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THRONATEESKA Albany High School Albany, Georgia 1975way we were. . .or has time « CHUrXCMS ' Alma Mater You're a grand oYschool You're the school that we love And forever in honor we'll hold Alma Mater dear, we you revere, The Boast of the Brave and the Bold Every heart beats true One and all we're for you. And your memory we e'er shall bless; For should "Auld Acquaintance" be Here's to you Dear old A.H.5.Ta ble of Con ten ts Faculty.......................24 Features......................44 Classes.......................78 Sports.......................120 Organizations................179 Student Life.................214 Ads..........................240 Closing Section..............277Dedication This year the annual is dedicated to a man who has shown sincere interest in the athletic program at Albany High School. He began his teaching and coaching career at Albany High School in 1961. He became head varsity basketball coach in 1966. During the past ten years, his overall win-loss record is 181 wins to 85 losses. We would like to thank him for his devotion of time and untiring effort in teaching and coaching. The 1974-1975 Throna-teeska is dedicated to Coach Gordon Dixon.Steve Johnson — Editor But our diligent, hard working staff, by way of a miracle, constructed an annual of which we hope you will all be proud and will appreciate. We have tried to put into book-form, the highlights of this school year. We have tried studiously to represent all ethnic groups associated with this school. We hope that no one was overlooked in the shuffle and that due credit was given to all individuals who deserved to be recognized. The annual staff would like to extend congratulations and best wishes to all recipients of this publication and hope that with it you are able to recall the good memories as well as the bad ones of the 1974-75 school year. We would like to extend special thanks to Mrs. Futch, Miss Hogg, and the rest of the faculty for being very cooperative and understanding when we needed them. Editor's Message Among God’s best gifts to us are our memories. This is not meant to imply that this year’s Thronateeska is a gift from God, however, it is a miracle that we have an annual this year. Of course, with any production of this size there are always going to be rough times when things seem impossible. But this year things were a bit tougher than in previous years. The economic situation of the 1974-75 school year put an extra strain on the annual staff.Student Body Leaders Donna has fulfilled her duty as President of the Student Body well this year. She has done much to contribute to the spirit and progress of Albany High School. Through her efforts this year Donna has proved herself a leader. She has coped with problems, we feel, to the best of her ability. Outside of her duties as President, she is a member of the Beta Club, Pep Club, Civinettes, Annual Staff, Student Dress Code Committees and a Senior Superlative. Thank you Donna for a job well done. Donna Norris — President of the Student Body 20Mark is the Vice-President of our Student Body. His warm personality makes him a favorite among the student body. He has great enthusiasm which seems to reflect on the student body. Part of his duties were to help Donna in various decisions and assisting her with making announcements. Mark is also a member of the Senior Hl-Y, and the Block A. Mark Fallis — Vice-President of the Zouncil is the student representation at Albany High resentatives from each homeroom meet to plan activi- problems.Star Student Jeline Knighton The Georgia Chamber of Commerce sponsors the STAR STUDENT program. Each year the recipient of this award is one who is in the top ten percent of his or her class and scores the highest on the SAT. In turn the student chooses a teacher who has shown the qualities of a top teacher, to be their STAR TEACHER. This year's STAR STUDENT is Jeline Knighton, and her STAR TEACHER is Celeste Smith. A dedicated teacher should offer more to students than just the everyday classroom education. She should be willing to give her time out of class as well as in class. Miss Smith does this and much more. She is truly interested in her students and is a good friend as well as a good teacher. Miss Celeste Smith and Jeline Knighton 22Kiwanis and McIntosh Awards The KIWANIS and MclNTOSH awards are the most coveted honors which can be bestowed upon a student at Albany High School. These students, who are recognized from the senior class as having exemplified the most outstanding qualities of citizenship and leadership during their years at Albany High School, are selected by secret ballot of the faculty. Susan Tate is the senior girl who is the recipient of the KIWANIS award, and James Harpe is the senior boy who is the recipient of the MclNTOSH award. James Harpe Susan Tate ‘Honor is purchased by deeds we do; . . . honor is not won. Until some honorable deed be done.” — Marlowe 23Do ugh erty Co un ty Board of Ed uca tion MR. PAUL ROBERTSON AAR. GRAYDON PIERCE Superintendent of the Dougherty County Schools Administrative Assistont for Secondary Schools Front Row: AAr. Morgan Murphy, AAr. R. H. Warren, Dr. J. P. Cheevers Back Row: Mr. Charles Nesbitt, Mr. Felix Marbury, Mr. Franklin Cross, AAr. Harvey Cohen 26Principal's MR. LOUIE HORNSBY Message What is the value of a high school annual . . . your high school annual? Today, perhaps, only the cost of its printing and production; but over the years it will be invaluable. As one reviews it over the years, he is likely to re-evaluate his own efforts, his wisdom of the past, his attitudes towards friends and relatives, and his outlook on life. As he does so he will likely make new resolutions and launch out on new horizons. If this is the case, each time it is reviewed will be as a mile post on life’s journey. How well one is able to take pauses along the way and evaluate the past and make plans for the future is determined, to a great degree, by how well he disciplines himself as a youth. It is the responsibility of each person to prepare for life through mental, physical and spiritual development that will provide the stamina necessary for all trying occasions. This kind of development has been more evident among young people in the last year or two than it has been for quite a number of years. There has been a renewed interest in sports and outdoor physical activities, and a change from attitudes of selfishness to that of unselfishness in sharing. It is hoped that this is the beginning of a trend that will blossom into the development of a much more wonderful generation of people. You should be able to say whether it is true as you review this yearbook in years to come. You, as future decision-making citizens have a constant challenge to first improve yourselves and then set about to improve your surroundings. 27Assistant Principal MR. BILL BATES — Assistant Principal This year has seen a lot of new happenings. A winning football season and initiation of the demerit system to mention but two. In the months and years ahead new things will be happening to each of you. I sincerely wish that these new things will also be good — good for your personal success and for the environment in which you live. Remember, an individual can make good things happen — just as the graduating seniors made their graduation possible — just as the coaches and the team made the winning season happen. Don't be comfortable and think accomplishments are accidental and will come your way if you are patient enough — some may but most will not. Reach out and demand beneficial happenings for you are worthy of them. Dean of Girls MRS. SUE MURDOCK — Dean of Girls 28 Congratulations and best wishes to the class of 1975.AHS Teaching StaffMR. CARDON DALLEY MR. GORDON DIXON Southern Utah State, B.S., M.A. Florida State, B.S. AAR. JACK DOWNING Univ. of Georgia, B.S. MRS. LUCY DUNN Albany State College, B.S. 31MISS JOANNE EAVES Univ. of Georgia, B.S., M.Ed. MISS FRANCIS FEAGIN Mercer Univ., A.B., M.Ed. MRS. MARY FUTCH W. C. of Georgia, A.B. MRS. HELEN GAITER Albany State, B.A. MR. MELVIN C. GEORGE Georgia Southwestern, B.S., M.Ed. AAR. THOMAS GOODWIN Auburn Univ., B.S. 32MRS. JO GRANBERRY Auburn Univ., B.S. MR. ROBERT GRAPER Albany State College, B.S. MRS. DEBRA C. GRAY Valdosta State, B.S. MRS. LYNNE HAGGERTY Georgia Southern, B.S. 33MISS MARGARET JO HOGG Unlv. of Georgia, B.S. MR. DON HICKS Georgia State Univ., B.S., M.Ed. MR. CHRIS N. HANSEN Murray State Univ., B.S., B.F.A., M.A. MRS. CAROLYN HAND Florida A M Univ., B.S.MRS. L. J. ISOM Southern Univ., B.S. MR. WALTER JACKSON Albany State College, A.B. ' i MR. NELSON E. JOHNSON Albany State College, B.S. MRS. S. A. JUHAN Univ. of Georgia, M.A. 6th Year Certificate MR. RAY L. KINNEY Mars Hill College, B.S. MR. WILLIE MAGWOOD Albany State College, B.S. 35MR. LAWSON MURKERSON Berry College, B.S. MR. ROBERT OHS Georgia Southern, B.S. MR. JAMES D. MUIUS Georgia Southern, B.S., M.A. MRS. AUDREY MITCHELL Albany State College, B.S. 36MR. LESLIE OWENS Savannah State College, B.S. MISS SHERYL PLUMMER MR. DERRYL QUINN Clark College, B.A. Univ. of Georgia, B.S. MR. HERMAN E. REID JR. Univ. of Georgia, B.S., M.S. 37MRS. AVIS SCAIFE Univ. of Georgia, M.A. MISS CELEST SMITH GSCW, M.A. MRS. DIANE L. TATE Georgia Southwestern, A.B., M.Ed. MRS. DOROTHY SNEED Albany State College, B.S., M.Ed. MRS. J. D. THOMAS Fort Valley State, B.S. MRS. JOANNE STRIPLING Georgia Southwestern, A.B. 38MRS. CHERYL THOMLINSON Georgia Southwestern, B.S. MR. MAJOR THOMPSON Florida A M, B.S., M.A. MR. CARL WILLIAMS Georgia Southwestern, B.S. MRS. CHRISTINE WILSON Fort Valley State, B.S. 39Guidance Office MRS. SORENSEN Secretary 41Li brary Staff MRS. MARGIE CARTER MRS. CHERYL THOMLINSON Assistant Librarian MRS. REBECCA REID Librarian Janitorial Service 42Clinic MRS. LENORA HELTON School Nurse Lunch Room 43FeaturesMiss Pep Club Denise TuckerRebecca Davis David McClungJenny Ham Randy Burdetteyce Holloway Tommy LeeJodie Maines Chip Milton 63Donna Norris James Harpe 64Miss Thronateeska Elaine HardyFirst Runner Up Julie Fox Second Runner Up Rebecca Davis Miss Thronateeska is a new feature in our annual started by the 1974-75 Annual Staff. The people qualifying for this honored position are the girls of the senior class of the current year. The annual staff considered every senior girl. The pictures were presented to a selected group of faculty at the Albany Junior College, who chose Miss Thronateeska, a first runner up, and a second runner up.Homecoming —1974Susan Bridges — Homecoming Queen78 Leola Bell Judy Bennett Doug Albert Della Albritten Donald Alley James Allison Cathy Anderson Gregory Arnold Wanda Austin Reginald Barnett President — THALIA MARTIN 80Charlotte Benton Vivian Berry Ricky Berry Pam Bieser President — SHAW SEELY Don Bowers Susan Bridges Robert Brodbeck Cindy Brown Mike Brown Mike Brown Rosa Brown Terry BrumbleyDeborah Bryant Randy Burdette Ricky Burdette Steve Butts Leroy Cain Samuel Caldwell David Campbell Randy Campbell Mac Cannon Dale Cato Constance Cauley Sidney Chancey 82Denise Chastain Sharon Clemens Karen Clark Carol Coburn Juanita Cochran Rusty Cook Henry Cooper Ricky Couch Dee Cox Hazel Cox Robert Crutchfield Kenneth Culbreth Vice-President — DENISE TUCKER 83Mitch Cummings Cathy Curies Calvin Cutliff Jerry Davidson Davy Davis John Davis Rebecca Davis Ron Davis Janet DePriest Nina Dowlings Stacey Davis Debbie Deiter 84 Secretary — GREG JONESJoann Dyson Bobby Eason Patricia Ducksworth Susan Duncan Jill Edwards Freddy Ellington Gordon Etchison Steve Evans Alvin Everson Lisa Everson Chuck Faison Tina Farr 85 Secretary — MELISSA SHOR86 Treasurer — RAY MACOILYLorraine Gay Mavis Glover John Goette Jennie Gibson Robert Glover Jincey Grace Elaine Giles Cecelia Ginn Willie Green Karen Greene Stephanie Greene Herbie Greenholtz 87Terri Grimes Robin Hockel Larry Hacker Alice Hall Ivey Hall Jenny Ham Mike Hamilton Sharon Hannington Parliamentarian — STEPHANIE GREENECarol Hart Luther Hayes Evelyn Hawk Jerry Heath Laing Heidt Bruce Henderson Lenza Hill Teresa Hilton Gil Hodges Dana Holden Angela Holley Joyce Holloway Parliamentarian — JEFF SLAPPERMark Honeyman Mandy Horne Deborah Hughes Diana Hughes Tony Hughey Susie Jernigan Dennis Johnson Diane Johnson Jay Johnson Greg Jones Steve Johnson Jenny Jones President of Beta Club — NELL MILLS 90Frankie Jones Wanda Jordon Sam Jordon Ellen King Captains of Girl's Basketball Team — Susan Tate and Jan Seay Leonard Lawless Lynda Lawson Tommy Lee Bill Lightle Jeline Knighton Ramona Kyzar Drew Lansberry Nelson DrewSam Lippitt Johnny Litman Monty Little Mike Lofton Cindy Lowery Clay Loyless Ray Macolly Jodie Moines Claire Majors Mark Majors Carol Martin Thalia Martin 92Carolyn Moyberry Linda McClung Charles McDonald Linda Mayberry Nancy McClung Brenda McDowell James McCartney David McClung 93 Tim McIntyre Ginger McMillin Grover McNeely Nell MillsChip Milton Ray Mitchell Pamela Morgan Lynn Murray Clark Mullenix Renae Nichols Donna Norris Keith Norris Pat O’Brien Robert Osburn Tim Owen Rutha Owens 94Sandra Pace Gary Peterson Gina Paulk Corene Phillips Gordon Pennington Michael Perry Shelia Phillips Cindy Powell Anita Putnal Roger Rachels Nancy Reimer Karen RetzelKenny Revell Sharon Robinson Reames Riley Tom Roos Susan Tate — President of Pep Club Ronald Roquemore Marianne Rudy David Ruehl Shelia Sapp Edwin Schreck Andrew Schroeder Jan Seay Show SeelyBrion Sharp Undo Shepard Gloria Shiver Jeri Shelton Dollie Shipley Judy Simmons Melissa Shor Bubba Shemwell Karol Simmons Randy Simpson Jeff Slapper Cathy Smith 9798 Leroy Smith Milton Spruell Donnie Spence Abegail Stanford Sam Jordon — Captain of the Basketball Team Ann Stanley Algernon Steele Vickie Stewart Stailey Styles Susan Tate Mitch Taylor Pam Taylor David ThomasRuth Thomas Dena Topshe Ed Trammell Lucinda Trice Mike Trotter Denise Tucker Teresa Tucker Brenda Turner Bernard Tye Lee Varnum Joseph Tyre Debra Voltz DEBBIE DEITER — Captain of Cheerleaders Asst. Editor of ThronateeskaDebora Walker Beverly Wall Billy Ward Donna Ward Sally Watkins Edwin Weimer Wes Westbrook Celious Williams Dewitt Williams Robert Williams William Wilson Charles WiseKrisha Wise Helen Wright Lorna Wraley Janet Wynn Helvishia Young Terry Wynn Donna Young 101Becky Adair Chip Anderson Janice Andrews Joyce Archie Cheryl Arnold Gaye Ashworth Tammy Baldwin Jeanette Banks Geraldine Beasley Teresa Beck Donnie Bentley Myra Bishop Robert Bloodworth Dale Boswell John Boyette President — GLADYS THOMAS Floyd Branch Judy Braswell Connie Brent Odessa Briley Brent Brock Pam Brown Carol Brownlee Tim Bryan Sherry Buchanan Ella Buchanan Roger Buchanan Bobbie Bynum 103Vice-President — DONNA CAMPBELL Williom Bryd Donna Campbell Tracy Cantrell Ann Carter Constance Carter George Carter Randy Carver Karen Cate Kitty Champion Carol Cheatham Billy Clemmons Kathy Clark Naomi Clinard Donna Collier Carrie Collins Mark Conoly Cathy Corbitt Ronald Cox Fannie Crews Sandra Crews Twyla Crump Betty Cuff Yvonne Cuff Denita Cutliff Alfredo Daniels Debbie Dean Jane DeLoach Mike DeRuv Byron Dickson Angie Dollar 104Cindy Dunston Ramona Duran Glayds Edwards Brin Ehrhardt Lori Ervin Randy Evers Kim Everson Gena Eyles Mark Fallis Connie Farman Sharon Fender Dennis Fenton Olivia Fields Earl Fuller Edwin Green David Hamilton Jerry Flannigan Davy Garabedian Katrina Greene Kay Hancock Ronnie Flowers Alan Giles Kenneth Greene Eric Hardy Phyllis Fowler Donna Glassocks Phyllis Fowler Bill Goodman Kip Fox Donna Graham 105David Harper Andrea Horris Cheryl Hartsfield Detria Harvey Kathy Hatcher Janet Heidt Mory Heldenburg Tonita Hendricks Mark Henningfield Shawn Hill Tona Hill Ricky Hillard Tom Hinderleider Janice Hogg Nancy Holton Henry Houston Leslie Hughes Jim Jeffcoat Nancy Jenkins Dee Dee Jenson Anthony Johnson Daisy Johnson Ann Jones Kathy Jones Lance Jones Valerie Kendrick Jill Kennedy Davis Kinney Denise Krake Debbie Kuiper 106Daniel Ladimer Kathryn Lamb Joey Lamoy Alden Lanier Leslye Lanier Martha Law Mike Ledden Easter Lewis Laura Lippitt Frank Little Sharon Mack Cathy Mann Marjorie Mann Martha Monning Nancy Martin Dawn McDonald Debbie McDowell Bonnie McGuirt Mary Mclnerney Reenie McKnight Melanie McLeod Jodie McNeil Deborah Melton Ken Middlebrooks Helen Miller Ted Mills Kim Minton Mary Mitchell Thomas Mock Cheryl Moore 107Parliamentarian — CHARLENE WICKS Deborah Moore Thomas Newell Enid Owen Betty Phillips Danny Renaue Susan Richter Ann Morey Pat Norris Martha Palmer Council Phillips Debra Revell Hortense Roquemore Teresa Morgan Kelly Norton Pam Palmer Billy Philmon Lorraine Rich Jose Roquemore Diane Mormon Barry Oates Jessica Parker Yvonne Pike Melanie Mott Carol Oglesby Reve Pete Dana Poole Phyllis Nelms Richard Ogletree Doug Peterson Angie Power 108Margaret Rose Joseph Rusk Eugenia Rynders Dale Selman Mike Senn Leanne Sherrill Alan Shor Connie Simpson Eugene Simpson Michael Sirmons Barbara Smith Henry Smith Morijo Smith Rebecca Smith Sharon Smith Velma Smith Jimmy Sneed Lamar Staines Debbie Stewort Susan Stokes Koy Stratford Douglas Strickland Kristina Swain Charlie Swiney Steven Tabb Gwen Taylor James Taylor 109Angela Worsley Mattie Worthy Vicki Taylor Ben Thomos Gladys Thomas Richord Vickers Francis Walker Jackie Walker Fay Walker Lenny Walls Deborah Ward Jimmy Watkins Vincent Watkins Ray Webb Deborah Wesley Jeff Whitaker Roy White Nancy Whitfield Peggy Whitton Charlene Wicks Teresa Wideman Ernest Wilson Anthomy Williams Freddie Wingfield Betty Williams Mildred Woods Lynn Williams Ray Vincent Williams Wendell Williams 110Roy Abbott Cindy Adams Kay Adams Baxter Albert Katherine Alford Calvin Allen Scott Allison Linda A man Winfred Anderson Debra Apperson Patricia Aroujo Sandy Bagget Paul Ball Mike Barker Sheryl Barksdale Travis Bennett David Blankenship Brenda Brannon Ricky Brannon Scott Bridge Debra Brown Judy Buck Victor Bullington Brenda Bunton Michelle Burnette Bryan Burson Brenda Campbell Dale Campbell Debbie Campbell John Campbell Carol Carr Harold Carr David Carter Donna Carter Felicia Christian Delores Clark Betty Clay Dawn Clemens Leah Coburn Phillip Cody Geneva Collier Sheila Covington Kay Corley Donna Craddock Elise Crawford Ellen Creamer Lisa Crockett 113Lee Culbreth Sandy Dasher Renee Davis Johnny Davis Robert Davis Roxanne Davis Ted Davis Mike Denning Latenis Dent Margie Dent Mary Dickens Jim Dodgen Carol Doss Pam Duncan Tommy Duncan Wanda Evons Paul Fenton Jan Fields Shirley Eaker Becky Fairey Michelle Ferguson Barbara Fleming Alice Evans John Faison Jack Fields Leah Flowers Patricia Foster Dru Freeman Brenda Fuller Laurie Funderburke Judy Futch Judy Garmon Vince Gilyard Angie Glover Becky Glover Drew Godwin Kitza Gogorty Deitra Grace Sharold Graham Cherry Granado 114Bridget Greaves Karen Greene Pam Greene Cindy Griffin Donald Griffin Debra Grimsley Jenny Griner Pat Grizzle Susan Haire Valerie Hancock Woody Harrison Kim Hortzell Claudia Hawk Shirley Hawkin Ted Hoymon Rhonda Haynes Tonette Hendricks Mark Hester Donnie Hicks Mike Hilton Lynn Hodges Phillip Holt Julie Horne Shelia Hudgins Karen Hughey Loalan James Pat Hoover Cindy Howard Liz Huff Sharon Jackson Alborta Johnson Secretary — SYLVIA YAW Artis Johnson Michael Johnson Sherry Johnson Valerie Johnson Johnny Jones Leigh Jones Jill Justice Jeff Karn Annie Kendrick Mike Kendrick Kathy King Sandy Knighton Dean Krankle Lee Ann Lane 115Sue Lone Beth Louring Debbie Ledford Arlene Lee Diane Lee Mark Little Kent Lofton Janice Luttrell Beverly Lyons Julie Mance Debra March Dawn Marlett Tammy Mortin Chuck Masters Mark McDonald Karen McDowell Lynn McEachern Mary Mclntrye John McLaggan Stephanie Medlin Amelia Miles Jay Milton Betty Mitchell Diane Mitchell Carol Mitcheson Molly Mock Renee Moon Jerry Moore Ophelio Moore Clarie Morgan Deitre Morris Joe Morris Mike Moultrie Jerry Munn Greg Murphy Jackie Naylor Ned Newcomb Lisa Nichols Bart Oates Kevin Oliver 116Sharon Pace David Parker Julie Partlow Clara Pate Dena Peocher Jody Pennington Mike Pennington Wanda Peterson Bobbie Phillips Pam Phillips Cindy Pitts Vic Pitts Karen Phillips Cheryl Poehls Frank Powell Karen Price David Putnal Kay Rackley Morris Rainey Mack Ramsey Sandy Reese Al Robertson Robin Robertson Verona Robinson Joy Rogers Lisa Roseberry Mary Jane Ross Steve Ross Greg Rowe Julian Royal Billy Sanders Bobby Sanders Irene Sanders Daryl Sasser Beth Schroeder Keith Senn Obidine Shead Willie Shead Debbie Singleton Reba Singleton Tommy Singleton Lecia Sinyard Jerry Slocumb Gory Smith Marcia Stamps Lee Stephens Eric Stern 117Grody Stewart Dottie Strange Michael Styles Alice Thomas Beverly Thomas Freddie Tomlin Glenn Treadoway Tammy Tucker Butch Tucker Martin Tyre Dennis Vann Vicki Vickers Beth Walden Pom Ward Tammy Ward Gary Webb Carl Webster Allan Weed Jim Wescott Renee Whitaker Kathy White Bobby Williams Jane Williams Lucinda Williams Serita Williams Gay Willis Sally Wilson Carol Woodward 118 119Football'74 Sitting: Pat Norris, Debbie Deiter, Jodi Moines, Sherry Buchanan, Nancy McClung, Connie Farman, Angie Dollar, Joyce Hollowoy Second Row: Ronald Draper, Joey laMoy, Winifred Anderson, Alan Weed, William Wester, Eddie Hill, Mike Trotter, Vince Williams, Bryan Burson, Leonard Lawless, Ray Macolly, Davey Davis, Malcom Brown, Jimmy Parks, Green Gary Third Row: Coach Goodwin, Coach Dailey, Coach Magwood, DeWitt Williams, Celious Williams, Mike Staines, Ray Webb, Donnie Spence, David McClung, James Harpe, Kip Fox, Al Steele, Mike Hamilton, Donald Alley, Anthony Johnson, Mike Perry, Mark Honeyman, Lee Varnum, Coach Kinney, Coach Hicks, Coach Williams Fourth Row: Johnny Litman, John Boyett, Larry Hacker, Andy Hood, Reginald Barnett, Rex Fox, Pat Grizzle, Brent Brock, Wes Westbrook, Jimmy Sneed, Tom Roos, Chip Milton, Joy Milton Three new coaches have come to Albany High to join the only remaining coach, of the 1973 season. Coach Willie Magwood. The new head coach of Albany High is Coach Cordon Dailey. Coach Dailey at one time coached with our rivals across the river, the Dougherty Trojans. Now he has become a loyal Indian and a big part of Albany High. CARDON DALLEY — Head Coach WILLIE MAGWOOD — Offensive Line With Coach Dailey this year came Coach Don Hicks who attended Florida State University and has had eight years coaching experience. The third of the three new coaches is Coach Ray Kinney. Coach Kinney attended Mars Hill College and made All-American his 1972 year. Coach Willie Magwood has been at Albany High for eight years and it is hopeful that he will stay for many years to come. t DON HICKS — Defensive Secondary RAY KINNEY — Defensive Line 123Camp '74 Graves Springs once again . . . New Faces, New Coaches, Who stole my mattress? Sand and Stickers . . . Long Days and Short Nights, Up at 6, in bed at 10, Card Games, Losing Money, Blaring Tape Players, Baths in the creek. Coaches yelling, Kinney screaming. Root Hogging, Ups and Downs, stretching exercises. Beep Beeps . . . Fried Chicken, rubber Pancakes, hot dogs, gnats in potatoes . . . Living rough, but being Natural Men. Seniors Last Camp. Scrimmages morning and afternoon . . . Run, Run, Run . . . taped hands, arms, ankles, etc. . . . Health Clinic, X-Rays, doctors. Traditional Sleep-in, Meetings in Cafeteria. Learn new plays, forget old plays . . . Hot days and longing for home. A lot of hard work but deep down loved every minute of it. 125FOOTBALL After two disheartening losses, Indians take first step toward City Championship If you uJANfed to 5ii BAP RAf you should k at home Watch nq Wlord onlj I.... Ill Ml'Vll "ALBANY TRAPS RATS 23-19 Albany's first win of the season was over the heavily favored Dougherty High Trojans. Albany combined an unbelieveable passing attack, by Bill Lightle, with the hard running of Leonard Lawless and Celious Williams to beat the Trojans by 4 points. Dougherty got on the board first in the second quarter when Jay Cory threw a 17-yard pass to Skip Pannel. However, on the next Dougherty drive, Mike Hamilton recovered a Trojan fumble. Lightle then bombed a 21 yard pass to Celious Williams to score on the next play. Albany led 7-6 at the half. Albany received the kickoff and drove down to the Trojan 8 yard line. With the drive stalled, the Indians had to settle for a 27 yard field goal by Vince Williams to increase the lead. Dougherty scored on the next drive to make the score 12-10. In fourth quarter action Mike Trotter recovered a fumble. Celious Williams again scored to put Albany in the lead 16-12. As the even battle went on Dougherty again scored what looked like the winning touchdown. With less than two minutes to play Bill Lightle clutched an eight play, 60 yard drive with pinpoint passing. With 34 seconds on the clock Lightle ran for one yard to win the game 23-19 behind the aggressive blocking of right guard Donnie Spence. 127128Downs Tornadoes 9-6 The second win of the season came to the Indians when with only 3 seconds left on the board Vince Williams saved the game with a 22 yard field goal to move the Tribe ahead 9-6. The Indians were the first to score by capitalizing on a Monroe mistake. Jimmy Snead picked up a Monroe fumble and advanced it to the Tornado 47. Albany’s explosive offense carried the ball to the nine yard line in only six plays. Leonard Lawless went in for the score by an over powering Donnie Spence block. A blocked Albany punt in the fourth quarter set up an eleven yard pass to Henry Johnson to tie the game 6-6. Monroe kicked off and Albany got a good return. Bill Lightle, who must thrive under pressure, completed three passes with less than three minutes left in the game. On the 10 yard line Vince Williams was once again called on to pull the Indians out of a tight game with a 27 yard field goal.FOOTBALL Homecoming Indians Stomp Vikings 30-7Albany High is not in the habit of losing their homecoming and this year was no exception. Bill Lightle once again put the ball in the air to trounce Lowndes County 30-7. Lowndes had eight turnovers and the first one set up Albany’s first score by Celi-ous Williams on a five-yard run. Lightle and Westbrook worked like a machine as they completed the next two Albany TD’s. Lowndes only scored once with an eight yard pass. However, Lightle snapped back with a 28-yard TD pass to Malcolm Brown. It seemed to be the Indians night when Vince Williams topped off the scor- ing with a 31-yard field goal. The yard stick showed that Lightle completed 1 3 of 27 passes with three touchdowns. The opposing quarterback Patillo completed 12 of 31 aerials with one TD. The combined efforts of Lightle and Patillo set a new record for Mills Memorial Stadium. 131FOOTBALL-''C’W With the city championship at stake Albany High kicked-off to the Westover Patriots. On the Patriots’ first drive Steve Clark fumbled and Barry Oates claimed it on the Westover 22. After running 3 plays and only gaining 4 yards, 1-AAA’s leading passer, Bill Lightle hit the leading Region pass receiver, Wes Westbrook for a TD pass. After Vince Williams booted the extra point the score was 7-0 with 7:38 left on the first quarter. On the next drive Westover moved to the 43 on three big penalties. Unable to move the ball, Westover turned it over to Albany and immediately Lightle ran a keeper to the Westover 31. A penalty brought the ball to the 16. James Harpe ran a reverse and sliced the line but fumbled in the end zone. Westover recovered the ball for a touchback. Once again unable to move the ball Westover punted. On the Albany drive Milton Patrick cracked Bill Lightle causing him to fumble at the Albany 13. After 4 downs Westover could not score and turned the ball over to Albany. The Patriots forced a punt and started their drive on their own 45. Three running plays picked up a first down and then Clark threw a TD pass to Branch for the tying point. Albany received the kick and marched 60 yards to the goal line on penalties and Lightle’s 8th TD pass of the year to Celious Williams. It appeared Albany had won until late in the 4th quarter when a bad Albany pitch caused a Westover touchdown. A determined effort after the kick failed for the Indians and they turned the ball over to Westover with 34 seconds left on the clock. Westover settled for a tie. 13-13 133FOOTBALL The 1974 Albany High Football Coaching Staff Cooch Cordon Dailey — Offensive Bocks Cooch Tom Goodwin — B-Teom Cooch Roy Kinney — Defensive Line Cooch Don Hicks — Defensive Backs Cooch Willie Mogwood — Offensive Line Coach Carl Williams — B-Team 134136The 1974 Football Banquet Bock Row: Rex Fox — Best Defensive Bock Jomes Horpe — Sportsmanship Award Wes Westbrook — Best Offensive Lineman David McClung — Best Offensive Lineman Jay Milton — Best Defensive B-Team Player Front Row: Winfred Anderson — Best Offensive B-Team Player Brian Burson — 100 per cent Award Dewitt Williams — Best Defensive Lineman Davy Davis — Most Improved Award Leonard Lawless — Best Offensive Back It is no secret that the Indians have the best booster club in Albany and this accounts for the fine banquet that they put on every year. This year was no exception. The banquet was held in the Albany Junior College Union Building. The boosters club is to be commended for all their hard work in making this season one of the best in recent years. 137FOOTBALL INDIANS FINISH THIRD PLACE IN REGION This was the first year Albany High ever had to open up a season with an away game. They played Bainbridge on a rainy night and came home defeated. The next weekend however, the Indians played 1-AAA's state champs and showed a respectable game. William Andrews made the difference for Thorr.asville, as the Tribe was again defeated 34-20. Albany regained their respect in the Region as they beat Dougherty and Monroe in very close games. The next week again put the Indians on the road in Moultrie to play the Packers. It was a frustrating night for Albany as they got shut out 21-0. Homecoming came late in the season this year but Albany Highs tradition remained the same as the Tribe stomped Lowndes County 30-7. Bill Lightle had a field day against Tift County the next week as he completed 1 2 of 19 passes against the Blue Devils. The Indians won the game 14-0. The win gave Albany a 4 and 3 record. After an open week the Indians played one of their city rivals, the Westover Patriots. The result of the game was a tie and the City Championship returned back to Albany. Valdosta High School has been in existence since the turn of century. During that time they have lost only two Homecoming games. One was in 1 934 and the other in 1974. Albany High has been the victor in both of these cases. This year's score was 41-13. Crisp County came to Albany to end this year’s season and to give the Indians a winning season of 6-3-1. Crisp County got an early score and the game stalemated until the last few minutes of the game. A fantastic team effort by the Indians resulted in the final touchdown. The Tribe would not settle for a tie and elected to go for the win. Leonard Lawless got the call and the touchdown to win the game 8-7. Albany 6 Bainbridge 12. Albany 20 Thomasville 34 Albany 22 Dougherty 19 Albany 9 Monroe 6 Albany 0 Moultrie 21 Albany 30 Lowndes 7 Albany 14 Tifton 0 Albany 13 Westover 13 Albany 41 Valdosta 13 Albany 8 Crisp 7B-TEAM Finishes With Winning Season The 1974 Albany High School Braves finished its season in 1-AAA with a record of 4-2-0 and an overall record of 4-4-0. The J.V.’s opened against Monroe in Mills Stadium and downed the Tornadoes 19-0 behind the running of tailback Winfred Anderson and Bryan Burson, fullback Jessie Gary, and wingback Mike Ledden. QB Alan Weed threw to end Pat Grizzle for long yardage also. Outstanding on defense were Bart Oates, Jay Milton, Jerry Moore, and Henry Jones. Albany’s losses were both to Dougherty in the city championship race. The Indians beat Westover twice 7-6, and 22-6 and then wrapped up the in-town battle with a 21-20 win over Monroe. The only losses outside 1-AAA were to a strong Americus team. Outstanding all year on defense were Jay Milton, Dan Renaue, Jerry Moore, Willie Shead, A. C. Robertson, Milton Carter, Henry Jones, and Mike Ledden. The offense was led by Alan Weed, Winfred Anderson, Jessie Gary, Bryan Burson, Mike Ledden, and Tommy Duncan. Permanent team captains elected by the team were Alan Weed and Jerry Moore. Monroe 19-0 Dougherty 0-7 Americus 6-28 Westover 7-6 Americus 0-24 Monroe 21-20 Westover 22-6 Dougherty 12-20FOOTBALL Row 1: CHEERLEADERS: Joy Rogers, Pom Phillips, Obedino Sheod, Tommy Word, Volerie Johnson Row 2: Corl Webster, Tommy Duncan, James Tolor, Alan Weed, Joe Morris, Vince Gilyard, Greg Murphy Row 3: Coach Carl Williams, Mike Styles, Bryon Burson, Winifred Anderson, Jessie Gary, Jerry Moore, Steve Ross, Henry Jones, David Beiser Row 4: Coach Tom Goodwin, Milton Carter, Jeff Karn, Willie Shead, Ernest Wilson, Dale Campbell, Rueben Adkins, Cleveland Daniels, Mike Ledden Row 5: Pat Grizzle, Bobby Montgomery, Dan Renaeue, Jay Milton, Dennie Sutton, Al Robertson, Ike Kendrick, Don Griffin "•rntmDebbie Deiter — Captain Reames Riley — Co-CaptainPat Norris r wtt i i — i n—ri i ManM Sherry BuchananJr.- Varsity Cheerleaders Bottom Row: (left to right) Pom Phillips, Miss Eaves, Tammy Ward Second Row: Obedina Shead, Valerie Johnson Top: Joy Rogers 146147 Joy Rogers Basketball '751$Boy's Basketball Team Front Row: Billy Baker, Show Seely, Alexis Dent, Celious Williams, Roger Buchannon, John Cauley, Ray Lyons Back Row: Leroy Cain, Bill Lightle, Som Jordan, Jimmy Snead, Mike Allen, Willie Henderson, Andrew Belk, Elvis Simpson, Milton Spruell, Wendell Williams, Coach Dixon, Coach Thompson Coach Gordon Dixon Coach Major Thompson 149BASKETBALL Outstanding Winning Season 19 Wins and 7 Losses 150BASKETBALL Combined efforts of team and coaches placed the Indians third in the region— BASKETBALL Next year's team promises another winning seasonAHS Boy's Basketball B-Team Top Row, Left to Right: Coach Magwood, Al Robertson, Walter Lewis, Ricky Coleman, C. C. Thomas, Jerome Jones, Willie Shead Middle Row, Left to Right: Gregory Allen, Mgr. Loalan James, Cleveland Daniels, Ben Spruell, John Zachary, Dennis Sutton Sitting, Left to Right: Jerry Moore, Michael Styles, Winifred Anderson, Malcolm Brown, Jack Fields Coach MagwoodBASKETBALL«aBASKETBALL 3rd Row, Standing: Coach Williams, Corene Phillips, Connie Cauley, Deborah Wesley, Jan Seay, Martha Law, Coach Mitchell 2nd Row: Susan Tate, Jan Fields, Marcia Stamps, Marjorie Dent, Deidre Morris, Mary Dickens 3rd Row: Beth Lowing, Shirley Monds, Morijo Smith, Mary Mclnerney, Nancy Whitfield 160Noncy Whitfield Corene Phillips Deborah Wesley Connie CauleyMarijo Smith Mary Mclnterney Marjorie Dent Jan Fields 163BASKETBALL Shirley Monds Marcia Stamps Mary Dickens Beth LowingAHS Girl's Basketball B-Team 165 Bottom Row, Left to Right: Denise Hills, Pot Ducksworth, Bobbie Phillips, Bonnie Pike, Betty Phillips Top Row, Left to Right: Geneva Collier, Kay Adams, Cherry Granado, Evelyn Willioms, Ruby Perkins Not Pictured: Kris Hawkins, Verona Robinson, Mary McIntyre Coach Carl Williams Jk' "mmAHS Baseball Team Top Row, Left to Right: Mgr. Alvin Everson, Sherry Buchanan, Darrell Pantone, Rex Fox, Brent Brock, Wes Westbrook, Angie Dollar, Coach Hicks Middle Row, Left to Right: Vince Williams, Randy Evers, Kip Fox, Mike Hamilton, Ricky Burdette, Bill Lightle, Leroy Cain, Don Hicks II Sitting, Left to Right: Chip Allison, Tim Bryan, Steve Butts, Steve Johnson, Mike Trotter, Leonard Lawless 167Leroy Cain Wes Westbrook Steve Johnson Sherry Buchanan Angie Dollar Rex Fox Ricky Burdette Steve Butts 168Vince Williams Tim Bryan Leonard Lawless 169 '. - -% + •V ■u 2: rAi V £ jCm '"• «ut ; Kilv • ••' • . - | v . IV . ••» —• - •- 'r- • ‘V ' ' +’.•’ ' -' '.J -rr V v , % - - i •• 4k. 7 . ■ ■ ) TrarkAHS Track Team Front Row, Loft to Right: Bobby Montgomery, Carlton Rivers, Eddie Hills, Carl Webster, John Boyett, Winfred Anderson, Andy Hood, Mark Honeyman Back Row,'Left to Right: Coach Dailey, Milton Carter, James Horpe, Bart Oates, Barry Oates, Mike Ledden, William Wester, Molcolm Brown, Cooch Kinney Coach Kinney Cooch Do,ley 173AHS Boy's Tennis Team Back Row, Left to Right: Coach Goodwin, Butch Tucker, Pat Grizzle, Mike Hamilton, Lee Varnum, Victor Bullington Front Row, Left to Right: Tommy Duncan, Johnny Davis, Dovid Ruehl, Cloy Loyless Coach Tom Goodwin 175Clay Loyless Mike Hamilton Butch Tucker Johnny Davis Tommy Duncan 176 Victor Bullington David Ruehll Pat GrizzleA H S G 1 r 1 5 T e n n • l s T e a m Back Row, Left to Right: Marijo Smith, Martha Law, Susan Tate, Mrs. Haggerty Bottom Row, Left to Right: Nancy Whitfield, Mary Mclnerney, Marcia Stamps Coach Lynn Haggerty Marijo Smith Nancy Whitfield 177Susan Tate Martha Law Marcia Stamps Mary Mclnerney 178Short Circuits Ed Trammell President John Boyett Vice President Terry Wynn Secretary Treasurer Bart Oates Danny Reneau Kim Everson Miss Short Circuits Mr. Boone Sponsor181BILL LIGHTLE LEONARD LAWLESS Sports Editor STEVE JOHNSON Editor DEBBIE DEITER Asst.-Editor PAM TAYLOR Faculty Editor NANCY McCLUNG Class Editor DONNIE SPENCE RAY MACOLLY DONNA NORRIS Ads Editor LORRAINE GAY Features Editor STEPHANIE GREENE JOYCE HOLLOWAY Club EditorANGIE DOLLAR RANDY EVERS CONNIE FARMAN JAMES HARPE PAT NORRIS BEN THOMAS CONNIE SIMPSON ALAN SHOR MRS. FUTCH Sponsor BRITT EHRHARDT GENA EYLES ALDEN LANIER Thronteeska Staff MISS HOGGMrs. Scoife Angela Holley Sponsor Treasurer Margie Dent Patricia Ducksworth 184 MISSFHA Delores Beach Pam Brown Teresa Hilton President Vice President Donna Craddock Delores Beach Historian Brenda Turner Secretary Roxanne Davis Verona Robinson MaryJane Ross Kathy WhitePow Wow ft Mrs. Gray Sponsor Edwin Schreck Sports Editor Debra Voltz Ron Davis Business Manager Photography The Staff First Row: Donna Campbell, Melissa Shor, Bonnie Pike, Denise Krake, Debra Voltz, Sharon Mack, Mrs. Gray, Laurie Hughes, Karen Cate, Sharon Clemens, Romona Kyzar, Dena Topshe Second Row: Marti Mann, Cathy Smith, Robin Hackel, Gwen Taylor, Evelyn Hawk, Vivian Berry, Helvishia Young, Lucinda Trice, Kim Minton, Connie Davis Third Row: Mike Brown, Doug Albert, Tomy Hughey, Edwin Greene, Bill Goodman, Fordy Houston, Ron Davis, Robert Brodbeck, Edwin Schreck, Jill Kennedy 185Sponsor lowson Murkerson Reporter Debra Voltz President Elaine Giles Reporter Cindy Lowery To prepare the student for leadership and skill for entering the World of Work. Pam Brown Betty Cuff r Usa Everson Sharon Clemens Rebecca Davis Debbie Dean Miss Vica Treasurer Elaine Hordee Tommy Baldwin Parliamentarian Cathy Anderson Kenneth Barnhill Cindy Flick Mavis Glover Kim Hanson 186 Kay HoncockCarrie Harper Dianne Johnson Reenie McKnight Jack Shealy Davis Kinney Vicky McGuire Kelly Norton Karol Simmons Mandy Horn Easter Lewis Tim Mclntrye Richard Ogletree Angie Power Juluis Smith Roger Rachals Samuel Roberts Shelia Sapp Frances Walker Donna Ward 187Phi-Delta PURPOSE: To create, maintain, and extend throughout the community, high standards of Christian character. DOLUE SHIPLEY Miss Phi-Delta Front Row: Louise Smith, Dollie Shipley, Rebecca Davis Second Row-. Nelson Drew, Cathy Smith, Fred Ellington Third Row: Mr. Hanson, Judy Bennett, Carol Martin, Donna Ward 188Literary Staff OFFICERS Debra Voltz Drama Greg Jones Scribe Gill Hodges Debate The Staff I Mrs. Stripling Sponsor Miss Feogin Sponsor Mrs. Granberry Sponsor First Row: Karen Hughey, Lynn Williams, Gaye Ashworth, Jennie Gibson, Phyllis Nelms, Stephanie Greene, Dollie Shipley, Ramona Kyzar, Dorothy Fendya Second Row: Carol Doss, Karen Cate, Debra Voltz, Evelyn Hawk, David Shemwell, Greg Jones, Steve Butts, Mark Honeyman, Tony Hughey Third Row: Donnie Bentley, Jane Deloach, Susan Bridges, Tommy Mock, David Ruehl, Gill Hodges, Chip Milton, Don Bowers, Andy SchroederKey Club PURPOSE: Service to school and community. MOTTO: "We Build" Mr. Otts Sponsor Rex Fox Steve Butts Vice President Greg Jones Secretary Randy Evers Treasurer BOARD OF DIRECTORS: Rex Fox, Steve Butts, Greg Jones, Jim Dodgen, Randy Evers, Brent Brock, Mark Honeyman 190 First Row: Steve Johnson, Jim Dodgen, Vic Pitts, David Carter, Randy Carter, Karl Webster, Cleveland Daniels, Jerry Moore Second Row.- Ronnie Flowers, Tommy Newell, Mark Honeyman, Gina Eyles, Greg Jones, Bubba Shemwell, Steve Butts, Mr. Otts Third Row: Mike Hilton, Fordy Houston, James McCartney, Rex Fox, Mike Fordhom, Randy Evers, Brent Brock, George CarverMiss Billings Sponsor Tommy Mock Vice President First Row: Lisa Crockett, Lisa Roseberry, Tammy Ward, Reve Pete, Jone Deloach, Rebecca Smith Second Row: Tommy Mock, Lisa Nichols, Leah Flowers, Donna Craddock, Gena Eyles, Davis Kinney 191PURPOSE: To create, maintain and extend throughout the home, school and community high standards of Christian character. Epsilon Tri-Hi- Y Mrs. Haggerty Krisha Wise Sponsor President Leann Sherill Vice President Jeri Shelton Chaplain Nelson Drew Sweetheart Fred Ellington Sweetheart Cathy Curies Miss Epsilon Sheryl Barksdale Donnie Bentley Carrie Collins Hazel Cox Elise Crawford Connie Davis Potrico Ducksworth Clementine Frazier Cherry Granado Wanda Jordan Lucinda Trice 192Robin Hockel Andrea Harris Cheryl Hartsfield Valerie Kendricks Ginger McMillan Jessica Parker Pam Phillips Karen Price Susan Ritcher Robin Robertson 193Student Mrs. Juhan Sponsor Miss Smith Sponsor Purpose: To be of better service to school and community, provide just and equitable regulations for student activities, and to promote general good will among all members of the school and community. Council Mr. Johnson Sponsor Seniors First Row: Rebecca Davis, Debbie Deiter, Noncy Reimer, Teresa Tucker Second Row: Susan Bridges, Nell Mills, Donna Norris, Thalia Mortoin Third Row: Shaw Seely, Reginald Barnette, Stailey Styles, Jomes Harpe, Steve Johnson 194Juniors First Row: Jose Roquemore, Mark Fallis, Jackie Walker, Donna Campbell, Gladys Thomas, Ronnie Flowers Second Row: Detric Moore, Danna Poole, Rebecca Smith, Barbara Smith, Cheryl Moore, Martha Law, Myra Bishop, Denita Cutliff Sophomores First Row.- Margie Dent, Leah Coburn, Cheryl Barksdale, Pam Phillips, Joy Rogers, Lee Culbreth Second Row: Freddy Thomlin, Bart Oates, Mike Moultrie, Kent Lofton, Claire Morgan, Verona Robinson, Loland James Third Row: Leah Flowers, Tammy Ward 195 Miss Feogin Sponsor Mrs. Gronberry Sponsor Mrs. Murdock Sponsor Beta Club President: Nell Mills, Treasurer-. Rebecca Smith, Vice Pres.: Steve Johnson, Secretary: Janet Wynn Purpose: To encourage scholarship, to develop character, and to train in the habits of good citizenship. Seniors First Row: Thalia Martin, Ruth Thomas, Pam Taylor, Joyce Holloway, Stephanie Greene, David Shemwell, Cloy Loyless, Steve Johnson, Nell Mills, Jeline Knighton Second Row: Don Bowers, Carol Coburn, Lorraine Gay, Jenny Ham, Donna Norris, Mark Honeyman, Shaw Seely, Leonard Lawless, Susan Tate, Ramona Kyzar, Janet Wynn Third Row: Bobby Osburn, Ed Trammell, Tom Roos, Gill Hodges, Jan Seay, Chip Milton, Robert Brodbeck, Edwin Schreck, Brian Sharp, Rex Fox, Ron Davis 196Juniors Carol Ann Chetam, Debbie Kuiper, Tommy Mock, Randy Carver, Britt Ehrhardt, Bob Bloodworth, Donna Glasscock, Rebecca Smith, Gina Eyles Sophomores First Row: Lisa Crockett, Tammy Tucker, Laurie Funderburke Second Row: Carol Woodward, Claire Morgan, Stephanie Medlin 197Senior Hi Y Mr. Groper Sponsor Gil Hodges Bill Goodman President Vice President Kim Minton Secretory Phyllis Nelms Treasurer Purpose: To create, maintain, and extend throughout the home, school, and community high standards of Christian character. First Row: Patricia Ducksworth, Jennie Gibson, Sally Wilson, Donna Graham, Phyllis Nelms, Maryann Rudy, Kim Everson, Gladys Thomas Second Row: Stephanie Medlin, Theresa Beck, Twyla Crump, Diane Powell, Linda McClung, Jeri Shelton, Roxanne Davis, Jane Deloach, Lynn Hodges Third Row: Gay Willis, Kim Menton, Gwen Taylor, James McCartney, Gil Hodges, Bill Goodman, Ted Hayman, Mork Fallis, Robert Davis, Mark Hester 198Li bra ry Servi ce Club Joyce Archie President First Row: Lorraine Rich, Mary Mclnerny, Cindy Pitts, Carrie Collins, Hazel Cox, Wanda Jordan, Mrs. Reid Second Row: Connie Davis, Janice Andrews, Alfredo Daniels, Kevin Sproul, Constance Corter, Jackie Allen, Mrs. Tomlinson FFA First Row: Robert Wells, Keith Senn, Joey Morris, Rick Loyd, David Lovelace, Daonald Dupre, Nina Dowling, Wade Sumner, Darrel Broodnax, Sondy Bogget Second Row: Michel Polardi, Billy Sanders, Mike McCulla, Miles Sloppey, Mitch Taylor, David McDowell, Woyne Pond, Terry Carington, Joey Lawerence, Jeff Carswell, Kenny Lane, Mike Senn, Harris Verner, Milton Patrick, Doug Strickland, Mark Ramesy, Mr. Downing Third Row: Vince Williams, William Byrd, Floyd Branch, Henry Houston, Mike Staines 199Pep Club First Row: Janet Wynn, Constonce Carter, Andrea Harris, Carrie Collins, Ophelia Moore, Clementine Fraiser, Wanda Jordan, Stacy Davis, Staley Styles, Debra Bryant, Rutha Owens, Janet DePriest, Patricia Duckworth Second Row: Jeline Knighton, Lee Colbreth, Gwen Taylor, Sandra Crews, Wanda Evans, Cherry Granodo, Donna Carter, Deitra Bennett, Easter Lewis, Abegail Stanford, Gay Willis, Trina Greene, Denise Tucker, Pam Taylor, Phyllis Nelms Third Row: Carol Woodworth, Cheryl Barksdale, Tammy Tucker, Lynn Murray, Charlene Wicks, Debra Voltz, Bonnie Pike, Lucinda Trice, Nancy Whitfield, Susan Tate, Stephanie 2QQ Greene, Donna Norris, Jenny Ham, Ruth Thomas, Leah Flowers, Corol Coburn, Lynn Hodges Fourth Row: Sharon Smith, Gil Hodges, Rex Fox, Edwin Schreck, Tom Roos, Robert Brodbeck, Brian Sharp, Steve Butts OFFICERS: President Susan Tote Secretary-Treasurer Ruth Thomas Vice-President Stephanie Greene Purpose: To support the school’s athletic teams and to create enthusiasm at school and games. Mrs. Tate Sponsor Mrs. Hand SponsorArt Club Jeri Shelton Vice President Ginger McMillin Secretary Melissa Shor Treasurer Dana Holden Sgt. at Arms First Row: Jeri Shelton, Donna Glasscock, JoNell Rusk, Melissa Shor, Dana Holden, Ginger McMillian, Cindy Simpson, Maryann Rudy Second Row: Mr. Hanson, Krisha Wise, Jennie Gibson Purpose Promotion of art interest within the school and to improve the environment around the school. Mr. Hanson Sponsor JoNell Rusk President 201DECA PURPOSE: To develop future marketing leoders of America. Mr. Quinn Sponsor Dale Cato President Sharon Hanington Vice-President Ramona Kyzar State President Judy Bennett Terry Brumbley Cathy Smith Parliamentarian Donna Campbell Brenda Truner Chaplain Kathy Clark Tina Farr Mitch Cummings Connie Davis Cathy Corbett Suzy Jernigan Cecelia Ginn Terri Grimes Phyllis Fowler 202Kathy Jones Wanda Jordan Claire Majors Marti Manning Jodie McNeil Louise Smith Debra Ward Charles Wise Renae Nichols Linda Shepard Bill Sliter Velma Smith Lee Wilson Donna Young Lucinda Trice Jan Wall 203As One First Row: Mr. Johnson, Vince Willioms, Winfred Anderson, Glen Tredaway, Jackie Walker, Sandy Knighton Second Row: Tommy Lee, Carolyn Mayberry, Rebecca Smith, David Campbell, Jan Seay, Billy Baker Block A First Row: Chip Milton, Jody Maines, Milton Spruell, Wendell Williams, John Zachary, Jimmy Sneed, Roger Buchannon, Dewitt Williams, James Harpe Second Row: Joyce Hollowoy, Debbie Deiter, Donnie Spence, Kip Fox, Mark Honeyman, Susan Tate, Sherry Buchannon, Pot Norris, Jackie Walker Third Row: Nancy McClung, Leonard Lawless, Barry Oates, Mike Trotter, Ray Macolly, David McClung, Angie Dollar, Connie Forman, Tim Bryan, Steve Johnson, Wes Westbrook Fourth Row: Jan Seay, Shaw Seely, Bill Lightle, Joey LaMoy, Mike Hamilton, Donald Alley, Davey Davis, Danny Ladimer Fifth Row: Coach Dailey, Brent Brock, Vince Williams, Ricky Burdette, Lee Varnum, Steve Butts, Mark Fallis, Rex Fox, John Boyett, Tom Roos, Mike Perry, Dovid Rhuel, Bart Oates, Richard Huiras 204Foreign Language Club First Row: Gaye Ashworth, Lisa Nichols, Charlene Wicks, Jill Justice, Cherry Granodo, Cheryl Moore, Detrio Harvey, Joyce Archer, Patricio Duckworth Second Row: Carol Woodward, Lynn Williams, Lisa Crockett, Kay Corley, Nancy Varon, Sandra Pace, Debbie Bryant, Judy Futch, Twyla Crump, Jane Deloach Third Row: Tommy Tucker, Sandra Reese, Leah Flowers, Gwen Taylor, Andrea Harris, Helen Wright, Shari Williams, Donna Croddock, Mike Barker, Claire Morgan, Lee Varnum, George Carver 205206AHS Marching Chiefs Drill Team First Row (left to right) — Sharon Pace, Patricia Ducksworth, Diana Hughes, Faye Walker, Detria Harvey. Second Row (left to right) Margaret Rose, Hill, Unde Sheppard, Veronica Shealy, Donnie Bentley. COLOR GUARD: Wanda Jordan, Stacey Davis, Hazel Cox BAND OFFICERS: (left to right) — Ken Middlebrooks, Cheryl Moore, Terry Wynn, Rebecca Smith, Dorothy Fendya, Cindy Dunston. 207Majorettes First Row (left to right) — Cheryl Moore, Jessico Porker, and Dollie Shipley. Second Row (left to right) — Vicki Vickers, Dorothy Fendya, and Peggy Whitton. Drums First Row (left to right) — Wendell Williams, Kent Lorton, Diana Hughes, Verona Robinson, Zabasko Sneed, Doug Hayes. Second Row (left to right) — Julie Mance, Billy Webb, Keith Houston. Third Row (left to right)— Luther Hayes, David Campbell, Billy Baker, Eric Hardy. 208First Row (left to right) — David Carter, Mike Hardrick, Debbie Campbell, Renee Davis. Second Row (left to right) — Jon Ayres, David Hamilton, Terry Wynn, Don Yarbrough, Sharon Smith. 209Upper Woodwinds First Row (left to right) — Joyce Archie, Mary McIntyre, Arlene Lee. Second Row (left to right) — Bruce Henderson, Kristine Hawkins, Bob Bloodworth. First Row (left to right) — Clara Pate, Debbie Whitton, Jessica Parker, Jennifer Gwaltney, Cindy Dunston. Second Row (left to right) — David Carter, Cheryl Moore, Jane Deloach, Rebecca Smith, Leigh Jones. Lower Woodwinds 210Bb Clarinets ■ First Row (left to right) — Julie Parslow, Laurie Funderburk, Karen Greene, Danna Poole, Melanie McLeod. Second Row (left to right) — Bobby Eason, Janice Luttrell, Dorothy Fendya, Vicki Vickers, Dollie Shipley, Mary Dickens, Kenny Middlebrooks. Back Row (left to right) — Claudia Hawk, Shelia Hudgins, Angie Powers, Joyce Archie, Jeanette Banks. Saxophones (left to right) — Peggy Whitton, Donald Griffin, Tim McIntyre, Ed Trammell, Hiram Jones, Christine Hawkins, Gory Smith, Mike Barker, Marjie Dent. 211Baritone and Basses (left to right) — Danny Renaue, Duane Watkins, Ray Abbott, Tommy Newell, Earl Fuller, David Harper, Richard Vickers. First Row (left to right) — Butch Tucker, Linda Wheeler, Davis Kenny. Second Row (left to right) — Mike Ledden, Isaac Godson, Morris Rainey. Trombones 212Chorus First Row (left to right) — Debra Bryont, Patricia Ducksworth, Sandra Pace, Hazel Cos, Denita Cutliff, Sandra Crews, Yvonne Cuff, Della Albritten, Anne Ball. Second Row (left to right) — Diana Hughes, Stephanie Medlin, Dawn McDonald, Easter Lewis, Fanny Crews, Tonita Hendricks, Ivey Hall, Betty Mitchell, Bobbie Phillips. Third Row (left to right) — Donnie Bentley, Elaine Stokes, Charlotte Bentoh, Sharon Robinson, Stacey Davis, Connie Cauley, Mattie Worley, Jenny Banks, Valerie Kendricks. Stage Band First Row (left to right) — Don Yarbrough, Diana Hughes, Kristine Hawkins, Donald Griffin, Ed Trammell, Arlene Lee, Linda Wheeler. Second Row (left to right) — Danny Renaue, David Hamilton, Terry Wynn, Jack Dixon, Sharon Smith, Dav.d Campbell. Third Row (left to right) — Butch Tucker, Mike Ledden, Morris Rainey. 213Student Life215216Our thoughts wander through the years . . . 219your proud Indians ever striving to be fair. . .224 ways. . . Though our lives may travel different path-237 Albany High School, our school.Mr. AHS Fifi Wilson — Mr. DECA First Runner-Up Inez Albert Second Runner-Up Shirley Pimple ErhordtMaster of Ceremonies Freddie Freeney- ,v!? ■ P S! :,..av. m ' :: t W- 29 - : 'y • ■•..; - ’ ;1. ; ?£ . • •- • • «’■ ■ tr 1 - sag i!ES ■ ■ ; - ■ :. ?v.;.f4’ ; y:":' - ":r ■ - - + i t ■•'Dixie Theatre 1010 N. Slappey Blvd. 242243 Albany Journal244 Crown Hill Cemetery and Mausoleum, Inc. Jack Frost President “South Georgia's Prestige Cemetery Since 1927' C. U. "Tim" Hatch General ManagerMerle Norman Cosmetics Midtown Shopping Center Bennett Supply Company 1006 N. Washington St. Northside-Plaza Pharmacy 2200 N. Slappey Volkswagen of Albany 707 W. Broad Ave. Clark's Gas Station 701 N. Jefferson Pritchett Chrysler-Plymouth 1209 N. Slappey Blvd. Greene's Propane 1019 Gillionville Rd. Churchwell's MON. Washington St.Albany Religious Books Gifts 4 Midtown Mall Congratulations from Kingston Colony Apts. We Welcome "You" to an Adult Community. Live Life to Its Fullest at Our Clubhouse, Swimming Pool, Double Tennis Court and Beautiful, Spacious Grounds. Planned Monthly Entertainment. Enjoy One of Our One Bedroom Well Designed Apartments — Both Furnished and Unfurnished. Both Have Built-In Electric Appliances. Central Heat and Air-Conditioning. Seely Office Supplies Rosenburg's 126 N. WashingtonGiles Builder's Supply Corner Pine and Cleveland Albany, Ga. Miller Buick 523 W. Oglethorpe Albany, Ga. Jeffs Food Center 1506 Dawson Rd. Albany, Ga. The Swank Dress Shop 434 Mercer Ave. Albany, Ga. Compliments of a Friend YMCA Executive Director — B. B. Rhodes Program Director — Bob Swadell Aquatic Director — Judy Powell Physical Director — Charlie Doggett Youth Director — Tim Marks Swim Coach — Diane Honeyman Charlie's '66 7th and N. Slappey Albany, Ga. Murphy Dance Studio 1211 2nd Ave. Albany, Ga.Congratulations and Best Wishes from the Folks at THE CENTER — THE MALL “The Center of shopping for Southwest Georgia” 248Jason's Midtown Mall Albany Outboard Marine I 500 S. Slappey DriveChief Tommy Franklin has a place ' for you. The world. "Join the Navy and see the world" is more true today than ever. Besides travel, you also get some of the best job training in the world, more money than any other new sailor has ever made, plus food, housing and health care. To see if you qualify, to find out if you've got what it takes to make it in the New Navy, call or see UNITED STATES NAVY U S NAVY RECRUITING STATION 119 NoMh JacXson Street PO Box 933 Albany. Ga. 31702 WILLIAM K SEAY UTC USN Recruiter-I n-Charge Tel. 432-7121 Home 439-0369 RECRUITING COMMAND U.S. Navy Recruiting Goldsmith's 105 N. Washington I 19 N. Jackson St. Dairy Queen and Brazier No. I 351 N. Slappey Blvd. 251333 Broad Avenue 253Kirby Sales and Service 910 Highland Ave. Compliments of RETAIL FURNITURE DEALERS ASSOCIATION ABC Furniture Co. Albany Housefurnishing Co. Brown Furniture Co. Carter Home Furnishings Home Furniture Co. Home Supply Furniture Co. J J Furniture Co. Loosier of Albany Furniture Co. Morrow—Cook Furniture Co. Phillips Moving Storage Co. Rhodes, Inc. Suburban Furniture Wade Furniture Co. Albany, Georgia 254Oaklawn Chapel FUNERAL HOME 61 I N. Jefferson Sf. Albany, Georgia 31702 Leslie A. Thompson, Jr. Owner-Direc+or launderers I 107 N. Slappey Blvd. Albany, Georgia Oaklawn Funeral Home 61 I N. Jefferson St. Bass Pro Shop 403 N. Slappey Dr. Pappagallo 1108 3rd AVe. Bishop Cleaners I 107 N. Slappey256 Citizens and Southern Bank Washington at OgelthorpeOwens Sporting Goods and Hardwar 202 Broad Avenue Walden and Kirkland Clothes Horse Concrete Industries 5F f K I R KTA MDCompliments of The Looking Glass, Ltd. Merry Acres Shopping Center Compliments of Mrs. Juhan's homeroom 258Cost Less Triangle Engineering Co. Cooling NATURE'S WIND DOES IT ALL - NO COST TO YOU COOL YOUR HOME with TURBINE I COOLERS Triangle Engineering Co. Trojan Pools 12th and Dawson Aaron's 100 N. Washington St.BEST WISHES FROM THE ALBANY HERALD "South Georgia's Metropolitan Newspaper"Jesco 606 8th Ave. 261RAILWAY AND FREIGHT SALVAGE CO. Salvage — Surplus — Damaged Merchandise I 140 Galiionville Road Albany, Georgia 31705 Railway Salvage 1140 Gillionville Ken Stanton I 19-120 W. Broad Ave. Albany Lawn Mower Inc. 703 N. Washington Albany Bowling Supplies ALBANY fowling supplies INC.264 Best Wishes From THE NATIONAL BANK OF ALBANY “This Is The Bank to Grow With” Member: F.D.I.C. and the Federal Reserve System Albany Bowling Lanes 237 East Ogelthorpe Albany, Ga. R u ft COTTON MILLS Compliments of Flint River Cotton MillsDene and Deena Interiors 2401 N. Slappey Blvd. Mary Carter Paints 630 W. Oglethorpe Blvd. Dub Cone's Shoes Midtown Shopping Center Quik • Serve 1510 N. Slappey Blvd. 7 12 p.m. 265Best Wishes Phone 432-2365 HOME FURNISHINGS | 2518 Dawson Road - Albany, Ga. “Quality for Less, Service for Suren Discount Prices Carter's Home Furnishings 2518 Dawson Rd. Badcock 156 North Slappey J. C. Penney's 266 Midtown Shopping Center Barfield's ShoesGray Air Service Municipal Airport Albany Street Metal Works 1706 West Town Ave. Poteat's Funeral Home 306 Whitney Ave. Dupree Drugs 11 I I N. Slappey Brock's Auto Parts 128 Pine Morrow-Cook 240 West Broad Pat's Cycle Shop 219 North Washington Meek's Electric Co. 212 N. Washington and Midtown Mall 267The American Legion Albany Post 30 268 "We Believe in Our Youth and Support Their Programs"Bama Shop ALCON ASSOCIATES. INC. 214 Pine Ave. Alcon 201 Baldwin Dr. Albany, Ga. Watkins Builders Supply 909 Roosevelt Ave. Albany, Ga. 909 Roosevelt Avenue Albany Georgia 31702 883 4300 WATKINS Home Center Building supplies, lumber, hardware, plumbing, electrical paint wall paper, lawn garden, gifts, housewares, kitchen bath. 269Surrey Shop 238 Broad Ave. Albany, Ga. Firestone 429 Oglethorpe Ave. Albany, Sa. Herff-JonesFirst Federal Savings AND LOAN ASSOCIATION Aultman Motor Co. 948 Oglethorpe Ave. Albany Lamp Service 600 Pine Ave. Albany, Ga. ALBANY'S ENTERTAINER 1250 wttolej Albany, Georgia 401 Pine Avenue 271 Compliments of Rialto 144 N. Slappey Blvd. 435-5949 439-0747Ed's Shoe Service 238 Pine Ave. Congratulations to the "Class of 75" Davis Electric Co. Phone: 439 9961 and 883 1505 Compliments of William J. "Bill" Bailey Pet Dairy, Inc. Schwobilt Clothes 125 N. Washington St. Acree Snack Bar Recreation Center Acree, Ga. Proprietor: Hubert DavisHayes Clothing Kinney's 931 Oglethorpe Jolly Fox 104 S. Slappey Kinneys great hamburgers MacGregor Division — Brunswick 1602 South Slappey 275Henderson Oil Co. 1440 Old Leesburg Rd. Invitations From Balfourand now, hallways, echoing sounds of people . . .183 • • dsodmd f SuiJFijs id A.and that single person with whom we shared our innermost thoughts. . .But us, only human,— — Autographs ■ . -4 A .!. • : -s •’

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Albany High School - Thronateeska Yearbook (Albany, GA) online yearbook collection, 1980 Edition, Page 1


Albany High School - Thronateeska Yearbook (Albany, GA) online yearbook collection, 1981 Edition, Page 1


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