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TABLE OF CONTENTS ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTY.............18 FEATURES..............32 ORGANIZATIONS.........52 ATHLETICS............106 STUDENT LIFE.........136 CLASSES..............166 3I — fm i;yju;n man passes through each day but once. Therefore he should treasure each hour and live it to the fullest, for the memories and experiences of today are the building blocks in the wall of tomorroyv. From sophomore sag . . . To junior grind . . . To senior year . . . 8Performing to best ability 121315Dedication To one who has given deeply of herself and in profound devotion . . . To one who quietly performs her duties as a teacher and works far beyond that which is required of her . . . To one who cares much more for the students’ welfare than for her own . . . To one who has worked for her pupils just as faithfully outside the school as within it. . . To one who proudly calls our school her home away from home . . . To one whose diligence and unceasing energy have served to strengthen the name of Albany High . . . To one who has long deserved recognition for her great talent of helping those who most need her . . . To one who truly deserves far more than we can give her . . . To this outstanding teacher, we. the members of the annual staff, can only say a simple but heartfelt thank you, as we dedicate the 1969 THRONATEESK.A to you. Miss Margaret Jo Hogg, with the hope that we can, in this manner, repay a small portion of our debt to you. " ■ 17, WfM mM o THRONATEESKA • 1969 • THRONATEESKA 1969 • THRONATEESKA 1969 • THRONATEESKADougherty County Board of Education MR J. J. CORDELL Superintendent of the Dougherty County Schools MR HERBERT HALEY Chairman of the Board of Education Jomcr M? J I avis CheeVerS’ Mr Ho,Us Slanford’ Mr Herbert Haley, Mr. J. J. Cordell. Standing: Mr. Hcmy W. Usry . Mr. Felix Marbury. Mr. George 20 A MESSAGE FROM THE PRINCIPAL: Another day, another year, and I have the opportunity again of saying something to you students and faculty at Albany High School. Each year it seems to me that I have a problem to keep from saying the same old things to you, but it is really hard to keep from doing this because I still feel that Albany High School is the greatest. I sincerely feel that the spirit of its students, the dedication of its teachers and the perseverance of the administration and other staff members to develop and maintain the type of program that it takes to make a first class high school still exists at Albany High School. Our building, our facilities, our curriculum, are geared to the development of a program of studies which will enable us to meet the educational needs of youth of all levels of ability. I feel that we have the know-how, and that if we could get the desire and cooperation of students to achieve, then I think that we would be well on our way to doing the job which we would like to do for all students. We have not been so successful in our athletic activities as we would like to have been; nor have we achieved all we have desired to achieve in the academic area. Yet, I feel that school loyalty and school pride have probably been stronger than they have been in many years. It is my sincere wish that each ot us — students and teachers alike — may again find through the pages of our yearbook many happy memories that shall linger with us. I am sure that the Annual staff and Advisors have-done all in their power to make this a reality. To the seniors of ’68-’69, Congratulations and “God Speed” in your chosen fields of service. I am confident that the great majority of you will go on to make us proud of you. Sincerely, Harold E. McNabb MR. HAROLD E. McNABB Principal of Albany High School and Director of High Schools 21MR GRAYDON PIERCE Executive Assistant Principal "THE ONLY GOOD PREPARATION FOR TOMORROW IS THE RIGHT USE OF TODAY.” It seems to me that the above quotation from an unknown author would be a fitting and appropriate thought to send you seniors out into the world. This can be used as a daily reminder of the fact that we live only one day at a time, and each tomorrow will be only as happy as we make it today. Those of you who have done your work well are looking toward graduation with great anticipation. Those of you who have not used your time well may be looking upon it with some fear and dread. Only you can do your work and prepare for happy tomorrows. My congratulations to the Class of 1969! It is my sincere wish for each of you that you shall have made proper preparation and that you will find in the pages of your Yearbook many pleasant memories of your days spent at A.H.S. The advisors and Staff have worked long and hard to give us this keepsake of these important days. As I congratulate you. I would also admonish you to keep ever before you high ideals, lofty ambitions and an abiding faith in your own possibilities. Make an effort to be the kind of person your parents want you to be — a happy person, because you have succeeded to some degree each day in achieving some worthwhile goals. Sincerely, 22CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1969: It seems such a short time ago that I was scratching my head and pounding away on the typewriter trying to compose my message to the Class of'68, and here it is again lime to begin the process of bidding you farewell and sending you out with my blessing into the adult world — a busy, confused, puzzling, but still, a good world. For that journey, may I suggest some helpful hints, which have helped me during the stresses and strains of life as well as through the good days. Four ingredients are essential to the Good Life as I sec it — Faith, Love. Courage, and Spiritual Power. The puzzling and disturbing experiences of life will demand a FAITH to give you strength; a LOVE to keep your heart warm despite the cold, hard facts of life; a COURAGE to make you brave, and a SPIRITUAL POWER to make you bold in facing the tests in life and in adapting to those things which you cannot change but must accept. Surely there will be. I pray, blessings that will amaze and startle you; but, to enjoy these blessings as they should be enjoyed, you need all four of these ingredients. “Why?", you say? FAITH again to give you strength to use your blessings without becoming spoiled; LOVE to provide compassion for others even while you have no worries or problems and to help you understand the less fortunate; COURAGE to mingle the blessings with the problems and see that life is still Good; SPIRITUAL POWER to keep you ever mindful that all good things are from the Father above and to keep you able to commune with The Father above. Some years ago. I said some of these same things to another Class, but I believe they are worth repeating to you; so with no apology and with FAITH. LOVE. COURAGE, and SPIRITUAL POWER which I claim, I challenge each of you to follow the admonition of H. A. Walters when he said: Be true, for there arc those who trust you: Be pure, for there are those who care: Be strong, for there is much to suffer; Be brave, for there is much to dare. Make the meaning of this message a reality in your life. In so doing it is my firm conviction that you will not fall victim to the vicisitudes of life present day frustrations and fads that so often engulf some of our finest young people and sap from them their usefulness to society and the happiness to which they are entitled. I DARE YOU to make Albany High School and those who love you most proud of you. Sincerely, Thelma Plant. Dean of Girls Albany High SchoolCOACH KENNETH ALLEN Ball State Univ. B S U S History and World History. B-Team Football and Basketball dk V MRS J N BAILEY B S.. Univ. of Georgia. M A.. Auburn Univ. World History MR FLOYD BRANNEN B.S.. Ga Southern Industrial Arts. Key Club MRS L D BROWNE B A.. Univ. of Georgia English Journalism. Kappa Gamma. Tn Hi Y Albany High School Faculty MRS BRENDA BRANNEN B.S.. Ga Southern English. Beta Tri Hi Y Experience contributes to better supervision of the school Experience teaches — Not to give homework over a holiday . . . Not to give the same test to all classes . . . Never to seat good friends together . . . Not to teach on the last day of school . . . Never to leave your class without supervision . . . Never to tell an old joke . . . How to laugh at your own mistakes . . . How to make learning more enjoyable . . . MRS ERVINE BROCK B.S.. Georgia Southern Bookkeeping and Typing I. TAW MRS PAUL BUTLER B A.. Ml Holyoke College, M A 'Jniv. of Georgia Special Education MISS JACQUF.LYN COBB B S . Albany State Physical Educ. COACH H D COOK B.S.. Univ. o! Georgia. Phy. Education. Student Council MRS J H CRAWFORD A » . Univ. of N. Carolina World History 24MRS C II CURRY B.S.. Cia. Southern Physical Education MISS LINDA DAVIS COACH GORDON DIXON MR THOMAS DOWNING B S. Valdosta B.S. Florida State B.S.. Univ of Georgia Gen Biology, B-Tcam Cheerleaders Phys. Ed. and Gen Bus.. Varsity Bas- Agriculture. EFA kcthall and B-Tcam Football MRS LUCY DUNN B.S.. Albany State Algebra I and II MISS FRANCES FEAGIN A.B.. and M.Ed.. Mercer English MISS JANE FLETCHER B A . Mercer English. Beta Tri Hi Y MRS J. C. FOSTER B S . M S.. L'niv. of Georgia Home Ec. FHA MRS MARY FUTCH A B . Woman’s College English. Annual Staff MISS SHERRY HAGAMAN B.S . Ga Southern English. B-Team Cheerleaders “You’ll never believe what I just sat in! MR N. C HATCHER MRS LENORA HAWK A.B.. Univ. of Ga. A B, Univ. of Kansas Gov and Economics, Co-Sponsor Reading Development Beta Club 25 COACH FERRELL HENRY B S. Fla. State Dnver Education. Jr. Ctvitan MRS JOHN HINSON B A . Mary Hardin. Baylor College English Journalism. Pow Wow MISS MARGARET JO HOGG B.S.. Univ. of Ga Typing. Bookkeeping. Cheerleader. Civinettes, Annual MR LOUIE HORNSBY B.S.. Univ. of N. C. Physics. Algebra. Science Club MR GEORGE HOWELL A.B and M.A.. Mercer Human Biology. Business Staff of Annual MRS. CLETA HUMPHERY B S . North Park Biology MR G. S. HUNT A.B.. Elon College Math. Senior Hi-Y MR ROBERT JAMES MRS S A. JUHAN MISS JOAN LAMKIN B.S. and M S Georgia Southern A.B . Woman's College. M.A.. Univ. B.S . Albany State Graphic Arts of Ga. Six-Yr. certificate F.S.U. Math. Algebra Spanish - Spanish Club MRS H P MOZINGO B.S.. Western Carolina College U S History MR J. D MULLIS B.S.. Ga. Southern. M.A.. Peabody College Algebra and Geometry “Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go!” 26MRS H. B MURDOCK B.S.. Valdosta State English MR W L MLRKF.RSON B S . Berry College General Shop. Interact MR DERRYL QUINN B.S., Univ. of Ga. Distributive Ed.. D.ECA MRS SAUNDRA ROBINSON B.S.. Valdosta State Biology. Phy. Science. Science Club COACH GENE ROWELL B.S.. Univ. of Tampa Drivers Ed.. General Business MISS ANN SETTLES B.A., Woman’s College English. French. Girls Basketball, Cheerleaders MRS. W D. SETTLES MRS G. P SMITH B.S.. Georgia Southern B.S.. Valdosta Shonhand I. 2, Typing I. 2 U.S. History. Family Living. Plato- nians MISS ELAINE SNIPES A B . Valdosta State Speech. English. Thespians. Debate MRS RUTH SUMMERVILLE B.S.. Oklahoma Women's College Human Biology MRS. N. E. ROGERS AB. Agnes Scott, certificate - Sor- bonne (Pans) French. French Club MISS CELESTE SMITH B.S.. Woman’s College M A.. State Teachers College Alg.. Geometry, Sr. Math. F T.A MISS GAYLE STEMBRIDGE A.B.. Howard College English. Beta Club MISS FAYE TANNER A B . Woman’s College U S History. Sociology. Student CouncilMRS. ARTHUR TATE A B . Tift College Biology. TAW MISS BETTY TILLMAN B A . Winlhrop College Latin. J.C.L MRS JOHN TRACY B A . Mereer English III. Bela Club MRS LORETTA W ALKER B.A.. Clark College Glee Club. Chorus. Mclloncttes MRS W L WALLACI B S . Va. Union Univ Typing and Shorthand MR JERRY WALTON A A.. B S.. M.S.T.. Ga. Southern U.S. History. Senior Hi Y. Bus. Staff of Annual MR CURTIS W ILKINSON B.S.. Fla State Mechanical Drawing. Graphic Arts MRS J H WILLIS B.S.. Univ. of Ga Ads Alg. and Trig . Anchor Club MR Al. WOODHAM B.S.. Jacksonville World History. Girts Basketball. Football MISS JOYCE WOODRUFI B V. Shorter Psychology and World History. Stu dent Council School Nurse MRS BETTY SPINDLE Dietitian MRS JEAN BAKEFIELD “See Spot run.” "Run. Spot, run.” "I see it. hut I don't believe it.”Guidance Office MRS L. V DK KLRSON Counselor A.B.. Erskinc College M Ed.. University of Georgia MRS L C THOMAS Counselor B.S. Psychology. Purdue University MISS MARY HUDSON Director A B . Valdosta Suite M S.. I lond.i Suite The main functions of the Guidance Office personnel are to help each student choose the courses that are best suited to his specific needs; and to make him more aware of the world of work and various vocational opportunities available to him. In the spring, during registration, each student has a conference with a counselor and selects his courses for the next school year. Informative materials concerning colleges, scholarships, financial aid and vocations are provided by the Guidance Office. MRS W. R LLDDLN Secretary 29Library Staff MRS J J HOGUE A.B. La Grange Col. Degree in Library Ed from George Peabody Col. for Tcachm Head Librarian. Library Service Club MISS RANDI STEVENS Central Methods I College. A B Aaislinl Librarian MRS G. S HUNT Piedmont College. B.S. A»blunt Librarian A MRS PAT MINSHEW Secretary The Albany High School Library contains many books, periodicals, records, filmstrips and pamphlets for the use of students and teachers. Some of the materials are to supplement courses of study and many are to appeal to the interests of the students. The library staff and the student assistants are always willing and eager to assist both teachers and students in every way possible to make all of the library’s resources available to them. Since the library is open each day from 8:00 o’clock until 4:30 and on Monday and Thursday nights from 6:00 o’clock until 9:00 o’clock, there is opportunity to all students to make use of its offerings. 30Office Personnel The Office Staff at Albany High takes care of the many and varied jobs including correspondence, records and bookkeeping. Their work, which involves helping students, faculty and the public, makes them an integral part of the school. Mrs. Maxine Andrews Mrs. Betty Bass 31 mam mm w ft. - -yh % WM m WM ; ' +■ « - THRONATEESKA • 1969 • THRONATEESKA • 1969- THRONATEESKA • 1969 • THRONATEESKAMiss Albany High School 1968-1969 Rachel Miller, Miss AHS 1969, represented the service club TAW. Rachel, who is a member of the junior class, did a musical-art skit for her talent. She is active in church, school, and community activities. Miss AHS, who is in the upper percent of her class, is also a member of the student council. Congratulations to you, Miss Albany High School 1969! 34Charlotte Owens. Miss Anchor, was the first runner-up in Miss AHS. Charlotte, a member of the senior class, did a gymnastics routine involving much precision and balance. Charlotte is also a member of the Beta Club. Jan Sauls, Miss ROGB, was the second runner-up in Miss AHS. Jan, a member of the senior class, did a skit of a Possum Crik girl who had come to New York to be a high fashion model. Jan is captain of the cheerleaders, sweetheart of the ROGB, and President of Kappa Gamma Tri-Hi-Y.Carole Gillespie Miss Homecoming, 1969 To be selected Homecoming Queen by Albany High School students, a girl has to be extra special. Not only must she possess physical loveliness to win this coveted title; students also consider beautiful inner qualities when casting their votes. Students found all of that loveliness and beauty in Carole Gillespie, Miss Homecoming of 1969. Since entering high school, Carole has contributed much to others . . . friendliness and sincerity . . . leadership and talent. She has made academic achievements, and her accomplishments in extracurricular activities have been many. She has a happiness which radiates joy to all with whom she has contact. The attendants on the next page were selected from each of the three classes in school to reign with Carole during the Homecoming Week activities. 36Homecoming Court Thea Browne Sophomore Attendant Fran Walker Junior Attendant Mary Wallace Senior Attendant (L to K.i Breck Long. Carole Gillespie. Tommy Carter. Mary Wallace. (L to R.) Hill Gillespie. Fran Walker. Charles Avcock. Thea Browne 37Student Randy, one of the most outstanding students at AHS, contributes not only in his capacity as President of the Student Body, but also as an energetic member of various clubs. He has proved himself to be one of the finest boosters of school spirit at Albany High by his contagious enthusiasm not only at the pep rallies, but in everything he does. Randy is always ready and willing to do any task; large or small, because of his conscientiousness; he always strives to do his best in everything. Randy’s pride in his school and his loyalty ever to uphold its name has been a good example for all of us to follow because he has truly represented our school well. Thanks, Randy, for a job well done! Randy Haire, President of the Student BodyBody Leaders Zan was greatly honored by being elected Vice President of the Student Body. She is an outstanding student in every respect ... an active participant in school activities ... a booster of school spirit. . . friendly and cheerful to all, teachers and students alike. She is a great aid to Randy in his many duties, and she has fulfilled her duties well as vice president of the student body. Zan York. Vice-President of the Student Body. Sitting: Zan York. Vice-President: Randy Haire. President. Standing: Nanna Nunn. Secretary; Ellis Benson. Parliamentarian: Sally Knight. Treasurer. 39The KIWANIS and MeINTOSH awards are the most coveted honors which can be bestowed upon a student at Albany High School. These students who are recognized from the senior class as having exemplified the most outstanding qualities of citizenship and leadership during their years at Albany High School, are selected by secret ballot of the faculty. Ginny Barrett is the senior girl who is the recipient of the KIWANIS award, and Ellis Benson is the recipient of the MeINTOSH award. GINNY BARRETT "Honor is purchas'd by the deeds we do: . . . honor is not won. Until some honorable deed is done." Marlowe 40 ELLIS BENSONA.H.S. Senior Favorites — 1969 (Left to Right): Toby Barfield, Joy Bridger. Blain Lvall. Ginnv Barren. 2nd Row: Earl Cook. Nanna Nunn, Ellis Benson. Celia C ain. 3rd Row : George Small, Marcia Mays. Gary 'Faulk. Sue Jensen. 4th Row: Steve Goldsmith. Keithen Tucker. Hugh Hays, Randy Haire. Sally Knight. Carole Gillespie. Mary Wallace. Carol Dodgen. 414243Carol Dodgen Steve Goldsmith 454748 Sue Jensen Gary Faulk. « THRONATEESKA • 1969 • THRONATEESKA • 1969 • THRONATEESKA • 1969 • THRONATEESKAThronateeska Editors The Annual Stall, led by its dedicated editors and advisors, presents to you the ’68-'69 Thronateeska. Hours of hard work and planning have gone into the yearbook, in hopes that this edition of the Thronateeska is the best yet. Marcia McCown Editor Karen Payne Assistant Editor Debbie Hall Club Co-Exlitor Nanna Nunn Club Co-Editor Sally Knight Faculty Editor Susan McCall Feature Editor Mrs. Futch Literary A dvisor Miss Hogg Assistant Literary Advisor Mr. Walton Assistant Business Advisor Mr. Howell Business Advisor 54Thronateeska Staffs Literary Front Row: S. Jenkins, A. Fulmore, F. Walker, L. Tyson, N. Nunn, D. Hall, K. Payne, S. Knight. Back Row: Mrs. Futch, R Dent, D. Dozier. I C lark, C. D en, M. McCown. S. McCall, K. Glass, K. Davis. Z. York, L. Lanier, Miss Hogg. Business Front Row : Christine Carter. Denise Calhoun. Pat Davis. Mary Fenn. Patricia Ponder. Rethema Browne, Carolyn Bryant. Second Row : Inez Martin. Mr. How ell. Phyllis Cummings, Pauleen Daunt. Lucy Lichten. Mr. Walton. Rebecca Holland. Debbie Weldon. Dianne Marsh. 55Student Council Randy Haire President Zan York Vice-President Nanna Nunn Secretary Sally Knight Treasurer Ellis Benson Parliamentarian Miss Tanner Coach Cook Miss Woodruff Miss Student Council — Laura Knight IL to R.) Row I: Geoffrey Cheshire. Kathy Davis. Sue Jensen. Sally Knight. Nanna Nunn. Kitti Moran. Marcia McCown. Laura Gordon. Jimmy Ellison. Row Johnny Bridges. Carole Gillespie. Jo Spurlin. Mary Wallace. Ellis Bensen. Ann Whittle. Linda Rockett. Paige Pritchett. Jimmy Hudgins. 56Student Council Front Row, L. to R.: Nancy Doss. Zan York. Connie Frazer, Karen Cheek, Vickie Snell. Rachel Miller, Linda Owens. Second Row: Mary Anderson. Laura Knight, Fran Walker. Herbert Bond. Sherri Lane. Jane Roberts. Debbie Hicks. Front Row, L. to R.: Frances Heidt. Beth Griffin. Sharon Constantino. Cherrie West, Patti Owen. Thea Browne. Second Row: Mike Lceman. Nancy Randall. Ginger Faulkner. Jean Sutton. Celeste Anderson. Betts Law, Chuck Rushing. 57Beta Club The purpose of the Beta Club is to promote ideals of honesty, service, and leadership among school students and also to reward meritorious achievements of the students. Marcia McCown President Dinah Holman Vice-President Toby Barfield I.andra Ben ford Johnny Bridges Gloria Cavazos Geoffrey Cheshire William Conely Jimmy Hudgins Harriett Jones Jackie Keadle Betty Kerns Sally Knight Paul Mosser 58Charlotte Owens Linda Rockett Frank Walker Jamie Pollock Paige Pritchett Pam Randall Sharon Richardson Karen Cheek Connie Frazier Bill Dorough Editor Pow Wow Staff Susan Kirksey Junior Editor Connie Frazer Feature Editor Mary Ann Willey Feature Editor Marv Wallace Sue Jensen Assistant Editor Karen Gargel Club Editor Susan Owens Club Editor Jimmy Herschell Circulation Manager Susan Johnson Art Editor Jan Whittle Art Editor Patty Parmclee TypistCindy Mullcnix Editor Staff 'SS, sense of awareness in .he siudenis of Al bany High School. Miss Stembridgc Sponsor Paul Mosser Pam Randall Linda RockettAnchor Club Julie King Secretary Kathy Davis Chaplain Sponsored by the Pilot Club, the Anchor Club is made up of sophomore, junior, and senior girls who are selected for their leadership, citizenship, and scholarship. Meeting regularly with a member of the faculty as an advisor, the Anchor Club seeks to benefit the school and community. Carol Dodgcn Parliamentarian Ellis Benson Sweetheart Miss Taylor Sponsor Initiation of new members at P. C. Susan McCall Gail Mercer Charlotte Owens Sally Knight Keithan Tucker Sweetheart Peggy Watson 6?Debbie Hicks Susan Kirksey Dinah Holman Laura Knight Susan Jones Linda Owens Anchors do volunteer work at the hospital every Sunday afternoon. Sue Reardon Fran Walker The Anchor girls participate in the annual Anchor-Civinette softball game. 63Ellis Benson President Key Club The Key Club boys belong to an international organization sponsored by Kiwanis International. It is their responsibility each year to participate in school projects for the betterment of their school and community. Their motto is: “We build.'’ Toby Barfield Vice-President 64Jimmy Jordan Tommy Lash Icy Keithen Tucker Gary Wall Miss Key Club Paige Pritchett David Dean Hal Gurr Cass Miller Jack Sawyer 65Ginny Barrett President Linda Fordham Vice-President Mrs. Brock — Sponsor Mrs. Tate — Sponsor Jan Mackey Joy Bridger Carol Reeves Our fearless leader!! TAW Marcia McCown Parliamentarian Earl Cook Sweetheart Pam Thomas Chaplain 66Ree Rushton Karen Check Ann Whittle Nancy Doss Jan Whittle Dellen Fountain Would do a thing like that?! Connie Stewart Linda Tyson Zan York Initiation will be . . . Candy Hinson Rachel Miller Excedrin headache No. 23. Terri James Kathy Martin Patti Owen Peggy Lynn Richardson Deborah Webb 67Earl Cook President The Interact Club is a service club at Albany High. It is sponsored by the Rotary Club and its members are selected according to leadership and scholarship. Their purpose is to provide for good interaction among people in the school, community, state, nation, and world. Hugh Hays Vice-President Thomas Doyal Secretary Tommy McDowell Treasurer Don Dozier Parliamentarian Joy Bridger Sweetheart Carol Reeves Sweetheart Mr. Murkerson Sponsor Tommy Heidt Jimmy Hill 68Miss Interact - Mary Wallace James Cleveland Bill Cox The Interacts work hard to keep their marquee up to date. Don Knight Mike Mclnerny Neil Rustin David Wall Paul Duffy Mike Haggerty 69Celia Cain President Carole Gillespie Secretary Myra Marlin Vice-President Dottic Warren Treasurer Celeste Bateman Parliamentarian Ken Glass Sweetheart George Small Sweetheart 70 Siarr Helms Sue JensenMembers help with the children of Sowcga Youth Home. Carla Sikes Celeste Anderson Sandy Johnston Susan Owens Mary Anderson Janet Russell Bonnie Bridges Civinettes give physical therapy to little Grady. Frances Heidt Betty Sutton Thea Browne 71George Small Billy Burgess President Vice-President Ken Glass Secretary Hill Gillespie Treasurer Herbert Bond Chaplain Joel Inman Parliamentarian CIVITAN CREED: I am a Civitan: as old as life, as young as the rainbow, as endless as time . . . My hope is for a better world through better men and Civitans . . . My motto: Builders of good citizenship. Marty Bell Marcia Hays Sweetheart Sweetheart Miss Civitan — Celia Cain 72 Coach Henry Sponsor73Jo Ann Reed Reporter Charlotte Myers Chaplain Steve Johnston Parliamentarian Debbie Hendley Miss DEC A Diane Ashcraft Melba Burrus Gail Childree Millie Clark Len Berry Ray Burrow Bruce Davis Lois Edwards Vickie Fowler Donna Goodroe Frances Cuff PURPOSE: To develop future leaders in the fields of marketing and distribution.Derrell Henry Ronnie Kinsaul Wanda Hooks Jerry Lacey Terry Hill Karen Kraselsky Bonnie Houston Patsy Lanier Jerry Justice Paul Malone Ray Middleton Mike Savelle Barbara Singleton Jimmy Morgan Rita Sherwood Keithan Tucker Ree Rushton Mary Shiver Dennis Tomlinson Pat Sutton Jan Whittle Joan Woodall 75VICA Cody Coleman President The purpose of VICA is symbolized by its emblem: The torch of knowledge. The orbital circles symbolizing new technology and research, The gear as the traditional symbol of industry. And the untrained hands of youth, reaching for the torch of knowledge. Albert Austin Vice-President Peggy Watson Secretary Charlotte Dekle Treasurer 4 Troy Douglas Parliamentarian Wilbur Lindsey Chaplain VICA President and Coordinator Russell Barfield Bill Barrett Ann Campbell Jo Anne Corbitt Phillip Dervan Phil Dugger Annette Duren Ronald Heard Scott Hemmings Sara Howell Linda Johnson Leon LangleySalli Layson Gary Long Ronald Luman Louise Percilla VICA members studying in class. Robert Rachals Robert Rhodes Deborah Salter meeting. Fred Stafford Joe Pollock Jerry Prothro VICA Sweethearts Johnny Saxon David Tanner Eddie Watson 77Les Jeunes Reveurs Kitti Moran President Susan Kirkscy Secretary- Treasurer Gary Katter Vice-President Front Row. Left to Right: Doug Wilson, Kitti Moran, Janifcr Meld rum, Debbie Hicks, Peggy Ware, Louanne Horne. Elizabeth Joiner. Candy Hinson, Sherri Lane. Second Row: Mrs. Rodgers. Jimmy Jones, Gary Katter, Mike Mclnemey, Cindy Mullenix. Susan Kirksey, Becky Wisenbaker, Darek Raper. Jackie Keadle. 78Junior Classical League Harriett Jones Senior Consul Susan Jones Junior Consul Karen Ford Virginia Luther Praetor Quaestor Randy Fender Connie Frazer Patty Parmelee Senior Aedile Teresa Murphy Junior A edile Miss Tillman Sponsor Danny Reed Roland Stetson Keith White Patricia Wilson Miss J.C.L — Teresa Murphy PURPOSE: To encourage interest in and an appreciation of the civilization, language, literature, and art of ancient Rome and Greece; to understand the debt of our culture to that of Classical antiquity.Los Conquistadores 1st Row: Ann Milligan. Bonnie Spanfelner. Paige Pritchett, Gloria Gore. 2nd Row: Lupie Hernandez, Carol Newsome, Beverly Buntin. Sybil Baxter. Michele Sumner. Kathy Toms. Rhonda Dent. Annlies Sundbcrg. 3rd Row: Susan Baker, Carlos Moulton. Herbie Gill. Ronald Gillespie. Jimmy Hudgins. Sylvia Bullock. Short Circuits (L to R.) Frank McKemie, Susan Jones, Paul Mullins, Ricky Barlow, David Mullins, Steve LeBlanc, Steve Frank. Phil Faulkner. Dick Ashworth, Barry Bcn-thall. 80Annlies Sundberg President Mrs. Murdock Sponsor Janifer Meldrum Vice-President Miss Snipes Sponsor Thespians Purpose: To advance the standards of excellence in dramatic arts. Karen Spanfelner Secretary rv John Arey Treasurer Kathie Tatum Keith White Gloria Williams Judy ToddStella Kalmon F.T.A Becky Wassum Vice-President Linda Baxley Secretary Cathy Dykes Treasurer Debbie Murdock President Mrs. Bass Miss Smith Sponsor Sponsor Future Teachers of America has a program for students who are interested in learning about the teaching profession or in simply serving Albany High School. Miss FT A — Patty Parmelce First Row; L. Lanier. K. Dykes. J. Pollock. B. Wassum. G. Faulk. D. Murdock, B. Lyall, L. Baxley, G. Thomas, M. Price, S. Holloman. Second Row; J. LeClair. S. Baker, P. Parmelee, K. Gargcl. B. Weisenbaker, J. Lee. M. Keaton. T. James, E. Raynun. Third Row: G. Gore. M. Sumner, J. Hannah. B. Coppedge. A. Alderman, C. Walter. L. Giddens. 82Library Service Club Falicia Harper Reporter Mrs Hogue The purpose of the Library Service Club is to render service to both teachers and students of Albany High School. Front Row: Jennie Smith. Wanda Hall, Kathy Lanier, Elaine Mcdders, Peggy Weir, Phyllis Dyer. Gail Rainey, Falicia Harper. Elaine Couch, Sharon Pierce. Second Row: Dale Flannigan. Phyllis Houston, Paula Pollock. Hugh Hays, Eton Tin Hagen. Anne Alderman. Terri James, Darlene Pope. Linda Simmons. Ronnie Kinsaul. 83 Aldene Weston President Future Homemakers of America Karen Autry Vice-President Debra Davis Secretary Mr Patti Deese Treasurer Lara Luman Parliamentarian Miss Antley Sponsor Mrs. Foster Sponsor PURPOSE: To create an interest in Home Economics. Darlene Beard Crystal Brown Osceola Cain Beverly Cochran Patricia Daniel Charlotte Dekle Peggy Duckworth Debra Dudley Rowena Ellison Lea Friend Marion Gaines Linda Glover Georgia Gorr Billie Hairc Denise Hall Patti Renauc Barbara Richardson Sheila Rusk Vivian Rutledge Renee Sams Jackie Singleton Rosa Smith Billie Strawder 84Future Farmers of America Garry McGlamery Secretary Learning to do, Doing to learn. Earning to live. Living to serve. Mark McCorklc Treasurer Henry Rutledge Reporter Lamar Broome Parliamentarian Tony Medley Sentinel Janice Ward Sweetheart L to R.. Front Row D Conley. D. Judv. T. Farmer. E. Tines. J. Swift, C. Taylor. C. Lawless. R. Skates. M. Newell. O. T. McKinsey. G. McGlamery'. Second Row: Mr. Downing M McCorklc, D Tomlinson. L. Broome, R. Wilson. J. Rainey. V. McCorkle. E. Murray. H. Rutledge. M. Smith. T. Hancock. M. Scarborough. Third Row L. Conley R Tompson. T. Medley. J. Jackson. R King. J. Singletary. T. Naziger. B Broome. B. Cobb. B. Calhoun. G. Thurmond 85Alpha Tri-Hi-Y Susan Newell Treasurer Patricia Wilson Chaplain Bruce Anderson Sweetheart Ed Haggarty Sweetheart Miss Alpha Tri-Hi-Y — Laura Gordon PURPOSE: To create, maintain, and extend throughout the home, school, and community, high standards of Christian character. 1st Row (L to R.): C. Smith. G. Reynolds. S. Newell. P. Wilson. F. Harper. B. Anderson, L. Gordon. E. Haggerty, C. Ware, V. Snell. M. Etheridge. L. Sherrill. 2nd Row: M. Whitman. R. Belcher. D. Cook.T. Farmer. B. Barfield. N. Randall. A. Anderson. C. McDowell, B. Weiscnbackcr. L. Perkins, J. McArthur. N. Everson. 3rd Row: F. Thornton, D. Collier, D. Paros. P. Davis, P. Naylor. 4th Row: L. Wills, P. Rentfrow. M. Burros, P. Mills, P. Ware. A. Alderman. M. Salter, N. Peacock, J. Reynolds. L. Beach, S. Constantino, S. Wagner. 86Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y Patrice Sikes President Gail Childree Vice-President w LWJ an Deb Morec Secretary Hal Gurr Sweetheart Butch Windham Sweetheart PURPOSE: To create, maintain, and extend throughout the home, school and community higher standards of Christian character. (L to R.) Front Row: J. Robertson. B. Clegg. D. Nobles. G. Childree. H. Gurr. P. Sikes. B. Windham. D. Moree. P. Key. K. Forehand. T. James. Second Row: C. Myers. V. Fowler. D. Oakes, J. Mcldrum. L. Percilla. R. Patrick. R. Rushton. S. Johnston. J Reed. P. Parmelee. Third Row: J. Peek. K. Gargel. S. Helms. C. Owens. P. Pritchett. K. Dykes, I. Bamford. Fourth Row: J. Pollock. S. Pierce. S. Galloway. M. Keeton. T. Folger. M. B. Christian. S. Choate. C. Walter, C. Johnson. L. Giddens. 87Calhy Doris President Annlics Sundhcrg Vice-President Beta Tri-Hi-Y Randy Hairc Sweetheart Danny Faulk Sweetheart Gloria Cavazos Secretary PURPOSE: To create, maintain, and extend throughout the home, school, and community, high standards of Christian character. Anne Adams Martha Alexander Gloria Beecher Carla Cohen 88 Miss Beta Tri-Hi-Y - Janice DawsonRita Sherwood Jenny Smith Jaekie Lee Vickie McCorkle Becky Spivey Cathy Toms Cathy Toole 89Kappa Gamma Tri-Hi-Y Miss Kappa Gamma - Linda Rockett Linda Rockett Vice-President Peggy Watson Treasurer Landra Ben ford Chaplain Lois Edwards Secretary Mrs. Browne Sponsor Row I: G. Thomas, L. Edwards. S. Dean, J. Sauls. D. Washburn. L. Rockett, L. Rockett. L. Ben ford Row 2: R Levine. P. Owen. D. Kennedy. A. Weber. B. Tucker. C. Erwin. B. Sludstill. Row 3: S. Middleton. N. Olson. F. Calloway. S. Williams. B. Thacker. M. Phillips. A. Folmer, C. Cook. 90Phi Delta Tri-Hi-Y Cindy Muilcnnix President Bonnie McClure Treasurer Keith Dupree Sweetheart Miss Phi Delta — Kitti Moran PURPOSE: To create, maintain, and extend throughout the home, school, and community, high standards of Christian character. David Hinson Sweetheart (L. to R.) Front Row: C. Frazer. K. Moran. R. Patrick. B. Sutton. V. Key. D. Everson. E. Joiner. B. Levie. K. DuPree. C. Mullennix. D. Hinson. S. Herndon. K. Cheek. B. Ross. N. Doss, S. Johnson. C. Autry. V. Giles. D. Webb. P. Gerst. Second Row: L. Tyson. B. Hughes, C. Hunkele, S. Jones. J. Sutton. C. Anderson. D. Fountain. J. Roberts. S. Kirksey, S. Lane, T. Murphy. V. Luther. B. Buntin. Third Row: S. Jensen. M. Wallace. L. Lanier. H. Jones. S. Williams. J. Russell. D. Hicks. C. Stewart, C. Newsome. B. Law. B. Coppedgc. C. Martin. Fourth Row: B. Bridges. M. Sumner. J. Hannah. E. Rabun. L. Williams. T. Brown. J. Spurlin. D. Morris, J. Reynolds. G. Faulkner. B. McClure. K. Gargel. L. Giddens. 91Senior Hi-Y Gene Stover President Gary Walker Secretary Mr. Hunt Sponsor Mr. Walton Sponsor Joe Worsley Sgt. at Anns Deb Morec Sweetheart Peggy Watson Sweetheart Any boy of the junior or senior class who is of good moral character may be a member of the Senior Hi-Y. This club, which meets at the Y.M.C.A., strives to create, maintain, and extend throughout the home, school, and community high standards of Christian character. 92Miss Senior Hi-Y — Zan York Bob Hutchinson Robert Karn Eddie Oliver Randy Skalla Barry Taylor Robert Three wits Albert Freeman John Hannington Pat Hans Butch Howe 93Allied Medical Careers Club Left to Right: Chloc Gaines, Linda Kennedy, Wanda Hall. Phyllis Houston, Pat Cannon, Debra Collier. Art Service Club Front Row, Left to Right: Michele Sumner. Vangie Key. Betty Ann Hughes. Becky Wassum. Harriett Jones. Second Row: David Curies, Elaine Rabun, John Arey. Bonnie McClure. Miss Merritt. 94Mixed Chorus Judy Todd — President Lavonne Beach — Libn. Juanetta Whatley Vice-President Dayle Holley Secretary- Treasurer Betty Clegg — Reporter Brenda Jones — Libn. (Left to Right): F. Cuff. J. Johnson. S. Jones, G. Williams. H. Collins. D. Holley, S. Blaylock. J. Whatley. J. Smith. J. Todd. S. Tccmcr. K. White. J. Stanford, B. Clegg, O. Cain, S. Folsom. D. McCorklc, N. Redding, B. Jones. L. Beach, J. Meld rum. Mrs. Walker. James Smith - Shirlette Teemer — Libn. Mrs. L. C. Walker - Dir.Mellonettes Judy Todd Director Sue Jensen Cathy Autrcy President Vice-President Cody Coleman Sweetheart Kenny Fennell Sweetheart Pam Randall Secretary Karen Prisant Pianist Betty Clegg Karen Ford Laura Gordon Janifer Mcldrum Annlics Sundberg Becky Wassum Thea Browne Gloria Middleton Jill Robertson Betty Sutton Kay Swcarington Michele Topshe 96ROGB Miss ROGB Jan Sauls PURPOSE: To provide public entertainment and to increase the spirit and interest in school activities. Danny Washburn - Pres. Guitar Steve Dean — Vice Pres. Trombone Geoffery Cheshire — Treas. Electric Bass Ray Cate Bari-Sax Chuck Eady Trumpet Carl Wilkerson Trumpet Ben Hambrick Trumpet Robert Luckey Percussion 97Majorettes Deb Moree Head Majorette Jackie Crowder Ginger Faulkner Joyce Hairc 98 Marie Salter Susan WilliamsDrill Team (L to R.) Front Row: Sharon Richardson, Captain.Second Row: Vangie Key, Judy Luckcy, Linda Baxley, Pam Stevens. Peggy Lynn Richardson, Karen Oakes. Betty Kearns, Joy Newsome. Third Row: Brenda Youngblood. Myra Willis. Ann Milligan. Pam Randall, Frances Calloway, Linda Rockett, Diane Nobles, Libby Davis. Block A Club Front Row. Left to Right: Coach Cook, G. Faulk, S. Goldsmith. B. Bundrick, G. Barrett. D. Holman, S. Bullock. K. Dykes. T. Janes, K. DuPree. H. Hays. D. Hinson. J. Belk, Coach Rowell. Second Row: M. Mclnemev, B. Cox, T. Doyal. E. Owens. B. Windham. D. Faulk. B. Bishop. S. Lawhome. E. Haggerty. S. Crenshaw. Coach Dixon. Third Row: C. Lanier. R. Nelson, B. Lyall. B. Thompson. D. Harris. R Anderson. T. Rainey, P. Cross. J. Fordham. D. Smith. Fourth Row: E. Benson, G. Small, R. Butler, S. Crawford, D. Wall, H. Gurr, D. Dean. C. Olt. S. Hallford, E. Cook. J. White. T. Paschal. C. Jenkins. 99AHS Marching Band OR GUARD Left to Right: Tony Jones. David Johnson, Henry Rutledge. Johnny Kavenaugh. Mr. Martin Director Row I: J. Plummer. R. Dent, E. Lewis, S. Blaylock, A. Cooling, D. McKoon. Row 2: M. Dent. M. Nealy, N. Peacock, J. Reynolds. C. Carnegie, D. Spence. J. Crowder. R. Skalla, A. Mims. Row 3: K. Wood. M. Salter. M. Renfroe. S. Williams. G. Faulkner. 100Row I: K. Tarleton, J. Hornsby, N. Buzzard. A. Sundberg, D. Branch. L. Ferrell. Row 2: S. Martin, M. Heard, D. Thomas. B. Bullock. D. Ellis. H. Rutledge, G. Stover. Row 3: F. Cross. R. Johnson. J. Woody, C. Eady. B. Hamrick, J. Kavenaugh. Rodney Rouse. Row I: W. Carter, C. Rushing, B. Whitley. J. Woody. T. Jones. B. Shipley. Row2: D. Kennedy. D. Taylor. D. Windham. J. Arey. S. Dean. R. Tyson. M. Ellerson. Y. Kelly. Row 3: G Cobb. D. Mullins, J. Worsley. 101Front Row: Phil Faulkner. Dean Bailey. Mark Elliott. Larry Clark. Back Row: Ray Cate. Allen Nebbs. Herbert Band. Stephen Frank, Patty Owen. 102 Left to Right: Jimmy Lee. Rick Freeman. Marvin Carter. Keith Wortman. Robert Luckey. Eddie Oliver. Allen Wilbourn. Claude Taylor. THRONATEESKA • 1969 • THRONATEESKA • 1969 • THRONATEESKA • 1969 • THRONATEESKA106 GO-GO-GO The crowd forgot its assigned cheers and shrieked pure agony as The athlete, his muscles strained to the bursting point, Fought to overcome his opponent. Himself.Albany High School (L to R.) First Row: Andy Barfield. Johnny Fordham. David Dean. Kenny Ford. Rayburn Yarborough. Mike Mclnerny. Bill Cox, Stuart Moulder, Don Tate. Second Row: Steve Crenshaw, Hugh Hays. Earl Cook, David Wall, Kenny Fennell, Tommy Rainey, Clarence Lanier, Billy Thompson. Jerry Musgrove. Third Row: Coach Rowell. Jimmy Snell, Jeff Pittman. Johnny White. Danny Faulk. Billy Bishop. Gary Faulk. Hal Gurr. David Harris. Mike Lucas. Coach Henry. Fourth Row: Coach Woodham. Keith Dupree. John Belk. Larry West. Thomas Doyal. Billy Bundrick. Butch Windham. Steve Goldsmith, David Hinson, Don Mansfield. Ed Haggerty. Coach Cook. Fifth Row: Paul Cross. Ronald Nelson, Steve Lawhorne. Robert Butler. Stan Hallford. Stan Crawford, Ellis Benson. Tommy Paschal. Ken Wills, Blain Lyall, John Murphy. 108 Standing: Coach Henry. Coach Woodham. and Coach Rowell. Seated: Head Coach Harold D. Cook.Varsity Football Team Albany High School’s 1968 football Indians ran a hill-and-valley course in compiling a 5-5 season mark in a year sprinkled with disappointments but also studded with achievement. Graduation took some of the top players of the previous year, but left the squad with considerable experience and a nucleus of proven competitors whom Coach Harold Dean Cook and his assistants thought would constitute a representative team in the rough Region 1-AAA. The coaches were right, although the squad was not capable of competing with the likes of Valdosta, the eventual state champion. Nobody else was able to compete with Valdosta either. The first test for the young Indians was a rugged one — with the big and strong Robert E. Lee High School Rebels in Thomaston. Lee was one of the stronger Class AAA teams in North Georgia and made the playoffs in its region. This game was a defensive bruiser, with neither team managing to gain much headway on the attack. The Rebels got a pair of early breaks (Albany, it seemed, played in hard luck for most of the year) and struck for a field goal and a touchdown in the middle of the first half to post a 10-0 lead. The lone Rebel touchdown came after Lee recovered a fumble at the Albany 25 and drove on in. The Indians kept hammering away at the stubborn Lee defense and finally cashed a touchdown on a short plunge by Danny Faulk with just over two minutes left in the game. It ended with a 10-7 loss for the Indians, but the boys had played a fine game against the muscular Rebels and the coaching staff was well-pleased. 109 Ready or not, here 1 come.Ed Haggerty - Captain Ken Wills - Captain Best Offensive Back Most Val. Player, Best Quarterback Dcf'. Back; Safety Steve Crenshaw pau| Cross Tackle Best Offensive Lineman Tackle Keith Dupree Danny Faulk Guard Halfback Ellis Benson Billy Bishop Earl Cook End Slotback Guard Albany opened its region campaign the following week against Coffee County High School in Douglas, and belted the newcomer to Region 1-AAA by 44-0. although not before a prolonged struggle. Coffee’s Comets, who were to go winless in the league, put up a surprising fight for a half, trailing by just 6-0 at intermission and making one serious threat to score on the Albany defense. However, the Indians took complete charge in the third period, exploding for 26 points — a record for recent times — in that one quarter. The first Indian touchdown was set up in the first period by a 37-yard dash by Ron Nelson to the Coffee one, from where Johnny White scored. In the third period White hit Danny Faulk with a 67-yard touchdown pass, the defense blocked two punts and converted them into scores, Nelson had a 63-yard scoring run and Danny Faulk a 67-yard punt return for a TD called back. Leading 32-0 after three periods, the Indians coasted in with deep reserves pounding the Comets for the final two scores. 110 Gary Faulk Halfback Kenny Fennell GuardSieve Goldsmith Stan Hallford David Harris Good Sportsmanship Tackle Center Award; Linebacker Following this one, the Indians made their home debut against Monroe High School of Albany and it was a debacle. Albany took the opening kickoff and churned steadily down to the Monroe two, only to lose the ball on a fumble. Worse, the Indians let the Tornadoes out of the hole when they failed to trap the punt in the end zone and the result was a 35-yard scamper by Nathaniel Harpe to give Monroe field position and turn the game around. Monroe took a 6-0 lead with two minutes left in the half on a 65-yard pass from Richmond Davis to Harpe, and then came Albany’s most crippling break of the season. Danny Faulk took the kickoff after the Monroe touchdown and broke into the clear for what should have been a certain touchdown, but tripped over one of his own blockers and suffered a shoulder separation when going down under a swarm of Monroe tacklers. This mishap removed Albany’s No. 1 player from action throughout most of the season. Fired up, Monroe went on to win the game 19-14 and go a long way toward ruining the year for Albany. Hugh Hays David Hinson Linebacker Guard Clarence Lanier Blain Lyall Halfback End Stuart Moulder Ronald Nelson Fullback Leading Rusher Region I-AAA, Fullback Tommy Paschal Tommy Rainey Center Tackle IIIRobert Butler Billy Cox Stan Crawford David Dean Thomas Doyal Tackle Haljback End Tackle Haljback The next week the Indians entertained Lowndes County and had a hard time overcoming a rash of penalties, fumbles, and other misfortunes before jelling in the last half for a 28-0 victory. The Indians held only a shaky 7-0 margin at intermission, but got the bugs out of their offensive machine to score three times in the final two periods while holding the Lowndes team well away from the local end zone. After this the Indians journeyed to Valdosta and suffered a crushing 28-0 defeat at the hands of Wright Bazemore’s eventual state champions. Valdosta’s powerhouse was just too much for Albany or anybody else, grinding out four touchdowns in methodical fashion after blitzing the Indians with a 79-yard scoring strike on the game’s first play from scrimmage. Meanwhile, the giant Valdosta defense put a complete halt on the Indian attack. The Tribe could not go either by land or by air and therefore posed no serious threat. Albany did reach the Valdosta three-yard line with a recovered fumble, but was thrown back and never got remotely close under its own power. 112The Valdosta hangover seemed to linger the following week, when the Indians went to Waycross to play hapless Ware County, one of the region doormats. Albany lost five fumbles and sustained nearly 100 yards in penalties in the game, and actually trailed the Gators 7-6 through the first three quarters. Ware had scored on a 63-yard drive of which 35 yards came on penalties against the Indians. But a drive bom of desperation and determination carried the Indians 59 yards in nine plays in the fourth quarter to pull out a 13-7 win and pull their record for the year to 3-3 Albany was a slight underdog against Tift County in Albany for the next encounter, but outplayed the erratic Blue Devils and took a 16-0 victory in a contest dominated by the defense on both sides. Neither team could mount any sort of sustained offensive, and all the points were either scored by or as a result of defensive maneuvers. Steve Crenshaw got the first Albany touchdown when he scooped up a wayward Blue Devil pitchout and darted over the goal with it. Crenshaw also was credited with two points later in the game when he led an Albany charge that dumped a Tift ball-carrier in the end zone for a safety. The other Albany score came on a short pass a.fter the Indians had recovered another Tift fumble at the Blue Devil 14. At Jesup the next week, the Indians started out in a blaze of glory but wound up in the ashes of defeat. Albany scored in two plays the first time it got the ball — a pass from Ed Haggerty to Bill Bundrick and a run by Nelson — but from there on-the Wayne defense kept the Indians thwarted except for a safety late in the game. Meanwhile, Wayne fullback Mike Purvis was ripping the Albany defense to pieces, scoring all three of the Wayne touchdowns for a 20-9 victory for the Yellow Jackets. It was the first Jesup win over Albany in the history of football clashes between the schools. Johnny Fordham Hal Gurr Guard Best Defensive Lineman End Steve Lawhome Mike Lucas Tackle End Don Mansfield Mike Mclnerny Murphy Guard Fullback Guard Jimmy Snell Tackle David Wall Linebacker Andy Barfield • Tackle Kenny Ford Tackle Larry West Halfback 113This left the Indians at 4-4 for the year and needing victories over arch-rivals Moultrie and Dougherty in the final two games for a winning season. They didn't quite make it, they put forth their finest effort in a vain attempt to break the 10-year Moultrie hex. Moultrie won by 21-20, but the Indians outgained the heavily favored Packers by more than 100 yards and kept constant pressure on the visitors from start to finish. It was a game the indians should have won, but the outcome was typical of the frustrations suffered repeatedly in the long season. It just wasn’t Albany’s year. In the finale against Dougherty, the Indians punched out a solid one with a 19-0 victory. Nelson scoring from the three, Haggerty from the one, and Bundrick on a pass from White. Dougherty’s Britt Roberts gave the Alany defense some trouble with his passes, but never could drive his team to a score. Two highlights of the season were Nelson’s winning tlu region rushing title and Ken Wills taking the punting championship. After the season Wills’ teammates voted him the team’s most valuable player, an honor most observers thought well-merited, since he kicked Albany out of, and opposing teams into, many a hole during the year and also was a standout defensive player. And so went the football year 1968. 114115Varsity Cheerleaders The enthusiasm of AHS is led by a group of energetic, young girls, who remain true Indians in defeats or victories. As a result of many hours of practice, the squad, presents precision cheers that boost the spirit of the fans but more important the players’ morale. Our cheerleaders add the necessary quality to the total world of athletics, good sportsmanship, and fair play. 116 Jan Sauls Captain Marcia Hays Co-CaptainJoy Bridger Carol Dodgen Linda Fordham Linda Owens Julie King Martha McCollum How’s this for a starting line-up?118 Football (L. to R.) First Row: James Carswell, James Smith, Jimmy Hill. Ricky BufTy, Mike Jones, Jimmy Lee Jones, Johnny Gardner, Sherman Roberts. Second Row: Steve Graham, Larry Shaw, Frankie Caldwell, Roger Williams. J. C. Corey, Pat Studstill, Richard Celaya, Roger Hynes. Charles Mault, Coach Allen. Third Row: Dan Chatman, Paul Duffy, Pat Friarson, Mike Haggerty. Ricky Carlton. David Ellis. Ronald Johnson. Benny Dykes, Gary Wilson, Coach Dixon. B-Team 119A.H.S. Basketball 120Standing From Left to Right: Rusty Russell. Brad McColl, Walter DuBose, Larry West, Roy Anderson, Bruce Anderson, Eric Mance. James Cleveland, George Small, Stan Crawford, Ellis Benson, Don Knight, Chuck Ott, Gary Knight, Pam Marley, Frank McKemie. Chuck Jenkins. Blain Lyall.Ellis Benson Chuck Ott George Small Bruce Anderson Chuck Jenkins Blain Lyall Pat Marlcy Albany........78 Albany........79 Albany........59 Albany........59 Albany........79 Albany........66 Albany........45 Albany........62 Albany...... 100 Albany........83 Albany........62 Albany........48 Albany........69 Albany...... 101 Albany........79 Albany........56 Albany........76 Albany........79 Albany........59 Albany........85 Edison........38 Edison.........54 Mark Smith. ... 60 Dothan.........63 Moultrie.......54 Dougherty.....57 Mark Smith. ... 68 Tifton.........44 Warner Robins . 65 Dougherty......63 Moultrie.......40 Monroe.........51 Coffee.........42 Lowndes........83 Monroe.........67 Tifton.........50 Valdosta.......51 Dougherty......52 Ware County. . . 45 Wayne County . 44 James Cleveland Stan Crawford Walter Du Bose 122123 Harry PrisantB-Team Basketball SittingFrom Left toRi ht: John Swift, Sherman Roberts. Mike Haggerty, Randy Holland, James Carswell, Ricky Fletcher. Second Row: Mike Mclnnemy, Gary Lumpkin. Jimmy Justice. Charles Cutliff, Cass Miller. Billy Whitley. Standing: Coach Allen. John Murphy, Kenny Ford, Don Conyer, Steve Hudson, George Ort, Charles Bailey. 124Girl’s Varsity Basketball Standing From Left to Right: Sylvia Bullock. Dellen Fountain, Dinah Holman, Terry James, Anne Alderman, Diane Benford. Becky Wisenbacker, Diane Bears, Vivian Whitaker. Susan Williams, Ginny Barrett, Jan Reynolds, Kathy Dykes, Barbara Levie, Vicki Giles. 125Sylvia Bullock Kathy Dykes Anne Alderman Ginny Barrett Terry James 126Dellen Fountain Vicki Giles Dinah Holman Barbara Levie Diane Benford Diane Bearss Jan Reynolds Vivian Whitaker 127A.H.S. Track Team Sitting From Left to Right: Don Tate. Mike Marley. Pat Marley, Ed Hatterty, Mike Haggerty, John Murphy. Gary Wilson, John Belk. Steve Crenshaw. Johnny Fordham. Second Row: Ken Wills, Steve Graham, Danny Faulk, Gary Faulk, David Hinson, Billy Cox, Billy Bundrick, Blain Lyall, Thomas Dcwal, Robert Butler, Hal Gurr. Standing: Coach Henry, Jimmy Snell. Ronald Johnson, Steve Lawhome. Mike Mclnemy, Stan Crawford. Don Mansfield, Paul Cross, Mike Lucas. Kenny Ford. Andy Barfield. Steve Dean. The track team this year, under the fine leadership of Coach Henry, had a fine season. The vitality, will-power, patience, and “stuff' made it possible for them to win. Since a great number of the boys on the team are juniors and sophomores, we are sure to have a fine team next year. We owe our team a vote of thanks for bringing to Albany High School even more honors. 128 Don Tate — Manager Ronald Johnson, Mike Lucas. Jimmy Snell, Paul Cross.Danny and Gary Faulk Steve Dean John Belk Billy Bundrick Steve Crenshaw- Pat and Mike Marley Ken Wills Ed and Mike Haggerty Gary WilsonRobert Butler Bill Cox Stan Crawford Thomas Doyal Kenny Ford, Andy Barfield, Steve Lawhomc. Mike Mclnemy John Murphy Blain Lyall David DeanA.H.S. Golf Team Coach Mullis With graduation coming, our golf team this year, will vanish from the annals of Albany High School golfing history, leaving an excellent record for a fine incoming team to carry on. Billy Burgess Hill Gillespie It lakes more than a stare, Billy! 131 Joel Inman Chuck Jenkins Gary WallA.H.S. Baseball Team First Row From Left to Right: James Carswell. Jimmy Hudgins. Jimmy Jordan. Eddie Owens. Ed Haggerty, Eric Roos. Harry Prisant. Second Row: Coach Rowell. Steve Morey. Roy Anderson, Johnny White. James Cleveland, Larry West, Don Knight. The coming of a new season brought a new group of sports to AHS — the spring sports. Among this group was baseball. Beginning practice in mid-March, the Varsity team started with a collection of new talent and finished with a winning combination of skill, speed, and strength. 132 Coach Rowell Don Knight Steve MoreyEric Roos Larry West Johnny White Roy Anderson James Cleveland Ed Haggerty Jimmy Hudgins Eddie OwensBoys’ Tennis Team First Row From Left to Right: Jamie Crawford. Gene Stover. Cass Miller. Second Row: Coach Allen. Frank McKcmie. David Smith. Pat Biddle. Coach Allen Jamie Crawford David Smith Gene Stover Pat Biddle Cass Miller Frank McKcmie 134Girls’ Tennis Team Coach Cobb Celeste Anderson Sharon Bright Crystal Brown Susan Jones Lucy Lichtcn Cathy Windham 135 ■ i : • ? . srfl': X.. ■z te i'Tfji ffa • • J av - $ v. , 0'$0 '■ .. .: - : '£Bn ■ . PPOy'« ■". »• ..- - ■ .. v 'fsr- u I l i 'rf .- •' W ml THRONATEESKA • 1969 THRONATEESKA • 1969 THRONATEESKA • 1969 • THRONATEESKA139Spirit . . . Binding Indians together in victory . . . and defeat AHS spirit . . . An everlasting flame. 140141Homecoming 1969 “A Time to Remember” — The Selection of the Court — A Spirited Day — A Memorable Night 142143144. . . Mr. AHS, a new first. . . report cards and chapel programs . . . many events signify another school year. SOMETHING NEK 9PQWS0ffgpc| BY CMMETTES! A'MR A.H.S CAST YOUR yon 145“The Impossible Dream" comes true for Rachel, Charlotte and Jan. Miss Albany High School Rachel Miller Miss AHS . . . hours of work . . . days of excitement and nervousness . . . the final moment ... a lasting memory Highlights of Miss A.H.S. 146 First Runner-up Charlotte Owens Second Runner-up Jan Sauls Miss Congeniality Mary WallaceMiss Jr. Civil an Celia Cain Miss Chorus Betty Clegg Miss Interact Mary Wallace Confusion . . . rehearsals . . . a variety of talent. Miss Drill Team Miss Anchor Sharon Richardson Charlotte OwensMiss Civinettes Marty Bell Miss Kappa Gamma Tri-Hi- Y Linda Rockett Miss Beta Tri-Hi- Y Janice Dawson Miss Phi Delta Tri-Hi-Y Kitti Moran 149Miss Alpha Tri-Hi-Y Laura Gordon Miss Key Club Paige Pritchett Miss FTA Patty Parmelee Miss DECA Debbie Hendley Miss Epsilon Tri-Hi- Y Deb Moree Miss ROGB Jan Sauls 150 Miss Cheerleader Marcia Hays Miss TA W Rachel Miller Miss Student Council Laura Knight Miss Senior Hi- Y Zan York Oh no!! — tell me that didn't happen! 151152153Christmas . . . the spirit of festivity fills the halls . . . a moving white Christmas program . . . the generosity of AHS . . . 154Students are enthusiastic about the decoration of doors for Christmas Last-minute touches . . . The judges meditate . . . The winners are announced. Grand Prize Miss Stembridge Sophomore Winner Mrs. BrockSpecial Guidance Special Runner-up Mrs. Rogers Junior Runner-up Miss Hagaman Sophomore Runner-up Mrs. Wallace WALLACE -Qt.Christmas Tournament 157Someone to criticize our faults and praise our merits . . . Someone we should be able to depend on when we are in trouble . . . The teacher . . . One who can guide students toward a productive future by helping them face the problems of today — and solve them. 159160161162163Star Student, Teacher Originated in Georgia in 1958, the Student-Teacher Achievement Recognition — more popularly known as the STAR program — seeks out and recognizes Georgia high school seniors’ superior intelligence and aptitude and also the teachers contributing to their learning. Winner of Albany High School’s STAR Student Award was Harriet Elizabeth Jones who selected as STAR Teacher Mrs. H. P. Mozingo as the educator contributing most to her scholastic development. In order to receive the STAR Student Award. Harriet earned the highest score on the College Board Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) from among all the seniors in Dougherty County taking the examination. 165THRONATEESKA • 1969 • THRONATEESKA • 1969 THRONATEESKA • 1969 • THRONATEESKaISenior Class Officers A a JoSpurlin, Parliamentarian; Ginnv Barrett. Treasurer; Cathy Doris. Secretary; Sue Jensen. Vice-President; Carole Gillespie, President. Second Row: Keith Dupree. Parliamentarian; Hill Gillespie. Treasurer; Steve Goldsmith. Secretary; Hugh Hays. Vice-President; Earl Cook. President. The last year for the senior class of’69 is soon coming to an end, but all the excitement of the past three years will never be forgotten. Homecoming, the last Pep Rally . . Spring Formal, Jr. Sr. Picnic, Spring Holidays, Kid’s Day and Class Day have all helped to make it one of the best years of their lives. Graduation brings it to a close but the memories of great times and good friends will live on. 168ANNE ADAMS CYNTHIA ANDREWS ANNE ALDERMAN JOHN AREY MARTHA ALEXANDER DIANNE ASHCRAFT ROY ANDERSON SUSAN BAKER KEITH BALLEW IVEY BAMFORD CLINTON BANCROFT FRANK BARFIELD RUSSELL BARFIELD TOBY BARFIELD GINNY BARRETT CELESTE BATEMAN 169JOCK BAUGH KATHY BECK LINDA BAXLEY JOE BEDSOLE DEBBY BEAMAN ANDREW BEISEL DARLENE BEARD LYN BELCHER 170 MARTY BELL LARRY BENTLEY WILLIE BELLS LEN BERRY LANDRA BENFORD BILLY BISHOP ELLIS BENSON STEPHANIE BLACKBARBARA BLACKLEDGE TERRY BLALOCK RICKY BRANAM JOY BRIDGER SHEILA BLAYLOCK JOHNNY BRIDGES SHELLEY BRADFORD BRINSON BROOME CRYSTAL BROWN RETHEME BROWN RANDY BROWN SCOTT BROWN MARCIA McCOWN. Editor of the Thronaleeska, Beta Club President, DAR Good Citizen. 171KAREN PAYNE, Assistant Editor of the Thronateeska. JOE BRUTON JIMMY BRYANT CAROLYN BRYANT MICHAEL BULLINGTON MARIE BULLOCK MELBA BURRUS SYLVIA BULLOCK PATSY BUTLER BILLY BURGESS PATRICIA BYRD RAY BURROW CATHY CAINCELIA CAIN ANN CAMPBELL MARVIN CARTER GLORIA CAVAZOS PRANCES CASEY KEVIN CHAMPION JEROME CASEY GEOFFF.RY CHESHIRE PAUL CATO GAIL CHILDREE 173 OSCEOLA CAIN PAT CANNON FRANCES CALLOWAY CHRISTINE CARTER DENISE CALHOUN RAY CARTE'SUSIE CHOATE PETER CLARK MARY BETH CHRISTIAN KEN CLANTON BETTY CLEGG RAY CLOWER JUDY CLARK CHARLES COBB 174 BEVERLY COCHRAN HENRY COLLINS CARLA COHEN WILLIAM CONELY CODY COLEMAN EARL COOK SCOTT COLLEY LARRY COOKBETH COPPEDGE BILLY COX PAUL CORBIN CHERYL CRADDOCK JO ANN CORBITT JAMIE CRAWFORD DON COUCH MIKE CRENSHAW ED HAGGERTY, Co-Captain of the football team. STEVE CRENSHAW FRANKLIN CROSS LARRY CROCKETT PAUL CROSS 175PHYLLIS CUMMINGS RANDY DANIEL V DAVID CURLES BOBBY DANIELS KEN WILLS. Co-Captain of the football team. 176 MARK DANIELS KATHY DAVIS RENA DARNS LEONARD DAVIS PAULINE DAUNT PATRICIA DAVIS LIBBY DAVIS STEVE DAVISPEGGY DAVIS CHERRY DEAN RUSSELL DAVIS STEVE DEAN STEVE DAVIS JANICE DAWSON PATTY DEESE CHARLOTTE DEKLE RHONDA DENT CAROL DODGEN BILL DILLASHAW CATHY DORIS NANCY DISMUKE BILL DOROUGH MARGIE DITTY DON DOZIERCINDY MULLENIX, Editor of the Scribe. PATRICIA ELDER ROWENA ELLISON JIM ELLEFSON MARY ETHERIDGE LINDA DYKES MARK ELLIOT CHUCK EADY RODRIQUE ELLISON JOY DRIGGER KEITH DUPREE ANNETTE DUREN KATHY DYKESCHARLES EVANS JOHNNIE FARR DANNY FAULK GARY FAULK RANDY FENDER MARY FENN KENNY FENNELL DEBBIE FENTON SANDI FLANIGAN SHANNON FLANIGAN BOB FOMBY KAREN FORD KATIE FOREHAND DEBBIE FOWLER VICKIE FOWLER RANDY FRAZIER 179wIL HERBERT GILL CAROLE GILLESPIE HILL GILLESPIE RONALD GILLESPIE KEN GLASS LYNDA GLOVER STEVE GOLDSMITH DONNA GOODROE LEA FRIEND SANDY GALLOWAY STEVE FULLER KAREN GARGEL ANITA FULMORE RUSTY GAY MARION GAINES LINDA GIDDENSGLORIA GOOLSBY CHARLOTTE GRACE LAURA GORDON JOYCE GRUBBS GLORIA GORE FRED GUNTER JIMMY GORE ED HAGGERTY CAROLE GILLESPIE. Homecoming Queen, National Merit semi-finalist. JACKIE HAIRE RANDY HAIRE JOYCE HAIRE DEBBIE HALL 181DENISE HALL RENEE HALL STAN HALLFORD FELICIA HARPER DON HALL WANDA HALL CHARLOTTE HANCOCK DAVID HARRIS RUSTY GAY. National Merit semi-finalist. JESSICA HANNAH ROGER HARRIS 4MH PAT HANS SANDRA HARRISSHARON HARRIS HUGH HAYS GEORGIE HARRISON MARCIA HAYS LE ROYAL HART TOMMY HEIDT AMY HATCHER STARR HELMS SCOTT HEMMING GARY HENDERSON DEBBIE HENDLEY JIMMY HERSCHELL DAVID HICKS JOYCE HIGHSMITH JIMMY HILL TERRY HILL 183DAVID HINSON PHYLLIS HOUSTON REBECCA HOLLAND SARA HOWELL SHARON HOLLOMAN JIMMY HUDGINS WANDA HOOKS BETTY ANN HUGHES 184 BOB HUTCHISON SANDRA JACKSON JOEL INMAN SAMMY JAMES JAN SAULS. Captain of the Varsity Cheerleaders.SHARON JENKINS PHYLLIS JOHNSON WILLIE C JOHNSON SANDY JOHNSTON STEVE JOHNSTON LINDA JOINER BOBBY JONES BRENDA JONES GLYNNIS JONES HARRIETT JONES 185 TERRY JAMES SUE JENSEN CHUCH JENKINS JACKIE JOHNSON LEE JENKINS LINDA JOHNSONMIKE JONES JIMMY JORDON JOHNNY KAVANAUGH JACKIE KEADLE JERRY JUSTICE GARY KATTER ROGER KEENE MARSHA KEETON mZL WANDA KELLER BOB KELLEY BETTY KERNS VANGIE KEY PAT KEY RICHARD KEY RONNIE KINSAUL SALLY KNIGHTKAREN KRASELSKY JERRY LACEY LINDA LANIER PATSY LANIER LEON LANGLEY CLARENCE LANIER PHILLIP LANIER JOHN LARKINS MARCIA HAYS, Co-Captain of the Varsity Cheerleaders. TOMMY LASHLEY MIKE LAWSON CHRIS LAWLESS BETSY LAYSON 187SALLY LAYSON EVELYN LEE STEVE LEBLANC GINGER LEE JENNIFER LcCLAIR JOSIE LEFFEW JACKIE LEE LUCY LICHTEN 188 WILBUR LINDSEY BLAIN LYALL GARY LONG JAN MACKEY JUDY LUCKEY LINDA MAHAN RONNY LUMAN JODI MALONEBILL DOROUGH, Co-Editor of the Pow Wow. PAUL MALONE MIKE MARLEY PAT MARLEY DIANNE MARSH HARRIET MARSHALL INEZ MARTIN MYRA MARTIN STUART MARTIN RUTH MASON LAVERNE MATHIS KIRBY MAXWELL ROBERT McCALL 189SUSAN McCALL MIKE McCOMB BONNIE McCLURE VICKIE McCORKLE SUE JENSEN, Co-Editor of the Pow Wow. 190 MARCIA McCOWN sonny McDonald MARTHA McCOY tommy mcdowell RONNIE McCOY VELMA McKNIGHT KENNETH McCRARY ELAINE MEDDERSJANIFER MELDRUM TOMMY MILLER GAIL MERCER ANN MILLIGAN DEBBIE MILLER PEGGY MILLS MIKE MILLER CHARLIE MOCK JACKIE MOCK KITTY MORAN JUANITA MOORE PAUL MOSSER RAY MOCK DEB MOREE BOBBY MOCK WAYNE MOREYSTUART MOULDER PAUL MULLINS CARLOS MOULTON DEBBY MURDOCK SHARON MOULTRIE EDDIE MURRAY CINDY MULLENIX CHARLOTTE MYERS RONALD NELSON SUSAN NEWELL CAROLYN BRYANT, Business editor of the Thronateeska. CAROL NEWSOME DIANNE NOBLES 192NANNA NUNN DEBBIE OAKES KAREN OAKES NANCY OLSEN CHUCK OTT ROBIN OVERBY CHARLOTTE OWENS EDDIE OWENS SUSAN OWENS PAT PAGELOW PATTY PARMELEE TOMMY PASCAL HARVEY PATE RAMONA PATRICK KAREN PAYNE NANCY PEED 193194 SHEILA PHELPS PATRICIA PONDER SHARON PIERCE DARLENE POPE JEFF PITTMAN MARY PRICE JAMIE POLLOCK STEPHEN PR IS ANT JOANNE REED PAT RENTFROW CAROL REEVES GLENDA PRITCHARD RICKY REEVES PAIGE PRITCHETT DEREK RAPER LINDA RENFROE JERRY PROTHRO DIANNE PRUETT JAKIE QUARTERMAN ELOISE RABUN ROBERT RACHALS TOMMY RAINEY ALLEN RAMSEY PAM RANDALL 195GAIL REYNOLDS DICK RICE SHARON RICHARDSON DON ROBERTS STEVE RICE NEIL ROBINSON BARBARA RICHARDSON LINDA ROCKETT ERIC ROOS VIVIAN RUTLEDGE JERRY ROSS STEVE SADLER REE RUSHTON DEBRA SALTER ELOISE RUSK JAN SAULSRITA SHERWOOD ANN SLAUGHTER PATRICE SIKES GEORGE SMALL THOMAS SEARLES JACKIE SINGLETON JOHNNY SAXON BARBARA SINGLETONCREW SMITH JENNY SMITH BONNIE SPANFELNER JANE STANFORD JO SPURLIN FREDERICK STAFFORD DONNA STEWARD GENE STOVER DAVID SMITH ROSA SMITH BECKY SPIVEY ROLAND STETSON GEORGE SMALL. Co-Captain of the Boy’s Varsity Basketball.BILLIE STRAWDER ANN LIES SUNDBERG DON STICKLAND DAVID TANNER EILENE SULLIVAN BARRY TAYLOR MICHELE SUMNER CLAUDE TAYLOR ELAINE TAYLOR GEORGIA THOMAS SHIRLETTE TEEMER PAM THOMAS DON TEN HAGAN BILLY THOMPSON BRENDA THACKER RENEE THOMPSONLINDA THORNTON JUDY TODD ROBERT THREEWITS CATHY TOMS TERRY JAMES, Co-Captain of Girl’s Varsity Basketball. 200 SYLVIA TRENT PRESTON TUCKER MARSHALL TUCK FRANK WALKER BARBARA TUCKER GARY WALL KEITHAN TUCKER MARY WALLACEROB WALLER BECKY WASSUM CLAIRE WALTER PEGGY WATSON DOTTIE WARREN EDGAR WEBB DANNY WASHBURN DEBBIE WELDON CINDY WELLBURN JANE WHATLEY JAMES WEST JOHNNY WHITE MARVIN WEST KEITH WHITE JUANETTA WHATLEY DON WHITMAN 201ANN WHITTLE GARY WIGGINS JAN WHITTLE MARY ANN WILLEY SYLVIA BULLOCK. Co-Captain of Girl’s Varsity Basketball. GLORIA WILLIAMS ANN WILSON SUSAN WILLIAMS DOUG WILSON MYRA WILLIS BUTCH WINDHAM KEN WILLS RONNIE WISHAMMARY JANE WOJCIK SUSAN WOLFE STEVE WOOLARD MARY ET.HEL WOOTEN MIKE WOOD JOE WORSLEY JOAN WOODALL KEITH WORTMAN VERONICE WRIGHT DIANE YARBOROUGH BRENDA YOUNGBLOOD MIKE ZOLOMY STEVE MOREY 203Junior Class Officers First Row: Chloc Gaines, Secretary; Debbie Hicks. Parliamentarian; Fran Walker. Treasurer; Mar) Anderson. Vice-President; Jujie King. President. Second Row: Robbie Randall. Secretary; Rayburn Yarborough, Parliamentarian; Hal Gurr. Vice-President; David Wall. President. A year of hard work and fun has come to an end for the juniors, class of'70. The “jolly juniors” are the working class of the school, busy selling candy for the Jr. Sr. Picnic. Yet they have a carefree time, free from the confusion of their sophomore year yet without the responsibilities of seniors. Although they have enjoyed their first two years of high school we know they are looking forward to being seniors. 204ED AKINS BRENDA AKRIDGE BETTY ANDERSON BRUCE ANDERSON MARY ANDERSON DELOTHIA ANTHONY DICK ASHWORTH ALBERT AUSTIN CATHY AUTRY KAREN AUTRY BILL BARRETT JUDY BAGGETT LORETTA BAILEY BONNIE BARFIELD JOSIE BATTLE SYBIL BAXTER GLORIA BEECHER ROBBIE BELCHER BARRY BENTHALL JODY BENTLEY WILLIAM BERRY NEAL BLAND HERBERT BOND MARILYN BOWEN 205BOBBY BOWLING PEGGY BOYER ROY BROWN MELBA BRUCE MILTON BULLINGTON BILLY BUNDRICK BEVERLY BUNTIN DIANE BURT JUDY BUTLER ROBERT BUTLER WILLIAM BYRD CARLA CANTWELL JERRY CARLISLE SHIRLEY CARNEGIE CREIG CARTER MARIE CARTER WAYNE CARTER RAY CATE BRENDA CAULEY ANN CHANDLER KAREN CHEEK GAIL CLANTON DEBBIE CLARK MILLIE CLARK 206TERRI CLARK CLAUDIA CLASON JAMES CLEVELAND DEBRA COLLIER STANLEY COLLINS JOHN CONEY CAROL COOK DELORISE COOK ELAINE COUCH BRUCE COVINGTON BILL COX LULA COXWELL STAN CRAWFORD LINDA CREAGER JANICE CROSS JACKIE CROWDER FRANCES CUFF BETTY DANIELS FAT DANIELS BONNIE DAVIS DEBORAH DAVIS RONNIE DAVIS DAVID DEAN WILLIAM DENSON 207MARVA DENT NANCY DOSS TROY DOUGLAS THOMAS DOYAL DONNIE DRAPER WALTER DUBOSE PEGGY DUCKWORTH DEBORAH DUDLEY TRUDY DUKE GEORGE DUREN LOIS EDWARDS STEPHEN ELLIOT CONNIE ERWIN JUDY EUBANKS DONNA EVERSON TERESA FARMER PHIL FAULKNER JEANETTE FENN LEE FERRELL CONNIE FINDLEY HENRY FOLDS DICK FOLGER TERESA FOLGER ANNE FOLMAR 208JOHNNY FORDHAM LINDA FORDHAM DELLEN FOUNTAIN NONA FOX STEVE FRANK CONNIE FRAZER ALBERT FREEMAN BEN FREEMAN RICK FREEMAN PAT FRIERSON CHLOE GAINES BILLY GASKINS VICKIE GILES MARTHA GLADNEY BILLY GRIFFEN HAL GURR BILLIE HAIRE STAN HAIRE SHARON HALL WILLIE HALL BEN HAMRICK JOHN HANINGTON MERVIN HARDEE GERALD HARDY 209DEL1AH HARRIS PAT HARRIS JIM HENDERSON DERRELL HENRY SUSAN HERMAN DEBBIE HICKS RICHARD HICKS CANDY HINSON PEGGY HOLCOMBE DONNA HOLLAND EDWARD HOLLEY PHYLLIS HOLLIS DINAH HOLMAN LOUANN HORNE JAMES HORNSBY BONNIE HOUSTAN BUTCH HOWE DEBBIE HUFF JANICE HUGHES CATHY HUNKELE ARTHUR JACKSON ALLEN JLRNIGAN CAROLYN JOHNSON CYLES JOHNSON 210GLORIA JOHNSON SUSAN JOHNSON MYRA JOHNSTON ELIZABETH JOINER JIMMY JONES SUSAN JONES TONY JONES ROBERT KARN CHRISTINE KATSEKIS DEBBIE KENNEDY LINDA KENNEDY DON KIMSEY JULIE KING ROGER KING SUSAN KIRKSEY DON KNIGHT GARY KNIGHT LAURA KNIGHT SUSAN KNIGHTON SHERRI LANE RAY LANIER STEVE LAWHORNE FRED LEDBETTER JIMMY LEE 211BARBARA LEVIE DARRELL LIGHTFOOT JUDY LINDSEY BOBBY LIVINGSTON JACQUELYN LOVE LISA LOVING MIKE LUCAS LORA HUMAN GARY LUMPKIN VIRGINIA LUTHER JUDY MALONE GARY MALONE ERIC MANCE DON MANSFIELD REMA MAPLES CATHY MARTIN LENORA MARTIN WANDA MARTIN CATHY MASSEY CHARLES MAULTSBY ALICIA MAXEY JUDY McARTHUR DALE McBRIDE BRAD McCOLL 212MARTHA McCOLLUM DAVID McCORKLE DEBBIE McCORKLE BILL McINERNV MIKE McINERNY FRANK McKEMIE WINFRED McKINNIE WILLIAM McMANUS DON MERRITT RAY MIDDLETON CASS MILLER FAYE MILLER PATTY MILLER RACHEL MILLER WAYNE MINOR HIRAM MOCK CAROL MORGAN JIMMY MORGAN JOHN MURPHY TERESA MURPHY JERRY MUSGROVE PATRICIA NAYLOR GENE NORRIS JOHN O BRIEN 213EDDIE OLIVER NANCY. OWEN LINDA OWENS BRENDA PALMER JO ANNE PEEK JAMES PELHAM LOU ANNE PERKINS FERRELL PHELPS JOE POLLOCK EDWINA POOLE JAN POOLE ED POPE BONITA POTEAT JAMES POWELL WARREN POWELL KAREN PRISANT JIMMY RAINEY ROBBIE RANDALL SUE REARDON BARBARA REDDING DANNY REED MIKE RENFROE BUDDY RICH FRANCES RICHARDSON 214SHIRLEY RICHARDSON PHYLLIS RILES JANE ROBERTS JILL ROBERTSON AL ROGERS JOHN RORER BETSY ROSS RODNEY ROUSE RUSTY RUSSELL JANET RUSSELL NEIL RUSTIN TONY SANDERS MIKE SAVELLE JACK SAWYER BILLY SHIPLEY MARY SHIVER RANDY SHOULDERS CARLA SIKES BRENDA SIMS GARY SIMMONS RANDY SKALLA PATSY SLAUGHTER ANN SMITH BARBARA SMITH 215JAMES SMITH PHIL SMITH JIMMY SNELL VICKY SNELL LORD SNELLING MICKEY SPILLERS VANESSA STEELE CONNIE STEWART BOBBI STODSTILL ROGER SUMMERLIN PAT SUTTON KAY SWEARINGEN KENNETH TARLETON DWAYNE TAYLOR RICHARD TISON DENNIS TOMLINSON LINDA TYSON CAROL VANLANDINGHAM CONNIE VANLANDINGHAM BEVERLY WALDEN FRAN WALKER DAVID WALL CAROL WARE PEGGY WARE 216KAREiN WAYNER CHARLOTTE WEST ALDENE WESTON JEFF WHITE LESLIE WILDER CARL WILKERSON MAYO WILLIAMS PHILLIP WILLIAMS SUSAN WILLIAMS LANDRA WILLS TRICIA WILSON BECKY WISENBAKER CATHY WOOD JOE WOODY GLENN WORLEY RAYBURN YARBOROUGH ZAN YORK CHARLES BAILEY 217Sophomore Class Officers First Row: Jean Sutton. President: Peggy Payne. Secretary: Darlene Driskell. Vice-President: Vivian Whitaker. Treasurer: Carrie Wynn, Parliamentarian. Second Row: Paul Duffy, President; Jimmy Justice, Secretary; Mike Ellerson, Vice-President; Gary Mann. Treasurer: Bill Pawly, Parliamentarian. With their first year at A.H.S. behind them, the sophomore class will move up in prestige. They will never forget, however, the importance of their first day, the excitement of pep rallies, the crowning of the homecoming queen and other “firsts” they have witnessed as sophomores. They have joined A.H.S. and become a part of it. The upperclassmen have become fond of the sophomores because they are a capable and hard working group. They show the spirit and determination that sets the pace in our school. Congratulations to the 1969 “Silly sophomores!” 218PATTI ALBERT CATHY ALFORD ANN ANDERSON CELESTE ANDERSON PEGGY ANDERSON DEAN BAILEY TOMMY BAILEY GERALDINE BARBER ANDY BARFIELD JAMES BARKER RICKY BARTO GLORIA BASS DIANE BEARSS DIANE BENFORD DAVID BRANCH SAM BRANTLEY EVA BREEDLOVE BONNIE BRIDGES DENNY BRIDGES DIANE BRIDGES JOSEPH BRIDGES SHARON BRIGHT BARBARA BROCK KAY BROOKS BARBARA BROOKSHIER LAMAR BROOME MILDRED BROWN THEA BROWNE LYNN BRUNER DONNA BRYANT RICKY BUFFI BILL BULLOCK LARRY BURKE VALERIE BUSH NEIL BUZZARD FRANKIE CALDWELL RICKY CARLTON CAROLYN CARNEGIE JAMES CARSWELL JANICE CARTER STEVE CASE EMILY CAVAZOS RICHARD CELEYA CHARLES CHAPMAN DON CHATMAN JACKIE CHESIRE BILLY COOK RAY COOK 219JOY COOKE SHARON COSTANTINO DON COYNER THURSTON CRAWFORD CHRISTINE CROSS CHARLES CUTLIFF JOHNNY DANIELS DANNY DAVIS PAM DAVIS REX DENTON SID DE LA ROSA ANITA DERISO DARLENE DRISKELL MIKE DRISKELL THERESA DUFFY PHYLLIS DYER BENNIE DYKES RAYMOND EDWARDS MIKE ELLERSON DAVID ELLIS CONNIE ETHEREDGE TIM FARMER GINGER FAULKNER ALLIF. FELLOWS SHARBER FIVEASH DEL FLANNIGAN RICKY FLETCHER SUSAN FOLSOM KENNY FORD TERESA FOSHA TIM FOWLER DIANE FULLER JOHNNY GARDNER PATTY GERST DAN GILL CHARLENE GILLESPIE MAUDINE GLAUSIER RODNEY GLOVER JEAN GOODMAN TOMMY GREEN MIKE GREENE CATHY GRIFFIN BETH GRIFFIN WAYNE GRIZZARD MIKE HAGGERTY ROY HALL MIKE HAMLETT DELILAH HARRIS 220PAMELA HART BARBARA HAYES MARK HEARD FRANCES HEIDT LUPIE HERNANDEZ RICKY HERSEY JOSEPH HICKS ELTON HILL RANDY HOLLAND DAYLE HOLLEY STEPHEN HOLLOWAY SHEILA HOLT DORIS HOOVER BRENDA HOUSTON RICKY HUDSON STEVE HUDSON BEVERLY HUNT OLIVER HUNTER JAMES JACKSON LARRY JAMES TERRI JAMES TOMMY JARRETT JERRY JETER BARBARA JOHNSON RONALD JOHNSON MIKE JONES SHIRLEY JONES JIMMY JUSTICE YVONNE KELLY LANEVA KIERCE TONY KIERCE GWEN KING ROBERT KNIGHTON CATHY LANIER BETTS LAW KAREN LAWRENCE MONTE LEE MIKE LEHMAN RONA LEVINE DAVID LEWIS EVELYN LEWIS FRIEDA LINDSEY SLATER LITTLE YOLANDA LOGAN JERRY LOKEY ARTHUR LUMPKIN CHRISTY MANN GARY MANN 221PATRICIA MARSHALL EDWIN MARTIN KATHY MARTIN MIRIAM MARTIN CAROLYN McBURNETT MACK McCLUNG DONNA McCORKLE MARK McCORKLE carol McDowell HOWARD McGEE DEBBIE McKOON DANA McMURTREY TONY MEDLEY KAY MIDDLETON SANDRA MIDDLETON FLORINE MILLER AUDREY MIMS VERDELL MINGO JEAN MITCHELL DEBBIE MORRIS DAVID MULLINS TIM NAFZIGER GEORGE NAYLOR MARILYN NEALY ALAN NELMS ROSA NELSON MELVIN NEWELL DEL NEWHOUSE JOY NEWSOME JEANNIE OLESKEWICZ TERRY OLIVER PHYLLIS O’NEAL GEORGE ORT PAT OSBURN WALTER OVERBY PATTY OWEN JOAN PARKER DEBRA PAROS HARRY PATE BILL PAWLEY PEGGY PAYNE LORA PEACOCK WANDA PERRY FAYE PHELPS MARCIA PHILLIPS SHEILA PHILLIPS ANNE PINSON ALTIMEASE PITTMAN 222JAN PLUMMER ROSEMARY PLUMMER BARBARA POLLOCK PAULA POLLOCK KATHY PRESCOTT RONNIE PRESCOTT HARRY PRISANT DON PYE BOBBY RAGAN NANCY RANDALL MARK RAPER NANCY REED PATTIE RENAUE BUSTER RENFROE SUSAN REVELL DIANE REYNOLDS JAN REYNOLDS JUNE REYNOLDS JACKIE RICHARDSON PEGGY RICHARDSON SHERMAN ROBERTS BRUCE ROBERTSON SUSAN ROBINSON PAULA RODGERS GLENN ROGERS GLENDON ROGERS SUSAN ROWLAND ANGIE RUDDERMAN CHUCK RUSHING SHEILA RUSK MARIE SALTER CURTIS SANDERS DANNY SELAMN CAROL SEWELL GAIL SHEPARD LAWANA SHERRILL SUSAN SHIVER HOYT SHORT BECKY SIMMONS RONNIE SKATES JIM SMITH HELEN SNEAD KAREN SPANFELNER FRANK SPARGO DWANNA SPENCE JANE SPENCE DEBBIE SPRING PAM STEPHENS 223PAT STEPHENS SAMMY STEPHENS SHERRI STRICKLAND PAUL STUDSTILL BETTY SUTTON JEAN SUTTON MALENDA SUTTON GEORGETTE SWAIN LINDA SWAN JOHN SWIFT LINDA TABB DONALD TATE JIMMY TAYLOR LINDA TALYOR CASEY TAYLOR VIRGINIA TAYLOR DANNY THOMAS CHARLES THORTON FRANCES THORTON MICHELLE TOPSHE PATRICIA TURNER KAREN VAUGHN SHERRY WAYNER DEBORAH WEBB GEORGE WEBB ANNE WEBER JERRY WEEKS CHERRI WEST JO WEST LARRY WEST BRENDS WESTBROOK VIVIAN WHITAKER RANDY WHITFIELD BILLY WHITLEY MARILYN WHITMAN ALLEN WILBOURNE DEBRA WILLIAMS GWENDOLYN WILLIAMS LATASKA WILLIAMS RALPH WILLIAMS SUSAN WILLIAMS GLENDA WILLIS RONNIE WILLIS ROBERT WILLOUGHBY GARY WILSON DON WINDHAM CARRIE WYNN 224225Editor’s Message Suddenly it’s over. This time we shared together in observing, exploring, arguing, and learning is now gone forever. However, as we look back we see a year full of memories. We hear the joyous laughter, the thundering cheers, and the murmuring voices of classmates. We feel again the excitement of Homecoming—and the weight of a senior ring — and that load of books that we always carried. Ringing in our ears is CA + Hj — SCX,, “tempus fugit,” “Friends, Romans, Countrymen,” “the radius of a circle is one-half the diameter,” and Albany 79 — Monroe 67!! All has not been success. Many different problems were confronted, and nearly every conceivable emotion was experienced. Each of us made our year as successful and satisfying as we endeavored to make it, and if we failed without really trying, we have no one to blame but ourselves. However, there will always be instilled within each of us a pride for AHS. We can never forget the spirit of true Indians. It is my hope that this yearbook, the 1969 Thronateeska, will enable you to recapture and to relive the many wonderful, spirit-filled times that you experienced at Albany High School. fAOJve CO f QCxyujro 226This is not the end. is not even the beginnin of the end. It is rather e end of the beginning.Senior ADAMS. REBECCA ANNE - Beta Tri-Hi-Y ALDERMAN. ANNE — Basketball. FTA. Library Service. Alpha Tri-Hi-Y. Kappa Gamma Tri-Hi-Y ALEXANDER. MARTHA ANN - Epsilon. Beta Tri-Hi-Y ANDERSON. ROY - Basketball. Baseball. Track AREY. JOHN — Arts Service Club, Key Club. Thespians ASHCRAFT. PATRICIA DIANNE - DECA BAKER, SUSAN — FTA. Spanish Club. Phi Delta Tri-Hi-Y, Kappa Gamma Tri-Hi-Y BALLEW. MICHAEL KEITH BAMFORD. IVY - Alpha Tri-Hi-Y. Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y. FFA Sweetheart BANCROFT. CLINTON - Student Council BARFIELD. ALBERT FRANKLIN BARFIELD. RUSSELL LAMAR - DCT BARFIELD. TOBY — Key Club, Vice-President of Student Council, Beta Club BARRETT. MARY VIRGINIA - TAW President, Student Council, Basketball, Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y BATEMAN, CELESTE - Civinettes, POW WOW BAUGH. JOHN - Interact BAXLEY, LINDA - FTA, Drill Team BEAMAN, DEBORAH JEAN - DECA BEAMAN, BURTON CHARLES BEARD. WANDA DARLENE - FHA BEDSOLE, JOE BEISEL. ANDREW BELCHER. LYNWOOD GEORGE BELL, MARTY - Civinetes. Annual Staff. POW WOW, Civitan Sweetheart BELLS. WILLIE JAMES - Speech Club. VICA. Band BENFORD. LANDRA — Beta Club, Kappa Gamma Tri-Hi-Y. Phi Delta Tri-Hi-Y BENSON. ELLIS — Key Club President, Student Council, Football, Basketball BENTLEY. CHARLES LAWRENCE ANDREWS. CYNTHIA ANN - Art Club, Thespians BECK, KATHY JOSEPHINE BERRY. WILLIAM - Spanish Club, DECA BISHOP. BILLY - Football BLACK, STEPHANIE BLACKLEDGE. BARBARA BLALOCK, TERRY WAYNE BLAYLOCK, SHEILA - Band. Platonians. Glee Club BRADFORD. SHELLY - Drill Team BRIDGES. JOHNNY RAY - Beta Club. Student Council BRANAM. FREDRICK THEO - Zeta Tau Hi-Y BRIDGER. JOY - TAW, Cheerleader BROOME, THOMAS - FFA BROWN, CRYSTAL - FHA BROWN. RETHEMA - Annual Staff BROWN. SCOTT - Key Club BRUTON. JOE - Civitan BRYANT, CAROLYN - Annual Staff BRYANT. JAMES BULLINGTON, WILLIAM MICHAEL - Senior Hi-Y, Zeta Tau Hi-Y BULLOCK. MARIE BULLOCK, SYLVIA - Tennis, Basketball, Block A. Spanish Club, Beta Tri-Hi-Y BURGESS, BILLY - Civitans, Golf Team BURROW. RAY - DECA BURRUS, MELBA - DECA. Band. Beta Tri-Hi-Y 228 Directory BUTLER. PATSY ANN BYRD. PATRICIA CAIN, CATHY — Civinettes CAIN, CELIA — Civinette President CAIN, OSCEOLA - Glee Club, FHA CALHOUN. MARTA DENISE - Annual Staff CALLOWAY. FRANCES - Drill Team. Kappa Gamma Tri-Hi-Y, Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y CAMPBELL, LILLIE ANN - DCT CANNON. PATRICIA - Beta Tri-Hi-Y, Allied Medical Careers Club CARTE. RAY CARTER. CHRISTINE - Annual Staff CARTER. DONALD - Band CASEY, FRANCES CASEY. JEROME CATO. PAUL THOMAS CAVAZOS, GLORIA - Beta Club, Beta Tri-Hi-Y. Student Council CHAMPION. KEVIN CHESHIRE, GEOFFERY - Beta Club, ROGB. President Junior Class CHILDREE, GAIL - DE, Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y CHOATE. SUE - Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y CHRISTIAN. MARY BETH - Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y CLANTON, KEN CLARK, JUDY - FHA CLARK, PETER — Annual Staff, Zeta Tau. Platonians CLEGG. BETTY - Mellonettes. Glee Club. POW WOW, Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y CLOWER. RAY COBB. CHARLES - Band. Thespians, POW WOW COCHRAN, BEVERLY - FHA COHEN, CARLA - Beta Tri-Hi-Y COLEMAN, FREDERICK CODY - VICA, Interact COLLEY, SCOTT COLLINS, HENRY - Mixed Chorus CONELY. WILLIAM - Beta Club, Science Club COOK. LARRY CHARLES COOK. EARL — Football, Interact President, Student Council COPPEDGE. BETH - FTA. Phi Delta. Beta Club CORBIN. PAUL - VICA. Annual Staff CORBITT, JOANNE - VICA. Beta Tri-Hi-Y COUCH, DON COX, WILLIAM CRADDOCK, CHERYL CRAWFORD, JAMES - Senior Hi-Y CRENSHAW, MICHAEL EARL CRENSHAW, STEVE - Football. Track CROCKETT, LARRY - Senior Hi-Y, Band CROSS, FRANKLIN — Band, Thespians CROSS, PAUL - Football, Track CUMMINGS, PHYLLIS - Annual Staff CURLES, DAVIS - Band DANIEL. RANDY DANIELS, JESSE MARCUS - Band, ROGB DANIELS, ROBERT JAMES DARNS, RENA — Thespians DAUNT, PAULEEN DAVIS, KATHY — Student Council, Anchor Club DAVIS, LEONARD DAVIS, PATRICIA — Annual Staff DAVIS, PEGGIE SUE DAVIS, RUSSELL - Zeta Tau Hi-YDAVIS, STEVE - Football DAWSON, JANICE - Beta Tri-Hi-Y DEAN. CHERRY - Beta Tri-Hi-Y DEAN. PAUL STEPHEN - Band. Traek. ROGB DEESE. PATSY - FHA DEKLE, CHARLOTTE - FHA. VICA DENT, RHONDA — Annual Staff. Beta Club. Seience Club. Band, Spanish Club DILLASHAW. WILLIAM - Senior Hi-Y DITTY. MARGIE — Beta Tri-Hi-Y. Library Service DODGEN, CAROL — Anchor Club, Student Council, Cheerleader, Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y DORIS, CATHRYN - Beta Tri-Hi-Y President DOROUGH. BILL - POW WOW Editor DOZIER, DON — Interact, Annual Staff DRIGGERS. LINDA JOYCE - Beta Tri-Hi-Y. FHA DUGGER. PHILLIP STANLEY - DCT DuPREE, KEITH - Key Club, Football DYKES, LINDA DIANE DYKES, KATHY — Basketball, FTA, Epsilon EADY, CHARLES - ROGB. Band ELDER. PATRICIA ELLEFSON, JAMES LEWIS — Student Council, Zeta Tau Hi-Y, Spanish Club ELLIOTT, JAMES MARK - ROGB ELLISON, RODRIQUE ELLISON ROWENA - Chorus ETHERIDGE, MARY ELIZABETH - Alpha Tri-Hi-Y EVANS, CHARLES EDWARD - DCT FARR. JOHNNIE FAULK, GARY — Football, Track Basketball FENDER. RANDY GLENN - JCL FENN. MARY LOUISE FENNELL. KENNETH - Football. Track. Block A FENTON. DEBBIE - Beta Tri-Hi-Y FLANIGAN. SANDRA - VICA. Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y FLANIGAN, SHANNON — Library Service, Kappa Gamma Tri-Hi-Y FOLLIS. JERRY EDWARD FOMBY, ROBERT - Civitans FORD. KAREN — JCL, Student Council, Library Service Club, Mellonettes FOREHAND. KATIE - Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y. Beta Tri-Hi-Y FOWLER. DEBORAH - Beta Tri-Hi-Y FOWLER. VICTORIA - DECA. Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y FRASIER. CLIFTON RANDOLPH FRIEND. LEILA - FHA. DECA FULLER. STEPHEN - Zeta Tau Hi-Y FULMORE, ANITA — Annual Staff GAINES. MARION - FHA GALLOWAY. SANDRA KAY - Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y GARGEL. KAREN ELIZABETH - POW WOW, FTA. Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y GAY, JAMES RUSSELL — Governor’s Honors GIDDENS. LINDA DIANE - FTA. Beta Tri-Hi-Y GILBERT. MARY GILL, HERBERT - Spanish Club GILL. RICHARD MARCUS GILLESPIE, CAROL — Student Council, Civinettes, Beta Club, President Senior Girls GILLESPIE. HILL - Civitan. Golf Team. POW WOW, Treasurer Senior Boys GILLESPIE, RONALD KEITH - Science Club, Spanish Club, Thespians GLASS, HAROLD KEN - Civitan GLOVER. LYNDA FAYE - FHA GOLDSMITH, STEPHEN - Football. Key Club. Student Council GOODROE. DONNA FAYE - DE. Beta Tri-Hi-Y GOOLSBY. GLORIA - VICA GORDON, LAURA — Student Council. Mellonettes, President Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, Spanish Club GORE, GLORIA — Spanish Club. Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y GORE, JAMES BYRON GRACE, CHARLOTTE - Beta Tri-Hi-Y GRUBBS, JOYCE MILDRED - Beta Tri-Hi-Y GUNTER. FRED ALAN HAGGERTY, EDMUND — Football, Track, Block A, JCL HAIRE, JACKIE HAIRE. JOYCE - Band. Majorette HAIRE. RANDY Student Council, Beta Club, Zeta Tau Hi-Y. Key Club HALL. RENEE - FHA HALL, DEBORAH — Anchor Club, Beta Club. Annual Staff HALL, DENISE - FHA HALL, DONALD HALL, WANDA GAIL — Library Service, Beta Tri-Hi-Y, Allied Medical HALLFORD, STAN - Football, Block A HANCOCK. CHARLOTTE HANNAH. JESSICA - POW WOW, FTA. Phi Delta Tri-Hi-Y HANS, PAT - Senior Hi-Y HARPER, FALICIA — Library Service, Alpha Tri-Hi-Y HARRIS. DAVID - Football. Block A HARRIS. ROGER HARRIS, SANDRA - FTA HARRIS, SHARON HARRISON. GEORGIE GAIL HART. LEROYAL HATCHER. AMY HAYS, HUGH - Interact, Football, Beta Club, Vice President Senior Boys, Block A, Track HAYS. MARCIA — Civinettes, Cheerleader HEARD. CYNTHIA - Library Service HEIDT, TOMMY - Interact HELMS, STARR — Civinettes HEMMINGS. WILLIAM SCOTT - VICA HENDERSON. GARY - Zeta Tau Hi-Y HENDLEY, DEBORAH - DECA. Phi Delta Tri-Hi-Y HERSCHELL. JAMES - Senior Hi-Y HICKS. DAVID - Zeta Tau Hi-Y HIGHSMITH. JOYCE HILL. JIMMY - Interact HILL, JOHN TERRELL - DE HINSON. DAVID — Football, Interact. Block A. Student Council HOLLAND. MARY REBECCA - Annual Staff HOLLOMON, SHARON - FTA. Beta Tri-Hi-Y HOOKS, WANDA - DECA, Beta Tri-Hi-Y HOUSTON. PHYLLIS ANN - Library Service Club. Allied Medical. Beta Tri-Hi-Y HOWELL. SARA JANE - DCT, VICA. Beta Tri-Hi-Y HUDGINS, JIMMY - Student Council, Key Club. Science Club, Spanish Club HUGHES. ELIZABETH - Art Service Club. Phi Delta Tri-Hi-Y 229HUTCHISON. BOB - Senior Hi-Y INMAN. JOEL — Golf Team JACKSON, SANDRA — Kappa Gamma Tri-Hi-Y JAMES. LEWIS JAMES, TERRY — Basketball, Tennis, FTA. Block A JENKINS, CHUCK - Civitans JENKINS. ROBERT JENKINS. SHARON - Annual Staff JENSEN. SUE — Student Council, Civinettes. Mello-nettes, Thespians JOHNSON. JACQUELINE LEE - Glee Club JOHNSON. LYNDA - VICA JOHNSON. PHYLLIS JOHNSON. WILLIE CLIFFORD JOHNSTON. SANDRA - Civinettes. POW WOW JOHNSTON. STEVE - DE. Football JOINER. LINDA JONES, BRENDA — Thespians, Glee Club JONES, GLYNNIS JONES, HARRIETT - Beta Club, Phi Delta Tri-Hi-Y. JCL. Art Club, Thespians JONES. MICHAEL JONES. BOBBY - Civitans JORDAN. JIMMY - Baseball. Key Club JUSTICE. JERRY KATTER. GARY - French Club KEADLE, JACQUELINE - Beta Club, Beta Tri-Hi-Y KEETON, MARSHA — Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y KELLER. WANDA - FHA KELLEY, BOB KEENE, ROGER KERNS, BETTY — Beta Club, Drill Team. Alpha Tri-Hi-Y KEY. EVANGELINE — Drill Team, Student Council, Phi Delta. Art Club KEY. PAT - Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y. Beta Club KING. RICHARD - FFA KINSAUL. RONNIE - DECA KNIGHT. SALLY — Annual Staff. Student Council, Beta Club, Anchor Club LACEY, JERRY - DE LANGLEY. LEON FRANCIS - FFA LANIER, CLARENCE - Football LANIER. LINDA — FTA, Annual Staff, Student Council LANIER. PATSY LANIER. PHILIP LARKINS. JOHN — Scribe Staff, Library Service Club LASHLEY. TOMMY - Key Club. Zeta Tau Hi-Y LAWLESS, CHRISTOPHER - FFA LAWSON. MIKE LAYSON, BETSY — Kappa Gamma LAYSON, SALLIE — VICA, Kappa Gamma LEBLANC, STEVEN — Short Circuits, Science Club LECLAIR. JENNIFER — Thespians, FTA, Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y LEE, EVELYN LEE. GINGER LEE. JACQUELYN - Beta Club. Beta Tri-Hi-Y, FTA LEFFEN, JOSIE LICHTEN, LUCILLE — Business Staff of Annual LINDSEY. WILBER - VICA LONG, GARY - VICA LUCKEY. JUDY - Drill Team LUMAN, NOAH LYALL, BLAIN — Football. Basketball 230 MACKEY. JAN - TAU. Beta Club. Phi Delta MAHAFFEY. CYNTHIA - FHA. Spanish Club MAHAN. LINDA MALONE. JO ANN - Beta Tri-Hi-Y. Spanish Club MALONE. PAUL - DECA MARLEY. MIKE - JCL, Beta Club, Track, Basketball MARLEY. PAT - Basketball. Track, Beta Club. JCL, Student Council MARSH, DIANNE - Tri-Hi-Y MARSHALL. HARRIETT - Band MARTIN, INEZ — Business Staff of Annual MARTIN. MYRA - Civinettes. POW WOW MARTIN. STUART - Band MATHIS, LAVERNE MAXWELL, KIRBY - DECA, Football McCall. Robert McCALL, SUSAN — Annual Staff, Anchor, Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y McCLUNG. SAM McCLURE. BONNIE - Phi Delta Tri-Hi-Y. Platonians, Art Service Club McCOMB. MIKE — Interact McCORKLE. VICKIE - FFA. Beta Tri-Hi-Y McCOWN. MARCIA - Annual Staff. Beta Club, TAW. Student Council, Phi Delta Tri-Hi-Y McCOY, MARTHA - FHA McCOY, RONNIE McCRARY. KENNETH - Interact McDANIEL, JANICE — Band. Tennis, Thespians, Beta Tri-Hi-Y McDonald, ross McDOWELL. TOMMY - Interact. FFA McKNIGHT. VELMA MEDDERS, ELAINE — Library Service MELDRUM, JANIFER — Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y, Thespians, Platonians, French Club MERCER. GAIL — Anchor. POW WOW, Annual Staff, Student Council MILLER. DEBBIE - Alpha Tri-Hi-Y MILLER. DON — Senior Hi-Y MILLER. MICHAEL MILLER. TOMMY MILLS. PEGGY - Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, Beta Club MOCK, CHARLES — Zeta Tau Hi-Y, Science Club MOCK. JACKIE MOCK, BOBBY — Short Circuits, Band MOORE. JUANITA MORAN, KITTI — Beta Club, Student Council, French Club, Phi Delta Tri-Hi-Y, Scribe Staff MOREE, DEB — Majorette. Band, Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y MOREY. JOHN - Spanish Club MOSSER, PAUL — Platonians, Beta Club, Scribe Staff MOULDER, STUART — Football, Track, Basketball, Baseball MOULTON, CARLOS — Beta Club. Band MOULTRIE. SHARON - Glee Club MULLENNIX, CINDY - Scribe Staff. French Club. Phi Delta Tri-Hi-Y. Beta Club MULLINS. PAUL - Short Circuits MURDOCK, DEBBY - FTA. Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y, Business Staff of Annual, Beta Club MURRAY, EDDIE - FFA MYERS, CHARLOTTE - Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y. DECA NELSON. RONNIE - Football. Track NEWELL, SUSAN - Alpha Tri-Hi-Y. Beta ClubNEWSOME, CAROL - Phi Delta Tri-Hi-Y. Beta Club, Spanish Club NOBLES, DIANE — Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y, Drill Team NUNN, NANNA — Anchor. Beta Club. Annual Staff, Student Council OAKES, DEBBIE - JCL, Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y OAKES, KAREN - Drill Team. Phi Delta Tri-Hi-Y OHMART. VICKIE OLIVER, TOMMY — Band, Senior Hi-Y, Science Club, DECA OLSON, NANCY - Kappa Gamma Tri-Hi-Y OTT, CHUCK - Basketball OVERBY, ROBIN OWENS, CHARLOTTE — Annual Staff, Anchor Club, Beta Club OWENS. EDDIE - Baseball, Zeta Tau OWENS. SUSAN — Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y, Student Council, Civinettes PAGELOW, PRATRICIA PARMELEE, PATTY - JCL, FT A, Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y PASCHAL. TOMMY - Football. Block A PATE, HARVEY PATRICK. RAMONA - Allied Medical, Phi Delta Tri-Hi-Y PAYNE, KAREN — Anchor Club, Annual Staff PEED, NANCY - DECA PERCILLA. LOUISE - VICA, Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y. Glee Club PERRY. JIMMY PETERSON, MARGIE - Thespians PHELPS, GAIL - 4-H PHELPS. SHEILA PIERCE, SHARON — Library Service Club, Debate Team, Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y, Thespians PINSON, WEYMAN - VICA POLLOCK. JAMIE - Allied Medical, FTA, Beta Club. POW WOW Staff, Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y PONDER. PATRICIA POPE, DARLENE — Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y, Library Service PRICE, MARY - FTA, Beta Tri-Hi-Y PRISANT, STEVEN — Platonians, Science Club PRITCHARD. GLENDA PRICHETT. PAIGE — Spanish Club, Student Council, Beta Club. Phi Delta Tri-Hi-Y PROTHRO. JERRY - DCT PRUETT. DIANE - FHA, Alpha Tri-Hi-Y RABUN. ELAINE — Allied Medical, Art Service, FTA, Phi Delta Tri-Hi-Y RACHALS, ROBERT - VICA RAINEY, TOMMY — Football, Block A RAMSEY. ALLEN RANDALL, PAMELA - Allied Medical. JCL, Beta Club, Drill Team, Mellonettes RAPER. DEREK — French Club REED. JOANNE - Band, Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y, DECA REEVES. CAROL - TAW, Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y REEVES. RICKY - VICA RENFROE. LINDA - Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y RENTFROE. PAT - Alpha Tri-Hi-Y REYNOLDS. GAIL - Beta Club, Alpha Tri-Hi-Y RICHARDSON, BARBARA — FHA. Library Service Club RICHARDSON. SHARON - Beta Club, Drill Team. Kappa Gamma Tri-Hi-Y RICE. DICK — Senior Hi-Y RICE. STEVE ROBERTS. DON ROBINSON. NEIL ROCKETT. LINDA — Beta Club. Student Council, Drill Team, Scribe Staff, Kappa Gamma Tri-Hi-Y ROOS. ERIC ROSS. JERRY - FFA. DECA RUSHTON. REE - TAW. Mellonettes, DECA, Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y RUSK, ELOISE - FHA RUTLEDGE, VIVIAN - Glee Club, FHA SADLER. STEVE SALTER. DEBORAH - VICA. Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y SAULS. JAN — Varsity Cheerleader. Student Council, Kappa Gamma Tri-Hi-Y SAXON, JOHNNY - VICA SEARLES, TOMMY — Science Club. Allied Medical SHERWOOD. RITA - DECA. Beta Tri-Hi-Y SIGMON, LYNETTE - Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y SIKES, PATRECE - Drill Team. Glee Club, Debate Team, Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y SINGLETON. BARBARA - DECA SINGLETON, JACKIE - FHA SLAUGHTER. ANN - Band SMALL. GEORGE — Civitans, Basketball, Block A SMITH ANNETTE SMITH, BILLY - Student Council. VICA SMITH CHARLES SMITH, CLAUDE SMITH. DAVID — Baseball. Manager of Varsity Football and Basketball SMITH. CREW - Beta Club, Alpha Tri-Hi-Y SMITH. JENNY - Beta Tri-Hi-Y SMITH. ROSIA - FHA SPIVEY. BECKY - Thespians, Beta Tri-Hi-Y SPURLIN, JO — Beta Club, Student Council, Phi Delta Tri-Hi-Y STAFFORD. FREDERICK - Baseball STANFORD. JANE - Thespians STETSON. ROLAND - Basketball. JCL, Beta Club STEWART, DONNA - Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y STOVER. GENE — Senior Hi-Y, Science Club, Tennis, Track, Debate Club STRAWDER. SUE - FHA STRICKLAND. DON SULLIVAN. ILENE SUMNER. MICHELE - Allied Medical. Spanish Club. Art Service, FTA. Phi Delta Tri-Hi-Y SUNDBERG. ANNLIES - Band. Thespians. Mellonettes. Beta Club, Beta Tri-Hi-Y TANNER. DAVID - VICA TATUM. KATHIE - Thespians TAYLOR. BARRY - Senior Hi-Y TAYLOR. CLAUDE - Band TAYLOR. ELAINE TAYLOR. LOUIE TEEMER. SHIRLETTE - Glee Club TENHAGEN. DONALD THACKER. BRENDA - Kappa Gamma Tri-Hi-Y THOMAS, GEORGIA — FTA, Kappa Gamma Tri-Hi-Y THOMAS. PAM - TAW. Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y THOMPSON. BILLY - Football THOMPSON. RENEE - FHA THORNTON. LINDA THREEWITTS. ROBERT - Senior Hi-Y. DECA 231TODD, JUDY — Mellonettes, Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, Glee Club, Thespians TOMS. KATHY — Thespians, Glee Club, Beta Tri-Hi-Y, Spanish Club TOOLE. CATHY - Beta Tri-Hi-Y TRENT. SYLVIA TUCK. MARSHALL - Football TUCKER. BARBARA — Kappa Gamma Tri-Hi-Y TUCKER. KE1THEN - Key Club. Basketball. DECA TUCKER. PRESTON TYSON, BRANDON WALKER. FRANK — Beta Club. Foreign Language League, Zeta Tau Hi-Y, Platonians WALKER. GARY WALL. GARY - Key Club. Golf WALLACE, MARY — Student Council, Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y, Thespians WALLER. ROBERT WALTER. CLAIRE - Beta Club, FTA, Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y, FHA, Spanish Club WARD. CHRIS - DCT, Interact. Football WARREN, DOTTIE — Beta Club, Civinettes, Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y WASHBURN. DANNY - ROGB. Band WASSUM. BECKY — Mellonettes, FTA, Art Service, Phi Delta Tri-Hi-Y WATSON, PEGGY — Anchor. Kappa Gamma Tri-Hi-Y, VICA WEBB, EDGAR WEBER. JOE WELDON. DEBBIE — Alpha Tri-Hi-Y. Business Staff of the Annual WELLBORN. CINDY - Beta Club WEST. JAMES WEST. MARVIN - POW WOW, Senior Hi-Y WHATLEY. JUANETTA — Mellonettes, Glee Club WHATLEY. SHARON - Beta Tri-Hi-Y WHITE. JOHNNY — Football. Baseball, Track WHITE. KEITH - Band. JCL. Glee Club WHITMAN, DON WHITTLE. ANN - TAW. DECA WHITTLE. JAN - TAW. DECA WILLEY, MARY ANN - TAW. POW WOW, Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y WILLIAMS, GLORIA — Thespians, Glee Club WILLIAMS, SUSAN WILLIS, MYRA - Drill Team WILLS, KEN — Football, Track. Student Council WILSON. DOUG - French Club WILSON. ANN WISHAM. RONNIE WOJCIK. MARY JANE - FHA, Beta Tri-Hi-Y, French Club, POW WOW WOLFE, SUSAN - POW WOW, Phi Delta Tri-Hi-Y, Student Council WOOD. MIKE - Football WOODALL, JOAN - Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y WOOLARD. STEVE - Zeta Tau Hi-Y WOOTEN, MARY ETHEL WORSLEY, JOE — Band. Senior Hi-Y, Student Council WORTMAN. KEITH - Band. Student Council. Senior Hi-Y WRIGHT, VERONICE YARBOROUGH. DIANNE YOUNGBLOOD. BRENDA - Drill Team. Phi Delta Tri-Hi-Y ZOLOMY. MIKEFIRST STATE BANK AND TRUST COMPANY 3 CONVENIENT LOCATIONS • Main Office Next to Post Office • Slappey Drive Office at Broad and Slappey •218 Broad Avenue Office Plus a Facility at NAS Albany 233 MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION — Serving Since 1 905 —P.o. Box 507 Tel. 912 436-0357 WAKEFORD INS. AGENCY Albany, Georgia 238 Pine Ave. SAMFORD-RICHARDS, INC. Contractors And Engineers Albany, Georgia 31702 AMOS C. SAMFORD, JR. The Alban ournal A GEORGIA PRESS AWARD-WINNING PAPER Congratulations! PACE INSURANCE Seniors ROYAL HARDWARE CO. “Insurance Since 1854” 1606 East Broad Albany, Georgia 211 N. Jefferson Albany, Georgia THE LUGGAGE GIFT SHOP Gifts for All Occasions SAMSONITE AND AMERICAN TOURISTER, VENTURA, HARTMAN, SKYWAY LUGGAGE Midtown Mall 234 Albany, Georgia 436-901 7 rennet ! Always First Quality “THE FAMILY'S FAVORITE STORE" Albany, GeorgiaAULTMAN MOTOR CO. With Best Wishes From . . . 948 West Oglethorpe Ave. Albany, Georgia Telephone 436-2431 Albany, Georgia Pontiac — Cadillac — Tempest ALBANY AMUSEMENT COMPANY Pontiac HINMAN, INC. Compliments of 1124 Highland Ave. 436-0101 FUNSTEN NUT DIVISION Awnings, Carports Aluminum Sidings, Storm Windows Steel Buildings, Screens Compliments of AM PET INC. FM GOLDEN DUSTING SERVICE W G P C AIRPLANE CROP DUSTING "Albany's Good Music Station" Phones 432-0244 and 432-7221 Albany, Georgia CBS UPI 235 MORROW-COOK c Smce fpMEATS FURNITURE COMPANY William M. Dorsey fSw Manager 245 Broad Avenue Albany, Ga. LYKES BROTHERS, INC. “Congratulations OF GEORGIA Albany, Georgia (Sz CROWE DRUGS The South’s Most Progressive Prescriptions, Gifts, Cosmetics and Candy Meat Packers Free Delivery 227 BROAD AVE. ALBANY, GEORGIA TELEPHONE 435-4571 BOB WHITE RENTS BENNETT WHOLESALE SUPPLY CO. “Most Anything” Field And Garden Seeds Wayne Animal And Poultry Feeds Saddlery And Leather Goods Farm And Breeder's Supplies 732 West Broad 435-0735 Albany, Georgia 1006 North Washington Street Albany, Georgia ZOELLNER MUSIC COMPANY HOTEL GORDON Complete Sheet Music Department Guitar Department DOWNTOWN ALBANY, GEORGIA Music Lessons For — Piano, Organ, Guitar Drums Exclusive Dealer For Meeting Rooms for Any Occasion BALDWIN PIANOS AND ORGANS 810 W. Oglethorpe Avenue 236 ROSENBERGS Albany, Georgia An Albany Institution For More Than 70 Years Best Wishes S. J. CURRY COMPANY, INC. ALBANY, GEORGIA 31702 ALBANY, GEORGIA 432-1671 113 N. Washington 140-144 Broad Avenue Albany, GeorgiaDUPREE DRUGS Corner of 5th and North Slappy Free Delivery 436-5736 HAL AND ED’S MEN’S WEAR Albany, Georgia 234 Broad Ave. Albany, Georgia SCHOOL SUPPLIES BORDEN’S MILK AND ICE CREAM 1306 N. Jefferson St. Phone 5-4504 5-4505 “If It’s Borden’s It’s Got to Be Good’ Albany, Georgia CHURCHWELL’S DEPARTMENT STORE 110 North Washington Street Albany, Georgia 238ALBANY GENERAL TIRE SERVICE GEORGIA AMUSEMENT CO. 1008 Broad Avenue Albany, Georgia Coin Operated Machines Home Distributor For Compliments of BALDWIN POOL TABLES LANE-REXALL DRUGS Downtown Albany 432-2541 61 3 East Broad 432-661 1 “Clothes For the % Life You Love to Lead” DOWNTOWN MIDTOWN MALL 2391404 Dawson Road 436-1556 N. LYMAN HART, Owner Phone 435-4787 LEE DRUG COMPANY THE STAG SHOP MEN’S BOYS’ WEAR Albany, Georgia 14 Midtown Shopping Center Albany, Ga. “For the Finest in Footwear” PAT’S CYCLE SHOP fCorner of Broad Washington £riW i Where You Meet Your Friends Bicycles Keys Lawnmowers Sales Service POOr UJEAft 436-7400 Albany, Ga. Headquarters for Spalding 143 Pine Ave. Phone 2-7616 Albany, Georgia Where You Will See the New Look RICHARD KLIAS Hair Stylist By Appointment COIFFURES by Richard Phone: 435-3182 505 B South Slappey 240Compliments of RETAIL FURNITURE DEALERS ASSOCIATION ABC FURNITURE CO. ALBANY HOUSEFURNISHING CO. BROWN FURNITURE CO. HOME FURNITURE CO. HOME SUPPLY AND FURNITURE CO. J J FURNITURE CO. LOOSIER OF ALBANY FURNITURE CO. MILES FURNITURE CO. MORROW-COOK FURNITURE CO. NEWCOMB COMPANY PHILLIP’S HOME FURNITURE RHODES FURNITURE CO. SURBURBAN FURNITURE CO. WADE FURNITURE CO. ALBANY, GEORGIA Exquisite Jewelry Good Luck Class of ’69 See Our Friendship Rings From Your Store 432-6451 234 Broad Ave. WOOD’S 7) fan ehe 7s JEWELRY COMPANY Albany, Georgia Downtown Merry Acres 205 Broad 1408 Dawson Rd. Albany High School Charms Congratulations, Class of '69 BILLY LUKE’S BARBER SHOP Compliments AND TOWN AND COUNTRY COIFFURES ESTATE OF SAM FARKAS Turner Shopping Center Albany, Georgia 241 KENNAN AUTO PARTS COMPANY 'puntutune x. Southwest Georgia's Only American Traditional Shop . . . 511 Broad Ave. 435-5448 ‘‘The House of a million Parts” AAA CONCRETE PRODUCTS CO. Ready Mixed Concrete Concrete Blocks Precast Lintels and Sills Cement Mortar Mix Gravel Sand li ALBANY ELECTRIC SUPPLY CO. || J 436-4626 1224 Sylvester Rd. Albany, Georgia GORTATOWSKY MIDTOWN DRUGS INSURANCE AGENCY Midtown Shopping Center Insurance Since 1898 Phone 436-66146 107 N. Jackson St. — Albany Theatre Arcade Tel. 436-2408 Albany, Georgia PRITCHETT MOTORS INC. '(tyufAUn.-'Pkptteu t 1 209 N. Slappey Albany, Ga. 242 TOWN COUNTRY SHOP Albany, GeorgiaYour “17” Magazine Store Compliments of ALBANY DRUG CO. ALBANY, GEORGIA 31 2 S. Slappey Dr. 1000 N. Slappey Dr. 2200 E. Expressway GIFTS for All Occasions SAVELLE JEWELRY COMPANY Midtown Shopping Center ALBANY. GEORGIA Finest in Service — Finest in Quality STUDENT CHARGE ACCOUNTS INVITED MIDTOWN MALL ALBANY, GA. Congratulations SENIORS ’69 PERRY BUSINESS SCHOOL 1 27' 2 N. Jackson Albany, Ga. FABRICS, INC. Georgia’s largest supply and most complete stock of dress fabrics, drapery, upholstery and sewing notions. Specializing in custom made drapes, cornices, slip covering and upholstering. 320 N. Slappey Albany, Georgia y arfteld's Downtown Midtown 209 Broad Ave. Shopping Center 243VAROOOOM! PRODUCTS COMPANY A Leader In the Development of Better Products . . . For A Better Tomorrow. Compliments of “Say It With Flowers” ALBANY FLORAL CO. DIAL 436-3387 COR. 7th AND MONROE LILLISTON CORPORATION ALBANY, GEORGIA MEEKS ELECTRIC COMPANY Contracting Heating Air Conditioning Appliances Service ALBANY SHEET METAL WORKS, INC. Roofing and Sheet Metal Contractors 212 N. Washington Midtown Mall Phone 6-4621 Phone 5-8941 NO JOB TOO LARGE OR TOO SMALL 244 Albany, Georgia 1 22 Front Street, Albany, GeorgiaToasted Hot Dogs "With All the Trimmings" JIMMY’S HOT DOG STAND “The Hot Dog King” Cold Drinks, Candy, and Ice Cream Cigars and Cigarettes 204 South Jackson Street 435-4751 Albany, Georgia Compliments of ALBANY WELDING AND MACHINE WORKS 1600 N. Jefferson St. Albany, Ga. "Pepsi Pours It On" PEPSI-COLA DISTRIBUTING CO. Phone 436-9553 Albany, Georgia 224 Pine Avenue Compliments of MOREE GROCERY 1316 N. Jackson St. Albany, Georgia Best Wishes to the Class of 1 969 FLINT RIVER DODGE Albany, Georgia Phone 432-2751 East Oglethorpe Avenue 432-5361 245Cf ie Qjjtizens d2 Soui iern 73anJ? of Jl Eanu SERVING AND GROWING WITH ALBANY SINCE 1890 FOUR CONVENIENT LOCATIONS MAIN OFFICE — Washington and Oglethorpe BRANCH — Slappey Drive and Dawson Road MARINE CORPS FACILITY — Marine Corps Supply Depot NORTHSIDE OFFICE — Slappey Drive and Whispering Pines 246 Your One and Only Bank F.D.I.C.PROM TIME . . . Renting your formal is easy on the allowance. No need to make a big outlay tor a big date! Renting formal wear is easy, it's convenient! Tux, dinner jacket— whatever you need is "cleaner-fresh" pressed to perfection, and fitted as though it were made just for you! HAYES CLOTHING COMPANY 432-1562 121 South Washington Albany, Georgia • Malts • Shakes • Sundaes • Hamburgers • Hot Dogs • Steak Sandwiches BISHOP CLEANERS LAUNDERERS 232 Roosevelt — 1 107 N. Slappey Lake Park Shopping Center — 1416 Palmyra Rd. 435-3026 432-0575 Corner Oglethorpe and Slappey Albany, Ga. Albany, Georgia WJAZ — BIG 96 and WJIZ — “Doc” SUTTLES “Turns You On" L. PRISANT JEWELERS They are what’s happening Albany, Georgia 432-6136 21 9A Broad Ave. 247IVEY DRUG CO. 1009 N. Monroe Ave. Albany, Georgia “We Are As Close As Your Telephone” ED IVEY, Pharmacist Store Phone 432-1203 Night Phone 342-9705 Congratulations, Seniors from KIMBRELL STERN Funeral Directors DR PEPPER BOTTLING COMPANY 312 N. Washington St. Albany, Georgia 1160 E. Broad Ave. 436-0377 EAST ALBANY LUMBER COMPANY Retail Building Materials, Home Improvements and Remodeling Albany, Georgia 'Where customers and merchandise of quality meet'Compliments of PLANTATION SERVICES, INC. Farm — Timber Plantation Sales MANAGEMENT, APPRAISALS, AND FORESTRY 504 North Slappey Drive Albany, Georgia Compliments of INTERSTATE LIFE ACCIDENT INSURANCE COMPANY LOGAN M. MOUNT, District M.n.ger Albany, Georgia Congratulations And Best Wishes OWENS, INC. Sporting Goods — Hardware Luggage — Housewares — Toys Schwinn Bicycles — Playground Equipment 202 Broad Ave. Dealer of Birdsey's Products WRIGHT'S Flour and Feed 220 Oglethorpe 432-2831 Compliments, Seniors McDonald SHEET METAL WORKS 1015 Oglethorpe Ave. Albany. Georgia (§ o I h s jtt 11 if ’ s SETS THE STYLE at A.H.S. Downtown Merry Acres 105 N. Washington 1 406 Dawson Rd.HERTZ RENT-A-CAR Phone 436-3423 Congratulations, Seniors FISHERMAN’S HEADQUARTERS BAILES OLDS’ 317 N. Washington St. Albany, Georgia Albany, Georgia Albany High Senior Rings by HERFF-JONES COMPANY "A Complete Graduation Service" INVITATIONS — CARDS — DIPLOMAS CAPS and GOWNS — CHOIR ROBES MEDALS — PINS — TROPHIES Representatives ELLIOT BATTLE Tlfton, G«. H. S. CANSFIELD 250Things go better with Coke after TRADE-MARK (5) Coke after Coke TRADEMARK® TRADEMARK® BOTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COLA COMPANY BY120 SOUTH JACKSON ST. DAIRY QUEEN AND BRAZIER 351 N. Slappey Drive and East Albany Expressway of PHONE 436-2666 ALBANY, GEORGIA Congratulations, Seniors! NU-WAY CLEANERS MAC GREGOR consumer Division — Brunswick Corporation Albany, Georgia 306 Broad Ave. Albany, Georgia ECONOMY AUTO STORE RIO STORES INCORPORATED DOWNTOWN ALBANY Corner Broad and Washington Albany, Georgia WINGATE TRUCKING CO. Best Wishes, Class of ’69 435-5679 or 435-5670 LAKE PARK REXALL PHARMACY Complete Hauling Service “Think first of service, then call us” 1927 Dawson Road 436-8836 Free Delivery Albany, Georgia 252 OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEKBEST WISHES FROM THE ALBANY HERALD "South Georgia's Metropolitan Newspaper" HALEY MOTOR CO. Sales FORD Service 435-8313 408 North Slappey Albany, Georgia 253Fresh Meats Produce — Bakery Delicatessen Quality Foods ALBANY AUTO PARTS, INC. S H Green Stamps Albany, Ga. 1016 WEST HIGHLAND AVENUE, ALBANY, GEORGIA We specialize in Delivery Service Phone 435-223 Your MOPAR Jobber, a good man to know Compliments of WATKINS LUMBER COMPANY, INC. DRUGGIST 432-6278 Albany, Georgia PARKWAY PHARMACY 326 N. Slappey Drive Hay — Grain — Feed Seed — Insecticides Compliments of CITY GIN MILL CO. 1 203 Oglethorpe Ave. Albany, Georgia Phone 432-51 74 SONNY CAMPBELL TEXACO 24-Hour Service Mechanic on Duty THE GREAT NAMES IN THREAD Front End Alignment and Rebuilding Wheel Balancing—Complete Brake Service Phone 436-1790 1007 N. SlappeyVOLKSWAGEN 1023 W. Broad Albany, Ga. After Graduation — Or Before! SOUTHEASTERN MORTGAGE CORPORATION SWAN LAUNDRY CLEANERS 1 16 N. Jackson Street 219 N. Jefferson 432-0506 432-1217 Albany, Georgia Albany, Georgia MIDTOWN BARBER SHOP Specializing in hair styling Eight Full-Time Barbers OPEN 8 A.M. UNTIL 6:30 P.M. EXCEPT WEDNESDAY JOHNSTON'S = = MEN'S SHOP 230 Pine Avenue Albany, Georgia VIVIAN'S 112 N. JACKSON STREET Latest Fashions Albany, Georgia 255U-SAVE-IT 435-8351 210 Pine Avenue Albany, Georgia WiV'WflL Your Dependable Druggist SAVE WITH U-SAVE-IT “Say It With Ours” ALBANY TRACTOR COMPANY HADDEN’S Flowers and Gifts 1 1 50 S. Slappey Congratulations, Seniors 1709 South Slappey Phone 432-7468 W. T. GRANT CO. 1 7 Midtown Shopping Center Albany, Georgia 256TRAILWAYS Specialists in Friendly, First Class Travel ALL EXPENSE TOURS SAFE COMFORTABLE COURTEOUS AND ECONOMICAL BUS SERVICE Ship Parcels and Baggage From Town to Town and Coast to Coast Via Bus Express Charter Coach Service Anywhere ALBANY, GEORGIA 432-0511 ALBERT C. CLARK Compliments of AGENT PACE FLORIST JEFFERSON STANDARD LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY 1 30 N. Front St. Albany, Ga. 432-6297 Bruce-Allen’s Congratulations Seniors '69 GEORGIA TIRE BATTERY CO. for men and boys 948-950 West Broad Ave. 207-A Broad Ave. Albany, Georgia Albany, Georgia 257Phone 432-51 34 ALBANY TRAVEL AGENCY “Complete Travel Service” Office Hours: Monday Thru Friday NORA ERNST 9:00 A.M. to 5:30 P.M. Gordon Hotel Saturday — 9 A.M. — 1 2 Noon Albany, Georgia Albany, Georgia Best Wishes to the Class of '69 DOUGHERTY COUNTY MEDICAL SOCIETY murphy dance studio '211 Second Avenue ALBANY,GEORGIA ALBANY, GEORGIA Meet or visit the doctor of your Choice before sickness arises when you move to a new community. Congratulations, Seniors R.c.-nehi bottling company 258 A COLA Colowal])Aims BOB’S CANDIES, INC. QUALITY ™y DAIRY jj) PRODUCTS 435-4504 Pretoria Rd. Albany, Georgia ALBANY, GEORGIA Compliments of FLINT RIVER COTTON MILLS Albany, Georgia JEFF’S THE STYLE SHOP 103 North Washington Fine Food for Fine People JEFF'S FOOD CENTER 1 506 Dawson Road Albany, Georgia MERTS NORTHSIDE PHARMACY Northside Shopping Center PLAZA PHARMACY EQUIPMENT COMPANY 910 N. Jefferson Phone HE 6-7272 Construction Machinery Structural Steel Paving Machinery MEDICAL ARTS PHARMACY 412 Fourth Ave. Phone HE 6-3838 PROFESSIONAL PHARMACISTS 2212 Newton Road Albany, Georgia “Free Delivery” Albany, Georgia jack detherage j INSURANCE agency Compliments of ALLEN-OWENS CO. HE 2-1208 General Insurance 504 S. Slappey Drive — Albany, Georgia Real Estate Insurance Albany, Georgia “Serves You First" Compliments of GotherN cap PHILLIPS FLOOR COVERING, INC. DIPPER DAN Visit Our Showroom, or We Will Bring Samples to You Midtown Mall ARMSTRONG LINOLEUM 260 CALL 432-9121 TERMS 101 6-A Highland Ave.Compliments of gilberg's "The House of 1,000 Fabrics" Fashion -•—Fabric Center Compliments of BENNIE’S BOOTERY 21 9 Broad Avenue 106 N. Washington St. Albany, Georgia Fabricfone 436-1523 Albany, Ga. 261 Best Wishes to the Class of '69 VICTORY CLUB ACC DISTRIBUTORS Famous for Fine Foods Division of ALBANY CANDY COMPANY S. Slappey Drive Albany, Georgia Albany, Georgia Your NIFDA Distributor Compliments FRIEDLANDERS World's Best Just Could Be THE CHICKEN BOX “The Store Where Quality Counts’’ Albany, Georgia Take Out Deliver 262 821 W. Broad Ave. Phone 435-9610Best Wishes and a Happy and Prosperous Future to Each of You. FRED W. CARTERFLOYD L. HERMAN SERVICE STATION AND FUEL OIL CO. 301 N. Slappey Drive Albany, Go. 435-9145 ALBANY 5Yrs 7ecfera Sauinys AND LOAN ASSOCIATION 401 Pine Avenue • Albany, Georgia JOHNSTON PAINT AND BODY WORKS TOPS - SEAT COVERS - GLASS - UPHOLSTERY P.O. Box 955 713 Pine Ave. All works guaranteed Albany, Georgia HALEY FARMS CONGRATULATIONS 939 Pine Avenue Phone 6-1504 “TOe toC A. fax f ux fatfUXt CUCXCf UCCZ4A Growers of Pecans and Peanuts WALLACE CHEVROLET , BUILDING SUPPLY Mill work one specialty'" to s7toT7 I Corner Pine c Cleveland —r----- .......■’ ALBANY, GEORGIA y Id ou, The gLy " INCORPORATED Albany, Georgia Putting You First — Keeps Us First 600 Pine Ave. — 601 W. Broad 264GOLDEN GLOW DAIRIES, INC. ALBANY, GEORGIA ALBANY POST 30 The American Legion Department of Georgia ALBANY, GEORGIA American Legion Golf Club N. Jefferson Philem Rd. On the Kitchafoonee Creek BIG BOOSTER OF ALL YOUTH PROGRAMS Visit Our Concession Booths 1 265 Helen Ervin of ERVIN FLORIST Compliments and Best Wishes From 1 1 11 Fourth Avenue HE 5-4244 Albany, Georgia McKinney REALTY AND INSURANCE WEDDINGS FUNERALS CORSAGES CUT FLOWERS POTTED PLANTS Albany, Georgia ISH Compliments of ComPl!me"+ of ALBANY WATKINS BUILDERS SUPPLY WAREHOUSE COMPANY Albany, Georgia 436-0314 Albany, Georgia MILLER BUICK-OPEL (§ -0r„ BUJCK Sales and Service 525 Oglethorpe Albany, Georgia Compliments of MERCK CHEMICAL MANUFACTURING DIVISION Merck Co., Inc. Radium Springs Road Albany, Georgia L. P. GAS AND APPLIANCES PROPANE BILL BUNTIN’S DRY CLEANERS Gas Heating Air Conditioning Central Heating Floor Furnaces 111 NORTH JACKSON GREEN’S One Day Service Propane Gas Service 266 Albany, GeorgiaQUICKIE JOE BRASHEARS STEEL INC. DRIVE INN 2322 N. Slappey Drive SANDWICHES 222 Pine Avenue Phone HE 2-6006 Phone HE 2-7001 Reinforcing Steel — Structural Steel Building Supplies Industry Avenue Albany, Georgia Phone 435-4548 SLAPPEY’S DAIRY Pasteurized and Homogenized We prepare any amount for any occasion MILK - CREAM - BUTTERMILK Produced Daily on Our Farm, Processed and Delivered to Stores or Home Deliveries L. Albany, Georgia dial HE 2-7643 1001 S. SLAPPEY DR. - ALBANY, GA. Villa Gargano's • TAKE OUT NATHAN MORGAN, Rep. G. BALFOUR CO. P.O. Box 612 Milledgeville, Ga. Telephone 452-2129 452-2130 TAKI OUT SIKYICt FOR ALL TYPE PIZZAS t SALADS 436-7265 1604 N. SLAPPEY BLVO. • DINING ROOM SERVICE IMCC Mto SMALL IS INCH 13 INCH 11 INCHES MOZZARELLA CHEESE SAUSAGE GREEN ttm« MUSHROOM HZZA SUPREME ONION ANCHOVIES y, CHEESE HAMIURGER ‘.i SAUSAGE PEPPfRONI Gargano9s Hast • SPECIALIZING IN PIZZA • DINING ROOM CATERING TO PRIVATE PARTIES • COCKTAIL LOUNGE yt UeiH ftW f WUC4M TAKI OUT SIKVICl FOR ALL FOODS A BlVIRAGfS 432-0241 OR 435-7545 CAST ALBANY EXftCSSWAY STEAKS 267Congratulations and Best Wishes from the Folks at THE CENTER — THE MALL ‘The Center of shopping for Southwest Georgia’’ BENNETT’S Congratulations to the Class of '69 906 N. Slappey Compliments of FLORISTS - GARDEN SUPPLIES - PETS EMPIRE HOME LOANS, INC. Best Wishes to the Class of '69 603 Pine Ave. Albany, Georgia FREITEX, INC. Compliments Infants' Apparel of WARREN AND BRIMBERRY Old Pretoria Road Albany, Georgia Albany, Georgia 268 Best Wishes From THE NATIONAL BANK OF ALBANY “This Is The Bank to Grow With” Member: F.D.I.C. and the Federal Reserve System SPENCER C. WALDEN, JR. GEORGE M. KIRKLAND, JR. JOHN P. VENTULETT EDWARD H. COPELAN Insurance Insurance SHUMAN SUPPLY CO. OF ALBANY WALDEN KIRKLAND REALTORS • INSURORS "Georgia's Largest" Building Material 626 Roosevelt Ave. INC. INC. Compliments of ED EDMONDS FLOOR COVERING COMPANY Albany, Georgia "A Clean Car Rides Better; Lasts Longer." C. B.'S MINIT CAR WASH 710 Oglethorpe Ave. Albany, Georgia Try Our Prestone Jet Wax 269AutographsAutographs 271Autographs TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY FW IfM • 10011 U,V» r»(U 272 

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