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Albany High School - Thronateeska Yearbook (Albany, GA) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Cover

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Zgdeeinaeeaftde 7 , Zqtieddcmhgdeefeflaemazfez, Staadrdeiameafadltde Wwimae, Emzdeawmydzmaaaaanzpcuemea 2a4ez'4e,l0z4aa6z'4caaeea,aanZ4em,' ?ZawedZ4ec!e4fzmwl4muzqw4fefc, 7 . 1 , , Lb .gr Qlf f w 4 e Q ,A 4540 M X f Aw, x. Q I A A A :,, X rw 3 6 Q 4 ,xi 'L 1 f i a 2 X fu 2 L , . 1,1 . ., .' 'i t . , J 3. ia- i 3-'Y 4 . " W xg Q L f ': .3 'T ,, . x 4 A , 1 J A v 1 . 4 7 IRT. 3' fry . .J 4 , " :X ' M A ' wa. sp- , ' , N W- -' ,A sl NN! 9 ik , - VAT. 1 'xx J. P. o- ' 4, I I X' K ,..1 Li. ,, ,, K , X I Yxrv N1 . y f., u mia'-,V A' 4 ' , ' 4' '34- v ,'4 V" , uv Pm 1' 1' 1 1' 1' 1' 1 1' N 1 w BWQKFESFI QH??1.- '5 ', 1 mf '655'W?i'n7?d6'lifhWl1?FIS2.S?ZEQiTHE: Ti 'IEYQIDWL-9i1,'E7Eh2AfEr7f , ,dl ,yi If n -, uni"..N11GR?i-.521 4 I I -T: r .159 1" ,... .. f,f,,,.4- .5 1' ? Q, 1' J W? may , .1- '.',r:', :5WiF3F.f5""1-F'-if A0127 2217-'TPFI Wi , ...-fr,WY'iff E+' -' 12, N- X 2' ' 1 A V 9 4 , w .rf X Wiz .. A Q ' 111. !kH97'f.Z"' FJLWZ-xlyf f'1QTJl..'f ' 29 P1503 LRli4PN565Pf5"3 l3?11"'l!'?fF55!'HW5W!6!?ilZ 74a 74'zcwmZee42a ?ze4wt4 Um am 1959-1960 Magda? Sciaaf fffffwf WW 17 D 2 fem f H g 5 mia! 705155601 74e4e 77age-4 'Me Zag 64444 Saadeuw 7uZe4mw 'Euwea WWW ?wwfw Swede Scyma 'F 'T' , ,- N X . -A , A :QW-'2L5f,:NS,5, x J' KFS 5 X 4, Q xx KJV Dbbbbbbvbvvb ' ,1 , 9 A .ifi2'Q ',, Q Q 'ma m 77 , P UCS, ,Pg--5' Y, rf K , vm "-f 1 ff?LW A O f A Q -f. Q ,- X Q5 ffm X K il Q A FV! Lffkf fp f f MR. J. J. CORDELL, Superintendent of Education Our school board is noT seen by our sTudenTs in everyday life, yeT The school could noT funcTion wiThouT iT. WiTh The welfare of The school and stu- denT body in mind, The board does all The long range planning Tor new school buildings, new Teachers, and beTTer TaciliTies. Through Their eTTorTs many of our proiecTs have been made possible. Realizing ThaT Their iob is end- less, and someTimes unnoTiced, We, The class of '60, wish To express our sinceresT Thanks and our deep- esT appreciaTion To each member of The Board of EducaTion. The responsibiliTy of keeping The school machin- ery operaTing eTficienTly and smooThly in Dough- erTy CounTy is execuTed by Mr. J. J. Cordell. ...W V k 4, -f Y ,, 1 Rx MR. LOUIS XX V' - T NA- - s ss' fx oi.: -5- .NW ws. r . -gsygx v X ' Y R -1 c ., ws.. 5 is GQ Sf " if-Fl. 'X cc-KKK vb ' Eg X T3?SsiXx ke? gow-mfafg ' W gf 'Q--...ff T K g J M, 1 ff MR. JOHN P. VENTULETT MR. GEORGE JOINER v,'R'H995?:9f+' MR. ERNEST H. BOND MR. HERBERT HALEY 1 . , " 'W X ' ' ' Q I 3 f' '- ' iw 'm QQ A' V,X" s .-' 'Wing ,, .B X :' - 0 ' , YECV ' 3 M MR. JEFF DAVIS, MR. HOLLIS STANFORD , .:g . A ' 35 0 Q B I would like to express my appreciation to you students vvho have contributed wholeheartedly to a suc- cessful school year for Albany I-Iigh, and to express my personal appreciation to the sponsors of the annual, Mr. Howell and Mrs. Futch, and to all members of the annual staff vvho worked so hard to give us this publication. It is something vve can be proud of, something to keep and treasure for the rest of our lives and I knovv that you students share vvith me this feeling of appreciation to these people. I cannot overlook this opportunity to remind you students of vvhat the people of Albany and the Board of Education have done to provide the building and the facilities and the staff to enable you students to achieve up to the limit of your ability. We feel that vve have the offerings, ample guidance services and professionally trained staff which make it possible for you to prepare yourselves for future vvork and pleasure. I also vvant to commend the large majority of you vvho accepted the personal challenge to utilize your ability to the utmost. I also vvant to remind you that education is a personal thing and none of the above mentioned people or things vvill help you become better educated unless you yourself are vvilling to pay the price through hard vvorlf, cooperation and the individual development of a desire to achieve. Our teachers will furnish you the opportunity, stimulation, encouragement and guidance but beyond that it is up to you. I am proud of you students and the vvork you have done, and I am glad that vve have this annual which will contain the pictorial records of your friends, activities, etc., vvhiclt you vvill refer to many times with pleasure in future years. JL! A friendly smile and a pleasant voice calling your name as you pass the office, and you know at once who it is. Mr. Pierce, the assistant principal of our school, has made it a practice to remember everyone's name and at The same time carry out his numerous duties. He is always ready To help any student with his problem and, as evi- dence of that fact, his office is almost al- ways filled with students. w,,,av..-1' l- lviiss THELMA PLANT, Dean of Girls ,ff ...N ..-. 'Nc be 4' . N., ,, ' fm, a ,X f ' ve- T . r nl " J' 5 PT. V- l g If I' T ,,, MR. GRAYDON PIERCE, Assistant Principal Girls, do you have a problem? If so, you will find a cure in The office of Miss Thel- ma Plant. Miss Plant, Dean of Girls, delights in handling any of The problems The girls encounter, both personal and scholastic. Most important, she helps Them adiust to life at Al-l.S. MRS. FLORINE LESUEUR Z5 ,ibn defy l fl '1f"'.'-'1.5'zi flu my X XXX ff ii 055646 Who kept the Wheels turning in every office at A.H.S.? That hardworking but pleasant and friendly corps of secretaries and clerks. The school couldn't have operated without them! itllhl i , A gr , 1 ' fl' fm, . , A i. r I. , . S V X c -. H-'E'-az! MRS. H. E. BARNHOUSE AADC I I1 r'Ah1-rn MARGARET WILSON President of The Student Council JUNE HINELY Vice-President of The Studeni Council ,4 '25 , hw' 5 '7 'i i ivy 5 L' . Q' M 2 ' "3 V33 MMS i ji Q A - W , if .ET ll? if X lx W. we si -- 1 4 45 X 4 '. it Pang K 3 ,""l1' T. The Creek Indians vvho once inhabited the area vvhere Albany High School now stands could never have foreseen a building as streamlined and modern as our present high school. The activities and customs of these Indians is the theme of the i960 Thronateeska, As you leaf through the pages that follow, the con- Q ameafZ5e7 ' 'Q-'Q TrasT beTween The life They led and The lives That we are leading in This modern age is apparenT. We are Therefore, boTh humble and appreciaTive of The oppor- Tunifies provided for Us by our parenTs and The commurmiTy - opporTuniTies ThaT Those before Us did noT enioy. qqf44CC4QC4C4CCQC44444f 4444444C444Ck4Q4Q4444 44444444 Alma Mater youfre agrand. old Stjlool youfre the Sthool. 'Hmaf we love Anal for-ever in. honor we"l.l hold, Alma. Mater Dear, we you. revere, The ,Boasf of the .Brave and 'Ch-6.30106 Ever Lean-i' beais fr-u-e 7 . One and all we re for you., Anal your memory we efer .shall blessg Rr 3 hould 'Auld flcguaiafanceb be for-got? Hereff 'fo 7Iou.,deo.1- olcl mmm :ann 5 :mr :mmm 7575 D D 9 595559: ???P 5595555 P777 ' Q And so another Thronateeska comes to an end. lt's almost time to close the door on this year, but we can do it with a smile, for we know our memories can be revived each time we open this book. Open it often - today, tomorrow, twenty-five years from now. And may we realize that these years . . . perhaps "the best years' '... have also been formative ones and have set the basic pattern of our lives. The Thronateeska's Indian theme and simplicity are led in 1959 and '60 as to the life led by the Creek i here to present to you a contrasting picture of the life we Indians who inhabited this section two hundred years ago. To Mrs. Futch and Mr. Howell - VVe'd like to say thanks for the privilege of organizing these memories. To the Seniors - Congratulations and so long! To those of you who are left - Keep on making these "the best years of your lives." Editor 9 I 5 fx 4 viii?-fy. ,, 5 LM, Q? 5-iw ' W 1 fp... .. Q Fi MR. W. A. LOVELESS fl O Q J .61 0 s:J Q J 1 i 5? as 2 '- I 9 QJ f' z .MG X l ln his twenty-eight years of devoted service, Mr. Loveless has exemplified Christian dedication to his chosen vocation, teaching. As a model instructor he has endeared himself to the student body of A.H.S. through the teaching of Human Biology. Having gained the respect, admiration, and love of his students, Mr. Loveless continues to exert a positive influence on his classes. We the 1960 Thronateeska staff are proud to dedicate this yearbook to Mr. Loveless, a favorite of ours. XQ fi Q WZ? MARGARET WILSON "Honor is purchas'd by the deeds we do, . . . honor is not won, Until some honorable deed be done." -Marlowe The KIWANIS and MCINTOSH awards are the most cov- eted honors which can be bestowed upon a student at Albany High School. These students, who are recognized from the senior class as having exemplified the most out- standing qualities of citizenship and leadership during their years at Albany High School, are selected by secret ballot ot the faculty. Margaret Wilson is the senior girl who is the recipient of the KIWANIS award, and Marshall Tanner is the recipient ofthe MCINTOSH award. MARSHALL TANNER f .8 ki .Se :. ,N 1 f Q 1 'T' 9 X f x JIS. 0 X, v xxx X f ag M as 1 va f 1 x 1 ' :QM V51 ,ff X I N, 'w l LL- V777PPPv77v7wr T59 Sa chems fy- V Mrs. Mary Futch O .1 .,:f,5 Y . 1' "slag .1 . X .. ss .. .f ' Y li. f Q ' X 74 -nu-sub, l g: M A ' 4 1 ' 3,2 X if 'll ' N sf o gf 4 i :I ,r ,tae , . Y, l . El 2 if r ll Miss Frances Feagin Miss Elizabeth Saunderson Mr, William R, Bragg Miss Thelma Plant . X' 49' ' - s.,5rfrf'oai we M . l' .X ' ' is wx W, it .gf ff if --.- ld, ' 4'1" N W . .., - U7 f? x , 1. i v 'lf' tn ,QA :Q ,rg It K' X -4-J'-pd, T .Q Q N MrS.Anme1-aurie powell Mrgl Jake Rowe Miss Rurh Harvard Mrs. Judy Garrett Mrs. Flora Hunt Mrs. J. M. l-linson, Chairman To graduate from Albany l-ligh School, a student must have tour units ot English. More and more we realize the need for the effective use ot vvords for communication and comprehension. The study of the literature of our vvorld brings pleasure as well as an understanding ofthe experiences of mankind. A four year remedial program is provided tor students not adapted to the regular program. An additional course is Practical English tor those seniors going into the business world. Mrs. Anne Spencer Miss Beverly Linton J'- g 'M f , he . - s a':.- 7 fi r y 1 -- s- 5.4.1 ,s 0 1 r . XL in .. ea -'xii li' F.- L' '. . R I -2 , l sp. F, A. is gg . A . Qs Pr if , wwlwefr- s I , " .Ii ' Q' V... 4 f 4. ,V 2 11 -,.--' Q .k 'S E' Mrs. S. A. Juhan Graham Lowe Mrs. Robert Faudree Chairman French Spanish Albany High School has a very excellent foreign language department and plans are being made to install a language laboratory which will improve it very much. No foreign language is required, but one is recommended as a college preparatory elective and also for its cultural value. The courses offered are: four years of Latin, three years of Spanish, and three years of French. QW ,-1 ,Wm 'Nw ' A Jef A he E 'fr-'--7 Q' if W Nl '1l!""""" V ,,.,--. 1 'li 'fx i Miss Marian Baum Miss Janice Heath Miss Wynett Baker Two years of typing, two of shorthand, one of bookkeeping and one of general business are offered in our school. All but the last course are recommended for students planning a secretarial career. Typing ll and Shorthand ll are integrated courses and cannot be taken independently. Shorthand I or Typing I may be taken individuallv. Q I 33' vlflfvl we . ss . Mrs. Bessie Dobbins Latin 1801. .. 4 99 , 4 hw! ' . I .J 'Q ' Q' by .. - -, " f. il' 1 Z' il? lf. '11?"i r its T515 ' - 'Q' vvgrg' 459: , - f ""' , 43',4f1,A, C 'fs 4 .- .. . -s .. 1- ' , :. . , 1 'H' . 54 ... " ,, I-1 1 1531, xr . 1 ' S1 gs - I ff ' ras, M . ., ' nie . ff' .s.. is - I fa ,f , Mrs. Fred Scheuing Chairman ,f fl 1 1- ,Q A . L s is S ,xx 0.5 Y 4 : .QQ I 1 ' 1 'gr x W' x W 5 Qi?-H.. ' xi 1 n 9 50" 'fr Q ' A x 4 we ,AEFW L 2 S' X Amaiate-. Qixlb ' Fav' ,- ,V ?':'ii is-fi-is-ri 1, ' 2 l Ay't.Qg M. . ,Q f ' L.: 'A' kkmft QMWWE Ft F992 ' z Mr. James Mullis Miss Mary Hudson Chairman Two units in mathematics must be earned before graduation. Our mathematics depart- ment offers: General Mathematics, Geometry, Economic Math, Algebra I, Algebra II, and Al- gebra IV. This provides a firm foundation for both the college bound student and the stu- dent who will enter some phase of business upon graduation. Miss Celeste Smith Q " V ,.., Zswwgsk ,A V M mm X., X"""-is 1 X , ' 4 ' N. 'X "N-... Mr. Ray Council Mr. W. F. Sherman Mr. G. S. Hun T Mr. Bill Powell 975 Nun Mrs. Arlo NeSmith I TTQTTI till- I- 4 ' . Q-4.1 . ak Q I Q widths 'VN 'Bw Vw X T"'1v Miss Eugenia Daniell Mr. T. R. Williams Mr. Bobby Faudree Y , 2. Miss Eugenia Strickland .wa ,X Miss Martha Dye Allr lnrnnc XAf2lflDI"i This department strives to develop respect for the rights of every individual and for our American heritage. By emphasing good human relations in the home, school, city, state, and nation and world, they are able to develop an understanding and practice of the principles of democracy. Three units in social studies are required for graduation. These three must include U. S. History. Courses offered in this area are: Social Science l, World History, U. S. History, American Government and Economics, Sociology and Psychology. 1 7, 56' :zu Sfj Mr. N. C. Hatcher, Chairman .ll 8. .. ."""' M ,1 Vs J 'Yi' , Mrs. Evelyn Fleming If .. k QI? Mr. Jack Mercer Mrs. Bennie Moore Sccewce Mr Chappell Collins Mr VV A Loveless MF- Arlo Nesmifh f aff Mm iAxl Q. X G W, V si.i 1, 1 uk l 4 l . . fgfiiiiilisls T T Mr Bill Sanders Mr Bill EnTrekin Mrs. L. S. Summerville Albany High School requires Tvvo uniTs in science, one of which musT be Human Biology or General Biology. Chemistry and Physics are required unless The sTudenT is noT adapTed To This program. An advanced course in ChemisTry CAcceleraTed Chemistryl is offered To The su- perior sTudenTsf Working individually or in groups, sTudenTs have op- porTuniTies To experimenT, do research, and exchange ideas. SupplemenTary TexTs are used and sTudenTs are encouraged To do addiTional work beyond The normal scope of The work. Am l E , . 1? K I at Pi .gg 'ill x MW -1 'L X --1' Jw 1 Mrs. Jewell Johnson Mr. Bill Hershell Mr- Rgbert James Mr' Harold Wynn 'l'35'?,,,V2N wx iw .'.,.. , b 5 , Qs Q i if' pau. i 4 ,A t 'ada Q! Y 'WN-r M! '5,k ff ,y HE l' will QA l" L in 'l K 1 Pig x 5 , , Mr. J. H. Watson Mr. Jack Downing Mr Byron Henderson Mr. Howard Waters fs 'I Courses in homemaking, woodcraft, metalcraft, mechanical drawing and auto mechanics are offered in our vocational department. These activities are carefully designed to fulfill the needs of the individual. This department provides an oppor- tunity for students to develope technical skills and gain experience that will be a valuable aid toward obtaining employment after graduation. Mr. Hal King, Chairman Z it i 4, f 5 ,I l ' lf" Mr. Harvey Pace ll f i- ii- ' -"JD . ' r:-' as I I A' iv x X- " 2 a 7 .-1. XVQFM d 0.3 ,' X, I 9 .. . . 1 P Y- - , - 1 i T K 1 SK f' 1::?'v1 - lx Q' X -Q f i + '57 .,- ., 2 X .. ::,? if-H-: f IQ - 'f r Nifty?-L-5 A 4 Sl F . Off. 4,1 , X1 Q The library is a place for research and study and where one may quietly spend his leisure time. Here a person may check out a book, read magazines and newspapers and study. Our library is beautifully decorated and has the most modern furniture and equipment. It is open from eight in the morning until four in the afternoon. Mrs. Mable Hogue Librarian W1 Coach John Tillitski Chairman We are very proud of our band which is under the very capable direction of Mr. Sell. It adds color to many school activities and provides entertainment for the school and the public. To be eligible for our band, a student must have had previous training in Junior High or in some other band, and be tried out and accepted by the director. U 0 -A , . fa., to-ev sg -rm'-V ' Pat Field Bob Fowler Coach Coach Physical education is required of all students, excluding seniors. One-fourth unit is earned each year and a total of three-fourths unit is required for graduation. A variety of activities are offered vvith a major emphasis being given to team sports. gauze! Mr. Maynard Sell, Band Mrs. R. B. Geoghegan Assistant um. " V"W'i mf' - .X 1 Mrs. Helen McComb 1.. r Xu- .ssgf4.:sP ' ' . ,- Xl i T . 'E is r 4 Q c.w..sYF X Y . ws. 5 il'- 5 . X, S t X . -S.. , s Miss Anne Weeks V -"""s .. .V l -we ag f U-ll , 1'3" . 'L A '- I . ss., ' af-4 . M. l - I lf- 'I 4 qtxn -Eg w i, f X . T Q 1 .L , qs ' 5 777397777775 N it The Tribesmen, P . I ,' A WW as MARY SPENCER, President 'T f, FRONT ROW, left to right-Sally Smith, Secretary, Do urer, Betty Nix, Treasurer, Robert Creel, Secretary. E, 1 . Z, K 11 Q D Q- ' fl' MARSHALL TANN ER, President sms, XX.ix ,X "4-ff 5T'E"'EI. 2 -s- 4 s., pw. .2 -RISK . P SAL. if L. 'L , N V, V: my X N N sv s X is t V X X s ax xbx 1 1' sq' x A 5 vs sb x T23 K- Q X X N w s xx N ,X X X, A , - ss is ss X x X Rm s ' Q n Strickland, Vice-President, Marilyn Flowers, Vice-President . BACK ROW-Bud Lewis, Treas O zdezap ROBERT ABERNATHY ROBERT ALBRITTON l T Entered '59y G,O.V.E.C. Enlered '59, ,R 'N' ,C V. lx MVN , ,.a-au? ROBERT PRESTON ALLEN JUDITH ANDERSON ww E9 Bela Cluby Hi-Yg Junior Classical 4-H ClubgD.C.T. , League, Cursus Honorum Chapierg Q ,-4 Chess Clubg Thespian Clubg Nu- qisvls. clear Nurs. DARLA JEANNE ANDERSON Los Conquistadors de Espanola: "We Were There"y Powder Puff Football. MARIANNA ARMSTRONG Junior Classical Leagueg Cursus Honormum Chapterg Fufure Teach- ers of Americag Powder Puff Foot- ballp Thronafeeska Staff: L05 Emisoras de Esfadosf Uridos Span- ish Clubg Buenos Vecinos, Secretary. WALLACE C. ANDERSON Trackg Intramural Baskefballg Key Clubg Pow Wowg Buenos Vecinosf Los Conquistadors de Espanolag Collin's Test Tube Headsg Glee Club. CAROLYN ARNESON Senior Bandg Junior Classical League, Cursus Honorum Chapterg Beta Cluby Tri-Hi-Y. ww Y fig, . -M' Wdilgnl IQ- Ugi l"""'M-, R .. 5 s Q :Ewi,'sif?S4s:-E -1 Q2'Z'g5Se:::, fMM9' --'2- :-: ref: - ---f ,, . I 0 0 I u ...f ',,V 1 K' V f.: H., gf-if 4 rv, . ,1v. 1 4 ,wfhet A Q, M 'fi ,ffl . ' 4 I gy Zz.-' S ' ,'.,. K ,Lf 'f f "' 1 'Q 1115 f' ff! ,ww A ta Me . CAROLYN JANICE ARTHUR Delta Tri-Hi-Y, Junior Classical League, Quo Vaclis Chapterg Beta Clubg F.T.A.g Historiansg Nuclear Nutsp Student Council. AUDREY ANN ASH Freshman Class Vice-President Lunch Roomg Powder Puff Foot- ballg Seekers of Success. ""' Z' f ' rf MARY DONNA AUTRY ZARA BALL 7 S.S,S. Clubg F.H.A., Junior Chap- Delta Tri-Hi-Yg Junior Classical M 4, terg A-Hg F.T.A., Stella Kalmon League, Quo Vadis Chaplefi Bl' M 'V ChaptergAnnualStaffgG.O.V.E.C. ological Research Clubg Collins 'C 'f"4nsnuW"" H W! I el' ll' 1 , f W W 4 W f X I 9' A 7 ff 'W' , X ,J f 4' i i Q' , '- ,,,.,,,,,,.,,., 30 A fi i E+ 'wi .J cial eff' .i i fir Casual Chemists, Psi Chi Clubg Music Workshopg Pow Wow. QUT SHIRLANN BALLEW BILLY BANKS fl Beta Tri-Hi-Yg Art Clubg Alpha Tri- C-flee Club, Junior Classical um, ,HV Hi-Yg D.C.T.g Historiansg Office As- League, Quo Vadis Chapterp Col- 'WWWT 1' ,pv- 1 1 sistantg F.T.A. lins Chemical Characters. MARVIN BANISTER CARLENE BARBERO FIohwtp'sg Historiansp Football. Seekers of Successp F,H.A., Lunch. room, I 4' QA 'A Z Wa 4 . 'V VVVV- fl"lltlWi5f'-' A fwimsg, yi' Z, 'Wg' ,AI . PEGGY BARTON Junior Classical Leagueg Future Teachers of Americag Powder Putt Footballp Tennis Teamg Pow Wow Staffg Reddick's Nuclear Nutsg G.O,V,E.C. REBECCA BEACH Future Home-makers of America A-H Club. xv..-Un 3 s s E l 1' iw, d.,.,L wwf, HQ, LESLIE BATEY 4-Hg Future Nursesg Buenos Ve- cinoa-Los Conquistadores de Es- panolg Intramural Basketballg Pow Wow Statfg Powder Puff Football, Tri-Hi-Yp Atom Smashers. RON BEANE Entered '59. PEGGY ATHANILE BARKER Duct. Club. RAYMOND J. BARLOVV Library Aid, L :Q xt V r Y X 'nv 'K' ' v . A it us:-:fs .L 5,5534-V 'R H JANET ALONA BARKSDALE F.H.Ag A-H Club, Music Work sl1opgD.C.T.Club. ROBERT J. BARTLEY Glee Clubg Chemistry Clubg H toriansg G.L.A.D.S. Mi -5.- K-sf-v-sl' if 3 328 WWW ,x N, .- ' .. , s.,1,', 5 ai. A f 1? ROY BEARDEN BERNARD BEARRY r. A Fi?-E B-Team Footbally B-Team Basket- X1 , ballg Trackg Intramural Basketballg 1 '94 D.C.T. Clubp Biology Bugsy Art 'iR---- 13' Club. Q-nw it i, 1'-" 'Ta J, ah l lu' is CYRILLA CLAIRE BECK Sigma Tri-Hi-Y, Junior Classical League, Quo Vadis Chapter, Speech Club, Biological Research Club, 4-H, Powder Puff Football, Manager, F.H.A., Pow Wow Staff, Psi Chi Psychology Club, Vice- Presiclent, Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, Annual Staff, Girls' Tennis Team, TAPS, F,N.A, GLYNN BELLE-ISLE Senior Band, ROGB, Secretary, Junior Classical League, Cursus Honorum Chapter, Student Coun- cil. f 'ww ,ewan ' ff wfqwwl I ff ' f K ,ff n. ,'w', -U--wwf ROGER BELCHER NANCY LORETTA BELT D.C.T., Treasurer, F.H.A., Beta Tri- Hi-Y, General Biology, Chapter I, Office Assistant, Gym Assistant, F.N.A. awww, Mm U fx! E ,gninga ysy, ,gilt ,ww , f 1 'D , ""'f4ivnhr' I"' fx M- W L A YWWK 111.5 if-vwawmmw Q :gf llfk' it .gg-3 , Ll ', 1 Q. ' I, -. , f sq., -'G 1, "-aff". mf ,, f ' I Jrxx- Ge is -, -E ,wean-I ai Alix ,J W- V ,wwf-""" I ,aww ADRANA BERGEMANN NANETTE ELIZABETH BEVERLY Glee Club, Mellonettes, Beta Club, D.C.T., Annual Staff. PATTI BISHOP Pow Wow, Column Editor, Collins Casual Chemists, Library Service Club, Vice-Pres, Lab Assistant, ruff' ,lfavv-sq, WW' BEVERLY GRAY BETHEA Beta Club, Dougherty Civinettes, Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, Junior Classical League, Quo Vadis Chapter, F.T.A., Sigma Tri-Hi-Y, Happy Historians, Les Pauvres Gens cle Paris, Pres., F.N.A., Vice-Pres., Le Chats cle Francais, Vice-Pres., Powder Puff Football, Office Assistant, A-H. ROSS BIRDSONG Hi-Y, Junior Classical League, Quo Vaclis Chapter, Movie Operator, Atom Smashers. NECA MARIA BLAIR F.N.A., President, Freshman Class Secretary, Beta Club, Student Council, F.T.A., Spanish I 3, ll Clubs, Office Assistant, Girls' Ten- nis, Gamma Tri-Hi-Y, Secretary, Atoni Smaslters, Sec., Annual Staff' TAPS. 14 JANICE MARIE BLALOCK Beta Club, Mellonettes, Director Glee Club, Music Workshop, Jun ior Classical Lea ue Cursus Hon- 9 , orum Chapter, The Historians, So of dcfdcfdq eadofw LUCY BLAND Beta Club, Buenos Vecinos, Vice- Pres., Guidance Office Asst., Glee Club, Music Workshop, Beta Tri- Hi-Y. cial Science Club, Biological Re- search Club. TOMMY BLEWETT PAUL BOLT Movie Operators, Secretary, Happy Los Peones, Movie Operators, Historians, English IV Club, Col- Treasurer, Glee Club. lins Chemistry Club. CHUCK BRADWELL TNT Club, President. BRENDA LEE BRASHEARS Junior Classical League, Quo Vadis Chapter, Treas., Pres., Dougherty Civinettes, Treas., Beta Club Sec., Biological Research Club, Chapter V, Sigma Tri-Hi-Y, Powder Puff, Manager, Music Workshop, 4-H Club. VIRGINIA BRANCH Alpha-Tri-Hi-Y, Future Teachers of America, Junior Classical League, Gamma Tri-Hi-Y, Nuclear Nuts, DANNY BREEDEN Varsity Baseball, Block "A" Club, B-Team Football, Art Club. 65? . 29 M. .une 'Q Y J-'t, I- V A , F 'ig .W ,1- it PQ """""'4--1-vs... ,,. ,sr 5' Wx Q 'Q-. Ev av, 67014 ,S ry I K ,K r,,V , K, E f, 5 - Q, mn B V A ' JIMMIE BROADWAY FREELAND BROWN E " A B , Social Science Society, Mrs. Flem- F.F.A.g Fleming's History Clubg Li- V ing and her Thirty-seven Relics, brary Service Clubg Lunclwroom l US Smart Historians. Committee. LENNIE KAY BROWN WANDA MERLE BROWN Entered l959-609 Bandg S.O.S, Music Workshopg Glee Club: Club. S.O.S.g Biology Club. et""'Y 1e:""'g. 'Wm JACKIE LEE BRUNER WANDA ELIZABETH M Seekers of Successg 4-H Clubg Of- lice Asslslance' Gamma Tri-Hi-Yg 4-H Clubg His- . 2' "YQ ff , f',f f Z f f, Q yum., 1 , , A. he WWW Toriansp S,O.S.g Alpha Tri-Hi-Yg An- nual Staff. JOE BURDESHAW PHYLLIS BURGESS Hi-Yg Junior Civilang Movie Op- Bela Clubg Seekers of Success' eralors, Presiclentg Buenos Ve- Program Chairmang 4-H Club. Ofi cinos, fice Assislanfg Powell's Gamblefg Forty-Wonders. ' Jul? "' i vi? fs X . 2 NIVAI Ni. x.A , xx Q In . . Q. ,ffl rw' sl ii? ,V ,W . L .4 0, nf . 1 Wagga! F Q1 f, E "' V f pf AN N CARLTON Entered '6O. CORINNE CARLTON Dougherty Civinettesp Intramural Basketballg Thronateeska Staffg F.H.A.p C'est Ia Vie: La Chats de Francaisf Powder Puff Footballg Junior Classical League: TAPS. THOMAS CARCELLI Entered '59g Varsity Football Varsity Basketballg Varsity Base- ballp Reddick's Atom Smashers. LARRY CARLTON HELEN MARIE BYNUIVI Entered '6O. FRANK B. CANNON JR. Entered '58g Hi-Yg Movie eratorsg ColIin's Casual Chemists. f " i 'Q . its "san, Q5 1 ff . . fi , I .... . ,I ... 1 -' t i W X LARRY CARTER MARION CARTVVRIGHT Junior Civitan Clubg Hi-Y. VNSIIY Football- ,, M .,,. " BESSIE CANNON Social Science Clubg U.S. Smart Historiansg A-H Clubg Psi Chi Club GEORGE CANNON Strickland's Historians. imc, I f Q -41-Q... mm, 3 i"f"X 4ff""lw i r A .f I , 'ai vez.. J if"-sure REBECCA JANE CHAMBERS Carolyn's Cats, Reddick's Atom Smashers, Mellonettes, Sec., Glee Club, Music Workshop, Future Nurses, Los Ambassadoras de Los Estodos Unidos, Buenos Becinos. CAROLE CHAPPELL Beta Club, Delta Tri-Hi-Y, Pres., Thronateeska Staff, Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, Future Nurses, US Smart Historians, C'est La Vie, Chez Francais, Vice- Pres., Nuclear Nuts, Biology Club Chapter V, Teens Against Polio, Office Asst. CHAN CHANDLER Hi'Y, Pres., Key Club, Vice-Pres., Beta Club, J.C,L., Quo Vadis, Press Reporter, Historians, Pres., Marvin's Molecular Maniacs, Vice-Pres., Golf Team, Track Team. FRED D. CHAPPELL, JR. Key Club, Pres., Student Council, Treas., Beta Club, Treas., Hi-Y, Pres., .l,C.L., DAR Good Citizenship Award, Junior Play, Nuclear Nuts, Pres., The Tlohwtp, "T.A.P," nl' .,, . vt is ful'-' M ji' , ,,' 2' f , ,f its 1' I im ' V-M 4 . I , 'V 'hm fi 2, ' ,'f, zfg 9 , '. lk I av., 'V' f 01' .M - VII Q's, ,, .. ,' f lil it 'nv' 36 "aiu, ZW io 'Russ as 'Nuff LYNN CHESTNUT J,C,L., Quo Vadis Chapter, Hi-Y, Atom Smashers, Biological Research Club Ill, Golf Team. FLORRIE ANN CHURCHWELL Alpha Tri-HIAY, Pres., Future Nurses of America, A-H, SSS., We Were There, Sigma Tri-Hi-Y, lntra School Council, T.A.P.'s Chairman, Powder Putt Football, Manager, Youth As- sembly, Senate Messenger, "Y" Council, Silhouettes, Gov. Ec. V, FRANCES DAWN CLEC-G Beta Club, J.C,L., Quo Vadis, Fu- ture Teachers of America, Pow Wow Staff, Zelta Tri-Hi-Y, S.O.S., Vice-President, Chapter I. KATHY CHRISTIANSEN Glee Club, Mellonettes, Dramatic Club, Unknown Atoms, Psychology Club, Political Club. BARRIE CLARK Anchor Club, J.C.L. Sec., The Happy Historians, Nuclear Nuts, Sec., Speech Club, Future Nurses, Office Club, Powder Puff Football, CYNTHIA CLYATT Music Workshop, Delta Tri.Hi.Y J-V-I--I Quo Vadis, U.S. Smart His IOVIGFWSI JAH, Powder Puff Football Intramural Basketball, PAT COCH RAN Asst. Public Information Officer: Civil Air Patrol: Buenos Vecinos: The Tlohwtp: Atom Smashers: Of- fice Service Club: The Historians: Library Service Club. ALICE CONNELL 4-H: Biological Research Club: Fu- ture Teachers of America: S.O.S. Club: Music Workshop: Library Service Clubp Delta Tri-Hi-Y. JULIAN HARRIS COOK Junior Civitan, Secretary: Hi-Y: Atom Smashers: Scholars. 'PWM PAMELA COCKROFT The Gabblers: F.H.A.: Biological Re- search Club: Annual Staff: Psi Chi Club: Les Pauvre Gens de Paris: Les Chat Frais La France. CHARLES COOK U. S. Smart Historians: Las Emesoias de Sos Estados Unidos: Hi-Y: Static Chasers: B-Team Football: Howell Biology. RONALD COOK E anus., va---"1" A M ,-'X . , .. it 2 Qs., X ,Q -sf we f ..., L L 5 it L . .,:,., Q. yiii ' . -., . ,..g'Qg. , :: : TOMMY cooic JAMES cosrom ' Q' Los Emisoras de los Estados Unidos: Biological Research Club: Nuclear ff sw. A ,xl ,, A ' 't',l::inol:.appy Historians: Buenos Chemistry Club: U.5. History - , . , had 'P' A LX , . ,iv """'8l "5-e 3 1 53 l' :V Q as ' is? .ff f Q . ,V if I' asf , K .1 ,W gf , if A --cj: I- V . , .,.,., 1 azz V ofa x I, L - , f. 5, , 2 ' , I ., f ' X 1 .nr aw A-Q. r I 'ff hy K 5 044 I - .. 'K ' , u f wif ...,-l 'QI bf' 2' l-O i , L M I , inn? .ak K ag- 1, i SARA COSTON F.T.A.g Freshman Bandp S.O.S., Pres- identg Biological Research Clubg Powder Puff Football. CHARLES D. COWAN Hi-Y, Treasurerg Chemical Catalyger Pres.p Buenos Vecinos I and Il, Treasurer. RICHARD CREEL Varsity Footballg Varsity Basketballg Track, B-Team Footballp B'Team Bas- ketballg Freshman Class Secretaryy Intramural Basketballg Sophomore Class Vice-Pres.g Collins Casual Chemistsg Vice-Pres. Block "A" Clubg Kool Kat Knowledge Knock- ersf Vice-Pres., Bwana Club. JO CAROLE CRISLER Beta Clubp Bela Tri-Hi-Yg F.N.A.p F.H.A.g Alpha Tri-Hi-Yg Buenos Vecinos Los Haganlos. GAY COUNCIL Student Councilp Senior Band, Maiorettef Epsilon Tri-Hi-Yp Biologi- cal Research Cluby Historians: So- cial Science Society. MARY ALICE CRAWFORD Music Workshopg Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y Sec.y Beta Tri-Hi-Yi Glee Club: Al- pha Tri-Hi-Y, Mellonettesp Glee Clubg F.T.A.g Buenos Vecinos, Vice- Pres.: Mama Juhan's Familia. ROBERT CREEL Captain Varsity Footballg B-Team Frootballg Varsity Basketballg Block A" Club, Vice-Pre-s.g Junior Class Secretaryg Senior Class Secretaryg Bawana Clubg Red Many Intramural Track Coach. BETSY CRITTENDEN Student Councilg Sigma Tri-Hi-Y- Powder Puff Footballg L I Gens de Parisi F.N.A.g J,C.L. es Pauvre 93533 DOUGLAS DANIEL Beta Club, J.C.L., Treasurer, Vice- Pres., Hi-Y, Secretary, Block "A", Nuclear Nuts, Historians, Thespian Club, The Forty Wonders, Track Manager, Basketball Manager, 4 years. RANDALL DANIEL BETTY JEAN DARNELL DOUGLAS DAVIDSON JANIS CULBRETI-I Music Workslwopg D.C,T Annual Staff. DAVID RICHARD CUTHBERTSON Biological Research Club 534,- Q4 .,.,' 3 W 1 at , ""Z"i'.Ll--"' - I ,fy --an "Www, ix! I ,af Nui - ,,,u x'-.I CELIA DAVIS Beta Club: Thronateeska Staff: Freshman Class, Secretary: Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y, Program Chairman: Seek- ers of Success, Secretary and Treas- urer: Bookroom Assistant: A-H Club: "We Were There." ROBERT DAVIS Entered 57: B-Team Football: B- Team Basketball: Indians Chapter of Bookworms: History Makers and Globe Shakers: Intramural Basket- ball. ff- 1 H a fi . A 1 35 95' 1 , ' A u fa... , ""'f141-ay 4. . ii: Zz, M we ww 4 FRANCES ELIZABETH DAVIS Beta Club: Cursus Honorum, Junior Classical League: Office Assistant: The Historians: Seekers of Success. EVA SALLY DAVIS Tri-Hi-Y: F.T.A.: Art Club: Anchor Club: Intramural Basketball: Eng- lish Club: J.C.L.: History Club. , 4 fa,- 7 4 li ,..A. . ,,,V ., I, fm., ,, My .. - yfmm " V .,.. Z 05, y... . if! I ' ,Y ' .jf ' M if 0,1 O Q. . 7 I .-iff"-ffl' . ' 1, in I' .,,. I 2 " ' A " 4 . , , Qs' ' f-3. WKYT' V 'T' 'wmv I. WW" I' ww TRINA CHAMBLESS DAVIS F.H.A.: Student Council: Beta Club: Basketball: Alpha Tri-Hi-Y: Miss F.H.A. JUDITH WRAYE DEEN Delta Tri-Hi-Y: Music Workshop: Bi- ological Research Club: Chez Fran- cais, Secretary: F.T.A., Vice-Presi- dent: Beta Club: Powder Puff Foot- ball. VIC DOBN ER Varsity Football. l "Tb- ANN DE BEVOISE D.C.T. Club: Seekers of Success: General Science Club: Drivers Training. BILL DIXON Freshman Band: Biological Research Club: Chemistry Club. JENNY LEE DOROUGH Assistant Editor of Thronateeska: Delta Tri-Hi-Y, Treasurer and Vice- President: Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, Proiects Chairman: F.T.A.: J.C.L., Secretary, Quo Vadis and Cursus Honorum Chapters: Student Council: T.A.P.S. DON DRIGGERS Annual Staff, Spanish Club. ELZIE DUNCAN MARY DUNN Entered 59, F.N.A.: Powder Puff: Lake Worth Hi, Fla., Troianettes, Pep Club, Latin Club, B.A.A., "Z" Club, Bagabons, Intramural Sports, Tennis. CHARLOTTE DURDEN Beta Tri-Hi-Y, Sec., President, Music Workshop, Glee Club, Biological Research Club, President, Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, F.T.A., Treasurer, Office Assistant, Los Emisoras de Los Esta- dos Unidos, Vice-President, Buenos Vecinos, Annual Staff, Miss F.T.A. O AGNES MALISSA DUGGAN Delta Tri-Hi-Y, Beta Club, Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, Vice-President, Intramural Basketball, Glee Club, Chez Frans caise, Treasurer, C'est La Vie, F.T.A., Music Workshop, Govecs, Thronateeska Staff. RUBY DUNCAN Junior Classical League, Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y, Marvin's Molecular Ma- niacs, Secretary, F.N.A., Powder Puff Football. SUZANNE TYLER DUNN Kool Kats Knowledge Knocker, Powder Puff, Office Club, Student Council, Buenas Vicinas Los "Ha- gan Lo," Vice-President, Lo Con- quistadoras de Espognol, Vice- President. DONALD DU BOSE Freshman Band, Aviation Club, Movie Operators, D.E., D.C.T., Civil Air Patrol Cadets. O I ,9""'Hi0"" We in 1, We 5 .f fgg Q 4? We aft 'aus Q . alias., 'if-"JP av' Na ffjs QQ 'uv P- 4 ' MARNEY DYESS Beta Tri-Hi-Y, Music Workshop, Les Conquistadors de Espagnolg Mel- lonettesp Glee Club, Powder Puff Football, Los Diablos Pequenitos de Mama Juhang Historians, Office Club, Kool Kat Knowledge Knock- ers, F.N.A.g Annual Staff. JIMMY ELWELL Driver's Training, General Science Club, Les Pauvres Gens de Paris, Les Chats Frais de France. JOHN DANIEL EZELL General Science Club, Govecsg Buenos Vecino llg Los Conquista- dors de Espanol. BEVERLY FINK Beta Club, F.T.A.g Beta Tri-Hi-Y, Music Workshop, Historians: Atom Smashersg Powder Puff Football, Los Hagan Lol, Los Peonesg T.A.P.S,g Los Chicos de Mama Juhan. PHILLIP ELLER World History Club: Happy His- toriansg K.A.T.S. Clubp Cafeteria Committeeg Biology Club. SAMUEL ENGRAM Hi-Y, Cursus Honorumy Thespiansp Dramatic Club, Junior Play, Nuclear Nuts Club: Art Club, Govecy Jun- ior-Senior Entertainment Commifteeg Powder Puff Cheerleader. JAMES FARROW Gabbers, Forty Wondersg Catalyers. DEN ESE BELIE FLOWERS Student Council Representative, Music Workshop, Anchor Club, Hospital Chairman, Secretary, Sig- ma Tri-Hi-Y, T.A.P.S.g Key Club Sweetheart, Beta Club, Powder Puff Football 58, 59, Miss A.H.S. Contest, Miss Congeniality 59, Leg Pauvres Gens de Paris, Secretary, Thronateeska Annual Staff, Les Chats Frais cle France, President, Office Assistant. I , 4 Vw p 1, M.. kv 'fx .ff A . f ,, fkgfgfll 4 'i3"f'i.',-f"?s'- - f., x . ,L JAMES FORT General Science Clubg Senior Bandg Captain's Corpsp R.O.G.B.g Social Science Clubp Intramural Basket- ballg Biological Research Clubg Col- lins Casual Chemistsy Hatcher's His- torians. BETTY CAROLYN GASSETT Govec Ili D.C.T.g Driver's Trainingg Library Serviceg F.N.A. DOUGLAS M. GISSENDANER Hi-Yi J.C.L.g Quo Vadis Chaptefi Student Councilg Track: B-Team Footballg B-Team Basketball: Mar- vin's Molecular Maniacs. fe., If me wwf SAMMY GARRISON OPHELIA GEORGE Entered 59. JAMES D. GIVENS Glee Clubf Trubadorsp Short Cir- cuitsp CoIlin's Cool Chemistsg Sen- ior Band. MARILYN FLOWERS Gamma Tri-Hi-Yg Delta Tri-Hi-Yg J.C.L.g F.T.A,g Vice-Pres. Junior Classy Nuclear Nuts, Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, Office Clubg Historiansg Vice-Pres, Senior Classg Student Council. Pow Wow, Associate Editor. JERRY FORD H .x':Q Mgr- , H3 ' ' ,Q tai Env '59 Q lyk fx V, Q . '57 JIMMY FOLMAR Social Science Clubg B-Team Foot ballg Collins Casual Cltemists, Varsity Footballg English Club. TROY FORD Movie Operatorsg Pow Wovvg Glads X A? I rc' T' 1""" A fa , f , xv . .Y I ' .i JACKIE GLADIN Beta Tri-Hi-Yg Music Workshop! A-Hg US, Smart Historians, Sec.- Treas.y Buenos Vecinosi Gladlsf Vice-Pres.p Pow Wowg Civinettesg Biology Club. SHIRLEY GLENN Library Service Clubg Zeta Tri-Hi-Yg F.H.A,g Biological ,Research Clubg Beta Club: Annual Statfp Marvin's Molecular Maniacsg Alpha Tri-Hi-Yg School Devotional Chairmang F.T.A. ff ' I "" , W I' MW' . ff" I . , fgnyy , KENNETH M. GLASS Science Clubg Hi-Yg Kool Kat Knowl- edge Knockers, Secretaryg Manager B-Teamg Govecs. FRED ELMORE GOOLSBY Track: Hi-Yg Buenos Vecinaf Biologi- cal Research Clubg Science Clubg Los Conquistadores de espanol. Wan if Wt ff""V"'-to 'W 4500 .41 get W 4 O 'I' JAN GOSA B-Team Footballg Freshman Band: Marvin's Molecular Maniacs. MARTHA ANN GRAY .aiu I ,gggwdidhv rigs' BETTY GRANT Student Councilg Annual Staffy F.N.A.g Speech Clubg Gabblersg Gamma Tri-Hi-Yi Scholarsf Biologi- cal Research Clubp Atom Smashersy Alpha Tri-Hi-Yy Les Pauvres Gens de Parisi F.T.A.g Les Froids Chatsg Powder Puff Football. GLADYS GRIFFIN Seekers of Success: 4-H Clubg Library Service Clubg F.N.A.g D.C,T.g World History Clubg Epsilon Catalyzers. Tri-Hi-Yg Driver's Trainingg Beta Tri- Hi-Y. W . 7 , , X 1 -. , W I 7 TERRY GRIFFIN GAIL GRINISLEY 'A v Hi-Y Gamma Tri-Hi-Y- Biolo ' I , - , gica Research Clubg Alpha Tri-Hi-Yg Les Pauvreg Gens de Parisp Beta Club: F.T.A.g has 4 ' Thronateeska Staffp Chezde Fran. 5 f r- ,,,W caisg T.A.P.S. I . ln :Q ' .ju ,- INMAN GRIMSLEY Biological Research Club, Fleming's Happy Historians, Annual Staff, Hi-Y, Science Club, Maiorette, Powder Putt Game. FRED BENARD HALDEMAN, JR. Speech Club 58-60, F.F.A., Vice- President 58-59. CAROLINE SUE HALL Beta Club, F.H.A., Vice-President, Secretary, Seekers of Success, Chap- ter I, President, 4-H, Library Serv- ice Club. JEROME LYNWOOD HALL Glee Club, B-Team Football, Man- ager, Buenos Vecinos, Los Con- quistadores de Espanol, B-Team Football, Manager, Varsity Basket- ball, Manager, F.T.A. . . W WILLIAM RAYMOND HAIRE Biological Research Club, Collins Casual Chemists, Varsity Baseball 58-60, Block "A" Club. EMILY JEAN HALEY Beta Club, Vice-Pres., Pres., Anchor Club, Vice-Pres., Treas., Student Council, J.C.L., Quo Vadis, Powder Puff Football, Captain, Tennis Team, Biological Research Club, Atom Smashers. HARRIETTE HALL The Forty Wonders, 4-H, Glee Club, Music Workshop, Mellonettes, As- sistant Director, Biological Research Club, Press Reporter, Beta Tri-Hi-Y, S.O.S., The Historians. JIMMY HALL Hi-Y, Powder Puff Cheerleader. 4 " 5, .,.l"' .-Ili ' . -' - ..,. ' ---- - 8 'f s fha? ' M68 mimi X -ff'-:Qt . . - ,. -. g ,-- s .. -" L 4, -' 4 's try Y . 4 , 5' 17 . bg gy ,c 1 , 4" ' . , 'fe , V -2' f . If . Y i t. I 1 .5153 ,c f,,. if - M I V if , B Y 1, WW Mi A , .,. -a, ' 1' xg, ,. ,gy 5 . W ,,,, 1, ,wff-'fl If f ji:- ,,' 'X 'L -1 ?"ai.,, y , f ,, ' 1" 5 ,, I 4, , ,X f 02 4 ,f ', V 2 llhgwl mf 3,41 ' ww H V! 'X ' if 4 STACY HALL Future Farmers of Americag Civil Air Patrolg Cafeteria Committee. RAY HAMILTON Glee Cluby Cafeteria Committee. LARRY HANCOCK Banclg Freshman Banclg Captain Corpsg R.O.G.B.g Studio Bandg Bookworm Clubg C.C.C.g Fleming's Historical Fact Finders, Vice-Presi' dent. FERRIS B. HARDEE Future Farmers of Americag Biologi- cal Research Clubg Govec. LYN DA REBECCA HAMBRICK Beta Clubg Gamma Tri-Hi-Yi The Forty Wondersp Gabblersp "We Were There"g Alpha Tri-Hi-Yg Execu- tive Boardy J.C.L., Quo Vadis Chap- tery Intramural Basketballg Varsity Basketball Managerg Girls' Stateg Annual Staffg Powder Puff Football. ANNE HAMMOND Future Homemakers of Americag Psi Chi Clubg Alpha Tri-Hi-Y. LINDA ANNE HARD Junior Classical League, Quo Vadis Chapter, Powder Putt Footballg 4-H Clubg Alpha Tri-Hi-Yp Future Nurses of Amercaig Miss Future Nursesg Sigma Tri-Hi-Yg Girls' Tennis Teamg Govecg Future Homemakers of Americag Annual Stattg Thespian So- cietyg Les Pauvres Gens de Parisi Teens Against Poliog Silhouettes, Dramatics Club Play. LINDA HARRELL D.C.T. Cluby 5.0.S.g Office Assist- ant. y 1 . . 115. 'YS-. thu. 'llg,,.k . GEORGE W. HASTY B-Team Football and Basketballg Varsity Footballf Track. GEORGE HURST HAWKINS Kool Kat Knowledge Knockersg Hall Monitor, Captaing Biological Research Club. LYN DA LOU ISE HAYMAN Music Workshopg Glee Club: 4-H: F.H.A.p Friioles Brincadores Mexi- canosg Buenos Vecinosg Collins Chemistry Club. 'Www SUE LYNN HATCHER Beta Tri-Hi-Yi Music Workshopg 4-Hg Beta Club, Treasurerg Mellonetts, Vice-Presidentg F.T.A.g Baker's Speed Queensp Buenos Vecinos, Vice-Presidentg Alli Allis. BILLY HAWTHORNE Bandg Captains Corpsg Sperry's His- toriansg Biological Research Club. CAMILLE JANE HENDERSON Music Workshop. BOBBY LEE HART Reddiclds Chemistry CIUIDI Hall Monitors. HAROLD HARTLEY Entered 58: Basketball. A 4 ' 1 0 Y 'X 1-SQ Iilhn .4-'f , 1- .1 ,,, . . , ,1,!,,,yv. my bs' f .Q rs . -:sei I 'Bbw Ta? l , . uf' z . . L , My Jw X X X , we HELEN LOUISE HART D.C.T., Presidentg Office Assislantg Junior Classical Leagueg Cursus Honorum Chapter, WILMA HARVEY F.H,A.g 4'H. 'NBII I 3. .. III '7"I?'.t..1j,g lwm 'S 'I' Ti... yy, Wm., ffiiliww Q-in I 'rs-Q 'D- I Qltizfff i Q, Vyiylyy I M .YUM V'--T CARLENE HENSON Beta Tri-Hi-Yi Beta .Clubg Music Workshopg 4'l"lg F.T.A,g F,H.A.g Glee Cluby Buenos Vecinosg "We Were There-"5 Alli Allis. JAMES H ICKMAN LAMONTA HENSON Glee Club, Vice-Presiclentg Music Workshopg Beta Tri-Hi-Yp F,H.A. Parliamentariang Mellonettes, Parlia- mentariang F.T.A.g Buenos Vecinos, Tre-as.p 4-H, Sec.g Kool Kat Knowl- edge Knockersg Alli Allis. JOAN HIGHTOWER F.T.A.g F.N.A.g Alpha Tri-Hi-Yg Beta Clubf Les Pauvres Ge-ns de Paris, Prog. Ch.g Chey-Francaisg Cursus Honorum Chapter, J.C.L.f Speech Club, Pres.g Powder Puffg A-Hp F.H.A.g T.A.P.S. , ,,,i ,M I V1.5 ,. s',",y 4 A 1 Mfywm ilk' it ar- ' fm. I, . V '-va..- ,. . 1 4 hmmm .. ,Vg ' vcr'- . 1 My . . , .5 f rwsff - fl i' . i ' L Q .f4.45,,.,,ga,5:u 'wax "l -ifiiii-lift , ff ,-'li li-l" 4- L lk Aw. CHARLES HILL Forty Wondersp Biological Research Clubg C'est a vieg Thronateeska Staff. PRISCILLA HOBBS Beta Clubg Student Councilg Music Workshopg Glee Clubg Mellonettes, Presidentg Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y, Presi- dentg Thronateeska Staffg Seekers of Success, Program Chairmang "We Were There"g A-H Club. WILFREDA HOLDREN 4-H Clubg Seekers of Success: Gam- ma Tri-Hi-Yg Powder Puff Footballg General Biology Clubg General Sci- ence Clubg Intramural Basketball. M ff ,fi X f av ! "ii, ., gf' , - ff .t f f r , Ls H f f X f-ft? 1 4' ,f 1 ffl, 4+ 1 X Z f, M 1 4, I 4 I Z f 4 , 1 1 if me ,351 , . ., 3? if f, . 24'21-..,. .7- X KAY H ITSON Music Workshopg 4-Hg Seekers of Successp Pow Wow Staffp Social Science Societyg Drama Club. LAMAR HOGG Entered 19575 D.C.T. DALE HOLLAND D.C.T., Trees.: Varsity Baseballg B. Team Basketballg Varsity Basketballg Govec IV. WAYNE HOLLOMAN Varsity Football, Managerg Biologi- cal Research Clubp Govec Ilg His- tory Makers and Globe Shakersg Block "A" Club: G.L.A.D.S.g Seekers of Family Knowledgeg Psycho Club. ROBERT FOWLER HOUSE JR. Thronateeska Staff, Business and Literaryg Biological Research Club, Chapter IV, Maiorette, Powder Putt Game. JANICE HOUSTON Senior Bandg Studio Bandg 4-H Clubp Strickland's U.S. Smart His- torians: Los Emisoras delos Estado Unidosg Biological Research Clubg English Book Clubg Mrs. Juhan Spanish Club. LOIS JEAN HUFF Delta Tri-Hi-Yg A-H Clubg Soc. and Psy. Clubf Drivers Trainingg G.O.V.E.C.S.f Beta Tri-Hi-Y. BOBBY HOLMAN Beta Clubg Annual Staff, Editorg Junior Civitan, Presidentp Strick- land's "We Were There"g Collins Comical Chemical Charactersg Hi-Yg Trackg Intramural Basketball. BRENDA DIANNE HOUSTON Senior Bandg Head Maioretteg Epsi- lon Tri-Hi-Yi The Gabblers, Vice- Pres.y Alpha Tri-Hi-Yg Miss Alpha Tri-Hi-Yg Biological Research Clubg Les Pauvres Gens de Parisg Intra- mural Basketballg Junior Playg Thes- pian Clubg Miss Thespiang F.F.A. Sweetheartg F.T.A.g Annual Staffg Kool Kat Knowledge Knockersg Les Chats Frais cle France. KATHERINE AMALIA HUDGENS Beta Clubp Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, Treas- urerg F.T.A.g Delta Tri-Hi-Y, Chap.: Office Assistantg J.C.L.g We Were Therep Chez Francais: Les Pauvres Gens de Parisi T.A.P.S.g Biolog- ical Research Clubg Intramural Bas- ketballg Powder Putt Footballg Jun- ior Play, Committee. WAYNE TIM HUTCHINSON D.C.T. Cluby Short Circuits: Chem- ical Catalyzers. weak, ,afag A .A r .1 . QQ 155 . I YP . WQWQQ., f 4 , 1,- fs 1,757 . fy. . 4 W in ' wwf , y 'i A ,, . ' .'+a. ' ,lr ' 'H-Q., 'il' 'wifi 4 I 4 H A 'lx 5+ Q gf an g . L- XY ! T X , I "N , Qui I K 't4'9U'7"' f 5. I .f, ,wwe Ya, if if mf 9 2 fix fi JARS -i""-Zi 3 'wwf ,, ! VNV H 9 0 0 0 ,mu , 1, I www -4, A 42 r i r g g rt 4 -W., ff f ,,f,, !7'99Vf, Wav- We EARNIE ILER GEANETTE ANICE F.F.A.g F.F.A. Reporterg Kool Kat JACKSON Knowledge Knockers. VIVIAN IRIS JACOBS Guidance Office Assistantp Delta Tri-Hi-Yg S.O.S. Clubg U,S. Smart Historiang 4-H. MARK JEFFREY Key Clubg Marvin's Molecular Maniacsg Student Council, Parlia- mentariang B-Team Basketballg Trackg Science Club. NANNETTE JOHNSON Entered l95By F.H,A. Delta Tri-Hi-Yg F.H.A.y Guidance Office Assistantg U.S. Smart His- toriansg A-Hg S.O.S. Club. FREDDIE JEAN D.C.T.g Biology Clubf Psycho Club. JAMIE KAY JOHNSON Civinettesg Beta Clubg J.C.L.g F.N.A,g Beta Tri-Hi-Yg Collins Comical Chemical Charactersp Powder Puff Footballg Supersnoopersg Thronatee- ska Staffg 4-H Clubg Teens Against Poliog F.H.A., Devotional Chairman. JOANNE JOHNSTON Homecoming Court, Freshman Rep- resentativeg Epsilon Tri-Hi-Yg Ca- rolyn's Cats, Pre-s.g Student Councilp Los Conquistadores de Espanolg ln- tramural Basketballg F.H.A.5 Biolog- ical Researcltg 4-Hg Powder Puff Footballg Civinettesy Buenos Ve- clnos Los "Hagan Lo"g Pow Wowy Office Assistant. I i 4. . 'L Sgt asf, Q i if ,gf if Q-0 .1 A "Wwe-wav' Jf"""'1' I .i. JOHN ROBERT JOINER III Beta Clubg Student Councilg intra- Club Councilg Hi'Yg J.C.L.g Bandg R.O.G.B.g Collins C.C.C.g Pres. Chess Club. CHARLES JONES B-Team Basketballg F.F.A.g B-Team Footballg Daniel's Drarna, Litera- ture. BARRY NEILL JONES Key Clubg "You Were Tl1Dre"g Beta Clubg CoIlin's CCCg Hi-Yg Band. JANE JORDAN Student Councilg F.N.A,g Vice-Pres. of Stateg F,H.A.g Tennis Te-arng Of- fice Asst,g 4-Hg Powder Puff Foot- ballg Pow Wowg "Theshians"g Buenos Vrcinos los Diablus Prqurnit de Mama Juhan Ilg T.A.P.g Annual Statfg Spanish Clubg Art Club. STEVE E. KARST GEORGE KEEL ' om rt Circuits, Movie Operators. Junior Civitan, Hi-Y, B-Team Foot- ball. fs g N, up ,.,..-, ' .,- "'v-yr MARVEL KELLER Glee Clubf Mellonetres. JUDY KELLEY DONN KELLEY Marvin's Molecular Maniacsg Artg P" mm in ie t Qs vi, 4 f as 6 .Nix b ggi Science Clubg Trackg Drive-r's Train- - , ., ingfl-li-Y. A " E K 'gui A MARIANNE L. KEMPNER Entered 581 D.C.T.g Kool Kat Knowl- Seekers of Success: FUTUVG NUFSGSJ edge Knockers. "William Little Rebels." .... -9 DELORES KING -lat-I Clulog Basketballg US Smart Historiansg D.C.T. BETTY JEAN KIRKSEY Student Councilg Driver's Trainingg U.S. Smart Historiansg S.O.S, DONICE PATRICIA KING A-I-I Clubg Baslfetballp U.S. Smart l-listoriansg D.C.T. TURNER FRANK KIRKSEY The Truth Seekers, Vice-Pres.g Los Peonesg K.K.K., Parliamentarianp Junior Civitang Marvin's Molecular Maniacsg Lunchroom Committee. I . ff WW , .fn 44" f W4 'Ii 'if 7 V if 52 L.. .ha Kffz Y, A RUDINE KLEIN Epsilon Tri-Hi-Yg Music Workshop, Accompanistg Glee Clubg Mellon- ettesg 4-H Clubg Intramural Basketa loallp Kool Kat Knowledge Knoclcersg Les Chats Frais de Franceg Les Pauvres Gens de Parisg Powder Puff Football. LARRY LAKE Bandp Captain's Corpsg R.O.G,B.g Les Pauvres Gens de Parisg Nuclear Nufsg Chez Francaisg Psy-Chi Clubg Junior Classical Leagueg Quo Vadis Chapter. FLORENCE ELIZABETH LANGTRY Beta Clubg Delta Tri-Hi-Y, Treas.g J.C.L.p Cursus Honorum Chapterg Albany Music Club: F.T.A., Pres.g Junior Play, Asst. Dlrectorp Les Chats Frais, Sec.g Annual Staff. CAROL KNIGHT Future Hornernakers of Americag Krazy Kitchen Katsp 11-H Clubp Los Conquistadores de Espangalg Ot' fice Clubg Buenos Vecinos Los Dia- blosp Psychology Club. LINDA LANGLEY Sigma Tri-Hi-Yi Junior Classical Leagueg Quo Vadis Chapterg An' chor Club, Protects Chairman 58, 595 C'est la Viep Future Nurses of America, Treas.p Driver's Trainingp Student Councilg Alpha Tri-Hi-Yg Office Asst.g Powder Puff Football, Managerg Grammar, Literature and Drama Studentsg Chez Francaisg Sil- houettesg AVH Club. PAUL LARAMORE Driver's Education. ' fd BARBARA ANNE JERRY LAWSON LAWRENCE K,A'T'S. Scholarsy F.H.A.g Alpha Tri-Hi-Yg U.5. Smart Historiansy Les Pauvres Gens cle Parisi Psi-chi-olOQYi Les Chats Frais cle France. LAURA GAIL LEE Art Clubg 4-Hp U,S. Smart Histo- riansy Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y. WILLIAM SPENCER LEE LINDA LETCI-IAS Glee Clubg Carolyn's Catsg Thesa piansg Mellonettsg Library Service Club. PATRICIA LEE Beta Clubg Library Service Clubg 4-Hg Future Teachers of Americag Driver's Trainingg Los Peonesg "We Were There"g Govec. DAN C. LEIVIING JR. BUD LEWIS Varsity Footballp Varsity Basketball: Varsity Baseballg Varsity Trackg Ten- nisg J.C.L., Quo Vaclisp Key Clubg Collin's Casual Chemistsg Biology Clulag lntra School Councilg Block "A" Clubg Freshman Presidentg Senior, Treasurerg Teens Against Polio. f 1 I ,ZQPW 4 I Im Q 1 f '49 tm.. -M-- 'wwf' f aw V A' 7 4 ' ,, 3' Q7 ",,,:""""s-W we I ,Vyy I ,f of if M ,.f :Targa is -Q3 W V ff' A qrqqq r,.,': 5 fl gs I IQ , .Q N 'X If I Z ' f' ' X .fs is , I , , - , f, ' .1 , -j get ' f' i 53 L M. I i ,7 1 -3 23 .1 ,Q , J. -. ' dawn 172 - .. m ff. 1 C. I WE J , , , , lv .ff :ww , r ,iff , , A , i ' 5 y ' 14,4 1. H 1- f om, er' 4111-vw we " Juana, i, 42? 4 T Q. 0 , ' , f' 57' , fi ff, 1 , V I H , ,, ' if f ,, , fi? rin , f f W A ,, jfta, 7 "iz Mlm If Rh V Q W' 041494. i, 1 IHS fa Z0 NICKEY LEWIS Glee Club, Vice-Pres., B-Team Foot- ball, Manager, intramural Basket! ball, Si Ki, President, Biological Research, Chapter l, Flerning's Fact Finders, C.A.T.S., Junior and Senior Powder Puff Cheerleader. JOLL LYN LOFTON C.A.T.S,, Freshman Band, Junior Cheerleader for Powder Puff. HOWARD LAMAR CHARLOTTE LINDSEY Bookroom, Latin l Club, "We Were There", D.C.T., The Historians, Si Ki, Basketball. CHARLES ROBERT LOGAN LINDA LUCAS LOMINEC Biology Club, Happy HiSt0riarIS: F.F,A,: Junigr Classical League: Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, Social Science Club. Baseball. EDSEL MAJORS Hi-Y, Civic Adventures, Static Chas- ers, K.D.T.S., General Science, Kol- lins Kilobrain, Bookworms-Indian Chapter, Active Atoms of Aldan, The Bugsters, CoIlin's 22 Second Class-Levers and Gail. JACK MALLARD Business Editor of Thronateeska, Biological Research Club, 40 Won- ClSrS: GOVGC: Happy Historians, Carolyn's Cats. ? 'S T I f X Q, , 1 Z an , ,.'.,, I 9?-Q uk. MARY KATE MASSEY Music Workshop, Sec.g Beta Tri- Hi-Yg Biological Research Clubg Beta Clubg Anchor Clubg Glee Clubg Stu- dent Councilg Alpha Tri-Hi-Yg Los Emisoras de los Estados Unidos, Sec.-Treas.g U,S. Smart Historiansg Buenos Vecinos, Chapter Vg Annual Stattp Office Assistant. MATTHEW JOSEPH McCOY Student Councilg J.C.L.f Cursus Honorum Chapterg Chez Francais, Proiect Chairmang Le Pauvres Gens de Parisi Collin's Comical Chemi- cal Charactersg Intramural Basket- ballg Powder Puff Cheerleaderg B- Teamg Varsity Basketball, Managerg Block "A" Clubg Thespian Societyg Junior Playg Senior Playp Freshman Bandf Annual Staff, Sports Editor. JAMES MCDANIEL Entered 59g Bandg Beta Clubg Chem- istry Club. Jil. GERALD JOSEPH MCCARTHY Enterecl 59g Maiorette, Powder Putt Game. BOBBIE NELL MCCRAN EY F.H.A.g Future Nurses of America: 4-H Clubg G.O.V.E.C.g Krazy Kitchen Katsg Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y. PATRICIA McLAUGHLIN Entered 595 Future Teachers of America. M, TOMMY MALONE Junior Class Playg Thespian Club, Vice-Pres.g Junior and Senior Pow- der Putf Football Team Cheerlead- I erg Intramural Basketballg Hal Monitorg B-Teamg Chemistry Club, THOMAS RALEIGH MANN Intramural Basketballg Beta Clubg J.C.L.g Social Science Club. +R '4 an LAURIE JANE MALOY Music Workshopig Beta Tri-Hi-Y, Vice-Pres.g Alpha Tri-Hi-Yg Buenos Vencinos, Pres.g F.T.A.g Thespian Clubf Annual Staff. STELLA MARSHALL Happy Historiansp Biology Club! D.C.T. Club: Social Science Club. N ' Jftltvlti' ' iii" li lllyff' J I I-'M J -iii if X Q l HH' ylybu ,-' f f n .K Q f y, " 'iv we Q 1 A 674' . -:magnum 'Ulu- ,jf ,,.. . i fit- -ngf ' JOHN MILLER Psy-Chi Clubg Cale-teria Committee: CATS GAIL MITCHELL D.CT.g Social Science Clubg Biology Club. ' ff' Am ff"' , 1, 1 i-- Q I I av ffm , I 4 ,, ,, 9, A f ,ii, I u 1 ' 'fha V f ffm VIRGINIA RUTH MILLER J.CL,, Ouo Vaolis Chapterg Ciyin- ettesg Sigma Tri-Hi-Yg Le Germs De Paris, Vice-Presiclenty Chez Fran- caisg Powder Puff Footloallg Intra- mural Basketballg Music Workshopg PNA., f1.H. MARY MADELINE MOCK F.T.A.g Stella Kalmon Chapterg J.CL.g Cursus Honorum Chapterg Baker's Speed Queens, Treasurerg Annual Staff. I, g f 1 'IIII A . A ,.-V, . , ' ' .,,.' "': Q - ,ff 1 ,V . M yn ,.,. , , Gravy 4-ngjluuuw ff W' 'im :V 'u 1 ,gag 'ir-A I L Y 1304. 'lr R QW" I JIMMY MOORE B-Team Basketloallg Intramural Bas- ketballg Hi-Y7 Biology Clubg Span- ish Clubg K.A.T.S. GARY MORRIS K.A.r,s. HELENE MOTT Delta Tri-Hi-Yg "We Were There"g Varsity Basketballg Intramural Base ketball Coachg J.CL., Cursus Hon- orum Chapter. I ,, - ffl--II R m, SHIRLEY MOORE sss. Cluby o.o.v.E.c:. AUDREY MOSES LUANNE MOUNT Student Council: J,C.L.g Cursus Honorum Chapterg Alpha Tri-Hi-Yg Proiect Chairmang Powder Puff Footballg T.A.P.S.g General ' Biology Clubg Tennis Teamg Beta Clubg Miss AHS, ' ide ,-A.1 V J Y-1. Q Q ..,,. ,. X5 ' - , 33 x "'1 ,kg ' I , FRED MULFORD JOHN LEMUEL MURPHY in i A 5 ' ' ' K Entered 585 FIeming's Mad His- torians. ' S' :gi ,V It .,5f1.,, , 45 ,W VERNIE MUSGROVE PAM MYERS ,qv , A,!. M4 A 4-g,,. 1 .fr-a no Varsity Football Teamg Block "AA" Clubg C,A.T.S.g Future Farmers of Americap Psy-Chi Club. Annual Staffg Future Nurse-sp Povv- der Puff Footballg Intramural Bas- ketballg Atom Smashersg Buenos Vecinosp 4-Hg Sophomore Class Treasurerg T.A.P.S.g Beta Tri-Hi-Y. CHARLES MYLER BETTY NAIL Plclufe Not Available .JA H, VVll.l.lANl LAMAR NE SNll'l'l'l WOODY LYNN NEWMAN l ffl Library Assistant. Glee Club: "We Were Tl'1ere"g 1 G5 5, Seekers of Success. ji xi gif , K X XJ 4 , U g I ll 57 ga 'ii - 'Wk O 0 0 0 flue, ir., we , A S9 .-vi , fm .. 142:115- 'JQJQY , Illv . , l C-1,1 L A ARTHUR NICKELL BETTY ANN NIX Ancltor Club, Pres., Prolect Chair- man, Student Council, Powder Putt Football, Friioles Brincadores Mexi- canos, President, Office Assistant, Biological Research Club, Sec., Sen- ior Class, Trees., Buenos Vecinos II, Pres., Office Club. REBA ANNA NICHOLS Kool Kat Knowledge Knockers Seeker of Success, Future Home makers of America, D.C.T. Club Conquerors of Spanish. ESTHER JOAN NODEREK Historians, Future Homemakers of America. RALPH E. NOLAND JIMMY NORRIS PATSY ANNETTE NORRIS AL ODOM Entered 59, Seekers of Success, Kool Kat Knowledge Knockers. 1 SUZIANNE BRISCOE PAINE ANDREW TERRY Entered 595 Junior Civinetlesg Civi- PARKER -IR- Tan Club Sweetheart Powder Puff Freshman Band, Capfagrr Corps, Footballg Intramural Basketballgli- Ser-,ior Bar-,dr J-CII-rr Cursus Honor. IDVBVY Service Club- urn Chaplerg Hi-Yg CoIIin's Comical Cosmosg S1rickIand's Hisforiansg Na- tional Thespian Society. CHARLES HART PEARSON WILLIAM T. PELHAM CaroIyn's Cafsg Hi-Y. EDWARD OGLETREE DAVID W. O'KELLY B-Team Footballg Block "A" Cluby ry qw Varsity Football. GEORGE ANN OWENSBY JOHN OWENSBY Bela Tri-Hi-Yg Kool Kat Knowledge Knoclcersy Seekers of Successg F.T.A. ..... lr Y r. -- 4:-1 Q- ,,,.f .,, - f 1 4r-e 'W' BILLY HUGH PHILLIPS WILLIAM H. PHILLIPS I D.C.T.p S.K. Bela Clubg "We Were Thereug His' toriansp Movie Operalorsg Slalic Chasers. s X A in K, my VA M . Isla, -me sf- J Q 5 ORAYDON PIERCE Junior Classical Leagueg Quo Vaclis Chapterg Social Science Societyg Collins' Chemical Charactersg Hi-Y, "We Were There"g Junior Repre- sentative to Georgia Boys' State, A.H.S. Science Club. LYNNE K. PIERSON Zefa Tri-Hi-YQ Music Workshop Beta Tri-Hi-YQ J,C.L.g Biological Re search Clubg Glee Club, Sec. F.T.A.g Collin's Casual Chemists Alpha Tri-Hi-Yg US. Smart Histo- riansg Mellonettes. . W f . 1 T 1 7, . Lf'1faf2742f'Yf ' ' " ' -- .V f f . 1, ' Q V . ,0,:a, V n w, , .. it ' fl 'ir Tl ' 0 My 2 f , 7. I I Qwff - X ,. X ANNE M. PIERSON Zeta Tri-Hi-Y, Beta Tri-Hi'Y5 Alpha Tri-Hi-Yg Music Workshopg Glee Club, Treasurerg F.T.A,g Mellonettesg Los Diablosp Pequenites de Mania Juan, Treasurerg Biological Research Club. CAROL JEAN PlTTS Beta Clubg Carolyn's Catsg Library Service Club, Pres.g Los Peonesg 4-H Clubg Art Service Clubg Buenos Vecinosg Los Diablos Pequenitos de Mama Juhan, Treasurer. ,WJWA rf 'tg 4 A 'fy 1 M -. fwQ"m"Kw may-QT w , 'ffffi 60 inf, ' I K ,.ff"! , ',,i,4W4z dp, .. iif"Li2.Q' I V ' I ' -gi" . 2 4: . , ft 'Emi mf? .4 QW., I T I' an 7 ALFRED JACKSON ARTHUR RAY PITTS Pl-l-TS, JR- Historiansg Nuclear Nuts. Short Circuitsf Static Chasers. LARRY POPPELL Block "A" Clubg Canyon Boys, Pres.g J.C.L,-g Quo Vaclis Chapter BaTeam Football and Basketball Varsity Football and Basketball Intramural Basketballp Track. ROGER POSEY mira I ROSALIND LATRICIA JOHN POWELL wffff, fi Freshman Banclg Banclg R.O.G.B V Music Workshopg Biological Re- Baltili C-3Plal'T COVPSF HEY? Cltf-'SS Club,- Treasure:-g Collins Comos .wa ,Q ,rf-+ - search Clubg Seekers of Success. The Historiansp Kool Kat' Knowl edge Knockers, ELNA GRACE PRESCOTT Bandp Maiorettep Carolyn's Catsg Future Homemakers ot Americag 4-Hg Los Emesoros de los Estados Unidosg Scholars: English Book Clulog Intramural Basketballg Gov- ernment Club. NORMAN PRITCHETT ,ham I Wmvssvt A xx . RAYMOND PURVIS SANDRA LOUISE RABON Q MVK W Movie Operators. Beta Club, Music Workshopg World ' R History Cluby Future Homemakers ?,5 ot Americap Seekers ot Success. TOMMY LEE RABON Future Farmers ot America, Secre- taryp Biological Research Club: D.C.T, Clubg The Historians DONNIE RAGAN .XZ A B 0 gg ,W 1, " 5 Won fs ff"'r-'1 .L I L LAURA JEANETTE PAYE REAVES as RANDALL Zeta Tri-Hi-Yg Biological Research W Senior Bandg Maioretteg 4-H Club, Club, Chapter IM: Office Assistantg Future Homemakers of America? D.C.T,, Vice-President. Future Nurses of Americag Les Z I Parisienesg Atom Smashers. A .... I 'N , . S ,-.. , 44 "l"""'P' if twiki' sr'-1 , Y oskffrqxie- we g awww?-ss ' . . .fx . , rf' A - X Q"g5x'1 ,- A.?'.11y' . 'UN """'k it aid. , w...,. NN'-K bl .ri 0 0 - J ',, Wag' i .., 4 'WWW umsubwt 'Mqw lj , W . TW V A -fllw lj 1 JR , ' '41 ,I L1 lie' L Q lj' M' it HW' T' 4u.....-uw' ROBERT REHBERG Collin's Cosmos. MICHAEL REUBIN Freshman Band, Junior Play, Senior Band, Captain's Corps, Pow Wow Staff, Collin's Cosmos, Chess Club, Civil Air Patrol, Bowling League. CAROL ANN RIFKIN Cheerleader, Captain, Sophomore Class, Sec., Junior Class, Sec., Civi- nette's, Vice-Pres., Student 'Coun- cil, Sec., Beta Club, Sec., Junior Play, Powder Putt Football, lntra- mural Basketball, C'est La Vie, Pres., Chez Francais, Pres. LEWIS ROGERS HENRY REID Static Chasers, Knights of English, Slaves of History, Carolyn's Cats, Art Club. RICHARD RHODES Junior Classical League, Quo Vadis Chapter, Junior Civitans, Social Science Club, Student Council, ln- tramural Basketball, B-Team Foot- ball, B-Team Basketball, Baseball, Varsity Football, Varsity Basketball, Powder Puff Coach. PAMELA ANNE ROBERTS JEFF ROSE Art Club, Hi-Y Chemistry Club. - 5- KN . - ' ,V HUM! .fx gl ELIZABETH SIMS PEGGY ANN SLEEP Music Workshop, 4-H, Gamma Tri- Hi-Y, Powder Puff, Historiansp iQ fi FREDDY SINK Glee Club, Chemistry Club, Art Club. ARCHIE SMITH lEntered 19581 Les Pauvre Gens De Paris, Les Chats Frais de France, S.O.S. Trees., Block "A", Varsity Football, Manager, Grammar, Literature and Drama Club. JERELYN SMITH JIMMY SMITH S.O.S.5 Future Nurses, 4-H Club, D.C.T.f B-Team Basketball. Powder Puff Team, Fleming's His- tory Club. MICHAEL SHARMAN D.C.T. Club. LILA C. SHEFFIELD Beta Club, Civinettes, Pres., .I.C,L., Cheerleader, Music Workshop, Sig- ma Tri-Hi-Y, Freshman Class, Offi- cer, Teens Against Polio. Mm JACQUELINE GALE SHARP Gamma Tri-HIAY, Music Workshop, Delta Tri-Hi-Y, Biological Research, Chapter V, Junior Classical League, Cursus Honorum Chapter, Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, F.T.A,g Beta Club, Annual Staff, Office Assistant. LAURA MARY SHEMVVELL Biological Research Club, Chapter IV, Sec., Future Nurses, Press Re- porter, Sec., Powder Puff Football, Thespian Club, Thronateeska Staff, Music Workshop. A . 'A ' iit ' Iii' nzul K , . I x 'S 'E salt BRENDA ROSS Future Nursesg Seekers of Success, Sec,-Treas,p Epsilon Tri-Hi-Yg Office Clubg Scholars, Sec. JOHN ROSS Freshman Banolg Senior Bandg C.C.C.g R.O.G.B.g Captain's Corp. CARROLL ROSS Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y, Parliamentariang Biological Research Club, Chapter lV, Pres.g Speech Clubg Student Councilp Beta Clubg Scholars, Presg D,C.T.y J.C.L. TOMMY ROSS Carolyn's Cats, Program Chairmang Tlohvvtp, Treas.g B-Team Footballg B-Team Basl-cetballg Varsity Foot- ballg Varsity Trackg Varsity Base- ballp Varsity Tennisg Chemical Char- actersg Block "A" Club. 'iff 'mr 4332. ' , nw, WY' """-1-a..4,, my uwwwre A MARTHA FRANCES ROSSlNONOL The Forty Wonclersp Los Conquista- dores cle Espanolg Teens Against Poliog Powder Puff Football, Nu- clear Nutsg Buenos Vecinosp Los Diablos Peguenitos ole Mama Juhang Library Service Clubg Future Nurses. REX ROYAL Block "A" Clubg B-Team Footballg Varsity Footballg Uncle Bob's Story Hourg Sniffles. KITTY ROYAL Office Clubg Buenos Vecinosg Intra- mural Basketballg Powder Puff Footballg Thespian Club. SANDRA JEAN SAUCIER Future Nursesg Le Chats Frais cle Francaiseg Atom Smashersg F.H,A.p Les Pauvres Germs cle Parisg Wil- liams Little Rebelsg A-Hg Maioretrteg Band. LAMAR SCOTT JAMES ROGER SELPH Baseball Teamg Tlohvvtpg D.C.T. Banclp Captains Corps.g Collins Comical Chemical Charactersp Beta Clubp J.C.L. PHYLLIS E. SMITH U.S. History Club, Music Workshop, Office Assistant, Govecs. MARY CULLEN SPENCER Gamma Tri-Hi-Y, Music Workshop, Glee Club, Junior Classical League, Vice-Pres., Cursus Honorum Chap- ter, Delta Tri-Hi-Y, Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, Secretary, Future Teachers of America, Secretary, Stella Kalmon Chapter, Sophomore Class, Vice- Pres., Junior Class, Pres, Senior Class, President, Beta Club, Stu- dent Council, Annual Staff, Pow- der Putf Football. NANCY SPRING Glee Club, Mellonettes, 4-H Club, D.C.T., Future Homemakers of America. GALE ANITA STEARMAN Gamma Tri-Hi-Y, Carolyn's Cats, 4-H Club, Biological Research Club, Powell's Grammarians, Cutour De La Monde Dans Uncent. . 0 SALLY SMITH F.H,A. Pres., Vice-Pres., Student Council, Intra School Council, Bi- ological Research Club, Beta Club, N. Psi-Chi Club, Secretary, Senior Class, Secretary, Chemistry Club, I' Les Malheureux, msec L . ii is SYLVIA JOYCE SPIVEY 'sw ' ., mi! 11-H Club, Biological Research Club, 4 I V F.H.A., Carolyn's Cats, Gabblers, E 1, Seekers of Success, D.C..T,, Intra- 'at mural Basketball. I ' MF V lg Q , ir L A ,gl RICHARD sPRiNo lx D.C.T., B-Team Football, Marvin's Molecular Maniacs, Biological Re- search Club, Tolops, U.S. History Club. JERRI STEVENS U.S. History Club, 4-H Club, Vice- Pres., Biological Research Club, Pow Wow Staff, Art Club, Music Workshop, Social Science Club, Govecs. will--.. L -or-Ok -we 1'-N fx Sa., x GHG, , X "ii , , 5 fl JQLIEI I ff ' IX O ' ' WW ,eff Wflf fidfvw , ff-rf'-nv k L '9' if ff! 'iff . ., of if 'an' " ' 1 JOHN STEWART MUSETTE THURMOND Biological Research Clubg Psi-Chi Cluby Hi-Y. MAC STlNSON Diversified Cooperative Trainingg Short Circuitsg Aunt Aggie's Lit. Criticsg K.A.T.S. PATSY STO KES Beta Clubp F,T,A.g Junior Classical Leagueg Collin's Comical Chemical Charactersg "We Were There"g Music Workshopg Biological Re- search Club Vg Powder Putt Foot- ball. MARTHA RUTH STRONG Senior Band, Maioretteg Studio Bandg 4-H5 Beta Tri-Hi-Yg Alpha Tri-Hi-Yg Les Pauvres Gens de Parisg Chez Francaisg Kool Kat Knowledge Knockers: Intramural Basketballg Powder Putt Footbal-lg Govecs. Entered 19595 Student Council, F.H.A.p Maioretteg Annual Staff. LINDA STOCKS Beta Clubg F.H.A., Program Chair- manp Basketballg 4-Hg S.O.S., Vice- Presidentg Shorthand Clubg English lV Club, Treasurer. DONALD E. STRICKLAND Junior Classical League, Quo Vadis Chapterg Hi-Y, Press Reporterg Jun- ior Civitans, Treasurerp Chemistry Club, Sec.p "We Were There," Sec.g Senior Class Vice-Presidentg Cate- teria Committee. LARRY STYLES Snitfles, Vice-Pres.g Annual Staffg C.A,T.S.g Art Cluby Psi-Chi Club: Uncle Bob's Story Hourg Intramural Basketball. 5 ,. ,AQ 41 -lg ., X ez- I 5 7 35 12 as 3 fd' " f,,Q.,,f54:, I If. 'f "5 ry, V, ' ' ' -i' "' X Qui, 1' 'gi ,,,N,., ref , 3 .V A :h , , 'omg mum- ' WILLIAM EDWARD TAYLOR Atom Smashers, Dye's History Club, Science Club, Fleming's World His- tory Club, B-Team Football, Cafe- teria Committee. JACQUELINE TEASLEY Entered I957, C'est le Vie, F.H.A., "We Were There", Chez Francais, Kool Kat Knowledge Knockers, Thespian Club, Alpha Tri-Hi-Y. SANDRA KAYE TH ROWER 4-H Club, Girls' Basketball, Man- ager, S.O.S., Annual Staff, Office Assistant, Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y, Alpha Tri-Hi-Y. MIRIAM TAYLOR Glee Club, Future Homemakers of America. SHIRLEY ANN THOMPSON Delta Tri-Hi-Y, Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, Music Workshop, Junior Classical League, Quo Vadis Chapter, F.H.A., "We Were There", Kool Kats Knowledge Knockers, Office Assist- ant, Beta Club, Govecs. ALVIN CLIVE TISDALE Beta Club, Junior Classical League, Quo Vadis Chapter: Collin's Chem- ical Cosmos, Hi-Y, "We Were There", Social Club, Junior Civi- fans, Track, Cafeteria Committee. x ,s HAZEL SUTTON Y F.T.A., Powder Putt Football, Epsi- lon Tri-I-li-Y, Music Workshop, The 1 Historians, Beta Club, Intramural Basketball, Buenos Vecinos I and II, Goyecs. RALPH MARSHALL TANNER Beta Club, B-Team Football, Intra- mural Basketball, Powder Puff Football Coach, Key Club, Student Council, Parliamentarian, Baseball, Varsity Football, B-Tearn Basketball, Junior Classical League, Freshman Class Vice-Pres., Sophomore Class, Pres., Junior Class, Pres, Senior Class, Pres., Block if , ft' -me Y 'I QP- an-Q.-as "in- .tw . ,f fe-?1RPf?'g, f K , P , , - qi. If , , i - 5 5 - , Q .,.. l sy. . .,,,,.. . , Q -'Zig .-.- I .5 N ,Z , E, ,K C "Er . , ex- ,--V wreck f,: f E BENJAMIN PI TTS SWILLEY Pon-. Won-. Smtt, Art S-rirviiiir Club, Prigg, LATS, Psi-Clit LliilJ STEPHEN HARRISON TANNER General Science Club, Social Sci- ence Society, Glee Club, B-Football, The Happy Historians, Biological Research Club, Hi-Y, "We Were There", Psi-Chi Club, G.L.A.D.S., Intramural Basketball. I Q: s fxf""""' Vx A 'i 1 ' ' . i . 1 1 " I - fir' I ge --, " 4 a I,-Q ,sw New , 1 67 .Q ,.,. 6 ROBERT DAVID TISON Senior Bandg Freshman Banclg The Happy Historiansg Les Pauvre Gens de Parisg Les Frais Chats de Parisg Future Teachers of Americap Gen- eral Science Clubg Art Clubg Chess Clubg Collins Comical Chemical Characters. BARBARA ANN TUCKER Music Worlcshopg 4-Hg U.S. History Clubg Powder Puff Football. '-,- r ,wa 'W ' 1 WW , MW ' . f An s oouoias JULIAN I, Toiviiiixisoixi r s io B a, c i' c S., - REO.Gl-.B., Elec.-Treailri aCnoSlIin'sOCDas- X ' ual Chemist. I' ' H "'r - ' .4f'fv'f4 - -: : Y, , fb 5 ff K X 6 f " f wx 1 f5f , f X I f J if DOUGLAS TUCKER G.L.A.D.S.g Pow Wow Staff. WILLIAM A. UPTON Glad'sg Biological Research Club: The Happy Historiansp 'I'lohwtp's. ,. MAJORIE VINSON Biological Research Clubg Social Science Societyg Intramural Basket- ball, Powder Puff Footballg Banclg Maioretteg S,O,S. rfgy ,ifhvgi V a A JOAN MARIE VVAONER Future Homemalners of Americag S.O.S.g Biological Research Club l. r I fn JIMMY VALENTINE Band, Captains Corpsg The I'liStO riesg CoIIin's Casual Chemists. PATRICIA ANN VINSON NANCY PAGE WAKEFORD Cheerloadcrg Anchor Clubg Student Councili Homecoming Courtg Soph- omore Attendantg Junior Attendantg Teen Center, Pres., ViceePres.g Georgia Youth Board Delegatep Miss Teen Centerg Junior Classical Leaguep Miss J.C.L.g Future Nurses of Americay Sigma Tri-Hi-Yg -I-Hg Art Clubg Speech Club. 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 j ,. Q AQQ. , v . WW ' -C .: rf-ff AL ALEX WALKER CHARLES WALKER Z 'M ' 'ht ' Biological Research Clubg Hi-Y, Chemistry Club. gjl X Chaplaing Cafeteria Committeeg Sci- P ff. ,Ni ence Clubg B-Team Football. A I -z,L ' gu- 'P lxpw '- "" R Eg? r' ' JEANETTE WALKER STANLEY WALLACE 'rv A Entered 1959. BARBARA JO WARD Student Councilg Junior Classical Leagueg F.T.A.g Music Workshop, Vice-Pres.g Glee Clubg Delta Tri- Hi-Yp Powder Puff Footballg Mar- vin's Molecular Maniacsg Annual Staff. CAROLYN WARD Delta Tri-Hi-Y, Sec.y Collins' Comi- cal Chemical Charactersg Beta Clubg Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, Press Reporterg F.T.A.g Student Councilg Junior Clas- sical League, Pres.g Student Council 1 X qu, 9""" M ' A. Awww L .A A SONNY WEBB WILLIAM RECIL WEEKLY Glee Clubp Collins' Casual Chem- KSY Club: Basketball: Baseball: X "N"k-. in C5 istsp Social Science Society. Football: Letter Club 2. nj lj' ""' lb .. . C rss ,A '25 ,,"'Q'- t Ji. 9,9 Q Rf' 'av t 'Wh-A ,,,,,.,s..,,,, A 1 A W S , ,. f X 7 'fu I I , , ,A ,, A ., mf, J' f if. f 1, 1, Z f 2 , , ' 7, ,, fy ,f.,, 'V vm,,, WM., Zdjdqe ANNE WEST Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y, Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, F.T.A.g Seekers of Success, "We Were There"p Around the World in T80 Days, Beta Club, Basketball. SANDRA LEE WEST F.H.A,, Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y, 4-H, Treas- urer, Office Assistant Club, S.O.S. Club, Dramatic Club, JIMMY WHITFIELD Band, English IV Club. JOE WIGLESWORTH Hi-Y, B-Team Football, Marvin's Molecular Maniacs, Pres., Friioles Brincadores Mexicanos, .IANICE WEST Slaves of Shorthand, 4-Hp Kool Kat Knockersg F.I-LA., Strickland's His- toriansg Seekers of Success, D.C.T.g Art Clubg The Gabblers. GARY WHITFIELD Glee Club. I-IOWE WHITMAN Vice-Pres. Carolyn's Cats, Sec. Col- lin's C.C.C.p "We Were Thefeui Senior Director, Key Club, Treas- urer, I-li-Y, Movie Operator, Track. SAUNDRA WILLIAMS Los Conquistaclors de Espanol, 4-H Club, Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y, Alpha Tri- Hi-Y, Office Assistant Club, Seekers of Successp "We Were There", Melonettes, Glee Club, Powder Puff Football. A Y I 3 .,VN ,,4.,- MARGARET WILSON Student Council, Vice-Pres,, Stu- dent Council, Pres., Freshman Class Pres., Sophomore Class Pres., Stu- dent Council, Anchor Club, .l.C.L., Beta Club, Music Workshop, "Miss Congeniality," in I958, Miss AHS, Junior Play, Winner of American Legion Oratorical Contest, 1958-59, T.A,P.'S. Junior Girls' Chairman, Girls' StateMGovernor, Delegate to Girls' Nation. BILL WRIGHT B-Team Football, Varsity Football, Block "A" Club, Burana Burana Club, Hi-Y, Los Conquistadores de Espagnol, Buenos Vecinos, Los Diablos Pequenitos de Mama Juhan, Sec., Sophomore Class, Treas., Junior Class, Treas., Key Club, Sec. SANDRA YIELDING Entered I958, Glee Club, Kool Kat Knowledge Knockers, Govecs Gov- ernment ancl Economics Club. i N . .-,ff fmt- 'f -, HENRY WREN B-Team Football, Varsity Football, Cafeteria Committee, Intramural Basketball, Reddick's Little Atoms, ROBERT YIELDING B-Team Football, Varsity Football, Pow Wow Editor, Hi-Y, Marvin's Molecular Maniacs, "We Were There", Block "A", Pow Wow Sports Editor, J.C.L., Burana Burana Club. MARTIN YORK Freshman Boys' Treas., B-Team Bas- ketball, B-Team Football, Varsity Basketball, Varsity Football, Base- ball, Beta Club, J.C.L., CoIIin's Comical Chemical Characters, Vice- Pres., "We Were There," Pres., Key Club, Block "A", Intramural Basketball, Tennis Team. DARYL WILLIAMSON BARBARA WILSON X-ww time ut""' PAT WILLIAMSON Della Tri-Hi-Y, JCL, Quo Vadis Chapter, Collins Chemistry Club, Music Workshop, Beta Club, TAP, Thespian Club, -1-H, F'i'es,, Student Council. MARY MAEANNA WILSON Student Government Representa- tive, F,T.A., J.C.L., Junior Play, G.L.A,D.'S., English Club, Major- ette, Pow Wow Staff, Psychology and Sociology Club. 25 lg., fe- iihm A E . 0 . , .--V z - '-MA I ., ,V .1 BILLIE DYKES, Presiden FRONT ROW, lef Treasurer. BACK Vice-President. J -Q Y- ,l 5 Q 2 T XX -A-:gif AL HUTCHISON, Presrdent ' X 'fig , 'V -W' -f 1 , ,xxx FP, M, A, !A,,,,Av .wi .N..,,,. ,,.,, y gms- 1 to right4Virginia Durham, Secretary, Bill Sutton, Secretary, Mac Buntin, ROW-Jerry Gersi, Vice'Presiclen1, Carolyn Malone, Treasurer, Carol Hodges, C it lj'-.'Q+ ' ,M . M ,. nl , if 123349 PHOTO Na! Available Ben Adler Richard Albriton Jack Andrews Danny Anglin Leonard Applegate Paul Armstrong Bubba Arnold l.ola Arnold Nancy Arthur Marie Ashberry Gloria Austin Lari Bachman Maxine Baggett Dianne Bailey Janice Bailey 5, 'G Oil 'Q' ' 6 'M Q, ftl qgwvf Zi, l gl 0244 is 5 . X wiv-W ,if- aw ve? W, ,hnifgsww . s Ii 3 Q h 3 1 flfts 5 ' 93? . N x , :,. vii? f F 'I x I P? 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' 5:4015 W 'A LL 9 ,Q L' ' f ff P E0 N, Lf K ,xr ' ,I 3 J-JZ 1 -ww- I YP ' i A" L , -Bla. ,qi'f."- S PAT FIELD L55 'W' 5-1 L V, l"'t', JIM MULLIS JOHN TILLITSKI Head Coach , 1 '77 A BOB FOWLER GRAHAM Lowe X . Z!! H ww ,V ,YO X , . . ,.V. I 14 JERRY CLARK JAMES HUGHES t , f 'X r f 10 11 an R a-iii, X' -1' I ' P ,ff . , 5 L X Em, ,JL H L L , izjyi ?1'fzQ'1.' . f 597' 1 ,L Q fax X " 24 , ff' 0 'ii f 1 L 4 1g, .f w,,, .5 :V ,f,7'a2 ' , -Hi 'Z X, . vw:-, gf ,L fv f fhwffw V ,Q . , 5, ff ' W?" 1 Q 1' 33 'f 1 GORDON DIXON BOBBY PHILLIPS A my -45 ,. W R ,, 1 .,,' 4 R it 4. ' :Ma fr' A A ,i 'ffl ,xml ff 'wwf E 3 ROBERT CREEL Center We Kwk 'Ml if GEORGE HASTY Halfbaclf of' Captain-ROBERT CREEL Co-Captain-RICHARD CREEL Head Coach-JOHN TILLITSKI RICHARD CREEL Guard EDDIE OGLETREE Fullback -WM ,,.1' ,A,Q:4, 4 , M, f."'ff'iY':1u fx -' ,farm VERNIE MUSGROVE TQMMY ROSS Tackle Qllartnrhark ,, 4' J B'-' L. A M,.,,.-M f if 'lm 4 tt' A If C fi. iv fu, kr- ek MARSHALL TANNER RICHARD RHODES ROBERT YIELDING MARTIN YORK Halfback Tackle Guard End 4. train Y ,, , s gjf x 1 ' . , -b 5,7 A. H 1-13525, Zi' V V ' n " is -- ,."7f'ir aQp.mnil'iii?5, " W .BN 5,1 i A, , 1 , K nu -"5 iff Y ' it A 'in www uv va ' . . ix, is , ' QY . .V QQ , l ' x ,, v ' ' 1 '. ,E 'NM K c s, M ALA-.i L A I' ffitii 7' I A Q5 ,L 2'.,1Q',, "' ,-,Y , , 3' ' iii.-5 ', ' gi? 1 A , ,iv t in 'l ii :Sf m x-L , sf f 1 , 9 if ,Q y f' f em' , 4 A :ir I , 0 . we i , -if ' iiggfgi -. . . ,, ,Qs 4 f ,. ,P f I Q 2' z,::, .,5- iq- t 1 ,,:.- 1 :ji .. I ,, -if ,jim ' -ya-sig: - ,Q: ,. A.:3:,, K. V5 ggi! , itil im g ' sf yqdt , f -am' FKQQ 94,549 g c " .511 K ,, A fiiffsfffittssv rs:-Y ' JZ 1 we fiuffvs' "1 A ,ti M. , f N 'MP' M ' gg: v,,:z,1'g5,f38fes:7 . " .Jn-gr, ,,M1t..,.,,'1.f1bQf ,a 'L L K En, fm, f. ', , 5. if-f, i . , -. 5, .. ,.Mvff..,, ' I 2 ww-X rm "if .s ft ,- N-f , ,Wa ., 2 qw ' ,.-nf 2+--sg , fwfr Q , '- f vi' 65' , 'ggi' as 'fi-,I . Wm BUD LEWIS LARRY POPPELL Bll-L WRIGHT Halfback End v , .e L ' M, S , Center MARION CARTWRIGHT JIMMY FOLMER Halfback G'-Jafd 'E' Picture Not Available VIC DOBNER End BUBBER ARNOLD Guard In this space l would like to put a picture of Jimmy Norris, Unfortunately Jimmy moved away earlier this year so there is no picture available. However, l am taking it upon myself, with Jimmy's full assent, to dedicate this space to the Marietta Blue Devils, 'the Second Best' football team in the state. II3 4 JERRY GERST JERRY DOYAL TERRY CULLOM Al- HUTCHINSON Sportswriting's most overworked word is "great." One reads of "great" defensive plays in baseball, "great"passes and runs and defensive plays in football, "great" golf shots, "great" teams and individuals in all sports. It is such a shop vvorn adiective and so often misapplied that it has largely lost its savor and effect when used to describe the outstanding in the world of sports. But not so when you write of the 1959 Albany High School football team. It will be remembered forever by all vvho saw it as probably the greatest school's illustrious history and possibly the greatest of all Georgia prep teams of all times. Certainly it earned this writer's accolade as the finest of them all, and I have seen most of the best for the past 20 years. Never before were so many exceptional football players assembled on one high school team, and never before did any group produce more effort, collectively and individually, nor shovv more determination and desire, nor display more esprit de corps, than did the Albany Indians of 1959. JACK BRICE DAVID MARTIN MIKE LANE JOHNNY PALMER - ta asf J it Sb . - , -flftfawt, - lx I W , tile i1xl .T1Q- 4' 'Wil 'll IQSNQN I-SMH' ITG' fIl52W5'K"".I YI, .,.,9E4E5 JRJ- A V-N ,38- W' nu., 'N :H ,Q f .5 A My Q l fm q 'wi fmt'-1. ' its MP, ff BOYD WHITE BILL SUTTON DAN WHITMAN JACK ANDREWS They were marked men from the start, for this was a team developed over several years. Many of these boys played midget, freshman, iunior high, and varsity football together. They got better and better as they went along, and the word was out before the season to "Look out for Albany." In I958 the Indians got off to a stuttering start, winning two and losing two, before suddenly ielling to massacre a favored Valdosta team and then go ripping and rollicking through the last five foes on the schedule. Thus the Indians carried a six-game winning streak into 1959's opener Bene- dictine, When the smoke of battle cleared away after the memorable night of Dec. I I, the magnificent Indians had thundered through I2 rugged opponents-climaxing the glorious season by literally crushing mighty Marietta-to take all the marbles and an untarnished State Championship Crown. After an opening 27-O romp over Benedictine, the Indians met their first region test against Columbus. They riddled the Blue Devils for a ridiculously easy touchdown in the opening minutes-and then came a play that contributed as much to Albany's fine season as any other single thing. This was the runback almost the length of the field of a kickoff to tie the game up. Here was a thing that showed the Indians, confident almost to the point of cockiness, their defense was not totally impregnable-that they could be scored on. It stung them to the roots of their tremendous pride and seemed to rededicate them to the task at hand. They stormed back and gave the Devils such a horrible pasting a Columbus coach was later to say "This game ruined the whole season for my boys." From there on Albany was a relentless machine, grinding to dust everything in its path. Robert E. Lee fell, 20-O. BUTCH FAIN STANLEY HARP FRANKIE MORRIS CANTEY DAVIS QQ 'r fra? 3' A if 'gf fr , ur - f Q Haj-.g,j1,.n ,Q .t r x '1 y: ff H3 t -at 1 525152 f-arm' . I ' - UMK! 53 YRxQk Ht H M c.... Nz. s 144- . 5X'fa.f'h9Hl'5W1 L -' ' . ' ' Wfiw-'fr ZYZQEQTL' 3S.."'.-TW 'AVS . N J 1 ,l A. ,' 4 ,QQ" , , I aw! ff ' we ' ' I' ZW Zi II6 , Opponents We Thel' Benedictine 27 0 Columbus 38 6 R. E. Lee 20 0 LaGrange I9 O Valdosta 26 6 Willingham 20 I2 Baker 40 O Jordan 26 O Lanier 7 0 Moultrie 20 I9 SOUTH GEORGIA CHAMPIONSHIP Albany --',,-,,,,,v I4 A.R-C- ------------ 7 AAA STATE CHAMPIONSHIP Albany --V,,A,,,,,, 20 Marietta .--4---- O GUY DAVIS One of the best La Grange teams in years felt the merciless smash of the tomahawk, I9-O. Ancient rival Valdosta was a breeze, 26-6, and Willingham went under in Macon, 20-l2, in a brutal struggle in which several key Indians suffered severe iniuries. Baker was plastered, 40-O, and Jordan absorbed a 26-O shellacking. Then came one of the toughest tests of all, as Lanier fought the Indians on almost even terms until midway of the final quarter, when Albany finally broke it open for a 7-O victory. This one assured Albany of a tie for the region cham- pionship, and the Indians made it official the following week at Moultrie, with their most superb performance in many a season. In this one the Indians found themselves behind late in the game against a good and inspired team, and the fact that they had what it took to pull out a stirring victory stamped them true champions in the eyes of everybody. But a test of equal magnitude lay directly ahead-the powerful Musketeers of Richmond Academy. The Tribe met this one like all the rest, coming off hallowed Mills Memorial Stadium turf with a clean-cut and well- deserved I4-7 triumph. Then it was on to Atlanta for the titantic clash with a Marietta team that had averaged more than 33 points a game, boasted one of the State's most impenetrable defenses and went into the title contest favored by as much as 20 points in some quarters. This one was both climatic-in that it gave Albany the championship-and anti-climatic, in that the Blue Devils were lust plainly out classed by the Indians and were never in the ball game after the opening minutes. Many of the boys on this great Albany team will go on to play fine football in college. Many others will be back to join in gridiron combat for Albany next season. Many others who are graduating this spring will play no more football at all. But with them all from now on will be the cherished memories and proud knowledge that they played their full parts, not only as athletes and dauntless competitors but also as scholars and gentlemen, in bringing more gridiron glory to Albany than any team ever did before. The school and the community are proud of them. V' ! JIMMY PREVATTE Biz. . 'EW x . . . ,M ,r Y... WNW K uk- if 1.7 E 1, . , . 1 I 1 X l 4 6 P ,xx 'A N!! 5 V in Q , , . ,wx , gg . , . k gg , af. f if . , Q . A A Au A ww - J- ' -Y 1 . , ' 'Jf' ' I If 1 2 V 1 V- A-2 ' ' 4f2sVffef'Pi'1' A. , ' ' I . ' f., . A A lk' 3 ff-'fir -rm Ziff ' A 3' E w.fx.,:fw5,3 . rv-:.,' , ,A 1 ,f .f '- -- 4. 4, + 34,.ny, 3 ff -1 if I ,..- -. lv A K. A .. Y. , A A' 2 - ' . ' - Q.. -' 1' N' . ,- Xi 3' --WJ ' f A L - Q' 1. f , .1 f- .. . 9 3 f I, gr - v'. ,1:f , 1 f , - M A .3, J., . A gy- : 1 ' " " out X .'U,,' ' ' ' .r, f9'V- f!y'3-71 5 ' -- L4 1 , , I In m5Q,-04,-4 S -'vw MANAGERS: Archie Smith, Wayne Hollamon, and Tommy Hamilton. 0 This year Miss Brenda Houston, with her escort, J. W. Willis, reigned over the festivi- ties. Her court included: Miss Billie Dykes, Junior, her date, Rusty Kaliher, Miss Nancy Walceford, senior, her date, Lee Hall, and Miss Dottie Bunch, sophomore, her date, Douglas Tomlinson. ' and The Homecoming Festivities, the highlight of the football season, are one of the most exciting events of the year here at A.H.S. The queen and her court are elected by the student body on the basis of popularity. -fx l lu f PM av N" F' in-X5 ,"1 xl 71 ki... ,425 Z-? n Agp. COACH JIM MULLIS and GRAHAM LOWE is i ,,A,. QA Y' rs . at ui N I l i ROBERT CREEL MARSHALL TANNER This year the Albany Indians were fortunate to place two members of an outstand- ing squad on several All-State teams. Center, Robert Creel and halfback Marshall Tanner were nearly unanimous choices in everybody's mind. Their inspiring efforts in every game brought forth cheers and applause from every Albanian. ln addition to being chosen on several high-school All-Americas,,both boys were named to the Associated Press All-South team. In gold on top of more gold the two were honored at the Albany Touchdown Club's Annual Jamboree as Best Blocker and Most Valuable Player respectively. mae ' ' - f-if-if-if' ec. 77, 7959 f4Z5'4aq - 20 ' - Rcx N' Aa I Q K .29 ,W X! Tense-ness shows on Albany bench. George Hasty goes for ten. 1-" 52 fw ff. '1,.af1.z14swzl1ri..inlxs1 raruianinimamuszlrmzvmvi, " l -..i 1 2 1701 C I QI' I -'2-Q A wing' ww QTL' My M K I Eg WW Q M .,, f f f A9 Yamfifv Wgzi R335 ff 791 hum, X q .ff iam 4 y if 2 1 f4,71.S, Z 1 1 5 1 Ai 3 Q Q, LARRY POPPELL I22 L ag Coach GRAHAM LOWE Manager DANNY DANIELS Ars Q? SS F 5 P i ' 4 . n ew l E 1 ll 1 ' Yi A j 5 LARRY POPPELL BUD LEWIS RICHARD RHODES ROBERT CREEL Forward Guard Center Guard The Albany High Indians of 1959-1960 suffered the loss of three starting players from the previous year's lineup. This loss coupled with an inexperienced second team resulted in a poor season for the Indians. Toward the end of the season Coach Lowe experimented with an all junior lineup with good results. Therefore we leave this season on a good note with high hopes tor next year. As the annual went to press, the indians had a 6-16 won loss record with three games remaining. TOMMY ROSS GARY FLANIGAN MPC BUNTIN Center Forward Guard is 1 1 5 , A z Q V I QB YQ- Y ,N-. ,J I 4 4 il A 3 if NICKY MCDANIEL JIM DUBEAU JERRY DOYAL Forward Guard Guard TERRY CULLOM Americus ,dddd ..., 3 3 4l .ddd. FT. Valley ....d ddd. 5 9 33 ....d Bainbridge ..., 43 58 Willingham ,... d... 4 O 48 ddddd Lanier .A..., dddd 3 2 43 ..... Moullrie -, ..., 38 39 R. E. Lee eeee. ,,ee 4 7 33 eeeve LaGrange ....e ee,e 5 3 52 e,e,, Valdosta ,, ,,,e 48 4l Baker ,,,,,,,, ,e,, 6 9 64 eeeee Columbus 58 45 KIT CHRISTOPHER Center 'fm 3' , ,, , 3 Q VN,.,,,A i R. E. Lee eee.f euu, Americus ...L. L,uv Lanier LLL,L, .... Columbus oo,.. .,., Willingham Jordan ....oo ..,. FT. Valley .Lo., se,s Columbus Baker su.,, Moultrie L Jordan i 6 l 5 1 . l 5 i l X 5 .i 1 FRANKHE CARLTON Forward AN DY PENNINGTON Forward 38 48 67 78 47 52 44 66 52 39 46 7 Z' NU V fr 6 "wr, I , w,,,, ' a Senior Girls .gy I X A, W2 ' ,mv Sophomore Boys 1 Junior Boys v 1 X ' ASW' 44- ,....x.o of rf- Sophomore Girls I25 N ww-vw., f 55 f P4 , ,f I 1 Z' - FJ 'f N- '- 1? . f if Hnieiiffgil v hulnullijq , I , V "' I ZR-gnlgagff I ' lil' T If 6 r TL V1 1 Q Q Y' Captains Bobby Wallace and Jimmy Gray. fi ,va CJ , I 7 'QB HTA rl' XY X, I K9 fc '71 , ,X I X I ., :jg xii ,, i D 'E 5 1 xx if N N Coach Bob Fowler and Coach Anne Weeks. 'FN X if 5 4 5 5 m-,. , F J 'lg 5 - 3 2 L AILEEN CONNOR MARY ANN WELLS ,L TRINA DAVIS SUE YIELDING ! f .L , I28 ,www L x uPmf,rArmI1l', MARTHA JOHNSON KATHYRN MEADORS JO ELLEN SCHATZ SKIPPY MONCRIEF , 1 L c -1-, .I MYRTLE CORLEY V E I-'A K ,val JUDIE DUPREE ,wx BETTY JEAN DARNELL I 1 fy' 13-'f if: K..- JUDY SMITH FRANCES CAPPADOCIA ANDREA DANIEL CAROL CLARK CECILIA TABB MARY GILL CAROL 5TETfETT9m LQWE V 6? 5 yay f , - , Q We . vv.. : '- A 2 ' ? - , Q ,,, V X , fu, , -' . ,I tl. E A ,,,, .wi S , I , 1 33 , K V , Zv' ' A,,' 2 .,.. ,. " ! .,,. ,w'b by J ,,,L 5, A-,nf R , 4. 1 K j a Sw 1. f 'v u If W' If P ay 1 v x S Qi x,.f.'L 'Y-, 1 fl' If JJ- ,IX C 'I .,,, . ,. S, A .4 AAPA , , bak H11 X . , ' ,N ,yum ' IMA L I I '1 L . I . . - ' . J, ' - - ,, ,J , -X" 'Q ,, li L-1 - ' I ' ' iff- I . Q2 I f:fvQf?g.Q:-, I "Kim, . 'arf I I QM ' L. ,gf-ng. ' 4- '- f , , I ,I HW Q ,,,,, A -W 4 uf' BUD LEWIS VIC DOBNER 37 Kink. .. .: f- . fav-w I .W -V wx in ' ' " I QQ Pr Mg w ,M , , fl' T64"' I flffw ' I f v ' ix ' ' , Q 5 : Eff If xg , - V yy N U L L A . I 4' ' - N 'QWLH VL:7.I,, V xi y , 4 . ,f L ii- ' I 1 41'7fR,Q .V -I gif- - 'xx .grpx '. ' ' ' , ,A If ,-,. " + 1'1'5"'Z'f6eN'g1,f 1 31-Y-Q.qA.:M , 31 LV -fad. -',.5,M,n , A Y A, I REX LYNCH DANNY BREEDEN Q0 -I ,Z - ff-,-fjaf'--A ii-Sffzs gl-TJ,-, Y- Y-' f!:'gf?512-"fa, I -,.Xg',5Q.-3-glgggf'':,.'.W I w If 'W V , s- - xr, 1-j 4gQfz13,:fg. aw , I . 4 .V -'I QQ1g3g5.KQ5:-I - 'L.-,X-121,45 -5 -I ,L 1 '- f:,fg: - g4f2T4::fNQ:Qw, ,W-fm-:Q , .A f,fi,, :Q " ' . , ' I 1 -' '-Q , I -QQ. ' w5:'f1iW' fag. . -.m,.- ...g . , .-w. . ,. If I. Im - -QL ,L " I -'-' ' - I -- MARSHALL TANNER N R Rxn. AL HUTCH I NSON rf L5 L X :., 1 I 0 g 5' XSS 'w.s5,,M,5gM5' , V' - L N 21 5 X X I NLIN B 5 ILLIL I' S ' 6' ' if gi ILAA l K I X I A NNLA XI'N X X A X I I ,'.- w L55 in 'w ' ' WFA'U1vw:w.Qe mv' N xv A - 1 I X, . L vw , 'Y ,Af ,FAM .. - Aga, s.Q5,:N f W " .. 2 . , L,,, X! f -"I' LAW. '14 s:'?i? ' k i ' - M- 1 "" 1 " CE I f CLAUDE SURFA A AQ ,L JERRY GERST F 1 '75-v .,. yu I r , I 1 ' 1 Jf' X I I ' I' ' I. fy .,, 1. 2 lffzzff-f ,f,,.f, 1-A If? . . . L f far' ' ., 4- ,- - . -K , f v'2M1u?'fg wmfaffb f s f 1 1 . ,- , , .I .ww If , I . ,, , f -Y-'ws-,f-. 4 -' I 1 -. .1 K, ,,,,,N... W. .. , I,,,,M4f.,,,f.,:.,W:-.'...xfA.1, ,. ,-,,, 4, : Wg? A mum! ,xg , , f,4ff,W' ff- ' 4 . ,,, , .. ,.- E f,1i,, I :av 1. vi , ,f,,: A 9:22. QA V K -,,.,. I f Y , ll f I I - U - , L. ' I 3 4 , EE, A I ,,.,. it 4,..., , f ,, , I , ' H A' f H- ' V- I ' wfy f ,ff,iQ',w,2:",':f:f, l',1,2.1 'zylw f, ' f C " ' X 'I' f Q Q' f ' .ililrzyfz : ' A- ff hah , c ',,,.-5. ' 1' ' f . 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'A Vfif ffwf-f ,, " "W" ff ny f g ' 4 ' 'f 9"fsr':W'RX '- - J I 3, if H .fiyf " C ff' Q . , 4 5,,wf0,','.f,':f,Vf,,,,,4 ,pw , ,,f,,,w-354 ffky famm- gm -1 -' ,,,4kN2f-1-'S":fe'w4,., ,Qw- " V Q I M' A -- , 'ff " 'WM 15.1 J mf , f 012 5 N ., ffffjiwmwf -ff"-vw , 'ff ' 'fydft 5-ffm! .,Z'z4wf, ff fa-L' , iv-Y. , - 'Xf1fA:,.'f. -wma I E, JIMMY GREY ROGER BEAVER STEVE HEIGHT M4 'f W S W Kr' I J 1 N X! 9 .SX 4 1' 9 Q in 5 4- JOHN FREEMAN f l .4 .4 P A a l 'Q- 9 ,- . rf E 5 'iff- j 'Nur L2 I QI, I , 1, FL I, 'LAI , I R 'I' ,ig I R3 xl -:ICI I I E"' ff' I ,giw Q 'fr :E , , A 17 1 iibe-I II , I HARRELL BREEDEN CECIL FOWLER H X 'I 6 fry. . , e 2 'a . fi ' x 5 X . 4 1 S 1, ' f A 1 ,nf . 1 'x ' 3 CX . .z, F .1 .-ff - ' 1 Af . ,f , - . ,F . Q, ,1 .. . M , A X,. 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MQ , Q I 3 SPENCER LEE T ,,k, ,Q ::: Ki?-iY..I. 7 5 X' - Ebfkw-V' TOMMY ROSS I 5 'L 1 STEVE TANNER ff 0 g W X v W, X., 5' I ' 0 v-E-9A4'r naw . 4, .fs f , KHQ K AEA. v K i, f Z7 :nn 'i W , ,fr -fx 1.4: , ' Z f f , ,,: 5 41 :WX , , Y ww 'f 1 W f , f . ', ' V,,,ff,w ffV'VW,, ,,,,, 5,17 fy ., V, A by 6 HM , ,,,y!,Q, , ly. , jk I , Q M , if 4 " ' , gz'wf,1f ,,,, ,moi Q -Q, ' 752- Z' .nr X701 f Q24 7271? ' wliiwwfg ' 'f M77 .f AA f LUANNE MOUNT I36 -QW , r. ' 0 ' 3 2 A ff I 47 X 4 , A 3 EJ f -:M if Six- " ' "W nlqgijg Mr- -sswq -m:.f+m5,.x,...'.,,w5 . 21? -0 -x---. -. .. Q 1 L . 'A -gd L --Q w,,Q,Q -O A-W wg X A ,O . , S ll ' xi ' -n - xv 1 . S K, W . X g. r Q. K K A - ' AQ.. -'AA " lx fflgvgwgggag 'Af MX' - V. 1- - aw wg. , ' -Q 5 ? flare:-if' aw-My-'-' f Y X: 0: - T -,... ,Q .4 - ,. , -. f wx ,ki K i- .Z W -1- Q- ' .. X X-is fi 'wwf-1-. ,. M - 'Af O1 VEQQEWR .453-i A . N Ji g ,, .m - ,rr- ,4 1- 41 -eg 'QQ-Q. Q 'P 'fff,I+. ' : fl -Q : Y f . -: ' N A f .XE -- gsm. 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Ly, N -AJ' - kai.: "9 ra Q N X t I A T" 1 gn PAT MCGINTY v GLEN MCCARTY ,V w AAA- If v , Q MU. pf 2 43, f ,Q Z? ' ff' ' V " Af- ff. , ,.. VZ' 'Mffw 1' W el 1 A , V . , V f Q ,v "'m,, gif' 4, "f ' 52 J f .2 ,Qkf 'Z , ' '- if W A I J, V 1 Wk, ' " 4' ,. - fa, ' If 5150 , M iffy? V, f Y 1 'fl I j V, 7 , I V, V, 7 if I Z 1 W V? al I38 wwe 5 s ff' 'Q 1 W ? A A Wm MH I X K '4 , " 0 W A . 0 ' 'WW' ? K , , ,W WNfW.W,,Q 4 ' M ' f Z W WW I Mk fx f '91, , 4' f' ? -27 E? ff? ff' 7, 17,1 7 7 Q 'WW is 9 1 , F' W 'f ! ' v1"'A X Q gl? V 455 A ,,,, ig y ' A 4 M95 Q62 -' , . 122 X , .A nm, - 3 I f , L fm' .-1 L ' JE 'MX ' A ' F -75 Lila Sheffield, Senior Nancy Arthur, Junior Marie Micldleton, Junior l. AQ t, un 5 -Qi ., ' Ni , ,vw ,x x ,H gr, ...M-f" ' M X, M-----Q C5555 q 4 "A.H.S. Cheerleaders bow to "Big Chief." Eb N Cookie Ritkin, Senior Nancy Wakeforcl, Senior Tappie Hambrick, Sophomore Billie DYl4e5f 'l'-Hilo" 7257-7960 Advisors: Miss Thelma Plant Miss Celeste Smith Qu 4 l Sk ' l 'in rf X N 7" f. ' 'H aw-if it 4 I X W C? F gl - 6 J '-it . .J Jeanie Cross, Sophomore Dottie Bunch, Sophomore l Martha Strong Margie Vinson ' I, ,. Karyl Arn , 7925?-7960 Gay Council Mary Jo Joiner .t,'i?3 Pit Brenda Houston Head Majoretfe f I ,, !X, Q15 -J f l ii, A-, l sh 9-'A W Jeanette Randall Sandra Saucier ,- 'T' WX KV vf W '11 A Q A If Q Pow Wows A A 25 A 2511! 25? ll wana SPONSOR G. B. HOWELL sl ig A s ww is Lal I-2al.isi.x,fl , ,I 46' ' '25 T , 4 ff . , 1 - 5' ,.,, k ,FM sma- . 1, ., . , f N, T ? -Q it , f' -s ff efza2g,,, ,,f 'J 154 jiziiji'-Lan. ' ,. , ,,.,.,..,, 1 ,, , .. W 1 W 7 Ziyi? .ff wi' ' LITERARY STAFF SW! IT was Through The combined ef'ForTs of boTh our LiTerary and Business sTa1"Fs ThaT This, our l96O ThronaTeeska, was made possible. Under The guidance of our sponsors, Mrs. FuTch and Mr. Howell, We were able To mel our deadlines on Time. We hope This Yearbook gives The sTudenTs The pleasures we had in working on iT. Mwwfff, v lllllllr lil L SPONSOR MARY G. FUTCH T lil, BUSINESS STAFF I .Q af . . ,,,. W ' 'AQ If A A . ' i ' A V A k.,, 4 1 A t..i. I In W Q2 v,.. 2 V., A' WM' i H 1 ,,,,' f V JENNY DOROUGH Assistant Editor JA AH' CAROLE CHAPPELL Feature Editor PAM MYERS Club Editor f tm! Tv ,L .- f . D, is "fi iff ? r i-an-M., JACK MALLARD WANDA BRUNER Business Editor Acl Editor THRONATEESKA These are the editors who made the i960 Thronateeska possible. It was through their continuing efforts and enol- less work that the iob was completed ancl This was the nucleus the deadlines met. and drive behind the 1960 staff. EDITORS WQW, MRS. MARY FUTCH MR. G. B. HOWELl Literary Advisor Business Advisor BOBBY HOLMAN Editor Qdaf K MATT MCCOY Sports Editor was ' 1 vfvwuv PAMELA COCKROFT Picture Editor Billie ..m-wean, 9244 Dykes, Sweetheart President-Bobby Holman Secretary-Harris Cook Vice-Presiolenr-Canly Davis Treasurer-Don Strickland Purpose: To promote good citizenship. .gr if W ' ,K Advisor-Coach Lowe A ' , 1303'- '3 ,M XX. Nl" we ,ii f , fi a mfr' ng -we Q J' " - za a eff " S 'Q 1 fry, , f " I ni. TA - Q ' VA N' 1 Y .6 . fr I ,V I 1 -50 I w,T,,4 Q 5 . Inq - ff- i w '4"""' SQ ., 1 V -A-'S Y "J 1' ' K A 2 r , 7 5-fa '1 f, '- l f -iai K ffi. ,W j V V b I' x we V i 4-a 1 f , ,YQ fe' 9 9' to 'R 57' fsl .3 ig-Q K- . I K in Q ,ff Y A A 4 Qu 4- .QA E A X 4'-fl., , f K A ' 3 1 l Al I44 i" l 5 i " .1 f i " we ' A AA . f ,f. Susie Payne, ,. ws Sweetheart A President Lila Sheffield 1 ZMW 'rf"" , ,., iff-fefwf, 1 ,, 9, , , V : v ,:' ,'X -' .. if 3 W ,J 4 4' W f' i a X .,f. fi.. If . " Q 'Wm F? vin President Fred Chappell Secretary: Bill Wright Parliamentarian Mark Jeffrey Faculty Advisor Mr. Hal King X , ,f I ra, ' E-sr' ,ff "-. ix 7- 0 m 'F ll .,',,, f1'l rf in F C S? Q: Vice-President Chan Chandler Treasurer Dan Whitman Kiwanis Advisor Mr. Howard Waters f f 4,0 Q I ,IZ R xx ,Aa ' .5 -rf Emily Jean Haley -'ff' Denese Flowers f m w , ,, 'wi Sl F . 'H'-'up..4 " 321, i 'X -.,.fA. 1 QV H Q .2 !fiQ ll,i t , g ig, Q , V, W' ,, 2 .3 W, gm, M11 9 .M gy ? 'f I L f . V f i My , ,ff M7 1 qw , 5 K f . p, 4 s C M 'W' iff' Y 1, ,f W-.C-....,." if ,N . 6, Hal , . . .... H , kr .,,,+ I ,gl , -HMM ,b t , 1 i ' "'a lf' " . Av i 3, as 1 Q F 'ff W, .1 F l Q. ' 'R 4 r w l - 'W A ' ' , I M., b , K ,, ' .M -f A v m .4 , 1 q 'ff - , rv V R 4 FAJW , .,.,,,, T vi? f., F , F fre-A 1 xo, ' '45 F ,Q F flllzgf ,fm , f ff f are "vl' ' 'C' Mil I ' I 1+ I5 ' 'ff-l'f'3i A f5.f,3,flle5?'f.l 1 l C iv 'W :Xxx ,- Eff 'ff if f X' 191 I" I- 1 . Sl .xxx N Pl ,- 5 ,- 5' 3,- 221 e SES' xr, President Betty Nix Vice-President Virginia Durham Secrerary Denese Flowers Treasurer Emily Jean Haley 14014404 lg Smeg Q J .sf - . , , " ' ff. Q ,QQ 2..mQ'-,.f,":Q . - K 5 '- 1-me a., f 3 - V . . .gr ia -j Y '15f4'xP5fQQfsSQ QI . ,K V 'K Ji 'H-. :fm-'sv " 5'Q'Jq"'-?,.2f"f"1 I2 li .,Qem"-Qre.i': . ,..N fm ' '- A Q f 9 A 255323 ' ' X W .1 f ,3-,Q ,, ,w a X ' if pi.,-2-'?3:i'::S'+-E A ,saw ' in ""?7'. .' W ' X .1s:.?.f - Q .-..1,-33U,.'.'.J.-35, . .K ' -,. - .e .15 65 - l , V-5 '- :z,2.,., 1 : ' 1-5151 vw.. 2 fr, PURPOSE: To serve The school and community. me-Q Q fy x .. .1 ,- .. HF?" ' JL Q.. 51 me . P ef 5353239 . ., X gfxiiigfggige Q ...a XF? g ,ga-fx - W- kkxilxg. kv f' N . 15 A .Jr 3, ,NK W 4? . all D w -xwllll I X 6405391 P . W . X , X , N , X? , i 9 S gy , -me 'Wm- ,, 1' rx? W--,w,.-N. -. via- .X-ww. .Y?g+w.yRi1g.,.x- ,X M . . - - mg geese mgegmem Presiclenf: Emily Haley 9 Aa .. 'we' -, Vice-President: Mac Buntin Wim-ofv Secretary: Brenda Brashears ,M Mx . f B 1 1 'Womsn P :K .j' Treasurer: Howe Whitman Juniors I48 -awww N- N ww Nxmmemmr , . 1 sp . 5. . I f L 1 , L az, W 3 6 ' 1 , , ,.., Q A W M 4 f ' z 2 ' m 4 2 I E 2 - s 1 1 r or ..:Qi V SQSQ1 ,. Y i 2 Q 5 r 2 b .MM 5 2 . 1 'N .l wg 5. M, .T rim Q , viii PURPOSE: To encourage effort promote characterg s'rImulaTe achievement reward merit. Seniors ' s 3. ri 7 ,. '12 V. ,ff , W 2' a 1 f c: V' f 2 V -V 2 ,- .Q 2 4, , x V720 1 1, 13 l VV ' ,q 5 , V 41. 0 -,V sw f ' . , ' . ,f1g:.'it' :-f-V- ', gf :- . 51,2- 1:-"' - V V V f' , his ' ' ' l f ' l l f 1 1 , 2 . M 0 3 t h if iff ,, -ff , Z . f f, A , fl ,Va ,z J 'f 1 : f X f 5 2 ' 5 f 5 ,V if Z W f X X I 4 g , f zfgg tif Z' ,ffl .1 -',' 7, V ' f 4 wo " f .,-- 4 l " .V ,. .,, V V V 1 ' T 5 l'rr -if V45 l f ' 'U ,, ' 'f 2 ,Q ,z , A -1 ,M , MQ ff f f President, Margaret Wilsong Vice-President, June Hinelyp Secretary, Cookie Rifking Treasurer, Fred Chappellg Parliamentarian, Nlarlc Jeffrey. l . school and communityg to provide general regulations for the concluct and practice of g the students ot Albany High School, to work hand in hand with the students- aclministration, and the faculty tor a harmonious school program. I W X K PURPOSE: The Student Council is an organization which strives to be of service to the ll g N if VV-rv, 'wr' 1 2 Vw ff Q" X 1 xxx x xx 2 4 f 7 Z K w ,. N csksss. :,, QQ, , 112 gccesvcws XNWWNNN X NSN swwwsi ww-Q-New . X X 1 N NN we ww ssswss 2 ', 41 fx Z? 44 4 fr' fd 5 ,ff 42- Q32 7?!!ff ' f Iwi, f We V2 ,4 , 5 4 4 gwcsswkkxxmw Qff 'N QNNISY X '41, ff 9 af f 2 M all , ,V f l f lw gym 14 1 47, SV M at ,, M , M,,,Zl 4,66 Y W ,W QV., I M, f ?aw 704441 Staff Co-Editor ,fgnmq Marilyn Flowers , '1m aw, amor swim 4, My r Co-Editor Robert Yielding I I I ' , v Q, Nb' W7 H 1, Ji U , xl i Q94 Ballon Cafol Howe Oyjb V9 fd rl GUN 'bo Q50 fo The POW WOW is published by the iournalism class of Albany High School. All writing, photography, and cartoons are done by the class. Mrs. A. L. Hinson is The iournalism teacher. "' ' Qi aw M fl wi' c'- Chan Chandler, President, Fred Chappell, Vice-President, Charles Cowan, Treasurer Don Strickland, Press Reporter, Alex Walker, Chaplain, Doug Daniel, Secretary PURPOSE: To create, maintain, and extend throughout the home, school, anol com munity high standards of Christian Character. f we l ,fi P 1 if 'eff 10" 'Sk ,M Jvlb . fb bkw HIT' EPC ,A --af' 45' wiv lf QQ---.a , 19'- iw Q!- in fha, ,-Q -1 I, AON' 'ffm E 5 , ,uf-Mv 'wr-A' 'Q-v-.j rf-Q. Q 3 MN ir? TR 3 Q ... A 4 .1 V A UN 'piexsow ix ? nj:-I KT -c'if'? ' .0 v if--W--J V ,gg . .,...,, l'- 1 A Nr I vs- f- 4:25 . Y .,f,: f, '45, - mm .ana ' vw' K ,, Ii: "'-xl. Sevg QQEY- o.+- 0 If-V05 li.: WY v ' 'li " K we Luanne Mmm? pm XM Ccdh Hui :MS Yr aja eil' 3 Qhmr-new 'W Q1 'S u nl Y L .. ,.,,W, .. . V .,,, E x up m Q, pain! cw SQQYQYQYTS .. . 9,5 A ,M xx M QSQSQL Fbmgsjggnd V816 fvrefd QMNT X XS 'HPV 'Wx K fm I '53 xr ,pw U' 3' Q ,J 4 fu, no-X, .ff wil. , Ufe amy i?-aww gg no Q1 w xl f h Vw aye UTS Cin ug r Ma ed X x f- " :," .1 .QV 'N' : x x U 5 ,ix P vs.-R ANN i'ffimvor.we2Q M -' 'WPYQSS QCNW' N MY DFGNQS SQQAMSGYS C Ouwsifziu W 41 'x Xe , ,:,,.. 1. - , 5 fr lzv " ' ' NY' 'Rua Couucw L C cum Se for- F' 1 ,, f . ' 'f A VaiSS'T?aelmc1,p3aaTVf Coamzzazlor President: Kay Smith Vice-President: Earlene Smith if . '- O 1 NL' Il M M" :QQ ' fi' 25 5 1145 Q I' an ' ' ..-I iff! .V .as sl. ff 1 " ? , 5- X ,, A f - .. PURPOSE: To further Christian service. Dorothy King Betty Price ,R wigs ,ww , Z "mi W 5? 7 Au r i 4 is P - 'rr' x . X na-ax ' VM: e L' -' .115 ' A . t it .ig A ik! I O 'S' S r 'ix I S 715' PURPOSE: To create, maintain, and extend throughout the home, community high standards of Christian character. school, and President Deanie Edge Vice-President Carol Hodges Secretary Andrea McLemore Treasurer Sandra Brooks Chaplain Jane Rolinson nw QQ vw X X, ,fy kfx ' fe K e A ,.' , ' 4 N x V. 1- Y-.,.V I s -1,'. 1 i my '55 iw, em za- 715- Presidenf-Sara Pattison Vice-President-Carol Rocket Secretary-Jeanie Cross Treasurer-Sally Holt Chaplain-Lee Thornton ? PURPOSE: To create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community i i 27 g high standards ot Christian character. me V meson 5 swam: ffl .4 . The students in the Library Service Club check books in and out. They also put book cards in returned books and shelve books. Assistants keep the books on the shelves in the right order and keep the shelves and books dusted. One student sits at the attendance desk and keeps an accurate check on students in the library and from which study halls they come. Those who work in the library mend books, paste in book pockets and date due slips, put plastic covers on books and do many other iobs to get books ready to go on the shelf. Library club members check in new periodicals, take old ones out ot the proiector, put in new ones and return them to the current magazine shelt. The old magazines are tiled in the stacks tor reserve use. The students also keep in order the magazine stacks tor years back. Some ot the housekeeping duties are waxing tables, watering flowers, and dusting. The members ot the Library Service Club are always ready to help others in the use of the library and pertorm a real service to Albany High School. of is PURPOSE: To give service to the school and to learn something ot librarianship as gf!! a profession. ,nil Alice Connell, Vice-President, Sandra Clark, Treasurer, Patricia McCoy, Secretary Carol Jean Pitts, President. Ulu -mug " ,fa gs-- ew- ' Ill ,f-"Q Q-C37 ,,,--,N 3 W, Z .44 44 ff,.,,m,AH A li PURPOSE: To gain a deeper insight into The nursing profession. Presidenf-Neca Blair Vice-President-Beverly Berhea Secretary-Sis Shernvveil Treasurer-Linda Langley ,l ' f,'iX 0 ,- I 72, S.. 1 , - f , ai:- , .1g1 ,,,, fa' ' : ', i 1 f - Q f, ,fa --f, fr- f y ' A x, 'X- : ,,, v' , f pf --X ..i,r A V i f 5-1 Q 1752 f , - V., - , My Y x -rg, ',-,- ,."'f'4 f ' , . el 5 A ff 1441455 I 4 in , TQ QP I- WW , -Nw ,, 4 'X .. 1 ,Q 1' ' ' es 5 1 -" f cl.. Q i 0 '- i V " '- 5' ca L . m i - ' "" " - QQ - if ff Q5 :P Q w K .L N V "' x ,df lt r .. . , , , 1'2"-" , k K ,N , -2, K r . i i .wr 4 Q ' f f ff 'ff 1 ' ' , 1' .Www ' 1 .. -- -. . . ' Q ,x ,I -' - , , ' 4 f A f - ,,, 7, V , i ' ' ' 91 , ,fwf r ' , ,. . ., J f 945 W if , .y A v FW, I " M. , . 4 - ' A W C. f""'1'wW"'mff ,I 3"-'W 'V ' 'Y' V , ,I 3' - ,71 Q ' 5, 3217, n j, , f- ', ,. . -f ' , ' iff 1 1 . ' ' 5 Y 'I T. My A If A 'Z uf I Q . "' :jk M :ZW 'J' K' R 'Wm President-Bebe Stanley Vice-President-Lari Bachman Secretary-Fran Chandler Treasurer-Deanie Edge X G X 5' Y W 1 as ug' 0 aa f-4 PURPOSE: To study nursing. ""'N""'N-w'-f-w-Q..,,,,,- L is 2 f I President-Flo Langfry wa Vice-Presldenf-Judy Deen 1' 31, , My W 5ECfeTary-Mary Spencer Wg? mr , 'P , W fg .A 'g f 5 Treasurer-CharloTTe Durden I ., Mx Q W Sponsors-Mary Hudson I Frances Feagin ' CelesTe Smith I fe. 4 1 , I l fa' fl V Wifi , P "U UV' , - 4. 1, "i'i fi T 4 i -n xx ! diff' PURPOSE: To learn abouT The opporTuniTies in Teaching, To culTivaTe The qualiTies essenTial in a good Teacher, To sTudy The lives of greaT Teachers and To TosTer The developmem of sTudenT leadership. WWW WMM fwlf 'MY 1 l Q' 3 Z , ,L gf, ,,,, , 2 3 yn zimgqj XX ab. .. Lg., 1' President Pat Williamson f 3 'M Secretary Lamonte Henson Vice-President Joyce Dulrman v Treasurer 2 i Fran Chandler is 'V' Q9-1 'cv 'E fa SX My R f A lm PURPOSE: To make the best better, f- X-.mxx Q- NX, K ' -Q - -dig A 5, W f lbl c0414 ii 3 w 2 K 6 QQ Q . .t, ,. O 5 2 5 :Eff ' F ' xt Q 5 f ff.. - - Y Q 5.4 ,, my .I 10 fx... Qsiff. I Z' 1 X Q ' l ,. , bg .M-ww" X 1 Angelyn Hendley, Secretary: Rachel Smith, 2nd Vice-Presidentg Deanie Edge, lst Vice-Presidentp Larnonta WQMAKER5- Henson, Parliamentariang SuLynn Hatcher, Music and Recreation Chairmanp Connie Odum, President. Q50 O, S? ' 74 5 K ' fn r- 7U 3 mf f E Ll- 2 +- 1 L A V Y M O 1 5 I O? 'Po v-0' NEW HO M' . , .,,., ,.g. .,.,,, ,.A.V if ,,,. , , ,.V,,, Wwfmyhww ,,.- ',,.- , :Wil ' 'f"f79W"fffff"ffWzwwWW,W "'i' Y """"t i I "VV ' "" ' , ' ftwwwwwrfm, ,., ,V X -"" ' f ""' wf.Q,,,.wWWmmWxX -"- .1511 .... L X ., ,. g x l m fmezwm Um- A--- 'CN I62 . 0 4' J 414' RMERS , e K.,-Q' S23 33 President-Vernie Musgrove Vice-President-Charles Jones Secretary-Lanis Harcher Treasurer-Sonny Abel PURPOSE: Develop Leadershipg Practice Brotherhood. 133: :www x .NNMNNQNNNW x N 'ms f N X X 1 XRNNXK X X .. Q ..c.M....,c..... N..c...........mN S. i 2 ' ,, f ' ff W , ,, President-Joe Burdeshavv Vice-President-Mac Buntin Secretary-Tom Blevvett Treasurer-Paul Bolt Sponsor-Mr. W. A. Loveless -U C so -0 O cn lT' -i go mo Qi .. rn go. nc 3-3 Q: f"O :s 2 3 o S. rn in -.1 o -X was wi l President-Jack Pitts Vice-President-Ronnie Gaugh Secretary-Treasurer-Wayne Hutchinson Sponsor-E. A. Nesmith, Jr. PURPOSE: To serve Albany High School ancl the community by rendering lighting and sound effects in A.H.S. auditorium. President: James Fort Vice-President: Ronald Ga ugh Secretary-Treasurer: Glynn Bell-Isle PURPOSE: To create an outside Wi interest in music. 205 K This club furnishes music for school activities for which the band does not play. It promotes good public relations between school and com- munity by appearing for various reasons in public. 1.1 SITTING: James Fort, Glynn Belle Isle, Ronald Gaugh, Pete Brandon. STANDING: Tommy Gilliam, Roy Stephens, John Ross, Larry Lake, John Powell. I65 I I I President-Helen Hart Secretary-Nancy Belt Vice-President- Faye Reeves Treasurer-Dale Holland ,ff f 'Tv 1::..I,,:, 1 Z . 1 ' ,,.,,, H 7 2 ew' V " -Ja. -1' J f - f , rr- f f' H W 44" I , ' '- A C 4 , I. ,:5,:s..119 f wmmwwf ww ,, gf , , f A iwfwlf' I J f ,f,f,,wW Q , f PURPOSE: To provide opportunities for development of leadership through active participation in civic, social and occupational pursuits. ' ll - . ' if-' I ,A It vw, . . Q' I vm ' ij.-L """"f' -. .11 .... .. 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R055 "" ,pf'05fG-'W"" BLLF3QJ5g -I 1 .-.11 , 1,- ' .,Q.. 1-f 1- .1 ' ...V 1.-.- .,1 if- it .-- Q. erjll lv PURPOSE: To create interest in science, to gain more knowledge of the world about us and by so doing become better citizens and better Americans. ' 2' , we 'v 11-: President: Fred Pollard Vice-President: Tommy Chambless Secretary: Susie Paine Treasurer: Helen Pattord Parliamentarian: Harris Cook Program Chairman: James McDaniel niwff' were r Q,97',",f" "' 2 ' ,. 'ff , m r f I ' ,J' Wif , , 444, 1 Il 1 Fu- ' DSW 8-Za l ff: We ul ' 04 , Il 'x Q. ,fel 7' gf N ,W NA wir. yy,-yy: 07 QW' found 'MM' ,?y President: Nickey Lewis Vice-President: Cyrilla Beck Secretary: Sally Smith Treasurer: Sister Carlton Parliamerztarian: Ben Svvilley ,Q PURPOSE: To know thyself better. aka ri Q 'WNQ President: Ted Landau Vice-President: Bill Sutton Secretary: Carla Sterne Treasurer: Joan Cate Parliamentarian: Jeanette Cutchens PURPOSE: To promote Southern tradition. dfakzmb Daze 2 gift !iiQif!t' KF"-if dimmbldttfef ,. ,wr MW ? T President: 0 f Steve Shatz Z ' Z Z Vice-President: If vs-f f N Bearl Gosa Secretary: Troy Davis 5 Treasurer: Jimmy Thornton Program Chairman: Marianne Kempner PURPOSE: To promote interest in Southern history. President-Fred Chappell 'wav' F' pf! r,1 " "T A Vice-President-Torn my Malone Secretary-June Hinely enthusiasts ill f A llll 'll PURPOSE: An outlet for dramatic Zeeman Wecazae - .loc President: Linda Roberts Vice-President: Jane Robinson Secretary: Marianna Armstrong Treasurer: Charles Cowan 'irija Il'7l"'QK , fzepwm President: Helen Pafforcl Vice-President: Cecile Fowler Secretary-Treasurer: Jeanie Cross fwf V 'Nw N W PURPOSE: To encourage further study of our English language and lileralure. KWH WW' x 560 Z 2 Q A 7,15 -X -X Q 5: 1,3 ' 1 X Q Q s ky S5 Q . s wg . ,.4 ,Nl V,Q,!,V,W.,Qf1.q:2,,,-.H ,,' .Vx -1 ,gf 4.2,mffm'52-wma-,sf-L1.- fr 1 1 rl , "" N ,. - , ,, 4 , ' Xi :,Jiz.2mC'. kim, 'W 'Vw' E f A fbxrlljjl M., 36 nf? f fy , x .M 4 .Q yn f 'WZ i- wg X PURPOSE: To enrich our lives through The study of the classics. 5 ,fgw '1 . E 3 ,.-.' y , V, s V' -Qfgf ' :mf,,,,.MNMA ,Ns M V W... 3Q , ,,,,,, ,. ...........,.M-,W ,.,-,. M A-Ms' 3, President Carlolyn Ward Vice-President Douglas Daniel Secretary Pam Burgess Treasurer Nancy Wakeforol MQ! H H+ Q rrr I' N-New , T 54? .4 Wiggle-rsarrfeef' svr- , Q Fx P' Iggy ,GZ X M053 W K, b 1 A ga z 4 Ae 22 6 , Q Y K 0 is ' 'XM G 'fi g rx f iam 234:31 -"-2: - 2 .- .v.,,.,,, .,, ., -rf..-:V-,y,2, is . .3 ,- Q Q sm l ""lfr'fl4l5Rarrl.s.ur:l.a.lrs l 5 ,ffl A l ,ef l e464cu'a?' Presidents: Denese Flowers Cookie Rifkin Vice-Presidents: Beverly Belhea Carole Chappell Q. EE f "w..,., A A 1 4,4 'ff "ff l 5 .Wg de I , 1 fl, J PURPOSE: To undersfand language anol customs of The French people. mv 1 7 I, f , 1 1 W! V 911 25 ff 4, ' mf vwvfqwz V' , ,A 71 an 'l J K4 wil Wad nw L, V' Q,-sv w Wsaz as-A ia roman,- Z 1 , "iles ,, ., 7' 2, Z Q 4 ,V, .l ' ' 4 7 ,. ls ,f , , 53224: wY.s.Nw M as-X vwvws-Ne Q """"' i . E N.--M ...Q N.. ,X,.X..,.. . .-4 . .sss ,sC. C , T ,,., WMV nv ,WW 4 FKSQSTL7 , A law W M, gg H if 'iii .Za agoigr 3: President: June I-Iinely Vice-President Neca Blair Secretary: Mary Alice Crawford Treasurer: Carol Jean Pins ? . . W . pam if President: Berry Nix Vice-President: Susan Bishop Secretary: Trina Davis Treasurer: La Monta Henson fa J I 'f' 4 Wh 1 ' ZZWZWQT mmm President: Linda Mitchell Vice-President: Mary Dean Secretary: Joy Murdock Treasurer: Frank Russell 15 L4 pu! v GQ, XI. K- 43' Jw? Wecckzaa .Zoe D Weahaa President: Virginia Durham Vice-President: Lucy Bland Secreia ry: Mary Kate Massey Treasurer: Rusty Kaliher s 1 rd ,W l .1 Q NJ 'W' :J President Priscilla Hobbs Vice-President '-v- Sulynn Hatcher Secretary H-f' Mary Alice Crawford sul 'mv Treasurer Larnonta Henson Director Janice Blalock Pianist Tina Smith ii "X, PURPOSE: To sing for otl1ers'enjoyment. 1 1 ,, v , rt M4 . F Z V0 14,0 'x-,IX 'f 'lm if .f 1 If 4, JI P' . 1, Y vlg H .A . . if .K c. ,ti. Mgr' -.- "Ar, e ,gf . i ft ,-x l if E AS xx S is an Ag gk P S P x f siilgff X tg. , mtg , Q V :.::t:?fg:m ' c lun wg V X , sw? l X X .1 tt ' 134145 ci. MN any u 1 . m. K . I ,pi-I1 e I 2 .rf?5x'5E xr ' 52, 729 , QQ, f in wax 4, Q ' ,, ,, W I 6 . ,V we ., f, I :Wai ' an -wr W: 1j.,' fy Hr ' ' 2 "'Ji1?'vf5,frffMgv , 295 f 1 Z"Q,,,,f:Q+ l fi -.. 'W-'Q Q Q? 4' 9,2-1' 'M 6 E v f f2:"' If'- r , 6 3 8, . 1 4. Y 1 3 A 0.3 N . 4-,., . ,,.. ,gdihiv N as if wwilif-V ix' President Mary Alice Crawford Vice-Presrdenr Lamonfa Henson Secretary Eloise Kung Treasurer Suellyn Hatcher al 1 f l WWW' ,Wir :si 1' Q? an gf ? ' l V ,. gg, MQ ' V .4 71? ,. , sgf -' ra .- -- . y W- W, 4.1 Q , ,,., 3, ,.,. ,r 1 f 51 f 1 5 .W--V 1 , -. 1- - -f :gr-mg.: , A, .. -gy - : .. F55 M1 Q' VJ ., 1 ag, gp, f' gla ns A52 rr., V 9 -.w,- 1 s f rf 1 -Q " r' :i f r fig 1 VL, 1 .VJ Y .Y 'H . I A2 V M -VW ,s 'ff' 'Z'3g":f.ILV' . .Q ,,. .. ff ' A 4 ff ' sa' "Q, '- ,g. 2 M ,th N ,t Q '32 H g -123:-if-2-. 5 f t . Z-:p-: gf . ' 1 1 H' if 7 :ai -., mi T13 " t . if - f' ' ' . t fi! a 2 Q f- t i ' Q5 Sc- r ff s--..:w , . 1? paw- f .. 63, 4 f A awk ,f Q Q , 12 . ..f ,sa as my . .- 6' BP? A vu . ,4 , fl ' Percussion and woodwind section l g X ii' l X. I 'K .,f'f, ff, cd it .49 . -.-. ll, f 4 . xi' '. l 'QL X, yas -m X . um ', ll XINUM Q. ' S f lll' Directed by Maynard Sell . , r qqgw,,,Wm. I A ,gf -' mae, ""' "X'Wt"' I A V I , ,M V 4 , wwqsws X WWWy,,WA2,w,gW .,mwwa4Muzzwwmpw4-av.. fnc ,, sff I H :V V',V, ?:.1:11:fw1ie,.iif. ,,,.efW.-- A -V f' .Y W-A---ve-mecsffm My AQZWI-VggxwvwwgwWwwyfrja-'fw sm . ..,,,, W , Q ... zzyn,wvrmwwwmemfwWfW'i'f"""f!mWMyMf fw.wmEmvWf'fwyw0'ff"W?ZfZ i ffy "ui 52.1" """" 'L i 'Y a w if if -' Q F , ,, : , .4 . .' AQ 1.4 J if L, I1 I 4 ,L wb , M .Jrw is if a A Q 3 "3 SJ 'Q 312541 9' ., SQi3itgfLlf1', ,Q , as 2 I 1- ' 5 .' - .bf f '. -7- - f ini- ' " :. ' Q f' .. , S ,. , , , ...x x. , A H 4 , . :Z ,I :il mu W, , , ',gg.5,, ,g,w 4, , N A 6: .m sk Si x , 51 I i f 1, ., , A 1 4 ' fi rf 'F-W " - 'vt-27. fi x .. ' g' gi n- sg, - -. 'Q f t V ' f f wi ' f 1-' 11 ' 'J' E' 'HI' lfvw '.,2::5114',. r-vi-Ifil. "l'f1::' iff-f.v-2:".'Sifm- '-fa--173Qf'm1m':' x'f'?' -' ' n-rr. s .:'Ek2"-1 c' I - '-n' ff ,,,, 1 pf I , r ,,.fU,ff-1,,,, ,,,-ffyfmfi arp., sg If 7, X- ,f,,- p f? .. ' . . ,f.::5P5 " i A ' t Q i f 1 i 4' f , , . , f-f V ' 2 jc, In x 1 i Our band, under the direction of Mr. Maynard Sell, kept our school spirit high. The football season found them playing at pep rallies and parades. At half time during football games they provided entertainment for the fans with some fancy stepping and serenaded the homecoming queen and her attendants. The precision marching, snappy music and colorful uniforms added the final touch to a wonderful year. l80 Brass section I My E .f ?A2:4.,2g5 U ,R . W VCE? ' asa" " - W i " " ' T-yi. . -N fvy h ? , . Q . ' ": ' ' "4 " 'f rf' W' ' 'rf 2 . . ti .Q i' Q1 1 5 if ' . M gy 5' .wvkww 3--u, 'so- .na- vw!- . L iii Fr 'ff 'wr J 2 N H I f 5" Q1 ,ily W 55253, r PresidentfRobert Cree! Vice-PresidentfRicnard Rhodes Secretary-Martin York TreasurerAI3ud Lewis PURPOSE: To promote better sportsmanship among all students both as spectators and participants. U ga X Viifu xf 13 an dX ..- J :Ir 'W V M 1 g t - 1- 7 U kj .Xt QNX 3-j ' .-f"'n"uaS .2 ' V M s r A X o VH. M dv M' Q ,Q - 1, v 5, ,f - , Ya xi' my. . . Q? Qx QQ' HQWM Y M A WMF fY?4y1h 5 Qf 4 ' 5 A Q f , 3 wi QQGQ L, ,M 7 f , ,,,. ,.,- fm-L 1, , 47, V ,,.,, . ,, ' V, ff ywzwn yayziif Vw? ' W .. 'QQ -W '.W,1226Q,fffpw 4 Qfy , ' if FWZ? QmwgZ Qgggg f,af2Z if . fr-.Q ga, " ' f' ,fi y , 'Q 5 63 ' ' 14 , V " f 'Z 'QQ' ' ' ,..! 'f Q f ki ' , f, I 43 I f f ' ff f,,1,f " ff if 4444 , if ff -if-' fl 4' , I V f , X F if :Qi Q 21' ' ' 'Y ff'f"',Zfi ' 2,1 ' .. . Q , 4, , f ga , ',fMgW5 Z Q-m,' y wi, awk' 3-WMMWMQ V4 mf Q?W,w4 xH" Hg ,W , ff Q WM yf V'-' f . 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V - '1 , v, 1 1 lb I I . f , 11 ,I I if --'f" I 4 X y ' fi . - 4' -'ff x 1 3 '5 M ' 1 A 7 X V w ! - - JJ Wzgwam Favorites I ' x me ,-ww, ww same X , eff,-' f X V IW A :Awww ' www ' v 2 , 1 9, 5 ,,,, ' -Q4 , 5 'fn A ', ' A A 3 f , , 4 Z 'M fwf Wyvw' ,, ,, -W1 X , w f w R. 1. ,.:,-. -.A . .,, ff M 1. 1 v b A Z 9 , of 1 . lg.. - ,... if W jff, ..,, . 4. .- .V A hwf. iw., , If ,ma .1 My 'W-W, ,,,, - ,f "9f ' 44 ', ' f 4 M , 1 K V 1 V' . wF -4 V ff., .4 . ' 5 g' I -.4 Z 1 2 . 2- x 25 22 1,--I . ' ..,. ,- ,Q .Q .X , NANCY VVAKEFORD MARTAIN YORK ..-"fl ,454 Y. 013-1 "f"1a..1fg,f'9'2 iff, ' ,,,, Far, 'vw' 1. " -I ff- W T-23" - ..,vw,, 51' mf-P A qffaii-3'ff 97 ,JEEP ' .3 3. K 1 'WQG-'34, ?"iSY5.j,"l-,i.,f,,1 iw'XfqQ'jiq'f5f".' 'TJ , Mu I , -1. -z.- -- -v ,:,f-- " ..jy.,'5'.rg ,iw--v 1.3- rr' ,70l77Z! 'QQ MH- gi:-,fffvfr f' f, ' "'X7'?'l'..:v. '.-'-, ,.'-rf fx , f,-J, ,fa 5 ' ,!"2'1,q 1. 5, ' fidwimwq fu- w..'hi5fN1s5'g'7f: -'llF,"""'N ',3f.'. -150' - , NNW 1' 1 ,f..gL,,, .. .. M 1 if A xy W 1 ,I 41 X 5 H sv X " Q xv 1. ,,.. .5 ge 4 gf? 5 ,Qu .2 Q ,,,. H9 if Y 2 ' if 4 5 A 7, 'ZW Q 2 . K gf .W A fm . 1 N Nh, .. ,Q QC ' + 5 fi 3, if? if 'Y 'Y f nf' me in ,' wmv 1 SUSIE PAYNE DON STRICKLAND wk. , . 1' . X, , 'A 4 if-Ay, f v ,, L-11. 451 'Q 3' ' 53' f.Qf'.",,Qjf7fe Q 2' 2 " bi.1.Q:5Q5 536 Q -.15 Ag, Wm vw 05" 9+ f AW ffl? ff 4971 ma BETTY NIX RICHARD RHODES x A-WJ., . -.W..M .Mh....,, ' f ggyfiwlfl ..9M,w1-mmf, -- ' f:. f' fX-1-.TNiP,Q5ifTli'c5:I 1-Z A MARGARET WILSON BOBBY HOLMAN 9I Q 545 fs Q Q, ? L Wf Sw ffm! fe"5ff'93 ,.f' I Rei 250 ,MW A ,t C ay, 6' -mf-' ,gb ' ,Y.',,if'f9 , N-A, Zwif , ,L H, , ,MM 1 fy' f",, ..,f,: BRENDA HOUSTON RICHARD CREEL W if ,:'?aw-2 L 2: jfnfli-t' if -.7,...... W Q. if Ag: Y " 5""'tp--av , ,, -I' A, '11 ' 1- 'F' 'J Agn A.. V 4 x yqg. li ff , ,, f . fx W- x , vi. pa z 1 1 4, N W, 'A 3 5 -K+? ,fl . i- 5 LILA SHEFFIELD FRED CHAPPELL I93 wwwxwxwxw.-X ,RX 2535, f - .21 '-It L -SWGH ' 3:2 its fi X Vx? - XM 53.435-9 ,AX 5,1 E B :fs wffizy, ,, V, 1 Y 4 1 4? 2 ' 0 4 1 cyyww X? -4. 1,XpXX X - f ' XM Q a ,ff f n il 'Nw 'ZX I-XQXXXXX 1 f , Z 4 COOKIE RIFKIN MARSHALL TANNER xx X X U. XX Q f 1 94 Q' .yfffw fi X 4,8 ff' ,ix ,Jig . Ii 11 : ,vw if 4 X SX x 55 ' ji: 2 22? 4, 5 'W iz. 31? 5 s 19 FE? a 1 Vila!!- '2 .X X z ' .4115 ,. 11524 21,62 A XX QX XX X X ' x X R X Q. Y-w-I mm WAV ng, y JUNE HINELY CANTEY DAVIS I 66444 SARA PATTISON JOE KIEVE xx X X not WW comment We the Senior Class of l96O, 3711 woeful "War Babies," intending to become A.H.S. Alurnni, having given four of our most hectic years to dutiful daily attendance at said institution, do hereby submit our last known wills and wishes to the mercy of those survivors. First we ask that Fate bestow upon the Faculty long, overdue placiclity that has been well deserved since we entered in 1956. Secondly we relinquish our Senior privileges, dignity, and hours of toil to the aspiring Class of '6l. Having earned our inalienable rights of '60 graduates, we depart with the hope the following bequests will be gratefully accepted without repercussions. INMAN GRIMSLEY, being in a state of pity wills a quart of oil to anyone owning a "wicked" Ford. BOBBY "HANNA" HOLMAN leaves still arguing with Fred that the Civitans are best. JENNY DOROUGH bequeaths her l.OB average and gallons of 'miclnightn oil to Ben Adler. MALISSA DUOOAN graduates and A.H.S. loses a darling girl with a great person- ality. CAROLE CHAPPELL being of unsound mind wills and bequeaths all her talents to anyone who knows what they are. BOB HOUSE leaves those "green dreams" to anyone owning one of those bad "powerslide" Chevys. MARGARET WILSON leaves and A. H. S. student government loses an outstanding leader that will be hard to replace. TRISH McLAUGHLlN bequeaths her ability to get along with others and her precious smile to an upcoming Senior. GEORGE KEEL, WILLIAM HAIRE, FRED MULFORD, HART REARSON, STEVE TANNER, LYN LOFTON, CHARLES l'llLL, JEFF ROSE, and MARVIN BANISTER leave their halos to the Sophomores, who need them. MARY "MALlCE" CRAWFORD leaves her famous quote: "Did I ever tell you that if there was one thing I could take out of my life, it would beesee?" SALLY DAVIS leaves still embarassing ROBERT CREEL. JANE JORDAN leaves still trying to remember what she's forgotten. COOKIE RIFKIN leaves her position as head cheerleader to an enthusiastic Junior with lots of school spirit. JOAN WAGNER leaves the ability to put her foot in her mouth to anyone who blushes as she does. MARSHALL TANNER wills his speed and power to one of next year's star Indians. DIANE DANELZ leaves to answer roll call in the library. JOE MCCARTHY, JAMES FORT, and GLENN BELLE ISLE wing their way to gradu- ation as Asphalt Angels. JIMMY GIVENS and REX ROYAL leave admiring their perfect attendance reggrdg, COOKIE FINK leaves vvith her Yankee accent. BUNNY MILLER leaves still trying to get that grade in French! JAMES MCDANIEL graduates still impressing AHS with his suit. KITTY ROYAL leaves her feminine charm to Toby Ann. SANDRA SAUCIER, MARTHA STRONG, JEANETTE RANDALL, GAY COUNCIL, and MARJORIE VINSON leave their tvvirling ability to anyone vvho is vvilling to practice. CAROL JEAN PITTS graduates after reforming at least one mechanical drawing class. BEVERLY BETHEA, JOAN HIGHTOWER, and LINDA LANGLEY leave their ability to be vvell dressed to Katherine Meadors, Becky Lee, and Jerri Keenan. STEVE KARST and JACK PITTS leave . . . call an electrician!!! SALLY SMITH leaves her friendliness and her good disposition to some lucky Junior. BARBARA JO WARD and DAWN CLEGG leave still trying to beat HELENE MOTT'S bowling score. PATTY BISHOP leaves her quiet dignified parties to some daring Junior. NANCY WAKEFORD graduates to take up a profession of advertising toothpaste. NECA BLAIR leaves her ability to say something nice about everyone to June Hinely. CAROLYN WARD, ANNE PIERSON, KATHY HUDGENS, MARY KATI: MASSEY, and LYNNE PIERSON leave their "gift of gab" to any talented Juniors with wind enough. JACK MALLARD leaves his position on the annual staff to anyone foolish enough to vvant it. RONALD COOK, PAUL BOLT, RONALD BEANE, ROY BEARDEN, and BRUCE FOLMAR leave with questioning minds. MARILYN FLOWERS and MATT McCOY leave their eagerness, enthusiasm, and love for doing crazy things. ROBERT YEILDING leaves still asking, "Has Mrs. Futch left yet?" HARRELL HARTLEY leaves . . . Will detention hall ever be the same? JAMES FARROW, DEAN FORD, FRED GOOLSBY, JAN GOSA, and JOHN EZELL leave still trying to say the pledge right. FRED CHAPPELL and LILA SHEFFIELD leave their ability to get along with each other to Cantey Davis and Sara Joiner. EMILY JEAN HALEY leaves a iob vvell done as president of the Beta Club. LUCY BLAND and PATSY STOKES leave their intellectual ability to Trudy Beck and Billie Dykes. TOM CARCELLY leaves his povverful right to Larry Fisher. ALVIN TISDALE, DON STRICTLAND, LARRY CARTER, and DOUG DANIEL leave their good times to Frank Middleton, Rusty Kaliher, Ken Musgrove and Frank Jones. GEORGIA ANN OWENSBY, PRISCILLA HOBBS and BETTY JEAN KIRKSEY leave with their diamonds sparkling brightly and eager anticipation in their eyes. MADELINE MOCK, WANDA BRUNER, NICKY LEWIS, and JERRY LAWSON leave the annual statt atter a year ot trials, tribulations, and busy sixth periods. RAYMOND PURVIS leaves tor Southern Business University. CHARLES COWAN, JOE WIGLESWORTH, and JIMMY MILTON MOORE leave their irresponsible ways to playboys in the Junior class. TRINA DAVIS and BETTY JEAN DARNELL graduate leaving tvvo vacant positions on the basketball team. JACKIE SHARP and MARY SPENCER speed oft a thirty miles per hour after grad- uation. SAMMY MURPHY and EDDIE OGLETREE leave . . . What vvill Becky and Loretta do? DOUG TOMLINSON leaves his vvondertul sense ot rhythm to anyone vvho can svving it. HOWE WHITMAN and CHARLES LOGAN leave their intelligence to anyone capable ot attaining it. BILL WRIGHT leaves his quiet and bashtul ways to Roger Land. VERNIE MUSGROVE leaves a large class ring to anyone vvho can till it. BETTY NIX leaves the Anchor Club still trying to out do the Civinettes. GRAYDON PIERCE leaves . . . there vvill never be another one. ZARA BALL leaves her golden locks to Peggy Deese. SISTER CARLETON anol JAMIE JOHNSON leave . . . the halls ot AHS are strangely quiet. BOB ABERNATHY leaves in his go car for Indianapolis. RAY HAMILTON and ROGER SELF leave to continue their study in Human Biology. Silence prevails . . . BRENDA BRASHEARS and RUBY DUNCAN have gone. CHAN CHANDLER leaves his ways with the girls to Frank Middleton. MARK JEFFERY and DOUG GISSENDANER leave still trying to get over the ski rump. GEORGE HASTY vvills his beloved haltback position to Bill Sutton, hoping he vvill make all state. ARCHIE SMITH being ot warped mind and body vvills the vvhole darn Indian squad to anyone crazy enough to put up vvith the bums. LAMAR NESMITH leaves his masculine physique to Jimmy Harris. MARIANNA ARMSTRONG leaves her ability to drop contact lens in dark alleys to anyone wearing them. PEGGY CUTCHENS leaves her sweet personality and quiet voice to Susan Bishop. BRENDA ROSS leaves, still running into people in the hall. RICHARD RHODES leaves his graceful movements on the basketball court to Andy Pennington. TERRY GRIFFIN, LAMAR SCOTT, and GARY WHITFIELD leave, BilI's vvon't be the same. BERNARD BEARRY leaves . . . Congratulations are in order. FREELAND BROWN leaves with Dale still on a string. MARION CARTWRIGHT leaves his fiery Temper to anyone who can control it. WILLIE LOU WILLIAMS, SANDRA WEST, DOUG TUCKER, MUSETTE STEWART, RAY PITTS, and AL ODUM leave vvith a great shout of ioy. JEANNE ANDERSON and ALEX WALKER leave the use of the hall as Lovers Lane to any underclassmen vvho can getaway with it. BARRY JONES and JANICE CULBRETH leave hand in hand. HELEN BYNUM, LENNIE KAY BROWN, JERRY FORD, CLARKSON DRIGGERS, BILLY HATHORNE, JUDY KELLY, DELORES KING, and DONICE KING leave their little vvorrying and less studying to all the Sophomores. BILLY UPTON, GALE STEARMAN, JANICE WEST, RICHARD SPRING, DARYL WILLIAMSON, GEANETTE JACKSON, LINDA HARRELL, and WAYNE HOLLOMAN graduate. . .AHS will never be the same. W. C. ANDERSON, HENRY WREN, and HENRY REID leave to become full time husbands. NANCY BELT, ANNE HAMMOND, LYNDA HAYMAN, CARLENE HENSON, JERLYNN SMITH, and ROSALIND POSEY leave us quietly just as they entered. GEORGE CANNON and ROBERT ALBRITON leave to spend idle time exploring caves of Southvvest Georgia. ANN CHURCHWELL, CYNTHIA CLYATT, and BARRIE CLARKE bequeath their ability to gossip in class to anyone who can get avvay with it. JAMES COSTON, ROBERT DAVIS, JAMES ELWELL, OPHELIA GEORGE, CAROLYN CULBRETH, and MARVEL KELLER graduate into the vvide, vvide vvorld. AUDREY ASH and CARLENE BARBERA leave their iobs in the lunch room to anyone used to hard vvork. JANICE ARTHUR and ROBERT ALLEN leave their places in the Beta Club to the underclassmen. ANN DeBEVOIS, JACKIE BRUNER, PEGGY BARKER, PHYLLIS SMITH, JERRI STEPHENS, and ANN WEST leave the fun of their Senior year to the Junior class. LARRY POPPELL and RICHARD CREEL leave those afternoons of football practice to anyone out for the glory of it. FAYE ANDERSON, REBECCA BEACH, PAT NORRIS, ROBERT REHBERG, DON DUBOSE, DALE HOLLAND, and CAROL KNIGHT leave rejoicing. VIRGINIA BRANCH, ANN CARLETON, JOHN OWENSBY, DAVID O'KELLY, CAROLYN ARNESON, and KENNETH GLASS leave their sleepy Monday mornings be- hind them. ANDY PARKER, after practice at Sub district, leaves to ioin forces vvith Como or Crosby. BILLY PELHAM, FREDDIE SINK, BILLY WEEKLY, DONNIE RAGAN, DAVID CUTH- BERTSON, and ERNIE ILER leave with many regrets??? BERNARD HALDEMAN leaves the FFA to next year's president. TOMMY BLEWETT, JIMMY BROADAWAY, BILL DIXON, DANNY BREEDEN, and CHUCK BRADWELL leave their happy go lucky vvays behind them. FRANCES DAVIS, MARNEY DYESS, JEAN HARVEY, IRIS JACOBS, JACKIE TEAS- LEY, and FAYE SPRING leave the privilege of marching into chapel to next year's Seniors. WILLIAM TAYLOR, JIMMY VALENTINE, MICHAEL SHARMAN, LEWIS ROGERS, THOMAS MANN, and JIMMY SMITH leave . . . the school will surely fall. JAMES COOK, ROGER BELCHER, WAYNE HUTCHISON, JAMES HICKMAN, and DAN LEMING leave for good. JOE BURDESHAW, JAMES DANIEL, ROBERT KELLY, MARY JOHNSON, WILFREDA HODREN, FRANK KIRKSEY, and ROBERT HART leave to meet the new world eagerly. BRENDA HOUSTON, CHARLOTTE DURDEN, and JANE MALOY leave their friend- ship and good times to three lucky underclassmen. SHIRLY THOMPSON, MARTHA GRAY, SANDRA WILLIAMS, and CAROLINE HALL leave talking on and on and on. SANDRA THROWER, ALONA BARKSDALE, JEAN DANIEL, SUE DUNN, and FAYE REAVES leave gaps in the office staff. CHARLES WALKER, SONNY WEBB, BILLY PHILLIPS, and MIKE REUBLIN leave . . . period. CHARLES COOK, WILLIAM PHILLIPS, LAMAR HOGG, EERRIS HARDEE, LEE STINSON, ARTHUR NICKELL, and CHARLES MYLER wander forth from AHS iust as bewildered as ever. VIC DOBNER, BILLY BANKS, NORMAN PRITCHETT, JOHN POWELL, and JIMMY WHITFIELD leave asking, "What Senior privileges?" HARRIS COOK, being of sound mind and body wills himself to any girl who will have him. SANDRA YEILDING, SHIRLEY MOORE, LINDA LUCAS, STELLA MARSHALL, CHARLES ROSS, and ROGER STEWART leave English IV to anyone lucky enough to pass English III. BARBARA LAWRENCE, VIRGINIA LINDSEY, CAROL GREEN, PAT COCHRAN, WANDA BROWN, and PAULINE CANNON leave their good times as Seniors behind them. STANLEY WALLACE, BARBARA TUCKER, MIRIAM TAYLOR, RALPH NOLAND, AUDREY MOSES, HOWARD LOMINEC, and EDSEL MAJORS take their easy going ways with them. PAT VINSON, GAIL LEE, KAY HITSON, and PAMELA COCKROFT leave their petite figures to Corinne Beverly, Joyce Cohen, Sandra Meeks, and Becky Lee. HELEN HART, EREDDIE JEAN, PAUL LARAMORE, PEGGY SLEEP, MAENNA WILSON, and GAIL MITCHELL bid dear old AHS a fond farewell. KATHLEEN CHRISTIANSEN, REBECCA CHAMBERS, MARY ALICE CONNELL, and LOIS HUEF leave wearing great big smiles. SHIRLEY GLENN, BETTY GRANT, and SARA COSTON leave still speaking in a whisper. ROSS BIRDSONG, GARY MULLIS, and JOHN MILLER leave many hours of study behind them. TOMMY MALONE leaves his ability to get a new car every year to Paul Wallace. SYLVIA SPIVEY, PAMELA ROBERTS, HAZEL SUTTON, REBA NICHOLS, and JOAN NODAREK leave their places as Seniors to the lucky underclassmen. BOBBY BARTLEY, LARRY CARTER, DOUGLAS DAVIDSON, GEORGE I-IAVVKINS, LARRY LAKE, and CHARLES HANCOCK leave . . . glad to be through with books and studies at last. JERRY HALL and ROBERT TISON leave their studious habits to two outstanding Juniors. LINDA LETCHAS, SHIRLEY ANN BALLEW and PHYLLIS BURGESS make their exit to the tune ot the Wedding March. ELIZABETH SIMS leaves still smiling at Mr. Loveless. LUANNE MOUNT leaves her artistic ability to Marie Middleton. TOMMY ROSS leaves his football helmet to anyone who can till it. LYNNE CHESTNUTT leaves tor Cuthbert. JUDY DEEN and BETSY CRITTENDEN leave Paul and Dan behind. MARY DONNA AUTRY and GAIL GRIMSLEY bequeath their abilities to understand calculus and scientific problems to Myra Ferguson. h JIMMY HALL and SAMMY ENGRAM leave Mr. Loveless' shattered system behind I Gm. ELZIE DUNCAN, SPENCER LEE, and ROGER POSEY graduate with a firm grip on their diplomas. PAT LEE surrenders her optimistic Tuesdays and Thursdays to another admiring Junior. LYNDA HAMBRICK leaves her place in the Beta Club to her most studious sister, Tappie. JACKIE GLADIN, SANDRA RABON, LINDA STOCKS, CELIA DAVIS, JO ANN JOHNSTON, CYRILLA BECK, NANETTE BEVERLY, JANICE HOUSTON, and GRACE PRESCOTT leave to "love, honor, and obey" their better halves. SULYNN HATCI-IER, I-IARRIETT I-IALL, LAMONTA I-IENSON, JANICE BLAYLOCK, and RUDINE KLEIN leave their musical ability to future Mellonettes. CARROLL ROSS, JO CAROL CRISLER, MARY DUNN, FRANCES ROSSIGNOL, GLADYS GRIFFIN, and MARIANNE KEMPER leave to take up medical careers. CAMILLA HENDERSON, CAROLYN GASSET, and BOBBIE NELL McCRANEY leave with tive years ot Maturity behind them. MARTIN YORK leaves his ability to get along with Mr. Bragg to Ralph Winters. BUD LEWIS leaves his versatility in all sports to some lucky Junior boy. FRANK 'IADIVIIRALH CANNON and PHILIP DUDLEY ELLER leave many wasted tires on the Gillionville Road. RAYMOND BARLOW leaves his povvertul motor and svvitt Chevy to Robin Mc- Daniel. PEGGY BARTON surrenders her tog to Helen Cyganievvicz. BOBBY JOINER leaves his versatility and love for Mary Ann to Tommy Hampton. BEN SWILLEY and LARRY STYLES leave their boyish vvays to Ted Landau. FLO LANGTRY leaves her ability to make beautiful clothes to any Junior girl who has the time and patience to do it. PAT "COWGlRL" WILLIAMSON rides oft into the sunrise ot college lite. SUSIE PAINE and DENESE FLOWERS leave all the boys to the underclassmen. LINDA HARD, SIS SHEMWELL, PAM MYERS, and LESLIE BATEY leave their rip- roaring good times to anyone who can keep up with them. I' ' X -EX' f 5 ,, X K, 045 fe lf- 'jf 'Cl iv "' f, ,S fx vbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb 5: , X ' ff, Qs fx, Q 3 1 94 1 KY co ' - x Q A ' X fm, gn fu 539. 5-. -Fiji . .. H Q xxx 9 1, Un' ,ff :S 2 'I V, cn LL For Hours of Fun and Wonderful Recreafion THE MONCRIEFS vgsgf +I-,e The SouI'h's Mosl' CENTENNIAL BOWLING LANES Talked-Aboui' Casual Living Shop AT B26 OGLETHORPE ALBANY' OWNED AND OPERATED He 2-I04I IOI3 W. Broacl Ave BY GLENN NOLL He 2-74I I ALBANY, GEORGIA 22I Wesf OgIeI'horpe BLANCH E'S Ladies' Ready-Io-Wear 205 BROAD AVE. SHARP'S Albany HaI-Iers an IO3 SOUTH JACKSON STREET He 5-427I Soweqa's Leading Shoe Reb d Shoe Rebuilders uiIc:Iers" WESTWOOD OPTICAL DISPENSARY A Personalized Oplical Service" Con'rac+ Lenses II3 NORTH JACKSON STREET NORTH OF ALBANY THEATRE The Slryle Cenler for Glasses" Complimenfs oi SOUTH GEORGIA HARDWARE CO. Marine Sales and Service "SouIh Geor ia' IVI cg s osl Complele Hardware and Marine SIore" I48 N. SLAPPEY DRIVE Go Gas 'For L MODERN Compliments Living SWIFT 81 COMPANY OIL MILL Albany, Georgia , , if-I MODERN z A GAS P 'fl - ' HIE IIGGESY BARGAIN IN YOUR HOME TODAY Courtesy NU-WAQZY hDR: ELEANERS as an arry The Home of Quality Cleaning He-5-9722 306 Broad Ave. TRACY BELL-Manager He 2-7350 IOO BROAD AVE. TRAILWAYS Specialists in Friendly, First Class Travel I SAFE COMFGRTABLE I. E xec, COURTEOUS Q mm, ALL AND I EXPENSE ECONOMICAL I , SQZD TOURS BUS ff-.1 lx A1 SERVICE Ship Parcels and Baggage From Town to Town and Coast to Coast Via Bus Express Charter Coach Service Anywhere ALBANY. GEORGIA He-2-05ll J. O. BLAIR PLUMBING Dealer xicijlzigllsciyrllroducis 81 Flour and Feed zzo oe-LETHORPE IIIIUMBIIIB Hemlock 5-5412 fahpmmvt I'Ie. 2-2285 JORDON DICK'S RESTAURANT Privafe Dining Room 632 Ogleihorpe He. 5-426I ALBANY, GEORGIA CONSTRUCTION CO. Residenfial and Commercial M. C. JORDON Dawson Road Albany, Georgia afoccaszons SAVELLE JEWELRY COMPANY III N. WASHINGTON STREET He 5-5654 MERTS EQUIPMENT COMPANY Cons+ruc+ion Machinery S+ruc'ruraI S+eeI Irriga+ion Machinery Paving Machinery 300 S. SLAPPY DR. ALBANY, GA HERTZ RENT-A-CAR Phone Hemlock 6-3423 'fJQ' Looslsn or ALBANY, INC. "Good and Be'Her Furnifure for Less Money" ll2 SOUTH JACKSON STREET Albany, Georgia BOB'S CANDIES, INC. He 6-3394 I3I Pine Ave. ALBANY. GEORGIA EARL BRUNSON'S GROCERY MARKET Qualify Groceries He 2-056I 9I7 N. WASHINGTON IF ws coon Foon You wANr... 1 L F' LA- Sy Q U 222 HEmIocIc Pine Ave. I 2-270I 2-700I C K SAN DW I CH ES E We specialize in preparing sandwiches for pariies, picnics, or carry home ANY AMOUNT Albany, Georgia MITCHELL AUTO SERVICE I06 Pine Albany, Georgia General Aufo Repair MEEKS ELECTRIC COMPANY Con+rac'ring 'I' HeaI'ing Air Condiiioning Appliances 'I' Service SAM A. MEEKS, Presideni' J. E. MEEKS, Secre+ary and Treas. 3I4 N. JACKSON 9I0 OGLETHORPE Phone He-6-462I Phone He-2-6959 T CKYARDS . UNION S O Compliments W. M. STORY, Owner f 0 Aucfion Each Wednesday and Special SI'ocker-Feeder Sale Every Firs+ and Third Friday HEmIock 2-79I9 HEmIocIc 2-70II SUNLITE CLEANERS CompIirnen'Ifs of KEENAN AUTO PARTS CO. Wholesale Disfribufors of CAR-TRUCK-TRACTOR PARTS CompIimen+s of STRICKLAND BARBARA SHOP 234 PINE AVE. BRUCE JONES CO "Your Parts Jobber" STANDARD OIL COMPANY 6I2 RooseveI+ W. L. G. DAVIS-Agenf Good Luck, Seniors! THE SAMPLE SHOE STORE 2 I 9 Broad Avenue SU E'S M BEAUTY sALoN Yguie money SLAPPEY DRIVE Ahead ! He 5-8929 326A NOI'I'I'l Slappey X! CompIimenI's of JOHNSON TOWN HQUSE MQTEL PAINT 81 BODY WORKS and 3I2 N. Madison S+. He-5-3260 MERRY ACRES MOTEL AII Work Guaranfeed We Need Your Head in Our Business Graduafe Io Grealer PALMYRA BARBER SHOP Food Savings IOO8 N. Slappey AT YOUR FRIENDLY CALLIS WILLIS Owni:ALl.ACE REAGAN . 'I I I il IL I' KEYS , 4 5 TRAILER SALES E "" IIIIHIIIIIII 325 Norfh Slappey Drive LYKES BROTHERS, INC. ALBANY FLORAL COMPANY OF GEORGIA MEMBER OF , hl M + P , Floral Telegraph Delivery The Soul s os rogresslve Associdion Meal Packers sol 7+h Avenue He. 6-3387 s mffie BRUCE Your Guaranlee of Salisiaclion NO-VEX PEST CONTROL 988 W. Broacl Ave. P.O. Box 42I He. 6-579i WILLIAM H. FRYER, REALTOR FARM AND RANCH PROPERTIES 9 Miles Oul' Dawson Roacl P.O. Box I24I Phone HE 2-2256 Albany, Georgia Complimenfs SHUMAN SUPPLY CO. Building Ma+eriaIs f O 626 ROOSEVELT AVENUE CATES EQUIPMENT co. Phone 6-6.88 He 6-4620 306 NORTH WASHINGTON Albany, Georgia AU LTMAN MOTOR COMPANY Authorized Sales and Service 948 W. OGLETHORPE AVENUE GREETINGS, SENIORS!!! WILLIAMS 81 SPIRES Hom TRUCK STOP MCDONALD looo w. BROAD AVENUE SHEET METAL WORKS Tr Ck P H a+ I 0 I 5 Oglefhorpe Avenue BesT Of Luck in The PUT ure!!! Truck Scales Broker Service Truck Repairs CITY TRANSIT BUS CO. lf! TAKIS A. CHRISTO as 43 LET us no voun Qgnnvn, H 5 ob: Iwi FI M, in .U -X4 ,A I .E ,...'l UMQ , TQ C hi I e -5 A X ""I" -2' 'jf XA I 7I2 im Ave. A-E 'I 'D R' If ff! S Ci LA E-OI 2I0 7 Lf IJ W 'TIS I 1 fx! PHONE HE 6-467I RES. PHONE HE 6-I086 RHODES HEATING 81 COOLING CO. Heafing and Cooling lnsI'alla'Iion - Design - Service Franklin Rhodes I704 N. Jefferson Owner Albany, Georgia keglfgtrfwgon "The Band Wagon" 3I3 Broacl Avenue HE 2-I l48 GLASS BROTHER'S TIRE RECAPPING CO. IO2 Oglelhorpe HE 2-6324 MIDTOWN DRUGS Micllown Shopping Cenler PHONE HE 6-6I46 Albany, Ga. GILBERG'S "The House of I000 Fabrics" 220 Broad Avenue Albany, Georgia Your lnfernaiional Harvesfer and Lillis+on Implemenf Dealer CORNER BROAD AND SLAPPEY HE 6-2461 :Q lf 1, LS --7 W 1 M-F-M TRUCK 81 TRACTOR CO. STORES IN: fig A . Pensacola, Fla. Panama Ciiy, Fla. . -N L m Tallahassee, Fla. Lackland, Fla. 6' Gainsville, Fla. Clearwaler, Fla. JEWELERS ALBANY, GEORGIA He 2-6l36 2I9A Broad Ave. GOLDEN GLOW ,f-JA DAIRIES b1'N ki: 'T Nb nj... DAIRY PRODUCTS He 2-6254 408 sour:-I SLAPPEY DR. Complimenis of GAY CLOTHING CO. 224 PINE AVE. ALBANY, GEORGIA Your Complele Men and Young Men's Shop "Comple+e Home Oul'FiH'ers" HARMON FU RN ITU RE COMPANY IOO-IO3 FLINT AVENUE Phone He. 5-3055 Albany, Georgia Complimenls of J. D.'S BARBER SHOP 3:6 s. SLAPPEY DR. Besl' Wishes From TIMBERLAKE GROCERY CO. A I 9? A ' ' 'ixifimm . gl 2 . N, f 'W 440' f f A ,4 7 'K I V7 ks: ' I! "'I':i:'v""i f SOUTHERN BREAD AND CAKE "Baked Daily in Albany" IOO4 NORTH WASHINGTON ALBANY, GEORGIA Albany, Georgia . Vw? F7i?iy BREAD SOUTHERN BAKERIES CO. ALBANY, GEORGIA Phone HE-6-5763 I60I S. Slappey Dr. Reinforcing Sfeel-Melal Slash-S+eeI Conslruclion Supplies JOE BRASHEARS STEEL, INC. P.O. Box 686 Phone HE 5-4548 ALBANY, GEORGIA "Your Food Dollars Buy More.. THE PRESCRIPTION SHOP 6+ Your Friendly Medical Arts Building HARVEY'S FOOD STORE 4'2 FOURTH AVENUE "si-lop OFTEN AND SAVE" Phone He' M200 "A Clean Car Rides BeH'er: Lasls Longer." C. B.,S THE BROQADWELL CO MINUTE CAR WASH NC' P.o. Box I348 7IO OGLETHORPE AVE. Albany, Georgia Horel, Res+auran'I and Ins'Ii+uI'ion Equipmenf Complimenis ancl Supplies of HEAD'S ROYAL TIRE SERVICE PHQNE He. 2,0501 3II Seven+I1 Avenue ALBANY, GEORGIA JENNINGS HEAD 305 N. Washingfon SIree'r PHONE 2-7494 ALBANY, GEORGIA CARLTON COMPANY, INCORPORATED Disfribulors of CATERPILLAR Equipmeni' Diesel Engines 'I' Traclors 'I' Mofor Graders Earlhmoving Equipmenl' "' Diesel Marine 5 ng--anus PACE INSURANCE KEENAN AUTO PARTS COMPANY Wholesale Disfribulors "Insurance Since I854" of 309 PINE A Alb GVENUUE Car-Truck-Tracfor Paris any' eo'9'a He 6-33:1 :nz NORTH FRONT Iounclerers cleaners 2:32 RDUSEVELT AVENUE - ALBANY, GEURBIA IIO7 N. Slappey Drive-HE5-8273 HE 20575 THE SAMPLE SHOE STORE Congra+ula'rions, Seniors! ZI9 Broad Avenue From ouie money KIMBRELL-STERN ! of +l1e ALBANY FLORAL COMPANY COR. 7+l1 AND N. MONROE ST. Albany, Georgia YOUR SEARCH ENDS -21 1:55 , - , I ff 1 ff ' If ' 7 if H Q if CEA Q, W4 'fe Q A C - , - ef-'igs . Y 4 P? CROWE'S DRUG COMPANY He 5-457B 22? Broad Ave. Albany, Georgia FIRST STATE BANK LET US HELP - X Q 4 '9'4 . I 3 Z ,Q-Zfk' 'YES 1 A .. 4 . 1 Zan Wianeq 333 Broad Avenue NEXT TO POST OFFICE CUSTOMER PARKING AUTO TELLER WINDOWS Complete Banking and Trust Services DeposiI's Insured by FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION W. H. HARRELL ECONOMY CONTRACTOR DRUG COMPANY S ,Vo , 0 pecralzmg in Friendly Drug Slore Painling and Repairing 206 S. Jackson S+. Albany, Georgia He' 2-6895 Congralulalions ll ll Sports Car Center IOII OGLETHORPE CARTER COAL COMPANY 2l7 Flin+ Avenue 5-9703 Open Evenings Un'ril 8 E, K, PEARCE RIO STORES INCORPORATED AAA ll Gibc RUSTY'S 914 if Eb'6 9 0 SUPER SERVICE 195 ,Q Corner 8+l1 ancl Sla e Dr. My Roacl Servijg Y NEVER BUY BEFORE YOU TRY HALL MOTORS We Sell +l1e Besl, +o l'l1e Besl, for Less. Complimenls of HART HOMES SAM L. RIFKIN ffffffwog y i P '- - A E, iswwce s,ssM,T,,s - N,-f Ok Q'gR - , - - gg V J X - E MBERQLU. is OUR in VVII Yale - 1:-1- i i. K THSLIIIZTHT ni 14 vb ' P3 Hams I II3 Pine Avenue Lumber-Pain? SERVICE STATION ALBANY WOOD PRODUCTS 81 BENNETT'S VENETIAN BLIND co. ON S'-APPEY Awnings - Drapes - Venefian Blinds Florid-Garden-Shop-Nursery Chain Link Fence He 5-388I l020 HIGHLAND AVE. 906 N. SLAPPY DRIVE ,. 'ff " P C' can f I 3 Q fu DEPENDABLE if DRUGGIST PARKWAY PHARMACY 326 N. Slappey Drive ENGINEERING 81 EQUIPMENT COMPANY Albany, Georgia Waycross, Ga. Panama Cify, Fla. Phone HEmIocIc 6-6059 ZA? 2II Wes'r Broad Avenue Albany, Georgia -51 R I B U ro PHONE X 1 HE-2-1235 L 0 - Q 0 , ALBANY ELECTRIC? sLTPPL 'co. '4 K,-,, m I I , Complimenfs ' M f O DR. PEPPER BOTTLING COMPANY ea . E A LAMAR's APPLIANCES . as in on ree 30TA:3ANNVY,hGEORC5IiX if 3l2 N. Washingfon Sfreef g..-'Ev' 'E 1 H h- 3? J H Z f f W X L , Complefe Philco Line ECONOMY AUTO STORES aoo BROAD AVE. 921 62772 mf THE NEW ALBANY HOTEL SAM FARKAS, Manager Among Georgia's Finest ALBANY. GEORGIA H VY X-Y., v E Congrafulafions Io Ihe Senior Class 81 From BANKING COMPANY HOTEL GORDON Loans Real Esfaie and Personal 370 InIeres'r Paid on Savings 2I8 BROAD AVENUE AND He-6- I 53' ENTERTAINMENT 1 U O , X-QSM FOR RELAXATION I I I Compliments of RETAIL FURNITURE DEALERS ASSOCIATION A B C FURNITURE CO. ALBANY HOUSEFURNISHING CO. BROWN FURNITURE CO. CAPLAN'S FURNITURE CO. EVER-JORDON FURNITURE CO. GERST BROTHERS FURNITURE CO. HOME FURNITURE CO. J 81 J FURNITURE LOOSIER OF ALBANY FURNITURE CO. MORROW-COOK FURNITURE CO. NEWCOMB CO. PHILLIP'S HOME FURNISHERS RHODES FURNITURE U-SAVE-IT HE 5-8351 zlo PINE ALBANY AVENUE GEORGIA fi if Your Q : Dependable I ! I ' Druggist gy SAVE WITH U-SAVE-IT Camellias AzaI'eas BOB NIX NURSERY Dawson Rd. HE 2-2263 ALBANY, GEORGIA Evergreens Trees BROOKS AUTO PARTS N.A.P.A. Jobber l28 PINE XTRA I ENINGS 135.1 Q, If BILL BUNTIN'S DRY CLEANERS Ill NORTH JACKSON One Day Service CompIimen+s f I 5- J SNOW-WHITE Q Q Laundry and Cleaners, Inc. Courfeous Service and Qualiiy Work PIG 'N WHISTLE us FLINT AVENUE Fine Place Io Ea'r IIO NORTH SLAPPEY DRIVE RCBERT A. INMAN, INC. MEN's WEAR -fdfedl Pine Avenue sf HE 6-2II2 F 9 "Where Smari' 'Albanians Buy" 6 D II He 2-I67I II3 N. WASHINGTON THE STYLE SHOP I03 Nor+I'1 WasI'1ing'I'on .,I,.I,,1 ,..,1. gl Best gj F at All 2, X .,:5,..,,,,-,,,. ,EQ Times Congra+uIa'rions, Seniors W- T- Theaires-Insurance I7 Mid'rown Shopping Cen'rer ALBANY, GEORGIA There's Cl "one and only in refreshment, too i' xfxx N bk ZPQNM 'J W jjj ,.:- H f, f rl KC mrks? if Q X X f 2 ' X i X R N--XQRK1 X is ' 1' , L, I 4 Fw y pn-""""' --f -np' J OTTLE UNDER UTHORTY OF THE COC COL COMP N BY SJ A T T' T 1 ' e E ' Y GOLDSMITH'S HALEY MOTOR COMPANY Sales FORD Service He 5-83I3 408 NORTH SLAPPEY New Sets the Style Of f f A.H.s. fi Compliments of ""1 I05 N. WASHINGTON STREET Sap Md s. H. KRESS AND , 5406 COMPANY 45 'Clothes for the life you love to lead" .PINE AVENUE ALBANY, GEORGIA Compliments of PEPSI-COLA Hits the Spot SERVICE WHEN X EXQACO You NEED IT f I PAUL JONES SERVICE STATION H. H. HEDRICK 81 SONS INC. ReaI Es'raI'e- Insurance I25 COURT AVENUE Phone 5-97I4 Albany, Georgia AUTRY'S STORE I2 Miles Wesi' Hwy. 62 aI' PreI'oria HALEY FARMS 939 Pine Ave. Phone 6-I504 6-I5I5 Growers of Pecans and CaHIe . ,,,.,!,,, Mark of In+egriIy in Jewelry E'II1ics ' - -' -M. 'venus ... .. . ."'g 'Ji'51,i,.I"? Mark of Dis+inc+ion on Your Gifrs HALEY TRACTOR COMPANY 4 404 N. SIappey Drive iw .ff -'-1+ I iliELIi 'irq A Wm' . ff' ' If 1 .X-' u JIM DENSON TRANSFER AND STORAGE 743 E. Broad Ave. ALBANY, GEORGIA He-2-29I I 225 WAKEFORD INSURANCE AGENCY 5 SOUTH EASTERN 5? ' if MORTGAGE CORPORATION fc, Y 1,25 He 5-458I 238 Pine Ave. R A ALBANY GEORGIA l2I W. Ogle+horpe Q9 He 6-I556 f 'Q 1 Roy L. McCu+cheon II6 N. Jackson Sf. Vice Presideni' for Servicing HE 2-l2I7 C 5, Fo Tho Wh Degand BQ, DAVIS BROTHERS RESTAURANTS - - ALBANY, GEORG 1 fi M B R' 'ff ' " '-I- 'A Corner of Broad and Slappey 236 Pine Avenue WATKlN'S LUMBER COMPANY He. 2-6278 Old Leesburg Road ALBANY, GEORGIA Merry Acres 26 Dawson Road OWEN'S Sporting Goods-Hardware M K "Say It With Ours" I 2:4 BROAD AVE. fi ggi 2 X LI HADDEN'S jg f FI A e'f+ 'W 'j R T: OWGFS an I S l' Hemlock 5-8374 II50 S. SLAPPEY DON'T WORRY . . . GET HER GIFT A. C. SAMFORD, INC. Contractors and "Georgia's Leading Jewelers" Eng-new WALTER R. THOMAS He 2-287I 2I2 BROAD AVE. ROSEN B ERG BROTH ERS ALBANY, GEORGIA I Wl A Serving Albany ancl I Southwest Georgia .1 K I tor More Than 50 Years I . I "Southwest Georgia s Foremost Department Store" TROY, ALABAMA ALBANY, GEORGIA GREENVILLE, MISSISSIPPI He 6-24II I26 North Washington VIVIAN'S II2 N. JACKSON STREET Latest Fashions Phone HE. 2-749I ADC LOAN 81 FINANCE CO. "Albany, Owned and Operated" W. J. CAIN 3I9 Broad Avenue Albany, Georgia . gr? I S9 Q lff HAL AND ED'S f N5 Men's Wear l lx f I ALBANY, GEORGIA Compliments ot BECK'S CAB CO. PHONE 6-2424 sos BROAD AVE ... X ! ALBANY OUTBOARD MARI N E Mercury Outboard Motors Sales and Service Crosby and Zimmel Boats 630 OGLETHORPE AVENUE FOr the rest Ot yOur lite JAMISON BEDDING, INC. ALBANY, GEORGIA Manufacturers ot Mattresses, Couches and Upholstered Furniture Best Wishes SPENCERS GROCERY AND MARKET 7I2 RESIDENCE AVENUE 228 THE MONCRIEFS The South's Most Talked-About Casual Living Shop ALBANY, GEORGIA He 2-IO4l IOI3 W. Broad Ave. Congratulations, Seniors NEHI BOTTLI NG COMPANY, INC. AUTOGRAPHS Royal Crown com SEE US N ...... DUPREE DRUGS SUPPUES AND E i,L JL 5 S , N5-17735 35 i iL! E ' E -' ' Q Corner of 5141 and Norfh Slappey X '19, PERRY CAROLYN'S BUSINESS F Y - SCHOOL He 6-I I5I IOI Nor+h Washingfon He 6-36l6 I27V2 NORTH JEFFERSON JEFF'S SUPER MARKET 506 SECOND AVE. "Fine Foods for Fine PeopIe" 15 EF 55 iwixe M406 IWN J, S QW Rf JEFF'S DELICATESSEN I20 NORTH SLAPPEY Domestic and Improved Food 230 Very Best Wishes to the Community Leaders of Tomorrow A. 81 M. KARAGHEUSIAN, INC. Manufadrurers of GU LLISTAN CARPET BOB WHITE RENTS "MosI Any+hing" 426 N. CLEVELAND DRIVE ARCTIC BEAR DRIVE-IN Corner of Oglefhorpe and Slappey Drive I'Ie 2-608I ALBANY, GEORGIA 36550: Walesa Hay - Grain - Feed "Pond Lily MeaI" I CITY GIN 8. MILL co. BURTON 5 I023 OgIe+I1orpe ALBANY GEORGIA Shoes for Ihe Enfire Family 240 BROAD AVENUE MERCK 81 COMPANY, INCORPORATED Chemical Division Flint River Plant ""- '15":"?" Q.-5 lf- -if LJ! I ALBANY E-3 ! AH " I GEORGIA wwf'-" COmpIimen'I'S D. L. SMITH, Manager of Phone HE 6-277I FLINT RIVER COTTON MILLS GEORGE A. HURMEL 81 CO CompIimenIs of Complimenis CECIL JONES of CONSTRUCTION co. CENTRAL SEAFOOD I009 WeS+ Broad Avenue He 2-7457 230 TARVER AVE. COMPLIMENTS OF JOHN SIMS Bakery and Tasty Sandwiches KEATON SERVICE STATION "PrompI Service Is Our Business" I2I0 N. Slappey Hem. 5-445I TOLBERT ELECTRIC CO. All Work Guaranieecl and Bonded COMMERCIAL -INDUSTRIAL RESIDENTIAL WIRING Hemlock 2-6IOO Bes'r Wishes PROM TIME . . . F,-om Reniing your formal is easy on 'rhe allowance. i.oAN coMPANY He 5-454I I26 Cour+ Ave. I-W, . A, y I No need 'ro make a 1 'nvx w big ou'IIay for a big cIa're! 4' Y' R I g folrmral wiar is easly, 5 ' 3 R ix '+' i +. X, i ' +- .. ' S Cofxgafsveg si., IEEE' G is X? may I Io perfezciigriir-5321 'fiHzIieSjai +I1ougI1 in Iih , 7 ,L ii' were made ius'I 'For you! ,Q R QS X QQZTT914 X jj 1 Q f if W . ,ff fi HAYES CLOTHING coMPANY , cf7.,a yiyy I Xi He 2-1562 :zu so. WASHINGTON TOWN 81 COUNTRY SHOP ALBANY CANDY COMPANY GOOD LUCK TO THE I959 SENIORS The Home of Delicious J Candy He 5-3032 I 24 ROOSEVELT AVE. THE ALBANY HIGH JUNIOR CIVITANS 81 CIVINE'I'I'ES CLYDE'S ENGINE WORKS 63I Pine Avenue HE 5-4I78 ALBANY, GEORGIA x "A CompIe+e Auiomofive Engine Service THE TOP CLUBS . IW Give YOUR CAR , 1 AT gf Me' A.H.s. QAVE MORROW-COOK FURNITURE COMPANY 245 Broad Avenue ALBANY DRUG COMPANY 3I2 SOUTH SLAPPEY DRIVE and PALMYRA PHARMACY I00 NORTH SLAPPEY DRIVE He-2-0568 CHANDLER'S OIL CO., INC. 459 EAST BROAD AVENUE ALBANY. GEORGIA We a'r ChandIer's are proud 'ro have 'rhe privi- Iege of saying Thai we were one of 'rhe firsi Io have quaIiI'y gas a+ such a low price and have mainiained 'Ihis policy 'Ihrough 'rhe years. BARFIELD'S SHOE STORE "Foo'rwear for 'Ihe Family' TWO CONVENIENT LOCATIONS Midiown Shopping Cenfer and Corner Broad aI Jackson Toasied Hof Dogs "Wi'Ih All +he Trimmings" JIMMY'S HOT DOG STAND "The I-Ioi Dog King" Cold Drinks, Candy, and Ice Cream Cigars and CigareH'es 204 SOUTH JACKSON STREET HEmIocIc 5-475I Albany, Georgia RILEY'S CLEANERS SMITH AND FURNITURE COMPANY SHIRT LAUNDRY 500 N. Madison I-Ie' 5-82I2 . Hem. 5-35.3 Qualify agleanmg New and Used Furni+ure Reasonable Prices Free Pick-Up and Delivery ROBINSON DRUG COMPANY 9 our Q! --THE fffiiifi'SFiffvfRiii+ZTORE-- O A PEPENDABLE 0 , DRUGGIST Albany. Georgia ' is Exquisi're Jewelry See Our Friendship Rings He 2-645I 234 BROAD AVE. WOOD'S JEWELRY COMPANY SNOW'S Clean With Snow 3I3 N. Jefferson He. 2-0506 For Your Gardens, Lawns, Camellias Azaleas Use . PERTILI1-99' ALBANY WAREHOUSE COMPANY ALBANY, eEoRelA 236 "Volkswagen Never Grows Old" FLINT MOTORS, INC. IO23 W. Broad Albany, Georgia "We don'+ meef compefifion we make compe+i+ion." KEEL DRUG COMPANY FREE DELIVERY I009 Nor+h Monroe Doc+or's Cenfer He 2-I203 Compliments of HORN E-WILSON Complimenls of PENINSULAR LIFE INS. CO. B. C. BENFORD, Manager HOME FEDERAL Savings 81 Loon Association z4I PINE AVENUE MCLENDON PIANO SALES 81 SERVICE l52 N. Slappey Drive ALBANY. GEORGIA New and Used Pianos Conn Organs CHURCI-IwEI.I.'s K'NG'5 DEPARTMENT STORE APPLIANCE 8. ELECTRONICS Dislribulors RCA VICTOR For Filly Years Clolhiers of RCA WHIRLPOOL High School and College Sluclenls of SouII1wes+ Georgia IIO NORTH WASHINGTON STREET Hemlock 2-628I lated! ?a44am4 DAIRY QUEEN and BRAZIER of ALBANY, GEORGIA BORDEN'S ICE CREAM IKUIZZQILI' He 5-4504 I306 NORTH JEFFERSON "lf I'r's BorcIen's I+'s Gol Io Be Good" J. B. HAWTI-aoRNE H. M. YARBROUGH FLINT PULPWOOD BROKERS P.O. Box I42I ALBANY, GEORGIA 'Planl More Trees" "I-larvesl Wisely" Congra+uIaI'ions Seniors! He 2-2I4I 523 NORTH DAVIS From CRISLER'S GROCERY 81 MKT. GRIFFIN MOTOR COMPANY 928 Highland Avenue "Build Well Jrhe Ladder by Which You Clirnlou GRIFFIN MOTOR CO. Your Au+horizecI Rambler Dealer Phone Hemloclc 2-2706 BEST WISHES Gradua+ing Class of I960 MUTUAL LOAN 81 INVESTMENT CO. Loans on Furni+ure - Au+os Olher Securily 520.00 +o SI,000.00 I05 S. Jackson S'rree+ He. 2-I626 SOUTHERN DISCOUNT COMPANY Furnifure ancl Au'ro Loans I40 BROAD AVE. Top vALuE STAMPS JIM STREET'S PURE SERVICE STATION Washing Brake Service Lubricafion Mufflers Inslallecl WBXIHQ Minor Repairs Tire Service CompIimen+s of H. 81 W. CRICKET FARM AND FISHERMAN'S HEADQUARTERS Complimenfs of AMERICAN SHOE SHOP IO9 Courf Avenue PAPER SUPPLY COMPANY 5 I 8 RooseveI+ Ave. ALBANY, GEORGIA "Bes+ Wishes Seniors" Complimenfs of STEMS RESTAURANT AIbany's Iriendliesi eafinq place 250 BROAD AVE. PAT'S CYCLE SHOP Bicycles Keys Lawnmowers Sales Service I43 PINE AVE. PHONE 2-76I6 Complimenrs of BILL PATTERSON Lawnmowers Sales and Service Your Yazoo and Toro Dealer 70IIf2 N. WASHINGTON HE 5-4587 QUALITY - ADVICE - DELIVERY - VALUE Complimenfs of JOHN LUCAS 81 CO., Inc. 926 W. Broad Ave. ALBANY, GEORGIA HE 5-5042 HE 6-5042 QI? GOOD FOOD CONGRATULATIONS IF? We Wish for Your yx Fuiure Every Success GARGANO'S WALLACE CHEVROLET Incorporafed E + O I +h as ge orpe Qu! EXPFeSSway 1 ,Q z gIIHYNf.Il,I.I HE 2-o24I XQJI gf, eg,-.. ALBANY, GEORGIA WA' 1 ' X J W Q if M Soo PINE AVENUE Q f A X I-Ie 2-6271 51,2 Compliments of STAR ENGRAVING COMPANY Designers and Manufacfurers of Your Graduaiion lnvi1'a'rionS and Diplomas BECK MOTOR COMPANY SALES """"s SERVICE KINNETT DAIRIES Saw oooogfrooo slr' . Wfnffdlm L 'L' Sig" f 11 SLA, 'I -::XIIr.1I-,., " " MII-1121. .-:IE L S , i ' 'II'IE221,1H: 2,MET,'a'1fI, ' ' f ,EW E'-kzzziy, J ' IIIIIIIIII. I X "CompIimen+s of TAYLOR'S GROCERY" 937 PINE Complimenfs of HOBB'S BEAUTY SHOP 5:3112 MOULTRIE ROAD HE 5-3250 THE ALBANY HIGH JUNIOR MILLER BUICK CO. CIVITANS 81 CIVINEIITES Th A GENERAL MOTORS GERMAN oPELs e X I - GEORGIA Buloxs TOP CLUBS N I If Aflsn r 525 Oglefhorpe EAST ALBANY PHARMACY 705 Easr Broad Ave. Phone 6-I5OI Dawson Rd. and 6- I 502 Slappey FiresI'one ALBANY TIRE 81 SERVICE Service Order CompIImen'rs of ALBANY BEARING SERVICE, Inc. II3 FIin'r Avenue Hemlock 2-I323 OAKLAWN CHAPEL Formerly WCODALL FUNERAL HOME 6II E. Jefferson SI. ALBANY, GEORGIA 1 "The foundation ot every state is the education ot its youth..." -DIOGENES We congratulate the Class ot '60, wish tor each ot you an abundant lite, tilled with success and happiness . . . And, we give you a word ot advice: You will be wise it you spend what is lett atter saving, rather than save what is lett atter spending! . . . Good Luck! The Citizens 84 Southern Bank of Albany IIEUBEII F006 ALBANY LINEN SERVICE II20 OgIe'rInorpe Avenue ALBANY, GEORGIA HE 2-7477 HE 2-7478 GLENN'S HARDWARE 936 Wes'r Broad Ave. PHONE HE-5-4906 Each CusIomer's Sa+isfac+ion Is Our U+mos+ Aim HOFMAYER DRYGOODS IZIO Norih Jefferson S+ree+ AVE? 5 2 5 JOHNSTON i. ...l MEN'S SHOP 230 PINE AVENUE ALBANY, GEORGIA ALBANY AMUSEMENT COMPANY Phonograph and CigareHe Machines He 2-I945 I38 BOOKR AVE. SyIvesI'er Road aI' Five PoinI's IIIIIIII ' A .Ir "EH SUPER MARKET AIbany's Fines'r Food S+ore MONDAY THRU SATURDAY-8:00 A.M. - 9:00 PM RILES HARDWARE Every'rI1ing in WE BUY - TRADE - SELL - FINANCE BILL CHAMBERS HARDWARE l004 N' Slappey Drive "Trade Wi+I1 Bill and Save a Bill" He 64472 Dial HE 6-4046 ALBANY, GA. BILL CHAMBERS 409 Ogle+horpe Owners ALBANY, Ga. CompIimen+s of LINCOLN-MERCURY FLOOR CCVERING I30-I36 Broad Avenue Complimenis of EAST ALBANY LUMBER COMPANY SOU'I'l1WeS'I' Georgia's Lis+ening Habi'r" 960 KC-5000 Wa++s ALBANY. GEORGIA 24 HOUR SERVICE C. R. HANSON'S TEXACO SERV. STA. Road Service TE CO Washing B Ir S Greasing M ffl I I II cl Waxing M R P Mofors Cleaned Tire S HErnIocIc 5-9402 220I E. Albany Expressway U.S. 82 Easf a'r 5 Poinis Albany, Ga. PACE FLORIST "Flowers Designed for The Individual" HE 2-6297 IO3 N. FRONT MCCOLLUM'S CLEANERS I703 SyIves'rer Rd. Besf Wishes From O WALT "DR. BLUES" LHAM WJAZ N QUALITY BEFORE QUANTITY Complimenis of STEWART'S RADIO MR. AND MRS. JIMMY STEWART 806 N. Broad Ave. Complimenfs of DO-JO'S PIZZA HOUSE IOOO DAWSON ROAD CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS O VANCE APPLIANCES 9I0 OgIe'rhorpe Avenue F I960 HARRELL'S SUPER MARKET IO7 Highland Avenue GROCERIES, FRESH MEAT, FRESH PRODUCE KIND, FRIENDLY SERVICE GILES Phone 5-4007 BUILDERS SUPPLY LEMING'S RESTAURANT I 924 Radium Springs Road Albany, Ga. nc' "OUR CHICKEN DINNERS ARE WORTH CROWING ABOUT." Orders To Take Oui Everyfhing for The Builder CUSTOM MILLWORK OUR SPECIALTY Corner Pine and CIeveIand ALBANY, GEORGIA Tele. HE 6-576l COmpIimen+s of POSEY PRINTING C0 DISMUKE INSURANCE Commercial Prinfing and REAL ESTATE SERVICE 3oo SECOND AVENUE Complimenfs of 81 JUDY'S 418 N. Madison SERVICE STATION HAMBURGERS 'SC HOTDOGS I0c SOI OgIe+I1orpe CHEESEBURGERS 20c ALBANY, GEORGIA BEST WISHES from +I1e Managemenf of I'I1e HERALD PUBLISHING COMPANY Albany, Georgia OWNER AND OPERATOR OF STATION WALB-AM I59O-KC STATION WALB-TV-CHANNEL IO INBC A'FfiIia'reI "THE WINDOW OF SOUTH GEORGIA" AncI Publishers of THE ALBANY HERALD "SouIImwes+ Georqia's Reading Habi+" C0mP'i'f'e'1+S of COATS AND CLARK FURNITURE 81 APPLIANCE MART INC' Five Poinfs Hem. 2-24490 ALBANY, GEORGIA He-2-62I I BILLY SMITH SCRAP COMPANY P.O. Box 794 1 "We deal in scrap iron, mefal, and scrap sfainless sI'eeI" Along wifh fhe righf of an educafion and fhe ofher 'Freedoms such as speech, press, religion, and assembly, you have anofher freedom- FREEDOM OF CHOICE Your BASIC RIGHT fo choose your line of work, fhe neighborhood in which you Iive, fhe church you affend . . . gives you fhe righf fo choose your personal or family physician .... CHOOSE YOUR PHYSICIAN WISELY Some poinfs fo consider. . . I. His SIciII 4. Personalify 2. His Repufafion 5. Thoroughness 3. Professional Affiliafions 6. Frankness TO PROVIDE THE BEST MEDICAL CARE, Your docfor musf know you and you musf Icnow him . . . This DOCTOR-PATIENT RELATIONSHIP is offen iusf as imporfanf in fimes of sickness as any miracle drug af your physician's command. Besf Wishes fo fhe Class of '60 DOUGHERTY COUNTY MEDICAL SOCIETY WARD ELECTRIC EIecIricaI Con+rac+ors INDUSTRIAL COMMERCIAL RESIDENTIAL Experf Wiring on AII Types of EIec+ricaI Work HEmIocIc 5-596l SECURITY STORAGE 8: MOVING SERVICE 9I3 RooseveI+ Ave. Tel. 5-4838 JOE PURVIS, Mgr. Gef our FREE es'I'imaIe Ioclay- enjoy a "WIFE-APPROVED" move by NorII1 American Van Lines. MIDA'S MUFFLER SHOP Phone HEmIocIc 5-8I09 2I7 Easi' Broad Avenue Complimenfs of FLINT MOTORS, Inc. IO23 W. Broad Ave. YOUR VOLKSWAGEN DEALER Where Service Comes Firs+ COMPLIMENTS and BEST WISHES From McKINNEY REALTY AND INSURANCE Complimenis of WI LGREE MANUFACTURING COMPANY Manufacrurers of WILSHIRE SHIRTS CAMILLA, GEORGIA CLINE CLEANERS -and SI1irI' Laundry. Our care for your cIoII1es Promofes our progress. CompIimen+s of THE LAUNDROMAT MIDTOWN SHOPPING CENTER THE BOOK AND GIFT SHOP Gi'F'rs TI1a'r Please 2I2 Pine Avenue ALBANY, GEORGIA CROUCH LUMBER CO. "Every+I1ing for Building" I4I2 NORTH JACKSON ST. HEmIOcIc 6-2457 THE SAM FARKAS ESTATE He 2-OI3I II4 Broad Ave. ALBANY, GEORGIA BAIN PEANUT COMPANY He 2-I I62 N. Washingfon ALBANY. GEORGIA Four POinIs IGA Super Markelr G. W. IVEY CONCRETE PIPE COMPANY Propriemr lnC0rp0ra+ed Open 8 AM. +0 9 PM CONCRETE PIPE 6" TO 84" SEWER AND CULVERT MEMS PQULTRY FISH PRQDUCE P.O. BOX 748 COMPLETE LINE OF FROZEN FOODS 638 Radium Springs Road ALBANY CONCRETE PRODUCTS COMPANY CONCRETE BLOCK READY-MIXED CONCRETE P.O. B T Ox I470, Albany, Georgia elephone HE 6- I 565 MOTORS Rewound RebuiII' For Quick Service GEORGIA ELECTRIC COMPANY :soo Gillionville Rd. CompIe're Coverage LIFE FIRE STORM WIND LIABILITY BURGLARY Compensa'Iion Bonds STUART-YOUNG INSURANCE 500-B N. Slappey CLARK'S AAA 70I N. Jefferson S+. ROAD SERVICE HOUSTON ELECTRIC COMPANY I8I4 EcIgerIy Ave. ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS COMMERCIAL RESIDENTIAL Phone HEmIocIc 5-3 I00 L. P. GAS and APPLIANCES BUTANE PROPANE LAUNDROMAT G s Heafing Air Condiiioning DAMP WASH nIraI Hea+ing Floor Furnaces DRY FOLD DRY CLEANING SHIRTS HEmIocIc 6-262I Propane Gas Service Complimenis of PALMYRA LAUNDROMAT CompIimenIs of LILLISTON IMPLEMENT COMPANY ALBANY SHEET METAL WORKS, INC. Roofing and SI1ee+ Me'raI Con'rracIors NO JOB TOO LARGE OR TOO SMALL Complimenfs of SLAPPEY'S DAIRY Direcf from +I1e farm Io you! COMPLETE FRONT END ALIGNMENT AND WHEEL BALANCING BRAKE SERVICE CAMPBELL OIL COMPANY 24 Hour Road Service CompIimen+s of MACLYN PLANTATION Phone HE 2-6494 300 E. OgIe+horpe Ave. ALBANY. GEORGIA ALBANY, GA. f Ooo Ho" i hop KWIK-CHECK and Save SeIec+ QuaIi+y Always Plus Top Value S+amps WITH EVERY PURCHASE 3 Convenieni' Locafions 509 JEFFERSON ST. MID-TOWN CENTER I2 N. DUDLEY ST. IAMERICUSI Complimenfs of ALBANY LINCOLN AND MERCURY Complimenfs of A FRIEND ww- A B1-iw ffZ":'4. 1 ff I 4' ,ww X ff yy W W M Q., Z '4 , W ,WWWQ ' g, , yfwv A , 3 1 gym- , , 0,4 4374 I Q Wiz rf I ,, X ,W "f W 'wh' ff' f ,, if W ,ff 1 A f 4 5' fi ' 52:7 hi ' gzmj ggi? ill , 4 4 fig? if i V ' aww rf ' f 54, '4' - 1 Ziff: , V , I, ,kg 7 wr ,B W, , N ex QQ X S . K Q Y RX M... . QS X .m+N""+x,i-f. . W .5e. 1 Z7 W. Am ff Wmf ,fra fr ,e 47" f My f 254 Martha Strong Terry Griffin Jimmy Hall Bob House Mary Donna Aulry Carole Chappell Jenny Dorougln W ,359 we , ig' Q , , f ,VM E Madeline Mock Carolyn Arneson Pam Myers Leslie Bafey Dawn Clegg Sammy Engram Robert Yielcling Richard Rhodes Kathy Hudgens Marilyn Flowers Jackie Sharpe Ann DeBeVois Joan Wagner Judy Deen -:J :f' ff" Donice King Phyllis Burgess Judson Savelle Inman Grimsly Sis Shan-iwell Cyrilla Beck Joe Bardeshaw Raymond Barlow Melissa Duggan Tom Carcelli Mary Alice Crawford Pai Williamson Cookie Fink Matt McCoy 'SSN fx kg S ef K 03" I K xln.,N x ,.: K h Vx gf ' 4355 ENS -1- ,N l , XX X A HN XX? A ..' 'F' ': A C L i , '-.'7T'Tf Aw.-'5 li- ' J .- fl rv-'A , f 1 af W ' TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY 6 Mn wldsw b kA I we or 5 95 eaf OO S 'S HXI. 'Aw ,, om ff 6 'c, nw 9,4 'f ,. '-as 1 rf' li -Li .Q-' 1" is .Air Q V' if 5 5-S 5 , I' fjvaff , .gf ,L - FQ: , N an ,ILM if fri T 'T. .If T3 1 , Q 1 Q l ,- W -rl ', , 1, N v 1 .w nu.: .A "1 A 1 1 i -Q. 1 Ay, Y f ni Yum in Q.- F wm- . zwawzamagm vfmwwm, Zgfieehvwagdeqafiaewawz, smdfaeamwgwfae www, ezcwmagfzeamwzae Maw, 74ZZg6463td6z'Z046f46f0'l64L Paeezfdefriwwdtdcoaeaeqeaatkemf ?!awed6'4ecZe4fzmzd4muzqwaz'ez, 7 . ,-ff., 0 u .-FMT, 1 XY I V' "" h 'J "" J! ' f'." -"L ' ' -, - N MA: l-'- ,Zh - , " ' .I . A, A W49 1 A- . , y I. "'- iw . . ,,'A,-F I! ' "ff-Q. vw A. L., :iv J 3 U-22?

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Albany High School - Thronateeska Yearbook (Albany, GA) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 1


Albany High School - Thronateeska Yearbook (Albany, GA) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 1


Albany High School - Thronateeska Yearbook (Albany, GA) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 1


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