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 ■  Cf i' fcrr?4The KIWANIS and MeINTOSH awards are the most coveted honors which can be bestowed upon a student at Albany High School. These students, who are recognized from the senior class as having exemplified the most outstanding qualities of citizenship and leadership during their years at Albany High School, are selected by secret ballot of the faculty. NANCY ARTHUR MAC BUNTIN "Honor is purchas’d by the deeds we do; .. . honor is not won, Until some honorable deed be done!” —Marlowe 6Dedication MR. HAROLD E. McNARR We are very happy and proud to dedicate this 1961 Thronateeska to a person who has been a source of inspiration to all our lives. A man who loves our school with a love far greater than words can express. A man who has so unselfishly given many years of untiring service to Albany High School. Because of his kindness, sincerity and understanding toward all who have had the privilege of knowing him, we, the 1961 Thronateeska staff, with deep devotion, dedicate this yearbook to our beloved principal, Mr. Harold E. McNabb. 7 ,,' 'Y » itt Acne ire All Ariel 7 aIcj- clear we ym r re, c lc lAc Ijc rce aetillAr Hole . fC f y teas’I AeaAz Irtee Hw andnil iref e fre ijm, c « lee er e 4 AaH Ale4A% if er Aetc hi lulcf Icy i ahihaec A ctycf ? C Aer eb lr , f2e r r clcJ?Af cTf 8cr cfiior s jRessaye RALPH WINTER, editor This is a book of memories. We, the Staff, have attempted to produce not merely an account of our school year, but to capture the spirit of this, the centennial year of the War Between the States and to recapture the spirit of the "Old South.” School is composed of many things—people who mold memories, places that shape memories, and activities that round out memories. We have tried to gather as many of these components as possible so that in future years this Thronateeska will contain your "Moments to Remember" for 1960-1961. 9There are men to whom the Dougherty County schools are greatly indebted. They give of their time, their energy, and their wisdom to oil the wheels of education in Dougherty County. MR. ERNEST H. BOND MR. HERBERT HALEY MR. JEFF DAVIS MR. HOLLIS STANFORDPrincipal's Ulessaye The Albany High School Annual Staff and its Faculty Advisors, Mrs. Mary Futch and Mr. G. B. Howell, have again given us a publication of which we can always be proud. I am sure that all teachers and students share with me the feeling of sincere appreciation for the tireless efforts and endless hours of work which have gone into the making of this annual. While you can spend many pleasant hours both now and in the future years enjoying the pictorial record of this school year, I am confident that you students realize that there are other memories which accompany those stamped upon these pages. The nature of these memories you determine in your daily schedule, your attitude toward your work and your seriousness of purpose in the program set before you. MR. HAROLD E. McNABB, Principal Perhaps there are those of you wrho are unaware of all the plans and preparation that have gone into providing unlimited opportunities for you to achieve up to the limit of your ability. The Albany High School Faculty now numbers seventy-four teachers, twenty-five of w'hom have Master’s Degrees. The majority of our teachers have several years of successful teaching experience to their credit. In addition to ample offerings, the professionally well-trained staff, and guidance sendees, the citizens of Albany and the Board of Education have provided for you a two million dollar building and sufficient equipment and plant facilities with which it is possible for you to prepare yourselves for future wfork and pleasure. Albany High School has been accredited by the Southern Accrediting Commission since its organization in 1914. However, I must remind you that education is a personal matter, and that none of the above mentioned people or things can help you to become a better educated person unless you are willing to pay the price through consistent hard work, cooperation, and an earnest desire to achieve. We can provide the opportunity, the motivation, the encouragement and guidance; but beyond these it is up to you. I commend those of you who have accepted the challenge and who have achieved some degree of success. I want to remind all of you that I am proud of Albany High School, its faculty and students. I am glad we have this yearbook—a permanent record of eventful days at Albany High School. 12MR. GRAYDON PIERCE, Assistant Principal Mr. Graydon Pierce, our assistant principal, works with Mr. McNabb to improve the efficiency of our high school. Always willing to help the student at A.H.S., he handles his job in a cheerful, capable, and efficient manner. For this we thank him with all of our hearts. 13 Mr. McNabb and Mr. Pierce talk over school policy and problems of administration.MISS THELMA PLANT, Dean of Girls Genuinely desirous of helping each girl at Albany High School to become a happier, better, and more useful citizen, Miss Plant offers a sympathetic ear, an understanding heart, and compassionate concern to all who seek aid and to all who need counsel in school relationships. Guidance MR. JACK MERCER Director of Guidance MR. BILL HERSCHELL Counselor The services of the Guidance Department at Albany High School include those activities which help young people to identify their aptitudes and limitations and to develop a sound sense of values, beliefs, and interests. Through the use of this information it is the aim of the department to help the students to set realistic goals, the attainment of which would result in productive, creative, and satisfying lives. 14Office Personnel MRS. FLORINE LeSUEUR At our school the office personnel is friendly and efficient. What would we do without them ? MRS. LAURA BARNHOUSE16MISS FRANCES FEAGIN I MR. BILLY BRAGG MR. JAMES JOHNSTON MRS. LOUISE COX MISS ELIZABETH SAUNDERSON MISS BEVERLY LINTON MRS. MARY FUTCH MRS. JUDY GARRETT MRS. BILLY BROWN Four years of English are required at Albany High School. There is also a four year remedial program for students not adapted to the regular program. The Practical English course for seniors is not remedial but helpful to those students going into the business world instead of college. MRS. ANNIE LAURIE POWELL MISS MELBA THOMPSON MISS RUTH COCHRAN 18 MRS. J. M. HINSON, ChairmanMRS. CHRISTINE GEOGHEGAN Clerical Assistant MRS. MABLE HOGUE Librarian MISS ALICE CONNELL Clerical Assistant OQri MISS PEGGY RIGSBY Speech MISS GERALDINE HARPER Jiancf MR. MAYNARD SELL 19foreign Lanyuaye MR. GRAHAM LOWE, Chairman French MRS. BESSIE DOBBINS Latin Albany High School has an excellent foreign language department. A new language laboratory has been added recently which contributes greatly to the work being done there. The primary objective of the language department is to provide the student with sufficient knowledge to enable him to read and enjoy literature in its native tongue and to speak the language fluently. The second objective is to develop an understanding of the people which provides friendlier world attitudes. MRS. CAROLYN FAUDREE Spanish MRS. NORMA JUHAN Spanish MRS. LUCILE CHAMBERS Latin 20MISS EUGENIA STRICKLAND MR. KERMIT HENDERSON MISS ANNE COOPER MR. N. C. HATCHER. Chairman Three units are required in the area of Social Studies. U.S. History is an absolute requirement. Other courses offered in this area are: Social Science I, World History, American Government and Economics, and Sociology and Psychology. MR. TOMMY WILLIAMS MRS. EVELYN FLEMING MRS. LENA ROWE MR STEVE SCARBOROUGH MR JOHN SKANDAMIS 21JJTat iematics MRS. CAROLYN CLARK MISS MARY HUDSON. Chairman Two years of mathematics are required at Albany High School. Algebra I and II are required but substitutes may be made for students not adapted to these subjects. Courses offered are: General Mathematics, Algebra I, Algebra II, Plane Geometry, Algebra IV, and Economic Math. MR. JIM MULLIS MR. G. S. HUNTs science Biology MISS BETSY PALMER Biology MR. BILL SELLERS MR. ARI.O NcSMfTH MR. BILL ENTREKIN Chemistry Biology MRS. L. S. SUMMERVILLE 23dndustriaf dirts MRS. JEWELL JOHNSON Home Economics MR. JACK DOWNING MR. HAROLD WYNN MR. BILL HERSCHELL MR. GARLAND SHEEKS MR. J. H. WATSON MR. ROBERT JAMES, Chairman( cfucation MISS JANICE HEATH MRS. FRED SCHEUING, Chairman The Business Education Department offers two years of typing, two of shorthand, one of bookkeeping and one of general business. All but the last course are recommended for students planning a secretarial career. Typing II and Shorthand II are integrated courses and cannot be taken independently of each other. The department is equipped with the most modern business machines. MRS. MARIAN RUSSELL MR. J. F. M. JOHNSON MR. DAVID DERAMUS 25MR. PAT FIELD MISS ANNE WEEKS JJ njs ca f C ducation MR. JOHN TILLITSKI Albany High School has a very fine Physical Education Department. It is well equipped and has an excellent staff. The aim of this department is to provide skilled leadership and adequate facilities which will afford an opportunity for the individual or group to act in situations which are physically wholesome, mentally stimulating, and socially sound. MR. BOB FOWLER MISS DORIS BROCK 26MRS. R. E. MULL MRS. R. L. BASS. Dietician Our cafeteria, headed by Mrs. R. L. Bass, is one of the most modem in the state and all students are urged to enjoy the wholesome meals provided. Students assisting Mrs. Bass are given % unit. 27 Lunchroom workers and dieticiansLIFE GUARD KEEP OFF fcX Left to Right—Andrea McLemore, Treasurer; Carol Dorsey, Secretary; Libby Smith, Vice-President; Jerry Gerst, Vice-President; Frank Middleton, Secretary; Fred Pollard, Treasurer. 30BEN HALL ADLER Flemings Mad Historians; Science Club; Senior Hi-Y; Audio-Visual Club; Freshman Band; Office BARBARA JEAN ALLEN Entered 1960; Thespians RICHARD ALLEN ALBRITION Varsity Baseball; Biology Club; World History Club; Bookroom DAVID JACKSON ANDWEWS Beta Club; Junior Civitans; Varsity Football; Block A Club; Science Club; History Club DANNY RAY ANGLIN LEONARD R. APPLEGATE Entered 1959 PAUL PEARSON ARMSTRONG, JR. Intramural Basketball; ALSAC; Science Club; Fleming's Mad Historians BUBBA BALDWIN ARNOLD Varsity Football; Block A Club; Basketball; FFA; Powder Puff Coach 31NANCY STEELE ARTHUR Anchor Club; Miss Anchor Club 59; Cheerleader; Miss Cheerleader 60; Beta Club; Key Club Sweetheart; Student Council Representative; 1st Runner-Up in Miss AHS 59; Sophomore Class Treasurer; Homecoming Representative for Sophomore Class 58; Music Workshop. Treasurer; Glee Club. Miss Glee Club; Delta Tri-Hi-Y; Les Miserables; Guidance Office Assistant; TAP's WILLIE MARIE ASH BERRY Entered 57; Fleming’s Historians; Seekers of Success; Library Service Club; Hall Monitor GLORIA JEAN AUSTIN Mrs. Fleming and Her 37 Relics; FHA; Secretary; Alpha Tri-Hi-Y; Beta Club; Delta Tri-Hi-Y; Band ELWOOD GARY BAKER Entered 1958-59; English II Club; Civil Air Patrol; Information Officer; Advanced First Aid; Art Service Club; Pow Wow Staff; CATS 32 LARI JEAN BACHMAN Band; Delta Tri-Hi-Y; Student Council. Biological Research Club; FNA; Alpha Tri-Hi-Y; Powder Puff; Thespian; Annual S LOUISE MAXINE BAGGETT SOS Club; Baker’s Shorthand Klan; Biology Club JANICE LOUISE BAILEY SOS Club; Library Service Club; Baker’s Shorthand Klan; Fleming's Mad Historians ALVIN BALES Beta Club; JCL; Band; Captain’s Corps; Lab AssistantPAMELA BALL Biological Research Club, Chapter I. Vice-Pres.; Delta Tri-Hi-Y; Mrs. Fleming and Her Thirty-seven Relics, Vice-Pres.; Future Teachers of America; Buenos Vecinos Los Dia-blitos Tontos; Annual Staff (Business); SOS BARBARA JEAN BALLARD Thronatecska Staff; Beta Club; Junior Classical League; FTA; Tennis Team; Delta Tri-Hi-Y; Autour De La Mande Dano Uncent; Biological Research Club; Music Workshop; Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y JUDSON CHESTER BANKS, JR. CAROL BARD JEAN BARFIELD ROBERT BARFIELD Entered 58; Baker's Speed Queens; DCT; William s Dixie Rebels; Intramural Basketball Fleming's Mad HistoriansLAURA HELEN BARNHART Entered ’60; Spanish Club; Future Homemakers of America AL BARRETT Movie Operators; Mrs. Fleming and her 37 Relics; Chess Club; Soopersnoopers; Beta Club; Library Service ROGER BAUCUM TRUDY BECK Civinettes; Beta Tri-Hi-Y; Office Assistant; World History Club; Art Service Club; General Biology Club; Thespians; Pow Wow E. G. BECKWITH B-Team Football; Varsity Football; Track; Block A Club; Thespians JUANITA ALLENE BEECH SANDRA LORETTA BEECH Epsilon Tri-H-Y; Future Nurses of America; Future Homemakers of America, Vice Pres.; Glee Club; Les Malheureux Prisooniers de Chambre 101; Mellonettes, Treasurer; Intraschool Council; Mrs. Flemming and her 37 Relics k 34BOBBY BEINE BONNIE LEA BELT FHA; Beta Tri-Hi-Y; Mrs. Fleming and Her 37 Relics; DCT CORINNE BEVERLY Entered 1958; Biology Club; French Club; Beta Tri-Hi-Y; FNA; Thespian Society; Art Service; Fow Wow Staff RODNEY BIERMAN, JR. Senior Band; ROGB; Captain’s Corps; Mrs. Fleming and Her 37 Relics; Biological Research Club I SUSAN LYNN BISHOP Entered 1960; Sigma Delta Tri-Hi-Y; Student Council; Spanish Club; V.P.; Pow Wow Staff; Library Service; Thespian Society; TAP’s; Mrs. Juhan’s Third Year Spanish Club JUDY BLANKENSHIP Fleming's Mad Historians; Library Service Club; SOS LARRY BLACKWELL Entered I960 JOHANN BLEICHER 35CONSTANCE SANDRA BOISVERT EH A, President 59; Annual Staff; Sophomore Class Vice-President; Johnson's Little Vitamins, Vice-President; Biology Club; Powell's Grammarians; Dramatic Society, Vice-President GARY BOOKER JOAN GRAY BOWLES Beta Tri-Hi-Y, Pres.; Intraschool Council; Mrs. Fleming and Her 37 Relics; Alpha Tri-H-Y, School Devotional Chairman; FTA, Service Chairman; Beta Club PETE BRANDON ROGB, Parliamentarian, 59-60, President, 60-61; Band 57-61, Captain's Corps, 60-61; Biological Research Club-Chapter I, President; Mrs. Fleming and Her 37 Relics, President THOMAS JACKSON BRICE Varsity Football; Block A Club. GROVER JACK BRIM Senior Hi-Y VICKIE JO BRISBOIS CHARLES RAY BRITTAIN Student Council; Beta Tri-Hi-Y, Treasurer; Junior Classical League, Quo Vadis Chapter; Future Teachers of America; Biological Research Club, Chapter IV, Vice-President; Thespian Society; Throneeska Staff; TAP; 4-H; Science Club; Office Assistant 36JIMMIE BROADAWAY BRENDA JOYCE BROOKS Los Ninos Encantadorcs de Juan; Mrs. Fleming and Her Thirty-Seven Relics; Frijoles Brincadores Mexicans; Biological Research Club-Chapter I; DCT; Los Diabli-tos de Mama Juhan SANDRA ANN BROOKS RAY GENE BROWN DON BRUNER HAROLD BRYAN Anchor Club, V. P.; Devotional Chairman; Beta Club; Delta Tri- Hi-Y, Treasurer; Miss Anchor Club; Annual Staff; Sigma Delta Tri-Hi-Y, Treasurer; Les Prison- niers de Chambre MAC BUNTIN Beta Club, Pres., V-Pres.; Movie Operators, Pres., V-Prcs.; Key Club; Student Council; Freshman Class Secretary’; Junior Class Treasurer; Bloc!: A Club. Secretary; Varsity Basketball, Sportsmanship Award (59-60); Varsity Track; TAPS; Good Citizenship Award. MARY PAMELA BURGESS Anchor Club, President, Jr. Director; Student Council; Beta Club, Secretary; Junior Classical League, Secretary, Censor; Miss Sigma Delta; TAPS; Art; Guidance OfficeMARTHA JAYNE BURNHAM BILL BUSBF.E Entered 1959; Business Staff of Thronateeska; Office Assistant; Les Picares Perezeses; Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, School Projects Chairman ALTON BUTLER LAVERNE BUTLER Biology Research Club; Freshman Music Workshop; Drivers Train- Football; B-Team Football; Varsity ing; Intramural Basketball Baseball , V JUDY CAIN Los Conquistadors de Espognal; Biological Research Club; Grammar Literature and Drama Club; Family Living Club TOM CARCELU 38 RUBY LEE CANNON Transferred from Thomasville, Ga. I960; Family Living Club JAMES STEVEN CARLTON Senior Band; Intramural Basketball; B-Team Basketball; Varsity BasketballJANE CAROLINE CARVER FHA; Johnsons Little Vitamins; Fleming's Mad Historians JOAN CATO FHA; Alpha Tri-Hi-Y; William's Dixie Rebels; Music Workshop; Delta Tri-Hi-Y; SOS; Sooper-snoopers; Office Assistant GIOCONDA CEVALLOS THOMAS SIDNEY CHAMBLESS Key Club, Pres.; Student Council, Treas.; Hi-Y, Vice-Pres.; Junior Classical League; TAPS; Super-snoopers, Pres.; Science Club. Vicc-Pres.; Varsity Tennis; B-Tcam Basketball JIM CHAMPION Les Miserables de Chambre Senior Hi-Y FRAN CHANDLER 101; Tennis Team; Future Nurses. Sec.; 4-H. Treas ; Pow-Wow Staff; Annual Staff, Dixie Rebels; U.S. History Club BOBBY CHAZEN CHARLES (KIT) CHRISTOPHER Varsity Track; B-Team Basketball; Varsity Basketball; Beta Club; Movie Operators, Treasurer; Cheerleader, Powder Puff Football; Buenas Vecinas, Treasurer; Block A Club; Soopersnoopers; Thespians; Knight OwlsI CAROLYN JEAN CLARK Entered 59; Glee Club; Basketball; Intramural Basketball; DCT TINA CLARK SOS Club DOUGLAS WAYNE CLEGG JIMMY CLINE CHARLES CLOUD BENJAMIN JOSEPH COHEN Biological Research Club Beta Club; Hi-Y; Block A Club; Science Club; Track; Buenos Ve-cinos; Movie OperatorsAILEEN MARGARET CONNOR Basketball, 4 years; Co-Captain, 1959-60 Tennis, Region Doubles Champ 1959 and I960, Runner-Up 1958; Powder Puff Football; Captain; Pow Wow; Gym Assistant; Buenos Vecinos; Intramural Basketball Coach; General Biology Club; The Elites. MYRTLE CORLEY Entered 1958; Los Emisoras de Los Estados Unidos; Basketball, I960; Powder Puff Football; Buenos Vecinos, Intramural Basketball JUANITA LEE CORLESS BETTY COUCH MARY LOUISE COX JAMES LARRY CREAMER Music Workshop; Seekers of Sue- 4-H Club; Seekers of Success; Bak- cess er's Speed Queen; Hall Monitor Seekers of Shorthand; 4-H Club Pow Wow Staff; Circulation Man- ager; Library Service; Soopcrsnoop-ers; William's Dixie Rebels; Johnson’s Jolly Jewels; Bookroom JANICE CROSSON JOHN THOMAS CROUCH SOS Club; Office Assistant Movie Operators; Beta Club; Soop- ersnoopers; Chess Club 41RICHARD CRUMBLEY TERRY CULLOM CHRISTINE CURLES Entered 1960 JEANETTE CUTCHENS Delta Tri-Hi-Y; Music Workshop; FHA; William's Dixie Rebels; Miss AHS Representative; Seekers of Success; Alpha Tri-Hi-Y; Throna-teeska Staff; Pow Wow; Powder Puff; TAPS HELEN VERONICA CYGANIEWICZ Supersnoopers. Treasurer; Sigma Delta Tri-Hi-Y; Powder Puff Football; Student Council; Guidance Office Assistant; Annual Literary Staff; Thespian Society; Future Nurses Club; Teens Against Polio FRANCES DARBY Library Service Club; Autour De La Monde Dans Uncent, Vice-President; Future Nurses; Thespians; Pow Wow Staff; Johnson's Jolly Jewels DANNY DANIEL Hi-Y Club; Thespians; Freshman Football; B-Team Basketball; Varsity Basketball; Track; Block A Club; Tennis; Associate Editor of Pow Wow PETE DAUGHTRY 42BETTI DAVIS Beta Tri-Hi-Y; SOS; Freshman Band; TAPS; Intramural Cheerleader; Senior Band; Baker's Speed Queens JOYCE DAVIS CANTEY PACE DAVIS Beta Club; Freshman Football; Captain, Varsity Football; Student Council; Jr. Civitans; JCL; Powder Puff Coach; Block A Club; Sophomore Class Secretary; Good Citizenship Award; TAPS; Block A Club, President; President of Senior Class SANDRA DAVIS Library Service Club; SOS TROY DAVIS Elite’s English Club. Treasurer; William's Little Rebels. Secretary; DCT, Parliamentarian PEGGY DEESE Withdrew MARY LIBBY DEAN Beta Club; Music Workshop; Soop-ersnoopers; Junior Classical League; Buenos Vecinos; Intramural Basketball. Cheerleader; Alpha Tri-Hi-Y; Office DIANNE BISHOP DEMPSEY Anchor Club. Devotional Chairman; Alpha Tri-Hi-Y; Delta Tri-Hi-Y. Jr. Classical League; FTA: Music Workshop; Glee Club; Office; Annual Staff; TAPS; Miss FTA 43CARL DODGEN BETTY DOLLAR Library Service Club, 1958 59; Hall Krazy Kitchen Kats Monitor. 57 58; Track Manager. 58-59: DCT Club 59 60. 1960-61; Hi-Y, 59 60, 1959 61 CAROL DORSEY Anchor Club, Senior Director; Junior Classical League, Secretary; Beta Club; Future Teachers of America; Delta Tri-Hi-Y; Science Club; Music Workshop; Office Club; Secretary, Senior Class LINDA DIANNE DOWDA SOS Club, Chapter II. President Guidance Office JERRY DOYAL Freshman Football; Varsity Football, 3 years; Glee Club; Block A Club; B-Team Basketball; Varsity Basketball; Track; Thespians 44 JAMES DUBEAU Entered 1958; B-Tcam Football; Varsity Football; Block A Club; Annual StaffDAVID DUNN Science Club; Intramural Basketball; Junior Classical League VIRGINIA DURHAM President of Student Body; Anchor Club, Vice-President; Alpha Tri-Hi-Y; Beta Club; Secretary of Junior Class; TAPS; Buenos Vc-cinos; Los Diablitos; Delta Tri-Hi-Y BILLIE RUTH DYKES Cheerleader; Civinettcs; Student Council; Beta Tri-Hi-Y; Music Workshop. Pow Wow Staff; Art Service Club; Buenos Vecinos; President of Junior Class; Los Diablitos; TAPS DOROTHY EDGE 4-H Club; Library Sendee Club; SOS Club; Autour de la Monde Dans Uncent PHYLLIS ECKLER Baker Speed Queen; Seekers of Success; Office Assistant BRENDA EDWARDS Library Sen ice Club, Vice-President; Baker's Speed Queens; SOS; Annual Staff 45DOUGLAS M. (Butch) FAIN Student Council; Freshman Class Treasurer; Freshman Football; Varsity Football; Block A Club; Junior Powder Puff Football Coach; Beta Club; Hi-Y; Key Club; Movie Operators Club; Knight Owls; Boys' State, I960; Chemistry Club; Golf Team; Thespians; Fire Bureau; Science Club; Art Sen-ice SANDRA FALUN SOS; Future Homemakers of America; Johnson's Little Vitamins MARY FARRAR BIP FARROW KATHRYN FAULKNER Elites; Art Service; 4-H Club; Powder Puff Football, Manager; Los Emisoras de Los Estados Unidos; TAPS; Thespians; Future Nurses' of America GARY FLANIGAN Varsity Basketball; B-Tcam Basketball BILL FIELD Key Club; Hi-Y, Chaplain; B-Team Basketball; Science Club; Spanish Club; Intramural Basketball SYLVIA FLANIGAN Hall Monitor; Gym Assistant; DCT 46JIMMY M. FOUCHE ROBERT FOWLER Les Malhcureux Prisonniers de Buenos Vecinos; Buenos Vecinos-Qiambre 101; Biological Research Los Pcquenitos and Mama Juhan; Club; SPOTP Autour Dela Monde Dans Vncent; William’s Dixie Rebels; Science Club BOBBY L. FRAZIER Senior Band; Captain's Corps; Hi-Y; Thespian Society; TAPS: Autour de La Monde Dans Vncent; Les Malheureus Prisonniers de Chambre 101; Studio Band JOHN FREEMAN JOAN FREEMAN Music Workshop; Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y, Project Chairman; Library Club; Junior Classical League; Delta Tri-Hi-Y; Soopersnoopers; Sigma Delta Tri-Hi-Y; FNA; Thespians; Annual Staff; Pow Wow Staff; TAPS; Science Club RONALD C. GAUGHF ROGB; Short Circuit Senior Band; Beta Club; Hi-Y Chess Club; Drum Major; Student Director; Boys' State; All-State Marching Band; Science Club; Studio Band; Sweetheart of FHA EDWARD FLEUREN ERNEST FORDHAM Entered '59; Varsity Track BUCKY GEER Hi-Y; Key Club; Biological Research Club. Chapter III, Vice-President; Science Club; Thespians Society; Freshman Football; Autour De La Monde Dans Uncent; Powder Puff Football. Cheerleader MARTHA GEESLIN Library Service Club; FHA; SOS; Autour De La Monde Dans Uncent SIDNEY GEORGE GERALD GARRETT GERST Key Club. Elites; Block A Club; Fresh. Football; B-Team Football; Varsity Football; Varsity Baseball; Soph. Class. Treasurer; Jr. Class. Vice-President; Student Council TOMMY GILLIAM JEAN GOOLSBY ROGB, Secretary and Treasurer; Senior Band; Captains Corps; Science Club; Buenos Vecinos; Intramural Basketball; Movie Operators; Hi-Y 48 GLORIA JUNE GILL Intramural Basketball; William's Dixie Rebels; Baker's Speed Queens; SOS. DCT; FHA; Miss DCT; Alpha Tri-Hi-Y MARY LOUISE GILL Senior Band; Studio Band; Varsity Basketball; Intramural Basketball; Student Council; Pow Wow; Alpha Tri-Hi-Y; Powder Puff FootballCHARLES GRAMLING MARTHA GREEN Alpha Tri-Hi-Y; 4-H Club; Future Homemakers of America; Library Service Club; Office Assistant; Annual Staff JOHN E. GREEN Buenos Vecinos Club; Hall Monitor HELEN GREGORIE Future Homemakers of America; Powder Puff Football; DCT; Music Workshop; Biology Club VIRGINIA GRIMES Baker's Shorthand Klan; Library Service Club KAY HACKNEY Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y. Treasurer; Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, Public Relations Chairman; Beta Club; Student Council; Mrs. Fleming and Her 37 Relics; Les Prisonnicrs de Chambre 101 49DELORES HALL Sigma Delta Tri-Hi-Y; SOS; Powder Puff; Baker's Shorthand Klan; Music Workshop MARYBETH HALL Music Workshop; Beta Tri-Hi-Y; SPOTP; Intramural Basketball; Glee Club; Sigma Delta Tri-Hi-Y; TAP's; Lcs Molheureux Prisonnfers de Chambre lol; Annual Staff; Book Room Assistant DONNA GAIL HALL Delta Tri-Hi-Y; Sigma Delta Tri-Hi-Y; Los Emisoras dc los Estados Unidos; SOS; Music Workshop; Glee Club; Powder Puff Football WILLIAM MARK HALL DCT Club ROBERT HALLYBURTON FAYE HAMMOND Varsity Football; Freshman Foot- SOS. Secretary and Treasurer ball; B-Team Football JOAN HAND Future Homemakers of America; •I-H; Johnson's Little Vitamins; Library Service Club; Biological Research Club, Chapter 3, Secretary; Hall Monitor; Cafeteria Committee 50 TOMMY HAMPTON SPOTPJIMMY D. HANDLEY PATRICIA ANN HANSEN Biology Club; Guidance Office Library Service Club Assistant ROBERT WILLIAM HARE Biological Research Club; Chess Club; Track Team; Student Council; Hi-Y; Science Club; Powder Puff Cheerleader STAN HARP Biolog)' Club; Freshman Football; B-Team Football; Varsity Football; Hi-Y; Block A Club WREN HARRIS, JR. GLADYS DcLAINE HARROD Junior Classical League; Future Homemakers of America; Baker's Shorthand Clan; Alpha Tri-Hi-Y. Hospitality Chairman; Seekers of Success, Secretary-Treasurer PAULA HARTLEY BARBARA ANN HATCHER Art Club; Intramural Basketball; Library Service Club; Intramural Johnson’s Little Vitamins; Biology Basketball; SOS Club 51LISTON H. HATCHER RICHARD P. HATCHER Student Council; Biological Research Club, Chapter III, Pres.; Hi-Y; Movie Operator's Club; Key Club, Senior Director; Boys' State, 1960 BARBARA ANN HAYES GLORIA JOAN HEALAN Beta Club; Alpha Tri-Hi-Y; Les Prisonniers dc Chambre 101; Science Club; Office Club ANGELYN KAYE HENDLEY PAUL J. HENRY Future Homemakers of America, Sec. 3 years; Future Nurses of America, Vice-PresidentJUNE CAROLYN HINELY Music Workshop; Glee Club; Mel-lonettes; Student Body. Veep; Miss Junior Class; Tri-Hi-Y. Veep; Student Council, Veep and Secretary; Thespians. Secretary BRENDA FAYE HITCHCOCK FHA; FNA; Alpha Tri-Hi-Y; Beta Club CAROL LENORA HODGES Anchor Club; Delta and Sigma Delta Tri-Hi-Y, Veep and Pres.; JCL; Music Workshop; Junior Class. Veep; Beta Club; Student Council; Thespian; Annual Staff; Glee Club DANIEL CARSON HOPKINS Thespians; Art Service; Intramural Basketball DEBBIE LEE HOLLOWAY Delta Tri-Hi-Y, Secretary. SPOTP. Veep; Beta Club; FNA. Treasurer; Alpha Tri-Hi-Y. Treasurer; Buenos Vecinos; Les Diablitso de Mama Juhan ROSALYN HOPPER SOS; Library Service Club 53DENNIS POWELL HORNE MARY CAROL HOWARD Beta Club; FHA; Beta Tri-Hi-Y; Pow Wow, Business Manager; 4-H Club ROBERT FOWLER HOUSE, JR Annual Staff; Biological Research Club; Majorette, Powder Puff Football RICHARD HOWARD Intramural Basketball; B-Team Football; B-Team Basketball; Varsity Football; Varsity Basketball; Block A Club YVONNE HOWELL LINDA MARIE HUDGINS Entered 58; DCT; SOS 54 JOHN N. HUDGENS, JR. Biology Club; Junior Classical League; Quo Vadis; Hi-Y; Movie Operators; Thespians CLAUDE HUGHES, JR. Key Club; Biology Club; Spanish Club, Vice-President; Hi-Y; Tennis Team; Intramural Basketball; Buenos Vecinos-Frijoles Brincadores MexicanosJACKIE HUGHES PENNY SANDRA HUNTER Anchor Club; Chaplain; Pow Wow; Thronateeska Staff; FTA; Art Service Club; Tennis Team; Biological Research Club; Student Council; Delta Tri-Hi-Y; Sigma Delta Tri-Hi-Y; Music Workshop; Glee Club; Intramural Basketball; Powder Puff Football; Delegate to UN. Pilgrimage GLEN JOHN HUNTER ALVIN MAURICE HUTCHISON Key Club. Treasurer; Freshman. Sophomore. Junior Class President; Baseball; Tennis; Good Citizenship Award; Biological Research Club; Student Council; Block A Club MICHAEL WADE INGLE AGNES ESTELLE JANES Hi-Y; B-Team Football; Reddicks Biologists; Fleming's Historians WILLIAM LAWRENCE JENKINS Beta Club; Library Club; Hi-Y; Los Diablitos de Mama Juhan. President; Los Conquistadores de Espan-ol; Buenos Vecinos ROBERT JETT Band; Hi-Y 55SARA JOINER CHARLES JONES Sigma Delta Tri-Hi-Y; SPOTP; B Team Football; B-Team Basket- Biological Research Club, Chapter ball; Future Farmers of America 4; Buenos Vecinos Los Conquista- dores de Espanol; Tri-Hi-Y; Cicin- etts. Treasurer; Powder Puff; TAPS FRANK JONES JEANETTE JONES Reddick's Little Biologist; Office Club; Gym Assistant; Library Assistant; Powder Puff; William's Dixie Rebels; Thespians; Throna-teeska StaffTONY JONES VIRGINIA LEE JONES Powell's Grammarians Office Assistant; Baker's Shorthand Klan; Powell's Grammarians; SOS, Treas.; Intramural Basketball; Powder Puff Football JOYCE JULIAN LOU ANN KAHN FHA; 4-H; DCT; Powell s Grammarians; Mrs. Fleming and Her 37 Relics; BVLDT RUSSELL EUGENE KALIHER. Ill JERE WELLS KEENAN World History Club; Biol. Club Beta Tri-Hi-Y; PPF; Cursus Hon JCL Sr. Aedile; Student Council Annual StaffCAROLINE KING Beta Club; Thespians. Vice-President; Alpha Tri-Hi-Y; Student Council; Glee Club. Vice-President; Music Workshop; Pow Wow; FTA, Vicc-Pres.; Delta Tri-Hi-Y; Annual Staff; Les Malheurcux JACK KING FFA; B-Team Grammarians Football; Powell's ELOISE KING Music Workshop; Glee Club. Secretary; Thespians; Delta and Alpha Tri-Hi-Y; FTA, Secretary; Les Malhcureux 101; Student Council; Annual Staff; Pow Wow; Powell’s Grammarians. President JIMMY SUE KINNY Baker's Shorthand Klan; Biological Research Club; Music Workshop; Powell’s Grammarians CAROLYN KIRKLAND JIMMY KIRKPATRICK Music Workshop; Biological Research Club; Powell's Grammarians; Los Emisoras de los Estadois Uni-das; SOS; -I-H Club; Baker's Shorthand Klan RICHARD KLEIN LARRY KNIGHT 58GRACE KNOWLES Pow Wow; Glee Club; Music Workshop; Mcllonettes; Office Club; Varsity Basketball; Powder Puff Football; Thespians; Buenos Vecinos-Frijoles Brineadores Mcxi-canos; Biological Research Club, Chapter IV; Tennis Team; Intramural Basketball FLORENCE KULP MICHAEL LAFON ALICE ANGELA LANCASTER Entered '60; Thespians, Treasurer; Future Nurses of America, Treasurer; Los Diablitos, Secretary ROGER LAND Powder Puff, Cheerleader MICHAEL HOWARD LANE Varsity Football; B-Team Football; Freshman Football; Varsity Baseball; B-Team Basketball; Pow Wow Staff, Sports Editor; Thronateeska; Block A Club; Biology Club. Chapter I; World History- Club, Chapter I; Junior Civitan Club TED LANDAU Beta Club; Hi-Y. Secretary; Movie Operators; AHS Science Club; William's Dixie Rebels, President; Thespian Society; JCL, Quo Vadis Chapter, Cursus Honorum Chapter; Reddick's Little Biologists; Intramural Basketball Cheerleader, Junior Class; Autour De La Gonde Dans Uncent, Parliamentarian; Annual Staff SANDRA LARAMORE SOS; Family Living 59 PHYLLIS LASSITER LINDA GAYLE LASTINGER Entered 1960; DCT Junior Classical League, Cursus Honorum Chapter; Beta Tri-Hi-Y; 4-H Club; JAP's; Office Assistant; William’s Little Rebels 60 SAM LAW MARY JANICE LAYMAN Entered I960; Future Homemakers of America; Thespian Society ANN LAYSON Freshman Band; Senior Band; Los Conquistadores; TAPS BECKY LEE Civinettes; . Thespians; Intramural Basketball; Powder Puff Football; Art Club; Spanish Club, President; Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y SAM LEWIS Entered 1959; Movie Operators; Thespian Society, President; Annual Staff; US Smart Historians; Track Manager DICK LIGHTNER Freshman FootballMITCHELL DAVIDSON LOVING Hi-Y; The Elites; Science Club; Art Club; Chess Club; Thespians; Powder Puff Cheerleader; Intramural Basketball; Varsity Tennis; TAPS; Buenos Vecinos Los De Espanol. SAM LUCKEY Intramural Basketball; Baseball; Driver Training; Hi-Y; Annual Staff DONNA LUIRTSEMA DONNA LYNCH Music Workshop; Les Malheureux Prisonniers de Chamber 101; Williams Little Rebels; FHA; Thespians MADELYN LYNCH REX LYNCH Baseball; Football; Track; Block A Club; Intramural Basketball; Los Conquors de Espanol 61MARY MARTIN WALLACE MARTIN Thespians; Alpha Tri-Hi-Y; Library Hi-Y; Dramatics Club Service; 4-H; William's Little Rebels WALTER MARTIN ROBERT MATSON ARRS, President 62 BARBARA MADDOX FHA; Thespians; Alpha Tri-Hi-Y; Future Nurses of America CAROLYN JANE MARTIN Entered i960; Beta Club; Alpha Tri-Hi-Y CAROLYN MALONE Music Workshop, President, Pianist; Glee Club; Delta Tri-Hi-Y; Sigma Delta Tri-Hi-Y; Future Homemakers of America, Treasurer; Reddick Biology Club, Treasurer; Juhan’s Spanish Club; Powder Puff Football; Junior Class Treasurer; Student Council DAVID MARTIN Junior Civitans. Secretary; B-Team Football; Capt. Varsity Football; Intramural Basketball; Science ClubJULIE MAYER GLEN McCARTY Music Workshop; Glee Club; Intra- Golf Team; Science Club; Intramural Basketball; Science Club; mural Basketball Powder Puff; Junior Classical League JIMMY McCORKLE JOHNNY McCLURE B-Tcam Football; Thespians; Fresh- Entered I960 man Football; Intramural Basketball PATRICIA McCOY ARTHUR McDANIEL Apha Tri-Hi-Y; Library Service Club. Secretary; SOS NICKIE McDANIEL ROBIN McDANIEL Entered 59-60; Varsity Basket- Baseball; Intramural Basketball ball; Varsity FootballJACKIE McDEARMID Beta Club; Alpha Tri-Hi-Y; FTA: Junior Classical League; Around the World in 180 Days; Senior Band; Studio Band; TAPS; Throna-teeska Staff; Office Assistant gene McDonald skip McDonald Patricia McGirt henry McGuire andrea McLemore French Club, Treasurer; Thespian Club: Annual Staff; Movie Operators JOHN McLENDON MARJORIE McNEFF Music Workshop; Beta Club; Beta Tri-Hi-Y; Junior Classical League; Baker’s Speed Queens; Sigma Delta Tri-Hi-Y; SOS 64KATHERINE MEADORS U.S. History Club; Art Club; Powder Puff Football; Junior Classical League, Senior Consul; Beta Club; Varsity Basketball: Varsity Tennis, Region Champs, 1960 PATTI JO MEDLEY Mrs. Summerville's Biology Club; Shorthand Club; Office Assistant KATHRYNE MEEKS RONALD MERRITT Delta Tri-Hi-Y; Lib. Asst.; Intramural Basketball; FTA; Alpha Tri-Hi-Y; PPF ANDREA MARIE MIDDLETON Cheerleader, Co-captain; Civinettes, Veep.; -»-H; William's Little Rebel; Biological Research Club; TAPS; Civitan Sweetheart; Miss Civinette; Les Chats Frais Dc France FRANK F. MIDDLETON. Ill Jr. Classical L.; Jr. Civitan, Pres.; Student Council: Hi-Y; Beta Club; B-Tcam Football; TAPSCHARLES MITCHELL GEORGIA KAY MOORHEAD Civinettcs, Secretary; FHA; Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y; Intramural Basketball; Powder Puff Football; Annual Staff, Club Editor, Pow Wow; 225 Biology Club, President; Office Club; Buenos Vecinos-Trijoles Brincadores Mexicanos; Future Nurses of America, Junior Chapter; Thespian Society, Miss A.H.S. Representative; Art Service Club; Buenos Vecinos Los Picaros Pcrczo-sos; TAPS BUDDY MORRIS FRANKIE MORRIS Freshman Football; B-Team Football; Varsity Football; Varsity Baseball; B-Team Basketball; Biological Research Club WILLIAM L. MOSELEY JAMES L. MULL BARBARA GENE MURPHY KEN MUSGROVE JCL; Les Prisonniers de Chambre 101; Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y; Thespians; Annual Staff; Office Assistant; Biology Club; TAPS 66SILAS MUSSELWHITE RICHARD ROBERT MYLER JOHNNY FRANK MYERS NANCY NUNN Thronateeska Staff; Feature Editor; Pow Wow. Column Editor; Delta Tri-Hi-Y; Sigma Delta Tri-Hi-Y; The Elites; SPOTP, Parliamentarian TIANA ROSE OLIPHANT Entered 1960; Alpha Tri-Hi-Y; DCT Club; FHA WANDA OLIVENT 4-H Club; Howell’s Biological Research Club. Vice-President; Pow Wow Staff; Office Assistant; Powder Puff Football JOHN OT.IVFR BOBBY O’NEILL Annual Staff, Business Editor; Track; Biological Research Club; Buenos Vecinos. Los Peones de Espanol; Thespians 67ALICE ELIZABETH OWENS Entered 59; Les Chats Frais dc France; Thespian Club; Art Service Club; Glee Club; Tennis; Varsity Basketball SHEILA DIANE OWENS Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, Second Vice-President; Student Council; Delegate to Girls' State; Stella Kalsnon Chapter of Future Teachers of America; Mellonettes; Glee Club; Music Workshop; Powder Puff Football; Biology Club IV; Science Club; Delta Tri-Hi-Y; Les Prison-niers de Chambre 101, Secretary FRANCES RUTH PALMER Band, Beta Club; Pow Wow; Annual Business Staff; Beta Tri-Hi-Y; Sigma Delta Tri-Hi-Y; TAPS; Seekers of Success; Civil Air Patrol, Inter-regional Exchange; Captain, Adjutant; Autour Dc La Monde Dans Uncent TERRY PARKER Student Council; World History Club; Spanish II Club; Varsity Baseball; Varsity Basketball; Intramural Basketball; "Bones"; Block A Club; "Sherman Class Busters” 68 JEWELL PALMER "William's Little Rebels"; Office Assistant GINGER PARKER Student Council; Sigma Delta Tri-Hi-Y; SOS; FHA; FNA; Jr.-Sr. Dance Committee; The Polka-Dot-ters, Pres.; Powder Puff Football; Art Club; Baker's Speed Queens HELEN CLAUDIA PARKER Junior Classical League; Quo Vadis Chapter; Art Service Club; Biological Research Club; Les Malheurcux Prisonniers de Chambre 101, Vice-President; Thronateeska JAMES WALTER PARKER Entered 1958; B-Team Football; Varsity Football; Track Team; Biological Research Club; Chess Club; Science Club; National Thespian Society; Thronateeska Staff, Sports Editor JO PARKER CHRISTINE PARKER Beta Tri-Hi -Y; Music Workshop; Entered 1959; Buenos Vecinos; Office; Sigma Delta Tri-Hi-Y; FHA; 4-H; Annual FNA; FHA; SOS; Thespians; Art Service Club; Miss Art Service; Powder Puff Football; TAPS r i SAMMY PATE BARBARA D PATRICK BILLY PATTERSON Band, Captain's Corps; FFA; Little Rebels Alpha Tri-Hi-Y; Band; Johnson's Jolly Jewels; Moore s Current Historians MARY SUE PEEPLES Music Workshop; Delta Tri-Hi-Y; DCT; Powder Puff Football; Mrs. Fleming's 37 Relics BOBBIE E. PAUL Delta Tri-Hi-Y; DCT; SPOTP Buenos Vecinos ANDY PENNINGTON Key Club, Vice-President; Block A Club; B-Team Football; Varsity Football; B-Team Basketball; Varsity Basketball; Track; Student Council; Biology Club 69TRUDY PHILLIPS ESTHER REBECCA PENNINGTON Delta Tri-Hi-Y; Biological Club, Chapter II. President; SOS Club; Sigma Delta Tri-Hi-Y; Powder Puff Football; Intramural Basketball LYNNE K. PIERSON Beta Tri-Hi-Y; Music Club; Glee Club, Sec.; Beta Tri-Hi-Y; Junior Classical League; Biological Research Club; FTA; Collin's Casual Chemists; Alpha Tri-Hi-Y; Executive Board; US Smart Historians; Mellonettes; Annual Staff, Assistant Editor; Student Council FRED D. POLLARD Soopersnoopers; Beta Hi-Y. President; Treasurer of Senior Class; Science Club, President; Movie Operators; Knight Owls CLINT POOLE BARBARA POPE Annual Staff BETTY ROSALYND POTTS KATHERINE POWELL Los Ninos; SOS Club; Library As sistant; Biology Club 70ELNA GRACE PRESCOTT Band, Majorette; FHA; Carolyn's Cats; f-H; Los Emesaros dc los Estados Unidos; Scholars; English Book Club; Intramural Basketball; Government Club EMILY PRICE Alpha Tri-Hi-Y; Biological Research Club; -4-H; Seekers of Success; Office Assistant JAMES A PREVATTE Science Club; Thespians; Art Club; Block A Club; Varsity Football; B-Team Football MYRTI PRITCHARD Library Service Club; Powell's Grammarians JULIA ELIZABETH RAMSEY Delta Tri-Hi-Y; Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, Projects Chairman SONNY REAVES Intramural Basketball; Science Club; Biology Research Club DANIEL E. REESE Freshman Football; Hi-Y; Basketball; Chess Club; Biology Club; Student Council; Dramatics Club ANNE C. RICHARDSON Transferred from Pittsburgh, New York I960; Beta Club; Thespian Society 71RICHARD A ROACH JERRY G ROBERTS LINDA ANNE ROBERTS Music Work Shop; Delta Tri-Hi-Y; TAPS; Powel's Grammarians; Sigma Delta Tri-Hi-Y; Powder Puff MARTHA JANE ROBINSON Anchor Club, Treasurer; Student Council; Beta Club; Delta Tri-Hi-Y. Chaplain; Sigma Delta Tri-Hi-Y; Office Club; Spanish ClubLEWIS L. ROGERS PAT ROGERS 4 H; FHA; DCT; Music Workshop; Glee Club TOBY ANN ROYAL Music Workshop; Art Service Club; Office; Future Nurses; Thespian Society; 4-H Club; Intramural Basketball; TAPS; Annual Staff; Biological Research Club; Powder Puff FRANK RUSSELL Entered ’58; Varsity Track; Block A Club; Thespians; Annual Staff; Los Peculos Perezosos, Treasurer; Buenos Vecinos ANNA FRANCES RUTHERFORD DCT MARIE SANTOS Los Diablitos de Mama Juhan; Music Workshop, Pianist; Delta JJJ Club; Future Nurses, Junior Chapter 1 ARDELLA ANN SANDISON Junior Classical League; Future Teachers of America; Beta Tri-Hi-Y; Alpha Tri-Hi-Y; Autour De La Monde Dans Uncent RONALD SARGENT I LINDA SAUCIER Freshman Band; Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y: FHA; Senior Band; Beta Tri-Hi-Y; Biological Research I; Sigma Delta Tri-Hi-Y; Buenos Vecinos; FTA JUDD SAVELLE VII JOSEPH D. SAVAGE Beta Club; DCT Club; Science Club; Movie Operators Club STEPHEN SCHATZ Student Council; JCL, Cirsus Hon-orum Chapter; Soopersnooper, V.P.; William’s Little Rebels. Pres.; Thespians; Hi-Y; Track; Powder Puff Cheerleader; Intramural Basketball ERNEST WAITE SELL LINDA SELPH Biology Club; General Science Club; FHA; Intramural Basketball; Krazy Mrs. Fleming and Her Thirty-seven Kitchen Kats; William's Little Reb- Relics; The Pow Wow Staff; Var- els; Library Service sity Baseball DAVID SHERMAN WAYNE M. SHIFTLET Entered 1959; Lab Assistant; Science Club 74ANGELA SIMMONS Sigma Delta Tri-Hi-Y; Band. Majorette; Miss ROGB; Future Nurses; Delta Tri-Hi-Y; Studio Band CONNIE SIMPSON Entered 1959; Sigma Delta Tri-Hi-Y; French Club; Civinette; Powder Puff Football WAYNE SIMPSON PHYLLIS ANNETTE Senior Hi-Y; Science Club; Junior SINGLETON Classical League LIBBY SMITH GWENN WALKER SMITH 4-H Club; Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y; Music Workshop; Library Sendee Club JEAN ELIZABETH SMITH Beta Club; Thespians; Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y; Delta Tri-Hi-Y; The Sooper-snoopers; Hall Monitor; Buenos Vc-cinos Trijotes Brincadores Mcxi-canos; Sigma Delta Tri-Hi-Y; Baker's Speed Queens; William's Dixie Rebels; Los Conqreistadores; FTA; TAPS LENIE W. SMITH. JR 75-y TINA SMITH Music Workshop, Pianist: Delta Tri-Hi-Y; Glee Club, Pianist, President; Mellonetts. Pianist. Director: Science Club. Secretary; Civinettes; FTA; Miss A.H.S. Contestant; Pow Wow; Buenos Ve-cinos Los Conquistadores de Es-panol; Powder Puff; Buenos Vc-cinos Los Conquistadores RONALD G. SNIDER SYDNEY SPIVEY LARRY SOWELL Beta Club; Senior Hi-Y: Audio-Visual Club; Science Club; Mrs. Fleming and Her 37 Relics BEBE STANLEY Freshman Class Officer; Alpha Tri-Hi-Y; Powder Puff, Co-Captain; Office Assistant; Art; FHA: Future Nurse, President; Johnson's Jolly Jewells, Sec.-Trcas.; DCT GARY STARRETT Senior Band; Freshman Band; Chemistry I-ab Assistant; Track Team; Cross-Country Team; Science Club: Soopersnoopcrs; Fleming's Mad Historians ROY LEON STEPHENS Band, Captain Corps, Student Director. First Chair Clarinet: ROGB: Rocking Rebels; Movie Operators; Miss Dves' History Club; Chess Club CARLA LEE STERNE Beta Club; Thronateeska Staff; Junior Classical League; Freshman Band; Soopersnoopers; Thespians: William's Dixie Rebels, Secretary 76ANNE STINSON Alpha Tri-Hi-Y; Delta Tri-Hi-Y; Lcs Maiheureux Prisonniers de Chambre 101; FTA; Office Assistant JoANNE STOKES Seekers of Success; Library Club; 4-H Club CARL STORY Hi-Y; Biological Research Club. Chapter II; B-Team Basketball; Intramural Basketball; Buenos Vecines I. II; Los Diablites de Mama Juhan KAY STOVALL Student Council Rep.; Beta Tri-Hi-Y; Office Assistant; Los Con-quistadores; Pow Wow Staff; Los Diablitos de Mama Juhan EDWARD KNIGHTON STRIPLING Soopersnoopers; Science Club; Senior Hi-Y; Knight Owls RONALD VINCENT STEWART Junior Classical League; Cursus Honorum Chapter; Beta Club; Soopersnoopers; Intramural Basketball; Mrs. Fleming and Her Thirty-seven Relics; Buenos VecinosJAMES SUMMERFORD Intramural Basketball; Williams Little Rebels; Art Club CLAUDE SURFACE. JR. Varsity Football; Varsity Baseball; Track; Beta Club; Student Council; Junior Classical. League; Intramural Basketball; Office Assistant; Sooper-snoopers. Secretary; Mrs. Fleming and Her Thirty-seven Relics; Science Club; Les Malheurcux Prisonniers dc Chambre 101; Albany Asphalt Angles KATHLEEN SUMMERFORD Beta Tri-Hi-Y; Fleming's Mad Historians; Tryoles Brincadorcs Mcxi-canos; Sigma Delta Tri-Hi-Y; Los Conquistadores; Powder Puff Football; Los Diablitos de Mama Juhan; Annual Staff; Student Council BILL SUTTON Varsity Football; Block A Club; Track; Junior Civitans; Student Council; The Elites; Thirty-seven Relics; William’s Dixie Rebels; Freshman Class, Vice-President; Sophomore Class, Vice-President; Junior Class, Secretary NORMAN SWEET Entered '60; Varsity Baseball; Pow Wow, Editor; Annual Staff, Art Editor; Thespians CHROLETTE ANN TAYLOR Music Workshop; Glee Club; Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y; Sigma Delta Tri-Hi-Y; 1-H Club; Future Homemakers of America ; The Polka-doters. Secretary-Treasurer: SOS. President; Office Assistant; Powell's Grammuals; Powder Puff Football 78 BILL SWENSON Entered '60 ELIZABETH TAYLOR FHA; Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y; Les Mal-heureux Prisonniers de Chambre 101 PAT TAYLOR PEGGY TAYLOR Future Homemakers of America; Baker's Speed Queens; 4-H Club; Seekers of Success; Future Teachers of America; Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y; Glee Club; Mellonetts TERRY THAYER ELAINE THIBODEAU Art Club; Gabblers; KATS Buenos Vecinos; 4-H; FHA; DCT; Powell’s Grammarians; Los Con-quistadores; Krazy Kitchen Kats BEA THOMASON Thespians; Intramural Basketball; Powder Puff; Art Club; FHA. Treasurer; 4-H; FTA; Super Snoopers; Johnson's Jolly Jewels; Buenos Vecinos; Second Year Spanish Club JANET THOMPSON Beta Club; Junior Classical League; Cursus Honorum Chapter; Beta Tri-Hi-Y; Music Workshop; DCT, President » BERNITA THOMPSON Library Service Club; Office Assistant; Future Homemakers of America; Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y; Thronateeska Annual Staff, Ad Editor; DCT; Soopersnoopers; Powder Puff Football; 4-H; Art Service Club; Gym Assistant CAROLYN JEANETTE THORNHILL Alpha Tri-Hi-Y; SOS; Library Service Club; Baker s Speed Queens; t-H Club 79DONALD TINGLE JOEL TOLBERT Band; Glee Club; Biological Research Club BOBBY TOMLINSON William's Dixie Rebels; General Biology Club; William's Little Club; Mrs. Weed’s Art Club; Mrs. Summc-rbilie's Science Class WILMA TRAMMELL Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y; Music Workshop, Treasurer; Beta Tri-Hi-Y; Junior Classical League; Student Council; Alpha Tri-Hi-Y; FTA ANN TI CKER Entered 1958; Los Conquestadores de Espanol; Music Workshop; FHA; CAP; Intramural Basketball; Pow Wow Staff; Civil Defense, First Aid Team 80 DOUG TUCKER Thespian Club; GLADS; Pow Wow Staff; Art Service Club; B-Team FootballSUSAN UJHELYI Entered 59; Senior Band; Future Nurses, Junior and Senior Chapters; Press Reporter; CAP; Spanish Club JAMES COY VANLANDJNGHAM DCT; Powell's Grammarians; Short Circuits; William's Little Rebels i MIKE VAN LANDINGHAM PETE VANN Student Council; Biology Research Art Service Club Club II; Library Service Club; DCT Club PEGGY J. VANZANT LYNDA SUE VARNUM Music Workshop; 4-H Club; FHA: Kitchen Kats; English III Club; Historian; Thespians; Epsilon Tri- Biological Research Club; Dean of Hi-Y; Johnson’s Jolly Jewels Girls Office Assistant; DCT Club; Book Room; Baker's Pen Pushers; SOS IMA CAROLYN WALKER RANDALL AMES WALKER 81KAY WALLACE Entered in 1959; SOS Club; Alpha Tri-Hi-Y; Powder Puff Football PATRICIA WARE DCT, Co-Historian; Powder Puff; William's Little Rebels; Office Assistant; Future Homemakers of America JIM WARD Junior Civitan; Thespian Society; Pow Wow Staff; B-Team Basketball; William’s Little Rebels; Biology Club; Art Service Club ANNE WATSON Freshman Band; Senior Band; Studio Band; Beta Club; Junior Classical League. Jr. Chapter; Future Teachers of America, Stella Kalmon Chapter; Pow Wow Staff, Associate Editor; Thronatceska, Business Staff WILLIAM GLENN WATSON Hi-Y; William's Little Rebels; Student Council; Thespian Club; Baseball; Basketball; Buenos Ve-cinos Los Piranos Perczosos: Speech Club; U.S. Smart Historians; Science Club GILBERT WELLISCH LYNN C. WEED Office Club; Speech Club; Art Club; FTA Club; Thespian Club SANDRA WEINMANN Music Workshop; Art Club; FHA; Thespian Club; Alpha Tri-Hi-Y 82JUDITH RAYE WESTON BEVERLY ROSE WILLIAMS Tennis Team; Music Workshop; Basketball JOSEPH LEE WHEELER, JR. Beta Club; Movie Operators; History Club; Chemistry Club; Intramural Basketball EDWARD LUNSFORD WILLIAMS Annual Staff; Buenos Vecinos; Soopcrsnoopers; SPOTP ELLEN WILLIAMS Freshman Band; Senior Band; Thronatceska Business Staff; History Club; Pow Wow MARTHA LYNDA WILLIAMS Music Workshop; Glee Club; Thespian Society; Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y, Secretary; Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, President; Office Assistant; Beta Club; Science Club; Los Picaros Perezo-sos; Los Conzuestadores de Espa-nol; SPOTP, Treasurer; Throna-teeska Staff; TAPS LOU WILLIAMS Beta Club; Anchor Club; Hospital Chairman; Student Council Rep.; Key Club Sweetheart; Miss Teen Center; Junior Classical League; Miss Key Club; Music Workshop; Delta Tri-Hi-Y ROBERT WILLIAMS Biology Research Club; Freshman Band; Senior Band; Thespian Club; History Club; Track Team 83RALPH E. WINTER DAVID M. WOLFE, JR. Annual Staff; Chess Club; Sooper-snoopers; Knight Owls; SPOTP; TAPS CAROL JEAN WOMACK CHARLES STOWERS Entered 1958; Future Nurses; WOMELSDORF FHA; SOS; Clinic Assistant MARTHA J. WOODY CHARLES ROBERT Thespian Club; Glee Club; Music ARBROUGH III Workshop; 4-H Club; Library Club; William's Little Rebels; FHA; Buenos Vecinos-Los Picaros Perezosos ELIZABETH ANNE WILLIAMSON Entered 1958; Alpha Tri-Hi-Y; 4-H Club; FHA; Guidance Office Assistant BERNICE WILLIS BRUCE LEROY WILLIS Varsity Baseball; Los Diablitos Lantos LINDA WILLIS Music Workshop; FHA; Beta Club; Tri-Hi-Y; FT A. Pres.; Student Council; Sophomore Class President Junior C) ass Officers CECIL FOWLER, President BARBARA WF.STBERRY, President Left to right: Pam Jordan, Vice-President; Carey Webb, Vice-President; Sue Yielding, Secretary; Hamilton Jordan, Secretary; Susan Lee, Treasurer; Earl Sauls, Treasurer. 86Sonny Abel Larry Adams Larryr Akins Raymond Akridge Marvin Allen Larry Almand Patricia Anderson Pat Archer Charles Avery John Harold Baker Randy Adams Ann Addison Cheryl Aldhizer Dwain Allen Barbara Anderson Kay Anderson Karyl Arn Earl Ashfield Frankye Barbre Becky BarfieldMarilyn Barfield Opal Barfield Donald Barthelemy Patsy Bass Richard Beamer Judith Ann Beasley Mary Beaver Rodger Beaver Gail Belcher Janet Bel flower Barbara Barker Virginia Barry Joseph Edward Bateham Tommy Bateman Janet Beat Ruffin Beaty Jay Beck Patsy Bedenbaugh Michael Bell Kay Bennett 88Bert H. Benz, Jr. Sammy Bigbie Charles Blizard Theresa Jolyne Bonafide Linda Breeden Bob Briggs Judy Broderick George Brooks Mary Sue Brundage Ray Bruner Rodney Blalock Michael Blewett James Braswell Harold Breeden Tommy Brisbois Joe B rod beck Bill Brown Martha Sue Brown Sharon Buckley Pat BullingtonDotti Bunch Judy Burgess Irene Canedo Jackie Canning Frances Cappadocia J L. Carter Mary’ Louise Cates Robert Chappell Tom Clark Garry Cline Charles Byrd Jackie Cain Johnny Cannon Ronnie Cannon Pete Carter Johnny Cason Bob Chastain Sandra Clark June Cloud Jackie Codding 90Juanita Cohn Walda Collins Oleta Cooper Donna Cooperman Bobby Coston Bobby R. Cox Judith Colleen Craft Barbara Cranford Jeanie Cross Wanda Culbreth Lucy Cook Thomas Cook Billy Corbin Connie Cordell Carl Cox Phyllis Cox well Gloria Crawley’ Barbara Cross Marie Culpepper Phyllis DabbsJerry Dail James Darnell Harry Davis Johnny Davis Bobby Dickerson Don Dismuke Chris Dollman Ann Dorminy Leo DuBois Gladys Duke 92 Yvonne D'Aubert Ray Davidson Susan Dent Buddy Dial Dub Dodgen Billie Dollar Gloria Dowling Stanley Driver Janice Duke Linda DunnRobert Dunn Judy Dupree Linda Edwards Gail Ellington Linda Ethredge Auby Eubanks Dorothy Fields Jetta Fisk Ronald Fleming Janice Ford Ben Dykoman Archie Edwards Kathie Embree Norman Estep Carol Farrar David Ferrel Jimmy Fitzpatrick Julie Fleming Cecil Fowler Patricia FowlerPatsy Frazier Neil Freeman Ollie Gasset Carol Gibbs Bob Gillette Jim Gilmer Sue Glenn Edmon Glisson Joan Godwin Charlotte Gooch Janet Fullerton Judy Fulmer Jimmy Gibbs Charles Gillespie Roye Glass Betty Glenn Edward Gnehm Bobo Godfrey Alan Goolsby Kenneth Grace 94Wendell Grace Mary Lewis Grambling Ellen Greene Eddie Griffin Skip Gutierrez Barbara Guzman Gerry Hall James Hall Tappie Hambrick Tom Hamilton Jimmy Gray Nicky Grayson Margaret Griffin Billy Grimes Michael Halburnt Flora Hall Rene Hall Sara Hall Butch Hamlin Curtis (Mike) Hamlin IIIJay Hanna Linda Hansen Gwen Harrell Jimmy Harris Glynn Hatcher Lanis Hatcher Larry Hayman Penny Heeth Mike Henry Bill Henson Skeet Hard Bill Hardin Ed Hart Nancy Hartley Randall Hatcher Tony Hayes Steve Heidt Jimmy Henley Phil Higgs Boogie Hill 96Diane Hinson Tommy Hinton Patricia Holland Jonnie Holley Jon Horne Emily Howell Joy Hutchison Virginia Israel Jan Jarrett Myrna Jeffryes John Holden Phil Holeman Linda Hollingsworth Sally Holt Kay Hughey Gerry Humphrey Barney Jacobs Tommy James Lee Jenkins Sharon JennetteMarion Jernigan Janice Jewell Floyd Johnson Joette Johnson Ronnie Johnson Ronnie Johnson Jackie Joiner Mari Jo Joiner Joe Jones Larry Jones 98 Ben Johnson Bette Johnson Kenneth Johnson Martha Johnson Virginia Johnson Wesley Johntson Bobby Jones George Jones Linda Jones Paul JonesTony Jones Diane Jordan Dale Kennedy E. Bland Kenney Margaret Kessler Joe Kieve Ladd King Micki King Janelle Kirksey Allen Klein Hamilton Jordan Pamela Jordan Dianna Kent Bill Kerns Barbara King Dorothy King Tom King Tommy Kinney Wayne Knight Johnny KnightonThomas Knighton Gaile Kopp Sherry Lancaster Tony Landers Ray Lanier Jeanne Larsen Ray Layfield Susan Lee Jack Lewis Sandra Lewis 100 Pat Kratzer Lennie La Cagnin Claudette Landfair Ken Lanier Carol La Rue James Lasseter Anne Leggett Jean Le Givin Philip Littlejohn Paul LockardCecelia Looney Scott MacEIroy Diane Emily Magi 11 Lynette Maples Joyce Mathis Carol Mauldin Brenda McDaniel Frances Ellen McDaniel Joel McEwen Shelley M. McGhee Fred H. Mac Fawn John Macke)r Skip Mason Willette Mason Norma Jean McCorkle Mike McCormick Russell McDonald Gene McEIroy Pat McGinty Jean McKnightPaul McLcmore Martha Meinders Ronnie Merritt Don Miller Jackie Milling Rex Milling Jerry Mitchell Caroline Mock Carol Murphy Tom Nance 102 Jim Melton Paul Meredith Pat Miller Annice Milling Robert Milnes Hubert Mitchell Dorothy Money Marie Moseley Bruce Newell Wanda NolandLinda Norris Kyle Nunnally Raylccn O'sheal Sandy Osher Helen Pafford Charles Paige Verba Parham Ann Parker Larry Parr Jerry Parromorc Sonny Oakes Ann Ortega Sarah Otting Harold Owens Johnny Palmer Winkie Palmer Terrie Parker Elayne Paros Eddie Parrish Tommy ParrishCarol Pate Andrea Patstone Sara Pattison Phyllis Paul Jerry Pearlman Judy Pelham Carlos Phillips Minamar Phillips Joyce Puckett Alice Ragan 104 Sandy Patstone Richard Patterson Mitchell Peak John Pearl Marian Perry Johnny Petrecca Betty Price Betty Joyce Pruitt Sonny Ragan Charles RaineyBubber Rcames Sandra Reed Evelyn Reeves Gerald Reid Linda Richard Harold Rigsby Carol Rockett June Rogers Ginger Rouse Charles E. Ruehl Carolyn Reeves Claire Reeves Carol Revel 1 Mike Rhaten JoAnnc Roark Bobby Robinson Linda Rogers Eileen Rothschild Ann Rushton Nancy RushtonJane Russell John E. Rydell Lawrence Sanchez Claire Sasser Earl Sauls JoEllen Schatz Judy Seg roves Barbara Shelby Jeannette Shiver Kathie Sibert 106 Martha Jane Sadler Daphine Salter Bill Satterfield Joanne Sauer Billy Ray Schmidt Ellen Schramm Garnett Shelnut Herbert Shippey Earl Sikes Jim SimontonEleanor Simpson Susan Slappey Judy Smith Kay Smith Priscilla Smith Thomas Smith Grady Stallings Richard Stalvey Alex Stewart Jeanna Stewart Brenda Smith Buddy Smith Linda Faye Smith Myra Smith Keith Snell Art Spies Anna Stephens Patricia Stephans Martin Stewart Sue StewartGary Stokes Patricia Stone Suzy Styles Jackie Suddath Dale Swilley Steve Swimmer Clara Tarpley Charlotte Taylor Issaac Thompson Jo Ann Thompson 108 Judy Stuart Carey Stutlee Cornelia Sutton Bonnie Swain Cecelia Tabb Sandra Tanner Barnie Tharpe Darlene Thompson Jimmy Thornton Lee ThorntonMervin Tilton Janie Tomberlin Pat Tower Don Town ley Marcia Turner Betty Veber Thomas Walker Paul Wallace Freddy Washburn Catherine Watkins Nancy Tomes Sandra Toole Jerona Trammell Jimmy Tumlin Helen Vinsant Betty Von Gimmicke Sandra Wallace Bobby Wallis Bill Watson James WatsonKeith Watson Larry Watson Carey Webb Paul Webb Diane White Ray White Eli Whitney Brenda Wiard Dennis Wilkinson Johnnie Mae Williams Sharon Watson Mary Louise Way Tim Webb Barbara Westberry Ronnie Whitfield Philip Whitman Buddy Wilder Marty Wilkes Carolyn Willis Fay Willis NORobbie Ann Willis Chester Wilson Norma Wingate John Wolfe Cynthia Yancey Sue Yielding Judy Winchester Ann Wingard Billy Woodard Tony Yaksh Bobby Jean Young David Parsons IIISMOKING c op iomore ( ass (Jfhcers Left to Right—Pete Hudson, Vice-President; Steve Bacon,Secretary; James Benson, Treasurer; Gayle Walden, Vice-President; Jane Heath, Secretary; Gloria Hichcock, Treasurer. 113Herbert Adams Ken Adams Richard Adams Bob Aebersold Mitchell Akins Ricky Akins Tucky Alexander Elaine Alfieri Mary Ann Allen Mickey Alverson Bill Arnold Wayne Arrington Jerry Arthur Bryan Avant Joyce Avera Vernon Avera Hillman Bacon Steve Bacon Louise Bailey Sheri Bailey Harvey Balfour Linda Barfield Sharon Barfield Howard Barnard Jam's Barr Dee Barronton Bill Bass Tommy Bates Larry Battel 1 Marilyn Bobbie Baughn jX Bobby Baxley Nancy Beasley Mary Jane Beck Susan Belcher Johnny Bell 114Judy Belle-Isle Michael Bennett James Benson Bill Bethea Tina Bethea Harry Bethel Janet Bever Bonnie Bickerstaff Helen Birdsong David Bishop Chuck Blackman Lamar Blakey Cheryl Booker Pat Boone George C. Bosley, Jr. Gcorigianna Bosley Catherine Boynton Sumter Bradwell Yvonne Brannon Glenda Bridges Gloria Jean Bridges Butch Britt Bobby Britton Nil V-l Douglas Broman IV Don Brooks Geraldine Brooks Don Broome Sam Broome Peggy Brothers Beverly Brown Liz Brown Mark Brown Mike Brundage Larry Bruner Donna Brunson ■■V -IBabs Bryant Mavis Bryant Linda Buckley Jimmy Bullard John Bullington Janice Bullock Timmy Bunce Pete Bunn Christ)’ Burdette Jimmy Burnham Ray Burnham Jack Busbee David Butler David John Butler Linda Butler Frank Byrd Tanya Byrd Linda Campbell . I Gail Cannon Andrea Cantrell Kathy Carow Donald Carter Herbert Carter Bill Carver Joe Carver Betty Ruth Casey Barbara Cass Kay Castleberry Wayne Castleberry Donna Caulder Sue Causey Marian Chambless Betty Champion Bill Chaplin John ChestnuttLouise Childress Charlotte Christian Thor Christian Allen Church well David Clark Wilbur Clark Bill Clegg Jeanne Clements Kay Cline Lamar Cline Janice Cloud Shirley Clowney Barr - Cohen Scott Cohen Jimmy Cole Terry Cole Seth Collins Jerry Conley Bvoline Coppedge Bill Corbitt Diane Cowan Russell Cowart James Cox Jonny Crawford Martha Creamer Gene Creel Gerald Creel Sheila Creel John Croft Carol CrokcrTim Crosby Ruth Cross Bob Crow Jerry Cruthirds Terry Cruthirds Linda Culbreth Angie Daniel Bill Daniel Eleanoir Daniel Richard Darby Frank Daunt Merrill Davidson Bill Davis Jimmy Davis Donald Davis Peggy Davis Ricey Davis Shara Davis Vickie Davis Wayne Davis Jane Dempsey Kay Dennis Edward Derks Ginny De Vasto Tom Dever Charlotte Dickerson Charles Dollar Patty Downs Jeff Doyal Buddy Drawdy Edward Driver Shirley Duke Philip Dunford Darrellyn Durham Chuck Dyess-•ssr r .4 Claudia Eason Delores Edwards Howard Edwards Bill Edwards Robert Edwards Johnny Egert Carlton Elkins Bill Ellington Dawn Ellis Eddie Ennis Harold Epps Linda Erwin Betty Ethridge Edwina Evans Bill Evans Donald Everson Andy Fallaw Andra Fallin Pam Fisher Buddy Fitzgerald Bill Fleming Gordon Fleming Wayne Fletcher Eugene Foerster Alan Falmar Pam Fowler Barbara Franks Sandra Frazier David Fuller Gail Fuller Ronnie Farr Ethel Fassler Lucy Felix Trabert M. Felix Jr. Lee FinchAnne Furchner Kenneth Gainsus Mildred Gantt Bruce Garey Bobby Garrett Bob Geer Janet Gerst Ronnie Giddeas Katrina Glass Charlotte Glisson Bobby Godfree Sandra Godfrey Billy Golden Janice Goodman Dean Gore Iona Gosa Clark Goslee Douglas Charles Gotsch Jeanic Gramling Aileen Green Barbara Gregory Marilyn Gregory’ Del Griffin Ed Griffin Tommy Griffin Randy Grimsley Larry' Gruber Connie Guarro Sandra Guthrie Donnie Haire Barbara Hall Bobby Hall Catherine Hall Elane Hall Gaynell HallJohn Hall Karen Hall Tony Hall Ben Halstead Sylvia Ham Marcia Hambrick Allen Hamilton Martha Hamilton Shcrlcen Hammack Gary Hammond Joyce Hand Michael Harding Ray Harp Elaine Harper Eugene Harrell Raymond Harrell Chuck Harris Terry Harris Tommy Harrod Linda Hartsfield Brenda Hatcher Floyd Hatcher Keith Hatcher Danny Hawkes Larry Hayslip Jane Heath Sharyn Heiland Ann Heinemann Jimmy Helms Edwin Henderson Mary Alice Henderson Patricia Henderson Billy Henderson Wanda Henry Janet Herndon Everett Herren John Hewett Kay Hightower Gloria Hitchcock Billy Hoffman Ben Holland David Holland Jimmie Holland Lin Hollis Hope Holman Lucy Holman Tod Holman Ronnie Holt Carolyn Houston Therlus Houston Faye Howell Wayne Howell Harold Hudgens Marsha Humphries Theoudis Hyman Jim Ingram Jane Inman Morris Irvin Gary Jackson Willie Jackson Tommy James Eugene Jarrell Bonnie Jefferson Ernest Jenkins Joy JensenMorton Johns Ann Johnson Charlie Johnson Sherry Johnson Kay Joiner Robert Joines Chuck Jones Jeanette Jones Kenneth Jones Sal lie Jones Toby Jones Jo Jordan Ladd Jordan Marie Jordan Royce Jordan Steve Jordan Joe Kaiser Linda Keames Spence Keaton LaWanna Kelly Mary Ann Kelly Joe Kempner James Key Travis Kierce Johnny KiHebrew Dorsey Kimbrell Sandi Kirkland Barbara Klein Bobby Knight Dianne Knight Donald Knight Kenneth Raymond Kuck Bobby Kulp Larry Ladd Nancy LakeCarole Ann Lamm Bill Landau Hollis Lanier Robert Layfield Thomas Ledford Judy Lee Woodrow Lee Claire Le Sueur Bobby Lewis George Lewis Barbara Little Bobby Lloyd Larry Loft Patsy Long Delores Lowery Pat Lucas Charley Luckey Gloria Luther Harry Lutz Brian MacFawn Faye Malone John Mangum Angeline Mann Nancy Mansfield Laura Marshall Ginger Martin Laura Martin Linda Martin Naomi Faye Martin Steve Martin Mike Massey Billy Mathis Chappel May Charles McBurnett Cheryl McCain Patsy McCorkle Shirley McCutcheon Shirley McDaniel Sybil McDonald Winston McDonald Douglas McEver Bob McGarrity Patricia McGowan Jackie McGrath Anna McGregor Bobby McKinney Betty Ann McLeod Flora Jean McMillan Sharon McMillan Freddy McNeff Becky McPherson Richard McRanie Jan McVicker Betty Carol Megginson Linda Melvin Linda Merritt Peter Michar James Middleton Colleen Milam Billy Miller Jimmy Miller Marjorie Jane Miller Marshall Miller Saundra Lee Miller Patty MillerTim Mills Andrea Mitchell Jackie Mitchell Diane Mixon David Moncrief Micheal Moncus Ricky Montgomery John H. Moore John S. Moore Bobby Moree Dorothy Morgan Mary Ann Morgan Gary Morris Diane Moses Becky Murphy Nan Murphy Betty Murry Ann Musselwhite Butch Naylor Donna Nazworth Gary NeSmith Gail Newsome Theodora Nichols Martha Nix Wayne Noel Gail Nolan Irene Nolan Olene Norman James Norris Jimmy Norris Doug O'Connor Leonard Odom Sue Ann Oliphant Berniece Olsen Andre Ouimette ftZf' ’ ‘v .- r Diane Padgett Brenda Page Lacy Pait Tommy Pantone Henry Parker David Paros Patricia Parr Larry Parramore Phyllis Pate Mike Patrick Butch Patrick Walter Pattillo Merrill Payton Orion Peeples Jr. Ashley Pcilicano Sharon Petty Walter Phelps Annette Phillips Danny Pope Faye Porter Skip Porterfield Ross Powell Jr. Peggy Prevatte Henry Price Pat Puckett Bruce Ramsey Dorothy Ramsey Bill Raney Joyce Rea Carol Read James Philips Ronald Bennett Pierce Cindi Plummer Joann Poiterint Pete Pollock mmmGeorge Reddick Sandra Redding Pamela Reynolds Thomas Rhodes Bobby Rich Charles Rich John Richardson Doyle Ricks Beverly Roberts Margie Roberts Beth Robinson Bette Rodriguez Britt Rogers Richard Roghelia Pat Rose Gary Rosser Janet Rottman Lynn Rouse Bill Russell Paul Russell Kermit Rydell James Sandefur Linda Sasman Paul Schmettzer Johnnie Faye Schofill Martha Ann Seay John Sedbcrry Glenn Sell Larry Sewell Stanley SharpEllis Shaw Shirley Sheffield Paul Shepard John Sherman Gary Shikoski Edward Shillcutt Bette Shiver Marian Shiver Woodrow Shiver Linda Sigmon Sandra Silver Margaret Simerly Terry Simerly Patty Sineath Larry Skinner Carole Slaughter Buddy Smith Carolyn Smith Ted Smith James Smithwick Jimmy Sncllgrove Don Spears Earl Spears Earl Spell Gary Sprayberry Aloma Standridge Reace Stanford Dani Starkel Benny Stearman Gwen Stewart Charles W. Smith Chuck Smith Elaine Smith Faye Smith Laverne SmithJean Stewart Wade Stewart Sue Stith Sandra Stokes Gary Stone Jerry Strawder John Strong Kay Stucky Emmett Summerford Ronnie Sutherland Jim Swenson Michael Tanner James Tate Kenneth Taylor Rick Taylor Darlene Tedder Billy Terry Louis Tharin Richard Thornton Thomas Tomlinson Vivian Tucker Bill Turner Gloria Tworzyanski Billy Tyson Ray Usrey Ray Vannier Leila Vaughn Dell Vesta Brenda Vick Nancy VickeryBecky Vinsant Wayrte Vinson Gayle Waldon Maurice Walker Terry Walker Sandra Ward Howard Waters Charles Watt Laura Jean Watt Patricia Welch Carole Wendt Dick West Shirley West Tony Westmoreland Bill Westwood Lester Whatley Hubert Whitaker Cheryl White Carl Wilder John Alva Wilder Jimmy Wiley Steve Wilkerson Janie Williams LeVaughn Williams Robert Williams Willie Willis Barbara Wilson Glenda Wingard Linda Wingate Marjorie Wingate Vic White Phyllis Whitfield Mike Whitney Jerry Wayne Wiggins Tony Wiggins C . tl! x, 'gfMar ’ Wingate Ronald Wingate James Winslette Ann Marie Wolf Carl Womack Linda Wood Bubba Woodall Woody Woodworth Rusty Worthy Phil Wray Daryl Ann Wright 132Ronnie Akridge Allen Bailey Lee Barrett Doris Bowman James Bozeman Ronnie Bradshaw Alex Bridges Gardner Brooks Larry Brooks Charlie Brown Donald Carlisle Diane Collins Larry Collins Angie Daniels Gail Davis Linda Faye Davis Carolyn Dell Charles Doggett Durwood Duke Linda Everson Linda Finegan Johnny Fletcher Buddy Floyd Glynda Flynn ( Roxi Garton Steve Gaskins Richard Hamlin Suzan Johnson Terrie Johnson Pat Knowlton Sandra Liles Roy Massey Kenneth Mathis Penny McFadden Robert Med lock Holt Minix William Moreland Pat Palmer Romaine Richardson Pat Samford Bill Sasser Roy Smith Pixie Ujhclyi Maurice Walker Joyce White 133Autographs 134AootSalT Action — I960BOB FOWLER, Line Coach JoolSa T Goachinj Gtcijjf This year, the Albany Football Coaches faced the near-impossible task of molding a football team out of a relatively small group of inexperienced young men. Despite this handicap, The Coaching Staff, under the direction of Head Coach John Tillitski, steadily progressed in the development of another fine Albany Team. PAT FIELD, Backfield Coach JOHN TILLITSKI, Head Coach GRAHAM LOWE, B-Team CHAPPEL COLLINS, Business Manager 137Co-Captain—JERRY GERST Captain—CANTY DAVIS Head Coach—JOHN TILLITSKI 7fe I960 T. )arsi(y 5({ua 138CANTEY DAVIS JERRY GERST JIMMY PREVATTE JERRY DOYAL Guard Quarterback Guard Halfback "They never come back,” somebody said a long time ago, and it sounded so good people have been saying it ever since. But they don’t say it about Albany High’s I960 football Tribe . . . The Indians did come back. Decked by a strong Benedictine team which did everything right in the season opener, the battling Braves came off the canvas to win eight of nine remaining games and finished a strong second in Region 1-AAA. Only a handful of athletes returned from the Albany team that marched through 12 games without a defeat and brought home the State Class AAA championship the year before. On the first night of the season the inexperienced Indians were no more than an average team. But a week later, they were better, and the next week better still, and they kept on improving. By the time they reached their peak, the State Championship had sneaked away, but no one who saw them in the late stages of the season believed there was a better team to be found in the State of Georgia. They played football in the best Albany tradition, with bruising blocking, crushing tackling and an ample supply of offensive fireworks. The Indians were down, but they came back and Albany fans were treated to one of their most interesting seasons. From depressing beginning to strong finish, this is the way it went: E. G. BECKWITH Halfback JACK ANDREWS Center BILL SUTTON Halfback MIKE LANE EndCoach Vic Mell, the eternal optimist, brought his Benedictine Cadets to Albany for the season opener, proclaiming that they were in town to win . . . and had the stuff to do it. Albany had an 18-game winning streak, longest ever achieved by a Georgia Class AAA team, but Benedictine had experience, size and depth, and the relatively inexperienced Indians weren’t quite ready for such a stern test. The Savannah team took advantage of three fumbles and a pass interception and put up two backbreaking goal-line stands to demoralize the Tribe and went away with a 31 13 victor)'. Albany had started fast, moving out in front 7-0 in the first quarter, but the Cadets twice stopped the Indians less than five yards from another touchdown to take some of the steam out of the Albany attack. Then the Cadets pounced on a pair of Albany fumbles and turned them into quick touchdowns, and a pass interception, and a long field goal in the final second of the first half gave the visitors a 17-7 lead at half-time. The visitors scored twice more in the second half before Jimmy Gray went over from the five for the second Albany touchdown. Statistically, it was much closer than the scoreboard indicated, but it was small consolation to the Indians. They vowed that it wouldn’t happen again, and went to work to see that it didn’t. DAVID MARTIN End FRANKIE MORRIS Tackle RICHARD HOWARD End JIM DUBEAU TackleJIMMY PARKER Tackle CLAUDE SURFACE End ROBERT HALLYBURTON Guard nicky McDaniel End Albany was still having trouble with fumbles at the start of their second outing, against Columbus. But the Indians got a few breaks themselves in the second half and touted the Blue Devils, 32-13. Jerry Doyal, who had scored the first Albany touchdown, put the Tribe ahead to stay early in the third period, and then quarterback Jerry Gerst took over, scoring once on a brilliant 35-yard run around left end and passing to Jack Brice for another score. E. G. Beckwith scored the final tribe touchdown on a two-yard smash. Albany turned in a superior defensive effort against the Columbus ground game, giving up just 41 yards and only eight in the second half. But pass defense, which had been erratic the week before, was still a sore spot. Albany did its best to hold the score down, but rolled up the most points it has ever made against a Region 1-AAA foe, in a 53-6 romp over outclassed Warner Robins. Albany’s first unit ran only 13 plays and scored four touchdowns and the second team added two touchdowns in just seven cracks at the helpless Demons. It was long-run night, as Rodger Beaver got loose on a 77-yard scoring jaunt, Jerry Gerst went 72 yards to score the only time he carried the ball, Bill Sutton scooted 71 yards for a touchdown and E.G. Beckwith tallied on a 69-yard sprint. Sutton had another scoring burst of 23 yards and Steve Heidt, Jerry Doyal and Larry Almand went into the end zone on runs of three, four and five yards respectively. STANLEY HARP Guard BO AVERY Tackle JOHNNY PALMER Tackle ROGER BEAVER QuarterbackJIMMY GIBBS JIMMY GRAY LARRY WATSON LARRY ALMAND Guard Fullback Center Halfback The Indians got an carl)' touchdown and let the defense take care of things the rest of the way as they beat a rugged LaGrange team, 6-0. Jerry' Gerst scored from the one after setting it up with passes of 25 and eight yards to Jerry Doyal and Jack Brice, and the Indians up front kept the Grangers bottled up all the way. If the pass defense had been spotty’ before, it was superior this time, as the Grangers completed only six of 19 tosses for 19 yards and had a total offense of only 95 yards. Albany had two threats halted by penalties, while LaGrange only got into scoring territory' twice. A penalty gave them a shot from the Albany 13 after time had run out in the first half. Both teams went scoreless in the second half. Albany went on its second rough road trip in as many weeks, and the Indians’ unequaled string of 16 consecutive Region 1-AAA victories ended right where it started three years before, in Valdosta. The Wildcats took six plays to score the first time it had the ball, and protected its 7-0 lead the rest of the way. Albany made a strong bid to get even, as Gerst took the ensuing kickoff back 47 yards to the Valdosta 43 before the Wildcats corralled him, and then completed a pass to Jerry Doyal at the 10. But Valdosta’s swarming defenders relinquished only five yards in four plays and neither team threatened again. Valdosta fans figured the win meant a state championship for their Wildcats, and they were right. Neither team was to lose a game the rest of the way. SONNY ABLE Tackle STEVE HEIDT Halfback BOBBY WALLIS End LADD KING QuarterbackMWtMM The Indians took off the orange shirts they wore to the state championship the year before, and dressed in white, as they started a new winning streak against the Willingham’s rapid Rams. The Indians finally scored in the closing moments of the second quarter and then poured it on, scoring the first four times they had the ball in the second half for a 31-0 triumph. Bill Sutton was the big gun this time. He scored the first Albany touchdown after Jerry Gerst set it up with a 24-yard run to the five after dropping back to pass and failing to find the receiver, got the second score on a 32-yard run, and set up the third on a 21-yard pass from Gerst at the nine. Mike Lane, playing his first game at fullback, got that touchdown on a four-yard run, and then Jerry Doyal took over. He punched over from the one and took a 28-yard pass from Gerst to close out scoring. Jerry Doyal exploded through the Baker line for a 78-yard touchdown on the first play of the game and the Indians waltzed to a 33-0 victory over the Lions’ best team in 10 years. It was Doyal's night as he ran only five times and made either a first down or a touchdown each time he carried the ball. The Indians scored the first time they had the ball in every period. Jerry Gerst went 14 yards for a second period score, Bill Sutton opened the second half with a 41-yard touchdown sprint, and E. G. Beckwith galloped 86 yards on the first play of the final period. The Indians enjoyed their best offensive night of the season, rolling up 22 first downs on 459 yards rushing and 85 passing for a total of 544 yards. CHARLES BLIZZARD Halfback DON MILLER Quarterback SARAH JOINER SweetheartJIMMY MILLER 7)a rsity TKanacjers TONY WIGGINS JACKIE MITCHELE Lanier scouts saw Jerry Doyal’s performance the week before, and they were determined he wouldn’t do it again. But while they were concentrating on stopping him, Bill Sutton was rambling for hunks of yardage to lead the way as Albany spoiled the Poets’ homecoming 20-7. The Indians put 13 points on the scoreboard in the second quarter, with Sutton doing a major share of the work. Lanier got its only touchdown the hard way, driving 97 yards and scoring from the one early in the fourth quarter. But the Indians came back for seven more points as Beaver got it started with a 35-yard kickoff return. Gerst contributed 22 big yards to the 14 after he dropped back to pass and couldn’t find a receiver and Sutton went in again from the one. ? 7 rS. X-UeamAlbany’s offensive force was good for more than 500 yards for the third time in nine games as the Indians massacred a highly-regarded Jordan team, 33-0. Jordan came with a spread attack designed for passing, but Albany stuck to orthodox T formations and gave the Red Jackets a lesson in the proper conduct of aerial warfare. Quarterback Jerry Gcrst failed to complete his first two passes, but then connected on nine in a row for 135 yards and two touchdowns, and Rodger Beaver took over and made good on four out of five pitches for 96 more. Jordan, meanwhile, completed only 6 of 16 tosses for 95 yards. Bill Sutton picked up 89 yards to again lead the Indians' infantry. Sutton ran nine yards for the first touchdown before Gerst limbered up his passing arm. Jack Brice and David Martin hauled in his touchdown passes of 29 and 17 yards and then the Indians went back to the ground, with Jerry Doyal and E. G. Beckwith scoring on runs of three and 39 yards. The Indians brought down the curtain with a flourish, smashing 73 yards to a touchdown in a dramatic finish for a 19-14 victory over Moultrie. The Indians, who had led almost all of the way, found themselves behind 14-12 with only minutes left, and reacted like a herd of emancipated elephants. In seven plays, the Tribe moved to a first down at the 10, and Doyal took only two plays to go into the end zone from there. A penalty gave the Packers new life and set the Indians back to the nine, but there were no mortals capable of stopping the Indians with the clock running out. Sutton bounced off a wold-be tackier at the line of scrimmage and scrambled inside the five, and Doyal darted around left and untouched for the score. Thus ended the Indians’ most interesting home game. Guess Who!!! 145BII.LIE DYKES—Homecoming Queen MARIE MIDDLETON—Senior Representative HELEN PAFFORD—Junior Representative 146147J)asJ?et6a I — 1961 BILL SATTERFIELD Mgr. COACH GRAHAM LOWE A. Jf cS. JlasJzetSaffA earn MAC BUNTIN, Captain 148ANDY PENNINGTON .MAC BUNTIN JIM DUBEAU RICHARD HOWARD NICKIE McDANIEL GARY FLANNIGAN VHO.. KIT CHRISTOPHER HOWARD BARNARD NICKIE GRAYSON 149BOOGIE HILL LARRY ALMOND DUB DOGEN )-"Jeam asketball 150 J rfs' J)as ?etba •5!KATHERINE MEADORS AILEEN CONNOR CAROL STEVENSON MARY GILL CECELIA TABB SUE YIELDING MARTHA JOHNSON JO ELLEN SCHATZGAIL HUGHES anna McGregor LUCY HELMAN JUDY SMITH SUSAN HUDGENS JEANNETTE JONES EDWINA EVANS MICKEY ALVERSON1961 TJarsiiy 73ase6af 154 Coach, Pat Field; Captain, Jerry GerstJERRY GERST TERRY PARKER CLAUDE SURFACE ROGER BEAVER JIMMY GRAY HAROLD BREDEN 155CECIL i-OWLER STEVE HEIDT BILL SATTERFIELD PETE HUDSON BOB McGARITYTJarsiiu JracAy 1961 157 Jimmy Cline—Kit Christopher, Co-CaptainsIracA Lettermen 1961 ANDY PENNINGTON MAC BUNTIN E. G. BECKWITH E. L. FORDHAM 158 STEVE SCHATZE MARVIN ALLEN LEE JENKINS7racJ? BILL SATTERFIELD DUB DODGEN "Stop eating pie and you will be all right.” "You ready to run?" 159 "THE LAST LAP"— 1961 KATHERINE MEADORS SUE YIELDING ANNE WILLIAMS AILEEN CONNOR JO ELLEN SCHATZE enn s CAROL STEVENSON JIJ{. c5. Joys’ Uennis 0earn Coach: MISS PEGGY RIGSBY 162DAVID LOVING TOMMY CHAMBLESS 163 PAT McGINTY PHILLIP WHITMAN STEVE MARTIN1961 DAVID WOLFE, seniorTAPPIE HAMBRICK JEANNIE CROSS HELEN PAFFORD r7l. f C)fieerleaders 1960-1961 PURPOSE: To promote Sportsmanship and lead cheering sections at sports events. ADVISORS: Miss Peggy Rigsby, Miss Betsy Palmer, and Miss Thelma Plant BIG CHIEF PAT ROSE NANCY MANSFIELD LAURA JEAN WYATT Co-Captain—MARIE MIDDLETON NANCY ARTHUR Co-Captain—BILLIE DYKES , • a' “ •: - v Jf? 1 ' ■ ?‘St 8P ; . . V v7Xr x •,: . •• % . • •• ■ w r V S „»-w f r • mK JTA Through the efforts of both the Literary and Business staffs, we present to you the 1961 Thronateeska. Under the guidance of Mrs. Futch and Mr. Howell, our sponsors, we have worked our hardest to please you, the students of Albany High, and hope you will think this the finest Yearbook of all.7 iron a tees a cStaJ-J ( cfitors LYNN PIERSON RALPH WINTER JOHN OLIVER Assistant Editor Editor Business Manager GEORGIA KAY MOORHEAD Club Editor CATHERINE WATKINS Picture Editor NANCY NUNN Feature Editor JIMMY PARKER Sports Editor 169G wineftes PRESIDENT Kay Stovall Becky Lee VICE-PRESIDENT Marie Middleton SECRETARY Georgia Kay Moorhead Billie Dykes Connie Simpson Trudy Beck- Dale Swilley Catherine Watkins Sandra Tanner Cecelia Looney TREASURER Sara Joiner Jerona Trammel Sandra Wallace 170,Jr. Gwz ans Marie Middleton PRESIDENT:Frank Middleton VICE-PRESIDENT: Joe Kieve SECRETARY: David Martin TREASURER: Cantey Davis Billie Dykes SWEETHEART PURPOSE of CLUB: To promote good citizenship. Mr. Skandamis ADVISOR Bill Sutton Mike Lane Jim Ward Rusty Kaliher Frank Jones Jack Andrews p - it, Carlos Phillips Ken Adams Ben Johnson Ken Musgrove Bobby Garrett Dub Dodgen Cecil Fowler Steve Bacon Bobby Wallace Roy Glass Roy DialPRESIDENT Pam Burgess VICE-PRESIDENT Sandra Brooks SECRETARY Connie Cordell TREASURER Jane Robiason SPONSOR: Miss Martha Dye PURPOSE: To sene the school and community. 172future Xl arses of 91. merica PURPOSE: To gain a deeper insight into the nursing profession. Senior (Chapter PRESIDENT: Libby Smith VICE-PRESIDENT: Angelyn Hinnely SECRETARY: Joan Freeman TREASURER: Angela Lancaster HISTORIAN: Jo Parker Auiure Aeac iers oj America PRESIDENT: Linda Willes VICE-PRESIDENT: Caroline King SECRETARY: Eloise King TREASURER: Wilma Trammell SPONSORS: Miss Smith, Miss Hudson, Miss Feagin PURPOSE: To learn about the opportunities in teaching, to cultivate the qualities essential in a good teacher, to study the lives of great teachers and to foster the development of student leadership. 173PRESIDENT Mac Buntin VICE-PRESIDENT Marvin Allen SECRETARY Pam Burgess TREASURER Larry Almond SENIORS JUNIORS Andrews, Jack Arthur, Nancy Austin, Gloria Boles, Alvin Bowles, Joan Brooks, Sandra Buntin, Mac Burgess, Pam Davis, Cantey Dean, Mary Durham, Virginia Fain, Butch Gaughf, Ronald Hackney, Kay Hitchcock, Brenda Howard, Carol Landau, Ted Lindsey, Billie Martin, Carolyn Meadors, Katherine Middleton, Frank Palmer, Ruth Richardson, Anne Savage, Joe Sowell, Larry Smith, Jean Watson, Anne Williams, Lou Williams, Lynda Allen, Marvin Almond, Larry Am, Karyl Beat, Janet Brisbois, Tommy Brundage, Mary Sue Dodgcn, Dub Glenn, Betty Gray, Jimmy Holt, Sally Johnson, Virginia Lanier, Ray Mason, Willette Osher, Sandy O'Sheal, Ralyeen Ragan, Sonnie Roark, Jo Ann Rockett, Carol Russell, Jane Shelby, Barbara Taylor, Charlotte Thornton, Lee Verber, Betty Wallace, Sandra Webb, Carey Whitman, Phillip Winchester, Judy Yielding, Sue 174PURPOSE: To promote honesty, service, and leadership. The Beta Club awards two scholarships each year: one of Three Hundred Dollars to a Beta Club senior and another to the winner of the Miss Albany High School Contest.cStudent C Council Virginia Durham PRESIDENT Nicki Grayson VICE-PRESIDENT June Hinely SECRETARY Tommy Chambless TREASURER Miss Janice Heath SPONSORS Mr. Pat Field Miss Ann Cooper PURPOSE: The Student Council is an organization which strives to be of service to the school and community; to provide general regulations for the conduct and practice of the students of Albany High School; to work hand in hand with the students, administration, and the faculty for a harmonious school program. JAespian Soc e y PRESIDENT: Sam Lewis VICE-PRESIDENT: Caroline King SECRETARY: Connie Boisvert TREASURER: Angela Lancaster SPONSOR: Miss Harper PURPOSE: To promote individual dramatics. 177PRESIDENT: Christine Parker VICE-PRESIDENT: Loretta Beech SECRETARY: Angelyn Hendley TREASURER: Bea Thomason PARLIAMENTARIAN: June Gill SPONSOR: Mrs. Jewell T. Johnson 178EDITORS: Norman Sweet Kay Smith ASSOCIATE EDITORS: Anne Watson Danny Daniel FEATURE EDITORS: Dennis Home Judy Burgess COLUMN EDITORS: Pat Stuart Nancy Nunn f JJow ISJJow cS taff SPONSOR: Mrs. John M. Hinson BUSINESS MANAGERS: Ernest Sell Caroline King SPORTS EDITORS: Mike Lane Terry Col lorn EXCHANGE EDITOR: Eloise King CIRCULATION MANAGER: Larry Creamer PURPOSE: To publish news every two weeks for the students and faculty. 179 t SPONSOR: Mrs. E. M. Dobbins PURPOSE: To enrich our lives through the study of the classics. SR. CONSUL—-Katherine JR. CONSUL—Marvin Allen SR. AED1LE—Jere Keenan JR. AEDILE—Judy Stuart PRAETOR—Carol Dorsey QUAESTOR—Sara Patti son SR. CENSOR—Pam Burgess JR. CENSOR—Kay Smith Junior C) ass caf ueayue 180Bos JJeones cfe ( spa no PRESIDENT: Glen Watson VICE-PRESIDENT: Bubba Huges SECRETARY: Sue Stewart TREASURER: Kit Christopher SPONSOR: Mrs. S. A. Juhan J3os JKafcficiones cfe fa SoSre Sen ora PRESIDENT: Becky Lee VICE-PRESIDENT: Terry Harris SPONSOR: Mrs. S. A. Juhan SECRETARY: Joanne Saurer TREASURER: Clara Tarpley 181L. os Picaros SPONSOR: Mrs S. A. Juhan PRESIDENT: Paul Henry VICE-PRESIDENT: Laura Jean Watt SECRETARY: Mike Henry TREASURER: Jackie Joiner PRESIDENT: Jim Melton VICE-PRESIDENT: Mary Dean SECRETARY: Cornelia Sutton TREASURER: Mary Louise Way ( on ju is lac fores C Piapler of uenos 7 Jean os 182PURPOSE: To give those students who are interested in Spanish who have completed at least two years of study in the subject or who have lived in a Spanish-speaking country a chance to associate with people who have a Spanish background, to hear them speak in Spanish, and to use the language themselves. 183PURPOSE: To offer secretarial services to Albany High School. CHAPTER ONE PRESIDENT: Charlotte Taylor VICE-PRESIDENT: Delores Hall SECRETARY- TREASURER: Delaine Harrod PROGRAM CHAIRMAN: Phyllis Eckler CHAPTER TWO PRESIDENT: Linda Dowda VICE-PRESIDENT: Sandra Fallin SECRETARY- TREASURER: Faye Hammond PROGRAM CHAIRMAN: Joan Cato 184PRESIDENT: Sandra Lindsey SECRETARY: Betty Veber VICE-PRESIDENT: Brenda Edwards TREASURER: Virginia Israel SPONSOR: Mrs. J. J. Hogue PURPOSE: To be of service to students and teachers of Albany High and to learn more about books and libraries.PRESIDENT: Janet Thompson VICE-PRES. James Simonton SECRETARY: Gloria Austin TREASURER: Robert Barfield PARLIAMENTARIAN: Troy Davis HISTORIAN: June Gill SPONSOR: Mr. Harold Wynn PURPOSE: To provide opportunities for development of leadership through active participation in civic, social, and occupational pursuits. 186PRESIDENT: Fred Pollard VICE-PRESIDENT: Tommy Chambless SECRETARY: Ted Landau TREASURER: Frank Middleton CHAPLAIN: Bill Field PRESS REPORTER: Jim Champion PURPOSE: To create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community high standards of Christian character. SPONSOR: Mr. Billy Bragg Senior JIi- y 18721 eta Jau JJi J) SPONSORS: Mr. William Sellers and Mr. Williams PRESIDENT: John Moore SECRETARY: Mike Whitley VICE-PRESIDENT: Glenn Sell TREASURER: Ed Griffin PURPOSE: Public Service. 188PRESIDENT Sara Pattison VICE-PRESIDENT Flora Hall SECRETARY Susan Lee Junior TREASURER Barbara Westberry PRESS REPORTER Dale Swilley 189J3eta UriJ PRESIDENT: Betty Thornton VICE-PRESIDENT: Janice Goodman SECRETARY: Marian Chambers TREASURER: Janet Gerst PARLIAMENTARIAN: Judy Lee CHAPLAIN: Pam Fisher SPONSORS: Judith Garrett and Beverly Linton PURPOSE: To create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community high standards of Christian character. 190PRESIDENT: Linda Richards VICE-PRESIDENT: Ann Rushing SECRETARY: Clara Tarpley TREASURER: Ellen Greene CHAPLAIN: Carolyn Willis SPONSOR: Miss Peggy Rigsby Siyma Oe lci T) PURPOSE: To promote Christian character throughout the home, school, and community. 191PRESIDENT: Darrellyn Durham VICE-PRESIDENT: Nancy Mansfield SECRETARY: Jane E empsey TREASURER: Sue Stith SPONSOR: Miss Melba Thompson PURPOSE: To create, maintain, and extend throughout the home, school, and community high standards of Christian character. 192CZ pAa Jn.Jii.y PRESIDENT: Lynda Williams FIRST VICE-PRES.: June Hinely SECOND VICE-PRES.: Sheila Owens SECRETARY: Linda Willis TREASURER: Debbie Holloway ADVISORS: Miss Thelm? Plant Mr. Ray Council Mr. Bill Sander PURPOSE: To create, maintain, and extend throughout the home, school and community high standards of Christian character. PLATFORM: Self-improvement, Christian Fellowship and United Service. 193Albany Jliy i ScAoo Jjancf BRASS SECTION PERCUSSION SECTION WOODWIND SECTION(J ee Q u6 Tina Smith PRESIDENT Caroline King VICE-PRESIDENT Eloise King SECRETARY Cynthis Yancey TREASURER PURPOSE: To learn and perform good music. 195Ulefloneites PRESIDENT: Mary Farrar VICE-PRESIDENT: Penny Heeth SECRETARY: Cindi Plummer Tina Smith—DIRECTOR TREASURER: Loretta Beech PIANIST: Penny Heeth SPONSOR: Maynard Sell SOPRANO SECTION SECOND SOPRANO SECTION ALTO SECTION PURPOSE: To sing for the enjoyment of others.PRESIDENT: Cantey Davis SECRETARY: Mac Buntin VICE-PRESIDENT: Bill Sutton TREASURER: Jerry Gerst SPONSOR: Coach John Tillitski PURPOSE: To promote better sportsmanship among all students both as spectators and participants. PRESIDENT: Sandra Weinmann VICE-PRESIDENT: Jane Dempsey PURPOSE: To sing for enjoyment. SECRETARY: Peggy Davis TREASURER: Shirley ClowneyPRESIDENT: Pete Brandon VICE-PRESIDENT: Ronnie Gaughf SECRETARY-TREASURER: Tommy Gilliam SERGEANT AT ARMS: Roy Stephans 9?. O.9.33. PURPOSE: To promote school spirit by playing at "B" Team games, basketball games, elections, etc. Its ten members arc derived from the AHS band. 1984-7 G ub PRESIDENT: Joyce Duitman VICE-PRESIDENT: Emily Price SECRETARY: Dianne Meadows TREASURER: Bea Thomason RECREATION CHAIRMEN: Priscilla Smith Elaine Thibodeau SPONSOR: Mrs. E. R. Pullen PURPOSE: To make the best better. VImate ur PRESIDENT: Steve Bacon VICE-PRESIDENT: John Home SECRETARY: Thomas Knighton TREASURER: Chris Dollarman QUARTERMASTER: Mike Henry SPONSOR: Mr. Henderson PURPOSE: To establish emergency communications during emergencies and CD alerts.OJiort Circuits PRESIDENT: John Home VICE-PRESIDENT: Tommy Kinny SPONSOR: Mr. E. A. NeSmith PURPOSE: To furnish the A.H.S. auditorium with sound and lighting effects. ouie Operators PRESIDENT: Mac Buntin VICE-PRESIDENT: Butch Fain SECRETARY-TREASURER: Kit Christopher PURPOSE: To show educational films. SPONSOR: Mr. S. A. NeSmith 200Nancy Arthur PRESIDENT: SECRETARY: Tommy Chambless Nicky Grayson VICE-PRESIDENT: TREASURER: Andy Pennington AI Hutchinson PARLIAMENTARIAN: SPONSOR: Butch Fain Mr. Jack Mercer PURPOSE: We BuildPRESIDENT: Sonny Abel SECRETARY: James Phillips VICE-PRESIDENT: Ronnie Merritt TREASURER: David Moncrief PURPOSE: To promote agriculture 202.Jac tie Sucfcfat } Miss M kantj Jfiy i ScAoo 204fnuuio If y utcfunson fjune frnfey 2101. Kit Christopher 6. Toby Ann Royal 11. Lynne Pierson 16. Penny Hunter 21. Jerc Keenan 2. Sammy Lewis 7. Ralph Winter 12. Bubba Hughes 17. Stan Harp 22. -Angelyn Hendley 3. Sheila Owens 8. Carol Hodges 13. Wayman Simpson 18. Ernest Fordham 4. Tommy Chambless 9. Helen Cyganiewicz 14. Anne Watson 19. Becky Pennington 5. Ann Layson 10. Jimmy Parker 15. Wade Ingle 20. Johnny Hudgens 1. Carol Dorsey 5. Larry Sowell 9. Pam Bali 13. Jo Parker 17. Jane Robinson 2. Linda Lastinger 6. Ted Landau 10. Dianne Dempsey 14. Joan Freeman 18. Libby Dean 3. Robert Jett 7. Lynn Weed 11. Tom Robinson 15. Barbara Ballard 19. Virginia Durham 4. Caroline and Eloise King 8. Vicki Brisbois 12. Fred Pollard 16. June Hinely 20. Tommy CrouchAcfu ertis em en sBest Wishe9 From TIMBERLAKE GROCERY CO. Go Gas for MODERN Living 'L (V J MODERN gas ALLIED FLORIST OF ALBANY Albany Floral Co. • Hadden's Flowers and Sifts Hattie Belle's Rosebud Pace Florist —F.D.T.- Courtesy MODERN GAS COMPANY He 2-7350 100 BROAD AVE. AAA RUSTY'S SUPER SERVICE Comer 8th and Slappey Dr. Road Service DO JO'S PIZZA HOUSE 1000 Dawson Road Phone HE 6-5367 Complete Front End Alignment and Wheel Balancing—Brake Service CAMPBELL OIL CO. 24 Hour Road Service 300 E. Oglethorpe Avenue ALBANY, GEORGIA 24 Hour Wrecker Service Phone HE 2-6494 6-7258 220 121 W. Oglethorpe He 6-l556 O IMj LEE DRUG V . COMPANYTHE NEW ALBANY HOTEL SAM FARKAS, Manager Among Georgia's Finest ALBANY, GEORGIA [ Jour DEPENDABLE C DRUGGIST STUART-YOUNG INSURANCE AGENCY 500 B North Slappey Drive PARKWAY PHARMACY 326 N. Slappey Drive STUART-YOUNG-STALVEY INSURANCE AGENCY 1421 E. Broad GLASS BROTHER'S TIRE RECAPPING CO. 102 Oglethorpe HE 2-6324 If it's insurance, we write it. We appreciate your business. 221EAST ALBANY PHARMACY SNOW'S Clean With Snow 705 East Broad Ave. 313 N. Jefferson He. 2-0506 YOUR SEARCH ENDS DICK'S RESTAURANT Private Dining Room 632 Oglethorpe He. 5-4261 ALBANY, GEORGIA CROWE'S DRUG COMPANY He 5-4571 227 Broad Ave. MILLER BUICK CO. GENERAL MOTORS GERMAN OPELS GEORGIA BUICKS Congratulations and Best Wishes 525 Oglethorpe FRANK L. JONES INSURANCE Compliments of PEPSICOLA 130 North Jackson Hits the Spot 222 HAL AND ED' Men's Wear ALBANY, GEORGIA 215 BROAD AVENUE ALBANY, GEORGIA He 2-7411 221 West Oglethorpe DAIRY QUEEN and BRAZIER of ALBANY, GEORGIA Compliments of PIG 'N WHISTLE Fine Place to Eat 110 NORTH SLAPPEY DRIVE HALEY FARMS 939 Pine Ave. Phone 6-1504 6-1515 Growers of Pecans and Cattle "Compliments of TAYLOR'S GROCERY" 937 PINE 223Mark of Integrity in Jewelry Ethics For the rest of your life JAMISON BEDDING, INC. ALBANY, GEORGIA Manufacturers of Mattresses, Couches and Upholstered Furniture Congratulations, Seniors! From KIMBRELL-STERN of the Mark of Distinction on Your Gifts ALBANY UNDERTAKING COMPANY Compliments Graduate to Greater of CATES EQUIPMENT CO. He 6-4620 306 NORTH WASHINGTON A. C. SAMFORD, INC. Contractors and Engineers Food Savings AT YOUR FRIENDLY COLONIAL STORES COLONIAL suits] 224IF IT’S GOOD FOOD Tv YOU WANT . . . 1 the mosf in DRY CLEANING U 222 HEmlock Pine Ave. 154 N. Slappey Drive 2-7001 c K £AV£T SANDWICHES t We specialize in preparing sandwiches MORROW-COOK for parties, picnics, or carry home FURNITURE COMPANY ANY AMOUNT 245 Broad Avenue Albany, Georgia Setter V itue4. L. PRISANT BURTON'S SHOE STORE , JEWELERS Shoes for the Entire Family 240 BROAD AVENUE ALBANY, GEORGIA He 2-6136 2I9A Broad Ave. Compliments ALBANY of LINCOLN-MERCURY CO. TOWN HOUSE MOTEL TEST DRIVE THE COMET and The compact car with fine car styling MERRY ACRES MOTEL 130 Broad Avenue 225FIRST STATE BANK LET US HELP JttoMeef TWO CONVENIENT LOCATIONS MAIN OFFICE DOWNTOWN NEXT TO POST OFFICE BRANCH OFFICE CORNER OF OGLETHORPE AND CLEVELAND Complete Banking and Trust Services 226 Deposits Insured by FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATIONAULTMAN MOTOR CO- Authorized Sales and Service 948 W. OGLETHORPE AVENUE FMTfjr Compliments of Dealer of Birdsey Products LILLISTON WRIGHTS IMPLEMENT COMPANY Flour and Feed 220 OGLETHORPE JEFF'S SUPER MARKET 506 SECOND AVE. "Fine Foods for Fine People" JEFF'S DELICATESSEN 120 North Slappey Domestic and Imported Food 227SOUTHEASTERN MORTGAGE CORPORATION GILES BUILDERS SUPPLY Inc. Everything for the Builder CUSTOM MILLWORK OUR SPECIALTY Corner Pine and Cleveland ALBANY GEORGIA ALBANY, GEORGIA Tele. HE 6-5761 Home Office 116 North Jackson Street GLENN'S HARDWARE 936 West Broad Ave. R. E. KALIHER PHONE President HE 2-1217 PHONE HE-5-4906 Each Customer's Satisfaction Is Our Utmost Aim BLANCHE'S Ladies’ Ready-to-Wear Compliments of GAY CLOTHING CO. 224 PINE AVE. ALBANY, GEORGIA Your Complete Men and Young Men's Shop 205 BROAD AVE. ALBANY DRUG COMPANY 312 South Slappey Drive and PALMYRA PHARMACY 100 North Slappey Drive HE 2-0568 CLARK'S AAA 701 N. Jefferson St. 500 S. Slappey Seventh and N. Slappey 228  Sh epfM} i 11 lAifu DR. PEPPER HALEY MOTOR COMPANY BOTTLING COMPANY Sales FORD Service 312 N. Washington Street He 5-8313 408 NORTH SLAPPEY ARCTIC BEAR SERVICE WHEN CO YOU NEED IT DRIVE-IN . jic v-j Corner of Oglethorpe and Slappey Drive ALBANY, GEORGIA raul j°nes ■f l y SERVICE STATION BEST WISHES from the Management of the HERALD PUBLISHING COMPANY ALBANY, GEORGIA OWNER AND OPERATOR OF STATION WALB-TV—CHANNEL 10 (NBC Affiliate) "The Window of South Georgia" And Publishers of THE ALBANY HERALD "Southwest Georgia's Reading Habit" 230KING'S APPLIANCE ELECTRONICS Distributors MIDTOWN DRUGS Midtown Shopping Center PHONE HE 6-6146 RCA VICTOR RCA WHIRLPOOL Albany, Ga. Compliments KEENAN AUTO PARTS COMPANY of Wholesale Distributors FLINT RIVER COTTON MILLS of Car—Truck—Tractor Parts He 6-3311 112 NORTH FRONT U-SAVE-IT 210 PINE AVENUE HE 5-8351 ALBANY GEORGIA Your w Dependable w Druggist SAVE WITH U-SAVE-IT 231'A Clean Car Rides Better; Lasts Longer." C.B.'S MINIT CAR WASH 710 Oglethorpe Avenue ALBANY, GEORGIA 1200 Broad Avenue Albany, Georgia Beautiful MIDTOWN BOWLING LANES Pro Shop Free Nursery Snack Bar Featuring 24 AMF Automatic Pinspotters Completely Air Conditioned EDDIE SHAW Manager BARFIELD'S SHOES FOOTWEAR FOR THE FAMILY Two Locations Corner Broad at Jackson Midtown Shopping Center ALBANY, GEORGIA ELECTRIC COMPANY Contracting—Heatinq—Air Conditioning Appliances—Service 212 N. Washington Street 19 Midtown Shopping Center ALBANY, GEORGIA ROSENBERG BROTHERS ALBANY. GEORGIA Serving Albany and Southwest Georgia for More Than 50 Years 'Southwest Georgia's Foremost Department Store" TROY, ALABAMA HE 6-2411 ALBANY, GEORGIA 126 N. Washington 232GOOD LUCK AND BEST WISHES FROM THE MERCHANTS AT MIDTOWN! Walden and Kirkland, Inc. —Developers The Laundromat Snow's Laundry First Federal Savings Slappey Drive Barber Shop Ideal Beauty Salon Moncriefs—World House Midtown Drugs F. W. Woolworth Co. Savelle's—Jewelers Guys Dolls Shop Town Country Shop The Stag Shop Barfield's—Shoes Peggie Hale Shop W. T. Grant Co. Cannon Shoes Meek's Electric Co. The Toy House Western Auto Stores Midtown Bakery The A P Supermarket The Kwik Chek Supermarket Slappey Drive—ALBANY, GEORGIACongratulations, Seniors NEHI BOTTLING COMPANY, INC. AUTOGRAPHS 234SEE US [ ED MARTIN SERVICE STATION L P. SAS and APPLIANCES BUTANE PROPANE Gas Heating Central Heating Air Conditioning Floor Furnaces GREEN'S Propane Gas Service Compliments of GLOBE DEPARTMENT STORE BOB WHITE RENTS "Most Anything" 426 N. CLEVELAND DRIVE He 2-6081 CHURCHWELL'S DEPARTMENT STORE For Fifty Years Clothiers of High School and College Students of Southwest Georgia HO NORTH WASHINGTON STREET Hemlock 2-6281 iteAt 0? Z4 uOH4 23STRAILWAYS Specialists in Friendly, First Class Travel SAFE COMFORTABLE COURTEOUS AND ECONOMICAL BUS SERVICE ALL EXPENSE TOURS Ship Parcels and Baggage From Town to Town and Coast to Coast Via Bus Express Charter Coach Service Anywhere ALBANY, GEORGIA He-2-05ll PHONE HE 6-4671 RES. PHONE HE 6-1086 RHODES HEATING COOLING CO. Heating and Cooling Installation — Design — Service Franklin Rhodes 1704 N. Jefferson Owner Albany, Georgia Four Points IGA Super Market G. W. IVEY Proprietor Open 8 A.M. to 9 P.M. MEATS POULTRY FISH PRODUCE COMPLETE LINE OF FROZEN FOODS 638 Radium Springs Road WESTWOOD OPTICAL DISPENSARY "A Personalized Optical Service" Contact Lenses 113 NORTH JACKSON STREET NORTH OF ALBANY THEATRE "The Style Center for Glasses" Compliments of WARREN AND BRIMBERRY 236There’s a "one and only” in refreshment, too BOTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COLA COMPANY BY J 237 THE ALBANY COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO.Compliments of RETAIL FURNITURE DEALERS ASSOCIATION ABC FURNITURE CO. ALBANY HOUSEFURNISHING CO. BROWN FURNITURE CO. CAPLAN'S FURNITURE CO. GERST BROTHERS FURNITURE CO. HOME FURNITURE CO. J J FURNITURE LOOSIER OF ALBANY FURNITURE CO. MORROW-COOK FURNITURE CO. NEWCOMB CO. PHILLIP'S HOME FURNISHERS RHODES FURNITURE MILES FURNITURE CO. C. V. McDEARMID Owner Residence 2-7476 PRITCHETT MOTORS, INC. 1209 N. Slappey Drive Your DeSoto-Plymouth-Valiant Dealer Whit Mac Heating Cooling 10% off on Any Antenna HE 5-4812 313 N. Washington Albany, Ga. DAVIS MEN'S SHOP 'THE STYLE CENTER FOR YOUNG MEN' 108 S. Jackson Downtown, Albany 238GIFTS for All Occasions SAVELLE JEWELRY COMPANY TWO STORES TO SERVE YOU Downtown Midtown 21 1 W. Broad Shopping Center PROM TIME . . . Renting your formal is easy on the allowance. Teen-age Charge Accounts Invited No need to make a StW big outlay for a big date! 5 Renting formal wear is easy, JpjL it's convenient! Tux, dinner jacket— f Ti Ligi Compliments of whatever you need is • J "cleaner-fresh," pressed ■ ' ‘ to perfection, and fitted as though j : it were made just for you! ij J V ' ' . ' THE STAG SHOP k 1 f Men and Boys' Wear m 4 HAYES CLOTHING COMPANY He 2-1562 121 SO. WASHINGTON SHUMAN SMITH SUPPLY COMPANY FURNITURE COMPANY OF ALBANY, INC. 500 North Madison Buy and Sell New and Used "Georgia's Largest" HE 5-3513 BUILDING MATERIAL 626 Roosevelt Avenue ALBANY, GEORGIA Sheet Rock Flooring Cement Windows Plywood Range Hoods Wool Doors Asbestos Siding ECONOMY AUTO STORES Mortar "Home of Low Prices and Easy Terms" 300 BROAD AVENUE 239Compliments of EAST ALBANY LUMBER COMPANY Congratulations to the Senior Class From HOTEL GORDON AND RADIUM SPRINGS Exquisite Jewelry See Our Friendship Rings He 2-6451 234 BROAD AVE. WOOD'S JEWELRY COMPANY FOR RELAXATION AND ENTERTAINMENT COOD FOOD GARGANO'S RESTAURANT East Oglethorpe Expressway HE 2-0241 ALBANY, GEORGIA LOOSIER OF ALBANY, INC "Good and Better Furniture for Less Money" 112 SOUTH JACKSON STREET Albany, Georgia I 13 Pine Avenue Lumber — PaintCAROLYN'S SHOE STORE Compliments of PLANTATION SERVICES 504 N. SLAPPEY DRIVE Farm—Timber— Plantation Sales Management and Appraisals GOLDSMITH'S Compliments SWIFT COMPANY OIL MILL Albany, Georgia THE STYLE SHOP 103 North Washington 241GORTATOWSKY Best Policy at All Times Toasted Hot Dogs "With All the Trimmings" JIMMY'S HOT DOG STAND "The Hot Dog King" Cold Drinks, Candy, and Ice Cream Cigars and Cigarettes 204 SOUTH JACKSON STREET HEmlock 5-4751 Albany, Georgia Theatres — Insurance BROOKS AUTO PARTS N.A.P.A. Jobber 128 PINE BRUCE JONES COMPANY "Your Parts Jobber" BISHOP CLEANERS LAUNDERERS 232 Roosevelt—I 107 N. Slappey HE 2-0575 Compliments of JOHN LUCAS CO., Inc. 926 W. Broad Ave. ALBANY, GEORGIA HE 5-5042 HE 6-5042 242GOLDEN GLOW DAIRIES H M MOTORS, INC, 200 Oglethorpe Dodge—Dodge Dart—Chrysler Imperial—Dodge Trucks SALES AND SERVICE DAIRY PRODUCTS ALBANY OIL CO. Shell Oil Jobber—Firestone Tires HE 6-1012 He 2-6254 408 SOUTH SLAPPEY DR. GILBERG'S "The House of 1000 Fabrics" 220 Broad Avenue HE 6-1523 FOOD PALACE 909 N. Slappey Self-Service DRIVE-IN—CHICKEN BOX—HAMBURGERS HOT DOGS—SOFT CREAM—THICK SHAKES BILL BUNTIN'S DRY CLEANERS 111 NORTH JACKSON One Day Service 243PAT'S CYCLE SHOP Bicycles, Keys, Lawnmowers SALES AND SERVICE 143 PINE AVENUE Phone HE 2-7616 GLAD'S Exclusive Fashions 1002 N. Slappey Drive Phone HE 5-3371 OWENS, INC. Sporting Goods—Hardware CHAMA'S 214 Broad Avenue TOTS TEENS . 1206 North Slappey Drive ALBANY, GEORGIA km N Mr ALBANY CANDY COMPANY GOOD LUCK TO THE 1961 SENIORS The Home of Delicious Candy He 5-3032 124 ROOSEVELT AVE. 2441219 Gillionville Rd. HE 5-4785 WILLIAMSON BODY WORKS Manufacturers of Truck Bodies Wreck Rebuilders ALBANY, GEORGIA Specializing in Milk and Ice Cream Bodies Refrigeration Meat Packers Bodies GRAVES SUPPLY COMPANY Refrigeration Parts WHOLESALE ONLY VOLKSWAGEN MOTORS, INC. 1023 W. Broad Avenue — 1 i ii Albany, Georaia HITSON CLEANERS SHIRT LAUNDRY 920 West Broad Avenue Phone HE 6-1141 SHOE REPAIR Compliments of TASTY BAKERY GEORGE A. HORMEL CO. MR. D. L. SMITH, Manager Phone HE 6-2771 ENGINEERING EQUIPMENT CO. Plumbing—Heating Supplies Air Conditioning Water Works Supplies ALBANY, GA.—PANAMA CITY, FLA—WAYCROSS, GA. 245Compliments of UNION STOCK YARDS W. M. STORY, Owner BONDED UNDER U.S. GOVERNMENT REGULATIONS Phones HE 2-7011 HE 5-3717 ALBANY, GEORGIA Phones HE 2-7919 Compliments of KWIK-CHEK STORES ALBANY, GEORGIA Compliments of SHARP'S SHOES and Shoe Repair 103 S. Jackson Street (Known for Years as Albany Hatters) Featuring CHILD-LIFE SHOES TOM SWIFT SHOES DR. POSNER SHOES FOOT-SO-PORT SHOES SHOE REPAIRING PLAZA PHARMACY 910 N. Jefferson Phone HE 6-7272 MEDICAL ARTS PHARMACY 412 Fourth Ave. Phone HE 6-3838 PROFESSIONAL PHARMACISTS "Free Delivery" ALBANY HIGH SENIOR RINGS by HERFF-JONES COMPANY "A Complete Graduation Service" INVITATIONS—CARDS—DIPLOMAS CAPS AND GOWNS—CHOIR ROBES MEDALS—PINS—TROPHIES —Representatives— H. S. CANFIELD—Atlanta, Georgia 468 Blackland Road N. W. CEdar 7-8717 ELIOT BATTLE Tifton, Georgia Compliments of THE CLOTH SHOP North Slappey Drive PERFECT SERVICE Service Station, Transfer Company, Trailer Rentals, Philco Appliances Moving and Storage CARL VAN HOUTEN HE 6-2161 2-2533 100 N. Front Street Albany, GeorgiaCompliments of the NATIONAL BANK OF ALBANY We Wire Flowers Compliments of WAY'S FLOWER SHOP Wedding Flowers—Corsages Potted Plants—Funeral Designs RIO STORES, INC. Phone HE 2-2145 322 N. Broadway Albany, Ga. BAIN PEANUT COMPANY PACE INSURANCE Shellers of Spanish and Runner PEANUTS "Insurance Since 1854" 309 PINE AVENUE North Washington St. and Seventh Ave. Albany, Georgia ALBANY, GEORGIA Phone HE 2-1 162 Storeside Parking Open 9:00 'till 9:00 Daily TOLBERT ELECTRIC CO. iLft® mm? All Work Guaranteed MEN'S AND BOYS' WEAR 155 N. Slappey Drive HE 6-8355 Albany, Georgia and Bonded COMMERCIAL—INDUSTRIAL RESIDENTIAL WIRING Hemlock 2-6100 PERRY 1014 N. Slappey Drive TAKIS A. CHRISTO LET US DO YOUR m T' e SCHOOL He 6-3616 127' 2 NORTH JEFFERSON Phone HE 6-5763 1601 S. Slappey Drive ALBANY, GEORGIA KVP SUTHERLAND PAPER COMPANY tkb paptKs pu p£c 248 $umkZ EARL BRUNSON'S GROCERY MARKET Quality Groceries He 2-0561 917 N. WASHINGTON A TOWN COUNTRY SHOP RILEY'S CLEANERS "We don’t meet competition AND we make competition." SHIRT LAUNDRY KEEL He. 5-8212 DRUG COMPANY Quality Cleaning FREE DELIVERY Reasonable Prices 1009 North Monroe Free Pick-Up and Delivery Doctor's Center He 2-1203 Compliments of MERCK COMPANY BENNIE'S BOOTERY INCORPORATED 219 Broad Avenue Chemical Division FLINT RIVER PLANT WALDEN KIRKLAND INSURORS, INC Albany, Georgia 225 Broad Avenue HE 6-8811 Insurance Specialists 249ALBANY CONCRETE PRODUCTS COMPANY CONCRETE BLOCK READY-MIXED CONCRETE P.O. Box 1470, Albany, Georgia Telephone HE 6-1565 Compliments of Compliments ED EDMONDS FLOOR COVERING COMPANY of CENTRAL SEAFOOD He 2-7457 230 TARVER AVE. KINNETT DAIRIES COMPLIMENTS and BEST WISHES From McKinney REALTY AND INSURANCE WJAZ McCOLLUM'S CLEANERS Southwest Georgia's Listening Habit" 960 KC—5000 Watts 1703 Sylvester Rd. ALBANY, GEORGIA QUALITY BEFORE QUANTITYPenney’s Always First Quality "THE FAMILY'S FAVORITE STORE" CONGRATULATIONS, SENIORS!!! Compliments of DALE FLETCHER WALG Johnny Reb Radio ALBANY, GEORGIA Compliments of ALBANY FLOOR COVERING COMPANY Compliments of DISMUKE INSURANCE and REAL ESTATE SERVICE Swang Cats!!! WILD BILL RIVERS 'Lil Jumping Johnny Reb HOFMAYER DRYGOODS 1210 North Jefferson Street £AVJEy Cool It Cool It Cool It 7 Vj I KEY'S Vi L TRAILER SALES Hay — Grain — Feed "Pond Lily Meal" CITY GIN MILL CO. 1023 Oglethorpe ALBANY GEORGIA 251ken 4 an. on "The Band Wagon" 928 W. Broad Avenue HE 2-1148 Compliments of SOUTH GEORGIA HARDWARE CO. Marine Sales and Service "South Georgia's Most Complete Hardware and Marine Store" 148 N. SLAPPEY DRIVE RILES HARDWARE Everything in HARDWARE 1004 N. Slappey Drive He 6-1472 ALBANY, GA. We Need Your Head in Our Business PALMYRA BARBER SHOP 1008 N. Slappey Owners: COLLIS WILLIS WALLACE REAGAN VIVIAN'S jffi 112 N. JACKSON STREET Latest DON’T WORRY ... GET HER GIFT 4 "Georgia's Leading Jewelers" WALTER R. THOMAS He 2-2871 212 BROAD AVE. For Hours of Fun and Wonderful Recreation Visit the CENTENNIAL BOWLING LANES At 826 Oglethorpe Owned and Operated By GLENN NULL MOREE AMOCO SERVICE STATION N. Slappey and Palmyra Road HE 5-9480 252 Compliments of JOHN'S CLEANERS 218 Pine Avenue MR. AND MRS. JOHN MONFRE Owners and Operators HE 5-5815 ALBANY COAL COMPANY, INC. COAL—FUEL OIL Philco and Norge Appliances 837 Flint Ave. ALBANY, GEORGIA Specializing in Permanent Waves and Hair Coloring NELL'S BEAUTY SHOP OWNED AND OPERATED BY MARY ADAMS 314 S. Slappey Dr. Phone HE 2-1851 |»OB»CIU CBS UPI WGPC 1450 K.C. DIXON AIR-CONDITIONING CO. CHRYSLER AIRTEMP Air Conditioning and Heating 1505 North Monroe Featuring Women's World Wide Fashions DRUNELLE'S 216 Pine Avenue PARIS—NEW YORK—MIAMI ORIGINALS FORT INSURANCE AGENCY 102-B Broad Avenue ALBANY, GEORGIA "Specializing in complete insurance plans to fit your budget" PHONE HE 2-2271 24 HOUR SERVICE C. R. HANSON'S TEXACO SERV. STA. Road Service Washing Brake Service Greasing Mufflers Installed Waxing Minor Repairs Motors Cleaned Tire Service HE 6-5811 2201 E. Albany Expressway U.S. 82 East at 5 PointsCompliments of CLARENCE HOPKINS CURB 1001 Dawson Road Open 7 to 11 7 Days a Week 0 MEMS JOHNSTON PAINT AND BODY WORKS TOPS—SEAT COVERS—GLASS—UPHOLSTERY LYKES BROTHERS, INC. of Georgia The South's Most Progressive Meat Packers STEWART'S RADIO Compliments RECORD AND HI-FI CENTER 806 W. Broad Avenue of ALBANY, GEORGIA B. W. BRIGGS Phone HE 2-1072 H N MOTOR MIDTOWN BARBER SHOP AND Six Full Time Barbers MIDTOWN SHOPPING CENTER TRANSMISSION EXCHANGE Owners: 316 Flint Alley Phone HE 6-8100 BILL SITTON and LLOYD EARNEST 254 Congratulations, Seniors! Albany Shoe Service LESTER 1. BEATTY, Owner AUTHORIZED SAMSONITE LUGGAGE REPAIRS Phone HE 2-7872 118 So. Jackson St. QUALITY SHOE REPAIR BOB'S CANDIES, INC. He 6-3394 131 Pine Ave. ALBANY, GEORGIA n Good Luck, Seniors! ALBANY HAIRDRESSERS ASSOCIATION Girls, for the best results in your hair style, visit your N.H.C.A. Salons Compliments of FURNITURE APPLIANCE MART Under New Management SYLVESTER ROAD AT FIVE POINTS Phone HE 2-1490 Dealer for Admiral and Easy Appliances Compliments of GROVE TRAILER SALES Sylvester Highway Phone HE 2-0673 Compliments of JOHN SIMS BAKERY TASTY SANDWICH ALBANY AUTO ELECTRIC SERVICE AUTO ELECTRIC AND SPECIALTY DISTRIBUTORS 125 N. Front Street Phone HE 5-4597 ALBANY, GEORGIA 606 Eighth Avenue Phone HE 6-5756 ALBANY, GEORGIA 255Along with the right of an educafioji and the other freedoms such as speech, press, religion, and assembly, you have another freedom— FREEDOM OF CHOICE Your BASIC RIGHT to choose your line of work, the neighborhood in which you live, the church you attend . . . gives you the right to choose your personal or family physician.... CHOOSE YOUR PHYSICIAN WISELY Some points to consider ... 1. His Skill 4. Personality 2. His Reputation 5. Thoroughness 3. Professional Affiliations 6. Frankness TO PROVIDE THE BEST MEDICAL CARE, Your doctor must know you and you must know him ... This DOCTOR-PATIENT RELATIONSHIP is often just as important in times of sickness as any miracle drug at your physician's command. Best Wishes to the Class of '61 DOUGHERTY COUNTY MEDICAL SOCIETY GREETINGS, SENIORS!!! McDonald SHEET METAL WORKS at 1015 Oglethorpe Avenue Congratulations, Seniors W. T. GRANT CO. 17 Midtown Shopping Center ALBANY, GEORGIA Best of Luck in the Future!!! RUG CARPET SHOP Quality Wall to Wall Carpet Rugs All Sires CARPET BY CABIN CRAFT Compliments of BARTLETT'S RESTAURANT 236 Pine Avenue 312 Moultrie Road Albany, Georgia 256YOUR CITIZENS AND SOUTHERN BANK of Albany Growing With Albany COMPLETE ONE STOP BANKING SERVICE MEMBER F. D. I. C. Compliments of J. D.'S BARBER SHOP 316 S. SLAPPEY DR. ALBANY OUTBOARD MARINE Mercury Outboard Motors Sales and Service Crosby and Zimmel Boats 630 OGLETHORPE AVENUE Compliments of SUNLITE CLEANERS Compliments of SIMPSON AND LEWIS BARBER SHOP Best Wishes and Good Luck! CLASS OF '61 FRENCH AND CRAWFORD, INC. Stocks—Bonds—Mutual Funds 123 Court Avenue H. G. (Jack) DEMPSEY—Manager HE 6-3324 HERTZ RENT-A-CAR Phone HEmlock 6-3423 On U.S. Highway 19—Inside City Limits 1901 NORTH SLAPPEY HAMILTON MOTEL Air Conditioned—Circulating Heat MRS. FRANCES J. HAMILTON DIAL HE 2-1010 Proprietor Albany, Georgia 258 Congratulations, Seniors! CAMP CONCRETE PIPE COMPANY INCORPORATED Concrete Pipe 4" to 84" Sewer and Culvert HE 5-4411Compliments of PENINSULAR LIFE INS. CO. B. C. BENFORD, Manager ALBANY LINEN SERVICE 1120 Oglethorpe Avenue ALBANY, GEORGIA HE 2-7477 HE 2-7478 For the Thrill of Your Life Come Out to THE KART SPEEDWAY Rent Our Kart—Drive It Yourself Just Past Midtown Shopping Area on West Broad BECK MOTOR COMPANY EnV-rrl 1006 W. Broad Ave. J. J. BECK W. C. BECK HE 5-3782 P. O. BOX 1273 RUSHTON BROTHERS CONTRACTORS 136 N. Magnolia St. Albany, Georgia EAT BETTER FOR LESS HARVEY'S SUPER MARKET "Georgia’s Finest Food Stores" Compliments of A FRIEND UoujARoJounson Jce C.Ajeam Shoppe and[RediauAanL 301 E. Oglethorpe Ave. Albany, Georgia PHONE HE 6-4722 259 SOUTHERN "Johnny Reb Radio" DISCOUNT COMPANY Albany's Most Powerful $10.00 vjfjp $2000.00 T Full-Time Station $200 Signature Loans Our Specialty 30-MINUTE SERVICE 1590 ON YOUR DIAL ■fa Furniture fa Automobile fa 2nd Mortgage on Real Estate HE 5-5687 140 Broad Ave. POTTER Compliments of MOTORCYCLE CO. ROYAL SERVICE MARKET Your Harley-Davidson and Cushman Dealer Bakery Catering Service 707 EAST BROAD Phones—HE 6-2509 2-2841 260 7. Je Oeep ij Appreciate Ifiese Jeop e There are so many people to whom we would like to give our sincere thanks, for without them this yearbook would have been impossible. In all of our activities they have been our strength and our foundation. Their material support has helped us to have a yearbook like the Thronateeska. Their financial support is highly valuable, but even more valuable is their personal interest in us and their sincere efforts to help us any way they' could. For all this we gratefully thank you— Our advertisers, each and every one. Our principal, Mr. Harold McNabb, who has been most cooperative in every way. Our teachers who have excused us when necessary to finish a job. Our Thronateeska photographer, Mr. Sanders, who has trailed about with us over hill and dale photographing our school life in action. Our staff, members of the senior class, and all junior helpers who have worked with us this year. The executives of the Citizens and Southern Bank, who were so generous to let us use their new building for our superlative pictures. Again we say thank you. BUTCH WINTER, Editor LYNNE PIERSON, Business Editor JOHN OLIVER, Business Editor MRS. MARY FUTCH, MR. G. B. HOWELL, Faculty AdvisorsJ£e£ as (■ )i and des lament We, the senior class of 1961, being of wavering mind and frayed nerves, do falteringly scrawl our last requests. To the sophomores wc leave the grades we never made, the opportunities we never took advantage of, the tempers we lost, the school spirit we hope we had. To the juniors we leave the dignity, privileges, and fun of being Grand Old Seniors. May they appreciate every moment of it. TRUDY BECK bequeaths her naive and quiet personality to Jan Jarrctt. JIMMY KIRKPATRICK leaves his ice blue eyes to Sonny Ragan. AILEEN CONNER leaves her athletic abilities to Garnet Shelnut. RICHARD MYLER leaves his round figure to Boogie Hill. JUNE GILL leaves her long blonde tresses to Janice Bullock. TOMMY CROUCH leaves his solemnity to Norman Estep. JIMMY CHAMPION leaves his height to Jimmy Henley. BILL DIXON, ROBIN McDANIEL, CHARLES JONES, REX LYNCH, BOB HOUSE, BUBBA ARNOLD, TOM CARCELLI, and CHARLES GRAMLING leave .... again. MIKE LANE leaves still shouting and throwing things. PETE BRANDON, RONNIE GAUGHF, TOMMY GILLIAM, ROGER BAUCUM, and ROY STEVENS, leave honored places in the ROGB to underclassmen. CARL DODG-EN leaves his embalming fluid to some lively junior. ANGELYN HENDLEY. JUNE HINELY, and HELEN CYGANIEWICZ leave their pencils and paper to take up thermometers and nursing charts. SAM LAW and JOHN OLIVER leave Mr. Howell’s side. RUSTY KALIHER, JOHNNY JOHNSON, PRANK MIDDLETON, PRANK JONES, JERRY HEWETT, VIC MILLER, JOHANN BLEICHER, and BILL FIELD leave their ability to live it up to Hamilton Jordan, Ben Johnson, Jay Beck, and Butch Naylor. Billy Hall leaves- Congratulations are in order. PRANK RUSSELL, CONNIE SIMPSON, LARRY SOWELL, EDWARD WILLIAMS, and CARLA STERNE leave their algebraic ability to the innocent juniors who are foolish enough to take Algebra IV. GEORGIA KAY MOORHEAD leaves free at last.... in every respect! VIRGINIA DURHAM leaves her position as president of the student body to a junior who is willing to give his all to AHS. TOM ROBINSON leaves, still flirting with the girls. BECKY LEE leaves—tiptoeing through the tulips. FRANKIE MORRIS, TERRY CUL-LOM, ROBERT HALLYBURTON, and JIMMY PARKER leave their places on the football team to anyone big enough to fill them. DAVID MARTIN leaves his famous laugh to Nickey Grayson. DONALD DUKE leaves for Disney Land. JUDY RAMSEY, LIBBY DEAN, and ANN STENSON leave Miss Plant's inner sanctum. KATHERINE MEADORS and ANDY PENNINGTON leave still breaking up and making up. KATHRYNE MEEKS, JULIE MAYER, TIANA OLIPHANT, and BOBBIE PAUL leave their hard earned senior privileges to juniors willing to work for them. CHARLES MITCHELL, RONALD SARGENT, PAUL HENRY, WREN HARRIS, GLEN HUNTER, LARRY CREAMER, ALVIN HERREN, and ERNEST FORDHAM leave with large smirks on their faces. WAYMAN SIMPSON leaves his 20-20 vision to some poor soul unable to afford contact lenses. RICHARD ALLBRITON takes his wild sense of humor with him. STAN HARP leaves his ability to make a scene in the lunchroom to any junior with enough gall to try it. DANNY ANGLIN leaves the ability to raise one eyebrow to Dotti Bunch. TOMMY HAMPTON leaves his winning personality to any junior boy who has Miss Cochran for English IV next year. KATHLEEN SUMMERFORD leaves 24 inches to Sara Patterson. 262BILL MOSELY leaves with a word of advice, "Boys, the girls in Blakely are nice!” BILL SWENSON and JOHN GREEN leave their ability to ask dumb questions in Miss Cochran’s room to Larry Almond. CARL STORY leaves his position on the weightlifting team to Charles Atlas. JEANETTE CUTCHENS leaves on horseback. ANDREA McLEMORE leaves her quiet, demure ways to Flora Hall. CAROLYN MALONE leaves to gain another ring for that third finger, left hand. WANDA OLIVENT, PATRICIA WARE, PATTI JO MEDLEY, JIMMIE SUE KINNEY, MARY MARTIN, MARY JANICE LAYMAN and DELORES HALL leave their favorite class—Human Biology, with regrets? FRED HENSON leaves his racing position in Mr. Williams' fourth period class to Billy Ray Schmidt. VIRGINIA GRIMES leaves after helping Rusty and Fred pass Psychology. MARYBETH HALL leaves her ability to have a good time to Ellen McDaniel. JERE KEENAN leaves her winning smile and personality to Cynthia Yancey. NANCY NUNN leaves...............Hubert will follow later. BRENDA HITCHCOCK, ROSALYN HOPPER, and GAIL HALL leave after 4 years of hard work and good times. LOU ANN KAHN leaves her long hair to Patricia Towrer. ROGER JONES and TONY JONES leave—There go the Joneses. JUDY CAIN leaves Miss Harper's class to some poetry loving student. SHERRILL CARVER leaves after attending AHS only a short while. PAM BURGESS and KAY STOVALL leave their clubs to two junior girls who w ill keep up the rivalry. SUSAN BISHOP, GIOCONDA CEVALLOS, and MARCELLO CEVALLOS leave rapidly chattering in Spanish. CANTEY DAVIS takes his ability to excel in everything writh him. KATHRYN FAULKNER, TOBY ROYAL and LIBBY SMITH leave—AHS will seem strangely quiet. JOYCE COHEN and LINDA SAUCIER leave 20 pounds to JUDY FULMER and Charlotte Taylor. JOHNNY FRANK MYERS leaves still wearing his cowboy boots. PHYLLIS ECKLER, ROSALYND POTTS, PAM KELSO, MELBA JONES, VIRGINIA JONES, EMILY PRICE, CAROLYN THORNHILL, and LINDA DOWDA leave the SOS Club to become secretaries. SILAS MUSSELWHITE leaves his business enterprises to Bill Watson. HELEN GREGORIE leaves to join George. WAYNE SHIFLET and ANN RICHARDSON leave to use their intellect in college. JANE ROBINSON leaves her sweet personality to Virginia Johnson. CAROL DORSEY leaves, still not understanding Mr. Loveless' questions. CONNIE BOISVERT leaves to become a w'orld-famous hairstylist. BOBBY BEINE and HENRY BARKER leave their ability to w'rite satires on Macbeth to two lucky juniors. JACK BRICE leaves to play ' Romeo” on Broadway. NICKIE McDANIEL and JEAN SMITH leave holding hands. JACKIE BRIM, KEN MUSGROVE, and BEN ADLER leave Anna, Sister, and Helen. JIMMY (Hound Dog Man) CARLTON leaves wearing his Fabian sweater. RICHARD HOWARD leaves still dribbling. LEONARD APPLEGATE, CHET BANKS. GEORGE BARKER, EDDIE BARFIELD, CLARENCE BRINSON, and RAY BROWN leave wiggling their ears. JUNE MILLS leaves David and his radio. JOAN BOWLES, PAUL ARMSTRONG, RICHARD CRUMBLEY, FLORENCE KULP, MARJORIE McNEFF, CHARLES YARBROUGH, and DAVID WOLFE leave Mr. Bragg’s English classes with a sigh of relief. 263GLORIA AUSTIN and LINDA WILLIS leave with others wondering which is which. BOBBY FRAZIER leaves for the BRAZIER. MAXINE BAGGETT and JUDY BLANK ENSHIP leave their red hair to Barbara Shelby. JANICE BAILEY leaves her twin brother in high school. ALVIN BALES leaves his ability to make straight l’s in Mr. Loveless’ room to some junior willing to conform to the "system." BILLY PATTERSON leaves still thinking he's the wildest boy in AHS. CAROL BARD leaves with her Yankee accent. ROBERT BARFIELD leaves his quiet, dignified ways to Tony Yaksh. CAROLINE and ELOISE KING leave those wonderful laughs to jolly juniors. ROBERT JETT and WADE INGLE leave still mopping the floor at Haney’s. AL HUTCHISON leaves taking the nicest person we know—himself. JOHNNY HUDGENS leaves his car parked at the Dairy Queen. JO PARKER leaves her ability to be w'cll dressed to Clara Tarply. CAROL HODGES and PENNY HUNTER leave—Anchors aw-eigh! LYNN WEED leaves........flying to Miami. LINDA HUDGINS leaves her shorthand pad to Gregg to preserve for posterity. JAYNE BURNHAM, BOBBY O’NEILL and HAROLD BRYAN leave still dodging sputniks. "BUBBA" HUGHES leaves taking his drawing board with him to Auburn. MAC BUNTIN leaves and chivalry is dead at AHS. FRANCES DARBY leaves—talking on and on and on and on. DAVID JOHNSON leaves still peddling Pow Wow’s. JACK KING swallows his gum and leaves. LEWIS BUTLER, JOSEPHINE BUTLER, BILLY BUSBEE, JIMMY BROADAWAY and RAY BRITTAIN leave Miss Saundcrson’s homeroom. Will it survive? ARTHUR McDANIEL leaves in his souped-up auto. JIMMY CLINE leaves his hand-shaking ability to any Methodist with durable phalanges. BETTY COUCH leaves to recline. DIANNE DEMPSEY leaves to become a fashion model. ROBERT FOWLER leaves his good grades and good voice to any deserving junior. MARTHA GEESLIN leaves—still geeslin. ANNE WATSON leaves still forgetting things. ELAINE THIBODEAU and SUSAN UJHELYI leave their names to anyone who can spell them. GINGER PARKER leaves in a daze. MADELYN LYNCH leaves getting cuter all the time. JOAN HAND and JEAN RODDY leave their favorite class—Home Economics. JAMES RIGSBY leaves with his glasses still broken. TINA CLARK leaves, w'ho will wait on our cars now! BEA THOMASON leaves to join Little Jow and Hoss. E. G. BECKWITH leaves his initials to Elmer Gantry. PETE VANN leaves his broad shoulders to Benny Stearman. LEWIS ROGERS leaves to become a full time husband. DAVID SHERMAN leaves his keys to any junior willing to fight for them. BECKY PENNINGTON is rushed away in an ambulance. SAM LEWIS takes his cynical outlook on life with him. SHELIA OWENS leaves taking with her one of the most beautiful voices AHS has ever heard. LINDA ROBERTS leaves to join the Huntingdon crew. AL BARRETT leaves—still clutching his books. 264BARBARA MURPHY and LYNNE PIERSON leave their ability to keep the editor straight to Tommy Brisbois. JOHN FREEMAN leaves.........a free man. KAY HACKNEY and BARBARA HAYES leave. What will Ralyeen do? MARY GILL leaves her position on the girls' basketball team to Martha Johnson. PETE DAUGHTRY and RICHARD "Dicky’’ ROACH leave their "brotherly love,” good times, and jobs to anybody Mr. Roach is willing to hire. JERRY DAVIS, JOYCE ELAINE DAVIS, SANDRA DAVIS, DONALD DIXON, CHARLES CLOUD, MYRTLE CORLEY, JANICE CROSSON, CHRISTINE CURLES, and MARY COX leave. Where have they been ? JOYCE DUITMAN leaves taking her sweet disposition with her into womanhood. NORMA JEAN GOOLSBY leaves with her ever-lovin' bottle of peroxide. JOHN DONALDSON leaves with all the girls staring after him. BARBARA JEAN RICORD and DANNY REESE leave hand and hard to set up full time housekeeping. DICK LIGHTNER leaves the bookworms. EDDIE FLUEREN leaves throwing good luck to AHS. GRACE KNOWLES leaves, now she’ll have to give up her "Dear Modine" column. SAM LUCKY leaves still clutching his 4-leaf clovers and wearing his horse shoes. DOUG CLEGG leaves. The Boy Scout Court of Honor will never be the same! CAROLINE CLARK leaves—never to attend another party' at Turner City again! ALICE OWENS leaves her ability to bowl to Elaine Paros. FRAN CHANDLER leaves AHS--------Finally there is peace and quiet! CAROLINE CARVER leaves her rainbow ring to anyone it will fit. LOR R ETTA BEECH leaves her talent to Collette Jeff ryes. SYLVIA FLANNIGAN leaves the dance floor at Radium for a more dignified post as Mr. Caldwell s private secretary. BILLIE LINDSEY leaves her 1.0000 average to Sue Yielding. LINDA LASTINGER and TINA SMITH leave their ability to play rock’n’roll funeral dirges to Penny Heath. PAULA HARTLEY, CAROL STEVENSON, LAURA BARNHART, MARIA SANTOS leave their dark complexions to Virginia Barry, Cornelia Sutton and Ann Leggett. ELIZABETH TAYLOR leaves her academy award to Jane Russell. RUTHIE PALMER, TERRY THAYER, GARY BAKER, and JIMMY KELLY leave their wings to the future members of CAP. SANDRA FAUN, LINDA SELPH, and DOROTHY EDGE—leave gladly!!! NANCY ARTHUR, BILLIE DYKES, and MARIE MIDDLETON leave their pep and vitality in cheering to Jeanic Cross, Tappie Hambrick and Helen Pafford. VICI BRISBOIS, JEANETTE JONES, and PAM BALL leave their standing reservation at the Brazier to Sandra Wallace. JIM DUBEAU, JERRY GERST, and BILL SUTTON leave their places in the lunch line to Steve Heidt and any other junior who can beat Coach Field into the lunchroom. JACK ANDREWS, BUTCH FAIN, and CLAUDE SURFACE leave their Brains and Brawn to Jimmy Gray, and Larry Almond. CORINNE BEVERLY and GARY FLANIGAN leave still writing letters to Carol Ann. GARY BOOKER leaves still arguing with Mr. Loveless and Mr. Bragg. DON BRUNER leaves his sarcasm to any junior who can match it. JIMMY FOUCHF. leaves, never to make the ride from Sylvester to AHS again. 265CHARLES WOMELSDORF and CAROL GRAEBENER leave their teachers mumbling their way through their last names. CAROL WOMACK, GRACE PRESCOTT, GWEN SMITH, CAROLYN KIRKLAND, and JOAN HEALAN leave to join their better halves. ANGELA SIMMONS, JOAN CATO and BRENDA BROOKS leave to enter that blissful state of matrimony. KIT CHRISTOPHER, FRED POLLARD, LEE WHEELER, GARY STEARRFTT, EDWARD STRIPLING, leave the Knight Owls. BUTCH WINTER leaves his position on the Annual Staff to anyone who can number the pages correctly. JOE SAVAGE leaves his application to Morris Brown University to the future students of AHS. CLAUDIA PARKER leaves her ability to pass notes in class to Connie Cordell. JIMMY PREVATTE leaves his fiery temper to any junior who can control it. ROBERT HARE, RONNIE STUART, DAVID LOVING and DANNY HOPKINS flee the portals of AHS. BARBARA BALLARD, BETTY DOLLAR, JUANITA CORLISS, DONNA LYNCH, BONNIE BELT, YVONNE HOWELL, and BERNICE WILLIS leave quietly—the same way they entered. SANDRA BROOKS and TED LANDAU leave as 3Vi year Honor Graduates. Thank you Miss Patterson. LOU WILLIAMS and NORMAN SWEET leave their artistic ability to Judy Stewart and Joel McEven. RICHARD HATCHER, BUCKY GEER and TOMMY CHAMBLESS leave three big vacancies in the Key Club. LAWRENCE JENKINS and CAROL HOWARD leave still smiling shyly at each other. BENNY COHEN leaves his good looks to anyone as tall, dark and handsome as he is. BETTIE DAVIS, PATRICIA McGIRT, JACKIE McDEARMID, RODNEY BIERMAN leave their good times in the band to up and coming juniors. JIM WARD leaves Cat .......again? SARA JOINER leaves her fatal feminine charm to next year’s seniors who seem to need it. LYNDA WILLIAMS leaves, and Alpha Tri-Hi-Y loses its well-behaved president. BERNITA THOMPSON leaves her quiet, innocent ways to her little sister, Vickie. SMOKEY MULL and ROGER LAND leave a streak of rubber down Slappey Drive. ARDF.LLA SANDISON and AGNES JANES sadly leave fourth period Virgil. RICHARD KLEIN, SAMMY PATE, CLINT POOLE, JAMES SUMMERFORD, DARRELL THORNHILL and RANDALL WALKER wander forth from AHS, just as bewildered as ever. ANGELA LANCASTER leaves her wild ideas and parties to Jerona. DENNIS HORNE leaves still uttering big words nobody can understand but him. JOAN FREEMAN leaves—who will keep up with the school grapevine? JIMMY VANLANDINGHAM, DONNA LUWITSEMA leave for the wide, wide world. SIDNEY SPIVEY leaves his record of 101 tardies and challenges all underclassmen to establish a new one. STEPHEN SCHATZ bequeaths his darling personality to anyone lucky enough to inherit it. BEBE STANLEY leaves still blotting her lipstick on notebook paper. ERNEST SELL leaves—underclassmen girls may now start crying. RONALD SNIDER sadly (?) leaves his favorite class—Mr. Henderson’s third period. We hereby appoint Mr. H. E. McNabb as executor of this will, and give him full power if parties mentioned in this will do not fulfill all conditions put forth, we direct that Mr. McNabb use his judgement and bestow these gifts on worthy parties. Signed, declared, and published by the Class of 1961, as its Last Will and Testament, this 27th day of February, 1961. 266 ien is% OOKS TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY "The World's Best Yearbooks Are Teylor-made' 

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