football game wlth Salem S 6 A Latln Club organlzed Football game wlth Bend B 6 A O Novem er Assembly Bob Bnggs artlst Latln Club meetlng Football game with McMlnnyllle Mc 6 A O Football game wlth Corvallls C 7 Qulll and Scroll mcetlng Llterary Explorers meetlng Football game wlth Lebanon L 2 Thanksglvlng Day assembly glven by sophomores Football game wlth Independence A December Honor Soeuety lnltlatlon Llterary Explorers meetlng Qulll and Scroll meetlng Order of A lnltlatlon Soclology class lrlp to Salem Junlor play Mamma s Baby Boy Glrls League Qulll and Scroll lnrtlatlon Basketball game wnth Toledo T 23 A 29 anuary Glrls League Basketball game wuth Sprlngtleld S 30 A 27 Lrterary Explorers meetlng Basketball game wuth Lebanon L 2l A 33 Latln Club dnnner Basketball game wlth Corvallls C 24 A 22 l5 Parent Teachers meetlng l85J e March brua Basketball game wlth Toledo T lB A 53 Basketball game wlth Unlverslty Hugh U l4 A 4 Basketball Game wlth Cottage Grove C I7 A 24 Basketball Game mth St Marys St M 2O A -lil Close of semester Y Basketball game wuth Eugene E 3l A 29 Debate Albany and Corvallus Corval Ins won Debate Albany and NX!oodburn Al bony won Basketball game wlth Lebanon L l6 A Sl Basketball game wuth Sprlngfleld A Llterary Explorers party Debate Albany and Dallas Dallas WON Debate Albany and Toledo Albany won Parent Teachers meetlng Qulll and Scroll news reel Commercral Club meetlng Bond concert at Canby Basketball game wlth Corvallls C 37 A 3l Lotln Club meeting Honor Soclety presented program at Corvallls Hugh School Washlngton assembly Mr Tordt and the snakes Basketball game wlth Cottage Grove CG 22 A 48 F F A parents banquet Basketball game wlth Unlverslty H U l6 A 6 ulll and Scroll meetlng Debate Albany and Toledo Albany won Debate Albany and Dallas Dallas won Basketball wlth Eugene E 3l A Latln club lnltlatlon Basketball with St Marys St M A 34 to l3 Queen votlng I 9 3 6 T H E W I R L W I N D l7. , - , A I l8. ' l M ' ' , . . - ' -2 ' 4- I 24. ' , ' f ' - D G- , - . 77 ' , 2 7 4 3l. 1 - , , . ll. , - , - , - . AAG Sl. m l4l. Q P . . H . 18. A , - , eo. F v g 22. ' - 'lr ' , - , 254 ' ' ' ' ' 5. l . - b . l. , ' , . . - 3. A . ' 4. ' A , 7- 2 I A I tl' - I - I ' ' I - I ll, A , A,O- S-l5, -5l. 12' , ' l l2. Q l . 20. ' ' ' . '32 2 22. ' , - , I ' A-6' l3. 2 . 25. Assembly, Gerde Marionettes. ' I g 27. . . I . Q - I . l5. . 28' ' I l9. ' ' . l-7, -l-4. 20. . Zl. , - , 3' . - ' ' ' 1 22. 2 U ' . F . . ' 27. ' J. . A - ' 6- ' 28. ' . . 9. - h N. . IH , V I l2. ' ' . - , - . 30, ' ' ' . 29 .... ' . 3l. . ' , - , S ' 2. ' J igh, - , -3 . 3- A ' A . . . 2- Q A - 7. , 5A . I 7. . I , . l ' I 9. ' , - , . ' - 6. ' , - , -29. l2. ' ' . 7, ' ' ' ' A I l4. A , - , ' . ', . '29, . -I ' ' . ll . I ' . H April land conccrt at Swcct Home D aate Albany and Woodburn Wood burn won D batc Albany and Corvallls Corval Irs won Lat ram Explorers meetung Awar'l assembly Home Economic Dlstrlct Conference rn Albany Lcbanon band assembly Carnrval Orpheon assembly Commercual Club mcctrng Assembly Lrnfleld Quartet Baseball gam wrth Crabtree C C C here urll and Scroll meetrng Baseball game wrth Scna here Band concert Corvallus Honor Soclety assembly lO ll Band contest at Corvallis Dual track meet wrth Independence Easter vacatnon Baseball game wrth Corvalns here Lrterary Explorers meeting Hr Y assembly Baseball game wuth Carvallrs there Latrn Club meetlng Baseball game wrth Eugene there l saw the starry tree Eternity May June Assembly Mrsner Players DJ Glee Club contest at Forest Grove Shorthand and Typing contest Cor vallrs Trrangle track meet wnth Dallas and Independence at Dallas Baseball game wlth Salem here F F A conventron atCorvalIrs Dual track meet wrth Corvallis Here Baseball game wlth Lebanon Here l-lonor Socnety rnrtlatnon Dnstrlct No S track meet at Corvol Senior play l6 State track meet at Corvallrs Senior Play Day Baseball game wlth Eugene Here Lnterary Explorers prcnrc Baseball game wrth Salem Here Latln Club Waffle supper Junror Senlor entertaunment Baseball at Strawberry Farr Lebanon Baccalaureate 2 Baseball at Strawberry Farr Leba non Graduatron exercrses Put forth the blossom Trme Proteus Even such rs time that takes rn trust Our youth our joys our all we have ' l96l Raleigh ll Il E W I R L W I N D I 9 3 5 lf. 2 - H . 2-l. , . ct - ' f 2-1,..'. - . ' A 25. A E, - - 25. l ' l3. e 5 ' . , 13, t . 28. ' , , ll ' 3 30. , . ' ' . 20. H I . 27, ' l. ' ' . 30. , 5. 4 . . 9. . - ' Irs. 3. , ' ' , I2 Baseball game with Lebanon. There. ' q C . . . I ' . lS, . . 9 Q , . 1 19. A . 1, I . ' . h 3- - 20. ' ' ' ' . W- " W 26. ' . . 9, , . ' . ll. H ' . ZQ. - - - I l3. -. . 304 'I U l-l, C , g , , 31. A l7. '- , 20. ' . . Zl. ' ' , . 3. ' ' . H W 'Q Kimi , LJ 451+ UCI ' , f-1-tjxq-'Q S""D ii 049 X """',x"" 'L IANV H th MARCH fTlME Aff tdO V371 if 'I 9 3 6 T H E W I R L I N Q' ci: 94 ix- X r 1 r .A ff . " Y 4 W 0 N Q if K ff , X - V ,.,...-f l""T""" 1 NV V ' ' ' J - f JH q, e5 NJX x we - I X y ,K uf V- ' x H , af ,. ,fnf . ..- .4--F i - , 77 25' 'Q I Q11 Q MN 5 K 4 J- gg' Zig! ,JK V2 TL' "" 'V' f ,A - ' I 5 4' V 'J A .S-2 N ' LP. ,ff 'uguj Q m,A2p G ' . 9- L N 6 X ,,-.,3, . '--4' -I -5 Q 'ji' f 'Nr I C' Vhwx'-.F'w A lx " E ' fbi L , .V ' X 9 5 JJ' ' . . ,. vglgjf ow e o ec e ur Stoff Artist H ALUMNI OF 1935 Isabell Ackerman Hall s Floral Shop Clan Alderson Marrs Grocery Salem Chlorls Alexander Albany Symphony Orches tra Teaches plana Agnes Alford Marrled Gerald Andrus At home Ralph Appelgate Marrted and Farmtng Dausy Ashton Albany Floral Shop Betty Baur Oregon Beauty College Vlrgtnta Barnett Simpson Buble School Shulcy Bates At home Alton Benedlct At home Alice Bentght Married to Charles Henson Gal s Bennett Assistant Surveyor Ruth Bennett Marrled Mary Btkman Blkman s Store Dorrls Blanchard Tralnlng IH Emanuel Has pltal Portland Geraldln Bodtne Past graduate Cecrl Botktn Pay n Taklt Lee Brazel At home Frances Bryant Albany College Laura Bryant Unlverslty of Oregon Thomas Buchanan At home Cllfford Burton Post Graduate Darts Burton Canton Cafe John Carnegte Oregon State College Helen Chambers At home Betty Chrlds Oregon State College Gordon Chandler Albany College Loulse Clark Albany College Lenna Calltns Oregon State College Harod Conn Pay n Taklt G rold Cox Post graduate Kettn Cunnrngham Luvlng ln ldaho Sloan Dannals Dannals Paunt Shop lrva Dantels Busrness College Burltngham Wash Lyle Dawson At home Lauts Dlckson Oregon State College Ruth Dumbeck Oregon State College Lyle Eogy At home Ross Eogy In Callfornta Verne Eogy ln the Navy Luctlle Eastman At home Erwln Ehrllch Albany College Paula Engel A H S office Rosalee Engstrom Llvtng In Portland Effte Feuerstein Marrled to Harlan Packard Ethel Feuerstein At home Esther Fuxen Albany College Juluanne Fortmuller Unuversuty of Oregon Wtllue Frager University of Oregon Bully Frltch At home Donald Fulk Postgraduate Delorns Godwin Stenographer at Bank Albany Robert Goltra Pay n Save Robert Groshong Post graduate Rose Halada At home Alta Haley At home Vlalet Haley Marrred to Ben Roselle Betty Lou Harrnson Albany College of E881 Frances Hendryx Venetian Theater Charles Hlckman Albany College Cltttord Hackett Sunny Brook Ruth Hoefer At home Vtrgll Hoge Montgomery Wards Luella Hogevoll Beauty School at Eugene vlrgtnta Hood At home Allan Howells At home Margaret Huffman Llvtng ln Lebanon Dora Jantzen Normal School Monmouth Ellzabeth Jenks Emanuel Hospltol lVlOl'yOVl2 Kamph At home Phontel Keebler At home Jeanette Kelly In Portland Esther Lelchty At home Jack Looney Post graduate Grace Lovett At home Ada Maguren Post graduate Wllla Mclntosh Albany College Wtllard McMlckle At home Ida McNerl Hostess House typlst Kenneth Muller Llvtng ln Montana Vtvlan Mlller At home Mclva Mltchell Woolworths Dorothy Moore At home Ruth Moore At home Donald Morrls Unnerslty of Oregon lrene Muller At home Fred Neuman At home Joe Noble At home Merthal Place Secretary PWA Cnfton Plagmonn At home Lawrence Plagmonn Oregon State Collegc Arlte Odenburg Granada Theater Lenard Robertson Unlverslty af Oregon Stanley Roblnson At home Pearl Sanderson Marrled to Edward Gordon Evelyn Schmtdt Paramount Theater June Schmrdt Oregon State College Byron Scott Post graduate Jane Scott Albany College Dawson Darts Sltger Marrled to Ralph Appelgate Catherrne Smnth Oregon State College Eston Smrth Paclf c Unlverslty Eugene Smrth Oregon State College Aldo Speer Post graduate Earl Thomas At home Ruth Thomas Worktng rn Salem Shrrley Thomas Mrs H Wllluamson Vtolet Thomas At home Clatre Thompson Star Transfer Dtck Truplett Worklng tn Oregon Gold Mme Ethel Truax Beauty School at Salem Frances Walker Post graduate Ralpl- Walker At home Betty Walkup Albany College Jane Westfeldt Oregon State College Glenrose Whltney Oregon State College La Verne Willard Post graduate Nell Wtllus Grocerverterla Opal Wolgamott At home Zrola Zehr Capltal Buslness College Salem Maxlne Zlmmerman P G at Eugene m I I I . ' ' 1 I I 4 I 1 - I , , , , , , , , I I . . , I I f ' , , , , er , Q , , I f T I , , e , , I V ' A I ' , . , , I l I , , , , I I V I I I . I I I ' I , , , , , , , , . e , ' , Mary Cozad, Post graduate Laratne Rtchards, Cnty Ltbrary A l I I - F I I 1 I l Q I I I I l . , . I I , , , , A , A , S I . I . I . I. , . . , I .I I 1 I I , , , , . I S . I . I , . . I l . . . . I . I , , , , , I. I I , , I U , l . . . I . , , . I 4 . ,I , , 1936 THE WH We Welcome You, New H1gh School Contunued rr m Pogo 53 We sholl olso hove one ot the most modern gymnosuums un the stote ot Oregon Thus gymnosuum us desugned to guve omple room ond up to the mun ute toculutues for oll types ot physucol educotuon work The moun room wull hove on Eostern hord mople tloor There wull be ploysng spoce tor two cross bosketboll courts un oddutuon to the moun ployung court ond eventuolly the seotung copocuty wull be suttucuent tor oll tuture needs Thus room us olso to be os neorly ture proot un constructuon os possuble The outsude of the oudu toruum ond the gymnosuum us to hormonuze wuth the oppeoronce ot the pres ent hugh school buuldung All of our closs rooms wull be remodeled returnushed ond redecoroted ond un ettect we sholl hove on enturely new buuldung All floors wull hove new coverungs The lovotorues for both boys ond gurls on eoch floor ond bosement wull be modern un every respect The scuence loborotorues wull be modern un every respect wuth especuolly desugned toble spoce to occommodote opproxu motely 24 students to eoch room The tobles were desugned by Superuntend ent Putmon ond Dr l-luftoker And do you know thot we ore to hove ot lost o very up to dcute lubrory wuth omple sheltung tor oll ot our present splendud volumes? Room for mony more wull soon be odded Thus room wull be proctucolly sound proof ond wull Our shops wull be reorronged enturely so thot the work con be corrued on more ettectuvely One of the deportments whuch wull be outstondung un orrongement us the Commercuol deportment There wull be room for shorthond ond ottuce troun ung work for bookkeepung ond for o typung room wuth 2Oth century lughtung orrongements Another deportment whuch wull be enturely reorgonuzed ond redecoroted us thot of Home Economucs ln thus deportment we plon to hove the very lotest food ond coJkung tobles sunks electruc ronges gos ronges etc con venuently orronged so thot the students moy receuve trounung needed to pre pore them to tut unto the most modern home There us olso somethung thot our home economucs teochers hove olwoys wonted o sewung room next to the foods loborotory The equupment here wull olso be of the very lotest desugns All of the rooms un the buuldung uncludung mothemotucs scuence loboro torues hustory cuvucs Englush etc wull be equupped wuth outlets for ottoch ung ond usung modern sound ond vusuol educotuonol equupment The pruncupcul wull olso hove on oftuce modern un every detoul The publuc oddress system wuth the controllung unstruments un the prun cupol s offuce wull be connected wuth oll closs rooms oudutoruum gymnosuum l39l I R L W I N D seot obout IOO persons. H laboratoraes shops etc Thas wall enable the sendang of messages and anstruc taons darect from the offace to each of these places and the person an charge an each of the rooms may reply whale standang an almost any part of the room We shall also have an electrac tame system controlled by a master clock an the maan offace and each room of the bualdang wall have a clock The clocks an the varaous rooms wall be automatacally adausted by means of proper mechanasm wath the master clock at the end of each quarter hour anterval The class room peraods wall be automatacally arranged and controlled doang away wath the haphazard system whach we now have ln our basement just across from the foods room we shall also have a lunch room that wall seat lOO to l25 students Thas asa thang that as very much needed Thas room wall be equapped wath steam tables sanks ranges etc There wall be ample room for our band and orchestra ln the southwest corner wall be added two up to date rooms One wall doubtless be used for band and orchestra practice The entare plant wall be heated by a new heatang plant an the basement ofthe southeast wang whach wall be added to the present bualdung The plant wall consast of the very latest type of steam boalers usang oal for fuel and the operataan wall be automatac an every way Over the boaler room wall be a spacaous room for Smath Hughes Agracultural classes Each student wall have ample locker space Our school board has pur chased several hundred steel lockers wath combanataon locks etc These lockers wall be convenaently located an the hallways and basement The school nurse wall have ample arrangements for carryang on the vatal work an protectang the health of the school pupals Her quarters wall consast of spacaous waatang rooms a oravate office and sanatary equapment essentaal for work an thas department Altogether we shall have a school plant that the people of thas commun aty can well be proud of for many years Our estamates have been based on the very latest records avaalable and our predactaons have been made from the data so gathered But Tame Marches On' Who can fully vasualaze the future of Albany Hagh School? E A Hudson Alas' lt as not tall tame wath reckless hand has torn out half the leaves from the Book of Human Lafe that man begans to see that the leaves whach remaan are few an number ' Longfellow T901 THEW IRLWIND 1936 i936 THE WHIRLWIND We appreclate your patronage WY D STUDIO I34 West First Street Albany Oregon THE C C STORE Alexander Motor Co The Friendly Store Authorlzed Ford Dfnler Apprecntes Your Patronige 310 West Fxrst Sr Albany Oregon Phone 12 second and Lyon urse lost snght of chuld mo om Mo om Good grocuous' Why dldnt Smart Shoes for Graduauon you speak fo o pollcemcan' Nurse I wos speckung to one ot the tame mo Clrn 304 Wfest First St Phone 72 yQUR5 FOR PILLS CIcrenceM I ect sux eggs for break fost this mormng Helen K You meon ore Clarence Well maybe at was enght HUB CLEANING WORKS MCDOWELL S LESTER HORTON Proprietor Shoe Store 1225 Ellsworth St Albany Oregon I9lI ' 9 . lf ' ,Y 4 I L . . 4 , I ,, . . N . I the , 4 , I, , , . . . . ' - ,I , H , ' The Biggest Little Store in Oregon Q H , , I , ,U , f - ' .'. ll D II . I I II 'f ,I l ' - H . , . 9 y ' 9 H We thank you for patronage Cllgo rd Stucllo MCDEVITT S Smart Shop I Iah Cl TL f I XXOIIIL I 554 Vest Plrat Street Albany Oregon NO CAUSE FOR ALARM AAIS5JOlf1f15Of7 Your pulse as as regular as a clock Ellen H It ought ta be yOu ve got your hnger an my wrist watch M SENDERS 86 CO SUN NYBROOK IJAIRI I UNCH AND FOUNTAIN sem ICE mu C If llu nr , F M FRENCH 86 SON JEWELERS A MASCULINE OPINION pologles TO Gell tt Burgessl Well l ve seen scarlet fingernails Although I dad not hope IO But they are Thrngs l wrshl rnmghl' Apply a Ilttle soap fo Prager Furmture CO COMPLETE HOME FURNISHINGS ll1lIIV for Lass Flrst and Lyon Phone 456 Radlo Sales and Servlce AI BANY ORl GON Iyon Street Phone 173 J Warner Hardware CO FOR SPORTING GOODS At me R151-It PKICL Albany Oregon Buchanan Where IS Washlng fan9 Bob A l-le IS dead Mr Buchanan l mean the capital of the Unnted States Bob A Oh they loaned It all to Eu rope HURLEY S DRUG STORE 705 West Flrst Street Albany Oregon l92l T H E W I R L W I N D l 9 3 6 . I 9 SI ' I I1Il 'S -0 ' H 'I '.I ll Q l .V -- X x V, ' I" - ' Yr ' I I ' .t C' 1 lfst.IlwlIshel lSf'0 , . GRAIN MJD SEED XN0 Ieluvc the Ijllllllilllll. ff 79 --M -'-O lA Q . . . 1 . Mr. 1 " ' ' - Q 1 ' I. ' , K- ' . :,,, . . , III .' ' - k . H L ROY S X Xvhere 1 Trnl T5 C onx mcrnb or Q roper Mo. II for tint broxnng Bov or Grrl Ir I But to Plm ifc- C A L L R O Y Phone 78 Fr c Delivery Second and Lvon Buster Brown Shoe Store 505 West First Street ALBANY ORIACJON WALT S 91-IOI RFPAIR SERVICF 11 tx f 717 Iyon Strut Albllly Or L11 F B SCI-IOEL XX ut Sncond Qt Alb'mx Ormgon DECEIT tv lyn Me My boy friend 5 so ce Hornet R How so? What nos rv cone now? Evelvn He pretended to belleve rne Cl I nlqht when he knew Oll olong I WO5 IXIHQ To him FLOWERS 1 pr ROMAINES AI BANY FLOR XL CO 115 Brouhlblxx Phone 75 re G follownn ro uc me mon' Now Mass Voyen what dnd you Soy Letween or Sur 1 Sincere Yours PINNEY COMPANY o IT'S SMART TO BE THRIFTY F931 3 6 T H E W I R W I N D 9 I3 li TT E R ll E 1 T S If 'th - P' 5 'z - . Y " I ' s . ff S. - C . 1 v 7 T Qu: i j 'or Loss - .' ' ' 1 ', 1' 1.1 . I I 1 L - - J E XV E L E R The Low-licsl Grill for Ifvery Occasi mn 347 " ' - X , , I-, - H: p wi' o Serve You ' xl .2 " v i - ' ' ' i 7 Cclffulf' QI" N "V" .1 g p'i'1u 3 I ' , H ', -ff ' I X ' ,,, r 'De 'Ong ' ly n I I, C. , lncolp rateai I V50-T' Lffiflul-4,4-eu , l .J wil flguff-00.41 x . kv Ov. f l E WHIRLWIND I936 be Grocerveferla ALBANYS LEADING GROCERS 're s 1 Nlerltss, Fresh. Fruits nnrl Veqc fables Most Complete Stock of Quallty Grocerles Lowest Average Prnces Always LACKEY S GROCERY Open Every Day of the Year Second and Ellsworth Albany Oregon Phones 646 373 J 2 Dellverles Danly ALBANY DAIRY GAIL sLocUM Prop Gr A de Raw and Pasteurlzed Mull: and Cream Butter Burrermnllc Cottage Cheese The Elite Confectnonery and Cafeteria 2 Broadalbm Albany Oregon Gentleman Are you a college man? Homer G No a horse stepped on my at Mass Parker Dld you klll all the germs nn the baby s mrIk9 Paula H My yes' I ran It through the meat chopper twuce Leo K You sold me a car two weeks ago ar Salesman Yes sur eo Tell me agarn all you sold about rt then I m getting duscouraged Mrss Chase What s your father s name? Dorothy N Daddy Mrss Chose Yes I know but what does your mother call hum? Dorothy She doesn t call hum any thrng she lrkes hum Mvss Parker lroarnnq wuth ragel Who told you to put that table an here9 Grace G Mr Putnam Mrss Parker It s mce :sn t rt? Ruth Romaune IS always wnllmg to guve you half the road The trouble as she can t aecrde whrch half to guve you Mrs Aldrsch Tell us what you can about the manners and customs of the people of Indra Betty Betty F They aunt got no manners and they don t wear no costumes Art Velna Brown called as he drove out of the yard when you re rn town stop and get me a par of that Trafflc Jarn I ve read so much about Mrs Penland Do you know Llncoln s Gettysburg Address9 I dudn t even know he lrved there WITH GAME PRESERVES Butch What can I do for you Ma dam9 Mrs Otto I d luke to try some of that track meat I ve heard so much about Marlon M and Jack H were srttmg rn CI I'T'IOVlC Marlon What does the word asbes tos mean across the curtam7 Jock Thats a Latun word for wel come l94l D A J 1 . . I . . In 4 A f s is 5 1 J lp. . , . , . ' V . . - r , . 1 7 ' ' A " , . . - H , . r , . 11 fr " I H . If . ' h ,, Tl. , , rf , . I ' ll ' ,, ' . 1 11 r H , ,, . . H . - - ,H . , C ,, . ,r Cotherme B.. No, . , . , ,, L - - . - , f, , f . , ,, ,, . , - r, . A ,f . , ,, , I . A . . ,, , . . ,, , . H , H ,, , H , - . ,H ,,., - H ,, ff I HM WJWQM wwf S?f'vGHUs?WHfmw- -W- A X-fff JM Iggy 7 j'Z.,J,4,wL7Vewnwm Wal? , md , lamyczrvfz-M47. JZLVMQ M +954 YM firfkjjigfg ,MM ,Mm Zdgzfmw fgawef Oayewh vga.-fyf Kimvbf jwf ' f 1 X ,I " Ag 017.3 6' , K ef ' If JW F O , V, , I 9 3 6 T H E W H I R L W I N D O C I 4 ' w "' , ' 1: kvx'N- .- M I F41 , QA lif ILM x 1 X . , - . r . 4 Lg' 'Z A44 'N ' fn 1-gf " X M IJ' I . X ! I 7 f- 4174" .' Jizffffkfl 6' V ly , L H WV "H .U L ' . - ' I ' ' x 0 df if tg. K . , . ' ig , f 0 X , 4 V . gxxii L .,fQfv..-6Z54f-Xfc-X Q' -4' Q c ,L . ' ' .l - , I J .. 'v' 1 l f , K, ll , nj y7LTdfvLf as 1 .-'KX ,N JAM' l W l J.. 1 Y , I.,-' ' A 1 K r ' ' ' -f A 'L 1' E 3 7 . ffgfll N .. O , q 2- '11-ae, er- s , V , . 3 j 1' ! lx .vgAL-y,-JJ 5 , ,'.,,,JJbf - Y 1 , 4 ,L T951 V we 1 1 f ! ' f- 1 ' xv, - '- XMQQMEWMT ff J ,Q W Cg44,.,,M1 N 5m QQMM W5 ff Mm mf C72ab-022.9 Jr ,fine 3 fx gg 5f7"'fJ7M0W JJJ J iX,w !fMwMY Ek '1'l:"' The engravings ln this book were made by PETERSON SCHON 718 West Burns! ea rod wa 'or an , re Z' .f 24,4-v-4'-x.!,f! rffvvvx- f C I T961 7' -c- fe -'71 D!! w , fi X x Uf e. v5u 5 N J:-, X T H E W l R L WJ I N' " ' ml ' 'B x'4'T'l"'9"'-if' 6 ' ' .NlZ'I 1 wil rXl1 'l Ix A rj x . , . M6701 . ' ff ' yi K 1 I-fCfAfv...4f 557' r 5 Q g ev' Q, N' 0 X 0 1 . . ' qu 2 rrjgf 5' I a AIN f Y' .D Xvx " u - 1 AA .V ' My-js ,J JL-J . ,G X, . V , JSM. ,Lv-,, U I 3 11 ' . " , j. H xx lx V901 9 ' 1 f A JA X P L1 ' x1 3 Lf ef we , P+' e M ' ':'f.e Q Nb an . Z' Clhtvefx 'd tB 'd y V I tl d 0 g ,I f -- A C-7 ' 'N 4X1 4, A r,?,,.- W . ,, ..- Irrihn si

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