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ALBANY LAW SCHOOL 1921 VERDICT 1971 GOLDEN ANNIVERSARY Cover Design Copyrighted 1971 by Jeanne Helene Hunt Front cover photographs, above photograph Graphic Reproductions by Daumier Compliments of Times UnionA brief history such as this can list names and record chronicled events but it cannot, by itself, resurrect the countless memories and recollections so intimately entwined with one's personal ex- periences and associations with the law school. The primary task belongs to each individual alumnus, the object of our dedication and travail. We can but hope to be a catalyst in this process. The first law school in New York State, Albany Law was established in 1851 by Amos Dean, Ira Harris and Amasa |. Parker at the north- east corner of State Street and Broadway in Albany. A one-year law course was offered to the initial class of twenty-three students. It was not until 1898-1899 that a two-year curriculum was introduced, and in 1910 the now traditional three-year program was begun. The nineteenth century produced more than its fair share of out- standing alumni, including Associate justice of the United States Supreme Court David Brewer, ( lass of 1858, President of the United States William McKinley, class of 1867, and 1904 Presidential Can- didate Alton B. Parker, class of 1872. Quality graduates continued in abundance as Robert Jackson of the c lass of 1912 was appointed Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court, serving his country and its law most admirably in that lofty position. Meanwhile the fledgling law school itself began an itinerant journey through the City of Albany, seemingly destined to reflect the change and progress of the community it chose to serve. From its original home at the site of the "old" Post Office, the Law School moved in fairly rapid succession to State and Green Streets, then to Eagle Street across from the former police headquarters near the foot of the now-emerging South Mall Lower, and from there to the Universalis! Church at 2.T9 State Street at the site of the present State Office Building where it remained until 1925. The "modern era" of Albany Law School began in 1929 at its spanking 0 new edifice on New Scotland Avenue, after a brief existence on Lan- caster Street. The present structure was enhanced by the addition of two new wings and modernization of facilities completed in 1969. The Alumni Section of the VERDICT '71 offers ample evidence that our predecessors, as governors, senators, judges at every level, and men of virtually every walk of life, have surpassed the ambitions, hopes, and dreams of the founders and those who have guided the school through its infant years. Now we, the ( lass of 1971, are ready to embark upon our individual paths in an attempt to create a better world. We know we have been given the means to achieve this goal through our legal training and traditions. We trust that the next fifty years will vindicate our efforts. Edward |. KennedyBorden H. Mills Sr. General Practice; former Asst. Atty. Gen. N.Y.S. Dept, of Law; former U.S. Commissioner. 1906 Herman Laver)' Probate Estate Practice. 1908 Henry M. Brown General Practice; former Asst. Dist. Atty. of Jefferson County. 1909 Jose Sabatcr, Hon. General Civil Practice; Author of “Human Monuments"; former Judge of Superior Court, P.R. 1910 Robert C. Poskanzer General Practice. 1911 Bert H. Brower, Hon. General Practice; Atty. for Town of Canajoharie; former Judge of the Children's Court, Montgomery County. Hazel M. Cole General Practice. Ralph J. Ury General Practice; "Who's Who in the East", 1969. 1912 Hon. Isadore Bookstein General Practice; former County Judge; former Asst. D.A. Albany County; former Justice of Supreme Court, 3rd. Dist.; Trustee, Albany Law School. Earnest C. Hornburg Bernard Ryan, Hon. General Practice; former Presiding Judge, N.Y. State Court of Claims. 1913 E. Howard Ringrose, Hon. former Justice of the Supreme Court; former Surrogate. 1914 Samuel E. Aronowitz Past Pres. Albany Bar Assn, and Federated Bar Assns. of 3rd. Judicial Dist.; Past N.Y.S. Commander, American Legion; Director and Counsel - National Commercial Bank and Trust Co. Maj. Gen. Bernard VV. Kearney retired. Catherine M. Snyder 1915 Walter F. Bliss, Hon. General Practice; Vice Pres. N.Y.S. Bar Assn.; Pres. First National Bank of Middleburgh; former Sup. Ct. Justice, App. Div. 3rd Dept. Walter Wait1916 Roscoe V. ELsworth, Hon. Trustee Emeritus, Albany Law School; former Supreme Court Justice 3rd. Judicial Dist. Frederick S. Harris Probate Real Estate Practice. Henry B. Merritt 1917 William Deckelman, Hon. General Practice; former Sullivan County Judge; former D.A. of Sullivan Co.; former Justice of Supreme Court. John Kosinski Herbert J. Rambert General Practice; U.S. Treasury Regulations Specialist. 1918 Michael D. Lombardo General Practice. Franklin A. Schrivcr Joseph W. Shanley General Practice. 1919 Abraham Jordan, Hon. former Acting City Judge, Renns.; former Rennselear Corporation Counsel; former Clerk to Judge of N.Y.S. Court of Appeals. “The proper object of justice in its place among virtues, is to direct a man in his deal- ings with another." St. Thomas John D. Lynn, Hon. General Practice; former Presid- ing Judge, Bergen County, N.J. Dist. Court; former Bergen County Judge; former Mayor of Bogota New Jersey. Frank A. Tate, Hon. General Practice; Acting City Court Judge, Mechanicville; Saratoga County Estate Tax Atty.J. Ernest Wharton, Hon. former Schoharie County D.A.; former Surrogate, County Judge, Judge of the Children's Court of Schoharie County; Con- gressional Representative 28th. Dist. for seven succeeding terms. Robert C. Winchcll General Practice; Fellow-Ameri- can College of Trial Lawyers. 1920 Charles B. Brasser, lion. General Practice; former Wayne County Judge Surrogate; former D.A. Wayne County; Justice Sup- reme Court. Ruth (Goldberg) Warshaw Insurance Practice. Dorothy S. Hartman Maurice D. Isenbergh, Hon. General Practice; Surrogate of Rensselaer County; former 1st. Assistant Corporation Counsel, City of Troy. Chandler S. Knight, Hon. General Practice; Montgomery County Judge; former Montgomery County Atty.; former Pres. County Bar Assn.; former Pres, of County Judges Association of N.Y.S.; Executive Board Member Vice Pres, of N.Y.S. Bar Assn. “The judge should no doubt, . . . be both lawyer and philosopher of the highest grade, blest with saving common sense and practi- cal experience as well as sound and comprehensive learning, but such men are rare." Judge C. W. Pound Edmund A. McCarthy, Hon. former Surrogate and County Court Judge. Ruth M. Miner General Practice; Trustee, Albany Law School; 1st. Atty., Albany Legal Aid Society; former Bethlehem Town Atty.; Confiden- tial Law Asst. Clerk to a Justice, Supreme Court App. Div.; Director of Senior Citizens Cen- ter, Inc. Augustus C. Nelson, Hon. General Practice; Lyons Village Justice. 1921 Florence (Benson) Scullen Earle N. Bishopp General Practice; U.S. Commissioner, S.D.N.Y.I,co W. Breed, Hon. former Onondaga County Judge; former Member of N.Y.S. Assembly Raymond L. Carr Samuel W. Eager, Hon. General Practice; Legal Text Editor; Senior Associate Justice App. Div. 1st. Dept. II. Leroy Gill I. Russell Stein General Practice. Stephen W. Zeh General Practice; former Corporation Counsel, City of Port Jervis. VV. Glenn Larmonth General Practice; Senior U.S. Commissioner of N.D.N.Y. Gregory G. Phillips 1922 David W. Burke Truman D. Cameron Oscar L. Spears General Practice; former Asst. Atty. General N.Y.S. Bureau of Frauds; former Police Commission er. Mount Vernon N.Y. Harry L. Gilric General Practice; former 1st. Asst. D.A. for Niagara County; former Prosecutor for Japanese War Crimes in Manila; Instrumen tal in Development of Case Law regarding jury charges. "The concept of law is one of the noblest ever to enter the life of man. Its end is to remake man, to make him good. It is law which means the difference be- tween disorder and order, be- tween right and wrong, between bad and good, between justice and injustice, between war and peace." Davitt James H. Glavin Jr., Hon. Judge of the N.Y.S. Court of Claims; former 2nd. Deputy Atty. Gen., N.Y.S. Dept, of Law; former N.Y.S. Transfer and Estate Tax Atty. Ettore Mancuso General Practice; former Corporation Counsel, Schenectady; Research Counsel N.Y.S. Assem- bly Ways Means Committee.Carl W. Peterson, Hon. General Practice; former Dist. Ally, and County Judge of Herkimer County; former Justice of the Supreme Court. William H. Phelps Frank E. Sacco former N.Y.S. Compensation Court Referee; former N.Y.S. Asst. Atty. General. Frank B. Valentine Walter H. Wertime Trustee, Albany Law School. 1923 Hon. Francis Bergan Associate Judge N.Y.S. Court of Appeals; Constitutional Conven- tion Delegate, 1938, 1967; for- mer Civil Court and Police Court Judge; former Supreme Ct. Judge. William P. Boyle, Hon. Corporate, Anti-trust and Railroad Practice; former Acting Village Justice, Ossining N.Y. A. Pearley Feen Corporate, Probate, and Trial Practice; Member of the Board of Bar Examiners; Past Pres. Vermont Bar Assn.; Vice Pres, and Director American Fidelity Co. Meyer A. Jeneroff General Practice. Alfred D. Kelly former Counsel D. H. R.R. Corporation; Trial Counsel, Interstate Commerce Commission. William S. Zielinski General Practice 1924 Felix J. Aulisi, Hon. Justice of the Supreme Court App. Div. 3rd. Dept.; former Surrogate and County Judge of Montgomery County. Thomas R. Hadaway, Hon. Judge of Surrogate's Court and County Atty. of Orange County. Peter H. Harp Ruth (Reedy) Sullivan General Practice; Post Standard Woman of Achievement All Time 1966. Arthur H. Vinett 1925 Walter B. Batchelor, Hon. General Practice; City Atty. and Surrogate Judge, Oswego Co. . . next to a knowledge of the law, a sense of humor is the greatest asset of mankind." Verdict 1923 8Joseph J. Casey General Practice; Vice Pres. City County Savings Bank; former Asst. D.A. Albany County; former Corporation Counsel City of Albany; Past Pres. Albany Co. Bar Association. Hon. Thomas F. Croake U.S. Dist. Court Judge S.D. N.Y.; former Vice Pres. N.Y.S. Bar Assn.; former Pres. Westchester Co. Bar Assn.; former Corporation Counsel and Acting City Judge of Plattsburgh; former County and Children's Court Judge, Clinton County. John T. Degraff General Practice; Pres. N.Y.S. Board of Law Examiners; Vice Pres. N.Y.S. Bar Assn. John F. Doyle Albert E. Far one James L. Fitzgerald Richard T. Graham T. M. Guerin Jr. Robert G. Hanlon, Hon. Probate Real Estate Practice; Cohoes City Court Judge; former Cohoes Police Justice; Counsel for Cohoes Centennial, Inc. Ralph H. Kurlbaum Lloyd R. Le Fever Estate Real Estate Practice; Chairman of the Board of the Kingston Savings Bank. Lloyd R. Le Fever David Levine Daniel J. McAvoy, Hon. N.Y.S. Supreme Court Justice; former Children's Court Judge and Broome County Dist. Atty. William E. Morris General Practice; Asst. Dist. Atty. and Assemblyman, Saratoga County. Francis T. Nolan Werner H. Pigors General Practice; Director and Counsel for Central Savings and Loan Assoc.; former instructor at Albany Law School. Florence (Haberman) Simberkoff General Practice. 9Alfred L. Simon General Practice. Edgar W. Snell John J. Sweeney 1926 Lenore (Blanchard) Stoughton Trademark, Unfair Competition and Copyrights Practice; Trustee, The McCutchen; Trus- tee, Council on Religion and International Affairs. John J. Carusone Willard W. Cass Sr. John Doherty Hyman B. Freeman General Practice; former Pres. Monroe County Bar Assn.; former Vice Mayor. Richard E. Gale lion. James Gibson Associate Judge N.Y.S. Court of Appeals; Trustee, Albany Law School; Executive Committee N.Y. State Bar Assn.; Administrative Board of Judicial Conference of N.Y.S.; "Who's Who in America"; chairman of N.Y.S. Bar Assn. Judicial Section; former D.A. Washington County; former Justice of the Supreme Court, App. Div. Solomon M. Cilcns General Practice; Chairman of the California State Bar Admin- istrative Committee. Frederick C. Jensen General Civil Practice. Francis B. Keeler, lion. General Practice; former Asst. Corporation Counsel and Police Court Judge, New Britain Conn. Francis Kelli her General Practice; Editor of serv- eral legal publications; former Director of the Joint Legisla- tive Committee on Real Property Tax Exemptions; former lecturer at Albany Law School; former Asst. Director of the Law Bureau of the N.Y.S. Tax Commission. Henry Levine Philip M. Liebsclnitz Chairman of the Board of the Columbia Banking, Saving Loan Assn.; N.Y.S. Banking Board; Chairman of Selective Service Draft Board st76; Chairman of the Board of TASCO. "The law cannot make all men equal, but they are equal before the law in the sense that their rights are equally the subject of protection and their duties of enforcement." PollockHelen (Nachman) Braun stein General Practice. Adam Ogonowski General Practice. Warren W. Rommel Harold B. Slingerland John P. Weatherwax Edward E. Weber Estates and Real Estate Practice. 1927 Paul A. Boylan Probate, Corporate and Real Estate Practice. Helen (Fox) Chandellier General Practice. Hubert J. Gillette Bernard S. Levey William A. Mayo Kenneth S. McCaw Kenneth T. McKay General Practice. Carl O. Olson Alexis Ruxsin (photo p. 32.) Harry II. Singleton Corporate and Estate Practice; Director, Glen Falls National Bank Trust Co. Robert W. Sloan William J. Sullivan General Practice. Clarence B. Wilcox 1928 Rebecca (Axelrod) Silverman Charles D. Campbell Joseph J. Doyle Kenneth J. Dugan N. LeVan Haver Trial Practice; Trustee, Albany Law School; former Dist. Atty. of Ulster County. C. Emory Lockner Clifford W. McCormick General Practice. Julius Muffson General Practice. John Douglas Munsil Estate Real Property Practice; former Director of the State Bank of Ellenburg. James M. O'Brien Charles W. Potter Municipal Practice; Deputy Commissioner, N.Y.S. Office of Local Government. Helen M. Pratt A. Page Smith, Hon. General Practice; City judge Recorder, Johnstown; former Surrogate of Fulton County.J. Vanderbilt Straub General Practice; President, Board of Trustees, Albany Law School; Vice President and Trus- tee, National Savings Bank; Di- rector, C.M.P. Industries Inc. 1929 John J. Glanin Richard S. Heller, Hon. Judge of the N.Y.S. Court of Claims; Atty. for the Elmira Board of Health and Chemung County Atty. Jeremiah Hindcn Havoen J. Hughes Trusts Estates and Real Estate Practice. Archie R. Lape Eugene F. Lester Luther I. Webster 1930 Arthur C. Aulisi, Hon. Justice of the Supreme Court N.Y.S.; former City Judge, Gloversville; former Dist. Atty. and Fulton County Judge. Shepherd Z. Baum Owen Begley Kenneth G. Greaser Kenneth G. Greaser Municipal, Estate Real Estate Practice; Atty. for Village of Whitesboro and Village of Holl- and Patent; former Asst. D.A. Charles F. Kaiser Jr., Hon. General Practice; Trustee and Secretary of the Ellenville Sav- ings Bank; former Police Justice, Village of Ellenville; Asst. Sec- retary of the N.Y.S. Constitu- tional Convention 1938. William M. O’Reilly former Secretary to the Lt. Governor; former Legal Asst, to the Commissioner of the N.Y.S. Dept, of Tax Finance; former Research Counsel, N.Y.S. Senate; former Chairman, N.Y.S. Legislative Drafting Commission. Walter S. Stcdman Assistant Attorney General. 1931 Samuel M. Hesson Dean of Albany Law School. Henry J. Horstman Reuben Avis Lazarus Governmental Practice; Corp- oration Counsel, City of New York; "Who's Who in America"; Consultant on Municipal Affairs, N.Y.S. Legislature; Instrumental in the Drafting of the Adminis- trative Code; former Special Legislative Representative of N.Y. City. Edward P. Looser General Practice. John Sutherland Marsh, Hon. Justice of the Supreme Court, App. Div. 4th. Dept.; former Dist. Atty., Niagara County; former Surrogate and Children's Court Judge and former Niagara County Court Judge. Ernest B. Morris General Practice; Pres, of the Board of Trustees, Albany Law School; Pres., Saratoga Harness Racing, Inc.; former Dist. Atty., Albany County. William II. Mountain Corporate Banking Practice; Director, Citizens Nat'l Bank and Trust Co.Leo W. Spira General Practice. Eugene J. Steiner Domenic L. Streppa General Practice; Trustee, Com- munity Savings Banks; former Attorney for Village of Fair- port; former Atty. for the Fair- port Central School Dist. 1932 Harold Armstron W. LaVerne Baldwin General Practice; Trustee, DeGraff Memorial Hospital. Gerald R. Barrett General Practice. Paul F. Eaton General Practice. Bernard P. Gill General Practice. Joseph V. Graham Max II. Hershkowitz 'Rationes Decidendi ... are in truth nothing else than the principles of natural justice, practical expediency, and com- mon sense." Sir John Salmond Emil Peters General Practice; Vice Pres, and Trustee of Albany.Law School; Director, National Bank Trust Co.; Director, Schenec- tady Industrial Council. Allen II. Pulsifer former Dist. Atty, Fulton County. Nathan H. Richman William F. Christiana, Hon. County Judge of Columbia County. John Cole Crary Public Practice; former N.Y.S. Asst. Atty. General; former Counsel, State University, N.Y. Matthew M. Dunne, lion. Surrogate, Rensselaer County; former City Court Judge, Troy. Robert W. Bascom, Hon. Surrogate, Washington County; Pres. N.Y.S. Surrogate Assn.; former Pres., Washington County Bar Assn.; former Chief Proba- tion Officer. Harold S. Van Schaack Tax Practice; Asst. Attorney General, State of Ohio. 1933 Jacob H. Herzog, Hon. Estate, Labor Relations, Corpor- ate, Tax, Banking and Real Estate Practice; Secretary of the Board of Trustees, Albany Law School; former County Treas- urer County Electric Commiss- ioner; former Chairman, N.Y.S. Bar Assn. Committee on State Legislation; former City Court Judge. Edward T. MaloneWilliam A. Glavin General Practice. Harold E. Hyzer General Practice; former Atty. of Delaware County; former Atty. for Town of Franklin; former Atty. for Villiage of Franklin and Past Pres., Franklin Cen- tral School Board. Henry II. Kohlintz General Practice. Arthur E. McCormick General Practice. Michael Nardone Elmer M. Rasmussen, Hon. General Practice; Past Pres. Rensselear County Bar Assn.; former Counsel to Legislative Committee on Certiorari; former City Court Judge, Troy, N.Y.; former County Atty., Rensselear, N.Y. Albert W. Schneider, Hon. Surrogate and County Judge. I. Nathan Sidman Raymond G. Smith Real Estate Estate Practice; Attorney for Schenectady Savings Loan Assn. Harold R. Soden, Hon. Justice of the Supreme Court of N.Y.; member of the N.Y.S. Judicial Conference; former D.A. of Essex County; former Super- visor, Town of North Elba. Henry Tasker, Hon. Justice of the Supreme Court of N.Y.; former County Judge, Asst, and Chief Asst. Dist. Atty. of Suffolk County. James Townsend (photo p. 32) 1934 Louis G. Bruhn, Hon. Justice of the Supreme Court of N.Y.; former Dist. Atty., Ulster County, N.Y. Douglas S. Cameron Corporate Practice. Montie Fowler Cone Monde Fowler Cone Principal owner and manager of the Cone Farms. Thomas J. Delaney Andrew J. Malatesta Hon. Simon Rosenstock (see p. 32) General Practice; former City Court Judge, Albany N.Y. Frederick W. V. Schadt 1935 David Bronncr Hon. D. Vincent Cerrito Justice of the Supreme Court, N.Y. George S. Collins International Business Practice; Trustee, Albany Law School. 14Peter J. Connelly Jack J. Danella David EfFron Poverty Law Practice. Bernard Fribush Real Property and Eminent Domain Practice; Princi[)al Atty. of State Law Dept. Legal Section. E. Stewart Jones, Hon. Trial Practice; P.L.I. Lectures; Fellow, American College of Trial Lawyers; Editor, American Trial Lawyers Journal; Former City Court Judge, Troy, N.Y.; former Corporation Counsel, Troy, N.Y. Elbert W. Robinson Stanley L. Van Rensselaer, Hon. General Practice; Chairman of the Crime Victims Compensation Board; former N.Y.S. Assembly- man, Saratoga County; former City Court Judge, Saratoga Springs, N.Y. Wesley J. Vibbard 1936 Maurice T. Brunner Tax, Wills and Estate Practice. "The waters of law are unwontly alive. New winds are blowing on old doctrines. The critical spirit infiltrates traditional formulas, philosophic inquiry is pursued without apology as it become clear that decisions of the courts are functions of some juristic philosophy." F. Frankfurter Anthony S. Falcone General Practice. David Ferber Securities Law, Appellate Litigation Practice; Solicitor, Securities Ex- change Commission; former Chairman of the Committee of Internal Organization and Pro- cedure of the Administrative Conference of the U.S. George M. Ficnbcrg H. Milton Chaddcrdon Banking, Surrogate's and Real Estate Practice; Trustee of Catskill Savings Bank; Director of Tanners National Bank, Catskill. Eliku Chase Leslie G. Dicmer Deputy Chief Clerk, Appellate Term of the Supreme Court 2nd. Dept. 15Domenick L. Gabrielli, Hon. Justice of the Supreme Court Appellate Div., 4th Dept.; Trustee, Albany Law School- former County Judge and D.A. Stuben County N.V. John R. Heilman, Hon. Judge of the Family Court, Dutchess County, N.V.; former D.A., Dutchess County and forme Trustee, Hope College, Michigan. Walter J. Hogan Henry S. Howard General Practice; Atty. for the Waddington Bank; Past Pres. St Lawrence County Bar Assn. Robert J. McDowell, Hon. Surrogate Judge, County of Steuben. Allison P. Olson Probate, Real Estate, Busi- ness Practice; Confidential Clerk to a Justice of the N.Y.S. Supreme Court. John J. Walsh, Hon. County Judge, Oneida; former City Judge, Utica, N.Y.; former Assemblyman, Member of the N.Y.S. Constitutional Convention, 1%9. 1937 Edward S. Dermody Rol ert F. Meyers, Hon. General Practice; former City Court Judge, Hudson, N.Y.; former Clerk Surrogate Court, Columbia County. George F. Murphv Dalwin J. Niles, Hon. General Practice; N.Y. State Senator; former Family Court Judge, Fulton County. Martin Schenck, Hon. Albany County Judge. Edward M. Segel Frederick Thompson General Practice. Marcus L. Filley, Hon. 1938 Harrv S. Christenson "I maintain that in no other oc- cupation ... is there a nobler intellectual pursuit or a higher moral standard. ... To establish justice, to maintain the rights of man, to defend the helpless and oppressed, to succor inno- cence, and to punish guilt . . . are duties that may well chal- lenge the best powers of man's intellect and the noblest quali- ties of the human heart." J. H. Choate Lawrence II. Cooke, Hon. Associate Justice of the N.Y.S. Supreme Court, App. Div., 3rd. Dept.; Chairman, Sullivan County Board of Supervisors; former County Judge, Sullivan Co.; Past Pres, of Sullivan County Bar Assn. William 11. Fitzgerald General Practice; former Corporation Counsel, Middle- town, N.Y.; Past Pres. Middle- town Bar Association; Past Secretary of the N.Y.S. Bar Assn. Louis F. Haney "With malice toward none, with charity for all, with firmness in the right, as God gives us to see the right, let us strive on to finish the work we are in." LincolnB. D. Kramer, H. J. Carpenter |r., J. H. Erceg, W. P. Willig, E. J. Beyerl, R. E Roberts, F. S. Higgins, R. Coan Frank S. Higgins See group photo above. Ralph O. Hoffman Duncan S. McNab, Hon. Family Court Judge; Elected to the Judicial Conference 1970. Robert B. Nellis General Practice. Francis C. Hoyt Antitrust Practice. Lionel E. Krohn Town Attorney, Augusta, N.Y.; former Special Atty. for the Dept, of Law. Thomas D. Nolan General Practice; Director, Mechanicville Co-operative Savings Loan Assn.; Member of the Capital Dist. Regional Planning Commission; former Mayor, Mechanicville N.Y. Norman II. Selke, Hon. General Practice; Judge of the Family Court, Monroe County; former Chairman of the Monroe County Board of Supervisors. Michael E. Sweeney, Hon. Associate Justice of the N.Y.S. Supreme Court, App. Div. 3rd. Dept. Joseph A. Woolman Hearing Examiner, Interstate Commerce Commission. Paul R. Young Real Property Decedents Estates Practice, N.Y.S. Office of General Services. 1939 J. Raymond Amyot Nicholas J. Changose General Practice. William F. Conway William J. Crangle Jr., Hon. County Judge, Montgomery County, N.Y.; Executive Committee, National Judges Association. Hugh R. Elwvn, Hon. Family Court Judge, Ulster County; former Special City Court Judge, Kingston N.Y.Robert J. Madigan Frederick J. Meagher H. Robert Rosenhlum General Practice; Atty. for Lawyers Title Insurance Corp; Atty. for Dan-Dee Donuts of America Insurance. Warren M. Anderson General Practice; N.Y. State Senator; Chairman, Senate Finance Committee; Fellow, American Bar Foundation; Trustee, Colgate University. Burrel Samuels General Practice; Asst. Oneida County Atty; former Asst. Atty. General - Election Frauds Bureau. 1940 R. Burdell Bixbv Corporate Practice; Chairman, N.Y.S. Thruway Authority Loren J. Bullock Charles W. Daly Estate Real Property Practice; Director, Estate Planning Council of Eastern N.Y.; Past Pres, of the Schenectady County Bar Assn. James S. Fitzgerald Harry O. Ix c Harvey M. Lifset General Practice; former N.Y.S. Assemblyman; former Chairman of the Ways Means Committee of the N.Y.S. Assembly. Harry W. McDonald Labor Relations Practice; Region- al Atty., N.Y.S. Labor Relations Board. Joseph P. McGrane Public Contracts Practice; Asst. Atty. General, N.Y.S. Nelson L. Neidhardt General Practice; Past Pres, of Madison County Bar Assn.; Chairman Advisory Council, SUNY Ag. Tech College at Morrisville.John F. Skivington General Practice; Legal Adviser, Monroe County Sales Tax Office. 1941 William A. Branigan (Photo p. 32) John W. Cebula General Practice. Max Etkind Robert J. Kohan Real Estate Decedent Estate Practice; Atty. for Village of Hunter, N.Y.; Estate Tax Atty. for Green County. Herman Boland Michaels Harry B. Myers Real Prop., Estates and Banking Practice. Julian V. D. Orton, Hon. General Practice; County Court Judge, Washington County; Vice Pres. N.Y.S. Bar Assn.; former Pres., Washington County Bar Assn. Edward O. Provenzano, Hon. County Court Judge, Monroe County N.Y. Joseph A. San try General Practice; City Atty. Little Falls N.Y. "The Voice of the Law is the harmony of the world. All things in Heaven and Earth do her hom- age; the very least as feeling her care, and the greatest as not exempt from her power." Verdict 1923 1942 Edgar Blumbcrg William L. Ford Leonard E. Friedlander Hon. Robert G. Main Justice of the N.Y.S. Supreme Court; former Member of the N.Y.S. Assembly. Bernard F. McPhillips Benjamin L. Stvmicst Richard C. Wolfe 1943 Daniel Paul Falsioni, Hon. General Practice; former Police Justice and City Court Judge for Lockport N.Y.; Past Pres., Niagra County Bar Association; Past Pres. Lock- port Bar Association. W. Harold Katz Loren W. Lillis General Practice. Hayward II. Plumadorc James C. Plunkct Jack D. Scott, Hon. General Practice; Acting City Court Judge; former City Atty. Rollin L. Twining General Practice; Trustee, New Industries for Broome Inc. 1944 Park Holland Jr. Corporate, Financial and Anti- Trust Practice. 1946 Dan W. Bannister Director, Illinois National Bank; Pres, of Horace Mann Educators Corp. Life Ins. Co., Insurance Co., and Mutual Insurance Co. Peter A. Brevett J. Willard Frament Nicholas J. Grasso General Practice. Rudolf GuentherHon. John J. O'Brien Justice of the N.Y.S. Supreme Court, 4th. Judicial Dist.; Albany Law School Alumni Assn. President 1970-71. former Cnty Family Court Judge, Washington County; former County Atty. and Dist. Atty., Wash. County; Past Pres., Wash. County Bar Assn. Andrew M. Pinckney Elizabeth (Simpson) Ellard Trusts and Estates Practice. 7 Sadie (ZOin) MacKay General Practice. 1947 Francis II. Anderson Prof, of Law, Albany Law School. Leon N. Armer General Practice; Special Asst. Atty. General, N.Y.S. Edwyn E. Mason General Practice; Member of the N.Y.S. Assembly, 113th. Dist.; Chairman of the N.Y.S. Assembly Agriculture Committee; Vice Chairman, Joint Legislative Committee on Interstate Affairs. Robert C. McEwcn Representative to U.S. Congress for 31st. District, N.Y., Mem- ber of Public Works and House Administration Committees. Luis D. Miranda General Practice; Atty. in Charge, Office of the General Counsel, Puerto Rico, U.S.D.A.; former Trial Atty. for the N.L.R.B. 1948 John P. Balio John Cenesky Guy C. DeLollo General Practice; Pres. Board of Education. Frederick S. Dennin Roswell C. Dike man Municipal Bond Attorney; Vice Chairman, General Obliga- tion Bond Committee of the A.B.A. "All ambitions are lawful except those which climb upward on the miseries and credulities of man- kind." Joseph Conrad Marc F. Bover State Practice. Charles P. Caputo General Practice; County Attorney, Fulton County N.Y. Charles S. Collesano General Practice; Pres. Risley Enterprises Inc.; Pres. Squire White Inc.; Past Pres, and Director of Chautauqua County Bar Assn.; former Special D.A.; former Counsel, Town of Pomfret. John Devine General Practice; Confidential Law Clerk to Justice of the N.Y.S. Supreme Court; former Deputy Commissioner of the N.Y.S. Dept, of Tax Finance. George FreyRobert E. Gray Daniel F. M. Hanley, Hon. Administration and Trial Judge, Mill Valley California. Joseph P. Hopkins Frederick J. Kirkpatrick Trusts and Estates and Real Property Practice. J. Robert Lynch, Hon. justice of the N.Y.S. Supreme Court. George S. Morse General Practice; Director, Cambridge Valley National Bank; Dist. Atty., Washington County; former Supervisor and Town Jus- tice, White Creek, N.Y.; former Washington County Atty. John J. O’Brien Clerk, N.Y.S. Supreme Court, App. Div., 3rd. Dept.; Special Lecturer on Appellate Practice, Albany Law School. Allen II. Samuels General Practice; Village Atty., Fort Plain, N.Y.; Director of Central Nat'l Bank, Canajoharie; Former Asst. Dist. Atty., Mont- gomery Country. Robert M. Sebant . William J. Schoonmaker General Practice; Counsel to the Capital Dist. Transporta- tion Authority. 1949 William T. Andrews General Practice; Representa- tive to the New Hampshire Legislature; "Who's Who in American Politics"; former Justice of the Peace. William S. Calli N.Y.S. Assembly; N.Y.S. Senate. Robert L. Carnright Hon. John T. Casey Justice of the N.Y.S. Supreme Court, Troy, N.Y. Edgar A. Coapman Jr. "And you judges who would be just, what judgment pronounce you upon him who though honest in the flesh yet is a thief in spirit? . . . And how shall you punish those whose remorse is already greater than their misdeeds? Is not remorse the justice which is administered by that very law which you would fain serve? Yet you cannot lay remorse upon the innocent nor lift it from the heart of the guilty. . . . And you who would understand justice, how shall you unless you look upon all deeds in the fulness of light?" Kahlil GibranHon. Edward S. Conway Justice of the N.Y.S. Supreme Court. John R. Foster Seymour Fox Scott E. Greene Angello J. Ingressa Paul L. Jones Stephen E. Keteham Richard W. Lent Paul H. McCabe (photo p. 32) General Practice; Corporation Counsel of Chemung County; former D.A. of Chemung County, N.Y. William J. McDonald Micheal A. Perretta, Hon. General Civil and Criminal Law Practice; Town Justice, Lenox N.Y.; Police Justice Conastota N.Y.; Assistant Counsel, N.Y.S. Joint Legislation Committee on Crime. Hon. John H. Pennock Justice of the N.Y.S. Supreme Court; former Asst. Corpora- tion Counsel, City of Albany; former Civil Service Commiss- ioner, City and County of Albany; former County Atty., Albany, N.Y. Eugene F. Sullivan Jr. General Practice; Dist Atty., Oswego County, N.Y. Francis X. Tucker, Hon. General Practice; Character and Fitness Committee 3rd. Dist., 3rd. Dept.; former Surrogate, Ulster County, N.Y. Oreste Vincent Donald A. Walsh John M. Walsh Vice Pres., Public Affairs, N.Y. Telephone Co.; former Asst. Atty. General; former Appointments Officer to the Governor. 1950 Stephen Joseph Banks Insurance Examiner, N.Y.S. Dept, of Insurance; former City Court Clerk and Member of the Common Council, Hudson, N.Y. Nathan A. Bork General Practice; Chairman, City Court Practice Procedure Committee, Erie County Bar Assn. Lewis H. Case General Practice. John W. Condon Jr. Criminal Matrimonial Practice; Asst. Dist. Atty., Erie County N.Y.; Secretary, Criminal Justice Section, N.Y.S. Bar Assn. Raymond E. DcmattcoDonald B. Frederick General Practice; Atty. for Waverly Central Schools; Past Pres. Tioga County Bar Assn.; former Justice of the Peace, Town of Boston, N.Y. John L. Greisberger General Practice. Eugene M. Hanofee Dennis Hurley Philip D. O’Connell Hubert A. Richter George M. Simonds General Practice. Donald L. Slater General Practice; Election Commissioner, Cortland County, N.Y. Nicholas L. Sullivan Zelda M. Uthe Seymour Werbalowsky It is better the law should be certain, than that every judge should speculate upon improv- ments in it. Lord Eldon 1951 John A. DeRonde General Practice. Daniel F. Fitzgerald General Practice. Vernon N. Green General Practice; Village Justice, Village of South Glens Falls; Town Atty. Town of Momreau; Atty. for South Glens Falls Central School Dist. Robert E. Heath General Practice; Council Member, State University at Brockport; former County Atty., Orleans County, N.Y. J. Michael Hippick, Hon. General Practice; Town Justice, East Greenbush, N.Y.; former Town Atty., East Greenbush, N.Y. Gordon P. Jeffery, Hon. General Practice; Judge, Court of Special Sessions; Village Judge, Clinton, N.Y. Edgar C. Leonhardt General Practice. Joseph S. Monescalchi General Practice. William P. Murtagh General Practice; Town Moderator, Great Barrington, Mass. George F. Perkins Joseph E. Rosch Daniel F. Rugc Director of N.Y.S. Washington Office. Stewart T. Schantz General Practice; Past Pres., Ulster County Bar Assn. Harry T. Shaw Merritt Vaughan General Practice. 1952 James R. Beecher Jr. General Practice; Taylor Law Negotiator for Village of Elmira Heights; former Justice of the Peace, Elmira, N.Y.; Past Pres., Chemung-Schuyler Magistrates Assn. James J. Cahill General Practice; Corporation Counsel, Watervliet, N.Y. J. E. Cooney Alan R. Freedman General Practice. Joseph Gerace General Practice; Chautaugua County Supervisor; Vice Pres., Jamestown Bar Association.David L. Gumport Probate Real Property Practice; Director, National Bank of Coxsackie; U.S. Government Agent, Selective Service, Local Board 22; former Asst. Dist. Atty., Green County. Bruce E. Hansen 1953 William D. Brinnier E. Garrett Cleary General Practice; Special Asst. Atty. General, Ontario County Investigation. Robert A. Harlem General Practice; County Atty., Ostego County, N.Y. James A. Haynes Jr. General Practice; County Atty., Chenango County, N.Y.; Government Appeal Agent for Local Draft Board. William R. Jubic Joseph M. O’Donnell Real Property and Surrogate Practice. Earle D. Ridley Carl A. Schmidt W. Joseph Shanley Jr. William A. Cremo General Practice. John Y. Gallup Trial and General Practice; Trial Counsel for the National Association of Railroads. Prescott C. Sook General Practice. Kenneth T. Gibbons General Practice. Maurice E. Strobridge General Practice; former Dist. Atty., Wayne County, N.Y. Clarence F. Giles Probate Real Estate Practice. Robert L. Harp Anthony Kelvasa Jr. Jack B. Lazarus Dist. Atty., Monroe County; Member of the Executive Board of N.Y.S. Dist. Attys. Assn. John E. Mirch Joseph A. Mogavero Jr. Richard E. Rol erts See Group photo, p. 17. William D. Scully Francis P. Valonc General Practice; former Urban Renewal Atty. for Rome, N.Y. John J. Yanas General Practice; Commissioner, City County of Albany Civil Service Commissions. Edward M. Zabielski General Practice; Corporation Counsel, City of Schenectady N.Y., Confidential Law Clerk to N.Y.S. Supreme Court Justice; Director, Schenectady Boys Club. 1954 Nelson C. Bell Jr. Richard B. Bowden Jr. General Practice. 24J. William Burke General Practice. George M. Larios General Practice; Legal Advisor to Lake George, Lake Champlain Regional Planning Board. Charles F. Murray General Practice; Director and Counsel, Tupper Lake National Bank; Village Atty., Tupper Lake, N.Y. Albert I. Lonstein General Practice; former Dist. Atty., Ulster County; former Trustee, Village of Ellenville, N.Y. George P. McAloon General Practice; Asst. Dist. Atty.; Pres. Trustee, Alexandria Central School. Edward L. Nadeau General Practice; former City Atty., Glens Falls, N.Y. Ronald C. Powers Criminal, Marital, Negligence Practice; Corp. Counsel, Rome, N.Y. James W. Richards General Practice; Chairman Legislative Committee, Monroe County Bar Assn. Winifred R. Widmer J. Richard Williams General Practice; former Deputy Clerk, Albany County Surrogate Court. James M. Woolsey, Jr. 1955 Louis Dempf Jr. Davis M. Etkin Raymond D. Gage, Hon. General Practice; Advising Board, Security Trust Co. of Rochester, N.Y.; former Acting City Judge. Henry Gelles Administrative Law Practice; Pres., Lake Placid School Board. Walter R. Gelles General Practice; former Special Assistant to U.S. Attorney General. William P. Leonard Leo M. Lynett Jr. William H. Mailloux Robert J. Maloney Negligence Practice. Robert H. McDowell General Practice; County Atty., Delaware County N.Y. William E. Redmond (Photo p. 32) Counsel to the Office for Local Government. William A. Toomcy Jr. Faculty, N.Y.S. School of Ind. Labor Relations, Cornell University; Panel Member: American Arbitration Assn.; N.Y.S. Mediation Board, Public Employment Relations Board. 1956 Joseph M. Battaglino General Military Practice; former Military Judge. Edwin J. Beyerl See group photo, page 17. Richard J. Daronco General Practice; Town Atty., Pelham N.Y.; Secretary, N.Y.S. Community Mental Health Assn.; former Trustee and Acting Mayor, Village of N. Pelham. James F. Donohue Trial Practice; Town Atty., Bedford, N.Y. "Take that thing which we call a man's right. He ought to be able to vindicate it against all the world. But one imperious and resounding prohibition is laid upon him; he cannot take the law into his own hands. And well he kno Vs if he thinks of his own right and of himself a- lone, and begins to exercise it with that sole idea, then col- lisions will take place, he will encounter surprises and mishaps and he will come to grief. What has happened to him? He has forgotten that the correlative of right is duty. 25 Philip M. Stark Lord Shaw“What would you do? Cut a great road through the law to get af- ter the devil? . . . And when the last law was down and the devil turned 'round on you, where would you hide, the laws all being flat? This country is planted thick with laws, from coast to coast, man's laws not God's, and if you cut them down, . . . do you really think you could stand upright in the winds that would blow then?" A Man For All Seasons ------- I James Edward Keahle Corporate, Estate Tax Practice; N.Y.S. Estate Tax Atty., Clinton County. Charles F. Little Jr. (See p. 32) Associate Atty., N.Y.S. Dept, of Health; Past Pres. Greater Colonie Chamber of Commerce. Kingdon P. Locker General Trial Practice; Counsel for Travelers Ins. and for Hart- ford Acc. Ind. Co. Francis T. Roach Robert F. Zccher James H. Glavin III General Practice; Special Counsel, Town of Waterford N.Y.; Member, American Academy of Political and Social Science; former Democratic County Chair- man, Saratoga Co. N.Y. 1957 Willard W. Cass Jr. General Practice; Town Justice, Town of Carroll, Frewsburg, N.Y.; State Tax Atty., Chautauqua Co., N.Y.; Pres. Jamestown Bar Assn. Gene L. Catena James A. Davidson General Practice; Town Justice, Queensburg, N.Y. Russell A. Freeman Banking Practice; Executive Committee, Los Angeles County Bar Assn.; Co-Author, “California Bankers Guide to the Uniform Commercial Law". John J. Glavin Jr. Richard E. Johnson Howard C. Nolan Frank N. Parisi Benjamin C. Perreault Theodore Reinhard Benjamin P. Roosa Jr. General Practice. Truman C. Searle Robert E. Seydel General Practice; Asst. Dist. Atty., Cautauqua County, N.Y. "The very considerations which judges most rarely mention, and always with an apology, are the secret root from which the law draws all the juices of life." Holmes Arthur Shapiro Richard F. Sullivan General Practice; Town Atty. for Danby, Mt. Holly, West Rutland and Middletown Springs; Pres., Vt. Trial Lawyers Assn.; former City Atty., Rutland Vt.; former Dist. Court Judge, Vermont. Richard J. Thomas General Practice; Atty. for Delaware County Federal Savings Loan Assn, and for the Farmers Home Administration. 1958 Anthony F. Bonadio Con G. Choiakis Dist. Atty., Rensselaer County N.Y. Louis S. Cifarclli General Practice. Robert J. Goan Corporate, Estate, Real Prop, and Lobbying Practice. See group photo, page 17."Ethical considerations can no more be excluded from the admin- istration of justice, which is the end and purpose of all civil laws, than one can exclude the vital air from his room, and live." Dillon Lillian S. Friedman Real Estate, Negligence and Matrimonial Practice; "Who's Who in American Women"; former Law Guardian for the Family Court; former Law Guardian Examiner in Surrogates Courts. II. Glen Hall General Practice; Deputy Town Atty., Clerk, Prosecutor, Greenburg, N.Y.; Chairman, Committee on State Legislation, Westchester County Bar Assn. John E. Hcrlihv William R. Holzapfcl General and Public Utility Law Practice Assn.; Member, National Water Company Con- ference. Douglas Houston Francis C. Lavigne General Practice; Town Justice, Massena, N.Y. Matthew II. Mataraso General Practice; Town Justice, Guilderland, N.Y. Gerald T. McDonald General Practice. Donald J. O’Connor General Practice. Frank A. Parry General Practice; Atty. for Rome Housing Authority and Urban Renewal Agency. Thomas J. Singleton Real Estate, Municipal and Matrimonial Practice; former Special Asst. Dist. Atty., Westchester County; former Corp. Counsel, Mount Kisco, N.Y. A. Thomas Storace Daniel R. Taylor Forrest G. Weeks Ellicott Square Bldg. Buffalo, N.Y. Raymond G. White1959 Louis T. Brindise Criminal and Negligence Practice; Asst. Corporation and Special Trial Counsel for the City of Utica, N.Y. Loren N. Brown General Practice; Dist. Atty., Saratoga County, N.Y. Carl M. Cole Member of the Board of Directors of the Erie County Bar Assn. H. Paul Comisar General Civil Practice; Member of Panel, National Panel of Arbitrators, American Arbitrators Assn. Thomas E. DeLorenzo Robert L. Moore F.B.I., U.S. Dept, of Justice. George Rusk Jr. 1960 Samuel C. Alessi Jr. General Practice; Justice of the Peace, Jamestown, N.Y.; Chautauqua County Supervisor. John J. Bellizzi (Photo p. 32) Director of N.Y.S. Bureau of Narcotic Control; Founder and Executive Director of the Inter- nation Narcotic Enforcement Officers Association. Richard Bernhard James E. Conway K. Scott Crcaser General Practice; Oneida County Legislator; Atty. for Village of Yorkville, N.Y. Irad S. Ingraham Dist. Atty., Chenango County, N.Y. Thomas W. Jeram Richard I. Mulvcy, Hon. General Practice; former City Judge Ithaca, N.Y. Lawrence J. Oberlies Trust Officer, Marine Midland Bank of Rochester. Ronald J. Passero John T. Perkinson J. Raymond Quinn General Practice; Schenectady City Counsel; Joint Counsel to Legislative Minority, N.Y.S. Assembly. George F. Rocsch John C. Scholl Harold L. Twiss Jr. General Practice; Franklin County Atty.; Atty. for Frank- lin County Dept, of Social Service. 1961 Bradford H. Brinton General Practice. George J. Camino General Practice; President, W.G.T. Realty Corp. "Democracy started from men's thinking that if they are equal on any count, they are equal absolutely." AristotleJohn J. Cavanaugh Jr. General Practice. A. Rita (Chandcllicr) Glavin General Practice; "Who's Who Among American Women"; Confi- dential Law Clerk to Judges of the N.Y.S. Court of Claims. Philip J. Devine John J. Lynch General Practice. Joseph T. Murphy General Practice; former Asst. Dist. Atty., Albany, N.Y.; Deputy Superintendent Albany County Bureau of Tax Deliquency. Ralph C. Pape General Practice; Commissioner, N.Y.S. Legislative Bill Drafting Commission; Town Supervisor of Coeymans, N.Y. "Law is the ordinance of God, the science of truth, the perfection of reason, and the method of Justice" Verdict 1923 1962 Stephen S. DeLisio Personal Injury, Commercial, Oil Gas Practice; State Chairman, Environmental Law Committee; Young Lawyers Section, A.B.A. John L. Desmond John R. Kelli grew General Practice; Law Secretary to Administrative Judge of Westchester County; former N.Y.S. Asst. Atty. General; former Legislation Counsel to N.Y.S. Senator; former City Assessor, Glens Falls, N.Y. Andrew S. Kowalczyk Jr. Harold L. Solomon Alan E. Steiner William Waible Litigation-Trial Practice. Charles N. White General Practice; Confidential Clerk to Justice of N.Y.S. Supreme Court, Appellate Div. 3rd. Dept. William P. Willig See Group Photo, page 17. 1963 Andrew J. Baldwin Jr. Edward T. Feeney Virgil J. Macaluso Executive V.P., International Plastics, Inc. Paul E. Mura Real Estate, Banking, Corp. Practice. Margrethe R. Powers General Practice. Donald J. Snyder General Practice; School- board and Village Atty., West Winfield, N.Y. 1964 Robert J. Bennison Richard E. Chase General Practice; Asst. Dist. Atty., Wayne County, N.Y. James H. Erceg See Group Photo, page 17. Theresa (Higgins) Snyder General Practice; Asst. Village Atty., West Winfield, N.Y., and Director, Chamber of Commerce. Edward F. Zwick Executive Asst, to Pres, of O.K.I. Electronics; former President of Neba Roast Beef International. 1965 Peter V. Coffey Gerard L. Conway General Practice.Walter M. Donovan Hugh A. Gilbert Lawrence Bruce Lennon General Practice. Jeremiah F. Manning Corporate, Tax, Trust and Estates Practice. Kermit D. McGinnis Eugene L. Nicandri 1966 F. Stanton Ackerman General Practice. Ronald J. Cristal Gary L. Gardner On the Professional Staff of International Intelligence Inc.; former Asst. U.S. Atty., VV.D. N.Y.; former Counsel, N.J. State Commission of Invest- igation. Wendell D. Harp Thomas M. Hirschen General Practice; former Asst. Dist. Atty., Schenectady County, N.Y. E. Stewart Jones Jr. Litigation Practice; Asst. Dist. Atty., Rensselaer County, N.Y. "The subject-matter of justice is exterior conduct, inasmuch as the conduct itself, or the thing that we make use of therein, is proportioned to another person, to whom we have relations of justice. Now that is said to be every person's own which is due to him on the principle of pro- portionate equality, and there- fore the proper act of justice is nothing else than to render to every one his own." Aquinas Martin S. Lazarow Tax Accounting Practice; Professor of Accounting at S.U.N.Y. Robert P. Marshall Corporate Law Practice. David L. Riebel General Practice; Asst. Dist. Atty., Saratoga County, N.Y. Favor R. Smith General Practice; former Con- fidential Law Asst, to App. Div. 3rd. Dept. Eugene R. Spada General Practice; Counsel and Director of Telosports Un- limited Corp.; former Asst. Corp. Counsel, City of Albany. Richard A. Wittenburg Donald J. Zahn Corporate and Tax Planning Practice; Guest Lecturer, Syracuse University, College of Law; Lecturer, Onondaga County and N.Y.S. Bar Assns. 1967 J. Michael Bruhn General Practice; Confidential Law Clerk to Sup. Ct. Justice; Member, Kingston Narcotic Guidance Council. 30 Howard G. Carpenter Jr. See Group Photo, page 17. David D. Egan (Photo p. 32) General Practice; Member of Arbitration Panel for Rochester City Court; Asst. Public Defender, Monroe County; "Outstanding Young Men of America." Barry Robert Fischer General Practice. Alexander T. Galloway III Legal Opinions on State Municipal Public Authority Obligations. Michael A. Kaplan Family Marshall Criminal Law Practice; U.S. Army ludge Advocate Corps. Jerome Ostrov Tax Practice; former Clerk to a Judge of the U.S. Tax Ct. Thomas N. Trevett 1968 L. Anthony Basile General Practice. Paul D. Feinstein General Practice. Peter Whitlock GowdeyBarry D. Kramer See Group Photo, page 17. Frank S. McCullough Jr. Jan H. Plumatiore Fred W. Schaeffer General Practice. Charles E. Stratton Tax Law and Federal Court Practice. 1969 Donald II. Bray Raymond P. D'Amante Government Contracting Procurement Practice. Robert O. Huhhcll Ronald E. Johnson General Real Estate Practice; Asst. Village Atty., Grand- View-on-Hudson, N.Y. Daniel I. Labowitz General Administrative Practice; Judge Advocate General Corps. Robert L. Lewis General Practice. Harvey Randall David J. E. Silber General Practice. Charles E. Snow Contracts and Suretyship Practice. 1970 Brian Prew Estate Planning and Corp- orate Practice. Edward E. Strohsahl Paul L. Wollman "Every man is free to do that which he wills, provided he in- fringes not the equal freedom of any other man." Spencer "When things go wrong, as they sometimes will. When the road you're trudging seems all up hill. When the funds are low and the debts are high. And you want to smile, but you have to sigh. When care is pressing you down a bit. Rest, if you must - but don't you quit. Life is queer with its twists and turns. As everyone of us sometimes learns. And many a failure turns about When he might have won had he stuck it out; Don't give up, though the pace seems slow - You might succeed with another blow. Often the goal is nearer than It seems to a faint and falter- ing man. Often the struggler has given up When he might have captured the victor's cup. And he learned too late, when the night slipped down. How close he was to the golden crown. Success is failure turned in- side out — The silver tint of the clouds of doubt - And you never can tell how close you are. It may be near when it seems afar; So stick to the fight when you're hardest hit — It's when things seem worst that you musn't quit." UnknownNON EX INDUSTRIA Alexis Russin Class of 1927, page 11. James Townsend Class of 1933, page 14. Hon. Simon Rosenstock Class of 1934, page 14. William A. Branigan Class of 1941, page 19. Paul H. McCabe Class of 1949, page 22. William E. Redmond Class of 1955, page 25. Charles F. Little Jr. Class of 1956, page 26. John J. Belli .» Class of 1960, page 28. David D. Egan Class of 1967, page 30.3435NATIONAL MOOT COURT lames T. Townsend, Albert M. Pellegrino, Dale M. Thuillez William M. Watkins Professor of Law Three third year students, chosen for profi- tion of the Bar of the City of New York and ciency in the argument of appeals, represent in upstate New York by the Young Lawyer's the School in the National Moot Court Compe- Section of the New York State Bar Association, tition sponsored nationally by the Associa- INTERNATIONAL LAW SOCIETY The International Law Society of Albany Law School is hosting the 1971 Justice Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition for the Northeast-Central- Canadian Region. Buffalo Law, DePaul College of Law, U. of Michigan Law, U. of Penn. Law, Syracuse Law, Cornell Law, and Toronto U. Law Schools are among those schools participating in the competition. Albany Law School won the 1970 Regional Competition and tied for first place in the semi-final rounds of competition. William Samore Professor of Law Philip I. Tulimieri Asst. Region Coordinator J. Schneider, Secretary; K. Platzer, President and Regional Coordinator; S. Erwin, Vice Pres. 36Francis H. Professor of Law Burton Andrews Professor of Law Robert J. Tymann Professor of Law BACK: B. Wilson, M. Wallach, R. Vawter, W. Suprenant, E. Waite, G. Walling FRONT: R. Goldman, P. Wertman FRESHMAN CLASS BACK: W. Cohen, W. Brewer, B. Buff, J. Cain, F. Degen, ). Connell FRONT: R. Capio, T. Cocuzzi, K. Copans, G. Biondo 37J. Scali J. Robitzek H. Simmons III BACK: J. LaCain, V. Looper, R. Librett, G. King, K. Levitt FRONT: R. Lackaye, D. Kosich, S. Lieberfarb D. Sampson, A. Rubado, W. Poppleton, G. Reid BACK: J. St. Mary, D. Richards, T. Rhodes, A. Nolte FRONT: K. Oliver, M. O'Shaughnessy, G. Pulliam, F. Schnidman, J. Reynolds 38D. Kaufman R. Iseman E. Jablonski R. Jauvtis M. Fishman J. Inc ledon P. Jasen A. Jacobs F. Gutman J. Kane C. Becker, R. Biggerstaff, R. Ayling, T. Blank, ). Banagan, A. Boeve S. Harrison, P. Israel, R. Hewitt, J. Ingarra, R. Jacon, L Flacker, P. Joslin A. Mijares, ). Nelson, H. Potter, J. Niles, T. Murphy, P. Ostroski 39BACK: J. Lupinski, ). Maloney, P. McHugh FRONT: W. Matthes, J. McCarthy, L. Roth J. DiMauro, P. Danziger, P. Curtin, D. Demarest, VV. DeYoung, J. Devine 40 BACK: N. Hayes, B. Hunter, J. Hayes FRONT: D. Gutekunst, R. Bridgham, F. HolmesR. Bulls, T. Brisson, D. Boucher, B. Bryan, ). Black, ). Bonavita Jr. 41HACK: M. Dush, A. Cullen, H. DeCotis, J. Donlon MIDDLE: D. Carazza, K. DiLorenzo, E. Farrell FRONT: J. Dulberg, D. Collesano ). Filippone, S. Easter, T. Flowers, P- Donaghy, M. Galvin, H. Dohrau, 42 BACK: F. Wood, T. C. Walsh, T. M. Walsh, FRONT: L. Volk, E. Tirabassi, M. TippermanBACK: P. Milch, T. Murray, D. Murante, L. Malone, M. Mehler, J. Meade, S. Mayka, F. Neroni FRONT: j. Millea Jr., R. Nardone, F. Morgan BACK: G. Clark, ). Cantwell, K. Clark FRONT: A. Carpinello, P. Coddington J. Grasso, ). Green, M. Ghandi, R. Golin, L. Gorman S. Segal, E. Skoda, ). Sisti, ). Sevinsky, R. Schwarz, P. Smith 43Bernard E. Harvith Professor of Law Ralph I). Semerad Professor of Law Francis J. Wallace Professor of Law Left: . Villeneuve, C. Villiere, W. Van La re, D. Thuillez Back: S. Somlo, R. Stockton, R. Sgarlata, J. Soloway Front: T. Spinrad, W. Spampinato, F. Tedeschi, S. Silbergleit 44JUNIOR CLASS M. Kessler, B. Malone Ir., F. Klinger, 5. Klatsky, D. Krelser M. Goodman, W. Gritsavage, 5. Herrick, J. Gmelin, D. Gaffney, T. Griff en, W. Hewson 45Back: . Shea, R. Salvati, P. Scanlan, W. Schreyer Front: Unidentified, M. Robilotto, E. Roemer, W. Russell, E. Scher 46 Back: J. Barbetta, N. Alford, K. Acton Front: A. Amerling, K. Moss, T. SantoroBack: G. Mott, . Morgan, D. Lorenson, I. Meagher, R. Michaels, H. Naha I :ront: . Minehan, . Messina, L. Nestle Back; . Northrop, T. Norton, M. Rice, S. Duin, H. Patrick, T. Paiulick, W. Pendergast Front: L Potter, M. Petrella, V. Nolan, H. Katz 47Eugene M. Karp Adjunct Professor of Law Donald Sharpe, Professor of Law Ernest C. LaFollctte, Professor of Law John T. Casey, Lecturer 48Helen T. Wilkinson Registrar Jennie Carpinello Mildred Straub Irene Econome Francis Skirving Alice Connors Iris Baum John DeMatteo and Crew 4950MmS, mmmkm OcTO SKarl V. Anderson Jr. Ronald T. Bircher John J. Breyo Jr. Terence J. Burke Ralph D. Camardo 52 Patrick J. CannonJohn W. Ccbula George V. Cook George M. Curtis James P. Dawson Robert J. Deily 53George D. DeLucia James R. Dennehey David A. DePetris Lee A. Dunn Stanley J. S. Erwin 54 John J. ElliottRobert L. Estes Donald T. Gallagher William H. Gearv Andrew J. Gilday Barry A. Gold Barry J. Gross Gary E. Gutowski 55II. Ward Hamlin Richard A. Hanft Gerald A. Harley Charles E. Hoag Joel M. Howard III 56Douglas J. Hunt Edward J. Kennedy Michael A. Jacobs Woody N. Klose 57 L. Foster James Jr. David A. JonesHoward J. Krantz Anthony J. LaFache James R. Lenney Guy E. Lescault John R. McGlenn 58 James D. McManus Jr.Frederick J. Meagher Richard J. Miller Robert Mountain 59Francis Murray 60 Frederick E. Parola Jr.Arthur A. Pasquaricllo Albert M. Pellegrino Ronald J. Pilittere Kenneth J. Platzer Robert W. Redmond 61 William J. PotskowskiChristopher P. Rodier Barry D. Roy Patrick II. Ryan Jr. Peter J. Ryan Jane B. Schneider 62 Rhoda S. SchutzMichael P. Shanley Jr. John F. Speranza Douglas M. Spector Richard B. Spinney Sandra M. Stevenson Edward Stiefel 63Frederick R. Stortecky David J. Strickland III Martin F. Stmad Paul K. Tamaroff 64Joseph C. Teresi James T. Townsend Philip J. Tulimieri Paul J. Vella Allen P. Werbalowskv 65 Elliott J. WachsJeanella J. Werbalowsky Richard S. Wheeler Lisa A. Whitney Peter S. Zogby 66 John A. Williamson Jr. Francis A. WoidzikET ALII John E. Darling Victor G. Dragonc Jr. Thomas I. Eastwood Barry M. Fallick Harold J. Gilbar Theodore Guterman Robert P. Hallcnbcck Jr. Melvin T. Higgins Eugene E. Kowalczuk Richard A. Langer Michael J. W. Logan Alan B. Lottner Robert N. Moore Jr. Richard D. Parsons Richard J. Whitaker Charles J. Wilcox Frank Williams Shall you complain who feed (he world Who clothe (he world? Who house (he world? Shall you complain who are the world. Of what the world may do? As from this hour You use your power. The world must follow you! The world's life hangs on your right hand! Your wrong right hand! Your skilled right hand! You hold the whole world in your hand. See to it what you do! Or dark or light. Or strong or right. The world is made by you! Then rise as you never rose before! Nor hoped before! Nor dared before! And show as was never shown before, The power that lies in you! Stand all as one! See justice done! Believe, and Dare, and Do! Charlotte P. S. Gilman 67Daniel ). Gaffney Roger A. Boucher George ). Villiere Eugene J. Grillo L A W R E V I E W J. Williamson, Articles Ed. T. Burke, Recent Decisions Ed.; R. Langer, Comments Ed. Anthony J. LaFache; Miriam M. Netter; Michael P. Shanley Jr., Recent Decisions Ed. Wendell J. VanLare Jr.David A. DePetris, Editor in Chief Peter J. Ryan, Technical Editor; Michael J. Novack, Com- ments Editor Patrick J. Malone; Douglas R. McCuen Rhoda S. Schulz, Articles Ed.; Richard S. Wheeler S. M. Stevenson George D. Delucia Stuart I. Silbergleit; William N. Young Jr. K. M. Kramer; L. S. Nestle; F. B. Wander; V. E. Nolan 6970I You can be what you want to be And do what you want to do . . . There's nothing that's too difficult Or impossible for you: The stars are just a step away And the goals you would Achieve Are at your very finger tips. If you will just believe! Ion GilbertSTUDENT BAR Woody N. Klose, President The Student Bar Association of Albany Law School is a member of the American Law Student Associa- tion which is sponsored by the American Bar Asso- ciation. The S.B.A. sponsors a variety of pro- grams ranging from the Justice Jackson Lecture Series, a program of professional speakers named in honor of former U.S. Supreme Court Justice and Albany Law School alumnus Robert H. Jackson, to the annual Orphan's Christmas Party, co-sponsored by the Albany Law Wives Club. Each year the stu- dent body also enjoys a gala Christmas Party, one of the major social events financed by the S.B.A. James D. McManus Jr., Treasurer COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN John Minehan - Social Jim Morgan - Election Kevin Moss - Orientation Ken Platzer - Moot Court Charles Assini - Athletics Peter Ryan - Placement Alan Werblaowsky - Verdict 71 Anthony J. LaFache Senior Class President Robert W. Redmond Senior Class V-President Rhoda S. Schulz Parliamentarian 72ASSOCIATION According to President Woody Klose, "The Albany Law School Student Bar Association membership en- compasses the total enrollment of the school. The S.B.A. Executive Council is the coordinating body for all student activities and serves as the liai- son between students and faculty administration. As a result of the increased law school population in 1970-71, the S.B.A. was faced with providing traditional services for many more students. It has been a successful year in some respects, most frustrating in others as academic pressures prevented many from participating in the S.B.A. governmental process. Those who did give so gen- erously of their time and ideas are to be compli- mented. Those who failed to take an active, re- sponsible role in the activities of the S.B.A. are to be urged to do so in succeeding years. Kevin A. Moss, Vice-President Lisa A. Whitney, Secretary Thomas Santoro, junior Class President David Kellogg, junior Vice-President 73 Victor Looper, Freshman Class President Madonna Ghandi, Freshman Vice-President Jim Townsend - President Doug McManus — Captain Hal Patrick - Vice-President John Northrop - Match Secretary Dick Alford Jack Maloney PeteiL Kehoe [ Di Earl Tom Gri Bob Bosnian Rolland Butts Paul Gruner Paul Kietzman Ned Trombly Peter Bishko Jim McSparron Ward Hamlin Andy Maslow Al Mendelsohi Lew M Jim Kiley in Erwin iuy Lescault Dick Green Cecil Murphy It W Art Patane Gary Clark Barry Roy Chris Lynch John Gunderson Tony Carpinello Buddy Malone The Albany Law School Rugby Football Club began its eighth year of play this fall. The Blue and White met such formidable opponents as University of Vermont, Rochester R.F.C., Colgate University, Cornell Univer- sity, traditional rival Albany Medical College, Sche- nectady R.F.C., SUNY at Oswego, SUNY at Cortland and Norwich University. 7475 76JUSTICE JACKSON LECTURE CLINTON T DUFFY EX WARDEN SAN QUENTIN Daniel Button N.Y. Congressman Samuel Stratton, N.Y. Congressman Jeanella Werbalowsky, J.j. Chairman 1970 Dean Hesson Anthony Cagliostro, Counsel, Narcotic Addiction Control Comm. James T. Townsend J.J. Chairman 1971 JUSTICE JACKSON LECTURES 777879 Bhcklabe VERDICT STAFF Editor in Chief, Business Manager o Allen VVerbalowsky Art and Layout Editor Jeanne H. Hunt Co-Editors of the Alumni Section Edward J. Kennedy Paul V. Oliver Photography Editor Douglas J. Hunt Assistant Photographer - John Grasso Staff Assistant - Gabriella Canali Allen Verbalowskv Jeanne 11. Hunt rHANK YOU Jennie Carpinello Iris Baum Dick Kesslen Jill Horner Paul V. Oliver Edward J. KennedyAnderson, Karl V. |r. 266 Remson St. Cohoes, N.Y. SUNY - Buffalo, B.A. Junior College of Albany, Assoc, of Applied Science 1966, Assist- ant Librarian, Court of Appeals Librarian, Senior Trail Practice Committee, Corporation Award, In- ternational Law Society. DeLucia, Ge'orge D. 17-5 Latham Village Le. Rochester, N.Y. Georgetown University Bircher, Ronald T. 3660 St. Paul Blvd. Rochester, N.Y. John Carroll University Breeze, John H. 541 Park Ave. Albany, N.Y. Parsons Breyo, John J. Jr. 1256 Clenwood Blvd. Schenectady, N.Y. Siena College, B.B.A. Issue-Staff Writer, Basketball. Burke, Terence J. 846 Warren St. Albany, N.Y. University of Scranton, B.S. I960 Union College, M.S. 1968 Law Review 2, 3, Recent Decisions Editor, Legal Aid Society 70-71, Legal Research Staff of N.Y. As- sembly Minority Leader 1969-70. Camardo, Ralph D. 41 S. Main Ave. Albany, N.Y. University of Dayton Cannon, Patrick J. Apt. 610 Crescent Village Rex ford, N.Y. Ithaca College, B.S. Business Administration 1968 Cebula, John 23 Haines St. Albany, N.Y. Union College Cook, George V. 230 Marshall Ave. Schenectady, N.Y. Hope College Dennis Prize, 1969. Curtis, George M. 15 LaFayette St., Apt. 98 Schenectady, N.Y. University of Maine, B.A. Union College, M.A. Justice Jackson Darling, John E. 4 Washington PI. Albany, N.Y. Oneonta Dawson, James P. 14 Woodlawn Ave. Mineville, N.Y. St. Michael's College Deily, Robert J. 1584 New Scotland Ave Slingerlands, N.Y. Cornell University Law Review 2, 3. Dennehey, James R. R.D. 2 jml Brandon, Vt. University of Vermont, B.A. Issue; 1968-70 Co-Editor, Dorm Manager 1969-71, SLANT 1970-71, Kit Committee, International Law Society Vice President, 1969-70. DePetris, David A. 29 Elm St. Southampton, N.Y. Drew University, B.A. 1968 Law Review 2, Law Review Editor- in-Chief 3, Assistant to Speak- er's Council N.Y. Assembly, As- sistant to N.Y.S. Environmental Conservation Commissioner, International Moot Court 2, 3, Sch- olarship Tuition-Fall 1970.., Dragone, Victor G. Jr. 109 Van Dyke PI. Guilderland, N.Y. Boston College, B.S. Cum'l aude Placement Committee Chairman 1969-70, Xmas Skit 1969-70, Beta Gama Sigma. Dunn, Lee A. 388 Quail St. Albany, N.Y. SUNY-Albany, 1967 International Law Society, 3. Eastwood, Thomas I. 41 Arbor Dr. Glens Falls, N.Y. U.s. Naval Academy Gilbar, Harold J., Jr. 129 Church Rd. Albany, N.Y. Hamilton College, A.B. 1968 Rugby, 1970, 1971. 2A Clit Court University of Vermont» Ogdensburg, N.Y. I lanft, Richard A. 59 Second St. Hamilton Gilday, Andrew J. jjJ Troy, N.Y. 275 W. Chestnut St. Hr win, Stanley J. S. 55 Old Orchard Le. Scarsdale, N.Y. Westminster College, B.A. Legal Aid-Fall 1970, International Law Society Vice President, Ogolthorpe Ornithological Society Scholarship. Cstes, Robert L. SJSSJfiSfe 1261 Ucitcrn 'O,. Albany, N.Y. R.P.I., B.S.E.E. Issue; Photo Editor 2, Verdict Photographer 2, Janitorial Staff 2, LSARG Secretary 2, 3, Inter- collegiate Photo Exhibition Asst. Chairman. Fa Hick, Barry M. 1401 Ocean Ave. Brooklyn, VY Ohio State Gallagher, Donald T. 12 Midchester Ave. White Plains, N.Y. Kingston. N.Y. St. Bonaventure, B.A. Gold, Barry A. 425 Pearl St. Kingston, N.Y. Cornell University, 1967 Legal Aid Society 3, LSARG 3, International Law Society Treasurer 2, Dedication 1969, Placement Committee Co-Chairman 3. || ' - jj, Gross, Barry J. 465 Shore Rd. Long Beach, N.Y. Adelphi University Guterman, Thoedore II. 650 Morris St. University Of Rochester, B.A. LSARG, Intermural Basketball 1969-71, SBA Chairman - Com- mittee for a Responsible Con- gress. Harley, Gerald A. R.F.D. 2 Hoosick Falls, N.Y. LaSalle, Eastern New Mexico Graduate School Library Assistant Scholarship; Freshman. Higgins, Melvin T. 9 Warren St. Kingston, N.Y. Bard College, 1968 Holy Cross Geary, William 40 N. Held Slingerlands, Colgate, A.B. Albany, N.Y. University of Pennsylvania Hoag, Charles E. 140 Wilbur Blvd. Poughkeepsie, N.Y. Gutowski, Gary E. 697 Windsor Terrace Schenectady, N.Y. Dutchess Community College, '65 Union College, '67 Villanova University Law Review Contributor, Porter- Saxton Scholarship 1969-71, Nat- Hallenbeck, Robert P. jr. ional Commercial Bank Estate Planning Prize 1969. 25 No. Brandywine Ave. Schenectady, N.Y. Union Howard, Joel M. III. 2-A Clit Court St. Lawrence Ave. Waddington, N.Y. Hamlin, H. Ward Jr. 20 Meadow Stream, St. Lawrence University, A.B. Snyder, N.Y. Basketball.Hunt, Douglas, J. R.D. 3 Box 163 Kingston, N.Y. SUNY - New Paltz, B.S. Verdict: Photography Editor 71, Intercollegiate Photography Ex- hibition, International Law So- ciety 1970. Jacobs, Michael A. 148 Main St. Stamford, N.Y. Cornell University, B.A. I960 SBA Vice President 1969-70, SBA President 1970-71, Staff of Lt. Governor Malcom Wilson, Basket ball 1970-1971, Intercolle- giate Photography Exhibition. Kowalczuk, Eugene E. R.R. =1, Box 635 Glenmont, N.Y. Alfred University McGill University Law Review 2, 3, Lawyer's Coop- erative Publishing Company Prize tor Criminal Law. lames, L. Foster Jr. 199 Lake Ave. Saratoga Springs, N.Y. Syracuse University, 1960 TOSS Krantz, Howard J. 24-23 Parsons Blvd. Whitestone, N.Y. Adelphi University, B.A. 1967 LaFache, Anthony J. 90 Hackett Blvd. Albany, N.Y. N.Y.S. Legislative Assistant 1968-71, Freshman Orientation Committee. Jones, David A. 26 Perlev St. Concord, N.H. Clark University SLANT, LSARG. Holy Cross College, A.B. History Law Review 2, 3, President of Freshman, Junior, Senior Class, Library Assistant Scholarship 2, 3, Legal Clerk - Office of Coun- sel N.Y.S. Health Department, Basketball 1, 2, 3, Rugby 2, SBA Executive Committee, Orientation Committee Chairman, Orphan's Par ty Chairman, ALS Fund Raising and Dedication Committee. Kennedy, Edward J. 872 7th Ave. Troy, N.Y. Holy Cross, 1960 Langer, Richard A. 27 Melrose Ave. Albany, N.Y. University of Rochester Freshman Orientation 1969-70, Verdict Alumni Co-Editor 1971, Orphan's Party 1971, Placement Committee 1971. Lenney, James R. 423 Prospect St. Herkimer, N.Y. Klose, Woody N. Fordham University, 1968 Box 213 Red Hook, N.Y. Placement Committee 3. Lescault, Guy E. 22 Farnum Rd. Holyoke, Mass. Union, A.B. LSARG 3, Rugby 1, 2, 3, Silver- smith shop of ALS. Logan, Michael 577 Monument St. Concord, N.H. Boston University Lottner, Alan B. 234 Delaware Ave. Albany, N.Y. Dickinson College McGlenn, John R. 723 Hillcrest Rd. Elmira, N.Y. Alfred University, B.A. Chemistry McManus, J. Douglas Jr. 1628 Becker St. Schenectady, N.Y. St. Lawrence University SBA Treasurer, Rugby 1, Cap- tain 2, 3. Man sour, James W. 637-F So. Pearl St. Albany, N.Y. University, of Rochester, B.A. Massaro, John J. 237 E. State St. Albion, N.Y. University of Notre Dame International Law Society, Dorm Council.Meagher, Frederick J. Jr. 4 Davis St. Binghampton, N.Y. St. Michael's College, 1967 Basketball I, 2, 3, Xmas Party. Miller, Richard |. 95 Lenox Ave. Albany, N.Y. Providence College, 1967 Loyola University, Rome, 1965-66 Administer Kass Problem Analysis Clinic - Bar Review, Orphan's Party 1968, 1969. Moore, Robert N. 3 Pine St. Albany, N.Y. S.t. Lawrence University, A.B. Basketball, International Law Society 1969-70. Mountain, Robert E. 660 Genesee St. Olean, N.Y. Cornell St. Bonaventure Murray, Francis Box 201, Fiddler's Lane Loudonville, N.Y. Novack, Michael ). 153 Dove St. Albany, N.Y. Siena College, B.A. Law Review 1969-70 Comments Editor, Bancroft-YVhitney Law- yer's Co-operative Prize in Commercial Law. Oliver, Paul V. 21 Fullerton St. Albany, N.Y. Siena College, B S. Verdict Alumni Co-Editor 1971, SLANT Treasurer Palmer, Robert N. Peaceable FI ill Rd. Brewster, N.Y. Villanova University Parola, Frederick E. Jr. 2 Beverly Rd. Wantagh, N.Y. Hartwick College. B.A. 1968 Law Review 1969, (resigned) Parsons, Richard D. 335 Delaware Ave. Albany, N.Y. University of Hawaii Law Review Managing Editor, Issue, Legal Aid, Basketball, Softball, National Moot Court Oralist-YVriter, International Law Society President 1969-70. Pasquariello, Arthur A. 2031 Guilderland Ave. Schenectady, N.Y. Siena College Pellegrino, A. Marc- 227 Kingsboro Ave. Gloversville, N.Y. University of Tennessee, 1965 YVar Transportation School, Va. (. Basketball 3, Rugby 2, 3, Nation- al Moot Court Oralist Fall 1970; lustice Jackson Spring 1970: Pilittere, Ronald J. 284 Pattonwood Dr. Rochester, N.Y. St. John Fisher Platzer, Kenneth 2992 Holiday Park Dr. Merrick, N.Y. DeSade School of Finance Potskowski, William J. 4 California Ave. Rensselaer, N.Y. University of Buffalo Redmond, Robert W. 6 Second Ave. Albany, N.Y. Ithaca College, B.A. Senior Class Vice President, Janitorial Staff 2, 3, SBA Chair- man of Constitutional Revision Adoption Committee 1969-70, Freshman Orientation. Rodier, Christopher P. 25 Cox Ave. Yonkers, N.Y. Alfred University, B.A. Basketball, International Law Society. Roy, Barry D. 3 No. 5th Ave. Taftville, Conn. St. Michael's Ryan, Patrick H. 113 Lincklaen Terrace Cazenovia, N.Y. • Cornell University Ryan, Peter J. R.D. 3 Box 127 Canstota, N.Y.Albany College of Pharmacy 1965 Roanoke College University of Omaha Law Review Technical Editor, Legal Aid Society, Placement Committee Chairman, Trustees First Scholarship; 1968-69. Schneider, jane 339 State St. Albany, N.Y. College of New Rochelle Issue Feature Writer, LSARG, International Law Society Sec- retary Schutz, Rhoda 3132 Fairfield Ave. Bro N.Y. Mow York University, B.A. W4 Stevenson, Sandra M. 71 Pinewood Ave. Albany, N.Y. Houghton College, 13.A. 1968 Law Review 2, 3, Senior Class Secretary, Atrorney General's Office, Legal Aid, SI3A Orienta- tion Committee 1969-70, 1969-70 Trustees's Second Scholarship. Stiefel, Edward East Durham, N.Y. Yale University Basketball I, 2, 3, Trustee's 3 Year Full-Tuition Scholarship. Law Review 2, Articles Editor 3 SI3A Parliamentarian 3, Interna- tional Moot Court 2, Interna- tional Law Society 2, Regional International Moot Court Compe- tition 3. • v:: ' ; |IF WDIIW11 Stortecky, Frederick R. Box 171, R.D. 2 Selkirk, N.Y. ¥ SHiqmpm -y Union College, B.S. Shanley, Michael P. jr. 218 Washington Ave. Rensselaer, N.Y. a Villanova Universi t Dedication Committee, Saxton cholarship. Spier Prize. Strickland, David J. 37rW. Erie St. : m Albanv N Y N.Y.S. War Service Scholarship Teliska, John J. Jr. Box 157, RFD 1 Rensselaer, N.Y. Boston University ■ Teresi, Joseph C. 11 Pepper Lane Loudonville, N.Y. Boston College, B.S. 1968 in Accounting 11 i ' ff' i ff xfaW iil-gt||- Townsend, James 22 East BlvdL " 1 Rochester, N.Y. Trinity College, B.A. 1968 Freshman Class Secretary, Rugby Match Secretary 2, President 3, ■ National Moot Court Oralist .3, Social Committee I, 2, 3, Senior Moot Court Prize. I I dtfrk Tulimieri, Philip Jr. 237 Hacked BlvdC f f A Albany, N.Y. Siena College Spector, Douglas M. 16 Second St. Glens Falls, N.Y. SUNY - Albany, B.A. Speranza, John F. '19 Wood lawn Ave. Albany, N.Y. Colgate University Spinney, Richard B. Box 38 Pearce, Arizona Union College Strnad, Martin F. 550 Myrtle Ave. Albany, N.Y. St. Bonaventure University, A.B. Basketball .3, International Law Society 2, Student Representa- tive N.Y.S. Bar Association. Tarnaroff, Paul K. 18 Harold Ave. Latham, N.Y. Vella, Paul I. , 22 Mountain View Ave.' - Albany, N.Y. George Washington University Wachs, Elliot John 1070 Washington Ave. Albany, N.Y. SUNY-Plattsburgh, 1964 University of Buffalo, 1967 U. of Buffalo School of Law '68 International Law Society, 1969-70, American Jurisprudence Award Motor Vehicle Law. Werbalowsky, Allen P. Red Mill Rd. Bldg. 3 Apt. I Rensselaer, N.Y. SUNY-New Paltz Freshman Class Vice President, Verdict Business Manage 1970, Verdict Editor-in-Chief 1971, SLANT President, Orphans Party 1969, Basketball 1969, Intercol- legiate Photography Exhibition Business Representative, Fresh- man Orientation Committee. Werbalowsky, Jeanella Red Mill Rd. Bldg. 3 Apt. I Rensselaer, N.Y. LeMoyne Law Review 2, Verdict Staff 2, Legal Aid Society, Infosearch, SLANT Vice-President, Orphan's Party 1969, Intercollegiate Pho- to Exhibition, Justice Jackson Chairwoman, Freshman Orientation Committee 19 Wheeler, Richard S. IB Edison Ave. Apt. 3 Albany, N.Y. Colgate University, A.B. 1968 Law Review 2. 3, Lawyer's Co-op- erative Publishing Company Prize for Procedure I. Whitaker, Richard West Sand Lake 43 Rue De Montmortre, Paris Yale University Whitney, Lisa A. 31 Brenton Terrace Pittsfield, Mass. University of Massachusetts SBA Secretary 3, Junior Class Secretary, Orphan's Party 2, 3, International Law Society 3, Social Committee, Placement Com- mittee, Xmas Party, Representative to ABA-LSD Conference Wilcox, Charles I. 22 Helen St. Lake George, N.Y. St. Lawrence Williams, Frank B. 31 First St. Saratoga Springs, N.Y. fl I a i i i University of Notre Dame, 1967 International Law Society 3, Re- search Assistant - JLC Real Pro- perty Tax Exemptions 1969-1970. Williamson, |ohn A. Jr. 4 Bailey Rd. Del mar, N.Y. Siena College;, B.A; 1968 History Jiciici -unegi;, o I Magna Cum Laude Law Review 2, 3 - Lead Articles Editor, International Law Soc- iety 3. Woidzik, Francis A. 211 Crete Ave. Elmira, N.Y. University of Buffalo, B.S. Elmira College, M.S. in Education Basketball I, 3 »06 MaMory Rd New Hartford, N.Y. Cornell University, B.A. in Gov- ernment Junior Class Vice President, Orphan's Party I, 2, 3, Rugby I, 2 Softball 2, 3. A Law Firm commanding Position of standing Requires a general clerk - A man who's admitted To practice, and fitted To handle diversified work; Must know the proceedings Relating to pleadings. The ways of preparing a brief; Must argue with unction For writs of injunction As well as for legal relief. j p ? p if . , ■ y d. 9 Must form corporations And hold consultations. Assuming a dignified mien; Should read each decision And legal provision Wherever the same may be seen. TIT Must analyze cases And get at their basis' fhould never be idle or slow; lust manifest learning In all things concerning The matters referred to below; Attachments and trials. Specific denials. Demurrers, replies and complaints. Disbursements, expenses And partial defenses. Ejectments, replevins, distraints; Estoppels, restrictions, • Constructive evictions, Agreements implied and express. Accountings, partitions. Estates and commissions. Incumbrances, fraud and duress. Above are essentials. The best of credentials Required - and handsome physique; Make prompt application, Will pay compensation Of seventeen dollars a week. Franklin Waldheim.IsP-MI Sfi®B y ■ .■.£ ,v ?■. mmKM • witiS: » ii;91BLEEKER RESTAURANT State and Dove Streets Albany, New York CHAZAN PHARMACY 31 New Scotland Avenue Albany, N.Y. 462-0612 BYTNER TRAVEL AGENCY 9 Central Avenue Albany, N.Y. 436-1279 ELBO ROOM 170 Delaware Avenue Albany, N.Y. 465-9001 FADDECON’S NURSERY, INC. 1140 Troy-Schcncctady Road I atham, N.Y. 785-6726 II. HORTON CO., INC. Complete Food Service Equipment Albany, N.Y. KRALL’S LTD. 200 Broadway Troy, N.Y. 272-6621 FOR ALL YOUR PAPER NEEDS Philip Itzkow Off. 465-2278 Res. 459-8045 KING QUEEN CLEANERS 273 New Scotland Avenue Albany, N.Y. 482-5026 LOMBARDO’S RESTAURANT 119-121 Madison Avenue Albany, N.Y. 462-9180 KWIK-KAFE OF ALBANY Railroad Dott Avenue Albany, N.Y. 438-3583 MOBIL CENTER New Scotland Quail Open 24 Hours 438-1671Schenectady Savings® Loan Association BEST WISHES FROM "THE HOME FOLKS" 93LIQUOR STORE HOLIDAY GIFTS WIDE SELECTION • WINES • LIQUORS • CORDIALS IMPORTED DOMESTIC — WINES — CHILLED WINES • HALF BOTTLES — FREE DELIVERY — 438-0214 (Opp. St. Peter's Hospital) 617 New Scotland Av. jf LIQUOR -AT COTlAf b Avt. 1 HANDY ANDY FOOD STORES 467 DELAWARE AVENUE ALBANY. N.Y. 12209 PLENTY OF COLD BEER SHEEHY p EYE PHYSICIANS' CX PRESCRIPTIONS FILLED CAHILL CONTACT LENSES Office Hours: 9 A M. to 5:30 P.M. Sat. 9 A.M. to 2 P.M. 291 NEW SCOTLAND AVENUE ALBANY. N.Y. 12208 PHONE 482-4688 SENIOR PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHERS 80 NORTH PEARL ST. ALBANY, N.Y. 12207 Tel. 434-4746 Mico Business Products by MICHELSON’S OFFICE SUPPLY CO., INC. Service . Satisfaction . Savings Office Furniture Printing Equipment We operate our own Print Shop Office Supplies Rubber Stamps Stationery Supplies Telephone 436-9663 Area Code 518 351 Central Avenue Albany, New York 12206 94■■■I 95Compliments of BOYD PRINTING CO., INC. THE MOON RESTAURANT 272 Delaware Avenue Albany, N.Y. 463-3343 NATIONAL LEGAL SUPPLY 66 Beaver Si. Albany, N.Y. 463-1171 NEW SCOTLAND AVE. LIQUOR STORE M. A. Schwartz 265 New Scotland Ave. PETAR'S CLUB MOROCCO 229 River Street Troy, New York 272-9545 49 Sheridan Ave., Albany QUAIL LINEN SERVICE Student Linen Bundle 442 Orange Street Albany, New York RALPH'S TAVERN 560 Madison Ave. Albany, New York 463-9357 Phone 436-9686 Compliments of DESORMEAU VENDING CORP. Automatic Merchandise Vending Service for Schools, Industry or Institutions 785-3311 860 New 'Loudon Rd . Albany, N.Y. FIVE OFFICES: 50 State Street, Albany, N. Y. 567 New Scotland Avenue, Albany, N. Y. 224 State Street, Schenectady, N. Y. 1815 State Street, Schenectady, N. Y. 2695 Hamburg Street, Town of Rotterdam, Schenectady, N. Y. member federal deposit insurance corporation MEMBER FINANCIAL GENERAL BANKING CROUP Established 1915GREEN’S OFFICE OUTFITTERS, INC JACK'S RESTAURANT 42 STATE STREET ALBANY, N.Y. 465-8854 463-3155 8 Green St. Albany, N.Y. Supplies for the Student Supplies and Furniture for the School Complete Office Planning Registered Jeweler American Gem Society Luigi's MICHAEL WILLIAMS PRINTERY LTD. COMPLETE THE MOST DISTINCTIVE ITALIAN RESTAURANT IN THE CAPITAL DISTRICT Air-Conditioned - Cocktail Lounge 1 Fuller Road Albany, N.Y. 482-2615 482-9444 Printing - Mailing Composition Service Modern High Speed Equipment WE MEET DEADLINES WITH QUALITY RESULTS 61 Colvin Ave - 482-3373 if no answer — 482-296899NEWKIRK ASSOCIATES, INC. 308 Wolf Road Latham, N.Y. 12110 Publishers of: The New York Lawyer's Letter The New York School District Law Letter The Estate Planner's Letter Promotional Material For Insurance Companies, Trust Departments, and Colleges and Universities It’s the real thing. Coke. Trade-mult©MECHANICS FARMERS’ BANK OF ALBANY A MEMBER OF THE BANK OF NEW YORK COMPANY, INC. Downtown: 63 State Street • Uptown: 1084 Madison Avenue Stuyvesant Plaza: Western Avenue at Fuller Road • Colonie Office: 69 Wolf Road Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and Federal Reserve SystemFIRST PRIZE PURE MEAT PRODUCTS . . . finest ever made! Sofnn, PACKING COJNC. ALBANY DIVISION ALBANY. N.Y. Best Wishes City And County Savings Bank Uptown Office 301 New Scotland Avenue Albany, New YorkA Gift for students at Albany Law School FREE CHECKING ACCOUNT SERVICE during your years at Albany Law . . . plus one We recognize that your problems aren't all of a legal nature, that finances present complications too. This gift of Free Checking Account Service will help you to manage your money wisely. Quarterly statements will show where your dollars went, and your cancelled checks will be proof you paid. Stop in soon and open your Checking Account. The Bank National Commercial Bank and Trust Company Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation IS YOUR OFFICE GETTING FULL BENEFIT OF ALL OUR SERVICES? COMPLETE CORPORATE SERVICE Name Clearances - Filings - Copies - Outfits UCC SEARCHES ANYWHERE Filing and Document Retrieval All Jurisdictions MOTOR VEHICLE INFORMATION Plate Checks — Driver Info. — F.S. Info. - MV 104S Infosearch, Inc. 170 WASHINGTON AVENUE ALBANY, NEW YORK 12210 PHONE (518) 436-0893 — Send for Free Brochures —MODERN FOOD MARKET JOE'S CATERERS INC. 851 .MADISON AVE ALBANY, N.Y. 12208 Sleasman Bros. 615 New Scotland Avenue opposite St. Peters Hospital Albany, New York -flh Known For Quality WAYNE P. TATRO TRAVEL Fred — Chris — Jack 41 State Street Albany, N.Y. 12207 Phone 463-4123 There are No Reports "Just as Good" as the Official Reports Your OFFICIAL REPORTS Give you the current decisions promptly and more accurately edited than any other system. All opinions and decisions of the Court of Appeals and Appellate Division are edited and published in accordance with the Judiciary Law. All opinions published in the Miscellaneous Reports ore selected and edited by the STATE REPORTER Pursuant to Sections 431-432-433 of the Judiciary Law For Particulars, Write WILLIAMS PRESS, Inc. JOHN G. CHRISTIANSEN Albany, New York 12201 Phone 434-1141 LAURENCE COLLINS 420 Lexington Ave., New York, N. Y. 10017 Phone MU. 6-1335

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Albany Law School - Verdict Yearbook (Albany, NY) online yearbook collection, 1976 Edition, Page 1


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