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THRONA TEE SKA 1972 ALBANY HIGH SCHOOL Albany, Georgia DOUGHERTY COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARYTABLE OF CONTENTS Features..........................24 Sports............................58 Faculty..........................114 Organizations....................132 Student Life.....................176 Classes..........................19834I’ve got nothing to do but watch the passers by8. . . and they don’t see it showing, why do I? 9101213 Maybe not, oh, but we can only try.15Mater nd ol’ school, -r school that we love in honor we'll of the brave and You 're a You're th And for eve A Ima mater dear; we you revere, The boa bold Every heart beats true One and all we're for you 1 our memory we e'er ill bless; should (iAuld acquain be forgot. Here's to you dear old AHS.Dedication Think of all the men who never knew the answers. Think of all those who never even eared. Still there are those who ask why. Who want to know — who dare to try. Every now and then we meet that kind of man . . . Rod McKuen The 1972 Thronateeska Staff is proud to dedicate this annual to the Indians' Head Coach Ferrell HenryKiwanis and McIntosh Awards The KIWANIS and McINTOSH awards are the most coveted honors which can bestowed upon a student at Albany High School. These students, who are recognized from the senior class as having exemplified the most outstanding qualities of citizenship and leadership during their years at Albany High School, are selected by secret ballot of the faculty. Mary Heidt is the senior girl who is the recipient of the KIWANIS award, and Johnny Payne is the senior boy who is the recipient of the McINTOSH award. MARY HEIDT 18 JOHNNY PAYNEEditor’s Message Today . . . these moments and hours that make up the day for us, the students, are hard to remember some-'imes. The todays soon fade into another year. In this yearbook we have tried to capture the feelings of the students, the happenings we experienced, and the people we knew this year. The excitement of life; working to create, to learn, and to express ourselves; appreciating the real value of friendships; the little daily joys and accomplishments; the way we think about ourselves and our surroundings; the sharing and closeness between ourselves and others; these feelings are a part of us . . . today. SUSAN SHEPPARD Editor-in-chuf of thr Thronatreska Tomorrow It never promised earthly manThronateeska Staff Sandy Evans Becky Grist Debbie Maines Mary Anne Kirksey Faculty Editor Faculty Editor Club Editor Club Editor Lisa Satterfield Class Editor Joe Eyles Sports Editor Johnny Payne Sports Editor Ted Deiter Sports Editor 21 Ginny Wangen Class Editor Susan Rich Ads Editor Anne Hardin Ads Editor Mrs. Mary Futch AdvisorRandy Wilson Darvi Williams MISS THRONATEESKA CAROL MILLS Gray Lippit Nancy Joiner Jeffie Hewett Pam Snelling Becca Hard 21Leaders of The value of youth lies not so much in its vitality, as in its idealism, its desire to mold life into something worthwhile. It lies not so much in youth casting an eye toward that which has yet to be done. As we review the memories, the unspoken thoughts of the year past, perhaps it would be wise to consider such things. Let us, in so doing, try to find some meaning to life deeper than the classes, the movies, the parties that took up so much of our time. Perhaps by glancing at ourselves in the "mirror” this annual affords us, we may be better enlightened as to precisely what it is we’re seeking. Peace, 22 LARRY MITCHELL. President of the Student Bodythe Tribe Everyday wr as teenagers are challenged by ideas and beliefs of which wo arc not sure of and of which we lack understanding. Most of us question these ideas and try to set our own values which wc believe arc right. I have found something this year that I believe in and that is Albany High School. You can not believe in a building, so I must believe in the people in it. There is a feeling among the students of Albany High that I wish could be felt everywhere. It is a feeling of belonging, of needing, of hoping, of understanding, and of loving, all put together in one. We each come to school needing something whether we know it or not, and somehow Albany High answers our needs. Each of us will remember something special about this year. I shall remember serving as vice-president of the best student body anywhere. Thank you. — I- K 1 MORGAN. Vice-President of the Student Body 23CfHomecoming 1972 Queen Debbie Norris 26Junior Representatives Caro! Mills Becky Grist Escort — Pete Petersen Escort — Ricky Hankins Sophomore Representatives Betty Payne Escort — Jimmy Davis Debra Coleman Escort — Charles Britain 28Pick you up al seven Date: Oct. 30 Mood: Spirited . . . Exuberant Event: AHS Homecoming Cheerleaders fire up a first place HEY INDIANS — Clap your hands! Firin’em up — 4 For a touchdownThese Are the Beginnings Call il as it f a I I s A door opens to ... a new day. 30 Come on Indians — do your thing!of Something Big! Hi. Sports fans! Howard Cosell here . . . To dance or not to dance that is the question. 31Senior SuperlativesMary Heidt Johnny Payne 3536 Wendy Champion Jeff GreeneAnne Toms AI Smith 37Jan Busbee Walter JonesSandy Evans Ted DeiterDebbie Maines Brockey BrockPam Rogers David Fletcher42 Pat Myers Bert BrimberryDebbie Norris Allen Spurlin 43Susan Sheppard Pete PetersenTerri Duffy Steve Hardin Miss AHS 1971-72 V - Sandy Evans 46Runners-Up 48 Belay Bradley 1st Runner-Up Dr blur Norris 2nd Runner-UpMiss Alpha Tri-Hi- Y Connie Holton Miss Beta Tri-Hi- Y Sherry Turner Miss Cheerleader Maria Spence rjrj rjrj rjrj rjrj fJFJ rjrj rjrj rjrj rjrj m - r r j r r j r r J r r j  Miss Deca Pat Myers Miss French Club Angie Turner Miss Epsilon Tri-Hi- Y Jenny Findlay □rj oo □a rjrj arj rjrj 52Miss FT A Cheryl Powell Miss JCL Irma Oliver Miss Library Service Club Susan Yakots 54Miss Pep Club Gena Kay Shealy Miss Phi Delta Twila Wortman Miss ROGB Lisa Satterfield — r r- • i-n r-i jOv ’r’r1 jOU r-i r-i I jOO • r-- r ' jOO 1 jQQ jfjr: ‘jar. • • f- • r- jOO «■ • r- • r- • jOD -• r- f J • J • J r-r:r- -VVi ' ; f V't; aao fjrjrj fjrjrj rjrjrj rjrjr fjfj fjr; ac rjrj • •J rjrjr - r:r v'.Vi W yf‘ t I 55Miss Short Circuits Sue Bac on Miss Thronateeska Carol Mills Miss Senior Hi-Y Barbara Johnson 56Star Students Each year a SIAK STL DENT is chosen in a program sponsored hy the Georgia Chamber of Commerce. In each high school a student is chosen who has shown outstanding scholastic achievement. The recipient must he in the upper 10 per cent of his class and must make the highest score on the SAT test. JOE GARNER THIS YEAR THERE WERE TWO STUDENTS WHO TIED, JOE GARNER AND JEFF WHATLEY. JEFF WHATLEY 57Albany High School Indians ■ FROM ROW . Lr(i to BON NIK BLAYLOCK. SUE BACON. NANCY JOINER. ANN HARDIN. STEVE HARDIN. RANDY DYKES. BARRY STOKES. RICHIE HOWARD. MIKE DOLLAR. JOHNNY PAYNE. JUDY HICKS. MARIA SPENCE. SANDY EY A NS. MARY HEIDT. SECOND ROW: ALLEN HATCHER. THEO JACOBS. CEDRIC ANDERSON. GREGORY TUCK. CLEO JOHNSON. KEVIN O’NEAL. MIKE BAXTER. RANDY BARTO. DAVID SMITH. JAY DALLAS. RICKY CODW IN. JIMMY I SSERY. JESSIE LEWIS. ED NEWSOME. TED DEITER THIRD ROW COACH RONNIE ARCHER. COACH FERRELL HENRY. EDDIE HAMMOND. LARRY HAYES. DAVID BRISBOIS. JEFF GREENE. ED BENTON. CLARENCE ISLER. RICKY SPENCE. TOM CIDDF.NS. PAUL ROBERTSON. JEFF HOBAUGH. TOM SHEMWEl.l.. LOR IN LIGHTEN. DON FOWLER. CRAIG HENNINGFELD. COACH DARRELL WILLETT. COACH KEN ALLEN. FOURTH ROW: SAM ZKIGLER. MIKE SW |N. BROCKF.Y BROCK. DON CROOM. CHARLES KENDRICK. NATHANIEL HENDERSON. ANDY DANIEL. BRUCE HICKS. BOB GILMORE. MARTY THOMAS. JIMMY SIMS. DAVID FLETCHER. J. TOM MORGAN. ROBBY TOMLINSON. EDDIE SMITH A.H.S. Coaching Staff COACH UIIJJE MAGWOOD BT«-,m. COACH FF.RRF.I I HENRY Head Garb. COACH DARREI.I W ILLETT - Offrnutr Line. COACH KEN ALLEN Drfm»itv Co , h. COACH RONNIE ARCHER Olfr..»iv.- IU.UkI.I 60Indians 71-72 The 1971 Albany High football edition started out much like the 1970 edition. Born amid the confusion of school busing and rezoning, the team went to camp with less than 45 warm bodies. As camp rolled on, tin 45 bodies became 40 and then as the camp was about to break up after two weeks of jungle duty in the wilds of Lee County the 45 had dwindled to 38. Fortunately the 38 were all football players intent on doing just one thing when the season opened tin first few days after school started. They had one thing in mind and that was the upper most thing for the ’71 Indian grid edition. To beat the Patriots was their goal. Finally the Saturday night arrived for the game. The Saturday night game saw over 6,000 folks gathered at Mills Memorial Stadium as the Indians prepared lo battle their bitter but brief rivals, the Westover High Patriots. The Indians were rated as underdogs in some quarters as the Patriots outweighed the Indians at almost every position. The Indians however came out and blasted the Pats. 43-8. It was to be the biggest win of the season. Nobody could guess that many of those players that the Pats had used that night against the Indians would be wearing Orange and Green in several weeks when the Indians played the Monroe High Tornadoes in the annual slug-out at Mills Memorial Stadium. The new school busing zones went into effect after the Albany-Westover game and many players that had been at Westover suddenly found themselves at Albany High. With the addition of these new players both varsity and junior varsity, Albany High suddenly had over 80 players. Most of them were sophomores and their presence will not really be felt until next year. But they were a great addition to the team and will really be a fine group of ball players if they have what it takes to stick out a three year tenure at Albany High. 6162RANDY DYKES Junior — End BARRY STOKES Senior — Quarterback RICHIE HOWARD Senior — Quarterback MIKE DOLLAR Senior — Linebacker 63JOHNNY PAYNE Senior — Linebacker CEDRIC ANDERSON Junior — Halfback 64Luckily the new transferees from Westover didn’t have a hall game to play after their game with Albany as the Indians had an open date to prepare for the Monroe High Tornadoes. The Indians went into the Monroe game with revenge in their eye as the Tornadoes had beaten them for three years in a row. Albany did manage a quick safety in the first quarter that gave them a 2 0 lead. The lead was short lived as Monroe scored a TD to take an 8-2 halftime lead. Albany scored in the second quarter with Ted Deiter carrying the ball. The PAT was missed as Albany tied the Tornadoes 8-8 as the two teams went into the dressing rooms at the half. In the second half the Indians took the kickoff and after a sensational pass from Richie Howard to Cleo Johnson the Indians led, 14-8. The following kickoff was perhaps the longest onsides kick in high school football. The squib kick slithered down to the Monroe four yard line where no one apparently wanted it except an Albany player as it was claimed at the four. Ted Deiter again carried it over as the Indians led 20-8. The PAT was good as Albany led 21-8. This was not good enough though as the Tornadoes battled back to win the game 22-21 and continue their jinx over Albany. The next week the Indians played perhaps one of their worst games of the season as they gathered a sour-sweet 6-0 win over Central of Thomas-ville. This was only a prelude to the large crowd that was to be at the stadium the next Friday night as the Indians were to host the Wildcats from Valdosta. There need be only two things said about this game. Stanley Bounds and Stan Rome. The Cats took a 28-8 halftime lead into the dressing room ami then coasted to 41-8 w in. The only consolation the Indians got from the game was the fact that their eight points on the "Cats" were the most scored on them up to that point. The Indians also held the Bazemore point producing machine to only 41 points. That was a game to be forgotten. After the Valdosta game in which many players were injured the Indians next met the Bainbridge High Bearcats. The Indians bounced back with a 26-14 victory and were sporting a 2-2 mark with the Tift County Blue Devils next. The Devils had edged the Indians out 3-0 last year here in Albany. Albany jumped out in front quickly with a 6-0 lead but the Blue Devils finally came back and scored before the half on a run by their big fullback. Theopolis Bryant. They led at the half, 7-6. Both teams threatened with time running out in the game but in the end it was a fumble caused by Lorin Lichten that caused the Indians to win the game. Lichten forced Tift quarterback Mike Coleman to give up the ball and then with less than two minutes left in the game quarterback Richie Howard let fly with a ball that was caught on the goal line by Robbie Tomlinson. The Indians scored giving them a 13-7 win over the Blue Devils. That was one of the most satisfying wins of the season. From good to bad went the Indians the next week as they traveled to Crisp County where after a brilliant run back by Cleo Johnson the Indians took a quick 7-0 lead. However it was short lived as the Indians failed to do anything else during the game and lost it 20-7. 65GREGORY TUCK Junior — Flanker CLEO JOHNSON Senior — End KEVIN O’NEAL Senior — Halfback MIKE BAXTER Senior — Halfback6768 JAY DALLAS Junior — Halfbark RICKY GODWIN Junior — HalfbackNexl week was homecoming ami the Indians faced possibly one of the best teams in the region. After leading 14-0 at the half we failed to score again as they came back to tie us 14-14 as time was running out. Following the tie with the Bulldogs the Moultrie Packers were next. Once again the Pack put it to the Indians for another defeat in the long line of losses to Moultrie since 1961. A 28-0 shutout in the Packers stadium was the only time during the year that Albany failed to score. The loss was hard to take, for many Indians supporters thought this was the year that we would beat the Packers. Finally the season finale rolled around with the Trojans. This was to be the let down of the season as the Trojans scored first and led at the half but after the halftime break it was all over for them. The Trojans behind the running of Nathaniel Green and Gromoski Section tells me that some of the younger players that stood on the side line during that game with Dougherty were dedicating themselves to the fact that it would be a cold day in November before the Trojans would heal the Indians again. There were several players that played well during the year and would deserve mention here. But due to space and time I will not mention them since if you are an Albany High fan you know who they are anyway. Anyway time is short so let me say that even though space doesn't permit it there were several times during the year that the Indians played well enough to be rated with the best of teams. All in all it wasn’t such a bad season particularly when I think of the Thomasville and Tifton games. 69JIMMY USSERY Junior — Halfback LL NtWhUML Junior — Halfback 70 TED DEITER Senior — HalfbackJEFF GREENE Senior — Guard CLARENCE ISLER Sophomore — End ED BENTON Senior — Middle Guard RICKY SPENCE Junior — GuardTOM GIDDENS Junior — Guard PAUL ROBERTSON Junior — Guard 74 JEFF HOBAUGH Junior — End TOM SH EM WELL Junior — Tackle75DON FOWLER Junior — Tackle BROCKEY BROCK Senior — Tackle£2 V rl NATHANIEL HENDERSON Sophomore — Tackle BRUCE HICKS Junior — End MARTY THOMAS Senior — End BOB GILMORE Senior — Tackle78 DAVID FLETCHER Senior — Linebacker ROBBY TOMLINSON Senior — EndRenegades FRONT ROW: MARTY THOMAS. LORIN LIGHTEN. CLARENCE ISLER. ED BENTON. CHARLES KENDRICK. JOHNNY PAYNE. SECOND ROW: LARRY HAYES. RANDY BARTO. JIMMY SIMS. DAVID FLETCHER. CLF.O JOHNSON. STEVE HARDIN. KEVIN O’NEAL. Chiefs FRONT ROW ROBBY TOMLINSON. CRAIG HENNINGFELD. JEFF' GREENF1. DAVID BRISBOIS. RICKY SPENCE. BROCKFY BROCK. BOB GILMORE. SECOND ROW TED DF.ITF.R. GREGORY TI CK. MIKE BAXTER. RANDV DYKES. RICHIE HOW ARD. STEVE HARDIN. CLEO JOHNSON. 79A.H.S. Varsity Cheerleaders 80 SANDY EVANS Caput in MARY HEIDT Co-CaptainAlbany Braves 71-72 SITTING: Tony Grimes. Willy Holmes. Terry Shepherd. Grant Shields. Barry Bailey. Roger Bridges. Carl Smith. James Allen. Greg Clark. KNEELING: Vince Holley. James Williams. Donald Freeman, David Yaw, Bobby Watkins. Jimmy Roberts, Robert Jackson, Ernest Worthy. Ken Ferrell. Charles Wesley. Sandy Jacobs, manager. STANDING: John Shiloh, Charlie Johnson. Chuck Dority, John Lamsy, Jim Young, Cliff Martin, Brad Rice, Jimmie Davis. Chris Poole. John Hinson. Jack Hilliard. Coach Magwood. 1971 SEASON RECORD Dougherl y 18 Albany 8 Westovcr 0 Albany 26 Monroe 0 Albany 14 Westovcr 0 Albany 0 Moultrie 14 Albany 0 Bui n bridge 0 Albany 14 Bainbridge 16 Albany 38 Monroe 0 Albany 38 •3 Coach MagwoodA.H.S. B-Team Cheerleaders KAREN DOLLAR ROBIN ELZIA LUANNE HUGHES BETTY PAYNE NITA NORTON JAN TURNERLeft to Right: Leon Dent. RanHv Barto. Pete Petersen, Cleo Johnson. Mike Lunday, Bert Brimberry, A1 Smith. Gordon McKemie, Walter Jones, Steve Hardin. Nelson Harris, Johnny Payne. KNEELING: Coach Dixon. 86STEVE HARDIN — FORWARDNELSON HARRIS — FORWARD MIKE LUNDAY — FORWARD 8990BERT BRIMBERRY — FORWARD RANDY BARTO — GUARD LEON DENT — GUARD GORDON McKEMIE — FORWARDRegion 1-AAA Champions 9293Albany High B-Team Basketball FRONT ROW. Left to Right: Jimmie Lee. Sidney Maner. Cordon Duffy. Ray Wallace, Jim Mclnerny, Major Dublin. Mike Bowen. SECOND ROW: Marty Elton. Robert Cauley. Jack Hil liard. Nathaniel Henderson. Brad Rice. Jack Evans. Coach Magwood.Albany High Girls Basketball KNEELING. Left to Right: Sharon Gafford. Faye Carter. Susan Holman, Ann Mitchell, Diane Bond. Alanda Causey. Jen Erwin. Deborah Coleman. STANDING. Left to Right: Miss Man-nen. Nancy Kory. Bonita Bradshaw. Melissa Oates. Mary Ann Kirkaey. Kathy Conoly. Nancy Kirksey. Lou English, Donna Benford. Coach Allen. 96JEN EWRIN — FORWARD ANNE MITCHELL — FORWARD99MARY ANNE KIRKSEY — GUARD 100 NANCY KIRKSEY — GUARD DIANE BOND — FORWARDFRONT ROW: Theo Jacobs. Clifford Lewis. Bob Gilmore. Marly Thomas. Mike Dollar. Tom Seegmuller. Cedric Anderson. Jay Dallas. Johnny Coleman. Charlie Johnson. Tom Giddens. Tom Shemwell. SECOND ROW: Eddie Smith. Gilbert Hind. Vince Hooey. David Smith. Cliff Martin. Frankie Perry. Jerry Bullington, Jimmie Lee Gardner. Greg Clark. Jimmy Davis. Brad Rice. Tony Grimes. Jeff Hobaugh. Randy Barto. Brockey Brock. Sam Zeigler. THIRD ROW: Coach Henry. Alan Hatcher, Larry Hayes. Nathaniel Henderson. Robert Jackson. Clarence Isler, Carl Smith. Kevin Dye. David Taw. Terry Shepherd. Jim Young. J. Tom Morgan, Eddie Hammond. Bruce Shaw. Ed Newsome. FOURTH ROW: Jessie Lewis. Roger Bridges, Ray Wallace, Jim Medlin, Charles Kendrick. John Lamoy. Ellis Wade. Dye Johnson. William W'hite. Lloyd Croy. Bruce Hicks. Ricky Spence. Jeff Sinyard, Kevin Marker!, Chuck Doriety. Paul Robertson. 102A.H.S. Track Specialists BOB GILMORE ■ fr - ■ MIKE DOLLAR JAY DALLAS ROBERT JACKSON 103THEO JACOBS 105A.H.S. Baseball Team »RICHIE HOWARD BARRY STOKES KEVIN MARKERT Coach Archer, Andy Daniel, Tom Shemwell, Kevin O’Neal, Mike Bulls. Chris King, Jeff Greene, Steve Hardin, Brockey Brock. Mike Veasey, Richie Howard, Jimmy Sims, Barry Stokes, Pete Petersen. Kevin Markert, Jeff Sinyard, Ted Deiter, Randy Barto. STEVE HARDIN TED DEITER KEVIN O’NEAL 107108 MIKE BUTTS JEFF SINYARD MIKE VEASEYPETE PETERSEN JEFF GREENE BROCKEY BROCK 109A.H.S. Girls’ Tennis Team Mias Cobb, (Coach), Mary Anne Kiksey, Cinny Wangen, Liz Merts. Susan Sheppard. Nancy Kory . Not Pictured, Wendy Champion. Gail Schlie. no MARY ANNE KIRKSEY SUSAN SHEPPARDIll NANCY KORYa.h.s. Boys’ Tennis TeamBRENCE SELL MIKE BIRD 113 Cordon McKemie, Dam Williams. Brence Sell. Ed Newsome. Rusty Barta. Mike Bird, Bert Brimherry.115 ADMINISTRA TIONDougherty County Board of Education MR. J. J. CORDELL Superintendent of the Dougherty County Schools MR. PAUL ROBERTSON Director of High Schools BOTTOM ROW: Charles Nesbitt. Morgan Murphy. R. H. Warren. Dr. J. P. Cheevers. TOP ROW: Harvey Cohen. Felix Marbury, Franklin Cross. 116A MESSAGE FROM THE PRINCIPAL GRAYDON PIERCE Principal of Albany High School We arc well along in this school year, and we are approaching the lime for assessment. What has the year meant to you? Did you grow intellectually and socially? Did you achieve goals you had set for yourself when the year was yet young? Have you learned better to appreciate your fellow human l eings. the institutions of society, and the rules of life? These are hut some of the measures you may apply in judging the success of your year. It is sometimes difficult to tell which changes that have occurred are actual improvements, or are simply changes. However, the changes I have noted in you students show that you have made significant progress. I see better attitudes, more effort, more determination, more concern, and generally progress in all areas. It seems to me that this has been a fruitful year for most of you and a good year for the school. There is once again that togetherness that is typically the Albany High School spirit. The pages of this edition of the THRONATEESKA will mirror your activities of this most important time of your life. I hope this reveiw will serve to enhance your enjoyment of your school and your friends for the years to come, and that you will appreciate the efforts of those students and faculty on the annual staff who put it all in focus for you. Yours for Albany High School £ Graydon Pierce 117TO THE CLASS OF 72 In your life-time, even in your school years, vast changes have occurred — changes in attitudes, values and philosophies. The impact that these changes are to have upon our lives and upon our society as a whole in the future will depend upon the manner in which your generation deals with them. The challenge before you is of major proportions, one that will require sound thought and serious consideration, and which can only come about through well-trained and well disciplined minds. You are a step ahead of many groups of young people in that you’ve lain aside prejudices that many others have not. The mind being free of these shackles, as is evidenced by your good relations here, is in much better condition for coping with the real problems at hand. Albany High School has turned out many fine classes of Seniors in the past and, no doubt, will turn out many others. Many of the past graduates have already made lasting contributions to society and are still making important contributions. If the class of 72 is to do it’s share to keep things in balance, each student must take the position (to borrow a quote) that ffif you don’t do it, it won’t get done.” MR. L. C. HORNSBY — Assistant Principal Since the founding of this great country, each generation has had advantages over the previous one. Not only does the new generation have the accomplishments of the previous to lean upon and to build upon, but it also has the failings of the previous to use as guides. Let’s hope that your generation in general and the 72 class in particular. will use these for constructive tools and not merely bases for useless criticisms, as we presently hear so much.WE ARE THE SUM TOTAL OF OUR EXPERIENCES MRS. SUE W. MURDOCK — Dean of Girls If this be true, each of you will, for the rest of your lives, carry' a bit of Albany High School with you. She has opened her arms through the years to many young people and has gladly let each of them take a part of her with them as they left. As we come to the end of another year, look inside yourself and ask, "What have I given? What have I gained?" Some of you will be pleased and feel richly rewarded for the past year . . . This is because you have given and received in balanced proportions. Others will feel cheated, left out, lacking . . . This is because you were not willing to give of yourself nor to receive what was offered graciously. But each of you. willing or not, will take a little of Albany High School with you, and each of you will leave a little of yourself. For the majority the proportion will be a satisfying one. Your experiences at A.H.S. will become a part of the total you. Be proud that now you are all at least "part" Indian. 119Guidance Office Thr Guidance Department is closely coordinated with all other departments of the school hut its primary function is to perform services of direct benefit to the individual student. Guidance services are designed to assist the student in making adequate choices, plans and interpretations in a number of areas. Among the functions carried on by this department are educational, vocational, and personal counseling. A standardized testing program is conducted and files of information concerning each student are maintained. Students receive individual assistance in planning their high school programs and in making decisions about and preparation lor their post high school years. Counselors recognize the value of meaningful communication with parents and welcome conferences with them as they seek to help students to make satisfactory decisions and find solutions to the problems which they may have. MISS MARY HUDSON MRS. L. V. DICKERSON MRS. ANNETTE MURRY 120MRS. MARGARET DUPRtfLibrary The Albany High School Library contains many books, periodicals, records, filmstrips, tapes, pamphlets, and clippings for the use of students and teachers. Materials have been selected to appeal to the students and their needs. The library staff and the student assistants are always willing and eager to assist both teachers and students in every way possible to make all the library’s resources available to them. An opportunity is provided for all students to make use of the library as it is open daily from 8:00 o'clock until 4:30 p.m. MRS. REBECCA REID — Head Librarian 122 MRS. FLORA HUNT — Assistant Librarian MRS. MARGIE CARTER — SecretaryLunchroom Have you ever tried to feed a thousand hungry students? We feel the lunchroom workers of A.H.S. handle this responsibility well. They prepare nutritious meals for the students and faculty of Albany High School. We are offered a variety of meats and vegetables along with a delicious dessert. After school they are in charge of the snack bar which is open to all students. We would like to express our appreciation for the time and efforts they have given to the students of Albany High School. MRS. LOUISE MULL MRS. MARY CANNON MRS. ROSA KELLY Clinic Two aspirins . . . hot water bottle . . . soda water. These are the famous remedies offered to students by our dedicated nurse. Mrs. Helton. She works in the clinic each day from 9:00 to 2:30. It does not seem to be a difficult job. but trying to keep the students of A.H.S. well and going is rather hard. We would like to thank Mrs. Helton not only for the help she has given to the students of Albany High School, but also for her smiling face. MRS. LENORA HELTON 123English The English curriculum comprises a study of literature, language, and composition. Students are given opportunities to read literary selections, both classical and modern. Paperbacks and materials from class collections supplement the literature texts. An elective course. Humanities, is being offered for the first time this year. The first semester of the course is devoted to creative writing while literature, arts, and music is studied second semester. The Scribe, Albany High's literary magazine, is published by students of the Creative Writing class, in cooperation with the English Department. MRS. MARY ARY EUTCH MRS. HELEN GAITER MR. MELVIN GEORGE TRACY MRS. THELMA VEAL 124COACH KEN ALLEN MRS. GERALDINE MR. JAMES E. CARLTON BAILEY History The Social Studies Department of A.H.S. offers a wide range of courses designed to acquaint students with our nation's historical background and at the same time to help students begin to understand and to make judgements relative to current political, social, and economic affairs in the world. Specific courses offered are World History at tenth grade level, U.S. History at eleventh grade level, and U.S. Government, Economics, Sociology, and Psychology at twelfth grade level. 125Math The A.H.S. Math department has a course of study appropriate for any student. There is a five year course of study for the gifted student ranging from Algebra I in the eighth grade to Calculus in the twelfth. Other students may benefit from course offerings from Algebra I through Advanced Algebra and Trigonometry, or they may limit their math courses to General Math I and II. Annually sixty students are selected by their teachers to participate in the National Math Contest. MRS. JUDY THOMAS MISS CELESTE SMITH 126Science We live in an age of science, and it is essential that students of today who will occupy positions of leadership in the twenty-first century have the opportunity to participate in a fully up to date science program. The science department at A.H.S. tries to meet this need. The modernized and varied curriculum consists of laboratory courses in General Biology, Human Biology, Chem. Study I and II, Physics and Science Survey. With qualified teachers, well-equipped laboratories and up-to-date textbooks, students of A.H.S. have the opportunity to acquire a thorough understanding of scientific principles. MRS. RUTH MRS. ARTHUR TATE SUMMERVILLE 127Home Economics Business The Business Education department consists of courses and activities in the area of business designed to meet the common needs of all students who desire to prepare for employment in business. The content of the business courses include: Typing I and II, Shorthand I. Bookkeeping, Office Practice and General Business. These courses are designed to develop knowledge, skills, habits, attitudes, and ideals necessary for successful beginning and advancement in business. MRS. FLORENCE BATTLE MRS ERVIN BROCK MISS MARGARET JO HOGG MR. ARTHUR THOMPSON Reading The Remedial Reading course is offered to the tenth through the twelfth grade levels. MRS. JOSEPHINE McIntyre The ''special’' in this class refers to the lessons which are geared to each pupil’s ability. He receives much help and encouragement and may advance rapidly or remain at the same grade level depending on his abilities and how hard he works. Each pupil has a job in or outside school. Much class time is spent on how to apply for a job, keep it, and manage money that is earned from it. The long term goal is to see each pupil a producing, law abiding citizen. 128 MRS. AVIS FOSTER MRS. MARTHA BUTLER Special Education Home Economics is an established and integral part of the public schools in the United States today. At all levels it is dedicated to the task of helping individuals learn better those behavior patterns and skills that will enable them to fulfill effectively their roles as family members in meeting the complexities of living demands. MRS. VERA ADAMSMR. WENDELL BRANNEN MR. L. OWENS MR WILLIAM YIELDING Industrial Arts Industrial Arts is a study of industry, tools, materials, and processes involved in producing useful items from raw materials. We are concerned with familiarizing students with the various occupations and possibilities offered by American industries. To do this we offer courses in Wood Technology, Metal Technology, Power Mechanics. Graphic Arts. Mechanical Drawing and Electricity. Agriculture The aim and purpose of Vocational Agriculture and the Future Farmers of America is to help a boy help himself. These goals are accomplished by class room instruction, home projects, field trips, visual aids, and work in fields related to agriculture. Emphasis on personal development is stressed through the Future Farmers of America by giving each member a certain responsibility and an opportunity to attend summer camp. We also participate in fund raising campaigns and recreation for members. MR. THOMAS DOWNING Art The Art Program of AHS is offered to meet the needs of students who elect to enrich their high school program with the study and practice of visual arts and crafts. The only qualification for students electing art courses is an interest in art and a willingness to carry out the assigned MRS. JANE RUTLEDGE WOrk MR. ERNEST BOONE Band The Albany High School band provides music and entertainment for football games and chapel programs. They have two concerts a year, Christmas and spring. The band played at the Blue-Gray game this year. MR. LAWSON MURKERSON MR. DARRYL QUINN Distributive Education DE is offered in the eleventh and twelfth grades and centers around the career objective of the student. In addition to academic studies, the student receives classroom instruction in marketing and on the job training. 129Physical Education The men’s physical education department is well equipped and has an excellent staff. The basic program consists of; volleyball. basketball, softball, football, and tumbling. The aim of this department is to provide skilled leadership and adequate facilities which will afford an opportunity for the individual or group to become physically fit. COACH FERRELL HENRY COACH WILLIE COACH DARRELL MAGWOOD WILLETT 130Physical Education The women's Physical Education Department provides a varied program for the individual or group in that they may participate in movement experiences that are physically wholesome, mentally stimulating, satisfying, and socially sound. Therefore, a diversified course of activities is offered which includes: volleyball, soft-ball, basketball, specdball, tennis, badminton, table tennis, aerial darts, and ring tennis. Through the above offerings it is hoped that the students will be able to find an activity which they will pursue as a lifetime sport. MISS JACQUELYN COBB MISS JULIANNE MANNEN MR. WALTER JACKSON Language The Foreign language Department consists of three teachers. There are six Spanish classes, three French classes and two Latin classes. Language clubs are active with many students of the Latin Department holding membership in local, state, and national Junior Classical League. In this club, the local chapter has been affiliated with the national group for over twenty years. French and Spanish classes are audio-lingually oriented but emphasize all four skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing. MRS. S. A. JUHAN MISS ELIZABETH TILLMAN 131« o 133 ORGANIZATIONSStudent Council PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE Larry Mitchell President V J. Tom Morgan Vice President Susan Sheppard Secretary Carol Mills Bert Brimberry Treasurer Parliamentarian Mrs. S. A. Juhan Advisor Mrs. Robert Peace Advisor Coach Ferrell Henry Advisor MISS STUDENT COUNCIL BETSY BRADLEY SEATED, From Left to Right: Susan Sheppard, Debbye Williams. Mary Heidt, Allen Spurlin. Forrest Truitt, Gail Schlie. Pat Myers, and Penny Knight. STANDING: Kevin O'Neal. Steve 134 Hardin. Lorin Lichten, Sharon Brown, and Pam Rogers. ON TOP: Jen Erwin.Juniors FRONT ROW. Left to Right: Sue Bacon. Robin Toms. Julia Stimpson. Betsy Bradley, Nancy Joiner. Cedric Anderson. SECOND ROW: J. Tom Morgan, Charles Clark. Anne Hardin, Rosalyn Berry. BACK ROW: Carol Mills. Bernard Langley. Ed Riley, and Cathy Baker. Sophomores SEATED: Johnny Slaton. Nancy Kory. Margaret Sassoman, Jimmy Garner. Drew Rice. Betty Payne. Toby Tucker. Winnie Kate Hall. Tony Grimes, Susan Holman, and Larry Maddox. STANDING: Cathy Odum. Pam Whittington. Diane Bond. Val Costantino. Ken Ferrell, and Jimmy Davis. 135Debbie Maines President Anne Hardin Vice-President Mrs. Tracy Sponsor Mr. Mullis Sponsor Beta Club Sharon Brown Jan Busbee Secretary Mike Ehrhardt Treasurer : Wendy Champion Joe Eyles Joe Garner Mary Dess Hagler Mary Heidt Linda De Filippi 136 Larry Mitchell Susan Sheppard Paul Slappey Mike Swink Perry WebbJeff Whatley Joy Womack Roslyn Berry Mike Boone Betsy Bradley Jay Dallas Marsha Davis Joan Griffith Pat Jones Joy Lawless Carol Mills J. Tom Morgan Kim Nolan Pam Snelling Irma Oliver Ed Riley Debra Sammons 137Pow Wow Jot Eylr Editor Debbie Maine Club Editor Susan Braswell Feature Editor Tom Giddens Sports Editor Carol Wilson Sports Editor Martha Jones Mrs. Brannen Photographer Sponsor PURPOSE: To publish the school newspaper, the Pow Wow. MISS POW WOW DEBBIE NORRIS FIRST ROW: Fred Richter. Betty Brown. Vickie Sharp. Larry Mitchell, Charles Salter. Donna Dowling. Jane Taylor. Susan Braswell. Susan Beaver. Debbie Norris. Cindy Stub . Debbie Maine . Mr . Gray. SECOND ROW: David Arnold. Joe Eyles. Jerry Dollar. Bill Lightfoot. Jeff Hobaugh. Bob Gilmore. Robin Toms. Twila Wortman. Gena Kay Shealy. Carol Wilson. Tom Giddens. 138Diane Hinderleider Editor Scribe Purpose: To promote literary awareness. Jen Erwin Senior Editor Gail Schlie Shirley Long Miss Feagin Art Editor Publicity Sponsor From Left to Right: Diane Hinderleider. Liz Merts, Mary Heidt, Shirley l orig, Debbye Williams. Debbie Whatley, Gail Sehlie. Kenneth Lewis. Diane MrBride, Debbie Thompson. Jen Erwin, Jan Busbee, Mary Anne Kirksey. Larry Mitchell. Mrs. Feagin, Leslie Pruit. Mark Gilliam. Paula Freeman. Brunetta Strain. Joe Lawrence. Brenda Hightower, Sue Jeter. Susan Sheppard. David Pond. Dantz Frazer, Judy Hicks, and Becky Gri9t. 139Clark McClure President Short Circuits Mike Lyall Treasurer Tony Tarlcton Mike Swink Vice-President Secretary Purpose: To provide Albany High School and the community with sound and lighting effects. 140 MISS SHORT CIRCUIT SUE BACONDebbie Thompson Secretory Pam Rogers Historian Peggy Brown Debra Rich Reporter Christine Butler Becky Hannington Vice-President Pat Myers Treasurer Mr. Quinn Coordinator Sheila Butler 142 DECA OFFICERS Purpose: Developing future leaders, in marketing and distribution. Maria Spence Parliamenla nan Deborah Baggett Susan Cooke David Gladney Torri Harman Susan Beaver Chaplain Dorothy Boyd Lindy Drew Danny HerronEthyl Joiner Mary Lane Mike O'Brien Patricia Peterson Charlotte Majors Kenneth Lewis MISS DECA PAT MYERS Shawn While Joy Womack Betty Yeatts 143VICA MISS VICA Sherri Calhoun Paul Slappey Vice-Pres uieru Lawana Kierce Treasurer Bill Reed Reporter Sharon Murkerson Donna Murkerson SWEETHEARTS David Anderson Charles Arterson Jerome Buckhalter Jeanine Carlton Myra Daniels Ricky Dingier Purpose: The purpose of VICA is symbolized by its emblem: The torch of knowledge. The orbital circles symbolizing new technology and research. The gear as the traditional symbol of industry. And the untrained hands of youth, reaching for the torch of knowledge. Thersa Duke Sue FenderNancy Jones -Danny McGee Bill King Jimmy Little Johnny Roger Pollock David Prescott Cynthia Randall Rodney Hooks Ernest Kinnebrew Jane Nobles Janie Ray Jack Jones Ben Lewis Steve Peek Richard Tanner James White Robbie Wilkes Gary Willis Bill Yenni 145Mikr Muggridgr Senior Consul Junior Classical League Purpose: To encourage an interest in and appreciation of ancient Greece and Rome and to give some understanding of the debt of our own culture to that of classical antiquity. Lee Lawson Junior Consul Donna Bcnford Praetor Diane Bond Quaestor Alan Hatcher Aedile Miss Tillman Sponsor Bill Dogen 146 MISS JCL IRMA OLIVERFrench Club Bruce Hicks President Becky Mathews Vice-President Janis Jansen Secretary Angela Turner Treasurer Purpose: To acquaint students with and to promote interest in the French language and people. MISS FRENCH CLUB ANGIE TURNER FIRST ROW: Kathleen Pruitt. Angela Turner. Valley Garabedian. Kathy Dickens. Betty Payne. Janice Jansen. Janice Broome. Pam Brooks. SECOND ROW: Bruce Hicks. Ra Wallace. Greg Clark. 147Gloria Johnson President Susan Yakots Secretary Dianr Hinderleider Reporter Library Service Club Vason Holman Vice-President Gary Turpin Treasurer MISS LIBRARY SERVICE CLUB SUSAN YAKOTS Mrs. Reid Sponsor FRONT ROW: Darian Jordon. Connie Anderson. Diane Hinderleider. Susan Bedsole. Ronnie Melton. Joanne McClamery, Susan Pruett. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Hunt. Denise Armstead. Gloria Johnson, Gary Turpin. Belinda Morris, Edith McCoy, Rosa Arteson. Mrs. Reid. 148MISS SENIOR HI-Y BARBARA JOHNSON Senior Hi-Y Darvi Williams President Bruce Hicks Secretary Purpose: A Christian Organization of young men. Hutch Deloche Treasurer Sam Ziegler Parliamentarian Mr. Graper Sponsor Randy Baxter Vice-President 149 SEATED: Darvi Williams. Joe Garner, Sam Ziegler, Brence Sell. Randy Baxter. STANDING: Micky Baker. Charles Clark. Ray Beagley. Bruce Hicks. Hutch Deloche, B. A. Haire. Ashley King. Perry Webb, Jerold Me Knight, Joey Williams. Bonnie Blalock. Roslyn Berry.Beta Tri-Hi- Y Dorothy Boyd President Purpose: To create, maintain, and extend through the home, school, and community high standards of Christian character. Theresa Duke Vice-President Debbie Tucker Karen Lockard Secretary Treasurer Donna Bullington Chaplain Brockey Brock Stieetheart Becky Blackledge Mrs. Thomas Mike Gore Sweetheart SHEREE TURNER Terry Brinson MISS BETA TRI HI- Y 150Sharon Brown Cathy Clark Teri Coleman Kathy Carter Wanda Dupree Joni Grigg Susan Joiner 151Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y Debbie Norris Vice-President Lawana Kierce President Ann Adams Mascot Angie Garcia Mascot Jenny Findley Secretary Perry Webb Sweetheart Mrs. Gaitor Sponsor Tricia Davis Gwen Freeman Claudia Kolzem Treasurer Jim Brooks Mascot Kathy Baker Debra Duggan Kim Nolan Parliamentarian Gary Brooks Mascot Gail Brooks Penny Dunlap 152 MISS EPSILON JENNY FINDLEYJoan Griffith Debbie Lutrell Rhenda Phillips Pam Sheiks Ginger Grissom Sue Jefferson Nora Mann Jackie Randall Susan Swink Debbie Kenny Lynn Marshall Marcia Rudderman Angela Turner Sonia Lane Sugie Lichten 1 erri Parslow Penny Pawley Margaret Sassaman Barbara Sawyer Susan Yakots Mollie Westbrook 53Jan Busbee President Phi-Delta Tri-Hi- Y Susan Sheppard Vice President Mary Anne Kirksev Secretary Debbie Thompson Treasurer Cathy Dickens Chaplain Betty Payne Parliamentarian Nancy Kirksey Community Projects Chairman ¥ Donna Bcnford School Projects Chairman Bert Brim berry Sweetheart Bill Clanton Sweetheart Miss Mannen SponsorCinny Wangen Debbie Whatley Twila Wortman Wanda Baldwin Karen Dollar Priscilla Joiner Karen Kugler Nila Norton Melissa Oates Joy Oliver MISS PHI-DELTA Jan Turner Pam Whittington Nancy Wilkerson TWILA WORTMAN 155Alpha Tri-Hi- Y PURPOSE: To create, maintain, and extend throughout the home, school, and community, high standards of Christian character. « Connie Holton President Jen Erwin Pice President Jane Taylor Secretary■ Treasurer Mrs. Feagin Sponsor Sue Jeter Chaplain Robby Tomlinson Sweetheart Becky Revcll Parliamentarian Allen Spurlin Sweetheart Susan Beaver Bonita Bradsha Susan Braswell 156Robin Brodbcck Carlton Greaves Mary Bess Hauler Linda Liggin Jeannie Padgett Anclla Smith Pam Whatley Terri Boulware Ann Davis Gail Lightle Robin Yarbrough 157F.T.A Terri Parslow President Darvi Williams Vice-President Rita Rachels Chaplain Teresa Duke Parliamentarian, Historian Ester Mitchell Miss Smith Sponsor Cathy Clark Gloria Johnson Cheryl Powell 158 Katherine Slaton Judy Troutman Charlette Williams Rosalyn WilliamsFuture Farmers of America LEARNING TO DO DOING TO LEARN EARNING TO LIVE LIVING TO SERVE THE NATIONAL ORGANIZATION FOR BOYS STUDYING VOCATIONAL AGRICULTURE MR. JACK DOWNING SPONSOR SEATED — Left to Right: Freddie Carlisle. Tom Kircoff, Don Kearce, Chuch Faison, Mitch Taylor, Doug Albert, Terri Lightfoot, Ray Dudley. Tommy Sirmons. Johnny Knight. Jerry Moore. KNEELING — Mike Crawford, Ricky Furney. Randy Taylor. Calvin Fore. Ricky Pennington. Jack Royal. Calvin Harpe. Don Wiley, Roger Pollock, Tommy Cook, Charles McDonald. STANDING — Mr. Downing, Gary Butler, Eddie MacMurcher. Max Lewis. Bruce Hicks, Donnie Poacher, Bobby Calhoun. Ricky Burnett, Charles Smith. Mike Newell. Edwin Sammons. Terry Brumbley. BACK ROW — Milton Patrick. Steve Henderson. Russ Stappey, Tye Slappey. Ricky Burdette, Jeff Hood. Jerry McDonald. 159Debbie Crowe Pr» itten! Debbie Sammons Secretary Penny Watson Vice-Presdienl Hazel Stretchers Treasurer Future Homemakers of America PURPOSE: To relate Homemaking to the home and community through the girl. Penny Newell Parliamentarian Mrs. Foster Sponsor Mrs. Adams Patricia Blocker Doris Brown Flora BrownLinda DeFilippi Elizabeth Evans Joyce Evans Cora Cuff Adria Jones Beverly Long Trudie Moncus Ida HoodPep Club Phyllis Simpson President Miss Cobb Sponsor Wendy Champion Treasurer Ted Deiter Jeff Greene Sweetheart Sweetheart Purpose: To promote school spirit. MISS PEP CLUB GENA KAY SHEALY Beth Robertson Secretary From Left to Right: Francine Christian. Beth Robertson. Debbie Maines, Phyllis Simpson. Mary Anne Kirksey, Wendy Champion. Jeff Greene, Paulette Kennedy. Ted Dieter. Sandy Kvans. Rosalyn Williams. Joni Grigg. Winnie Kate Hall. LuAnne Hughes. Nancy Nesbitt. Betty Payne, Gloria Johnson. Susan Sheppard. STANDING. Left to Right: Nita Norton, Karen Kugler, Karen Dollar. Debbie Tucker. Doris Brown, Pam McCray, Angela Mance, Robin Elzia, Maria McCall, Jan Busbee, Susan Braswell, Debbie Thompson, Susan Swink. Robin Brodbeck, Jane Taylor. STANDING. Far Back: Ann Mitchell, Janice Jansen, Gena Kay Shealy, Linda Liggin, Debbie Whatley, Cindy Pace, Regina Hendricks. Jean Barber, T. C. Myers. Barbara Johnson, Jackie Randall, Harriett Daniels, Mary Thomas, and sponsor Miss Cobb. 162Block A SEATED, From Left to Right: Sandy Evans. Anne Hardin. Sue Bacon. Nancy Joiner, Bonnie Blaylock, Maria Spence, Mary Anne Kirksey, Judy Hicks. Mary Hcidt. Jen Erwin. Bonita Bradshaw. STANDING, on Left: Cedric Anderson, Sam Zeigler. Bob Gilmore. Jimmy Ussery, Gordon McKcmic. Bert Brimberry. Walter Jones. Pete Peterson. Craig Henningfield. Chris King. Jimmy Sims. Tom Shemwell, Randy Dykes. Cleo Johnson, Paul Robertson. BACK ROW: Coach Magwood. Jay Dallas. Kevin Marked. Ricky Spence. Ricky Godwin, Bruce Hicks. Barry Stokes. Coach Archer. RIGHT SIDE: Jeff Greene. Kevin O’Neal. Tom Giddens, Alan Hatcher. Andy Daniels, David Fletcher, Lorin Lichten, Eddie Hammond. Larry Hayes, Nathaniel Henderson, Ted Deiter, Johnny Payne. David Brisbois, Randy Barto. Richie Howard, and Steve Hardin. Bi-Racial Council FRONT ROW, From Left to Right: Gwen Anderson. Karen Lockard, Deborah Coleman. Debbye Williams. Anne Hardin. Betty Payne, and Coach Henry. BACK ROW. From Left to Right: Jimmy Lee Gardner, Gregory Tuck. Joe Lawrence, Bert Brimberry, Ricky Spence, and Bruce Shaw. 163Debh ?n ors Cobb and Mias Mannrn. From Left lo Right: Harriett Daniels. Mary Thomas. Robin Brodberk. Phillis Simpson. Wendy Champion. Mary Annr Kirk- Wangen ' amS' USan Sheppard. and Gloria Johnson. BACK ROW. From Left to Right: Dwaine Houston, Paulette Kennedy, Mary Hcidt, Debbie Maines, Sandy Evans, and Ginny Records' and Dean of Girls' Assistants ;FATFD From Left to Right: Wanda Dupree, Susan Peach, Paula Freeman. Sharon Brown, and Alanda Causey. STANDING. Left to Right: Pam Shepherd, Jane Taylor. Joy Lawless. Bo nie Blaylock Joni Grigg. Freda Follindore. Rosa Bell. Rosa Fields. Julia Graves. Nancy Jones. Shawn White. Julia Stimpson. and Betty Brown. 164Guidance Office Assistants SEATED: Donna Bullington, Terri Coleman, Robin Howard. Penny Knight, Tricia Stoddard. Cathy Conoly, Patty Hawkins. STANDING: Sue Bacon, Connie Holton. Jeanine Carlton. An-clla Smith, Mary Bess Hagler, Carlton Greaves. Mary Lane. Karen Lockard. Marsha Davis, Charlott Majors. Susan Braswell. Main Office Assistants FRONT ROW: Jane Salter. Debbie Whatley, Ann Davis. Debbie Senn, Deborah Kenney. Kathy Hoover. Cindy Sumner. Robin Yarbourgh. Bonita Bradshaw. Becky Hannington. Linda Liggin. Jan Turner. BACK ROW: Patty Branecky. Betty Craddock. Carolyn Craddock. Betsy Blacklidge. Bonnie Giddcns. Linda Stewart. Shelley Evers, Sheila Aaron. Cathy Leavv. Cindy Stults. 165Joey Williams President Perry Webb Vice-President David Brisbois Secretary- Treasurer Sue Bacon Sweetheart ROGB Purpose: To provide music and entertainment. Anne Toms Sweetheart 166 Tommy Chatmon Eddie Choquette Steve CayRichard Greene Wally Houston Gary Mitchell Barry Pcllieano Allen Spurlin MISS ROGB LISA SATTERFIELD Mike Swink Curtis Whittington 167A.H.S. Marching Chiefs The colorful Albany High School marching chiefs, under the direction of Mr. Ernest Boone, is always in evidence at football games. A.H.S. is proud of her band which always gives an excellent performance. The colorful uniforms are a filling background for its stirring music. Mr. Boone Director COLOR GUARD Susan Joiner, Patty Hawkins. Donna Bullington KNEELING: Freda Follendore. Pam Stone. Gloria Johnson. Denise Armistead, Pam Brooks. STANDING: Beverly Long. Paulette Kennedy Carolyn Craddock. Debbye Williams. Rhenda Phillips. 168Debbie Norris Majorettes Roslyn Berry Kim Nolan Left to Right: Sonia Lane, Barbara Johnson, Debbie Norris, Kim Nolan, Roslyn Berry. Sonia Lane 169 Barbara JohnsonFIRST ROW: Richard Green. Robert Doss. Jerold McKnight, Curtis Whittington. SECOND ROW: Joe Mitchell, Jack Watkins, Johnny Rainwater, Wayne Shipley. FIRST ROW: Nick Young. Darvi Williams, Barry Pellieano, Steve Gay. SECOND ROW: John Sikes, Ravelle Wimbush, Dane Hughes, Alan Middlebrooks. THIRD ROW: Max Clower, Gray Wilson. John Van Houten, Mike Boone. 170FIRST ROW: Sonia Lane. Debbie Norris, Delores Wesley, Sharon Gafford. SECOND ROW: Angela Turner. Bernard Langley. Robert Whitten. Joann Sherman. Randy Holiday. 171 FIRST ROW: Ronald Newton, Gordon Etehison. Wallace Houston. James Grigg, Eddie Choquette. SECOND ROW: Gary Mitchell. Jeff Hobaugh. Dan Harper.FIRST ROW: Laurie Randall, Marcia Rudderman, Melanie Perrimann, Ro alyn Williams. Deborah Coleman. Diane Boone. SECOND ROW: Angie Richardson, Jenny Findley. Terri Par-slow. Kathy Bonney. Randy Baxter. Mike Reed, Jim Smith. THIRD ROW: Kim Nolan, Sue Jeter. Teresa Holley, Charles Arterson, Jerry Reed, Robert Culbreth. FIRST ROW: Delores Williams, Rosalyn Berry, Barbara Johnson, Bonnie Bentley. SECOND ROW: Susie Lichten, Deborah Luttrell, Mellissa Oates. Shurl Wiley. 172173174179ALBANY HIGH Sndian PLAY TONIGHT7 JSi =tS MEMORIAL STADIUM BOO PM Time is much more than money; time is life,time is multitudes of seconds going through the fingers of the present into the past, . . . moments that will never return. inTake time for friends . . it is the source of happiness 182184TH ItOUGH THIS DOOR PASS THE MEMBERS OK THE g J BAND IN GEORGIA CHIEFS Keep interested in your own career, however humble: it is a real possession in the changing fortunes of time. 185186Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding. Proverbs 4:7 187188192Take time to dream ... it hitches the soul to the stars. 194You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars; you have a right to be here. 196198CHERYL ALBRITTON DAVID ARNOLD CHARLES ARTESON DEBORAH BAGGETT RUSTY BARTO RICKEY BASKO MIKE BAXTER SUSAN BEAVER 201MIKE BEDSOLE ROSA BELL EDWARD BENTON PATRICIA BLOCKER SUSAN SHEPPARD — Vire President of Senior Girls BERT BRIMBERRY — Vice President of Senior Boys 202 KATHYE BOUNDS KATHY BOWIE DOROTHY BOYD BONITA BRADSHAWPATTI BRANECKY SUSAN BRASWELL BERT BRIMBERY THERESA BRINSON BECKY REVELL — Secretary of Senior Girls PETE PETERSON — Secretary of Senior Boys ROBIN BROOBECK PAM BROOKS JANICE BROOME FLORA BROWN 203204 JAN BUSBEE CHRISTINE BUTLER SHEILA BUTLER GENE CALLAWAYJEANINE CARLTON TERRY CARSWELL MARY CARTER WENDY CHAMPION PAT MYERS — Parliamentarian of Senior Girls DAVID FLETCHER — Parliamentarian of Senior Boys CHERYL CLARK KAY CLARK KATHY CLARK TERRI COLEMANTERESA COOK MARTIN COWART SUSAN COOK BETTY CRADDOCK DONALD CROOM GARY CROSS DEBBIE MAINES — President of the Beta Club 206 DEBORAH CROWE VICTORIA CUTTS ANDY DANIELS MYRA DANIELS207 JERRY DOLLAR MIKE DOLLAR LINDY DREW TERRI DUFFYTHERESA DUKE SHERYL DUNKLEBURGER JEN ERWIN SANDY EVANS JOE EYLES DENNY FACKLER SUSAN SHEPPARD — Editor of the Thronateeska 208 RONALD FARR SUE FENDER ALICE FIELDS ROSA FIELDSDAVID FLETCHER PAULA FREEMAN KEN FULLER DENISE FOX MARK GILLIAM BOB GILMORE CLAUDE GORDON 209CARLTON GREAVES JEFF GREENE PAT GREENE MARK GREENE PATTY GREENSPUN LENNY GRISSOM SANDY EVANS — Captain of the Varsity Cheerleaders 210 MARY BESS HAGLER JANICE HAIRE BECKY HANINGTON STEWART HARDBILLY HARDEGREE STEVE HARDIN AL HARDWICK TORRI HARMAN NELSON HARRIS MARY HEIDT MARY HEIDT — Co-Captain of the Varsity Cheerleaders and DAR Good Citizen RHONDA HENDERSON CRAIG HENNINGFIELD DANNY HERRON JUDY HICKS212 WALLACE HOUSTON RICHIE HOWARD CHARLIE JACKSON BOB JAMES DIANE HINDERLEIDER TIM HOGG STEVE HARDIN — Captain of the Football Team WANDA HOLMES CONNIE HOLTON RANDALL HOOKS RODNEY HOOKSCLEO JOHNSON — Co-Captain of the Football Team Co-Captain. Basketball DEE JENKINS SUE JETER GLORIA JOHNSON BOBBY JOINES BARBARA JOHNSON CLEO JOHNSON GWENDOLYN JONES MARTHA JONES NANCY JONES WALTER JONES 213PAULETTE KENNEDY GINGER KENT LAWANNA KIERCE ASHLEY KING BROCKEY BROCK — Co-Captain of the Football Team 214 MARY ANN KIRKSEY PENNY KNIGHT CLAUDIA KOLZEM MARY LANEGAIL LIGHTLE KAREN LOCKARD ANITA LESSARD BENJAMIN LEWIS KENNETH LEWIS LORIN LIGHTEN BILL LIGHTFOOT JOSEPH LAWRENCE DEBBIE NORRIS — Homecoming Queen, Head Majorette LINDA LIGGIN JOHNNY LANIERSHIRLEY L0R1G STANLEY LOWMAN MIKE LYALL DEBBIE MA1NES 216 MIKE MARTIN BERNARD MAYBERRY DIANE M. BRIDE MACK McCLUNGCLARK McCLURE GORDON McKEMIE PAM BROOKS — Co-Captain of the Drill Team ESTER MITCHELL GARY MITCHELL YVETTE MOULTRIE 217 JEROLD M KNIGHT RONNIE MELTON JOHNNY MERCER RICK MIRK LARRY MITCHELLPAT MYERS PENNY MEWELL PENNY NICHOLS DEANNE NIX MARY NOBLES DEBBIE NORRIS GLORIA JOHNSON — Co-Captain of the Drill Team MIKE O’BRIEN KEVIN O’NEAL ROBERT OTT BRENDA PACEPAM PANNELL BUDDY PARKER JOHNNY PAYNE KATHY PENNINGTON KAY PENNINGTON NATHANIEL PERRY LARRY MITCHELL — President of the Student Body PETE PETERSON PATRICIA PETERSON CRAIG PFEIFFER JAMES PHELPS 219VICKIE POWELL DAVID PRESCOTT LESLIE PRUET CYNTHIA RANDALL JANIE RAY CARLA REVELL JEFF WHATLEY — National Merit Semi-Finalist BECKY REVELL SUSAN RICH MIKE RICHARDSON FRED RICHTER 220JOE EYLES — Editor of the Pow Wow GAIL SCHLIE DANNY SELMAN DEBBIE SENN 221 JOYCE RIGGINS PAM ROGERS CELESTE RUSSELL JANE SALTER STEVE SANTOS LISA SATTERFIELD CAROL SEWELLVICKIE SHARP STANLEY SHAWVER GENA KAY SHEALEY PAM SHEPHERD 222 LYNN SHIVER CHRIS SIMMONS MIKE SIMPSON PHYLLIS SIMPSONDAVID SMITH EDDIE SMITH JIM SMITH ROGER SNEAD 223 PAUL SLAPPEY — Slate Vice President of D.C.T. JIMMY SIMS MIKE SINGLETON PAUL SLAPPEY KATHERINE SLATON AL SMITH ANELLA SMITHMARY ANN K1RKSEY — Captain of the Girls' Basketball Team 224 BARRY STOKES BRENETTA STRAIN SUSAN STRAWDER HAZEL STRETCHERS MARIA SPENCE PATTY SPIVEY ALLEN SPURLIN DELORA STAINES BARRY STEWART ROY SNEADJULEEN STRICKLAND CARL STULTS CINDY STULTS GEORGE SURFACE JOHNNY PAYNE — Co-Captain of the Boys’ Basketball Team JANE STUBBS DENNIS SWARTZELL MIKE SWINK RICHARD TANNER TONY TARLETON ANGELENA TATE 225JANE TAYLOR JULIAN TAYLOR MARTY THOMAS MARY THOMAS AL SMITH — Co-Captain of the Boys’ Basketball Team BEATRICE THOMPSON DEBBIE THOMPSON 226 ROBBIE TOMLINSON ANNE TOMS JUDY TROUTMANDEBBIE TUCKER GEORGE TURNER SHEREE TURNER SHERRY TURNER MIKE VEASEY GINNY WANGEN BERT BRIMBERRY — Co-Captain of the Boys’ Basketball Team KELLINE WEBB PERRY WEBB DEBBIE WHATLEY JEFF WHATLEY 227JAMES WHITE SHAWN WHITE CURTIS WHITTINGTON CLARENCE WIGGINS 228 DEBBYE WILLIAMS GERRIT WILLIAMS JACKIE WILLIAMS JOEY WILLIAMSBILL WILLIAMS RANDY WILSON RAVELLE WINBUSH JOY WOMACK PHIL WOOD TWILA WORTMAN JEN ERWIN — Co-Captain of the Girls Basketball Tram ROBIN YARBROUGH VANN YIELDING SAM ZEIGLER STELLA ZAMBEESY 229BETSY BRADLEY — President of Junior Cirls RICKEY SPENCE — President of Junior Boys Joan Anderson Denise Armistead Rosa Arterson Sue Bacon Kathy Baker Nicky Baker 231Jimmy Baldwin Laura Banks Randy Barto Randy Baxter Ray Beeghly Roaalyn Berry JENNY FINDLEY — Vice-President of Junior Girls TONY FOWLER — Vice-President of Junior BoysBetsy Bradley Gail Brooks Doris Brown Debbie Bullington Jerry Bullington John Bullock BECKY GRIST — Secretary of Junior Girls SAM SCHL1E — Secretary of Junior Boys Linda Bynum 233 Mike Butts John Byrd Faye Carter Randy Chastain Francine ChristianHoward Christian Charles Clark Diane Cleveland Larry Cobb Fleta Collier Kathy Conoly BEVERLY LONG — Treasurer of Junior Girls MIKE MUGGRIDGE — Treasurer of Junior Boys Ray Cook David Cornaire Mark Covington Charlotte Cox Carolyn Craddock George Crawford 234Debra Creel Howard Cross Robert Culbreth Mike Cumbie Jay Dallas Gary Davis NANCY JOINER — Parliamentarian of Junior Girls RICHARD GREEN — Parliamentarian of Junior Boys Marsha Davis Vick Davis Ricky Dingier Charlie Dial George Dobson Bruce Dorminy 235Delvin Dorminy Donna Dowling Barbara Duke Penny Dunlap Wanda Dupree Pam Dyes Randy Dykes Mike Ehrhardt Mike Ellis Lou English Shelly Evers Jenny Findley James Fleming Deborah Flick Freda Follendore Calvin Fore Larry Foreman Don Fowler Tony Fowler Phillip Fox Tom Ciddens Albert Gimenez David Gladney Ricky Godwin 236)avid Hawkins Darrell Hawkins Pally Hawkins Dean Hay man Resina Hendricks Hrnnim?f»‘ld 237 Joan Criffith Joni Grigg Roger Griner Ginger Grissom Becky Grisl Eddie Gulley B. A. Haire Pal Hall Carole Hames Shirley Hammett Becca Hard Anne Hardin Allen Hatcher Mary Hawes Marsha Greene Mike Gore Pamela Green Richard GreenDennis Keeton Janet Kimble Angela King Jerry Kirkland Kathy Knighton Sonia Lane 238Jo Ann McGlamery Sherrie McLaughlin Liz Merts Carol Mills Judy Mitchell Charles Moore 239 Bernard Langley Joy Lawless Cathy Leavy Laird Lcgg Clifford Lewis Jesse Lewis Grey Lippitt Beverly Long Preston Luke Dee Lyons Dan MacMinn Angela Mance Edith McCoy Judy McCrary Danny McDaniels Danny McGee Annie Lewis Lee LawsonJerry Moore J. Tom Morgan Kim Nolan Irma Oliver Dale O’Neill Cindy Pace Terri Pars low Ed Parsons Susan Pelham Barn Pellicano Don Phelps Rhenda Phillips Roger Pollock David Pond Mike Muggridge Ed Newsome Scot! Nichols Nancy Nisbet Jim Price Susan Pruet Rita Rachals Johnny Rainwater Cheryl Powell 240 Danny PriceBill Reed David Randall Jim Ray Jerry Reed Debra Rich Jan Richardson Ed Riley Mary Riley Paul Robertson Mark Roos Charles Salter June Salter Susan Samford Debra Sammons Barbara Sawyer Gail Schramm Tom Sccgmullcr Brence Sell Robbie Selman Freddy Settles Tom Shemwell JoAnn ShermanVickie Slappey Charles Smith Deborah Smith Ellen Smith Pam Snelling Ricky Spence ■» Tina Spurlock Linda Stewart Julia Stimpson Cindy Sumner Mike Swain Alesia Swanstrom Debbie Taylor Ken Taylor Randy Taylor David Thomas Janice Thompson Robin Tom Jimmy Ussery 242 Gregory Tuck Angela Turner Rusty VanHouten Greg Villarreal Terri ViningJannette Waddell Joe Walker David Walsh Donnie Ward Bill W'ard Teressa Washington David Watkins Pennie Watson Kenny Webb Rita Webb Delores Wesley Cary Whiddon Robert Whitton Don Wiley Delores Williams Freddy Williams Jerry Williams Leslie Williams Sharon Williams Gary Willis Jackie Willis Carol Wilson Albert Womack Irving Worley 243245 Della Albritten Phillip Avery Annita Allen James Allen Dandra Baggett Barry Bailey Connie Anderson Randy Baker Stephen Anderson Wanda Baldwin Vicki Anderson Wayne Ball Drew Arnold Terri Bankston Ricky Askew Jean Barber Richard Barnhill Donna Benford Bonnie Bentley Stanley Blacksher Diane Bodiford Diane Bond Ken Benton Kenneth Berry Kathy Bonney Diane Boone Sharon Beuan Mike Bowen David Beurrier Mary Branehe Betsy Black ledge Chekita Bratcher 247Priscilla Bridges Richard Campbell Roger Bridges Shirley Campbell Suzanne Buchan Robert Candy Michael Burke Debbie Carden Donald Burks Brenda Carroll Buz Busbee Patricia Carter Bobby Calhoun Terri Casale Belinda Campbell Alanda Causey NANCY KORY — Vice President of Sophomore Girls TOBY TUCKER — Vice President of Sophomore Boys Eddie Choquette Greg Crawford Max Clower Karen Crawford Deborah Coleman Bill Crawford Robin Coleman Bobby Jean Creager Val Costantino Shirley Cross Bonnie Courtoy Lloyd Croy Deborah Cox Mark Cummings Linda Craddock Georgette Cutliff 248Laura Dallas Jimmy Davis Bud Doyal Bobby Drew Tricia Davis Major Dublin Cathy Dickens Debra Duggan Bill Dodgen Daisey Duke Karen Dollar Alan Dunlap Sharon Donnelly Chuck Doric!y Debbie Durham Kevin Dye DEL1NDA FIELDS — Secretary of Sophomore Girls BRAD RICE — Secretary of Sophomore Boys Marty Elton Delinda Fields Gordon Etchison Dwanne Forehand Jack Evans Donald Freeman Robin Elzia William Fogerty Jennifer Feat hers ton Ken Ferrell Sharon Cafiord Valeria Garabrdian Janet Farkas Joey Farr Gwen Freeman Rodney Fuller 249Richard Garner Louis Griffin Wendell Garnto Tommy Griffin Lisa Geeslin Jimmy Grig Cathene Gibson David Grimes Devoriah Gosha Tony Grimes Julia Greaves Barbara Haire Charlotte Griffin Connie Hale Debbie Griffin Winnie K. Hall BETH ROBERTSON — Treasurer of Sophomore Girls CARL SMITH — Treasurer of Sophomore Boys Ken Hambrick Denise Hill Eddie Hammond Jack Hilliard Gloria Hardwick Marcia Holley Dan Harper Teresa Holley Jennifer Hatcher Vince Holley Jeanette Heinzman Vason Holman Ricky Hendley Susan Holman Wade Hester Janet Horne 250■ Dwainc Houston Sanford Jacobs Lamar Houston Janis Jansen Robin Howard James Jarrell Cindy Hughes Carol Johnson Luanne Hughes Delores Johnson Dane Hughes Joanne Huiras Dysonnyea Johnson Priscilla Joiner Tim Jackson Audrey Jones CORA CUFF — Parliamentarian of Sophomore Girls JIMMY LEE GARDNER — Parliamentarian of Sophomore Boys Lavinne Jones Joey Kimbrell Ed Judd Nancy Kirksey Janice Kaufman Nancy Kory Henry Keith Karen Kugler Beverly Kelly John Lamoy Charles Kendrick Alicia Lawson Larry Kennedy Mike Layson Debra Kenney Sonia Layton 251Sugie Litchen Sidney Mance Lisa Lightfoot Jonnie Mann Annie Lowe Lynn Marshall Randy Luckie Cliff Martin Michel Lunday Cris Massey Deborah Luttrell Becky Mathews Larry Mack Marie McCode Larry Maddox Pamela McCray Wallace McDonald Larry McDuffie Tommy McGee Gail McGuire Jim Mclnerney John McGauhlin E ldie McMertry Jim Medlin Lois Menchio Alan Middlebrooks Joe Mcnshew Barbara Mitchell Delois Mitchell Jack Mitchell Trudie Moncus Kana Moody Mike Norris Eddie Moore Nila Norton Belinda Morris Melissa Oates Teresa Myers Cathy Odum Mark Myers Joy Oliver Ricky Nall Steve Osburn Michael Newell Ricky Owen Ronald Newton jeannie Padgett 252Penny Pawley Betty Payne Cindy Pettus Brenda Pollock Billy Pate Alvin Perry Cindy Paul Frankie Perry Earthera Paulk Chuck Persall Sarah Parker Ricky Pennington Gerry Parnell Melanie Perrimann Donnie Peacher Chris Poole Ricky Pridgen Kathy Pruel Lane Pye Jackie Randall Laurie Randall Craig Reed Mike Reed Betty Rehberg Wayne Reno Lee Revills Brad Rice Lindy Roberts Beth Robertson Shelton Rose Jack Royal Marcia Rudderman Jeff Shelton Sheryl Ryals Terry Shepherd Edwin Sammons John Sikes Margaret Sassaman David Simmons Mike Schramm Debbie Simpson Bruce Shaw Steve Simpson Pam Sheeks David Skates Grant Sheilds Pat Skipper 253Johnny Slaton Pam Stone Carl Smith Nancy Stretchers Carol Smith Jo Summerford Charles Smith Ricky Swantzell Linda Stanford Susan Swink Scottie Stansberry Ira Taylor Linda Stephens Jimmie Taylor Patricia Stoddard Willie Teemcr Britt Thomas Ted Thomas Lisa Thomaston Sharon Thompson Steve Thompson Teri Tison Jimmy Troutman Donna Trovinger Joan Tucker Toby Tucker Jan Turner Gary Turpin Cleve Walden Wilburn Walker Ray Wallace Bobby Watkins Jack Watkins Sarah Wilboum Shrly Wiley Kathy Webb Nancy Wilkerson Mollie Westbrook Dwane Wilkes Pam Whatley James Williams Johnny White Rosalyn Williams Pam Whittington Randy Wingate Samuel Wicks James Worthy 2542552S8A D VER TISEMENTS Congratulations, Seniors! MAC GREGOR Compliments of Consumer Division — Brunswick Corporation Albany, Georgia TIFT WESTBROOK Compliments of a 705 N. Slappy Albany, Georgia 439-2311 FRIEND DANIELS BUILDERS There is only one — 628 Parkwood Dr. CLARK’S GULF SERVICE 701 N. Jefferson St. Albany, Georgia Complete Car Service ALBERT C. CLARK, Operator HE 6-4868 AAA CONCRETE ' 111 1 i PRODUCTS CORP. "Manufacturers of Q Blocks" Phone 436-9779 Phone 436-4626 ISIAH DANIELS — Proprietor 258 1224 Sylvester RoadCongratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of 1972 From The Catholics of Albany and Dougherty County St. Teresa's ChurchU-SAVE-IT 435-8351 210 Pine Avenue Albany, Georgia Your Dependable Druggist Save With U-Save-ITdii — QUICKIE CROWE’S DRUGS Prescriptions, Gifts, Cosmetics and Candy Free Delivery 227 BROAD AVE. ALBANY, GEORGIA TELEPHONE 435-4571 DRIVE INN 2322 N. Slappey Drive SANDWICHES 222 Pine Avenue Phone HE 2-6006 Phone HE 2-7001 Good Luck Class of '72 From Your Store We prepare any amount for any occasion Albany, Georgia Downtown Merry Acres 205 Broad 1408 Dawson Rd. With Best Wishes From . . . Your ‘‘17" Magazine Store Albany, Georgia Compliments of CHURCHWELL'S DEPARTMENT STORE 261 MIDTOWN MALL ALBANY, GA.  Hohnston 8? ] 212 Pine Avenue WAKEFORD INS. AGENCY Albany, Georgia 31701 Albany, Georgia 238 Pine Ave. Compliments of Congratulations Seniors '72 KEENAN TRANSFER STORAGE ASTON'S ONE HOUR CLEANERS 5th and Slappey Compliments of BECK MOTOR COMPANY P r+nr Annrnved ► ' i SaIp And Service Career Training Institute GMC TRUCKS Better Looking — Better Riding — Better Built Best Wishes S. J. CURRY COMPANY, INC. ALBANY, GEORGIA 31702 Compliments of WATKINS BUILDERS SUPPLY 436-0314 Albany, Georgia 262 801 E. Ogelthorpe Expressway 1160 E. Broad Ave. 436-0377 EAST ALBANY LUMBER COMPANY Retail Building Materials Pen Paints and Fiberglass Insulation Albany, Georgia “Say It With Flowers" ALBANY FLORAL CO. DIAL 436-3387 COR. 7th AND MONROE “Where customers and merchandise of auality meet" Compliments of BURTON'S SHOE STORE Midtown Mall, Downtown 2633 CONVENIENT LOCATIONS • Main Office Next to Post Office • Slappey Drive Office at Broad and Slappey • 225 Broad Avenue Office Plus a Facility at NAS Albany MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION — Serving Since 1905 —Compliments of RETAIL FURNITURE DEALERS ASSOCIATION ABC Furniture Co. Albany Housefurnishing Co. Brown Furniture Co. Carter Home Furnishings Gerst Bros. Furniture Co. Home Furniture Co. Home Supply Furniture Co. J J Furniture Co. Loosier of Albany Furniture Co. Miles Furniture Co. Morrow-Cook Furniture Co. Newcomb, Inc. Phillips Moving Storage Co. Rhodes, Inc. Suburban Furniture Wade Furniture Co. Albany, Georgia Albany Lincoln Mercury Co. VOLKSWAGEN OF ALBANY, INC. 707 West Broad Ave. P.O. Box 1650 We wish for your future every success. LINCOLN MERCURY DIVISION The action place where Business is being done and you are always No. I 632 W. Broad Ave. Albany, Georgia 31701 VOLKSWAGEN MORROW-COOK FURNITURE COMPANY William M. Dorsey Manager 432-7464 435 2624 245 Broad Avenue Albany, Ga. 26!BEST WISHES FROM THE ALBANY HERALD "South Georgia's Metropolitan Newspaper" Congratulations, Seniors FISHERMAN'S HEADQUARTER 317 N. Washington St. Albany, Georgia DAIRY QUEEN AND BRAZIER 351 N. Slappey Drive and East Albany Expressway of ALBANY, GEORGIA BRUCE JONES, CO. "Your Parts Jobber" 504 Roosevelt MEEKS ELECTRIC COMPANY Contracting Heating Air Conditioning Appliances Service 212 N. Washington Midtown Shopping Ctr. Phone 6-4621 Phone 5-8941 ALBANY, GEORGIAAuthentic School Rings — 3 Weeks Delivery GIFTS for All Occasion? SAVELLE JEWELRY COMPANY Midtown Shopping Center ALBANY, GEORGIA Finest in Service — Finest in Quality STUDENT CHARGE ACCOUNTS INVITED Congratulations Seniors! Butler-Johnson Moving Storage Furniture Co. Kimbrell Stern Funeral Directors 1236 E. Broad Ave. Albany, Ga. 436 4243 435 8228 The Alban ournal A GEORGIA PRESS AWARD-WINNING PAPER HAYES CLOTHING COMPANY Style Center for Formal Wear for All Occasions. 121 S. WASHINGTON STREET ALBANY, GA. 267Smifhwick Construction Company GENERAL CONTRACTORS FLOYD L. HERMAN SERVICE STATION AND FUEL OIL CO. 301 N. Slappey Drive Albany, Ga. HE 5-9145 JEFF’S Fine Food for Fine People JEFF S FOOD CENTER 1 506 Dawson Road 1602 Westown Road P.O. Box 1170 Phone 436-3381 WINGATE TRUCKING CO. HE 5-5675 OR HE 5-5670 Complete Hauling Service "Think first of service then call us." Albany, Georgia Compliments of UNION STOCK YARD sale Wednesday 1:00 P.M.Phone: 436-0464 STALLINGS MUSIC CENTER Music Is Our Middle Name BAND INSTRUMENTS, RENTAL, REPAIR 1304-A W. Broad Ave. Albany, Georgia CRAWFORD-WOODS RED DOOR TO FASHION 614 N. Sloppey Drive Albany, Georgia Compliments of MERCK CHEMICAL DIVISION Merck Co., Inc. Radium Springs Road Albany, Georgia Fresh Meats Produce — Bakery Delicatessen Quality Foods S H Green Stamps Albany, Ga. Compliments of WATKINS LUMBER COMPANY, INC. 432-6278 Albany, Georgia ALBANY JOE BRASHEARS STEEL, INC. Reinforcing Steel Structural Steel Building Supplies Industry Avenue Albany, Georgia Phone 439-221 I CT' rsf L ec eraf (Savings AND LOAN ASSOCIATION 401 Pine Avenue • Albany, Georgia Joy's Hair Fashions PRITCHETT MOTORS, INC. Specializing in Your Chrysler—Plymouth Dealer MEN'S HAIRSTYLING 222 West Broad 6-8824 FABRICS, INC. MARY CARTER PAINTS Georgia's largest supply and most complete stock of Craft Department Upstairs 630 W. Oglethorpe 436-5J97 dress fabrics, drapery, upholstery and sewing notions. Specializing in custom made drapes, cornices, slip covering and upholstering. Albany, Ga. 320 N. Slappey Albany, Georgia IVEY DRUG CO. 1009 N. Monroe Ave. Albany, Georgia “We Are As Close As Your Telephone" ED IVEY, Pharmacist Store Phone 432-1203 Night Phone 342-9705N. LYMAN HART, Owner Phone 435-4787 dnlitsmitlf’s SETS THE STYLE THE STAG SHOP Men's Fashionable Wear 14 Midtown Shopping Center Phone 435-4787 Albany, Ga. Ti rest one stores 429 Oglethorpe Albany. Georgia 31701 Phone: 436 0576 Downtown Merry Acres 105 N. Washington 1406 Dawson Rd. H. DAVIS and SON'S Midtown Mall Tel. 435 2281 BALDWIN PIANO'S AND ORGANS sales and service "rent to own" plan ZOELLNER MUSIC CO. 810 W. Oglethorpe Ave. 436 1591ALBANY OUTBOARD MARINE Compliments of 909 Oglethorpe BROOKS AUTO PARTS "All Around the Town" A. For Fun Buy Top Performance MERCURY OUTBOARD MOTORS matched by high performance Glastron Boats 4 H.P. thru 135 H.P. C. CALLAHAN, JR. Owner DUPREE DRUGS Corner of 5th and North Sloppy Free Delivery 436-5736 Phone 435-2503 705 S. Slappey Blvd. Albany, Georgia compliments of the ESTATE OF SAMUEL FARKAS Established 1872 I 12-1 14 Broad Avenue Albany, Georgia 272 SCHOOL SUPPLIESBest Wishes From THE NATIONAL BANK fij H OF ALBANY HFl MEMBER: F.D.I.C. AND THE FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM A FULL SERVICE BANK Four Convenient Banking Locations — Main Bank Five Points South Northwest 410 W. Broad 300 S. Mock Rd. 407 S. Slappey 2349 Dawson Rd. "More Bank for Your Money' Tom Malone REALTOR Congratulations to the Class of '72 Builder of Compliments of ECONOMY AUTO STORE Corner of Brood Washington Auto Accessories And Appliances KINGSBERRY HOMES Real Estate Building, or Insurance 415 Pine Ave. 432-2340 432 21990 Lighting Fixtures Electrical Supplies Albany Lamp Service and Sales, Inc. 717 Oglethorpe Ave. Albany, Georgia 273NORTHSIDE PHARMACY Northside Shopping Center PLAZA PHARMACY 910 N. Jefferson Phone HE 6-7272 MEDICAL ARTS PHARMACY 412 Fourth Ave. Phone HE 6-3838 PROFESSIONAL PHARMACISTS “'Free Delivery” Albany, Georgia 21 Broad Avenue Albany, Georgia Compliments of BAILES OLDSMOBILE, INC. 1021 East Oglethorpe Expressway P.O. Box 1378, 436-7751 Albany, Georgia 31702 CLEVE WESTER'S TIRE MART, INC. 435-6131 mbbeMMERMbl. OO 1601 ii. ALBANY EXPRESSWAY ALBANY, GA 31705 Uniroyal — Dayton — Guardian — Autolite 313 N. Jefferson Albany, Georgia Phone: 435-7788P.O. Box 1376 Albany, Georgia 31702 619 Pine Ave. HANKINS INSURANCE AGENCY Insurance of All Kinds Telephone 435-1141 435 4956 CHARLES R. HANKINS Albany w Georgia Hawkinson Treads Outwear Most New Tires BENNETT’S 906 N. Sloppey FLORISTS - GARDEN SUPPLIES - PETS Best Wishes to the Class of '72 ALBANY GENERAL TIRE SERVICE 1006 West Broad Street Albany, Georgia W. H. THOMPSON Phone 6-2484 Bruce-Allen's 207-A Broad Ave. Albany, Ga. for men and boys Tops 'n Bottoms 234-B Broad Albany, Ga. Compliments of MOREE GROCERY 1316 N. Jackson St. Albany, Georgia Congratulations to the Class of '72 From NIFDA ACC Distributors Division of Albany Candy Co.Compliments of HARLEM CUT RATE DRUGS Compliments of ALL SPORTS, INC. "Your Complete Community Drugstore" "Albany's 1st and only 100% Sporting Goods Center with the lowest sporting goods prices in Albany." 309 So. Jackson St. 1 18 N. Washington 6 2674 Plan Your Career in the Congratulations And Best Wishes AUTOMOTIVE OWENS, INC. Service Industry AUTOMOTIVE AUTOMOTIVE WHOLESALING SERVICES Sporting Goods — Hardware Luggage — Housewares — Toys Schwinn Bicycles — Playground Equipment KEENAN AUTO PARTS CO. 202 Broad Ave. PAT’S CYCLE SHOP Bicycles Keys Lawnmowers Sales Service 143 Pine Ave. Phone 2-7616 Albany, Georgia Helen Ervin of ERVIN FLORIST 111 1 Fourth Avenue HE 5-4244 Albany, Georgia Weddings, Funerals, Corsages Cut Flowers, Potted Plants Clothes For Young Women Of All Ages Downtown and Midtown Mall 276 Congratulations and Best Wishes from the Folks at THE CENTER — THE MALL “The Center of shopping for Southwest Georgia"Compliments of Compliments of ALBANY SCALE CO. 200 E. Broad Albany, Georgia LAFAYETTE RADIO ELECTRONIC ASSOCIATE STOREs 154 N. Slappy 435-1044 Security Bank and Trust Co. 700 Pine Avenue Member FDIC Toasted Hot Dogs “With All the Trimmings" JIMMY’S HOT DOG STAND “The Hot Dog King” Cold Drinks, Candy, and Ice Cream Cigars and Cigarettes 204 South Jackson Street 435-4751 Albany, Georgia f ATl? Sr ftyUZAT INC. ALBANY. GEORGIA THE SREAT NAMES IN THREAD7£e Citizens £ Sou Aern 73an A of yi Eany SERVING AND GROWING WITH ALBANY SINCE 1890 THREE CONVENIENT LOCATIONS MAIN OFFICE BRANCH MARINE CORPS FACILITY — Washington and Oglethorpe — Slappey Drive and Dawson Road — Marine Corps Supply Depot What can we do for you? F.D.I.C.COMPLIMENTS OF Potter Motor Co. GARGANO'S 1501 E. Albany Expressway East Albany Expressway Dining Room and Take Out Service for All Foods and Beverages PIZZA VILLA 1604 N. Slappey STUDENTS WELCOME! TAPE TOWN 107 S. Slappey TOWN COUNTRY SHOP Albany, Georgia MEN'S HAIRSTYLING BY LAKE PARK BARBER SHOP 1929 Dawson Road 436-6670 TAPES PLAYERS CAR and HOME 8 Track Cassette PATCHES and POSTERS COMPLETE INSTALLATION 439-8900AULTMAN MOTOR CO. otbueht HE aiubah?. ha. 948 Oglethorpe Ave. Albany, Sa. Got the Munchies? Come See Superscoop. Pontiac 911 N. Slappy Ph: 6 3131 Specializing in Party Goods Congratulations to CLASS OF 72 Phone: 436 2431 Parts Service Body Repairs mmmt First Methodist YouthRAILWAY FREIGHT SALVAGE All types of merchandise at salvage prices You name it — we may have it I 140 Gillionville Rd. Albany, Ga. Phone 439-2391 JImeats JltM LYKES BROTHERS, INC. OF GEORGIA Albany, Georgia The South's Most Progressive Meat Packers Albany High Senior Rings by HERFFJONES COMPANY "A Complete Graduation Service" INVITATIONS — CARDS — DIPLOMAS CAPS and GOWNS — CHOIR ROBES MEDALS — PINS — TROPHIES Representatives ELLIOT BATTLE Tifton, G«. 282Bottled under the authority of The Coca-Cola Co. by The Albany Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Personalized Services • Receptions • Parties • Meetings • Banquets • Industrial or Outdoor Serving 20-1,000 All Types Food Foreign, Barbecue Plan — Fancy 436-81 19 RICH'S FURNITURE AND APPLIANCES We Specialize In — QUALITY FOOD AND FAST SERVICE Breakfast — Lunch — Dinner — Short Orders OPEN 24 HOURS For Take Out Orders Dial Any 3 Locations 435 2657 436 9279 New Albany Hotel 436 0010 375 N. Slappey Blvd. 400 2nd Ave. I Block South Of The Hospital Admiral Color T.V. Stereos — Tape Players Appliances Electronics Furniture Vacuum Cleaners Sewing Machines Musical Instruments Carpet Gifts "WE SERVICE WHAT WE SELL" I 105 Gillionville Rd. 435 2101 Albany, Georgia 283Compliments of Best Wishes and a Happy and Prosperous Future to Each of You ALBANY BOWLING SUPPLIES, INC. 929 W. Highland Albany, Ga. 31701 FRED W. CARTER Phone.432-9351 Alt 0j A H mi Under Management of DIVERSIFIED DEV. CO. OF ALBANY, INC. Albany, GeorgiySave pennies on every item . . . Save dollars every week! L. PRISANT JEWELERS Albany, Georgia HE 2-6136 219A Broad Ave. Exquisite Jewelry See Our Pre-engagement Rings N. Slappey and Palmyra Rd. Albany, Georgia HE 2-6451 234 Broad Ave. WOOD’S JEWELRY COMPANY Albany, Georgia Albany High School Charms Compliments of MAGNOLIA STREET GROCERY Compliments of LmAmMi SllC jkek finest quality meats in town ALBANY, GEORGIA 43-2-1671 1 1 3 N. Washington Congratulations Class of 1972 "JESCO" JAMES EQUIPMENT SUPPLY CO. POTEAT FUNERAL HOME 608 8th Ave. 432-5151 FUNERAL DIRECTORS Albany, Georgia 31702 MRS. BERTHA S. POTEAT JAMES GRIFFEN E. O. THOMAS JR. Owner Mgr. Mortician Phona 436-3615 306 Whitney AvenueAMOS SAMFORD, INC. Contractors and Engineers “Skmvk 'pcciKttu'ie Southwest Georgia's Only American Traditional Shop . . . 51 1 Broad Ave. 435-5448 compliments of BAMA’S SHOP BISHOP'S Women’s Ready-to-Wear HE 2-1085 1107 S. Slappey Albany, Ga. 214 Pine Ave. Albany, GeorgiaMILLER BUICK - OPEL Sears 221 Oglethorpe Ave. Albany, Ga. 432-7411 Sales and Service 525 Oglethorpe Albany, Georgia WRIGHT'S FLOUR FEED STORE Your Red Hat Dealer 220 Oglethorpe Ave. Ph: 2-2831 Albany, Georgia Compliments of A FRIEND Visit our beautiful Tropical Room for Fine Foods a leiliorpe Q% iel 941 OGLETHORPE AVE. (j lllany, Qeorgta 31701 DIAL (9121 435-8306 THE STYLE SHOP 103 North Washington Compliments of ALBANY FROZEN FOODS 287 Albany, GeorgiaCompliments of HOLMAN MOTOR COMPANY L. P. GAS AND APPLIANCES PROPANE Mercedes-Benz Toyota — Triumph Gas Heating Air Conditioning Central Heating Floor Furnaces Ph: 912 436-0352 P.O. Box 1764 714 Oglethorpe Exp. GREEN’S Propane Gas Service COMPLIMENTS OF Compliments of WALDEN AND KIRKLAND A FRIEND REALTORS INC. INSURORS INC. L. G. BALFOUR CO. Congratulations to the Class of 72 HARLEM CAB COMPANY 288 NATHAN MORGAN JEFF MORGAN 2l7! 2 S. Jackson St. Albany, Georgia Representatives JOE SNEED, Owner JAZZ BALLROOM BALLET TAP JACK DETHERAGE ( roudjL INSURANCE AGENCY % InsuraHie J AGENT t MURPHY DANCE STUDIO 1211 Second Avenue HE 2-1208 General Insurance 504 S. Slappey Drive — Albany, Georgia Albany, Georgia “Serves You First" MASON’S JEWELERS MIDTOWN MALL JIM STIMPSON Residential Designs Complete Bridal Dept. Fine Jewelry Albany's Finest Jewelry Store 707 H. Slappey Albany, Georgia BOB’S CANDIES, INC. 435-4504 Pretoria Rd. HALEY MOTOR CO. Sales FORD Service ALBANY, GEORGIA 435-8313 408 North Slappey Albany, Georgia 289OXFORD CONSTRUCTION CO. INC. 2615 N. Slappy Blvd. HEAVY CONSTRUCTION CONTRACTORS • Highways and Street Construction • Asphalt and Concrete Paving • Land Clearing and Grading • Storm and Sanitary Sewers • Parking Lots and Subdivisions HEAVY EQUIPMENT RENTALS i MILLER DISTRIBUTING CO. 435-7735 Office 436-3080 After Hours 439-7181 IF NO ANSWER 432-5417 HERITAGE Photography Larry Patrick 504 Pine Avenue Albany 290GARGANO'S ROYAL CROWN COLA East Albany Expressway Dining Room and Take Out Service for All Foods and Beverages PIZZA VILLA 1604 N. Slappey STUDENTS WELCOME! NEHI BOTTLING COMPANY HINMAN, INC. Congratulations to the 11 24 Highlond Ave. CLASS OF 72 436-0101 From Awnings, Carports Aluminum Sidings, Storm Windows BETA CLUB Steel Buildings, Screens "Lot our Whools Jo Your Wtlking' KNIGHTS MOTOR COMPANY 1314 W. BROAD AVENUE Albany. Georgia Bus. Phone 439-7031 LEONARD M. GARY A. KNIGHT MACK G. KNIGHT Res. Phone 435-4840 Res. PKone 435-3379 291J. D. Construction Co. Inc. and Davis Realty 505 C. S. Slappey Builders of New Homes and Sell and Trade of Old Ones. Compliments of ALDRIDGE-JORDAN SONNY CAMPBELL TEXACO Construction Co. Inc. Water Natural Gas Storm and Sanitary Sewers Pollution Control 24-Hour Service Mechanic on Duty Front End Alignment and Rebuilding Wheel Balancing—Complete Brake Service Phone HE 6-1790 1007 N. Slappey Drive Valdosta 432-7737 Albany 292Air Products Compliments of and Chemicals Inc. SOUTHEASTERN REGION 432-0536 DISTRICT LOCATIONS GAY Albany, Ga. Columbus, Ga. Valdosta, Ga. Dothan, Ala. Panama City, Fla. Pensacola, Fla. Tallahassee, Fla. Miami, Fla. Jacksonville, Fla. Tampa, Fla. Atlanta, Ga. Chattanooga, Tenn. Plumbing and Heating Compliments of DEMING WHITING SPECIALIZING IN Commercial Properties Multi-Unit Housing Land Developments Georgia — Florida — Texas 91 I West OglethorpeEVANS OF ALBANY BEAUTY SALON 436 121 I I 70 N. Slappey Compliments of Lilliston is a Good Place to Work" ALBANY 435-1461 GEORGIA295296A.H.S. Senior Directory ALBRITTON, CHERYL — VICA - (Secretary - 3, Chaplain - 4) ARTERSON. CHARLES — Band ARNOLD. DAVID — B-Team Basketball. Pow Wow Staff BAGGETT, DEBORAH — Beta Tri-Hi-Y - (Chaplain - 3). DECA BAILEY, CHARLOTTE BARBER, BOB — Senior Hi-Y - (Treasurer - 4) BARTO, RUSTY Basketball. Tennis BASKO, RICKY BAXTER. MIKE — Football. Student Council, Boys’ Stale • (Mayor, Attorney General) BEAVER, SUSAN — Alpha Tri-Hi-y. DECA - (Chaplain - 4) BEDSOLE. MICHAEL BELL, ROSIA BENTON. ED — Football. Track. Senior Hi-Y BLACKSHEAR. VIRGINIA BLOCKER. PATRICIA — FHA BOHANNON. MARTHA BOULWARE, TERRI — Alpha Tri-Hi-Y - (Community Chairman -4) BOUNDS. KATHLEEN BOYD. DOROTHY — FTA, FHA. (Chaplain - 2). Kappa Gamma Tri-Hi Y (Vice President - 2). Beta Tri-Hi-Y - (Vice President - 3. President • 4) BRADSAHW, BONITA — Pep Club, Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y (Pari. - 2. President • 3), Basketball BRANNECKY, PATTI — Library Club BRASWELL, SUSAN — French Club - (Secretary • 3), Pow Wow Staff • (Feature Editor - 4), Alpha Tri-Hi-Y - (School Projects Chairman - 4) BRIMBERRY. BERT — Basketball, Tennis, Student Council -(Pari. - 4), Bi-Racial Council — (President • 4), Sophomore Class - Vice President, Junior Class - Treasurer, Senior Class Vice President. Senior Superlative BRINSON, THERESA — Beta Tri-Hi-Y - (Publicity Chairman - 4) BRISBOIS, DAVID — Football, Track, ROGB. Boys’ State, Student Council BROWN. FLORA BRUCE, JO ANN BROCK. BROCKY — Football, Baseball, Senior Superlative BRODBECK, ROBIN Beta Tri-Hi-Y (School Chairman - 2). Pep Club, Phi Delta Tri-Hi-Y, Alpha Tri-Hi-Y BROOKS, PAM — French Club. Drill Team - (Captain - 4) BROOME. JANICE — French Club BROWN, BETTY — Pow Wow Staff BROW N, JOSEPH BROWN, PEGGY — Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y, Beta Tri-Hi-Y BROWN. SHARON — Beta Club. JCL, Beta Tri-Hi-Y, Student Council, Color Guard BULLINGTON, DONNA — Beta Tri-Hi-Y, (Chaplain - 4) Color Guard BUSBEE, JAN — Pep Club. Phi Delta Tri-Hi-Y - (Service Chairman - 3, President - 4), Beta Club - (Secretary • 4), Senior Superlative BUTLER. CHRISTINE — Beta Tri-Hi-Y - (President 3) BUTLER. SHEILA CALLAWAY, GENE — Golf CARLTON, JEANINE CARSWELL, TERRY CARTER, MARY — Gamma Tri-Hi-Y, FHA. FTA, Beta Tri-Hi-Y CHAMPION. WENDY — Phi Delta Tri-Hi-Y - (Vice President - 3). Pep Club - (Secretary - 3, Treasurer - 4), Student Council, Beta Club, Annual Staff • (Assistant Editor - 4), Tennis, Junior Class • President, Senior Representative on Homecoming Court, Senior Superlative CHATMON, TOMMY — Drum Major. ROGB CLARK, CHERYL CLARK, CATHY — FTA. Beta Tri-Hi-Y - (Pari. - 4) CLANTON. BILL — Baseball, DECA - (Treasurer - 3). Phi Delta Sweetheart CLOWER, TERRY — Pep Club COLEMAN. TERRI — DECA • (President - 4), FTA. (Secretary Treasurer • 4). Beta Club, Beta Tri-Hi-Y - (School Projuects Chairman) COOK. JOYCE COOK. THERESA COOKE. SUSAN — Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, DECA COW ART. MARTIN — French Club CRADDOCK. BETTY — FHA CROWE. DEBORAH — FHA • (Program Chairman • 3, President -4), Kappa Gamma Tri-Hi-Y CUTTS, VICTORIA — Band DANIEL, ANDY — Football, Track. Baseball. Sophomore Class -(Secretary) DANIEL, MYRA — Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y, VICA DAN NIELS. HARRIETT DAVIS, ANN — Alpha Tri-Hi-Y DeFILIPPI, LINDA — Beta Club, FHA - (Secretary 4) DEI I ER, TED — Football, Baseball. Block A, Sophomore. Junior, Senior Class - (Treasurer) Senior Superlative, Annual Staff DeLOACH, HUTCH — Tennis, Band, Block A - (Treasurer - 4), Senior Hi-Y (Treasurer - 4) DENT, LEON — Basketball. Student Council DOLLAR. JERRY — Baseball. Block A DOLLAR, MIKE — Football. Track DREW', LINDY DUFFY. TERRI — Phi Delta Tri-Hi-Y. French Club - (President -3), Pep Club • (Vice President • 3), Senior Superlative DUKE, THERESA Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y, Beta Tri-Hi-Y - (Vice President - 4), FTA - (Pari. - 4) VICA DUNKELBERGER. SHERYL — Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y - (Secretary -3,4). VICA - (Secretary - 4) EDDINGS. MARGIE ERWIN, JEN — Basketball, Pep Club. Block A, Scribe Staff, Phi Delta Tri-Hi-Y. Alpha Tri-Hi-Y - (Vice President • 4), Student Council EVANS. SANDY — Cheerleader - (Captain - 4). Phi Delta Tri-Hi-Y. Block A. Annual Staff - (Faculty Editor - 4), Senior Superlative. Miss AHS, Pep Club 297EYLES. JOE — Beta Club. Pow Wow • (Editor - 4) Annual Staff • (Sports Editor • 4) FACKLER, DENNY — Football FARR. RONNIE FAULKNER. REX FENDER, SUE — FHA • (Vice President • 3). VICA FIELDS, ALICE FIELDS. ROSA FLETCHER. DAVID — Football, Track, Junior Class, and Senior Class • (Parliamentarian). Senior Superlative FOX, DENISE — Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y, Basketball FREEMAN, PAULA — Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y, Pep Club. Beta Tri-Hi-Y FRAZER. DANTZ — Scribe Staff FULLER, KENNETH — DECA GARNER. JOE — Beta Club, Senior Hi-Y. Pow Wow Staff, Governor's Honors, Star Student GAY. STEVEN — Band. ROGB, Governor's Honors GIDDENS, BONNIE — Alpha Tri-Hi-Y GILLIAM. MARK — Scribe Staff - (Sophomore Editor - 4) GILMORE, BOB — Football, Track, Block A, Pow Wow Staff GORDON, CLAUD GREAVES, CARLTON — Alpha Tri-Hi-Y GREENE, JEFF — Football, Track, Pep Club Sweetheart - 4, Senior Superlative GREENE, JOHN — Beta Club, Junior Classical League GREENE, MARK GREENSPUN. PATRICIA GRIFFIN, GRAYSON — DECA GRIFFIN, JAMES — Hi-Y GRISSOM. LENNY — DECA HAGLER, MARY BESS — Beta Club, Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, Sophomore Class - (Secretary) HAIRE. JANICE HARD, STEWART HARDEGREE, BILL — Albany High Band HARDIN, STEVE — Football, (Captain - 4), Basketball, Baseball. Track, Student Council, Junior, Sophomore, Senior - (President). Block A, Senior Superlative HARDRICK, ALBERT HARMAN, TORRI — DECA HARRIS, NEI£ON — Basketball HEIDT. MARY — Pep Club, Cheerleader, Phi Delta Tri-Hi-Y, Sophomore Class • (Vice-President), Student Council, Block A, French Club - (Vice-President), Scribe, Co-Captain Cheerleading. Senior Superlative HENDERSON, RHONDA HENNINGFIELD. CRAIG — Football, Block A HERRON, DANNY HICKS. JUDY — Varsity Cheerleader, Scribe, Block A HINDERLEIDER. DIANE — Beta Club, Scribe, Beta Tri-Hi-Y, Pep Club, Student Council, Library Service Club HOLMES. WANDA — Band, French Club HOLTON, CONNIE — Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, (President - 4), Beta Club HOOKS, RANDALL HOOKS, RODNEY HOUSTON. WALLY — Football HOW ARD, DON HOWARD, RICHIE — Football. Baseball. Track JAMES. BOB JACKSON, CHARLIE JENKINS, DEE — VICA, (President - 4) JETER, SUE — Alpha Tri-Hi-Y • (Chaplain - 4). Band. Scribe JOHNSON, BARBARA — Band. Pep Club HOGG. TIM — DECA JOHNSON. CLEO — Football - (Co-Captain • 4). Basketball. Band, Track, Baseball JOHNSON, GLORIA — Pep Club, Scribe. FTA, Band-Drill Team -(Captain), Library Service Club • (President) JOINES, ROBERT JONES. GWENDOLYN JONES. MARTHA ANN — Tennis Team. Platonians, Beta Club, Pep Club, Photographer, (Pow Wow and Annual Staff) JONES, NANCY — DECA JONES. WALTER — Basketball, Senior Superlative KENNEDY, PAULETTE — Drill Team, Pep Club KEZER. SANDY KIERCE, LAW ANA — Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y, (Vice-President - 3. President - 4) KING, ASHLEY — Senior Hi Y KING, CHRIS — Baseball. Block A KIRKSEY, MARY ANNE — Tennis Team, Basketball, Phi Delta Tri-Hi-Y • (Secretary - 4), Scribe, Block A. Junior Class • (Vice-President), Annual Staff, Pep Club KNIGHT, PENNY — Student Council, FHA, - (Degrees Chairman) LANE, MARY — DECA LANIER, JOHNNY LAW RENCE, JOSEPH — Biracial Committee, DECA, Scribe, Pep Club LESSARD. ANITA LIGGIN, LINDA — Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, Pep Club LIGHTFOOT. BILL — Pow-Wow, Band LIGHTLE, GAIL LITTLE, JAMES LEWIS. BENJAMIN — VICA LEWIS, KENNETH — DECA, Scribe LOCKARD, KAREN — Beta Club, Beta Tri-Hi-Y, - (Treasurer - 3 and 4), Pep Club, Bi-Racial Council LORIG, SHIRLEY — Scribe LOW MAN, STAN LYALL, MIKE — Short Circuits, • (Treasurer-4) MAINES, DEBBIE — Student Council, Phi Delta Tri-Hi-Y, Platonians, Annual Staff, Pep Club, Junior Class • (Parliamentarian), Beta Club - (President - 4). Pow Wow • (Club Editor - 4). Senior Superlative MAJORS, CHARLOTTE — Band. DECA -(Assistant Reporter) MAYBERRY, BERNAIRD McBRICE, DIANE — Scribe McCLLRE, CLARK — Short Circuits McCOLL, STACY — Epsilon. Pow Wow McKEMIE. GORDON — Basketball. Tennis, Beta Club McKNIGHT, JEROLD — Band, Senior Hi Y MELTON, RONNIE — Library Assistant MERCER, JOHNNY — DCT MIRES. RICKY 298MITCHELL, ESTHER — Scribe, French Club. ETA. Annual Staff MITCHELL, GARY — ROGB MITCHELL. LARRY — Student Council • (Vice-President - 3. President • 4). Beta Club. Bi-Racial Committee, Senior Hi Y -(Vice-President - 3) MOULTRIE, YVETTE MYERS. PATRICIA — Student Council, DECA - (Secretary - 4), Senior Class • (Parliamentarian - 4), Senior Superlative NEWELL, PENNY — EHA - (Parliamentarian - 4) NICHOLS. PENNY NIX. DEANNA — DECA NOBLES. JANE — VICA NORRIS, DEBBIE — Senior Class - (President), Homecoming Queen, Majorette - (Head - 4), Beta Club, Senior Superlative, Student Council. Miss A.H.S. (Second Runner-up - 4, Miss Congeniality - 3), Pow Wow O BRIEN. MIKE O'NEAL. KEVIN — Basketball, Football, Baseball, Track OTT, ROBERT PACE. BRENDA PARKER, BUDDY PANNELL. PAM PAYNE-, JOHNNY — Football. Basketball, Senior Superlative, Annual Staff • (Sports Editor) PEACH. MARY PENNINGTON, KATHY — DECA PENNINGTON, KAY PERRY. NATHANIEL PETERSEN, PETE — Basketball, Baseball, Track, Senior Superlative, Senior Class -(Secretary) PETERSON, PAT — Band, DECA PFEIFFER, CRAIG PHELPS, JAMES POWELL, VICKIE PRINCE, PANDORA PRUET. LESLIE — Scribe, Platonians, Pow Wow RANDALL, CYNTHIA — VICA. FTA RAY, JANIE — VICA. Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y, FHA REVELL, BECKY — Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, - (Parliamentarian - 4), Pow Wow, Junior Class - (Treasurer), Senior Class • (Secretary) REVELL, CARLA — Pow Wow REVELL, CLIFF — Pow Wow RICH. SUSAN — Annual Staff - (Ad Editor) RICHARDSON, MIKE RICHTER. FRED — DECA, Pow Wow RIGGINS, JOYCE — FHA - (Parliamentarian - 2) ROGERS, PAM — Phi Delta Tri-Hi-Y, Student Council, Sophomore Class - (Secretary), Sophomore representative in Homecoming, DECA, Senior Superlative RUSSELL, CELESTE SALTER, JANE SANTOS, STEVE — Pow Wow SATTERFIELD, LISA — Phi Delta Tri-Hi-Y, Annual Staff - (Class Editor - 4), Beta Club SCHLIE, GAIL — Student Council, Platonians, Scribe SELMAN, DANNY SENN. DEBBIE — FHA - (Chaplain - 3). VICA SEWELL. CAROL SHARP. VICKIE 5HAWVER, STANLEY — Football, Track, Band SHEALY, GENA KAY — Pep Club, Phi Delta Tri-Hi-Y, Pow Wow - (Typist • 4) SHEPHERD, PAM — DECA. Beta Tri-Hi-Y SHEPPARD, SUSAN — Annual Staff - (Editor - 4). Scribe, Tennis, Beta Club. Senior Class - (Vice-President), Phi Delta Tri-Hi-Y -(Vice-President • 4, School Projects Chairman - 3), Student Council - (Secretary • 4), Pep Club, Senior Superlative, Girls' State SHIVER. LYNN — Phi Della Tri-Hi-Y SIMMONS. CHRIS — Short Circuits, DECA SIMPSON, PHYLLIS SIMS, JIMMY — Football. Track, Baseball, Junior Class • (Treasurer), Sophomore Class - (Parliamentarian) SINGLETON, MIKE — Senior Hi Y SLAPPEY, PAUL — Block A, Beta Club. VICA. FTA SLATON, KATHERINE — Pep Club, FTA, Scribe, Annual Staff SMITH, AL Basketball. Track. Senior Superlative SMITH, ANELLA — Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y, Alpha Tri-Hi-Y SMITH. DAVID — Track, Football SMITH. JAMES — Band SNEAD. ROGER SNEAD. ROY SOLOMON. JOHN SPENCE. MARIA — Student Council, Pep Club, Block A, Phi Delta Tri-Hi-Y. DECA • (Parliamentarian - 4). Varsity Cheerleader SPURLIN, ALLEN — Student Council, ROGB, Senior Superlative STAINES, DELORA — Phi Delta Tri-Hi-Y STOKES, BARRY — Football, Baseball, Track, Block A STRAIN. BREN ETTA — Scribe STRAWDER, SUSAN STRETCHERS, HAZEL — FHA - (Treasurer • 4) STRICKLAND. MARY STUBSS, JANE STULTS. CARL STULTS, CINDY — Pow Wow • (Typists - 4) SURFACE. GEORGE SWARTZELL, DENNIE SWINK, MIKE — Beta Club, Short Circuits - (Secretary - 4) TANNER, RICHARD TATE. ANGELENA — VICA, Senior Class - (Treasurer) TARLETON, TONY — Short Circuits • (Vice-President) TAYLOR. JULIAN - Football, Track TAYLOR. JANE — Pow Wow, Alpha Tri-Hi-Y - (Secretary-Treasurer - 4) THOMAS, MARTY — Football, Track. Block A THOMAS. MARY THOMPSON, BEATRICE — Band THOMPSON, DEBBIE — Phi Delta Tri-Hi-Y - (Treasurer - 4), Scribe, Student Council, Platonians, DECA - (Secretary • 4), Pep Club TOMLINSON. ROBBY — Football. Alpha Tri-Hi-Y Sweetheart, Block A TOMS, ANNE — Senior Superlative TRUITT, FORREST — Student Council 299TUCKER. DEBBIE TURNER. GEORGE VEASEY. MIKE — Baseball WANGEN, GINNY — Pep Club, Student Council, Annual Staff • (Class Editor), Tennis, Phi Delta Tri-Hi-Y WARD. BRENDA — DECA WEBB. KELLINE — Beta Tri-Hi-Y. DECA, Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y WEBB. MARY WEBB. PERRY — Beta Club, Senior Hi Y, ROGB - (Vice-President - 4). Band • (President - 4) WHATLEY. JEFF — Beta Club, Star Student WHATLEY, DEBBIE — Phi Delta Tri-Hi-Y, Student Council WHITE. JAMES WHITTINGTON. CURTIS — ROGB, Band WIGGINS, CLARENCE WILKES. ROBBIE — VICA WILLIAMS, DARVI — Scribe, Annual Staff. Senior Hi Y. Pep Club. FTA, Band. Platonians. French Club WILLIAMS. DEBBYE — FTA, Pep Club, Scribe, Annual Staff. Drill Team WILLIAMS, JACQUELINE — Scribe WILLIAMS, JAMES WILLIAMS, JOEY — Band, ROGB - (President - 4, Vice-President • 3), Senior Hi Y. Student Council WILLIAMS, BILL W'lLSON. RANDY — Short Circuits, Annual Staff W'INBUSH. RAVELLE W'OMACK. JOY - Phi Delta Tri-Hi-Y, Pep Club, - (Vice-President -3), Beta Club, Junior Representative in Homecoming, ROGB Sweetheart - 3 W'OOD. PHIL WRIGHT. TONY WORTMAN, TWILA — Phi Delta Tri-Hi-Y, Pep Club YARBROUGH, ROBIN — Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, Pep Club, Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y YIELDING, VANN ZEIGLER, SAM — Block A, Manager of Football, Basketball, Track 300Autographs Owed To The Teachers You took me by surprise, you did I knew not what to say Your kind remarks, your highest thoughts Were open to display. But I will offer this to you In ny own defense When pas8ion comes to take control I lose my eloquence. Although your go at song and stunt Was very brave and bold Stick to the art of teaching, please— Out there it’s very cold. My subject now is chafing dish Bright, beautiful and strong I'll have you by to chafe with me Ere the time is long I thank you very much indeed for the covered dish But I must say with great dismay I didn’t get ay fish, I take ay leave with heavy heart Aware what I'll be missin A kind regard, good atmosphere And just a little hiasin'. I’ll came again and see you soon I’ll always keep in touch. It is a fact, you can be sure. I'll miss you very much.. How Hornsby comes upon the scene And tries to fill ay shoes While I go 'way up on the hill To sing the "Big House Blues". When I assume my duties there I'll have a big head starts Tradition, pride, class and style Of Albany High School in ny heartsAuto?ranhs GOODBYE, GRAYDON (Sung to tune of "Hello Dolly") Goodbye, Graydon, yes. Goodbye, Graydon It’s so sad for you to leave dear A. H« S. You've been here long, Graydon Sing sad songs, Graydon As you journey to the big house over-- on the Flint. When you get there, Graydon, Please do share, Graydon How we feel about this damn semester grading. Your new job's a—big break, Kids won't call—you snake Now that you've got your seventeen points to go graduate Of you we wish no less Than the very best And you can come cry on our shoulders anytime So with all our—good wishes Please enjoy these dishes In your position don't forget that we're your pet 11 Take your bows, Graydon Your time to shine is now, Graydon As we all sniff back a tear Promise to visit over here You'll bo welaomed anytime you doji 303 A utographs  ; sv , r F',' 5

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