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Albany High School - Thronateeska Yearbook (Albany, GA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Cover

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t£e f$5Z £cUtto t otf t e 7kio t ztee46cL‘Tfoute a yntuuC oCeft fyou re t£e ae ooC t zt eve Coves4( hu TttaXe . dean,, eve you neoene. ! ' Vice President of the Student Body CHARLOTTE STEPHENS j V (y ft 0y. X- , f 1 p X t6e Sd o As you eagerly turn the pages of your yearbook, this will probably be the last page your eyes will tome to rest upon. There is no doubt, though, that you will notice the numerous unique and new features which have been added for your pleasure to the Thronateeska this year. First of all, is the theme — a modern theme which is achieved by the use of abstract designs and lines. Another significant feature is the end sheets. Albany High School is featured in her full glory with her true colors proudly showing. The various views of AHS and Mills Memorial Stadium were pictured for the purpose of bringing back sweet memories to young hearts both now and in the years yet to come. We thought the Duo-Tone color would add much to your enjoyment. Of course, the most striking and attractive page in the book is the colored picture of the Flint River. The staff is very proud of this page and we hope you like it, too. Other improvements have been made in the Thronateeska this year. Much time and work have been spent to liven up the Administration, Faculty and Class sections. The school social functions have been put in the limelight and more autograph and snapshot pages have been added. This yearbook could not have been produced without the help of the student body, faculty, and a wonderful staff. My thanks go to all of these people. 85 The aim of the Thronateeska staff of 1957-58 was to produce a yearbook worthy of Albany High School and one that would tell the story of your school year at AHS. We also y wanted to present a yearbook equalled by none r '-' jpr- the best ever! We sincerely hope that ™ v we have succeeded in these aims and that each and every page of this, your 1957-58 THRONATEESKAs4cUnt U4t'l tlO t 0?acuCty s4t6Cetic6 'pcuuyutea 4ctventc en4, kiotuzteea z'DecUcati t MR. G. B. HOWELL Since 1947 he has served the students as teacher, friend and advisor. Not only in his teaching of biology but also in his untiring service as business sponsor of the Thronateeska staff for ten years, he has been and still is a very vital part of life at Albany High School. His staunch convictions and fidelity to God have produced the personality that we all love. We, the 19 8 Ihrona-teeska staff, are delighted and very proud to dedicate the 1958 Thronateeska to you, our wonderful friend, Mr. G. B. Howell.The Kiwanis and McIntosh awards are the highest and the most coveted honors which can be bestowed upon a student of Albany High School. These students, who are recognized from the senior class as having exemplified the most outstanding qualities of citizenship and leadership during their four years at Albany High School are selected by a secret ballot of the faculty. Edwina Davis is the senior girl who is the recipient of the Kiwanis award and Bill Buntin is the recipient of the McIntosh award. EDWINA DAVIS BILL BUNTINJ. J. CORDELL Superintendent of Education Dougherty County School System First row, left to right: Hollis Stanford, John P. Ventulet, and Louis Peacock. Second row: Herbert Haley, J. S. Rosenberg, and Ed. Martin, President. 4t occi oc umxC . . , Cce ften o t tel... i frUettdCcf z td e ccce tt. MRS. H. E. BARNHOUSE Checking the records and requirements of students for graduation, scheduling, leveling loads—these and many other duties are handled by our office personnel. MISS BETTY GOODMAN Guidance and Mathematics MRS. FLOR1NE LESUEUR Secretary MRS G C. CARTER JR. Under the capable leadership of our Principal, MR. HAROLD E. McNABB, our school grows in size and prestige each year. By praising us, defending us, and correcting us when we are wrong, Mr. McNabb merits the respect of our student body. MR. GRAYDON PIERCE, our Assistant Principal, is the man behind the morale of our high school. Always pushing us on to greater heights in scholastic and extracurricular activities, he handles his job in a cheerful, capable, and efficient manner. 76si£e cnecUt ut one necfuviect. . . MR. WILLIAM R. BRAGG oC6c. MISS HELEN CROSBY Every student must enroll in one English course each semester until three required English credits are earned. MISS FRANCES FEAGIN MRS. MARY FUTCH Students who plan to attend college are expected to complete four credits. cutcC t6e i eotcounayeetf MISS THELMA PLANT MRS. A. L. HINSON MRS. H. C. LEE MISS LYNN GARRETT MISS BETTY MASKMRS ANNIE LAURIE MISS ANNE RICHARDS MISS ELIZABETH MISS SYLVIA POWELL English SAUNDERSON SCARBOROUGH English English English 7ie Ccutyuaye ante utcCudea electives ... Two years of a foreign language are required by most colleges. MISS INA RANDIT 1 French, Mathematics 7 e wvued cottunencial o enicu one elective . . . Two years of typing, two years of stenography, one year of bookkeeping and one year of general business comprise the commercial curriculum. All courses are elective. The Commercial Department attempts to give training and experience to students MISS MICKIE WEBB MRS. T. R THORNTON Typing. Shorthand Business Education s4Cl 4e tion nu4t fade a nat£e n ztic counte . . . MISS MARY BO MR- HUGH CHRISTIAN BREEDLOVE JAMES D. MULLIS MR. RAY COUNCILA minimum of two units in mathematics is required for graduation. In the ninth grade all students must take general math or algebra I. In the tenth and eleventh grades the math courses are elective. MISS EARLINE ROGERS MRS R B LANGSTAFF fan faitune 6o tte H46en4 . . , MRS. S. J. VICK MRS. RICHARD CONKEL MRS. JEWELL JOHNSON tfudeut requested fo 6ave t re MRS. MARTHA M INCHEW MRS. NADINE FRYER MR. N. C. HATCHER Three units are required in Social Studies to graduate. The courses in this department are designed to prepare students as responsible and conscientious citizens of tomorrow. In the history classes, a background of our present government is presented. MRS. GUY CARTER MRS. JAKE ROWEcxecUte C t 'rtyidt uf ... 7 e £t te a tte freciciCtte6 utcC au% tt ia U€i ui asie aCovcu %e zctcf fo JteCfi MR. MAYNARD SELL Band Director MISS MARY A SNELLGROVE Art MRS. J. J. HOGUE MRS. LUCY WALTERS MRS. R. B. GEOGHEGAN Librarian Library Assistant Library Assistant 7ttfCcc4t%ozl s4it .. . fat t6e fixture .. . Courses in woodcraft, metalcraft, mechanical drawing and auto mechanics are offered in the vocational department. These activities are carefully designed to fulfill the needs of the individual. This department provides an opportunity for students to develop technical skills and gain experience that will be a valuable aid toward obtaining employment after graduation. ROBERT JAMES HERBERT WATSON HAROLD WYNN DELL MORRIS HOWARD D. WATERS0 0 cce tce cxecUte ie requtned A student must take two science courses in either the ninth, tenth, eleventh or twelfth grade. General science, chemistry, general biology, human biology, and physics are the courses offered.0 Oun. @a£etenia a ‘i ofitd i “pCace LUNCHROOM MONITORS MRS. R. L. BASS MRS. R. E. MULL LUNCHROOM WORKERSSection, Durward Pennington Phillip Plummer John Beasley John Wilson PRESIDENT VICE PRESIDENT SECRETARY TREASURER Kay Carlton Edwina Davis Linda Cullom Joyce Coppedge ELAINE ALLIGOOD Library Service Club; 4-H; Los Picaros; Future Business Leaders qf Tomorrow; JO’s Debaters; Future Business Instructors. ANN ANDERSON Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y; Band; General Science, Secretary; World History; Dumb Debaters; SOS; 4-H; DCT, Treasurer. PATSY ARMSTRONG Romani Hodierni; Beta Club; Student Council; Beta and Zeta Tri-Hi-Y; Music Workshop; Glee Club; Melonettes; Tumbling Club, Treasurer; Intramural Basketball; Varsity Basketball; Pow Wow: Sports Editor; Junior Classical League; Stricklands Scatterbrains; Big Bomb and His Little Atoms; Sociology and Psychology. JAMYE AULTMAN Sophomore Class, President; Beta Club; Student Council; Glee Club; Melonettes; Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y, Veep; Youth Assembly; Pow Wow, Business Manager; Cursus Honorum, Junior Consul, President; Dunning’s Delinquents; Romani Hodierni; Junior Classical League; Music Workshop. ROGER AYCOCK Basketball; Uncle Bob's Story Hour; Marion s Miserable Money Makers; Strickland’s Pioneers; The Dear Hunters; Pogoes. SIBYL BALL Music Workshop; Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y; Glee Club; Library’ Service; Dunning’s Delinquents, Program Chairman; Alpha Tri-Hi-Y; Future Teachers of America; Collins’ 24 Test Tubes; The Lone Psychiatrist and His 31 Maniacs; Beta Club; Romani Hodierni; Pow Wow; Annual Staff; Basketball; Office. TURNER BALL Sophomore Play; Los Traderctores Losos, Vice President; Stricklands, USHER, Vice President; Collins' Chemical Cats, Treasurer; Hi-Y; Junior Civitan. Secretary; Buenos Vecinos; Los Conquistadores de Es-panol. President; Physics Club; Soc. and Psy. Club. TED BARFIELD Driver’s Training; DCT Club; Business Leaders of Tomorrow; USHERS.ELAINE BARTLEY Glee Club; Music Workshop; Alpha Tri-Hi-Y; Driver's Training; US Historians; FT A; SOS; Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y. BILL BASS RANDALL BATES General Science Club; DE; General Business; US History Club. JOHN BEASLEY Key Club, President; Varsity Football; "B Team Basketball; Track; Hi-Y, Vice President; Le Cercle Francais; Les Chats de Paris; Beta Club; 21 Inert Solids; Lit Wits; Senior Class, Secretary; Biological Research; USHERS; Sophomore Class. Secretary. DENNIS AUTRY BEATY Band; Biological Research; Strickland's Scatterbrains; The Discountants; "B” Team Football. REAMON BEATY Freshman Band; Sophomore Band; Speech; Band. Captain's Corps; Boys' Glee Club; USHERS. WILLIAM JAMES BENNETT Mach Chasers; DCT Club. GAIL MARGARET BIRDSONG Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y Biological Research; Buenos Veci- nos; USHERS; Pow Wow, Associate Make-Up Editor.JOHN BLAKEY Varsity Basketball; Intramural Basketball; USHER; Shop Assistant; Pow Wow Staff. EMBREE BOLTON Key Club; Beta Club; Hi-Y Chaplain; Strickland's USHERS; 24 Inert Solids; Romani Hodierni; Junior Classical League; 'B” Team Basketball, Manager; Intramural Basketball; Sophomore Play; Junior Play; Delegate to International Key Club Convention; Delegate to Boys’ State; Delegate to State Key Club Convention; Thymalian Club; Public Speaking Medal. JOE BOWDEN Senior Band, Drum Major; Captain’s Corps, Student Director; Freshman Band; Pow Wow, Editor-in-Chief; Science Club; Junior Classical League; Collins' Twenty Four Test Tubes, President; JO’s Juntos; Quo Vadis; ROGB Pep Band. Secretary. JUDY BOWMAN FHA; 4-H Club; Art Club; Govec; The Accountants; Practice English Perfectly; Science Club. CLAUDE BRADLEY, JR. Junior Gvitans; "B" Team Football; Collins’ Comical Chemists; Intramural Basketball; US Historians; Echos of Einstein; Track. JAMES G. BRANDON Band; Captain s Corps; ROGB, President; Glee Club; 21 Inert Solids; Static Chasers; Strickland’s Scatterbrains. RICHARD BROWN DCT Club; Govec Club; Typing Club; Art Club. BILL BUNTIN Junior Classical League; Beta Club; Key Club Movie Operators; Student Council; Freshman Class Veep; Sophomore Class, Veep; Junior Class, Presi dent; Quo Vadis; Biological Research Club; Boys Chorus; Annual Staff; USHER; 21 Inert Solids Basketball.JEAN CAIN Music Workshop; Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y; SOS; Driver’s Training; Thronateeska Annual Staff; Basketball; Technique Seekers; USHER; Business Leaders of Tomorrow; 4-H Club; Powder Puff Football. VIRGINIA CANNON 4-H Club; FHA, President; AHS Band, Majorette; Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y; General Science Club; The Dis-countants; USHER. JUNE CARDEN 4-H Club; FHA; SOS; Driver’s Training; Biological Research; Strickland’s Scatterbrains. DOUGLAS CARLTON KAY CARLTON Beta Tri-Hi-Y; Music Workshop; Sophomore Play; Romani Hodierni; Junior Classical League; Biological Research Club, Chapter I; Gamma Tri-Hi-Y; Los Espanoles Dormidos; Hysterical Historians; Intramural Basketball; Thymalian Club; Civinettes; Pow Wow, Associate Business Manager; President Senior Class; Miss AHS; Homecoming Queen. ZONA CARPENTER Entered 57; SOS; Beta Club; Business Leaders of Tomorrow; Office Assistant. RICHARD CARSON Hi-Y, President; Key Club, Secretary; Movie Operators, Vice President; USHER, Secretary; Student Council; Track; "B” Team Basketball; Quo Vadis; Biological Research Club, Chapter III; Beta Club; Collins’ Twenty-Four Test Tubes; Junior Classical League; Echoes of Einstein. SHIRLEY CARTER Govec Club; Conkle’s Little Family; Intramural Basketball.JO CATES Beta Club; USHER; Buenos Vecinos; Gamma Tri-Hi-Y; Art Club; Biological Research Club, Chapter I; Junior-Senior Dance Committee; Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y; Office Assistant; Assistant Editor of Thronateeska; The Discounts; Los Tamales Calientes. RUTH CHAMBERS Beta Tri-Hi-Y. Secretary; Troubadours, Assistant Pianist; Music Workshop; Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y; Troubadours, Assistant Director; Glee Club; Beta Club; Melonettes, Director; Alpha Tri-Hi-Y; USHER; Buenos Vecinos. MARTHA ANN CHENEY Gamma Tri-Hi-Y; Quo Vadis; Beta Club; 4-H Club; SOS; Varsity Basketball; Intramural Basketball; Dumb Debaters; Lit Wits, Press Reporter; Marion’s Miserable Money Managers, Press Reporter; Music Workshop; Driver’s Training. DAPHNE CHRISTIAN JACK CLANTON ‘B” Football; Varsity Football; Block ’’A"; Biology Research; Strickland's Scatterbrains. EARL CLINE, JR. Short Circuits, President; Static Chasers; Speech; Art; Movie Operators Club; US History Debaters, Chapter II. Picture Not Available WILLIAM CLOUD JEANINE COLEMAN Freshman Band; Zeta Tri-Hi-Y; Business Leaders of Tomorrow; Biology Research Club; Faudree’s Business Workers; Hysterical Historians; Driver’s Training; Junior-Senior Picnic Committee; Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y.JUDY COLLINS Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y, Secretary; Beta Club; Buenos Vcci-nos, Secretary; Biological Research Chapter III, Secretary; Anchor Club, President; Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, Publicity Chairman; The Dumb Debaters; Key Club Sweetheart; SOS Club. Vice President; Marion's Miserable Money Managers, Program Chairman; Driver's Training; Junior Classical League. JAMES COLQUITT Buenos Vecinos; Junior Civitan Club, Parliamentarian; Hi-Y; US Historians; Collins’ Twenty-Four Test Tubes; Junior Classical League; Echoes of Einstein; Active Atoms of Adam. BUFORD CLAYTON CONNELL Junior Police; The Lit Wits; Strickland’s US Historians; Business Leaders of Tomorrow; DCT Club; Bookworms. LAMAR COOK FFA; Short Circuits; Intramural Basketball; Dunning’s Diligent Thinkers. TERRELL COOPER Science Club; Varsity Football, Manager; Bookworms; Glee Club; DCT; The Dear Hunters; Business Leaders of Tomorrow; Movie Operators; History Club; Dunning’s Dopes. JOYCE COPPEDGE Beta Tri-Hi-Y, President; Student Council; Buenos Vecinos; Zeta Tri-Hi-Y; Junior Class Secretary; Calientes; Dumb Debaters, Reporter; Senior Class Treasurer; FTA; Beta Club. GLENDA COUNCIL Beta Club; Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, Executive Board; SOS; FTA; Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y; Zeta Tri-Hi-Y; JO’s Debaters; 4-H; Office Assistant. TOMMY COURSON Band; Strickland’s Scatterbrains; Biological Research Chapter I.SARAH COX Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y; Business Leaders of Tomorrow; Driver’s Training; Dumb Debaters; Technique Seekers; Bookworms. BILL CRAWFORD Baseball; "B" Team Football; Biological Research; FFA. Secretary. Junior Civitan Club; General Business, Secretary; JO's Juntos; Govec. ROBERT CREAMER LINDA OLIVE CULLOM Music Workshop; Glee Club; Romani Hodierni; JO’s Junto, Program Chairman; Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y; Anchor Club. Chaplain and Secretary; Junior Classical League, Press Reporter; Junior Class, Press Reporter; Powder Puff Football; Alpha Tri-Hi-Y; Melonettes; Annual Staff, Feature Editor; SOS Club; Pow Wow, Feature Editor; Secretary' of Senior Class; Beta Club; 4-H Club; Intramural Basketball; Delegate to Georgia Youth Workshop. PAT DANIEL Entered 56, Band; Buenos Vecinos; Beta Club; Future Teachers of America. WESLEY DARLEY Band; ROGB, President; Creeps; Pow Wow Staff; Freshman Band; Histro Crats; Hi-Y; Sperry’s Psychic Seniors; Business Leaders of Tomorrow. MURRAY DAVID Key Club, President; Beta Club, Secretary; Hi-Y; Student Council; Track; Junior Classical League; Quo Vadis Chapter, Vice President; Movie Operators, President; Biological Research Club; Science Club; Intramural Basketball; Echoes of Einstein. BRUCE DAVIDSON JCL; Beta Club; Member of Boys’ State; Pow Wow Staff.ELNEITA DAVIDSON Office; Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y; Art Club; World History Club; Dumb Debaters; Lit Wits; SOS, Treasurer; Business Leaders of Tomorrow, Secretary; Technique Seekers; Beta Club; Cafeteria Services. NANCY JO DAVIDSON Beta Tri-Hi-Y; World History Club; US History Club; 4-H Club; Tumbling Club; Family Living. CHEVY DAVIS Sperry's Psychic Seniors; Junior Civitan Club; Collins' Little Atoms, Vice President; 'B" Team Football; Biological Research Club. EDWINA DAVIS Freshman Class Secretary; Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y; Music Workshop; Sophomore Class Treasurer; Romani Hodierni; Biological Research Club. Chapter I, Sec-etary; Anchor Club; Junior Class President; Alpha Tri-Hi-Y; Buenos Vecinos, President, Vice President; Hysterical Historians. Secretary; Glee Club, Vice President. President; President of Melonettes; Junior Director of Anchor Club; Anchor Club, Treasurer. AGATHA DOLLAR Marion's Miserable Money Managers; Biological Research Club; Gamma Tri-Hi-Y; Dunning's Delinquents; Seekers of Success; 4-H Club; Intramural Basketball; Future Homemakers of America. BARBARA DOLLAR Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y; Business Leaders of Tomorrow; Seekers of Success; Senior Band; Intramural Basketball; Band Majorette; 4-H Club. BOBBY DOLLAR Conkle's Little Family; Marion's Miserable Money Managers. MICHAEL GLENN DOYAL Short Circuits; Radio Club; The Discounters; Junior Civitan; Technique Seekers; "B” Team Football; Varsity Football; Block ''A" Club; Track Team; Cafeteria Committee; Art Club. JOHN DUBOSE Band: Aviation; Biology Club; Govcc; Bookkeeping; DE Club. EVE ANN DUKE Art Club; Science Club; 4-H Club; Gamma Tri-Hi-V; JO's Debaters; Buenos Vecinos; Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y; Mach Chasers, Co-Pilot; Powder Puff Football; Mrs. Conkle's Little Family; Junior-Senior Decoration Committee; Marion’s Miserable Money Makers; Buenos Vecinos, Secretary. JIMMY DUKE YVONNE EDWARDS Buenos Vecinos; 4-H Club; FHA; Kitchen Kats; DE Club, Secretary; The Dumb Debaters. JIMMY FALLAW Baseball; "B" Team Football; 21 Inert Solids; Football; Block "A" Club. BOBBY FARMER Shop; Art Club; Stricklands Scatterbrains; DCT Club. SALLY FLEUREN Glee Club; 4-H Club; Delta Tri-Hi-Y; Buenos Vecinos; US History Club. JERRIE FORDHAM 4-H Club; Music Workshop; Tennis Team; Biological Research Chapter I; Beta Tri-Hi-Y; Future Teachers of America; Alpha Tri-Hi-Y; JO s Debaters; SOS; Marion's Miserable Money Makers; Junior-Senior Decoration Committee.BETTY FREE Music Workshop; Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y; Powder Puff Football; Zeta Tri-Hi-Y, Treasurer; Glee Club; Romani Hodierni, Secretary; Troubadours; Junior Classical League; Cursus Honorum, Treasurer; Mel-onettes; 21 Inert Solids; US History Club; Sperry’s Psychic Seniors; Quo Vadis, President. SHIRLEY FREEMAN Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y; Music Workshop; Zeta Tri-Hi-Y, President; Le Cercle Francais; Glee Club; Les Mis-erables; Alpha Tri-Hi-Y; Beta Club; 21 Inert Solids; US History Club; Sperry’s Psychic Seniors; FT A; Melonettes; Pow Wow Staff. HENRY FUTCH Entered 56; Buenos Vecinos, Vice President; Hi-Y; Football; Baseball; US History Club; Dramatic Club. PETE GERMANY Strickland’s Scatterbrains; Art; Govec; Social Science Club. HERMAN H. GIDDENS Key Club International; Hi-Y, Secretary; Biological Research, Press Reporter; Buenos Vecinos; US Historians; Movie Operators; Library Service Club; Uncle Bob's Story Hour; Boys’ Chorus (Glee Club). LINDA ESTELLE GILES Varsity Basketball; 4-H Club; USHER; Lit Wits; Intramural Basketball; Marion’s Miserable Money Managers; SOS Club; Powder Puff Football. ALAN GILL Bueno Vecinos; Glee Club; Govec; YMPL; Short Circuits. RICHARD GILL FT A; Hysterical Historians; Band; Civil Air Patrol; Biological Research.HERBERT GLADIN Los Picaros; Biological Research Club, Chapter III; Hi-Y; Junior Civitan; Dunning’s Delinquents; Sperry’s Psychic Seniors. HOLLIS GLOVER DCT; The Discountants. FRANK GODWIN Los Burros Perezosos; JO’s Junto; Buenos Vecinos; Los Conquistadores de Espanole. LINDA RUTH GOTSCH Intramural Cheerleader; Powder Puff Football; Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y; Quo Vadis; Junior Classical League; Music Workshop; FHA; Zeta Tri-Hi-Y; Girls' Tennis; Driver's Training; FTA; Le Cercle Francais, President; Dunning’s Delinquents, Secretary; Melonettes, Secretary-Treasurer; AHS Football Sweetheart; Le Cercle Francais II, Treasurer; Glee Club; Junior Civinettes; The Lone Psychiatrist and 30 Maniacs, Vice President; Student Council; Annual Staff. LAURA GRAY Intramural Basketball; FHA; Hysterical Historians; SOS; 4-H; Library Service; Biological Research. MARTHA GREEN Music Workshop; Library Assistant; Biological Research Club; Alpha Tri-Hi-Y; The Dumb Debaters; Junior Play, Assistant Director; Glee Club; Pow Wow Staff; The Discountants; Office Assistant; FFA. CAROL GREGORS Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y; Zeta Tri-Hi-Y; Buenos Vecinos; Freshman Band; Dunning’s Delinquent Thinkers; Band; SOS; 4-H Club. ELLEN GRIFFIN Student Council; FHA; Gamma Tri-Hi-Y, Vice President; Office Assistant; Beta Tri-Hi-Y, President; Anchor Club; The Dumb Debaters, Secretary; Biology Club No. 3, Secretary; Sperry’s Psychic Seniors.JON GRIFFEN BILLY GURR ELEANOR HAGINS Art Club; Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y; FHA; 4-H; Social Science Club; Delta Tri-Hi-Y, Treasurer; Los Picaros; Biological Research Club, Chapter I; JO's Junto; Buenos Vecinos; Alpha Tri-Hi-Y; Powder Puff Football. EMILY HAIRE Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y; Music Workshop; Librarian; 4-H; Glee Club. Secretary; FHA; Anchor Club, Parliamentarian; Strickland’s Scatterbrains, Treasurer; Melon-ettes; SOS; Alpha Tri-Hi-Y; Business Leaders of Tomorrow; Powder Puff Football. BOBBY HALL FFA; Biology Research Chapter I; JO's Debaters; Sperry's Psychic Seniors. TED HALL Band; JCL; Quo Vadis; Biological Research Chapter IV; ROGB; Captain’s Corps; The Discounts. MARTHA GRACE HARDIN Music Workshop; Govec Club. MARY HARMON Majorette; Beta Club; JO's Debaters, Vice President; Quo Vadis. Treasurer; Les Miserables; Zeta Tri-Hi-Y, Vice President; Student Council; Biological Research; FTA. Vice President; JCL; Le Cercle Fran-cais; Teen Board; Band.JAMES HARRELL LYNDA HARRELL Gamma Tri-Hi-Y; FHA; Biological Research Club; Intramural Basketball; Office Assistant; Varsity Basketball; SOS; Marion's Miserable Money Managers; JOs Debaters; 4-H Club. MAUDIE FAYE HARRELL 4-H Club; FHA; Strickland’s US History Club; The Lit Wits; Gamma Tri-Hi-Y; SOS; Marions Miserable Money Managers; Los Diablos; Office Assistant; Beitle’s Shorthand Club. PEGGY HARRELL Govec; Conkle’s Little Family; Marion’s Merry Money Makers. PATSY HART FHA; 4-H Club; JO’s Debaters; Biological Research Chapter I; Kitchen Kats; Music Workshop; Business Leaders of Tomorrow; DE Club; Intramural Basketball. LEON HATCHER Football; Track; Govec and Economics Club, Secretary. MARGARET HATCHER Cheerleader; Powder Puff Football; Music Workshop; Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y; Intramural Basketball; Glee Club; Anchor Club; FTA; Tennis Team; USHER, Treasurer; Beta Club; Student Council; 4-H Club; Junior Class, Vice President; Marion’s Miserable Money Managers. THORPE HATFIELD Mr. Collin s Little Atoms; Buenos Vecinos; Dunning’s Delinquents.JOHN HARRY HAYES Band; Movie Operators; Govec; Junior Civitan, Vice President. Hi-Y, Chaplain; Sophomore Play; Buenos Vecinos, President; US Historians, President. PAULINE HENSON Beta Tri-Hi-Y; FHA; 4-H Club; Buenos Vecinos; Library Service Club; Marion's Miserable Money Makers. TOMMY HERNDON jjntered 56; Varsity Basketball; Aviation; Art Club, —- Execut vc Staff Member; General Business Club; S' xBiottgical Chapter IV; Hysterical Historians; Junior F ?e Marshal; The Discountants; Intramural Bas-etbalj Coach; Practical English Club, Vice Preside yWiYNE HINSON Art Club; Dunning's Delinquent Thinkers. SANDRA HOLLOWAY Pow Wow, Reporter; Junior Classical League; Quo Vadis; Alpha Tri-Hi-Y; Beta Tri-Hi-Y; Gamma Tri-Hi-Y; Biological Research, Chapter I; Music Workshop, Reporter; Hysterical Historians; Buenos Vecinos, Treasurer; Sperry’s Psychic Seniors, President; Art Club; Dramatic Club; Tennis. CHARLES HOWELL The Debaters; Govecs. CAROL JEAN HOWER Gamma Tri-Hi-Y; SOS; 4-H; Marion's Miserable Money Managers; Intramural Basketball. CLAUDIA HUGHES Entered 57; Band, Majorette; Sperry’s Psychic Seniors.LYNN HUNTER US History Club. TOMMY HUTTO Govec; Band; US History Club; Junior Civitans. LAURIE VAN IVEY FHA; Thymalian Club; Sophomore Play; Gamma Tri-Hi-Y; 4-H Club; Dunning's Diligent Thinkers; FTA; Alpha Tri-Hi-Y; SOS; Library; Office Assistant; Powder Puff Football. FRANKLIN JACKSON JUDY JAMES FHA; 4-H; Dunning's Delinquents; Family Living Club; Future Business Leaders of America. BERTA NEIL JENKINS Senior Band. Lieutenant, First Clarinet. Head Majorette. Head Twirler; General Science Club; Los Burros Perezosos; USHER; Buenos Vecinos; Los Conquis-tadores de Espanol; 4-H Club; Govec Club. REBECCA JENKINS Entered 55; 4-H; Business Leaders of America; Strickland's Scatterbrains; Govec; SOS; Library Service Club; Art. MARGARET JOHNS Beta Tri-Hi-Y; Gamma Tri-Hi-Y; Alpha Tri-Hi-Y; Music Workshop; Glee Club; Sperry's Psychic Seniors; Biological Research Club, Chapter III; Dunning's Delinquents; Collin's 24 Test Tubes; Junior Classical League; Quo Vadis.MYRTICE ELAINE JOHNS Freshman Band; Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y; US Historians; 4-H Club; Junior Classical League; Gamma Tri-Hi-Y; Senior Band; Biological Research Chapter I; SOS; Business Leaders of Tomorrow. BOBBY JOE JOHNSTON Football Manager; Track Manager; Movie Operator; Bookkeeping Club; Science Club. JIM JONES Dumb Debaters; Little Confederate Air Force; Little Family Living; Bookroom Assistant. ED JORDON Key Club. Parliamentarian; Hi-Y; Beta Club; Freshman Boys' President; Sophomore Boys' President; Romani Hodierni, President; Twenty-Four Inert Solids, President; Intramural Basketball; Boys’ State Delegate; Student Council; Movie Operators; Annual Staff; Track; Junior Classical League; Biological Research, President; Echoes of Einstein; Student Council President; Student Council Vice President. PAT JOHNSTON Pow Wow, Associate Editor; Junior Classical League; Quo Vadis, Secretary; Romani Hodierni; Beta Tri-Hi-Y; Gamma Tri-Hi-Y; Music Workshop, President; Alpha Tri-Hi-Y; Biological Research Chapter IV, President; Hysterical Historians, Vice President; Sperry’s Psychic Seniors; Dramatic Club; Office; Junior-Senior Dance Invitation Committee, Chairman. FRED M. JONES Band; Captain's Corps Member; ROGB; Short Circuits, Press Reporter; Static-Chasers, Secretary-Treasurer; Movie Operators; JO’s Debaters; Lit Wits; The Lone Psychiatrist and His 31 Maniacs. LAWTON JORDON Junior Civitan, Treasurer; Junior Classical League; Sophomore Play; Twenty-One Inert Solids; Romani Hodierni; Junior Class Secretary; Hi-Y. JANE KIEVE Music Workshop; Tumbling Club. Vice President; Student Council; Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y, Treasurer; Beta Club, Secretary; Romani Hodierni; Junior Classical League; Glee Club; Biological Research; Sophomore Play; Hysterical Historians, Secretary; Alpha Tri-Hi-Y; The Big Bomb and His Little Atoms; Pow Wow Staff; Annual Staff.KEN KINARD Science Club; Junior Civitans; Govec, President; “B” Team Football, Captain; Biological Research; Varsity Football; Doodlers; Haughty Historians; Technique Seekers. SUSAN LATRELLE KING Kitchen Kats; Dumb Debaters; Govec; Conkle's Little Family; 4-H. RONNIE KING Football; Biology Club; Hi-Y; History Club; Govec. SYLVIA KIRKLAND Buenos Vecinos; Gamma Tri-Hi-Y; 4-H; Biological Research; Chemistry Club; Bookkeeping Club; Office Assistant. BERNICE KLING Varsity Basketball; Intramural Basketball; FHA; 4-H; Biological Research; SOS; Business Leaders of Tomorrow; Hysterical Historians; Library Service Club. VAN KNOWLES Key Club; Beta Club; Glee Club; Troubadours; USHER; Buenos Vecinos; Sperry's Psychic Seniors; 21 Inert Solids. SPEC LEACH Collin's Twenty-Four Test Tubes, Vice President; The Dumb Debaters; Hi-Y; Govec, Secretary; Movie Operators; Glee Club; "B'’ Team- Football; Sophomore Play. CHARLOTTE LEE Glee Club; Gamma Tri-Hi-Y; Melonettes; Stricklands US History; SOS, Secretary; Technique Seekers; Practical English Club; 4-H; Beitel’s Shorthand Club.JAMES L. LEE BOB LEWIS Technique Seekers; Debaters; Basketball; Govecs; Kultured Kats; Business Leaders of Tomorrow; History Club. DAVID LEE LOFTON Band; Captain’s Corps, Student Director; ROGB Pep Band; Business Leaders of Tomorrow; The Truth Seekers; Hatcher’s Historians; Buenos Vecinos; General Science Club. ROBERT LUCKEY DE Club, Treasurer; Buenos Vecinos; Art Club; Hysterical Historians; Pharaoh’s Peasants, President. MATTIE LYNN Glee Club. CAROL MAGNAN DARRELL L. MARTIN GWEN MARTIN Entered 56; Girls’ Basketball, Assistant Manager; SOS; Technique Seekers; Business Leaders of Tomorrow; USHER Club.RUSSELL MARTIN Hi-Y, President; Civitan, Treasurer; Cheerleader; Track Team; Intramural Basketball; Sperry’s Psychic Seniors; JO's Debaters; Biological Research Club; Freshman and Senior Band. JULIA MASSEY Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y; Beta Club; Alpha Tri-Hi-Y; Tumbling Club, Secretary; Music Workshop; Glee Club; The Dumb Debaters; Sperry’s Psychic Seniors; Melonettes, Treasurer; Buenos Vecinos, Vice President and Treasurer; Thronateeska Staff; Sophomore Play. LANNY MAYS Junior Civitan Club, Vice President; Hi-Y; 21 Inert Solids. Treasurer; USHER; Romani Hodiemi; Junior Classical League. jo ann McClelland Beta Tri-Hi-Y; Freshman Band; Senior Band; 4-H; USHER; Seekers of Success; Intramural Basketball. MARY McCRARY Music Workshop; DCT; General Business Club; The Discounts. ROSEMARY McCULLEY Biological Research Club; Art Club; 4-H; FHA; Buenos Vecinos; Dunning's Delinquents; Glee Club; The Lone Psychiatrist and His 31 Maniacs. james McDonald Entered 1956; Buenos Vecinos; US History Club; Echoes of Einstein; Govec. jimmie McDonald DCT Club; General Science Club; Strickland's Scatterbrains; Basketball.ronnie McDonald Dunning's Delinquents; Track Manager; Audio Visual Club; Biological Research Club. TRAVIS DEAN McLEMORE Senior Band; US History; Movie Operators; Captain's Corps; The Lone Psychiatrist and His 30 Maniacs. DOYLE McLEOD Govec; Movie Operators; Big Bomb and His Little Atoms; US Historians. JULIE McNEAL FHA; Buenos Vecinos; Govec; 4-H Club; Dunning's Delinquents. MARGARET MEDLOCK 4-H Club; Buenos Vecinos; Art Club; Dunning's Delinquents; SOS. MARIDEANE MELTON Entered 1957; JO's Debaters, Secretary; Collin's 24 Test Tubes; Alpha Tri-Hi-Y; Annual Staff. BELLE MELTON SOS; Marion's Miserable Money Managers; PEP; Music Workshop; Big Bomb and His Little Atoms; Dunning's Delinquents; Gamma Tri-Hi-Y; Romani Hodierni; JCL; Beta Tri-Hi-Y; Driver's Training; Art Club. AGNES MELVIN Driver's Training; Hysterical Historians; DCT; English; Lit Wits; 4-H Club; FHA; SOC.MARTHA JOY MIDDLETON Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y; Music Workshop; Tumbling Club; Beta Club; Glee Club; Troubadours; 4-H; Delta Tri-Hi-Y, Vice President; US Historians; Big Bomb and His Little Atoms; Junior Intramural Cheerleader; Anchor Club; Key Club Sweetheart; Sperry's. Psychic Seniors, Press Reporter, Powder Puff Football. DOT MILLER FHA; 4-H Club; Dunnings Diligent Thinkers: Library Service Club; Govec, Press Reporter; Buenos Vecinos. ERNEST MILLER Uncle Bob's Historians, Vice President; Echoes of Einstein; Chemistry Club. SANDRA MILLER Freshman Band; Senior Band; Delta Tri-Hi-Y; Beta Tii-Hi-Y; Beta Club; Buenos Vecinos; Los Burros Perezosos; Biological Research Club; JO’s Debaters; The Lone Maniac and His 30 Psychiatrists. PATSY MILNER Art Club; Biological Research III; Buenos Vecinos; Les Chats de Paris; Beta Club; Student Council; Alpha Tri-Hi-Y; JO's Dumb Debaters; Powder Puff Football. MATILDA MILWARD General Science, Secretary; Los Burros Perezosos, Project Chairman; Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y, Project Chairman; Sophomore Class, Press Reporter; Delta Tri-Hi-Y; Chemistry Club; Diligent Democrats, Program Chairman; Buenos Vecinos; Melonettes, Glee Club; Technique Seekers, Treasurer; 4-H Club; Powder Puff Football. ANN MITCHELL Basketball; Tennis; FHA; 4-H Club; Los Burros Perezosos; The Lit Wits; US Historians; SOS Club. JEANNE MITCHELL Music Workshop; Art; 4-H; Biological Research Club, Treasurer; Govec; Bookkeeping Club; JO's Juntos.MARLENE GWENDOLYN MOORE 4-H Club; Biological Research; Art Club; JO’s Debaters; Discountant Club; Grovecs Club; Practice English Perfectly; Technique Seekers. HOWARD MULLIS Biological Research; Thymalian Club; Junior Civi-tan; JO Debaters; Business Leaders of Tomorrow; "B" Team Football; Varsity Football; Track; The Lone Psychiatrist and His 30 Maniacs. DEANNE LUCILLE MOORE Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y, President; JO’s Debaters; Biological Research; FHA; Technique Seekers, Secretary; Junior Civinettes; Powder Puff Football; Intramural Basketball; The Lone Psychiatrist and His 30 Maniacs; Office Assistant; Marion's Miserable Money Makers; 4-H Club; Annual Staff; Freshman Class, Treasurer. DONALD MOORE GOEC Club; The Discountants; Hi-Y Club; Junior Civitan; Thronateeska Annual Staff; Biological Research; US Historians; Technique Seekers. JAMES WILLIAM MOCK "B" Team Basketball; Collins’ Comical Chemists; JO's Debaters; Annual Staff; Editor-in-Chief, Thronateeska; Echoes of Einstein. SANDRA FRANCES MONCRIEF Beta Tri-Hi-Y; Music Workshop; Gamma Tri-Hi-Y; Buenos Vecinos; US Historians; Business Leaders of Tomorrow; DE Club; The Lone Psychiatrist and His 30 Maniacs. PATRICIA JOYCE MUSGROVE Gamma Tri-Hi-Y; 4-H Club; Student Council; Beta Club; Los Picaros; Biological Research; Buenos Vecinos; Dunning’s Delinquents; Collins’ Comical Chemists; The Lone Psychiatrist and His 30 Maniacs; DCT Club, President. BETH NOLAN Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y; 4-H Club; Library Service; Collins’ Comical Chemists; Hysterical Historians; Plus Ultra, JCL; DCT.LUTHER NOLAN "B" Team Football; Biological Research III; Govec; The Little Confederate Air Force; The Lone Psychiatrist and His 30 Maniacs; Civil Air Patrol; FFA; Strickland's Scatterbrains. BARBARA O’KEEFE ELIZABETH OSBORNE 4-H Club; Quo Vadis; Latin II Club; Dunning's Delinquents; Collins' Comical Chemists; The Lone Maniac and His 30 Psychiatrists; DCT. JEAN PADGETT FHA; Kitchen Kats; Stricklands Hysterical Historians; The Lone Psychiatrist and His 30 Maniacs; Marion's Miserable Money Managers; Bookkeeping Club. JEANE PAFFORD Beta Tri-Hi-Y; Gamma Tri-Hi-Y; FHA; SOS; 4-H, Secretary; DCT, Secretary; Dumb Debaters; Library Service Club. REGINALD PAIGE FFA, Parliamentarian; Govec; Dunning's Delinquents; Biological Research III; DCT. BETTY PARKER Dunnings Delinquents; Govec; Conkle’s Little Family; Marion's Miserable Money Managers. BOBBY PATRICK Psychopathic Seniors; Business Leaders of Tomorrow; US History Debaters; The Little Family; DCT.PATRICIA PATTERSON Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y; Biological Research, President; Delta Tri-Hi-Y; Office Assistant; Intramural Cheerleader; Alpha Tri-Hi-Y; Plus Ultra, Junior Classical League; Hysterical Historian; Collins’ Comical Chemists; Sperry’s Psychic, Treasurer; Student Council; Cursus Honorum. EUGENE PEARSON Mach Chasers; Hysterical Historians; Big Bomb and His Little Atoms. SALLIE PEAVY Buenos Vecinos; 4-H Club; The Lit Wits; The Diversified Cooperative Training; Kitchen Kats. DURWOOD PENNINGTON Senior Class, President; Junior Class, Vice President; Junior Civitans; Discountants, President; Biological Research Club; Varsity Football, Co-Captain, Captain; Intramural Basketball; Big Bomb and His Little Atoms, President. PETE PETERSON Glee Club; Static Chasers; ’’B” Team Football; Hatcher's Historians; Sociology and Psychology Club; Business Leaders of Tomorrow; Biological Research Club; Aviation Club. JEANINE PHILLIPS Buenos Vecinos; Sperry's Psychic Seniors; Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y; Music Workshop; Junior Classical League; Biological Research Club; Quo Vadis; Delta Tri-Hi-Y; Hysterical Historians; Alpha Tri-Hi-Y; Glee Club; Sophomore Play; Annual Staff. JIMMY PICKRON NANCY PIERSON Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y; Music Workshop; Delta Tri-Hi-Y, Secretary; Glee Club; Junior Classical League; Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, President; Library Service Club; Melon-ettes; Dumb Debaters; Buenos Vecinos, Secretary; Romani Hodierni; Sperry's Psychic Seniors.PHILLIP PLUMMER Sophomore Class, Press Reporter; Student Council; Junior Civitan; Glee Club; Troubadours; Hi-Y; Dumb Debaters, Vice President; Big Bomb and His Little Atoms; Senior Class, Vice President; Echoes of Einstein; Junior Civitan, President. REGINALD POLLARD Dunning's Diligent Thinkers, President; Hi-Y; Govec; Echoes of Einstein; Chemistry Club. DELLA AUDREY POLLOCK Student Council; Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y; Music Workshop; Beta Club; Romani Hodierni; Junior Classical League; Glee Club; Alpha Tri-Hi-Y; Los Espanoles Dormidos; US History Club; Future Teachers of America; Sperry's Psychic Seniors; Annual Staff; Sophomore Class Play; Buenos Vecinos. PAT POLLOCK SOS; Business Leaders of Tomorrow; Future Teachers of America; 4-H Club; Alpha Tri-Hi-Y; Intramural Basketball, Cheerleader; Sophomore Class Play; Dunnings Diligent Thinkers; Beitel’s Shorthand Club. WINSTON O. POSEY Dunning's Diligent Thinkers; DCT Club; Govec; Dumb Debaters; Student Council; Junior Civitan; Dunning's Delinquents; Sperry’s Psychic Seniors. BOB PREVATTE, JR. JUDY PRYOR Anchor Club; Alpha Tri-Hi-Y; Glee Club; Melon-ettes; Sophomore Class Play; Annual Staff; FHA; Thymalian Club; Music Workshop; Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y; Buenos Vecinos; Collins’ Twenty-Four Test Tubes; Dunning's Delinquents; Sperry’s Psychic Seniors. BENJAMIN CECIL RAMSEY US History Club; Biology Club; Govec; Marion’s Miserable Money Managers; Junior Civitan; Sperry’s Psychic Seniors.TOM RAWLINGS MADELINE FAYE REDDICK Band; Cookie’s Little Family, President; Gamma Tri-Hi-Y; Hysterical Historians; Intramural Basketball; Collins’ Comical Chemists; Buenos Vecinos; Business Leaders of Tomorrow. ED REESE Cookie’s Little Family; DCT Club; Strickland’s Scatterbrains. DENT REEVES Intramural Basketball; Biological Research Chapter II; Key Club, Treasurer; Big Bomb and His Little Atoms; Hysterical Historians; Track; Echoes of Einstein. EDWARD RHODES Junior Civitan; Dunning’s Diligent Thinkers, Vice President; Collins’ 24 Test Tubes; Active Atoms of Aldan, Secretary; Sperry’s Psychic Seniors; Powder Puff Cheerleader; "B” Team Football. ANN RILEY Student Council; Beta Club; Thymalian; Junior Classical League; Alpha Tri-Hi-Y; Annual Staff; FTA, Parliamentarian; Biological Research Chapter III, Secretary; Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y; Lone Psychiatrist and His 31 Maniacs; Marion’s Miserable Money Managers, Vice President; Dunning s Delinquent Thinkers. JEAN RINGSTAFF Entered 56; Glee Club; Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, Secretary; Buenos Vecinos; US History Club; Lone Psychiatrist and His 31 Maniacs, Program Chairman; Bookroom; Annual Staff. HELEN VIRGINIA ROBINSON Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y; FHA; Buenos Vecinos; Dunning’s Delinquent Thinkers; Lone Psychiatrist and His 31 Maniacs; Marion's Miserable Money Managers, Treasurer; Twenty-One Inert Solids.CAROLYN ROGERS Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y; Alpha Tri-Hi-Y; Beta Club; FTA; FHA; SOS; US Historians, Secretary; Buenos Vecinos. WILLIAM FRANK ROSS Biological Research Club, Chapter II; Dunning's Diligent Thinkers; Little Confederate Air Force. NELLIE ROWE Beta Tri-Hi-Y; Art Club; FHA; Buenos Vecinos; 4-H; Biological Research; FTA; Dunning’s Diligent Thinkers; The Discounts; Michew's History Club; DCT. THOMAS RUTHERFORD Business Leaders of Tomorrow; DE; JO's Debaters. JAMES SANDERS Static Chasers; DCT; Junior Civitan; Hysterical Historians; Football; Biological Research, Treasurer; Lunchroom Service. JERRY SAYLOR JOHNNY SCHRAEDER WILLIAM MILTON SCOTT, JR. Freshman Band; Senior Band; Mach Chasers; Orientation; Intelligent Imps; US Historians; Govec; PEP; Conkle's Little Family; DAR Essay Award; Distributive Education, Parliamentarian.DIANNE SEDBERRY Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y; Zeta Tri-Hi-Y; FHA; Alpha Tri-Hi-Y; The Discountants; Music Workshop; Junior-Senior Dance; Practical English Club; Buenos Vccinos. DON SHIVER Hysterical Historians; Marion's Miserable Money Managers; The Lone Psychiatrist and His 31 Maniacs. MIKE SHUTTLEWORTH GILBERT SIMMONS Buenos Vecinos, Treasurer; Hysterical Historians; The Lit Wits; Mr. Collins and His 18 Electrons. JOANNE SIMMONS Beta Club; Band; Pow Wow; Art Club; FTA; Hysterical Historians; Buenos Vecinos; Beta Tri-Hi-Y. JIMMY SIMONS Govec; Strickland s Hysterical Historians; Echoes of Einstein; Glee Club. JIMMY SINEATH Band; ROGB. Veep; Dunning's Diligent Thinkers; Technique Seekers; The Discounters. LARRY SLAUGHTER Hysterical Historians; Biological Research Club; Art Club; Echoes of Einstein; ROGB; Mr. Collins and His Atoms.ANN SMITH DCI Club; Strickland's Hysterical Historians; Biological Research Club; SOS; Business Seekers; FHA; Art. EUGENE SMITH Radio Club; Technique Seekers; Hall Monitor. JUNELLE ANITA SMITH FHA; Hysterical Historians; Music Workshop; Glee Club; Technique Seekers; Andrew’s Antics; Buenos Vecinos; MV, Secretary. NORMA FAYE SMITH Beta Tri-Hi-Y; FHA; SOS; Art Club; Hysterical Historians; PEP; 4-H. PATSY SMITH Intramural Basketball; Varsity Basketball; Delta Tri-Hi-Y; 4-H; Biological Research Chapter II; JO’s Debaters; Prestons Lit Wits; SOS; AAA. SAM SMITH USHER; Buenos Vecinos; Track; Football; Baseball; Art Club. LOLITA STEARMAN Art Club; FHA; 4-H; Hysterical Historians; Business Leaders of Tomorrow; Seekers of Success; DCT; Beta Club; Annual Staff; FTA. MARTHA ANN STEWART Beta Tri-Hi-Y; Beta Club; Buenos Vecinos; 4-H; Delta Tri-Hi-Y; Hysterical Historians; 24 Inert Solids; American Legion Oratorical Contest; Alpha Tri-Hi-Y; Sperry’s Psychic Seniors; Powder Puff Football; Pow Wow.JOYCE STONE Dumb Debaters; Marion's Miserable Money Managers; Beta Tri-Hi-Y; FHA; SOS; Beta Club; 4-H; Droopy Drawers; Bietel's Shorthand Club; Tumbling Club; AAA Club; Practical English, Secretary. DARRIL TABB JO's Debaters; Govec; Marion's Miserable Money Managers; Science Club. PEGGY ANN TANNER Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y; Student Council; Delta Tri-Hi-Y; Intramural Basketball; 4-H Club; Junior-Senior Dance; Beta Club; Bietel's Shorthand Club; SOS, President; Business Leaders of Tomorrow, Vice President; Technique Seekers, Vice President; Powder Puff Football; Annual Staff; Strickland's Scatterbrains, Secretary. JEROME TAYLOR Spanish I, Treasurer; US History Club, Vice President. CAMERON TERRY II CARL THOMAS ROSALIND JENNY THOMPSON Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y; Music Workshop; Glee Club; Beta Club; FTA, President; FHA, Secretary; Les Chats de Paris; Buenos Vecinos; USHER; Melon-ettes; Discountants; Annual Staff; Powder Puff Football. JEANETTE THORNTON % OioCy V $T0 Govec Club; Marion's Miserable Money Managers.MARY ANN THORNTON Bela Club. President; Student Council; Freshman Class President; Homecoming Court; Sophomore Play; Junior Classical League; Romani Hodierni, Vice President; Thymalian Club; Beta Tri-Hi-Y; Gamma Tri-Hi-Y; Alpha Tri-Hi-Y; Biological Research, Chapter IV; Hysterical Historians, President; Civinettcs; Powder Puff Football. BILL TOLBERT Band; Captain's Corps; ROGB; Business Leaders of Tomorrow; Sperry’s Psychic Psychologist; State Industrial Arts Winner; Movie Operators; Bookworms. SUSAN TRINIES Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y; Biological Research Club; Music Workshop; JO's Debaters; Glee Club; Conkle's Little Family; Business Leaders of Tomorrow; DCT Club. DIANE TROMBLY Kollins' Kern Kats; FTA; Civinettes; Conkle's Little Family; Marion's Miserable Money Managers; Powder Puff Football; Entered 1956. WINKIE TUCKER Entered 55; Junior Civitan; Hi-Y; Collins' 24 Test Tubes; Echoes of Einstein; Intramural Basketball. MARY TURNBERG Biological Research Club, Chapter II; Art Club; 4-H Club; Strickland's Scatterbrains; Delta Tri-Hi-Y; Technique Seekers; FHA. MENDELL TURNER SAM PITMAN TYSON Sophomore Class Treasurer; Govec, President; Alchemists of Aldan, Secretary; Lit Wits, President; Junior Classical League; Biological Research Club.4 ISH VERNER Entered 56; Govec; Pogoes; Glee Club; Intramural Basketball; Business Leaders of Tomorrow. SHEILA ANTOINNETTE VINSON TOMMY WALDEN Student Council, Representative; JO's Juntos; Hi-Y, Secretary; Thymalian Club; Beta Club; Collins’ Twenty-Four Test Tubes, Vice President; Hall Monitor System, Captain; Romani Hodierni; Sophomore Play. FRANCES CLAIRE WALKER Music Workshop; Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y; 4-H; FHA; Biological Research Club; Troubadours; Melonettes, Vice President; Delta Tri-Hi-Y; Anchor Club; Los Corsarios En Mascador; Stricklands Scatterbrains; Big Bomb and His Little Atoms; Sperry’s Psychic Seniors; Buenos Vecinos. QUINNON S. WALKER DCT Club; Strickland’s Historians; Cafeteria. HUGH S. WALLACE, III Freshman Class, President; Art Club; Govec Club, Vice President; Junior Civitans; Biological Research Club; Golf Team; Varsity Football; ”B’’ Team Basketball; JO's Juntos, Vice President. CHARLES WARD BILL WARRENDEANE WARREN Music Workshop; Glee Club; Biological Research Club; Los Burros Perezosos; Dunning’s Delicate Thinkers; The Lone Psychiatrist and His 29 Maniacs. ROBERT F. WATSON Art Club; Hysterical Historians; Faudree’s Business Workers; "B" Team Football; Business Leaders of Tomorrow. TOMMY J. WATSON Thornton's Bookkeeping; Sperry's Psychic Seniors; Hysterical Historians; "B’’ Team Football. RONALD WEINMAN DE; Dumb Debaters; Govec; Aviation; Test Tube Babies; DCT. HAROLD WEST JO's Juntos; Static Chasers. ROBERT WEST Entered 1957; Govec. ROLAND WETHERBEE Govec, President; AAA, Vice President. EDNA EARLE WHIDDON Beta Tri-Hi-Y; Zeta Tri-Hi-Y; FHA; Strickland's US History Club; Office; SOS; Bookkeepers of Tomorrow; Powder Puff Football Team.JANE HARLING WHITMAN Beta Tri-Hi-Y: Gamma Tri-Hi-Y; Music Workshop; Biological Research, Chapter I; Tennis; JO’s Debaters. Treasurer; Collins' Comical Chemists, Vice President; Le Cercle Francais, Vice President; Intramural Basketball; Beta Club; Annual Staff; Sperry’s Psychic Seniors; Les Chats de Paris, President; Civinettes; Bookworms; Powder Puff Football. Captain; Junior-Senior Dance. LEWIS WHITMAN Beta Club; Movie Operators Club; Hi-Y; Short Circuits; Romani Hodierni; Hysterical Historians; Collins' Comical Chemists; Junior Classical League; Echoes of Einstein; Boys' State. CLARA JEANELLE WIGGINS Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y; Los Traductores Locos; Biological Research. Chapter IV; Thymalian Club; FHA; Bookworms, President; The Lit Wits; Hysterical Historians; Civinettes; Annual Staff; Powder Puff Football, Manager; Intramural Basketball; Office; Junior-Senior Dance. CHARLES WILDER ANN WILLIAMS The Dumb Debaters; The Technique Seekers; The Discountants. LESLIE WILLIAMS Los Traductores Locos; JO's Debaters; Little Confederate Air Force; DE Club; The Lone Psychiatrist and His 30 Maniacs. MARVINA WILLIAMS Technique Seekers; DCT Club; The Discountants; General Science Club; Gamma Tri-Hi-Y; 4-H; Band; Intramural Basketball. SAUNDRA WILLIAMS Beta Club; Alpha Tri-Hi-Y; Anchor Club, Vice President; Freshman Class; Quo Vadis; Student Council; Lone Psychiatrist and His 30 Maniacs; Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y; Biological Research Chapter I, Vice President; JCL; Junior-Senior Dance; Cheerleader; Sweetheart of Sophomore Class; 4-H; Hysterical Historians; Art Club; Annual Staff; Bookworms. 1'' HARVEY WILLIS Dunnings Hysterical Historians, Treasurer; Junior Civitans; "B" Team Football, Co-Captain; Varsity Football, Captain; Biological Research Club; Faud-ree's Business Workers, President; Govec; Sperry’s Psychic Seniors; Marion's Miserable Money Makers, President; Cafeteria Committee. JERRY LEON WILLIS ANNETTE WILLS Les Miserables; Collins' Comical Chemists; Dumb Debaters; Alpha Tri-Hi-Y; FT A. Program Committee; The Lone Psychiatrist and His 31 Maniacs; Beta Club; Pow Wow"Staff. BOBBY WILLS 'B” Team Football; Varsity Football; "B” Team Basketball; Track; Art Club; The Lone Psychiatrist and His 31 Maniacs; Junior Civitan Club; JO’s Debaters; Student Council; Science Club; Govec; Varsity Basketball; Hysterical Historians. BETTY JO WILSON School Service; 4-H Club; Biological Research Club, Chapter I; FHA: Art Club; US Historians; SOS Club; Business Leaders of Tomorrow. JOHN WILSON ALTON WINGATE "B" Team Football; Biological Research Club; Track Team; Movie Operators; Strickland s Scatterbrains; Varsity Football; Government and Economics Club. CAROL ANN WOFFORD Alpha Tri-Hi-Y; Delta Tri-Hi-Y; Psychopathic Seniors; Rock and Roll Chapter of the Bookworm Club; Le Cercle Francais; The French Club; Art Club; Strickland s Little Rebels; FHA; Science Club, Secretary; Thornton’s Tipsy Typers; Junior Musical Club. Treasurer; Technique Seekers; Office Assistant. WILLIAM WOODRUFF DCT; JO's Juntos; DE; Conkle’s Little Family. SANDRA WRAY Beta Tri-Hi-Y; Buenos Vecinos; Biological Research Club. Chapter I; 4-H; Gamma Tri-Hi-Y; Mach Chasers; Le Cercle Francais I; JO’s Debaters; Le Cercle Francais II, Vice President; Intramural Basketball; Bookworms; Sperry's Psychic Seniors; Powder Puff Football.flcotuvi 0££tce Mike Knight Billy Ivey Russell Rouse A1 Garret PRESIDENT VICE PRESIDENT SECRETARY TREASURER Judy Tomme Sandra Hinson Margaret Moore Linda WoodallBobby Aycock Ann Baker Ronald Baldwin Janice Barnes Echo Barrett James Bass Don Bennett Paul Berrey PHOTO Hof Avoi'obf Bill Blizard Johanna Bleicher Ronald Bolt Patsy Bradley e ' Mary Burnett Archie Burnett | Carter Burrell James Burt Carole Brantley Coley Brown PffH$y Brown J. L BcunsonLinda Butler Mary Shelly Cagle Emily Cannon Joyce Cannon Sandra Cohen Marion Coleman Beverly Commagere Laverne Connell Robert Connor Melvyn Cooper Sally Coppock Jackie Corbin Joan Couch Tobie Cox Jackie Crabtree Helen Cravey Johnny Creel Jim Curry Joyce Daniel Carolyn Darby Ada Darden Haroldene Davidson Jimmy Davis Barry Denson Jimmy Dervan Harriette Dickson Kay Dollar Linda Dorsey Peggy Driver Henry Duggan -Teena Duke Jerry Dupree Pat Dupree Nancy Durr Charlotte Hope Dunn Hinky Dunn k Freddie Elder Gail Ellis Frank English Bille Sue Esco i ii______ ________________lGlenda Eubanks Joann Exum Jimmy Fain Curtis Faircloth Mary Finley Juanita Fitzgerald Linda Fisher Susie Fleming Jane Fogle Fred Forbus Jon Fountain Curtis Fraser George Fulford Marion Fulmer A1 Garrett Starlet Geiger Jerry Giddens Wade Gill Jimmy Givens Virginia Givens Lynda Glass Joyce Glover Alta Godfrey Ann GoolsbyBobbie Gordon Trudy Gore Wayne Gray Mary Frances Greene Ruth Griner Ernest Hall Larry Hancock Edward Harp Carroll Harper Faye Harris Marguerita Harris Kenneth Harrod Jack Harvey Carey Hatcher Ruth Hatfield Brenda Hawthorne Carolyn Hayes Owen Hays Vann Heard Pat Henderson Clinton Hendley Lynn Henson Sonny Hinson Sandra Hinson Eugene Hitchcock Linford Hobby Jim Hogate Dale Holland Tommy Holt Sandra Hopkins Jewell Horne George Howell Jo Ann Howell Carl Hudson Nancy Huff Sara Hughes Robert Huie Mickey Hutto Billy Ivey Eugene Janes Sandra Jewell Gloria Jean Johnson Linda Johnson Mike Johnson Hewett Joiner Cecilia Jones Jimmy Jones Mike JonesCharles Joyner Raymond Keebler Jackie Kennedy Charles Kilgore Bill Kirksey Frank Kirksey Gene Klein Jeffery Lynn Kling Ken Kinard Tommie King Mike Knight Jacky Kuharek Lottie Land Charlotte Langford James Langley Martha Law Richard Lawson Jimmy Lee Spencer Lee Robin LeegerMargaret McDaniel Joyce McDonald Donald McDonald JoAnn McElvaine Fran McGilvray Bill McKnight Sue Nell McMahan Larry Melvin Jerry Lindsey Leverne Lindsey Dan Little Wayne Littlejohn Carol Long Dee Lowery Edsel Majors Gloria Malone Ginger Manley Brenda Martin Twila Mason Virginia MasonMichael Merren William Miller Phyllis Milnes Robert Mobley Bennie Monfort Gail Moody Margaret Moore Eileen Moses Glen Moulder Stafford Moznette Freed Mu I ford Diane Mullin V Paul Musselwhite Robin New Wylene Nix Clay Nunnally Tommy Olivent Jeanie Page Lionel Palardy Jan Parham i Richard Peek Barbara Pollard Norman Pritchett Raymond Purvis Geneva Radney Kent Ragan Ann Rainey Mike Redding Charles Reed Laverne Rchbcrg Patsy Reid J. L. Reynolds Wayne Rich Gloria Ricks Milton Robinson Charles Rodgers Linda Rogers Jimmy Rolland Jeff Rose Russell Rouse Ann Russell Martha Sasser Grady Sceals Jack SchnellJean Segler Jean Segroves Chan Sellers Anne Shackelford Duanne Shaw Mary Shepherd Elizabeth Shiver Mary Simmons Mary Skipper Clinton Smith David Smith Horace Smith ) Lowell Smith Pauline Smith Sandra Smith Richard Spence Sharon Smith Spies Fred Stafford Carol Starnes Charlotte Stephens Sue Ann Stephens Bobby Strickland Lee Stripling Skip Stucky I O ' A A - L9NO PHOTO Phil Toole Donna Trinies Carol Trombley Myra Turner Gene Summerford Marie Leslie Summerford Joyce Sumner Lorna Jean Sweetihg Charles Taylor Lynn Thayer Charles Thomas Courtney Thomas Annette Thornton Jirwpy Tolbert Tolbert jufdjiTomme Toby Ann Turner John Vansant, Jr. Patricia Varnum Barbara Vickers Edd Vinson Mary Sue Wade Beth Wallace Jerry WaltonBonny Watson Kenyon Watson Mary Watson Wendell Way Raymond E. Welch Barbara Whatley Jim White Robert White Wade White Annette Willis Jan Willis Kathy Willis Cathy Wingate Frances Williford Charles Woodard Bill Woody Shirley Wooten Bob Wright Gordon Wright Jim Yancey Paul YarbroughSection. 'PoaxCe'i — 7 Determination and efficiency were the main characteristics of the senior team, but they were defeated in spite of it. T he juniors’ victory was not easily accomplished for the seniors gave them a fight to the finish. CAPTAIN Jane Whitman CO-CAPTAIN Linda Giles CAPTAIN Glenda Eubanks CO-CAPTAIN Mar)’ Watson Hard practice and diligent efforts enabled a victory for the juniors. However, one of the backfield players ran the wrong way for a touchdown which was one of the highlights of the game.4•rttlbLWuiu JLiMi Lk, U‘Soya Marshal Tanner Richard Creel Jay Doolittle Bill Wright PRESIDENT VICE PRESIDENT SECRETARY TREASURER Margaret Wilson Mary Spencer Cookie Rifkin Pam MyersDiane Allen Julia Allen Robert Allen Faye Anderson W. C. Anderson Buddy Armstrong Marianne Armstrong Carolyn Arneson Bubber Arnold Janice Arthur Audrey Ash Mary Donna Autry Zara Ball Shirlann Ballew Billy Banks Chet Banks Marvin Bannister Gladys Banner Carlene Barbero Ben Barbre Judy Barbre Peggy Barker Alona Barksdale Raymond Barlow Sunnie Bartley Bobby Bartley Peggy Barton Leslie Batey Brent Bean Roy BeardenTommy Blewett Paul Bolt Chuck Bradwell Virginia Branch Brenda Brashears Danny Breeden Jimmie Broadaway ■ JS Diantha Broome Freeland Brown Linda Brown •V i v’ Margaret Brown Merle Brown Jackie Lee Bruner Wanda Bruner Joe Bureshaw Bernard Bearry Cyrilla Beck Roger Belcher Barbara Bell Glynn Bell-Isle Nancy Belt Patrick Berry Beverly Bethea Ross Birdsong Patti Bishop James Blackmer Neca Blair Carolyn Blakey Janice Blalock Lucy BlandPhyllis Burgess Hugh Burnham P L. -P Bobbie Jean Butts Rita Butts Judy Cain IP Bessie Cannon George Cannon Sylvia Carden Sister Carlton (Corine) Larry Carlton Larry Carter Marion Cartwright Bobby Cato Rebecca Chambers William Chandler Carole Chappell Fred Chappell Lynn Chestnutt Judy Chiarmonte Anne Churchwell Barrie Clark Dawn Clegg Cynthia Clyatt Pat Cochran Pamela Cockroft Rex Coe Benjamin Cohen Joe Coleman Alyce Connell Charles CookHarris Cook Tommy Cook Barbara Cooper Beti Corbett Arlene Costello Y « James Coston Sara Coston Gay Council Larry Courson Charles Cowan Diane Cox Mary Alice Crawford Billy Creech Richard Creel Robert Creel i Jo Carole Crisler Betsy Crittenden Carroll Croft Carolyn Culbrcth Jan is Culbreth Peggy Cutchens David Cuthbertson Doug Daniel Jean Daniels Mack Daniels Billy Davidson Douglas Davidson Robert M. Davis Celia Davis Frances DavisDolly Fallin Georgia Ann Farris James Farrow Charles Ferrelle Robert Findley Beverly Fink Carol Fisher Larry Fisher Mary Ann Fisher Edward Fleuren Marylin Flowers Jimmy Falmar Jerry Ford Deanie Ford James Fort Donald Fowler Delacey Fraser Clyde Frazier John Fuqua Carolyn Gassett Dorothy Giddens Douglas Gissendanner Jackie Gladin Kenneth Glass Shirley Glenn Fred Goolsby Jan Gosa Charles Gramling Betty Grant Billy GrantMartha Gray Betty Gregory Frank Griffin Jesse Griffin Terry Griffin Nancy Jo Grimes Gail Grimsley Inman Grimsley Gloria Haire William Haire Bernard Haldeman Emily Jean Haley Billy Hall Caroline Hall Jerry Hall Vc. v Cf%, Jimmy Hall Harriette Hall Stacy Hall Lynda Hambrick Ray Hamilton Anne Hammond Gary Hammack Roselene Hancock Linda Hard Ferris Hardee Sonya Harley Jerry Harper Linda Harrell Bobby Hart Helen HartHarrell Hartley George Hasty Glenn Hatcher Sulynn Hatcher George Hawkins Billy Hawthorne Lynda Hayman Camille Henderson Ray Henderson Paul Henry Carlene Henson Lamonta Henson Dae Hewett , Hickman aji) Hightower Ray Hodges Lamar Hogg Wilfreda Holdren Johnny Holland Bob Holman Kathy Hudgens Jack Hudson Joyce Hudson Lois Huff Richard Hull PHOTO NO? AVAIlAftlf ' f Billy Humber Frank Hunshamer Wayne Hutchinson Ernest Iler Geanette Jackson Iris Jacobs Freddie Jean Mark Jeffrey Sylvia Jenkins Bill Johnson Linda Johnson Jamie Johnson Janet Johnson Jo Ann Johnston Bobbie Joiner Chee Chee Joines Arnold Jones Barry Jones Charles Jones Pat Jones Jane Jordg Sieve Karst George Keel Donn Kelly Gloria KendrickHelen Kennedy Shorty Kennedy Linda Kimbrel Maurice Kinder Charles King Deloris King Donice King Gloria King Juanita King Jimmy Kirkpatrick Betty Jean Kirksey Rudine Klein Carol Knight Stella Kulikowski Larry Lake Jack Langley Linda Langley Flo Langtry Paul Laramore Jeanette Lasseter Ann Lawrence Jerry Lawson Louis LeBlanc Gail Lee Pat Lee Dorothy Lee Darrell Leggett Dan Leming Bud Lewis Nickey Lewis N PfcotoBarbara Lindsey Charlotte Lindsey Betty Little Ruby Nell Littleton David Lloyd Patricia Loeb Bobby Logan Linda Lucas Patricia Lucky Rex Lynch Jack Mallard Jane Maloy Raleigh Mann Stella Marshall Johnny Massey Mary Kate Massey Becky Martin Barbara Mathews Matt McCoy Diane McCorvey Bobbie Nell McCraney Martha Sue McCrary Robin McDaniel Vivian McEver Jerry McGarity Carol McGary Jimmy McLendon Billy McMore Mary Jo Melton Charles Middleton John Miller Bunny Miller Faith Milner Beulah Minix Gail Mitchell Madeline Mock Doug Moore Jimmy Moore Shirley Moore Audrey Moses Helene Mott Luanne Mount Vernie Musgrove Pam Myers Charles Myler Michael Nabois Mary Ellen Nichols Reba Nichols Betty Nix Joan Nodorek Jimmy Norris A1 Odom Eddie Ogletree David O’Kelly Steve Orton Ann Owensby Shervie Page Dewitt Palmer Andy Parker Roger PaulkRita Payne Hart Pearson Billy Pelham Billy Hugh Phillips William H. Phillips Joey Pickin Carolyn Pickron Graydon Pierce Anne Pierson Lynne Pierson Jack Pitts Ray Pitts Carol Jean Pitts Gordon Poer Larry Poppell Roger Posey Rosalind Posey Jane Powell John Powell Grace Prescott Pete Price Sandra Rabon Tommy Rabon Donnie Lee Ragon Jeanette Randall Jerry Ray Ginger Raynor Faye Reaves Robert Rehberg Henry Reid V Mike Reublin W A. P Richard Rhodes Carol Rifkin Hugh Roach f Garlyn Robinson Jean Roddy Brenda Ross Carroll Ross John Ross Tommy Ross Frances Rossignol Kitty Royal Rex Royal Anna Rutherford Randy Sammons Sandra Saucier Judson Savelle James Scott Lamar Scott Jo Anne Seay Roger Selph Jackie Sharp Janice Shiver Charles Shuttleworth Laura Shemwell Lila Sheffield Elizabeth Sims Freddie Sink Peggy Sleep Jimmy SmithJerlynn Smith Sally Smith Patricia Smith Phyllis Smith Dick Smith Mary Spencer Sylvia Spivey Nancy Spring Richard Spring Critt Spurlin Gale Stearman Harry Stevens John Stewart Ruth Stewart Lee Stinson Linda Stokes Patsy Stokes Jay Strawder Martha Strong Don Strickland Robert Strickland Walter Strickland Larry Styles Mickey Sharman Robert Suggs William Suggs Hazel Sutton Ben Swilley Marshall Tanner Steve TannerNancy Taylor William Taylor Terry Thayer Shirley Thompson Darrell Thornhill Sandra Thrower Alvin Tisdale Robert Tison Douglas Tomlinson Barbara Ann Tucker Douglas Tucker Howard Tucker Billy Upton Jimmy Valentine Vyron Vance Marjorie Van Fleet Patricia Varner Marjorie Vinson Joan Marie Wagner Nancy Wakeford Alex Walker Charles Walker Babs Wamble Barbara Ward Carolyn Ward Jeanette Watkins Sonny Webb Sandra Welch Anne West Janice WestSandra West Brenda Weston Stanley Whitaker Betty White Gary Whitfield Jimmy Whitfield Julian Whiting Howe Whitman Joe Wigelsworth Sandra Williams Daryl Williamson Patricia Williamson Barbara Wilson Margaret Wilson Herb Windom p r o John Worsham William Worsham CKsM. aL jjc Henry Wren Bill Wright Carlene Wright Patricia Wright Robert Yielding Martin York Pat Vinson .» y - r ' y «w jN $  xeA untut O icenA acf 0 ice A1 Hutchison PRESIDENT Barbara Singletary Bill Sutton VICE PRESIDENT Joyce Brown Mac Buntin SECRETARY Bebe Stanley Butch Fain TREASURER Donna RosedaleBen Adler Richard Albriton Judy Anderson Jack Andrews Gerald Apgar Paul Armstrong Jr. Nancy Arthur Marie Ashberry Linda Aultman Gloria Austin Bo Avery Mary Lou Axton Wayne Aycock Lari Bachman Dianne Bailey Janice Bailey Bette Baker Alvin Bales Pam Ball Barbara Ballard DeLaine Barfield Robert Barfield Joe Barlow Shelby Barnett A1 Barrett Joe Bateham Roger Baucum Ronald Baxley Jeff Bean Donald Bearry Joan Beaty Ruffin Beaty Trudy Beck E. G. Beckwith Juanita Beech Lorretta Beech Sharon Bell Bonnie Belt Barbara Bennett Marvin BarfieldRoy Lee Berrey Rodney Bierman Pat Bishop Linda Bissett Judy Blankenship Johann Bleicher Mickey Blewett Joan Bowles Lynn Bowles Sandra Braford Pete Brandon Alice Brandon Charles Bradshaw James Braswell Nancy Bremner Rodney Bridges Jackie Brim Vickie Brisbois Faye Broadway Kenneth Broadway Cecil Brom Merell Brooks Sandra Brooks Baxter Brown Joyce Brown Jimmy Brown Ray Gene Brown Don Bruner Harold Bryan Mac Buntin Vickie Burdette Pam Burgess Billy Busbce Alton Butler Laverne Butler Cynthia Cannon Tommy Cantrell Jimmy Carlton J. L. Carter Carolyn CarverYvonne Casey Curtis Cason Sherry Castillo Kay Cates Joan Cato Tommy Chambless Jim Champion Fran Chandler Kit Christopher K. L. Clark Douglas Clegg Jimmy Cline Laura Cloud Joann Cohen Joyce Cohen Juanita Cohn Jane Collins Janet Comer Carl Cone Aileen Conner Earle Cook Shelby Cook Billy Corbin Juanita Corliss Carl Cox Louise Cox William Coy Betty Couch Larry Creamer John Croft Ladora Crosby Janice Crosson Tommy Crouch Jacky Crozier Terry Cullom Jeanette Cutchers Helen Cyganiewicz Danny Daniel Gene Daniels Frances Darby A V «► ft •mf - f-f Woodrow Daugherty Betty Jane Davis Cantey Davis Elwin Davis Mary Lee Davis Sandra Davis Troy Davis Mary Dean Peggy Deese Vickie Delaney Dianne Dempsey Laura Dent Bobby Dickenson Kathleen Dobbin Carol Dodger Betty Dollar John Donaldson Carol Dorsey Linda Dowder Jerry Doyal Buddy Drowdy Charles Duckworth Donald Duke Virginia Durham Joyce Duitman Margaret Dunn Billie Dykes Freddie Easom Phyllis Eckler Deanie Edge Dorothy Edge Boyce Edwards Brenda Edwards Roger Lamar Edwards Katheryn Elliott Mack Ethridge John Exum Butch Fain Sandra Fallin Kathryn Faulkner Bill Feild Shelby Jean Fender Myra Ferguson David Fetters Dorothy Fields David Finley Gary Flanigan Sylvia Flannigan Chuck Fleming Tommy Floyd Jimmy Fouche Phyllis Foy Bobby Frazier Dale Frazier Joan Freeman John Freeman Edward Friend Daniel Gardner Ronnie Gaughf Bucky Geer ■ yirf ■ rt r % h p r 7 Martha Geeslin Jerry Gerst Mary Gill Tommy Gilliam Lewis Godfrey Ruby Goldman Jerry Gonnion Lynda Goolsby Dean Gore Jack Gore Bearl Gosa Bill Grant Martha J. Green John E. Greene Helen Gregorie Larry Grimes Virginia Ann Grimes Kay Hackney Gail Hall Marybeth HallDelores Hall Robert Hallyburton Ben Halstead Faye Hammond Lynna Hamp Tommy Hampton Joan Hand Jimmy Handley James Hansard Patsy Hansen Robert Hare Stanley Harp Charles Harrell Wren Harris DeLaine Harrod Judi Harrod Anne Hart Paula Hartly Floyd Hastey Barbara Hatcher Bea Hatcher Buster Hatcher Lanis Hatcher Randel Hatcher Richard Hatcher Bobbie Hayes Sharron Hayes Earline Hayslip Joan Healan Angelyn Hendley Freddie Henson Alvin Herren Jerry Hewett Patsy Hicks June Hinely Brenda Hitchcock Randolph Hobbs Carol Hodges Eyvonne Holden Joseph HollandDebbie Lee Holloway Danny Hopkins Roaslyn Hopper Carol Horne Dennis Horne Carol Howard Richard Howard Yvonne Howell John Hudgens David Hudgins James Huff Claude Hughes Gordon Hughes Jackie Hughes Glen John Hunter Penny Hunter Al Hutchinson Frank Hutto Eddie Hymen Wade Ingle N V Virginia Inman Lois Jacobs David Jackson Agnes Janes Lawrence Jenkins Janice Jewell Charles Johann Beverly Johnson Gail Johnson Johnny Johnson Ruth Johnson Sandra Johnson Sara Joiner Edward Jones Francis Jones Frank Jones George Jones Jackie Jones Jeanette Jones Martha JonesKay Jordan Lou Ann Kahn Rusty Kaliher Bill Kane Spence Keaton Rodney Keegan Jere Keenan James Kelly Johnny Kennedy Bland Kenney James Key Linda Keirce Marlin Kimbrell Mary Alice Kimbrell Caroline King Eloise King Jack King Jimmie Sue Kinney Ken Kinney Carolyn Kirkland June Kiser Richard Klein Larry Knight Mary Knight Grace Knowles Tommy Kratzer Florence Kulp James Lamb Roger Land Ted Landau Mike Lane Rita Lang Kenneth Lanier Sandra Larramore Bobbie Jean LarumEulene Lastinger Linda Lastinger Lamar Law Sam Law Ann Layson Suzanne Leach Becky Lee Barbara Leggette Edward Lewis Mary Lewis Sandra Lindsey Lynn Lofton Howard Lominec Sara Jo Long David Loving Sam Luckey Donna Lynch Barbara Maddox Carolyn Malone Watson Lee Mann r Mary Martin David Martin Walter Martin John Mashka Janell Mathew Ronald Mathis Robert Matson John McBurnett Glenn McCarty James McCorkle Patricia McCoy Arthur McDaniel Jacquline McDearmid Frank McDonald Gene McDonald William McDonald Helen McDuffie Patricia McGirt Peggy McGlamory Andrea McLemoreMarjorie McNeff Jean Mauldin Julie Mayer Katherine Meadors Patti Jo Medley Kathryne Meeks Sandra Meeks Freddie Melton Ronnie Merritt Jimmy Meritt Frank Middleton Marie Middleton Rex Milling Hubert Mitchell Jeanette Mitchell Linda Mitchell Faye Mixon Skippy Moncrief Linda Moore Joe Moore Betty Jean Moore Paulette Moore Georgia Kay Moorehead Frankie Morris Buddy Morris Bill Mosely Smokey Mull Carole Jo Mullis Joy Murdock Barbara Murphy Ken Musgrove Silas Musselwhite Johnny Frank Mvers Richard Myler Kenneth Newman Carol Nobles Betty Norman Wesley Norman Lavann Norris Shirley Norris Nancy Nunn Felix Oakes Connie Odom Bonnie O'Keefe Wanda Olivant John Oliver Willie Mae Oliver Patsy O'Neill Bobby O'Neill Harry Ort Billy Osborne Ralyeen O'Shea I Linda Owens Sheila Owens Charles Paige Thomas Paige Ruth Palmer Claudia Parker Ginger Parker Jo Parker l-i - Terry Parker Mike Parks Joyce Paryzeh Sammy Pate Billy Patterson Richard Patterson Diane Patrick Bobbie Paul Gloria Peak Mary Sue Peeples Elaine Pender Andy Pennington Becky Pennington Antoinette Petty Florence Phillips Gertrude Phillips Harvey Phillips Jerry Phillips William Plummer Fred PollardEmerson Pollock Clint Poole Barbara Pope Rosalynd Potts Charlotte Potts Katherine Powell Linda Power Wallace Pratt Jimmy Prevatte Emily Price Myrtle Pollard Kenny Purvis Ann Quinonez Judy Ramsey Judy Rapier James Reeves Danny Reese Billy Ricks James Rigsby Richard Roach Jackie Robbins Jane Robinson Thomas Robinson June Rogers Lois Rogers Hazel Rome Dona Rosedale Doris Rosser Ginger Rouse Geraldine Rowe Toby Ann Royal Johnny Rutland Shirley Rutland David Ryckley Glenda Sanders Ardella Sandison Linda Saucier Buddy Sauls Betty Scaife Stephen ScatzFaye Scott Hinton Scott Laura Scott Ernest Sell Wilson Sellers Linda Selph Gary Sheffield Kermit Shelley David Sherman Angela Simmoms Marvene Simpson Weyman Simpson Barbara Singletary James Sizemore Betty Smith Donald Smith Earline Smith Faye Smith Guy Smith Gwenn Smith Jacquelyn Smith Jean Smith Juanita Smith Rachel Smith Tina Smith ■ Ronald Snider Elaine Snipes Lynn Snyder Larry Sowell Alice Staines Bebe Stanley Gary Starrett Carla Sterne Roy Stephens Grave Stevens Ann Stinson Joan Stokes Glenda Stone Carl Story Kay Stovallo. Ruth Strickland Jackie Strickland James Strickland Edward Stripling Ronnie Stuart Dennis Suit Emmett Summerford James Summerford Kathleen Summerford Claude Surface Bill Sutton Ernest Sutton Howard Swain Jimmy Tabb Dianne Tankersley Charlotte Taylor Pat Taylor Peggy Taylor Elaine Thibodean Julie Ann Thomas Bea Thomason Bernita Thompson J. D. Thompson J. R. Thompson Janet Thompson Bobby Thompson Carolyn Thornhill Geraldine Thornton Jimmy Thornton Earl Thurman Frances Thursby Donald Tingle Joel Tolbert Bobby Tomlinson Edgar Tompkins Wilma Trammell Martha Turnberg Billy Turner Carolyn Tynes Jimmy Vanlandingham Mkfcf _L_2m Mickic Vanlandingham Pete Vann Peggy Vanzant Buddy Varner Lynda Varner Leila Vaughn Mary Anne Wadsworth Carolyn Walker Randall Walker Patricia Ware Sheila Ware Anne Watson Glenn Watson Bill Watson Paul Webb Lynn Weed Sandra Weinmann Robert L. Whatley Mary A. Wells Walter West Judith Weston Lee Wheeler Don White Gene A. White Thomas White Martha R. White Dan Whitman Williams Whitney Kim Whittaker Ronald R. Wiard Lonnie Wildes Roy Lamar Wildes David Williams David Williams Donald Williams Edward Williams Lou Williams Martha L. Williams Wanda E. Williams Annie F. WillisCarrol Willis Linda Willis Ralph E. Winter Marjorie Wingate Martha E. Wingate David M. Wolfe Charles Yarbrough Randy Yelvington Stuart Williams Robert E. Whitney Elizabeth Taylor N, I 7 Mowing Tiiene Tin ooicUi tcf. V Section. Roger Belcher Bobby Cato Dolly Fallin David Cuthbertson Carolyn Gassett Margaret Horner Frank Holmes John Hightower •Wayne Holloman Billy Humber Billy Johnson Bobby Nell McCraney Martha McCrary A1 Odom Mac Stinson Linda Stokes Herb Windom Julian Whitingf $5% 76n Matee46ei Zitenasui StOfUPURPOSE—The Student Council is an organization which strives to be of service to the school and the community, to provide general regulations for the conduct and practice of the students of Albany High School, to work hand in hand with the students, administration, and faculty for a harmonious school program.PRESIDENT John Beasley VICE PRESIDENT Murray David SECRETARY Richard Carson Joy Middleton AllI Embree Bolton X 'Key ■4 PURPOSE-We build. TREASURER Dent Reeves PARLIAMENTARIAN Bill Buntin SPONSOR Mrs. Jake Rowe Judy Collins Herman Giddens Ed Jordan Van Knowles Harold Carter Mark Jefferies Martin York Howe Whitman Marshall Tanner Picture Not Available Bud Lewiss4ttc o'i PURPOSE—To benefit the school and community. The club strives to develop initiative and leadership and provides experience in living and working together. The club cooperates with the school principal and prepares for useful citizenship. • » PRESIDENT VICE PRESIDENT SECRETARY TREASURER SPONSOR Judy Collins Mary Finley Linda Cullom Edwina Davis Miss Martha DyeJfoti Utoh VOL. 7 ALBANY HIGH SCHOOL ALBANY,GA 1958 l MANAGERS Jamye Aultman EDITO Business Manager Joe Bowden EIDITORS-IN-CHI Gall Birdsong pp Pat Johnston ASSOCIATE EDITOR Kay Carlton ASSOCIATE BUSINESS MANGER Patsy Armstrong Wesley Darley SPORTS EDITORS Linda Cullora FEATURE EDITOR Joanne Simmons MAKE-UP EDITOR William Davidson Ann Stewart Annette Willis Martha Green TYPISTS Sandra Holloway Sibyl Ball Adviser Willia m R.Bragg Senucce (?£u PURPOSE—To give service to the school and to learn something of librarian-ship as a profession. PRESIDENT VICE PRESIDENT SECRETARY TREASURER ... SPONSOR ..... Toby Turner Patti Bishop Jane Fogles4( 4Utcf, floation, PRESIDENT Phillip Plummer VICE PRESIDENT John Harry Hayes SECRETARY Turner Ball TREASURER Russell Martin PARLIAMENTARIAN Claude Bradley SWEETHEART Ruth Hatfield SPONSOR Bobby Faudree PURPOSE To promote good citizenship through school service. i nO»rii APutuxe PeacAext. Mexico. SteCia 0fc.a£ttto i PRESIDENT Jenny Thompson SECRETARY Judy Tomme VICE PRESIDENT Mary Harmon treasurer Linda Woodall SPONSORS Miss Ina Randitt Miss Helen Crosby PURPOSE—To learn about the teaching profession, its opportunities, responsibilities, and its important role in our democracy. To cultivate in ourselves the qualities of personality, character and leadership which are essential in good teachers. 'P'l ject Diane Sedberry and Glenda Council admire the brilliantly colored dolls dressed by the Alpha Tri-Hi-Y girls. The girls dress these dolls annually for the Salvation Army. The dolls are distributed to the underprivileged children of our city. PURPOSE—To create, maintain, and extend throughout the home, school, and community high standards of Christian character. PRESIDENT Nancy Pierson VICE PRESIDENT Jamye Aultman SECRETARY Jean Ringstaff TREASURER Della Pollock SPONSORS Miss Thelma Plant Mrs. Sylvia Lanier Mr. Ray CouncilCHAPLAIN John Harry Hayes 'Zt-'fy PRESIDENT Russell Martin SECRETARY Herman Giddens VICE PRESIDENT Richard Carson TREASURER Tommy Walden SPONSOR Billy Bragg PURPOSE—To create, maintain, and extend throughout the home, school, and communitv,high standards of Christian character.PRESIDENT Charlott Durden VICE PRESIDENT Jane MaloyPRESIDENT Carole Chappell VICE PRESIDENT Jenny Dorough SECRETARY Carolyn Ward TREASURER Flo Langtry CHAPLAIN Kathy Hudgens SPONSORS Miss Goodman Miss Patterson PURPOSE To create, maintain, and extend throughout the home, school, and community high standards of Christian character. 'rtytotofioau (PA fiteSl PRESIDENT Jamye Aultman VICE PRESIDENT Mary Spencer SECRETARY Lila Sheffield TREASURER Doug Daniel PUBLICITY Harriette Dickson SPONSORS Mrs. E. M. Dobbins Mrs. Gwyn Perry Ou Uo% 7 M l @ tAfet€Sl PRESIDENT Betty Free VICE PRESIDENT Linda Woodall SECRETARY Barrie Clark PURPOSE — To develop leadership and responsibility. TREASURER Brenda Brashears PUBLICITY William Chandler SPONSORS Mrs. E. M. Dobbins Mrs. Gwyn Perry 4 (?aKqui4UuCone6 de £ fiay toC Vedoble Se Anderson Diega Barrett Edwarda Batey Mariquita Blair Juanita Bleicher Judit Cain Patricia Cochran Roberto Connor Diana Cox Sarita Coppock Susita Dunn Anica Burr Lindita Dyess Leon Gray Maria Grien Jeronimo Hall Josefana Johnston Juana Jordan Carolina Knight Paquita McGilvary Charlota Myers Anita Pierson Barbarita Pope Francisca Rossignol Eufamia Sutton Theresa Trinies Margarita Van Fleet Casandra Williams Guillermo Wright Juanita Grimess4 t ie d zti to4 PRESIDENT John Harry Hayes VICE PRESIDENT Edwina Davis SECRETARY Linda K. Johnson TREASURER Julia Massey SPONSOR Mrs. S. A. Juhan PURPOSE—To promote interest in the study of Spanish and our Spanish-American neighbors. PRESIDENT Della Pollock VICE PRESIDENT Henry Futch SECRETARY Claire Walker TREASURER Ruth Chambers SPONSOR Mrs. S. A. Juhan TfazttuZ fJa Ztl Cf, Seed PURPOSE—To promote interest in the study of Spanish and our Spanish-American neighbors. ■'fDeo te PqaJj PRESIDENT Jane Whitman VICE-PRESIDENT Sandra Wray SECRETARY Jenny Thompson. TREASURER Linda Gotsch PURPOSE-To inspire a love, an appreciation fo a better understanding of the French language(2 icCe '?%cutc U PURPOSE—To inspire a love, an appreciation, and a better understanding of the French language. VICE PRESIDENT Anne Shackelford SECRETARY Beverly Commagere TREASURER Lynda Glass SPONSOR Miss Ina Randitt PURPOSE—To create more interest in the study of English.7 Dt4COU t Utt6 PURPOSE—To understand better through bookkeeping our economic, social, and civic problems. PRESIDENT Durward Pennington VICE PRESIDENT Jenny Thompson SECRETARY-TREASURER Donald Moore SPONSOR Mrs. Helen Thornton 'T t Uott ’TPti e'ta le Iftattayem PURPOSE—To promote a better understanding of the business world and management of money. PRESIDENT Harvey Willis VICE PRESIDENT Ann Riley SECRETARY Joyce Daniel TREASURER Virginia Robinson PARLIAMENTARIAN Bobby Dollar SOCIAL CHAIRMAN Roger Aycock PRESS REPORTER Martha Ann Cheney PROGRAM CHAIRMAN Judy Collins SPONSOR Mrs. Marion Scheuing'patcvie U4i te4 etuCenA 7 uno nocu PURPOSE—To understand better through bookkeeping our social, economic, and civic problems. PRESIDENT Bill Tolbert VICE PRESIDENT Peggy Tanner SECRETARY-TREASURER Zona Carpenter SPONSOR Mrs. Helen Thornton ecJutuftcie See6e PURPOSE—-To prepare for entering the highest halls of human happiness. PRESIDENT Ken Kinard VICE PRESIDENT Peggy Tanner SECRETARY DeAnne Moore TREASURER Matilda Milward PRESS REPORTER Charlotte Lee SPONSOR Mrs. Reeses.o.s. PURPOSE — To train ourselves to accept responsibility in the business world. PRESIDENT Peggy Tanner VICE PRESIDENT Judy Collins SECRETARY Charlotte Lee TREASURER Elneita Davidson SPONSOR Mrs. Wayne C. LongNettie P Zt ttCcf PRESIDENT Faye Reddick VICE PRESIDENT Jerry Willis SECRETARY-TREASURER Bobby Dollar PRESS REPORTER Eve-Ann Duke SPONSOR Mrs. Sandra Reese PURPOSE—To promote better knowledge of our future life. PRESIDENT Billy Ivey VICE PRESIDENT Ruthie Hatfield SECRETARY Gloria Johnson TREASURER Gloria Johnson RLIAMENTARIAN Butch Cliftorty SPONSOR Mr. Bob Sperry i7 uU ttu%ed Sewcutte orf PURPOSE—To promote a better understanding of history.idtoKf "dadoed dflH PRESIDENT Linda Woodall VICE PRESIDENT Pauline Smith SECRETARY Ship Stuckey TREASURER Clay Nunnally SPONSOR Mrs. W. J. Minchew (yovecd PRESIDENT Roland Weathcrbee VK V PRESIDENT Bobby Wills SECRETARY RrEotv Jenkins TR: ASl Hi R Jean Mitchell - VNSOR M. R. .v : . ' ■ Ken Kinard VICE PRESIDENT Hugh Wallace SECRETARY Reginald Pollard TREASURER Leon Hatcher PRESS REPORTER Dot Miller SPONSOR N. C. Hatcher PURPOSE—Better citizens through a greater knowledge of government and economics. MOTTO — The roots of the present are deep in the past. PRESIDENT Jay Doolittle VICE PRESIDENT Luanne Mount SECRETARY Howe Whitman TREASURER Beverly Pink SPONSOR Mrs. Fleming PURPOSE — To make history a pleasure.ScJtoCard PRESIDENT Carroll Ross VICE PRESIDENT Charles King SECRETARY Brenda Ross TREASURER Arline Costello SPONSOR Mrs. Evelyn Fleming PURPOSE—A 180 days in the past and present. PURPOSE—To link our heritage with the past. PRESIDENT Gail Grimsley VICE PRESIDENT Randy Sammons SECRETARY Cookie Rifkin TREASURER Tommy Ross SPONSOR Mrs. Evelyn Fleminga td tfla e S aAcui PRESIDENT Stafford Moznette VICE PRESIDENT John Fountain SECRETARY Charlotte Dunn TREASURER Ginger Patton PROGRAM CHAIRMAN Raymond Welch SPONSOR Mr. Sperry PURPOSE — Not to know what happened before you were born is to remain always a child.Sfren tcf 'P cfc iic Se Uon PRESIDENT Bobby Wills VICE PRESIDENT Linda Gotsch SEC RETARY Saundra Williams TREASURER Sibyl Ball PROGRAM CHAIRMAN Jean Ringstaff PURPOSE — To explore the field of sociology and psychology to its extent. o te 'P yc ttaPU t cutct 30 Ttfautuzca- MOTTO — To learn in order to live.'putu'ie ?eui«nefi ttnexcca s4C x. tcf (?A zfete'i PRESIDENT VICE PRESIDENT SECRETARY TREASURER PRESS REPORTER SENTINEL Billy Gurr Vernie Musgrove Freeman Brown Lamar Cook Roy Beard on Richard Gill SPONSOR'putu'ie s4 He'Uc SPONSOR Mrs. Jewell T. Johnson PRESIDENT Trina Davis VICE PRESIDENT Sally Smith SECRETARY Linda Hamp TREASURER Georgia Ann Farris VICE PRESIDENT Carolyn Darbey SPONSOR Mrs. Sandra Reese TREASURER Ann RileyPRESIDENT Sammy Tyson VICE PRESIDENT Roland Weatherbec SECRETARY Edward Rhodes TREASURER Mike Knight PURPOSE To promote a greater interest in chemistry. s4cttve SPONSOR Mr. Collins PRESIDENT Phillip Plummer VICE PRESIDENT John Wilson SECRETARY Patsy Armstrong SPONSOR Chappell Collins To increase our knowledge of physics.(t s4to t PURPOSE — To further our knowledge of chemistry. PRESIDENT Courtney Thomas VICE PRESIDENT Beth Wallace SECRETARY Martha Sasser TREASURER Carey Hatcher PARLIAMENTARIAN Glenn Moulder SPONSOR Chappel Collins @oCCc t6 z ui cttCe s4to tui PURPOSE — To further our knowledge of chemistry. PRESIDENT Henry Futch VICE PRESIDENT Gilbert Simmons SECRETARY-TREASURER Jimmy Lee PARLIAMENTARIAN ,---Butch Clifton -" C _— --- SPONSOR Chappel CollinsStoCoyicaC e e z c i ( CaS SPONSOR—G. B. Howell PURPOSE—Try to improve the world of tomorrow by a knowledge of Biolouv PRESIDENT VICE PRESIDENT SECRETARY TREASURER REPORTER Flo Langtry Lynn Pierson Carol Chappel Harriet Hall SPONSOR—G. B. Howell PRESIDENT Jay Doolittle VICE PRESIDENT Bud Lewis SECRETARY Betty Nix TREASURER John Creel PRESS REPORTER Judy Barbare PURPOSE—Try to improve the world of tomorrow by a knowledge of Biology.PURPOSE PRESIDENT Fred Chappell VICE PRESIDENT Nancy Wakeford SECRETARY Linda Johnson TREASURER Mary Kate Massey PRESS REPORTER Chee-Chee Joines For further development of our minds in the world of chemistry. PURPOSE biology. To try to improve the world of tomorrow b y a knowledge of PURPOSE—Try to improve the world of tomorrow by knowledge of Biology. totoyicaC e4e stc l @Cu PRESIDENT Charlotte Durden VICE PRESIDENT Carol McGary SECRETARY Carol Hill TREASURER Rita Butts SPONSOR Mr. G. B. Howell PURPOSE—Try to improve the world of tomorrow by knowledge of Biology.4- ecud PRESIDENT Peggy Tanner VICE PRESIDENT Charlotte Lee iA u utiue ScUccctft t PURPOSE To further develop social, cultural, and economic principles. PURPOSE To serve our school and community by operation of the sound and lighting system at AHS. PRESIDENT Terrell Cooper VICE PRESIDENT Ed Vinson SECRETARY Yvonne Edwards TREASURER Robert Luckey SPONSOR Miss Dell Morris PRESIDENT Earl Cline, Jr. VICE PRESIDENT Lewis Whitman SECRETARY-TREASURER Steve Karst PRESS REPORTER Freddie Jones ••««PRESIDENT VICE PRESIDENT SECRETARY TREASURER PARLIAMENTARIAN SPONSOR Mr. Wynn Patricia Musgrove Darrell Martin Jcane Pafford Ann Anderson Bobby Farmer PURPOSE—To promote the D. C. T. program and to produce worthwhile leaders in a democratic society. 'TPtovte PURPOSE—To show educational movies ordered by subject teachers. PRESIDENT VICE PRESIDENT SECRETARY TREASURER Murray David Richard Carson Bill Buntin Bobby Joe Johnston Beverly Commagire Representative in Miss A. H. S. Contest SPONSOR—W. A. LovelessPRESIDENT ........... Nancy Pierson VICE PRESIDENT ...... Phyllis Milnes SECRETARY............Linda Woodall TREASURER .......... Julia Massey PURPOSE — To provide DIRECTOR .............. Claire Walker ACCOMPANIST............Rudine Klein PRESS REPORTER........ Shirley Freeman SPONSOR .......... Mr. Maynard Sell entertainment for school functions. Edwina Davis Marney Dyess Janice Blaylock Becky Chambers Betty Free Linda Gotsch Matilda Milward Jennie Thompson Betty White Kathy Willis TR.O. g. PRESIDENT ................. Jim Brandon VICE PRESIDENT .......... Jimmy Sincath SECRETARY ................. Joe Bowden TREASURER ................ Bill Tolbert SPONSOR ................ Mr. Maynard Sell PURPOSE — To supply musical enjoyment for others.ROBIN LEEGER SAUNDRA WILLIAMS (? eeT£e zc{eri4. t957-t ?5X TOBY TURNERTKutic 7V yt646 p PRESIDENT Barbara Singletary VICE PRESIDENT Carolyn Malone SECRETARY Mary Kate Massey TREASURER Nancy Arthur SPONSOR Maynard Sell PURPOSE — To enrich our lives through music. tylee (?lu PRESIDENT Edwina Davis VICE PRESIDENT Terrell Cooper SECRETARY Clair Walker treasurer Jack Schnell PURPOSE ___ Tr ment. pr°Vl e and perform fQr persona, public entertain-Sc iooC 'StutcC DRUM MAJOR ....................................... Joe Bowden HEAD MAJORETTE ........................ Bertha Jenkins SPONSOR .............................. Mr. Maynard Sell'rtyorttecotHitup 2.uee t KAY CARLTON escorted by DURWARD PENNINGTON HARVEY WILLIShow 4. "rty.S. JOHN TILLITSKI Assistant Varsity Coach BERNIE REID Head Coach PAT FIELD Assistant Varsity Coach JIM HUGES GRAHAM LOWE Freshman "B” Team Coach Team Coach BOB FOWLER "B" Team Coach JIM MLILLIS Freshman Team CoachSenior CHEVY DAVIS HARVEY WILLIS Captain DURWOOD PENNINGTON Co-Captain Most Valuable Player HENRY FI TCH Sportsmanship Award JACK CLANTON JAMES SANDERS JIMMY FALLAW BOBBY WILLS DOUG CARLTONMIKE KNIGHT RUSSELL ROUSE JAY DOOLITTLE AL GARRETT Best Blocker AwardJOHN BEASLEY The Albany High School Indians suffered at the hands of Fate throughout the 1957 football season. No matter how hard the team tried, freak accidents and injuries occurred which demolished the team. Broken hands, wrists and arms were no strangers to the Warriors and seldom was the team at full strength. Under circumstances such as these, the true caliber of our Indians, their spirit anddetermination, was a shining example to everyone. Just as luck seemed to be turning our way, another mishap in which a key man was injured occurred; but in spite of this, the Indians always played a game which left the opposing team with a deep respect for them. A i f- I UK RICHARD RHODES SHORTS' KENNEDY 957 'poot xM 7ea t HARVEY W il l IS Captain ROBIN LEEGER Sweetheart DURWOOD PENNINGTON Co-Captain GRAHAM I.OWE Coach BUTCH CLIFTON Guard Junior VAN HFARD Guard Junior Our Albany High Indians, underdogs in the Albany Christmas Invitational Tournament, walked away as champion and placed four on the All-Star Team. In spite of the wonderful play in the tournament, from then on the Indians were unable to get rolling. Regaining, at times, the outstanding teamwork which at first was exhibited, they ended the season with a 14 win-12 loss record.JOHN BLAKEY VAN KNOWLES Guard Center Senior Senior ROBERT WHITE Forward Junior RUSSELL ROl’SE Forward Junior Alb. 'Opp. Cairo 34 50 Ft. Valley 55 36 Vienna 56 32 Valdosta 57 43 Vienna 48 39 Perry 47 37 Moultrie 50 45 Sylvester 62 43 Jordan 51 54 Columbus 49 76 Lanier 46 54 Vienna 79 72 Columbus 47 50 Alb. opp. Baker 61 42 LaGrange 39 46 Moultrie 45 48 LaGrange 35 48 Ft. Valley 51 62 Thomaston 40 45 Jordan 50 34 Thomaston 57 39 Moultrie 66 46 Bainbridge 51 44 Baker 61 68 Lanier 56 54 Valdosta 73 77 DALE HOLLAND Forward Junior CHAN SELLARS Forward Junior HAROLD HARTLEY Forward Sophomore BILL KIRKSEY Guard JuniorJ z46et a££ '7%a uzy ex i CHAPPELL COLLINS Head Coach THE SENIORS ANN MITCHELL BERNICE KLING MARTHA ANN CHENEY —  DELORES KING LAVERNE LINDSEY GAIL LEWIS MARY WATSON The Albany High Squaws, with the one-two scoring punch of Glenda Eubanks and Linda Fisher, played to a tie in region 1AAA with Moultrie. Although they had a record of 7 wins and 10 losses, the record does not indicate the fine team spirit nor the efforts of the Squaws. However, losing in the play-offs, Albany was still left with fine hopes for next year. GLENDA EUBANKS LINDA HAMBRICK Manager LINDA FISHER Alb. opp. Climax 57 62 Cairo 49 26 G. S. C 46 62 Fort Valley 41 18 Vienna 23 43 Valdosta 40 64 Vienna 41 67 Sale City 57 32 Moultrie 37 41 Alb. opp. G. S. C 47 45 Fort Valley 54 24 Thomaston 35 54 Thomaston 31 58 Moultrie 49 21 Bainbridge 34 50 Climax 58 35 Valdosta 51 75 Moultrie 23 29 GAYLE LEE NECA BLAIR GAIL PATTERSONBARBARA LINSEY EILENE CONNER PATSY ARMSTRONG LOTTIE LAND qR ur ;rceI CharI« Taylor, Frank English, Larry Poppell, Butch Clifton, Jay Doo ittle Sam Hyde. Second row: Coach Chappell Collins, Elsie Duncan. Dent Reeves, Ed Jordan Clinton Smith Jack Hudson, Murray David, Marshall Fleming, Bobby Wills. Third row: John Beasely, Russell Martin, W. C. Anderson, Alton Wingate. Richard Carson, Eddie Mote, Billy Creel, BARRY DENSON Batboy COACH PAT FIELD MILLEDGE WHITE Captain jack McDaniel LAVON PAY I ON MARSHALL FLEMING DURWARD PENNINGTON JIMMY FALLAW BILL CRAW FORDJIMMY DAVIS RONALD BOLT robin McDaniel LAMAR SCOTT ROBERT CREEL HENRY FETCH MARSHALL TANNER DALE HOLLAND 7e uu 7e z K bobby McKenzie TYLER MARTIN LEE HALL JIMMY HATTAWAY■ KAY CARLTON s4£ uuf "rlfty l Sc tooC PEGGY TANNER ED JORDAN • .A JUDY COLLINS MURRAY DAVID LINDA GOTSCH DURWARD PENNINGTON Time. Place: Occasion: New Albany Hotel, Albany, Georgia 1968 Reunion of the Class of '58 A decade has passed since the class of '58 received their diplomas in Mills Memorial Stadium and began on life's journey into the future. The occasion is a joyous one as old friends are reunited, acquaintances are renewed and each enjoys hearing the various "success" stories of his old classmates. Arriving first is the famous gossip columnist, LAURIE VAN IVEY, who is escorted by several proteges such as the double quartet, the "Sour Notes,” composed of CHARLES HOWELL. FRANKLIN JACKSON, POOCHIE HERNDON, LEON HATCHER, TERRELL COOPER, BILL BASS. ED RHODES and REGINALD POLLARD. Playing host for the occasion is Ed Jordan who is now President of S. A. P. University. Chatting with him are several of the motorcycle enthusiasts — BILL BENNETT, DENNIS BF.ATY, TIM JONES, JIMMY LEE, BILL WOODRUFF and LARRY SLAUGHTER. The orchestra for the evening is the famed "Saintcorvs" headed by REAMON BEATY. Other players are ROBERT LUCKEY, LEE LOFTON. TOMMY HUTTO, HOLLIS GLOVER, BOBBY FARMER, JOE BOWDEN, SMOKEY PAIGE and HAROLD WEST. Singing with them are the Wit Nits JANE WHITMAN, SANDRA WRAY, DE ANNE MOORE, and JEANELI.E WIGGINS. Seated at one table are BOBBY PATRICK. GENE PEARSON. LESLIE WILLIAMS, BILL TOLBERT and ALTON WINGATE, who are on a three-day leave from Uncle Sam. Talking with these boys are several of the WACS and WAVES, MARY LOUISE TURNBERG, PATSY MILNER, ANN WILLIAMS, ANNETTE WILLS and ANNE STEWART. The well-known comedian WESLEY "JUGHEAD” DARLEY is entertaining several of the Stork Club's Can Can dancers who consist of JEANETTE THORNTON, SHELIA VINSON, FAYE REDDICK. LIBBY OSBORNE, and DOT MILLER. EMBREE "DEAR MODINE" BOLTON has put the typewriter away for the night to join the festivities. Serving him a glass of ginger ale is the head waiter, SPEC LEACH. SPEC'S kitchen crew is comprised of the talented domestics ISH VERNER. MARVINA WILLIAMS, ED REESE, WINSTON POSEY, MARGARET JOHNS, and LYNN HUNTER. We see the Harlem Trotters entering the room now. This great basketball team elected DURWOOD PENNINGTON as their Captain. Team members are BOBBY WILLS, ROGER AYCOCK, JOHN BLAKEY, JIMMIE McDONALD. and VAN KNOWLES. LINDA CULLOM, the world renown columnist and novelist, is seen interviewing RUSSELL MARTIN and JOHN HARRY HAYES, executives of "The Tough Lovers Association.” The confirmed bachelors, HERBERT GLADIN, LANNY "DUKE" MAYS BOB LEWIS. RONNIE KING, and BUFORD CONNELL give LINDA their viewpoints on the feminine gender.Discussing the latest fashions are |AMYE AULTMAN, art editor of MAD comics, GAIL BIRDSONG, designer of bird clothes, and FREDDIE JONES, manager of the Snatch 'N' Go Clothing Syndicate. Being admired are the beautiful New York models, CHARLOTTE LEE, LA TRELLE KING. ELNEITA DAVIDSON. SHIRLEY FREEMAN and SARAH COX. Drawing attention in the doorway is BOBBY HALL, three-time winner of the Kentucky Derby. Admiring BOBBY'S jockey outfit is MARTHA GREEN. Also are with her LAURA GRAY, CAROL JEAN tfOWER. and MAUD IE I AYE HARRELL. Discussing textbooks and the "Three R s" are ELAINE |OHNS, teacher of zoology, SYLVIA KIRKLAND, head librarian at the Carnegie Library and NELLIE ROWE, who teaches first aid. MARGARET HATCHER and SAUNDRA WILLIAMS go over the old A. H. S. cheers on one corner. CLAUDIA HUGHES, MARY HARMON, DI.ANIE MELTON. BERTA JENK-INS, and VIRGINIA CANNON are talking very seriously about dieting and the trim figures they used to have as majorettes. The famed DOLLAR TWINS, AGATHA and BARBARA, are showing JOHN DUBOSE and JIMMY DUKE their latest hairdos. AGATHA and BARBARA are the Toni Twins on the LAWTON JORDAN Amateur Hour. Among the homemakers are BELLE ME.LTON CURTIS, AGNES MELVIN LANDRUM, DEANA BROWN WARREN, MARGARET MEDLOCK ENGLISH, and JUDY |AMES. Exchanging recipes at one side are IERRIE FORDHAM, Me-DOWELL, RUTH CHAMBERS HONICK, MATILDA MILWARD ROHWELL, and BERNICE KLING. SAMMY TYSON is passing out cigars. SAMMY tells ZONA CARPENTER, JO ANN McCLELLAND. and NANCY JO DAVIDSON about his newest addition. REBECCA JENKINS, PAULINE HINSON, CAROL MAGNAN, and MATTIE LYNN, just fainted as HENRY ALEXANDER "CAT" FUTCH strode across the floor plucking out "Whole Lot O' Shaking Goin' On" on his uke. HENRY in turn admires the deep tan and muscles of DARRELL MAR I IN, JIMMY FALLAW, BOBBY DOLLAR, and LAMAR COOK. These boys are lifeguards at the Birmingham Country Club. The crowd looks with admiration at the next celebrity; they recognize MARY ANNE THORNTON, the channel swimmer. Her date for the evening is ROLAND WETHERBEE, a Texas oil tycoon. Managing ROLANDS enterprises are LEWIS WHITMAN and EUGENE SMITH. Discussing the sport of football is HARVE.Y WILLIS, coach at Ty Tech Ty, JOHN BEASLEY, ‘ DOUGLAS CARLTON, and CHEVY DAVIS, who are All-Americans. For a change of scenery and pace, the lights are dimmed and the floor show begins. JANE KIEVE, JULIA MASSEY, PATSY ARMSTRONG, and NANCY PIERSON put on a tumbling act for the amused spectators. Next comes the juggler on the Tonight, Today Show, BOBBY JOE JOHNSTON. JERRY WILLIS tries his hand at magic act and is ably assisted by JOHN WILSON, a bookie and wild game hunter. JO ANNE SIMMONS has the group in stitches with her imitations of the world's most famed singers GILBERT "BING" SIMONS, MIKE "NAT" SHUTTLEWORTH, BILLY "ELVIS SCOTT, and VIRGINIA DINAH" ROBINSON.The crowd s attention is drawn to the door as the old married couples arrive late. Seems as though baby sitters were hard to get. These include PHILLIP and EDWINA (DAVIS) PLUMMER, JIMMY and ANNE (SMITH) SIMMONS and KAY (CARLTON) VC- ALLACE, and SAM and SANDRA (MILLER) SMITH. Dragging even farther behind arc- BETTY JO WILSON, JENNY THOMPSON, ANN RILY, PAT POLLOCK, ANN MITCHELL, ELANOR. HAGINS, and their husbands. The latecomers seat themselves in time to see ANN YANCEY, and her swordswallowing act. HERMAN THE VOICE’ GIDDENS is doing a wonderful job of emceeing and says Macbeth’s soliloquy for the crowd just for old time's sake. The crowd gives a terrific applause as DAPHNE CHRISTIAN, the beloved actress ot the day, comes out on the stage. Assisting her in a tragic skit are THORPE HAT-FIELD. PATSY HART. CAROL GREGORS, and RANDALL BATES. An outcry is heard from the back of the room. Seems as—yes—it’s CLAIRE WALKER. CLAIRE got tickled at the BALL twins, TURNER and SYBIL, who w-ere fussing about the present w-orld situation. Chief of Police, TED HALL, aided by his detectives, WAYNE HINSON and JAMES HARRELL, cleared up the argument in only a matter of minutes. Performing on stage now- is the Latin trio of DIANE SEDBERRY. DELIA POLLOCK and JIMMY SINEATH. Playing for the trio on double pianos are QUINNON WALKER and MENDF.LL TURNER. SUSAN TRINIES, CARL THOMAS, CAMERON TERRY, JEROME TAYLOR and JOYCE STONE "liven up" the party with a little Dixieland jazz. JERRY SAYLOR surprises everybody with his announcement that JEAN RING-STAFF, THOMAS RUTHERFORD, DENT REEVES and TOM RAWLINGS have been nominated for the presidency of the U. S. to succeed BEN RAMSEY. PATSY PATTERSON is so overcome that she turns a somersault and lands in the laps of JUDY PRYOR and BOB PREVATT. We hear the girls sigh and coo as TOMMY WALDEN, the dreamy-eyed crooner, pops through the door with his personal guards — HOWARD MULLIS, DON SHIVER and 1ACK CLANTON. With TOMMY arc his two black French poodles handled by SALLIE FLEUREN and YVONNE EDWARDS. We also note EVE ANN DUKE is still whispering all her male troubles to MIKE DOYAL. But MIKE finds more fun w-inking at SHIRLEY CARTER, JUNE CARDEN, JUDY BOWMAN and PAT DANIEL. We see MURRAY DAVID took time from his "Night Watch" program to attend the gala reunion. RICHARD CARSON and BILL BLNTIN, both chemical engineers at G.F..H.E. Electric Co., greet MURRAY and introduce him to JIM BRANDON, manager of P.D.Q. Record Shop, and CLAUDE BRADLEY, owner of Inman’s Drive In. The famed frogman, BILLY GURR, is whispering his daring exploits to the dancing team of EMILY HAIRE and JOY MIDDLETON. In one dark corner we see WINKIE TUCKER trying to teach LINDA GOTSCH and DIANE TROMBLY how to "chicken." Looking on earnestly are PETE GERMANY LINDA GILES, ALAN GILL and MARY McCRARY.Wc sec PEGGY HARRELL coughing from the smoked filled room. Running to her rescue are several nurses from the Phoebe Putney Hospital such as C AROL ANN WOFFORD, GWEN MARTIN, ROSE MARY McCULLEY and MARTHA GRACE HARDIN. Back to the floor show! LYNDA HARRELL is now exhibiting her trained chimpanzees. RICHARD GILL and FRANK GODWIN assist LYNDA in moving the props. We also note the Waldorf-Astoria's hair stylists, GLENDA COUNCIL, JOYCE COPPEDGE, JEANNINE COLEMAN and ELAINE BARTLEY arc trying to persuade BILL CRAWFORD to give ROBERT CREAMER a mohican cut. TOMMY COUR-SON asks them what they think of his side burns and JAMES COLQUITT just giggles at the group. F.ARI. CLINE is busy explaining to WILLIAM CLOUD. MAR I HA ANN CHENEY. TED BARFIELD and ANN ANDERSON the significance of electricity. But ELAINE ALLIGOOD had rather discuss "Sputnik Number 1,000." The socialists JO CATES, JEAN CAIN. JUDY COLLINS, and CAROLYN ROGERS tell FAYE SMITH. JUNELLE ANITA SMITH and LOLITA STEARMAN of adventures on their past vacation in Mongolia. JAMES SANDERS, proprietor of the Sanders Puny Prints Shop is taking pictures of the arious groups and performers. Posing real sophisticated are PATS'! SMITH, CHARLES WILDER. EDNA EARLE WHIDDON and ROBERT WEST. Makins faces for the "birdie" are RONALD WEINMAN, TOMMY WATSON and ROBERT WATSON, BILL WARNER and ( HARLES WARD. The crowd is amused (but not surprised) to see SANDRA HOLLOW A"1! taking a count of the guests and PAT JOHNSON eyeing all the wardrobes worn by the attendants. PAT MUSGROVE of the television program "What's My Line" is reminiscing with BETH NOLAN of the Broadway hit "No Time For Anything" and WILLIAM MOC K who plays Dr. Jekyll on the radio program "I Was Dr. Hyde For the F.B.I. Standing by the potted palms are FRANK ROSS. SANDRA MONC.R1LF, DONALD MOORE, and MARLENE MOORE. They are speaking the foreign languages they picked up during their vacation abroad. Trying to pass unnoticed are ERNEST MILLER, ski instructor at Lake Blackshear; Luther NOLAN, water boy for Notre Dame; WILDA JEAN PADGETT, a loom fixer; BETTY ANN PARKER, a scissor-grinder, and BARBARA OKEEFF. RUTHERFORD, a pro beachcomber. At one table JEAN PAFFORD is flashing her new engagement ring to SALLIE PEAVY and PETE PETERSON, who are sorely opposed to marriage. All eyes focus on the stage as JEANNINE PHILLIPS and DARREL TABB sing the duet "Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better. Last on the floor show are JAMES McDONALD. DEAN McLEMORE, DO1! LE McLEOD and JIMMY PICKRON who give the crowd a soft-shoe routine. As the stars and mood fade from the misty sky and the lirst rays of sunlight welcome daybreak a voice from somewhere in the crowd leads the Class of 58 in the singing of the Alma Mater. Well, ten glorious and prosperous years have gone by and many glad hearts have been reunited and filled with happiness. Yes. "for should auld acquaintances be forgot, heres to you, dear old A. H. S.'7 M cutcC 07e4 UHe tt We, the graduating class of 1958, being of sound mind and body, do hereby establish the following bequeaths: Durward Pennington leaves his position in football to Jay Doolittle. Sandra Holloway leaves to join I reddie at Georgia and combine studies with housework. Rill Crawford, riding Stormy off the grounds of AHS, leaves Harriett in a cloud of dust. Linda Gotsch and Eve Anne Duke leave still talking on and on and on. Sandra Wray leaves her ability to skip more classes and get away with it to Suzanne Leach. John Wilson leaves still trying to win an argument. Jayme Aultman leaves, and we wonder what we would have done without her artistic ability. Patsy Armstrong and Lewis Whitman leave their brillant minds to some fortunate juniors. Pat Johnston leaves to join Ed at Georgia Tech. Jane Whitman and Jeanelle Wiggins leave their brawling good times and ability to always say the wrong things to Linda McAfee and Susan Fleming. Berta Jenkins and Virginia Cannon, still twirling their batons, leave to marry brothers. Charles Ward and Pete Peterson leave admiring their perfect attendance certificates. Robert Luckey leaves his ability to use the hall as Lover’s Lane to any junior boy who can get away with it. Patsy Patterson, Anne Stewart, and Nancy Jo Davidson leave their pencils and paper and take up thermometers and nursing charts. Mike Shuttleworth leaves his love for mischief and his tall, tall tales to Spencer Lee. Joyce Coppedge and Pat Daniel leave their quiet and charming ways to Jackie Gladin and Sallie Davis. Roger Aycock leaves, and AHS loses. John Blakey and Bernice Kling leave together to greet the outside world. Gail Birdsong and Annette Wills leave their hours of hard work in the POW WOW’s print shop to some eager underclassman. John Beasley leaves, and the Key Club and AHS are at great loss. Lawton Jordan, James Cloquitt, and Turner Ball leave still trying to sell fruit cakes and Christmas trees. Jo Cates leaves while we are still wondering what she is talking about. Richard Carson and Ed Rhodes regretfully leave Mary and Jane to the underclassman boys.Judy Collins and Joy Middleton leave their positions as Key Club sweethearts to two juniors worthy of it. Jack Clanton leaves still talking back to the teachers under his breath. Terrell Cooper and Poochie Herndon leave, and the halls of AHS are strangely quiet and serene again. Claire Walker leaves ... the school will surely fall. Bob Lewis leaves his love for cars to anyone with the money to keep them up. Marvina Williams leaves her naive and quiet personality to boisterous Nancy Arthur. Tom Rawlings and Darrill Tabb leave very quietly. Saundra Williams leaves her ability to have two boys on a string all the time to Nancy Wake-ford. Bobby Wills leaves with Kitty still trying to catch him. Harvey Willis leaves his manly physique and love for football to Marshall Tanner. Bufford Connell leaves his pompadour of black waves to Charles Letchworth. Sallie Fleuren, Tim Jones, and Van Knowles leave as quietly as they entered. Joe Bowden, Embree Bolton, and Dot Miller leave their ability to speak well before any crowd to anyone with the capability. Sallie Peavy leaves her petite dainty figure to robust Sara Coston. Bobby Patrick, Gene Pearson, Wayne Hinson, Mendall Turner, Frank Ross, Luther Nolan, Jimmy Pickron, Smokey Paige leave their ability to do nothing and get away with it to the underclassmen. Bill Maxwell and Deanie Melton leave still breaking up and making up. Lanny Mays leaves his flashy clothes and playboy attitude to George Keel. Wesley Darley and Claude Bradley leave still blushing. William Mock leaves his position as editor-in-chief of the Tbronateeska to some junior with plenty of time. DeAnne Moore leaves her ability to learn all the new bop steps to Jo Anne Johnston. Howard Mullis leaves his position as Senior Powder Puff Football coach to any junior boy foolish enough to take the job. Nancy Pierson leaves, and the Tri-Hi-Y loses its well-behaved president. Joanne Simmons leaves her ability to sell anything to anybody with the gab for it. Jerome Taylor leaves his friendly smile and cheerful attitude to Julian Whiting. Phillip Plummer leaves taking with him one of the best personalities in AHS . . . F.dwina Davis. Jerrie Fordham, Peggy Harrell. Patsy Hart, Margaret Medlock, Belle Melton, Agnes Melvin,Matilda Milward, Jean Mitchell, Nellie Rowe, Junelle Smith, Deanne Brown leave to join their better half. Ann Anderson, Ann Yancey and Ann Williams leave their firey red hair to anyone with the temper that goes with it. Elaine Bartley leaves her well-organized life to disorganized Martha Sasser. Judy Pryor, Virginia Robinson, Diane Sedberry, and Julia Massey leave Mr. Sell singing, "It’s a Good Day.” Randall Bates leaves his innocent, baby face to suspicious-looking Buddy Armstrong. Lee Lofton leaves his great love for the school to Billy Humber. Elneita Davidson, Pauline Henson, Judy James, Charlotte Lee, Sandra Moncrief, Mary McCreary, Gwen Martin, and Sheila Vinson leave to begin fabulous careers in the business world. Raemon Batey leaves his position as band leader of the Saints to Johnny Fuqua. Beth Noland, Wilda Padgett, Jean Pafford, Pat Pollock, Joyce Stone, Susan Trinies, Elizabeth Osborne, Rebecca Jenkins, Sylvia Kirkland, Rosemary McCulley, and Marlene Moore leave and the 4-H grieves. Jenny Thompson leaves her love for the F.T.A. to Judy Tom me. Mary Ann Thornton leaves, and the Beta Club loses a president that will be hard to replace. Winkie Tucker leaves . . . underclassman girls may now start crying. Sammy Tyson leaves heading for the altar. Jeannine Phillips, Della Pollock, Jean Ring-staff, Zona Carpenter, Sarah Cox, Carol Gregors, and Edna Earle Whiddon leave with a shout of joy. Pat Musgrove leaves her position as D. E.’s "Girl of the Month” to some deserving junior. Ed Reese leaves his ring with Rosalyn Hancock. Russel Martin leaves the Record Hop to Brenda . . . Saturdays will never be the same. Jimmy McDonald leaves his wonderful sense of rhythm to anyone who can swing it. Tommy Walden and Hugh Wallace leave their good-looks and man-about-town ways to Grady Sceals and Richard Lawson. Earl Cline, Herman Giddens, Allan Gill, Ronnie McConald, Dean McLemore, Bob Prevatte, and Eugene Smith leave the movie operators club to join the staff of the Liberty Theater. Jeannine Coleman, Martha Green, Linda Harrell, Maudia Faye Harrell, Carol Hower, La Trelle King, JoAnne McClelland and Betty Jo Wilson leave still admiring their diamond rings. Jimmy Duke leaves still trying to find the right girl for himself. Ellen Griffin leaves still asking questions. Emily Haire leaves never having quickened her pace since she entered. Margaret Hatcher leaves her ability to be late to every class to Gin Inman.Tommy Watson, Leslie Williams, and led Bar-field leave their many years of seriousness and quietness behind them. Linda Giles, Martha Cheny, and Ann Mitchell leave — girls' sports will surely fade away. John Harry Hayes leaves his fatafcclvrrm with all the girls to Bubba Hughes. Donald Moore, Doyle McLead, Bobby Dollar, Pete Germany, Bobby Farmer, James Harrell, and Quinnon Walker leave—period. . . Ed Jordan leaves a pair of big shoes to be filled by the next student representative. Jane Kieve leaves—AHS's loss—Vanderbilt's gain. Bobby Hall, still wearing his coon skin hat and boots, leaves to round up the cows. Mattie Lynn, Carol Magan, Betty Parker, Patsy Smth, Lolita Sterman, Jeanette Thornton, and Mary Turnberg leave their quiet reserved manners to the sophomore girls who need them. Lynn Hunter and Franklin Jackson leave their knowledge in Mr. Loveless’s class to the Juniors who’ll need it. Margaret Johns leaves her dynamic personality and vivaciousness to frail Harriett Dickson. Bobby Joe Johnston leaves his untiring devotion and love for the football team to Robert Conner. Bill Bass, Dennis Beaty, Bill Bennett, Richard Brown, Jerry Willis, Robert Watson. Ronald Weinman, Harold West, and Charles Wilder leave with a large smirk on their faces. Judith Bowman leaves to meet Bob at long last. Bill Buntin and Mary Harmon leave taking with them the nicest people we know . . . themselves. Thomas Rutherford, Jerry Saylor, Don Shiver, Jimmy Sineath, Wayne Hinson, and Charles Howell leave with a firm grip on their diplomas. Glenda Council and Faye Smith leave their dark skin and beautiful black hair to Janice Culbreth and Joan Hightower. Robert Creamer leaves driving his souped-up Ford. Murray David leaves . . . can Mr. Bragg survive it??? Bruce Davidson leaves still reciting Shakespeare. Agatha and Barbara Dollar leave with us still trying to tell them apart. Mike Doyal and Eleanor Hagins leave still lost in their fog. John DuBose leaves his tall frame to short Richard Peak. Yvonne Edwards leaves her fair complexion and blonde hair to Cyrilla Beck. Spec Leach and Herbert Gladin leave their ability to hunt before school to anyone who can survive it. Jimmie Simons and Anne Smith leave with eyes only for each other. Larry Slaughter, Cameron Terry, and Bill Woodruff leave their small frames to Bob Allen, Tommy Cook and Billy Huggins. Ish Verner leaves humming "The Joker.” Roland Wetherbee leaves his ability to see everything to some unfortunate person wearingglasses. Carol Ann Wofford leaves to meet Pee Wee. Ann Riley and Carolyn Rogers leave to begin teaching careers. Jim Brandon, Tommy Courson, Richard Gill, Ted Hall, F.laine Johns, Fred Jones, Darrell Martin, Sandra Miller and Faye Reddick regretfully leave the band, and the band regretfully loses them. Lamar Cook, Billy Gurr, Thorpe Hatfield and Reginald Pollard leave the F.F.A. and go to the fields. Ruth Chambers Honick leaves taking with her one of the most beautiful voices AHS has ever heard. Kay Carlton leaves for the far north taking with her her everloving mink coat and diamond ring. Peggy Tanner leaves her ability to have more fun than anyone else in AHS to Sandra Hopkins. June Carden and Laura Gary leave their undying friendship to Anne Shackleford and Ruthie Hatfield. Daphne Christian and Patsy Milner leave their ability to make all their clothes to Beverly Commergere. Shirley Freeman leaves to pursue a dancing career. Henry Futch leaves, and AHS loses its greatest entertainer. Betty Free leaves her four years of Latin to Johanna Bleicher. Frank Godwin leaves still driving his laundry truck. Martha Harden leaves her sweet personality to Barbara Singletary. Claudia Hughes leaves having made many friends during her one year in AHS. Laurie Ivey leaves her acting ability to Margaret Wilson. ? ? Jimmie Lee, Carl Thomas, Bill Tolbert, Robert Watson, Sam Smith, Alton Wingate, Jimmy Fallaw leave their love for Macbeth to all the juniors. Ben Ramsey leaves his shop ability to some capable underclassman. Billy Scott leaves having done the few things he tried to do well. Gilbert Simmons leaves his famous laugh to David Martin. Dent Reeves leaves his place in fourth year algbera to any junior with a bright mind. The Senior Class of AHS does hereby leave these bequests: To the freshmen we leave all the courses we should have taken, the many hours we should have studied, and the high scores we hoped to make on the college entrance exam. . . To the sophomores we leave our dignity and seriousness hoping that they will use it better than we did. . . To the juniors we leave the wonderful feeling of being a grand ole senior, the privileges we never had, and all the worry we went through to get in college.DIXIE THEATRE SERVICE SUPPLY CO. 1010 N. Slappey Dr. Albany, Ga. ALBANY CAMERA CENTER Films, Cameras Darkroom Supplies Color and Black and White Processing Q u 1 222 1 c K 1 HEmlock Pine Ave. 2-2701 E SANDWI CH ES Compliments of CROUCH LUMBER COMPANY We specialize in preparing sandwiches for parties, picnics or carry home. "Everything for Building" 1412 North Jackson St. HE. 6-2457 Any Amount ALBANY, GA. For Your Gardens, Lawns Camellias, Azaleas Use Compliments of of BILL BUNTIN'S DRY CLEANERS 111 North Jackson ONE DAY SERVICE Save at ALBANY WAREHOUSE COMPANY ALBANY, GEORGIA ALBANY FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION The SAVINGS CENTER in Albany 228 Pine Ave. Albany, Ga.Compliments of RIO STORES INCORPORATED H. AND M. MOTORS DODGE Value Leader of THE FORWARD LOOK Compliments of CAROLYN'S Corner of Broad and Washington Compliments of BUTLER FURNITURE COMPANY CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1958 CARSON PIANO CO. 806 W. Broad Ave. PROM TIME... Renting your formal is easy on the allowance ( fhiip No need to mnke a ; , V . g big outlay for a big date! ii' » Renting formal wear is easy, t's convenient! Tux, dinner jacket— • ? yr . whatever you need is J "cleaner-fresh", pressed , to perfection, and fitted as though L Y f ' y it were made just for you! L f f HAYES CLOTHING COMPANY Compliments D|CK TAYLOR STATION YOUR TROUBLES ■ ;.;v VANISH JOHNSTON Ctf'PAINT AND B0DY W0RKS ffiv 900 ROOSEVELT AVE. High Quality Low Prices Compliments ot ALBANY LINEN SERVICE 1 102 Oglethorpe Avenue ALBANY, GEORGIA HE 2-7477 HE 2-7478 Compliments of HOUSTON ELECTRIC COMPANY Electrical Contractors COMMERCIAL—RESIDENTIAL 1814 Edgerly Ave. Phone HE 5-3100 rJr Always First Quality "THE FAMILY’S FAVORITE STORE" Albany, Georgia COMPLIMENTS of BOTTLING CO. Compliments ot LOOSIER OF ALBANY, INC. "Good and Better Furniture for Less Money" 112 South Jackson Street ALBANY, GEORGIA Compliments of M. W. TIFT GROCERY COMPANYALBANY HOTEL AND RESTAURANT SUPPLY COMPANY, INCORPORATED W. E. BROADWELL Hotel, Restaurant, and Institutional Supplies HE 2-0501 HE 2-0502 HE 2-0503 402-404 ROOSEVELT AVENUE, ALBANY, GEORGIA COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND You Get FASTER SERVICE at FLAMINGO CLEANERS AND LAUNDRY 8th and Palmyra Road ALBANY, GEORGIA Phone HE 6-4211 Compliments of DUPREE DRUGS 1111 N. SLAPPY DRIVE Phone HE 6-5736 BOB WHITE Rents "MOST ANYTHING" Compliments of Compliments of WATKINS LUMBER COMPANY Incorporated ALBANY, GEORGIACompliments of BARFIELD SHOE STORE Broad at Jackson Compliments of M-F-M TRUCK TRACTOR COMPANY Your International Harvester and Lilliston Implement Company Dealer CORNER BROAD AND SLAPPEY HE 6-2461 Compliments of MERRY ACRES MOTEL 1500 Dawson Road COMPLIMENTS of VENTULETT AND PACE All Types of Insurance ROBERT A. INMAN INCORPORATED MEN'S WEAR 214 Pine Avenue HE 6-2112 COMPLIMENTS of STANDARD OIL COMPANY 612 Roosevelt Avenue W. L. (BILL) DAVIS Agent CLYDE'S ENGINE WORKS CLYDE A. WALLACE, Owner and Operator "A Complete Automotive Engine Service" 631 PINE AVENUE HE 5-4178 ALBANY, GEORGIA BENNETTS ON SLAPPEY Florist—Garden—Shop—Nursery 906 N. SLAPPY DRIVEFor the latest news on the National and Local Scene, as well as complete coverage of the Southwest Georgia world of Sports—Read For the finest in entertainment, keep your dial turned to WALB-TV, Channel 10, "The Window of South Georgia" and to THE ALBANY HERALD "Southwest Georgia's Family Newspaper" LAST MINUTE NEWS WALB-AM 1650 at the Top of Your Radio Dial Southwest Georgia's Voice of Progress" COMPLIMENTS OF COMPLIMENTS OF WARREN AND BRIMBERRY BROOK'S AUTO PARTS 128 Pine Avenue Your N.A.P.A. Jobber COMPLIMENTS OF EVERS-JORDON Furniture Co. STUDEBAKER JEEP PACKARD MELTON MOTOR CO. 811 Pine Avenue Telephone HE 6-2482 HE 6-2483H. H. HEDRICK SONS Real Estate Rentals General Insurance 125 COURT AVENUE PHONE HE 5-9714 Compliments of MORROW-COOK FURNITURE COMPANY 245 Broad Avenue COMPLIMENTS of KIDDIE KORNER "We Cater to Grandmas" 249 Pine Avenue Albany, Ga. Phone HE 2-1790 RILEY'S CLEANERS and SHIRT LAUNDRY HE. 5-8212 QUALITY CLEANING at REASONABLE PRICES Free Pick-Up and Delivery PAUL JONES SERVICE STATION B. F. GOODRICH TIRES and BATTERIES 301 North Slappey Drive Best Wishes mrs. j. w. McKinney McKinney realty co. 241 Tarver Ave. COMPLIMENTS OF VALET SERVICE CLEANERS 600 North Jefferson and 308 Soufh Slappey COMPLIMENTS OF WOOD'S JEWELRY CO. £x quite te PefitAeCrcf See Our Friendship RingsRONNIE'S GULF SERVICE phone HE 5‘4422 GOLDSMITH'S 1012 W. Broad Avenue Sets the Style at A. H. S. COMPLIMENTS OF THE STYLE SHOP 103 North Washington 105 NORTH WASHINGTON STREET COMPLIMENTS OF CLARK'S GULF SERVICE 701 North Jefferson ALBANY, GEORGIA LANIER TIFT Insurance of All Kinds HE 5-8365 Albany, Georgia VENERABLE PARKS, Manager Compliments of ALBANY DRUG COMPANY 312 South Slappey Drive and PALMYRA PHARMACY 100 North Slappey Drive HE 2-0568 COMPLIMENTS of CATES EQUIPMENT COMPANYCompliments of TSordens MILK ICE CREAM “ l(% Borden’ ie Got To Be GoodI” ALBANY TIRE AND SERVICE STATION Slappey at Dawson PHONE HE 6-1501 HE-6-1502 ALBANY. GEORGIA LYKE'S BROTHERS INCORPORATED OF GEORGIA "The South's Most Progressive Packers" AAA RUSTY'S SUPER SERVICE Corner 8th Avenue and Slappey ROAD SERVICE COMPLIMENTS OF MEEKS ELECTRIC COMPANY 314 N. JACKSON ST. HE 6-4621 910 OGLETHORPE AVE. HE 2-6959 ALBANY GEORGIA Good Luck, Seniors! SUE'S BEAUTY SALON at SLAPPEY DRIVE TASTY BAKERY "BIRTHDAY AND WEDDING CAKES A SPECIALTY" 600 N. Jefferson Street HE 5-3365 ALBANY GEORGIA Compliments of PAPER SUPPLY CO. Your Paper Merchant 518 Roosevelt Avenue HE 2-2152Compliments of DIXIE GROCERY Owners MRS. WALTER DIXON and MRS. JOHN A. BULLINSTON HE5-9349 Newton Rd. Compliments of SUNLITE CLEANERS Flowers Designed for the Individual" PACE FLORIST HE2-6297 130 N. Front Compliments of LANIER FURNITURE 1011 Oglethorpe Avenue Compliments of CARLTON COMPANY INCORPORATED Distributors of Caterpillar Equipment Reg. U. S. Pat. Off. NEWTON ROAD AT AIRPORT ALBANY, GEORGIA Distributors for So. Georgia ALBANY BRUNSWICK DUBLIN SAVANNAHCompliments Compliments of of STEWART'S RECORDS, RADIO, TELEVISION CowmiD'ims Quality r Chelcd 806 West Broad ALBANY, GEORGIA Dairy Products Congratulations, 1958 SENIORS From COMPLIMENTS ({pure} PURE OIL OF RAY ROUCHE COMPANY TRUCKING COMPANY "You Can Be Sure With Pure" DEAR JUNIORS AND SENIORS Here are some wishes just for you— 1. When climbing the hill of prosperity, may you never meet a friend coming down— 2. May your creditors be endowed with: Faith—Hope—Charity! 3. May bad luck follow you all of your days—and never catch up with You! 4. May you have good luck until you are tired of it. 5. Best wishes from US to YOU for the years ahead .... you! ... and, (excuse the commercial) as your future develops and you exercise your creative talents, PLEASE, remember us fondly. ALBANY CONCRETE PRODUCTS COMPANY "First in Masonry Products" ALBANY, GEORGIAClean With SNOW'S LAUNDRY DRY CLEANING COMPANY 313 N. JEFFERSON STREET HE 2-0506 Our Compliments to ALBANY HIGH SCHOOL CITY GIN MILL COMPANY Hay—Grain—Feed "Pond Lily Meal" 1023 Oglethorpe ALBANY GEORGIA SOUTHEASTERN MORTGAGE CORPORATION ALBANY GEORGIA Roy L. McCutcheon 1 16 N. Jackson St. Vice President tor Servicing HE 2-1217 Compliments of ALBANY SCHOOL OF BEAUTY CULTURE 429 Broad Avenue Owner MRS. 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KRESS AND COMPANYCompliments of ALBANY AMUSEMENT COMPANY PHONOGRAPH and CIGARETTE MACHINES Compliments OWENS SPORTING GOODS HARDWARE 214 Broad Avenue of WESTWOOD OPTICAL DISPENSARY "A Personalized Optical Service" 113 NORTH JACKSON North of Albany Theatre THE STYLE CENTER FOR GLASSES 210 Pine Avenue U-SAVE-IT HE 5-8351 Albany, Georgia DEPENDABLE DRUGGISTVery Best Wishes To the Community Leaders of Tomorrow THE CLASS OF FIFTY-EIGHT A. M. KARAGHEUSIAN, INC Manufacturers of GULLISTAN CARPET Compliments of PHILLIPS TIRE SERVICE 305 North Washington and Flint Street Compliments of ROYAL SUPER MARKETS ALBANY, GEORGIA Compliments of LEE DRUG COMPANY A MARK of QUALITY FOODS |COLONIAL STORES |Phone HE-6-4671 Res. Phone HE-6-1086 RHODES HEATING COOLING CO. G. E. Heating and Cooling INSTALLATION—DESIGN—SERVICE FRANKLIN RHODES 1704 N. Jefferson Owner Albany, Ga. Compliments of THE SAMPLE SHOE STORE 219 Broad Avenue ALBANY, GEORGIA Compliments of ROBINSON DRUG COMPANY Best Wishes, Seniors DAIRY QUEEN Corner of Dawson Road and Slappy "CONE WITH CURL ON TOP" GOOD LUCK AND BEST WISHES From HOLLOWAY LOAN FINANCE CO. Albany Owned and Operated 12 BROAD AVENUE ARCADE Compliments of LIPSEY HEATING PLUMBING CO. Compliments of WALDEN KIRKLAND Realtors—Insurers REAL ESTATE—INSURANCE—MORTGAGES 225 Broad Avenue HE-5-457 ALBANY, GEORGIA SERVICE WHEN YOU NEED IT ) a+ FI MARTIN H A (JhT SERVICE STATIONCHURCHWELL'S DEPARTMENT STORE For Fifty Years Clothers of High School and College Students of Southwest Georgia 110 NORTH WASHINGTON STREET HEmlock 2-6281 Service Is Our Motto Compliments of MERRY ACRES SERVICE STATION 1512 Dawson Road VcSiiiJ J- M- KENNEDY AND SONS Owners aoJ juJtr JIM DENSON J Transfer and Storage HE 2-2911 743 East Broad Ave. ALBANY, GEORGIA THE BOOK AND GIFT SHOP, INC Gifts That Please 212 Pine Avenue ALBANY, GEORGIA |8§A Distributors Compliments of of SCHRAFFT'S TOWN COUNTRY Fine Chocolates and Candies SHOP GEORGIA CIGAR AND TOBACCO COMPANY Albany, Georgia Compliments of DOUGHERTY COUNTY GLASS COMPANY 1104 GILLESPIE AVE. "J. O. Austin Made It, You Should" Compliments of KEENAN AUTO PARTS CO. Wholesale Distributors of 102 Oglethorpe HE 2-6324 Compliments of GLASS BROTHERS TIRE RECAPPING CO. HE 5-5142 Standard Oil A-ONE SERVICE STATION All Work Guaranteed MINUTE AUTO WASH CAR—TRUCK—TRACTOR PARTS MERRILL LIVINGSTON Owner Oglethorpe at Washington Your Savings Earn Interest for You! CONGRATULATIONS We Wish for Your Future Every Success WALLACE CHEVROLET Incorporated BEST WISHES, SENIORS! ALBANY SAVINGS BANK 118 North Jackson St. 'WE WELCOME YOUR SAVINGS' 600 Pine AvenueCompliments of BELK'S KEEL DRUG COMPANY We Don't Meet Competition DEAL WITH KEEL DEPARTMENT STORE Free Delivery to the 1958 Seniors 1009 North Monroe 215 BROAD AVENUE DOCTOR'S CENTER HE 2-1203 YOUR SEARCH ENDS HAL AND ED'S Men's Wear ALBANY, GEORGIA THE NEW ALBANY HOTEL SAM FARKAS, Manager Among Georgia's Finest ALBANY, GEORGIA Compliments of COATS CLARK INCORPORATED GOLDEN GLOW DAIRIES ALBANY, GEORGIA HE2-6211 408 South Slappy Drive "GOLDEN HEALTH THROUGH GOLDEN MILK" Compliments of ED EDMONDS FLOOR COVERING COMPANY Compliments of MARrS BEAUTY SHOP A Complete Beauty Service by MASTER BEAUTICIANS Ample Parking Air-Conditioned 215—4th Avenue HE 6-2191 Compliments of LOIS-ANNELLE SHOP "WHERE SMART ALBANIANS BUY" ■ J. E. GREINER jM AND ASSOCIATES Engineers—Architects Associates HARRY A. MacEWEN, AIA GEORGE S. JENKINS, ASCECompliments of THE SAM FARKAS ESTATE ALBANY, GEORGIA Compliments of ENGINEERING EQUIPMENT COMPANY Albany, Georgia Waycross, Ga. —PANAMA CITY, FLA.— NU-WAY DRY CLEANERS Cash and Carry THE HOME OF QUALITY CLEANING HE 5-9722 306 Broad Ave. TRACY BELL, Manager Compliments of ALBANY WELDING MACHINE WORKS, INC. "WE GO ANYWHERE—ANY TIME" HE 2-7485 1600 N. Jefferson Compliments of EARL BRUNSON'S GROCERY AND MARKET Zuallty tyiocvtiet Compliments of BLANCHE'S LADIES' READY-TO-WEAR 205 Broad Ave. Compliments of VIVIAN'S M2 N. Jackson Street Compliments of JOE BRASHEAR'S STEEL COMPANYJEFF'S SUPER MARKET 506 SECOND AVENUE "Fine Food for Fine People" Compliments of TIMBERLAKE GROCERY CO. 817 Roosevelt Ave. HE. 2-7461 Compliments JEFF'S DELICATESSEN 120 North Slappey Drive DR. PEPPER BOTTLING COMPANY "Domestic and Imported Food" 312 N. Washington Street Compliments of GORTATOWSKY SAVELLE JEWELRY COMPANY III N. Washington Street HE. 5-5654 COMPLIMENTS and BEST WISHES BEST POLICY From McKinney REALTY AND INSURANCE Theatres—InsuranceCompliments of C. F. HADDEN GENERAL CONTRACTOR Compliments of PERRY BUSINESS SCHOOL CONGRATULATIONS KIMBRELL-STERN of the ALBANY UNDERTAKING COMPANY Compliments of WAKEFORD INSURANCE AGENCY Compliments of BRUCE JONES AUTO PARTS CO. "YOUR PARTS JOBBER" ’ ALBANY ELECTRIC SUPPLY CO.f ROOSEVELT MAUDE EVELYN J MURPHY School of Dancing W 1005 Rosedale Avenue A ALBANY, GEORGIA Compliments of MUTUAL LOAN AND INVESTMENT COMPANY ALBANY GEORGIAFIRST STATE BANK LET US HELP 'fyou'i Albany, Georgia 33 Broad Avenue Next to Post Office CUSTOMER PARKING AUTO-TELLER WINDOWS Complete Banking and Trust Services Deposits Insured by FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATIONThere’s a "one and only’ in refreshment, too BOTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COLA COMPANY BYCompliments of BAIN Good Luck to the Class of '58 1 J PEANUT COMPANY ken syan.ton t vlu tc Compliments of HILSMAN-CULPEPPER, INC. "The Band Wagon" 313 Broad Avenue HE 2-1148 300-306 N. Jackson St. ALBANY, GEORGIA Chrysler—Imperial Sales and Service Records Hi-Fi Players Band Instruments Guitars Accordions THE COMPLETE MUSIC CENTER JOHNSTON MEN'S SHOP 1 13 Pine Avenue Lumber—Paint 230 Pine Avenue ALBANY, GEORGIA Compliments of GEORGE A. HORMEL AND COMPANY D. L. SMITH Local Manager Compliments of BURT AND THOMPSON INCORPORATED 826 Flint HE 6-4891Best Wishes to the Senior Class From SOUTHEASTERN WAREHOUSE ALBANY SHEET METAL WORKS, INC. Roofing and Sheet Metal Contractors No Job Too Large or Too Small HE-6-I65I 122 Front Street ALBANY, GEORGIA Compliments of HALEY MOTOR CO. Compliments of CROW'S DRUG COMPANY SALES SERVICE MERCK COMPANY INCORPORATED Chemical Division Flint River Plant ALBANY GEORGIACompliments of ALBANY OIL COMPANY 201 East Broad Avenue ALBANY, GEORGIA SHELL OIL JOBBER Compliments of BURTON'S SHOE STORE Shoes for the Entire Family 240 BROAD AVENUE W G P C CBS 1450 KC UP NEWS The Mermaid Line of FISHING TACKLE Furnished Lines Fish Stringers Hooks - Sinkers - Floats Nylon Leader Line ASSOCIATED ENTERPRISES ALBANY, GEORGIA EXQUISITE Compliments of QUICK SERVICE SAND COMPANY Compliments of KEY S TRAILER SALES 325 N. Slappey Drive STOCKINGS WILL NOT RUN PALMYRA HOSIERY MILLS, INC. Albany, GeorgiaWhat to give to the man who has nothing a savings account at the Convenient, friendly bank. THE BANK OF ALBANY 131 OGLETHORPE AVE. HEMLOCK 2-2311 Member of FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATIONON THE WAY UP? Get a good start with a C S savings account. Open yours for $1 or more. A little saved regularly will soon be enough to help you on your way. You will be welcome at C S. Member FOIC THE CITIZENS SOUTHERN BANK OF ALBANY'■ wjj,WMZ "So thy t Georgia's f $ HJfrening Hakit" 1 ncn Compliments of DICK'S RESTAURANT AND DRIVE-IN v J r A V V ALBANY GEORGIA Jn v- iz 632 Oglethorpe Avenue c v : MERTS "Your Food Dollars Buy More" Equipment company Construction Machinery Structural Steel Irrigation Machinery Paving Machinery At Your Friendly HARVEY'S FOOD STORE "Shop often and Save" 300 S. Slappey Dr. Albany, Ga. Safe, Comfortable, Courteous, and Economical Bus Service TRAILWAYS Specialists in friendly, first class travel All Expense Tours CHARTER COACH SERVICE ANYWHERE ALBANY, GEORGIA HE-lock 2-0511Compliments of SMITTY'S DRIVE INN Real Pit Cooked Bar-B-Q We offer fast curb service and comfortable dining space. KWIK-CHEK 2018 E. Albany Expressway 1023 W. Broad Ave. and 509 Jefferson St. "Say It With Ours" HADDEN'S "ALBANY’S FRIENDLY SUPER MARKET" Flowers and Gifts 1150 S. Slappey Drive Good Luck, Seniors! SUE'S Compliments of FARMERS OIL CO. WM. J. GRIST, Owner Beauty Salon CITIES SERVICE PRODUCTS 840 Pine Ave. SLAPPEY DRIVE P. O. Box 265 ALBANY GEORGIA Compliments of BURT THOMPSON INC. 826 FLINT HE 64891 ALBANY OUTDOOR ADVERTISING CO.MODERN GAS COMPANY ALBANY OWNED AND ALBANY OPERATED ALBANY FENCE CO., INC. FREE Estimates 100 Dawson Road Reaiock Fence HEmlock 6-5708 Compliments of Factory Approved Sales and Service BECK MOTOR COMPANY HE. 6-1578 1006 W. Broad Ave. ROSENBERG BROTHERS ALBANY, GEORGIA its a ptfAiW Serving Albany and Southwest Georgia for More Than 50 Years "Southwest Georgia's Foremost Department Store" TROY, ALABAMA ALBANY, GEORGIA GREENVILLE, MISSISSIPPI NWIV «H rasa TmwSl SHS w! T rji Hi'i' je i«i C+' Z ‘..•■-.-V. Vi - ■•••'; '' A-f-v, ,r vv-ti. »%'•? J r• a r : v i- vsS «'wVi VV-r .W At % Jt I' •s ' • : ’., ' ' • “O I”" : v » % _________- -w. • • ■ -• -" r+ •'■ A — • ' - XxC -• ■ yr.r5-’ v i sxv "XXX' .. ■ ;.x Xx v. r x :i ' .X. • X X • •• XX-- ••• '- -Yv'-■..' h ■■■ v% •-.::r-v ' . "XX 'X s.-v ■ ; ' . V V ■i •] .J § I “•v ' __ r j 1 7 — ' .A V , •. -cO - £ k; a . ' r X ti L ty _ »» - | s s ' -fc- V' r ' - "XX Tr :, . N • a - A ■' 'X ' - v X V ' . - ; ». • XV V V -. V V. Vl v. • • .• •" . .Xv-x •: .. ». ;h • •'• X O "vV

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