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.V A nm 3 22 1-TN sv " -"' -+P' Wx 2 1 V.: I- 1 s ' ., l . gg' E ,. .4 J '- 133 E iff . 1 wiffxgd ji ,Z MWN x 'I I.. -. s , x 53 125 vi 1 I SX s fl' Wu N rfl, f , . . W f' IE + 2 3 I3 : E agfHfa1m15N l:H:a i,m-I , J A ..I.. Ill J ,X I I L.. I ' .-X A ...X ' I " fF""""""E""'X' wlmmufllllf' AMW f l flaw L' Q UWWQWWIWWWW ,I-fWl7fWli1fMg7WW QE - 1 X D. , A! I", 166515 H5145 .f9?!70 f E ,QE 5? . ,gy f I., l U W!Ub7!?E?'bj1IfQ1DM51M2 'TXUTTTTEQ7 '1" 3 E gg : F:-:Ig ' 7, K ' Q1 ' 1 V S Mum 1151 www .NIU ,HF S , Piss! 3 S 3 s Z3 Q 7 12, X , ll l mxm -.'z i 1 E ggi fi f It .jg Ill Wi I NY fl X5 K 'N wlln Panfaloon Progress Wl fW ' :xx "'1-'f l 1686 194 O 4' 7"4wA ,x ELf,,ff The Garnet and Gra L arffa co ESX vzzrw Q -4 5 6 f if eg' Q - x Wag x Y ":54,f.v ' Rugs? 'Hi' Published by The Graduating Class of The Albany High School fl? Albany, New York l94U P1uN'1'r:D AT ALBANY, NEW YORK BY 'rniz ARGUS COIxIPANX', INC. 1940 Physical Description of this GARNl'Z'l' AND GRAY: The cover is board, bound with Ilolliston Colonial Buekrznn, shelf back. The pictures are 133-SCICCII hulftones. The type usecl for display :incl headings is Corvinus lNleclinm. 'l'he hotly type is Electra, a creation of XVilliznn A. Dwiggins, one of Amerierfs foremost contemporary type designers. it , HE prevailing theme ot this 1Q4O CARNE'f AND GRAY scarcely needs explanation to a class fully aware of the problems facing America and its Americans. Let it be said here that the art staff of Marcia lWcAllister, Vffarren Delaney, and Hannelore Schoen, counseled by Max F ellowes, has attempted to embody in the illustrations of this bool: something of the America of today. lt, while doing your part to malce America of the future, you are aided in remembering high school by it, the efforts of the compilers will be fully rewarded. glllitliaf AHF' Bryan U. Burgin his yearbook is dedicated to BRYAN U. ISUHGIN . . . head of the Science Department . . . learned . . . genial . . . master of things magical and mechanical . . . he will be remembered hy the Class of '40 as an instructor of many, but a friend to all. JDK Administration IIARRY E. P1xA'1"l', PDD. Principal Innes E. GLAVIN, A.M. Assistzmt Principal 9 Hggizff ALICE M. ADAMS B. A., Smith College M. A., N. Y. State College Department of Science MARGARET M. ASPEL B. S., N. Y. State College Department of Commerce , , 5 l 4 I . T s I ssffw X 1 1 ..-. , A . f A ' 5 'f . . . li f f ' .fel X tk i . ASEQ, s ff f . . Q .wsff i A 'Yfliif-35 , it -1-3.9521 i 'gf .Q ll. V . .. s ll 'f " .:: W E L. A .Q . S' PAULINE E. BAKER B. A., N. Y. State College M A Columbia Universit . . y Department of Commerce - lZ, !ll,l.II5 ! ? I 101 M HELEN ALco'rT B. A., Smith College M. A., N. Y. State College Department of Mathematics ERNA M. BARR B. S., M. A., N. Y. State College D artment of Social Stu ' f,.....5w. SADIE ROBINSON BARcoN B. A., Winthrop College Department of Commerce MILDRED M. ANDERSON B. A., M. A., Boston University Department of Foreign Languages , W, FRANK B. BAILEY B. A., Comell University M. A., N. Y. University Head Teacher, Department of Music CARL BAUMBACH B. S., Music, Iuilliard School of Music Department of Music THE GARNET AND GRAY EMILY S. BELDING ROSEMARY Brccr I G4 F B B. s., N. Y. state College B. s., N. Y. stare College B' Xfnfgilglte Cortland Summer School of Ollice ' M. A., N. Y. State College Physical Education Department of Commerce Clmlif Normal School of Dancing Department of Physical Education MARY E. BRAD-r ANNA AUSTIN BROWN ' B O- B N B. A., M. A., N. Y. State College B- A-, M- Pd-, N- Y- State B. E. lllrg, Unitggcgollege Department of Social Studies College 0 Dgpartment of Science as Qepagtment of English A Ol , ' i -'V - RAY CECIL CARTER IIELEN CHARTRES ALICE E. CLEAR B. A., Colby B. A., B. S. in L. S., N. Y. B. A., N. Y. State College Department of English State. College M. A., Middlebury College Lfbfafy Department of English 'O 555 'iff ALBANY HIGH SCHOOL 1940 lul 'lf M KATIIRYN M. CONNELLY B. A., N. Y. State College Department of English l l . , I EINIILY DILLINGIIAINI B. S., Skidmore College Columbia University Dietieian M AXXVELL H. FELLOXVES De GLENN M. DAVIS B. A., Clark University M. A., Ilarvarcl University partment of Foreign Languages IOEL DoLvEN B. A. Universit of Minnesota Y Y Department of lklusie ALICE F.. FLEINIING B. S., State Tcxrelrers College at B. 3. in I-In Ev N. Y. State Eclinboro College University of Pittsburgh Dieficiml Department of Art AGNES DENNIN B. A., M. A., N. Y. State Coll Department of English X I. EIxIInIE'I'T DOXVLINC B. S., Ithaca College Department of Physical Education I lNIARY F. GILLIGAN B. A., N. Y. State College Department of English cgc ! Xgrljlllllllisf l12l Tl-IE GARNET AND GRAY IEW' l ANNE CLAVIN B. A., Trinity College M. A., N. Y. State College Department of English llENRII-ITTA HALEY AUDREY I. HANNIS B. S. in Science, College of CHARLES HARBORDT B. A., Hamilton College Sf- Rose M. A., Columbia University Department of Health Department of Mathematics MRS. XVELLINGTON M. HILLSON CERTRUDE HOXVARTll Resigncd Ianuary 1, 1940 B. S., M. A., N. Y. University Formerly Miss Marie Burgin Department of Music B. S. in H. E., N. Y. State College Department of Industrial Arts ALBANY HIGH SCHOOL 1940 A , XVAYNE M. HALLER B. A., M. A., N. Y. stare College B- A-A M555 Midd'ebl"Y Department of Commerce 0 Cge Department of Foreign Languages CONWELL I-Ircc.rNs B. A., Colgate University M. A., N. Y. State College Department of Science ROBERT V. HUNTER B. A., Union College M. A., N. Y. State College Department of English ig:-af' l 13 l Mfr: 11 Q79 553 Ya z qi i LIARRIET B. ISENBERGH GEORGE CUR'r1ss Ion A P B. S., Russell Sage College B. A., Yale University ETUUR C' AGNES Department of Commerce M. A., Columbia University B A M Amos, Yo Siege CONGO De1x""1t3Qtf of Science Department of Science D 0 - ANNA KAUFLIAN IANE CASIiILL KENNEDY' AIYRTLE KEYMEL B. S. in C., N. Y. State College B. S. in H. E., Syracuse B, AW University of Rochester 0506 U1liVC1'Sity M. A., Columbia University Department of Industrial Arts Departments of Foreign Languages and English , -:ig I: ' , 7. ' 'ft Wf i.5:,"' ,r ' ' 'Nr-Yp,.r . i A . m 5- 231. -nga t if 4 T"xS': :fa-z'1 1f ,i-g:'21'tjf5if' Q 4- ,fr MAIITIIA F. KINNEAR l'lONVARD LEONARD LULA G, Lgwig B. A., N. Y. State College B. S., Oswego State Teachers B. A., Smith College M. A., Middlebury College College M. A., N. Y. State College Department of Foreign Languages Department of Industrial Arts Department of English fa! is - er' my THE GARNET AND CRAY DOUGLAS W. LINCOLN I RUTH LOWER B. A., M. A., N. Y. stare College B- S- In C-f N- Y- State College Counselor Department of Commerce HELEN C. MCCORNIICK B. A., N. Y. State College Department of Mathematics M- A-, Sf- Lawrence University Departments of Social Studies and Commerce ELLA M. MCCALL N. Y. State College BENIALIIN LOWENBERG B. A., Harvard University Department of Mathematics FRANCES MCMAHON B. ,A., N. Y. State College Department of English MALX'!NA MACCORMACK STEPHEN MATTHEXVS FLORENCE V. MERRITT Abany Hospital B. S., Buffalo State Teachers B. S., Pratt Institute School Nurse Teacher College N. Y. School of Applied Arts Department of Industrial Arts ALBANY HIGH SCHOOL 1940 Department of Art ml 1. MARIAN Donos Mum B. A., N. Y. State College KATHERINE L. MURRAY Albany Teachers Training School M. A., Columbia University N. Y. State College Department of English ANNE NOLAN B. A., College of St. Rose Study Hall HELEN OTT B. A., N. Y. State College M. A., Middlebury College Department of Foreign Languages I 'A N 1' 1161 Department of English I . GEORGIA P. Nonuz B. S., Syracuse University M. S., N. Y. State College Department of Commerce MARTHA In Nom, ELINOR OSTRANDER B. A., M. A., N. Y. State College B- A-, M- A-, Y- State College Sight Saving Class L1bl'3fY EDXVIN B. PIPER B. S., N. Y. State College Department, of Commerce DOROTHY ROBINSON B. S. in C., N. Y. State College Department of Commerce THE CARNET AND CRAY CATHERINE ROCKEY CLYDE A- RUSSELL. B. A., University of Minnesota B- A-y Cornell Umvefsltl' M. A., Columbia University Delmftment of P hY51C31 Department of Commerce Edllfaflon I LENA B. SALISEUEY F A S A. M., Syracuse University UEENCE EABYRY B n Mawr Fellow in Latin neonta orma B. S., N. Y. State College fy y Department of Foreign Languages Omce orw B SLOAT ETHEL M. SINIITI-I B. A., N. Y. State College I r . B. S., University of Nebraska Department of Commerce Office A ALBANY HIGH SCHOOL 1940 MARGARET RYAN Office r l IJELEN H. SHEPARD - B. A., N. Y. State College Department of Social Studies P VV. EARLE SUTHERLAND B, S., M. A., N. Y. State College Department of Mathematics l171 I l NATIIAN M. SUTIN B. S. in llcalth and Physical B Education, Strousburg State University Teachers College Department of Physical Education MARGARET C. WARD . A., Sargent School of Boston University Department of Physical Education GRACE M. XVIERMAN B. S., Syracuse University FLORENCE B. TODD B. A., Syracuse University I M, A., Middlebury College Department of English ALICE I. XVELLER B. A., College of St. Rose M. A., N. Y. State College Department of Social Studies 1 SUSAN M. VAN AUKEN B. S. in Ee. and C., N. Y. State College Department of Commerce ADDA R. QWELIPLE Ph. B., N. Y. State College Department of Social Studies DOROTHY L. WILLIANIS B. S. in ll. E., Russell Sage ANNA M. YODIS Albany Business College Department of Art College 0506 M. S. in Ed., N. Y. State College Department of Industrial Arts iggdiwtge ilgi THE GARNET AND GRAY IULIA A. TIIORII-sON B. A., Mount Ilolyoke College M. A., N. Y. State College XVells College Cornell University Counselor lX'l0NICA BAMIIRICR B. S., N. Y. University Department of COIIIIIICICC RUTII XV. BAUMBACII Department of Iklusic NIARY RosE ROGERS B. A., N. Y. State College Columbia University Department of English lXlARGARET C. KREIS B. S., College of St. Rose Department of Commerce ALICE PIARZENSKI KOSLOXVSKI Otlice BIABEL XVOOD A. B., N. Y. State College Department of COIIIII ETIIEL BREXVER Couchcr College B. A., Cornell University M. Ed., llarvard University Counselor EDITII Il. 'I'.xI.LIxI,mCI4: B. S., Middlebury College M. A., Columbia University Department of Matliematies EDNA BRIDCI-Il-'ORD Albany Hospital School Nurse Teaelzer P. 'l'IIEARIEs PROPER B. S., M. A., N. Y. State College Department of Social Studies lNl'ARY XVIIALEI' lIAI.I.Y A. B., College of St. lilizabetll Department of Foreign Languages 'gpfqfigimff 7 ALBANY HIGH SCHOOL 1940 l1ol ' f Jaw X -, 1' Qs,.1::.,yg3 Quin Hearts and Flowers Hearts and flowcrsg Youth is ours. Hearts ailame with inborn tire. Filled with love that seems undying, Filled with youth for glory trying, Youthful hearts will never tire. Hearts and Howersg So the hours Drift along and change to years. Youth to age is slowly turning. Hearts' bright flames are lower burning Quenehed, at last, by trials and tears. Hearts and flowers Till just flowers Nod and wave above the tomb. Every heart must soon stop beatingg Flowers fade for time is fleeting. All is ended far too soon. L'ENVOI Hearts and flowers, Sunshine, showersg All must come, so make life gay. Fill the years with joy and laughter. VVorry not what follows after. Live and Love while yet you may. PAUL S. MESKIL lzol THE GARNET AND GRAY at 5 Wfifi bvnuws may Q? Z3 ggi Life Begins at '40 THIS is an age of hurry, an age of having things done for us or doing them ourselves with greatest speed. In this hurried life, where few people take time in which to reflect, it is well to have someone glance back for us-glance back at our school life, our childhood and youth. In 1927 the majority of our graduating class started school and after having com- pleted a year of what we were told was "kindergarten," we were advanced to the first of our twelve grades. This was, perhaps, one of the first instances where the school authorities confused us-putting us in the first grade in our second year of school. Since then we have become used to being fooled by dates, years, and times in school- might I mention "Sunday Day" and "Satur- day Night" as examples? Many of the commencement participants did not start their school life in Albany, many who started with us failed to stay. We have among our number not only people foreign to Albany but foreigners to America. Russia, Germany, Turkey, and Scotland are among the countries having representatives in the Class of '4o. Sifting through various grammar schools, getting more assimilated at the junior high schools, parting in the annex and main building for our first high-school life, and finally joining in Albany High School for our eleventh school year! So runs the course of an A. H. S. class. Classes before us went through the process and following classes will run the same gauntlet. Some members fall by the wayside, some leave us for other parts, and some are added, but at last we emerge as a unit in preparation for our sheepskin. The history of the Class of '40, Albany High School, as a class, began on june 5, IQQQ. It was then that organization was begun by the nomination of class officers. After a few days, the actual elections were held and then the class dissolved during the summer vacation of 1939. When in September, 1939, we reported for thc "beginning of the end," we had our first glimpse of senior life. For years we had E 5' ini thought of the days when we would be pre- paring for graduation, and now, at long last, they were here. Upon our work in the next ten 1no11tl1s we should rise or fall. In the world of scholastic sports, we have had our share of honors and thrills. Our last year at A. I-I. S. found us with good teams in all sports. Losing two football games was compensated for by again shutting out our traditional rivals, C. B.A. We did our part in keeping tl1e whitewash on the Brothers, and as we leave school they have yet to score on an A. H.S. football team. In basket- ball, we could once more point to the team with pride. VVe won more than our share of games and our last game with V. I. will long be remembered even though we lost it in an overtime period by two points. Track and baseball also brought their thrills and wins. Perhaps the sorest spot in our class anatomy is that place in our hearts reserved for drainatics. During our first year at high school the Dramatics Club had a fine coach. Then he left us and, although there was a coach for a time in our eleventh year, we were without a coach for a good share of our senior year. VVhen we did acquire the services of one, time was too short and only two productions for our benefit were pro- duced by the club. These were comedies, "The Lost Elevator" and 'fThe Trysting Place," acted out in a Wednesday assembly. Literally the Senior Class is well blessed. The daily Patroon Bulletin has yet to miss a school day. Our GARNET AND GRAY is sure not to bring disgrace to anyone. A few inci- dents in connection with the Patroon that happened during our year were the printing 011 a new multigraph duplicator, a new and standard head, and the appearance of a three-column set-up. Again in our senior year the band and orchestra were among the finest in the State. We have all felt appreciation at some time for tl1e fine playing of these organiza- tions. Much had been put in music at our school and it has been well invested-both time and money. Perhaps one of the features of the year in regard to the band was the appearance of baton twirlers at the football THE GARNET AND GRAY games. Although the girls were not seniors, it was something new to us. With more elaborate costumes and greater experience, the twirlers should become one of the finest units in the State, just as our band and orchestra have become such with only a scratch start. A feature of Albany High School is its literary societies. Both the boys' and girls' societies do much toward literary and social life in the school. Those of us who ever attended one of the society dances will long remember it. In our senior year these dances were particularly fine. School history was made in regard to them. Since the begin- nings of the societies, Philodoxia and Theta Alpha had been regarded as brother and sister, with a like relation between Philologia and Theta Sigma. This last year, however, Alpha and 'Logia joined to present their dance, and Sigma co-operated with 'Doxia. A precedent was broken and a new one instituted. Will we ever forget some of the audi- torium programs presented to us on VVednes- day mornings in high school? We took our share of call downs fremeniber the last C. B. A. game?j, we listened to a share of encouragement speeches, and we received our share of warnings. But on the whole the programs were interesting, entertaining, and informative. For the iirst time, the Science Club presented a demonstration in relation to its work. Hope was then expressed that in future years each club or organization could present a program to the student body. Another outstanding chapel program was a talk by the great runner, Glen Cunningham. ALBANY HIGH SCHOOL 1Q4O Perhaps a few of our high-school fads will bear remembering. Our days were the days of the jitterbug, days of slave bracelets and junk jewelry. Sport clothes were in vogue. Saddle and slipper shoes, sport jackets and more sport jackets as well as numerous other sporting ensembles appeared. "Con- fucius say" was the international password in our last year, and no one without a library of these sayings was socially correct. Some were funny, others not told in the best of company, but everyone used them. And so we have traversed the path of grammar and high-school life. For some this is the end of formal schooling, the greatest scholastic triumph in life. Others of us will continue and supplement our education with a rich college training. For all it is a milestone in life-one successfully passed. From here we continue better equipped than when we started, more eager to accept responsibility. Where do we go? Some to college, some to work, some to fame, some to oblivion. just as we started some years ago, all separated, so we will end, all in different ports and occupations. But no matter how we have fared, no matter what we shall or do achieve, no matter where we go, and no matter what hap- pens, for better or for worse, we will remember our days spent in Albany High School. We have left our mark on the school and the school leaves its mark on us. We have gotten out of the school just what we put in. But again I say, we will not forget our life here no matter how short or long a time we spent in these halls. RALPH FREDERICK lzgl 'fart BETTY AARONS 550 Warren Street Commercial Theta Alphag Dramatics Clubg Forum RAYMOND H. ACKER 83 Benson Street Commercial Commerce Clubg Traffic Squad ABRAIIAINI AINSPAN 89 South Main Avenue College Entrance Forumg French Clubg Intramural Basketballg Baseball DONALD AIREY 19 Tillinghast Avenue College Entrance Bandg Intramural Basketballg Track LILY AKULLIAN 350 Orange Street General French Club 352 W W l24l IOSEPH ALLEGRE1"l'A 141 Orange Street General Bowling cj 'Z' Lfocxfxfcfff - ETTE M. .EN 333 Mannin Gen al Commerce Club, Presidentg Draa matics Clubg Basketballg Hockeyg Red Cross Representativeg GAR- NET AND GRAYQ Traffic Squad GEORGE M. ALMSTEAD 150 Morris Street Commercial PEARL F. ALPE111' 125 Southern Boulevard Commerc' l , 1 I r ' ' l I f 1 jf! LEN. AMABIL 957 VVashington Avenue General THE GARNET AND GRAY OLGA .ANDREA 224 Colonie Street General Theta Slglllll PEARL S. ANDREXVS 2 North Swan Street General 'TRECE ANIQY 55 South Lake Avenue College Entrance Theta Sigmag Latin Clubg French Clubg Orchestra FELICE ANCER.-UNIE 82 Clinton Avenue General French Clubg Commerce Club PATRICK R. ANGERARIIQ 41 Bertha Street Commercial Commerce Club ALBANY HIGH SCHOOL 1940 IXD.-K NIARTHA APPELBAUINI 98 XVinnic Street General 5lARION BACRUS 185 Orange Street General BIARILYN BAILEY 24 Putnam Street College Entrance Theta Alphag Forumg Girl Re- servesg Foreign Language Clubg Basketballg GARNET AND GRAY FRANCES BAKAY 63 North Lake AVCHIIC College Entrance Theta Alpha, Assistant Editor, Iunior Editorg Forurng Tennisg Red Cross Rcpresentativeg Traf- hc Squad Q BEATRICE HELEN BALDES 26 Bertha Street General Orehestrag Bandg Dramatics Club, Vice-Presidentg Traffic Squad l2sl 'ia :2' Q7 VERONA LUCY BALDXVIN 158 Quail Street General HARRY BALINIER 1052 Central Avenue General Spanish Clubg Footballg Baseballg Basketball AUDREY BAIJER 3 Oxford Road General JACK ARNOLD BARACH 269 Morris Street College Entrance Philologiag Foreign Language Clubg French Clubg Spanish Clubg Intramural Basketball lCaptain 'Logia Teamj RAYMOND W. BARBER 68 Fleetwood Avenue ALvrN VV. BARNARD 5oz Clinton Avenue Commercial Trafhc Squad ETIIEL CoLvrN BAss 55 North Manning Boulevard General Annex Literary Societyg Forum Basketballg Patroon VIOLA BEARDSLEY 584 Third Street General CHARLES E. Br-:Cx 426 Elk Street Commercial Bowlingg Intramural Basketball LUELLA BELL Commercial Philodoxiag Trackg 1. V. Foot- 16 Van fnomp Stfeet . General Commercial ballg Intramural Basketballg Ski Basketbqu Club ' H, fz6j THE GARNET AND GRAY BETTIE BENNETT 29 Lexington Avenue General Amiucn M. BENSON 632 Providence Street College Entrance .wfYYl.f5"'WW XVALTER F. BERG 91 Homestead Avenue Commercial CARIXIEN D. BERCERON 421 First Street Commercial SEYMOUR BLANK 493 VVasliington Avenue College Entrance Science Clubg Forumg Intramural Basketballg Red Cross Repre- sentativcg Ski Club ALBANY HIGH scHooL 1940 I27 FLORENCE NIARHS Bom. 2 Oriole Avenue Commercial Commerce Club STELLA BOLASKI 505 Third Street Commercial VIOLA CECELIA Bom. Maxwell Road, VVatervliet General JOHN C. BOPP 348 Livingston Avenue General Chorus VALEEIE T. Bomcowsrci 239 Orange Street General 1.15 'ES' fav? ROSEMARY BOROXVSKY 269 Livingston Avenue Commercial Theta Alpha, Con11nerce Club, Forum, Barbarossag Drarnatics Club, Student Council, Red Cross Representative, Secretary Annex Scholarship Society X GENEVIEVE THERESA BOROXVSKI 347 Second Street General RAYINIOND I. BoRsT, IR. 49 Ramsey Place General Intramural Basketball, Football, Student Council RUTH BRADLEY 25 Cardinal Avenue General Theta Sigma, Dran1atics Club, Girl Reserves, Vice-President, Patroon, CARNET AND GRAYQ Traffic Squad TIIOLIAS IOSEPII BRESLIN 295 Delaware Avenue Commercial State Contests at Syracuse, Win- ner of Bookkeeping I Award, 1938, Bookkeeping II Award, 1939 IlERlNIAN BRONSTEIN 188 Colonie Street College Entrance I. V. Basketball CATHERINE ANNE BROOKS 314, Sheridan Avenue General ROBERT BROOISI 15 North Lark Street Commercial Ili-Y, Treasurer, Football, Bas ball, Bowling HANS BROSIC 154 Western Avenue College Entrance Red Cross Rcpresentativeg Sci ence Club, Barbarossag Philo doxia, Foreign Language Clu XVAL'fER BUEIILER 627 Second Street College Entrance Barbarossa 1' ' 3 MMT T281 THE GARNET AND GRAY XVILFRED C. BURBANK 531 YVarren Street Connnereial Traflic Squad Snn1LnY ANNE Buncrpss 44 Barclay Street General Girl Reservesg Forum Iam: Mama Buscn 136 South Knox Street General IOIIN R. BYLSINIA 115 Ilazelhurst Avent Commer ia lntrarn al oot al Tr ll f' I eww, Rosn CALDISRONE 2:8 Northern Boulevard General l ALBANY HIGH scHooL 1940 Rosrz RIARY CA1x11'n1eLr. 34 Glenwood Street General lNlAR'r'rN CAPLA 67 North Pine Ave 1 X College Entrance Red Cross Representativeg Fo' rurng Drarnaties Clulng French Clubg Latin Clnbg Philologia, Vice-President, Critic, Honorary Night Debate Captain, Boys' Day Debate Captain XXVILLIAIKI CAPLAN 9 Edison Avenue College Entrance Foreign Language Clubg French Clubg Barbarossag Forumg Bowl- ingg Patroong GARNET AND GRAY Lewis ll. CASON 25 Lawndalc Aver1uc General K13NN1c'rr1 CA'1'1:Rr:R 19 Philip Street College Entrance Philologiag Ili-Yg Bascballg In- tramural Football if tif ass QQQWY l 291 lf N A IOSEPII B. CHERA 233 First Street Commercial Forumg Commerce Clubg Intra- mural Bowling CATHERINE Cn0LAK1s 785 Madison Avenue General CORNELIA E. Cmusrna 21 North Street General XVILLIAINI F. CHROIXIIK Stop 7, Western Avenue General NIARY CHU 38 Clinton Avenue Commercial Annex Scholarship Societyg Rccl MMM 1JA1'RI LANCY 250 Second Street General Wafer FREDERICK CLAS 38 Edgccomb Street College Entrance IIENRY F. CLAS 38 Edgecomb Street Commercial PAULINE COCllRfXN 28 NVilkins Avenue General Theta Alphag Girl Reserves CARNET AND GRAY INIARCELLA ConY 6:0 Livingston Avenue Cross Represcntativeg Chairman Annex Student Councilg Com- merce Club, Secretaryg Secretary F of Senior Classg Senior Class Dues Committee. 'Egg U01 THE GARNET AND GRAY 'fin cl, vi i lf ALBERT COFFEE 84 Lancaster Street College Entrance RAYRIOND COIIEN 21 Harris Avenue College Entrance Science Club IOE CoLr:1"rA 6 VVest Erie Street Commercial FREDERICA COLLEN 77 Southern Boulevard General LEROY rIlII0lNIAS COLLIER 46 Lark Street General Clee Clubg Icstersg Footballg Trackg I. V. Baskctballg Student Council ' IOHN B. COLYER 90 XVoodlawn Avenue Commercial GEORGE A. CONCDON, Ia. 15 Providence Place College Entrance I. V. Baseballg Intramural Basket- ball ,I B-H416 1-Qffilegff ' 5' ,Q. a' nly DONALD CONNOLLY 38 Lawn Avenue Commercial Traffic Squad lXlARGARET COOGAN 373 Sheridan Avenue College Entrance 'l'hcta Alpha, Corresponding Secretaryg Girl Reservesg Forumg Dramatics Clubg GARNET AND CRAYQ Traflic Squad XVILLIAIXI VICTOR A. COOOAN 373 Sheridan Avenue Commercial Intramural Bowling v til 25:45:32 ALBANY HIGH SCHOOL 1Q4O U11 SHIRLEY Cookie 591 Second Street General GILBER'1' CORBIN IOS Lancaster Street College Entrance Science Club, Vice-Presidentg Forumg Chess Club FAITH NIARY Coss 1028 Washington Avenue College Entrance Alpha, Parliarnentarian, Scc011d Iunior Editorg Forum, Presidentg Girl Reserves, Vice-Presidentg Science Club, Recording Secre- taryg Red Cross Representativeg Student Council, Vice-Presidentg Drarnatics Clubg N. F. L.g French Clubg CARNE'f AND CRAY IOIIN BLAIR CRAXVFORD Western Turnpike General Intramural Basketball LIENRY CREED 71 North Manning Boulevard General Baseballg Bowlingg Intrarnural Basketballg Bandg Orchestrag Iesters BIARVIN I. CRYSTAL 906 Park Avenue College Entrance Philologia, Honorary Night Debatcg Foruing N. F. L. IDOROTHY CUNEO 1:2 Lark Street Commercial AIARY CURTIS 67: Berkshire Boulevard General Drarnatics Clubg Trailic Squad IOIIN DALY 38 Lexington Avenue College Entrance Track IOSEPII DANA 114 Second Street General Chess Clubg Intramural Basketball 'e :Zz f', Ii 321 THE GARNET AND GRAY X, FRANCES D.kN'l'0 46 Harris Avenue College Entrance-General Orurng Spanish Clubg Bowling FRIEDEL D.kNZICER 469 Myrtle Avenue College Entrance-General 'orumg French Clubg Basketballg Field Ilockcy NIILDRED DAY'lS :zo Alden Avenue College Entrance rrench Clubg Forumg Patroong V GARNET AND GRAY XVAL'FER M. DAY 362 Orange Street Commercial FRANK A. DEARS'fX'NE 372 New Scotland Avenue DOROTHY I. DEBEN'0lSE 603 Second Street Commercial DOMINICK DEITLORIO 95 Hunter Avenue General RICIIARD SARGENT DEFRIES 3 Catalpa Drive College Entrance FRED DEICIIIXIAN, IR. 18: Second Street General ALICE LORRAIND DDLANEY 66 Grant Avenue General General Band Chorus Ig Traflie Squad ALBANY HIGH SCHOOL 1940 l33l in .gf 'IW WAliRI4lN DELANEX' 60 Miller Avenue College Entrance 'l'rackg Colfg Intrznnural Basket hallg CAlKNli'l' AND GRAY IIAz11:r, DELEIIAN'I'X' 5 S4 XVashingt0n Avenue College Entrance French Clnhg DfZlll1llfiCS Clubg Latin Cluhg F0l'l1IllQ Trathc Squadg Patroon 1KUDOLl'll IJELEONARDIS 310 Patroon Avenue General NIARY Dl'1lX'lAl!CCl 3:4 First Street Ceneral-Comrnercial Orchestra II ANNA C. DEMASI 558 Third Street Iosr-:vu D1-:Po1.o 50: Second Avenue General Intramural Basketball ELAINE IDEROUVILLE :6 Marwill Street Connnereial Student Councilg lforunig Sigma Dramatics Club S1aR1aN.x BIARY IJIBELLA 161 Central Avenue Comnrereial Draniatics Clubg 'l'raFEc Squad R1'1'.x DIGIOVANN1 139 Lark Street College Entrance Spanish Club, Secretary, Presi dentg French Clubg l'lOI'lllHQ Trail tic Squad l'AULlN1': IDINIAGCIO 445 lay Street Commercial C Baslcethallg Trafhc Squadg O1 G' 2 wen! chestrag Student Councilg XVill izun S. Dyer Typcwriting Prizm 1938 i+1,.aE2.9 'xy 15565: l34l THE GARNILT AND GRAN 'fruity FRANCES DrNovo 161 Second Street General IIENR1' Don: 16 Austin Avenue General Basehallg Intramural Basketball WWA We ALBE11' X ARREN Doexruu 41: Manning Boulevard College Entrance French Cluhg l"0I'llIll1 Chorusg Traffic Squad lfzlfaofbv IBANIIQI. I". IDONAIIUI-I 40 Delaware Avenue General I. V. Football: I11tran1ural Basketball lfllI.l'1liN IDONAIIUIC 98 North Allen Street Connnercial-General Dralnatics Cluhg Traflic Squad K:K'l'lll.l-Il'IN lf. D0R1tN .56 lludson Avenue College Entrance Theta Sigma, Vice-Prcsiclentg l'l0l'llIllQ lfrench Cluhg Girl Re- servcsg Draniatics Cluhg Red Cross Rcprcxentativeg CARNIEI' AND GRAY ELlz.xn1a'l'rr l. DoR,w.'1'o S7 Sheridan Avenue Connnercial-Ceneral Band, Librarian, 'l'reasurerg Orchestra: Chorus gift WM! HW' R1zcrN1x A. Donato 57 Sheridan Avenue Commercial KliNNli'I'll B. DuBois 26: Lenox Avenue College Entrance Philologia, Senior Marshal, Treas- urcrg Ili4Y, Vice-President, Delel gate to State Asseniblyg Student Councilg Red Cross Representa- tivcg Intramural Bowling, Basket- ballg I. V. Baseball Rum IDUNN 36: llarnilton Street College Entrance Latin Cluhg French Cluhg l"Oflllll1 Bowling ,xi 'T ALBANY rncu sC11ooL 1940 1351 41 Iuvj B1':'1"1'Y DWYER 323 Ontario Street General Girl Reservesg Traflie Squad lfiuzn M. lflmxil-is 786 Myrtle Avenue College Entrance Pliilologia, Corresponding Seerc- taryg Radio Clubg Traffic Sqnadg Orchestra Louis FRICDICRICK l'lCKABl 380 Sheridan Avenue General RU'rn M. lflciuziu' 21 New Scotland Avenue General ETIIEL Ecoxoixuz 339 Myrtle Avenue College Entrance IACK D. EIIRIANN 515 New Scotland Avenue General lfootballg Intramural Basketball llockeyg Banclg Oreliestrag Iesters Trumpet Trio, State Music Corn petition CATIIIERINIC M. EISLER 140 New Scotland Avenue Comniereial-General JOHN E1.Lr:k'1'oN 266 Elin Street College Entrance Ilowftnn Guoncaia Erfnnns 434 'l'l1ird Street General Football K,A'l'lll'ZlilNli A, IQRDT 550 XV2lSlll11glOll Avenue 1 . Connnereial l'0l'l1lllQ Red Cross Councilg I X Patroong GAllNlZ'1' AND CRAY Commun Club S sie AEE. X17 Gffa 355 , , , Wlmlftifg i361 'rim GARNEI AND GRAH Yan " BIEIRION EVANS 1.45 Clinton Avenue Commercial Douornx' IAYNE l"1ecAN '79 Spring Street General-Commercial Student Couucilg Red Cross Rep- reseutativeg GARN121' AND GRAYQ Traflie Squadg Basketballg Field I Iockey: Volleyball Iosiavn FIBIINSKI 275 Sheridan Avenue General Innes I. L. I"1'1'zci5i1.x1,n go lilbcron Place General Philodoxia. Recording Seeretaryg Cheeriug Squad, eo-Captaing In- tramural Basketball: Aviation Club: Spanish Clubg Member Youth YVeek Committeeg Traekg Traffic Squad llliIRBER'I' IC. FIX 305 First Street Commercial Student Couueilg Intramural Football 3 Basketball ALBANY HIGH SCHOOL 1940 BLXRION I"1..-xNsnU11cn 196 First Street General Douornx' l"I.liISCIllNIANN 247 South Manning Boulevard College Entrance-General 'l'heta Sigmag French Clubg Ski Club Cinusrxxrc D, For,icY 149 western Avenue General Theta Sigma: Ski Clubg Drama- tics Clubg Forum Lois ANNE Form 35: Second Street Commereial-General Chorus ll.XI.I'II ll, ISRIZDICRICK 13 Ieannette Street College Entrance Pliilologia, Marshal, Recording Seeretaryg Forumg Patroong GAR- N131' AND GRA13 Knickerbocker News Corrcspondcutg Intramural Basketballg 'Frallie Squad seg lit f I s7l 'lf 3 rw Jaw 553,225 I Qi ff ,RJ l"R12DA hl. FRIEBEL 854 Third Street Commercial XKVILIJAINI IIIQNRY FRIEBEL 93 Pinehurst Avenue General Orehestrag 'l'rafFe Squad Cr.Anz NIERRILLE Frurz 473 VVest Street College Entrance Trafhe Squad Lois FRYE 8 Colby Street Commercial KI'INNli'I'lI GABEL 603 Third Street 4 'iffy' , 5,45 E Arn., 1, ,MVW I 1 Af f' I4 I I I, ff , :Af V '-' f X, f ' K I ,J I!! ll fiJ'fy f f 'X 1 Jl ff! G, ,lil I M.LKRGARE'l' L. GAr,r,Ascrr 255 Park Avenue Commercial-General Girl Reservesg Swinnning Clubg Traffic Squad FRANK PAUL GALr.Uccro 14 Exchange Street General Xxx sf X!! QQA lXlEYER GAL ,UP 61 Lexington venue General IAIXIES DONALD CIARRAII 2 Delaware Avenue College Entrance Student Couneilg Iesters, 'l'reas urerg Bandg Orehestrag Intrarnu ral Football IIAROLD Iosrsvn GARY 24 Clermont Street General CONC , I . X I ge Entrance Bmd' Orchestra Intramural Basketball 23 ierlllullsffg U81 THE CARNET AND GRAY 'indivncw l"RANc1cs CZATIIEN 287 Clinton Avenue Connnercial'General Red Cross Council, Secretary - cf nLX I C. DONALD GANVRICII . IO4 Second Street Cornrnefjjfl 71 1.0 if MQ :fl f, 'dj "V ' 1 Al.n1m'1' Zrurxiuxn GDuL,x 24Q Sheridan Avenue College Entrance Tennisg Bowling: Intramural Bas- ketballg Baudg Orehcstrag Traffic Squad: Philologia NAkyorul4: ANN Griniu 277 Myrtle Avenue College Entrance 'l'hcta Sigmag Girl Reservesg Lat- in Cluhg Student Councilg Red Cross Represcntativeg Chorus III Grzoucra G1-toner: 47: Livingston Avenue College Entrance Pafroong GARNl1I'I' AND GRAW In- tramural Baskethallg Traffic Squad ALBANY HIGH SCHOOL 1940 liggl M if r GRACE M. G1-:HARD 29 Garfield Place Commercial Commerce Club ESTIIER Grcners 84 Southern Boulevard General Chorus IANE lil. Gn. iz '1' ' 1 Lancrmte tif College En S2 in l'hcta Alpha, Recording Secre- A taryg Dramaties Cluhg Gifljlle- gms servesg CARNE'l' AND Cyril ' LAUru:'r'TA IIQAN Grr.m-:u'1' 233 Lenox Avenue General Sigma, Marshulg lforurng Science Cluhg Girl Reservesg Latin Cluhg Baskethallg llockeyg GArrNr':'r' AND CRAY Xh7AL'I'ER EDXVARD Grr.mcR'r 233 Lenox Avenue General Philodoxia, Senior Marshal, Cor- responding Secretaryg Ski Clubg Traffic Squad 'M JW IDA GIBIINIAN 728 Central Avenue General W LAURA F. GINIINIAN 728 Central Avenue General DAVID GEORGE G1ssER zo Marinello Terrace College Entrance Science Club, President, Radio Clnbg Orchestra, Traflic Squad MADELINE GOEBEL 129 Spring Street Commercial ARLENE N. GOLDDERG 54 South Main Avenue General Theta Alpha, Forum, Dramatics Club- ' 4 "1 aff Sryigf' 'fe DOROTHY FLORENCE GONYA 541 Third Street General Red Cross Representative NIARTHA GORDON 461 Delaware Avenue College Entrance Forum, Spanish Club PEGGY GORDON 65 Clinton Avenue Commercial IAINIES GORE 196 lay Street General I. SPENCER GOULD, IR. 98 Lexington Avenue College Entrance Philologia, President, Vice-Presi- dent, Critic, Custodian, I-li-Y, President, Delegate to State As- semblyg Forum, President, Stu- dent Council, Vice-President, Football, Assistant Manager, In- tramural Footballg Intramural Basketball, Trackg Latin Club, Spanish Club, Geometry Clubg Red Cross Executive Committee Mt Q 1401 THE GARNET AND GRAY LAXVRENCE GRAN1' 189 Morris Street Commercial Manager of Football, '39g Intra- mural Basketballg T raflie Squad BETTY A. CRUYTERS 8 Clermont Street General BIARI' R. GUERRO 37 Richmond St., XVcst Albany Connnereial lNlA'l"l'llEXV IIENRY GRAN1' 367 Livingston Avenue I Colleae Entrance 3 lwwylwwf A CIQCILI: GYER 492 XVashington Avenue College Entrance Student Councilg Dramatics Clubg French Clubg Spanish Club: lforumg Basketball NORLIAN F. GRANT 376 Hamilton Street College Entrance Philologia, Corresponding Secre- taryg Science Club GLORIA NORAIA IlAcIcIc1. 263 Second Street Commercial Theta Sigma, Criticg Girl Re- servesg Basketballg Swirnming IOAN GREIENBURG 512 Yates Street General Bowlingg Hoekeyg Basketballg Volleyballg Chorus IIILIJA HAFNER :5 Orchard Avenue General NIARY E. GRIFIPIN 83 North Swan Street General EEF? I' 5 ALBANY HIGH SCHOOL 1940 I411 jf .tm , ll flf ANNA ELIZABETH l'lAGAN 398 Orange Street General Q f ROBERT C. HALL 26 Dove Street Commercial Philodoxia, Presidentg Hi-Yg Fo- rum, Vice-Presidentg Student Council OIIN I-:sLI!Y IIA lL'l'O., College I r Philocl 'iag 9 Trackg I t Iur- asketball RICIIARD l'lANER 530 Hudson Avenue College Entrance FRANK IIANLEY 16 Forclham Court College Entrance Philodoxiag Red Cross Represen- tativeg Intramural Basketball 3 ,, f f ff' I RUTH HANSON 245 Clinton Avenue Commercial FRED IJAPPEL 293 Elk Street General ELWYN HARRIS S2 Brevator Street Commercial Do'r'rY HA1'CllER 274 First Street General DANIEL IJAUSNIAN 14 Roosevelt Street College Entrance Track Y l42l THE GARNET AND GRAY A X NIARTIN HEILMANN HENRY HERBINGER 112 Edgecomb Court 391 First Street Commercial General JANE I-IENDRICX 137 Dana Avenue Commercial Theta Sigmag Forumg Commerce Clubg Girl Reservesg Annex Scholarship Societyg Traflic Squad RUSSELL HERCIXENRODER 110 Sand Creek Road General Bowlingg Intramural Basketball IACOB HERRMANN, znd VVilkins Avenue, West Albany College Entrance Intramural Basketball XVILLIALI l'IENK 405 Second Avenue College Entrance Bandg Orchestrag Iesters SHIRLEY HESSER 25 Walter Street College Entrance Theta Sigmag Girl Reservesg GAR- DAVID B. HENNESSY 494 Western Avenue General-Commercial NET AND CRAY IRENE l'lENRY BETTIE A. Hrccms 329 State Street 144 Dove Street General General X ij!-gf ALBANY HIGH SCHOOL 1940 M31 i m 1 v GEORGE I'Io1.L1z11, IR. IOIIN IIIGGINS 24 Bohl Avenue 391 VVcstern Avenue General General Intramural Footballg Intramural Basketball C11AR1,1:s M. IIILLENBRANDT ' RAL II LID! 341 Second Street 1: Ilill c nue, MeKowns- Gcncral N xillc Intramural Football K General K X WILLIAM R. PIOBBIE 330 Xvcgtcrn Avenue blARY Es'r1112R l'lOLLIGAN College Entrance 47 Partridge Street Hi-Yg Footballg Baseballg V. General Basketball Fiznrnzrucic O. IJOENZSCH 542 Clinton AVCDLIC BETTY I'IOL1XI1CS GC11CI21l 79: Clinton Avenue Barbarossa, Treasurerg Assistant Ggneml lN'lanager of Baseball, '38 P12N1a1.o1'12 HOLLAND II11.L.xRD A. Iloon 152 Manning Boulevard 5:7 Clinton Avenue General Ge ral glib ' ' 'a :Zz ff H 1 vii, I Mggfll 44l TI-IE GARNET AND GRAY will 'lel ., -I Q L. M IOIIN Ilorxrxs 169 Orange Street College Entrance CII.llER'l' IIOPPISR 675 Central Avenue General .tj X xl Ll " N -frissix X X-:X Nw ' J. I. EDWARD HbRN 31 ,Lexington Qfenric ' College 'ntpnce Ili-Yg Trackg In mural Foot- ball, Baskethidg Soccer NVrr.r-'Rim G. IIoRsRrAN 60 Van Sehoick Avenue College Entrance Philologiap Foreign Language Clubg French Clubg Intramural Baskctballg Patroong GARNlC'I' AND GRAYg Senior Class Ring Com- mittee XVILLIAINI Houcx 26 MeKinlev Street RIARY I. IIouLnrAN 840 Iay Street General Theta Alpha, Marshal, Recording Secrctaryg Student Couneilg Red Cross Representativeg Girl Re- scrvesg Chorusg Latin Club FREDERICK S. Iluenras 13 Beverly Avenue College Entrance Student Couneilg Intramural Bas- ketball IALIES G. lluenics 344 Iflarnilton Street College Entrance Chess Clubg Science Club RITA I. IIUxr.1a 166 Second Street General Student Couneilg Red Cross Rep- resentativc K,'K'l'llERINE IIURLICY 36 Ontario Street General ' Red Cross Representativcg Rid- General ing Club, Presidentg Traffic Squad a EE rl ALBANY HIGH SCHOOL 1Q4O i451 'lm C4 rj 53-v EDINIUND HUTCHINSON 49 Elberon Place College Entrance PHILIP Irzrcow 5: Rutland Street General GARNE'f AND iGRAYg Intramural Bowling S K 512.5-Agff if Wllulll-ai? l drum PETER IXVANECZKO 264 Orange Street General Orchestra NY VX rARD IACKSON 18 King Avenue Gener. IIELENE A. IANDA 85 South Pine Avenue Commercial Chorus NORMAN IENSEN 11 McPherson Terrace Commercial Chorusg Traflic Squad RIURIEL CATrrER1N1z IOINVILLE R.F. 304 Second Street General Girl Reserves PAUL IONES D. No. 1, Troy-Shaker Road XVatervliet College Entrance SARA ELIZABETH IONES 8 Federal Strect Commercial ELEANOR E. KAIIL 105 North Allen Street Commercial 461 Tl-IE GARNET AND GRAY ROBERT H. KAISER. 491 Mo is Street 4 Colle? . BERNARD KALNITSKX' 19 Raymo Street General lh'lARlE KANE 938 Broadway, Rensselaer General Student Councilg Basketball CHRIS KA'l's1clN1s 217 Madison Avenue Commercial Spanish Clubg Commerce Clubg Foreign Language Club, Treas- urcrg VVinner of WVilliam S. Dyer Typewriting Prize Brsxrmcia KA L 5 ' Jerou l en W XVILLIAINI KEANE 330 Delaware Avenue Commercial 6Ufw"l" MN Roslszxmky KELLY 2:5 Central Avenue College Entrance French Clubg Dramatics Clubg Latin Clubg Traflie Squad IIARRY KERIP 6:0 Providence Street College Entrance Basketball SHIRLEY lXlARY KENESTON IOS Lancaster Street College Entrance Sigma, Corresponding Sccretaryg Girl Reserves, Secretaryg Orchestra BEMRICE KENNAH 18"-B Ouail Street Dramatics nb- ed s Rep- I Gzmfml res itatl 3 ki Bowling H Yi'gSsefg5y3',Qf-I' ALBANY HIGH SCHOOL 1Q4O l47l awx ED KENNEAIA' 355 Slrcrnmn Street General ROBERT R. KENNEDY 121 North Lake Avenue College Entrance Forurng Bascballg V. Bowling EvANoE1.1N11: Krzrums 268 Orange Street Ceneml Cornnierce Club: Bowlingg Bas- ketballg Chorus ll ICIIADOIKIORAD Krgrur.-xxx Louclonville llcights Commereizrl SEYLIOUR KIIRN 408 Hzunilton Street College Entmnee Science Club, Treasurer l 15 ,Ln 'V if-Dua' A -. W, tvlyvhudv 9 J KARL K11:ssrcL1uNG 346 Orange Street College Entrance Dmrnatics Club, Stage Crew STUART D. Ki:s'1'11:N1mu1xr ZQ Glenwood Strcct College Entrance Forurng GARNI51' AND CvRAYQ Pa- troong Foreign Language Club French Clubg V. Bowlingg lni tramurul Basketball lXlAXINIi KILLION 16 Edgewood Avenue College lfntmnee French Clubg Science Clubg Or- chestra, Assistant Secretary Romain' B. Knxrxrrax' oo Eileen Street College Entrance Philologing Busebullg Bowling RICHARD KINGSTON 19 Albion Avenue General Philodoxiag 'Vcunisg Colfg Base- bullg Bowling 2? , Xfkllwlki? 5481 'l'lrlE OARNE1' AND GRAY BIQTTY Knzcnxrsn 858 Madison Avenue Commercial IOHN R. KlRKl',K'l'RlCK 81 North Lawrence Street Commercial BIILTON AARON IQLARSFELD 8: Brookline Avenue College Entrance Bowling Avizonr ABBA Konumz :ag Cuyler Avenue College Entrance Intramural Basketball DoRo'rnY In-:AN KOENIG 39 Elberon Place STANLI-:Y Kosmsxr 179 Second Street Commercial Intramural Basketballg Bowling Gnxrzvnzvu Kimrrzvsm IS Third Street Commercial v RAINIVE ,f Geri' ra ,ff 1, ,, IOIIN KRIEK 347 Madison Avenue C-eneral Band Hr C lfllfpl vi All iN D. KULI. iv McCarty Aver ne College En cc CCHCH11 Tmfiic md ALBANY HIGH scHooL 1940 l49l max rf' M11.Diu3n LANIOREAUX 524 Clinton Avenue General Girl Reserves Iorf 4 1 ware Avenue College Entrance Plrilologiag Dramaties Clubg In- tramural Basketball, Footballg 'l'r' g Clieer Leading Squad AJ-4" 41 M ' OLOLION LASKY ' z liington Avenue 'ov' e En ance KQC lx'lA'l'TIE M. LAsTrf:n 85 Second Street General RUTH Iosl-11-IIINE LAUT 1 Putnam Street Commercial Theta Sigmag Girl Reservesg Fo- rumg Commerce Clubg Ski Club, Secretaryg Basketballg Swirnmingg C.Xl!Nli'F AND GRAYQ Traftic Squad b. ff, Ninn' l'lI.lZAl3l'1'I'II LAWLOR 6 Oak Street General Girl Reservesg Forumg French Clubg Latin Clnbg Basketball Volleyballg Ilockcvg Softball Davin Lmrmusra 46+ Hudson Avenue General lfrxnr, IIENRY L1-ZNIIARDT IO King Avenue General Track Rlciuan LINDEINIANN 461 Central Avenue College Entrance Footballg Baseballg Intramuril Basketballg Student Council Rep resentativc l3ra'r'zi'.xNN LlNli'l"I' go Peyster Street General Forumg Dramaties Club G13 -1Z!n3rf-1? F ' l "' lgol THE GARNET AND GRAY all BEN LINK, IR. 81 lfdgecolnb Court College Entrance Track, Bowling, Intramural Basketball liU'1'lI R. LINK 91 Southern Boulevard College Entrance French Club: Spanish Club 'l'IlliRliSA li. Lr'1"r1.1c 463 Clinton Avenue College Entrance 'Theta Signiag Barbarossa, Secre- tary, Forum, Red Cross Council, President IANIA: G. Loi' 30 'l'cn Eyek Avenue College Entrance Theta Sigma, President, Critic, Iunior liditor, Girl Reserves, President MARCL1 M. RlCALI,IS'l'ER 301 New Scotland Avenue College Entrance Theta Sigma, Reporter, Patroon, Cartoonistg CvARNIi'1' AND GRAY, Art Editor, l'lOl'lllH, XVinner in Art Competitions ALBANY IIIGH SCHOOL 1Q.4.0 lx'lARCARE'l' MCCAMMON jo 'l'h0rnton Street College Entrance 'l'heta Sigma, Recording Secre- tary, Iunior Editorg Student Council, Seerctaryg Science Club, French Club, lforuing Girl Rc- servesg Draniaties Club, CAl!Nl4l'I' AND GRM' IXIARY lQ1,1z1xnE'1'11 lXlCC.Xlil!CJN 5:1 lfirst Street General 'l'1u2r,x1,x MACCORMACK 6.13 Clinton Avenue General ANNA Mn' RlCCORMlCK 7:7 Central Avenue General Student Council, Chorus, Traftie Squad CA'1'1rmuNu MCCORMICK 199 Colonic Street General Y Jw- 1 "L '1 1 ,, 7 W valve 1 I tr it WI lx ctw fljtfu J" tl Q to .1 Xl VJ f lx 5' H acl lx K f' . kj J' ,K l Q' tl ' 5 5 Doaorm' AICCORIKIICK J K t 88 Ilunter Avenue ld General Bandg Orchestra Ronmu' Mclivox' 1 Dana Avenue General NIARGIIC MCIIALE 287 Second Street General Theta Alpha NVILLIARI I. lxlCKlNS'fRX' 1:5 North Allen Street College Entrance Student Councilg Baseball Nom M. M.-tex Hmcoour NIAHIGIAN 387 'l'hird Street Gonnnereial XVinuer Latin Short Story Con- test, '39 LOUISE R. NlAKl'II.Y 456 Bradford Street General K12NN12Tn XVILLIAINI lhlALCOI.1KI 12 Sard Road Connnereial Commerce Gluhg Iforumg Stu- dent Councilg Football, Assistant Managerg Trathe Squad Ronlaru' lNlAI.liY, IR. 289 South Main Avenue General Intramural Bowling: GARNET AND GRAY fwgafwjw ANTIIONY AIALINOXVSKI Q3 Third Street 248 Sheridan Avenue Gcncml CCHCIHY Intramural Bowling Eflis-fail'-QF? 4X'l'-'LW 1? f. . , s xQ"UllIIlI'xQfi1f' I 521 IIIIL C,ARNE'l AND GRAY .Irvn lhlILDRliD IO.-KN lXlANCUSO 41 North Swan Street General LEON S. lh'lANN 1084 Madison Avenue College Entrance Pllilologia, Recording Secretaryg French Clubg l'lOl'lllllQ Latin Clubg Foreign Language Clubg Intra111ural Basketball Im' lXlANNES 783 Park Avenue Collcffe Entrance Chess Cluhg Spanish Clubg Latin Clulmg Traflie Squad Doirorm' lXlARIl0liFER 1:1 'l'en Broeck Street General IRVIN lhlARlN 226 Myrtle Avenue College Entrance Science Club, Vice-President lg ' fe!! 19111 ma Aj' Nhfbvvy , ff'-:Q-"V 'V V7 , v fppjfvld' wwf CLEAIENCLI A. lXlARKlliXVlCZ 21 North Lark Street General lfootballg Baselwallg 'I'raHie Squadg Track 1 I . . j!l.fJnf',-ff 'A jilai -J n -- K V I nd - E.I9l'IN,i,3Y6U 1uJ'r ,,-y'f9 ,,7-S llf's.tSr ' j ll r jf", l fl 4. FANN1' NLKRTELLONI 495 'l'hird Street ', General , fffffveuw v-.71 , ?' 01541144 C.X'l'lll'1lllNE IXIARTZ 13 Grant Avenue General D.'KNIl5I. Gl'1li.'KI.D lXlA'I"l'l-10 11 XVest Erie Street General I-Ii-Yg V. lfootballg lntrarnnral Baskethallg Track ALBANY HIGH SCHOOL 1940 lssl luufl 1' IDOROTHY M. Marrrrrgws 27 O'Connell Street Ceneral X s X Rm' I. NA is S Norwood ' rue Cenerz 'l'llCt2l SiglI12lQ Band, Vice-Presi- dentg Orehestrag 'l'rafFnc Squad X IA 'RlA'l"I'lCli 2 6 'I Street encral Tictaj lr N swhfif xxx ,Pill V lf L K XIIVIAN Mmm 17 Fleetwood Avenue Commercial Connneree Club CIlliIS'I'lNI5 lxll'1I,AS 184 Orange Street DORO'l'lIX' Mrmnilzr. 192 Delaware Avenue Commereial Connnerce Clubg Spanish Club PAUL S'l'l'1XVAR'l' BlliSKII. 1023 XVasliington Avenue College Entrance Philologiag Latin Clubg IliwY, Seerctaryg Basketball, Managerg 'l'rack, Managerg Intramural Bas- ketballg Student Council Repre- sentativcg Patroong GARNIET AND CRAYQ Traffic Squadg Coach of '40 Senior Basketball 'l'earn IIiANNli'l"I'I'I A. Mrrmicu 130 Dove Street Commercial PHILA lXlII,I,IiR 13.1, Second Street Ceneral XVA1,'1'11R lxllLOS 234 Livingston Avenue Commercial General Connnerec Clubg Traffic Squad Intramural Barsketlmll ijlwijgtgfzf' t54l THE GARNET AND GRAY GEORGE F. RIOMBISRCER 35 Frost Place College Entrance Traffic Squad Ronmvr' lXION'l'CO1KIERY 111 North Allen Street General Dramatics Club, Treasurer, Stage Crew 1 , 4,2 5 yffm ,jr Wy CASSIE LEONA MOORE 309 North Pearl Street College Entrance Dramatics Clubg National Foren- sic Leagucg Forum, Secretaryg Foreign Language Clubg French Clubg GARNET AND GRAx'g Hockeyg Hiking HAROLD G. Moarzow 572 Third Street Commercial Traffic Squad mad? Lwwfdi ""5f"'t" MILTON XV. RIOSALL R.F.D. No. 1, Schoolhouse Road General Intramural Basketball l ALBANY HIGH SCHOOL 1940 V 5 , I Xl .r r t , . x A - S ,- JULIA SKI Af ' 'Y-f jg-Ontario Street X General Dramatics Club, Stage Crewg Rifle Clubg Footballg lloekeyg Bascballg Forumg Tratlic Squad SA:x1Ur4:L Mossmus 113 Dove Street General Choir ADA L. NIULLANEY 60 XVatervliet Avenue General Choir XVINIFRED RIIUNDY 144 North Pine Avenue General Band EVELYN Mum-ny 329 Leedale Street General Commerce Clubg Fornmg Ski Clubg Girl Reserves tssl but ANITA M. NIYERS zo Garden Avenue General PATRICIA NIYERS 286 Third Street General BEULAI1 NADLEY 74 North Lark Street General Kl'INNli'l'II NEA'1'ON 2.5 North Street General 'l'rafHc Squad R1'1'A C. NICOLLA 186 Clinton Avenue ,f ,I 1 4 We b IILIP F. NORTON Ti r S tll llen Street lege ntmnee l'hg?doxia Pr siclent, C,riticg e R c Cros 1 ebr scum: icnioi Class Rin Conn filth R 4? Rosh: ODoDov ISQL Clinton Avenue College Entrance Theta Alphag Dramatics Clubg Forumg Spanish Club EDXVARD IXNTIIONY O'BRILIN 25: Clinton Avenue General IOIIN PAUL OYBRIEN 252 Clinton Avenue General EUGENE OCBORN CCHCHII roi Lancaster Street Red Cross Regrescglitativeg Traflic General qua lv 561 1HE GARNE1 AND GRAY rum Mmxjoum IIELICN Oosnrmx' 94 XVest Street General Nmua-1 lf. QJLIVER 303 Second Avenue Commercial Trackg Intramural Basketball ROSE hlrxnrxa OLIVER 2:6 hlyrtle Avenue General Llco ll. OLSIIiNX'SKI 186 First Street Commercial l'Ix'lcI.x'N QJRNER 21 Cuvlcr Avenue 1, ff f 7Lp".4., ff K X XXCILLIANI C. cJS'I'l'1RllOU'l' 96 North Pearl Street Commercial Red Crms Representativeg Forum Cjpffdp W7 , Romcru' XY, Orr' '59 lfullerton Street Commercial Treasurer of Senior Classg Track, lntnnnural Basketball: Conuner- eizxl Contest YVinner GL.Xl7YS C,UDI'lRKlRK .fig Third Street Ceneral XCIRGINIA Lmc CJVICRNIAN 84 South Pine Avenue College Entrance Srunrrix' ANN l',-xml:-in 1O Bohl Avenue College Entrance I I W CCUC1111 Spanish Clubg French Club 11111111 513111119 Glfl RCSUVCS 1,-f Eg, .. 121, f 1-Ll'1 ALBANY HIGH SCHOOL 1940 L 5 ,1 -wjlmltg okfilwbn CHRIS A. l'AN'rAS 334 Central Avenue College Entrance llIiLEN PANTAS 334 Central Avenue College Entrance Theta Alpha, Senior Eclitorg Dra- matics Clubg Red Cross Council, Vice-Presidcntg Student Councilg GARNET AND GRAY CARL PAo1,uccr 427 First Street Commercial NIICIIAEL R. PAOLUCCI 373 Mountain Street General NIARY CATIIERINI5 P.-xrrrf 5 Edison Avenue College Entrance Theta Alpha, Assistant Corre- sponding Seeretary, Viee-Presi- dentg Girl Reservesg Red Cross Representativeg I Traffic Squad S'rr5PrrANr12 N. PAPPAS 56 Sheridan Avenue College Entrance Theta Sigmag Drarnaties Club, French Clubg Baudg Orehestrag Chorus FRED PARKER 1l'A Maplewood Street College Entrance Chess Clubg Ski Clubg Forumg French Club ALn1zR'1' PA'1"I'ERSON 259 'l'hird Street General 'FIIYRA PA'1"1'oN 10 Beverly Avenue General Connneree Club DOROTIIY A, PENN 27 Eileen Street College Entrance Drznnatics Club, Seeretaryg Pa- troong Knickerbocker News Cor- respondentg Theta Alpha, Presi- dent, Critieg GARNET AND GRAY, Business Managerg Girl Reservesg Foruing Foreign Language Club :It lf'j'j Y glllllllglg l58l THE GARNET AND GRAY 'flvx .ann i x NIARIORIE DORIS PET11 480 Third Street College Entrance Theta Alphag Barharossa: Stu- dent Councilg Volleyballg Traffic Squad XVII,LIAAI L. P1f1a11fr'1-an 614 Providence Street General Basketballg Baseball IAMES Prcorr 176 Chestnut Street Connnercial Ifli-Yg Basketballg Baseball NIARIIE PIOINIBINO 219 Madison Avenue Commercial 0 X LIOND XV. PLA11' 7 Oakwood Street DORO'fIlY PONIATOXVSKI 2:5 Livingston Avenue General Red Cross Rcprcscntativeg Car- toon Contest IEAN Posxfmzr-:rx 109 S0llfll Lake Avenue College Entrance Drarnatics Cluhg Patroong CAR- NET AND Gmvg Forurng French Chrbg Latin Cluhg 'l'llCt1l Sigma, First Iunior Editor 0.Av0L- I XVANDA H. P0'I"l'ER 586 Central Avenue axn General 'I'l1eta Sigrnag Traffic Sq11ad FRANCES Pow1s1.L 478 Madison Avenue General l'lELEN PRAISNER .427 Seeo11d Street Commercial General 0 l X ALBANY HIGH SCHOOL 1940 lggl 'tgirl 4 law PEARL PRINS 23 Twiller Street Commercial Student Council, Secretaryg Traf- Ec Squad PAULINE PRUSINSKI 169 Colonic Street Commercial Commerce Club FRANKLIN PRYOR 676 Central Avenue X General . J xl Q 'Cl' N' lwlARIAN PUFPA1-'F l K 234 Delaware Avenue J General Vx X1 Girl Reservesg Traffic Squad A Q IOSEPH A. PURELLO 110 Ontario Street College Entrance AR'l'lIUR QUIGLEY 261 Third Street General Hi-Yg Footballg Assistant Man- ager of Basketball VAUCIIAN RACE 84 North Pine Avenue College Entrance Philodoxiag N. F, L. LEONARD RACIIINIILOWITZ 385 Madison Avenue Commercial Intramural Basketball NORBI:XN RADIN 36 Pcyster Street College Entrance Dramatics Clubg F orumg Barbar- ossag V. Footballg Bowlingg Intramural Baskctballg Red Cross Representativcg GARNET AND GRAY ELrzABrz'r1r RAIIILLY 26-B Morris Street Hi-Yg Spanish Clubg Footballg . Ggfleml Baseballg 1. v. Basketball Bowlmsl lmffic Squad ,5 f RE. l6oJ THE GARNET AND GRAY M , f ML I kk U , LUCILLE RAINIER My 41 Barrows Street College Entrance S7 Maiden Lane General 1 w Don ny ELIZABETH RIDINGS Dramatics Clubg French Clubg Basketball? Chorus H5 Traffic Basketballg Trathc Squad Squad ,Q it 17 5 UL NIARY GRACE IKAIXIROTII 797 Livingston Avenue General Traffic Squad joins: F. RIELLY 2 Sard Road Commercial ,sa ti LIERBERT REINER 64 Ryekman Avenue General Forumg Connneree Club ANNA MAE RILEY ' AAQAQWWW EDNVARD IOSEPII Reis 365 Sherman Street General 328-A Hudson Avenue General Bowling DORO'l'llX' RICIIMAN 1058-A Madison Avenue College Entrance i Dramaties Clubg National Foren- sic Laigueg Patroong GARNET Rosle ROBERTI 75 McAlpin Street 1 1 General AND GRAx'g Red Cross Repre- . sentativeg Chairman Class Ring Dmmatlcs Club Committee i L ALBANY HIGH SCHOOL 1940 I61 MADELINE MARY RonELo'rTo A, M 4 'nn 211 i Yin LARRY ROMMNE 131 Clinton Avenue General Vice-President Senior Classg Hi Y, Secretaryg Bandg Orchestra Iestersg Intramural Footballg Base- ballg Intramural Basketball ARNOLD Roman: 369 Manning Boulevard College Entrance Science Clubg Forumg Intra- mural Bowling SHIRLEY ROSENBERC 450 Madison Avenue General Theta Alphag Dramatics Club Traflic Squad DOLORES ANN Ross 303 Sherman Street General till iw 'UGENE . loss 58 Edgecomb Street General Dramatics Club, Stage Crew Chorus DONALD RUBIN S7 Homestead Avenue College Entrance Bl.-KRCIA KATHERINE RUKXVID 1: Kclton Court General Theta Sigma Gr3Nr:vn3vr5 RUMPF :9 Lancaster Street Commercial Dance Club fAnnexj ANNE KIARIE RYAN 1:35 Broadway V bi General ANN L. SABATINO ISS Quail Street General its l6zl THE GARNET AND GRAY GRACIE TIIERESA SABATINO 158 Quail Street General Basketballg Chorus llg Traflic Squad REYNOLD SALVADOR 31 North Erie Street College Entrance IACK E. SANFORD z Magnolia Terrace General IUSTINE ANN SAvAcr: 546 Myrtle Avenue Commercial Theta Alphag Forum Ross M. SCARINGE 38 Exchange Street Commercial BIARCARET ELIZABETH Sc1r1LLrNc 126 North Pine Avenue General Theta Alphag Dramatics Clubg Girl Reservesg Ski Club, Sec' retary IOAN M. Sc1rMrDT 33.1, Sheridan Avenue General Theta Alpha, Criticg Tennisg Baslcethallg Swimming F RED SCHMITT 638 Clinton Avenue College Entrance Band RICHARD L. SCHINIITZ 501 First Street College Entrance Barbarossag Trackg Intramural Footballg Intramural Basketball Momus SCHNEERSON 106 Hollywood Avenue College Entrance Science Clubg Dramatics Club, Stage Crew SX ALBANY HIGH SCHCOL 1Q4O I631 .Q 4 Zfffaf lift DOROTHY BIAY SCIINURR 23 Buckingham Drive Commercial Bowlingg Swimmingg Dance Clubg Traflic Squad IIANNELORE SCIIOEN Oakwood Road, Elsmere College Entrance Theta Alpha, Treasurer, Second Iunior Editorg Forum, Vice-Pres- identg Foreign Language Club, Vice-Presidentg Barbarossa, Vice- President, Secretaryg Student Councilg Red Cross Representaa tiveg GARNET AND GRAYQ Ger- man Prize, Two Yearsg Short Story Prizeg Art Prizes ROBERT H. SCHONEMAN 543 First Street College Entrance Intramural Footballg Traekg Bas' ketball 132+ IJNWW gf-nf IOIIN XXIILLIAIXI SCHOONBECK 140 New Scotland Avenue General Science Club H QUUL - i X NOIIBIAN Scnorrm 18 Marshall Street College Entrance RICHARD I. SCIIUBI-IRT z Martin Avenue General RICHARD SCIINVARTZ 27 Manning Boulevard College Entrance Pliilologiag Science Clubg Banda Intramural Basketball PAUL SCOONS 34 Hampton Street Ceneral I. V. Basketball JOHN 'l'. SMLOFF 349 State Street General ANcrcLrNrc SICRRINO 26 Yardboro Avenue College Entrance Theta Sigmag Latin Clubg Piano ICSTCTS Clubg French Club, Presidentg Red Cross Representativeg French III Prize 22 W 641 THE GARNET AND GRAY 55,9 1 " Will fb XS 1' I , ij Vi xl, SUNDA SERRINO 16 Yardboro Avenue Commercial iano Clubg French Clubg Bas- ketlmllg Trafnc Squad DOROTHY ELIZABETH SHANK 389 Second Street General Iosrzvn F. SIIARONE 169 Livingston Avenue General Pm'r.1,rs IIEANNE Srmnuzx' 41: Elk Street General XV1r,r.rA1xr SIIERIDAN zoo'C Northern Boulevard General Cn.uu.ENu L. Srrrnrmr 45 Ontario Street General lfimrrx KA'rnrcRrN1c Snfrm 514 Second Street Commercial DON SIGNOR 4 llarris Avenue General Ski Clubg Footballg Track CA'l'llERlNL1 M. SLHTII 29 Mercline Avenue General EDVVARD C. SINIITII 25 Hampton Street General -N in :It ef f?Xf':'1r ' if 1 fig LBANY HIGH SCHOOL 1940 1651 X 110' v f-A7 ELIZABETH L. SINHTII 342 Madison Avenue Commercial iw KATIIRYN SLIITII 295 XVestern Avenue General RICHARD SBIITII 39 Cardinal Avenue College Entrance Philodoxiag Baseballg Intramural Basketballg Foreign Language Club, Secretary XYERA F. Sixrrrll r IS Ten Broeek Street College Entrance French Clubg Trafhc Squad XIERNA L. SIXIITII 15 Grove Avenue General Girl Reservesg Chorus fy A 1, SAN1-'ORD SOFFER S2 XVcst Van Vechten Street College Entrance Dramaties Clubg Forum, Secre- taryg French Club, Secretary, Vice-Prcsidcutg Spanish Club, Secretaryg Bowlingg Patroong GARNET AND GRAYQ Drarnatics Club, Stage Crew JOHN C. SoEoLocrs 166 Orange Street General Spanish Clubg Chorusg Traffic Squad ROSEMARY ANNE SOLDEN 335 Third Street General Girl Reservcsg Bowling XIERONICA Souix 18: First Street Commercial lIAiw1-:Y F. SOULE 160 XVestern Avenue College Entrance GARNli'I' AND GRAY, Editor-in- Chiefg Patroong Student Coun- eil, Presiclentg Red Cross Rep- resentativeg Ili-Y, Secretary- Treasurerg Dramatics Club, Stage Crew, Stage Managcrg Science Clubg Intramural Bas- ketballg Mary Morgan Prizeg French III Prize Xl ,255 l66l THE GARNET AND GRAY SAMUEL SOULIS 297 Northern Boulevard Commercial IIItraIIIural Basketball EDXVARD Sowrx 1 I 1 Central Avenue Commercial Bowlingg Traffic Squad IOSEPIIINE SPATARO 504 Third Street General Traffic Squad GEORGE STAPLETON :O4 Third Street General Bowlingg Traflic Squad PHILIP H. STARIN 489 XVHSlllllgtOll Avenue College EntraIIce Traekg Bowling y,,,,,49c3wJ"' UV OJUSJ55 xK.J5r"K BORIS T. SIEARNS go North Second Street, llllClS0l'l Commercial COIIIIIICICC Club, Vice-Presidentg Forum IOIIN C, STIIELIQ 482 Third Street College EIItranee Philologiag Science Clubg Drama- tics Club, Chief Eleetriciang Student Couneilg Red Cross Rep- resentativeg Traflic Squad MW' MJD ALICE lhlAli STIIWARI' 76 Twiller Street College Entrance XXEKLLACE L. STOCK 37 North Pine Avenue College Entrance Traekg Philodoxiag Traflic Squad ROBERT XVILLIAM S'I'IuscKER 276 State Street College Entrance Science Club, Treasurer Neiit-ff' ALBANY HIGH SCHOOL 1Q4O I671 'mr If Ja Grzoncn Srrucos 570 Myrtle Avenue Commercial SIDNEY S'1'RosBERc 438 Livingston Avenue College Entrance Orchestra Mmm' S'runr3nAKr5R 78 South Pine Avenue College Entrance IANE SULLIVAN 151 Benson Street General LILLIAN SUTIN 43 South Main Street, Voorhees- SHIRLEY SXVART 583 XVashington Avenue Commercial BEATRICE SwAR'rz 32 West Street General ALBERT SVVITALSKI 83 Exchange St., West Albany General PHYLLIS SYRING Malden Bridge General FANE 'TAKAS 301 Sherman Street College Entrance ville French Clubg Basketballg Hockeyg College Entrance Volleyballg Orchestrag Patroong Traffic Squad l is l68 1 THE GARNET AND GRAY RAYAIOND 'I'ANN 63 Grove Avenue General S'I'I-JPIIEN TANSKI 194 Third Street General Golf VINCENT LEARY TASSO 390 Elk Street General Chorus II GLY ELINOR TATRO 269 Morris Street General Girl Reserves IRENE TAYLOR 39 North Street Commercial Dramatics Club, Secrctaryg Girl Reserves, Treasurerg Commerce Club LEXVIS TAYLOR 690 Delaware Avenue College Entrance Football: Buseballg Basketballg Bowling IANE EI.IzABI2'I'II 'l'EDl-'ORD :og Central Avenue General Red Cross Representative XVIRCINIA RKIARIE rlSERESI 2.14 Sherman Street Commercial Commerce Cluhg Choir ROBERT 'TERXVILLICER 3: Central Avenue General Philodoxia O'rIs G. TIIAI'cnI:R 3:6 Lecdale Street CoIIIInercial pgfjakf ALBANY HIGH SCHOOL 1940 l69l H. ..- 4- 7 -Q4 "' ae T if NIARION E. 'l'nULL 830 Madison Avenue Commercial Traflic Squad BEATRICE RUTH 'l'r'1'L1-:1x.xUM 322 VVestern Avenue General IAYE 'l'r'rUs 448 Delaware Avenue College Entrance Drarnaties Clubg Iloekcyg GAR- NET AND GRAY ARTHUR L. rllUCKl5R 98 First Street Commercial Chorusg Track SARA A. SYURNACE 120 Second Street Commercial 1 .-. QC.. Easifix? .EJ xq rg P , mx M 3 3, lC'1'1nf:r, ANN 'l'URNl5R :ro Second Avenue General 'l'raflie Squad ANNA R. 'l'wrss 791 XXl1lSlllllgi'0ll Avenue Connnereial Connneree Clubg lloekeyg Vol- lcyballg Basketball, Captaing Girls' Athletic Council, Vice- President C5 ' znw . Xlfffvjg. . 9 Marwill Street S' General Philodoxia, Treasurerg Ski Club, Vice-President: 'l'ennisg Traflic Squad RIClI.XRD UNSICR 9: XVest Street General Pliilocloxia S'rANr.1:Y URIB.-KN 188 Third Street General lyol THE GARNET AND GRAY ,f A PIIYLLIS VAN BURN 355 Morris Street College Entrance Theta Sigma, Trcasurerg Student Council, Presidentg Girl Reservesg Foruing French Clubg Piano Clubg GARNIQT AND Giuvg Traf- Hc Squad ELSIE VAN Drcroo 7 Kelton Court Connnereial 'l'llCt2l Sigma XVILLIAIXI XIANDENBURGII 28 Hudson Avenue, Delmar General Baseballg Intramural Basketlnallg Intramural Football CIATIIARINE VAN Vookms 87 Dana Avenue College Entrance Theta Sigma lX'lAR1E VAN XXYORINIER 243 Livingston Avenue General wet ANNE M. XVIOLA 4 Iludson Street College Entrance Girl Reserves XV11,1.rA1xr XIONK 47: Second Avenue General Trackg Intramural lfootballg ln- tramural Basketball Iosm-n XXIALSII zo Tremont Street General Bandg Oreliestrag Traffic Squad EDNVARD S. Xx7ASDEI.L 1:1 Ilansen Avenue College Entrance Pllilologiag Hi-Yg Trackg Football EBIILY XVASIIBURN' 4 New Scotland Avenue General mf ,, 55 n 1 ALBANY HIGH SCHOOL 1940 L711 Mui 1XlARc:Aiu3'r V. XXVEAVICR 5:3 'I'hird Street General 'Praflic Squad I. 'l'1n5oDoRE XVEISENBIQRCER, IR. 60 Partridge Street General Intramural Basketball XVILLIAINI G. XVELDE, IR. 836 New Scotland Avenue Commercial PIIYLLIS H. XVELLS 165 Chestnut Street General IJANIICI, ll. XXVICLNER 32 Southern Boulevard College Entrance Science Club, 'Preasurerg Forunig Patroong GARNET AND GRAYQ 'l'rz1fEe Squadg National Forensic liviaaizrr E. Xx7III'l'BECK 893 Lancaster Street College Entrance Band K.XTlIRX'N ANN XVHITE 1 Lincoln Avenue Commercial Dramatics Club LAURA XXIIKOPF 5:0 Morris Street General Orchestra: Baskctballg Bowling l"I.oiu5NcE XVILDZUINIAS 4 XVilkins Avenue Commercial LAXYRI-INCH ll. XVILLIABIS 180 NVashington Avenue College Entrance President of the Senior Classg Philologia, President, Criticg Fo- ruing Student Couneilg Red Cross League Representative lg 721 THE GARNET AND GRAY lui LESTER B. XV1Nc,.1'1'1c 78: Central Avenue College Entrance National Forensic Lcagueg Track lXlARY K. XVr'1'1'rro1f'r' 167 North Allen Street General Science Clubg Dramatics Cluhg Spanish Clubg Field lloekey DOROTHY E. XVOL1-'RAM 3 North Street Commercial CLYDE M. VVOMER 30 Buchanan Street Commercial Commerce Club EDXVARD A. XVOZNIAK 404 First Street Commercial Golf 55214 Wiarx f XVYLIE 168 X ' throp Avenue General 'l 'heta Sigma, Vice-President, Senior Editorg Girl Rcservesg Drainatics Club XXv.XI.'I'liR Yrxknnoncrr :oz North Pearl Street Commercial Red Cross Reprcsentativeg Traffic S nad Jax Crxsrmm ZARIQRIHA 78 Third Street General Iosavn ZA1.oc.x 103 Van XVoert Street General Basketballg Track ALBnR'r ZELLICR 1.10 New Scotland Avenue Commercial Trackg Trafhc Squad ,'g3vfiP,,9i2f' f 5' - V' ALBANY HIGH SCHOOL 1940 V731 'J 1 L NIARY ELIZABETH BENVENUTI 467 Madison Avenue General French Clubg Spanish Club MILTON COEATES 233 New Scotland Avenue College Entrance 'wigs W l 741 a. h Theta MARIETTA DOROTHY ZELLER 58 I Third Street General BETTY ZEPKO 15 AlbioII Avenue General Girl Reserves EDXVARD ZIINIINIERINIAN 3o9 Third Street General Baseball ANITA P. ZUBRES 236 Morris Street College Entrance Signiag Dramatics Clubg Patroong GARNET AND GRAY IOHN IOSEPH DOBIEL 333 Orange Street Commercial Intramural Bowling DAVID Fox 145 Ontario Street General IANE W. GUYER 527 Morris Street General Bowling ROBERT JACKSON 690 Western Avenue General TIIOIXIA KOZA cz 2 3 erida ve ue J G ral I ' f SALVATO E LAVIANO 218 Sherman Street Baseballg Football XVILLIAINI LUTHER 293 First Street General DAVID M. LILIENTHAL 24 Barrows Street College Entrance Orchestra LEROY G. MATTIIEXX'S, IR. 35 Norwood Avenue College Entrance Trackg Baseballg Intramural Foot- ball XVILLIAM' MILLER zoo Partridge Street General WILLIARI PALEY 39 Ontario Street General THOIVIAS H. PELTON 7 Holmes Court College Entrance CHARLOTTE PRESCOTT 198 Western Avenue General Theta Alphag Dramatics Club THE EDYVARD RICKERT 254 Elk Street General Chess Club PIIYLLIS ANNE Ross 123 South Pine Avenue College Entrance EILEEN ELIZABETH RUTH 38 Summit AveIIue Commercial PIARRY SIIERER 1:9 Second Avenue Commercial NIILDRED SCIIULTZ 34 Maple Avenue General IOIIN SULLIVAN 206 Ontario Street General XVILLIALI XVEISIIEIT 335 South Main Avenue General I. HERBERT WILLIAMS 310 Ontario Street College Entrance DOROTHY ZALMANOFF 258 Morris Street College Entrance Forum ESTHER ZICKLER 447 Third Street General GARNET AND GRAY N 123 f . . . gs? 21? 55 A ctlvmes S2234 N xx MHZ I Lyi In E15 ff fm M . mmm "W A I f' -'W WZ fi f fx f f E' , 1 riigiiix 61 Q M W K D: ELL A 5:14 - iii? W f "ff yjj 5 J N JN iw A M ff' -H KM 4vA3Mu n4jN? - 011- AJMM www WZWWgWWM,?4zf..,. . , -'Q f X Patroon Staff Garnet and Cray Staff YQiiWlwI 1761 THE GARNET AND GRAY YLQB at The Patroon TO THOSE unacquainted with that noisy spot OII the third floor, the stained-glass windows covering tlIe Patroon walls nIay seeIII stra1Ige, but the scenes these windows look down upon are stranger still. The room is a continual hubbub of queer noises. In one corner a multigraph drones rhythm- ically-so different frO1II the cranking and sputtering of the old battered hand-Operated 1IIiIIIeOgraplI. Near the typewriter the editor madly tears at his hair, instructs the typists and at the saIIIe time works out the cafeteria liIIe order. The windows vibrate with shouts of "CartoOuist, advertise that dance!" Dic- tionaries are grabbed to verify spellings, aIId shouts for tlIc glass eraser echo back aIId forth. Patrooiis for the past year have been printed OII the new multigrapli duplicator, the gift of tlIe Senior Class of '39, For this new l112lCllil'lC metal plates are used, elim- inating the bothersome task of cutting stencils. The easily lost glass eraser, used to erase typographical errors from the plate, replaces the "goo" used on the stencils. Editors for the paper are chosen from the journalism classes for a period of two weeks, thus giving the paper tlIe benefit of wide and varied talents. Taking up the reins as editor for the first two weeks of this school year was Dorothy Penn, wlIO was followed by a long list, including: lean Poskanzer, Mildred Davis, Paul Meskil, Ralph Fred- eriek, Raoul Wilensky, Ethel Economc, Anita Zubres, Barbara Smith, Eileen Conway, Adele Sheber, Deborah SolIoII, Iosephine Savoca, Harriet VVelpen, Alvin Diamond, and Sonya Balshau. For those two weeks the editor is i1I sole charge, planning and arranging iII advance the page ITISICC-LIP and copy. These are typed on the plate by the Patroon typists, Fane Takas and Iane Heath. The actual printing is in tlIe hands of the two niultigraphers, Alvin Diamond and George Kugler. The talented Hngers of "Marty" McAllister, Elias Marge, and Miriam Kreher are respon- sible for the cartoons and caricatures appear- ing daily. Scoops and happenings in the world of sports are accurately reported to sport fans in the daily sport column by Paul Meskil. Garnet and Gray taff Editor .... Business Manager . Faculty Advisor . PHOTOGRAPHY RALPH FREDERICK TROBERT MALEX' SHIRLEY PIESSER ETIIEL ECONOINIE RECORDS DANIEL VVELNER IRALPH FREDERICK ART IVIARCIA IVICALLISTER XVARREN DELANEY I'IANNELORE SCHOEN FEATURES PAUL IVIESKIL RALPH FREDERICK JEAN POSKANZER KENNETH CATERER MARY STUDEBAKER ADVERTISING IROBERT IXTALEY PHILIP NORTON FAITH Coss PECCY COOGAN IVIARY PAPP . . HARVEY SOULE . . DOROTHY PENN . ROBERT V. HUNTER SUBSCRIPTIONS XVILLIAIXI CAPLAN STUART KESTENBAUINI NORISIAN RADIN KAY DORAN DOROTHY FLEISCHMANN IEAN POSKANZER MARGARET MCCABILION DOROTIIY RICIIRIAN ANITA ZUBRES FAITII Coss CASSIE MOORE MILDREIJ DAVIS RALPH FREDERICK ROBERT TVIALEY ALBANY HIGH SCHOOL 1940 H7 I Elo, H Epi wi Plzilologia Plzilocloxia -:,iSE,:'?,i X- ,j':LfLj,vlQff Y 4 Tr ' pysj THE GARNL1 AND GRAY IMAX Philolo ia THE GAVEL of Philologia and the pre- siding ofiicer's desk met many times during the past year with Larry VVilliams, Spencer Gould, and Ken DuBois doing the pound- ing. And among them they rapped out a successful sixty-seventh year. joining hands with Alpha, 'Logia gave an annual dance on December 8. Socially, the hop was one of the best. Getting the jump on the new year the annual honorary night exercises of the society were held on january 2, the day school resumed. Larry Williams' aflirmative team argued well enough to beat Martin Caplan's negative boys. The subject that they settled to their own satisfaction was government aid to education. On March 8 relations with 'Doxia were renewed long enough to win a 27-13 basket- ball victory in the annual clash. jack Barach was captain and high man, with nine of the team's points. Every man who saw service in the game got at least one point in chalking up 'Logia's twenty-third victory against twenty-one for 'Doxia. On May 1 'Logia again met 'Doxia in an annual contest, this time the Boys' Day Debate. They upheld - "Resolved: that chain stores are beneficial to the public." On the evening of May 8 all loyal 'Logians dined, coifeed, and ehattered at their annual banquet held at the University Club. On May 24 the four societies became one happy family while they co-operated long enough to stage the annual Four-Society Dance. Philodoxia VVHEN 'DOXIA held its first meeting of this seventy-first year, Philip Norton pre- sided. Later in the year Robert Hall took over the presidency. Under the leadership of these two the year passed successfully. 'Doxia started its social calendar off on February 6 with the annual banquet. VVhen the 'Doxians looked around at the banquet, they found not only that they had a guest, but that they were dining in Iaek's Restau- rant. The guest was Mr. Carter, and the affair was a joyous one. On March 8, after the annual yDoxia- 'Logia basketball game, the loyal 'Doxians shook off thc defeat and looked forward optimistically toward their other annual contest with 'Logia, the Boys' Day Debate on May 1. just before leaving for Easter vacation, the boys convened on March 18 to hear of experiences of past 'Doxians. Their guests told of the "good old days" when they were ALBANY HIGH SCHOOL 1Q4O in the society. The present members looked mournfully at them and wondered if the old-timers thought the society had changed. Thomas Gilmore, Richard Smith, and Hans Brosig presented the affirmative of the automobile insurance question so fluently that they out-talked a negative team of Vaughn Race, Ed Barry, and Peter Hilton at their honorary night. Glancing around the auditorium, they wondered where some of the 'Doxia honoraries who were present before Easter were on the night of April 8. During the wee hours of April 13 'Doxians were observed creeping homeward. The reason? The night before 'Doxia combined with Sigma to hold a dance. Precedent was broken because heretofore all 'Doxians looked upon Alphans as sisters instead of their newly found Sigma kin. Rounding out the social calendar for the boys' literary society was the Four-Society Dance on May 24. H91 V . Tami 'I 'hcta Sigma 'I 'lzcfa Alpha .-. , QL, pr' Q W XQ: hifi Ai! I E 1 1801 THE GARNET AND GRAY Theta Sigma BETWEEN the first meeting in September that lane Loy called to order and the last meeting in Iune terminated by Kay Doran was sandwiched one of Theta Sigma's successful years. The year started with the annual "Rush" on September 29. Thirty-five new members resulted from the auditorium program and dancing which followed. Something new entered Sigma's social calendar when, on October 24, a tea was held in the library. President lane Loy acted as hostess at the affair, the purpose of which was to acquaint the old and new members of tl1e society. When December came the girls had their banquet at Iack's on the second. Each of the members received a white carnation, ate a turkey dinner, and danced to tl1e furnished music. The annual Honorary Night exercises were held on March 12 in the auditorium. The play given was "Not Quite Such a Goose." The evening nearly ended in calamity when a baseball bat nearly rolled off the stage. After the play followed vocal selections, a humorous deelamation, and a Sigma Prophecy. Collaborating with 'Doxia, Sigma pre- sented a dance on April 12. A Hawaiian atmosphere was achieved and the dance went under the name of a "Hawaiian Soireef' Nick Carey played. Combining talents with Alpha, the girls' societies presented their annual Girls' Day on May 25. Again Sigma girls sported white carnations. This year it was Sigma's turn to give the annual Spread for Alpha. Sigmites provided Alphans with refreshments and entertain- ment, just as every other year Alpha does for Sigma. The closing event 011 the social schedule was the Four-Society Dance on May 24. Theta Alpha THE DAUGHTERS of Miiierva of 19.1.0 showed a deep bit of the wisdom for wl1icl1 they are named by making this academic season a comeback year. The literary ladies ope11ed the annual activity with a rush party on October 6, which followed its stage entertaimnent by the introduction of rushees, presentation of carnations, and dancing. The im1ovatio11 of Alpha's social season was the society's first Elllllljlkll Initiation Ceremony, also in October, which ritualized the singing of the Constitution by pledgees and which the11 entertained the audience with songs and declamations. Alpha upset tradition by giving its annual dance in collaboration with 'Logia. The dance, which masqueraded as a Winter Tropic Cruise, has been termed by faculty observers as "the most outstanding school social CVCllt in years." Alphans on the com- ALBANY HIGH SCHOOL 1940 mittee included Faith Coss, Iustine Savage. and Martha VVaterstreet. The banquet, given in the Ten Eyck's Rose Room, was an occasion to be remem- bered by Senior Alphans, since the affair was unoflicially in their honor. Reeitations were given by Bertha Burrick, Rosemary Borowsky, Helen Pantas, and Phyllis Brodis. Another highlight in the society's 1939-40 history was its annual Honorary Night under committee leadership of Hele11 Pantas, lane Gilbert, Frances Bakay, and Peggy Coogan. The first half of the program was devoted to "Culture," a play, directed by Frank Evans. A broadcast by Station A-L-P-H-A, Iune 27, IQQO, written by Dorothy Penn, constituted the second half. Alpha also participated in the Girls' Day Exercises, the Alpha Sigma Spread, and the Four-Society Dance, events which brought the season to a close. Zta wt Forum Science Club F5 if I ' , Q1 f J, A vel? X A f8M .ess.- a-:Q u ,, N Qllkkf AUM THE GARNET AND GRAY Forum THE FORUM, A. H. S. current events club, with a long tradition of outstanding activity behind it, made the 1939-40 year another successful season. First term Presi- dent Spencer Could, assisted by Vice President Hannelore Schoen, and Secretary- Treasurer Sanford Soffer, started the world affairs students off to a peppy beginning. Syinposiums on the neutrality question and its resulting controversies were held until mid-December, when the Program Com- mittee under Chairman Dorothy Penn organized panel discussion groups to last for a six weeks' period. Most interesting and well-discussed topics during this time were those on racial tolerance, labor, and Philippine independence. In February, President Faith Coss, Vice President Robert I-lall, and Secretary-Treas- urer Cassie Moore were installed. During their administration, Ralph Frederick's Pro- gram Committce's outstanding Forum meet- ing was an Information Please. "Experts" included Daniel Welner, Norman Radin, Arnold Drooz, Spencer Could, and Hanne- lore Schoen. The Forum Afternoon Dance, plaimed by the Social Committee under Phyllis van Burk, was held to raise funds used to award the Annual Forum Senior History Prize. The successful ticket sales were conducted by Spencer Gould. The Forum leaves to its future members a heritage of training in good citizenship under the usual able sponsorship of Miss Mary Bradt. eienee Club ON FEBRUARY 28, 1940, came the high spot of the year's activities for the Albany High School Science Club, for on that day, in the high school auditorium, the club's embryo scientists presented a pro- gram entitled "XVaves of Energy," demon- strating among other things that the Science Club is among the school's more active organizations. Transmission of "The Beer Barrel Polka" across the stage by means of light waves, a burglar-alarm and other practical applications of the photoelectric cell, or "electric eye," and a burlesque radio quiz presented over ALBANY HIGH SCHOOL 1940 David Gisser's short-wave radio transmitter, W 2 L W T, with prominent faculty meni- bers as quizzees, were the features of the program, two months in preparation. Unique among A.H.S. organizations is the Science Club in that the vice-president has an important duty-presentation of the "scientific exercises." Vice-presidents Gilbert Corbin and Irving Marin, with Hans Brosig and David C-isser as club chief executives, presented numerous demonstrations during the year, such as color movies taken by a club member and a cathode ray demonstra- tion by means of a Crookes tube. f'Efx?J . ful! Q hw Tennis Drama tics Hi-Y -iw :2'. ff ng- :7 'X ,iff W M THE GARNET AND GRAY Commcrcc Club The Icsfcrs Student Council ALBANY HIGH SCHOOL 1940 1851 Yjhkngiss QP.-if 1 P 'mfk li QZFLW5 W Orchcstra Band gsm THE GARNE1' AND GRAY MW "Une picture is worth a thousand words . . ' ALBANY HIGH SCHOOL 1940 I 8 7 I Viz: MJ I1 x I . J' . i Q YQ, X l ig .mam A3 Q Q: NMS-A QF 3555 :Xl as ESM Q . Q S is hw Sv , - . X.""'w- .ziiiwlif - , fi 'ASQ -,M 4 X M x mme? x x ' Q Q 5 xy V X , X I A ' 5912 N51 W j l v ' ff Ni""""'f X Xi' :AQ i 5 A fs' ' flfftrw' X T kv, 25gQ3XriN,LUg,g:m lg MW .f as Q ' 4 + -X, Wx, fx NH. . . . N WNY, ywgww KS. L. " NYG K , MQ ,JVJY S4303 i9ll?"'Ex nf I l NK Football Coach . ........ EMMETT DONVLINC Captain . . . ALEC ANASTAS Manager ..... . ONE OF THE lightest elevens in the history of Albany High School started the 1939 football season as a "dark-horse" team, but made up for the shortage of lettermen with an abundance of tight and spirit, and thus came through splendidly. The Dowling-coached string started the season on September 23, with a six-to-nothing victory over Hudson Falls on the latter's Held. Willard Frey, scrappy Albany quarter- back, rammed through the "Big Green" wall to score for the G. Sr G. in the last three minutes of play. In this opener Bill Dors- man, playing right end for A. H. S., suffered a broken nose. The second match was waged a week later in Bleecker Stadium as A. H. S. slaughtered Utica Free Academy, 13-O. Frank Alberts, lcft half for the C.8iC., did the flipping . . . . .LAVVRENCE GRANT for both Albany scores with Ed Swire, in the first quarter, and Bill Butler, in the third, receiving the porker's pelt and gallop- ing over the thin white line to bring home the proverbial bacon. Game three was at Iohnstown and was the only night game on the books. In one of the year's hardest-fought contests Stewart and Alberts scored a touchdown apiece, but the Albany aggregation was tripped up by one point and lost, 13-14. Breaking back into the win colunm, A. H. S. returned to the home stadium on October 14, a cold and windy day, and defeated Nott Terrace, six to nothing. The following Saturday was a sad one for A. H. S. as the Dowling-tutored liogshide handlers bowed to Mont Pleasant, zo to o. The Crimson Tide swept over the visiting i901 THE GARNET AND GRAY Albanians in a pouring rain and the Garnet- clad warriors returned to the Capital City minus the services of Bob Broom, who broke his left hand in the collision, and Willard Frey, who suffered head injuries in the second stanza of the clash. Back to Bleecker came the "Mighty Midgets," and 2500 howling fans watched Carstell Stewart sprint 82 yards for a six-to- nothing victory over Troy. The final tilt was waged on Election Day as the home gridsters triumphed, eight to nothing, over Albany High Sehool's old and bitter rival, C.B.A. First blood was drawn in the opening period as the speedy Stewart tore through eleven surprised cadets to put A. H.S. in the lead, six to nothing. A lateral for the extra point was fumbled and scoring ceased, although A. H. S. threat- ened often, until the final period when the Brothers were forced to attempt a pass from behind their own goal posts. The oval was batted down by an alert Albany player, and two more points were added to the G81 C. collection on a safety. Thus the season came to a glorious close with five victories against two losses and no ties, and a total of 52 points against 34 scored by the opposition. Prospects for next fall could be decidedly worse, as the Alma Mater will have with her many stalwart gridsters of the season past. including Captain Bill Butler, Sain Hoffman, lim Kearney, Frank Alberts, Ray Harvey, Ted Powell, Ed Swire, Harry Balmer, and possibly Bob Broom and the one-man line, Art Quigley. Cone from the 1940 line-up, however, will be Carstell Stewart, the Dark Streak, VVillard Frey, the Blond Blizzardg Ed VVasdellg Alec Anastas, the Terrible Turk, Dick Lindemann, Iohn Hamilton, Lew Taylor, the Cowboy Quarterback, and sev- eral others that gave their all for the G. 8: G. gallopin' gridsters. Bowling Coach .......... ONE of the finest high school bowling teams in the Empire State came rolling out of Albany High School to chalk up an out- standing record of eight wins against two defeats and to capture the Eastern New York Public High School Bowling Congress championship from 23 topnotch competitors. Starting the ten-pin season with a loss to Nott Terrace, the A.H.S. alley-gators then whipped Philip Schuyler twice, split with the formidable Crimson keglers from Mont Pleasant, outrolled Castleton twice, wrapped up two matches with Bethlehem Central, and triumphed in the return engage- ment with the Blue Devils from Nott Terrace High. After the bowling books had been closed on a successful season the G.8zC. Hwood- ALBANY HIGH scHooL 1940 . . . . . CLYDE A. RUSSELL choppers" entered the third annual E. N. Y.- S. P. H.S. Bowling Congress tournament and piled up enough lumber to gain the coveted crown. For this feat two trophies were presented to Albany High School from the Albany Bowling Congress and now repose in the library trophy case. The Albany High School bowling team, in addition to garnering the top team triple of 2712, chalked up the high team single of 949. Individual honors also went to a Cv.8zG. pin-inan as Russell Herchenroder ran up the highest individual triple of 598 and tied for top single with 225. Prospects for next year are exceedingly good as only two varsity kcglers, Captain Charles Beck and brawny Bob Broom, will be lost from the roller ranks by graduation. Q- X91 E5 i l91l wi fl Lx j ,: Q ff yJX9! IQH Q xx WHT '- hy E iz if ,QQg. .g 65, X? Nf Vw fgzj THE GARNET AND GRAY Qafl1ln1u ff 1939 Basketball 1940 Captain . Manager ....... UNDER tl1e tutelage of Coach Nathan Sutin the best Albany High School basket- ball squad i11 a decade sailed through a grueling schedule with colors flying and ended the season with tl1e impressive record of 11 triumphs against five defeats. In the opening encounters tl1e Garnet- clad netsters proved themselves to be one of tl1e Capital District's strongest teams as they swept over a bewildered lohnstown quintet for the initial contest, 42 to 17, and battered the Crimson cagers from Milne, 36 to 12. The home hoopsters then journeyed to the Patrician Club during tl1e Christmas holidays, where they lost a heart-rending tilt, 21-19, to tl1e underdog five from C. B. A. After the first setback the Sutineers hopped back to the win side of the ledger by mauling Schuyler 37-26, whipping Troy, 26-19, outpointing Nott Terrace in one of the season's top thrillers, 19-17, and crush- ing Milne on tl1e Page Hall floor, 34-24. The Lake Avenue twine ticklers were once 111ore dow11ed, however, when they tackled the MOIIL Pleasant powerhouse and left Schenectady on tl1e short end of a 42-zo score. Next i11 line came a 24-2o victory over Vincentian at the Armory and the third defeat, at the hands of Troy High, 28-32, 011 the Collar City court. The Nott Terrace Blue Devils then bowed for the second time ALBANY HIGH SCHOOL 1940 . los12P11 ZALOGA . . . . . .PAUL S.lx'lESKIL to tl1e C.8zC., 34-31, and Rensselaer also went down to the Alba11y aggregation, 9Bz1ik 011 tl1e A. H. S. court after a six- game absence tl1e home team again fou11d Mont Pleasant a big problem as the Power City visitors captured the laurels, 28-13, but lost the junior varsity engagement to the scrappy Albany jayvee string. Two more scalps were tacked up by the home crew as Rensselaer and Schuyler came to and were defeated by Albany High Scl1ool, 25-23 and 25-19, respectively. Closing game on the A. H. S. basketball books pitted the Garnet and Cray machine against the Vincentian Lions. The clash ended at 29-all but the Blue a11d Wl1ite l1it tl1e hemp for a field goal during the second, "sudden death," overtime period and thus conquered the Zaloga-captained crew, 31-29, and furnished a thrilling if unwished-for climax to a highly successful season. The Albany High School cage artists finished second in the unollicial race for Class A co11fere11ce honors and gar11ered 440 points against a total of 385 for the opposition. High scorer for the season was Captain Ioseph Zaloga with 8o points. Alec Anastas, however, turned in the top average of 5.11 points per game while Captain Ioe followed close behind with an average of 5. las! ascball Track Ev 1 bg IQ41 THE GARNE1' AND CRAY Track Coach . Manager . . . VVITH MANY veterans back i11 uniform and a large assortment of new material reporting for work, possibilities for a top- noteh track team were blossoming when these lines were first set dow11. Last year's cinder squad developed into one of the Capital District's finest outfits and were outpointed but OIICC, at Iohnstown, where tl1c C. 81 G. speeclsters finished second i11 a field of tive Class A competitors for the Eastern New York State Sectional Meet crown. In the '39 speed season the Albany . . EBIINIETT DOWLING . . . . PAUL S. MESKIL High School IHCICLIIY-111611 soared to con- quests of the R.P.I. Frosh, Amsterdam, Mont Pleasant, and Utica Free Academy, all of which boasted potentially powerful squads, with the possible exception of U. F. A. The one loss occurred at the hands of the undefeated Nott Terrace crew. Although the 1940 track season was still in its infancy at time of writing, it is expected that the A. H.S. aggregation will come through again with a11 outstanding record this year. THE SCHEDULE DATE TEAM PLACE April 27 Poughkeepsie Bleecker Stadium May 3 R. P. I. Frosh Troy May 1O C. B. A. Bleecker Stadium May 17 Schuyler Bleecker Stadium May 24 Mont Pleasant Schenectady june 8 E. N. Y. S. P.H.S. sectionals Iohnstown 1939 RECORD ISIEET A. H. s OPP. LIEET A, H, 5, Opp, R. P. I. Frosh 72 S4 Utica Free Academy 81 27 Mont Pleasant 68 58 Sectionals 47 6541 Amsterdam 79 47 l- 'Nott Terrace Baseball Coach . ...... . CLYDE A. IAUSSELL Captain . . GEORGE PIINCKLEY Manager . . . . ALTHOUGH 110 games l1ad yet been waged at time of writing, prospects for this scason's squad were exceptionally good, with nearly all of last ycar's lettermen back in u11ifor111. The team that handled tl1e horsehide and hickory during the y3Q season chalked up ten wins against four defeats. The A. H. S. conquests included victories over C.B.A. . . . DONALD PIERKOXVITS ftwicej, Milne ftwiccl, Iohnstown, Troy, Lansingburg ftwicel, Philip Schuyler, and Vincentian, while the losses were to Philip Schuyler, Troy, lohnstown, and Roessleville. Missing fro111 this year's nine are such veterans as Ken Kellogg, f'Howie" Schaffer, Dave Martiii, and A'Hank" Reiner, but otherwise the tea111 is nearly intact. i?ii3g5f5'f ALBANY H1911 SCHOOL 1940 1951 -'Jaiugk C hccr Leaders 'lwwirlcrs 1 i I L M61 THE GARNET AND CRAY A Letter .From the Past-in the Future The Buys' Prophecy DEAR DR. PRA'1"1': Although, since your retirement of five years ago, you have been aimlessly wander- ing amid the beauties of the South Seas, we, the Class of 1940, thought collectively at our last reunion that you still might carry proud memories and kind thoughts of that memorable year. We even thought that you, in a fatherly sort of way, might be wondering what these same students might be doing now, fifteen years later. It is to this end, then, that this letter is written. Always the practical as well as the loving parent, you will, we know, be interested in our business and economic achievements. Earl VVhitbeck and Iohn Crawford have done nicely, managing the Sleeping Beauty Mattress Company. Also to be mentioned is lay Mziiiiics, whose Eureka Loan Agency is very successful. Iay's financial worries are lessened considerably by Martin Caplan, attorney, and Sam Soulis, efliciency expert. The Clas brothers-Fred and Henry-own, operate, and advertise the Clas Brass and Class Foundry. We, as a class, have fared well politically, too, for representing our Empire State in the venerable and stately roles of Senators are Harry Kemp and Paul Scoons. Heading the "Specs" Osterhout campaign for mayor are genial lim Pigott and that ticry after-dinner speaker, Ioe Zaloga. Husky Bill Pfeiffer leads the local cam- paign against smoking in high schools, and has caused a good deal of improvement in this line. Of course, those two grand black-faced comedians, Larry Williams and Phil Norton, still hang on, although their popularity has Iunc, 1955. lessened considerably with the coming of Robert Ott, sensational song-and-dance man. In the realm of popular music, number one band of the country is Crecd's Corn Canners, who feature Walt Buehler as trumpet soloist and Harvey Soule as vocalist. In the ainmal track meet at Madison Square Garden many Albany athletes always compete. This year Ed Horn, former hurd- ling champion, looked to his laurels as Milton Cobatcs flashed record-breaking form in that event. Ioe Chera and Art Quigley stole the show as they tied for first place in the pole-vaulting event, while Ioc Purello had little trouble in beating all comers with his animal annexation of the shot-put competition. The wrestling championship is undecided, with both Dan Welner and Paul Meskil making bids for the coveted crown. The Orioles, tutored by those veteran basketeers, Richie Lindemann and George George, again defeated the Matteo-coached Nin- coinpoops for the national professional championship. Most successful of fraternities is thc newly formed Bachelor's Club composed of Ed VVasdell, Iohn Hamilton, Bob Broom, and chief woman-hater-lack Ehmaim. Reynolds Salvador and Leon Mann have accomplished little, but send best wishes. In contrast, however, we present those two ex- perts of the Incremation Cheese Program- Wilfrecl Horsman and Ralph Frederick. May I close with a general wish for continued happiness from the entire Class of '40, Sincerely yours, KEN CATERER. ALBANY HIGH sc1A1ooL 1940 lQ'7l it 1 1 uf, l"rc11cI1 Club S1J2l11iSIl Club ,., 4 Q,-1::77i3? L XLLr:.Cf3 ff: QQ will? L u.. '. AUM a!FTr?T.:if.,.-ff-f Y y . L xx , ,NX ,K ..,,f 931 THE GARNET AND GRAY A Book Preview The Girls' l'i'oplieey 'WVOMEN IN THE NEVVSH QLynton ck Lockhart, New York, 1950, 352 pp. 52.501 by Dorothy Penn. One of the most successful women authors of today is undoubtedly Dorothy Penn, who has just completed another of her entertaining books, called t'VVomen in the News." The book is written in a delightful manner and, curiously enough, contains the names of several members of the A.H.S. Graduating Class of 1940. Special mention is given to members of the athletic world who have recently dis- tinguished themselves admirably. Among the first is Hannelore Schoen, who has just won the A.A.U. trophy for aquaplaning. Miss Schocn was well known in A.H.S. for her executive ability as president of Alpha, and was ably assisted by Peggy Coogan, who is now wearing the green uniform of a nurse's aid in a metropolitan hospital. Mary Papp, who formerly held Miss Coogan's position, is conducting an advice-to-the-lovelorn column through a nation-wide syndicate. Miss Penn's friends in the world of music f also her associates at A.H. S.j include Mary Irloulihan, who is now conducting the Phila- delphia Philharmonic Orchestra, and jane Loy, who has just signed a 550,000 contract with the Metropolitan Opera Company. Our author, a lover of the drama and Galsworthy, is widely known for her asso- ciation with the theatre. She is an ardent first-nightcr and can be seen at almost any premiere accompanied by the one-time oomph girl of the silver screen, Mary Stude- baker. Miss Studebaker will never be for- gotten for her role as Scarlette O'Mara in "Gone with the Breeze," in which she was ably supported by Phyllis Van Burk as Aunt Kitty-Kat, and Dorothy Schnurr, as her old-inaid sister. Capable third vice-president at the VV OW studio, where the picture was made, is Helen Pantas. Another A. H. S. alumna living on the Pacific Coast and receiving much praise from our author is Alice Stewart, who is giving ALBANY HIGH SCHOOL 1940 lessons in oratory to young screen hopefuls. Recipient of the Dobel Prize for Scientific Achievement for the years 1939-1950, was Marilyn Bailey. Another up-and-coming young scientist is Rita DiGiovanni, who has produced a smasher to smash the atom- smasher. Mary Chu, professor of Futile Research at Podunk College, is zealously working on an experiment to make carbon dioxide into carbon di. Assistant Professor of Futile Research is Fanny Takas C perhaps she is trying to find a way to get rid of the printer's ink she acquired while typing Patroonsj. Ardent Pupil at Podunk taking her MSHI degree is Pearl Alpert. Teaching Advanced Geometry there is Nellie Pappas. Theresa Little, the Class of 1Q4O,S gift to the Red Cross, is mentioned as one of the outstanding women in the news for her noteworthy achievements in VVildest Africa, where she sold Red Cross buttons to the cannibals. Playing the tuba in the Salvation Army Band, a feat which has won her favorable criticism from our author, is none other than Peggy MCCHIIIIIIOII. Leader of District No. 72, in charge of passing the hat, is Betty Aarons. justine Savage, who last year married the wealthy 78-year-old Don Docke- feller, now contributes a healthy sum to the Salvation Army. At the Crying-out-Loud Hospital for the Mentally Deficient is top-niteli surgeon, Anita Zubres. Miss Penn recalls the times in A. H. S. when Dr. Zubres would pale at the sight or even mention of blood. Assist- ing Miss Zubres is Dorothy Fleishmann, who has the special task of applying the new psychological anesthetic, by vocal inter- polation. Assistant janitor at the hospital is Faith Coss, a Goucher Grad, who is highly commended by Miss Penn for her agility and aptitude in carrying simultaneously six glasses of water, while wearing six-inch heels. Miss Coss was married last year to a Iolms Hopkins sophomore. The author devotes an entire chapter to radio and what the women in the news have i991 lllllt it ivixffihgiw 1 i flu' 1 ,e. . f' 53321519.53 pa QL! f 5 contributed to its success. Radio's out- standing achievements have been aided and abetted by such A. H. S. alumnae as Frances Bakay, who is conducting the Cooking School of the Air, and Ada Applebaum, who plays the title role in that infinitely stirring drama, 'The O'Neills." Six-time winner of the Pot O' Silver program, featuring vocal- ists Shirley Kenneston and Pauline Cochran, is Margie Cveier. Miss Geier, a most philan- thropic individual, is said to be the donor of those famous red dog collars worn by the dogs at Mag Sehilling's dog hospital. Head nurse at the dog hospital, which Miss Schilling calls the 'ALonely Red-Heart Club," is jean Gilbert, who is assisted in her duties by Virginia Overman. Radio's Gift of Cab is Mildred Davis, who has been unanimously selected by radio fans as successor to Tizzy Lish, who has just retired on her social security. Vying for honors as Brenda and Cobina are Frances Danto and Ioan C-reenburg .... Ringing the chimes for Station W T Y H- KLOX is Margie McHale. Violinist for the station's sustaining programs is Maxine Killion. Ruth Bradley and Audrey Bamer are still messengers of the gods, having just con- cluded a decade of service delivering Patroons throughout A. H. S. fls the attrac- tion the new multigraph, or the old tC2lCllC1'?j . . . Still searching for an A. H. S. Dramatics Coach is Beatrice Baldes. Bea, who is almost self-selected for the job, is accompanied on the search by Bea Katzel. Headliners in the Sky: - Celebrated women fliers have selected Hazel Delehanty as President of the National Women Flyers' Association. Treasurer is Ethel Bass. First duty of the new president was to award a 513500 prize for parachute jumping to Lily Akullian. Runner-up in the contest was Friedcl Danzinger, who was offered a con- solation prize of 25 cents. jane Guyer, who won last year's world's speed flight, is now engaged in sewing name tapes on parachutes. The progress of television has brought many new personalities to the television screen. Among them is Elaine DeRouvillc, who is now premier danseuse for the Break- fast Club heard every morning. Angeline Serrino, who gives advice to young marrieds in her television studios, recently married Yehudi. "Who's Yehudi?" we asked. "That's what I keep asking them down at the office," answered Miss Serrino. Angie's sister has just changed her name from Sunda to Monda. Miss Penn offers in her concluding chapter a tribute to the outstanding woman painter of the day, and a woman who has more knowledge of the French language than Simone Simon-Marcia McAllister, who prepared for Yale at A. H. S. We can truthfully say that we enjoyed Miss Penn's new book immensely. Miss Penn has contributed another volume of unsurpassed entertainment. IEAN R. POSKANZER . 2 ,, tall jj jiooj THE GARNET AND GRAY at X' :ml Class Will YVHEREAS, The Class of ,4O acknowl- edges to be the most brilliant of all classes in our high school history, and XVHEREAS, The Class of ,41 is, in our opinion, composed of multituclinous heads with not a whole lot in YCITI- , XVHEREAS, YVC feel, somehow, we're expected at this time to leave more than mere memories of our brilliant minds behind: and XVI-IEREAS, WVe're such a generous crew, exceptions some allowing, we, the Class of 1940, do bequeath the following: VV e leave the Senior Class to be Safe in the arms of History C. And because we leave the class at all, Apologies to the Faculty. VVe also leave one Mimi Kreher Safe in the arms of Ccensored herej, And for the sake of Ioan Fitzgerald XVC leave lim Pigott behind next year. VVe leave any rookie deserving it, Hans Brosig's excellent marksmanship And because we feel he can use it well, Bud Tucker receives an eighth-period slip. 7 VVC leave any student able and willing. The typing skill of Maggie Schilling, And any Iunior of qualification President Williams' shoes for filling. Marion Barnet, a song for thee, "Oh, Dear, XVhat Ken the Matter Be?"g We leave the lovelorn of Albany High Bernie Kalnitzky's way with Bea. Cochran and Bradley, the inseparable two. Leave best wishes to all of you. fThey also leave the downstairs steps For any eighth-period rendezvous.j ALBANY HIGH SCHOOL 1940 VVe leave, by suggestion of Leon Mann, The Guidance Office a new divan, This, by suggestion of Treasurer Ott, To be purchased on the installment plan. To Dick Van Aernam, whom we know Can boost its sales, we leave G. O. Bill Vandenburg bequeaths his car To any who can make it go. To Messrs. Hunter and Carter, We bequeath, VV ith any thanks we may receive, Subscriptions to WOIll31l,S Home Coni- panion, A legacy we're proud to leave. The little man who's everywhere, Paul Meskil, leaves his ample share Of sportscoops, scandals, latest news, To be used by those who dare. The glamour girls of A. H. S., Geier, Loy, and all the rest, Leave all future glamour girls The formula of their success. XVhile David Hennessy departs Leaving a trail of broken hearts And "Lenny" Friedman to carry on Repairing all the broken parts. Memories of the Hjumpin' jive" "Makes you six foot tall when yon're five foot five." , The Lindy, Begin the Beguine, we leave To keep the jitterbugs alive. Lastly we leave to all of you, Now that the reading's almost through. The apologies of your testator, Sincerely feeling that they're due. The rhyme's been bad I'm sorry to say: XVe hope it hasn't spoiled your day. You've still one feather in your cap, The class has left you, anyway. MARY STUDEBAKER IO, ,X if l 101 l WP Barbarossa Red Cross yliwnkaa IIC?-J L .-. :',, :'X.:,::.1 w. Wm' 'E , H 3,33 'iiigk Lwxfnfv TI-IE GARNET AND GRAY Leaves from the Senior Tree by The Sap SEPTEMBER 11-StllClC11tS started for school on Monday and when they got there found it was "XVednesday Schedule," which reminded students of the confusion of classes and schedules that lay ahead. The first daily A. H. S. census showed a decrease of ZQS from last year's 1lLll1llJCI'-497 seniors-and that the elevenths outnum- bered the seniors. SEPTEMBER 15--'TBC seniors had, for the first. last, and only time, the highest banking average. It was only IQ per cent. SEPTEMBER 21-RCPOTT on banking published in the Patroon gave as a high room 307, the Patroon oiiice and no home- room. YVhat some people won't do for publicity! SEPTEMBER 27-G.O.'S went on sale and on the same day Mcskil lost his, num- ber 203. He didn't iind it. SEPTEIVIBER 30-A. H. S. football players reached for the Moon. Reason? They were beating Utica Free Academy, and U. F. A.'s left end was Moon. OCTOBER 6-Alpha "rushed" new members. Youngsters scared half to death and dancing in the gym-entirely feminine stag. whatever that is. OCTOBER 7-Band played at the New York YVorld's Fair. Made a hit with all connected, including the Governor. OCTOBER 25-English Department took time out to teach the students the school songs. By April 4, the night of the Faculty Banquet. the teachers had even forgotten the Alma Mater. Righterong? NOVEMBER 1-First portraits taken for GGG. Mrs. Hally returned as French instructor. NOVEMBER 7-First night-before pep meeting organized in the school took place. ALBANY HIGH SCHOOL 1Q4O NOVEMBER 8-The pep meeting worked. VVe beat C. B. A. as usual, with the old whitebrush, 8-0. NOVEMBER 15-Girls were without that familiar greeting, "Hi, Mag." 'tPop" Brennan left on a leave of absence until March 18. DECEMBER 7-One of the greatest senior days of the year. The Facility was tamed on the court by a team of mere seniors, 29-19! Coach Sutin showed the varsity boys, who were not allowed to play, how to score eleven points in one easy game. DECEMBER 8-Dick Cannon and his orchestra Hgave out" for 'Logia and Alpha as they held their dance together. Seven 'Logians attended as dancers-and six to work on balconies and cloakroom. DECEMBER 19-Sportswriter hieskil turned to "heavy" verse in writing his 'tChristmas Carol" thus: Hundreds killed in strike for raises, German cruiser blown to blazesg Mines exploding far and near, Baby drowns in papa's beer, Russians bomb the Finns-and then Peace on earth, good will toward men. IANUARY 2-'Logia entertained her honoraries by debating government aid to education. Aflirniative Larry Williams' team beat Martin Caplan's scrappers. IANUARY 3-Barbara Smith, an eleventh year, made the Patroon over into a three- column form that stuck for at least the rest of the year. IANUARY 9-At long last, the dramaties club got a coach. Frank Evans, not so long 2lgO a member, took over 'the reins of the club. IANUARY 17-26-Exams. On the 17, 18. and 19, school exams. The rest of the time Regents, dread of all students. i103 l Qizzlllulllfib Wax? Ski Club Latin Club 'Q '- '- 95' W 5:3 IW D041 THE GARNET AND GRAY Aw IANUARY 23-GICII Cunningham spoke in auditorium. All liked him and his speech. FEBRUARY 14-HA Lost Elevator" was in the auditorium. A Dramaties Club presentation and it was worthy of pro- duction. FEBRUARY 28-SCICIICC Club audi- torium program. Irving Marin proved some- thing can't go in one ear and o11t the other. MARCH 6-Iesters got in the well-known '4groove" and swung their Swing Session with help of vocalists and some student radio "performers" MARCH 8--Happy day in the 'Logia camp. 'Doxia's highly touted team knocked off easily, 27-13. MARCH 1 2-F ive of last yearIs honoraries returned for Sig1na's annual affair. Two of the guests were the presidents of last season. APRIL 2-Alpha honored its honoraries with the usual play, songs, talks, and selections. APRIL 4-Our Fac11lty held a dinner and closed "singing" the Alma Mater. VVas it as bad as we think? Or rather, could it be? APRIL 8-'Doxia warmed up for Boys' Day, debating automobile insurance among themselves for the benefit of past members. APRIL 12-,DOXI21 and Sigma danced with Nick Carey and Company in a Hawaiian Soiree. ALBANH HIGH SCHOOL 1Q4O APRIL 15-CARNE1' AND Cam' deadline met. All the jokes, cracks, and articles ferment from here until Class Day. MAY 1-All 'Logians and 'Doxians, Faculty members and blondes sported ear- nations for Boys' Day. MAY 15-C2lfIl2ltIOlIS again bloom in school. This time Alpha and Sigma sport the posies and the boys beg them. It's Girls' Day. MAY 18-Alpha-Sigma spread. Don't know a thing about it. MAY 24-Latest Four-Society Dance in years, but it was held anyway. MAY 31-Seniors competed for speaking prizes in annual contest. Congratulations to the winner! IUNE 7-Seniors heard their past, future, and will as class day was held. Then every- one settled down to get ready to throw old man Regents later in the month. IUNE 17-21-"It was a great light, hla. VVe're glad we won." The battle was with uBruiser" Regents. Much ado about nothing. IUNE 2.1-SCIIIOTS bring the Hone" for them and hop over to the Aurania Club for the Annual Senior Ball. VVhat a relief after those exams! IUNE 26-Thirteen years and this is the end. Proud mamas and papas watch junior get a sheepskin and listen to speeches as the Class of '40, Albany High School, sets out to make its mark on the world. ' 11051 mm' faq- 3 'fkafif 1. A 6'3M Autographs ' JM.-fp! gif " V05-J " 2 L WW- um., Jf,.,.,,.,,..,,44,,- pf!! ' "VI W XN ,vofvlql 'S3'TAA.C,QE-imma.,-Q. aw! 6-f44f7f"f'?L'v 9 'Hl WA, 6. gf. XQ"""o'J'f5'7Q W" ll WMWWK 2 - 5 AJVEPIISBIIIBIIIS Qi? Q egg QWVQmffi7xg mi UK S X ff f XA I G?4?vj'?k X, wr Q, 'Y- X E x ,, X E J F, E5 - ,, - re: 'L 'J S-E . ' LJ I Q i E1 1 543' ' 5 E I if M L .. R llllilllllllllllll IIMIXIIIIIIIIIII Q -Q4 viii: 1 gf M 'Xl 'Wi r H V x ge f A ' ' I g n i'-: sw- u N C, i b - I :WJ I 'T in ,ft '7 qv! 'A Q , A !,f-P fl xg ' I yahipbzx "Z Q f' 'A 'IW' 'W f ' f "VW, MW ' fy ' 1 I f f a , M f, '- f 3, f ff v 7 f ff! ' 'WI IM x '- ' 4 J A ' A ' u ff in ilvil THE CLEASON COMPANY, lNC. Q20 llflanolacturing Jewelers anrl Stationers Ollicial Class Ring lewelers To Albany High School. Engraved Commencement Announcements, Cups, Medals, Trophies and Class Pins. Special Order Work. lewelry Repairing, iii' 683 BROADWAY ALBANY, N. Y IVIILDRED ELLEY PRIVATE BUSINESS SCHOOL EXCLUSIVELY Fon GIRLS The Select School of the Capital District Registered by New York State Board of Regents Trains Iligh School Graduates For SUCCESS in Business Graduates are helped to secure good positions 470 POSITIONS secured in 1939 Secretarial and Business Courses including Business Machines TRAINING IN PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT Send for Catalog 227-229 QUAIL STREET, ALBANY, N. Y. Telephone 2-1694 SUMMER SESSION starts Iuly 8 FALL SESSION starts September 3 109 Photographs by THE FRUIVIKIN STUDIO 52 NORTH PEARL STREET ALBANY, NEW YORK Q2?3 Offlcial Photograpllers GARNET AND GRAY '35 1'37 '738 V739 1'40 PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY f? MOTION PICTURES ' " ' ' ' xxr - ,-3,53-Lg, L, -- ..... . , A h,:,- ,S-Mlm. ,Q -1.-H.- - -3- ,-.f..,. .. ..,.. A. ..x. ,.. . 5 -, ,, -if-,. - -.D-gr? .. .,. . , v . , ' .f ,.,.,., ,. muh v .. a nn, . M il. fn' 'HQ' , - ,,7ff.'.' . ., -vhx. nf .. - -7 ., ,,, "X ::,: gf: 1 - 1 nl" 11- fm.. . ' fr '-+2-1 'r-E :.--...sqm-.+. Y- ' af.-..',.ff1-..-,Q -.1 - - mr, w.r:v"f'-vvfv ' ' 1- ' 'f"'1a:-'-, - 4' ff.--: , . 1,-P' , 'T!?f4fvr'P?m: in-'4'Pf'Fff'1i4f"'4FE':Eff-'-L"4'F"1 9'6" A 'am Q -' ,,: -I .--4.---'-,f .: u ' k....:wf.,Q" ms. 1.,--....,..,.'-..-r,- g" , - -wah-nur-N , , .. Xa.:-..- 7- . '-fa' V- V ,f f if ,f-:N Q?1-in-1' '34-1- ' . I 9- '-1- . ' 14-1i,g-ix? B -.f. f . . ., ig: V , f gn- , 'fig 'jg f fy Mir .. , .. 1 , ,,. . V- .-W . .. f : ...- b .rf I Af- ff. ". P ef! - 15 . -' H-' :"',-VT-',kiA3:5g7:.'.r , mv -f, -1, ' ggi. 5 3.9 Q. A -- fi 513' 4" gf .V 5-13- +L-rigid I A 11 'j3Q"':I 1: ' I f fi F FEE: 1:5 . WW" -, i Y. ,w ff H "' Z I I , ,,,, 4 'iff ., h'gE,4' f l '. I ' " f'7lVHilf'.i,7.' VI4 'V W E! I ,z fQffE5. f , ' f Ffgagl 47 f 'WW "' w'3 F ' ' manual , Jffiff' :nt milf frm' - 1. ir rl .,. '- Ei! v n u L, Y g nl , hy? .. F I2 J I if me! 'U' Q 5 4 I f f 1 ' 1 - if A l v rj ' I X' ll ll I A gg sd' ' Q g f' F1 Q FA A 1 H: 1- , , , 1 , - - . L Q. 1, i A 1 7 , ff iw ll I - rr IWYI ,mfyfl in F ,iii-W V J, i 1' f I A ,g.'X XA ww . V F' ff 'I 3 gf , Af "ugh X, 1 X 4 W 'gas Z 7 3225" ' lf, zj' T 1 J-E - ffsf rf If- if : I ' ig 'ix 'Q I 'ggi I 1 'ii ' r E rl Q A - A Ulf? ,, I - . gr ENB: A , T ,a ' I r L 4, ML-, A .f 'Y 'A' ,,5,m-.2 1 " 1'lf" ' - f ' " if Q .. 1armcSa rsmB ' 'W my 'Q .. - ,i'1-' T?1- 5- a'? i.: A 2 1' fl. +5111 5' - Q :gl--if , VIFZIIEFFM ', . ' A ' 35:4 1. TS A y ,Ai V ' , ,' mf ffl? 4 - :' ' ya K ,.' vi 5 W f W' Xu r Q' 'I ' 'I M ' ' 4' Q., .7 G V K 5 .Elf-fi- -' N ' ff A . ' 'fy' ' - 11' - X ' ' ' ' 5 : ., X 2 'K' 1 , Ni 'T f U 1 1 ,Q ,MM f P I ' 'N -H, tl V, vga!"-' 'KJKV - E fi ' . W. -Aifk rf' .N ,.. , ' ' -' - L ' "' -ae." ' .-.1 'V "" , -' , '7 ,:1 - ,- g:vH""'x"' I - w if A P KX. , , X i f ' , P TA I ' 6.51 1 V243 -H Lang Kuiineu 6011272 r Iilll ALBANY HARDWARE 81 IRON CU. 39-43 STATE STREET - PHONE 4-3154 - 66Complete Sports Equipment 7' - Outfitters for all sports - specializing in Hne equipment for schools and colleges - and priced consistently. Golf and Tennis Supplies, Base Ball Equipment, Guns, Fishing Tackle, Camp Equipment, Archery, Croquet, Bicycles, VVheel Goods, Kodaks, Cinc' Kodaks, Movie Projectors, Parker Pens and Pencils, Sports Clothing Old Town Canoes and Boats Evinrude Outboard Motors Compliments of The THETA ALPHA and THETA SIGMA Literary Societies JOHNNY EVERS COMPANY SPORTING GOODS EQUIPMENT FOR ALL SPORTS 140 STATE STREET, ALBANY, NEXV YORK PIIONE 3-0040 SEE IIIX-IMIE'S NEW BARBER SHOP City and County Bank Building ILTNTRANCE ON STATE OR LIOXVARD STREET BURGESS SHOE SHOP 26 NTAIDEN LANE III the Broadway Arcade Building ALBANY, N. Y. X-Ray Fitting Compliinents of SALVATION ARMY 20 CLIN'l'ON AVENUE 452 CLINTON AVENUE Steqfel says: Smart Apparel for Men, XVOITICII and Boys 80-82 STATE STREET ALBANY, N. Y. Phone 3-2 1 1 8 PINE HILLS PLAYDIUM ONTARIO STREET-PARK AVENUE TO VVARREN STRE1:'I' The Bowling Sllow Place Of America 7 70612 5 l ACROSS FROINI SCHOOL XVESTERN BEEF HOUSE O6 IIUDSON AVENUE Phone 4-0139 , A uddell 4' f V ISTRIBUIING C0. I ARMY 81 NAVY STORE Q0 South Pearl Street Sporting goods of all lcincls OPEN EVENINGS Plione 5-0765 We say: VVIIV not spend a few pleasant I1lOIllClIfS at-- PE'li'ER'S CONFECTIONERY, INC. 54 NOR'I'II PEARI.. STREET IDEAL FOOD STORE Free Delivery 143 XVESTERN AVENUE 5-2341 T11 .JAIIIIIAL , .Lmiiifsm ,JA.ipliA, in X INTERNATIONAL. X INTERNATIONAL-A X INIERNATIONALX X INTERNATIONAL' VWV VWY vyv MOTOR TRUCKS FOR Power ' Performance ' Speed -Appearance ' Economy INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER COMPANY, INC. CENTRAL DAIRY V ITAINIIN D LIOIXIOCENIZED PASTEURIZED MILK AND CREAM CHOCOLATE IVIILK - - - ORANCEADE Telephone 8-2028 7 05 61' 5 Ice Cream Sold Exclusively III Albany High School Cafeteria XVith Cornpliinents of VAN HEUSEN CHARLES THE VAN HEUSEN CHARLES CO. ALBANY, NEXV YORK There certainly is a lot of satisfaction in knowing that your Milk, Cream - yes, Eggs El11Cl Butter, too-come from BORDEN BOULEVARD and a lot of extra value also, because Borden Boulevard purity, richness a1Id depend- ability guarantee greater food value. For Service, Telephone 4-4158 REINERIS MILLINERY UVVhere thc smart girls buy their hats" Phone 4-5019 ALBANY TYPEVVRITER COMPANY ALL IXIAKES SOLD, RENTED AND REPAIRIED 60 SoU'1'II PEARL S'I'IiI3I3'I' ALBANY, N. Y. 63 MAIDEN LANE ALBANY, N. Y. Free Delivery Dial 2-0814 FRED SLEASMAN Choice Meats and Fancy Poultry XVest Lawrence Market 232 VVESI' LAWRENCE S'I'I1EI5'I' Cornplimeiits of TEN EYCK HOTEL 11411 1 Q 0 H I C I Hojglglnnn ' sqm, u uunn,, ,Q f . 5 e I 'Q' 'Im umm WN 3 Ilavc you tried the new flavored FRO-IOY ' ICE CREAM and our CREAM-CREST l IIOMOCENIZED GRADE UA" VITA- MIN "D" MILK? After Iunc-you are on your own-You will succeed in life "IF YCU THINK." Automobile necessities are deserving of deep thinking-Visit 296 Central Ave. and let us help you on your purchases. FIRESTONE AUTO SUPPLY 81 SERVICE STORES D Phone 4-O171 ALBANY l "Insurance NVith Life In It" y XVILLIAIXI I. lVlANNES Insurance Counsellor Miracle Food Market I r 1 7 f 7 r I y IXLB lorux LnL INSURANCL Co. 241 VVEST LAWRENCE STREET 11101103 35654-7-'7165 GH Madison Avenue 1807 90 S'1'A'1'1a S'1'RIf:1-:'1' ALBANY Contracts issued from date of birth to sixty-Eve years of age. Albany, New York wagafs lee Cream MQMAN US 81 RILEY "Correct Attire for Gentlemen and Boys" 49-51 S'1'A'1'E S'1'RB:B'1' ALBANY, N. Y. y JOHN B. HAUF, Inc. "The House of Quality" FINE FURNITURE AND RUCS Easy Budget Payments 17g CENTRAL AVE. ALBANY, N. Y. NOIH1H11,S Kill Farm Dairy Co. Golden Guernsey lllillc Velvet Ice Cream IHS Complimciits of A FRIEND Compliments of The PHILODOXIA and PI-IILOLOGIA Literary Societies Wherever yo go ' CLASS OF '40 DRINK Q0tW M YOU CAN STILL ENIOY TIIL: BENEFITS OF G. 0. X RY QV! I I "-' 'A I BUY AN ALUININI 'l'ICKI-YI' ILLXI 116 ix S 7' f W , I QM ff!! L X X f I l lllf mf v Af' Zgffg, 7 ' Q V L A K X V5 Q ' . W I mmm mw mfw f2 1 ' .1 , Ii W HLKMI, J ff N Sims? If f f 7 QQ: W I EEE? RWM' ll X X4 I f 'Z ' ..,, ,I C53 mi ' ,CeEf'lw' "' ' Wi 4?-E.J:Ei?XqkbgQEmIT?n,"i1x V 3 W f K wl!.QL fQx FQ if fy J' fix' X! ,V X NX. X. .N ' s N, SH : N " 'I I 'n 1 : 155 Ill r,. E WWW! WW . I s I . H : . : E. : 1: . I I I ,. I i 'I u i HF' E I . I I . l l 5 e H 1 l . . H ll lx WM u 'TF N h N E 5: N E ,S-1 QQ" I 1 f 1 Y ii? c 9 Fx 6 MW W , X W F' xxx x 1 ., r V 1 at X-Nigv X, QSQX' ' Q - Tx. N 'V , L. Ab dx-- why url Q ER I1 Fl ,- X '1 Q fl E f f 1 f 'H VA N 'il ::.----5 i- . XX "5-""" :I , . . U .. F J, X E2 A W . gu i? V IFE WUI W -A . , 1, E , W ,- 3- E Ei Q fm za 42 fx V X xy: , MA "f:111fk12'?a1,2-f,,,. . ' ,Mita L '1 X-L Panfaloon Progress 1 l 1 ,llflllw nu 1686 - 194 0 W xx +85

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