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' ' l we Ms ' --X ' 5333: I f Q 4 f X ii. Jf -'11 fi X 1 X XXQ W K X ovu,v ,X f- 'vw' 04- S-iI"' f --"" if .:"'3q""-i-- ,E ysmi -x , .af g x I ,, . ,- .,:..42'N5.', 5 " ' 7 ' Q-'rf ,Q V ,- ' 5 1 . ,,. ' 'L' " " . - 12" fig., f' 5 .. 1-:ii-," "'- ' -'A' if .X 1 , .. ?9 Q ' f'- 1' Ei ', su-av. '. . 42.5, 1, . 19.1 -. gs ur- . Q N' X """.' " ' gk 53. I N Q . X K X ,- y- ,Q-4.y.x g-165, ' , '- ' Q ""L- 'Aa-5151 uf' veg. . gg ' 1 yk 7 "-mf' --' . Q .,r 9 f,"Q'y!'.f y. sms! "fn - l z-, ":'j2f1-1" "-oc . " -, ,., A ' 14,-,A .. L. N -weigh-. . ' ' -'11 . -qu.: T55 f -3 x, Y I., IW," WP" - "':?5X "An "J-'L1".4'.i:7ll""-L"4'i 5' THXT7 -5 - .1 E"" -+L "4-5 ' . f . ,A-A 1, TI-IE 1936 VERDICT 'l'mmA5 TRMY PIENEY ljdzlor 9X LBISRT 105151-II SCIIEIBLY B IISIDILFSS Allllllllfjlfl' ix , THE VIERDJICCT 11936 THE VERDHCT Il-9-33-6 THE VIERDIICCT DIXON RYAN FOX, P1-LD.. L.H.D., LITT. D., LL.D Chaucclloz' of the U1Zff7f'CJ'Sif3'. 119336 THE VIERDIICCT HAROLD J. HINMAN, PLLB., A.M,, LLB. Pl'CSfd6'l1f Board of Trzzstfes Albany Law School 11936 T11-11112 V1ElR1D1liCT 1 HAROLD D. ALEXANDER, LL.B., ANI., LL.D. Demi of the Faculfy LL.B., Albany Law, 18955 A.M., LL, D.. Union Collegeg Dis trict Attorney Albany County, 1914-1919, Professor of Law.- Rcal PTl'lIlCl'tj'. Criminal Law, Legal Ethics. T11-ll1E VIERDICT ANDREW7V.CLEMENTS,LLB. RALPH15ROGER5HkBHLLH A.B., Yale, 19015 LLB., Columbia, 1908' LL-B-. AUHHHY I-HW, 1919' Pfofctsof Of Lecturer, Columbia University. 1913-1921i Law. Curreut Law. PHTU1C1'5l1l13' QU35l Professor of Law. Conflict of Laws, Con- Contl-gcis, Agency, Personal Property. stitutional Law, Equity, Negotiable Instru- ments, Contracts, Legal Bibliography. SAMUEL M. HESSON, AB., LL.B. A.13.. Union, 1927: LLB., Albany Law, 19313 Assistant Professor. Union College. 1931-1934. Professor of Law. Practice and Procedure, Domestic Relations, Public Utili- ties, Fundamentals of the Law. 1936 Seven THE VERDICT ','Lgi, 1- " ' 'S ' - 1 ,fi ts ..' -' ,dwi -A if WL.. ' . lx, ff, -1. V -'51 fat . s ' A-1 fwe l CHARLES H. ANDROS, C.E., LL.B. ISADQRE BQQIQS'fEIN' LIME. C.E., Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, LL-Bn Albany Law, 1912? Alxssistant Dis- 19075 LL.B.. Albany Law, 19205 Examiner, trict Atmmey, Albany Cfmmy, 1920-21, U- S- PflfC11fOH1CC, l9Z0'1q3l- Lectufel' OU County Judge, Albany County, 1921-1922. Patents, Traclemarks and Copyrights. Lcctm-Cr on P,-H0569 Court Vvgrk. l XVILLIAM T. IZYRNE. LLB. ROLAND FORD LI P LLB., Albany Law. 1904: New York LLB., Albany Law, 1907. Lecturer on the State Senator, 1922 to date. Lecturer on the Law of Evidence Insumnce' Torts and Principles of Legal Argument and Oratory. Ncgliqehcen ' Eight 1936 '1 l .S . l 4 T11-111152 VERDHCT AUSTIN B. GRIFFIN, LL.B. LLB.. Albany Law, 1907: Supreme Court Reporter, 1919 to clzlte. Lecturer on the Law of Sales. FRANC1S KELLIHER, A.B., LL.B. AB., Yale. 19223 LLB., Albany Law, 1926g Associate Attorney, Stale Education Department, 1932-1934. Lecturer on Cor- porations and the Law of Damages. C1-IARLICS J. TOBIN, LL.B. LLB.. Albany Law, 19043 Counsel. State Tax Commission, 1913-1915: President. New York State Tax Association, 1924-1925. Lecturer on the Law of Assessment and Taxation. i I NEVVTON B. VAN DERZETZ. A.B.. LL.13., D.Pc1. A.B.. VVi1liams, 1892: LL.B.. Albany Law, 18933 D.Pd., N. Y. State Teachers College: Surrogate of Albany County. 1906- l918. Lecturer ou the Law of VVil1s, Ex- eeutors and Administrators. Nine 11936 THE VERDTCT FORE URD This is cz .vid-Ieiizrcmt of policy. Immediately after the fatal moment when your ill-advised editor was caught tongue-tied and charged with the task of producing this yearbook, a disquieting din began-such a muttered menace as swelled the Parisian sumn1er's roar and rocked the Bastille NValls. Investigation by our Department on Undercurrents resolved the mumbled buzzing into one harsh and plaintive note. It concerned the format of the VERDICT. "Would we produce the photograph-album-style of yearbook that was pro- duced last year? Wfould we omit those oh-so-funny individual write-ups that yearbooks always have? NVQ wouldn't leave out those masterful gems about the foibles and fancies of the seniors, would we F" The answer to questions 1, Z, and 3, is "XVe would!" VVe feel that a yearbook should be a historical record, 11ot a comic effort. VVe refuse to be foster-parent to the brain-child of the first editor of the first high school yearbook. As yet, no one has pointed but to us one good reason for perpetuating for posterity the momentous fact that in his law school days, John Muddletop was an habitue of a State college sorority house .... nor in the case of some lesser known senior, that his sunny smile is a joy to behold. We believe that a yearbook, like a composition by Debussy, a tearoom, or a bar, is distinguished for its success in creating atmosphere. In this instance, the problem is to convey the feeling of the school, the little things that distinguish one institution from another, and which we think we shall want to remembeir in years to come. As any reader of magazine advertising must know, the "VVho-was-that- woman-I-seen-you-withl' of Chinese proverbs is "One f7I.L'flH'l? 'is worth, cz flz,0usa,nd 'wordsf' It sometimes appears to one who has never been there that in China, the natives, between invasions and famines-perhaps because of invasions and famines-do naught but mouth proverbs. But the Chinaman who hrst dashed that off had something. And so we have attempted to reproduce the atmosphere of the Albany Law School on paper by means of photographs. For the informal snapshots, we are indebted to John R. Heilman, of the Class of 1936, whose interest and skill with a camera contribute the unposed photographs scattered through the book. If you feel starved for wit and humor, we refer you to the corner news-stand, where you can get a copy of Life, Judge, or Ballyhoo. XV e have a feeling that they handle that sort of thing much better than we could, anyhow. This is a yearbook. The defense rests. The Editor P. S. This is an explanation, not an apology. Ten 1936 THE V1ERD1ICCT- - 565. I ,' - THE CLASS OIF NIINIETIEIIEN THIIRTYSIX 11.936 THE VlElRlDlICCT ERNEST ABma1.LA 140 East Bozrlviiard, GI0w1'si'1'IIe. Gloversville High School, Union College Barristers. M1L1'oN IXRTHUR ABELOVE 1653 Howard f1'Z'!'IlHF,, Ulira, ' Reading, Pa. High School, Utica Free Academy, Hartwick College. Forum Societyg Class Vice-Pres. CSD. President, Barristers. Expects to practice at Utica. Twelve 31936 THE VERDHCT HIRAM SMITH ,ARTHUR i 162 S1'Cl'1lilIg Sfrf'c'f, W'ufvrl0ztfn. VVatertown High School, Colgate Uni- versity. Sigma Chi. Devil's Qwn. Expects to practice at Wfatertown, as- sociated with the District Atto1'uey's Office. l'lENRY BRADT, A.B. Delta Upsilon. B2L1'1'l5ffC1'S. 11936 R. D. 3, Srlzeuccta-dy. Schenectady High School, Union College. Expects to practice at Schenectady, as- sociated with Charles M. Hughes. Thirteen THE VlERlDllCCT Louis BRISKIN, A.B. 16 Buchan Park, Roclzester East High School, University of Roches ter. Coinmencement Activities Committee Barristers. Expects to practice at Rochester. BIAURICE THOMAS BRUNNER 58 Lavplzmlzl Sfrrvf, R0f'hvste1'. Aquinas Institute, Fordham University. Justiniang Law Review Boarclg Forum Societyg Secretary, Chancery. Senior Law Clerk, State Law Library. Expects to be associated with Lawyers Co-Operative Publishing Co., Roches- ter. Fourteen ll 9 3 6 THE VERDIICT JOHN JAMES BUCKLEV, AB. 1632 l'l"c.rl Sfrvcl, Utica. Assumption High School, St. Bonaven- ture College, Holy Cross College. Forum Society: Chancery. Expects to practice at Utica. jixixiias FRANCIS CAMQOLL, -IR., B.S. 10 Cczrolirze Sz'Vec'f, Scmzloga Springs. .l3aldwinsville Academy, Syracuse Uni- versity. Kappa Signiag Sigma Delta Chi. Trustees' First Prize QI, Zjg justiniang Law Review Boardg Carclozo Prize Debate, first QSJ, second Q2jg Forum Societyg Devil's Own. Expects to practice at Saratoga Springs. Fifteen 1936 A THE VlElRlDlICCfll' H mann B Cairo Higl K. A. Chancery. Expects to S ixt-eau, A fra. i School, Union College. T. practice at Mzisscila. 'IILTON CIIAIJDERDON. AB. ,ALLEN EXNDREVV CASS 171'c'fusIv1n'g. F1'CNV5lDlll"" l-liffh School, Univcrsitv of D D . Michigan. .Sigma 'Phi Epsilon. Dcvil's Own. Expects to practice at jzuncstown, as- sociated with XVill:u'd VV. Cass, 119336 THE VERDHCT GILIES EL111U C1-1AsE, A.B. 144 Main Slrcci, JW!l'SSC?71,Cl. Massena High School, Middlebury Col- lege. Clzi Psi. Chancery, Expects to practice at Massena, associa- ted with G. A. Chase. NIYRON JAY COHN, AB. 814 B1'a'1idyw1'11.r2 Azienuc, Sclzwficctczziy Schenectady High School, Union College Zeta Beta Tau. Devil's Own. Expects to practice at Schenectady, as- sociated with Morris Marshall Cohn. Sevfentcen 11936 THE VERDICT DAVID XVILIJAM CORNVIN, AB. Highlami. Highland High School, Union College Phi Delta Theta. Forum Society. Devil's Own. Expects to practice at Kingston. ROGER NVARREN DANIELS, B.S. Parishville High School, St. Lawrence University. Barristers. Eighteen Palivlwille. 1936 Tll-lllE VlElRlDlICCT LESLIE GERARD DIEMER, AB. 1617 G1'czzfc'.vv1zd A'Zf'UIII!L', Broolelyn. Manual Training High School, james Madison High School, Rutgers Uni- versity. Triteliou Lodge. Forum Societyg Bar1'iste1's. JAMES FRANCIS DONNA 67 H vnry Aifmme, Piffsfeld, Illass. Pittslield High School, Boston Univer- sity. Cliaucery, Nineteen 119356 TlHIlE VlElRlDllCCT Mlcl-LAEL THOMAS DONO11UE,, JHR., A.B. 935 Madison Awcuzw, Albany. Vinceutian High School, Holy Cross College. Basketballg Devil's Own. Expects to practice at Albany. DANIEL JOSEPH DUGAN, JR., AB. 59 Eudici Az'r11.z1e, Albany. Albany High School, Georgetown Uni- versity. Forum Socictyg Basketballg Class Treas- urer Cljg Devil's Cwn. Expects to practice at Albany, associated with Dugan 81 Booksteiu. Twenty 19336 THE VERDICT FRAN K ANTIIONX' DZIDUCH 204 Clmrrlz Sfrvvf, AllI'A'f!'47'lfU7IZ. Amsterdam High School, Union Col Barristers. Expects to practice at Amsterdam. lege. Ui l l , I-XNTIIONY FALCONE 515 Bacon Sircef, Utica. New York Military Academy, Peddie Preparatory School, Gettysburg Acad- emy, St. Lawrence University. Sigma Pi. Chancery. Expects to practice at Utica, associated with Salvador J. Capecelatro. Twenty-nm' 11936 THE VERDHCT GEORGE NIITCHELI., F1zlNmzRc:, PI'I.B. .BC'I1lIllIgf0ll, l7w'11m11i. Bennington High School, University of Vermont. Phi Sigma Delta. Basketballg Devil's Own. Expects to practice at Albany. Twenty-Iwo DAv1D Fizmaifziz, 13.5. in Econ. 668 Pl"vstm'n KIIVFIIIICJ Albany. Albany Academy. University of Penn sylvania. Kappa Nu. Trustees' second Prize QZJQ justinian Editor-in-Chief, Law Review Board Chancery. Expects to practice at Albany. 119336 THE VERDICT DoM1Nlc'K LUCIANA GABRIELL1 5 Iflfilsozzv r4'Zf'Cl1'Z'l6', Buflz. Haverling High School, Clarkson Insti- tute of Technology, St. Lawrence Uni versity. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. President, Forum Society QZJQ Law Re- view Board: Co-Chairinan Senior Dance Committeeg Chancery. Expects to practice at Bath, associated with Vifilbur E. Knapp. 19 r C1-IARLES GR1swoLo 1'lANE, A.B. 223 Clzzfrrlz SI'l'C0f., Hwkifzmr. Herkimer High School, Union College. Chancery. Expects to practice at Herkimer, associa- ted with C. B. I-lane. Twenty-three 36 THE VERDHCT JULIAN RICH ARD I-IANLEY Perry. Perry High School, Colgate University. Phi Gamma Delta. Justiniang Law Review Boardg Forum Societyg Chancellor, Chzmcery. Expects to practice at Perry, associated with Erwin K Hanley. JOHN RALEIGH PIEILMAN, jk., AB. 681 Clarkson Azfclzuv, Brooklyzfz. Erasmus Hall, Cornell University. Pi Kappa Phi. Verdict Boarclg Basketballg Chancery. Twzfuty-four 119346 THE VERDICT THOMAS 'TRACY HENEY, AB. Loizdomdllv. DeWitt Clinton High School, University of Pennsylvania, Middlebury College. Chi Psi. Faculty Prize Cljg Patents Prize C251 Forum Society: Editor, Verdict Bonrclg Basketballg Devil's Own. Expects to practice at Albany. Z XVALTER JAMES l'lOGAN 10 South MfI.lIiU7llf Street, Jolznzsfozwz. Johnstown High School, Georgetown University, New York University. Commencement Activities Committeeg Baslcetballg Devil's Own. Twenty-fivc' 1936 THE VERDICT XVILLARD XNARNIER HOLBROOK Sfwlzccwfworf. Spcncerport I-ligh School, University of Rochester. Theta Delta Chi. Forum Society: Basketluallg Chancery. Expects to practice at Rochester, associa- ted with Holbrook K Barrett. il'lENRY SEYMOUR PIOWARD, AB. Wacldiligtoii Union Free School, Hemp- stead High School, University of Michigan. Delta Sigma Pi. Forum Societyg Chancery. Expects to practice in Northern New York. Twezzvty-six pVCllfCll.1Igf0lI. 11936 THE VERDICT ROGER GILBIQRT 1-lucuizs, AB. OILUOHIII. Little Falls High School. Oneonta High School, Hartwick College. Alpha Kap- pa Epsilon. Class Treasurer QSIJQ Barristers. Expects to practice at Oneonta. jA1n1zs lQEDFlELD INGRAM, A.B. 75 Main Sfrccf, Potsdmlz. Albany High School, Cornell University. Pi Kappa Phi. Chancery. Expects to practice in Northern New York. Twclzfy-sewn 11 9 33 6 THE VlElRlDllCCT VERNER QNIERRITT INGRAM, A,B, 75 JlfIa1'n Street, Potsdam. Albany High School, Cornell University. Pi Kappa Phi. Chancery. Expects to practice in Northern New York. BOLESLAW STANLEY ICILIAN, AB. 2 Sheldon S'frc'c't,, Sclzencffady. Schenectady High School, Union College. Class Secretary f3jg Law Review Board. Barristers. Twenty-ciglzt 1936 THE VlElRlDlICCT XMILLIAM ROGER liILLEEN, A.B. 25 Eagle Street, Sfhciiecfady. Schenectady High School, Union Co Delta Upsilon. Bar1'istc1's. Expects to practice at Schenectady. llege. PAUL PHILIP LEVIN, A.B. 112 Vlfaslzfi-ugtou Sf7'CCl', Troy. Troy High School, Cornell University. Phi Epsilon Pi. Chancery. ll 9 3 6 Tzvevify-Jiifza Tll-lllE VIERDICT FizANc1s joslzilu NIAIIER 49 Fuirviefzu Slrect, OILCOIHCIV. Oneonta High School, Hartwick College Alpha Kappa Epsilon. Forum Society: Barristers. JOHN X'VES'1' lVlAR'1'IN, AB. 44 A!bClllCll'lG Street, Roflzeslw. XfVest High School, University of Roches- ter. Psi Upsilon. Chancery. Expects to practice at Rochester, as- sociated with Dwyer, Reilly, Roberts, MCLO1.1tll EQ Dicker. T11 iffy 1936 THE VlElRlDllCCT Romzm' jiessrz NICDOWELL Colzocton. Cohocton Union High School, Univer- sity of Alabama. Barristers. Expects to practice at Rochester. GIEOIQLIIS PIANDLEY NIERCER, A.B. 42 Flower Cify Park, Roclzcster. Wfest High School, University of Michi- gan. Sigma Delta Psi. Basketball: Chancery. Expects to practice at Rochester. Thiriy-one 119336 THE VlERlDllCCT FRANCIS ARTHUR Nluas, BS. 2 East Slreet, Ozzconla. Hartwick Academy, Gettysburg College. Theta Kappa Nu. Basketballg Class Vice-President flj Devil's Own. Expects to practice at Cobleskill, associ ated with VVilliam H. Golding. Thirty-two ll 9 JOHN BRENNAN MOWRY, A.B. 1We.ric0. Mexico Academy and High School, Cornell University. Seal 81 Serpent. Forum Societyg Baslcetballg President, Devil's Own. Expects to practice at Syracuse. 356 Tltllllgf VlERlDlICCT josisrn SAMPSON OLENDER, A.B. 31 L1'11c0I11. Ai'c'z111z',, Allzsferdam. Amsterdam High School, Union College. Kappa Nu. Saxton Scholarship Cl, 2, 355 Forum Society: Barristers. Expects to practice at Amsterdam. ALLISON POTTER QLSON, A.B. 311 Lincoln Street, .,CllI1L'Sl"0'ZUlI. Jamestown High School, University of Alabama. Phi Iota Sigma. Trustees' Second Prize C255 -lustiniang Law Review Boardg Vice-President Barristers. Expects to practice at Jamestown. Tlrirfy-thvaec 11936 4- THE VERDICT JAMES IXNTHONY PLTRELLO 151 Lcxizzglon Azfczmc, .Mount Kism. Mount Kisco High School, Manhattan Preparatory School, Duquesne Univer- sity. Alpha Phi Delta. Barristers. Expects to practice at Mount Kisco. associated with Stanley E. Anderson. 'I'hirty-fam' 19 JAMES lQIC.lIMOND PAGE, A.B. 508 IV. .Sltlll"UlllL Struct, Olean. Olean High School, Colgate University Theta Chi. Class Secretary Qljg Treasurer Q2j Devil's Own. Expects to practice at Olean. 336 TlHllE VlERlDlI4CT jo11N .lOSE1'1I RYAN, AB. 64 Oakwood Strvet, Albany. Manhattan Preparatory School, Man- hattan College. Phi Rho Pi. Trustees' Third Prize QU: Justinian Law Review Board: Devil's Own. Expects to practice at Albany. STEPHEN VINCENT RYAN, JR., 13.12. 1116 Mad-ison Avenue, Albany. Albany High School, Rensselaer Poly- technic Institute, New York State Teachers College. Alpha Tau Omega. Forum Society: Vice-President, Devil's Own. Expects to practice in New York City. Thirty-fiw 11936 THE VERDICT XNILLIAIYI IQEELER SANFORD Lozzdcm-zfillv. Hoosac School, Albany Academy, Uni- versity of Virginia. Theta Delta Chi. Devil's Own. Expects to practice at Albany, associated with Rollin B. Sanford. Thirty-six RUSSELL LLOYD SANDHOLZER, AB. 69 Cozrclzvzzain Azfclizm, Roclzesfcr. Charlotte High School, Syracuse Uni- versity. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Vice-President, Forum Society, Basket- ball, Chairman, Senior Dance Com- mittee , Chancery. Expects to practice at Rochester. 11936 THE ALBERT josmfr-1 SCI-IEIBLY 919 Szlrtlz Strc'0z', Rmzss0Iae1'. Christian Brothers Academy, Manhattan College. Business Manager, Verdict Boardg Dev- i1's Own. Expects to practice at Rochester, ated with Philip H. Donnelly. VERDICT af l associ- Lvm AN CHESTER S1-1UL'rs Aixam. Avoca High School, Genesee VVesleyan Seminary, Syracuse University. Vice-President, Forum Societyg Class Secretary Zj 3 Coniniencement Activi- ties Connnitteeg Chancery. Expects to practice at Bath. Thirty-sevcvz 1936 Tll-lIlE VERDICT Moums SILVERMAN 147 PUTUIIIJIQ Ativzzzw, Troy. I-Iaaren High School, New York Uni versity. Barristers. ROBERT CLERMONTE TENNANT, HS. 188 Main: Sfrccff, Cooperstown. Cooperstown High School, Hamilton College. Chi Psi. Devil's Own. Expects to practice at Cooperstown, as- sociated with C. G. Tennant. Thirty-right ll 9 3 6 THE VIERDIICCT BERNARD IQNOWLIZS TRULL, A.B. 246 Srlzuylrr Street, Palmyra. Palmyra High School, University of Rochester. Chancery. HARo1.D FRANCIS TUCICER Plaffsbmg. Plattsburg High School, Brown Univer- sity. Basketbnllg Class President C3jg Chanc- ery. Expects to practice at Plattsburg. Thirty-nine 1936 THE VERDICT JOHN JosE1fH WAr.sIt, A.B. 714 Clzczrloffc Sfr00l', Utica. Utica Free Academy, Hamilton College. Delta Sigma Rho. Secretary, Forum Society QZQ 3 President Forum Society QED: Cardozo Prize Debate, First QZWJQ Chancery. Instructor in Government, and Debate Director, College of Saint Rose. Expects to practice at Utica, associated with Sisson ii I-lartness. Forty 19 ALFIQIQID CHARLES TURINO, A.l3. 369 72ml Street, Brooklyn. Erasmus Hall, James Madison High School, Colgate University. Alpha Tau Omega. Forum Society: Basketball: Class Presi- dent t2jg Devil's Own. Expects to practice in New York City, associated with Putney, Twombly Q Hall. 36 THE VERDICT JAMES ALEXANDER XVARREN, A.B. 22 Frelvigh Plucv, C oxsaclcir. Coxsackie High School, Albany Acacleiny, Yale University. Alpha Chi Rho. Law Review Boardg Bzu'ristc1's. Expects to practice at Coxsaclcie. l I ELKANA11 DAX'ID VVILEY 48 Dow Sfreef, Alzmrzy. Lisbon Falls, Me. High School, Falconer High School, University of Nebraska. Barristers. 11936 Forty-one THE VIERDJICCT KARL Aufumn XVOHLCEMUTH Sf. folznszfillr. Czmz1joha1'ie High School, St. Lawrence University. Phi Sigma Kappa. Forum Society: Ba1'1'iste1's. PRESENTING: Forty-two D THE CLASS BABY K DONAHUE Cpore ct filsj MICHAEL THOMAS DONOI-IUE, ju. Born March 5, 1935. 1936 THE VIEIRDIUCT Night Falls on NTm'5TOHand ATTHHF 4 119336 NOCTURNE - n 9. ,N 'IFHJE VIERDIICCT , , Al a K 1 1 . ' ' Jxxsiagiig, g"?7' ' xx I P' v ,V A H, ,. w V Mi , , W' 9 wg , ,N s -,1,,,f,.: X ,ww , ,. ,, ,,,, x ,, . . Foriy-four 1936 CLASS OF 1937 THE VlElRlDllClF Class Ol: T937 HENRY BLAKESLEE BARKER, B.S., Dartinonth. College . JOHN JOSEPH BISCONE, Niagara U11-lZfGl'S'lfj! . . BYRON GREGORY BREWSTER, A.B., Georgetown Uiizizfersity ROBERT COOK BROADFOOTV, Uniiziersity of Virginia . JAMES GRAHAM BURKE, A.B., Union College NIAURICE ZACI-IARY CARR, Temple University . ANTI'IONY PASQUALE CIOIPFI, A.B.. Union College OWEN DONALD CONNOLLY, A.B., Colgate University . LEONARD XVALTON CRAMER, B.S., Syroeiise U zziziersity THOMAS JOSEPH CROWLEY, A.B., Union College . . JAMES DAVID CURRY, A.B., Sf. B0l1CI'Z,'l'lllIll'L' College . VVILLIAM ALBERT Dl2llflA'1"fEO. A.B., Union College EDWARD SHANLY DERLIODYI, B.S., Fordlzain Uni'eer.vity . NICHOLAS DINIARCO, Uniio-n College . . . MARK FILLEY, A.B., W'illio1n.v College . . . ARNOLD JOSEPH FRIEDMAN, A.B., Union, College . HLENRY SANFORD GOULD, A.B., Lehigh University . JAMES TERRENCE GRIFFIN, B.S., N otre Dame University VINCENT JAMES GIQILLI, N iagero, U n1'z.'er.Iity . . . SEYMOUR CLINTON HAND, B.S., Mizlcllelniry College AMBROSE MICIiAEL I-IASSO, A.B., Catholic Uniziersity . JOHN MARTIN HENLEY, Syracuse U Iiizfersiity . NEIL l'lESSON, JR., Union College . . JAMES HENRY I'lORAN, A.B., Union College . JOHN FRANCIS liENNIZDY, Forcllm-in University SIGMUND STANLEY ZKLUKIEWICZ, University of Alelzanza LIONEL EVERETT KROHNJ Hartwirk College . . JAMES ROBERT LANNON, Notre Danze Unizfersity . . CHARLES RANKIN LEGGETT, B.S., New York University SANFORD JULIUS LIVINGSTON, A.M., N.Y.S.T. College . 1936 . VVate1'tOwII . Raveua Elizabethtown . Oneonta COhOeS Cohoes . 'Troy . . Troy Cherry Valley Schenectady Blue Mt. Lake Schenectady . COl'LOCtOll SclIeIIectacly . . Troy . AlllStC1'd311l Albany . Rome . Canastota . Gloversville . Troy . Syracuse . lNatervliet Oswego Cohoes Syracuse . Utica . Norwich Chestertowu . . Troy F o rt y- five THE VERDICT EUGENE PATRICK LYNCI1. BS., Uiziz'v1'sz'ty of So. Calif. . MORTON Nl-ORACE Z. LYNN, St. Lawrence Uni'aoi'.fily . VVILLIAM CHARLES MACMILLEN, JR., l'Vlll'I'l1lllS College . ROBERT FREDERICK MEYERS, BS., N.Y.S.T. Collogo WALTER ROBERT MORGAN, JR., Olzio Slate University JASON SAXE MORROW, AB., Hannflfon College . AMOS DELANY NIOSCRIP, JR., Uizizwsify of Alabozna . DELAND FRANCIS MOUSAW, BS., Sl. Lazwfcnco Unim'rs'ity GEORGE FRED MURPIIY, Union College .... JOHN DALWIN NII,ES, Union College . . . ALBERT JOSEPH O'CONNOR, A.B., Holy Cross College . ROBIERT EARL PAYE, BS., lVIidcllol1zn'y Collogo . BORIS RADOYEVIQCII, AB., Union Collogc . . . . CHARLES WELLINGTON RANDOLPH, A.l3., Fordlzain llziimwsify JAMES ROBERT REED, A.B., Niagara Uziiziersify . . PAUL VINCENT REED, A.B., Niagara Unizersify . THOMAS CLEMENTS RERTSEN, Union College . . CHARLES SIDNEY RINGWOOD, Rensselaer Poly. Institute PIERCE HULL RUSSELL, A.B., Williams College . PERCY BLAKE SAUNDERS, A.B., Hamilton College . MARTIN SCHENCK, AB., Yolo U111'om'sily . EDNVARD MOSES SEGAL, St. Johns Unioersiiy . . . RICHARD HIAIIOLD SHEPP, Masxarlznsoils lllXll.l'Ill'L' of Tech nology GERALD ROBERT STODDARD, Queens Unizforsiiy . , . FREDERICK WOODARD Till-OMPSON, Syracuse Unioeizvity . ROBERT LEWIS TOWNSIEND, Lafalyofff Collvgc . LEONARD HALL XVARREN, AB., Yale Unizforsily RALPH EVERETT VVICKINS, Uizifoe-rsity of Roclzosfer CAREY DEAN WINNE, A.B., Hartwick Collogo . MERTON LEONARD ZUBRES, Union College . F0 rty-six 1936 Saratoga Springs . Rochester . Troy Hudson Rochester . Albany Eagle Bridge Schroon Lake . Schenectady . Scotia . Rome Malone . St. James . Albany . Canandaigua . Canandaigua Hudson Falls . . Troy . Troy Clinton Albany . Brooklyn Cooperstown Rochester . Wolcott Poughkeepsie . Coxsackie . Scottsville Milford Albany THE VIERDIICCT , -Pm . wwf :EQ ., , W ,M ,E 5 5. Y K U 5 A Class Oficers-1938 BYRON GREGORY HREXVSTER ..... Puluvsidcrml LEONARD VVALTON CRAMER Vive-Prv.ridmzf JAMES TERRENCIE GRIFFIN . . SL'Cl'Cf'Cll'j' JAMES DAVID CURRY . . . Treasnrel' "1s??ff's A N Cllzalss Omcers-1937 FRANK JOSEPH CUMMISKEY ...... Prvsizielzt WILLIAM EDXV.-XRD PEARSON Vice-Frm-idmzf JOHN THOMAS RAINEY . . . . SCL'l'Cff17'j' XVILLIAM CHARLES BELL, JR. . . . Trcaszlrvr I 1 A Li TIFIHIIE 'VIERDIICCT ,I I E, T2 -Y In .s . K , , lf, I FI L ,ff ' I ,- iw II ww ?i- M' ? 5-.I . -1 r'- 1? ,I - 53:13 5 Af, 5 4, I IJ .- I 1 3 'ig' IMI f. II, f . f I kv I II I 'I I I I I L I Ii I K Ji - I I-'Z 3, we. I I I fix ', I! Forty'-cfglzt 1936 CLASS OF 1938 Tll-llllil VlERlDllCGT CCllassOiFll938 AIi'FIIUIi ARNOLD ARMS, JR.. Colgate University . GEORGE JAY AUIIIQ, JR., AB.. Tufts College NICI'IOI,AS JAMES BARRY, Niagara University . VVILLIAM CHARLES BELL, JR., University of Alabama . PATRICK JOSEPH BENFONTE, A.B., Colgate . . JAMES SEBASTIAN BONFIGLIO, University of Kentucky . THOMAS ALEXANDER CAMPBELL, JR., Syracuse University JAMES JOSEPH CARNILY, Manhattan College . . XVILLIAM JOHN CASAZZA, AB., Notre Danze University ARNOLD GOODWIN CHAPMAN, JR., AB., Princeton University FRANK VINCENT CHONSKI, A.B., Union College . I'lARRY S'I'EPHEN CIIRISTENSON, JR., Manhattan College DAVID JOSEPH CHUCKROW, AB., Cornell . . . NlICIIAEL ANGELO CIPOLLO, M.A., Colnnzbia University . LAWRENCE VAN ZANDT CLARK, A.B., Notre Danze University . SETI-I TOBV COLE, JR., A.B., Union College . . LAWRENCE HENRX' COOKE, B.S., Georgetown University TANTHONY COPROLA, A.B., Union College . . . SCIIUYLER ERNEST COllN'l'HWAITE, A.l3., Dartznontlz. College . FRED DAUCI-IY COVERT, A.B., Brown University . . FRANK JOSEPH CUMMISKEY, B.S., Villanova College . VICTOR D'ADAMO, BS.. Lafayette College . . RICI-IARD HAIQOLD DAWSON, St. Bonaventure College VVILLIAM JAMES DELLES, A.B., Union C0llege . . NEWTON DUSINBERRE DEUEL, A.B., Cornell University . JAMES WILLIAM DOLAN, A.B., New York State Teachers . FRANCIS JAMES DONAHUE, AJS., llfilidcllelmry College . . XAIORTI-I FLETCHER FENNER, Cornell University . . , XNVILLIAM LIENRY FITZGERALD, ll, A.B., Union College HARRY BIRCH FRANCHERE, MD., Tufts College . . JOHN WESLEY HACKER., Union College . . GEORGE NORMAN HAITHWAITE, A.B., Hartwielc College LOUIS FRANCIS HANEY, PILB., Notre Danze University SEWARD EMORY LlANMliR, AB., Williams College 19336 Oriskany . Bronxville Albany . Troy Fairport . Jamestown Pulaski Palmer Albany . Albany Albany Albany . Troy Albany . Rensselaer Albany . Monticello . Schenectady . Ballston Spa .Averill Park . . Troy .Endicott . . Olean . Schenectady . Pine Plains . Albany Middlebury, Vt. . Hartford Goshen Altamont . Albany . Ainsterdain ' Newark Massena F ar! y-nine THE VIERDICT FRANK SEYMOUR HIGGINS, A.B., Union College RALPH OLIVER HOFFFAIAN, Union College . . JAMES STUART HOLDEN, A.lfl., DorfIIIoIIl'lI College CIIARLES SETII HOI'KINS, AB., Alfred UllIiZ'0l'.YlfJ' RICHARD VVILLIAM il'IOPKINS, A.B., Cornell Uniffersity FRANCIS C1-IANLER I-IOYT, U Imfersity of Chicago . STANLEY ALFRED HUGHES, Sj'7'fl'Cll.Y6 University . THOMAS HAFEY IVORY, N ofre Dome University . CIIARLES SETH .l'.lOPliINS, AB., Alfred Uzzfzzfersily . VVILLIAM FRANCIS ICEARNEV, JR., Notre Dame UIIi'zJersity JOSEPH JOHN IQNAPP, Notre Dame U l'llZlUl'Slif3l . . CHARLES VVESLEY LANNING, JR., H aroard College . FREDERICK VVILLIAM LOOMIS, AB., HoIrlwI'ele College . LYMAN SPALDING MCCABE, H arzfard College . . DANIEL JOHN MCCALL, A.l-S., Munlzohazz College . ORMAN HENRY MCCONVII.LE, Union College . . lJUNCAN SCOTT MCNAXB, AB., Union College . PIAROLD MASSEY, AB., Hamiltozl College . . . VVILLIAM EDWARD NIILLER, A.B., Notre Dame Unlzfersity GERALD Rocco MOLINARI, A.B., Notre Dame University MARTIN ANTHONY MURRAY,, St. Josefnlzls Se1Iz.iIIary . ROBERT BENJAMIN NELLIS, A.B., Hobart . . THOMAS DENNIS NOLAN, U1z.I'oIz. College . . . VVILLIAM EDWARD PEARSON, A.B., Georgetown Uzzlizfersity JOHN THOMAS RAINEY, A.B., Notre Dame Unizfersity . JOHN DEGROOT QKAWSON, A.l5., lfVlll'ltllll'.Y COIILQU . HENRY MILTON REIIECIQ, A.l3.. Syraczrse UIIl'UUl'Slf3' .ALBERT ANTHONY RICCIARDELLI, Union College . . JAMES FRANCIS RILEY, JR., AB., Sl. BUlltl'Z'Clll1ll'C' College . CHARLES HEIIBERT ROBSON, AB., N.Y. Stole Teaelzers College JOHN FRANCIS RYAN, Union. College ..... NORNIAN HENRX' SELKE. A.B.. Ulll'UUl'SlfJ' 0fR0l71ICSf67' . EDMUND LEO SHEA, Dlll'f77l0lllI1I College . . JACK AMOS SHEA, A.B., DGIl'f'l'I'l0l'Llll College . VINCENT MARTIN SHEEI-IAN, Holy Cross College . SAMUEL NATI-IANIEL SHERMAN, A.B., Harzforll College . JOSEPH IDORMER STEPHEN, A.B., Harzfard College . Flffy ll 9 3 6 . Schenectady . Chatham Bennington, Vt. . Olean . Troy Antwerp Camden Norwich Mineville Albany . Sidney Cooperstown . Oneonta lN'hite Plains New York City . Ogclensburg . Schenectady . Rome Lockport Oneonta . Troy . Rochester Mechanicville . Ogdensburg . Troy . Glens Falls . XVaveIrly . Glens Falls Hudson Dansville . Troy . Rochester Lake Placid Lake Placid . Albany . Schenectady Saranac Lake THE VlEIlRDllCCT ROBEIQT CRAIG STEWART, A.B., U1z,iz'e1'slfy of Roelzesfer GEORGE VVILLIAMASTROEBEL, DIR., A.B., Union College . BRUCE RANDALL SULLIVAN, A.B., Colgate Ulzliversity . MICHAEL IZMMETT SVVEENEY, Mt. Sf. Mary's College . . GEORGE LEO TAYLOR, BS., N .Y. Smile Teachers College . . VJ.NCEN1' THOMAS TRACY, A.B., Holy Cross College . . VVILLIAM RICHARDSON VAN CAMPEN, JR., Alfred UIIi'veI'sily . JOHN FRANCIS VVACKS, AB., Notre Danze University . LAWRENCE FRANCIS XVALDO, St. Lawrence UIzive1'.sity . RAYMOND LAWRENCE VVILCOVITZ, ALB., Union College JOSEPH AARON VVOOLMAN, A.B., Union College . . PAUL IQOBERT YOUNG, 1et'lLS.X'ClfICl' Polyfeclmic lnsiilule RAYMOND JOSEPH ZIERAK, Union College . . . . Churchville . Schenectady . Albany Saratoga Springs . Plattsburg Ballston Spa Belmont . Binghamton Canastota Albany . Troy . Cohoes Amsterdam 19336 F ifty-one , v- THE VIERDJICCT The Jusrtimliizaurn SOOie1ty NIAURICE THOMAS BRUNNER JAMES FRANCIS CARROLL, JR. DAVID FERBER Faculty HAROLD D. ALEXANDER ANDREW V. CLEMENTS ROLAND FORD Fifty-two ll 9 3 6 JULIAN IQICIIARD HANLEY LALLISON POTTER OLSON JOHN JOSEPH RYAN Mc'mbw's SAMUEL M. HESSON FRANCIS KELLIIiER IQALPH E. ROGERS IE VIERD CCT The Law Review Board DAVID FERBER . Editor-iff-Chief Associate Editors MAURICE THOMAS BRUNNER THOMAS JOSEPH CROWLEY EDWARD SIIANLEY DERMODH' DOMENICK LUCIANA GABIQIELLI JULIAN RICHARD I-IANLEY BOLESLAW STANLEY IQILIAN Faculty Adviser ALBERT JOSEPH 0,CONNOR ALLISON POTTER OLSON JOHN JOSEPH RYAN MARTIN SCI-IENCK JAMES ALEXANIJER WARREN CAREY DEAN WINNE RALPH E. ROGERS 11936 Fifty-thrc'C JE VJERDJICCT Ld DOVIUPS Own JOHN BRENNAN MOWRY . . STEPHEN VINCENT RYAN . JAMES RICHNIOND PAGE . . MICHAEL THOMAS DONOHUE, JR. PIIRAM SMITII PxRTI-IUR JAMES FRANCIS CARROLL, AI.LEN ANDREW CASS MYRON JAY COHN DAVID VVILLIAM CORWIN JR. MICIIAEL THOMAS DONOHUE, JR. DANIEL JOSEPH DUGAN, JR. GEORGE MITCPIELL FIENBERG THOMAS TRACY HENEY . Prcwidcnt . Vice-President Secretary T1'easm'e-r VVALTER JAMES HOGAN JOI-IN BRENNAN MOWRY FRANCIS ARTHUR NILES JAMES RICHMOND PAGE JOHN JOSEPH RYAN STEPHEN VINCENT RYAN VVILLIAM IQEELER SANFORD ALBERT JOSEPH SCHEIBLY ROBERT CLERMONTE TENNANT ALFRED CHARLES TURINO Faculty M cH1zbe1's ANDREW V, CLEMENTS RALPH E. ROGERS Fifty-four 11936 L THE VIE DJICCT Klhancery JULIAN IQICHARD IIANLEY MAURICE THOMAS BRUNNER NIAURICE THOMAS BRUNNER JOHN JAMES BUCKLEY HEBEII MILTON CI-IADDERDON GILES ELIHU CHASE JAMES FRANCIS DONNA ANTI-IONY FALCONE DAVID FERBER DOMENICK LUCIANA GABRIELLI CHARLES GRISWOLD HANE JULIAN RICHARD HANLEY JOHN RALEIGH HEILMAN, JR. . C lzarzccllor Secretary-T1'casu1'er WILLARD XVARNER HOLBROOK JAMES REDFIELD INGRAM VERNER MERRITT INGRAM PAUL PHILIP LEVIN JOHN WEST MARTIN GEORGE HANDLEY MEIICER IQUSSELL LLOYD SANDHOLZER LYMAN CHESTER SI-IULTS BERNARD IQNOWLES TRULL HAROLD FRANCIS TUCKER JOHN JOSEPH VVALSI-I Faculty Mc11zbev's ANDREW V. CLEMENTS SAMUEL M. HESSON ROLAND FORD RALPH E. ROGERS NEWTON B. VAN DERZEE 1936 Fifty-five THE VIERDJICCTIF 2. Barristers MIL'f0N ARTI-IUR ABELOVE FRANK ANTHONY DZIDUCH ALLISON POTTER OLSON . ERNEST ABDELLA MILTON ARTHUR ABELOVE HENRY BRADT LOUIS BRISKIN ROGER VVARREN DANIELS LESLIE GERARD DIEMER FRANK IXNTI-IONY DZIDUCIAI ROGER GILBERT PIUGHES BOLESLAW STANLEY KILI'AN Faculty Mczvzbev' llffasfer Clerk B Zb7'.S'll7' VVILLIAM ROGER IQILLEEN FRANCIS JOSEPH MAIIER ROBERT JESSE MCDOWELL JOSEPH SAMPSON OLENDER ALLISON POTTER OLSON JAMES ANTHONY PITRELLO NIORRIS SILVERMAN JAMES ALEXANDER XNARREN ICARL ALFRED VVOIILGEMUTH HAROLD D. ALEXANDER Frftv sax ll 9 3 6 THE VJERD CCT Forum Society First Tcrm Second Term IQICHARD HAROLD SI-IEPP -Presin'ent- ROBERT FREDERICK NIEYERS MORTON M. Z. LYNN -Vicc-Preside11f- CHARLES SIDNEY RINGWO0 GERALD ROBERT STODDARD -Sccrc'fary-Tvfraszwer- ROBERT BENJAMIN NELLIS NICHOLAS JAMES BARRY PATRICK JOSEPH BENFONTE, JR. JAMES SEBASTIAN BONFIGLIO MAURICE THOMAS BRUNNER JOHN JAMES BUCKLEY JAMES FRANCIS CARROLL, JR. VICTOR D'ADA1X1O ROGER WAIIREN DANIELS EDWARD SIIANLY DERMODY JAMES VVILLIAM DOLAN DAVID FERBER DOMENICK LUCIANA GABRIELLI JOHN NVESLEY HACKER LOUIS FRANCIS HANEY JULIAN RICIIARD I'TANLEY SEWARD EMORY I'IANMER TIIOMAS TRACY HENEX' JOHN MARTIN ICIENLEY VVILLARD WARNER I'IOLBROOK THOMAS HAITEY IVORY SIGMUND STANLEY TQLUKIEWICZ LIONEL EVERETT KROHN CHARLES RANKIN LEGGETT MORTON M. Z. LYNN 11936 FRANCIS JOSEPH NIAHER JOHN WEST MARTIN TQOBERT FREDERICK NIEYERS NVILLIAM EDWARD MILLER ROBERT BENJAMIN NELLIS ALBERT JOSEPH OVCONNOR JOHN DEGROOT RAWSON JAMES IQOBERT REED THOMAS CLEMENTS REBISEN CHARLES SIDNEY RINGWOOD RUSSELL LLOYD SANDHOLZER PERCY BLAKE SAUNDERS EDWARD MOSES SEGAL IQICIIARD HAROLD SHEPP LYMAN CHESTER SHULTS GERALD ROBERT STODDARD GEORGE LEO TAYLOR D FREDERICK NVOODARD THOMPSON ROBERT LEWIS TOWNSEND ALFRED CHARLES TURINO JOIIN JOSEPH VVALSH KARL ALFRED VVOLGEMUTI-I JOSEPH AARON VVOOLMAN NIERTON LEONARD ZUBRES Fifty-seven THE 'VIERDIICT .H ,ru .Y ..V,, 11936 THE VJERDIICCT A ' EQJ - .. .- ' 9 1 - --,gf1s::usaue',lYq1jjj, ,ti ir ,I M1-r .... L w.y.mEif - ml Q M2 15 " 'Bush Mir:-Q. 119336 Fifty-nine -s- PRINTED AND BOUND BY FORT ORANGE PRESS. INC., ALBANY, N. Y J!-1 -.13,,. my , g.:,-:V-..15,-M, 7 A - -. .3 , ,.,,,,.,,..,,, ,,,, , 4 , -Y-. -V . -rf Y-. W.. , , -. .-,,, -.V .Q , ,,kiQ,,....,g,, . Q 1. -! vx , -' R ,

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