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THRONATEESKA 1886-1986 Albany High School, Albany, Georgia Volume Sixty-Seven n- ; APTS. | 1 13 TH AVE. ARGON AVE. c£ Q AVE. Originally the Albany Academy, this building now houses school administration offices. ITH AVE. 1ST AVE. SOCIETY AVE. $ — — SOCIETY 1. ALBANY ACADEMY 601 Flint Avenue 2. ALBANY HIGH SCHOOL Monroe and Society Streets 3. ALBANY HIGH SCHOOL 1000 North Jefferson Street •+ WEST 4. ALBANY HIGH SCHOOL 801 Residence Avenue JLAVE, JL AVE. . History 5 W. BROAD 363 OGLETHORPE HIGHLAND WHITNEY.1986 Thronatees-ka Staff joins with the Albany High School student body to commemorate a hundred years of public education in Dougherty County. The desire for some form of public education in Albany resulted in a campaign in 1885 to raise $5,000, the amount considered necessary for the construction of a school building. This campaign was initiated by H. M. McIntosh, the editor of the Albany News and Advertiser, the only newspaper in Albany at that time. $3,500 was raised in a short time, and the City Council appropriated the remaining $1,500 needed for the project. The City Council appointed a commission, composed of L. E. Welch, Sr., T. M. Carter, and H. M. McIntosh, to erect the building. The lot on the northwest corner of Flint and Madison Streets was purchased from the late Col. Nelson Tift at a price well below the market value. On this site, the new school, named the Albany Academy, was built and opened for the fall term in 1886. The building was two stories in height but none of the second floor was utilized. The entire high school consisted of only one class room. G. J. Orr served as principal of the new school, and S. P. Orr was assistant principal. Miss Belle Bacon was the teacher of the primary grade. A MES 7T LA” cn History 3ALMA MATER SONG Here’s to you, dear Alma Mater, to whom our love is due. And though we meet all others, our faith is tried and true. With ot her colors waving, no matter what their sheen, We love you Alma Mater of the Orange and the Green. We leave you now, dear Mater, but you forever stay, Your columns proud and noble halls shall claim our love for aye. Through the years that lie before us mid every festive scene. We’ll still see proudly gleaming here--the Orange and the Grfeen. So to you dear Alma Mater, we raise our parting song. This loyal class of 17--your sons and daughters strong. We give to you all honor--though years may roll between. Still brightly glow the memories of the Orange and the Green. ■ ■■■■■■ ■ ■ ■ i —...... First Albany High School on corner of Monroe and Society Streets Entire student body of Albany High School in 1912 Senior Class of 1920 4 HistoryGirls’ P. E. class-1919-1920 A 0 bout two years later, the Academy was destroyed by a fire of unknown origin. While the school was being rebuilt, classes were held in the Court House. The rebuilt Academy was an almost exact duplicate of the original. In fact, many bricks from the walls of the first building went into those of the second. However, it was only a few years until the facilities were inadequate for the increased enrollment in the public school system. The rooms on the second floor were all used and an addition was built. Another addition was built a few years later. Finally, in an attempt to keep up with the growing numbers of students, a one-story annex with two rooms for the primary grade was erected east of the main building. The Academy, nevertheless, remained overcrowded until the high school was constructed in 1908. The principals of the Albany Academy prior to the establishment of the city system of schools were G. J. Orr, Dion C. Sullivan, Z. I. Fitzpatrick, H. W. Jones, E. G. Jones, S. R. deJarnette, J. C. Wardlaw, and A. J. Barwick. Boys’ P. E. class--1919-1920 History 5SUPERINTENDENTS L. E. Welch School Commissioner I, III 1885-1887, 1895-1906 J. S. Davis School Commissioner II 1887-1895 R. H. Warren, I School Commissioner IV 1906-1917 S. R. deJarnette First County Superintendent 1917-1935 R. H. Warren, II County Superintendent 1935-1949 R. E. Brooks First City Superintendent 1915-1937 J. O. Allen City Superintendent 1937-1948 R. H. Warren, III County Superintendent 1949-1952 J. J. Cordell City Superintendent 1948-1952 First County Superintendent under City and County School Merger 1952-1972 Paul B. Robertson County Superintendent 1972-1986 — Senior Girls’ Class of 1924 Senior Boys’ Class of 1924 The Boys’ Annex- -“The Barn”- -1924 6 HistorySenior Class of 1921 Senior Class of 1922 Senior Class of 1923 U y 1905 there was a growing demand for a city system of public schools. This resulted in the establishment of a city school system by special act of the Legislature in 1906. S. R. deJarnette was elected first superintendent. Shortly after the establishment of the city school system, a high school building was constructed on the corner of Monroe and Society Streets and was named Albany High School. In 1919 the old Albany Academy was again rebuilt and was known as Flint Street Grammar School. Today, the Academy building houses school administration offices. In 1915, Roland E. Brooks became the superintendent of the city school system. He continued in this position until 1937. In the May 5, 1970 edition of the Albany Herald, Mr. Dan Gibson made the following comment about Mr. Brooks: “When I went on the city board about 1927, R. E. ‘Roland’ Brooks was superintendent of the city schools. He was a learned man, could make a speech on non-controversial matters, and taught a Sunday School Class, whose members thought his messages were wonderful.” The senior class of 1917 was the first to publish an annual. The seniors named their yearbook the Thronateeska and dedicated it to Mary L. Brosnan.PRINCIPALS Principals prior to city system: G. J. Orr Dion C. Sullivan Z. I. Fitzpatrick H. W. Jones E. G. Jones S. R. deJarnette J. C. Wardlaw A. J. Barwick 1906-16: Not Available 1916- 17: W. E. Monts 1917- 23: Mary L. Brosnan 1923-25: Mary L. Brosnan (Girls) Hugh M. Mills (Boys) 1925-37: J. 0. Allen 1937-41: B. D. Lee 1941-42: R. E. Beck 1943-45: J.J. Cordell 1945-47: B. D. Lee 1947-70: Harold McNabb 1970-72: Graydon Pierce 1972-86: Louie Hornsby Graydon Pierce “New” High School on Jefferson--1925 8 Historyhen Mrs. Louise Whiting, a 1922 graduate of Albany High School and Albany Herald columnist, was asked how her high school days differed from the present ones, she made the following observations in her column “This ‘n’ That”: “The boys and girls attended separate classes, I reported, and the teachers came to us, we remained in our classrooms... Spectators didn’t sit in stands at the football games, but ran up and down the sidelines, cheering wildly or moaning dejectedly. There was no gymnasium in the high school, basketball practice and games were held at the YMCA (the old Y at the corner of Pine and Jefferson).” Some additional information concerning the early days of Albany schools was included in an unpublished paper by Mrs. Mabel Hogue, Albany High’s first librarian. In an interview with Mrs. Cyril Elliss, the former Bessie Bruce Harris, who attended Albany schools from the first grade through Albany High School and who also taught in the Albany schools, Mrs. Hogue learned that in the early days teachers were paid $45.00 a month for nine months and that women teachers had to resign if they married. History 9Built in 1938, the original Albany Junior High, 518 Society Avenue, is now McIntosh Junior High. Students mingle in front of Albany High School on Jefferson. FORMER RECIPIENTS OF KIWANIS AND MCINTOSH AWARDS 1931- -Charles Philip Allen 1932- -Emma Neal Land, Wade Ward 1933- -Ann Griffin, Shelley Denson 1934- -Stella Davis, Findley Edge 1935- -Elizabeth Garbutt, Frank Allen 1936- -Julia Kalmon, Cullen Brannon 1937- -Peggy Price, Abram Goldsmith 1938- -Elizabeth Cobey, Harry Arthur 1939- -Beryl McDaniel. W'illiam Stephens 1940- -Dilsey Arthur, George Manning 1941- -Joyce Freeman, Hugh Mills, Jr. 1942- Sybil Willingham, Nelson Burton 1943- -Mary Helen Sperry, Ray Council 1944- -Helen Percilla, Paul Lipsey, Jr. 1945- -Anne Barbre, Garner Hall Ivey 1946- -Alline Marshall, Frontis Wiggins 1947- -Barbara Burke. Morgan Murphy 1948- -Joan Malthall. Jack Newman 1949- Mary Florence Foster. George Sterne 1950- -Mary Lou Griffin, James Calhoun 1951- Laura Rietz. Tommy Stonecypher 1952- Carolyn Hayes, Donald Sheppard 1953- -Mary Myrtle Britton, Harold Dean Cook 1954- -Delores Ann Taylor, Richard Harper 1955- Sara Cordell, Jimmy Phillips 1956- -Linda Jones, John Huie 1957- -Janie Turner, Milledge White 1958- -Edwina Davis. Bill Buntin 1959- -Judy Tomme. Billy Ivey 1960- -Margaret Wilson. Marshall Tanner 1961- -Nancy Arthur, Mac Buntin 1962- Sue Yielding, Nicky Grayson 1963- Darellyn Durham, Steve Wilkerson 1964- -Judy Kay Jordan. Hugh Westberry 1965- Karen Hinson, Joe Fordham 1966- -Bunny Winter, Tommy McLeod 1967- Mary Lashley, Johnny Stanford 1968- -Carol Hollis, Greg Fullerton 1969- Ginney Barret, Ellis Benson 1970- Julie King, Thomas Doyal 1971- Celeste Anderson, John Margeson 1972- -Mary Heidt, Johnny Paine 1973- Carol Mills, Jay Dallas 1974- Polly Elkins, Bruce Shaw 1975- -Susan Tate, James Harpe 1976- -Pat Norris, Jose Roquemore 1977- Lisa Crockett, Bart Oates 1978- Vickey Tate, Jeff Lukens 1979- Tracy Turnipseed, Edison Amette 1980- Jan Phillips, George Walker 1981- Barbara Jemigan, Tim Nelson 1982- Valerie Adams. Billy Hudgins 1983- -Susan Fowler, David Golden 1984- Lucy Lippitt, Jeremy Howell 1985- Christine Lee, Bill Cook 10 Historym • rs. Elliss explained that school discipline was strict and the paddle was not spared. As there was no such thing as a lunch room, the students brought their lunches from home and at recess there was a great swapping of lunches. There were no extras but much emphasis was put on reading, writing, and arithmetic with special importance placed on English, which she said was glorified. But not all was work as the school was sometimes dismissed at an earlier hour for picnics. The students walked over the old bridge to the sand dunes in East Albany, where they took off their shoes and played in the sand and many walked home with their shoes hanging over their shoulders. The schools were also closed for one week in April, so that the students might attend the Chautauqua. Children’s Night was held on Saturday night and many students participated in declamation and music contests. AHS students take advantage of time out of class. William T. McDaniel, a 1934 graduate of Albany High School, was posthumously awarded the Distinguished Service Cross on July 1,1985. History 1 Senior Class Presidents--1929: Mary Davis and David Ventulett SENIOR CLASS PRESIDENTS 1917--Hudson Malone 1940--Hugh Mills, Beckey Wolf 1963 -Pete Hudson. Pam Wynne 1918--Not available 1941 -Hugh Mills, Jetta Sauls 1964-Wavne Barfield, Anne Newell 1919--Not available 1942 -Dick Dismuke, Mary Aultman 1965-Joe Fordham. Dianne Buchannan 1920--J. Randall Currell 1943 -Ray Council, Mary Helen Sperrv 1966--Chip Shemwell, Paula Griffen 1921--Leon Tyler 1944--Paul Lipsey, Marie O’Connor 1967-Dick Sceals, Jean Heineman 1922-Clifford Cameron 1945--Billy Divine. Nancy Pickard 1968--John Salter. Carol Hollis 1923--Mayo Livingston 1946--Ralph Jordan, Francis Cobb 1969-Earl Cook, Carole Gillespie 1924--Joe Freeman, Letitia Stallings 1947--Hoke Holley. Jeannette Leben 1970-Hal Gurr, Carla Cantwell 1925--Evereth Edge. Carolyn Ball 1948--Charles Culbreth, Carleen Newell 1971--John Margeson, Betts Law 1926--Joseph Rive Leary, Jr., Ruth Waits 1949--Walter Strickland, Mary F. Foster 1972-Steve Hardin. Debbie Norris 1927--Mason Reid, Eugenia Johnson 1950-Joel Mikell. Emilv Dann 1973-Jeffie Hewett, Brence Sell 1928 -Neil Crawford, Louise Conoly 1951--Jordan Cox, Janice Harden 1974- Bruce Shaw. Cora Cuff 1929--David Ventulett, Mary Davis 1952--Howard Law, Carolyn Haves 1975-Shaw Seelv, Thalia Martin 1930 -Donald Wakeford, Helen Clark 1953--Harold Dean Cook. Martha Jane Goodin 1976-Brent Brock 1931--Lynwood Amos, Lois Carter 1954- Fred Liggen. Mimi Holzendorf 1977-Calvin Allen 1932-Wade Warde. Sara McCollum 1955--Walter Dees, Barbara Culpepper 1978-Allen Hughs 1933--Frederick Freeman. Barbara Jones 1956-Bill Garrison, Peggy Pearce 1979--Betsy Baugh 1934--Tom Brown, Stella Davis 1957--Rudolph Patterson, Janie Turner 1980-Bill Murphree 1935--Frank Allen, Elizabeth Garbutt 1958- Durwood Pennington, Kay Carlton 1981--Tim Nelson 1936 -Tom Yarborough, Lola Inman 1959-Mike Knight, Ann Rainey 1982-Valerie Adams 1937--Tom Yarborough 1960--Marshall Tanner. Macv Spencer 1983-Ted Yost 1938--Max Shappard. Sue Pritchett 1961--Cantley Davis, June Hineiy 1984--Jeremy Howell 1939--William Stephens, Celia Kopple 1962-Jimmy Gray, Barbara Westberrv 1985 -Pam White Play Day at Albany High School--1931AHS Student Council-1929 Quill and Scroll-1929 FT The 1929 AHS Orchestra was under the leadership of Mr. Fred Percilla, a well-known saxophonist of Albany. w nfortunately, the i new high school on Monroe '$ did not alleviate the crowded ' n conditions for long. According to the Thronateeska, the Class of 1924 had hoped for a new high school f building for four long years. During their freshman year, the Class of ’24 was crowded into three small rooms. They came back the next year as sophomores to oc-, cupy two classrooms cut I ■ from the auditorium. When : they returned as juniors, they found three more classrooms made from the kitchen and the science laboratory, these depart- i . ments having been consigned to the lower regions in the £ basement. Finally, neither the ingenuity of the faculty nor j the available space could be stretched further, and the little “red school house,” ! fondly termed by the boys “the barn,” was built. So as seniors, the Class of 1924 was separated into the boys’ % high school and the girls’ high school, with the boys in , “the barn” and the girls in | the original building. It was | in 1924 with this division | that the senior class began | to elect both a male and a I female class president. This tradition was continued | through the class of 1975. History 13Students assemble in auditorium- 1939-1940 Albert Woodham, class of 1948, was elected Most Absent-minded, Laziest, Most Talkative, and Wittiest by his classmates. T. R. Finley, former AHS teacher and Director of Elementary Education V Boys eagerly leave building -1945-1946 III s III Students exit AHS- -1941 -1942 Students congregate in front of Albany High School. 14 HistorySenior Claes Officers-1949-1950 Mr McNabb contemplates the plans tor the new Albany High School on Residence Avenue P previous to 1924, Mary L. Brosnan affectionately knows as “Miss Mamie,” served as principal of Albany High School. In 1924, she continued as principal of the girls’ high school, and Hugh M. Mills became principal of the boys’ high school. Miss Mary L. Brosnan worked for 53 years in the local school system, beginning her career as a teacher at Albany Academy in 1892. To honor her memory, one of the elementary schools in Albany was named for her. In the article by Mr. Dan Gibson, previously quoted, the following is said about Mr. Hugh M. Mills: “One of the most universally loved and admired men to be connected with the local school system was the late H. ‘Hugh’ M. Mills, for whom the Mills Memorial Stadium is named. He was a man who made a deep impression on the schools he served and on anything else he was connected with.” January 21, 1924, was celebrated as SCHOOL BOND DAY. A parade was held, and students cheerfully marched, bearing expressive posters and giving loyal yells to vote for bonds for the new high school. Even the temperature, which suddenly dropped to zero, could not defeat their enthusiasm. The bonds were carried for a $200,000 city-county joint high school for boys and girls. History 15 jpp Mr. Chape!) Collins with students in lab--1957 16 HistoryAHS Student Council-1955-1956 Senior Class Officers-1957: Lavon Payton, Secretary; Jean Gilliam, Treasurer; George Sperry. Treasurer; Ruth Winston, Vice President; David Dykes, Vice President; Yvonne Hatcher. Secretary, Rudolph Patterson. President; Barbara Patton, Press Reporter. Janie Turner. President. If JU n 1925, the new high school building was finally completed at 1000 North Jefferson Street. The original high school on North Monroe Street at this time became McIntosh Elementary, named for the late Henry McIntosh. The new school opened with an enrollment of approximately 350 students and with Mr. J. O. Allen as its first principal. That year the Thronateeska had the pictures of all the teachers on one page, as there were only twenty-four teachers. At this time, Albany High School was composed of pupils in the eighth through the eleventh grades. The south end of the building was assigned to the I boys’ classes and the north end to the girls’ classes. All of the boys came into the building through the south entrance and the girls came in through the north entrance. The teachers and the I visitors came in the front I door! In 1929, Mrs. Mabel I Hogue came to Albany High I School and ater organized I the first library at the I school. Mrs. Hogue remain-I ed as the Albany High I School librarian until her I retirement in 1970. Mrs. I Rebecca F. Reid replaced Mrs. Hogue as the head librarian at that time and has continued to serve in this position until the present. History'HRehearsals for play--1955-56 School activities were an important part of life in the 50’s. 18 HistoryHabla Espanol? lbany High School celebrated the bicentennial of the State of Georgia (1733-1933) by winning the 1933 Basketball Championship. In 1937, upon the death of Mr. Brooks, Mr. J. O. Allen, who was then serving as principal of Albany High, became the new superinten-| dent. Mr. Allen continued in I this capacity until 1948 ■ when he became the I superintendent emeritus. He I served in this position until I his death in 1956. B. D. Lee | replaced Mr. Allen as principal of Albany High School. Since the building on North Jefferson Street was soon too small to house all the students, plans were made for erecting Albany Junior High. In 1938 the new junior high school, located at 518 Society Avenue, was ready for occupancy. H. E. McNabb, who had had an enviable record as head football coach at Albany High School, became Albany Junior High School’s first principal. During World War II, many changes occurred at Albany High School. Because of the conditions during this period, it was im-possible for the Thronateeska staff to publish a regular yearbook in 1943. Nevertheless, a special memeographed war edition containing student writings and drawings was published in 1943. History 19 THRONATEESKA EDITORS 1917 -Arline Diefenderfer. George Clarke 1941--Jane Haley 1964-Judy Kaye Jordan 1918—None 1942-Ethelyn Powell 1965--Karen Hinson 1919—None 1943—(War Edition) 1966-Bunnv Winter 1920-Landon Clark. Mary Gillespie 1944- Peggy Forehand 1967--Nancy Davis 1921—Mary Gillespie. Frank Rowsey 1945--Anne Barbre 1968-Sharon Field 1922--George Johnson. Edna West 1946--Dan Bateman 1969--Marcia McCowan 1923-Mildred Nix, Otho Campbell 1947—Billy Warren 1970 -Zan York 1924--Hilda Kalmon. Mercer Sherman 1948--Sammy Shepard 1971--Peggy Payne 1925--Una Buntin 1949-Pat Hammond 1972-Susan Sheppard 1926--Clarisse Kingsley 1950- Calton Huie 1973 -Carol Mills 1927--Stephen Hofmayer 1951--Ray Johnson 1974-Camille Chancey, Priscilla Joiner 1928--Sara Dean Jones 1952- Kay Joh nson 1975-Steve Johnson 1929--John Allen Smith 1953-Cleone Morton 1976--Brett Ehrhardt 1930-Palaemon Hilsman 1954--Jackie Geiger 1977—Leah Flowers, Lisa Crockett 1931--Jean McFadgen 1955--Claire Wooddy 1978--Kitty Woodyard. Dani Stevens 1932--Jeanette Schulman 1956-Gail Meeks 1979--Patricia Yaw 1933--Barbara Jones 1957-Janie Strawder 1980--Teresa Cleveland 1934--Stella Davis 1958-William Mock 1981-Linda Sowell. Matthew Snelling 1935--Jane Jones 1959-Al Wise 1982--Bonnie Varon, Wendy Stokes 1936-Carolyn Simon I960 -Bobby Holman 1983-Angela Hudson 1937--Abie Goldsmith 1961 -Ralph Winter 1984 -Kirn Yost 1938--Harry Arthur 1962-Tommy Brisbois 1985-Kim Sumner 1939--Geraldine Rouse 1963—Anna McGregor 1986--Jill Woodward 1940 -Joe Gibson, George Whittlesey 1 20 History McNabb presides at Homecoming festivities.AHS parking lot-1962-63 White Christmas has long been a tradition at AHS. i rincipal B. D. Lee entered the army in 1§41 and was replaced at Albany High School during the war years by R. E. Beck and J. J. Cordell. When Major Lee returned as principal of Albany High School in September, 1945, he discovered many changes had occurred during his absence. For instance, he found that he was acquainted with only three of the 25 teachers in the school at that time, showing the tremendous turnover of the faculty during the war years. B. D. Lee remained as principal of Albany High School until the spring of 1947. Previous to 1947, it was possible to complete only eleven grades in the Albany school system. At this time, when a student reached the eighth grade, he was considered a freshman. In 1947, another grade was added at the eighth-grade level, thus making the Albany schools a twelve-grade system with the freshman class beginning in the ninth grade. When Lee returned from the war, J. J. Cordell, then serving as principal of Albany High School, left Albany and went to Griffin, Georgia. Cordell returned to Albany in 1947 as assistant superintendent and became superintendent of education in 1948. He remained in this position until his retirement in 1972. History 21HAROLD E. McNABB: An Albany Legend Over the years, one name has become synonymous with sports not only j at Albany High School but also at every school in Dougherty County. He ! is a legend at Albany High and in Dougherty County. He is Harold Eugene McNabb--Mr. Mac. Mr. Mac was born in the Smokey Mountains of Tennessee in Unicoi I County. After graduating from Carson-Newman College with an out-i standing athletic record and coaching a year at his own high school in Er-i win, Tennessee, he accepted a possition on Lake Russell’s coaching staff j at Mercer University in Macon. He was there for three years and obtained his Master’s Degree while there. It was then in 1931 that Mr. Mac came to Albany High as head football coach, and his outstanding ability as a coach and leader of young men is indicated in the records he compiled. In his first year, his Albany High team was 7-2, and his last team in 1943 beat Griffin 7-0 in winning the j state title. In his 13 years of coaching, his record was a phenomenal 113 wins, 20 losses, and 6 ties. Six of his teams (1935, ’36, ’38, ’39, ’42, ’43) were in the South Georgia Playoffs, and three of his teams (1939,’42, ’43) made it to the state finals, winning the state championship in 1939 and again in 1943, his last year as head coach. From high school coach, Mr. Mac moved to junior high principal at Albany Junior High. He then served three and a half years in the Coast Guard as a reserve officer on active duty, and then returned to Albany High. As Dougherty County grew, so did Mr. Mac’s job, and he became the Director of High Schools until his retirement in 1971. Mr. Mac’s honors and activities are as impressive as his coaching record. Among them are: President, Georgia Education Association: President (organizer and charter member), Georgia Coaches Association; President, 2nd District Georgia High School Association; President, Albany Community Council; Member, National Association of Secondary Schools (Advisory Council, three terms); President (two terms), Georgia High School Principals Association; President (charter member), Albany Executive Club; District Chairman, Chehaw Council Boy Scouts of America; President, Nuclear Advisory Committee, State of Georgia; Member, Georgia Accrediting Commission. But perhaps his most prestigious honor from the work he loved so much was his induction into the Georgia Prep School Hall of Fame and the Georgia Sports Hall of Fame, now called the Georgia Athletic Hall of Fame, in 1957. Dougherty County gained much from Mr. Mac’s presence here, for he has truly become an Albany legend. Mr. Mac enjoys a dance with Ann Rainey. 22 HistoryHollis Stanford, Harold McNabb, and Paul Robertson discuss education. Mr. Mac shows Indian spirit. Jackie Bierman assists Mr. Mac. .E. McNabb replaced B. D. Lee as principal of Albany High School in the 1947-48 school year. Paul Robertson succeeded McNabb as principal of Albany Junior High. Mr. McNabb remained at Albany High School until 1970. From 1962-1970 he served as both principal of Albany High and Director of High Schools. He served as Director of High Schools in 1070-1071 In 1951, the city school system and the county school system were merged through a legislative act forming the present Dougherty County School System. When the two systems were combined, R. H. Warren, III was county school superintendent. Mr. J. J. Cordell, Superintendent of the City School System at that time, served as the superintendent of the combined systems. This legislative act specified that the Board of Education of Dougherty County should consist of seven members who at the time of their appointments had been bona fide residents of Dougherty County for at least four years. Two members were to be appointed by the Board of City Commissioners of the City of Albany; two members to be appointed by the Board of County Commissioners of Dougherty County; two members by the Grand Jury of Dougherty County; and the six members appointed as aforesaid were to elect a seventh member by a majority vote. History 23STUDENT COUNCIL PRESIDENTS 1927- Stephen P. Hofmayer 1928- Julian Gortatowsky 1929- Heien Hall 1930- Donald Wakeford 1931- -Hugh Hudson 1932- Emma Neal Land 1933- Ray Mock 1934- Betty Mock 1935- Harry Davis 1936- Julia Kalmon 1937- Charlie Davis 1938- Marcia Davis 1939- William Stephens 1940- Mary Hunter 1941- Hugh Mills 1942- Mary Aultman 1943- Sammy Lippitt 1944- Evelyn Stanton 1945- Alien McCowen 1946- Hulda Jones 1947- Morgan Murphy 1948- Marion Brimberry 1949- Jimmy McDowell 1950- Vann Whaley 1951- Tommy Coleman 1952- Barbara Lipsey 1953- Harold Dean Cook 1954- Jo Wright 1955- Emory Lewis 1956- Fred Sumter 1957- Ruth Sasser 1958- Ed Jordan 1959- Judy Tomme 1960- Margaret Wilson 1961- Virginia Durham 1962- Nicky Grayson 1963- James Benson 1964- Hugh Westberry 1965- Bubba Cagle 1966- Billy Grist 1967- Tommy Aldridge 1968- Peter Merts 1969- Randy Hier 1970- Carl Wilkerson 1971- Celeste Anderson 1972- Larry Mitchell 1973- J. Tom Morgan 1974- Richard Garner 1975- Donna Morris 1976- Alan Shor 1977- Mike Moultrie 1978- Jeff Lukens 1979- Cheryl Gamble 1980- Carlos Cody 1981- Ralph McDaniel 1982- Paul Ladd 1983- David Golden 1984- Arthur Povlot 1985- Ralph Shields 1986- Nathaniel Jones 24 History Pep Club-1971-72Region 1-AAA Basketball Champions--1971-72 Pep Rally-1978-79 Elaine Hardy. First Miss Thronateeska. 1975 m hen the Albany High School building on North Jefferson became inadequate for its large number of students, plans were made for a new building to be erected at 801 Residence Avenue. When this building was completed in 1954, the seventh and eighth grades were moved from the original junior high building on Society Street to the old high school building on North Jefferson Street, which became Albany Junior High. The original junior high building on Society Avenue became McIntosh Elementary School, as the old McIntosh Elementary School building had been torn down. This building which had been torn down was the original Albany High School built in 1908. After four years, all of the seventh grades were moved back to what had been the first junior high building, which now became McIntosh Junior High. The first principal of this school was Lonnie Holloway. Previous to the 1960’s, the schools in Albany were segregated. Albany High School was integrated during the 1964-1965 school year. Six black girls joined the senior class in the fall of 1964. History 25Mimi Henry and Frances Heidt--Homecoming 1971 Dana Archer and Ben Williams--Homecoming 1972 1981-82 Homecoming Queen Jennifer Keel Mary Hudson, former AHS math teacher and counselor Homecoming 1972 1978 Creative Chief Festival -Nancy Garrison, Mary Alice Allen Smith, Helen Gaiter, Mary Franklin, Frances Feagin, Christine Wilson Clubs are an important part of the extra-curricular program at AHS. History 26Marianne Sraithwicke, Karen Wolfe, Francis Toole, Donna Woodward, Karen Fenton, Donna Tucker -1981-82 I n 1965, night school classes were begun at Albany High for students who had previously dropped out of school. It was possible for a student to receive a diploma through the night school program. These night classes continued at Albany High until 1981. When Mr. McNabb became the full-time Director of High Schools in 1970, he was replaced by Mr. Carl Graydon Pierce as principal of Albany High School. Mr. Pierce had begun his career in the Dougherty County School System as DCT and industrial arts teacher at Albany High School in 1946. When Albany High moved to Residence Avenue, Mr. Pierce branched out into the field of counseling. He later served Albany High School as assistant principal and executive assistant principal before becoming principal. In 1972, Mr. Pierce left Albany High to become Administrative Assistant in charge of Secondary Education. A few years later his title was changed to Assistant Superintendent in charge of Secondary Education. Mr. Pierce continued in this position until his retirement in 1981. Seniors from the Class of 1983Jacquelon Holland, Barbara Woodham. Ed Mercer, Janet Sweat, Martha Fort, and Anne Rouse -1949 Cheerleaders 1963 Cheerleaders--Sue Stith, Nancy Mansfield, Helen Pafford, Jeannie Cross. Jerona Trammell. Pat Rose. taura Jean Watt. Tappie Hamerick; Sponsors -Peggy Braun. Thelma Plant, Betsy Palmer 28 HistoryIf JL n the fall of 1972, Mr. Louie Hornsby replaced Mr. Pierce as principal of Albany High School. Mr. Hornsby began his teaching career in the Dougherty County School System in 1956. He served as assistant principal at Albany High during the 1971-72 school year. Mr. Hornsby is presently serving his fourteenth year as principal of Albany High School. It was also in the fall of 1972 that Mr. Paul B. Robertson replaced J. J. Cordell as Superintendent of Dougherty County School System. Following fourteen years in this position, Mr. Robertson has announced his proposed retirement at the end of the 1985-86 school year. In the 1973-74 school term, Albany High School changed from the semester system to the quarter system. This new system was adopted in an attempt to provide better educational opportunities for all students. On the quarter system, it was possible for Albany High to offer over 700 courses. However, Albany High returned to the semester system in the fall of 1982. Jan Joiner History 29 I 1938-39 Cheerleaders-Seely, Connor, Farmer, Walker, Lindsey Mary Bridger Sara Howe Phillips 1982-83 Cheerleaders--Stephanie Crippen, Carolyn Jackson. Brenda Black, Kim Hubbard, Tara Urqhart, Laura Senn, Lori Poe, and Dina AdamsKav Carlton 1957-1958 Luanne Mount 1958-1959 Brenda Houston 1959-1960 I II Jackie Suddath 1960-1961 Mari Jo Joiner 1961-1962 Sarah Howe 1965-1966 FORMER MISS A.H.S.’S 19584985 Betsy Ross 1969-1970 Jo Lanier 1970-1971 Sandy Evans Fran Foster 1971-1972 1972-1973 Jan Turner 1973-1974 Theresa Ussery 1977-1978 Pam Lavender 1978-1979 Cindy Bragg 1979-1980 Valerie Adams 1981-1982 30 History Elizabeth Berg 1962-1963 Judy Hightower 1963-1964 Linda Jones 1964-1965 n 1976, Miss Francis Feagin, an English teacher at Albany High School, initiated a week-long festival in which emphasis was placed on academic achievement. Students used creativity to display what they had been 1 ’ studying in their classes all I year. Activities included oral I ; interpretation, written and I I oral spelling, extem-• poraneous speaking, and a student talent show. Miss ; Feagin’s brainchild was so well-received that it has I continued as an annual event ■ and is known as Creative | Chiefs Festival. The fall of 1984 saw the return of the freshman class to the Albany High campus. Ninth graders had been a part of the junior high schools since 1958. With the advent of the middle school program in Dougherty County, ninth graders were once again joined with the upperclassmen. Carolyn Jackson 1982-1983 Rose Marie Norton Dana Archer 1983-1984 1984-1985 David Garrison and Derek Sauls entertain at the 1984-1985 Miss AHS Pageant. History 31THE PLANNERS DENNIS AND DENNIS, Architects RICHARD V. RICHARD, Associate Albany, Georgia jrtS ! WILLIAM H. ARMSTRONG. Structural Engineer JAMES L. LINDSEY, Associate Albany. Georgia BUTTERWORTH LANEY, Electrical Engineers Albany, Georgia MARBURY ENGINEERING COMPANY, Civil Engineer Albany, Georgia DONALD F. LINDSTROM ASSOCIATES Mechanical Engineers Atlanta, Georgia mKt THE BUILDERS S. J. CURRY COMPANY, General Contractors S. J. Curry D. McKnight E. G. Hightower j. e. Tappan Albany, Georgia LEE BROTHERS HEATING PLUMBING COMPANY Heating, Plumbing Ventilating Work Albany. Georgia GEORGIA ELECTRIC COMPANY. Electrical Work Albany. Georgia ALBANY SHEET METAL WORKS. Roofing Sheet Metal Work Albany. Georgia H W GLASS COMPANY. Glass Aluminum Work Albany. Georgia ALBANY HOTEL RESTAURANT SUPPLY COMPANY, LTD Kitchen Cafeteria Albany. Georgia REYNOLDS BUILDERS SUPPLY COMPANY. Millwork Albany. Georgia ALBANY CONCRETE PRODUCTS COMPANY Concrete Masonry Material Albany. Georgia 32 History % J? ' •J ' 7 ’wl «. ’ ■ Did You Know That??? —All the bricks used in the new High School laid end-to-end would reach from Albany to Macon. —All the concrete blocks used laid end-to-end would reach from Albany to Cuthbert. —All the steel used, transformed to one-half inch round rods, would make a rod long enough to reach from Albany to Miami, Florida. —All the concrete used would make a sidewalk four inches thick and four feet wide extending from Albany to Camilla. —All the paint used would paint a four-inch line down the middle of the highway from Albany to New Orleans, Louisiana. —The asphalt and vinyl floor tile used would cover the floors in sixty average small homes. --The electric wiring used would stretch from Albany to Pelham. --The steel and cast iron pipe used would reach from Albany to Leesburg. —The Classroom Building is 710 feet long. -There are 2,200 lineal feet of pipe tunnels varying from four feet by three and one-half feet to six feet by six feet under the Classroom Building and the connecting walk to the Boiler Room. —The Cafeteria will seat 500. —The Gymnasium will seat 1,350. —The Auditorium will seat 1,448. —The Library will seat 180, and contains 1,400 lineal feet of shelving with a capacity of 11,200 books. -Based on 35 students per standard classroom, approximately 1,750 students may be seated in the Classroom Building not including the Library, Home Economics Department or Science Laboratories. History 33 34 History Basketball Champs of 1919 1919-20 Football Team Girls 1920 Basketball Team: Williams, West, Hudson, Tyler, Hull, Jarvis Champs of 1920: Todd, Ball, Pryse, Pinkston, Sellers, Armstrong, Currell, Redfeam 1922 Football Team: Nelson, Capt. Cameron, Riley, Hall, Haston, Harris, Palin, Smith, Johnson, Cook, RoyalsFootball Team of 1920 1922 Girls’ Basketball Team 1922 Boys’ Basketball Team: Prisant, Nelson, Capt. Hall, Smith, Morrow, Manager Marks. Harper, Mathis, Harris, Cook, Coach Floyd o history of Albany High School would be complete without some information on the history of school athletics. Thanks to Harley Bowers, former sports editor of the Albany Herald, much research had already been completed on Albany High football. According to Mr. Bowers, the Herald did not place as much emphasis on sports during the early years of play as it does today. Consequently, records of games prior to 1919 are incomplete. Following is an excerpt from Mr. Bowers’ article in the November 25, 1957, edition of the Albany Herald: As near as could be determined, Albany High began playing football in 1913, beating Moultrie, 18-13. This is the only game recorded that year although Charlie Smith, Charles Shackelford, Dave Gortatowsky and J. E. Willis, who were members of Albany’s first team, recall that Columbus was played that year to a tie and was the Indians’first foe... Albany's first really great team was in 1921 when the Indians lost only to Bain-bridge and later battled the Bearcats to a tie. Moultrie fell in a playoff contest as the Tribesmen won the conference crown. Clifford Cameron and Bill Riley were stars of the 1921 outfit. It was 1926 before the Tribesmen got I going again, winning nine of 10 games and losing only to LaGrange in the state I ftnals. Orion Mitchell and H. M. Mills coached that team, which included such stars as Jack Roberts, Roy Gunnels, Billy Pickron and Sam Brown. The next year Albany posted a 9-1 record, and fielded perhaps the greatest defensive team in the school’s history. That 1927 team allowed just six points all year but that was enough to give Valdosta a 6-0 victory. Albany wound up the season tied with Valdosta and Thomasville for the conference title, the Indians having whipped Thomasville, 7-0, after which the Bulldogs downed the Wildcats. No playoff was ever held. Roberts and Gunnels were again stand-1922-23 Football Team 36 History 1924 Baseball Team1925 Girls’ Basketball Team 1928 Track Team 1932 Albany High Indians , fter faltering to a 6-4 season in 1928, the Indians bounced back to a 10-0-1 mark in 1929, the tie being with Eastman, 7-7. In the final game Albany won over Valdosta when the Wildcats forfeited after protesting the scoring of a tying touchdown by Albany with a minute to play. The extra point was never attempted and the score stood 6-6 when the ’Cats departed. The 1929 team featured Joe Stephens iand Captain John Ferguson, and was coached by Sam Burke, now (1957) secretary of the Georgia High School Athletic Association, and B. D. Lee. The golden era under Harold McNabb started in 1932 with Albany winning nine of 10 games, the lone loss coming in the season’s finale against Valdosta, 21 -0. Billy Smith, Charlie Dews, James Stephens and Dink Gerst were among the standouts. The Indians did even better in 1933 (sweeping through 10 straight games and allowing only 18 points. The only close contest was a final 7-0 victory over Thomasville. Star players included James Stephens, Jack Riley, Neal Allen, Dennis Freeman and Buford Collins. Albany slumped a bit to 6-2-1 in 1934, but roared back in 1935 to finish 10-1, the loss coming in a playoff for the SGFA title with Brunswick, 19-14. It was the same story in 1936, a perfect season being marred by a 7-2 playoff loss to Brunswick. It was in 1936 that Mills Memorial Stadium was dedicated with a 48-0 victory over Sylvester in the season's opener. Clem Rakel and Tommy Yarborough were among the best on this great club. Albany was unbeaten in 1938 but thrice tied, by Moultrie and Valdosta in scoreless duels, and by Brunswick in another SGFA playoff, also with no score. Brunswick was allowed to continue in the playoffs, being awarded the right under a method called the Montana System, which saw the teams alternate running the ball for so many downs from a start at midfield. The team in whose ' territory the ball wound up was the loser. In 1939 the Indians went all the way, winning 13 straight games, including a 27-0 victory over Brunswick in the 1 SGFA playoffs, and a 20-0 triumph over Athens in the state finals. A few of the members of this great j team were Felix Marbury, Rat Riley, Chaingang Davis, Jimmy Dismuke and j Mutt Manning. History 37 BHUGH MILLS MEMORIAL STADIUM Historical Sketch HUGH MILLS MEMORIAL STADIUM began its life under a different name and as a $50,000 project of the Works Project Administration in 1936 as Albany and the rest of the country were climbing out of the throes of the Great Depression. ... The first activity held in the new stadium was a pageant in October, 1936, celebrating the City’s 100th birthday. ... The stadium was originally known as Albany Municipal Stadium but was renamed Hugh Mills Memorial Stadium in 1952 in honor of the “father of Southwest Georgia Sports.” A plaque so honoring Hugh Mills was unveiled at half-time ceremonies of the Albany-Moultrie game on Friday, November 21,1952. ... Hugh Mills came to Albany in 1919 as the football coach at Boy’s High School. He was later principal there until he became Athletic Director at the New Albany High School on North Jefferson Street in 1925. Coach Mills founded the South Georgia Football Conference, that developed into the District High School Association which later was built. Coach Mills retired in 1945 and died February 14,1952, after a long illness. ... Hugh Mills Stadium is actually constructed on the site of a lime sink which forms a natural bowl. This is an excellent example of where builders utilized one of nature’s unique features in a blending of architectural design within a natural setting. ... Final touches were completed on September 22,1936. The original concrete stands on the stadium’s west side were equipped with backless wooden seats for 6,000 people with the scoreboard being erected on the 50 yard line on the east side. ... It was the first lighted field in the city and was said to be one of the first lighted fields in the state. Lighting was provided by fifty-four 1,500 watt lights. A cyclone fence was installed around the rim of the bowl and a hedge was later planted in 1937. The barren playing field was sodded with grass during the summer of 1936 and by September, 1936, according to one newspaper account, was a “carpet of green velvet.” ... The first sports contest held in the stadium was a football game “under the lights” on September 25,1936, which featured Coach Harold McNabb’s Albany Indians versus Coach Tom Porter’s Sylvester Eagles. ... Albany was heavily favored in the game despite Coach McNabb’s bemoanings in fall practice that his club wasn’t rounding into shape. The Indians, more often referred to then as the Braves, outweighed the Eagles 15 pounds a man in the line (155-140). ... Albany took to the field that night sporting new uniforms for the contest; green jerseys, numbered front and back with orange stripes. A crowd of 1,000 was expected that night but over 1,400 came for that first contest which the Albany Indians won, going away with a score of 48-0. The Albany Indians continued to have an excellent season that year, downing Valdosta 7-0, Bainbridge 40-6, Moultrie 20-0, Thomasville 14-0, Tifton 14-0, and Cordele 60-6. ... The official dedication of the stadium was held on Friday, October 2, 1936, when Mercer University met Oglethorpe University. Many speculated that President Franklin D. Roosevelt would be on hand to dedicate the bowl but local Postmaster Gibson emceed the evening. Mercer beat Oglethorpe by a score of 20-6. Actually, the Mercer squad included Billy Smith and Bubba Lawrence, former Albany High players along with Tifton’s Grady Rainey, Bainbridge’s Ed Varner and Fitzgerald’s Wright Bazemore. ... Hugh Mills Memorial Stadium saw year-round use during the period of 1938-48 except for the World War II years of 1942-45. The stadium served as a home of the class D Albany Cardinals baseball team of the Georgia-Florida League. The Albany Cardinals moved from the stadium in 1949 to their new home on Newton Road. ... No significant improvements, other than temporary bleachers being added to the east side, were made to the stadium until 1965. It was not uncommon during the 1950’s to have 8,000-10,000 people in attendance at the games. With the crowds spilling out of the stands for Albany football games, more room was needed. ... Plans were made to add 5,000 permanent seats complete with dressing rooms and a press box on the east side of the field. Work began in 1963 and was completed in time to be used for the September 10, 1965 football game. The addition increased the seating capacity to 11,000. In 1970, the old wooden seats on the west stands were replaced with plastic seats of the type which were originally installed on the east side. ... During 1978-80, further improvements were made to the stadium which included “turtle backing” the field, widening of the usable enclosed area, improving the draining system, installation of a track surface around the field and the construction of a concrete wall around the rim of the bowl. ... Today, the stadium stays busy as the home of four local high school football teams, Albany, Dougherty, Monroe, and Westover. Also, the Stadium is home for the Golden Rams of Albany State College.Extensive renovation of stadium was begun in 1978. Renovations continued in 1978. PLAQUE UNVEILED: A large bronze plaque commemorating the late H. M. Mills was unveiled during the half time of the Albany-Moultrie game on Nov. 21, 1953. Participating in the ceremonies were young H. M. Mills III (foreground), namesake and grandson of Mr. Mills, Mrs. Mills, Miss Francis Mills. J. J. Cordell, Superintendent of Education (at microphone) and School Board President E. H. Kalmon (far right). Standing behind H. M. Mills III, is H. E. McNabb, AHS principal. The plaque was dedicated by Dr. Leonard Stephens of the First Baptist Church. espite a final 8-3-1 record, Albany advanced to the state finals in 1942 before losing to Griffin, 19-6. Regular season losses came at the hands of Tallahassee and Waycross but the Waycross decision was reversed in the SGFA playoffs, 7-0. The 1943 team duplicated the 1939 outfit's record, going through unbeaten and then whipping Waycross, 6-0, in the SGFA finals, and Griffin, 7-0, in the state playoffs. Dana McLendon was now coach of the Tribesmen and his stars included B. W. King, Weyman Sellars, Louis Christo and Francis Sutton. Albany had quite a ball club in 1947 under Bob Sperry but unfortunately Valdosta had a better one, downing the Indians 33-0 during the regular season and 14-7 in a playoff, Albany’s only setbacks in 12 games. Albany’s most one-sided victory came in the Pelham opener, 78-0. The Tribesmen were potent again in 1951, Bernie Reid’s first year as head coach, sweeping to nine straight victories before Moultrie applied the damper in the last game of the season, 19-6. The Tribesmen two days later lost a heartbreaker to Jordan, 14-13, in the Region 1AA playoffs. In 1952 the Indians almost went all the way, winning eight of 10 regular season games while losing to might GMA, 7-6, and tying Lanier, 0-0. Albany won over a great Richmond team in the state semifinals, but lost to Murphy in the finals, 13-7. The 1951 and 1952 teams featured many star players, including Goo-Goo Heidt, Tony Cushenberry, Harold Dean Cook, Tommy Mansfield, Cleve Clark and Hambone Hamilton. The latter pair played in 1951 only. All earned college scholarships. According to Mr. Bowers, during the years from 1953-57 the Indians managed to keep their heads above water except in 1956 and 1957. The tide, however, began to turn in 1958 with a 8-2-0 record. Some outstanding players for the ’58 season were Billy Ivey and History 39 1933 Basketball Champs Football in the 30’s was action packed. 1939-40 Football Team with Head Coach Harold McNabb and Assistant Coaches Rupert Langford and Paul Robertson 40 History 1938-39 Basketball Team with Coach Stanford 1938-39 Track Team: Henderson, Chatman, Weathersbee, Cheatman, Barrett (Manager), Farris, Culpepper, Schultz, Chatman, Huff. Begley, Coach Mills, Watson, Hardison he 1959 team coached by John Tillitski went into the state playoffs undefeated and came out the State AAA Champions. Robert Creel, Marshall Tanner, Richard Creel, Jerry Doyal, Jerry Gerst, and Tommy Ross were among the mighty Indians who led the ’59 team to victory. Tillitski’s ’60 team ended the season 8-2 with such standouts as Jerry Doyal, Jerry Gerst, Bill Sutton, and E. G. Beckwith. The 1961-65 teams had their ups and downs with 1963 being the only winning season. Under Harold Dean Cook, the 1966 team bounced back with an 8-1-1 season. Standouts were Larry Hall, Steve Hudson, Dick Sceals, and Phil Franklin. The 1967 team, assisted by Bobby Stanford, Larry Hall, and Johnny White, ended the season 1949 Track Team 8-2-0. From 1968 through 1984, Albany High has not faired so well, with winning seasons only in 1972, 1974, and 1975. Basketball has always been one of the strong points in the athletic activities of Albany High. Unfortunately, little information was available previous to the 1916-17 season. The 1916-17 team, composed of Dan Moseley, Frank Hardy, Edwin Smith, Walter Wamble, Joe Smith, Holcomb Tarver, John Darbey, Thomas Malone, and Hudson Malone, was led by Coach Kelly. Almost every year during this early period, Albany High had winning seasons. Coach Harold McNabb advises Felix Marbury. History 411952-53 Football Team with Head Coach Bernie Reid, “Coach of the Year” Wayne “Bulldog" Hammond 1958-59 Varsity Football Team with Head Coach Bernie Reid 1960-61 Varsity Football Team with Head Coach John Tillitski 42 Historyr , •- 19 9? (hUSoU 5ea s u % ALBANY INDIANS y yfCs j- if . i CKaorvpions if j V y 'Qec A-dL we. opponent. tne I 27-BeneaLct ne o i 38'C.oluj-vbwS' 6 20 TKofndLtiow-ol 9 of 26- Va»d.oifb 61 l 20 - WvIUr4K«r, l2 -BAke - o 1 26 - arv- ! 7 - jL a v».c ► ( 22 - jowt Hfr 91 John Till it ski -HEAD COAcH' x vl PAT HELD - AfKKfL ' ' - BOB f=Q JL£ -Llt e1 I VAy«I rOH HAMILTON I aM M6 SNint, noftl. HfiKSHHX nww. JERRY D0lAi. fi auouwis -f»b fcary cuuom as MARION (T» EDOlt l£- VnV%MT fi HaAiEm odu:- , nancy hhhbnoab, NANCY AKTMl r1 jEAhtecAoss TAPPit AAAtPy . CA SNHVfM Oorru Bei ycW Bill saf TOM n» DAN WHITMAN Hd £C O£C HirH rt0 rMJtr.A YONK-e laa y poPPfU.-t YIC OOBNtR £ JAC A ftAlCEE PAViD MARTIN-E I M lCf LANE - E aicmaao knows f WRNie mujbrnf r I JOHNNY PALMER t durcH PAIN — T| STARLET KARP- Tl FRANK MORRIS-Tl MlTOBBL- Tl CANTCY ORVU-ft Rilharo CAeci-G Jinny 5. AOBCRT YlELORCi JgffJ, 'ffljSKA H JlnnY fRtWTm I R»KRt CRetL c JAoc Andrews-c BILL WRIGHT-c UY DAVIS-C 1959-60 State Champions 1959-60 Trophy Winners 1961-62 Varsity Football Team with Head Coach Pat Field and Assistant Coaches Graham Ixiwe and Harold Dean Cook he 1919-20 team was fortunate to have Mr. Dan Redfearn, a prominent lawyer who had played university basketball and starred on the Albany Y.M.C.A. team, as coach. Albany had some outstanding teams during the 1920’s. For example, the 1924-25 team won every top honor available at the fourth an- • nual Tournament of the Southwest Georgia Athletic Association, held at the Albany Y.M.C.A. and went ; on to take a fair share of the State Basketball honors. The Squaws’ basketball team also faired well in competition. For example, in 1929, our championship team, coached by Miss Lucy Mae Bragg, walked away with all honors at the tournament. The 1934-35 boys’ basketball team was the sixth consecutive team from AHS to go to the state meet in Athens This outstanding team, led by Neal Allen, Toby Royal, Tom Brown, Dan Royal, Osgood Pearson, Billy Williams, Harry Davis, and John Beck, and coached by B. D. Lee, returned from Athens as State Basketball Champions for 1935. The Albany High Squaws had a powerful team during the early 50’s, winning the Georgia State AA Championship for four consecutive years, 1950-1953. The 1953-54 boys’ team won a berth in the state AA basketball tournament. History 431963-64 Varsity Football Team AHSFOOTBALL RECORD 1913 ................................... 1-01 1937 1914 ...................................3-1-1 1938 1915 ......................No Record of Games 1939 1916 ...................................4-2-0 1940 1917 ...................................3-1-1 1941 1918 ........................ No Team 1942 1919 ..................................2-4-2 1943 1920 ................................. 7-2-0 1944 1921 ................................. 7-1-2 1946 1922 ..................................7-2-1 1946 1923 ..................................6-4-0 1947 1924 ..................................2-6-2 1948 1925 ..................................4-2-4 1949 1926 ..................................8-1-0 1950 1927 ..................................9-1-0 1951 1928 ................................. 6-4-0 1952 1929 ................................ 10-0-1 1953 1930 ................................. 4-6-0 1954 1931 ..................................7-2-0 1955 1932 ..................................9-1-0 1956 1933 .................................10-0-0 1957 1934 ..................................6-2-1 1958 1935 .................................10-1-0 1959 1936 .................................10-1-0 1960 ..7-2-1 1961 3-6-1 . .8-0-3 1962 3-6-1 .13-0-0 1963 6-4-0 . .8-3-0 1964 4-5-1 . .6-4 1 1965 5-5-0 . .8-3-1 1966 8-1-1 .12-0-0 1967 8-2-0 . .6-4-0 1968 5-5-0 . .7-2-0 1969 5-5-0 ..7-4-0 1970 5-5-0 10-2-0 1971 4-5-1 . .7-3-0 1972 6-4-0 8-3-0 1973 5-5-0 .5-4-1 1974 6-3-1 .9-2-0 1975 6-4-0 .9-2-1 1976 2-8-0 .7-3-0 1977 3-7-0 .6-4-1 1978 0-10-0 .7-3-0 1979 1-9-0 .4-6-0 1980 4-6-0 .4-5-1 1981 1-9-0 .8-2-0 1982 4-6-0 12-0-0 1983 1-9-0 .8-2-0 1984 5-5-0 44 History 1977-78 Varsity Football TeamBig At Smith, leading scorer in 1-AAA in 1971-72 with 773 points 1984-85 Squaws gained the Region 1-AAA title. he remaining 50’s and early 60’s were rather uneventful for both the girls’ | and boys’ teams. Gordon Dixon replaced Graham Lowe as head basketball coach in 1966 and continued in that position until 1982. During his coaching years, Dixon ac- cumulated a record of 220 wins and 150 losses. Dixon’s ' teams had winning seasons : in 1967-72, ’74, ’75 (17-7), ’78 (17-7), and ’81. The 67- j 68 team was third in state. In 1970-71, the team was third in region. The 1971-72 f team was the boys’ Region 1-AAA Champions. The leading scorer in Region 1- AAA that year was Big A1 Smith who scored 773 points $. for the year and averaged 32.2 points per game. Randy Roderick replaced Dixon as head coach in 1982 and his 82-85 record is 43 wins, 31 losses. His 82-83 team was third in Region and his 84-85 team had a 16-8 overall record for the season. The 1984-85 Squaws had an awesome season under the guidance of Coach Tommy Stephenson, gaining the Region 1-AAA title and a berth to the State Tournament. Other sports have played an important part in the athletic program at AHS through the years. Such groups as track and tennis have been around since the early years of Albany High; whereas wrestling was only initiated in 1978-79. History 45CENTENNIAL COVER The cover for the 1986 Thronateeska was designed and painted by Delores Meldrum. Ms. Meldrum provided the following description of her work: FRONT COVER: An Indian, the symbol of Albany High School, is pictured as proud and wise, with humor and caring in his weather beaten face showing the scars of experience but looking to the future. In the upper right corner of the picture, emerging from the mists of the past, are old grads of the class of 1917, including Whitfield Gunnells, Hudson Malone, Eleanor Beall, and Arline Diefenderfer. The first building which served as Albany Academy on the corner of Flint and Madison shows the steeple as it was originally on the building. Mariwell Blaylock and Don Pye are cheerleaders of 1945. Harold McNabb, principal from 1948 to 1970, is in the center. The old car pictured in 1931 points to the left to the next AHS site on Monroe and Society. The football player is in the classic pose for the camera. Miss AHS of 1984, Rose Marie Norton, is being crowned by Carolyn Jackson, Miss AHS of 1983. Brad Lohmeier is the 1983 graduate. The basketball player is reaching high. The coed is the artist’s daughter, Janifer Meldrum, AHS grad of 1969. The standing Indian is a 10 foot high papier mache creation built by Julian Whiting and other students for a mascot. In the lower right is the next AHS location on Jefferson Street. Lower center is the present site of AHS on Residence Avenue. Lower left is Hamilton Jordan, graduate of 1962, and next to him is a Thronateeska arrowhead. BACK COVER: The totem pole, symbol of the continuity of life, was built by Peggy Braun’s art students in 1965. Below the totem pole is a bandsman, Steve Lawrence, performing at the 1983 Homecoming festivities, and the athlete, Cynthia Lane, 1984. Lower left is pictured a majorette of 1963, Marilyn Cook. The violinist is Josette Davis, 1984. Science lab students of 1968 are Frank Walker and Jimmy Hill. Art student of 1966 is Chesley Beden-bough, and 1985 graduate. Rose Dunn, is pictured lower right next to the Thronateeska arrowhead. 46 History Dougherty County School Buses. Circa 1932, with drivers Frank Fleming. Mr. Bransford. Rev. Cripps, and Ashley Elvis Hayes Letter Men of 1924 AHS Parking Lot. 1962-63 Students in the 50’s enjoyed a new. modem building.Louie C. Hornsby, Principal. 1972-86 Paul B. Robertson, Superintendent, 1972-86 Dr. William H. Bates. Jr.. Assistant Principal, 1972-83 Dr. Walter Judge. Assistant Superintendent. 1981-86 Albany High School, 801 Residence Avenue AHS students of 1984-85 rom a faculty of three to a staff of over seventy. . . from one classroom of students to a student body of over a thousand. . . from the little school on Flint Street to the expansive buildings on Residence Avenue. . . Albany High School has gone through a century of changes. Mimi Henry cheers AHS on to victory. History 47To all the students who have passed through the halls of AHS... To all the faculty and staff who have befriended and instructed these students through the years... To all the administrators and Board Members who have provided leadership and guidance... To all the businesses and citizens in the community who have supported AHS... We, the 1986 yearbook staff, dedicate the centennial edition of the Thronateeska,THAT WAS A THEN... hundred years ago schools had one primary puroose--to educate students. m THIS IS NOW! Today the purpose is the same. The primary ingredients are the same. But there are SOME differences... Opening 49Wake up, Jessica Open wide! I swear I didn't do it 50 0penmg Motley Crew" We re bad! ttitudes toward life High represent our own individual style. Our student body could be described as relaxed and “laid-back.” We live life day by day, tackling problems as they arise. Despite an occasional attack of laziness, Anne Marie and Christy eagerly await the 3:30 bell. Vilnls. Frederick. Doug, and Carlos hard at work. students at AHS are generally hardworking and conscientious. When it comes to meeting deadlines, turning in homework, and finishing research papers, we always manage to come through just in the nick of time. No matter what happens though, that unmistakable Indian spirit always shines through. Opening 51The Melissas stroll across campus Mrs Howard displays her true Indian spirit. The height of fashion. Heidi and Gena model new fashions Footloose 52 Openmfl"I wear my sunglasses at night." Opening 53 ashion is one of the many things that students will remember as they look back on their years at A H S. Each generation has a style of its own and many fads to go along with it. Just as we may look back and laugh at the styles of the past, there will be future generations doing exactly the same thing as they examine these pages. While each generation has its own style, Albany High has its own special fashions, too. Through the halls of our school, one will see things that are different, unique, and totally A H S. Casual attire is always in style at AHS Watch out! 8oone's dress code?54 0pemng Fans cheer enthusiastically "Move it. girls. Let s hustle!" A last-minute touch-up. "Seniors, gonna get on down varied. Some of the more memorable dislikes of most students include semester exams, eight o’clock detention hall, cafeteria fish sandwiches, and sweaty P.E. classes. Most of the people at A H S, however, would rather look at the positive side of life. Some of our favorite things to do are jumping the cafeteria wall, abusing the underclassmen during pep rallies, skipping lunch, cutting up in Mrs. Natoli’s class, and comparing car stereos in the parking lot. All of these things, good and bad, contribute to a great year for A H S students. I Opening 55 jFreshman transportation: 3:30, at last... ransportation is a part of life at Albany High; you’re lost without it. It can help you form permanent friendships. Think of the many friends you’ve made waiting at the school bus stop or loitering in the AHS parking lot. And a special kind of camaraderie results from walking or bicycling together. Those who drive to school know that cars and motorcycles become an extension of their personalities. And just imagine what a jeep or truck could do for your social standing. Although transportation has changed greatly through the years, one fact remains the same--it’s a necessity that will always, in some shape or form, be around at AHS. Opening 57 "Biology blues . ' Russia Martin and Melissa Embry experiment with the computer. 58 0penmg ahs Where, oh. where are the foolish freshmen?" Seniors participate in pep rally.Ibany High has many of the normal school functions-football games, pep rallies, clubs, Homecoming, and various activities that have been around for almost as long as this school has. Other events that have developed through the years include Creative Chiefs Festival, Mr. AHS, Mr. and Miss Thronateeska judging, powder puff football, “Marchin’ Chiefs,” science fair, annual “egg-mo” week, and Party Shak. As we’ve added new activities through the years, we’ve seldom dropped the old ones; therefore, we now have a widely varied curricular and extracurricular program at Albany High School. Opening 59Another exciting evening at Hugh Mills Stadium Edgar awaits acceptance from Harvard A sight for sore eyes 60 0pemngDon't you wish you had some?' A typical evening for Robin Reeves. eisure time is precious to us at Albany High, and every second of it is usually well spent. When we’re not at school, work, or practice, AHS Indians can be found soaking up some rays, visiting friends, reading a good book, catching up on soaps, or eating something fattening. When AHS students catch spring fever, their favorite remedy is to head towards Panama City Beach. Although it’s sometimes difficult keeping leisure time from interfering with responsibilites, students at Albany High do a • good job of keeping their priorities straight. "Billy, hurry up and take it!” Keith Pry relaxes in his pool. Opening 61Joseph hurries to meet deadline C team football players take a water break Kendall proudly exhibits his class ring. Joel Bryarassists Kim at the computer and expectations of students are things that will not change drastically from year to year as do fashion, transportation, attitudes, and school functions. No matter what the year is, the aspirations of graduating seniors have the same basic ingredients. Everyone wants to get the most out of life, and attending Albany High School is assurance of keeping a handful of good memories and a spark of hope for the future. Opening 63Vice President’s Message I have had a wonderful time serving as your 1985-1986 Student Body Vice President. It has given me great pleasure to have been able to do something for this incredible school and for the great students who go to A.H.S. Thank you for making this school year the best yet! Thanks again, Brenda Akers Secretary- Treasurer’s Message I can't begin to tell you how much fun I’ve had this year serving as Secretary-Treasurer. I would like to thank everybody for their support and help during the year. I wish all the luck in the world to those graduating and I hope to see the rest of y’all next year. Best wishes, Jill Garrett 64 AHS LeadersPresident’s Message The school year has gone by fast and commencement is upon us once again. This has been a prominent year for Albany High. Thanks to you it has been an honor, pleasure, and privilege to serve as your Student Body President. Albany High is what you make of it. We are a school rich in tradition. Be proud to be an Indian. I wish to you the best of luck and success in the future. You've made it a SENSATIONAL year! Thank you, Nate Jones AHS Leaders Albany High School’s leaders consist of the President, Vice-President, and Secretary-Treasurer of the Student Council. They are voted into office during the spring of the preceeding year. Each officer must maintain a grade point average of “C" with no “F’s” or “U’s.” The President must be a rising senior when he is elected into office. His duties consist of presiding over Student Council meetings and school assemblies, representing the school in outside activities, and directing other activities not assigned to another officer. The Vice-President must be a rising junior at the time of the election. Duties of the Vice-President consist of assisting the President with his duties, acting in the President’s absence, and taking over as President if the office is vacated. The Secretary-Treasurer may be either a rising senior or junior at the time of the election. Duties of the Secretary-Treasurer consist of keeping minutes of all meetings, making copies of the minutes available to all homeroom representatives, and handling all financial matters. Each of these students has done a fine job in his respective office and should be congratulated for his hard work and dedication. AHS Uaders 6566 ClassesFranklin Barry Gary Billingsley Karl Barry Robby Blaylock Vanessa Adams Dana Archer Karen Bedenbaugh Larry Boatwright Sharon Alfred David Banister Curtis Berry Dawn Bolton Carla Anthony Boyd BarrowJoe Bullard Mike Butler Clinton Bradford Patricia Brown Jeff Burns Ward Butts Lewis Brown Joel Bryan Beverly Butler Sanja Cambridge SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS: Carla Belk, Secretary Treasurer; Jim McMillin, President; Gigi Maines. Vice President.s E N I O R S Chris Cody Laura Cook Kathy Condit Nolan Cooks Mike Cansler Kathy Cheek Levator Coleman Dee Cromer John Carter Helen Chikas Melissa Coleman Vontressa Daniels Chris Cartmell Reginald Cobb Kim Durden Melissa Ellis Cliff Dix Jody Edwards Melissa Embrey Kim Day Patty Fenton Steve Dyson Freddie English Angela Fluker George Dillard Chandra Edwards Sherrena Fedd Julie Fowler Seniors 71CO LU Z — O DC CO Steve Gilbert Kendall Gogarty Fred Greene Monique Hall Connie Freeney Vilnis Gaines Dennis Goodman Brian Halloran Holly Fulford John Gibbons David Gordon Jan Fuller Melissa Harden Anthony GibsonJimmy Hill Howard Holiday Frank Hightower Darren Holley Zale Hawkins Ramona Hodge Michelle Hughes Joseph Jackson Stanley Harris Shirley Hill Teresa Holt Kim Jackson Yolanda Huggins Stephanie Isler Seniors 73s E N I O R S Doug Jones Elizabeth Keith James Jones Meg Kennedy Aaron Johnson Bernard Johnson William Johnson Nate Jones Stephanie Jones Angelique Jordan Patricia Johnson Lisa Kendrick Danny Kersey Dana Jones Lee Laska Darien Lewis Mike Landis Carlos Lewis Darren Lewis Jamie Keys Steve Knox Jerry Lovett Flossie Laster Steve Lawrence Calvin Lightfoot Eric Little Gigi Maines Celina Marler Seniors 75 s E N I O R S Carey McKinney Telicia Meredith Pete Marsh Kim Martin Ted Mauldin Terry McDaniel Jimbo McMillin David Mercer Russia Martin Shirley Miller Heather Minnich Dawn McGovernSeniors 77 Arnold Moore Clark Neal Lisa Newberry Edgar Parker Arthur Mitchell Mike Mitchell Joseph Moore Susan Moorehead Norman Newton Nadija Packauskas Valerie Paul Greg Poole Darven Mobley Sonya MoseswnO-zmoi Orlando Rambo Wayne Riggins Patrina Randle Anthony Robinson Charlotte Price Keith Pry Tammy Porter Jakki Primus Arlinda Reese Charles Robinson Angie Preston Cassandra Pritchard Kenny Reeves Kevin Rogers Deborah Snyder Terri Rouse Bridgett Route Stan Stanfill Kathleen Schubert Cary Sell Doug Solomon Toni Spann Brian Stewart Janita Stills Seniors 79co do o — Z m co Frederick Suttles Carla Thomas Cynthia Walker Travis Webb Mary Sweney Kristie Thomas Lance Wargo David Williams Patrick Teague Melissa Thornsbury Brian Tipler Andrea Watson Alfonzo Tyson Charlotte WebbDawn Woodard Sabrina Woolfork Andy Wurst Edward Williams Malissa Williams Jill Woodward Lisa Wylie Lavette Williams Yolanda Wooden Sharon Worsley Kim Young Seniors 8)to LU z — O oc (Z) ADAMS, VANESSA DARLENE: Epsilon, Spanish Club, Student Council, Civitans, Drama Club. Math League. Block A. B Team Cheerleader, Varsity Cheerleader, Outstanding Spanish Student. Perfect Attendance Award, Most Improved Orchestra Student, Senior Superlative. Homecoming Court, Good Conduct Award. Lettered in Sport. Orchestra ALFRED. SHARON LORON: YAC, Spanish (Secretary-Treasurer). Drama, VICA, Spanish Certificate. Good Conduct Award. Who's Who Among American High School Students ANTHONY. CARLA LENETTE: Good Conduct Award ARCHER. DANA CAROL Civitans, Student Council (Parliamentarian). Epsilon. Annual Staff (Sports Editor). Cheerleader. Varsity Basketball. Cross Country, Miss AHS (1984 85). Homecoming Queen (1985-86), Biology Award BANISTER. DAVID A: Industrial Arts, VICA. Good Conduct Award BARBER. TAMMIE: DECA. FHA, Chorus Medal. All State Chorus, Chorus BARROW. BOYD ANTHONY: Civitans. DECA. Spanish. Perfect Attendance Award BARRY. FRANKLIN E : VICA. Student Council. Spanish Club, Perfect Attendance Award BEDENBAUGH. KAREN RENEE: Epsilon (Publicity Chairman). Block A, Civitans, Student Council, B-Team Cheerleader. Varsity Cheerleader (Co-captain), Lettered in Cheerleading, Senior Superlative, Good Conduct Award. Orchestra BLOCKER. ANTHONY L.: Industrial Arts Club BOATWRIGHT. LARRY B.: FBLA, Football BOLTON. DAWN MICHELLE: VICA. Pow Wow Club (Secretary), Industrial Arts, Epsilon. Civitans, Spanish Club BRADFORD, CLINTON: Football BROWN. LEWIS: Industrial Arts. Basketball, Basketball Certificate BROWN, PATRICIA ANN: YAC. FHA. 4-H, Science Club. Basketball, Perfect Attendance Award. Good Conduct Award. CHIKAS, HELEN: Civitans. Perfect Attendance Award CHURCHWELL, MELISA CAROL: VICA COBB, REGINALD E.: Perfect Attendance Award, Good Citizenship Award CODY, CHRISTOPHER STEPHEN: Pow Wow (President), Editor of Pow Wow, Civitans, Track and Field. Perfect Attendance Award, Journalism Award. Georgia Boys' State COLEMAN. LEVATOR MORTISHER: Perfect Attendance Award BELK. CARLA CHAISSE: Epsilon. Civitans. Key Club. Math League, FHA, Spanish Club (Historian), Outstanding Biology Student. Outstanding Economics Student, Good Conduct Award. Outstanding U.S. History Student. Outstanding Spanish Student. Science Fair Award. Senior Class Secretary. Senior Superlative. Perfect Attendance Award, Orchestra BRYAN, JOEL RANDALL: College Bowl, Social Studies Club. Debate Team, Art Club. Student Council Alternate. Perfect Attendance Award. Good Conduct Award BULLARD, JOEL HENRY: VICA. Perfect Attendance Award BUTLER, BEVERLY: FHA, VICA BERRY, CURTIS COOPER: Phi Kappa, DECA. Football, Wrestling. Industrial Arts Award BLAYLOCK. ROBBY: FCA. DECA, Spanish Club. Football, Wrestling BUTTS, WILLIAM EDWARD III: Beta Club. Spanish Club, Math League, Perfect Attendance Award. Good Conduct Award. University of Georgia Certificate of Merit, Georgia Boys' State. Who's Who in American High Schools, Biology Award COLEMAN. MELISSA LEVANDA: Industrial Arts, Track Manager. Perfect Attendance Award. Clinic Assistant COLLIER. SEAN MICHAEL: VICA. Certificate for Latin CONDIT. KATHERINE JEAN: Spanish Club. Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y, Student Council, VICA. Civitans, Good Conduct Award, Perfect Attendance Award, Marching Band, Concert Band COOK. LAURA CHERIE: Key Club, JCL, Tri-Hi-Y. Honors (BMBS). Yearbook (Sports Editor at Byne), Cnorus (BMBS) CAMBRIDGE. SANJA: FBLA, Office Assistant CANSLER, MICHAEL STEVEN: CARTER. JOHN M. II: Spanish Club, Phi Kappa. Second Place in Science Fair, Perfect Attendance Award, Office Assistant CARTMELL, CHRISTOPHER DEE: DECA (Vice President), Phi Kappa, Football. Track, Mr. AHS (1984-85), All State Chorus. Solo Ensemble (First, Second Place). Literary Meet (Music — Second in District. First in City) CHEEK, DONNA KATHRYN: Beta Club (Secretary). Student Council, Math Team (Captain), Epsilon, Spanish Club. JCL (Vice President), Short Circuits, Student Advisory. Cross Country, University of Georgia Certificate of Merit, Who’s Who Among American High School Students, Georgia Girls' State, Marching Band 82 Senior DirectoryCROMER. CHARLOTTE: DECA (Reporter). Civitans. Epsilon. Tennis. Track. Homecom mg Court (Junior Year) CROSS. MELISSA ANN: DANIELS. VONTRESSA: FHA (Secretary. Vice President). DECA (Secretary), Annual Staff. Block A. Drama Club. Perfect Attendance Award. Good Conduct Award. Band. Color Guard DAVIS, WILLIE: Industrial Arts. Football, Basketball. H. E McNabb Basketball Award. Basketball Free Throw Award. Who's Who Among American High School Students DAY. KIMBERLY MARIE: Epsilon. Key Club. Civitans. Good Conduct Award, Perfect Attendance Award DIX. CLIFFORD EUGENE JR.: Spanish Club, Outstanding Photographer DURDEN, KIMBERLY ANN: Short Circuits (Treasurer), FCA, Band, Co-captain of Rifle Corps. Jazz Band, Office Assistant DYSON. STEVEN BERNARD: VICA EDWARDS. CHANDRA LYNNETTE: Beta Club, Math League. Drama Club. Social Studies Club, FCA, French Club. Perfect Attendance Award. Outstanding Government Student, Governor's Honors Nominee, Lead in "A Lass Unparalled” EDWARDS. JODY LEIGH: Short Circuits (Secretary). FCA. Drama Club. DECA. Epsilon. Science Club (President). Good Conduct Award. Color Guard. Rifle Captain. Flag Co-captain, Student Advisory Committee ELLIS, MELISSA ANN: Kev Club. Art Club. Industrial Arts Club, FCA, Pow Wow EMBREY. MELISSA RENEE: DECA, Pow Wow ENGLISH. DANIEL F.: VICA, Pow Wow. Civitans FEDD. SHERRENA:FBLA FENTON. PATRICIA A.: Civitans (Secretary-Treasurer), Epsilon, DECA. Art Club, As One Committee FLUKER, ANGIE DENISE: VICA. Track. Basketball. FBLA FOWLER. JULIE ANN: Student Council. JCL (Vice President. Treasurer, President), FCA, Epsilon, Civitans. Beta. Cross-Country. Varsity Cheerleader, Homecoming Court (1983. 1985), Second Runner-up Miss AHS, Cum Laude Certificate on National Latin Exam, Georgia Girls' State FREENEY. CONNIE MICHELE: Spanish, VICA (Parliamentarian), Key Club, Civitans, Georgia Certificate of Merit FULFORD. HOLLY MARIE: Epsilon, VICA (Reporter), Civitans, Dress Code Committee. B-Team Cheerleader, Varsity Cheerleader. Homecoming Court (1983), Perfect Attendance Award GAINES, VILNIS R.: VICA. Industrial Arts Club. Wrestling GIBBONS. JOHN PATRICK: Key Club. Spanish, Phi Kappa, Football (Lettered), Perfect Attendance Award GIBSON, ANTHONY JEROME: Football (1983-84; Manager-1985), Basketball Assistant GILBERT, STEPHEN J.: Industrial Arts Club. DECA GOGARTY. KENDALL: VICA. Civitans. Math League. Spanish Club GOODMAN. DENNIS MONCRIEF: VICA GORDON. DAVID R.: Short Circuits (President), DECA. Student Advisory to the Principal, Svmphonic and Marching Band, Jazz Band (Section Leader) District Band. All County Band. Solo and Ensemble, Good Conduct Award. Office Assistant GREEN. FREDERICK BERNARD: DECA (Parliamentarian), Track HALL. MARZETTA CLARICE: FBLA HALL. MONIQUE: Student Council. Track. Basketball, Perfect Attendance Award. Citizenship Award, Certificate of Merit — Health Occupations Vocational High School HALLORAN, BRIAN FRANK: Civitans. Senior Superlative, Perfect Attendance Award HARDEN. MELISSA LYNN: Civitans, Perfect Attendance Award HARRIS, STANLEY: Senior Directory 83s E N I O R S HAYES. ANNIE MAE: HAYES. CHRISTINA: FBLA HICKS. GREGORY: HIGHTOWER. WILLIE FRANK: HILL. JIMMY LEAMOR: As One Committee. Student Council. Football. Baseball. Football Trophy. Chorus HILL. SHIRLEY ELAINE: AVA. Outstanding Art Student. First Place — Kiwanis, First Place in Drawing at AJC, Recognition of Art Work in School Art Symposium 85, Office Assistant HODGE. RAMONA YVETTE: HOLIDAY. HOWARD: HOLLEY. DARREN ALEXANDER: Basketball. Track. Cross Country. Best Defensive Player (Basketball). Senior Superlative HOLT. TERESA GAIL: FBLA. FFA. Good Conduct. Office Assistant HUGGINS. YOLANDA DENICE: Spanish Club. As One Committee. Student Council. Perfect Attendance Award. Chorus HUGHES. STEPHANIE MICHELLE: JCL, Math Team. FCA, Epsilon, Sophomore Class President. Track. B-Team Cheerleader. Cross Country ISLER, STEPHANIE SUE: Key Club. FBLA JACKSON. JOSEPH: Chorus JACKSON. KIMBERLY ANN: Student Council. Drama Club, Art Club. Outstanding Art Student. Outstanding Geometry Project. Perfect Attendance Award. Artwork in Regional Art Symposium. Artwork exhibited in China JACKSON. SHAWN EVERICK: Pow Wow (Sports Editor). Basketball. Track. Football. Who's Who Among American High School Students JOHNSON. AARON: DECA. Football (Lettered) JOHNSON. BERNARD STEVEN: JOHNSON. PATRICIA ANN: FHA JOHNSON. ROMUNDA YVETTE: French Club, FHA (Historian). Track. Who's Who Among American High School Students JOHNSON. WILLIAM KENNETH: DECA. Journalism (Features Editor). Civitans JONES. DANA LEE: Spanish Club. Key Club, Epsilon. Civitans. DECA, Band (Color Guard) JONES. JAMES WILLIAM: Phi Kappa (Basketball Captain), DECA. Biology Award. American History Award JONES. NATHANIEL: Student Council (President). Annual Staff. Spanish Club (Seraeant-at-Arms), Phi Kapa (School Projects Chairman). Student Advisory to the Principal. Social Studies Club (Debate Team Captain), Math Team. Pow Wow, Who's Who Among High School Students in America. U.S. Army Certificate for Outstanding Science Fair Project, Berry Leadership Experience, Track JONES. STEPHANIE ANN: Industrial Arts Club, Spanish Club. FCA. VAC. Social Studies Club. Annual Staff. Good Conduct JORDAN. ANGELIQUE: VICA. French Club. Perfect Attendance Award KEITH. ELIZABETH: KENDRICK, CHAYLA DELITA: Spanish Club. As One Committee. Block A, Basketball, Cross Country. Best All Around Player (Basketball) KENNEDY. CAROL MARGEURITE (MEG): Vice President Sophomore Class. Student Council. Key Club (Vice President. Co-President). VICA (Photographer, Club Advisor), Georgia VICA (State Club Advisor. Editor of "Inspirer' ). Good Conduct Award KERSEY. DANIEL ALLEN: Office Assistant KEYS. JAMIE: Football. Basketball. Perfect Attendance Award. Good Conduct KING. CURTIS: VICA. Football KNOX. STEVEN ROBERT: Math Club. Art Club Short Circuits. Two Art Awards. University of Georgia Certificate of Merit. Governor’s Honors Program (Art) LANDIS, MIKE: Phi Kappa (Community Projects), VICA, Perfect Attendance Award LASKA, LEE DAVID: Spanish Club, College Bowl. Student Council (Sergeant-at-Arms). Phi Kappa (Treasurer), Short Circuits, Beta Club, Math League. JCL. Certificate for Photographer, Advanced Placement World History Certificate LAWRENCE. STEPHEN LEE: Sophomore Class Secretary, JCL. Math League. Beta Club. FCA, Drama Club. Governor s Honors Program, Band (All District and All County). Jazz Band. Albany Community Band LEWIS. CARLOS DEMETRIUS: Industrial Arts Club (President). Football LEWIS. DARIEN LAFAYE: FBLA. Key Club, Epsilon. Good Conduct Award LEWIS. DARREN DWAYNE: Spanish Club, Industrial Arts Club LIGHTFOOT, CALVIN: VICA LITTLE, ERIC A.: DECA, Tennis. Guidance Office Assistant 84 Senior DirectoryLOVETT. JERRY MICHAEL: VICA (Treasurer) LUNDY. MISTEY ANN: Drama Club. Chorus. Civitans, 4-H, VICA. Who's Who in Music MAINES, GIGI LEE: Beta Club. Student Council. Epsilon. Annual Staff. Civitans. Block A. Dress Code Committee, JCL, Student Advisory Committee. Varsity Cheerleader (Captain), "I Dare You Award. Hugh O'Brian Leadership Award. Homecoming Court, Phi Kappa Sweetheart. Senior Class Vice President. University of Georgia Certificate of Merit. Latin Award. Magna Cum Laude. Maxima Cum Laude (Silver Medal on National Latin Exam), Advanced Placement Program, Who's Who, First State Junior Board of Directors. Guidance Assistant MARLER, CELINA ANN: French Club, Epsilon, FCA, Student Council, Math League MARSH, PETE. DECA, Wrestling MARTIN. KIMBERLY MICHELLE: Epsilon, As One Committee, Key Club. Student Council, Civitans (President), Annual Staff (Features Editor), Student Advisory Committee. Spanish Club. Good Conduct Award. Distinguished American High School Student MARTIN. RUSSIA LANLIA FHA (Secretary), DECA MAULDIN. TED STEPHENS III: Civitans (Sergeant-at-Arms), Phi Kappa. Tennis. Football MAYO. AL IVY: DECA. Civitans. Football McDANIEL, TERRY L.: Governor’s Honors Alternate, Chorus, Marching Band, Concert Band. Jazz Band. Band Section Leader. Assistant Drum Major McKinney, carey Murray: deca McKINNEY, MARY E.: Key Club, VICA (Leader ship Awards), Perfect Attendance Award. Chorus McMILLIN. JAMES LOGAN: Civitans (President), DECA (President). Student Council (Vice President), Senior Class President, As One Committee. Student Advisory Committee, Block A, Tennis. Golf (Lettered), Leadership Medal MERCER. CHARLES DAVID: VICA. Photography Award MEREDITH, TELICIA ANN: Industrial Arts. Epsilon. FBLA, Annual Staff Key Club, Chorus. Drama Club. Good Conduct Award, Teacher Aid MILLER. DEBORAH LYNN: Student Council. (Secretary, Sergeant-at-Arms), French Club (Vice President, Secretary). Civitans. Annual Staff (Class Editor), Academic Achievement in American History, Perfect Attendance Award. Good Conduct Award MILLER. SHIRLEY IRENE: Drama (President). Short Circuits (Vice President), Band (Percussion Section Leader. Sweater. Letter and Number, Section Leader Pin) MINNICH. HEATHER LEE: Key Club, Epsilon (Vice President). Civitans, Student Advisory Committee, French Club. Art Club (President). Annual Staff (Club Editor), Cross Country (Lettered), Perfect Attendance Award. Good Conduct Award MITCHELL. MICHAEL R.: JCL. Phi Kappa (Public Relations). Drama Club. Math Leaaue. College Bowl. National Latin Exam — Cum Laude Award. JCL State Convention — 1984 — Third in State, First Chair Trombone Jazz and Symphonic Bands MOORE, ARNOLD: Tennis Club. Award for Excellence in History MOORE. JOSEPH: Symphonic and Marching Bands. Student Council. French Club. Yearbook Staff (Ads Editor), Civitans. Math Club. Boys' State, Who's Who Among American High School Students, Perfect Attendance Award, Good Conduct Award MOOREHEAD. SUSAN GAIL: Color Guard MORRIS. DAVID: Basketball MOSES, SONYA: Good Student Award NEAL. WILLIAM CLARK: Phi Kappa (President) Civitans. Spanish Club. College Bowl. Perfect Attendance Award, Good Conduct Award. Candidate for Georgia Certificate of Merit. Track NEWBERRY. LISA RACHELLE: FHA (President). FBLA (President), Spanish Club, Good Conduct Award, Certificate of Excellence in Spanish I NEWTON, NORMAN: Spanish Club. French Club, Perfect Attendance Award. Office Assistant Senior Directory '85PACKAUSKAS, NADIJA RUTA: JCL (Secretary), Short Circuits (Secretary, Miss AHS Representative). Drama Club. Key Club (Projects Chairman). Beta Club, Band (Section Leader). Girls' State. D.A.R. Good Citizen Award. Two Latin Awards (Cum Laude), Georgia Certificate of Merit, Marching and Jazz Band. Guidance Office Assistant PARKER. EDGAR Beta Club (Vice President). College Bowl. Math League. Phi Kappa. Spanish Club. Cross Country. Senior Superlative. National Achievement. Numerous Science Fair Awards including First Place in the 1985 Regional Fair and Second Place in State. Orchestra. Boys' State. D.A.R. Citizenship Award. Who's Who Among American High School Students PAUL. VALERIE G VICA (Reporter). Good Conduct Award POOLE. GREG Football. VICA (County and State Competition Participant) PORTER, TAMMY TERRELL: FBLA. YAC PRESTON. ANGIE LASHELA: FHA (Treasurer). YAC. 4-H. French Club. Semi-Finalist National Achievement Scholarship Program for Outstanding Negro Students PRICE. CHARLOTTE FHA. Perfect Attendance Award. Chorus. Drama Club tificate. Certificate of Excellence in Spanish PRY. KEITH J.: DECA, Civitans. Block A French Club. Basketball. Cross Country, Highest GPA in Biology. Highest GPA in Social Science. Most Valuable Player — Basketball RAMBO, ORLAND RENARD: French Club. Spanish Club. SECME. Basketball Manager. Perfect Attendance Award PRIMUS. JAKKIVONCHELLE: Drama Club (Vice President). Student Council. Art club. Civitans. Annual Staff. Most Valuable Drama Club Participant. Good Conduct Award. All County Band. Participant in Drama One Act Contest PRITCHARD. CASSANDRA LYNN: Spanish Club. FHA. FBLA. Tennis. Good Conduct Cer- RANDLE. PATRINA LETRAL: YAC. Perfect Attendance Award REESE. ARLINDA: Chorus RIGGINS. ANTHONY WAYEN: Best Junior Track Runner ROBINSON. ANTHONY BERNARD: Band ROBINSON. CHARLES S: Football. Baseball. Wrestling ROGERS. KEVIN GARY: Civitans DECA. Perfect Attendance ROUTE. BRIDGETTE M : Key Club. College Bowl, JCL. Cross Country Spelling Bee (Third Place Oral. First Place Written). Marching and Symphonic Bands RUSSELL. ROSS: Beta Club. Civitans. Spanish Club (Vice President), FCA. DECA. Award for Highest Average in Biology RYNDERS, SANDRA DENISE: FHA (President). FBLA. Pow Wow. Varsity Basketball. Perfect Attendance Award, Good Citizenship Award SCHUBERT, KATHLEEN: SELL. CARY WAITE: Beta Club, College Bowl (Secretary-Treasurer), Math League. Short Circuits (Vice President) Phi Kappa (Chaplain). French Club. University of Georgia Certificate of Merit. Medals in Math. English. Science. French: Letter. Sweater Numbers and Pins in Music. Governor s Honors Program in English (Finalist). Marching Chiefs (Section Leader Assistant Drum Major. Drum Major). All District and All County Bands. All State Finalist Band. Superior Drum Major Award. Columbus College Honor Band. McDonalds All American Band Nominee. Who's Who Among American High School Students. Boys' State. National English Merit Award SHANNON. DARREN L.: Dress Code Committee. Basketball. Cross Country SIMPKINS. TAMIKA LATRICE FBLA. French Club. Science Club. Band SMITH. LAURA DIANE: Civitans. DECA. Student Council SNYDER, DEBORAH LORRAINE FBLA. Y-Club. Spanish Club. Marching and Concert Bands SOLOMON. CURTIS: SOLOMON, DOUGLAS: 4-H (President). VICA. Library Assistant SPANN. TONI LENNICE: Spanish Club, Student Council. Block A, FHA. Cross Country Perfect Attendance. Marching and Sym- 86 Senior Directoryphonic Bands (Section Leader). All-County Band. All-District Band STANFILL. WILLIAM THOMAS Jr. (STAN): Football. Basketball, Track. Senior Superlative STEWART. BRIAN: Phi Kappa (Publicity Chairman). JCL, Math League. College Bowl (Vice President), FCA. Beta Club. Maxima Cum Laude and Cum Laude Awards on National Latin Exam. Certificate for Achievement in Latin. National Merit Scholarship Semi-Finalist. Governor's Honors Alternate. Who's Who Among American High School Students. Marching and Symphonic Bands. All District Band. All County Band SUTTLES. FREDERICK EUGENE: Football. Algebra I Award SWENEY. MARY LOUISE: TEAGUE. JAMES PATRICK: FCA (President). Short Circuits, Drama Club. Student Adivsory to the Principal. College Bowl. Outstanding Stage Management for the One Act Competition Play A Thing of Beauty THOMAS. KRISTLE SHEBORA VOT. All State Chorus Drama Club. THORNSBURY. MELISSA RENEE: Key Club. Art Club. Good Conduct Award. Perfect Attendance Award. Orchestra. Chorus. All State Orchestra. Student Assistant TYSON. ALFONZO DARRYL: Pow Wow (Reporter). Basketball. Football. Cross Country WALKER. TAMMIE TERREL: Chorus WARGO. LANCE: FCA. FFA. Tennis. Who's Who Amona American High School Students. Marching Band WEBB. CHARLOTTE RAMONA: Track. Perfect Attendance Award. Drama Club. FBLA. Chorus WEBB. TRAVIS WEYLAN: 4-H (Reporter). Spanish Club. Phi Kappa. Drama Club, Varsity Basketball. Good Conduct Award. Perfect Attendance Award. Marching Band (Low Brass Section Leader). Symphonic Band. All State Clinic Band. All District Band. All Coun- ty Band. Columbus College Clinic Band. Pep Band WILLIAMS. EDWARD: Pow Wow. French Club. Student Council WILLIAMS. JOEL DAVID JCL. Beta Club. Math League, I Dare You'' Award, Good Conduct Award. Perfect Attendance Award. National Latin Exam WILLIAMS. LAVETTE VICA. Student Council. VICA Business Procedures (Area. District. State). Office Assistant WILLIAMS. MATTHEW Good Conduct Award WOODARD DAWN ANTIONETTE: Spanish Club. Key Club. Epsilon, VICA (Secretary. President), Epsilon (Committee Chairman). Perfect Attendance Award. Good Conduct Award WOODEN. YOLANDA TERESINA: Spanish Club. Basketball. Track. Perfect Attendance Award. Good Conduct Award WOODWARD, JILL: Epsilon (Treasurer. Projects Chairman). Annual Staff (Features Editor. Editor-in-Chief). Beta Club (President). Civitans, DECA, Math League. Cross Country, English Award. Student of the Month (September), University of Georgia Certificate of Merit WOOLFORK. SABRINA LATRICE: French Club. FBLA. Good Conduct Award. Perfect Attendance Award WORSLEY. SHARON REBECCA: Key Club (Secretary). VICA (Vice President. Historian). Pow Wow, Student Council, Spanish Club. Epsilon. Good Conduct Award. Office Assistant WURST. ANDREW DAVID WYLIE. LISA MARIE: French Club. Newspaper Staff. Future Problem Solvers. Home Economics. Basketball. Good Conduct Award. Perfect Attendance Award Senior Directory 87Brian Adams Brenda Akers Billy Alday Dennis Alfred Morten Anderson Robbie Barber San Juan Barnes Selena Barrance Leah Baxter Stacy Bess Edmond Blocker John Boyd Laura Brooks Rob Brookshire Donna Cagle Susan Carswell Eric Carter Jennifer Carter Martin Carter Sophie Chikas Vincent Childs Jeffery Clack Tricia Clark Dianne Clay Gina Clemmons Jay Cobb Del Cole 88 JuniorsTerri Cook Donald Cooper Gregory Cox Alan Craft Tangela Crawford Kathy Crippen Julia Culbreth Cristy Curies Saundra Darley Lisa Davis Anthony Deariso Derry Delamar Karen Delamar Basil Dervan Nancy Dill Shawn Draper Sharon Dunbar Annie Eady Juniors 89James Fdwards Harold Epps Darin Erickson Phil Facchini Kim Fitch Sherry Flowers Michael Forbes Troy Fore Shawn Foster Fred Fountain Dee Fowler Ken Garey Jill Garrett Linda Giafaglione Tammy Gibson Cecillia Gilbert Michael Gillespie Brannon Glover Daniel Greene Loy Griffin Ann Guido Sabrina Hagan Suzanne Hagler Kelly Hancock Christi Hanna Jackie Hardrick Kim Harmon 90 JuniorsMichael Harrell Bevlin Harris Reginald Harris Alex Harrod Michael Heldenberg Michael Henderson Merlin Holland Brantley Holman Arthur Holmes Joan Honeycutt Cindy Horne Stephen Houle Pam Hughes Mark Humphries Charles Huthmaker James Ivey Andrew Jackson Claretha Jackson Juniors 91Sabrina Jackson Xavier Jackson Billy Jenkins Johnnie Mae Jenkins Katherine Jenkins Angela Jett Ben Johnson Jerry Johnson Anthony Jones Fred Jones Michelle Jones Veronis Jones Rubin Jordan Kristy Kaliher Gloria Kennedy Althea King Marty King Mark Knox Bobby Langstaff Shane Law Elsie Lee Tammie Lee Kent Lewis Sean Littlejohn Matt Luke Richard Lukens Bernard Lunsford Jan Luttwitz Sandy Lynch Michael Maddox 92 JuniorsJames Mancuso Darren Maples Steve Martin Alexander Mathis Jennifer Mathis Alison McCorkle Carl McGehee Kim McKenzie Danny McMullen Melissa Millen Pamela Moffitt Susan Moore Kim Morris Steve Mott Staci Mull Anita Munn Rodney Newberry Michelle Palmer Mamie Parrish Jeff Pate Angela Pearson Cheryl Pelham Getta Pohar Tyra Ponder Scott Povlot Amy Price Sandy Rayburn David Ray Rebecca Reed Robin Reeves 93 JuniorsJames Richardson Angie Roach Ricky Roberts Kimberly Robertson Tammie Robison Derek Rounsley Jennifer Runge Angela Sanders Mike Sartain Veronica Sartain Stacey Settles Angie Shapard Billy Shemery Cile Shirah Henry Shugart Tracy Sizemore Keith Smith Mike Smith Mike Smith Jerry Snook Andrea Soares Shell Stamps Kim Stanley John Stevens Marlene Stevens Vontressa Stills Jeff Stokes Lisa Taylor Mike Taylor Traci Taylor Hilton Thompson James Thompson Deborah Thornton 94 JuniorsRod Thornton Mike Trammell Mike Turnipseed Jeff Varon Dana Walker John Walker Crissy Ward Wendy Ward Pam Watson Randell Webb James Welch Greg West Stephanie White Troy White Paula Wilburn Anthony Williams Christopher Williams Gerald Williams Susie Williams Walter Williams Deann Wittman Leigh Workman Chip Worsham Mary Ann Wright Tommy Wurst John Yang Mike Yelverton Jackie Yielding Scott Yost Tiffame Young 95 JuniorsDeborah Abercrombie Veronica Adams Barbara Bailey Deila Benford Rene Bettencourt Frank Bishop Christine Boone Jackie Bradford James Bradford Bill Breasette Jennifer Brimberry Mark Brown Mattie Brown Sabrina Brown Steven Brown Tony Brown B'Nekia Bryant Matthew Bush Jody Butler Eva Byrd Tim Campbell Eduardo Cardoso Amy Chewning Anita Clay Betsy Clements Chuck Cobb LaShonia Perry, Secretary; T. J. Fountain, Vice-President; 96 SophomoresZoe Cohen Jennifer Craig Melissa Crews Chris Crippen Carol Cruse Bradford Daniels Dmetta Davenport Diane Davis Marvin Davis Mike Dawkins Annette Dawson Bobby Deen Chad Denney Jessica Dillard Chuck Dinkins Tiffany Dollar Becky Elliott Ben Engram Bryan Estess Doug Etheridge Gene Etheridge Brian Evans Chris Everson Eric Faulk Kenneth Flournoy Sheila Folds Michael Foster Stephanie Foster Jeff Frazier T. J. Fountain Jacqueline Fudge Chip Futch Venecial Gaines James Genung David Gilbert Malinda Gleaton Marti Goff Lisa Goodrich Christy Gribbon Herman Guest Anne Mane Haddock Robbie Hagler Sophomores 97Amanda Hancock Ronnie Haney Delons Harmon Tammy Harris Teresa Harris Joe Hastings Jason Hatcher Shelly Hatcher Linda Hayes Paul Hayes Brad Henderson Freddie Hicks Alexander Hightower Kayren Hines Tandre Holland Antonio Holmes Kimberly Holton Brian Hornek Tonia Hoyle Tony Hunt Ruby Hunter Corey Jackson DuWayne Jackson Patrinia Jackson April James Chris Jansen Charles Jenkins Cynthia Jenkins Isaac Jenkins John Joiner Christola Jones Jim Jones Hester Jordan 98 SophomoresU»m» V Susie Jordan Tony Jordan Steve Julian John Keith Demetrious Kendrick Oracarefeeda Kennedy Deborah Key Cindy Kinser Gwen Klemann Cathy Knox Denise Kuiper Enrickque Lamons Elizabeth Landis Michael Lane Wendy Law Stacey Ledden Jackie Lee Brenda Lewis Tarji Lewis Dusty Little Casey Lowe Theresa Lowe Samuel Mackey Angela Marshall Kelly Martin Tresser Martin Beniamin Mathis John Mathis Chris McCarty Melvin McClain Michael McConnell Yolanda McCray Missy McDaniel Sophomores 99Lisa McMillan Abigail Meadows Melody Meadows Tim Miles Stephanie Miller Todd Mondok Jett Montgerard Christina Morgan Laura Morgan Reginald Morris Christi Mueller Ann Musgrove Nan Musgrove Nathaniel Myers Shannon Newberry Marty Newman Gerald Offord Ralph Owens Trellis Page Greg Parker Todd Parker Kevin Parrish Jamie Paul Karen Paul Mark Paul Dennis Payton LaShonja Perry Paul Phipps Jeff Pollock Tabetha Rand Joby Rawlins Jeff Rehberg Elizabeth Rhodes Ricky Rice Trey Richards Don Riggins 100 SophomoresTerri Rigsby Cynthia Roberts Otis Roberts Reginald Robinson Kelly Rogers Leslie Rogge Lane Rosen Anita Ross Brian Route Beth Rowlette Robert Rusconi Carole Russ Brad Rutherford Tony Saunders Ann Schintzius Jonathan Sherman Clint Shiver Brenda Shook Willie Simmons Richard Simpkins Diane Sizemore Richie Sizemore Robert Slappey Angela Smith Cecilia Smith Lance Smith Michael Smith Paul Smith Renee Smith Sharon Smith Kim Snyder Chris Spargo Kay Spargo Maria Spargo Thomas Spencer Wells Sprague Sophomores 101Mike Steele Matt Stokes Rocky Stone James Strum Jennifer Suiter Tom Summers Kim Swan Stacey Swords Sylvia Tabb Eric Tabor James Tapscott Dennis Taylor Ricky Taylor Tracy Taylor Bobby Templin Tangela Terry Ross Tester Freddie Thomas Mark Thompson Jason Thornhill Shannon Thornsbury Tracy Tift Adella Toomes Angel Turner Cindy Tyre Layne Tyson Lee Tyson 102 SophomoresTammy Tyson Paul Umbarger Carmen Vick Steve Vmavong Rick Wagner John Wallace Roger Webb Mark Wilkerson Artis Williams Edward Williams Larry Williams Milton Williams Melissa Williams Norman Williams Reginald Williams Sheila Williams Tessia Williams Bruce Wilson Lucinda Wilson Anne Marie Winkler Angie Winters Mark Wood Cassandra Wright Jodi Wright Patricia Wright Patricia Wright Towanda Wright Sophomores 103Todd Addison Michele Akers Theretha Albritten Alisha Aldridge Eric Alfred Dennis Allan William Allen Cynthia Alvis Ashley Anderson Renee Anderson Tammy Andreatta Perry Andros Vickie Andros Debra Avery Arrid Baltimore Genesa Baltimore Roger Barber Dave Bartlett Robby Beaver Ronald Bell Carol Bishop Gena Bishop Reco Bishop Steve Blocker Tammy Blocker Ron Bowyer Scott Bowden Stacie Boyd Mickey Bradford Sherry Bradley 104 FreshmenDon Bravaldo Bill Breasette Paulina Brennan Brent Brookerd Courtney Brown Freddie Brown Jacquilme Brown Jarvis Brown Katie Brown Mark Brown Angela Bryant Tommy Burnett Brian Butler Vanessa Butler Dean Byrd Clint Campbell Johnny Capers Shawn Carrol Terrie Carter Rea Childers Katrina Childs Martin Clements Israel Cody Vanessa Coleman Stephanie Collins Brenda Cook Marla Cook Bnan Cosper Mark Couch Michelle Courtney Jeff Cox Jo Cox Shelia Crabtree Tamika Crapps Sean Crawford Charlie Creel Marcellus Crews James Crembley Patrice Cross Scott Cutlip Leslie Daniels Elizabeth Daniels Freshmen 105Kristine Davenport Anthony Davis Dinita Davis Eric Davis Paula Davis Angela Dawson Drexel Dawson Jackie Day Steve Denney Sheryl Dervon Wendy Dillard Cathy Dix Ellis Donaldson Mary Dowell Frank Dremel Kenneth Dyer Brenda Edwards Bobby Elias Delrico Ellis Mike Ellis Michael Etheridge Steven Etheridge Scott Farr Heidi Fishburn Cindy Fleck Roy Fletcher Diane Floyd Stephanie Folds Evangeline Ford Tracy Ford 106 FreshmenJon Gaines Leslie Garbutt Barbara Gilbert Angie Glausier Valerie Glaze Oree Glover Mark Gooden Jeff Goodman Lisa Goodman Tracy Griffin Tammy Hagines Brad Hallford John Hamby Heidi Harrell Bobbie Harris Charlie Harris Robert Harris Thomas Harris Xanthea Harris Lisa Hatcher Donna Hayes Jason Hedrick Rae Hegwood Lashonda Hicks Leon Hicks Mantoie Hicks Stephanie Hicks Brian Hill Vandolyn Hill Angela Hinman Glyn Holsey Gerald Hooper Rhonda Horne Freshmen 107Yvonda Humphrey ladonna Hunter Anna Hutchinson Mark Ivey Jacqueline Jackson James Jackson Kesha Jackson Micheal Jackson Terry Jackson Trudy Jackson Ann Jarvis Anthony Jenkins Annie Mae Jensins Ulysses Jenkins Arlene Jett Melanie Joffrion Jeff Johnson Marilyn Johnson Sabrina Johnson Tim Johnson Walter Johnson Ben Jones Cindy Jones Kelly Jones Sabrina Jones Sherry Jones Will Jones Willie Jones Julie Jordan Erin Keel 108 FreshmenShelby Kelligan Teresa King India Knighton Ricky Koch Bridget Lake Caroline Lambert Darrell Lane Lyn Larkin James Laster Belinda Lee Toni Leggiere Jeff Littleton Jimmy Lofton James Lloyd Jenny Lloyd Fredrick Lowe Tony Lowe Luconia Lumpkin Chris Mamscalco Terrell Mann Kristie Marler Darrell Marshall Scott Martin Kevin Mathis Willis Mathis Joe Mauldin Stanley Matthews Freshmen 109Beverly Mayo Barbara McClain Christy McDaniel Reginald McGhee Stephanie McGhee Travis McKenzie Karen McLeod Paula McMillan Rebecca McMillan Michelle Meadows Mishell Mency Jimmy Miller Mike Mixon Richard Moncus Jennifer Montgerard Andrea Moree Victor Morris Parris Moses Tonya Moses William Munn Nicki Nelson Trena Nichols Chris Nix Donald Nix Jeffery Nix Canova Norris Leah Oates Charlie Odom Malcolm Offord Andy Oglesby Ricky Palmer Cedric Parker Piper Parker 110 FreshmenTina Parker Gregory Payton Joey Payton Charles Pengo Anthony Peterson Daphne Peterson Laura Peterson Leigh Peterson Mark Phillips Preston Poe Anthony Poole Greg Poole Kelea Poole Stephanie Porter Kim Posey Eric Powell Jacqueline Price Lori Price Bert Rachals Kathryn Randall Vincent Ravin Angela Reese Shonna Reynolds Chad Richards Tangela Richardson John Ridley Rhonda Rigsby Audrey Roach Ben Robbins Barbara Roberts Kevin Roberts Yolanda Roberts Charles Robinson Freshmen 111Lawrence Robinson John Ross Michael Ross Daniel Rusconi Sabrina Russ Joel Satterfield Mark Satterfield Heidi Schiro Jeff Scott Lynn Shealy Nikki Sheppard Tommy Sheppard Deanna Shipley Brenda Shook Sam Shugart Mark Silvani Patricia Sims Blame Singleton Johnny Sisroe Bryan Smith Dionn Smith Johnnie Smith Leon Smith Ronena Smith Samuel Smith Shaunte Smith Subaricca Smith Nathaniel Snell Collins Spann Ricky Speak 112 FreshmenTodd Stanley Darin Strever Al Sudderth Ricky Taylor Stephanie Taylor Tony Taynor Milton Thomas Mike Tucker Richard Tucker Teresa Usher Travis Wade Billie Jo Wallace Renae Walker Linda Warren Bandi Watson Ervin Watson Dan Wetherbee Scott West Heath White India Whitehead Charlie Williams Daphme Williams Raymond Williams Corniela Williford Roderick Wilson Bert Windham Latncia Wingate Lisa Wood Eric Wright Michelle Wright Freshmen 113EDITOR: Deborah Miller Facutty 115A Tribute To Mr. Robertson, Albany High coach, 1948-49 Paul Robertson, Superintendent of Education, 1972-1986 Mr. Robertson participates is pep rally during the fall of 1968. Paul Robertson Retires As Mr. Paul B. Robertson, after forty-eight years in education in Dougherty County, anticipates retirement at the close of this school year, Albany High fondly remembers the many years of hard work and dedicated service unselfishly given by Mr, Robertson, Mr. Robertson was born in Brooklet, Georgia, and attended Brooklet schools. He subsequently graduated from Georgia Southern College in 1938 and came to Albany where he was employed as coach and P.E. teacher at Albany Junior High. In 1942 he began four years Air Force service. In 1946 Mr. Robertson was awarded a masters degree by George Peabody Teachers College and returned to his previous position at AJHS. During his years at AJHS. he also served as a coach at Albany High School. From 1947 to 1960, Mr. Robertson served as AJHS Principal. During this period, he pursued further graduate study at the University of Georgia. In 1960, he was appointed Director of Junior High Schools. He was advanced to Assistant Superintendent, Secondary Education, in 1971. Mr. Robertson is a member of First United Methodist Church where he has served as Chairman of the Administrative Board. He is a member and past president of the Hudson Malone Bible Class. Mr. Robertson is also a member of NASSP. He is a member, past District Director, past Vice-President, and past President of GASSP. He is a past member of the National Advisory Board on Junior High Education of NASSP. Mr. Robertson is also a member and past President of the Albany Lions Club. He has served as past Director of both the Albany YMCA and the Albany Boys Club. In addition, he has served as a Director of the Chehaw Council, Boy Scouts of America. Mr. Robertson is married to the former Virginia King. They have five children, Amy. Jill, Paul, Jr., Beth and Robin. Mr. Robertson looks forward to his retirement as a time when he can devote more hours to such pursuits as hunting and playing tennis. 116 Paul RobertsonTwo Dedicated Men Graydon Pierce Remembered When Mr. Carl Graydon Pierce retired on June 30, 1981, his career in education spanned forty-two years. This thirteenth of fifteen children was born and grew up in Woodcliff. Georgia. After completing high school, he chose South Georgia Teachers College in Statesboro (presently Georgia Southern College) to further prepare himself for a career in education. In 1952, after several summers of study, he earned his masters degree in Industrial Education from the University of Missouri in Columbia. West Bainbridge High School was the site of his “first” teaching assignment, DCT and industrial arts teacher. During his two years at West Bainbridge High, he met Alice Virginia Hill, a fellow teacher, whom he married after moving on to Bainbridge High School. He taught at Bainbridge High for a year before, like so many others, his career was interrupted by three years in the Army Air Force. The end of military service saw Mr. Pierce and his family returning to Bainbridge where he taught for yet another year at Bainbridge High School. His thirty-five years with the Dougherty County School System began in 1946. Again, it was a “double-duty” position, DCT and industrial arts teacher at Albany High School. He saw the move of this student body from the “old" building on North Jefferson Street to the then "new” building on Residence Avenue. At this point in his career, he branched out into the field of counseling. He later served Albany High School as assistant principal, executive assistant principal, and principal before becoming Administrative Assistant in charge of Secondary Education in 1972. A few years later his title' was changed to Assistant Superintendent in charge of Secondary Education. Mr. and Mrs. Pierce have one son, Graydon, Jr., and two grandchildren, Christie and Graydon, III. Since Mr. Pierce's retirement, he has remained quite active, enjoying fishing, gardening, using his industrial arts skills, working in his church, and spending more time with his family. Mr. Pierce has also remained an active supporter of Albany High through the years, attending athletic events and adding his encouragement to both the students and faculty. Graydon Pierce, former AHS Principal and Assistant Supenntendent. Secondary Edcucation. retired in 1981. Mr Pierce has enioyed working in his shop during Another favorite pursuit of Mr. Pierce is fishing, retirement. Graydon Pierce 117Paul B. Robertson Dr. Walter Judge School Superintendent Assistant Superintendent SCHOOL BOARD: Front Row: Mrs. Kay Wylie. Mrs. Jackie Ryan, Mrs. Caroline Plummer; Back Row: Robert A. Cross, Lamar Reese, Dr. Willie Adams, Dr. Charles Lingle. rhe Board of Education 118 Board of EducationThe class of 1986 is privileged to bo the ‘Centennial Class of Albany High School. This nay moan little to sow of you but to come it Beans much since, at each a milestone in the history of any institution we are reminded of the many relatives, friends and others who have left their marks in the institution, community, state and nation. Albany High School certainly is an institution of renown, having granted diplomas to many who nave gone out from her to make a piece for themselves and to leave a legacy behind of high standards, character, wealth and human resources in the form of intelligent and industrious offspring. Those of you who recognize this as a rich and enviable heritage will wish to contribute to it in whatever way you can. You are herewith admonished to go forward continuing your education in every way that will make you a fruitful contributor to your coaBunlty and to society as a whole. • «w«"6sr the rich heritage of which you have been a partaker st ALBAKY nlCH SCHOOC. Mr. Louie Hornsby Principal Administration » Admmistration 119Administrative Staff Team Work Our two assistant principals, Mrs, Carolyn Hand and Mr. Jim Love, assist Mr, Hornsby in the many administrative tasks necessary for the orderly functioning of the school. Among their many responsibilities are serving as disciplinarian, counselor, faculty coordinator, student locker and textbook distributor, attendance supervisor, and many other duties. Mrs. Hand is a graduate of Florida A M University with a major in Political Science. She received her masters degree in Administration and Supervision from Albany State College. Mrs. Hand came to Albany High in 1973, teaching in the area of social studies. She became Dean of Students in 1984 and Assistant Principal in 1985. Mr. Love is a graduate of Stephen F. Austin University in Nacogdoches, Texas, with a major in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. He received a masters degree in Science Education from the University of Georgia and a Professional Administrators Degree from Lamar University, Beaumont, Texas. Mr. Love began in February, 1985, as Assistant Principal at Albany High. Mrs. Carolyn Hand Mr. Jim Love 120 Administrative StaffFaculty and Staff Judy Thomas Honored To Judy Thomas., Albany High Teacher of the Year, teaching is a dedication to the development of the minds and characters of our youth. She believes she must constantly seek ways to upgrade her expertise so that she may present the materials in a way that most nearly coincides with the students' learning levels and styles. Mrs. Thomas further believes that all students should be provided with an opportunity to acquire the skills, attitudes, self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-discipline needed to help them in their day-to-day living, while at the same time, be provided with experiences that will prepare them to become productive citizens. Mr. Ramey and Sania Cambridge "give" while Levatoi Coleman gives encouiagement. Mrs. Johnson, Mrs. Howard, Mrs. Cook, and Mrs. Joiner Did You Know? Mr Phillips assists students in IPS. The following faculty and staff members graduated from Albany High School: Mrs. Bacon Miss Dent Mrs. Garrison Mrs. Haggerty Mrs. Howard Mr. Lynch Mrs. Madison Mrs. Manoll Mr Margeson Mrs. McKinney Mrs. Murdock Mr. Rainey Mrs. Reed Mrs. Wakeford Mr. Williams Mr. Woodham Look them up in an "old" yearbook sometime! Faculty 121Sheryl Anderson History 1974-1986 Craig Bean Band Director 1980-1986 Archie Chatmon Teacher-Therapist 1984-1986 Rosetta Armstrong English 1979-1986 Ernest Boone Science 1969-1986 Renee Cole Math 1983-1986 Kathy Bacon Math 1980-1986 Sarah Boucher Home Economics 1982-1986 Mamie Cook Business Education 1984-1986 Gail Bartley Secretary 1981-1986 Jack Brownlee Science 1980-1986 Kathy Crowell Ml Teacher 1985-1986 Joseph Bateman Physical Education 1979-1986 Gail Brownlow Teacher-Therapist 1985-1986 William Culbreth Counselor 1975-1986 - Rhonda Dent Gordon Dixon Lucy Dunn Reading Spanish Physical Drivers Education Math 1979-1986 1960-1986 1968-1986 Vivian Fleming Helen Gaiter Nancy Garrison Dietician English English 1968-1986 1971-1986 1977-1986 Martha Eldridge Teacher-Therapist 1985-1986 Virginia Gillespie Bookkeeper 1979-1986 Rex Ellington Teacher-Therapist 1985-1986 Tim Goodin Social Studies 1984-1986Faculty and Staff Robert Graper History 1970-1986 Gail Griffin Ml Teacher 1985-1986 Lynne Haggerty Physical Education 1973-1986 Vera Hall Paraprofessional 1984-1986 Barbara Ham Math 1981-1986 Genese Hatcher LD Teacher 1985-1986 Lenora Helton Nurse 1969-1986 Margaret Jo Hogg Business Education 1962-1986 Rebecca Howard French English 1979-1986 Louise Howell Library Secretary 1984-1986 124 Faculty Walter H. Jackson Allene Johnson Nelson Johnson Jo Joiner Evelyn Jones English English Science Science English 1970-1986 1979-1986 1970-1986 1976-1986 1980-1986 Nancy Jones Peggy Jones Clyde Lane Teddie Lohmeier Willie Lumpkin Chorus Paraprofessional OCT Coordinator Resource Teacher Science 1983-1986 1984-1986 1979-1986 1983-1986 1984-1986 Rex Lynch Carolyn Madison Willie Magwood Martha Manoll Hank Margeson Social Studies Math Physical Drivers Education Records Clerk Art faculty 125 1984-1986 1984-1986 1970-1986 1980-1986 1985-1986 Laura McKinney Wayne McNease Phyllis Miller Audrey Mitchell Lilaine Munroe-Brown Math MDE Coordinator English Physical Education Health History 1977-1986 1981-1986 1984-1986 1974-1986 1979-1986 Sue Murdock Marsha Murkerson Ruth Natoli Lessie Owens Jake Phillips Counselor Assistant Media Specialist Spanish Industrial Arts Science 1966-1986 1981-1986 1984-1986 1971-1986 1984-1986 Frank Pondexter Morris Rainey Kay Reed Rebecca Reid Randy Roderick Custodian Science Social Studies Media Specialist Physical Education 1974-1986 1982-1986 19841986 1970-1986 1981-1986Linda Sailers LD Teacher 1984-1986 Judy Thomas Math 1969-1986 Farris Shorter, Jr. Social Studies 1984-1986 Karen Wakeford Latin 1971-1973; 1979-1986 Tommy Stephenson PE Social Studies 1979-1986 Carl Williams Sociology Psychology 1974-1986 Carolyn Sumner Guidance Secretary 1976-1986 Christine Wilson English 1974-1986 Diane Tate Science 1967-1986 Al Woodham Physical Education ■66-1969W?fll986| 128 Features ■ 1 Features 129 EDITOR: Kim Martin130 Homecommgand MR. RONNIE ARCHER Dana Archer is an affiliate of the First Baptist Church. She holds membership in Civitans and Student Council. She is on the Annual Staff, the Varsity Basketball Team and the Cross-Country Team. Dana is also a varsity cheerleader and Miss Albany High School, 1984-85. Her hobbies are dancing, playing basketball, going to the beach, and talking. After graduating from high school, Dana plans to attend the University of Georgia where she will major in Fashion Merchandizing, Computer Science, or Accounting. Dana is escorted by her father, Mr. Ronnie Archer. Homecoming 131SENIOR REPRESENTATIVES VANESSA DARLENE ADAMS and DR. WILLIE ADAMS, JR. Vanessa Adams Is a member of Shiloh Baptist Church, where she participates in the Youth Inspirational Voices Choir. Here at Albany High, Vanessa is active in Student Council, Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y, Drama Club, and varsity cheerleading. Vanessa's hobbies include dancing, swimming, playing both the violin and piano, singing, sewing, and making new friends. Her future plans include attending Spellman College where she will major in Biology. Her goal is to become a pediatrician and eventually establish her own practice. Vanessa is escorted by her father, Dr. Willie Adams, Jr. Julie Fowler is a member of Avalon United Methodist Church, rendering service by singing in the Youth Choir and being an active member of Avalon United Methodist Youth Foundation. As for Julie s extra-curricular activities, she holds membership in the Beta Club, Junior Classical League, Student Council, and Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y. In the Junior Classical League, she holds the office of president. She is a dancer, varsity cheerleader and cross-country runner for AHS. Julie enjoys sewing, cross-stitch, water skiing, and other sports. Upon completing high school, Julie plans to obtain a degree in foreign languages. Because Julie likes the teaching profession, particularly watching people learn, she would like to be a teacher. Her second career choice is that of being an interpreter. Julie views being an interpreter adventurous because of the travel and wide-ranged experiences it provides. Julie is being escorted by her father, Mr. Robert Fowler. JULIE ANN FOWLER and MR. ROBERT FOWLERJUNIOR REPRESENTATIVES Staci Mull enjoys horseback riding and caring for animals. She also enjoys many spectator sports. Upon graduating from high school, Staci plans to attend Valdosta State College and Mercer University, majoring in law. Staci is escorted by her father, Mr. James A. Mull. STACI MULL and MR. JAMES A. MULL JACKIE YIELDING and MR. J. M. YIELDING Jackie Yielding is a member of First United Methodist Church. Miss Yielding is a member of the National Beta Club, as well as the Junior Classical League. She is on the Albany High School Cross-Country Team and the Varsity Tennis Team. In addition to her athletic interests, Jackie likes working with people. After graduating from high school, Jackie plans to attend Emory University and major in pre-med. She eventually hopes to specialize in pediatrics.SOPHOMORE REPRESENTATIVES ZOE COHEN and MR. BARRY COHEN Zoe Cohen is a member of Temple B'Nai Israel. She is in the Temple Youth Group. At Albany High, Miss Cohen is a B-team cheerleader and a varsity tennis player. Zoe's plans for the future include attending Albany Junior College for one year and continuing her education at the University of Georgia, where she plans to major in business and accounting. Zoe is escorted by her father, Mr. Barry Cohen. Kelly Martin is a member of the First United Methodist Church and sings in the Hosanna Choir of the church. She is a member of the Civitan Club, Spanish Club, Student Council, and is president of her class. Kelly serves as the secretary of the Tenth Grade Youth Council; she is a B-team cheerleader and an As-One committee member. Her hobbies include cheerleading, water skiing, and playing softball. When asked about her plans for the future, Kelly replied, “I plan to enjoy my next two years in high school, go to Albany Junior College, then on to the University of Georgia." Kelly is escorted by her father, Mr. Larry Martin. KELLY MARTIN and MR. LARRY MARTINFRESHMAN REPRESENTATIVES Ashley Anderson is a member of St. Teresa's Catholic Church. She holds memberships in the French Club and Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y. She is the Freshman Class president and the co-captain of the ninth grade cheerleaders. Ashley serves on the As-One committee and represents her homeroom in AHS Student Council. Upon graduating from AHS, Ashley plans to attend the University of Georgia, where she will pursue a degree in the field of medicine. Ashley's hobbies are horseback riding and dancing. She is escorted by her father, Mr. Paul Anderson. Rae Childers is a member of Christ United Methodist Church. She is a member of Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y and enjoys water skiing and swimming. Rae plans to pursue a college degree in fashion. She is escorted by her father, Mr. Steven Childers. ASHLEY ANDERSON and MR. PAUL ANDERSON RAE CHILDERS and MR. STEVEN CHILDERSBACK IN TIME Homecoming at Albany High started very enthusiastically at the Friday morning pep rally with the Homecoming parade. This year's theme was "Back in Time" and each club had a specific time period to recreate. The parade began with a "car of the future" driven by Scott Yost. The various decades were portrayed by the following clubs: 1880-1890: French Club 1890-1900: Student Council 1900-1910: DECA 1910-1920: Civitans 1920-1930: Key Club 1930-1940: Social Studies Club 1940-1950: Beta Club 1950-1960: Epsilon, Phi Kappa, Art Club 1960-1970: Spanish Club, VICA, Drama Club 1970-1980: YAC 1980-1990: FCA, FHA The Albany Indian's match on Homecoming night was with the Cairo Syrupmakers. We were losing 13-0 at the half. During the third quarter Doug Jones made our only touchdown. Unfortunately, our hopes of winning our Homecoming game were shattered with a 21 -6 loss. Following an outstanding half-time performance by the Albany High Marchin" Chiefs, the 1985-1986 Homecoming Court was presented. Dana Archer was crowned queen by Karen Glaze, the 1984-1985 Homecoming Queen. Representing the seniors on the court were Julie Fowler and Vanessa Adams. The junior representatives were Staci Mull and Jackie Yielding. Zoe Cohen and Kelly Martin were the sophomore representives, and representing the freshmen were Rae Childers and Ashley Anderson. The 1985-1986 Homecoming was concluded with a Homecoming dance in the gym.V i Homecoming 137Juniors Honored The University of Georgia Certificate of Merit is presented to the girls in the top five percent and the boys in the top five percent of the junior class. Those receiving this award in 1985 are as follow: UGA CERTIFICATE OF MERIT RECIPIENTS: Top to Bottom (L to R): Cary Sell. Nadja Packauskas. Kathy Cheek. Ward Butts. Edgar Parker. Jill Woodward. Steve Knox. Gigi Mames, and Connie Freeney. 138 FeaturesGOVERNOR'S HONORS PARTICIPANTS: Kneeling (L to R): Charles Huffmaker and Steve Knox. Standing (L to R): Steve Lawrence. 8renda Akers, Elsie Lee. Lisa Taylor. Linda Giafaglione. and Edgar Parker. Governor’s Honors Each year a group of students selected from all over the state is chosen to participate in the Governor's Honors Program. These high school students have a chance to learn what it means to be responsible for themselves. When a person returns from GHP, he soon realizes that he has had an experience that could never quite be repeated. STUDENTS HAVE BUSY SUMMER Boys’ and Girls’ State Participating in Boys' and Girls' State is certainly an honor. The criteria is stiff and one must have good grades, two personal references, approval from school, and generally be a top caliber student. Since only a limited number are chosen from this area, the competition is quite stiff. BOYS' AND GIRLS' STATE PARTICIPANTS: Sitting (L to R): Cary Sell, Chris Cody, and Julie Fowler. Standing (L to R): Ward Butts. Edgar Parker. Joseph Moore, Nadja Packauskas. and Kathy Cheek. Features 139140 Senior SuperlativesSuperlatives Senior Superlatives 141✓ Julie Fowler andSenior Superlatives 145146 Senior SuperlativesVanessa Adams and Fred Suttles Senior Superlatives 147148 Senior Superlatives Laura Smith and Ross RussellSenior Superlatives 149150 Senior Superlatives Karen Bedenbaugh and Brian Halloran Senior Superlatives 151152 MissAHSMiss AHS 153154 Miss AHSMissAHS 155Miss AHS 159160 MissAHSMiss AHS 161162 Miss AHSMiss AHS 163Julie bowler Miss JCL Miss AHS 165A Night of Dreams The 1985-1986 Miss AHS Pageant began as twenty contestants promised to make dreams come true in the opening number, “Dream Girls." The master and mistress of ceremonies were Monty Johnson and Wendy Gillespie. Special entertainment was provided by Miss Gillespie and by Dana Archer, the reigning Miss AHS. After the evening gown competition, special awards were presented. Jill Woodward was selected as Miss Talent, and Susan Moore was chosen by the contestants as Miss Congeniality. Laura Smith, Gigi Maines, Jill Woodward, Deborah Miller, and Vanessa Adams were chosen as the five semi-finalists. Each semi-finalist answered spontaneously a question which helped the judges make their final decision. Second and first runner-up, respectively, were Laura Smith and Gigi Maines. Jill Woodward was crowned the new Miss AHS. Miss AHS 167■ Julie Fowler Faculty Honors Seniors Kiwanis and McIntosh Award winners are selected by the Albany High School faculty each year. These awards are the most coveted honors which can be given to a stu- ■, dent at Albany High School. They are given to the students possessing the most outstanding qualities of citizenship and leadership during their years at Albany High School. 1 Congratulations to Kiwanis award recipient Julie Fowler J and McIntosh award recipient Darren Holley. ! KIWANIS AND mcintosh AWARDS and McIntosh AwardsSTAR STUDENT AND TEACHER Brian Scores High on SAT The recipient of the Star Student Award is the person who has scored the highest on the SAT. The winner must be in the top ten percent of his or her graduating class. This year's Star Student is Brian Stewart. Brian is affiliated with Byne Memorial Baptist Church. He is a member of Phi Kappa, College Bowl, FCA and the Beta Club. The Star Student award is sponsored each year by the Georgia Chamber of Commerce. Mrs. Tate Chosen Star Teacher Brian has chosen Mrs. Diane Tate as his Star Teacher. Mrs. Tate has been a teacher for twenty-three years, twenty of which have been spent at Albany High. She graduated from Moultrie High and earned degrees from Tift College and Georgia Southwestern College. She is married to Art Tate and has two daughters, Vicki and Susan. Mrs. Tate's hobbies include painting using oils and acrylics, creweling, reading, handicrafts, and playing bridge. She attends First Baptist Church. iWl i I Star Student 169MISSTHRONATEESKA LAVETTE WILLIAMS January 17, 1986 Albany High School Annual Staff 801 Residence Avenue Albany, GA 31708 Dear Students: I feel honored having been asked to judge the winners for the Thronateeska contest. However, the girls were all very pretty and I wish I could have made them all a winner. Many thanJcs for considering me for your judge. Sincerely,Student Body, Albany High School SOI Residence Avenue Albany, GA 3170S Dea Student of Albany High School: Th 4 was a very difficult alignment! After much indecision, I finally narrowed the field down to ten young men -» but which of these to select as first, second, and third? What a special class this must have been! I am quite sure that back in 1926 ISIXTy YEARS AGO!) we had matyy very handsome students. In fact I remember some of them ” but you certainly have a bunch! On rating the final three, I really had a hard time. As far as 1 am concerned, they should all be rated on that "ten” scale with which I'm sure you're more familiar than 1 -- I just know it means "TOPS"! Anymij, my selections are enclosed with this tetter, and I shall be very interested in seeing the Thronateeska when it appears. Thank you asking me to participate once more in the activities of my beloved Alma Hater -- Albany High School. 1 only wish “Hr. Mac" could have been here too. He was always so proud' of his students. Sincerely, Betty Wood HcNabb IM 4. Harold UcNabb.) 1265 CAPRI DRIVE PANAMA CITY. EL 32405 PHONE 904 265-9111O CC LU |— — LU o I — LU GO cm Creative ChiefsAnother Successful Festival The Creative Chiefs Festival, a long-time tradition at AHS, was a great success this year. The week was filled with competition and events. Some of the winners of competitions include: Anne Marie Guido, Essay Contest; Bridgette Route, Spelling Bee; Elsie Lee, Girls' Extemporaneous Speaking; and Cary Sell, Boys' Extemporaneous Speaking. Two big successes this year were the Book Talks and the Talent Show. Several English classes dressed as characters from books and literary works and visited various classes around the campus. First place in the book talks went to Nancy Dill for “The Tell-Tale Heart," and second place went to Meg Kennedy for Becky Thatcher in Tom Sawyer. The week was finalized with a Talent Show on Friday with nine gifted, but nervous, contestants. Michelle Herrington, a tap dancer, was considered Best of Show, and Patty Fenton, Jill Woodward and Julie Fowler, another tap dancing group, won Most Appealing. Creative Chiefs 173Creative Chiefs 175 Sports 177 EDITOR: Dana Archer Best Season in Ten Years Well, what can one say? It’s Albany High’s hundredth anniversary. We can say that we also had a tremendous football team-and it would be the truth! Albany High ended their football season ranked third in Region 1-AAA West, losing only to the Cairo Syrupmakers (number one) and Thomasville Bulldogs (number two). We had a final record of 6-3-1; the best in over ten years. Albany High deservedly defeated traditional rival, Westover (1-AAAA). We tied quad-A Monroe as the season opened. Despairingly, however, we were defeated by quad-A Dougherty Trojans. In triple-A competition, we defeated five opposing teams-Cook County, Early County, Lee County, Worth County, and, finally, Fitzgerald. Albany High had a remarkable season despite numerous injuries and upsets. However, the 1985 football record was anything but disappointing. We are proud of you, Albany High Indians! Congratulations! Scoreboard We They Monroe 0 0 •Cook 7 6 •Early 27 0 •Worth 27 7 Dougherty 8 23 •Lee 14 7 •Fitzgerald 14 13 "Cairo 6 21 Westover 21 6 •Thomasville 6 34 178 FootballFootball 179—rARSIT Vanessa Adams-Senior Dana Archer-Senior Julie Fowler-Senior Sophie Chikas-Junior Cheerleaders in action Kelly Hancock-Junior 188 Cheerleaders Jennifer Runge--Junior Angie Shapard-Junior Crissy Ward-JuniorHEERLEADER he Albany High Cheerleaders are elected to promote and support school spirit and to cheer ogr teams to victory. Through the years, cheers and chants have changed, but there are always old favorites such as "Two Bits.” This year’s squad worked all summer perfecting new routines. After attending camp at Florida State University, they were ready with many new chants and cheers to teach our Indian fans. The AHS Cheerleaders should be commended for their outstanding efforts in encouraging both the athletic teams and the students. Karen Bedenbaugh-Co-Captain Gigi Maines--Captain Carolyn Madison-Sponsor Cheerleaders 189190 FootballOOTBALL BANQUE Front Row: Rick Wagner. Outstanding J.V. Indian-Offense; Mike Forbes. H.E. McNabb Most Improved Award; Dann Erickson. Best Defensive Lineman; Richard Lukens. Best Offensive Lineman; Brannon Glover. Indian Sportsmanship Award; Marcus Richardson. Outstanding J.V Indian-Defense; Second Row: Wayne Riggins. Paul Robertson Leadership Award. Fred Suttles. Best Offensive Lineman; Clint Bradford. Best Offensive Back; Jimmy Hill. Indian "Big Hitter" Award; Charles Robinson. Graydon Pierce Spirit Award; Stan Stanfill. Best Defensive Lineman. Football 191The opening of the 1985-1986 basketball season found the Albany High Squaws as a big question mark. The defending Region 1-AAA Champions returned only one starter from a team that had a 22-4 record the previous year and ranked fifth in the State. Through hard work in the off-season the Squaws began to mold into a finely-tuned basketball team, taking much pride in defense. They opened the season with a big win over Monroe, and continued to roll over their next three opponents before being upset by Lee County. After two more victories, the Squaws were defeated again by nationally-ranked Terrell County and entered the Christmas Tournament with a 6-2 record. The Squaws reeled off two wins over Worth and Dougherty before losing again to Terrell in the tournament finals. Entering the new year with determination and pride, the Squaws won 11 of their next 12 games to close out the regular season with a 19-4 record. As the sub-region tournament began, the Squaws chalked up their third consecutive sub-region championship. 193196Going in Style The Albany Indians' 1985-1986 basketball season should be entitled "Going in Style.” With a senior-dominated team loaded with experience, the Indians decided to go out in style one last time. The season opened with the Indians playing six of their first eight games on the road. After two big wins over Westover and one over Bainbridge, the Indians found themselves in a very precarious position. That of being with three wins and five losses and entering a very tough Christmas Tournament field. But, the Indians showed their real "style" as they beat Worth County, then upset unbeaten Dougherty to reach the finals. In a very exciting championship game the Indians were beaten by Terrell County on a last second shot. With the Indians winning the runner-up trophy and Keith Pry and Darren Holley both being selected to the All-Tournament Team, the Indians were just letting people know the success they were about to obtain. The Indians began the New Year with wins over Cook County and arch-rival Monroe. They then proceeded to win the next eight games out of nine, with only a two point loss to Thomasville to blemish their record for 1986. The Indians ended the regular season with a big twenty point win over Lee County, leaving their record at 16-7, and winning the sub-region title. They also ended the season ranked number nine in the state of Georgia. Thanks to the play of seniors Keith Pry, Darren Holley, Darren Shannon, Shawn Jackson, David Morris, and Travis Webb, and to great jobs by juniors Rubin Jordan and P. J. Jackson, the Indians went out in style. Great thanks also go to Coach Roderick for his hard work and dedication throughout this successful year.L-R: Towanda Wright. Ann Schintzius. Claretha Jackson. Patricia Wright. Sharon Smith, Carol Cruse. Amy Chewning, Patrina Jackson, Dinetta Davenport. Sabrina Brown, Sheila Williams. Anita Clay. Kneeling: Tangela Crawford. 202 Standing (L-R): John Joiner, Don Riggins, Milt Williams, Greg Parker, Collins Spann, Herman Guest, Steven Brown, Paul Smith, James Offord. Kneeling (L-R): Mike Smith, Lance Smith. Robert Young, Brian Route. Not Pictured: Ernest Kendricks, Jim Jones.L-R: Mishell Mency, Erica Davis. Victoria Floyd, Renae Walker. Mrs. Haggerty. Subaricca Smith, Carol Bishop, Canova Norris. Sharon Edwards. Not Pictured: Trena Nichols. Standing (L-R): Eric Davis, Reginald McGhee. Kelvin Mathis, Charles Robinson, Coach Chatmon. Sean Crawford. Darrell Lane. Michael Jackson, Leon Smith. Kneeling (L-R): Reco Bishop. Tim Johnson. Vance Kelley. -TEA Lf TEAM CAPTAINS L to R Yogi Robinson. Vilms Gaines, and Wayne Riggins landing (L to R): James Sturm. Charles Robinson. Wayne Riggins, Casey Lowe. John Yang. Ricky Rice. Coach Brownlee. Kneeling: John Keith. Anthony Poole. Vilms Gaines. Sam Mackey. 1 en Johnson. Michey Nelson. Freddie Hicks. sL ■ WRESTLINMickey Nelson Sam Mackey Ben Johnson Vilms Gaines Ricky Rice John Yang Casey Lowe Wayne Riggins Yogi Robinson James Strum Coach Brownlee Wrestling 205Yogi Makes History The Albany High wrestling team finished the 1985-86 season with a dual meet record of 8-2. Three Albany High wrestlers qualified for the State AAA Meet: Sam Mackey, James Sturm, and Charles "Yogi" Robinson. "Yogi” became the first wrestler in history of Albany High to win a medal in the state tournament. "Yogi,” a 185 pound senior, won a total of four matches in the state tournament and finished fourth in his weight class. There were 56 schools represented. Congratulations, Charles "Yogi" Robinson and the Albany High wrestling team on a great year. Wrestling 207r»nu Kneeling (L-R): Brian Route, Allen Craft, Jeffery Clack, Mark Wilkerson. Jeff Pate, Mgr. — Bobby Templin. Standing: Coach Stephenson. Sammy Waters, Mike Smith, Tim Miles. Darin Erickson. Robby Morgan, Yogi Robinson, Brannon Glover, Coach Rex Lynch.BALL STRIKE OUTKneeling (L-R): Marlene Stevens. Leslie Rogge. Laura Morgan. Chrissy Ward. Angie Winters. Standing: Tiffany Dollar. Elsie Lee. Jackie Yeildmg. Jennifer Runge. Leigh Workman. Jill Garrett Zoe Cohen. Not Pictured: Angie Shappard Coach Haggarty 212Standing (L-R): Steve Julian, Michael Maddox. Jan Luttwitz. John Boyd. Steve Lawrence. Dell Cole. Kneeling: Charles Huthmaker, Brentley Holman. Bruce Wilson. Scott Yost (Not Pictured Bobby Langstaff) Coach Dixon 213Standing (L to R): Ann Jarvis. Tom Spann. Lisa Kendrick. Dana Archer. Carol Standing (L to R): Keith Pry. David Morris. Darren Shannon. Darren Holley. Kneeling: Jody Cruse. Kneeling: Tresser Martin. Marlene Stevens, Jackie Yielding, Julie Butler. Charles Huthmaker, Jerry Snook. Sam Mackey. Lance Montgerard. Fowler. Angel Hmman. Runners Go to State The 1985-1986 Cross Country season should best be depicted as: The thrill of victory, as the girls' team won the Region 1-AAA championship and the boys' team was Region 1-AAA runner-up. Qualifying both teams for the State Cross Country Meet and a trip to Atlanta. The agony of the feet, as all members spent many lonely miles running up hills, through woods, and down dirt paths to finish in front of a very sparse crowd. But, the success of this season should be measured by the fact that each individual did his or her very best! Coach Roderick CROS 0 u N T RJimbo McMillm Carl McGehee Tim Campbell Lance Smith Jeff Varon Richard Lukens Lance Montgerard William Munn Sitting (L-R). Tracy Taylor. Jennifer Montgerard. Shawn Draper. Jill Garrett. Marti Goff. Missy Wallace. Trma Nichols. B. J. Wallace. Lina Brennan Kneeling: Trma Jackson. (Manager). Nikki Bryant. Tawana Wright. Michelle Wright. Erica Davis. Stephanie Porter. Veronica Byrd. Carol Bishop. Sharon Edwards. Standing: Sheila Williams (Manager). Yolanda Wooden. Angie Fluker. Tracy Jorden, Dineta Davenport. Victoria Floyd. Freda Kennedy. Delia Benford. Carol Cruse. Michelle Meadows. Becky Mcmillian. Mishel Mency. Kim Morris. Top (L-R): Tony Jorden. James Strom. Darren Holley. Wayne Riggins. Frank Harris. Mike Taylor. Vincent Childs. John Keith. Sam Mackey. Melvin McClain. Arthur Holmes. Corey Jackson. 'wmw •Ji 216LL THE WAY TO . 218...$ TAT Both the Indians and Squaws made their way to State. The Squaws beat Worth County to become the l-AAA West Sub-region Champs. They finished second in region, being defeated by Appling by one point, and were defeated by Washington County at the AAA quarterfinals. The Squaws made history by winning more games in a single season than any previous AHS girls' team. The Indians defeated Thomasville to become the l-AAA West Sub-region Champs and defeated Camden County to become the Region Champs. At the State quarterfinals, they defeated Waynesboro 55-52. Second ranked Marist defeated Albany 65-63 at the State Semi-finals (Final Four) at Georgia Tech. Albany's season record was 22 wins, 8 losses. This is the first year since 1968 that the Indians have gone this far. 219220 ClubsClubs 221As the editor of the 100th anniversary edition of the Thronateeska this year, I have seen for myself the kind of work that is needed to put out a yearbook. Cooperation from faculty and students is necessary, but the most important factor is hard work from the editors and sponsors. Our literary advisor, Mrs. E. Jones, and our business advisor, Miss M. Hogg, have served as the backbone to our staff this year. Without the talents of both of these outstanding individuals, this annual would not have been possible. Many thanks are due to them for the long hours of labor they have each contributed. I hope that each of the students will someday take the time to read the copy and appreciate everything that has gone into this book. I feel as though it will serve as the best record of your 1985-86 year. Sincerely, V I i 222EDITORS ESTHER MINNICH CLUBS EDITOR DANA ARCHER — SPORTS EDITOR 224 Clubs; DITOR DEBORAH MILLER- Yearbook Staff Appreciates Tremendous Community Response To preserve the memories of a hundred years of public education in Dougherty County seemed like a worthy undertaking. The enormity of the task did not fully hit us until last spring when we began the actual compilation of the history section. This would certainly have been an impossible endeavor had it not been for the tremendous response from the community to our pleas for help. People came forward to provide information, to donate or loan old yearbooks and pictures, to help identify old photographs, and to supply items that we could not have secured otherwise. The yearbook staff wishes to thank the many persons who have assisted in the production of this special edition of the Thronateeska. Following is a list of a few who have so willingly come to our aid: Albany Coca-Cola Bottling Company Albany Dougherty Planning Commission The Albany Herald Albany Little Theater Billy Bishop Harley Bowers' article on grid history in Nov 25. 1957 ed. of The Albany Herald Mrs. W. E. Bransford Ms. Peggy Braun Jerry Clark J. J. Cordell Mrs. Lois Creech Dabney C. Crosby. Sr. S. R. de Jarnette's History of Dougherty County Dougherty Blueprint Pat Field Bob Fowler Mrs. Kayoko Gaddis Mrs. Whitfield (Louise) Gunnels Mrs. C. C. Hill Bobby Hmman Mrs. Mabel Hogue's unpublished paper "History of Public Education in Dougherty County" Robert L. Jefferson Charles Johnson Mrs. Teddie Lohmeier Mrs. June McComb Mrs. Helen McCorvey Mrs. Martha Fort McDowell Mrs. J. L. Way Adelyn Whiting Mrs. C. P. (Louise) Whiting Jill Woodward, 1986 Thronateeska Editor Mrs. Betty McNabb Mrs. Hudson Malone Hank Margeson Ms. Delores Meldrum Hugh Mills, Jr. Mrs. Minnie Peach Parks Ms. Joanna Hammer Mrs. Graydon Pierce Mr. and Mrs. Henry M. Pryse Pete Ragan David Ray, U S Postal Service Mrs. Rebecca F. Reid Mrs. Paul Robertson Mrs. Lucille Russell Ms. Jean Malone Seegmueller Mrs. Ralph (Thelma) Slappey Storer Cable Communications. Inc. Thronateeska Heritage Foundation WALB Mrs. J. L. Way Adelyn Whiting Mrs. C. P. (Louise) Whiting Jill Woodward. 1986 Thronateeska EditorThe Student Council started in 1926-27 with Stephen Hofmayer as president. The Student Council was acknowledged by all to be the most important organization in school life. It was also considered the one that stood behind all others, trying to unite them into an effective whole. The sponsoring teacher of the Student Council was Mr. Allen. Together they took on the job of supporting the Pow-Wow and Annual Staff. Today the Student Council is still living up to its reputation by concerning themselves with obtaining more school spirit and attendance at school functions.The Junior Classical league started in 1937. It had been then and is now considered an honors club. It was formerly Tuo Vadis, Roman Hodierni, and Cur-sus Honorum because they considered Latin the required language for J.C.L. To be a member of J.C.L., one must be currently enrolled in Latin, or have at lease taken two years of it. Their purpose is to develop in its members a keener appreciation of the cultural values of life. OFFICERS: Charlie Huthmaker. Kathy Cheek. Julie Fowler. Jackie Yeilding. Jennifer Runge. and Angie Shappard. Clubs 229VICA prepares for leadership in the world of work. The Albany High chapter of the Vocational Industrial Clubs of America was founded in 1966. VICA's first officers were: President Jackie Jones Vice President Patty Bishop Secretary Jan Giles Treasurer Mac Collins Parliamentarian Charles Watson Reporter Allen Hart a. All About VICA. b. Working Away. c. Just Loungin' d. How Much Longer? e. VICA. Altogether Now... SMILE! f. We Love VICA! g. Working Again. h. We re Awesome! 230 Clubs Sharon Alfred Beverly Butler Derry Delamar James Edwards Vilnis Gaines Franklin Barry Mellissa Churchwell MikeDemarino Angie Fluker Kendall Gogarty Dawn Bolton Sean Collier Steven Dyson Shawn Foster Dennis Goodman Joe Bullard Thomas Coulter Freddy English Frederick Fountain Beverly HarrisAndrew Jackson Angelique Jordon Curtis King Mike Landis Calvin Lightfoot Kim McKenzie Libby McKinney David Mercer Mellissa Millen Valerie Paul Greg Poole Robin Reeves Kimberly Roberts Doug Solomon Shell Stamps Traci Taylor Greg West Lavette Williams Mike Yelverton Clubs 233 a Dawn Woodard — President b. Jeffery Clack — Vice-President c Angie Roach — Secretary d. Jerry Lovett — Treasurer e Sharon Worsley — Historian f Connie Freeney — Parliamentarian g. Meg Kennedy — State and Local Club Advisor h. Holly Fulford — Reporter i Gina Clemmons — PhotographerRob Ruscom; Mrs. Miller: Tiffany!1 IPW Angie Winters; Chandra Edwards; Michelle Akers; Nan Musgrove; Anne Hadi The AHS Social studies club was organized by Robert Graper. Mr. Graper felt a need of a social studies club to enrich the knowledge of students by introducing them to a variety of educational and entertaining experiences. This year the officers are as follows: Sabrina Hagen — President: Tiffany Dollar — Vice President: Martin Carter — Secretary: and Angie Winters Parliamentarian.236 Clubs . Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y Tri-Hi-Y clubs were first established at Albany High in 1936 These clubs were offsprings of the boys Hi-Y clubs. Epsilon, as we know it today, was formed in 1955. The organizing officers were: President — Lola Irman; Vice-President — Francis Weatherly; Secretary — Carolyn Simon; Treasurer — Jane Kay; Master of Ceremony — Alberta Gibson; Sponsors — Mrs. F. Dieffenback. Miss Mary Middleton, and Miss Gwyne Cannon. Now. as then. Epsilon's purpose is: "To Create. Maintain, and Extend Throughout the Home. School, and Community High Standards of Christian Character ' As a service club, Epsilon contributes time and effort to help make our school and community better places. Phi Kappa The first Hi-Y club at Albany High School was organized in 1921 by Mr. J. C. Johnson, secretary of the local YMCA. The purpose of the club is the same as that of Epsilon Try-HI-Y. The greatest service task undertaken by the club as a whole was the promotion of a 'Come Clean' campaign in AHS. It lasted from January 24 to the 26th. Over 75% of the student body, as a result, promised themselves that they would from thenceforth come clean physically, mentally, and morally to school. The first officers were as follows: President — Cleo D. Stiles; Vice-President — Julian S. Harris; Secretary — Eddie Mathis; Treasurer — W. G. Menweather. The new name for Hi-Y club. Phi-Kappa, was assigned in 1979 by Carl Williams, sponsor. In its first year with a new name. Phi-Kappa was chosen as best Hi-Y club in the state of Georgia.Vl" - School CommuhityProiei Leah Baxter — Vice-President; Loy Gnffin Angie Shapard — Secretary Guido — Treasurer Bot Row (L to R):Pow-Wow Reports History The Pow-Wow was established in 1927. In 1940, the Pow-Wow was one of two papers which were printed weekly and served as an outlet for the literary talents of the students. It had a large number of subscribers and found its way into many homes and business firms in the city. It was also sent to many alumni and friends of the school. It gained state recognition since its rebirth in 1938. Mrs. Wilson is the sponsor of the Pow-Wow. The Pow-Wow is edited by the journalism class which is composed of seniors and juniors. Contributions are considered from the students for printing. FRENCH CLUB: Chris Crippin. Chandra Edwards. Kristy Hannah. Jett Pollack. Paul Smith. Angie Pearson. Jill Garret. Barbara Gilbert. Courtney Dervan. Lisa Taylor. Tyra Ponder. Craig Maples. Mark Wilkerson. Melany Jottrion. Rick Wagner. Ashley Anderson. Sabrina Johnson. Deanne Whitman. Eric Tabor. Shelly Hatcher. Hester Jordon. Susie Jordon. Ricky Rice. James Genung. Angela Smith. Beth Rowlitte. Joseph Moore. Lisa Wylie. Ben Johnson. Ben Ingram. Steve Julian. Tommy Spencer. Ann Musgrove. Mark Goodin. Tandre Holland. Betsy Clemmons. Todd Parker. Kathy Knox. Tracy Ford. Angie Preston. Celina Marler, Deborah Miller. Mrs. Howard — Sponsor.Future Homemakers Of America 240F.H.A. Assists School and Community The F.H.A. club is a club that helps promote better family, community, and school life for young teenagers in high school. This club was organized in 1952. under the leadership ability of Mrs. Dinna Wells. Throughout its years at Albany High School, this club has been involved in many activities. Some of their activities are: adopting grandparents, Giving Thanksgiving baskets, and helping teachers on holidays. Some activities FHA is working on presently include Dressing dolls to give to the children in the children's ward in the hopsital, helping the Salvation Army collect money for those needy during Christmas, and filling balloons for the March of Dimes. This has been a successful year for FHA. and they deserve a big hand. 241MEMBERS: a. Margaret Jo Hogg • Sponsor b. Larry Boatwright — Treasurer c. Sanja Cambndge d Sherrena Fedd — Parliamentarian e. Daniel Greene f. Christina Hayes g. Teresa Holt h. Stephanie Isler i. Sabrina Jackson — Vice-President j. Johnnie Jenkins k. Stephanie Jones l. Telecia Meredith m. Lisa Newberry — President n. Tammy Porter o. Charlotte Price p. Denise Rynders q. Kathy Schubert r. Tamika Simpkins s. Kristie Thomas t. Kimberly Young — Secretary. 242 Clubs q- m. t.FBLA Celebrates 33 Years FBLA started in 1953. The first sponsor was Mrs. T. R. Thornton; the first officers were: Sandra Wright — President; W. L. Lumpkin — Vice President; George Barker — Secretary; Claire Randal — Treasurer; Carolyn Williams — Reporter. The purpose was to Understand Better, Through Bookkeeping, Our Economic, Social, and Civic Problems. The Business Leaders of Tomorrow were called Future Business Leaders of America in 1979. Clubs 243a. L-R: Morris Rainey — Assistant Director; Ruth Natoli — Color Guard; Carlos Cody — Assistant Director; Craig Bean — Director. b. Cary Sell — Drum Major c. Jody Edwards and Wendy Ward — Flag Captains. 244 Clubs Clubs 245- -1 -----PSMSTON IffiW PERCUSSION: L-R: Jerry Williams, Sabrina Hagen. Shirley Miller. Reginald Harris. Susie Jordan. Rob Brookshier. Mike Henderson. Cathy Knox. SAXES: Picture 2 L-R: Todd Stanley. John Ridley. Brian Hill. Brian Butler. Brian Adams. Carey Sell (not pictured) Baritone: Travis Webb — Baritone; Mike Mitchell — Trombone; Terry McDaniel — Horn Pic. 2: FLUTES — Julie Jordon. Tammie Robbmson. Shannon Thornsberry. Denise Kuiper. Marly King. Stacy Bess. Cindy Horne. Kathy Cheek. Veroms Jones. Christy Curies Pic. 1: L-R — Teresa Lowe. Veronica Adams. Tessia Williams. Tangela Terry. Jackie Fudge. Toni Spann. Paul Phipps. Yolanda McCray. Ben Robbins. April James. Terrell Mann. Bridgette Lake. Pic. 2: Jason Thornhill. David Gordon. Bernard Johnson. Anthony Deruso. Joel Satterfield. Chad Richards, Roger Webb. Roderick Wilson. Jeff Polack, Matt Bush — Trumpets.L-R Rubin Jordon. Jackie Yielding. Tangela Crawford. Scott Yost. Jimbo McMillin. Lisa Kendrick. Kim Martin. Kelly Martin. Tarji Lewis. Jody Butler. Scott Bowden. Carol Bishop. Ashley Anderson. Chorus iff- I wHmU j jg • CH°RUS Nancy J°nes — teacher. Annie Jarvis. Patricia Wright. Melissa Thornsbury, Joseph Jackson. Billy Alday. Genera Baltimore. Tony Davis Kim Snyder Daphne Peterson Jackie Price 2n!1 Jl SEPTEMIER Vica — Leadership Conference - Atlanta Student Council — Spirit Towels OECA — Officers installation breakfast JCL — Membership campaign breakfast Key — Cllection of officers FHA — Membership drive Phi Kappa — Clothes to Goodwill FCA — Picnic at Chehaw Epsilon — Welcome back refreshments tor teachers nECEMIEIl Student Council — White Christmas Art — Ornament Sale Civitans — Cans and carriers lor White Christmas | Spanish — Christmas party Drama — I Love Christmas Musical DECA — Candle Sale Beta — Christmas door decorating contest VICA Hayride — Picnic Pizza Chorus — I love Christmas musical iCi paroling at nursing homes Key Salvation Army cans FHA — Christmas party at nursing home Orchestra — Christmas concert Phi Kappa — Christmas tree Co,lected for Lights of Love SPMi OCTOUEtt Student Council — Homecoming OECA — Picnic Otess Code — Meeting about dress code at AHS Civitans — Secret teachers assigned VICA — Guest speakers trom C S JCL — Homecoming corsage sale FHA — Arrive alive clinic Orchestra — Convention — Athens FCA — Flag Football with Dougherty FCA Epsilon — Hayride at Fowler tatm Phi Kappa — PPR — Moultry Marchiri Chiefs — Marching festival — Little Bighorn Art — Polaroid exhibit FBLA — Candlelighting ceremony at downtown library Civitans — Pageant — Debra Miller — Semi Finalist DECA — Pageant — Laura Smith — Second runner-up Beta — Miss AHS Pageant VICA — Collected things for family who lost house to fire Math League — Math Tournament — Ga. Southwestern Junior College FHA — Inez Murray Fund Phi Kappa — Y-Club Basketball Tournament Industrial Arts — Fund Raiser Dnve NOVEnilEK Student Council — Blood drive DECA — Civic consciousness project ART - Steiglit O Keefe at Museum Math League — Tournament at Mercer JCL — River House donations Key — Kiwams meeting — Ramada inn FHA — Thanksgiving basket Phi Kappa — Hayride and Induction of members FCA — Picnic at Chehaw Epsilon — Cookies at Blood Drive Marchm Chiefs — pecan festival Industrial Arts — Club exhibit — Exchange club fair C,v,tans-B«ke K ueen OElT-'oistrcfcompetition UCL — Valegtbm sale Epsilon - Y YIeek Student Council — BBQ Chicken sale h 7ag -Sr:namen«-Columbus College JCL — National Latin Exam Key — Convention — Atlanta FHA — Department Improvement project Phi Kappa — Youth Assembly FCA — Project sale Epsilon — Youth Assembly Concert Band — Selected members to honor bands and clinics AP« I |j Student Council — Freetare Concert College Bowl — State competition Spanish — Fund raiser Drama — Fame DECA — National Competition Civitans — Jekkyl Convention Math League — Math Competition — Ga. State JCL — JCL Convention — Rock Eagle FHA — State competition Orchestra — Nationals — Anaheim. California FBLA — State Convention Phi Kappa — Trip — Little Grand Canyon FCA - FCA Rally Stage Band — Middle school concerts Concert Band — Solo and ensemble tryouts All State Industrial Arts — Convention — Atlanta Student Council — elections PowWow -Paper out DECA — Employer employee banquet Beta — Picnic — Scholarship Civitans — Teacher finds out secret student Art — Out of town cultural trip Chorus — Broadway JCL — Dobbins Memorial Scholarship FHA — FHA banquet Orchestra — All state — Savannah Phi Kappa - attended CLC FCA — Helped buy banners for basketball games Annual Staff — Annual Day Stage Band — Middle School concerts Concert Band — Spring Concert Industrial Arts - Vocational School Tour. System wide display - Albany Mall, Club tour 251irro race? Civinettes had been at AHS for many years until 1984, when it changed to a co-ed club, known as Civitans. Kim Yost was the first president in 1984 when the club took a new name. The officers for 1985 are Jimbo McMillin — President; Kim Martin — Co-President; Patty Fenton — Secretary Treasurer; Ted Mauldin — Sergeant-at-Arms; Terry Cook —Chaplain. Clubs 255 MEMBERS: L-R: Joel Bryan. Mike Turmpseed. Cathy Knox. Heather Minnich. Patty Fenton. Morten Andersen. Delia Benford. Ceeta Ponar, Shirley Hill. Kim Jackson. Darin Enckson. Jill Garrett. Christy Gribbon. Mellissa Ellis, Steve Knox. Brian Smith. Jakki Primus. Missy Wallace. Hank Margeson and Ernest Boone — Sponsors. 1986 was the first year that the AHS art club had its focus on photography. Through the sale of Christmas ornaments, the Art club was able to plan a trip. 256 ClubsKEY CLUB: Carla Belk. Mathew Bush. Jeff Clack. Betsy Clemmons. Ben Engram. John Gibbons. Brannon Glover. Tandre Holland. Stephanie Isler. Meg Kennedy. Darren Lewis. Sean Littlejohn. Madija Packauskass. Cheryl Pelham. Phillip Harper. Preston Poe. Elizabeth Rhodes. Lane Rosen. Beth Rowlette. Jonathon Sherman. Mathew Stokes. Jennifer Suiter. Tom Summers. Bruce Wilson. Dawn Woodward. Sharon Worsley. Clubs 257Sponsor — Louis Hornsby: MEMBERS: (L-R): Meg Kennedy. Dawn Woodard. Patrick Teague. Heather Minnich. Cathy Cheek. Clark Neal. Gigi Mames. Doug Solomon. Lisa Newberry. Sabrina Hagen. Jim Momillin, Jill Woodward. Nate Jones. String Orchestra was formed in 1924. It consisted of violins, mandolins and wind instruments. Orchestra was sponsored by Mary V. Mathis. The Orchestra was reorganized in 1940 to fill the demand for popular music. Today, the Orchestra is under the direction of Mr. Huthmaker. 258MATH LEAGUE MEMBERS: Vanessa Adams. Brenda Ackers. Carla Belk. Laura Brooks. Rob Brookshier. Ward Butts. Kathy Cheek. Chandra Edwards. Bryan Evans. Troy Fore. Anne Mane Haddock. Michelle Hughes. Charles Huthmaker. Kendal Gogarty. Nate Jones. Gwenn Clemmons. Steve Knox. Bobby Langstaff. Lee Laska. Steve Lawrence. Elsie Lee. Michael Maddox. Celina Marler. John Carter. Mike Mitchell. Joseph Moore. Nadija Packauskas. Geeta Pohar. Todd Parker. Cary Sell. Jonathon Sherman. Brian Stewart. Bobby Templin. Leigh Workman. Jill Woodward. David Williams. Edgar Parker. Mrs. Mckinney — Sponsor. DRESS CODE MEMBERS: (L-R): Ross Russell. Nate Jones. Lance Montgerard. Gigi Mames, Darin Erickson. Zoe Cohen. Pamela Watson. Keisha Jackson. Sponsors — Mr. Lane. Mr. Hornsby. Mrs. Hand, Mr. Shorter. Clubs 259ACT YOUR PART. FOR THERE ALL HONOR LIES. MEMBERS: Chevdia Sneith. Abigail Meadows. Vanessa Adams. Pamela Watson. Sabrina Hagen, Travis Webb. Ben Johnson. Christy Webb. Theresa King. Daphne William. Jakki Primus. Charlotte Webb. Hiedi Schiro. Ann Jarvis. Patrick Teague. Diane Clay. Paulina Brennan. Nadija Pakauskas. Frank Dremel. Chandra Edwards. Kristie Thomas. Mary Ann Wright. Shirley Miller, Mike Mitchell. Shaunte Smith. Jacki Hardwick. Geeta Pohar. Sponsor — Mrs. Gaiter. SPANISH CLUB: Vanessa Adams. Sharon Alfred. Barbara Bailey. Carla Belk. Charles Bishop. Jennifer Craig. Tiffany Dollar, Dee Fowler. Melinda Gleaton, Brad Henderson. Kayren Hines. Kim Holton. Yolanda Huggins. Liz Key. Lisa Kendricks, Lee Laska. Liz Landis. Tish Mallory. Pinky McCarthy. Todd Mondak, Josh Montgerard, Cecili Newberry. Carlo Newton. Caffandra Pritchard. Mario Rosen. Stacey Settles. Jonathon Sherman. Cile Shirah. Tony Spann. Jennifer Suiter. Sylvia Tabb. Carmen Vick. Chrissy Ward. Angela Winters. Dawn Woodard. Yolanda Wooden. Sharon Worsley, Stacey Swords. John Gibbons. Sponsor — Ruth Natoli. 260 ClubsSTAGE BAND The Stage Band is comprised of the top players from the concert band. They play many different styles of music including Jazz, Rock and Pop. Each year during the spring the Stage Band performs at several middle schools and also at various civic events. They also perform at many school activities during the year. 261Wayne McNease Tammy Barber Boyd Barrow Curtis Berry Mike Butler Chris Cartmel Vontressa Daniels Patty Fenton Loy Griffin Bevlin Harris Billy Johnson Aaron Johnson Dana Jones James Jones Althea King Eric Little DECA enables students to learn the occupation of their choice through actual experience on the job. It began in 1944 under the name DE — Distributive Education and D.C.T. — Diversified Cooperative Training. DECA also provides opportunities for development of leadership through active participation in civic, social, and occupational pursuits. President — Jimbo McMillin, Sponsor — Wayne McNease. 262 ClubsJ pP 1 «!■ 1 1 T 'n Jimbo McMillin Pamela Moffitt Keith Pry Clubs 263 Pete Marsh Russia Martin Al Mayo Derek Rounsley Kevin Rogers Ross Russel a Laura Smith Christopher Williams Jill WoodwardSENIORS: David Gordr Teague, Jody Edwards, Kathy Chest Short Circuits was founded in 1956. The purpose of this club was to serve Albany High School and the community by rendering lighting and sound effects in the New Albany High School auditorium. The beginning sponsor was Harold E. McNabb. The first President was Donald Poole, and the first Vice-President was Ritchey Marbury. OFFICERS: David President; Jody Gordon, President, Cary Sell, Vice-rards. Secretary; Kim Durden, Treasurer. 264 ClubsBeta Club The purpose of the Beta Club is to develop character, to encourage scholarship, and to train in the habits of good citizenship. The AHS Beta club was organized in 1947, by Mrs. C. M. Dobbins. In 1957, the Beta Club organized the first Miss AHS pageant. Today, the Beta club gives the Carrie Walters scholarship, and the Beta club scholarship. The Beta Club still sponsors the Miss AHS pageant and gives a scholarship to the winner. This year’s presiding officers are: Jill Woodward — President; Edgar Parker — Vice-President; Cathy Cheek — Secretary; Susan Moore — Treasurer. u E ¥ A Clubs 2654. FCA Provides Support FCA was started at AHS in 1978 by former Coach Addy and Coach Carl Williams. The purpose of the club is to confront athletes and coaches, and, through them, the youth of the nation with the challenge and adventure of accepting Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, participating in His church and serving Him through our vocations. The present sponsor of FCA is Mrs. Jo Joiner. Today, FCA is a support group where the students pray for each other and help each other out when problems are present. 267268 ClubsClubs 269270 PeopleP S o 7 4 S .. BEST LOOKING CUTEST MOST INTELLECTUAL Gigi Maines Charles “Yogi” Robinson Vanessa Adams Darren Shannon Kathy Cheek Edgar Parker BIGGEST FLIRT CRAZIEST Ramona Hodge Julie Fowler Howard Holliday Stan Stanfill MOST ATHLETIC Lisa Kendrick Darren Holley 272 Peoplet6e %e £ tfaay BEST DRESSED Charlotte Webb Darren Lewis BEST PERSONALITY Karen Bedenbaugh Jimmy Hill MOST POPULAR Dana Archer Jimbo McMillan MOST SPIRITED Senior Favorites Our best looking seniors, Gigi Maines and Yogi Robinson, attribute their good looks to Miss Clairol" and Wholesome living”. Among Gigi's honors are cheerleading captain. Homecoming Court attendant, and Miss AHS First Runner-up. Yogi, an all-around athlete, is involved in football, basketball, wrestling, and baseball. Vanessa Adams and Darren Shannon, cutest, captured the hearts of the senior class with their All-American charm. Vanessa, a cheerleader and Miss AHS finalist, is active in Student Council activities. Darren, also a sports enthusiast, is an outstanding basketball player and a cross country runner. Kathy Cheek and Edgar Parker, most intellectual, attribute their vast knowledge to Mrs. McKinney and Mr. Phillips. Kathy's activities include secretary of Beta Club, president of Math Team, vice-president of JCL. and a member of the Student Advisory Committee. Edgar is the vice-president of Beta Club and a member of the College Bowl and the Math League. Darren Lewis and Charlotte Webb, best dressed, attribute their flair for fashion to "GQ” and "Vogue . Charlotte participates in the Drama Club. Darren is involved in the Industrial Arts Club and Spanish Club. Karen Bedenbaugh and Jimmy Hill attribute their winning personalities to their desire to get along with and understand others. Karen is co-captain of the cheerleaders and Public Relations Chairman of Epsilon. Jimmv plays football, baseball, and participates in As One and Student Council. Ramona Hodge and Howard Holiday, had the dubious distinction of being selected as the craziest seniors. Ramona plays basketball with the Albany High Squaws. Howard made his first stage performance with the Golddusters from ABAC. Howard also is a professional alligator wrestler. Albany High's Biggest flirts. Julie Fowler and 'Stan Stanfill. had the following responses to this | "honor": Julie: "I am not; I'm just FRIENDLY!" rStan: "I just can't resist women!” Julie is Miss AHS Second Runner-up 1984-85, Homecoming attendant, and a cheerleader. Stan is involved in numerous extracurricular activities including football and basketball. Most Athletic. Lisa Kendrick and Darren Holley, give all the credit to Wheaties. the breakfast of champions. Lisa plays basketball for the Squaws and runs cross-country. Darren also plays basketball and was "best defensive player" of KFC Christmas Tournament. The "MPSOC," most popular seniors on campus. are Dana Archer and Jimbo McMillan. Dana is Miss AHS 1984-85 and Homecoming Court Oueen 1985-86. She also plays basketball and is a cheerleader. Jimbo is the president of Civitans. Deca, and As One. The most spirited seniors are Jakki Primus and Nate Jones. They are both involved in Student Council. Jakki is a Spirit Squaw and a cheerleader. Her bright orange high-tops are highly visible as she displays her school spirit. Nate, our Student Council president, could be seen at all football games with a megaphone cheering on the Indians. Jakki Primus Nate Jones People 273P S o P 4 s .. 274 Peoplecvie People 275P s o P 4 s ... 276 Peopleoctet £i£e People 277SUCCESS »s only Am in) KNom nxa TW l itn ol iik«« ilm • him •» • ■•nin Miami u ll» » mid .. raoiin.1 I n . amiiuni of UimIaV Htumulaixl thri u S iludi uni |akHil itpiwint. pit- ip [HAitMMi loin n W p4 Mm •■« iSr «Kn»liil (wfti w » mi.• n kMlxi »11H ITT |UH wJiiun (•Jk. h tun madr iSr Sr I at |U . f»«m»i s» K nntKf ' . «h » «uu Mr CtfScKT-hMoJ BOYS AND (.IRl s JIM I T» Kl (, I IK.IIV 11 1 Mu" • tv atnn'i niliw iKr iHwninn iyy««iim.ii «.m —r K n. il l to r iSmufS II.«S Virol w •■II « u Bi l»lS r lkj» II M-, -fcn «'iS IV nffMaMi m An u lrirM |. • ■■ nut Irani « .«. iSn ■ k« . pufk Wi bumf n liar cidlrpr iuwn IlftM nL pul .nar SrM - • « l,«a it,1 «iiU tkr Knt thr |uriiMutii« iSn prawn! itwmnliis. in l iw ».ll Is ROSENBERG BROTHERS 280 Ads THE CITY NATION A L BANK of Albany. Ga. ✓ « fclNk ll IMAds 281Congratulations! We Knew You Could Make it We Love You! Congratulations! You have made us very proud of you. Good Luck at UGA. We love you. Mom, Mema, and Papa “Almost perfect but not quite” Graduation at Last! May your future years bring the challenge and zest for life that Champagne is so full of. We wish you the best of everything. With Love Daddy, Mama, and Millie 282 AdsCongratulations Seniors From Thomas Grocery Congratulations Congratulations Jamie Seniors Class of 86 From From The Wilburns Michelle Bryant THE A.H.S. BAND BOOSTERS SALUTE THE 1986 SENIOR CHIEFS Jody Edwards, Toni Spann. Mike Mitchell. David Gordon. Terry McDaniels,lApthony Robinson. Bridget Route. Cary SeMXathy Cheek Sbirley Miller Kim Durden. Travis Webb. Bernard Johnson . BE A BAND BOOSTER Compliments of a Friend WRIGHT’S FEED Congratulations to my granddaughter SEED STORE Deborah, on your 220 Oglethorpe Avenue Graduation. Phone 432-2831 Love you, Grandma AdS 283I gave you Life — you gave it meaning I gave you Love — you returned my love 10 fold Now I give you Freedom — I’m sure the world will be a better place for all. As you become a young woman, taking your place in the world — remember I love you and I am proud. Mom Libby McKinney Life isn’t always kind or fair, but I’m sure it will be a better place for all as you make your mark. To you ! wish joy, peace, happiness, and freedom of self. It goes without saying “I love you with a never-ending love that will stand forever.” MOM 284 Ads Carla Belk To our one and only little sister. Congratulations, you’ve worked hard to get where you are. We love you, Andrew, Jason, Steve, and Steve Dawn, It’s only the beginning. We wish you all things with love and sunshine. Love, Mom and Dad A. L. HORNICK CO, INC. PLUMBING P.O. BOX 1459 ALBANY, GEORGIA 31702 PHONE: 912 435-4620 COMMERCIAL and INDUSTRIAL — pipe fitting and plumbing — RESIDENTIAL — COMMERCIAL — INSTITUTIONAL water softeners and filters Congratulations, Dawn, You Finally made it! A.M. Congratulations to my niece on her graduation. Love, Auntie Willie M. Jackson We are proud of you, Jill, We Love You. Mom, Jason, and Grandaddy Happy 100th Anniversary Albany High School Shane Law AMBASSADOR FITNESS INC. Michelle Bryant Class of’85 A.H.S. LOVES Good Luck Seniors of ’86 Jamie A. Keys Class of’86 A.H.S. Ads 285t Brake Jobs Alignment Oil Change Truing Lube Balancing Professional Alignment and Tire Service Berney McGehee IVj miles W. of Albany Mall U.S. 82 W. Fred Dixon P.0. Box 363 President Albany, Georgia 31702 Dixon Auto Truck Sales Budget Rent a Car of Albany Corner Sixth North Slappey Albany, Georgia 883-7500 Municipal Airport 435-6282 Bainbridge, Georgia 246-7368 Tifton, Georgia 382-8989 Cv47uc Rental Congratulations Seniors fro] JWM P.O. Box 8908 Albany, Georgia 81706 InsiaPrim WON'T BE UNDERSOLD COMMERCIAL AND QUICK PRINTING 436-2870 8-6 Monday - Friday 109 N. MONROE 287Remember yesterday anticipate the future Your “growing up” years have been precious moments to me. Please allow me to share these memories with you. « L ive today Mommy’s Baby graduates once again Congratulations Love, Mom 288 AdsFrederick E. Suttles Congratulations Freddie, you have taken a giant step — we encourage you to continue with your college education. Keep up the school work. Doc, Minnie, Darline, Mark, and Angela The Suttles Family Telicia Ann Meredith Whatever you do, always strive to be the best. Never give up in what you are trying to achieve. Be yourself at all times and, above all else, know how proud of you we are and how much we love you. Daddy, Mama Kristie and Tim Congratulations We love you! We loved you Then, We love you now! Mom and Angela Ads 289“Albany’s Most Traveled Agency” 501 Pine Avenue - . Albany, Georgia 31701 zMike. Xandii. Phone (912) 436-0521 BEST WISHES TO THE Class of ’86 FROM Mr. Love and Mrs. Hand CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR DAUGHTER DEBORAH ON HER GRADUATION Love, Mom and Dad To my dearest Lee, We’ve really come a long way. Not much longer till we’re together forever. I’m very proud of you and I love you very much! Your Rose, Brenda Congratulations Kim Martin Love, Mom and Dad 1002 N. Slappey Blvd. Albany, Ga. 31701 912-436-2491 By Appointment Only THE GROOMING PLACE Professional Dog Cat Grooming293"FRIENDS ARE FOREVER!” Amy Chewning Dana Walker Darsey Doc Oil Co. 307 E. Oglethorpe Expressway Chuck Darsey WALB-TV Albany, Georgia Tax and Financial (912)432-1259 Advisors JA Diversified Management 1 Consultants, Inc. 9 3007 Old Dawson Rd. Andrew L. Workman Albany, GA ALBANY WORD PROCESSING SERVICES Complete Typing Services Medicei • Le»e • Lenere • • Coo • L«6e e • Resume HUGH A. WATERS 1005 C N S v Bivd 19121883 5291 Albany G« 31701 SiFAQWON 705 S. Slappey Blvd Albany, Georgia Phone: 435-2503 Hinman Poo! and Patio Inc. “Serving Southwest Georgia” Since 1951 • Consulting • Installations • Service • Chemicals •Spas HotTubs Congratulations Jimbo The following Seniors of ’86 celebrate AHS’s hundreth anniversary: Morton Anderson Dana Archer Boyd Barrow Franklin Berry Patty Fenton Angie Fluker Kendall Gogarty Brian Halloran Billy Johnson Lisa Kendrick Misty Lundy Gigi Maines Kim Martin Ted Mauldin Jimbo McMillin Deborah Miller Heather Minnich Jakki Primus Yogi Robinson Ross Russell 294" jU, Bo, (912) 883-4809 2107-B Dawson Rd. Albany, Ga. 31707 Diamonds and 14K gold All types of repairs and custom design work done on premises. Owned and operated by Mark and Roxanne Little Mark Little Class of 77 Roxanne (Robin Hackel) Little Class of 75 Kyyiv Ads 295CD ... WuAwhtemeo King of America’s Doughnuts 400 N. Slappey and 2220 E. Albany Expressway Travel Connection Fora World of Travel 912-436-7072 Village Green Shopping Center and 2401 Dawson Rd. Albany, Ga. 31707 Compliments of the Last, Great Senior Class to Sink the River Rats of Dougherty High, The Unforgettable Class of 1973 Atlas Fenco Co. P.O. Box 1074 Albany, Georgia Phone 435-8019 296Ads 297H. DAVIS fll SONSW 2403 westgate blvd. alhany, gcorgia Dr. Beverly D. Walker Pediatrics 311 Second Avenue Albany, GA 31701 Phone: 883-0537 436-4695 GREG SCHULTZ You’re my one and only. I love you with all my heart. May our years together be happy. I love you, Sharon Worsley Congratulations Seniors OWENS, INC. i I SPORTING GOODS ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT your leading sporting goods dealer and team supplier in S.W. Ga. for 35 years a ® 202 Broad Ave. Albany, GA 912-435-5628 “It pays to play” QUICKIE DRIVE IN 2322 N. Slappey Dr. and 222 Pine Avenue SHARPE ASSOCIATES System Services 1614 North Westover Rd. Albany, Georgia 31707 Phone: (912) 435-1766 fPL Homestead Pools fbrmal r and Stonework Swimming Pools and Stone Products Complete Sales Rentals Tuxedos Wedding Service Photography Cakes Invitations a swimming pool... it’s a good idea Besides that... you earned it Natural stone combined with Seamco™ «Sktux SHOPPE A OIVIMO . OP TneiMA » O . AMO U« Stonebond (epoxy) creates the ultimate in surfacing materials Phone 436-2647Congratulations to the Class of 1986 From Lola’s Boutique NUTRI SYSTEM WEIGHT LOSS MEDICAL CENTER 2416 Dawson Road Phone 435-0321 DuPree Drugs Phone HE 6-5736 1111 North Slappey Drive Albany, GA 702 N. Slappey Albany, Georgia 31701 I Custom Floral Design Weddings, Parties, Funerals Hospitals, Fresh Flowers, Silks Blooming and Green Plants Elaine Ranew Phone: (912) 439-2255 Rick Barrett Wishing you great success in your future Albany High Dr. Adams Congratulations to Albany High School on Its 100th Anniversary Dr. Hubbard Congratulations to Albany High School on your 100th Anniversary I hope there are many more Dr. Parker Bus. Ph. (912) 435-4631 Res. 436-2379 208 Broad Ave. Albany, GA 31702 Pamela Whatley Drums Guitars Keyboards Kimball Pianos and Organs Hammonds Organs Downtown Maryland Fried Chicken 510 N. Slappey Blvd. 241 E. Oglethorpe AdS 299To My Granddaughter Jakki V. Primus Love, Mother Eva To SHIRLEY MILLER You’ve come a long way Congratulations, With Love, Daddy Congratulations Andy Wurst Love, Mom, Dad and Tommy 300For the untold hours spent throughout the summer and fall researching and compiling the history section for the anniversary edition, the yearbook staff and AHS student body would like to express appreciation to Jill Woodward, 1986 Thronateeska Editor. w The Greater Albany Athletic Public School (GAAPS) Booster Club takes this opportunity to express appreciation to these fine doctors for their many hours of donated time to the needs of our team. Dr. Donald Boyd Dr. A. M. Freeman, Jr. Dr. Bennett Cotton Dr. T. Glenn Williams Best Wishes Seniors from Southeastern Mortgage 323 Pine Avenue Albany, Georgia 31703 30)We Love You Frank Bishop Mom, John, and Sonny PRITCHETT USED CARS 410 N. Slappey Blvd. and PRITCHETT HONDA 903 E. Albany Expway CONGRATULATIONS MIKE MITCHELL The Thronateeska Staff LOVE, wishes to thank Mrs. Peggy Braun for her support and assistance. SHELLY HATCHER TO JAKKI Congratulations FROM Seniors Mr. and Mrs. Vance From Primus Pleasant Hill Baptist and The Boys Church Compliments of MILTCO INC. 1108 Eager Avenue Albany, GA 31707 Albany Travel HARRY’S GLASS CO. Agency Inc. 811 Pine Avenue Air • Steamship • Amtrak Albany, Georgia Reservations Albany Mall, 2601 Dawson Rd. Compliments of Colonial Life Ins. 1115 8th Avenue Albany, Ga. 31707 GLENN’S HARDWARE "THE TOOLE HOUSE" 923 W. BROAD AVE. ALBANY. GA 31701 435 4906 PARKING IN REAR KELLER CUSTOMS 731 VzW. Broad Ave. Albany, Ga. 303Congratulations! To: Connie Freeney, Laura Smith and Karen Bedenbaugh We wish you much success and happiness. Set your goals high, and always do your best in everything you do. You are special young ladies and we’re proud of you. Love, Mr. Mrs. James Bedenbaugh CORPORATION Custom Accessories and Equipment 909 N. Slappey Albany, GA 31707 Mt. Hebron M. Baptist Church 2276 S. Madison St. Albany, Ga. 31701 Services: Every Sunday at 11:30 Rev. V. Robinson, Pastor Congratulations Gigi Love, Kathy and Kelly Congratulations Seniors of 1986 JB’S ART ATTIC 1505 Dawson Rd. Albany, GA 31707 (912) 435-6817JIMMIE’S HOT DOG Congratulations to the Seniors of ’86 We’ve Got It And We’ve Got It Good! SENIORS Dawson Road at Stuart Radium Springs at Oak Ridge CAN YOU BELIEVE YOU MADE IT? Wardees ON SLAPPEY 814 N. SLAPPEY GOOD LUCK SENIORS OF ’86 BOB WHITE Menswear and RENTS Albany Mall Phone Albany, GA 439-8076 31701 “MOST ANYTHING” 732 W. BROAD V LpiT BAR-B-QCompliments of Albany Bowling Supply FREEWHEELS The Bicycle Place 2800 Old Dawson Rd. Albany, GA 31707 912-883-8993 Congratulations Seniors of ’86 Peggy Minnich, Owner Greetings and Best Wishes Stephanie From Charles Catering Service FOR ALL YOUR WEDDING AND PARTY NEEDS FIRST for Fifty Years! M FIRST FEDERAL ALBANY DAWSON FITZGERALD OCILLA I SYLVESTER TIPTON Member FSLlC Albany Dawson Fitzgerald Ocilla TiftonCompliments of Trust Company BankPhone Christian Owned 432-9349 Operated Congratulations to the Class ODD HOURS of PLUMBING-HEATING ’86 From Waterheater — Plumbing — Heating Repair R. Lovie Tanner 1106-B Eager Ave. Owner-Operator Albany, GA Deborah Miller kis| One Hr. Service PHOTO Albany Pro Photo 1104 B N. Slappey Drive Albany, GA 31701 Bob April Reardon 888-6397 Olan Mills School Portrait Division Billy Bishop P.O. BOX 1670 Albany, GA 31702 912-883-4885 Congratulations Grand 01’ Seniors Rents To Own 12 Months or 18 Months Rentals TV’S, STEREOS FURNITURE and APPLIANCES 221 W. Broad Ave. Phone 439-0044 Laura Reese, Mgr. Satellite City Compliments of ml Compare Our Price Quality 1104 A.N. 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Haverty’s GLOVERS ALIGNMENT INC. 940 PINE AVENUE ALBANY, GEORGIA 31701 OWNER: MORRIS GLOVER 439-1305Compliments of Compliments of Compliments U-SAVE-IT of Pharmacy Faulkner’s Warehouse Boliver Shagnasty Fred Sharpe 808 Pine Ave. Class of 1886 210 Pine Ave. Albany, GA Albany, Georgia Belk • Albany Mall ■ Downtown Albany 140 West Broad St. Moving • Packing Crates • Storage Washburn Storage Company 300 S. Slappey Drive Albany, Georgia 31706 Harry Stone Manager Home Phone 436-7041 FIRST STATE BANK TRUST Albany Bainbridge Fort Gaines Member FDIC Crabtree County Originals jnty i Jlifr 1208 Whispering Pines Willis R. Ball Albany, GA 31707 (912)435-7117 Complete Automotive Service Bjv Happy 100th Birthday Collier’s Dawson Road Union 76 xijihUiy Dairy Queen Brazier “We Care For Your Car” No. 1 Roy Collier 2401 Dawson Road 351 North Slappey Blvd. (912)432-0351 Albany, GA 31707 Albany. Georgia Phone 435-4841Jeans • Dress Pants • Baggie Pants • Shirts • Ties • Suits • Belts • Dresses • Skirt Sets • Blouses • Handbags • Jewelry O and S Fashions Men’s and Women’s Apparel Call (912)888-1701 207 Broad Ave. Albany, GA 31701 (912) 439-9494 1001 Dawson Rd. Albany, Georgia 31701 John “Tom” Shapard Walden And Kirkland Realtors, Inc. 601 N. Slappey Albany, GA 31703 □ REALTOR Washburn Chevron 1604 Gillionville Rd. Albany, GA 436-1819 A Full Service Service Station Congratulations, Stephanie Compliments of Carl McGehee Berney’s Tire Service 1105 Moultrie Road (At the intersection of Oak Ridge Dr.) Albany, Georgia 31705 Berney McGhee Owner (912) 435-0412 COLORTYME TV RENTAL 1011 W. Broad Albany, GA 31702 Rick Willis Phone 888-6207 Villa Gargano The Finest In Pizza’s Salads Subs Pasta Veal Chicken Lasagna Started in Albany Over 30 Years Ago 436-9929 436-7265 1004 N. Slappey Stei Kimbrell-Stern Member By National invitation Selected Morticians 1503 Dawson Road Albany, Georgia 31707 Mortuary Service Since 1880 W. R. (Bob) Kimbrell, Class of 38 E. J. (Buck) Stern, Jr. Class of 39 David M. Stern, Class of 79 V Wickes Lumber Merck A Wickes Chemical Company Manufacturing Division 1150 Gillionville Rd. P.O. Box 3689 Flint River Albany, Georgia 31706 Bus.: 912 436-7773 Res.: 912 883-1191 Plant Dennis B. Marchman Albany, Center Manager Georgia R 4 E.T.’S Satellite Receiver System, Inc. 1014 N. Slappey • Albany, GA 31701 Residential — Commercial Phone 912-436-5801The Seniors of ’86 Leave Behind I, Joel Bryan, leave the Sunday Football League to whoever is stupid enough to want it. We, Dana Jones and Susan Moorehead, leave our seats in the senior section of the auditorium to Anita Munn and Wendy Ward. I, Bridgette. M. Route, leave my “beard" to Anthony Peterson. I hope you like it better than I do. I. Darren D. Lewis, leave my good looks, charm, and my girls to Micheal P. Henderson. We, Kim Martin and Dana Archer, leave our trusty roll of toilet paper to Dana Walker and Jill Garrett. We. the senior cheerleaders, leave Mrs. Madison. I, Vanessa Adams, leave Tangela Crawford writers' cramp from writing five page notes. I, Cassandra Pritchard, leave Michael Maddox my outstanding rank in the senior class. I, Susan Moorehead, leave the ability to become a Grand OF Senior to Stacey Swords. I, Morten Andersen, declare that I still have a little healthy mind left after my long visit to the U.S.A. and A.H.S. I bequeath to next year's seniors this school with its teachers. We, Jody Edwards and Kim Durden, leave to Mrs. Natoli all of our experience in the field of Color Guard and the PATIENCE needed to put together and teach a SUPERIOR field show. I, Lewis "Skyy Davis, leave to my brother all of my totally awesome basketball skills in order to improve his! I, Melissa Thornsbury, leave Steve Mott my patience and ability to deal with Michelle Palmer's impulsive moods. I, Kristie Thomas, leave my creative imagination to Walter Williams to create more weird hair styles. I, Marzetta Hall, leave my ability to speak to Tony Jones. I, Charles "Yogi" Robinson, leave Mike Forbes my linebacker ability and Don Riggins my wavy hair. I, Shirley Hill, leave my courage to dye my hair purple, blue, yellow, pink, green, red, brown, black, and burgundy at the same time to Abigail Meadows and Dennis Alfred. I, Stephanie A. Jones, leave my ability to think and handle men in the right way to Sandy Lynch and Althea King. I, Patricia Brown, leave my smart brain, friendliness, and great personality to my sister Sabrina. I, Russia L. Martin, being a nice, intelligent young lady, leave my senior seat to Althea King and Leslie Moffit. I, Mary Sweney, leave Quinton Sims all my love. I, Frankie J., leave a portion of my tranquil inner-spirit to the gypsies that remain who wish to have eternal life in the cosmos and dance in the echoes. I, Elizabeth Keith, leave to Sheila Kae Williams my unique basketball techniques so that she will stop shooting so many bricks. I, Yolanda "Telly" Wooden, leave Carol Cruse my “Totally Awesome" basketball ability. I. Kathy Cheek, leave to Cindy Horne and Shannon Thornsbury all of my "Bug-Eyes." I, Flossie Laster, leave James Laster my good grades, good attitude, shyness, and all my favorite teachers. Love ya! P.S. My extra units as well. I, Arnold Moore, leave all my hair to all the girls who have none. I, Christopher S. Cody, leave Bruce Wilson with adorable Betsy Clements and the faculty of AHS in total mental anguish. I. Yolanda D. Huggins, leave my kind personality to Leslie M„ my intelligence to Rubin J. and my cheat sheets to Don R. so that he will someday graduate. I, Bernard Steven Johnson, leave all of my craziness to Erica and Nita Davis and the Albany Wreckin' Crew. I, Sabrina Woolfork, leave all my good looks, experience as a senior and all my love to Jacqueline Hardrick. I, Sharon Worsley, leave my ability to overeat to Angie Roach. We. Boyd Barrow and Brian Halloran. leave Walter Johnson in the care of the class of "87. I, Brian Halloran, leave a lock of Boyd Bar-row's hair to Kelly Martin in exchange for $20. I, JimBo McMillin, hereby leave the presidency of Party Shak to Carl McGehee. I, Libby McKinney, leave Chris McCarty the privilege of sitting through Mr. Lane's lectures. I, Dawn Woodard, leave Cristy Gribbins the privilege of growing up. I, Vontressa Daniels, leave all of my hard times and my ability to get good looking guys to Veronis Jones. I, Edward Williams, leave my hard times with Mr. Love to Greg West. I, Curtis Berry, leave my astounding talent for making car payments to Lane and Lee Tyson. I, Kim Durden, leave to Wendy Ward Mr. Band. I, Nate Jones, leave my hyper-active personality to Mr. Culbreth. I, Chandra L. Edwards, leave to Sabrina Jackson, Albany High School along with the many trials and tribulations that comewith it. If that is not enough. I can always leave her a few more years to spend at dear old AHS! I, Kim Jackson, leave the strict rules of AHS to Sabrina J„ Stacy B., Dennis A., and Eric A. I. Romunda Yvette Johnson, leave my wild and crazy spirit to Monica Hall. I, Clark Neal, leave my ability to make a fool of myself at Y-Club conferences to the "peanut butter and jelly crew." I, Sherrena Fedd, leave AHS to the freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and upcoming seniors. I, Stan Stanfill, leave my tremendous jumping ability to Travis Webb, who will need it if he is going to play basketball. I, Sharon Alfred, leave to Dennie Alfred my smartness and to Eric Alfred my quietness and sweetness. Good luck. You both will need it at Albany High. I, James Jones, leave my height to Jennifer Craig. I, Dennis Goodman, leave enough money for a new toupee to Mr. Boone. I, Frederick E. Suttles, leave the football sled to Richard Lukens forever. I, Chayla “Lisa" Kendrick, leave my beautiful smile on the basketball court to Anita Clay because she'll need it on the bench. I, Steven Dyson, leave good luck, inspiration, hope, the will to learn, skill, experiences and knowledge to all underclassmen. I, Orlando Rambo, leave my diploma to Kelvin "KT" Thornton hoping that one day he will get the same. I, Travis Webb, leave Paul Phipps my ability to act like a man. I, Patrick Teague, leave my best wishes for another 100 years to Albany High. I, Norman Newton, being of sound mind and body, leave all the frustration, tests, and homework of another year to the class of '87 and all the luck in the world to Reginald Harris. I, Toni Spann, being of sound mind and body, hereby bequeath my ability to be section leader and talent to play the clarinet to Paul Phipps and Terrell Mann and I leave all of my headaches and teachers to my brother Vernon. I, Cliff Dix, leave my ability to stick out my stomach to anyone who wants it. I. Melissa Ellis, hereby leave all the boring classes, school food, and all the sports they can handle to Michael Ellis and Brian Smith. I, Karen Bedenbaugh, leave my great ability to be clumsy to Kelly Hancock. i, sTeve KNox, lave amyome who os crazu enoufj to takw ty;ing fron mRs; Cook all the tyowing papertheir heartds desire. I, Darren Holley, leave to Albany High School my basketball uniform to display in the trophy case in the main building lobby. My uniform must not be worn or even touched ever again. I also leave to all short people my height and graceful skill on the basketball court. I also leave to all upcoming basketball players all the sweat, pain, and good times I've had during the past 3 years. I leave Coach Roderick to whoever wants him. I, Kim Martin, leave my sister Kelly. I, Dawn Bolton, leave to Jerry Johnson and Trey Richards the memory of my truck lying sideways in a ditch. I, Telicia Meredith, leave Billy Jenkins to AHS and Sharon Edwards. I, Charlotte Webb, leave Kim Swan all my English and speech abilities. I, Linda Roney, being of sound mind and great body, leave to the students of Oak Tree my ability to be smart enough to get out of the place in good and happy spirits. I, Kathy Schubert, being of sound mind, leave Lisa Hatcher and Lisa Goodrich the good and the bad times here at Agony High. I, Angelique Jordan, leave my great ability to do my class work to Ricky Lamons. I, Monique Hall, leave to Artis G. Williams my sound heart. Stay gold. I, Ted Mauldin, leave Joe Mauldin my ability to make A s. I, Arlinda Reese, leave my intelligence, great sense of humor, and good grades to my sister, Angela Reese. I, Cary Sell, leave my ability to be organized to Mrs. A. Johnson. I, John Gibbons, leave Larry Cole a five gallon bucket to take with him to the football games next year. Also, I leave Matt Luke and Mike Gillespie Boola Boola. I, Carla Belk, leave Stephanie Hicks my ability to walk quietly down AHS halls and my typewriter. We, Connie Freeney and Franklin Barry, leave a great big can of Skoal to Jerry Johnson. I, Chris Cartmell, leave Mr. Boone all my shirt tails and unbuttoned shirts. I, Melissa Embrey, leave my fine driving to Staci Mull. I, Tammy Porter, leave all my typing paper to Daniel Greene because he's always borrowing some of it. I, Carla Anthony, leave Jackie Kendrick my smartness because she needs all she can get. I, Michelle Hughes, leave to Leah the ability to get to and from school on her own. I, Shirley Miller, being of questionable mind, leave to my drum section all of my broken drum heads and sticks, and to the upcoming section leader I leave Jerry and Bridgett! Stick-Clicks to the stop sign y'all. We, Celina Marler and Michelle Hughes, leave Laura Brooks and Brenda Akers nothing because we are taking Ward and Lee with us. I, Lee Laska, being of hollow mind and broken body, will wait for Brenda Akers. I, David Gordon, leave to Matthew Bush my experience in being trumpet section leader and the ability to do and give push-ups to your fellow members. I, Terry McDaniel, leave the responsibility to help Steve find out "what's outside" to Matt Bush. I. Stephanie Isler, leave to Ben Johnson my place as a senior on T-55. I, Beverly Butler, leave my ambition to Mark Couch. I, Meg Kennedy, leave to Jeffery Clack Mr. Lane's fun and interesting classes and my parking space for the "clack-mobile."I, Lavette Williams, being of sound mind and body, leave to Christopher Williams, my brother, the ability to pass Mrs. A. Johnson's College Prep class. I, Franklin Barry, with a 4.0 grade point average, leave Robin Reeves Albany High School! I, Mike Landis, leave Elizabeth Landis two more years at Agony High. I, Jill Woodward, leave the anxieties, tears, late-night and weekend work sessions to anyone foolish enough to want to be the editor of the yearbook. I, Jamie Keys, leave my ability to sleep in class to James Offord, “Bobo." I, Levator Coleman, being of sound mind and body, leave my man Norman Williams at A.H.S. I, Mistey A. Lundy, leave my wicked hairstyles to Abigail Meadows and best wishes to the up-coming freshman class. I, Heather Minnich, leave Sean Littlejohn the ability to have a party while his parents are out of town without their knowing. I also leave Kristy Kaliher a coupon good for ONE big kiss. I, Kim Martin, leave Scott Bowden my drivers license so he can take me out on a real date. I, Julie Fowler, leave to Lance Montgerard two more years of Cross-Country. I, Marzetta Hall, leave my pretty face to April James. I, Carey McKinney, leave to Chris Windows my most prized possession — my long hair. I, Al Mayo, leave to Amy Price my ability to love and cherish someone. I, Deborah Miller, being of soul, mind, and body leave the seniors that couldn't leave. I, Mary Sweney, leave Harmon Guest my good looks. I, Russia L. Martin, leave Keesh L. Jackson the ability to keep quiet. I, Shirley Hill, leave my ability to wear strange clothes to Sabrina Johnson. I, Charles "Yogi" Robinson, leave my ability to attract girls to Willie Cutts. I, Lewis “Skyy" Davis, leave to Henry "Sky" Fleming all of my awesome ways. I, Jody Edwards, leave to Wendy Ward all of the Kellogg's Fruit Loops in Troy, Alabama. I, Vanessa Adams, leave Sabrina Hagan my great ability to choose dates. I, Dana Archer, leave Kelly "France” Martin my bathing suit top. I, Bridgette M. Route, leave my vocabulary to my cousin, Brian L. Route. I, Kathy Cheek, leave to the 1985-86 Mar-chin' Chief rookies some coordination for next marching season. I, Yolanda "Telly” Wooden, leave Amanda "Cool Breeze” Brown my seniority at Albany High School. I, Elizabeth Keith, leave to Dinetta Davenport the ability to continue her education at AHS. I, Dana Jones, leave my tennis skills to Stacey Settles. I, Romunda Yvette Johnson, leave my wonderful looks and figure to Shawn Foster. I, Chandra L. Edwards, leave to Artis Williams my wisdom and patience which is needed to survive the rough journey one travels throughout high school. I, Curtis Berry, leave my four-for-a-dollar Krystal coupons to Coach Williams. I, Dawn Woodard, leave Ann Guido the privilege of skipping lunch without getting caught. I, JimBo McMillin, leave Angel Hinman all my love. I, Brian Halloran, leave the ability to be cruel and inhuman during Civitan initiation to my adopted little brother, Lance Montgerard. I, Sharon Worsley, leave Mr. Lane to Traci Taylor. I, Michelle Hughes, leave Stan Stanfill's musty, football practice sweatshirt to Jo Cox. I, Tammy Porter, leave to Miss Hogg a "thank you" for what she's done to help me throughout the 1985-86 school year. FBLA I, Melissa Embrey, leave all my eating to Loy Griffin. I, Chris Cartmell, leave Mr. McNease my old coca-cola cans, M M cartons, cheat sheets, my ability to organize things without getting grey hair and my ability to tolerate the next Chris Cartmell that comes along. I, Carla Belk, leave Monica Hall my ability to tackle two more years of math courses. I, Cary Sell, leave my ability to be "almost perfect, but not quite” in Mrs. Jones’ sophomore English class to Mark Satterfield. I, Angelique Jordan, leave my sense of humor to my sister Hester Jordan and the ability to one day get my brother to Sabrina Brown. I, Charlotte Webb, leave Kim Swan my bottom locker and Deborah Thornton much success in her senior year. I, Telicia Meredith, leave Kristie Marler. Good luck, AHS! I, Dawn Bolton, leave to Suzanne Hagler Mrs. Garrison's senior English class. Good luck. You’ll need it! I, Melissa Ellis, hereby leave the Great Times of partying and fun to Sherrie F., Tami G., and the rest of the gang. Have fun next year. I, Travis Webb, leave my height to Fred Fountain. I, Lisa Kendrick, leave Bernard Lunsford all of our "Glory Days" with love. I, Jamie Keys, leave my nice personality to Ricky Roberts and my Kentucky Fried Chicken to Coach Williams. I, Beverly Butler, leave my ability to use good common sense to Gene Ethridge. I, David Gordon, remove the nickname I put on Rob Brookshire his sophomore year. I, Lee Laska, leave my ability to stomach pickled pigs feet to all students who are fortunate enough to have Coach Williams. Coach, you're the greatest! We, Brian Halloran and Boyd Barrow, leave the ability to break test tubes, blow up beakers, and set people on fire in Chemistry II to Mike Gillespie and Carl McGehee. I, Kim Jackson, leave AHS with a smile.i jL'r elebrate the Present 318ontemplate the Future 

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