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ronateeeka Albany School Albany (feorjta 1977 To Everything There Is A Season, The first clays passed slowly . . . August heat . . . bewildered sophomores . . . ho-hum juniors . . . confident seniors . . . frustrated faculty . . . the season started with the Albany-U’estover game . . . And A Time To Every Purpose Under Heaven . . . )A Time To Laugh, A Time To Cry. . . Entertainment by Addy the magnificent . . . Long assemblies, short classes . . . Nubern's frolics . . . scheduling conflicts . . . Tate's tests . . . Latin conjugations . . . 4A Time To Win, A Time To Lose. . . New friendships . . . Academic achievement . . . Miss A . H . S. (ilk winners) . . . the thrill of victory, the agony of defeat . . . lost hooks . . . Mr. A . M .S. (the losers) . . . rA Time To Keep Silent, A Time To Speak. . . Morning devotions . . . snoozing in class . . . Graper's lectures . . . campaign speeches . . . student speakers . . . chit-chats in the hall . . announcements and more announcements . . . 8|UMi 9A Time To Break Down, A Time To Build Up . . . Nervous breakdowns . . . 3 tardies you're out! . . . Spirit doll . . . ”50 defense, 50 defense, break hard!" . . . Homecoming . . . Final exams . . . iiA Time To Remember. . . Seniors' last pep rally . . . Juniors "cordially" invite Seniors to Prom . . . SAT . . . Creative Chiefs' Festival . . . "Oh thank Heaven for’77!” . . . Gourmet lunches . . . class rings . . . 2:30 bell . . . Long awaited Graduation. A Time For Us. 15You’re a grahd ol school; You’re school that we love And forever in hoa '4U dg|jg Alma Mater dear, we you revere; Thejioast of the brave and the bold. teveryTiear! bfeat true One and all v ’re foftijiov nd .i, s Your meinouy we Jfaatures ©able of (Contents j parts Classes Clubs Jl6f Jiarult ( j tubent IExU Abtoertisements |23 Closing tertian  THRONA- TEESKA DEDICATION To one who has shown an interest in the future of each student. . . To one Who has exemplified the virtues that in our generation often seem obsolete . . . To one whose sense of humor serves us all well in trying moments . . . To one whose high standards and expectations are never lowered to conform with current modes To one whose contributions to Albany High School could never be repaid. . « To you, MISS MARY HUDSON, the annual staff dedicates the 1977 Thronateeska, V. J isI “Time is but the stream I go a-fishing in. I drink at it; but while I drink I see the sandy bottom and detect how shallow it is.’’ These past three years seemed to have slipped by unnoticed! They have been filled with times of pleasure, success, disappointment, and failure; yet, we all have somehow managed to change from the naive sophomores who entered these doors in 1974 to sagacious seniors of 1977, ready to seek our fortunes in this world. We have spent a countless number of hours working to insure that you would receive a yearbook that would help you to recall the times, good and bad, of the school year 1976-77. The annual staff is extremely proud of this year’s publication. We would like to express our thanks to our many supporters. We thank the annual staff for their diligence and tenacity. We greatly appreciate the support of the administration and the teachers who have so graciously allowed us to miss classes to work on the annual. We thank each business and organization for showing their support for our school by purchasing advertisements. Because we were a new and inexperienced staff, we owe a great deal to our publishing company representative, Glenn Williams. Finally, we must thank our sponsors, Mrs. Stripling and Miss Hogg for their loving guidance and patience. 1920 School Officers —1977 Fellow Indians, another school year is almost at its end, and I'm sure that there have been good times and bad times for all of us. Classes, tests, demerits, pep rallies, detention hall, dances, assemblies, games, or a simple chat with a friend under a pine have all been part of our experiences here. Many will say that their high school days were the most enjoyable and rewarding ones of their lives, while others will look upon them with disdain and contempt. But no matter what the case, each of us made them what we wished to be. Some of us will call our high school years the restless years; some will call them the formative years; and some will call them the impatient years. But no matter what the case, my high school career has been an experience I'm glad I had. "7’jnM tv Mike Moultrie PresidentThis year has been a special year to me and I know other people feel the same. It has brought many good times. In the fall, there was the Homecoming game and in the winter, there was the snow. I am proud of serving as Vice-President this year; it has meant a lot to me. As we each go our separate ways, I am sure you and I will always remember our days at Albany High School in a very special way. Cindy Lawson Vice President Margie Dent Secretary-T reasurer This school year has been a fantastic experience for me. I have truly learned the meaning of responsibility. One has to get the feeling that they have achieved something during their high school education and this is the year in which the feeling came to me. I will sincerely hate to see this school year come to an end but, as we all know, it must. I can say that I am very proud to have been a part of the Albany High student body and I hope that each of you is proud also. 21iVENTY-SEVEN-SEVENTY-SEVEN-SEVE'l 'EVEN-SEVENTY-SEVEN-SEVENTY-SEVf VENTY-SEVEN-SEVENTY-SEVEN-SEVEl) i VEN-SEVENTY-SEVEN-SEVENTY-SEVENJTY-SEVEN-SEVENTY-SEVEN-SEVENTY- N-SEVENTY-SEVEN-SEVENTY-SEVEN-Sl TY-SEVEN-SEVENTY-SEVEN-SEVENTY-l -SEVENTY-SEVEN-SEVENTY-SEVEN-SE —HOMECOMINGHomecoming Queen Tammy Cox escort Greg Suess2627neMitche 0 ePTese«f v en taf oan Mlv.e 2829«! » »»■»• IJZtGovernor’s Honors After interviews, testings, auditions, and nervous breakdowns, a selected group of students from all over the state are chosen to participate in the Governor's Honors Program. Under the leadership of professionals, the student studies in a field that he has chosen. During those six to eight weeks, the student finds that one learns much about oneself and others around him. In this different environment that is so closely related to college life, high school students have a chance to learn what it means to be responsible for himself. When a person returns from GHP, it is soon realized that he or she has lived an unexplainable experience that can never be quite repeated. The experiences of learning, growing, finding success, finding failure, and finding one's self are the most often achieved goals at GHP — A Total Positive Learning Experience. Finalist '76: Mike Denning, David Carter, Anita Dunston, Butch Tucker. Semifinalist '77: FRONT ROW: Rebecca McCool, Anita Dunston, Barbara Elkins, and Vicki Middleton. SECOND: Kitty Woodyard, Robert Davis, Karen Brooks, Muffi Willgrubs, and Deborah Cornaire. 32----------------N Star Student Each year the Georgia Chamber of Commerce sponsors the Star Student program. The recipient of this award is the student who scores the highest on the SAT during his senior year and who is also in the top ten per cent of his graduating class. In addition the Star Student is allowed to choose the teacher who exemplifies those qualities the student considers outstanding in the teaching profession. This year’s STAR STUDENT is Philip Cody, and he has chosen as his Star Teacher Mrs. Joanne Stripling. An outstanding teacher is adept not only at teaching but also at establishing a rapport with her student. She is sincerely interested in the future and well-being of her students and demonstrates this interest through her dedication. She enriches the students' high school years by encouraging them to become involved in school functions. Because these qualities are a part of her personality, I have chosen Mrs. Stripling as my STAR TEACHER. 33Marjorie Bent ®ahnn Allen®laire Morgan Millie J$heahKiwanis, McIntosh, and DAR Awards Lisa Crockett The Kiwanis and McIntosh Awards The Kiwanis and McIntosh Awards are the most coveted honors which can be bestowed upon a student at Albany High School. These students, who are recognized from the senior class as having exemplified the most outstanding qualities of citizenship and leadership during their years at Albany High School, are selected by the faculty. Lisa Crockett is the senior girl who is the recipient of the Kiwanis Award, and Bart Oates is the senior boy who is the recipient of the McIntosh Award. The DAR Award Each year a high school senior is nominated by senior homerooms and selected by the faculty to be the school’s Good Citizen. Qualifications are based on leadership, dependability, service and patriotism. Claire Morgan represents Albany High as the DAR Good Citizen. Claire Morgan 46Miss Thronateeska MISS THRONATEESKA Kay Adams 2nd runner-up Laurie Funderburk 1 st runner-up Pam Greene Vince Dooley The portraits of the senior girls of Albany High School were sent to Vince Dooley, Coach of the University of Georgia Bulldogs, and to Ray Goff, Bulldog quarterback, who acted as judges for the 1977 Miss Thronateeska. They made the following selections: 2nd runner-up, Laurie Funderburk; 1 st runner-up, Pam Greene; Miss Thronateeska, Kay Adams. Ray Goff 47Miss Wild Weed ’77 Mr. AHSScott Bodonbough ■V I -Morris Romoy Woody Morrison So Bridges Miko Cohan •Moy,labyT "A Dato?" Scott Allison Bobby Roberts Jim SwartzoM J kl i- r fy rww ofTio Loalan Jam 4951Literary Festival The Creative Chiefs’ Festival is a new school day event in which students have a chance to express their talents and to compete with other students in the areas of drama, dance, art, debate, essay, original songs and poems, film presentations, oral interpretation, music, and skit presentation. Awards are given to those who excel in the different areas of competition after being judged by a selected committee of judges. The festival was originated in 1 976 under the leadership of Miss Frances Feagin. With the help of faculty and students, the festival has become a successful change of pace for learning, sharing, and competing. 51 1977 Leah Flowers 5253Six Excited Finalists Anita Dunston Vicki Vickers 55Vicki Vickers Miss Library Service Anita Dunston Miss JCLDeborah Crews Miss FHA Joy Rogers Miss Cheerleader Stephanie Medlin Miss Key ClubMindy Oates Miss Scribe Michele Ferguson Miss Social Science Judy Phillips Miss Student Council EVENTY-SEVEN-SEVENTY-SEVEN-SEV1 SEVEN-SEVENTY-SEVEN-SEVENTY-SEV VEN TY-SE VEN-SEVEN TY-SE VEN-SE VE, EVEN-SEVENTY-SEVEN-SEVENTY-SEVh£ VTY-SE VEN-SE VENTY - VEN-SE VENT Y N-SEVENTY-SEVEN-SEVENTY-SEVEN-S. TY-SE VEN-SE VENTY-SE VEN-SE VENT Y-1 J-SEVENTY-SEVEN-SEVENTY-SEVEN-SEFootballBACK ROW: (left to right) Alexander Branch, Calvin Collins, Bobby Roberts, Robert Ritter, C.C. Thomas, David Williams, Jay Milton, Mark Bryan, Jeff Lukens, Molcom Brown, Alvin Thrower. THIRD ROW: (left to right) Coach Thompson, Coach Williams, Darryl Sneed, David Jackson, Winfred Anderson, Johnny Montgomery, Bryan Burson, Danny Ducksworth, Charlie Wallace, James Bates, Clifford Banks, Danny Gadsden, Stan Westbrook, Coach Dailey, Coach Magwood. SECOND ROW: (left to right) Cooch Hicks, Joseph Knighton, Brad Burson, Stan Gay, Ronnie Whitehead, Karl Webster, Jerry Moore, Marcella Macken, Brian Armstrong, Eddie Williams, Robbie Paffe, Greg Murphy, Coach Addy. FRONT ROW-, (left to right) Obidina Shead, Missie Milton, Kay Grimes, Myra Murphree, Thersa Ussery, Tammy Ward, Renee Dollar, Gay Willis, Joy Rogers. STANDING: (left to right) Coach Edward Addy, Coach Willie Magwood, Coach Don Hicks, Coach Major Thompson, Cooch Carl Williams. KNEELING: Coach Cordon Dailey. 65AHS INDIANS 1976-1977 C.C. Thomas Bryan Burson Winfred Anderson Karl Webster 66 Alexander Branch Mark Bryan Eddie Williams Darryl SneedStan Gay Calvin Collins Jeff Lukens Danny Ducksworth Robert Ritter Robbie Paffe David Jackson 67Ston Westbook Bart Oates Clifford Banks Brian Armstrong Rogers Williams Gary Dorminey Marcella Macken John Kirksey GRADUATING SENIORS (left to right) FRONT ROW: Winfred Anderson, Karl Webster, Bryan Burson, Alexander Branch, Jerry Moore. BACK ROW: C. C. Thomas, Bobby Roberts, Malcom Brown, J Milton. 681976-77 Varsity Football Coaching Staff 69Chiefs (Left to right) FRONT ROW: C. C. Thomas, Jay Milton, Jeff Lukens, Mark Bryan, Jerry Moore, Robert Ritter, Colvin Collins. BACK ROW: Bryan Burson, Winfred Anderson, Malcom Brown, Johnny Montgomery. Renegades (Left to right) Clifford Bonks, Carl Webster, Darryl Sneed, Bobby Roberts, C. C. Thomas, Joy Milton, Alvin Thrower, Robert Ritter, David Jackson, Jerry Moore, Brian Armstrong. GUEST SPEAKER — Bobby Stonford AHS Football Banquet Ended the Football Season AWARDS Most Valuable Player, Best Defensive Player, Captain — Winfred Anderson Pat Grizzle Award, Captain — Bart Oates Best Offensive Lineman, Captain — C. C. Thomas Best Defensive Lineman — Jay Milton Best Defensive Back — Clifford Banks 110% Award — Eddie Williams Most Improved Player — Jerry Moore H. E. McNabb Sportsmanship Award — Roger Williams 71Indians vs. Patriots School spirit is always boosted by the start of the football season. The Albany High Indians hosted the Westover Patriots, a major crosstown rival, in the season opener. Hopes were high as the Indians began the 1976 season, and we were certain of a victory over the Patriots. In previous years, Albany had defeated Westover with only one tie spoiling a perfect winning record. With a large crowd of supporters looking on, the Indians made three long touchdown marches, counteracted by only one touchdown sprint by a Westover running back. The game ended with a score of 21-8 and another victory over Westover for the Indians. 7273mecommgHomecoming As November 1 3 approached, the Indians knew what an important game this would be. It was Homecoming and the last game of the season. The team had a record of one win and eight losses. Many wondered if the Indians could pull out a victory over the Crisp Cougars; but the players, coaches, cheerleaders, and loyal fans knew they would win. This was a special game for the seniors because it was their last high school game. All senior players were made honorary captains. Although the team was plagued with penalties, the Indians scored two touchdowns and kicked a pair of field goals. The clock ran out with a score of 20-6 on the board. Another Homecoming victory for the Albany High Indians. 75Pride That Wins Get tough big Orangell Good ole Pep Rally Days. Beginning of a victory. Get in there! 76In the years to come as the memories fade away, we may not remember who won or who lost, the score or the star, the time or the place, but we will remember the feeling of competition, unity, and sportsmanship. These can never be forgotten. Touchdown! Hustle boys! The kick is good! "Orange and green boys, we're gonna win; fight to the finish never give in . . 77Jr. Varsity Football THIRD ROW: (left to right) Coach Thompson, Frank Blackledge, Richard Benyard, Ricardo Wesley, Bryan Price, Alphonzo Davis, Willie Price, Stacy Johnson, Eddie Clinton, David Stern, Jim Lightle, John Kirksey, Charlie Powers, Charles Watson. SECOND ROW: Jody Moore, Reggie Rachels, Allen Ball, Roderick Walker, Mike Revell, Derrick McAlvin, Floyd Thomas, Edward Kind, Robert Lippitt, Todd Conyers, Perry Andros, Chuck Littleton, Coach Williams. THIRD ROW: Albert Hicks, Joseph Knighton, Robert Caldwell, Henry Washington, Joe Adams, Alvin Williams, Ulysses Sorrell, Emory Randall, Alan Page, Tyler Melvin, Mike Sapp. Stretch 'em out! Got himlHustle Indians! Get 'em defense! The pass is complete! Team pride and determination. Coach Carl Williams Coach Thompson 79■ A.H.S. Varsity CheerleadersValerie Johnson Myra Murphree Kay Grimes Joy Rogers Renee Dollar Mindy Oates Susie Tobb — MASCOT Missie Milton "You're a grand ole school; you're the school that we love . . . 81Theresa Ussery AHS Tumblers Time passes but memories remain . . .Pom Lavender Denise Chammoun J r V a r s 1 t y c h e e r 1 e a d e r s 85BasketballA.H.S. Indians (left to right) KNEELING: Darryl Sneed, Jason Belk. STANDING: Coach Dixon, Alexander Branch, Stanley Holder, Melvin Henderson, Dennis Sutton, C. C. Thomas, Walt Thomn Willie Jones, Paul Hagen, Walter Johnson, Robbie Taylor, Jewrome Jones, Coach Thompson. Coach Gordon Dixon Coach Major ThompsonJewrome Jones Walt Thomas Jason Belk Robby Taylor Alexander Branch Walter Johnson Dennis Sutton Darryl Sneed Paul Hagan Melvin Henderson Willie Jones 88The Indians fought many hard battles, and although all were not victories, the AHS Indians walked from the courts with their heads held high.Rebound Indiansl Get that ball!Good Shot! Go mighty Indians! Defense Indians! Indians are the best!A.H.S. Squaws (left to right) KNEELING: Deidre Morris, Verona Robinson, Margie Dent. BACK ROW: Coach Williams, Missie Milton, Kim Harrison, Renee Dollar, Amy Wilson, Lynn Sawyer, Vicki Tate, Jackie Hesse, Cathy Fenton, Coach Mitchell. Coach Carl Williams Coach Audrey Mitchell Captains: Deidre Morris, Verona Robinson, Margie Dent. 92Verona Robinson Margie Dent Deidre Morris Jackie Hesse Amy Wilson Renee Dollar Lynn Sawyer Vicki Tate Missie Milton Kim Harrison Managers: Cindi Pendergrass, Bridgett Stafford, Cathy Fenton.Jr. Varsity Indians (left to right) FIRST ROW: Kedith Smith, Joe Adams, Matthew Sneed, Daryl Holland, Derrick Linkhorn. SECOND ROW: Wesley Flowers, Jim Carter, Bill Studstill, Kern Bell, Ed Stone, Todd Conyers. THIRD ROW: Jim Lightle, Charles Watson, Reggie Rachals, Theodore Walker, Alfonza Davis, Bruce Fort, Coach Addy.Set it up| Watching closely. Backing you up Indians! 97Jr. Varsity Squaws BACK ROW (left to right): Wendy Clemmons, Regina Huiras, Surene Ladd, Mary Benton, Tracy Turnipseed, Angie Adams, Marie Collier, Norma Gaines, Lisa Hannington. FROl ROW (left to right): Gina Robinson, Shelia Rivers, Debbie Eidam, Tina Doster, Sherry Holmes, Cynthia Dent.Spring SportsA.H.S. Baseball Team BACK ROW (left to right): Cooch Hicks, Ronnie Everson, Tommy Duncon, Darryl Pontone, Hiram Jones, Mark Bryan, Jerry Hughes, David Lippitt.SECOND ROW (left to right): Jody Moore, Gory Dorminey, Jim Dodgen, Reggie Joiner, Greg Kennedy, Tony Tsiklistos, Bruce Maples, Bo Norris. FRONT ROW (left to right): Myra Murphree, Don Hicks, Debra Apperson, David Hicks, Valerie Johnson.Greg Kennedy — Shortstop Jerry Hughes — Second Bose Hiram Jones — Outfield Darryl Pontone — Pitcher Tommy Duncan — Third Base 101Bruce Maples — Shortstop Bo Norris — Infield Mark Bryan — First Base David Lippitt — Third Base Here comes a strike! Tony Tsiklistas — Catcher Jody Moore — Pitcher 102Safe at third. A grounder to second. Indians in Action Swing away! Winding up 103 Team hustle.104 A hit to the hot corner! Turning two! Ready for the throw! Meeting before the game. There's the pitch Diving bock to first!Girls’ Tennis FRONT ROW (left to right): Connie Murry, Missie Milton, Gail Williams, Tmo Whitaker, Renee Dollar. BACK ROW (left to right): Mrs. Haggerty, Vicki Souders, Margie Dent, Pam Lavender, Valerie Hancock, Denise Chammoun, Vicki Tate, Linda Scott, Tracy Turnipseed, Jackie Hesse, Lorraine Chammoun. Coach Lynne Haggerty 105Boys Tennis STANDING (left to right): Coach Dixon, Ned Newcomb, David Peek, Tommie Myers, Allen Hughes, Michael Kunde, Alan Keel, Jeff Osburn. 106 Coach Gordon DixonBoys Track ■. t4; FIRST ROW (left to right): Richard Whitehead, Greg Murphy, Peter Harvey, Michael Rouse, Anthony Buchanon, Kenny Fields, Green Gory, Scott Adamovage, Larry Butler. SECOND ROW (left to right): Bill Crews, Martin Israel, Wright Woodall, Roosevelt Lucas, Ken Hickson, Eddie Clennon, Willie Chambers, Carlton Cross, Coach Magwood. THIRD ROW (left to right): Bruce Pennington, Tim Lomoy, Gary Smith, Winfred Anderson, Ouirin Christian, Ronald Draper, Al Robertson, Jewrome Jones. 107 Coach Willie Magwood.108Girls Track FIRST ROW (left to right): Evonne Ellis, Debra Conley, Janelle Tucker, Monajane Mitchell, Cynthia Dent, Delola Spence, Aydrey Sutton, Shelley Davis, Kelly Pursley, Marie Thomas, Gwen Rivers, Tammy Stewart. SECOND ROW (left to right): Coach Magwood, Beverly Thrower, Angela Davis, Wendy Clemmons, Cathy Jackson, Kathy Sharp, Rita Smith, Wanda Cross, Mary Crowley, Evelyn Character, Bridgette Chaney, Amy Clemmons. THIRD ROW (left to right): Myra Murphree, Darlene Hunter, Margie Mitchell, Sharon Bridges, Marnedo Wade, Diane Perry, Phyllis Tanner, Maria Collier, Shelia Rivers, Gina Robinson, Marsha Dollar, Barbara Medlock. 109 e VENTY- SE VEN-SE vent y-seven- se ve. lEVEN-SEVENTY-SEVEN-SEVENTY-SEVl VENTY-SEVEN-SEVENTY-SEVEN-SEVEh EVEN-SEVENTY-SEVEN-SEVENTY-SEVElrENTY-SEVEN-SEVENTY-SEVEN-SEVENr. VEN-SEVENTY-SEVEN-SEVENTY-SEVEI 'ENTY-SEVEN-SEVENTY-SEVEN-SEVEN: VEN-SEVENTY-SEVEN-SEVENTY-SEVErc L A S S o F 7 7(76 2QCmmy QatctujiQ ictox BuHingtoiiaia dfizcitCan moun z o(?z%t d[a  tSUsiCa dovLncjton feona diaAdoaftTinVi Tinvi WanAa £tJlaiviis.: 3unAzx uxlzJ?utk Ml%  eJjoxafi £o(in J(at(iy D(iru)d f[i,lzE. U(unJs vjuiq :vjl± anLcz dluialz Ha±tEZ± Sfiaxon V{iul[oc(z £J.o(in zA! cJ2aqfyCCaire. J [ox an£i±a czNiafioh dVsA feaxx IX O antoi( Wanda iJ- atzzion xim✓11d OWM, Cf.uCixin zf oya£'3XOluft'3C -' vfr. vm zizumoujclczHoujs, SbiLc(z[anA Lottie. Sbuuyz tn±on VfiLttonPresident of the Beta Club: Claire Morgan Secretary-Treasurer of the Student Body: Margie Dent Captains of the Football Team: C. C. Thomas, Winfred Anderson, Bart Oates Homecoming Queen Tammie Cox Head Majorette Vicki VickersCaptain of Cheerleaders — Tammy Word Co-Coptain — Obidina Shead Senior Class Secretary, Treasurer — Tammy Word Senior Class President — Calvin Allen Senior Class Vice President — Judy Phillips Drum Majors — Laurie Funderburk David Carter c L A S S O F 7 8Ruebin Adkins Mark Armstrong Randy Barfield A Connie Murray (Sec.-Treas.) Scott Allison (President) Missie Milton (Vice-Pres.) Gail Addison Brian Armstrong Mary Ayers Scott Allison Chinarie Anderson Susan Askew John Austin Deidre Barnett Gail Barnhill Joy Broome Issac Brown Jill Beck Theordore Bell Travis Bennett Reginald Berry Don Blakey Dennis Blankenship William Brannon Karen Brooks Malcom Brown Teresa Brown Greg Bryan Mark Bryan 146Edward Bryant Vicki Butler Charlie C. Corswell Roy Clark Mandy Coley Debra Craddock Pamlin Clayton Ricky Cleveland Michael Cohan Doranda Crooke James Cross Donald Cook Robert Cotton Bill Countryman Kathy Cravey Debra Crews Willie Crews 147Beotrice Cuff Debra Daniel Michael Daugherty Shelley Davis Gary Dorminey Cathy Davis Annette Demarind Tony Dorriety David Davis Renee Dollar Lisa Duffer Kathy Davis Cindy Donnahoo Kim Duke Melanie Euntce RonoW Everson Anita Duns tan Barbara Elkins Sandra Ewin Gory Eomes Don Elbott Anthony Faison Lisa Eason Donrvo Elliott Cathy Fenton Kelly Eaton Crystal Eubanks Dorothy Fields U8Danny Godson Randy Flick Tracy Gafford Marisa Giafagliane Joy Flowers Lucy Garrison Suzanne Glover Carolyn Ford Stan Gay Gene Godwin David Fowler Lisa George Tina Godwin Shirley Green Anolynn Green Ray Greene Shannon Greene Kenny Harris Shirley Harris Kay Grimes Darrell Haire Elijah Hall Susan Hall Tim Hanington Dottie Hardin Glenn Harp Cindi Harper 149Cindy Harrison Kim Harrison Woody Harrison Tammy Hegwood Ker Hickson Debra Hayes Terry Hendley Vinson Hill Alison Hayman Jackie Hesse Cathy Hocutt leanne Heard Mary Hicks Karen Holloway Mary Jones Thomas Jordan Perry Holmes Jeff Hood Keith Houston Allen Hughes Alfredo James Reggie Joiner Beverly Jones lenora Jones Katherine Kilgore John King Gerald Knight Jeff Knighton 150Missie Milton Melody Minton Don Kuiper Barbara Lowing Willie Lee David Lippitt Jeff Lukens Bruce Maples Patricia Mason James McDowell James McEachern Alton Lane Sammy Lee Roy Lewis Gloria Lumpkin Rebecca McCool Sara Miller Dennis Lillis Debra MacMinn Lisa McDearmid Timothy Lamoy Arlene Lee Lisa Lewis Bubba Lamb Cindy Lawson Teressa LetchworthAngela Mitchell Valerie Mitchell Luther Mobley Myra Murphree Sheryl Nichols Kathy Mock Connie Murry Robert Nolan Glen Moncus Sheila Musgrove Bo Norris Kelvin Mosely Sheila Myers Dion Nutt Rita Payton Melvin Perkins Mindy Oates Jim Oglesby JeffOsburn Robbie Paffe Keith Pannell Andria Paros Dondra Patterson Steven Paul Michael Phillips Kim Pickron Robert Poole Tommy Posted 152Joyce Roper Debra Reese William Pruet Nancy Rice Robert Ritter V. W Kelle Pursley Tammy Richardson Terry Roberts Evonne Prisant Charles Rehberg Elizabeth Rigsby Karen Poulsen Jerry Reeves David Ridley Luretha Robinson Elizabeth Rogers Wendy Rose Michael Rouse Deborah Shaw Jackie Shingles Cindy Rutherford Michael Sapp Derryl Sasser Lynne Sawyer Kerry Schreck Dale Scott Thomas Seay Cathy Shaw 153Kotheryn Smith Tammy Spivey Gerald Styles Darryl Sneed Bonita Staton Audrey Sutton Bobby Sowell Dani Stevens James Swartzell Dezola Spencer Candy Studstill Walter Tarpley Vicki Tate Debra Taylor Michel Taylor Robert Taylor Erma Thomas llene Thomas Sandra Thomas Walter J. Thomas Kim Toole Tony Tsiklistas Korenshaw Urquhart Theresa Ussery Beverly Thrower Antoinette Tinson 154Morneda Wade Nicky Walker Ricky Walker Roderick Wolker Charlie Wallace Venae Washington Celia Waters Denise Watkins Stanley Westbrook Hattie Weston Leisha Whiddon Jimmy Wiggins Muffi Willgrubs David Williams Edward Williams Lee Williams Lindsay Williams Amy Wilson Kitty Woodyard Debra Worley Doniel Worthington 155U hJ CA C DAngela Adams Chris Aldridge Livina Allen John Anderson Perry Andros Edison Arnette Robert Arterson Joe Bardge Deana Bass Betsy Baugh Patricia Beach Kern Bell Jim Belle Mary Benton Sandra Berry Renee Bishop Frank Blackledge Dale Blankenship Jimmy Bowles Brenda Bozeman Angela Brodford David Brannon Steve Brannon Sharon Bridges Vickie Bridges Teresa Brimer Zochary Brooks Linda Brown Claudette Bruce Michael Bruner Timothy Bruner Jerry Buchan Michael Burchett Jerrell Burlison John Bush Cindy Byrd Daniel Caldwell Robert Caldwell Paul Cannon Terri Cannon Dollie Carr Willie Carswell Betty Carter Dennis Carter 157Gloria Carter James Carter Carol Cowthon Willie Chambers Loren Chambliss Denise Chammoun Bridgette Chaney Michael Chapman Evelyn Character Quirin Christian Virginia Christian Michael Clark Rebecca Clark Annie Clay Wendy Clemmons Bessie Clinton Michael Cady Joni Collier Joy Collins Mallory Collins David Conley Deborah Conley Todd Conyers Deborah Cornaire Danny Crawford Angela Creamer Wanda Cross Terry Crump Jesse Daniel Alsonja Daniels Charlie Daniels Angela Davis Beth Davis Edward Davis Jesse Davis Darrell Davis Robert Davis Stephanie Davis Scott Deese Cynthia Dent Jimmie Dervan Roderick Dodgen Tina Doster Janelle Douglas 158Audrey Doyal Steven Doyle Jamie Duffy Noncy Duke Craig Duke Jim Edwards Deborah Eidam Angie Edison Angela Ellington Scott Ellis Tanya Ellis Evonne Ellis Jay Elwood Joy Estes Anchell Farkos Ken Fields Fred Finley Wesley Flowers Bruce Fort Robert Fowler William Frantz Lisa Funderburk Norma Gaines Cheryl Gamble Deborah Gardner Deborah Garris Vickie Germany Karla Gogarty Charles Gordon Keith Graham James Greene Johnny Greene Debra Griffin Dee Dee Griffin Charlene Holl Jerry Hall Lisa Hanington Debbie Harden Alice Hardin Jessie Hardwick Linda Harper Michael Harper Thomas Hatcher Annabelle Hawk 159Gerald Hayman Joann Henderson Albert Hicks Nancy Hickson Matilda Hill Alfreda Hodge Jeffery Hoffman Daryl Holland Mary Holloweil Sherry Holmes Cathy Holt Jennifer Horne Joseph Horne Phyllis Hudgins Walter Hufstetler Regina Huiras Robert Huiras Donald Hunt Michael Hunt Shiela Hunt Darlene Hunter Brenda Huston Martin Israel Audrey Jackson Cathy Jackson Jerry Jackson Johnnie Jackson Mary Jackson Kelly Jacobs Kathy Jacobs Toni Jenkins Cathy Johnson Jessie Johnson Judy Johnson Katrina Jones Thomas Jones Trenise Jones Alan Keel Jeff Ketner Edward King Dennis King John Kirksey Joseph Knighten Deanna Kuiper 160Surene Lodd Robert Lange Tommy Latham Pam Lavender Bernice Lee Sabrina Lee Kathryn Legg Terry Letchworth Jim Lightle Robert Lippitt Stephanie Litman Chuck Littleton Thomas Long Jay Lowery Donna Luttrell Bobby Madden Mathew Maddox Barbara Mahoney Katherine Masters Catherine McCabe Derrick McCalvin Tommy Me Dade Danny McDonald Joseph McGrody Gary McLouchlin Belinda McLoyd Douglas Meode Barbara Medlock Tyler Melvin Donald Middlebrooks Vicki Middleton Rusty Miller Margie Mitchell Monajane Mitchell Jody Moore Anna Moree Lori Morgan Beverly Moultrie Deidre Muilis Tommie Myers Leila Myrick Alice Ott Daniel Paffe Gerald Paige 161Jock Painter Kathy Pate Lynne Patterson Shara Peacock Dawn Peavy David Peek Cindy Pendergrass Bruce Pennington Eddie Perry Brett Peterson Susan Plynel Laura Poppell Robert Poteat Charles Power Brian Price Willie Price Reggie Rachals Karyl Rainey Dennis Rondall Emory Randle Roy Reimer David Renaue Mike Revell Jane Ricks Cindy Ritter Gwendolyn Rivers Shelia Rivers Carolyn Roberts Gina Robinson Nancy Rogers Scott Rogers Craig Roos Anne Rose Carla Rusich Anna Ryols Zackery Ryals Donetta Sanders Barbara Sapp Lai tie Schmidt Linda Scott Bobby Sedacca Katherine Sharp Randell Shelley Denise Shor 162Tim Simpson John Sims Cathy Smith Rita Smith Terrell Smith Timothy Smith Sebrenia Snead Ulysses Sorrell Victoria Souders Bridgette Stafford Randy Starks David Stern David Stewart Robert Stokes Mark Strosnider Bill Studstill Steven Surface Sue Sweitzer Phyllis Tanner Eddie Terrell Edwin Thomas Floyd Thomas Johnnie Thomas Mark Thornton Danny Thurman Brenda Tovell Audie Trice James Tucker Linda Tucker Tracy Turnipseed Bill Varnum Nancy Vinson lavonne Voorhees Nancy Walker Tonya Walker Theodore Walker Walter Walker Victoria Ward Emmett Ward Henry Washington Kathy Washington Tonie Washington Catherine Watkins Charles Watson 163Chris Wentworth Kenneth West Avon Weston Sherryl Wheorry Kathy Whiddon Tina Whitaker Undo White Susan Whittington Alvin Williams Eddie Williams Glenda Williams Jonothan Williams Linda Williams Melanie Williams Rosa Williams Steve Willioms Valeta Williams Johnny Willis Billy Winchester Ricky Winchester Andy Wood Randy Wood Eugene Woodall Latricia Wooden Patricia Yaw Laura Yeager Brenda Zachery 164EVENTY-SEVEN-SEVENTY-SEVEN-SEVE SEVEN- SE VENTY-SE VEN-SE VENTY- SEV1 'VENTY-SEVEN-SEVENTY-SEVEN-SEVEfr EVEN-SEVENTY-SEVEN-SEVENTY-SEVE1TY-SEVEN-SEVENTY-SEVEN-SEVENTY-S J-SEVENTY-SEVEN-SEVENTY-SEVEN-SE 'Y-SEVEN-SEVENTY-SEVEN-SEVENTY-S SEVENTY-SEVEN-SEVENTY-SEVEN-SEVAnnual Staff Editors: Lisa Crockett and Leah Flowers. Section Editors: STANDING: Tammy Tucker — Copy Editor, Dani Stevens — Layout Editor. SITTING: Lisa Allum — Club Editor, Karen Price — Faculty Editor, Kitty Woodyard — Layout Editor. KNEELING: Philip Cody — Ad Editor. 168SITTING: Kenny Schramm, Missie Milton, Candy Studstill, Teresa Brown, Shelley Davis, Susan Hall, Alan Hughes. BOTTOM ROW: Lucy Garrison, Barbara Elkins, Paul Fenton, Carlie Woodham, Mary Fox, (not pictured) Jody Pennington, Calvin Allen, David Lippitt, ond Jeff Lukens. One could not fathom all the work that is involved in compiling an annual, unless one has been on the annual staff. This year’s Thronateeska Staff has tried to make this annual one of which the student body can be proud. Many hours were spent selling ads, annuals, and doughnuts; drawing layouts, taking pictures and meeting deadlines. In spite of all the hard work, the rewards arfe seen on Annual Day. Section Editors: STANDING: Elise Crawford — Assistant Class Editor, Claire Mor-9on — Feature Editor. SITTING: Sylvia Yaw — Feature Editor, Joy Rogers — Class Editor, Tammy Ward — Sports Editor. 169Thronateeska Staff Photographers: Johnny Davis, Beth Schroeder and Reggie Joiner. 170Officers: Sylvia Yaw, Treasurer; Bart Oates, Vice-President; Mark McDonald, President; Debra Show, Secretary. STANDING: Debra Shaw, Theresa Miller, Mark McDonald, Loren Chambliss, Sylvia Yaw, James Mobley, Lecia Sinyard, David Carter, Kay Adams, Chris Maddox, Sonia Sowo, Julie Horne, Gary Dorminey, Dian Hufstetler, Michelle Ferguson, Jamie Duffy, Mike Hilton, Marcia Stamps, Bart Oates, Poul Fenton. 171CALENDAR OF EVENTS FALL: Elections Car wash Homecoming Dance-"Yakatz" WINTER: American Cancer Society fund raising Red Cross blood drive Frosty Wooldridge Lecture White Christmas program SPRING: Kids’ Day Carnival Student Council Scholarship RECLINING: Loalan James, Mike Barker. KNEELING: Calvin Allen, Mrs. Clive (Sponsor), Michael Moultrie (President). STANDING: Mr. Johnson (Sponsor), Julie Mance, Claire Morgan, Lisa Crockett, Carol Woodward, Cherry Granado, Mrs. Thomlinson (Sponsor), Gary Smith. BACK ROW; Margie Dent, Joy Rogers, Deidre Morris, Judy Phillips. NOT PICTURED: Mrs. Battle (Sponsor). STUDENT COUNCIL 172Juniors: BACK ROW: Bo Norris, Dorothy Fields, Cindy Lawson, Rita Payton, Doranda Crooke, Amy Wilson, Theresa Ussery, Greg Bryan, Melvin Henderson. MIDDLE ROW: Debi Byrd, Jackie Hesse. FRONT ROW: Scott Allison, Mary Fox, David Lippitt, Debbie Shaw, Lisa George, Jeff Lukens. 173 Sophomores: BACK ROW: Tracey Turnipseed, Audrey Doyal, Deborah Cornaire, Annabelle Hawk. SEATED: Cynthia Dent, Monajane Mitchell, Terry Letchworth, Teresa Brimer, Denise Shor, Terri Cannon, Cheryl Gamble, Patricia Yaw. In Tires: Jim Lightle, Mike Revell, Edison Arnette, Bruce Fort.BETA CLUB Officers: SITTING: Muffi Willgrubs (Vice-President), Carol Woodward (Secretary). KNEELING: Lynne Sawyer (Treasurer), Claire Morgan (President). Sponsors: Mrs. Granberry and (not pictured) Mrs. Murdock. Seniors: Nancy Varon, Lee Anne Lone, Michele Ferguson, Lisa Crockett, Lorraine Chammoun, Stephanie Medlin, Lisa Nichols, Philip Cody, Laurie Funderburk, David Blankenship, Dottie Strange, Tammy Tucker, Carol Woodward, Claire Morgan. 174Sophomores: FRONT ROW: Brenda Tovell, Vicki Middleton, Monajane Mitchell, Jock Painter, Janelle Tucker, Patricia Beach. BACK ROW: Bobby Madden, Lisa Funderburk, Susan Whittington, Annabelle Hawk, Robert Davis, Edison Arnette. Juniors: FRONT ROW: Jeff Osburn, Anita Dunston, Vicki Tate, Barbara Elkins, Reggie Joiner, Rebecca McCool, Cathy Fenton. BACK ROW: Gail Williams, Lynne Sawyer, Allen Hughes, Thereso Ussery, Muffi Willgrubs, Kitty Woodyard. 175Shannon Greene Mark Hambrick 176VICA Cherry Granodo President Julie Home Treasurer Scott Allison Judy Phillips Vice-President Debbie Show Secretary Sr Cathy Shaw Parliamentarian Mr. Murkerson Advisor Calvin Allen Susan Askew Babette Chavers Felicia Christian 178 Cindy Donnahoo Lisa Duffer Kim Duke Brenda FullerRalph Richardson Beth Rogers Candy Studsfill Debra Taylor 179EPSILON Dona Craddock President Lisa Eason Vice President Andrea Paros Secretary 180181 Sheila Hunt Lenora Jones Tammy HegwoodK E Y C L U B FRONT ROW: Carl Webster (Senior Representative), Calvin Allen (President), Britt Peterson (Sophomore Rep.). SECOND ROW: Bobby Nolan (Vice President), Morris Rainey (Sec. Treasurer), Mike Phillips (Junior Rep.). THIRD ROW; Coach Addy and Mr. Otts (Sponsors). SITTING: Bobby Nolan, Kent Lofton, Brett Peterson, Mike Phillips, Stephanie Medlin (Sweetheart), Karl Webster. KNEELING: Bobby Roberts, Glenn Moncus, Jeff Osborne, Morris Rainey. STANDING: Mike Cohon, Robert Fowler, Gary Smith, Calvin Allen, Melvin Hines, and Coach Addy (sponsor). NOT PICTURED: Mr. Otts. 182p o w Bob DeReus (Assistant Editor), Marcia Stamps (Editor). NOT PICTURED: Cindy Pitts (Assistant Editor). STANDING: Rita Payton, Jim Dodgen, Charles Rehberg, Cindy Rutherford, Jerry Reeves, Roy Clark, Dale Scott, Kathy Davis, Robert Poole, John King. KNEELING: Sara Miller, Connie Murry, Leah Coburn, Tommy Knight, Doug Henderson, Marcia Stamps, Veronia Robinson, Ned Newcomb, Kay Grimes, Alison Hayman. SITTING: Ellen Creamer, Bob DeReus, Jackie Hesse, Lisa Duffer, Judy Phillips, Babette Chavers, Cindy Howard. 183Block A SEATED: (left to right) Missie Milton, Joy Rogers, Kay Grimes, Tommy Ward, Valerie Johnson, Gail Williams, Verona Robinson, Margie Dent, Deidre Morris, Renee Dollor, Myra Muphree, Vicki Tate, Amy Wilson. KNEELING: Coach Gordon Dailey. STANDING, (left to right) Bo Norris, Bart Ootes, John Kirksey, Melvin Henderson, Ston Goy, Darrel Snead, Jeff Osborn, David Jackson, Bryan Armstrong, Jeff lukens, Bobby Roberts, Gary Dorminey, Willie Jones, Eddie Williams, Danny Ducksworth, Winfred Anderson, Jerry Moore, Robert Ritter, Jerome Jones, Colvin Collins, Jason Belk, Marcella Macken, Greg Murphy, Alan Boll, Robbie Paffe, Alexander Branch, Jay Milton. As One FRONT ROW-, (left to right) Donna Carter, Denise Chammoun, Gndy Lawson, Lisa George, Cindy Griffin, Phyllis Tanner. BACK ROW: (l«ft to Mr Johnson, Winfred n er on, Tim Lamoy, Alan Raughton, Calvin Collins, John Kirksey, Alan Ball.FHA Celia Waters President Kim Pickron Terry Roberts Carol Carr Pampalin Cloy Cathy Johnson Deborah Crews Kelly Jacobs Members Not Pictured: Dee Kuiper, Annie Kendrick, Virginia Franklin, Julie Manee. 185Bedenbough, Boe Bridges. SITTING: Kathy Sharp, Reggie Joiner, Rebecca McCool, Muffi Willgrubs, Nancy Vinson, Jack Painter, Craig Roos, Robert Davis, Rod Dodgen. KNEELING: Gail Williams, Surene Ladd, Tracy Turnipseed, Darrell Davis, Tony Dorriety, Charlene Hall, Annobelle Hawk. SITTING: Jay Lowery, Lisa George, Lucy Garrison, Angela Robinson, Carlie Woodham, Alan Keel, Matt Maddox, Bill Studstill, Anita Dunston. 186STANDING: Judy Futch (Subscription Editor), Claudio Hawk, Mindy Oates (Art Editor), Miss Feagin (Sponsor), Tino Whitaker. KNEELING: Debbie Whit-ton, Kim Pickron (Publicity and Projects Editor), Ellen Creamer (Editor). s c R I B E BACK ROW: Mrs. Tate, Sheila Rivers, Edith Brown, Beverly Thrower, Charlene Hall, Maria Collier, Fannie Crews, Valerie Johnson, Beverley Lyons. MIDDLE ROW: Mrs. Hand, Renee Dollar, Dorando Crooke, Missie Milton, Lisa Matkin, Cherry Granado, Alfredo Davis, Veronica Shealy, Annabelle Hawk. FRONT ROW: Kelly Eaton, Margie Dent, Vicki Tote, Amanda Williams, Cynthia Dent, Pam Clayton, Alfredo James, Cathy Fenton, Jackie Hesse. 187“MARCHIN’ CHIEFS”PERCUSSION: Rutty Miller, Jim Cross, Charles Flowers, Kent Lofton, Dennis Lillis, Donnie Randall, Kevin Burleson, Micheal Sapp. KNEELING: Angel Bradford, Rebecca McCool, Sammy Lee. TRUMPETS: Bobby Nolan, Reginald Berry, Steve Frantz, Don Yarbrough, David Renaue, Tony Dorriety, David Ridley. 191COLOR GUARD: Jackie Hill, Angela Davis, Karen Holloway, Jill Justice, Annalynne Green, Karyl Rainey, Debbie Craddock. KNEELING: Andrea Paros, Sheryl Nichols, Debi McMinn. 192CLARINETS: Kathy Pate, Vicki Bridges, Lisa Funderburk, Lola Myers, Dee Flowers, Venae Washinton, Cathy Smith, Claudia Hawke, Janice Lutrell, Sheila Hudgins, Kathy McCabe, Pamela Clayton, Dee-Dee McCray, Tonya Ellis, Julie Parslow, Stephanie Litmon, Sabrina Sneed. FLUTES: Toni Washington, Kathy Davis, Joann Henderson, Karen Brooks, Dee Kuiper, Tammy Richardson, Debbie Whitton, Clara Pate, Katrina Jones. 193BRASS: Mike Harper, Brett Peterson, Steve Williams, Robert Poole, Tony Jenkins, Morris Rainey, Andrew Hooks, Daniel Worthington, Butch Tucker, Mike Cohan, Jim Oglesby, Phylis Hudgins, Chris Clarke. FRENCH HORNS AND SAXES: Donna Luttrell, Nancy Vinson, Bobby Lang, Edison Arnette, Jack Painter, Michelle Ferguson, Gail Williams. KNEELING: Barbara Mahoney, Vicki Middleton, Calvin Mosely, Belinda McCory. 194195ENTY-SEVEN-SEVENTY-SEVEN-SEVEN1 VEN-SEVENTY-SEVEN-SEVENTY-SEVEb ENTY-SEVEN-SEVENTY-SEVEN-SEVEN1 VEN-SEVENTY-SEVEN-SEVENTY-SEVEfif-SEVEN-SEVENTY-SEVEN-SEVENTY-SE SEVENT Y-SE VEN-S EN-SE VENTY -SE ?-SE VEN-SEVENT Y -SEVEN-SE VENTY-SE SEVENTY-SEVEN-SEVENTY-SEVEN-SElFRONT ROW: Mr. Harvey Cohen, Dr. J. P. Cheevers, Mr. Morgan Murphey, Mr. R. H. Warren. BACK ROW: Mr. Charles Nesbitt, Mr. Fred Sumter, Mr. Franklin Cross. Dougherty County Board of Education 98 MR. PAUL ROBERTSON, Superintendent of the Dougherty County Schools MR. GRAYDON PIERCE Administrative Assistant for Secondary SchoolsPrincipal’s Message Something in the soul of a real athlete won’t let him quit. Something drives him to seek his goal, keeps him going through long, hot hours of strenuous practice. It is not likely that it is the love of sweat in his eyes. It MAY be loyalty to his coach and team, the cheers of the crowd, and encouragement from those near and dear to him. Regardless of what one feels the reasons to be, you can be certain he has a goal and that he is struggling to attain that goal. It is said of O. J. Simpson that when he was eleven years old he told “Big Jim" Brown, "I'm gonna break all your records in football." He has done this and still has a lot of life left in him. The point I wish to make to the class of '77 is that if you set your goals high enough and exercise the D-E-T-E-R-M-l-N-A-T-l-O-N to see them through, there is no limit to the success that you can achieve. It has been said that the mind is the slave of what your goals are and the body is the slave of the mind. What is your goal in life? If you have not set one, then today is not too soon to do so. The best is yet to be. 199I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all of the 1 977 graduating seniors and to offer other students encouragement in continuing their efforts to become future graduates of Albany High. William Bates Assistant Principal 200"I went to the woods to live deliberately.” . . . “You would think any moron could do this.” . . . “While you are getting my watercup, let me tell you about my four sons.” . . . "Will y'all please be quiet, students.” English 202English “Hurry you little insignificant people!" “Okay, raise your hand if you’ve ever read this story before" . . . "She stoops to conquer, you see?" 203 MRS. MAUREEN DeLOACHMathematics “You will NOT report late to room 218A!“ . . .“Now would that be theorem 12-2 or 12-4?” . . . “Today we're going to learn about a very famous mathematician — Raymond the Roman.” . . . "Rules, rules, rules and after school sessions." . . . “Do you have any make up questions! Last call for makeup questions!" . . . "Please sir, please ma'am." MRS. JUDY THOMAS 204 MRS. ANNE DAVIS MR. JAMES MULUSScience MR. ERNEST BOONE MR. NELSON JOHNSON "But are all science teachers spacey?" . . . “Big R’a little R'a, big S-s little S-s" . . . "Am I on the wall?" . , . "What 'cha want, baby?" . . . "Will you please WAKE UP!" . . . “But he doesn't have any skin — the least I can do is lend him my coat" MRS. DIANE TATE MRS. JUDITH WALTER MRS. EDITH BLACKPhysical Ed. and Drivers Ed. “Dunk it, sweet pea!" . . . "Get your hair cut — Let me see your ears!" . . .“You’re speeding, young blood." . . . “Dress out or your grade gets cut." . . . i I MR. GORDON DIXON MRS. LYNNE HAGGERTY MR. DONALD HICKS MR. MAJOR THOMPSON 206Physical Education MRS. AUDREY MITCHELL 207 MR. CARDON DALLEY MR. WILLIE MAGWOOD "All right, sugar.” . . . "Git your mind right." . . "Back of the line, son." . . "Darn, shut your mouth."Social Science "But I still don’t see what Hank Williams has to do with History — and who IS Abdullah?". . ."Now when I was at Auburn and was dating Harry." . . . "Alright, people — let’s take a few notes." . . . "When my husband was in Europe during WWII — and I know this from experience." . . . 208MR. ROBERT GRAPER MR. WALTER JACKSON MRS. MARGUERITE JACKSON Social Science Language 41 MRS. PATRICIA CULBRETH " Es Lili la tia de Susana?" . . . “We have got to catch up — we're behind." . . . “II fait tres froid, ce jour." . . . "I’ve stomped and preached, and y'all children still don’t know how to conjugate a verb!" . . . “Tempus fugit" . . . 209Distributive Education and Business Education "Lawdy, lawdy!”, "I'm planting twenty dogwoods around my fishpond.” . . . "Sure would appreciate it.” . . . "All right, ready begin typing.”. . . "Get out your work.” . . . MR. LAWSON MURKERSON MR. DERRYL QUINN r- MR. TIM YANCEY MR. STEVE BARRETT MRS. FLORENCE BATTLE MISS MARGARET JO HOGG 210Agriculture and Special Ed. "Come on girls now — yo’ll yell — y’all want to make varsity next year, don’t you? And wouldn't it be nice to cheer for the Bulldogs someday?" . . . "Five to stay alive." . . . "Attention, salute pledge." . . . MR. J. w. DOWNING 211212 “We've taken the basic school colors of orange and green and modified them to make the cafeteria a more pleasant place in which to dine.” . . . “Marchin’ Chiefs, Hey!". . . "Oh isn't this FUN!" . . . "I am going to get irate with you lame brains!”. . . "Ya’II go out to the breezeway.” . . . Art MRS. CAROLYN CLIVE Home Economics Band MRS. PENNY KNIGHT Industrial Arts MR. LESSIE OWENS MR. RICHARD RUNGEClinic and Lunchroom Staff Custodial Staff "What ails ya?” "You cut your hand, well let me get the soda water." . . . "Whatcha want honey, what’cha having dear, spoonburgers?” "Greenbeans or salad?" 213Guidance Office MR. WILLIAM CULBRETH “May I see IMA SWEATHOG in the Guidance Office, if convenient. Thank you." . . . "I'm sorry, honey, but it seems as though 3 of your classes are scheduled for 5th period MISS MARY HUDSON MRS. RACHEL DICKERSON MRS. CAROLYN SUMNEROffice 215 E VEN-SE VENTY - SE VEN-SE VI VENTY -SEVEN-SEVENTY- SE VEN-SE VEh 5 VEN-SEVENTY -SEVEN-SE VENT Y-SEVE1 ENTY-SEVEN-SEVENTY-SEVEN-SEVENlCROWN HILL CEMETERY MAUSOLEUM THINGS ARE WROUCHT »Y PRAYER THAI THIS WORLD DREAMS 0 ? VEN-SE VENTY-SE VEN-SE VENT Y -fENTY-SEVEN-SEVENTY-SEVEN-SEVEN i VEN-SE VENTY-SE VEN-SE VENTY -SEVE SEN TY-SE VEN- SE VEN TY-SE VEN- S E VEN218222227229231232235 • aJ5l i dragi hen the tearf aroundWP se c frozen streams. Won Itius appease him, Sixteen sprtngs cWf?T gone new. Cartwheels turn fl the town. The'jjj ll him. (Jwaj t be long noy tW yo Wg slow the So the years spWb ffcoy is twenty, though hi$ drean ia HB some grandeur coming true. ThereMI b$|M dreams maybe better dreams, Tma pliK hefore the last revolving year is throu jj And the seasons, they go round and ratgnd and the painted ponies go up and only look behind from where we 236 EVENTY-SEVEN-SEVENTY-SEVEN-SEVE 1EVEN-SEVENTY-SEVEN-SEVENTY-SEV1 VENTY-SEVEN-SEVENTY-SEVEN-SEVEh EVEN-SEVENTY-SEVEN-SEVENTY-SEVE]TY-SEVEN-SEVENTY-SEVEN-SEVENTY- J-SEVENTY-SEVEN-SEVENTY-SEVEN-SE 'Y-SEVEN-SEVENTY-SEVEN-SEVENTY-S SEVENTY-SEVEN-SEVENTY-SEVEN-SE It's All Here! • Beauty Salon • Snack Bar • Decorator Consultant • Lawn and Garden Shop • Automotive Center • Product Service Center • Shop at home with Penney's Catalog JCPenney Services for your shopping convenience. JCPenney, Midtown. Open daily 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. 10 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. Fridays, Sunday 1 p.m. to 6 P.m. J. C.Penney Midtown Shopping Center Mason's Jewelers 2305 Dawson Road Rucker's Bakery W. W. and Virginia Pennington, Owners 116 S. Jackson Phone 435-3541 "Birthdays and Weddings Are Our Specialty" Compliments of Prisants Albany Mall Dub Cone Shoes Midtown Shopping Center Atlas Fence Company 315 Roosevelt Ave. 435 8019 240Giles Builders Supply Corner of Pine and Cleveland Washburn Standard Mgr. — Fred Washburn 1604 Gillionville Rd. Phone: 436 8292 Ervin Florists 1111 Fourth Ave. Nailtigue Sculptured Nails — Ear Piercing Manicures — Facial Waxing 234 Broad Ave. 883 4135 Compliments of the Lilliston Corporation Dawson Rd. 241Carpets and Linoleum BROWN FLOOR COVERING, INC. No-Wax Vinyl — Carpet 104 South Magnolia Phone 436-7912 Albany, Georgia 31707 Res. Ph. 435-3337 Brown Floor Covering First Federal Savings Loan FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS Branches: 2409 Dawson Rd. Main Office Albany, Ga. Midtown Shopping Center 401 Pine Avenue 1801 E. Oglethorpe Blvd. Sylvester, Ga. "South Georgia's Largest 112 Isabella St. Savings Center" Dawson, Ga. Village Shopping Center TOTAL WAY OF LIFE . . . for our exciting times. Independent Life Independent Life Hoc's Discount Gas HOC'S MIKE HOCHALTER 1201 N. Slappey Albany, Georgia 31706 DISCOUNT GAS Open 24 Hours Every Day 242SANDWICH CO 1018 HIGHLAND AVE. • ★ “PIca ★ X)©nutA ★ TaAtMeA Dixie Sandwich Company A Complete Sandwich Company — Cold Cuts, Frozen Refrigerated, Infra-red Hot Sandwiches 25 Years in Business Dixie Sandwich Company 1018 Highland Avenue 243RETAIL FURNITURE DEALERS ASSOCIATION ABC Furniture Co. Albany Housefurnishing Co. Brown Furniture Co. Carter Home Furniture Gerst Brothers Furniture Co. Home Supply Furniture J. J. Furniture Co. Loosier of Albany Furniture Co. Miles Furniture Co. Morrow-Cook Furniture Co. Newcomb, Inc. Phillips Moving and Storage Rhodes, Inc. Suburban Furniture Co. “For The Man Who Cares’9 JOHNSTON -------- ALBANY MALL DOWNTOWN 2601 DAWSON ROAD 31707 212 PINE AVE. 31701 435-2293 436-3033 ALBANY. GEORGIA MENS SHOP Johnston's Men's Shop Sears Albany Mall 244Savelle and Sons Albany Mall and Midtown Shopping Center Congratulations and Best Wishes From OWENS, INC. SPORTING GOODS, HARDWARE 202 W. Broad Ave. 435-3628 Albany, Ga. 31702 "It Pays to Play" Owens Hayes Clothing Anderson-Little 121 S. Washington Street Albany Mall 245Albany Outboard Marine 1500 S. Slappey Drive.Aultman Motor Company The Racquet Shoppe 948 Oglethorpe Avenue 2031 FN.SIappey Life’s too short to waste. Get moving. Join the Navy. Join the Navy and get into electronics. Learn to work with machinery. Or build the basis fora career in modern communications. Or any of more than 70 different fields of work you may qualify for. All through Navy schooling. Navy on-the-job training. And Navy experience. Life's too short to waste. And the Navy is offering you too many opportunities for you to pass it up. Get moving. Be Someone Special. Join the Navy. For full details, see your local Navy Recruiter. He can tell you what you qualify for before you enlist. RECRUITER IN CHARGE NAVY RECRUITING STATION 235 Roosevelt Ave., Suite 133 P.O.Box 933 Albany, Ga. 31702 912—432-7121 247 United States Navy Recruiting StationROWN HILL CEMETERY J§-MAUSOLEUM ORE THINCS ARE WROUGHT BY PRAYER TH THIS WORLD DREAMSKingstown Colony "The Young Adult Community" Pool — Lighted Tennis Courts Clubhouse With Fireplace Planned Entertainment All Built-In Appliances — Furnished or Unfurnished as Low as $149. Per Month 1200 Kingstown Court Resident Manager — 436-6415 "Come Live With Us!!" Kingstown Colony Apartments 1200 Kingstown Court Albany Lincoln — Mercury 632 Broad Ave. Keenan Auto Parts Co. 112 N. Front Street Wilcox Realty Co. 203 I -A N. Slappey Drive (912)435 1717 Brundage Motors Co. 707 Broad Ave. InsraPnm copy cenier, inc. 841 WEST BROAD ALBANY. GEORGIA 31701 249Ja Martin Theaters Beth s Flowers 14,0 P««rl Avenue 435 8584 "JESCO" mes E 1uiPment and Supply Co 6°4 Eighth Avenue - Rhone 432 5151 Albany, Georgia 31701 Rosenberg's Fashion Qualify — Servi ice Downtown I 26 N. Washington Street and The Albany Mall 2601 Dawson Road American Federal Savings and Loan Association of Albany 701 N. Slappey Drive Fantasy Records Tapes — $5.95 LP — $4.99 2528 Stuart Ave. Open Mon. Hri. 11 AM 9 PM Sun. 2 PM 5 PM Daily Sales— $3.99 Compliments of Oaklawn Chapel Funeral Home 61 I N. Jefferson Kimbrell-Stern 1503 Dawson Rd.n 1 LI' THE FIRST NATIONAL BAr OF ALBANY Taylor's Grocery 1925 Dawson Road WALB-TV Channel 10 Burger Chef 814 N. Slappey Drive Miles Furniture Co. 1600 S. Slappey Drive Albany, Georgia 31706 First National Bank 410 Broad Ave. 251THE INDEPENDENT INSURANCE AGENTS OF ALBANY Albany Insurance Agency Allen-Owen Company T. Ray Cannon Agency Copelan Insurance Agency De+herage Insurance Agency Gortatowsky Insurance Agency H. H. Hedrick Sons Lanier-Tift Insurance Agency Pace Insurance Wakeford Insurance Agency Walden Kirkland Insurers Warren BrimberryPlantazia 2705 Dawson Rd. BUSBEE'S Finishing and Re-Finishing Busbee's FLOOR Floor Finishing FINISHING CO. Floor Sanding for New or Old Floors Company Fast Efficient Dial 435 5232 1201 Eleventh Ave. Service Churchwell's MON. WashingtonLILLISTON BLDG. 307 ROOSEVELT ROOM 1.2.3X4 RADIO COMMUNICATION ENGINEERS ROOM 5 Murphy Dance Studios 1211 S«cond Ave. Lake Park Styles Lake Park Barber Shop 1929 Dawson Road Compliments of Railway Freight Salvage Co. 1140 Gillionville Rd. Harvey's 325 N. Slappey WREN HARRIS RCE 307 Roosevelt Albany, Ga. Phone 883-1 100 Car Telephones — Radio Radio Pagers Beepers — 2-Way Radios Sales and Service 2S4 RCE Radio ElectronicsBottled under the authority of The Coca-Cola Co. by The Albany Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Coca-Cola 925 Pine Ave. Compliments of A Friend MacGregor-Brunswick Corporation 1601 S. Slappey Drive Albany Camera Center Midtown Shopping Center 255 El Lobo 2345 B Dawson Road Oglethorpe PlaiaMYER'S Compliments of ELECTRIC CO., INC. Qualified Electrical Kiddie Kastle Contractors 1929 Ledo Road 409 North Monroe Albany, Georgia Day Care and Kindergarten Phone (912)432-9158 Open 6 Days 6:30 a.m.-6:00 p.m. NO JOB TOO SMALL Phone —432-1300 OR TOO LARGE Myers Electric Co., Inc. Kiddie Kastle Northside Pharmacy Grant City Shopping Center 432-5191 Plaza Pharmacy 910 North Jefferson 436-7272 256 Northside Pharmacy Northwest RealtyC S Bank Washington at Oglethorp The Albany Herald "South Georgia's Metropolitan Newspaper" Albany Herald GMC TRUCKS Beck Motor Co. 1707 S. Slap pay WGPC Radio AM-FM 201 I Gillionville Rd. Aaron's Footwear Albany Mall and 100 N. Washington Compliments of Dene Deena's Interiors 2401 N. Siappey Magnolia Grocery 130 N. Magnolia St. 436-6704 Finest Quality Meats in Town 258Huckabee Buick 525 W. Oglethorpe Carpet Country Color Quality Economy 1004 Dawson Rd. (912)435 2762 (912) 439-0237 Night Atlas Fence Co. 315 Roosevelt Ave. 435 8019 Henderson Oil Company 1440 Old Leesburg Rd. (912)432-5181 Bruce Henderson, Owner GEORGIA TIRE BATTERY CO. Jobbers — Wholesalers — Distributors — Recappers 948 950 W. Broad Ave. Albany, Ga. 31701 Phone (912) 432-7435 432-7436 Ford Motorcraft — Lee Tires — Monarch Michelin Steel Radial Tires Accesories 60-Minute Cleaners 1320 Dawson Rd. Georgia Tire Battery Co. 25VCompliment of Jostens 260 Road Master Motor Club Pres. — Earl Price, V. Pres. — Ula Jones Bus. Mgr. — Montezuma Taylor 230 Whitney Ave. Albany, Ga. 439 2634 Bob White Rents, Inc. "Most Anything" 732 W. Broad Ave. 435 0735 Mr. John's Hair Styling 1308 N. Slappey Burnham Auto Parts 1441 Old Leesburg Road Albany, Georgia %r S r TL M B A.N K- . O M P- A N Y ‘Of • T‘ ■•' « £ JTL f ► : i. Sr k. . ■ ZL i . . -X i X .' 7 333 W. BroadBest Wishes Phone 432-2365 HOME FURNISHINGS 2518 Dawson Road — Albany, GA "Albany's Most Prestigious Discount Furniture Store" Carter Home Furnishing Greene's Propane Gas 262 1019 Gillionville Rd. BalfourDupree Drugs 111 I N. Slappey Staton's Gallery 1004 N. Slappey Ed's Shoe Repair 238 Pin® Ave. Hillcrest Grocery 1301 Eighth Ave. 436 8465 Shop Where Your Business Is Appreciated Prestige Beauty Salon Grant City Shopping Center Pritchett Ford 410 N. Slappey 263County Seat Albany Mall REED BROTHERS HARDWARE Reed Brothers Hardware, Inc 108 S. Magnolia 108 S. Magnolia S+. Oglethorpe Motel 941 Oglethorpe Blvd. Piggly Wiggly 264265 Georgia Department Awards for the Best Boys' State Program for Thirteen Consecutive Years Baseball Champions 1931, 1932, 1941, 1962Collier's Dawson Road Exxon 2401 Dawson Road Chambers Motor Co. 409 Oglethorpe Jackson and Sons Sporting Goods 1600 W. Oglethorpe Sonny's Beauty World 2415 Dawson Rd. Jana's Hair Fashions Hair Fashions for the Fashionable Woman 126 N. Magnolia Phone 432 9526 Ryder Truck Rentals 2310 N. Monroe Silver Anvil, Inc. 2601 Dawson Rd. Wishes for Great Success to the Class of '77 From Lee's Funeral Home 442 Corn Ave. 266MR. REAL ESTATE Inc. of Albany Specializing in RESIDENTIAL —COMMERCIAL LAND —ACREAGE "Bring Your Home Plans to Us for Free Estimates, or Select From Ours" Call Day or Night 435-0024 Mr. Real Estate 616 W. Oglethorpe Best Wishes From Pantry Pride Pantry Pride 2220 N. Slappey Herff-JonesHonda of Albany 1633 E. Oglethorpe 268TURNl CAR Phillip Turnipseed Sons Carpet Services 2409 Commerce Lane Cost Less Triangle Engineering Co. Cooling NATURE'S WIND DOES IT ALL - NO COST TO YOU COOL YOUR HOME with TURBINE COOLERS Triangle Engineering Co. Old Pretoria Rd. 269Walden Kirkland Villa Sargano 1604 N. Slappey Potter Motor Co. 1501 East Albany Expressway ALBANY AMUSEMENT COMPANY Direct Police Hook-Up or Local Alarms We Install and Service Our Systems 24 Hour Service — Burglar, Hold-Up, Fire Phone 439-1945 Albany Amusement Co. 138 Booker Ave.ALBANY BOWLING SUPPLIE INC- Albany Bowling Supply 929 W. Highland From a Supporter of the Tribe SONNY LOFTON Good Luck, Seniors of '77 Krystal Co. 713 Oglathorpa and 1605 N. Slappey I Wallace Chevrolet 1001 S. Slappay 271Jack Daniel makes it easier. He can help take the bother out of insurance. He’ll explain it all simply. And he’ll get you Allstate’s low rates. instate Jack Daniel Executive Center 1216 Dawson Rd. 883-7971 Flint Equipment Company 1709 B S. Slappey Allstate Insurance Mr. C's General Store 1707 Radium Springs RoadSikes Motor Co. If We Ain't Got It We'll Get It!1 515 W. Oglethorpe John Sikes Phone 436 0478 Carr Sikes 436 4257 Ivey Drug Co. 1009 N. Monroe Flint River Cotton Mill 509 Eleventh Ave. The Flower Basket 2017 Acker Drive sy A Compliments of Gardner Six Point Station 1104 Newton Rd. Martha's Flowers 404 Second Ave. Wire Service — We Deliver 435 4524 Orange Park Skate Team Albany Lighting and Appliance Center 340 N. Slappey 883 4656 273George Williams Tux Shop 274 2601 Dawson Rd.Loyal Chiefs Steve, Angie, Julian, Vic, Morris, Beth, Karen, Alan Henderson Oil Co. 1440 Old Leesburg Rd. Evans of Albany 2601 Dawson Rd. FF Industrial Services Supplies 108 Broad Ave. Burger King 2411 Dawson Road I TRW Bruce Jones Auto Parts 1020 Roosevelt Ave. 275INDIAN PATRONS R. R. Joiner Family A Friend Dr. and Mrs. James E. Strom Mr. and Mrs. James E. Fowler Mr. and Mrs. James C. Woodyard Mr. and Mrs. Gene Willgrubs Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Studstill Dr. George Dillard Mr. and Mrs. Calton Price Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Grimes Mr. and Mrs. Dan J. Stevens Leah, Barbara, Lynne, Leah Dr. Franklin Coleman, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. O. O. Simmons Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Crockett Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Flowers Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Lukens Mr. and Mrs. Sam Brown Lippitt, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Norman Allen Supporters of the Tribe Ti '4' ' 7.. ...T, A .hi 7 Q'My L OL Ji JoU v V k 4 % i3i p) I %|At% va f - - stsy ' a ■ v A i -, Oo i'V ( 'J 'i U' llr ‘' rOx - X- V ■' -k i:PP4tPk %" 277 When as a youth, I dreamt and talked, Time walked. - r JT Soon I shall find 2lSenior Directory ABBOTT, RAY— Band; DCT ADAMS, KAY — Pep Club; Epsilon; VICA; Debate Club; Basketball ALBERT, BAXTER ALBRITTEN, BOBBY ALLEN', CALVIN — Key Club, President; Student Council; VICA; Sr. Class President; Annual Staff ALLEN, GREGORY — Basketball ALLSION, SCOTT —VICA ALLUM, LISA — Student Council; FHA; Social Science Club; Annual Staff, Club Editor ALSOBROOK, BARBARA — DECA, Reporter ANDERSON, WINFRED — Football, Most Valuable Player, Captain; As One Committee APPERSON, DEBRA BAGGETT, RAY BARKER, MIKE — Band; Student Council; Pow Wow; DCT; Foreign Language Club, President BEDENBAUGH, HOWARD — Social Science Club BELL JEROME BLANKENSHIP, DAVID — Beta Club BRANCH, ALEXANDER — Football; Basketball; Block A; Track BRIDGES, ELMER BROWN, BRENDA — Pep Club BROWN, DEBRA BRUCE, ERNEST BUCHANNON, ANTHONY BUCK, JUDY — DECA, President BULLINGTON, VICTOR — Tennis BULLOCK, EDDIE BURSON, BRYAN — Football; Track CARR, CAROL —FHA CARTER, DAVID — Band; Drum Major; Key Club; Boys' State; Debate Club; Governor's Honors CARTER, DONNA — As One Committee CARTER, MILTON CHAMMOUN, LORRAINE — Tennis; FHA; Beta Club CHAPMAN, PAMELA — FHA CHRISTIAN, FELICIA — VICA CLARK, DELORES CLARK, EUGENE — Band; Spanish Club CLAY, ROBERT COBURN, LEAH — Student Council; Pow Wow CODY, PHILIP — Beta Club; Annual Staff, Ads Editor-Star Student COLLIER, GENEVA — DECA; Basketball COVINGTON, SHEILA COX, TAMMIE — Homecoming Queen; Annual Staff CRADDOCK, DONNA — JCL; DECA; FHA; Epsilon, Pres. CRAWFORD, ELISE — JCL; DECA; Annual Staff; Pep Club; Epsilon CREAMER, ELLEN — Scribe Staff; Pow Wow CREWS, FANNIE — Pep Club; Sr. Representative Homecoming Court CROCKETT, LISA — Beta Club; Student Council; JCL; Annual Staff, Editor; Girls’ State DAVIS, RENEE — Band; VICA DAVIS, JOHNNY — Literary Staff; Electronic Music Club; Annual Staff Photographer; Tennis DAVIS, ROBERT DAVIS, ROXANNE — Epsilon, Chaplain; FHA DAVIS, TED — DECA DENNING, MICHAEL — Governor's Honors DENT, MARGIE — Student Council, Sec.-Treas.; Pep Club; Sophomore Class Pres.; Basketball; Junior Class President; Tennis DEREUS, BOB — Pow Wow DODGEN, JIM — Key Club; Baseball; Boys’ State; Pow Wow; Annual Staff DRAPER, RONALD — Manager, Football Team DUNCAN, TOMMY — Baseball; Annual Staff; Tennis ELLIOTT, CHARLES — B-Team Football EVANS, WANDA — Pep Club; Epsilon FAISON, JOHN —VICA FENTON, PAUL — Debate; DECA; B-Team Football FERGUSON, MICHELLE — Beta Club; Band; JCL; Social Science Club FIELDS, JACK FIELDS, JAN — Basketball FLEMING, BARBARA — DECA FLOWERS, LEAH — Student Council; Annual Staff, Editor; Beta Club; Girls' State; Pep Club, Treasurer; Miss AHS FORDHAM, TONY FREEMAN, DRURY FULLER, BRENDA —VICA GAMBLE, LISA GARNER, MICHAEL GILYARD, VINCE — Football; Key Club GODWIN, DREW — Drama Club; Debate Club; DCT GRAHAM, SHAROLD — FHA; Band; Student Council-Chorus GRANADO, CHERRY — Pep Club, President; VICA; Vice-Pres. Jr. Class; Sec. of Sophomore Class; Epsilon GRIFFIN, CINDY — As One GRIFFIN, DONALD — Football GRINER, JENNY — DECA HALL, MARY HAMBRICK, MARK HANCOCK, VALERIE — Tennis HARRIS, WILLIE HAWK, CLAUDIA — Band; Girls’ State HAYMAN, TED — Senior Hi-Y HENDRICKS, TONITA — Pep Club; Chorus HESTER, MARK HICKS, DONALD HILL, JACKIE —Band HILL, RUTH HILLS, DENISE — FHA; Chorus; Epsilon; Band; Drill Team HILTON, MIKE — Key Club, Treasurer; Debate Club 283HOLT, PHILLIP HOOKS, ANDREW — Band HORNE, JULIE — VICA; Debate HOWARD, CINDY — Annual Staff; Pow Wow HUDGINS, SHEILA — Band HUFSTETLER, DIAN — Library Club; Drama Club HUGHES, JERRY HUGHEY, KAREN — Literary Staff; FHA; DECA HUIRAS, RICHARD JACKSON, SHARON — Chorus JACKSON, WILLIE JAMES, LOALAN — Student Council JENKINS, HENRY LEE — Chorus JOHNSON, ARTIS JOHNSON, BETTY — Pep Club JOHNSON, CAROLYN — Band JOHNSON, DEBORAH JOHNSON, LAVERNE JOHNSON, VALERIE R. — Cheerleader; Pep Club JONES, HIRAM — Baseball; B-Team Football JONES, JEWROME — Basketball JONES, JOHN —VICA JONES, LEIGH JORDAN, BENJAMIN JUSTICE, JILL — Band; Pep Club; Epsilon KENDRICKS, ANNIE — Scribe; FHA KENDRICKS, CHARLES — Basketball KING, KATHY —VICA KNIGHTON, SANDRA — As One; DECA LANE, LEE ANN — Beta Club LANE, SUE —DECA LAWING, BETH — Basketball LEE, ANNIE RUTH — Band; Student Council; Library Service Club LEWIS, WALTER — B-Team Basketball LOFTON, KENT — Student Council; Band; Tennis; Key Club LUCAS, ROOSEVELT LUTTRELL, JANICE — Band LYONS, BEVERLY — Epsilon; Pep Club KUNDE, MICHAEL — B-Team Football MCDONALD, MARK — Debate; VICA MCEACHERN, LYNN MCINTYRE, MARY — Epsilon; Band; Student Council; Parliamentarian of Soph. Girls; Play Production MCLAGGAN, JOHN MANCE, JULIE — Band; Student Council; Social Science Club; FHA MARCH, DEBORAH MASTERS, CHUCK — VICA MATKIN, LISA — Epsilon, Pres.; Pep Club; Annual Staff; DECA MATHIS, JOHN — Football; Track MEDLIN, STEPHANIE — Beta Club; Literary Festival MEDLOCK, EDWIN MEDLOCK, SHARON MILLER, VONTRESSIA — Debate Club; Spanish Club; Pep Club; Drama Club MILTON, JAY — Football; Student Council MITCHESON, CAROL MOCK, MOLLY MONDS, ALEXANDER MONDS, SHIRLEY MOORE, JERRY — Football; Basketball MOORE, OPHELIA — As One MOREY, ANN MORGAN, CLAIRE — Student Council; Beta Club Pres.; Annual Staff, Feature Editor; Governor's Honors; Literary Festival, Co-Chairman MORRIS, DEIDRE — Basketball; Student Council; Epsilon MORRIS, JOSEPH MURPHY, GREG — Football Team Manager NELSON, VANESSA NEWCOMB, NED NICHOLS, LISA — Beta Club; Epsilon; Pep Club; VICA OATES, BART — Football; Track; Student Council; Debate Club; As One PANTONE, DARRELL — Baseball; DECA PARKER, DAVID PARSLOW, JULIE —Band PATE, CLAIRA — Band; Scribe PEACHER, DEANA — VICA PENNINGTON, JODY — Annual Staff; VICA PENNINGTON, MIKE PERKINS, RUBY PERRY, JUANITA PETERSON, WANDA PHILLIPS, JUDY — Student Council; Pwp Wow; VICA, Vice-Pres.; Sr. Representative Homecoming PHILLIPS, KAREN — DECA PILGRIM, RHONDA — Epsilon pins, CINDY Pins, VICTOR — Key Club POTEAT, CINDY POWERS, JAMES — DECA PRICE, KAREN — Epsilon; Pep Club; Pow Wow; Annual Staff, Faculty Editor PUTNAL, DAVID RACKLEY, KAY — VICA RAINEY, MORRIS — Student Council; Key Club; Band RAUGHTON, ALAN — Band REAVES, SHARON — French Club; VICA REESE, SANDRA — Beta Club; Foreign Language Club RICHARDSON, RALPH — VICA ROBERTS, BOBBY — Football ROBERTSON, ROBIN — Tennis; Pep Club ROBERTSON, VERONA — Basketball; Student Council; FHA ROGERS, JOY — Student Council; Cheerleader; Annual Staff; Soph. Homecoming Representative ROSS, MARY JANE — Library Service Club; JCL; FHA ROWE, GREG ROUSE, HOSEY ROYAL, JULIAN — Social Science Club, President; Drama Club; DECA RUDD, MARCIA — Social Science Club RYALS, HERBERT SCHRAMM, KENNY — Annual Staff SCHROEDER, BETH — Annual Staff Photographer; Epsilon SEDACCA, BRUCESENN, DEWEY SEYMORE, CAROLYN — Tennis SHEAD, OBIDINA — Cheerleader SHEAD, WILLIE — Basketball; Football SHEALY, VERONICA — Pep Club; Band SINYARD, LECIA — Debate Club; Annual Staff; VICA SMITH, BOBBY SMITH, GARY — B-Team Football; B-Team Basketball; Student Council; Key Club; DECA SMITH, JOANN — Pep Club SOWA, SONIA — Debate Club SPENCE, NOALN — DECA SPRUELL, BENJAMIN STAINES, LAMAR — DECA STAMPS, MARCIA — Basketball; Tennis; Annual Staff; Pow Wow, Editor; Debate Club STEPHENS, GEORGE STERN, ERIC STEWART, GRADY STRANGE, DOROTHY — Scribe,- Beta Club STRICKLAND, WALTER STYLES, MICHAEL — Science Club; B-Team Football; B-Team Basketball SUTTON, DENNIS —Track; Football; Basketball SWEARINGEN, WALTER — VICA SWEENEY, JAMES — Football TAYLOR, JOHN THOMAS, BEVERLY THOMAS, GLEN THOMAS, JAMES THOMAS, ULYSEE — Football; Block A; Basketball TREADAWAY, GLENN TUCKER, TAMMY — Beta Club, Vice-Pres.; Annual Staff; As One; Dress Code Comm. TYRE, MARTIN VARON, NANCY — Beta Club; Foreign Language Club VICKERS, VICKI — Band, Head Majorette; Epsilon WALDEN, BETH WALKER, HATTIE — Library Service Club, Sec.-Treas. WARD, PAMELIA WARD, TAMMY — Student Council; Cheerleader, Captain; Annual Staff, Sports Editor; Sec.-Treas. of Senior Class WEBB, WILLIAM —Band WEBSTER, KARL — Football; Key Club; Mr. AHS WESCOTT, JAMES WHITAKER, RENEE — Band; Drill Team; Epsilon WHITEHEAD, JIMMIE WHITTON, DEBRA — Band; Scribe WILLIAMS, EVELYN — Basketball; FHA WILLIAMS, LUCIA JANE — Cheerleader; Beta Club WILLIAMS, LUCINDA — Band; Epsilon; Pep Club WILLIS, GAY — Pep Club; Debate Club; Cheerleader; Beta Club WILLIAMS, WENDELL — Band WOMACK, TERRY — FHA WOODWARD, CAROL — Pep Club; Foreign Language Club; Beta Club, Sec.; Student Council YARBROUGH, DON — Band YAW, SYLVIA — Pow Wow; Annual Staff, Feature Editor; Debate Club; Treasurer, Sophomore Class YOUNG, TRENT ZACKERY, DONALD ZACKERY, JOHN — B-Team Basketball 285AutographsAutographsAutographsi

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