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Albany High School - Thronateeska Yearbook (Albany, GA) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Cover

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 UJe P ieAe tt 7he. Ondtian, 7lte At AlbanyStudentl, And acuity ctti U Scliaol 3 ksio-ncde iha PUBLISHED BY Ue A t u al StaH With the GoopjeA'oti H, 6jf StudLe+tti and tf-acuityWhich il dedicated to Major Bevin D. Lee U. S. Army Lt. Commander Harold E. McNabb U. S. Coast Guard Bevin D. Lee and Harold F, McNabb, two great friends, both of whom gave of their best to their country in World War II, just as for years they had given in the same fine spirit to the Schools of Albany. Now that they have returned from the Armed Services and resumed their old commands, we seek to express, in the dedication of this Annual, our gratitude for all that they have done, and our deep admiration for all that they have pros ed themselves to be. 6A+id U jbiiLided into- theie Sectie+vi: 7he School Showing pictures of our various classrooms and scenes about A. H. S. 7he. People Which includes the Faculty and Students. Athletioi Which covers the football and basketball teams. Qn.fyanimatio+vi Covering all organized activities, extra-curricular and academic. fyealu.n.ei In which we present the-Hit Parade of A. H. S., the Senior Diary, the Last Will and Testament, and the Class Prophecy. Adaenli emenld.9 7he School -Front Entrance Gymnasium and Industrial Arts DepartmentsAuditorium Lunchroom and Cafeteria Home Economics DepartmentPhysics Laboratory Chemistry Laboratory Biology LaboratoryMachine S io Library Study Hall Typing ClassGirls’ English Class Boys' History Class Boys’ English ClassAlgebra Class Ue PeopleJ. (). Allen Superintendent Rv th Cochran I. R. Thomastf-GCultlf, H. D. Hahvbl Thelma Plant B. D. Lee Principal 19Even ear by a secret vote of the facultv a girl is chosen for the Kiwanis Award and a hoy for the McIntosh Wvard. These awards constitute the highest honor which a Senior of Albany High School can receive, ami they are made to the boy-ami girl who have excelled in citizenship, scholarship, and leadership. This year the Kiwanis Award was won bv Vlline Marshall and the McIntosh Award bv Frontis W iggins. ■Vnother honor equally distinctive i that conferred upon the Senior who is elected Student Representative. llukia |ooes was chosen for this honor this year. 30And Senior (Djjjjice.'iA, Left to rig if; Boys—Halph Jordan, President; Ramon McLeod, Vice-President; Morgan Murphy, Secretary; Lewis Williams, Treasurer. . . . Girls—Frances Cobb, President; Mildred Huie, Vice-President; Hulda Jones. Secretary; Katherine Drake, Treasurer. 213 Betty Jean Adams “If there is a man in the case-other matters rate second place.” Captain Victory Corps ’43; Art Club 43; Glee Club 43, ’44, ’45; Girls’ Sextette ’45; History Club ’46; “Bookworms” ’46; Tri-Hi-Y ’45, ’46; Junior-Senior Decorating Committee ’45; Annual Staff ’46; Operetta ’44. Paul Akhidce “Let my deep, deep silence speak for me.” Victory Corps ’43; D. C. T. Club ’45, ’46. Nona Frances Ammons “The proof of the pudding is in eating it.” Tri-Hi-Y ’45, ’46; Art Club ’43, 14, ’45, ’46; S. . S. ’46; Victory Corps ’43; “Bookworms” ’46; Thronateeska Staff ’46; History Club ’46; Basketball ’46; Physical Education Captain ’46. Cody Allen “Work with a will and you’ll soon climb the hill.” Victory Corps ‘43; Honor Society ’43, ’45; D. C. T. Club ’44, ’45, ’46, President ’46; History Club ‘46. Billie Jean Anderson “A little stone makes a big splash” Lieutenant Victory Corps '43; Associate Judge in Honor Court ’43; Cursus Honorum ’44; Tri-Hi-Y ’45, ’46; Glee Club ’43, ’44, ’45, 46; Honor Society 43, ’44, ’45, ’46; Annual Staff ’46; Homeroom President ’46; “Bookworms” ’46; History Club ’46; French Club '46. Billy Joe Baker “Good things come in small packages.” Honor Guard ’43; Victory Corps ’43; Band ’44, ’45. ’46; Art Club ’43; History Club ’46; Intramural Sports ’43, 45. 22Anne Ashley “Am what she greatly thought, she greatly did” Cursus Honorum ’43, ’44; Tri-Hi-Y ’45, ’46; Secretary of French Club 46; “Bookworms” 46; History Club ’46; Art Club '43; Honor Society ’44, ’45, ’46. Fred M. Ball “What wisdom is greater than kindness?” Victor)' Corps 43; Intramural Baseball ’44; History Club ’45. Caryl Atkinson “Radiance streaming from within—around her eyes and forehead.” Victory Corps ’43; Art Club ’43, ’44, ’45, ’46; Glee Club ’43, '44, ’46; Operetta ’44; Student Council ’45; “Bookworms” ’46, Vice-President ’46; History Club ’46. Dan Bateman ”Blonde or brunette, short or tall—he lays a trap to snare them all. Track Manager ’44; Intramural Football ’44; Basketball ’45, '46; Hi-Y ’44, ’45, ’46; Student Council ’46; Honor Society ’45, 46: Movie Operator ’45, ’46, Junior-Senior Decorating Committee ’45; History Club ’46; French Club ’46, Treasurer ’46; Intramural Basketball ’44; Edi-tor-in-Chief Thronateeska ,46. Betty Branda 7 have no mockings or arguments, I witness and wait.” Glee Club ’43: Art Club ’45, ’46; Tri-Hi-Y ’45, ’46; History Club ’46; “Bookworms” '46, President ’46; 4-H Club ’46, Secretary-Treasurer ’46; S.O.S. Club ’46, Achievement Chairman ’46; Junior-Senior Decorating Committee ’45; Honor Society ’45, ’46; Throna- teeska Staff ’46. Herbert Benford “Speech is great, but silence is greater.” Honor Societv ’43, ’44, ’45; D. C. T. Club ’44, 45, [46, Secretary - Treasurer '44, ’45, ’46; Victory Corps 43; History Club ’46. 23I la Bass What wisdom can you find that is greater than kindness?” Glee Club ’43, ’44; Victory Corps ’43; History Club 46; French Club ’46 “Bookworms” '46; Operetta ’44; Speech Club ’45, ’46; Art Club ’43; 4-H Club 43. Bhuck B6c.cs "Be silent and safe—silence never betrays you." Art Club ’43, ’44, ’45, ’46; Victory Corps ’43. Wyolene Bennett “Work well done, makes pleasure more fun." Sergeant in Victory Corps ’43; Glee Club ’43, 44, ’45, ’46; Homeroom President ’43, ’44; Art Club ’43; Student Representative ’44; Secretary of Junior Class ’45; Tri-Hi-Y ’45, ’46; “Bookworms’ '46; Thymal-ian Club ’44; French Club ’46; History Club ’46; Honor Society ’44, ’45, ’46; Annual Staff ’46; Junior-Senior Decorating Committee ’45. Edgar Brunson “Sot too serious, not too gay, but altogether a jolly good fellow." Victory Corps ’43; Honor Society ’43, ’45; Junior Police ’45, ’46; Intramural Baseball ’45; Intramural Football ’45; Movie Operator ’45, ’46. Barbara Ann Brown “She likes to walk but not alone." Art Club '43, ’44. ’45, ’46; His-torv Club ’46; . “Bookworms” '46: Tri-Hi-Y ’46; S.O.S. Club ’46; Victory Corps ’43. Earle Bullock “Best kit id of sport and a pal as true." Entered ’46; History Club ’46. 24Gladys Cain The reward of a thing well done is to have done it.” “Bookworms” 46. Andrew Chengcis “Blessing on him that first invented sleep." Victory Corps ’43; Band ’44, 45: ’46; D. C. T. Club. Mary Cantrell "Keep your face to the sunshine and the shadows will fall behind you." Basketball ’44; Art Club ’43. ’44; S.O.S. '46; Victory Corns ’43; Clee Club ’45; “Bookworms” ’46. David Chitty “Without music life would be a mistake." Victory Corps ’43; Honor Society ’43, ’44, ’45, ’46; Cursus Honorum 43, ’44, ’45, 46; Pan-American Pageant ’43; History Club ’46; Clee Club ’43, '44, Accompanist ’43, ’44; Piano ’43, 44, ’45, £6; Honorable Mention in American Legion Essay Contest; Winner of U. D. C. Essay Contest ’45. Bernice Barbara Garden "She’s the cousin of a well known man, and also a member of the hand." Entered ’46; Band ’46; “Bookworms" ’46; Critic ’46; Tri-Hi-Y ’46. Bussell Christian “With a twist of the lip, and the touch of the hand, he can blow a trumpet as good as 4James’ can." Victory Corps ’43; Band ’43, ’44, ’45, ’46; The Albanians '46; Clee Club ’46. 25Barbara Carswell “A pleasing maid of modest character.” Entered 45; S.O.S. Club 46; “Bookworms” ‘46. Whaitf. Clark “First in work, first in play, first in the hearts of his fellow men” Victory Corps ’43; Art Club ’43; Honor Society 44, ’45, ’46; Junior Police ’45, ’46, Lieutenant ’46; Class Vice-President ’44; Class Treasurer ’45; Intramural Baseball ’45; Student Council ’45; Intramural Football ’44; Movie Operator ’45, ’46. Wilma Chatman Fair words never hurt the tongue Victory Corps ’43; S.O.S. Club ’46; History Club ‘46; "Bookworms” '46. Lamar Clifton “Let the other fellow worry” Block “A” Club ’46; Throna-tefska Staff ’46; Honor Society ’44, '45, ’46; Football ’43, ’44; Basketball ’46; Art Club ’43; Hi-Y ’44, ’45, ’46; Intramural Football ’44; Intramural Basketball ’44; Intramural Soft-ball ’44; Glee Club ’43; P.-T. A. Representative '43; Lieutenant in Victory Corps ’43; Manager Football ’46; Assistant Physical Education Director ’46; Junior-Senior Decorating Committee ’45; Papoose Staff ’43; United Nations Revue ’43. Patsy Chandler “She moves a Goddess and walks a Queen” Cursus Hononim ’45, 46; Honor Society ’46; “Bookworms” ’46; Annual Staff ’46; Tri-Hi-Y 45, ’46; History Club ’46; Speech ’43, ’44, ’45, ’46; Thymalian Club ’44, ’45, ’46; Art Club ’44, ’45, ’46; Glee Club ’43, ’44. Don Coleman “lie plays the saxaphone in the hand; some day he'll be famous in the land.” Hi-Y ’46; Band ’43, ’44, ’45, 46. President ’45; Orchestra ’44, ’45, ’46.Ruth Cherry "She’s the nightingale of the airways." Victory Corps 43; Glee Club 44, 45; S.O.S. Club '46; Tri-Hi-Y ’45; “Bookworms” Club '46; Sextette ’45; Homeroom Secretary '46; Operetta '44. Harry Clinton Crews, Jr. “in Physics he was quite a whiz nothing to him was a difficult quiz" F. F. A. Club ’43, Reporter ’44, Vice-President ’45; Honor Society ’45; Treasurer of F. F. A. ’46; Honorable Mention in American Legion Contest Essay ’45. Norman Couch "lie’s not afraid to say his say, though the whole world he against him.’’ Entered ’46; Band ’46; Glee Club ’46; Sergeant Victory Corps ’43; Band ’43, ’44, ’46. Christine Clifton “A giggle here, a word there, big blue eyes, light brown hair." Victory Corps ’43; Art Club ’43, ’44. ’45, ’46; Tri-Hi-Y '45 46; History Club ’46; “Bookworm” ’46; French Class ’46; Annual Staff 46. Frances Cobb “A good time on hand is worth two in the planning.” Victory Corps ’43; Art Club ’43; Basketball ’44. '45. ’46; S.O.S. Club ’46; Tri-Hi-Y ’45. 46; Parliamentarian ’46; President of Senior Class ’46; “Bookworm” Club 46; Ho’meroom Vice-President 46; Captain in Physical Education 45, '46. Billy De Vane “Always laughing, always gay: I guess he was just born that way." Band ’43; Victory Corps ’43; Art Club ’43; Honor Society ’43. ’44, ’45, ’46; Junior Police ’45; Hi-Y ’45, ’46; History Club ’46. 27Anne Coleman “The bravest mitui with the mildest manners.” Entered ’44; Honor Society 46; “Bookworms” 46; S.O.S. Club ’46, Vice-President 46. Bill Eix:e "A happy thought, a kind word—a good deed done for everyone.” Entered ’46. Dan Du Bose “Hang sorrow! Care will kill a cat.” D. C. T. Club 45, ‘46; Victory Corps Sergeant ‘43; Art Club ’43. Anne Cuhtis “Her voice was ever soft, “gentle and low.” Glee Club ’43, 44, ’46; Operetta ’44; Pan-American Pageant ’43; Victory Corps ’43; 4-H Club 43, 44; Cursus Hon-orum ’45, ‘46; Junior Consul ‘45; “Bookworms” ‘46; Tri-Hi-Y ‘45, ‘46; Honor Society ‘46; History Club ‘46. Nell Cook “A soft answer turneth away wrath.” Honor Society ‘46; “Bookworms” ‘46, Vice-President 46; Glee Club ‘46; Voice ‘46. Entered ‘45; History Club ‘46; French Club ’46. He's a guy who's lots of fun; can have a good time with everyone Richard Charles Farris 28Betty Dean "It i'.v better to know a little of everything than too much of one thing.” Glee Club 43; Victory Corps ’43, Operetta 44; Tri-Hi-Y 45, 46; History Club 46; “Bookworms” 46:; French Club 46; Annual Staff 46. Clifford Freeman “f e says very little but what’s said is well said” Football ’45, ’46; Victory Corps ’43; Intramural Football ’44; Intramural Basketball ’44. Katherine Drake "We know nothing of tomorrow; our business is to be happy today” Victory Corps 43; Glee Club ’43, 44, ’45, 46; History Club ’46; Tri-Hi-Y 45, ’46; Homeroom Representative ’46; Spanish Club 46; Senior Class Treasurer ’46; “Bookworms” 46; Honor Society ’43, ’45, ’46; Thymalian Club ’46; Glee Club Operetta ’44. Richard Gaggstatter "Small in statue and full of knowledge. Victory Corps ’43. Diana Durden "You can see her sweet and fair; and feel her charm in the air.” Victory Corps ’43, Sergeant ’43; Honor Court ’43. Secretary ’43; Papoose Staff ’43; Piano ’43, ’44; Cursus Honorum ’44; Student Council ’44, ’46; Homeroom President ’44, ’45; Vice-President of Junior Class ’45; Tri-Hi-Y ’45. ’46, Vice-President ’45; Honor Society ’44, ’45, ’46, Vice-President ’46; Thymalian Club ’45, ’46; History Club ’46, Vice-President ’46; French Club ’46; “Bookworms” ’46; Critic ’46; Color Guard in Band ’46; Homeroom Secretary ’46. John H. Gallagher "He is quiet in nature yet sincere; honest in purpose, strong and clear.” Band ’45, ’46; History Club ’46; Victory Corps Sergeant ’43.Betty Ethridge "A pleasing smile, a gentle face.” Victory Corps 43, ’44. Bob Garrett “Very short with tall ideas.” Victory Corps, Sergeant 43; D. C. T. 46; History Club ‘46. Betty Greer "Her manner is quiet, her style is keen” Glee Club ‘45, ‘46; Victorv Corps ‘43; Tri-Hi-Y ‘45, 46; History Club ‘46; French Club ’46; “Bookworms” ‘46; Art Club ’43, ‘44, ‘45. William F. Cause If you desire to he wise, be wise enough to hold your tongue” Art Club '43; Victory Corps '43; Spanish Club ‘46; Piano ‘43. ‘44, ‘45, ‘46. Jean Griffin “There is no index of character so sure is the voice.” Entered 44; Glee Club ‘44, ‘45; Basketball '45, 46; 4-H Club ’44, 45; Girls' Sextette '45; S.O.S. Club 46; “Bookworms’ ‘46; Thronateeska Staff ‘46; Voice ‘46; Captain in Physical Education Class '45, '46. Ray Codree “Never do today what you can put off until tomorrow.” Victory Corps, First Lieutenant, ‘43; Freshman Football '43; Freshman Basketball '43; D. C. T. ‘44, '45, ’46; F. F. A. '43. 30Marjorie Rose Hadden “Here’s a gal with a great big heart—she’s kitul and very smart.” Victory Corps ‘43; Art Club ’43, ’44, ’45, ’46; “Bookworms’ ’46; History Club ’46; Presidential Adviser ’46; Red Cross Representative ’45; Junior and Senior Decorating Committee, 45. Joel Harvey “Woman is as false as a feather in the wind.” Hi-Y ’46; Victory Corps ’43; Intramural Football ’44; Intramural Basketball 44; Intramural Softball ’44; United Nations Revue '43; Football ’44. Harold Hayman “It’s better to speak too little than too much.” Victory Club ’43; Historv Club 45, ’46; F. A. Nl. Club, ’45, ’46. Annette Hardy “Roll on world and Vll roll with you.” Glee Club ’41, ’42, ’44, ’45, ’46; Art Club ’41, ’42; Home Economics Club ’41, ’42; 4-H Club 11; Science Chib ’41; Band ’42. ’44, 45; Tri-Hi-Y ’44. ’45. ’46; Victory Corps ’42; Physical Education Club ’42; “Bookworms’ ’45, ’46. Jeraldine Iris Halstead “She is a tiny thing, she is a bonnie thing.” “Bookworms’ ’46; Glee Club ’44; Victory Corps ’43, ’44; S.O.S. Club ’46; History Club ’46; Home Economics Club ’44; 4-H Club ’43, ’44. George Hurst “Longhead’s never been a teacher’s pet—hold your bety he may graduate yet!” Glee Club ’45; Barber Shop Quartet 45; F. F. A. Club ’43; Art Club ’43; History Club 43. 31Bernice Hatcher “A real sort, a real sport.” An4-H Club 43. '44. ’45, 46, Annual Staff 46; “Bookworms” 46. Bert Justice “He’s a redheaded drummer with plenty of rhytm ” Band 43, '44, ’45, ’46; Albanians ’45, ’46; Barl er Shop (Quartet ’46; All Star Band ’44; Glee Club ’45. ’46. Tkavis Israel can’t help feeling that my acts don’t represent me.” I7. M. A. Club 46; Victory Corps 43. Willene Hayes “The cure of the world’s distress is found in simple friendliness.” Honor Society 48; History Club '43; Home Economics Club '43; Victory Corps, Corporal 43; 4-H Club 43; History Club 46; “Bookworms” 46; S.O.S. Club '46; Basketball '43. Norma Herring “A never failing power to he (WV” Entered '46; Cursus Honorum '46; History Club ’46; English Club ’46. Edward Clinton Jones “Tall, dark, handsome, with (treat big feet; that’s our Edward, he just can’t he beat.” Freshman Football ’43; Victory Corps, First Lieutenant, ’43; Track Medal 43; Intramural Sports ’44; Physical Education Group Captain ’43; Pan-American Pageant ’43; Assistant Business Manager Thronateeska ’46; Junior Police ’45, ’46; Art Club ’43. 32Nan Hayes “God made her for the hoys alone; for her they weep and wail and moan” Entered 46; Student Council ’46; “Bookworms” ’46. Ralph Jordan “An all-around fellow in many ways, I think that's all we need to say.” Band '43, 44; Honor Society 45, 46; Victory Corps 43; Intramural Football ’44; Senior Class President 46; Varsity Football ’45, 46; Student Council ’44; Treasurer of Honor Society ’46; Assistant Physical Education Director ’46; Intramural Softball ’44; Block “A” Club ’44, ’45, ’46. Barbara Hill “Barbara’s cute, Barabra’s fine; Barbara shoots them all a line” Glee Club ’43. '44. ’45; Art Club ’43, 44. ’45, ’46, Treasurer ’46; Victory Corps ’43; Junior-Senior Decorating Committee ’45; History flub ’46; “Bookworms” 46; Honor Society ’46; Tri-Hi-Y ’45; 4-H Club ’45, ’46; Thronateeska Staff ’46. William Saville Lackland “Billy’s liked by every one; always ready to have some fun” Hi-Y 44, ’45, ’46; Basketball ’45; Victory Corps, Second Lieutenant ’45; Junior Police ’45, ’46; Orchestra ’44, ’45, ’46; Art Club ’43; Band ’43, ’44. ’45. '46. Mildred Nix Huie “She lightens every burden with friendship .” Victory Corps, Sergeant ’43; Homeroom Secretary ’43, ’44; Ait Club 43, ’44. ’45; Tri-Hi-Y ’45, ’46, Secretary ’46; Glee Club ’44, ’46, Vice President ’46; Thronateeska Staff ’46; History Club, President ’46; ‘Bookworms”, Vice President ’46. Donald Lanier “For a good dependable lad; just call on Donald, he won’t he mad” History Club ’46; Latin Club ’45, ’46; I lonor Society ’45, ’46 Art Club ’43; Victory Corps 43; Intramural Football ’44. 33Carlene Holley “Life is not so short, hut there is time for courtesy ” Victory Corps 43; History Club 46; “Bookworms” 46; S.O.S. 46. Marion Lanier He wears his clothes in lots of style; we like his manner and friendly smile” Victory Corps ’43; Hi-Y 46. Nell Holt “Little said, hut work well done” Art Club ’43, 44, ’45, 46; Citrus Honorum 44, ’45, 46; “Bookworms” 46; History Club 46; Basketball 46; 4-11 43. Kenneth Lifsey “If worry was the cause of death, he would live forever” Art Club 43; Victory Corps, Captain ’43; Band 43. 44, 45, 46; Orchestra 45. 46. Eunice Ann Horne “Sober, quiet, and demure: a friend of whom you're always sure. Honor Society 46; “Book worms” 46; S.O.S. 46. George Markey “A man can he whatever he determines to be.” Intramural Football 44, 45; Band 44, 45; Honor Society 44, ’45; Art Club ’43; Victory Corps ’43. 34Laura Hysler “She's noble, unselfish, good natured and true.” Art Club 43, 44, '45, ’46; ‘Bookworms” 46; French Club ’46; History Club 46; Honor Society ’45. James Martin “The Romeo has heavy feet; when sitting in the drivers A 99 seat. Entered ’44; French Club ’45, ’46, Secretary 46. Alma Lucy Jehnican “Look for the best in everything and think the best of everyone” Entered 45; Basketball 45; “Bookworms” 46; Spanish Club 46. Bussell McBride “He who has a dry wit is altvays amusing." Victory Corps’ 43; Art Club 43; Intramural Football 43; Band 43; Hi-Y ’44. 45, 46; Basketball ’44, 45, ’46; Football ’45 '46. Mary Grace Johnston “The way to have a friend is to be one.” Victory Corps ’43; Glee Club ’43, ’44, ’45; “Bookworms” ’46; History Club ’46; S.O.S. ’46; Junior-Senior Decorating Committee 45; Art Club ’44. Tommy McComb “They move easiest who have learned to dance.” Victory Corps, Second Lieutenant’ 43; Intramural Football '44; Football’ 45, ’46; Basketball ’45, ’46; Hi-Y ’44, ’45, 46; Homeroom Vice President ’45; Block “A” Club ’45, ’46; History Club ’46, Treasurer ’46. 35Hulda Jones "A perfect woman nobly planned; to warm, to comfort, and command—and yet a spirit still and bright with something of angellic light.” Glee Club ’44. '45, President '46; Vice President of Sophomore Class ’44; President Junior Class ’45; Secretary Senior Class '46; Student Representative '46; Art Service Club '44; Cheer Leader '45. ’46; “Bookworms” ’46; French Club ’46; History Club ’46; Tri-Hi-Y ’46, President '46; Student Council '45. Ramon McLeod “He tilts his head and winks his eye; oh man go 'way and let me sigh.” Hi-Y ’44. ’45, ’46. Vice President ’46; Victory Corps ’43; Intramural Football '44; Honor Society ’44, '45; Football ’45, '46; Intramural Basketball ’44; Basketball '46; Junior Police '45, '46; Vice President Senior Class '45. Rena Lippitt "llair so blond, eyes bright blue; to That One she's always true." Tri-Hi-Y '45. '46; Victory Corps ’43; Glee Club '45, ’46; Annual Staff ’46; History Club '46; “Bookworms” '46; Operetta '44; Art Club ’44; 4-H Club '45; Junior-Senior Decorating Committee ’45; Tri-Hi-Y Representative ’45. David Gray Mercer “Here’s a boy who is full of joy.” Treasurer of F.F.A. '43, President ’44; Football '45, '46; Baseball '45; Basketball '46; Reporter F.F.A. ’46; Track Team ’46. Elizabeth S. Lipsey "Dark brown eyes and dark brown hair; just loads of fun, I do declare.” Art Club 43, ’44; Victory Corps 43; Glee Club ’43, '45; History Club ’46; S.O.S. Club '46; "Bookworms” ’46; Basketball ;46; Tri-Hi-Y '45; Annual Staff '46; Captain Physical Educa tion ’46. Edward Lee McDaniel "Speech is silver, silence is golden Band ’44, ’45, '46; Art Club ’43, ’44, '45, '46; Victory Corps '43; History Club ’46. 36Alline Marshall "There is great ability in knowing how to conceal one's ability. Glee Club ’4-3, 44; Piano 43; Art Club 43, 44, 45, 46, Vice President 45; Curs us llonorum 44, 45, 46; Senior Council 46 Honor Society ’44, 45, 46, Secretary 46; Tri-Hi-Y 45, 46; Thymalian Club 45, 46; Victory Corps 43; History Club 46; “Bookworms” 46, President 46; Seventh Period Algebra Club ’46; Annual Staff 46; President of Homeroom 44; B. and P. W. Award ’43. Alan Mock "A rhapsody of words.” Victory Corps 43; History Club 46. Billy Mills "His clothes are always worn in style; we also like his happy smile.” Victory Corps 43; Band 43, 44, 45, 46; Hi-Y 45. 46; Glee Club ’45, 46. Billie Anne McCollum “A good disposition helps one climb to great heights.” Entered 45; History Club 46; “Bookworms” ’46. Betty Jo Marks "I’m not agrtting with you— I’m telling you.” Tri-Hi-Y 45; Art Club 43, 44. 46; Glee Club 44; Operetta ' 44; "Bookworms” 46; Critic 46; History Club 46; Program Chairman 46; Junior - Senior Decorating Committee ’45; Annual Staff 46; Papoose Art Staff 43; Victory Corps ’43; Thymalian Club ’46; French Club 46, Class Cheerleader 44; Captain Physical Education 43. George Mock, Jr. “Mind to me a kingdom is.” Major in Victory Corps 43; Art Club 43, ’44, ’45; Cursus Hon-orum 43, 44; Honor Society 43, ’44, 45, 46; Latin Award ’43; Papoose Staff 43; Secretary of junior Class 45; History Club. President ’46; French Club ’46. 37Charlotte McDuffie “Here's a girl who’s new in school; to he loved by everyone —that’s her golden rule.” S. O. S. Club, Secretary and Treasurer ’46; “Bookworms,” Secretary ’46; History Club ’46; Typing Manager of the Annual. Morgan Murphy “A girl likes a strong man, one that is broad and tall; a girl likes a handsome man and one that plays football.” Sophomore Class Treasurer ’44; Intramural Ftxitball ’44; Football ’45, ’46; Basketball ’45, ’46; Junior Class President ’45; Hi-Y ’45, ’46, President ’46; Block “A” Club, ’45, ’46; Honor Society ’45; History Club, Vice President ’46; French Club, President ’46; Hi-Y Representative ’45; Annual Staff ’46; Junior Police Lieutenant ’46; Senior Class Secretary ’46; Baseball ’45; Assistant Physical Education Director ’46. Bettye McEachern ‘True in heart, smooth in speech.” Entered ’45; “Bookworms” ’46, Acustus Muse "He’s a Longfellow, but not a poet.” Basketball ’45, ’46; Victory Corps ’43. Avalon Morris "Red curly locks and statute tall; she’s fun to know and liked by all.” Victory Corps ’43; “Bookworms” ’46; S.O.S. Club 46; History Club ’46. Tommy Pate “Not too serious, not too gay; but a jolly good fellow when it comes to play.” Victory Corps ’43; Hi-Y ’46. 38M ARJOR1E MITCHELL “She wears a smile that wont wear off Victory Corps ’43; S.O.S. ’46; “Bookworms” ’46. Joe Porter “In statute small; but every bit a man withal.” F.F.A. 46; Block “A” Club 43, ’46; Basketball ’42; Football 43. Ellen Odom “A face with gladness overspread; soft smiles by human kindness bred” History Club ’46; “Bookworms” ’46, Press Reporter; French Club ’46; Art Club ’46; Tri-Hi-Y ’45; Glee Club ’45; Reporter on Papoose 43; Victory Corps, Sergeant ’43. Paul E. Poulsen “How well 1 know what I mean to say ami do.” Victory Corps, Corporal 43; Art Club ’43; History’ Club ’46; F.A.M. Club 46. Annette Pace “A smile is a pleasant sight to see.” Victory Corps ’43; History Club ’46; “Bookworms” ’46; S.O.S. Club ’46. Quincy Ramsay Be not a dreamer among shadows, but a man among men.” D.C.T. Club ’45. 39Maxine Pakh “A hoy’s aim—a girl's trouble; a pretty girl—and that goes double.” Entered ’45; 4-H Club ’45; S.O.S (dub 46; "Bookworms” 46. Alvin Sanders “Why should life be all labor?” Football 43, 44; Victory Corps ’43. Mokelle Register, Jr. "Genius is a capacity for evading hard work” Literary Stalf. Thhonateeska '46; Master Sergeant, Victory Corps ’43; Honor Society ’43, ’44, '45, 46; Cursus Honorum '43, '44; Hi-Y ’46; Art Club '43, 44, 45; Papoose Staff '43; Jun-ior-Senior Decorating Committee ’45; Pan-American Pageant '43; Junior Police 45, ’46; President History Club '46; Vice President French Club ’46; Parliamentarian Spanish Club ’46; Debating Society ’45, 46; Library Assistant ’46. June Rachals “June twirls that stick and leads our band; right on past the judges stand” Glee Club ’43, '44, '45, ’46; Librarian ’45, Secretary ’46; Majorette ’45. ’46; Tri-Hi-Y ’45; Tymalian Club '44; Annual Staff ’46; Vice President "Bookworms” ’46; History Club '46; Art Club ’43, ’44, President ’43; Latin Club ’44; Operetta ’44: Honor Society ’44, ’46; Junior-Senior Committee ’45; Captain Victory Corps ’43. Foy Pearce "She is ouiet in nature and sincere.” 4-11 Club ’44. ’45, ’46; Glee Club ’46. Brandon Seely “He drives a Ford everywhere; mention a Buick? Don't you dare! Victory Corps ’43; Varsity Basketball ’45; Football ’43, ’44, ’45; Intramural Sports ’43, ’44, ‘45; Science Club ’43; Block "A” Club ’45; Papoose Staff ’43; Glee Club ’45, 46; D.C.T. Club ’45, ’46; Wig Wain Council ’45, ’46; F.F.A. ’45, ’46; All S.G.F.A. ’45; Senior Class Representative ’45. ’46; Hi-Y ’44, ‘45, ’46. 40Jimmy Simpson "He who is rich in friends posseses life's real fortune Victory Corps ’43; Art Club 43, 44. 45, ’46: Cartoon Club ’43; Ili-Y ’45, ’46. Cathchine Rakel “A friend may well he reckoned the masterpiece of nature” Art Club ’43, 44. 45, 46; Glee Club ’43, '44, ’45, 46; Major in Victory Corps ’43; Basketball '45; “Bookworms” 46; President of Sophomore Class 44; Cheerleader ’46; History Club 46; Student Council ’45; Annual Staff ’44; Assistant Editor Annual 46; Captain Physical Education Class ’44, 45; Student Teacher Physical Education Class ’46; Wigwam Council ’46; President Art Club '46, Treasurer 44; Honor Society ’43; Operetta ’44; United Na tions Pageant '43. John Tahpley “John's friendly face and grin helps him to win many friends” Victory Corps '43; Band ’42. ’43, ’44, ’45, 46; Honor Society ’45, ’46; Junior Police ’44, ’45. 46; Movie Operator ’44, ’45, ’46. J. B. Tyre “Better to be small and shine than big and cast a shadow.” Art Club ’43, ’44; Victory Corps ’43; F.M.A. ’46; Honor Guard ’43. "Live as long as you're happy, be happy as long as you live." D. C.T. Club ’44. ’45. ’46; “Bookworms” ’45, ’46; Victory Corps ‘42, '43; Basketball ’42. ’43. Betty- Ramsey Betty Jean Ragan "Always laughing, always gay.” Glee Club ’42, ’43, ’44. ’46; Victory Corps 43; "Bookworms” ’46; History Club ’46; Reporter for Pow-Wow ’43; Operetta ’43, ’44.Bobuie Jean Hay "Ah! thy beautiful hair.” Victory Corps ’43: “Book- worms” 46; History Club 46; Band ’46; Art Club 46; Tri-Ili-Y ’45, 46. Joseph Tison "It’s nice to be natural when you re naturally nice ” Band 42, ’43, ’44, 45, 46; Dance Band '45. ’46; Hi-Y 45, ’46; History Club ’45, ’46. Louise Howe "Quiet, steadfast, and faithful.” Band 43, ’44, ’45, ’46; Band Secretary ’45, ’46; Victor)' Corps ’43; History Club ’46; S.O.S. Club ’46; Basketball ’46; ■‘Bookworm” ’46; Tri-Hi-Y ’46. Albert Wilkinson “Always laughing, always gay, he’s dependable in many a way” Victory Corps ’43; Intramural Baseball ’45; Intramural Basketball and Football ’44; Football ’44. Jesse Walton "Laugh, and the world will laugh with you.” President of F.M.A. ’46; F.F.A. ’46; Victory Corps ’43. Rosa Dean Scott "The way to have a friend is to be one.” Art Club ’43, ’44; Basketball ’43, ’44; Victory Corps ’43; S. O.S. ’45, ’46; “Bookworm” ’46; Glee Club ’44, ’45; Tumbling Club ’43. 42Carolyn Lee Sapp “The greatest pleasure in life is love .” Cheer Leader ’43, ’45, ’46; Glee Club ’43, ’44, ’45, ’46; President, Glee Club ’43; Operetta 44, ’45; Sextette ’45, ‘46; Honor Society ’43; Captain Victory Corps ’43; Junior-Senior Decorating Committee ’45; “Bookworms” ’46; History Club ’46; Tri-Hi-Y '45, ’46; Thronatee-ska Literary Editor ’46. Frontis Wiggins “Here's a guy who likes his fun; still he has his work well done.” Art Club ’43; United Nations Revue ’43; Papoose Staff ’43; Winner American Legion Essay Contest '43; Winner U.D.C. Essay Contest ’43; First Lieutenant Victory Corps ’43; Student Council ’44; Class Historian Sophomore Class ’44; Intramural Football ’44; Intramural Basketball ’44; Intramural Soft-ball ’44; Football ’45; Honor Society ’43, ’44, ’45, ’46; Junior Police ’46; Hi-Y ’46; Honorable Judge ’46; Business Manager of Thronateeska ’46; Spanish Club ’46, President ’46. Mary Ann Sauls "If all the girls in the world were just as nice as she.” Victory Corps 43; Junior-Senior Decorating Committee ’45; History Club ’46; “Bookworms” ’46; Tri-Hi-Y ’45, ’46; Vice President ’46; Annual Staff ’46; Cheer Leader ’45, ’46; Class Cheer Leader ’46; Art Club ’43, 44. ’45, ’46; Basketball ’46. Maisie Sharman "If ever uou need help from a friend; she always has a hand to lend” Student Representative ’43; Cursus Honorum ’44; Honor Society ’44, ’45, ’46; Tri-Hi-Y ’45, ’46; Physical Education Club President ’44; “Bookworms” Press Reporter ’46; French Club ’46; History Club ’46; Annual Staff ’46; Victory-Corps ’43; Class Cheer Leader ’46; Student Council ’45; Basketball ’45, ’46. Lewis A. Wiliams “He's tall, handsome and full of fun; "Rush” is loved by everyone.” Entered ’45; Football ’45, ’46, Captain ’46; Hi-Y ’45, 46, Treasurer ’46; Block “A” Club ’46; Honor Society ’46; Treasurer of Senior Class ’46; Junior High Football Coach ’46; Assistant Physical Education Director 46. Geraldine Slay "I don’t think too much learning becomes a young lady.” Victory Corps ’43; Tri-Hi-Y ’45. Janet Shular “She's sweet, quiet, and good to know." Victory Corps ’43; Art Club ’46; “Bookworms” ’46; Tri-Hi-V 45, '46; History Club '40; Thronatekska Staff 46. Quintard Wright “Sometimes bashful, sometimes shy; but he's an awfully cute guy." Papoose Staff ‘43; Victory Corps 43; President Sophomore Class 44; Honor Society ’44, 45, ’46, President ’46; junior Police ’45, '46, Captain ’46? Hi-Y ’44, ’45. ’46. Secretary 46; Vice President Junior Class ’45; Cursus Honorum ’45, ’46, Secretary ’46; History Club ’46, Secretary ’46; Student Council ’45, ’46; Intramural Football ’44; Movie Operator 45, ’46; Thronatekska Staff ’46. N’elle Simmons “Young, strong, healthy, and quiet." Entered ’45; “Bookworms” ’46. Jo Anne Story “A friend always to be remembered." Victory Corps ’43; Art Club 43, ’44, ’45, ’46; Papoose Staff 43; ThymaHan Club ’44; Tri-Hi-Y ’45, ’46; “Bookworms’ 46; Honor Society ’44, ’45, ’46; History Club ’46; Spanish Club ’46, Vice President ’46. Mary Helen Thornton Quiet and sweet, she smiles to greet " “Bookworms” 46. Iris Van Houten “If she ever had an evil thought, she never spoke an evil word." Art Chib 1 . 'll. '45, '46; Victory Corps ’43; Thymalian Club ’44, ’46; Honor Society ’44, ’45; ’Bookworms” ’46; Spanish Club 46; History Club '46, Secretary Treasurer '46; Thronateeska Staff ’46; Tri-Hi-Y ’45, ’46. 44Sybil Tallent “In sports headlines you'll see her name; since basketballs her favorite game.” Victory Corps 43; Platoon Sergeant ’43; History Club ’46; “Bookworms” 46; Band 43, ’44; Physical Education Student Teacher ’46; Captain of Physical Education ’44, ’45; Basketball ’44, 45, ’46; Bed Cross Heoresentative of Homeroom ’45. Nellie Wallace “A smiling face she has for everyone.” Basketball ’44, ’45; D.C.T. Club ’45, ’48; History Club ’45, ’46. Marcena Way “She's quiet, ambitious, and also sincere; nothing at all does she ever fear." Victory Corps ’43; Honor Society ’44, ’45, ’46; Cursus Hon-orum 45, ’46; History Club ’46; “Bookworms’’ ’46, Treasurer ’46. Amy Watkins “Here's to a girl with a great big heart; one with whom we hate to part." “Bookworms" ’46. Secretary ’46; History Club ’48, Secretary and Treasurer ’46; Tri-Hi-Y ’45. ’46, Treasurer ’46; Cursus Hon-orum ’45, ’46. Louise West “Louise is a darling—Louise is a dear; always happy and full of good cheer." Victory Corps Sergeant ’43; 4-11 Club ’43. ’44, ’45, ’46, President ’43. Vice President ’44. Secretary and Treasurer ’45. Vice President ’46; Physical Education Captain ’43, ’44, ’45, ’46; Honor Society ’44, ’45, 46; S.O.S. Club ’46; Mamie Bros-nan History Society ’46: “Bookworms” ’46; Basketball Manager ’45, ’46. Mary Jane West “She laughs and giggles all the while, you never see her without a smile." D.C.T. ’45, '46; “Bookworms” ’45. ’46; Victory Corps ’43; Basketball ’43, ’44. 45Mar ye Whitehead “It's better to wear out than to rust out.’’ Art Club ’45, ’46; Tri-Hi-Y 45. ’46; History Club ’46; “Bookworms’’ ’46; Honor Society 46; 4-H Club ’45, ’46; Victory Corps 43; Annual Start ’46; Cursus Honorum ‘44. Annie Ruth Wiliams "Kindness is wisdom.” Victor) Corps 43; S.O.S. Club ’46; “Bookworms 46. Gloria Evelyn Wingate “A girl of foolishness, a girl of fun; a lot of laughs, and tasks well done." Entered ’43; President S.O.S. Club ’46; “Bookworms ’45, 46; Tri-Hi-Y 45, ’46; Assistant Physical Education Teacher '45. ’46. Ann Williams "To know her is to love her, and to love but her forever.” Entered ’45; Tri-Hi-Y ’46; History Club ’46; “Bookworms” ’46; Spanish Club ’46; Throna-teeska Staff ’46. Jean nine Wills “A bright little girl with prim little ways; when she’s your friend, your friend she stays” Victory Corps Captain '43; Art Club ’43, 44, 45, ’46; Papoose Start '43; Secretary apamsn Club ’46; “Bookworms” 46; llonor Society II. 15, 46. Mary Withrow “A girl so quiet and very neat; her ability to learn cannot be beat.” Victory Club ’43; Glee Club 44, ’45, ’46; Art Club ’43; Tri-Hi-Y ’45, ’46; Treasurer of “Bookworms” 46; Honor Society 44, ’45, ’46; Annual Staff 46. 46Top row, left to rifilit: Billy Lackland —What a class! Tommy McComb. . .. Second row: Kathrine Drake, Barbara Brown. . . . Third row: Carolyn Sapp, Alline Marshall, Diana Durden, Frontis Wiggins, and Marjorie Madden, Cassie Rakel, Rena Lippitt. . . . Fourth iow: Today’s Indians as Papooses—Billie Jean Anderson, Jo Anne Story.flunivi fysS iBri'tt Left to right: Boys—John McCauley, President; Hoke Holley, Vice President; James Leben, Secretary; Rocky Ivey, Treasurer. Girls—Ann Heidt, President, Jeannette Leben, Vice President; Barbara Burke, Secretary; Beth Everidge, Treasurer. 49Tommy Bushnell Haxnese Barber Ralph Calhoun Sarah Anne Baxter Harry Cates Juanita Bell Randolph Champion Kathryn Bennis Jack Chancy Mariwill Blalock Eugene Cone Carlene Bolton Bill Copeland Louise Brazier Max Council a, - f mM Hilda Lois Bridges Fred Davis, Jr. Faye Brooks 50 Johnny Davis Betty Anne BrownLudie Brown John L. Davis Barbara Burke Glenn Edmonds Kathryn Butt Charles England Betty Dean Cain Jerry Flannican Nell Cannon James Fletcher A lire Cheatham Joe Greenway Adeline Cobb Tommy Gregors Carolyn Cook Hugh Griffin Margorie Crumbley Wade Haire Ix u Davis Donald Hall Dolleen Dorman Charles Hill Beth Everidge Max Hill Marion Edwards 51Vance Hubble Blanche Freeman Whaley Hughes Shirley Gibbs Billy Huggins Mary Goodman Rocky Ivey Nadine Grubbs Paul Jones Peggy Hall Betty' Jeane Hays James Maddox Ida Mae Hayes Charles Mans Ann HeidtMaxine Hill Tommy Manning Kay Houston Leroy Mansfield Joyce Ann Jacobs John McCauley Doris Jackson Raymond McCorvey Mary Jester David McDaniel Betty Jeter Morris McNeil Nancy Kershaw John Moree Kathleen Knight George Ort, Jr. Jeannette Langford Wilbur Owens Bettye Sue Lanier Arville Phillips Jeannette Leben Tommy Pinkston Irene Lewis Donald Pye Georgia LongEarnestine Lowery Whaley Robinson Aloha Mallard Jimmy Rogers Faye McLaughlin Bruce Ross Mary Anne McKenney Valerie McLeod Cecil Rouse Don Ross Charles Shephard Virginia Myers Alex Stewart Montene Nichols Christine Minton L. H. Stewart Frances Pye Eddie Sutton Anne Pippin Merrell Tallent Rosalind Posey Richard H. Taylor Joan Powell 54 Fred Tolbert, Jr. Dwynell Pritchard;inia Claire Richardson Hilly Warren Margaret Ruffin Irvin Watkins Betty Rushing Harry Weathers Nannktte Snipes Lois Strickland Ann Walker Luther Wood, Jr. M arthanne Stocks Wilber Wortman Johnnie Stokes Albert Woodham Joan Stripling Goodloe YanCey Juanita Vickers Doris West Johnnye Ruth Williams Martha W ingate Maxene ZornSo-fxlio-tnan,? Left to right: Boys—Richard Whittaker, President; Jack Garrett, Vice President; Jimmy Sweat, Secretary; John Duke, Treasurer. Girls—Mary Alford, President; Camille Mallard, Vice President; Marian Brimberry, Secretary; Peggy Neill, Treasurer. 57Left to right: Mary Alford, Fred Adams, Marie Arthur, John Lamar Arnold. Jr., Betty Banks, Beanies Babb, Ruth Barfield, Tommy Bailey. Left to right: Imanell Beasley, Sanford Barr. Jo Ann Bierman, Lewis Bennett, Martha Bowlins, Jimmie Bowen. Betty Braye, Robin Branda. Left to right: Jesse Breedlow, Robert Cable, Marian Brimberry, Willie Cain, Jr., Jean Brock. Sidney Carswell, Velesta Brown, Oscar Cheatham Left to right: Ckloe Jim Bush, Jimmie Chitty, Florence Bush, Philip Clark, Cecile Caulder, Bill Collins, Eva Ruth Clanton, Earl Cooper. Left to right: Anne Clarke, Charles Culbreath. Martha Cooper, Roland Culpepper, Janie Daniel, Tommy Curtis, Pat Dean, Billy Dew.Left to right: Betty Dvkes. Peyton Ellis, Mary Otho Efird, Leonard Farkas, Delaine Ellis, lack Garrett, Lucia Ellis, Eddie R. Gleaton. Left to right: foyce Fowler, Wallace Greer, Mary Nell Flowers, Whit Gunnels. Sue Garrett, Ghovine Harden, Joyce Giddens, Pat Harrison. Left to right: Bettye Glass, J. Stanley Harvey, Elvie Gleaton, Jack Hitson, Rheha Green, Alton Hurst, Leila Hannon, Lewie Frank Head. Left to right: Lowell Hayes, Mildred Hatcher, John Irvin, Leona Herndon, J. k. Jones, Jeanelle Hobby, Earl Iordan, Christine Holt. Left to right: Pierce Kidd, Sara Haggins, Harry Logan, Jr., Sarah Jackson, Billv Martin, Barbara Jemigan, Talmadge Martin, Ruth Joneift to right: Eugene Roan, lacquelin Page, Justin Robinson, Grace Page, Ralph Rosenberg, Patty Anne Page, Benny Rouse, Anita 1 ait. ft to right. Joe Saba, Hazel Pippin, Jimmie Sawyer, Mary Earle Powell, Sammy Shephard, Ophelia Rhodes. Richard Simpson, P. Roberts.Left to right: jean Smith, Jimmy Sweat, Jeanell Smith, Jimmy Tanner Tanner, Pat Speer, Itx Taylor, Bettve Stanley, Don Threflceld. Left to right: Barbara Taylor, Giles Toole, Jr., Gwenn Thomas, Hay T rippe, Joan Walthall, Frank Wells, Jean West, Hillman Williams. Left to right: Peggy Whitley, Duane Wills, Jane Wimberly, Stephen Wilson, Helen Wingate, Richard Whittaker, Betty Withrow, A. WafforclAthletic.- -fyootball The Albany Indians elected center Lewis Williams captain for the year, and the Tribe opened their 1915 season with a surprising 26 to 7 victors' over a strong Baker Village team from Columbus. After that followed victories over Cordele, 20 to 0; Waycross, 13 to 0, and Americus, 12 to 6. The following week the Indians met an unexpectedly strong team from Tifton, and they had to come from behind in the last forty seconds to win a 7 to 6 victory. Fitzgerald fell to the Indians’ victory march, 20 to 0, and the Tribe reached its peak of the season a week later when they scalped the Moultrie Packers, 18 to 0. The Valdosta Wildcats, however, interrupted the Orange and Green’s winning streak by defeating them 13 to 7, with the Indians trying gamely to come from behind in the last half. The Tribe met the Thomasville Bulldogs the next week in the game to decide the SGFA playoff. The Indians with several injuries, were overtaken by the Bulldogs in the last half, and lost a hard-fought game, 20 to 7. The 1945 season was very successful, and the team was very glad to welcome back Coach Harold E. McNabb from the Coast Guard. Brandon Seely, left guard, and John Duke, left end, were selected on the All-SGFA team for 1945, and Jeff Burgamy received honorable mention. Brandon Seely was also given honorable mention on the All-Southern High School team. On January 1st, 1946, center Lewis Williams and guard Brandon Seely were selected to play on the Georgia All-Stars Team against the North Georgia All-Stars in the first annual Peach Bowl in Macon, Georgia. The South Georgia team won 7 to 0 after dominating the play throughout the game. The two Indians gave a good account of themselves, both coming in for their share of tackles and turning in some nice blocking. The Indians closed their 1945 season with the annual banquet given by the “Four Horsemen” of the Rotary Club at the Gordon Hotel Monday night, January 7th. Twenty-two letters, including two managers, were awarded by Coach McNabb. 64McNahb, Conch Andrews, Assistant Coach McComb, End Williams, Center McGee, Halfback Davis, Fullback Sweat, Tackle Seely, Guard Carrett, Guard Newman, Guard Burcamy, Tackle Ivey, Quarterback Kidd, Assistant Coach Williams, CaptainMurphy, Halfback Hitson, Center Holley, End Clifton, Manager Logan, Manager, Fullback Jordan, Guard McLeod, Quarterback Leben, Tackle SCORES — 1945 Season Albany 26 Baker Village 7 Albany. 20 Cordele ..... 0 Albany 13 Waycross . 0 Albany 12 Americus .. 0 Albany 7 Tifton 6 Albany 20 Fitzgerald 3 Albany..... 18 Moultrie 0 Albany 7 Valdosta .11 Albany 7 Thomas ville 20 Rouse, Halfback Duke, End 67 Whittaker, HalfbackQlnii' floAJzetball Left to right, fop row: Nell Holt. Manager; Vera Jean Brock, Bobbie Jean Ray, Nona Ammons, Helen Wingate. Nadine Grubbs, Frances Pye, Pat Dean, Louise West, Manager. . . . Second row: Velesta Brown, Elizabeth Lipsey Sybil Tallent, Imanell Beasley, Frances Cobb, Mary Anne Sauls, Maisie Sharman, Jean Griffin. Coach Andrews and Mrs. Andrews both deserve credit for coaching the girls through a good season. The girls played well and gained a good name for themselves. The highlights of the team's success were its hard work and good sportsmanship. 68Smarm an, Guard Ammons, Guard Brown, Guard Dean, Guard Lipsey, Guard Ray, Forward Cobb, Forward Grubbs, Forward Wingate, Forward 69feotfi' QaiJzethcilL eam Left to riultt, top row: Bobby Faudree, Manager; Merrell Tallent Lamar Clifton, Jimmy Simpson, David Mercer, Jeff Burganry, Morgan Murphy, Coach K. F. Andrews. . . Second row: Tommy VlcComb, John Duke, Russell McBride, Dan Bateman, Ramon McLeod, Richard Whittaker. The basketball team, under the able leadership of Coach R. F. Andrews, with only a few boys returning from the previous year, came through in fine style. The squad had a very successful season, with the games being full of excitement and enthusiasm. 70McLeod, Forward Champion, Guard McComb, Guard Duke. Center Mumphy, Guard Owens, Guard Burgamy, Guard Tallent, Center Whittaker, Forward McBride, Forwi Bateman, Guard Mercer, Forwa 71- - - 73 Ite 1946 ItAO+toiieeAJza STAFF OFFICERS Dan Bateman Cassie Rakel Carolyn Sapp Charlotte McDuffie Editor-in-Chief Assistant Editor . . Literary Editor Typing Editor Mr. B. D. Lee Frontis Wiggins Edward Jones Rena Lippitt Quintard Wright . . Faculty Adviser . . Business Manager Assistant Business Manager . . . . Art Editor Photography Editor The Staff and Their Committees 74OFFICERS Quintard Wright President Diana Durden Vice-President Alline Marshall Secretary Ralph Jordan Treasurer Society Jean Anderson Ann Ashley Wyolene Bennett Betty Branda Pat Chandler Anne Coleman Nell Cook Dan Bateman Edgar Brunson David Chitty Whaite Clark Barbara Burke Kathryn Butt Betty Dean Cain Nell Cannon Carolyn Cook James Fletcher Mary Alford Jo Ann Bierman Marian Brimberry Ann Clark Freddie Adams Reames Babb Willie Cain SENIOR CIRLS Anne Curtis Katherine Drake Diana Durden Barbara Hill Alline Marshall June Rachals SENIOR BOYS Harry Crews Ralph Jordan George Mock JUNIOR CIRLS Marion Edwards Shirley Gibbs Mary Goodman Julia' Hall Jeanette Leben JUNIOR BOYS Steve Juhan Alex Stewart SOPHOMORE GIRLS Joyce Duke Laura Joyce Fowler Janelle Hobby SOPHOMORE BOYS Roland Culpepper Jack Newman Paul Nichols Eddie Ort Maisie Sharman Jo Ann Story Marcena Way Louise West Marye Whitehead Jeannine Wills Mary Withrow Morelle Register Frontis Wiggins Lewis Williams Quintard Wkight Frances Pye Virginia C. Richardson Lois Strickland Doris West Marjorie Crumbley Billy Warren Carlene Newell Jeanelle Smith Joan Wathall Betty Withrow Eugene Roan Jimmie Sawyer Duane Wills 75OFFICERS Morcan Murphy President Ramon McLeod Vice-President Quintard Wright Secretary Lewis Williams Treasurer Frontis Wiggins Tommy McComb Morelle Recister Honorable Judges Jh-lj The Hi-Y is composed of Junior and Senior boys with the purpose of service to the community. Their motto is "To create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community high standards of Christian character.” 't'u-jii-y The Tri-Hi-Y emphasizes self-improvement and high Christian character. Their slogan is "Pure thoughts, words, and actions.” Miss Thelma Plant is the Tri-Hi-Y sponsor. OFFICERS Hulda Jones President Mary Ann Sauls Vice-President Mildred Huie Secretary Amy Watkins Treasurer Frances Cobb Parliamentarian 70Mamie Sn bnatt eMtitosiy Society The Mamie Brosnan History Society is an organization composed of senior students of United States History. This club, through its monthly program, attempts to stimulate interest in national and international affairs. The meetings have been made more attractive by student debates, round table discussions, and the presence of special speakers. The faculty adviser is Miss Marguerite Ford. OFFICERS Second Period George Mock.......................... Morgan Murphy........................ Quintard Wright...................... Third Period Morelle Register..................... Diana Durden.................... Iris Van Houten...................... President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer President Vice-President S ccretary-T reasurer Fifth Period 77 Mildred Huie Hulda Jones Amy Watkins President Vice-President Secretary-T reasurerQooJzU 0 lMyi There is a chapter of the Bookworms for each of the girls Senior English classes and each chapter has its own group of officers. The purpose is “To stimulate activity in reading current literature with a sense of discrimination for the best; to extend, deepen, and refine one’s acquaintance with the world in which she lives through good reading.” The facultv adviser is Miss Thelma Plant. Chapter I OFFICERS Betty Bkanda ...................... Caryl Atkinson.................. Charlotte McDuffie.............. Marjorie Harden ..... Mary Ann Sauls ...... Charlotte McDuffie ..... Jo Marks.......................... MEMBERS President Vice-President . Secretary . Treasurer Parliamentarian . Secretary . Critic Jean Adams Nona Ammons Caryl Atkinson Betty Bkanda Barbara Brown Barbara Carswell Wilma Chatman Ruth Cherry Frances Cobb Mildred Huie Mary Withrow June Rachals Marye Whitehead Amy Watkins Diana Durden Jean Anderson Ann Ashley Wyolene Bennett Gladys Cain Pat Chandler Christine Clifton Anne Coleman Katherine Drake Jean Griffin Marjorie Hadden Jerry Halstead Willene Hayes Carlene Holley Eunice Horne Mary G. Johnston Elizabeth Lipsey Jo Marks Charlotte McDuffie Marjorie Mitchell Avalon Morris Annette Pace Maxine Parr Betty Jean Ragan Catherine Rakel Louise Rowe Carolyn Sapp Sybil Tallent Louise West Ann Williams Annie Ruth Williams Gloria Wingate Mary Anne Sauls Chapter 11 OFFICERS MEMBERS Anne Curtis Diana Durden Mary H. Thornton Betty Greer Bernice Hatcher Norma Herring Barbara Hill Mildred Huie Laura Hysleh Hulda Jones Amy Watkins Rena Lippitt Anne McCollum Foy Pearce . President . Treasurer Vice-President Parliamentarian . Secretary Critic June Rachals Betty Ramsey Bobbie Jean Ray Maisie Sharman Marye Whitehead Mary Withrow Alline Marshall Nell Cook Jo Anne Story Barbara Carden Ila Bass Mary Cantrell Nell Cook Betty Dean Annette Hardy Chapter III OFFICERS MEMBERS Nan Hayes Ellen Odom Nell Holt Nell Simmons Alma Jernigan Rosa Dean Scott Alline Marshall Janett Shular Bettye McEachern Jo Ann Story President Vice-President Secretary . Critic Iris Van Houten Marcena Way Mary Jane West Jeannine Wills Barbara Carden r .Jle Gesicle tynxi+icali The purpose of the French Club is to inspire a love, an appreciation, and a better understanding of the French language. Miss Boatright is the sponsor. SENIOR FRENCH CLUB OFFICERS Morgan Murphy.......................President Morelle Register...............Vice-President Anne Ashley.........................Secretary Dan Bateman.........................Treasurer JUNIOR FRENCH CLUB OFFICERS John Davis..........................President Lou Davis......................Vice-President James Martin........................Secretary Emilie Eskew........................Treasurer MEMBERS MEMBERS Barbara Ace Louise Brazier Jean Anderson Kathryn Butt Anne Ashley Nell Cannon I la Bass Carolyn Cook Dan Bateman John Davis Wyolene Bennett . Lou Davis Christine Clifton A Emilie Eskew Betty Dean n Beth Everidge Diana Durden Charles Hill Dick Farris jS Billy Horne Betty Greer Vance Hubble Mildred Huns Kay Houston Laura Hysler Mary Jester Hulda Jones Paul Jones Jo Marks Kathleen Knight George Mock Betty Sue Lanier Morgan Murphy Tommy Manning Ellen Odom James Martin Morelle Register Rosalind Posey Maisie Sharman Fred Tolbert Billy Warren Helen Woods 79feuenad. fUe.+uU+to4, The junior and Senior Spanish classes organized this club to create an interest in the Spanish language and to promote the Good Neighbor Policy. The name of the club. Buenos Vecinos, which means Good Neighbors, is significant of this. The faculty adviser is Mrs. S. A. Julian. Frontis Wiggins Jo Anne Story Ann Williams SENIOR CLUB OFFICERS . . President Jeannine Wills .... Secretary-Treasurer Vice-President Morellf Register .... Parliamentarian MEMBERS Katherine Drake Iris Van Houten Billy Gause Jeanette Leben Betty Dean Cain Shirley Gibbs Peggy Hall Alma Jehnican Aloha Mallard JUNIOR CLUB OFFICERS . . . . President Wilbur Owens.......................Vice-President Steve Juhan...............Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS David McDaniel Mary Anne McKenny Faye McLaughlin Valerie McLeod Margaret Ruffin Marianne Sherle Johnny Stokes Juanita Vickers Irvin Watkins Johnnye Ruth Williams L 80OFFICERS Quintard Wright Captain Morgan Murphy Lieutenant Whaite Clark Lieutenant jjusuoJi Police. The Junior Police help to promote community safety by directing traffic at the schools. They sometimes assist the City Police in affairs. Their faculty adviser is Captain T. R. Finley. Hlack "A GUI The Block “A" Club is composed of boys who have won an athletic letter. The faculty adviser is Assistant Football Coach R. F. Andrews. OFFICERS Ralph Jordan President John Duke Vice-President Brandon Seely Secretary-T reasurer 81OFFICERS Alline Marshall Senior Consul Amy Watkins Junior Consul Quint ard Wright Preator Pat Chandler Senior Aedile Doris West Junior Aedile Ann Walker Quaestor GuAAmA. o4o+t(Vut.m The Cursiis Honorum is the Latin Club in which members study Roman society, customs, and government, and which creates an interest in and a love for the Latin language. Mrs. E. M. Dobbins is the sponsor of the organization. 7'UqjHXilca+t Glui “To me it seems as if when God conceived the world That was Poetry. He formed it, and that was Sculpture. He colored it, and that was Painting. He peopled it with living being, and that was the grand, divine, eternal Drama." The objective of the Thvmalian Club is to develop poise, personality, and speech. Mrs. B. II. Kay is the director. OFFICERS Diana Durden President Ann Walker Vice-President Alline Marshall Secretary Pat Chandler Treasurcr Mildred Hite Press Reporter 82OFFICERS Hulda Jones President Billy Martin Vice-President Mildred Huie Secretary John Duke T reasurer Carolyn Sapp Librarian Qlee GluL The Glee Club, directed bv Mr. W. H. Gore, is one of the outstanding musical organizations of our school. On many occasions we have been delighted bv their rendition of excellent musical programs. The C.lee Club has also toured Army hospitals to sing for wounded servicemen. m of feasibesi 2.uasUe.t George Hurst Hugh Griffin Billy Martin Bert JusticeOFFICERS Don Coleman President Russell Christian Vice-President Louise Rowe Secretary Bobbie Jean Ray Treasurer lia+iA Our high school band is a very important organization in the school. It played for all the football games and put on parades down town on special occasions. The band is under the direction of Mr. W. H. Gore. 7Ue Majorette . Much praise goes out to the majorettes this year. They have displayed their skill in strutting and twirling, and have been colorful additions to our band. Left to right, standing: Aloha Mallard June Rahals Julia Pace Katie Sue Jordan Bobbie Jean Ray Juanita Bell Beth Everidge Kneeling: Mildred IIuie Kathryn Butt 84 Ite. GUeenleadenA. Left to rifiht: Camille Mallard, Marion Edwards. Hulda Jones, Mary Anne Sauls, Carolyn Sapp, Cassle Rakel. Our cheerleaders this year found new techniques for leading the old yells, and also made up a number of new yells and songs. Their one aim was to make them better than they had ever been before. To this end they conducted a number of pep meetings among the high school students. They added much to the fans’ enjoyment of the football and basketball games, and afforded much inspiration to both teams. Cassie Rakel Hulda Jones Carolyn Sapp 85 Camille Mallard Marion Edwards Mary Ann Sauls Martha Fort Jze, ht SesuUce. Glulx Tlu- Art Service Club has as its members those art students who have done outstanding service for the school and community. During the war the club did many things for the servicemen through the Junior Bed Cross. It is under the direction of Mrs. W. M. Van Cise. Its motto is “Service for Others.” OFFICERS Catherine Rakel ... ... Aloha Mallard...................... Barbara Hill ...................... Jane Wimberly ... Marianne Scherle................... Jo Ann Story .... ... Jimmy Chitty....................... Charlie Culbreath.................. Nona Ammons and Barbara Brown President Vice-President . . . Treasurer Secretary . . Press Reporter Poster Chairman Entertainment Chairman Achievement Chairman . Typin'!, Chairmans SR Left to right, back row: Russell Christian Whaley Hughes Joe Tyson Billy Lackland Front row: Faye Brooks William Bryan Kenneth Lifsey W. H. Gore Don Coleman Bert Justice llte AlLauianA. Our dance orchestra is a school organization composed of nine hoys and a girl. They play for all dances and other social activities. Their music is always appreciated by all the students. Student Gouncil The Student Council, which is composed of one representative from each home room, is the medium between the students and the faculty. It is the privilege of this body to discuss the opinions of the students concerning the school activities with a representative of the faculty. Thus we strive for a friendly basis of cooperation and understanding. The Student Representative, Hulda Jones, presides over the Council. Left to right, back row: Hulda Jones Dnvynelle Pritchett Diana Durden Kathryn Drake Jo Ann Bierman Front row: Marjorie Crumhley Frances Pye Faye McLaughlin Nan Hayes 87ty-cM Club The 4-H Club is composed of girls principally interested in homemaking and domestic life and to follow the motto: “I pledge my Head to clearer thinking, My Heart to greater loyalty, My Hands to better service. And my Health to better living, For my club, my community, and my country.” S. 0. S. GUlL The "Seekers of Success” are a group of senior girls preparing themselves for work in the business world. They are otherwise known as the “Slaves of Shorthand” under the supervision of Mrs. Tom Thornton. OFFICERS Gloria Wingate President Ann Coleman Vice-President Charlotte McDuffie Secretary-T reasurer Betty Branda Reporter 88OFFICERS Cody Allen President Betty Ramsey Vice-President Herbert Benford Secretury-T reasurer 2 . e. i. eiu The D. C. T. Club provides a special program enabling students to gain practical experience in jobs and also to take courses pertaining to those jobs in high school. The club is under the direction of Mr. H. D. Waters. MacIu+uAii of Attt uca The Future Machinists of America is a club composed of students taking machine shop who are preparing themselves for jobs in that field of work. It is under the direction of Mr. R. F. Huggins. OFFICERS Jesse Walton President Jack Chancy Vice-President Robert Whittle Secretary Bobby McCauley Treasurer 89OFFICERS Jack Garrett President Jack Chancy Vice-President Oscar Cheatham Secretary Harry Crews T reasurer David Mercer Reporter fyuttVie fyasitnesiA. ajj Awesuca The Future Farmers of America is a club composed of students who are taking agriculture in order to prepare themselves for better methods of farming. tyutusie Auta MedtanicA. The Future Auto Mechanics is a club composed of bovs taking auto mechanics who are preparing themselves for jobs in that field. It is under the direction of Mr. R. F. Huggins. OFFICERS Harold Hayman President Jimmy Bowen Vice-President Joe Saba Secretary Tommy Gregors Treasurer IK)fyeatuSieA - Ite Jlit Parade ojj 1946 92 Mary Ann Sauls and Ramon McLeod 93Como to fiaty } 2 o Bii i y Lackland and Jean Adams Biggest Flirts Lamar Cui ton and Jo Marks Wittiest !) Ibleam 1 ou Morgan Murphy and Nan Hayes Best Looking fyaitUjjul fya'ieo i Hulda Jones and Dan Bateman Most Dependable 94I. A MAR Cl II TON A N l» MAR V ANN SaI'M fit's! Sfunis C ahoi yn Sapp and Tommy M Comb firs! Dancers 111 the rl au jiusl -1 Morgan Murphy and Huida Jon in Brs! All Around fluAt the. Waif Tjau Jloo-k anicjht Dan Bati man ant. Nan Mavi s f t Dressed .95fjaltnuy Qat a Aluni Marshall and Gi oRcr Mock Most Intellectual My 9 deal Morgan Murphy and Hulda Jones Most Popular Pafxe t, jball Dan Batfman and Nan Hayf.s Cutest you'll Neo i Know Jr an Adams and I amar Clilton Most Absent Winded 96Glta un ajj y uc George Mock and Diana Durden Most Dignified A fyliend o]j y u i Dan Bate man and Hui.da Jones r lend hirst Jo Marks and Lamar Ce.ii ton Most Talk a tii e fiooKfie. fll oo fie Ruth Cherry and Bert Justice. Most Talented Itesie 9rae Said 9t Apai+t IPelAo+talittf, Ramon Me 1 mod ani Hui.da Joni n first Prrsoiuili y Mori i i.i Kk.isii r and Ai.i.ini Marmiai i Most Ambitious l he Me Out te the, Poll Qame. 9 t 98-Z?o Bo+teA Billy Lackland and Jean Adams Lszksi 99£e uosi bia uf, Sophomore Year September 13, 1943. . . . Our big moment arrived today. We entered High School with a new principal, Mr. J. J. Cordell in office. December 10, 1943. . . . Our football team won the Class “B” State Championship from Griffin. April 15, 1944.... The Wigwam, our new teenage night club, opened tonight. The students remodelled the building and were really proud of it. May 5, 1944. . . . Junior-Senior Dance! The only thing our class could do was look at the 'Outdoor Garden” decorations. May 26. 1944. . . . Senior Class Day. It’s going to he awfully lonesome without the “grand ole Seniors.” Junior Year September IS, 1944. . . . School got off to a big start this year! November 2, 1944. . . . The organizing of the Hi-Y and Tri-Hi-Y began tonight. The 2nd year hoys initiated the 1st year hoys, while the Junior girls initiated the Senior girls, and vice versa. A good time was had by everyone! November 19, 1944. .. Oil we went to Valdosta for a big football game today. They defeated us in a big way. November 30, 1944. . . . Our game with Thom-asville was sad because we lost the championship. hut our boys played a wonderful game and went down fighting. December 15, 1944. . . . Being out for the Christmas Holidays brought about much excitement today. February 1, 1945. . . . The most disappointing event of the year began today. You guessed it— our mid-term exams! May 18, 1945. . . . Junior-Senior finally came tonight. After working three weeks on the decorations, we Juniors welcomed the Seniors into “Hawaiian Nights.” At last the night had come when we could stay out to enjoy an early morning breakfast with friends! June 1, 1945. . . . Senior Class Day! It was just grand to be able to sit in Senior seats, but oh so sad to see all those wonderful Seniors leave. We surely will miss you, Seniors. Mr. Cordell will not be with us next year, so we said goodbye and gave him a watch in appreciation for all the things he did for us. We’ll never forget you, Mr. Cordell. Senior Year September 17, 1945.. . . Today we are Seniors. We have many privileges which the underclassmen do not. Sometimes we think they begrudge us our privileges, although they’ll have them some of these days. Our beloved principal, Mr. B. D. Lee, is back with us after serving in the Armed F orces. September 28, 1945. . . . First football game of the season. We defeated Baker Y'illage 26-6. November 26, 1945. . . . We have been waiting for our Senior rings since school started and they finally arrived today. December 14, 1945. . . . Hooray! Christmas Holidays came today. For two weeks we are free. January 1, 1946. . . . Back to school after two exciting weeks. January, 1946. . . . The last few days of this month we crammed for exams just hoping for the best, with those lucky Seniors in the Honor Society', who don’t have to take them, giving us the horse laugh. January 15, 1946. . . . The 1946 Thronateeska went to press. May, 1946. . . . The annual Junior-Senior was enjoyed by everyone. Except the Sophomores! We enjoyed watching the Juniors work for us, and we thank them for such a wonderful Junior-Senior. June, 1946. . . . Sunday night the Bacculareate Service was held at the auditorium. June, 1946. . . . Tonight we graduated and were the happiest group in the world. Goodbye dear ole A.H.S. 100JlaA-t 'Will and 'l itamenZ We the Class of 1946, do make and publish this, our last will and testament, and appoint Major B. D. Lee to see that it is carried out. Since we will no longer be able to take care of these valuable possessions, we have decided to bestow them upon you, expecting you to cherish and take excellent care of them, you future seniors To the teachers we leave you peace and contentment. We have been difficult to manage at times but we have enjoyed every minute of it. Norman Couch leaves his fast and forward ways with all the girls to Sonny Bryan. Don Coleman and Beth Everidge leave their close attention to each other to Nell Cannon and Hugh Griffin. Billy Lackland leaves his wavy black hair to Bobby Faudree. Annette Hardy leaves her quiet reserved man ners and singing ability to Aloha Mallard. Nan Hayes leaves her sex appeal to Kay Houston. Anne Ashley leaves her blonde beauty to Kathryn Bennis. Jean Adams relinquishes her ability to “love all the boys at once” to Lucia Ellis. Russell Christian wills his manly physique to Whaley Hughes. Tom Pate and Kenneth Lifsey just leave, with a sigh coming from all the teachers. Morgan Murphy, Quintard Wright, and Ramon McLeod leave A.ILS. still arguing over which one is to have the next date with Nan Hayes. Lamar Clifton leaves school claiming he had better take everything he has with him. Carolyn Sapp wills her place on the Cheerleader squad to any girl who can yell louder than she can. Brandon Seely wills his ability to turn comers on two wheels and blaze new trails in Chehaw to anyone who is fool enough to attempt it. Don’t faint kids! George “Longhead” Hurst is actually going to leave A.H.S. Lewis Williams wills his love to play football to Jim Earl Brunson. Rena Lippitt wills forty pounds of her weight to Marjorie Armstrong. J. B. Tyre leaves ten inches of his height to little John Duke. Kathryn Drake wills her solemn face and serious way to laughing Shirley Gibbs. Bobbie Jean Ray leaves Donald Hall to Helen Sikes, who is still chasing after him. Maybe she’ll have a better chance next year. Sybil Tallent bequeaths her athletic ability to Marian Brimberrv. Maisie Sharman leaves A.H.S. without being able to give up that “certain one.” Nona Ammons leaves her ability to cook to Gladvs Farmer. Alline Marshall bequeaths her happy-go-lucky manner to Barbara Burke. Ann Williams leaves “stony vines” having actually cut them down. Hulda Jones leaves her winning ways to Barbara Burke. 101JP.a t Will and eAtantent John Tarpley leaves school much to Julia Hall’s sorrow. Mary Ann Sauls wills her mathematical ahilitv to Wilbur Owens. June Kachals leaves her large smile to Rosalind Posey. Mary Withrow leaves “Ab” Sweat to any girl who can out-talk him. Marion Lanier and Billie Jean Anderson will their love for each other to Tommy Bushnell and Betty Sue Lanier. Iris Van Houten wills her school-girl figure to Mary Jester. Edward Lee McDaniel leaves his curly hair to straight-haired Eddie Sutton. Bruce “Puggy” Boggs leaves his figure to Jack “Slim” Garrett. Cliff Freeman’s ability to “cut a rug” goes to John Duke. The former Geraldine Slay leaves school to be with her husband. Catherine Rakel wills her love of a good time to anyone who can keep up with her. Betty Dean leaves her man-chasing ways to Emily Eskew. Richard Gaggstatter leaves his flirty ways to Sonny Logan. David Chitty’s jumping jivv ways are bequeathed to George Ort. Billy de Vane leaves Snookie Butts to all the boys and are they happy! Jo Marks leaves her Ipana smile to Sarah Anne Baxter. Avalon Morris wills her red hair to Joyce Duke. Caryl Atkinson and Patsy Chandler leave their athletic ability to Peggy Neill and Mary Otho Efird. The Senior girls leave, but Gap’ll Finley isn’t too disappointed because lie’s seen quite a few good looking girls in the junior class. Marye Whitehead. Amy Watkins, and Christine Clifton leave their undying friendship that they inherited to Marian Edwards, Faye Brooks, and Joan Powell. Mildred Hide bestows her senior dignity to Mariwill Blalock. Dan Bateman and Edward Jones leave Miss Harrell's physics class just as baffled as ever. Dick Taylor is sorry to see the senior boys leave because now he will have to buy his own cigarettes. Gus Muse leaves his “gift of gab” to Abbbba Sweat. Tommy McComb wills his energetic movements to Steve Juhan. The annual staff leave their nightly and early morning struggles to anyone willing to undertake the long, confusing task of putting the annual together. Fronds Wiggins wills his place to get up in chapel and make more announcements than Mr. Lee to Bobby McGee. 102GIgM, P'lop.hecy Monsieur Marion Lanier has made a big name for himself since employing his wife Madamoiselle Billie lean as a model in his clothing establishment. Everyone will be happy to know that the famous opera. Whodunit, will reopen next week with Annette Hardy and Norman Couch holding down the leading parts. The printing” business is raging. Brandon Seely has just opened his business after nine years of preparation and study with a D.C.T. degree from A.H.S. A letter has just been received from the great diplomat, Morelle Begister, stating that our relations with the pvgmies in Central Africa are progressing very well. FLASH—Rio de Janerio— Mary Ann Sauls, Carolyn Sapp, and Hulda Jones, the three queens of the nightclub, "Slinking Rena’s.” are burning up the town with their red hot dance routine. Street scene—Morgan Murphy and Ramon McLeod still directing traffic, only now their heat is on Whitney Avenue down in Harlem. The new high school algebra teachers, Tom Pate and Ralph Jordan, are debating with a few of the old ones that they know more about senior algebra than the well known Cap’n Finley himself. Coach Lewis Williams of Georgia Normal College, and Coach Cliff "Knob” Freeman of Tuskegee Institute will clash next week as their two teams meet in the Cocoanut Bowl. Jean Adams and Jo Marks, two famous authors, have gone into a joint partnership. Their first hook to be published together is How to Start a Conversation and Catch a Boy in One Easy Lesson. June Rachals can now be seen on all showboards modeling for the “Sharman” Toothpaste Company. Bertus Justice and his ten Justonians have engaged a month’s performance at the Tin Pan Aliev Club, owned and operated by Augustus Muse. While walking down the street one day last week, who should I run into but Tommy “Coon” McComb. who informed me that he had just been voted the most handsome singing salesman since Dick Farris retired to Sing Sing for quite a long rest. 103GIgAA Pnofdi af, Street scene—Dr. Joel Harvey, renowned President of Massachusetts Institute of Technology and holder of the Nobel Prize for Peace, pausing to hand a bag of doughnuts to garbage collector George Mock. The next day Mock was found stiff. Score one for the women—Frances Cobb becomes America’s first woman President. Dr. John Daniel Bateman, a bachelor for thirty-five years, was caught smiling at a woman sitting next to him on a Fifth Avenue bus in New York. Can there be a change taking place in Dan? There’s never a dull moment at Young Hill’s night spot. If you doubt us, just drive out and see for yourself. John Tarpley, Joe Tison, and Bill Lackland play in the Philharmonic Orchestra every Sunday. I hope those Saturday night sessions are to get them in practice! Movieland’s Patricia "Hot Lips” Chandler has all the boys rolling in the aisles while crooner Edward Jones just looks at the swooning bobby soxers to knock them out of their seats in Rav Godbee's Caledonia Club. Scientist and tire dealer Frontis B. Wiggins. Jr., has invented an amazing new synthetic tire which never wears out. The only drawback is that it tears up the highway. Mr. Earle Bullock’s new supermobile had quite a bit of trouble last night-only he was fortunate enough to survive. While flying through the air, it hit an air pocket and after hitting the ground, it bounced into the sea and sank. “Pretty Boy Mills,” the wealthy playboy ,has again been married. This is his tenth trip. He is now under arrest, held by Sheriff Billy de Vane of Chittlin-switch, Georgia. Sheriff de Vane claims Mill’s latest wife is already married to him. Ruff! Professor “Massey” Clifton and his able asistant, “Cassie” Rakel, have proved Einstein’s Theory of Relativity wrong and have established the fact that it’s only a paper inoon. 104 Idv-e'Uiieme.ntL - - 107FIRST STATE BANK OF ALBANY ALBANY, GEORGIA “Since August 1, 1928” Capital, Surplus, Undivided Profits and Reserves More Than $450,000.00 OFFICERS W. Banks Haley.........................................Chairman of Board J. T. Haley.....................................................President J. R. Pinkston...................................Executive Vice-President William C. Holman................................Executive Vice-President Harold B. Wethf.rbee.......................................Vice-President George H. Joineh...........................................Vice-President T. H. Williams....................................................Cashier Kathleen C. Bishop....................................Assistant Cashier H. A. Crittenden......................................Assistant Cashier DIRECTORS W. Banks Haley President Albany Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Hollis Lanier President, Americus Grocery Co. Lee R. Ferrell President, Ferrell-Wright Co. J. T. Haley President Harold B. Wetherbee Vice-President Flint River Cotton Mills Irvin B. Callaway President, L. B. Callaway Co. Joel T. Haley, Jr. Wholesale Petroleum Products William C. Holman Holman Mule Company John Ed Legreve President, G. O. Service Co. H. B. Stovall Merchant and Planter J. R. Pinkston Executive Vice-President Allen Ciiurchwell Churchwell’s Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation +• 108Compliments of the U-SAVE-IT PRESCRIPTION SHOPS 208 Pine Avenue C. S. Bank Building Compliments of M. W. TIFT GROCERY COMPANYThe Home of FORD, MERCURY AND LINCOLN AUTOMOBILES HALEY MOTOR COMPANY F I K ESTONE EXTRA VALUE MERCHANDISE for CAR AND TRUCK HOME AND FARM WORK AND RECREATION HOME AND AUTO SUPPLY COMPANY 118 Jackson Street ALBANY TIRE AND SERVICE STATION 1(X) Broad Street K—- -- -- -- -■-----—---------------------------------------- 110CHURCHWELL’S DEPARTMENT STORE Allen Chubchwell, Manager FOB FORTY-SIX YEARS CLOTHIERS OF HIGH SCHOOL AND COLLEGE STUDENTS IN SOUTHWEST GEORGIA AND VICINITY 110 N. Washington Telephone 670 + BELK’S DEPARTMENT STORE WE CLOTHE THE FAMILY FROM HEAD TO FOOT 213-217 Broad Avenue Phone 1322 111•+ Western Steaks + C o m p I i m cuts ...of... NEW CLUB PARAMOUNT Open 6:30 P. M. ORCHESTRA NIGHTLY Featuring. CUTLIFF MERIWEATHER Chicken Dinners ON ROUTE 3 Two Miles Nortli of Albany, Georgia + 112t--------------------------------1 THE GORDON HOTEL Albany, Georgia THE DANIEL ASHLEY HOTEL Valdosta, Georgia Two Modern Hotels +---------------------------- -f C OM P LI M ENTS ...OF... Albany Coal Co. ------------------------------X Compliments of... N. R. CROUCH GROCERY Home of Fine Meats 533 Roosevelt Avenue Phone 1085 Compliments of DOBBS-ADAMS TIRE CO. Distributor of GOODYEAR TIRES - - —- - - ■■ ■—■—- COMPLIMENTS 1 1 f — — — — — — — — — — — — — 1 Bale pin Company ...OF... School and Club Jewelry HAL AND ED S • Men’s Outfitters Complete Dorchester Center 24. The Newest Style • Massachusetts —— YOUR PHOTOGRAPHER SANDERS ALBANY, GEORGIA +■ — r 105 N. Jefferson Street Opposite the Post Office Phone 626 Albany, Georgia +•------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 114 I t L E A E II SIt’s a hummer... Have a Coke ... rug-cutting at the high school gym Kids sure do know how to get together and get things going. Young folks long ago found that the pause that refreshes with ice-cold Coca-Cola is a swell ice-breaker. Have a Coke gets over quickly with everybody. All America knows it as an invite to get together and give with the good news. Coke .Coca-Cola Coca-Cola" and its abbreviation Coke" are the registered trademarks which distinguish the product of The Coca-Cola Company COPYRIGHT 1945. THE COCA-COLA COMPANY ALBANY COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY 115C. O M P LI M E N T S OF . ROSENBERG BROTHERS Serving Albany and Southwest Georgia For More Than 49 Years 116f-------- ----------------------------------,+ Albany Concrete Products Co. Lightweight Building Blocks For Permanent Wall and Foundation Construction • Ready Mixed Concrete Telephone 2650 Gillionville Road J. G. Marbury, Manager Residence 2856-J COMPLIMENTS ...OF... NEHI BOTTLING COMPANY i I i + + •+ + +■ 117 COMPLIMENTS ...OF... LILLISTON IMPLEMENT COMPANY BILL BUNTIN DRY CLEANERS 111 N. Jackson Street QUALITY DRY CLEANING Phone 1224 Albany GeorgiaT R AIL W A Y S ALBANY HIGH OH NATIONWIDE SAFE COURTEOUS OPERATORS MODERN COMFORTABLE CLIPPER COACHES LOW FARES-FREQUENT CONVENIENT SCHEDULES CHARTER A COACH FOR SPECIAL TRIPS ‘Our Bus Station is the Starting Place to Everywhere” GEORGIA STAGES, INC. Albany Georgia America's Finest ITRfllLUJflVS Bus ServiceCollege Clothes For College VIen THE SCHWOB COMPANY 125 N. Washington Street Albany, Georgia —— ♦ •f 1 COMPLIMENTS ...OF... 1. B. Callaway Co. HARDWARE FURNITURE COMPLIMENTS ...OF... Butler furniture Company —"—-————-——-—- i —"—- " ■ ' • U U » “ H Compliments of... WATKINS BROS. PAINT STORE Paint : Painter’s Supplies W. L. Spann, Mgr. Phone 283 112 N. Jackson St. Albany, Ga. COMPLIMENTS ...OF... LOIS-ANNELLE SHOP L, .. .. ■■ , f—" " " . — » “ ■ " " “ 1 I1' “ LEE HARDWARE CO. 133 Broad Avenue 220 Broad Avenue Albany Georgia “Pay Cash and Pay Less” . — — — —• k Compliments of... ALBANY SHEET METAL WORKS Roofing and Sheet Metal Contractors W. H. Sapp, Manager 122-124 Front Street 119 ► ■ ■ —+ j C O M P LI M ENT S COMPLIMENTS OF... ...OF... THE CITY SERVICE R 1 ALTO STATION Sports Center for Southwest Georgia 224 Pine Avenue • +• Albany Georgia • COMPLIMENTS ...OF ... Davis Brothers Restaurant Albany and Atlanta 236 Pine Avenue A. H . S . CLASS KINGS For Any Graduating Year By HERFF-JONES CO. “Complete Graduation Service” Invitations — Personal Cards Diplomas Caps and Gowns Medals — Pins — Trophies H. S. Canfield Atlanta Georgia -4 +•- 120 Wicjtfini. TIRE RECAPPING COMPANY “Our Treads Arc Thicker” ft I X (a us TIRES Complete Tire Service DAY AND NIGHT C o in pi i m ents ...of... ALBANY HARDWARE COMPANY 121THE CITIZENS AND SOUTHERN BANK OF ALBANY Albany, Georgia SERVING ALBANY OVER FIFTY-SIX YEARS OFFICERS H. Lane Young President L. B. Mays Executive Vice-President Oun F. Fulmer. Jr. Vice-President Hoyt D. Edge Cashier Emory Lewis Assistant Cashier DIRECTORS John E. Wallace Leonard Farkas E. H. Kalmon J. C. Keaton P. A. Keenan Oun F. Fulmer, Jr. Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation L. J. Hoymayf.r M. W. Tiet L. B. Mays H. Lane Young W. H. Burt 22 i117 N. Washington Street Phones 880-881 CAIl - TRUCK - TRACTOR PARTS KEENAN AUTO PARTS COMPANY WE SERVICE RADIOS All Makes and Models • Our Work Guaranteed ROUSE'S RADIO SERVICE Telephone 1311 285 at Night T---------------------------------------t ! ! Mayfair Jewelry Co. i “Southwest Georgia’s Leading Jewelers” Quality Diamonds — Watches — Jewelry Silverware — China — Glassware Novelties “We Appreciate Your Patronage” MAYFAIR JEWELRY CO. Thad B. Reese, Manager 205 Broad Avenue Phone 33 ---------------------------------------+• t Compliments of GORTATOWSKY INSURANCE AGENCY Phone 202 Ed,-ard J. Davis, Manager ..— i • 4 ----------------------------------+ Congratulations to the 1946 Graduates GOLDSMITH S BOYS' AND MEN'S SHOP 105 North Washington Street Albany Georgia ----------------------------------1 THE OFFICE SUPPLY CO. (Formerly L. D. Acker Printing Co.) Phone 1160 Complete Line of Office Supplies Agents for Friden Calculators, Globe-Wernicke, Inc., Steel Furniture National Blank Books and Columnar Sheets —----------------------------------+ +--------------------------—---------1 • Compliments of SILVER'S STORE 114 North Washington Street .Albany Georgia +•---------------------------------+ Let Sunlite Add the Sunshine to Your Clothes SUNLITE CLEANERS 705 Pine Avenue Phone 561 Albany Georgia HAYES BEAUTY SALON AND STRICKLAND BARBER SHOP 234 Pine Street Work Done By Experts 1244 +- J. W. GAGGSTATTER JEWELERS DIAMONDS WATCHES JEWELRY CHINA SILVERWARE ETC. • "Gifts That Last" 216 Broad Avenue Telephone 127 4-------------------------- --------------------------------— WHEN YOU WANT TO KNOW WHAT’S GOING ON ... ... in your school ... in your town ... in your state ... in your country . . . in your world ...READ... The Albany herald Listen to W A L B The Albany Herald Radio Station 1590 On Your Dial • —— ———— — ——— - ► • C o m p I i m e nt s C o m pliments ...of... ...of... SALTER PHILLIPS Motor company SAVELLE JEWELRY COMPANY. INC. • STUDEBAKER SALES AND SERVICE Phone 3223 122 Pine Ave. DIAMONDS SILVERWARE WATCHES GEM STONES GIFTS • Albany Georgia . • ■—— + 125 +• Compliments of... BENNETT S SEED AND SUPPLY CO. 210-212 Broad Ave. Phone 122 FEEDS SEEDS + ——■ Compliments of... FERRELL-WIGHT COMPANY Distributors of Automobile Supplies ...and ... Philco Radios and Refrigerators ' 1 Compliments of... PAUL JONES SERVICE STATION Corner of Pine and Jefferson COMPLIMENTS ...OF... JOHNSTON PAINT BODY WORKS 837 Pine Avenue Phone 70 - .. ... - ... - - 4 ■■ ■ -1 ■ ■ -l “ " " 1 COMPLIMENT S O F S. H. KRESS COMPANY Albany Georgia . ... C O M P LI M ENTS ...OF... SIMPSON AND LEWIS BARBER SHOP .. ... „ „ . - m .. „ . , + COMPLIMENTS ...OF... Lackland Pharmacy 220 Pine Avenue Phone 2801 COMPLIMENTS ...OF... LEE DRUG COMPANY + 126 --------------------------—„—f Phone 143 114 N. Jackson EVERIDGE'S TASTY BAKERY “Home of Old Time Bread” We Cater to Special Orders CAKES : PIES : PASTRIES J. C. PENNY CO., INC. Albany The Family’s Favorite Store • Featuring Keen Sportswear For Hi-Schoolers +•---------------------------------- +■——------------------------—“ ’ Real Estate General Insurance TOM MALONE REALTOR Class of 1919 Deming Whiting Salesman 122 2 N. Jackson Street Phone 1419 H. H. Hedkick, Jr. Frank H. Hedrick H. H. HEDRICK 8c SONS REAL ESTATE 125 Court Avenue • G. I. Loans Insurance + + + 127Compliments of... SHIVER S BARBER AND BEAUTY SHOP Albany Georgia! 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Jackson Street Phone 1748 Albany Georgia JACK HOLLAND • SPECIAL PHOTOGRAPHER «| - - ... - - - - - j ALBANY FLORAL COMPANY Floral Telegraph Delivery Service Corner Seventh and Monroe Phone 96 Thomas B. Jones, Owner . Compliments of The Style Shop ALBANY’S SMARTEST SHOP FOR WOMEN 103 N. Washington St. •—..— — —+ i • Compliments of Compliments of WILDER AULTMAN ALBANY WAREHOUSE SERVICE STATION COMPANY COTTON PEANUTS Next to Hotel Gordon — • i FERTILIZER 133Compliments of Smith Lumber Company 113 Pine Avenue LUMBER AND PAINT • Compliments of IT CLUB North Jefferson Street Phone 9137 Albany Georgia T' " “ “ ,u “ " ■’ " m n tt n 1J + " - ' " Compliments of Compliments of Layson Lumber ROBINSON DRUG CO. Company “A GOOD DRUG STORE” • 127 Nortli Washington St. Phone 1315 Slappey Drive Albany Georgia 1»— J - P 1 r—“—-—-—-— •—-—• —•— ——■ •• - BEST WISHES ... CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES OF 1946 to the GRADUATES • with Compliments of Wallace Crouch Graham Dozier S. J. CURRY CO. Max Sheppard, Jr. Billy Parker • GENERAL CONTRACTORS • CROUCH LUMBER COMPANY Albany Georgia x « 1 j U135

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