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Albany High School - Thronateeska Yearbook (Albany, GA) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Cover

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1971 THRONATEESKA2Table of ContentsA Year in the Life The first days passed so slowly — thank goodness for assemblies and morning pep rallies . . . The class of "71” received their rings and the class of "73’ were "Silly Sophomores" . . . Football season ended and we missed Friday nights with the Indians . . . Twirp season brought a change of pace for the students ... No one minded the arrival of Christmas holidays . . . We didn't return again until 1971 . . . Then along came exams, report cards and second semester . . . Basketball season ended soon after second semester started . . . People caught spring fever and thoughts turned to the upcoming summer months . . . Senior parties were well underway by now . . . The Junior Class "cordially" invited the Senior Class to the Junior-Senior . . . Senior activities and Baccalaureate came then exams and report cards ended the year . . . Graduation ... A year in the life 57Overdue library books . . . Detention hall . . . Skill test . . . Signing out early to go home . . . Day dreams 912Going earlv and staying late for club meetings . . . Long homeroom schedule . . . Dear Ole AHS” . . . Touchdown . . . Did you study for the English test?’ 14Frightened Sophomores . . . Trips to the guidance office . . . Shakespeare . . . Albany vs Westover . . . Defeat and victory . . . Miss AHS pageant . . . Homecoming . . . "May I borrow a pencil?” isYou're a grand ol' school, You're the school that we love And forever in honor we'll hold Alma Mater dear, we you revere The Boast of the Brave and the Bold Every heart beats true One and all we're for you And your memory we e'er shall bless, For should "Auld Acquaintance" be forgot,Kiwanis and McIntosh Awards The KIWANIS and McINTOSH awards are the most coveted honors which can be bestowed upon a student at Albany High School. These students, who are recognized from the senior class as having exemplified the most outstanding qualities of citizenship and leadership during their years at Albany High School, are selected by secret ballot of the faculty. CELESTE ANDERSON, Kiwanis Award "Honor is purchased by deeds we do; . . . honor is not won. Until some honorable deed be done.” — Marlowe JON MARGESON, McIntosh AwardEditor's Message The year has come and gone. All we have left are the memories of our Senior year. It has held so much for us. It began with our first day at school, pep rallies, senior rings, senior privileges, and new friends. So much seemed to happen in so short a time. Before we knew it, football and basketball seasons had come and gone and spring sports were well underway. We had already ordered our graduation invitations and have been measured for caps and gowns. It seemed so unreal to us that at last we would graduate. Where has the year gone? It is over and we have learned so much from it. We feel better qualified to face the future from the knowledge we’ve attained in the past three years. This is your yearbook. The 1971 Thronateeska Staff hopes you can relive your year at A.H.S. through the pictures and memories your yearbook holds. We hope that it will give you the joys that has made you a part of A.H.S. and A.H.S. a part of you. IVl 18Dedication The Thronateeska is dedicated to a lady who is dedicated ... a great teacher ... a great person to know . . . respected . . . admired . . . always willing to help . . . the staff voted . . . and agreed the 1971 Thronateeska is dedicated to . . . Mrs. S. A. Juhan 19Student Body Celeste Anderson — President of the Student Council Celeste has fulfilled her duty as President of the Student Body well this year. She has done much to contribute to the spirit and progress of Albany High School. Through her efforts this year Celeste has proved herself a leader. She has coped with problems, we feel, to the best of her ability. Outside of her duties as President, she is a Varsity cheerleader, a member of the Beta Club, Platonians, Block A, Pep Club, Pow Wow Staff, sweetheart of Short Circuits and Dougherty Civitans. We thank Celeste for a job well done. 20Leaders Larry is the Vice-President of the Student Council. As Vice-President his duties were to assist Celeste in various decisions, make announcements and preside at Pep Rallies. Larry did much this year to contribute to the spirit of the pep rallies. His enthusiasm seemed to reflect upon the student body. Larry also participates in Senior Hi-Y, Bi-Racial Committee, Platonians and Beta Club. LARRY MITCHELL — Vice-President of the Student Council The Student Council is the student representation at Albany High School. The representatives from each homeroom meet to plan activities and discuss problems. They sponsor Homecoming, White Christmas, Wear-What-You-Please Day and many other events.Dougherty County Board of Education MR. J. J. CORDELL MR. HAROLD E. McNABB Superintendent of the Dougherty County Schools Director of High Schools Bottom Row — Felix Marbury, R. H. Warren III, Dr. J. P. Cheevers Top Row — Haney Cohen, Charles Nesbitt, Morgan Murphy, Franklin Cross 24A Message From the Principal As we enjoy thumbing through this yearbook, we realize immediately that we are not only observers of the scene, but are of the scene ourselves. We see depicted here activities, events, victories, defeats, achievement, failure and representations of all the human emotions — in short, what we see is ourselves as we really are. We are today living in a world unlike that of any other generations. We have put men on the moon, but at the same time we have polluted our waters, the air we breathe, and through our inventive genius created those things which can so easily destroy us. I believe this to be the most challenging age in the history of mankind, and I feel that you at your age are to be the first to find the answers to many of life’s problems. The question 1 may ask and you should ask is how well am I preparing myself for the times that are to come. It has been true in every age and with every generation that those who put forth the effort also reap the rewards. Each of you is aware of your own standing, whether you have applied the effort and energies necessary to bring out the best in you. MR. CRAYDON PIERCE — Principal of Albany High School I am proud of our school as I know you are, and I am proud to be Principal of such an institution as Albany High School. A school can only be what students and faculty make it, and it is my judgement that the elements of your own individual contributions have combined to make a good school program. I congratulate the annual staff upon producing this fine book of memoirs. Best wishes to you all. Sincerely, Graydon Pierce 25Dean of Girls As I offer my sincerest CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS of 1971, il is my fondest hope and desire that you shall put forth the effort and enthusiasm to make your future so meaningful in a world which is crying out for clean, moral, purposeful living as the Staff of the THRONATEES-KA and their advisors have in giving to all of us this beautiful MEMORY BOOK of "our grand ole school” during the year of 1970-71. All about us there are the cries and complaints of the "Haves” and the "Have-nots”; the determining factor in what you shall make for yourself in the "now” as well as in the "future” is the application of some words of wisdom preserved for us in literature: "Not what we have, but what we use.” You are surrounded by every possible form of good and evil — both made quite attractive in some special way; there again it is "Not what we see, but what we choose.” True it is that the tasks that enable us to get an education to meet the challenges of the day are not always as alluring as the temptations to procrastinate another day or take a day off, or even to be satisfied with just getting by with a passing grade. Ours is a world of great competition and demand for those who can do the same old things a better way in less time. Never has it been more true than today that in the business world "It is the survival of the fit- V '4 ' MRS. RALPH SLAPPEY — Dean of Girls test.” I would do you a grave injustice not to remind you that the best and only real preparation for tomorrow is the right use of today. Unfortunately, you will, if you do, read this when many opportunities have already passed. Do not despair or give up the ship, but rather mend the leaks, the sails, recharge the battery and even grab the oars and go to work to achieve the goals worthy of your ability and desires. Through the joys, sorrows, successes and failures in my life, in addition to the Comfort, Wisdom and Courage and Faith made available in my relationship with my Creator, I find these words most helpful and I highly recommend them for your consideration: "Not what we have but what we use. Not what we see but what we choose These are the things that mar or bless The sum of human happiness.” (Mrs.) Thelma P. Slappey Dean of Girls Albany High School 77Albany High School Faculty MRS. VERA ADAMS B.S., Ft. Valley Slate, Home Economics, FHA COACH KEN ALLEN B.S., Ball State Univ., Social Science and Phys. Ed.. Girls Basketball. Asst. Football. Tennis COACH RONNIE ARCHER B.S., Ga. Southern. Phys. Ed.. Asst. Football and Basketball, Baseball. Block A MRS. GERALDINE BAILEY B.S., Univ. of Ga.. M.A.. Auburn, U.S. Gov., Economics, World History MRS. FLORENCE BATTLE B.S., Albany State, Gen. Bus., Shorthand. Typing MR. ERNEST BOONE B.S., Troy State, M.S., Troy State, Band, Chorus, Biology, Mellonetts. Band, ROGB MR. WENDELL BRANNEN B.S., Georgia Southern, Mech. Drawing and Graphic Arts MRS. ERVIN BROCK B.S., Georgia Southern, Bus. Ed. MRS. MARTHA BUTLER B.A., Mt. Holyoke. M.A., Univ. of Ga.. Six Year Florida State, Special Ed. 28MRS. WYLENE CURRY B.S., Ga. Southern, Physical Education MRS. PATRICIA DANIELS B.A., Albany State, English, The Scribe COACH GORDON DIXON B.S.. Florida State, Phys. Ed. and Dr. Ed., Vars. Basketball, Asst. Vars. Football MR. THOMAS DOWNING B.S., Univ. of Ga., Agriculture, FFA MRS. L. H. DUNN B.S., Albany State, Algebra and Geometry MR. N. D. ESSIC World and U.S. History, M.Ed., Florida A. M. Univ. MISS FRANCES FEAGIN A.B., Mercer Univ., M.Ed., Univ. of Ga., English MRS. AVIS FOSTER B.S., Univ. of Ga., M.S., Univ. of Ga., Home Making and Family Living, FHA MRS. MARY G. FUTCH A.B., Georgia College, English IV, Thronateeska The Devil Made Me Do That! 29COACH FERRELL HENRY B.S., Florida State, Phys. Ed. and Driver Ed., Head Football Coach. Block A MISS MARGARET JO HOGG A.A., Stephens, B.S., Uni . of Georgia, Typing, Shorthand II, Cheerleaders. Thronateeska MR. GEORGE HOWELL A.B.. Mercer, M.A.. Mercer, Biology. Thronateeska MR. GEORGE HUNT A.B., Elon College. Gen. Math. MR. WALTER JACKSON A.B., Albany State. French, French Club MR. NELSON JOHNSON B.S., Albany State. Biology MRS. S. A. JUHAN A.B., Womans College, M.A., Univ. of Ga., Six Yr. Certificate, Florida State, Span., Stu. Coun. MRS. SHIRLEY KIRKPATRICK B.A., Albany State, U.S. and World History COACH WILLIE MAG WOOD B.S., Albany State, Phys. Ed.. Asst. Football, B-Team Basketball, Block A 30MRS. HARRY MURDOCK B.S., Valdosta State, English and Journalism, Pow Wow MR. LAWSON MURKERSON B.S., Berry College, DCT, VIC A MR. L. OWENS B.S.. Savannah. Industrial Arts MRS. MARLENE PEACE B.S.. Valdosta, Alg. II and Adv. Alg. and Trig., Stu. Coun., Girls Basketball MR. DERRYL QUINN B.S., Univ. of Ga., DE. DECA MRS. JANE RUTLEDGE B.F.A., Univ. of Ga., Art. Girls Basketball. Phi Delta Tri-Hi-Y, B-Team Cheerleaders MISS CELESTE SMITH B.S., GSCW, M.A., Appalachian State Teachers College, Algebra and Geometry MRS. RUTH SUMMERVILLE B.S., Oklahoma College for Women, Gen. Biology MRS. DIANE TATE. A.B., Tift College, Biology MRS. JUDY THOMAS B.S., Ft. Valley, Geometry and Alg.. Beta Tri-Hi-Y 31MR. LEVI THOMAS B.A.. Painr College, Sociology and Psychology, Govt, and Economics MR. ARTHUR THOMPSON B.S., Albany Slate. Typing and Gen. Bus. MISS ELIZABETH TILLMAN A.B., Winthrop College. Latin. Jr. Classical League MRS. LUCY TRACY A.B.. Mercer, English III, Beta Club MRS. VEAL B.A., Allen Univ.. English III if: PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE MISS BEVERLY COACH DARRELL MR. WILLIAM YIELDING MRS. HELTON WHEELER WILLETT B.S., Ga. Southern, Wood School Nurse B.S., Ft. Valley, Speech and B.S., Florida State, Dr. Ed., Shop and Gen. Shop English Asst. Football. Asst. Track MRS. BAREFIELD Dietician HAVE YOU GOT THAT SPIRIT???!!! 3233Guidance Office MISS MARY HUDSON Director, A.B.. Valdosta State, M.S., Florida State MRS. L. V. DICKERSON Counselor, A.B., Erskine College, M.Ed., University of Georgia MRS. ANNETTE MURRY Secretary 34 The main functions of the Guidance Office personnel are to help each student choose the courses that are best suited to his specific needs; and to make him more aware of the world of work and various vocational opportunities available to him. As I see it, you will graduate in 1980.MRS. KATHLEEN COOK Office Personnel The Office Staff at Albany High takes care of the many and varied jobs including correspondence, records and bookkeeping. Their work, which involves helping students, faculty and the public, makes them an integral part of the school. MRS. ROSE MARIE MITCHESON Library Staff The Albany High School Library contains many books, periodicals, records, filmstrips and pamphlets for the use of students and teachers. Some of the materials are to appeal to the interests of the students. The library staff and the student assistants are always willing and eager to assist both teachers and students in every way possible to make all the library’s sources available to them. MRS. REBECCA REID MRS. FLORA HUNT MRS. JACKIE DALLEY Librarian Assistant Librarian Secretary B.A.. Bennett College B.S., Piedmont College M.S.L.S., Atlanta Univ. 35Senior Class Officers Presidents — JOHN MARGESON BETTS LAW Secretaries — DAN CHATMAN FRANCES THORTAN Treasurers — CHUCH RUSHING 38 PAT OSBURN PEGGY PAYNE Parliamentarians — BRAD OATS DIANE BENFORDBECKY ALDERMAN LINDA BAILEY ANN ANDERSON GERALDINE BARBER ANDY BARFIELD NANCY BELL RICKY BARTO DIANNE BENFORD GLORIA BASS MELVIN BENTON BECKY BECKER PATTI BIRD ANDY ACUFF CELESTE ANDERSON PATTI ALBERT JOHNNY ARTERSONJEAN BROWN MARGARETT BROWN RITCHIE BUFFI WILLIAM J. BULLARD RANDY BULLOCK LARRY BURKE RODNEY BURLESON BECKY BUSBEE DIANNE BRIDGES BARBARA BROOKSHEIR SHARON BRIGHT EMMARINE BROWN DAVID BRANCH ROOSEVELT BRILEY BONNIE BRIDGES LEM IT A BROOKSBARBARA BUSBY NEIL BUZZARD BARBARA CAMPBELL JULIE CANNON JAMES CARSWELL JANICE CARTER BILLY CARVER EMILY CAVAZUS RICHARD CELAYA CAROL COHEN DANIEL CHATMAN JAN COHEN MARK CHOQUETTE CAROLYN COLEMAN CLAUDIA CLYDE RUDELLA COLLIER 41BILL COLLINS SHARON COSTANTINO BENNETT COTTON KAREN COX ROBERT COX THURSTON CRAWFORD ROBERT CREEL JERRY CREWS 42 JACK CRONIN DIANE CUTLIFF CHRISTENE CROSS JOHNNY DANIELS CHARLES CUMBAA FRANKLIN DAVIDSON CHARLES CUTLIFF DANNY DAVISROSELYN DAVIS THERESA DUFFY YUNITA DOUGLAS DOLLY DUKE DARLENE DRISKELL PAM DUNSTON BENNIE DYKES DENNY FACKLER RAYMOND EDWARDS PATRICIA FICKEL PATRICIA EVANS RICKY FLETCHER PAMELA DAVIS PAUL DUFFY MIKE ELLERSON DEL FLANNIGANIDA FLOOD JENNIE FLOYD KENNY FORD JOHNNY GARDNER ALAN GERALD PATTY GERST TERESA FOSHA DANNY GILL CHARLENE GILLESPIE TOMMY GREEN JEAN GOODMAN CATHY GRIMES KAREN GREEN WAYNE GIZZARD MIKE GREEN BILLY HAGLERBOBBY HAIRE MIKE HAMLETT BARBARA HARDRICK DELILAH HARRIS PAMELA HART KIM HAWKINS DAVID HAYMAN MARK HEARD FRANCES HEIDT DAYLE HOLLEY DAVID HENSHALL STEPHEN HOLLOWAY PAULA HEWETT SHEILA HOLT RANDY HOLLAND DORIS HOOVERGREGORY HORTON BRENDA HOUSTON BUTCH HOWE JAMES HOWELL RICHARD HUDSON STEVE HUDSON BEVERLY HUNT OLIVER HUNTER 46 CURTIS INMAN JERRY JETER JAMES JACKSON BARBARA JOHNSON LENORA JAMES CHARLIE JOHNSON TERRI JAMES KEN JOHNSONRONALD JOHNSON JIMMY JUSTICE WILLIAM JOHNSON ROGER KARN MICHEAL JONES YVONNE KELLEY RAYMONJONES TONY KIERCE JANE KNIGHT CATHY LANIER KAOTRIS KNIGHT BETTS LAW ROBERT KNIGHTON KAREN LAWRENCE ROGER KNIGHTON BRENDA LAWSON 47JANNIE LAWSON LINDA LAWSON JAMES LEE MIKE LEHMAN EVELYN LEWIS MARION LEWIS FREDA LINDSEY BOBBY LIVINGSTON 48 JERRY LOKEY PATRICIA MARSHALL ARTHUR LUMPKIN KATHY MARTIN TOMMY LUMPKIN MIRIAM MARTIN JOHN MARGESON WILLIAM MARTINCAROLYN McBURNETT JANICE McCOLL DONNA McCORKLE WALTER MoGEE DEBBIE McMILLEN LISA MEDLOCK ROBBIE MERCHANT SUSAN MILLER AUDREY MIMS GEORGE NAYLOR VERDELL MINGO MARILYN NEALEY JEAN MITCHELL ROSA NELSON DEBBIE MORRIS MELVIN NEWELLJOY NEWSOME BRAD OATES CAROL ODOM PHYLISS O’NEAL GEORGE ORT PAT OSBURN DENNIE PARKER DEBRA PAROS 50 BILL PAULEY SHEILA PHILLIPS PEGGY PAYNE ANN PINSON GARY PEEK ALTIMEASE PITTMAN JO ANNE PEEK JAN PLUMMERROSEMARY PLUMMER CHRIS POLK SAMMY POLLARD PAULA POLLOCK CLAUDE PRESTON HARRY PRISANT JIM PROTHRO DON PYE RHONDA RACHELS MONA RAFEEDIE BOBBY RAGAN AL RAKEL NANCY RANDALL GAIL REESE PERRY REGISTER LINDA REIDPATTIE RENAUE BUSTER RENFROE SUSAN REVELL JAN REYNOLDS JUNE REYNOLDS PEGGY LYNN RICHARDSON MATTIE RIGGINS SHERMAN ROBERTS GLENDON ROGERS CHUCK RUSHING GLENN ROGERS MARIE SALTER JEFF ROSS AL SEELY CHARLES ROBINSON ANGIE RUDDERMANLAWANA SHERRILL SUSAN SHIVER HOYT SHORT BECKY SIMMONS PATRICIA SKATES CHERYL SMALLEY AMBER SMITH JIM SMITH TY SMITH SAMMY STEPHENS MARK SNELLING SHERRI STRICKLAND JANE SPENCE BETTY SUTTON DEBRA SPRING JEAN SUTTON 53MAUN DA SUTTON JACKIE TAYLOR LINDA SWAN LINDA TAYLOR JOHN SWIFT VICKEY TINSLEY DON TATE DANNY THOMAS MARJORIE THOMAS FRANCES THORNTON CHARLES THORNTON PATRICIA TOMBS MICHELE TOPSHE DANNY TRAMMEL STEVE VONSCHLICHTEN DEBORAH WEBBANN WEBER GARY WEST JUDY WEST LARRY WEST BETH WESTBERRY JERRY WHITE RANDY WHITFIELD BILLY WHITLEY MARILYN WHITMAN PAULETTE WICKS JANICE WILKINSON DEBRA WILLIAMS DOROTHY WILLIAMS LATASCA WILLIAMS EDWIN WILLIS DON WINDHAMLYNN WORSLEY WYOHN1A WRIGHT BILL ZACKARIAS 56Senior Standouts JAN REYNOLDS ;ident "f the Beta Club. NANCES HEIDT coming Queen. mike Lehman National Merit Fina|ist, Slar Stude PEGGY PAYNE leaders. Editor of Thronateeska, Co- captain of Cheer-DEBORAH WEBB — Assistant Editor of Thronateeska. PEGGY LYNN RICHARDSON — Valedictorian, Secretary of BETA Club. JOHN MARGESON — President of Senior Boys. AWW BETTS LAW' — President of Senior Girls. 59BONNIE BRIDGES — Captain of Varsity Cheerleaders. TY SMITH — Editor of Pow Wow. OLIVER HUNTER — Editor of Scribe. CELESTE ANDERSON — President of Student Body, DAR Good Citizen. 6061 LARRY WEST — Co-captain of Football Team. BRAD OATES — Co-captain of Football Team.Junior Class Officers Left to Right — Presidents — Wendy Champion, Steve Hardin, Vice-Presidents — Mary Ann Kirksey, Ted Deiler, Secretaries — Jan Busbee, Jimmy Sims, Treasurers Becky Revel!, Burt Brimberry, Parliamentarians — Debbie Manis, David Fletcher "Jolly Juniors” hold the middle position. They have survived a year of inexperience yet don’t quite possess the responsibility of the "Grand Ole Seniors.” They look with anticipation to their Senior year. They have developed confidence and knowledge from their two years at A.H.S. and shall always remember their junior year as preparation for their last and most memorable year.Cheryl Albritton Mary Ann Alford David Arnold Donna Arrington Charles Arterson Terry Arwood Deborah Baggett Charlotte Bailey Thomas Bailey Robert Barber Martin Barrett Dennis Barthelemv Patti Bartlett Rusty Barto Rickey Basko Robert Becker Rosa Bell Edward Benton Patricia Blocker Dorothy Boyd Bonita Bradshaw Patti Branecky Susan Braswell Eva Breedlove 63Shirley Bright Bert Brim berry David Brishoi Robin Brodbeck Alvin Brown Patricia Brown Peggy Brown Sharon Brown Jerome Buckhalter Donna Bullington Shirley Bullock William Bullock Keith Burnette Renee Burnfin Jan Busbee Christine Butler Barbara Cain Gene Calloway Carolyn Carnegie Kurt Carow Terry Carswell Barbara Carter Wendy Champion Bill Clanton 64Gena Clark Kathy Clark James Clemons Tcri Coleman Theresa Cook Mike Copeland Martin Cowart Betty Craddock Ed Creamer Ronald Creamer Deborah Crowe Claire Culbrcth Lydia Cummings Vicky Cults Andy Daniel Harriet Daniels Richard Davenport Becky Davis Buster Davis Vickie Davis Ted Deiter Hutch Deloach Lenard Dent Paula Donahue 65Terri Duffy Sheryl Dunkleburger Marty Elliot Jen Ervin Lynn Ervin Sandy Evans Sue Fender Rosa Fields David Folsom Tim Fowler Dante Fra ier Paula Freeman Ken Fuller Joe Gardner Bonnie Giddens Mark Gillum Kathy Golden Barbara Goodroc Claude Gordon Carlton Greaves Patsy Grier Jackie Hallford Stewart Hard Steve Hardin 66Paul Hart Mar)- Hcidt Jan Hembree Craig Henningfeld Danny Herron Judy Hicks Bubba Hiers Diane Hinderleider Tim Hogg Wendell Holt Connie Holton Randall Hooks Wally Houston Richie Howard Mary Huff Bernardo Isaza Mary Ann Jackson Dennis James Charles Jenkins Dee Jenkins Sue Jeter Barbara Johnson Cindy Johnson Clco Johnson 67David Johnson Cloria Johnson Shirley Johnson Bradford Jones Martha Jones Nancy Jones Walter Jones Wendolyn Jones Teresa Kendall Paulette Kennedy Lawana Kierce Angela King Ashley King Gwen King Chris King Mary Ann Kirksey Penny Knight Claudia Kolzem Jo Lanier Barbara Lash ley Joe Lawrence Anita Lessard Ben Lewis Kenneth Lewis 68Lorin Lichten Karen Lockard Shirley Lorig Debbie Maines Susan Malone Larry Marlin Melissa Martin Bernaird Mayberry Clark McClure Ronald McCorvey Richard McKnight Jerald McKnight Mark Meier Ronnie Mellon Johnny Mcrccr Ester Mitchell Vicki Moore Yvette Moultrie Connie Myer Cassandra Nealy Alan Nelms Penny Newell Penny Nichols Jane Nobels 69Debbie Norris Mike O’Brien Kevin O'Neal Brenda Pace Pam Pannel Buddy Parker Johnny Pavne Susan Peach Nathaniel Perry Pete Peterson Patricia Peterson Velma Peterson James Phelps Toni Polk Barbara Pollock Geraldine Price Shelby Price Leslie Pruett Cynthia Randall Mark Raper Janie Ray Becky Revell Cliff Revell Susan Rich 70Joyce Riggins Steve Santos Gail Schlic Chris Searles Debbie Senn Carol Sewell Stan Shawvcr Jim Shemwell Pam Shepherd Susan Sheppard Wayne Shipley Lynn Shiver Chris Simmons Mike Simpson Phyllis Simpson Jimmy Sims Katherine Slaton Annella Smith Dianne Smith Willie Smith Alice Snead Roger Snead Roy Snead Frank Spargo 71Marie Spence Patty Spivey Randy Spring Allen Spurlin Delora Staines Gregory Starkel Thomas Starnes Judy Stewart Bob Stewart Barry Stokes Susan Strawder Hazel Stretchers Julienne Strickland Mary Stroble Billy Summerford George Surface Jane Stubbs Carolyn Swan Dennis Swartzell Pat Swift Richard Tanner Toni Tarleton Angie Tate Jane Taylor 72Karen Taylor Marly Thomas Mary Thomas Beatrice Thompson Deborah Thompson Karla Thompson Maggie Thorpe Robby Tomlinson Judy Troutman Debbie Tucker Sheree Turner Charles Vanzant Michael Veasley Thomas Wade Herb W'allace Ginny W'angen Terressa Washington Perrv Webb Kelline Webb Debbie Whatley Jeff Whatley Shawn White Robbie Wilkes Darvi Williams 73Debbye Williams Jacqueline Williams Joey Williams Randy Wilson Ravelle Winbush Jo Womack Janice Wren Robin Yarborough Belly Yeatls Van Yielding Sam Zeigler 74Sophomore Class Officers Left to Right — Howard Christian, Parliamentarian; Angela Hill. President; Mike Boone. Secretary; Sue Bacon. Treasurer; Brence Sell. Vice-President; Janet Cronin. Vice-President; Ed Riley, Treasurer; Fleta Collier, Secretary; Tony Fowler. President; Shirley Randle. Parliamentarian With their first year at A.H.S. behind them, the "silly sophomores” have moved up in prestige. Eagerly they have participated in pep rallies, homecoming, chapel, elections and other important events. They enjoyed the good times of their sophomore year, but they look with anticipation to their Junior year. 76Terry Adams Keith Alderman Henry Allen Steve Allen Paul Atnicone Cedric Anderson David Anderson Gwen Anderson James Anderson Joan Anderson Sandra Archer Daniel Armstrong Rosa Artcrson Billy Aston Jim Bacon Sue Bacon Gwen Bailey Kathy Baker Nicky Baker Jimmy Baldwin Brad Bancrafl Patricia Barr Randy Barto Ray Beeghley Roslyn Berry David Beurrier Mike Blaylock Danny Blocker Debra Bodiford Mike Boone Freddie Brav Johnnie Brown Larry Brown Margaret Brum below Deborah Bullington Jerry Bullington John Bullock Bones Burnett Patty Bushman Mike Butts Barry Carr Georgia Carter Robert Caulcy Randy Chastain Francene Christian Howard Christian Charles Clark Diane Cleveland 77Fleta Collier John Collins Kathy Conoly Anna Cooper Jeff Corbett David Cornaire Mark Covington Charlotte Cox Carolyn Craddock Debra Creel Bobbie Crommer Wanda Crommer Janet Cronin Howard Cross Mike Cumbie Virginia Davidson Marsha Davis Vick Davis Pam Dawson George Dobson Patricia Driggers Bruce Dunkleburger Penny Dunlap Gloria Dunnaway Wanda Dupree Pamela Dyes Randy Dykes Mike Ellis Dale Cross Elizabeth Evans Joyce Evans Delores Fellows William Fields Jenny Findley James Fleming Tim Fletcher Deborah Flick Freda Follendore Don Fowler Tony Fowler Chuck Gee Albert Gimenez David Gladney Mike Gore Sharon Gosha Delores Grace Debbie Green Pamela Green 78Rena Green Richard Green Lynn Greene Marsha Greene Mark Greene Joan Griffith Roger Griner Eddie Gulley Richard Hacker B. A. Haire Carole Hames Shirley Hammett Becky Hannington Becca Hard Ann Hardin Kathy Harper Lonzo Harris Larry Heart Alan Hatcher Jimmy Hatcher David Hawkins John Hawkins Patti Hawkins Dean Hayman Terri Henderson Melissa Henningfeld Jeffie Hcwett Bruce Hicks Angela Hill Gilbert Hind Bobby Hinman Billy Hix Randy Holiday Marsha Holley Rodney Hooks Florence Hoover Kathy Hoover Lamar Houstan Carl Howard Thomas Hunt Mary Ingram Terry Irving Joni Jacobs Theo Jacobs Sue Jefferson Debbie Jewell Ethel Joiner Nancy Joiner 79Susan Joiner Gregory Jones Denny Keeton Paul Kenned) William King Johnny Knight Kathy Knighton Bernard Langly Billie Lee I .egg Laird Charles Lindsey Gray Lippitt Beverly Long Pierce Long Randy Lucky Dec Lyons Jody Jones Juanita Jones Pal Jones Darian Jordan Bruce Joren Dan MacMinn Angela Mancc Barbara Matthews Judy McCrary Ronald McCranie Joyce McDaniel Danny McGee John Meier Randy Merchant David Miles Gary Mitchell Judy Mitchell Charles Moore Charlotte Moore Jerry Moore Mike Muggridge J. L. Nesmith Debbie Ncutz Ed Newsome Scott Nichols Nancy Nesbitt Clifford Nix Kim Nolan Gerry O’Neal Cindy Pace Wanda Pace Johnny Pantone 80Terri Parslon Ed Parson Steve Peck Susan Pelham Barry Bellicano Nathaniel Peterson Jimmy Phillips Chuck Pickard Roger Pollock David Pond Vickie Powell Danny Price Susan Pruett Rita Rachels Johnny Rainwater David Randall Shirley Randall Tim Ray Johnny Reddick Linda Reece Bill Reed Angie Richardson Jan Richardson Rhonda Rigsby Ed Riley Mary Riley Thomas Roberts Paul Robertson Jeff Roth Rosalind Roy Venice Russ Charles Salter Wayne Seals Brent Sell Robby Selman Tom Shemwell Joanne Sherman Keith Simmons Peggy Sims Mike Singleton Denise Skinner Deborah Smith Sam Schlie Pam Snelling Ricky Spence Tina Spurlock Debra Staton Susan Stewart 81Johnny Strawder Hattie Stubbs Alesia Swanstrom Faye Tabb Debbie Taylor Deborah Taylor Ira Taylor Kenny Taylor Randy Taylor Maureen Thomas Kay Thompson Gregory Tuck Ross Urguhart John Vanhouton Greg Villarreal David Vorse Joe Walker David Walsh Bill Ward Donnie Ward David Watkins Penny W'atson Kenny Webb Rita Webb Gary Whidden Tom Whitesel Greg Whitfield Don Wiley Eugene Williams Freddy Williams Juanita Williams Rhonda Williams Shirley Williams Lee Williamson Gary Willis Jackie Willis Vicki Willis Carol Wilson Albert W'omack Maria Woodard Irvin Worley Michael Worsley Mose Wright Ruth Yeattes Nickey Young Randy Young 82Freshmen Allen Sampson Randall Avcra Sherry Bastion Glenn Cook Annie Daniels Marty Houston Dan Mock Deborah Pollock David Tabb Student Life 85The Year 1970-71 Brought Forth . . . Spirit 86KnowledgeJ RLS G£T YOuRS£LT A GUY DURING- VIRP 8990919294Spring . . . Bringing This Year to an End, and Beginning Plans for Next Year 9698991970 Chiefs 100Indians Renegades 101 Coach KEN ALLEN Coach WILLIE MAGWOOD Coach DARRELL WILLETTAHS Varsity 1st Row, Left to Right — Oleste Anderson, Maria Spence. Charlene Gillespie, Sandy Evans. Peggy Pavne, Mary Heidt, Bonnie Bridges 2nd Row, Left to Right — Coach. Dixon. Don Tate Mgr., Steve Hardin. Randy Dykes, Paul Duffy, Richie Howard. David Hay-man, Johnny Payne. Tommy Lumpkin. Cleo Johnson. Larry West, Randy Barto, David Smith, Sam Ziegler. Sam Schlie, Roosevelt Coleman, Mike Ellis, Ed Newsome, Ted Deiter, Harry Pri-sant Mgr. 3rd Row, Left to Right — Coach Willet. Edwin Willis. Sherman Roberts, David Brisbois, Paul Robertson. Gregory Horton. David Ellis, Ed Benton, James Jackson, Roger Knighton. Jerry White, John Margeson, Jimmy Phillips. Benny Dykes, Barry Carr. Ricky Spence, Kenny Ford, Tom Shemwell. Jim Shemwell Mgr.. Coach Allen, Coach Archer 4th Row, Left to Right — Coach Magwood. Lorin Lichten, Stan Shawver, Craig Hemmingfield. Brad Oates, Johnny Coleman, Johnny Strawder, William Hall. Ron Johnson. Dan Chatman. Eddie Smith, Dean Hayman, Bruce Hicks, Ray Hudgins, Jeff Ross, Jimmy Sims. David Fletcher, Elton Hill, Robbie Tomlinson, Head Coach Henry MANAGERS — First Row — David Randall. Jim Shemwel, Henry Allen, Charles Moore Second Row — Harry Prisant, Don Tate 102CAPTAIN — ROGER KNIGHTON Sr. — Middle Linebacker CO-CAPTAIN — BRAD OATES Sr. — Tackle CO-CAPTAIN — LARRY WEST Sr. — Halfback Gatorade Break JAMES JACKSON Sr. Guard ELTON HILL Sr. End JEFF ROSS Sr. End EDDIE SMITH Sr. End RONALD JOHNSON Sr. Center DAN CHATMAN Sr. End BENNY DYKES Sr. Tackle JOHN MARGESON Sr. Guard 103JERRY WHITE Sr. Guard DAVID ELLIS Sr. Guard GREGORY HORTON Sr. Center SHERMAN ROBERTS Sr. Halfback EDWIN WILLIS Sr. Halfback ROSEVELT COLEMAN Sr. End TOMMY LUMPKIN Sr. Flanker DAVID HAYMAN Sr. Halfback There is a good show inside. It’s halftime! PAUL DUFFY Sr. Monster ROBBIE TOMLINSON Jr. End DAVID FLETCHER Jr. End JIMMY SIMS Jr. End 104Football: AHS Style by Sonny Lofton The 1970 version of the Albany High School grid machine looked from the beginning as if it were doomed to break down before the season started. It was hurting at all positions for talent. The spring practice was one of the most dismal on record as only 35 players ended up in uniform after the spring tilt was held. The big reason that the Indians were hurting for talent so much was the fact that no one really had any idea at the time where they would Im attending school the next year and were not in favor of attending spring drills at one school and then having to attend classes in September at another. Finally in late July the word came that the Dougherty County School system would be under a school zone plan and immediately the machinery for gearing up an Indian football team got underway. The coaches under the direction of head coach Ferrell Henry began the proc ess of finding all the eligible football players who lived in the Albany High zone. The hard work and searching paid off because when summer football practice began, the Indians found themselves with over 70 prospective candidates for the Indian football team. This was more than double the number who had finished spring practice. The big problem now was to see if it were possible to whip these players into shape in two weeks for the big clash with the Westovcr Patriots. Both Albany and Westovcr had been waiting two years for this intra city clash. The first weekend of football in the city of Albany was a football fans dream. The night before the big clash between Albany and Westovcr, the Dougherty Trojans and the Monroe tornadoes battled to a 0-0 tie before a packed house at Mills Memorial Stadium. This was only a preview of the struggle that was to take place the next night between the Indians and the Patriots. The game started exactly as the game between the Trojans and the Tornadoes the night before. Neither Albany nor Westover could dent the scoreboard in the first half of play, while both had threatened to score early in the game. Finally in the third quarter the scoreboard was awakened on the Albany side when, after Dan Chatman had recovered a Patriot fumble at the 15 yard line. Larry West carried the ball in for the first and only touchdow n of the night. The PAT was good as Albany led 7-0. After a late goal line stand by the Indian defense. Steve Hardin was caught in the end zone as the Patriots got their only points of the night. Hardin redeemed himself with his defensive play as he intercepted two passes that night to thwart Patriot scoring attempts. The next week the Indians were idle as they had the week off in preparation for the annual slugfest with the Monroe High Golden Tornadoes, who in the past two years had proven to be an Albany nemesis. While the Indians were off that week the future was being revealed here in Albany at Mills Memorial Stadium. On that Friday night the Monroe Tornadoes were beating Central of Thomasville 16-8 while on the next Saturday night the Valdosta Wildcats were in town demolishing the Dougherty Trojans, 34-0. All this happened while the idle Indians sat by watching and wondering. The third week of the season rolled around and would mark the third time that the Indians would meet the Tornadoes from Monroe. And as the headline of the next day’s sports pages revealed, the third time held no charm for the Indians. The Tornadoes w ith the aid of seven Albany turnovers outlasted the Indians, 16-0. Once again the old Monroe jinx bit Albany. Next year’s game was being planned immediately after the defeat. Albany was to meet a new opponent in its third game of the season. The Indi- R1CHIE HOWARD Jr. Quarterback CRAIG HENNINGFELD Jr. Tackle LOREN LICHTEN Jr. Tackle STANLEY SHAWVER Jr. Tackle EDWARD BENTON Jr. Noseman DAVID BRISBOIS Jr. Center TED DE1TER Jr. Halfback SAM ZIEGLER Jr. Halfback DAVID SMITH Jr. Halfback KEVIN O’NEAL Jr. Halfback CLEO JOHNSON Jr. Halfback ANDY DANIELS Jr. Flanker 105JOHNNY PAYNE Jr. Linebacker STEVE HARDIN Jr. Halfback HARRY ELLIS Jr. Tackle an? traveled to Thomasville to meet the Central High Yellow Jackets. The Jackets had been a Class A team the year before, but were classified AAA due to their consolidation with all-black Magnolia High. The Jackets had not won a game when they met the Indians, but it didn't take Albany long to find out that they were tough. With time almost half over in the second quarter the Jackets held a 14-0 lead over the Indians. After several good running plays by Ted Deit-er and Larry West the Indians were in scoring position. A pass from Richie Howard to West gave the Indians their first score of the night ami tightened the game 14-7. Albany kicked and the Jackets were forced to punt. The Indians could not move either as they went the punt route. The punt was obligingly fumbled by the Yellow Jackets as the Indians were in control on the Guitral 45. After several gains the Indians were on the Central 27 yard line. Then lightning struck as Rich Howard faded to pass and finding no one open darted and hotfooted his way into the end-zone and the Indians were behind by one. 14-13. The PAT was good as the Indians came back to tie the game up at the half. In the second half Albany started on the Central 35 after a fumble recovery and after several short gainers Ted Deiter scored on a draw play from 15 yards out. That put Albany ahead for the first time of the night. The winning touchdown was scored bv Roosevelt Coleman, who blocked a Central punt with the help of a host of Indian defenders and watched the ball sail high in the air as he stood under it with a gimme-gimme look in his eve. The ball landed in Coleman’s hands and he dove into the end-zone as Albany took a 26-14 lead. Central scored a late touchdown, but it was too late as the Indians claimed their second win of the season. The joy was short lived as Albany prepared to meet the Cats’ from Valdosta in their next game. This was the game that really showed where zoning and consolidation was a real killer. The Cats’ had consolidated two years earlier with all-black Pinevale High. Valdosta was already tough enough without the addition of 25-30 black players to their squad. The Cats proved to be too much for the Indians, as they took a 20-0 halftime lead and then coasted to their biggest win ever over the Indians 39-0. The only reason the win was not bigger was the fact that the Indians put up several good, goal-line stands. The Wildcats would eventually roll to a 1-AAA Championship before being derailed by the Richmond Academy Musketeers in the South Ceorgia Playoff. The game marked the third year in a row that the Indians had met the Cats on Cleveland Field in Valdosta. It also marked the third year in a row that Albany had been held scoreless in the Valdosta tilt. The Indians rebounded from the loss to the Cats with one of their best offensive and defensive showings of the year the next week with a 20 0 win over the Bainbridge High Bearcats. The Bearcats had been an on and off team all year long and really wanted to beat the Indians. Albany held a 13-0 halftime lead due to a run by Steve Hardin after, receiving a Howard pass. West scored from five yards out in the first half. The final score in the Bainbridge game came on a Hardin run from 10 yards out. The Albany defense had played a superb game keeping the Bearcats at bay most of the night. The win was particularly satisfying for the Indian coaching staff as former Albany assistant coach J. B. Roland was now the head coach of the Bearcats and surely wanted to beat his former pupils. The annual Albany-Tift battle was next for the Indians. The defense seemed to be ready as they stopped every attempt by the Blue Devils to score a touchdown. The real high-lite of the defense that night was early in the game as Tift’s Mike Coleman broke through the Indian defense and raced toward the Indian goal but was prevented from scoring when he was caught from behind by Indian defender Eddie Smith. Tift did manage to salvage a field goal out of the run and that turned out to be the margin of victory as the Tiftonitcs defeated the Indians 3-0. This marked the second year in a row that Tift had defeated Albany. The next game on the home schedule was against the Crisp County Cougars on a Saturday night at Mills Memorial Stadium. The game was the Indians 106homecoming tilt and turned out to be more of a swim meet than a football game. The rain had fallen steadily all morning before the game and by game time had let up some but Mills Memorial Stadium resembled a rice-paddie rather than a football field as the game got underway. The halftime festivities were cancelled as Homecoming Queen. Francis Heidt was crowned after the game at the homecoming dance. At the beginning of the game it appeared that after each team had tried to move the ball several times that it was going to be another night of little offense. But finally Howard found Jimmy Sims in the corner of the end zone standing in a puddle of water and hit him with a 27-yard pass. After Sims got through splashing in the water the officials ruled that he was in the end zone and awarded the Indians six points. The PAT was missed but the Indians led 6-0. Another 27-yard pass to West before the half and a two-point conversion by Edwin Willis put the Indians out in front 14 0 at the half. The next week of play would find the Indians journeying to Thomasvillc again. This time the competition was a bit tougher as they met the better half of the "Rose City.” The better half was led by quarterback David Lamb, who among being one of the best quarterbacks in the state was one of the best runners. Lamb scored 18 of the Bulldogs 28 points as the Dogs blasted the Indians in their first meeting since 1949. Another chapter in the continuing story of the Albany-Moultrie clash was ready to be written the next week as the Packers brought their 8-1 machine to the confines of Mills Memorial Stadium. After the game had ended the Packers had come close to duplicating their 48-0 humilation of the Indians they posted in 1969 as they once again walloped the Indians. This time by a more merciful 41-0 score. Moultrie’s dynamic duo of Tony Mock and James Stancil ground out over 300 yards on the Indians that night as Albany never mounted any offensive threat. The final week of the season rolled around with the Indians sporting a 4-5 record. This was identical to the records of the previous two years as Alliany prepared to battle the Trojans. The Indians won the game 26-9 and once again had to thank the Trojans for a break-even 5-5 season. The win over the Trojans gave Albany a share of the city crown with the Monroe Tornadoes. The Indians were 2-1 while the Tornadoes ended 1-0-2. The backbreaker for the Indians in the Dougherty game was the 83 yard pass from Howard to West with nine seconds showing before halftime that gave the Indians a 14-0 halftime lead. This play was completely unexpected by the Trojans and was probably the single play that sealed the door of defeat on them. The game ended with the Trojans scoring their only touchdown of the game as time ran out and marked the seventh defeat in a row over the Trojans by the Indians. The season was far from glorious, yet it had its outstanding moments. Ginsidering the fact that Albany High has been hit by personal problems for the past three years; the first two due to the establishment of Westover and the past year due to the school zoning, the Indians have held their own with most opponents who have not had all these changes facing them. That says a lot about the superior coaching and the high caliber of players at the school. Now that everything has a chance to settle down, there is no reason that in the next few years the Indians will once again become one of the most feared and respected names in Georgia High School Football circles. 107A.H.S. Varsity Bonnie, Celeste, Peggy and Mary CELESTE ANDERSON CHARLENE GILLESPIE MARIA SPENCE 110Cheerleaders Maria, Charlene, Sandy and Judy 111 SANDY EVANS JUDY HICKS MARY HEIDTBottom Row — Don Tate, Steve Hardin, Johnny Payne, I on Dent, Larry West, Clco Johnson, Pete Peterson, Rusty Barto, Jimmy Shemwell Top Row — Harry Prisant, Cordon McKemie, Bert Brimberry. A1 Smith, Brad Oates, Charles Cutliff, Charles Lindsey, Walter Jones 113 Varsity IndiansBRAD OATES GORDON McKEMIE LEON DENT LARRY WEST PETE PETERSON CHARLES LINDSEY 114 CLEO JOHNSON CHARLES CUTLIFF WALTER JONESB-Team Basketbal Front Row — Charles Lindsey, David Randall, Randy Barto, Paul Robertson, Randy Dykes, Jim Shemwell Back Row — Coach Magwood, Mike Ellis, Johnny Coleman, Riachar Wheeler, Robert Conley. William Hall, Leonard Lawrence, Sam ZeiglerB-Team Cheerleaders ANN HARDIN MAUREEN THOMAS FREDDIE BRAY SUE BACON NANCY JOINER 118AHS Girls Basketball Left to Right — Jane Rynolds, Shirly Bright, Angela Mance, Becky Alderman, Mary Ann Kirksey, Dianne Benford, Darlene Driskell, Debra Williams, Kathy Conoly, Karen Lawrence, Sheron Bright. Bonita Bradshaw, Carol Wilson. Jen ErwinDARLENE DRISKEL SHARON BRIGHT KAREN LAWERANCE BECKY ALDERMAN DIANNE BENFORD BONITA BRADSHAW JAN REYNOLDS MARY ANN KIRKSEYDEBRA WILLIAMS KATHY CONOLY CAROL WILSONAHS Track Team Front Roto — Elton Hill. Craig Henningfield, Roger Knighton. David Smith. Tommy Lumpkin. Sam Zeigler. Sherman Roberts, Stan Shawver, David Brisbois. Riehie Howard, Roosevelt Coleman. Ed Benton, Larry West, Jim Shemwcll Bach Row — Coach Henry, Kevin O'Neil, Andy Daniel, Ted Deiler, Steve Hardin, Al Smith. Brad Oates. Charles Cutliff, David Fletcher, Edwin Willis, Cleo Johnson, Jimmy Sims, Barry Stokes, Coach WillettAL SMITH DAVID SMITH ELTON HILL ROGER KNIGHTON 123STEVE HARDIN BARRY STOKES CLEO JOHNSON EDWIN W ILLIS CHARLES CUTLIFF EDWARD BENTON LARRY WEST CRIAG HENNINGFIELD 124AHS Baseball Team Front Rote — Roger Knighton. Mike Jones. Barry Stokes. Ted Deiter, Andy Daniel, Pete Peterson, Roosevelt Coleman, Jim Shemwcll Second Row — Coach Ronnie Archer, Jimmy Sims, Richie Howard. Larry West, Steve Hardin, Cleo Johnson, Bill Clanton, Kevin 0 Neal, Harry PrisanlJIMMY SIMS ROOSEVELT COLEMAN TED DEITER STEVE HARDIN RICHIE HOWARD LARRY WEST128AHS Boys Tennis Left to Right — Rusty Barto, Bert Brimberry. Mark Choquette, Ed Newsome 129AHS Girls Tennis 130 Kneeling, Lxft to Right — Bette Roberson. Barbara Busbee, Patricia Skates, Jan Reynolds, Susan Sheppard. Jo Lanier Top Row — Sharon Bright, Debra Williams, Wendy Champion, Mary Ann Kirkscy, Darlene Driskell, Diane Benford, Becky Alderman MARY ANN KIRKSEY BECKY ALDERMAN PATRICIA SKATES 131AHS Golf Team 132 Front Row, Left to Right — Dennis James, Ray Beegly, Ed Parsons, Larry Hayes Back Row — Gene Calloway, John Rainwater. Chris King, Greg Starkle. Coach Mullis COACH JAMES MULLIS CHRIS KING134Thronateeska Editors Peggy Payne Editor This annual is dedicated to you. We have produced it for you, the students and faculty. The editors and staff hope that you will enjoy and treasure it. Deborah Webb Assistant Editor. Feature Editor Jean Sutton Ad Editor Bonnie Bridges Faculty Editor Mark Choquette Sports Editor Betty Sutton Club Editor Betts Law Class Editor Mrs. Futch Literary Advisor Miss Hogg Assistant Literary Advisor Mr. Howell Business Advisor 136Thronateeska Staff Standing, Left to Right — Deborah Webb, Altimease Pittman, Susan Rich, Marv Ann Kirksey, Yuonita Douglas, Ginny Wangan, Mary Heidt, Darlene Driskell Seated, Left to Right ■— Peggy Payne. Bonnie Bridges, Betty Sutton. Jan Plummer, Susan Sheppard, Sandy Evans. Betts Law, Jean Sutton, Debbie Maincs, Debbie Morris, Jo Lanier, Mark Choquette DEBORAH WEBB Miss Thronateeska 137Beta Club Mike Lehman Treasurer Jan Reynolds President Jo Lanier Vice-President Peggy Lynn Richardson Secretary Mrs. Tracy Sponsor Mr. Muilis Becky Alderman Ann Anderson Celeste Anderson Sponsor Diane Benford David Branch Bennett Cotton Jack Cronin Johnny Daniels Betts Law Freida Lindsay John Margeson Phvllis O’Neal Pat OsburnA1 Rakel Nancy Handall Marie Salter June Reynolds Chris Polk Judy West Randy Whitfield Marilyn W'hitman LaTasca Williams Sharon Brown Wendy Champion Mary Heidt Karen Lockard Debbie Norris 139 Shelby Price Susan Sheppard Jeff WhatleyStudent Council Celeste Anderson President Larry Mitchell Vice-President Jo Lanier Secretary John Margeson Treasurer Brad Oates Parliamentarian Mrs. Marlene Peace Coach Ferrell Henry Mrs. Norma Juhan Seniors Bottom Row, Left to Right — Diane Benford, Terri James. Frances Heidt, Betty Sutton. Patti Gerst, Pam Dunston 2nd Row Billy Whitley, John Margeson, Darlene Driskell, Celeste Anderson, Becky Alderman 3rd Row — Brad Oates, Chuck Rushing, Don Tate, Dan Chatman, Larry West, Mrs. Peace, Sponsor FRANCES HEIDT Miss Student CouncilJuniors Left to Right Dianne Henderliter, Jo I anier,-Debbie Norris. Patti Bartlett, Debbie Whatley. Debbie Thompson. Susan Sheppard. Paula Donahoe, Mary Heidt, Curtis Shannon, Debbie Williams, Leon Dent. Alan Spurlin. W endy Champion. Pam Pannell. David Brisbois, David Fletcher, Steve Hardin Sophomores Sealed — Donnie Ward. Gregarv Tuck, Ed Riley. Howard Christian Standing, Left to Right — Rosalyn Berry. Debbie Bullington, Janet Cronin, Maureen Thomas, Judy Mitchell, Joan Griffith, Ginny Fend ley, Beverly Long. Ethel Joiner, Billie Jean Lee. Ann Hardin, Rusty Barto, Jim Bacon. Eugene WilliamsPow Wow Staff i Ty Smith Editor A1 Seely Typist Jan Cohen Page Editor Sharon Costantino Page Editor Angie Rudderman Page Editor Bobby Ragan Photographer Martha Ann Jones Photographer Dan Chatman Artist Mrs. Murdock Sponsor Mr. George Sponsor BECKY ALDERMAN Miss Pow Wow- 142Scribe Staff Sitting on Floor— Alisia Swanstrom. Anno Weber, Anita Lessard, Debbie Thompson, Jen Erwin, BaVbara Campbell, Gwen Anderson. Debbie Williams Second Row — Debra Creel, Jane Spence. Ester Mitchell, Melissa Henningfield, Jody Jones, Angela Hills. Jody Stewart Third Row — Kathryn Slaton, Penny Dunlap. Sharon Constantino, Babara Matthews, Becky Becker, Paulette Wicks, Jacquelyn Williams, Dianne Hinderleider Fourth Row — David Wright, Dale Flanigan, Oliver Hun ter, Ed Riley, Howard Christian, Beth Wcstberry, Gail Schlic, Gloria Johnson, Pat Brown, Mrs. Daniels PURPOSE: To instill a sense of literary awareness in the students of Albany High School. 143Charlene Gillespie President Becky Simmons Chaplain Dennis Barthelemy Lynn Worslcy Vice-President Teresa Fosha Historian l Brad Becker DECA Angie Rudderman Reporter Ricky Buffi Lawanna Sherrill Secretary Bill Clanton Treasurer Mr. Quinn Andy Barfiedl Sponsor Rodney Burlison Teri ColemanCathy Grimes Paula Hewett Randv Holland Claudia Kolzem Betty Sutton Patricia Skates Charles Thornton Gary West 145 Kclline Webb Shawn WhiteCheryl Albritton Secretary Debra Paros Treasurer Larry Burke Parliamentarian Dennis Parker Chaplain Paul Slappey Reporter Lawson Murkeson Sponsor The purpose of VICA is to teach leadership in the world of work. Sheryl Dunklelburger Raymond Edwards Rex Faulkner Sue Fender Johnny Gardner Mike Greene 146Roy Harrold Dee Jenkins Billy Hix Doris Hoover r » Bill Johnson Kathy Martin Brenda Houston James Howell Curtis Inman Robert Knighton Roger Knighton Cathy Lanier Willie Martin Jimmy McClung Howard McGee Jerry Jeter Melvin Newell Janie Ray Frank Spargo Ellen Warren LaTasca Williams Patty Renaue Carrie SimsShort Circuits Ricky Barto President Bill Pawley Treasurer Clark McClure Vice-President Celeste Anderson Bonnie Bridges Peggy fyyne Sweetheart Sweetheart Sweetheart PURPOSE: To serve Albany High School and the community by rendering lighting and sound effects in the Albany High School auditorium. 148 JOY WOMACK Miss Short Circuits David Branch Tony TarletonLibrary Service Club Ann Anderson President Mi'. Sponsor Cynthia Randall Reporter Barbara Busby Vice-President Nancy Nisbett Treasurer Left to Right — Mrs. Reid. Patti Branecky, Angela Mance, Amber Smith. Rhonda Henderson. Delores Fellows, Paulette Wicks, Ann Anderson. Johnny Daniels, Nancy Nisbett, Barbara Busby, Barbara Pollock, Wvjohnia Wright, Rosa Arterson, Diane Bridges 149Junior Classical League Frances Thornton Senior Consul Pam Dunston Aedile Anne Weber Jan Reynolds Junior Consul Corilyn Coleman Praetor PURPOSE: To encourage interest in and an appreciation of the civilization, language, literature, and art of ancient Rome and Greece; to understand the debt of our culture to that of classical antiquity. Miss J.C.L. PAM DUNSTON Yuonita Douglas Tommy Green Quaestor Miss Tillman Sponsor Barbara Cain Sandra Archer Wanda Dupree 150Les Jeunes Reveurs Seated, Left to Right — Esther Mitchell, Angie Richardson, Terri Duffy. Mary Heidt, Barbara Matthews, Amber Smith. Fleta Collier Standing, Left to Right — Leon Dent, George Dobson, Gregory Tuck, Martin Cowart, Ed Riley, Larry West. Glcndon Rogers. Mr. Jackson Block A First Row, Left to Right — Don Tate, Elton Hill, Sherman Roberts. Andy Daniels, Kevin O’Neal, Johnny Payne, Ted Deiter, Jimmy Shemwell, David Brisbois, Harry Prisant, James Jackson, Jimmy Sims, Roger Knighton, 2nd Row — Robbv Tomlinson, David Fletcher, Ritchie Howard, George Ort, David Ellis, Ben Dykes, Dan Chatman, Brad Oates. Steve Hardin, Paul Duffy. Larry West, Craig Hemmingfield, John Margeson, David Hayman, Edward Benton, Roosevelt Coleman, 3rd Row — Coach Archer, Coach Magwood, Charlene Gillespie. Judy Hicks, Karen Lawrence, Mar)- Ann Kirksey, Darlene Driskoll, Diane Benford, Celeste Anderson, Peggy Payne, Jan Reynolds, Mary Heidt, Bonnie Bridges. Coach HenryBeta Tri-Hi-Y PURPOSE: To create, maintain, and extend throughout the home, school, and community, higher standards of Christian character. Randy Bullock Sweetheart Christine Butler President Dorothy Boyd Vice-President Brad Oates Sweetheart Wanda Cromer Secretary Mrs. Dunn Sponsor 152 Vickie Davis Debra Williams CHRISTINE BUTLER Miss Beta Tri-Hi-YWanda Dupree Paula Freeman Pam Sheppard Debbie Tucker Donna Bullington Anna Cooper Bobbie Crommer Pam Dawson Patricia Driggers Penny Dunlap Barbara Good roe Diane HenderleiderEpsilon Tri-Hi-Y Bonita Bradshaw President Mrs. Cook Sponsor Steve Hardin Sweetheart Jimmy Sims Sweetheart Debbie Norris Chaplain Donna Arrington Valeric Bush PURPOSE: To create, maintain and extend throughout the home, school and community, a higher standard of Christian character. 154Jenny Fendley Judy Troutman Maria Woodard Paula Freeman Jackie Hallford Jan McColl Robin Yarborough DEBBIE NORRIS Miss Epsilon 155Betts Law President Jo I.anier Secretary Wendy Champion Vice-President Phi-Delta PURPOSE: To create, maintain, and extend throughout the community, high standards of Christian character. Jane Spence Treasurer Cathy Martin Chaplain Nancy Bell Parliamentarian Paul Duffy Sweetheart Stewart Hard Sweetheart Jan Busbee World Service Chairman Susan Sheppard School Project Chairman Debbie Whatley Community Projects Chairman Mrs. Rutledge Sponsor PAULA DONAHOE Miss Phi-DeltaDebbie Maine Susan Rich Maria Spence Delora Staines Debbie Thompson Joy Womack Marsha Davis 157Alpha-Tri-Hi-Y Ann Anderson President Frances Thorton Reporter Patti Bartlett Barbara Brookshier Debra Paros Vice-President Nancy Randall Sec.-Treas. Susan Shiver Chaplain Mrs. Hunt Alpha Advisor Mark Choquette Sweetheart David Henshall Sweetheart NANCY RANDALI Miss Alpha 158Janice Carter Carolyn Coleman Debbie Flick Patty Gerst Connie Holton Paula Hewett Yvonne Kelly Frcida Lindsey Sharon Costantino Becky Davis Jen Envin Tricia Fickel Kathy Golden Miriam Martin Barbara Matthews 159Alpha Con't Rhonda Rachels Becky Revell June Reynolds Marie Salter Peggy Sims Judy West 160 Linda Taylor Patricia Tombs Marilyn Whitman Vicky WillisDavid Wright President Darvi Williams Parliamentarian Mr. Robert Graper Sponsor Richard Celaya Johnny Daniels Senior Hi-Y Patricia Fickel Sweetheart Miriam Martin Sweetheart PURPOSE: To create, maintain, and extend throughout the home, school, and community, high standards of Christian character. Oliver Hunter Secretary Raymond Jones Chaplain Michael Jones FRIEDA LINDSAY Miss Senior Hi-Y 161The A.H.S. Pep Club Susan Shiver President The Pep Club is in its second year at Albany High. Its purpose is to support, unite, and boost school spirit by various projects, such as; special pep rally activities, a bonfire, spirit posters, and encouraging attendance at games. f Mr jylii Joy Womack Vice-President Wendy Champion Secretary Jo Lanier Treasurer Oliver Hunter Reporter Miss Cobb Sponsor 162Stella Kalmon F.T.A Marilyn Whitman President Barbara Matthews Vice-President Anne Weber Secretary Jane Knight Treasurer Terri Parslow Chaplain Cynthia Randall Debbye Williams Katherine Slaton I K i A oTt VAt 163Future Homemakers of America Jean Mitchell President Sheila Phillips Secretary Sue Fender Vice-President Barbara Busby Treasurer 1 — To promote a growing appreciation of the joys and satisfaction of homemaking. 2 — To emphasize the importance of worthy home membership. 3 — To encourage in home and community life. 4 — To work for good home and family life. 5 — To promote international goodwill. 6 — To foster the development of creative leadership in home and community life. 7 — To provide wholesome individual and group recreation. 8 — To further interest in home economics. Dorothy Boyd Historian Penny Knight Reporter Mrs. Adams Sponsor Mrs. Foster Sponsor Sandra ArcherDebbie Crowe Barbara Hardrick Karen Lawrence Marion Lewis Connie Myers Penny Nichols Joyce Riggins Debbie Senn Dianne Smith Hazel Stutcher Debbie Taylor The overall objective of FHA is to help individuals improve personal family and community living, now and in the future. BARBARA BUSBEE Miss FT A 165Future Farmers of America LEARNING TO DO DOING TO LEARN EARNING TO LIVE Gary McGlammery President LIVING TO SERVE THE NATIONAL ORGANIZATION FOR BOYS STUDYING VOCATIONAL AGRICULTURE Bill Cobb Secretary Tim Nafziger 'Treasurer Bruce Hicks Parliamentarian Henry Rutledge Reporter Mr. Downing Sponsor 1st Row, Left to Right — Carver Coley, Tim Nafziger, John Straudcr. Jim Phillips, Randy Taylor, Jerry More. Don 1 ™C ! !c 8n.„ u. A1 u , u , 2nd Row — Mr. Downing, Gary McGlamery, Bill Cobb. Roger Pollock, Ty Slappey, Ray Hudgins, Ronald McConey, at e ler y. i y x, an a t r, j ax wis, Terry IrvinPlatonians Jo Lanier President Oliver Hunter Vice-President Mrs. Mozingo Sponsor Phyllis Simpson Secretary-Treasurer Ginny Wangen Parliamentarian 1st Row, Left to Right —- Ginny Wangen, Martha Ann Jones, Debbie Thompson, Debbie Maines, Leslie Pruitt, Jane Spence, Jean Brown, Jo Lanier, Sharon Costantino 2nd Row — Nancy Bell, Celeste Anderson, Phyllis Simpson, Gail Schlie, Oliver Hunter, Larry Mitchell. Darvi Williams, Joe Gardner 167ROGB Mike Ellerson President Trombone Cindy Johnson Sweetheart Joey Williams Vice-President Bass Alan Nelms Secretary Sax PURPOSE: To provide public entertainment and to increase the spirit and interest in school activities. Dan Chatman Director Organ Joy Womack SweetheartBarry Pelicano Trumpet Perry Webb Drums Robbie Merchant Sax Gary Mitchcl Trumpet Mr. Boone Sponsor Mike Boone Trumpet Curtis Whittington Trumpet 169Majorettes Evelyn Lewis, Marie Salter, Debbie Norris Marie Salter Evelyn Lewis Debbie Norris 170AHS Marching Chiefs Pam Dunston Drum Majorette The colorful Albany High School Marching Chiefs, under the direction of Mr. Ernest W. Boone, has done exceptionally well this year. A.H.S. is proud of her band, which always gives an excellent performance. The colorful uniforms are a fitting background for its stirring music. 1st Row, l ft to Right — Donna Buliington, Sheryl Grant, June Reynolds, Marie Salter, Pam Dunston, Curtis Whittington, Darvi Williams, Danny Thomas, Wally Houston, Mike Ellerson 1711st Row, Left to Right — Juanita Jones, Venisr Russ, June Reynolds, Sue Jeter, Kim Nolan. Judy Stewart 2nd Row — Terry Parslow, Donna Bullington, Pam Dun-ston, Barbara Johnson, Debbie Norris, Jenny Fendley, Evelyn Lewis 3rd Row — Lenard Lawrence, Deloris Wcstley, Sheryl Grant, Chris Searles, Charles Ardison, Charles Robinson, Bernard Langly, Marie Salter 1st Row Gary Willis. Gerald McKnight, Curtis Whittington. Darvi Williams, Jacob Shirley, Nick Young 2nd Row — Barry Pelicano, Mike Boone, Richard Green, Paul Kennedy, Mark Heard, Johnny Davis 1721st Row — Wayne Shiply. Busier Davis, Greg Starkle, Kim Hawkins, Mike Ellerson 2nd Row — Joe Mitchell. Johnny Rainwater, James McRae, Walley Houston, Danny Thomas, David Cornaire1st Row, Left to Right — Billy Aston, Brence Sell, Willie Collier 2nd Row, Left to Right — Tilmo Sims, Tony Fowler, Joey Williams. Charles Lindsey, Perry Webb, Hutch DeLoach 1st Row. Left to Right — Joey Williams. Gary Mitchell, Pam Dunston. Jenny Findley, Perry Webb 2nd Row, Left to Right — Tommy Chatman. Charles Clark, Dan 174 McMinn. Terry Copeland, Joyce Hill, Randolph Holloway 3rd Row — Buster Davis. Greg Starkel, Kim Hawkins. Mike Ellerson. Mike Boone, Barry Pelicaon, Curtis Whittington, Richard GreenBi-Racial Committee Standing, Left to Right — Mr. Pierce, Shirley Bright, John Meir, Freddie Bray, Bill Johnson, Anne Hardin, Sharon Bright. John Margeson, Most Wright. Charlene Gillespie, Larry Mitchell, Jo Lanier, Joe Lawrence Seated, Left to Right — Mrs. Mozingo, Miss Cobb, Celeste Anderson, Mr. Morris, Coach Henry, Mrs. Battle177Homecoming: 1970 178 Frances Heidt reigned as queen of the 1970 homecoming festivities, October 24. The presentation of the queen and her court — Amber Smith, Phyllis O’Neal, Paula Donahoe, Joy Womack, Maureen Thomas, and Ann Hardin — took place preceding the dance after the Albany-Crisp County football game. David Loden escorted Miss Heidt across the gym where she was crowned by Mr. Pierce. 181Miss AHS 1970-71 182 JO LANIER1831970 Miss AHS Contestants 184 Marilyn Whitman, Debbie Norris, Angie Rudderman. Amber Smith. Pam Dunstan. Frances Heidt. Debbie Whatley, Deborah Webb. Nancy Randall, and Darlene DriskellOn the evening of November 20,1970, nineteen beauties aspiring for the title of Miss AHS were presented to an enthusiastic audience. The curtain opened on a scene of the signs of the Zodiac displayed on a wheel imposed on a background of the universe. The candidates were judged on the basis of talent, beauty, and poise. Mrs. Martha Gargano was Mistress of Ceremonies, giving a commentary on the girls' activities and interests, talent, and evening gowns. The seven semi-finalists answered individual questions, which was final competition. After the judges' decisions, the names of the winners were announced and Miss AHS 1970, Jo Lanier, was crowned and presented roses by Betsy Ross, Miss AHS 1969. Miss Ross was assisted by Celeste Anderson, President of the AHS Student Body. 1st Runner-Up DARLENE DRISKELL Darlene Driskell is a senior and the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Driskell. She is a member of the Girls' Basketball Team. Block A, Girls’ Tennis Team, Annual Staff, Pep Club, and the Student Council. For her talent Darlene did a creative dance to the music "Bara-bas.” 1862nd Runner-Up DEBORAH WEBB Deborah Webb is a senior and the daughter of Rev. and Mrs. P. F. Webb. She is a member of the Beta Club and Co-editor of the annual. For her talent Deborah presented a monologue and a series of slides depicting the characteristics of her Zodiac sign. Miss Congeniality DEBBIE NORRIS Debbie Norris is a junior and the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Norris. She is a member of Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y, the AHS Band, Student Council. Beta Club, and a majorette. For her talent Debbie twirled to the medley "Hawaii Five-0” and "Thoroughly Modern Millie.” 187Miss Alpha Tri-Hi-Y Nancy Randall is a senior and the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Randall. She is a member of the Bela Club and Alpha Tri-Hi-Y. For her talent Nancy did a jazz dance to the music "Midnight Cowboy.” Christine Butler is a junior and the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L. G. Butler. She is a member of Beta Tri-Hi-Y. For her talent Christine did a song and dance to "Raindrops.” Miss Block A Sandy Evans is a junior and the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. R. Evans. She is a member of Phi-Delta Tri-Hi-Y, Pep Club, Annual Staff, and a Varsity Cheerleader. For her talent Sandy did a humorous skit based on Hamlet’s soliloquy. 188Miss Cheerleader Mary Heidt is a junior and the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Heidt. She is a member of the Student Council, Pep Club. Phi-Delta Tri-Hi-Y, Bela Club. Annual Staff, and a Varsity Cheerleader. For her talent Mary did a jazz dance to the music of "I'm A Brass Band.” SEMI-FINALIST Angie Rudderman is a senior and the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Rudderman. She is a member of DECA and the Pow Wow Staff. For her talent Angie sang "Downtown.” SEMI-FINALIST Miss DECA Miss FHA Barbara Busby is a senior and the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. D. H. Busby. She is President of FHA, Vice-President of the Library Service Club, and manager of the Girls’ Basketball Team. For her talent Barbara sang "Leaving On A Jet Plane.” 189Amber Smith is a senior and the daughter of Mrs. June Fletcher. She is a member of the French Club and Alpha Tri-Hi-Y. For her talent Amber sang a song she composed herself and accompanied herself on the guitar. Miss French Club Marilyn Whitman is a senior and the daughter of Mrs. C. L. Whitman. She is a member of the Beta Club, Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, Pep Club, and President of FTA. For her talent Marilyn did a musical skit entitled "The King’s New Clothes.” Miss FTA Pam Dunstan is a senior and the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L. M. Dunstan. She is a member of JCL, Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, Student Council, the AHS Band, and is Drum Majorette. For her talent Pam sang a medley of "We’ve Only Just Begun” and "Close To You.” SEMI-FINALIST Miss JCL 190Paula Donahoe is a junior and the daughter of Lt. Col. and Mrs. P. J. Donahoe. She is a member of Phi-Delta Tri-Hi-Y, Student Council, and Annual Staff. For her talent Paula did a skit about Romeo and Juliet. Becky Alderman is a senior and the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Alderman. She is a member of the Student Council, Beta Club, Girls’ Basketball Team and the Pow Wow Staff. For her talent Becky sang "Whatever Will Be Will Be.” Miss Pow Wow Jo Lanier is a junior and the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F. B. Lanier. She is a member of the Annual Staff, Secretary of Phi-Delta Tri-Hi-Y, Vice-President of Beta Club, Treasurer of Pep Club, President of Platonians, and Secretary of Student Council. For her talent Jo played a medley of "Bach B Major" and "Raindrops” on the organ. MISS AHS Miss ROGB 191Miss Senior Hi-Y Frieda Lindsey is a senior and the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Lindsey. She is a member of Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, Beta Club, and Pep Club. For her talent Frieda danced to the music of "The Look of Love.” Joy Womack is a junior and the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L. T. Womack. She is a member of Phi-Delta Tri-Hi-Y, Vice-President of Pep Club, and sweetheart of the ROGB. For her talent Joy did a humorous skit about her first dance. Miss Short Circuit Miss Student Council Frances Heidt is a senior and the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Heidt. She is a member of the Student Council. For her talent Frances did a jazz dance to the music "Keem-o-Sabe.” SEMI-FINALIST 192Miss VICA Debbie Whatley is a junior and the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Whatley. She is a member of Phi-Delta Tri-Hi-Y, Pep Club, Student Council. For her talent Debbie played a piano solo, "Rustle of Spring.” 193194 These are the favorites chosen by the members of the senior class to represent them — the 1970-71 Seniors. The choice is made on the basis of personality and achievement. With this honor also comes a responsibility, for their actions and thoughts are a representation of the class. 195ANDERSON OATES 196197204MIKE LEHMAN, Star Student Star Student and Teacher Each year a STAR Student is chosen in a program sponsored by the Georgia Chamber of Commerce. In each high school a student is chosen who has shown outstanding scholastic achievement. The recipient must be in the upper 10 percent of his class and must make the highest score on the SAT test. The teacher is selected by the student as the one who has been the greatest influence on him. This year Mike Lehman was chosen as STAR Student and he chose Mrs. Frances Looney as the STAR Teacher. 207Senior Directory PATTI ALBERT — Kappa Gamma Tri-Hi-Y BECKY ALDERMAN - Basketball. Tennis. Beta Club CHARLES ALTON — Senior Hi-Y ANN ANDERSON — Alpha Tri-Hi-Y. Pep Club. JCL. Beta Club. Library Service Club CELESTE ANDERSON — Cheerleading. Student Council President. Beta Club. Civinettes LINDA BAILEY — Band, DECA GERALDINE BARBER — Pep Club ANDY BARFIELD — Football, Senior Hi-Y RICKY BARTO — Short Circuits, Tennis GLORIA BASS — Kappa Gamma Tri-Hi-Y BECKY BECKER — Pep Club, Scribe, Alpha Tri-Hi-Y NANCY BELL — Phi-Delta Tri-Hi-Y. Scribe, Platonians DIANE BENFORD — Anchor Club, Basketball. Tennis, Beta Club, Student Council, Superlative MELVIN BENTON PATTI BIRD DAVID BRANCH — Band. ROGB. Short Circuits, Beta Club BONNIE BRIDGES — Captain of Cheerleaders, Civinettes, Sweetheart of Short Circuits, Senior Superlative DIANE BRIDGES — Library Service Club SHARON BRIGHT — Basketball, Tennis ROOSEVELT BRILEY BARBARA BROOKSHIRE — Phi-Delta Tri-Hi-Y. Pep Club, Spanish Club, Alpha Tri-Hi-Y EMMARINE BROWN — Library Service Club MARGARET BROWN VALERIE BROWN — Platonians, F.H.A. RICKY BUFFI — Senior Hi-Y RANDY BULLOCK — Povv Wow Staff, Beta Tri-Hi-Y Sweetheart LARRY BURKE —VICA RODNEY BURLISON BECKY BUSBEE — Pep Club, F.H.A. BARBARA BUSBY — Library Service Club, F.H.A., Pep Club, Manager of Basketball Team NEIL BUZZARD — ROGB, Senior Superlative, B-Tcam Football BARBARA CAMPBELL — Alpha Tri-Hi-Y. Scribe Staff JULIE CANNON — VICA JAMES CARSWELL — Manager of Football, Baseball, and Track Teams JANICE CARTER — Pep Club. Alpha Tri-Hi-Y BILLY CARVER — VICA EMILY CAVOZOS RICHARD CELAYA — Senior Hi-Y, B-Team Football DAN CHATMAN — Student Council, Varsity Football. ROGB. Senior Hi-Y, Senior Superlative MARK CHOQUETTE — Sports Editor of Annual SHERRY CHILDERS CLAUDIA CLYDE CAROL COHEN JAN COHEN — Pow Wow Staff CAROLYN COLEMAN — Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, Junior Classical League ROOSEVELT COLEMAN — Football. Baseball RUDELLA COLLIER BILL COLLINS SHARON COSTANTINO — Pow Wow Staff, Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, Platonians, Scribe Staff KAREN COX ROBERT COX THURSTON CRAW FORD — VICA ROBERT CREEL — President of VICA JERRY CREWS JACK CRONIN — Beta Club, Annual Staff CHRISTINE CROSS CHARLES CUTLIFF — Basketball, Track DIANE CUTLIFF JOHNNY DANIELS — Beta Club, Senior Hi-Y. Library Service Club PAM DAVIS — Alpha Tri-Hi-Y DANIEL DAVIS ROSALIND DAVIS YOUNITA DOUGLAS — Beta Club. Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, Junior Classical League DARLENE DRISKELL — Basketball PAUL DUFFY — Interact. Football. Track. Block A, Senior Superlative DOLLY DUKE PAM DUNSTON — Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, Junior Classical League, Drum Majorette BEN DYKES — DECA. Football. Block A R M MOND EDWARDS — VICA MIKE ELLERSON — ROGB. Band, Student Council, Soph. Class Officer PATRICIA FICKEL — Alpha Tri-Hi-Y. Senior Hi-Y Sweetheart DEL FLANNIGAN — Library Service Club, Scribe Staff RICKY FLETCHER — B-Team Football, Basketball, Senior Superlative JENNIE FLOYD KENNY FORD — Football. Basketball, Track PATTY GERST — Phi Delta Tri-Hi-Y, Pep Club. Student Council. Pow Wow Staff DANNY GILL CHARLENE GILLESPIE — Cheerleader, Beta Club, DECA, Student Council JEAN GOODMAN — Beta Tri-Hi-Y, DECA TOMMY GREEN — Junior Classical League KAREN GREENE MIKE GREEN — Civitan, VICA. Football DAVID FALLIN TERESA FOSHA — DECA LARRY GRIZZARI) BILL HAGLER BOBBY HAIRE — Band BARBARA HARDRICK DELILAH HARRIS PAM HART — Alpha Tri-Hi-Y KIM HAWKINS — Band DAVID HAYMAN — Football, Block A MARI HEARD — Band, Senior Hi-Y DAVID HENSHALL — Band. Alpha Tri-Hi-Y Sweetheart PAULA HEWETT — DECA. Alpha Tri-Hi-Y RANDY HOLLAND — DECA DAYLE HOLLEY STEPHEN HOLLOWAY — Spanish Club. Beta Club SHEILA HOLT GREGORY HORTON — VICA BRENDA HOUSTON BUTCH HOW E — Senior Hi-Y JAMES HOWELL — VICARICKY HUDSON STEVE HUDSON — Basketball OLIVER HUNTER — Scribe, Pow Wow, Platonians, Senior Hi-Y CURTIS INMAN — VICA JAMES JACKSON LEONORE JAMES TERRI JAMES — TAW, Student Council JERRY JETER — F.F.A., VICA BARBARA JOHNSON — Phi Delta Tri-Hi-Y CHARLIE JOHNSON KEN JOHNSON RONALD JOHNSON — Football, Band WILLIAM JOHNSON MICHAEL JONES — B-Team Football, Senior Hi-Y RAYMON JONES — ‘Senior Hi-Y JIMMY JUSTICE — Basketball, Track ROGER KARN — Pow Wow YVONNE KELLY — Band, Pep Club, Alpha Tri-Hi-Y TONY KIERCE DOROTHY KNIGHT — Beta Club, F.T.A., Pep Club, Annual Staff KAOTRIS KNIGHT MILTON KNIGHTON ROBERT KNIGHTON — VICA ROGER KNIGHTON — Football, Baseball, VICA CATHY LANIER — Library Service Club, VICA BETTS LAW — Phi Delta Tri-Hi-Y. Beta Club, Student Council KAREN LAWRENCE — Basketball Pep Club, F.H.A. BRENDA LAWSON MIKE LEHMAN — Student Council, Spanish Club, Beta Club EVELYN LEWIS — Majorette MARION LEWIS FRIEDA LINDSEY — Pep Club, Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, Band, Beta Club DWIGHT LOCKHART JERRY LOKEY — Football ARTHUR LUMPKIN TOMMY LUMPKIN — Football, Senior Hi-Y, Block A JACK MALONE JOHN MARGESON — Football, Pres, of Senior Class, Senior Superlative PATRICIA MARSHALL KATHY MARTIN — VICA. Phi Delta Tri-Hi-Y, Pep Club MIRIAM MARTIN — Platonians. Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, Library Service Club W ILLIE MARTIN — VICA CAROLYN McBURNETT JANICE McCALL — Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y JOHN McCOLLUM DONNA McCORKLE — DECA WALTER McGEE — VICA DEBBIE McMILLAN LISA MEDLOCK ROBBIE MERCHANT LINDA MILLER — Alpha Tri-Hi-Y AUDREY MIMS — Pep Club, Alpha Tri-Hi-Y VERDELLE MINGO JEAN MITCHELL — F.H.A. DEBBIE MORRIS — Phi Delta Tri-Hi-Y, Pep Club, Kappa Gamma Tri-Hi-Y GEORGE NAYLOR — DECA MARILYN NEALY — Alpha Tri-Hi-Y. Pep Club ROSA NELSON — Alpha Tri-Hi-Y MELVIN NEW ELL — F.F.A.. VICA JOY NEWSOME — Kappa Gamma Tri-Hi-Y. Pep Club BRAD OATES — Football, Basketball, Student Council, Senior Superlative CAROLE ODOM PHYLLIS O'NEAL — Beta Club, Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, Pep Club GEORGE ORT — Basketball, Senior Hi-Y, National Winner of Oratorical Contest PAT OSBURN — Beta Club. Pep Club, Phi Delta and Alpha Tri-Hi-Y. Senior Class Officer DENNIS PARKER — F.F.A., VICA DEBRA PAROS — VICA, Vice Pres. Alpha Tri-Hi-Y BILL PAULEY — Short Circuits PEGGY PAYNE — Sec. of Soph, and Jr. Classes, Cheerleader. V. Pres. Senior Girls, Annual Editor, Senior Superlative GARY PEEK — VICA, Senior Hi-Y JO ANNE PEEK — Phi Delta Tri-Hi-Y BOBBY PETRECCA SHEILA PHILLIPS — F.H.A., VICA ANN PINSON — F.H.A. ALTIMEASE PITTMAN —'Pep Club JAN PLUMMER — Pep Club, Phi Delta Tri-Hi-Y. Band ROSEMARY PLUMMER — Pep Club. Phi Delta Tri-Hi-Y CHRIS POLK — Beta Club, Alpha Tri-Hi-Y SAMMY POLLARD — VICA PAULA POLLOCK — Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, Library Service Club, F.H.A. CLAUDE PRESTON — Kappa Gamma Sweetheart, VICA HARRY PRISANT — Manager of Football. Baseball, Basketball Teams, Block A, Senior Hi-Y JIM PROTHRO DON PYE RHONDA RACHALS — Alpha Tri-Hi-Y MONA RAFEEDIE BOBBY RAGAN AL RAKEL — Beta Club NANCY RANDALL — Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, Student Council, Beta Club AL SEELY — Pow Wow Staff GAYLE REESE BUSTER RENFROE SUSAN REV ELL — Thespians, Scribe Staff JAN RENOLDS — Phi Delta Tri-Hi-Y. JCL, Beta Club, Basketball JUNE RENOLDS — Band, Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, Beta Club PEGGY RICHARDSON — Beta Club, TAW, Valedictorian MATTIE RIGGINS — Band PERRY REGISTER — DECA PATTIE RENAUE — F.H.A., VICA SHERMAN ROBERTS — Senior Hi-Y, Football, Track AILEEN ROBERSON — Beta Club CHARLES ROBINSON — Band GLENN ROGERS — DECA GLENDON ROGERS — French Club JEFF ROSS — Football, Track. Baseball ANGIE RUDDERMAN — Spanish Club, DECA CHUCK RUSHING — Senior Hi-Y. Band, Student Council MARIE SALTER — Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, Beta Club. Head MajoretteLEWIS SANDERS LAWANA SHERRILL — DECA, Phi Della and Alpha Tri-Hi-Y SUSAN SHIVER — Alpha Tri-Hi-Y. Pep Club HOYT SHORT PATRICIA SKATES CHERYL SMALLEY — Band, DECA AMBER SMITH — Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, Basketball, French Club JIMMY SMITH — DECA TY SMITH FORD SNELLING — DECA MARK SNELLING FRANK SPARGO — Band, Scribe JANE SPENCE — Plalonians, Beta Club, Phi Delta Tri-Hi-Y DEBBIE SPRING PAM STEPHENS PATRICIA STEPHENS — Kappa Gamma Tri-Hi-Y SAMMY STEPHENS SHERRI STRICKLAND — Kappa Gamma and Alpha Tri-Hi-Y BETTY SUTTON — Civinettes, Senior Superlative, Student Council. Annual Staff JEAN SUTTON — Beta Club, Student Council. Annual Staff, Phi Delta Tri-Hi-Y MALINDA SUTTON — Pep Club, Alpha Tri-Hi-Y LINDA SWAN JOHN SWIFT DON TATE — Student Council, Manager of Football. Basketball, Track and Baseball Teams LINDA TAYLOR — Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, Pep Club VICKIE TINSLEY DANNY THOMAS — Band MARJORIE THOMAS FRANCES THORNTON — Beta Club, Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, JCL, Senior Class Officer, Pep Club CHARLES THORNTON PATRICIA TOMBS — Alpha Tri-Hi-Y MICHELE TOPSHE DANNY TRAMMELL CARL VonSCHLICHTEN DEBORAH WEBB — TAW, Beta Club, Phi Delta Tri-Hi-Y, Co-Editor of Annual ANNE WEBER — FTA, JCL, Pep Club, Student Council, Kappa Gamma Tri-Hi-Y GARY WEST — DECA JUDY WEST — Alpha Tri-Hi-Y LARRY WEST — Football, Basketball, Baseball, Track, Student Council, Senior Superlative BETH WESTBERRY — Phi Delta Tri-Hi-Y, Beta Club JERRY WHITE RANDY WHITFIELD — Beta Club, Senior Hi-Y BILLY WHITLEY — Jr. Class Officer, Senior Superlative, Student Council, Senior Hi-Y MARILYN WHITMAN — FTA, Alpha Tri-Hi-Y. Pep Club PAULETTE WICKS — Scribe, Library Service Club JANICE WILKINSON — F.H.A. DEBRA WILLIAMS — Basketball, Pep Club, Beta Tri-Hi-Y DOROTHY W ILLIAMS LATASKA WILLIAMS — Beta Club, Phi Delta Tri-Hi-Y, JCL, VICA MARGARET WILLIAMS DAVID WILLIAMSON EDWIN WILLIS DANNY WINGFIELD JIMMY WOJICK LYNN WORSLEY — DECA DAVID W RIGHT — Senior Hi-Y WY JOHN IA WRIGHTHelen Ervin of ERVIN FLORIST 1 11 1 Fourth Avenue HE 5-4244 Albany, Georgia Weddings, Funerals, Corsages Cut Flowers, Potted Plants FLOYD L. HERMAN SERVICE STATION rSo AND uBu FUEL OIL CO. 301 N. Slappey Drive Albany, Ga. HE 5-9145 Exquisite Jewelry See Our Friendship Rings PAT’S CYCLE SHOP HE 2-6451 234 Brood Ave. WOOD’S JEWELRY COMPANY Bicycles Keys Lawnmowers Sales Service Albany, Georgia Albany High School Charms 143 Pine Ave. Phone 2-7616 Albany, Georgia jjHEk Kruce-Jllen's Compliments of ECONOMY AUTO STORE for men and boys Corner of Broad Washington 207-A Broad Ave. Albany, Georgia Auto Accessories And Appliances THE STYLE SHOP FABRICS, INC. 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Jackson St. Albany, Georgia 224 Congratulations and Best Wishes from the Folks at THE CENTER — THE MALL “The Center of shopping for Southwest Georgia” ALBANY POST 30 The American Legion Department of Georgia ALBANY, GEORGIA American Legion Golf Club N. Jefferson Philemi Rd. On the Kitchafoonee Creek BIS BOOSTER OF ALL YOUTH PROSRAMS Visit Our Concession Booths 225GOLDEN GLOW DAIRIES, INC. ALBANY, GEORGIA Compliments of Lilli Bran coRPORRtmn Lilliston is a Good Place to Work" ALBANY 435-1461 GEORGIA 226801 E. Ogelthorpe Expressway Alban ournal A GEORGIA PRESS AWARD-WINNING PAPERROSENBERGS Downtown Albany LYKES BROTHERS, INC. OF GEORGIA Albany, Georgia ALBANY, GEORGIA The South’s Most Progressive Meat Packers 238ALBANY OUTBOARD MARINE QUICKIE 909 Oglethorpe $4 DRIVE INN SANDWICHES 2322 N. Slappey Drive 222 Pine Avenue Phone HE 2-6006 Phone HE 2-7001 For Fun Buy Top Performance MERCURY OUTBOARD MOTORS We prepare any amount for any occasion Albany, Georgia matched by high performance Glastron BoatsMORROW-COOK FURNITURE COMPANY ZOELLNER MUSIC CO. Baldwin Pianos and Organs William M. Dorsey Manager Albany's only complete music store 245 Broad Avenue Albany, Ga. 810 West Ogelthorpe Compliments of PAC-A-SAC FOOD CENTER FUNSTEN NUT DIVISION 812 North Madison PET INC. Phone 435-9367 Best Wishes and a Happy and Prosperous Future to Each of You. FRED W. CARTER 230'punnitune x. Southwest Georgia's Only American Traditional Shop . . . 511 Broad Ave. 435-5448 The Indians go all the way with FASHIONABLE FOOTWEAR Midtown Downtown Mall ALBANY TRACTOR COMPANY 1 709 South Slappey Phone 432-7468 TRAILWAYS Specialists in Friendly, First Class Travel ALL EXPENSE TOURS SAFE COMFORTABLE COURTEOUS AND ECONOMICAL BUS SERVICE Ship Parcels and Baggage From Town to Town and Coast to Coast Via Bus Express Charter Coach Service Anywhere ALBANY, GEORGIA 432-0511Compliments of ALBANY, GEORGIA WJAZ— "The Country Giant" Dial 960 WJIZ— "The Soul Pushers" Dial 96.3—24 Hours a Day Turn's You On They are what's happening 432-1671 113 N. Washington JAZZ BALLROOM BALLET TAP MURPHY DANCE STUDIO 1211 Second Avenue Albany, Georgia JOHNSTON ALBANY SHEET METAL WORKS INC. MEN'S SHOP Roofing and Sheet Metal Contractors 212 Pine Avenue Albany, Georgia NO JOB TOO LARGE OR TOO SMALL 1706 West Town Road Albany, Georgia Compliments of Congratulations, Seniors! WARREN AND BRIMBERRY MAC GREGOR Albany, Georgia 232 Consumer Division—Brunswick Corporation Albany, GeorgiaCongratulations to the Class of 71 COMPLIMENTS OF EMPIRE HOME LOANS, INC. 603 Pine Ave. Albany, Georgia There is only one — CLARK’S GULF SERVICE 701 N. Jefferson St. Albany, Georgia Complete Car Service ALBERT C. CLARK, Operator HE 6-4868 L. P. GAS AND APPLIANCES PROPANE Gas Heating Central Heating Air Conditioning Floor Furnaces GREEN’S Propane Gas Service Congratulations And Best Wishes OWENS, INC. Sporting Goods — Hardware Luggage — Housewares — Toys Schwinn Bicycles — Playground Equipment 202 Broad Ave. Sasser’s BENNETT’S 906 N. Slappey FLORISTS - GARDEN SUPPLIES - PETS Best Wishes to the Class of 71 «mi » Compliments of ALBANY WAREHOUSE COMPANY Albany, GeorgiaCompliments of RETAIL FURNITURE DEALERS ASSOCIATION ABC Furniture Co. Albany Housefurnishing Co. Brown Furniture Co. Carter Home Furnishings Gerst Bros. Furniture Co. Home Furniture Co. Home Supply Furniture Co. J J Furniture Co. Loosier of Albany Furniture Co. Miles Furniture Co. Morrow-Cook Furniture Co. Newcomb, Inc. Phillips Moving Storage Co. Rhodes, Inc. Suburban Furniture Wade Furniture Co. Albany, Georgia NORTHSIDE PHARMACY Northside Shopping Center PLAZA PHARMACY 910 N. Jefferson Phone HE 6-7272 MEDICAL ARTS PHARMACY 412 Fourth Ave. Phone HE 6-3838 PROFESSIONAL PHARMACISTS “Free Delivery" Albany, Georgia SHUMAN SUPPLY CO. OF ALBANY "Georgia's Largest" Building Material 626 Roosevelt Ave.Compliments of FIRST STATE BANK TRUST COMPANY 3 CONVENIENT LOCATIONS • Main Office Ne'Xt to Post Office • Slappey Drive Office at Broad and Slappey •218 Broad Avenue Office Plus a Facility at NAS Albany MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION — Serving Since 1 905 — 235U£e Citizens Southern SBanh Mlth SERVING AND GROWING WITH ALBANY SINCE 1890 THREE CONVENIENT LOCATIONS MAIN OFFICE BRANCH MARINE CORPS FACILITY — Washington and Oglethorpe — Slappey Drive and Dawson Road — Marine Corps Supply Depot Your One and Only Bank 236 F.D.I.CCompliments, Seniors BAMA’S SHOP McDonald SHEET METAL WORKS Women's Ready-to-Wear HE 2-1085 1015 Oglethorpe Ave. Albany, Georgia 21 4 Pine Ave. Albany, Georgia KNIGHT ELECTRIC COMPANY Contractors and Repair 1 302 W. Broad Avenue Albany, Georgia JIMMY KNIGHT MACK KNIGHT MARY CARTER PAINTS Craft Department Upstairs 630 W. Oglethorpe 436-5197 Albany, Ga. HAL AND ED’S MEN’S WEAR Albany, Georgia WAKEFORD INS. AGENCY Albany, Georgia 238 Pine Ave. (Solbsmiilj’s SETS THE STYLE at A.H.S. Downtown Merry Acres 105 N. Washington 1406 Dawson Rd. 237Compliments of Compliments of ALBANY WELDING UNION STOCK YARD AND sale Wednesday 1:00 P.M. MACHINE WORKS 1600 N. Jefferson St. Albany, Georgia W. M. STORY, Owner Albany, Georgia 432-7919 432-7011ALBANY 435-3026 Corner Oglethorpe and Slappey Albany, Ga. MEEKS ELECTRIC COMPANY Jirst Jec era cSao nys AND LOAN ASSOCIATION Contracting Heating Air Conditioning Appliances Service 401 Pine Avenue • Albany, Georgia 212 N. Washington Midtown Shopping Ctr. Phone 6-4621 Phone 5-8941 ALBANY, GEORGIA 3 Blocks from Mills Stadium 239 Congratulations, Seniors Congratulations Seniors '71 W. T. GRANT CO. ASTON'S ONE HOUR CLEANERS 17 Midtown Shopping Center Albany, Georgia 5th and Slappey r A7ZS' Sr INC. ALBANY. GEORGIA [motor innsJ ® m America's Very Finest 240 THE SREAT NAMES IN THREAD

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