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Albany High School - Thronateeska Yearbook (Albany, GA) online yearbook collection, 1973 Edition, Cover

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Stand at my window and watch them passThey search for beauty, They search for truth; They know for the moment they have their youth. Theirs are the earth, the sea, the sky . . . 6They sing, They dance, They float, They fly! 7They seek for wisdom in a book, 8Then they turn their eyes out and up . . .Wonder if after all, wisdom is so reciprocal.u Can we, or will we, or do we know .We will earn some love . . . u15but never learn nor earn back youth.Table of Contents Features................22 Faculty.................56 Classes.................76 Sports ................122 Organizations .........180 Student Life...........218 TTcls..................240O ater ol’ school, sol that we love in honor we’ll hold a Mater dear, we you revere, boast of the brave and the bold fcivery heart beats true One and all we’re for you and Our memory we e’er shalLbless; For should "Auld Acquaintance” Be forgot, Here’s to you dear old AHS.Head Chiefs I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation to the entire student body and administration for making this year the most meaningful school year in my life. The short time we spent together this year was one of learning, growing, understanding, and helping ourselves and others. We as teenagers are asked to take on responsibilities greater than those of any generation before us. I feel that being at Albany High this year has enabled each one of us to accept these responsibilities as mature men and women. J. TOM MORGAN President Whether or not we remember the past year is up to us individually. To many of us, the year was full of meaningful events which had definite influences on our lives. To others, the year was an uneventful period which served as hardly more than a passage of time. Those that feel the year was beneficial can look back and pick out any of a number of happenings as reasons, while those unmoved by the nine months spent here can at least say it served as a valuable experience. RICHARD GARNER 9 Vice-PresidentI'lir times are a changing.” We at Albany High have either felt that change or been a part of it. Some of us have met the events of the year with indifference, but most have participated enthusiastically. Whatever your response has been the year holds memories. For the graduating class of '73 this year represents the final attainment of a goal. We worked for twelve years to reach this goal. For a few of us we’ve come through school with the same people. The inevitable separation that comes with graduation pulls each of us a different way. Hopefully this book will renew in us the feeling of involvement with our friends and school. The junior class is usually the work-horse of the school. Their talents and leadership are beginning to unfold, preparing them to take over next year. As they look through the annual, may they relive their pleasant memories and find inspiration for the coming year. High school is a fresh, new experience for sophomores, as they adjust to fewer restrictions and more responsibility. For them I hope the annual will capture the excitement of their lirst year. Whatever this year has meant to you. 1 hope you ran look aTrhi.4 book and review your dearest memories. k EditorDedication This year we dedicate the 1973 Thronateeska to one who has devoted much time and effort to Albany High School. She has a genuine interest in the students, and expresses it by becoming involved with them and with their activities. This often cuts deeply into her own personal time, but she is always willing. This book of memories was designed to reflect the image of a true Indian, a person who finds joy in helping others. This special person exemplifies this characteristic along with the ability to respond to the students with sensitivity and humor. It is a joy to be able to give something to someone who gives so much to us. So with sincere gratitude we dedicate the 1973 Thronateeska to Mrs. Diane Tate. 21AHS Homecoming 1973A cool, crisp, Oct. 21st picks up the spirit of the students at AHS. SENIOR REPRESENTATIVE — CAROL MILLS ESCORT — PETE PETERSEN 27It was a day charged with activity and excitement. JUNIOR REPRESENTATIVE — ANNETTE JONES ESCORT— DAVID ARNOLD 29As all days must end, so did this one, but not without hard work, lots of fun, and fond memories. SOPHOMORE REPRESENTATIVE — JULIE FOX ESCORT — DAVID SKATES32 Fran FosterAnd A Congenial Miss353633940KIWANIS AND McINTOSH AWARDS The KIWANIS and McINTOSH awards are the most coveted honors which can be bestowed upon a student at Albany High School. These students, who are recognized from the senior class as having exemplified the most out-' standing qualities of citizenship and leadership during their years at Albany High School, are selected by secret ballot of the faculty. Carol Mills is the Senior girl who is the recipient of the KIWANIS award, and Jay Dallas is the senior boy who is the recipient of the McINTOSH award. fa CAROL MILLS HONOR is purchased by the deeds we do, . . . honor is not won, until some honorable deed be done. — Marlowe 42 JAY DALLASSTAR STUDENT BRF.NCE SELL The recipient of the STAR STUDENT award, given by the Ga. Chamber Commerce, must be an exceptional person. He is chosen on the basis of his scholastic achievements during his high school years and his score on the SAT. This year’s deserving recipient is Brence Sell. I have had many good teachers during my years in school, but no other teachers impressed me as much as Mrs. Crenshaw. She was very patient and understanding but her true beauty as a teacher arose from the fact that she did not allow her personality to intrude in class. In class she was purely a teacher. The one most outstanding thing I remember about Mrs. Crenshaw is that in all of the classes I had under her, she never had a single discipline problem. This is truly the mark of a professional teacher. Cju- MRS. ROY CRENSHAW 43SUPERLATIVESue Bacon feoward ChristianFACULTY Editors Drew Arnold Diane Bond Nancy WilkersonDougherty County Board Of Education BOTTOM ROW CHARLES NESBITT. MORGAN MURPHY. R. H. WARREN. DR. J. P. CHEEYERS TOP ROW: HARVEY COHEN. FELIX MARBURY, FRANKLIN CROSS MR PAUL ROBERTSON Su|x rintcndcnt of the Dougherty County Schools MR. CRAYDON PIERCE Administrative Assistant for Sorondarv EducationREFLECTIONS ON THE SCHOOL YEAR As I reflect upon my several years at Albany High School I feel that I can truthfully say this has been one of the most cooperative student bodies of the several years. I choose to believe that it is indicative of a new determination to seek a better and surer way of life cooperatively. It is true that there is still a great deal of apathy and a willingness on the part of some to "drop out" of society and to seek nothing worthwhile. However, these seem to he more in a minority this year than in the past two or three. The above, along with several other factors — a good and cooperative faculty and staff, the promise of a continually improved program of studies, etc. — has helped to make my first few months as principal an enjoyable and rewarding one. Only the years to come will tell whether the present enthusiastic outlook I now hold for the outcome of this visioned trend is justified. Students of this age have both a great opportunity and a great challenge. How well they are received, met, and dealt with will be determined, to a great extent, by how well the students are prepared and conditioned for them. I encourage each of you, of both faculty and student body, to let the time of the recording of the pages of this annual find each of us diligently striving for a greater degree of cooperation and determination for a better future for all. Principal of Albany High SchoolI would like to take this opportunity to wish each graduating senior of Albany High success in his new role as a high school graduate. I sincerely hope that in whatever field that role is, you dedicate yourself to the accomplishment of that role to the best of your ability. For only through your efforts, at all levels of society, can some of the inequities in our system be corrected. You seniors and your fellow classmates are quick to point out these inequities. Let us see if you are as quick, through peaceful democratic methods, to correct these faults. If your idealism can be transformed into positive action, those changes you desire will happen. Hopefully this idealism will not fade with the passing years as has been the case with so many previous graduating classes. I challenge you to maintain your idealism and your youthful vigor and to dedicate yourself to positive change for a better America. WILLIAM H. BATES. JR. — Assistant Principal of Albany High School Another year rolls by, and the eternal question, "Where has this year gone?” is asked. It seems only yesterday that those of you who will be graduating in June came through the doors of AHS as sophomores! As you prepare to enter a new phase of your life, whether it be college, work, marriage, or some other field, remember that each of you is unique. Although God has created man in His own image. He at the same time made each of us different. When considering your goals in life, be aware that what is right for one of you is not necessarily right for someone else. May I use your expression? — DO YOUR OWN THING — Follow the goal that to you seems most appropriate for you, the individual. Look carefully at your interests and abilities, before deciding what is right for you. Seek guidance — not necessarily from older persons, but from persons who have shown by their actions and their lives that they are thinking people. Be an individual, but at the same time, be thinking individual — one who is ready to accept responsibility for his actions. When you are mature enough to take time to reason and to think before you act then to accept the results of your actions, whether they be positive or negative, then will you be ready to take your place in the world as the unique individual our Maker created. 60 SUE W. MURDOCK — Dean of GirlsMATH MR. J. D. MULLIS MISS CELESTE SMITH MRS. JUDY THOMAS MRS. LUCY DUNN MR. WILL HORNE MR. G. S. HUNT ■ICOACH KEN ALLEN MRS. JANE CRAWFORD MR. N. D. ESSIC MRS. GERALDINE BAILEY MR. R. GRAPER HISTORY MRS. BARBARA YOUNG MR. LEVI THOMASSPECIAL EDUCATION MRS. MARTHA BUTLER MRS. DOROTHY SNEADCOACH RONNIE ARCHER COACH GORDON DIXON COACH FERRELL COACH DARRELL HENRY WILLETT COACH WILLIE MAGWOOD Physical Education and Drivers EducationGUIDANCE MRS. RACHEL DICKERSON MISS MARY HUDSON MRS. FLORA HUNTCLASSES Editors Priscilla Joiner Val Costantino 77MARTA ABEL STEVE ALLEN DENISE ARMISTEAD BILLY ASTON TERRY ADAMS CEDRIC ANDERSON DAN ARMSTRONG SUSAN A VERA KEITH ALDERMAN GWEN ANDERSON ROSA ARTERSON SUE BACON SENIOR PRESIDENTS; JEFFIE HEWETT AND BRENCE SELL 79SENIOR VICE PRESIDENTS: CAROL MILLS AND HOWARD CHRISTIAN KATHY BAKER LAURA BANKS RANDY BAXTER MIKE BIRD NICKY BAKER RANDY BARTO RAY BEEGHLY BONNIE BLAYLOCK JIMMY BALDWIN EDDIE BASKO ROSLYN BERRY MIKE BOONE 80BETSY BRADLEY MICHAEL BROWN MIKE BUTTS FRANCINE CHRISTIAN NORMAN BRANNEN DEBBIE BULLINGTON ROBERT CAULEY HOWARD CHRISTIAN DONNIE BRANNEN JERRY BULLINGTON RANDY CHASTAIN CHARLES CLARK SENIOR SECRETARIES: SUSAN SAMFORD AND RANDY BARTO 81FLETA COLLIER MARK COVINGTON SENIOR TREASURERS: KIM NOLAN AND MIKE EHRHARDT SUZANNE CONNER CAROLYN CRADDOCK JACQUELYN CUFF JAY DALLAS KATHY CONOLY HOWARD CROSS ROBERT CULBRETH JAMES DANIELS DAVID CORNAIRE MARGARET CROY MIKE CUMBIE CINDY DAVIS 82JOHNNY DAVIS CHARLIE DIAL PENNY DUNLAP MIKE EHRHARDT MARSHA DAVIS BRUCE DORMINY WANDA DUPREE MIKE ELLIS VIC DAVIS DONNA DOWLING PAM DYES LOU ENGLISH SENIOR PARLIAMENTARIANS: CATHY LEAVY AND JAY DALLAS 83JOYCE EVANS LARRY FOREMAN WILLIAM FIELDS FRAN FOSTER PHILLIP FOX AL GIMENEZ JENNY FINDLEY TONY FOWLER TOM GIDDENS RICKY GODWIN FREDA FOLLENDORE DON FOWLER LINDA GILYARD PAMELA GREENMARSHA GREEN GINGER GRISSOM PATRICIA HALL ANNE HARDIN RICHARD GREEN BECKY GRIST CAROLE HAMES ALONZO HARRIS JOAN GRIFFITH EDDIE GULLEY BECCA HARD ALLEN HATCHER BECKY GRIST — ASSISTANT EDITOR OF THE THRONATEESKA, DAR GOOD CITIZENSHIP AWARD 85J0N1 GRIGGS DEAN DAYMAN NANCY JOINER — CAPTAIN OF THE VARSITY CHEERLEADERS DAVID HAWKINS REGINA HENDRICKS JEFFIE HEWETT BOBBY HINMAN JOHN HAWKINS PATTY HAWKINS MELISSA HENNINGFELD . GARY HERB BRUCE HICKS GILBERT HIND DENNIS HITSON JEFF HOBAUGH 86MARCIA HOLLY TERRY IRWIN ETHEL JOINER ADRIS JONES TERESA HOLLOMON SUE JEFFERSON NANCY JOINER GREGORY JONES TIM HOLMAN ANN JERNIGAN SUSAN JOINER JACK JONES ROSALYN BERRY — HEAD MAJORETTE 87JODY JONES PRESTON KNIGHT JENNY FINDLEY and DAN MacMINN — DRUM PAT JONES DARIAN JORDAN MAJORS KATHY KNIGHTON SONIA LANE JOY LAWLESS LEE LAWSON SHELIA LEARY CATHY LEAVY DENNY KEETON BERNARD LANGLEY ALICIA LAWSON I.AIRD LEGC 88DEBBIE LEONARD RANDY LUCKIE KEVIN MARKERT JUDY McCRARY ANNIE LEWIS DEE LYONS TAUNI McCLAIN PAM McCRAY JESSE LEWIS DAN MarMINN EDITH McCOY danny McDaniels J. TOM MORGAN — PRESIDENT OF THE STUDENT BODY 8990MELISSA HENNINGFELD — EDITOR OF THE POW SHERRIE McLAUCHIN LIZ MERTS WOW TRUDIE MONCUS CHARLES MOORE ED NEWSOME SCOTT NICHOLS KIM NOLAN IRMA OLIVER CAROL MILLS J. TOM MORGAN NANCY NISBET DALE ONEILL 92ED PARSONS RHENDA PHILLIPS SUSAN PRUETT DAVID RANDALL STEVE PEEK DAVID POND RITA RACHALS TIM RAY BARRY PELLICANO CHERYLL POWELL JOHNNY RAINWATER BILL REED DONNA DOWLING — EDITOR OF THE SCRIBE 93BETSY BRADLEY - HOMECOMING QUEEN ED RILEY MARY RILEY PAUL ROBERTSON ROSALINE ROY CHARLES SALTER JUNE SALTER SUSAN SANFORD GLYNN SANDERS BARB SAWYER SAM SCHLIE TOM SEEGMUELLER BRENCE SELL 94ROBERT SELMAN JEFF SINYARD EARNEST SNEAD RICKY SPENCE FREDDIE SETTEES VICKISLAPPEY ELGEETA SNEED LINDA STEWART WADE SHEALY JOHNNY COLEMAN and RICKY SPENCE — Captains CHARLES SMITH of the Football Team BRAD SNELLGROVE JULIA STIMPSON 95MIKE EHRHARDT and BRENCE SELL — National Merit Semi-Finalist . MIKE SWAIN ROBIN TOMS JOHN VAN HOUTEN DAVID WALSH ALESIA SWANSTROM SALLY TYSON EDNA WADDEL DONNIE WARD DEWEY TAYLOR JIMMY USSERY HERB W ALLACE BILL WARD CINDY SUMNER DAVID THOMASDAVID WATKINS DELORES WESLEY DON WILEY JERRY WILLIAMS VICKI SLAPPEY — Captain of the Girl's Baskrthall Team ANNE HARDIN and LOU ENGLIS Co-Captain . DELORES WILLIAMS BUTCH WILLIAMS LINDA WILLIAMS RONDA WILLIAMS PENNY WATSON KENNY WEBB GARY WHIDDON CREGORY WHITFIELD 97SHARON WILLIAMS GARY WILLIS GENE WISHUM ALBERT WOYMACK IRVIN WORLEY SUSAN YAKOTS NICKIE YOUNG CAROL MILLS — Editor of the Thronateeska Staff JOHNNY DIVINE — Captain of the Varsity Basketball Team FRAN FOSTER — Miss A.H.S. 98JAMES ALLEN BARRY BAILEY SUZY BEDSOLE BETSY BLACKLEDCE CONNIE ANDERSON RANDY BAKER DONNA BENFORD RONNIE BOATWRIGHT MARYDINE ANDERSON WANDA BALDWIN BONNIE BENTLEY DIANE BOND MIKE BOWEN DONALD BURKES STEVE ANDERSON WAYNE BALL KEN BENTON CATHY BONNEY PRISCILLA BRIDGES BUZ BUSBEE DREW ARNOLD JEAN BARBER KENNETH BERRY DIANE BOONE RICKY ASKEW RICHARD BARNHILL SHARON BEVAN JOHN BOSWELL JUNIOR PRESIDENT ROBIN ELZ1A JUNIOR PRESIDENT BRUCE SHAW 101CAMILLE CHANCEY VAL COSTANTINO BOBBY CREAGER LAURIE DALLAS ALANDA CAUSEY VAUGHN CONWAY BLN CRAVEY MARC CUMMINGS PAT CARTER DAWN CONWAY LINDA CRADDOCK CORA CUFF RICHARD CAMPBEL! ROBIN COLEMAN DEBORAH COX LLOYD CROY BILL DODCEN BUD DOYLE BOBBY CALHOUN MAX CLOWER GARY COSTON DAVID CROSS TRICIA DAVIS KAREN DOLLAR BELINDA CAMPBELL DEBORAH COLEMAN ADRIANNE COVINGTON SHIRLEY CROSS CATHY DICKENS CHUCK DORIETY 102DEBRA DUGGAN M ARTY El TON JOEY FARR RODNEY FULLER ALAN DUNLAP ROBIN ELZIA KEN FERRELL SHARON GAFFORD KEVIN DYE JANET FARKAS DONALD FREEMAN WENDELL GARNTO POLLY ELKINS JOHNNY FARR FRED FREENY LISA GEESLIN GLORIA DUNNAWAY GORDON ETCH ISON JAMES FLEMING V ALERIE GARABEDIAN CATHY GIBSON BARBARA HAIRE DEBBIE DURHAM JACK EVANS KEVIN FOWLER RICHARD GARNER JAMES GRIGGS CONNIE HALE JUNIOR VICE- PR ESI JAW 7'. JEAN IE PADGETT JUNIOR VICE-PRESIDENT. JIMMY GARDNER 103WINNIE KATE HALL JEANETTE HEINZMAN CHRIS HOOKS JOANNE HUIROS PRISCILLA JOINER JOHNNIE JONES KIM HAMBRICK DENISE HILL JANET HORNE TIM JACKSON AUBREY JONES MICKEY KATO EDDIE HAMMOND JACK HILLIARD DWAINE HOUSTON SAM FORD JACOBS ANNETTE JONES JANICE KAUTMAN 104LARRY KENNEDY JOHN LAMOY LEIGH LUCKEY CLIFF MARTIN JOEY KIMBRELL ELECTA LANIER DEBBIE LUTTRELL DIANE MARTIN DEBRA KING MIKE LAYSON LARRY MACK BECKY MATHEWS john McLaughlin LOIS MENCHIO NANCY KIRKSEY SONIA LAYTON SIDNEY MANCE MARIA McCODE JAMES MEDLIN ALAN MIDDLEBROOK KAREN KUGLER SUGIE LICHTEN JONNIE MANN larry McDuffie JEAN LADIMER LISA UGHTFOOT LYNN MARSHALL JAMES MclNERNEY JUNIOR SECRETARY: BECKY MATHEWS JUNIOR SECRETARY: BARRY BAILEY 105106 SALLY MITCHELL NITA NORTON JEANIE PADGETT BETTY PAYNE KATHY PR LET JACKIE RANDALL BELINDA MORRIS LINDA OAKES GERRY PARNELL DONNIE PEACHER GLENDA PURVIS LAURIE RANDALL TERESA MYERS MELISSA OAKES BILLY PATE RICKY PENNINGTON LANE PYE MIKE REED JEFFERY NEAL JOY OLIVER CINDY PAUL MELANIE PERRMAN f MIKE NEWELL STEVE OSBURN EARTHERA PAULK FRANKIE PERRY RONALD NEWTON RICKY OWEN PENNY PAULEY BRENDA POLLOCKBetty Rehberg Beth Robertson Bruce Shaw John Sikes Wayne Reno Shelton Rose David Shead David Simmons JUNIOR TREASURER: Nila Norton Lee Revells Jack Royal Pam Shcaks Debbie Simpson Carl Smith Charles Smith Brad Rice Marcia Rudderman Jeff Shelton David Skates Carol Smith Linda Smith Edith Rich Candy Sanders Terry Shepherd Johnny Slaton Candy Roberson Mike Schramm Grant Shields Robert Smith JUNIOR TREASURER Rodney Fuller 30 107CHARLENA SPENCE NANCY STRETCHERS TED THOMAS TOBY TUCKER ANNIE SPURLIN JO SUMMERFORD USA THOM ASTON JAN TURNER LINDA STANFORD RICKY SWARTZELL SHARON THOMPSON CLEAVE WALDEN JACK WATKINS PAM WHATLEY SCOTTIE ST A NSBF.R R Y SUSAN SWINK STEVE THOMPSON WILBURN WALKER MOLLIE WESTBROOK PAM WHITTINGTON TRISH STODDARD IR TAYLOR TERRI T1SON RAY WALLACE PAM STONE JIMMY TAYLOR JOAN TUCKER BOBBY W ATKINS 108 JUNIOR PARLIAMENTARIAN: ADRIAN COVINGTON JUNIOR PARLIAMENTARIAN JIM YOUNGMARK WICKS DWAINE W ILKES DAVID YAW SHERYL W ILEY ROSALYN WILLIAMS RAYMOND YELVERTON NANCY WILKERSON MIKE WORSLEY JIM YOUNG 109Becky Abel Doug Albert Mike Allen Don Alley Cathy Anderson Terri Aston Wanda Austin Terri Bankston Reginald Barnett Kenneth Barnhill Ed Bauman Cathy Beach Delores Beach Leola Bell Diane Bence Judy Bennett Marla Benthall Charlotte Benton Vivian Berry Beverly Bires Dudley Bishop Belinda Blackshcar Thomas Bounds Don Bowers Debra Branch Jackie Brannon Judy Braswell Deborah Bridges Odessa Briley Robert Brodbeck Cynthia Brown Mike Brown Claire Bruton Debra Branch Johnny Buckles Teresa Buckner Randy Burdette Ricky Burdette Tina Bush Cary Butler Steve Butts Leroy Cain David Calhoun Mack Cannon 113Kir I ara Carter Connie Cauley Mark Cawthom Janice Chambless Sidney Chancey Denise Chastain James Christian Lisa Clark Sherry Clark Sharon Clements Donna Cobb Carole Coburn Juanita Cochran Mark Cohen Billy Connell Rusty Cook Ricky Couch Dee Cox Hazel Cox Kenneth Culbreth Mitch Cummings Kathy Curies Calvin Cutliff Jerry Davidson Lois Davis Davey Davis John Davis Mary Davis Rebecca Davis Stacey Davis Debbie Deiter Sharon Denby Nina Dowling Pam Doyle Cary Drennan Patricia Duckworth Billy Durham Dale Edwards Jill Edwards Steve Evans Alvin Everson Lisa Everson Chuck Faison Tina Farr SOPHOMORE VICE PRESIDENTS: DONNA NORRIS AND MIKE HAMILTON 1 14SOPHOMORE SECRETARIES: SHARON ROBINSON AND BILL LIGHTLK Marie Faulkner Jane Fender Dorothy Fendya John Ferguson Donna Fitzgerald Bill Fletcher Cindy Flick Randy Floyd Mike Fordham Julie Fox Rex Fox Clementine Frazier Ronnie Garmon Steve Garner Jennie Gibson Kathy Genovese Cecelia Ginn Robert Glover John Goette Darlene Gombar Broderick Grace Jincey Grace Delia Greaves Karen Greene Kenneth Greene Stephanie Greene Terri Grimes Robin Hackel Larry Hacker Patsy Ha ire Alice Hall Ivey Hall Jenny Ham Mike Hamilton Kim Hanson Sharon Hannington Tab Hard Elaine Hardee James Harpr Carrie Harper Carol Hart Dewev Hatcher Evelyn Hawk Laing Heidt 115Ginny Helms Bruce Henderson Jimmy Hester Linda Hicks Celeste Hill Lindza Hill Teresa Hilton Debra Hodges Dana Holden Angela Holley Debra Hollis Kathryn Holloman Joyce Holloway Vasson Holman Kenneth Holton Nancy Holton Stevie Hopkins Mandy Horne Elizabeth Huggins Debra Hughes Dianr Hughes Jack Ivey Debbie Jackson Suzy Jernigan Dennis Johnson Diane Johnson Jay Johnson Wayne Jones Greg Jones Jeannie Jones Tony Jones Sam Jordan Ellen King Jackie King Karen King Tommy King Gary Kirkcndall Gelene Knighton Ramona Kyser Drew Lansberry Cathy Lassiter 1 ‘onard lawless Lynda Lawson Tommy Lee 116Bill Lightle Buddy Lippitt Frank Little Monty Little Johnny Littman Mike Lofton Cindy Lowery Clay Loyless Patti Lunday Ray Macolly Jody Maine Claire Major Mark Majors Sharon Mann Thalia Martin Carolyn Mayberry Linda Mayberry James McCartney Bill MrCorklr David McClung Linda McClung Nancy McClung Chuck McComb Bennie McCrary Charles McDonald Brenda McDowell John McGlynn Jean McIntyre Tim McIntyre Ginger McMillin Grover McNeely Lisa Mills Nell Mills Ray Mitchell Joy Morgan Clark Mullenix Tim Murphy Lynn Murry Margaret Ncally Robert Newcomb Renee Nichols Ken Noall Donna Norris Pat O’Brien 117Paul Ort Robert Osburn Robert Owen James Peak G. W. Pennington Lee Pennington Mike Perry Benjamin Persley Chuck Pickard Mary Pike Murry Pollock Diane Powell Scott Powell Anita Putmal Roger Rachals Deana Ranson Jeannie Reakirt Nancy Reimer Karen Rctzell Kenneth Revel I Sabria Revills Pat Reynolds Connie Rich Brenda Rigsby Reames Riley Sharon Robinson Udo Rodemann Thomas Roos Marrianne Rudy David Ruchl Jennifer Rusk Joey Rusk Ozie Salter Brenda Sapp Edwin Schreck Jan Seay Shaw Seely Brian Sharp Jack Shealy Jeri Shelton David Shemwell Linda Shephard Steven Shewmake Dollie Shipley 118Gloria Shiver Junior Shiver Becky Shiver Melissa Shor Judy Simmons Karol Simmons James Simpson Steve Sims Benny Smith Cathy Smith Cheryl Smith Mark Smith Donnie Spence Elijah Spurlin Lynn Stamps Abegail Stanford Anne Stanley AI Steele Woody Stewart Vickie Stewart Cheryl Stults Stailry Styles Eddie Swan Terry Tall ott Susan Tate David Thomas Janice Thomas Ruth Thomas Travis Thomas Freddie Thompson Louise Thompson Steve Thompson Teri Thompson Holsey Tinson Charlie Tisdale Dena Topshe Jerry Touchton Ed Trammell Jimmy Treadaway Lucinda Trice Mike Trotter James Trump Denise Tucker Teresa Tucker 119Brenda Turner Lisa Turner Bernard Tye Joe Tyre Jeff Varnam Palmer Varnum Debra Volt Doris Walker Jan Wall Cathy Wallace Marty Walsh Billy Ward Donna Ward Sally Watkins Wes Westbrook Linda Wheeler Phyllis Whyatt Amos Williams Carolyn Williams Diane Williams Bobby Williams Diane Wilson Charles Wise Mildred Woods Mike Word Margaret Worley Helen Wright Janet Wynn Terry Wynn Donna Young Eva Young Paul Youngblood 120121Indians Post Winning Season The story of the Albany High football team of 1972 could be put on stage in a Broadway production and entitled, "Rags to Riches.” The Indians, who were almost completely destroyed by graduation, have almost every position on the team to be filled. Luckily the Gods of football were smiling and several key positions were filled with players that turned out to be as good or better than the seniors that had filled them the year before. The Indians under head coach Ferrell Henry and his able helpers went about the business of creating a football team out of a bunch of B-teamers and others that nobody in the Region expected to win one game. However, the Indians had produced a good B-team the year before and many of the candidates found that varsity football was not too unlike B-team football except in two important points. The players were bigger and a lot better. In the first game of the season the Indians had to struggle to defeat their rivals from across Slappey . . . the Westover Patriots. Albany looked ragged but at least they had one win under their belts, and a lot of folks were saying that it might be their last of the year. A funny thing happened. The Indians then defeated their bitter rivals the Monroe High Tornadoes and then also dealt a blow' to the Lowndes High Vikings. The Indians were suddenly 3-0 and had a trip to Valdosta to make to meet the Wildcats. To make a long story short, after the game the Indians were 3-1 and had tasted their first defeat of the year. Before the season was to end the Indians would beat Bainbridge, Crisp and Dougherty. The good things about the wins over Crisp and Dougherty were that the Crisp win came on homecoming night and the Dougherty win came along with the City Championship. All led to a 6-4 season and the finest finish by an Albany High team since 1967. The season was full of surprises and disappointments but I guess more than anything it was full of good times. For an old Indian fan like me it was good to see the Orange and Green start to look like an Indian team of old. They showed that they definitely would be on the way up this coming year as a good number of returning lettermen will be back to play again. It also gained some respect for the Indians in that they won the City Championship back from the Dougherty Trojans in a 14-13 come-from-behind cliff-hanger. I guess if anything can be said about the Indians this year it would be that they had plenty of "GUTS.” They weren’t expected to do much of anything this year and everybody wouldn’t have been too surprised if they had not done anything at all. However, they were winners in the great tradition of Albany High football teams and were winners because they wanted to be. I am sure also that good coaching, some luck and the Grace of God also helped. 125WILLIE HOLMES RICHARD WHEELERJIMMY LEE GARDNER JIMMY USSERY JESSE LEWIS ¥ .mmmm 4 f V ' t .... • IjL l! ( t 'spy Z SiSE . . '-jji ft N - ' ,, —; J 1 ED NEWSOME JOHNNY COLEMAN Captain, Most Valuable Player Best SophomoreCARL SMITH RICKY SPENCE Captain. Best Offensive Lineman BRUCE SHAW CLARENCE ISLER TOM GIDDENS PAUL ROBERTSON Sportsmanship Award Sportsmanship Award1 JO DON FOWLER LLOYD CROY TOM SH EM WELL Most Improved Player MIKE SWAINJIM MEDUN mm WES W'ESTBROOK BRUCE HICKS 131BOBBY FLETCHER WILLIAM FLEMING133A.H.S. Coaching Staff FERRELL HENRY Head Coach DARRELL WILLETT Offensive Line Coach 136 (L to R): Coach Archer. Coach Magwood, Coach Willett, Coach Young. Coach Spooner. Coach Henry. r -v ; PHIL SPOONER Offensive Back Coach RONNIE ARCHER Defensive Back CoachSITTING L to R): Jeff Sinyard. David Hitson. Dennis Hitson, Cedric Anderson, William Holmes, Luanne Hughes. Laverne Elzia. Nancy Joiner. Anne Hardin. Bonnie Blaylock. Richard Wheeler. Jimmy Let Gardner, Randy Barto, Earnest Worthy, Jay Dallas. (SECOND ROW L to R): Ricky Godwin, Jimmy Usscry, Wayne Joner, Ed Newsome. Charlie Johnson. Robert Jackson, Steve Anderson. Johnny Coleman. William White. Mike Hamilton, Chuck Doriety. Carl Smith. Ira Taylor. (THIRD ROW L to R): Alan Hatcher, Bruce Shaw. Clarence Isler. Jim Young, Ricky Spence, Tom Giddens, Paul Robertson, Tony Grimes, Mike Ehrhardt, Tom Shemwell, Emanuel Wesley, Don Fowler, Lloyd Croy, Larry Hayes. (FOURTH ROW L to R): Coach Spooner. Coach Willett, Mike Swain. Cliff Martin. Charles Kendrick. Jim Mcdlin, Nathaniel Henderson, Jeff Hobaugh, Bruce Hicks. Jack Hilliard. Dye Johnson. J. Tom Morgan. Coach Henry, Coach Archer. Season’s Record Albany 6 Westover 0 Albany 29 Monroe 12 Albany 13 Lowndes County 6 Albany 14 Valdosta 48 Albany 34 Bain bridge 18 Albany 0 Tift County 13 Albany 20 Crisp County 0 Albany 0 Thomasville 8 Albany 6 Moultrie 41 Albany 14 Dougherty 13 137MANAGER — Jake Collier MANAGER — Ira Taylor MANAGER — Henry Keith 138Albany Braves 72-73 (FRONT ROW): Tony Jones, Cheyenne Fields. Elijah Spurlin. James Harpe, Leonard Lawless, Ray MrCally. Gary Drennen, Manager Rabon Collier. (MIDDLE ROW): Al Steele, Rex Fox, Mike Perry. Donnie Spence, Wes Westbrook, Bill Lightlc, Mike Trotter. Tom Roos. Ronald Cox. (BACK ROW): Coach Magwood, Mike Hamilton. Wayne Jones. Donald Alley, Mike Brown. Davey Davis, Elijah Davis, Gary Kirkcndall, Coach Young. COACH MAGWOOD Albany Albany Albany Albany Albany Albany Albany Albany 72-73 City Champions 12 Americus 0 24 Dougherty 16 14 Monroe 0 14 Westover 15 16 Americus 20 14 Monroe 14 8 Dougherty 7 14 Westover 6 COACH YOUNG 142 Jody Maines Reames Riley Debbie Deiter 145M8 RANDY BARTO iiiltonA.H.S. BRAVES BASKETBALL TEAM (Sitting L. to R.): Jeff Slapper, Shaw Seely, Greg Jones, Bubba Shemwell, Mike Fordham. (Kneeling L to R.): Celious Williams, Elijah Spurlin, Mike Hamilton. Donnie Spence, Leroy Cain, Travis Thomas. (Standing L. to R.): Coach Magwood, Rex Fox, Bill Lightle, Wes Westbrook, Terry Wynn. Ben Persley, Jimmy Snead.A.H.S. SQUAWS — 1972-73 (FIRST ROW): Sharon Gafford. (SECOND ROW. L to R): Vicki Slappey. Angela Holley. (THIRD ROW. L to R): Deborah Coleman. Susan Tate. Susan Holman. (FOURTH ROW L R): Connie Cauley. Jan Seay. Lou English. Lisa Everson. (FIFTH ROW L to R): Miss Boren. Diane Bond, Nancy Kirksey, Nancy Reimer. Melissa Oates. Anne Hardin. Coach Allen. to 158161AHS TRACK TEAM ’73 (FIRST ROW, L. to R.): Alvin Everson, Theo Jacobs, David McClung, Jack Hillard. Grant Shields, Jessie Lewis, Leon Gardner, Brad Rice. Gary Drennan, Steve Anderson. James Harpe, Al Steele, Rex Fox. Tony Jones, Mike Hamilton, John LaMoy. Mickey Kato. Billy Jackson, Bernard Stroud. (SECOND ROW. L. to R.): Larry Hayes, Mike Trotter. Robert Jackson. Clarence Isler, Leonard Lawless. Ray McCauley, Doug Davis. Willie Holmes, Ronald Cox, Dewitt Williams. Curtis Johnson, Elijah Davis, David Hitson, Johnny Coleman. (THIRD ROW, L. TO R.): Coach Spooner, Ira Taylor, Lee Varnum. Don Allen, Charlie Johnson, Jim Medlin, Gary Kirkendall, William White, William Fleming, Richard Wheeler, Charles Kendricks, Cheyenn Fields. Carl Smith, Jack Shealey, Butch Ferrell, Steve Johnson, Cliff Martin. Bobby Fletcher, Chuck Doriety, Jim Young, Jerry Hunter, David Shead, Sam Roberts. Wilson Mathis, Kenny Snead, Emanuel Westley, William Jordan, Coach Henry. 165As the spring of ’73 rolls around, baseball conies on the scene. This year’s Indians have only six returning veterans. Coach Archer has sixty hopefuls raring to go, so with our returning veterans and the hopefuls the Indians will be as strong as ever. 173175A.H.S. BOYS TENNIS TEAM '» i m, rn, «s sw •: - ' ?- t, . «r» m (BOTTOM ROW. L. to R.): Coach Willet. Rick Owen. Newsome. Not Pictured: Drew Arnold. Brence Sell. W P "”"8’ V (MIDDLE ROW, L. t BHk. "SaWt R.): Ed Choquette, Larry Kennedy. John McGlaughlin. (TOP ROW): Ed COACH HAROLD WILLETA.H.S. GIRL’S TENNIS TEAM 178 Deborah Coleman (FIRST ROW, L. to R.): Candy Sanders, Nancy Kirksey. Dwaine Houston. Rommic Lowe. Trisha Stoddard. Tricia Davis. Ronnie Boatright. (SECOND ROW, L. to R.): Sharon Gafford. Sharon Clemens, Karen Kugler. Barbara Haire, Cora Cuff. Jan Seay, Deborah Coleman. Karen KuglerTrisha Stoddard Rommic Lowe Cora Cuff Ronnie Boatright 1799R8 , ■■ - ORGANIZATIONS Editors Joy Oliver Pam Whittington Belinda Morris 181THRONATEESKA STAFF 1973 Beth Robertson. Priscilla Joiner Mrs. Futch Advisor Miss Hogg Advisor James McCartney Photographer Editor — Carol Mills Asst. Editor — Becky Grist 182 Club Editors — Pam Whittington, Belinda Morris, Joy Oliver.Feature Editors — Betty Payne. Luanne Hughes. Betsy Bradley. Sports Editors — Jack Hillard. Bruce Shaw. Nancy Kirksev. Val Constantino. Ann Hardin. Faculty Editors — Nancy Wilkerson. Drew Arnold, Diane Bond. Ad Editors — Camille Chancey, Jranir Padgett. Cathy Dickens. 183Student Council MRS. JUHAN COACH HENRY PRESIDENT — J. TOM MORGAN PICE PRESIDENT— RICHARD GARNER MRS. SMITH Seniors (FRONT L to R): Don Fowler, Becky Grist, Ricky Spence, Roelyn Berry, Jerry Williams. (BACK ROW L to R): Nancy Joiner, Ricky Godwin, Jay Dallas, Betsy Bradley, J. Tom Cedric Anderson, Carol Mills, Cheryl Powell, Charles Clark, Ellen Smith. 184Juniors (FRONT L to R): Anette Jones, Jim Medlin, Drew Arnold. Richard Garner, Ray Wallace. Bruce Shaw, Robin Elzia. (BACK L to R): Val Costantino, Diane Bond, Nancy Kirksey, Alan Middlebrooks, Lisa Geeslin. Sophomores (FRONT ROW L to R): Jenny Jones, Nell Mills, Rebecca Davis, Johnny Littman, Teresa Tucker, Pat O’Brien. Nina Dowling, Linda Shepherd. Tommy Lee. (BACK ROW L to R): Tom Roos, Don Bowers. Rex Fox, James Harpe, Donnie Spence, Margaret Worley, Al Steele, Robert Brodbeck, Susan Bridges. 185Beta Club (L to R): Drew Arnold — Vice-President. Betsy Bradley — Secretary, Jay Dallas — President. Brrnce Sell — Treasurer. Sponsors: Mrs. Tracy, Mr. Horne, Mrs. Wakeford Jay Dallas Marsha Davis Melissa Henningfield Ann Hardin Cathy Levy Carol Mills Mike Boone Mike Ehrhardt Bruce Hicks J. Tom Morgan Tony Fowler Kim Nolan Gail Brooks Joy lawless Irma Oliver 186Drew Arnold Ed Wanda Baldwin Ronnie Boatwright Diane Boone Diane Bond Dawn Conway Alan Dunlap Polly Elkins Richard Garner Susan Holman Bee lev Mathews Wallace McDonald John McLauahlin Jim Medlin Alan Middlebrook Jeff Shelton Charlena Spence Rickey Swatzell Nancy Wrilkerson Janice Kaufman 187Sponsor: Mr. Murkerson VICA 188 (L to R): Kathy Hoover — Treasurer. Charles Moore — Vice-President, Kim Nolan — Secretary. (BACK ROW L to R): Ethyl Joiner — Chaplain. Laura Banks — Reporter. Sonia Lane — President. Cathy Hoover Ethyl Joiner Irving Worley Kathy Baker Shelly Evers Sandy JacobsRiohard Green Cynthia Turner Gary Willis Don Wiley Jean Freese Barry Pellicano Larry McDuffie Fran Foster Faye Williams Bill Reed John Hawkins James Glass Keith Alderman mi Roger Griner Janet Horne 189DECA Marty Elton — Reporter Margaret Croy — Parliamentarian Judy McCrary Sue Jefferson Mr. Quinn Cheryl Powell — Secretary Nora Mann Charles Smith Duane Wilkes Cindy Paul Rhenda Phillips — Vice-President Gail Brooks — Chaplain Sherrie McLaughlin Annita Allen David Randall Carolyn Craddock FI eta Collier Wensell Garnto 190Kathy Knighton Becca Hard Rodney Fuller Jeffie Hewett Debbie Jewell Alicia Lawson Bernard Langley Denise Armistead MISS DECA — Denise Armistead Phillip Fox Larry Foreman Annie Lewis Al Giminez Ann Jernigan Frankie Perry David Skates Susan Avcra 191Block A (FRONT ROW L TO R): Jimmy Ussery, Lou English. Vicki Slappey, Bonnie Blaylock. Karen Dollar. Ed Newsome, Robin Elzia, Luanne Hughes. Bruce Hicks. (SECOND ROW' L TO R): Randy Barlo, David Hitson, Anne Hardin, Jeff Sinyard, Jay Dallas, Nancy Joiner. Ricky Godwin. Betty Payne, Don Fowler. Jeff Hobaugh. Chuck Doriety, Jim Young. (THIRD ROW L TO R): Mike Butts, Tom Shemwell, Bruce Shaw, Larry Hayes, Bernard Stroud, Jimmy Lee Gardner, Jessie Lewis, Robert Jackson, Cedric Anderson, Carl Smith, J. Tom Morgan, Allen Hatcher. (BACK ROW L TO R): Mike Bird. Tom Giddens, Charlie Johnson, Dennis Hitson, Johnny Coleman. Ricky Spence, Richard Wheeler, Nathaniel Henderson, Coach Henry, Jack Hilliard, Charles Kendricks, Clarence Isler, Cliff Martin, Mike Erhardt, Willie Holmes, Mike Swain, Theo Jacobs. As One (FRONT L TO R): Debbie Deitcr, Coach Henry. Pam Stone. (SECOND ROW L TO R): Calvin Cutliff. Robin Elzia. (BACK ROW L TO R): Robert Jackson, Betsy Bradley. Cedric Anderson. David Pond. Donnie Spence. 192Library Service Club (L TO R): Sidney Chancey Lynn Hatcher, Fleta Collier, Susan Yakots, Vason Holman, Greg Whitfield, Darian Jordan. Tommy Lee.KIM NOLAN PRESIDENT TERESA HOLLEY TREASURER MELISSA HENNINCFIELD « JACK MITCHELL SWEETHEART PENNY DUNLAP Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y MELISSA HENNINCFIELD MISS EPSILON SHARON CAFFORD SONIA LANE BARBARA SAWYER CHAPLAIN JENNY FINDLEY JOHNNY DEVINE SWEETHEART MRS. WALTERS SPONSOR 194JUDY MITCHELL RHENDA PHILLIPS % JEAN BARBER TRICIA DAVIS BARBARA HAIRE r BETTY REHBERG BONNIE BENTLEY DEBRA DUGGAN DEBBIE HARTSFIELD MARCIA RUDDERMAN SHARON WILLIAMS BETSY BLACKLEDGE JINGER GISSOM SUSAN YAKOTS SHIRLEY CROSS JEANIE GIBSON 195CATHY CURLES TINA FARR CATHY ANDERSON LIZ BRIDGES CECELIA GIENE SHARON HANNINGTON CARRIE HARPER DANA HOLDER ginger McMillan JOY MORGAN NANCY REINER KAREN RETZEL DONNA YOUNG 196FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA Elzie Hancock Robert W'rlls Steve Henderson Freddy Carlisle Kenny Webb Tye Slappy Jean Termunde Terry Brumble Milton Patrick William Byrd Vince Williams Russ Slappy Randy Burdette Fred Simons Max Louis Jack Royal Doug Albert Ted Mills Charles Garnto Nickey Jackson Henry Houston David Calhoun Andy Breland Chip Settles Rodney Howell Mike Scnn Harris Vemer Randy Taylor Curtis Bridges Tommy King Don Wiley T. J. Leahy Bobby Calhoun David Lovelace Mr. Downing 197Phi-Delta Service Club Rebecca Davis Sugie Lichten Julie Fox Jeanie Padgett Pam Whatley Ellen King Dcna Topshe Robin Howard Prisc'lla Joiner Cathy Smith Laura Banks Karen Kugler Carol Simmons Jan Wall Sharon Clemens Electa Lanier Sally Mitchell Debra Griffin Diane Shipley Jeff Sinyard Marie Faulkner Nita Nortan Barbara Duke Dennis Hitson Valerie Garabedian Debra Voltz Miss Boren Melissa Oates Cindy Lowery 198Phi-Delta cleaned and polished trophies in the trophy case. Tommy Giddens SPONSOR — Miss Boren And another thing . . . Where you find food, you’ll 199 find Phi-Delta members.Chess ClubScribe Staff Robert Culbrcth Margaret Croy Phillip Fox Dee Lyons Jay Dallas Carol Mills Nancy Joiner Julia Stimpson June Salter Susan Holman Sharon Williams Donna Dowling Betsy Bradley Joy Lawless Susan Sangord Randy Baxter Jenny Findley Susan Yakots Alesia Swanstrom Lee Lawson Jody Jones Mike Ehrhardt Melissa Henningfeld Miss Fcagin Fred Williams J. Tom Morgan EDITORS — Donna Dowling. Carol Mills, Nancy Joiner, Julia Stimpson, Fred Williams. WINNER OF THE CREATIVE WRITING AWARD — Bernard LangleyMain Office Assistants (FRONT ROW L TO R): Jeri Shelton. Susan Joiner. Wanda Austin. Kathy Knighton. Cindy Sumner. Ellen Smith. Carolyn Craddirk. (SECOND ROWr L TO R): Trudie Moneus, Shelly Evers. Barbara Sawyer, Alanda Causey. Sidney Chaneey. (THIRD ROW' L TO R): Mike Bin!. Nita Norton. Linda Smith. Betty Rehcberg, Robin Stegman. Guidance Office Assistants (FRONT ROW' L TO R): Charlena Spence. Ronnie Boatwright. Polly Elkins. Sharon Williams. Sally Mitchell, Sheila Leahy. Barbara Duke. Donna Bentford. Debra Duggan. (SECOND nOW L TO R): Bernard langlry, Bill Ward. Marsha Greene. Betsy Blackledge. Pat Jones. Don W'ard. Jo Summerford. Irma Oliver. Cathy Conoly. 202POW wow OFFICERS (L TO R): Randy Barto, David Pond, Ed Newsome. Mike Bird. Jim SPONSOR: Mrs. Gray Medlin. Alan Dunlap. Melissa Henningfeld. (FRONT ROW I. TO R): Tony Grimes, Randy Barlo, Karen Kugler, Don Fowler, Mike Bird, Ed Newsome, Jenny Findley, Sharon Williams. Bonnie Bentley. Janet Farkas. Melissa Henningfeld. Eddie Hammond. Ed Parsons. (BACK ROW L TO R): Patty Hawkins. Alan Dunlap, Cathy Conoly, John MrGauhlin, Jim Medlin, Alan Hatcher, David Pond, Don Phelps, Gary W'hidden, Ed Riley. Mary Beth Bagley. 203Future Homemakers of America Mary Anderson Linda Cilyard Alice Hall 204 Penny Watson Ramona KyzarTrudie Moncus Delores Beach Cathy Beach Pam Green A Elizabeth Evans Diane Bence Jackie Brannon Nancy Nesbitt 205Junior Classical League SPONSOR: Mrs. Wakeford OFFICERS (BOTTOM TO TOP): Pat O'Brien. I nna Norris, Thomas. (FRONT ROW L TO R): Pat O'Brien, Sheryl Stults, Janet Wynn, Carol Simmons. (SECOND ROW): Robert Culberth, Mar Cannon. Irma Oliver, Donna Norris. (THIRD ROW): Carol Coburn, Ruth Thomas, Nora Mann. Susan Tate. Thalia Martin. (FOURTH ROW): Clay Loyless, Johnny Slaton. James Harpe, Brian Sharp. (FIFTH ROW): Rex Fox. David Simmons, Udo Rudderman. Kevin Fowler.Records and Dean of Girls Assistants (FRONT ROW L TO R): Linda Gilyard. Sharon Mann, Linda Lawson, Alesia Lawson, Debbie Jewell. Linda Hicks. (MIDDLE ROW L TO R): June Salter. Joy lawless. Julia Stimpson. (BACK ROW L TO R): Sally Watkins, Judy Mitchell, Kathy Knighton. Joni Grigg, Priscilla Bridges. Sharon Bedsolc. Cindy Davis, Teresa Hilton. Girls P.E. Assistants (L TO R): Cathy Levy, Barium Haire, Angela Mance, Miss Cobb, Lisa Geeslin, Carol Mills. Betsy Bradley, Robin Elzia, Ann Jernigan. Regina Hendricks, Patty Hawkins, Gwen Freeman, Miss Boren. 207(LEFTTO RIGHT): David Thomas. Joey Karr. Ricky Swartzell. Ed Trammel, Jenny Findley.209Steve Allen Don Phelps Mr. Graper Advisor Jim Medlin 210 Becky Grist Sweetheart Sue Bacon Sweetheart Annette Jones Miss Sr-Hi- YThco Jacobs Ed Parsons Mike Cumbic Nicky Baker Jerry Bullington Steve Anderson Larrv Kennedy Grant Shields 211A.H.S. Marching Chiefs DIRECTOR — Mr. Boone COLOR GUARD— (LTO R): Tricia Lynch, Patty Hawkins, Susan Joiner DRUM MAJORS — Dan McMinn, Jenny Findley STUDENT CONDUCTOR — Randy Baxter 212Majorettes Roslyn Berry Kim Nolan Sonia Lane 213 Sharon Gafford Deborah Coleman Dorothy FendyaUpper Woodwinds (FRONT L TO R): Bruce Henderson, Roslyn Berry. Thalia Martin, Pat Carter, Sheryl Wiley. (BACK ROW L TO R): Carol Coburn. Melissa Oates, Kim Nolan, Sugie Lichten. Lower Woodwinds (FRONT ROW L TO R): Jean McIntyre. Sharon Gafford. Sharon Hamilton. (BACK ROW L TO R): Delores Westley.Bb Clarinets (FRONT ROW L TO R): Annette Jones, Marcia Rudderman. Melanie Purman, Angie Richardson. Rebecca Davis, Dolly Shipley. Karen Grrrnc. Laurie Randall. Diane Boone (BACK ROW L TO R): Roselyn Williams. Randy Baxter. Deborah Coleman. Robert Culbreth, Bobby Eason, Jerry Williams, Teresa Holly, Kathy Bonney, Jenny Findley. Dorothy Fendya. Saxaphones and Horns (FRONT ROW L TO R): Tim Mclntyrr. Randy Holiday. Allen Middlebrooks. (BACK ROW L TO R). Jeff Neal. Dan Mar Minn. Fa! Trammel 215216 Trumpets Baritone and Basses (FRONT ROW L TO R): Alan Middlebrooks. Max dowers, Gary Willis, John Ayres. (BACK ROW L TO R): David Thomas, John Sikes. Barry Pelicano, Mike Boone. (FRONT ROW L TO R): David Campbell. Jack Watkins. Ed Choquettr, James Grigg. (BACK ROW L TO R): Johnny Rainwater, Jeff Hobough. Dan Harper. John Ferguson.PERCUSSION .5? sjj ■ x ■■ v- feilSiS' ppp STUDENT LIFE Editors Becky Grist Betty Payne mstA Man Is as Great asthe Dreams He DreamsIllThe Love He Bears 223as Great as the Values He Redeemsand the Happiness He Sharesa Man Is as Great asthe Thoughts He Thinksas the Worth He 228as the Fountains at Which His SpiritDrinks and the Insight He Has Gaineda Man Is as Great as othe Truth He Speaks 233as Great as the235TERRY ADAMS — Senior Hi Y KEITH ALDERMAN — VICA ANNITA ALLEN — FHA, DECA STEVE ALLEN — Senior Hi Y CEDRIC ANDERSON — Football (4), Bi-racial Committee (2), Student Council (2) GWEN ANDERSON — Bi-Racial Committee JAMES ANDERSON TERRI DENISE ARMISTEAD — DECA, Library Service Club, Drill Team, FHA, Allied Medical DAN ARMSTRONG BILLY ASTON — Band MARTHA AVERA — Beta Club (4), DECA SUE BACON — Sec. of Soph. Class, Student Council, DE, Cheerleader (1), Block A MARY BAGLEY KATHY BAKER — Beta Tri Hi Y, Student Council, VICA, Epsilon Tri Hi Y NICKY BAKER — Senior Hi Y JIMMY BALDWIN — Drama Club GEORGE BANCROFT LAURA BANKS — VICA, Phi Delta RANDOLPH BARTO — Student Council, Varsity Football (2), Varsity Basketball (1), Secretary of Sr. Boys, Block A EDWARD BASKO RANDALL BAXTER — French Club, Senior Hi Y, Scribe RAY BEEGHLY — Senior Hi Y ROSLYN BERRY — Student Council (3), Head Majorette, Band (3), Beta Club JOHN BIRD — Tennis BONNIE BLAYLOCK — Varsity Cheerleader (2), Block A, Drama Club DANNY BLOCKER ERNEST BOONE — Beta Club (3), Band (3) BETSY BRADLEY — Student Council (3), Beta Club (2), Jr. Class President, Bi-racial Council NORMAN BRANNEN DONNIE BRANNEN GAIL BOOKS — Beta Club, DECA, Epsilon Tri Hi Y MIKE BROWN DEBBIE BULLINGTON — French Club, Student Council (1), Epsilon Tri Hi Y (1) JERRY BULLINGTON — Senior Hi Y, Golf (1), Track (1) JOHN BULLOCK MIKE BUTTS — Baseball (3) RANDY CHASTAIN FRANCINE CHRISTIAN — Pep Club HOWARD CHRISTIAN — Student Council (1), Scribe (1), Drama Club, Vice President of Senior Class CHARLEYS CLARK — Student Council (1), Senior Hi Y FLETA COLLIER — DE, Library- Service, French Club KATHY CONOLY — Basketball, Beta Club, Alpha Tri Hi Y DAVID CORNAIRE — Band MARK COVINGTON MARGARET CROY JACQUELYN CUFF ROBERT CULBRETH — Band MIKE CUMBIE — Senior Hi Y JAY DALLAS — Football (3), Beta Club (3), President of Beta Club, Chess Club, Block A, Parliamentarian JAMES ALLEN DANIELS — Senior Hi Y CAROLYN CRADDOCK — FHA, DECA CINDY DAVIS HUGH DAVIS MARSHA DAVIS — Student Council, DCT JOHNNY DAVIS — Band JOHNNY DEVINE — Basketball (3), Captain BRUCE DORMINY GEORGE DOBSON — French Club DONNA DOWLING — Editor of Scribe BARBARA DUKE — Phi Delta Tri Hi Y President WANDA DUPREE — Beta Tri Hi Y, JCL PENNY DUNLAP — Epsilon Tri Hi Y PAM DYES MIKE ELLIS MIKE EHRHARDT — Football (1), Track (3), Beta Club (3). Governor’s Honors, Chess Club, Scribe ANNE ENGLISH — Basketball WILLIAM FIELDS JOYCE EVANS SHELLEY EVERS — VICA JENNIFER FINDLEY — Band (3), Short Circuits, Vice President Junior Class, Epsilon Tri Hi Y FREDA FOLLENDORE LARRY FOREMAN — DECA FRAN FOSTER — VICA, MISS AHS GEORGE FOWLER TONY FOWLER — Beta Club, Band DON FOWLER — Football (3), Student Council, Block A Pow Wow JOHN FOX — DE CHARLES GARNTO TOM GIDDENS — Football (3), Sweetheart Phi Delta AL GIMENEZ — DECA LINDA GILYARD — FHA B. A. HAIRE — VICA, Senior Hi Y PAT HALL CAROLE HAMES BECCA HARD — DE ALANZO HARRIS ALAN HATCHER — JCL JOHN HAWKINS — VICA PAT HAWKINS — Pow Wow, Color Guard DEAN HAYMAN REGINA HENDRICKS MELISSA HENNINGFELD — Epsilon Tri Hi Y, Beta Club, Editor of Pow Wow GARY HERB JEFFIE HEWETT — DE, President of Senior Class BRUCE HICKS — Beta Club, Block A, Football (3), FFA, Chess Club BRENDA HIGHTOWER ROBERT HINMAN RICKY GODWIN — Baseball (2), Football (3), Block A, Student Council PAM GREEN — FHA, Drill Team RICHARD GREEN — Band, DCT JONI GRIFFITH — Beta Club (3), Scribe JONI GRIGG — Beta Club (3) BECKY GRIST — Student Council, Annual Staff, Sec. of Junior Class, Tennis EDDIE GULLEY JEFF HOBAUGH — Football ANNETT HODGE — DE MARCIA HOLLEY THERESA HOLLOMAN — FHA TERRY OLIVER SUE JEFFERSON — DE ANNIE JERNIGAN — DECA DEBBIE JEWELL — DEETHYL JOINER — VICA NANCY JOINER — Cheerleader (2), Student Council (2), Block A SUSAN JOINER — Color Guard, Beta Tri Hi Y ADRIA JONES — FHA GREGORI JONES JODY JONES — Scribe, Beta Club PAT JONES — Beta Club, Alpha Tri Hi Y DARIAN JORDAN — Drill Team HENRY KNIGHT KATHY KNIGHTON — DECA SONIA LANE — VICA, Epsilon, Band, Majorette BERNARD LANGLEY — Band, DECA, Student Council JOY LAWLESS — Beta Club (3), Governor’s Honors, Chess Club ALICIA LAWSON — DECA LEE LAWSON SHEILA LEAHY CATHERINE LEAVY LAIRD LEGG — Band DEBORAH LEONARD GRAY LIPPITT RANDALL LUCKIE PATRICIA LYONS — Scribe ANGELA MANCE KEVIN MARKERT — Baseball (3), Track DAN MacMINN — Drum Major, Chess Club, Baseball TAUNI McCLAIN EDITH McCOY — As One, Library Service JUDY McCRARY — DECA PAM McCRAY Hubert McDaniel JO McGLAMERY SHERRIE McLAUCHLIN — DECA LIZ MERTS — Scribe, Tennis CAROL MILLS — Beta Club (3), Student Council (3), Annual Editor, Senior Class Vice President, Tennis JUDY MITCHELL — Drama Club, Epsilon, Student Council TRUDIE MONCUS — FHA Vice President CHARLES MOORE — DCT, Pow Wow J. TOM MORGAN — President Student Body, Football (2) Beta Club (3), Track (2), Vice President Student Body ED NEWSOME — Football (3), Tennis (3) SCOTT NICHOLS NANCY NISBET — FHA KIM NOLAN — VICA, Epsilon, Treasurer Sr. Class, Majorette, Band IRMA OLIVER — JCL, Beta Club DALE O’NEILL — Band ED PARSONS — Senior Hi Y, Pow Wow, JCL STEVE PEEK — VICA BARRY PELLICANO — Band CHERYL POWELL — Student Council, DE, FTA DON PHELPS — Pow Wow, Senior Hi Y, Drama Club RHENDA PHILLIPS — Beta Club. DECA, Epsilon, FHA DAVID POND JAMES PRICE RICHARD PRIDGEN JIM PRICE SUSAN PRUET RITA RACHALS — DECA, Beta Tri Hi Y, FTA JOHNNY RAINWATER — Band DAVID RANDALL TIM RAY — VICA WILLIAM REED — VICA ANGELA RICHARDSON — Band, Epsilon ED RILEY — Beta Club MARY RILEY PAUL ROBERTSON — Football (3), Block A MARK ROOS ROSALIND ROY — Chess Club, Scribe CHARLES SALTER JUNE SLATER — Drama Club, Scribe, Phi Delta Tri Hi Y GLENN SANDERS SUSAN SAMFORD SAM SCHLIE TOM SEEGMUELLER — Senior Hi Y BRENCE SELL — Band (3), Beta Club (3), Tennis, Chess Club, Senior Hi Y ROBERT SELMAN FREDDIE SETTLES EARL SHEALY TOM SHEMWELL — Football (3), Baseball (3), Block A JEFF SINYARD — Football. Baseball (2) VICKIE SLAPPEY — Basketball (3) CHARLES SMITH MIRIAM SMITH ELLEN SMITH — Student Council ROBERT SMITH ERNEST SNEAD PAM SNELLING — Beta Club (2) RICKEY SPENCE — Football (3), Captain of Football Team, Block A, Student Council (2), Track (2) Junior Class President LINDA STEWART — VICA JULIA STIMPSON — Scribe, Student Council (1) BERNARD STROUD — Football CINDY SUMNER MIKE SWAIN — Football (3) ALESIA SWANSTROM — Beta Club (3), Drama Club RANDY TAYLOR — FFA, VICA DAVID THOMAS — Short Circuits, Chess Club, Band ROBIN TOMS — Phi Delta, Pow Wow, Student Council (1) SALLY TYSON JAMES USSERY — Football (2) JOHN VanHOUTEN JANETTE WADDELL HERB WALLACE DONNY WARD — DECA BILL WARD — DECA DAVID WATKINS PENNIE WATSON — FHA KENNY WEBB DIANNE WEBB DELORIS WESLEY GARY WHIDDON GREG WHITFIELD — Library Service ROBERT WHITTON — Band DON WILEY — FFA. VICA DELORIS WILLIAMS — Band BUTCH WILLIAMS — Senior Hi Y, Drama Club, Scribe Student Council (1) JERRY WILLIAMS — Band LESLIE WILLIAMS RHONDA WILLIAMS SHARON WILLIAMS — Pow Wow, Scribe, Epsilon GARY WILLIS — Band, VICA GENE WISHUM — Basketball ALBERT WOMACK — DE IRVING WORLEY — VICA SUSAN YAKOTS — Beta Club (3), Epsilon, Scribe, Library Service NICK YOUNG — Band, VICA 239 V ,' JfsV ♦ - V 7 “ «i » » fOl 99 V“« ,v S ■ ) 4. t v c A- » ii W VJ I V . I . , WV jp ; • jy ? -7 '« v« % ' M'{». % 3 1 : - .'jj ’ , £j VO VvV-'t T WV? '-7 •.- ' •' ' 4 V vV' , V »'- J.Vi y sr.- 'Wa»V V -v . ,. Tv' % V . A • « ' A At 1 •. • V wVj yy ■ • Vf ».W h • v''ii . " ■'l' .' ' j 'rf J v • . v5j V . • ’ - ■ v 7 v' l? i ►vjf O J 1. V V . v v w fl . V%-5' A S’ » » 'a? ii V 'y« . • V - Cv • LV.’ ’v9 5»cfe yt,,' y • ?" •■▼, kiv rtf'. vV,; . i; »V. tv • v- w?mi 7v W ■■ . ■ i5p£V t' ' ' V ‘ a r , t 'T v-, ', , . ' r »-» . ►. •" . - » ,' ‘ m r -) w .v 5 v, • WztM v - C , ' . ' » , | ' • . . • I,-. » ’• Jv' « f • ' »im r ' .t - .-T ■ . . LV. sT .y , 4 • '.'' -v-' - A ; •« '-r-' . . r' -7: '• } jWjfefr ‘ 4 Vi5 i. rM ■ «?3®k8§jS 3 • •' or -r ■; • r 'SHE .•v : ..- ' f ■ '■Wm.'-•-•■• • mg f y r $ Irifc v- 'Al '» :■ ....■■■■■ •v. S:' ».' ' . ■ : . J1 . • . IvH .'-A .v V .V ' ' . • - » ■» », 1 ' ' f • f’ «y . i : - vf' r y M ••mi •» ; '« , .» • , , » , . 0 » " % T ■ , . . ■» Zr AiZS?; fv ; ‘ ' VlV 4'. t • 'Ji «• %'- v. .fe • 32;r.5 A Xv L'A ' . V ' v A . " -¥ - • • ' • ' 'y y r - S ,: • ' f.W w r ‘A T, V tii‘ v ? • 1 t»n xVv- rf‘ 7' • -r . W"?'Pv .VV'W, 4 '' ' 'vW. .V v -u f fo'y.t : 8s§» v vL r i ; ••■ “ - . . A . T. '.If 1 • I . . . ,. . i . ' • ' »p yV .‘ % • i y ' • v‘ v ■ • 7 ' . ’ ''V VlS wi -. 4 vV mi v •■ • • t .• ;y .: . k . . . ■» 2"-;! t- Wy.v -r . , f A • V V- V !v' 4 r : ■ j ' ' »• . V ! , •1 'l f V t ' ' , • ’ ,T'., tIt .' f'Tj ? • T i'u • . , . w 1Y7V v Nr v'’ » i ( .v • ' » ■" i r ’• V V » » ( a |t '« f Sk . i .r Cvi ;VO -V F 'Vv t a rV v v '. r j ' m ' - •, • • yv: •;. » ' . '• • 'V A W 7 • vVJC' 2 ij . J( JV ' 'ty ry'. a • r- 'JL1 W r u? W %V; v . A4 yy V v1 . ., )J r • ' iyi' -V,Robert Hayes has over 300 steady job opportunities at 315 W. Broad Ave. Compliments of Randy Wilson and Class of "72' 242MIDDLE EARTH MUSIC WORLD 505 C. South SlappeyKENMAR DISTRIBUTORS 509 C. S. Slappey SEABOARD PERSONNEL 507 B. South Slappey PEOPLE'S FINANCIAL 509 B. South Slappey FISHERMAN'S HEADQUARTERS 317 N. WashingtonRAILWAY SALVAGE I 140 ©illionville Rd. ALBANY OUTBOARD MARINE 909 Oglethorpe Ave. 931 Oglethorpe Ave. TERRA VILLA APARTMENTS 2415 Dawson Rd.246 Compliments of a friend Surrey Shop 238 Broad Ave.Join the Air Force and you will find yourself doing a great job at an exciti ngduty station. That’s because the Air Force gives you the chance to learn a skill, and the chance for foreign travel. Just two of the reasons thousands of young men and women enlist each year. Whatever your goals are, Air Force training and travel can take you a long way toward getting your future off the ground. Find yourself in the United States Air Force Where will you find yourself in o year or two? OGLETHORPE MOTEL 941 Oglethorpe Ave. CLOTHES HORSE Mid-Town Mall 101 S. Jackson UNITED STATES AIR FORCE 247Albany Herald 138 Pine Ave.MARY CARTER PAINTS 630 W. Oglethorpe HINMAN INC. 1124 Highland Ave. 242Davis Brothers Suburban Restaurant 101 North Slappey Drive Lois-Annelle Shop 113 North Washington Rosenberg's Department Store 126 North Washington Broad Avenue Cinema 248 Broad AvenueAlbany Lamp Service and Sales 717 West Oglethorpe Union Stockyards Gillionville Road U-Save-lt pharmacy 210 Pine Ave. 251Congratulations to seniors from Cleve Wester's Tire Marl-313 N. Jefferson WQDE "The New Sound of Albany" Ron Strother General Manager Congratulations from Aston's Cleaners 1200 N. Slappey Blvd. Compliments of Moore-Handley 1711 S. Slappey Ph. 436-7766 Compliments of Clark Gulf 701 N. Jefferson 436-4868 Charlie Son "66" Service and Garage Wrecker Service and Overall Tuneups N. Slappey and 7th Avenue Overhead Door Sales and Service Owner Wayne Peck Sales and Service of residential and commercial doors and electric operators254I RHEEM , WHITTINGTON HEAT. A Cj ALBANY. GA. PHONE: 435-8241 Best Wishes from Herff Jones GARGANO'S E. Albany Expressway 1604 N. Slappey"BARFIELD'S" 209 Broad Ave. Midtown Shopping Center TOM MALONE REALTORS 415 Pine Ave. Get a job today, that’ll get you somewhere tomorrow. Hundreds of openings like this. (And we'll train you.) □ Nuclear Technicians □ Photographers □ Data Processors □ Builders □ Machinists □ Electricians □ Equipment Operators □ Aviation Mechanics □ Utilitymen □ Hospital Corpsmen □ Dental Technicians □ Cooks □ Postal Clerks □ Journalists □ Radarmen □ Radiomen And there are hundreds more to choose from. Jobs where you get some of the best—and maybe the toughest-training in the world. (Training that makes you a real professional, training that gives you somewhere to go.) Jobs that start you out at 72 bucks a week and also give you housing, clothing, food, medical and dental attention and 30 paid vacation days a year. Jobs that can take you around the world and back again. Jobs in the new Navy. To find out more, check off the job you're interested in and bring this ad to your Navy man. If you don't see the job you want, talk to him about one of the hundreds of others... the kinds of jobs that'll take you places. (INSERT LOCAL ADDRESS AND PHONE NUMBER.) Ad No. 5«3-0 W 7i - O This advertisement prepared by GREY ADVERTISING, Inc. .appears In UNITED STATES NAVY RECRUITING SERVICE Recruiters: Tommy Franklin, Harry Vonier, William K. Seay 257Congratulations and Best Wishes from the Folks at THE CENTER — THE MALL “The Center of shopping for Southwest Georgia”fl i r r" 3 -1 Control AUTHORIZED CEAIER PRODUCTS OF ALBANY HALL HALL C A L AMV . GA. PI). 4329506 Located at 1011 Oglethorpe Best Wishes From: Wade Furniture Co. Suburban Furniture ABC Furniture Co. Albany House Furnishing Co. Brown Furniture Co. Carter Home Furnishing Gerst Bros. Furniture Co. Home Furniture J J Furniture Co. Loosier of Albany Miles Furniture Co. Morrow Cook Furniture Co. Newcomb, Inc. Phillips Moving Storage Rhodes, I nc.St. Teresa's Church 421 Edgewood Bobs Candy Co. Pretoria Road 435-2121THE 24 HOUR ROCK OF ALBANY ERNIE'S PRO SHOP Metro Golf Course Old Leesburg Road Albany, GeorgiaQoM mv CHajjel Winn Hines PRESIDENT JEFFERSON AT SOCIETY REGISTERED AND LICENSED ALBANY, GEORGIA EMBALMER AND FUNERAL DIRECTOR TEL (912) 435-5657 Owens Inc. 202 Broad Avenue Albany, Georgia 2632300 East Albany Expressway New World Mobile Homes LYKES BROTHERS 1145 Broad Avenue Best Wishes from the Gators 264Bottled under the authority of The Coca-Cola Co. by The Albany Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Security Bank and Trust Co. 100 Pine Avenue Albany, Georgia RA CO. aJND TRUST Bremen Suit Center 265 1034 W. Broad AvenueFarm Equipment Dawson Road Compliments of FLINT RIVER COTTON MILLS 266 WALB — Television Station Stuart AvenueTHE FIRST NATIONAL BANE OF ALBANY The First National Bank of Albany Main Office 410 Broad Woods Jewelry Co. 234 Broad Ave.First State Bank 333 BroadAlbany Sheet Metal Works Heating and Air Conditioning No job too large or too small 122 Front Street Tape Town, Inc. Stereo Tapes and Players Accessories — Installation 107 S. Slappey Drive LAKE PARK BARBER SHOP Styles tor men Free Parking — Air Conditioning 1929 Dawson Road Congratulations Seniors ot "73" Compliments of a friend Railway and Freight Salvage Salvage — Surplus — Damaged Merchandise I 140 Gillionville Road Professional Personnel of Albany 1405 Dawson Road Albany, Georgia 31705 Albany Reading and Record Center 2303 North Slappey Phone 436-3041 Albany, Georgia 31705 Rich's Furniture and Appliances I 105 Gillionville Road Albany, Georgia 269BALDWIN PIANOS AND ORGANS ZOELLNER MUSIC CO. 810 W. Oglethorpe Ave. 436-1591 EAST ALBANY PAWN SHOP Buy, Sell or Trade Anything ot Value 609 East Broad Albany, Ga. KEENAN AUTO PARTS Automotive Wholesalers and Services 112 North Front Street Albany, Ga. BRUCE-ALLENS 207-A Broad Ave., Albany, Ga. Tops 'N Bottoms 234 B Albany, Ga. "Quality Patient Care" GEORGIA CARE NURSING HOME 1904 Palmyra Rd. Albany, Ga. R and E OIL Open 24 Hours a Day Bait and Tackle 301 N. Slappey Compliments of BLANCHE'S Good Luck 73 "Say it with Flowers" ALBANY FLORAL CO. Dial 436-3387 Cor. 7th and Monroe 270HAYES CLOTHING COMPANY 121 S. Washington Street Albany, Georgia Always an Indian Comp, of Sonny LoftonB L VOLKSWAGEN REPAIR Complete Repairs 112 S. Harding Albany, Sa. 31705 HARLEY DAVIDSON MOTORCYCLES Sales and Service 1501 E. Albany Expressway 435-6153 CROWE DRUG STORE 227 Broad Ave. Prescription Specialists 435-4571 AMOS SAMFORD, INC. 1223 Gillionville Rd. Contractors and Engineers MR. JOHN'S HAIR STYLING Complete Beauty Service 1308 N. Slappey Blvd. 436-0149 Compliments ot ALBANY SCALE CO. 200 East Broad 436 2351 BROOKS AUTO PARTS CO. A Good Man to Know 921 W. Broad 436-8841 AARONS N. Washington St. Midtown Mall Albany, Ga.HOLMAN MOTOR CO. Triumph Center 741 East Oglethorpe Compliments of MAGNOLIA STREET GROCERY Finest Quality Meats in Town Compliments of TIFT WESTBROOK 705 N. Slappey 439-231 I Compliments of CHURCHWELL'S MON. Washington THE STAG SHOP Men's Fashionable Wear 14 Midtown Shopping Center 435-4787 Pour the Milk You're Sure of PET MILK It Makes You Happy! 809 W. Oglethorpe KNIGHT'S MOTOR CO. 1314 W. Broad Ave. Albany, Ga. 439-7031 SARELLE JEWELRY CO. Finest in Service — Finest in Quality Midtown Shopping Center Albany, Sa. 273Best Wishes BISHOP CLEANERS 1107 North Slappey Congratulations RHODES HEATING AND COOLING 1704 N. Jefferson ALBANY ELECTRIC SUPPLY 520 Roosevelt Ave. Albany, Georgia 432-1235 GEORGIA LOAN AND PAWN "The Friendly Lender" 109 W. Broad 432-1130 BENNETT'S on SLAPPEY 910 N. Slappey 436-4881 Garden Center Compliments of ALBANY GENERAL TIRE SERVICE 1006 West Broad St. Albany, Georgia GILES BUILDERS SUPPLY 937 Pine Ave. 432-7431 MERLE NORMAN COSMETIC STUDIO 126 S. Jackson Albany, Georgia 274Compliments of PIGGLY WIGGLY 1001 North Slappey 303 South Slappey GREEN'S PROPANE GAS 1019 Gillionville Rd. Albany, Georgia 435-4528 Good Luck LAKE PARK PHARMACY 1927 Dawson Rd. Albany, Georgia Compliments of WINGATE TRUCKING CO. 1004 — 21 st Ave. Albany, Georgia BUILDER HOMES OF GEORGIA Phone 435-0781 P.O. Box 1683 Albany, Georgia VOLKSWAGEN OF ALBANY 707 West Broad Albany, Georgia Best Wishes BOB-WHITE 732 West Broad Albany, Georgia MILLER BUICK-OPEL 525 West Oglethorpe Blvd. 435-4591 275Compliments of STALLINGS MUSIC CENTER 1304 A. West Broad Ave. Best Wishes AAA CONCRETE 1224 Sylvester Road HOUSE OF FLAIR BEAUTY SALON "Latest in Hairstyles" 1104 A Third Ave. MEEKS ELECTRIC CO. 212 N. Washington Midtown Mall Compliments of PARKER STANDARD OIL 2033 Slappey Blvd. Road Service 6-7306 ERVIN FLORIST 1111 Fourth Ave. HE 5-4244 Albany, Georgia Compliments of WARREN AND BRIMBERRY 515 Pine Albany, Georgia Best Wishes JOHNSTON'S MEN SHOP 212 Pine Ave. Albany, Georgia 276Good Luck From BAILES OLDSMOBILE 1021 E. Oglethorpe Albany, Georgia CONCRETE SERVICE TRUCKING CO. 451 Radium Spring Road P.O. Box 183 Albany, Georgia Best Wishes POTTER MOTOR COMPANY 1501 East Albany Expwy. Compliments of MEADOWS FUNERAL HOME 31 I South B Madison FABRICS, INC. 320 N. Slappey Albany, Georgia Good Luck KIMBRELL STERN FUNERAL DIRECTORS 1503 Dawson Rd. Albany, Georgia Congratulations SHOE BOX 224 Broad Ave. Albany, Georgia 277 American Legion Post 30 Boys' State Nine Consecutive YearsSUPPORTERS OF THE TRIBE Mr. and Mrs. John Thomas Morgan, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Cannon Nancy Joiner John Charles Robert Dallas III Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Mills Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Kirksey David, Jay, Drew, Rusty, and Robert Arnold Mr. and Mrs. John Payne Wendell Brannen Bud Shemwell Mr. and Mrs. Bill Grist Mr. and Mrs. Merrill K. Arnold Mr. Ray Costantino Mrs. Virginia Grist Belks Mr. and Mrs. Paul Joiner 279 Mr. and Mrs. Jack K. Hilliard, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Jeff JonesTime It WasAnd What a Time It Was1{DUBLIN 10 DCVINE IN F1ULEY Lf HTLE 20 H 0 L H R N ENGLISH 'yiSWUM 21 'HANCC .RPPEY CDLEHHN 1C PLEA AN 30 A5KEW 3 H rm [ VINERNEY 3S| OHTES grfforB HFNDfffSON 1 KIRKSEY RICHER NEXT HOME 'GAMEwr I have a picture to remind me; it’s all that’s left . . . 285 AutographsAutographs 288  i 

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