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Foreword Moving across the span of a year, our minds, the minds of over seventeen hundred students, have searched for knowledge, our hands have accomplished worthwhile undertakings, our hearts have felt the pulse of elated moments and in doing so we have become the spirit of a great school. From the hands of the 1965 Tbronateeska staff comes this book, a years panorama of life at Albany High School. It is the sculpting of great times by our eager hands. May this Tbronateeska become a part of our future lives, and may it forever preserve the memories and friendships of the days spent in Albany High School. rr iContents Administration Faculty Organizations Athletics Features ClassesGIVING YOU: A YEAR OF Accomplishment 4A YEAR OF Ceaming 56A YEAR OF 7A YEAR OF Nobility 8ALL FORMING A YEAR AT Albany HIGH SCHOOLMRS. R. L. BASS The Thronateeska Staff of 1964-65 is proud to dedicate this book of memories to Mrs. R. L. Bass, who has given so much of herself to Albany High School. Mrs. Bass, prior to her employment at A.H.S., served as assistant dietician at Isabella Elementary School. She has served as head dietician at A.H.S. from its first year in this school plant eleven years ago. Mr. "Mac” has often been heard to say, "She’s the only one we’ve ever had, and we don’t ever want another one”. She not only accomplishes her job with skill and efficiency, but she endears herself to all the students with her warm and cheerful presence in the cafeteria. So, we thank you Mrs. Bass, for all you have done at A.H.S. 11Editor’s Message We are at the end of the school year, 1964-65. For some of us it is the end of high school. Looking back, we see a year filled with our search for knowledge, for skill, for truth, and for reason. This is not all; looking back we also hear joyous laughter and thundering cheers and murmuring voices of classmates. We feel again the rain that fell at the Albany-Northside football game — and the weight of a senior ring — and that load of books that we always carried. Ringing in our ears is CA+H2 S04, "Alia iacta est”, Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow", "the diagonals of a rectangle are equal", and Albany 21—Valdosta 14!! All has not been success; there have been tears, but we have tried to do our best, winning or losing. Our inspiration has been our teachers, our principals, and our friends. Out of this sharing of thoughts and action has grown the ever-widening spirit of AHS. This spirit cannot be reduced to paper and ink, but it is my hope that these pages of the 1965 Thronateeska will be your reservoir of memories, a w'ell-spring of the spirit of Albany High School. Karen Hinson, Editor-in-chiefStudent Body Leaders Bubba is one of the finest boosters of school spirit at Albany High School. He is ready and willing to do any task, large or small, to help the administration, faculty, and students. Being elected president of the student body has only given Bubba additional fields in which to serve his school. Bubba Cagle, President Darryl transferred to Albany High School at the beginning of his sophomore year. Since then he has achieved an outstanding record. He was greatly honored by being elected vice-president of the student body. Darryl is an outstanding supporter of all school activities at A.H.S. and a great aid to Bubba in his many duties.1415 ADMINISTRATIONBoard of Education MR. J. J. CORDELL, Superintendent of Dougherty County Schools. MR. HERBERT HALEY, Chairman of the Board of Education These are men to whom the Dougherty County schools are greatly indebted. They give of their time, their wisdom, and their energy to oil the wheels of education in Dougherty County. Approving financial expenditures for the school system and governing school policy are two of many duties in which these men are able to use their knowledge and experience. For the time and energy which they give to our schools, we express our thanks. BOARD OF EDUCATION: Mr. Hollis Stanford, Mr. Herbert Haley, Mr. John P. Ventulctt, Mr. Henry W. Usry, Mr. J. I. Davis, Mr. Felix Marbury, Mr. George Joiner.I would like to express my congratulations and thanks to the Albany High School Annual Staff and its faculty' advisors for another outstanding publication. I am sure that you students and teachers join with me in this expression of pride and confidence, and I am sure that we will all have many pleasant hours going through this annual in future years. A lot of hard work has gone into the development and publication of this book and I am happy that it will bring back many pleasant memories to us. I cannot close the school year without saying something about your record. Many of you have heard your teachers and advisors, as well as your principal, talk to you about the importance of your record which will follow you all of your life. Your school record not only will show your academic achievements but also will be a record of your extra curricular activities and accomplishments. While this statement about your record comes too late to help our graduating seniors, I feel that our up-coming juniors and seniors should give some consideration now to their future plans so that they can improve their record. The Dougherty County School Board, Superintendent and administration has made a genuine effort to provide not only the most modern and up-to-date buildings and equipment, but also a teaching staff that is second to none in preparation and desire to help the students. The facilities are here, the staff is here and I challenge all of you students to get the best possible preparation academically. I also urge you to participate in the school activities which enable us to live in harmony with each other. I am looking forward to another great year. Sincerely, Ct Big Chief attends pep rally. You say you want two on Sea Biscuit in the third. "Old Man and the Sea” 17 t It seems such a little while since I was writing my message to the class of ’64 that I am very much aware of the fast-moving age in which we live. That being the case, I shall ask you to think of your life ahead as that of an airplane flight. Someone has said, "The 'take-off is very necessary, but it is continued flight that gets you there." I’d say that these are very appropriate words, in this fast-moving, air-minded age, to you who are about to "take-off" into "the wild blue yonder” of life. The completion of your high school education, I believe, should be only the "take-off" into further study and growth which will help you to make your "flight” into life more useful and pleasant. You hold in your hands the keys which can control the "instrument panel" for a successful flight-preparation and desire. No doubt there are some of you who have not made proper preparation for the "take-off". Such negligence can only mean an eventual "crash landing". Let us hope that you have made enough preparation that you will not let it be fatal. One thing I would caution you to remember, "Some people fall into trouble because they are more interested in speed than in direction.” In our language, have you attempted by-passing responsibility or taking too many short cuts? Have you made a "flight plan"? Are there fears in taking over "the controls” of your life? Historical records have proved that "Extraordinary work is usually done by ordinary people with extraordinary zeal." How great is your supply of zeal? It is my sincere hope that each of you has taken advantage of "pre-flight training"—checked instruments, fuel; mapped flight plan, fastened safety-belt and readied your body, mind and spirit for the "take-off”. Happy Landing! Happy landing, Class of '65! MR. GRAYDON PIERCE As each Senior Class goes out from Albany High School, a little bit of me goes along with every one of you — my wish for you to have a happy, rewarding life, An Overflowing Life, and my deep concern for your continued growth and maturity in building the kind of life that will yield an overflow of Faith, Love, Courage, and Spiritual Power. On Life's pathway you will come face to face with experiences that will puzzle and disturb you, blessings that will startle and amaze you. It is my desire that in and through these experiences and blessings your "Cup of Life” shall overflow with a faith that will make you strong, a courage that will make you brave in the face of trial and tragedy, and a conviction that will provide boldness and grace to meet life’s greatest tests and demands. Perhaps I can best express what I want to say with an adaptation from the pen of H. A. Walters: Be true, for there are those who trust you; Be pure, for there are those who care; Be strong for there is much to suffer; Be brave, for there is much to dare. May this message to you become a reality in your life as you embark upon a yet uncharted course so that your life and the lives of those whom you love may be lives that will overflow into Eternal Life. Sincerely, MR. GRAHAM LOWE Sincerely, CLcrcucJ naj- , At Manilla Bay Commodore Dewey said, "You may fire when ready”. Not only should you Seniors be ready but you Must be ready! Some people say that education is a thing of which only the few are capable, and only a small percentage will profit by a teacher's most Zealous energy. I do not believe this at all. Your class can disprove this philosophy. I rather tend to agree with the following quotation from Austin: "Genius is that power which dazzles mortal eyes but is often simply perseverance in disguise.Guidance MISS MARY HUDSON The aim of the Guidance Department is to help our students obtain the maximum benefits possible from their high school experiences and to assist them in making adequate preparation for the years ahead. We believe that effective planning for the future should be preceded by a close look at one’s self-abilities, his accomplishments, his interests, and his ambitions—as well as an examination of the wide range of opportunities from which he may choose. It is our desire to provide the necessary information and an atmosphere conducive to such an undertaking, with the expectation that in the process the student will become more proficient in the art of "self-direction”. MR. DOYAL WEBB MISS EUGENIA STRICKLAND We caught them all together. MRS. BRENDA CREASY, sec. Mrs. Arlo Nesmith works on schedule. Mrs. Fennel counsels with a student. 20Office Personnel When you enter the office of Albany High School, you are greeted by these friendly faces of our efficient office personnel. They are among the busiest people in school since they keep the records, check absentees, answer the telephone, take care of correspondence and cope with students who need information for some reason or other. Students and teachers appreciate the kind cooperation of these three. Thank you, Mrs. Lesueur, Mrs. Herndon and Mrs. Medlin. MRS. LaSEUR MRS. MEDLIN f MRS. HERNDONFACULTYMRS. JOHN HINSON and MR. BILLY BRAGG Mrs. Eleanor Hawk, Miss Elizabeth Saunderson and Mrs. Katherine Martin work in the conference room. From Homer to Shakespeare to Thoreau and back to Dickens and Scott—yes, this is the path followed by the English teachers at Albany High School. The Department’s philosophy—is Francis Bacon s philosophy—"Reading maketh a full man, writing, an exact man.” As students read "the best that has been thought and said,” they learn how to write succinctly and effectively. After having followed this course of study, perhaps they are judged successful according to Samuel Johnson’s standard: "A man is judged by the books he has read.” It is our hope then that the three years of English study will equip students to face the college campus or the business world with confidence.MRS. LOUIS BROWNE and MISS BEVERLY LINTON Mr. Prince, Mrs. Futch, Mrs. Hinson, Miss Feagin and Mrs. Logan discuss material for senior English. Mr. Prince helps student in library.MR. LEO ARNOLD 26First Row: Mrs. Nesmith, Mrs. McWilliams, Mrs. Fennell, Miss Smith. Miss Bryan. Second Row: Mr. Mullis, Mr. Arnold, Mr. Hunt, Mr. Durden. Two programs of mathematics are available in our school. One offers training for students who do not plan to enter college or who need better background for further study. The other program prepares students for college and includes an accelerated program which provides five years of high school mathematics. Logical reasoning and the building of an ordered system of ideas is emphasized, and accuracy in applying mathematics to specific problems is stressed.Science Department MRS. RUTH SUMMERVILLE, Human Biology MR. HENRY MELTON, Biology MRS. R. E. LASHLEY, Chemistry Science is a gathering of knowledge in organized laws which strives to give us an accurate and consistent picture of ourselves and the world around us. This picture gleaned from scientific knowledge, in the hands of mankind, has proved a useful tool for solving practical problems; thus having a tremendous impact on our standard of living and goals for life. MR. G. B. HOWELL, MR. BARRY BAKER, Biology 28 MR. CHAPPLE COLLINS, Physics MR. DAVID CREECH, ChemistrySeated: Mrs. Lashley, Mrs. Summerville, Mrs. Gable, Mrs. Woodson. Standing: Mr. Melton, Mr. Nesmith, Mr. Creech, Mr. Howell, Mr. Collins and Mr. Baker. MRS. WOODSON, Biology MRS. GABLE, Biology 29Miss Faye Tanner, Miss Martha Dye, Miss Eugenia Strickland, Mrs. Evelyn Fleming, Mrs. Carolyn Smith, Miss Joyce Woodruff. Back Row: Mr. Arthur Owens, Mr. Kermit Henderson, Mr. N. C. Hatcher, Mr. William Powell, Mr. Jerry Walton. MR. JERRY WALTON, U.S. History MR. N. G HATCHER, Government Economics MRS. EVELYN FLEMING World HistoryMISS EUGENIA STRICKLAND, Chairman MISS MARTHA DYE, World History Social Science The aim of Social Science is to help young people learn to carry on the free society they have inherited, to make whatever changes modern conditions demand or creative imagination suggests that are consistent with its basic principles and values, and to hand it on to their offspring better than they received it. The aim of the Social Sciences is to teach the central principles and values of a free society. MR. TOMMY WILLIAMS Sociology and Psychology MR WILLIAM C. POWELL U.S. History MRS. GRADY SMITH, U.S. HistoryFirst Row: Mr. Robert James, Mrs. B. T. Johnson, Miss Vera Tisdale, Mr. W. J. Webb. Second Row: Mr. Ferrell Henry, Mr. Mitchell Ray, Mr. Wilbur Lofton, Mr. Herbert Watson, Mr. Jack Downing. Vocational Department The study of Home Economics is a practical course that prepares girls for adult living as homemakers of the future. It makes its richest contribution as it leads to the forming of desirable habits in regard to personal living, home and family life. Skills are developed and techniques perfected in such areas as foods and nutrition, clothing, home management, child care, home furnishings, decorating and many others. The purpose of agriculture is to help students who are interested in the field of agriculture to help themselves; along with developing character, leadership and responsibility. MRS. B. T. JOHNSON, Home Economics MR. JACK DOWNING, Agriculture 32MR. W. J. WEBB Industrial Arts MR. WILBUR LOFTON Industrial Arts Industrial arts may be defined as those phases of general education which deal with industry, its organization, materials, occupations, processes, and products—and with the problems resulting from the industrial and technological nature of society. Industrial arts courses at Albany High School are taught in the areas of wood, metal, electricity, graphic arts, and mechanical drawing. These courses are designed to meet the needs of all students, both boys and girls, for general education and pre-vocational purposes. MISS VERA TISDALE Distributive Education 33TOO© :i ©0 ' Business Education The varied program at Albany High School provides the proper curriculum not only for those students wishing to enter college but also for those who wish to enter the business world without college preparation. Two years of typing, two of shorthand, one of bookkeeping, and one of general business are offered for students planning a secretarial career upon graduation. Seated: Mrs. Bowles, Mrs. Simms. Standing: Mrs. McMillan, Miss Hogg, Mrs. Ivey.Fine Arts One of the major purposes of the Fine Arts Department is to teach the pupils to enrich their lives. They develop both mental and physical self-discipline and are taught to have more pride and confidence in themselves. The students are taught to desire high standards of performance. MR. HARRY MARTIN, Band and Glee Club MRS. PEGGY BRAUN, Art MRS. BILLIE JAMES, Speech 35Seated: Mrs. Bessie Dobbins, Mrs. Steve A. Lowe, Mrs. Leila Rogers. Juhan, Mrs. C harles D. Cox. Standing: Mrs. Lamar Clyatt, Mr. Graham Foreign Languages The Foreign Language department at Albany High School offers four years of Latin, three years of Spanish and three years of French. No course in foreign language is required but students are encouraged to study one or more languages as some colleges require at least two years of the same language for admission. In the study of other languages the student becomes more aware of and develops a greater understanding of the other peoples of the world as he studies their language. The instructors of modern foreign language feel fortunate because they have a modern language laboratory to help develop the comprehension and speaking ability of students. MRS. LAMAR CLYATT, Latin MRS. STEVE JUHAN, Spanish MR. GRAHAM LOWE, FrenchPhysical Education Physical Education is required for all students at A.H.S. for three years unless exempt for physical disability. One-fourth unit is earned each year. A variety of activities are offered with major emphasis being given to team sports. Seated: Coach Harold Dean Cook, Coach Jerry Clark. Standing: Mrs. Wynelle Curry, Miss Anne Weeks, Coach Gordon Dixon, Coach Pete Henderson. MR. PETE HENDERSON, Physical Education MRS. WYNELLE CURRY, Girls Physical Education MR. HAROLD DEAN COOK, Head Coach MR. GORDON DIXON, Physical Education MR JERRY CLARK MISS ANNE WEEKS 37Library MRS. BILL HANNAH, Asst. Librarian MRS. R. B. GEOGHEGAN, Clerical Assistant In the Albany High School Library, there are approximately 10,000 books of various kinds. Many of these books enrich the curriculum of the school. Others are for pleasure reading and still others are available on MRS. MABLE HOGUE, Librarian almost every conceivable subject. In addition to the books, there are many current magazines and newspapers. In a word, the library is a veritable treasure trove of wisdom, pleasure, and profit. 38 The Library serves as a gathering place, offers material for research and solitude for study.MRS. R. L. BASS, Lunchroom Supervisor This is a familiar scene in the A. H. S. lunchroom. Cafeteria and Clinic The Albany High School cafeteria is under the capable supervision of Mrs. R. L. Bass. With a cheerful smile she serves meals at odd times for the various athletic teams. The faculty appreciates the fact that she even serves breakfast—and what a breakfast! Mrs. Lula Porter is the Albany High School nurse and is in charge of the clinic. The use of the clinic is to provide first aid and bedrest for those who become ill at school. They are made comfortable until parents are notified. r i MRS. R. E. MULL, Assistant Supervisor What shall it be—aspirin or ammonia water? MRS. LULA PORTER, Albany High School Nurse 39ORGANIZATIONSThronateeska Staff The tired, dedicated, haggard group who occupy the art room each afternoon are members of the literary staff of the Thronateeska. They are the ones who by hook or crook, bribery and threats of mayhem manage to turn out a yearbook. All their effort and plain hard work pays off in the end when they gaze with pride and admiration on another new Thronateeska. Judy Burt, Club Editor instructs her group with Vigor. Mrs. Futch and Mrs. Braun working to meet deadline. Mrs. Futch explains a layout problem to staff members.fhronateeska Staff First Row: L. Stieb, E. Riley, B. Samford, C. Boyette, P. Patterson Patstone, P. Newell, M. Finney, J. Johnston, J. Williamson, B. Gore. Second Row: A. Lewis, L. Phillips, G. Bynum, D. Burke, D. Gillispie, M. Green, P. Moore, L. Glenn, B. Lamb. Third Row: J. Durham, M. Connally, Mr. Howell, J. Blewett, T. Hautman, T McLeod, Mr. Henderson. The Business Staff of the annual handles the money, sells ads and subscriptions. .This is very important as the financing of a book such as the Thronatceska is quite a problem. James Blewett, the Business Manager, has done an excellent job supervised by Mr. Howell and Mr. Henderson. Mr. Henderson works on Ad section with the business group. Kenneth Graebner, our staff photographer, has worked untiringly and has been a great help to all of us. 43C ivinettes Qierie Martin President Corinne Brown Vice-President Mary Brashcars Kay DuVcrnet Gail FlaniganKaren Hinson Nan Pelle Jan Trammell Patrice Edwards Harriet Glass Linda Glenn Connie Gray Sarah Howe Pam Hudson Gndy Ling The creed of the CIVINETTES was proclaimed by Jesus when He declared, "Whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them.” Civinettes today are pledged to practice this Golden Rule and to make it pay spiritual and material dividends. Their purpose is to build a better and nobler citizenship through service and charity. Gloria Middleton Anna Trammell Elmina Crittenden Maureen Gillespie Barbara Maulphers Jane Yarbrough£ ivitans Doug Gurr President Bernie Lake Vice-President Eddie Faulkner Parliam entarian I am Civitan: as old as life, as young as the rainbow, as endless as time. My Hope is for a better world through better men and Civitans. My Motto . . . Builders of Good Citizenship Bobby Joiner Secretary Cherie Martin Sweetheart Corinne Brown Sweetheart Mr. Henderson Sponsor 46 Phil Davis Bill Fogarty Jackie Pennington Nelson Rushton Ronnie StackBryan Tanner Walt Greene Ronnie Sledge Dodd McCollum Robert Truitt Tim Turner 47Paula Griffin Secretary Amanda Fordham President Anchors Phyllis Newell Treasurer Becky Bunrin Par Ham entarianJanie Cannon Claire DuPree Juanita Durham Lynn Flannigan Linda Jones Sponsored by the Pilot Club, the Anchor Club is made up of sophomore, junior, and senior girls who are selected for their leadership, citizenship and scholarship. Meeting regularly with a member of the faculty as an advisor, the Anchor Club seeks to benefit the school and community.Key Club meeting. Mr. Geroude Durden Advisor Mary Jane Finney Sweetheart Judy Jordan Sweetheart Jerry Benson Treasurer Darryl Forrester Parliamentarian Richard Leach Secretary Joe Ford ham Vice-President Mack Wakcford President Key Club Seaborn Curry Andy Cyganiewicz Bill Hughey Bob Russell Tom Sifva Walter Beck Jimmy Herron Bill Holman David Lee Bill Russell Dave Garrison Buddy Persall The Key Club boys belong to an international organization sponsored by Kiwanis International. It is their responsibility each year to participate in school projects for the betterment of their school and community. Their motto is: "We build". Mr. Webb and Mr. Durden, AdvisorsKey Clubbers raise Old Glory every morning. Chip Shemwell Rusty Sigmon Buster Sineath Jimmy Broadwell Stan Collins Dennis Holden Collins Knight Julian Mann Mike Pace Key Clubbers hold responsible jobs in Albany. Mack Wakeford is Key Club president. The Key Club directory is awaited eagerly each year. 51Billy Grist Vice President Bubba Cagle Secretary Hank Hayes Parliamentarian Rodd King Treasurer Interact Club Frank Arnold Berry Bowman Ronnie Doggett Eddie Middleton John Pollard Jerry Styles Jimmy Wallace Bob Crowley Robin Hughes John Phillips Gary’ Reed George Riles— Coach Graham Lowe Felix Marbury Johnny Stanford Sherman Willis 53 Phil Trurmond Stewart Champion Greg Wilkerson Phil Franklin The Interact Club is the newest service club at A. H. S. It is sponsored by the Rotary Club and has been most active in various school projects. Its most recent project is the school activities sign. Tommy Aldridge Jimmy Fuller Julie Johnston Linda PhillipsJackie Bierman Bruce Bitterman Ernie Bond Helen Bryan Becky Buntin Judy Burt Yveta Byrd Linda Phillips Patty Richard Jerri Schatt Shirley Shier Betty Smith Carol Smith Gary Smith Barbara Blum Diane Burke Steve Clark Lois Davis Claire DuPree Glenda Dyer Billy GristThe purpose of the Beta Club is to promote ideals of honesty, service and leadership among high school students and also to reward meritorious achievements of the students. Jackie Clenney Patsy Cline Carol Cowan Joyc Decn Kay DuVcrnet Bobby Edwards David Farmer Susie Langtry Laura Malphurs Barbara Mitchell Kit McMillan Laura Nason Marcia Peach Anne Perry Judy Smith Marilyn Thomoson Mack Wakeford Camille Walker Leigh Wetherbee Gordon Zcese Marcia Balfour Jesse Hill Roger Hornsby Carolyn Hudgins Pam Hudson Lynn Jackson Frances Keadle Debbie Kennedy Mike Stallings Cindy Taylor Manning Thornton George Wilder Estelle Will Bunny WinterJunior Classical League The Junior Classical League is sponsored by the American Classical League, a national organization composed of Greek and Latin teachers from schools and colleges throughout the United States. The purpose of the Junior Classical League is to stimulate an interest in the study of the classics in the high schools of our country. Conventions are held annually on both state, and national levels. Thus, a better understanding of the Classics is developed. The Junior Classical League is the largest classical organization in the United States Patsy Cline Nancy Creamer Jeannine Frazier Marvin Davis Gaire DuPree Glenda Dyer Susan Faulkner Barbara Gooch Connie Gray Billy Hall Diane Hans Alice Jane Harris Bill Hedrick Sarah Howe Don Johnson Frances Keadle Analee Keenan Debbie KennedyKaren Hinson Beverly Gore Nancy Jones Senior Consul Praetor Sentor And tie Diana Lancaster Marie Ledbetter Gndy Ling Robin Malone Hank Margeson Diana Null Mary Frances Olsen Dennis Palardy Butch Shackleford Rebecca Snyder Louise Spence Cindy Taylor Phil Thurmond Barbara Weid Mack Wakeford John Willey Billie w dyStudent Council 1st row: B. Helms, H. Mauldin, B. Buntin, M. Wakcford. B. Cagle 2nd row: L. Ruopp, M. Peach, C. Anderson, B. Gore, B. Joiner, L. Jones 3rd row: G. Poole, R. Stack, P. Newell, A. Fordham, D. Gurr, C. Cowan, J. Clenny, C. Smith 1st row: B. Blum, C. Davis, C. Webb, G. Middleton, R. Reynolds, M. Bascoe. J. Sapp, P. O'Brien, M Balfour, L. Glenn, G. Riles 2nd row: B. Dwornik, B. Burgess, B. Grist, V. McGarity, C. Trulock, A. Hcnly, V. Smith, P. Jones, W. West, S. Singletary 3rd row: T. Moulton, D. Bryan, R Truitt, T. Callaway, M. Stinson, L. Mays, S. Berry, C. Head, B. Crowley, R King 4ib row: W. Goosly, D. Holder, T. Aldridge, B. Knight, C. Gatlin, R. Hornsby, D. Core, D. Forrester, G. Wilkcrson, H. Margcson, R. Hornsby, F. Fink 58Mary Frances Olsen President Louise Spence Vice-President Joanna Botti Secretary Betty Smith Treasurer Marilyn Thompson Sgt.-At-Arms Alpha Tri-Hi-Y The Alpha Tri-Hi-Y is made up of junior and senior girls who are willing to conform to several specific requirements accepting the conduct code as adopted by the club, submitting application signed by parent and approved by the executive board, paying initiation fee and semester dues, and participating in the formal induction service. This Tri-Hi-Y meets weekly at the Y.M.C.A. Becky Blackletlge Cathy Cates Alice Jane Harris Susan Hinson Kay Van Houten Nancy Hughes Kay Jefferson Shirley Johnston Virginia Joiner Susie Langtry Dorothy Luther Ann Mathews Connie MegginsonBeta Tri-Hi-Y Mrs. McMillan, Advisor PURPOSE: To create, maintain, and extend throughout the home, school and community high standards of Christian character. 1st Row, I. to r.—J. Levi, K. Reed, C. Bradley, G. Dennis, C. Davis, K. King, L. Ford, L. Jackson, G. Hinman, D. Youngblood, J. Hall. 2nd Row, I. to r.—P. Foreman, P. House, A. Boyce, J. Dccn, C. Adams, C. Duke, S. Jenkins, U. Green, K. Ragan, A. Perry. 3rd Row, i. to r.—P Hendley, J. Sims, M. L. Rushton, D. Primup, A. Ballard, G. Manley, M. Author, E. Middleton, V. Yelton, P. Daunt, D. Saulter, U. Ingram, B. Pike, Mrs. McMillan. Nancy Salter, Pres. Jan Hall, V. Pres. Sally Jenkins, Secty. Shirley Shier, Trea. Cal Duke, Sweetheart 60Connie Heidt President Lois Davis Vice President Phi Delta Tri-Hi-Y back Row—L. McCown, K. Forrester, S. Slappey, D. Whitley, G. Griffcn, C. Moree, A. Phillipp, J. Edmonds, J. Harrell, P. Bishop. 3rd Row—D. Gillespie, B. Griffen, C. Long, S. West, N. Hayes, L. Satterfield, D. Lancaster, B. Winter, B. Nunn, B. Snelling, S. Smith. 2nd Row—L. Wetherbee, C. Cowan, L. Layne, L. Lanier, J. Clenney, C. Lowe, B. Davis, B. Baker, N. Creamer, P. Ward, P. Smith, D. Dixon, J. Daniels, K. McMillan. 1st Row—D. Stephens, S. Bundrick, C. Mosser, K Klages. K. Jenkins, D. Harris, P. Barber, E. Tabb, J. Fuller, B. Stackhouse, J. Cowart, Y. Byrd, G. Garvin.Carl Williams Sweetheart Ann Lewis Bob Hardin Miss Epsilon Sweetheart PURPOSE: To create, maintain, and extend throughout the home, school, and community high standards of Christian character. 1st Row: J. Smoak, K. King, P. Greene, E. Will, B. Adams, E. Davis, H. Fryer, B. Driggers, C. Ling, C. Lovett, K. Godwin, C. Hudgins, 2nd Row: D. Kennedy, L. Flannigan, K. Weisbach, C. Roberts, F. Duggan, M. Peach, D. Roberts, C. Wood, J. Williams, C. Taylor, L. Bowman, S. Osborn. P. Knight, 3rd Row: P. Tallin, G. Christopher, P. Walton, N. Free, P. Schmidt, L. Mays, j. Butler, K. Tisdale, R. Malone, C. Bedanbaugh, N. Bowman, C. Land, 4th Row: K. Harris, D. DuVcrnet, C. Styles, C. McGrath, A. Lewis, H. Glass, K. Carow, M. Rushton, S. Belk, T. Kent, L. Wallace, L. Inman, 3th Row: S. Powell, A. Hendly, C. Webb, B. Elkins, B. Percilla, B. Cumbaa, G. Shiver, A. Bozeman, N. Westwood, D. Thomas, S. Alexander.George In low Treasurer Larry Farrell Vice-President Ernie Bond President John Bowman Secretary Zeta Tau Hi-Y Tommy McLeod Chaplain Bobby Edwards David Farmer Kenneth Graebner Billy Hall Barry Lumpkin Skipper McRae David Nichols Bill Wendt Gordon Zeese Gene Black Donald Cheek Dennis Freeman Dick Gilberg Don Parks Jack Silver Granville Simmons Mai Simmons Bill Whigham mas A j v r If « John Willey Lynn Davis Gary Hawthorne Ricky Hoffman Tommy Scarborough Alan Schulman Randy Shingler Tommy Stackhouse Sheila Farr Gloria ThompsonJohn Pollard—President Frank Arnold—Vice Pres. Bobby Varnadoe—Sec. Bubba Cagle—Treat. 64 Jimmy Wallace—Chaplain Senior Hi-Y Any boy of the junior or senior classes who is of good moral character may be a member of the Senior Hi-Y. This club, which meets one night a week in the Y. M. C. A., strives to create, maintain and extend throughout the school and community higher standards of Christian character. Buddy Allen Randy Autry Roy Barfield Chris Barry Eddie Bateman Randy Brimberry Tommy Broadway Craig Brown Bobby Cole Jimmy Concar Donald Corbitt Bob Crowley Tommy Daniel Bobby Dasher Ricky Dill Harry Dorsey Buford Driver Lewis EnglishLon Fleming Danny Goens Johnny Haire Eddie Hancock Robert Harris John Hogg Barry Holden Roger Hornsby Ted Horton Jimmy Lanier Pete Manget Lonnee Mathis Johnny Meeks Johnny Mixon Floyd Moody Howard Pagelow Rex Parrish Dave Pealrman Del Percilla John Phillips David Powell Allan Ross Freddie Shemwell Ed Smith James Smith Mike Stallings Ricky Volosen Jimmy E. Wallis Dale Ward Gene Watson Tom West Wayne Whitfield George WilderKappa Gamma Tri-H-Y Kappa Gamma officers go over year’s plans. Linda Stieb President Linda Phillips, Vice-President Emily Riley, Secretary Carolyn Crum, Treasurer Johnston, C. Brown, Hedrick, P. Hiers, C. Walker, K. Joines, K.Platonians Seated: R. Malone, F. Keadle, A. Perry, K. Carow, 1st: Miss Tanner, P. Barber, J. Miller, D. Burke, Miss Strickland, 2nd: T. McLeod, J. Hill Debate Club Standing: J. Pickron Seated: B. Winter, J. Hill, V. McKemie, T. McLeod Back row: S. Mobley, G. Williams, M. Tatlor, M. Merts, J. McCray, N. Satterfield, K. Fudge, B. Wilson, E. Holt, J. Bryan, M. PrisantThespians Marcia Peach President Yveta Byrd Treasurer Janie Williamson, Yveta Bird and Marcia Peach. Ledell Jones, Robin Malone and Shirley Roberts work on Props. 68 Marsha Cohen, Gayle Kraselsky, Kathy Fetters, Hilda Mauldin go through their lines with Mrs. Cox.Presidents Club 1st row—B. Kauler, G. Thompson, K. McMillian, B. Bowman, E. Bond, C. Strickland, J. Fordham, J. Pollard, D. Gurr, R. Leigh 2nd row—K. Glass, M. F. Olsen, A. Trammell, A. Perry, B. Clegg, H. Margeson, T. Aldridge, D. Barwick, B. Barrett, K. Forester 3rd row—L. Stcib, C Martin, D. Buchanan, G. Smoak, C. Heidt, B. Smith, K. Hinson, M. Wakeford, B. Cagle, J. Williamson, N. Salter, G. Manley Allied Medical 1st row—C Martin, S. Powell, C. Farr 2nd row—J. Dayton, B. Krasclsky, J. E. Gnehm 3rd row—S. Daniels, D. Youngblood, N. Creamer, J. Bierman 4th row—M. Hilliard, S. Rogers, P. House, L. Ruopp, A. Smith, K. Harris, P. Hendlcy, M. Dixon, G. Dyer, D. Null, C. Wassum, A. Parker, C. Wiggins, V. Howard In Bed— V. Yelton 69Pow Wow Staff Gayle Kraselsky, Editor Barbara Kraselsky, Editor Sherry Stickle, Feature Editor Jackie White, Editorials What’s the-Scoop? Eleanor Bass, Paula Hiers, Chris Anderson make last minute corrections. Cal Duke, Sports Panic!!! The presses are about to rooooooll! 70 Mrs. John Hinson, Advisor Quit posing for those silly pictures and get to work.Los Conquistadores Debbie Richardson, Secretary Carol Smith, Vice-President Mrs. Juhan, Advisor Dagmar Stephens, Treasurer Barry Bowman, President Shirley Shier Allen Stephens Marcia Peach Robert Harris Yveta Byrd Karen Hinson Amanda Fordham John Bowman Kenney Greene Viola Johnson Katrine Davis Bland Newcomb Susan Hinman Cindy Adams Estelle Will Delores Holt Carolyn Hudgens Jean Gaughf Marsha Deardorff 71Hope Fryer President Paulette DeBevoise Secretary Dale Hester Parliam entarian Library Service Club Nancy Kaliher Vice-President Katherine Long Treasurer In the Albany High School Library, there are approximately 10,000 books of various kinds. Many of these books enrich the curriculum of the school. Others are for pleasure reading and still others are available on almost every conceivable subject. In addition to the books, are many current magazines and newspapers which keep the students informed about what is happening throughout the world. The back issues of magazines are especially useful to students working on debates and term papers. In a word, the library is a veritable treasure trove of wisdom, pleasure, and profit. Mrs. Hogue Librarian 1st row—1. to r.—S. Johnson, M. Dcardorf, V. Johnson, R. Addison, C. Luckey, D. Cannon, M. J. Harris, J. White, D. Snider 2nd rou —1. to r.—T McGraph P. Greene, C. Middleton, E. Daubert, W. Cox, G. King, B. Edge 3rd row—1. to r.—E. Height, B. Holman, T. Styles, B. Jones, S. Kierce, T. Stewart C 2 Watson, D. Barwickmw Short Circuits Seated: J. Cornett, A. Nisbet, D. Oliver, G. Butler. Standing: Mr. Nesmith, J. Kennedy, C. Goodroe, E. Black, M. Rooks, B. Green, B. Grist, D. Jones. Audio Visual First Row: D. Jones, J. Blcwctt, S. Curry, J. Haire, B. Horne, G. Zeese, M. Walker, J. Kennedy, W. Parrish, A. Phelps. Second Rou: B. Barrett, D. Nichols, R. Adamson, H. Hayes, J. Pollard, T. Daniels, H. Pagelow, C. Almand, G. Watson, S. McRae. Third Row: E. Bateman, A. Nesbit, B. Russell, B Fogarty, T. Mathis, R. Dill.DECA Develops future leaders for marketing and distribution through class work, on-the-job training, school and community projects. Phil Davis, Pres. Bobby Cole, Treasurer Bill Hughey, V. Pres. Janet LaRue, Secretary Officers make first appearance on T.V. Phil Davis takes oath of office as President of the chapter. Joan Majors explains the D E C A Youth organization to Mr. Melton 74First Row: G. Butler, J. Owens, D. Oliver, L. Rouse, M. Milson, A. Phelps, K. Perrin, C. Smith, R. Culbreth, G. Cline, G. King, J. Giles, B. Kimbrell, G. Stone, B. Burdette, R. Frazier. Second Rou: Miss Tisdale, R. Westmorland, H. Faulkner, D. Maloy, R. Hancock, D. McGee, R. Pattillo, T. Cherry, T. Hancock, R. McCrary, R. Milling, K. Pierce, L Paul, B. King, B. Newcomb, M. Peak, B. Wilson. Third Row: B. Slaughter, S. Kiercc, D. Wingate, E. Rouse, T. Royal, B. Hall, H. Cross, R. Cox, G. Saylor, R. McKcndrce, J. Harris, J. Majors, T. Styles, B. Daniels. 75Diversified Cooperative Training Club First Row: C. Hatcher, C. Tomberlin, C. Day, V. Rye, P. Pannell, B. Ferguson, C. Farr, B. Fisher, J. Jones, M. Croy, J. Dayton, C. McKnight, D. Tedder. Second Row: C. Cochran. J. Cornet, i. Starak, A. Hart, N. Gosa, R. Tyson, J. Thornton, W. Cannon, R Adamson, J. Nobles, D. Fallin, R. Hudson, L. Davis. Third Row: L. Perry, E. Thrall, B. Kaliher, J. Willis, D. Corbitt, B. Deloach, S. Willis, R. Horne, A. Oliver, D. Gill, B. Addison, R. Beecroft, Mr. Ray. PURPOSE: To provide opportunities for development of leadership through active participation in civic, social and occupational pursuits. To create and nurture an appreciation for the dignity of work. To foster high standards of workmanship, scholarship and ethics. To encourage broader educational experiences. To afford wholesome recreational activities. To develop a loyalty to the principles of representative government and a genuine respect for democratic ideals. 76 D.C.T. project ar' B" Team football games.Raymond Beecroft Wilbur Cannon Carol Cochran Donald Corbitt Jimmy Cornet Carol Day Lonnie Davis James Willis Carol Tomberlin Jane Dayton Mary Croy Bill DeLoach Dwain Fallin Barbara Ferguson Betty Fisher Norman Gosa Allen Hart Cynthia HatcherScience Club Seated: J. Dayton, D. Pollock, J. Vcntulctt, P. Brady, S. Lavclle, J. Purvis, L. Farell, R. Newcomb 1st row: S. Merren, B. Probst, D. Cheek, A. Bit-terman, P. McDonald, B. Jenkins, B. White, E. Black, R. Langly, N. Moree, R. PenlandBetty Smith President Cheryl Cato Vice-president Cecelia Barnes Secretary Judy Brandon T reasurer Miss Mary Hudson Sponsor Stella Kalmon F.T.A. Seated: C. Bedebaugh, F. Kcadlc, J. Bowman, B. Snelling, B. Kraselsky, J. Yarborough, M. Hiers, B. Miller, S. Jenkins. 1st Row: D. Gable, C. Hudgens, R. Malone, D. Burke, J. Schatz, E. Bass, L. Jones, C. Heidt, A. Parker. 2nd Row: B. Gore, P. Walker, M. Olson, N. Kratzer, D. Prlntup, L. Hollaway, B. Blum.Gail Manley President Pat House Vice President Judy Smith Barbara Driggers Mrs. Madeline Bowles Secretary Treasurer Sponsor s.o.s. Helen Bryan Cheryl Carcelli Kay Dunn Betty Dyar Ann DcU’Ark Linda Moore Kathy Perrin Lynn Ruggles Ethel Smith Patsy Payne Page Perkins Glinda Stone Jeanette Webb Janice White Brenda Willis Sandra Wilson 80Gena Humber President Jane Thornton Vice-President Janet Watson Secretary Pam Tison Treasurer Mrs. Tohnson Advisor Future Homemakers of America Seated: L. Hill, W. Badders, P. Utz, P. Smitherman, L. Goode 1st row: L. Layfield, S. Mock, G. Stone, L. Edge, G. Poole, D. Edge, S. Thaden, C. Walker, P. Brumbelow, B. Ramsey, P. Gilchrist, G. Daniels, B. Johnson, V. Rye Firs, Row: G Strawdcr, J. Peters P. Rich, L. Powell, C. King, K. Finley, S. Haire, M. Nix, D. Mercer, I. Rea, E. Page, C. Stone. Second Row: G. Hardwick, J. Dudley, L. Medley, D. Waits, J. Alfein. ’ J °Future Farmers of America Dennis Wright, Secretary Larry Barwick, Treasurer Jan Giles, Sweetheart Mr. Jack Downing Advisor First Rou M. Farmer, J. Braswell, D. Phelps, R. Barwick, R. Hart, D. Harris, J. Bateman, R. Williams. T. Mock, R. Dekle, D. Johnson, D. Tomlinson. M. Phillips. B. Bamford. Second Row: D. Gardner, G. Broome, B. Kirksey, J. Cone, J. McGee, R. Corley, M. Little, R. Johnson, L. King, C. Hart, C. Wiggins, R. Jocobs, D. Hester, T. King. Third Row: R. McKnight, T. Medley, R. Slappey, K. Murray, T. Jewels, L. Powell, M. Slappey, J. Giddens, D. Elliot. 82First Row: P. Hinley, V. Joiner, B. Clegg, C. Walker, S. Jordan, C. Megginson, C. Baker, C. Land, J. Edmonds, D. Hans, N. Wynn, A. Parker, V. Howard. Second Row: D Cox, M. Reuter, S. O’Conner, J. Christian, M. Ford, M. Jordan, L. Davis, J. McRaney, G. Bynum, S. Quattlebaum, D. Todd, S. Brown, K. Findley. Third Row: Anna Gaughf, D. Youngblood. C. Bradley, G. Shier, W. Satterfield, J. Fuller, P. Ward, P. Hudson, P. Brundage, T. Littlejohn, T. Hautman, S. Lawrence, C. Tomberlin, J. Yarborough, I). Wills, M. Thompson, H. Burton. Back Row: C. Boyett, H. Bryan, K. Pittman, M. Riley, J. Greene, D. Ellison, M. Flanugan, L. Barrett, G. Inlow, M. Croy, D. Whitley, K. Bonham, G. Thompson, M. Ingram, K. Jefferson, C. Cowan, P. Wallace. 83Gary Ann Bynum Kathryn Glass Elaine Johnson Mary Lashley Carol Mosser Virginia McKemie Jan Giles Biddie Stackhouse Marilyn Thompson Camille Walker Pam Wallace Carol Ervin 84 Vivan Rye Deborah WillsR.O.G.B. Seated: F. Moody, W. Watkins, R. Gowan, G. Smith, S. Lofton, T. Coleman, T. West, D. Percilla Standing: J. Randall, J. White, E. Bateman, W. Hodges, S. Boyett, J. Fleming, J. Martin Jackie White Vice-President Sammy Lofton Secretary-Treasurer Del Percilla President Eddie Bateman Wayne Hodges Jimmy Martin Floyd Moody Gary Smith Wayne WatkinsAlbany High School Band One of the main purposes of any band is to teach the pupils to use music to complete and enrich their lives. The band teaches the students to be more conscientious and enthusiastic about music. It trains them to want to take part in making music with other people, because of the enjoyment in doing it. The band also teaches the students to want to achieve the highest possible standards of performance. The students are taught to have more self pride and confidence in themselves. The band develops both mental and physical self discipline. Some students use band for the development of a personal vocation in their later lives. The Albany High School Band has had several outstanding accomplishments in the past few years. On two occasions the band has been invited to perform in the Orange Bowl Festivities at Miami. This year the band has been invited to participate in the Cotton Bowl Festivities at Dallas. It is classified as one of the outstanding marching bands in the state. The band has rated superior at the district band festival the past two years. This was accomplished in class "A” competition which is the highest classification in the state. 86Mr. Harry Martin, Band Director Wayne Hodges, Drum Major Jackie White, Ed Brown, Raymond Castleberry, Wayne Hodges, Manning Thornton, Jack Randall. Captain’s Corps Hup two, three, four. Practice! Practice! Practice! 87 The Band takes a breather. Oooooooh! My aching feet!Bennie Bennett Vickie Smith Laurie Lee Powell Kate Klages 88 Kay Jones, Head majorette A.H.S. Majorettes When the colorful A.H.S. band marches on the field, it is led by these high stepping majorettes. Through tireless practise they have mastered the art of twirling and marching in formation. We are indebted to them for our outstanding half-time programs. They also lend color and pep at our Friday Pep Rallies. Lenora Houston Cindy Adams Judy Mitchell, Mascot Albany High School majorettes prepare for pep rally.90ATHLETICS 91A.H.S. Varsity Football Team Left to right—First Row: C. Duke, J. Carroll, S. Curry, D. Garrison, B. Bowles, M. McClelland, R. Parrish, G. Branam, Second Row: S. Willis, R. Reaves, D. Holden, T. Aldridge’ K. Chambless, C. Strickland, J. Maxwell, D. Elliot, C. Allday, Third Row: C. Shemwell, L. Wills, M. Walls, L. English, C. Williams, H. Hays, L. Powell, G. Riles, A. Davis, H. Margeson, Fourth Row: Coach Clark, Coach Lofton, E. Pinkston, G. Reed, P. Franklin, A. Dismukc, R. Doggett, J. Stewart. M. Haire, R. Hughes, M. Slappey, M. Cundiff, Coach Henderson, Coach Cook, Fifth Row: R. King, A. Cyganiewicz, E. Middleton, J. Stanford, D. Gurr, J. Hamlin, J. Fordham, Bill Dowling, D. Duke, M. Hammock, B. Hardin, Jackie Pennington. Scoreboard We They Northside 7 0 Columbus 8 19 Warner Robins 33 6 La Grange 0 13 Valdosta 21 14 Willingham 6 6 Baker 19 0 Lanier 0 6 Dougherty 20 14 Moultrie 7 13 DOUG GURR Associated Press lineman of the year, All-Star Team, All South Team, Captain of Varsity Football TeamAlbany High School Coaching Staff Coach Harold Dean Cook Head CoachI -- -' SEABORN CURRY Fullback The year 1964 was one of surprises and significance, troubles and triumphs for Albany High School's football Indians. It marked the debut of Harold Dean Cook, all-time AHS great, as head coach, and it was the first coming-out party ever held in the teeth of a hurricane. It started on a winning note, when the Indians battled Northside of Warner Robins, along w'ith a howling gale and sheets of rain, on the home grounds and sloshed off with a 9 0 victory. And it ended on a losing note when the Indians dropped a close 13-7 decision to Moultrie, also on the home field. Between times, as the dizzy season spun along, these hill and gully riders of Albany had more ups and downs than the heroine of a television soap opera. They also provided many of the greatest thrills their loyal followers ever experienced. When it was over the record read four wins, five losses and a tie, and that’s the way it will always remain. But cold figures never tell the real story when you are dealing with football. And this is the way it is here. One could not call it a successful season so far as winning is concerned, but winning is by no means the only peg upon which to hang success or failure—or at least it shouldn’t be. GAYLON BRANAM Left Halfback JOHNNY CARROLL Fullback MIKE CUNDIFF End 94ANDY CYGANIEWICZ Tackle RONNIE DOGGETT Quarterback CAL DUKE End LEWIS ENGLISH Center Albany fielded a good team, an exciting team that always remained a threat to any opponent until the very end. This was a collection of good boys who played good, hard football, and who for the most part gave all they had in every contest. It was a clean team—a team with spirit and desire and fight and all-around character. These are the standards by which lasting and true success is measured. The team lacked a breakaway runner, a real, old-time power runner, and overall speed. It had to rely largely on an air game and a sound defense, and before the season was half over the first-string quarterback and several key defensive players were lost to injuries. There was never much depth, either. Yet despite all these handicaps, the Indians were dreaded by every foe on the schedule and every team that got by them heaved a mighty sigh of relief—glad it was over. Little could be determined about the-team in the miserably-wet opener with Northside. How anybody could score under those circumstances was hard to understand, but the Indians finally broke the dam of the downpour with a field goal, of all things, and later added a touchdown for a very satisfying 9-0 win. Northside never posed a serious threat to the Indian defense. 95JACKIE PENNINGTON Quarterback CECIL STRICKLAND End CARL WILLIAMS Tackle JOHN MAXWELL Specialist JOE FORDHAM Tackle DOUG GURR End JAMES HAMLIN Guard The next one was in Columbus, and against a team of Columbus Blue Devils chosen almost unanimously as the region champion before the season started. This proved to be an accurate forecast, as the Devils parlayed a fleet of fast and powerful backs and the best interior line in the state to victories over everybody but LaGrange, which earned a scoreless tie. But 15,000 persons watched the Indians score first and hold a 6-0 lead over the mighty enemy at the end of the first half. Nobody else accomplished that the whole season. Sadly, the lead was short-lived. Penny Pennington, probably the best running back in the league, took the second half kickoff almost the length of the field for a touchdown which gave the Blue Devils a lead they never relinquished. Albany later scored a safety but eventually Columbus won by 19-8. Returning home, the Indians got retracked against Warner Robins, piling up a 33-6 margin—the most points they scored in a single game all season. This one was no contest, but even at that Albany sparkled. Later in the year Warner Robins proved it was no patsy by, among other things, holding strong Dougherty to a 7-6 margin. Then Albany w'ent to LaGrange, and played the tough Grangers on even terms in a fiercely-fought defensive battle for all but two plays. These were long-range shots that found the mark and gave the Grangers a 13-0 victory—probably as hard an earned triumph as they ever enjoyed. It was out of this bitter fray that the Indians emerged in a semi-crippled condition. The team suffered another damaging blow in practice for the Valdosta game, when quarterback Jackie Pennington broke a hand. This put the burden on Ronnie Doggett, a senior but playing his first year of high school football, and a young man who had never started a game. And there is no worse fire to dash into for baptism than Valdosta on its home premises. m LARRY WILLS Fullback But Doggett and the rest of the team came through, maybe a little singed but unburned. It was Valdosta who caught the blowtorch in the posterior on that memorable night. It jvas Doggett and the fine end Doug Gurr, everybody’s all-starter and also an all-South choice, who combined on offense to furnish the top thrills of all time in the long Valdosta-Albany series. Of course, they could not have done the job if they hadn’t been completely aided and abetted by every Albany boy who got into the game. This was Albany’s shining hour for 1964—the apex of the season. The Wildcats carried a 6-0 record into the game and started out looking like the seventh straight was a matter of formality. They blitzed for a touchdown with the opening kickoff. Albany retaliated to tie it 7-7 on a long strike from Doggett to Gurr. Valdosta came right back and made it 14-7. With only seconds left in the half, Doggett hit Gurr with a 73 yard home run and time had run out when Gurr crossed the goal line. Albany had an excellent chance in the second half, driving for a first down inside the five, but could not punch it over and from there on the defense "riz up” and threw back everything the Wildcats could throw at it. With nine seconds left, Gurr intercepted a Valdosta pass and carried it all the way, again crossing the goal line after the clock had run out. The momentum carried through the Willingham game in Albany the following week, when the proud Rams came to town also unbeaten and boasting they were "No. 1” in the state. That’s exactly what the Albany student Cheering section called them on a big banner: ”U Were No. 1”, after the Indians tied them 6-6 in another magnificent effort. BOB HARDIN Tackle ROBIN HUGHES Left Halfback RODD KING End HANK MARGESON Left Halfbackmickey McClelland Right Halfback EMMETT PINKSTON Tackle LARRY POWELL Guard n GARY REED End GEORGE RILES Center At that point, the Indians had a theoretical chance for the region crown, but the inevitable letdown came the next week against Baker. Before the homefolks, the Indians could do nothing right and the Lions nothing wrong, and the result was a 19-0 loss to Baker. This was the only game of the year in which the Indians obviously never had a chance from the outset. The scoring famine continued through the Lanier game in Macon, the Poets hanging on with an iron-headed defense and finally tallying the game’s lone touchdown for a 6-0 win. By now battered and buffeted and somewhat downhearted, the Indians had enough grit left to come off the deck and floor Dougherty, 19-12, in the first meeting ever of the two schools on the football field. This was a particularly sweet victory for the Indians, since great noises had been arising for weeks across the river from the supporters of the Trojans, who were having a fine year in their first venture into region combat, while the Indians had been having heap big trouble. Actually, had the Indians lost, they could have finished behind the Trojans in region standings. 98 Indian Brave on the warpath! That is Pete Stith under the war paint.MARK SLAPPEY Fullback JOHN STEWART Tackle It is yet another tribute to the courage and determination of the Indians that they did not lose, because if they had yielded just a little bit to any tiny "give up" inclination it would have meant defeat. Finally, the long season ended with a hard struggle at home with the Moultrie Packers, who downed the Tribe by 13-7. In summary, the boys and their coaches did fine jobs against heavy odds, and all of us are proud of them. It’s Camel time! 99A.H.S. Varsity Cheerleaders The A.H.S. cheerleaders boost the Indians as they strive for victory. Their undying spirit has led the student body in outstanding support of the team. We are grateful to our cheerleaders for all they have done in keeping our spirit high. Their enthusiasm and long hours of hard work have brought glory to A.H.S. and its great Indians. We salute our cheerleaders! Judy Brown Judy Holman Jackie BiermanLeft to right: First Row: L. Page, M. McNamic, J. Mann, R. Tyson, R. Farr, D. Simms, M. Fruchey, Second Row: P. Mason, R. Penland, H. Clason, T. Anderson, S. Champion, M. Loosier, S. Branam, D. Bryan, B. Knight, Third Row: Coach Henderson, J. Fuller, L. Atkins, D. Pelham, L. Cone,. B. White, R. Bar-field, Coach Dixon, Fourth Row: S. Solis, L. Cook, D. Rusk, R. Menshon, W. Green, S. Hudson, H. Settle, E. Heidt. Mary Bridger Jan Joiner Albany High School B-Team and Cheerleaders Albany 0 Albany 0 Albany 19 Albany 7 Albany 12 Albany 33 Albany 31 Lanier 18 Willingham 20 Moultrie 19 Willingham 6 Lanier 14 Dougherty 0 Moultrie 12 Susan Berg Carol Styles 102Block "A” Club Left to right: First Row: R. Doggctt, J. Hamlin, L. English, L. Wills, B. Hardin, C. Williams, G. Branam, C. Duke, J. Fordham, Mgr. C. Allday, Second Row: J. Smith, L. Lanier, J. Pennington, S. Curry, A. Cyganiewitz, D. Gurr, H. Hays, R. Smith, R. Davis, G. Williams, Coach Henry, Third Row: Coach Lofton, J. Holman, A. Fordham, K. DuVernet, B. Joiner, C. Strickland, J. Benson, C. Smith, C. Lowe, J. Shatz, E. Middleton, Fourth Row: Coach Clark, M. Conlan, R. Arthur, D. James, R. King, A. Cleveland, C. Anderson, R. Wilkerson, K. Howie, R. Redd.Boys’ Basketball — Varsity Coach Graham Lowe Our coaches exemplify good sportsmanship . . . concern for player’s welfare ... enthusiasm ... undying loyalty to "Indian Spirit.’A.H.S. Basketball 105 Varsity Basketball Team JACKIE PENNINGTON Center JERRY BENSON Forward BOBBY JOINER Guard BILL FOGARTY Forward BILL HEDRICK Forward GREG WILKERSON Guard EDDIE MIDDLETON Center JERRY STYLES Forward DON BF.ECH Forward RODD KING Forward JIM WITHERS DON SH1MP Center BOB HARDIN Forward Scoreboard 68 Edison ......... .54 Dougherty ...... 55 Edison ....... .41 Tifton ........ .60 Columbus ....... .41 Baker .......... 6l Tifton ........ .73 Willingham...... .63 Lanier ......... .62 Curhbert ....... 48 Artapulgus .49 Dougherty .59 Warner Robins 79 Northside 56 Dougherty .... .54 Warner Robins 60 Columbus ----- .46 Valdosta .69 Moultrie ...... .53 Baker ......... .60 Valdosta ...... .58 Moultrie ...... 59 Northside .61 Jordan ........ 61 Dougherty..... .62 La Grange...... Albany.. Albany.. Albany Albany Albany. Albany. Albany. Albany Albany. Albany Albany Albany. Albany. Albany Albany Albany Albany. Albany Albany. Albany Albany. Albany Albany. Albany Albany. Albany. CHARLIE GATLIN GEORGE WILDER Forward GARRETT FLEMMING"B" Team Basketbal Get that ball! Gordon Dixon B-Team Coach 108 1st Row—B. Wilson, L. Woodward, M. Loosier, J. Mann, B. Knight, T. Turner, E. Quimette, M. Taylor, 2nd Row—R. Smith, K. Chambliss, T. Aldridge. R. Barfield, R. Stewart, W. Green, R. Truitt, J. Stanford, W. Autrcy, 3rd Row—Coach Dixon, L. Champion, P. Franklin, R. Sikes, D. Holley, F. Palmer, P. Core, S. Boyette, M. Yarborough, D. McCollum, G ach Henderson."B’-Team in Action Get that ball!!!! "B” Team struggles for the rebound. This long arm meant two points. Scoreboard Albany 43 Edison 48 Albany - 59 Dougherty 45 Albany 38 Edison 38 Albany 52 Tifton 32 Albany 46 Willingham .... 35 Albany 53 Lanier 71 Albany 53 Northside 40 Albany 46 Dougherty 41 Albany 46 Valdosta 48 Albany 45 Moultrie 31 Albany 47 Valdosta 24 Albany 51 Moultrie 44 Albany 64 Northside 36 Albany 61 Dougherty 44 Albany 59 LaGrange 64 109Girls’ Basketball — Varsity Scoreboard Albany...............74 Albany...............62 Albany...............60 Albany...............53 Albany...............77 Albany...............42 Albany...............80 Albany...............65 Albany...............56 Albany...............34 Albany...............69 Albany...............61 Albany...............43 Albany...............52 Albany...............78 Albany...............76 Edison ...............59 Dougherty ............38 Edison ...............40 Tifton ...............48 Tifton ...............65 Warner Robins.........75 Northside ............60 Dougherty ............49 Warner Robins.........79 Seminole Co...........57 Valdosta .............72 Moultrie .............45 Valdosta .............45 Moultrie .............43 Northside ............73 Dougherty.............49LAYNE LANIER Guard CAROL SMITH Forward JUDY SMITH Forward CAROLE LOWE Forward SARA LYNN GLADNEY Forward SHIRLEY NAPIER Guard LEQUITA TILLERY Forward PATTY RICHARD Forward A.H.S. Track Team First Row: R. Redd, B. Fogarty, B. Joiner. M. Conlan, R. Arthur, R. Wilkerson, C. Anderson, L. English, C. Almond, K. Howie, J. Huggins, B. Petir, J. Hamlin, J. Pennington. Second Row: Coach Wilbur Lofton, K. Stephens, J. Snellgrove, R. Ursury, D. Stewart, R. Hughes, B. Hardin, R. King, D. Garrison, D. Check, C. Trimble, G. Broome, J. McGough. S. Lofton, Coach Harold Dean Cook-. Third Row: B. Fletcher, S. Williamson, R. Hoffman, F. Marbury, D. Moore, A. Cyganiewicz, E. Black, W. Green, S. Willis, B. Smith, G. Williams.JAMES HAMLIN BOB HARDIN DAVE GARRISON LEWIS ENGLISH MIKE CONLAN116 RICKY REDD ROGER WILKERSONA.H.S. Baseball Team Pint Row: John Hudgins. Dave Pearlman, Charles Alday, manager, Cal Duke, George Hartis. Second Row: Coach Phil Clark, Ronnie Doggett, Eddie Middleton, Lonnie Mathis. Dennis James, Alvin Cleveland. "Play Ball!” This cry signals the start of baseball, an important spring sport at A. H. S. The boys who participate in this sport practice hard from March through May. They play enthusiastically in their efforts to win each game. In the past years, we have had fine baseball teams and we wish the boys luck this season. - : Rag Arm!!!! Gotcha tag number!! 117118 GEORGE HARTIS JOHN HUDGINSDAVE PEARLMAN CHARLES ALDAY, Manager. 119A.H.S. Tennis Team — Girls’ MISS ANN WEEKS, Coach Joanna Botti The early days of spring bring try-outs for the girls’ tennis team and their daily practice sessions. Tennis is only one of the many sports which excite school spirit at A. H. S. The girls on this team are to be commended for their hard work and fine showing. Action on the courts! 120 Barbara Wcid, Gale Williams, Billie Woody, Jerri Schatz, Joanna Botti, Carole Lowe, Judy Pickron, Carol Smith, Madelyn Nix, Miss Weeks.JERRI SCHATZ CAROL SMITH CAROLE LOWE MADELYN NIX JUDY PICKRON BARBARA WEID GALE WILLIAMS BILLY WOODY 121A.H.S. Tennis Team — Boys' COACH JERRY CLARK Tennis, another spring sport, brings our athletic year to a close. Our tennis team deserves recognition for the time and effort spent during the season. The boys perform outstandingly not only during regular matches but also in tournament play. We salute our team for the hard work and good sportsmanship they continue to demonstrate. JACKIE WHITE 122 Jackie White, Gordon Zeese, Bill Sleep, Tommy Coleman, Coach Clark, Steve Norman, Tommy Hodges, Ed BrownED BROWN TOMMY COLEMAN TOMMY HODGES STEVE NORMANA.H.S. Golf Team Bill Hedrick, Jerry Kirkpatrick, Coach Mullis, Chris Anderson, Kenny Greene. With the warm weather comes the time to tee off; and many boys do so under the supervision of Coach Mullis. This is not a rigorous spring sport but requires careful training and practice. The Golf team is not backed by much school spirit, but it deserves commendation for its effort and hard work. 124 COACH JIM MULLISBILL HEDRICK KENNY GREENE CHRIS ANDERSON, Captain JERRY KIRKPATRICK 125"Hov:CG'ilNG Ou£ENr-» DIANNE BUCHANANi ' |CN FEATURES Miss A.H.S Former Queen, Judy Hightower, crowns the new Miss AHS, Linda Jones, while first runners-up, Sheila Farr and Linda Glenn, and second runner-up, Patty Richard, look on. The Miss Albany High School Pageant held November 20, 1964, was an event to be long remembered by the twenty-three lovely girls competing (or the title, "Fairest of the Fair”. Charming Miss Linda Jones, representing the R. O. G. B., was selected as our Miss A. H. S., 1965. Linda enchanted all with her talent, poise and beauty. Miss A. H. S. is a member of the Anchor Club and is a sweetheart of the R. O. G. B. As a Student Council representative and as the secretary of her sophomore class, she has displayed outstanding leadership qualities. She reveals enthusiastic school spirit while performing her duties as a varsity cheerleader. We sincerely hope that Linda will have a happy reign. Gail Flanigan Melanie Hilliard 128 Lynn Jackson Sara Howe Linda Roupp Ann Lewis Amanda Fordham Karen Hinson Joanna Botti Judy Holman Jackie Bierman Sally Jenkins Mary Jane Finney Claire DupreeJACKIE BIERMAN HANK HAYSDIANNE BUCHANAN DOUG GURRSHEILA FARR RICHARD LEACH MARY JANE FINNEY JACKIE PENNINGTON AMANDA FORDHAM BUBBA CAGLEPAULA HIERS SEABORN CURRYJUDY HOLMAN CECIL STRICKLANDCHERIE MARTIN JERRY BENSON 484848535353485353234823484823Homecoming Court Mr. McNabb crowns Dianne Buchanan Homecoming Queen Cherie Martin, senior representative is escorted by Hal McGregor. Vickie McGarity, junior representative is escorted by Greg Wilkerson. Anna Trammell, sophomore representative is escorted by Bernie Lake.Everybody is going to the game tonight but me, and you Know w hat I am! After the game—the festivities—the punch bowl runs dry. Everybody had a "ball” at the dance. 143The spirit of Christmas brightens every year as the various homerooms decorate their doors and enter the decoration contest. Many original ideas and beautiful materials combined to form some of the finest door decorations ever seen at A. H. S. The grand prize went to Mrs. Hawk’s homeroom who created a colorful stained glass. The climax of the Christmas spirit at A. H. S. comes with the White Christmas program on Friday before the holidays. This year an inspirational program—"The Choirs of God”—was presented. Miss Barbara Blum was narrator. Baskets were decorated with white paper and were filled with canned goods. These were given to the Salvation Army to be distributed among needy families. The Civinette Christmas tree brought the Spirit of Christmas into the lobby. Our White Christmas baskets provided food for needy families. The Glee Club made a living Christmas tree.Christmas CHRISTMAS GIVING Mrs. Butler's door was awarded a special prize. The Guidance Office was also awarded a special prize. First place—Senior—Miss Linton. First place—Junior—Mr. Baker. First place—Sophomores—Mrs. Hinson. Miss Strickland’s homeroom used as theme "The Twelve Days of Christmas.'I Am Albany High School . . . Sprawling structure of brick and stone, firm yet not unfeeling... for I am the spirit, the tradition of my students I am the reflector of varied moods and myriad sounds Noah builds another ark. Future scientists work with reflex apparatus. Chow Time at Albany High School. This classroom has a relaxed atmosphere. Billy Helms, number four in the senior class. The totem pole is taking shape. Art class works hard on present to the school. People! People! People! Homecoming parade draws usual crowd.Student body gives unselfishly in White Christmas ceremony. Hectic backstage at Miss A. H. S. Contest. Yeeiah! Oops! Sounds . . . Moods . . . waiting the decision of the Glee Club reflects Spirit of Christmas. A. H S. Band struts in Dallas.Calm determination... to what avail? Last minute cramming — Knowledge not lunch! "I'll never learn all of this! The moment of reckoning comes. Receding footsteps . . . hurried goodbyes . . . I am the enclosure of these activities, these events, these memories...They are one but I remain ------------- ever constant . . . the echoes stilled for a while . . . I Am Albany High School . . . 151152CLASSESSenior Class Officers Joe Fordham, President Dianne Buchannan President Phil Youngblood Vice-president Gloria Thompson Vice-president Sheila Farr, Secretary Ronnie Stack, Secretary Connie Heidt, Treasurer David Powell, Treasurer The "Grand old seniors” have reached the final and finest year of their high school career. The class of '65 has enjoyed its year of class privilege and respect. The last pep rally, the last homecoming, Kids Day and the Junior Senior Picnic have been a few of the highlights of their senior year. These seniors look back with sadness as they leave the halls of A.H.S., remembering the confused days of their sophomore year, the carefree fun of their junior year, and the grand sophistication of their senior year. The class of 65 has been a great one and the year has been one which will live long in their memories. 154Richard Adamson Cary Anderson Byron Addison Charlene Anderson Buddy Allen Chris Anderson Clint Almond Tracy Anderson Jenny Arn Frank Arnold Marie Arther Randy Arther Randolph Ashberry Randy AutryDorothy Baker Billy Bam ford Cecil Barnes Bob Barrett Chris Barry Donnie Barwick Vincent Basko Eloise Bass 156 Arlene Ballard Stanley Ballew Bobby Bamford Roy Barfield Doty Barnard Cecelia BarnesJohnny Bass Barbara Baxley Sherry Bassett Becky Beck Eddie Bateman Joe Bateman Raymond Beecroft Bonnie Bennett Jerry Benson Gene Berry KAREN HINSON Karen is the recipient of the Ki-wanis Award, one of the most coveted at Albany High School . . . Editor of the Throtiateeska ... Tied for first place in a senior class of 522 .. . President of the Junior Classical League . . . Winner of the NCTE writing award . . . tJackie Bierman Alan Bitterman Bob Blalock Donna Bland Carol Blankinship Ernie Bond Kathy Bonham Leila Bowie Berry Bowman Jane Bowman John Bowman Linda Bowman Allison Boyce Linda Brainard 158Gaylon Branam Emma Jean Brooks Patty Brundage Helen Bryan Judy Brandon Charles Brown JOE FORDHAM Joe is the recipient of the McIntosh Award, one of the most coveted at Albany High School.. .Well rounded. .. Co-captain of the football team. . . President of the Senior boys.. .Senior Superlative...160 Bubba Cagle Larry Camp Connie Cannon Joe Cannon Wilbur Cannon Cheryl CarcelliRichard Carrier Ricky Cato William Carswell Charles Cecil Ann Carter Cheryl Cato Danny Cecil Shirley Chambless Tommy Cherry Joanne Christian AMANDA FORDHAM President of the Anchor Club... Senior Superlative... Secretary of the Student Council . . . D.A.R. award for citizenship . . . Ambitious . . . Marsha Clark Allen Cline Steve Clark Patsy Cline Barbara Clegg Carol Cochran Jackie Clenny Linda Cohen Bobby Cole Steve Collins Jimmy Concar Mike Conlan Gene Connell Donald Corbitt 162Jimmy Cornett Hewis Cross Seaborn Curry Andy Cyganiewicz Carol Cowan Mary Croy Ginny Cowart Rita Culbreth Wynell Cox Mike Cundiff ? P S LEWIS ENGLISH Intellectual semi-finalist Beta Club . . . . . National MeritGerald Daniel Janice Daniels Sandy Daniel Elaine D'Aubert Tommy Daniel A1 Davis Gene Daniels Jimmy Davis 164 Katrine Davis Lonnie Davis Phil Davis Ronnie Davis Tommy Davis Carol Day Ann Dell’Ario Ronnie Doggett Jane Dayton William DeLoach Joye Deen Ricky Dill Harry Dorsey Barbara Driggers VIRGINIA MCKEMIE Outstanding ability . . . National Merit semi-finalist . . . Secretary of the Beta Club . . . tied for STAR student. . .Frances Duggan Betty Dyar Lewis English Bill Erwin David Farmer Carol Farr Sheila Farr Larry Farrell 166 Cal Duke Kay Dunn Kay DuVernet Linda Edge Bobby Edwards Helen EitelJoe Fordham Larry Fordham MARCIA PEACH Excellent student . . . National Merit semi-finalist . . . President of the Thespians . . .Lynn Gore Patricia Greene Harry Gordy Bobbie Griffen Kenneth Graebener Kenny Greene Larry Gryder Doug Gurr Johnny Haire Billy Hall DOUG GURR Warm personality . . . Co-captain of the football team . . . Associated Press lineman of the year . . . President of the Junior Civitans . . . Senior Superlative . . . Robert Harris Alvin Hatcher Cynthia Hatcher 170Connie Heidt Diana Hewett Hank Hays Linda Heiland Martha Hiers Paula Hiers nr! Bill Hedrick Bill Helms Janis Hegwood Charles Henry RICHARD LEACH A natural for the high honor of president of the Beta Club . . . Senior Superlative . . . Secretary of the Key Club . . .David Hillard Mel Hilliard Gail Hinman Karen Hinson Wayne Hodges Barry Holden Susan Holden Judy Holman Jack Holt William Holton Jimmy Hopkins Bo Horne Ted Horton Pat House 172Barbara Houston Ken Howie Johnny Huggins Nancy Hughes Becky Houston John Hudgins Derenda Houston Richard Hudson Hoke Howard Leslie Huff174 Bill Hughey Gena Humber Mary Ingram George Inlow Bob Jackson Kaye Jefferson Arnie Johnson Brenda Johnson Elaine Johnson James Johnson Jerry Johnson Mike Johnson Sharon Johnson Viola JohnsonSteve Kierce George King Nancy Kaliher Bobby Kimbrell Larry Kennedy Barbara King Mike Kierce Charles King Kay King Phil King Susan King Konnya Kinney Jerry Kirkpatrick Leonard Kopp 176Barbara Kraselsky Gayle Kraselsky Linda Lane Susie Langtry Shirley Lawrence Richard Leach Neva Kratzer Gary Lairsey Layne Lanier Janet LaRueLynda Lewis Tommy Lewis Mack Little Barry Lumplin Joan Majors Don Maloy Woodrow Lee Carole Lowe Laura Malphurs Pete Manget Gail Manley Kathy Mansfield Cherie Martin Jimmy Martin 178Sonny Martin John Maxwell Pat McDaniel Mary Ann McDowell Lonnie Mathis Gwen Mayville Walter Mathis Kathy McClay Hilda Mauldin Rex McCrearyJohn McGee Carole McKnight Ruth Mercer Charlene Middleton Eddie Middleton A Marilyn Milson Barbara Mitchell Sara Mock Floyd Moody Wiley Mitchell Tracy Mizelle Linda Moore Sandra Moore Tommy Moore Becky Morris WAYNE HODGES Drum major . . . talented . . . Led our marching band in a peppy manner. Kemp Murray Laura Nason Bland Newcomb Bonnie Newell Phyllis Newell David Nichols Alex Nisbet Harold Nix 182 Roger Nobles Billie Nunn Linda O’Hara Derr}- Oliver Susan Osbum Donna OwensHoward Pagelow Robert Patillo Bobby Parker Patsy Payne Wayne Parrish Marcia Peach Penny Patstone Brenda Peak Dave Pearlman Richard Pearson DIANNE BUCHANAN Reigned as our Homecoming Queen . . . Senior Girls President . . . Senior Superlative . . . charming smile . . .Jackie Pennington Anne Perry Mack Peed Page Perkins Ben Pettit Alex Phelps Ann Phelps Linda Phillips Earl Pilcher Kati Pittman - Del Percilla Linda PerryBeverly Plummer Kathy Ragan John Pollard Blake Rainey David Powell Dee Printup Jack Randall Mayreese Randall Ronnie Reaves Ricky Redd PAULA HIERS V A familiar sight at all the games as Captain of the Varsity Cheerleaders . . . Senior Superlative . . .Vivian Renaue Patty Richard Debbie Richardson Edwin Roberts Shirley Roberts Pete Rockett Linda Reeves Emily Riley 186 Linda Rogers Susan Rogers Allan Ross Lucy Rouse Tony Royal Lynn RugglesJerri Schatz Tommy Schubert JERRY BENSON Captain of the boy’s varsity basketball team . . . Senior Superlative . .. Treasurer of the Key Club . . .Betty Smith Gary Smith Carol Smith Genelle Smith Ethel Smith Judy Smith Danny Smith Walter Smith Pat Smitherman Georgene Smoak Co-captain of the girls basketball team . . . treasurer of the Block A Club . . . Coach of Senior girl s intramurals . . . CAROL SMITH CAROLE LOWE Co-captain of the girl’s basketball team . . . vice-president of the Spanish Club . . . Coach of the Junior girls' intramural team . . .Diane Snider Ronnie Stack Biddie Stackhouse Allan Stephens Connie Stephens Micki Stephens Jan Stewart Ted Stewart Tommy Stewart Sherry Stickle Linda Stieb Glenda Stone David Strawder Cecil Strickland 190fW ■r Terry Stubbs Carol Tanton Jerry Styles Clariece Taylor BUBBA CAGLE Served our A. H. S. well as President of the Student Body.. .Senior Superlative.. .enthusiastic... Zackie Strickland Randy Swain Dianne Tedder Jimmy Terry Tommy Styles Greg TaylorCarolyn Tomberlin Mary Ann Tombs Donnie Tomlinson Diane Tompkins Jan Trammell Mickey Turner 192Randy Tyson Mack Wakeford Jimmy E. Wallace Patricia Walton Patsy Utz Camille Walker Bobby Varnadoe Pat Walker Ricky Volosen Jimmy C. Wallace CHERIE MARTIN President of Civinettes . . . Senior representative in Homecoming Court . . . Senior Superlative . . . Assistant editor of the annual . . . Civitan sweetheart . . . District secretary of Junior Civitans . . . Fun-loving . . .Wayne Watkins Jeanette Webb Gene Watson Leland Webb Janet Watson Jane Weldon Philip Watson Bill WendtJoe Wentzell Sharon West Tom West Mikell Westmoreland Ray Westmoreland Leigh Wetherbee Janice White Jackie White MACK WAKEFORD President of the Key Club . . .Lt. Governor of the third division of the Georgia District of Key Club International . . . dependable . . .Jane Williamson Alvin Wilson Brenda Willis Butch Wilson Sonny Willis Sandra Wilson CECIL STRICKLAND President of the Interact Club . . . Senior Superlative . . . Varsity football . . . B. M. O. C Larry Wills Glenda WimberlyDonnie Wingate Gary Wisham Dennis Wright Rick Young Phil Youngblood Gordon Zeese": TiroLooking back at their sophomore year with thankfulness that it won’t have to be repeated, and forward to their senior year with gleeful expectancy, the Junior class has had a good year full of school spirit and the candy sale. The candy sale which reached new heights of success this past year is put on annually to raise money for the Junior-Senior picnic. Juniors rid of the confusion of the Sophomore year and not yet burdened with the responsibilities of the Senior year, add immensely to the high spirits and good fun at A.H.S. The Jolly Juniors have done much toward making 1964-65 a great year at our school. 200Cindy Adams Ruby Addison Charles Alday Gerald Aldridge Susan Alexander Junic Allen Troy Allen Carol Anderson Debbie Anderson Linda Anderson Mary Lou Armstrong Gail Aultman Wanda Badders Beth Baker Marcia Balfour Pat Barber Lonnie Barrett Larry Barwick Marsha Bass Don Beach Lanny Beach Steve Beattie Ronnie Beaver 201Bill Chambless Don Cheek Anne Chestnut Gail Christopher Nicky Church Rodney Clark Jimmy Clegg Alvin Cleveland Gene Cline Daryll CockroftTim Crisler Larry Crow Bob Crowley Barbara Cumbaa Connie Curtis Billy Daniels Gail Daniels Bobby Dasher Patricia Daunt Velma Devault Charles Davis Eleanor Davis Franklin Davis Linda Davis Lois Davis Mark Davis Marvin E. Davis Sonja Davis Marcia Deardorff Paulette Debevois Carolyn Davis Bonna Davis Allen DavisSusan DuBeau Benny Duke David Duke Claire DuPree Juanita Durham Bobby Dwormik Glenda Dyer Dcannie Edge Judy Edmonds Glenda EdwardsJanice Evans Dwain Fallin Paula Fallin James Farmer Susan Faulkner Betty Field Junior Ferguson Kathy Felters Ed Fink Betty FisherLynn Flanigan Mike Flanigan Garrett Fleming Lon Fleming Carol FletcherSusan Givens Saralyn Gladney Harriett Glass Helen Glausier Linda Glenn Jane Ellen Gnehm Kathy Godwin Barbara Gooch Linda Goode Norma GosaPatricia Goulden Robert Gowan Connie Gray Margaret Green Ginger Griffin Paula Griffin Ronnie Griffin Billy Grist Judy Grubbs Carlene HallGeorge Hartis Terree Hautman Howard Haynes Butch Hays Dan Hedrick Pam Hendley Amy Henley David Herndon Jimmy Herron Dale Hester Susan Hinson Tommy Hodges John Hogg Rachael Holland Linda Holloway Bill Holman Billy Holmes Delores Holt Arcie Holton Wayne HooksPatty Hughes Robin Hughes Pat Hundley Don Hunter Roger Ingle Linda Inman Genie Ivey Lynn Jackson Ronnie Jacobs Dennis JamesTerry Jones Connie Jordon Judy Justice Nancy Justice Johnnie Kaiser Jim Katter Frances Keadle Analee Keenan Jackie Kendall Debbie KennedyDarrell Knight Patricia Knight Joe Knighton Bernie Lake Brenda Lamb Diane Lancaster Carolyn Land Ricky Langley Jimmy Lanier Linda LayfieldRalph Martin Sallic Mathis Vivian Lee Mathis Dennis Mathews Ronnie Mathews Dianne May Mickey McClelland Lynn McCown Mack McCrary Phillip McDonald Frances McGee Jim McGough Ted McGrath Vicky McIntosh Robert McKnight Becky McKoon Patsy McLeod Tommy McLeod Dennis McTigue Johnny MeeksStephen Merren Clay Miller Susan Miller Donnie Mills Tommy Milner Roy Mitchell John Mixon Debbie Mizelle Stephen Mobley Ray Mock Iv Russell Morgan Terry Murphy Linda Murray Raymond Musgrove Rex Neal Glenda Newton Skipper Nichols Donny Nix Jimmy Nobles Dolly NodineTerry Norburg Bill Nordstrom Mary Nordstrom Steve Norman Dianne Null Peggy O'Brien Susan O'Conner Mary Frances Olsen Eddie Ouimette Jimmy Owens Ronnie Owens Charles Oxford Dennis Palardy Linda Pannell Alice Parker Ann Parker Donnie Parks Rex Parrish Lynda PateMonnie Phillips Kerry Pierce Bonnie Pike Emmett Pinkston Donald Pollock Gail Poole Gale Poole Phillip Powell Susan Powell Larry PowellGordon Rouse Edwin Rouse Penny Royal Becky Samford Jan Sapp Steve Satterfield Barbara Savage John Savelle Cheryl Scarborough Dale ScarboroughPatty Schmidt Bobby Seay Mark Segler Robb Seymour Butch Shackleford Chip Shemwell Susan Shillcut Don Shimp James Short Kathy Shulan Rusty Sigmon Mai Simmons Clifton Sims Jeannie Sims Granville Simmons Buster Sineath Lewis Singletary Steve Singletary Thomas Singletary Mark Slappey Robert Slappey Susan Slappey Bill Sleep 4 j Ed Smith Nancy Smith Paula Smith Ronald Smith Sarah Smith Josephine Smoak Jackie Snellgrove Beverly Snelling Elvica Snook Rebecca Snyder Pat Stalvey Bill Stanley Irvin Starrak Keith Stephens Dagmar Stephens Louise Spence Mike Stallings John Sparks Mike Stephens John Stewart Dennis Stewart Pete Stith Esther TabbAndy Trammell Charles Trimbel Chris Trulock Bishop Tucker Ray Tyson Jack Usry Robert Ussery Sandra Varner Jay Ventulett Brenda VeraJone Waters Greg Watson Carol Webb Tommy Weekly Barbarai Weid Phil Wendt Ronnie Wester Bill Whigham Billy White Carol WigginsRandy Wood Robin Wood Billy Woody Jerry Wooten Joan YarboroughVeronica Yelton Jimmy York Donna Young James Youngblood Delores Youngblood JoAnn MiddletonSophomore Class Officers Dennis Holden V ice-president Maureen Gillespie Vice-president Dick Steals Secretary Terry Stocks Secretary !L 0 T J -1 s 1 Ellen Barnett T reasurer Robert Truit Treasurer The class of ’67, our sophomores, have proved to be one of the greatest classes to walk through the halls of A.H.S. They eagerly participated in pep rallies, homecoming, assemblies, and other important events of the year. We realize the first year in A.H.S. is exciting. The sophomores have done a great job in accepting their many responsibilities. Although they have enjoyed the good times of their sophomore year, we are sure they are ready to face the hard work that will meet them next year as juniors. Sophomores, we are proud of you, and hope you will keep up the good work! 230Beverly Adams Sandra Adams Gloria Adamson Patsy Alderman Tommy Aldridge Janice Alfieri Claire Allen Joe Allen Robert Allen Lisa Alligood Randall Anderson Tommy Anderson Ray Anglin Wayne Apon Willie Mae Apperson Richard Armstrong Brenda Arnett Eileen Ashcraft Lee Atkinson Walter Autry Tony Bailey Bob Baker Sheryl Bankston Gary Barfield Joyce Barfield Wiley Barker Linda Barlow Ellen Barnette Randy Barwick Johnny Bass Jarl Baugh Jerry Bearry Linda Beasley Linda Beisel Howard Benfordw John Benford Wyona Benthall Susan Berg V 1 Nell Bigbee Sara Bird Eugene Bishop Anira Blackburn Becky Blackledge James Blair Cappy Bohler Jimmy Boswell Stephen Botti Sid Boyett Ann Bozeman Jimmy Bradford 232 Cindy Bradley Randy Bragg Steve Branan Terry Brandon Mary Bridget Randy Brimberry Jimmy Broadwell Ryan Broakerd Jerrod Brooks Pam Brooks James Brown Joy Brown Sally Brown David Bryan Sharon Bryan Franklyn Bullington Susanne Burdrick Franka Burgess Jeff Burnett Fred BurtRonald Bush Evelyn Butler Donna Byars Lloyd Byrd Tom Callaway David Cannon Edna Cannon David Carrier Dianne Carrington Karen Carlton Joe Carruth George Carter Vivian Carter Wayne Carter Charles Cartwright Ilona Castleberry Raymond Castleberry Cathy Cates Kevin Chambliss Larry Champion Stewart Champion Cindy Cherry Diana Christian Charles Clark Dottie Clark Herb Clason Evie Cloud Evelyn Clower Richard Cloyd Ronald Coburn David Cohen Marsha Cohen Dave Coleman Jim Coleman Charles Collins 233Stanley Collins Thomas Conger Danny Congers Linda Conklin Kay Conley Phillip Cook Martha Corley Roscoe Corley Jackie Cornett Larry Cornett Price Corr James Cory Ann Courter Martha Courter Doris Cox Janice Cox Connie Crawford Wayne Creech Ernest Creel Sharon Crenshaw Elmira Crittenden Joan Croom Cheryl Cross Carolyn Crum Judy Curtis Donald Danley Ruth Daunt Edie Davenport Brenda Davis Carol Davis Edward Davis Lynn Davis Trudy Davis Walter Davis Judy DaytonJimmy DeBevoise Suzanne Detherage Nina Dial Rick Dickinson Jim Dowdell Jimmy Draffin Timmy Driggers Faye Dudley Janice Dudley Pat Dugan Jerry Duke Stephen Duke Diane DuVernet Bobby Edge Neal Eitel Doug Elliot Diane Ellis Linda Ellison Becky Elton Bill English Roy English Carol Ervin Karen Evans Teresa Everett Marcia Fain Danny Fallin Mike Farmer Reggie Farr Gloria Ferguson Susan Ferrell Roy Fickel Kathy Finley Nancy Finlayson Cha-Leen Fiveash Donna FlanniganGigi Fleming Jamie Fleming Bobby Fletcher Pattie Foreman Terry Foreman Davis Gardner Charles Gatlin Maureen Gillespie Judy Gilliam Stan Glass Doris Glover Sandra Golden Nancy Goodman Cecil Good roe Wayne Goolsby 236 Dennis Gore Eric Goslee Frank Gossett Patricia Gray Buddy Green Suzanne Green Walt Green Glenn Greene Jimmy Greene Dannis Griffin Ann Fowler Tina Fox Phil Franklin Edward Franks Mike Fruchey Chris Fryer Ken Fudge Ed Fulford Jimmy Fuller Donna GandyKathy Grincr Billy Grincr Frankie Gurr Roger Guy Buddy Haire Sandra Haire Vanita Hale Dennis Hall Don Hall Nancy Hall Linda Hallman Linda Hamlin Sam Hambrick Eddie Hancock Susan Hankins Jeff Hard Craig Hardee Wayne Harden Kay Hardin Gail Hardwick Nancy Hayes Nancy Head Sue Hedrick Emmett Heidi Bryan Henderson Jackie Harrell Wanda Harrell Gail Harris Donna Harris Mary Jane Harris Jimmy Harrod Woodson Hart Wanda Hartsfield Kay Harvey Gary Hawthorne 237David Henderson Johnny Henderson Craig Henriksen Paula Higgs Martha Hines Ray Hinman Sylvia Hobbs Ricky Hoffman Dennis Holden Jerry Holland Elaine Hollenberg Don Holley Ellen Holt Larry Hopper Lcnora Houston Mary Houston Eddie Howell Mark Howell Jean Hubbard Steve Hudson Becky Humphrey Si Hundley John Hunkele Jack Hutchinson Jo Anne Jabin Joy Jackson Bill Jenkins Kay Jenkins Lynn Johnson Cathy Johnson Jerry Johnson Shirley Johnson Doug Johnson Johnny Johnston Shirley JohnstonJan Joiner Jane Joiner Virginia Joiner Betsy Joines Jimmy Joines j y David Jones Nella Jones Peggy Jones Robert Jones Sonja Jones Helen Jordan Marilyn Jordan Steve Julian Lois Kahler Darby Kavanaugh Debby Kavanaugh Kevin Kelly Jimmy Kennedy Dianne Key Keith Kiger Johnny Kimbrell Carol King Donald King Julie King Larry King Phyllis Kirkland Billy Kirksey Kay Klages Bobby Knight Collins Knight Jeanette Knight Jimmy Knight Ed Landaee Mary Lash ley Tommy Lastinger 1Patricia Lawton Earl Layfield Terry Lee Steve Level le Joann Levie Howard Lewis Terrie Littlejoht. Mike Losseer Ed Loyless Cecile Luckey Dorothy Luther Bobby Mackendree Barbara Malphurs Dottie Marget Julion Mann 240 Don Maples Scarlett Maples Felix Martury David Markett Anita Marshall Mary Ann Martin Phil Mason Ann Mathews Leslie Mays Don McBride Dodd McCollum Mike McCoy Glenn McCrovey June McCroney Debbie McDearmid Cheryl McDonald Dianne McDonald Ginger McDowell Barbara McGee Bobby McGeePat McGlynn Cynthia McGrath Jan McGregor Terry McKay Judy McKeen Linda McKenzie Danny McKinney David McLemore Nancy McMillian Mike McNamee Dianne Medders Cindy Medley Lynan Medley Tommy Medley Mike Med lock Connie Megginson Richard Menshan Diane Mercer Milton Mertz Gloria Middleton James Milson Britt Menor Ronnie Mixon Titus Mock Tom Monahan Charles Montgomery Dennis Moore Lestine Moore Thomas Moore Mike Morris Russell Moss Carol Mosser Larry Moses Tommy Moultan Glenda Musgrove 241 Ronnie Musgrove Barbara Myers Ginger Myers Judy Nalley Shirley Napier Berr Nason Gayle Naylor Bobby Nelson Cecile Nelson Ri Newcomb Beth Newell Madelyn Nix Teresa Nix Daphine Null Colquitt Odum Guy Odum Archie Oliver Larry Owens Steve Owens Michael Pace Tommy Padgett Lee Page Buddy Page Elaine Paige Frankie Palmer Paula Palmer Reba Parker Patty Pate Earl Pate Mike Patterson Jerry Pattillo George Pawley Minnie Peach Janet Peck Bobby PeeplesDanny Pelham Buddy Perryman Jo Ann Peters John Peters Doug Phelps Frankie Pickin Phil Pike Bob Pindae Connie Pinkston Errol Pinson Richard Pitts Faye Powell Gwen Powell Laurie Lee Powell Lynctte Powell Michael Prisant Bennett Privette Bob Probst Susie Quarterman Alan Quartlcbaum Phil Rayburn Billy Ragan Carol Rainey Jo Ann Rea Donna Redding Karen Reed Joyce Register Kenny Reno Margaret Reuter Rita Reynolds Michael Rice Penny Rich Perry Richardsoi Cathy Rigsby Mike Riley244 Nita Satterfield Tom Scarborough Dick Sceals Anne Schcrbcrger Alao Schulman Janice Scott Mark Sedberry Darryl Sell Kendall Sellers Holly Settle Chris Sewell Mike Shackelford Martha Shanklin David Shenaiut Randy Shingler Donna Shiver Gail Shiver Randy Sikes Dwight Sims Charles Singletary Will Rivers Donna Roberts Randi Robinson Rorine Rogers Linda Rome Jimmy Rose Patsy Ruchl Susan Ruggles Donnie Rusk Mary Lee Russell Pat Ryan Allan Sadler James Sanders Mike Sandstrom Laura SatterfieldRobbie Sink Linda Skinner Ronnie Sledge Bob Sleep Barbara Smith Billy Smith Dianna Smith James Smith Rusty Smith Vicki Smith Santy Solis Donna Stack Tommy Stackhouse John Stanford Gail Stephens Ronnie Stewart Danny Stickle Lei lane Stieb Terry Stocks Charlotte Stone Diana Stone Gene Stone Georgia Strawder Carol Styles Glenn Tanner Linda Tanner Doyle Taylor Mack Taylor Donnie Temples Bobby Tennille Debbie Thomas Mary Lynn Thomas Linda Thomason Winona Thornton Dwayne Tillery 245Lequita Tillery Kathy Tisdale Debbie Todd Elaine Tombcrlin Jane Tombs Jewett Tondee Robert Towery Anna Trammell Robert Truitt Bobby Tucker Winston Tucker Allen Turner Cheryl Turner Tim Turner Brandon Tyson Kay Van Houten Kathy Vann Richard Vann Wayne Varner Rhonda Vaughn Sandra Villarreal Debbie Vining Richard von Schlichten Dana Waits Charles Walker Martha Wallace Toni Wallace Burke Walters Nolan Walters Becky Wangen Hugh Waters Charles Watson Janice Webb Roger Webb Kathy WeisbachSteve Welch Pat Wentzell Wanda West Nancy Westwood Harriet Whatley Buddy White Patty White Diane Whitley Karen Widener Cynthia Wiggerman Gene Wigglcsworth Sandra Wilder Becky Wildes Jim Withers Ronald Wiley Judy Wilker Applis Williams Claude Williams Gary Williams Jackie Williams David Williamson Sonny Williamson Shirley Willingham Clara Willis Danny Willis Roland Willis Shermas Willis Bill Wilson Susan Wingate Scottie Womack Cheryl Wood Joan Wood Vickie Woodall Larry Woodward Nita WynnFreshmen Mary Basko Bonnie Brown C. L. Brown Weldon Bruce Patricia Cook Nancy Culbreth Judy Edwards Mary Ann Ferguson Virginia Hallyburton Cecelia Lofton Randall Nelson Ricky Post Virginia Sasraan Jessie Smith Danny Taylor Where’s Sonny? Daryll, please, I'd rather do it myself. 249Senior Directory ADANESON, RICHARD JAMES—D.C.T. Club, Audio Visual Club, French Club ALLEN, H.G., JR.—Senior Hi-Y, B-Team Football, Track, Pow Wow ALMOND, RALPH CLINTON, JR.—Audio Visual, Track, Hi-Y Pow Wow Staff ANDERSON, CAREY—Student Council, Thespians, Varsity Track, Varsity Baseball, Block "A" Club ANDERSON, CHARLENE BROCKINGTON —Transferred from Terry Parker High School in 1964 ANDERSON, LON CHRISTOPHER—Golf Team, Pow Wow Staff ANDERSON, TRACY—Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y, Tennis Team ARN, JENNY—Allied Medical Careers Club, Pow Wow ARNOLD, FRANK—Student Council, Inter-Act Club, Golf Team, Senior Hi-Y, Vice Pres. ARTHUR, MARIE—Beta Tri-Hi-Y, Future Teachers of America, Allied Medical Careers Club ARTHUR, RANDALL B.—Varsity Track, Block "A" Club AUTRY, JAMES RANDOLPH—Senior Hi-Y BALLARD, ARLENE KAY—Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y, F.T.A., Beta Tri-Hi-Y, Platonians, Thespians BAMFORD, BILL—Agriculture, Ag-Ho-Ec BARDIELD, ROY LEE—B-Team Football, Senior Hi-Y BARNARD, DOTY—Beta Tri-Hi-Y, Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y BARNES, CECIL—Transferred in 1964 BARNES. CECELIA—F.T.A., Treas.; Allied Medical Careers Club, Thespians BARRETT, BOB—Beta Club; Sophomore Class Sec.; Junior Class Vice Pres.; Audio Visual; Short Circuits Pres. BARRY, CHRIS—J.C.L.; Student Council; Senior Hi-Y; Beta Club BARWICK, DONNIE—F.F.A. BASS, ELOISE—Thespians; F.T.A., Pow Wow, Los Conquistadores BASSETT, SHERRY—Glee Club, Beta Club, Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y, Beta Tri-Hi-Y BATEMAN, EDDIE—R.O.G.B., Band, Intramural Basketball, Senior Hi-Y, Color Guard Captain BATEMAN, JOE—F.F.A. BAXELEY, BARBARA—Soph. Representative for Homecoming Senior Band, Head Majorette, Alpha Tri-Hi-Y Sec. BECK, BECKY—Civinettes, Treas.; Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y BEECROFT, RAYMOND—D.C.T. BENSON, JERRY—Key Club, Treas.; Varsity Basketball; Senior Superlative BERRY. GENE BIERMAN, JACKIE—Beta Club; Cheerleader; Civinette; Senior Superlative; Kappa Gamma Tri-Hi-Y BITTERMAN, ALAN—Band; Science Club; Beta Club; Zeta Tau Hi-Y BLAND, DONNA—Allied Medical Careers Club; Beta Tri-Hi-Y BLANKENSHIP, CAROL—Tri-Hi-Y 250 BLUDSWORTH, SANDRA—Moved from another school BOND, ERNIE—President, Zeta Tau Hi-Y; Beta Club; Student Council; Band; Captain of Color Guard BONHAM, KATHRYN ANN—Glee Club; Tri-Hi-Y BOWIE, LF.LIA BOWMAN, BERRY—Interact Club; Science Club, Vice Pres.; Conquistadores, President BOWMAN, JANE—F.T.A., Chaplain; Pow-Wow BOWMAN, JOHN NORMAN—Zeta Tau Hi-Y, Secretary; Science Club, Secretary; Spanish Club BOWMAN, LINDA LE GREVE—Annual Staff; Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y BOYCE, ALLYSON—Allied Medical Careers Club; Beta Tri-Hi-Y, F.T.A. BRA1NARD, LINDA—Tennis Team; Thespians; Phi Delta Tri-Hi-Y; ALSAC BRANAN, GAYLON—Varsity Football; Varsity Baseball BRANDON, JUDY FRANCES—F.T.A., Treas.; Band; Pow Wow BRASHEARS, MARY—Civinettes; March of Dimes BROADAWAY, TOMMY—Intramural Basketball, Senior Hi-Y BROWN, CORINNE—Civinettes, Vice-President; Junior Civitan Sweetheart; Annual Staff; Kappa Gamma Tri-Hi-Y; Treasurer of Soph. Class; Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y BROWN, JUDY—Anchor Club; Cheerleader; Soph. Class Vice-President; Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y; Senior Superlative BRUNDAGE, PATTY—Intramural basketball; Glee Club; ALSAC, Vice-President BRYAN, HELEN—Beta Tri-Hi-Y; Beta Club; S.O.S.; Glee Club BUCHANAN, DIANNE—Jr. and Sr. Class Presidents; Homecoming Queen; Civinettes, Secretary; Senior Superlative; Annual Staff BUNCE, PAMELA JO—Art Club BUNTIN. BECKY—Beta Club; Anchor Club, Parliamentarian; Annual Staff; Student Council BURDETTE, BEVERLY—Distributive Education Club BURT, JUDY—Civinette, Parliamentarian; Beta Club; Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y; Kappa Gamma Tri-Hi-Y; Annual Staff; Varsity Basketball BUTLER, GENE RAINER—D.E. Club; Short Grcuits BUTLER, JANICE—Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y; Pow Wow BYRD, YVETA—Thespians; Miss Congeniality —Miss AHS Contest; Spanish Club; Beta Club; Platonians Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y; Phi Delta Tri-Hi-Y CAGLE, JAMES McCALL—Student Council President; Interact Club, Sec.; Senior Hi-Y, Treas.; Sophomore Boys' Treas.; Junior Boys’, Pres. CAMP, LARRY RICHARD—Audio Visual CANNON, BOBBY JOE CANNON, CONNIE—Phi Delta Tri-Hi-Y; Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y; Sophomore F.T.A., Vice Pres. CANNON, WILBUR—D.C.T. CARCELLI, CHERYL—SOS; ALSAC, Treasurer CARROLL, JOHNNY—Football; Track CARTER, DOROTHY ANN—DCT; Future Nurses CARSWELL, WILLIAM CATO. CHERYL—Phi Delta Tri-Hi-Y; Senior Band; F.T.A., Vice Pres.; Intramurals CATO, RODNEY CECIL, CHARLES—Audio Visual Club CHAMBLESS, SHIRLEY ANN CHRISTIAN, JOANN—Glee Club CLARK, CHARLES STEVEN—Band; Beta Club CLARK, MARSHA—D.C.T.; F.T.A. CLEGG, BARBARA ANN—Glee Club; Mel-lonettes; Allied Medical Careers Club, Pres.; Pow Wow CLF.NNEY, JACKIE—Student Council; Beta Club; Phi Delta Tri-Hi-Y; Basketball; Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y CLINE, PATSY—Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y; Beta Club; Junior Classical League; Platonians COCHNAN, CAROL—D.C.T. Club COHEN, LINDA—Tennis Team; Allied Medical Career Club; F.H.A.; TAPS COLE, BOBBY—D.E. Club; Senior Hi-Y; Intramurals; B-Team Football; Mcllonette’s Sweetheart COLEMAN, PAT—Transferred 1964 COLLINS, STEVE CONCAR, JIMMY—Band; Senior Hi-Y CONLAN, MIKE—B-Team Football; Varsity Track; Block A Club; Intramural Basketball COONELL, GENE—Student Council; Hi-Y CORBITT, DONALD—Band; Senior Hi-Y; D.C.T. Club CORNETT, JIMMY—D.C.T. Club; Short Circuit Club COWAN, CAROL—Annual Staff; Beta Club; Student Council; Mcllonetes, Vice-Pres.; Phi Delta Tri-Hi-Y; Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y COWART, GINNY—Beta Tri-Hi-Y; Allied Medical Careers Club; Phi Delta Tri-Hi-Y COX, WYNELLE—F.H.A.; Library Club; S.O.S. Club CROY. MARY—ALSAC, President; Glee Club; D.C.T. CULBRETH, RITA—S.O.S. Club; D.E. Club; Student Council; Library .Club; Alpha Tri-Hi-Y CUNDIFF, MIKE—B-team football; Varsity Football; Varsity Track; Intramural Basketball. CURRY, SEABORN—Key Club senior director; B-team Football; Pow-Wow Staff; Varsity Football; Audio Visual Club; Senior Superlative CYGANIEWICZ, ANDY—Key Club; Block "A" Club; B-team Football; Varsity Football; Track Team; B-team Basketball DANIEL, GERALD DANIEL, SANDRA—Library Service Club; Allied Medical Careers Club; Beta Tri-Hi-Y DANIEL, TOMMY—Senior Hi-Y; Audio Visual ClubDANIELS, GENE—Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y; Phi Del-ta Tri-Hi-Y; Kappa Gamma Tri-Hi-Y DANIELS, JANICE—Alpha Tri-Hi-Y; Library Service Club; S.O.S. D’AUBERT, ELANIE—Allied Medical Careers Club; Kappa Gamma Tri-Hi-Y; Pow Wow Staff; Library Service Club; TAPS DAVIS, AL DAVIS, JIMMY LYNN—Transfer 1964 DAVIS, KATRINE—Spanish Club; Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y; Pow Wow Staff DAVIS, LONNIE—DCT Club DAVIS, MARVIN—DCT Club DAVIS, PHIL—Jr. Civitan Club; Student Council; D.E. Club, President; State Parliamentarian, D.E.C.A. DAIRS, RONALD DAN—Manager, Football team; Block "A" Club; ALSAC DAVIS, TOMMY—Track Team; F.F.A. DAY, CAROL—DCT Club DAYTON, JANE—Math Club; Science Club; Allied Medical Careers Club; Student Council; D.C.T.; F.H.A. DEEN, JOYE—Beta Club; Beta Tri-Hi-Y DeLAMAR, LENNY DELL'A RIO, ANNE—S.O.S. Club; Tri-Hi-Y DILL, RICKY—Senior Hi-Y; Tennis Team; Audio Visual DIXON, DONNA—Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y; Kappa Gamma Tri-Hi-Y; Treasurer of Junior Class DOGGETT, RONNIE—Varsity Football, Varsity Track; Varsity Baseball; Interact Club; Senior Hi-Y; Block "A" Club DORSEY, HARRY—Senior Hi-Y; Georgia Boys State DRIGGERS, BARBARA—Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y; S.O.S. Club; Student Council DUGGAN, FRANCES—Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y; F.T.A.; Stella Kalmon F.T.A. DUKE, CAL—Varsity Football, Varsity Baseball; B-team Football; Block "A” Club; Beta Tri-Hi-Y Sweetheart; Pow Wow Sports Editor; Taps DUNN, KATHLEEN—Allied Medical Careers Club; S.O.S. Club; ALSAC; Taps DUVERNET, KAY—Civinettes; Basketball; Student Council; Annual Staff; Beta Club; Block "A" Club; Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y DYAR, BETTY—S.O.S. Club EDGE, LINDA—F.H.A. EDWARDS, BOBBY—Golf Team; Beta Club; Zeta Tau Hi-Y ENGLISH, LEWIS—Varsity Football; Varsity Track; Beta Club; Senior Hi-Y; National Merit Semi-Finalist; Block "A" Club; B-team Football FARMER, DAVID—Beta Club; Zeta Tau Hi-Y FARR, CAROL—Allied Medical Careers Club; D.C.T. Club, Vice-Pres.; Spanish Club; ALSAC; TAPS FARR, SHELIA—Senior Superlative; Senior Class Secretary; Phi Delta Tri-Hi-Y; Zeta Tau Hi-Y Sweetheart; 1st Runner Up in Miss A.H.S. FARRELL. GARLAND LAWRENCE—Zeta Tau Hi-Y; Vice-Pres.; Science Club FAULKNER, EDDIE—Jr. Civitan Club, Parliamentarian; B-team Football; D.E. Club FERGUSON, BARBARA—D.C.T. Club FERRELL, DAVID—Science Club FINNEY, MARY JANE—Anchor Club; Miss Key Club; Key Club Sweetheart; Annual Staff; Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y FLANNIGAN, GAIL—Civinettes; Miss Civi-nette; S.O.S. Club; Library Service Club FOGARTY, BILL—Jr. Civitan Club; Varsity Basketball; Varsity Track; Audio Visual; Zeta Tau Hi-Y; B-team Football; Georgia Boys State X FORD, MAMIE—Glee Club FORDHAM, AMANDA—Senior Superlative; Secretary of Junior Class; Anchor Club, President; Secretary of Student Council; Co-Chairman of March of Dimes Drive; Miss Anchor Club; Basketball; Beta Club; DAR Good Citizen FORDHAM, JOE—President of Soph. Class; Key Club, Parliamentarian; Treasurer of Junior Class; "Most Outstanding Player Award" in A-Day Game; President of Senior Class; Senior Superlative; Varsity Football, Captain; Varsity Track Team; 3 Year Lettcrman in Football FOREMAN, TERRY — Transferred Junior Year; S.O.S. Club FRAZIER, JEANNIE—Junior Classical League FREE, NONA—Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y; Office Assistant FRYER, HOPE—Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y; Library Service Club, President GAMBLE, CECIL DE LA GANDARA, LUIS M—Transferred 1964 GAUGHF. ANNA—Glee Club GERST, JOYCE—Beta Tri-Hi-Y; TAPS G1LCHREST, PEGGY—F.H.A. GLASS, KATHRYN—Mcllonettes, Accompanist; Phi Delta Tri-Hi-Y; Kappa Gamma Tri-Hi-Y, Vice-President; Glee Club, President; President Council GOINS, DANNY—Senior Hi-Y GOODROE, CHARLES—ALSAC; Taps GORDY, HARRY GORE, BEVERLY—Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y; Secretary; Junior Classical League; Praetor; F.T.A.; Student Council; Annual Staff; Beta Club GORE, LYNN—Library Service Club GRAEBENER, KENNETH—Annual Staff; Zeta Tau Hi-Y GREENE, KENNY — Intramurals; Spanish Club; Golf Team GREENE, PATRICIA—F.T.A.; Beta Tri-Hi-Y; Library Service Club; Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y; Thespians GRIFFIN, BARBARA—F.H.A. GURR, DOUG—Jr. Civitan Club, President; Block "A” Club; Varsity Football; Student Council; Senior Superlative; Captain of Football Team; Secretary of Junior Class HAIRE, JOHNNY—B-team Football; Varsity Baseball; Senior Hi-Y; Secretary and Treasurer of Audio Visual Club HALL, BILLY (C. W.)—D.E. Club HALL, BILLY (W.A.)—Junior Classical League; Zeta Tau Hi-Y HALL, DANNY P.—D.E. Club; Movie Operators HAM, ENNIS HAMBRIC, JACKIE HAMLIN, JAMES—B-tcam Football; Varsity Football, 2 year Lettcrman; Track Team; Block "A" Club; Co-Chairman of March of Dimes Drive HANCOCK, KENNY HANCOCK, RANDAL—D.E. Club HANCOCK, TRAVIS V.—B-team Football; D.E. Club; Track Team; Weight Lifters Club HANS, DIANE—Director of Mellonettes; Phi Delta Tri-Hi-Y; Junior Classical League; Glee Club HANSEN, GARETH—Platonians; Track Team; Pow Wow Staff HARDEE, BEN HARRIS, ALICE JANE—Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y; Alpha Tri-Hi-Y; Junior Classical League HARRIS, DANNY—F.F.A. HARRIS, ROBERT—Senior Hi-Y; Spanish Club; Intramural Basketball HAYS, HANK—Interact Club; Student Council; Movie Operators, President; Varsity Football; Block "A” Club; Georgia Boys State; Phi Delta Tri-Hi-Y Sweetheart; Senior Superlative HEDRICK, BILL—Varsity Basketball; Golf Team, Captain; Junior Classical League; Georgia Boys State HEGWOOD, JANIS—Thespians; Phi Delta Tri-Hi-Y; Glee Club; F.T.A. HEIDT, CONNIE—Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y; Phi Delta Tri-Hi-Y, President and Treasurer; F.T.A.; Varsity Basketball; President's Council; Student Council HELMS, BILL—Beta Club; Student Council; Senior Hi-Y HENRY, CHARLES—Movie Operators HEWETT, DIANA—AHS Band; Beta Club HIERS, MARTHA—F.T.A.; Stella Kalmon F.T.A.; Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y, Chaplain HILLARD. DAVID—Pow Wow Staff HILLIARD, MELANIE—Kappa Gamma Tri-Hi-Y; TAPS; Pow Wow Staff; Allied Medical Careers Club; Miss D.C.T.; Intramural Basketball HINMAN, GAIL—Beta Tri-Hi-Y. Allied Medical Careers Club; F.T.A.; Spanish Club HINSON, KAREN—Editor of Annual; Civinettes; Beta Club; Student Council; Junior Classical League, President and Junior Aedile; Spanish Club; Miss FHA, Semi-Finalist in Miss AHS Pageant; TAPS; President's Council HOLDEN. BARRY—AHS Band; Senior Hi-Y HOLDREN, SUSAN—Future Nurses of America HOLMAN, JUDY—Senior Superlative; Miss Senior Hi-Y; Student Council; Annual Staff; Varsity Basketball; Anchor Club; Varsity Cheerleader; Senior Hi-Y Sweetheart; TAPS HOLTON, WILLIAM—D.E. Club HORNE, BO—Math Club; Movie Operators; Beta Club HORTON, TED—Senior Hi-Y; D.C.T. Club HOUSE, PAT—Beta Tri-Hi-Y; Intramural Basketball; S.O.S. Club, Vice President; Allied Medical Careers Club HOUSTON .BARBARA—Allied Medical Careers Club; F.H.A. TAPS HOUSTON, BECKY HOUSTON, DERENDA—Senior Band; Tri-Hi-Y HOWARD, HOKE—Golf Team HOWIE, KENNETH—Track Team; Block "A” Club HUDGINS, JOHN—Beta Club; Student Council; Varsity Baseball , HUFF, LESLIE HUGGINS, JOHNNY—Track Team HUGHEY, BILL—Key Club; B-team Basketball; D.E. Club HUMBER, GENA—F.H.A.; F.T.A.; Tri-Hi-Y INGRAM, MARY—Beta Tri-Hi-Y; Allied Medical Career Club; Glee Club INLOW, GEORGE—Zeta Tau Hi-Y; Treasurer; Track Team JEFFERSON, KAYE—Glee Club; Beta Tri-Hi-Y; Alpha Tri-Hi-Y; Pow Wow Staff; Allied Medical Careers Club JOHNSON, BRENDA—F.H.A. JOHNSON, ELAINE—Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y, Chaplain; Phi delta Tri-Hi-Y, Secretary; Mcllonettes; Pow Wow Staff JOHNSON, MICNEAL—AHS Band; Zeta Tau Hi-Y JOHNSON, VIOLA—Spanish Club; Library Service Club 251JOINER. BOBBY—B-Team Basketball; Varsity Basketball; Senior Hi-Y; Jr. Civitan Club, Secretary; Beta Club; Student Council JOINF.S, CAROL—Beta Tri-Hi-Y; Glee Club; Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y. Phi Delta Tri-Hi-Y JONES, KAY—AHS Band, Head Majorette; Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y; Kappa Gamma Tri-Hi-Y; Science Club Sweetheart JONES, LEDELL—Allied Medical Careers Club; Kappa Gamma Tri-Hi-Y; Thespians; Pow Wow Staff JONES, NANCY—Junior Classical League Senior Aedile; Pow Wow Staff JORDAN, JUDY—Anchor Club; Key Club Sweetheart; Student Council; Beta Tri-Hi-Y; Senior Superlative JORDAN, SHARON—D.C.T.; C.lcc Club JULIAN, DONALD—Intramurals KALI HER. BILL—Senior Hi-Y; D.C.T.; Intra-Mural Basketball KALIHER, NANCY—Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y; Li brary Service Club, President; Art Club; Intramural Basketball; Pow Wow Staff KIERCE, MIKE— D.E. Club; Library Service Club; B-team Basketball; B-team Football; Intramural Basketball KIERCE, STEVE—Library Service Club; Intramural Basketball; B-team Basketball K1MRELL, BOBBY—D.E. Club KING, BARBARA—D.E. Club; Library Service Club; Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y; Spanish Club KING, CHARLES—Intramural Basketball KING. GEORGE—D.E. Club; Library Service Club KING, KAY—Beta Tri-Hi-Y; S.O.S. Club; Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y KING, PHIL—Student Council; F.F.A. KING. SUSAN—AHS Band; Beta Club; Phi Delta Tri-Hi-Y KINNEY, KONNYA—Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y; Phi Delta Tri-Hi-Y; S.O.S. Club; Student Council KIRKPATRICK, JERRY—Golf Team; Senior Hi-Y; Annual Staff; Zeta Tau Hi-Y KRASELSKY, BARBARA—Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y; Allied Medical Careers Club; F.T.A.; Co-Editor of Pow Wow KRASELSKY, GAYLE—Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y; Thespian Society; Co-Editor of Pow Wow KRATZER, NEVA—Beta Club; Basketball; Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y; Phi Delta Tri-Hi-Y;ALSAC; FT. A. LAIRSEY, GARY—B-team Football LANE, LINDA—Transferred in 1964; Phi Delta Tri-Hi-Y LANGTRY. SUSAN—Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y; Alpha Tri-Hi-Y; Beta Club LANIER, LAYNE—Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y; Phi Delta Tri-Hi-Y; Varsity Basketball; Block "A” Club; Miss Phi Delta Tri-Hi-Y LARUE, JANET—D.E. Club, Vice President and Secretary LAWRENCE, SHIRLEY ANN—Glee Club LEACH, RICHARD—Key Club, Secretary; Beta Club. President; Student Council; Basketball; Senior Superlative LEE. WOODROW LEWIS, LYNDA—Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y; Phi Delta Tri-Hi-Y; Thespians, Secretary LEWIS. THOMAS LITTLE, MACK—F.F.A. LOWE, CAROLE—Basketball; Block "A" Club; Tennis Team; Phi Delta Tri-Hi-Y LUMPKIN, BARRY—Zeta Tau Hi-Y; Science Club; Beta Club MAJORS, JOAN—D.E. Club; D.C.T. Club; Glee Club; Phi Delta Tri-Hi-Y MALOY, DON—D.E. Club MAI.PHURS, LAURA—Kappa Gamma Tri-Hi-Y; Beta Club; Allied Medical Careers Club; Intramural Basketball MANGET, PETE—Senior Hi-Y MANLEY. GAIL—Beta Tri-Hi-Y; S.O.S.; Pla-tonians; President’s Council MANSFIELD. KATHY—Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y; Anchor Club, Vice President and Secretary MARTIN. CHER IE—Secretary of Sophomore Class; Student Council, Soph., Jr., Senior; Kappa Gamma Tri-Hi-Y; Civincttcs, President; Civitan Sweetheart; Senior Representative, Homecoming Court; Senior Superlative; Allied Medical Careers (dub; Assistant Editor of Thronatccska MARTIN, HASKELL—AHS Band MARTIN, JAMES—Band; Short Circuits; R. O.G.B. Band MATHIS, LONNIE—Senior Hi-Y; Audio Visual; Baseball MATHIS, WALTER—Transfer Student MAULDIN. HILDA—F.T.A., Vice President; Library Service Club, President; Platonians; Thespians; Student Council MAXWELL, JOHN—Varsity Football MAYVILLE, GWEN — Thespians; TAPS; ALSAC MtCLAY, KATHY—French Club; Math Club McCRARY, REX—D.E. Club Mi DANIEL, PAT—Glee Club; Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y; Phi Delta Tri-Hi-Y; Platonians; Intramural Basketball; Thespians; TAPS McDOWELL. MARY ANN—F.H.A., Treasurer McGEE, JOHN—F.F.A. McGREGOR. HAL—B-team Basketball; Junior Civitan, Treasurer; TAPS McKEMIE, VIRGINIA — Junior Classical League; Debate Club; Beta Club; Glee Club; Mellonettes McKENDRICK, EDDIE MAUD—Transfer 1964 McKNIGHT, CAROL—Kappa Gamma Tri-Hi-Y; Tennis; Allied Medical Careers Club; D.C.T. Club McLEMORE. TONY McLEOD, JOHNNY—Platonians McMILLAN, KIT—Beta Club; Phi Delta Tri-Hi-Y; Debate Club, President; Youth Assembly; Thespians McRAE, SKIP—B-team Basketball; Zeta Tau Hi-Y; Audio Visual Club MERCER, RUTH—Allied Medical Careers Club MIDDLETON, CHARLENE—Library Service Club MIDDLETON, EDDIE—B-team Football; Varsity Basketball Interact Club; Sports Editor of Pow Wow; Block "A" Club; Baseball; Beta Tri-Hi-Y Sweetheart MILLER, BONNIE—Beta Tri-Hi-Y; Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y; Soph. FTA; Stella Kalmon FTA; S. O.S. Club MILLING. RAY—D.E. Club MILLS, MAUREEN—Library Service Club M1LSON, MARILYN—Kappa Gamma Tri-Hi-Y; D.E. Club MITCHELL, BARBARA—Transferred 1964; Beta Club; Phi Delta Tri-Hi-Y MIZELLE, TRACY MOCK, SARA—F.H.A. NASON, LAURA—Beta Club; Pow Wow Staff; Beta Tri-Hi-Y NEWCOMB, BLAND—Beta Tri-Hi-Y; Spanish Club; D.E. NEWELL, BONNIE LOU—Beta Tri-Hi-Y; Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y NEWELL, PHYLL'S—Anchor Club, Treasurer; President of Soph. Class; Annual Staff; Student Council NICHOLS. DAVID—Zeta Tau Hi-Y; Movie Operators NISET, ALEX—AHS Band; Short Circuits, Vice President; Movie Operators NOBLES, ROGER NUNN, BILLIE—Soph. FTA; TAPS; Phi Delta Tri-Hi-Y; Pow Wow Staff OHARA. LINDA—Beta Tri-Hi-Y; AHS Band OLIVER, DERRY—Audio Visual Club; Short Circuits; D.E. Club OSBURN, SUSAN—Annual Staff; Tri-Hi-Y OWENS. DONNA—Allied Medical Careers Club; F.T.A.; Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y; Kappa Gamma Tri-Hi-Y; TAPS PAGELOW, HOWARD—Senior Hi-Y; Varsity Football PARKER, BOBBY—Movie Operators PARRISH, W AYNE—Senior Hi-Y; Student Council; F.F.A.; Audio Visual Club PATSTONE, PENNY—Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y, Vice President and Treasurer; Anchor Club; Student Council; TAPS; Annual Staff PATTII.LO, ROBERT—Audio Visual; Distributive Education PAYNE, PATSY—SOS Club PEACH, MARCIA—Beta Club; Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y; Student Council; Spanish Club; National Merit Scholarship Semi-Finalist; Thespians, president PEARLMAN, DAVE—Senior Hi-Y; "B” Team Football; Baseball; Track; Annual Staff PEARSON, RICHARD—Band PEAK. BRENDA—FHA; DF. PEED, MACK—Audio Visual Club PELLE, NAN—Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y; Phi Delta Tri-Hi-Y Kappa Gamma Tri-Hi-Y; Civincttcs Annual Staff PENNINGTON, JACKIE — Junior Civitan Club; Block "A" Club; Varsity Football; Varsity Track; Varsity Basketball; Superlative PERCILLA, DEL—Band, ROGB, President; President's Council PERKINS, PAGE—SOS PERRIN, KATHY—DECA; SOS PERRY, ANNE—Beta Tri-Hi-Y, Treas., President, reporter; Library Service Club, President; Beta Club; Math Club, Sec., Vice Pres.; Platonians, Pres. PERRY, LINDA — Diversified Co-operative Training PETTIT, BEN—Basketball PHELPS, ALEX—Audio Visual PHELPS. ANN—FTA; Phi Delta Tri-Hi-Y; Intramurals; Thespians; DECA, Reporter PHILLIPS. LINDA—Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y; Student Council; Interact Sweetheart; Beta Club; Annual Staff; Vice President, Kappa Gamma Tri-Hi-Y PICKRON, JUDY—Mellonettes; Debate Team; Tennis; Beta Club; Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y PILCHER, EARL MYERS—B-Team Football; Zeta Tau Hi-Y TAPS PITTMAN, KATI—Phi Delta Tri-Hi-Y; TAPS, Glee Club PLUMMER, BEVERLY JEAN—Transferred 1964 POLLARD, JOHN MANLEY—Senior Hi-Y, President; Audio Visual Club; Interact Club; Short Circuits; Intramural Basketball; President's Council PRINTUP, DEE—FTA; Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y; Beta Tri-Hi-Y RAGAN, KATHY—Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y; Beta Tri-Hi-Y; Pow Wow Staff; TAPS RANDALL, MAYRESSE—Beta Tri-Hi-Y; Thespians; Beta Club; Intramural Basketball; TAPS RANEY, BLAKE—Band; Intramurals 252REAVES. RONNIE—Football REDD. RICKEY—Beta Club; Science Club; Track REEVES, LINDA—Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y; Thespians; Pow Wow Staff; TAPS; ALSAC RENAUE, VIVIAN—Allied Medical Careers Club; DCT RICHARD. PATTY—Beta Club; Annual Staff; Varsity Basketball; Student Council; 3rd runner-up in Miss AHS Contest; Kappa Gamma Tri-Hi-Y RICHARDSON, DEBBIE — Spanish Club; TAPS RILEY, EMILY—H A; Phi Delta Tri-Hi-Y; Intramurals; Annual Staff; Kappa Gamma Tri-Hi-Y ROBERTS, EDWIN—Thespians; Pow Wow Staff ROBERTS, SHIRLEY—Student Council; Thespians; Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y; TAPS ROGERS, LINDA—Transferred 1964 ROGERS, MARY JEAN—Library Club ROGERS, SUSAN—Band; Allied Medical Careers Club; TAPS ROSS, ALLAN—Senior Hi-Y ROUSE, LUCY—Beta Tri-Hi-Y; Phi Delta Tri-Hi-Y; TAPS; D.E. ROYAL, TONY—Distributive Education Club RUOPP. LINDA—Beta Tri-Hi-Y; Beta Club; Allied Medical Careers Club; Miss AHS contestant; Student Council RUSHTON, MARY LEE—Beta Tri-Hi-Y; ETA: Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y RUSHTON, NELSON—Civitan Club; Senior Hi-Y; Beta Club RUSSELL, BILL—Key Club, TAPS RUSSELL, BOB—Key Club; B-team football; TAPS RYE, VIVIAN—Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y; Intramural sports; Meilonettes; Glee Club, Vice-President; FHA SALTER, NANCY GRACE—Glee Club; Beta Tri Hi-Y, Secretary; Beta-Tri-Hi-Y, President; Pow Wow Staff, Managing Editor SAYLOR, FLOYD EUGENE—Spanish Club; D.E. Club; Football B-team SCHATZ, JERRI—F.T.A.; Tennis; Basketball; Beta Club SCHUBERT, ANTHONY F.—Pow Wow Staff SEALS, RICHARD—Band SEARLE, CHERYLL— Band SEAY, JOHN HAROLD—Band SEELEY, BILL SHEMWELL. FRDD1E—Senior Hi-Y SHIER. SHIRLEY ANITA — Beta Club; ALSAC!; Beta Tri-Hi-Y, Treasurer; Spanish Club SILVA, ROBERT THOMAS—Key Club; Senior Hi-Y SILVER. JACK MILLARD—B-Tcam Basketball; Zeta Tau Hi-Y SIMMONS. JOHN CALADINE—B-Tcam Football SLAUGHTER. WILLIAM S.—D.E. Club SIMS, MIKE—Zeta Tau Hi-Y SINGLETON, RUBYE SMITH, BETTY—Beta Tri-Hi-Y .Vice-President; Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, Treasurer; Future Teachers. Sophomore Chapter; F.T.A., President; Beta Club; E.T.A. District Director SMITH, CAROL—Basketball; Tennis; Student Council; Beta (Hub; Spanish Club. Vice-President SMITH, DANNY—Library Club SMITH, GARY S—Beta Club; Band; R.O.G.B. SMITH, GENELLE—Music Workshop SMITH, JUDY—Basketball; Block A Club; S.O.S. Club, Secretary; Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y; Beta Club SMITH, WALTER SMITHERMAN, PAT—F.H.A., Parliamentarian SMOAK, CEORGENE— Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y, President; Debate Club; F.T.A.; Pow Wow; Y-Statc Youth Assembly SNIDER. DIANNE—Library Club; S.O.S. Club STACK, RONALD JAY—Student Council; Beta Club; Senior Hi-Y; Intramural Basketball; Junior Civitans; Secretary of Senior Class; Student Council, Treasurer STACKHOUSE, B1DD1E—Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y; Debate Club; Phi Delta Tri-Hi-Y, Chaplain; Meilonettes; Beta Club STEPHENS, ALLAN—Spanish Club STEPHEN, CONNIE STEPHENS, MARGARET NICKE—ALSAC, Past-Treasurer; ALSAC!, Vice-President STEWART, JAN—F.T.A.; J.C.L.; Allied Medical Careers Club; Kappa Gamma Tri-Hi-Y; Intramural Basketball STEWART, TED—Library Club STEWART, TOMMY STICKLE, SHERRY—Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y; Allied Medical Careers Club; Pow Wow, Feature Editor; Kappa Gamma Tri-Hi-Y ST1EB, LINDA—Student Council; Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y; Phi Delta Tri-Hi-Y; Kappa Gamma Tri-Hi-Y, President STONE, GLENDA—S.O.S. Club, F.T.A STRAWDER, DAVID ALLEN STRICKLAND, CECIL—Sophomore Class, Vice-President; Interact Club. President; Senior Superlative; B-Tcam Basketball; Block A Club STRICKLAND, ZACKIE STUBBS, TERRY STYLES, JERRY L.—B-Tcam Football; B-Tcam Basketball; Varsity Basketball; Student Council; Zeta Tau Hi-Y; Interact Club STYLES, TOMMY—D.E. Club Library Club SWAIN, THOMAS TANTON, CAROL ANN TAYLOR, CLAR1ECE—Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y; Phi Delta Tri-Hi-Y TAYLOR, GREG TEDDER, DIANNE—Glee Club Allied Medical Club; DCT TERRY, JAMES TURNER THOMASTON. JAMES CAREY—Band THOMPSON, GLORIA—Anchor Club; Beta Club; Meilonettes; Student Council; Glee Club THOMPSON, MARILYN—Glee Club; Meilonettes; Beta Club; Alpha Tri-Hi-Y THORNTON, JANE—F.T.A. Vice-President THORNTON, JIMMY—F.F.A.; D.C.T. Club TISON. PAM—F.H.A. Treasurer TOMBERLIN, CAROL—Glee Club; D.C.T. Club TOMBS, MARY ANN—Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y; Band TOMLINSON, DONNIE—F.F.A. TOMPKINS, LINDA DIANNE—Allied Medical Careers Club TRAMMELL, JAN—Civinettcs; Student Council; Annual Staff; Pow' Wow TYSON, RANDALL LEE—D.C.T. Secretary UTZ, PATRICIA JEAN—4-H Club; F.H.A. VARNADOE, ROBERT—Senior Hi-Y Secretary WAKEFORD. MACK—Key Club. President and Secretary; Junior Classical League. Treasurer; Annual Staff; Student Council; Beta Club; Georgia Boys State WALKER. CAMILLE—Glee Club; Meilonettes; Thespians; Beta Club; Kappa Gamma Tri-Hi-Y WALKER, PAT—Platonians; Zeta Tau Hi-Y; Hi-Y Youth Assembly WALKER, SHARON WALLACE. JIMMY C.—Senior Hi-Y; Interact Club, Parliamentarian WALLACE, JIMMY E.—Senior Hi-Y, Chaplain . WALTON, PATRICIA—Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y, Secretary and Treasurer; Student Council; F.T.A.; Thespians WATKINS. WAYNE—AHS Band; ROGB WATSON. GENE—Varsity Football; Track; Block "A" Club; Interact Club; Senior Hi-Y WATSON, JANET—F.H.A.; Library' Service Club WATSON, PHILLIP WEBB, JEANETTE M — S.O.S. Club WEBB. LEE—AHS Band WELDON. JANE WENDT, BILL—Zeta Tau Hi-Y WENTZELL, JOSEPH WEST, SHARON—Phi Delta Tri-Hi-Y; ALSAC; Alpha Rho Tau WEST, TOM—AHS Band; R.O.G.B.; Senior Hi-Y WESTMORELAND, WILLIAM—F.F.A., Vice President and Treasurer WESTMORELAND, RAY—F.F.A.; D.E. Club WF.THERBEE, LEIGH—Library Service Club; Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y; Phi Delta Tri-Hi-Y; Beta Club WHITE, JACKIE—Tennis Team, Captain; R.O.G.B., Vice President; AHS Band; Captains Corps WHITE, JANICE—S.O.S. Club; Library Service Club WHITFIELD, WAYNE—Senior Hi-Y WIARD, DANNY WILKERSON, ROGER—Block "A" Club; Varsity Track; Beta Club WILIAMS, CARL—B-Tcam Football; Varsity Football WILLIAMS, GAYLE—Varsity Basketball; Block "A" Club; Beta Tri-Hi-Y WILLIAMS, HELEN—Allied Medical Careers Club; Phi Delta Tri-Hi-Y; Kappa Gamma Tri-Hi-Y; Student Council WILLIAMS, PAUL—F.F.A. WILLIAMSON, FRED WILLIAMSON, JANIE—'Thespians; 4-H Club, President; Phi Delta Tri-Hi-Y; Annual Staff WILLIS, BRENDA—Beta Tri-Hi-Y; S.O.S. Club WILLIS, JAMES—D.C.T. WILLS, LARRY—Varsity Football; Junior Civitan Club; Block "A" Club; B-team Football WILSON, ALVIN WILSON, BUTCH—D.E. Club WILSON, SANDRA—S.O.S. Club; Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y WIMBERLEY, GLENDA—F.H.A.; Beta Tri-Hi-Y; 4-H Club WINGATE, DONNIE—D.E. Club WISH AM, GARY DONALD—An Club WRIGHT, DENNIS—F.F.A. YOUNG. JOEL—Senior Hi-Y YOUNG. RICK YOUNGBLOOD, PHILLIP—B-Team Football; Varsity Football; Student Council; Junior Civitan Club; Senior Superlative; Vice President of Student Body ZEESE, GORDON—Zeta Tau Hi-Y; Tennis Team; Beta Club; Student Council 253FIGURES REPRESENT PERCENTAGE Of AUDIENCE —HOOPER INDEX — SEPTEMiER, 1963 MORE ALBANY USTENERS ALL DAY LONG . . . MORNING, NOON AND NIGHT LOOK AT THESE LATEST AUDIENCE FIGURES . . . TIME WALG ‘B’ •c ‘D ALL DAY 7 AM - 6 PM 38.4 24.6 21.1 5.3 Compliments of General Repairs of All Kinds RUSHTON BROTHERS CONTRACTORS JOHNSTON SLAUGHTER AUTO SHOP 918 West Broad Avenue 136 N. Magnolia St. Albany, Georgia Albany, Georgia HE 5-3121 HALEY'S JEWELERS Diamonds — Watches — Jewelry — China Crystal — Silver Expert Watch and Jewelry Repairs ALBANY, GEORGIA Fresh Meats Produce — Bakery Delicatessen Quality Foods S H Green Stamps ALBANY. GA. 254O. G. MEGGINSON ASSOCIATES, INC. Securities Dealer—Underwriter, Ltd. 515 Citizens and Southern Bldg. Telephone HE 6-6321 and 6-3403 Albany, Georgia Post Office Box 168 BILLY LUKE'S BARBER SHOP Congratulations, Class ot '65 Turner Shopping Center Albany, Georgia 1308 N. Slappey 436-0171 Albany, Ga. 436-0172 LOCAL AND LONG DISTANCE MOVING ''J „e» bah Phone HE 2-0860 lOCAl ANO ' lONG OISTANCf moving STORAGE CHAMA'S MACKEY’S MOVING STORAGE CO. 1935 Dawson Road 1700 N. Jefferson Albany, Georgia Lake Park Shopping Center Albany, Georgia RALPH H. McKENDREE Move the Red Ball Way 255AM FM WGPC "Albany's Good Music Station' Graduate to Greater Food Savings at your friendly CBS UPI BOB'S CANDIES, INC HE 6-3394 131 Pine Ave. ALBANY, GEORGIA Compliments of CONGRATULATIONS 70e tuctA fan INTERSTATE LIFE ACCIDENT INSURANCE COMPANY factune eveny xucce i LOGAN M. MOUNT. District Manner Albany, Georgia WALLACE CHEVROLET INCORPORATED Albany, Georgia 600 Pine Avenue HE 2-6271 Compliments of RYDER TRUCK RENTAL, INC. ALBANY, GEORGIA 256FREITEX, INC. Infants' Apparel OLD PRETORIA ROAD Albany, Georgia Compliments of JAMES GOLDEN NEON SIGNS 811 Pine Avenue Albany, Georgia Compliments FRIEDLANDERS "The Store Where Quality Counts" Albany, Georgia BRUCE-ALLEN'S for men and boys 207-A Broad Ave. Alhany, Georgia MILLER BUICK Sales and Service 525 OGLETHORPE ALBANY, GEORGIA Congratulations, Seniors of '65 ALBANY GENERAL TIRE CO. HouiARDjotinfon) "LANDMARK MR HUNORY AMIRICANS" "Hawkinson Treads Outwear Most New Tires" 1008 W. Broad Ave. HE 6-2484 ALBANY, GEORGIA 301 E. Oglethorpe Albany, Georgia 257Albany, Georgia JEFF'S Fine Food for Fine People JEFF'S DELICATESSEN 170 N. Slappey Blvd. JEFF'S FOOD CENTER 1506 Dawson Road SNOW'S Clean With Snow 313 N. Jefferson HE 2-0506 ALBANY, GEORGIA BOB WHITE RENTS "Most Anything" 426 N. CLEVELAND DRIVE HE 2-6081 Albany, Georgia Compliments of TASTY BAKERY 600 N. Jefferson Albany, Georgia Compliments of GILBERG'S "The House of 1000 Fabrics" 106 N. Washington St. Fabricfon. 436-1523 ALBANY, GEORGIA 258SOUTHEASTERN MORTGAGE CORPORATION I 16 N. Jackson Street HE 2-1217 Albany, Georgia MIDTOWN DRUGS Midtown Shopping Center PHONE HE 6-6146 Albany, Ga. GOLDEN GLOW DAIRIES ALBANY. GEORGIA Double "G" Goodness in every drop. The next time you feel tired or thirsty, reach for a glassful of Golden Glow Homogenized Milk. It gives a lift that lasts—a lift that stays with you and keeps away that hungry feeling. Drink Golden Glow often. Biggest Value in Your Family Budget! PROM TIME . . . Renting your formal is easy on CLINE CLEANERS the allowance. No need to melee a big outlay for a big date! Renting formal wear is easy, it's convenient! Tux, dinner jacket — whatever you need is "cleaner-fresh," pressed to perfection, and fitted as though it were made just for you! 7 —and Shirt Laundry. Our care for your clothes Promotes our progress. 209 N. MONROE ALBANY, GEORGIA THE CHIEF NAME IN TIRES MOHAWK AUTO SAV OF ALBANY HAYES CLOTHING COMPANY HE 2-1562 121 SO. WASHINGTON Albany, Georgia 829 W. Broad Avenue Albany, Georgia Phone: 436-9610 259 SEARS ROEBUCK AND CO. 221 Oglethorpe Ave. Albany, Sa. HE 2-7411 Compliments of A M KARAGHEUSIAN INC Albany, Georgia Compliments of UNION STOCK YARDS W. M. STORY, Owner Albany, Georgia Compliments, Seniors McDonald SOUTHERN PAPER SHEET METAL WORKS COMPANY 1015 Oglethorpe Ave. "Your school supply dealer" Albany, Georgia ALBANY, GEORGIA THE STYLE SHOP 103 North Washington Rust'''s ( ) Super Service CR. 8th AVE. AND SLAPPEY Road Service ALBANY, GEORGIA ALBANY, GEORGIA 260N. LYMAN HART, Owner Phone HE 5-4787 The Stag Shop MEN'S end BOYS' WEAR 14 Midtown Shopping Center Albany, ©a. Compliments of BENNIE'S BOOTERY 219 Broad Avenue Albany, Georgia Compliments of BUTLER-JOHNSON FURNITURE COMPANY Albany, Georgia Setter l alue4 BURTON'S SHOE STORE Shoes for the Entire Family 240 Broad Avenue Albany, Georgia BISHOP CLEANERS LAUNDERERS 232 Roosevelt—1107 N. Slappey —Lake Park Shopping Center HE 2-0575 Albany, Georgia Compliments ESTATE OF SAM FARKAS Albany, Georgia There is only one— CLARK'S AAA 701 N. Jefferson St. Albany, Georgia GULF SERVICE Complete Car Service ALBERT C. CLARK, Operator HE 6-48 8 Give Mom a Break! Take Home KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN “it's finger lickin’ good” 436-0545 900 N. Slappoy Or. ALBANY, SA. 261SERVING AND GROWING WITH ALBANY SINCE 1890 THREE CONVENIENT LOCATIONS MAIN OFFICE —Washington and Oglethorpe BRANCH —Slappey Drive and Dawson Road MARINE CORPS FACILITY —Marine Corps Supply Depot Complete One Stop Banking Service F.D.I.C."Congratulations Seniors" CROWE DRUGS Prescriptions, Gifts, Cosmetics and Candy — Free Delivery 227 BROAD AVE. ALBANY, GEORGIA TELEPHONE 435-4571 FLINT MOTORS, INC. how to say Volkswagen with a distinct Italian accent! Karmann Giha 1023 W. Broad Albany, Ga. BILL BUNTIN'S Lstest Fashio„s DRY CLEANERS LOIS-ANNELLE SHOP III NORTH JACKSON "Where One Day Service ALBANY, GEORGIA. HE 2-1671 Smart Albanians Buy" 113 N. Washington RILES HARDWARE Compliments of Everything in HARDWARE 1004 N. Slappey Drive HE 6-1472 Albany, Ga. ED EDMONDS FLOOR COVERING COMPANY Albany, GeorgiaGAY’S Sty It (.enter For Men 224 PINE AVENUE ALBANY, GEORGIA We Specialize in All Kinds of Insurance J. L. BRUNSON INSURANCE AGENCY 340 N. Slappey Drive P. O. Box 534 Albany, Georgia Phone HE 5-5770 Res. HE 2-6471 With Besf Wishes From . . . Albany, Georgia 264 U-SAVE-IT HE 5-8351 210 Pine Avenue Albany, Georgia Your Dependable Druggist SAVE WITH U-SAVE-IT| ALBANY ELECTRIC SUPPLY C T] CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS when you think of college— THINK AUBURN COMPLIMENTS OF BLUE EQUIPMENT COMPANY Albany, Georgia A FRIEND OF AUBURN GOOD LUCK SENIORS '65 LANE-REXALL DRUGS Pine and Washington St. Lumber - Paint 113 Pine Avenue Albany, Georgia VICTORY CLUB Famous for Fine Foods S. Slappey Drive Albany, Georgia "Say It With Ours" nQ HADDEN'S Flowers and Gifts jCT ) HEmlocl[ 5-8374 1150 S. SLAPPEY 265ROSENBERGS ALBANY, GEORGIA SOUTHWEST GEORGIA'S QUALITY DEPARTMENT STORE An Albany Institution for more than 60 years. Compliments of HORMEL RICHARD TIFT CO. N. Slappey Drive Albany, Georgia FAMOUS FOODS 900 Flint Avenue Albany, Georgia Best Wishes, Class of '65 LAKE PARK REXALL PHARMACY 1927 Dawson Road HE 6-8836 Free Delivery Open 7 Days a Week ALBANY LINEN SERVICE 1120 Oglethorpe Avenue Albany, Georgia HE 2-7477 HE 2-7478 266GLENN'S HARDWARE 923 W. Broad Phone 435-4906 In New and Better Location to Serve You Plenty of Parking in Rear ALBANY OUTBOARD MARINE Mercury Motors 6HP to I00HP Hydrodyne and All Star Boats 909 Oglethorpe Ave. Albany, Georgia HE 2-1594 BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF '65 ALBANY CANDY COMPANY Vending Service 930 Lippitt Drive Albany, Ga. 432-9141 BEST WISHES FROM KEENAN AUTO PARTS CO. WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTORS Car—Truck—Tractor Parts Southwest Georgia's Only Early American Shop . . 511 BROAD AVE. HE 5-5448 DOUGHERTY COUNTY World's Best Just Could Be THE CHICKEN BOX Take Out Deliver 821 W. Broad Ave. Phone HE 5-9610 CO., INC. • Tub Enclosures • Shower Doors • Furniture Tops • Mirrors • Wire Plate • Safety • Store Fronts Insurance Approved Commercial Residential 1106 Gillespie Ave., Albany Ph. HE 5-8579Congratulations to the Class of '65 Compliments of "THE SHOE BOX' 234 Broad Ave. Albany, Georgia PLAZA PHARMACY 910 N. Jefferson Phone HE 6-7272 MEDICAL ARTS PHARMACY 412 Fourth Ave. Phone HE 6-3838 PROFESSIONAL PHARMACISTS "Free Delivery" Albany, Georgia PRITCHETT MOTORS INC. ‘Dcalen. 1209 N. SLAPPEY ALBANY, GA. DRY CLEANING FLUFF DRY SERVICE FINISHED SHIRTS VALET SERVICE CLEANERS Specializing in Custom (Hand Finished) Cleaning Phone HEmlocIc 5-5741 600-A North Jefferson—308 South Slappey ELLISON M. WILLIAMSON ALBANY, GEORGIA Best Wishes From THE NATIONAL BANK OF ALBANY "The Bank to Grow With" Member: F.D.I.C. and the Federal Reserve SystemDAVIS RED HANGER SHOP Headquarters for Formal Wear 7£e ne tt6e t tycutuvi-Se u i? Albany's Latest Styles m L. PRISANT JEWELERS Albany, Georgia HE 2-6136 2I9A Broad Ave. Compliments of Best Wishes BECK'S CAB CO. and Every Success BRYANT'S LBR. CO., INC. 305 Broad Ave. Albany, Georgia Albany, Georgia 436-2424 and 435-1515 and Moultrie, Georgia Toasted Peanuts • Peanut Butter Sandwiches GARDEN SUPPLIES Delicious Candies Hay—Grain—Feed N. P. PRITCHETT "Pond Lily Meal” Distributor CITY GIN MILL CO. 1203 Oglethorpe Ave. P. O. Box 1311 Albany, Georgia Albany, Georgia 432-5174 1508 Gillionville Rd. Congratulations 701 E. Broad Seniors! Albany, Georgia OAKLAWN CHAPEL Funeral Directors ROYAL HARDWARE CO. 611 N. Jefferson St. 435-5657 Congratulations! Seniors 269Remember: White Awnings Are Coolest P.O. Box 1518 1124 W. Highland Ave. Albany, Georgia Phone 432-5134 ALBANY TRAVEL AGENCY "COMPLETE TRAVEL SERVICE" —NO SERVICE CHARGE- OFFICE HOURS: Monday Thru Friday 9:00 A.M. to 5:30 P.M. and by Appointment NORA ERNST Gordon Hotel Albany, Georgia 'ALBANY HIGH'S VERY OWN' SAXON SHOP Traditional Clothes for the Male" 1933 DAWSON ROAD • ALBANY, GEORGIA CITY NEWS 218 Pine Avenue "YOUR HEADQUARTERS FOR PAPERBACK BOOKS" Albany, Georgia CONGRATULATIONS, SENIORS GRIFFIN MOTOR CO. 206 S. Washington Albany, Georgia GLIDDEN PAINT CENTER 270 "Complete Line of ARTISTS' MATERIALS" 944 Oglethorpe Blvd. PHONE 6-7777 YOUR FRIENDLY NEW DEALER PIANOS BALDWIN ORGANS ZOELLNER MUSIC CO. 810 West Oglethorpe 436-3370QUICKIE DRIVE INN SANDWICHES 2322 . N. Slappey Drive 222 Pine Avenue • • Phone HE 2-4006 Phone HE 2-7001 We prepare any amount for any occasion Albany, Georqia FLOYD L. HERMAN D-B-A Paul Jones SERVICE STATION ( Tiir1 and 7 FUEL OIL CO. 301 N. Slappey Drive Albany, Sa. HE 5-9146 MERTS EQUIPMENT COMPANY Construction Machinery Structural Steel Paving Machinery 300 S. SLAPPEY DRIVE ALBANY, GEORGIA 1 WffRnmne- 1 the most in DRY CIEAWIHG GIFTS for All Occasions SAVELLE JEWELRY COMPANY Midtown Shopping Center ALBANY, GEORGIA Finest in Service — Finest in Quality STUDENT CHARGE ACCOUNTS INVITED 403 N. Slappey Drive 109 S. Jefferson Sf. Albany, Georgia L. P. GAS and APPLIANCES BUTANE PROPANE Gas Heating Air Conditioning Central Heating Floor Furnaces GREEN'S Propane Gas Service AAa CONCRETE PRODUCTS CO. HEmlocIc 6-4626 1224 Sylvester Rd. ALBANY, GEORGIA Ready Mixed Concrete Concrete Blocks Precast Lintels and Sills Cement Mortar Mix Gravel Sand ALBANY, GEORGIA 271FIRST STATE Bank and Trust Company Full Service Banking" at THREE CONVENIENT LOCATIONS Main Office Next to Post Office Slappey Drive Office at Broad and Slappey 21 8 Broad Avenue Office MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Albany, Georgia 272Compliments From AMOS SAM FORD, INC. Contractors Hn and Engineers Albany, Georgia TOWN COUNTRY SHOP Albany, Georgia Compliments of CANNON SHOE STORE 18 Midtown Shopping Center ALBANY DRUG CO. Shoes for the Entire ALBANY, GEORGIA 312 S. Slappey Dr. 1000 N. Slappey Dr. 2200 E. Expressway Family Men's—Women's—Children's Quality at Popular Prices Albany, Ga. TAKIS A. CHRISTO 401 N. Jackson MOREE GROCERY LET us 00 YOUR WORRYING 1316 N. Jackson St. ALBANY, GEORGIA Your Friendly State Farm Insurance Agent Albany, Georgia Golf Clubs by BlUUIAWick CO R PO R ATI O N Manufactured in Albany, Georgia 273f (fyocce 0 meats BAIN PEANUT COMPANY HE 2-1162 N. Washington ALBANY, GEORGIA LYKES BROTHERS, INC. of Georgia RILEY'S CLEANERS AND SHIRT LAUNDRY Albany, Georgia The South's Most Progressive Meat Packers HE 5-8212 Quality Cleaning at Reasonable Prices Free Pick-Up and Delivery 713 N. Madison Albany, Georgia TRAILWAYS Specialists in Friendly, First Class Travel SAFE COMFORTABLE COURTEOUS AND ECONOMICAL BUS SERVICE ALL EXPENSE TOURS Ship Parcels and Baggage From Town to Town and Coast to Coast Via Bus Express Charter Coach Service Anywhere ALBANY. GEORGIA HE 2-0511 274Visit our beautiful Tropical Room for Fine Foods Join our Friday morning Breakfast Club (Oglethorpe -YYloiel [Oilbany, eorgia 941 OGLETHORPE AVE. DIAL HE 5-8306 Owner —MRS. J. W. HOGG Serving—5:30 A.M.—10 P.M. q 1404 Dawson Road HE 6-1556 yi LEE DRUG COMPANY Albany, Georgia BARFIELD'S SHOE STORE "Footwear tor the Family" TWO CONVENIENT LOCATIONS Midtown Shopping Center and 209 Broad Albany, Georgia jfjm BELK'S DEPARTMENT STORE To the 1965 Seniors ’fcVj 21 Broad Avenue Albany, Georgia HE 6-5794 WJAZ Congratulations "Southwest Georgia’s Listening Habit" to Class of ’65 960 KC—5000 Watts A. E. C. CO., INC. ALBANY, GEORGIA General Contractors WJIZ FM 96.3 MC GENE SEEGMUELLER, President With Wonderful World of Stereo Albany, Georgia "A Clean Car Rides Better; Lasts Longer." POTTER C. B.'S MOTORCYCLE CO. MINUTE CAR WASH Your Harley-Davidson 710 Oglethorpe Ave. and Cushman Dealer New Location—1501 E. Expressway Albany, Georgia Albany, Georgia Try Our Prestone Jet Wax 275 22 Royal Crown Cola Congratulations, Seniors NEHI BOTTLING COMPANY, INC. Albany, Georqia M. J. (Chris) Christopher GENERAL INSURANCE STALVEY-BROOKS, INC. Office 436-9597 1421 East Broad Residence 435-9764 Albany, Georgia ALBANY AMUSEMENT COMPANY Deal With Keel BLANCHE'S Ladies' Ready-to-Wear “We Don’t Meet Competition — We Make Competition.” KEEL DRUG COMPANY FREE DELIVERY ■- — ■ 1009 N. Monroe Doctor's Center HE 2-1203 Albany, Ga. 205 BROAD AVE. 276 ALBANY, GEORGIAMEEKS ELECTRIC COMPANY Contracting Heating Air Conditioning Appliances Service 212 N. Washington Midtown Shopping Ctr. Phone 6-4621 Phone 5-8941 Congratulations, Seniors from ALBANY, GEORGIA KIMBRELL-STERN of the Dealer of Birdsey's Products ALBANY UNDERTAKING COMPANY WRIGHT'S Flour and Feed 200 Oglethorpe 2-2831 Congratulations, Seniors! CAMP CONCRETE PIPE COMPANY Compliments of ALBANY WAREHOUSE COMPANY Albany, Georgia INCORPORATED Concrete Pipe 4" to 84" Sewer and Culvert HE 5-4411 Albany, Georgia H. H. HEDRICK SONS, INC. REAL ESTATE — INSURANCE 601 Pine Avenue Phone HE 5-9714 Albany, Ga. HERTZ RENT-A-CAR Phone HEmlock 6-3423 277 ALBANY, GEORGIAHelen Ervin of ERVIN FLORIST Albany High Senior Rings by 1111 Fourth Avenue HE 5-4244 HERFF JONES Albany, Georgia WEDDINGS FUNERALS CORSAGES COMPANY CUT FLOWERS POTTED PLANTS "A Complete Graduation Service" Best Wishes From INVITATIONS — CARDS — DIPLOMAS CAPS and GOWNS — CHOIR ROBES MEDALS — PINS — TROPHIES KEENAN Auto Parts Co. Representatives WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTORS ELLIOT BATTLE H. S. CANSFIELD CAR—TRUCK—TRACTOR PARTS Best Wishes From the Management of the HERALD PUBLISHJNG COMPANY Albany, Georgia Owner and Operator of Station WJHG - TV—Channel 7 Station WALB - TV—Channel 10 (NBC Affiliate) "The Window of South Georgia" and Publishers of THE ALBANY HERALD "South Georgia's Reading Habit" PERFECT SERVICE Service Station, Transfer Company, Trailer Rentals, Philco Appliances Moving and Storage HALEY FARMS 939 Pine Ave. Phone 6-1504 CARL VAN HOUTEN 100 N. Front Street HE 6-2161 Albany, Georgia 2-2533 Growers of Pecans and Cattle BRUCE JONES COMPANY 1020 Roosevelt Ave. ALBANY, GEORGIA Your Parts Jobber Toasted Hot Dogs "With All the Trimmings" JIMMY'S HOT DOG STAND "The Hot Dog King" Cold Drinks, Candy, and Ice Cream Cigars and Cigarettes 204 SOUTH JACKSON STREET HEmlock 5-4751 Albany, Georgia BECK MOTOR COMPANY Best Wishes SALES SERVICE LLI'liiJ Pet Milk Company FUNSTEN DIVISION Albany, Georgia 1006 West Broad Albany, Georgia ■ Compliments of KWIK-CHEK I Tbuilding supply-I ■ Miulwork oua Specialty ■ ... r L , ME to S7tol 7 STORES Albany, Georgia 279ALBANY SHEET METAL WORKS, INC. Roofing and Sheet Metal Contractors NO JOB TOO LARGE OR TOO SMALL 122 Front Street, Albany, Georgia CHURCHWELL'S DEPARTMENT STORE 110 North Washington Street Albany, Georgia CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF ’65 Compliments of ELEANOR SHOP 119 N. Washington Compliments of CENTRAL SEAFOOD HE 2-7457 230 Tarver Avenue JOHNSTON PAINT AND BODY WORKS TOPS—SEAT COVERS—GLASS—UPHOLSTERY P.O. Box 955 713 Pine Ave. All works guaranteed ALBANY, GEORGIA WAKEFORD INSURANCE 238 Pine Avenue Albany, GeorgiaGORTATOWSKY Theatres — Insurance ALBANY, GEORGIA Best Policy at All Times HALEY MOTOR CO. Sales FORD Service HE 5-8313 408 North Slappey Albany, Georgia Congratulations, Seniors W. T. GRANT CO. 17 Midtown Shopping Center ALBANY, GEORGIA By Appointment COIFFURES by Richard 505 B South Slappey Drive RICHARD KUAS Hair Stylist Phone 435-3182 DAIRY QUEEN and BRAZIER 351 N. Slappey Drive and East Albany Expressway of ALBANY, GEORGIA JOHNSTON'S MEN'S SHOP JACK DETHERAGE INSURANCE AGENCY 230 Pine Avenue Albany, Georgia HE 2-1208 General Insurance 504 S. Slappey Drive—Albany, Georgia "Serves You First" 281CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS Compliments of Albany Personnel Employment Service PHONE 435-4566 • 126' 2 PINE AVENUE Albany, Georgia HOTEL GORDON DOWNTOWN ALBANY, GEORGIA Meeting Rooms tor Any Occasion CORONET JEWELERS 220 Pine Ave. Ph. 6-7523 ACROSS FROM COURT HOUSE GRADY R. ALLAN. Owner Your Headquarters for School Charms and Other Gifts BENNETT'S QUIK-SERV CURB STORES 601 S. Slappey and 1510 N. Slappey OPEN 7 A.M. to 11 P.M. EVERY DAY MOORE'S MARKET 1002 Pine St. 906 N. Slappey Florists—Garden Supplies—Pets BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF ’65 Compliments ofPAT'S CYCLE SHOP Bicycles Keys Lawnmowers Sales Service 143 PINE AVE. PHONE 2-7616 Albany, Georgia Albany, Georgia COMPLIMENTS OF ARCTIC BEAR DRIVE IN Comer of Slappey and Oglethorpe Albany, Georgia Phone HE 6-4671 Res. Phone HE 6-1086 Compliments RHODES HEATING of COOLING COMPANY, INC. WARREN AND BRIMBERRY Heating and Cooling Albany, Georgia Installation—Design—Service 1704 N. Jefferson Albany, Georgia NU-WAY Albany, Georgia 306 Broad Ave. Personal-Eyed—Pace Setter—Fashions 216 Pine Avenue HE 5-3853 Albany, Georgia RIO STORES INCORPORATED HAL AND ED'S MEN'S WEAR iSlP Albany, Georgia Albany, Georgia 283CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS ALBANY TRACTOR AND EQUIPMENT CO. JOHN DEERE—SALES AND SERVICE 239 E. Broad Ave. Albany, Ga. 432-7468 For High School Graduates, Class of 1965 BAMA'S SHOP INC Women's Ready-to-Wear x 127 Court Avenue HE 2-1085 L Albany, Georgia FUTURE UNLIMITED For High School Graduates, Class of 1965 Business School Training Assures a Lifetime of Employment Security. PERRY BUSINESS SCHOOL 1271 j North Jackson Street Albany, Georgia Phone m • » SLAPPEY'S DAIRY Pasteurized and Homogenized MILK — CREAM — BUTTERMILK Produced Daily on Our Farm, Processed and Delivered to Stores or Home Deliveries dial HE 2-7643 284 1001 S. SLAPPEY DR. — ALBANY. GA. EVERYTHING FOR THE FARM AND HOME GARDENER WAYNE FEEDS DEPENDABLE SEEDS SINCE 1932 BENNETT WHOLESALE SUPPLY COMPANY 1006 N. Washington — Phone 436-2459 Wholesale and RetailLOOSIER PACE INSURANCE OF ALBANY, INC. "Store for Young Homemakers" 112 SOUTH JACKSON STREET Albany, Georgia "Insurance Since 1854" 309 PINE AVENUE ALBANY, GEORGIA Compliments of SUNLITE CLEANERS Pine Avenue Albany, Georgia DR PEPPER BOTTLING COMPANY 312 N. Washington St. Albany, Georgia SUPER. SERVICE DEPENDABLE C DRUGGIST PARKWAY pharmacy 324 N. Slappey Driya EARL BRUNSON'S GROCERY MARKET Quality Groceries HE 2-0561 917 N. Washington or the Finest in Footwear" J9 1+1 s OWENS, INC. Sporting Goods—Hardware Q 214 BROAD AVE. j 127 N- Washington t|Li| Where Quality and Fit Gives Comfort U C AR, 436-7400 ALBANY, GA. if 285BEST WISHES FROM THE BANK WITH THE BELLS We Pay You to Save M F M TRUCK TRACTOR CO. Corner Broad and Slappey Drive ALBANY, GA. Phone HE 6-2461 SHUMAN SUPPLY CO. of Albany ESCO JEWELERS 118 S. Jackson Watch—Clock—Jewelry Repairs All Work Guaranteed FOR THE TEEN-MAN AND MEN SHIRT SLACKS SHOP 238 Broad Ave. PHONE 2-9483 JOE BRASH EARS STEEL, INC. Reinforcing Steel • Metal Sash Steel Construction Supplies P.O. Box 1305 Albany, Georgia Phone HE 5-4548 286 GUYS AND DOLLS New Junior Sportswear Department Midiown Shopping Center HE 2-2702 Albany, GeorgiaHOLIDAY INN of Albany 422 Oglethorpe Avenue Albany, Georgia Dining Room Open 6 A.M. to 11 P.M. Facilities for Banquets or Meetings ESSO HUMBLE OIL REFINING CO. W. L. G. DAVIS, Agt. ELITE REALTY COMPANY, INC Albany, Georgia Phone 6-0131 Albany, Georgia Mortgage Loans Telephone 436-0318 Rentals 9 Sets the Style (6 n I it smith at A.H.S. DOWNTOWN AND MERRY ACRES Albany, Georgia Compliments of PENINSULAR LIFE INS. CO. GRADY BENFORD, Manager Albany, Georgia BORDEN'S ICE CREAM HE 5-4504 1306 NORTH JEFFERSON "If It's Borden's It's Got to Be Good" ALBANY, GEORGIA 287Exquisite Jewelry See Our Friendship Rings HE 2-6451 234 BROAD AVE. WOOD'S JEWELRY COMPANY Albany, Georgia Albany High School Charms DUPREE DRUGS See Us and Save Corner of 5th and North Slappey 3£2, ,1 'fy % FABRICS, INC. Georgia's largest supply and most complete stock of dress fabrics, drapery, upholstery and sewing notions. 154 N. SLAPPEY ALBANY, GEORGIA - Albany, Georgia SCHOOL SUPPLIES Compliments and MORROW-COOK Best Wishes FURNITURE From COMPANY McKinney William M. Dorsey REALTY AND INSURANCE Manager Albany, Georgia 245 Broad Avenue Albany, Ga. FURNITURE BY Broyhill Premier Baumritter ■ w rv Li w Tell City M EjIIHiIIIj I RCA Whirlpool Appliances BEDDING BY RCA Radio and Television Southern Always First Quality Juvenile Furniture Spring Bed "THE FAMILY'S FAVORITE STORE" Albany, Georgia 288 KNIGHT ELECTRIC COMPANY Contractors and Repair 1302 W. Broad Avenue Albany, Georgia JIMMY KNI6HT MACK KNIGHT WESTWOOD OPTICAL DISPENSARY After "Indian" school make a war dance down to your MIDTOWN LANES “ s4 'PenAottaltyeeC Optical Stwice Midtown Shopping Center FREE INSTRUCTION PRESCRIPTIONS FILLED LENSES DUPLICATED 113 N. Jackson St. North of Albany Theatre "The Style Center for Glasses" and "FUN" BOWLING Meet the "gang" at Midtown Complimpnts to the AULTMAN MOTOR CO. Class of 1965 DAVIS BROS. RESTAURANTS AND CAFETERIA 948 West Oglethorpe Ave. Albany, Georgia Telephone HE 6-2431 Pontiac — Cadillac — Tempest Pontiac AN AWARD WINNING PAPER FOR PEOPLE WHO WANT THE TRUTH! 289graduating class iumuuA things go better,, with CoKe BOTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COLA COMPANY BY THE ALBANY COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY 290Best Wishes the Class of '65 TO PROVIDE THE BEST MEDICAL CARE Your doctor must know you and you must know him . . . THIS DOCTOR-PATIENT RELATIONSHIP is often just as important in times of sickness as any miracle drug at your physician's command. DOUGHERTY COUNTY MEDICAL SOCIETY ALBANY, GEORGIA Meet or visit the doctor of your, choice before sickness arises when you move to a new community. Compliments of BILL'S CURB STORE Take Out Boxes Compliments of PLANTATION SERVICE Pit-Cooked Barbecue Farm—Timber Plantation Sales 1001 DAWSON RD. ALBANY, GA. MANAGEMENT APPRAISALS AND FORESTRY 504 North Slappey Drive Albany, Georgia 29 Compliments of Retail Furniture Dealers Association ABC FURNITURE CO. ALBANY HOUSEFURNISHING CO. BROWN FURNITURE CO. GERST BROTHERS FURNITURE CO. HOME FURNITURE CO. HOME SUPPLY AND FURNITURE CO. J J FURNITURE CO. LOOSIER OF ALBANY FURNITURE CO. MORROW-COOK FURNITURE CO. NEWCOMB COMPANY PHILLIP'S HOME FURNITURE RHODES FURNITURE CO. SURBURBAN FURNITURE CO. SOUTHERN ELECTRIC FURNITURE CO. WADE FURNITURE CO. Albany, Georgia VIVIAN'S 112 N. JACKSON STREET Latest Fashions Albany, Georgia COMPLIMENTS OF BALFOUR SHOES 207 Broad Ave. Albany, Ga. DICK'S CLUB Affiliate of ABC Clubs, Inc. 632 Oglethorpe Ave. Albany, Georgia 292Compliments COMPLIMENTS OF WALDEN KIRKLAND REALTORS . INSURORS INC. INC 225 Broad Avenue — 608 N. Slappey Drive ALBANY, GEORGIA Phone HEmlock 6-8811 STAR ENGRAVING CO. Compliments of FLINT RIVER COTTON MILLS Albany, Georgia DESIGNERS AND MANUFACTURERS OF YOUR GRADUATION INVITATIONS AND DIPLOMAS GARGANO'S RESTAURANT Compliments of PACE FLORIST 130 North Front St. East Oglethorpe Expressway HE 2-0241 and GARGANO'S PIZZA VILLA 909 N. Slappey Blvd. Albany, Georgia POPE BURIAL VAULT CO. 435-2313 293J 1 Congratulations CLASS of '65 From SKiy CIVINETTES 1,' peoples'! 1. «■ T 1 232 EAST BROAD AVENUE • ALBANY, GEORGIA 31702 Telephone 436-4644 Compliments of LILLISTON IMPLEMENT COMPANY Albany, Georgia 1160 E. Broad Ave. HE 6-0377 EAST ALBANY LUMBER COMPANY Retail Building Materials, Home Improvements and Remodeling Albany, Georgia "Where customers and merchandise of quality meet" Go Gas for MODERN Living Courtesy S. J. CURRY MODERN GAS AND COMPANY COMPANY HE 2-7350 100 BROAD AVE. General Contractors Albany, Georgia ALBANY, GEORGIA WINGATE TRUCKING CO. Compliments of HE 5-5679 or HE 5-5670 Complete Hauling Service y 4€ vic€. tfteH ceUl « ." Albany, Georgia 24-Hour Service Mechanic on Duty Compliments of PEPSI-COLA ALBANY GEORGIA SONNY CAMPBELL TEXACO Front End Alignment and Rebuilding Wheel Balancing—Complete Brake Service Phone HE 6-1790 1007 N. Slappey Drive For Those Who Think Young ALBANY FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION Compliments of WATKINS LUMBER CO., INC. "Sudden Service" HE 2-6278 Albany, Georgia DOWNTOWN AND MIDTOWN Specializing in Permanent Waves and Hair Coloring NELL'S BEAUTY SHOP OWNED AND OPERATED BY MARY ADAMS 314 S. Slappey Dr. Phone HE 2-1851 Albany, Georgia 295Best Wishes for Happiness and Every Success! TH icfauiU iteaciati K SHOP MIDTOWN FIRST! ★ PLENTY OF FREE PARKINS ★ EVENING SHOPPING HOURS ★ THE WIDEST VARIETY OF MERCHANDISE AND SERVICES "UNDER ONE ROOF!" MIDTOWN SHOPPING CENTER SLAPPEY DRIVE — ALBANY, GEORGIA 296 Cownik])Mm QUALITY DAIRY (JP products PROM TIME . . . Renting your formal is easy on the allowance. No need to make a T fljl big outlay for a big date! Renting formal wear is easy, Albany, Georgia it's convenient! Tu», dinner jacket— . { ££ . — whatever you need is £ ' • i!' "cleaner-fresh," pressed ■ ' . ‘ to perfection, and fitted as though J t i ' • 1 it were made just for you! i ,; V ■ Compliments of SWIFT COMPANY — OIL MILL — Albany, Georgia HAYES CLOTHING COMPANY HE 2-1562 121 SO. WASHINGTON Albany, Georgia ALBANY CONCRETE For the rest of your life JAMISON BEDDING, INC. PRODUCTS CO. ALBANY, GEORGIA Manufacturers of Mattresses, Couches and Upholstered Furniture Concrete Block Ready-Mixed Concrete "Finest With the Finest in Masonry" NO Baldwin Drive Albany, Georgia Telephone HE 6-1565 Best Wishes OXFORD CONSTRUCTION COMPANY Albany, Georgia 297ALBANY FLORAL CO. Corner of 7fb and Monroe GARY'S SUBMARINE SHOP ALBANY, GA. Flowers for all occasions! Phone 436-3387 Compliments of HODGES BUILDERS SUPPLY CO. —Since 1919—First in Albany— 2001 N. Jefferson Sf. Congratulations Seniors from Albany, Georgia GARY AND THE STAFF HE 5-5621 CULPEPPER CONSTRUCTION CO., INC. 1223 Gillionville Road Albany, Georgia CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS STRICKLAND'S CANDY COMPANY 298 GENERAL CONTRACTORS JIMMY YOUNG General Insuance COATS AND CLARK INC. 604 N. Slappey Dr. Albany, Georgia ALBANY, GEORGIA He-2-6211McCOLLUM CLEANERS "BOOSTER OF THE INDIANS" 1703 Sylvester Road ALBANY, GEORGIA FRYER REALTY MEM8ER Office at Ranch 9 Mi. Out Dawson Rd. PH. HE 6-9581 Albany, Ga. Congratulations Seniors of '65 BARWICK'S SELF SERVICE 316 Moultrie Road Albany, Ga. 436-5049 TOWN HOUSE and MERRY ACRES MOTEL Albany, Georgia Compliments of EVERSON VENDING SERVICE 5407 Newton Road Qk'Jak a i C7 FURNITURE , “Botne of Quality and Service” 2100 N. SLAPPEY BLVD. Albany, Georgia "Free Decorating Service" Compliments of MERCK AND COMPANY INC. Radium Springs Road Albany, GeorgiaIn Retrospect . . . . . . We had a Memorable Year. 300AutographsAutographs 302AutographsAutographs TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY 304

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