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Albany High School - Thronateeska Yearbook (Albany, GA) online yearbook collection, 1981 Edition, Cover

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WILDFIRE It's moving like a rampant fire ... leaving its mark on everyone in sight... it’s always alive ... in our hearts ... in our souls ... in our cheers... in our lives. SPREADING LIKEYou can feel it all around you ... it shows in everything we do ... it shows in our enthusiastic cheerleaders ... in our proud band and flag corps ... in our mighty football team . . . and in our supporting student body ... it shows in you!IT’S IN THE AIR!IT’S CONTAGIOUS! It's running wild! . . . it’s an epidemic . . . it’s catching . . . everyone’s got it ... teachers . . . students . .. it’s incurable .. . it’s infectious. . . it's here to stay!BURSTING OUT ALL OVER Mind-Blowing Pep Rallies Hang It Up. Sopho mores. Hang It Up Hang It Up. Juniors. Hang It Up Fired Up Football Speeches Coach Woodham's Predictions A H S Students Filled With Enthusiasm Bursting Out All OverWE’VE GOT IT The Students Of A.H.S. ... The Faculty Of A.H.S. .. . The Administration of A.H.S. ... Supporting Sports . .. Supporting The School ... Supporting Each Other... Who's Got The Spirit? .. . We’ve Got It. 11INDIAN FEVER The Enthusiasm At A Football Game ... For The Basketball Team ... Yelling For The Team ... The Track Team Giving Their All ... The Loyalty Of Albany High Students ... A Winning Combination That Equals The Best. .. Indian Fever.CATCH IT Coach Woodham’s Indian Fever.. . The Enthusiasm . .. The Spirit .. . The Loyalty . . . Everybody Striving Toward The Same Goa!.. . A.H.S. Excellence . . . The Spirit Of A.H.S.. . . Catch It.You're a grand ol’ school; You’re the school that we love And forever in honor we’ll hold. Alma Mater dear, we you revere, The boast of the brave and the bold. Every heart beats true One and all we’re for you and Your memory we e’er shall bless. For should “Auld Acquaintance Be Forgot,” Here’s to you, dear old A.H.S.22 FEATURES SPORTS......64 CLUBS 112 CLASSES....160 FACULTY....196 PEOPLE 212 ADS........226EDITORS’ MESSAGE Matthew Snelling 18 It takes a lot of work to produce an annual. It involves sacrifices, problems, frustration, and even anger. I can sincerely say. though, that the finished book is worth all of these. I would like to express my appreciation to the staff for all of their hard work. The two special people who really held it all together were Mrs. Jones and Miss Hogg. They both have been so much help to the staff that I consider them vital to the production of the annual. Memories are so precious and that is what this book is all about. It is a record of what we have done and felt. It is about the spirit that binds us together as a school and about each of us as individuals. I hope that in later years, when you look back, you will be able to relive these precious times through the Thronateeska. Linda Sowell As co-editor of the Albany High annual this year, I would have to admit that there have been many unique experiences. My senior year at Albany High was the best year in my life. I believe everyone else would agree. I extend my appreciation to everyone who helped the annual staff this year, especially Miss Hogg and Mrs. Jones. It was truly a great year.DEDICATION Mrs. Nancy Garrison Because of her faithful dedication, enthusiastic spirit, and loyal support, the Albany High School Annual Staff dedicates the 1981 Thronateeska to Mrs. Nancy Garrison.In her fourth year as an English teacher at Albany High, Mrs. Garrison is the English Department Chairman, sponsor of the Scribe and co-sponsor of the Beta Club. She is a graduate of Albany High School and Georgia Southwestern University. Mrs. Garrison is an active participant in school activities as well as an interesting and informative teacher, whom we all appreciate.INDIAN Throughout my term as president I have learned a lot, especially about myself. I have realized that people are basically good and are willing to help others of you give them a chance. I like to think that I have given people a chance to work for themselves and for their school. I hope everyone else realizes that you’ve got to give people the benefit of the doubt and work fora common good. Ralph McDanielLEADERS Two years ago I was told that I would be going to Albany High School instead of the "cross town rival” school. I had been looking forward to attending. At first it bothered me, but once I started to get involved in our clubs and Student Council, I began to like and really enjoy A.H.S. Being Vice President of Albany High has been a challenging and rewarding experience. I have loved every minute of it. Albany.High’s faculty and administration are tops — our students are the best. Consequently, Albany High School is 1! Steven Morrison “The greatest achievement of the human spirit is to live up to one’s opportunities and make the most of one’s resources.” — Vauvenarques It has been a very good year for me as Secretary-Treasurer. I like Albany High School and I am proud of being chosen to serve it. I have also enjoyed working with Ralph and Steven. I plan to attend Albany Jr. College and the University of Georgia to eventually become an attorney. Chandra WilsonFEATURES Lori Hayman 23HOMECOMING QUEEN MISS CINDY BRAGG 24'M' 1 HOMECOMING 1980 October 3, 1980 will be a day long remembered. The entire tribe was “alive”! Indians defeated the Bainbridge Bearcats 35-14; in other words, “Bainbridge bit the dust!” Our orange boys had the “Indian Fever” and couldn’t be stopped. Everyone was fired up for the exciting pep rally. The silly sophomores won the spirit chain competition and the jolly Juniors came in second. Although the grand ol Seniors didn’t do well with the spirit chain sale, they did win the spirit competition in the pep rally. Needless to say, all the Indian fans showed their love and support for dear old A.H.S.! Miss Cindy Bragg was crowned Homecoming Queen at halftime by Mr. Louis Hornsby. She was a proudly reigning queen, elected by the student body. Also two other representatives from each class were elected and these girls served as the queen’s court. A partial dance was held in the gym after the game. The dance was called off at 11:30, because of technical difficulties. However, a raincheck was issued for the October 25, Monroe game. “Spirit of the 80’s — A New Beginning” was a very appropriate theme indeed. The Indians developed a new outlook for the decade of the 80’s. Keep up your pride and high hopes, Indians, and reach for the stars. 2526 Spirit of 80’s...SOPHOMORE REPRESENTATIVES Miss Lorri Poe and escort Mr. Wayne Poe Miss Shay Powell and escort Mr. Jack H. PowellGUEST IH • ••• •••• HOME ■ •••• •••• 35 DOWN YDS-TO-GO QTR I ID II 1 Senior 32Lninety t - reiggomon Jnyela Safe Robert fit(inylon jeffjane Slterry J auis Rieka Wattace 45MISSTHRONATEESKA 1981 Consultants to Innovative Management Fran Tarkenton Chairman of the Board February 12, 1981 Albany High School Annual Staff 801 Residence Avenue Albany, Georgia 31708 Dear Students: It was indeed a pleasure to be this year's judge for the Miss Thronateeska contest. With the bevy of beautiful girls at Albany High it has been a most difficult but enjoyable job. Thanks for asking me. Sincerely, Fran TarkentonMISS A.H.S. 1981 Lynne GarrisonSecond runner-up Jina Proctor pr|!|runner-iip Dana HarperSIX SEMI-FINALISTS MISS CONGENIALITY Carolyn Griffin MISS TALENT Dana Harper52 TAMARA HAMPTON Deca DANA HARPER Band JOANN JONES Pow Wow JINA PROCTOR Phi-Kappa 53LORI GOLD Debate Club CAROLYN GRIFFIN Student Council BONNIE FORDHAM FCA 56SABRINA McGHEE JENALEE MITCHELL KAREN WOLFE J.C.L. Spirit Committee Math Team 57MR. A.H.S. 1981 DENNIS ROWLEYBrad Lohmeier Greg Brown Mike Mergonthal Mark Raughton Kent Wortham Dennis Rowley Clay Raybon Happ Vinners ei MikeTa or Greg Lohmeier Cliff JohnsonGOVENOR’S HONORS PROGRAMSTAR STUDENTS AND TEACHERS Jan Arnette and Mrs. Laura McKinney Greg Lohmeier and Mrs. Nancy Garrison 63SPORTS Carlos Cody Brian AckerFIRST ROW L to R: Randy Tester. Debra Blitch. Mamie Nelson. Terry Turnipseed. Bo-Bo Williams. Emanual Coleman. Pat Lorzing. Mike McBride. Charlie Jones Cary Willis Glenn Creech. Tim Baxter. Vince Holland. Danny Blaylock. Quint Dunlap. Cedrick Swan. David Pope. Lorenzo Williams. Steve Williams. Pam Gray. Sabrina McGhee SECOND ROW L to R: Carl Williams. Patti Pannell. Lori Hayman, Jan Arnette. Tim Cross. Greg Schultz. Patrick Perkins. Robert Banks. Henry Nix. Gary Davis. William Riggins. Steve Woods Richard Woodall. Kelvin Williams. Greg Fisher. Billy Hudgins. Terry Daniels. Rodney Renfroe. Joe Moore. Tood Lavender. Kelvin McCoy. Darwin Glover Scott Swain. Valerie Adams Angela Hubbard. Jennifer Keel. Victor Carter THIRD ROW L to R: Tommy Stephenson. Willie Magwood. Jett Smith. Hank Hayes. Ulysses White. Efrem Glover. Todd Nadrich. Ricky Wallace. Edmond Solomon. Anthony Williams. Greg Marsh. Chris Andros. Richard Hood. Kurt Hooks. Kelvin Girdner, Kenny McCray. Thomas Sears. Joey Bateman. Jack Brownlee. Allen McClure. Al Woodham. David Fletcher. Matt Mobley. Floyd Faulk. Greg Yaw. Terry Ho. Lee Miller. Franklin Rivers. Sammy Sheard. Steve Wallace. Bill Stevens. Mark Adams. Derrick Monroe. Donnie McClure. Devon Snyder. Charles Carlton. Randy Robinson FIFTH ROW L to R: Bubba Collins. Tim Murray. Chris Harp. Demetrius Jackson. Tim Nelson67 1980-81 IndiansKNEELING L-R: Allen McClure. Head Coach. Al Woodham STANDING L-R: Carl Williams. Joey Bateman. Jack Brownlee. Willie Magwood. Tommy Stephenson 681980-81 SENIORS Emmanuel Coleman Danny Blaylock Mark Adams Eddie Fuller David Fletcher Floyd Faulk Charlie Jones Darwin Glover Kevin GirdnerKenny McCray Todd Nadrich Tim Nelson Sammy Sheard Edmond Solomon Bill StevensGreg Yaw Cary WillisChris Andros Robert Banks Tim Baxter Terry Daniels Quint Dunlap Greg Fisher Efrem GloverRodney Renfroe William Riggins Franklin RiversG D Kelvin Girdner Sammy Sheard Ronnie RenfroeVARSITY CHEER- LEADERS Lori Hayman Mamie Nelson — Co-CaptainValerie Adams Jan Arnette Debra Blitch Jennifer Keel Angela Hubbard Terry Turnipseed Patti Panned Sabrina McGheeThe 1980-81 Varsity Cheerleaders have worked diligently and enthusiastically to create and maintain spirit throughout the school during ball-games and pep rallies. Last summer they worked daily, as well as attending the USCA camp in Americus, GA. As their sponsor, I am proud of their hard work and effort. They have done an outstanding job this year and the senior girls especially, are to be commended. With our total athletic program on the upswing, we are looking forward to next year with even greater enthusiasm! Polly McGowan Miss Polly McGowan — Sponsor Cindy Pope — Tumbler Lisa Ceraso — TumblerB’ TEAM CHEER- LEADERS Stephanie CrippenVARSITY Left to Right: Gerald Cross. Emanuel Coleman. Daryl Benton. Edward Nix. Vince Holland. Curtis Laster. Billy Wilson. David Pope. Howard Dobbs. Kelvin Girdner. Reginald Swan. Steven Belk. 84 Coach Gordon Dixon John Smith — Bobby Watson ManagersBASKETBALL Steven Belk Edward Nix Gerald Cross Daryl BentonReginald Swan David Pope 86:3mGIRLS’ Standing: Amechi Boston, Paulette Kendrick. Naomi Mann. Linda Nix. Pam Kendrick. Brenda Jones. Susan Fowler. Virginia Hill Kneeling: Georgia Tsiklistas. Sue Lanier, Mary Davis. Sherrie Davis, Lisa Woods. Robin Brookshier. Jackie West 90 Coach Tommy StevensonPaulette Kendrick Lisa Woods BASKETBALL Sherrie DavisSue Lanier Georgia Tsiklistas Naomi Mann Mary Davis Brenda JonesRobin Brookshier Amechi Boston Virginia Hill Jackie Perry Susan FowlerSQUAWS IN ACTION FIGHT SMOKINGB-TEAM BASKETBALL Top Row: Reginald Kendricks. Benjamin Jones. Ed Nix. Tim Ellis. Ray Belk. Nathaniel Jones Bottom Row: Tommy Mallard. Wayne Curies. Kenny Williams. John Hall. Glenn Creech. William Riggins. Robert Banks Coach Joey Bateman 95 OC UJ CO Chuck Callaghan Kelvin Carter Butch Coppock Glen Davenport Terry Hicks Rayfield Hicks Pat Lofzing Willie Jackson Billy Hudgins Troy Lowe Donnie McClure Scott Swain Kenny Tosky ' Bo-Bo Williams L.C. WilliamsAlbany’s Indians In Action Kneeling: BoBo Williams, Coach Brownlee. Scott Swain Standing: Butch Coppock, Jim Butler. Rayfield Hicks. Glen Davenport. L. C. Williams. Chuck Callaghan. Troy Lowe. Donnie McClure. Willie Jackson. Kenny Tosky. John Allen. Barry Bloodworth, Kelvin Carter. Terry Hicks A • G I R L S’ Top: Mrs Haggerty. Georgia Tsiklistas. Belinda Rouse. Sheila Bright. Elizabeth Edwards. Terry Turmpseed. Martha McCardel Bottom: Sue Lanier. Georgia Andros. Alissa Fuller. Sabrina McGhee. Robin Brookshier 100 Martha McCardel Elizabeth Edwards and Robin BrookshierSabrina McGhee and Alissa Fuller Terry Turnipseed Georgia Andros and Georgia Tsiklistas 101 Sheila Bright and Belinda RouseBOYS’ Scott Shor 102 Top: Coach Dixon, York Carter, Greg Hubbard, Andy Phelps. Scott Shor Bottom: Bill Rowden, Bryon Rhodes. Michael Shierling. David Golden Andy PhelpsTENNIS Bill Rowden and Byron Rhodes David Shierling’81 INDIANS Opposite L TO R: First Row: Henry Stern. Danny Blaylock. Cary Willis Second Row: Hanks Hayes. Todd Lavender. Keith Burlison. Dan Denny Third Row: Andy Boyett. Billy Hudgins Fourth Row: Coach Williams. Coach Bateman Fifth Row: Steve Williams Coach-Carl Williams Coach-Joey Bateman105106Heny Stern Clay Raybon Cary Willis Steve Williams 107Janice Greene Mary Davis Martha Davis Carolyn Griffin Lori Hamby Brenda Jones Darlene Suttles Linda NixLisa Woods Linda Williams Carolyn Williams Coach-Audrey Mitchell Donna Woodward it Row L to R: Donna Woodward. Lisa Woods. Linda Nix. Linda Williams. Mary Davis. Janice Greene. Renee Sanders Second Row L to R: Carolyn Williams. Brenda Jones. Martha Davis. Darlene Suttles, Carolyn Griffin. Lon Hamby Third Row: Miss MitchellRandy Robinson Lorenzo Williams Scott Swain First Row L to R: Troy Lowe. Henry Nix. Curtis Greene. Emanuel Coleman. Lorenzo Williams. Gregory Fisher Second row: Quint Dunlap. Scott Swain. Donnie McClure. Cary Willis. Randy Robinson Third Row: Derrick Monroe. Coach-Willie Magwood, Edward Nix Coach-Willie Magwood Cary WillisCLUBS Barbara Beard Beth CrerandSTAFF: Jennifer Keel. April Fletcher. Karen Wolfe. Donna Woodward. Karen Fenton. Teresa Rowe. Jimmy Lambert. Bonnie Fordham. Bonnie Varon. Al Harold 114SPORTS EDITOR: Carlos Cody. PEOPLE EDITOR: Bonnie Varon SPO ADVISORS: Mrs. Evelyn Jones. Miss Margaret Jo Hogg. 115A N N U A L P O w w o w FIRST ROW: Melissa Hughes. Dana Harper. Nancy Fowler. Angela Solomon. CENTER ROW: Victor Carter. Teresa Davis. Anna Douglas. Deloris Bush BACK ROW Mrs Wilson, Sam Allen. Felicia Gray. Mike Taylor -a ARTIST Scott Brooks The 1981 Thronateeska staff would like to express appreciation to Mike Brown and Ty Carson for assisting with photography. We are also grateful to Mr. Glenn Williams, our Taylor Publishing Company representative, for his support in completing our annual. Without these contributions our yearbook would not have been possible. :embFIRST ROW: Angela Stroble Shay Powell. Sue Lanier. Betsy Cunningham. Lisa Ceraso. Yarnia Blackmon. Katy Lightle. Felicia Gray. Ginger Smith. Janice Walker. Darlene Otren,.ponna Woodward. Florence Humphrey. Ruby Peterson. Shelia Weaver. Shirl BroWn SECOND ROW: Sabrina McGehee. D Dw Mark Raughton. Gwen Johnson. Valerie Adams. Teresa QayiS. A; dy Boyette. Marsha Dill. Jennifer Keel. Todd Nadrich. Clay Raybon. Lori Goicf Wendy Stokes. Ramona Cross, Tammy Harden j . THIRD ROW: Julre Harris. Susan Fowler. Steven Morrison. CarTbsCody. Charles Terrell. Robert Banks. LorfiM©-Williams. OMCrWcd Steven Belk. Vince Holland. Bubba Exley. Ralph McDaniel. Cary Willis. Jan ArnettdTKehneth Tosky. ChaiWffWilsorrBilly Hudgins. OFFICERS: President — Ralph McDaniel. Vice-President — Steven Morrison. Secretary — Chandra Wilson. Parliamentarian — Todd Nadrich. SPONSORS: Mrs Helen Gaiter. Mrs Janet Myler. Mrs Carolyn Hand. Mrs. Florence Battle. Mr. Clyde Lane. Mr Ernest Boone0.X— CLQ FRONT ROW (L-R): Victor Carter. Bubba Exley. Clay Raybon. Mark Adams. SECOND ROW: Carl Williams Sponsor Andv Steve Woods. Scott Bryant. Bill Stevens. Donnie McClure THIRD ROW: Dud Hardin. Boyett. Greg Yaw. 120Randy Tester. Terry Ho. Matt Mobley. Chuck Callahan FOURTH ROW: Gary Davis. Victor Stubbs. Theon Tanner. Pat Lorzing. Toney Tovell. Rodney Renfroe, Cliff Johnson. T D. Sears. Glenn Creech. Al Harrold. H I Y0-1— Q Q OLLLL —QLUQCCO LEFT TO RIGHT: Victor Carter-Chaplain. Bill Stephens-President. Pat Lorzing-Vice-President. Clay Ray bon-Publicity Chairman. Tom Louie-Photographer. Donnie McClure-Treasurer. Al Harrold-Secretary 122E P S I L O N TOP ROW: Barbara Mixon. Sheila Hastings. Lori Poe. Angelina McGehee. Beth Martin. Kathy Clark. Terri Martin. Robin Brookshier. Robin Wilds. Beth Blaylock. Kelly McDonald. Angela Stroble, Jeannie Willgrubs MIDDLE ROW: Karen Fenton. Marsha Dill. Jan Arnette. Cindy Pope. Jennifer Keel. Terri Turnopseed. Karen Wolfe. Jenalee Mitchell. Stephanie Bryant, Andrietta Tanner. Sonya Shiver. Mrs. Walter . BOTTOM ROW: Pam Gray. April Flecher. Sabrina McGehee. Donna Woodward. Donna Tucker. Wendi Walker. Betsy Cunningham. Katy Ligntie. Allison Morrill. Clara Ransom. Michaele Karst 124TOP ROW Susan Fowler. Angela Solomon. Lynne Garrison, Susan Rose. Susan Bryan. Georgia Andros. Natlie Jordan. Georgia Tsiklistas. Stephanie Crippen, Sarinee Tipler. Adrienne Drake, Lori Gold. Mrs. Joiner MIDDLE ROW: Amy Knows. Tina Avery. Angela Hubbard. Alice Morgan, Sandy Pruet. Vickie Gains. Elizibeth Edwards. Mamie Nelson. Dottie Little. Anna Douglas. Valerie Harris. Marjorie Merser, BOTTOM ROW: Jina Proctor. Jill Row. Eiane Robinson. Tamara Hampton. Allisa Fuller. Valerie Adams. Tara Urquart, Dawn Holland. Macheldon Palmer T R I H I 125E P S I L O N 0 F F 1 C E R S President Cindy Pope Vice-President Secretary Jennifer Keel Jenalee Mitchell Treasurer Lynn Garrison Publicity Lori Gold Chaplain Susan Rose Community Projects Jan Arnette School Projects World and Service Chairman Karen Fenton Dotti Little 126 A BRAND NEW DAYFIRST ROW: Robin Brookshier. Belinda Poole. Renee Benthail. Luanne McGrath. Darlene Owen. Monica Creamer. Barbara Hatcher. Jennifer Hunt. Ginger Wortham. Florence Humphrey. Diana Sharp. Rhonda Btoodworth, Beverly Yielding. Betn Yarbrough. Pam Sizemore SECOND ROW Andrew Finlay. Laura Hamby. Ashley Carson. Donna Woodward. Donna Tucker. Lynne Garrison Karen Fenton. Pam Gray. Susana Packauskas, Sabrina Harris. Mary Creamer. Tammy Morris. Wendi Williams, Cknt Smith. THIRD ROW: Chris Harp. Sandi Martin. Betsy Cunningham. Kathy Clark. Lon Gold. Jenaiee Mitchell. Jennifer Keel. Kelly MacDonald. Beth Martin. Marjorie Mercer. Laurel Bragg. BACK ROW: Miss McGowan. Greg Brown. Dottie Little. Bob Cook. Dorn Williamson. Cliff Johnson. Shay Powell. Scott Shor. Elisabeth Edwards. John Thompson. ......-.......• " •128PRESIDENT: Frances Toole. VICE-PRESIDENT: Jerry Strickland. SECRETARY: Karen Wolfe. TREASURER: Lynne Garrison130 B E T A C L U B OFFICERS: Vicki Dill. Dennis Rowley. Jan Arnette. Bob Cook. SPONSORS: Mrs. Garrison. Miss Dent. SENIORS: FRONT ROW: Marsha Dill. Vicki Dill. Cindy Pope. Phil Schintzius, Anna Ridley. Angela Solomon. CENTER ROW: Nancy Hurndon. Chrisna Jones. Jan Arnette. Scott Brooks. BACK ROW: Ralph McDaniel, Dennis Rowley. Jerry Stricklin.JUNIORS: FRONT ROW: Barbara Crerand, Alissa Fuller, April Fletcher, Donna Woodward. CENTER ROW: Wendell Quakenbush, Valerie Adams. Lynne Garrison. Karen Wolfe. BACK ROW: Wendy Stokes. Lori Gold. Bob Cook. Sabrina McGehee. Charles Callaghan. SOPHOMORES: FRONT ROW: David Golden. Sue Lanier. Terri Payne. Susana Packauskas. Beverly Yielding. CENTER ROW: Terrell Mills. Susan Bryan. Sonya Shiver. Nancy Morehead. Lori Livingston. BACK ROW: Brad Lohmeier, Sandy Pruet. Amy Knowles, Helen Leishman. B E T A G L U BCOOCC —CQLU QQC 132 FRONT ROW: Dana Harper. Tammy Morris, Diana Sharp. Vicki Dill. BACK ROW: Mrs. Garrison. Michael May. Dennis Rowley. Scott Brooks, Greg Lohmeier. FRONT ROW: Theon Tanner. Brad Lohmeier. Madria Heard. Leroy Solomom. Alma Lane. Kim Carter. Barbie Norvell CENTER ROW: Anna Ridley. Todd Norras. Phil Schintzius. Chrisna Jones. Laurel Spencer. Shawn Carter. Denise Gunnels. BACK ROW: Angela Stroble. Greg Lohmeier. Steven Morrison. Michael Pate. Anita Lange. Wendy Stokes. Jo Hall. NOT PICTURED: Chandra Wilson. Sandra Starks. Anna Douglas. Sponsor: Mrs. Gaiter.FRONT TO BACK: Martha McCardei. Charlotte Butler. Terry Martin. Tammy Hardin. Jenny Anderson. Terry Turmpseed. Jenalee Mitchell. Anna Douglas. Mamie Nelson. Charmon Johnson. Tamara Hampton. Sharon Wilson. Victor Carter. Mary Davis. April Fletcher. Darlene Owen. Barbie Norvell. Edmund Solomon. Angela Hubbard. Sabrina Harris. Theon Tanner. Greg Crews. Tim Nelson. Geneva Tanner. Linda Nix. Sherry Martin. Pam Kendricks. Steve Belk, Brenda Jones. Henry Nix. Paulette Kendricks. Kevin Girdner. Greg Hubbard. Lorenzo Williams. Henry Stern. Cary Willis. Dud Hardin. Randy Robinson. Darryl Benton. Danny Blaylock. Sammy Sheard. Ricky Wallace. I S P I R I T C 0 M M 1 T T E Ek 134 M A T H E M A T I C S c L U B D E B A T E T E A M STANDING: Debbie Pruet. T. J Norvell. Bob Cook. Denis Rowley. Billy Hudgens. John Thompson. David Ho. Mrs Judy Thomas SITTING: Cindy Pope. Karen Wolfe. Jan Arnette. Ladd Murphy. Michael May. Marsha Dill. STANDING: Tory Martin. Michael May. Ralph McDaniel. Greg Lohmeir. SITTING: Lori Gold. Chrisna Jones. Gwen Johnson. Patti Panned.BACK ROW: Mrs Wakeford. Carolyn Griffin. Katy Lightle. Jan Arnette. Nancy Hurndon. Valerie Adams. Alissa Fuller. Wendy Stokes KNEELING: T J. Norvell. Chip Fletcher. Mark Raughton. Michael May. Mike Lukens, Cliff Johnson. Mike Williams. BACK ROW: Elizabeth Edwards. Susan Bryant. Angelina M Genee. April Fletcher. Sabrina M Gehee. Lori Livingston. Rena Williams KNEELING: David Golden. Cindy Bragg. Caree Harriston. Libby Moore. Naomi Mann. Cortland ManmchSecretary Kathy Smith Photographer Jay Cleveland 136 Photographer Sam Allen Tammy Albea Henri Ball Alfred Barnes Karen Clemmons Huong Chau Jesse Carter Algena Blocker Beth Crerand Ramona Cross Gwen Daniel Tom DeMarino Thella Dennis Mike Dorriety Evelyn Edwards Ricky Eidson Janice Gipson David Greene 137Ayesha Hosely Mark Houle Regina Kegler Dame! Lamb 138 Denise Pritchard Ann Simpson Kalaya Tipler Cathy VeazeyCarolyn Williams m pPk Nanci Windham -Jl Cindy WhittonD S T R I B U T I V E E D U c A T I O N C L U B 0 F A M E R 1 C A Advisor Carolyn Hill Treasurer Yarnia Blackmon Janet Alderman President Nancy Hurndon Historian Scott Harrell Paulette Brown Parliamentarian Valerie Adams Jimmy Long Monica Creamer Stephanie Farley David Gabaldon Caree Hairston Tamara Hampton Angela Hubbard Lou Johnson Simone Johnson Jo Ann Jones Sara McBrideBrian McLaggin Michelle Morgan VOCATIONAL UNDERSTANDING LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT CIVIC CONSCIOUSNESS SOCIAL INTELLIGENCE Bruce Tarleton Donna Williams Tammy Morris Angela Solomon Shawn Nelson Freddie Wright Kenneth Riggins Tony Smith Sharon WilsonF U T U R E H Mary Carter Secretary Brenda Jackson Treasurer Betty Martin Sarah Bryant Shalisa Bullard Mary Deloris Charlotte Gloria Burns Bush Butler Carter • Jennifer Verona Yvette Yvonne Deariso Few Foster Foster 142 Sonja Stephens Shunta Thomas a V Lisa Helen Diane Holt McGee Morris Carolyn Robertson Angela Glynnis Solomon Stephens r 1 m w Genise Washington Brenda Williams Dorothy WilliamsBACK ROW Mrs Stewart. April Adams. Deloris Bush, Shalisa Bullard. Verona Few. Genise Washington. Sabrina Crews, Jennifer Deariso. Patricia Peterson, Gloria Carter.Helen McGhee MIDDLE ROW: Susanna Packauskas. Allison Davis. Gwendolyn Johnson. Yvonne Foster. Yyette Foster. Latitcia Holsey. Chrisna Jones. Brenda Jackson. Mary Carter. Mary Burns. Sonja Stephens. Glynms Stephens. FRONT ROW: Sandy Fedewa. Charlotte Butler.Lisa Holt. Brenda Williams. Debra Oliver. Diane Morris. Dorothy Williams. Diedra Green. Shaunta Thomas. Sara Bryant. Carolyn Robertson, Miriam Character FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA BACK ROW: Vann Paul. Vic Moore. Brent Belcher. Jack Gavin. Mark Gavin. Chris Dervan. Ricky Phegly, Mr Downing. FRONT ROW: Doug Moore. Danny Lamb. Bailey Morgan. Steve Richardson.FRONT ROW: Mrs Stewart. Mrs Fleming. Debra Tumblin. Sabrina Crews. Vicky Lewis. Diane Morris. Debra Oliver. Dorothy Williams BACK ROW: Diane Hunter. Fannie Johnson. Angela Robinson. Brenda King. Brenda Williams. Willie Mae Harvey. Barbara Sherman FRONT ROW: Belinda Widden, Chanel Shepard. Evelyn Hill. Oradean West. Martha Everett. Hope Stewart. Dorothy Williams. Susan Crosby BACK ROW: Lavonne Applewhite. Yvette Foster. Brenda King. Brenda Williams. Lisa Jarvis, former member. Debbie MillerFRONT ROW: Tracey Shelton. Jenalee Mitchell. Cindy Bragg. Kirk Durden. Carlos Cody. Teresa Harrison BACK ROW: Susan Rose. Leroy Solomon. Anna Douglas. Trella Whalley. David Knight. Ronnie Musgrove. Ronald Duckworth. Robert Davis. Kent Wortham s T A G E B A N D1 9 8 1 M A R C H I N’ C H I E F S The Marchin' Chiefs Band is both a Marching Band and a Concert Band. During football season they play at every game, botb in and out of town. They also march in parades and compete in competitions throughout the Albany area. During the remainder of the year they perform concerts, participate in the District Band Festival and the District Band Clinic. We would like to say thanks to the Marchin’ Chiefs for the terrific job they have done. FLAG CAPTAIN Teresa Davis DRUM MAJOR Dana HarperFRONT ROW: Donna Shemery. Donna Tucker. Katrina Bedenbaugh. Janet Perry. Belinda Poole. Lynette Williams. Robin Wilds. Margie Cline. Sheila Bright. Cindy Cooper MIDDLE ROW: Winnie Beaver. Stacey McBride. Suzanne Knox. Sandy Martin. Anna Douglas. Tina Avery. Terri Payne. Michele Karst BACK ROW: Teresa Davis. Shannon Robins. Chantel Deiseroth, Pam Sizemore. Anita Lange. Debbie Pruet. Clara Ransom. Bonnie Varon, Cha- nora Wilson FRONT ROW: Suzanna Packauskas. Kathy Daugherity. Cynthia Turner. Kathy Odums. Michaldon Palmar BACK ROW: Bernadette Jones. Susan Bryan. Shaun Carter. Loretta Pelham. Wendi Bowman F L A G S F L U T E Sc L A I R N E T S L O w R E E D S T R U M P E T 148 FRONT ROW. Regina HiH. Angela StroWe. Erica Lews. Jacks Wittson. Katrina Price. Vickie Goes MIDOLE ROW Betsy Cunrxngham. Pam Rutter man, Sonya Shiver. Nancy Mocxehead, Lynne Gamson BACK ROW Nans Jordan. Carla Darnels. Susan Surlace. Merger Mercer. Helen Letshman. Lee Hancock FRONT ROW: Cindy Bragg. JenaJee Mitchell MIDDLE ROW: Joe Vaxmonsky. Chris Robbins. Carolyn Griffin. Mike Taylor. Bob Cook BACK ROW. Michael Pate. Kirk Durden. CHnt Smith. Tracev Shelton FRONT ROW: Ronald Duckworth. Kent Worth. Rob Davis. Brad Lohmeir BACK ROW: Michael Williams. Adam Cane. Tony Spurlin. Leroy Solomon. Susan RoseL O w Bryam' Ben °WenS’ LUCiUS W""0rd' MiChael J“' S«- BACK ROW: Rodney FRONT ROW: Melody Myric. Hamp Jones. Rhonda Bloodworlh BACK ROW Bryan Warren. Teresa Harrison. Wendall Quakenbush. Lewis Pate. Greg Cline. David Knight, Mike Powell B R A S S P E R C U S S I O NF B L A Pam Wiley Barbara Jernigan President Vice-President Andrietta Tanner Chaplain Sherrie Davis Historian Daryl Benton Mike Mergenthal Parliamentarian Public Relations Mrs. Florence Battle Advisor Future Business Leaders of America 150Reginald Parker Ruby Peterson Rydeidre Reynolds Cassandra Wilson Jackie Wilson 151A V A ALBANY VISUAL ARTS STANDING: Kathy Clark. Darlene Jenkins. Angie Childers. Greg Brown. Shawn Nelson, Charlotte Butler. Sandy Bozett. Morris Williams. Diane Hayes SITTING: David Shockey — Vice-President. Ricky Goodson — President. Greg Crews — Public Relations. Donna Shemery — Secretary-Treasurer.Kennedy Miller Treasurer Clinton Carter Sergent At Arms Gary Dicks Reporter FRONT ROW: Wmdale Turner. Terry Ho. Chuck Edwards. Timothy Smith. John Thompson. Greg Brown. Danny Lamb. Gary Dicks. BACK ROW: Fannie Johnson. Betty Martin. Clinton Carter. Kennedy Miller. Jerome Reeves. John Smith. Carolyn Williams. Dianne Hunter. I N D U S T R I A L A R T SSITTING: Paul Ladd. Lori Gold. Mrs Aliens Johnson. Elizabeth cdwards. Wendy Stokes. Cindy Bragg STANDING: Kevin Robert. Cliff Johnson. John Allen, Micheal May. Scott Brooks. Steve Morrison. Jerry Strickland. Greg Lohmeier. Ralph McDaniel. FRONT ROW: Todd Nadrich. Non-Member. Sammy Sheard. Ricky Wallace. Edmond Solomon. Quint Dunlap. Darwin Glover. Byron Rhodes, Victor Carter. Tim Nelson. Bo Bo Williams. Henry Nix CENTER ROW: David Fletcher. Lee Miller. Pam Gray. Valerie Adams. Lori Hayman. Mamie Nelson. Debra Blitch. Angela Hubbard, Greg Yaw, Sabrina McGehee. Jennifer Keel. Terry Ho, Tim Murry. Cedric Swan BACK ROW: Non-Member, Mark Adams. Danny Blaylock. Bubba Exley. Edward Nix. Kelvin Girdner. Vince Holland. Jan Arnette. Henry Stern. Terry Turmpseed. Mike McBride. Sherry Davis, Steve Belk. Pam Kendricks. Daryl Benton.BACK ROW: Angela Solomon — President. Chrisna Jones — Vice-President. Gwendolyn Johnson — Secretary. Valerie Adams — Treasurer. Mrs. Anderson — Sponsor. FRONT ROW: Mr. Graper — Sponsor. Benjamin Perkins — Historian. Thomas Marshall — Historian. Linking past and present through the attainment of knowledge and awareness. FRONT ROW: Bonnie Neal. Sheila Bright. Mamie Nelson. Laurel Spencer. Sherrie Davis. Debbie Pruet. Andrietta Tanner CENTER ROW: Sandra Starks. Angela Solomon. Chrisna Jones. Gwendolyn Johnson. Anna Ridley. Romona Cross. Tamara Hampton BACK ROW: Mrs. Anderson. Reginald Parker. Steven Belk. Eddie Fuller, Raymond Solomon. Edmund Solomon. Tony Smith. Thomas Marshall. Benjamin Perkins. Ker-vm Powers. Mr. Graper. - • LEFT TO RIGHT — BOTTOM TO TOP. Lori Livingston. Darlene Jekins. Sabrina Crews. Miriam Character. Alice Morgan. Sue Lanier. Jill Rowe. Susan Fowler Sue Garner. Elaine Robinson. Nancy Moorhead. Helen Leishman. Carlos Cody. Shawn Carter. Cindy Bragg. Sandy Feweda. Bonnie Fordham Terry Payne Stacey Burke. Cindy Neview. Susanna Packauskas. Margie Cline. Machel don Palmer. Lee Hancock. Jay Harris. Alissa Fuller. Laura Hamby. Lisa Marsh Naom. Mann Connie Rouse. Stacey McBride. Clara Ranson. Sonya Shiver. Melissa Hughes. Vicki DM. Kathy Nickleson. Loretta Pelham. April Adams. Denise Gunnels Lori Gold’ Mrs. Joiner.oicc — coi— zFRONT ROW: Danny Blaylock. Vickie Goines. Lisa Woods. Robert Banks. Gary Davis. Mamie Nelson. BACK ROW: Angela Hubbard. Susan Fowler. Lorenzo Williams. Vicki Dill. Steve Belk. Quint Dunlap. Mr Johnson 158 FRONT ROW: Carlos Cody. Bill Stevens. Francis Toole. Greg Brown. Danny Blaylock. Dennis Rowley. Ralph McDaniel. BACK ROW: Mr Hornsby. Sabrina McGehee. Amy Honeycutt. Lori Hayman. Chrisna Jones. Gwen Johnson. Cindy Pope. Angela Solomon. Nancy Hurndon, Dana Harper. Teresa Davis.The Social Science Club sponsored a mock election during the Lori Hayman. Features’ Editor, prepares pictures for the judging of week of the national presidential election. Miss Thronateeska. A Backgammon Tournament was sponsored by DEC A Mrs. Mor- FCA meets every morning at 8:00. Everyone is welcome to attend, ton was declared champion. M® C L U B S I N A C T I O N In cooperation with other Y clubs. Albany High's Phi Kappa provides numerous community services. Short Circuits provides lighting and sound for all stage productions throughout the school year. 159CLASSES Laurel Spencer Gwen Johnson Bonnie NealBRIAN ACKER MARK ADAMS JAN ARNETTE AUBUREN BELL HARRY ADAIR Senior Class Officers Secretary — Mamie Nels President — Tim Nelson Vice President — Victor Carter 1981 SAM ALLEN JENNY ANDERSON BARBARA BEARD STEVEN BELK TAMMY ALBEA ALFRED BARNES MARTY BELL 162DARRYL BENTON DEBORAH BLITCH DAVID BRIMER SHALISA BULLARD SUE BLACKBURN FAYE BOATWRIGHT SCOTT BROOKS MARY BURNS YARNIA BLACKMON CINDY BRAGG GREG BROWN ANNETTE BURRIS DANNY BLAYLOCK CARLA BRANNEN DELORIS BUSHCONNIE CALDWELL ERIC CALHOUN RONALD CAMPBELL KELLY CANSLER CLINTON CARTER KIM CARTER MARY CARTER SHAWN CARTER VICTOR CARTER MIRIAM JAY CLEVELAND GREG CLINE CHARACTER CARLOS CODY STEVE COOK MONICA CREAMER BETH CRERAND 164JENNIFER DEARISO GARY DICKS MARSHA DILL VICKI DILLHELEN ESKEW JACQULYNESKEW ANNIE FAVORS JAMES FLETCHER DAVID GABALDON KELVIN GIRDNER DARWIN GLOVER AUDREY FLEMING MICHAEL FULFORD MORGAN GARCIA DAVID FLETCHER EDDIE FULLER THERESA GAVIN VERNA GAINES RUSTY FINDLEYDAVID GOFF RICKY GOODSON FELICIA GRAY DAVID GREENE JO HALL TAMARA HAMPTON DUD HARDIN DANA HARPER JULIE HARRIS MELBA HARRIS TERESA HARRISON WILLIE HARVEY LORETTA HATCHER LORI HAYMAN TERRESSIA HENDERSON SHEILA HICKSPHILLIP HILL MIKE HINDERLEIDER AMY HONEYCUTT DAVID HO GAIL HUFSTETLER e SHARON HILL LATITCIA HOLSEY PAM HOLLAND RICKY HUGHES TIM HUNDLEY MITCHELL HUNT DIANNE HUNTERCODY JOHNSON FANNIE JOHNSON GWEN JOHNSON CHERMAN JOHNSON CHRISNA JONE GAIL KING J M KING JOANN JONES REGINA KEGLER DAVID KNIGHT TERRY LAMB JEFF LANE KATY LIGHTLEMIKELUKENS THOMAS MARSHALL TORY MARTIN GREG LOHMEIER MICHAEL MAY SARA McBRIDE MARTHA McCARDEL JOHN MASTERS Ralph mcdaniel HELEN McGHEE BRIAN McLAGGAN JEFF MIDDLEBROOKSLISA MOTT LADD MURPHY TIM MURRY TODDNADRICH MAMIE NELSON Y SHAWN NELSON TIM NELSON CINDY NEVIEW CONNIE NICHOLS LANCE NICHOLS HENRY NIX DEBORAH OLIVER LEWIS PATE DONALD PAYNTER PATRICIA PETERSON PATTI PANNELLROY PIPPIN CURTIS REDDICK SHANNON ROBBINS MIKE POWELL JINA PROCTOR MICHAEL RETZEL GAIL ROBERTS JACQUELYN PICKETT KERVIN POWERS DEBBIE PRUET BYRON RHODES CHARLES PRICE MARK RAUGHTON ANNA RIDLEY CINDY POPE L Mi DENISE PRITCHARDDAVID SELMAN PAMELA SESSION DIANA SHARP SAMMY SHEARD TONY SMITH MATTHEW ANGELA SOLOMON EDMUND SOLOMON SNELLINGLINDA SOWELL LAUREL SPENCER SANDRA STARKS GLYNIS STEPHENS HENRY STERN BILL STEVENS KELLY STOKES TERRIE STONE RICHARD STRICKLAND DONALD STRICKLIN DARLENE SUTTLES CEDRIC SWAN BRUCE TARLETON MICHAEL TAYLOR JOHN THOMPSON MELVIN THROWERFRANK TILLMAN STELLA TINSON KALAYATIPLER KENNYTOSKY WINDELL TURNER TERRY TURNIPSEED RICKY WALLACE BRYAN WARREN TIM WATKINS ORA WEST TRELLAWHALEY BELINDA WHIDDEN DONNA WILLIAMS DOROTHY WILLIAMS KELLY WILLIAMS PAM WILEY CARY WILLIS KENT WORTHAM JACQUELINE WRIGHT GREG YAWOur school days now are past and gone. And yet we fondly linger here; For sweet each joy that we have known; Tis sad to part from comrades dear. The world before us brightly lies. Yet here fond mem’ry loves to dwell; With saddened hearts and dewy eyes We bid to all a sweet farewell! Farewell! Farewell!! We bid to all a sweet farewell! George CooperJUNIOR CLASS Janet Alderman John Allen Gina Amato Chris Andros Shirely Apperson Barbara Arnold Lynn Ayers Valerie Baldwin Henri Ball Tim Baxter Robert Belcher Dianne Bell Yvonne Billings Ronnie Blackmon Algena Blocker Barry Bloodworth Rhonda Bloodworth Tyria Boston Wendy Bowman Kim Brazzeal Sheila Bright Debra Brinkley Robin Brookshier Raymond Brumbley Scott Bruner Ronald Bryant Stephanie Bryant Valerie Adams The following people have been elected Junior Class Officers: President dent — Tim Baxter, and Secretary — Paul Ladd. — Chris Collins. Vice-Presi-Keith Burlison Charles Callaghan James Cannon Scott Carson Gloria Carter Kelvin Carter Lisa Ceraso Huong Chau Pamela Chester Yun Mei Chi Kathy Clark Kendall Clark Karen Clemmons Chris Collins Lisa Collins Robert Cook Mark Coppock Mary Creamer Barbara Crerand Howard Dabbs Regina Daniel Gary Daniels Allison Davis Martha Davis Mary Davis Robert Davis Scott Davis Teresa Davis Tim Davis Rodrick Day Chantel Deiseroth Mike Dorriety Anna Douglas Ronald Duckworth Kirk Durden Kay Eason Charles Edwards Elisabeth Edwards Evelyn Edwards Thomas Eskew David Evans Stephanie Farley Allen Faulk Floyd Faulk Leon Fedd Sandy Fedewa Karen Fenton Andrew Finlay Ashley Finlay April Fletcher Kendall Flownory Aaron Forbes Bonnie Fordham Alissa Fuller Vallie Gardner Lynn Garrison Wallace Garrod Mark Gavin Janice Gipson Efrem Glover Lori Gold Pam Gray Janice Green Tommy Green Unella Green Carolyn Griffin Tyrone Haines Caree Hairston Laura Hamby Scott Harrell Gwen Harris Jay Harris Linda Harris Sabrina Harris Valerie HarrisYvonne Harris Al Harrold Hilda Hawk Jack Hawkins Diane Hayes Alice Heldenberg Jennifer Hendley Evelyn Hill Terry Ho Vince Holland Richard Hood Ayesha Hosely Angela Hubbard Gregory Hubbard Billy Hudgins Melissa Hughes Angela Jackson Brenda Jackson Donna Jackson Evonne Jackson Darlene Jenkins Cliff Johnson Gene Johnson Randy Johnson Joey Johnston Brenda Jones Hampton Jones Jennifer Keel Pamela Kendrick Paulette Kendrick Sabrina Kennedy David King Suzanne Knox Paul Ladd Danny Lamb Jimmy LambertAnita Lange Nancy Ledford Debra Lewis Dianne Lewis Darthie Little Jimmy Long Patrick Lorzing Tom Louie Robin Mallory Lisa Marsh Sherry Martin Ruth Mason Mike McBride Terry McCabe Donald McClure Kelvin McCoy James McCray Sabrina McGehee Ruth McGarth Mike Mergenthal Kenneth Middleton Connie Miller Jeffery Miller Tracy Mims Jenalee Mitchell Derrick Monroe Clyde Mondes Libby Moree Anthony Morris Jeanette Morris Tammy Morris Steven Morrison Kevin Mott Ronnie Musgrove Melody Myrick Billy Neal Bonnie Neal Dennis Nobles Todd Norras T. J. Norvell John Nutt Darlene Owen Larry Palazzi Regina Parker Reginald Parker Michael Pate Loretta Pelham Dawn Penhollow Benjamin Perkins Jackie Perry Janet Perry Lee Perry John Peterson Andy Phelps Mark Phillips Lynn Poe Belinda Poole Jan Powell Wendell Quakenbush Robin Randle Clay Raybon Victoria Reese Karen Rentz Rydeidre Reynolds Kenneth Riggins 183184 Kevin Robert Carolyn Robertson Randy Robinson Renae Robinson Susan Rose Belinda Rouse Cathy Rouse Connie Rouse Bill Rowden Teresa Rowe Lisa Scogna Mary Selman Randolph Shaver Donna Shemery Keith Sheppard Barbara Sharman David Shockey Scott Shor Timothy Simmons Clint Smith Erica Smith Greg Smith Gregory Smith Jeffrey Smith Kathy Smith Marianne Smithwick Tal Stanfield Bessie Stephens Wendy Stokes Richard Streeter Scott Swain Genevia TannerMark Thompson Tammy Tolbert Francis Toole Donna Tucker Debra Tumblin Priscilla Tyler Casey Tyson Bodine Varner Bonnie Varon Janice Walker Steve Wallace Calvin Washington Bobby Watson Robert Whitney Cindy Whitton Margaret Wilbourn Karen Wolfe Anthony Williams Barbara Williams Carolyn Williams Kelvin Williams Lorenzo Williams Lynette Williams Micheal Williams Morris Williams Rene Williams Shirley Williams Shirley Williams Steven Williams Steven Williams Wendi Williams Latricia Williford Cassandra Wilson Chandra Wilson Andy Woodard Lisa Woods Donna Woodward Timothy Wright Dot ZackerySOPHOMORE CLASS LEFT to RIGHT: Stephanie Crippen. Sec.. David Golden. Pres.: Lorri Poe. Vice Pres. OFFICERS: Philip Abbott Apryle Adams Marion Albritton Georgia Andros Betty Anthony Lavonne Applewhite Tina Avery Robert Banks Cathy Barry Alan Bass Patricia Beaver Katrena Bedenbaugh Ray Belk Andrew Bell Renee Benthall Albert Bettencourtt Curtis Bickerstaff Beth Blaylock Debbie Bosarge Andy Boyett Sandy Bozett Elizabeth Bradford Laural Bragg John Bridges Louise Brown Ricky Brown Ronnie Brown Shirley Brown Eugene Brumbley Susan BryanRon Bryant Sarah Bryant Stacey Burke Gail Burlison Charlotte Butler Jim Butler Wendy Butler Eleanor Callaghan Victor Camel Vic Campbell Charles Carlton Ashley Carson Kenney Carter Mary Carter York Carter Kelly Cecille George Chaney Angie Childers Margie Cline Mary Clinton Virginia Clinton Mark Cody Cindy Cooper Mel Craft Glenn Creech Regina Crews Stephanie Crippen Monica Criss Susan Crosby Melissa CrossTim Cross Lowell Culp Belsy Cunningham Wayne Curies Donna Daniel Anthony Daniels Carla Daniels Terry Daniels Gary Davis Wayne Davis Jennifer Dawson L isa Douglas Kim Doyal Adrienne Drake Johnnie Eady Herman Easley Tad Elliotl Timothy Ellis Kenme Ervin Martha Everett Rodney Floyd Alexander Forbes Yvette Foster Yvonne Foster Susan Fowler Allison Garner Mary Garner Martin Gibb Donald Gibson Regina Glaze Vickie Goines David Golden Betty Green Carolyn Green Deidre Green Jessie Green Johnny Green Thomas Greene Denise Gunnels John Hall Sallie Hammonds Lee Hancock 188James Hawkins Charles Hayes Hank Hayes Madria Heard Cynthia Henderson Samantha Henss Terry Hicks Regina Hill Teresa Holland Randy Hollis Rhonda Holsey Lisa Holt Kirt Hooks Leonard Horne Cadijah Hosely Omar Hosely Angela Hudson Florence Humphrey Jennifer Hunt Linda Hunt Paul Ingram Allison Jackson Carolyn Jackson Danny Jackson Demetruis Jackson Tammy Jackson Teresa Jackson Vicky Jackson Authur Johnson Micheal Johnson Patrice Johnson Sarina Johnson Bernadett Jones Bruce Jones Natalie Jordan Xavier Jourdan Tamrny Harden Chris Harp Michelle Harrell Esther Harris Sheila Hastings Barbara Hatcher 189 Adam Kane Angel Karst David Kawalek Reginald Kendrick Micki King Ricky King Steven Knight Amy Knowles Chip Knox Steve Lambert Alma Lane Dons Lane James Lanier Sue Lanier Billy Latham Todd Lavender Valerie Ledford Jeremiah Leggett Helen Leishman Dianne Lewis Erica Lewis Vicky Lewis Angel Lillis Loren Livingston Donald Lohmeier Gary Loud Kelly MacDonald Charlene Majors Tommy Mallard Naomi Mann Melissa Maples Greg Marsh Beth Martin Sandy Martin Terri Martin Brian Massey Debra Massey Herbert Mathis Tyrone Mays Stacey McBride Jacob McCray Rebecca McDonald 190Sammy McFarland Angelina McGehee Linda McGrath Lesley McWilliams Chester Meek Shelia Melvin Lewis Moore Nancy Moorehead Alice Morgan Bailey Morgan Kathy Morman Allison Morrill Linda Nix Barbie Norvell Edith Odom Cathy Odums Deborah Osborne Ben Owens Morris Mency Marjorie Mercer Christine Miller Terrell Mills Cortland Minnieh Andrew Mitchell Barbara Mixon Hiram Mobley Carolyn Moody Dorin Moon James Moore Joe Moore Jerry Morris Valerie Nelson Gaynelle Newton Kathryn Nicholson Beatrice Nix Edward Nix Susanna Packauskas Macheidon Palmer Nicholas Parks Vann Paul Mary Joe Paulson Theresa PayneAllen Payton Ruby Peterson Wayne Peterson Richard Phegley Valerie Phillips Moses Pickett Lorri Poe Wanda Pope Shay Powell Katrena Price Kirk Pringle Sandra Pruet Hoda Radwan Terry Rainey Clara Ransom Michael Reddick Rodney Renfroe Steve Richardson William Riggins Franklin Rivers Chris Robbins Patricia Roberts Angela Robinson Elaine Robinson Scott Robinson Carl Roos Jill Rowe Richard Rowley Pamela Rudderman Rachel Sapp Charles Schintzius Theodore Schubert Geogory Schultz Thomas Sears Kathy Sessions Carl Settles Tammy Shelley Tracy Shelton Chanel Sheppard 192Termesia Stephens Patricia Stevens Clifton Stewart Nora Stewart Kathryn Stinson Barbara Strawder Danny Streuer Angela Stroble Victor Stubbs Susan Surface Toni Sweeney Jacquelin Swinney Theon Tanner Emma Taylor Tina Taylor Randy Tester Billy Thomas Sheila Thomas Shunta Thomas Tracy Thomas Frederick Threadcraft Sarinee Tipier Anthony Tovell Georgia Tsikilista Cynthia Turner Tara Urquhart Tonya Usher Sharon Sheppard Michael Shierling Sonya Shiver Shelia Sims Pam Sizemore Karen Shelley Daphne Smith Ginger Smith Louann Smith Devon Snyder Clarence Solomon William Spurting 193 194 David Viau Jimmy Watford Gina Walker Wendy Walker Genise Washington Dottie Watson Shelia Weaver Gail Welch Brenda West Edward West Ulysses White Kathryn Whitney Robin Wildes Jeannie Willgrums Elouise Williams Kenneth Williams L C. Williams Linda Williams Micheal Williams Sara Williams Dorn Williamson Lucius Williford Barry Wilson Jackie Wilson Richard Woodall Steve Woods Ginger Wortham Nathaniel Worthy Freddie Wright Todd Wright Joseph Vaxmonsky Beth Yarbrough Beverly Yielding- I ! "Couple of the year!!! Ronny who???” I know it’s a crummy birdhouse, but”. "No. Brian. I will not be your model!!!” “I think we are lost again!!!"FACULTY Greg Lohmeier Kelvin CarterDougherty County Board of Education 198FROM THE OFFICE OF LOUIE HORNSBY MV TIME AT ALBANY HIGH SCHOOL Time Changes Everything Sounds like a title to a song, doesn't it? Well, it is. but it is also just a simple statement of tact. There are only five other faculty members presently on the staff who were here the year that I came to Albany High School — 1966. Except for two years spent at Albany Junior College (1969-1971) I have remained at Albany High as a classroom teacher, administrative assistant, assistant principal and principal In the fall of 1971 I came back from Albany Junior College to good 01’ AHS as assistant principal with Mr. Graydon Pierce. The next summer Mr. Pierce was promoted. leaving me with the principal's job; and that it has been. Much of the spirit and tradition once enjoyed at Albany High School waned due to so much change that occurred during the decade from 1968 to 1978. The tradition lost much of its appeal and importance to students who came and went. However, it now seems that we are on the way back to appreciating school spirit and tradition. We have been working hard on this for several years — developing a coat of arms, putting up the Alma Mater in the gym. selling spirit buttons, etc. I have enjoyed my tenure here because I love people and like working with both young people and adults. Each graduating class is different with so many different faces that the eternal change seems refreshing, even though some parts of it become tiring 199200201SECRETARIES AND SCHOOL NURSE Margie Carter Virginia Gillespie Carolyn Sumner Lenora Helton — Nurse 202A.H.8. CAFETERIA AND CUSTODIAL STAFFS Nola Cromer Cashier Vivian Fleming Dietician Estelle Wynn Cashier L to R: Ann Brown, Erma Yarborough, Nola Cromer, Lois Land, Leona Reliford, Theresa Lockett, Milford Cross, Ella Blackshear, Joan Merritt. L to R: David Bush, Frank Pondexter, Martha Johnson, Enoch Russ, Jessie Bradley, Jr.Mr. Walter Jackson English Mrs. Allene Johnson English Mrs. Rosetta Armstrong English Mrs. Rebecca Howard English French Miss Rhonda Dent English Reading Mrs. Helen Gaiter EnglishMrs. Evelyn Jones English Miss Pauline McGowan Spanish Mrs. Dorothy Sneed Special Education Mrs. Joanne Morton Special Education Mrs. Karen Wakeford Latin Mrs. Dale Lynn Ogden Special Education Mrs. Christine Wilson English 205MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT Mrs. Judy Thomas Department Head Mrs. Lucy Dunn Math Mrs. Laura McKinney Math Mrs. Elaine Pappas Math Mrs. Kathleen Bacon Math 206SCIENCE Department Head Mrs. Jo Joiner Science Mrs. Judith Walter Science Coach Jack Brownlee Biology Mr. Ernest Boone Biology Mr. Nelson Johnson Biology SOCIAL STUDIES Mr. Robert Graper Department Head Mrs. Carolyn Hand History Mrs. Sheryl Anderson Economics Mrs. Sharon Harris Psychology Mrs. Lilaine Munroe-Brown History Mrs. Jane Crawford History Coach Carl Williams HistoryCoach Al Woodham Department Head Coach Joseph Bateman Physical Education Coach Willie Magwood Driver Ed. P.E. PHYSICAL EDUCATION Coach Gordon Dixon Driver Ed. P.E. MRS. Lynne Haggerty Physical Education Coach Tommy Stephenson Driver Ed. Mrs. Audrey Mitchell Physical EducationVOCATIONAL EDUCATION Mr. T. W. Downing Agriculture Mr. Clyde Lane D.C.T. Mrs. Carolyn Hill D.E. Mrs. Susan Stewart Home Economics Mrs. Florence Battle Business Education Miss Margaret Hogg Business Education211PEOPLE Bonnie VaronYOU WERE ALONE... 215(tv SAND DISLIKES... kVN DIFFERENT HOPES 219DIFFERENT DREAMS 220222225GEORGE WILLIAMS TUX SHOP •• - - 4MERI01N IFOPVM'.WMP MSSOCL4TION J« C 'VN «C •« - • » + U ma a, » : v o . -r- — National Bridal Service Compliments of WGPC Radio AM — FM 1450 AM — 104.5 FM COMPLIMENTS OF Flint Industrial Service Southern Diaper Service 633 Whitney Ave. Cooling-Heating, Inc. GERALD M. JOHNSON STAFF SERGEANT U.S. ARMY FIELD RECRUITER U.S. ARMY RECRUITING STATION ALBANY TOWERS, SUITE 132 ALBANY, GEORGIA 31705 OFFICE PHONE (912) 432-7622 227Congratulations SENIORS from National Real Estate CONGRATULATIONS! CLASS OF’81 Magazine Network If you choose the Marines, maybe youll choose Aircraft Maintenance,too. The Marine Corps believes that every young man wants to point himself in the right direction - toward the kind of work that will suit him best, the kind of skills that will stick with him for life So if you've got what it takes to be a Marine, and you can qualify for our new option programs, we’ll let you choose the nght direction If it’s aircraft maintenance ordnance, you’ll be on your way as soon as you complete recruit training There's also radio communications, infantry, elec tronics, motor transport and many other directions you can go Come in and look over the list You tell us what you’re interested in We ll tell you if we can get you there Were looking for a feu good choose their own directions. United States Marine Recruiting Corps Service John Neal MSGTUSMC 435-2512 439-8762 432-0347 Non Commissioned Officer In Charge U.S. Marine Corps Recruiting Post Office Box 1843 235 Roosevelt Ave. Albany, Ga. 31701 228848 W. Oglethorpe Phone 883-1905 FROM A FRIEND SYVANIA SUPERSET Compliments of ARCADE T-SHIRT SHOP SLAPPEY INSURANCE COMPANY 551 N. Slappey Hawley D. Walter Make It With Pecans! 419 SANDS DRIVE Albany, Georgia 31702 912-883-5275SIMPLE SIMON AUTO PARTS (912)432-2886 CLEGG ASSOCIATES COMMERCIALS RESIDENTIAL REMODELING OVERHEAD DOOR SALES SERVICE D. L. CLEGG 1114 Fifth Ave. 810 W. Oglethorpe Phone: 439-8871 439-8872 President Albany, Ga. 31707 BARBER STYLING SHOP CLASS OF ’82 Albany, Ga. Styles For Men Razor Cut — Toupee Work Specialists in Long Hair Look Open 7:30 AM till 6 PM Daily Closed Wednesdays 1929 Dawson Rd. For Appt Ca|| JERRY JENKINS 436-6670 Compliments of SECURITY BANK TRUST CO. COMIN’ THROUGH 511-B.S. Slappey Blvd. Albany, Ga. 31707 912-435-5969 Thelma’s Bridal Formal Wear Specializing in — Weddings Formal Wear • Gowns • Bridesmaids Mother of the Wedding Nadine Pageant Prom Gowns Tux Rentals COLLIER’S EXXON 2401 DAWSON RD. 432-0351 230ICE CREAM SPECIALTIES Zenith RCA Sam A. Meeks, Pres. J. E. Meeks, Sec.-Treas. HOTPOINT SONY Midtown Mall P.O. Box 1630 Albany, Georgia 31702 PHONE 883-5470 DIPPER DAN Midtown Mall JOHN PATTY FAULKNER ELECTRIC COMPANY PROUDLY SERVING 60 MINUTE CLEANERS 1320 DAWSON ROAD D F INTERNATIONAL Marketing, Tax Shelter Planning, Income Diversification ROSENBERGS Albany Mall 1812 Edgerly Ave. Albany, Ga. 31707 (912)435-6647 0TLa ilJLi v 0Rimatu'wiA' DONIE’S BEAUTY SHOP 922 8th Avenue ALBANY, GA 31701 PHONE 435-9938 Albany Mall A complete miniature shop specializing in minature for the beginner builder child and collector. Come See Us!Baskin-Robbins 911 N. Slappey 436-3131 ALL AMERICA Of Ashburn. Inc. The Luggage Gift Shop MicTtown Mall 711 N.SLAPPEY V. Shier — Broker HAYMANS GARAGE Congratulations SENIORS ’81 232 GENERAL REPAIRS on CARS TRUCKS 1207 N.SLAPPEY • PH.432-1779 J 1Compliments of PLAZA PHARMACY 910 N. Jefferson Compliments of The Murphy Dancers MLS m realtor INC. OF ALBANY 204 W. Oglethorpe Blvd. Albany. Georgia 31701 Office: 435-0024 Bob Andrews President INC. OF ALBANY 204 Oglethorp Blvd. 435-0024 2530 Stuart Ave. 883-8530 BURGER CHEF 814 N. Slappey m realtor’ WALDEN KIRKLAND REALTORS INC. Realtor • 601 N. Slappey Blvd. • Albany, Georgia31702 • Phone436-8811 233ALL AMERICAN Of Ashbunv, Inc. GOOD LUCK GRADUATING CLASS OF “81” ALBANY TRAVEL AGENCY BILL’S HEALTH FOOD GREEN’S PROPANE ALBANY, GA PITTSBURGH PAINTS436-4417 435-8109 Business Residence SOUTH GEORGIA HOSIERY CO. 113 South Jackson St. Albany, Ga. 31701 HEALTH - TEX CHILDREN'S WEAR JEANS by WRANGLER — LEE RIDER SKIRTS, SLACKS, and TOPS W. RALEIGH JOHNSON, Owner Wheel Alignment — Brake Service Automatic Transmissions General Auto Repairs MITCHELL AUTO SERVICE 113 N. Cleveland Phone: Albany, Ga. 435-1344 31705 Member ASC %« ■%,. 10 Ail: ( BRUCE JONES CO. LYkes USDAINSPECTED QUALITY MEAT PRODUCTS PRODUCER OF Wieners, Luncheon Meats, Sausage, Sliced Bacon, Boneless Smoked Hams, Smoked Hams, and Smoked Picnics Large Stock of Auto Parts For Most Makes Models of Cars and Trucks 436-3351 1020 Roosevelt 436-4661 436-2451 2311 Sylvester Rd. 421 N. Washington Compliments of BETH’S FLOWERS 1410 PEARL AVE. ALBANY, GA 31707 435-8584Compliments of AMERICAN FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN 701 N. Slappey Compliments of JULIAN ROYAL ..jg|..... Ku oulviemth DOUGHNUTS ALBANY SAFETY EQUIPMENT 154 N. SLAPPEY BLVD. ALBANY, GA. WRIGHT’S FLOUR FEED STORE Albany, Ga. “Our heart pumps Orange at the Orange Bowl” Albany Mall 236 220 Oglethorpe Blvd. Phone: 2-2831TI FFANY’S 315 N. Slappey There's always something different at your Dairy Queen Store ADDISON STEEL, INC. Designers, Fabricators and Erectors of: Structural Steel-Bar and Longspan Joist Tiffany’s Albany Mall 1920 Ledo Rd. Albany, Ga. 31708 (912)883-4506 ATLAS FENCE COMPANY 315 W. Roosevelt Compliments of ALBANY FOODS, INC. 201 N. Monroe Albany, Ga. 31707 OGLETHORPE , MOTELJ Oglethorpe Motel 941 Oglethorpe 2371THE C i r fiiiiin in ■■I ■ II! QUALITY SUPPLIES PROFESSIONAL WORKMANSHIP ALBANY LINCOLN MERCURY — FIAT COMPANY 623 W. BROAD AVE. ALBANY, GEORGIA 31701 Phone 432-7464 Furniture Refinishing Antique Restorations REPRODUCTION BRASS HARDWARE POLISHES Retail 417 N. Washington REFINISHING SUPPLIES Phone 883-2471 CANE CLEANERS Wholesale JAMES STEVENS CO. P.O. BOX 566 315 SEVENTH AVE. ALBANY, GEORGIA 31702 CHARLES W. BRYANT President 888-7089Albany Insurance Agency Allen-Owens Company Cannon Powell Insurors Copelan Insurance Agency Detherage Insurance Agency Fleming Insurance Agency. Inc. H.H. Hedrick Sons Howard Ventulett Insurors. Inc. J.L. Brunson Associates, Inc. Lanier-Taft Insurance Agency Pace Insurance Wakeford Insurance Agency Walden Kirkland Insurors Warren Brimberry BROOKS Auto Parts V COATS CLARK ) 128 Pine Ave. 435-5696 GOOD Compliments of LUCK ElECTOC CO., INC. SENIORS B.T. Myers 1929 Ledo Rd. ’81 Albany. Georgia Phone (912) 432-9158 241Landscaping Consulting Spraying Rt. 3, Box 366 Leesburg, Ga, 31763 912 436-0078 912 883-2349 RON WOLFE McCollum’s Photo Shop and Studio Compliments of 2208 Palmyra Rd. Albany, Georgia Since 1927 Albany Telephone Answering Services HERITAGE HOUSING DIVISION OF ALL AMERICA OF ASHBURN, INC. P.O. Box 397 PEARSON, GA 31642 KINDER CARE Sub Sandwiches Steak Subs Cold Comb Meat Ball Sausage Pizza Famous Salads Spaghetti Dine In or Take Out Village Green Ct. Dawson Road 1604 N. Slappey Open 11 A.M. 436-7265 436-9929 242JACKSON SONS 1600 W. BROAD JACKSON SPORT SHOP ALBANY MALL ALBANY. Ga. 31707 (912)883-7261 ALBANY MALL COMPLIMENTS OF FULL LINE SPORTING GOODS STORE ALBANY LITTLE THEATER ERVIN FLORIST OWENS INC. SPORTING GOODS . ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT 1111 4th Ave. 202 BROAD AVE. ALBANY. Ga. PHONE 435-5628 MIDTOWN MALL 1116 BROAD AVE. PHONE 888-0044 IT PAYS TO PLAY, £ POLYCHROME CORPORATION Graphic Arts Materials Films, Plates Inks 243 Best Wishes From Carpets and Linoleum BROWN FLOOR COVERING, INC. JIM KEGLER JR. and FAMILY Mannington Astro-Turf • Grass Carpet • No Wax Vinyl Wax • Tile • Wall Paper Commercial or Residential 104 South Magnolia Albany, Ga. 31707 Phone: 436-7912 Residence Phone: 435-3337 TWINKLE KIDDIE NURSERY AND KINDERGARTEN 312 Alice Ave. 439-8116 Open 7:30 — 5:00 Ages — 12 Months and Up Compliments of ASSOCIATED SERVICES ED EDMONDS FLOOR COVERING CO. 714 Highland Albany, Ga. 432-7426 P.O. Box 3884 Heating and Air Conditioning DUB CONE SHOES Midtown Shopping Center 439-7546 Albany Mall 439-0251 Albany, Georgia 244 Best Wishes From Mary J. Williams and Kelvin E. Carter 242-4131 24 Hour Service E. MILLER SONS, INC. FUEL OIL SERVICE BURNER SERVICE — SALES — INSTALLATION Compliments of N.J. LICENSED HOME REPAIR CONTRACTOR Thomas, Jackie, Brent and Matt Driggers 282 Bergen St. Newark, N.J. 07103 Duggan Ins. Agency P.O. Box 366 1104 Baker Ave. Albany, Ga. 31707 MARBUT COMPANY Wholesale Plumbing — Heating Air Conditioning Appliances G. Leonard Duggan Phone: 888-2040 Owner Telephone 883-7450 P.O. Box 3709 101 Baldwin Dr. Albany, Ga. 31706 MERRY ACRES RESTAURANT Welcomes You to an Adventure in Good Foods Cocktails Steaks Private Dining Seafood Facilities Seafood Crisp Salads Mon. Thru Sat. 6 A.M.-11 P.M. Next to Sun. 7 A.M.-2 P.M. Merry Acres Motel Larry Price Manager Visit Our Showroom Open Mon.-Fri. 7:30 — 5:30 Distributors of American Standard Rheem Kitchenaide Jenn-Aire Thermador Subzero Magic Chef Frigidaire 245MaHttoa's FlocoeRS COMPLIMENTS OF ALBANY CHAPTER AMERICAN RED CROSS Martha Jack Jones 404 2nd Ave. 435-4524 Albany, Ga. 31701 Fashion Cleaners Ed Diffendorfer AIRWAY 705 S. SLAPPEY BLVD. BOB WHITE RENTS INC. MOST ANYTHING 732 W. BROAD 435-0735 Albany, Ga. 31707 435-2503 STEWART SANDWICHES 2208 NEWTON ROAD ALBANY, GEORGIA UNTTED UNITED UNTTED Van Lines Compliments of Liberty National Life Insurance MOVING AND STORAGE OF GA INC 819 Roosevelt Ave. Albany, Georiga 31701 912 435-2235 246 Phone: 436-0344 P.O. Box L 624 W. Oglethorpe Blvd. Albany, Ga. 31702CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS of 1981 Compliments of THE ACKER FAMILY CONGRATULATIONS CLASS of 1981 THE SHOE BOX Downtown and Midtown JAY’S SHOES 236 BROAD AVE. (912)436-9597 POLLOCK HEATING COOLING COMPANY COMPLIMENTS OF Residential and Commercial Repairs and Installations JACK GRIFFIN Mr. Herbert C. Pollock 503 N. Washington Owner Albany, Ga. 31707 QUALITY PAINT BODY COMPLIMENTS OF 125 N. Cleveland 883-0070 or 432-1319 Wayne Davis THE VARONS GILES BUIDER SUPPLY CORNER of PINE and CLEVELAND Albany, Ga. 31707 432-7431 247COMPLIMENTS OF GEORGIA FIREFIGHTER MAGAZINE Advertising Director JOHN BODIN 2nd District Representative RONALD ROWE Compliments of Anne and Kenya House St. John’s Charlotte, North Carolina SWIMMING POOL CO., INC. 513 N. Slappey Phone 435-1863 Albany, Ga. 31701 THE VILLAGE APARTMENTS 2507 Nottingham Way Albany, Ga. 31707 MAKES ANY POOL SAY WELCOME Phone: 439-8109 248 THE MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED AGAINST THIRST. Coke adds life. Bottled under the authority of The Coca-Cola Co. by The Albany Coca-Cola Bottling Co. A FRIEND CLEANERS 1107 N. Slappey Albany, Georgia HAZEL’S BEAUTY SHOP 632 12th Ave. Albany, Georgia 883-3984 249CONGRATULATIONS A L B A N Y H I G H Compliments of FRATERNAL ORDER OF FIREFIGHTERSHINMAN AWNINGS CARPORT CO. 1124 HIGHLAND AVE. SWIMMING POOLS FOR GOOD SOUND OR GOOD SOUND ADVICE... SHOP WITH US!! THE PROFESSIONALS SEARS Where America Shops For Value Rodd Electronics, Inc. StC s s- fV W SY7 SU 807 W. BROAD AVE. Sears, Roebuck Co. Albany Mall ADC-BSR ELECTROVOILE PIONEER AKAI KENWOOD DUAL PANASONIC SPECTRO ACOUSTICS 435-1044 or 432-1453 KINGSTOWN APARTMENT COLONY 1200 Kingstown St. KINGSTOWN APTS. Singles Young Married Life Style • Club House With Fireplace • Swimming Pool • Cable TV • Lighted Tennis Courts 436-6415 1200 Kingstown Court Entrance Gate 1 Block West of Slappey Blvd. Whispering Pines Rd.Compliments of BARFIELD’S SHOES FOOTWEAR FOR THE FAMILY Albany Mall Midtown Shopping Center ALBANY, GEORGIA 31701 ABC NURSERY 1808 Melrose Albany, Georgia Phone: 435-4718 CONGRATULA- TIONS CLASS OF’81 MEDI SAVE PHARMACY 800 S. Slappey — DRIVE THRU WINDOW AND CONVENIENCE CENTER — 10% SENIOR CITIZEN DISCOUNT — PATIENT PRESCRIPTION and INSURANCE RECORDS — PHONE 435-1306 252OAKRIDGE DRIVE EXXON 1002 W. OAKRIDGE DR. 888-6718 COMPLIMENTS SENIORS of’81 FROM GYLES FACTORY OUTLET 1009 GORDON AVE. 435-5111 Bedspreads — Drapes — Accessories Ladies Jeans — Tops — Skirts — Dresses COMPLIMENTS OF OWENS GROCERY and MEATS 801 S. Jefferson St. Open 7 AM to 7 PM COMPLIMENTS OF LILLISTON CORPORATION 253HOUSE OF CHWfl RESTAURANT Special Offering — Now Serving Luncheon Serving 11:30 AM til 3:00 PM Buffet Every Sunday Different Menu Weekly All You Can Eat $3.50 Children Under 12 Only $2.50 Delicious New Dishes: • War Bar (Sizzling Rice) • Shrimp War Bar • Sizzling Beef, Etc. Dinner 5:00 PM til 10:00 PM Tel. 432-1001 1514 N. Slappey Watch for New Menu Each Friday BRUNDAGE MOTORS TURNIPSEED CARPETING SERVICESBILL THOMPSON TIRE SERVICE, INC. 112 W. Oglethorpe Blvd. Albany, Ga. 31701 Bus. Phone(912)435-7753 W.H. "Bill" Thompson, Sr. Res Phone (912) 436-5290 Pres, and General Manager Night Phone (912) 436-8754 Night Phone (912) 883-6935 Night Phone(912)432-6421 Anne’s Fashion Footwear 1645 E. Oglethorpe Blvd Albany, Ga. Phone 432-1803 East Albany Finest Quality — CARESSA — MARQUISE — — CONNIE — FAMOLARE — Flarden Company Insurance Suite 349, Albany Towers — YO-YO’S — AIRSTEPS — — ASTRA — BOOTS — Employee Benefits Life and Health Insurance Nobody's Gonna PIGGLY WIGGLY RAILWAY FREIGHT 1140 Gillionville Rd. Albany, Ga. Let’s build a future together. FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION Albany Dawson Sylvester 435-2111 995-4494 776-3447 1256Compliments of DAVID FLETCHER JAMES FLETCHER, JR. Compliments of 325 N. Slappey 509 N. Jefferson 317 W. Oglethorpe Five Points LINDA AND CHUCK HOUSE OF FLAIR BEAUTY SALON BRAD LANIER OIL CO., INC. “Latest in Styling and Shaping” 1104 A. Third Ave. 436-1295 Telephone (912) 436-0131 611 Roosevelt Ave. Distributor For Diesel Fuel, Gasolines, and Oils "The South's Largest Passenger Tire Recappers” 1401 N. SlappeyCompliments of CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS “Cabinets for Every Room” Ireewheeis?. CUSTOM KITCHENS CO. 1507 Dawson Road Albany, Ga. 31707 A. H. SNELLING, Jr. 808 W. Oglethorpe Ave. The Bicycle Place (912)883-8993 VMiams t i — An?- r YOU’RE PROBABLY QUALIHED FOR A GOOD NAVY JOB EVEN KNOW IT. The Navy has many jobs that require men and women with various backgrounds of skill, schooling and experience. Jobs that are the heart and soul of a Navy life of adventure. Under the Seaman Airman Program, you can qualify for many of these jobs. You'll learn the job the hard way—from experience. 1Yained by men who've made it to the top—whoVe learned the job the same way you will. You may choose either of three apprentice training options: Seaman, Airman or Fireman. For men who choose the Seaman option, there's guaranteed sea duty—with a chance to see the world. You must be at least 17 years old (but not over 31) and meet certain educational requirements. Your local Navy recruiter can tell you if you qualify—so give him a call. In your area, talk to: TOM WITHERS RANDY J. TROUT BTIUSN A02USN RECRUITER X RECRUITER ij -4 BO CHARGOIS Senior Chief Petty Officer Recruiter Navy Recruiting Station 235 Roosevelt Ave. Suite 133 Albany, Ga. 31701 Office — 912-432-7121 HOME 912-436-8 '40 258HONDA of Albany Compliments ofThere’s No Place Like Your Home Compliments of ALBANY FURNITURE DEALER’S ASSOCIATION Albany House Furnishing, Co. Inc. BROWN FURNITURE CO. GERST BROS. FURNITURE HOME SUPPLY AND FURNITURE CO. LOOSIER OF ALBANY MILES FURNITURE CO. MORROW-COOK FURNITURE CO. RHODES, INC. SUBURBAN FURNITURE THE FURNITURE HOUSE PHILLIPS MOVING AND STORAGE CO. FLINT EQUIPMENT CO. 1206 Blaylock St. P.O. Box 3329 Albany, Georgia 31706 Pet Dairies As Fresh As You Can Buy Owners — Operators Vicki Munn Patsy Haire 'f ytudiob 2415-D Dawson Road 912 439-8863 Compliments of ALBANY SERUM CO. INC.JSSsSS iftnues hksv si fft FmSTSTATE6ANK TBUST oe -• ssSSfewr"- Member pD'CCOMPLIMENTS OF ALBANY CIVINETTESAlbany Kenworth Inc. Serving South Georgia 264 AMERICAN LEGION POST 30PATRONS Kay Cates Eckhardt Porter Paint Co. Francis Toole Mr. Mrs. Thomas Fenton Mr. Mrs. William P. Whelchel, Jr. Mad Hatter Mufflers Dolly Bowen Spencer Mr. Mrs. James Fletcher Joey Valis Melba Newsome Roy Fletcher Jim Barbara Dulock Jack Cronin — Albany Realty Albany Office Products Mrs. Blanche Sitron Dr. Mrs. Alan Sitron David, Dean Ted Hayman The Flower Basket Mrs. Paul DeLoach Evelyn Jones Rebecca M. Howard Joyce Smithwick Mr. Mrs. Ronnie Keel Mr. Mrs. Danny Joiner Danny, Jo, Lisa, Daniel Joiner Polly McGowan Albany Floral Mr. Mrs. David Maschke Mr. Mrs. Ben H. Holland Mr. Mrs. J. M. Little Mr. Mrs. Henry Adams Gerald Anne TuckerSPIRIT Spirit is evident everywhere . .. In the people... In the classes... In the grades . .. And in the school. 268ACKER. BRIAN — DECA, VICA, Annual Staff — Features Editor, Who’s Who Among American High School Students, Outstanding Achievement in Algebra ADAIR, HARRY ADAMS, MARK — Phi Kappa, Football — Best Improved Player, As One ALBEA, TAMMY— VICA ALLEN, HUGH — VICA — Photographer, Pow Wow — Photographer, Most Outstanding Photographer ANDERSON, CAROLYN ANDERSON, JENNY ARNETTE, JAN — Beta Club — Secretary, JCL, Student Council, Epsilon — Projects Chairman, Annual Staff — Ads Editor, Cheerleading BARNES. ALFRED — VICA BEARD, BARBARA — Annual Staff — Club Editor, Office Aid BELK, STEVEN — As One — Vice President, Spirit Committee, Student Council, Social Studies, Basketball, Football, Perfect Attendance BELL, AUBUREN BELL, MARTY BENTON, DARRYL — Phi Kappa, FBLA — Parliamentarian, Basketball, Perfect Attendance, Gym Aid BLACKBURN, SUE — Pep Club BLACKMON, YARNIA — Beta Club, DECA — Historian and Treasurer, As One, DAR Award, Who's Who in Foreign Languages, Student Council BLAYLOCK, CHARLES — Phi Kappa, As One, Football — Best B-Team Back, Baseball — Best Hitter Award BLITCH, DEBRA — Student Council, Cheerleader, Good Conduct Award, Perfect Attendance BOATWRIGHT, FAYE — VICA BRAGG, CINDY — JCL — Vice President, College Bowl, FCA, Miss AHS, Homecoming Queen, Band, Nelson Tift Workshop BRANNEN, CARLA — Epsilon, Spanish Club, DECA, VICA — Parliamentarian BRIMER, DAVID — DECA BROOKS, SCOTT — Beta Club, College I Bowl, Debate, Essay Award, University of Georgia Certificate of Merit, Biology Award BROUGHTON, DAVID — Perfect Attendance BROWN, GREG — AVA, Spanish Club, Stu- !dent Advisory Committee, IAC — Reporter, DECA BROWN, SHENELIA — DECA BROWN, STEVEN — Basketball d BULLARD, SHALISA — FHA, Pow Wow BURNS, MARY — FHA BURRIS, ANNETTE BUSH, DELORIS — Pow Wow, FHA CALDWELL, CONNIE — Band — Section Leader s E N I 0 R D 1 R E C T O R Y CALHOUN, GREG CALHOUN. ERIC — Baseball CAMPBELL. RONALD — Basketball CANSLER, KELLY — Office Aid CARTER, CLINTON — IAC CARTER, JESSIE CARTER, KIMBERLEY — Drama CARTER, MARY — FHA CARTER, SHAWN — FCA. Drama, University of Georgia Certificate of Merit, Who’s Who Among American High School Students, Band, One Act Play, Chorus CARTER, VICTOR — Pow Wow — Sports Editor, Phi Kappa — Chaplain, Block A, Senior Class Vice President, Student Council. Baseball, Football Trainer CHARACTER, MIRIAM — FHA, FCA, Basketball CLEVELAND, JAY CLINE, GREGORY — Phi Kappa, Show Chorus, Band, Short Circuits CODY, CARLOS — FCA, Student Council, Band, Beta Club, Show Chorus, Student Advisory, Who’s Who Among American High School Students COOK, STEVE — Phi Kappa CREAMER, MONICA — DECA, AVA, Epsilon, Debate — Secretary-Treasurer, Spanish Club — Historian, Annual Staff — Student Life CREECH, MISTY CRERAND, ELIZABETH — Annual Staff — Club Editor, VICA, Epsilon, Band, Flags CREWS, GREGORY — AVA, Phi Kappa, Good Conduct Certificate, Art Award, One Act Play, Perfect Attendance, Certificate of Merit in Art CREWS, SABRINA — FHA, FCA, Good Conduct Certificate CROSS, RAMONA CURLES, ROBBIE — FCA, Epsilon, Junior Class Treasurer, Basketball CUTLIFF, MARILYN DANIEL, GWENDOLYN — VICA DAUGHERTY, CATHY — Band DAVENPORT, GLEN — Track DAVIS, SHERRY — FBLA, Social Studies. Basketball, Homecoming Court, Georgia Certificate of Merit DEARISO, JENNIFER — FHA DEMARINO, THOMAS — FFA. VICA DICKS, GARY — IAC — Treasurer and Reporter, Math Club DILL, MARSHA — JCL, Beta Club, Epsilon, DECA, Student Council, Annual Staff — Junior Editor, Who’s Who Among American High School Students, Certificate of Merit DILL, VICKI — Beta Club — Secretary-Treasurer, FCA — Secretary, Annual Staff — Class Editor, Who’s Who Among American High School Students, Certificate of Merit, As One DIXON, DERRICK ■Jv ' EDMUNDS. CHRISTOPHER — FFA — Vice i ‘ HARRISON. TERESA — Epsilon, As One, Stu President. Outstanding Achievement in Chem- i I dent Council, Sophomore President, Band S 1istry Show Chorus EIDSON. RICKY — VICA HARVEL. DAVID — Football ELLINGTON. ROBERT — Phi Kappa. Base- HARVEY, WILLIE — FHA, IAC. YAC ball, Good Conduct Award HATCHER. LORETTA — VICA. Phi Beta ELLIOTT, LAURIE — DECA — Chaplain, HATCHER. ROBERT Tumbler. French Certificate HAYMAN, LORI — Spanish Club. Student ELLIS. GEOFFREY Advisory, Epsilon. Block A, Annual Staff — j ESKEW. HELEN — Lunchroom Aid Features Editor, Cheerleading — Captain, ESKEW, JACQULYN — Good Conduct Who's Who Among American High School Award. Lunchroom Aid Students FALLIN, LEWIS : HENDERSON. TERRESSIA — VICA FARLEY. LEN — FFA HICKS. RAYFIELD FAVORS, ANNIE — Perfect Attendance HICKS, SHEILA — Mathematics Award. Cho- FLEMING. AUDREY — Drill Team rus FLETCHER. DAVID — Football s HILL, PHILLIP — VICA FLETCHER. JAMES — Phi Kappa. JCL HILL, SHARON — French Club. French FOWLER. NANCY — Pow Wow — Co-Editor. E Award, Chemistry Award, Allied Medical Club, Epsilon Office Aid FRANK. RONALD N HINDERLEIDER, MIKE FULFORD. MICHAEL — Phi Kappa. Basket- HO, DAVID — Math Club, Math Award. ball Chemistry Award FULLER. EDDIE — Social Studies, Football. 1 HODGE, PAMELA — Drama Wrestling. Perfect Attendance 1 HOLLAND. PAM — DECA, Perfect Attend- GABALDON. HAROLD — DECA, Photograph 0 ance Club. Annual Staff HOLSEY. LATITCIA — FBLA. FHA — Parlia- GAINES. VERNA — FBLA, Student Council. 1 mentarian Perfect Attendance R HONEYCUTT. AMY — VICA — President and GAINES, VICTOR Parliamentarian, Spirit Committee, Office Aid GARCIA, MORGAN — VICA HOOKS, CYNTHEIA GAVIN, THERESA —- Good Conduct Award D HUFSTETLER, GAIL — VICA GIRDNER. KELVIN HUGHES. RICKY GLOVER, DARWIN — Football, Perfect HUMPHREY, WILLIE — Football Attendance I HUNDLEY, TIM — French Club, Certificate of : GOFF, DAVID — DECA i Merit GOINES, CRAIG — Letterman's Club — Vice R HUNT, MITCHELL — Basketball, Perfect j President, Football, Track, Wrestling Attendance, Band GOODSON. RICHARD — AVA — President, HUNTER. DIANNE — IAC Advisory Committee F HURNDON, NANCY — Epsilon, JCL, Beta GRAY, FELICIA — Pow Wow, Student Coun- 1— Club, DECA — President, Latin Award, Eng- cil, Scribe Staff c lish Award, Merit Award, University of Georgia GREENE, DAVID — VICA Merit Award GREENE. TOMMY JACKSON, CLIFFORD — Football. Track HALL. GLORIA T i JACKSON. WILLIE HALL, JO JANSEN, RICHARD — Football HAMPTON. TAMARA — Epsilon. FBLA, 0 JARVIS, LISA — Show Chorus, All-State Cho- DECA, Spirit Committee, Social Studies, Good rus Conduct Award. Band, Georgia Southwestern JENKINS, HOMER History Contest — 3rd Place • R JERNIGAN, BARBARA — Epsilon. FBLA — HANINES, RICKY Vice President and Reporter, Office Aid HARDIN. DUD — Spirit Committee. Phi Y JOHNSON. ARTHUR — Football — Trophy Kappa JOHNSON, CHERMON — DECA, FBLA. HARPER. DANA — Epsilon — Vice President, Drama Advisory Committee, Pow Wow, Drum Major, JOHNSON, CODY — Drama Band, Who's Who Among American High JOHNSON, FANNIE — IAC — Secretary School Students JOHNSON, GWENDOLYN — Social Studies HARRIS, JULIE — Student Council. Pow Wow — Secretary, YAC, FHA — Vice President, — Co-Editor, Annual Staff, Phi Kappa Sweet- i Debate — Vice President, Who's Who Among heart, Exchange Trip Student American High School Students HARRIS, MELBA — VICA JOHNSON, LOU — DECA. French Club  JONES, CHRISNA — Student Council, FHA NADRICH, TODD — Spanish Club — Vice ] ; — President, Debate — President, Junior President, Block A, Student Advisory, Student 1 Class Vice President, Who's Who Among j j Council — Parliamentarian, Junior Class Rep- | American High School Students resentative, Football, Track JONES, JOANN — DECA — State Vice Presi- NELSON, MAMIE — Epsilon, Spirit Commit- dent for District VIII, Epsilon tee, Social Studies, FBLA, Block A, As One, ! KEGLER, REGINA — VICA, Spanish Club, i Senior Class Secretary-Treasurer, Cheerlead- French Club, Good Conduct Award ! ing, FHA KENDRICK, SHEILA — Citizenship Award, NELSON, SHAWN — DECA, Basketball, | Perfect Attendance Band, Office Aid KING, BRENDA — Pow Wow, YAC, Good NELSON, TIM — Block A, Social Studies, Conduct Award, Chorus Dress Code Committee, Football, Wrestling, KING, J.M s Track KING, WILLIAM — Citizenship Award NEVIEW, CYNTHIA — Band, Girls' League KNIGHT, DAVID — Band E NICHOLS, CONNIE — Band, Office Aid KNIGHT, FELIX — Football NICHOLS, LANCE — VICA LAMB, TERRY N NIX, EDWARD — Basketball — Trophy i LANE, JEFF — Beta Club, Wrestling NIX, HENRY — Phi Kappa, Football — Best : LASTER, CURTIS — Basketball, Citizenship Defensive Back, Track — Most Outstanding Award 1 Middle Distant Runner, Basketball, Office Aid LASTER, LARRY — Football, Track 1 OLIVER, DEBORAH — FHA, YAC, Chorus LEE, JOHN — Basketball, Track PANNELL, PATTI — Spanish Club, Student LIGHTLE, KATY — Homecoming Court, j 0 Council, Block A, Cheerleading Cheerleading PATE, LEWIS — Band LOHMEIER, GREG — College Bowl — Presi- R PAYNTER. DONALD — Chemistry Award dent, Annual Staff — Faculty Editor, Who's ! PETERSON, DAVID Who Among American High School Students, ; PETERSON. PATRICIA — FHA Boys' State, One Act Play PETERSON, SHARON LONG. RANDY PICKETT, JACOUELYN LUKENS, MIKE D PIPPIN, ROY — Newspaper Staff MAJORS, ALFRED POPE. CINDY — Beta Club, Epsilon — Presi- MARSHALL, THOMAS — Social Studies Club dent, Math Club. Block A, Student Advisory, MARTIN, TORY — Debate i French Club — Secretary, Annual Staff — MASTERS, JOHN — DECA. Tennis Team 1 Ads Editor MATHIS. BILLY POWELL, MIKE — Band — Medals MAY, MICHAEL — JCL, IAC, Debate Club, R POWERS, KERVIN — Student Council, Social College Bowl, Math Club, Track ■ Studies, Basketball, Band MCBRIDE, SARA — DECA, Music Award, PRESSLEY, JESSIE Cheerleading. Concert Choir. Journalism Club E PRICE. CHARLES — VICA — Treasurer, Bas- MCCARDEL, MARTHA — Tennis, Track, . ketball FCA, Softball, Spanish Club, Office Aid, Bas- c PRITCHARD, DENISE — VICA — Social ketball Statistician Committee Chairman, Basketball MCDANIEL, RALPH — Beta Club, Scribe, T PROCTOR, JINA — Epsilon, DECA. Student Annual Staff — Photographer, Student Coun- j Council, Band cil — President and Vice President, Who’s PRUET, DEBBIE — Social Studies. Band, Who Among American High School Students 0 : Math Club, Flag Corps, Perfect Attendance, MCGHEE, HELEN — FHA Who’s Who Among American High School MCLAGGAN, BRIAN — DECA, Perfect Students Attendance R PUGH, STEPHANIE MCNAIRY, DEBRA — Pamoja Club, Chorus, RAUGHTON. MARK — JCL, Phi Kappa, Stu- Air Force Junior R.O.T.C. Y dent Council MIDDLEBROOKS, JEFF REDDICK, CURTIS MILLER, LEE — Phi Kappa, Block A, Student RETZEL, MICHAEL — Office Aid, Library Aid Council, Football RHODES, BYRON — Phi Kappa — Chaplain, MILLER, KENNEDY — IAC, Football Tennis, Office Aid MINTON, MARK RIDLEY, ANNA — Beta Club, Drama — Vice MORGAN, MICHELLE President, DECA, Social Studies, Girls' State, MORRIS, GWENDOLYN — FHA. YAC, Track Who’s Who Among American High School MOTT, LISA Students, One Act Play MURPHY, LADD — Debate, Math Club, Golf ROBBINS, SHANNON — Epsilon, Drama, ; Team, Certificate of Merit Flag Corps MURRY, TIM — Phi Kappa, Block A, Football ROBERTS, GAIL 2ROBERTSON, SANDRA ROSS, SANDRA ROWLEY, DENNIS — Beta Club — President, Scribe Staff — Editor, University of Georgia Certificate of Merit, Boys' State, English Award, Spanish Award SAPP, ELMER SAPP, VARNIE SCHINTZIUS, PHILIP — DECA, Beta Club, Drama SELMAN, REFUS SESSION, PAMELA — Basketball SHARP, DIANA — FFA — Treasurer, Spanish Club, One Act Play, Media Aid SHEARD, SAMMY — Phi Kappa, Football SHOCKLEY, DONNA — Epsilon SIMPSON, ANN — Student Council — Vice President, Epsilon, VICA, Art Award, Office Aid SMITH, BELINDA — Track SMITH, DRAIKKE — Spanish Club, Football SMITH, JOHN — IAC. Football SMITH, TIMOTHY — IAC — President, Football SMITH, TONY — Social Studies, DECA, Tennis SNELLING, MATHEW — American History Award, Annual Staff — Editor, Library Aid SOLOMON, ANGELA — DECA — Reporter, FHA — Publicity Chairman, Social Studies — President, Beta Club, Epsilon, Pow Wow — Club and Staff Editor SOLOMON, EDMUND — Social Studies, One Act Play, Football, Wrestling SOLOMON, RAYMOND — Perfect Attendance, Good Conduct Award, Library Aid SOWELL, LINDA — Spanish Club — Secretary, Beta Club, Georgia Merit Winner, Exchange Trip, Annual Editor, Epsilon — Historian and Chaplain SPENCER, LAUREL — JCL, Annual Staff — Class Editor, Who's Who Among American High School Students, Who’s Who in Foreign Language, Drama STARKS, SANDRA STEPHENS, GLYNIS — FHA STERN, HENRY — Who's Who Among Amei can High School Students, Student Counc Boys’ State, Block A, Baseball, Certificate Merit STEVENS, WILLIAM — Phi Kappa — Pres dent, Football, Band STOKES, KELLY STONE, TERRIE — Perfect Attendance STRICKLAND, RICHARD STRICKLIN, DONALD — Beta Club — Vice President, Short Circuits — Vice President, Who's Who Among American High School Students, College Bowl SUTTLES, DARLENE — Track, Band SWAN, CEDRIC — Football, Perfect Attendance s E N I 0 R D 1 R E C T O R Y TARLETON, BRUCE — Short Circuits, DECA, Who’s Who Among American High School j Students TAYLOR, MICHAEL — Pow Wow — Business Manager, Band, Good Conduct Award TEEMER, TONY THOMPSON, JOHN — IAC — Vice President, Who’s Who Among American High School Students, Math Club, Spanish Club THORNTON, BUDDY — Phi Kappa, Tennis THROWER, MELVIN TILLMAN, FRANK TINSON, STELLA — YAC — Vice President TIPLER, KALAYA — VICA, French Club TIPLER, SOMCHAI — Good Conduct Award TOSKY, KENNETH — Student Council TURNER, WINDELL TURNIPSEED, TERRY — Spirit Committee — Secretary, Student Council, Tennis Team, Cheerleading, JCL, Epsilon WALKER, MARY — YAC WALLACE, RICKY — Football, Wrestling WARREN, BRYAN — Band WASHINGTON, RICKY — Football, Band WATKINS, MICHAEL — Baseball, Office Aid WATTS, CHRIS — IAC, Football, Band WEBB, DAN WEST, ORA — FHA, Chorus, Office Aid WHALEY, TRELLA — FFA, Epsilon, FCA, Band WHIDDEN, BELINDA — Chorus, Office Aid WHITAKER, TAMMY WIEBKE, STEVE WILEY, PAMELA — FBLA — President, Beta Club, Certificate of Merit, Band WILLIAMS, CAROLYN — YAC, IAC, Basketball WILLIAMS, DERICK — Basketball, Office Aid, Perfect Attendance WILLIAMS, DONNA — Volley Team WILLIAMS, DOROTHY — FHA, YAC, Chorus WILLIAMS, JAMES — Football, Track, Wrestling WILLIAMS, KELLY — DECA — Secretary, Epsilon WILLIAMS, KENNETH WILLIS, CARY — FBLA, Student Council, Block A, Phi Kappa, Baseball, Football WILSON, BILLY — Basketball, Football. Track WILSON, SHARON — DECA, Band, Homecoming Court WITCHERD, BRENDA — FBLA, Career Aid WORTHAM, KENT — Band WRIGHT, JACQUELINE YAW, GREG — Block A, Phi Kappa, Football, Baseball, Perfect Attendance, Photography Award, Office Aid 27

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