Albany High School - Prisms Yearbook (Albany, NY)

 - Class of 1930

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Albany High School - Prisms Yearbook (Albany, NY) online yearbook collection, 1930 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 164 of the 1930 volume:

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I ifCIGRa6n1uV11lV1n1f1Q'M dmlllmlxddlf flGff1lV0aUnYrPe I To ZLIISS ELLA J. GRAIIAIILI True exponent of that art ufhirh is power, The art which Iifves and breathes, And in her sense of honor and of rieht Lives the true might of Hnoblesse oblige." ir. glIy,,, .E 4 MQPBMIUD Ib QIOQWJQJOZJQJOKJQJOKJFWQSDFWOKDFYOKDCWOKD Foreword V GRADUATION-a turning point in life after four years in high schoolg a com- plete change for some, for others more years in the pursuit of knowledge at higher institu- tions. Whatever the future haswe shall be wont to recall our friendships and activities passed in the Albany High School. May this Garnet and Gray serve for the class of 1930 as a record of its members and a medium for pleasant recollections. QI'0-0'DQJOfDQJO'fDQl'0fD6N0'S.9G5'0'kDGNf0k9G'Sf0fkD f 4' b l 41 GG? aGl11lk'01lV1l1CIE'l dgllllmllilfm flQff1lraaUl1Y i? I E -5412312 as-I 7Illf!9D155llUDX fe X L x 1 ixs f 4355 . -N . . sw V. . Wifif 5 - - X X 1 Q5 S A. . Q- . Na -... .:f a - Q 5 ii Eiiffhz Q Q, 'J' . aw ' 14,3 W ,Q M ,S sf W1 'dk Ss 5 z- QM. . K x ' 1 gm. , , I in I J I fl ClGf1aBl11lP1lHuflE'IE abullfllmndll GGFHIVBIQUILYY jf M 1 41512 41tfLCJlE3islUbIb The Faculty HARRY E. PRATT, Principal JAMES E. GI.AvIN, Acting Principal DEPARTMENT or ENGLISH Ray Cecil Carter, Head of Department Less H. Brown, First Assistant Anna Austin Brown Rose E. Fisher Mary F. Gilligan Agnes D. Dennin Marion F. Dodds Leila G. Lewis Florence B. Todd May I. Thayer Grace Kelly DEPAR'l'M E NT OF lVlA'l'HEMA'l'ICS James E. Glavin, Head of Department Ella M. McCall Helen Alcott Rebecca G. McLaughlin Marie D. Lyons Annie A. Bovie Charlotte Abrams Edith H. Talmadge DEPARTMENT OF ROMANCE Glenn M. Davis, Head of Department Mildred M. Anderson Martha F. Kinnear Dorothy A. Roberts Mary VVhaley Loretta Blanchiield Arthur Hatch DEPARTMENT or GERMAN Frederick Mueller, Head of Department Florence W. Horne DEPARTMENT or LATIN Lena B. Salisbury Myrtle Keymel Julia A. Thompson LANGUAGES DEPARTMENT or COMMERCE Chester J. Terrill, Head of Department Edwin B. Piper, First Assistant in Commercial Mathematics Arnost Sukovaty, First Assistant Catherine A. Flanigan Louise Bacher Susie M. Van Auken Mabel Wood Henrietta Haley Mary M. Kinsella Georgia P. Noble john B. Sloat Monica Bambrick Catherine Kepner Charles Harbordt DEPARTMENT or ART Ella J. Graham, Head Teacher of Drawing Florence V. Merritt Grace Wierman DEPARTMENT or MUSIC George Edgar Oliver Frank B. Bailey DEPARTMENT or PHYSICAL EDUCATION james A. Freeman, Head of Department Margaret C. Ward, Director of Physical Education for Girls Emily Belding Catherine Murphy John Dobris Benjamin Becker DEPARTMENT or SCIENCE Bryan O. Burgin, Head of Department W. Earle Sutherland, First Assistant in Physics Alice M. Adams Edward Thompson Alma Dolan Fifteen 4 5 1 A il Clfilonnraunuaoi toumudl GG7fnrfweuYfP DEPARTMENT or HISTORY Stanley E. Heason, Head of Department Philip T. Proper Frances A. Van Santford Helen B. Shepherd Erna M. Baer Adda R. Wemple Mary E. Bradt DEPARTMENT or PUBLIC AND DRAMATICS Ray Cecil Carter, Supervisor john A. Howe, Director Eleanor M. White, Assixtant 'Director SPEAKING QI'0fD LIBRARY Celia M. Houghton, Librarian Margaret Gallagher Alice Carney Delphine Tedford Eleanor Ostrander OFFICE Eleanor M. White, Chief Clerk Anna Kaufman Blanche M. Russell HEAL1'H TEACHER Statia A. Freel fx IQFSIEH-,E E: Faculty Notes DR. HARRY E. PRATT, Principal, who had returned to us after a long illness, again was forced to hand the reins of office over to james E. Glavin, Assistant Principal. The following teachers have been added to the Commercial Department: Miss Monica Bambrick, a graduate of New York University, Miss Catherine Kepner, of the University of Pennsylvania, and Mr. Charles Harbordt, of Hamilton University. Mr. Isadore Yavits, former Head of Department of Physical Education, has been promoted to the position of Director of Physical Education for the Albany schools. Mr. Freeman, one of Mr. Yavits' assistants, has beeen promoted to headship of the department. Miss Catherine Murphy, Mr. John Dobris, and Mr. Benjamin Becker have been added to the Gym Department. Miss Statia A. Freel became the school nurse in January when Miss Malvina McCormack, former nurse, was transferred to Schools I8 and 23, and the Boys' Vocational School. Mr. Arthur D. Burns, former First Assistant to Mr. Burgin in Chemistry, has been ap- pointed to the principalship of School 24. Edward Thompson, a senior in the State College for Teachers, is substituting in the Science Department. Miss Eleanor Ostrander, of State College, and Miss Delphine Tedford, of Wesleyan Uni- versity, have been added to the Library stall. Miss Charlotte Abrams is assisting in the Mathematics Department. Sixleen Clfllhmn WG' S lllligg gl I I I ' ' front 9 o mom e we .. 5 , ' JIUIJFU 6174 I OF' Imlmmll -41431 a5n1llf01lUlulE'll abnnrlnadl 4lE5if1ummf PM QU? flll99lP3lflUD Ib Senior Class Poem Let us be glad of life, As we rejoice in youth, Springtime and song. When we go forth to meet Fate in her varying moods, Let us be strong. Fear not the passing years, All shall remain for us A vision clear. Deep in our memories These joys shall live again, Each year more dear. Lord, to our soaring hopes, Lord, to our cherished dreams, Grant this one thing: That which is true in life, So that our souls may grow, And our hearts sing. MARY E. FINCH, I,'la.vs Poet Nineteen 4 P ' be GER aol1l!'01lUuflQ'lL fonnnd! 4lf5?f1nmamf D Senior Class History HISTORY is a record of what man has doneg there being no men in the Class of I930, to Mr. Carter's way of thinking, but only female women, we ought to lay down our pen where we picked it up, whereby humanity and our indolent instincts would be greatly benefited. However, finding it necessary to write something so that Dick Blocksidge may publish that book of his, we must start by saying that we will not give reasons, provisions, and results, and will not begin each presidential administration on a new page, outlining domestic and foreign affairs QPage Miss Baerl. President Fussell has too many domestic troubles to bother with for- eigners. Any criticism of our method will be welcome. Sign your name to it and put it in the basket under your desk. Mr. Hutson objects so to our cluttering up the floors of 104 with such stuff! We verdant freshmen, the last Albany High will ever see, came and went to school in the afternoon session, said lots and knew nothing about the way the school was run. Only a few distinct impressions remain from that hazy time gone by, among them a debate, our first, in Miss Gilligan's class. The question was "Resolved: That Ivanhoe struck before the Black Knight," and, the contention of the negative being that the book says they both struck at the same time, it was decided that Ivanhoe could not have won the war. The roster included the names of such luminaries as Grenfell N. Rand, William Barnet II, Robert Stern, and Bertram Kaye. How sad that the Boys' Day committees have all passed over this important subject! Another fond memory is of Miss Courneen's crack biology class, after which experience they ceased to teach biology in Albany High. We wonder why? Well, soon we became exalted sophomores. Almost nothing happened that year, except that we had a cafeteria, which was an excellent way of starting trouble. It was our honor to break the first dish, something we shall always remember to tell to our grandchildren. Marion Melan- son won the Mary Morgan prize that year, imitating Max Isenbergh, who had performed the same feat the year before. And then we were juniors. What a glorious feeling! The school began to have new in- terest for us. We won the state championship, and Dr. Pratt came back to school. And that debate class! If only we could have utilized the gas which was generated in 104 that year, much of it, we regret to say, being admonitions as to the intolerable nature of our conduct by our esteemed and worthy professor, we might have saved money on the cafeteria gas bill. And there came to us that year a new creature known as a sophomore, but such a sophomore as no one had ever seen before. He stalked our corridors, sneering at our long established institutions, and, which was much worse, detracting from our precious prestige flovely alliteration, thatj. But we put up with it. And now they are juniors, and must in their turn feel the pangs of doubled-barrelled repression. We organized that year, under the able leadership of George Brown. It must be said that the most important accomplishment of the term was the election of the senior class officers, except for a perfectly marvelous Junior Day. But then after a four-year wait we arrived. We were seniors, and what a surprise! What could we do, when tyrannized by two generations of bullies afflicted with junior highitis, but rest on our laurels, if any, and rule like a lion shorn of his claws? And this we did, reigning by the grace of God, winning theoretical victories, and aching in our hearts to be sophomores again. Under the guiding hand of President Fussell the class of '30 went dashing through the senior year with great success. There was a senior gym frolic, and a senior dance, and other senior functions, probably mentioned in a "recent survey conducted by The Palroonf' And so we look back on these four years of our life, not entirely with joy, for we are leaving soon, but with a certainty that they were not spent in vain. The events have crowded themselves upon each other in a way which passes all comprehension. Our course has not been easy, and has been less so for those who have guided and helped us, but possibly, as any long- suffering faculty member will tell you, "the worst is yet to come." And the Class of 1930 hopes that others may benefit as it has benefited, and that the spirit with which the Albany High School has imbued this class, may continue in the hearts of its members forever. And with them go the best wishes of EDWARD S. DEEVEY, JR., Class Historian. T evenly ' fx l f pf Q14 il 1ll1QP3'MIUD js The Senior Class OHilk!'l'S RENDLE FL'ssELL NIARGARET RIIELKE . JANE MENSELI. . KENNETH N.ASHCJI,lJS JAMES INGRAM . . Clan' Day Offirwzv FRANCES ALEXANDER . EDVVARD DEEVEY BETTY FINCH . JAMES INGRAM RAY CECIL CARTER, 4'1d'lliJl7' . Presidrnt Vin'-P1'1'5i1lUrzt . S4'1'rr'l11ry . Trmsurz'r J Izzrshal . PlA0f7llf,f . llistorimz Port . Tzfsmfor Tfwrnly-one a ini gf lb 41CIGI1olnP1unuaQ'tL ablulfllmtll flQlr1lV'JaUl1Y ?+'f +e' +22 I I ALICE ADAMS l 876 Mercer Street Ag Basketballg A. A. "Fashioned so slenderly, Young and so fair." FRANCES ALEXANDER 960 Madison Avenue A. A. "In joys, in grief, in triumphs, in retreat Great alfways without aiming to be great." JEAN ALEXANDER x 35 Manning Boulevard Entered from New Rochelle High School Czj 5 Ag Civic Clubg French Clubg A. A. "I will helie-'ue thou hast a mind that suits With this fair and outfward rharacterf' HANNAH ALPERIN 714 Myrtle Avenue CEQ Theta Sigmag Chapel Exercisesg Gym Exhibitiong French Clubg A. A. "If knowledge he the mark, to knofw thee shall suyficef' LEON AMSEL Voorheesville, New York CEg A. A.g French Clubg Science Club: Treasurerg Track. "Charms strikes the spirit, but merit fwins the soul." ERNEST ANDERSON Stop 25, Schenectady Road CEQ French Clubg A. A. "Content thyself to be obseurely great." T fwenly-two Q ,bi E- CEg Theta Sigma: Pres., Corr. Sec'y., Reporter, ISK Junior Ed.: Christmas Publicg Traffic Squadg Civic Clubg Forum: Reporterg Spanish Club: Sec'y., Criticg Girl Reserves: Pres., Criticg GAR- NET AND GRAY: Subscription, Record Com.g Senior Motto Com.g QQIQDBGODQD RAYMOND E. ANKER 27 Jeannette Street CE: Philodoxia: Treasurerg French Clubg Glee Club, A. A.g Gym Exhibitiong Track, Fencing. "When my fare is fair, you will perceive whether I blush or no." ROBERT A. ARNOT 144 Hudson Avenue Entered from Ravena High School C255 Cg A. A. "Men of fefw fwords are the hes! men." ALEXANDER ASWAD 62 Alexander Street Ag Dramatics Association, Freshman Playg Forum, Barbar- ossag Track, Baseball. ".-I man he seems of cheerful yesterdays, 14nd tonhdent iomorro-ws." EVELYN AUERBACH 263 So. Pearl Street Cg Commerce Clubg A. A.g Basketball, Track, Swimming, Hockey. "She 'was adifve, stirring, all aglofwf' PHILIP AUERBACH 124, Winthrop Avenue CEg Gym Exhibition, Football, Trackg A. A. "Politeness is to goodness what 'words are to thoughts." MOLLY AXELROD 136 Northern Boulevard CEQ Glee Clubg French Clubg Interclass Basketball, Track. "Ever curious to know what, .ind then to lznofw -what for." Twenty-three qffjy ' 'I 'E 4QGE5Roin1a1unnae'iL aEll1lIWl1clEll ClBlr1IV'UaE'JllYiP 1 1 1 Tfwenty-four DANIEL AYERS 280 Livingston Avenue C5 Commerce Club, A. A., Gym Exhibitiong Track: Capt C4,J, Penn. Relay Team f3-45g Cross Country: Capt. Q35 Hockey, Skating, Interclass Basketball. l "Running has become a sport, exalted through the ages." WILLIAM H. BALDWIN, JR. 185 Kent Street CEQ Philologiag A. A., Hi-YQ Football Basketball Baseball l ! I Soccer. "Unconquer'd yet, in that forlorn estate H1s manly courage o-'uercame his fate." WILLIAM BARELSKY 174. Delaware Avenue CE, Barbarossag A. A., Basketball, Baseball. "A life in ci-vie action swarm, A soul on htghest mtsszon sent." WILLIAM BARNET, 2ND I23 So. Lake Avenue CEQ Philologia: Pres., Vice-Pres., Critic, Sr. Marshal, Hon. Night Debate, Boys' Day Teamg Christmas Public, Forensic League: Vice-Pres.g Hudson, Saratoga, Debates, GARNET AND GRAY: Business Managerg A. A. "Business dispatehed is business well done." CARMEN C. BARREA 65 Jefferson Street CEQ Traffic Squadg Spanish Clubg Orchestrag A. A.g Track, Hockey, Soccer, Interclass Basketball. "His smile is sweetened by his gra-vity." FRANK BARTLETT I4I Livingston Avenue Ag Trafhc Squadg Hi-Yg A. A.g Cross Country, Interclass Basketball. "A mind not to he changed by plate or time." 4 P E 4Q1llf!9D15MlODbi A E me ELEANOR BARTLEY 72 Bassett Street CQ Commerce Clubg French Club. "Sha slnilcs, and nnilfx, and fwill no! sigh." KENNETH BATCHELDER Stop 27, Schenectady Road Ag Barharossag A. A.: Gym Exhibition. "llc, binding nafurf fast in -fate, Lrff ronxrzfnrv frfe, and fwlllf' ' ALEX J. BATES, JR. 96 So. Swan Street Ag Glee Clubg Traffic Squadg A. A.g Gym Exhibition. "Read, mark, learn, and infwardly dige.sf." Lois BENJAMIN 695 Hudson Avenue CE, Theta Sigma: Treasurer, Assistant Corresponding Secre- ' taryg Dramatics Associationg Playsg French Club, Girl Reservesg Forumg Science Cluhg Glee Clubg Orchestrag Chapel Exercisesg ' Christmas Public, PATROONQ A. A.g Gym Exhibition, Swimming. "S!ilI the fwonder grefw That one small hfad should carry all she k7llf1U.H HELENE E. BLAIR 81 Livingston Avenue Ag Theta Alphag Barharossa. "Fill'd fwilh lhe sense of age, the fire of youth, .4 scorn of fwrangling, yet a zeal for iru1h." EDSON BLANCHARD 855 Manning Boulevard Academic. "XI few sirong instinffs and a fefw plain rules." ! v Tfwvn! y- fifve . 4 57 E ,- 1 js -ZXIEB1 rotunemunniuet, ronmndl C161 norms fb Ei RICHARD J. BLOCKSIDGE 396 Morris Street CE, Philologia: President, Critic, Historian, Chairman Hono- rary Night Debate, Colgate Glee Club Committee, Christmas Public, Supper Club, Forensic League, Poughkeesie Debate, GARNET AND GRAY: Editor-in-Chief, A. A. "He had a head to contrifve, a tongue to persuade, and a hand to execute." HILDA W. BOOKHEIM 637 Myrtle Avenue CE, Theta Sigma, Dramatics Association: Publicity Mgr. Three One-Act Plays, Chapel Exercises, Civic Club: Treasurer, Barbarossa: Reporter, Junior Editor, Constitutional Com. Junior Class, PATROON: Reporter, GARNET AND GRAY: Advertising Comm., A. A., Swimming, Hockey. "Perse1veranre keeps honor bright." ALICE M. BOUDEY 367 Orange Street C, Theta Alpha, Barbarossa. "Kind hearts are more than coronets, And simple fazth than Norman blood." DAVID BRAY 269 Clinton Avenue CE, French Club, Science Club, A. A., Track. "Life is not too short, but there is alfways time for others." HELEN BROOKS 75 No. Main Avenue CE, Theta Sigma: Hon. Night, Glee Club, Traffic Squad, Student Council. "So sfweel a face, such angel grace, In all that land had newer been." WILLIAM BROOKS 419 Western Avenue CE, Philodoxia, Orchestra, Track. "Moderation in all things." T twenty-six C' E--L . X , fx 41 lll9l BMUD Ib KATHRYN BROWER 284. Sheridan Avenue CE, Theta Sigma: Marshal, Assistant Corresponding Secre- tary, Recording Secretary, Dramatics Association, Plays, Chapel Exercisesg Forumg French Clubg A. A., Swimming. "Clear-sighted reason, fwlsdo1n's judgment leads, .-Ind sense, her fvassal, in her footsteps treads." GEORGE R. BROWN 36 Garfield Place CE, Philodoxia: Critic, Sec., Hononary Night, Dramatics As- sociation: Stage Mgr., Publicity Director, One-act Playsg Chapel Exercises, Christmas Public, Trafl-ic Squadg Forensic League, Poughkeepsie Debate, Barbarossa: V. Pres., Treas., Pres. Junior Class, PATRooN: Editor, fiARNE'l' ,wo GRAY: Rec. Committee, A. A. "A great man has been among us." MARY BROVVNSTEIN 69 Third Avenue C, Commerce Clubg French Club. "Hope eould nefuer hope foo much In waiehtng thee from hour to hour." OTTO BRUINS 52 Delaware Avenue CE, Trallic Squad. "Strong in will To strive, to seek, to hnd, and not to yield." ISABEL BRUNET , 475 Washington Avenue C3 Theta Alpha: Vice President, Critic, Art Chapter, Com- merce Clubg A. A.g Gym Exhibition, Hockey. "She was made for happy thoughts, For playful fwzt and laughter." REGINALD BUCKLES 3:8 Quail Street A.g A. A., Gym Exhibition, Hi-Yg Football, Basketball, Base- ball, Capt. Soccer. "The countenance is the portrait of the soul." l l l Twenty-sewn S if GER t1Hlllli'L'lll'lllClQ'Ui qnniunuadl Clfoif1leaGliYiPQ T-wenty-eight HARRY BURICK IO Hampton Street Ag French Clubg A. A. "So much to do, so little' done." GERALDINE CADOO 564. VVashington Avenue CEQ French Clubg Girl Reservesg A. A. "Thy rose-lips and full blue eyes Take the heart from out my breast." HENRY E. CAPLAN 28 jefferson Street CEQ Traffic Squadg French Club: Christmas Play, Petit Jour- nal Com., French Matineeg A. A.g Gym Exhibition. "He is a swell-made man who has a good determination." CATHERINE CARTER 55 Spencer Street CEQ Glee Clubg Gym Exhibitiong French Club. "Not stepping o'er the bounds of modesty." DONALD K. CHALKER 97 No. Allen Street CE: Philologia: Corresponding Secretary: Orchestrag Christ- mas Publicg Chapel Exercisesg Supper Clubg A. A.g Footballg Trackg Swimming. "A Quixotic sense of the honorable- of the ch:-valrousf' RUTH CHATFIELD 4A Maple Avenue Entered from Waterford High School C355 Ag Theta Sigmag Girl Reservesg Art Chapterg A. A. "If Kvirtues self fwere lost, we might From your mind nefw copies fwrzte." -A1 is .- il gl QD 3 LIUD rife FLORA CHIARELLO 403 Delaware Avenue Entered from Holy Names Academy Q25 g C5 Commerce Clubg A. A. "Little said is soonest mended." CASMIR CHIMIELINSKI 279 Northern Boulevard CEQ French Clubg Soccerg Fencing. 4'Though he was rough, he fwas kindly." VELMA L. CLARK 40 Sparkill Avenue Ag Dramatics Associationg Playsg Art Chapterg Orchestrag Christmas Puhlic Glee Cluhg Girl Reserves Qzjg Tralhc Squadg A. A. "Her words, like so many nimble and airy serfvilors, Trip ahout her at tom1nand." EVELYN CLIFFORD 793 Broadway Cg Theta Alphag Dramatics Assoeiationg Commerce Clubg Glee Clubg Christmas Publicg Chapel Exercisesg Typewriting Certificateg Shorthand Certificateg A. A. "She make: the gloomy face of nature gayj Gives beauty to the sun, and pleasure to the day." WILLIAM HENRY COBBS, JR. 1438 First Street, Rensselaer CEQ French Cluhg Science Club: Marshalg A. A.g Trackg Cross Country. "Cheer, hoyxf Cheer! no more of idle sorrofw, Courage, true hearts, .shall guide us on our fwayf' DOROTHY COHEN 32 Belvidere Avenue Entered from Gloversville High School fxlg Cg Commerce Clubg Glee Club. "Oh, hless'd with lenzper fwhose unflouded ray Can make to-morrofw as today." r i E s Tfwfnly-nine ix ,Eg E i Q E 'gfi Clbi ai'3l11llff'1lV1uflE'll aonllrllmdl Clffiifllraatiuv tb Q E sg 1 i 3 E 1 i 2 1 1 Thirty SETH COLE, JR. 569 Washington Avenue CEg Glee Clubg Traffic Squadg A. A.g Gym Exhibitiong Base ballg Swimmingg Interclass Basketball. "Talk to him of Jaeohlf ladder And he fwould ask the number." CATHERINE COLUCCIO 122 Green Street C5 Dramatics Associationg Commerce Clubg Glee Clubg Christ- mas Publicg French Clubg Basketball. "W'orle hrs! and then ren." JOHN B. CONGDON 621 Central Avenue Entered from Albany Academy Qrjg Ag A. A.g Gym Exhibi- tiong Trackg Hockey. "God is with those -who persevere." A. REED CONKLIN 14 Norwood Street CEQ Philologiag Traffic Squadg GARNE'l' AND GRAY: Athletics Editorg A. A.g Gym Exhihitiong Foothallg Trackg Hockeyg Skat- ingg Interclass Basketball. "Oh life! thou art a galling load." HELEN CONROY 186 Second Avenue Entered from St. John's Academy C453 CEQ Theta Alpha. "H life that fnofves fo gratious ends." ZARA COONS 780 Livingston Avenue C5 Commerce Clubg A. A. "Good things rome in small packages." ' sail Ib? . 'il ill QD 35 LIUD ik i i EUGENE V. CORMAN l 95 Herkimer Street CEg Civic Cluhg A. A.g Basketball, Baseball. 'fflspiralions pun' and high- Sfrcngth lo dare and lo fndurz'." HAROLD COURNEEN 399 Myrtle Avenue CEQ Philologiag Trallic Squadg A. A.g Footballg Trackg Cross Countryg Hockeyg Skatingg Interclass Basketball. "rl lilllz' nonsrnsr nofw and ilzrn Is rvlislmz' by tho fwisrsl mon." GRACE H, COZINE 9 Catalpa Drive CEQ Theta Sigmag Civic Clubg French Clubg A. A.g Gym Exhi- hitiong Basketball, Swimming, Hockey. "Smrrl1 yr 1110 fwide fworld f-vfrywhnv, Hrr likz' ye shall not fndf' FRANCES CROSS Stop sn Albany Schenectady Road C3 Commerce Cluhg French Club: Glee Club. "I haw' lm! onz' shortfomzng and that's my size." HELEN CUNARD 717 State Street C3 Commerce Clubg Glee Clubg Spanish Club: Secretary. "Yr gods! but she is wondrous fair, ,find I, so plazn a man am I." ALICE DALTON 977 VVashington Avenue Cy Theta Alpha: President, Treasurer, Reporter, Hon. Nighty Dramatics Associationg Commerce Clubg Girl Reservesg Art Chapterg A. A.g Gym Exhibitiong Hockey. "II's Ihr' lilllz' Ihings in liff tha! roam." Thirty-one A-A A ' ' as 55.54 5 .1 x 1 41 GUIIIIVD llllll GE' El 4511 llflll cltlll llGir1IV?'fIUIl Y XP TP D r T hirty-lfwo J RICHARD DAVIS 377 Orange Street CE: Philodoxia: A. A.: Football: Captain Elect: Basketball: Interclass Basketball. "Wisdom he has, and to hi: wisdom courage, Temper to that, and unto all .rucres.f." EDWARD S. DEEVEY, JR. 9 Highland Avenue CE: Philologia: Rec. Secretary, Custodian, Declaimer Honor- ary Night and Boys' Day: Dramatics Association: Plays: Chapel Exercises: French Club: Forensic League: Treasurer: Inter- scholastic Debates: Poughkeepsie, Gloversville: Orchestra: Asst. Mgr.: Glee Club: PATRooN: Editor: GARNET AND GRAY: Asso- ciate Editor: Historian Senior Class: A. A.: Swimming: Fencing. "Thou art such a. touchy: testy, pleasant fellofw That there's no Irving with thee or without thee." JOHN J. DENN 95 Bradford Street CE: Philodoxia: Senior Marshal: Glee Club: Traflic Squad: A. A.: Football 3: Hockey 2, 3. "Man was horn for t-wo thing.:-thinking and acting." PAUL O. DERAGON 307 Washington Avenue ' Philodoxia: President, Vice-President, Corr. Sec., Rec. Sec.: Day 3: 4: Dramatics Association: One-Act Plays: French French Plays: Hi-Y: President, Critic: Trafiic Squad: Club: Forensic League: Interscholastic Debates: Glovers- Saratoga, Troy: Treasurer Junior Class: PATROONZ Sub. A. A.: Gym Exhibition: Football. A, Boys' Club: Glee ville, Mgr.: "Charm us, oralor, till the lion look: no larger than the eat." WILLIAM N. DERAGON 307 Washington Avenue CE: Philodoxia: Senior Marshal: French Club: Treasurer: Forensic League: Secretary: Hudson Debate: Glee Club: Trallic Squad Chr.: Junior Day Play: Senior Class Treasurer: A. A.: Football. "With gentle yet prevailing foree, Intent upon his destined course." MARTHA DINGMAN Shaker Road C: Theta Alpha: Barbarossa: Senior Editor. "Plain 'without pomp, rich without show." : :":""Cx ,bs S -i 41 t19v3'tf1UDfb WILLIAM DISTIN I7 Dudley Heights C: Commerce Club, Christmas Public: Chapel Exercises: Orchestra: Rilie Club: A. A.g Gym Exhibition. "A fellofw-feeling makes one wondrous kind." BERNARD DORSEY 25 Second Street Ag Science Club: President, Vice President, Critic: Hi-Y: President, Critic, Christmas Publicg Graham Design Medal: Gym Exhibition, Fencing: Manager, Letterman. "Free from deceit his face, and full as free his heart." JESSICA B. DROOZ 262 Morris Street CEQ Theta Sigmag Dramatics Associationg One-Act Plays: Chapel Exercisesg Civic Club: Critic: Forum: French Club: RATROON: Reporterg GARNET' AND GRAY: Advertising Mgr.: A. A.: Hockey. "She irnprofves her eharms D lVith inward greatness, unaffected wisdom, And sanctity of manners." MALCOLM ECKEL 74 Grove Avenue CE: Philodoxia: Ass't Corr. Sec., Senior Marshal, junior Marshalg Hi-Y: President, Critic, Treas.g GARNET AND GRAY: A. A.: Track, Cross Country: Captain-Elect: Hockeyg Interclass Basketball: Gym Exhibition. ".-In exeellent runner, sfwift he he,' Fcfw run faster, than fan he." ALMA M. ENGEL R. F. D. No. 1, Watervliet, N. Y. C: Theta Alpha: Commerce Club, Barbarossa: Corresponding Secretary. "The joy of youth and health her eyes displayed, And ease of heart her etvery look conveyed." KATHERINE ERNST 469 First Street Commercial. "Good without noise, fwithout pretension great." Thi rt y-three C - : 4313 mnmr"'nl'1nf1I3'lL ionnniidl 4lf5FfimewfD E e Thirty-four GERHARD ESTHERR 140 So. Hawk Street CE, Barbarossa: Rec. Secretary, Track, Soccer. "His heart is true as steel." BENJAMIN EVERINGHAM 43 Emmet Street Commerce, Hi-Y, Athletic Association. "A every clubahle man." ESTELLE FELTON 290 No. Pearl Street Academic. "Wise to resolfve, patient to perform." MARY E. FINCH 550 Mercer Street CE, Theta Sigma: Senior Editor, junior Editor, Hon. Night. Dramatics Association, Plays, Civic Club: Secretary, Forum: Critic, Marshal, French Club, Science Club: Secretary, Girl Reserves: Critic, Treasurer, Program Chr., Maqua Delegate, GARNET AND GRAY: Senior Record Comm., A. A., Swimming, Interclass Basketball. "But though that place I ne-ver gain Herein lies comfort for my pain, II twill be fworthy of it." LOUIS FRANK 14 Delaware Terrace CE, Science Club, A. A. '24 fvery clever boy is he, Alnd cheerful as you may .ree ROY FRAZEE 298 Third Street A, Philodoxia, Debate Teams: Poughkeepsie, Traffic Squad GARNE1' AND GRAY: Art Com., A. A., Gym Exhibition, Fencing: "Silence is as deep as Eternity, Speech is shallofw as Time." E - il MQD 3 QIUD Ib BERNARD FRIBUSH II Jeanette Street CE: Philodoxiag Dramatics Associationg Plays, Chapel Exer- cises: Civics Clubg Science Club: President, Criticg A. A. " 'Tis not in morlals to command szfccessj But hf'll do more-h1"ll dfsfrwr lt." DAVID FRIS 711 New Scotland Avenue Entered from Peabody High School, Pittsburgh, Pa. l.4.jg Ag Hockey. "Tho mirror of all courtesy." CHARLES FUDA 1 Summit Avenue Ag Philodoxia: Vice Presidentg Treasurer: Corr. Sec.g Dram- atics Associationg Plays: Christmas Public: Traflic Squad: Bar- barossa: Presidentg Critic: Treasurerg Hi-Y: Boys' Day Pre- siding Ollicerg Honorary Night Debateg PATROON: Subscription Mgr.: GARNE1' AND GRAY: Subscription Mgr., A. A.: Track. "Did Barbar-osxa tend fo make you sageg Or was il jus! Ihr spirit of Ihr ago?" DELORAS FUSSELL 4.71 Hudson Avenue Ag Theta Sigma: Vice-President, Treasurer, Chr. Dance Comm.g Dramatics Associationg One-Act Playsg Glee Clubg Christmas Public: Chapel Exercisesg TrafHc Squad: French Club: Girl Reserves: Student Councilg GARNET AND GRAY: Advertising Comm.: A. A.g Gym Exhibitiong Secretary Athletic Council, Basketballg Swimming: Hockeyg Skating. "O wonderful creature! a woman of rfason Nrfvcr gra-vr out of pride, nefver gay out of Maxon." RENDLE FUSSELL 4.71 Hudson Avenue CE: Philologia: President, Vice-President, Critic, Capt. Hon. Nightg Christmas Puhlicg Chapel Exercises: Traliic Squadg Supper Club: Forensic League: Presidentg Debate Teams: Hud- son, Saratoga, Capt. Boys' Day Team: GARNE1' AND GRAY: Sub- scription Comm.: President Senior Classg Secretary Junior Class, A. A.: Gym Exhibition: Swimming. "An ideal .-lmerican boy." JOHN GANLEY 32 Fleetwood Avenue Entered from Vincentian Institute fzjg A. "In ilu' class he was fwcll mel, And parting day: bring ur regret." -1 1 L Thi rt y- H-'ve 4 5? - x E341 Cllii uol11lt'1'1lUuGE'lL aomlfluadl 4lGlr1lFaonY iD ROSE GILBO 54 Grant Avenue C5 Theta Alpha. "Noble by heritage Generous and free." RACHEL GINSBURG 50 Herkimer Street C3 Dramatics Associationg Commerce Clubg French Clubg Stenographic Award lgl. "She has knowledge and fwit in good measure, And lzsten to her is quite a pleasure." EVA GLASSMAN 264 Morton Avenue CICQ Theta Sigmag Commercial Clubg Gym Exhibitiong French u . "fl stately maiden and passing fair, IVitl1 quickness of mind that is 'very rare. u SOL GOODMAN 262 So. Main Avenue CEQ French Clubg Glee Clubg Chapel Exercisesg Christmas Publicg Tralhc Squadg A. A. "An excellent mind, fefw k.7l0fL4f its scopes Only brzllzant men can fwztlz tt cope." HOWARD GORDMAN 891 Warren Street Entered from Mt. Vernon High School C25 g C. E.g Philodoxia: Rec. Sec., Ass't Rec. Sec., Honorary Night Debate, Boys' Day Team, Alternateg GARNET AND GRAY: Chairman Senior Record Com.g PATROON: Associate Editorg Chapel Exercise: Debateg Forensic Leagueg Debates: Triangleg Schenectadyg Saratogag Poughkeepsieg French Clubg First Prize French Short Story Contestg A. A. "Young in limbs, in judgment old." SARAH GORDON 37 Marshal Street Cg Commerce Clubg A. A.g Gym Exhibition. "The maiden with the soft lzrofwn eyes." Thirty-six 4 il nl Q9 3 QUD ly l HENRY S. GOULD ' 119 Delaware Avenue Ag Tennis: Captain C3-41, North Eastern New York State High School Tennis Champion C1-25, Interclass Basketball. "Fast on the tennis court and fast when he thinksf From the hardest task he never shrinks." DOUGLAS F. GREEN 33 Fleetwood Avenue Entered from Burlington High School fgjg Ag Philologiag Playsg Christmas Publicg Chapel Exercisesg Orchestrag A. A., Footballg Basketballg Track. "His 'very foot has musir in it .-ls he' eomes up the stair." FRANCES GUARNIER 51.1, Clinton Avenue Ag Theta Alpha: Senior Editorg Spanish Club: President, Marshalg Dramatics Associationg Glee Club, Gym Exhibitiong Basketball, Hockey, Skating, Interclass Basketballg Junior Cham- pionship Basketball Award Letter, Basketball Ping Hockey Ping Class Numerals. ".-I girl who possesses your poise, Mingles happily swith the boys." GRETCHEN GUTMAN 28 Elizabeth Street Cy Theta Alpha: Vice-President, Marshalg Commerce Clubg Glee Club: Barbarossa: Vice-Presidentg PA1'RO0Ng A. A. "She looks so .hefwitrhingly simple, Yet there's mtsehief in efvery dzmplef' RAYMOND GUTTMANN 330 Madison Avenue CEg French Club, Science Clubg A. A.g Fencing. "Clever of thought, quick of mind, Many in friendship does he hind." RAYMOND HAHN 129 No. Pine Avenue Ag Philodoxia: Marshalg Christmas Publicg Playsg Barba- rossag Orchestrng Debate Teamsg Debate Classy PATROON: Man- aging Editorg kiARNE'I' AND GRAY: Photo-appointments, A. A. ".-Ill things mmf round to him fwho will but wait." Thirty-srfven 4 5 -1 .. x 1 if CIS? eolnlt"'1lUn0E' it lonnit null 41631 llfedflll xv fb E MOLLIE B. HANDIN 293 So. Pearl Street CEQ Dramatics Association, Plays, Glee Clubg French Club, Gym Exhibitiong Tennis. "She reasoned wilhoul plodding long, Nor efver gafve her Judgment wrong." GERTRUDE HANE 3 Pinewood Avenue Ag Theta Sigma. "Here is a person we like lo meet,' When we come across her on the street." JACK HARDER 9 Parkwood Avenue Ag A. A.g Gym Exhibition, Football, Track, Swimming, Skat- ing, Interclass Basketball, Letter in Track, Football, Hockey, Manager of Hockey f4.J. If Tall and lean the lifve-long day,' Bul, oh what a stride when on his way." JOHN R. HART 1447 Western Avenue Ag A. A., Gym Exhibition, Football, Track, Interclass Basket- ball. "ff solemn fellow, mild and meekg 0'er obstafles he will climb to the peak." MILDRED HASENBEIN 30 Summit Avenue CEQ Theta Sigma: Corresponding Secretary, Forum: Presi- dent, Girl Reservesg Gym Exhibition. "Very studious, yet out for fun, Iffben you say sl1e's a peafh You'fve just begun." ANNA HATKOFF 3 Marwill Street Cg Theta Alpha, Commerce Club, French Club. "Pleasant, Cheerful, and true, You will ne-ver fnd her blue." Thirty-eight E f1 Ib E Fee?-' A QMQPBNUDZP A 3 Spanish GEORGE HAUSMAN 84 Thornton Street Clubg Hi-Yg A. A.g Baseball. "Al delightful fellow you will fnd, Strong in body and in mind." ESTHER HAYES 123 No. Pine Avenue i Entered from Utica High School C355 CEQ Theta Sigmag French Club 3 A. A.g Gym Exhibitiong Hockey. "For mildness oft will victory obtain ' What longest lance is powerless to gain." CHARLES HAZARD 67x Washington Avenue CEQ Hi-Y: Vice-Pres.g A. A.g Rifle Club: Vice-Pres., Secre- tary, Treasurerg Football, Basketball, Rifle Team: Mgr., Captain. "A hearty laugh-the chaser of blues." HOWARD HEALEY Route No. 1, West Albany Ag Hi-Yg A. A.g Football, Track, Cross Country. "xl leader in the way of lifef .fl cheerful fellow with spirit rife." CORNELIUS HEIM 40 Lawnridge Avenue Ag Traliic Club: Chairmang A. A.: Presidentg Footb ball, Baseball, Interclass Basketball. CEg Theta "xl spirit ever forcing to attainf' HENRIETTA HEIM 583 Washington Avenue Sigmag Forum: Treasurerg Barbarossa. "Every act an everlasting monument." all, Basket- l l i Thirty-nine 4x ,b E 1 4 GG? aolmnV1'1lUurlE'i tonnrumdl 4167. imemf fb WILLIAM HELD 5 Yardboro Avenue , Academic. "He'.v great, he commands himself." CATHERINE HELENIAK 47 Sherman Street C5 Commerce Clubg A. A. "Harmony in the common task." ROSE HELLER 33 Trinity Place Cg French Clubg Glee Clubg Commerce Clubg Underwood Typing Award, Shorthand Certificate. "A sweet little girl with a sweet little way Knoelz her we ean't if we try all day." JACK HERD 295 So. Pearl Street CEQ French Clubg Science Clubg French Playg A. A.g Gym Exhibitiong Soccer, Fencing. "He sparetlz not his talent: at the wrong time." .Q ' v 4, ' ' ' 'A' MEYER HERSCHENHORN ! ' 65 Schuyler Street Cg Commerce Clubg A. A.g Gym Exhibitiong Swimming, In- terclass Basketball. "Ready to muse and and the answer." C. LESTER HERSKOVITZ 8 Pennsylvania Street 5 Cg Commerce Clubg Dramatics Associationg Orchestrng Junior Q Class Playg A. A.g Football. i "Hope sprzngs on triumphant wmgsf' 5 Forty age -E541 Ip of qi m Qp 3 QUD lb ESTHER HOCHBERG 331 So. Pearl Street C., Commerce Clubg French Club. "Intelligence sitting in thine eyes." LYDIA HOENZSCH 542 Clinton Avenue C3 Theta Alpha, Dramatics Associationg Commerce Clubg Barbarossa: Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, A. A. "Thr jffwvl of happiness lies fwi1'lliIl.n ALAN HOFFMAN 29 Hurlbut Street C5 A. A.g Football. "I -would hrlp others out of a fallow-fn'ling." LILIAN R. HUTNER 362 Madison Avenue CE, Theta Sigma, Glee Club, French Clubg A. A.g Gym Ex- hibition, Basketballg Trackg Baseballg Hockeyg Tennisg Skat- ingg Interclass Basketball. "Now my task is nearly done, llfhy not have some fun?" ERNEST HUTSON 141 Western Avenue Academic. "Tha quiet mind is richer than a crown." JAMES R. INGRAM 295 Quail Street CE, Philodoxiag Rec. Sec'y, Ass't Rec. Sec'y, Ass't Corr. Sec'y, Honorary Night Declaimer 131, Debate C4.J, Boy's Day De- claimerg French Club, Dramatics Associations Christmas Publicg Forensic Leagueg Debates: Hudson, Troy, Poughkeepsie, Sara- toga, Orchestra, Senior Class Testatorg PATROON: Contributing Editor, GARNET AND GRAY: Literary Editor, A. A. "I1u1nrrous of spfrrh, gracious af hrarf, sincere' of Soul." Forty-one 'E' A A A fx ly? 'E' 41 CH aE3111sP1lrlurlE' ll aoullrlucldll 4lGlf1neaouY ib l ? l f 2 F arty-tfwo ARTHUR F. IRVING 57 Fleetwood Avenue Cg Commerce Clubg Glee Club, A. A.g Fencing. "A hearty fellow rehned and meek, And one whom you are glad lo seek." MAXWELL ISENBERGH 39 Summit Avenue CE, Philologia: Vice-Pres., Rec. Sec'y, Jr. Marshal, Hono- rary Night Debate, Boys' Day Teamg Dramatics Assn.g Chapel Exercisesg Christmas Publicg French Clubg Forumg Forensic League: Debates: Hudson, Saratogaq Orchestrag GARNE1' AND GRAY: junior Editor 135 5 Prizes: Mary Morgang Lating Physicsg French, Second, French Short Story Contestg A. A.g Tennisg Manager, Letterman. "The hand that follofw: intellect can achieve." SAMUEL JACKSON 205 So. Pearl Street CE, Glee Clubg Chapel Exercisesg Freshman Traffic Squadg Junior Class Day Com.g A. A.g Gym Exhibition, Football, Basketball, Track, Baseball, Soccer: Captain. "Jaek.von and basketball, born one hearty The Ifwo are newer :een apart." AARON JASPER 287 Orange Street CE: Dramatics Associationg Gym Exhibitiong Swimming: 2, 3, 4- "Pleasant and ajfahle in all his ways,- lVith regret 'we rome to parting days." FLORA V. H. JENSEN 122 So. Allen Street C3 Dramatics Assn.g Commerce Clubg Glee Clubg Traflic Squadg Art Chapterg Gym Exhibitiong Book Week Quotation Award 125. "Honor .sits smiling at the table of truth." SHIRLEYNELL JOSEPH 6x Ryckman Avenue Ag Theta Sigmag Trafhc Squad. "Daughter of the gods, difvinely tall, and most difvinely fair." E: 'ga "'-'-.EL 41 If E "1 eee. ei qi MQD 3 QIUD ib SAMUEL KANTOR 62 Morris Street CEQ Forumg Orchestra: Concertmeisterg Gym Exhibitiong In- terclass Basketball. JJ "Never morning wore a brighter look. ESTHER KARL 84. Whitehall Road C5 Commerce Clubg A. A.g Gym Exhibition. "Mine'.r not an idle cause." BERTRAM KAYE 54,7 Park Avenue CEQ Dramatics Associationg Glee Clubg French Club. "A heartly fellofw with many a girlj And to many boys a right good pal." EDWARD KEELER 14. So. Lake Avenue Ag Glee Clubg A. A.g Gym Exhibitiong Footballg Hockeyg Skating. "Up to the lime, clever fellow." JULIA KEENAN 259 Hamilton Street CEQ Theta Sigma: Chr. Membership Comm., Chr. Pledge Comm.g Dramatics Association Playsg Trafhc Squadg French Clubg Girl Reserves: Treasurerg A. A.g Gym Exhibition. "Cheerful and gay The litvelong day."' ROLAND C. KERNAHAN I7 Albany Street Ag Hi-YQ Orchestra: Concertmeister of Freshman Orch.g A. A.g Trackg Interclass Basketball. "You ran'l hurt a smile hy cracking if." t l Forty-three Q-" fx I5 i ABRAHAM KETCHMAN g 76 Morton Avenue CEQ A. A.g Gym Exhibitiong Interclass Basketball. "The sons of honor follofw and obey." BELLE KILLOUGH 148 Sherman Street Glee Clubg PATROONQ A. A.g Basketball. "Smiles fwere nati-ve to her eyes, As are the stars of hea-vert." SARAH KILLOUGH Glenmont, New York C3 Commerce Club. "Well-timed silence hath more eloquence than speech." BEATRICE KIMBER 397 State Street Cg Theta Sigmag Commerce Clubg Traffic Squadg Spanish Clubg A. A. "Talent of success is nothing more than doing what you can do well." EMILY KLEESATTLE 790 Livingston Avenue C5 Theta Alphag Dramatics Associationg Commerce Clubg Glee Clubg Barbarossa. "Those grateful acts, l ' Those thousand decenczes that daily flow From all her words and actions." HILDA KLEIN 52 Clinton Street C5 Theta Alphag Dramatics Associationg Commerce Clubg Barbarossa. "Just it is to praise the most, Not she fwho can more knowledge hoast But she who most has done." Forty-four 1 '11-2? ,ZJQ55 fl ,be as ix Cllil aE3nnP1lr1nrlE'i aonmnadl C1611 IIFGUNY i? CEQ Theta Sigma: Reporterg Dramatics Associationg Playsg Girl Reserves: Treasurer, Chr. Social Comm., Dance Comm.g fx ,E I il ll 993511015 lb JOHN J. KLEIN 77 Second Avenue C3 Commerce Clubg Barbarossag A. A.g Fencing. "No man profvokrf me fwith impunity. OSEPH KLEIN .I 131 So. Main Avenue CEQ Playsg Spanish Cluhg A. A.g Mgr. Footballg Track: Mgr. Baseballg Hockeyg Skating. "I knofw fwhat I know." STANLEY KLETT 6 Elmwood Street Entered from Milne High School Qglg CEg Philologia: His- torian, Hon. Nighty Christmas Publicg Orchestrag GARNET AND GRAX'2 Advertising and Sen. Record Comms.g A. A. "High erected thoughts :fated in a heart of courtesy." MARTHA KNAPP Elsmere, New York Entered from Delmar High School Q23 5 CEQ Dramatics Asso- ciationg Forum: Treasurer, Secretaryg Girl Reservesg A. A.g Gym Exhibition. "Mania .riudirs and studiesand passes, But thcrc's more than brazns behind her glasses." VVENTWIORTH KNELLER 690 Hudson Avenue Entered from Poughkeepsie High School 1355 CEg Christmas Puhlicg French Flubg Orchestrag A. A.g Gym Exhibitiong Soccerg Skatingg Fencingg Interclass Basketball. "It'.r such a very serious thing to be a funny man." LOUIS M. KOBBE Nassau, New York Entered from Kinderhook High School C21 5 College Entrance. "Silent ax the mighty marching of earth and all the planets 'round the sun." forty-jiw f WILLIAM KOWALSKE 488 Elk Street A C5 Commerce Club. "For what I will, I will, and there an end." MARIE KREUTZER 25 Judson Street Ag Theta Alphag Barbarossa: Critic, junior Editorg Art Chapterg A. A. "That lofvely girl whose laughing face Can lend delight to its own sweet grace." MANNY KRIPS 137 Dove Street CEg Freshman Orchestrag A. A.g Gym Exhibitiong Track. "Simple as miracles always are after they are wrought." PAULINE KUBINSKA w Stop 7, Albany-Schenectady Rd. l l CE, Theta Sigma, Dramatics Associationg Forum: Vice- , President, Secretary: French Clubg Spanish: President, Vice- l President, Critic, Treasurerg Science Clubg Secretaryg Girl Re- , servesg GARNET AND GRAY: Senior Record Comm., A. A.: l Trackg Basketball. "She's rather a quiet maiden, Not so -very tally But she's full of life and fun llfhen playing basketball." LEAH LANDO 904. Park Avenue CEQ Civic Clubg Dramatics Associationg Forumg Barbarossag Traffic Squadg A. A. "The world is a camera, Look pleasant." LOUIS LANTZ 54 Grant Avenue C5 Philodoxiag Commercial Clubg Dramatics Associationg A. A.g Gym Exhibitiong Cross Country: Hockey. "The cautious seldom err." F orty-six ,D 4fGf5lm1.u1fwmlaQ't tonnndll flGif1nmmf fb 41 mqgp 3 QUD lb MARJORIE H. LARAVIE 156 Elm Street A3 Theta Sigma: Chr. Membership Comm.g Dramatics Asso- viationg French Clubg Girl Reserves: Chr. Service Comm.g A. A.g Gym Exhibition. "For brains and beauty e-ver are Like gain and honour fair Like poet and possessions A fvery-dwell matched pair." ALICE E. LAWSON IO Oxford Road CEg Theta Sigma: Hon. Nightg Dramatics Associationg Playsg Glee Clubg Forumg French Clubg Girl Reservesg PATROONQ A. A.g Gym Exhibitiong Basketball. "How sfweetly fair she is." GERALDINE LAYMAN 177 Clinton Avenue Entered from Dannemora Q53 Ag Theta Sigmag Girl Re- serves. "A lo-ving heart is the beginning of all knowledge." ESTHER LEIFER 9 Trinity Place C3 Commercial Clubg French Club. "Da the thing nearest you, and do it well." ELEANOR I. LEWIS Schenectady, New York CEg Spanish Club. "So gracious is her tart and tenderness." SAMUEL LINK 91 Southern Boulevard CEg French Clubg Glee Clubg A. A.g Gym Exhibitiong Trackg Cross Countryg Baseballg Interclass Basketball. "As merry as a king in his delight." l Forty-sefven 4 5 x , 'S A ix GER ao111lP1lV1l1f1E'h aommnadll flfolnlreatluwib ' J Farly-eight THEODORE LIPSCHUTZ 42 Morris Street CEQ A. A.g Gym Exhibitiong Interclass Basketball. "Thy modesty? a candle to thy merit. WILHELMINE LORCH 5+ Southern Boulevard C5 Theta Alphag Dramatics Associationg Commerce Cluhg Glee Cluhg A. A. "Where efver you are, where efver you go, You'll brighten up that :pol I know." CATHERINE M. LOSEE 23 Ten Broeck Street CEQ Theta Sigmag Spanish Clubg A. A. ".-I sweet, altrarfifve kind of grace." GEORGE A. LYNCH 499 Third Street Entered from Christian Brothers Academy Q45 g C3 Com- merce Clubg Track. "True eloquenee eonsists in Jaying all that ix neeexsary and nothing but what is neevssaryf' WILLIAM LYONS 483 Hamilton Street Entered from VVilkingshurg High School, Wilkingsburg, Pa. C4lg CEQ A. A.g Interclass Basketball. . "It is not the manner of noble minds to leafve anything i half done." . ,hiv ,J ,J ' W ' JAMES MABEE f 30 Hampton Street Ag Rifle Clubg Marshalg Track. "Art is power." 5--W if.-E34 5 X , fl ll QD 3 QUD ib DONALD MACFARLAND 652 Morris Street Ag Philologia: Recording Secretary, Treasurer, Senior Mar- shal, Junior Marshalg GARNET AND GRAY: Art Editorg A. A. "In friendship I was taught lo please." GENEVIEVE MACIEJEWSKI 155 Orange Street C5 Commerce Clubg Barharossa. "For knofwlfdge, loo, is itself a pofwfrf' AILI MAKI 168 Pinehurst Avenue Entered from Scotia High School C435 CEg Christmas Public: Chapel Exercisesg A. A. "'Ti.t good-will makes intelligence." MORRIS MAKov1 7 Myrtle Avenue College Entrance. "Dane as .soon as said." KENNETH MALARY Selkirk, N. Y. Academic. "Industry is the parent of virtue." DAVJD MANN 1084, Madison Avenue College Entrance. "His hear! and hand both open and both fn' gn Orchestra 3 3 R 3 F orty-nine gb S'-S -4 P46551 ao1111t'f'1lUnrlE'E lonnudl ClGif1uemmf 1? I ES Fifty WILLIAM MANSION 216 Lancaster Street Cg Commerce Clubg Vice-Pres.g Trafhc Squadg A. A.g Foot- ball. "And e'en his failing: leaned to 1vir1ue'.r side." WILLIAM J. MANTON, JR. 420 New Scotland Avenue CEg Philologiag Dramatic Associationg French Clubg A. A.g Gym Exhibitiong Footballg Baseballg Hockeyg Skatingg Inter- class Basketball. "He is my every good friend, and an honorable gentleman." DAVID MANWILLER 350 Manning Boulevard Ag A. A.g Gym Exhibitiong Footballg letterg Trackg Hockeyg Interclass Basketball. "Though maybe in haste nefver in a hurry." MILDRED MARCH 710 Myrtle Avenue CEQ Theta Sigmag Dramatic Associationg Glee Clubg Chapel Exercisesg Traffic Squad: Civic Clubg Forumg French Clubg Matineeg A. A.g Gym Exhibition. "None but herself can be her parallel." HOWARD VV. MARTENS 610 Providence Street CEQ A. A.g Gym Exhibitiong Baseball, Skating. "As keen as if he lifued on Tefwkshury mustard." BERNARD MARTIN 725 Madison Avenue C5 Commerce Clubg Traffic Squadg A. A.g Footballg Swim- ming. "Mighty as an i-vyjruffocafed tofwer against a field of johnny-jump-ups." 'S 4x y 5 fggmfsfarfssflonb HENRIETTA MC LAUGHLIN 34.7 Washington Avenue C5 Theta Alpha: Rec. Secretaryg Commerce Clubg Glee Clubg Traffic Squadg French Clubg A. A.g Gym Exhibition. "Good nature and good sense are usually companions." MARJORY MCLAURY Voorheesville, New York Entered from Altamont High School C413 C5 Commerce Club. "Silence ssweeter is than speech." J. CLEMENT MCNUTT 14 Norwood Avenue CEg Traffic Squadg Student Councilg PATROON: Athletic Editorg A. A.g Gym Exhibitiong Football: Captaing Trackg Swimmingg Interclass Basketball: Manager. "His enemies shall lick the dust." GABRIEL MECKLER 33 Barrows Street Ag French Clubg Science Clubg A. A.g Gym Exhibitiong Trackg Interclass Basketballg Freshman Baseball Manager. "Of no man's presence he feels afraid, Of no 1nan's questions he looks dismayed." CATHERINE MEEHAN I2 North Swan Street CQ Commerce Club. "Sport which wrinkled care derides, Laughter holding both its sides." MARION MELANSON I5 Benson Street C3 Theta Alphag Dramatics Associationg Playsg Glee Clubg Chapel Exercisesg Christmas Publicg French Clubg French Matineeg Mary Morgan English Prizeg A. A.g Gym Exhibitiong Track, Hockey: Captain C4,J, Manager 135. "Dainty little dresses, . Piquant little face, Cunning little figure, .find motions full of grace." l l Fifty-one gg 3415531 GUIllPlll'll1flE'll. onmladl 4lf5if1uelalYiP 2 E 2 l 1 l ELEANOR L. METZ l l 57 West Street Cg Commerce Clubg Glee Cluhg Gym Exhibition. "Each darker day a .funnier mien thou wearestf' DOROTHY METZGER Stop 30, Schenectady Road Cg Theta Sigmag Barbarossa. "One half the world at the other half doth laugh Whilst I laugh at it all." EARL MEYERS 24.5 Clinton Avenue Ag Civics Clubg A. A.g Track. , "I am no orator, as Brutus was, But as you knofw a plain blunt man." MARGARET E. MIELKE 7 Cuyler Street CQ Theta Alpha: President, Critic, 2nd Junior Editor, Mar- shalg Dramatics Associationg One-Act Playsg Commerce Clubg Glee Clubg Christmas Publicg Chapel Exercisesg Tratiic Squadg Vice-President Senior Classy Junior Day Comm. Chr.g School Cheerleaderg PATROON: Subscription Comm.g GARNI-:T AND GRAY: Subscription Comm.g A. A.g Gym Exhibition. "Her pride fwas suited to her high estate, Her gentleness A-was equal with her youth, Her fwzsdom in her goodness found its mote." MILTON MILLER 799 Washington Avenue CEQ French Clubg Orchestrag Chapel Exercisesg A. A.q Cross Countryg Baseballg Interclass Basketball. "To he great is to be misunderstood." EDWARD F. MINCH, JR. 516 Madison Avenue 2 C3 Philodoxiag A. A.g Interclass Basketballg Trackg Tennis. l "fl: clear and as manifest as the nose 'on a man's face." 3 l F i ft y-lfwo if --ff' .5 S it D E Q 5-E aw:- ,lk I e F541 Ill QQD 3 GOD bi? JEANETTE V. IVIINNEY 293 First Street C: Dramatics Association, Junior Day Play: Commerce Club: Chapel Exercises: French Club: French Matinee: Gregg Shorthand Certificatesg Gym Exhibition. "As merry as the day is long." GORDON MISCALL 8 Rawson Street CE: Civic Club: French Club: A. Ag Gym Exhibitiong Basketball: Track: Baseball, Hockey, Interclass Basketball. "Light and fifeting as a drram of night lost in garish day." M. ELIZABETH MOAT 397 State Street Entered from Milne C215 CEg Forum, Girl Reserves: A. A. "'Tis oftrn fonstanry to change thi' mind." RUTH E. MORGAN 18 Magnolia Terrace CEQ Theta Sigma: Critic, Honorary Night, Dramatic Asso- ciation: Glee Clubg Forum: President, Critic, Reporter, Mar- shal: French Club: President, Secretary: Girl Reserves: Christ- mas Public: A. A.: Gym Exhibition: lnterclass Basketball. " 'Tis fwi-ll to be merry and -wise." ANNA MUELLER 325 Washington Avenue CE: Theta Sigmag Glee Club, Barbarossag A. A., Gym Ex- hibition. "Prrtty and nire, shz"s a lot marc, too, If'hzrh had I time I'd tell ta you." JANE MUNSELL 55 No. Allen Street ' CE: Theta Alpha: Rec. Sec., Corr. Sec., Reporter, Marshal, Ch. Pin Com.: Dramatics Association: Plays: Glee Clubg Trafhc Squad, Forumg French Club, Girl Reserves: PATROONQ Senior Class Secretary: A. A.: Gym Exhibition, Basketball. "nl darn! holdnfss cfver meets with friends." A 1 k is . v Fifly-Ihr1'1 is Q: fx F " S me ii ClfnlieBl1xIt'D1lUnflE'iL d'Olllll'lllGClll ClGinlV"u6mY ft' Fifty-four KENNETH W. NASHOLDS 382 First Street Ag Philodoxia: Critic, President, Vice-President, Rec. Sec'y., Ass't. Rec. Sec'y.g Boys, Day, Team, Honorary Nighty Science Club: Vice-Presidentg Forensic Leagueg Debates: Gloversville, Poughkeepsieg Senior Class Treasurerg A. A. "Debate doth euliilvate the mind." MARION W. NELSON 143 No. Pine Avenue CEQ Theta Sigmag Dramatics Associationg Civic Clubg Mar- shalg Forumg French Club: Vice-Presidentg Girl Reservesg PATROONQ GARNET AND GRAY: Senior Record Com.g A. A.g Gym Exhibitiong Basketballg Swimmingg Hockey "Nothing great was ever aehiefved fwithout enthusiasm." PAUL D. NELSON 628 Clinton Avenue C3 Philodoxiag Commerce Clubg Traffic Squadg A. A.g Cross Countryg Interclass Basketball. "Ready as a primed cannon." EVELYN NEWMAN 71 Second Avenue C5 Dramatics Associationg Commerce Clubg French Clubg Gregg Shorthand Certificatesg A. A. "Your name is great In mouths of 'wisest eensuref' ROCCO NIGRO roo jefferson Street Ag Civic Clubg French Club. ".-I eonxtant friend is a thing hard and rare to find." DOROTHY E. NOLAN 184 Morton Avenue Ag Theta Alphag Dramatics Associationg Book Week Playg Art Chapterg A. A. "Who can enjoy alone." g E- e2+Here:'3.cef-if ' of C1 IFE ' 2 il M Q5 3 QUD tb THOMAS O'CONNOR 66 Park Avenue Entered from Scotia High School Crbg Ag Philodoxiag Riiie Clubg Hi-Y: Marshal, Sec. Pres.g A. A.g Gym Exhibitiong Trackg Cross Countryg Interclass Basketball. "Aho-'ve all thing.: a born gentleman." ADELIA OLIVER 274 Madison Avenue C3 Commerce Cluhg Glee Clubg Christmas Publicg Chapel Exercises. "A tender heart, a fwill unjiexiblef' MOLLIE OSTROFF 30 Hampton Street C9 Commerce Clubff.. C. Smith Typewriting Awardg A. A.g Gym Exhibition. ' "A maiden nefver hold." CHRISTINE PALAND 4, Harris Avenue C5 Theta Alpha: Treasurer, 2nd Junior Editorg Commerce Clubg Glee Clubg Christmas Publicg Trallic Squadg A. A.g Gym Exhibition. "Her -voice was efver roft, Gentle and lofw,-an exfellent thing in woman." RUTH M. PASSENGER 31 Edgecomb Street CEQ Theta Sigmag Girl Reserves: A. A. "Such music as 'lit .said Before fwa: newer heard." ROBERT PAULEY T39 Dove Street Ag Glee Clubg Chistmas Publicg A. A. "Agreeing to diferf' Fi fly-hfve F H 4:4151 ao111llf1'1lV1nfIE3'i aoulmuadl CIGlf1laaGulY ib E YETTA PELLER 69 Whitehall Road CEQ Dramatics Associationg French Clubg A. A.g Gym Ex- hibitiong Basketball. "Ready for e-very bit of fun Allfways the same to et-17ryone." I LM KENJQETH 'H. PERRAULT MJ 315 First Street Ag A. A.g Cros Countryg Swimmingg Fencing. "l1z'thy face I see 'The map of honour, truth, and loyalty." we . 'fel I ARTHUR L. PFEIFFER 602 Clinton Avenue Cg Commerce Clubg A. A.g Gym Exhibitiong Footballg Cross Country. "And all the virtues of man fwithout his wires." HOWARD PHILLIPS 4.70 Second Avenue Ag Philodoxiag A. A. "The man that blushes is not quite a brute." JANET M. PLEAT 25 Lincoln Avenue CEg Theta Alphag Spanish Clubg Forumg Dramatics Asso- ciationg A. A. '24 good name is 'worth more than many riehesf' MARVIN POLANSKY 80 Morton Avenue CEg A. A.g Interclass Basketball. "He is divinely bent on meditation." F i fl y-six if lb - i fl mqgp QIUD ip NATHAN POLLACK Brainard, N. Y. College Entrance. "Fe-'w strong inslinets, a few plain rules." ELSIE PRATT 46 Locust Street CE, Theta Sigma: Vice-Pres., Senior Editor, ist junior Editor: Dramatics Association, 3 one-act Playsg TraHic Squadg Girl Reserves: Pres., Vice-Pres., Marshal, Maqua Delegateg A. A., Numerals, junior Representativeg Gym Exhibition. "Joy shared is joy doubled." GERTRUDE L. PREISS 20 Besch Avenue Ag Theta Sigma: junior Editor, Recording Secretaryg Glee Club, Dramatics Associationg Christmas Public, Barbarossag Girl Reserves, A. A., Gym Exhibition. "A charming smile, a cheerful mien, Of all our friends the mos! serene." FLORENCE PRIMETT Watervliet, R. F. D., Colonic CE, Theta Alpha. "A girl of quick sense." JOSEPH J. RANALLI 39 Exchange Street, West Albany College Entrance. "Deeds not swords." GRENFELL N. RAND S99 Lancaster Street CEQ Philologia: Treasurer, Senior Marshal, Reporter, Corr. Sec'y., Honorary Night Debate, Boys' Day Debate Alternate, Dramatics Association, Christmas Publicg French Matineeg Chapel Exercises: Supper Club, Forensic Leagueg Poughkeepsie Debateg Senior Ring Committeeg PATROON: Associate Editorg GARNET AND GRAY: Activities Editor, A. A. "The love of hoolzs is a lofve which requires neither Justzjieataon, apology, nor defense." F ifly-seven ' ir 12 if GER count-'11Hur1E'lL lonmndl 4lf5i'f1uefnmf E MORTON RATNER 16 Cuyler Avenue CE: Glee Club, Christmas Publicg A. A.g Footballg Hockeyg Interclass Basketball. "To tell a wondrous or a merry tale Over a cheerful glass of nappy ale, In harmless mirth fwas his supreme delight." ANTOINETTE RECCHIA 478 Washington Avenue CE, Theta Alphaq French Clubg Forumg Gym Exhibition. "Efveryfwhere in life, the true question is not fwhizt we yarn, but what A-we do." FORD REDMOND 28 Wilkins Avenue C3 Commerce Clubg Hi-Y, Orchestrag A. A., Swimming, Interclass Basketball. "fl ei-'oil habit Oft cofvers a good man." HERBERT F. RICE 455 Elk Street Ag Philodoxia: Critic, President, Vice-President, Secretary, Marshal, Hon. Night, Capt. Boys' Day Teamg Dramatics Asso- ciation: Bus. Mgr.g Playsg Christmas Publicg Chapel Exercisesg Trafhc Squadg Rifle Club: Presidentg Forensic League, Debates: Troy, Poughkeepsie, Easton Essay Prizeg PATROONQ GARNET AND GRAY, A. A., Rifle Team: Captain. "Firm in resolve hy sterling worth to gain Lowe and respect, thou shalt not slrifve in fvainf' EVELYN RICH 82 Pinewood Avenue Entered from james Madison High School C4jg C. "Self-refverenee, self-lmofwledge, self-control" ROBERT RICHMAN 37 Betwood Street Entered from Catskill High School 145g Ag Chapel Exercisesg A. A.g Cheer Leader. "Determination doth make a man persevere." Fifty-fight 4 5 ,egg-f .1 f 22. iiiggii-1-',.i4l g 1'i"""' l qi ml Qp 3,1139 Xb FLORENCE I. ROE Loudon-'ville Ag Theta Sigmag Art Chapter: Secretary-Treasurerg Dram- atic Associationg A. A. "There',r a charm in good nature that mn't be dispellodf' BETTY ROEHR 858 Third Street C5 Commerce Clubg A. A. "Fine manners nord the supper! of hne manners in others." BERNICE ROMAN 321 Livingston Avenue C5 Dramatic Associationg Commerce Cluhg A. A.g Gym Ex- hibitiong Hockeyg Interclass Basketball. "The larger hmrf, Ihe kindlier -way." MARIE ROSCH 2.1, Wilkins Avenue CEg Theta Sigmag Forumg A. A. "I nefver dare to fwrilo as funny ar I mn." GERTRUDE ROSENBERG 86 First Street C123 Dramatics Associationg Civic Clubg Treasurerg Forumg French Club: Literary Chairmang Science Clubg Treasurerg A. A. "IVhencz' is thy learning? Hqth thy toil 0'er books consumed Ihe mzdnight oil? ISADORE ROSENSTOCK 1238 Western Avenue CE: Dramatics Associationg French Clubg A. A.g Gym Ex- hibitiong Trackg Cross Countryg Interclass Basketball. "A sound mind in a .round body." Fifty-nine if -fi, 'f . D x 5 4iClGia6l1tl'01lVluflE'U aonllrlnadl flGlf1lV"aGnYlP ! 5 l Sixry CHARLES ROSS Loudonville, New York Entered from Milne High School Czjg CEg Philodoxia. "Knowledge comes hut fwisdom lingers." HARRIET ROTH 9 Woodlawn Avenue Ag Theta Alphag French Cluhg Art Chapterg Basketball. "Happy am I, from rare I'm free! W'hy aren'l they all fontent like me?" LEON ROY I4 YVest Erie Street Entered from Catholic Central High School, Troy Q4.lg CE. "His heart as free from fraud as Heafven from earth." JULIA RUBIN 29 Ten Eyck Avenue CEQ French Clubg French Matineeg Traflic Squadg Glee Clubg A. A.g Gym Exhibition. "Thoughts are mightier than strength of hand." ROY RUCH II3 South Hawk Street CEQ Philodoxiag Barbarossa. "Shush! you fwill he -waking the fairies." VERA M. RUDOF 452 Morris Street CE: Theta Sigmag Dramatics Associationg Glee Cluhg Christ- mas Publicg French Clubg A. A. "Genius is only patienfef' M - - -.?f11fi' --- , 5 -y-,fwfr ---, ,A i Q Q- 2 A as ---V A ffl IIIQDIBMUD ib BEATRICE E. SAMBUR East Schodack, New York Ag Spanish Club: A. A. ".-I silent lass Sitting quietly through meh class." MARGARET SANFORD 2 Magnolia Terrace CE, Theta Sigma: President, Critic, Marshal, Hon. Nightg Dramatics Association: One-Act Plays, Chapel Exercisesg For- umg Vice President, French Club: Vice President, Treasurer: Girl Reserves: Treasurer, Secretary, Vice President: GARNET AND GRAY: Subscription Staff: A. A.: Gym Exhibitiong Basket- ball Q Swimming. I I "Har air is so modfsf, her aspcd so inafla So simple are her charms." VINCENT SCAVELLO C . N 4 120 Jefferson Street C' C3 Commerce Club. 13- '24 gz'nilcman's ,hrsl charafferistic is yinzfness of nature." CHARLES SCHADE 159 Ontario Street Ag Philodoxia: Senior Marshal, Corresponding Secretary, Ass't. Recording Secretary, Chairman Dance Committee: Traf- fic S uad' Student Council' A. A.g Footballg Baseball: Inter- q ! 1 class Basketball. "Kz'z'nz'sI 'wil and pleasant personality, Bring him friends of cfvcry kind." MILLARD SCHAFFER 38 Sycamore Street College Entrance. ".fIn ayfahlc and rourlcous gentlemen." RUTH E. SCHAFFNER 54 0'Dell Street C5 Theta Alpha: Senior Editor: Commerce Club: Barbarossa A. A. "Lovely, lasiing peare of mind." v Sixty-one " fx , fil GER f1Ulllll'alll'lllllQ'ii qonnndl 4lGif1urwmlxYfD WALTER SCOTT 30 Pinewood Avenue ballg Interclass Basketball. "Who halh not afwned, :with rapture-smitten frame, The power of a name." HAROLD SCHWEBEL 27 Magnolia Terrace CEg Science Clubg A. A.g Footballg Soccerg Interclass Basketball. "He'll find a way." LEWIS SEYMOUR 25 Clinton Avenue Cg Commerce Clubg A. A.g Interclass Basketball. "Half as sober as a judge." CELIA SHAPIRO 9 Madison Place CEQ Forumg French Clubg Science Clubg A, A.g Gym Ex- hibition. "Not in fE'bUdfd5, but in the .strength to slrifve The blessing lies." CHARLES H. SHAW 361 New Scotland Avenue Ag Orchestra Freshman Yearg A. A. "The right hand of fellowship." VIOLET SHOLTES Guilderland Center C3 Commerce Clubg Student Councilg Basketball. "No man here hut honors you." Sixty-tfwa E B 5 Cx lb-Q E CEg Freshman Traffic Squadg A. A.g Gym Exhibitiong Base- it imovrssflovb CHARLOTTE SILVERMAN 3 Marshall Street CEQ French Clubg French Matineeg Gym Exhibitiong Basket- ball. "The more talents, the more they will be developed." ETHEL SIMMONS 70 Second Street Ag Glee Clubg Christmas Publicg French Play. "With sweet, reluctant, amorous delay." PAUL SIMMONS 214 Kent Street Ag Science Clubg A. A. "The mildest manners, and the gentlest heart." CAROLYN SINGER Stop rg, Schenectady Road Ag Dramatics Associationg One-Act Playsg Glee Clubg Christmas Publicg District Chorusg Chapel Exercisesg A. A.g Gym Exhibitiong Swimmingg Hockeyg Interclass Basketball. "Oh, why Should life all labor he?" MIRIAM SIROTA 153 Northern Boulevard C3 Theta Alphag Commerce Clubg French Club: Pres. Junior Clubg L. C. Smith Typewriting Awardg A. A.g Gym Exhibition. "Everywhere in life, the true question is Not what we gazn, but what we doll IRENE L. SMITH I St. James Place 'Cg Dramatics Associationg Commerce Clubg Chapel Exer- clsesg Barbarossag Orchestra. "Her music in one's' heart is born Long after tt IJ heard no more." Sixty-three 41161 fniiP1umuaE'1i innmndl ClGif11ommf fb RALPH B. SMITH CEg Philodoxiag Dramatics Associationg A. A. "He is silent And casts not as-way his sentenfes in vain." JOHN J. SNYDER In Holywood Avenue CEg Rifle Club: Vice-Pres., Custodiang Swimmingq Fencing Rifle Team. "fl dapper mouse he does hestride 'with a needle for his sword dangling by his side." BENDER SOLOMON 204 Delaware Avenue CE: Dramatics Associationg French Clubg Orchestrag A. A. Gym Exhibitiong Trackg Interclass Basketball. "Well pleased am I if only the work taketh not loo long." MORRIS SOLOMON 342 Madison Avenue CEg French Club. "Silence, like a poultiee, eomes To heal the blofws of sound." RUTH STAUDER 498 Madison Avenue Ag Dramatics Associationg Glee Club: Chapel Exercises Orchestra: Science Clubg Eastern District Chorusg A. A. 'iahnbilion has no rest." ELIZABETH STEELE Schodack Landing, New York CEQ Theta Sigmag Glee Clubg A. A.g Basketballg Hockey "Newer lealve that till lomorrofw 'which you can do today." Sixly-four i fx yi-S 5 il mggp 3 QQD gg., - +L ERVIN STEHR 54.8 Clinton Avenue CEQ A. A.g Trackg Cross Country. "Stubborn labor conquers ew'rything." GENEVIEVE STEINBACH 169 Elk Street C5 Commerce Clubg A. A.g Gym Exhibition. "Thr grnlle mindp by gvnllf rlfftls is kl10'ZL'll6.n ROBERT STEPHENSON 645 Myrtle Avenue CEQ Hi-YQ Footballg Baseballg Hockey. "That'.v fhild's play to a fcllofw like me." MILDRED M. STERN 271 Partridge Street CEg'French Clubg A. A. 0 1, "'Few ihings are ifnpossible lo diligmu' and skill." !' ROBERT ST ERN 121 South Lake Avenue CEQ Philologia: Historian, Treasurer, Honorary Night De- bateg One-Act Playsg Dramatics Associationg Chapel Exercisesg Barbarossa: Vice President, Treasurerg PATROON: Advertising Managerg GARNET AND GRAY: Senior Record Com.g A. A. "Nothing is morefsimplef than Io be grmif indeed to be .rzmple is to be great." MAR-IORIE STEVVART 76 Twiller Street CEQ Theta Sigmag Glee Cluhg Christmas Puhlicg French Cluhg Girl Reservesg Secretaryg A. A.g Gym Exhibitiong Class Numerals. "Kind fwords and fefw are her ornamenif' l l Sixty-fm' 4 lb ' 7 41 ClE31ollo1unlae'i Wlonmdl 4IGIf1ne4omfP2g is 54 l i 1 l Sixty-six H. JUNE STILES I3 King Avenue C, Theta Alpha, Dramatics Association, Commerce Club, A. A., Gym Exhibition, Interclass Basketball. "Whatever she did, was done with so mueh ease, In her alone 'twas natural to please." ANNA STILLMAN 241 South Pearl Street C, Commerce Club, Glee Club, A. A., Gym Exhibition, Basketball. "Slow and steady wins the rare." FRED STOLZ 76 Ontario Street C, Philodoxia: Corr. Secretary, Manager Basketball Team, Basketball, Shorthand Prize, Commerce Club, A. A. I Gym Exhibition. "He says a thousand pleasant things, But he nefver says 'Adieuf " WILLIAM STRAIGHT 399 Myrtle Avenue Entered from Watkins Glen High School Czj, A, Hi-Y, A. A., Football, Basketball, Baseball. "He was a man for all in all, I shtall naot look upon his like again." RUPERT STURTEVANT 37 Glendale Avenue A: Philodoxia, Glee Club, Christmas Public, Chapel Ex- ercises, Orchestra, National High School Orchestra, A. A., Gym Exhibition, Football, Fencing. "Whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing well." CLARA SWEETMAN 270 First Street C, Commerce Club, A. A. "Deep sighted in intelligenees Ideas, atoms, influeneesf' , X ix 41 Q9 35 QIUD ly FLORENCE SWIRE 3 South Dove Street CE: Civic Clubg Forumg Science Clubg Reporter: Traffic Squad: A. A.: Gym Exhibition: Basketball: Hockey. "Self-tru.vt ix the firxt secret of .vuece.v.r." ALEC L. TALLMAN Stop 25, Schenectady Road CEQ A. A.: Track: Cross Country. "lVhen I run fwith both my leg: on, I ran rover the ground quitlzer than any bird can fly." MARY TANNER 129 Sherman Street C5 Theta Sigma: Recording Secretaryg Dramatics Associationg Commerce Club: Trafiic Squad: A. A. "Primrose, child of Ver, Merry springtzfnek harbtngerf' HERBERT THOMAS Stop 28, Schenectady Road Academic. "There is a remedy for everything, except for death." MILTON M. TINKLE 161 Central Avenue CE: Orchestra: Barbarossag A. A.: Gym Exhibitiong Track: Manager: Baseball: Mgr. Freshman: Interclass Basketball. "fill the 'world wondered." SALVATORE TOBACCO 205 Myrtle Avenue College Entrance. "It'.f over, and mn't be helped, and that'.r the end af that." Sixty-.refven Q fi ClGif1Blx1Il"'1lVll1rlE'h aoullmlcldll 4lf5lf1lrBaGnYiP 'si I S ix! y-ei glit EDITH TOMPKINS Berne, New York CEQ Theta Alphag Forumg A. A. "A lowing heart is the beginning of all knowledge." CHARLES TORCHINSKY 227 South Pearl Street Ag A. A.g Cross Countryg Trackg Interclass Basketball. "I am not in the role of common men." ELIZABETH TRAEG 478 Elk Street Cg Commerce Clubg Barbarossa. "The gentleness of all the gods go with thee." AUGUSTUS TRAEGER Glenmont, New York Cg Orchestrag Chapel Exercisesg Christmas Public. "I dare do all that may beeame a man." FLORENCE TRAVIS 176 Benson Street Ag Theta Sigmag Glee Clubg Traffic Squadg A. A.g Basket- ball g Gym Exhibition. "But to :ee her fwa: to low her, Lofve but her and lolve former." WILLIAM TROMBE 71 Park Avenue C5 Commerce Clubg Penmanship Certificate for Business Writingg A. A. 'Speaking in deeds and deedless in his tongue." 4 il nl Qp 3 QIUD ip ESTELLE TYMCHYN Altamont, New York CE, French Cluhg 'Basketballg Hockey: Captain. "Be there a fway, She will hnd it." DOROTHY VADNEY 186 Morton Avenue C, Commerce Clubg Civic Club, French Club: Cameron Lumber Co. Shorthand Prizeg A. A.g Gym Exhibition. "Calm and reserfved, She newer has need u To hluf through a reeitatzonf' HARRIET VAN VVELY 807 Myrtle Avenue CE: Theta Sigma: French Club: Glee Club: Student Coun- cilg A. A.g Swimming, Hockey. "Mistress of herself though ehina fall!" MARGARET VENER 280 Catherine Street CE: Theta Sigmag Forum, French Club, Gym Exhibition. "Good nature and good senses are airways Companions." GEORGE VINE 671 Central Avenue Ag Civic Club, Treasurer, Sen. Marshal, Jr. Marshal, A. A.g Gym Exhibition, Soccer, Interclass Basketball, Basketball Manager. "0 softest manner, unafected mind." RUTH M. WALLACE 5 Villa Road, Menands CEg Glee Clubg Traflic Squadg A. A. "Round her she made an atmosphere of life,' The 'very air seemed lighter from her eyes." i l w Sixty-nine 4 P g i1lfsl46lullf01lHuf1E'l dUll1ll'llHlFll ClG7f1umUmfP. ' -is 2 MARY IRENE WARNER 538 Madison Avenue CEQ Theta Sigmag Dramatics Associationg Glee Club. "The pen is the tongue of the mind." RICHARD WAUGH 6 Hampton Street C3 Commerce Clubg A. A.g Foothallg Baseball. "Remember all his 'ver:e.v." EDMUND WAYCIE 734 Clinton Avenue Ag Athletic Association. "Rely on fwhal Illou hast of fuirtue, .rummon all." R. GRETCHEN WEEBER 106 Manning Boulevard CQ Theta Sigmag Dramatics Association: Mgr. of Scenery and Arty Chapel Exercisesg Playsg Commerce Clubg Girl Re- servesg Art Chapter: President, Secretary-Treasurerg PATROON: Secretarial Editorg CIARNET AND GRAY: Art Stalfg Ch. Senior Ring Com.g A. A. "Three-flfllzx of lzfr genius and Ifwo-flflhx .theer fudge." HELEN WERTHEIM 37 No. Pine Avenue CEQ Civics Cluhg French Cluhg Forum: A. A.g Baskethallg Swimmingg Archery: Captain. "lVhere therelf a fwill 1here'.r a -way." RAYMOND WILCOWITZ io Hurlhut Street Entered from james Madison fglg Ag Spanish Clubg A. A.g Cheer Leaderg Captain of Squad. "The genius and the mortal instruments Are then zn founezlf' S evenly -I gg S-pp ' :C lb 2 F- 41 Q QD 3 QUD ik RUTH V. WILHELM 196 Kent Street Ag Theta Sigmag Dramatics Associationg Playsg Glee Cluhg Forumg Spanish Club: Marshal, Treasurerg Art Chapter: Ch. Membership Committeeg A. A. "Her -ways are -'ways of pleasantness, And all her paths are peace." EDNA WOHLFARTH 1 96 Western Avenue Entered from Tannersville High Calg CEQ Theta Alphag Basketball. "............fwi1b virtues best known In the bearfs of ber friends." DORA WOLBERG 31 Bogart Terrace C3 Commerce Clubg Spanish Clubg Glee Club. "Hearing you praised, I say, "Tis so, 'tis frue."' WILLIAM VVURTHMAN 90 Bradford Street Ag A. A.g Gym Exhibitiong Interclass Basketball. "Speech governs the world." BESSIE YESILONIS Nassau, New York C3 Theta Alpha. "Blessed be.sbe who bewing rzotbing Io say, abstain: from gwzng us Lwordy efvzdenee of the fact." CLARENCE YOUMANS 126 Chestnut Street CEQ A. A.g Gym Exhihitiong Soccer. "Silenee is a true friend who never betrays." Seventy-one fx 5 , -M X - E ix GER a61nllf"1ll'1ucIE' Tl lnnnnnacll CIC9,f1nrfwalY ,Def VERONICA T. ZELLER 39 McAlpine Street CEg Barbarossa. "lt is befier to fwfar out than rust auf." GEORGE ZIPPIN 558 VVashington Avenue CEQ Science Clubg Orchestrag Chapel Exercisesg Playsg A A.g Gym Exhibition. "To practital affairs Mix lad doih cling." GEORGE POLANSKY 80 Morton Avenue CEQ A. A.g Interclass Basketball. "Mud: too fwise to walk into a well." l l Seventy-two 4 P' E 3111 illirmnriaxn HENRY DIEHL May 31, 1912 - January 26, 1930 E -E sig? 1 Ei 4: CIGR mn NVD 110116191 amrwnmadll 4lGTfslraaEin1Y5 I 1 -H 5 f , A 1 1 q ,. 3 A ' A 0 Qi Q ' 3 W ' '79 ' :Z 5 . V 2' . rf . ,,, K -r' I .J , Ulf 5 U ' M 4 y 41 MQDSNUD 5 The Junior Class Rose Abrookin Harry Acker Esther Adams Miriam Aginsky Delia Albert Jeannette Albrecht Robert Allen Winifred Allen Harry Andress jane Angus Donald Ant William Arnot Albert Arrowsmith Richard Babcock Ida Bach Joseph Bastian Arthur Becker Edward Belcher Charles Benton Elizabeth Bernam Rose Biagotti Frances Bickel john Bills Eleanor Bishop Howard Blum Sanford Bolz Louis Bookheim Helen Booth Jean Bottezhi Jack Brandow ,lack Brennan Henrietta Brody Tillie Brother George N. Brown Gertrude Brown Howard Brumbaugh Janet Brumer Julius Buchman Mary Bulman Stanley Burdasz Mary Burgess Eleanor Busier Carlton Campbell Evelyn Canter Dorothy Card Leo Carey MEMBE1gs VVilliam Carroll Doris Chafee Ralph Chiarello Rose Chirlin Frances Clark Lawrence Clark Norman Cochrane Abraham Cohen Lena Cohen Helen Colyer Phyllis Coniglio Arthur Cook Frances Cross Peter Czwakiel Jessie Davidson Ruth Davis William Dearstyne Edward Deiseroth Marie De Mand George Dennis Ralph Derby David Dickerman Clara Duncan Milo Eames George Edmondson Harold Elmendorf Dorothy Emerick Jennie Falkow Fred Feldman Galen Fleck jean Frank James Frany Sylvia Freedman Dorothy Freedman VValter Furman Henry Gallucci Frederick Gerard Gussie Gertzberg Catherine Ghezzi Maurice Gloeckner Bessie Godfrey lack Goodman Dorothy Green Margaret Greene Eleanor Grinton Edward Groeber 1 fi GQ a'ol11lP1lV1uGE'E aoullmmrll ClGi'r1lF1aGmf' tba ff John Hacker Kathleen Halpin Mildred Harris Bessie Hartman Marion Hasenbein Frederick Haupt Imogene Hausman Gideon Hawley Margery Hayes Blanche Hayner Paul Heath Emanuel Hecht William Heffner Barbara Heidenrich Doris Heinmiller Ada Herman Meyer Herchenhorn Robert Hister Alice Hewson Wilma Hicks Ralph Hill Ruth Hill Edna Hite Helen Holton Harold Hopper Edna Horan Frances Hotchkiss Marion Howlan Ross Huber Robert Hughes Robert Husted Dorothea Isler Minnie Jacobs Frederick Jannott George Jenkins Dorothy Jennings Anna Johnson Robert johnson Mildred Kaplan Ruth Katz Sarah Kaufman Dorothy Keeler Doris Kelly Dorothy Kernahan Joseph Kiernan Jack King Susan King Evelyn Klinger Joseph Koblenz Harold Kolfsky Alexander Kohn Louis Kommit Florence Krips Anna Kulzer Catherine La Fleur Robert La Forge Jessie Laing Isabella La Monda Morris Lando Svlvia Lazotf Emily Leggett Allan Lietch Seventy .fix Rachel Leonard Celia Levinson Ellison Lewis Edward Liifiton Clara Lizocka Lillian Link Laura Lomax Raymond Lout Arthur Lundh Raymond Lynch Elizabeth Mackie Martha Maki Mindy Malatesta Esther Mansfield Zina Marge Gloria Marshall Henry Marshall Marie Martin Josepha Mc Cabe John Mc Clelland Adelene Mc Culloch Harold Mc Cullough Ann Mc Enroe Esther Mc Graw Betty Mc Neil Charles Menges Helen Metzger Virginia Metzger Josephine Michalska Sam Milberg George Miller John Miller George Mills Nicholas Mittler Beulah Montanye Helen Moon LeRoy Moore Joseph Mascheo Arline Muffson Lewis Muhlfelder Alice Munsell Earl Myers Thelma Myerson Harold Nachimson Mary Nelson Sidney Newbury Kenneth Newman Pinchas Newman Andrew Nicpon Elsie Nord janet Norris Edward Oldfield Minnie Olinsky Clara Olshansky Clarence Olson Robert O'Mara Faith O'Neil Maurice Ostrosky Iames Packard joseph Panella George Papen Alphonse Pappas Ruth Parnell Gertrude Paul Ruth Pearson Theodore Pearson Lawrence Peck Frank Peckham George Peckham Kenneth Perry Raymond Pettingell Vincent Pierrot Fannie Placksin Isadore Polansky Nathan Pollack Helen Potalsky Herbert Prescott George Putnam Daisy Quark Gertrude Rabineau John Radzyminsky Mario Rapazzo Clara Reissig Charles Remkins Monas Rosenthal John Ross Esther Rowland Alex Rubinstein James Sackrider David Sanders Peter Schay Ruth Schilling Elsie Schmitz Robert Schoeiller Arnold Schulze Carl Schupp Kenyon Shute Gwendolyn Schwenck Jay Schwenck Joseph Secor Ruby Shipman Andrew Shoudy Arthur Simmons Ethel Simmons Martha Simon Burford Skinkle George Slager Arnold Smith Dorothv Smith Edith Smith Kenneth Smith Mable Smith 4Qll9l3liUDfP Frieda Zuckerbrod Sara Smith Eva Sokil Marcus Solomon Mary Somers jacob Sontz Evelyn Spoore joseph Steinbach Roger Stephenson Charles Stern William Stewart Nathan Stillman Franklyn Stockholm Kathryn Strube Stuart Sturges VVilliam Sunderland Thelma Surdam Sarah Sutin Ada Sweetman Salvatore Tabacco Sam Tabachneck Theodore Tannenwald Anthony Vacante Alice Van Duesen Clarence Van Houten Gwendolyn Wagoner Gladys Warner Helene Warner Dorothy Warshaw Bertha Webb Morris Weiner Ruth Weisheit Dorothea Wells Marion Wells Fred Wenger Dorothy Wenz Frances Whipple Dorothy Whittemore Reva Wigdor Karl Wilke VVynant Williams Bertram Windlespecht Anna Wissler Gilbert Woodside Josephine Wright James York Margaret Young Bertha Yunich Katherine Zahn Frank Zeronda Merton Zubres Seventy :even 4:6181 aGlm1lV01lUuflQ'U abullfllnadll qG:f1IFJflUllWiP? 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CONKLIN Senior Record Committee FRANCES ALEXANDER BETTY FINCH MARION NELSON PAULINE KUBINSKA B GEORGE BROWN STANLEY KLETT HERBERT RICE ROBERT STERN usiness Jllanager WILLIAM BARNET II Advertising JESSICA DROOZ, Manager DELORAS FUSSELL GRACE COZINE STANLEY KLETT CHARLES STERN Photo Appointments RAYMOND HAHN Subscription CHARLES FUDA, fllanager MARGARET MIELKE MARGARET SANFORD FRANCES ALEXANDER RENDLE FUSSELL HERBERT RICE Faculty Adviser RAY CECIL CARTER E ighty-three 4,5 1 ' 4iCIEIqB1111P1lUuf1E'IL adnslrluadll ClG7f1umQm.f ' 'E The Patroon EDITORIAL DEPARTMENT Ediiors GEORGE BROWN EDVVARD S. DEEVEY, JR. .'1.V50l'i!lft' Edifor Drsk Editor !5.lJiEI.I'INE IVICCUl,I,OCH TIERBERT RICE Managing Editor RAYMOND HAIIN Srfrriarial Ediior Conirilfutizzg Ediior GRE'1'cHEx VVEEBER JAMES INGRAM .ithlftifs Editors IDONALD CUE MAXWELL ISERBERGH BUSINESS DEPARTMENT .Aldf:'rrfi.sing Illanagrr Sulzyfrifwlion Jllanayrrx R0nER'r STERN CHARLES FUDA Eighty-four PAUL DERAGQN Faruliy I-Idfvisfr RAY CECIL CARTER 41 1llQD3l,QlUD ip Frances Alexander Katherine Brower Grace Cozine Jessica Drooz Betty Finch Mildred Hasenbein Esther Hayes Alice Lawson Ruth Morgan Marion Nelson Lillian Fink Helen Holton Frances Hotchkiss Ruth Katz Martha Knapp Pauline Kubinska Ruth Aircy Martha Greene Charles Lowenstein The Forum 1930 Helen VVertheim 1931 1932 janet Pleat Marie Rosch Gertrude Rosenberg Margaret Sanford Celia Shapiro Florence Swire Elizabeth Steele Edith Tompkins Margaret Vener Mary Warner Elsie Nord janet Norris Clara Reissig Elsie Schmitz Theodore Tannenwald Ruth Wilhelm Lois Shiverick Eugenia Paul Ruth Deady 4 5 , 411811 onnwnnuuot tonrwudl flG7fnrwEu1YfP Leon Amsel Ernest Anderson Raymond Anker Mollie Axelrod Eleanor Bartley Lois Benjamin David Bray Kathryn Brower Mary Brownstein Henry Caplan William Cobbs Frances Cross Edward Deevey Jessica Drooz Sanford Bolz Louis Bookheim Henrietta Brody Jean Frank Sylvia Freedman .lack Goodman Bessie Hartman Marjorie Hayes Blanche Hayner Helen Holten E i ghf y-six Le Cercle Frangais 1930 Betty Finch Eva Glassman Sol Goodman Mollie Handin Esther Hayes jack Herd Bertram Kaye Julia Keenan Martha Knapp Alice Lawson Samuel Link Henrietta McLaughlin Gordon Miscall Ruth Morgan jane Munsell 1931 Edna Horn Anna johnson Ruth Katz Doris Kelly Lillian Link Arline Muffson 'Lewis Muhlfelder Alice Munsell Rocco Nigro Marion Nelson Evelyn Newman Antoinette Recchia Gertrude Rosenberg Isadore Rosenstock Juliet Rubin Margaret Sanford Bender Solomon lN-lorris Solomon Florence Swire Estelle Tymchyn Harriet Van VVely Clarence Youmans Dorothy Vadney Elsie Nord janet Norris Alphonse Pappas lsadore Polansky John Radzyminski Arnold Schulze Theodore Tannenwald Dorothy Warshaw Josephine Wright Bertha Yunich , 41 HQPSNUD lb l l v Kenneth Batchelder Helene Blair Hilda Bookheim George Brown Martha Dingman Alma Engel Charles Fuda Gretchen Gutman Raymond Hahn Henrietta Heim Lydia Hoenzsch Esther Gerhardt Clara Henze Helen Jewell Barbarossa Founded in 1890 MEMBERS 1930 Veronica Zeller 1931 Clara Reissig 1932 Karl Schutle Hilda Klein john Klein Emily Kleesattle Marie Kreutzer Genevieve Maciejewski Dorothy Metzger Anna Mueller Roy Ruch Ruth Schaffner Irene Smith Robert Stern Edgar Klein Anna Markle Vincent Smith E i gh! y-seven QCIGZ1 mnluwnunnaw, dgllllfllltlill Clf5i'f1ucqalYiP1 Helen Cunard Frances Guarnier Pauline Kubinska Beatrice Kimber Eleanor Lewis Laura Lomax Mindy Malatesta Joseph Moscheo Robert Mulligan Eighty ezght La Socieda Espanola Founded in 1920 MEMBERS 1930 1931 Dora Wolberg 1932 Peggy Wells Catherine Losee Janet Pleat Beatrice Sambur Ruth Wilhelm Clarence Olson Faith O'NeiI Vincent Pierrot Daisy Quirk Joe Spatafora 4 y if QQMQQDIBXQIUIQE Leon Amsel William Cobbs Grace Cozine Bernard Dorsey Lewis Frank Bernard Fribush Raymond Gutman Ruth Davis Rose Einhnrn Sylvia Freedman Frances Hotchkiss Erris Adams Hilda Gehele llerman Kudon Mary Mackler Irvin Rosen The Science Club Founded in 1912 MEMBERS 1930 1931 Arline Muffson 1932 VVilliam Henry Pauline Kubinska Kenneth Nasholds Marion Nelson Gertrude Rosenberg Jacob Sontz Florence Swire George Zippin Ruth Katz Ellison Lewis Ruth Stauder Thelma Surdam Irving Sax joseph Selman Blanche Shcor 'wean Shoup Beatrice Von Maucker Eighly-nine E E' ,P .gaze -gil GG? aolll'01lV1udQ'HL mmndl 4161 nmnmffb Ninely Frances Alexander Lois Benjamin Ruth Chatfield Betty Finch Deloras Fussell Mildred Hasenbeim Julia Keenan Belle Killough Martha Knapp Pauline Kubinska Doris Chafee Martha Greene Viola Griflin Marion Hasenbein Adelene McCulloch Anne McEnroe Adeline Allen Marcia Benjamin Marjorie Carey Phyllis Chafee Louise Horn Mavis Jones Girl Reserves 1930 Gretchen Weeber 1931 Helene VVarner 1932 Lucy Torrence Marjorie Laravie Alice Lawson Martha Lloyd Catherine Losee Elizabeth Moat Ruth Morgan Ruth Passenger Elsie Pratt Margaret Sanford Marjorie Stewart Elsie Nord Janet Norris Faith O'Neil Brenda Papen Dorothy Philip Daisy Quirk Margaret Kyle Eugenia Paul Anne Rand Eleanor Roselius Lois Shiverick Lilas Stewart ?. 'g..:a C yas, x , fl ul QD 35 1101 js ISAREL BRUNET VELMA CLARK FRANCES CLARK FLORA JENSEN RIARIE KRLTZER ELEANOR BOGART -IEANNE A. FRANK N1EI.VA M. HART Chapter of Arts i"0ll71dl'Ii in 1921 MEMBERS 1950 IQSI BEATRIQE VON MALCHER IJOROTHY NOLAN FLORENCE ROE HARRIET ROTH f?RETCHEN XNEEIKER RUTH XVILHELM HELEN VOSBURGH THERESA WALSH DOROTHY A. WHITTEh1ORE -IOsEPH1NE B. WRIGHT Farufly Advisfr ELLA J. GRAHAM Ninziy-one I 1 'SFT -fl IP if ClGiflOlllllfOllilllflE'm, aoniiinaiadl Clfifilrtaoiw ibgiif The Orchestra TO many Albanians it seems that the only High School organization of any im- portance is the Orchestra. And indeed, the Albany musicians have carried on such a remarkable program under the leadership of Frank E. Bailey and Le Vere L. Fuller that they have achieved state-Wide recognition. So many public programs have been presented that it would be impossible to name them all. Some important ones, however, were the program given at the Peace Conference during the fall, the dual contest with the Schenectady High School Orches- tra, and the more recent Spring Concert. The Dance Group and the Senior Orchestra also gained wide notice. Albany High School was fortunate this year in being able to send three repre- sentatives to the National High School Orchestra, which met in two sections. The Atlantic City delegate was LeVere Fuller, graduate student. Those who went to Chicago were Rupert Sturtevant, ,30, and Charles Lowenstein, '32, The Orchestra was enriched this year by a large number of sophomores, and so prospects for the future seem to be very bright. Ninfly-tfwo fl T2 41 111 QU 3 QUITE Chorus ALTHOUGH the Chorus has not attracted so much attention as the Orchestra, nevertheless its standard of work has been just as high. Owing to its larger size, it has not presented so many programs, but its members will assure you that they have worked just as hard as those of its brother organization. As in the Case of the Orchestra, the Glee Club was able to send three representa- tives to the National High School Chorus, which met in Chicago. Those who were chosen to go are Dorothy Whittemore, '30, Carl Schupp, ,3I, and joseph Elliston, 332. These members, assisted by Carolyn Singer, '30, formed a mixed quartet which sang several numbers at a benefit performance given for all the national delegates. Although several appearances were made in chapel, the principal demonstration was at the Spring Musicale, where they were received with great favor by the audience and by critics. For many years the Albany High School Chorus has been a very insignificant part of the musical curriculum. But from the achievements of this year and last it seems that the outlook is very good for placing choral work on a level with the other activ- ities of the school. Ninrly-Ilurc Cl T232 - f1 aBl1Ill"'llUl1GQ'S atinllmlxcldi Gigi 1lW1Gl1Yl7i National Florensic League WlI.Ll.AlXI BARNET R1eHARD BLOCKSIDGE GEORGE BROWN EDWARD DEEVEY PAEL DERAOON WILLIAM DERAGON SANFORD BOLZ NORMAN CUCHRANE CSALEN FLECK -'ACK GOODMAN CHAPTER I Founded in IQZS MEMBERS 1930 RENIDLE FLSSELI. HOWARD ci0RDNIAN -IAMES INGR.-XM AIAXWELI. IS-ENHERGH KENNETH NASHOLDS GRENFELL RAND HERRERT RleE IQ3I ROBERT HUSTED JOHN NICCLELLAND LEWIS NIKQHLFELDER CARL SCHUPP CHARLES STERN DEBATES WON . . . Saratoga, Poughkeepsie, Scotia, Amsterdam LOST . . . Saratoga, Poughkeepsie, Hudson Nznely four .if ' T g, at x v ...E fl mtgp BNUD ip Boys' Day Marrlz 21, 1930 HAT long prepared for event, Boys' Day, was won this year by Philodoxia, the thirty-fifth annual debate being one of the most keenly contested of recent years. The question, Resolved: That the installment plan is more beneficial than detrimental to the American Public, proved to be all that is required for both an enjoyable as well as profitable discussion. The Philologian team, although the losers, did provide the competition that makes for the continued relations of the two boys' societies. The best speaker of the evening was Herbert Rice, captain of the 'Doxia team. As a close second, honorable mention was given to Rendle Fussell, captain of the 'Logia team. Declam- ations of humor and pathos were given by james Ingram, 'Doxia, and Galen Fleck, 'Logia. Charles Fuda of Philodoxia presided while Donald MacFarland of Philologia acted as Secretary. Tln' Trams PIIILODOXXA Paul Deragon Kenneth Nasholds Herbert Rice Howard Gordman First Speaker Second Speaker Third Speaker, Captain Alternate PI!lL0l.0GIA Maxwell Isenbergh VVilliam Barnet Rendle Fussell Grenfell Rand Ninrly-fifve I ii GG a6hllf01lNnGI3' KL 4611 nrinadll ClSi'r1lF'nGmf i? I I E-1 . mqlgfg an 41 119131409 fb Theta Theta Sigma Frances Alexander Winifred Allen Hannah Alperin Lois Benjamin Hilda Bookheim Helen Brooks Kathryn Brower Ruth Chatfield Grace Cozine Jessica Drooz Betty Finch Deloras Fussell Eva Glassman Melva Hart Mildred Hasenbein Esther Hayes Doris Chafee June Dascher Jessie Davidson Dorothy Freedman Marion Hasenbein VVilma Hicks Ruth Hill Blanche Hayner Frances Hotchkiss Marcia Benjamin Phyllis Chafee Ruth Coleman Marjory Hayes Edna Horn Helen Holten Sigma Literary Society Founded in 1887 MEMBERS 1930 Henrietta Heim Lillian Hutner Shirleynell Joseph Julia Keenan Belle Killough Beatrice Kimber Pauline Kubinska Marjorie Laravie Alice Lawson Geraldine Layman Catherine Losee Dorothy Metzger Ruth Morgan Marion Nelson Ruth Passenger 1931 Dorothy Keeler Emily Leritt Adelene McCulloch Anne McEnroe Elsie Nord Janet Norris Faith O'Neil Brenda Papen Elsa Preiss 1932 Mavis Jones Doris Kelly Mary Koutzarolf Mary Mackler Dorothy Philip Daughters of Wisdom Elsie Pratt Gertrude Preiss Florence Roe Marie Rosch Vera Rudoph Margaret Sanford Susan Smith Betty Steele Marjorie Stewart Mary Tanner Florence Travis Harriet Van VVely Margaret Vener Mary Warner Gretchen Weeber Ruth Wilhelm Daisy Quirk Clara Reisig Esther Roland Ruby Shipman Alice Van Duesen Helene Warner Ruth Weisheit Bertha Yunich Catherine Zahn Anne Rand Daphne Saddlemir Thelma Surdam Lois Shiverick Esther Stoker Lucy Torrence C Ninety :even If f1Bl1llVf'lIUllClE'Tl dmllllmllillju CUr1lVaclUl1YlP y Qjffjjb il llll9l3llUD Sb Theta Alpha Literary Society Founded in 1878 Theta Alpha . . . Daughters of Minerva Helene Blair Isabel Brunet Mary Burgess Frances Clarke Evelyn Clifford Helen Conroy Anna Cunningham Alice Dalton Martha Dingman Laura Dudley Clara Duncan Alma Engel Jeanne Frank Margaret Blair Dorothy Card Marjorie Carey Helen Colger Dorothy Emerick Barbara Heidenrich Doris Heinmiller Rosalie Alexander Adeline Allen Marion Bennett Dorothy Berberick Dorothy Endres Isabel Foster Susan Grattons MEMBERS 1930 Rose Gilbo Eleanor Grinton Frances Guarnier Gretchen Gutman Lydia Hoenzsch Dorothy Kernahan Bernice Kiernan Emily Kleesattle Hilda Klein Marie Kreutzer Wilhelmina Lorch Henrietta McLaughlin Marion Melanson 1931 Ada Herman Dorothy Jennings Margaret Jewel Anita Kelsey Ethel Kiernan Evelyn Klinger Faire Marshall Gloria Marshall 1932 Alyce Herrington Elsie Hildebrandt Betty Hoffman Loretta Long Kathleen MacKinnon Ida Mance Anne Mandrich Margaret Mielke Jane Munsell Dorothy Nolan Christine Paland Janet Pleat Florence Primett Antoinette Recchia Harriet Roth Ruth Schaffner June Stiles Mildred Tesch Edna Wohlforth Bessie Yesilonis Alice Munsell Elsie Schmitz Gwen Schwenk Mary Somers Vivian Stack Hazel Thompson Josephine Wright Kathleen McAneIle Eileen Reilly Jean Ruse Evelyn Steinbach Dorothy Stelzner Hazel Walsh Peggy Wells N inety-nine fx 5 V i GOD' -41 CIGRq6n1urDnnr1nuQ'l Qbuumuadll 4lGifnmmr 5'-' il 111 qgp 3 QQD ip Philologian Literary Society Founded in 1873 PHILOLOGIA .... LOvERs OF LEARNING WILLIAM BALDWIN WILLIAM BARNET RICHARD BLOCKSIDGE DONALD CHALKER ALBERT CONKLIN H.AROLD COURNEEN EUGENE CROss EDWARD DEEVEY RENDLE FUSSELL SANFORD BOLz LOUIS BOOKHEIM DONALD COE EDWARD DEISEROTH GALEN FLECK ELMER FREEMAN CHARLES FROST Ross HUBER ROBERT HUSTED FREDERICK JANOTT IRWIN ESMOND ARNOLD HATCH JOHN L1sTER PAUL LIVINGSTON CHARLES LOWENSTEIN MEMBERS 1930 JAMES YORK WARD GOLDING DOUGLAS GREEN MAXWELL ISENBERGII STANLEY KLETT DONALD MACFARLAND WILLIAM MANTON GRENI-'ELL RAND JAMES SACKRIDER ROBERT STERN 1931 1932 JOHN MCCLELLAND LEWIS MUHLFELDER CLARENCE OLSEN GEORGE PAPEN FOSTER SHIVERICK CHARLES STERN STEWART STURGES THEODORE TANNENWAL17 CLARENCE VAN HOUTEN KARL WILKE ARTHUR NICDOVVELL CAMERON MIDDLETON ERNEST RIEGEL ALLAN STURGES EDWIN TATE One Hundred One Q y 2iUaB111lV01IHl1flQ'i dallllmllfldu qgrllfallgll E- I b A A , A V --1 -A4 ..- 'XM 41-jg -T QJHQQDEMUDCD Philodoxian Literary Society PHILODOXIA RAYMOND ANKER WILLIAM BROOKS GEORGE BROWN JOHN DENN PAUL DERAGON WILLIAIXT DERAGON MALCOLM ECKEL ROY FRAZEE BERNARD FRIBUSH CHARLES FUDA HOWARD GORDMAN RAYMOND HAHN WILLARD BOGART JOHN CARNEVALE NORMAN COCHRANE CLINTON CONGDON RALPH DERBY JOSEPH BROOKS WILLIAM HENRY HOWARD HENZE GEORGE KAPLAN Founded in 1869 MEMBERS 1930 LOVERS OF FAME JAMES INGRAM LOUIS LANTZ KENNETH NASHOLDS PAUL NELSON THOMAS O,CONNOR HOWARD PHILLIPS HERBERT RICE ROY RUCH CHARLES SCHADE RALPH SMITH FRED STOLZ RUPERT STURTEVANT 1931 JACK GOODMAN FREDERICK HOUT HOWARD KLOTZKE ANDREW NICPON CARL SCHUPP WYNANT WILLIAMS 1932 HOWARD ZEH HARWOOD MILLER DAVID MUNRO GEORGE PUTNAM IRVING SAX One Hundred Three Q, 'lf GEEQUIIIIWIIUIIGEWL dflllllflllfldlf CIGTMIFQUMYE ! E Iigifa--- E ' E-52418155-LB S H EE ij Awillhnlll Qgilijifogg L...... 4QCIGhe1IIr01nrIIae'IiL dglllllflllfllilll 4lGi'I1lPcIGlIYiP , , i Athletics Association Council THE Athletics Association Council, organized to govern the school athletics, taking charge of all expenditures of the Association and advising and approving schedules and contests again carried out its task notably. lt is made up of student and faculty members. Student members are elected by the entire Association each school year. It is noteworthy that the financial situation of the Association stands the best it has in recent years. STVDENT MEMBERS CONNIE l'llilM PIc'rER REII,I.v Louis LAN'I'z DEI,oRAs l7L'SSEl,l, . JAMES E. fiI.AVIN JAMES FREEMAN MARGARET VVARD CHESTER J. TERRILI. One Hundred Six FACULTY MEM BERS . Prvsificnt l'icc-President .'lA'5i5f!lllf Treasurer lS1'z'rcIary lGirl.r' Reprcscntalifve EMILY BEIIDING CATHERINE MURPHY BENJAMIN BECKER JOHN Domus fx ,E il mqgp 3 QUD lb Cross Country OR the first time since its recent undertaking, the Albany High School has turned out a near-championship Cross Country team. In the past the teams have met with a fair amount of success but nothing as was experienced this fall. Under Captain Dan Ayers, Williams Frosh, Gloversville, and Troy were defeated by perfect scores, I5-40. Later the Union Frosh and C. B. A. fell under Albany's fleet harriers. The most important meet was lost, it is true, but by a close score and when the rating of Schenectady is considered, the smart of defeat is greatly reduced. With the close of the season, having lost but one meet, the team chose Malcom Eckel captain for IQ3O, along with him three letter men will return, insuring success for next year. One Hundred Seven 4 lb 41 flEEf16n111VP1nr1u1r1Q'1i mmummdil ClGiQ1nrwQmf'f7 aqigfg 41 ll Q99 3 KIUD lb Football ITH the opening of school this fall thoughts immediately turned to football and much . enthusiasm was shown by all regarding the prospects of the season. The coaching staff, however, had two important problems. Along with Captain MacNutt only five letter men re- turned from which to build the team. They were Heim, Hawley, Harder, Manwiller and Vogel. l'hen too, we had no playing field, either for practice or games. In addition a schedule had Deen arranged, more difficult than any in past years. Meanwhile practice was held, after a fashion, at Beverwyck Park. Three weeks later, through the courtesy of the Capital District Baseball Association, prac- tice was held at Chadwick Park, and the Schenectady game only two weeks away. Nevertheless the team made a most creditable showing, playing the visitors to a scoreless standstill for more than three periods. Then the "breaks" came and Schenectady succeeded in winning 20 to o, but only after a real struggle. The next week Scotia was easily defeated at Scotia by a score of 33 to o. Then to Gloversville, there the spectators had the thrill of seeing Albany come within a hairs breadth of tying and perhaps winning the game. At the final whistle the ball was on Gloversville's one yard line, the result of an unbroken march from deep in Albany's territory. But so it ended, their game, 25 to I9. Next week Glens Falls was subdued, after a stubborn battle, the score being I4 to o. Then came the preparations for Academy, the big game. As in other years the game was played on Election Day. However one change was made, the game being played on Albany's field. Up to this time Coach Freeman had had no difficulties from serious injuries, but for this game Conklin, a guard, was not available, being laid up with a knee injury received in the previous game. The outcome was rather disappointing as to decisiveness, for after four close hard-fought periods the score remained o to o. The High School nevertheless acquitted itself well, presenting a stonewall defense that would not yield in time of danger and at times flashing a dazzling offense. After a week of rest, the team closed the season impressively defeating Troy 25 to o. Again this year a junior Varsity was kept on the field. It made a good showing, winning three games and losing only to LaSalle of Troy. These reserves will probably form the greater part of next year's varsity. All in all, the season is to be regarded as a success, losing but two games, at very close scores, tying one and winning three. At the close of the season the letter men unanimously elected Richard Davis captain of next year's team which seems to have bright prospects for success. Having won their letters before, these men received certificates: JOHN MACNUTT, Captain GIDEON HAWLEY DAVID MANWILLER CORNELIUS HEIM JOHN HARDER FREDERICK VOGEL These men received both letter and certificate: RICHARD DAvIs, Captain-elect CHARLES BENTON ALDO CICERI ROBERT FURLONG ISADORE GREEN WILLIAM LEONARD EDWIN LIEEITON HENRY MARSHALL ANDREW NICPON JOSEPH OYBRIEN JOSEPH KLEIN, Manager PETER RILEY WILLIAM STRAIGHT MARCUS SOLOMON RICHARD WAUGH GEORGE WEBSTER One Hundred Nine 4 5 x , 4fCIE51q5n1ur01nnuaEe'G3 dUllllUllflm ClG7f1lr'3dGm' jb 4Qb fi mtsvannv 5 Basketball S a result of capturing the State Championship at Syracuse last year great interest and prestige were given our team. It was a wonderful Work, but such things can not go on each successive year. There is bound to be reaction. For one thing, of last year's crack outfit only two men who were regulars returned this year to play: Captain Hawley and Jackson. Along with them Barelsky and Buckles who had seen considerable service. In the beginning it was hard to make a line-up. All sorts of combinations were tried. It started with those above and Botteghi, then Riley, Saunders, Miscall and Straight. It is hard to tell which was the smoothest outfit. In regard to results they were very satisfactory. Of course the record of the year before was not approached but then what matters. Cobleskill was the opening game aIId was a victory. Then followed a few defeats, close at that, but surely tough. Against Academy little excitement was experienced. The most outstanding contests were the last league games. Albany started out by losing to Troy and Schenectady. lt was believed that Albany was out of running. But then she went to work and won the next four league games forcing the teams into a triple tie. In the playoffs, Albany against Troy, the latter team played a brand of ball that could not be beaten, and Albany was finally nosed out in a hard exciting game. Among the other teams played were Drury, Mechanicville, West New York and Yonkers. At the close of the season Peter Riley was elected captain and with the wealth of reserve strength available signs point to a good season for next year's team. These men were awarded certificates: GIDEON HAWLEY, Captain GORDON MISCALL SAMUEL JACKSON DAVID SANDERS JEAN BOTTEGI-II The following were both letter and certificates: PETER RILEY, Captain-elect CORNELIUS HEIM RICHARD DAVIS REGINALD Bucxuss WILLIAM BALDWIN WILLIAM BARELSKY WILLIAM STRAIGHT One Hundred Eleven 4x Q 1 3 ClQaB1nlV01lV1liCIE'll dblllliillltldil 4lQf1lrAaGliYiP"' E E J..- , V ' Baseball T the time of this writing, the season barely under way, it is difficult to give any definite results. Last year the team had a successful record and several letter- men, augmented by many promising prospects, have reported for practice. As with football difficulties arose in regards to a home diamond. However, arrangements have been completed for the use of Ridgefield and Beverwyck Parks. Manager Vine has drawn up a very diflicult schedule including, among others, games with Schenectady, Williams Frosh, R. P. I. Frosh, Academy, Troy, and Lansingburgh. Coach Becker will depend mainly on Hawley and Waugh, pitchers, with Riley on the receiving end. In the infield, Jackson, Leonard, Botteghi, Baldwin, and Miscall, while for fielding there are Captain Heim, Lifliton and Ciceri. Also an intramural program has been arranged, which will provide a chance' for playing the game, for those who do not make the Varsity squad. Considering the available material the team will without doubt complete a suc- cessful season. Onf Hundrfd Tfwrlfve 5- A-a fl IP e if E . EEflmQQp3q1UDib ' ..........--4 'WV Track AVING spent much time in indoor practice a large squad of track candidates was ready when the weather became warm enough. At present the problem ot select- ing a team to go to the Penn Relays is confronting Coach Freeman. The outstanding candidates are Captain Ayers, llarshall and llIacNutt. The remaining schedule of meets is being formed by Klanager Tinkle. To date only Williams Frosh has been booked. Among those likely are the R. P. I. invitation, Academy invitation, Schenectady, Lansingburgh, Saratoga, and the sectional championship meet. Around such men as Ayers, Courneen, 1IacNutt, fllarshall, Harder, and Kicinski the nucleus of the team will be formed. Klueh is expected of several newcomers to the school and a successful season may be looked forward to. Onf llundrfd Thirlrfn i- Q gfx D ,a- E .-i FE " ' -416811 cBl11lF'1lUl1flE'UL dbllllmllfldi ClQf1lPaGnY:P f I b I C fl nl or Sl GOD Ib TA ? 'R 'e Briefs HOCKEY STARTING in again where they left off last year, the veteran hockey team finished a really successful season. A schedule of nine games was arranged with teams of high rating. Due to ice conditions only seven were played, of which three were won and four lost. The outstanding match was with the Academy, in which the cadets finally won by the close score of I to 0. Eight men were awarded letters, and Lietch was elected captain for next year. SWIMMING WITH only two veterans of last year's team, and the rest of the squad made up of new material, swimming did not have a very successful season. Although they were defeated in every meet, from showings made in the last two contests pros- pects seem very good for the squad. Rudolph is to be captain for next year's team. SOCCER SOCCER made its first appearance on the athletics program of the Albany High School this fall. In consideration of this, a fair showing was made. A twelve game schedule was played with teams comprising a regular high school league. Of these, Albany won three, the remaining being lost by close scores. Crouse will captain next year's team. TENNIS FROM veteran material available this year's team may expect a banner season. Captain Goold, Isenbergh, Husted, Babcock and Minch return. In addition much reserve material will aid considerably. An elaborate schedule has been arranged, matches scheduled with Academy, Schenectady, Troy, Glens Falls, Kingston and Lansingburgh. ' GIRLS SPORT COUNCIL AS in former years the Girls' Athletic Council has directed the various branches of activities of the girls' sports. An extensive program has been arranged cover- ing all forms of athletics to take care of the girls' needs. The council consists of Deloras Fussell, Marion Melanson, Brenda Papen, Ruth Morgan, Dorothy Deise- roth, and Dorothy Stelzner. , GIRLS BASKETBALL ' FT ER a closely contested season the Sophomores won the Interclass Basketball Championship. Blanche Grissel and Florence Schade were outstanding for the victors. Ruth Morgan and Margaret Carey played well for the Seniors and Juniors. 'The monogram A. H. S. has been awarded the winners. I. , The Sophomore Team BLANCHE GRIESSEL, Captain KATHLEEN IVICARDLE FLORENCE SCHADE LILAS STEWART DOROTHY TROMBLEE DOROTHY DEISEROTH C One Hundred Fifteen 4 5 41181 a6nlP1ll'lnrlE'i abmlfmadll CU 1lFGUIlY i? HOCKEY TEAM SWIMMING TE,1XBI 1 4Qb 3141 nl QD 3 KIUD lb SOCCER TEAM TENNIS TEAM flax? E- i ?iClf5Ra6111lV01lVll1f1E'U abunrmadll ClQmlmUuYiP--T KIIRI, SPORT Couxcn, C1IRL,S BASKETBALI. rl1EA1XI V GBT? I IIHII nun 5 from KES II P Who's Who in the Senior Class .fllost Popular-Rendle Fussell, Margaret Mielke, Connie Heim. Mort Indispensable-William Barnet, Richard Blocksidge, Kenneth Nasholds Most Impressive-Maxwell Isenbergh, Frances Alexander, Herbert Rice. Illost Pessimirtic-George Brown, Charles Fuda, Gretchen Weeber. W ittiest-James Ingram, Marion Nelson, Edward Deevey. Quietext-Robert Arnot, Veronica Zeller, Betty Finch C IJ. Laziest-Grenfell Rand, Bert Kaye, Harold Schwebel. Best Dresred--Mildred March, Albert Conklin. Prettiest Girl-Margaret Mielke, Christine Paland, Helen Cunard. Handsomest Fellow-Charles Schade, Dave Fris, Herbert Rice. Best Sport-Connie Heim, Ruth Morgan, William Barelsky. VOID Favorites Faculty Mernber-Mr. Carter, Mr. Burgin, Miss Keymel. Author-S. S. Van Dine, Williani Shakespeare, Richard Halliburton. Book-MacBeth, All Quiet on the Western Front, New Worlds to Conquer College-Cornell, R. P. I., State, Union. Sport-Basketball, Football, Swimming. Subject-History C, Chemistry, English. Entertainment-Dancing, Reading, Movies. Actor-Herbert Rice, Charles Fuda, George Brown. Actress-Frances Alexander, Margaret Miellce, Lois Benjamin. One Hundred Twenly Cx 5 , QCIER aUnmP11r1nflE'i, qsnmndll ClK57f1nrfmi-Jw fb 4lll9l3illUD1b Famous Sayings of Famous People Mr. Glavin: When I was in Europe :- Miss White: Here's a yellow slip. Mr. Carter: You'l1 Hunk as sure as the devil's a Dutchman. Miss Baer: Test to-morrow. Mr. Bailey: Now, everybody singg one, two, three. Illiss McLaughlin: Report to me at the close of school. Howard Gordman: What a gyp, I only got 96. Kenny Nasholds: Have your Senior Class dues to-morrow Gretchen Weeher.' Oooh Herbie. or- Trarh team: We have met the enemy and they are hours,-hours behind us. Ill r. Davis: Asseyez-vous! Miss Salisbury: Say, what kind of trot do you use? W illiam Barnet: Gimme some money for THE GARNET AND GRAY. Miss Adams: For that recitation you receive a zero. The Old .Man : Alright, no movies or dances for you, until you make up those three red marks. CAN YOU IMAGINE? Ti-is PATRooN making money. The Logia board without funny CPJ jokes. The Doxia board with any notices. A dignified Senior class meeting. Mr. Sloat as a movie censor. Miss McCall forgetting to give homework. Mr. Brown giving away honors. Mr. Buckley in a bathing suit. Howie Gordman on a spree. Lois Benjamin without a fellow. Dick Blocksidge playing hop-scotch. Betty Finch keeping quiet. Red Fussell with a grouch. Alice Lawson with red marks. Ed Deevey without a new story. Margaret Sanford in hoop skirts. Grenny Rand with a dime novel. This column being funny. Bughouse Blues, or What Happened to Max If all the What a great Sophomores Bonfire the Were laid luniors could make End to end, If they would only It would be a Get their heads Good thing. Together. lsenberghys Whiskers. If all the Seniors Were laid end to end Somebody Would get A kick ln the head. One Hundred Twenty-one fx Q 4 HZQ Cllznl a6nlP1lV1l1GE'E aomlfmadl ClGi'r1lr0aUl1Y iP Ravings of a Depraved Mind THESE nightmares, D. T.s, and hallucinations were the resulting recollections of the school year, reviewed by a student driven to brain fever by Miss Kinnear's French assignments, and the wiset ?jcracks of our chief in chapel. COLGATE GLEE CLUB - - That guy's from Colgate, let's paste him. Say, you're in for a tight squeeze. SPANISH FIESTA - - All my massive intellect was concentrated on those usherettes. How dlya say 'red hot mama' in Spanish? BoY's DAY - - Took on quite a doggy aspect: Free discussion on elephants, Montgomery Ward's, Mr. Glavin's pay check. THREE ONE-ACT PLAYS - - Spats, guns, radios, white pants. Herb Rice moving furniture and Paul DeRagon moving Margaret Mielke. ORCHESTRA BENEFIT - - Hey, page Walt Damrosch, Mr. R. K. O. or somebody! Was that Rudy Vallee or do the batteries need charging? A. A. DINNER IN CAFETERIA - - Free eats for athletes. First time anyone got their money's worth in our own original home for wayward vegetables. BARBAROSSA HONORARY NIGHT - - No spicka da dutch. FRENCH PLAYS - - Struggles with verbs, pirates in overshoes. Say not so, Jack Dalton. QJWKD Teacher, did you say syntax? Hully gee, did Caesar have to pay for making whoopie, too? Here's what to do if you can't pass Latin. r. Get an up-to-date trot. 2. Use a good cooperative system of sig- nals in tests. 3. Murder your teacher before marking period. 4. Flunk it. Take Chemistry. y didn't Caesar get killed before he Wrote books? Ssssh, not so loud, Uncle Hector, or you'll wake the goldfish. Keep quiet or I'Il bean you with my Latin book, and I'm warning youg it's full of hard ' words. 5. Wh FOR MEN ONLY 'noi qanza PKI Maui' I 1.153 A1qBneu noi 'alaqz 'axaql One Hundred Twenty-Iwo X ,P iTDGN'0SDGN'0'kDQJ'OfDGN'0'k9QJ'0fDG3 ,Q 2 Q Eg vfdvertisements 13 ,Q 3 5 2 5 2 Z g5Q.J'077JQ!0'iJCfW'0'K9CfS0'k9tTWO'k9Q2E Jlflodern Transportation Travel to and from your Athletic meets by Motor Coach Q We are equipped to transport any size party Modern Coaches-Safe Courteous Service ALBANY TRANSIT COMPANY. INC. 135 ONTARIO ST., Telephone 6-4.637 ALBANY, N. Y 0 H fred Tfwenfy-four A Choiee- Selection of . . Party Favors, Tallies and Place Cards Leather Cases and Pocket Books Pens ZS: Pen Sets Desk Sets and Portfolios Novelty VVaste Baskets An Exclusive Line of Stationery Engraving and Printing Q F. D. SARGENT Maiden Lane 6? James Street FIRST TRUST COMPANY if QALBANY One Hundred Two nl HddT y Finest Quality OPTICAL MERCHANDISE at MODERATE PRICES HOWARD EIB MARSTON O P T I C I A N S B TEN EYCK HOTEL BUILDING 'k AIEIU. 1k MANUFACTURED BY A. P. W. PAPER CO., LBANY, N. Y., U. A Gift from THE VAN HEUSEN CHARLES CO. NIEANS AIORE Mary Stiegelmaier School The School of Individual Instruction Shorthand Typewriting Bookkeeping Filing, etc. Send for Circular Start Any Time SCHOOL Y 1 244 LARK STREET, CORNER LANCASTER ALBANY, N. Y. Convenient to all car and bus lines Phone 3'3793 llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll lllllllllllllllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllll One Hundred Tfwe nty-se GLEASON-WALLACE CO., INC. 683 BROADWAY, ALBANY, N. Y. Ojicial Class Ring Jewelers to the Albany High School Class Rings, Class Pins, Fraternity and Sorority Jewelry, Club Pins, Albany, N. Y Commencement Invitations, Personal Cards, Social Engraving TELEPHONE 4-694.0 llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllli "We Examine Eyesl' 15,22 Mfiwbf EYE GLASSES Optometrist Optician ., 50 North Pearl Street Troy, N. Y., 3 Third Street Schenectady, N. Y., 181 Jay Street llulnunuunnnnnnllnnuullurnlulununnlnnllu nr MCMANUS 6939 RILEY Correct Attire for Gentlemen ana' Boys .to-51 State Street, ALBANY Say it with Flowers 40 AND 42 IWAIDEN LANE, ALBANY, N. Y. "Our Business is Growing" 1unnununmulnnunllulunuunlnnnn nnInunlnumunlnlmnnmum One Hundred Tfwfnly-eight J. EDWARD POOLE CE, CO. Insurance and Surety Bondm J. EDWARD Pooue LYMAN C. Poous EDWARD S. PooLE G. WM. MCEWAN HOMIE SAVINGS BANK BLDG. Established over Seventy Fifve Years 7 60 HEISER MUHLFELDER Ei CO., INC. 344 - 350 BROADWAY ALBANY, N. Y. E Wholesale Distributors of DRY GOODS, HOSIERY, UNDERWEAR Contractors for TOWELS, SHEETS, BLANKETS, LINENS Sole Agents in 23 Counties of New York State for B. V. D. 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HIGH allIlllllllllllllllllllllllIllIlllllllllilllllllllllllllllllllIIIIlllllllIllllllllllilllllllllllllllll ll I One Hundred Thirty-four g r s for all Occasions-Fine Stationery SCHOOL nlInullullnnlInllllnulllullllllllll '56 Embossing Company' "TOYS THAT TEACH" Attractive items for children of all ages. Modeling Sets, VVonderwood Flowers, Color Cubes, Stabuilt Blocks. Ask for our Circular "Toys That Teach." THE EMBOSSING COMPANY Albany, N. Y. Ni' ED. J. LADUE Swimming Pool Consultant Designing 1: Equipment 2: Directing SUBMARINE LIGHTING 122 WASHINGTON AVE. ALBANY, N. Y. TELEPHONE 4-75 30 llllll llllllllllllllllllllllll On e Hundred Th Kipp Ilirmm It's got to be good if it's made by Kipp . . . because only the best of rich, wholesome ingredi- ents are used in making those superlative Home Made Candies and Home Made Ice Cream. Make Kipp's your headquarters for sweetness. 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ASA! - WHT -H M H , 5- ' .nl :val 1 E 5' ,," ' il wil. vi ' gi, 2- . , ai m? '.'Ii+,I 'nil ' 1 ' 11 North Pearl Street lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllulllllllllllllllllllllll e Hundred Forty-.fix sT S Albany, N. Y. Save in Youth for Success in .Middle Age s A SMALL DEPOSIT- ONE DOLLAR OR MORE STARTS AN ACCOUNT WITH THIS BANK 41.5 7: QUARTERLY COMPOUND INTEREST Home Savings Bank : Albany, N. Y. STUDY BUSINESS IN A BUSINESS SCHOOL UNDER BUSINESS CONDITIONS This school offers an apprenticeship for busi- ness under business specialists with individual help for individual needs. And a free perpetual employment service. IO96 calls for this schoOl's graduates during 19293 485 positions Hlled. Call for consultation Or send for catalog. mama ALBANY BUSINESS COLLEGE 83 N. Pearl St. Albany, N. Y. 1 Telephone 4-2923 THE COMMERCIAL PRINTERY Printing Engraving Embossing Programs and dance orders Wedding announcements 26 BEAVER STREET ALBANY, N. Y. lllllllnullllllllllnulllllllllllll ulInIn:llllllllllllllllllllllllllll Compliments of A FRIEND IllllllIllIllIllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll One Hundred Forty-.fefve Compliments Of THE THETA SIGMA LITERARY SOCIETY -and- THE THETA ALPHA LITERARY SOCIETY .vyh Compliments of THE PHILOLOGIAN LITERARY SOCIETY Compliments of THE PHILODOXIAN LITERARY 'SOCIETY edF FOR INSURANCE SERVICE -WANDER TO- W A N D E R B R O S . We Write All Forms of Insurance REAL ESTATE + PHONE 4-5 x S3 ! H. HoRToN ee Co., INC., BROADWAY 8a BEAVER STREET, Albany, N. Y. Largest and more complete Equipment House between New York and Chicago 'Gu Equipment for Schools, Churches, Institutions, Hotels and Restaurants. 901 Blue Prints and Estimates furnished free. Hundred Fifty To the Class of 1930, Albany High School- "It won't be long now" before school and college days will be only a glorious memory and you will be facing the sterner realities of life. Don't let this thought dishearten you, though. Earning the daily bread isn't so hard as it used to be, nor half so disagreeable, thanks to the hundreds of ways that science and invention have found to put gas and electricity at work to make every kind of labor easier and more pleasant, as well as more productive. This is true whether your occupation be in factory, store or office. You girls in the class, who will have the responsibility of the home, will find at your beck and call a great variety of gas and electric servants. With their help your household duties will take less time, will be infinitely less tedious, and you'll be able to keep that schoolgirl complexion a good deal longer than your grand- mothers were able to. Best of all Qand yOu'll appreciate this when household budgets become importantj you will find that gas and electricity, in pro- portion to value received, are the cheapest of all the things yOu'll buy. Best wishes and good luck to you. New YORK POWER AND LIGHT CORPORATION One Hundred Fifty ang The Photographs Published in the GARNET 659 GRAY Were Taken by The UBENAUS STUDIO 57 NORTH 'PEARL ST. ALBANY, N. Y. QJOVD ALL SENIOR STUDENTS lllay Seeure the Same Special Rates for their GRADUATION PHOTOGRAPHS Including a Class Grouping with an Order Amounting to 310.00 or Over Plates in this publication were made by the QAUSTIN-EMPIRE ENGRAVERS, Inc. S 24 Sheridan Avenue Albany, Nf K 0 Hundred Fifty-trwo XQON 136 if 2 fr, 4 ll 3 I - ' 7 U 4' 40Anv.9' BOOK - - PUBLICATION and GENERAL COMMERCIAL PRINTING 'Printers of the 1930 Garnet 6' Gray wi I9 TI-IE HAMILTON PRINTING COMPANY ALBANY IO. A NEW YORK 0 HunddFf 1 -.-A 5, 'r. n. K, .lq , J I ,r,,,,4 ., , ., .., -. I , I 4' , .aj .' 1,4 F-,frm , .4 . ' .J Q' ",..zLg .v ' ' . s 1 if , K. R.. Q . bil, ,Q ., , , . .. 1 Y. N. ' . 1 .u .eiw-Sim-,,.M.. r 2.1 f.-il-. Au.. ,.-1 .Q 'Wm A, ,E 1.4- ! rw Q ,p -' 3-. A. 'L , , -In M,,.,. , F' 4 'c fa? 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Suggestions in the Albany High School - Prisms Yearbook (Albany, NY) collection:

Albany High School - Prisms Yearbook (Albany, NY) online yearbook collection, 1922 Edition, Page 1


Albany High School - Prisms Yearbook (Albany, NY) online yearbook collection, 1923 Edition, Page 1


Albany High School - Prisms Yearbook (Albany, NY) online yearbook collection, 1926 Edition, Page 1


Albany High School - Prisms Yearbook (Albany, NY) online yearbook collection, 1931 Edition, Page 1


Albany High School - Prisms Yearbook (Albany, NY) online yearbook collection, 1935 Edition, Page 1


Albany High School - Prisms Yearbook (Albany, NY) online yearbook collection, 1936 Edition, Page 1


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