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Albany High School - Thronateeska Yearbook (Albany, GA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Cover

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A as 4 A. fra! 4 . A f , . fy 1 - I f ' , 1 ll' . 'W' S' no , f I L, ' - ,ne ,. A I 'a , ' I I A ' n - -E 'f rg 1 .V i. n l no ' . . 3, , V , - ' ' 1 . -, ' K .. ' , I . . - I Y - . .'Jf ' . - 'M If . V J I V U.. ' .. . , I U S4 ' l I "ff 4 ' ff , 4 -4, 1 , ,h 25 ' Qi if Q , 4 'Q 52 , Q 5 P -.V,,.,,,. an , .. H r f. 1- ' b -- s 'l, 1 Y U , , , 1 W, L . V ,-14 - . if ,.u.v'L 4, I ' 4:-Us-gf? ., suntan. it ls, I -V x W f Q 1 ,' ' +5 hs.: 1-+:,,:1!rx3V V 22 . A , A ' ".::"." -V 4. V me V V il M., ,F -fi V . 'mf' V 1 ' ,MQ - ' M X' , l A f ,:-4- . A- 'Z , '- ' ' 595, "" -, 'Fi Q" 'V ' ' HSV-,ggawv'4'!V-'kn"""r':i vig M' 1 U "ln" k A I ' Q kl if V " " ' " fi, -' "W W' yi E wJ'M,,W 3 ' B .5 .,, ' 5 W . L1 l . V I Ji V w? lv 1 V . .I at ,I , 6: you ,vc , K 2 , -V,.?'.'-V V . I4 . YA , 2r"i'4 . ' ' A , '1' ' N , -, ' ,A - , . V . .,,,4N.h I Q' f v x Q vnl""9' '-Pl H K v J: A" -f A HL' if V1 K' V' ,- -' 'Hs "' ' v '."--NGfL-1 . 34" vm '- 'Q-P'ff"f- 1 .V '- ' i ' V K ' .. S. Kaur' In , V! 5. ,. My 4 Y.. in gi S. ,, ff. 2.4, F, V-L,,x,An-uuuw. JJ.: lrlgfrff 'M , b . ' , ' Min, ,,,,.wv K 'f -1 3, ' T 'Y , If L7:f,",,'3i"5, i fa' 9-.4-V. .,. ' j,yu'Qf"'5 'ffffle ' p 2 ' ' W - J - -'mf' wf'V':,g-",,,:Iw-VV,f-,Ju-4'fg"' "'3,'Hf'-""' """" -2, a- J' f , W ., -V M "' o . as ' V " " " 9' 4 f as I . ' 4 C- , .ji " LV af VV A V3 - V .A A4-I t.TV.'u'u .A,ze,5:W,Ap.:',:ki::,:.-find Ji .jffqff .fn-an - . ,V Kju . r . , V W . 4 f,,,,iZnrv?An:',A:,,-g,,M,U1' ,aunf-44QgP.,.k nk , f. Q , S: , L 1 V 1' 'IT' 1 fnffa d"f h 1 W 121. . fi' , y . ,,x-V5 . Y V 1 , if " ' , 5 --mrs. . V h M,,V,g1C.v-A-74 in Li' "' 'A v., ' ' -Vw' V v- " , , ff , . V' - V V , A Y In -. . I . -af 1 . K ' W all .vm 4 . .- 2- F, ' - 1 9' ' , it' " , ,, ,A , My . .V V ' : ..., ,..,"I ' ' H K. ,, ,, A in V K., .It .., W H -4 . -sl' ' -2 L, .1 5 in P V 1. , ,gf 'VV- V ,Vg H , ffif? ,1 -V , , Q V '- 5 f " QA --'D '11 .. V +V- Uf , 3 1 L " X ., " A V . V ' r V 4, 1 V- .f V V... 1 W , A Q-La zz- - V ..V - , ,. ,--.55 J Wi ,iii - 2:1 TY ... N QV V I' b . gf. ' V 5. ,- ,, "-V . .naw--,g f, -M, ' . . H X '-,vf-Z. f f V .,, Nw? ' . uk.,-:.l,4,.N Q-gf: K A - fi, 1--XA V ,JV KE- -:gig 3 X - P+ 12, 4.. Mx,-V Vi.. if w.. X V. , 4 1Y.f?'fk . L--:Q g.T,I' ""1,A ' ' 1 , 1. 'n I' H . ., . at. "5 ' ' 'Ja A. , ' . F l ' f 4 u-4 uw -X ,. Wi ' ,A U 'A- , , rpg A A- ,P I.,,, F, af. 1 df , A an ' ,-, ,u X, -4 J .. ' 'P el . 'v Q. A .z,' If ' 1 , 'v , , A I I . ,' 5 I ' . ff 6-.MW . I4 .'. 'P ' , -. .. L 1 e 5 1, ' r . . 4, , ' Q . I ' I v . . . . . 5 N, 1 .. rg, f'e.'v- , 1 ' r 1 ' ',.,' uf 'E . 5'.. ' ' Q" D ! 1 , n Q. ' V 1 X f 6 A ".15'.,, -Q4 " ' Q 3 I , Ap 1 '. I 4 '- av ' x I L A ' 4 Y rf O ' ,u, V M, ,f.-N' .l -, 'irq ' g I, s,t.',-Q-3, R. gg 'I 1 .1 ,.4. ni . J . b ,.,,- ' I 1 .5 , . ' F , A ,.. 1 , . Pi 0 Q ' , X ' M I , M We I X , X ,.. ,.,,f45f L: f nik. N V .Y Z in :lg 4vk..,.l..,.!1- . E " " 1 4 - -. K ' 'Y V 31 I 4, ,, ..,"' fttv wf f ' 'W 'lyff' z.nA'.' ,' 1 f . ,,a-J- -jm.,,,' f' ---A '- f""A,,.A?f .W "' ,,. MJ i .. .. zmv' V- f 4 . - . - , , - , Qu 'uf-aiwyulw 'Q ,ggi-mx 31 nf' 4 ,TF Lg,-f' S W Y--. 5...--1-rf' 'ffl V qw' " ,Ak 1. ,, ,4-ima: f "1 Y .X , " ' .W n ,,. 1 1 . .. , ,,,, - q ..... ,,,,.-Qzff-W-f:'...Af--B - A " -' -.V , ,.- -' au J- ,. I7 - , - .4 ,Q wwf-w, -A- - ..' -1 B- ,..v - . -1, . A M - -4 - 1 -W-. .."' 9 if Q."'w5fZ,g1'-gawno ..g . ' . "f",. .,..f-' . ,,,, , ' ""' ' v--1. -gy.. Li., V i'f'1ff' ""' , , , ' I j'jv.f,-- -. ,E ,, U A uf:-ff' " " 'fir'-2 , ."p-m f - -- 'F K a- - -1,,L . 'ms' .- -"Y . ... Y fzwf 3 Q-,.m",. 1 " if, K' -. -..,,. I ..,, A. ,.,Q..,,.m. ,am -nr , '....f'10'V' r an tm... 1 Yflfi Ay. f" -J A k v fmr ,H-M' am -' v'fg"-' f 4' 1- .,.- .M ,.,, -1- rw- 'Lp ' :K-H' - g.. v-1-PM ,. .4:s?'f1f-1 --- .W 3- Q v ..,,. ' ear., . '3,. - .,- - 553, . 'jg - ' .L .' 'f ,Q-sez' ' ,.-M" ' -2 ,,,..,.4. - , 5' 41 M. ,. ' ,, -4, V " " ,.f..... - ' ' 7 .E-". Qi." ' - ' .- . ' "wa ' ...r"!x--f-' .P r.if,f.4. 4 , h if . 'v 1 A v .. - I V.-V ., ' M, ,.,4f.:,.M m- ,.-N, qw. . . - .U 1 aura'-11.,.-.f .' -0- -f, ff+.1..2. M, A A 1 Albany .Hngh School Albany, Georgia Presents the 1959 eclition Of The Thronateeska Albany, Georgia: Albany, Georgia, was named after the town of Albany, New York, probably for the reason that each city is located at the head of a navigable river. Though the town was located on the West bank of the Flint River by Alexander Shotwell, Nelson Tift is reputed to be its founder. In addition to approximately forty-five white churches, three radio stations, a TV station, and two newspapers, Albany boasts two points of interest, Radium Springs and Chehaw Park. Also, Turner Air Force Base and the Marine Supply Center are located here. Albany is considered the world's largest producer of paper-shelled pecans. The Thronateeska salutes Alban , Georgia In recognition of the continued growth and progressive development of Albany and Dougherty County, Georgia, Albany High School and the 1959 Thronateeska Staff proudly present the following pages which in part depict the wealth of beauty found in Albany and Dougherty County. Each picture is a salute to every citizen who has made a contribution to the prosperity and growth of our city and county. With sincere appreciation, we the 1959 Thronateeska Staff pay tribute to Albany and Dougherty County in the areas of . . . COURT HOUSE Dougherty County Albany, Georgia O'lJ6TTL77'L6lZt CITY HALL Albany, Georgia PLANT MITCHELL Georgia Power Co. Albany, Georgia .iq if , gi 'rn ?.figQfgYt:. J ww f. : -,H , si: .Er "'g'-'QW' ,-vaF'xLf! N, . , ba y: . ' 1 Hg, 5 ri --UT SN: r. . ,U.,,:fb- X -- t -- -N.-Sq:-mms" ,ev-vim'-Q W Industry I 9 I FLINT RIVER COTTON MILL Albany, Georgia fw-1 Ah- 5' 2 2: " " fe 1 ,,.,f f , , u ,xx .U ,P ' .F - ,eu Q D , -JD Y , ' gi f UV V We ve N .4 f' 5 M x 'W-nun., .ol I :Zeit A "' f ' V K g f X v 19' ,raw 5 ' I ,c y 1 'y 'J' 1 , .4 eligion - iq , 1,14 x ' ..,,..v 1.,, C f will ff J f, . ' w - r -W, 6 4 'G 3 My fjfjjgff, ' if , - fax ' ' ww, Q . 1 l ff f. f VM , , ,f hwy ,A 4 22.1 ' I 1 v my W V, 4r gv. 1. f ,U 'Q . Qi, 'I .y , qi, ,,, , Q al, 1 - ,f.,4 1 0 V 4 . , .. x Q 2 f W fm ' My 'f QL 5 , f, -4 q1,gkf,.,. my I , , 5,:,1,iQ+f-5'-,' ,, , Albany Teen Center Tift Park Pool Recreation Albany Carnegie Library i sf Albany Y.M.C.A. E In 11 v-u Education Mr. J. J. Cordell has served as Superin- tendent of the Dougherty County School Sys- tem for ll years. To the students of Albany High School Mr. Cordell is an inspiration not only as an influence in our school but also in our civic organizations. MR. .l. .l. CORDELL Superintendent of Education ,if- AM V t v, ff 2 I ,f , p VZ Ng I ff f yi ,if rom the Editor This is it . . . the story of the year in pictures . . . in words . . . in memories. Here are the little things that make up student life at Albany High School. The Friday night foot- ball games as the crowd files into Miles Me- morial Stadium to watch the Indians match forces with rival teams . . . those last frantic hours in the library before a term paper is due . . that mad r'ush to class before the tardy bell rings. Remember the long line and the variety of noise in the cafeteria during lunch period . . . the impressive graduation march. Here are the faculty members who have given of their time and patience to help us prepare ourselves for the future . . . the faithful friends who have worked and played side by side. Here is the office bustling with activity . . . the silence of a classroom during an exam . . the Junior-Senior Prom . . . that new date . . . This is the 1959 Thronateeska This is Albany High School Q! Mac Editor MARGARET WILSON Vice-president of the Student Body JUDY TOMME President of the Student Body Contents Administration Faculty Class es Urganizations Athletics Favorites A Advertisers Merited Awards in Scholastic and Athletic Fielcls Albany High School is proud of her trophies won not only on her athletic field, hut also in her classrooms. She reminds those who enter her doors that the scholastic record and the athletic record go hand inhand. These trophies stand as re- minders of Well won victories in sports and hard-fought contests in subject matter. With these thoughts in mind they are pre- sented to you. 8 ' at a L , c ya f ff 20 ,wif C CL , , .,,LG Z D ,,,49,gW,,,,,w 5 , a i 0 n MR. CHAPPELL COLLINS Since 1952 he has been a beloved member of the faculty of Albany High School. Through the teaching of chemistry and physics and the coaching of girls' basketball and . Q track he has endeared himself to the student body who admire him as a man and a teacher, , We the 1959 Thronateeska staff are proud to dedicate this yearbook to Mr. Chappell Collins, W QQQOYQ' 5 no s . 'x a favorite of ours. 'f" x - 7f'f2Eii ' f tiknll of Zbunur 6 'Q -, -' r"K vw q - iii' l l t I Q . Tu- - N1 :L , - l Q7 . g pri XXX I K L, ' I.. I ,V 1. T A 5fr5'91XE:t"'4 7 The Kiwanis and Mclntosh awards are the most coveted honors which can he bestowed upon a student at Albany High School. These students, who are recognized from the senior class as having exemplified the most outstand- ing qualities of citizenship and leadership dur- ing their years at Albany High School, are selected hy a secret ballot of the faculty. Judy Tomme is the senior girl who is the recipient of the Kiwanis award and Billy Ivey is the recipient of the Mclntosh award. I ., in BILLY IVEY 2' JUDY TOMME HH0n0r is purchafd by the deeds we dog . . . honor is not won, Until some honorable deed be done., - MARLOWE yr anger ' 0 J I QL! Dougherty Count Board of Education Our Board of Education is composed of men who give freely of their time, their talents, and themselves. This gift of service and spirit on their part which, in countless ways, builds the morale of our students and aids them in their quest for learning and good citizenship has meant throughout the years a greater Al- bany High School. ? J. S. ROSENBERG, President EZ FIRST ROW. left to right: Ernest Bond, Louis Peacock, J. S. Rosenberg, and George Joiner. SECOND ROW: Hollis Stanford. John P. Ventulet. and Herbert Haley. ffice Personnel Mrs. Florine LeSueur, Secretary Ibn Checking the records and require- ments of students for graduation, scheduling, leveling loads, writing letters . . . these and many other duties are handled by our efficient office personnel. fi 6 1 -'ik cgpif' ,1':'0fq'xQ.XQixx tx Q n! , XY rx xi On 0 '9l:,:'5" s '39 ml' Q X X xx 4- X xx 0 .wal ng , N, Q, if A n 'N l I " .'Xr'- -. firfwwi-iii: .'2'9'a 1:22-x rf. ,sa-Ste 00.0.8 5 yyg 0,4 ' 'yy s1,,3g,'Ig. 2953 V38 '90 X' "Jet-'O ' so . qs is 0, 9 'I 'B 'QA lfu. 9.nQ,g',. 5 90 hl Q ' S .-gtS?..L 'lg-w .N .QNJ A ----b s M Q! N E ' n df . Mrs. H. E. Barnhouse 1 Mrs. G. C, Carter x ' I e W fn ' "34- I f ., e .1409 X .,,l,- f XA VX ,lst I l . 5254 , ' ',,,,, ' 5 4 gg, 5 ' f,.f,, ,f I X Assistant Princqaal It is with gratitude and affection that we express our appreciation to Mr. Graydon Pierce, our assistant principal. Although he is kept very busy in his office, he is considered a personal friend to each faculty member and student. For this we thank him with all our heart. Principal 'tHe knows all, sees all, hears allf' golden words of wisdom spoken many centuries ago, are still applicable in this modern age for our principal, Harold E. McNabb. ul-le knows all." Mr. lVIcNabb's knowledge of student activities seems unending. alle sees allf' Quick to notice infractions of school rules, Mr. McNabb has also proven him- self an accurate and fair judge of student character. ul-le hears allf' Mr. McNabb is the first to hear of all the triumphs and shortcomings of AHSers and while proud of the triumphs he copes fairly and squarely with the shortcomings. Mr. lVlclNlabb's job has not been an easy one, but in his fair consideration of student prob- lems, he has won the admiration of both the faculty and the students. Facult English .1 fb, 5 WILLIAM R. BRACG MISS FRANCIS FEAGIN MRS. MARY FUTCH MISS LYNN GARRETT English English English, Annual Staff English ...Zi MRS. A. L. HINSON MRS. W. C. LONG MRS. CHARLES English, Journalism English MCCRANIE English MISS THELMA PLANT MRS. ANNIE LAURIE MISS ANNE RICHARDS MISS ELIZABETH English POWELL English SAUNDERSQN English English P ' 71,1 IX Mathematics I Zgwgx X A "tb :x'K'3 N A113875 .e " v,l. A vis ' ,easflmwwi H -'Q 'fe'-fxettsx 74 10' I I ' h RAY COUNCIL MISS MARY HUDSON JAMES D. MULLIS Algebra, Economic Math Algebra Algebra MRS. CLARE NESMITH MISS INA RANDITT Algebra Algebra, Geometry Q I MISS CELESTE SMITH ROBERT STEPHENS X I I1 Y 1' N J Algebra Algebra l if ll X I ae' Q' Science fi we CHAPPELL COLLINS G. B. HOWELL W. A. LOVELESS Chemistry, Physics General Biology Human Biology 'QW o f x "4 if Q1-kk-Ill, 1 I 6 ARLO NESMITH MARVIN REDDICK General G8IlCI'2':ll Biology, CIICIIIISICTY BILL SANDERS MRS. RUTH General Biology SUIVIMEBVILLE General Biology ocial Ladies 2 M' o MISS MARTHA DYE MRS. CAROLYN BOBBY FAUDREE World History FAUDREE American History American History, Spanish MRS. EVELYN FLEMING MISS BETTY GOODMAN World History Sociology and Psychology N. C. HATCHER R. F. SPERRY MRS. LENA ROWE MISS EUGENIA World History Sociology and Psychology World History STRICKLAND American Government American History American History ff A af! X"l A ,,..-,f-3 3 Physical Education PAT FIELD MRS. SYLVIA LANIER MRS. HELEN MCCOMB Coach, Physical Education Physical Education Physical ECll1Cati0D BERNIE REID JOHN TILLITSKI Head Coach, Physical Coach, Physical Education Education MRS. BESSIE DOBBINS MRS. NORMA JUHAN GRAHAM LOWE Latin Spanish French and Coach . sf' Manual Arts BILL HERSCHELL ROBERT JAMES MRS. JEWELL JOHNSON HAL KING Mechanical Drawing Mechanical Drawing Home Economics Mechanical Drawing and Graphic Arts, and Auto Theory Family Living and Wood Shop MISS DELL MORRIS Distributive Education W. E. TI-IOMBS H. D. WATERS J. H. WATSON HAROLD WYNN Agriculture Vocational Director Auto Mechanics D.G.T. and General Math MAYNARD SELL MRS. JANE WEED Music Art 59 f ,, My X 1 P Q usiness Education I MISS MARIAN BAUM MISS JANICE HEATH Typing, Bookkeeping, and Typing and Shorthand Shorthand "EW" u I W 'lx gg -. W- .2 MRS, MARIAN MISS MICKIE WEBB SCI-IEUING Typing and Shorthand Shorthand, Bookkeeping, and Typing L 'IJ ' MRS. CHRISTINE MRS. HANNAH MRS. MABEL HOGUE GEOGHEGAN Assistant Librarian Assistant Cafeteria IJN 'Y Q, ' gz j.,! 'l J 1 E LUNCHROOM COMMITTEE m. ""K,,,,,,,,,,,.,..-a MRS. R. L. BASS MRS. R. E. MULL Dietician Assistant Dietician LUNCHROOM WORKERS Y - SIE' Q --,,E. 'I +1-4' .. ' 21, 21 2 55 f M Ali 3 f, 4 f 5' Jiffff M fit' ,vw Q Q , Vx 2 f . . V , ".. 1 Win I ty., ,AMUW R N bf 2 i UOUEID LFNHH QSFAA IV suppem Apn 1' umsuqof QBUW uoqem A119 1' Bugwau uesng 3gnH KOUEN Jaugof IIEMSH UIEEUHSW IIFH 1qBg1m UOPIOO paag salmqg lasseg equew wg, I ,, 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. uunq ABIUQH qogg QUAQEM SU0lLIlI11S new sup1doH rupueg PIQUWH 111118 SETEM UBI' 1 . 'Q 1 'Q ..! V X :by V ivnlavnwsv. 1, u ri ...L .1 42 M14 9991191518 LUQH Asuag Ined UOSEIXI EUML QEHH uaqog 1.91535 ueaf .4919 911.48 M In N' as, . X "' . , ' ann Aaupag uuy WELUS UOWEID A-93211151 ma 191193 PIOJBH Xafwms dvis ILICH QUJQUSJEN Seniors 1 , M 4 4 . ,fn min? Mi ,MIZY55 -KK? ali, ii . . fin +..f,V Boys Mike Knight Billy Ivey Richard Peak John Brunson Senior Officers Offices Girls PRESIDENT Ann Rainey VICE-PRESIDENT Lorna Jean Sweetin SECRETARY Ruth Hatfield TREASURER Pat Henderson 5 CARL ADAMS 22 Second Class Levers and Gail. JANE ALBRIT ON Glee Club, Presidentg Mellonettesg Future Nurses of Americag Johnsonas Little Vitamins, Secretaryg Biological Research Clubg Intra-School Councilg Music Workshop. JAMES WENDELL ANDERSON Govecg Basketballg Baseball. MARVIN AULTIVIAN , 'F .AWN 2 'il' 1 "tiff i 3 ,i A 'S ww V Liyy Q: 5 ix M 2 Mi if WV BOBBY RAY AYcocK Civitansg Bandg Govecg Student Councilg Los Peones, Presi- dentg Biological Research Club, Chapter II. SHIRLEY BAINES Seekers of Family Knowledgeg Art Clubg General Science Clubg Gamma Tri-Hi-YQ Dunning's Delinquentsg Los Picaros. ANN BAKER Biological Research Chapter I: Slaves of Historyg Covec Clubg English IV K-A-T-Sg Varsity Basketballg Powder Puff Football. RONALD BALDWIN 3 ROGER BELCHER JOHANNA BLEICHER Junior Classical Leagueg Beta Clubg Library Service Clubg V Bookwormsg Los Conquistadores de Espanolg Haughty His- torians. WILLIAM BLIZARD RONALD BOLT Varsity Baseball: Glee Clubg Kollins Kurious Khemists. JANICE BARNES Music Workshopg Clee Clubg Beta Tri-Hi-Yg Pharoah's Peas- antsg Junior Classical Leagueg Plus Ultra Delta Tri-Hi-YQ Alpha Tri-Hi-Yg Future Teachers of Americag Uncle Bobis Historians. JIMMIE ROSE BARRETT Alpha Tri-Hi-Yg Anchor Clubg Zeta Tri-Hi-YQ Happy His- toriansg Biological Research Club, Chapter IVg Fauclree's Busi- ness Workersg Los Conquistadores de Espanolg Beta Tri-Hi-Yg Art Service Clubg Bookworms English Clubg Spanish II Club. JAMES BASS PAUL LARUE BERREY Los Peonesg Los Diablos Pequenitos de Mama, ,luhang Entered 55g' Biological Research Clubg History Makers and Globe Shak- ersg Covecsg UBB Team Footballg Varsity Football. ERMA JEAN BONNER FHAg Spanish Clubg Covec. PATRICIA BRADLEY Library Service Clubg Junior FTAg Delta Tri-Hi-Yg Alpha Tri- Hi-Yg 4-H Clubg Pow Wow Staffg Bookworrns Club. CAROLE BRANTLEY Music Workshopg Clee Clubg Delta Tri-Hi-Yg Beta Tri-Hi-Yg Alpha Tri-Hi-Yg Student Councilg Melonettesg Plus Ultrag Happy Historians, Secretaryg Junior Classical League. COLEY SILAS BROWN Entered 19575 Varsity Footballg Hi-Yg Trackg W-E-E-D-S, Sec- retaryg Twenty-two Second Class Levers and Gail, Secretary. if ,Q v do' , 1- .. f. it W W Q, 7 f f-I XXX xX f'-f -a .. J K I JOYCE BROWN PEGGY BROWN Powder Puff Footballg Pow Wow Staff, Feature Editorg Library Service Clubg Annual Staffg Mama Juhan Sus Chiquitos. MARGARET ANN BROWN The Seekers of Family Knowledge, Presidentg FHAg Covec Biology Club IV. JOHN LESLIE BRUNSON Civic Adventuresg Slaves of Historyg Biological Research Club, Chapter IVg The Indentured Servants of Historyg Powder Puff Football Cheerleaderg Intramural Basketballg Albany Key Clubg Hi-Yg Senior Class Treasurerg Annual Staffg Bookworms Chap- ter KATSg President, Collins Cosmoes, Presidentg Intra-School Council. My X X S A f'rr , ' f ' .f gyiyfff, ff 4 , , lm- X 'Q , LINDA BUTLER MARY SHELLEY CAGLE Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, Presidentg Pow Woxv, Editorg Future Teachers of America, Secretary, Parliamentariang Beta Clubg Intra-School Councilg Los Mimados de la Profesora, Presidentg Beta Tri- Hi-Y, Treasurerg Mama Iuhan y Sus Chiquitosg Powder Puff Footballg Intramural Basketballg General Science Clubg Better Builclersg Art Clubg Los Espanoles Dormiclosg Flemir1g's His- torical Fact Findersg Bookworms. EMILY JO CANNON Basketballg 4-H Cluhg FHAg General Businessg Biologyg Govecg Typing. LINDA JOYCE CANNON Alpha Tri-I-Ii-Yg Beta Clubg Govecg Biological Research Cluhg Buenos Vecinos I, II, III. CHARLES WAYNE BURNETT Banclg Govecg ROGBg DCT. MARY BURNETT Junior Future Homemakers of America, Secretaryg Slaves of Historyg Future Business Instructorsg SOS Clubg Annual Staffg Powder Puff Football. CARTER BURRELL Freshman Banclg Senior Bandg Active Atoms of Aldang Kollins Kilobrainsg Hi-Yg Buildersg Govec, Veep. JAMES BURT 'W PATRICIA ANN CANNON JAMES CARIVIODY DOUGLAS CARLTON HERBERT HAROLD CARTER Student Councilg Boys' Glee Clubg ,Iunior Classical Leagueg Albany Key Clubg Hi-Yg Plus Ultrag Cross Countryg Annual Staffg Mr. Collins and All His Little Atomsg Key Club, Treas- urerg Kollins Kilobrains, Treasurer. if y H 'Mix-,. 'uw 'W' ai K L S LINDA LANELLE CASTLEBERRY Better Buildersg SOS Clubg Delta Tri-Hi-YQ Junior Classical Leagueg Quo Vadisg Powder Puff Footballg Cursus Honorumg Ciest La Vieg Beta Club. WILLIAM WARREN CATO Varsity Footballg Happy Historiansg 'ABB Team Footballg Kol- lins Kilobrains, Vice-Presidentg Active Atoms of Aldang The Bugstersg Hi-Y. ELAINE ELOISE CHRISTIAN Anchor Clubg FTA, Treasurerg Music Workshopg Clee Clubg lVlellor1ettes, Presidentg Student Councilg Los Espanoles Dor- midosg Epsilon Tri-Hi-YQ Sigma Tri-Hi-Yg Better Builders Secretaryg Biological Research Chapter 4, Secretaryg Intra- School Councilg Pow Wiow Staff, Column Editorg Beta Club 7 SHIRLEE ANN CLARK Music Ivorkshopz Clee Club: Camma Tri-Hi-YQ Future Home- makers of America: Sniffles: Coxsec 42: -1-H Clubg Intra- mural Basketball. IN 3 if Q is 6.- fY""" if ips-'J' Ki. AUDREY LaVERNE CONNELL Student Council, Beta Clubg Beta Tri-Hi-Y, Future Teachers of Arnerieag Future Business Instructors, Vice-Presidentg Book- worms Chapter Ill, Treasurer, Better Builders, Presidentg Li- brary Service Clubg 4-Hg The Forty Wonders. ROBERT LOVIS CONNOR Block HA" Clubg Football Manager, Kollins Kurios Kernistsg Los Conquistadores de Espanol, Art Club, Kollins Kilobrains. MELVIN COOPER Freshman Bandg Band, Biological Research Clubg History Hoboes. SALLY COPPOCK Ax. F 'Q 75 ft- DONALD BRUCE CLIFTON Varsity Basketballg MBU Team Footballg Baseball, Trackg Stu- dent Councilg Block MAB Club, Secretary and Treasurer, Key Clubg Hi-Yg Freshman Class, Presidentg Tennis, Mr. Collins and All His Little Atoms, Parliarnentariang Aunt Aggie,s Lit Critics, Vice-Presidentg The Indentured Servants of History, Parliamentariang Biological Research Club Chapter TV, Vice- President. SANDRA RUTH COHEN Gamma Tri-Hi-Y, 4-Hg FHA, The Truth Seekers, Alpha Tri- Hi-Yg SOS. MARION COLEMAN BEVERLY ANNE D. COMMAGERE Beta Club, FHAg JCL, Truth Seekersg FTA, Civinettesg Press Reporterg Movie Operator Sweetheartg Le Cercle Francaisg Junior Civitan, Sweetheart. cr ,Q f-NYE JACKIE CARL CORBIN Art Clubg Los Corsarios Enmascaradosg Haughty Histo Mama Juhan y Sus Chiquitosg Collin's Comical Chemical Charactersg Kollins Kilobrains. riansg ELIZABETH JOAN COUCH Entered 56g Biological Research Clubg Beta Tri-Hi-YQ Future Teachers of Americag Civinetsg Buenos Vedinosg Govec Club, Chapter IIIg Powder Puff Football. JOHN HOWARD CREEL Trackg Biological Research Clubg Slaves of Historyg Snifflesg Intramural Basketballg MBU Team Footballg Varsity Footballg Covecs. JAMES ALLEN CURRY Hi-Yg Up 7n' Atomg Kollins Kilobrainsg Los Corsarios En- mascaradosg Los Amores Latinasg Flemingls Historical Fact Finclersg Art Service Clubg Band. J OYCE DANIEL Library Service Clubg FHAg FTAg Faudree's Business Work- ersg lVlarian's lVIiserable Money Managersg 4-H Clubg Govecs 42. CAROLYN DARBY Student Councilg Freshman Bandg Epsilon Tri-Hi-Yg Beta Tri- Hi-Y, Vice-Presidentg Faudree's Business Workersg Library Clubg FHA, Vice-Presidentg Powder Puff Football. ADA DARDEN 4-H Clubg Delta Tri-Hi-Yg Better Buildersg Govecsg The Seek ers of Family Knowledge. BILLY DAVIDSON R , 0 LINDA DORSEY Beta Cluhg Music Workshopg Epsilon Tri-Hi-Yg Happy His- torians, Vice-Presidentg FTAQ Intra-School Councilg Junior Classical League, Quo Vaclis, Vice-President. MIKE DOYAL Short Circuitsg The Discountersg Junior Civitang Technique Seekersg "B" Team Footballg Varsity Foothallg Block "A" Clubg Trackg Art Clubg Glee Cluhg Pow Pow Staff, Sports Editorg Intramural Basketballg KATS, Secretary. HENRY DUGGAN Bandg Captainis Corpsg Biological Research, Chapter IVQ Pharoahis Peasantsg Los Peones, Treasurerg Chemical Cata- lyzersg Los Haganlog CCC. MELVA DUNAGAN Entered 19583 Glee Clubg Alpha Tri'Hi-Yg Junior Classical League. HAROLDENE DAVIDSON 4-H Clubg SOS. JIMMY DAVIS Pharoah's Peasantsg General Science Clubg Future Business In- structorsg HB7, Team Basketballg Varsity Basketballg Varsity Baseballg Block 'LAW Clubg Biological Research Clubg DCTg KATS. JIMMY DERVAN Future Business Instructorsg General Science Clubg Confederate Air Cadetsg DCT. KAY DOLLAR FHAg Beta Tri-Hi-Yg 4-H Clubg Haughty Historians, Presi- dentg Govecg History Makers and Globe Shakers. HENRY LEE DUNN Junior Civitan, Secretaryg Student Councilg Junior Classical Leagueg Plus Ultrag Knights of Englishg Truth Seekers, Presi- dentg Quo Vaclisg Glee Clubg Intramural Basketball. ROBERT DUNN Haughty Historians, Vice-Presidentg Bookworms fKatsjg FFAQ Chemistry Club. PAT DUPREE FREDDIE HOLT ELDER ui 'Q ze u i I HM, My DELURA NELL ELLIS FHAg Snifflesg Future Business Instructorsg History Hoboesg DE, Secretary. GAIL ELLIS Beta Clubg Music Workshopg FHAg Zeta Tri-Hi-Yg Los Es- panoles Dormidosg Haughty Historiansg Delta Tri-Hi-YQ Alpha Tri-Hi-Yg Bookwormsg SOS. FRANK ENGLISH Art Clubg Junior Civitang Up 7n7 Atomsg Trackg Govecg Los Espanoles Dormidos. BILLIE SUE ESCO Music Workshopg Beta Tri-Hi-Yg Delta Tri-Hi-Yg Alpha Tri- Hi-Yg Better Buildersg Glee Clubg Mellonettesg Junior Classical Leagueg Plus Ultrag Cursus Honorumg 4-Hg Pow Wqowg Quo Vadisg Bookworms. uf 1' CURTIS FAIRCLOTH Kollins Kilobrainsg Flemingis Historical Fact Findersg The Bug- stersg Mr. Collins and All His Little Atornsg Baseballg Block UA" Club. MARY ELIZABETH FINLEY Epsilon Tri-Hi-Yg Sigma Tri-Hi-Yg 4-I-I Clubg Anchor Club, Vice-Presidentg Quo Vadis, Junior Classical Leagueg Los Peonesg Los Habanlosg Bookwormsg Intramural Basketballg Powder Puff Footballg Annual Staffg Intra-School Councilg Music Workshopg Art Clubg Thamalian Club. JUANITA FITZGERALD Music Worksholng FHAg Glee Clubg Delta Tri-Hi-Yg Knights of Englishg Slaves of Historyg Future Business Instructorsg SOS. SUSAN FROST FLEMING Better Buildersg Music Workshopg Epsilon Tri-Hi-Yg Junior Classical Leagueg The Bugstersg Intramural Basketballg Civin- ettesg Future Teachers of Americag Los Peonesg The Happy Historiansg Powder Puff Footballg Thymalian Clubg Art Clubg Thronateeska Staffg Bookworms Clubg Plus Ultrag 4-H Club. GLENDA EUBANKS Varsity Basketball 56-573 Tennis 56-573 Powder Puff Foot- ball? The Seekers of Family Knowledgeg Biological Research, Chapter I. NELDA EVERSON Haughty Historiansg Epsilon Tri-Hi-Yg Junior FHAg 4-I-I Club, Krazy Kitchen Kats, Vice-Presidentg General Science Clubg Powder Puff Footballg Art Club. IO ANN EXUM 4-H Clubg FHAg Los Espanoles Dormidosg Music Workshopg Library Service Clubg Delta Tri-I-Ii-Yg DCTg Faudree's Busi- ness Workers. JAMES FAIN Beta Clubg Movie Operatorsg Senior Bandg Hi-Yg Trackg Aunt Aggie's Lit Criticsg Pharoahis Peasantsg Kollins Kilobrainsg Better Buildersg Mr. Collins and All His Little Atoms. JANE FOGLE Student Council: Anchor Club, Treasurerg Library Service Club, Vice-Presidentg Gamma Tri-Hi-Y, Secretaryg 4-Hg Los Diablos Chicos, Secretaryg Sniffles, Secretaryg The Indentured Servants of Historyg Mama Juhan Sus Chiquitos. JOHN EDGAR FOUNTAIN Troubadorsg Kollinis Kurious Khemistsg Glee Clubg History Makers and Globe Shakers, Vice-Presidentg The Bugstersg Jun- ior Classical League. CURTIS FRASER Art Service Clubg Aunt Aggieis Lit Criticsg The Biological Research Club. JOHN FROST 4l"""X C13 J PHOTO N01 AVAILABLE PHOTO No! Available 'fi 23 JQOQN it F gy -J' L 4 3 .4 ' GEORGE FULFORD Mr. Howell Biology Clubg DCTg Freshman Bandg Knight of Englishg U. S. History Clubg Intramural Basketball. MARION HAMMOND FULMER Beta Clubg Zeta Tri-Hi-Y, Press Reporterg Annual Staffg Fu- ture Teachers of Americag Junior Classical Leagueg Plus Ultrag Snifflesg TAPSQ Biological Research Club, Chapter IVg Le Cercle Francaisg Powder Puff Footballg History Makers and Globe Shakers. HILLS GARDNER FLOYD ALTON GARRETT HBS Team Footballg Student Councilg Varsity Footballg Trackg Junior Classical League. Quo Vadisg Junior Civitang Junior Class Treasurerg Office Assistantg Bookworms, Chapter II, Press Reporterg Collins 22 Second Class Levers and Gailg Secretary of Collins Cosmosg Block WY, Clubg Delegate, Boys, State. I Ik xv 7 ANDREW WADE GILL Junior Civitan, Parliamentariang Hi-Yg Kollins Kurious Khem- ists, Vice-Presidentg Kollins Kilobrains. ALAN GILL HERBERT GLADIN LYNDA ANNELLE GLASS Beta Clubg Anchor Clubg Epsilon Tri-Hi-YQ Snifflesg Biological Research Clubg Le Cercle Francais, Treasurer: The Inclenturecl Servants of Historyg FHAg -1-H Club. CAROLYN GASSETT Library Service Clubg Govecg Future Nurses of America. VIRGINIA SHELDONIA GIVENS Music Workshopg Glee Clubg Delta Tri-I-Ii-Yg FHAQ Biological Research, Chapter Vg SOS. RUTH GRINER Beta Clubg Student Councilg General Science Clubg Future Business Instructors, Program Chairmang Slaves of Shorthandg FTAg FI-IAQ Office Assistant. STARLET GEIGER Office Assistantg Junior Future Homemakers of Americag Zeta Tri-Hi-Yg Los Espanoles Dormidosg Knights of English, Presi- dentg Beta Tri-Hi-Y, Vice-Presidentg Los Amores Latinosg Pow- der Puff Footballg Office Club, Presidentg Art Club, Vice- Presiclentg Bookworrns, Chapter II. JOYCE GLOVER Bookwormsg Mr. Howell's Science Clubg Future Homemakers of Americag Music Workshopg SOS. BOBBIE GORDON Fleming's Historical Fact Findersg Future Homemakers of Americag DCTg SOS. VIVIAN ANN CO OLSBY SOS Clubg 4-H Clubg Future Homemakers of Americag Flem ing's Historical Fact Findersg Powder Puff Footballg lntra mural Basketball. FRANK GRIFFIN Art Service Clubg Historic Fact Finder. ,,,i', M 4' 35 'rf' WAYNE CRAY Speech Clubg Art Clubg Hi-Y Chaplaing Snifflesg History Mak- ers and Globe Shakersg Spanish Clubg Track. LARRY HANCOCK Bandg Studio Bandg Captainls Corpsg ROGBQ Bookworms Clubg CCCQ Freshman Bandg Flemingls Historical Fact Finders. KENNETH HARROD Collin's Comical Chemical Charactersg 22 First Levers and Gailg Bookworms, Chapter 2. EDWARD HARP RUTH ANNE HATFIELD Entered 1956, Sigma Tri-Hi-Y, Vice-President, Junior Classical League, Quo Vadis Chapter, Biological Research, Chapter III, President, Intramural Basketball, Powder Puff Football, Jun- ior Civitan's Sweetheart, The Indentured Servants of History, Vice-President, Homecoming Court, Junior, Senior Class Sec- retary, Thronateeska Staff, The Atom Smashers, President, Daisey Mae, Future Nurses of America, Football Sweetheart, TAPS, FFA Sweetheart. BRENDA HAWTHORNE FTA, Delta Tri-Hi-Y, Music Workshop, 4-Hg Los Diablos Chicos, Vice-President, Biological Research Club, Chapter I, Secretary, Sigma Tri-Hi-Y, Powder Puff Football, Civinettesg FTA, Miss Teen Center, Govecs, Bookworms, President, Los .Amores Latinos. MARY CAROLYN HAYES Art Club, Future Business Instructors, 4-Hg SOS Club. HENRY HAYES CARROLL HARPER .lunior Civitan, Hi-Y, Active Atoms of Aldan, The lndentured Servants of History, CAP, Sergeant, 22 Second Class Levers and Gail. MARGUERITE HARRIS Beta Club, Beta Tri-Hi-Y, Press Reporter, Anchor Club, Biological Research Club, Chapter IV, FTA, Junior Classical League, Quo Vadis Chapter, Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, Powder Puff Football, Junior Music Club, Historian. FAYE HARRIS Beta Tri-Hi-Yg FHA, Program Chairman, Sander's Biology Club, Press Reporter, Le Cercle Francais, The lndentured Servants of History, Office Assistant, Future Nurses of America. CAREY HATCHER Hi-Y, Bookwormsg Up 'n' Atoms, Treasurer, History Makers and Globe Shakers, Happy Historians, Treasurer, Biological Research Club, Basketball. Do Noi pmvfb 9 Q- PHOTO No! Available owsw HAYES GLENDA Lois HEALEN Entered in 19583 Alpha Tri-Hi-Yg Glee Clubg Bookwormsg 4-H Club. VAN HEARD Civic Adventurersg 'IBN Team Basketballg Intramural Basket- ballg General Science Clubg Intramural Coachg Varsity Basket- ballg Govecs, Secretaryg History Makers and Globe Shakersg ,Iunior Powder Puff Football Cheerleader. PAT HENDERSON FHA Press Beporterg Delta Tri-Hi-Yg Los Coroarios Enmas- caradosg Biological Research Club, Chapter IV, Treasurerg Beta Clubg Alpha Tri-Hi-Yg Senior Class Treasurerg SOS Club, President. Absent when pictures were made W9 3 Ogg, 'M l""'fN f 'S-A ' l , C ke H A it LX 7, xfgui -I 1343 " i , Il CX viii' -'IJ , l ' uf II' I f W' ". l efglbra' N it-I If in CLINTON HENDLEY HBV Team Football: "BM Team Basketball: Biological Research. Chapter Vg History Makers and Globe Shakers: Nlr, Collins and All His Little Atomsg KATS. LINDA L. HENSON Art Club: Future Homemakers: Beta Tri-Hi-Y: Delta Tri-Hi-YQ Future 'lleachers of America: Biological Research. Chapter Illg Annual Staff: Bookworms. JOHN CLINTON HIGHTOWER SANDRA GAIL HINSON l L'l S xite Club H1uf'l1tx'Irlistori'ins Student Counci: iirary er' ' , : 1 , A ., r . Secretary: Biological Research. Chapter IV: Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y History Alakers and Clobe Shakers: junior Class Vice-President Beta Club: Delta Tri-Hi-Y: SOS Club. 1 4 '46-6 TOO BUSY Not Shown TOMMY HOLT Art Clubg Truth Seekersg Indenturecl Servants of Historyg DCT, Treasurer. SANDRA HOPKINS Civinettesg JCLg Epsilon Tri-Hi-YQ Movie Operators' Sweet- heartg Powder Puff Footballg Intramural Basketballg Art Clubg The lndentured Servants of Historyg The Biological Research Club, Chapter Illg FHA. JEWELL HORNE Better Buildersg Delta Tri-Hi-Yg Forty Wondersg Music Work shopg Knights of Englishg Seekers of Family Knowledge. GEORGE HOWELL EUGENE HITCHCOCK Senior Bandg Captain's Corpsg The Truth Seekersg Mr. Collins and All His Little Atonisg Bookwormsg Twenty-one First Class Levers and Gail. LINFORD HOBBY History Holooesg DCT Club, Parliamentarian JAMES HOGATE DALE HOLLAND mm . ffm ROSE MARY HUDNELL CARL HUDSON J ACK W. HUDSON Track: HBM Team Basketball: Varsity Basketballg Block "AH Club. NANCY LOU HUFF Student Council: FHA: 4-H, Treasurer: Biological Research Club, Chapter IV: Beta Tri-Hi-Y: Haughty Historians, Treas- urer: Delta Tri-Hi-Y: Annual Staff, Club Assistant Editor: Drivers' Training: Clinic and Office Assistant. ft" 9 r g. fi We .'5'2...f..: divx 43, fx'-.M , W-12,7 SARA HUGHES Beta Tri-Hi-Y: Future Teachers of America: Junior Classical League: The Truth Seekers: Quo Vadis: Bookworms. ROBERT KAY HUIE Student Council: Biological Research Club: Art Club: Block MAN Club: Varsity Baseball: lntramural Basketballg Mr. Col- lins and His Little Atoms: Kollins Kilobrains. BILLY IVEY Freshman Class. Secretaryg Sophomore Class, Vice-President: Junior Class. Vice-President: Senior Class. Vice-President: Var- sity Football. Captain: Block HAY Club. President: Intra- School Council: Track. FRANKLIN JACKSON Dunning's Delinquent Tliinlqf-rs: DCT Club: Cuvee of . ,", A I Itv ,, . if 'fi J ROY JOHNSON WILLARD HENRY JOHNSON, JR. lVIr. Howelljs Biology Club, History Makers and Globe Shakers. MIKE JOHNSTON Collin's Cosmoes, Junior Civitans, Hi-Y, Minchewls Master- minds, Biological Research Club, Chapter III, Art Club. HEWETT J OINER Hi-Y, Beta Club, Aunt Aggieis Lit Critics, Treasurer, NB" Team Basketball, Up ,n' Atoms, 22 Second Class Levers and '- ' ' ' hi P t . Secretar Gail, Biological Research, Pharoa s easan 5, YS TAPS: Bookworms Club, Wasted Chapter, Intramural Basket- ball, General Science Club, President. EUGENE JAMES Art Club, HB7' Team Football, Faudree's Business Workers, FFA, Secretary, MBI, Team Basketball, Bookworms3 Junior Classical League, Govec, Treasurer, Happy Historians. SANDRA J EWELL Faudreeas Business Workers, Delta Tri-Hi-Y, SOS, FHA, The Indentured Servants of History, General Science Club. GLORIA JEAN JOHNSON Future Homemakers of America, lnclentured Servants of His- tory, Secretary and Treasurer, Biology Club, 4-H, DCT. LINDA JOHNSON Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, FTA, Beta Club, Buenos Vecinos, FHA, Gamma Tri-Hi-Y, KATS, Press Reporter, Library Service Club, 4-H, Beta Tri-Hi-Y, Intramural Basketball. K J u y : A ll BILLY JONES CECILIA JONES JAMES JONES MICHAEL JONES W, PHOTO "' Nor AVAILABLE P? A f i J ERRYANN KEY Delta Tri-Hi-YQ Art Clubg Zeta Tri-Hi-Yg Future Business Leaders of Americag Sketch Clubg Bookworms, Chapter IV. CHARLES KILGORE Key Club, Presidentg Hi-Y, Vice-Presidentg Intra-School Coun- cil, Parliamentariang Movie Operators, Secretaryg 22 Second Levers and Gail. TOMMY KING WILLIAM KIRKSEY Entered 19573 Key Clubg Beta Clubg Basketballg Movie Op- eratorsg Pow Pow, Business Managerg Kollins Kilobrains, Press Reporterg Collins. LOTTIE LAND Basketball, The Truth Seekers, Junior FHA, President, 4-H, DCT, KATS Chapter of Bookworms Club, Beta Tri-Hi-Y. SARAH CHARLOTTE LANGFORD Entered 1957, Beta Tri-Hi-Y, Secretary, Aunt Aggie's Lit Critics, 4-H, Thronateeska Staff, Intramural Basketball, Pow- der Puff Football, Pow Wow Staff, Teen Center, President, Civinettes, Georgia Youth Board Representative. MARTHA LAW Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, Beta Club, Office Assistant, Student Council, Delta Tri-Hi-Y, Knights of English, Slaves of History, Wasted Bookworms, Biological Research, Chapter III. RICHARD LAWSON Hi-Y, Movie Operators Club, Treasurer, Secretary, Mama ,luhan y Sus Chiquitos, General Science Club, Knights of English, Wasted Bookworms, Los Diablos Chicos: Covecsg Slaves of History. EUGENE KLEIN JEFFREY KLING Sniffles, Future Business Instructors, 4--H, Intramural Basket- ball, Future Homemakers of America, Powder Puff Football, The Seekers of Family Knowledge, Secretary and Treasurer. MICHAEL MAHAFFEY KNIGHT Sophomore Class, Vice President, Junior Class, president, Sen- ior Class, President, Junior Civitan, President, "Bn Team Football, Varsity Football, C0-Captain, Intramural Basketball, Coach, Block MAN Club, Student Council. ,IACQUELIND ADRATNE KUHAREK Entered 1957, Bank, Truth Seekers, Powder Puff Football, World History Club, The Seekers of Family Knowledge, Eng- lish II Club, Future Homemakers of America. ROBIN LEEGER Cheerleader, Captain, Homecoming Court 57, Student Council, Beta Club, Civitan Sweetheart, Football Sweetheart, FFA Sweetheart, Runner-up Miss AHS, FHA, Powder Puff Foot- ball, Aunt Aggie's Lit Critics, Secretary, Intramural Basket- ball, Civinettes, Secretary, Junior Classical League, Secretary, Delegate to Beta Club Convention, 4-H, Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y, Le Cercle Francais, President. GAIL LEWIS Entered 56, Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y, Varsity Basketball, Slaves of History, Secretary, 4-I-I, Future Homemakers of America, Re- porter, Faudreeis Business Workers, Program Chairman, Book- worms, Vice-President, Biological Research, Chapter III, 22 First Class Levers and Gail, Intramural Basketball, Freshman Band, Drivers' Training Club, Krazy Kitchen Kats, Powder Puff Football. EWELL GEORGE LEWIS Lit Wits, Govec, Intramural Basketball, U. S. Historians, Los Espanoles Dormidos, DE. SUE NELL LEWIS 'TB'-5' Wt I. L-f ,f ' Q 3 . ,f 4 -' 1,7 a n ,V J..y,.' Q- -f-ffi-azz. ,f Vfyfg-qi ff. U!-11440 yf,xfvf iz in f,p, , ,L V ms, I f n ff f .J hs.-----P .IEROLD NEWTON LINDSEY Art Club, Los Diablos Chicos, Mama ,Iuhan y Sus Chiquitos, Hi-Y, Atom-Smashers, The Indian Chapter of the Bookworms, 22 Second Class Levers and Gail. LEVERNE LINDSEY DANIEL LEE LITTLE EFA, Historians, Biology Club, Freshman Band, English Club. WAYNE LITTLEJOHN Junior Civitan, Civil Air Patrol, Biological Research, Kollinas Kurious Khemists, Govecs. X, WWW 12 BRENDA MARTIN Aunt Aggie's Lit Critics, Zeta Tri-Hi-Yg Los Diablos Chicosg Powder Puff Football, Civinettes, Vice-Presidentg FTA, Los Amores Latinosg Annual Staff, Bookwormsg Student Council. TWILA MASON Music Workshop, Delta Tri-Hi-Y, Treasurer, Glee Club, Vice- Presidentg Junior Classical League, Beta Tri-Hi-Y, Secretary, Clifton's Government Workers, The Truth Seekersg Student Councilg FTAQ Beta Club, Mellonettes, Secretary, Alpha Tri- Hi-Yg Intra-School Council, Diligent Thinkers, Vice-Presidentg Powder Puff Football, Intramural Basketballg FHA, Book- WOTITIS. VIRGINIA MASON Entered 563 Delta Tri-Hi-Y, Alpha Tri-Hi-Yg Los Diablos Chicosg Govecg Art Club, FHA, Powder Puff Football. MARILYN MAXWELL Band, Delta Tri-Hi-Yg Slaves of Historyg FHA. CAROL LONG Library Service Club, Govecs, Secretary, ,Iohnson,s Knowledge Seekers. EDSEL MAIORS GLORIA MALONE Civic Adventurers, FHA, Buenos Vecinosg The Bugstersg Ep- silon Tri-Hi-Yg Alpha Tri-Hi-Yg Beta Clubg Bookwormsg Pow- der Puff Football. VIRGINIA MANLEY FHA, Beta Tri-Hi-Y, Slaves of History, Delta Tri-Hi-Y, Li- brary Service Clubg Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, Future Nurses of Arnericag Powder Puff Footballg Bookworms, Chapter V, W-E-E-D-S, SOSQ Office. LINDA MCAFEE Civic Adventurersg Los Diablos Chicosg The Truth Seekersg Powder Puff Footballg Annual Staffg Civinettes, Presidentg FTAQ Intramural Basketballg Le Cercle Francaisg Office As- sistantg Zeta Tri-Hi-Yg Intra-School Council. BOBBIE NELL MCCRANEY Delta Tri-Hi-Yg FTAQ 4-Hg Biological Research Club, Chapter IVg Epsilon Tri-Hi-Yg Art Clubg Krazy Kitchen Kats, Presi- dentg Oovecs I. MARGARET MCDANIEL Library Service Clubg Beta Tri-Hi-Y, Secretaryg Cursus Hono- rumg Junior Classical Leagueg Bookwormsg Govec. JOYCE ANN MCDONALD 4-Hg Pharoah's Peasantsg Globe Shakers and History Makersg Bookworms. 6 .yi -.Mfg ' agfaisxi .IOANN MQELVAINE Epsilon Tri-Hi-Yg Seekers of Successg Office Assistantg I-Iaughty Historians. MARY FRANCES MCGILVARY Civic Adventures, Secretary and Treasurerg Music Worlcshopg Beta Tri-Hi-YQ Biological Researchg Glee Clubg Mellonettesg Uncle Bob's Historiansg Buenos Vecinos-Los Conquestadores de Espanol, Presidentg 5th Chapter Bookwormsg Annual Staffg Powder Puff Footballg FTA. WILLIAM DOUGLAS MQKNIGHT Junior Civitang Hi-Yg Student Council: JCL: Quo Vadis: A Bugsters, Secretaryg Annual Staffg Bookworms, Chapter 2g In- tramural Basketball: Art Club. LARRY MELVIN Art Clubg Truth Seekers: History Club, 57 lily! ' MW GAIL MOODY Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, Seekers of Success, Secretary-Treasurer, W-E-E-D-S Chapter II of Bookworms Club, The Albany High School Art Service Club, Treasurer, Biological Research Club, Chapter V, Beta Tri-Hi-Y, FHA, Delta Tri-Hi-Y, Powder Puff Football, Droopy Drawers Art Club. MARGARET ALYCE MOORE Entered 1957, Junior Class Secretary, Student Council, Intra- School Council, Beta Club, Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, Library Service Club, President, History Hoboes, Los Peones, Biological Re- search, Chapter V, Knights of English. EILEEN MOSES Zeta Tri-Hi-Y, Biological Research, Chapter V, Fleming,s His- torical Fact Finders, Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, FHA, Treasurer, KATS, Pow Wow Staff, Home Ec Club. GLEN MOULDER, J R. Varsity Football: 'LBH Team Football, Baseball, "Bn Team Bas- ketball: Biological Research, Chapter III, Up 'n' Atoms, Bookworms, 22 Second Class Levers and Gail, Treasurer, Block t'A.'7 MICHEAL MERREN Senior Band, Captains Corps, Collins Comical Chemical Charac- ters, Pow Wow Staff Photographer, Studio Band, Buenos Vecinos I, Los Peones Il, Los Hagan Lo. WILLIAM MILLER Future Farmers of America, Bookworms, 22 First Class Levers and Gail, Collins Comical Chemical Characters, Biological Re- search Club. PHYLLIS JANE MILNES Music Workshop, Glee Club, Mellonettes, Vice-President, Stu dent Council, Powder Puff, SOS, Vice-President. ROBERT MOBLEY History Makers and Globe Shakers, KATS, The Little Con federate Air Force, Cursus Honorum Chapter of the JCL, Movie Operators, Civil Air Patrol, Kollins Kilobrains. ifihvww, JAMES STAFFORD MOZNETTE Hi-Y, Secretary-Treasurerg Student Councilg Annual Staffg TAPSg The Bugsters, Presidentg Fleming's Historical Fact Finders, Presidentg Globe Shakers and History Makers, Presi- dentg The Bookworms. FRED MULFORD DIANE MULLIN Epsilon Tri-Hi-Yg Alpha Tri-Hi-Yg 4-H Clubg Bookwormsg Intramural Basketball. RONALD E. MURPHY flu-is f X I PAUL MUSSELWHITE KATSg Covec, Chapter ll, Presidentg "Bn Team Footballg MBU Team Basketballg Up 'n7 Atomg Biological Research Club IVQ Intramural Basketball. MARTHA ROBIN NEW Beta Tri-Hi-Yg Pharoahis Peasantsg Senior Bandg JCL, Cursus Honorumg Alpha Tri-Hi-YQ Bookworms. QUIDA WYOLENE NIX Student Councilg Beta Clubg History Hoboesg Epsilon Tri-Hi-YQ Delta Tri-Hi-YQ SOS. LUTHER NOLAN I 3389- L x ' cas-42 my x f' V5 . 8 I u fs :Fw LIONEL I . PARLARDY Bookworrnsg Knights of Englishg C'est la Vieg Le Cercle Fran- caisg The Indenturecl Servants of Historyg Cafeteria Committee. .IAN D. PARHAM Varsity Footballg Block HA" Clubg Pharaolrfs Peasants, Vice- Presidentg Atom Smashersg Bugstersg Fauclree's Historians. BRENDA GAIL PATTERSON Library Service Clubg Beta Tri-Hi-YQ Fleming's Historical Fact Findersg Biological Research, Chapter IVg Kollings Khem Katsg Le Cercle Francaisg Varsity Basketballg Powder Puff Footballg Intramural Basketballg KATS, Chapter Illg Pow Wosv Staff. VIRGINIA ELIZABETH PATTON FTAQ Alpha Tri-Hi-Yg FNAg History Makers and Globe Shak- ers, Treasurerg Los Espanoles Dormidosg Biological Research, Chapter Vg Fauclreeis Business Workersg Bookworms, Vice- President. JOSEPH CLAYBORNE NUNNALLY Entered 56g Los Espanoles Dormiclosg Wasted Chapter of Bookwormsg History Hoboes, Treasurerg Mama ,luhan y Sus Chiquitosg Annual Staffg Buenos Vicidos, Vice-Presidentg Hi-Y. ALFRED I . ODOIVI THOMAS OLIVENT BETTY IMA JEAN PAGE Alpha Tri-Hi-YQ Beta Clubg 4-H Cluhg Los Diablos Chicosg SOS. HAROLD PEAK RICHARD THOMAS PEAK Junior Civitan, Hi-Y, Senior Class Secretary, Track, Book- worms, Biological Research, Chapter I, Kollins Khem Kats, Twenty-two First Class Levers and Gail, Aunt Aggieis Lit Critics, Annual Staff. BARBARA POLLARD Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, Secretary, Beta Tri-Hi-Y, Library Service Club, Music Workshop, Clee Club, FHA, Los Espanoles Dormidos, The Bugsters, FTA, Los Armores Latinos, The Indentured Servants of History, Active Atoms of Aldan. ROGER POSEY ,i A TVX 5 '. 4- GENEVA RADNEY FHA, Library Service Club, The Bugstersg Future Business Instructors, Secretary, DCT, President, Faudree's Historians KENT RAGAN MARGARET ANN RAINEY Student Council, Beta Club, Zeta Tri-Hi-Y, Beta Tri-Hi-Y, JCL, Parliamentarian, Biological Research Club, Secretary, Powder Puff Football, Annual Staff, Uncle Bob's Historians, President, Sophomore Class Treasurer, Up in, Atom, Intramural Basketball, Senior Class President, Intra-School Council. MICHAEL JOSEPH REDDING Biological Research Club: History Hoboes: Football: Annual Staff. 4 gulf f 'gi' MILTON ROBINSON CHARLES ROGERS LINDA ROGERS Gamma Tri-Hi-Yg General Science Clubg Faudreeis Business Workersg Delta Tri-Hi-Yg Music Workshop. JEFF ROSE CHARLES REED Key Club, Parliamentariang Library Serviceg Junior Classical League, Quo Vaclisg "B" Team Footballg Varsity Footballg An- nual Staffg Mr. Collins and All His Little Atomsg Kollins Kilobrains, Presidentg Intra-School Council, Secretary. LEVERNE REHBERG Alpha Tri-Hi-Yg Delta Tri-Hi-Y, Presidentg Beta Tri-Hi-Yg Beta Clubg Govecg Atom Smashersg Faudree's Intramural Bas- ketballg Music Workshopg Powder Puff Football. PATSY REID Library Service Clubg Epsilon Tri-Hi-Yg Miss Dye,s World History Clubg FHAg Bookwormsg Annual Staff. ROLAND WAYNE RICH Pharoah's Peasantsg Art Service Clubg MBU Team Footballg Intramural Basketballg Uncle Bolifs Story Hour. RUSSELL ROUSE President Sophomore Class: Secretary, Junior Class: 'CBB Team Football: Varsity Football: Track, Captain: Varsity Basketball: Powder Puff Football, Coach: TAPS, Chairman: Block HA." ANN RUSSELL Science Club: Beta Tri-Hi-Y: Art Clubg SOS: Alpha Tri-Hi-YQ Future Nurses, Vice-President: Beta Club: Powder Puff Foot- ball. MARTHA SASSER Zeta Tri-Hi-Y: Beta Club and Student Council ffour yearsjg Beta Club, Vice-President, President: Student Council, Secre- tary: Anchor Club, Secretary: Key Club Sweetheart, Up 'ni Atoms, Secretary: Biological Research Vg Junior Classical League, Vice-President, Kollins Kilobrains, Secretary: Govecg lntra-School Council, Powder Puff Football: Clee Club: Music Workshop: Mellonettes. GRADY GORDON SCEALS Hi-Yg Govecg Buenos Vecinosg Pow Wow Staff, Library Serv- ice: Aunt Aggie's Lit Critics: Happy Historians. 6351 -. 02 qs: an an 4 JOHN DONALD SCHNELL Junior Classical League, Quo Vadis Chapter: Glee Club, Treas- urer: Faudree's Historians, Thronateeska Annual Staff: Chemi- cal Catalystsg Teens Against Polio: General Science Club: En- tered 56. SARAH JEAN SEGLER Freshman Class, President: Happy Historians, President: Fu- ture Homemakers of America. Vice-President: Beta Tri-Hi-Y: Court for Sweetheart of Albany High School: F8UflI'CC,S Busi- ness Workers, Vice-President: Beta Club tfour yearsl: Future Teachers of America: Miss FTA: SOS. JEAN CAROL SEGROVES Music Workshop: Beta Club: FHA. Parliamentarian: Beta Tri- Hi-Y: Biological Research. Chapter V: FTA: Freshman Class Treasurer: Powder Puff Football: KATS. CHAN SELLERS Art Club: Science Club: Football: Basketball Team: DE. l i , LM 9 n 4- 1 CLINTON SMITH Hi-Y, Presidentg Key Clubg Intra-School Councilg Annual Staff Movie Operators, Presidentg Block KA" Clubg Track, Co-Capi taing HB" Team Footballg Active Atoms of Aldang Representa tive, Boys, State. DAVID LEON SMITH Biological Research Chapter Ig Art Clubg NB" Team Football Active Atoms of Aldang Hi-Yg World History Club. HORACE SMITH LOWELL RANDALL SMITH Biological Research Club Ig Covec lg Aunt Aggie's Lit Criticsg Future Farmers of America. MARIE ANNE SHACKELFORD Student Councilg Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y, Presidentg Le Cercle Fran- cais, Vice-Presidentg Civinettes, Secretary and Devotional Chair- mang Thronateeska Annual Staff, Assistant Editorg Aunt Aggieis Lit Criticsg Sigma Tri-Hi-Y, Parliamentariang Future Home- makers of Americag Junior Classical League, Quo Vadis Chap- terg Powder Puff Foothallg Golfg Intramural Basketballg Of- fice Assistantg TAPSQ Indentured Servants of Historyg 4-Hg Miss Block HA? DUANNE SHAW' GILBERT SIMMONS MARY SIMMONS Biology Cluhg General Science Clubg Beta Tri-Hi-Yg Bandg Miss Bandg The Indentured Servants of Historyg 4-Hg Seekers of Family Knowledge. Q52 31 fr bf SHARON LEE SPIES Music Workshop, Troubadors, Thymalian Club, Biological Re- search Club, Chapter HI, Vice-President, Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y. CHARLES FREDRICK STAFFORD Beta Club, Student Council, Track, Static Chasers, FCL, Happy Historians, Up 'n' Atom, 22 First Class Levers and Gail, Plus Ultra. CHARLOTTE LEA STEPHENS Student Body Vice-President, Beta Tri-Hi-Y, Buenos Necinos, Los Espanoles Dormidos, Secretary, Mimados de la Profesora, Treasurer, Biological Research Club, Chapter IV, General Science Club, FTA, Beta Club, Student Council, Vice-President. MAC STINSON ROBERT GENE STRICKLAND HARVEY LOUIS STUCKEY Hi-Y, 22 First Class Levers and Gail, Active Atoms of Aldan, Govec, History Hoboes, Secretary, JCL, Quo Vadis Chapter, MB" Team Football, Art Club, Intramural Basketball, Track, Beta Club. ROBERT WADE SUGGS EUGENE LESTER SUMMERFORD 6 499' 'QA CHARLES THOMAS Entered 563 Auto Theoryg Auto Mechanics Tradeg Bookwormsg Govecs. JOYCE ANNETTE THORNTON JAMES JOSEPH TOLBERT Hi-Yg Chemicas Catalyzersg Covecs, Chapter I. LINDA GAIL TOLBERT MARIE LESLIE SUMMERFORD Epsilon Tri-Hi-Yg Music Workshop, Secretaryg Glee Clubg Min- chewis History Hoboesg Kitchen Kats. JOYCE ANN SUMNER LORNA JEAN SWEETING Senior Class, Vice-Presidentg Alpha Tri-Hi-Yg Le Cercle Fran caisg Beta Clubg Zeta Tri-Hi-Y, Presidentg Delta Tri-Hi-Yg Library Service Clubg Student Councilg Office Assistantg Gen eral Science Club, Secretaryg Powder Puff Football. LYNN ELDY THAYER o 4-, 1 2 Q 4 ' JUDY TOMME Entered 19573 Junior Class Presidentg FTA, Secretary, Vice- Presidentg Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, Vice-Presidentg Anchor Club, Par- liamentariang Beta Clubg Miss Congenialityg Student Councilg Student Body Presidentg Powder Puff Footballg Up 'n' Atom, Music Workshop. PHILLIPS .I OE TOOLE FFAg Bandg DE. DONNA DARLEEN TRINIES CAROL MARIE TROMBLY Entered 19563 Sigma Tri-Hi-Yg Future Business Instructors 4-Hg FHAg Intramural Basketballg Powder Puff Manager Civinettes, Treasurerg Pow Wow Staff. -'ry sissy HOWARD MARVIN TUCKER MYRA CLARA TURNER Zeta Tri-Hi-Yg Art Clubg The Truth Seekersg Haughty His- toriansg Los Diablos Chicosg History Makers and Globe Shak- ersg Annual Staff. TOBY ANN TURNER PATRICIA ANN VARNUM Library Service Club: Faudreeis Historiansg DCTQ Seekers of Family Knowledge. 6 SUZANNE WARE Happy Historiansg Knights of Englishg Science Clubg Library Service Club. JOSEPH C. WATKINS Junior Civitang Hi-Yg Big Bomb and His Little Atomsg Govecs. JULIA FRANCES WATKINS General Science, Treasurerg Sigma' Tri-Hi-.Yg Los Covavios Eumascavadosg Civinettesg Los Amores Latlnosg Uncle Bobs Historians, Secretaryg Bookwormsg Officeg Office Club, Vice- Presiclentg Annual Staff. BONNY WATSON Beta Tri-Hi-YQ Office Assistantg 4-H Clubg Future Homemalrers of Americag Powder Puff Footballg lohnson's Little Vitamins. NK ED VINSON MARY SUE WADE Beta Clubg Beta Tri-Hi-Yg Music Workshopg Knights of Eng- lishg Flemingas Historical Fact Findersg Zeta Tri-Hi-Yg Future Teachers of Americag Uncle Bob's Historians, Secretary. BETH WALLACE Entered l956g Anchor Club, Presidentg lntra-School Councilg Pharoah's Peasantsg Biological Research, Chapter Vg Up ,117 Atoms, Vice-Presidentg Los Peones, Vice-Presidentg Los Haganlo. JERRY ALEX WALTON Civic Adventurersg Art Clubg Le Cercle Francaisg The In- clentured Servants of Historyg Active Atoms of Aldang Trackg Hi-Yg Covecg Annual Staff. SARAH KENYON WATSON Delta Tri-Hi-Yg Senior Bandg Business Leaders of Tomorrowg Beta Tri-Hi-Yg Faudreels Business Workersg SOS. MARY WATSON Entered 56g Beta Cluhg Basketballg Intramural Baskethallg SOS Clubg World History Clubg Vice-President, Sophomore Classg Powder Puff Football. LOUIS WENDELL WAY Entered 573 Kollinls Kurious Khemistg Glee Clubg Hi-Y. ROLAND WETHERBEE l E , 1 Yr' X 'Khuln- 7 5 'Q , - . ,. .s.w.:a.. 'M Y ' T I 6 ' i..e .. ,l r BARBARA ANN WHATLEY Beta Clubg Delta Tri-Hi-YQ Zeta Tri-Hi-Yg Music Workshopg Clee Clubg Future Nurses of Americag Knights of Englishg SOS. ROBERT HUGH WHITE JCLg The Bugstersg Key Clubg Plus Ultrag Short Circuitsg Hi-Yg MB" Team Basketballg Varsity Baskethallg Varsity Basehallg Block 'LAM Clubg Beta Clubg Up 'nl Atomg 22 Second Class Levers and Gail. WADE WHITE Biological Research Clubg MBU Team Footballg "BH Team Bas- ketballg Radio Researchg Govec, Presidentg Intramural Basket- hallg Up 'nl Atom. JULIAN WHITING Pow Wow, Editorg Art Service Cluhg Collinls 24 Test Tubesg lntra-School Councilg Hi-Yg HBW Team Footballg NB" Team Basketballg Bookworms. 69 JL ELEANOR .IAN WILLIS Civic Adventurersg Beta Clubg Art Clubg Beta Tri-Hi-Y, Treas- urerg Office Assistantg Future Homemakers of Americag Los Diablos Chicosg The Truth Seekersg Future Teachers of Amer- icag SOS, Program Chairman. JERRY WILLIS KATHERINE EUGENIA WILLIS Music Workshopg Junior Future Homemakers of Americag Beta Tri-Hi-Yg Los Corsariors Enmascaradosg Knights of Eng- lish, Treasurerg Happy Historiansg The Forty Wondersg Glee Clubg Mellonettes. ALVIN LEE WISE Editor of Annualg Junior Civitansg Kollins Kurious Khemists, Presidentg Kollins Kilobrains, Parliamentariang Beta Clubg Trackg Hi-Yg Student Councilg Intra-School Councilg The Happy Historiansg The Snifflesg Art Cluhg TAPSg Los Cor- sarios Enmascarados. STANLEY WHITAKER ANN WILLIAMS The Dumb Debatersg The Technique Seekersg Bookwormsg The Kitchen Katsg The Discountantsg Bietelis Shorthand Clubg Seek- ers of Family Knowledgeg Bookroom. LESLIE WILLIAMS ANNETTE WILLIS Spanish Clubg Discountantsg Indentured Servants of Historyg DCT Club, Historian. CHARLES WOODARD ,,. 5 BILLY WooDY in History Makers and Globe Shakers, Short Circuits, Static Chasersg Biological Research, Chapter III, Up 'n, Atorng 22 Second Class Levers and Gail. BOB WRIGHT W, ll OZELL GORDON WRIGHT Student Council, Art Clubg Junior Classical League, Plus Ultra, Biological Research, Chapter Ig History Makers and Globe Shak- ? ersg Up ln' Atom, Tennis Team, Govec, 22 Second Class Levers Sat., p and Gail, Key Club, Secretary. nn J IM YANCEY Junior Classical League, Sperry's History Makers and Globe Shakers, General Science Club, Glee Club, MB" Team Football, Varsity Football, Block 'CAN Club. .fm Z, L ilsr PAUL YARBROUGH , The Bookworrnsg Govecg Kollins Kilobrains, Cafeteria Com mittee. Un' 1 ,.. ?i,Q,,X , 5 y fi I f ' vs ' fy f , 1 4' V. fi , f ,Q y ASQ 'Q , ,QW , M J A ' 'N'-Mira? nnamuf' 'Q 1 ing ' ,, A f . . A .f, , '41, if g f yf' 'J -f ' , w ff WCM 7 , , , , ,' c f ff: 'C W Q' f fy , f " U. ,, ,, V I 5.,j7fV571-54Z?L,, if., r - 1 , f ' ' 7' Yi' ' 1 'iff 'f Wi, 5' , I :f 1 ,f f"W,wMf:fg,,- 3 f, , ,'. if any - , , q fu, if , 2- '-ffw,,:fu,f,,,f ff V4 f . F M 9' 4 f H 44,- AM1ff5 gf. ,, 1 55 K Kuff f,.n Q- I 3 , ,M hiffa ,Y f I, . 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L .,.gr,.,4,, fag,-,4,gfyw,jf' '10 Hg, 1. fm,,ff4, gf 'mf fa Neca Blair Carolyn Blakey Janice Blalock Lucy Bland Tommy Blewett Paul Bolt Virginia Branch Brenda Brashears Danny Breeden Jimmy Broadaway Diantha Broome Freeland Brown WW Roy Bearden Bernard Bearry Cyrilla Beck Barbara Bell Glynn Belle-Isle Lawrence Berry Patrick Berry Beverly Bethea ,af Nanette Beverly Ross Birdsong Patti Bishop Jim Blackmer Merle Brown Wayne Brown Jackie Bruner Wanda Bruner Joe Burdeshaw Phyllis Burgess Hugh Burnham Rita Butts Virginia Campbell Bessie Cannon Frank Cannon Tom Carcelli Q 5 'e its " 'Cdl' if ,, h 'iw X 7 5 1 1.5'f"' , f 75- f' 5- 1 ,- 15, ,fx W 'N PHOTO A 'I lo 'w 4 xg W 5-3 X . X l hx Sylvia Carden Corinne Carlton Larry Carlton Carolyn Carmody Larry Carter Marion Cartwright Bobby Cato Rebecca Chambers Chan Chandler Carole Chappell Fred Chappell, Jr. Lynn Chestnutt 7 MN .-69' Tommy Cook Arlene Costello James Coston Sara Coston Gay Council Larry Courson Charles Cowan Mary Alice Crawford Richard Creel Robert Creel Jo Crisler Betsy Crittenden ,,, ,,, "1 'Jn Xa' Vw Judy Chiarmonte Ann Churchwell Barrie Clark Dawn Clegg Cynthia Clyatt Patricia Cochran Pamela Cockcroft Joe Coleman Alice Connell Charles Cook Harris Cook Ronald Cook Carolyn Culbreth Janis Culbreth Peggy Cutcliens David Cuthbertson Douglas Daniel ,larnes Daniel ,lean Daniel Douglas Davidson Celia Davis Frances Davis Kenny Davis Robert Davis 1 'M 4. .sf , i ' L' A, EF: 'fi as ava Y' X If T,S Z ,. of Y X, If lv! ' , gym- ,- . .,. f,4,,, 4 Q fire Vi r ' r ' Z Q fa, af, X X x , f 'Ut . , .,,, , N. a p nir i is i eii 'E' Q. : ,, -,,- .K 2-x,?'h I 5 4 x fril i ' f D-QW. . . 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Raymond Puryis Sandra Rayhon Phylum Tommy Rayhon 'H Donnie Hagan Q""'9' IW ? 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Beckwith Juanita Beech Lorretta Beech Sharon Bell Barbara Bennett Linda Bevering Corinne Beverly Bodney Bierman Pat Bishop Linda Bissett Judy Blankinship wr,-as fi-nw-3 Ray Brown Don Bruner Harold Bryan Mac Buntin Vickie Burdette Pam Burgess Bill Busbee Alton Butler Laverne Butler Bobbie Jean Butts Judy Cain Cynthia Cannon George Cannon Jimmy Carlton J. L. Carter i t J ye,,e J yi M A 2 in if 3 T 46 Q ix ,Z I fy X 'lg 0' :Q , fwiila if ,lu se.. ,Vx- 'Qliffii ffggg A N Y? I " gang! if J 'f ff 'x .fu- I Q Carolyn Carver Joan Cato Kay Cates Tommy Chambless Jim Champion Fran Chandler Kit Christopher Doug Clegg Jimmy Cline Laura Ann Cloud Joe Ann Cohen Joyce Cohen Patsy Conley Aileen Connor William Corbin 5:2 99 da .? 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J I l UM PHOTCWPS Noi Available 1 MUN Y HAVE I Kill! n. cialis - .lk 115 Bobby Paul Gloria Peak James Pearson Elaine Pender Becky Pennington Andy Pennington Mary Sue Peoples Billy Pelham Claudia Parker Antoinette Petty Trudy Phillips Joey Pickens Billy Plummer Fred Pollard Clint Poole hh. J T Barbara Pope Rosalynd Potts Kathryn Powell Linda Power Jimmy Prevatte if J 3 Z A 7 . K if ZZ! I l at lt I f Emily Price Myrtle Pritchard Judy Ramsey Jerry Ray Sonny Reaves Linda Roberts Jane Robinson Tom Robinson Jean Roddy Donald Roofe Pat Rogers Hazel Rome Dona Rosedale Doris Rosser Ginger Rouse , hh' J' , K , Danny Reese y xx J' Larry Rhodes 715, 1 James Rigsby 7 Hugh Roach J Richard Roach ,V llift iz' .ffl A ' 'V' '. 'f ' , , I 1, il VM..-'if' ,fls'AkV4ffsz2 ml 7 f it J? ff ffl- f" , ., if lv '-,. h Ljxl ax P5 ,, it . I ff it 3 , 2 . fit, as s- . ,, F f' ,K ,KM Geraldine Rowe Q N, Vgar M I Kitty Royal f ,Q J Margaret Russel K Toby Ann Royal Anna Rutherford N. ' f if Q J A 'B iff: "" , . 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M .Ny I Z Claude Surface Bill Sutton Charlotte Taylor Elizabeth Taylor Pat Taylor Peggy Taylor Terry Thayer Elaine Thibodeau Julie Thomas Bea Thomason Bernita Thompson Janet Thompson Bobby Thompson Carolyn Thornhill Darrel Thornhill ,imdb . fni' Q5 W 1 rr, f if I i ' My a if' if Ray Stephens Carla Sterne Grace Stevens Ann Stinson Glenda Stone Carl Story Kay Stovall Jay Strawder James Strickland Ruth Strickland Edward Stripling Ronnie Stuart Dennis Suit James Summerford Kathleen Summerford W9-' T 2 7 A U 'A , li ',,, 7' I V f 'gag 4 A ff? . , X , ,M f is 1 ,., W K 14 , ' f f 1 if , X fi f gi iff' , 1 if 1 PHOT O NCT AV AILABLE X 24" 6' fag ,M , , ' , Q, f , A I, ,t eww' f fa, 'f -' 1 1 ,gin 'Y' ' g, f'Ii'Z WK 61109 Q Q -Q , , Geraldine Thornton Jimmy Thornton Donald Tingle Joel Tolbert Bobby Tombison Edgar Tompkins Wilma Trammell Ann Tucker Jimmy Van Landingham Mickie Van Landingham Pete Vann Peggy Vanzant Buddy Varner Lynda Varnum Maryanne Wadsworth of it ' M f PQ Q, in roo aus 1, g , V , Q 6' yr ir 3 fffz W v f r d iit ti ff-fr ll t -gi llll W , W L g el-1 fill L Xxfff ln. 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' J fi V", f " V J 1 J' I , y.,. 7 A ',i..,,w2 -+ , W ' +,7'W?fVJ331fl3 rf r ar 1 '54 mn. for Foxx! y ,.y Q H . if, 7 J JE t i ff Eugene Harrell Randal Hatcher Lanis Hatcher Jimmy Holman Gordon Hughes Janice Jewell Jackie Jones Spence Keaton James Key Carl Cone Dorothy Field Ed Friend Dean Gore Bobby Griffin Lamar Edwards Jimmy Harris ,ov , 5 ! l Q ei 5 ft 2 "S, Z 'ra ,Wa :wif-Vi' -ur J Q if --ff" - yt .5 . - , to 61 Vg W aw' MM? ity 1 ,af- Q. ag 5:- U?" ,Q-Q14 'Vw--ww .MQ JY' f it ,.i . , J at , W I , Lynn Snyder Emmett Summerford Edward Tabb Diane Tankersley ,lames Thompson Wilman Thurman Mary Kimbrell George Kratzer Bobby Larum Dick Lightner Ronald Mathis Mary Martin Larry Martin Lucas McDonald Ronnie Merritt Arnold Mull Patsy O'Neal Ralyeen O'Shea.l Jerry Phillips Charlotte Potts June Rogers Hugh Rollins Guenn Smith .lim Snellgrove 78" if 'Qu 'WWY Carolyn Tynes Leila Vaughn Carol Jane Wells Robert Whatley Don White William Whitney Donald Wiard Roy Wildes Carroll Willis Martha Wingate rf, iz' 1 wtf' I ,k V P llll ,- :.,, - My 4 'V A.'l' 1 to P. a i sst P a f l , C it. in-5 v2,'X, A r ,t l E . ' ' pf Wm' x-zu.:-.QX un: -v '- .t its -if ,E 'gk Xt V .Si 5 .W 1' , ' if! 1 'gc' at F 'W I '. H 'MB Msxhw qw Www mmf if-riff' WMV qw 2' A may EF V Lal? if 1 i ff! m MWA . lit: Urganizations Thronateeska Stay? 9:11775 - Aan- fggff- , H. , 1919 ,1 211: Jfnw A LW ASSISTANT EDITOR Anne Shackelford EDITOR: Al Wise This is our story! The story of the growth of our school and the many events which highlighted the 1958-59 year. This book contains 272 pages of countless hours of Work recorded for your memory. Although We lost sleep, Weight, and our minds, we enjoyed every minute of preparing your 1959 Thronateeska. This hook is for you-lest you forget! The 1959 Thronateeska Staff BUSINESS MANAGER Anne Rainey tuclent Council PRESIDENT Judy Tomme VICE-PRESIDENT Margaret Wilson SECRETARY Charlotte Stephens TREASURER Fred Chappell PARLIAMENTARIAN Marshall Tanner SPONSORS Pat Field Mrs. McComb Miss Heath PURPOSE-The Student Council is an organization which strives to be of service to the school and the community, to provide general regulations for the conduct and practice of the students of Albany High School, to Work hand in hand with the students, administration, and the faculty for a harmonious school program. QQ Q 1,-f . D' .ft-. 'T' fy ':v -V I 7 A '. N 'fi xm ' y ff' J ' I , V ll dl r .-r 1 1 , N X f fmll PRESIDENT Martha Sasser RSM P F40 Q! on 57:21 mm W-1 n-my Ev: :1'-4 N CHARACTER ilk SPONSORS-Mrs. Dobbins and Mr. Hatcher PURPOSE-To develop leadership and responsibility. VICE-PRESIDEN T Emily .lean Haley XX CHARAc1sR TREASURER Fred Chappell Seniors IRSH P ' tin:-N if Beta lub S 'W-1 foe 3 Z Z ,H For a student to become a member of the Beta Club is both an honor and a 1 privilege. A student must maintain a 2 average or better with no deportment out below a 2 for two consecutive semesters. ,rf Yi Z,- sll Il WMA-f ,7 7, f . Z 1 f '71 A f , MW - f , A 'K ff Q 'f fwg KM' W f at , , X f if ,949 1 Wy-' 5 an 4 Ag 4 0 f 4 V -gm. W IZI VICE-PRESIDENT Brenda Martin SECRETARY Anne Shackelford 2 Q I . f ,VZ :WM 'Z -ur Robin Leeger ifvinettes REPRESENTATIVE IN MISS A.H.S. CONTEST PURPOSE-To better .,. ,. f.. gm' at QW xx 4 ., ,eva A. , , X ,Xl Q W , Brenda Hawthorne ai pg 'n . . it -4, - All Q.. F f - Joan Couch V ,I Ogio Betsy Crittenden PRESS REPORTER Beverly Commagere PARLIAMENTARIAN: Lila Sheffield relations between school and community. Judy Watkins X ,, mi, . fn, , f gf ff as f , Q' . A ,I i " ' if' V . .,, ,ff 4, I Sandra Hopkins Sister Carlton 1 ' 4. ,V , , y, f I gm' Charlotte Langford :Vi A 7' Brenda Brashears Sis Shemwell 1, ' ,,'- " 'S X 'iw 9? f f fha ft A X' Susan Fleming 9 I , , f , , 542, f fl ,f 6 f4 f M X 4: iw Wm W 'W ,9 Diane Cox Lila Sheffield TREASURER Carol Trornbly Mrs. Faudree SPONSOR Carol Trombly Joanne Johnson Cookie Rifkin VICE-PRESIDENT Bobby Holeman SECRETARY Hinkey Dunn 046 A 7-,oi I rg NNN! : Junior ivitans PRESIDENT Mike Knight SPONSOR: Mr. Faudree PURPOSE: To promote better school and civic relations. JW , WW-Qyenmgwv,4wfV.,w-4 ef- f K , -N, we in f ,,.. 74225 yr --0 , I , W ' TREASURER Mike Johnson PARLIAMENTARIAN Wade Gill SWEETHEART Beverly Commagere ,,,, ,f.,.i ,,i A f S ,..,, 4 , , T ,,W,,,W,M4,6y,,,,, fy. W3 ,. if 4' 1fZ'Jg1fgf ,. Q. f, -.ii ' 7 ' 1 ff V f 'f64f44-X.g,,,,, , , ,ii, ,. A y 'WJ' 7 ff gf W X , f i y,,j!1ngi5g', ",'. Ig, 'iff fi ,V ,1,f,'f,,,4g,.,.,:f.y ,.f, tv 7 f, , iiii no 'Wwe Y Future Teachers of America Stella I almon lub PRESIDENT Twila Mason VICE-PRESIDENT Judy Tomme SECRETARY Mary Cagle TREASURER Elaine Christian SPONSORS Miss Randitt Miss Hudson PURPOSE-To learn about the opportunities in teaching, to cultivate the qualities essen- tial in a good teacher, to study the lives of great teach- ers, and to foster the develop- ment of student leadership. C' L Pow W ow MAKE-UP EDITOR: Bill Blizzard ASSOCIATE EDITORS Maly Cagle Julian Whiting BUSINESS MANAGER Bill Kirksey ART EDITOR Mike Doyal COLUMN EDITOR Elaine Christian FEATURE EDITOR Peggy Brown :Z-, u 1 x 1 hal ff Key lub Martha Sasser 6 I, 4 Ab" " 'QW g fi if M , Q J t MJ, f 0 J ' .Q fi A I fi V 5. ,,,1,,ee 'qw aww . 'tw E 647 1 234, . get 222354511 T ,Q 1 - 2. 3' ., we l ,ir g 432' 1 1 PRESIDENT: Charles Kilgore SECRETARY: Gordon Wright PARLIAMENTARIAN: Charles Reed PURPOSE-To serve the school and ff' "'-. ,I K If KK E Y Rx ,,fff-.R 'ffl ,ll EEF 3 ,Rv If community and Beth Wallace VICE-PRESIDENT: Robert White TREASURER: Harold Carter SPONSOR: Mrs, Rowe to develop initiative and leadership. oil ' t is mf W' ...mtv 23 , . . f Q Q, ' ,YW I . I ' ' t aw ,, :Q-it , 4 tj ,4 ,if W , 1 1 1 7 4 f f 1 'Z f " X 4 f W 6 1-gf V f X, X , I! , L9 V , , g y I If i V, 1, 4, ,Q I ' '- , PRESIDENT Beth Wallace VICE-PRESIDENT Emily Jean Haley SECRETARY Martha Sasser TREASURER Jane Fogle PARLIAMENTARIAN Judy Tomme CHAPLAIN Penny Hunter A E Q11 DA Nc PURPOSE-To be of service to the school and the community. gr E25 'H' fb h '77 1 'Sift f Ano or Club , rw' 7 'ffl 5 ' ? svmwmz-sfsw-www i 1 l i K n Library Service Club PURPOSE-To give to the school and to learn something of librarianship as a profession. zgx , fygh Mf PRESIDENT ............ ,...... M afgaret Moore 6 VICE PRESIDENT Jane Fogle im J' T l SECRETARY ........... ...... M ar ret M Da ' 1 ' X ga c n1e " : ii" ifi A 3' .Q , 11372 ,- +' .- ' ' Q 'f'r"T7' W 9 TREASURER ,................. ....... R ichard Lawson --Z, f g,r'f"?'r f.Y.5T?1.ffgfgrT1'jiL :rfWi:2Lrf 'N 1 Egfr-' -ff "f,-',-.'-4'-J 'off A'-5 fuiyfj , 7 Q 'x +45 f PRESS REPORTER .,.o..... .,....,..... P eggy Brown if I L SPONSOR ......,........,.... ,........ M rs. J. J. Hogue -Tiii-YW, Biological Research Club - Chapter I PRESIDENT ..,,,ee.,...........,,,,,,,,.. .. Pete Brandon VICE-PRESIDENT ....,,,.,,,,....,.....,,,,.. Pam Ball SECRETARY ,,.,,,............,,,,.,,. Barbara Ballard TREASURER ,,,...........,,.,,,............,. Pat Bishop SPONSOR ..,..,..,,,,....,, ,,r.,........ G . B. Howell r E "" l 'I rl'-I i tg f , GI.: ' Z 2 I l .S ra 5:-E :F ' PURPOSE-To try to lmprove the world of tomorrow by our knowledge of blology. "f LJ Biological Research Club - hapter H PURPOSE-To try to improve the world of tomorrow by our knowledge of biology. PRESIDENT ....v,...,..... - ..........,......,. Becky Pennington SECRETARY .......,,,,,.....,..... ,,,.,,,,c,,, T ina Smith VICE-PRESIDENT ....................,,.,.... Wanda Olivent TREASURER .,,,,,,.............,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,, I err Stevens SPONSOR ..,,,,...,.,...,, ,,,.......,,.,,,,,,,,.,., G , B, Howell Em MOULQ perators PURPOSE To show educational movies. Clint Smith Milton Robison Charles Kilgore Richard Lawson W. A. Loveless PRESIDENT John Brunson SECRETARY Mike Doyal PRESS REPORTER Linda Johnston ? 4' arg, fb vf 3 K-A T- CHAPTER OF BOOKWORMS PURPOSE-To stimulate greater interest in good readingg to extend, deepen, and refine one's ability to express his or her thoughts and ideas in both oral and written form. KNOWLEDGE ACHIEVED THROUGH STUDY VICE-PRESIDENT Virginia Patton TREASURER Laverne Connell SPONSOR Miss Thelma Plant Cid I 5 cliuzvz lN'UU Collins Casual Chemists Bill Kirksey PRESIDENT ,,,,l..........,.A.. ....,..... VICE-PRESIDENT SECRETARY .7,...,.....,. TREASURER .,7,7, SPONSOR ,,,,.,., 5 0 Richard Creel Bud Lewis Patti Bishop Mr. Collins il '30 O xxx' 0 PURPOSE-To increase our knowledge in Chemistry. . X E tual ollins Comical Chemical haracters fi -,J 013 OBJ ' PURPOSE-To increase our knowledge of .O 3 f .-5 chemistry. PRESIDENT Marshall Tanner VICE PRESIDENT Marty York SECRETARY Donald Strickland PARLIAMENTARIAN Richard Rhodes SPONSOR Mr. Collins TREASURER , ,V Tommy Ross V PRESS REPORTER LuAnne Mount f 1 .L z , 4 4:24 f' WVffX ,ff 577' f Q " ' f 'ff ' f f ,X iifz f ff , f 7, , , yi 5 'ff , f 1, I X ' Q gf f f 1, f f V f W0 A. , sw f f ,ff , f f, ,f f ,Q 1.1 ffcif f . ,f,, W ff www K, ' ,f f X , f , fx xv, 7 f if f w W W as 4 , . X V, ,ffzjf X f X f ff! f X f , f f,,g2,fQ JW ' y ' X 'ff' f f ' X3 1 , fx' X ,Q , l,!, Q , X yy, f, fg f y, f ff 2,5 f , - ,. my f X ff' W , ,,f7,g4f,'C',j,f , , ,- 13 ,, xyi ,z . ff f jfy,fy,ff" f 4f7V Qf7,,,fj,,ff , 3 ,, . fWffx54y,Q , yur ff, ff f Wi - ,fifiZO297Zf4Lf555 f ya , f ff, 15wi1yf4 ijfffjfff c 397 Y f faiiwf1mi-W f,fz4wf+f2if fMgfz 4 00' mf? ffm , Q ffifefa Zcfdwf OW ff' flffwffwffw Zz. w ffff f ffffff, .ff ' f fy - 5'- 2 531 , 'f Q-.A my , A . fffw , jywh- f -4' .3 ,ff ff-ffff., 5,11 f- Q , ff wif f ,, ' 1 A ,,Vf,V,,' ' 7 , xg 5 0. , ,gif ilfkmafikl f f f 4411 I ff +7 2 6 H , f Y W ff 5 f X? f Q 'Z A Y " Z ' ,MI Z ,V f , 45, 'W ,- 4 5 2 n ,. ,1 A 10' a f" . k , . V , X X f V f f 2 ' , ? ff f "gi fm I X f ,Z K K f ,ff f 1 1 f M X MQ! Sf 1 f W f y W X 7 Zgf f, f K f f 7 f ff Y f f f 4 W ,, X yur.. ,vc ,Q 54, f 164 ' if 1 f 3 1 f f ' X f 6 I ,f 225 Biology lub PURPOSE-Further int eres t in Biology. PRESIDENT: Georgia Kay Morehead SECRETARY: Linda Mitchell VICE-PRESIDENT: Connie Oclum TREASURER: Freddie Melton V gif' SPONSOR: Mrs. Ruth Summerville ff ii P 'E jj I ollms Kzlobrams PURPOSE-To better understand the principles of Physics. PRESIDENT Charles Reed VICE-PRESIDENT Billy Cato SECRETARY Martha Sasser TREASURER Harold Carter PARLIAMENTARIAN Al Wise PRESS REPORTER Bill Kirksey SPONSOR Mr. C. A. Collins Collins 22 Seeoncl Class - Levers and all l ' VICE-PRESIDENT: Charles Kilgore PRESIDENT: Al Garret TREASURER1 Glen M0Uld01' SECRETARY5 COICY BTOWY1 SPONSOR: Coach Collins PARLIAMENTARIAN: Carl Adams s IQQ Bwlogzeal Research lub hapter HI PURPOSE To try to 1mprove the world of tomorrow by our knowledge of biology. PRESIDENT A...,.,....,...VA...,A.... VICE-PRESIDENT SECRETARY .A,...,o TREASURER .........., .4A...7,.. SPONSOR ..V7........ Richard Hatcher Bucky Geer .loan Hand Lari Bachman G. B. Howell Q 1? Bwlogzeal Research lub lwpiel' IV PURPOSE To try to lmprove the world of tomorrow by our knowledge of biology. PRESIDENT ....,.,,,l......, VICE-PRESIDENT ........,,,,,lll.. SECRETARY ..... TREASURER ....... SPONSOR .....ll Dan Little Vickie Brisbois Al Hutchison Andy Pennington G. B. Howell Marvinps Molecular Maniacs PRESIDENT .Ioe Wigelsworth VICE-PRESIDENT Mark Jeffrey SECRETARY Ruby Duncan TREASURER Randy Sammons PROGRAM CHAIRMAN Robert Yielding i 4 s , ,f,, I , , , PURPOSE-To create an interest in current science. ' I Atom mashers fin, l. A if 5 'gm 35 A SPONSOR: Mr, Reddick 3 5 PRESIDENT Q Ruthie Hatfield I VICRPRESID1-:NT Tom Carcelli H TREASURER s Neca Blair I PROGRAM CHAIRMAN X Peggy Cutchens 4 it I I ,f PURPOSE-To create an interest in current science. Q , DOJ I I ti . 'E ' H A f I 3' :L A A I '72 ' I II IAA atalyzers PURPOSE-To create an interest in current science. PRESIDENT-Charles Cowan VICE-PRESIDENT-Frank Hunshamer SECRETARY-Jack Schnell TREASURER-Flo Langffb' X!! PRESIDENT Fred Chappell VICE-PRESIDENT Chan Chandler SECRETARY Barrie Clark Nuclear Nuts PURPOSE-To creafe an interest in current science. TREASURER Rita Buns PROGRAM CHAIRMAN William Blizard SPONSOR M. J. Reddick PRESIDENT Tommy Chambers VICE-PRESIDENT Stephen Schatz OOPETSTLOOPGTS SPONSOR: Bill Sanders ' I SECRETARY Claude Surface TREASURER Helen Cuqaniewiez X1 xx P -4 .A , X ' 54 If be fx X 4 fu! 0 R u New iT...-7, PURPOSE-To promote greater interest in science. VICE-PRESIDENT Charles Kilgore SPONSORS Mr. Bragg Mrs. Long . K -, f X fsf V S 'f sxms. A ix S f- 5? JE Hi- Y PRESIDENT-Clinton Smith SECRETARY-TREASURER Stafford Nloznette CHAPLAIN Wayne Cray PURPOSE-To create, maintain, and extend throughout the home, school, and community high standards of Christian Character, 1.1.- OBJECTIVE To seek To find To share Alpha Tri-Hb Y SLOGAN Pure thoughts Pure Words Pure actions PURPOSE-To create, maintain and extend throughout the school and community high standards of Christian character. WORSHIP CHAIRMEN PRESIDENT ......,.,.c,... ..,,..., M ary Cagle CLUB .,........,,........,.,,........., ...,,,. L aVerne Rheberg VICE-PRESIDENT ,,,,.... ,........ J udy Tomme SCHOOL .,.,...,...............,..r..... ....,....,.........,.... P at Bradley SECRETARY ,,,,......,,..... .,...,. B arbara Pollard MUSIC CHAIRMAN ..........,......................... Billy Sue Esco TREASURER ,,..........,............ .,,.......,,,. M artha Law PROJECTS CHAIRMAN ......,.....,.........,....... Linda Johnson SERGEANT-AT-ARMS PUBLIC RELATIONS CHAIRMAN Marion Coleman COUNSELORS-Miss Thelma Plant and Mr. Ray Council Gail Ellis PLATFORM-Self-improvement, Christian fellowship, united service. PRESIDENT-Joan Bowles SECRETARY VICE-PRESIDENT Sandra Meeks Andrea McLemore TREASURER SPONSORS Vickie Brisbois Norma Iuhan Elizabeth Saunderson F : ft it Y AN n w, . B650 1 Ti- mc: ,a.qt1af f - .m:m.wff: PURPOSE-To create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community hivh standards of Christian character. 23 ii E Delta Tri-Hb Y SPONSORS: Mrs. NeSmith and Miss Goodman TRQHI PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT Dearlie Edge Carol Hodges SECRETARY TREASURER Debbie Holloway CHAPLAIN: Jane Robinson PURPOSE-Create, maintain, extend throughout the home, school and community high standards of Christian character. Sandra Brooks R .df 3 ,Z 3 5 if v-1 .pf -.U-H. h E fs 'KJ xx ' " my sri? ,Q fs. VA6' LQ NR. XZ 'gfi' ' nr 1 , K 4 ,,, -ln. 41 Im . .sg I 1 no , s ,,. 9? M' Q , ,L , k uvmlllle .Q ?4 af ' l Epsilon, Tri-Hb Y I, . R' wifi ' ' 4 M., -ff ll A 15, PRESIDENT ....,............ .... ......... D a le Frazier TR' H' VICE-PRESIDENT .A..,.A .,f..... . C arol Home SECRETARY ....... ....,,. L ynda Williams TREASURER ........ .....f....f...... K ay Hackney Y SPONSOR ......... ....... M rs. Evelyn Fleming 'ZZ 5' P Ahh-I ldv K"-lm, King-yan fu.-a. nfkvtsh 'mul Book Worms Club - Indian hopter SLOGAN-Interest Never Dies in Amorous Novels. PRESIDENT Russell Rouse VICE-PRESIDENT Lynda Glass SECRETARY Twila Mason TREASURER Charles Kilgore PRESS REPORTER Al Garrett SPONSOR Miss Thelma Plant WL s I X ' A in " JL PURPOSE-To stimulate greater interest in good readingg to extend, deepen and 'Z "-'limi . . . . . . ,I refine oneis ab1l1ty to express h1s or her thoughts and ideas in both oral and written form. 'lie -1 , lk 531 , 1 X . . ve 3 fs...-5 Xl NWN xxx fa la ui J PRESIDENT Brenda Hawthorne VICE-PRESIDENT Gail Lewis SECRETARY Coley Brown TREASURER John Fountain ADVISOR Miss Thelma Plant .wr gl W-E-E-D-S CHAPTER V PURPOSE-To stimulate greater interest in good readingg to extend, deepen, and refine one's ability to express his or her thoughts and ideas SLOGAN-We extend education daily fthroughl study. in both Oral and Written form- I Nr.. -,,.1....i-i- UC l 'ie P ' - fi, if, ff' - bfi, I f 'Z-41' " 1 T' f ff - ,,. X ' Q Y ,f ' 5 if ' C 6 x Powell is Grammarians PURPOSE-To create more interest in English Grammar l 1 i i PRESIDENT Eloise King VICE-PRESIDENT Mary Knight SECRETARY Jimmy Vanlandingham TREASURER Virginia Jones SPONSOR Anne Laurie Powell l l l D' lb ' Eel ' lf T LSZTL UUXUG lLCCltL0nf l PURPOSE-To develop leadership, character and spirit of cooperation. i PRESIDENT Ed Vinson w VICE-PRESIDENT l Chan Sellars ' SECRETARY Delura Ellis l SPONSOR Miss Morris I v Speech Club PRESIDENT Ann Rainey VICE-PRESIDENT Ann Russell SECRETARY Sis Shembell TREASURER Neca Blair SPONSOR Miss Harrison G X Future urses Their interest in drama and speech has prompted them to study all phases of public speaking and dramatic activi- ties. This includes emphasis on voice improvement, better diction and articulation and a fuller knowledge of actin g technique, along with expand- ing and improving their vo- cabulary. 'limfffflfe 3 Diversjied C0-operative Training ' ,fr 2141 fi'f'iaf14yf, ' 'z "f" ,f'- A. ff 3 t PRESIDENT ,,7,..,......... .,.A..A..,.............,,,,,,,,.... G eneva Radney A. VICE-PRESIDENT ....... ......... I immy Dervan v 'I H t SECRETARY ............. ,V .., ,.. B nhbin Cordon TREASURER ,...EEEE,........... ....... T nnnny Holt -f- " Q' PARLIAMENTARIAN Linford Hobby HISTORIAN ,.E.,E.T..........,..EE ...... . .. Annette Willis Wt SPONSOR T.T,..... E....,.,.. H amid Wynn 3 mm PURPOSE-Development of leadership through activities in civic, Social, and oc- cupational pursuits. nd I H PRESIDENT Pat Williamson SECRETARY Lamonta Henson 4-H Club VICE-PRESIDENT Jerri Stevens TREASURER Sandra West SPONSOR Mrs. Fannie Mae Griner V ,n., , ,m,,,,,W,, V,.An ,,i. ,.M.M..V, . A ,.iS, , .,:. 4 1 : ,.. .Q K . . fb , 4- , . f ,.Qmf.H . H V. H :,.. ,4 - . ,-9, ,gg W-,.,:f..Qs,n,.3, ,vyggm ,1 , , LA . , , . , . Q:,.,,-4- . . :QAM ' i Q-1 A ,.,, 1.'rf:4fvr:1- 1' " V1-6 -' ' Q J .1 we ' VM ,ggi , 4 i ,.v-- vf .-. Q -1 1 153 IEA w'fN-- , W . ,, Future Farmers of America 42.-24" 1-1 Nb SEED ofx J ,lv "iff Dil IIIIOIAI Ulllllllllil lOl IOYI ' IVUDYIIO YOCAUUIAI A0llfUlVUI' Suuif N if PRESIDENT V,YVVVVV-wVY-V7,,-,7-.w7 ,Vv,,,,,A,,V7,,,,,,7,,,7 V ernie Musgrove SECRETARY ...,........,..,........................,...,..,...... Charles Jones VICEPRESIDENT VA.---,,7 ,,,,,7,,w,7,, B ernard Haldeman TREASURER ..,......... ......,...... R oy Bear-don PURPOSE: To promote agriculture. - ,X I x QA g.. I -7? l PRESIDENT Ben Swilley VICE-PRESIDENT Starlet Geiger SECRETARY Linda Aultman Art Service Club ' 'S PURPOSE-To benefit the school and community and establish a better under- standing of Art. TREASURER Gail Moody PARLIAMENTARIAN Myra Ferguson SPONSOR Mrs. Weed 1 E " qf- I fftce Club 'li' Y 'l 7 f. PRESIDENT .....,.......,.. ..... VICE-PRESIDENT ,,,,,..... ...., SECRETARY .......... .,..... TREASURER .......,. ,,......................7,.,........,..... SPONSORS ......... ........ M r. McNabb Starlet Geiger Judy Watkins Charlotte Stephens Sally Smith and Mrs. Le Sueur I l ..z::-tml 1 mam .,. W Wllllll ' Mmm l 539' if Z 9 H ,, X te, ,. he N 5 5 A .A .. we lf 2 at ,www-Www A 1' S , f ' Z., 'Ml X If W w XIV ,,,,,,,, f WE If I . gg 12. 2 I ., I' , 1571 A- n 11--i folmsonfs Little Vitamins PRESIDENT Bonny Watson VICE-PRESIDENT Connie Odum SECRETARY .lane Albritton TREASURER .lane Albritton PARLIAMENTARIAN Deanie Edge SPONSOR Mrs. Jewell .lohnson ,.q? ' 'Ra w L aah PURPOSE-To prepare for better home life. PRESIDENT Bobbie Nell McCraney VICE-PRESIDENT Nelda Everson SECRETARY Elaine Snipes TREASURER Elaine Snipes SPONSOR Mrs. Jewell Johnson A 'i,,, ' 0? um ng X, K razy Kitchen Kats PURPOSE-To further an understanding of homemaking. .. , Q54 D 522738 L' A I ' X 0 Q7 ea E. Seekers 0 Famil Knowledge Margaret Brown Jeffery VICE-PRESIDENT: Bobby Suggs PARLIAMENTARIAN: Jackie Kularek SPONSOR: Mrs. Johnson Future Homemakers of America PRESIDENT: Sally Smith U TREASURER: Eileen Moses VICE-PRESIDENT: Caroline Hall PARLIABIENTARIAN: Barbara Bell SECRETARY: Angelyn Hendley SPONSOR: Mrs. Johnson Slaves 0 f horthcmd l l l l AW ,LSI . -4--Q' '- M-M ,W .yu , V.. V ,.i,..-V PRESIDENT: LaVerne Connell TREASURER: Sandra Jewell VICE-PRESIDENT: Carol Brantly PROGRAM CHAIRMEN: Sandra Hinson SECRETARY: Margaret Moore Jovce Daniel " 7 VI J 0 0 0 3. V, , X ,.,, . . .. NN il I Xl H T f lx ELG PRESIDENT: Pat Henderson SECRETARY-TREASURER: Gail Moody VICE-PRESIDENT: Phylis Milnes PARLIAMENTARIAN: Ann Russell arsas Honoram hapter of Junior Classical League PRESIDENT Brenda Brashears VICE-PRESIDENT Johanna Bleicher SECRETARY Jenny Dorough TREASURER Douglas Davidson SPONSOR: Mrs. Dobbins sry as-1 'Hun W PURPOSE-To promote a more thorough knowledge of Roman life, history, and K 5, 5 v literatureg to impart a better understanding of the practical and cultural value X of the classics. I Sql' ao Vaclis hapter 0 Junior Classical League PRESIDENT Brenda Brashears VICE-PRESIDENT Linda Dorsey SECRETARY Jenny Dorough TREASURER Douglas Daniel PURPOSE-To promote a more thorough knowledge of Roman life, history, and literatureg to impart a better understanding of the practical and cultural value of the classics. X .Jug X sz' lil Les Pauvres Gens cle Paris SPONSOR-Coach Lowe PURPOSE-To gain an understanding of the French people, their language, and their customs. PRESIDENT ...,...,....., ....... B everly Bethea VICE-PRESIDENT ....... ...,,, B unny Miller SECRETARY .....,.,.... ...... D enese Flowers TREASURER ......., ................,,r.......i.......,. B etsy Crittenden mx ' lil Q s ql X 21 : f iff, 'W '- fxgl X C 7 C we Xu .Y '-.ft W 9 PRESIDENT ..........,,..... ........,... ........,...... C o okie Rifkin VICE-PRESIDENT .tr.....,. ..,.... S ister Carlton SECRETARY ........,.r..... ,.... J ean Roddy ,Q , I. V,,V C'est La Vie SPONSOR-Coach Lowe PURPOSE-To establish a better understanding of the French people, their ways, and their customs. Los Emisoras cle los Estados Uniclos PRESIDENT Trina Davis VICE-PRESIDENT Charlotte Durden SECRETARY-TREASURER Mary Kate Massey PROGRAM CHAIRMAN Lucy Bland SPONSOR Mrs. Faudree - as 9 Q 4 l X 2, 'J' N 'N. W N5 X4 PURPOSE-To learn the language, customs and 1d6HS of Spamsh speaklng people Buenos Veeinos Los Dzlablos Pequenitos de Mama' Julian PURPOSE-To promote int eres t in the study of Spanish and our Spanish-American neighbors. PRESIDENT J une Hinely VICE-PRESIDENT Neca Blair SECRETARY Bill Wright TREASURER Ann Pierson SPONSOR Mrs. J. A. Julian , .... V Buenos Vecmos f Los Conquistadores cle Espanol PURPOSE-To promote the interest in the study of Spanish and our Spanish- Arnerican neighbors. S5 E PRESIDENT Jane Maloy VICE-PRESIDENT Su Lynn Hatcher SECRETARY Jeanne Anderson TREASURER Jane Maloy SPONSOR Mrs. J. A. .luhan Buenos Vecinos - Los Mimados cle La Pro esora PURPOSE-To promote interest in the study of Spanish and our Spanish-American neighbors. ii I PRESIDENT Betty Nix VICE-PRESIDENT Dan Whitman SECRETARY Virginia Durham TREASURER Rusty Kaliher SPONSOR Mrs. S. A. Juhan -4 I JI X PRESIDENT Mary Cagle VICE-PRESIDENT Clay Nunnally SECRETARY Peggy Brown TREASURER Charlotte Stephens SPONSOR Mrs. S. A. Juhan A l'A fy.. ' ,rf i EW? A f I kidi!-Q i A at QA T X J, Buenos Vecinos - Frijoles rincadores Mexicanos PURPOSE-To promote interest in the study of Spanish and our Spanish-American neighbors. uenos Vecinos Los "'Hafgan Low , , ,,f , XJ LOS "HA'GANLO,'-PURPOSE-To promote interest in the study of Spanish and our Spanish-American neighbors. PRESIDENT J ack Pitts VICE-PRESIDENT Steve Karst SECRETARY Ronnie Caughf TREASURER Allen Gill SPONSOR Mr. E. A. NeSmith l- 4 '1 'I PRESIDENT Donna Trinies VICE-PRESIDENT Sue Dunn SECRETARY Jerry Hall TREASURER .lo Anne Johnston SPONSOR Mrs. S. A. Julian T., 'CT .1' mx Q w U P: N lg 1 39 a f , hart Cwcuzts PURPOSE-To serve Albany High School and the community by renderinb l1 htm and sound effects in A.H.S. auditorium. 5 1 . v OUCC Xxx fp t PRESIDI-INTg Billy Ivey SECRETARY: Wayne Littlejohn VICE-PRESIDENT: Charter Barrell TREASURER: Vann Heard SPONSOR: Mr. Hatcher f l .MN-., M J PURPOSE-To promote more knowledge, greater interest and a better understanding of our great American and economic functions IAQ Gofvec II 5 ' K l J .- M' ff' I i , ' fx W1 , ,V Q J I E' , f x W. x " ' M' W ' -f of 5 o - ,wont S E PRESIDENT: Wade White SECRETARY: Carol Long VICE-PRESIDENT: Paul Musclewhite TREASURERg Eugene Jameg SPONSOR: Mr. Hatcher I JW!! PURPOSE-To be better citizens through a greater knowledge and better understanding of American Government and Economics. 4-1 I6 VICE-PRESIDENT Libby Smith TREASURER Martha Whiting 'lil U 75 'fgffii -ff gi? . X V PRESIDENT Juanita Beech 5 Z SPONSOR-Mrs. Fleming Fleminggs Mad Historians PURPOSE-Tn understand the present through the study ofthe pant. SECRETARY Dona Rosedale PARLIAMENTARIAN Vic Miller IMI QQ MOTTO-Think clearly and work diligently. , ...,.,, M, ,,., , , I Autour De La Monde Dans Uncent Quatre-Vingt J ours PURPOSE-We profit from the mistakes of others PRESIDENT 1 J ere Keenan Q VICE-PRESIDENT Frances Darby 'S SECRETARY Delores Hall ff TREASURER U - Mike Lane 'Y ' SPONSOR Mrs. Fleming l ' ,f ,. 7, , 44 W 1 i W P Mrs. Fleming and Her 1 i x Thirty-seven Relics P F x 1 , R R V PURPOSE-To study what has been doneg to learn what to do. W R I fa '1 i X Z, M R U " ' ' 1 L P-Q. E P 1 X i R : d VICE-PRESIDE T: P B PRESIDENT Pete Bran on SECRETARY: Bill summ N am all TREASURER: Claude Surface PARLIAMENTARIAN: Roger Baucom 'Q QQ x xx an l 'IIIJ' V 'QQ M5 J e . Q52 3 V V ffff yy gf f SPONSOR-Mrs. Fleming if PRESIDENT Johnny Johnson VICE-PRESIDENT Debbie Holloway SECRETARY Ro er Land TREASURER Lynda Williams PARLIAMENTARIAN PURPOSE-To increase our interest in, and knowledge of the past and present. f""'4 RK f .3 I Nancy Nunn nunvf' lv 06.1 6 6 6 "1 J ag I 5 'nf Q AQ 5,4103 PURPOSE-To increase our knowledge of U. S. History. f' "L- - GOIIIIIII' .nib -Q I -4 PRESIDENT-Marty York VICE-PRESIDENT-HOWC Whitman SECRETARY-TREASURER-Donald Strickland SPONSOR-Miss Strickland """" " 'E-I gy I SECRETARY: Fred Chappell 'H -55 I PRESIDENT. Chan Chandler Q ,uv PURPOSE-To become better acquainted with our heritage. The Historians VICE-PRESIDENT: Rita Butts Us Smart Historians x ' f ' .nw A A PRESIDENT Shorty Ken dy VICE-PRESIDENT Helen K dy SECRETARY-TREASURER Jackie Gladin SPONSOR Miss Strickland i S PRESIDENT 1 James Fort VICE-PRESIDENT Bobby Joiner SECRETARY-TREASURER I Douglas To l n f ll ff f Ai m. C L .ls .Q Bond , '- I5-EEN . ,449 ' RN ff" S :Z PRESIDENT Elaine Christian VICE-PRESIDENT Janice Blalock 65' v W, Mellonetts 1 . SECRETARY W W H ,Mg ,L me ' Twrla Mason Y A - hw y. TREASURER ' Mary Alice Crawford A ,, SPONSOR Q Maynard Sell R, ,,....udQ'-LN 05 QV ' - l'Tl J'a- ' f L i Y K f f 1 W9 f ff l 5 'Hal fu XX V N, jr f R r xx? ll I1 225.15 . 1. i Muszc Workshop PRESIDENT Carolyn Malone VlCE-PRESIDENT Joan Cato SECRETARY Alice Brannon TREASURER Wilma Trammel SPONSOR Maynard Sell PURPOSE-The education and appreciation of music. I77 l i l i vs' A-ff A-1' 4 N ' r 2 -4 1' ' 253, ,Kuff , , fy' w 9f"'4f,, ll 3 l .,.,, ,, . . y h PRESIDENT: Jane Albritton V l VICE-PRESIDENT: Nicky Lewis in l AA P Aff 4 , X Glee Club www SPONSOR: Maynard Sell V J ff I SECRETARY: Lynn Pierson TREASURER: Ann Pierson S 4 l l wa l, la l l l x l ri l i ,4 V ff PURPOSE-To sing for the enjoyment of others. ' N r 'FQ ' J ug, - A? lf 1 IKM! Ll Win I l I 24 ' H22 21 Albany High School Band f 'ff' M W X HIL7' 91. ,f fp 0 lx l illyxq 112:31 Q: lv 77 , i if 1 1 'I y, 5 l -- N Percussion Section Brass Section 1 I uv 'Q 45? 'Ex ' X Albany High School Band Mr. Sell BAND DIRECTOR 5 Q wi -, 1, . , i Woodwinds Section Captains Corps Members l Alban High Cheerleaders .f 9' ' -2 e Q .I I , ' W is S f K? :Hu -. XP x -' if 515' ' YM coom: RIFKIN ""' LILA SHEFFIELD 4 NANCY WAKEFORD ROBIN LEEGER RUTHIE HATFIELD BILLIE DYKES JUANITA BEECH MARIE MIDDLETON SX S S 1 . i if Q .XM-tttlllllllflyjw f tiffk' N53 Z.- qxltj' s Z COACH LOWE J s 1' . COACH FIELD Block "AM ,Ng K t A EID CO CH R mt' I COACH TILLITSKI I I l l COACH COLLINS PRESIDENT .......,.....,.. ,.., .,,,, , , O Billy Ivey VICE-PRESIDENT .....,,,.,,...... H ,,., Robert Creel SERGEANT-AT-ARMS ...,..C...... ,,.,. G len Moulder SECRETARY-TREASURER ,l...,... ,,,,, B utch Clifton " me N E-To promote better sportsmanship among all students-both as spectators and participants. IQ'J Intra-School Council CHAIRMAN ......,,,....... ........ B eth Wallace VICE-CHAIRMAN ................. ........ R obin Leeger sEcR1-:TARY.TREAsURER ,...A,. ,........ C harles Reed -Q gm PARLIAMENTARIAN ..,...,,. ,....... C harles Kilgore N XMXX4 'Xi . PURPOSE-Attaining a more unified relationship among school, teachers, anfl students. 'f W v'.-1 s.. , 0 Athletics 5. ,fx QM -xg, . Hs ' 'X Q 1 cf: ff' ' A' 1. X 3 H SENIOR: Beverly Commagere QUEEN: Ann Rainey 1 1 I v ! 1 3 1 5 1 W DATE: Bubba Stewart DATE: Butch Clifton t O UL 6 C Q O G n A ll ,iQ ,, 'w A' n v 1. JUNIOR: Nancy Wakeford SOPHOMORE: Nancy Arthur A UEGH ANN RAINEY A an I 'v A rt W X , ' , ,kt f. i will-,gf .A A Sv A H ' " Q 5 'xx ' I , ' G t K t , t ,fwgf A DATE: John Founfgin A DATE: Bobby McKinsey IQA ,.,, 'V f.mfM 1.4-f,-V f f.,. ,d f ls"' A ,S . J J A 'V' . ,ff , ' ',,,gI+,V ,V kiwi ,3,,,f' ' , WL, , if W ,V ,,,, iw W 1' ,. f ' sf-w 4 , ' 5 ff Yu' Xy ' N '77, ,1 f f f, ,rf V, 6 fr, .3 ,f k, ur eniors 277 f,L,, f, A 4 ,lf V 7, A fr K i if Vfyqyf X , B - Ek V ,514 ,, 1 f ' -7 ' fe" is A ,lfq u ' ' ' V A r A es vm rs . A , uw' - X- .ff A A IN- - W' ' i ::!fV,Vz,:y xg, fx ,mH,,',- Co-Captam AL GARRETT BILL IVEY MIKE KNIGHT Best Sportsmanship Captain Best Blocker Award Most Valuable Award Player 'YQ' Q? A f si Q if q U' M771 2 ' 5 W , I y f z ALBANY HIGH SCHOOL COACHING STAFF -f " ww A Captain, BILLY IVEY Head Coach, BERNIE REID Co-Captain, MIKE KNIGHT 1' 'N-M.. 5x l MARSHALL TANNER BILL SUTTON JERRY DOYAL CANTEY DAVIS Q . l V . I t I .t r 4. -z I , X' A' L E T 5 - Q is' I a 'T if qu 45,0 , Q ,lt ' We? .- it W .511 tl .QS 1 A , ,l fl la it TOMMY ROSS This year's varsity was a question mark at the beginning of the season. Inexpe- rienced underclassmen were at many key positions, but the team came through with flying colors and finished second in the region. The highlight of the season was the victory over Valdosta-first time in eight years. Valdosta had won thirty con- secutive games, and Albany was a three-touchdown underdog. But when the dust had settled and the bloody, bewildered Wildcats limped off the field, the score was Albany, 27-Valdosta, 6. At the end of the season Albany was the finest high school team in the state. ROBERT YIELDTNG BILL WRIGHT TOM CARCELLI MIKE LANE VIC DOBNER AL HUTCHINSON MARTIN YORK ALBANY Benedictine ....... ..,.. 7 Columbus ..,.. .,.,..,. 1 9 Thomaston .,..... ..... 6 La Grange ...... ..... 0 Valdosta ......, ........ 2 7 Willingham ..,... ...a. 3 4' Baker ...I..... ..... 2 7 Jordan ....... ..... 6 Lanier .,,..,, ..... 2 3 Moultrie ......... -..aa 1 3 OPPOSITION 0 7 13 I3 6 7 0 0 0 0 if ef 4' BUTCH FAIN JIMMIE FOLMAR JERRY GERST ANDY PENNINGTON LARRY POPPELL ROBERT CREEL RICHARD CREEL EDDIE OGLETREE RICHARD RHODES GEORGE HASTY VERNIE MUSGROVE BUBBA ARNOLD A.H. . 1958 Varsity Football Team 'vw , 7 W,-Y-,,.,,, , W f ,fqlgprfrrnf ,rf in-uv-: - 1 , ., . ff ,rw ,, f, , f A J frwwzyugy , , , , 4 , r sg- far'-' ' 1 , " ,"' ' GM' . fif ",' 37 'Viv f"4f"6WZQ,7f1if 1 " ' ' ' , I - 'J' I , f 4 lg r A - A r A r V A. L 1 ,. l Y X. J r aaa , A A . an V2 V nf V ,, , , - V VV, V, ,Law , V A an 9- aaaaa gr an' P ' f W 'ix " A ' ll . V' NN 'VV VV V V V ,V,,, VW , !,V ww au, PM 4 M, V VV r a A ara W V A an , XV Wg 3 , , gg I. V Vgzy, ff-k V 14 V V! V M4 ,ff 71 V , V -rg.fVVVw9, V .V V - A AV V, VV VV VMI VV av , V, VV , :V V V V V 11 . V V V r. V f H V A ,A A A ,A A A 4 ' iz.. a' a aaa, , A 5 -1-r' if -A--.M V L V V Q VV , f ,.fx.::4,r,f W V VV fVV . U, , VV , , 1 , I ,AY -V!! V HVVVVV VA . V r 5 4, ,M ff ' 'fiffjfy' ' ",, ' jf W , vf 1 , F 55 9 g i sr a a if A A A A A A il ' ,f a g f' ' , A V . , 1 'Yr 'X 5 r A . A an if fr Qaaa A f A f f 'rf w f ' A Naaa r 4 'ff'a 2,1 Q WM 6 H aaaa 5 A r, r ar A , , 4 sff,,, MW ,, , 4, ,f , , , ,V H, VV ,. ,XIV , WMV, .V . , .,kV, , , V ?p.f.g,gV3,,4 A K, I, ,R VV ,Vg , ,A , + V f, VA ,H ' ' rwffQf,5g4 fvi' Y 5 M42 if", if ,. i Iva" Q 43 ff 3 jf 1 2511 "Y ' f X Hj 4V-'f gg ,V-V- , 'V 'ff A Nil ff, Q9-5 'is-4' ., 5' H ' ,Ld 1 2'5" ff 'aaa ,ffl .' ff Jfz3'f:zf1gn'Qf:f1 '- A M " A . 'f A r iw . st! N Q 6 ' as VL N Qx gl idx J5!1!,' , , Q Z L T 5 Q-A A l l C 3 1 MANAGERS Archie Smith Robert Conner Wayne Holloman , 11112 ,QI an I , SWEETHEART Stn Ruth Hatfield X . S We Z 5 N FQ E. 'N F' T' 5 Z -1 32 a 0 Q ,,,,fwyyfAQfA,, QV r ,av r -wg," Z 1 Z flu? pw 5333, 2 33 E Y ! Boys, Varsity Basketball Varsity Basketball Team .Q 13 4 F "H- S COACH GRAHAM LOWE S Ii X 4' i CAPTAIN MANAGERS Butch Clifton Douff Daniel and Nl lt N Varszty Players X F 5 .L BUTCH CLIFTON JACK HUDSON VAN HEARD ng. .Z tif' From the grandstand one would see this year's varsity as a team to be remembered M93 in years to come. Short in stature but long in spirit and hustle, the Indians battled , I - Q : every opponent for the full thirty-two minutes of every game. 6 As long as the Indians were able to maintain a blistering shooting percentage, A' . . X scalp after scalp was hung in the trophy room, but when the shooting cooled off 'Q ,I the height disadvantage was too much to overcome At the time the Thronateeska went to press the Indians had a 12 Win 10 loss record with one remainlng game against LaGrange ROBERT WHITE RUSSELL ROUSE TOMMY ROSS Calro ........... ....... Ft. Valley Balnbrldge ,, v....., ,,,,,,, Norman Park --...... ,,,,,,, Willingham Lanier ...,, Moultrie . R. E. Lee LaGrange ......., .-.,,w, Valdosta .,7.. ....,., R. E. Lee .,.... ...,...a Varsity Players RICHARD CREEL TOM CARCELLI Columbus -- Ft. Valley Lanier ...... Baker .... Jordan ...... Willingham Columbus -- Baker .,,..... Moultrie ,- Jordan .,.,.. Valdosta .... BUD LEWIS MARTIN YORK RICHARD RHODES LARRY POPPELL 4-1--1-. ,V ,1,, y x Team Basketball i X X ,ff ,7 W0 "I r If ,, f liglgidaffgu ,5- f liigiggfddl j, llspfd . gl' !ull' X ,x "B" Team Basketball COACHES John Tillitski and Bob Fowler - ,:.,, 1+ tTL"'- K , A 5 5 EI Q . 1 ' 'l :B fu z z z, -- - n 0 ",9 '-'S 3 A f . Y , 1 9? 93 9-GQ ,ft -- .o oo? N - "' 174 Q? I W. - 1 WL x x SQ! if -if CO-CAPTAIN MCAllyl3AHll SPT" ' Andy Pennington ac U11 III 'H ' iig- 1 i ' ,H Y o ,,L R- f 3 il.. C 2 e 17 E. "f o- ' if-if 'li "-'1 ,A f I 5-fl M' Girls, Varsity Basketball Girls' Varsity Basketball COACHES Sylvia Lanier and Chappell Collins Varsity Players A Ria BARBARA BELL TRINA DAVIS JEANIE CRIMES CATHERINE MEADOWS FREDDIE MELTON SKIPPY MONCRIEF GLENDA UBANKS ANN BAKER HELENE MOTT K sw Varsit Players X ,Mix Ar? DONICE KING JOAN BEATY SANDRA THROWER JUANITA WAY MARY ANN WELLS M.-ff' AWA GRACE KNOWLES DELORES KING AILEEN CONNOR ',LL 72 ,f ' fw,.,4 -,A. .V A mc- A .Zh f i :E , I f f if 45? 4146 1 i , yr ff-f ,. 'Q V , w ff .4 D872 VZ Baseball Team XX X5 i R K 54 AlbanyHighSh1B bHT ,f Curtls Falrcloth Z CAPTAIN I.. Q. X xx Q, ' r 6' ff COACH FIELD X ka ll we-,, A 4 iiiliii ' g- T' A l"a , 'l A p F1 VJ. 4 Baseball AH. . 1959 ,x ly ff' . VW. , v l BLBB B E 4 f ,- , , z 'Lf' ' ' V ' T ff , ' , f 1 1 5' f K! f If fl 'J f 2' If K I " ,. ,.,,'jf--:Elf K ,,., K' effv 'Q f , 'V A- ,'., 1-,ww Q,, g,.g,:gf 5. 7-S L " b-Pi'-get Q" N RONALD BOLT GLEN MOULDER BUTCH CLIFTON ROBERT HUIE ROBERT CREEL MARTIN YORK ROBERT WHITE I ,I JIMMIE DAVIS Baseball A.H.S. 1959 REX LYNCH DAN WHITMAN JERRY GERST S. xi it it DANNY BREEDAN MARSHALL TANNER RICHARD RHODES WILLIAM HAIRE DALE HOLLAND AH. . Track - 1959 0 . sf X -! ' 3 wa smoxmcsf X ' I 1 l V . - ,Q ul-2 ,W V f S .4 Q CHAPPELL COLLINS, Coach BOB FOWLER, Coach 299 Q Track Letterman F' 1-W CLINTON SMITH, Captain RICHARD CREEL JACK HUDSON LARRY POPPELL BOBBY SUGGS 4 , RUSSELL ROUSE, Co-Captain K5 x X Q SV 1 WN If BILLY IVEY BUD LEWIS sri Golf Team COACH MR. BOB SPERRY 1 5 I A.H.S. GQQF Team - 1959 1 A.H.S. Tennis Team - 1959 -Tiiii Tennis Team COACH MR. ROBERT FAUDREE Girls, Tennis - 1959 Girls, Tennis Team 1959 COACH MRS. HELEN McCOMB 6 TL , 1: GLENDA EUBANKS ANNE BAKER 3 0 7' S I , ...- RUTH HATFIELD CHARLOTTE LANGFORD P 1 I 1 S? Girls 9 Tennis LUANNE MOUNT JANE JORDAN AILEEN CONNER NECA BLAIR FRAN CHANDLER K , E R KATHERINE MEADOWS PEGGY BARTON Favorites L uann e Mount Miss Albany High School Sit if Beverly Commagere Hewett Joiner v 'WK f R ' 77' f Wm 5 ' iv 1 6 U A W Mfr: 4 Jane F ogle AZ Garrett V 4 4 7 Q ,ff-2 ,F ,at ,. ,1 WL ,' f ' Wy, 7, yy! f X My MZ ,IW Oy 7 AMW 4 NY 1, V an Ruth Hajield Billy I vey Vffyg GIA Brenda Hawthorne Bill McKnight Sandra Hopkins Donald Clyfton v if Q ' y W Q, V 771, ancy H Charles Kilgo re ,ff 2. 5 AM ,f , 1, Cn! ff Q ii? ff Robm Leeger Szaf Ord Moznette 010 X ii fm www mW+wQ-,ww--X X fi' T X Z i Z 4 Xfsvwm .N ,wwvwpxf-was-fm 4, , , is ld Q Aff E VAX A Lf 5 iff , L, - V ff f Z 5 ff.- f Q 514,13 K"' fi f' 3 iw'-2 2 Z yf, 1 E Q f f Q EE Z 1 V T9, 1 fa 049-'Y fu Ann Rainey Russell Rouse A 4 I 3 2 2 vi , fm? 1 .. 4, sw ,x E 25. 3 H, Msg W5 L if if i fr fe , M , 3 EE A if fi Ka ,Q Martha Sasser Charles Reed Anne Shackeford Mike Knight Class Prophecy TIME: 1969 PLACE: Downtown Moon OCCASION: Reunion of the class of '59 One short decade has elapsed since the Seniors of 1959 graduated from Albany High School. This reunion brings friends together, renews acquaintances, and re- vives long forgotten friends. 6'Earthlings and Moonmen, this is John 'Cameron' Brunson, your host of the 1969 Lunar Reunion. We are waiting for the last rocket load of masqueraders to arrive from earth." Among these arrivals are CARTER BURRELL, WAYNE LITTLEJOHN, CARROLL HARPER, ROBERT CONNOR, and FRANK ENG- LISH, captain and crew of the rocket ship, who are being transported through the courtesy of ROBERT WHITE, president of Interplanetary Enterprises. The famous dancing team, ANNE SHACKELFORD and MIKE KNIGHT have consented to teach JEAN SEGLER, DAVID SMITH, GAIL MOODY, and GLENN MOULDER the MPlanet Rock," made famous by the universal guitarist CLAY NUNNALLY. The next guest we see arriving is the well-known millionaire, DR. 'GBONESN MCKNIGHT accompanied by his top competitor, DR. HARVEY HSKIPF STUCKEY. They are arguing about who has made more money. Their staff of nurses includes BARBARA POLLARD, SALLY COPPOCK, and GINGER MAN- LEY. Hostesses of the rocket ship, LINDA DORSEY, STARLET GEIGER, and CHARLOTTE STEPHENS are bidding farewell to the remainder of the passengers: JERRY LINDSEY, BILLY DAVIDSON, CARL HUDSON, MELVIN COOPER, HORACE SMITH, BILLY WOODY, LEONEL PALARDY, LARRY MELVIN, JACKIE CORBIN, and FRANK GRIFFIN, masquerading as ten little indians. As they emerge they attempt to scalp a covey of beautiful English girls who are: SHIRLEY CLARK, DELURA ELLIS, ROSE MARY HUDNELL, LINDA JOHN- SON, and CAROL LONG. This excitement dies down however when BOBBY NELL McCRANY and JANE EOGLE, World famous fashion models begin to argue with JACK HUDSON, and GEORGE EULEORD, prominent designers, over the coming trend in clothes for space travel. VAN HEARD and LOWELL SMITH are seriously discussing the Nobel Prize winning novel, THE MIGRATORY HAB ITS of the TASMANIAN FRUIT BAT, Written by LUTHER NOLAN. JERRY WALTON, CLINTON SMITH and HAROLD CARTER arrive still arguing about Why the others shouldn't masquerade as Casanova. In another group JOYCE CANNON, LYNN HENSON, VIRGINIA MASON, SHIRLEY BAINS, and DIANE MULLIN, professional Babysitters, are settling an argument by consulting the manual of the professional, DENIS THE MENACE'S BABYSITTERS GUIDE. WENDELL HZORRON ANDERSON,J AMES HDILLANM BURT, GEORGE HMASTERSONM HOWELL, JAN MMCCOLLOUGHM PARHAM, and GRADY MGUNNM SCEALS are discussing the fortune to be made on the vidio screen in the space age. Members of the Class of 1959 who have become science geniuses include EDSEL MAJORS, EUGENE HITCHCOCK, WILLIAM MILLER, and KENNETH HAR- ROD, who have Ph D's in Physics. This group of intellectuals stops discussing inertia long enough to listen to famous bass, RICHARD LAWSON, sing '4O1d Man Riverf, He is accompanied by PETE LEWIS, who can still pound a mean piano. ROBERT MOBLEY, and JACK SCHNELL are entertaining the crowd by lifting Weights in time with the music. JULIAN WHITING, ROLAND WEATHERBEE, MIKE DOYAL, JOE WAT- KINS, HERBERT GLADIN, and GILBERT SIMMONS are unable to arrive on time since A.H.S. doesn't let out until 3:30. College English instructors, MAC MLOBOM STINSON and FRED MULFORD are discussing grammar with beat generation poets EMILY CANNON, JOYCE DANIEL, JIMMY DERVAN, HENRY HAYS, and LAVERNE LINDSEY. MARION COLEMAN, ABAC graduate and farming expert, is discussing her latest work HHOW to Raise Cabbages in Outer Spacell with JAMES CARMODY, JOYCE BROWN, NELDA EVERSON, and CLINTON HENLEY, who own farms on the moon. ADA DARDEN, JO ANN EXUM, JEWELL HORN, CAROLYN DARBEY, and BOBBIE GORDON are teaching their children HRing Around the Oxygen Tanksf, ANN GOOLSBY is furiously taking notes about visiting business tycoons, WAYNE GRAY, JAMES HOGATE, OWEN HAYES, and JEFF ROSE whose success confidentials will appear in 'cANN'S DAILY DABBLES." In one crater of the moon JAMES BASS, WAYNE BURNETT, and ED VIN- SON are busy campaigning for the office of clerk of Lunar County. After BUTCH CLIFTON declines a lecture on uTechnique of Hunting Lunar Wild Lifef, CURTIS FRASIER, JOHN FROST, PAUL MUSSELWHITE, MICKEY BEDDING, and AL ODOM bound off into the adjoining sticks in search of HMOON CRITTERS." ALLAN GILL, known theatrically as the man with the slide-rule mind," is en- tertaining a group of Math enthusiasts including SANDRA COHEN, ROGER BELCHER, HORACE SMITH, LINFORD HOBBY, MARY SUE WADE, ROB- ERT DUNN, and GLENDA HEALAN by spouting logarithm tables. A group of well-known aeronautical engineers including EUGINE JAMES, RONALD BALDWIN, HAROLD PEAK, KENT ROGAN are completing the count down for the launching of the first paperairplane to "Pluto" CHAN SELLERS and RONALD ROSS, co-inventors of the thinking man's filter enter with their staff, JOYCE GLOVER, LINDA ROGERS, JEAN PAGE, MARY BURNETT, and MELVA DUNAGUN. EUGENE SUMMERFORD is busily distributing pamphlets on the cGManipula- tion of Gene's Master Mousetrapsf' as several prominent editors, CHARLES WOODARD, BILLY JONES, HOWARD TUCKER, and BILLY JOHNSTON proof-read this -publication. ROGER POSEY, A.B.C. Bowling champion, is illustrating the technique of Crater Bowling to JOYCE THORNTON, BOBBY SUGGS, KENYON WATSON, KATHERIN WILLIS and CHARLES THOMAS. Having revived old acquaintances, JUDY TOMME leaves in search of friendly lunar-tics. BONNIE WATSON and SUZANNE WARE, college biology instructors, are ex- plaining the HLoveless Systemw for operating Biology classes to ANN WILLIAMS, PHIL TOOLE, DUANNE SHAW, MICHAEL JONES, and CAROLYN HAYES. WADE WHITE, famed actor of the Shakespearean theater, along with his tour group, JERRY WILLIS, DONNA TRINIES, LINDA TOLBERT, and JAN WILLES are performing HHAMLET" in a large crater. RAY JOHNSON and TOMMY KING are entertaining SANDRA JEWELL and J EFF ERY KLING with tales of their recent safari to the wilds of Jupiter. The popular singing group, HThe Fruit Bootsf' composed of MILTON ROBIN- SON, FRED STAFFORD, BOB WRIGHT, and PHYLLIS MILNES, are singing HRock Around the Rocks," latest hit from the composing team of PATRICIA VARNUM, STANLEY WHITAKER, and ANNETTE WILLES. Warming up for a jai-lai match is the championship women's jai-jai squad in- cluding LAVERNE REDBERY, GAYLE PATTERSON, JEAN SEGROVES, and JANICE BARNES. LINDA BUTLER, leader of the renowned Interplanetary All Girl Flute Combo. Flutists in this famous group are MARGARET BROWN, PATRICIA CANNON, SARA LOUISE DUNIGAN, and PAT DUPREE. On the Lunar Sports Car Race-way we see noted sports car drivers, LAVERNE CONNELL, GAIL ELLIS and HAROLDENE DAVIDSON, as they turn fast laps in their three little Ferraris. The hustle and hustle of the mass reunion slowly decreases in volume. The moon falls silent again as all of the A.H.S. alumni depart. Several hours after the last rocket has returned to Earth, we see BILLY CATO wandering into the greater crater late as usual. Last Will and Testament Senior Class 1953-59 ALBANY HIGH SCHOOL We, the Senior Class of 1959, by reason of great physical pain, mental anguish and spiritual travail of four long years of toil, trial, and trouble, woefully weak and feeble in our declining days, do realize th at our sojourn in this Highway of Intellec- tual Progress is almost finished, do hereby declare, publish, ordain and establish this, the last will and testament of us, the said Class of 1959. IOHANNA BLIECHER leaves her 1.0000 average to Jane Iordan. CAROLE BRANTLEY leaves her petite ways to Toby Royal. COLEY BROWN, MIKE JOHNSTON, and JOHN FOUNTAIN leave a streak of rubber down Slappey Drive. MARY CAGLE leaves her ability to get along with Miss Plant to Bunny Miller. BEVERLY COMMAGERE bequeaths her needle and thread to Flo Langtry. GLENDA EUBANKS and ANN BAKER leave their positions on the Basketball Team to Aileen Conner and Katheryn Meadows. MARY FINLEY and LESLIE SUMMERFORD leave still having the boys look up at them. Silence prevails! SUSAN FLEMING has left. ANN RAINEY and PEGGY BROWN leave their angelic voices to boisterous Sister Carlton and Sallie Davis. CHARLES REED and MARTHA SASSER leave still fussing. SARA HUGHES, VIRGINIA GIVENS, IUANITA FITZGERALD, NANCY HUFF, PATSY REID, and PAT HENDERSON leave to receive their HMrs." degrees. .IIMMY EAIN and JIMMY TOLBERT leave, still asking questions. JOHNNY CREEL leaves still wondering which is Richard and which is Robert. SANDRA HOPKINS and BRENDA HAWTHORNE leave their uflirtatiousn ways to Linda Langley and Rita Butts. WENDELL WAY swallows his gum and leaves. CAROL TROMBLY and BRENDA MARTIN leave 45 pounds to Leslie Batey and Patsy Stokes. BILLY IVEY leaves his height and physique to Spencer Lee. LINDA CASTLEBERRY and BILLIE SUE ESCO leave their four successful years of Latin to Jenny Dorough and Carolyn Ward. DAN LITTLE leaves having skipped more days than he attended. MARION FULMER leaves her lipstick, powder and paint to Cookie Fink. ECHO BARRETT leaves still wandering about in a fog. MARGUERITE HARRIS leaves her baby blue eyes to Margaret Wilson. LYNDA GLASS leaves being the only girl in High School who can touch her nose with her tongue. RUTHIE HATFIELD bequeaths her beauty and winning personality to Nancy Authur. CHARLES KILGORE leaves his position as president of the Key Club to some capable junior. STARLET GEIGER and MARGARET MCDANIEL leave Geometry to Einstein. STAFFORD MOZNETTE wills all the girls who run after him to some boy who will appreciate them. BILL BLIZARD leaves. Will Mr. Macbeth-oops, Mr. Bragg ever forget him? ROBIN LEEGER leaves her creative writing ability to Lila Sheffield. MICHAEL MERREN, ROBIN NEW, LARRY I-IANDCOCK and TOMMY OLI- VANT leave their places in the band to any poor suckers who want them. MARGARET MOORE leaves, being one of the finest girls AHS has ever known. HINKY DUNN, WADE GILL, ROBERT HUIE, and CURTIS FAIRCLOTH leave still blushing. GORDON WRIGHT leaves his outgoing personality to his little brother Bill. CHARLOTTE LANGFORD and LINDA McAFEE leave their positions as linemen on the Powder Puff team to Pam Myersand Lynda Hambrick. SHARON SPIES, SANDRA HINSON, WYOLENE NIX, J ERRYANN KEYS, SUE NELL LEWIS, JACKIE KUHAREK, LOTTIE LAND, CECILLIA JONES and GLORIA MALONE leave to join their better halves. BILL KIRKSEY leaves his position, Mr Bragg's number I boy, to a deserving Junior. JIM CURRY leaves to become a HRambling Wreck" at Georgia Tech. RICHARD PEEK leaves those long trips from Camilla to anyone who likes AHS enough to make them. HENRY DUGGAN leaves still never smiling at Mr. Bragg's jokes. The HWitty,' HEWITT JOINER leaves his wild and Wooly imagination to Rusty Kaliher. AL WISE leaves a job Well done on our annual. FAYE HARRIS and MARY FRANCIS MCGILVERY leave their high scores on the Merit Scholarship Test to the brains in the Junior Class. CAREY HATCHER leaves with his father still in school. MARILYN MAXWELL and MARY FAYE SIMMONS leave their undying friend- ship to Carole Chappell and Malissa Douggan. EILENE MOSES and JOAN COUCH leave their fair complexions to Dianne Cox and Betty Nix. MARVIN AULTMAN, BILLY CATO, JIM YANCEY, EDWARD HARP, and PAUL BERREY leave to become professional football stars. BARBARA WHATLEY, ANN RUSSELL, VIRGINIA PATTON, and CAROLYN GASSETT leave their caps and white shoes to Sis Shemwell, Neca Blair, Beverly Bethea, and Marianna Armstrong. JANE ALBRITON, ELAINE CHRISTAIN, and PHILLIS MILNESS leave their Hmelodiousw voices to future mellonettes. RUTH GRINER, JOYCE MCDONALD, and GENEVA RADNEY, leave their typing ,...1.q ability to Ruby Duncan, Kitty Royal, and Judy Chiarmonte. BETH WALLACE and JUDY WATKINS leave to join Rembert and Jim. J IMMIE DAVIS, RONALD BOLT, and DALE HOLLAND leave their valuable places on the baseball team to Marshall Tanner, Marty York, and Larry Poppell. BOBBY AYCOCK leaves his intellectual powers to Maurice Kender. LORNA JEAN SWEETINC leaves her Ip ana smile to Nancy Wakeford. TWILA MASON leaves taking her Hgift to gabn with her. CARL ADAMS leaves his position on the weight lifting team to Buddy Armstrong. TOMMY HOLT leaves his crazy personality to Chan Chandler. FRANKLIN JACKSON leaves IO" of height to Bubba Hughes. MARTHA LAW leaves her Senior dignity to Francis Rossignal. PAUL YARBROUGH, AL GARRETT, RUSSELL ROUSE, and WAYNE RICH leave Loretta, Lou Ann, Betty, and Shirlann. GENE KLEIN, BOBBY STRICKLAND, JOHN HIGHTOWER, and FREDDIE ELDER leave to become experts on the human mind. ERMA JEAN BONNER, PATRICIA BRADLEY, GLORIA JEAN JOHNSON, JOYCE SUMMER, GAIL LEWIS, and J oANNE McELVAINE leave to go out into the wide-Wide world. To the Junior Class We give, so long as they remain at A.H.S., all our senior dignity, prestige, privileges, and immunities. To the sophomores, though they are rude, we leave to them the power to make lasting friendships and life-long companions. We bequeath to our beloved faculty a reprieve from hearing and considering our many complaints and petitions to which they have so faithfully and sympathetically given hearing from time to time, and at the same time withdraw all ungranted peti- tions that may be before them at the time of our departure. Signed, sealed, declared, and published by the Senior Class of 1959, as its last will and testament, in the presence of the undersigned. Senior Class 1959 Advertisers - He 5-8304 II3 Pine Ave. ALBANY 0IL COMPANY 5M'TH 20I Easi' Broad Avenue ALBANY, GEORGIA I .I ,all I -N, r If -.R -,N X!! 1' '. 'I IN, I 'I "s Z X Ii? xg THE ALBANY HIGH ALBANY WOOD PRODUCTS JUNIOR 81 CIVITANS 8: CIVINETTES VENETIAN BLIND CO. Awnings - Drapes - VeneIian Blinds TOPTI-C:-UBS IW Chain Link Fence AT I-Ie 5-3asI Iozo I-IIeI-ILAND AVE. A.H.s. our gp 40-:iff- T'f:'f. I-C fi U' i 65-'I 1, Ev- ,, V , ,ff:4"?Ag:.?. I A WIDEPENDABIE DRUGGIST PARKWAY PHARMACY 326 N. Slappey Drive ENGINEERING 8. EQUIPMENT COMPANY ALBANY, GEORGIA WAYCROSS, GA. PANAMA CITY, FLA. 0 T' :I I V X . 65, SA VE ,imp lI4.,.g,I.I -I' A.. AT THE LAUNDROMAT I25 N. Slappey Dr. AP PLIANCE5 ALBANY ELECTRIC SUPPLY CO. ll, X0 A 'f J I 4 ! , I V f Il U I-M' , : pl I I I t-. ig ' -1 ' N "W" A A ir, .ff - x ' . I V .ff 4 I ,D l-I 1 'wx if Q' If you really want to be tranquil, start a savings account at THE FRIENDLY CONVENIENT BANK . . . TMI! BANK OF ALBANY K xlilllhhs .M f . H 'tual' Goocl Luck and Prosperily lo All I959 Graduales For Your Gardens, Lawns, Camellias Visil RAINBOW AVIARIES AZa'eaS Ifz Mile Soulh of use Pulney Posl Office 2ncl House Wesl' of Highway I9 BEACHEM COCKROFT-Owner we ey J -..N' . ' ' nun Nu-wAY DRY CLEANERS 5-ERTILHX, Cash and Carry The Home of Qualily Cleaning He-5-9722 306 Broad Ave. ALBANY TRACY BE""'Ma"a9e' WAREHOUSE COMPANY ALBANY. GEORGIA TRAILWAYS Specialists in Friendly, First Class Travel COMFORTABLE ' COURTEOUS Q :V 3 Tmwny AND V ' y 1:02 ECONOMICAL Q Q 5 , - Bus 1 A SERVICE Ship Parcels ancl Baggage From Town 'ro Town and Coasl lo Coasl Via Bus Express Charler Coach Service Anywhere ALBANY. GEORGIA He-2-05ll ALL EXPENSE TOURS COATS AND CLARK, INC. ALBANY, GEORGIA He-2-62 I I - ""i .f V H .i' T - , 9 H AND M MOTORS DODGE Value Leader of The Forward Look He 2-2393 200 RADIUM SPRINGS RD. TOLBERT ELECTRIC CO. AII Work Guaranfeed and Bonded COMMERCIAL - INDUSTRIAL RESIDENTIAL WIRING Hemlock 2-6I00 408 N. Cleveland Drive Bes+ Wishes From PROM TIME . . . CONSOLIDATED LOAN COMPANY Rennne your formal is easy on The aIIowance. Q Z :IZ :f ee Yi if .I LrAAAA AAAA ' "4V ,. 'A"'- Q .,,I iff 'K 35 e A nk x L5 A A ef. mggei ee if He 5-4541 I26 COURT AV Ne need ,fe meke e e,e.e.' ..-gi big ouI'Iay for a big da'Ie! " I K 'I ' I A Reniing formal wear is easy, , e ie He 5-9733 I002 N. Slappey TA ITR '7 ,pf TJ ',,e'f- I g i ' AA T TOWN 81 COUNTRY SHOP i'I"s convenien'I'! Tux, dinner iackeI'- In Iever ou need is 5 A w a y "cleaner-fresI1," pressed .... - JI. 1-5, To perfecfion, and fiHed as 'I'I1ougI1 ' "' iI were made ius+ for you! HAYES CLOTHING COMPANY He 2-I562 Tzu so. WASHINGTON I I 1 A MSEK GOLDSMITH'S QUALITY FOODS! V 'il culoum srunfs Sets the Style ff? V at 6 T A T A.H.s. Complimen+s of nos N. WASHINGTON STREET WARREN AND BRIMBERRY LYKES BROTHERS, INC. OF GEORGIA The SOUH1'S Mosi' Progressive ,Q Meai Packers" w Complimenfs of PEPSI-COLA 'Clothes for thnx life you lovo to lead,," JINE AVENUE ALBANY, GEORGIA Hits the Spot Cong ra+uIaIions To The Senior Class 81 From BANKING COMPANY Loans HOTEL GORDON Real Es'ra+e and Personal 370 Inferesi' Paid on Savings we 2I8 BROAD AVENUE A He-6458! EOR RIZLSSATIOB' li ENTERTAINMENT Compliments of RETAIL FURNITURE DEALERS ASSOCIATION A B C FURNITURE CO. ALBANY HOUSEFURNISHING CO. BROWN FURNITURE CO. CAPLAN'S FURNITURE CO. EVER-JORDON FURNITURE CO. GERST BROTHERS FURNITURE CO. HOME FURNITURE CO. J 81 J FURNITURE LOOSIER OF ALBANY FURNITURE CO. MORROW-COOK FURNITURE CO. NEWCOMB CO. PHILLIP'S HOME FURNISHERS RHODES FURNITURE ROBINSON'S SUBURBAN RESTAURANT Complimenfs Sylves+er Road a+ Five Poinfs of CATES EQUIPMENT CO. He 6-4620 sob NORTH WASHINGTON swi-IENINTHE F IN E FDIJD Ill 3 7 9 Munn FDR 2 BesI' Wishes, Seniors! From AU LTMAN MOTOR COMPANY CADILLAC-PONTIAC I -:A-7 Au'rI1orizecI SALES AND SERVICE 948 OgIe+horpe Avenue Albany, Georgia 5 Kwnc CHEK I 1 ' ' I U "AIbany's Friendly Super Marke+" I I Iii Q' x., I023 W. BROAD AVENUE and 509 JEFFERSON STREET CITY TRANSIT TAKIS A. CHRISTO BUS Co- QS 0 Ln us no voun ,-M-sf T53 QBPVII: fixw w Jw it I c - ': He 5-sob: 'gi ll' 7I2 FIinI' Ave. V I X fx A Q. :gk Cf X L If "Clean Righi' Wiih Bri+e" Congrafulafions He 5-883: 504 SECOND AVE. We Wish for Your Fufure Every Success 504 Second Avenue R. F. FLEMING-Owner Incorporafed f F ' V X I C I A 1 L If - , I ....., 4 KEY'S 4 5 TRAILER SALES l 600 PINE AVENUE 325 Norih Slappey Drive He 2-627' J V, 5444 vf v L N " FLOOR COVERING am! fg COMPANY S He 2-2423 7l4 Highland Ave. 406 at S. H- KRESS GLASS BROTHERS AND TIRE RECAPPING CO COMPANY I02 Ogle+horpe HE 2-6324 Very Best Wishes to the Community Leaders of Tomorrow A. 81 M. KARAGHEUSIAN, INC. GULLISTAN CARPET BOB WHITE RENTS "Mos+ AnyII1ing" 426 N. CLEVELAND DRIVE He 2-608i ARNOLD SHOE STORE 238 BROAD AVENUE "Your BusI'er Brown Shoe DeaIer" 5AVE MORROW-COOK FURNITURE COMPANY 245 Broad Avenue CLYDE'S ENGINE WORKS 63I Pine Avenue HE 5-4I78 ALBANY, GEORGIA "A CompIeI'e Auiomofive Engine Serv GIVE YOUR CAR I , 4 I 1 I Jawa MERCK 81 COMPANY, INCORPORATED Chemical Division Flint River Plant -1. if-" 'iz' is' ALBANY rj ' ' GEORGIA fTvf"' ALBANY GENERAL TIRE SERVICE D L SMITH DisTribul'ors of ' PL HE' Manager General Tires and BaI'I'eries one 6'277' Hawlcins TreacIs- ,Wm nn iooa WEST BROAD STREET GEORGE A. HURMEL 81 CO PHONE HE b-2484 'T A mucx nn: GEORGE E. JOHNSTON Compnmenis OIL COMPANY of ALBANY- GEORGIA CENTRAL SEAFOOD Congra'l'ulaIions, Seniors He 2-7457 230 -I-ARVER AVE. He 5-55l2 2l7 N. WASHINGTON I 239 GLEN N'S HARDWARE 936 Wes'r Broad Ave. PHONE HE-5-4906 Each CusIomer's Saiisfacfion Is Our U'rmosI' Aim 5ZwMAzDA11f1f.9 DAIRY PRODUCTS QUALITY WCHECKED COLONIAL DAIRIES GER You "K13333IY 1:51 QE L I X -.,,..., e"P ECONOMY AUTO STORES soo BROAD AVE. HOFMAYER DRYGOODS I2I0 Nor+I1 Jefferson S+reeI AVE? 5 WZ 5 9,04 famfwf THE New ALBANY SAM FARKAS, Manag HOTEL el' Among Georgia's Finest ALBANY, GEORGIA I Along wifh fhe righf of an educafion and fhe ofher freedoms such as speech, press, religion, and assembly, you have anofher freedom- FREEDOM OF CHOICE Your BASIC RIGHT fo choose your Iine of worlc, fhe neighborhood in which you Iive, fhe church you affend . . . gives you fhe righf fo choose your personal or family physician .... CHOOSE YOUR PHYSICIAN WISELY Some poinfs fo consider . . I- His Skill 4. Personalify 2. His Repufafion 5. Thoroughness 3. Professional Affiliafions 6, Franknegg TO PROVIDE THE BEST MEDICAL CARE, Your docfor musf Icnow you and you musf Icnow him . . . This DOCTOR-PATIENT RELATIONSHIP is offen iusf as imporfanf in fimes of sickness as any miracle drug af your physician's command. Besf Wishes fo fhe Class of '59 DOUGH ERTY COUNTY MEDICAL SOCIETY BEL AIR GH- Co. Congrafulafions, Seniors! soI BROAD Ave. From Complefe Aufomofive Service HE 2-0234 42 of ,he BILL QUICK, Mgr. F ALBANY ALBANY' GEORGM -if UNDERTAKING COMPANY ri'-"", ,,..--E T YOUR SEARCH EIIDS HSE DQ I IICD - I A V 'A-S696 W Q Qi 5' DIVINE'S MACHINE WORKS cRowE's DRUG COMPANY He 2-28II 205 Firsf Ave. He 5-457I 227 Broad Ave. - "Say It With 0urs" A l f I . fi! X X Sporting Goods-Hardware jx 'X I Q 3- I Flowers and Gifts f ZI4 BROAD AVE' XX 1" ' ' Hemlock 5-8374 uso s. SLAPPEY F54 DON'T WORRY QSSMUBQCA . . . GET HER GIFT "Georgia's Leading Jewelers" I24 Pine Ave. ALBANY' GEORGIA WALTER R. THOMAS He 2-287I 2I2 BROAD AVE. RGSENBERG BROTHERS ALBANY, GEORGIA I A Serving Albany and , Southwest Georgia I, E I for More Than 50 Years ll . I Southwest Georgia s Foremost Department Store" ,Af TROY, ALABAMA ALBANY. GEORGIA GREENVILLE, MISSISSIPPI He 6-24II I26 North Washington IF IT'S GOOD FOOD You WANT... Q I I -M ig U 221 I HEmIocIr Pine Ave. 2-270I C K SANDWICH ES E We specialize in preparing sandwiches for parries, picnics, or carry home ANY AMOUNT ALBANY. GEORGIA BOB'S CAN DI ES, INC. He 6-3394 I3I Pine Ave. ALBANY, GEORGIA EARL BRUNSON'S GROCERY MARKET Qualify Groceries He 2-056I 9I7 N. WASHINGTON REBECCA BRAXTON FUEL OIL COMPANY 40I N. Jackson S+. HEmIocIc 2-6238 CROUCH LUMBER CO. "Every'rhing 'For BuiIding" I4I2 NORTH JACKSON ST. UNION STOCKYARDS W. M. STORY, Owner Auc'rion Each Wednesday and Special S+ocIcer-Feeder Sale Every Firsi' and Third Friday HEmIock 2-79 I 9 HEmIock 2-70I I HEmIocIc 6-2457 X Zi X 'Er' sx f fv E Aiui SUNLIGHT CLEANERS He 5-53I3 705 Pine Ave. 5 JW ?fffWf ALBANY, GEORGIA Phone HE-6-5763 I60I S. Slappey Dr. Reinforcing S'reeI-Me+aI Slash-S+eeI Cons'rruc+ion Supplies JOE BRASHEARS STEEL, INC. P.O. BOX 686 PHONE HE 5-4548 ALBANY, GEORGIA .i',: I "Your Food Dollars 3 .. I Q Buy More D A+ Your Friendly W X HARvEY's Foon STORE v- fr "SHOP OFTEN AND SAVE" McCOLLUM'S CLEANERS ALBANY CANDY COMPANY GOOD LUCK TO THE I959 SENIORS The Home of Delicious J Candy He 5-3032 I 24 ROOSEVELT AVE. RIO STORES, INCORPORATED Q-M-fl: ,ar 'ig L AAA GRC 66" 'fine RUSTY'S 9 QR " SUPER SERVICE Corner 8'Ih Avenue and SIappy A ROAD SERVICE Congraiulaiions Seniors From THE JO-ELLEN SHOP He 5-3720 235 BROAD AVE. "The Fines+ in Beauiy Service" I206If2 N. SLAPPEY DRIVE HEmIocIc 6-27I I MADELINE'S BEAUTY SHOP QLTRA I QNINGS EO' qom BELK,S ALBANY LINEN SERVICE II02 OgIe'rhorpe Avenue I ' ALBANY' GEQRGIA bbw -A Io 'Ihe I959 Seniors HE 2-7477 2:5 BROAD AVENUE HE N478 gettn Walaea 'Z' QQ ffQQf"'Pe Cf BuRTON's LEE DRUG SHOE STORE Q Shoes for Ihe Enfire Family 240 BROAD AVENUE For Those Who Demand 'rhe Besi- LUMBER BUILDING MATERIALS MILLWORK PAINT ROOFING N W T' JJ E: ' -A-.- , Aff' KIN5 E Q UQ QP ' I I : XXQ .f 'fff ' K. .I a' LII A It WATKINS LUMBER COMPANY HE 2-6278 Old Leesburg Road ALBANY, GEORGIA 246 You CAN RELAX IN-- 309 NorI'l1 Davis PHONE: 5-363I DUKES FURNITURE STORE DUKE AND ALVIN WADE H. J. HOLLAND CONSTRUCTION COMPANY P.O. Box I56l "Builders of Permanenf Masonry Homes" I4I5 N.,MADISON STREET I'le-6-4624 ALBANY. GEORGIA WHIT-MAC Infercommunicafion Hea+ing ancl Cooling Anfenna InsI'alla+ion and Repair 3l5 N. WASHINGTON He-5-48l2 CHURCHWELL'S DEPARTMENT STORE For Fi'H'y Years Clo'rIIiers of High School and College S+uden+s of SouTIIwes'r Georgia IIO NORTH WASHINGTON STREET MAUD EVELYN MURPHY SCHOOL OF DANCING I0O5 Rosedale Ave. ALBANY. GEORGIA Hemlock 2-628l ' C Cifggqf' ED MARTIN , E5Ys,,.a SERVICE lated ?44hoa4 STATION I-Ie 2-2339 'T' 3I4 N. Jefferson 1 24 GOLDEN GLOW DAIRIES a- T ' .. m , If .. , as .. , .QA A. ,Nw 0 o DAIRY PRODUCTS He 2-6254 408 SOUTH SLAPPEY DR. VENTU LETT AND PACE All Types of Insurance He 5-455I 309 PINE AVE. Your In+erna'rionaI Harves+er and LiIIisI'on ImpIemen+ Dealer CORNER BROAD AND SLAPPEY HE 6-246l . . el. 12 W. y M-F-M TRUCK 81 TRACTOR CO. KIDDIE CORNER "We Ca+er Io Grandmas" 249 PINE AVENUE HE 2-I790 ALBANY, GEORGIA Besf Wishes From TIMBERLAKE GROCERY CO. G I 0 tg! eg Qqgg 2.53-xv Alixx n l 4 7V -ft-y'iif,'W"' f Q3 SOUTHERN BREAD AND CAKE "Baked Daily In Albany" I004 NORTH WASHINGTON ALBANY. GEORGIA FEM ag BREAD 7' ,WJ PASTRIE5 M' SOUTH ERN BAKERI ES CO. Hay - Grain - Feed "Pond Lily MeaI" CITY GIN 81 MILL CO. I023 OQISIIIOFPS ALBANY GEORGIA "We cIon"r meeI' compefiiion we make compeIiI'ion." KEEL DRUG COMPANY FREE DELIVERY I009 NORTH MONROE Doc+or's Cen+er He 2-I203 KEENAN AUTO PARTS COMPANY WI1oIesaIe Dis'I'ribu'rors of Car-Truck-Tracior Parfs He 6-33II II2 NORTH FRONT MERRY ACRES MOTEL I500 Dawson Road Q i 4 '- A -' H53 'u A if? we 5 BNI I T I p W W M I R I U "" " Q' A BORDEN'S ICE CREAM ZQUIWI13 He 5-4504 I306 NORTH JEFFERSON "If II"s Borden's H"s GoI Io Be Good" CongraIuIa'rions Seniors! He 2-2I4I 523 NORTH DAVIS From CRISLER'S GROCERY 81 MKT if- LA AND SAVE IISLSUI-It A.. AT BUTLER FURNITURE CO. U-SAVE-IT HE 5-835I 2I0 PINE ALBANY AVENUE GEORGIA f? Your K3 ir.,-Q G-f ! Dependable ' ! I 5, . l LJ DFUQQISI' Q7 SAVE WITH U-SAVE-IT Camellias Azaleas BOB NIX NURSERY Dawson Rd. HE 2-2263 ALBANY, GEORGIA III NORTH JACKSON ,, I 00 BILL BUNTIN'S QITRA DRY CLEANERS ' 'T N65 SN' I I Q One Da Service Evergreens Trees I Good Luck :InjmBes+ Wishes HOLLCWAY LQAN 3, FINANCE CQ, COMPLETE BEAUTY SERVICE ALBANY OWNED AND OPERATED BY PROFESSIONALS I2 BROAD AVENUE ARCADE For Hours of Fun and Wonderful Recreafion Visi+ +he CENTENNIAL BOWLING LANES AT 826 OGLETHORPE OWNED AND OPERATED sv GLENN NOLL THE MONCRIEFS The Sou'rh's Mosi' TaIIced-Abou'I' Casual Living Shop ALBANY. GEORGIA He 2-I04I IOI3 W. Broad Ave. He 2-74I I ALBANY, GEORGIA 22I Wesi' Oglefhorpe B LAN C H E'S Ladies' Ready-I'o-Wear 205 BROAD AVE. SHARP'S Albany HaHers and Shoe Rebuilders I03 SOUTH JACKSON STREET He 5-427I "Sowega's Leading Shoe Rebuilders' WESTWOOD OPTICAL DISPENSARY "A Personalized Op+icaI Service" Con+ac+ Lenses II3 NORTH JACKSON STREET NORTH OF ALBANY THEATRE "The SI'yIe Cen+er for GIasses" "THE PATIO" NEXT TO V.F.W. CLUB Radium Springs Road Food and Beverages "We Serve 'rhe BesI' for Less" PHONE: 5-9206 Complimenis f ' GULF SERVICE I. J I I 70I Norfh Jefferson ,N ALBANY, GEORGIA Fine Place 'ro Ea'r IIO NORTH SLAPPEY DRIVE ROBERT A. INMAN, INC. MEN'S WEAR ine Avenue IX HE 6-2lI2 C B S Ib If g1U'QW5an u P I NEWS 6 I IX 1450 KC THE STYLE SHOP 627 can mg, IO3 Nor+h Washmgfon GARGANO'S RESTAURANT Easi' OQIGIIIOTPG Expressway Q5 A HE 2-024I 4 ALBANY, GEORGIA I DUNCAN TV gy 8. RADIO SERVICE Q 828 A. OQIGIIWOTPS Ave. V HE 2-6560 f A, y y "22 Years of Eledronic Experience" EW R I Albany, Georgia FIRST STATE BANK LET US HELP x . I I f's9'4 f C1 'S a sh I 3 A I Q Zan Wioawq 33 Broad Avenue NEXT TO POST OFFICE CUSTOMER PARKING AUTO TELLER WINDOWS Complete Banking and Trust Services Deposiis Insured by FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION J. O. BLAIR PLUMBING Dealer of Birdsey Produc'I's 81 HEATING CO. WRIGHT'S Flour and Feed Hemlock 5-5412 PLIIHBIIIG zzo OGLETHORPE zkfffgdvthd ALBANY SHEET METAL WORKS, INC. Roofing and Shee+ Me+aI Con'I'rac'rors NO JOB TOO LARGE OR TOO SMALL RILEY'S CLEANERS AND SHIRT LAUNDRY He. 5-82I2 OuaIi'ry Cleaning aI Reasonable Prices Free Pick-Up and Delivery fgr afoccaszbns SAVELLE JEWELRY COMPANY III N. WASHINGTON STREET He 5-5654 MERTS EQUIPMENT COMPANY Cons'rruc+ion Machinery SIruc'I'uraI SI'eeI Irrigafion Machinery Paving Machinery 300 S. SLAPPY DR. ALBANY, GA H ERTZ RENT-A-CAR Phone Hemlock 6-3423 1 f ,iq KDEAQ K -Q K ' Tv S x 1- I Rs - ' -I I ev ' LOOSIER OF ALBANY, INC. "Good and BeI'Ier Furni+ure for Less Money" II2 SOUTH JACKSON STREET ALBANY. GEORGIA "CHECK OUR PRICES BEFORE YOU BUY" Complele line of Plumbing Fixlures ' Supplies Everylhing for +I1e Home Builder Sargenl Painls getty: 7451464 CHANDLER HARDWARE COMPANY 455 EAST BROAD AVENUE HEmIock 2-7052 EAST ALBANY J. B. HAWTHORNE H. M. YARBROUGH FLINT PULPWOOD BROKERS P.O. Box I42I ALBANY, GEORGIA "PIan+ More Trees" "Harves+ WiseIy" Toasred Hoi' Dogs "Wi+h All flue Trimmings" JIMIvIY'S HOT DOG STAND "The Ho'r Dog King" Cold Drinlcs, Candy, and Ice Cream Cigars and Cigare+'res 204 SOUTH JACKSON STREET HEmIocIr 5-475l ALBANY, GEORGIA BECK MOTOR COMPANY - SALES TRUCKS SERVICE Buy Your Shoes al' BARFIELD SHOE STORE He 5-8726 25I BROAD AVE. PHONE HE 6-467I RES. PHONE HE 6-I086 RHODES HEATING 81 COOLING CO. HEATING AND COOLING INSTALLATION - DESIGN - SERVICE Franklin Rhodes I704 N. Jefferson SERVICE WHEN YOLI NEED IT Owner Albany, Georgia X I DICK TAYLOR SERVICE STATION Good Luck Io Ihe KEN STANTON'S "The Band Wagon" 3I3 BROAD AVENUE HE 2-I I48 Effie: --we 'S il IIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIII 'I S I' :gg Q 3 II I A "'i.'-1'J-'?5 'S 3 Records Hi-Fi Players Band Ins'I'rumenIs Gui+ars Accordions THE COMPLETE MUSIC CENTER GAY CLOTHING CO. "Your Friendly Men's SI'ore" 224 PINE AVENUE Across +he S+ree+ From 'rhe Cour'I House "IF A MAN WEARS IT-GAY HAS lT" I ean GINDIII ALBANY AIR SERVICE, INC. MUNICIPAL AIRPORT Phone HE 6-4648 ie? ' 3. L. PRISANT TM JEWELERS ALBANY, GEORGIA He 2-6I36 2I9A Broad Ave. IdLl F+hf+ +.-I I'Icpy an wa E 'Ih Iaiesinnews on 'Ihe Naiiona an oca pl I f 'Ih + S II1 1 G g 9 S we BS COM 6 8 COVSTB 8 O 8 eor ia world of Sporis-Read H551 Mums ff . f k 1 HE fjm.g?NEWs wALB-AM ALBANY 1 590 HERALD 1 III III, 1I I nSOU'I'I"lWeS'I' GGOFQIBIS X QM AM- ai' 'I'I1e Tgp of Yqur Me'I'ropoIi+an Newspaper" Radio Dial "Sou+I1wes+ Georgia's Voice of Progress" I"Ie 5-45II I4l PINE AVE. Good Luck, Seniors! SUE'S BEAUTY SALON SLAPPEY DRIVE He 5-8929 326A Nor'rI1 Slappey THE SAMPLE SHOE STORE 2 I 9 Broad Avenue QE You rAheadI eww V0 ' e money THE SAM FARKAS ESTATE ALBANY. GEORGIA He 2-0I3l II4 Broad Ave. BISHOP'S CLEANERS AND LAUNDERERS THREE CONVENIENT LOCATIONS 232 Roosevelf II07 N. Slappey 7I4 Highland or e ines in ene ainmen, ee our unecI 'Io WALB-TV, Channel I0, "TI1e i of Sou+I1 Georgia" and Io S E E US N ..... DUPREE DRUGS SUPPUES AND fe N5 S f If ' NSQSLWQ ' fX S - W ML XA A , X23 - out-- -N , i' Corner of 5+l1 and Norfh Slappey , X CAROLYN'S PERRY BUSINESS ,ig Ta " SCHOOL He 6-I l5I lOl Nor'l'h Washingfon He 6-36I6 I27V2 NORTH JEFFERSON JEFF'S SUPER MARKET 506 SECOND AVE. "Fine Foods for Fine People" 5 eff' ef fzeflkfgg' NL 17 .T-V N 2 V 7 Mid i V 9- L! JEFF'S DELICATESSEN l20 NORTH SLAPPEY Domestic and Improved Food CongraI'uIaI'ions, Seniors' From MILLER MOTOR COMPANY 525 OGLETHORPE AVENUE ALBANY DRUG COMPANY 3I2 SOUTH SLAPPEY DRIVE and PALMYRA PHARMACY loo NORTH SLAPPEY DRIVE He-2-osba ALBANY AMUSEMENT COMPANY Phonograph and CigareHe Machines He 2-l945 I38 BOOKR AVE. Mark of Iniegriiy in Jewelry E'rI1ics Mark of DisI'incI'ion on Your Giffs JIM DENSON TRANSFER AND STORAGE 743 E. Broad Ave. ALBANY, GEORGIA He-2-29I I HALEY TRACTOR COMPANY Q 404 N. Slappey Drive fo'- if f ' g ffm' , L,.g,4E t VIVIAN'S N. JACKSON STREET LaTesT Fashions KINNETT DAIRIES Zww Q-ooo W room , "" ' A Hagan., 4 !' ff 2 X ? RI I ' , S sm? awe at HAL AND ED'S Men's Wear ALBANY, GEORGIA THE BEST OF EVERYTHING TO YOU ALL From HITCHCOCK FLOORING SERVICE HE 5-5578 FLORARY BEAUTY SHOP l2l5 PARKER AVENUE For Appoin+men+s Call HE 6-I86I EFE R ALBANY OUTBOARD MARINE Mercury Ou'rboard Moiors Sales and Service Crosby and Zimmel Boa+s 630 OGLETHORPE AVENUE 'dwg' jg- Aw ALBANY TIRE fe AND IM , SERVICE STATION " nip., Dis+ribu+or of Fires'rone Producfs Phones: 'QE SLAPPEY AT DAWSON ALBANY, GEORGIA A E WAKEFORD INSURANCE AGENCY 1 I I 1 S 3, I C E zgiqyf DR. PEPPER 6 E BOTI'LING COMPANY fx! ' 3I2 I1 gf S+ I' N. Was in on ree X He 5-4581 238 Pine Ave. THE lated 7445421414 BOOK AND GIFT SHOP gms Thaw, please LOIS-ANNELLE SHOP 2I2 PINE AVENUE ALBANY, GEORGIA "Where Smarl' Albanians Buy" He 2-I67I II3 N. WASHINGTON FDIIFIIE1 ARCTIC BEAR -f f-J - I DRIVE-IN Corner of OgIe'I'I1orpe and Slappey Drive SaIes FORD Service ALBANY. GEORGIA He 5-83I3 408 NORTH SLAPPEY JOHNSTQN .1-.1 PACE FLORIST "FIowers Designed 230 PINE AVENUE Io' Ihe IndividuaI" ALBANY' GEGRGIA HE 2-6297 I03 N. FRONT PENNEY' Always Firsl' Qualify "THE FAMILY'S FAVORITE STORE" ALBANY. GEORGIA ROBINSON DRUG COMPANY our C Q ps: P1-, -ern'-5550? I i' fs .1-, - i 'gf' . ., fF9':f?Fd9:P'?. I A MDEPENDABLE DRUGGIST Exqhisile Jewelry See Our Friendship Rings He 2-6451 234 BROAD AVE. WOOD'S JEWELRY COMPANY Clean WIII1 SNOW'S LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANING 3I2 N. JEFFERSON STREET HE 2-0506 GORTATOWSKY Bes'I Policy a'I All ,L an Times 5 qi 123715 313 :,1,. y,..1. ' Q . 9-4 int TI1ea+res - Insurance BAIN PEANUT COMPANY He 2-I I62 N. WasI1ing'Ion ALBANY, GEORGIA Congraiulalions, I959 Seniors From PURE PURE I OIL COMPANY "YOU CAN BE SURE WITH PURE" R. B. GEOGHEGAN, BRANCH MANAGER CLASS OF '26 927 Rooseveli' Avenue ALBANY. GEORGIA "Every+l1ing for Welders" KEENAN WELDING SUPPLIES CO. STAR ENGRAVING COMPANY HOUSTON, TEXAS Sales Represen+a+ives: JOHN BRAZZEAL BILL REED HENRY P. HARRISON sr , A5300 9,525 .ja QQ ff' - Qi I REALTORS W MU.-V. 5 MKHIIRSOI -Q9-1f'i'5Tiff5N R9 Your Guaranfee of Safisfaclion Esn-KP WILLIAM H. FRYER, REALTOR FARM AND RANCH PROPERTIES 9 Miles OuI' Dawson Road P.O. Box l24I Phone HE 2-2256 Albany, Georgia CAMP CONCRETE PIPE Co. Culverl and Sewer Pipe He 5-44II BALDWIN DR. Go Gas 'For MODERN Living I. 535 MODERN i' ff Q. GAS f' V'- THE BIGGEST BARGAIN IN YOUR H0 0 I Courlesy MODERN GAS COMPANY He 2-7350 I00 BROAD AVE. ELMER E. BARNETTE FUNERAL DIRECTOR 6II N. Jefferson S+ree'I' PHONE HE 5-5657 ALBANY COAL COMPANY INCORPORATED Coal - Fuel Oil - Appliances PHONE HE 2-7245 ALBANY GEORGIA xvgvzi x AWQWWQ' fQQQ.9Q9,5 QQ? OQVKX MMoV9o'N5' ORN 'MNA xy9,gu3o,gI MN, 'B AN 'ff I IIQQ AH M11 M nf: EI s ' , . " Qx, IIgI,.g4.l.,vLun f Xx SX In 'Br::mI""'f 1. I I' 4 9 F '5 !n ' 1 H -' I 1 I I Q : I I g 1 1 4 I 1 1 f 1 1 g I 5 1 1 4 1 I ' 9 1 f ' 7 : A ' 1 1 ' E I 1 , I5 1 1 5 E Z' 1 1 1 1 . Q ,- 51 5 3 jg. jf fff, -E ',f'xIvp' J ' 1-.1111 f f ff MQ ff 0 1 Mx' x , "'Nr3,fwNX To 'Tf7 f"4- . -151219- -an, "f4':-:":15":54 1 'I -I , IV 1 ON THE WAY UP Gei' a good s+ar'r wi+I1 a C 8: S savings accounI'. Open yours 'for SI or more. A Ii'H'Ie saved regularly will soon be enough Io help you on your way. You will be welcome a+ C 81 S. MEMBER FDIC THE CITIZENS 81 SOUTHERN BANK OF ALBANY Congratulations, Seniors BDT-E,lE:NG AUTOGRAPHS COMPANY, INC. Royal Crown COLA There's CI "one and only" in refreshment, too X3 ff' I Wwe, Ai- -Z! 2 MMM J 0 O O O Complimenls of B ROWN FURNITURE CO. 5II Broad Ave. ALBANY. GEORGIA A DIVISION OF BROADWELL CO., INC. "A Complele Service" ALBANY HOTEL AND RESTAURANT SUPPLY COMPANY Holel, Reslauranl and lnslilulion Complimenls of Equipmenl and Supplies A FRIEND He 2.osol 3II SEVENTH Ave. He 2-0502 ALBANY. GEORGIA We Deeply Appreciate These People We would Iilce 'Io lake 'Ihis space lo lhanlc 'rhe many people who have made il' possible for us lo complele lhis I959 issue of 'Ihe Thronaleeslcaz Our adverfisers each and every one. The financial supporl and personal in'reres+ of Ihe s+uden+ body. Our principal, Mr. McNabb, who has been mosl cooperalive in every way. . Our leachers, who have excused us, when necessary, lo gel 'Ihe iob done. The second year lyping classes who have done such a beauliful iob of +yping. Our Thronaleeslca pholographer, Mr. Sanders, who has lrailed aboul' wilh us phofographing our school life in aclion. Our slaff, members of 'rhe senior class and all junior helpers who have worked wilh us +his year. Again we say, 'lhank you. AL WISE, Edilor MRS. MARY FUTCH and MR. G. B. HOWELL, Advisors 4 Q , 6 54 af 4 uv iv -I- W. ,, --I x , A Joi' 1 ff "-X f 'i K Me: -ig? A 4 ' 'J , 'Q ga I I 4' 4 ,pg +232 f f 1s1 ' w: 1, i K 15,-H735 Lx, ga' 1: 5-A . 1 'r 1, I -d..- , 1 "J v, M' , -X G QIL V 1 - ML . ,., F, ,fu ' N,- 1, 1 , aff Q V 1 ,f I I w um f -'f wif H Safari' ,, . gx . +n 25 4.1L L Ln , ,L :N uf: 1 ,Q , SX-11 Q is. A H if X 4 nv I-mf. 'V,,ff?55s?f.!. w - 4 -1 3,-:FH 'Rl I if '59-:',5 --'sw:,Q"'21!:1 -'-. A x 4 4 sw Q .f 'ul m'11..m.g..aQ ffmwkmlaghii 1 I 4 1 1 i 1 i 3 1 5 gn . 1 , . 1 . . L lu ,r..,, .., 'I 0 , fu at vu .-jg, al ' j . -r'p.' 'I .fi . .- .-,s , J 4 51 Q 'ha ii R 4 f A W A 51, k 'M , M 5 . 5 ff: 45251 -fi' ' 5 2 a sv -' wvwm24-,WWA - W mill," ' -, 5 ' , E I ,p 'Q ,. ., ,, . ,- , --.w H A I. ml 1 Mn-wigxx ' ,-. Q, Z K ' -' K" "K" , . . f t-HM' """lfQ6"'!j'A .Q QQ n H - A. 5 V' ,,.,m, ,,...w.n A-3, ., ,. ,A ' 1 4- A ,g LSL R. ' , P , . , , , L 4 -X1 . , . 2'--, ' . ,fl , . -'run 2 A I. 1 ..... l 'E 4--u-an-,- ,A 5 A 1 J,3',4,' ', ,f Q? 5:11 7' 1 4- ,w 'Di ,rx . ,fly if , .-'N .2 A , i. A 1 ' -A ' - - w f l An,-.. .ff .E - Q 'jpg 4 3- :. wg 3 n,,k Y '2., , 513, I L , vi L 1 TE 'E f-. A ff? I 4, 11 ' .-Q-fav, ,v , 5 L. . f 3 1 A ., S' w-. Q? 'r ' Q '. , ,an 'SI' ' I iivmtw ,. I , .L 1 .' Ti , ' H Q. ' , - ' ff 5 3 V 4 . . -3' G! , 1 1 ,ly - :ml 1 5 , I 11 'fr Q A , I 1. A 'I w 4 1,3- 'P-4 ag , - A E, ' -. ' a . ' , 5 4 Q . v L w. : . , . f v m I , Q., ' X . . , . , I ,ni .'- ' ' - JL Q Q. ' h 1 u . ,X l - I J K Q q, . , j K . , . I Q ' n . .0 5 I , X 'Q K . , 4 1 . , . -- . U , x , 4 , , V 2' -. 5 , i I i . ' , I . " f 'al 5 1- .. A 2 X '5 ja- ,,,-'iff ,A - , K . 4 Q - s ' . Y I, 1 . , .f. ,wif r . c'.- . f A' I .A I ig b',.r,..!ll .1 4 , - . E 4-K iff I Q , .q Wim.:-Q U ' 1,4 ' f 6 .l -. F x 1 ' lv lv' W' I-U T' 1 To 1 -:'n - Jul !1 5'9 ' J - "Q " .....f , m ' . L nl g 1 I 'I s 1 N ' - g ' X .f , - 1.1 Rf' 1 'X . -' , . '- wewf Mm-as -- My ,,,"' , - ,Wg lf.-QV - X 5 4 ,f I in . ' 4--if V' -, . 34 ,fa ,g w:',.g,- -vin... .'- E A-VI 4 . iq.. anlna .-16.5 A'-:Amt 9, -uh . . .1 -A .1 .. A x . , . ge , 1 u'92'QcP'f""1'- 'fun ' ' Q K -4-1. .J " ,lf ' " t N, . , +1 V g' - ' Jr. f .. 1. - A t, f- . if -V,-, '- f- A WIT'-A 9 ' ' 1 . ' V '. H-wif .hz .U .- V - -t 5 ,VXI . J' - Q 4, -r ,,.-,. .- - , -i.. - -14 M, ,. .. H, - - -gg f , ' ', il '4' " ' f- ... . ,. Q-f.L',-fff "- V '19 , M , Q: -1 .5 '. ' ' " SWE-" ' ' , ,gg:.1'M,Q,1ff' ' .3 .. f-"ww" Aff-A" . . "9 f A. ,. 'Q f' ' "Ti ...'32.1: 3 ' ' ' fc -' - -+.. ww If' if .....' N 'H ' ' -ff - , - 45' 1 qi f T 'df'-if's1' '- . YA1- f"":"'3 Q 4-M' ""' ' A' M ""fTJ" ,- -A-'I,'4-4-la Z , 'E'-kiieqf , 'Li ' . , " 'l'.....f -,. , 3 Tr- , , L+ n., A ' - .5 1 - f", L 15, ,,g,r::" f-V -1 ' ' ' f fvw a , W V ""'- :-- ,, ff.-A-, . :uf if-f f - ' 1. - ff b -. lf 'A ,V ,.. . -' rw- A x 55,14 'f I-"f'f', f-'ff eh' , gr' - -- 'Pj , ' W 'ff . K ,....: 'A1,,3-.1,fm,m5'a.g-f' F, 4. Q H A-3 '- ' 4 -. - ' yf' .-,' f aff- 1 " -- . r -' ,rL. -' " yu, -4312, 4 - wi QU, 4 -, 1 H H W we ,urarm-, . Y Qvwn-, 1- . V -ij. V .V.r Av ., A I ,. IU.- ,.., "" .o ' ' - ,. I -V ,.A , , I, v-1 W H: 'W-A J! ,W Q 4 A, :aka 2, jg i1Tf'fQi'?':4'.."Z',.i5J'1' . 3. ,tbl ff --'ff 'f- V' ' - - -A X- f 'ff.'ZS.k' ,,- -.wr ,ff 'N 'L g - ., , U' Q .- 1-5 -5 A XI i,1?'y5ti1j?135AtA Vx if ,4 . ,, .. 4 v M ., . . . ', ,f,"'2'f-' ,-QV-F., V' . ,I-rg ' I 1 f" 1 'Q v .- ' " A . N ., 'f.JiL --sa 5, - N-135' 'again-af-, r- . iggwl...-'51 5' 'fs N- A .,, . -- " ..d...- ""' 'A ' -.:+e:ig41,15fg.'3a ,asa

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