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Qs , SX .,,, Er , Mem my Jrothers meh The workers ever returning sornethmg new of the thmgs fhof they shell do If 'J Lord T Phys Thor which they have done but earnest AA fu, L- on The Senlor Class of the O00 Albany Hugh School y N Y 'I960 GARNET AND GRAY Volume 46 Staff Paul E Michelson Ed to - -Ch ef oncy P Alfred B e M Nancy Segal t Ed Steven Morhts A f Ed fo Albert Odom Ad QA 'X S Af to Q X X E X Q 1 f s Ex 5!Y'7 'Q fC:QX Z 5 S i5V"gf-QA U? m I M Xxxx Table of Contents 6 ICU ION C IVI CICU Of S rs n erc ossmen Adverhsemenfs 139 fl Q T Q 'KA i ' Q Q N 2 EX Us 7 I 11 fr ' S X I xx 9 Foreword 4 Features 77 D D f' 5 A f' 'f' F Ify 7 Sp f S ' 77 U d I ,f 7 Z X Foreword gi ve nm w 1 lo 1 e ryo me fr ber e Tme when me Crea re ponswowiny e fee r 'rhe vas eaq af U mes when . wo O w eor e hee owerse e re peec Pe oe? f may be ree zeo Hwrouoh e we Qfrfurewwafmofw of HMS a meme F L. on ow a w 1 fo asymz a'e w Proarem ea d Bro wer ood r e 3 was crwe O ine deeerf memo a O rwomie ccweoefmon ave ex Ted Mem s efform have beer concem aed ow e+Pe cesfrucr ow or domma a re 5+ vey Smal! arrow? of human e eroy cS oeew expemoe, or fe ur efba oc Mar' na Deen 'foo :evo ve J wr e 0 w N groups +0 e Peer e vw we r D T hs brolmers Cre rea ce fa My Q 'wg m ppow 0 P e O e e .are ro eermod To e we e woes oe lerger Com ace em re wou. on com e e eer e wma e e proolerm c e G e fe O fw 'werqer womb ea e a :J v D V' QC VOC V6 J NSG X! S N X x W V! efe TFE dfzefz Q? ':. frro g 'rm X if vers: wf ce places 'ne cesfi. ff' X f-Qfc, C: 'fc ec' fo 'r ' ' -we Va ees, , V 543 ' 3 'N A' , we r: Q" fi . vice Vfdly T e"arge've" cf Ac . .c Q ff' Lcmsfif T6 ewc office of 'Q X. Ou espfefo' fs 'O V? Aef f 2 eem W5 50 T' J e eva H N Te.- X New Q? SOC-977. - ,E J - X'-.X :J fi earff. F. V U ,. ' . ' X QC! W X dug 'p ' BN! 1 V 'lafe 'A . 1 J we f .Yi ', N SMC CNF f A m '1' ' , , :"' 'E 1 P 4 'A ,N 'A H ' xl +f V . fm: ix , A J- F' A ' 4 'F h J- ek . .' N G c. N ' 5 ' , 1 d H H' c 'HMC ave 5 ce ' b U . , , r . I X 1: ' 3 in . efr 3 . ' ' . w iz Q " w 'nf I o SA- " W L e frer. W-re PMA Z3 are B 'I e 'W b 151 bfec, 'we bmeflfs ' 'Y' ' ine ',"e'ac e. Maw wouc rc -, W. - :e'e w"1 'Q' figef J leaf 'H' wid :e peff ef a' egdef' orgerfzei , - l - :"i"g 5 'ee p-c:1e3 of 'm - YH. H5 "emi ZC7:'C'3 oeffg cfs: fed? . KW x Nev' neue' Q" "Se: eggs? ' .' 1:f:e"A'g 'ie 1ee r'-N v.,fG, or f a egAee"5': Myne. SM a , W eau 'Q 1'e':e':: 55 vow , 'Q fl weli ' :e"g .vie efe Impeifse TG ehfaf. in :J :'e.e" :'::'ge"ze3 f::Re'y. 'xi 3: we 3e:A:e'e :J .e'f' ack To 'fe :':f':' 3' :I "exe sees-P J, 3' X ew: B'3"6'T'CCC-'TC' fre, milf c TO a :e"e' .-,2': 13' e r"a'f"3. i N. n-N .,,. .. .fi- .,,. ll s .D s s.. yy. - ,4 iw-1 Dedicotion We, The Senior Class, are proud fo dedicafe fhis, our yearbook, 'rhe l96O Garnef and Gray. 'ro Miss Lulu W. Charles. Through your inslruciion, Miss Charles. you have helped many of us noi only 'ro masier 'fhe faciual aspecis of l-lisfory, buf also lo inler- pref Hisiory, Thai we may beHer undersfand +oday's world. You have broughf many of us 'ro realize fhe obligalions and responsibiliiies which awaii us as cifizens. We ihanlc you. Miss Charles, for enabling us To 'ralce our places as qualified and consiruc- five members of socieiy. Therefore, we preseni' 'rhis bool: +o you as a iolcen of our esfeem and appreciafion of your service 'ro Albany High School. E K Q X im:.:',,u I .X. Xu. -ti 3 I Vice-Principol You, The Class of I96O, may well be proud oT This issue of The GarneT and Gray which pays TribuTe To The BroTherhood of Man. IT is mosT graTiTying To realize ThaT your inTellecTual pursuiTs and your social experiences aT The Albany High School have developed in you such a deep sense oT social consciousness. May This humaniTarian ideal ever be maniTesT in your philosophy of life. Donald P. Ford Principal The GarneT and Gray will always remind each member of The class oT 1960 of The joy ThaT honors and pleasures have broughT us and of The courage ThaT disappoinTmenTs have developed in us. This book seeks To bring To our minds by means oT a record oT persons and evenTs, The respecT and undersTanding we have Tor one anoTher. This ap- preciaTion oT our Tellow man is The greaT value derived Trom living and working TogeTher. IT is The True and enduring spiriT oT The Albany High School. ln The TuTure men will iudge our lives To have been greaT or humble buT They will have been oi value if They have been lived in This spiriT. Douglas W. Lincoln 3 ffl gl Mglh X WH "WV f RH FL i S Q mum X x 1 I1 X f 5 X 2 if X guig X if 57 Vx ...JMX-'I M 5 51 xx ff 'sxff' - X 'X 5 X .,.. 1 John C. OHagan Manhaiian, B.A. Columbia. MA. English-Supervisor Clayion G. Carfer English Caiherine R. Boylan Kafhryn M. Connelly NYSCT, B.A.. MA. English Marie B. Kurrus NYSCT. B.S., M.S. English Helen M. Mansion NYSCT, BA., MA. English Marian Dodds Muir NYSCT, Bfx. Columbia. M.A. English Alberi Odom Univ. of Housion, B.S. Columbia, M,A. Speech College of Si. Rose. BA. NYSCT. M.A. English Agnes D. Dennin NYSCT, BA., M.A. English Louise D. Gunn NYSCT, BA., Mfx. English E lish -Q. 3 .6151 A z A V ' ii 4 1 Q A g , , f f' Y ' .sf i ' . - ' ns 'E X.. . xf 'X . ' 3 . , J 2521 in I ,Ai li 1 Frances W. Yorl: 4" University of Maine, NYSCT, BA. English 8 Union College, BA. Carolyn Devlin College of Sf. Rose BJX.. M.A. English .23 , Mae McGuiness College of Si. Rose, BA. NYSCT, MA. English V. - A iw... :ww , j.:,,.,,g:.. ,, . 5 1935- , ' A-f':...Z ai Q A . , ,yt . , 4 1 4 I, , C ., 51 . ,ggi O 5' I Mary Moran College of Sf. Rose. BA Cornell, M.A. Dramaiics Yvonne K. Boulia NYSCT, B.S. Commercial Mary J. Merchanf NYSCT, Bfx. Commercial Madeline F. Wise NYSCT, B.S.. MS. Commercial Edwin B. Piper NYSCT, B.S. Commercial-Supervisor , ,,, fe Dorothy G. Lasher NYSCT, B.S. Syracuse, MA. Commercial Frank C. Mayer NYSCT, B.S., M.S. Commercial Commercial Myron I. Kolodny NYSCT, B.S.. M.S. Commercial Chrisfine T. Polydouris Mass. SCT, BS. NYSCT. M.S. Commercial Carl E. Wulifs NYSCT, B.S. Commercial Henry J. Muller NYSCT, B.A. Commercial Dorofhy H. Robinson Simmons, BS. NYSCT, M.S. Commercial Calherine Rockey Universify of Minn.. BA. Columbia, MA. Commercial Sight Saving Marflwa Benedicf NYSCT, B.A., M.S. Sigllf Saving 9 r,. ...- 1 Herberl P. Beclrefi Mary G. Breslin I ' shlxxhls. Oqleihorpe. BA. Ithaca, M.S. Physical Educalion Physical Education ' Elizabeih Rapp Sergeant B.S. NYSCT, M.S. Physical Educafion Ralph Sausville lfhaca, B.S. NYSCT. M.S. Guidance Ceriificnie Physical Educaiion Sarqeanl, BS, Marywood, 5.5. Ed. Physical Educafion Audrey J. H. Lamberi College of Sf. Rose, B.S., M.A. Physical Educaiion :W Nafhan Sufin Penn. SCT, B.S. NYSCT. M.S. Physical Educafion if Grace M. Libbey Hanoi' C. P. Kenyon NYSCT. B.S. Margaref M. Smlfh NYU, B.S. NYSCT, M.S. Syracuse, B.S. Mechanical Drawing Cornelius J. Heim lfhaca, BS. NYSCT. MS, Physical Educaiion Roberi F. Murphy Manhalfan, BS. Physical Educafion Margarei M. Waldbillig Sarqeanf, B.S. NYSCT, M.S. Physical Educaiion William L. Wheldon Rochesfer lnsfifufe of Technology, B.A. Ari 7 FN 17-fb 'v ...f fl ,VXA ,- X f 4 Rufh N. Cummings College of Si. Rose. B.A. NYSCT, MA. Mafhemaiics -5 Doroihee C. Hadsell College of Sf. Rose, BA. N YSCT, M fx. Mafhemafics-Supervisor Florence Marlrson N YSCT, B.S. Mafhemafics Shirley Levine NYSCT. B.A.. M.A. Mafhemafics Mar J Disne Y - Y College of S+. Rose, BA. NYSCT, MA. Mafhemafics Mathematics Music E. Gerfrude Howarilw NYU. B.S.. M.A. Orchesfra lq Paul Hunf Poisdam, B.S.. M.S. Music D.: tix' .2 ,B X l r ANL Mary T. Scully College of Sf. Rose, B.A. Mafhemaiics Lulre F. Mafihew Easiman Sclwool of Music, B.M. Performer's Cerfificafe- Music 40 al Rosemary Seelmann College of Si. Rose. BA Mafhemafics Driver Training David Manwiller lfhaca. B.S. Driver Training G. Curiiss Job John J- BNI' Yale, BA, Siena, B.S., M.S. Columbia. MA. Science Science-Supervisor Warren J. Brociley P3 RPI, B.S. S+. Rose, M.S. Science Mary M. Davidge Albany College of Pharmacy. B.S. NYSCT, M.S. Science 5H1"P"" I ,.,.-v- -- --- ti PF' , l Ii I F Science Rufh H. Hannefi NYSCT. Bfx., MA. Science Elinor Greenfeld Universify of Massacliuseiis, B.S., MA. Science Gabriel Hellman NYSCT MA Science Guidance ' Thomas P. Fallon NYSCT. B.S.. M .S. Guidance Esfher A. Jansen Evan A. Prifchard NYSCT, B.A.. MA. NYSCT, BA.. M.A W '. ' Guidgngg GUHBIICO 'eu 514,5- Elsa Troidle Bosfon U.. BA. U. of Meme. MA. Cifizenship Educafion N Rosaline Eflinger NYSCT, M.A. Douglass College BA. Mary E. Brad? NYSCT, B.A., M.A. Cifizenship Educafion Supervisor - -In sn Charles Anderson Oswego. 5.5. NYSCT, M.S. Cifizenship Educafion Lulu W. Charles NYSCT, B.A., MA. Cifizenship Educafion s " Q, .,, . , Ah, 8 ,. 1 O4 X :il A 5 Q - . Cifizenship Educafion i ., is Helen H. J. OH I W: l NYSCT, B.A. f 5- Mfddlebury. Mfx. fix. ' Philip T- Pfopef Cifizenship Eclucaiion p1f'.Qi?il: NYSCTV B-54' M-A' 'Lg- gl JM A Clfizenship Educaiion CT l1' Ed f Bessie Reiss NYSCT. B.S.. MA, I h Cifizenship Educafion He en S epard Alice J. Weller Cofleqe of S+. Rose NYSCT, M.A. Cifizenship Educafi Q . ff- BA. on i . N YSCT, Bfx. Cifizenslwip Eclucafion Wh 1 'V -4. P Ellen Howe Simmons, Cerfificale Nurse Joan McCormick College of ST. Rose, MA. Nurse Nurses ' Wayne M. Haller Pauline E. Balmer Middlebury. BA., MA. NYSCT, B.A. Foreign Language Supervisor Columbia. MJX. Foreign Language Rifa Mary Burke Gabrielle Cox McGill U., BA. College of S+. Rose, BA. Columbia, M,A, Foreign Language Ruflw M. Gilberf Syracuse, BA. NYSCT, MA. Foreign Language NYSCT, M.A. Foreign Language Helen N. Mayo Universiiy of Maine. BA., M.A. Foreign Language P10 I s. 6 Joseph J. Mahar NYSCT, B.S. Meral Shop Homemoking and Shop Harrier B. Righier Syracuse, B.S. Homemaling K we 'T . ffii 5:5i9Si13 Corinne Miller University of lllinois. B.A,, Mfx. Homemaking 'H J f w rf " L1 A W -6 I i. .-is 5 Lx ' use .v vi fir . 'fp ' - F Foreign Helen H. J. OH NYSCT, BA. Middlebury, MJX. Foreign Language -.. , ..l' , ...ff I, - Q-Q4 Languages Louis Sclweiner CCNY. BS. Columbia MA. Foreign Language 63 ,..x sc Eugenia L. Millard NYSCT, B.A., B.S. lL.S.l. MA. Cornell, Ph.D. Library Elinor E. Osfrander NYSCT, BA.. MA. Library Library Jeanneffe J. Sforey NYSCT, ss. lL,S.l, Ms, Library ffm Cafeteria Alice Sonsferucl NYSCT B,S., MS. Cafeferia Evelyn D. Weaver Cornell, 5.5, Cafeferia L Florence A. Seabury NYSCT, B.S. Office Helen Church Albany High School Office Office 5' - , Y 'N iv ' "X 'ff ' ' ' - ., fi . Q - ' I . Y 1' S Esfher l. Endries Fifzqeralcfs Business College Office Anna Kaufman NYSCT, B.S. Office Tessie O'Neil Office 4 X, 710 1 , pm " AVAILABLE Marylyn D. Graham Mildred Elley Secrefarial School Office Joyce A. Kefelian Albany Business College Office Nancy Wiflro College of S+. Rose B.S, Office s :sql -K ay. I5 ' 1-1X5 y. .,K : ,Ish-B, bib, ts-er. "No. 'Hunk you, I never iouch ine sfuff fm K C Why noi? No crossing over' So you know Van do Graaff? und me vexarl7 1 1 STANLEY ISSER Presidenf NANCY KELLEY Treasurer BARBARA LAWYER Secreiary JACOB REISS Vice-President 'Twas an hour before school . . . Leff 'Io righf-Top fo bo+'rom: GERALD ACKER, l95 Norlhern Boulevard PATRICIA ALBERT, IOI I-Iunier Avenue ROSANN ALBERT, 20 Soulh Dove Slreel-Senior Ring Commilleeg Archery Club NANCY ALFRED, 9 Harvard Avenue-Thefa Alpha Lilerary Socieryg Forum: Keyeffesg Junior Red Cross: Drarnalics Associafion, Secrerary. Treasurer: Prefendersg Junior Prom Comrnifreei GARNET AND GRAY, Business Manager: American Legion Oraforical Conresl Firsr Prize MARGARET ALGER, 304 Sheridan Avenue- Sfudenr Council: Choirg GARNET AND GRAY ELGA ALKSNIS, 5 Elberon Place-Choir: Inlr Blof EDWARD ALLYN, 532 Morris Srreel-Transferred from Vincenfian Insfifule HARRY ALOISI, I5I Benson Sfreef-Spanish Club I9 fg Ian: -5' -123 -4' Anal all Through lhe halls . . . Leff +o righf-Top fo Boffom: CHARLES ANDERSON, 68 Van Woerl' Slreei' SHEILA ANDERSON, 285 Colonie Sfreei MARGARET ARMENTO, 637 New Scofland Avenue-Spanish ll Prize: Spanish Club: Lafin Club: Choir: Fulure Teachers of America JOSEPH ARNOLD, 368 Parfridge Slreel ROSLYN ASHER, 235 Ormond Slreel-Sfudenf Council: Forum: Keyelfes: Band: Fufure Teachers of America: French Club: Dramalics Associalion: GARNET AND GRAY SANDRA AXELROD, 37 Edgecomb Slreel-Thela Sigma Liierary Sociely: Keyellesg Junior Red Cross: Dramaiics Associaliong Blue Moon Com- millee: Junior Prom Commifiee: Bowling: Cheer- leading, J.V., Varsiiyz GARNET AND GRAY SANDRA BACKER, I48 Soufh Manning Boulevard -Keyeifes: Dramaiics: Creafive Wriling Club: Spanish Club: Palroong GARNET AND GRAY PATRICIA BACON, I98 Myrfle Avenue 20 Leff io righf-Top +o Bo++om: WlLMER BAKER, 402 Sherman Srreef GARY BANNERMAN, 4 Miller Slreel-Baslceiball, Varsiryg Cross Couniryy Traclcg Pairoon ELIZABETH BARBUTO, 26 Kelron Courl-Junior Prom Commiiieeg Junior Prom Courrg Cheerlead- ing, J.V., Varsily HAROLD BARRETT, bl Grove Avenue DONALD BARROWMAN, 267 Sheridan Avenue HELEN BAUER, 34 Beverly Avenue-Keyerlesy Furure Teachers of Arnericag Choir SANDRA BECKER, 687 Myrrle Avenue-Dramafics Associalionq Choir BARRY BELINKY, 30 Pleasant View Avenue- Nafional l-lonor Socieiy, Arisia Chapferg Unired Narions Coniesr, Firsr Prize: Philodoxia Lirerary Socieiy: Key Club, Treasurer: Science Sociery, Treasurer, Chernislry Chairman: Varsiry Debaleg Bowling: Cross Counrryg Golf Noi a feacher was slfirring . . . -3 ,or 5 9 34. . N . I xv-I 1497 X , 495 Leff lo righ+-Top +o BoHom: JEFFREY BELLINGER, 384 Third Sfreer-Srudenl Council: Junior Red Cross: German Club: Infra- mural Baslielball PATRICIA BENNETT, II4 Van Woerl Slreel' LESLIE BERNARD, 434 Third Slreef BEVERLY ANN BEVERLY, IO Albany Sfreer- Choir: Slar-Hi MARION BINDELL, l72 I-laclcelr Boulevard- Narional Honor Sociely, Arisra Chapler: Empire Girls Slale Represenlalive: Jack Frosf Courl: Thera Alpha Liferary Sociery, Marshal, Secreiary. President Sludenf Council: Keyelles, Treasurer: French Club, Presidenr: Foreign Language Club, Vice Presidenf: Senior Ring Commillee, Chairman: Junior Red Cross: lnler-Socieiy Council: Forum: Dramarics Associalion: Orchesfra: Pafroon, Co- Edilor-in'Chief ALICE BINK, 46 Elm Slreel-Relailing Club: Library Club: Volleyball SUSAN BISKIN, IO7 Soulh Allen Srreer-Sfudenl Council: Foreign Sfudenr Exchange: Keyelles: Forum: Dramalics Associalion: Fulure Teachers of America: Band: Blue Moon Commilfee: Junior Prom Commillee: lnlr Blof BERNARD BLACK, 74 Liyingslon Avenue-Choir: Baslceiball: Traclc Noi' even Miss Chawles . . . ' ' . r-' 1 f 'ffhi A 35 ' Zf' ' E . 'QD4 URI lm 4,-i When all of a sudden . . . Leff +o riglnl-Top 'ro BoHom: WENDY BLOOM, 879 Mercer Slreel-Tlwela Sigma Lilerary Sociely, Secrelary, Vice Presidenlg Jack Frosl Courlg Orclneslraq Dramafics Associ- alionq Junior Red Cross: Junior Class Represenla- five: lnler-Sociely Council, GARNET AND GRAY HOWARD BLUM, IO Rawson Slreel-Foorballg Wresrlingg Track EILEEN BOND, I54 Sheridan Srreel DAVID BONESTEEL, 246 Larlc Slreel-German Club, Ar? Club: Inlramural Baslceiballp Baseball: Traclc SANDRA BOOTH, IIO Spring Slreei BEVERLY BRADY, 970 Broadway-GARNET AND GRAY MICHAEL BRADY, 7 Louglwlin Slreel HENRY BRAND, 275 Hoosicls Slreel, Troy- German Clubq Foreign Language Club, Vice Presiclenf 23 OWN ? vii . of -or '19 .l 1 WHI1 a bang and a crash . . . Leff 'Io rigI1+-Top Io BoHom: LYNDA BRAUN, I76 Ormond Sfreef-Forum: Dramalics Associalion: Arf Club: GARNET AND GRAY JONATHAN BRAY, I2 Turner Place-German Club: Band: Orclweslra: Jeslers HATTIE BRAZZIL, 90 Van Woerf Slreel' JOAN BREEN, 342 Second Avenue-Tlnela Sigma Lilerary Socielyp Junior Red Cross: Relailinq Club: Tri-I-Ii-Y: Pafroong GARNET AND GRAY HENRY BREW, 325 Colonie Slreer EDWARD BRODY, 270 Wesl Lawrence Slreel- Key Club: Pluilologia Lilerary Sociely, President Pafroong GARNET AND GRAY THOMAS BROSS, I2 Bolnl Avenue-J. V. Foolball PATRICIA BRUCE, 3I Second Slreef-Sludenl Council: Junior Red Cross 24 Leff fo rigI1+-Top 'ro BoHom: JUDITH BRUINS, 427 Hudson Avenue-Dramalics Associafion: Lalin Club: Clwoir: Bela-Plni: GARNET AND GRAY ROBERT BULSON, l22 Melrose Avenue-Sfudenl Council: Junior Red Cross: German Club: Infra- rnural Baslcelball RONALD BURBANK, 25 Walervlief Avenue- Arclnery Club: Bowling MARIE BURNS, 69 Summil Avenue-Tlwefa Sigma Liferary Sociefy: Dramafics Associalion: Keyeffes: Bela-Phi: Choir: Meiorelfes: GARNET AND GRAY ELIZABETH BUSBY, I89 Nor+lw Pearl S+ree'r- Slar-Hi HENRY CALKINS, 859 Third Sfreef-Junior Red Cross: Science Sociely: Arclwery Club MARION CAMPBELL, 253 Firsl Slreef JOAN CAMPIONE, 2 Collins Place-Releilinq Club In came II18 sfudenls . . . - ,-f I .ff 1-1 f Y' ,' 51,73 lf, 1 t ,, fire, . .' f 4-'f Leff fo righi'-Top +o BoHom: VIRGINIA CANCELINO, 2 Sheridan Place- Tri-Hi-Y JANNETTE CAPERS, IS3 Second Sfreef FRANCIS CAREY, 55 Judson S'rree+HJunior Red Cross KATHRYN CAREY, I7 Belvidere Avenue WILLIAM CARHART, 3I7 Sherman Sfreef-I-Ii-Y: Foo+baII, J. V., Varsifyg Wresflingg Track NICHOLAS CARINGI, 3I6 DeIaware Avenue- Baseballq Soccer DAVID CARROLL, 497 Wasninqfon Avenue THOMAS CARTER, 66 Second Sfreef-Cnoirg BasIce+baIIg Track Ready 'For+I1e mad dash. Too bad! Gel a lale slip. Leff fo righl'-Top +o BoHom: NICHOLAS CHAMBERLAIN, 527 Firsl Slreel HERMAN CHAMBERS, II6 Second Slreel- Sludenl Councily Choirg Foolball, J. V.: Traclc DAVID CHAPMAN, 67 Van Woerl Slreel-Choir: Traclcq Inlramural Baslcelball CAROL CICHON, 702 Third Slreel VICTORIA CINCOTTI, 699 New Scolland Avenue -Junior Red Cross: Lalin Club: French Club: Ar? Club DELORES CLARK, I76 Livingslon Avenue--Choir KAREN CLAS, I66 Second Slreel-Sludenl Coun- cil: Junior Prom Cornmilleeg Bela-Phiq Cheerlead- ing, J. V., Varsily CECELIA CLOW, 20 Orlando Slreel-Junior Red Cross: Choirg Slar-Hi: Bela-Phi: GARNET AND GRAY 27 J 'Q If's Monday: so Ioday we have a Wednesday schedule. Lefl' Io righ+-Top Io BoHom: JANICE CLOW, 566 Norlh Pearl Slreel-Tri-Hi-Y: Dramalics Associalion: Bowling: Volleyball MARIANNE CLOW. IO Arcadia Sfreel-Slar-I-Ii. Treasurer: Sludenf Council: Junior Red Cross: Bowling: Volleyball: GARNEI' AND GRAY BARBARA ANN COHEN, 28C Old I-liclcory Drive -Fulure Teachers of America: Forum: GARNET AND GRAY BARBARA ELAINE COHEN, 644 Morris Slreel- Thela Alpha Lilerary Sociely: Forum: Fulure Teach- ers of America: Dramalics Associalion: Inlr Blol: GARNET AND GRAY CAROL COHEN, I5 Ramsey Place-William S. Dyer Typing Prize: Thela Alpha Lilerary Sociely, Treasurer, Vice Presidenf: Jaclc Frosl Courl: Key- e++es: Forum: Pa+roon, Slalil: Inlr BIo+, Business Manager: GARNET AND GRAY ROBERTA COHEN, 42I Livingslon Avenue RUTHANN COHEN, IO5 Orlando SIreeI-Dra- rnafics Associalion: Spanish Club: Hebrew Club: GARNET AND GRAY DIANE COLBERT, 59 Irving Slreef-Nalional I-Ionor Sociely, Arisla Chapler: Red Cross Repre- senlaliveg Thela Alpha Lilerary Sociely: Lalin Club: Forum: Senior Ring Commillee Le'F'I' +o rigI1+--Top +o BoHom: CLIFFORD COLLING, 4 Verplanclc Slreef VIRGINIA CONDON, I7 Mereline Avenue- Fufure Teaclners of America: Lafin Club: Spanish Club MICHAEL CONROY, 3l2 Colonie Sfreel- Sludenf Council VINCENT CORDI, bl! Livingsfon Avenue- Sfuclenl Councilg Inlramural Baslcelball DOMENICK CONSTANTINI, 2 Essex Srreef JANET COY, I44 Sourh Knox Slreef MARY COYLE, 958 Cenlral Avenue IRENE CROWLEY, IO Ten Eyclc Avenue-Creafive Wriling Clubg Choir: Tliela Sigma Liferary Sociefyq Spanish Club, Vice President Foreign Sfudenf Exchange: Forum: Tri-I-li-Y, Secrelaryg Inlr Blofg Pa+roong GARNET AND GRAY A pep rally! K ,--HQ. ai in Pin- 1.5 Leff 'fo righf-Top Io BoHom: CHARLES CURCURITO, 40I Mounlain Slreel- Bowlingi J. V. Foofball JEAN D'AMICO, I9 Bonlneirn Slreel-Ilwela Alpha Lilerary Sociely: Bowling: Baskelball: Volleyball CHARLES DANIELS, 690 Broadway-Track BRUCE DAVIS, 23 Avenue A- Sludenl Council: Junior Red Cross: I-Ii-Y: J. V. Baslcelball, Manager: J. V, Foolball, Manager: Track: Inlramural Baslcel- ball MADELINE DAYTER, 790 Livingslon Avenue? Clioir: Albanelfes, Secrelary, Vice Presidenfg Sludenl Council: Junior Red Cross LOUISE DEGENER, 30 I-Iolmes Courl-Sludenl Council: Junior Red Cross: Cboir: Arl Club: Fulure I-Iomernalsers of America: Volleyball: Bowling BEVERLY DeIBELSO, 6 Jeannefle Slreel-Sludenl Council: Slar-I-Ii: Fulure I-Iomemalcers of America PATRICIA DeMARCO, 462 Bradford Slreef- Drarnalics Associalion: Science Club: Cboir: Fulure I'IomernaIcers of America: Soflballg Bowling: Volley- ball: Inlr Blof The vidory clweer, Ilwe viclory cheer . . . 'lou I Yea, Team! Leff +0 righf-Top +o Bo'Hom: JAMES DeMASE, I6 Maplewood Avenue-Swirn- ming, lnlramural Baslcelball EVELYN DeSANTlS, IO55 Weslern Avenue- Sfar-l-lig Bowling GRACE DiPACE, I23 Yardboro Avenue DOLORES DOLAN, I4 Arcadia Avenue-There Sigma Lilerary Socielyg Drarnalics Associafionq Keyellesp Junior Prom Comrnilleeq Bowling: Volley- ball: GARNET AND GRAY MARCIA DUGAN, 29 Fairlawn Avenue-Tri-l-li-Y, Frencln Club LEON DUKES, 286 Livingsfon Avenue-Sludenl Council, Vice President Junior Class Treasurer: Junior Prom Court Clwoirg Hi-Y, Vice President Traclc, Caplaing Varsiiy Foolloall, Co-Caplain: Baslcefball, J. V., Varsify JOYCE DUVAL, 44 Swarfson Courf-Nafional Honor Sociely, Arisia Clwapferg Orclweslrag Choir: Albaneffes, Treasurer, Vice President President Keyefles: Tliela Sigma Lirerary Sociely, Secreiaryg Drarnalics Associariony Junior Red Cross: Bela-Plwi, Sergeani-al-Arms MARY EAGAN, 529 Noriln Pearl Slreel-Keyelles W. -ci' ,111 1' 5 Anyihing +o cu+ five minules off a class period. Leff +o righf-Top +o BoHom: LAWRENCE EISENBERG, 203 Hollywood Avenue -Nalional l-lonor Sociely, Arisla Chapler: Nalion- al Merir Scholarship Semi-Finalisl: Physics Prize: Sociely of Accounlanls and Acluarians Malh Cer- lificale: Philoloqia Lilerary Sociefy: Science So- ciely: GARNET AND GRAY BARBARA ElSS, 275 Manning Boulevard--Key- elles: Forum: Spanish Club: GARNET AND GRAY NORMAN ELLENBOGEN, 42 Norfh Allen Slreel -Philologia Lilerary Sociely: Cross Counlry: Tennis WILLIAM ENGEL. 504 Firsl Slreel'-Philologia Lilerary Sociefy: Cross Counlry: Traclc FREDERICK ENIDES, 329 Eirsf Slreel-Ari Club: Baskefball, J. V., Varsily: Bowling: Track: Swimming JOAN EVANS 8 Buell Slreel-Bowling ESTELLE FEDER. 603 Providence Slreel MARY FERGUSON, 46 Norlh Larlc Slreel- Volleyball 32 Lef+ +o righl'-Top fo BoHom: DONA FIALKOFF. 255 Whllehall Road-Thefa Alpha Lllerary Soclely: Dramallcs Assoclalion: Forurn: Eulure Teachers ol America: Keyelles: lnlc Blol: GARNET AND GRAY ANTHONY EISCARELLI, 84 lvlcAlpin Slreel- Sludenf Council: Arr Club: Wresfllnq, Co-Caplain ROBERT FLEMING, QI Soulhern Boulevard- Wreslling: Traclc: J. V. Eoolball JANICE EINCH, 455 New Scolland Avenue- lranslerred From Reno l-liqh School, Reno, Nevacla JUDY FISCHER, 222 Larlc Srreel MARIE FORD, 252 Orange Slreel-Trl-l'liAY, Chaplain: Cholr' Kevelles: Arl' Club: Drarnallcs Assoclallon: Bowling: Archery: Volleyball: Major- elles, CobCap'aln: GARNET AND GRAY GEORGE FRAME, 48 Norlh Larlc Slreel JOAN FRANCKOWIAK, 239 Elrn Slreel Now-wide awalre and ready for class lEZmc3l. KM ."?5Pff 53.1 ET 71:4- P517- ..-Q -. 'Q ' Q -'L' .'if-35x Jt'?xt?x':u'Z- if "'5H10 fl, yu. In 1, 1' . . , vlugf LL lxtgx' 4. , 1 ' "' TX- " +3'l1f,"-'ls Afldvi' '?A-1 alive-2 gud Leif io righi-Top 'ro BoHom: RITA FRIBUSH, 357 Leedale Slreei--Naiional Honor Socieiy, Arisia Chapierg Theia Alpha Liierary Socieiyy Jaclc Frosi Commiiieeq Keyeliesi Foreign Language Club, Secreiaryq Dramaiics Associalionq Cheerleading, J. V., Varsiiyg Ink Bloh GARNET AND GRAY JOSEPH FRODYMA, l8I Livingslon Avenue SAMUEL FRUMKIN, 390 New Scolland Avenue- Philologia Lilerary Socielyi Junior Class Repre- senrafiveq Lafin Club, Secrelaryg Bowling, Secre- laryy Traclc, Manager: Iniramural Baslcelball GAYE FRUSCIONE, l35 Souih Knox Sireei- Nalional Honor Sociefy, Arisra Chapierg Spencer C. Gunn Memorial Award, Fuiure Teachers of America: Creaiive Wriiing Club: Ink Blof, Ecliior- in-Chief NANCY FUDA, 2 Fordham Couri-Nafional Honor Socieiy, Arisfa Chapierg Junior Prom Courig Bela-Phi, President Theia Sigma Liierary Socieiy, Senior Ediiorg Keyefiesq Siudenl Council, Secre- 'raryg Orcheslrag Foreign Sfudenf Exchange: Cheer- leading, J. V., Varsilyq GARNET AND GRAY ANDREW FUSCO, 33 Brady Avenue-Baseball CAROL GALIB, 7 Maplericlge Avenue-Tri-Hi-Y: Keyelies ROBERT GALLUP, 4 McPherson Terrace Eyes on your own paper! W ,Q X, xk 1-Q L' --1 H 'iv' fix yi V I A 5 Heal' losi equals heal gained. Leff fo rigl1+-Top +o BoHom: ROSEMARIE GALLUZZO, 204 Qnlario S+reeT-- Relailing Club JEANETTE GATES, IO3 Delaware Avenue-Choir: Bowling ROBERT GEER, 364 Lfvingslon Avenue JAMES GILMORE, 259 Livingsfon Avenue LYNN GINNETT, 220 Onlarlo Sfreef JUNE GINTER, 573 Second Sfreel-Drannafics Assoclaflong Bela-Plug Bowling MILDRED GLASSER, 93 Morris Slreef-Sfar-l-lip Bowling MARTIN GLASTETTER, 58 Judson Sfreel- Spanlsn Club 35 41 A .3 Hmmmm . . . Leff +o righi-Top 'ro BoHom: CAROL GLOCKNER, 66 Harris Avenue-Senior Ring Cornmillee: Thela Alpha Liferary Sociefy: Drannalics Associalion: Choir: Spanish Club: lnl: Blofg GARNET AND GRAY TERESA GOETTLING, 4l7 Hudson Avenue- Chess Club: Choir JOHN GODFREY, 307 Norihern Boulevard- Cierrnan Club DAVID GOGUEN, 89 Dayiona Avenue-Archery Club: Wresfling MARCIA GOLDBERG, IO3 Van Schoiclc Avenue- Thela Alpha Lilerary Socielyg Keyelles: Dramafics Associalion: Prelenders: GARNET AND GRAY ALLAN GOLDFARB, 94 Pinewood Avenue- Science Socielyg Forum: Spanish Club: J. V. Foo?- ball: Bowling STEPHEN GOLDFARB, 73 Pinewood Avenue- Nalional Honor Socieiy, Arisla Chapfer: Science Socieiy: Spanish Club: Bowling JOHN GONYEA, 33 Highland Avenue-Golf Leff Io righ+-Top fo BoHom: ARCHIE GOODBEE JR. 793 Broadway-Track: Cross Counfryg J. V. Foo'rbaIIg Infrarnural Baskef- ball: GARNET AND GRAY EDWARD GORDON, 24 Ten Broeck Place-Choir: Albanians RICHARD GORDON, IO8 SouII1ern Boulevard GWENDOLYN GOREE, 75 Ten Broeck SIree+- BeIa-Phi JOHN GOTTLIEB, 254 Lenox Avenue-Golf, Capfaing Inframural BasIce'rbaIIg Bowlingg J. V. BasIce'rbaII WILLIAM GRADY, 57 Dana Avenue-Choir FRANKLIN GRAHAM, 80 Nor+h Hawk Sfreef- Track: Cross Coun'rryg Inframural BasIce+baII DAVID GRAND, 89I Warren S+reeI-InIx Blof Essay ConIesIg Science Sociefyq GoIIg BowIing Pay aifeniion while I Iearn you some'rI1ing! 'S ti' V "4 Ex I 'ff ' I I I I x'yQ 3- v I , I , I I N an Q09 l Leff +o righl'-Top 'lo Bo'Hom: STEVEN GRANT, 40 Foresl Avenue-Junior Red Cross: Fulure Teachers ol America: Dramalics Associaliong Palroong Business Manager EDWARD GREENWOOD, 395 Madison Avenue MICHAEL GROSS, Ill Soulh Main Avenue-Dra- nnalics Associalion: Speech Club: GARNET AND GRAY, Slalf ROCHELLE GROSS, ll9 Ryclcman Avenue-Slw denl Council: Junior Red Cross: Bowling: Volley- ball: Baslcelball INGE GRUNHAUSER, l92 Onlario Srreel CAROL GWINN, 400 Morris Slreel-Senior Ring Cornmilleey Sludenl Council: Dramalics Associa- lion: Choir, Arr Club: Slar-l-li LOUIS HACKER, 748 Madison Avenue-Philo- logia Lilerary Sociely, Marshal: Jack Frosl Courlq Science Sociely, Secrelaryg Drarnalics Associaliony German Club: Lalin Clubg Pafroon GLENDA HALEKIAS, 35 Norlhern Boulevard 1'4" J- txpf Bu+ a green horse? - 5-urn I fn D Q ,,.. You say you have a hangnail and can'f halre gym? Leff fo righf--Top fo Bo'Hom: JOSEPH HANLON, 48 Van Scnorclc Avenue SANDRA HANSON, 589 Lrvinqsfon Avenue- Junlor Crass Represenfaflveq Junior Red Cross: Srar'Hi SANDRA HARDEN, I93 Sheridan Avenue-Trans ferred From S+. Josepns Academy: Bowiing DONNA HARRIS, 22 Brookland Avenue-Trl-Hi-Yg Sfar-Hi: Cnoirq Sfudenf Counciiq Bowling SHARON HARRISON, 467 Lrvinqsfon Avenueg Sfar-Hi: Keferresy Choir: Forum ARNOLD HART, I4O New Scodand Avenue SHERRY HAWKINS, 4l9 Oranqe Sfreer-Trri-1b Yi Cnok' S?uden+C3un:E17 GARNET AND GRAY JANICE HAYES, 6 Oak Sfreef 39 'E 'KW X . x' 1 Y 1-, :. 4 Tl1ey're cu++ing Harough Shale, Mr. Suiinl Lefi' +o righf-Top fo BoHom: BARBARA HEALEY. 20 New Scolland Avenue- Fufure Teachers of Americag Junior Red Cross: Choir, Volleyball MICHAEL HEALY, 279 Manning Boulevard DAVID HEATH, l97 Hollywood Avenue-Bowling ROGER HEILMAN, 66 Harris Avenue-Nalional Honor Sociely, Arisla Clwapferp Forum: Science Sociely, Secrelaryg Plmilodoxia Liferary Sociely, Edilor: J.V. Foolbally Tennis, Co-Caplainq Pafroong GARNET AND GRAY, Sfalf DOUGLAS HEINEMAN, 39 Hollywood Avenue- Senior Ring Comnnillreeq Sludenl Council, Junior Class Represenfafivep Junior Prom Cornmiffeey Junior Red Crossq Plwilodoxia Liferary Socielyz Jaclc Frosl Court Swimming: Bowling: Track: lnlrarnural Baslcelballq GARNET AND GRAY NAOMI HENDERSON, 93 Firs+ Srreef ANDREA HENDRICKS, 32 Norlli Swan Sfreel ABBY HENIG, 65 Foresl Avenue-Tliela Alplwa Lilerary Sociefy: Band: Keyeflesg Drarnafics Asso- ciafionx GARNET AND GRAY Leff +o righ+-Top +o BoHom: FRANCINE HERMANN, 26 Glendale Avenue- Band: Volleyball STEPHEN HERSHBERG, 62 Hollywood Avenue- Philologia Liferary Sociefy: Jack Frosf Commifleep German Club, Presidenf: Forum, Vice Presidenf: Dramafics Associafion: Sludenf Council: J.V. Fool- ball: Bowling: Soccer: lnlramural Baslcelballg GAR- NET AND GRAY, Slall HOWARD HERSKOVITZ, I4 Fordham Couri- Nalional Honor Sociely, Arisla Chapler: Dramalics Associafion: Philologia Liferary Sociely: Sludenf Council: Key Club, Vice Presidenf: Bowling: Infra- mural Baslcelball: GARNET AND GRAY, Slaff JOSEPH HESS, I3I Spring Slreel-Lafin Club: Dramalics Associalion: Crealive Wrifing Club: Soccer: Wreslling: lnlr Blof, Slaff JOHN HEWITT, Delaware Avenue, Cily Line- Band MARY HOELDTKE, ZA Cuyler Avenue-Nafional Honor Sociefy, Arisla Chapferp Lafin Club: Spanish Club, Treasurer: Orcheslra MURIEL HOFFMAN, 345 Quail Slreel-Dramalics Associalion SHARON HOFFMAN, 132 Third Sfreel Orderly procession lo lunch. -in .--av Lef+ +o righf-Top Io BoHom: BARRY HOLLANDER, 24 Pine Tree l.ane-Philo- logia Liferary Sociely, Secrelary: infer-Sociefy Council: Forum: Srudenr Council: Spanish Club: Baseball: Bowling: lnlramural Baslmelball: Soccer: Pa+roon: GARNET AND GRAY, Sralf KATIE HOLMES, I2 Soulh Swan Srreel RONALD HOROWITZ, 889 Warren Sireel EDWARD HOWDER, 9 Wilkins Avenue-Junior Red Cross: Bowling: lnlramural Baslcefball RAYMOND HOWE, Sbl Second Slreel-Junior Red Cross: Baseball: Swimming: lnlramural Basker- ball PAUL HULETT, l95 Third Slreel DAVID ISRAEL, 33 Sycamore Srreef-Philocloxia Lilerary Sociery: Debare Team: Science Sociely: Radio Club STANLEY ISSER, 633 Providence Srreer-Nalional Honor Sociely, Arisla Chapler: Easron Essay Prize: Harvard Award: Lafin ll Prize: Lalin Translalion Prize: French ll Prize: French Civilizarion Prize: Senior Class President Srudenr Council: Philologia Lilerary Sociely, Secrefary, Crific: lnler-Sociely Council: Jaclc Frosr Commiflee: Larin Club, Treas- urer: Forum, President Soccer: lnlramural Baslcer- ballz GARNET AND GRAY, Sraff 'S' Bu+ I wan? my Maypo! if -3 I 5 Y' il It 11.6" fl! 73 sxuliv. Slcoll Lef+ +o righf-Top fo Boffom: GEORGE JABBOUR, 2I5 Norlli Allen S+reeI-- Science Socieryg Foolball, J.V., Varsilyy Bowling: Wreslling RICHARD JACOBS, 46 Buckingham Drive-French Club: Band: Orclneslrap Jeslersg Bowling G. CURTISS JOB, 23 Avondale Terrace-Lafin Club: Key Club: Plwilologia Lilerary Sociefyg Senior Ring Cornmilfeeg Bowling Caplainp J.V. Foolballg Infrarnural Baslcelball MARILYN JOHNSON, llo Lancasfer Sffreel' RUTHANA JOHNSON, 49 Soulli Main Avenue- Bela-Plwi, Vice Presidenl: Dramafics Associaliong Clioiry Bowling, Caplain FREDERICK JONES, I37 Grove Avenue-Spanish Club: Bowling KAREN JONES, 467 Cenlral Avenue-Albaneffes, Treasurer H. WAYNE JONES, I37 Grove Avenue-Swim ming, Track 'za ai 'S' lc'-9 ,pl , af 4 3, an if Q 'Sv' 56' Z? fi Mr. Suhn, she s'foIe my fork! Lefl' fo riglwf-Top fo BoHom: LESLIE JONES, Il Marshall Slreei-Siucleni Council MARILYN JONES, IOI Soulln Pine Avenue- Tri-l'li-Y, Sergeani-a+-Arms: Tliela Sigma Liierary Sociefyg Clioirg Bowlingg GARNET AND GRAY, Siaff PATRICIA JONES, 467 Cenfral Avenue-Slar-Hi: Clioir CAROL JUSSEN-224 Delaware Avenue-Junior Prom Commilieeg German Club: Foreign Language Club, Treasurer: Tlieia Sigma Lilerary Socieiy: Sfar-Hip Tri-Hi-Yg Pafroon MARCIA KAIGLER, ll Avondale Terrace-Thefa Sigma Lilerary Socielyg Keyelles: Junior Red Crossg Bela-Plnig Junior Prom CommiHee: Cheer- leading, J.V., Varsify MICHAEL KAPLAN, 241 Morris Sireei-Science Socielyg Forum: Soccer ROBERT KAPLAN, 32l Soulln Main Sireei-Forum: Traclcg Golig Soccer: Bowling: lnlramural Baslcefball JOHN KAPSAROFF, 502 Norflw Pearl S+ree+-Jun- ior Prom Couriy Forum: I-li-Y: Spanish Club: Slu- denl Council: Varsiiy Foolballg Baslcelball, J.V., Varsily Leff fo righf-Top fo BoHom: MARLENE KATZ, 8 Glendale Avenue-Thera Alpha Lirerary Sociely' Keyelfes: Dramafics Asso- cialion, Secrelary: Vice President Prelenders, Chairman: Foreign Sludenl Exchange: Forum: Sci- ence Sociely: GARNFI AND GRAY RONALD KAYE, I78 Ormond Slreel'-Philodoxia Lilerary Sociely: Forum: Key Club: Band: Traclc' Soccer: Inrramural Baslcefball LACINDA KELLAS, I9 Wesrern Avenue-Furure I-Iomemakers of America NANCY KELLEY-508 Morris Slreel'-Senior Class Treasurer: Bela-Phi, Chaplain: Thela Sigma Liferary Socieryy Choir: Keyerles: Foreign Sfudenl Fx- change: Bowling, Treasurer, Secrelary: Baslcelball: Volleyball: Junior Prom Courl GERALD KELLNER, I3 Garfield Place-Junior Red Cross: Library Club: Swimming WILLIAM KELLY, 9I Granl Avenue-Library Club NATALIE KESSLER, I4 Greenway Sourh-Nalional I'Ionor Sociely, Arisla Chapler: Tri-I-Ii-Y: Keyellest Thela Alpha Lilerary Socielyz Srudenl Council: Inlr Blof: Palroonz GARNET AND GRAY STUART KLETTER, 86 I-Iawrhorne Avenue Bul' Mr. Heim, I'm slill growing! 41 :qv 4 ,at ,nn fi If N ,, X ff 4,- 1 M 5 I Lef+ io righf-T op fo BoHom: FRANCES KNAPP, lOl4 Washinglon Avenue- Tlrefa Sigma Lirerary Socieryt Fufure Teachers of America, Treasurer: Keyehes' Foreign Sfudenf Ex- change: Tri-l-li-Y: Dramafics Associarion: GARNET AND GRAY SYLVIA KNEE, 22 Pinewood Avenue-Naiional Honor Sociery, Arisra Chapler: Forum, Secrefary, Treasurer: Theia Sigma Lilerary Socieiy, Secrelary, Criiic, Presideni: Jaclc Frosi Courl: Keyelies, Vice Presidenl: Junior Red Cross: Pafroon, Co-Edi'ror-in- Chiei ROBERT KNUTH, 356 Sheridan Avenue-Band, Treasurer: Jeslers ROGER KNUTH, 356 Sheridan Avenue LINDA KOLKER, 789 Parlc Avenue-Naiional l-lonor Socieiy, Arisla Chapier: Fuiure Teachers oi America: French Club: Hebrew Club, Presidenl: Senior Ring Commiriee: Crealive Wriiing Club: Forum: Bowling: Pafroon, S+aif WALTER KOSINSKI, 37 Lowell Avenue--lnira- mural Baslcelball KENNETH KOSLOWSKI, 404 Livingsfon Avenue- Siudenl' Council: Junior Red Cross: Hi-Y: Traclc' Baseball: J.V, Baslcelball: Cross Couniry ff-ff-is Q3 ,l 1 Q 'F PAULA KOSLOWSKI, 404 Livingslon Avenue- Theia Sigma Lirerary Socieiy: Keyelies: Siar-l-li: Bela-Phi The nexi shiff makes a rush for fhe mush. .wwnmal 1 Q I Back 'ro class. Leff 'ro righf-Top fo BoHom: SHIRLEY KOT, I23 Slnalcer Road--Nafional I-lonor Sociely, Arisla Clnaplerf Tlnela Sigma Liler- ary Socielyt Dramalics Assoclafiony Sludenl Coun- eil: Forum: Junior Red Crossg Tri-I-li-YQ Volleyloallg Baslcelballq Bowling, President GARNET AND GRAY RICHARD KRIPS, 43 Soullwern Boulevard-Dra- malice Associarion' Junior Red Cross: Pliilodoxia Lilerary Sociely, Secrelary, Vice President lnlra- mural Baslcelballg Inlc Blofg GARNET AND GRAY INGEBORG KRUYSSEN, 495 Srare Sfreel-Irie I-li-Y' Foreign Sfudenl Fxclwangef German Club, Presidenl' Arr Club, Presidenl GLORIA KSENICH, 303 Norllwern Boulevard- Tlwela Sigma Lilerary Socielyr Keyelfesz Be+a'Phi7 Choir: Cneerlead?ng, J.V., Varsily JUDITH LaBELLE, I67 Bradford Sfreef-Aff Club: Cnoir FRANK LaCOY, 247 Fllc Sfree' EDWARD LAMBY, 26 Rayrno Slreef-German Club, Treasurer, Vice Preside'+' Foreign Language Club' Science Sociely CLIFFORD LANGE, 39I Weslern Avenue 47 'vi , 0 W . . 'fa-:iff W 1 " Eu Q. L, Now we close our eyes and say lhe magic words . . . Leff +o righl'-Top io BoHom: ROY LANGWIG, IOO6 New Scolland Avenue- Naiional l-lonor Socieiy, Arisla Chaprery Science Socielyy Philologia Lilerary Socielyg Bowlingg GARNET AND GRAY, Slail CHARIS LaPlER, 602 Clinion Avenue-Keyellesq Drarnalics Associalionq Thela Sigma Lilerary So- cielyg Tri-l-li-Y, Vice Presidenlg Junior Red Cross: Fulure Teachers ol America: Bowling, Pafroong GARNET AND GRAY BARBARA LAWYER, I2O Second Slreer-Naiional Honor Sociely, Arisra Chapier: Junior Class, Vice Presidenlq Senior Class Secreiaryi Junior Prom Courlg Bela-Phi: Thela Alpha Lilerary Socielyg Keyeiiesg Siudenl Councilp Cheerleading, J. V., Caplain, Varsily, Co-Caplain JOHN LAWYER, l2O Second Sireel-Sludenl Council: l-li'Yg Choir, Traclcg Baseball: Varsiiy Fooiball LINDA LAYNE, I6 Ten Broeck Slreel-Slar-l-li, Chaplain: Spanish Club LAWRENCE LAZAR, 67 Van Schoiclc Avenue- Science Sociely, Treasurer, Vice Presidenl JOAN LEAHY, 72 Van Schoicln Avenue-Choir GLORIA LEIZER, 25 Milner Avenue-Ari Club: Spanish Club: Forum: Orcheslraq Band: Jesiers: Bowling: Baslcelball 48 Leff +o rigI1'l'-Top +0 BoHom: RUTH LESSMUELLER, SI3 Second Slreel-Fulure Teachers of Afnerica: Junior Red Cross: Junior Class Represenlaliye: Keyellesi Choir: Albanelles MYRON LEVIN, 57 Elberon Place CHARLES LEVINE, 77 Hollywood Avenue- Science Sociefy, Presidenlf Hebrew Club: Bowling SANDRA LEVITCH, IO2 Qrlando Avenue-Fulure Teachers of America: Band: Thela Alpha Lilerary Sociely: French Club: Forurn: Keyelles: Dramafics Associafion: Pafroon: GARNET AND GRAY ROBERT LEVY, 52 Hollywood Avenue-Nalional Honor Sociely, Arisla Chapler: Drarnalics Assoe ciarion: Philodoxia Lilerary Sociefy, Edilor: Forum: Foreign Language Club: Ink BIo+: GARNET AND GRAY CAROLE LEWIS, 274F Haclcell Boulevard- Spanish II Prize: Spanish Club: Thefa Alpha Liler- ary Sociely: Bela-Phi: Dramalics Associalion, Secrefary: Keyelles: Fulure Teachers of America: Foreign Sludenl Exchange: GARNET AND GRAY GERTRUDE LEWIS, l4O New Scolland Avenue- Baslcelball: Volleyball ROBERT LEWIS, IIIO Broadway And I didn? gef burned, eifherl ,-.Q GF l QQ vi i. Leff +o righf-Top +o BoHom: ROGERS LEWIS, Sl Firsl S'ree?-Forunn' Dra- fnafics Aesocialior' Gerrnan Club: Baslcerball, J.V. CECILE LIDMAN, 33 Tudor Road-Keyellesf Drarnalics Associaiion' French Club: Band: Orchesf Ira: Ink Blofg GARNFT AND GRAY, Slallf EDWARD LINSLEY, IOZI Weslern Avenue- Baseball, J. V., Varsily GEORGE LLOYD, 328 I-Iarnillon SrreeTfJunior Red Cross GLORIA LOCKWCOD, 3I Wes? Slreel-Slarfl-li? Junior Red Cross: Sludenl Council: Dramalics Aesocfalion: Foreign Sludenl Exchange: Bowling HAROLD LOFTUS, ISI Colonie Slreel NAOMI LORCH, I6 I-Iarcling Slreelfhlalional Flonor Socie-ly, Arisla Chapler: French Ill Regenls Award: Fufure Teachers of Arnerica, Vice Presi- cenf: Ihela Alpha Lilerary Sociely: Foreign Slu- oenl Exchange: Forum: French Club: Inlr Blol, Business Manager: GARNET AND GRAY, Slall fi. 'VW --1 RICHARD LOUIS, II Milner Sfreel-I"li-Y: Baskel- ball, J. V., Varsily Wanf a Hoi 'rip on flue fourfh a+ Hialeah? ,Q a ly N i'. u 1 l .5 l L l' This is no lime io file your nails! Leff 'ro rigl-if-Top 'ro BoHom: CHARLES LUBNER, 276 lvlorlon Avenue-Sludenl Council: l-li-Y: Bowling: Swimming: Cross-Counrry JEANNE LUCK, I63 Winllwrop Avenue-Trane lerred from Franlflin Academy, Malone, New Yorlc: Choir JOHN LUTHER, 7 Delaware Avenue-Spanish Club: lnlramural Baslcelball: Bowling EDWARD LYNCH, l96 Delaware Avenue- Clwess Club: Junior Red Cross: Key Club: lnlramural Baslcerball: Baseball JUDITH MABEL, 96 Sycamore Slreel-Elmira College Key Award: Lalin ll Prize: Senior Ring Commirlee: Siudenl Council: Keyellesg Science Sociely: Lalin Club: Dramaiics Associarion: Tlwera Alpha Lilerary Socieiy: Forum: lnrer-Sociely Council: Orclweslra: GARNET AND GRAY JOHN MAGUIRE, 284 Delaware Avenue-Junior Red Cross: Arl Club: French Club: Junior Prom Commilreeg Blue Moon Commiiiee RICHARD MALMED, 38 Turner Place-Foorball, J. V., Varsily: Wreslling: Traclf HAROLD MANDEL, l3l Grove Avenue-Sludenr COuOCil2 Science Socieiy: Plwilologia Lilerary So- ciely, Marshal, Treasurer: Dramalics Associaliont Bowling: lnrramural Baslcerballp GARNET AND CRAY, Slall SI 'CX '12 T J' -5 1 Zap! You're clisinlegraled. Leff 'lo righl-Top 'lo Bollom: NANCY MANDELS, 90 lvlorlon Avenue-Tliela Alplia Lilerary Sociely: Crealive Wriling Club: Forum: Drarnalics Associalion: Keyelles: lnl: Blol: Palroong GARNET AND GRAY MILDRED MANGOLD, 2l Dana Avenue-German Club: Junior Red Cross: Band: Dramalics Associalion ANTHONY MANWILLER, 355 Slale Slreel BETSY MARCHINUKE, 376 Firsl Slreel-Nalional Honor Sociely, Arisla Clwapler: Keyelles: Slar-Hi: German Club, Secrelaryg Choir KENNETH MARCINOWSKI, l83 Russell Road- Science Club: Bowling RICHARD MARGOLIUS, I88 Hollywood Avenue -Science Sociely: Forum: Spanish Club: Bowling: Golf: GARNET AND GRAY DON MARKOWITZ, 288 Ridgefield Slreel- German Club MARY MARSHBURN, 874 Lancasler Slreel- Sludenl Council: Clnoir: Fulure Hornernolcers ol America: Slar-l-li: Bowling: GARNET AND GRAY Lef+ 'ro rigI1+-Top +o BoHom: LAWRENCE MARTEL, 39 Elberon Place JOSEPH MARTIN, II7 Shaker Road STEVEN MARTITS, I4O New Scofland Avenue- Ar'r Club: Foreign Siudenf Exchange, Vice Presi- dent Ink Blofg GARNET AND GRAY, Ari Edi+or LEON MASON, I73 Sheridan Avenue-Archery Club GEORGE MASTRANGELO, I36 Morlon Avenue -Lafin Club: Band, Drum Maior, President Jeslrersg Baseball JAMES MAYNARD, 267 Parlridge S'rree+- Varsily Eooiball, Manager: Bowling WILLIAM MAZZARELLO, 45 Norwood Avenue- Baseballg Wresfling ROBERT McCANN. 35 Albany Sfree+ A one and a Iwo and a 'four . . . V ! A 3 - .vu ,,. V 4.3.5.-:Q-ffgfigffi. ,,...m ,i..... .1 .....J.,-. .,.'. .- .4-' '9' A C?" 2. Lefl' 'Io rigI1+-Top 'Io BoHom: VIOLET MCCARRON, 450 Yaies Slreei WILLIAM MCKALE, 92 Willei Sfreei SUSAN MCKEON, 37 Mereline Avenue-Junior Prom Courl: Junior Prom Commiilee: Tbela Sigma Liierary Sociely: Tri-Hi-Y, Sergeanf-al-Arms: Siu- denl Council: Foreign Sludeni Exchange: Pafroon: GARNET AND GRAY CLAIRE MEDWIN, 32 Barrows Slreei-Junior Class Represenialive: Junior Prom Commilieeg Dramaiics Associalion: Keyefles: Bowling: GAR- NET AND GRAY ALLAN MENDELSOHN, 87 I-Iomesiead Avenue- Narional Honor Sociely, Arisla Clwapier: Sanders Memorial I-lislory Prize: Plwilologia Liierary Socieiy. Flisiorian: Key Club, Secreiary: Band: Jesfers: Forum: French Club: Tennis: Soccer: Iniramural Basl-seiball: GARNET AND GRAY, Siaff GERALD MENZ, 82 Tremoni Slreef-Junior Red Cross: Baslceiball, J. V., Varsiiy: Varsiiy Fooiball PAUL MICHELSON, 20 Milner Avenue-Nalional I-lonor Sociery, Arisia Cliapier: Laiin I Prize: Siu- denl Council: Junior Class Represeniaiive: Philo- logia Liierary Sociefy, Program Chairman, Vice Presidenl: lnler-Socieiy Council, Vice Presidenh Jack Frosl Commiliee: Jack Frosi Couri: Laiin Club, Presideni: Frenclw Club: Forum: Varsiiy De- bale Team: Foreign Siudenl Exchange: Soccer: lnlramural Baskeiball: GARNET AND GRAY, Edilor-in-Chief GREGORY MILLER, 527 Waslwinglon Avenue- J.V. Foolball: Bowling: GARNEI AND GRAY Please don? Ioolr af 'Ihe plwofograplwer. How's +I'laf 'For a squiggIe Leff 'ro rigI1+-Top +0 Bo++om: JUDY MILLER, 7 Coriland Avenue-Sfar-I-Ii: Drarnaiics Associafion PATRICIA MILLER, IS3 Colonie S+ree+ ALBERT MOLIS, 233 Second Sfreer DOLORES MOLITOR, IO OaIc Sfreei-French CIub BARBARA MONTGOMERY, 30 Alden Avenue- Junior Class Secrefaryy Junior Red Cross: Fufure Hornemakers oi America: Senior Ring Commiffeeq Sfar-I-Ii, Secrefary, President Bowling, GARNET AND GRAY MICHAEL MORGAN, 69 Lincoln Avenuee-Trans Ierred from Chrisfian Brofhers Academy ARTHUR MORNING, 43'f2 Ten Broeck S'rree'r- Junior Red Cross, Forum: Philoloqia Liierary So- ciefyg Foreign Srudenf Exchange CONSTANCE MORRIS, 285 Colonie Sfreei- Sfar-Hi gg ff fx X J. 4 I STI, 'riff as 35- 19 4" If we sif here long enough, we mighl learn by osmosis. Leff 'ro righl-Top +o BoHom: BARBARA MORSE, 38 Sycamore Slreel-Senior Ring Commillee: Jaclc Frosf Commillee: French Club: Hebrew Club, Secrelary: Thela Alpha Lilerary Sociely: Dramalics Associalion: Orchese fra: Band: GARNET AND GRAY THEODORE MULBERRY, 62A Morris Slreel- Choir MARJORIE MULLER, 262 Onlario Slreel-Slar-Hi EUGENE MULLIN, ll Miller Avenue-Sludenl Council: Junior Red Cross: Hi-Y, Treasurer: Forum: Baslcelball, J.V., Varsily: Traclc: Cross Counlry CAROL MURPHY, 448 Third Sfreel ANTOINETTE NARLO, 2 Gage Avenue-Drama- Tics Associafion: Tri-Hi-Y: Volleyball MICHAEL NAYOR, 32 Harris Avenue-Senior Ring Commillee: Philodoxia Lirerary Sociely, Presi- denl: lnler-Sociely Council, Presidenl: Jack Frosl Commillee, Co-Chairman: Jaclc Frosl Courl: Junior Red Cross: Forum: German Club: Debale Team: Dramalics Associalion: Bowling: J.V. Foorball: Inframural Baslcelball: Pafroon, Sfall: GARNET AND GRAY, Slafl KENNETH NEIL, 335 Manning Boulevard-Junior Red Cross Leff fo rigI'1+-Top 'fo BoHom: MITCHELL NELSON, 275 Colonie Steel-Sludenl Council: Hi-Y: Baslcelball, J.V., Varsily: Traclc: Cross Counly: GARNET AND GRAY, Slall ELEANOR NEWTON, 5I Marilda S+ree+-Dra- malics Associafion, Treasurer, President Keyeffes, President Bela-Phi, Serqeanf-af-Arms, Treasurer: Inrer-Sociely Council: Jack Frosr Commitree: Maiorefles, Caplain: Pafroon JAMES NICHOLS, 3I5 Colonie Slreef SUSAN NICKLAS, Il2 Spring Sfreel-Sfar-Hi: Bowling, President Volleyball: Baslcefball ROBERT NOLAN, 465 Livingslon Avenue-SIu- denl Council: Junior Red Cross: Spanish Club: Baseball: Swimming: J.V. Foofball: Track FAITH NOLL, 434 Elk Sfreer-Junior Red Cross: Dramatcs Associalion: Choir: Sfar-I-Ii: Volleyball: GARNET AND GRAY SANDRA NORRIS, 49 Tliorlon Steel-Blue Moon Court Sfar-I-Ii: Tri Hi-Y: Junior Prom Comrnilfee: Blue Moon Commillee: Bowling GILBERT NORTHCUTT, 44 Walervlief Avenue Recess . . . F557 .gi ,duo 'Q' i 4 'ff' ff? 4 I x Lefi +o righf-Top 'Io Bo'Hom: PATRICIA NORTHCUTT, 620 Myr+Ie Avenue- Slar-I'Ii ROBERT NOWAK, I5 Maplewood Srreer-Science Sociefyy Forum: Spanisln Club: Bowling: Pliilologia Liferary Sociery HELEN NUCKOLS, I25 Souilw Lalce Avenue-SI'u- denl Council: Junior Prom Queen: Junior Class Represenrarive: Junior Prom Commifree, Chair- rnan: Irifl-Ii-Y, President Sfar-I'Ii: Tlwela Sigma Lilerary Sociery: Clioir: Keyelies: Lalin Club: Dra- malics Associarion: Jaclc Frosr Commilree: Blue Moon Commirree: Pa'rroong GARNET AND GRAY, Sfaff JEAN O'CONNOR, 68 Quail Srreel-Srar-I-Ii JAY OLSHEIN, 93 Crescenl Drive-PI1iIoIogia Lirerary Sociery: Dramalics Associarion: Forum: Band: Bowling: Inrramural BasIceIbaIl:GARNET AND GRAY LUIS OSPINA, 875 Warren Srreel-Junior Red Cross: Eoolball, J.V., Varsily: GARNET AND GRAY CARL OVERLANDER, 77 Kenr Sfreer-Baslcerball, J.V. Varsily: Traclc, Co-Capfain: Cross Counfry, Cap+ain CHARLES PALELLA, I48 Dana Avenue-Library Club: Refailinq Club: Baseball: Track Look baclr in anger. q? Special Sluclenl' Council meeiing. Leff +o righ+-Top +o BoHom: BARBARA PALMER, 37 Waleryliel Avenue BARBARA PALUBA, I83 Second Slreef WALTER PARKER, 56 Firsl Slreel'-Foolball, J.V.. Varsily CAROLYN PARSONS, I33 Morris Slree'r-Wil- liam S. Dyer Typing Award STEVEN PASKIN, 525 Warren Slreel-Science So- ciely: Junior Red Cross: Dramalics Associafion: Key Club: Chess Club: Bowling: lnframural Baslcel- ball DANIELLE PEKROL, 468 Livingslon Avenue-Slap Hi FRANCHOT PERKINS, 98 Firsl Slreel-Spanish Club: Track PETER PERRY, ll9 Berkshire Boulevard-German Club: Band: Wresllinq 59 I -0 '5 ...Q Did you hear . . . 7 Leff +o righf-Top io BoHom: NATHAN PHILLIPS, I8 KeeIer Drive-PI1iIoIogia Liferary Sociefyg Science Socieiyg BowIing RICHARD PIERLE. 3l4 Oniario Sireef-Naiional Honor Sociefy, Arisia Cnapfer: La'Iin I Prize: PI1iIoIogia Li+erary Socieiy: German Club: Laiin Club: Senior Ring Commifiee: Bowling ERIKA POKRANDT, I79 Lancasfer Sireei MADELINE POTRZUSKI, 245 Second S+ree+- Beia-Phi: German CIub BERNARD POWERS, 63 Orange Sfreef-BasebaII: Wresfling ALFRED QUINN, 7l7 Sfafe Sfreei-Junior Red Cross: Hi-Y: Albanians: Foo+baII, Varsiiy: Track: Wresrling: J.V. BasIce'IbaII: lnrramural BasIceJrbaII: GARNET AND GRAY ELLYN RABINOW, IO Maplewood S+reeI-Dra- maiics Associafion JUDITH RAKEBRAND, 28 Ken? Sireer Leff +0 righf-Top +0 Bo'Hom: JOSEPH RAMOS, 39l Weslern Avenue RONALD RATTA, 257 Myrrle Avenue JACOB REISS, 480 Morris Slreel-Junior Class Presidenl: Senior Class Vice Presidenl: Junior Prom Courl: Srudenr Council: Key Club, Sophomore Di- recror, Treasurer, Presidenl: Philologia Lilerary So- ciery, Marshal, Secrelary: Foreign Language Club, Presidenl: Foreign Sluclenl Exchange, Vice Presi- denl: Larin Club: Forurn, Treasurer: Baslcelball, J.V., Caplain, Varsiry, Co-Caplain: Soccer Co- Capraing Tennis, Co-Caplaing Pa+roon, Slalf ANNE REZNIKOFF, 43 Norfh Pine Avenue-Na- fional Honor Sociery, Arisla Chapfer: French Club: Keyelles BARRY RICHMAN, 773 Weslern Avenue-Spam ish Club: Orcheslray Band DORIS RICHTER, 62l Providence Slreer-Junior Red Cross: Band: Orcheslra: Jeslers: Volleyball JOAN RICHTER, 57 Cenrral Avenue-Sludenf Council: Junior Red Cross: Fufure Teachers of America: Keyeflesq Choir JOHN RICKARDS, 55 Van Schoiclc Avenue-Slw denl Council: l-liAY, Secrelary: l.a'rin Club Hey girls, are you going fo +he game fonighf? .Q ,s 48 ,fav i N-I 0 05' Leff +0 righi-Top +o BoHom: JOANNE RICKERT, 4l6 Third Srreel DOMENIC ROBORTELLA, I79 Orange Sheer- Lalin Club: French Club PAULINE ROCKENSTIRE, l78 Bradford Slreer BEVERLY ROESCH, 359 Sherman Slreel-Fulure Teachers of America: Choir: Orcheslra: Bowling DELPHINE ROGERS, I7 Elberon Place-Relailing Club STANLEY ROSEN, 5 Parlcwood Srreel-Science Sociely: Key Club: Forum: Bowling: Golf: Infra- mural Baslcelball: Varsily Foolball, Manager SUE ROSENTRAUCH, 55 Euclid Avenue-Science Sociely, Secrelary Ari Club: Forum: Foreign Slu- denr Exchange: Baslcelball: Pafroon, Slalf: GAR- NET AND GRAY BARRY ROSENTHAL, QI Maxwell Slreel-Sludenl Council: Junior Red Cross: Bowling: Golf: J.V. Foolball: Baseball, Manager They call 'lhaf an A7 346 Q '11 Le? me go, lover! Leff 'ro riglwf-Top 'fo BoHom: RITA ROSENTHAL, 39 Kalcely Slreel--Forum: Band: GARNET AND GRAY JANET ROSS, I29 Firsl Slreel-Junior Class Represenlalive PHYLLIS ROTHENBERG, 260 Manning Boule- varcl-Sludenl Council: Keyellesg French Club: Forum: Pafroong GARNET AND GRAY ETHEL ROWE, 22 Flrsl Slreel-Bela-Plwi RAYMOND RUCHEL, 60 Brady Avenue-Junior Red Cross HILDRETH RUDNICK, 4OI New Scofland Ave- nue-Dramalics Associaliong Keyellesg Pafroong GARNET AND GRAY ELAINE RUPPERT, 3lo Sherman Slreel-Slar-l-li: Keyellesy Clwolr ALFRED RUSSO, 22 Kellon Courf-Sludenf Council 63 I .0 .4 1 ,X V: ,E-if? ii l' I--' Lx- iifle A -E" 9 ' . f-- rj 42' 1 ,f fa, . ,' mhz' 'D T i 410 I. xi, i , A -L lk-J HL. You can'+ win fhem all. Leff +o righf-Top +o Bo'H'om: RAYMOND RYAN, 80 Wesl Slreef-Bowling CHARLES SACCI, l8O Bradford Sireei-Sludenl Council, Presidenl: Junior Prom King: l-li-Y, Presi- denr: Varsify Foolball, Co-Caplain: Baseball RONA SAGAN, 55 Sycamore Slreel'-Thela Al- pha Liferary Socielyg Dramafics Associalion: Keyerres: Forum: Band: GARNET AND GRAY SUSAN SAX, I53 Terrace Avenue-Thela Alpha Liferary Sociely: Science Sociefy: Dramafics Asso- cialion: Keyeffes: Forum: Foreign Sfuclenl Ex- change, Secrelary: GARNET AND GRAY, Sfalf DONNA SCHAEFER, 6C Old Hickory Drive- Bela-Phi: French Club: Forum: Orcheslra: Band GAIL SCHAFFER, 227 Soufh Main Avenue-Sem ior Ring Commiflee: Keyelfes: Choir: lnl: Blof: GARNET AND GRAY CAROLE SCHEELY, 3l5 Clinion Avenue-Junior Red Cross: Choir SHElLA SCHENKEL, 97 Winnie Slreei-Fuiure Teachers of America: French Club: Arr Club: Dra- malics Associarion: lnlx Blo'I': GARNET AND GRAY 64 Leff fo righf-Top +o BoHom: PAUL SCHERER, 32 Livingslon Avenue WILLIAM SCHERR, 43 Greenway Norlh-Sludenr Council: Philologia Lilerary Socielyz Forum: Key Club: Baseball: Bowling: Soccer, Manager: lnlra- mural Baslcelball: Pafroong GARNET AND GRAY FRANCIS SCHERRY, 2l8 Jay Sfreel' MARCIA SCHONBERG, 94 Winlhrop Avenue- Thela Sigma Lilerary Socielyg French Club: Tri- l-li-Y: Choir: Albanerles BARRY SCOLNIK, 23 Rufland Slreef-Science So! ciely: Fulure Teachers oi America: Dramafics Associalion YVONNE SCOTT, 48 Second Sireef JEFFREY SEAGRAVE, 28 Foresl Avenue-Furure Teachers of America: Arl Club: Dramafics Asso- cialion: Foofball, J.V., Varsily NANCY SEGAL, 96 Highland Avenue, Rensse- laer-Nalional Meril Scholarship, Semi-Finalisf: Junior Prom Courl: Foreign Sluclenf Exchange, Treasurer, Presidenlf lhela Alpha Lilerary Sociefy: Forum: Pafroong lnlc Blof, Slallf: GARNET AND GRAY, Assislanl Edilor Now we re moving! cz? XJ? 1 ,- .1 e ' 3 ,L -fs-r J A , 1 , Mus vs . if' ii ' '1 ' ' x JV 1 fx, A tri, i fi' ff "6-vi . , 1, -155 yi 1 ,,.:-O Leff 'fo righi'-Top io BoHom: BARBARA SEIDENBERG, 257 Manning Boule- vard-Juricr Red Crossp Forum: Choir: French Cluoq Junior Prorn Cornrnilleeq Palroong GARNET AND GRAY THEODORE SEKELLICK, 2I9 Whilehall Road- Baseballp Bowlinqg J.V. Baslcelball ROBERT SERSON, 52 Elberon Place-Junior Red Cross: Junior Prom Comrnilleeg Forumg lnlramural Baslqelballg Baseball ROBERT SHAVER, 239 Third Slreel-Sludenf Councilg Arl Club: Hi-YQ Track DIANE SHAW, 245 Clinlon Avenue-Bowllngf Archeryq Volleyball, Baslcelball GERALD SHAYE, I2 Harvard Avenue-Nalional Hone. Sociefy, Arisla Chaplerg Spanish III Civiliza' iion Prize' Philoloqia Life-rary Socielyq Science So- ciely: Sidenl Council: Spanish Club, Presidenlg Eorufnq GARNET AND GRAY, Slall JOSEPH SHEBER, 367 Soulh Main Avenue- Spanish Club MICHAEL SHEBER, 22 Pinewood Avenue--Forum: Scence Socieryg Bowlinqq Varsily Eoolball A louchdownl A.H.S. insafiables go 'lo fhe dogs. Leff fo righf-Top To Bo++om: JUNE SHEFFER, 443 Elk Slreer-Choir: Sfar-Hi JAMES SHELLENBERGER, 66I Clinton Avenue- Sludenr Council: Junior Red Cross: Arr Club: Choir: Bowling EVELYN SHERMAN, 800 Livinqslon Avenue MARILYN SHOR, 395 Onlario Slreel-Naiional Honor Sociely, Arisla Chaplerg Thela Alpha Lifer- ary Sociely, Secrelary, Treasurer: Sludenl Council: Junior Class Represenlaliveg Fufure Teachers of America: Foreign Language Club, Vice-Presidenl: Forum: Hebrew Club, Secrelary: Spanish Club, Vice Presidenr: Junior Prom Cornnniflee: Orches- fra: GARNET AND GRAY, Slaff SANDRA SHULENBERG, 482 Firsl Sfreel-Forum: Lalin Club: Spanish Club: Dramalics Associalion: Bela-Phi: Archers Club ELLEN SIECK. 335 Hudson Avenue-Choir ERWIN SIEMON, 5 Golden Slreef-Soccer, Caplain JUNE SILVER, 7l Summil Avenue-Thela Alpha Lilerary Socielyj Sludenl' Council: Forum: Key- erres: Fulure Teachers of America, Presidenf: Band: Orcheslra: GARNET AND GRAY JR fa? l '3 Gel a load of 'rlwe gams! Leff fo righf-Top +o BoHom: STEVEN SLUTSKY, 2O Peysler Slreel-Sludenl Council: Bowling: Baseball: Forum ANDREW SMITH, 9I Llvinqslon Avenue ELIZABETH SMITH, 242 Second S'rree'r-Trans- lerred From Vincenlian Inslllule, GARNET AND GRAY GERALD SMITH, 69 Ten Broeclc Slreel-Choir: Traclc: Swlnnrning: Varsily Eoolball JOHN SMITH, 44 Wesl Van Veclwfen Slreel- Junior Red Cross: HI-Y: Traclc: Varsily Foolball MARY ANN SMITH, 488 Tlnlrd Slreel-Sludenl Council: Junior Class Represenlalive: Maiorelles RICHARD SMITH, 66 Soullw Main Avenue-Clwoir SANDRA SMITH, 233 Park Avenue 68 Leff +0 righ+-Top +o Boffomz WALTER SMITH, 82 Edgewood Avenue-J.V. Foofball LAURA SOLOMON, 45 Holmes Dale-Tliefa Alpha Liferary Sociefyg Keyelfesg Forumg Dramalics Associaliong Arl Club, Secrefaryg Jack Frosl Com- milleet GARNET AND GRAY NICHOLAS SOLOMOS, SI Harris Avenue-J.V. Foolball JOAN SONTZ, I3 Joelson Courf-Tlwela Sigma Liferary Sociefy, Senior Ediforg Sludeni Council: Keye++esg Forum: Dramalics Associa+iong Lalin Clubg Bela-Phi: Jack Frosl Commilleeg Orcliesiraq Pairoonp GARNET AND GRAY JAMES SORRELL, I9 Wood Terrace-Baseball MELVIN SOVITSKY, II6 Daylona Avenue- Bowling JEAN SPACKMANN, l28 Benson S+ree+-Dra- malics Associafiong Sfar-Hig Bowling BEVERLY SPARKS, Ill Livingsfon Avenue-Behr Phi Try and caich me! JC" 'N' 1,3 l . ..,ffx"' iw- ' ,"' N. if AL 11? 4-nf Leff fo righf-Top fo BoHom: MARJORIE SPRINGSTEEN, 30 Ten Broeclc Place- Choir JAMES SPATH, II5 Soullw Allen Slreel- J.V. Foolball SHARON STAMPFLI, 339lf2 Sherman Slreel- Slar-l-li JUDITH STEINBERG. 305 Colonle Slreel-Dra mallcs Associallon BARBARA STEWART, 447 Manning Boulevard- Arclwery Club, Secrelaryy Volleyballg Baslaelball SANDRA STOFFELS, 573 Cllnlon Avenue-Choir Slar-Hi, Secrelary JANET STRATTON, 275 Colonia Slreel' RONALD STRATTON, 275 Colonie Slreel Push lhem back! Way back! vig. II Bul 'this isn'+ lhe way we rehearsed if! Lef+ +o righ+-Top fo BoHom: HELENE STRAUSS, 29 Mereline Avenue-Thela Alpha Lllerary Socielyq Keyellesg Tri-Hi-Y: Palroong GARNET AND GRAY MARTIN SWERBENSKI, 244 Soulh Allen Slreel- Bowling, Secrelary CAROL TALLMADGE, ll9 Ten Broeclc Slreel KENNETH TARLOW, 320 New Scolland Avenue- Translerred from Manchesler High School, Mart- chesler, Connecllcul JACQUELYN TAYLOR, 230 Hudson Avenue CAROL TENNEY, 37l Magazine Slreel-Bowling JUDY THACKABERRY, 39 Jeannelle Slreel-Trle Hl-Y: SlarAHlq Drannallcs Assoclallonq Fulure Teachers of Amerlcag Volleyball WILLIAM TOWN, 36I Elk Slreel 7 I .J 0 4-1 sal if Ai X Xi lx T 'Q xi, K 9 VK, .ff ' We ,- 2' nv 8 Y A " A V ll Our girls are also aflaleiic. Lefl' fo righf-Top +o Boffom: IRESTIN TOWNS, 88 Van Woerl Slreef JAMES TOWNSEND, 2 Sainf Joseph Terrace DONALD TREANOR, I6l Manning Boulevard W CAROLE TROSKOWSKI, ZI7 Jay Slreef ROBERT TUCKER, IO Soullw Swan Slreel--Junior Red Cross: Inlramural Baslce+balI ELIZABETH TUNIS, l75 Sycamore Slreel-Tlnela Alpha Lilerary Sociefy. Secrefaryg Drarnalics As- sociallonp Band: Orclweslrag Pafroong GARNET AND GRAY JAN TURNER. I7 Hillcresf Avenue-Keyeflesg Junior Red Cross: Senior Ring Commilleei Slar-l-li ANN VANDENBERGH, 56 l-lillcresl Avenue-S'rar- Hi, Clwaplaing Bowling Leff +o righf--Top +o BoHom: GLORIA VANDERBILT, 438 Ellf Slreel-Junior Red Cross: Bela-Plwiq Clioirg Bowling RICHARD VAN EGGHEN, 35l Hudson Avenue- Junior Red Cross, Presidenly Dramafics Associaliong Swimming HELEN VARVAROUSIS, I34 Orange Slreel VALERIE VILCANS, 9 Golden Slreel-German Club: Clioirq Bowling, Volleyball ANKE VISSER, 36 Pomonalaan, The Hague, Nellierlands-lliela Alpha Liferary Socielyq Foreign Sludenl Exchange: Clwoirg Fulure leacliers of America: German Club, Vice President Lalin Club: Bela-Plwiy Tri-Hi-Y GEORGE VUSKALNS, 292 Tlnird Slreel-Key Club, Senior Direclory Junior Class Represenlalive: Swirnrning GERALDINE WALKER, ol Norln Manning Boule- vard ETHEL WARREN, 620 lnird Slreel-Sludenl Council: Science Socielyy Slar-Hip Volleyballg Baslrelbail And where did you learn lo bowl? 'VSV' , ', Q5 ' 11,7 - ww, .R fi Z 3 48 5 Leff +o rigI1+-Top +o BoHom: JOYCE WEEKS, 724 Norln Pearl Sfree'-Tri-I-li-Y, Treasurer BARBARA WEISS, l59 Brevalor Slreel'-Sludenl Council, Treasurer, Keyelles, Secrelaryg Dramalics ASSOCidliOVW7 Blue Moon Cornrnilleeq Junior Prom Comnnilleeg Jaclr Pros? Cornrnilleey Inlc Blof, Slallg Pairoong GARNET AND GRAY, Slaif JOAN WEISS, I59 Brevalor Slreel-Junior Red Cross, Keyellesg Drarnalics Associaiiong Junior Class Represenrafiveq lnlc Blofg Pafroong GARNET AND GRAY SHIRLEY WHEELER, IO Souilw Main Avenue M. NANCY WHITE, 275 Quail Sfreel-Junior Red Cross: Junior Class Represenlalivej Library Club: Slar-Hi, Vice President Clwoirg Bowling, GARNET AND GRAY DAVID WHITELEY, 27 Lincoln Avenue SHEILA WIDRO, I35 Winllwrop Avenue--Foreign Language Club, Treasurer, Spanish Clubg Dra- nnalics Associiaiiong Bowling HARRIET WILDER, I48 Morris Srreel-Hebrew Club, Bowling We wear sI1or+ slworis. 'fx V' 4 ' 4- . , 3 I Ji: 5:. Wig Q 3 WL A f v ' 151 o as X Hail alma maler . . . Lefl fo rigI1+-Top fo BoHom: THOMAS WILDER, 27 Pleasanl View Drive-Sci- ence Club: Bowling CONRAD WILSON, 46A Wesl Slreel-Sludenl Council: Junior Class Represenlalive: Senior Ring Cornmillee: Swimming JOHN WISMONT, 84 Yardboro Avenue PATRICIA WONCIK, I5 Slirrup Drive-Trans ferred From Vincenlian lnslilule CARL WOOD, 4 Livifigslon Avenue-Junior Red Cross: J.V, Foolball: Baseball PAUL WOODARD. Rapp Road-lraclf: Cross Counlry PAULINE WOODARD, Rapp Road RONALD WYGANT, 7 Bogarl Terrace-Sludenl Council: German Club: I-Ii-Y: Jeslers: Band: Or- clweslra: lraclc: Bowling: Foolball, J.V,, Varsily: J.V. Baslcelballg Inframural Baslcelball ':"'.. if "5 Hais of? 'lo +hee. Lefi' 'ro righf-Top +o BoHom: SANDRA YAFFEE, 236 Manning Boulevard-Dra- malics Associaliong Volleyball SHARON YUGAR, 5 Holmes Courl-Thela Alpha Lilerary Socieryg Furure Teachers of America, Secrelaryy Band: Forum: Blue Moon Commilleeg Dramarics Associa'rion3 lnlc Bloh GARNET AND GRAY JEANNETTE ZALOGA, 24 Norlh Larlc Sheer- Spanish Club JOYCE ZALOGA, 653 Weslern Avenue-Re+ail- ing Club: Bowling SHARLENE ZEIBERT, 28 Maxwell S'rree+-Furure Teachers of America: Forum: Dramalics Associa- rionp lnlr Bloh GARNET AND GRAY NANCY ZUCKERMAN, 242 Lenox Avenue-Dra- malics Associaiiong Arl' Club: Jack Frosl Com- miflee CATHERINE ZWACK, 3 Frosl Place-Sludeni Council: Fulure Teachers of Arnericag Sfar-Hig Choir MICHAEL KREEL, 65 Russell Road mf f y fN X N NWO 45? xl L! X! ,- Q 'zgfvzffgj R ff, Q .1 x J X A X ' FEATURES ,W H V V Vw A X I V ' K if fi XXX-if 1 I MWTP! SENIOR Most Populor a AWA 2 5 SUSAN M KEON JOHN KAPSAROFF Did Most For School NANCY ALFRED PAUL MICHELSON Most Likely To Succeed fxcg " NANCY SEGAL STANLEY ISSER Best Lookmg I c OW ' ,Lu L Q U 1 f Lf A A ,E . 'ik " vul - A F A 5- 'fsjkv A 1 . E I K I 78 BARBARA LAWYER STEVE HERSHBERG FA V 0 RIT E S Best Dressed .Li ABBEY HENIG BARRY HOLLANDER Most Humorous wiki MARUE FORD BRUCE DAVIS Most Versatile WK ELEANOR NEWTON JACOB REISS Most Athlehc SHIRLEY KOT LEON DUKES 79 i gl . , .1 ' s r ff V, A k X?-J A -A I f .,g 1 b Jock Frost Frolic 3 "Snowflake Serenade" was The Theme This year of The school's annual Jack FrosT Frolic, presenTed by The Tour liTerary socieTies: TheTa Alpha, TheTa Sigma. Philologia and Philodoxia. For This dance, on December l2Th, The gymnasium was skillfully Transformed inTo a winTer wonderland, compleTe wiTh snowcapped mounTains and gliTTering snow- Tlakes. The couples danced all evening To The melodious sTrains oT The Top HaTs. AT IO:30 P.M., a hush Tell over The crowd. The Time Tor The crowning of The king and queen had arrived. As The names oT The members of The INTERSOCIETY COUNCIL-FRONT ROW, leTT To righT: Sylvia Knee, Carol Cohen. SECOND ROW: Marion Bin- dell, Paul Michelson, Michael Nayor. JACK FROST COURT-FRONT ROW, leTT To righT: Marion Bindell lQueenlg Paul Michelson lKingl. SECOND ROW: Sylvia Knee, Michael Nayor, Carol Cohen, Louis Hacker, Wendy Bloom. Douglas Heineman. Queen Marion and King Paul courT were announced, They Took Their places sur- rounding The Oueen's Throne. The Oueen's enTour- age consisTed oT Wendy Bloom. Carol Cohen, Sylvia Knee, Louis Hacker, Douglas Heinemann and Michael Nayor. AT lasT, Marion Bindell and Paul Michelson, The Oueen and The King ascended The royal plaTTorm and graciously accepTed Their crowns. Then Queen Marion and King Paul danced The coronaTion walTz before Their admiring subiecTs. Headed by Sylvia Knee and Michael Nayor. The lnTersocieTy Council, consisTing oT represenTa- Tives of The Tour socieTies presenTed. wiTh The help of Their advisers, Miss Mae McGuiness. Miss Marion Dodds and Mr. AlberT Odom. a very successful and delighTTul evening Tor The sTudenTs of Albany High School. I Blue Moon COURT-FRONT ROW, leTT To righT: Crown Bearers. SECOND ROW: T. Damascus, K. Hood, B. Lawyer, N. Kelley lQueenl, N. Fuda, S. McKean, W. Miller. THIRD ROW: C. Lubner, C. Wilson, L. Dulces, S. Saclrs, L. Ospina lKingl, B. Freeman, D. l-leinernan. J. Kapsaroif. J. Riclrards. Queen Nancy and King Luis On February TwenTy-sevenTh, The STudenT Council proudly presenTed iTs annual Blue Moon Dance. This year's Theme, The "Sound oT Music," was carried Through by The beauTiTul decoraTions. The gymnasium was Transformed inTo a ballroom glow- ing wiTh pasTel colors. HighlighTing The Transformed gym were shining Tigums of musical insTrumenTs placed eTTecTively anolindfhe room. These insTru- menTs and The "Sound BT Music" assumed a romanTic meaning as The mellow Tones of The Siena Collegians passed Through The air and many couples glided across The dimly liT dance floor. . The highlighT oT The eveningswgs The corona- Tion of The king and The queen. V sion mqunTed as Charles Sacci read The namesi 4. The .sophomore represenTaTives, Wendy Miller and iTina Damascus . ' 'I-3 Q - " . Qs Q :. K .av ' . G Bi' oT The Annex: The junior represenTaTive, Karen Hood: and The courT, Nancy Fuda, Barbara Lawyer, Sue lv1cKeon, Charles Lubner. John Riclcards, Con- rad Wilson, Douglas Heineman, Leon Dulces and John KapsaroTT. Then, To a hushed and expecTanT crowd, Charles proclaimed Luis Ospina To be King and Nancy Kelley, Queen. They wallced TogeTher The lengTh of The gym To The applause of The enTire group and regally accepTed The crowns placed on Their heads by Mr. Ford. Then King Luis and Queen Nancy resumed The dancing which was To lasT unTil The bewiTching hour of midnighf. Thus ended one of The mosT success- Tul and enioyable dances held in l96O. Blue Moon Commifiee of worlr. Joan Sonh and Chucl: Lubner. Co-Chairmen 1--1 8I ggi This 3rd lunch shift is noi' for me! ! 3"'!' Ning, ll Q' One more week '+iI vacafion . 'Q 'ag 4 1 . 4 V A ,, . .R L Any of 'lhe following people here? Y., CZ! rs' C The House on Haunied Hill . .I "NN f 'N N ,, Q-.,. 4 " uu H I Ti f r 5 , M u. , 112 : g 1 ' u In . U 1 U- -fi' PM K M.- - qwrg- . ' I ', . -Q.. wi n- ,Y -"' 'v9n,.-1,. ,, V, 'i ' ' ' ' fam. 4, ,Q -,.-.. Q ,AWA ' -h afsifggf, ui' -' 0414 YUUYN 'UW 7 . A-"" "To be or noi' fo be" . . cool! , J X- if "Did you buy your +ickei7" This year we have ini+ia+ed a new program af Albany High School. Wilh fhe help and guidance of 'rhe Foreign Siudeni Exchange, lhe siudenls have broughl' Their firsi foreign siudenl' 'lo ihe high school. She is eighleen-year-old Anlce Visser from The Hague, Holland. Slaying al' +he home of Mr. and Mrs. Irving Sax, Anlce has filled in perfeclly wilh American family and school life. Her warm smile and cheer- ful manner are a consfanf source of pleasure fo all around her. A popular member of The senior class, Alpha Tea Spealring fo Logia Dinner wiih her family and a 'Friend Cur Exchange Student she is ac+ive in Bela Phi, Lafin Club. Alpha, Fuiure Teachers ol: America, and, of course, Foreign Siu- denf Exchange. Also her lovely voice has gained her a place in 'rhe choir. This year has been a wonderful experience for us as well as for Anlce. While she has been learning American ways, she has given us a greaier insighf info +he European way of life and has helped us 'loward our basic goal of infernaiional undersiand- ing. We can only hope 'rhai Anlce has enioyed her visi+ here as much as we have enjoyed having her. and Doxia Alpha inifiafion we Aim f 'vxlwsie l '26 ACTIVITIES QW II f Q Lfgjdl Student Council F: l OFFICERS-LEFT TO RIGHT: B. Weiss, C. Sacci, N. Fuda. L. Dukes. FRONT ROW, leT'T To righT: R. Asher. K. Clas, B. Del Belso, J. Mabel, M. Shor, J. SonTz, B. Weiss, L. Dukes, C. Sacci, N. Fuda, S. KoT, H. Nuclxols, M. Dugan. P. RoThenberg, S. McKeon, M. KaTzel. SECOND ROW: A. Barnard, M. GranoTT, L. Papa, S. Breen, A. Woodard S. Rcrlc P. BischoT P. Herrman, P, McKeon, J. Prinzo, M. LozoTT, R. Wallace, L. Degener, D. SanTord, N. Kely, N. WefnsTein, P. SkiTol, R. Since The TirsT sound oT The gavel in SepTember To The Tinal moTion Tor adiournmenT in June The STu- denT Council has worlced indusTriously Tor The bene- TiT oT Albany High sTudenTs. Under PresidenT Charles Sacci, adviser AlberT Odom, and The enThusiasTic represenTaTives and alTernaTes our STudenT Council has enioyed a very sTimulaTing year. The revision oT The Councils ConsTiTuTion en- abled The organizaTion To esTablish The Tollowing commiTTees: eThics, boosTer, and scholarship. These commiTTees have proved To be very worTh- while and have aided in promoTing The Councils aim oT creaTing greaTer uniTy among The sTudenTs oT Albany High School. An unTorgeTTable STudenT's Day was anoTher highlighT in The Councils yearly acTiviTies. STudenT- Teacher relaTions, which play such an imporTanT parT in one's educaTion, were sTrengThened Through This program. The mosT enioyable social evenT oT The season was The annual Blue Moon, seT To The Theme oT "The Sound oT Music." As The melodious sTrains oT The Siena Collegians' band TloaTed over The dance Tloor and The happy smiles glided by we knew The eTTorTs The STudenT Council had puT inTo The Blue Moon Tormal were well rewarded. Aronson. T, Kohn, J. Duva', R. Sloane, D. Lindemann, M. Ellis. E. Womer, A. Lawyer, D. Rosenbloom. THlRD ROW: H. Johnson, R. MclnTyre, M. Zalcis, B. Brody A. Morgan' sTern, R. Janco, W. Scheer, S. SluTsl:y, C. Lubner, J. Lawyer, A. Pappas, R. WyganT D. Heineman, A. Fiscarelli. B. Bulson S. Feldbloom. M. Dunn J. Marks, R. BlumenThai, G. Weisen berger, M. Rourke. L. PaTaclr. FRONT ROW lei? lo riglnl: S. Bislcin, R. Kaplan D. Rozef- boor' N Sega' A. Vszer, S. Marlils, A, Slern H. lcans S. Rosenslrauch. SECOND ROVV: R. Aronsori, C. Leffs M. Bakker, L. Pa'acx M. Margolus J. Turner, M, Sho' L. E en- bogen, N. Lorcln. Foreign Student Exchonge The Foreign Sludenl Exchange, under lhe leadership ol Nancy Segal, Presideni, and Mrs. Bessie Reiss, Adviser, has sponsored ils lirsl exchange sludeni lhis year. Anle Visser, from lhe Nelherlands, has cerlainly made lhe groups eflorls worlhwhilel She has 'raughl us much ol her sociely and cullure and has proved lo be an oulslanding member oi 'lhe Senior Class, parlicipaling in many ol lhe aclivilies and eyenis. We are sure lhal lhe purpose of lhe program-lhe loslering ol inlernalional undersiano- irg-has been well-served. As ifs rex' prolecl, The Eoreign Sludehl Ex- change has planned +o parlicipale in lhe Americars Abroad program, which will enable a member ol lhe presenl Junior Class lo spend six weelcs of +he coming summer in a foreign home. Through ?he conhirual inleresi and suppor+ of The laculfy and lhe sfudenl body, lhe Foreign Sh.- denl Exchange has enioyed a very successful and rewarding year. We hope lhal' 'ihe luiure classes of Albany High School conlinue lo suppori 'rhis program and parficipale in iis acliyilies. 7 "Progress is our mos? imporlanf proied! K CLUB FRONT ROW e fo rghl R Goldlarb R eney M r nohf A organslern TH lan J lo O Vu K5 ns A Mendes rn H Hershlcovl z W S en a Gran' E G g d R H d S S mon SECOND R ly S Te or To e o Boyer Key Club Operalrng under a new and Improved program Key Club has conhnued 'ro lnve up +o :ls mollo We Build Through Servuce Under lhe leadershlp of Presldenl Jalce Reiss Key Club has performed many worfhwhrle servnces whnch benefnfed bolh 'rhe school and The communuly These services Included con duchng lhe March of Drmes campangn duslrzbul mg programs al foofball games supply: g volunleers for varlous fund drwes and olher prolecls loo numerous fo menhon Thus Key Club Jrhrough :ls alfrunshc :deals has made als Influence fell +hrough Albany Hxgh School and fhe Capufal Daslrlcl Oul of fhe frymg pan Info 'the wafer' SITTING, lell 'lo righl: P. McKeon, D. Leddick, J. Rabaloy C. Perlmuller. R. Lewis, K. Shawn, B. Lull, M, Pofosky. SECOND ROW: S. Biskin, R. Sagan, J. Silver, G. Schaffer S. Levilch, J. Turner, B. Weiss, S. Knee, E. Newlon, M, Bind- ell, B. Eiss, M. Goldberg C. Lewis, J. Mabel, R. Asher, L Solomon. THIRD ROW: S. Axelrod. C. Medwin, E. Rup- perl, R. Lessmueller, N. Kessler, M. Kalz, J. Sonlz, N. Kelley, N. Mandels, H, Slrauss, F. Knapp, S. Sax, J. Weiss, M. Ford. M. Burns. A. Henig. D. Fialkoli. P. Rolhenberg. FOURTH ROW: A. Reznikolzl, M. Skuia, B. Mokhiber, E. Korofkin, P. Kornmehl, S. Levifz, B. Schwarlzberg, M. Bakker, G. Reiss, S. Halkolf, P. Skifol, B. Dorkin, M. May, L. Ellenbogen, J. Kanlor, S. Yanku. Keyettes "We fha? live fo please musf please fo Iive." f..-f This year Keyelles, under 'rhe leadership of Presi- denl, Ellie Newlon, officers: Sylvia Knee. Barbara Weiss, Marion Bindell, and Adviser, Mrs. Ellen Howe, supporlecl numerous and various proiecfs, A Halloween parly, given for lhe children al The Maslerson Day Nursery, was enjoyed by our mem- bers as much as by lhe children. Weekly volunleer work was done al' Albany Hospilal, 'rhe Red Cross Chapler House, and lhe Child Guidance Cenler by 'rhe girls. A+ Thanksgiving lime we collecled con- lribulions in lhe homerooms lor food which was dislribuled lo large and needy families in Albany. The Chrislmas and Easier Holidays found lhe mem- bers eagerly making appropriale gills for dilferenf children's homes. The Keyelles, lhrough lheir devoled elforls lo benelil lheir school and com- munily, have once more lived up 'ro lheir moHo. "We Serve." EDITORIAL STAFF- FRONT ROW, leff fo righf: y S. Marffs H, Nuclrols. M. i 1 .Y vii? Elms l f?,is1 g'g Gross N, Segal P. M7che'- son N, Alfred, R. Heilman B. Weiss S. lsser. SECOND ROW: H. Mande' K. Ny- man S. Sax M. Shor. N. Lcrch A. Mendelsohn R. Levy. Tl-HRD ROW: Heineman B, Hollander R. Langwfg, H. l-lerslcovifz J. Shaye S. Hershberg, Charfoff. Garnet and Gray The sfaff of fhe 1960 GARNET AND GRAY, head- ed by Paul Michelson, Edifor-in-Chief, Nancy Alfred, Business Manager, and Alberf Odom, Adviser, began ifs work long before fhe opening of school in Sepfember. There have been many in- novafions This year, prompfed by fhe wishes of fhe Senior Class and fhe underclassmen. Among fhe highlighfs of fhis year's acfivifies was The Columbia Scholasfic Press Conference in Ocfober, which was affended by Paul Michelson, Nancy Alfred, Nancy Segal, Barbara Weiss, Harold Mandel, Gerald STAFF-FRONT ROW, leff fo righf: Sonfz, Weiss, Axelrod Henig, Mabel, Cohen, Goldberg, Knapp, Ford, Kelley, Burns Fiallcoff, Eiss, Rofhenberg, Rudniclc, Kessler. SECOND ROW Clas, Rosensfrauch, Sfrauss, Asher, Levifch, Bislcin, Cohen Fribush, Solomon, Silver, Newfon, Sagan, Schaffer, Lewis Shaye, Roberf Levy and Jeffrey Sfoll. Lecfures and discussions were held dealing wifh all aspecfs of yearboolc planning and producfion. The GARNET AND GRAY has been one of many facfors which unifed fhe Senior Class in a common goal, fhaf of producing and selling a yearboolc. Since irs beginning in l9I4, as a monfhly newspaper, and ifs emergence in l925, as a class yearbook, fhe GARNET AND GRAY has grown in value as a record of school life. Yugar, Mandela, Bloom. Kafz Kanfer. Tl-llRD ROW: Tal anlcer, Wagner, l-lerschenhorn. Grossman, Ezlenbogen, Dorlnin Boomenfhal. Sfoii, Brown Olshein Pafaclc. Miller, Goodbee Penmuffer. Axelrod l-laflcoff. Weinsfoclc, Slcifol. Musicus. ff. is EDITORIAL STAFF-LEFT TO RIGHT: S. Rosenshauch, S. Knee C. Cohen, M. Bindell. The PATROON is The sTudenT newspaper OT Albany High School. IT covers all The happenings wiThin The school. Among These are: concerTs, sporTs, club acTiviTies, conTesTs, miscellaneous inTormaTion abouT The sTudenT body and iTs Teachers, and a TeaTure page which includes ediTorials, TeaTure sTories and book reviews. Room 3 I 2, The headquarTers oT The PATROON, was a never-ending scene oT busy people, parTic- FRONT ROW, leiT To r'ghT: R. Brown S. RosensTrauch, C Cohen, R. Fribush, M. Bindell S. Knee. M. Nayor, R. Aron son. S, Granf E. NewTcn. SECOND ROW: B. Hollander S. Hershberg. H. Rudnick J. SonTz. N. Mandels, H. STrauss Pcltroon ularly aTpubIicaTion Time. We oT The newspaper and sTudenT body are graTeTully appreciaTive oT The aid given us by The STudenT Council. The PATROON has succeeded in Tulfilling iTs Tine TradiTion and in TurThering school spiriT wiTh The guidance OT advisers, Mrs. MarTha Benediclr and Miss Mae McGuiness, and The hard work oT The EdiTors-in-ChieT, Marion Bindell and Sylvia Knee and Their sTaTT. N. Kessler, P. RoThenberg, N. Segal, B. Belinlzy, D. Rosen- bloorn. THIRD ROW: R. BloomenThal, C. Lewis, B. Dorlcin, B. SchwarTzberg, G. Reiss, C. Talanlxer, C. PerlmuTTer, J. KanTor, R. Heilman. T l T9 The INK BLOT is Albany High School's liTerary magazine. BeTween The covers of our annual publicaTion are shorT sTories, poeTry, plays, and sporTs arTicles. In The near TuTure we hope To include reviews oT several books worTh reading. These and oTher TeaTures oT our magazine are supplemenTed by pen-and ink arT work. The mosT I Ink Blot FRONT ROW, leTT To righf: B. Rorie, G. Fruscione, H. Sprung, C. Cohen. SECOND ROW: W. WeinsTock, S. Bis- kin, J. RabaToy. N. Lorch. imporTanT Thing To remember abouT "The Ink BIoT" is ThaT all of iTs maTerial is The work of sTudenTs and alumni oT Albany High. Miss Gunn, Miss Boylan, and Mrs. York are The TaculTy advisers oT our publicaTion. All oT us on "The Ink BloT" sTaTT hope ThaT all of you will supporT The magazine: iT is your magazine. Creative Writing ..4gs'4" LEFT TO RIGHT: W. WeinsTock, M. Broadwafer, N. Kelly, G. Fuscione, M. Dunn. During The year Miss Gunn has sponsored Two workshops: The TirsT semesTer The ShorT STory Work- shop, and The second semesTer The PoeTry Work- shop. These were open To anyone in The school who was inTeresTed. The members were assembled in room II8 once a week during The sevenTh period, and each person would read The la+esT addiTion To his poem or shorT sTory, oTTering iT To The resT oT The group Tor criTicism. The workshops were a success because oT Two Things: The criTicism, which in Turn made each work an amaTeur masTerpiece according To The in- dividual's capabiliTies, and The encouragemenT one received To conTinue wiTh his proiecT. National Forensic League FRONT ROW QTT To righT: A. Nsdeman R. Ha'or'n H. Sofscg S, Wagner R, Arzrscc. SECOND ROW: H. Laflr' R, 311: K. Nymaw D. Rczenv bloom R. Charhiz. TT'llRD ROW: D. israel, A, Mcrgendern B, Belinlry D. Timaru, TABSENT-Pas Michescnl, Since The Tounding oT The NaTional Forensic League in Albany High School we have Talcen an acTive parT in inTer-scholasTic debaTing. This year was cerTainly no excepTion. The DebaTe Team sTarTed iTs year in a blaze oT glory by capTuring The coveTed HamilTon College High School DebaTe TournamenT in OcTober. In order To achieve Their superb 7-I N. F. L. De The Albany High DebaTe Team broughT TurTher honor To Their Alma MaTer by winning Ten ouT oT Twelve rounds oT debaTe aT The BeThlehem CenTral High School debaTe TournamenT. The Topic record Tor This TournamenT The members OT The DebaTe Team devoTed over one hundred and ThirTy hours To research and preparaTion. This success was TasT Tollowed by parTicipaTion in The Tall congress in CaTsl:ill. aT which Time Two oT our members' pro- posed bill was adopTed Tor discussion. bate Team ThaT was debaTed This year concerned The adopTion oT The recommendaTions oT The ConanT ReporT Tor The improvemenT oT our high schools. ,YV i ,. LEFT TO RIGHT: D. Rosenbloorn R. Aronson L. PaTaclc, K. Nyman. P. Burns, R. CharToTT. 5 I T-.-.I g jL"'g Foreign Language Cubs FRENCH CLUB-LEFT TO RIGHT N KeTTy J Cher L E lenbogen LATIN CLUB FRONT ROW TH T mg M Frnedman S Hersdwen om K ne D Per a GERMAN CLUB FRONT ROW eff T f an B er woo D Rosenk pf f' A SPANISH CLUB LEFT TO FUGHT N Koe+l'e'w HEBREW CLUB RC ROW Qi ' 2 , . en, . I . .3 L - - T Q 2 F' 3- A 'hh . 4 , . LW , , F. TE , . d ds, ' r - Y +9 Hgh: H. Br d. A. Visser, . Sh - d, . G . I L. T X l . , A v ,ggi I A , A' L 5 A A . I li 'fe Lsfhl 1 V T . : M. C Sher M. H:-edfie S. E'e'd: M. I - l I . -E ON' 59? , . iz "yi: E. M759 N. x'Ne"s'e" L. 1 '- KC ref D. 'OTK4". . x' , 7 I FORUM-FPCZ' POW F' ' """: J rvlaha' C.C1ra' S, Hgh- P. FJ r' rg Q. S' S. He'i':f.-"5 S. :ff F Kcrncehi J. Pc.: 2. H' ffrder E CWM J. 'w'ff.'1. SFCCND RQWH Q ffi' 3. Pez: J. S l.. S: iw" S. Levflch R. fever S. M. SFC' ii. Manic? 9. l.e'zer. l-1.50313 il. Lircr. lHlRD RQVV: S. Wagne' F. Siilo' R, Pbcrman S. l.ef'z B. Mazcuz S. lzzer C. la anicer, M. Kzelffn D. P -fccheler l.. Fionbzjen E, Ki':fl7n. Science Society Since lhe founding oi The Albany High School Science Socielf lorfvfeghf years ago, ils aimi have been lo help mainlain a high slandard ol scholar- ship and develop exlra-curricular inleresls in lhe lield of science. This ,rear fhe members have Tried lo fulfill lhese goals Lhrough a widely varied pro- gram which included: a ieclare series a' Rensselaer Polylechnic lneffufe, an evensive scnedule ol field lrips, ard seferal science rairs. These and oiher proiecls have made 'his year ore ol lhe mos? successful experienced by lhe Science Sociely. Forum Forum is The hisloryfccrrenf efe"s club of Albany High School. lls purpose is fo encourage sludenls lo lurfher lheir inleresls in fhose areas oi social sludiez which are sigfiilicanl ir fhe develope mern ol responsible cilizens. Forcm periorms lhfs laslf by preparing inlormafive and enlighlenirg programz, uiuaif, panel dscussions, ipealers, or lilmz. A por"on of The clubs lunds has fradilionallf been spenl lo parchase educalional 'naferiais For lhe School and fo provide a prize for lhe annual Forum Hislory Conlesl. Fleclions oi lhe ollicers are held lwice a year. Forumis aclive adviser is Miss Lulu Charles, SCIENCE SOCIETY-FPCVT RCNV 'ei' , gnf: l.. Haclc, S. 9ri'3'z'r,z,c" 'L Sn' 'ps l., Leia' C. L5--. re 5. Be"r'1',' R. H-1 nan. SFCC'-D ROW: F. Have' Q. Vlfc-nberg F. lime H. Lvn V. Tzhurz' A. Sidfaro S. cieh THlRD RCVV1 S. Tepoe' J. lsraei P, Gcrszwfz M. Kzefhen S. G: diarb, D. lsraei. D. Tilnwan. I X Art Club lx S FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA-FRONT ROW, Ief+ fo riglwf: G. Fruscione, M. Friedman, F. Knapp. J. Silver, N. Lorch. S. Yuqar, R. Asher. SECOND ROW: D. Rosenkopf, M. Armenio, S. Levifch, S. Biskin, C. Lewis, V. Shulman. THYRD ROW: J. R'i+mo, M. Tucker, L. Kolker, A. Reznikoff, S. Grant I X1 Library Assistants Wr-d,, .., ,. 4- , gk ,TT,.,-.K I iii" 'Q H ff ff fx' - - f 5 T T -I-fr"-- LIBRARY ASSLSTANTS-FRONT ROW, Leif To rlqiwf: A. Rowinski, H. Bower, K. Therrien, K, Siafford, F. Nichols. Junior Red Cross JUNIOR RED CROSS-FRONT ROW, Ieff fo righf: R. Dorkin, B. Sfone, C, Turnbull. THIRD ROW: K. Delf Gross. R. Lessmueiler, J. Duval, M. White, M, Bakker, J, Marrin, A. Wechsier, S. Grant R. Fieminq R. Krips L Ricivrer G. Lockwood J. Weiss. SECOND ROW: H, Hersciwenkuorn,S.Herscneni1orn. Sprung, D.Rosenkopf, K. Nickwoison P. Sfein C. Adier, B. Bc nd , ' Q . I L , l ' l , , I . A . 2 1 r i yylxy LI yd., I 5 zilifse A 5 T ir ALBANY HIGH SCHOOL BAND-FRONT ROW, leTT To riqhT: G. Leizer D. Ri:hTer, R, WyganT. J. S? ver S. Greene, G. Solomon B. Morse S. Biskin M. May. SECOND ROW: S. Sharp W. Baker, D. Lindemann D. Wiley. J. Thompson C. RerlmuTTer, C. Lidman, B. Tunis, C. Talanker E. KoroTkin, L. Clarke, L. Waldman, H. Sprung, E. ShwarTzer, THlRD ROW: F. Hermann, J. Gross- man, M. LozoTT E. Cohen, S. Feldman, B. Dorkin, P. Miller. J. Lape J. Sandler D. SchaeTer. E. Levin, G. Novelle, R. Aberman, R. Cohen P, Borlawsky R. Gundlach G, MasT'an- qelo. FOURTH ROW: S. S'uTsky, W. Miller, P. Becker C. Adler W, Menges J. Kezse' L. Bayle R. LaRorTe S. Marko- wilz R. Colling, R. Jacobs A, Mendelschn J. Bray D. Nagi R. Wise, R. STarman, S. LeviTz L. Sherman, R. Drozd. FiFTH ROW: L. Boyer, B. Riclnman, lf. LiTuchy P. Burns E. DeSan- Tis, C. MarTin, K. Fuchsman, M, WciTz C. Miller, W. Lape R. KnuTh, W, Donovan, G. Binley, R. Knulh, D, Simons, K, Koch P. Sk'Tol R. Snyder, B. Hammond, J. Cleary. SIXTH ROW: Mr. MaTlTeN. ABSENT FROM PlCTURE: S. LeviTcl'1, R. Sanan A. Hen g J. KanTcr S. lsrael R. Asher A. Tabacln- l '1 neck, K. W ke: R, Ranelucc' R. Benson, R. Burbank. The Albany High School Band, under The Tine direcTion oT Mr. Luke MaTThew, commenced The year wiTh parTicipaTion in The Hudson-Champlain CelebraTion parade. Following iTs TradiTion, The Band lenT iTs supporT To The TooTball Team by play- ing spiriTed music and marching aT halT Time. ATTer careTul preparaTion The Band presenTed iTs mosT noTable achievemenT, The annual Spring ConcerT. This evenT which Took place on March IOTh, TeaTured such selecTions as Leroy Anderson's "The Girl l LeTT Behind", Tchaikovsky's "Marche Slav", and "VincenT Youman's FanTasy", The laTTer being accompanied by The choir, ATTer a very successTul concerT The Band concluded iTs year by marching in The Memorial Day parade. The lirsl' public performance ol The Albany l-ligh School Choir was The annual Chriglmas program. This was a 'ilirslu in lhal a maior choral worlr, HA Ceremony of Carols" by Beniamin Brillon, was sung wilh harp accornpanimenl. ln March came lwo appearances of lhe Con- cerl Chorus. Firsl was lhe Band Concerl in which parlicipalion was lhe singing ol a colleclion of Vincenl' Youmanls songs wilh band accompanimenl. Then lhe Concerl Chorus presenled ils own evening of choral music. Vocal groups appearing in lhe program, olher lhan lhe Concerl Chorus included lhe Boys' Chorus, The Albanelles, lhe Inner Choir, and soloisls. The music sung ranged lrom pre-Bach lo Broadway. Choir Albcnettes iii ALBANETTES-SITTlN6: J. Duval, M. Dayler. STAND- ING: K. Jones, J. Duval, R. Lessrnuelier, B. Mcllaig, L. Boyer, N. Kelly, B. Lawyer, V. Douglas. M. Schonberg, A. Narlo. . 4 1. ,- J W lll"' ll W il llll 1 i l l lllll 66225. Q22 0 9605 YY ORCHESTRA FRONT ROW leff 'r rnqhf W Bloom N Fud D Coh n B Lawyer J Sonfz M Shor G Reiss M Hoeldfke SECOTND ROW J Duval J Laffanzuo E Abaluan B Schwarfzberg M May B Morse J Mabel D Halpern B Roesch P Kornmehl S Knee THIRD ROW M Bmclell E Newfon C Hendrnck S Brownsleun J Duval D Lundemann J Saver D Ruchfer R Wyganf C Lndman B Tunis B Scanlon S Herschenhorn FOURTH ROW P Burns Wealz C Koch D Wrley R Drozd Orchestra ln May The Albany Hxgh School Orcheslra under The dnrechon of Mass E Gerfrude Howarfh presenr ed :fs annual concerf Hzghlrghhng The evenl were sfuclenf conducfed numbers a balle'r danced by one of 'rhe Orcheslra s members and a piano solo The musical program Tealured borh classncal and modern selechons Porhons of The musical Porgy an Bess Handel s Song of Jupuler an Moussoryslcy s Greaf Gale of Knev enabled every one 'ro enloy musnc a+ nfs fnnesl The concerl was 'truly an enferfanmng success JESTERS-FRONT ROW lelf fo rughf D Rnchfer G Leuzer P Gundlack G Masfrangelo SECOND ROW S Fld blm S Markowufz R Jacobs J Bray THIRD R W M Weufz W Lape R Knufh FOURTH ROW P Burns L Maifhew drrecfor - . o ' : . , . a. . e, . , . B. Richman. C. Marlin. L. Boyer, R. Jacobs. J, Bray, J. Lape, W. Lape. R. Knufh, R. Knufh, M. d ll' I ll ' Ill d . , . . : . e - u . . ', . , . . O : if DRAMATICS ASSOCIATION FRONT ROW Ill 'ro rghl Yaffee Turner Mabel Wldro Burns Fogarfy Rosenbloom Newlon Kafz Lewls Ford Medwm Beverly Morrms Busby SECOND ROW Lewls Cohn Weussbarcl Tucker Goree Layne Wernsfock May Bakker Cohen Boyer Talanker Salomon Renss Schwarizberq Sfraflon Cohen Kessler Sonfz Wenss THIRD ROW Shawn Beckeff Lando Dells Goldberg Levy Gran? Lewus Hacker Hollander Gross Hershberg Goldsfeun Kenderuan Mandel Sfcdder Friedman Dorkm DFnlpo Dromohcs Assoclohon Thus year under The guidance of officers Ellne New 'ron Marlene Kafz Carole Lewis Sue Foqerfy and Conme Morris +he Dramahcs Assocuahon was able 'lo carry our new and nnferesrunq Ideas lo bolh club members and lhe sludenr body of Albany Hrgh School Make up demonsrrahons dramahc classes scene s'rud1es and srage dnrechon are only a few of 'rhe prolecfs which 'rhe DA has a complushed Under fhe supervssnon of Miss Mary Moran plans were made and carrued ouf for lhe malor produc 'non You Can 'r Take I+ W1+h You The enloymenf and benehls of lakxng an achve parf In dramahcs compensafed for fhe hard work and long hours puf In by 'rhe members He fhaf clnmbs hugh falls heavzly - ,e i: , , . '. O I I 3 l A l 1 Z Alpha ALPHA-FRONT ROW er? 'le real: M, Kalze' B. Dorlcln M. Slncr M. Enoe C. Circ' B. lens L. Solomon. SECOND ROW: N. Segal M. Kafz M, Goldberq, B. Colwen, S. Yugar, C. Le.vls J. Sllver R. Frlbuslw N. Lorcln. Tl-llRD ROW: H. Sprung, S. Sai, D. Colbert N. Kessler, N. Mandels. C. Gloclxner, A, Vlsser. H. Slrauss, B. Morse. FOURTH ROW: M. Poloslcy, M. Elondo, L. Ellenboqen, A. Zlmmerman, L. Hersclwenlnorn M. Zedelc W. Mlller, B. Colnn, S. Feldman, R. Aronson. FlFTl-l ROW: P. Kornmelwl, P. Becker, D. Cohen, D. Rosenkopf, E. Arbil B. Musclus, G. Solomon. G. Reiss. R. Weclwsler, B. Mclchiber. Under We capable eadersnlp ol Marian Blndel Marllyn Slnor and our advfser Mfss Mae McGuIness Alplna lvas provlded lls members wlllw a :Nr-rs allng lllerary program. Weekly Monday aflernocn meetings rave fealured: reporls on various phases of lileralure inlcrmafve spealners l'nns aboul famous aulnors and exlempcfanecas soeeclnes. Anslner par? of Alpha! llferary o-l"ne was a hbrary dsplay of cfglnal wrllingg by flue mem- bers. T?-e var?:-s flerary eifcrls el We members also appeared In ve "Aeg's" Tre rnagafne ina? Anna pu? oul on Boys' and G'r's' Nlglvf. Tr.e lo 'ls Mello "Semper Pragredlansw Alplwa, logelluer Ml? l's s4s'e' steely Trela Sfqrva Inllaled a new ldea llnls year rnenfry evenrg rneelfngs develed enllrey lo illerary aclfvlffes. 2,1 spcnzcfrg a Faclfly Tea 'flee Milner and Daugln- le' Banque' and cc-sp:rszrlng Boys' and Girls' Nlqlwf and llwe "Jac: Free' Free' Wpfa Fas ssccessluly funded Gul' Els s::'a' a:"vA"e: 2 fnalng We year a very enjoyable and Dffisska sl., Q fern-ny-are "The woman who hesifafes is lost" 6 A 'mics' gt., Il' rl" 1 L Z I Doxlca Ever see one close up? ,yv af j DOXIA-FRONT ROW lelf To riqhr: K. Nynnan, P, Burns. M. Nayor, D. Rosenbloom, L. Palaclc. A, Fisch. SECOND ROW: R. Levy, B. Belinlry, D. Henernan, L. Hershlcowirz. THlRD ROW: M, Marqolius, R. Kinclerian, S. Feldblum. R. Blumenfhal. FOURTH ROW: D. Bray, M. Zalnis, S. Teper, D. Simons. FIFTH ROW: R. Tyron R. Janco, R. Charrofr. Philodoxia Albany Hiqh's oldesf literary sociely, began lhe year sfronqly wifh irs nernbers debalinq subiecls ranqinq from Red Chfna's ad'n'ssiQn T: rhe Unfed Nerigng and The Conan? Reporr on seccndary educafifn ro fhe use ol G-izpoops on Coagalalers. Shalcesoeare and h's warlrs were discussed af several meefings. Parhcjar alrenricn was paid +0 an analysis of "The Comedy :I Errors", "As Ycu Lie If", and "Julius Caesar." Par'icfpa':n by 'he rnernbers was increased this Year with each Hefwbe' g'v"1g a feporf cn an American aufhor. On rhe less 'f'e'ary s'de Dcfars Toclc par? in fhe Albany Hgh ln'ra"ufa' 5asice+l:e' League. The s:nc7e+y also conrribufed ra 'he saccess 3: 'he "Jack Frcsr Free' wirh rl-e members working cn var':,s ccrrrnhees. For rhe benefif of all sfudenrs The Dcxians sed perciis inscribed wifh rhe seasons baslcefball schedule, The oufvandinq even? of Bsysi and Girls' Nighf, fhe Doxia-Loqia debale was won by rhe Doxians fhrouqh lheir hard work. Frorn ail aspeds Dcxfa has had a very profilable and rewarding year. :Or l03 Logic "Philologie. ihy sons send flxeir greefings fo Hue!" LOGIA-FRONT ROW, lell lo righlz A. Mendelsohn, H. Mandel, B. Hollander, P. Michelson, J. Reiss, S. lsser. SECOND ROW: L. Hacker, H. Herskovilz. C. Job, R. Nowak, G. Shaye, J, Olshein. THlRD ROW: L. Eisenberg, N, Phillips, S, Hershberg, R. Lanqwig, A. Morning S. Goldlarb. FOURTH ROW: D. Tilman, J, lnsel, S. lsser, J. Sfoll, R. Pierle, P. Garlen- berg, M. Tolhursl. FIFTH ROW: B. Brody, C. Decker, M. Dworkin, B. Brown, A. Blank. This year Philologia in accordance wilh ils aim of increasing The lilerary and 'forensic knowledge of ils members, has, under lhe leadership ol Ed Brody and Slan Isser, embarked upon a series of inleresling programs. Among lhese were a comprehen- sive sludy ol lhe hislory of lileralure wifh members giving reporls on various phases of ils development inler-sociely debales. culfural films and music seminars. The lradilional "Jack Frosl Frolicf' Boy's and Girls' Nighf, and baskelball rivalry wifh Philodoxia have helped To make an exlremely successful year for Logia. SIGMA-FRONT ROW, lefl fo riqhl: J. Sonfz, J. Duval, W Bloom. S. Knee, E. Newfon, N. Fuda. SECOND ROW: M Jones. M. Burns, P. Koslowslci, N. Kelley. G. Ksenich, S. Koi THIRD ROW: M. Kaigler, S. Mclfeon, F. Knapp, H. Nuclcols C. Jussen. FOURTH ROW: J. Grossman, B. Schwarfzloerq, B., McKaig, J. Duval, D. Wiley, R. Halprin. FIFTH ROW: A. Nudelman, L. Lavenfhal, D. Sanford, P. Sfein, M. Lozohl, K. Lewis. Each year Thela Sigrna's lilerary and social proiecls have sfeadily increased. This year was no exceplion. Sigrna's liferary adivilies included aulhor and bool: reporls, liferary games recifalion cl poelry speakers and culfural movies. The Facully Tea 'lhe Moller and Daughfer Banque? lhe very suc- cesslul "Jael: Frcsl Fro'Ic" and 'the parficipalion in Boys' and Girls' NIgh+ were elervenfs which confribuled fo fhe very enfer- laining social program. The firsl successful ioinl nigh? meefings of Alpha and Sigma were held 'rhis year and lhe programs were devofed enlirely lo lilerary ellorls. Under lhe excellenl leadership ol our presidenls Sylvia Knee and Joan Sonlz, and our adviser, Miss Marian Dodds, Sigma has enioyed a very profifalole year. Sigma "Never was good work done wifhouf much frouble. HI-Y fr 1? 1-Mgr. 'V HI-Y-FRONT ROW. lef? fo rignf: C. Sacci, C. Wi!son, W. Carharf, M. Nelson, J. Kapsarorf, E. MuY'en, A. Davis, J. Lawyer. SECOND ROW: L. Dukes, K. Kerbowski, B. Tri TRI-HI-Y-FRONT ROW, leff fo riglnit S. Hawkins, D. Harris, M. Jones, I. Crowfey, H. Nuckols, C. LaPier, M. Ford, J. Weeks, S. McKeon, C. Jussen, A. Narlo. SECOND ROW: B. Luff, M. Dugan, M. Sclwonberg, S. Norris, J. A r 'V' 2- 4 N- Davis, R. Wyqanf. J. CarmicBaeL C. Lubner, A. Pappas. THKRD ROW: T. Biondo, M. Zoids, A. Lawyer, R. Maybin, R. Tryon, L. Davis, G. Kapsaro?F. Hi-Y Thackaberry, C. CroNib, V, Canseiino. S. Kof, P. McKeon, B. Dugan. THIRD ROW: D. Leddick, M. Raffer, D. Monroe M. Skuja, G. Miles, B. Ramsey L. Marolnn, L. Maher, K. Hood, J. Rubio, S. Breen. Beta Phi ,aff fp-T' BETA PHI-FRONT PGV! cf? fx rfgH: M. Ka?qWer, K. S:L,'cnr:f-"3 G.G1mo M. Pcfrzuak' G. KWVYQP. TH'PD CES. J. Umm' J. Sznfz N. P453 R. Jvhrwsfzn E, Nev-Mon. RCW: 5. En P: K, N'cL"z5r1 C. Kwfb QV M. My C N. Kdey B. La.-.yer P. Exit SECOND RCW: M. Burns Meffm H. Wagwof S. Sfocnc E. fkbajfar J. DJJ B P. Kosfowzl' P. VV:r1:'? A. Vlssfef J. Bruins. C, Lewis. S. M:KeIq B. PE?'rz. Stu r-HI STAR-HI--PQQTY PGV! Q57 .2 FQH: S. Sioffcls. M. A. Vin ro rg 5. Do 50559, S. Sfampflf. THWRD RO Me'z3k5L.'r1 M. C 3.2 3, M:'igi"5',' N. Wfffo E. Ruppert Mafferw' J SP:-xc' P. Qcrez C. Picard S. Pgfgarw S. N.. L. Layne J. Spadvfew. SECOND POW: E. DQSanf's P, G. L C-x,.-.:1 P. T'J.1rf'1:,1ff. Kcsicwsk' B. 39vf2r'y E. Wa'rew J. Mayer B. Marcl'1inJkQ, ,. ,, , '- ., f, ., , ,., . , ,h 1. . ,, L ,4i,,,- 12:53 1 .f 2-HSP. A if i. I .N 0 I07 SJ fr k,,,,l"Q'V' I 49 ,S X lx X . ,V . ,T 4 . . .Q 'L b .M I 4 CI- - , L. . Q. Moiorettes Q, ll .v N l L. -olp xo x Notionol Honor Society NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY-FRONT ROW, lefl lo riglml: Fribuslm, B, Marclwinulce, S. Knee, B. Lawyer. S. Koi, R. Levy N. Fuda, N. Lorclw, A. Reznilxofl, J. Mabel, M. Bindell, G. THlRD ROW: L. Eisenberg, A. Mendelsolwn, R. Pierle, P Fruscione, N. Kessler, J. Duval, M. Shor, L. Kollxer. SECOND Michelson, G. Shaye, H. Hersliovilz, R. Langwig, R. Hellman ROW. S. lsser, B. Belinlcy, D. Colberl, M. Hoeldllre, R, S.Golclfarl::. Carl Marcellino gains againsi Academy. , , . SUE HERSCHENHORN X-A Leon Dulres sfops Schuyler drive. A.H.S. line breaks up ,fi X f f ,J W i . I I n i-2 fi' zq. v- KAREN KLAS l ' 413 Q LINDA HERSCHENHORN 'X A.H.S. mermen practice ai Troy High. BETTY ANN BARBUTO ' GENEVIEVE Rslss 1 , K GLORIA KSENICH LYNN POHL IIO BARBARA Schuyler defense. 4- K LAWYER. Caplain iff Coach Becle++ ponders af fhe sidelines Booker Gary gems iweniy yards againsf Schuyler. PAT MCKEON X. X . -.N , . I.: Ai Q . A" v' , I MARCQA KMGLER Capfairx :Z N . NANCY FU DA 1 -4.- 5 X9 s , K ii RITA FR1BUSH NOREEN WEINGARDEN PAT ALBER BARRIE SCHULMAN SANDRA AXELROD Sue Nichlas rolls a sfrike T I Vo rsily VARSITY FOOTBALL-FRONT ROW, leTT To righT: Sfammel. Allen, Johnson, Kapsaroff, Co-Capfs., Sacci, Dukes, Carharf. Biondo, Myers, Beniamin, Burns. Race. SECOND ROW. Murphy lAss'T. Coachl, Ospina. Malmed, Sheber, Fonfana. Mabin, McKay, Papas, LuTz, Gary, Lawyer, Menz, Miller lAss'T. Mgr.l, Rosen lMgr.T. Flouser. BeckeTT lCoachl. THIRD ROW: Tabachneck, Rapp, Davis, NauTel, Casey. Jabbour. Robelafo, Koblanzer, Bernard, Fraiser, Blum. VARSITY FOOTBALL Rangers Take Second In Class A This year our Red Rangers were predominanTly an underclassmen Team. Coupled wiTh inexperience was The addiTional handicap of The loss of several ouTsTanding players because oT early season in- iuries: buT Through deTerminaTion, husfle and spiriT, our Team compiled an excellenT 5-2 record. CrediT musT be given To The veTeran players: speedy halfback, Leon Dukes: pile driving fullback, Chuck Sacci: shiffy quarferback, ArT Pappas: Jack Lawyer, end: Bill Carharf, The All-Albany cenTer: John Kapseroff, guard: Mike Sheber and Richard Malmed, defensive linesmen: Lou Ospino, punTer: and our iunior All-Albany selecTion, versaTile Booker Gary, The flash aT halfback. JeT Morbidelli seT The pace for our successful season by reTurning Schuyler's opening kick 85 yards for a Touchdown. Besides Morbidelli, Sacci and Pappas hiT paydirT as A.H.S. subdued a scrappy Schuyler eleven 2l-6. Againsf MonT PleasanT, The Class A Champs, The defensive Team led by Co- capfains Sacci and CarharT, played a spiriTed game buT several cosTly misTakes prevenTed a sweeT upseT. Our Team Then rolled inTo high gear by sweeping 4 in succession before The elecTion day final. Our A.H.S. Eleven shocked The once mighTy Lions of V.l. as we hammered ouT a I3-6 upseT vicTory. In our fourTh game we rouTed Troy High on The laTTer's home field by a 20-6 score. Our Red Rangers clearly dominafed The game wiTh Booker Gary shining on long gains. Gary, Sacci and Dukes sparked The deTermined A.l-LS. gridders in our 2nd half romp over Amsferdam. Sacci was The big ground gainer, and Gary's 50 yard iaunf on The in and ouT OTT Tackle drive was magniTicenT. Our rampaging A.l-LS. Eleven didn'T IeT up as we assailed LinTon, 260. Behind The fakery of quarTer- back Pappas, each member of The backfield goT inTo The scoring acT. Once again Booker Gary elecfrified The fans wiTh a 58 yard T.D. gallop. ln The elecTion day final, C.B.A. proved To be Too sTrong as They clinched The mysfical ciTy champion- ship. Leon Dukes raced off Tackle for 45 yards To give us a 7-6 half-Time lead, buT The BroThers erupfed wiTh a Tremendous running game as They blasTed ouT a 3l-I3 vicTory. Coach BeckeTT is opTimisTic over nexT year's prospecTs as he says, "OT This 40-man squad only I3 will be losT because of graduafion: Therefore The winning experience The boys gained This year should make us a Top confender for The Class A champion- ship nexT year." W' vw ir I flllli' O- . ! Booker Gary gains in Troy High game. . Us ' f Junior Vo rsity J.V. FOOTBALL The J.V. foofball players displayed fine spirif and sporfsmansliip on fhe gridiron. A few sfandoufs are lialfbaclc Brouqhfon, a good pass receiver: line- man Davis, field capfain and all around performer: linebacker Luizzi, good defensive player: cenfer Nefflefon, a lnusfler: guard Pelleclnic, a lward blocker: and fullback Waslwingfon, who was a consisfenf running flnreaf. J.V. FOOTBALL-FRONT ROW, leff fo riglnfz S. Murdock. L. Davis lCapfainl, L. Thomas, L, Boluski. J. Carharf, J. Gardio. SECOND ROW: Mr. Muller lCoacl'1l. J, Ire- land, J. Sfeinouer, J. Norwood, W. Brouqlwfon, L. Luizzi, D. Washinqfon, Mr. Heim lcoacfil. THIRD ROW: R. Ned- dlefan, M. Bosco, J. Pelleclwic, J. Clearly L. Tlwomlin, O. Seqwiclw. Soccer VARSITY SOCCER According To Coach NaTe SuTin, The meriTs oT The A.H.S. Soccer Team cannoT honesTly be expressed in The games-won, games losT column. The overall record sTands as one win, Three losses and one Tie. The lone vicTory came aT The expense of Columbia High in a close 9 To 8 conTesT. Preceding This win, A.H.S. losT To Troy, I To O on a lasT quarTer penalTy lciclc. A week laTer, The Team baTTled Troy To a scoreless Tie. AgainsT Mohanson and Albany Academy, The A.H.S. Team was aT The heavy end oT 8 and O, and 6 and O scores. CROSS COUNTRY-FRONT ROW, IeTT To right M Nelson, B. Plue, D, BaxTer, R. Kaplan, A. Gooclbee, E. Graham. SECOND ROW: M. Dunn, C. Lubner. E. Ro sowslxy, B. ClemenT, C. Overlander. lCapT.l, B. PaTerson, P. Phelps, N. Warner, B. Belinlry. .. -A SOCCER-FRONT ROW, leTT To righT: R. SmiTh, G. OverdorT, S. Brody, D. lsrae' l. Siemon, lCapT.l, D. Turnbull B. Hollander, lCo-CapT.l J. Reiss, lCo-CapT.l, B. Kaplan R. Kaye, C. Marcellino. SECOND ROW: B. Scherr lMan- agerl, J. Hess, J. Evers, N. Caringi, P. Michelson. S. Hersh- berg, lvl. RoTh, M. Urbach, R. Wise. A. Mendelsohn, S. lsser, N. SuTin, lCoachl. Cross Country CROSS COUNTRY Albany High School's cross counTry Team made a Tavorable showing This year againsT many Tormid- able opponenTs. In single meeTs, The GarneT squad emerged vicTorious Twice, once againsT LinTon, and once againsT ChrisTian BroThers Academy. Vincen- Tian, however, deTeaTed The A.H.S. Traclcmen. On OcTober 3l, The GarneT squad aTTended The secTionals held in SchenecTady and Toolc 5Th place. WRESTLING-FROFU RGIN c5T To "QW: L. Trcrnas Q E. I'Iamn".nd N. Warre' J. GoIding R. Rae T. Fescarei i. ICC-Cask, R. KRS-iff H. Gidman, J. H913 ICO-CapT.I D. A Q' Naje, SECGFND ROVV: H. fcckc'T. IC2a:hI E. STa"ma' S. Sasser F. Rapp. R. FonTana, R. Bfum A. Tabachneck, I-I. Lan: R. W'se, F. Fiemming, IManagerI, Swimming VARSITY SWIMMING The A.I-T.S. Mermen, coached by Ralph Sausville, have done a crediTabIe iob under herculean obsTacIes. The Iack oT a swimming pooI. Their chieT drawback, prevenTed adeguaTe pracTice. Our mermen have had Two meeTs wiTh Shaker, BeThIehem CenTraI and Troy High, and one pracTice meeT wiTh AIbany Academy. AT The secTionaIs, which was heId aT Troy High, Tom Davies placed 3rd in The TreesTyIe, and our medley reIay Team, which was composed oT AI Davis, Andy Wood, Larry KingsTon and Tom Davies, aIso pIaced Third. AT The end oT The season, Coach SausviIIe commenTed, "The boys did a wonderTuI iob under adverse condiTions, buT iT is a shame AIbany High doesn'T have The swimming TaciIiTies To bring ouT Their True poTenTiaI." "i'4,,' ....... ...... 1 . WresTIing The highIighT oT our wresTIing season came when co-capTain Tony FiscareIIi won The Class A, SecTion II I4O Ib. wresTIing championship aT IvIonT PIeasanT. Thus, Tony Tinished The season wiTh an unbIemished record in TourTeen maTches. Also represenTing Albany High aT The secTionaIs were Brad Hammond, I367 Dick Allen, IS67 and Avrom Tabachneck, heavyweighT-aII whom deserve crediT Tor reaching The quarTer-TinaIs. Our GarneT and Gray men won I, IosT 8, Tied I. BuT our record is misIeading, We beaT Mohan- son 22-20 and Tied Shaker I9-I9. Then aTTer Iosing To MonT PIeasanT 33-I2 and I.inTon 26-I2, we IosT sgueakers To BeThIehem CenTraI, Schoharie and AIbany Academy, all by 23-I9. When asked his opinion, Coach BeckeTT said. "I TeeI we did a crediTabIe job This season consider- ing The cIoseness oT mosT oT The maTches, and The TacT ThaT we had onIy Two seniors on The squad, Champ FiscareIIi and Howard BIum-heavy". SWIMMING-LEFT TO RIGHT: J. Wood IIvIascoTI A. Wfcod R. Wood L, Kohn R. Va'EggI'er' L, K'ngsT:n G. Vssna'rs G. Qvefaprf T. Dave: G Vxfiscn A. Dav's E. RESCNSKY S. Sac? iw Iivfanagerf R. Sausvi fe ICoachI. iff 0 BIS 53159 . TT' M 35 TS cg - -..TNT 493 VARSITY BOWLING-FRONT ROW, lell lo righl: Ron Goldfarb, Ben Gilliam, Richard Goldlarb, Sieve Slulslcy, SECOND ROW: Bob Chalmers, Milne Sheber. Jerry Franze, Don Luiz. VARSITY BOWLING Under Coach l'-leim, lhe A.l-LS. Varsily clinched lhird place in rough Class A compelirion. As we go 'ro press, lhe Varsiry, wilh a 5-2 record. has one march ro go wilh Monr Pleasanl. Milce Sheber, wilh a l9l average, is lop man on lhe varsiry. Olher members and lheir respeclive averages are Don Lulz, l823 Bob Chalmers, IBO: Ron Goldlarb, l7B7 Jerry Franze, l687 Sieve Slurslcy, Io9 and Ben Gilliam, l4l. Our Garner and Gray men have mel and delealed Philip Schuyler rwice, Amsreroarn and Colonie. The pins fell lhe wrong way againsl Monl Rleasanl and in a relurn engagemeril wilh Linlon. The highlighr ol The bowling season came when our varsily crashed 'rhe maples lor 2763 lo win lhe l2+h annual Secrion 2 Scholasric Bowling Champion- ship by a record score. . l Bowling GIRLS' BOWLING LEAGUE-FRONT ROW, lei? ro righl D. Shaw, R. Johnson, N. Kelley S. Kol, M. Ford, S. Nichlas, M. Clow. SECOND ROW: C. Tenney, L. Kolker, B. Monf gomery, G. Lockwood. J. Damico, N. While, R. Gross Tl-HRD ROW: A. Vandenburgh, G. Vanderbilr, M. Marsh burn, P. DeMarco, J. Zaloga. E. DeSan'ris. W, I f 1 D 0 ' f U W' Q--mf iwl. 'I .ds GIRLS' BASKETBALL-FI RST ROW, ON FLOOR: S. Nichlas, lcapfainl, D. Shaw, lffaplainl, M. D'Alessanclro, S, Kof, M. Bakker, B. Dunham. L. Dagener, M. Ryan, B. I-Iifchcock. SECOND ROW: S. Bell, J. Turner, C, Tros- kowski, J. Damico, S. Yahree G. Lewis, D. Gregory. Basketball GIRLS' BASKETBALL Baskefball also is a popular sporl' wirh girls. This year girls baskelball was held in The gym sevenfh period every Tuesday and Thursday in January, February and March. Two permanenf Ieams, Ihe "Texans" and 'rhe "Albanians," were formed and exira girls rofafed. Frequenr games proved The " Albanians" Io be Ihe champions. The girls would like Io Thank Their insfruclors Miss Elizabelh Rapp and Mrs. Mary Breslin. GIRLS' VOLLEYBALL-FRONT ROW, IeI'r Io righf: S. Ko? C, Troskowski, J. Darnico D, Shaw, M. Ford. H. Myers. SECOND ROW: S. Nichlas, B. Hifchcock, B. Dunham, L. Dagener. M. Bakker, M. Ryan, B. Ramsey. Girls' Volleyball ? y The GarneT "neTTers" under The waTchTul eyes oT Coach NaTe SuTin, enjoyed a winning season. Com- prising This year's sTarTers were All-Albany Charlie Francis, hook shoT arTisT Gary Bannerman, iumping iack George Jones, and The speedy playmakers: Jake Reiss, MiTch Nelson and JeT Morbidelli. Roger Maybin, Leon Dukes, Carl Overlander, and Gene Mullins provided adequaTe bench sTrengTh as They helped our GarneT and Gray men Tinish wiTh an impressive IO-6 log To place 3rd in a sTrong Class A league. Our GarneT and Gray, wiTh Francis's I8 poinTs, sTarTed The l959-60 campaign wiTh an encouraging 5I-24 vicTory over Troy. The reTurn engagemenT also proved TaTal Tor Troy as Francis again wiTh 26 poinTs, paced A.H.S. To a 54-44 vicTory. The A.H.S. home debuT was marred by LinTon, The Class A champs, buT The LinTon deTeaT was Tollowed by an exciTing vicTory over The V.l. Lions wiTh Francis Tlipping in 20 poinTs and Jones dropping IS. In The reTurn engagemenT, V.l. Turned The Tables as They squeezed pasT us 64-bl. VARSITY BASKETBALL SQUAD-FRONT ROW, leTT To righT: M. Nelson, J. Reiss. SECCND ROW: R. Robel- oTTo, lManagerl, G. Mullins, G. Jones, C. Francis, G. Ban- nerman, C. Overlander, R. Maybin, L. Dukes, J. Morbidelli, N. SuTin, lCoachl. Varsity Basketball BASKETBALL The GarneT "NeTTers" Finish WiTh A Rush ln The C.B.A. game, The A.H.S. leTTermen played To a 5l-51 Tie as The closing buzzer sounded. C.B.A., however, won by one poinT in The closing seconds oT overTime. AgainsT BeThlehem CenTral and Schuyler, The A.H.5. colorbearers romped To easy vicTories. Then, aTTer losing road games To AmsTerdam and LinTon, The GarneT "neTTers" behind Francis and Bannerman hiT Their True poTenTial. In a Tremendous lasT quarTer ouTbursT, we revenged an earlier deTeaT by deTeaT- ing TavoriTe C.B.A. 55-43 in The polio beneTiT game aT The WashingTon Armory. ATTer hiTTing our sTride aT The Armory, we never TalTered as we crushed AmsTerdam aT The home boards. Behind Bannerman's 25 poinTs, The A.l-l.S. hoo- pers in a magniTicenT Team eTTorT erased a 24-5 TirsT quarTer deTiciT and pulled ouT a 67-65 uphill win over MonT PleaSanT To clinch 3rd place. In our lasT game, we simply overpowered Schuyler 84-42 To climaxa Tremendous comeback and a successTul season. , ,f 1 4 - A.:-Ls. M f L f Roger Maybin, V.l. game af A.H.S. Junior Vorsity J.V. BASKETBALL SQUAD-FRONT ROW, lelf To righf M. Lynch, D. Espey, F. Karens, R. Fraser, M. Morgan E. Broolcs, N. Cunningham. SECOND ROW: T. Sfarlrs. B. Bernard, D. Washingfon, M. Casey. B, Palerson, J Bradley, P. Phelps, H. Goreliclc, Coach R, Murphy. Gary Bannerman, B.C.H.S. game af l JUNIOR VARSITY The Albany High School J.V., coached by Mr. Roberl Murphy, played irrarically lour somefimes lorillanlly in compiling an 8-8 courl' record. Coach Murphy especially praised Ron Fraser. a relurning ballplayer, who was a sleadying in- fluence on lhe younger members of Jrhe Team. Olher players who have received special praise are Franlc Karins, mosl improved player, and Herman Johnson, Harry Garreliclc, Richard Espey, Bob Palierson, Tom Slarlcs, and Millon Lynch--all of whom improved sleadily during The season. Wi+h high hopes for nexl' year, Coach Murphy said, "l feel as lhough lhis ieam had as much husfle, spirir, and willingness To work as any J.V. ieam around." Jacob Reiss, B.C.H.S. game af A.H.S. TENNIS LEFT TO RKSHT Lou Pafack Sreve Ge vdz R y Fonfana Bruan Sherwood Roger Henman Tenms Go GOLF-LEFT TO RGHT: Bob Kaplan, Marv Gerrzberg Johr Goffreb, Dave Grand, S+an Rosen. x X ' 1 1 r--., I . ' S-,,.A . , 1- -. . -J f' Q 44 ' ', 1 FIRT ROW leff Io rlglnl' R Blelclwerl C Blass P Boom garden R Blurnenlhal J Bon aclcer S Borolslcy SECOND ROW J Bradley C Brandow P Bray W Bray C Bruqqs S Brody THIRD ROW E Brooks B Brown M Brown S Brown sfeun C Brurnbauglw M Bul garo FOURTH ROW K Bus C Campman ar mlchael K Carver B Cassell M Calalano FIFTH ROW B Chapman I. Charlow R Charfolif J Clweren E Chev ereffe B Chnss LA 'aw Class FIR T ROW Ieff I rqhf Aballan R Aberman ome P Aluberl K A n S Alsfon SECOND ROW R Anderson S Arbul R Ar n M aclw Bad r Balclcer THIRD ROW P Barn ar I. B ar c elf S Be-ll E Benne FOURTH ROW R Ben on erardu Bernard rrlngs P Be aw R FIFTH ROW J Blanclwrn M Bondo T Bondo Z Black A Blanlc A Blenclwerf Ann? "W- - Aldf A-le ""'+'A 1' E' Q 1: . ,A "' ' , . .,, 4 . hx 4, ,J L A I 4 ' v. -A - J yi ' A ' A Sw . C ' S Y 0 1 3 ' ' . 1 E. " , . . E. , F' . . , Af . . ' 1. . Ile A ...fl .I --lra ', - ' Q , -, , ., I so , . B , R. e, M. ,J Q dau ,I . Bayle, J.. Q . JT , ,. Ak "' I .A . f Bak . . . . I+, ww" T U .454 - It' ' : . s . . Y. , A R- ' A P. B 3 C. E. v A - A N y I Be , . sI1 . . Bess, I K ' 1 E : . ' II, . I , . I , . . ,A t ,X I A li ' ,. ff., Q ' ' "' ,, 1 'hs- 'I If f I 'gf I ' 5... . 'Ta , hx, I . 4 1. 'Ak Q I . ,S s sf N , . . . . Z G . gi' .A . , 1 I y v ,If Q 1 - I - . - 5 .J x an -A IA I5 .4 '- ' 1 - I . r, as J v A A I ala.. .J.c. "' ' V Ta . . - ' ' w v . -S .. . A. p T' N xc' TT . Q ' I I I -Y! 122 . 'Q I , I Q , IT A .. . ' 1 .. 4 .- of 1961 F R T ROW l fl l Fl lv? F Caccla J Clally D R B Colnen J Colnn P Co er SECOND ROW C Cole C ouccxo R Cornpess Conroy M Confe R C n 'lenfo THIRD ROW S Con w R Cooke R Coo e orb ey Core Courfney FOURTH ROW R Crouclw H Cummnnqs J Da browslr M DAle-sandro D Dallas A Davis FIFTH ROW R Daylon C DeGeorqe W arl: J DeMase S lr E Dclrs e had 0' .Aug A Km. fill A N fic. Y' ix LA 1 .Ag , M.. as 4 . 'rm 'Jac qi gl.. 5 F T ROW lt? 'ro VI l olen Doran C sfe V Douglas B Dugan M Dugan SECOND ROW B Dunlnam C Dun gan M Dunn S Eqqleslon L Ellenbogen Erwn Tl"llRD ROW Es es J Evers S Fanlroy C r cello V usl D 1 man FOURTH ROW S Feld bum B Ferguson R Ferrar A Falcolq A Fesc Flsclner FlFTH ROW S Fnsln r W Floser Foqarfy R Forlrel R Forfnn A V 4 f ' Q 'W 'l lza av. w 7' Q -1 N: 4 A0 - gg' TUG' O l I q 5 A K QT, - fm A ' ,ll ll , J ,F A - A 4 - --V Q Af f .1 ' V l C 5 ' ' - ' . ' . , , f U , A 'QA 4 ' I' - H m S " I A L, fr- , A , ' l"1Y?-P-, W . J . 4 ' Q . , V ,fQ U Qin. ' , -' 9 .. mu O CD :gm ' h , Q 3' R " . N, R ' VV ,g I - X 4 ' - B 1- 1 Q 1' -gh, l 'ws X T1 , l' 1 - 1 Y- - T , N A-7 5 3 . A 7' ' . - Y .. I 5 'V l ' 1' T -l V I X XSD '14 V x .H A gp ' 9 ' ' , J T fn in ... 1 1 rn" , , i- ,JT ' 5 'N .- Y' -ir: I 'RCW .5 I ' 1 . ' 1 4, M T , Y fr , T " . .. . 4 xv- . ' f Q T Q F rf . .T ,- W We r 5 -5 L , T VW .f . A 4. v"'-F 7 ' - ' V ' A , Q . 4 l ' . , . h - h t 4 Q , .4 V 4 I g i , . A 1. W + i .Y . .J - ss. N . 9 . 0 x +h K 1 lf' A 2 2.514 J' 1- F- . 'l N. m -."" n-Og 1 x X - 2 ' ,rl 'ji' 7: 1 , ' 3. ' , X N 'V J X, ' ,y A 3 - ' -' A W 3 l 3 K, . . . - - ' Cn m - , ' A A ' T . -A ' ' r L 5 , " , A . , A ' - 'Tm' Y - 1 T. 5 1 'R X P' -ni H H - ' 'Las ' W .4 , Q UQ M ' sn. 3. . QQ P .,.. 37 T- ' A , 2 - , SE' 3' 4 ' f ,gms FIRST ROW IeI'+ Io rIgI'I+ D IzIp H I B am m nd P Harfmonn S Icoff R Haynes SECOND W C Hea+I'I S He-II ememan C Hendrck er H Imam TH ROW L HerscIIerII'IorrI S HerscIIenIIorrI B I-Iew I+ K ebrand+ M H II Ier FOURTH ROW S H 'er I-IIncIcIey B HI+cI'IcocIc od J I I Isser F ROW R Janco C Janser- Rress W n Jordan J Jordan , 1 Af-,f 'H gala f-'wr A4151 9- gia .li pm O 5 5 Q C O 'oQq',"02 'o'o'o'o' , ' tozozgo' 'o'o'o' 90.0 1.2.0 ,J ,S 5 vs 0 . .9 0.0.0 ,, tee.: 25.03 0 0 S 0 9 5 5 Q 0 0 o 0 9 , 4 1 ' 0 'qs 0 5Qe,:.O Q 'gf' 55 .O:O:O.Q...,0 S 0.0 as zots' '.S. zss , O 0'. 0 .': ,.. . .Q .93 . o 4 0 0. 5 0 0' 9 Q 4 Q Q 5 0 0' 2 Os. 'Q :Q 0 . Q 0, ':, 6 . zz R 20" g Q O 0 5 9 O S O. 9 0 9 5 ,O is 0 5 ,Oo ' 'O' Q q', ' 0' 0 Q O 5 5 O 5 Q Q , .0 Q , V 0 000005 0 9 0095 090 o lg 0 .O.o.o. .Q Q 0 Q 0. Q .5 5 , 5 Os 5 so s .'Soof S 5' 0 0909 Q T ROW e ' z r Franz G Fremc Fronk IR Garfenb rq GSILQVI SECOND ROW S ge e e D Gerssn er Ge ze os TI-IIRD ROW S G CRWG C Gva W no FOURTH ROW H G d n L c'dsI rc r H rar re nsfe VI evo Osama R Je rw rr- M HaI -3 l I .A -Iful S JI 1 II- W' rx. 'H J JIM .. 'ft I w I 0 .RR I U x 'V I tv' I " W 'FI , 0 .Q ' . 1 "0 vi-5,0 , 0't'.:':" ,8"9'000s' - . ' Q OJ O09 5 S Q 0654 l 9 Q O o g.5'..Of'Oe. Q Q. to 1, . A Og. 559,30 Q. ,..zO, ..:g.:..O . .Q.q.O'c , . T X A R "' ' ' A I xzetstz .zz aggqo 5,:...O 'Q o's'?0'.T faq.. 5 .9 eo. ,:oo.5t.s:..:,:o?z::o 3558, .ag " . ,s'Q'::0o 5505 o:o:.'0'o.'o 'o.g:,Q"v.Q092 , OX. og .QQ ,, 5 Q5,. s'o4 . . P Q ' ':'9'9 Q Q 5 g. 5 0Og.'g 'O Q! . I I V U Q ,- p K z,? .0 3. stdz, Q, 9.55 ..,.5,..Q vtseq A . i - A.. I . 1. M I H ' I I ,L AI' ' I N T I FIRS I If +9 Hgh: R. ' 'V 'lf Q f - Fra e J. e . H ' L. , C. A A Y., I e ' X ' 'T cs 'I 'D G I I I ".'-I-- 5' A 'I W. A 'U I W S. G scwifz I J. A GI' of. I 1 B. Of - Z ' ' 'Jani . 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V v x Il' J' IN! LEFT TO RIGHT M Z delc Zaks L Zar Oops More Juniors 10,4 fA Fm? M-no FNRST ROW Neff 10 QM C e rod J Bengam rw D rms rw D Co SECOND ROW D DeMase n e Free man ry S rf randf HIRD ROV! A YN fo Kanf Ken erwan ne Ko L Lpprfan M Marqol us FOURTH ROW r o Ma er a of erman 'fm ns L Smoke FIFTH ROW C Turnbu ' P ' v 2 s Y TL L s 0 I . f IN Q .Q R' R A .LRR L ' 5 92+ 2 T , ' .,,.' ', fi .V - .1 '- 1 ""' ,O g ' L - V M-' A .. - . I 7 3.5: A T . R Rag' : sf .Ak l . kia if 4 l , my 1 v fi l- W 'v. li on , L H 7 5' ' N X ID f V U AB is " A v . ri .2 . or R, d ' M A b Ax L , , . ' i , . Bfay KM N K, gh , E . R. Bu L. CORE S. . wan. A Q , 'W i . . S. Ma L wifz J. y , B R. Eg L M. d B. O Hog! L, Sh , D. Si Ga . , G3Wbe . D. Hwde- , Q, , , LJ . T 3 J. A U, af! f""' .1"'-' lllllffkfhfxfk. .LX l HE FRUMKIN STUDIO 29 CENTRAL AVENUE ALBANY N Y OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS GARNET AND GRAY I935 - I960 COM PLIMENTS Phone H0 3-7082 BROOK'S DOUGHNUTS I76 NORTHERN BOULEVARD ALBANY, N. Y. II FIRST PRIZE l FIR IZE I . MEAT PRODUCTS finest ever made' gx Jofm PACKING co mc ALBANY DIVISION CX . . 0 PRODUCTS I ALBANY. N.Y. COMPLIMENTS OF THE 'Ir ALBANY COUNTY DEMOCRATIC COMMITTEE excellent design skilled cra tsmanship superb quality RINGS PINS MEnALs curs cHAnMs PLAQUES rnornuas YOUR CLASS JEWELER MAN L FACTI RIN G JEVS ELERS f BosToN I7 John S+ree'r, New York 8, N. Y. PROVIDENCE E5 A M AT ICS 113 QQPQ . OFFICERS Presldenf Eleanor Newfon +wo ferms Vnce Presldenf Marlene Kafz 'rwo ferms Secreiary Carol Lewis flrsi' Term Connne Morris second Term Treasurer Davld Rosenbloom fnrsf Ter Susan Fogarfy second ferm U1 RAM ,ac 4' ff 'Yi ,an ,Ju Jake Reiss Allan Mendelsohn Howard Herslcowilz Barry Belinlcy George Vuskalns Ed Brody Jeffrey Sioll Pincus Peller Richard Herd Sieve Gersowifz Sfuarl' Teper Key Club + Q1 X6 NAT Of WE BUILD THROUGH SERVICE 1 -cgi? N-49' MEMBERS Ronald Kaplan Sieve Solomon Paul Bray Les Boyer Irwin Berlal Edmond Gelgud Sidney Fleisher Richard Gran? Phil Miller Howard Lalin Dave Ronan Presldenf J eiss Vice Presldenl H Herskowilz Secrelary A Mendelsohn Treasurer B Ben y Senior Dlrecfor G Vuslcalns Junior Dlreclor P Pel er Sophomore Direcior E Gelgud Richard Kendall Ron Goldfarb Richard Goldlarb Morris Sfeinboclc Marlin Granoil Ken Klelfer Barfon Firsly Ari Morganslern Mel Tolhursl Bernard lsser John Sweeny Roslyn Asher Sandra Backer Helen Bauer Marlon Bmdell Susan Bnslun Marne Burns Carol Cohen Joyce Duva Dona Fxallcoff Marne or Carol Galub Marcua Goldberg Abby Henug Marlene Kafz Frances Knapp Sylvna Knee Rufh Lessmueller MEMBERS Keyettes OFFICERS Presudenf Eleanor Newfon Vnce Presldenf Sylvna Knee Secrefary Barbara Welss Treasurer Marlon Bmdall SENIORS JUNIORS Sandra Levnfclm Carol Lewis Judy Mabel Eleanor Newlon Jo Ann Rabaloy Anne Rezmlcoff Joan Ruclwler Rona Sagan Susan Sax Gaul Schaffer June Sulver Laura Solomon Joan Sonfz Jan Turner Barbara Weuss Joan Wenss Rhoda Aronson Marla Bakker Mary Ann Buondo Beverly Cohen Barbara Dorlun Lmda Ellenbogen Susan Haflcoff Carol Hendrzclxs Judy Kanfor Paula Kornrnel- Marqarel May Pafrncra McKeon Barbara Molclw ber Carol Per mulfer Marnlyn Poloslmy Genevieve Reuss Bella Sclnwarfzberg Penny Slcrlol Vuclry Spufzer Donna Wnley Slmenla Yanlcu Anne Zvmmerman SOPHOMORES Karen Bel nlcy Roberfa Lewns Karen Shawn CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF I960 THETA SIGMA LITERARY SOCIETY j Lf? Furs? Term Officers Presldenl S nee Vsce Presndenl W Bloom Record ng Secretary J Duval Corres Secrelary S l-lersclwenlworn Treasurer E Newlon Sensor Edulor N Udo Second Term Officers Presudenl' J Sonlz Vxce Presudenl' E Newlon Recordunq Secrelary N Kelley Corres Secrelary J Grossman Treasurer C l.aPuer Faculfy Advuser Marlon Dodds f""" SOPHOMORE5 Jaclue Duval Barbara McKarq Dale Sandford Peqqy Slem JUNIORS Pal' Alaoerh Jane Grossman Suzanne Herscllenlworn Roberla l-lalprnn Lnnda Levenlllal Kafny Lewns LVIGFCIG Lozoll Gall McGruel Alice Nudelman Donna Wnley Bella Sclwwarlzberq SENIORS Wendy Bloom Marne Burns Joyce Duval Nancy Fuda Nancy Kelley Fran Knapp Sylvna Knee Slurley Kol Paula Koslowslu Grlorua Ksemch Marnlyn Jones Carol Jussen M rcua Ka qler Cluerns LaPuer Susan McKeon Eleanor Newfon Helen Nuckos Joan Sonlz L... -4:""" X ' H ,,,,,, , K ' ' V .,....,,..,.,............., . cram J ssssssu' ff .ffff I ADJ. som Cram ..,..s .A.',A.T. S. Knee ' ' ,, ..,.,,, .,,, , .. . . F ' .... ' l y J , l . - .I . ' l -l . I l . . 4 . . .A W I - 6 I I ' ' A , l l 1 l FIRST TERM E. Marx Brody P. Ellioll' Michelson Anderson Reiss J. B. David Hollander S. Jerome lsser H. David Mandel L. Charles Hacker A. Lewis Mendelsohn Q Vice Presidenl Recording Secrela ry OFFICERS SECOND TERM Presndenl' S. Jerome lsser P. Ellioff Michelson S. Joseph lsser Corresponding Secrefary J. Ivan Sfoll Crific E. Marx Brody Treasurer B. David Hollander Marshal L. Charles Hacker Hislorian A. Lewis Mendelsohrv OVERS EARNING flp1,,,.f,,9L.,h,Lf . 'Q , la 1 qi 31-I ,af A K, ,LMV M wwf? dev A, .AQ Wlofrfhi ,L me wil ...if Tixjee, Ae rv7gClabJe' I V . Q f L 'J' N ,mai-ixki I X r abr, It fi 1 . .. Q 1 ' M " Q, V t In fyrf SE' fXOXcA!'V,,IL?5X44, ., 4 , . , YQ .V -rf . J , D + WJPM yew rJ74Mf. - 7544 1 x X ,410 A ,F 'II I I T IES , LL? ' V fl in 122 M77 LL KIA .,fl Y K I sth K W flryr bis. - yy 'ef L ' 'Q T ,I 'i X1 i CID-'iX44.f , X: Bwifmtmkvx . 4C54.,.5Zf-yv-J f??fe4"f'f'fFf4ef'f I I49 FIRST TERM Marnon BwndeII Carol ohen Barbara Dorkm Elnzabefh Tunis Laura Solomon CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF I960 THETA ALPHA OFFICERS PRESIDENT VICE PRESIDENT RECORDING SECRETARY CORRESPONDING SECRETARY TREASURER CRITIC SEMPER PROC-REDIANS DAUGHTERS OF WISDOM SECOND TERM MarnIyn SI'1or Carol Cohen Nafahe Kessier Barbara Dorkwn Rhoda Aronson Marlon Bmdew MEMBERS Behnky Bloomgarden BIurnen'rI1aI ray Burns Charfoff Feldblum Fusch I'IenIman Hememan I-Ierneman Herskowdz Janco Israel Kaye Kendarran Krups Lafm Lawyer Margohs Nayor Nyman Pafack Rosenbloom Sumons Tepper Tryon Tucker M Zak S HHH A wr' K-5. FIRST TERM Mlchael Nayor avnd Rosenbloom enneIh Nyman ours Pafack aul Burns oger Hellman rnoId Flsch HIIIIIIIIXIII OFFICERS PRESIDENT VICE PRESIDENT SECRETARY TREASURER CRITIC EDITOR MARSI-IAL SECOND TERM Mnchael Nayor Roberi' Blumenfhal AIIan Lawyer Loufs Pafack Paul Burns Kennefh Nyman ArnoId Frsch HIHIIIII HIIIHH HIHHIIS B. ' P. R. D.s P. R. S. .. A. ' I R. ' C. I ' D. ' L. ' R. D. R. - R. ' R. ' H. ' A. gi , I R. Levy ' I n M. ' -. M. f' 1 K. . L. FI D. 5. ' ' s. R. J. .. 3-1' 2 D . K L . . P R . A . . . B ETA PHI TRI HI Y TM? Abalian Evelyn Bruce Palricia Bruins Barbara Bruins Judilh Burns Marie Clas Karen Duval Jackie Duval Joyce Fuda Nancy Ginler June Glockner Shirley Goree Gwen Greene Shirley MEMBERS Hendrick Carole Johnson Ruihana Kaigler Marcia Kelley Nancy Ksenich Gloria Kuebler Carole Lawyer Barbara Lewis Carole Lewis Roberla Maclzarland Susan Marlin Carole May Margaref McGriel Gail McKaig Barbara Newlon Eleanor Nicholson Kendra Papa Linda Plllz Barbara Polruski Madeline Rowe Elhel Shulenburg Sandra Sonfz Joan Sparks Beverly Visser Anke Wagner Helen Wonsik Pal CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF I960 FROM STI-LR-HI Y-TEEN CLUB Presidenf , , Vice Preddcnf . Correspcndnuq Sccfefary Recording Secrcra Treasurer . ,. . Program C?wa'rnaan Crific . ,. .. Chapfin .. Barbara Mcnfqorncry . Nancy Whiie ., Eanc Rapper? . , . Sandra Sfoffcfs Marianne Clow . Ma'y Marsnburn Jean Spackman Llnda Layne CCDNGRATLILATICDNS T0 the Class of I960 Co mpliments TRI HI Y TRI HI OFFICERS Presudenf Vice Presndenf SecreIary Treasurer Clwaplem SergeanI aI Arms Helen Nuckols Charls I.aP1er Joyce Weeks Merle Ford Merllyn Jones ...,..,.I,IIIQ1QQQf1ffffQQ1QQfffQfflme CrowIey Wa' .?" , ..-.s-. 1 THE STUDENT COUNCIL CONGRATULATES THE CLASS OF 1960 OFFICERS Presidenf .,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Y, .,.,,A. C harles Sacci Vice Presidenf .....,. ,,,,,,. L eon Dukes SecreIary ............. ,.,,,. N ancy Fuda Treasurer ., ,,.,, Barbara Weiss ff' ,. REPRESENTATIVES Aronson, R. I'IauIrins, S. Prinzo. J. Asher, R. Heineman, C. Prue, A. Barnard, A. I-Ieinernan, D. Ranellucci, R. Biondo, T. Herman, P. Rekus, S. Bishop, B. Janco, R. Rikards. J. BIurnenIhaI, R. Jeffers, R. Rork, S. Boyer, L. Jones. J. RosenbIoom, D. Brody, B. Kaiser, P. Rofhenberg, P. Breen, S. Kafzel, M. Rourke, M. Brooks, G. KeIIy, N. Sanford, D. BuIson, R. Kohn, T. Scherr, W. Carver, K. Koran, A. Shor, M. Chambers, I-I. Koi, S. Simon, F. CIas, K. Lawyer, A. SIriIoI, P. C0Ie, C, Lawyer, J. Sloane, R. D'AIe55a,-,drO, M, Linderman, D. Soniz, J, Degener, L, Lozoff, M, Taianker, C. DeI Belso, B. Lubner, C. Vigilanfe, F. Dgrgeyl T. Marks, WGIIGCS, Dugan, M. Marohn, L. WSIHSISIH. N. Durnas, L. Mafhews, J. WSISSUIDEVQSF. G Dunn, M, McIn'I'yre, R. WSISS. B. Dum J. McKeon, P. WiIson. C. EIII5, M, McKeon, S. WOPHEF, E. Erwin, J, Morgensfern, A. WO0d5fdf A- FiscareIIi, A. Pappas, A. WYQBWTI R- G-ier, J, Pa'IacIr, L. ZGIKISI M. Granoff, M. PIHS. B- The Heartland TUITICDN PLAN The low cost loan service helps parent or relatlve meet the cost of college or school expenses out of regular Income durlnq the school qear Stop In or write for qour appllcatnon THIL NATIONAL LONINILRIIIL BANK AND TRUST COMPANY ALBANY Member Federal Deposul Insurance Corporation 30 Offices Servung Northeastern New York BEST WISHES THE CLASS OF I960 AERO CAB PHONE HE 6 0791 306 Cent al A Alban 'N 5 - T - I I - Q I 1 1 N N 1 f A V Regular Co. Rates New Cars C. rtcous Ilrivcrs Io ' 1' vc. Q Y, AI- I 1 I - I Shop Ci Ld r If X albung For Fo hionecl-Right Play Clothes Girls... I interested in a iob after graduation' gn If uv uv-lr In-llllllx ful .A -Xmlml -vl Illv- If-lriull--vu X I X X ,Z I-u-im'--. ll u-'ul-l ln' lln- l.-l1-pln-.m- -.lwml--I, Nlx 1 i- mn lllxl lim- -If 1-numuni:.slum-. imp-lll.mI I I ' llln- fulnlinn- uf lu-1 lulnllnnnts .llxulh-Illv'xx1'll.ll ul mn lmlluu. Hln-r:1t..x- lmn' Nnwl lux.--, Imwl-ull'-ll rlllnv- :null :lu-:tml Jae.:-lu-I lu Ilu-ll I-xp:-ll ll.m ullln: of llnpfvlhml :all-. Xml In luv: lwl1l1.ll.1-x-'lx flux ul-nk. -luv IN lln- lu-x pu-I---n In lln- lm-un zmnl .ulixilx ll.m-.nlwl ln ph-yn.-, New York Telephone Company EMPLOYMENT OFFICE 158 STATE ST. ALBANY, N. Y. KURTZ THE ONE STEP BUILDING CENTER THE CLASS OF 1960 BUILDING CENTER 352 CENTRAL AVENUE ALBANY 6 NEW YORK Q sr Fmsr Tnusr Commnw OF ALBANY I - Congra+ula1'es Our Fu+ure Cusfomers smcs nn -Icssc Mc-ndclsohn Pham- 5-33-ll 3 f GET THE BEST' GET SEALTEST' ALBANY HE 4 0171 COMPLIMENTS OF OFFICERS h M FAMOUS FOR FINE FURS SINCE I895 RUSSELL DISTRIBUTING COMPANY "Since 1920" Publication Service ' Direct Mail ' Residence Lists "SERVICE THROUGHOUT THE EAST" FROM ALBANY ' BUFFALO ' CLEVELAND Direct Delivery 268 Central Avenue Representatives Albany 6, New York New York Telephone Co. Telephone HO 5-2431 COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND HEARTIEST CONGRATULATIONS I fs to +he 1 ,I it 5 CLASS OF 1960 '1- Delmar New York TOWN AND TWEED in Q 1 1-e f ,My 1 '-fiiwfi , 2' A 1' -' X551-'f' " 1 l,,,J2i'i ' X. K . f,. 5 l READY-TO-SERVE FOODS X Real Neopolitan Pizza it Spaghetti - La Sagna 'X' Homemade Italian Sausages 4' Barbequed Chicken 4' Cold Cuts We have complete line of PASTRIES - FANCY CAKES AND BAKED GOODS CAPPIELLO'S 1050 Madison Avenue Phone IV 9-6292 Coke makes food taste better y Z :Il-K Qfntu-and :ell .QEHLTII-I Q , ',m-:f'3- , -. is X., ,, 0,55-f -.3 ,e ,,,,f . - ' '-fsif' "7 ' I 'Qt ll A lcsasu so nm:-un Grlll-hot burgers,1ce-cold Coke! '...'.:.:. "" .'.:.:.:.:. I X -":5:-.- .... -zlfifffif . N I . ' 7 All IOTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY OF Coclfm-I COMPANY I' ALBANY COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY CROMWELL PRINTERY PRINTERS AND LITHOGRAPHERS Church at Bleecker Albany 1, N. Y. HO 2-5567 ANTED! "5IQ!!'UE..E!3IEP MEN" o wo s, eed S th k Boys, to fill the ranks ofthe Village Fire'Fifers. This Drum c a ' b y rps. has move itself to e a ver proud and rthwhile addition to our Tri-Cities Comrrmity. Requirements for mernberlhip are only that you be Pr Mu as willing, md are between the ages of I6 to 60. ev' s knowledge ofthe Fife, Drum or evm sic is definitely not needed, as both instrument: well a music itself are offered to the members l f ch toso utely FREE o arge. W h Wh en 3. . . every Friday ut 7: l5p.rr.. . . . ere 9. . . the Delmar Fire Hell, located behind the Town Hull, just one block from the Four C ' Del 'Hi ers in mar. y not drop rn this Friday and du! with us about Tfff s'i1i,E'Y'rcjo'tj1.Tlgi2'L'iil3riz' 53 Sf" VIHAGE FIRE-FIFERS, IM. 19. . r- s 0 In a Ra. R,D. Slrngerlands, my Telephone 9- 2094 S. S. KRESGE CO. 1088 Madison Ave. YOUR FRIENDLY NEIGHBORHOOD 5 and 10 Headquarters For All School and Party Needs GET WISE TO KRESGE BUYS! COMPLIMEN TS OF THE ALBANY HIGH SCHOOL SCIENCE SOCIETY President ..............,....,....,... Charles Levine Vice President ., ,..,.... . Larry Lazar Co-Treasurer ...... .. ......, Nathan Phillips Barry Belinlry Co-Secretaries , ,....,. Sue Rosenstrauch Louis Hacker MILDRED ELLEY SECRETARIAL SCHOOL FOR GIRLS ig, 227-229 Quail Street ALBANY 3, N. Y. Send For Catalog Home Of UNCLE DAVE'S RADIO SHACK Amateur Radio Headquarters FORT ORANGE RADIO 90-I Broadway Albany, N. Y. Tel. HE 6-8411 House of Fme Shoes wrshes The Best of Luck NORMAN S KILL FARM to the DAIRY CO INC Comphments of GRADUATES OF 1960 Guernsey mrlk 'VK an M COMPLIMENTS OF MICHELSON S OFFICE EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLY co Office Supphes Rubbe Stamps Ofhce Furmt re Prmtmg Corner of Sherndan A enue and Chapel Street PHONE HEmloc1x 6 9666 CONGRATULATIONS io Ihe CLASS OF I960 MR AND MRS NATHAN C ALFRED ol I WY I d 3 'E Velvet Ice Cream T' E I if ' 'IG I. , . u ie . . K . V S A 'X NWIIJY 'ff 7 Q5 7 ALBANETTES ACADEMIC GOWNS and CAPS W. J. Coulson Co.. Inc. 420 Broadway J fx E Albany, New York Phone HE 4 7577 We Salufe Our Class Of '60 IRENE CROWLEY MARILYN JONES CAROLE JUSSEN HELEN NUCKOLS RAYGE DISPLAY. INC. 29 Hudson Ave. for High Schools - Colleges , HE -I-6910 Albanv, N. Y. Robes for Chours - Glen- Clubs ' D 'corating Supfzli 'v For COTRELL s. LEONARD. mc. ' , I Schools, Churchw, .5IUI't'S, Clubs Est. 1832 , Novelnes Papers ALBAIXX 1' B' X' Flowers Fabrics I I 4 S ILLS UIDANCE balanced tram mg actwxtxes Placement nn key posntxons nn business, professnonal and govemment ohices. ALBANY BUSINESS COLLEGE 126 l34WashngtonAe Albony6NY lprond You: Approved PLAZA BOOK SHOP H1qh School College and CIVIL SCFVICC Revxew Books 125 000 mlscellaneous books on 10 000 sublects 380 Broadvw av Albany N Y QOpen 7 days a week t11l 11 P M J COMPLIMENTS or THE MOON RESTAURANT 177 Northern Boulex ard Albany New York Con ratulatxons to the Class of 1960 SAGER SPUCK Industnal and Industrxal Arts Supphes 432 444 South Pearl Albany New York Q' . l'Tl I . Q n 1 n K 1' A ,. . , . . y . - i v., , . . . Suu o' - an , A A - v , . 5 ' ,. , . 04 . m 1 a . 1 - - - 1 - See America's No. 1 Car that received the MOTOR TREND AWARD YAGER PONTIAC. INC. 470 Central Ave. Albany, New York ALBANY HARDWARE AND IRON CO. 39-43 State Street Complete Sportx Equipment Phone HE 4-3154 Compliments of KINGMAN'S LAUNDRY AND CLEANERS 129 Broadway Rensselaer, N. Y. Peter H. Buenau Phone HE -1-3651 BUENAU OPTICIANS 71 Central Avenue Albany 6, N. Y. ARMORY GARAGE, INC. Plymouth - DeSoto - Valiant 926 Central Avenue CCorner Colvinl Home of Tested Used Cars for 41 years Compliments of HERBERT'S RESTAURANT 1054 Madison Avenue Telephone IV 9-476-1 Henry F. Clas Florist Shop "Buy Flozwrs with Clay" CRESTWOOD SHOPPING CENTER 20 Picotte Dr. Albany, N. Y. Telephone HO 3-1566 LASAK FUNERAL HOME 130 Northern Boulevard Albany, New York ll sf, 1 L 1. Prompt Dependable Servrce HO 3 2126 ALBANY DIAMOND CAB ALBANY KINGSTON STANDARD FURNITURE CO. No Charge For Credzt TROY SCHENECTADY Phone HE 4 5214 Est 1879 BUCKLEY BROS ualrty Musrcal Instruments an Accessorres 22 Central Ave Albanv 6 COMPLIMENTS DETROIT SUPPLY COMPANY CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1960 FORUM Dlal IV 2 4431 BUCHHEIM S The House of Better Dry Cleanzn 432 Central Axenue Albany New York HOCKERSCHLOM INTERNATIONAL QUAM Caprtol Albam N Y BEST or LUCK TO THE CLASS or 60 ALBANY HIGH SCHOOL MAJORETTES Ma eFod cyA Lddclr eB s d 1 . A , N. Y. l 0 . 40 ' ' Q, N O v W fl Ellie Newlon Marianne Blondo ri r Shirley O'Connor M r nne Smith Delores e i , Meri urns Elain Wein lock - Congratulations to the Class of 1959 from 1859 f00d 'kwrnfkruafyfziefefragm STATE NATIONAL H S KQSHER PROVISION CORP. 1959 OM"'Vim"'4w" Albany, New York Tel. HO 5-7306 Phone HO 3-0040, Established 1924 JOHNNY EVERS CO.. INC. Sporting Goods 140 State Street Albany, N. Y. Pete Horan and Joe Evers "A Little Stone- A Lot of Distinction" ADAM ROSS CUT STONE CO.. INC. Wide range of color and texture in veneer stone for Residences and Commercial Construction Colored Slate F lagging for Walks, Terraces and Patios. 999-1011 Broadway, Albany, N. Y. 3-2622 PLAYDIUM BOWLING CENTER AUTOMATIC PIN SETTERS Ontario and Park Ave. IV 9-9921 "MODERN" FOOD MARKET Choice Meats 8a Groceries Home-Made Salads Open evenings - Sundays Free Parking Last Complete Picnic Stop Before Thatcher Park 611-615 New Scotland Avenue Phone IV 2-2927 CAR WASH NEW MINIT-MAN of ALBANY. INC. 590 Central Avenue Albany, N. Y. George D. Geoney and Sons Phone HE 2-0116 BOULEVARD CAFETERIA 198 Central Avenue, Cor. Robin Albany 6, N. Y. I l 1 ALBANY CAPITOL GLASS CO. 353 Central Ave. Albany, N. Y. SAM LINK KAYE'S AUTO EXCHANGE 949 Central Avenue Albany 5, N. Y. Famous name brands in smart Clothing and Haberdashery For Men and Boys DEALERS IN SPECTOIVS JAGUAR RENAULT PEUCEQT 233 Central Ave. Albany, N. Y. 1. ALBANY MOTOR AMBULANCE Comp 'ments Prompt 9 Efficient 0 Courteous of 24 hour Emergency 8z Transfer Service ELM FARM DAIRY HE 4-5191 166 Lancaster St. Albany, N. Y. Phone IV 2-987 7 Compliments of Your Texaco Dealer MAX'S BARBER SHOP V- F- MCCARROLL 1040 Madison Ave. Albany, N. Y. SERVICE STATION 934 Central Ave. Albany 5, N. Y. NAT-CAR GOLF Compliments SALES 85 RENTALS, INC. 949 Central Ave. Albany, N. Y. Tel. IV 2-4413 of CORBAT'S BOOT SHOP The Most Modern and Best Shoe Store In Town 203-205 Central Ave. Albany, N. Y. Tel. IV 2-1377 KESSLER'S PHARMACY Phone HO 3-9366 Harold Kessler, BS. CHANDLEWS Sidney Cohen, Props. HOME MADE CANDIES 605 New Scotland Ave. Albany, IN. Y. 233 Clinton Ave, Albany, N. Y. BEN ROTII TRI-CITY TYPEWRITERS OFFICE EQUIPMENT CO. Sales and Service 95 Church St. Albany, N. Y. 66 Central Ave. Tel. HO 4-4222 Congratulations to the Class of 1960 PENNY YVISE JUNIOR BAZAAR 137 Central Ave. Albany. N. Y. Congratulations to the Class of 1959 IDEAL FOOD STORE 143 Western Avenue 5-006 0 CAPITOL BAKERY Specializing In FANCY C-XKES and COOKIES Wholesale Retall Phone HO 3 6933 977 South Pearl St Compliments of RINALDI S BEAUTY CEYTER Stuyxesant Plaza Shoppmg Center Western Axenue at Fuller Road Albany N Y IV 9 5406 9 5407 Famous Name Brand: In Smart Clothzrzg and Haberdashery For Men and Boys S P E C T O R S 233 Central Me 'Xlbmy Complxments f THE DAVIS DISTRIBLTINO CORI ORATION 1056 Broadway Albany N X Best YV1shes YN PTR 1540 ONL1 all request show on radto 6 9 p m Sportmg Goods Athlettc Equtpment ALFRED A SMITH Outfttters for Schools and Orgamzattons 47 Green Street -Klbany N Telephone HO 5 6337 Fme Mtllmery Brtdes Brndesmuds Rearonable Prices THE HAT BOX Mtllmery Suppltes 8. Trtmmtngs 81 N Pearl Street Alb my 1N HO '7 1466 SCHAFFERS DEPT STORE Clothef or the entzre Famzly 640 Central Me Cnear Xllen Sty JOSEPH BADHOI' ER 8. SON Manufatttlrlng ewclers Dzamond Setters Phone HE 4 4855 11 North Petrl Street CARMICHAI' LS I TD Mums Sportswexr Ladlcs Sportswear Yeleft Import, .156 'N Blxd Xlbmy 1' CHA ZAN PHARNIACY DRLGS COSMETILS He Dell er I'ree 31 New Scotland Menue- Phone HO l 061 7 or HO 5 9008 Management Ieatet FRN IN SORKIN Licensed Rell Fsttte Broker 1041 Central Xu Xlbmy N X PIZZALAIND Sl Img P1 a Our Specmlty Small 606 Nfecltum S100 I ree 1 5 Orders Put Lp To Txkc Out HO 9 9709 930 Central Xxe Xlbmy N X C omplxments of II OLBI' RG FLECTRIC -ilbanj 5 Creater Home Center JOHN B HAII- INC 115 Central Atenuc Xlbanx FLRNITLRE 0 CXRPETS BEDDING 0 ILRNISHINGS BOB K ARTS I'IbH FRI .Sea Food Our Sperzalty Take Out Orders 1001 Centrxl Me Albam N Y P Yr , . . ' . . . , 7- . L- ' . v . ,I . . ' ' ' 4 o . I N I V . V . , Y I . . 4 . I 7 S .A . . L y . 1 V 7 l ' . 7, '. Y. ' ' . ' 2' , M. Y - , . . K A' 1 N N l I . . . ' . .1 - f , - - 1 . . . ' . .- 1 ' - , IN. X A A , I Retidentirzlf f Commercial PRESCRIPTIOINS I V . . . . I , . v V Y. . . . , , . . . I 1' ' - f - . . . . , 1 I L I ' 1 A -i , V . Y Q f . . . . , . . . 'zz ' 'zz ' ' . - -. ' . . --- ,at if .2 A 1 ' 1 I 1 . - 6 1 - . .' 1 1. Av, Y. V, . , . . . , . , . . . Av , , 1 7, Av , 4. - 1 ' ,u -T 7 6 . 7 . .A L V' r ' - .5 I ' - - - - I - 1 i Compliments of STONE'S LAUNDERETTE 330 Madison Avenue Albany, 3 New York B. J. KOBLENZ JEWELERS 99 South Pearl Street corner Hamilton Telephone HO 4-8444 Albany, N. Y. AXELROIYS SERVICE STATION VISIT CHARLIE sl JOE Lubrication-Brake:-Ignition Car-Washing NORTH END BARBER SHOP Hudson Ave. and Swan St. A Albany, N. Y. 1132 Bmdway- many Herb Axelrod Tel. HO 3-9084 Compliments of ROSEN'S PEABODY CONSTRUCTION AND SUPPLY CORP. 320 Broadway Albany, New York Department Store 241 Central Ave. Phone: HO 4-1376 Albany, New York KAYE'S DELICATESSEN ZUCKMAN'S BAKERY 277 New Scotland Avenue MCAULIFFE PHARMACY Eugene J. McAuliffe, Ph.G. Physicians' Supplies 423-425 Madison Ave., cor. Lark Street Albany, New York Phone HO 4-1478 Albany 6, N. Y. Tel. IV 9-4791 ' Tel. IV 9-4792 C0mPIimenIS Of A. V. MOTOR SALES MOE KAHN New and Used Cars Bought and Sold MEN'S WEAR VINCENT VERDONE, Proprietor 1012 Central Ave. Albany, N. Y. 259 Central Avenue Best Wishes From the COHOES MFG. CO. Cohoes, N. Y. Compliments of CAPITAL CITY RESTAURATEURS ASS'N.. INC. Albany, N. Y. Alfonso's Italian and French Restaurant, Inc. C0mPlim0YlfS jack's Oyster House, Inc. of Larkin Restaurant and Grill, Inc. NORTH AMERICAN FUNDING, Panctta's Italian-American 1-NC. Restaurant, Inc. Pctit-Paris Restaurant, Inc. HOUR CLEANERS Stores In Albany TROY SCHOOL OF BEAUTY CULTURE 86 Congress Street Troy, New York AShley 2-5144 452 Broadway Open Thurs tlll 9 00 Congratulations to the Class of 1960 MILLER'S MARKET Groceries Fruitx and Vegetablex Phone HO 3 2022 77 No Lake Ave ALBERT E OLIVER INC 206 Central Axe Xlbany 5 N l Dzxtnbutors Goodyear TIICS and Willard Batterxes Congratulatnons to c Class of 1960 HOAG and TAYLOR 68 1North Pearl Phone HE 4 1898 SCHADE S BOWVLING ACADEMY 170 Ontarlo Street 14 A M ln Automatlc Pxnspotters Compllments of e THRUW AY DINER ZWACK AND SONS Congrltulatlons to e C l xss of 1960 ALFRED DISTRIBLTING Comphmcnts of A FRIEND Compllments PETER S RESTALRAINT 54 No Pc lrl Street Te HE 4 4091 KELLY S JEVS ELERS ualzly jeztelry and Dxanzonds Albany New York We Telegraph Flonerx To All Partx Of 'Ihe World THE ARKAY FLORIST Dnl HO 'S 4255 Nhtlonal Saxmgs Bxnk Buxldmg 7 9 So Pearl St Albany V X Congratulatlons to I C Class of 1960 GLEN DALE BARBER and BEAUTY SHOP SCHATZ STATIONERY QTORF Creelmq Card: leather Coodr Pnntzng 34 Malden Lane 285 New Scotland Me IX 2 6271 Alb'lnY N I YW A N D E R S YN ANDER TO YN HXNDER S Offzce Supplzes and Pquzpment Phone HO 3 8837 -Xlbany N X Congratulations from DIANE W ILLIAMS Slenderlzmg Salon Charm School , , . v . , . . th , , , , L I , I' , 7 A . . T l - , , . . - 1 ' th 4 . -4. I Q , . , A 1 . th A Avx Q, ,. - ' .' ' CO. , . - of I Y ' I . 2 l. - . , . HQ Q V , Y V 1, - A -' g 88 Central Avenue A 1 ' Q .' 1 ' ' v f K I 2 v , - . . . , 1. . 7 K 5 W Av L 4 h , . , . . x , .-- ., 1 , V . . 1 ' A 1 1 n A I 0 . n.' - A K 9 A ' ' 1 v , 4. v v . , . ., 2 . . . . 4 Av , ' - -' ' I I n Q 1 - - Hey the layout deadline was Mendelsohn yesterday ' ' Jerry Shag e A and 7 C 0ITlPllI1lCI'lIS from BROADVVAY BARBER SHOP 509 Broadw 'ry 1 hate to blozt our 0 L71 horns u Best To YA CLASS OF 1960 an Turner Ruth Ann Lohan oan WCISS Dona Flalltofl Laura Solomon Sue B1SlxIIl Nancy lueltt rman WE the GIRLS of HOMEROOM 105 Congratulate Our Fellow Classmen CLASS OF 1960 TRI WAY LAIJNDERETTE Your Laundry Done by Ls Whlter Than Whlte Clothes Sparklmg Fluffy Fmrshed Save Your Health and Let Ls Wash Your Clothes' Barb Weiss fi Hal Mandel Sue Sax Nm wut ws vt cor ro on ommzm HAMANN PIJIARMACY I' C Hamann Jr PhG 277 Llmton Axenue corner Lark Street Albany IN X Phone HO 5 8727 Congratulauons to the CLASS OF 1960 Joel Schwartz Paul Cotton ALBANY CAMERA SHOP INC 204 Washmgton Cat Larkj Albany N Y The Famzly Store 0 Fnendly Sernzce SNAPPY MEN S SHOP INC Hatters Haberdashers 117 So Pearl Street Albany N CAPLAN BROS Furniture Corporation 232 238 So Pearl Street Phone HO 4 6398 Albany, N Y BARBIZON FASHIOL SHOP Westgate Shoppmg Center "All Natzonally Adaertzxed Fashzonsu VVASHINGTONT NEWS Card Shop 228 Washmgton Axe Albany N Y . - . . 1, 14 , 1 E ' - 5 f ' 5 5 ' 5 guy' 5 50 , . , .. : A - - 4 Barbers 8: l Manirurist To Serve You bharlcnc Zclbcrt Y 3 4 , , Y - IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII! '. . ., . . . - , 5 Y V - r ' -s ' Y , I 1 , . 5 1 , . . I: - f ' . . Y. . '. U ' ' Y . . 1 . . WHAT US WORRY7 Paul Mxchelson Ed1tor Nancy Alfred Busmess Manager Nancy Segal Asst Edxtor Mr Albert Odom AdVlSCf Rl! A-VJ, NJ MQW. G I P' Pgf Num' i Fd O " i L as 3 AQ 4.--0 A ki' The Ln++Ie Rascals of I04 I75 .l 1 ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ' ' Q 7,1 . . ,,.4.,,,,,AA,, H ' Kg ' l 17 ea f 6 Y Q .1 mf l-', nf- W ' 6 .Ak ' rf. 0 A A A e 'Qjjg , 5 ,A W , J, J, . I I K l ' an Xa 2' 5- - P'-1 a. r' -W ef ' A - 6 l ' 45" f, 5 hr' -3 . s - . 'A 5' -4-A' 5' lk, , ' I 5: f I ,. u l I 1 'J ,v i . -9-in 0 ' -- li 1 -u Y ' ' ' 'I 8' if tv- 'af 5. ,fl - L, ' ' X 'rw 1 P'-'X' N, A ll ' ll E El S 'E-11-,X -, .' vg?'iaf9l " y V - 'y.'rn51.lla mb f el- - YOU MAKE YEARBOCKS FUN HERE AT PROGRESS The Crfy of Albany Workmg closely wrth you has been truly a wonderful expenence ln the begmnmg there was nothrng except en thuslasm Ideas and many blank pages Upon thus meager foundatlon you have bullt thus beautiful memory book Our work at Progress really IS fun because we enjoy so much getting to know such splendld faculty members and students as you P W PROGRESS PUBLISHERS INC ALBANY N 'JY :Tana tg 1 94: YQ X 9 Men my brothers men the workers ever That which they have done but earnest of the things that they shall do Alfred Lord Tennyson I I f reaping something new:

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