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TN xx 3 ' r I 5 .L N. x . u N 415 - ,-yy ' s N X X . I z , 7 ww N " Y Vrvc'.v,,,x I Q? Y x YJLM . :I ' 1 ,Q W1 'VIE 6,1 gr f ,, -""' 2,1 VX WAAS X . xx I ' ,545 --N f' any ,4 ' is X ,"' ' , Q .ki -VV IIS.-,Ck -' g J' Nyj SWR lf' ' , r cf , 1 1- ,JN 51 -mr 1 J 1 1 .1 WV f,Jv'QU6W1b , ,.J' gr ' '53 ' . 1 ,ff ' fmwr , SCAN. GN '3fc+:w'y 1 X w N H A' ff. , , " yfywr ,MLN , Y w My 1 , 'M 1lA j ,.f' ' - 1, ,ff J, ww Fifi Q' rw rf ., ' ,Q .4+ f " 1" , 1 ss , 1 sf , 1 A f 1 4' gg-fs f 1 , ,ri-if 1 W-W if np? X l L wg AY 1 ' 1 24' 3 A , . fc, ' W V' . U 11 gf? f-J sf I 1. ff if 1 '. Q ' A WM V .1 I 1 !gF'Q'A 5 K I win 53 A ,MM A ' ' - . A . , Y 4' X: lk 1 W- A "' .fif"'r f 2' - fi. U2 CL My My E7 ' 1 fiifif! rg-A-1 ff! uf? I W1 Cm., Q C, WX Vklu ggi.: v v Q15 sf f 1 s1 s 1sr f s fi? .A fi UQ I A Q fir 'fi '-,! x X 1,5 tlcx is v ,K ri 1 1 -A Avlti W , I F ,ynl A:A', il: -zgi.. 12. 1 z if YI? -' l HLA .jx-dwv flfczllg A Jzwwjfzj aj3f,rif2fc WH-ff MCYKUW ' ww ' WM, 1 fzealigf J'ofb1f Acrrvmes 9 aww M MM Foculry 17 1 + can MM .fyrf.ff.L4 - 1 1 ' 1 Lvfiflf ffj Us AZMJJ77 ,j!J,Cjf M 1 vryxgf' Lam -Cougar Express 65 1 mfffff Grgonizorions 87 Sports Underclossmen Adverrise enrs 148 105 129 sw -' 5 N Cqea- m vw vow H+ , hols rc.oi". VU' X 'M 50? pificeiff 'f."'Yii3f?,, XCOXQQSQLUL9 6556 ff o XZQQQEL Us og? X by O, 6 5 0 :QUCJ7 Qjcjxffpd Q if be . "GJuJwQv QSJ3 QD 59 Q . 579 ., gp V S - vb ,ff 505 gpxgycg QL Q I5 3 Ni? 424 A 653029 W V-2-'7'1ffP"Y"'.f-bf' Zkgxwvgfgk C59 Oi' ,K-.97 Egwqgyjo Gif Oifgghffx , k0S2mv0Hu3'4oOf915p0a0x5ac,Q6?Q 39' P"ITQof' ggof? cl- Q50 Q Qfyrfbcl JD QP, O' 0""1Qf'dN ZZQOIX wx K K x 65 QF ff' if - W fm V. A . my N Qfffvfdf My Q, My Q Q1 029' B, 4, x 4555 Sgfiqfqvbfy 5 EE 5 ff2rUf?gM'2f gil? Egan gnu. 919 'O 'mai as 555"'5-iwff 'M' WI MW i 55555025 ,W'JC,f'ffr0bVf,g?,Af?"f'fJ'Qi5gLfZf 2 V N x 73,474 My V BNI!! 4553 fi3'2:M"'9f-fm""'q 1? .2233 E M7902 9401021 """ Fore Y Forever Do w W 1 W 4 wwwsfwav:w.xs-nav www ovmmm mwwwm mm,m,ww1wmwmnwm-wx-1.wQswncvww.Avwwr1y':.,.m M Wo 6 wg V ,J f ,X i NI XX QQ! K' , " r-X LY X L 5 K-N " A Xi-arf sl NX X x 1 Q X ' c' X ' I ,xy 3 ' X-' X Left: Sebostlon con't toke too much excite- ment in one doy. Below Left: Rochel, do you hove o 'lLocker Poss?" Below Right: Pot ond Genevieve shore ci "touching" mo- ment during breok. mm These doys, youths hove mony concerns. Teenogers of the Eighties ore much more owore of the world's going-on than teens of previous decodes. We need to be, we shope the future. Severol yeors ogo, the bond Alphoville, from Germony, releosed the song Forever Young. A while Ioter it hit Americo, ond oithough it never become o smosh hit, it hod o greot influence on the kids thot heord it. About 0 yeor ogo, Forever Young wos redone by Alphoville, ond become populor ogoin, Schools oll over the Boy Areo chose it os their Prom theme ond it wos ployed often on rodio stotions like KITS. We, the stoff of the COUGAR '88 hove it would be on oppropriote-ond fun- for this yeor's yeorbook. We hope this couses oll of us to be remembered FOREVER YOUNG! SSOCIATED TUDENT OVERNMENT Q31 'Rx 110,12 t ,ff Ur? - 'Zvi xwb I fx g.f,l I KM lm 4 Ng? ASG President: John Doe ASG Vice-President: Whlfnl Wilson A56 Sec. fTreasurer: Llso Wun ':'v', , M, 1 i Senlor Presldent: Neva Keret Jw.?4,,V Us . ,W H, . , , P: V fn W J Q: 4 J ef A Junlor Presldent: Nathan Perdue Jffjv Student Commlssloners: Gobrlella Rlgg. Jenny Lolrd W ' w3,x.5, QB U uw Hlstorlan Jenny Gould Dance Commlssloner Brlan Parsley ,ff WNW ll. 444' 'Q Slte Council: Sara Press, Anne Cllart, Paul Woodson Sophomore Presldent: Paul Rago 159' Board Representative: Julle Klm DlreCfOl' of PUbllCIfy: MOT! Brown I 1 nw 1 y y , u 5 ', Q' , :..,...,ff fa Freshman Presldent: Leon Orkln C I Board Representative: Ryan McArthur 4, J.. U 'Z Head Cheerleader: Stephanie Russell Homeroom Representative: Tanlr Keret FU The Informer is the schooI's newspoper. Its pur- pose is to "inform" students of whot's golng on oround them. This yeor, The Informer Is off to o new stort. Koren Rondlev, who jolned Albony High's teochlng stoff thls yeor, tokes the retlred Mrs. WouIf's posltlon os the new odvlsor. Also new to The Informer Is the Moclntosh computer, whlch con essentlolly publlsh the whole Issue olone, With the Moclntosh, o lot of money on printing Is soved ond o lor of time Is reduced. The Informer stoff meets everydoy durlng flrsr period. Eoch of the student reporters works under one of the edltors. The edltors' moln job Is to select Ideos from the student reporters ond to see thot the Ideos ore turned Into poges of work. Thls yeor, The Informer Is publlshed more fre- quently, ond It ls open for subscrlptlons of flve dollors o yeor, It Is hopeful thot these changes ond the hord work of students wlll bring The ln- former o new outlook. Right Top: "Which title do you think I should use for thislorricle? The Red Cougars, or Cougars in Action." Editors: Courtnoy Bloomer, Tom Benson, Brion H Parsley, Tommy Koehler, Neva Keret, Sora Press, Rochel Toylor, Sobostion Frey, leremy Crondell, R E ussnqnllww' N g I endow, suing F I i 2 r I 2 I I V. A ----.5 Q t t 7 ix rf'-'h Fifi W 'Q F g V 3 Above. First Row: Cheri Robinson, Klm Traer, Kirsten Perry, Stephanie Russell, Sara Press, Michele Martinez, Leila Hornick. Second Row: Max Trueblold, Sabostlan Frey Rachel Taylor, Mary Lackey, Birdie Chi, Julie Kim, Nick Burger, Courtnay Bloomer, Melanie Linebaush. Bock: Mattew Bailey, Jim Storey, Paul Woodson, Jeremy Crandell, Neva Keret, Tlm Laird, Tom Benson, Nathan Purdue, Jeremy Taubman, Gavin MacArthur, Brian Parsley, Dana Eaton, Mott Brown. Left: "Yes, l'm taking a breokl" TO THOSE WHO As we go through our regular, day-to-day routines, we sometime talie certain things , , . or certain people . , for granted. These people, though we might fail to notice it, are important ports of our lives, Wed like to thank five specific people who are important to all of us at AHS. Loretta lacabetti, Adriana Matteucci, ond Ivana Motteucci don't get paid a salary to feed hungry, pushy high school kids Cuslj, their salaries come from selling food The-y've always been here to satisfy our chocolate cookie cravings or to warm ourselves with their hot chocolate on cold days' Harold Manuel stays late at AHS., to clean up for night school, working through normal "dinner time " He makes up for the lost meal by preparing his gourmet dishes Chia chiclsen 'n ribs are famousj in the old Home Ec. room 132 Hes always ready to give out a recipe, And then there's Roy' To the average per- son, he might seem to be your basic-but VERY friendly-janitor, but we know better. The fact is, he graduated from AHS in 1942 Che was a full lineback in footballj, returning in '81 - nearly forty years later! In that amount of time he's accomplished an outstanding number of things. Hes gone around the world Qhe says he's been nearly everywhere, though not China or Jopanj, liv- ed in Italy for thirty years Qyes, he's fluent in Italianj, and even written two books fone is new and not published - as of the end of B75 T We 'ti All of you brighten our days, and to that, we want to say. THANKS!!! 5 , 5,5 it f I 'L 2 Adriana, Ivana, and Loretta. 4 ,,,..,v.,--U-ad A , THANKS! I! DON 'T GET THANKED ENOUGH rx mr T?" I , Let's stort in style, Let's donceiforo While Heoven con woit, i j We're only watching the skies Hopingfor the best f But expecting the Worst . . Are Acnvitms The Solono Stroll took ploce September thirteenth. People from Albony, Berkeley ond more . . . come to this onnuol celebro- tion. For friends ond fomlly Solano Stroll is 0 ploce to meet one onother, wotch the porode, eot o voriety of foods offered by Solono's restouronts, browse through the shops, listen to live bonds and donce. Most of oll it'sjust o time to hove fun ond lough. Solono Stroll ls something the whole com- munity portlcipotes ln! ff' 5' glee. x '1 Ge M-A-Sv-5 Q35 'sw - 1 1 1 . . 4 : . 4' '. - '. ' V '- ., , i , .. I 'n ,. .3 - . . I, .:. N. 'IO Q .:' 5 1- ' ...jf " lg' I .. , . , I. . .,. . 2.- I 5 O 4 7' -"'. 1 , , .f.. '.f' I O O m ape' Q sof c T -R V ., g fm. , L, ,iimys This yeor Albony High hosted its 11th Annuol Blood Drive. This yeor's drive wosn't os successful os the post yeors due to the interference of o lot of oc- tivities thot tools ploce during the some week. Fifty-five students Cond o few teochersj donoted blood this yeor giving 55 credits towords our school for ony ' iii, 'aiflffggi future needs. This yeor's credits will be given to the principol of Costro Elemen- tory who hos leulsemio. Every yeor o hondful of students join Mr. Fosselius in forming o stonding committee to help recruit donors. CLCDSE UP '87 o 0 ' Q. A I' 9 f I. V :IIA felt L 'NSI' F XA QB lf it W g 'bfi - f-ssfgnc-, . ,zrfsc F-"""" -sw. :mf W .'1.Q1,i:g, it .-Q,,.-:,i-.fgfgmn Q . . ., ', ,s,,,?FmDs?- Northern California, Tennesee, and Texas - packed on to four buses that took them everywhere they went for the entire week. During the week, not only were there seminars - on such topics as the Judiciary, International Relations, Domestic Issues, and Lobbying - but the Close Up par- ticipants also got to meet their House Representative Cours is Ron Dellumsj, goto the Harlequin Dinner Theater Qwhere they saw a production of "42nd Street"j, and 4'--'vc spend a day and a half in Colonial Williamsburg. The week came to an end on Friday, with six whole hours of "free time" to spend however they wanted to, That night was the "banquet" and dance Cmany chose to watch cable instead, Nightmare on Elm Street ll was ony. Saturday, October 31st, the Albany High group was at Washington, D.C.'s National Airport before 6:00 am. They were back in the Bay Area by 11:15 am .. back to normal peoplel" V f . 4 Q' .. -if si 'J Ss-f"" .. Q M, A V ,Wx- . .. L ,, Top Left: The Jefferson Memorial. Middle Left: Not a Peeping Tom . .. a Sleeping Tom! Top Right: Tanir holds up the Washington Monument. Bottom Left: The Vietnam Veterans' Memorial wall. Bottom Right: Yabu and Sam take in the sights of D.C. from a comfortable spot. irate nf 13211 anne CAST MEMBERS Frederick CPirotej - Poul Woodson Mobel - Julionno Snopper Pirote King - Som Good Somuel CPiroteJ - Erik Connolly Ruth - Tommy Koehler Mojor - Generol Stonley - Som Benson Sergeont of Police G Pirote -Jennifer Johnson Edith - Joonie Albee lsobelle - Tonir Keret Kote Cond 'word' ond 'police'j - Somontho Storr Pirote, Leod doncer - Vincent Wolker P I Pirote - Orion Holcomb 5 5 Pirote - Leif Klokkevoldt Q Pirote - Tim Storr rr, Pirote - Kotherine Hill 553 "'l i " ' Pirote - Peggie LoVossoni Pirote - Showno McGourty Pirote ond Police - Gobi McCombe """"""i" Pifofe ond Police -' Angel Kuo Executive Producer f Chorus Instructor - Terry N. Lorsen pwore ond pfghce Q RCU' Velez r Stoge DirectorfScene Designer - Lowrence Horodo Word of Mojor - Generol Stonley - Allison producrrorr Assrsrorrr - New Kerer HOrOdCJ Orchestro Director 6 Conductor - Sondy Shofer Word, Leodrdoncer - Heother McForlond choreographer - Norm, Honorrrore Word - Jule Kim Assistont to Miss Hollomore - Melonie Linebough Xlfofg 1 ESV? eegcwlder Supervisor C1 Adm. Lioison - Les Rogers or - e o r ns sy - - - Word ond Ponce - cfisri Dewlen - ff? 2223 Word ond Police - Leoh DeWO'fe Assistont Stoge Monoger - Moriso Moriscol Properties - Michelle Cook G,,..,,,, Accomponist - Mory Wollmon Qi: . Bockdrop pointing - Ed Hill . . . ond speciol thonks to stoge crew, lighting crew, set construction ond the orchestro pit. THE PLOT: A boy, Frederick, wos incorrectly indentured to o bond of pirotes when he wos young, by his nurse, Ruth. Although he loothed his trode he felt duty-bound to stoy with these pirotes until his twenty-first birthdoy. Ruth, who hos loved Frederick oll olong, wishes to become his wife ond Frederick ogrees until one doy he sees o girl he becomes quite token with CMobelj. His indentures being over, Frederick denounces Ruth for Mobel ondjoins Mobel's fother in the fight , Mojor-Generol Stonley, to extinguish pirocy. Ruth ond the Pirote King wont Frederick bock so they trick Frederick into believing thot since he wos born on the leop yeor, he hos truthfully only hod five birthdoys, so he is not reolly 21 yeors old. Dutifully Frederick im- mediotely rejoins the pirotes, warning them obout Mojor-Generol Stonley's upcoming ottock, whom they seize. The police come to the rescue, the pirotes surrender ond morry Mojor - Generol Stonley's words Qbevy of beoutiesj, oll of whom ore beoutiful. The 1988 Albony High School production of Gilbert ond Sullivon's "Pirotes of Pen- zonce" is o switch of musicol style ond genre from those productions presented here in the post ten yeors. "Pirotes" is more closely reloted to Grond Opero thon to the hoppy-go-lucky musicols thot Albony High is used to performing. The oudience wos in for o big, but pleosing surprise on opening night. While some students were reluctont to let go of hoppy memories of cutesy, yet chorming, 50's ploys, other students welcomed the ortistic ond culturol chollenges of the mild operetto thot wos chosen by A.H.S. odministrotion ond the Ploy Stoff. Lorry Horodo - " 'Pirotes of Penzonce' represents Sondy Shofer - 'lThe 'Pirotes of Penzonce' hos o new ospect of growth within the Fine Arts oudience oppeol to both old ond young, Deportment. lt brings o culturol experience thot ond for those involved in the performonce, the students ond community will benefit from." there is o rewording experience in store. Terry Lorsen -- "We hope to extend the limits of The music is stroightforword, light ond lively, ortistic experience for oll involved. Our moin the plot zony yet intellectuolly stimuloting. gools ore to educote ond entertoin. We hope Hove fun with it!" you enjoyed our production os much os we Noncy Hollomore- "lom hoping my contribu- hove enjoyed presenting it to you." tion to the ploy will interest students in movement ond performing, so thot they might hove os much fun os we hod with 'pirotes'!" CCDUGAR FOLLIES The onnuol tolent show, Cougor Follies, wos held this yeor on Thursdoy ond Fridoy, the 19th ond 20th of November. The show wos filled with competent, well-procticed octs, with quite o few "non troditionol" scenes, such os o rop obout Jesus, o borber-shop quortet, ond o bond focused oround o clorinet, John Ulrich ond Co. There were three piono pieces, excellently done by lvy Chon, Noncy Wu, Miyoko Chu, ond Kristie Chen. "Beto, Beto, Uh" ropped intensely with ou- dience porticipotion, led by Jeremy Alpert. The two fly bocl-t-up doncers perfected the routine. The donce groups this yeor were especiolly good, from the oerobic-type donce number, to Enchonte, who stole the show with their donce to "l'm Bod." Semoine Sykes song beoutifully os olwoys, ond closed Fridoy's show with o huge round of opplouse. Mony thonks to Mr. Lorsen who spent so much time orgonizing this fund roiser for the Senior Closs. Neor Control, A little bit of 50's Doo Wop, Soroh Huong The boys from New York roppin Beto Beto Uhl John ond Som dressed intheir bestthreods Enchonte BAD' .sk Y sVV1V.'--:,g.'fe4w1:: VV- V 42f'L'1f'fiQ "' V.. m V.,-, VV M " 5" -' V..fVYf5':-Hrffj-V1.V gf Q Al wfwgz-4... .. V, ' N V gwg ag F. .Vs ' Q -jjxf-'H' wg, '-.wg, ,1V V V V-V . . , M. V .VV-9...-Ag,a.VV.-f.,A.V, ,g,,- VV - SV- V,:.Vg,V'.. 4- V iff, wVw.V WV , 1. VV. '..-1,3, :a3.Ve-'f.. V.g...V, .V- V A fi?-1 ' 5+ . ' V'-:V.:VV114W1 V' .Vx :P ff L- 'itlfm-V.V:VV .V . f mf . q w-f-1V3 .f'i' ' .xV1fVi1H-'Vzf-M...,,gf51.aa.f55,EfV:rV'f22VT'1V1-fi -' 'wwf ffm 521V'.g4m.VVpiV-3.VVs.V.g,gV:.:p. QV: V. -' m.,3.::VVV V V .. MV: :V+ V .W MV... ' .V VV. wa: V V11-m'KV,:VQ. MV.. 3 ffl Vi. Val'--:VV-1 :fs 'V W. .'-ww-1 .Vw 'S1f'...V. V-V.: sf-Vfaff aw V ,, Q. - '-. ' 'bmw ', '. V- . . .LV1V'S.'f',VfaVVr.. Q. ' fQ,:.n,V'I-1.lV7f?-PV '.:"'-,:. ,ASW-n35'.R'I'1'1fV""i "U 'V ' .fV'VQVLV"'J F1VV7.f2fNff,.Q 5. .V ' . f, -"J V: wi :'J. vIz4..,S' in . "WI V ', V1 --GVVWEJ .x '-I ' A"f'f-.VFR Y." 1-fi.-4 -55.2. Vw .Qif'V,i,,,p,:Vg.,.V2V5XZ-.rm'f.FfVzV'q z.sV1',:5'1.y35V-Vp ..,1 1.gVV4VLy-V. 4- VV ..-Q - V. Y .V 'V,V1Q,Vf2'V-1:a.3y-- 1frV5LMg5w,V,,,VV..V1 V , , . -V sf ,-: V-gs-VV,VVLi1V ggwff, ..+'fXV.VyV:m:,gjVVVVV.,,i-5-g.g.'1fV61iqgAfV'-'.'l.'av.g"V4'N: 4 V, ., ' VL- V V- 1: maya: iigr Af .ng-t..,.,VVgm,.-V-AV.VVV'rqf,.:-V .VVf.Q.Ag,.Vy1 Vg,-uf: VVQ: al 21xa2f'1i:V .V , . - ei A -- fb ' V' 'V ' W .3-iV ' 5 - - ' H " WV2lV3i1f.f3-5'3,?i?2f3Fiia - ffl' :giY'11:Yf1F5EW'5?1QPI?fbA'Qp'ffi5VT'7g3Li5H 'K ' 7-'i"V'5i ff'?PfQ?-Vfiizfzl-fV4f:?..VzV VVVZV .T:fi"f46f ---' ' K A - Q lj? 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He was seen wandering the halls, clipboard in hand, and later rooting the Cougar football team on from the sidelines. He was constantly on the lookout for Improvements that could be made, and always listen- ed to everyone's suggestions or complaints. Ignacio has many good things to say about the students at AHS. He is very impressed by the students' cooperation, and the courteous way In which they relate to their teachers. He feels that Albony's students have found a good level between work and play, and that a combination of the two Is very healthy. He says that he likes people very much, and that he is enjoying getting to know the "Albany populatlon." Les Rogers Connie Hubbard Steve Kabeary Vice Prlnclpal Vlce Prlnclpal Campus Aide t ' C2223 Z I . I--vm , ,fr fe . , f ,f , ww 5 A -. r ' "il , W gg . I t , Marge Atkinson Shirley Kajlwara EVGYYOHG likes Mr KOQOWO S OOSG Secretary, Maln Office Secretary, Attendance Office COUNSELING Last year Ralph Cantor joined the staff with his Student Assistance Program. He specializes in helping students deal with drug and alcohol problems. His program has a two-part focus. One, he interviews students that need assistance, and second, he tries to help them prevent other problems from arlslng. Cantor stresses the fact that everyone has a relationship with a chemical. His goal is to help as many students as possible to have high quality, drug free lives. i I1 Jim Walker Doug Kagawa Milllcent Reguzzonl Counselor Counselor Counselor E E we N it .gf L i , 'J XI ala. , O X.. Suzy Morrison Marian McGaw Another M0nd0Y morning. - - Bank, Bookroom Secretary, Counseling Office MATH AND . . . An Albany grad returns! The newest Math and Science teacher is Mr. Bruce Downing, a real local boy! He was born in Berkeley, attended Marin School for a couple of months, and graduated from Albany High School. He then went on to get a degree in Math and Science from UC Berkeley. One anecdote that he remembers from his days as a student here is the time that he and the other young men were threatened with suspension for having "long" hair, that is, hoir below the ears! The great joy of his life is his family, his wife, his daughter, and his twins Cone boy, one girlj. He admits that they are a handful, but clearly loves them very much. Albany High continues to have the excellent reputation it had when he graduated, he says, but he prefers being on the staff to being enrolled here! He feels that there is an ex- cellence on the teaching staff that was, and still is, evident. His words of wisdom to all students? "Don't grow up too fast, and be sure to enjoy youthl" ww Elizabeth Klein Loring Barker Math Math Last year Mr. Hoyle and his wife got on a plone, and moved to Lerwick, the Shetland Islands C200 miles Northeast of Scotlandj in a teaching exchange program. He taught math to seventh and eighth graders, and lived in Mr. William Haig's house. Mr. Haig was an exchange teacher here last year. Mr. Hoyle says he enjoyed the change very much, and found great differences bet- ween the students there, and those here. Everyone in the Islands is very self-dicipllned, very reserved, and extremely shy, much more so than people here. He was able to get through the shyness to the kids he taught however, and he liked the fact that they were self-diciplined enough to do their homework, or whatever he asked them to do. This made the whole school system run more smoothly,. Hoyle feels that "experience builds education," and that this exchange was good for a change, although he and his wife are very glad to be home. Wm Ben shares the secrets of Calculus Bob Hoyle Math diseoses. more. ot night. ch Peggy Corlock Don DePosquole Moth, Science Science in 'S jig' ' sv.x.1L.fL George Foggeliug Dr. Liso ond Dr. Julie digging into Mr. Shork Science SCIENCE For two weeks of the summer of 1987, our very own Gene Dovis spent time in Africo. For the mojority of the time, he wos in Noivosho, Kenyo. He went with o group colled UREP, to study the behovior of Antelope, ond how they keep eoch other free of tick born While there, he sow oll the things you'd expect from on Africon Sofori, os well os o lot His over oll description of the trip wos thot it wos very moving. He soys thot the thing he will most remember wos heoring the noises of the hyenos ond lions os he went to sleep mx- Rich Lohmon Moth, Science The Wonderful World of Science ENGLISH AND . . . She's the lotest, ond tollest oddition to the English Deportment. Coll her Rondlev, Ms. Rondlev. You moy hove seen her before ot the Middle School, rowerlng over the kids. Koren Rondlev is o published poet, with o degree In English from Cornell University. One of the more interesting experiences of her life wos the time she spent teoching English Cmostly poetryj in Alosko. Yet the highlight of her llfe ls split between her love of writing, ond her son, two things she couldn't llve without. Ms. Rondlev odmits thot she likes to teoch in port becouse she likes to be the center of ottention, ond soys thot one of her gools ls to "help people to thlnk." All in oll, she soys thot she likes belng ot the High school best becouse she con concen- trote on English Cnot English-Historyj, ond she con treot her students with respect - thot they deserve! E S Suson Chorllp Goll Winslow English English Elizobeth Dubrovoc Jody Schroeder English English Fred Brlll English Such o hoppy English Deportmentl A ' Q Morllyn lmes Sponlsh . . . FCREIGN LANGUAGE Hove you ever spent fifteen months owoy from home ond friends? Voluntorlly? Well lost yeor Mrs. Reubmon ond her fomlly did just thot. Her doughter ottended on lnterno- tlonol school ln Lousonne, Switzerlond, while she ond her husbond trovelled oround Europe. Mrs. Reubmon, or Modome Reubmon to her students, feels thot there ls no other woy to leorn obout other countries except to go there ond experience them. She ond her fomlly loved lt, though she reports thot it wos very hord to pock up o household for flf- teen months! Conly ten months were spent in Europe, the rest were spent ot o form they own ln New York.j The Reubmons vlslted olmost every country ln Western Europe, ond olso toured Hungory, Yugoslovlo, ond Greece, moklng frequent trlps bock to Swltzerlond howeverl Mrs. Reubmon soys thot her French-speoking obilities have improved o lot, but thot It wos hord to come bock to the clossroom ofter such o greot vocotlonl Joe Cruz Mory Beth Rldoy Sponlsh Sponlsh if Are we hovlng fun yet? Pgf Moore Tres puntos chlcol French SOCIAL STUDIES, Dave De Hart is one of many teachers here at AHS that have attended UC Berkeley. A Burbank, California native, he came to Berkeley, and was quickly awakened to the world outside of his conservative High School. He found himself ignorant and uneducated about current events, the Vietnam War, and the radical protests of the times. This ig- norance was one ofthe reasons he decided to become a teacher, so that students would be aware of the world, people and events around them. De Hart is known for his field trips. He takes Juniors In his US History classes to the Oakland Museum, and to Alcatraz Island. Hls Seniors In US Government take a trip to Court in the Spring. This year he led a group of students on the Close-Up Program in Washington D.C. .sw-4 Genie Miller History Hlstory Charlie Clark itxx Phil Wanlln Debbie Wanlin History P.E. S-it ,, LW , ., tl, , f " , i S Bob Allegrottl History 5 Bill Nash P.E. 'Q , if ' , . Ed Hill Art Terry Larsen Choir P.E., AND THE ARTS Mr. Sandy Shafer, commonly called "the Hepcot" by his students, is new this year to the Albany High School music scene. He comes to us from Castro Valley where he taught music to elementary school children. He says that he loves being here, teaching at the higher level. Shafer has three goals for his program, and his students. The first thing he lnslsts on is that all hls students do o "bang up" job when they perform, not only so the program continues to look good, but so the kids have some pride in themselves, and their work. He maintains that If you work at something, you have to get results. Secondly, he wants the students to come out of the program knowing something about music, the different periods, and what they like. Last but not least, he hopes that everyone enjoys the music, as he enjoys it so much himself. He is really enthusiastic about the music he teaches, and about the students. He says that they are all very talented and hard working, and that his classes are a great learning experience, not just for the kids! ,.,,.l's,-.s.. . xx . ' Kermit Bonkson P.E. Terry Larsen has sung ln mony places all over the world. He has taught elementary muslc to children in Alaska, and is now at AHS to teach two periods of Choir. He was a member of the choral ensemble called Chontecleer, o group of ten men who toured the world singing in cathedrals, local churches, and small towns. He continues to sing with the group today, whenever they are in town. He also has a part time job singing with the San Francisco Symphony. He is enjoying being here at AHS, and living in California. He soys that he sees and feels a lot of community support for the school and the kids, as well as a lot of splrlt In everyone. "Choirs are my Iife," he says, and he would very much like to stay here and build up the choral arts department of the school to its full potential. For now, Terry Lorsen is looking for a "happy home life, and a place to keep a dog," and would like to continue to build the choral program at the High School. BUSINESS, INDUSTRIAL ARTS, This was John Thomsen's twenty-seventh year here, and he's still enjoying it! As he says, "lf I didn't like it, I wouldh't stay!" Thomsen teaches Photography, Print, and Drafting, and claims to have no favorite class. He's taught many classes over the years, here and in summer programs. Once he even taught basic math and english on an aircraft carrlerl He and his print classes are responsible for much of the printed material in the school district, and virtually all things printed forthe school. They print the school newspaper, the Principal's newsletter, and run the Xerox machine for everyone. Friday afternoons find Thomsen rushing off to go sailing, and to forget the problems of the week, and relax! K .. E V, ,xt A , , HN . 1 H 4, I . - K, K ,,,.. IU, F..-. f..:n-.' I ' , , , Ken Blanchard Sal Ferrlto Wally Choy Industrial Arts Business, P.E. Business Auto Row SELF HELP, AND SCDCIAL EDUCATION A very fomilior foce oround the school is Mrs. Mory Mortimer, who runs the Coreer Eenter. She grew up in Conodo, ond groduoted from UC Berkeley, obtoining o Moster Degree n counseling ot Hoyword Stote. The objective of the Coreer Center is to help students get ldeos for, ond rnoke decisions about their coreers. The Coreer Center is open to students In every grode, ond offers 'hings like computer surveys to see whot coreers sult your Interests, ond o librory of :oreer books ond college cotologs. Mrs. Mortimer reolly enjoys working wlth students, ond helping kids find o direction or obtoin o gool for developing their coreers ond their self-Imoges. ""'llluu...... ,t,, il' A Yvonne Arnold Mory Wollmon Speciol Educotion Llbrory jeon Bin,-,ewels Antonio explolning life . . . Speciol Educotion xi gf. Q Z B. What the ' 096'G9GSJ"?Il? u ,5 A Anne Bosch Speclol Educotlon 1, -Si I' . - .WM K 1 fan, " Q ,R-SSE? THE BOARD CF EDUCATION, The Boord of Educotion, which meets twice o month, is o group of dedicoted ln- dividuols working together to help smooth out the flows in the Albony School District. Along with student representotives Julle Kim ond Ryon MocArthur, they discuss new groduotlon requirements, ond woys to spend the money received from the tox issue thot possed lost yeor. The meetings ore oll open to the public, ond suggestions ond ideos ore olwoys welcome. lbw' ,....-- X I .Lf 3 BEHIND THE SCENES AP' lui Mr. HilI's best side. Students enjoying the view! E ,W s f ' 1 sw S., X Elmer ond his Gumps, Another exclrlng episode of ASG. ' A ' ' "'A " The most Inreresrlng port of moth closs. Don'r borher me . . . I'm busy. 133542 f 2 J '-5,1 'V J Q31 ,y ex - f-'lv , X AND STUDENT TEACHERS These young, Son Fronsisco Store University students hove been honging oround our holls ond clossroorns for o good reoson. Somedoy they oll hope to become credentioled teochers ond getjobs in high schools oround the Boy Areo. But for now, they spend their time observing clossroorns here ot Albony High. They ore interested in teoching such sub- jects os, English, History, ond even Dromo. Good luck to oll the student teochers, ond to whomever wishes to persue 0 teoching coreer os well. Joe Boyd Jill Pickett Soclol Studies English 'Wi' .L T T .. A . . Susan Wong An, Yearbook tes Dovld Klotz English, Moth Modellne Feeley Dovld Homer English Soclol Studies Noncy Hollomore Soclol Studies 5 13 I 1 A U Q 3 I 5 ,I 1 1 Q 1 -J i 4 E 'I 1 I 4 2 R I I B 1 ,1 i J 4 'i I K 4 ,f 2 1 vi 3 12 -1 I 3 -E ,i 4 -I 1 1 r SENICDRS .' . . THESE ARE THE lt was the toughest four years of our lives, and yet the best. It was our high school career. We all have memories, some good, some bad. Memories of English teachers, Chemistry tests, Hello dances, and football games . . . memories of gosslp about everyone, love lives, and fights. No matter what we have learned at Albany High, no matter where we go from here, the one thlng we will always remember are the friendships we have made. At times our friends were the only thing that helped us make it through the rough spots. And then when things went well, our friends were there to share In the fun. Z "Yo babyl Who' sup?" ip E ss-s W s stt s Grlnnlng Gabby 'game Jake and Steve hangin' out. gland DAYS CDF OUR LIVES U . 'Sim 49.1 -uv 4' J, ' T Y' r fe-, ft 4-'Av at if e Q il A Together, we os o closs helped eoch other through " ' everything. We celebroted together when our closs won Homecoming 1986, ond we cried together ot the loss of o clossrnote. Our High School yeors ore over, for better or for worse. We wlll now go out into the world strengthened by our educotlon, ond fortlfled by our frlendshlps, frlendshlps thot wlll lost forever. ,,,.qpsnn-- 1 l 9 5 l i I x- S Q O - 4 l its fl l i s ll l ,-Exim kiwi? Rachel poses for her fons, Guldo ond Sontlogo checking out the vlew. of for f 'f"W' c rx, X '-'t.tx X g ex X ff" K 4 Mmmrn . . . GOOD! Morlo ond Brendo full of smlles. Carla Abalos J.V. Softball '87, Varsity Softball '88, Prom-Homecoming Committees. Big Sisters. Senior Girls' Honorary, Hispanic Club. Girls' Varsity Basketball Star. PLANS: Move away from Albany. Do whatever I feel like doing, and be happy doing it. Keep in touch with friends always. FINAL WORDS: Thot's all right. don't listen to me, I like talking to myself anywaysll Friends Always! S.D. N.C, C.A, L,H, C.D, and T-V,N. Javed Abdali Joanie Albee 3 Yrs. Choir ft Yr. V,P.j, 3 Yrs. Mus'caI QDramaj, Member AOI4 Club, Member. Computer Club PLANS: To attend a A yr. State College, major in graphic arts, and make a killing in the greeting card industry or on Telegraph. FINAL WORDS: What are you smiling about?l Mike Alderson Close-Up '56, l.V. Football '66-'67, Baseball '57-'88, Chemistry Club '88, Ski Club. Tennis Club. PLANS: No definite plans -just sort of make it up as I go. FINAL WORDS: The flames are gone, but the pain lives on. Linda Algazzali AFS fSenior yeorj, Volleyball Team Q2 yearsj PLANS: To travel around the world, especially in Europe, South America and Australia. After living It up, l'd like ro marry an oil-rich Arab have two kids fboysj and live hap- pily ever after. FINAL WORDS: Gonna really miss Albany High. Sima, it don't matter none. Tracy Anderson President of lhe lllack Student Union fmember tor 3 yearsj, Cougar Follies f-1 yrs.j, School Musical flllye-Dye Dirdiej, Prom Committee, Student Action Team, SADD. Basketball Stat Qttlh gradej, Noon-time Sports., Candy Sales PLANS: To become successful in the career I choose, be rich Qwell-offj, and very famous. meet the Jacksons and model in N.Y.C. FINAL WORDS: If you laugh fsmilej at your problems you'll always have something to laugh all So smile. That's for you smileyl Yong Ann Marvin Anthony Heather Raine Arnett Sophomore Year Abroad Q65-661, Volleyball Q85-661, Drama Club Q56-671 National Merit Semifinalist '87. PLANS: Attend College QSan Diego. maybej, major in business. Get rich quick. Get married someday, but no ids. 3 .FQ ,Yr ., suv- v Kfikcb WM k.... A, FINAL WORDS: "Always remember us: never forget the class of '66l" is Thomas Kenelm Benson Rain Art Mission Impossible Crystal Rails Inc AFS Sec lTreas 64 85 Wrestling Q1 Yearj Tis the Season Informer, Ski Club, Intramural Sports. Bored Student Union, Detention, Mexico '87, Close Up '67, Hunter S. Thompson Literature Society PLANS: Die before reality, hlts me-travel everywhere! FINAL WORDS: "Outside art project, Gavin?" "ZYPE LIVES" Neal Bidleman 86-87 JV Basketball, 87-88 Varsity Basketball, O Years in Mathletes PLANS: Win the lottery, go to college, Meet Eddie Mur- phy. own a yacht, and kick it til the day I die. FINAL WORDS: Know what l mean: Humm this: Get out of my face: Put It In your left nostril: Go eat some. come get some, "Near" Surf. Humm Thisl Courtnay Wilcox Bloomer AFS 4 Years: 10th-Pres., 12th V.P., AFS: 11th in Dominican Republic, Ski Club 10th PLANS: College, get a job wlth Tlme, move overseas as a correspondent and become unimaginably content and famous. FINAL WORDS: BKS. again? How about the Chinese church-no M's allowed. Angelique Briggs Varslty Softball, rom Committee, Ring Committee, MESA, Float Meetings PLANS: I wlll go to a 4-year college and attempt to become a doctor. lf I fail, I will marry a doctor fha-hoj. Just joking, I wlll go to college, become successful in the field of medicine, and pay my parents back for everything they have done for me. FINAL WORDS: l would like to thank all of my buddies, it was a blast. YeYa, thanks for belng there to talk to: Lisa, you brought excitement to my lunch hour: Alicia, I hope for your sake that you find the right man and stay with him. Tammy. I hope you learned your lesson and won't try to ride a scooter again. It was great guys, Love 'ya Richard Briggs Martha Brown Cougar Follies, Black Student Union. Boys' Basketball Stat. Prom Committee, Drama Club, Ring Staff, Choir PLANS: After working all summer, moving to New York, going to the College of New York, transferring to Colum- bia or Cornell Unlverslty whlle all the time modeling, meeting, mingling, going to plays and operas and get- tlng cultured, I plan to eventually own my own model- ing agency and being one of those let set people, travel- Ing from N.Y. to L.A. to Paris with lots of money and lots of men. FINAL WORDS: You only llve once, so-Make it reall Gina, this Is It, Matt Brown 3 Yrs. Football, ASG Member, Informer Staff, Intramural Softball QSCUMBIES my PLANS: Pro football. undercover policework in LA. business management, teaching, US politics, maybe even President. Then I'II settle down in Disneyland and go on Space Mountain every day. FINAL WORDS: Don't let the turkeys get you down. fI'II be back aft ' ' ' See-Yall' Michelle Brown French Club, CFS, PDP, Service Club, AFS. Big Sisters, Chemistry Club, Senior Girls' Honorary, Chemathon PLANS: Go to college, get a job with lots of 'money and live happily ever after. FINAL WORDS: Who cares anyway?l Kevin Caras er I make my first millionj ral' G5 1:17 .V KUX -W 'F' Rose Cascro Faithful Baseball and Basketball observerll -sa -C QU!- .J url' PLANS: I plan to atrend Santa Rosa College and study Psychology and Business, and plan to continue getting my modeling career going. Eventually l'II settle down with that special someone and raise our children, and live o lun, exciting lrlell FINAL WORDS: "What goes around comes around" "Some day you'll see the light" "LMLT ' Cyra Castillo 3 Years Print Shop Q66-66j InlormerStafl1966 PLANS: Enjoy lile to the limit, travel to a paradise lat away, and when I get back attend a JC, and settle down with o career as a Marine Diologist Qhopelullyj. Win a million dollars and live my life in luxury. FINAL WORDS: "Experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." My linal decision rs: MAYBE, But most ol all l'd like to soy GOOD-DYE to my dearest friends- M.N., E,D., N.G., D.M., L,K., C.M., T.C., C.R. And special thanks tothe teachers and statf who helped me through High School. lvy Chan Asian Student Union - VP, Chemistry Club-Sec.. Cougar Follies, French Club. Hispanic Club, Math Club, Orchestra. Korean Club. AFS, Chinese Student Association PLANS: I am planning to ga to a University to further my study in French and other foreign languages. Hopelully I can goto France lor my Graduate School, and work there lor a couple years, then come back to be o translator. FINAL WORDS: Ohl I am so titedl I don't want to goto my next classl l want to go homme and sleepl Kristie H. C. Chen Math Club 64-66, Cal Poly Math Contest 64-67 Santa Clara Math Contest 65-67, ASMA and CML Noontime Math Contests 64-66, Santo Barbara Math Contest First Round Qualifier 67-66, Chemistry Club 64-67, Chemathon 65-67, Mothletes 64-66, American Teaching Society 66-67, Hispanic Club 66-66, CSF 64-66, Asian Stu- dent Union 66-66. Chemistry Club 64-67, Chemathon 65- 67, Mathletes 64-66, American Teaching Society 66-67, Hispanic Club 66-66, CSF 64-66, Asia Student Union 66- 66, I-M Sports qVolleyball, Basketball. Softball. Table Ten- nisj. Cougar Follies 64-65 and 67-66, GO Mexico Talent Show 65-66 PLANS: To go to UC Berkeley and major in mathematics andfor computer science. Then see what happens alter that. FINAL WORDS: Never put aff 'till tomorrow what you can do today. Richard Chen Chem Club QVP, Presj. Track, Math Club QPresj, Corporate Raiders, AHSSP. Campaigns-R-Us PLANS: Do some College work, make some money, make some kids, Take the money and buy AHS a stadium to be named after me. Eventually add my name ta Shearson-Lehman, sell velcro to Thailand, or share a cell with lvan Doesky. FINAL WORDS: "lt was only a lOKEI" "Ladies and Gentlemen, it's. . .a lethivalf' Shirley Chen Math Club, Chemistry Club, ASU, CSF, CSA, Band, ln- tramural Sports PLANS: Go to a lout year College, study hard and become a successlul businesswoman. Keep in touch with all my friends. Enjoy lilell FINAL WORDS: Lile is a bowl ol cherries. Zehner Chen Miyako Chu Varsity Volleyball. Orchestra. 'Collagen Editor. "Nonagon News" Editor, "'Tis the Season." Stage Crew: "Damn Yankees" and "Guys and DolIs.' Choir. In- tramural sports, Cougar Follies, Service Club qSec.-Treas.j. Big Sisters fSec.-Treas.j. Moth Club, ASU, Hispanic Club. French Club. Chemistry Club. Chemithons '66. '67 PLANS: ln College, l'll major in biology, archeology, on- thrapology, or some other exciting subject I may have yet to discover, Eventually, l'lI get a Ph.D. and travel around the world doing fieldwork as a researcher or as an environmental conservationist. Then l'Il become a distinguished professor at some prestigious university, and live happily ever alter. FINAL WORDS: "The cup is half lull, hot hall empty." Nicole Chu Class VP 9th Grade, Class Sec.-Treas. 10th Grade, Class Pres. 11th Grade. VP Senior Girls' Honorary, Prom Commit- tee, Pep Squad Q65-66j, Short Flags Q66-67, 67-66j, Band, Jazz Band, Orchestra. Pit Orchestra. Service Club. Big Sisters, Hispanic Club. Chem Club PLANS: I plan to attend Airco Technical Institute, become a multimillianaire, marry a successful business yuppie- type who moonlights as a Chippendale stripper. FINAL WORDS: Yo. Yakol Let's go feeshing. T-11 down, more to comel Mel - what's to say? To the courtyard crew-londest memories. Yo mamas pajamasl Albert Chung Helen Chung Vice Pres of French Club, Vile Pros ol Computer Club Sorrornry of Hispanic Club, Treasurer ol ASU Secretary of Chemistry Club. Member ol Math Club, Mathletes, Gone to Cal Poly fivery Year Since Freshrnanj. Lile Member of CSF French Club-4 Yrs, Math Club A Yrs, Hispanic Club-2 Yrs ASU-2 Yrs. Chem Club-2 Yrs., Chemathon Particl- panrqfnth Plocej. PLANS Attend a four-year college, work a couple ot years, get married andtust have a happy and successful lite Timothy Close Jeremy Crandall The Inlormer, The Relormer Intramural Basketball, AFS PLANS- Attend UC Berkeley UC Santa Cruz, then da whatever l decide to do. Maybe be a sports journalist. FINAL WORDS. Whats the deal? Very lunrty whatever. . , ldon t know come on . .. Take cr sad song and moke rt better." Susanna de Ia Torre Inter-Act Club QEHSJ, Track. Volleyball Class Officer. AFS, War Resistors, Theoter Club, Homecoming Committee Prom Committee, Dtke Club. Ring Committee, MESA PDP, Volleyball Club. Vors. and lV Softball Teom. Hispanic Club. Senior Class VP,, Dig Sisters Sr. Grtls' Honorary. Chemistry Club, PLANS: Go ro o university and study Architecture, Interior Design, or something that interests me ll all larls III become a dull, boring housewife Irving in a boring city FINAL WORDS: Good-bye ro everyone ot AHS, especially my sisters Columba and Fabtola, and lriends C A D K, SP AP,S,S,N,C,C.A,TN.LH ANDJD Maria Delgado MESA3 Yrs DandfMarchirrg llarrdd Yrs, lull Uand2 Yrs Pit Orchestra-2 Yrs Vors Cross-Countryfd Yrs Most Dedicated, Team Captain Q85 66, 571 Vars, Track-3 Yrs. MVP North Coast 87 Team Captain. Soccer-1 Yr., Soltball-1 Yr, PLANS Go to Saint Mory's College with Ana, motor in Sports Medrcrne get married and wrrre best selling novels soak with my cuddres, eat avocado and salamr sandwiches ond ice cream sundaes with o crook PLANS No I m not Brenda! A A D,S, TC , M D those cr- ly nights how! No. Brenda it s not sticking up!! AH-EE, AAVEE! Sherry Djohangiri Tennis Team-2 Yrs., Tennis Club Pres Ski Club Service Club, Big Sisters, Senior Girls Honorary ASG-Student Corn- mrssroner, Varsity Cheerleader, War Resistors Intramural Sports-4 Yrs., Homecoming Candidate, PLANS: Ga ro SF State and on to Baalt law School in Derkeley, and practice surfers and law in Tahiti. FINAL WORDS P S!!! Lisa Duffield PLANS: I plan to ga to Ohlone Junior College and go through the interpreter training program for tho deaf. Then transfer to Cal State Northridge and motor in Deal Studies and something else, possibly get a teaching credential so I can teach deal kids. get married, have 3 kids, 2 dogs and a frog and live on a nice big soilboor and travel. I'd also like to work in a children s hospital and dedicate my lite to Love all the onrmols and helping Natlve Americans, FINAL WORDS: Tough times never last. but tough people Robert Dykema in 'VN ,aww wr iw Z MQ fe' fe ,I-.a xt, ...ff ar Eaton 3-Years, Varsity Captain-All League, Wrestling 3 League Champion, Informer, Doom-Chic a Doom Group Go ro college and beat Jason out for his spot on line. WORDS. Wharis ZYPE? Eisenberg Wrestling 3 Years, League Champs B6-87, Hawaii Bo, 4 Years Trouble-Making and Havoc- One ol the Elite Original W.S.U. Founding Go south and attend a fine learning institution offers me on education that would be beneficial to over all career goal. After attaining said status, I shall e rn, and enjoy the luxuries of wealth. WORDS: I had a great time, but l'lI see you later. fun isjust beginning. Ellerbusch l'll probably goto some high-class art college and therefor 4 years. Then l'll get some kind of cartoon- ing job, become o famous cartoonist, write a couple best selling novels and spend the next couple years vacation- in Bermuda or something. Then when I turn 21. ,. WORDS: "lt's all about life . . , and bits of eggl" Richard Entenman PLANS: Get on MFA, then do whatever comes naturally. FINAL WORDS: "Conformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth" - JFK - "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy" Eric Esquiel Lela Fascranr PLANS: Alter my second year ol being a senior at Albany High l plan on working full-time at my present part-time at Uptown Motors. Then for six months in 1989, my mother and I are going to travel to Europe and Spain or Mexico. In 1990, I will attend CSUN lor four years, hopefully to major in Civ land Industrial Engineering and applied mechanics. FINAL WORDS: "Stay tuned until next year to read my last words." Jason Fink AFS Treasurer, President, Chemistry Club Treasurer, Vice President, Co-Ed Volleyball Club Founder, President: Stage Crew: "Guys and Dolls," JV Wrestling, Varsity Cross-Country. FINAL WORDS: "Think Finkl" Korlene Fisher 84465 Wrestling Stat, 64-B6 Print Club PLANS: Go to college, major in psychiatry, move to Auburn with that special someone and raise a family, and ol course, live happily ever alterl lf all else foils, l'll Jpen up a dance studio and teach the chippendales how o really strut their stuffll TINAL WORDS: "Now, Ain't that speciaIIl" li: Amy Lynn Flesig Band 4-Yrs: Manager 1 Yr. Treas. 1 Yr., Vice Pres. 1 Yr., Service Club Big Sisters, Senior Girls' Hon., Chem Club, Stote Crew "Damn Vankeesu Stage Manager 'DyeDye Birdie", Assistant Stage Manager l'6uys and Dolls", CSF. Stage Manager Cougar Follies '87, Varsity Tennis '65-'67. PLANS: Go to a 4-yr college and always strive for the best. LAST WORDS: Smile. tt's contagious. Keir Fortune Prom Committee, DSU, J.V. Softball, Medival Club, Elmer Gump Club, Journalism 2-J Oemporary News Staffj, Float Committee. PLANS: Hopefully. I will be attending Davis University and majority in Pre-law, or art, whichever comes first. And chasing the cute guys1 LAST WORDS: Hell-ol Christopher Francis Michelle French Sabastian Frey Squandered my money, ruined my health, and lost my mind. PLANS: Become Ambassador to Paraguy, sit by the Em- bassy pool and sip Pino Colados and watch the world go 'round. LAST WORDS: Better a swollen head than a deflated one. Kristin Gan Math Club, Hispanic Club. A.S.U., Service Club, Chemisrry Club, lr. Class Float Committee. -PLANS: To get a college degree, be happy and own a DMW. Daisy Gao Carrie Garlick Christopher Garrick ,-, I 'J-I-3' 4 iUN RUR 'ill 'T nsmfqml 'V Nicole Harris , PLANS: Study folklore or Slavic languages, and go to Eastern Europe. FINAL WORDS: Hosszu szaru laboda Nem termettem dologra Labom termett a tancra Szemem kacsingatasra Long stemmed flower l wasn't made for work My feet were made for dancing My eyes for winking H Kalotoszeg Steve Harris Crystal Rails lncorporated, G-Force, Getting drunk and driving, sleeping, and trying to look up chic's skirts. PLANS: Go to the California College of Arts and Crafts for 4 years, join U.S. Army tor 8 years, then l'll try to get ajob doing graphic design for like 25 years. and then l'm just going to burn out. FlNAL WORDS: My biggest mistake in life was burying you in a shallow grave. Richard Henry PLANS: Become more Richl FINAL WORDS: Goo. goo, gcc goh, gah, gah, goh ls all l have To say to you lan Hocking Varsity Footba l, Fear and Loathing in Reno A67-'58, Zena Mud Bowl '67, Fear and Loathing in L.A. 'B7. PLANS: World Domination FlNAL WORDS: 'lDoodle, Doodle, dee . . . Wubba, wub- ba, wubba." l'So l say to the guy do you have any car phones." Shawn Horsman Chemothon f'67-BBQ, NSTA Convention fD.C. St. Loursj with Chem. Club, Wrestling 3 Yrs, Reno Jazz Festival f'B5Q Chemistry Club, Dand. Jazz Band PLANS: Attend a university or private college and be an architectural engineer. FINAL WORDS: "Life is a negative entropy" Patricia Howard PLANS: Work and eventually move in o small house or apartment. Get married to my love Brian Perry, have kids, and live a normal lefe. Attend a business school and make good moneyl FINAL WORDS: Better late than neverll Amy Hsieh ASU, CSA, French Club, Math Club, Badminton Club, Chem Club. Hispanic Club, Softball UVQ, Tennis, Or- chestra, Noontime Sports, National Teacher's Convention. PLANS: Major in business, find a high paying job and travel through the world. Buy a condo with 2 bedrooms. and live a carefree single's lite. FINAL WORDS: Have fun while you can. Joyce Juang Class Representative, Asian Club VP, "Bye, Bye Birdie" PERFORMER, Social Chairperson ol Youth Fellowship, Guitar, Tennis, Mathleies. Member ot Spanish Club, Trophy lrom Chemathon, dth Place in 9th Grade X- Country, Attended National Science Teacher Asso. at D.C., Contestant in Alameda County Spelling Dee PLANS: Attend a four year university majoring in com- puter science and hoping to own o company someday. FINAL WORDS: A loser is a person who never tries. Shireen Hussain Chemistry Club, CSF, Choir PLANS: Four year college, Med School, marriage, and ap- pear on "Lifestyles" FINAL WORDS: Enjoy what you do. fm 3' ,H I f WP ,-5 ftx i .4 S 1 is QQL, S. wilt: tee, Yearbook. Newspaper Editor. CSF Member 3 Jenny Jacobs 9th Grade X-Country and Track. 10th Grade Service Club and Sottball PLANS: Goto a J.C. lor two years, then transfer to a U.C FINAL WORDS: I told you I was doing "line" Mom and Dad. See Yal Ug Ug Ug Farid Javandel Captain X-Country. Wrestling, Track, Pole Vault of Chem. Club, Medieval Club. CAL Accelerat CSF. Windsurfing, Trips to D.C., Tahoe, Hawaii and L.A. PLANS: Go to Harvard or stay at Cal, get degrees In business and engineering, become an overpaid, under worked executive and generally have fun. FINAL WORDS: Try hard at everything you do. You to be good at some ol them. Luke Jenks G-Force, Crystal Ralls Inc, John P's House, Dougie's House Breaking Wlndows, the Beach, Jammin' at Gavin's, Varsi ty Sleeper - d PLANS. Scrape up all the money I have an ga ofl Europe where slowly l'll earn some money Cheap Club Clrcuit In England. Move In Gold Dancers and they'll support me until I hlt it bi buy a 747 and tour the world, then I'll move to and become an actor so I can become President. FINAL WORDS: Don't be another brick in the wall. Bradley Jennings James Johnson 1.v.Football,1.v.unsebQlt,cnemt:rty club, sm club PLANS: Go to D.Y,U. in Utah and study economics, and a physical Education teacher. FINAL WORDS: "Whatever blows your hair back" QWhatever makes you happyj Jennifer Johnson Lindsey Jones FINAL WORDS. WIII the wind ever remember The names it has blown In the past? And with this crush is old age and it's wisdom. It whispers "no," thls will be the last. Jimi He Tammy G. Koehler "'Tis the Season," "Damn Yankees," "Guys and Dolls "Dye, Dye, Birdie," "Pirates of Penzance," Prom Intramural Sports. French Club Officer, Choir Chem. Club, GIrls'State1987 PLANS: Go to college, study languages. tour the y live and work in Europe. FINAL WORDS: "l would not leave you in tlmes trouble, we never would have come this tar . . Thanks guys, we've come a lang wayl Benedict Kavana h 9 Basketball q 2 Yrs. J.v., 2 vis v.p, Baseball Q1 Yr. r.v 1 V.j, X-Country 11 Yr. J.V.j. Chem. Club VP PLANS: Become a black belt, Goto Harvard, get rich live everyday like it's my lust. FINAL WORDS: Never let life become an ordeal remember that life is serious but so is fun. Neva Keret Senior Class President Journalrsm Editor Yearbook Staff Q2 Yrsj and Senior Editor Q1 Yrj Tennrs Team Tts the Season Prom Committee Cougar Mascot Pep Squad Baseball and Wrestlrng Stat Close Up B7 Service Club Big Sisters Senior Girls Ring Committee FAD Club Mex rco B7ll PLANS Go back East to college and major rn whatever I feel like majoring rn ot the trme Eventually get marrred and as soon as I locate rt I plan to partrcrpote rn lrfe FINAL WORDS When choosing between two evrls I always take the one I ve never trred before "l've got sunshine on a cloudy day . . "Kiss me and smile for me. tell me that you'll waitfor me, hold me like yo1'II never let me go I m leaving Nathalie Khachrkrans Debby Krm Gina Kim Thomas Koeppe Lucy Mara Kohnen Informer Staff G Force Service Club Crystal Rolls lnc ln tramurol Football Rarn Art Intramural Volleyball Gar bage Detail JV Softball SuspensnonfDetentron WSU Senseless Norse AFS Wrestling Stat Alg Tutor Auto Shop Mickey Mouse Club wlD Survived Pregnancy SexGDrugs6Rock N Roll The usualll PLANS Move away with my man Pat Ryan take care al our adorable krddo attend a JC for a few years and transfer to a good college majoring rn advertising make my parents very proud of me keep rn touch with all my great friends enjoy my lrfe as only I know howll Ha Ha FINAL WORDS Fastest way ro live easiest way to drel See y all in future yearsll LMK PTRCrCo foreverl Colleen Konrg Brenda Lee French Club 84 87 Hispanic Club 86 B8 Aslan Student Union 86 B6 Math Club 84 BB Cal Poly Math Com petrtron B4 56 Mathletes 65 87 Chemistry Club 85 87 Service Club B5 86 Dug Srsters 86 67 Intramural Sports 84 86 PLANS Attend a four year college and get a degree rn Nutrrtron and psychology After that I d like to focus my whole being on helping anyone and everyone anyway that I can making my lrfe and their lrves more rewarding and enjoyable ln the meantime Id like to do some travelling and raise a family FINAL WORDS Always be true to yourself and you will succeed Scott Lee Den Liao M' if QW , ,, W, 'W , 41 7. ,, M . wwf, nm Y - , 1-w,ef,,f,.ss,,,,f, fm. 1121: 2 .,,1 f,-W,mef5..,f.,1f,, , , . 7 3 f, .z ,, rffg , -5,5 ,315 M ,V rf- -, Stl , Melanie Llnebaugh Jazz Band. Short Flags, Orchestra, Pit Orchestra, Choir, In- former Staff, Chem. Club, Service Club, Big Slsters, Sr. Glrls' Honorary, Tennls, Basketball, Tennis Club, Skl Club. and late night crammlngll PLANS: Attend Chico State and major In Communlcatlons, Phys. Ed, or Fashion Merchandising. After college, establish my career, travel, and settle down wlth the man af my dreams. . . FINAL WORDS: To ST, MP, AW, AF. AO, KB, APR, JG, TK, NC, and LF, thanks for the memories and always remember the good tlmes. "lf you fallow your heart, you'Il always be right." "That's OK, l'II do It laterI" Tracy Lynne Lohman Fresh. and Soph, Pres., Band, Choir, 2 Yrs., Yearbook Staff U Yr. Edltorj, Dlg Slsters, Sr. Girls' Honorary, 2 Yrs., Rlng Committee. Close-Up '67, "Damn Yankees," "Guys and Dolls," "Bye, Bye Birdie," "Pirates of Penzance," Skl Club, Tennis Club, Intramural Sports, ATM, FAD Club, Prom, Committee, Fresh. Homecoming Prlncess, Mexico 'B7ll PLANS: Go to college back East and major In snow angels. Graduate wf a DA In various languages and at- tend a culinary arts school. Open my own restaurant: Chez Tracls, Always. Always bring happiness to any life I enter. FINAL WORDS: Girls Nlte: my house 10 yrs. -I'Il brlng the sushi and fondue. "Let the chlIdren's laughter remind us how we used to Wai-Ling Loke Angela Luna Presldent Jackson 5 Club, Student Council, "Water Polo," Glrls' Track, ASG, A.T.M, Service Club, Dig Slsters, Senior Chlcs, Close-Up '87, Tennis Club, Full Whoopers, Scumby's Head Cheerleader PLANS: Venture down under watching out for those ego balls and always be as silly as possible. FINAL WORDS: "The best ls only bought ot the cost of great PAIN." Gavin MacArthur Informer, G-Force, Cycling on the Root, Crystal Rails, INC, Rain Art, Mission Impossible, Fear and Loathing In Reno '87, '68, A.K.A. Schroeder with Jeff, Josh and Joel. Deten- tion, DAMM, NORML, Narc-Hunting '87-'66, Wrecking Sclroccos PLANS: Overthrow Ian Hocking using a fleet of Klmodo dragons who feed on yupples, trade his empire for the "FredrIck's of Hollywood" chaln, and ultimatelyjam with Paul Schaeffer and the late nlght Settermand Band. FINAL WORDS: The Intelligence level an the planet Is constant. . . the population is Increasing. David Macchi Junior Yr. J.V. Football, Senior Yr. Vars. Football PLANS: Goto college David Mahon Cheryl Mann J.V. Volleyball f9th and 10thj, Varsity Track 110th and 11rhyn.s.u.q1orh, 11rh.Qnd12rhy PLANS: I plan to attend J.C. for 2 yrs, and go to a State cols lege for the remaining years to major In electrical engineering, and minor In Interior deslgn. FINAL WORDS: Why are you clowning yourself? Marisa I, Moriscol MESA, Service Club Dlg Slsrers fVPj, Chemlstry Club, ATM. Stage Crews, Skt Club, CSF, Rang Commrttee, ln- rromurol Sports, JD fr M, Prom Commltree Yearbook-Staff 'B7,Dusrness Monager!Editor BB. Senlar Glrls Honorary, Boskerboll Slot PLANS- "Spend a little tlme rn school wishrng I were somewhere else , . whar om I now thot l've grown up exactly what I want to be , . Qln Bu Lo??j FINAL WORDS: They reached lot tomorrow but tomorrow's - more ol the some Stull they reachedfor tomorrow but tomorrow never came. 'Somethrng touched me deep lnsrde the day the must: died... Alan Markham Santiago Martin Played rn the soccer team, AFS Chem and Volleyball Club PLANS: Go back to Spaln to Madrrd ln June to study economlcs and low or the Madrrd Unrversrty, FINAL WORDS: l've enjoyed rhls year ar Albany Hugh a lot. I wrll never forget lr. Joke McCusker Footboll, Ongrnal W.S,l.l, Member, Students Agarnst Clos- ed Campus FINAL WORDS: Who has money for another brew run? Shawna McCourty Went wlth the Som-HousefCrew to Sams house for lunch song ln chorr for 2 years, woke up before dawn just for the sake of education, cut a couple of classes partred lr- responsrbly when needed, and boslcally attended hlgh school PLANS: Who knows? Maybe l'll become an actor. maybe a chef, maybe on ortrst maybe o chemrst, But whatever Ido l'll be sure to enjoy my lrfe to Its fullest! fOr maybe l'll become a cusrodran , , ,j FINAL WORDS. loanre-Counter parts ond Chlnese food forever! Rob-Grote Gallumphrng Prfflewumpol foreverl Danielle Marie McHone PLANS. Hopefully graduate from here then move lot away, Then I wont to meer a very nch morrled man to grve me a nlce place to Ilve and lots ol money so l'll never have to work a day in my llfe, FINAL WORDS: Mr. Kagowa thanks for carrng! All my true lrrends Alicra, Angle Lucy, Karen fSeanj and Cyra. Love ya all D, ' Lucy good luck wrth your new famlly. My llttle srsters don't follow my footsteps! Go to school, belleve me rt wlll be worth rt! Mom and dad thanks lor purrlng up wrth me and oll my lrlends. nrght alter nlght I love you both. Good-Bye to all those thlngs that mean so much now, that hopefully won r rn the yeors to come. Krista Meadows Softball, got rn the sporf Jorned the Spanlsh Club Ser- vice Club, and worked! PLANS: Travel and spend my hard earned money! Then goto college, and lrve wnh my sweetre FINAL WORDS: D0n'l ask me! Jason J. Mears l.V. Football Q2 Yrsj. LV. Baseball Q2 Yrs.j Varsrty Baseball Q2 Yts.j, Skt Club, Chem Club Pt ANS: Get married to SM. Go to college and play bc-seball, After college fund o job working wrth krds. FINAL WORDS: Thanks SK., JW, RC. .MUN 'sort new fm we 5 wwf' I 4 4 ,C ,r mf A. KT' QL 'Bi use 2 Sung-Yil Moon Vorrous Clubs, Intramural Sports, Mothletes PLANS. No speclfrc plons our to make the best ol come what may. FINAL WORDS: 'I get by with a lrtrle help from my frlends --- lohn Lennon That's all I can stonds 3 I can't stands no more. TN 49'-5 1 .w?"'rn N, SH -Q :We 40 - IK, .1 lib. Michael Morgan Todd Mork Prom Committee '67, SADD '88 PLANS: Gel a degree in engineering, marry Kristiina Mid- dleton and have Iwo kids. Kesley Mowry John Adrian Mueller Chemistry Club VP, Spanish Club, French Club, Tennis Club, Baseball. Math Club PLANS: Attend o four-year undergraduate school and get a degree in business then go to graduate school. Hopefully get ajob in the stock market. FINAL WORDS: Time flies when you're having fun. Are we having fun yet? Markus Mullorkey Var. X-Country Team, Vars. Wresrling Team. Vars. Track, Vars. Pole Vault, "Tis the Season," Chemistry Club Treasurer, Chem. Club President. ACS Teaching Program. Marh Club, Hispanic Club PLANS: Get a BacheIor's degree in economics from either Stanford or Harvard. Goto Harvard business school to get an MBA. Maybe continue to get a low degree. If all else fails, stay at home and help Matt eat all of my food. FINAL WORDS: Jesus Christ Mattll Michael Nagle :MWA img, lg fb Aaron Nakahara Math Club fPres. 11, 12j Asian Students Union qPres. 11. 12j CSA, Hispanic Club, Tennis Club, Chem. Club. CSF, Jazz Band PLANS: Get a MDA at Cal Berkeley, find a beautiful wife. have a family, and make a comfortable living. Mainly. to be satisfied and happy wilh my lifestyle. FINAL WORDS: "I hate losingl" "Yau don't stop laughing because you grow old, you grow old because you stop laughing." "Success is not measured by what you ac- complish or do for yourself, lt's what you do for others." Sergio Naranjo-Dorgfeldt 9th Grade Baseball Manager, 10th Grade Baseball Manager, Wrestling, 11th Grade-Volleyball Manager. Wrestling, 12th Grade-Volleyball Manager PLANS: Coast Guard Reserve, lunior College, College, and return to Mexicoll QAII in that orderj FINAL WORDS: IVIVA MEXICO! Michelle Neuhauser Parker Newton 2 Yrs. J.V. Baseball, 2 Yrs. Varsity Baseball, Soccer '68, W.S.U. Original Member, Nonstop Whoopin PLANS: Attend LC. for 2 yrs. and play baseball, Ryne Sanbergsjob at 2cnd D. Get married at age have 50 kids. FINAL WORDS: Yabu BR, yeahl l.V. Kev, hang ruff bro, know yau'II succeed, We'Il bein touch fellas. Thuy-Van Nguyen CSF, Honor Rall, French Club, Korean Club. and Club PLANS: I plan to go to CAL State or fCal??j to get a B.A psychology or social work or business. After that I'll travel around the world. FINAL WORDS: Success is just a matter of luck. failure. To all the kids I know: Eileen. Phung. Sarah. Angela. Yael, Cindy Wun, good luck to you you all going to need lt. To my sweetest sister brother study hard. Also to Taran, Jessica. Carl Daisy. Lilian, Lucy, and everybody thanks a Thanks Mr. Walker! Owen Nishioka Boys' State '67, PiIot's License. Aviation Club. Math Clase-Up '67, 4 Yrs. CSF Member, 4 Yrs. Honor Roll dent of the Month PLANS: Commercial airline pilot with a degree in oeronamics. FINAL WORDS: When life's got you down and it seems you can't go any lower, look at the bright side: All you can do is move upwards. Victor L. Ortiz I kicked back and did whatever I had to do to pass my classes. Hung out with my homebays, who helped me get through the years. PLANS: Go to chill out in Puerto Rico for a while, then to N.Y. and probably goto a college. I plan to live in N.Y. or here. l'll probably goto an art college and go into com- mercial advertising, or be a cartoonist. Then get married and have a family when the right girl comes along. FINAL WORDS: Hove fun while you're still in school, 'cause when you get out, it's the real world. Chillll Brian Parsley l.V. Wrestling 2 Yrs. J.V. League Champ 2 Yrs, Varsity Wrestling, Varsity Football, Print Club A Yrs, ASG Dance Commissioner. Young Republican Student Union PLANS: .loin the Marines, get a college education and become a police officer, and marry the girl of my dreams and have a son. FINAL WORDS: To all that have touched my life: Thank you and good luck. Sima Patel Parties PLANS: Go to college undeclared after high school, and my long range plans are unclear. FINAL WORDS: Study hard during he week. party hard during the weekend. Marni Pease Marnie Pevovich l.V. Volleyball '84, J.V. Softball MVP '55, LV. Basketball Stat '85, Head Varsity Basketball Stat '86-'88, Varsity Baseball Stat '85 PLANS: Go to college and major in business, restaurant management and accounting. Continue to ice skate. FINAL WORDS: FUN HUHI Michael Pineiro J.V. Football f9thj, MVP LV. Football Player C10thj, .l.V, and Vars. Football Utthj, Girls' Basketball Stat q9rh+1Orhj Homecoming candidate f11th+12thj, "'57" Football Champs f12thj PLANS: Attend college of some sort, to be the best that I can and to establish myself real well into this outrageous world. Eventually settle down with that special person QRWJ and start the next generation and have a good time in my lifespan. FINAL WORDS: Get out my mouth Albany. 'cause you're too much in itl A : of ' f . f5,g4f1e:zret::.:,: ,W f , we - ::.:w,,- :Mx--f ..' 3' ni- . :ff or Q g f ou 12 use I , v : 11 .. ' get., .f ,M 1' fn vm H """"x Mireya Pineiro Freshman. Sophomore, Junior, - J.V. Basketball. Freshman - J.V. Softball, Intramural Softball Junior Year. PLANS: Go to a Junior college in Santa Cruz or Monterey ond move out with my NOSY: friend Alicia. Later on I hope to work for the government or get a well paying job that I enjoyl FINAL WORDS: Thanks to all my friendsll l would like to thank Alicia for making me laugh whenever she got roasted and Lisa for helping me out with my Poetry and her sexual comments she had for every guy fJ.K.j, Angie for being there when I needed someone to talk to and Tammy for working out with mein W.T. Tammy I hope you learned never to cut. You're all special to me. To my Parents thanks tor making me strive better in school Love you. Toran Popal Sara R Press Yearbook Staff and Edrtar Journalism Editor Senior Srte Council Rep Honor Roll CSF Junior Homecoming Princess Band Chemistry Club Service Club Dig Sisters Senior Girls Honorary Wrestling Stat CostumefStage Crew Prom Committee PLANS Travel all over the world become o famous bellydancer ond never get around to college FINAL WORDS If you can walk you can dance It you can talk you can sing Jennifer Redick Pres Senior Girls Pres Dig Sisters Pres Service Club Flags 85 88 Head Flag 66 88 Pep Squad 85 86 Band 3 Yrs Volleyball 1 Yr Chem Club Pres Wrestling tot PLANS Attend UCSC or Davis and go into animal biology studies soon after I graduate Travel all over the world taking photographs then settle down get married and haveatamrly FINAL WORDS Angels can Ily because they take themselves lrghtly Cassidy Reynolds Alexandra Ridge AFS Service Club Big Sisters Sr Girls Honorary ln tramural Volleyball 6 Softball JV Volleyball Leader ship Project Yearbook Costume Mistress for MusrcaIsfPIays PLANS Go to Europe rn the fall live rn Italy and travel around Europe for a year Go to o university transfer in my junior year to a specialized college hopefully Pratt s lnstrtute rn N Y Open up my own boutique or work In merchandrslng and vlsual arts De successful and have 5 rds Gabriella Angelyn Rrgg ASG Student Commissioner Q67-881 Varsity Cheerleader Q86 673 Homecoming Queen Homecoming Princess Gophj School Photographer Q67 BBQ Varsity Tennis Q87 Boj Varsity Softball Q87 881 Intramural Softball Q3 Yrsj Intramural Volleyball Q2 Yrsj Dye Bye Birdie Q66-B71 Sr Girls Honorary Big Sisters Service Club Tennis Club Ski Club French Club MESA Class Ring Commrrttee P D P PLANS Attend a 4 yr state college and major rn either broadcasting or photography Ana Paula Rodrr ues AFS Choir Guyst':DoI s 86 A Chorus Line 68 PLANS Attend a 4 year university to major rn rnterna tional relotnons and minor In world business l hope to learn Russian by age 30 ond trovel all over the world FINAL WORDS All I have now rs love and respect tor my past teachersll ll miss you all Nathan Rodrrquez Timothy Romain DSU, Band. Jazz Band, Orchestra. Auto Club, Ski Club, Chemistry Club. Rabbi Conspiracy, Varsity PLANS: To become a bassist in a successful band. and to take my tuba ta Joel Scherzer's house and wake him up. FINAL WORDS: Can I borrow your V.C.R,? Jeffrey Ross Baseball, Football. Chemistry Club, Intramural Sports PLANS: Attend la state university and major in broad- casting communications andfor graphic designs. Get a good payingjob and settle down in the Day Area. FINAL WORDS: Apply yourself. Tara Rucker nsu PLANS: Go to a four year college right after high school and major in business administration. Hopefully manage a major corporation. FINAL WORDS: TI1at's too badlll Lance Salisbury Wrestling '86-'88 PLANS: Goto college, start a business then whoop for the rest of my Iifell FINAL WORDS: "Let's go ninetyl" "Oh hell yeah" Rachel Sandoval Sold a box of candy bars my senior year. PLANS: To a J,C. then to a university. Marry William D. Graham lr. be on the cover of both Vogue and Sports il- Iustrated Swim Suit issue, make a million dollars before the age of 21, buy a Porsche Carrera, travel around the world and let everyone know who I am. FINAL WORDS: To all my friends. I wish you good luck and hope all your dreams come true. Teresa, good luck at this hell hole ofa school. Bill and Rachel forever. I love you Dill. always and forever, Jason Sangmaster W.S.U, Wrestling '87, Football '65, Football '56, Football '67 qTeam Captainy PLANS: Go to D.V.C. for a couple of years and play foot- ball, then transfer to a state or university college. FINAL WORDS: WHOOOOOOOOPIII Brenda Santos Spanish Club 1 Yr QP.H.S,j, G,A.A. 1 Yr fP.H.S.j, J.V. Volleyball 1 Yr. QP.H.S.j. MESA 1 Yr. PLANS: Go to college, major in psychology and live up those city night whoops with my cuddies A.A, M.D, T.C, and big Al foreverll FINAL WORDS: M.D, T.C, A.A, l3.S amigas por vidal ls it sticking up Maria? Ah-ee Ah-eel No Todd. I'm not Marial Camilla V. Saulsbury Choir, Choir Treasurer 84-65. Vocal Ensemble, Orchestra, Orchestra Pres, 66-87, French Club, French Club Pres. B7- 66. Band 55-87, Flag Girl 85-67, Sophomore Class VP, Chemistry Club, "Damn Yankees," "'Tis the Season," Service Club, Dig Sisters. CSF PLANS: Go to Bryn Mawr College, major in English, then get o masters degree, possibly in English Eventually get married have O or 4 children, stay close to my family and friends. and live happily ever after. FINAL WORDS: "For everything there is a season." Dennis Senuma 'Sr ,.' .mn Kg., , My -ch.. Carmen Taylor MESA. PDP, Float Committee. Prom Committee. BSU Treasurer PLANS: Goto San Diego State, get a degree in business. Get married and have two kids, and be rich. FINAL WORDS: When the going gets tough: the tough go partyingl Rachel M. Taylor Cheerleader, Track Team, Tennis Team, Ski Club Pres, Service Club, Big Sisters, Senior Girls' Honorary. Tennis Club, French Club, Chemistry Club. Float Committees, Prom Committees, Ring Staff, "Guys and Dolls" 1661 "'Tis the Season" QBAJ PLANS: Attend a four year university, go to grad school, and cut down on bagel dogs. . . really. FINAL WORDS: A rear in the eye cuz the years went by the pains no lie as the memories die. .. Joshua Terrell LightlStage Crew, Varsity Squid, Intramural Volleyball '64-'66, Softball '85, Ping Pong '86, A Year "Freshman Club," Young Socialist Club. Incredible Genious Club PLANS: Get fired, be a Guru Qbaba Reebokj and buy a BMW 645 cifc motorcycle and run over freshmen. Or seriously. ga to college and probably get conservative. FINAL WORDS: "A mind is a terrible thing, so Iet's waste one!" "Contrary to popular belief, squids are nat yukky" Amy Thach Tennis, Track, Choir, Bike Club PLANS: Attend a 4 Year College University Kimberly Tinsley Valiancy Tjioman Rhys Truman PLANS: Pursue a career in special effects and make some really wild, tripped-out films to enlighten the masses. FINAL WORDS: I may be going to hell in a bucket baby, but at least l'm enjoying me ride. Lillian Tsai CSF, Tall Flag Drill Team. Tennis Team, Theater Club Secretary, Chemistry Club, Mathletes, ASU, Senior Girls' Honorary, Big Sisters, Student Tutor, French Club, Com- puter Club and AFS," PLANS: Go ta Hawaii and have a good time in college major in medicine then go to an advanced degree. FINAL WORDS: Thanks for the memories. everyone. Especially to my parents, "Iave you forever." To my best friend-Hil Lucy and Amy, I wan't forgetl Jeffery Kayle Walker DSU at AHS. and others at JFK PLANS: Attend a four year college, major in architecture ar finance. attend U.C. Berkeley and try for a master's degree. If those plans fail, I'll turn to the boxing ring and become lightweight champion. If everything fails I'm go- ing on a tenda huntl FINAL WORDS: To all the fellas who try so hard, just chill, be yourself and the babes will camel cfo "BB" this Buds for youl Matt Wanlin J.V. and Varsity Football PLANS: Attend o major university and play division one football and after that who knows. FINAL WORDS: SEE YAI Kenyatta Webb Senior Year-BSU President, Sr. Girls' Honorary. lunror Year-Varsity Cheerleader. Sophomore Year-MESA PLANS: Eventually I would like to get married and have children. After high school I would like to go to the Army Reserves. The job I wont to have most is a flight atten- dant for United Airlines. FINAL WORDS: Good luck to all the underclassmen and make the best of Albany that you possibly can. Kim Wells Intramural Volleyball and Softball. Vocal Ensemble Q9th Gradej PLANS: Become o violinist. travel the world and share music with people of all different nationalities, walk barefoot through the desert sands of Egypt, wade through swamps in Burma. do relief work in Ethiopia and Sudan, hike through the Swiss Alps. go on o pilgrimage to India. become a member of the Dahot Forth. FINAL WORDS: l'And love is all," he said. Keisha Whitehead Christopher Willey Whitni Wilson ASG Vice-President, Chemistry Club Treas, Sr. Girls' Honorary Sec.fTteas.. Student Action Team Sec.fTreas.. DSU Vtce-Pres B6-87, DSU Sec.!Tteas. B7-BB, Varsity Cheerleader Sec.fTreas., Htspanic Club, SADD. Prom Committee. Ring Staff. AFS, CSF, Participant in National Chemistry Day. MESA, PDP PLANS: Attend a 4 yr. university. get my own house. a new car. and be happy. FINAL WORDS: Always know who your true friends are. Meredith Winer Yearbook Editor-in-Chief 021. Yearbook Staff 1111, Ring Staff Cofhairperson Qt2j, Ring Staff f1O.11j. Prom Com- mittee ftlj, Choir f1'2j. Skt Club 111.121, Bug Sisters Qttj Senior Girls' Honorary q1'lj PLANS: Go to a university fin CA.j majoring in business for 4 years. Then l'll go to an interior design school Qprobobly in N.Yj and then start an interior design firm somewhere in southern California that will hopefully be worldfreknowned. Shannon Wise Prom Committee, BSU Basketball Stat Leader ot the Pack, Spirit Supporter. Detention Hall, Crtsral Rails. Inc. Rain Art, G-Force Mission Impossible PLANS Attend a four year college. six years is my max: imum Motor in graphic arts, architectural design or rn' tertor design and make bank rolls, I'II be a successful bachelorette until the age of 28 and if all else fails I ll chtll wfmy hubby and feast on T.V. dinners. FINAL WORDS: Whoop unttl you're dead! High school ts too easy to pass, don't screw up Ktcktn' it '57 style Ten- da tn the house! Matthew Wong X-Country Q2 Yrsj Track 2 Yrsj Wrestling ft Yrj. Chem Clubfl Ytsj, Medival Club Q1 Yrj PLANS: Attend a CSU for 4 Vrs. and then do graduate work ata UC, make more money than I can spend, find a fabulous babe. stay single lor as long as I con. if all else fails goto Morkuss house to eat up all his food. FINAL WORDS: Later days to better. qyou figure it cutj Class of W88' will dominate! , ..v, III. zi, . g:2 5 if -Yflf, : ' 'L-: 'A-7- ?5iLEY UG1A? C?i 2 BMLEQY lmmasw -' Q:-,V ,as imp-M.:-,fi ff up ,gf ,LH It ,K ,, ,, if -sas 'L V , ,Lf 5 'fig ilssifgf.-yew-z ,Wg wa, -,fu my ,-mf if, ,,, Kirk i ,my A -:Sims - :MAI , ',,.1L9 , mg, ' -vi' 'Fm- .M T, 3 g. 0fPW'Y'7f3 09-Augvo , ,G , .ifz 20fApr-70 q?JQp7o L, ..,,, xkm ff' 1151-NOWZ7 i 29-Sepflfl , Ah Q6Qef:f6? ' J aakrizvo lq A .-,,Y ,--, :v, L,,: :', f f GAC? UNSY GAmlcKf fCAnm E A emmaKecHP. l srGPH Ew eAxloLA M NscA L f GHASSeMzA DE1s PMasAf L i c-soverrsxve M?IRtiAH 5' ',L. 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Q QQ CZULOJ 2Q!O"3q" ff W ,tik - , ,A ?'jy ' lf" Q ffm Z 4. f waz. f ,f wwf, WW THEY'LL BE OUR FAVORITES forever 'ln mg OUR "ARTISTS" Shonnon Wise C: Rich Henry "MUSICIANS" OF AHS Som Benson G Melonie Linebough "BOOGYING" BUDDIES SUCH "ATHLETES" Morvin Anrhony G Trocy Anderson Morio Delgado C7 Croig Tonnohill - SURE TO "SUCCEED" John Boe G Miyoko Chu ALL "DRESSED" UP Nothon Rodriquez G Koron Groy 1 Inn' l"" ll. Alex Ridge C: Mott Wcnlin "FRIENDLY" FOLK Gobby Rigg 6 Brion Porsley FRIENDS FOREVER Kenyorto Webb G Whirni Wilson THE "SPIRITED" DUO OUR "PARTY ANIMALS"' Jason Fink Cv Sherry Djohongiri Seon Yobusoki 6 Angie Luno 'TT 11 WHAT A "CUTE COUPLE!" SEXIEST VOICES Porker Newton Cr Monico Goxiolo BUT WAIT! THERE'S MCDRE! "EYES" THAT SPARKLE SUCH HSOPHISTICATION' - Meredith Winer G Mike Alderson Richord Chen 6 Comillo Soulsbury BEST TO WALK "BEHIND" Joson Meors 6 Cheryl Monn BEST TO BE STRANDED ON A DESERT ISLAND WITH Trocy Lohrnon G Mort Brown ALL "SMILES" THOSE DARLING "DIMPLES" CUTEST "NOSES" Dono Eoton G Ivy Chan Tommy Koehler 6 Anton Goldman Nicole Chu 6 Kent Zoporo mmm pen A x 333' L J fy .K l ,x,,' L'Qfn9 S A fe ,v 2:55:12-Z1-Q53 ,5 N 533. 7 ' f , A 4, , OH SO "SHY!!" WANNA "TALK?" Joke McCusker 6 Volioncy Tjiomon Albert Chung 6 Moriso Moriscol f :zy- NA, p G THEY'LL "LISTEN" "LAUGHING" AWAY Todd Mork 6 Amy Fleisig Nevo Keret 6 Steve Horris Q ,, ,V 1, A X4 'ix fl? .1 1' Q 2 3' x ' '. . ,f 4 -i n V 1' f x .5 "W Jff': , 7 H ' 5 ' ls W Q ffm! ,J 1 V i ii ww 2 l - 1 f' "', ' w' , 5 f P5 , -t I ' - ,S BEST "HAIR" , FUN-LOVING "FLIRTS" Soro Press 6 Mike Pineiro Dove Mohon 6 Shonnon Askins ur eniom 'Rv Keir Fortune Morr Wonlin Cormen Toylor Joson Fink Lindg Alggzzgli Miyolqo Chu is h has 5 ,f ff X A - HL Koren Deols N I Richord Chen , , ,-, -..v.. r i r Q . . . . .. I 1 - - 1 --'J Y , I - J ' -Y H-'---H ix L r Q 7 ii l Jenny Jocobs Forid. Tommy Koehler Nevo Kerer ,xi 5' I 5 W nce pon a ime .X:-,E. 5 .h N.Y. i . 2, Q M - Colleen Konig Brenda Lee Melanie Linebaugh ,WW . - . ,s Elf, 9: ' 1 "' - il Q Q, J , QQ Y 'NJ 'un ' K X Angie Luna Marisa Mariscol Jason Mears Thuy Van Nguyen Markus Mullarlsey Aaron Nakahora Q V L 'L A i v- f g, Marnie Peyovich Mireya Pineiro v vw mA L "' -I 'f' ' X Si. "- 5 ' Il si' S gif 5 ' N . . .er-, J Gabby Rigg You Wr- Q , Alicia Snyder Noah Stafford Lillian Tsai i - Shannon Wise Marr Wong Lucy Wun Owen Nishioka ...Q fi' ' W't5sWt' Sw 'f'if:f:Mia-sie ,ire-g,'grssvs5Qz..wfszzf5ga 'si gsm ,-sweats sw sm, .mi W wwf ws-ff21e?S'iiiws1.ss1fS - gift' -as-wx, fum..-1'---fer: Q-as-fl , L,.. L .2,.. , likitgfffifsslf. ..,,?i?L sew. rms,-f --Jigs: ,Q 15,--,--.wigs 15.1525-I. vi,'11S5v:.f 55.235 Ewi: mv-Q55 IIXSYIFXSZ,-l:ix2,: iwiic , LW ,M ss, ,..LL 5,,.,,ls, its ,misfssgsiMME.. 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E I' Q., X" INIMAGMINIMAGMINIMAGMINIMAGMINIMAGN IN 611B . . . COUGAR5 IS OUR NAMEM A. ob ,QD ,Y N '88 Q? Q51 Qfydwf - 5 5155 f YQ! ,APSVAXO ,em fvffd 44' J ,X I s Q, N -9-X f Lf , fps J -vp CU' fl UQZDJX f yr Q Liv! Q if A A if Qibgcfifx QQ uNf3'Nn5QjxC QQNLU X ,,,, Tr C60 Q5 cgi., X wnx gfxbgftg X 4, is gi , UV , x , Hx ,ff CV . Us ,Q , 35 OO ob USKBQ xx fu Q xlb F N X, ' Q4 yfof fy 5 if A ,, X X VII-XGMINIMAGMINIMAGMINIMAGMINIMAGNINIMI! 64C FASHION IS . . . "Okay, wait . . . Oh! I know! Fashion is what makes school worth comin' for . . . to...for...oooh! you know!" Vincent Walker ". . . personality" Gabriella Rigs NIMAGMINIMAGNINIMAGMINIMAG FASHION IS . . . ". . . what makes you feel most comfortable" Chira Eaton ". . . what you can afford to wear." Karan Gray GNII , .,,ggf .. K , , ,, naw, wmffffm, ,1mw,', , ,gifzifm --vrszksesiffz' f'1ffv1fw-f 'www zwfszvfzwr 'ffww' fwvww 'f :wx f :www 'lfzgargq 'f wz:-uw H f' ,.,ww:,: f ,,.m.f " z ' :ww - .5 66 Fashion is what you wearg stylelis what you make of it. Style is the factor that allows twenty peopleto wearfthe same fashion - the same sweater, but still all look individual? t f Y t TIOQHIGVAIQQG S X thi their letterman's or cheerleaders y jackets, or j just looking tough in their own sporty If-'ji clothes, you can spotthem a mile away. Albany sports ar sure to be well represented in the halls, and on awide variety of people. T Y i T T Iackets are a big hit this year - jackets of any style. They can be found adorned with various buttons for medalsj or not, showing the jacket's natural creativity. Levi's will never go out of Style, and can be worn with just about anything. This group represents another "special" style, with fashions as varied as the jackets chains, ten- nis and an , occa- tasseled ski cap returns to school this term, in full force, Troop, anew brand of clothes, is increas- ingly popular, but Adidas and Fila never go out of style. New this year arethe ornate, thickly padded sweatshirts with just about any emblemt on them. A twist to the jewelry fad is the popularity of silver chains, sometimes up to an inch thick, seen more and more around school. There are many similarities throughout the different fashion groups at AHS. Iackets fmany the or trend is wavyhair ed back in ta braid, or puts into the r latest hair clips. Boots are beginning to make a comeback, in both long and short styles, but nothing will , ever replace the popularity of comfor- table, worn, tenriis shoes! Whatever your fashion is, you've got style! Con- gratulations Albany High, you're one in a million! " MmmAmwmrmAGMtN1MAc:MmrMAc:.M1Nr 67 Q Q A - Y , 1 5 x , t ' 5- Q T ' 'ma--AA AA lg, A45g.AAf-wma, - ff - 2' ' . - - , A A- - gh ,AAAAAQ Q EEE ,AQ wiAQWZQQ-fiigigii-E1-iSi222QfQ.g13sg3G2' Qs- - - ...Ay A , '. U 'ff A MQ. , ,I , . .. ..,- -, Q --an ' f -A-,y,..a,,A,AAAA-,A A A-AAAAAAA Aim, , Aw, M MA , A ,... . - A WA .- , w -A my- -A. . ., A ' 2,15 -- ' H X ' -. , , " Sw wif? :A - ff fm. f N - .. 6- -. - - - 1 55g-3e2Sgg,3AA5f.A.35SQg-5- f? , A f ' A E- -- -- ef:AQp-5252-w,M-w -,fem E-355'??Aiaf5QsA jg:QvsAAg1'f-ggf.:3:a2f2fgA-yf2s'g 'v.Lf3ffmR f?y3Y- 3ggiwQi??efLx"'f,'gzg3Mi-H Aff 323' ff-51 45- N ff, , fs if . .--'Tl-:liz -A 1 f -A -A .- Af' Aff. AWA A A 'sf MW, ,A 'Q W 5 Af- A Af, YS, A Af , A A R' , A mmf' ,Ax . H 1 rw ,A 1 ,SQ .. sw ,A .. .. A .. ww. A .. .4 2 . ,A A - ,.-.. A4646 I .J ...11.AA . A A,A SA AA,,A-+,AA.,,A-5nAAA.A.Sw?-5,2i5,,,AwAwf'iwf ,AiAi,f,.,.-f-xiii LRYAQQQ Q--?.g,5.,mfm,wA,aA,. -, Bge,fQ,,Q5,wgQA,f?,,,1s ,wg,.x,, Qw,. ,. A, - . .. , -. 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It wos something. - Benjy Brown, Junior "A little sun ond o. . .l Ol if don't know" Roche! Hit- chcock, Junior "Uhh, I don't knOw"' - Scott Turtle, Junior "A surfing thing" - Ryon Lewis, Sophomore "G.I. Joe on o surfboord on top of o flot wove" Seith Weimon, sophomore 'JA bottle. lt hod to do with the beoch" - Chris Hill, freshmon "Abstroct OFT." - Tim Krone, freshmon "A borrelf' - Leon Orkin, freshmon MINI MAG MINI MAG MINI MAG MINI MAG MINI MA SOA By no doubt the most fun ond cheerful gome of the entire footboll seoson is the Homecoming gome. After the porode oll the students of Albony High gothered ot Cougor Field for the Homecoming gome ogoinst Bishop O Dowd. During, holf the oudience in the stonds hod their troditionol confetti fight where the ou- dience in the stonds throws bogs of confetti. During holf time oll the floots from eoch closs circled oround the trocls, being judged for the quolity of their floots. Unfortunotely the sun left the gome ond in come the pouring roins. Thot coused o greot portion of the crowd to leove. Even with the roins ond decreose in the oudience, the cheerleoders still continued to cheer their little heorts out ond the footboll teom continued to ploy their best. Top Left: croshing in. Top Right: o little wet? Middle: the crowd cheer. Lost: CHEER, CHEER, CHEER. B fi ,f 4 QB, 'his 'Q A L at A . K. . 53: , M, .5 ,-.gifs-1 , V Q Q .f .fx fm Jx ,mam . 19. - ! wi k L Refs 'fi Xl. XWN -A ' . I ex. x 252- . 25 Q Q 'K .Ei '99 W A - N N 2 , W . W wx Q s A 'W' Q., I-'15 . ff . . S-wus. -., ln: as S. :Lk if ' ,Q , ' X.. . ,,,,., as Q4 K S svw. 1 ,.- Mg . ,Y - l,,,...,,.,,,, 1, W' ,V X ,Qi H V , ' + tr , Q, Y QQ ir 2,3 ' IBD 5 1 ' ' 7 ,, Jt 'D ,iw . may E, A Ms' . -. Li an hay ., ' 1, , Af js, Q A55 I ..v 1, A 1' bw "iw 1? ' I ' fr ifi 1 I l T 2 LWQWJ W J, 1. gr . 5 , .N s e N u . J a 5 Ma 1? f 4 Mt Q Q we 'T my ,Q A if fx ,Q E sw 35 I M 0 -Q: ,wr fit 've ' av 'U Que ,fy iii w GF S K. six-e Y ' A R' , ., I Q A W . ,... .. as - , BOD FGREVER RCYAL , . 4 KW' X 'S al l ' 'fgfl ,Z h i s y e a r ' s Homecoming Dance was tru- ly a night for reminiscing. Sponsored by the Iuniors fClass of '89l, the dance raised nearly Sl,000.UU, all of which will go towards the IuniorfSenior Prom. Breaking the traditional taboo that seems to envelope Albany dances labeling them "boring," "stupid," and "lame," this particular dance proved to be very lively, entertaining and definitely crowded. The Homecoming dance was and will continue to be the only dance to be held in our auditorium this year. Wishing to preserve its ex- ceptionally polished surface, future dances will be banish- ed to the Veteran's Memorial Building in Memorial Park. The only reason this excep- tion was made for Homecoming was because the Veteran's Memorial doesn't have enough space for people to watch the cor- onation and traditional slow dance, led this year by King and Queen Sam Benson and Garbriella Rigg. A special twist that was the idea of Meredith Winer was the fact that the Homecoming couple of 1987, Don Turtle and Penelope Lackey, came back to Albany High to personally relinquish their ti a and robe to the upcomi., couple. Even the mso ik I" ict critic will admit thin zgfthis was definitely a nig' t to enjoy and remember . .". foreverl Seniors: Sam Benson and Gabriella Rigg Sophomores: Seith Weiman and Shanta Frantz Iuniors: Iosh Alpert and Tanir Keret Freshmen: Chris Hill and Elsa Gragg F CJREVER REGAL 3 . . 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Mn rm f-,414-, .kg .-ff,-.M-1:.,.i , ., ,mf .,vw,.,,,,.,- awgN'm.14-my gpgwgw Ji5yiT.?.?Wgg,?5j This yeor's Big Sister Club consists of C34 Junior girls ond guys. Eoi ly in November, every two Big Sisters were poired up with oi eighth grode Little Sister from the Middle School. The Juniors, os r group, toke their little sisters on outings to High School bosketbo ond softboll gomes, tolent shows, ond sometimes out to ice creon ofterwords. The Big Sisters ore encouroged to coll their little sister outside of group get togethers, tolk with them ond hopefully develop o friendship thot will help them os incoming freshmen. As Big Sisters, this group of 34 ore trying to eorn points so they con odvonce to Senior Girls' Honorory next yeor ond porticipote it their onnuol Ski Trip. Money ond points ore eorned through boke soles on food doys. In keeping with the new trodition storted by lost yeor's Senior guys, ot leost one-fifth of this yeor's Big Sisters ore octuolly Big Brothers. , BIG SISTERS SERVICE CLUB w- If S tg ,. Members: President- Angel Kuo, Vice President - Esther Boe, Sec.fTreos. - Hoe Won Pok, Alex Tsoi, Mike Ellery, Seth Weimon, Lily Quoch, Lilio Rosos, Coroline Hoffmon, Corey Rosenboum, Shonto Frontz, Cindy Wun, lsobelle Rogin, Nello Cutolo, Minh Lee, Vicki Hughes, Allison Horodo, Evo Hui, Christino Rose, Jessico Hill, Jonet Lee, Yu-Jin Ahn, Deboroh Yomosoki, Oronus Pohlovon, Solly Peterson, Amon Ponu, Celino Avolos, Annie Wu, Wendy Huong, Anny Lockey, Terri Modero, Jennell Provost. ss. - - h The Service Club hos been troditionolly the Sophomore gols' club but these recent yeors, 10th grode guys requested to be in thei orgonizotion. We couldn't breok their little heorts, so the trodition hod to be broken! The members in this club do exoctly whot the club is coiled, SERVICE! The octivities ore such os helping the porents on Bock To School Night, Soroptomists' Oktoberfest, ond doing the conces- sions for school octivities. CCougor Follies, Toleni Show, ond the ployj. By ottending these, members receive points thot go towords the next yeor's Big Sisters. But hopefully before thot, the people with highest points will get to work oi the Prom!! SENIOR GIRLS' HONORARY sf E ii Q -if sigwif Pres. - Tonlr Keret, Vice Pres. - Claudine Woo, Sec.fTreas. - Julie 'Klm, Advisor -- Susan Charllp. 'Membersr Nina Corrlerl, Anne Cliatt, Catherine Sugg, Leila Hornlck, Mlckl lMartinez, Grace Paek, Stephanie iRussell, Josh Alpert, Eric Mapes, Eileen 1Farnan, Birdie Chi, Jenny Laird, lGenevieve Higgins, Mitzi Guiton, Clnde iMcKnight, Tisha, Robyn Soto, D'Angela lPurnell, Kim Etzel, Adrienne Olmstead, Thomas Chung, Tammy Markham, Kerri Sampson, Gabl McCombe, Miran- da Abrams, Mary Lackey, George Choe, Stephanie Mears, Nathan Per- due. Lisa Wun, Michelle Pender. Members: President- Jennifer Redick, Vice President- Nicole Chu, Sec.fTreas, - Whitnl Wilson, Meredith Winer, John Bae, Susanna De La Torre, Debby Kim, Carla Abalas, Michelle Brown, Amy Fleisig, Alex Ridge, Sara Press, Tracy Lohman, Rachel Taylor, Sherry Djanghiri, Kenyatta Webb, Gabby Rigg, Melanie Linebaugh, Miyako Chu, Neva Keret, Marisa Mariscal, Lillian Tsai, Angie Luna, Jenny Gould. Senior Girls' Honorary is a club whose members have contributed their services to the Albany com- munity and AHS. They have worked their way through Service club and Big Sisters earning points by participating in various activities. This year the Senior Girls Qand the only guy in the club, John Boej hosted a dinner for the AHS staff. They also contributed their services to elderly homes around the Albany community and orphanages in the San Francisco and L.A. area. This year the Senior Girls worked to earn points to go on their annual and traditional Ski Trip. ws' Q Mi- Y. ff' 'S T 9? CLUB Depending on motivotion, the club con be very octive. ln the post the Auto Club hos held rollies ond hod cor roces, but thot wos in the post. Of course there ore olwoys o few peo- ple who ore either restoring or building cors . . .just think! This Ferrorri wos once o Dotsun 21Ol Q ,Q Members: Seon Prother, Tim Romoin, Leilo Foscionni CPres.j, Mott Wonlin, Robert Blonk QV.P.j, Reggie Hightower, Joe Zeits, Richord Briggs, Andrew Otten, Rodney Austin, Fronk Domdo, Dovid Borrows, Eric Eller- busch, Dovid Mocchi, Alon Morkhom, Jeffrey Nelson. Advisor: Mr. Blonchord. ski ciuis PRINT CLUB Z li us C CNUWE' f' s- 01 'Y The AHS Ski Club CRochel Toylor - President, Nothon Perdue - Vice Members: Cyro Costillo, Dovid Cotmull, Pot Foster, Korleen Fisher, Tom- Presidentj is on elite club of Alpine Slope-goers whose love of life includes my Morkhom, Donielle McHone, Mike Ellery, Noncy Groom, Brion spending os much of their Christmos vocotion, ond os mony weekends os possible, skiing on Slerro Tohoe mountoins. The club bosicolly consists of in- 'ermediote ond odvonce skiiers, but mony joined the club this yeor os beginnersjust to see for themselvesjust how owesome the sport of skiing is. The AHS Ski Club is designed to offer on eosy woy to get to the slopes, ski with your friends, ond meet new people from different schools ond towns. This yeor, unlike the lost, snow wos more thon obundont, so the ski bums here storted cuttin' chomogne powder in eorly December, The club is one of the lorgest ond most populor os AHS, one of the reosons for it's increosing number of members os eoch yeor slides by Cno pun intendedy, Porsley, Molindo Pittmon, Reid McDonold QPres.j, Ezekiet Stephens Ureosurerj. Print Club helps other clubs by printing vorious projects, This in- cludes printing the school newspoper, progroms for ploys, condy cords ond ony other printing needs. Funds generoted by the print club ore used to purchose computers ond softwore for the school, ond to honor our groduoting seniors. All odvonced print students ore outomoticolly members of the Print Club. i J i l l HISPANIC CLUB 5Hablas espanol? lt's okay if you don't understand that, speaking Spanish isn't a requirement for the Hispanic Club. You only have to have a desire to have fun, a craving for Mexican food and perhaps an in- terest in Latin culture. One quality you might need is that of sales ability since a common sight is an Hispanic clubber pushing Gummi Bears. Kristin Gan, Seb Frey CPres,j, Kristie Chen, Nicole Harris, Teresa Wu, Nancy Wu, Joyce Huang, Allan Sugarbaker, Columbo De La Torre, Debby Kim, Brenda Lee, Helen Chung QSec,j, Micah Franks, Jeffrey Tanaka, Leif Klokkevoid Greasy, Gabi Mc- Combe, Whitni Wilson, Richard Entenman QSergeant-at-Armsj, Anton Goldman, Cecilia Avalos CV.P.j, Cori Hansen, Orion Holcomb, Nina Carrieri, Annie Wu, Carla Abalos, Leila Hornick, Eve Smallfield, Sarah Huang, Myoko Chu, Ivy Chen, Aaron Nakahera, Gabrielle Ruben, Adrienne Olmstead, Ariele Wildwind, Marika Foltz, Eileen Farnan, Enoch Lee, Julie Kim, An- nette Kappler, Jennell Provost, John Dae, Susana De la Torre Uour guidej, Advisor - Marilyn lmes. if ' Q . r i J 4 5? mai ggi M , t zijn' ,hibits, or anything to do with the lFrench culture. One of the club's imain goals is to raise money through Ldifferent fund raisers. This money is put into a scholarship for a deserving isenior, who in the past has been lvery involved in the French Department. Advisor: Patricia Moore. Members: Camilla Saulsbury CPres.j, Helen Chung QV,P.Q, Martha McGaw Q5ec.-Treas.j, Tammy Koehler QPublicity Dirj, Gabriella Rigg, Jennell Provost, Aaron Lewis, Peter Chen, Ruth Chen, Jason Reid, Alice Petty, Teleli Brito, Aman Panu, Celeria Avalos, Elizabeth Ruebman, Carey Rosenbaum, Paul Woodson, Lisa Guan, Eileen Tsai, Nep Fong, Mary Pender, Mark Choi, Devon Walton, Thuy-Van Nguyen, Linh Nguyen, Daisy Gao, Angela Chen, Carmen Fung, Isabelle Rogin, Amy Hshien, Leila Hornick, Debbie Kim. AMERICAN FIELD SERVICE The Americon Field Service CAFSQ pro- motes culturol understonding by sending ond receiving students from different ports of the world. As 0 club, AFS supports the foreign students who hove come here from obrood. Through lnternotionol doys, porties, trips, ond Christmos cords, AFS hos been octive in the community, os well os ot AHS. Exchonge students this yeor ore, Denis Senumo, from Pretorio, South Africo, ond Dovid Grovelle, from Montreol, Conodo. Lost yeor, Courtnoy Bloomer ond Corrie Gorlick were exchonge students in the Dominicon Republic ond in Belgium. There were two people overseos in 1967. Brod Jennings, in New Zeolond, ond Benjy Sikoro, in Thoilond. They returned in lote Jonuory. Koren Beols left soon ofter, eorly Februory, to spend o yeor in Chile. AlllH'i'0l2l!!ES SIS' SIPENASIIIM Members: Mort Bolley, Koren Beols, Courtnoy Bloomer fvlce presldentj, Michelle Brown, Susonno De Lo Torre, Pedro Fernondez, Joson Fink Cpresidentj, Corrie Gorlick fsecretoryj, Monlco Goxiolo ftreosurerj, Dovid Grovelle, Brod Jennings, Annette Koppler, Adrienne Olmsteod, Lily Quoch, Ano Poulo Rodriguez, lsobello Rogln, Lilo Rosas, Corey Rosenboum, Denis Senumo, Benjy Sikoro, Eve Smollfield, Alex Tsol, Arlele Wildwlnd, Cindy Wun, Alex Zurich, Yuki Zurich. OUR STUDENTS ABROAD Benjy Sikoro Benjy trovelled to Thoilond lost Februory, ond spent o yeor there experiencing o totolly new culture. Although the longuoge borrier was rough ot times, he had o lot of fun. Q I X2 . Ar. Q ' , ' I' My I we Annette is here this eor from Bremen, Ger Annette Koppler mony, for only holf oglthe leer. She likes th less oggressive troffic here, ut she misses he? bike trips to buy fresh breod ot home. 3 I S I STUDENTS AGAINST DRUNK DRIVING Xf3'r'Ai0 TN 553 'E' -25 I if Q I Members: Rachel Abramson, John Bae, Tom Benson, Shanto Frantz, Jenny Gould, Sabrina Kresge, Heather vlclfarland, Scott Markham, Todd Mork Cvlce presidentj, Marni Pease, Sally Peterson, Paul Rago, Tom Richard- lon, Leighonn Schreyvogel Cpresidentj, Chris Willey, Whitni Wilson, Joe Zeits. STUDENT ACTICN TEAM M 4' 'f ri? , , , fu 'W ,X 1, Q i 4, ,M J hy Members: Trocy Anderson, John Bae, Ann Cliart, Lean Du Flor Heide, Jenny Laird, Kristen Perry, Tiffany Ringgold, Vincent Walker, Whitnl Wilson. Sv INFORMATION NOT AVAILABLE they will be better prepared to make decisions regarding their own drug use. They try to pro- vide other alternatiyes to drug use, f ff' THEATER if CLUB The Theater Club meets occasionally at lunch to improvise and basically have a lot of fun. The members go to ACT and Berkeley Rep to see professional plays and try to keep cool even when people stand behind them. fsee picturej Members: P. Woodson Cpresj, Orion Holecomb Cvice pres.j, Deborah Yamasaki Csecretaryj, Cindy Wur ftreasurerj, Leif Klokkevold, Allan Sugarbaker, Shanta Frantz, Corey Rosenbaum, Lily Quach, Isabelle Rogln, Lilia Rosas, Samantha Starr, Caroline Hoffman, Ryan MacArthur, Lillian Tsai, Celine Avalos, Aman Panu, Jennell Provost. AAATH CLUB Members: Ivy Chan, Joseph Chen, Kristie Chen, Peter Chen, Shirley Chen, Phoebe Cheng, Miyoko Chu, Albert Chung, Helen Chung, Carmen Fung, Kristan Gan, Kinshuk Govil, Richa Govil, Lisa Guan, Nicole Harris, Carolyn Hoffman, I-Chieh Huang Cpresj, Joyce Huang, Ben Kavanaugh, Angel Kuo, Gadi Lalazar, Brenda Lee, Cindy Lee, Aaron Lewis, Ryan MacArthur, Santiago Martin, Nora McFarland, Sung-Yil Moon, Aaron Nakahara Cpresj, Owen Nishioka, Max Rible, Eileen Tsai, Lillian Tsai, Alexander Tsai, Matt Wong, Annie Wu, Nancy Wu, Teresa Wu Qpresj, Cindy Wun, Lucy Wun, Michelle Zheng. TENNIS CLUB The Tennis Club is created for those who ap- preciate the sport. A ranking system is used for those who would like to challenge one another. In spring time, they set up tennis tournaments with schools such as El Cerrito and Berkeley High. Members also get together to watch profes- sional tournaments such as the Virginia Slims and the Transamerica. Aembers: Mary Peng, Stephanie Russell, Gabriella Rigg, Sherry Djahngiri Qpresj, Michelle Seeley, Angie .una, Tracy Lohman, Melanie Llnebaugh, Angela Pruitt fvice pres.j, D'Angella Purnell, Leon Dieney, ason Fink, Mike Ellery, Mike Alderson, Hyon Kim, Ehab Bandar, George Chae, Thomas Chung, David Hu, lathan Perdue, John Bae, I-Chieh Huang, Jack Kuo, Eric Chapman, lan Atkinson. BIKE CLUB The Bike Club meets in room tastic group of aficionados. Our 213 on Wednesdays - rides are for the experienced weather permitting, to discuss as well as the inexperienced 'he plans for the weekly rides. and vary in distance from 5 to Anyone with a bike is welcome 35 miles on a good day. 'o become involved with a fan- vlembers: Foe Zeits, Eric Gray, Leila Hornick, Jennell Provost, Diana Ellerbusch, icott Turtle, Allan Sugarbaker, Orion Holcomb, Aaron Draper, Leif Klokkevold, l- 'f ' Chieh Huang, Mark Honer, Reid McDonald, Nicole Hall, Suzanna de la Torre, Jacob Members: Edwm Um' Aaron Draper' Mlke Enery' Jason Fink' Joe Zeus' Scome Lewis Mon Husser Caparros, Deborah Yamasakl, Susana De La Torre, Jennell Provost, Leila Hornick, ' ' Eric Gro Y, T The Co-ed Volleyball club was organiz- L ed so that students would be able to prac- tice this exciting sport. The club is open to all interested students and whenever there L A is enough people, theyjust have fun. , MI BLACK STUDENT UNION a.,.........a.........-.A........s av-"' if Members: President: K. Webb, Vice President: V. Wolker, T, Abduloh, C. Toylor, W. Wilson, S. Wise, D. Senumo, D. Robinson, C. Mosley Horris, R. Ale-xonder, E. Dyce, K. Whiteheod, K. Sims, P. Butler, S. Sykes, T. Singleton, S. Ashford, Z. Horris, A. Johnson, B. Aoron, R. Gree Anderson, S. Hunt, J. Mumphrey. , M. Mouton, J. Dovis, M. Brown, N n, C. Eoton, T. Woce, K. Fortune, T. ASIAN STUDENT ASSOCIATION 'iS"r," ' if- ,gnanns-'-.. S. Huong, A. Koppler, A. Kuo, B. Lee, A. Nokohoro, L, Tsol, S. Wlemon, A. Wu, T. Wu, D. Yomosoki. ore: l. Chon, K. Chen, P. Chen, S. Chen, P. Cheng, M. Chu, A. Chung, M. Ellery, K. Gon, L. Guon, N. Horris, C. Hoffmon, J. The purpose of the ASU is TO spreod Asion culture to oll those who ore in- terested ond the clubs focus is on reveoling one's culture to one's self. The club porticipoted in Chinese New Yeor, Cherry Blossom Festivol, Potlucks, going to Asion movies, ond vorious trips to Asion reloted ploces. A Q as l 9 7 I A J. Dol' BOARD O EDUCATION I 5 G Robe-rr L. News ide-m cha d q Ed.D. Kay Grimes Robin, President S pe endenf Gerald J. Brun D C nd nsfrucfion Sally O I B ALBANY UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT B M nager 9041 TaIbaT Avenue, Albany, California 941706 M451 526-611114 A QWMSB IMHQD Q A IJ WQ , ep Qi2imQix2m.MMrLMI WML iyffvwifv I QQWZMW CONGRATULATIONS X CLASS OF ss, -fv- 532351 IIHS rwegglf A A I I K EXCELLENCE ' HIGH EXEECIATIOIXIS - LEADEIQSHIE - OEDICATIOIXI J? A.H.S. BAND AND FLAGGIES ARE Nicole Chu, Maria Delgado, Allison Harada, Vicki Hughes, Charley Kim, Mart Tsang Ann Bailey Marty Bandvlk Tom Belsky Sam Benson Jullon Fix Amy Fleslg Lesly Hall, Soroh Huang, Leif Klokkevold, Esther Paek, Dan Rabin, Timothy Romain Cristina Rutte Catherine Sobey Margaret Sumlsaki Vivo Taylor Annie Wu Matthew Zismon, Annette Kappler, Yuki Zerdlck, Alex Zerdlck, Paul Wagner, Shlrley Chen Chris Weber Angel Kuo Madl Kampton Sabrina Kresge Reggie Hightower Richard Rlos ,,,,,,,w N .1 There were lots of new faces in the Albany High School Band this year. One of the most noticeable was the band director, Mr. Sandy "the Hep Cat" Schafer. Not only did he bring new life into the band, but the band members really like him. "One of the best things about Mr. Shafer," says Marty Bandvick, a saxophonist, "ls that he ls really with lt." Senior Sam Benson, drum major, says, "He lets us choose our own music. Before, our music was chosen for us. Now we really like playing." And their enthusiasm shines through as the Cougar Band steps forward with the most spirited marching and music yet. Thls yeor's short flogs ore reolly puttlng their best foot forword - In every possible ospect. The students ore reoplng the rewords of o highly spirited ond incredibly tolented mixture of sophomores, juniors, ond seniors. Even without the help of lost yeor's toll flogs, our floggles ore reolly giving us oll they've got ond coming through with some of the best routines Albony High hos ever seen! W ,E .e 'sts W. c, M...-W, i K A . ...fefersivfe ,,,s3,f',?.- sees sr':1:1W'-w--ee v,., ,, z':. 3 ' FOREVER ON BEAT! E ' shen Flogs: Jennifer Redick - head, Melonle 57 Linebough - co-head, 3 is My-mf' Esther Doe, Karen Beols, Nicole Chu, P-ochel Hit- chcock, Vlkl Hughes, Cloudlne Woo, Annie Wu. s THE BIRTH OF THE BLUES "We hove o lot of exciting people!" Sondy Shofer breothlessly commented in the midst of o jozz bond rehersol. After o slow beginning, rhythm ond blues finolly returned to A.H.S. The turn out wos minimol ot the stort of the yeor, but os the first quorter completed, ot- tendonce wos increosed. Shoter plonned mony "thrilling events" for the yeor, such os: o jozz festivol, ond mony public performonces. Look out Duke Ellington - here comes the Albony High lozz Bond! W Jozz Bond Members fin olphobetlcol ordery Nothon Bonolome, Som Benson, Kevln Compbell, Peter Goldmon, Lesley Holl, Shown Horsemon, Kim Chung Hoon, Chris Jensen, Sobrlno Kresge, moln, Vivo Toylor, Poul Wogner, Alex Zerdlck. Nicole Chu, Morlo Delgod Melonle Llnebough, Tim R For Morlo ond Nlcole, concentration ls the key to good music. 4 U:- Emotlon tokes over os Melonle plucks out the blues. L X--S-7-ru ' X THE MUSICS PLAYED BY THE MADMAN i I 1 Top: Tlm Romoln, Sobrlno Kresge, Modl Kempton, Ann Bolley, Soroh Huong, Nlcole Chu, Alex Zerdlck. Middle: Yukl Zerdlck, Mlyoko Chu, Amy Hsieh, Chrlstl Dewlon. Bottom: Melonle Llnebough, Alexonder Tsol, lvy Chon', Noncy Wu. Mlsslng: Morto Delgodo, Lesley Holl, Wlllloms Corning, Jock Cornlng, Esther Doe. The orchestro ls mode up of o group of hordworklng musl- clons. They reheorse both dur- lng seventh perlod ond durlng lunch. During the lunch sesslon, mony students thot were unoble to flt seventh perlod or- chestro In their schedules come to proctlce. This dedlcotlon resulted ln on excltlng orchestro schedule thls yeor. Numerous members portlclpoted ln con- certo performonces, ond con- certs were glven where smoll ensembles presented thelr pieces. The orchestro olso ot- tended on orchestro festlvol. The tolent of the orchestro members goes beyond school. Mony students ore port of other muslcol groups, such os the Boy Areo Wind Symphony ond other youth orchestros. r' ,iv-A T mx fda' fr H s t serss f IEEL' T ' "" . s fi: g V . , .H ..,'r t t? I ' s E .r - T rss. 1- .f Q T s' " WWE "'3 SGME ARE A MELCDDY Front Row, Lt. to Rt.: Alllson Horodo, Krlstlno Rose, Lllllon Tsol, Amy Thoch, Trocy Lohmon, Sobrlno Kresge, Chrlste Dewlen, Angel Kuo. Second Row: Nlchole Chu, Eileen Tsol, Lello Hornlck, Melonle Llnebough, Ano Poulo Rodrigues, Paul Woodson, Reld MocDonold, Mlchoel Docklns, Jovld Abboll. Thlrd Row: Yukl Zerdlck, Showno McCourty, Joonnle Albee, Mox Rlble. Lost Row: Deboroh Yomosokl, lsobelle Rogln, Som Good, Roul Velez, Somontho Storr. Others: Eric Shultz, Mlchelle Seeley, Heother Stevens, Rochel Toylor, Meredith Winer, Tim Storr, Monlko Cox, Edgor Oceon, Miguel Gonzolez, Erlko Duncan, Chltro Gopolon, Nodlro Boyot, Frlmo Folzont, Benjomln Clements, Melonle Munoz. Choir is bock! Lost yeor Albony High School's choir wos cut becouse of lock of funds. This yeor we hod on enthusiostic group of students ond chorol director, Mr. Lorsen. His gool forlthis yeor wos to rebuild the choir group ond teoch everyone to slng well. Chrool closses were held se- cond ond third periods. Some students chose to toke the closs on their off-lob doys third period, three times o week. Cholr wos very involved this yeor. They porticipoted in the musicol, for the first time in three yeors. Choir olso performed In o Chrlstmos ond Spring concert. They olso song for the Rotory Club throughout the yeor. Officers this yeor were: Ano Poulo Rodrigues - President, Joonnie Albee - Vice President, Som Storr - Sec. fTreosury ond Tim Storr - Librorion. F ., ,e- f,+:::. wen: ggi ,X st--wig I . 1 L: ' '-:WMS me lf 's so hord to get old without o couse I don'r wont fo perish like o foding horse Yourh's like diomonds in the sun And diomonds ore forever SPORTS AND SPIRIT do Spirit flourished through the '87-'88 cheering and pep squads. Both squads got together at the end of the school year and practiced hard throughout the sum- mer. During the games the cheerleaders supported the teams, while the pep squad did the same for the spec- tators in the stands. No mat- ter what the outcome of the games, they still stayed op- timistic and raised the splrlt In all the students. Stephanie Russell, head cheerleader, said, "Our main goal was to boost spirit at A.H.S. and this year it really worked." Members are: Head, Stephanie Russell: Co-head, Klm Handlosp Sherry Djanglrl, Rashawnda Green, Melissa Jacobs, Tammy Markham, Angela Pruitt, D'Angela Purnell, Chrlstlna Rose, Catherine Sugg, Arlele Wlldwlnd. E A if 52? M10 t ir! Gi y' 1 ll Members are: Lisa Wun, founder, Miranda Abrams, Nina Carrieri, Meridee Carter, Leslie Flynn, Alison Harada, Jessica Hill, Katie McNenny, Leighann Schreyvogel. THE YCDUNG AND CHEERLEADERS L... .L PEP SQUAD -Y ' ' 'L aff H ,, nw. I ,,gw.,,,,,, V Y , ' 6 if K ,M l, ,NW , 1 ' H M4542 "r' . f S ' , 1' H " 'M J' W sf 5 if ,W , t , j '.,f tw K rm kgL,w?N again, ,, WW' :EW V? Wh M u, A 'Q V swfffvzi t.. : raw-ap .ff .sl ' V : 1 THE SPIRITED '57-'ee Ml W so 4 090 oh 000 oh on 000 RED-DY FOR . . . . 1 ' , ntoh , Pg . 'l ' .1 , ' ,. f 2 1 ai' -g -- -- . L ,,:, 9 I t , N FL -,N -, 1 9 ' 7 11, W... W,x,.. .1.,.1,.-.N -WHNQ Q ,- . ,-, 4.5. Mm. . . K, 1---S ,-' --"rw w r-- ' o , 1 --,o, A 7 "-' . Ni ., . W H I I 5 99 Scott Tunle, 66 Matt Brown, 22 Donald Toomer, 42 Dave Mahon, 79 Brlan Parsley, 7 All Ravan, 44 Shamus Brown, 2 Raul Velez, 70 Dana Eaton, 74 Matt Wanlln, 75 Jason Sangmaster, 43 Kent Zapata, 54 Dave Mocchl, 31 lan Hocking, Jake McCusker, Perdo Fernandez, 9 Tae Wilson, 20 Wolfgang Chlcarlnl, 34 Dave Garnett, 46 Jaya Gultferez, 50 Mlke Ray. I i I l l t E l 9l- 5 9-11 9-19 9-25 10- 2 19- 9 10-16 10-23 10-31 11' 6 Il-13 FOOTBALL SCHEDULE 198'-l Kennedy' Oakland Tech , McClymonds 1 Dublm' ,.o..,o....... Calif. School for Fremontf oooo, Mt. Mary's" ,- Bishop 0'Dowd" UIOMECOMING1 Salesian ...,..o, Piedmont , Encinal' . 'l Home Games Deaf " 12:00 3:30 1:00 3:30 3:30 3:30 3:30 3:30 1:00 7:00 3:30 ACTION 1 - ,is .- ESHFTQQWQS- 1, -Q es -- f , ' ' , iz. , ., . .- ffkf, - .mcfmwmidn enum. Msafo-f., f-N f- 1. , M 4f--'-'- f 1 JA UR OT RY 59 Nabll Bandar, 88 Mark Choi, 14 Eugene Cockerham, 83 Nepenthe Fong, 65 Brody Fruchtman, 91 Allen l-lsleh, 67 Vlncent Kuo, 67 Ryan Lewls, 4 Andre Mayberry, 73 Aaron Mlkkelsen, 60 Don Rabln, 56 Oscar Rangel, 87 Mehdl Ravan, 13 Jason Reid, Alexel Rulz, 93 Robert Santos, 17 Klrby Smlth, 80 Devon Walton, 12 Ngeke Westbrook, Wlllle Wllllams, 88 Mlke Vlale, 61 Chrls Hlll, 38 Yue Jln, Matthew Beal, 85 Dlalla Dphrepaulezz, 30 Malik Mouton, Bland Ukaba. ,,..,. ...wb ll E5 " ffm ll!! I Ll! This year's football team dldn't break any records, but as they say, the point of the game Is to have fun. For those who were stuck on the Injured llst, It may not have been that all the time, but when they were out there, they gave It thelr all, and that counts for a lot. IV FOOTBALL SCHEDULE 1987 9- 5 Kennedybb .,........, 10:00 9-10 Oakland Tech ........ 8:80 9-19 McClymonds ........ 10:00 9-24 Dublin' .,,,,,,,,, ,,,, 3 gl 10- 1 Calif. School for Deaf 3:30 10- 8 Fremont l0aklandJ 3:30 10-15 St. Mary's"' ,. .,,,,,,-- 3:30 10-22 Bishop 0'Dowd ........ 3:35 10-31 Salesian ,,,,,,,, ,,, 1050 11' 6 Piedmont ..... 4:30 11-12 Encinal' ,,,.,,,,, M 3:30 "' Home Games CDUR TEAM IS EARN Top: Cooch John Newmon, 91493 Eve Smollfield, 4411 Adrienne Olmsreod, A420 Morrho McGow, 324 Tiffony Ringgold, 33 Miyoko Chu, 021 Mory Lockey Cooch Phil Wonlin. Bottom: 619 Julie Kim, 1525 Gobi McCombe, 018 Cori Honsen, 415 Shonnon Anderson, 317 Annerre Sonders, 313 Anny Lackey Cooch Debi Wonlin. Winn huody 1 S., - 1. EK, Ke' is gave W -- W A.-X-gms W 1 ' Q V,,, I' 'fi ,, M ' W' ' H , 44 W , Q ,f 1 l ED I-ICT p: Cooch John Newmon, 325 Jennell Provost, 411 Rheo Loughlin, aV15 Cheri Robinson,1if20 Anno Sherburne, ff22 Genevieve Higgins, 321 Angie For- st, 91417 Jennine McForIond, Cooch Phil Wonlin, Cooch Debi Wonlin. Bottom: 96412 Deboroh Yomosoki, 923 Teri Modero, 01 Somontho Storr, 911 ristino Mullorkey, 414 Eriko Kimble, 024 Kim Etzel, 410 Showno Howly. ,.r"' f 5 Q . f nv 3 as ,nj-' This yeor's volleyboll teoms were two of the best we hove ever seen ot this school. The JV teom had o greot seoson, showing off some greot stuff which shows promise for next yeor. The Vorsi- ty teom got further thon ony other teom we've ever hod. Through hord bottles they monoged to win the North Coost Sec- tionol Title. Congrotulotions, gels!!! on QW! Q90 000 fa" Q90 o'o o'a CAN YOU IMAGINE WHEN K Sl sgfffw A, Members are: Damon Anderson, John Beck, Aaron Draper, Jason Flnk, Orlon Holcomb, Mark Honer, I-Chleh Huong, Reza Javendel, Lelf Klokkevold, Reld McDonald, Mark Mullorkey, Jason Strange, Marr Stone, Paul Woodson, Morla Delgado, Andre Mullarkey, Meredith Nerrles. Matt checklng our the scene. Marcus glvlng hls all. THIS RACE IS WON? This yeor, the Albony cross- country teom ron two to three mile courses through vorious porks, locol ond distont. The run- ners worked well os o teom, try- ing to moke up for the loss of lost yeor's groduotes. Under Cooch Fred Brill, they ron to five miles ot proctice ond competed ogoinst the stote's best running clubs. The boys' teom showed greot initiotive, despite overoge foring ot Frogtown ond Beor River. Although the girls' teom hod only three members this yeor, they won medols ot Frogtown ond showed true spirit. Occosionolly, Albony looked pretty shorp. At Crystol Springs, o 40-teom meet in which seven of the top teoms in Colifornio were competing, Albony took sixth ploce in the Chompionship Vorsity roce. At Stondford, everybody hod to run over three miles in 105 degree weother . . . on o golf course. The runners put in o good two months of exercise this yeor, most of them ore new ond will return next yeor - for more fun, fitness, ond competition. Cross-Country Schedule 9-16 Bishop O'Dowd 9-28 St. Elizabeth 9-30 Enclnol 10 7 St. Joseph 10-14 St. Mory's, Holy Nomes 10-21 Piedmont 10-28 Soleslon Moria ond the dudes. Meredith stretching out. And off they go . . . 5' T fl f 514 K Xxmxrx xv X t N if K, , 5. GRAPPLING ON TO Jocob In hls fovorlte posltlon. Flrst Row: All Rovon, Second Row: Brlon Rojos, Alvln Chong, Gory Speokmon, Jocob Clork, Chung, Kion Lovossonni. Third Row: Scott Thomson fcoochj, Steve Eisenberg, Brlon Parsley, Jovendol, Shommos Brown, Dono Eoton, Forld Jovendol, Denjlmon Brown, Kermit Bonkson Above: Shommos In on owkword posltlon. Above Right: Brion toklng o nop. Right: "Hey! Hos onyone seen my contocts?" VARSITY 4, 'mary' 1 X, Yi Z awww THE CHAMPIONSHIP Matt putting his opponentto the mot. Devon looking for a pin. 1st Row: Marcus Mullarkey, Joseph Chen, Leon Orkln, Wolfgang Chlncarlnl, Dovld Gross, Matt Beal, Devon ?, Nep Fong, Mehdi Ravan. 2nd Row: Scott Thomson Ccoachj, Madi Kempton, Paul Bae, Yohon Collen, Mott Wong, Aaron Mlkkelson, Elbert Chang, Rachel Abramson, Kermit Bonlsson Ccoachj. 3rd Row: Lance Salisbury, Nick Berger, Ryan MacArthur, Chris Hill. JR. VARSITY 090 SMASHING THRCDUGH The 1987-88 version of Cougor Bosketboll feotured the return of three storting vorsity let- termen. Seniors Doug Boiley ond Ben Kovonogh returned olong with Junior Josh Alpert. Moving up from the Junior Vorsity of lost yeor were Seniors Morvin Anthony ond Neol Bidlemon. Underclossmen moving up from JV's were Junior Eric Mopes, ond Sophomores Scott Morkhom ond Donold Toomer, The Coug's welcomed Senior Trevor Topscott, Junior Lowrence Tontoco ond Sophomore Leronne Armstrong to the hoopin' crew. Albony wos ogoin the Eost Shore Athletic i Leogue, the strongest competition in the Eost M, r Boy. In terms of Ieogue stonding, the coug's his were competitive ond ployed with 0 lot of heort, but hod o tough time bottling the Eost Q? 'H My ' .,..s. l3oy's best teoms. The teom did not win mony 9 J Ieogue gomes, however, they were known , If throughout the Ieogue os o teom thot ployed with pride, chorocter, ond dignity regordless of the score. VARSITY COUGARS Cooch: Doug Kogowo 018 Leronne Arm- strong: guord if 8Scott Morkhom: ..,,. , guord K :QV-le AT? ss. ,X 'Sw aif 5 Lowrence Ton- r 5 E toco: guord fs Q 3 312 Josh Alpertrguord 015 Eric Mo es: sl: ' forword p 'Qwfiy D H W3 320 Trevor Topscott: SQ forwordfguord 'V vii, 5 S 4lf21NeolBidlemon: Q . S... 1- A S' forword W 022 Donold Toomer: -x f x forword f center ' ' 023 Doug Boiley: 1 I S forword alf2-4 Morvin Anthony: forword f center 530 Ben Kovonough: center N is... 4' THE HCDCDP JUNIOR VARSITY COUGARS Cooch: Don Etchegorry Jeremy Alpert: guord Mike Souzo: guord Fields Nelson: guord Russell Koboyoshiz guord Kevon Newton: guord Jeff Tonoko: guord Emory Teng: forword Kip Brown: forword Morio Kojiworo: forword Diollo: forword Yoron lllovich: forword lon Atkinson: center Ukubo Blond: center Josh Reed: center 'Wo f. , It '1 ,Q J, . Q, 5 fl is J 45 5, . 5 1 '..i. if - - g 16,339 X 5,31 s Q? - se f 3 I is 43.5, 1 'B-ew yn .ff "' -f XC cfs - 4. X, 'LQ' . ,.,.,. We 'Sf Qi if-45' , 54'-'f-J ,X 3 XI ,A M A ,Wa During the pre-seoson, the Coug's ployed 5Of5O bosketboll winning 6 ond losing 6 olong the woy. Doug Boiley leod the teom in scoring on overoge 15 pts. ond rebounding 7 per gome. ln scoring, Ben Kovonogh ond Josh Alpert were tied for second ploce overoging 10.0 pts. per gome. The returning ployers were followed closely by Trevor Topscott 8.6 ppg. ond Morvin Anthony ot 6.5 ppg, Sophomores Leronne Armstrong ond Donold Toomer chipped in ot 5.2 ppg. The Cougs ployed on exciting brond of teom bosket- boll featuring the crisp passing of Leronne Armstrong with 47 ossists, followed by Josh Alpert with 25, Scott Morkhom with 25, Doug Bailey ond Trevor Topscott with 21 o piece. The 1987-88 version of Cougor Boslsetboll wos competitive ond oggressive. In terms of o winfloss record, the teom come out on the short side. However, in the long run, whot they did find wos show whot they were mode of inside - 11 guys with o lot of heort ond determinotion. Congrotulotions Albony Bosketbolll X 'CCDUGARETTESH TEAR .' "This has been a learning season not on- ' ly for the Girls' J.V. Basketball team but also one for myself. l see a lot of potential in the girls on the team, and it's my job as their coach to help in their development on the court, as well as off. Hopefully they have learned that basketball isjust a game and that life is their real challenge. A good lsrtt education over a winning season is much 5 , more fulfilling in the long run." - Teresa Baker Coach, Teresa Baker "' JUNIOR VARSITY 5 is o'o l 5 6 I l a i 3 3 5-23' Back Row: Wendy Huang, Kim Bellamy, Katie Allen, Susan Huang. Middle Row: Neila Cutolo, Vicki Smith, Celina Avalos, Hul Huang. Sitting: Shannon Qualls, Tamika Abdullah. Not Pictured: Cherae Cockerham, Jennine McFarlane. ,.,,,,.WxsW -se Q-Q' ,.x. ,greg WA ,,..c.s., . ,A 2 -2-. ,povcfi I - I ,X I I 'i ' I 0 I P THE CCDLJRTIII VARSITY inf?" E I' 'L Tiff . T' - -,tQ.' ' -if fi Eye Smollfield ky v' f m- , 'Six .9 I 1: :Q t I : ,Q . 1 Y 1 NW. K' ' A ff 2 I f. it - J -. 'U " Zonio Horris Kim Troer '- ...- ' X . mi-92 4 X ' - . -""' ev 'iixqmnrl In sl 3? . 1" '5i4'r-7 h Cn' ' Q ,. Y.. -, u al- . T ' 74, S u ,. -. Mory Lockey Tiffony Ringgold gr, -ay-I lg, -' Q. ' jf -. Cooch Yvonne Arnold Deboroh Yomosoki Morgoret Sumisoki Belito Aoron -+-5 ,. l 5 V341 . ' 57. , ""7f" gk ns' 555:-L .gi V- 1 'p,V!', 5'- GIRLS' VARSITY BASKETBALL SCHEDULE 12-1 Richmond 12-3, 4, 5 Hogan Tourney 12-8 De Anzo 12-10 John Swett 12-15 Morin Catholic 12-16 Morin Acodomy 12-18 Kennedy 1-5 Piedmont' 1-8 Encinol 1-12 O'Dowd 1-19 St. Eiizobeth 1-22 Holy Nomes 1-29 Presentotion - St 1-30 Joseph' 2-2 Piedmont 2-5 Encinol' 2-12 Bishop O'Dowd' 2-16 St. Elizobeth' 2-19 Holy Nomes' Presentotion - St Joseph " Home Gomes Us o'o oh BASEBALL VARSITY T Q . s I T I l F T annum 1 .didn---' '--W1---Y 3 A-1'-A-1' ' MM ' 15:1 .-,..ih-I wwipfff ' e 4 fi.1W'-71' 7 .Q 7 QTWFW ld' Bock Row: Cooch Phil Wonlin, J. Ross, D. Boiley, J. Meors, C. Tonnohill, B, Medeoris, T. Topscott, M. Kostonsek. Front Row: J. Alpert, G, Speokmon, S. Yobusoki, E, Flenoid, P. Newton, N, Rodriquez, E. Mopes, M. Alderson, Cooch Bob Allegrotri. Stot: Mornie Peyovich. JLQNQOR VARSITY r Q , xt f I Q , x 1 ,fxgi .-v-'nr' 'n :FA- ' I' . . . 5 ' dj f TN lr. Bock Row: J. Beeth, C. HIII, T. Krone, L. Fleming, U. Blond, I Atkinson, M. Kojlworo, G. Mockey, J. Tuttle, Cooch Joe, Boyd. Front Row: F. Nelson, S. Turtle, T. Noylor, M. Hutchinson, P. Rogo, A. Cediel, T, Worren. ,gf.,j,g. ,'1",:'g5 . ... ..-,514 ',f..,1 15' 5 ,' ' ' -wx' r:.vrvv1,'.f A ' U VK .MA .,.- .,.b.l,'... V V . .., .,v.'.' ,..z,f Ji.. jf, ',','.' "'.' ,Hx-,1l,.r.J. fl!f5Z'J--'r""- V. . eww .M 41a aNQN5wWm f v.'Jb.' 7 .w,u.1.iz',. any-".:.:,g7g1w1 ., f " "' 4' A 'W 71453145 I5hE2':f'3"'n555i5' .rx 1' In v vv-.wmv-H miiwyg- fmwmwmwwgf 1 fwummpmvg "'- ' ,'v'1:.:-45 "ff'mH.U!.'.' ' 1' V V ' L I V ,-J, V ' ' 'nl J .'.A.'rg,1.'.f-Tvwq'.' X F S Cig,g'q1a'9'A'A'1k'd1.A 53:5 1 S f S QQFQAQSY 3 S si, Q S595 ag. '88 my . 1 -Q . A ' -A ,. , , lj W' Rf x llllnurnuungqn Awww, ke f .fw fw- 'if SS wtsrcmfal ?g!"i'. Us 5 a x in if 5, E xr X 4 V2 fx W fx gm mm SOFTBALL l Tap Row: Coach Barker, Colleen Kanig, Jenny Laird, Mary Lackey, Annette Sanders, Cinde McKnight, Carla Abalas, Rachel Hitchcock, Coach Newman. Bottom: Terri Madera, Maria Delgado, Gabi Rlgg, Anny Lackey, Jessica Cochran, Erin Billings. Now Shawn: Dissarae Guitan Anny ln the fast lane. .M s ,W .,. -M . Colleen snags it at first. Mary knows you dan't get points for style. as Hurd ffo: lv Row: Coach Madera, Elizabeth Rubeman, Marika Foltz, Jessica Hill, Rachel Abramson, Jennifer Reeves, Jenni Crosetti, Angie Forrest, Kim Coach Anita. Bottom: Modi Kempton, Oranus Pahlovan, Shanta Frantz, Nella Cutolo, Aman Panu, Margaret Sumisaki, Jenine McFarlane. Shown: Lesly Flynn. While Modi and Marika stop the fly balls, Jessica is safe on first. ,, i VV W. .. qv, s- ' W- .ws,1-- sf' 3' ' r . A ,ic - v , A gp' Aff? 2' - va, l s. . ,bV .f Ni- : W 4 .mn "'i Kr, :Q-'Y W ' A ' Excuse me sir, but isn't this your girls team? ,., couemas LEAVE 'snr 'M AHS Track Team Cin alphabetical orderj: Coach Carl Sumler, Coach Demetrius Camarillo, Tamika Abdulla, Katherine Allen, Gayle Bradshaw, Car Brown, Albert Chung, Cherae Cockerman, Michelle Cook, Aaron Draper, Sarah Draper, Jason Fitschen, Elsa Grogg, Jaya Gutierrez, Zonio Harris, Rit Hill, Mark l-loner, lan Hocking, Dovid Hu, Yoron llovich, Alexander lsai, Chrystal James, Farid Janandel, Reza Javandel, Brad Jennings, Rhe Laughlin, Kelina Lobo, Angela Luna, Reid MacDonald, Mike McCombe, Andrea Mullarkey, Christine Mullarkey, Marcus Mullarkey, Meredith Nettles Dingane Newson, Shannon Qualls, Dan Rabin, Luis Ramirez, Tiffany Ringgold, Richard Rios, Cheri Robinson, Jaan Pier Spampinato, Rachel Taylor, Kim Traer, Devin Walker, Kenyatta Webb, I-Chieh Huang, Mart Wong. S . ,.,, , 2? is A "Have a Coke and a smile!" "Simon says . . If C.fXQ..,- v x , ' U L 'Y 'Q-a-Igwk s 'EM IN THE DUST! i lc 5-ge Too cool, gols! ,ly This yeor's Trock Teom definitely hod its shore of stors, At the beginning of the seoson, holf of the teom wos expected to go on to the stote competitions, Some of these were: the girls' 440 reloy teom, the boys' mile reloy teom, Don Newson in the 100 meter, ond 200 meter run, Tiffony Ringgold in the hurdles, ond Zonio Horris in the 100 meter ond 200 meter run. Although those were just some of the hopefuls, the whole teom reolly enjoyed themselves during proctices ond meets. They olso got olong reolly well with their cooch, Cori Sumler, who they ployfully coll- ed Gus. "He reolly cores obout the othletes ond gives everyone 1001, support." soid teom member Tiffony Ringgold. Overoll, the whole teom wosjust out to hove o greot time. 1? .. , , .,-s.e,..-, Upsy Doisy! qphav is 1 1 0, 1 l M if Why do I feel like rm not gemng onywhere? l l l l l l l i AHS Trock Teom's welcoming committee? g WE'VE REACHEE D. Anderson, M. Delgado, A. Draper, P. Fernandez, D. Grovelle, B. Kim, J. Lewis, R, McDonald, S. Martin, A. Mullarkey, M. Nettles, C. Protzel, M. Rafll, O. Rangel, T. Richardson, A. Ridge, G. Rufflnl, A. Ruiz, C. Rutte, D. Senumo, E. Stephens, A. Velez, P. Wagner, K. Wehr, A. Zarael, A. Cedlsl, C. Francis, M. Griffith, P. Newton, J. Ross, T. Warren, I. Tepoya, G. Cullup. The idea of having a soccer team at Albany was not new this year, but because of a lack of funding, the idea was never pursued. This fall, however, Albany received a 560,000 grant that was to be used to fund programs. After the money had been approved, the next step was to find the needed players and a coach. Prospected players came out in full force yet coaches seemed hard to come by. For weeks the word had been out that the team needed a coach but no one answered the request. Finally about three days before practice started, Constantine Konstine came forth and became Albany's first official soccer coach. He had coached the Grizzlies 18 and under team for Berkeley and is very respected, Practice started with 50 potential players including a few very deter- mined women. Eventually people began to drop from the team until it reached a permanent 80 member squad. The program is still fresh and some of the players have never played together before. They are still coming together but there is a lot of potential. It will be interesting to see how Albany soccer continues to grow. CDUR NEW GCDAL! ,Q ALBANY WINTER SPORTS SOCCER 1- 4 Piedmont' .... .3130 1- 6 Bishop O'Dowd .... 3:30 1- 9 St. Joseph N.D."' . . . 11:00 1-13 St. Elizoberh. . . .3:30 1-16 Encinol' ..., . . . 11:00 1-20 Solesion .... . 3:30 1-23 Sr. Mory's ..... 11:00 1-28 Piedmont ..,.. .3:30 1-30 Bishop O'Dowd' 11:00 2- 3 Sr. Joseph N.D.. .3:30 2- 6 Elizoberh ........ 11:00 2-10 Encinol ..... . 3:30 2-13 Solesion' .... . . . 11:00 2-17 St. Mory's ..... .3130 1' U Q if W, 3 Q , , 'Q ' Q r, , f g i , 'A ff" M A 9 A . V I , Q '32 EN ,fy --,- af I W f fl , , ,,,, , V on . mi, if " ,, if-i v gif ff " 1 ? ' 1 - ,. 1635 f, 4 .,'. , U-ti 5 yi 'ICQ-S 1 255, X! n , fx. 1 5 7 4 1 C . Smhx ' ,S , f + Home gomes 1 'N wiv X ,..,,7m . 35 V - M... ,xg X -L,----f 5, g r ,1i,- P - 3 1 , A x A 'lb S Q ai of- ? isp ' . .. 1 -.k i igwrifgff -2. . ........."5"h3Q , TH' x- 3 ' 59. " i Q M Q . , , QNX Q . W , A -3- - W K-4zM.M'W .... ' " of ,g i f ,, - 4 . - fi A -.f- 4 f ,. - .. p ---- ai if iafrgl.. .!.,.--.aim I- . -I i,1:V,1- . - A, - 0 f - - -.I ,- j 51.-1,. aw -' W v , " 53' v fifr --'i K -' yo ..h. , -A . ,. ,. -per.-ig .f Q .. W- 1 T' p "Eigagf.46zT5,-Gig'-' fl -ii4k':", - -u ' L 'f - .1 " P' 1 "'Q?T'5W"I'TSff"i f :rf 7 wifi? w'i,N'Zii?'-1192 SN? i'i'kfi5"?'1V11'-1 if "F, i,p,,-, -wg 1-1.4" rg-:.,, ,.,.f.:r -if-W my 51-vw-fqf -gg H..-1-1 1 . fe : P, -- - W -: - eu TENNIS ANYCDNE? -- L A L K' Q.!rq,f,:1c Hf.ssf:..s.c. W L X - ff., - f , t - 5 -,mx rams- Qr s ms 'I frm: l, L 9455: Q ,- k i .3 21 Egg , L Lrg' 15 , K k k,55,W,5L H f .XX L 5 LL AALA L '.L.L L gif' ti N ' Qi- L ff L: A,., . -..,A n L, - gg - L T "gg' T I L - SM-2 h'L' L 5 . L QL, LL ,L "' .. L'f L g L, l,V. C L S L L - ..,- L ' lm, 5 L f -, ..,. L ESL 1 Qlsfz 163 X' ..kk s , 'L A f.L, 'HI il' - 35 W . Lkyk ,L K. -- i -- or swf. W.-. . ' W,-- .1 -f " 5 'Irs' fm -is A - L' ' ,L , ,g ' ,A,, L ' .L A ' L. . ,L L .,,, ' LmL ' ' L A - f it LL . , , .L if , , . y 1 mmkm 4 LL A V - Qlsf L 2 X " .L f--- ' . M T ' ' A ' "'L L ,'hL'LL T ' ' L . " L f L . L T .T --- T V R, L A-L. .A L ' . L, f 'L T' T T 'LLL 1 ' A'AL , . , Lf-"L fi In 1 f " . T ' L Q ,'L' 'K , ',' L L L . f VLLL ,L - -' 1 ' A wr , ..,L Back Row: Wendy Huang, Amy Flelslg, Gabriella Rlgg, Tracy Nguyen, Clndy Wun, Rachel Taylor, Coach: Wally Choy. Front: Amy Hsieh, Eileen Tsal, Lucy Wun, Lllllan Tsal, Amy Thach. Not Shown: Melanie Llnebaugh, Lalnle Anderson. The '67 Tennis team had a great season. They were a llvely, entergetic and spirited team. Each player was dedicated to the sport and played with much enthusiasm. Although they dld have competltlon this year playing against schools such as Piedmont, 7-0, St. Joseph ND, 5-2, and Encinal, 43, they went to the tournaments In San Leandro ln Cherry Grove Park. Mr. Choy, a teacher at Albany High was their coach. Not only does the sport take a great deal of seriousness, all the players seemed to have a great time and enjoyed each other. Tracy Nguyen, AHS's star player, went through the regular season with only one loss against Bishop O'Dowd's 41 singles Cwhlch Tracy avenged by beating O'Dowd twice later in the seasanj. Tracy Is now the leagues champion by vlrtue of wlnn- ing the league tournament. In the tournament she beat Piedmont Q7-6 tie-breaker, 6-21 and O'Dowd Co-3,6 Sj. She is the first in Albany to be sent to the north Coast Tournament. 4245 So mony odventures couIdn't hoppen todoy So mony songs we forgot to ploy So mony dreoms swinging out of the blue We'II let them come true UNDERCLASSMEN f yr, Qfgiigiiiy , cwfi Q3 lg Qs Gi Qgggipo rBfX5u ' b X A 'W A a L ku A O jlr JUNIORS This year'sjuniors, the class of 89, have really got it together. ln addition to the fact that their Homecoming float massacred all the others, their lawn and hall were more creatively decorated than Albany High hos seen in many years. The senior class olso feels good about thisjunior class, they know that the prom will be successful since it's in the hands of such capable and hard-working students. Vincent Walker, Sec.jTreas., Nathan Perdue, Pres., Birdie Chi, Vice Pres. Aaron, Belita Abduiloh, Tomika Abrams, Miranda Agibinik, Joseph Aguilera, Leah Alexander, Damon Alpert, Joshua Anderson, Domon Andrulewicz, Amy Armstrong, Dawn Marie Arquette, Daniel Austin, Rodney Bae, Paul Baker, Abdalla Bamba, Frank - gg., . Bandvick,Mortin Beeth, James Bennett, Charles Berger, Nicholas Black, Richard Blake, Elizabeth 5:1 6 -. 7 1. : Q T Bonds, Darmino Brehm, Louie Brown, Benjamin Brown, Caro Brown, Shammos Caporros, Doreen Blank, Spot gg c xrwczv 1- ':..,3 . - . 'i:a'A4. A Q Qs R is P' iisfx sec. , w, P'CW??,jfQf5ii ,,-cs Avazzsmf' Wh. A , X iii .. N, .Q :-. ff A cg, Picture N Available Q Q -S Nlti - . 1 --" 4 1 : J K L l 'W L"L ' 3 v x gf lx L , S 5 if 5- ,Z it ' Af-. Q s' '15 w me ,Q , 3 el, 1 Q U , ,W , X It be O , ,, 2, 1 we-f , ,M,X. fvfxg H Pidure Noi Available Corrico, Jeremy Corrieri, Nino Corroll, Jennifer Corter, Meridee Costonon-Hill, Rilo Nr? , f,1':,g7M, M55 ,." J, ,,,,- ,,,,, ,e.V.M-,v WM, PlClUfB No Avarla ble af 69 Piciure Q No Avaxla ble fi' ll Piclure No? Availa ble Cosrro, Cloudio Cormull, Dovid Chovez, Felicio Chen, Peter Chen, Ruth Cheng, Phoebe Chi, Birdie Chincorini, Wolfgang Choe, George Chung, Phung Chung, Thomos Cloesson, Nils Clork, Tino Cliotr, Anne Cliort, Scott Cochron, Jessica Cockerhom, Eugene Connolly, Erik Corning, John Done, Erlko DeMorio, Alexis Dockens, Michoel Droper, Soroh Duncon, Erlko Eoton, Chlro Ellerbusch, Dlono Etzel, Kimberly Foiz, Forlmoh Fornon, Eileen ' Ferrln, Dovld Fleming, Luther Flenold, Erlc Flores, Kothleen Flynn, Lesley Foltz, Morlko Fordhom, Gregory Frontz, Sondhyo Gornett, Dovld Good, Samuel Groy, Erlc Guon, Llso Guiton, Mitzl Gutierrez, Joyo Holl, Nlcolle Hondlos, Kimberly Hondlos, Krlsto Honey, Crolg Honsen, Corl Horger, Mott Horrls, Zonlo Howthorn, Potrlck Higgins, Genevieve Hill, Kotherlne Hitchcock, Rochel Honer, Mork Hornick, Leilo Howley, Showno Hu, Dovld Huong, I-Chieh Huong, Soroh Hunt, Sophlo Hutchinson, Mortln Jovondel, Rezo Jensen, Christopher Johnson, Adrlon "inf , Q -, " isis i12x" ,.'f.- : il Y , .. .Q Rss: . :. Miss s I 5 ,lr S .1 W, 34 V . t if 5 ,fag Q A g .' 'L ,ef 'l , 'Y , '24 , ' , -1 5 -- . f32,., , ' v Q ' M, ,. . , t V tw V 3 .fy , 1 ilf' RQ.. , , G Ulf 2121? so Q i -'tg A? ' 1 K f 1 si -n igg a, -, H ,LVV ,slow . . -P Xi! .. .gz M i X V in xfx 'X sd x X se is 'R l W X sw.. X Y XX 5 . sg 1: . 11 'B x ,a f ' W' A R Q as xx W x 3 is X l X jk we Q, tl A L Q . . X 3 sv. Q. m1:e-sm N :sl sl s-sw. :::4ss:fas..f 1- l " Pls? KX w 1 YA it Q Q :Lib-. Picture Noi' Available , ,ri-Mp. M- if x gfsfp. Q Piclure it fx .,. ff- flu No? X ,, ,i ill. '- ,Q any .154 1 , 45 Q' , , 4, mmf Available 'Q ,' , .'I A , , i in-S. .L ,,,, Picture Noi Available Picture Piciure ff! f -ch' .gifs f 4? Nol No? Available Availa ble Johnson, Eric Koppler, Annette Kenez, Tisho Keret, Tonir Kern, Genevieve Kim, Bruce Kim, Hyon Kim, Julie Kuo, Jock Lockey, Mory Loird, Jennifer Loird, Timothy Losogno, Nicole Lee, Enoch Lewis, Jocob Lim, Edwin Lindberg, Alishio Lindblom, Jon Lockwood, Tomoro MocDonoId, Jomes Mogrin, Jessico Moo, Solonge Mopes, Eric Morkhom, Tommy Mortinez, Michele McCombe, Gobrielie McEIdowney, Colen McGow, Mortho McKnight, Cinde McNenny, Kotherine Meors, Stephanie , Medeoris, R'O'U?5'lA A Mello, Potrick Mouchobeck, Zohi Mujodidi, Freeshto Mumphrey, Jolynn Negus, Trino Nelson, Jeffrey Nguyen, Linh Nguyen, Thuy-Phuo O'Bro, Brendon Olmsteod, Adrienne JUNIORS ,X O,-,li ,QLD Ng i L. i , 1 il V , 4 fx., L if P' 1 , l, ,, i r till l WARS!! Ni lk' i i K I 'i ,f Otten, Andrew Pacheco, Joseph Paels, Grace i I' f 'flag fiilf 'L L 'Vfil' ,fs , ,ni i .I V ' f L! i , 1 A Patterson, Michael Paymai, Arezou Pearman, Donald i ,1 ,ni ' W ,ii il ii f ,D I ,Vi cf' at-i X fl ij f ii' xy - f f i V ,iliyl i ii' fx , , A ,, 1' To Ni' .,, ,, yi ia il 3 L," ' i L, jjfl L. Pedro, Angela Pender, Michelle Perdue, Nathan -w Perry, Kirsten Petty, Alice Pohlmann, Aaron Popal, Mavillo Popp, Katja Prather, Sean Protzel, Carlos Pruitt, Angela Purnell, D'Angelo Raju, Virginia l Randolph, Regina Ravan, All Ray, Michael Razi, Foojan Rible, Max Rios, Richard Robinson, Cheri Rojas, Brent Rojas, Brian if F Russell, Stephanie i Sampson, Kerri , A, , f A if ll. , ,' l Sanders, Annette V 4 Sartuche, Joseph Lf Sato, Robyn Schreyvogel, Leighon X K 1 it Schultz, Eric Sederaff, Sara Seeley, Michelle Sempf, Emil Shelton, Joel Sherburne, Anna Singleton, Tanisha Singsen, Molly Solomon, Russell Starr, Timothy CLASS OF 89 Plcluge Na+ Available AA f iii . X A wi ? , 1'- , is A e gg, ,. vlii Picture A ,, No ,K . 'fu 755 ,QS M Q ' 1' P- 9" . , Q' Available 1' xx lf, AX X N ..-.faaullzlla V li. 551' f li? ii .rf V Picture Not Available I? C J .,... No Available A Pidule A Picture No Available Picture ,V Noi Available l4IIIIIiiE?EEa 52555 Stephens, Ezekiel Stevens, Heather Strange, Joson Sugg, Catherine Sundseth, Alicia Sykes, Semoine Tantoco, Lawrence Toubman, Jeremy Tepoyo, lsorokoon Thompson, Tamara Tinsley, John Tipton, Cynthia Traer, Kim Trueblood, Maxwell Tsai, Eileen Turtle, Scott Ulrich, John Vanmeerendonk, Mauree- Vego, Angella Velez, Paul Vilasko, Jason Wagner, Paul Walker, Vincent Weber, Christopher Wendt, Gary White, John Whitehead, Keisha Wildwind, Ariele Wilson, Raymond Woo, Claudine Wu, Teresa Wun, Lisa Yin, Jimmy Zeibs, Joseph Zhong, Michelle -IK 7' 1 iaffzrd fin SOPHOMORES This yeor s Sophomores, the closs of 90, seemed os though they needed o little help when Homecoming come oround however the upperclossmen were too busy with their own preporotions to lend o hond. This closs locks nothing in the oreo of togetherness, however. Throughout the holls ond courtyord the groups of Sophomores con be seen huddling together ond finding oll of whot they need in their own clossmotes. We wish them the best in their toughest yeors of high school which lie oheod. Poul Rogo Pres Debbie Yamosoki, Sec. fTreos., Morio Kojiworo, Vice Pres. Abromson, Plochel Ablbinik, Anthony Anderson, Tommy Ann, Yu Jin Anthony, Molikk Armstrong, Leronne Atkinson, lon Avolos, Celino Boe, Esther Boiley, Ann Bondor, Nobil Borrier, Pierre Borrows, Dovid Borzoloski, Andrew Boyot, Nodito Bellomy, Kimberly Benjomin, Joseph Blonk, Robert Boney, Trisho Brown, Melonie Butler, Paulette Colohorro, Yoel Collen, Yohon Compbell, Kevin Carlisle, Aoron Corter, Jomes Cediel, Antonio Chong, Alvin ,, - ,',4 N ' f-',a,zvg,,q.zm3f m,,41,Wf1, , ,,,,.,, A W, ,,vrg3f1t,g.y- 1 M an aw! 'WYGJ 'Q pw: ,J ' ia H Picture Not Available Plclufe Picture Na+ 'Not Available' Available . ti? f 1 Picture sf P Not Available Q f ,1.iii Picture Nol Available N fi ' ,fig ' "" , W, , . I 4 J "' 4- Picture Not "P Availa ble s w Q 9' r V 3 ,g--,. Picture ' X --111:-. J, 1:-. , x + Available f C oooo Wm .J 'ii' C ziigi .kg ,sf 2 .1 , 'M 5a J 5 L 's Q Rst. Chong, Choe Won Chong, Hoi-Ming Choprnon, Eric Choprnon, George Chen, Angelo Chen, Joseph Chen, Ying Hong Chester, Jennifer Chiong, Chio-Rui Chos Chong, Kwong Chung, Dovis Clork, Jocob Clements, Benjomin Corning, Williom Cox, Monico Cutolo, Morcos Luis Cutolo, Nello Susono Dovis, Elizobeth Dovis, Jesse H. De Lo Torre, Columbo Dewlen, Christino Donoghue, Christopher Droper, Aoron Du Flon-Heide, Cedro Dupont, Eden Ellery, Michoel Evons, Jomes Forohmond, Bordio Fisher, Kendra Fitschen, Jason Fix, Julian Flint, Matthew Flood, Richard Fortin, Maritzo Franks, Micha Frantz, Shanta Fujisaka, Steven Garland, April Garner, Melanie Gomez, Roberto Gonzalez, Miguel Gopalon, Sekhar Green, Roshawnda Griffith, Marty Grosjean, Charles Gutierrez, Monica Habibi-Soureh, Majld Halderman, Raven Hall, Lesley Hamilton, Dorchell Harada, Allison Haynes, Ray Hemann, Dietrich Hill, Jessica Hodge, Tom Hodges, Trinity Hoffman, Caroline Holcomb, Orion Hsieh, Allen Hsieh, Doris Huong, Wen Tre Hughes, Victoria Hui, Eva Jacobs, Melissa Jln, Yue Jones, Derek Jones, Joseph Jules, Peggy Kojiwara, Morlo Karimabadi, Marlon Kempton, Madeleine Kim, Charley Kim, Don Han Kim, Donna Klolskevold, Leif Kobayashi, Russel Kostainsek, Michael CLASS OF 90 , ,, f 5 I f Wi, 5 I A .. . Picture Na+ if Available Picture No-l Available Piclure Not Available P. + Picmre Pldufe Picture Available Awllable Available Available Plcfure Noi Available Picture Noi' Availa ble i Piclure Noi Available Plclure Not X E in v 16 xg ea i ,4 if . x w, " Available K 0, r K' 'L I H ' vffe- ', ' V H e i 3 f 'Fi ' A. . 6 W ' " ' ,f,Te"" . K I 3. .. W ..f I 35: I .1 ei' H . - ,- ri T l I Q",-1 ' V I f ,wr v if , K Z s 3 L ' L -i an fig -I f, i ll g g 'L ' if M W L 1 J.. sw "'-'- I 1 -N., F .Q f 4" -D' ivkwvx wa R Picrure M Available 'H XX L X, 4 s +1 L ' ,N 1 fa- , L" We-XM, X :W - - im, Picfure ilk L. V, N0+ Y, J' Available L L L Picfure L L - ,. . if , 0+ . Y' ""' Available v Pic+ure Nol A- Available Kresge, Sobrino Joon Kuo, Angel Kuo, Vincent Loclsey, Ann Rebecco Losogno, Zok Lovossoni, Kion Le, Minh Hong Lee, loner Lewis, Aoron Lewis, Ryon Li, Xin Lobo, Kelino N. 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Fri. 76 C4157 524-6433 Call Ahead 531, 9.5 sza-Dau Sun- 9.3 2 ffufenfaf 5691149 SCANDIA IMPORTS Unique Scandinavian Gifts Mou Shan Kwok Cheng 1286 Solano Avenue Albany, CA 94706 415-525-7370 1104 soLANo Ave., A BA PHONE: 14151 525 - 3928L NY g, Cf Dave and Virginia Segerberg Tm IPS- suv- SELL-TRADE flyavelz I gi' I A ' - o w ff f""C1 SfZ?'5'3' WORN-O sumam Mncnmss, Tovs. U ' cy OLD ADVERTISEMENTS, RADIOS, NEON, PERSONALIZED SERVICE BY MWERMS 3' CRYSTAL BASEBALL CARDS PROFESSIONAL. CERUFIED comsuuams AND MUCH MORE. ' 528-8171 1229 SOLANO AVE, ALBANY, CA 94706 0 14151 524-0817 Slade Zulu. 1693619 5 144651044 1793 Salam ,Jauau guldap. Q 94707 415-526-43475 C arles Gillooly, DDS Orthodontics for Children and Adults 61,4 J gay S5444 J 504,44 128 Plaza Professional Bldg., El Cerrito, CA 94530 dal 4 715234444 415-524-6302 ymxmna an pudua, 3'-mu Zaadnu Waadzaau GKQT LANCE F. KLOKKEVOLD PROPRIETOR 0 Q2 ' 1404 Solano Avenue -M ' Albany, CA 94706 the hobby shop I415I 524-9942 Phone: 525-3520 'I mm cv' 5,-II! P f I? BEAUTY SALON Barbara Costa 1757 Solano Avenue Berkeley. Calif, 9007 Beauty is Your Duiy UNITED TRANSMISSION AND DRIVELINE SERVICE FOREIGN A DOMESTIC - , f "ELI R06 SAN PAIELO AVENUE ALBANY, CA 94706 Ifwsy Iss? 6878 IANIW ANIJ LARRY JR WE BUY SINGLE ITEMS - TO AN ENTIRE ESTATE ADS C4153 528-3966 Dhyargians Homecare G5 Medlcal Supply 518A San Pablo Avenue Albany CA 94706 THE JUICE HOUSE Crispy French Fries 8 Onion Rmgs Delrcraus Fruit Drinks Delicious Burgers 8 Hot Dogs V. G. WHITE JEWELER 50 EL CERRITO PLAZA EL CERRITO, CA 94530 ve. WHITE Mm ra. R AMER CAN GEM soorw PHONE 527-9000 Like a good neighbor State Farm IS there . e ep one - , Albany Antique 81 T I h 526 9469 mm G CHM Used Furniture Co. A f gent 1 1233 SOLANO AVENUE J ' 1 raerween Evelyn and Talbot Sweets! 1009 9 Solano Avenue I, ', 'SFI 5 ME ALBANY, CALIFORNIA 94106 BILL 8. 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Crochet Wools ' Cottons ' Silks ' Blends Y 11 7 Patterns ' Custom Designs ' Sweaters L Instruction ' Classes ' Repairs Blocking ' Finishing Y MorifSat lO-5:30 Deirdre Wallace Sanchez Thurs 'til 8-OO 952 San Pablo Ave., Albany, CA 94706 ' 14153152549-l2-l Congratulations Class of 88 AHS PTA Q Kayfforlett Freelance Legal Secretarial Services 957 TALBOT AVENUE ALBANY, CAUFORNIA 94706 l415l 524 4045 enises ealth .5 armony '77O Solano Avenue Berkeley CA 94707 Q4I nj 527-6998 aus.: C4151 526-4961 RON HUNT Agent 1110 Solano Avenue Albany California 94706 FRANCES KALFUS, c.A., c.M.D. Certihed Acupuncturist Traditional Chinese Medicine 415 525-3555 El Cerrito Plaza Professional Bldg. Suite lO5 El Cerrito, CA 94530 Wheelchair Access PLAZA TENNIS Bill S trei fownerl 1161 Solano Ave. 0 Albany, CA 94706 0 525-4154 EAST BAY EYE CENTER S fond L, Seventh, NTD., FACS, Sslonal Cnvmmnac-Url EYE PHYSICIAN ANU Heecim ldll 5l 527-5752 BV AF-7F3CJlNTlVlliVXJl IJNLY 1313 Solano Avenue ' Albany, CA 9417136 I 5 su" """' or 14151 526-2265 E an pr'CJfE msulanc 1 0 Robert L Hawley The Ross Valley Book Co 1407 Solano Avenue Albanv Cahforma 94706 books maps prints paintings photographs 14155526 6400 Tue Sat I0 6 Y I r f ' . Speclahzmg ln Classic Western Americana 9 7 9 0 CGNGRATULATIONS fr BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1988 MARY Cr JOE S SPORTING GOODS INC Jw 911 San Pablo Avenue Albany CA 94706 C4153 525-1597 or 524-6542 MARK B. KAY, D. D. S. WILLIAM W. MOORE D. D. S. 1396 SOLANO AVENUE ALBANY CALIFORNIA 94706 TELEPHONE 525-5510 MELANIE BARRETT Licensed Cosmetologlst Thomas Hair Styles 1483 Solano Avenue Albany California 94706 I 1 L' Y Y N . 'NL ' -nil Q, SQ 14151 525-3314 s 6 A I t i ' Peter Franklin S . I. . ..-5 VLH' 0 "?S'3Cifng 0 kb S '57 DATSUN, .3 W 557 TOYOTA :I Q and odoi Q Q? HONDA more than o poflshouse 614 San Pablo Avenue - Albany Ca. 94706 527-7400 MICHIKO S GIF-'FS 8: ART k 1841 SOLANO AVENUE BERKELEY CA 94707 MON SAT 12 6 PM 14159 525 2707 Al's Big Burger FOOD TO GO . . . 527-1523 437 SAN PAsLo Ave, ALBANY, CALIF. El Cerrrto Plaza Travel Bureau 230 l'1l,lfHRRl'l'U l IAZA lil, CHRRITO CA 14530 9M d , d,CA94 5 3851 K El S b l , CA 911803 f415j 222-8020 17? ua I resident AMERICAN BKPRESS -'--r-2 Fla-911 1 1 14155 528-1703 Judy Morgan, CTC I 7 Q 1 0 - ' X Main Olfice: Ruchmond Travel 14151 232-4292 330 ac onald Ave Fluchmon 80 Branch E1 Sobranre Travel San Pablo Dam Road O f3Vl 9 f-,mmm 'A L .I CASIALIA oo s clucationa ateria s 1554 SOLANO BERKELEV. CA 94707 MHUICCH FlCfChCI' 415 - 526-O375 GO0Df7EAlI BAYSHORE TIRE 8 AUTO SERVICE INC. 431 San Pablo Avenue AI n A 4 ba y, C 9 706 14151 527-4363 BLSZE IM I . ALBANY CA 94706 JIII1 Rose 526 1562 I RICHABD s jgwgllm I RIcI-4ARI:: ANIASHIRO 1gc"N'WxN'w5r'N""o?"N"W3r22 CHRISTINE YAMASHIRO I 3 mm, . GWalkCI"S 524-6860 - pic Shopg. W 1272 SOLANO A321 , Q GReStaurant ALBANY. CA 94 Q Q 2 Z' fi SEIKOFLSPTTC-Q?-Ivgir-TIIOCKS ' e? if JAPANESE DISHES u ENGRAVING 5 BREAKFAST 5 'X LUNCH " E DINNER E PIES 5 H ' 23 GRIIIPTOURS 'E 5' AUTO PAINTING ef Kent Ochs 3 1491 Solano, Albany 1 C PI . - . 210 EI errito aza , 525 4647 , EI Cerrito, Calif. 94530 3 Rose Auto Body 14151 527-RENO 2'KQJ4'I"'.9QQ,V"IINQQC.W'F4.x,M' I-b.?,hT: H3661 Q BIO SAN PABLC AVE. T51 N1e1senFrc1m1ng 1 ,f 1 Preservation and Cusrom Framing THE APPETITE SHQPP15 'O I PM Af' P'-ms 1324 Solano Ave. . . Dra da A1bany.CA 94706 gofffflgg me Terri Scoggins 1228 Solano Avenue Phone 415 5 276362 Owner Albany, CA 94706 5258968 CAP - DAVE - SAM CAPELUTO Gqffmfm BRASS BEDS DlScouNr 2 gfomiat q415y 524-3737 FLOWERS FOR ALL 0CCAS'ON5 863 Son Pablo Avenue, Albany. CA 94706 TELEPHONE sAN PAaLo al soLANo Aves. 14151 525-3553 ALBANY, CALIFORNIA 94706 Albanyk Fings! Delicatessen HAROLD S. ZLOT, OD. IVIIA IVIILLER, O.D. 180 EL CERRITO PLAZA EL CERRITO, CALIFORNIA 94530 415-526-2242 Sugata 'QUBHJ6 '5 ' Sushi Bar 'Po JEWELERS GA 2 3 1105 Solano Avenue Lunch 11:30-2:00 Albany QA 94706 Closed Sunday 8: Tu6Sday 195 EL CERRITO PLAZA 526-3516 Dinncr 5:00-10:00 EL CERFZITO, CALIF. 94530 Clgggd Tuggday Q4l5I 524-e307 1 yr Iapanese Restaurant -gl?" MEMBER, THE ORDER OF THE GOLDEN RULE I , .IN I , I L 'EEE . ALBANY, CALIFORNIA 9470! TELEPHONE: I416IB260'2ll The Letter Exchange PO. Box 0218 -Xlluny, CulII'ornin 94706 X1 xx Xx A Nlag.,'IziIIL for I Ettu XX rirers BERKELEY. CALIFORNIA 94705 2947 COLLEGE AVE. I4I 53 841-3073 OFFICE SUPPLIES GIFTS WEDDINGS INVITATIONS ELMWOOD STATIONERS UA SERVICE TO OUR COMMUNITY" PAYN'S STATIONERY OFFICE SUPPLIES - IIALLMARK CARDS - RUBBER STAMPS 1791 soI.ANo AVENUE BERKELEY, CALIFORNIA 94707 l4I5I 526-3056 SUNG H, KWAK HARVEY GREEN D D S , INC EL CERRITO PLAZA PROFESSIONAL BUILDING SUITE I29 EL EERRITO CALIFORNIA 94530 I4I5I 526 9636 STATE FARM INSURANCE COMPANIES Home Offices: Bloomington, Illinois MICHAEL JAY CHANG STAY! IA!! INSUIAMCI El Cerrito Plaza Professional Building Suite 221 El Cerrito CA 94530 Off.: 14151528-6333 TE LC E1 2IB7I6 Granlloll Sheet Metal Works, Inc INDUSTRIAL SHEET METAL HEATING - AIR CONDITIONING 501 SAN PAaL.o Ave. ALBANV. CALIF. 94706 525-5721 DISCOUNTS UNLIMITED 54 and 1041 84I San Pablo Avenue Albany CA 524-4645 GEORGE ROSE OWNER Rose Brand Natural Foods 30 EL CERRITO PLAZA 130 PARKER AVE. EL. CERRITO, CA 94530 RODEO. CA 94572 l415I524-2494 I4I5I 799-3901 I. A xx I L ' N , ' 9 A-L 4, A 1 fx K fl N .Hsin ' v Q' I1 3 1 Y K -,fig I ,gn Y i'j:,,:5 j2,5,,'. . - gg 1 0 Insurance Agent g,, ,, a'a,. .I , S ER.. ..-L -.1 0 ST I yt E J E S ' L , . . . . PRACTICE LIMITED TO PERIODONTICS A PATRICK 0'GORMAN 0'GORMAN PURTRAIT STUDIOS 1303 17th Avenue San Francisco, CA 94122 681-3243 W wi XX R served Ffwf h Class of '88 QQ S g ures . . . AND EVER ln closing, we would like you to know who work- ed so hord this yeor in moking this edition of the COUGAR the best ever. This yeor's stoff storted out with no credit, no odvisor, no equipment, Just the old Home Ec room, 132, in which to meet in eoch doy, seventh period. But by November, we hod closs credit, o new odvisor C5uson Wongj, ond the beginnings of ct dorkroom. This yeor's stoff consisted of Suson Wong, Advisor, Meredith Winer, Editor-In-Chief, Moriso Moriscol, Finonciol Monoger, Nevo Keret, Dorkroom Monoger, Soro Press, Photo Monoger, Tonir Keret, Stoff Supervisor, Trocy Lohmon, Computer Speciolist, ond the hordest-working group of people ever seen os the COUGAR stoff: Shonnon Askins, Nino Corrieri, Birdie Chi, I-Chieh Huong, Tommy Koeler, Jenny Loird, Angelo Pruitt, Tom Richordson, Alex Ridge, ond Mott Tsong. Top Row: Tom, Nevo, Mott. 2nd Row: Tonir, Meredith, Nino, Soro, Trocy. Grd Row: Suson, Tommy, Jenny. Bottom Row: l-chieh, Angelo, Shonnon, Moriso, Birdie, swf s-ei M Q..-fi---we W tnvhsv C I, . uf f S Mero , '66 Sfoyo 'Vero O06 X U1-O7 , XJ Icofs 9060 OSfSf' 66 x C9500 .070 oxen Users . F xG 6056 ffoge 'bon Cayo, Xp 060, ooo, 0 AJ, X QO!u,QyOR4S' O X WCW Oo 99 OO yC7, O30 X, VS oy 0 x Of? 06,5 X ,770 Or, as uf 0756 Ib Ol, O17 . 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Suggestions in the Albany High School - Cougar Yearbook (Albany, CA) collection:

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