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Albany High School - Thronateeska Yearbook (Albany, GA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Cover

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Thronateeska mi Presented by Albany High School Albany, GeorgiaAlma Mater You're a grand ole School You're the school that we love And forever in honor we’ll hold, Alma Mater dear, we you revere, The Boast of the Brave and the Bold. Every heart beats true One and all we’re for you, And your memory we e'er shall bless; For should "Auld Acquaintance” be forgot, Here’s to you. Dear old AHS!Friend Inspiration Guide For Service; Devoted and Untiring Our roles of life are demanding and strenuous. We are better qualified to meet them by having had the never ending faith and interest you’ve shown in our educational and civic activities. We have always felt your presence and your generosity through your work on the hospital committee, as a former mayor of our city, president of the board of education for the past eleven years and for the greatly appreciated gift of the football camp at Graves Springs. Through your interest you have succeeded in planting in our minds and hearts a burning desire for education—thus making us forever indebted to you. Because you have been a source of inspiration to our lives and to all who have had the privilege of knowing you, we, the 1957 Thronateeska staff are proud and happy to dedicate the 1957 Thronateeska to you, our dear friend, Mr. E. H. Kalmon.In MR. J. O. ALLEN "To thine own self be true. —SHAKESPEAREMentor iam MR. S. H. "DOC’ GREEN "A kind and gentle heart he had, To comfort friend or foe.” —OLIVER GOLDSMITHForeword Life is a drama. The physical, mental, social, and spiritual scenes in life are blended to make one great drama—the drama of life. All these scenes we have seen presented by the students of Albany High School in their work and play, in their loves and friendships and have recorded in our 1957 Thronateeska. As we raise the curtain upon the drama of our high school days, it is our sincere desire that you find pleasure in reliving your high school days both now and in the years to come. It is with fondest pride, sincerest loyalty, and deepest devotion to our Alma Mater, we the 1957 Thronateeska Staff present this, the 1957 Thronateeska to the students of Albany High School. And now, "We will draw the curtain and show you the picture.” —SHAKESPEARE In the library e'erybody always appeared to be studying.Ruth always kept us up to date on our latest dates and responsibilities. School Days at Albany High SchoolOh those long, hard nights of work on the annual! But oh how gratifying, as we began capturing the memories of this school year. Which Are Filled With Cherished Memories We never realized what wonderful seamstresses we had until the Alpha Tri-Hi-Y had their annual project of dressing dolls. Alright, you seniors, let’s rise and shine! We've got to make enough money on this cake sale to get out of debt in order to graduate.What do you mean, you have to close the oven door? Of course you're kidding. Our physical education classes really put all they had into their games of basketball. What’s this? Trying to see if you can burn the school down, huh?A merry Christmas to all and to all a—oops, looks like Kat will be an added decoration for the tree. I shall read the hundred and twenty-third Psalm after which . . . of Hard Work and Play Gee, I’m glad it's lunchtime. I thought I'd starve before I could get through this line. Hurrah! School's out! So long, everybody!First row, left to right: H. Holcombe Perry, E. H. Kalmon, President; J. J. Cordell, Superintendent; and Jos. S. Rosenberg, Vice President. Second row: Louis Peacock, J. P. Champion, Jr., Ed Martin, and Jim Porter Watkins. Dougherty County Board of Education Our Board of Education is composed of men who give freely of their time, their talents, and themselves. This gift of service and spirit on their part which, in countless ways, builds the morale of our students and aids them in their quest for learning and good citizenship, has meant throughout the years a greater Albany High School.J. J. CORDELL Superintendent of Education Dougherty County School System Miss Doris Howell, Secretaryacu "Thou ivert my guide, philosopher, and friend ” —POPEBeitel Bowen Bragg Brewer Carter MRS. RICHARD T. BEITEL Busines Education R. W. BOWEN General Math; D.C.T. WILLIAM R. BRAGG English JAMES BREWER Speech MRS. GUY CARTER Social Science; English Special English MRS. AUDREY COLLINS English CHAPPELL COLLINS Chemistry; Physics Girls' Basketball Coach MRS ROBERT COMER Physical Education MRS. B G COPPINGER General Science RAY COUNCIL Economic Math General Math COLLINS COLLINS COMER COPP1NGER COUNCIL Crosby Dobbins. , 6C"VVC-0- -W- ) f A4. kO t-lbm+l , Duffcs Dunning Dye HELEN CROSBY MRS. E. M. DOBBINS MRS. JAMES DUFFES CAROLYN DUNNING MARTHA DYE ROBERT FAUDREE FRANCES FEAGIN PATRICK P. FIELD MRS. EVELYN FLEMMING MRS. MARY G. FUTCH English; Special English Latin Home Economics; Family Living Social Science; U.S. History; Guidance Social Science; World History Social Science; General Business English; Practical English Driver Education; Social Science; Baseball Coach English; Special English World History English; Annual Staff; Literary Advisor Faudree Feagin Field Flemming FutchGeohagen Gnchm Goodman Hatcher Herschell MRS. R. B. GEOHAGEN MRS. E. W. GNEHM BETTY GOODMAN N. C. HATCHER WILSON J. HERSCHELL MRS. J. J. HOGUE MRS. ANN G. HORTON G. B. HOWELL MRS. ROBERT INGHRAM ROBERT JAMES Clerical Social Science; English Guidance Director World History Government Economics Mechanical Drawing Orientation Shop Graphic Art Librarian English; General Math General Biology; General Science; Annual Staff Business Advisor Algebra; Aviation Metal Shop; Orientation Shop Hogue Horton Howell Inghram JamesJuhan King Langstaff Long Loveless MRS. S. A. JUHAN HAL F. KING MRS. R. B. LANGSTAFF MRS. WAYNE C. LONG W. A. LOVELESS MRS. W. J. MINCHEW MRS. JACK MILWARD JACK O'BRIEN MRS. GEORGE PARK DALLAS PATTERSON Spanish General Shop; Orientation Shop Algebra; Geometry Business Education General Biology; Human Biology U. S. History Home Economics Algebra; Boys' Basketball Coach English; Home Economics Algebra; General Math Minchew Milward O'Brien Park PattersonPerry Plant Powell Preston Randitt MRS. GWEN PERRY English; Latin THELMA PLANT MRS. ANNIE LAURIE Practical English English; Guidance POWELL English AGNES PRESTON English INA RANDITT Geometry; Algebra French BERNIE REID Physical Education Head Football Coach EARLINE ROGERS Algebra MRS. JAKE ROWE World History Social Science Guidance FLOYD A. RUSSELL Radio WILLIAM A. SANDERS General Biology General Science General Math Russell SandersSaunderson Sell Shepherd ELIZABETH SAUNDERSON MAYNARD SELL MRS. CAROLYN SHEPHERD MARY ANN SNELLGROVE ROBERT F. SPERRY EUGENIA STRICKLAND MRS. T. R. THORNTON JOHN TILLITSKI JAMES H. WATSON DON WEST English Band; Glee Cluh; Music Workshop Social Science; Home Economics Art Sociology and Psychology U. S. History Typing; Bookkeeping Physical Education Assistant Football Coach Driver Education; Auto Mechanics Agriculture; General Mathematics Strickland Thornton TillitskiWhiting Le Sueur Barnhouse Carter Bass MRS. NANCY WHITING MRS. FLORINE LE SUEUR MRS. H. E. BARNHOUSE MRS. J. R. CARTER MRS. R. L. BASS Physical Education Secretary to the Principal Clerical Clerical DietitianThe Kiwanis and McIntosh awards are the highest and the most coveted honors which can be bestowed upon a student of Albany High School. These students, who are recognized from the senior class as having exemplified the most outstanding qualities of citizenship and leadership during their four years at Albany High School arc selected by a secret ballot of the faculty. Janie Turner is the senior girl who is the recipient of the Kiwanis award and Millcdge White is the recipient of the McIntosh award. "Honor is purchas'd by the deeds we do; . . . honor is not won, Until some honorable deed be done.” MILLEDGE WHITE Ruth Sasser, our student representative this year, has worked diligently and honorably in her position. This honor was conferred upon Ruth by the student body during her junior year. —MARLOWE RUTH SASSER JANIE Tl"They have their exits and their entrances —SHAKESPEARESenior Officers Lavon Payton, Secretary; Jean Gilliam, Treasurer; George Sperry, Treasurer; Rut Winston, Vice President; David Dykes, Vice President; Yvonne Hatcher, Secretary; Rudolph Patterson, President; Barbara Patton, Press Reporter; Janie Turner, President.MARGARET BARBARA ABLE Gamma Tri-Hi Y; Music Workshop; Glee Club; Biological Research Club (Chapter 1); Romani Hodierie; FTA; His-terical Historians; Seekers of Success; Uncle Bob's Story Hour; Junior Classical League. JON ADAMS Hi-Y; Histerical Historians; Art; Junior Civitan; Movie Operators; Beta Club; Sociology; Spanish. Press Reporter. STEVE ARNESON JO's Junto; Creep's (Chapter V); Buenos Vecinos; LosVio Jeros Del Camio Real; Collin's Comical Chemists. SARAH EVE ARNOLD Kitchen Kats; Litwits; Dear Hunters; Histri-Crats; FHA; 4-H; Glee Club. SHIRLEY ANNE AUSTIN Histri-Crats, Treasurer; FHA. Program Chairman. President; FTA; Basketball; Tennis; Buenos Vecinos (Chapter II); Biological Research (Chapter III); Glee Club; Music Workshop; SOS; Intramural Basketball; Intramural Basketball Coach; Book room. ROGER AYCOCK ALBERT S. BACON, JR. JAMES TOMMY BARINEAU Varsity Manager; JO’s Junto; Govec, Treasurer; The Lone Maniac and His 36 Phychiatrists; The Static Chasers; The Radio Club. JOSEPH DARYL BARR Le Cercle Francais; DC'F; Sperry's Kultured Kats; US History Debater. GLORIA KAY BARRETT Delta Tri-Hi-Y, President; Alpha Tri-Hi-Y. Secretary; Roman Hodierni, President; Freshman Class Secretary; Junior Class Secretary; Student Council; Music Workshop; Glee Club; JO's Junto, President; SOS; Junior Classical League; Beta Club Secretary.At Long Last We Have Reached SHIRLEY ANN BARROW Gamma Tri-Hi-Y; Future Homemakers of America; Strickland's Little Rebels; Kitchen Kats; Psychopathic Seniors; FTA, Parliamentarian; Rock and Roll Club; Music Workshop. MARGARET BASS Buenos Vecinos; Los Conquistadores; J.O.’s Juntos; SOS P-O-G-O’S; Driver's Education. CHARLOTTE GALE BATEY DELTA Tri-Hi-Y; Gamma Tri-Hi-Y; Music Workshop; Art Club; Driver’s Training; Le Circle Francais; Lcs Miserables; Histerical Historians; Kultured Kats. ENZOR LEROY BECKHAM Key Club, President; Beta Club;. Student Council; Freshman Homeroom President; Quo Vadis Club; Cursus Honorum Club; Biological Research Club, President; Govec Club; Hi-Y; Histri-crats; 1956 Boys' State; Prop Committee of Junior and Senior Play. MAJORIE VIRGINIA BEDENBAUGH Gamma Tri-Hi-Y; Alpha Tri-Hi-Y; Future Teachers of America; Kultured Kats; C-R-E-E-P-S Chapter of the Bookworms' Club; U.S. History Debaters, Chapter I; Drivers Training. BARBARA ANN BENNETT Beta Club, Secretary; Assistant Editor of Thronateeska; Alpha Tri-Hi-Y; Co-Chairman of TEPS; Anchor Club, Secretary; Lcs Miserables; Kultured Kats; Rock and Roll Chapter of the Bookworms, Vice President; U.S. History Debaters, Secretary; Thymalian Club; Le Circle Francais, Press Reporter; Glee Club, Treasurer, Junior Class Play; Romani Hoderni; Junior Classical League; Gamma Tri-Hi-Y, Vice President; Music Workshop; Representative to Beta Club Convention. JIM L. BOWLES Entered '55; U.S. History Debaters. Chapter II; Magruder's Rooters; Uncle Bob's Story Hour; Mach Chasers. PERMELIA DALE BRIGGS Glee Club. Pianist; Beta Club; Delta Tri-Hi-Y; Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, Treasurer; SOS; Music Workshop; Junior Classical League; Romani Hodierni; U.S. History Debators, Treasurer, Chapter I; Basketball. JERRY WAYNE BRIMBERRY Student Council; Beta Club; "B" Team Basketball; Static Chasers; Sperry’s Kultured Kats Histri-Crats; Intramural Basketball; Movie Operators; Teen Board; Radio Club. DOROTHY ANN BROADAWAY SOS; Magruder’s Rooters; Business Leaders of Tomorrow; J.O.'s Junto's; Driver's Training.Our Goal, the Senior Class. TOMMY BURNS Entered '56. WADE BURNS JULIAN DELL BUSH U.S. History Club: Intramural Basketball; MagrudcYs Rooters; Static Chasers; C-R-E-E-P-S. JIMMY CAIN Beta Club; Key Club; General Science Club. President; History Club; Senior Play; Physicas Club; Science Club. CHARLOTTE CHAPMAN Music Workshop; Freshman Band; Gamma Tri-Hi-Y. President; Future Teachers of America; Quo Vadis. Secretary; Biological Research; Junior Classical League; Art Club. Executive Staff Member; Student Council; Beta Club; Le Cercle Francais. Secretary-Treasurer; Sperry's Kultured Kats. Treasurer; Alpha Tri-Hi-Y. President; U.S. History Debaters. Program Chairman; Les Miserables. NORBERT W. CHAUSSE Entered 56; Business Manager of Annual Staff; Beta Club; Physics Club; French Club; Drill Sergeant of Civil Air Patrol Cadet Squadron. ELLIS CHESTNUT NANCY CASTLEBERRY S. J. CLARK Freshman Class Treasurer; Gamma Tri-Hi-Y; Quo Vadis; Cursus Honorum; Junior Classical League; Junior Class Parliamentarian; Histri-Crats, Secretary; Thymalian; Junior Play; Uncle Bob's Story Hour; C-R-A-B-S. President; Alpha Tri-Hi-Y. Program Chairman; Beta Club. President. WILLIAM CLOUDJEANNE COOK Gamma Tri-Hi-Y; Art Club; History Untold; 4-H; FHA; Science Club; Sociology and Psychology; The Dear Heart; Annual Staff; P-O-G-O-E-S. PEYTON COOK HOWARD BURNETTE COX, JR. Student Council; History Club; Junior Police; Junior Fire Marshal; DCT Club. Vice President. THOMAS LEE COX Freshman Band; Hatchers Historians. Vice President; Business Leaders of Tomorrow; Faudree's Business Workers; Junior Fire Marshal. ORMAN CRABB Student Council; Biological Research; Spanish, Treasurer; U.S. History; Sperry’s Kultured Kats; Bookkeeping. BILLY CREEL Football; "Block A". Histori-Crats; Book Worms; Magru-der's Rooters; The Lone Maniac and His 36 Psychiatrists; FFA; Track; "B" Team Basketball. ARLENE CUTHBERTSON Music Workshop; Gamma Tri-Hi-Y; Beta Club; Library Service; Annual Staff; JCL; 4-H; Hatcher's Historians; Cursus Honorum; Romani Hodierni; Art; P-O-G-O-E-S; Prop Chairman of Senior Play; Govec; Psychic Seniors; Science. LANELLE BLAKEY CUTSHAW FHA. SOS; Strickland's Little Rebels; Training. DCT; Drivers WESLEY DARLEY Biology Research; Band; Captain's Corps; Business Leaders of Tomorrow; Freshman Band; Creeps; R-O-G-B; Histori-Crats; Hi-Y; Color Guard. BETH DAVIS » Anchor. Vice President. Press Reporter; Beta Club; Alpha Tri-Hi-Y. parliamentarian; Gamma Tri-Hi-Y; Cursus Honorum. Program Chairman; Quo Vadis; Little Rebels, President; Sperry's Kultured Kats; 24 Inert Solids; Driver's Training.SONNY DAVIS JERRY DEEN '"B" Team Basketball; Varsity Basketball; Hatcher's Historians. Sperry's Kultured Kats; Bookkeeping; POGOES. JIMMY DICKINSON Band. First Drummer; Beta Club; Driver’s Training; "Buenos Vecinos"; Atom Collins and His Little Molecules; "B" Team Basketball; Science Club; Stricklands Little Rebels; Golf Team; World Explorers. JERRY Y. DODGEN, JR. (f!t i MELINDA JACQUELYN ANNE DOYAL Girls' Glee Club. Assistant Pianist; Pianist, Boys" Glee Club; Freshman Band; Senior Band. Bassoon; Head Majorette. Head Twirler; Delta Tri-Hi-Y. Bible Leader; Teen Board; Le Cercle Francais; Biological Research; History Untold. Parliamentarian; Alpha Tri-Hi-Y; Beta Club; The Lone Maniac and His 33 Psychiatrists. Treasurer; Les Miserables. Treasurer. LARRY DUITMAN Bookworms; Aviation; Molecules Collin and His Little Atoms; Basketball Manager; U.S. Debates, Los Traductores Locos. DORIS DUPREE Histri-Crats; FHA; 4-H Club; DCT. Program Chairman; SOS .Club. DAVID DYKES Entered 56; Hatcher's Historians; Science Club; Govec Club; The Lone Psychiatrist and His 36 Maniacs. Vice President. - BOBBY RANDALL EASON Football; Basketball; Baseball; DCT; Govec Club; Junior Police; Archery Club; FFA; Historians; Movie Operators Club; Art Club. ANNETTE EDWARDS Gamma Tri-Hi-Y; Buenos Vecinos; 4-H; Cheery Operators of the Kitchen. President; DCT; The Lone Maniac and His 36 Psychiatrists.LARRY EDWARDS WARREN LEE ENGLISH Buenos Vccinos; Movie Operators; Short Circuits; Aviation Education; Los Conquistadors: J.O.'s Junto. Treasurer; C R-E-E-P-S; Molecule Collins and His Little Atoms; CAP Cadet Major; Georgia Wing Advisory Staff; Co-Chairman of TAPs. TOO BUSY HAROLD ETHRIDGE L S. History; DCT; I’ncle Bobs Story Hour. VIVIAN EVERSON SOS Club; Business Leaders of Tomorrow; i-H. Songleader; FHA; Library Service; Guidance Office Assistant; History Untold; General Science; Field Explorers; Driver's Education. MARSHALL FLEMING DIANE FLOWERS Entered Anchor Club. Treasurer. Attendance Chairman; Homecoming Queen. Junior Attendant; Homecoming Queen; Hysterical Historians: Secretary: Delta Tri-Hi-Y; Alpha Tri-Hi-Y; Key Club Sweetheart; Student Council. Vice President. Troubadours; Junior Play; Senior Play; Junior Classical League; Romani Hodierni. Press Reporter; Driver’s Training; Biological Research. Thymalian. DAVID FRANKLIN FOUCHE Science Club; Static Chasers. Sergeant-at-Arms; Le Cerde Francais; History Club. Treasurer; Civil Air Patrol; Football; Track; Chemistry Club; Art Club. RONNIE G. FOUNTAIN WYNTON G. GAY Music Workshop; Debate Team; Bookworms; Magruder’s Rooters; Auto Mechanics. JEAN GILLIAM Senior Class Treasurer; Alpha Tri-Hi-Y; Beta Club. Student Council; Anchor Club; Junior Classical League; Troubadours. Vice President; Glee Club; Gamma Tri-Hi-Y; Sperry’s Psychopathic Seniors; French Club; Music Workshop.KAY GISSENDANER Beta Club. Delta Tri-Hi-Y; French Club. Glee Club; Art Club; Senior Play; Sperry's Psychopathies. Vice President; Junior Classical League; Alpha Tri-Hi-Y; Annual Staff. REM BERT GLASS, JR. Hi-Y, President; Key Club. Junior Class Vice President; Student Council; Student Leader's Club; Senior Play. Science Club; Histricrats. Vice President; Movie Operators. Vice President; Sperry's Kultured Kats; Junior Civitan. CHARLES GOODMAN Hatcher s Historians. Secretary; Govec, Secretary; Football; Bookworms, Rock and Roll Chapter; Block "A"; Hi-Y. VERDIE MAE GOOLSBY Beta Club; Delta Tri-Hi-Y; FHA; Historian; Business Leaders of Tomorrow; 4-H; SOS; Sperry's Psychopathic Seniors; Stitch and Sew; Buenos Vecinos; J.O.’s Juntos; Guidance Office Assistant; FTA; Los Viajeros Del Camino Real. JEANETTE GORDY SOS; Driver s Training; Business Leaders of Tomorrow; FHA; J. O. Allens Debate Club; Field's Explorers Club. RAYMOND M. GOTKO Band; Biological Research Club; Histerical Historians; Molecule Collins and His Little Atoms. EUGENE GRIFFIN J.O. s Juntos; Aviation; Band; Captain’ Corps; Psychopathic Seniors; Bookworm Club Chapter V; ROGB. JON GRIFFIN SHARON LEA GRIMES Spanish Club; Bookworms; 4-H; FHA; Alpha Tri-Hi-Y; Govec. LEE HALL Biological Research Club; Barefooted Historians; Hi-Y; Aviation Education; Bookworms Chapter II; Sperry's Kultured Kats; Hall Monitor; Tennis; Art.We Have A Feeling of Achievement for MARGARET LYNN HALL Delta Tri-Hi-Y; Music Workshop; Glee Club; Student Council; Annual Staff; FHA; FTA; Biological Research; Los Tamales Calientes; Stitch and Stew; Los Picaros; The Lone Maniac and His 33 Psychiatrists; Mellonettes. PEGGY IGOU HALSTEAD JOYCE HAMMOND Kitchen Kats. President; 4-H; FHA; The Lone Maniac and His 33 Psychiatrists; Art; J.O.'s Junto; Biological research; DCT. Program Chairman. EDGAR HANSON Strickland's Historians; Sperry's Psychopathic Seniors; FFA President; Howell's Biology; Collins' Chemistry. ROSALYN YVONNE HATCHER SOS, Vice President; 4-H, President; Senior Class, Secretary; Library Service, President; DCT, Secretary-Treasurer; FHA; Hatcher's Historians; Business Leaders of Tomorrow; Basketball; Sophomore Class, Secretary-Treasurer; Intramural Cheerleader; Powder Puff Football Team. REED HATFIELD, JR. Biological Research; FFA. Treasurer; U.S. History Debaters; Sperry's Kultured Kats; Bookworms. SAM HAMMOND, JR. Business Leaders of Tomorrow; Typers of Tomorrow; Dixi-crats; DCT; DE; Govec; Chemistry; World Explorers. JIMMY HATTAWAY Entered 56; Govec; Chemistry Club. CHARLIE HANCOCK Varsity Football; "B" Team Basketball; Business Leaders of Tomorrow; Strickland's Pioneers; Govec; Psychopathic Seniors. ANDREW HAYES FFA, Press Reporter. President; Civil Air Patrol Cadets; Biological Researchers; Psychopathic Seniors; Boys’ Nation; Boys' State; Aviation Education; Historians; Le Cercle Francais.the First Time. We Are Playing ALICE CAROLE HAYMAN Glee Club; Music Workshop; Intramural Basketball; P-O-G-O-E-S; SOS, Treasurer; Beta Club; J.O.'s Junto; Driver's Training; "B" Team Basketball. JOE ED HENDERSON Freshman Band; Senior Band; Sperry's Psychopathic Seniors; P-O-G-O-E-S; Irving's Intelligent Imps; Orientation; R-O-G-B; Art; Static Chasers. PATRICIA HENSON Music Workshop; FTA; 4-H, Secretary; FHA; Hatcher's Historians; Plant's Nats; Home Makers; Magruder's Rooters; Spanish. KURT E. HURRMAN, JR. Junior Civitan; Band; Irvin's Intelligent Imps; C-R-E-E-P-S; ROGB; Color Guard; Molecule Collins and His Little Atoms. NANCY JANE HILL General Science; Thymalian; National Thespians; Junior Play Committee Chairman; FTA. Secretary. Second District Vice President; Beta Club; Art; Le Cercle Francais; Les Miserables; The Lone Maniac and His 33 Psychiatrists; Senior Play Committee Chairman; Alpha Tri-Hi-Y. MARCILLE HINOTE Buenos Vecinos; U.S. Debaters; FTA; P-O-G-O-E-S; SOS; Driver's Training. MARGARET CAROLYN HOLMAN Delta Tri-Hi-Y; Intramural Basketball Coach; Annual Staff; Business Leaders of Tomorrow; Strickland's Pioneers; SOS; FHA; Office Assistant; 4-H; Intramural Basketball. MARJORIE RUTH HOLTON Spanish; Hatcher's Historians; Library Service; The Dear Hunters; Govec; P-O-G-O-E-S; Business Leaders of Tomorrow; Beta Club. DON HILL U.S. History Debaters; Hi-Y. Secretary; Molecule Collins and His Little Atoms; Bookworms; Magruder’s Rooters; Junior Classical League; Plus Ultra. President; Track; Thymalian. CLARENCE HOPKINS Thymalian; Quo Vadis. Hatcher's Histricrats; "B” Team Football; Student Council; Collins 'Cool Chemists; Biology; Junior Classical League.the Leading Roles and Enjoying Our ALICE REBECCA HORNE Student Council; Gamma Tri-Hi-Y. Treasurer; Alpha Tri-Hi-Y; SOS; Business Leaders of Tomorrow; The Barefooted Historians; P-O-G-O-E-S; Troubadours; Driver's Training. LARRY HOUSTON Band; P-O-G-O-E-S; The Lone Maniac and His 33 Psychiatrists; Aviation. ELLEN CARROLL HOWARD Delta Tri-Hi-Y; Art. Executive Board; Music Workshop; Les Miserables. Press Reporter; Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, Bulletin Board Chairman; Library Service; Strickland's Hysterical Historians; Driver's Training; Le Cercle Francais; Junior Play, Props Committee; Psychopathic Seniors. KATHLEEN DEE HOWARD FHA; 4-H; Varsity Basketball; Intramural Basketball; P-O-G-O-E-S; Hatcher's Historians; SOS; Bookroom; Driver's Training; Intramural Basketball Coach. FRANCES HOWELL Shorthand; Business Leaders of Tomorrow; Family Living. HOLLIS HOWZE DCT; Art Club; Driver's Training; Magruder's Rooters; U.S. History Debaters. IRIS HUBBLE Biology Club; Alpha Tri-Hi-Y; Beta Club; Business Leaders of Tomorow; Barefoot Historians; Sperry's Psychopathic Seniors; Teen Board; P-O-G-O-E-S. SALLY HUTCHINSON Thronateeska, Editor; Alpha Tri-Hi-Y; Beta Club; Magruder's Rooters. President; Buenos Vecinos. Treasurer; Biology Club; Allen’s Debaters; Gamma Tri-Hi-Y; Los Burros; Art Club; Dramatic Club. Girls' State Alternate. EMMA LOUISE HYDE Glee Club; Strickland's Little Rebels; FHA; DCT; Sticth and Stew; The Dear Hunters; 4-H. SAM E. HYDE, III Key Club; Hi-Y; Beta Club; Strickland's Little Rebels, Vice President; The Science Club; Track; Movie Operators, Secretary; Molecule Collins and His Little Atoms; Quo Vadis; Uncle Bob's Story Hour; Junior Play, Sound Effects Committee.Prestige Before We Have to Assume TOBY IVEY 'B" Team Football; Varsity Football. Captain; Intramural Basketball; "B" Team Basketball; Irvin s Imps; C-R-A-B-S, Vice President; Science Club; Block A Club; Biology Club. HELEN JENKINS Delta Tri-Hi-Y; Hatcher’s Historians; French Club; Thy-malian; Alpha Tri-Hi-Y; Tennis. MARIELLEN JOHNSON Delta Tri-Hi-Y, Secretary; Biological Research; Buenos Vecinos; Junior Class, Treasurer; Student Council, Secretary; Buenos Vecinos, President; Junior Class Sweetheart; Alpha Tri-Hi-Y; Outstanding Girl, Junior Class; Outstanding Girl, Second District; Girls’ State Delegate; Student Council, Treasurer; Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, Executive Board; Psychopathic Seniors; SOS, Vice President; Key Club Sweetheart. WILLIFORD JOHNSON Le Cercle Francais; Les Miscrables, President; Hi-Y; U.S. History Debaters, Chapter II; C-R-A-B-S; Art. RAY JOHNSTON Aviation; Movie Operators; Uncle Bob's Story Hour. FOSTER JOINER C-R-A-B-S; Uncle Bob's Story Hour; Collins' 24 Test Tubes; "B” Team Football; "B" Team Basketball; Hi-Y; Los Viajeros Del Camino Real; Thymalian Club; U.S. History Debaters, Chapter I; Buenos Vecinos, Chapter II; Intramural Basketball. PHYLLIS JOINES FHA; The Dear Hunters; The Kitchen Kats; Uncle Bob's Story Hour; Hatcher's Historians. KAY JONES Gamma Tri-Hi-Y; FHA; Sticth and Stew; U.S. History Debaters; Alpha Tri-Hi-Y; Uncle Bob's Story Hour; Business Leaders of Tomorow; Beta Club; Annual Staff. MARTHA JONES Biological Researchers; Junior Classical League; Romani Hodierni; Business Leaders of Tomorrow, Secretary; U.S. History Debaters; The Dear Hunters; FHA; Driver s Training; Gamma Tri-Hi-Y; General Science. MARY ELLEN JONES Business Leaders of Tomorrow; Annual Staff; Student Council; Buenos Vecinos I and II; Histri-Crats; FHA; Prop Committee. Junior Play; Basketball; Library Service Club; Biological Research Club; 4H; Intramural Basketball. SONJA CAROL JONES Intramural Basketball; Business Leaders of Tomorrow; Homeroom Finance Representative; Driver’s Training; Assistant Basketball Manager; Student Council; Sperry's Psychopathic Seniors; DCT Historian; U.S. History Debaters. DELORES ANN JUSTICE Stitch and Stew; J.O.’s Junto; 4-H; Music Workshop; Kitchen Kats; Business Leaders of Tomorrow. JO ANN JUSTISS 4-H; Kitchen Kats; FHA; U.S. History Debaters; Business Leaders of Tomorrow; Sperry’s Kultured Kats. RACHELL KENDALL 4-H; FHA; Strickland’s Little Rebels; P-O-G-O-E-S; "B’’ Team Basketball; Intramural Basketball; Beta Club; SOS; Art; Intramural Cheerleader. A. NANCY KENNEDY Music Workshop; FHA; Biological Research; Histricrats; CR-E-E-P-S; Sperry’s Kultured Kats; SOS. GAYLE KIDD Histricrats; Junior Police; DCT; Sperry’s Psychopathic Seniors; Business Leaders of Tomorrow; Office. WAYMON KIMBREL Freshman Band; Senior Band; Mach Chasers; Historians; Static Chasers; Short Circuits; Lit Wits; Dear Hunter. LATRELLE KIRKLAND SANDRA LANIER Gamma Tri-Hi-Y; Le Cercle Francais; Student Council; Barefooted Historians; Art; Music Workshop; Biological Research; The Lone Maniac and His 33 Psychiatrists; Les Miserables. No Photo TONY LANGFORDEUDORA ANN LEE Delta Tri-Hi-Y; Music Workshop; Beta Club; Stitch and Stew; FHA; Buenos Vecinos; FTA; History Untold; Los Viajeros Del Camino Real; Psychopathic Seniors; Rock and Roll; Kitchen Kats. MARY CAROLYN LEE Hatcher's Historians; The Mad Translators; Business Leaders of Tomorrow; FTA; Delta Tri-Hi-Y. LINDA LEEGER Beta Club; Delta Tri-Hi-Y; Alpha Tri-Hi-Y; Romani Hodierni; Biological Research Club; Science Club; History Untold; Sperry's Psychopathic Seniors; Tennis Team; Senior Play; Office Assistant; Intramural Basketball; Art Club. CHARLES LEWIS Spanish; U.S. History; President; Bookworms, Secretary; Govec; "B" Team Football; Varsity Football. BILLY LLOYD Driver's Training; Hatcher s Historians; Business Leaders of Tomorrow; Magruder s Rooters; Dear Hunters. KRIS LOVE JOY JUDY MADSON Gamma Tri-Hi-Y; Alpha Tri-Hi-Y; Beta Club; Histricrats; Uncle Bob’s Story Hour; Cursus Honorum, Quaestor, Aedile; Cheerleader. HELENE MARKS Beta Club; Delta Tri-Hi-Y; Romani Hodierni, Treasurer; Art Club; Biological Research Club; Treasurer; Cursus Honorum, Senior Consul; Intelligent Imps, Press Reporter; FTA; LIncle Bob’s Story Hour. TYLER MARTIN Junior Civitan, Lt. Gov. of State, President; Hi-Y, Treasurer; Movie Operators, President; Physics Club. Parliamentarian; Tennis Team; Beta Club; Quo Vadis; Junior Classical League; Civil Air Patrol; Senior Play; Sociology Club; History. JEANETTE MAXWELLthe Responsibilities of Adult Life. NATHAN McCRARY DAN McINTYRE Beta Club; Freshman Band; DCT; C-R-A-B-S; Historians; Govec; Junior Police. jack McDaniel Baseball; Quo Vadis; Biological Research; J.O.'s Junto; Molicule Collins and His Little Atoms; C-R-E-E-P-S. bobby McKenzie JEANETTE McDANIEL Biological Research, Capter III; Driver's Training; U.S. History Debaters; SOS; P-O-G-O-E-S; Business Leaders of Tomorrow; Art; 4-H; Alpha Tri-Hi-Y. John lewis McLendon Senior Band; Captains Corps; J.O.'s Junto; Molecule Collins and His Little Atoms; C-R-E-E-P-S; Magruders Rooters; Boys' Glee Club. THOMASINE McDANIEL FHA; t; Music Workshop; 4-H; SOS; Biological Research; Strickland's Little Rebels; Annual Staff. ROY MEDLIN carmel McDonald Freshman Band; Senior Band; Junior Classical League; C-R-E-E-P-S; Collins 24 Test Tubes; The Lone Maniac and His 33 Psychiatrists; History Untold. OTIS MELTON C-R-A-B-S; Uncle Bob's Story Hour; Band; Govec; Los Tamales Caliento.The Flood Lights Shine So Brightly in PATSY MELVIN ROBERT MILLER Music Workshop; Art Club; Delta Tri-Hi-Y; Glee Club; FFA; Movie Operators; Beta Club. Histerical Historians, president; Los Traductores Locos; Los Tomalcs Calientes, President; Beta Club; Uncle Bob's Story Hour; FHA; C-R-A-B-S. ALICE FAYE MERCER Dear Hunters; Magruders Rooters; Business Leaders of Tomorrow; 4-H; FHA; Histerical Historians; Library Service. ROSA LEE MITCHELL Entered 55; FTA. Vice President; Alpha Tri-Hi-Y; Buenos Vecinos; Beta Club. RICHARD MERCER RUDOLPH MOORE ELIZABETH LOGAN MERRITT SOS; Business Leaders of America; P-O-G-O-E-S; Majorette; Debate; Biological Research; Band; Delta Tri-Hi-Y. NANNELLE ELIZABETH MILLER • The Lone Maniac and His 33 Psychiatrists; World History Band; Majorette; Gamma Tri-Hi-Y; J.O.’s Junto; 4-H Cheery Operators of the Kitchen; Anchor; Biology; FHA Driver’s Training; Junior Play. BILLY MORRIS Magruders Rooters; Uncle Bob's Story Hour; C-R-A-B-S; Histerical Historians; Static Chasers; Orientation. EDGAR MOTE ''B” Team Football; Varsity Football; Biological Research; Future Flyers; Intelligent Imps; Block A; Sperry's Kultured Kats; C-R-A-B-S; Track. MARY FRANCES MULLIN Los Burros Perezosos; World History; Biology; C-R-A-B-S; FHA; Los Tomales Calientos; Delta Tri-Hi-Y; Home Ec; Intelligent Imps; Droopy Drawers; Art Club; Stitch and Sew; Intramural Basketball. CLAUDE M. MYLER MARTHA ANNE NEWSOME Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, Program Chairman; Beta Club, Projects Committee; Library Service; Annual Staff; FTA; Rock and Roll; Les Miserables; Sperry's Kultured Kats; Intelligent Imps, Vice President; Thymalian; Le Cercle Francais; Gamma Tri-Hi-Y, Projects Chairman; Quo Vadis; Junior Classical League; Biological Research. JAYNE ANICE NIBLETT Student Council; Band; Drum Majorette; Les Miserables, Vice President; Sperry's Kultured Kats; C-R-A-B-S, Treasurer; Le Cercle Francais; J.O.'s Junto; Quo Vadis; Junior Classical League; Junior Play; Biological Research; Driver’s Training; Delta Tri-Hi-Y. MIRIAM ELIZABETH NEILSON JOE L. NIX Auto Mechanics; Demming’s Historians; DCT. HOMER L. NOLAND Freshman Band; Senior Band; Intramural Basketball; Aviation; CAP Cadets; Movie Operators; Uncle Bobs Story Hour. KATHY NOLAND Entered 56; DCT; Glee Club; P-O-G-O-E-S. ELIZABETH NORRAS Band; Glee Club, Accompanist; Beta Club; Alpha Tri-Hi-Y; Student Council; Troubadours, Accompanist; The Lone Maniac and His 33 Psychiatrists; Gamma Tri-Hi-Y; Los Conquistadores; Strickland s Pioneers; FTA; Buenos Vecinos; Biological Research. DONALD NORRISELLIS NORTON Entered 56. HERBERT TRUITT NOWELL Band; Rock and Roll; Molecule Collins and His Little Atoms; Quo Vadis; Cursus Honorum; Junior Classical League. ELLARD NUNNALLY Beta Club; Bookworms; Economics Club; Physics Club. President. CATHY PALMER 4-H; Freshman Band; Gamma Tri-Hi-Y; Intramural Basketball; Basketball ’’B’’ Team; U.S. History Debaters; Senior Band; Band Bookkeeper; SOS; Business Leaders of Tomorrow; Office. RUDOLPH NELSON PATTERSON U.S. History Debaters; Track Manager; Football; Govec. Vice President; Uncle Bob's Story Hour. Secretary; Los Traductores Locos, Press Reporter; Rock and Roll; Freshman Band; Senior Band; Intramural Basketball; Senior Class President; Cafeteria Committee. BARBARA ANN PATTON Gamma Tri-Hi-Y; Music Workshop; Beta Club; Driver’s Training; Romani Hodierni; Junior Classical League; FTA President; Second District Director. Georgia Future Teach ers; Student Teacher’s Assistant; Guidance Office Assistant Senior Class, Press Reporter; Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, Vice Presi dent; Lc Cercle Francais; Les Miserables; Troubadours Glee Club; J. O.’s Junto. Vice President; C-R-A-B-S; The Lone Maniac and His 33 Psychiatrists; Thronateeska Annual Staff JAMES LAVON PAYTON Block A; Varsity Football; Varsity Baseball; Varsity Basketball; Freshman Class President; Sophomore Class President; Senior Class Secretary; Rock and Roll, President; Uncle Bob’s Story Hour. President. CAROLYN PEAK J. O.'s Junto; Business Leaders of Tomorrow; SOS; Driver’s Training. BILLIE RUTH PELHAM FHA; Barefooted Historians; P-O-G-O-E-S. FAYE PERRY Intramural Basketball; "B” Team Basketball; Biological Research Club; Sophomore Class President; Student Council; Varsity Basketball; Buenos Vecinos; Beta Club; U.S. History Debaters; 4-H; SOS. President; Intramural Basketball, Coach; Make-Up Committee of Senior Class Play. r Our Eyes That It Brings Tears HARRY R. PIERSOL Hatcher's Historians; Chemistry Club; Spanish Club; The Lone Maniac and His 33 Psychiatrists. SHIRLEY JEAN POPE Rock and Roll; Magruders Rooters; Tennis; Alpha Tri-Hi-Y. JOHN WENDALL PRINCE Football; Block A Club; Spanish Club; President; Bookworms Club. Treasurer; Freshman Class, Treasurer; History Club. Treasurer; Sperry's Kultured Kats; Science Club. President; Cafeteria Committee; Track Team. DIANE PULLIAM Freshman Band; Beta Club; FTA; Cursus Honorum; Senior Band; Los Burros Perezosos; Irvin’s Intelligent Imps; Chemistry; Molecule Collins and His Little Atom; Rock and Roll; Sperry's Kultured Kats; Los Tamales Calientes. RAMONA CLAIRE REAMES Delta Tri-Hi-Y, Vice President; Biolgoical Research Club, President; Art Club; Beta Club; Quo Vadis; Junior Classical League; Alpha Tri-Hi-Y; Hysterical Historians; Science Club; Business Leaders of Tomorrow; Sperry's Kultured Kats; C-R-A-B-S. GUY EDWARD REBERG Hatcher's Historians; Senior Band; Le Cercle Franca is; Science Club; Magruders Rooters; C-R-A-B-S. CAROL ANN ROBERTS Music Workshop; Gamma Tri-Hi-Y; Glee Club; Buenos Vecinos; Driver's Training Club; Los Conquistadores; Histri-crats; Alpha Tri-Hi-Y; Dear Hunters; Annual Staff. KAREN SONDRA ROBINSON Music Workshop; Delta Tri-Hi-Y; Art Club; Anchor Club; Sophomore Director; Los Picaros, Vice President; FHA. Los Conquistadores DCT; The Lone Maniac and His 33 Psychiatrists. CHESTER G. ROGERS Govec; Future Business Instructors; P-O-G-O-E-S. MAR I HELEN ROGERS Music Workshop; Gamma Tri-Hi-Y; 4-H, Treasurer; P-O-G-O-E-S. President; Thronateeska Photograph Assistance; Guidance Office, Assistance; SOS, President; Business Leaders of Tomorrow, President; U.S. History Debaters. Treasurer.Because We Realize That One of PHILIP ROSSIGNOL Sperry’s Psychopathic Seniors; Business Leaders of Tomorrow; U.S. History; J.O.'s Juntos. MARTHA JEANETTE ROSSMAN Delta Tri-Hi-Y; Intramural Basketball; Cheerleader; Biological Research Club; Quo Vadis; Junior Classical League; Tennis; Cursus Honorum. Praetor; Uncle Bob s Story Hour; Barefoot Historians; Science Club, Secretary; Office; Art Club. RUTH RUSSELL Music Workshop; Delta Tri-Hi-Y; Glee Club; Buenos Vecinos; Science Club; J.O.’s Junto; Thronateeska, Assistant Club Editor; The Lone Maniac and His 33 Psychiatrists. JACK SADLER Irwin’s Intelligent Imps; Student Council; Beta Club; Band; Captain Corps; Rock and Roll; Los Conquistadores; Los Traductores Locas; Business Leaders of Tomorrow; Freshman Band; Movie Operators. DAN SANDERS History Debaters; Senior Band; Uncle Bob’s Story Hour; Science Club; Business Leaders of Tomorrow. OTHO MERTILO SANDERS "B” Team Football; Varsity Football; Uncle Bob’s Story Hour; Hatcher’s Histri-Crats; Business Leaders of Tomorrow; Track. RUTH SASSER Student Body President; Student Council President; Student Council Treasurer; Beta Club. Vice President; Freshman Girls Vice President; Glee Club; Music Workshop; Latin Club; Vice President; French Club; History Club, President; Anchor Club; Alpha and -Delta Tri-Hi-Y; Girls’ State; Youth Assembly; Art Club. DALEYNE SCHMIDT Alpha Tri-Hi-Y; Gamma Tri-Hi-Y; Stitch and Stew; Sperry's Kultured Kats; Rock and Roll; Les Miserables, Secretary; Hatcher’s Historians, Press Reporter; Le Grcle Francais; FHA; Thymalian Club. MOT SHEMWELL Freshman Boys Vice President; Football; Histerical Historians; "B" Team Basketball; the Lone Maniac and His 36 Psychiatrists; Student Council; Intramural Basketball; Junior Classical League. TOBY SHIREY L’ncle Bob’s Story Hour; Intramural Basketball; C-R-A-B-S; U.S. History; Business Leaders of Tomorrow; Junior Classical League; Romani Hodierni.MARY LORENE SHIVELY Entered 56; C R A B S; Megruders Rooters; Glee Annual Staff; Alpha Tri-Hi-Y. JOSEPH ALLEN SIKES Biological Research Club; Hatchers Histi-Crats; Los ductores Locos; Art Club; Collins-Chemists. Club; Tra- A RAYMOND SIMPSON LORETTA ANN SLAY 4-H; FHA; Buenos Vecinos; Glee Club; Music Workshop; SOS; Business Leaders of Tomorrow; P-O-G-O-E-S; U.S. History Debaters; Intramural Basketball. ERNEST SMITH FAYE SMITH Glee Club; Gamma Tri-Hi-Y; Troubadors; Alpha Tri-Hi-Y; Beta Club; Bookworms; Los Picaros; Spanish Club; Annual Staff; History; The Lone Maniac and His 53 Phychiatrists. LYNETTE SMITH Delta Tri-Hi-Y; Strickland's Little Rebels; Band; FHA; Buenos Vecinos; Bookkeeping; Los Viajero Del Camino Real; Majorette; General Science; Tumblers. MARTHA VIRGINIA SMITH U.S. Debaters; Los Traductores Locas; The Dear Hunters; FHA. Vice President; Business Leaders of Tomorrow; DCT. ROSEMARY SMITH Entered 55; Anchor Club. Secretary; Sperry’s Kultured Kats; U.S. History Debaters; Rock and Roll; Library Service; Romani Herni. GEORGE SPERRY Senior Class Treasurer; Varsity Football; Varsity Basketball, Manager; "B" Team Football; Junior Civitan; Senior Play; Art Club; Science; Physics; Allen’s Debaters; C-R-E-E-P-S; Movie Projectors.JAMES A. SPIES Bueno Vecinos; Hi-Y; Los Conquistordores; Barefoot Historians; Science; Junior Civitan; Thymalian; Molecule Collins and His 27 Atoms; Magruder's Rooters. EARNEST SPIVEY Jr. Sperry's Psychopathic Seniors; Histerical Historians; DCT; FFA. Intramural Basketball; Static Chasers; Auto Mechanics; Art; Biology. JOAN STAMPS The Dear Hunters; Magruder’s Rooters; Stitch and Sew; Strickland's Little Rebels. KAY STANTON FONDA GAYLE STARNES Band; Majorette; Los Traductores Locos; U.S. Debaters; 4-H; The Lone Maniac and His 34 Psychiatrists; Los Conquistadores de Espara. PAULINE STERNE FTA. Treasured; Thronateeska; FHA; Rock and Roll; Uncle Bob's Story Hour; Los Tamales Calietes. Treasurer; U.S. Debaters; Los Burros Perezosos. DIONECA STEWART Delta Tri-Hi-Y; Alpha Tri-Hi-Y; SOS. Treasurer; The Dear Hunters; C-R-A-B-S; Glee Club; Strickland's Little Rebels; Music Workshop; Romani Hodierni; Junior Classical League; Thronateeska. JANIE EATMAN STRAWDER Thronateeska Editor; Junior Classical League; Biological Research; Le Cercle Francais; Les Miserabies; History Untold; Junior Play, Props Manager; Science; Guidance Office Asst.; The Lone Maniac and His 36 Psychiatrists. Vice President; Alpha Tri-Hi-Y; Cursus Honorum. MARY ALICE STRAWDER Freshman Band; Gamma Tri-Hi-Y; Hatcher’s Historians; Biology; Buenos Vecinos; Library Service; Intramural Basketball; Basketball; Girls' Basketball Manager; Second Period Debaters; Business Leaders of Tomorrow; FHA, Treasurer; Senior Play, Prop Committee. BILLY STRICKLAND Beta Club; Barefoot Historians; Key Club; Student Council; Uncle Bob's Story Hour.JIM STROM Hi-Y; Beta Club; Uncle Bob's Story Hour; History Untold; Tennis; Student Council; Junior Classical League; Quo Vadis; Science Club. ANN SUMMERFORD Gamma Tri-Hi-Y; 4-H; Office Service Club; Annual Staff; Biological Researchers; C-R-E-E-P-S; History Untold; The Lone Maniac and His 33 Psychiatrists. JUANITA SUMMERFORD Gamma Tri-Hi-Y; Freshman Band; Senior Band; 4-H; FHA; Govec; Dear Hunters; Business Leaders of Tomorow; Strickland's Historians. SONIA SUTTON Music Workshop, President; Delta Tri-Hi-Y; Student Council; Buenos Vccinos; Stitch and Sew, Treasurer; FHA; Glee Club; Los Conquistadores, Secretary; History Untold, President; Anchor Club, Treasurer; Alpha Tri-Hi-Y; The Lone Maniac and His 33 Psychiatrists; C-R-E-E-P-S; Magruder's Rooters. BILLY TARPLEY VICKI THAYER Entered 35; History Untold; French Club; FHA; 4-H; Rock and Roll Club; SOS. C. L. THOMPSON History Untold; Static Chasers; Junior Class, Secretary; The Lone Maniac and His 36 Psychiatrists; "B" Team Football; Los Picaros; Los Viajeros Del Camino Real. FRANK THURMOND Historians; Ambassadors; Kollin's Kem Kats; Super Physics; ”B" Team Football; A-N-G-E-L-S; Magruder's Rooters; Glee Club; Dear Hunters. JOAN SWAIM Alpha Tri-Hi-Y; Delta Tri-Hi-Y; Annual Staff; SOS; FHA; Sperry's Psychopathic Seniors; 4-H; Music Workshop; General Business; Art; Biological Research; U.S. History Debaters; Driver’s Education. GLORIA JUNE TOMLINSON Gamma Tri-Hi-Y; FHA; Delta Tri-Hi-Y; FT A; Alpha Tri-Hi-Y; C-R-A-B-S, Secretary; SOS; Strickland's Pioneers; Guidance Office; Hatcher’s Historians.Great Drama of Life Is Over MARTHA TURLEY EVA CAROLYN VAUGHN Entered 56; DCT; The Dear Hunters. Entered 56; Mcgruders Rooters; SOS; Annual Staff. JANIE TURNER Cheerleader; President of Freshmen; Library Service; Vice President, Gamma Tri-Hi-Y; Basketball; Spanish Club; U.S. History Debaters, President; Library Service Club. President; Head Cheerleader; President of Senior Class; Pogoes. Vice President; Govec; Bookkeeping; Lone Maniac and His 36 Psychiatrists; President of Junior Class. MENDELL TURNER Strickland History; Aviation. JEAN TWILLEY Entered 54; Alpha Tri-Hi-Y; Rock and Roll Chapter of Bookworms; Basketball; Sophomore Intramural Basketball; Art Club, Executive Board; Science Club; Molecule Collins and His Little Atoms; Strickland s Little Rebels, Press Reporter; 4-H; FHA; Physics; Chemistry. BARBARA SUE USHER MYRNA WALTERS Entered 56; Mcgruders Rooters; Bookworm Club-Crabs; The Lone Maniac and His 36 Psychiatrists. JERRY WALKER Hatcher's Historians; Thymalian Club; Diversified Cooperative Training Club; Movie Operators Club. CHARLES WARD RICHARD WARD Beta Club; Hi-Y; Movie Operators; D-R-I-P-S; Strickland's Little Rebels. Treasurer; Govec; Boys' State. Alternate Delegate; Thornton's Tippy Typers; Thymalian; Los Traductores Locos Los Tamales Corrientes; Junior Music Club, President; Art; Sperry's Psychopathic Seniors; Piano; World History.BARBARA WATSON J.O.'s Juntos; Intramural Basketball; Practical English; Junior Play Properties Committee; Business Leaders of Tomorrow; Library Service; FHA, Secretary. Chairman of Degrees; Senior Play Properties Committee. Sperry Psychopathic Seniors; Stitch and Sew; 4-H; Hatchers Historians; General Science. WILLIAM WATSON FRANCES WEATHERS Gamma Tri-Hi-Y; Music Workshop; Library Service; Future Teachers of America; Home Ec Sweetheart; Le Circle Francais; Beta; Histri-Crats; Art Club. Secretary; Alpha Tri-Hi-Y; Les Miserables; Sperry Kultured Kats; C-R-A-B-S; Annual Staff. DONALD WELLS Romani Hodierni; Track; History Untold; Shortcircuits. President; Movie Operators; The Lone Maniac and His 36 Psychiatrists; Molecule Collins and His Little Atoms; Chemistry Club; Junior Classical League; U.S. History; World History. ROGER WELLS Movie Operators; Uncle Bob's Story Hour; Strickland's Pioneers; Future Flyers; Thornton's Tippy Typists. MARTHA WEST Driver's Training; Kitchen Kats; Stitch and Stew; Desoto Barefoot Historians. MILLEDGE WHITE Student Council; Baseball; Football; Basketball. Key Club. Treasurer; Junior Class. President; Buenos Vecinos; Block "A Outstanding Boy Second District; Biological Research; Strickland’s Pioneers. GENE WIGGINS U.S. History; American Government.CLEMENTINE WIGGINS Beta Club; Art Club; Buenos Vecinos; Student Council; Los Conquistadores; J.O.'s Junto. Press Reporter; Anchor Club; Sperry’s Psychopathic Seniors; Business Leaders of Tomorrow; Senior Play Cast; Intramural Cheerleader. TOMMY WILLIAMS Hi-Y; Key Club; Varsity Football; "B” Team Football; Junior Play; Senior Play; Beta Club; Baseball; Glee Club; Troubadours; Movie Operators; Barefooted Historians; "B” Team Basketball; Tennis; Science Club; Magruder’s Rooters; Molecule Collins and his Little Atoms; Howell’s Biologists. BETTYE WILLIS Beta Club; Romani Hodierni; Gamma Tri-Hi-Y; Intramural Basketball; Cursus Honorum; tT.S. History Debaters; SOS; Anchor Club. President, Junior Director; Basketball; General Science; Uncle Bob’s Story Hour. WYLEEN WILSON Library Service. Vice President; Biology Club; Strickland's Little Rebels; DCT; Faudree’s Business Workers. Secretary; SOS. Secretary; Driver's Training. Hatcher’s Historians; Intramural Basketball. JAMES C WIMBISH Band; Captain's Corps; U.S. History Club; Biology Club; Govec. RUTHERFORD WINSTON Sophomore Class President; FHA. Treasurer; Student Council; Beta Club; General Business; Hatcher's Historians; Junior Class Vice President; Library Service Club. Treasurer; History L’ntold; Senior Class Vice President; Psycopathic Seniors. President; Future Business Leaders of Tomorow. Vice President; SOS. CAROL ANNE WOFFORD Alpha Tri-Hi-Y; Delta Tri-Hi-Y; Psychopathic Seniors; Rock and Roll Chapter of the Bookworms Club; Lc Cercle Francais; Little Rebels; Art Club; FHA; General Science Club; Thornton’s Tipsy Typers; World History. f JEAN YARBROUGH FHA; Delta Tri Hi-Y; Biological Research Club; History Untold; SOS, Secretary; Business Leaders of Tomorrow, Secretary-Treasurer; P-O-G-O-E-S.Homecoming Queen and Court Junior Representative Senior Representative JoAnn Johnston Queen Diane Flowers and her escort Tyler Martin. Robin Leegeruniors "From the crown of his head to the soles of his feet, he is all mirth” —SHAKESPEAREJunior Officers Joyce Coppedge, Secretary; Lawton Jordon, Secretary; Linda Cullom, Press Reporter; Margaret Hatcher, Vice President; Edwina Davis, President; Bill Buntin, President; Jan Davis, Treasurer; Durward Pennington, Vice President.Ann Anderson Patsy Armstrong Jayme Auitman Sibyl Ball Turner Ball Ted Barfield Elaine Bartley William Bass Randall Bates John Beasley Dennis Beaty Raemon Beaty Bill Bennett Gail Birdsong John Blakey Rachel Blankenship Embree Bolton Brenda Bowen Joe Bowden Judith Bowman Bill Boyko Claude Bradley Gordon Bradwell Jim Brandon Richard Brown Charlotte Bryant Bill Buntin Diana Butler Jean Cain Virginia Cannon June -i Carden i Douglas Carlton Kay Carlton Richard Carson J° Cates Ruth Chambers We Have Tried to See the Gayer Side Martha Ann Cheney Jack Clanton Earl Cline Jr. Jeanine Coleman Judy Collins James Colquit Buford C. Connell Lamar Cook Terrell E. Cooper Joyce Coppedge Glenda Council Tommy Courson Sarah Cox Bill Crawford Robert Creamer Linda Cullom Pat Daniel Murray David Bruce Davidson Elneita DavidsonNancy Jo Davidson Chevy Davis Edwina Davis Jan Davis Janet Demlow Agatha Dollar Barbara Dollar Bobby Dollar Mike Doyal John DuBose Eve-Anne Duke Jimmy Duke Yvonne Edwards Amy Jane Ellis Jimmy Fallaw Bobby Farmer Sallie Fleuren Linda Ford Jerrie Fordham Betty Free Shirley Freeman Margaret Geddings Pete Germany Herman Giddens Jerry Giddens Linda Giles Alan Gill Richmond Gill Hollis Glover Roger C. GodfreyFrank Godwin Carole Goodin Linda Gotsch Laura Gray Martha Green Anne Gregors Carole Gregors Ellen Griffin Billy Gurr Eleanor Hagins Emily Haire Bill Halford Bobby Hall Ernest Hall Ted Hall « I Mary Harmon James Harrell Linda Harrell Maudie Faye Harrell Patsy Hart 'I M Jack Harvey vf Margaret Hatcher Thorpe Hatfield John Harry Hayes A Pauline Henson 1 Tommy Herndon Annette Hiers Wayne Hinson Sandra Holloway Harold Honnaldfy p . Shirley Hortman Charles oV r! 'r fTl 1 I Carol Jean Hower Lynn Hunter Tommy Hutto Laurie Van Ivey of Our "Jolly” Year. ’Twas Difficult to Find Franklin Jackson Judy James Berta Jenkins Rebecca Jenkins Elaine Johns Macgaret Johns Johnny Johnson Patricia Johnston Bobby Joe Johnston Fred M. Jones Tim Jones Ed Jordan Lawton Jordan Jackie Kennedy Jane Kieve Frank King Latrelle King Ronnie King Sylvia Kirkland Bernice KlingLaverne Knight Van Knowles Joyce Knox Lynn Kulikowski Joan Latham Ginger Layson the Funny Side of an Isosceles ft i H ft rt i - 2 v , y . W ft i Pi r, •' i 7 I i 1 Triangle. Spec Leach Charlotte Lee Jimmy Lee Bob Lewis Lee Lofton Robert Luckey Darrell Martin Gwen Martin Russell Martin Julia Massey Bill Maxwell Lanny Mays Jo Anne McClelland Lynn McCorvey Mary McCrary James McDonald Dean McLemore Doyle McLeod Julie McNeal Margaret McdlockBelle Melton Deanie Melton Agnes Melvin Joy Middleton Sandra Miller Dot Miller Patsy Milner Matilda Milward Ann Mitchell Jean Mitchell William Mock Sandra Moncrief De Anne Moore Donald Moore Marlene Moore Carol Mosley Patricia Musgrove Howard Mullis David Neilson Beth Nolan Luther Nolan Elizabeth Osborne Lanell Owens Wilda Jean Padgett Jeane Pafford Reginald S. Paige Betty Parker Bobby Patrick Pat Patterson Eugene Pearson I I -ST ISallie Peavy Durward Pennington David Peterson Jeannine Phillips Jimmy Pickron Nancy Pierson Philip Plummer Reginald Pollard Deila Pollock Pat Pollock Bob Prevatte Jr. Judy Pryor Ben Ramsey Tom Rawlings Carolyn Reaves Faye Reddick Ed Reese Dent Reeves J. L. Reynolds Edward Rhodes Walter Rhyne Ann Riley Carolyn Ringstaff Virginia Robinson Carolyn Rogers William F. Ross Nellie Rowe Thomas Rutherford James Mertilo Sanders Jerry William SaylorJohnny Schreader Billy Scott Dianne Sedbury Don Shiver Gilbert Simmons Joanne Simmons We Hope Others Will Find the Joy That We Jimmy Simons Jimmy Sineath Larry Slaughter Ann Smith Eugene Smith Faye Smith Michael Shuttle-worth Patsy Smith Sammy Smith Lolita Stearman Anne Stewart Joyce Stone Darrill Tabb Jerome Taylor Peggy Tanner Cameron Terry Carl Thomas Lynwood Thomas Jenny Thompson Mary Ann ThorntonDon’t Think Even Exists in a Junior Year. Sammy Tyson Ish Verner Edd Vinson Tommy Walden Claire Walker Quinnon Walker Joe Watkins Diann Warren Gail Watson Robert Watson Tommy Watson Ronald Weinman Harold West Edna Erie Whiddon Jane Whitman Lewis Whitman Charles Wilder Jeanelle Wiggins Ann Williams Cecil WilliamsLeslie Williams Marvina Williams Penny Williams Saundra Williams Frances Williford Harvey Willis Jerry Willis Annette Wills Robert Wills Betty Jo Wilson John Wilson Alton Wingate Sue Wingrove Linda Wood Bill Woodruffophomores "Mingle a little folly with your wisdom; a little nonsense now and then is pleasant.” HORACESophomore Officers Ann Rainey, Treasurer; Mary Murphy, Vice President; Billy Ivey, Secretary; Mike Knight, Vice President; Herb Windom, Treasurer; Russell Rouse, President; Martha Sasser, Secretary; Sandy Lockney, President.Carol Adams Jane Albriton Tommy Aldredge Elaine Alligood Marvin Aultman Bobby Aycock Jerry Bailey Ann Baker Lucy Barefield Janice Barnes Echo Barrett James Bass Roy Bearden Roger Belcher Paul Berrey Alfred Berry Jim Blackmer Johanna Bleicher Bill Blizard Ronald Bolt Pat Bradley Carole Brantley Jack Brown Margaret Brown John Brunson Carter Burnell Mary Burnett Wayne Burnett Linda Butler Mary Shelley Cagle Emily Cannon Joyce Cannon Patricia Cannon Harold Carter Linda CastleberryBilly Cato Elaine Christian Shirlee Clark Marty Cleghorne Donald Clifton Myrean Cloud Rex Coe Sandra Ruth Cohen Marion Coleman Beverly Commagere La Verne Connell Robert Conner Melvyn Cooper Sally Coppock Jackie Corbin Joan Couch Tobie Cox Jackie Crabtree Helen Cravey Walter Cravey Billy Creech Johnny Creel James Allen Curry II Joyce Daniel Ada Darden We Had Been Told That All Was Carolyn Darby Billy Davidson Haroldene Davidson Darnell Davis ' Jimmie DavisDonald Day Barry Denson Harriette Dickson James Dollar Kay Dollar Merle Dorminey Linda Dorsey Jan Dowda Henry Dugan Teena Duke Elzie Duncan Bobby Dunn Charlotte Dunn Hinky Dunn Pat Dupree Nancy Durr Larry Dyer I-reddie Elder Newlyn Edmonds Gail Ellis Bobby Erkhart Billie Sue Esco Jimmy Ethridge Glenda Eubanks Nelda Everson Mirth hut Really 'Tis Hard to FindMary Ann Fisher Juanita Fitzgerald Susan Fleming Jane Fogle John Fountain Delacey A. Fraser Geneva Fulford George Fulford Marion Fulmer Norman Furnea John Henry Fuqua, Jr. A1 Garrett Betty Carolyn Gassett Starlet Geiger Edmond Gibbon Wade Gill James Givens Virginia Givens Herbert Gladin Lynda Glass Joyce Glover Alta Godfrey Barbara Godfrey Ann Goolsby Bobbie Gordon Much Mirth in the Blood of Julius Caesar Trudy Gore Avalona Graham Wayne Gray Mary' Frances Greene Ruth GrinerLarry Hancock Kathleen Harker Edward Harp Carroll Harper Patricia Harrell Faye Harris Marguerite Harris Kenneth Harrod Carey Hatcher Ruth Hatfield Brenda Hawthorne Carolyn Haye6 Henry HayeS . Jeriann Hayes Van Heard Camille Henderson Pat Henderson Raymond Henderson Clinton Hendley Lynn Henson John Hightower Sandra Hinson Eugene Hitchcock Linford Hobby James E. Hogate Dale Holland Wayne Hollomon Tommy Holt Sandra Hopkins Jewell Horne George Howell Jo Ann Howell Carl Hudson Jack Hudson Nancy HuffSara Hughes Robert Huie Billy Humber Delores Hurst Evangeline Hyde Billy Ivey Monte Jackson Eugene James Sandra Jewell Billy Johnson Gloria Jean Johnson Linda Johnson Mike Johnston Hewett Joiner Cecilia Jones Jimmy Jones Mike Jones Raymond Keebler Carla Kennedy Charles Kilgore Ken Kinard Frank Kirksey Gene Klein Jeffrey Kling Mike Knight Jacky Kuharek Lotttie Land Jimmy Langley Jeanette Lasseter Billy Law Martha Law Richard Lawson Jimmy Lee Joan Lee Spencer LeeRobin Leeger Daniel Chester Leming, Jr. Gail Lewis Sue Lewis Pete Lewis Jerry Lindsey LeVerne Lindsey Wayne Littlejohn Sandie Lockney Paul Lovett Delano Lowery Edsel Majors, Jr. Gloria Malone Ginger Manley Jackie Marks Brenda Martin Virginia Mason Twila Mason Julian Matthews Marilyn Maxwell Linda McAfee Bobbie Nell McCraney Martha Sue McCrary Rosemary McCulley Ann McCuilock Margaret McDaniel Donald A. McDonald Jimmie McDonald Joyce Ann McDonald Ronnie McDonald Hugh McElroy Jo Ann McElvaine Mary Frances McGilvray Bill McKnight Frank McLendonRobert McLendon Larry Melvin Michael Merren Willie Miller Phyllis Milner Robert Mobley Bennie Monfort Gail Moody Margaret Moore Eileen Moses Stafford Mozenette Glen Moulder, Jr. Fred Mulford Diane Mullin Paul Musselwhite Betty Jean NeSmith Wyolene Nix Clay Nunnally A1 Odom Tommy Olivent Steve Orton Michalyn Overby Jeanie Page Lionel J. Palardy Jan Parham iC Gail Patterson Virginia Patton Billy Woodruff Payne Harold Peak Richard Peek Pete Peterson Albert Pichard Becky Pilcher Barbara Pollard Winston O. PoseyRuthellen Power Norman Pritchett Raymond Purvis Geneva Radney Kent Ragan Ann Rainey Micky Redding Miry Leverne Rehberg Patsy Reid Wayne Rich Gloria Ricks Billy Richter Hugh Roach Milton Robinson Linda Rogers Charles Rogers Jeff Rose Ronald Ross Russell Rouse Ann Russell Carol Russell James Russell Martha Sasser Grady Sceals Jack Schnell or in the Midnight’s Oil When We James Scott Jean Segler Jean Segroves Chaa Sellers Ann ShackelfordDuAnne Shaw June Sheffield Mary Shepherd Ann Elizabeth Shiver Mary Simmons David Sizemore Mary Skipper Judi Slobin Billy Smith Clinton Smith David Smith Horace Smith Lowell Smith Pauline Smith Sandra Nell Smith Fred Stafford Carol Starnes Charlotte Stephens Lois Stephens Robert Stephens Sue Ann Stephens Mac Stinson Bobby Strickland Walter Strickland Lee Stripling Still Couldn’t Work Those Algebra Problems Harvey Stuckey Larry Styles e. s. Robert Suggs Gene Summc-rford Leslie Summerford 6 » Ll± Z Joyce Sumner Lorna Jean Sweeting Charles Taylor Linda Carol Taylor Mary Ellen Terry Charles Thomas Courtney Thomas Jo Ann Thomas Joyce Thurmond Jimmy Tolbert Linda Gail Tolbert Donna Trinies Carol Trombly Billy Trotter Myra Turner Toby Turner John Vansant Patricia Ann Varnum Mary Sue Wade Beth Wallace Hugh Wallace Jerry Warton Suzanne Ware Jeanette Watkins Judy Watkins Bonny Watson Kenyon Watson Mary Watson Sara Antonica Webb Raymond Welch Barbara Whatley Stanley Whitaker Robert White Wade White Wayne WhiteJulian Whiting Latricia Wildes Edwin Williford Annette Willis Jan Willis Kathy Willis Herb Windom Catherine Wingate A1 Wise Linda Woodall Bill Woody Shirley Wooten Bob Wright Gordon Wright Jim Yancey Paul Yarbroughreshmen "Oh, mirth and innocence! . . . ... Ye happy mixture of more happy days." BYRONFreshman Class Officers Bud Lewis, President; Richard Creel, Secretary; Martin York, Treasurer; Marshall Tanner, Vice President; Margaret Wilson, President; Neca Blair, Treasurer; Audrey Ash, Vice President; Lila Sheffield, Press Reporter; Celia Davis, Secretary.Ed Adams Robert Adams Hazel Akridge Bob Allen Diane Allen Julia Allen Faye Anderson W. C. Anderson Buddy Armstrong Marianna Armstrong Carolyn Arneson Bubber Arnold Janice Arthur Audrey Ash Mary Donna Autry Ronald Baldwin Zara Ball Shirlann Ballew Billy Banks Chet Banks Ben Barbre Judy Barbre Peggy Barker Alona Bardsdale Raymond Barlow Bobby Bartley Peggy Barton Leslie Batey Jerry Bean Mike Bean Bernard Bearry Billy Beauchamp Larry Becco Cyril la Beck Glynn Bell-Isle Sterline Bell-Isle Nancy Belt Darlene Beitz Dorothy Bennett Patrick Berry Lawerence Berry Beverly BetheaWhat a Neiv and Different Setting We Ross Birdsong Hugh Bishop Patti Bishop Neca Blair Carolyn Blakey Janice Blalock Trellie Blanchard Lucy Bland Tommy Blcwett Neely Boggs Paul Bolt Chuck Brad well Virginia Branch David Brand Brenda Brashears Danny Breeden Robert Bridges Jimmie Broadaway Faye Broadway Cecil Brom Diantha Broome Freeland Brown Linda Brown Merle Brown Jackie Lee Bruner Wanda Bruner Freddie Bryant Beverly Bullington Joe Burdeshaw Phyllis Burgess Hugh Burnham Bobbie Jean Butts Rita Butts Thomas Butts Judith Cain Bessie CannonPlayed Our Roles of Life in This Year. George Cannon Sylvia Carden Nancy Carder Corinnc Carlton Larry Carlton Jean Carter Larry Carter Marlaine Carter Marion Cartwright Shirley Casey Yvonne Casey Bobby Cato Rebecca Chambers William Chandler Carole Chappell Fred Chappell Lynn Chestnutt Judy Chiarmonte Floyd Childs Ann Churchwell Michael Clancey Barrie Clark Dawn Clegg J. C. Cleveland Cal lie Mae Cloud Laura Cloud Cynthia Clyatt Pat Cochran Pamela Cockroft Olin Coffey Benny Cohen Joe Coleman John Henry Collins Mike Collins Bobby Colvin Gordon W. ColvinHoiv Many Things We’ve Learned Patsy Conley Alice Connell Charles Conrad Charles C. Cook Earl Cook Harris Cook Tommy Cook Virginia Cook Barbara Cooper Betty Corbett Arlene Costello James Coston Pearl Coston Sara Coston Gay Council Margie Couver Larry Courson Charles Cowan Jimmy Dervan Diane Cox Dee Crandall Mary Alice Crawford Richard Creel Robert Creel Jo Carole Crisler Betsy Crittenden Carroll Croft Carolyn Culbreth Janis Culbreth Pat Culbreth Peggy Cutchens David Cuthbertson Doug Daniel Douglas Davidson Celia DavisX w ■ - M .. - LV V AS R1 i I Frances Davis Sallie Davis Trina Davis Ann Debevoise Judy Deen Pat Deese Diane DeFord Lynne Demlow Noel Ann Dennis Bill Dixon Vic Dobner Jay Doolittle Jenny Dorough Charles Douglas Lynn Dowd Don Driggers Donald Rudolph Dubose Charles Ronald Duckworth Malissa Duggan Ruby Duncan Charlotte Durden Marney Dyess Sue Dunn Michael Edge Gene Edmonds Boyce Edwards Hal Edwards Phillip Eller Katheryn Elliott Ray Elmore Jimmy Elwell Mary Louise English Sammy Engram Larry Elsworth Bonnie Epps Nancy Etheridge John Exum Johnnie Ezell Georgia Ann Farris James Farrow Charles Ferrelle Beverly FinkCarol Fisher Edward Flcuren Denese Flowers Nlarylin Flowers Fay Floyd James Folmar Deany Ford Jerry Ford Roswitha Form James Fort Donald Fowler Clyde Frazier Jerry Gibbon Pat Gigante Doug Gissendanner Jackie Gladin Kenneth Glass Shirley Glenn Robert Glover Fred Goolsby Lamar Gordy Jan Gosa Charles Gramling Betty Grant Billy Grant Martha Gray Frank Griffin Jesse Griffin Terry Griffin Nancy Jo Grimes Gail Grimslcy Inman Grimsley Betty Lou Gregory Bruce Gruber Gloria Haire William Haire Bernard Haldeman Emily Jean Haley Caroline Hall Harriette Hall Jerry Hall Jimmy HallFerris Hardee Jimmy Harker Wallace Harper Estelle Harrell Linda Harrell Bobby Hart Stacy Hall Linda Hambrick Ray Hamilton (( -' Ann Hammond Rosalene Hancock Linda Hard George Hasty Glenn Hatcher Sulynn Hatcher George Hawkins Billy Hawthorne Linda Hayman Paul Henry Carlcene Henson Lawmonta Henson Douglas Herbert David Herrington Linda Hickman Joan Hightower Carol Hill Charles Hill Roger Wayne Hines Tommy Hinote Kay Hitson Priscilla Hobbs Randolph Hobbs Wilfreda Holdren Johnny Holland Bobby Holman Suzy Honnold Bob House Brenda Houston Janice Houston Claude Howze Kathy Hudgens David HudginsJoyce Hudson Lois Huff Frank Hunshamer Wayne Hutchinson Ernest Alton Iler Doug Irwin Gearetta Jackson Seaford Jackson Iris Jacobs Mark Jeffrey Jo Anne Johnston Bobby Joiner Vv» r- -i r Chee C.hee Joines Arnold Jones Barry Jones Charles Jones Patricia Jones Jane Jordan Steve Karst George Keel Laura Keen Don Kelly Gloria Kendrick Hellen Kennedy 9 9 fa 9 ■ v 9 9 7 Shorty Kennedy Linda Kimbrel Marvice Kinder Charles King Delores King Donice King 'ikiif Gloria King Harold King Juanita King Frances Lorene Kirk Roberta E. Kirk Jimmy Kirkpatrick 1 ■Vi Betty Jean Kirksey Rudine Klein Stella Kulikowski Larry Lake John Langley Linda Lanleyby W ate king the Upperclassmen Assume Flo Langtry Paul Write Laramore Anne Lawrence Jerry Lawson Louis LeBlanc Jr. Gayle Lee Pat Lee Lester Darrell Legett Linda Letchas Charles Lctchworth Bud Lewis Edward Lewis Nickey Lewis Barbara Lindsey Charlotte Lindsey Raymond Littleton Ruby Nell Littleton David Lloyd Patricia Loeb Lyn Lofton Bobby Logan Howard Lominec Linda Lucas Patricia Luckey Rex Lynch Jack Mallard Tommy Malone Jane Maloy Raleigh Mann Vernon D. Mann Stella Marshall Becky Martin Barbara Massey Johnny Massey Mary Kate Massey Barbara Annell MatthewsTheir Roles With a Sense of Superiority Frances Matthews Frank Mayo Jr. John McBurnett Dorothy McCarty Charles McConnell Charles McCorklc Dianne McCorvey Matt McCoy Robin McDaniel George McDonald Wayne McElroy Vivian McEver Carol McGary Jimmy McLendon Billy McMore Larry McRanie Mary Jo Melton Chuck Menefee Jimmy Merritt Charles Middleton Bunny Miller John Miller Vic Miller June Mills Faith Milner Gail Mitchell Jeanette Mitchell Beulah Minix Eirla Minix Madeline Mock Gwen Money Betty Jean Moore Doug Moore Jimmy Moore Joe Moore Mary Ann Mooree c % , Iprulette Moore 'fl hirley Ann Moore Linda Morgan Audrey Jean Moses Helene Mott LuAnne Mount Vernie Musgrove Pam Myers Charles Myler Mike Nabors Lamar NeSmith Robin New Lou Newman Mary Ellen Nichols Reba Anne Nichols Philip Nielsen Betty Nix Joan Nodorek Franklin Norman Wesley Norman Jimmy Norris Lydia Norris Larry O'Brien Eddie Ogletree Harry Ort, Jr. Gloria Jean Owens Ann Owensby Sherrie Jean Page Dewitt Palmer Andy Parker Pat Patterson Roger Harrell Paulk Rita Payne Hart Pearson Speedy Petroff Billy Hugh Phillips Jerry Phillips William Henry Phillip Joey Pickin Carolyn Pickron vGraydon Pierce AnrTt Picrson and Now We Dare to Think That We Lynne Pierson Carol Jean Pitts Jack Pitts Ray Pitts Gordon Poer Barbara Pope Larry Poppell Roger Posey Rosoline Posey Jane Powell John Powell Grace Prescott Pete Price Wayne Pridgen Donnie Ragan Jeanette Randall Jerry Ray Faye Reaves Robert F. Rehberg Henry Reid Mike Reublin Bobby Reynolds Richard Rhodes Jimmy Richards Cookie Rif kin Harold Riggs Garlyn Robinson Patsey Robinson Lewis Rogers Brenda Ross Carroll Ross John Ross Tommy Ross Frances Rossignol Kitty Royal Rex RoyalAnna Rutherford Aubrey Rutherford John Rutland Claudia Saiadin Randy Sammons Sandra Saucier Judd Savclle Betty Scott Edgar Scott Lamar Scott Laura Scott Jo Ann Seay Pat Sellers Wilson Sellers Roger Selph Mickey Sharon Jackie Sharp Lila Sheffield Laura Shemwell Janice Shiver Charles Shuttleworth Martha Simmonc Elizabeth Sims Freddie Sink Mike Sink Peggy Sleep Elizabeth Smith Jerlynn Smith Jimmy Smith Sally Smith Mike Smith Patricia Smith Richard Smith Sue Smith Mary Spencer Sylvia Spivey Nancy Spring Richard Spring Critt Spurlin Gale Stearman Harry Stevens John Stewart ft ■si ttvfTIWill Have the Leading Roles Before Too Long. Ruth Stewart Linda Stokes Patsy Stokes Jay Strawder Don Strickland Martha Strong Cilenn Suggs Hazel Sutton Howard Swain Ben Swilley Jimmy Tabb arshall anner Steve Tanner Edward Taylor Tyrone Temple Lynn Thayer Terry Thayer Shirley Thompson Darrel Thornhill Sandra Kay Thrower Earl Wilma Thurman Earl Tidwell Alvin Tisdale Robert Tison Neil Bobby Tomlinson Douglas Tomlinson Barbara Tucker Doug Tucker Joyce Tyson Billy Upton Jimmy Valentine Patricia Ann Varner Burt Venturelli Barbara Vickers Junea Viddler Neva ViningMarjorie Vinson Pat Vinson Joan Wagner Nancy Wakeford Alex Walker Charles Walker Babs Wamble Barbara Jo Ward Carolyn Ward Sonny Webb Helen Wehlitz Sandra Welch Janice West Sandra W.est Brenda Westor. Betty White Don White Gary Whitfield James Whitfield Howe Whitman William Whitney Joe Wigelsworth Sandra Williams Stuart Williams Daryl Williamson Patricia Williamson Barbara Wilson Margaret Wilson Charles Woodard Gary Woodham Howard Woods John Worsham William Worsham Henry Wren Bill Wright Carlene Wright Billy Yelverton Robert Yielding Martin Yorkrgcmizations "And one man in his time plays many parts." —SHAKESPEAREBUSINESS EDITOR EDITOR IN CHIEF Norbert Chausse Janie Strawder ASSISTANT EDITOI Willian Mock CLUB EDITOR Nancy Hill JUNIOR ASSISTANT Bill Buntin FEATURE EDITOR Barbara Bennett CLUB ASSISTANT Ruth Russell ADVERTISEMENT EDITOR Anne Newscne PHOTOGRArHY EDITOR Barbara Patton LITERARY ADVISOR Mrs. Marv Futch JUNIOR ASSISTANT Ed Jorda i BUSINES: 'HOibGRAPHY tt1Fn t r The Thronateeska Animal Staff PURPOSE—To present to the student body of Albany High School a pictorial record of the school year of 1956-57.Student Cotmcil PURPOSE—The Student Council is an organization which strives to be of service to the school and the community, to provide general regulations for the conduct and practice of the students of Albany High School, to work hand in hand with the students, administrators, and faculty for a harmonious school program. PRESIDENT Ruth Sasser VICE PRESIDENT Ed Jordan SECRETARY Mary Ann Thornton TREASURER Mariellen Johnson PARLIAMENTARIAN Jerry Brimberry SPONSORS Miss Eugenia Strickland Miss Frances FeaginBeta Cltib OFFICERS PRESIDENT..... VICE PRESIDENT SECRETARY..... TREASURER SPONSORS...... Nancy Castleberry .....Barbara Bennett Mary Ann Thornton .......Bill Buntin Mrs. E. M. Dobbins Mr. N. E. Hatcher SENIOR MEMBERS PURPOSE—'To promote the ideals of honesty, service, and leadership among the high school students of America. JUNIOR MEMBERS SOPHOMORE MEMBERSStella Kalmon Club Future Teachers of America PRESIDENT Barbara Patton VICE PRESIDENT Rosa Lee Mitt hell SEC RETARY Nancy Hill TREASURER Pauline Sterne PARLIAMENTARIAN Shurley Barrow SPONSORS Miss Ina Randitt Miss Helen Crosby PURPOSE—To learn about the opportunities in teaching, to cultivate the qualities essential in a good teacher, to study the lives of great teachers, and to foster the development of student leadership. Anchor Club PRESIDENT Betty Willis VICE PRESIDENT Beth Davis SECRETARY Rosemary Smith TREASURER Sonia Sutton SPONSOR Mrs. A. S. Horton SENIOR DIRECTOR JUNIOR DIRECTOR SOPHOMORE DIRECTOR Barbara Bennett Edwina Davis Martha SasserAlpha Tri-Hi-Y PRESIDENT Charlotte Chapman VICE PRESIDENT Barbara Patton SECRETARY Kay Barrett TREASURER Dale Briggs SERGEANT-AT-ARMS Beth Davis SPONSORS Miss Thelma Plant Mrs. Bob Inghram PROGRAM CHAIRMEN Anne Newsome Nancy Castleberry PROJECTS CHAIRMEN Ruth Sasser, Diane Flowers, Mariellen Johnson PUBLIC RELATIONS Kay Gissendaner PLATFORM—Self improvement, Christian Fellowship, United Service. PURPOSE—To create, maintain, and extend throughout the home, school, and community high standards of Christian character.Hi-Y PRESIDENT Rcmbert Glass VICE PRESIDENT John Beasley SECRETARY Don Hill TREASURER Tyler Martin CHAPLAIN Embree Bolton SPONSOR William R. Bragg PURPOSE—To create, maintain, and extend throughout the home, school, and community high standards of Christian character.PRESIDENT Enzor Beckam VICE PRESIDENT Mi I ledge White SECRETARY Billy Strickland TREASURER Bill Buntin SWEETHEARTS Diane Flowers Mariellen Johnson SPONSOR Mrs. Jack Rowe Key Club WE BUILD , . ■» n % fVj A h Tommy Williams 1 Sam Hyde Ji Rembert Glass lim Cain l i 4 ft Murray David ill Butch Clifton A Charles Kilgore iT3[ II Van Knowles „ H;' ' —-t 1 Robert White -7 A 1 Richard Carson A o J+ .s n Ok A it -h E 4 k life Gene Summertord Gordon Wright Spencer Lee Emory Bolton John Beasleyvx Junior Civitan Club § fV V. i N PRESIDENT....... VICE PRESIDENT.. TREASURER....... SECRETARY....... PRESS REPORTER PARLIAMENTARIAN ADVISOR....... ....Tyler Martin ....Lanny Mays ... Lawton Jordan Philip Plummer Bobby McKenzie ...James Colquit ...Bobby Faudree PURPOSE—To promote good citizenship through school service. f Short Circuits PRESIDENT Donald Wells VICE PRESIDENT Walter Ryhne SECRETARY-TREASURER Lewis Whitman PARLIAMENTARIAN Harold Honnold SPONSOR Eloyd A. Russell PURPOSE—-To serve Albany High School and the community by rendering lighting and sound effects in the A. H. S. auditorium. PRESIDENT Tyler Martin Movie Operators VICE PRESIDENT Rembcrt Glass SECRETARY TREASURER SPONSOR Sam Hyde Bill Buntin W. A. LovelessLibrary Service Club PRESIDENT..... VICE PRESIDENT. SECRETARY TREASURER..... Yvonne Hatcher ......Jane Fogle Richard Lawson ....Toby Turner SPONSOR—Mrs. J. J. Hogue, Librarian PURPOSE—To give service to the school and to learn something of librarianship as a profession.Diversified Cooperative Training PRESIDENT........... VICE PRESIDENT. .... 2nd VICE PRESIDENT.. SECRETARY-TREASURER HISTORIAN........ PARLIAMENTARIAN SPONSOR............. Nathan McCrary ...Burnette Cox ....Jerry Walker Yvonne Hatcher ....Sonny Jones .......Joe Nix .....Mr. Bowen PRESIDENT Shirley Austin VICE PRESIDENT Martha Virginia Smith SECRETARY Barbara Watson TREASURER Mary Alice Strawder SPONSOR Mrs. J. K. Duffes Senior Chapter Future Homemakers of America PRESIDENT Trina Davis VICE PRESIDENT Sally Smith SECRETARY Caroline Hall TREASURER Nancy Belt PARLIAMENTARIAN Pat Gigante SPONSORS Mrs. George M. Park Mrs. Robert Shepherd ■ Albany future farmers of America PRESIDENT................Edgar Hanson REPORTER VICE PRESIDENT............Billy Gurr PARLIAMENTARIAN SECRETARY Robert Miller CHAPTER SWEETHEART TREASURER Reed Hatfield ADVISOR............ MOTTO— Learning lo do Doing to earn Earning to lire Living lo serve ....Andrew Hayes ....Reginald Paige .......Joyce Knox Don L. West The Future Fanners of America is a national organization of farm boys enrolled in vocational agriculture classes in high school. The purpose or aim of F.F.A. chapters is to help farm boys help themselves.4-H Club PRESIDENT Yvonne Hatcher SPONSOR Mrs. Fannie Mae Griner VICE PRESIDENT Joyce Knox f SECRETARY Jean Pafford TREASURER Marihelen RogersStatic Chasers PRESIDENT..........................Earl Cline VICE PRESIDENT...........Ellis Chestnut SECRETARY and TREASURER l-reddie Jones REPORTER.........................Ernest Smith PARLIAMENTARIAN..................Newjyn Edmonds SPONSOR................Floyd A. Russell’(A Les Miser able s MOTTO—Tout homme a deux patries, la sienne et puis La France. Le Cercle Francais PRESIDENT Williford Johnson VICE PRESIDENT Anice Niblett SECRETARY Daleyn Schmidt TREASURER Jackie Doyle SPONSOR Miss Ina Randitt PRESIDENT Linda Gotsch VICE PRESIDENT Jane Whitman SECRETARY John Beasley TREASURER Patsy Milner SPONSOR Miss Ina Randitt S rcc. 3 . Buenos Vecinos -Los Conqmstadores De PRESIDENT Turner Bali VICE PRESIDENT Rosalee Mitchell SECRETARY Judy Pryor TREASURER Sally Hutchinson SPONSOR Mrs. S. A. Juhan Espanol PURPOSE—To promote interest in the study of Spanish and our Spanish-American neighbors. Los Corsarios Enrnascarados PURPOSE—To promote interest in the study of Spanish and our Spanish-Ameri-can neighbors. PRESIDENT Edwina Davis VICE PRESIDENT Claire Walker SECRETARY Nancy Pierson TREASURER Gilbert Simmons SPONSOR Mrs. S. A. JuhanLos Diablos Chicos PURPOSE—To promote interest in the study of Spanish and our Spanish-American Neighbors. PRESIDENT John Harry Hayes VICE PRESIDENT Brenda Hawthorne SECRETARY Jane Fogle TREASURER Sandra Holloway SPONSOR Mrs. S. A. Juhan PRESIDENT Patsy Melvin VICE PRESIDENT Anne Stewart SECRETARY Joyce Coppedge TREASURER Pauline Sterne SPONSOR Mrs. S. A. Juhan Los Tamales Calientes PURPOSE—To promote interest in the study of Spanish and our Spanish-American neighbors.Los Espanoles Dormidos PRESIDENT Della Pollock VICE PRESIDENT Julia Massey SECRETARY Charlotte Stephens TREASURER Lynn Hunter SPONSOR Mrs. S. A. Juhan PURPOSE—To promote interest in the study of Spanish and our Spanish-American neighbors. SENIOR CONSUL Helene Marks JUNIOR CONSUL Jamye Aultman PRAETOR Janette Rossman INAESTOR Betty Free AEDILES Judy Madson Diana Butler SPONSOR Mrs. E. M. DobbinsMEMBERS Don Hill Courtney Thomas Robin Leeger John Fountain usan Fleming everly Commagire Carole Brantley Harold Carter Party Cleghorne Hinky Dunn Billie Sue Esco Marion Fulmer Beth Nolan Pauline Smith Fred Stafford Gor don Y.’r ipht Janice Earnes Patsy Patterson Mrs. E.P. Dobbins JUNIOR CLASSICAL LEAGUE Sponsor President Vice-President Secretary ---------------------------------------! • L• K. Dodoins Don Hill treasurer John Fountain Courtney Thomas Press Reporter usan Fler.inr. hobin Leeger Parliamentarian Beverly Cormagire Purpose of Club: To create a friendly interest 'n tie elastics, as well to develop led-rsnip and responsibility.PRESIDENT Starlet Geiger VICE PRESIDENT Henry Dunn SECRETARY Mary Sue Wade TREASURER Katherine Willis PARLIAMENTARIAN Gene Klein SPONSOR Miss Preston PRESIDENT Pauline Smith VICE PRESIDENT Donald Clifton SECRETARY Robin Leeger TREASURER Hewitt Joiner SPONSOR Miss PrestonThe Lit Wits PRESIDENT....... VICE PRESIDENT.. SECRETARY....... TREASURER....... PARLIAMENTARIAN PRESS REPORTER.. SPONSOR......... ........John Beasley .......Chevy Davis .......Sammy Tyson .......Kin Kinard .......Brenda Bowen Martha Ann Chaney Miss Agnes PrestonBookivorms Club - Crabs Chapter PRESIDENT................Nancy Castleberry TREASURER...................Anice Niblett VICE PRESIDENT..................Toby Ivey PRESS REPORTER.............Ramona Reames SECRETARY..................June Tomlinson PARLIAMENTARIAN................Miss Plant SPONSOR.........Miss Thelma PlantRock and Roll Chapter of Bookworms Club SLOGAN Routes of continuing knowledge and Roads of lasting literature PRESIDENT Lavon Payton VICE PRESIDENT Barbara Bennett TREASURER Wcndall Prince PRESS REPORTER Don Hill SPONSOR Miss Thelma Plant PURPOSE—To stimulate greater interest in good reading; to extend, deepen, and refine one's ability; to express his or her thoughts and ideas in both oral and written form. Shurley Anne Barrow Wynton Gay Charles Goodman Lee Hall Eudora Lee Rosa Lee Mitchell Roy Medlin Miriam Nielson Herbert Nowell Rudolph Patterson Shirley Pope Diane Pulliam Jack Sadler Daleyne Schmidt Rosemary Smith Kay Stanton Pauline Sterne Vicki Thayer Jean Twilley Charles Ward Carol Anne WoffordBookworms Club -Creeps Chapter SLOGAN—Cosmopolitan Reading and Excellent English Procedures Studied. PRESIDENT...... VICE PRESIDENT. SECRETARY...... TREASURER...... PRESS REPORTER SPONSOR....... ...Marshall Fleming .......Billy Watson .....Charles Lewis .....Steve Arneson ........Billy Creel Miss Thelma Plant PURPOSE—To stimulate greater interest in good reading; to extend, deepen, and refine one's ability; to express his or her thoughts and ideas in both oral and written form.VICE PRESIDENT Janie Turner TREASURER Iris Hubble ADVISOR Miss Thelma Plant Pogoes Practicers of Good English Standards PRESIDENT Marihelen Rogers SECRETARY Alice Horne PARLIAMENTARIAN Roger Wells(Sharing new ideas from fine literature and English studies.) PURPOSE—To gain a keener appreciation of the meaning and beauty of words through studies.Slaves of History PRESIDENT..... VICE PRESIDENT SECRETARY..... TREASURER..... SPONSOR....... ...John Henry Fuqua .........Mike Knight .........Gail Lewis .........Monte Jackson Mrs. Evelyn Fleming PURPOSE—To become better slaves of history.Fleming’s Historical Fact Finders PRESIDENT..... VICE PRESIDENT SECRETARY..... TREASURER..... SPONSOR....... Stafford Mozette . Curtis Faircloth ...Jackie Marks ...Frank Griffin ...Mrs. Fleming PURPOSE—To interpret the future through a study of the past. m. sThe Dumb Debaters PRESIDENT......... VICE PRESIDENT.... SECRETARY......... PROGRAM CHAIRMAN REPORTER.......... SPONSOR—.......... Murray David Phillip Plummer .. Ellen Griffin Elnita Davidson Joyce Coppcdge Mr. J. O. Allen PURPOSE—To think clearly and speak effectively. Bill Boyko Martha Ann Cheney Judy Collins Joyce Coppedge Sara Cox Murray David Bill Davidson Elnita Davidson Darnell Davis Yvonne Edwards Amy Jane Ellis Bobby Erkhart Margaret Geddings Martha Greene Ellen Griffin Charles Howell Tim Jones La Trelle King Laverne Knight Joyce Knox Ginger Layson Sylvia Kirkland Speck Leech Julia Massey Patsy Milner Ellis Norton Jean Pafford Nancy Pierson Phillip Plummer Jean Ringstaff Joyce Stone Ronnie Weinman Ann Williams Frances Williford Annette Wills Sue WingroveJ.O.’s Debaters PRESIDENT John Wilson VICE PRESIDENT Mary Harman SECRETARY Mary Dean Melton TREASURER Jane Whitman PRESS REPORTER Linda Cullom SPONSOR J. O. Allen PURPOSE—To think clearly and speak effectively.Govec PRESIDENT David Dykes VICE PRESIDENT Roudolph Patterson SECRETARY Charles Goodman TREASURER Tommy Barinc-au PRESS REPORTER Dan McIntyre SPONSOR N. C. HATCHER Tommy Barineau Otto Becham J. S. Clark Arlene Cuthbertson David Dykes Bobby. Eason Larry Edwards Ronnie Fountain Charlie Goodman Roy Gotko Sam Hammond Charlie Hancock Jimmy Hattaway Marjorie Holton Charles Lewis Dan McIntyre Nathan McCrary Otis Melton Rudolph Patterson Chester Rogers Juanita Summerford Billy Torply Lynwood Thomas Janie Turner Richard Ward Gene WigginsMagruder’s Rooters PRESIDENT.......... VICE PRESIDENT..... SECRETARY-TREASURER PRESS REPORTER..... PARLIAMENTARIAN SPONSOR............ Sally Hutchinson Richard Mercer Frank Thurmond .....Dell Bush ....Sonny Spies ...N. C. Hatcher Haughty Historians PRESIDENT Martha Kay Dollar VICE PRESIDENT Bobby Dunn SECRETARY Sandra Hinson TREASURER Nancy Huff PARLIAMENTARIAN Mary Watson SPONSOR Miss Martha Dye PURPOSE—To promote better understanding of World History.Happy Historians PRESIDENT Jean Segler VICE PRESIDENT Linda Dorsey SECRETARY Carole Brantley TREASURER Carey Hatcher SPONSOR Miss Martha Dye PRESIDENT Robert Lucky VICE PRESIDENT Jan Parham SECRETARY Hewett Joiner TREASURER Jimmie Davis PARLIAMENTARIAN Patsy Reid SPONSOR Miss Martha Dye Pharaoh's PeasantsStrickland’s Scatterbrains U.S.H.E.R. PRESIDENT Bill Buntin VICE PRESIDENT Turner Ball SECRETARY Richard Carson TREASURER Margaret Hatcher PARLIAMENTARIAN John Beasley SPONSOR Miss Eugenia Strickland United States Historical Events ReviewedHysterical Historians PRESIDENT Mary Ann Thornton VICE PRESIDENT Pat Johnson SECRETARY Edwina Davis TREASURER Jan Davis SPONSOR Miss Eugenia Strickland PRESIDENT Ruth Sasser VICE PRESIDENT Bobby Wills SECRETARY Jane Kieve TREASURER Harvey Willis PARLIAMENTARIAN Roy Medlin PROGRAM CHAIRMAN Carolyn Reaves SPONSOR Carolyn Dunning Hysterical Historians PURPOSE—To prepare ourselves for the duty of carrying on the American tradition of a free democrary, of preserving our ideals, and of remedying our faults. PURPOSE—To build a better life together through the home, school, church, and communities—local, state, national, and world. PRESIDENT Jo Anne Johnston VICE PRESIDENT Howe Whitman SECRETARY TREASURER Babs Wamble PROGRAM CHAIRMAN Tommy Ross SPONSOR Carolyn DunningDunning’s Diligent Thinkers PURPOSE—To.gain a better understanding of American ideals and institutions and to appreciate more fully the courage and sacrifices of those who made our nation possible. D.D.T. PRESIDENT Reginald Pollard VICE PRESIDENT Edward Rhodes SECRETARY-TREASURER Ann Riley PROGRAM-CHAIRMAN Matilda Milward SPONSOR Carolyn DunningDunning’s Delinquents PURPOSE—To make the history of the present and future as great as the history' of the past. PRESIDENT Jamye Aultman VICE PRESIDENT Ann Yancy SECRETARY Linda Gotsch TREASURER Judy Pryor PROGRAM CHAIRMAN Sibyl Ball SPONSOR Carolyn DunningThe Forty IVonders PRESIDENT Elzic- Duncan VICE PRESIDENT Herbert Windom SECRETARY Carol Rifkin TREASURER Sue Dunn SPONSOR William A. Sanders PURPOSE—To better adapt ourselves to the rapidly changing world through the study of science.The Truth Seekers PRESIDENT Henry Dunn VICE PRESIDENT Frank Kirksey SECRETARY Toby Turner TREASURER Beverly Commagcre SPONSOR William A. Sanders PURPOSE—To replace superstition and false beliefs with truth and logical thinking through the study of Biology. The Bugsters PRESIDENT Stafford Moznette VICE PRESIDENT Courtney Thomas SECRETARY Bill McKnight TREASURER Jan Parham SPONSOR William A. Sanders lilli ) ) PURPOSE—To replace superstition and false beliefs with truth and logical thinking through the study of Biology.Biological Research Chapter I PRESIDENT Pauline Smith VICE PRESIDENT Jim Blackmer SECRETARY Brenda Hawthorne TREASURER Gordon Wright SPONSOR G. B. Howell PURPOSE—To try to improve the world of tomorrow by our knowledge of bi-ology. Biological Research Chapter V PRESIDENT Martha Sasser VICE PRESIDENT Donna Trinies SECRETARY Ann Rainey TREASURER Marvin Aultman SPONSOR G. B. HowellGeneral Science Club PRESIDENT..... VICE PRESIDENT SECRETARY..... TREASURER..... SPONSOR....... ......Jimmy Davis ......Bennie Cohen Lorna Jean Sweeting ....Gene Summerford ......G. B. Howell PURPOSE—To try to improve the world of tomorrow by our knowledge of General Science.ftvoiotr PRESIDENT..... VICE PRESIDENT. SECRETARY..... TREASURER..... SPONSOR....... .....Ruth Hatfield .....Russell Rouse .....Ellen Griffin .....Mary Skipper Mr. G. B. Howell PURPOSE—To try to improve the world of tomorrow by our knowledge of biology.Biological Research Club - Chapter IV PRESIDENT..... VICE PRESIDENT SECRETARY..... TREASURER..... SPONSOR....... Charlotte Dunn ...Butch Clifton .Elaine Christian ...Pat Henderson ...G. B. Howell PURPOSE—To try to improve the world of tomorrow by our knowledge of Biology.PRESIDENT Ellard Nunnaly VICE PRESIDENT George Sperry SECRETARY Milledge White TREASURER Marshall Fleming PRESS REPORTER Don Hill PARLIAMENTARIAN Tyler Martin SPONSOR Mr. Chappell Collins Molecule Collins and His Little Atoms PURPOSE—To promote a better understanding and knowledge of physics. Twenty-one Inert Solids PRESIDENT Ed Jordan VICE PRESIDENT John Beasley SECRETARY-TREASURER Lanny Mays SERGEANT-AT-ARMS Lawton Jordan SPONSOR Mr. Chappell Collins PURPOSE—To increase our knowledge of chemistry.Collins’ Comical Chemists PURPOSE—To increase our Knowledge of chemistry. PRESIDENT Murray David VICE PRESIDENT Jane Whitman SECRETARY-TREASURER Turner Ball SPONSOR Chappell Collins PRESIDENT Joe Bowdin VICE PRESIDENT Spec Leach SECRETARY-TREASURER Tommy Walden PARLIAMENTARIAN Ellis Norton SPONSOR Chappell Collins Collins’ Twenty-four Test Tubes PURPOSE—To create a greater interest in the study of chemistry.PRESIDENT Durward Pennington VICE PRESIDENT Chew Davis SECRETARY-TREASURER Dent Reeves PARLIAMENTARIAN Philip Plummer SPONSOR Mr. Chappell Collins Big Bomb and His Little Atoms PURPOSE—To promote interest in the field of chemistry. PRESIDENT Anne Churchwell VICE PRESIDENT Leslie Summcrford SECRETARY Mike Collins TREASURER Chuck Menefee SPONSOR Miss Martha Dye Social Science SocietySperry’s Kultured Kats PRESIDENT.................Jerry Deen VICE PRESIDENT..............Marshall Fleming SECRETARY......................Jerry Brimberry TREASURER..................Charlotte Chapman SPONSOR.................R. F. Sperry PROGRAM CHAIRMAN..............Gail Batey ASSISTANTS...............Barbara Bennett Anice NiblettUncle Bob’s Story Hour PRESIDENT Lavon Payton VICE PRESIDENT Tyler Martin SECRETARY Rudolph Patterson TREASURER Roger Aycock SPONSOR R. F. SperryPRESIDENT..... VICE PRESIDENT. SECRETARY..... TREASURER..... SPONSOR....... Mot Shemwell ..Janie Strawder ..David Dykes ...Jackie Doyal .. .R. F. SperryPsychopathic Seniors PRESIDENT Rutherford Winston VICE PRESIDENT Kay Gissendaner SECRETARY Richard Mercer TREASURER Jean Gilliam . SPONSOR R. F. Sperry MOTTO—To learn in order to live.PRESIDENT Otho Sanders VICE PRESIDENT Rutherford Winston SECRETARY-TREASURER Billy Tarpley SPONSOR Mrs. T. R. Thornton 1 Business Leaders of Tomorrow PURPOSE—To understand better through bookkeeping our economical, social, and civic problems. Business Leaders of Tomorrow PRESIDENT Marihelen Rogers VICE PRESIDENT Latrelle Kirkland SECRETARY TREASURER Jean Yarbrough SPONSOR Mrs. T. R. ThorntonFuture Business Instructors PRESIDENT.............Johnny Schraeder VICE PRESIDENT..................Laverne Connell SECRETARY........................Geneva Radney TREASURER.........................Linda Taylor PROGRAM CHAIRMAN...................Ruth Griner SPONSOR.............. Robert E. Eaudrce PURPOSE—Paving our way toward the future.Faudree’s Btisiness Workers PRESIDENT.................Harvey Willis VICE PRESIDENT..............Jean Segler SECRETARY................Bill Crawford TREASURER................Wyleen Wilson PROGRAM CHAIRMAN............Gail Lewis SPONSOR...............Robert E. Faudree PURPOSE—To promote a better understanding and increase our knowledge of the business world.S.OS. Club FIRST PF.RIOD THIRD PF.RIOD PRESIDENT...............Marihelen Rogers VICE PRESIDENT..........Yvonne Hatcher SECRETARY...............Jean Yarbrough TREASURER.................Carol Hayman PRESIDENT VICE PRESIDENT SECRETARY..... TREASURER ........Faye Perry Mariellen Johnson ....Wyleen Wilson Dioneca StewartDear Hunters PURPOSE—To create, maintain, and extend throughout the home, school, and community high standards of Christian character. PRESIDENT Lorna Jean Sweeting VICE PRESIDENT Audrey Moses SECRETARY Mary Kate Massey TREASURER Faith Milner PARLIAMENTARIAN Dawn Clegg SPONSORS Miss Martha Dye Mrs. Guy CarterPILOT Bill Halford CO-PILOT Lee Hall PUBLIC INFORMATION OFFICER Leslie Williams FINANCE OFFICER Hugh Bishop SPONSOR Mrs. Inghram Little Confederate Air Force PRESIDENT Joyce Hammond VICE PRESIDENT Delores Justice SECRETARY Eudora Lee TREASURER Latrelle King PRESS REPORTER Jo Ann Justiss SOCIAL CHAIRMAN Shurley Barrow SPONSOR Mrs. Jack Milward Kitchen Kats MOTTO-—The nearest way to a man's heart is through his stomach. PURPOSE—To have fun and to learn to be a better homemaker.PRESIDENT Linda Woodall VICE PRESIDENT Starlet Geiger SECRETARY Charlotte Langford TREASURER Jan Willis SPONSORS Mrs. S. A. Juhan Mrs. Audrey Collins Beta Tri-Hi-Y PURPOSE—To create, maintain, and extend throughout the home, school, and community high standards of Christian character. PRESIDENT Leverne Rehberg VICE PRESIDENT Carole Chappell TREASURER Jenny Dorough SECRETARY Carolyn Ward SPONSORS Mrs. A. L. Powell Mrs. Gwen Perry Delta Tr PURPOSE—To create, maintain, and extend throughout the home, school, and community high standards of Christian character.Epsilon Tri-Hi-Y PRESIDENT ........ VICE PRESIDENT ... SECRETARY ........ TREASURER ........ PROGRAM CHAIRMAN PARLIAMENTARIAN SPONSORS ......... Priscilla Hobbs ..........Teena Duke Mary Alice Crawford .........Jackie Marks ...........Celia Davis ..........Judy Barbre Miss Snellgrove Mrs. CoppingerThe Gabblers PRESIDENT Fred Chappell TREASURER Babs Wamble PROGRAM CHAIRMAN Pamela Cockroft VICE PRESIDENT Brenda Houston SECRETARY Linda Hambrick SPONSOR Mrs. Annie Laurie PowellGamma Tri-Hi-Y PRESIDENT Sue Dunn VICE PRESIDENT Suannc Mount SECRETARY Neca Blair TREASURER Marylin Flowers SPONSOR Pat Field PURPOSE—To create, maintain, and extend throughout the home, school, and community high standards of Christian character.Albany High School Glee Chib PRESIDENT Sonia Sutton VICE PRESIDENT Edwina Davis SECRETARY Emily Haire TREASURER Nancy Pierson SPONSOR Maynard SellVXelotieiUs PRESIDENT ................Edwina Davis VICE PRESIDENT............Claire Walker DIRECTOR .................Ruth Chambers SECRETARY AND TREASURER ..Linda Gotsch PRESS REPORTER ...........Linda Cullom SPONSOR ..................Maynard Sell Freshman Band SPONSOR Maynard SellAlbany High School Band CAPTAINS Larry Houston Kurt Herman Eugene Griffen Jimmy Wimbish Lee Lofton John McClendon Wesley Darley Herbert Nowell Jack Sadler Maynard Sell MAJOR ..................Anice Niblett LIEUTENANT .............Jackie Doyal (y r » 7 I Vv M c % J ( ry fn i m 7j « U —I' U J Vii • n r Mary Harmon Lynette Smith Jacki Doyal Berta Jenkins Virginia Cannon Mithalyn Overby Anice Niblett Fonda Starnes Deanie Meltonthletics "Keep coming back for all they’ve got And take it with a grin, When disappointment trips you up Or failure barks your shin, Keep coming back—and if at last You lose the game of right, Let those who whipped you know, At least, They, too, have had a fight.” —GRANTLAND RICE : ,» Ai Standing: Captain, Toby Ivey, who is also the recipient of the Best Blocker Award and Marshall Fleming, Co-Captain. Sitting: ’56 Varsity Football Sweetheat, Linda Gotsch. Graham Lowe, Bernie Reid, John Tillitski, Patrick Field, and Bob Fowler.John Beasley Jack Clanton Although there were few returnees from the football team of last year, the youthful Albany Indians looked forward to a good season, and victory over Roosevelt, 12-6, was thought to be only a starter. Then successive losses to Columbus and Thomaston threw them back. Chevy Davis Elzie Duncan Albany.........12 Albany.........13 Albany......... 6 Albany......... 6 Albany......... 0 Roosevelt ......... 6 Columbus ..........26 Thomaston .........20 La Grange.......... 0 Valdosta ..........33 A1 Garrett Avenging last year, they beat La Grange, 6-0, with Milledge White showing strength as a fullback and we began looking forward to the Valdosta game; but our hopes were dashed again by losses to both Valdosta and Baylor, who were out of our region. David Fouche Mike DoyalKen Kinard The Indians showed an upsurge of spirit and walloped Baker, 33-0. Billy Creel's and Toby Ivey's strong play in the line overwhelmed them. Then, Jordan beat Albany, and taking advantage of many breaks, Lanier slid by them. But with Durward Pennington and Harvey Willis running hard, the Indians finished up the season right, cutting down Mike Knight Charles Lewis Moultrie, 13-6. Throughout the season, Eddie Mote’s running, which earned him first place in the region and a place on the All-State team, gained us much precious yardage. Eddie Mote David NeilsonJr. David Peterson Durward Pennington Russell Rouse James Sanders Otho Sanders Harvey Willis Jan ParhamCheerleaders MARGARET HATCHER ROBIN LEEGER TOBY TURNER LILA SHEFFIELD COOKIE RIFKIN JUDY MADSON JANIE TURNER SAUNDRA WILLIAMS’56 Varsity EDDIE MOTE Most Valuable Player Co-Captain of the All-Region Team Girls' Basketball Head Coach Chappell Collins r The Squaws started the season with the odds against them this year. After losing most of their starters, they knew that they were in for a rough ’56-’57 season. Coach Chappell Collins' girls fought hard in every game but came through with but two victories. Our forwards did a good job this year scoring, but without the support of our guards—Lottie Land, Martha Ann Cheney, Patsy Smith, and Kathleen Howard—-our forwards would not have been able to be as successful. Glenda Eubanks dominated the scoring during the season with the able assistance of Shirley Austin, Ann Mitchell, and Helene Mott. As. Coach Mrs. Robert Comer I LGeorgia Ann Farris Linda Giles Linda Hambrick Linda (Jack) Harrell JoAnn Howell THE 1956-1957 BASKETBALL SCORES Albany 46 Cuthbert -55 Albany 12 Cairo ..46 Albany 47 Sale City -59 Albany 24 Bainbridge -31 Albany 49 Cuthbert ..78 Albany 31 Bainbridge ..52 Albany 37 Moultrie -59 Albany 30 Thomaston -57 Donice Albany 46 Climax -28 King Albany 43 Thomaston .50 Albany 46 Moultrie .50 Albany 24 Cairo 37 Albany 29 Cordele .30 Albany 53 Fort Valley .44 Suzie Honnold Kat Howard Bernice Kling Lottie Land Charlotte Lindsey Laverne Ann Mitchell Helene Mott Lindsey Barbara Lindsey Gail Patterson Patsy Smith Bettye Willis Gwen Martin Mary Alice StrawderBasketball 1956-1957 Head Coach GRAHAM LOWFROGER AYCOCK JOHN BLAKEY BILL BUNTIN BUTCH CLIFTON Guard Guard Guard Guard Senior Junior Junior Sophomore The Albany Indians, with all five starters graduated, started a young team in the 1956-57 season. After a win over Cairo and a loss to Cuthbert, the Indians were eliminated in the Albany Invitational Tournament. Having a hard luck season, the Indians ended a losing streak with a powerful win over La Grange. Moultrie, who seemed to be our nemesis, gave us a loss before another wdn over La Grange. Our great potentialities were shown in the two Thomaston and Jordon games. We were still in the running for the top four in the region after a loss to Baker and a w in over Moultrie. The last region game of the season, against Lanier, was the "make-or-break” game for the Indians in which a win over Lanier would give them a tic for fourth place. They won, outplaying Lanier all the way. Thus ending the season right with a 6-8 region record. JIMMY DAVIS Center Sophomore VANN HEARD Forward Sophomore JACK HUDSON Forward Sophomore jimmie McDonald Forward JuniorLA VON PAYTON Forward Senior DURWARD PENNINGTON Forward Captain MILLEDGE WHITE Guard Senior BOBBY WILLS Center Junior Managers DOUGLAS DANIELS and LARRY DUITMAN THE 1956-1957 BASKETBALL SCORES Albany 41 Cuthbert 53 Albany 50 Cairo 44 Albany 36 Jordan 41 Albany 56 Columbus 74 Albany 40 Lanier 56 Albany 58 Columbus 79 Albany 50 Cuthbert 58 Albany 52 Baker 69 Albany 44 La Grange ... 28 Albany 51 Moultrie 53 Albany 36 La Grange .... 37 Albany 50 Lee 64 Albany 76 Jordan 51 Albany 91 Thomaston .... 60 Albany 63 Moultrie 51 Albany 44 Cairo 50 Albany 74 Baker 79 Albany 61 Lanier 54Track 1956 First row: Steve Guiner. Hugh Burnham. Charles Taylor. Wade Whitley. Jimmy McDonald, Herb Windom. Frantz Lipsey. Godfrey Culbreth, Bubber Phillips, Bobby Wills. Second row: Coach Bernie Reid, Billy Creel, Sam Hyde. Edward Ivey. Eddie Mote. Murray David, Don Hill, Jack Hudson. Henry Wortman. Frank Orgle, John Huie, Coach Chappell Collins. First row: Bill Crawford. Mi I ledge White. Curtis Faircloth. Jimmy Fallow. Second row: Coach Pat Field. Lavon Payton. Durward Pennington. Marshall Fleming, Jack McDaniel.Girls' Tennis Team JANE WHITMAN JERRIE FORDHAM LINDA LEEGER GLENDA EUBANKS ANN MITCHELL LEE HALL BOBBY FRANK TYLER MARTIN BOBBY McKENZIE Boys' Tennis Teamavor'ites Now, let us praise famous men.BARBARA BENNETT DON HILL Class Prophecy Time: 1967. Place: ALBANY, GEORGIA. Occasion: Reunion of the Class of '57. Ten eventful years have passed since we visited the now gigantic metropolis of Albany, but as we near the city limits we see Beth Davis, renowned lady wrestler, doing a few push-ups on the Kinchafoonee Creek Bridge. With her are her equally famous managers, Nancy Kennedy and Delores Justice. Working on the road we see those tycoons of the County Farm, Otis Melton, Dan McIntyre and Dell Bush guarded by the lovely guardess Vicki Thayer. These boys owe their success to an early familiarity with the ins and outs of fate. As we near the outshirts of town a lone figure on a bicycle attracts our attention. It is Sonia Sutton, advertising for Faye Smith’s Reducing Salon. On the back of the bicycle hangs a sign advertising Twilly's Twilight Tea Room run by none other than Jean Twilley, AHS's friend to old maids. Frequent patronizers are Kathleen Howard, Alice Horne, Jean Gilliam, Kay Gissendaner, and Kay Jones. We are almost run down by a two-ton truck driven by the farmer Gale Batey. The truck is loaded down with the children of those famous young matrons the former Barbara Able, Marihellen Rogers, Karen Robinson, Arlene Cuthbertson, Carol Hayman, Jeanette McDaniel, Shirley Pope and Cathy Palmer. Coming to our rescue is a troop of Boy(?) Scouts composed of Steve Arneson, Kurt Henman, Roy Medlin, Roger Wells, and Frank Thurmond, led by that master of masters, Torntny Barineau. Cautiously we edge around the corner and bump into Doorman John McLendon who invites us into Madame Frances’ (Weathers) Petite Shoppe where we see three of America’s Best Dressed Women, Daylene Schmidt, Dale Briggs, and Ruth Russell; examining clothes by fashion designer, Eve Arnold. Time is swiftly flying, so we hurry over to La Sac, Albany’s most luxurious hotel, which is run by that fearsome foursome Martha Turley, Janie Turner, Rut Winston, and Janie Strawder. Head bell-boy, Jim Strom, hurries to take our bags up to our room and we wander over to the newsstand. On the front page of the Putney Journal, owned by Mariellen Johnson, is a picture of Hollywood stars, Salty Hutchinson, Tommy Williams, "Wild Bill” Creel, and internationally famous artist Nancy Hill talking with air lines owner, Lee English. Glancing through the paper we find Fonda Starnes "Letters to the Love-Lorn," including an answer to Pauline Sterne’s frantic letter, "Secretary’s Secrets," by Barbara Watson, Verdi Goolsby, Wyleen Wilson, Vivian Everson, and Joan Stvaim, andfull page pictures of Eugene Griffin, Lee Lofton, Jimmy Wimbish, Lurry Houston, Jimmy Dickenson, Carmel McDonald, Homer Nolan, Herbert Nowell and Wesley Darley playing the Trombone Boogie Symphony in C flat minor. Swelling laughter and the clink of glasses draws our attention to the Dark Room, where an early reunion party is going on. Peeking in the door we see Judy Madson, Poodle Prince, Lavon Payton, Toby Shivey, Rudolph Patterson, and Ramona Reames reliving high school daze. A convenient palm serves as a prop while we watch the class begin to gather for the first reunion of the Class of '57. In comes general manager Richard Atercer. followed by his henchmen, Toby Ivey, Ronnie Fountain, and Rudolph Moore. They case the joint for any spies, then signal for their guests, Kay Barrett, Barbara Bennett, Dorothy Ann Broadway and Jean Cook to pile in. Naturally the first to officially is U. S. President Jimmy Cain, followed by his all girl Cabinet: Secretary of State, Helene Marks; Secretary of Defense, Anice Niblet; Secretary of the Treasury, Jackie Doyal, Secretary of Interior, Dioneca Stewart; Secretary of Labor, Linda Leeger; Postmaster General, Nancy Castleberry; Secretary of Commerce, Marcille Highnote; and Secretary of Health, Welfare and Education, Martha Smith. Just back from an African safari are these world adventurers Foster Joiner, Charles Ward, Mot Shemwell, Philip Rossingal, Orman Crabb, and Sonny Davis. Next we see a group of Wall Street executives, Joe Nix, Donald Norris, Jerry Dean, and Otho Sanders talking to the nation's top physicist, EUard Nunnally. Just in from a Palm Beach winter vacation are these charming young socialites, the former Carol Ann Wofford, Mary Lorene Shively, Laynette Smith, Joan Ellington, Carroll Howard, and Patsy Melvin; with them is Sandra Lanier, Queen of the Italian Mambo, and Turkish Tango demonstrators, jerry Brimberry, Sam Hammond, and Clem Wiggins—lurking in the background are Jon Adams and David Dykes, authors of "Who’s Blue,” America's foremost social register. A group carrying "Bachelors Anonymous” banner draws our attention, and upon second glance we see none other than Harry Piersol, Donald Wells, Jimmy Hattaway, Billy Strickland. Eddie Mote, Jack McDaniel, and Wayman Kimbrell. They are fighting a losing battle, it seems. The lights dim and the spectacular floor show begins. Master of Ceremonies Charles Lewis enters followed by the Four Step Brothers, George Sperry, Lee Hall, Reed Hatfield, and Jo Ed Henderson. They have been entertaining at some of the worlds most famous night spots( ?). Of course, with the help of the Hi-Fi Sisters, Mary Carolyn Lee, Faye Perry, and Rachel Kendall, the floor show is almost complete, but we can t leave off the world's greatest comedian, Burnette Cox, and his assistant, Joe Barr. ,.K tlu-rr- k , n( :lndZinkof enters. The Duchess is better known to us as Anne Newsome. Right behind her are international playboys Tony Langford. Stephan Vaughn. Hollis Home, and Claude Myler, still arguing about the high cost of Polo Ponies. Trying to pass unnoticed are Marshall Fleming, Notre Dame coach, and his head water boy, Sam Hyde; C.B.S. foreign correspondent, Don Hill: the former Ruth Sasser. now Mrs. America of 1967; and Enzor Beckham, discoverer of Had-A Letter, world's greatest tonic since Had-A-Col faded out. The house lights dim again and a new emcee, Ellis Norton, takes over. He introduces singer Wynton "Tonsils” Gay; who in turn announced that a great treat is in store for us—that great cjueen of the Shakespearean theater. Miss Diane Flowers, has consented to appear. Members of her cast are: Macbeth, Allen Sikes; Lady Macbeth, Marjorie Bedenbough; Duncan, S. J. Clark: and the three murderers, Annette Edwards, Ettdora Lee, and Carol Roberts. The play is a great success, and Rembert Glass, jack Sadler and Corky Gotko pass the hat with great results. Long after the six chorus girls Shirley Austin, Margaret Holman, Lynne Hall. Doris Dt preee, Kathy Nolan, Rosemary Smith, led by Shirley Barron and Margaret Bass have made their last bow, the people continue to gather at tables and talk. The former Lanelle Blakely, Iris Hubble and Cathy Palmer leave early to return to their families, just as Nanelle Miller, June Tomlinson, and ]o Ann Justice arrive from the opening of their new refrigeration plant in Juneau, Alaska. These girls have as their salesmen— Norbert Chausse, Charles Goodman, Ray Johnson, and Sonny Spies—with salesmen like these, their refrigerations should be a great success??? Jean Yarbrough and Sharon Grimes. New York models approach our table with the news that Tyler Marlin and Milledge While have recently received an invitation to the Court of St. James to demonstrate their remarkable ability to get rid of fruitcakes. It seems that ever since that Latin-like-lover, David Fouche followed by Jeanette Rossman, Ann Summerford and Bettye Willis, passed by with his "nutty as a fruitcake" expression, things have been in an uproar. In the noise and confusion w'e almost overlooked Harvard English master, Richard Ward, who is talking with Madame Charlotte (Chapman) DuVanean, wife of France's ambassador to the U. S. They are discussing the fabulous sports world which has claimed several AHS stars, Alice Faye Mercer. Carolyn Peak, Mary Alice Slrawder, Roger Aycock, and Williford Johnson. A great sense of excitement overwhelms us as the spotlight centers on that beautiful blackheaded Sunnie Jones. It seems her fiancee has an allergy to red hair, so her famous hairdresser Joyce Hammond recolored her hair using Kirkland's (Latrelle) Kinky Hair Coloring. Miss Jones is giving an imitation of the T V. World's screams, Diane Pulliam, Loretta Slay, Joan Stamps, and Carolyn Vaughn.But it seems that Billy Tarpley is giving stiff competition to our star by trying to auction off Barbara Patron to the highest bidder. Great tension mounts as the price keeps going up and up. Those multi-millionaires, Robert Miller and Billy Morris both seem to want her no matter what the cost because of her great ability to teach monkeys to talk. Our hero, Larry Duitman, steps in and demands that the bidding be stopped. At this point the world's leading politicians—Andrew Hayes. Clarence Hopkins, and Lee Cox, cry that Amendment XXXXII1IX passed by Senators Bobby Eason and Billy Watson forbids such an act of bidding. Things calm down and Yvonne Hatcher heads things back to normal by announcing the news that Miss Rosa Lee Mitchell has been named "Woman of the Year.” We hear all the girls swooning and turn just in time to see that Elvis Presley looking boy, Nathan McCrary, come running through the door chased by Jeanette Gordy, Patricia Henson, Marjorie Holton, and Mary Mullins. We watch spellbound to see who wins the race, but it is won by the police chief Harold Etheridge and assistant chief Tommy Barns. Nurses—Myrna Lon Walters, Billy Ruth Pelham. Martha West, and Louise Hyde—patch our teenage idol up and the spectacular floor show continues. What reunion would be complete without a good old-fashioned game of Bingo? Jim Bowles starts the ball rolling by asking Elizabeth Logan, champion Hog-Caller, to call out the numbers. Frances Howell wins the first game and awards her prize to Juanita Summerjord. president of the East Albany Drag Strip. Juanita's past 10 years have been very interesting. She has had the privilege of awarding the Suicide Award to several of our old friends—Raymond Simpson. Ernest Smith, Guy Rehberg, and Jerry Dodgen. As we leave this suspense packed reunion, we come upon the scene well known to American men, a traffic jam caused by a woman driver who is none other than Phyliss Joines with an equally confused passenger, Mary Ellen Jones. Lo and behold here comes Corporal Charlie Hancock on his motorcycle to disentangle this mess. To help with this seemingly impossible job, Detective Sergeant Chester Rogers, "Poker-face," arrives on the scene. To add to the confusion are top horn tooters, Ellis Chestnut, lawyer and politician; William Cloud, noted filibusterer of the Democratic party, with his body guards Larry Edwards, Dan Sanders and Ernest Spivey, members of the Ty-Ty Detective Bureau. Shall we leave before becoming involved! Look out ! ! ! ZOOOOOOW! Well, we see Gene Wiggens is still trying to make a place for himself in this world, a little faster and he’ll be in the next! As the first rays of daylight peep over the towering buildings of down-town Albany, we slowly turn toward our hotel and some much needed sleep. A lonesome echo follows us down the deserted street, "for should auld acquaintances be forgot, here's to you, dear old A.H.S.”Last Will and Testament We, the Class of 1957, in two hundred forty-two individual and distinct parts, being about to graduate from this sphere of education in full possession of crammed minds, well-trained memories and almost superhuman understanding, do make and publish this, our last will and testament, hereby revoking and making void all former wills'or promises. First we do direct that our funeral services shall be conducted by our friends and well-wishers, our superintendent and his competent faculty, and ask, as the last request of the dying, that they do conduct them with reverence. We do dispose of the following which Fate and our hands have won us: Item I. We give and bequeath to the dear faculty who have been our instructors in the wisdom of all the ages, a sweet and unbroken succession of restful nights and peaceful dreams. It has been a hard strain on them, for seniors are said to be at all times and under all conditions hard to manage. But they have all done their duty and now they shall have their well-earned reward. Item II. The following may seem but trifling bequests but we hope they may be accepted, not as worthless things lavishly thrown away because we no longer can keep them, but as valuable assets to those who may receive them and a continued reminder of our generosity of heart: Lee English leaves his position in the CAP and TAPs to anyone big enough to handle the job. Toby Ivey and Eddie Mote leave their respective positions as football captain and hero to some eager underclassmen. Diane Flowers and Don Hill leave the Record Hop. It will never be the same. Jean Gilliam leaves and AHS loses one of the most beautiful voices it has ever heard. Kay Gissandaner and Nancy Castleberry leave still talking on and on and on and on. Rembert Glass and Sam Hyde leave taking the two nicest people we know—themselves. Lee Hall, Steve Arneson, Jerry Brimberry, and Tyler Martin regretfully leave Nancy, Jo, Linda G., and Linda M. to the underclassman boys. Jimmy Hattaway leaves his position as boss in the cafeteria to some eager hardworking boy. Barbara Able, Carol Hayman, and Karen Robinson leave with their diamonds sparkling brightly and eager anticipation in their eyes to meet Ray, Bobby, and Buddy. Kay Barrett and Dale Briggs leave their studious ways and good grades to Sandra Hopkins. Tommy Barineau, Peyton Cook, and Kurt Herrman leave their ability to get along with the teachers to Terrell Cooper and Pete Peterson. Roger Aycock leaves—still flirting with the girls. Eve Arnold and Sonny Jones leave their beautiful red hair to Cyrilla Beck. F.nzor Beckham leaves a pair of big shoes to be filled as President of the Key Club. Our math brain, Jimmy Cain, leaves his aptitude for the subject to Louis Whitman.Dell Bush and Toby Shirey leave the use of the hall as Lover's Lane to any underclassmen who can get away with it. Marjorie Bedcnbaugh and Sandra Lanier leave still lost in their fog. Charlotte Chapman leaves her c|uict and charming ways t Susan Fleming. } Norbert Chausse leaves taking his French accent with him, to Miss Randitt’s regret. Billy Creel leaves—I wonder what gal will finally catch him. Arlene Cuthbertson leaves to be married. Annette F.dwards, Doris Dupree, Verdie Mae Goolsby, Peggy Halstead, Joyce Hammond, Pat Henson, and Nanelle Miller leave with a great big shout for joy. Daleyne Schmidt, Jeanne Cook, and Carol Anne Wofford leave with questioning minds. Beth Davis leaves to meet F.stol in the outside world. Jimmy Dickinson bequeaths his drum position to Barry Jones. Jackie Doyal bequeaths her talents as a majorette to Mary Dean Melton. Barbara Bennett leaves to join Bruce at F.S.U. David Dykes leaves his big manly physique to Hugh Wallace. Andrew Hayes leaves a place in F.F.A. that can never be completely filled. Carroll Howard and Helene Marks leave their talents as artists to Jayme Aultman. Williford Johnson leaves his place as the only boy in the French class. The poor boy will never be the same. Kay Jones and Marshall Fleming leave still holding hands. Judy Madson leaves her eagerness, enthusiasm, and love for doing crazy things to Judy Pryor. Elizabeth Norras, Lanelle Blakey Cutshaw, and Thomasine McDaniel leave to take up housekeeping. Anice Niblet leaves her quiet, studious ways to play-girl Twila Mason. Lavon Payton leaves his title as best-looking boy in the senior class to Tommy Walden. Barbara Patton and Rosa Lee Mitchell leave eager to begin their own teaching career. Sally Hutchinson leaves—What will become of Sally in Storyland? Frances Weathers and Janette Rossman leave their ability to make beautiful clothes to Beverly Commagere. Jeanette McDaniel leaves to join Bob. Ellis Chestnut, S. J. Clark, William Cloud, Jerry Dodgen, Bobby Eason, Larry Edwards, Tony Layford, and Otis Melton leave—period. Richard Ward and Ellard Nunnally leave their "brains” to some fortunate person. Ramona Rcames wills her way with all the boys to Joanne Johnston. Wendall Prince leaves his ability to have more fun than anyone else in AHS to Murray David. Diane Pulliam, Jack Sadler, John McLendon, Jimmy Wimbish, Eugene Griffin leave their positions in the band, hoping Mr. Sell will be able to fill them. Ruth Sasser leaves and AHS student government loses a fine leader that will be hard to replace. Faye Smith leaves to join Bing at long last. Janie Strawder leaves her position as editor-in-chief of the Thronteeska to William Mock. Frank Thurmond leaves??? Janie Turner leaves her position as head cheerleader to an enthusiastic junior with a lot of school spirit.Jean Twilley leaves to start a nursing career. Tommy Williams leaves—underclassman girls may now start crying. Larry Duitman leaves his boisterous ways to Spec Lc-ach. Ray Johnston, Charles Lewis, Jack McDaniel, and Gayle Kidd leave their sleepy Monday mornings behind them. Delores Justice, Joanne Justice, Latrelle Kirkland, Elizabeth Logan, Jeanette Maxwell, Carolyn Peake, and Joan Stamps leave rejoicing. Iris Hubble, Mary Carolyn Lee, and Sonny Spies leave to join their better half. Gale Batey leaves and the halls of AHS are strangely quiet aagin. Wesley Darley and Roy Medlin leave their Charles Atlas physiques to Bob Prcvatt. Millcdge White leaves his ability to lead and work well with others to Bill Buntin. Betty Willis leaves her place in Anchor Club to a junior willing to work. Charles Ward wills his good looks to Ed Jordan. Sonia Sutton and Ronnie Fountain leave hand in hand. Patsy Melvin leaves to meet Ted. Anne Newsome leaves her ability to make ones in Miss Plant's classes to some junior brain. Linda Lecger, Mariellen Johnson leave—AHS's loss—FSU's gain. Shirley Austin leaves her love of basketball to Ann Mitchell otherwise known as "Moose.” Shirley Barrow, Margaret Bass, Dorothy Ann Broadway, Vivian Everson, and Jeanette Gordy leave wearing great big smiles. Kathy Palmer, Dioneca Stewart, Carol Roberts, and Kathy Nolan leave their happy-go-lucky ways behind them. Rudolph Patterson leaves, and the senior class loses its well behaved class president. Ann Summerford leaves with her ever-lovin’ bottle of peroxide. Jim Strom, Bobby McKenzie, Foster Joiner leave—AHS will never be the same. Lorene Shiverly wills her ability to sell ads to almost anybody, to some fast talking junior. Herbert Nowell leaves Miss Plant's English class, still asking questions. Charles Goodman, David Fouce, Dan McIntyre, and Otho Sanders leave those afternoons of football practice to anyone out for the glory of it. Homer Nolan, Claude Myler, Ellis Norton, Guy Rehberg, Chester Rogers, and Philip Rossignal leave—the school will surely fall. Carolyn Vaughan, Myrna Walters, Barbara Watson and Martha West leave, and AHS loses some swell girls. Martha Turley, Mary Alice Strawder, Joan Swain, Kay Stanton, Alice Horne leave, glad to be through with books and studies at last. George Sperry graduates and leaves his father still in high school. Helen Jenkins leaves her precious smile to Mary Ann Thornton. Wynton Gay leaves to join forces with Como or Crosby. Billy Lloyd, Nathan McCrary, Robert Miller, Rudolph Moore, Billy Morris, Joe Nix, and Harry Piersol leave with many regrets ? ? ?Jon Adams leaves to follow in the footsteps of his famous ancestors. Rachel Kendall, Nancy Kennedy, Shirley Pope, Vicki Thayer, Loretta Slay, June Tomlinson, and Jean Yarbrough leave their haloes to the freshmen who need them. Nancy Hill, Ruth Russell, and Marihelen Rogers leave the annual staff after a year of trials and tribulations. Eudora Lee, Rosemary Smith and Joan Stamps leave their wild ideas to demure Julia Allen. Burnette Cox, Lee Cox, Harold Etheridge, Sam Hammond, Charlie Hancock, Edgar Hansen, Larry Houston, and Wade and Tommy Burns leave their ability to do little worrying and less studying to all the sophomores. Kat Howard, and Yvonne Hatcher leave some big places to be filled on the basketball team. Faye Perry and Mary Mullins leave their "gift of Gab” to any talented junior with wind enough. Joe Barr, Jim Bowles, Sonny Davis, Corky Gotko, Buddy Hopkins, Billy Strickland, Donald Wells, and Jon Griffin gladly leave their joyous times at AHS. C. L. Thompson regretfully leaves Barry. Wyleen Wilson and Marjorie Holton leave their duties in the library gladly. Billy Watson wills all those girls who run after him to someone who will appreciate them. Mendall Turner, Jerry Walkers, Gene Wiggins, and Billy Tarpley leave us as quietly as they entered ? Lynetter Smith and Fonda Starnes sadly leave their majorette outfits behind. Jerry Dean and Orman Crabb leave Coach Sperry’s psycho class—free at last. Dan Sanders, Allen Sikes, Raymond Simpson, Ernest Spivey take their easy going ways with them. Joe Ed Henderson, Hollis Howze, Waymon Kimbrel and Carmel McDonald wander forth from AHS just as bewildered as ever. Donald Norris leaves taking his red hair and freckles with him. Phyllis Joines wills her head of curly hair to Ann Shackeford. Rut Winston leaves her position as president of the "Chaw-Chaws" to Toby Turner. Clem Wiggins leaves her love of horseback riding to an underclassman with a lot of gumption. Sharon Grimes leaves but the memory of her fine and wonderful character remains here. Kris Lovejoy, Richard Mercer, and Roger Wells leave their ability to get into trouble without trying to the freshmen. Louise Hyde, Margaret Holman, Mary Ellen Jones, Billie Ruth Pelham, and Francis Howell leave to meet the new world eagerly. Lynne Hall leaves her place in the Glee Club to Ruth Chambers. Pauline Sterne, Alice Faye Mercer, Marcille Hinote, Martha Smith, and Juanita Summer-ford bid dear old AHS a fond farewell, while Reed Hatfield and Ernest Smith bid it a not fond farewell. We hereby appoint Mr. H. E. McNabb as executor of this will, and give him full power if parties mentioned in this will do not fulfill all conditions set forth, we direct that Mr. McNabb use his judgment and bestow these gifts on worthy parties. Signed, declared, and published by the Class of 1957, as its last will and testament, this Eleventh day of February, 1957.We Deeply Appreciate These People There are so many of you to whom we give our sincere thanks. In all of our activities you are our strength, our foundation, but especially in the publishing of this book we owe you so much. Your material support means we can have a yearbook like the Thronateeska. That financial support is highly valuable, but even more valuable is your personal interest in us and your never flagging effort to help us any way you can. For this we gratefully thank you— Our advertisers each and every one. Our principal, Mr. McNabb,who has been most cooperative in every way. Our teachers, who have excused us when necessary to get a job done. The second year typing classes who have done such a beautiful job of typing. Our Thronateeska photographer, Mr. Sanders, who has trailed about with us over hill and dale, hallways, gridirons, classrooms, and basketball courts photographing our school life in action. Our staff, members of the senior class, and all junior helpers who have worked with us this year. Again we say, thank you. JAN1F. STRAWDF.R, Editor NOR BERT CHAUSEE, Business Manager MRS. MARY FUTCH G. B. HOWELL Faculty Advisorsduertisers "We are advertised by our loving friends.” SHAKESPEAREON THE WAY UP? Get a good head start with a C S Bank savings account. Open yours for $1 or more. A little saved regularly will soon be enough to help you on your way. You will be most welcome at C S. THE CITIZENS SOUTHERN BANK OF ALBANY Member FDICSxyuidite (leKAeCry Compliments of SAVELLE JEWELRY COMPANY 111 North Washington Street HE 5-5654 Compliments of CROW'S DRUG COMPANY Compliments of KINNETT'S DAIRIES OWEN'S AULTMAN Sporting Goods MOTOR COMPANY Hardware Cadillac Pontiac 214 BROAD AVENUE if) PONTIAC Compliments of CHANDLER AUTHORIZED SALES AND SERVICE COAL AND OIL CO. 948 W. Oglethorpe Ave. 451-453 E. Broad Ave. HE 6-2431 ALBANY, GA. %r Good Luck, Seniors! ALBANY BEARING SERVICE, INC. LANIER TIFT Compliments Insurance of All Kinds of HE 5-8365 Albany, Georgia Venerable Parks, Manager TOWN COUNTRY Q CHURCHWELL'S U DEPARTMENT STORE 222 HEmlock Pine C 2-2701 M J. L. ANDERSON, Manager Ave. K For Fifty Years Clothiers of 1 High School and College LU Students of Southwest Georgia SANDWICHES We specialize in pre- 110 NORTH WASHINGTON paring sandwiches for STREET parties, picnics or carry HE 2-6281 home. Any Amount ALBANY. 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McDANIEL, Manager HE 2-1422 128 Broad Avenue Albany, Georgia Albany, GeorgiaCompliments of Compliments MAXWELL BROTHERS INCORPORATED ALBANY TRUST AND BANKING COMPANY Corrugated Packing Boxes 405 Maxwell Drive ALBANY, GEORGIA 2l 2% Interest Paid on Savings Member of FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORP. Compliments Sk kppei' 1 1 111 IMI 1W DR. PEPPER BOTTLING COMPANY 312 North Washington Street Compliments of THE SAM FARKAS ESTATE Albany, Georgia Compliments of VIVIAN'S 112 North Jackson Street Compliments of BRUCE JONES AUTO PARTS CO. "Your Parts Jobber"Compliments of BLANCHE'S Ladies’ Ready-to-Wear 205 BROAD AVENUE ROBERT A. INMAN Incorporated MEN'S WEAR 214 Pine Avenue HE 6-2112 Compliments of GIDDEN'S BEAUTY SCHOOL AND SHOP 104 North Monroe ALBANY. GEORGIA BAILES OLDSMOBILE, INC. 124 Pine Avenue SALES AND SERVICE DEPENDABLE USED CARS HE 2-0571 HE 6-3459 RONNIE'S Good Luck,. Seniors MODERN GAS COMPANY 1 SERVICE ALBANY OWNED 1012 W. 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Front WJ AZ "Southwest Georgia's Listening Habit" 1050 KC's ALBANY, GEORGIA JOHNSTON-REYNOLDS Men's Shop 230 PINE AVENUECompliments of HALEY MOTOR COMPANY Albany, Georgia SALES SERVICE TEST DRIVE THE NEW 1957 FORD Compliments of GAY Compliments CLOTHING COMPANY of "Your Friendly Men's Store" COATS CLARK INCORPORATED Albany, Georgia HE 2-6211 224 Pine Avenue ACROSS THE STREET FROM THE COURT HOUSEALBANY LINCOLN - MERCURY COMPANY 130-136 Broad Avenue Compliments of BELK'S DEPARTMENT STORE to the 1957 Seniors 215 Broad Avenue Compliments of MORROW-COOK FURNITURE COMPANY 245 Broad Avenue Compliments of ALBANY OIL COMPANY 201 East Broad Avenue Albany, Georgia SHELL OIL JOBBER Compliments Compliments of of VENTULETT AND PACE All Types of Insurance GEORGE A. 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Cook Compliments of LANIER FURNITURE 101 1 Oglethorpe Avenue Compliments of CROUCH LUMBER COMPANY "Everything for Building" 1412 North Jackson Street HE 6-2457 fsegyicO, N U vi is our FIRST THOUGHT ED MARTIN W1 SERVICE STATIONVery Best Wishes to the Community Leaders of Tomorrow the Class of Fifty-seven A. M. KARAGHEUSIAN, INC. Manufacturers of GULLISTAN CARPET LOOSIER OF ALBANY, INC. Compliments "Good and Better Furniture for Less Money" of THE STORE FOR YOUNG HOMEMAKERS BOB WHITE 112 South Jackson Albany, Georgia RENTS ALBANY SHEET METAL WORKS Compliments W. H. 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SAMFORD INCORPORATED NU-WAY DRY CLEANERS Cash and Carry The Home of Quality Cleaning Hemlock 5-9722 306 BROAD AVENUE TRACY BELL, Manager Compliments of SOUTH GEORGIA HARDWARE COMPANY 148 North Slappey Drive Albany's Most Modern, Complete, Air-Conditioned Hardware Store Free Parking for Our Customers PARK AND SHOP WITH US THE SELF SERVICE WAY We Have It, Will Get It, or It Isn't Made Compliments of BURT CONSTRUCTION COMPANY 826 FLINT HE 2-6216 CLARENCE R. 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Stewart, Sales Mgr. HE 2-6254 Home Phone HE 6-1423 ALBANY, GEORGIACompliments of JOE BRASHEAR'S STEEL COMPANY Compliments of UNITED RENT-ALLS Congratulations, Graduates Quality Furniture DREXEL KROEHLER WHITE UNIQUE BROWN FURNITURE COMPANY 511 Broad Avenue Compliments of QUICK SAND SERVICE COMPANY Compliments of COLORCRETE The Superlative Pictures tor This Year's Annual Were Made at THE PACE'S TURTLE HILL THE O. D. CARLTON ll'S THE HUGH SHACKLEFORD'S NEWCOMB FURNITURE COMPANY 113 Pine Avenue Lumber—Paint Compliments ; FRIEND r"PAY YOURSELF A DIVIDEND" 1957 Dear Student, Through experience we've learned that one of the most valuable assets in the world today is just being young. On the basis of our hindsight, we want to urge you to make the most of your high school educational opportunity and upon graduation to continue your education by attending the Albany Center, University of Georgia, or by going off to College even if you have to work your way. It's through educating yourself that you can "pay yourself a dividend." Your convenient, friendly bank, THE BANK OF ALBANYGood Luck to the W 4 K £ CANDY COMPANY 1957 Seniors ALBANY Penney’s Al WAY $ .FIRST QUALITY Meet Me at the DAIRY BAR GRILL! "THE FAMILY'S FAVORITE STORE" Albany, Georgia 1202 North Slappey Drive at Fifth Avenue CONGRATULATIONS! THE DAVIS' THE BOOK AND GIFT SHOP, INC. Gifts That Please GOLDSMITH'S 212 Pine Avenue ALBANY, GEORGIA Sets the Style at A. H. S. 105 NORTH WASHINGTON STREET Compliments of WOOD'S JEWELRY COMPANYThere’s a "one and only” in refreshment, too v J BOTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COLA COMPANY BY ALBANY COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO.n Look here, upon this picture . . . —SHAKESPEARE TR.CIVITANAutographsAutographsAutographsAutographsAutographsAutographsAutographsAutographsAutographs The | »t )t fbo k» K e MApt tAUC PUllliHlSO COMPANY PAllAS lf A % V

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