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Gen. 378 ALI3 1976 Albany Law School. (Albany, N.Y.). Verdict 20.00 MID-CONTiNENT PUBLIC LIBRARY Genealogy f Lccc'r : cry Library Mo Highv;ay 24 L C ng (•3 Independence, f..O G40501976 Bicentennial of the AmerieanRevolution rilinif MTINENT',,USUCli8RARV CONTENTS OF VERDICT 76 Grr" r; alHlfif11 „„„........................SSii 6 13 46 52 125 Years of Legal Education Albany Law School of Union University HI 1976Founders of Albany Law School 4 AMOS DEAN Pounder, Dean Lecturer IRA HARRIS Pounder, Lecturer Deans AMASA J. PARKER Founder, Trustee, Lecturer AMOS DEAN 1851-1868 ISSAC EDWARDS 1868-1879 Dean, Lecturer HORACE E. SMITH 1879-1889 Dean, Lecturer GEORGE W. KIRCHWEY 1889-1891 Dean Lecturer LEWIS B. HALL 1891-1895 Dean, Lecturer J. NEWTON FIERO 1895-1926 Dean, Trustee, Lecturer HAROLD D. ALEXANDER 1926-1945 Dean, Trustee 2 VRKER stcc, Lecturer 1 ANDREW V. CLEMENTS 1945-1964 Dean. Registrar, Professor SAMUEL M. IIESSON 1964-1975 Dean, Professor RALPH D. SEMERAD 1975- Dean, Professor DEDICATION The 1976 Verdict is dedicated to the Trustees, Alumni, Faculty and Staff of the Albany Law School, The first Albany Law School building was lo- cated at 239-243 State Street, and was occupied until 1926. The Albany Law School-Albany Medical College dormitory, located on Notre Dame Road behind the Law School, was completed in 1967. The present building, located at 80 New Scotland Avenue, was erected in 1929. The East and West wings, the Courtyard, Faculty and Stu- dent Lounges were added in 1969. all your friends at the different kind of bank. Ilij THE BANK OF NEW YORK, ALBANY Member of The Bank of New York Company. Inc. Albany Colonie Guilderland Latham Catskill Member Federal Deposit Insurance CorporationNeal W. Burton A Francis Ralph D. Semerad DEAN The alumni, faculty, staff and students of the Albany Law School were greatly pleased to hear on July 7, 1975 the announcement of J. Vanderbilt Straub, President of the Board of Trustees, that Professor Ralph D. Semerad hail been chosen to succeed the late Dean Samuel M. Hesson. Dean Semerad graduated in 1934 from Union College where his many sports honors Included selection to the Lit- tle All-American and A11-East collegiate football teams. Following his graduation in 1938 from Harvard Law School, Dean Semerad practiced law in Albany and in Schenectady where he coached Union's football 3nd basketball teams. He became a Special Agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation in 1943. Dean Semerad joined the faculty of the Albany Law School in 1945. Since that time his understated sense of humor and orderly method of teaching have earned him the respect and admiration of Albany Law School classes. Dc3n Ralph Semerad, who will continue to teach Trusts and Estates, and Estate Planning, assumed his new responsibilities with characteristic vigor and with the full confidence of the Trustees, Almni, Faculty and students of the Albany Law School.Francis H. Anderson Robert W. Bow mar Faculty Neal w. Allen Burton Andrews Francis Bergan Robert A. BarkerHarold Dubroff Thomas A. Ford Jerome M. Hesch Barry A. Gold The signing of th Colonel John Tru Jeffrey M. GottliebRobert J. Tymann Allen Rcdlich John E. Sands Howard A. Levine Daniel G. Moriarty Kaiheryn D. Katz David D. Siegel Sandra M. Stevenson jy M. Gottlieb The signing of the Declaration of Independence as depicted by Colonel John Trumbell in his 19th century painting. Staf Jean l-arry N. Volk Francis X. Wallace William M. Watkins John C. Welsh Faculty not pictured: Edward Gordon Richard A. Lancer Administration Irene Econor MATTHEW BENDERWD COMPANY, INC. , ALBANY, N. Y. 1972 1275 BROAOWA 1886 Jbaity A ( tnlinq Of S wlh -Ji Quality Helen T. Wilkinson Registrar • quality books Magazines for k m j| the legal, accenting, banking, ' IV J.. , I . insurance and radical professions Charles A. MaGill, Jr Placement Director LUStaff Jean Carpinello Helen Dean C. Welsh Betsey Johnson, Judy Westhuis Mary Stchlln, Donna Riley MATTHEW BENDERlND COMPANY, INC. 1275 BROADWA, ALBANY, N. Y. 1886 1972 (erihny ()} Qwth ji Quality Publishels cr- Irene Economc Frances Gower Kay Koss Frances Skirving Mildred Straub Janet Vogel THE WINE SHOP fine wines and spirits 265 New Scotland Avenue John DcMatteo Richard VanHattumSENIORS Janet Vogel James B. Anderson Alan M. Adler John L. Allen Marcia Alazraki S nue Alumni Patrons: Hon. Felix J. Aullsi '24 Warren M. Anderson '40 Andrew J. Baldwin, Jr. '63 Stephen J. Banks '50 R. Burdcll Bixby '40 Hon. William P. Boyle '23 Peter A . Brevett '46 Wayne L. Benjamin Not pictured: John R. Aldrich Kenneth Auerbach Richard F. Anderson, Jr. Christine L. Bader WANTED lawyers TO DRIVE Scott D. BenjaminJames P. Bessette Donald J. Bishop Neil A. Burstein Richard W. Brown Bruce D. Blatchly William K. Block Donald Capplllino James H. Carmichael Not pictured: Robert M. Brown Alumni Patrons: Maurice T. Brunner '36 William S. Calli 49 Charles P. Caputo '47 Willard W. Cass, Jr. '57 H . Milton Chadderdon "36 Hazel M. Cole '11 Charles S. Collcsano '47 George S. Collins ‘35Jerry N. Chambers " .. .The cost of holding onto the strings may prove to be a rope burn." Old Colony Trust Case. Prof. Dubroff, Estate and Gift Tax. Sheila S. Cole Christopher F. Collins Alumni Patrons: John W. Condon, Jr. '50 Alumni Patrons: JohnW. Condon, J:. '50, d Alumni Patrons: John W. Condon, Jr. '50, Montie F. Cone '34, Hon. Ed- ward S. Conway '49, James E. Conway '60, Hon. William J. Crangle '39, James A. Davidson '57, John T. Degraff, Sr. '25, Roswell C. Dikeman '48, James F. Donohue '56, John Doherty '26, Joseph J. Doyle '28, Anthony S. Falcone '36, A. Pearley Feen '23 David A. Caruso Michael D. Cathers Gary D. Centola Christopher A. Cernik Richard F. Clark 0-. Cynthia J. Clemens Robert F. CohenRobert J. M Conway William F. Collins Rol)cri G. Conway, Jr Christopher H. Corcoran Maureen J Arnold D. Cribari, Jr awe Kenneth B. Deane William Y. Crowell Michael DeSantis Richard A. Curreri Not pictured: Martin Cirincione W. Dennis Duggan KevinJ. Engel Professor Stevenson Alumni Patrons: James S. Fitzgerald '40, William 1.. Ford '42, Hyman B. Freeman '26, lion. Dom- inick L. Gabriclli '36, Richard E. Gale '26, Wal- ter R. Gelles '55, Bernard P. Gill '32, Bruce E. Hansen '52 Mr.HARVITH Vo Ptir 0'19+WY-l, Member UTcrcnccJ. Devine Richard H. Edwards rt J. M Conway A GIFT for students at Albany Law School FREE CHECKING ACCOUNT SERVICE during your years at Albany Law ... plus one We recognize that your problems aren’t all of a legal nature, that finances present complications too. This gift of Free Checking Account Service will help you to manage your money wisely. Quarterly statements will show where your dollars went, and your cancelled checks will be proof you paid. Stop in soon and open your Checking Account. Now 60 friendly offices make us The Bank Next Door. Member (c FIRST COMMERCIAL BANKS INC M.mWr Ft lCEdward P. Flnnerty Robert J. Foody Charles A. Erica L. Felch Mary F. Filippone Robert H. Freehill Pamela Freiman J. Michelle Friedman Fair, if not beautiful. Not pictured: Charles A . Forma, JoyC. Frank. ALBANY LAW SCHOOL maun id) IMI NU l«a «mil UIU J.MIIII khhii uicito im "Who takes?"-Prof. Welch, Property. Michael P. Friedman Mark F. t Janet GMark R. Glucksman iiephen J. Goldberg Alumni Patrons: Peter H. Harp '24, John E. Herlihy '58, Gor- don P. Jeffery '51, Meyer A. Jeneroff '23, E. Stewart Jones '35, Maj. Gen. B. W. Kear- ney Ret. '14, Henry H. Kob- lintz '33, Francis LaVlgne '58 200 years ago, John Adams, lawyer and patriot, suc- cessfully defended six British soldiers accused of murder at the "Boston Massacre. " Though Adams personally despised the British, he firmly be- lieved in the right to a fair trial . Charles A. Gardner Mark F. Glaser Janet Gogcl elle Friedman Austin Gebo William H. German James P. GilpatricRobert E. La Duca Susan L. Kauffman David C. King Alice J. Lenahan Patricia M. Leonard A peculiar thing is the covenant; 1 wish I knew what the hell it meant. It has more complications. And more permutations. Than Africa's oldest bull elephant. -Prof. Wallace Property Kathryn E. Krause Sharon B. Lerner Christine C. Kopec John L. KirkpatrickJohn F. Liebschutz William F. McFarland Robert E. Littlefield, Jr Paul H. Locffler Robert P. McClallen James K. McLaughlin Joseph W. McPhillips Robert G. Main, Jr Louis R. Malikow Not pictured: Linda L. Kulik Robert E. Learner Andrew F. Marchcse Robert J. Mayer Jeffrey N. Miller Thomas J. Mulltn WM DiLLi6ENTLy »,Th Integrity— ni asr your JUST ReWARpFrank L. Messa Gary L. Lipton Ellen L. Messina John A. Michalek Richard C. Miller Lynn A. Morrell James J. Morris, Jr Winifred T. Nazarko Mitchells. Morris Kathleen L. Morrison Richard D. Newmark Emily C. Neville nTl- »,Th r — U.Y I REWARD V ttm7 Ernest J. Orlando Iit ' 4 Janet H. O'Brien The Declaration of Independence -- 1776 Kim Oster Lynn C. Outwatcr Jeffrey K Annmarie Palmieri "Disbarment is a very sad thing. And nobody likes to be sad." Prof. Franci H. Anderson, Professional re- sponsibility. jack A. Overton, Jr Heather Rubin, Class of 1976 baby. Marcia L william F. Chandler, Randolph E. Parker Sheila D. Parkcrtst J. Orlando II! Maurice K. Peaslcc Glenn E. Pczzulo Barry v. Pittman Sir H. C. Clifford Lord Halsbury Richard Popov William H. Price, Jr Denise J. Randall Judith Rea Marcia L. Radley la D. Parkert Richard A. Reisman Thomas E. Reilly, Jr"When you ate trying to get review by the Supreme Court, it helps to have a sexy issue."--Prof. Sands, Constitutional Law. Richard S. Redlo Edward S. Rc Not pictured: Thomas A. Mitchell Thomas J. Mullin Kathleen C. Nally Frank M.Putorti, Jr. Joseph H. Reynolds Joseph A. Rihn David A. Rockwell Christopher P. I Richard C. Roemmelt David J. Roman Michael Ronzetii Stephen J. Rooney David I. Rosenberg Joel M. Rosenthal Bankers Tru Elnora ((by the Supreme --Prof. Sands, Edward S. Rowley Deborah C. Rubin Harry M. Rubin Michelle K. Rubin Christopher P. Rutnik John J. Ryan Roberts. Ryan Marta E. Sachcy m People helping people. ™ That’s really what our bank is all about. BankersTrust Bankers Trust Company of Albany. N.A.: Albany «Troy • Amsterdam • Broadalbin «Colonic • Coopcrstown • F. ist C.reenbush • F.lnora (Clifton Park) • Flsmcrc • Grccnport-Hudson • Guildcrland • Indian Lake • Johnstown • Latham • I .one I .akc • Newcomb • North Creek • Hunter-Tanncrsvillc • Windham • Member FDIC"Hoble andHollyGolightly came upon a badly beaten man, ob- viously the victim of a blud- geoning by Horrible Harry."-- Prof. Moriatty. Criminal Law. Louis J. Salzmann Thomas P. Salesc Richard H. Sarajian Charles H. Schaefer Peter A. Schcrzmann Raymond J. Seligman Alumni Patrons: Henry Levine '26 Philip M. Liebschutz '26 Hon. Robert G. Main '43 Hon. John S. Marsh '31 George P. McAloon '54 Harry W. McDonald '40 Neal W. Schoen Kenneth A. Schultzrmondj. Sellgman it: 26 bschutz '26 i. Main '43 Marsh '31 A loon '54 Donald '40 Alumni Patrons: William McDonald '49 Ruth M. Miner '20 Joteph A . Mogavero, Jr. ‘53 Ernest B. Morris '31 Will Mountain '31 Hon. Richard I. Mulvey '60 Michael Nardone '33 Thomas D. Nolan '38 Not pictured: Peter D. Slavls David M. Siegal Nancy S. Sills Richard H. SlivkinEllen Te "During the 1800$ unscrupulous cattlemen would feed salt to their cattle, and have the cattle drink their fill of water before weighing and sale at the stockyards. Some attribute to this the origin of the term "watered stock.” --Prof. Andrews, Corporations. Marc D. Snyder Robert B. Stiles CROSSE . E ACROSS I Large rodent 5 Kind of race 10 Chew the rag 14 Major in 16 Garden fixture 17 Highway pest 18 Gaelic 19 Football scores: Abbr. 20 Rod of tennis 2! Malaccas 22 College town in Kentucky 23 Hymnist Isaac 24 Did secret work 27 Tunc in 29 Hops kiln 31 Turner 32 Get even with »34 Cockney a residence 35 Pie---- 37 Certain payments 39 Ear or horn 40 Evening star 42 Fasting period 1 43 Bitter or dead 1 44 Choir voice 1 Larry A. Swartz "Sport" and Rush W.Stehllnlll Herbert I. Somer David W. Steen "The first law professorship in this coun- try was established at Columbia in 1773, 120 years after the first lawyer arrived in the city. Dirck Van Schellwyne had re- ceived his license in Holland, but soon found himself facing a problem that must seem unbelievable to present day New Yorkers. "There was no other lawyer for him to fight, ' and consequently no law suits, so lonely lawyer Dirck soon lost heart and left town." -- The SundayNcws Magazine, Clinton Cox, Feb. 15, 1976, p. 25 Stephen J. Tafaro Not pictured: Joel E. Smith William L. Tanguay1 2 3 ' 14 17 19 22 24 25 26 31 35 39 1 43 ■ " 47 51 S5 59 61 Ellen Tclker Margot L. Thomas CROSSWORD PUZZLE Edited by WILL WF.NG ACROSS ush W. Stehlin III I Large rodent 5 Kind of race 10 Chew the rag 14 Major in 16 Garden fixture 17 Highway pest 18 Gaelic 19 Football scores: Abbr. 20 Rod of tennis 21 Malaccas 22 College town in Kentucky 23 Hymnist Isaac 24 Did secret work 27 Tune in 29 Hops kiln • 31 Turner 32 Get even with 34 Cockney residence 35 Pie----- 37 Certain payments 39 Ear or horn 40 Evening star 42 Fasting period 43 Bitter or dead 44 Choir voice 45 Out of-- (testy) 46 Holmes’s creator 48 Textile fiber 51 Adjusts to accuracy 52 Kind of hanger 53 Farm sound 56 Register 57 Highway pests 59 Ben ---- Williams 60 ---the positive 61 Saucy 62 City of India 63 Willow 13 ----off (begins 15 Wasted time 21 One of Moses’s spies 22 Off the---- DOWN 1 Attention-getter 2 Okayed: Abbr. 3 Letters 4 Honor card 5 Forecasting aid 6 French pupil 7 Summer cooler 8 Israeli town 9 Craving 10 Swindle 11 Highway pest 12 Evaluation 23 Mutuel transaction 24 Schedule 25 "Madam, I’m Adam.” e.g. 26 Highway pest 28 Concerning 30 Tryouts 32 Astaire 33 Garment 36 Playing fields 38 Lily plant 41 Colonnade 45 Drink tentatively 47 Beer ingredient' 49 Writer Michael 50 ---cum laude 51 Pitfall 52 River in Maine 53 Pulsate 54 Comedian Johnson 55 Lost 57 Wire job 58 Parson bird Mary Anne Tommaney , H. Jean Ghczzi Randolph F. Treece Michael C. Thompson Eric O. ThorsenA Salute to Gilbert, Sullivan and Professor Siegel Last year marked ilic 100th anniversay of the pre- miere of "Trial by Jury', the immortal light opera which was the fruit of the collaboration of Sir William S. Gil- bert and Sir Arthur Sullivan. Gilbert, whose lyrics Sulli- van set to music, was himself a barrister having entered the Inner Temple in 1861, and having been called to the bar in November, 1864. A fficionados of Gilbert and Sulli- van have long suspected that reincarnation is the only ex- planation for Professor David Siegel’s admiration of the pair, and his own talents as exhibited by the following reprints from the Poetry Corner" of the A .B.A. Journals of July and November, 1974. A tier the premiere of Patience. W. S. Gilbert was depicted by Leslie Ward ("Spy ) in the May 21. 1881. issue of 32 Vanity Fair. The Girl Next Door (In Juvcnois v. Pontious, No. A-95467 in the District Court oj Jefferson County, Texas, plaintiffs .sued for damages sustained when the neighboring defendants' hull broke through a fence and amorously engaged the plaintiffs' heifer before the little lady, though concededly in heat, was sufficiently mature.) With nature could a beast commune That very lovely afternoon. The sun was bright. My head was clear. I was a most complacent steer. A young one. too. and by your leave I daresay just a bit naive. The cows and bulls who shared my lea Looked pretty much the same to me. Then all at once, with some alarm. I sensed from the adjacent farm A fragrance of such depth and surge, I had this most peculiar urge. There stood, upon that yonder green, A cow such as I've never seen. A bovine form so rich and full, I fast became a lot of bull. My need, I own, was so intense, In one great leap I breached the fence. And then, as fate would bulls endow, I trysted with that gorgeous cow. For doing as I had to do Her master's mad and mine is. too. In fact, each barnyard face I spy Regards me with a jaundiced eye. My life, in view of all this rage. Has turned a rather tragic page. But one thing docs relieve the pain: You sure don't hear that cow complain!The Steer with the Lecherous Leer (In the July "Poetry Corner” (page 868) David D. Siegel wrote in "The Girl Next Door" of a "steer" who enjoyed an amorous adventure. In the September issue (page 1140) appeared a number of delighted (and cor- rective) responses. Here is Professor Siegel's defense.) I grieve to think that urban me Could so elicit rustic glee By writing of the sire's call In steers, which lack the wherewithal. But if my steer were so bereft Then is there no compassion left Of which assumptions might be made And summoned to a lover's aid? Could he have not absconded from The local castratorium? Or could he not, if fitted wrong. Have brought a virile friend along? Had he not gear to make the bid Could he not lease from one who did? Or given up on normal gear And played the thing, instead, by ear? Yet further clues could come to mind Were charily the force behind My critics, who prefer the joy Of laughing at a city boy. And did they know that Webster's Third Affirms that this resourceful word Describes both those who vc lost the mane As well as those whose goods arc plain? But wait! I'll take their thesis straight. I will concede that steers can't mate. But with that predicate in low There’s something that I’d have them know I think a steer devoid of tools And impotent by nature’s rules Who would yet still a cow pursue Can teach us all a thing or two! A youthful celebrity. Sullivan was carica lured in Vanity Fair by Carlo Pellegrini ("Ape") on March 14. 1874. V Acknowledgment for the Gilbert and Sullivan prints to the Harvard Magazine of December, 1975. 33ii 4.. Janine J. Webb David C. Williams Theodore M. Weiner The first meeting of the U. S. Supreme Court was held In the Royal Exchange on Broad Street in New York City. Alumni Patrons: Hon. Dalwin J. Niles '37 Frank N. Parisi '57 George F. Perkins '51 Emil Peters '32 Hon. Carl W. Peterson '22 William H. Phelps '22 Jan H. Plumadorc '43 Helen M. Pratt '28 Benjamin P. Roosa, Jr. '57 Stewart T. Schantz '51 John F. Skivington '40 Harold B. Slingerland '26 Hon. A. Page Smith '28 Donald J. Snyder '63 Theresa Higgins Snyder '64 Hon. Harold R. Sodcn '33 Eugene J. Steiner '31 J. Vanderbilt Straub '28 Dominic L. Streppa '57 Richard F. Sullivan '57 William J. Sullivan '27 Paul R. Taylor '57 Francis X. Tucker '49 Rollin Twining '43 Arthur H. Vinett '24 J. Richard Williams '54 Boy expet n Richard T. Williams Itirons: in J. Niles '37 arisl '57 Perkins '51 s '32 W. Peterson '22 . Phelps '22 madore ‘43 5ratt '28 Roosa, Jr. '57 Schantz '51 ivington '40 llingerland '26 ige Smith '28 inyder '63 ggins Snyder '64 d R. Sodcn '33 itcincr '31 ilt Straub '28 Streppa '57 Sullivan '57 Sullivan '27 lor '57 Tucker '49 jing '43 [inett '24 Williams '54 experience since 1889 is money in the bank. PUBLISH! AS CHECKLIST ON PAINTING 0 Shvx - 24 NxjivKlty cecfjtioni O Ou»My - $Mkd. unw critlvTHn O Con Mili«o«i - A (rc-yth canpiny !v 86 yt i 0 Good - 32 pMxnjl i-iln rod rwnocvi Cooil .n tN« Iwldt. Sxv.1 Wo-L. HUjItn. MtOos Liw O of unm - 0-001."oo to (Minry. S«kSt. wN «V». 0«flKI. NPwWJf or hjfd boo'd fry 11 IlKM.cortKt: BOYD PRINTING COMRANY.NC. J SMidin Art'o Abto .K««Vo'k 12210 IS IK «35 9LS5 John C. Williamson D. Alan Wriglcy, Jr. Not pictured: Leslie William Trebby Jonathan L. Valk GaryC. VonBlebersicin Douglas C. Webb Mark A. Wolbcr James R. Winkler Thomas C. Yatto Commercial Patrons: s II Associated Coca-Cola Bottling Co., Inc. 38 Warehouse Row, Albany, New York 12205 (518) 459-7251 Infosearch Inc. 170 Washington Ave., Albany, N. Y. 12210 (518) 436-0891 Jack's Oyster House, Inc. 42 State Street, Albany, N. Y. 12207 (518) 465-8854 Phil Itzkow Lily-Tulip Paper Products 403 Nor til Pearl St., Albany, N. Y. 12207 (518) 465-2278JUNIORS Margaret McCarthy Roger B. Linden, Jr. Michael E. Kelton Professor Allen Redllch Sharon Landers, Lynn Baker Debra B. F David E. Kelton Commercial Patron: Aaro-Fact Investigation and Verifi- cation Service 4 Louise Drive, Latham, N.Y. 12110 (518) 783-0857 I David M. Purcell, Jean Ellen Purcell Debra B. Fagel Jonathan I. Rablnowltz James E. Gleason, Kevin M. O'Shea, William H. Newcomb FIRST PRIZE MEATS w FOR OVER 50 YEARS... The Recognized Trademark of Quality Sotrin. m PACKING CO., INC. ALBANY DIVISION ALBANY. N.Y.Richard A. Jean E. Nelson U Anita Thayer Leslie S. Lowenstein Laurie B. Kurtzman Carmen T. Barletta Christopher M. Nolland Gerald A. Dwyer Harold SemanoffRichard A. Lee, Edward T. Stork, John E. Sharkey rold Semanoff Leslie M. Handler, Deidre D. Morgan Paul Hart. William McDonaldMichael J. Moore Professor Harold Dubroff A Charlie Brown Christmas tree brightens up a Quad at the Dorm. Claudia Wagner Nicholas Doyle, Michael E. VacekFRESHMEN J. MooreSection A Judit Hear Jean Hugh Inge Frank Thon Anne Rober Bryan Regin Rlcha Lee C Mich; Alexa Eugen Debot: Kathy Lawre Marc Barga Mich; David Sheli; 3arba: Marsh Georg Robert Nancy A ntho StevenJ. Ahmuty Dean M. Amrose Mary D. Audi John M. A versa Marlene P. Baackes Andrew R. Baron Daniel G. Barrett Alan B. Berman Steven E. Bing Robert H. Bixby Michael Bloom Susan S. Boochever Jura A. Burdinik Linda S. Burns George J. Calcagnini Edgar T. Campbell Priscilla E. Campo David G. Carroll Diane C. L. Cloonan Michael V. Coccoma Bonnie R. Cohen William H. Collier Susan A. Comenzo Harvey R. Cooper Christopher J. Corbett Margaret C. Courtrighi Michael R. Cuevas Gary P. DcLisle Kelley A. Dickinson George M. Ding Michael F. Dura Roger L. Dworsky John S. Edwards Jeffrey M. Elliott Gregory B. Emmons Edward D. Falso Edward L. Flandach Linda J. Folkman Andrew S. Fusco Gregory A. Gates Helene Gerstlc Andrew M. Gilstein Gary St. Glattcr James L. Gorman Elizabeth C. Gould Amanda Green Dan S. Grossman Joseph K. Hagc Mitchell L. Hallow Henry J. Hamelin Sharon L. Hauselt William D. Hendricks Bertha Hernandez Norma F. Hogan Edwin H. Howard Karla F. Huntington Beth Jaffee Francis P. Jeffers Lyle D. Jenizer Bruce M. Jorden Susan M. Keating Susan A. Kell man Monte A. Klein Susan J. Kohan Richard M. Kowcck MarkG. Kriss Alfred C. Laub Dewey Lee James F. Lee Peter F. Levine Joseph B. Llccardi Steven A. Lillicnstcin Louise E. Llpman John T. Losler Elizabeth J. McDonald Robert B. McDonald Patrick J. McGrath Pierre A. McMahon Patrick B. McNamara Michael G. Manning David M. Manz Sandra S. Mardigian Richard B. Meyer Susan J. Meyer Nelson F. Migdal Nadine L. Milberg MaryH. Mills Julia M. Morris Gregory J. Murrer Commercial Patron: Donald H. Packard, Private Investigator P. O. Box 104, La Professor Moriarty, Professor Katz N «Y • 12110 (518) 'i83-0857 Profesice M. Jordcn san M. Keating san A. Kellman nte A. Klein san J. Kohan :hard M. Koweek »rk G. Kriss fred C. Laub wey Lee nes F. Lee ter F. Levine eph B. Liccardi :ven A. Lilliensteln aisc E. Lipman in T. Losier zabeth J. McDonald Jert B. McDonald trick J. McGrath •rreA. McMahon trick B. McNamara chaelG. Manning vid M. Manz ldra S. Mardigian •hard B. Meyer ;anj. Meyer IsonF. Migdal dine L. Milberg ■ry H. Mills ia M. Morris tgoryj. Murrer •r P. O. Box 104, La' Judith L. Needhan Henry D. Nelkln Jean D. Ncllenback Hugh A. Ostrow Inge R. Parlo Frank M. Pell Thomas A, Phillips Anne E. Pitter Robert H. Plaskov Bryan E. Powers Regina R. Quattrochi Richard P. Rcnzi Lee C. Rhinchart Mlcliacl E. Rosen Alexander Rosenberg Eugene D, Roth Deborah A. Sabin Kathy L. Sanderson Lawrence M. Schaffer Marc Schechter Bargaba S.Schneider Michael Seagrlff David A. Sirignano Shelia M. Sloan Barbara F. Smith Marsha C. Solomon George M. Stahl Robert M. Sublk Nancy H. Swanson Anthony F. Tagliagamc Professor Wallace, Property William C. Thatcr Mark W, Thomas Robert J. Tompkins Mary E. Toomey Bruce S. Tracktcnbcrg Phillip M. Tribble Stephen J. Van Ullen Michael J. Wcchsler Andrew J. Weldman Donald A . Williams, Jr. John W. Winans Diane B. Withiam Donald Zee Steven L. Zisscr Henry F. Zwack Professor Tymann, TortsSection B Fran Chri Cath Dani Rich J. S( Pete Debe Bruc Nadi Davl Mich Anne Barbi Mart Stept John Petej Mela Dian Mart Marg Marg Leta Kare Nanc Robe Paul Debr Josep David R. Huey James C. Johnson Richard E. Kaplan Peter A. Karl Richards. Kaye Wayne M. Kezirian Lisa Klotz MarkL. Koblenz Andrea S. Kross Ivy L, Kushncr Allen C. Ladd Christopher J. l.agno Phillip A. Lance Wendy M. Lane PaulJ. Laudato Wendy M. Lazerson John W. Lcsniak Stephen R. Lewis Daniel S. Lishansky Mary A. McLean Steven E. Malone Robert D. Mayberger Ellen M. Mayouc Adrian Mecz Sheldon D. Mclnitsky Christine H. Miller Frank W. Miller R. Thomas Miller Richard C. Miller Sandra E. P. Mitchell Richard M. Doyle Cindy L. Dugan Gunter Dully Robert J. Eide Stewart Epstein Patricia S. Etkin Helen Li. Fanshawe Lynn P. Farrell Ted H. Finkelstein Dennis A. First Ellen Fishier George K. Forsythe Charlene M. Foster Felice M. Frcidman Mary A. Gadziala Richard D. Gale Paula J. Gallus Larry F. Gardner John L. Garrett Kenneth R. Glick Robert M. Goldberg Stan L. Goldberg F. Susan Gottlieb Kathryn M. Grant Lynne E. Greenwald Mary K. Hannan William D. Harrington Janice M. Hester David A. Hirsch Stephanie E. Graff Michael J. Amorese David G. Anderson Carl Ten Eyck Baker Bruce E. Barnes Jane P. Beltzer Donald B. Berger Jonathan Birenbaum Ronald C. Blass. Jr. Barbara S. Brenner Jeffrey C. Brown Dana Bruno Kevin R. Bruno Linda S. Burns Samuel J. Campanic Barbara N. Carabell Nlchael B. Carlin Robert G. Carney Richard T. Cassidy Sophia H. F. Challandes Crisline Cioffi Bonnie Cohen John K. Conners Neal Conolly William M. Conway Paul DcrOhanncsian Eugene D. DeSantis Earl F. Dewey Daniel M. Di Mattco Michael J. Di Mattia Kenneth J. Doyle Professor Moriarty. Criminal law Professorrid R. Huey lesC. Johnson tiard E. Kaplan erA. Karl lardS. Kaye yne M. Kezirian i Klotz rk L. Koblenz Irea S. Kross L. Kushner en C. Ladd istophcrj. Lagno Hip A. Lance ndy M. Lane il J. Laudato ndy M. Lazerson In W. Lesniak phen R. Lewis nel S. Lishansky ry A. McLean ven E. Malone crt D. M3yberger :n M. Mayoue ian Mecz ldon D. Melnitsky Istine H. Miller lk W. Miller Thomas Miller tardC. Miller dra E. P. Mitchell Frank J. Morgan, Jr. Christopher E. Murtaugh Cathryn M. Nick Daniel P. Nolan Richard L. Olson J. Scott Osadchey Peter P. Paravati Deborah M. Paris Bruce E. Parks Nadine Pelligrini David H. Pentkowski Michael Pilarz Anne E. Pitter Barbara J. Pleckan Martin C. Prinner Stephen F. Ralbovsky John S. Reilly Peter E. Reilly Melanie G. Rock Diane H. Rosenbaum Martin J. Rothschild Margaret M. Rowe Margorie A. Rudnick Leta D. Russell Karen Sadowsky Nancy S. Schadc Robert A. Schlanskcr Paul M. Scimonelli Debra A. Scullary Joseph W. Sheehan Michael A. Sims Robert R. Shashall Thomas S. Soja Robert B. Stein Richard E. Stowe James L. Sullivan. Jr. Charles J. Surrano John W. Sutton Thomas A. Torto Frank P. Trotta, Jr. Frederic M. Umane Linda M. Venuti Anthony J. Veirano Stephen J. Waite William H. Walker. Jr. Laurel J. Weinberg David S. Weinstock Richard L. Weisz Weedcn A. Wetmore Frank P. Willey Christine V. Wise Neil F. Woolworth Professor Wallace. Civil ProcedureBASKETBALL FIRST SEMESTER CHAMPIONS The Chicago Bears Front: Gerry Dwyer, John Bryden. Mike Vacck. Rear: Rush Stehlin, Ron Blass, Kevin Meckus, Kevin O'Shea. Referees Gene DeSantis and Mike CarlinChicago Bears C. P. Rutnik Painting Co. 8 - 1 7 -2 B +1 D LEAGUE 7 -2 Fire lady 6 - 3 Low Review 6 -2 Alunni II 4 - 5 Remaindermen 4 - 4 Medical School 3 - 5 Thundering Herd 1 -8 Scrapers 3 - 6 Scratch I 1 -8 B LEAGUE Division I Alumni IV 8 - 1 Wide Open Beavers 7 - 2 Brain Trust 6 - 3 Crabs 5 -4 Intercourts 4 - 5 Upstarts 3 - 6 Annapolis Towers 2 - 6 Alumni V 0 - 8 Division II Urban Guerillas 76crs Fabulous Frosh Bare Assignees A lbany Symphony Alumni I Nunc Pro Tunc Kabulas Alumni III Q's Giants Andy's Gang Reilly's Raiders 7 - 2 6 -3 6 - 4 5 - 4 3 - 6 3 -6 2 - 6 1 -7 C LEAGUE 9 - 0 4 - 3 4 - 5 3 - 6 2 - 7 C. P. Painting v. Med School.-Chris Rutnik takes on George Zambctti.Women's baske of ALS' Hooplaporiu also found a niche in basketball circuit. Its 1974-75 se; second semester inju area varsity squads o College. Despite str through with a respc Much of the su the excellent offensi Lynn Outwater and fi Fagcl, Judy Joseph. The 1975-76 s even more challengi strong varsity powers lege of Albany, and turnover in the squad seniors Mary Pat Johr incoming Frosh provi Grant. Sheila Sloan i ing abilities often spr season has proved to have recognized and spirit of the ALS won Bessette and Chris Ru uable contribution to acceptance into regie --Patricia Leor Alumni Patron William Waible '62Sue Topper Judy Ferrell Women’s Basketball Bessette's Bombers (1974-75). Front: 1. to r., Margie Chow, Marcia Radley, Debbie Fagcl, Pat Leonard. Ann Neufcld. Rear: Mary Pat Johnson, Judy Joseph. Coach Jim Bessette, Chris Timber, Lynn Outwater, Janet Lenns. 1975-76 Additions to the Bombers: Elaine Sloan. Kate Grant. Norma Hogan. Not pictured: Patricia Rutnlk. Coach Chris Rutnik Women s basketball has made a niche in the annals of ALS' Hooplaporium. The "Bessette's Bombers" team has also found a niche in the area women's intercollegiate basketball circuit. Its 1974-75 season was highly successful, despite second semester injuries. The season's rivals included the area varsity squads of RIM, St. Rose, Union and Maria College. Despite strong competition the women pulled through with a respectable 8-4 record. Much of the success relished by tire team was due to the excellent offensive playing by high-scoring guard, Lynn Outwater and fierce defensive maneuvering of Debbie Fagcl. Judy Joseph, Margie Chow and Marcia Radley. The 1975-76 season brought with it an expanded and even more challenging schedule, which included such strong varsity powers as Siena, Hudson Valley. Junior Col- lege of Albany, and the Albany Medical School. Some turnover in the squad occurred due to the departure of seniors Mary Pat Johnson and Chris Timbers. However, the incoming Frosh provided talented replacements--Kate Grant. Sheila Sloan and Norma llogan--whosc play-mak- ing abilities often sparked the Bombers to victory. This season has proved to be a difficult one but the area schools have recognized and have respected the competitive spirit of the ALS women's squad, ably coached by Jim Bessette and Chris Rutnik. Each member has made a val- uable contribution to the success of the team and to its acceptance into regional collegiate competition. --Patricia Leonard VOL Elaine Sloan demonstrates her dribbling skill. Albany Law v. Marta College Team captain Pat Leonard takes a jump shot. Coaches and team members enjoy a mid-season party. Lsusl-i jdribbling skill. offense and defense. VOLLEYBALL Jacqueline Jerry Commissioner of Volleyball Hal Semanoff Referee Don Ford Referee Referees not pictured: Lcs Lowenstcin David King Richard Lee Patricia Leonard THE TEAMS Amicae Curiae Burstein Alice's Restaurant Kurizman Liabilities Harding Ferae Naturae Favro We Need Practice Semanoff Five Easy Pieces Weisz Spikcrs Hogan Schwerzman Bay Area Bombers Muchcnsnobels The Tricks H aedem The FacultyEvery Saturday dents get together t activities are not, school. Rather, the manly contact spor This year the i which is. incidenti the United States, club’s inception in B sides posted 6 -1 far this Spring both is also unscorcd up Skidmore against a gomcry and Jim Cr side, each wearing A side match comr Colgate fullback, he heard the threat pounced on the loo Roulan kicked the ; later added a 3 poi In the second ! against a strong win The most valuable Corcoran who deve ing with a gash ovc stitches) which spu thereby creating a new rugby look Co cond half thus enal goalline attack by 9-0. After a scoreh Chris Cernik bccan attempted to pull Cernik avenged the after some fine fie Friedman. Later. I of-Bound " Collins loped thrity yards i The next wcel shires for a match half of the A side and numerous oenaRUGBY THE 1974 - 1975 SEASON by Gusto Davis Every Saturday afternoon a group of Albany Law stu- dents get together to samsh themselves up a bit. Their activities are not, however, a result of tire rigors of law school. Rather, these students are engaged in that gentle- manly contact sport known as rugby. This year the Albany Law School Rugby Football Club, which is, incidentally, the best law school rugby club in the United States, has experienced its best year since the club's inception in the mid-1960s. In the Fall the A and B side's posted 6 -1 and4-2-1 records respectively. Thus far this Spring both sides are undefeated, and the B side is also unscored upon. The season began with a match at Skidmore against a strong Colgate club. While Rich Mont- gomery and Jim Campbell waited eagerly to star in the B side, each wearing their new topsiders for the game, the A side match commenced. Midway into the first half the Colgate fullback, receiving a kick, bobbled the ball as he heard the threatening footsteps of Dan Arno. Dan pounced on the loose ball to score a try. Captain Mike Roulan kicked the goal after try for 2 more points, and later added a 3 point penalty kick. In the second half, despite playing up a hill and against a strong wind, the A side held Colgate scoreless. The most valuable rugger award was given to Christ "Coco" Corcoran who developed a unique rugby technique: play- ing with a gash over his right eye (which later required 6 stitches) which spurted blood over his face and jersey thereby creating a highly menacing appearance. With his new rugby look Coco managed to win every hook the se- cond half thus enabling Law to withstand a 20 minute goalline attack by Colgate. The ended with Law winning 9-0. After a scoreless first half in the B game scrumhalf Chris Cernik became infuriated when a Colgate rugger attempted to pull what little hair Chris has. The incensed Cernik avenged the affront to his dignity by scoring a try after some fine field playing by Frank Messa and Mike Friedman. Later, Bill 'Three-Steps-Juke-Left-and-Go-Out- of-Bounds" Collins finally managed to juke right and gal- loped thrity yards down the sidelines to add another try. The next week the Law club travelled to the Berk- shires for a match against the Williams Ephmen. The first half of the A side match was marred by poor officiating and numerous penalties. At halftime Williams led 9-3. The 1974-75 A .L.S. Rugby Football Club: Front, 1. tor., Fred McGown, Jeff Wright, Terry Rice, Frank Messa, Chris Cernik, Eugene Grimmick, R. S. Ryan, Jim Bess- ette. Rear, 1. tor., Jim Campbell, Art Kalita, Rich Montgomery, Mike Willis, Bill Fox, Bob Learner. Bill Collins, Eric Evans, Sal Sapienza, Jim Hayden, Marc Blaustcin, Chris Davis, Bill Riiska, Tony Romano. New members of the 1975-76 A.L.S.R.F.C.: 1. to r., James P. Slettland, Clifford I. Bass, James Rich, Jr. During the second half the A side played better and the scrum, with the help of Big Jim Hayden and Black Eye Buzz Aldrich gradually took control of the game. "Scrum- er" Harry Rubing irked because no one would call him "Big Harry" plucked the ball out of a loose scrum and rambled 10 yeards for a try. Later Tony Daniele, Otis Bessette and Tom Welch were able to work the ball up- field passing it between them. Then as wing Tom Welch was being tackled, he passed the ball behind his back to Mike Roulan, and Mike ran over for a try. The decisive moment in the match came with fifteen minutes left and Law leading 11-9. Tom Welch kicked a perfect 40 yard drop kick for 3 points from an impossible angle. When Tom opened his eyes, he gazed upon a Williams club which was wholly demoralized by the miraculous feat. The final score: 14-9 for ALS. The B side crushed the Williams B side 15-0, tries being scored by Mike Vacek, Chris Cemil and Jim Camp- bell. The most spectacular play of the game was Jeff Wright's 30 yard drop kick made at full speed which bounced on die cross bar and dropped over for three points. Newcomers to the game of rugby, Kevin O'Shea and Mike Vacek, manhandled opponents (and even team- mates!) who stepped in their way during the game. The club strongly urges students, faculty and friends to attend the matches and the parties which follow. After all, where else can you see 30 grown men jumping on top of each odier? 53Albany's Mayor Erastus Corning II listens as an A .L.S. rugger explains the rules of the game. The Scrum Injuries are not infrequent during the matches. Christopher J. Collin President Robert La Duca '7( Senior Class Presid Freshman Section A ter. President, Jean Roster of the 1975-1976 A .L.S. Rugby Football Club 76 77 78 Jim Bessette Fred McGown Allen Ladd Bill Collins Mike Vacek Bill Collier Tony Romano Skip Grlmmick Dana Bruno Mike Friedman Jim Rich Dick Welsz Jim Hayden Jim Gleason Todd Weber Harry Rubin John Sharkey Nat Connelly Tom Mullin Kevin O'Shea Wecdcn Wctmore John Aldrich Cliff Bass Frank Willey Eric Evans Rich Montgomery R. S. Ryan Jim Sleueland Chris Corcoran Ed Watkins Bob Learner Chris Cernlk Bill Riiska 44 iM" ? ! K . A.L.S.R.F.C. : listens as an A.L.S. me. Nancy C. Schade '78 Section B Vice President Freshman Section A Officers: Anne C. Fit- ter, President, Jean Nellenbach, V. P. Robert La Duca '76 Allen C. Ladd '78 Senior Class President Section B President David R. Ferris '76 Placement Committee Chairman Students listen as Dean Ralph Semerad and Professor David Siegal discuss the anonymous grading proposal. Senior Class President Robert La Duca acted as Moderator during the S.B.A . Open Meeting. Student Bar Association Christopher J. Collins '76 President Sharon L. Landers '77 Vice President Linda C. Griffin '77 Secretary James P. Gllpatrlc '76 TreasurerBLOOD DRIVE Coordinators of Fall and Spring Drives: David C. King ’76 Mary E. Toomey -78 Novemberfest 5 CAMERA STORE I North Pearl St., Albany. NY •163-7777 434-1381 rt»ai)OWiO»EBCOMPG7 i r?---------- “ w .v “The Issue” Becomes Miscellaneous 3d. Albany Law School Newsletter - - Published Twice Monthly Coordinators of the Justice Jackson Series: William K. Block '76, above, and Christine C. Kopec '76. JUSTICE JACKSON LECTURE SERIES Guest Speaker: JUDGE SOL WACHLER Court of Appeals of New York Topic “What's Going On in the Courts?" A.L.S. Legal Assistance Project DANIEL G. MORI ARTY Faculty Advisor LANNY E. WALTER Director ELIZABETH A . GAYNES Staff Attorney PATRICIA RUTN1K SecretaryChristmas Party The musical group "Three in a Row": Bob U Duca Kathy Centola, Gary Centola. Tom Halley and Bob Ryan tended one of the two open ban during the evening. "Saratoga Green" : two parts Dartmouth, one part Skidmore. Party Chairman Kevin O'Shea, upper left, Tom Berke, right Jacquelyn Jerry, front, formed the second bartending team. David A. Ca Barbara Lamb, Bob La Duca, Linda Cawley Bill McFarland Allen Ladd, Helen Fanshawe Thomas S. West OralistSenior Trials David A. Caruso and Richard A. Currcri Bob La Duca, le part Skidmore. Tom Berke, right, jartending team. Jurors arc drawn from the Freshman Class. Final Round Teams Randolph E. Parker and Jeffrey N. Miller -against - Edward P. Finncrty and David Rosenberg :n Jer National Moot Court Team Thomas S. West 77 Oralist Kathryn E. Krause '76 Oralist William A. Price, Jr. '76 Brief Writer Prof. John E. Sands A dvisor 59William Samore Society of International Law D. Alan Wrlgley, Jr., President Jessup International Moot Court Team Richard T. William Lead Articles Editor Sheila Schiff Co Chief Notes Edit William G. Tod Note Editor JESSUP TEAM MEMBERS Kathryn Krause Note Editor Douglas C. Webl Associate Editor Lee R. Hessberg Note Editor Theodore M. Wei Associate Editor Mark Ridley '77 Professor Edward Gordon A dvisor Rear, Christine Marbach '77, Andrew McKay '77. Front, Catherine Raub '77, Sharon Landers '77. Albany Law Review Marta Sachey, Lead Article Editor Erica Felch, Note Editor Joseph Reynolds Editor-in-Chicf Gary D. Ccntola Alan M. Adler Managing Editor Business Manager soPresident t iristinc Marbach '77, McKay 77. Front, t e Raub 77, Sharon •77. , Lead Article Editor tfotc Editor Richard T. Williams n Lead Articles Editor Sheila Schlff Cole Chief Notes Editor William G. Todd Note Editor Kathryn Krause Note Editor Douglas C. Webb Associate Editor Lee R. Hessberg Note Editor Theodore M. Weiner Associate Editor Maurice K. Pcaslee Comments Editor Robert B. Stiles Chief Note Editor James K. McLaughlin Associate Editor RaymondT. Gilman Associate Editor Christopher H. Corcoran Comments Editor David A. Caruso Coordinator, National Law Review Conference at A.L.S. Edward P. Flnnerty Special Contributions Editor Carol E. Smith Note Editor David Sicgal Associate Editor Sharon L. McNulty Member Bruce Blatchly Comments Editor % Mary Anne Tommancy, Note Editor William H. German, Associate Editor Terence J. Devine Associate Editor Joseph R. Cook Member r i 11Albany Law Review ES®j Michael Katzer Member Arlene A. Levinson Garrett DcGraff Member Member Stewart Rosenwasser Member William A. Brewer II Member Samuel Rieff Member Barbara A. Ashcld '77 Patron's Advertising E S3lcs Junior Editor James Davis Sales 1976 Verdict Staff Peter Bluhm '75 Advisor Photography Christine C. Kopec " Bookstore Sales William Block '76 Bookstore Sales BONNIE COHEN '78 Freshman Editor Photography Donald Quigley Inter Collegiate Press Representative Robert G. Conway, Jr, '76 Editor-in-Chicf David W. Steen '76 Senior Editor SalesBluhm '75 r ;raphy Bruce S. Trachtenberg '78 Freshman Editor Photography James Davis Sales Christine C. Kopec '76 Bookstore Sales William Block '76 Bookstore Sales BONNE COHEN '78 Freshman Editor Photography Donald Quigley Inter Collegiate Press Rcprcsentatis'e rt Rosenwasser er Barbara A. Asheld '77 Patron's Advertising Editor Sales Junior Editor Charlene D. Daly '77 Junior Editor Patron's Advertising Editor Photography, Sales James L. Sullivan, Jr. '78 Freshman Editor Photography Patricia M. Leonard '76 Sports Editor Christopher H. Corcoran '76 Sports Editor Christopher Davis '75 Sports Editor Robert J. Foody '76 Photography John N. Grasso '77 Photography Douglas Dalton Bcrns Camera Store, Albany Photography Advisor Special Thanks to: Miss Helen T. Wilkinson, Registrar Mrs. Jean Carpinello The Alumni of Albany Law School, our Commercial Patrons and our Advertisers whose financial support made this yearbook possible. Susan L. Kauffman '76 Bookstore Manager Janet Gogel '76 Bookstore Sales Robert H. Frcehill '76 Bookstore Sales Mary Anne Tommaney '76 Sales Photography 63■ I3 0000 1 1617153 3

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