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f s 5 Q? fvgfg I x ' X" X5 "X--X NX Q 'SJ ' .' S31 Q 5 W ws? - H ff . K , N E555 Q3 QQwS0dgQ J Q5 N' M fg Q1 N ,, , wif W fQ N N , mnb in , AQ ,i W .,,,, ,W '-f' fx My 0 CUf3. ,JM ' I Svc" Ox JU A' JUAN QL' 'L ,,,UJY5 dpi! Q if ,, g:'a,f'1L7V' J' 'V . 4. X' v f?:mwNf:.wg5 fb' f if +w"Q Ji bums 40 Qqgr-y,TJT,t7 LI MVUAA Nlgl UK' W M wwf W f +mbwNqV vfQ dAfVRlC?L Wiwx iw M M mm f M W M ,X Nga ' Hx 'M' Q ' giQLaMJ f,iivqQf2iiif?Mb qVpibfi5?i3M 1 1 A If ""' 'J !k ' W Ok 1' K -l-,lp.NxSL CL Vi M9 L1,fu-fv-rw -' WA Ex VRKATQ LoQil CZYZUJ YSLUWVWQ5 wfbwfbgda ' - '79, H73 iffy u K, QDQXQWIK, f 1 ' M f' 'J ' -ff' f91f4!1'-fjfh 'J?15"k-V 2 MM? "1 C " VLOLJQ: LVL' r. I ilu 'wif W K Q 4 'M V51 614 "V f X if Lf' V lc- 1 F' f ,, f J? " 'Wvavl' V M I I gm C fl if f if iq bbwlytif 'iivuf i.'i"q 52' bk' , fb gi UW ML WML 5fj,fL1,L,vKC1,,,' 1!LfL., it I 3, ,Wolff ' M V 40 j 71M V-MLW? XA-ij MAF Wi" ' 1 CLKAAQNJE, UXMNJ kv 5wXm5 ,M ff l X f Q ms WL "PUVu1fUJ,, , , fp - Q A 7' , ' Q? 1 X ' If WW FN movin 60V vf ,Q ,A ., X, W U21 L P ,cw X ,S QQQZDX, 4 Up yy M poidwb ,QN5 F fl XLbi9ifNQ5f?1Hf QL'w VW W SGW 46 Aff W ff WM Qwgi HQ W- Qvgw 560 ,L WL M D, M! BMNNACWJR HJ w J f My My KJV L5 f C , J QP? UN,,L ,Maw K' . QQ A, 471 M. A ,f V -, , 4 C 1, X3 3 f . Vg. 'x W ay? xr! M I N- 55 I !f:'j? ' , , , G P N kv 5 2 1 . AJ I ,. y you 1 f IL , SA Mxixw A gf k w?5w31aw M, 5 QQ? M1 X? Q E! Qlffifznfyfi jg ' V. 5,9 ' J' -' E fa jf X6 '!xf7Zfbf,Q f ff Q7 vf N? , K ,- A , '-V 4 AV, . yy 1 K f Lf X ,iz 'F , R ,J AQ V, ' I MJVV' my . kk . V ., ,, X QXL Ukjxi M Ru XX- A j Tix ! M Jvvy 9 ,W ,773 I J U"!l'M Rfk N QW MW , l,WL9N' pwf X V V u "V fk V' ,KRW Um f ff M Q M f f S X v x f ' ' MQ fvfcj , 3 fxfwb fi 'V AV X ,ON 'A R 'If x kj ff-V' K ki 1, W f't!'QOsvg'qfO fig! Q Lf ffixfsQQJJ..R JW' - if V, gif QR ff ANY QQ X X 9 . bw P Wvwsw ff fxgfk 014 ,Ng 'X If in X N Qllxu j N. fi! CR U I, A X !Lj,rNxxX X- I 85,1 x' MT YY mv' X xx - RJ - A V Q , U - , W ' XE f , UL' 'R If XX I gffpgix 'O Lim Lf ,KJ 1 W" if f id! 2 !'fMmN XX 1' 'N f 1 ' R xv , xi fx L, !,,' I? ' 1 X u I Xff Ki: KQV Mjtfgwv .XM Lmx WX X! OF , fvkgx,-J Xfflki fx wx L7 , GLX Nga lfxivi . iv? VK, xv N .vga -55-.g'X5.S,. I tl Vg X M2517 x uk, N Wg ' 1 ' ,, Lf Km, ." ' M , v K vs 6-Ama A 'T-UK If Q. KJV ii I 1 'wana kink gf W 1 V , f. U J fT'W M1147 ' QV I! , ' ' -A 1986-1987 ALBANY HIGH SCHGQL 603 Key Route Blvd. Albany, CA 94706 0 'K 415 .4 f -. QS x,. ,. v if 1 X .. v . ilk .4 ',,. N. , f ""-"' 4-of. . , 0 -- , f z .'., T N,,,,..,, . w . 5172 ...Lf ' S4 W. -. ar E- Y -46 J- X . 1 'n L4 Q 1 , . .. '4 -Q., -4 Q Q A'-,.s -rx. vi . M Qaws M 18 Q. COUGAR 198 "All Smiles" Yearbook Staff 3 'I Bev Wmlm Adviser Q Kelly Puuell Am-ueMcSweeney Co-Editor Go-Edirol' ,ff -?"f' . .X ,, lm M21 J 'i fi . ,.. Xe NM . J- ,x Solano Stroll Looks Like Never Before! On at beautiful, warm Sunrlay in September, people course. Every year this festivity takes place in honor of lillfil- S0l11'10 SFTUU WHS Wffilln ll1iS yt'-lf. "like HLWLI from Albany and Berkeley came to Solano Avenue. our very unique Solano Avenue. At the Stroll, there lwlllff-l' They spent their tlay strolling, eating, laughing, and were a variety of things to tlo, from listening to every dancing in the street. The occasion? Solano Stroll, of type of music to munching on many different kinds of Nm--"lg I if l an-if n i it P .. -rf' ' ,,f- r A ..-.t, lu., Ss' . t, K x .Yr I6 ,. Y -f.. A P, ,-sq. Left to Right: Cougar mascot QNeva Keretb shows spirit. Emily leads the band in precise formation. Benjy, showing our counrry's stars and stripes. Natasha, and friends, lead Albany in a cheer. Studio Bob. Kevin, Scott, Andy, Mike and Tip. ,, .i .KY-1 N fe tp ,KSA if W I fs . if 4' 4 fe M ,K at 'Q .K 5 K M- 4' Q' 8 Vx Q ' V , l-TK 2: tx ff T . , -, ,, New .. te, .V sp, 4 . it ju af, gf 1' i AJ ,V M ,...,....W Q . pa 4: WM 3 81 z vlmr- 3 f f 'kd ' W ' ss. , .V , x 1 1 1 ,x 1 iv I 1 i e' y as er'g'e"3 RX? All X. H ' ' Q l ' . .. , .V xx D , . The Inside Scoop if il .,V f X-Q , -- rg- V K 'B U. K KK XX Q , ' 1 .. . 463 "fl L f- N I The Informgij is' a Wnewspapier 1- H if ublished three dirnfs a semester. This - ' " ' V P V ,AV p V . gy M6 paper' used torbe ,called plainly, AHS:-V X- ,V i ef- . Newf. It Was then Vchar1g6d,gt0 e . .um ,ls Vi -A V Grzmalkznfwhich means fat, laz ar. l I , ' a, auf, . f l 1 lf -A - 3 . 5 ' V A., ,w fl , , e H: . x VV , ' 1 " V 1 , in 1971, Mrs. Connie Woulf came to"""""' i .' ' A Eg - or Q' e - - ' l ' . s,hs fe: V- '- 1, e fa dzfu, ' X . 3 2. V 3 Albany Higlldand held a contest to .- V e mi K, VV Vi V ,f y , . rename mth school newspaper. A J f ' A Q . 'Q' " W .. 1 Q 'V 404.5 , ,af 90 . ,. i ' 1 , 1+ ' e ' ijonathznaihdichael wolf, rhe',contesr 1 ' 'A iv V ' - .f V VV' lr N e Q 4 A l i ivith ,ghe new name 'cf The Informer. ' e ' VV V "ga-9' nfl ,N-5 V J ' Mjvwaulf has been theadvisor of Q if Z . X I1 i1,.,M,ff Lgaper ince she came toeteach air V, if i i.jiV'1pV e f 'Q-M t X wx .. l . A Tal thisfyepr she is in charge 'E .f is A A V I d .-"'-. ' "' .I " 'vi' s 'Q' s e 1 ' Ka ' Vg .5 S .. Ce' t erei is 0 y Stu ent C lwrfln' ' I.eftioJR.ight, Top gow: Linda Wells, Beth iayerte, jeremy Crfmdall, To nson, mi5hoZ:lfSGg'1MiV l i V A exe are four gfudeng eqffpfg I 'Rowz Rachel Taylor, Krisriina Middletrfn, I: il ohnen, Michelxgailen, .Pon 6 Ro. : i . M, ' " 3-s McSweeney, Aisha Krieger. Missing: Khadu Vkdericks., 2 'Q Mtnfi v ' 1' ' ,., f dh the staff, who each have reporters Q 3, A r , Agere? Q p. l f W 1 r .H 'S' 4 , ' ' - ,Q ' ' 1 V X l l5f"9ff:4W53iing undef fm. e.:f,,fi .Q-l ei" e i J.. eeee , QR ...Bk get . if in 'fi1,3BeQVore starring each issue, r. it if- XA Q ff ' - 15 p .. . e.e . 'ss . ' f - 5 ,f f e, , , , Q 2 fi Gaformefsrtff brmnstorms for id at t ' if e f ' P e .5 V 5,2Vg'v's they warifin trxexfhissug liken die in i V, pf . 'V V: "'. i . ' 3, editors decide which articl .ijefmnt V5 " QV ,gg 1 I . A ,g 33 .sf f rrsr . s 6, . e reporters go out ' 3' is . ' cg . 5 43+-5 ,f ,I Wrlte! K - v ,- F ai .Af "'., kim V551-....., 1 an A The AH int' dire anger the W- is as . it ."'Ssuperv,ision, of Mr oh Thomsen, ff, NV VNM, M fy fZLprinrs'reach issue ,V t paper. The f mfr be j ,fs f f,,,VV ,,,-5 fair . , ' Q V V, VV .MQ V p.'. f -VV V, A AV W 2 V, V V. H' jfronsffpage hjasg, al eature articles .g , V . for U ' ' 'fonsin The ne rinred in the mid- Feature Editor? , ii an ii B - - Khadija Freclericks- I 'gilt' 'L ' , dle spreag d thefback spread is us- News V 'gf 1' V ed fopgpoftgf f gi at 1 . EditorfPhoto:raplger Y V V? up , V , . V K. .. M. dl V V . , .silllf Iefvfmffsraff meefssselouf' Spollfigiwl it , nalism class first period for English . AHHEMCSWEWZ' it . 'W g i , ' VV 1. . Business Manager .3 ' H 'MQ credit."1li'E'eclass works hard, ur is Miche,,eHa,1m 1 A V s rewafkclfcelehrating, chef meeting of Cogvfdm JN V' . gli, V' 4 if yi V V 4' 'V I I ff in a e s QV ,f .4 ' V 1 V "W if eltheimdlinesald seeing rlfir We ' L, f 1 'EV-je :H , p., L wof'dsinprinc!iV Q .. 1 rp V e v A- .M . f ' - 5: e wif,-.r ,Vi jf- 1 ' Q V V if 3 , f . at ' V a. gd, 4 9 M TE " in 'l ' -If l .5 ' W 5 ,... . j K ' if V L ! it mv ! W 'V 4 i 'i J 'i S . , fa . . . i V Q 4 A ,N 4 ., 2 lam, ff Faces of AHS Scholars ' '7 L .E .0 v.. 'I 1 1 "" 4 A 1! A ir i y fmi , g ,W W 2' ff! 2 3 gl .mls if nkafgagmiiij ff gfseglhigebm f keep yan am asii-mid, siayy l s A l 1' ' hai' f - 1 4 4 f. .a gs f l s Q 5 -"'-EE' MVN .y Be. R59 ,.,f' fe3fV if 441' W K 9 if, ff M i gif Sfudy and Snooze 'f if " 'Teachers rant, rav ?i2N , dents yawn, stare and snoref""' Ge ing homework that is much toqlongg. 5 ,Me know our answers will be allgfroflg? Ah well, thar's life, i ' iq' V A . . Filled with academic strife. 1 Z Q Don'r worry, never fear, Ng 45 s A is growing near. 3 tl' years, maybe more, , are all our the door. 1 the days? 'gwme are going to say, V I si? ', xl! N, . i """"' --V., ' . -Y .- 3 ' WQ.a.,.,,..,5,,,.,,......q,,. K In bad news but someone s gotta read nt' y 5 , , V I , " 1 K Jw .. ,wfxli ' I I x are old, senile, and gray. 'Yi 'N A the teachers ruleg ' VKX. we' se' ALBANY' HIGH .scHooL. 0, W 1 'vw , I 41, J Ill? I ll! ,Sl " ilflig A f 1 AE f ' x . ,A A' lynx 'sg' Mi gg r 1-,ex 'nd U 4 Their Faces N-1 . -,VGQU "U 1' I my if S l' JU ABN, , ,X V ff? pu Q ,N A unused!! C'Q 9' 1 Y U 93 05' FN A 'mf fx " M .ANP 9g gf Us C Y if -if Qu N 110' -.Q 'N YK .1 'I Q s , ' Q ' ' 4' 4 . h.., -A., ff' +f9-' gym... Y fix., i M 4, . ,QQ-,,,,x. wail '13 . , ' ,H- , , ZX " A A ':,.xn F ri. Q' if ' 51,1 N. a-Wiil 03 pus , -Vs , ...ns 9-"I 1 1 Q, y,-1-J li I I ae? I-IGMECGMING WEEK fi l ,4 21 'ggi 'L Homecoming week was filled with many spirited smiles. On Mon- day, students were seen wearing their pajamas, for pajama day. During break, Mike Parham won the Presidents Eating Contest, On Tuesday our school was full of nerds and jocks. At lunch the cheerleaders turned into football players, and the football players were cheerleaders for the exchange rally. Wednesday was full of students from two eras, the 50's and 60's. For lunchtime excitement, the Senior guys ganged up on the Senior girls, for a game of powder puff football. Thursday was Aloha day, with bright colors and many leis. On that day, every Senior got to sign their name on a huge poster. This Homecoming Spirit Week was one never to be forgotten! I2 l 1 1 i .rl :gg smomamg E .XXV gg if 1 A ,, 'Q S' , 'reyes of l VlSlTUl925 rf ' ,J-1.4 'r-Hsin-.. kg"-:::i"-,,,g. ni: Y it It 3, 'f K Q. ai? If ff ,Wi nys 1 mf 1 "4 ff is 'x - ! , 5 I 4 V nl A .w rx- f" t - 4, ., 4 , .J ,t 5 . ' 'vm VJ- 'J - '- HN .-, ,, . V ,f-' 1 , I ll' , N , ' -7- I - . . . ,..., G . -.- , 4 Y .. V -fu HA ' - .1 ' W if 5 if 6? on , f X fi X' 5" , :SE f' A '54 r L' "N, 159' ' , 5. , , A ' wwf: ' M Z' " H Wx . ' A , ,g1,. ,,,,-n .W" , - J .D ??"YW'x1 5 ' I 'A 'ig . .T . f J L- I 4 K is '56 . 1-Q. .4fl'53'f' :Ni Wa. , ll , H 'M 8 4' ., 1 ,fi Q, i wa 5 a , 523 4' fl if Homecommg Faces Are Afloat The juniors Qclass of 881 took first place overall in the homecoming activities this year for the first time, but won first place for their float for the second year in a row. Their hall decorations were great, and the courtyard's graveyard was one-of-a-kind. The juniors, following the theme of Halloween, used wit- ches as the theme to make up their float. A cauldron was the main attraction and was backed up by a broom and a witch's hat. The Sophomores conquered second place and a tombstone to represent the Halloween theme. They had dry ice behind the tomb- stone to resemble fog in the cemetery. Taking third place the freshmen had more of a gory float. They used body parts Cfrom a mannequinb, fake blood fketchupl and Fri- day the 31st posters covering their truck. In last place the Seniors came up with the most interesting idea. Weighing over 100 pounds, the pumpkin with a face of 87 was towed all over Albany in a little red wagon. Towing this wagon was Meg Peterson and Andrea Tung dresed to the tee in red and white. The sign carriers from the class of 1987 had a little trouble spelling "Seniors '87". All in all, the Homecoming parade and game was a success, especially because the Cougars beat the Scots 10 to 7. xg-.sp -,pd A Halloween Homecoming Coronation Freshmen sig, Seniors M., X Q s 5? .,,.-X CQ 6' If Sophomores juniors x K xy " kb- .r The Candidates FRESHMEN: Antonio Cediel, Tom Richardson, Emory Tlnmg, Peggy jules, Sara Young, Tiffany Ring- gold. SOPHOMORES: joel Shelton, Eriar Mapu, Pat Hawthom, Eric Flenoid, Erin Flowers, Adrimne Olmrlead, Dawnya Pring, Tamika Abdullah. -IUNIORS: Doug Bailey, Mike Pinero, jolm Bar, jason Mears, Sam Preu, Shannon Askins, Brenda Santos, Angie Luna. SENIORS: Dan Shepherd, Ben Bakken- ta, Dim Turtle, Mike Clark, Mike Parham, Ross Culverwell, Linda Wells, Seralina Kelly, Penelope Lackey, jolie Brunetti, Michelle Hazlett, Krisriina Middleton. This year's Homecoming Dance was put on by the senior class. Bob Acton from Laser Productions disc-jockeyed and he brought with him a video screen which showed videos of AHS students in their classes. In the middle of the dance, the Homecoming Princes, Princesses, Queen and King candidates were named and walked out in couples, receiving red or white roses. Andrea Brunetti, this year's ASG president, was supposed to call out the names ofthe candidates but couldn't because she had laryngitis, so jenny Gould did it for her. For the Freshman Homecoming Prince and Princess, Emory Tung and Sara Young won, the sophomores Eric Mapes and Adrienne Olmstead won for their class' Prince and Princess, and for the juniors, john Bae and Sara Press became Prince and Princess. For this year's Homecoming King and Queen, Don Turtle and Penelope Lackey were coronated. The couple started the next slow dance, wearing the crown, tiara, and robe that is the traditional outfit ofthe Albany High School Homecoming King and Queen. I- Y "VJ . i 'af' , 3 ,rfb R 5 75,,. M 'X I r if 1 SQQE n:'.'5w X .1 f wi. Q 'HW3'Q 3 ...-- 'Fw M., A Qs' ' ' . l. -'lx wg 3 1 N ' ' x lx f lf .' -'N .3 ' s .. H' ivan .f 1 ll-,xl ,ff i f-:rv X Q Fifi- I S4 "w,?1y 'a' kr 'z-17 , . is fy fy "'5"? 1-AJ", lx E ? J'i l I 5' .oy a'a?zl"41i?fFi W E g-wr IPM "'+.X' ,rf Q 'J 'r gl 1 472 I X 'YY HOME can1QQ'.fA 1 -Q' 'v I'i,, 717 I A -J fa EU' gn 1. 'fl kxkk 'i .V I . W ,jim :pm , W N A wr ri ii pg. 41.235 if , ,x dow n YS ga fu SC OCS when up the yardage Xess than one ' fxdd go YDS che :wo sea O0 wid C Amr. if vw IC V U ected ,Q conn anoche I W hgn Mbany the standmg geachkng, a decimaX ous again, and -5: the end zone for a the Scots now by a :wo for 40. The of the baX ch e 0:3 knch the med Rn fense was seen have she dock ran down, Pkedrnom go: bah back. They got to she four 'ne, when hnernan, Mau uned che quanefback for a saj,e1yX secnnng che X0-7 vkccofy, the hrs: humccpmkng game so he won kn two ycarpl' I7 D' e 1 f an " K fA,,.+m,..S? s ' 2 ...Q 1 v .-NN' s q,.a 3' A- 'fi uk . 5 W "--.., .L .447 ,WX "'?"?"', , x. . ,X.- A-., tiki Wxfywz' 'MW - F 'Q"'-ii with .A 11 I Qgilfw V- M X D K. Q,g , . ' 1 X a V Q 4. 'Q . ., K V 1,55 U M, 4 -h x ' .,,,.! 4---v " " 'J I ' .- X kv , . :pw 'I 6 LV v ssociated tudent overnment The Albany Associated Student Government fA,S.G.P is a group of student representatives who make priority decisions dealing with student life at Albany High. They control the calendar of student ac- tivities and decide what activities are going on, and who's in charge of each activity. The purpose ofa student governing body is to make decisions that reflect the desires of all students with a variety of dif- ferent opinions, which enables us to make the best decisions for the majority of the students. - Andrea Bmnetti Andrea Brunetti A.S.G. President it Y '- W Y K. v wiv. Y lee, , . , Christina Dravis A.S.G. Vice President it f w if xx f This year's A,S.G. stood witness to both challenges and triumphs, as well as to the growth of energetic, creative individuals into the hardest working group I've ever known, I believe each of us will leave here with a new sense of maturity, responsibility, and self-importance! - Christina Dravis This year's A,S.G. has proven to be a cooperative and constructive body of concerned student representatives, competently fulfilling its obligations to the students by being active in school affairs and yielding decisive results, thus allowing for Albany High to be a beta ter institution of secondary education. -jeff Kim if 1:1 . ,, jeff Kim jenny Gould Mary Lackey , . , , ,J . QS: I 1 "Hifi ifixfi'-3 is 5.,, Q Wil l 'R 5 ' 'sc rl ofa'-I 3 t ,,.9gx'!: ' ., , fn 5 it n 5 , - L 1 P' 42? .iaffr g if , ig: '55, Mefinnfffaygffiq' u 'H 5:41479-5f.'i": SGI Si ' "9ifI1?"lTW-'ii ss'i'iff'..f? 3, ,tr 5,M,,t,,,4,v.,c a...i,,x Mix 'fa' li A 'jaws , ae, fem. J- e .I -, 5-My Mi: 4,-,Z inf 1,39 rf 3331. ,. R, ,NN 25, . 'f' .vit wi 1 4,1 v W 4 up if.: , Juliana Snapper 9th President Luis Soto Publicity Director 20 . -iJ.?,vi,.-.'f W Q " - t, .. ei iii' ' it . i Sherry Djahangiri Student Commissioner Andrew Hawthom School Board Representative Linda Wfells Student Commissioner X f A.S.G. SecretaryfTreasurer llth Secretary! Treasurer 10th President -2 N .. .f' J Scott Thomson Michelle Hazlett Historian Homeroom Representative I a ' ,f Angie Luna Stephanie Russell Varsity Head Cheerleader j.V. Head Cheerleader 1 A 1 1 X . A 2 , nf- Yxmg k X Qi 'lsafxxfzfs-f . 1 K -Wg as M A X A 'L 5 ' . x nw, sa,,. -5 .541 , ,x-Jfflgfkzw ?i,s11'51l, f- kT',g"Y"3ff-z:2Lg:'f1. A 'fe'?k5Qg ' N'-'Fl' ' yi --E, 3' ' x - O 1' Semors we 1 1 Margaret Abalos Dan G Anderson Varsity Foothill Hnspann Kluh bln Club bo ro Mexito H5 Senior Men on Kampus PLANS bo ro Santa f nu m nor in Undctlaretl and get .i tan, Robert Lee Arendell jan band, Urthesrra, Trad., Frenth tlulw, Chemistry club, Atatlernit Extravaganza Klimneel, Pit Orchestra lor "Boyfriend," "Damn Yankees," "Guys .intl Dolls," Debate tlulw PLANS Bt-tome .1 iurctgn Diplomat alircr tol- lt-gr, .intl make .1 million dollars lroni stxret negotiations with arms dealers. SAYING "Live fast, the young, leave tlean underwear " Kevin M. Arnold Wrestling, Cross-Country, Cougar Follies, junior Aid, Pres. Chemistry Club, Physics Slay Team, Senior Men on Campus, Sophomore V.P., Lightning 8: Laser Sailing, W.S.U., Big Sisters, Wanlin Wimps, The Psyche Crew. PLANS: Attend Stanford and be a Phi Beta Kappa, enjoy life ro its fullest by uxperimenting wirh mind altering drugs. SAYING: "What the F---l" Kim Bahmanyar Service club, Big Sisters, Sr. Girls, Football Concessions. PLANS: Move our wfllence, go ro college, become a successful advertising exec. Marry whoever l love at the time and if all else fails, marry a Rockefeller and always remain close to the Girls of '87! land the Mikes? Phillip Bailey Ben Bakkenta Hn,-.l...r llulv, c.., To riitnt.. xs, c he-mmf, rms, v v 1'ht-.inf rm-. KM: me member, vt-..fls.,..L sam lmmlx-f 447, c hc-mnliuii xr-, "Tn nw St'.tson,' swf truw nt., "un nyc lm- tlw. Kuhl club, umm-r,lt.1i PLANS lictourni A1l1.m,',ca.,r..,gn .i tlcgrw .ma Mft for .. put-1.,n...g rninprny Marguerite Barrier Kevin Bataille Kim Beal I4 yuxrsl Varsity Tmik, Si-rvur C Iulw, Sm ling Snsxcrs, Su Scmur Girls' Hun , Wrmlmg Sui. Member WxSxLl PLANS Gu ru .1 University, murumc on in Mullml Sihuul ll nm l'lI umw lurk ru Alluny .mil VIHUOP with the Wxhxll' Elise E. 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PLANS: 4-year college, degree in Business, and head into Real Estate, Own a closet full ol' Euro- pean suits, Italian shoes, a 7 bedroom house, 2 fast sports cars, and at Ninja CMototcyde.J "Life is an Adventure." Xin Jin Judy A. Justus Kevin Genta Kagiwara "Boyfriend," "Damn Yankees," "Guys and Dolls," "Bye Bye Birdie," jazz Band, Choir, CSF, President - French Club, Senior Men on Campus. PLANS: To be number one on Forbes 400, and be'on an "American Express" commercial lDo you know me?J. "He who dies with the most toys wins.'y' Eunah Kang AHSSP Publiciry Director, Sec.fTreas., BOE Rep of ASG, 84-87, Treas. of Chem. Club, 84-87, Pres. of Math club, CSF, Cast of "Bye By: Birdie," PLANS: Go to College, make a quick million or two, settle down and live in style. "Tomorrow, I'll do it tomorrow!" 'Sr iff' ,fue CTX Vx, , GX Serafina Kelly Wrestling Stat, Spanish Club, CSF, Theatre Club. PLANS: Major in English at UCB, climb every mountain and ford every stream! Melynda Kelsey Kevin Kennedy Physics slay team, Pre-Calc crew, Chess club, Deadheads, War Resister club. PLANS: Go to Cal Poly, work myself into a high-ranking govemment job, stan WWIII, and become a "National Hem." later, I'll spend my life on a nice street comer on Telegraph. "Death before dishonor, Dmgs before lunch." Adam "Ram" Kevorkian Regina Khmelnitsky Hando Kim Hispanic dub, Tennis dub, CSF, Chem Club, Bay area with Symphony. PLANS: attend 4 yr. University and start it Clfllff. jeffrey Jung-Kee Kim A.S.G. Scf.fTreas., Senior Class Scf.fTreas., jr. Class Sec.fTreas., X-Country, Band QVPJ, Or- nhestra, "Bye Bye Birdie," "Guys and Dolls," "Damn Yankees." "Thr: Boylrientlf' C.S.F., Cal attelerated Program, Chem dub lPres.fScfretatyl, Hispanic club, lSectetary Math club, Frcnth dub, Debate tluh, Tennis Club, Stauffer labs, Mathletes, P.D.P., Study center tutor, Senior Men on Ctmpus. PLANS: Attend M,l.T., and major in Engine.-ere ing, go to Graduate school and further my education, Make lots of money, marry the woman of my dreams, have kids, Live the Atneriatn Dream. "lt's better to shoot for the moon and land on top of n rock, than to aim for the rod: and land in the mud." Steven Kobayashi Chem. club, X-aounrry 54 wrestling. PLANS: Go to jC, transfer to UCLA, graduate and live in a big house on the Malibu toast. "later, Ant hill mob." Alisha Renee Koepke Auto shop, Cougar follies. PLANS. Marry my honey Robert J, m July, Wm millions in the Lottery, travel to exotic Islands to have a life-long Honeymoon, misc n family together. "We came, we saw, we kicked - , now we're going home." Aisha Krieger PLANS: Take a year off from school, travel around Europe, attend aj.C. for 2 yrs,, transfer to Chl. "FAMOUS SAYlNGS:" Life's hard . . . then you die. Ilya Kucherenko Elmer Gump 84, 85: Bike Club 84: Flat Earth Society 85, 86: "l!'s A Wonderful Life" 86, Future Budists of America Club, Debate Club 85, WSU, War Resistors 87. PLANS: j.C., then college. But before all that, recuperation from A,H.S. with my bike and my volleyball. When l think l've found the right girl and settle down, I'll see my shrink who wiU talk me out of it!! "FAMOUS SAYlNGS:" "Heyyyyy ... What's Up!!??" Thanks for the good memories Mike W., Phil B., josh B., Toby u., Ana C., Elec R., Rhonda C., Mary L., Penelope L., jenny L., Alex R., Sara P., Tod M., Natasha K., Dave P., and aU the rest, Natasha Kucherenko K2 yrs.l, j,V. and Varsity Volleyball ESAl Champs-86, 13 yrs.l, j.V. and Varsity Basket ball, 42 yrs.J, Varsity Softball, ll yr.J, Varsity track, Varsity Cheerleader, Big Sisters, Senior Girls' Honorary, Informer Staff, Choir, X-mas Play "lr's A Wonderful Life." PIANS: Kick it in the sun in warm Tropical Beach in jamaica and EAT! "FAMOUS SAYlNGS:" "Chill" Mike Kuliga Barbie Hwei-Yuan Kuo CSF, Choir, Ensemble, Orchestra, Math Club iPres.l, Chemistry Club QTreasurer, Pres.l. Bay Area Chem Club iVice Presj, CSA CVR: Pres.J, Girls' JV Basketball, "Guys and Dolls," Big Sisters, Badminton Club, Project Lead, Cougar Follies, ASU, Mathletes, Chemathon, PDP. PLANS: Attend Stanford or UC Berkeley and continue my search of the 'Ken Doll." "FAMOUS SAYlNGS:" "If you think you're perfect, You're Wrong!l" ' Penelope Lackey 3 yrs. Volleyball, 42 ylsj, All-League, 86 League Champs, G yts.J Basketball, G yrs.J Softball, ll yr.J X-Country, Service Club, Big Sisters, Sr. Girls' Honorary, Homecoming Queen, Q2 yrsj Choir Secretary, CSF life member. PLANS: To graduate from a UC with a degree in public relations. Most importantly, be with Donny forever and be happy! "FAMOUS SAYlNGS:" "Always be yourself and everything will work out greed!" Daisy Lai CSA, ASU, Chemistry Club, Hispanic Club, Spain '86 PLANS: l will maior in business in college and l will work hard to reach the summit of my CJICCY. Tam Le Eve Llang QC gpm-tw' Q Xffjiiij 1 ii r t T' 5 3 QQ N X.. .SX YV' SX 5 .t 'NRS as qt!! fi, il .0-,v ,--. 184' s..J , q,y4-.Nf'- ...ff ,xi ' 1 g,, ,Q 'in Q"-'ff' W. 5, Michael Liu jess Malanchu j,V. 54 Varsity Bilsclmll, l9H5 ACAL lhsclnlll Chmnplons, jV dc Varsity lmskcilmll WHS .ill-l.t-.uguc Sell-mon, WHS Mus: inspxmnonixl player ol' ilu' year PLANS Gr.nln.uu- from A H.S, go mu .i wm- tnllugv .xml play .i liulc luskcrlmll Ruth Martin Zinda Babajan "Zee" Massman Ewlugy ilulx, W S ll, SADD, Dr.un.i Hub, Arr An lk An, T.ilt-m shnus hunter xmgc ,-mul-1.-v, l,...f-ml Ihnt-nv rfnglhh M .- lml I..mgu.igu PLANS Cfullt-gc lirsl 7 An Slhmil 7 ilu-n hum- 54 lurunu- 'Yu lx- on tht- wwf ul IH-nplu m.-g.m'w .mtl KU ft-:uw umm.-'S .., I-n...w mlls FAMOUS SAYING ll.: - WU: Lv,-up mying the mum- thing, Maryn McFarland M.-Xu., ws, i2..1li,x,i rm, 1 lW,ln,i, in-..flwL'l l'LANS Am-ml unc ul, the Lil Smit' fullcpm-Q .mu .-W., .H 1 mm Im.-l..,,.m.u .m.4f..f ,.lM.,w.i,n.,- lav..m...11,- .mu-.1 an .unity in AHS lk 4 nllli Tr.lvL'l .ull uvir lhv wurlxl, fimw .im with Amlf.-W .....l hw .. wry h..,.,,,' my Sean McGaughran Dclmung it-.uln, lluynlc tlulw, Spam 'HI-, WSU, St-nun Mun lm C .unpuy Sulwmy dub PLANS Tu lx' my Maxlcrx in lluunuu All- muusrmmm lic: .1 gmail juli .xml lmvc .1 gn-.ul lile FAMOUS SAYING I thunk tht-rt-lure l .nn MOST MIZMORAULIE MOMENT Kun ruml- iug my lmrkul mr! Anne Christine McSweeney luillm, n,l...u m...,-i....n. vi' ..o smut tum, Pm ..n' mg sum, Nt-wt,-..,w, Ymrlxmk ulxwr, "Nyc llyc Hmllef' Sports uhm! nl ilu- Nt-vxsp.ipcr PLANS Major in juurmxlmn llrv.ult.1sung .n S lf. Suu- A r-nun wish Knsnn.i M1-lllh-um David Mello Roxana Bustamante Mendiblcz JV N V.lrx luxlnllmll A sulflull, vrmlllng, ln- rr.m1ur.iIximru, ihmr I-LANs vl..,- Wm, in-...mtl .1 ,-..f..,., syilmlugnr, nmmr in lin-mh ulfirr, Lwr in Mm- .t., .if lfm,-.', fxmiml wht-f Pvnn ,fm Univ ul Ariluvmurrht'1llln'm.lIlun.ll Unix' uf lNlcxuu1 "FAMOUS SAYING H "W'c'vc h.:-I unlu- g.,.,.l mm luis Ill aufgu, up- mm, h.lvu .1 lun Inlc Maylv. uc Il sw n-.uh other an umm.. nn., ..f rift-,...v :mu - u.m,1 .H mt-f.-' Only um' mum' yur, little lim' l:l.lvl.l .xml lirmn i S1.nylx.nppymgcilwr, Dun! lurgrx, I ll .nlw.lyx lx' lu-rr, Iurlc sn! Out ul :hc blue, mm ilu- lsI.uL Kristiina Anne Middleton Hispanic Club, AFS, Servite Club, Mcxito 85, Big Sisters, Band Photographer, jr. Homecom- ing Princess, Sr. Girls' Honorary, Chem. Club, Phoragmpher, Friday Night SADD om- dinator, Yearbook 86, journalism 85-87 LNews Editor and Photugraphetb, Girls of87-"kris" PLANS: Attend S.F. State with Anne McS- weeney, Room together, live it up, major in Phutogmphy or juumalistn, if it gets too boring transfer. Hopefully I will marry the man of my dreams, settle down and have 2 kids, pursue my tareer and be as happy as l tan be. "FAMOUS SAYlNGS:" "Hook!" "jump Back!" "Foolish" Dariush Mohkami Spanish Club, Bike Club, Chem. Club, X- Country, Track. PLANS: Run a Marathon, be successful, go on an archeological dig with Rafli. FOREIGN SAYING: "Ahl Hala midunamchi migi, Pesare Khoone!" Neveen M. Mostafa Theatre Club, WAR Resistors, Trails, French Club. PLANS: Living Eric Nakatani Josephine Bernadette A. Nazareno Varsity Tennis, ASU, Badminton. PLANS: Attend college and start a business of my own then buy myself an island and name it "josephine!" "FAMOUS SAYINGS: ""' Don't help a hungry man by giving him a fish but teach him how to lish and you're helping him for the rest of his life." Cathy Nguyen Devalyn O'Neal Kelly Marie Pantell Yearbook staff 12 yrsj Kliditot 877, Tennis 44 yts.J. Track il yt.J, Spanish Club, Chemistry Club, Tennis Club, Service Club, Big Sisters, Senior Girls' Honorary, "Guys and Dolls," "Bye Bye Birdie." PLANS: Go to college and become a veterinarian, own a Mercedes, and a Golden Retriever pup. Eventually "tie the knot," Qwith K.W. and A.T. as bridesmaidsj, and havc'a family. SAYING: The little things in life mean the l'l'lO5I. To the dass of l9B7 - GOOD LUCK! See you in 5 ymrs! ' Michael G. Parham Vaisity Baseball 12 yrsj, Varsity Football,,junior Class Pres., Senior Class Pres.. Chemistry Club, Senior Men on Campus, jazz Band. PLANS: Attend Darmouth, work hard and play sports. Possible mrect in intemational relations and economics. Politits eventually, perhaps all the way to the top. SAYING: "It's all pan of my master plan," "Oh Lotdy, pick a bail ofcotton" dw N12 W ,,.. l xg as MUN - 1ej'j""7' ,V 1 , - 1xIf'77 FN' ff, V! Q3 IUNVUH -ff 2 L..-M a -.a David Patterson Tr..1k11.rxl Lara K. Peters tg.....,c........., 'I'r...k ...... ......1 l............g ..r.....1.l l'I.ANh G.. 11. l'..n.pc 11.1 1he :u..1..1er lit 5.1.1 lJ..',,g1. .11 xt yt-..r 1.. ......ur ... 1r..1......l ,1.,........g,. lI..1l1l.e1...l5,lII1A..Ik..1y1log '.ff.1..o1.5 sf..'.Nca 1..1. ...g1.. ...y ......- .,...1....1..... " '... ..1.- .. ...1-..... 111.1111-.11....t...y,1u ......... ...... ,.... 1.11 1. ....,.,....1.. ... 11... Margaret Andrea Peterson 1551. lfrms-f1.....1ry,l1yrx bV.1rs 5ul1lw.1ll, ll in Q l....k1.lw..II 51.11. Num K, 111.5 5..1rrs, sf 1...1. 11..........,, 11.1. .1..1., JUS. 1'...... K1........11w I'I.fXN5 Cir.1.l1...1e Im... toll.-ge go ...tu M.......- 1....1..,.y ... A.........f1f.............1......1 .....1.1-1 ...... .........1..,. ......., ......-1 A..11r.1.., x11.pp...g ... ......Il town and .nemng ...-1. pt-1...I.-, .....l ...wx llymg In-e, FAMOUS" SAYING. Al.-...fp-u...1-..h-l...'lmp-.ih-v.up-l.....g-lvooin! john Prather .V ......I-..Il N.. xt... ......1....1 xr., 'I'r..1k ll ... 1, .'.....1.... lltt-.l 11.-...1., v111N'1' .1..1.. 1-.1-...1.... .....1..........- ,-., xv... '1'...........m I'l ...vs 1... ... .1 .1 1 ......y ......1...11, ,....1 ......g .. 1fA:..1.11s s.x.'1NtQ v1.... ...,- N..f 111-tk. ...W 1... 1'1......- '..... ,......- ...... g........ ......N ...... 11.11, 1.1-'1 ...... " Daniel C. Reed NX'rt's1l1.1g. Tmilt, lfoutlmll frm.-l,...11.1ry, ll.....l, ,j.1u ll.....l. Orllu-str... Stlmul M..s.t.1lS. P.. lJr.l.rx1r.1, H.w.p..n.. .I..l., Lin-... .l..lw, K Sli, f.1l Autlcnlretl l', l5u.1nl ul l:.l11t..1.1.ll.SMllf ,l3ll1.1lt'mlL1l., Tcllnis nllllw PI.ANh Cin 11. .1 Imlrryr ...liege ull the lfast .....l lx' 1........m.o..1-fl ..s ...1 olliicr ...I the ll 5 Arllwxl'i Erie Rice 'HYYIV Iiuollmll, 'K6 V..rx l'1.1.1l..1ll, SMC K , XY' 5 ll PLANS Go to D VC tht.. 1r...1xIcl 11. Must hkrly KAI, 1hu. lm....u- ...1 A...rr.1..1. 11m.m1. ..g..1..Mu1.1.. v.1h...yh'IIow 1.rmr.:1r. ....1l1..kv our .lie I urm... lwruut-ry, 1r....spor1 .hr lx-ur to 1l.e u..1.rlt-st p..t1x1.l the v1..rI.l wll .1,1l1en 1...1....... ... ......... l..r1l.t'ru.1 ... ..., ....- Lisa Rice Ted Richards Adam Richardson 11.1. 1 s.-. ... 11.1-1 .11 ...-...1. 1 1..l., '1'....1 l1yrxl,W'r1-s1l..1glI ,. 1 1'1,ANs cs...........-N.-.....1......1 .......,-............ .1.1.,... ...... .. ......... .... .................1. ...... .....- .l..yI.1'..1I SAYING II ,....1....1.-.........1.1-...111...1.-...1 ......U ...1 .......,. ......., ,.... .. 1.1 .. ......1 ......-. .......1...,1....1, ...1- Daniel Rodgers Elee Rodgers Volleyball 44 yrs.l. Basketball K5 yrs.l, Softball C2 yrs.l, French Club, Senior Girls' Honorary, Big Sisters, Service Club, Academic Extmvagan' za, Basketball Stat il yr.l. Close Up. PLANS: Become a banana slug and play volleyball or basketball iHal7 Then go on to become a full time student for Z0 yrs. After that maybe graduate and become a mg weaver. SAYING: "I t.lon't know" Paul M. Rosenblatt Unlimited weirdness, assorted terrorist auions and squireship to the greatest battle bag warrior ever "Mutbo," PLANS: To eliminate all waste in the U.S. Military, cut the defense jet by 507, and retire to a Pacihc island and create a utopian society. SAYING: You think I'm joking but I'm not. Go to U,C. Berkeley or Humbolt, major in history ur political science and become a defense analyst. Adam Safir Spanish tlub Pres., Chemistry Club Pres., Varsis ty x-eountry, Varsity traek, Mexito 85, Ilig Sisters, Senior Men on Cimpus, PLANS: leave Albany, go to sehool in Santa Barbara, get nth and get happy. SAYING: i'Kill a roach" Andrew Seltzer junior mae, clock mae, "Bye Bye Barra," Senior Men on Campus. PLANS: Moving to Beverly Hills, Make my Iirst Million ntnning an escort service for satan worshippers, and blow it all in the fl horse at Golden Gate Fields. SAYING: "Honest oflicer, I thought it was parsley, I swear. Parham, lor the last time, gd your hand our of your pants!!!" Tu Mike and Chaz: All alone at the end ofthe evening and the bright lights have faded to blue . . . Always remember, but try to forget. Miguel Serrano Yonneem Severin Theater crab, Cougar mute 'r-rs. PLANS. To atrend Modeling training and then attempt being a model. lfl tlon't succeed I plan to go to tollege later in life. SAYING: "I.ife's a bitch and then you die." To be happy in whatever Ido. Daniel Q. Shepherd Varsity wrestling, Varsity Football, Class officer, Senior Men on Campus, Molestihg Linda PLANS: Tu attend CAL-Berkeley or UC Santa Cruz and get a Master's in my field of ehoite lsadomasithtsml. Rampage society before we all die in a nuclear war. After I am established in my career, I want to travel the world and six all I ran. Ifall else fails I want to manage the chu-se seuion in Tatu Bell. SAYING: "Everything is done better and fun- ner with Satan-Wrap." Rochaune D. Shephard BSU, tiomprrm tilnh, ROP ttpumlmm programmmgl. PLANS' Plan to advante my etlutation m Khm- puter Tethnulugy at San Frantisco State. an 'Kill Q rf :WI ,I , 6011 fi sf 'Uh- 1 -Q.. 'Q SAYING: i'At the end of '88, be rollin' down the Blvd tn my fresh BMW with the be-.rt burnprn' Joanna Shober 51-11-1111 111111, 11114 1111111, S1-111111 14111. 11.1111.1.11,. Alfa 1'1.f1Ns 1 111.111111,11111111-111,11-.11111l11.1L 111111111c 111.11-.1 li1I1I, 111.11111-,111 11111111111-1111111 11.11111 .11111 lux -1 lf- , rl" wk ,I gun... 111.1ttyR111I. S1.1r11l 111y1Itc.1111s SAYING "I1I11111k1111v1"1I'111x1-111111sI.1lm.1ys v.1y1I1.1t7 Sabina Sicard Victoria Ann Silva 111111.11111 4.11111 I'l.ANS IRI Illia' 111 1I1x wtlu' tmvcllllg wlth D.1v11I tI11s s111111111r, .1111I lust lut .1 uhllr lly thi-11, I sI11111I1I l1.11'1- mlm- 1.1ri-1-r g11.1Is wt lot mywll, .1111l I'II ilu my lwst 111 ul11.1111 them, l:111.1IIy, I'll Scttlc ilirwll wlth I7.lvl1I s1:1ll1'll1ly. I1.1vc .1 l'.11111ly, .1111l Iw I1.1ppy . .1111I 111.1ylw 15111-11 mlm, SAYING ' Untll uc 1111-vt .1g.111l Iwc 11 up .111 be I1.1ppy. I'll mms Mr flmy .1111l Mt DcI1.1t1 wI111l11-Ipul 1111111111 111111111 1111-.111,1. David Glenn Simmons Cllint, tt.11k, "" flu thu Su.1su11," "Bye llyc Ihr- 1Il1'." PLANS llcurlnc su slluvssllll that l'Illw11y 111,- 11.111-1115 .1 11111111 111 11.11111 .1111l mkf .111 my lr11f111Is 1111 .1 11111 .1n111111I the w11rI1I, M.11ry the 1111111 lx-.111t1I'11Ig1ll 111 the unlvcrsc .1111I I1vcI1.1p- p1ly1-vi-r.1l'1ut. Tracey Sims BSU 111.ANs. Q1-1 1111.1 111111111-51 .111.l .1.111,1111m. 111111.-11111,-11111L111.111.111L. SAYING,"N111l1111g11111-.1rI1111lc.1t1n1-ll," I w.1111 1I11'1l.1ss 111 'M7 ru lx-1hulx-st si-111111' 11.155, I llupc lt Inlppcllsl Hope Singscn jon Sloan Luis Soto Tt.11.l bl yuh, Ii11111I1.1Il Il yti J, X-K.111111tfY ll yrs J, Pulvllilty Dlri-gmt ASG. ll.1sI.ctl1.lll INI.1xmt, III0111 t1'111t1I, l-Imct Gump, SL1 i.I11b, 1 11.-1111111111 11111, 1 1111111111111 11111, A115 PLANS, Gu 111 5.111 .Ima St.11c .xml 111,11ut 1n .11Ivctt11111g. R1111 tr.11I. .111-I go tu ilu- ulylnpus. ll.1vo.- thc lxlglgl-it I'.1ny 111 thu hmury ul' lx-cl. M.1rry .1 lu111.1Ic, I1.1v1- .1 luv L11Is gl-1 .1 11-.11h1ng 111lv.1111I1I1u ul'.1 In-.111 .111.11L SAYING "l.111'1 Iwi' wlth thi-1n 1.111't Ilve v111I11111t1I11-111" '1'...111111.-1., 111.11 111.-11.111-11.-111111111111 Brett W.S1erba P1.ANs tl.-1 11111 .11 1.111.111 .111.l 11111111 111 5.11111 4 111, 111.1 11.11111 T111-11 1.11111.111l1.111 111111-11 11111111 .1111I I1.1v1- I.,j 5 6-111.11 111y1I1lst sA1'1N1.. '11111,11..l,- 11111515.11 11" c.1111g1.11111.11111111.111.1g1,.1.l11111 11.111 111 'ms Ramyar Tabatabaian csv, sl-.....S1. t.1..1., Big sur.-fs, se..a.,. Girls' Pres., Frumh Club, Physus Club, Tratk, X-, Nan. tint., N....h...g u.....l, asu, Senior Men on Campus PLANS Repair what is broken, tt-rutmate what is tutuantetl, right what is wrong, and re-ilu what has been untlone. Continue stltool antl niaior ut law of business autl rlo whatever is netessary to be happy, SAYING. H.. pt-r...y Sana .S .t tt-.tstwt't....e." Stay m touth Christine Tagle PLANS. Attentl Alemetla College lor two yrs. .intl transfer to CCAC, Or go bank to Mttnilal .mtl party hanly! To my sister Lisa . . . THANX!!! Scott T. Thomson H yrs J Varsity liuotlszxll, K5 yrs.D Varsity Tratk, 4 yrs. Varsity XVrestling, "Guys .mtl Dolls," "Bye Bye l3rttlre," sem... Men on tgt...pu5, WSU, ASG Historian K6-87, PLANS. lor 2 years and transfer to U.C. Santa iltul, Remain atttve rn sports .uul get a souology tlegree and teath If that fails, go to Atrto .mtl make a tomrnertial, SAYING "No matter where you go, there you are!" XVSU will never tlic as long as there is it plate to party, i An.....y in P.C.t........ 7 Jennie Tseng CsA, Aso, t.i..-...any Llub, t,i........h...., s, t,l..h PLANS To be a graphie designer. Andrea Michelle Tung 14 yrs,J, Vars. Tennis MVP, 12 yrs.l Vars. Trad, Serviee Club, Big Sisters, Senior Girls' Ho..o...fy, Tenn.. club, tzsif, t:i.e.......y cial., Frenth Club, Ski Club. PLANS: Attend UIQ. in Southern Ctl. .intl ma- i... ... ,..y.h..l.,gy. After he1,....g those in ma, I'lI travel to foreign luntls :tml retire in style. SAYING: "One who fails to sucteed in something is vastly better on' than one who sut- teetls tn nuortipltshing nothing." Donald Turtle 13 yrs.l, Basketball, 14 yrs.7 Baseball, 85 League ,Z Champs, CSF, Houietouiing King, Senior Men on Campus. PLANS: Go to tollege somewhere major in something, anti get some kmtl of tlugree. Bc with Penelope lorever. SAYlNG: "Oh well!" Tobin Michael Umland "r Gm.t.......... PLANS: Live in .. heath house i.. Can.ttln on ig "Umlaml Road" after at trtreer us a movie or band producer. SAYING, "The a.s....e entity ul' mr is but .t Ialstty of the eternal imagination." "My love for ,, you won't last for one day, my love for you will last for two." Love Anti Rotkcts 40h no! The truck is dead!!! Jorge Michael Valladares Beautc Club, Basic Radio, Fat Elvis Fan Club, PLANS: Remain .n Bay Aw.. fora ye... pertur- mtng, then to sthool in New York. If ull else tiuls, l'll betome a roek monster in China. SAYING: "Enloy yourself, it's later than you think." Lung live the cum Bus!! Christine Valterza Wrestling Stat j.V. nntl Varsity U yrs.l, Baseball Stat j.V. and Varsity 43 yrs.J. Service Club, Big Sisters, Senior Girls' Honorary, W S U PLANS Ptobtbly Lo to D V 1 for .1 year then trtnstu' to a UK Everythrny, .tlttr tht Ill worry about when tt eomes SAYING Party tt my house NLW YYAR S EVE NOT' W S U lives on Tracy M. Vanover Theatre Club, War Rt-sisters PLANS' Leave the eountry, have lots of money, and be hafwpy. .SAYING' i'Slleme ls golden." Carla Marie Volz Chilled PLANS: Travel, atrend college, maybe in Hawaii Get my carter together, betume rith, buy a new red BMW, and linally have the man of my dreams lind me! SAYING: "Never forget the good times!" "Never settle for less than the best!" Erica Watkins Mike Wehr Tmtk I4 yrs.J, X-country C2 yrs.D, War Rt-sisters. PLANS, Goal in life. To someday make the Albany Crime Blotter. SAYlNG' "Awwwwwww, XVhat's upf' Albany Highs a great plate to visit, but l wuultln't want to live here Daniel Weiss David Bt-adly Weiss Auto shop, Wood shop PLANS: l would like to be involved in law enforcement. SAYING, "Lil'e's only as fun as you make it " Class of '87 Linda Ann Wells Volleyball, Senior Girls' Honorary, Student Commissioner, One of the Girls, Weekend trips to Tahoe, Being molested by Dan. PLANS: Go to college, take a year oil' to trek in Nepal and travel, return to college and get my master's, Then spend the rest of my life living nn a beach house with my husband and kids lf that fails, l'll work for a cosmetits eompany naming the shades of make-up SAYING: "What!'!" This whole thing seems kind ofsketthy. Benjamin -I. Wieman Senior Girls' Honorary Vue-Pres ,j.V Tratk Lk Field 85-86 M.V.P., Physics Slay Team, Chem Club Pres., Hispanit Club Sex fTteas, Triathlons, Big Sisters. PLANS: Go to U.C..B,, eventually get a Ph D Then make a sthcme to swmdle money from in: notent poor people. Kelly K. Wilkinson Varsity Tennis K4 yrsl, "Most Inspirational" l9H5, "Most Dcdltatvstln IQHG, Varsity Trad. K2 yrs.J, Freshman Class Setretary, Tennis Klub, Chemistry Club, Ski Club, Big Sisters, Senior Girls' Honorary, Ftenth Club, lntnunural Soltball PLANS Attclul UC Berkeley and mayo! in Frenth mth .t mmaf at laiuatkt I halt- to at on to get a Masters ot Ph D , .intl that get into a tareer in international business SAYING Get the most out ol lile heiause you only live onte Many thanks to Sum, Kelli, and Andrea lor "being there" when l multxl you. exptxially to my mother vtho has xnliuentt-tl me so muth Christopher Edwin Willey Wlomaninng, aetive in the solver lili- style PLANS. lk-tonne a tlrug tounselor il all liuls, a stuil SAYING, Are we having lynn yet! Tu all the teathers who put up with me antl hatl lault in me when l tlitln't. Thank You, Merrick A. Wise j.V. liootlwall, Varsity Football, antl j.V. troquet. PLANS: Stutly business and luetome a carpentry tonsultavu SAYING. May the gotls leatl you tluwn a toatl of everlasting pane antl happuuss Kilt until Mr. Rogers crosses your path? Robert Woolford Eleanor K. Wong Service Llulw, Big Sisters, Senior Girls' Honorary, Htspanit Club, Tall Flags U yrs,l, C.he1nistryClul1. PLANS: Go somewhere l'ar away for 11 longtime anil huy my tat. SAYING: "EH" Cheers to the Class of '87 Matthew H.Y. Wong Cross-Country ll yr.l, Trac ' 12 yrs.7, War Resistors, PLANS. Fashion designer SAYING: "Well, well, well, l'm serious." Kerry Wong Q2 yrs.l, Tennis Qmth, Intramural sports anil clubs PLANS. Attentl tollege, either San jose or Hayward State, major in business, party, lintl myself in life, and finally settle ilown at tlurty, SAYING: Time to get our ul' Alhuny High School .tml get into the real worltl Morgan Michael Worth Q4 yrs.7, l5.iskt-tlmll, lfl yrs 1, Traik, Site Ktluiuil KZ yrs l, Mexlto 85, Physits Slam Team, Pre- Gilt- Crew, PLANS. Attentl S.F. State Manor in An- thropology iuul study it in Mexieo, Travel to Europe, japan, Africa, untl jamaica. Fintl out what "Live my life to the fullest" means. SAYING "The truth is an offense, hut not a sin. is he who laughs last, is he who wins." "Meet me at the Hilton." Rachelle Woody Cosmetology, R.0.P. from l985-1986. PLANS: To marry my A'w1.lm lvoyu David Rios, eoutinue my aareer in eosmetology, antl have ten kttls to rake them all tu Davids mom, Mary. SAYING. Tohl you l'tl gtzttluate Mum . Mike Shin-Chiun Wun CSA Vine Prtsitlent, tennis tluh pres., CSF, Mathletes, varsity track B5-87, Chemistry Cluh, ISC, Staufler Chemical, Varsity golf, Computer clulw V.P. H5 PLANS, earn it B.A. then gratluate school. SAYING: "Sky is the limit to enjoy lulef' "Smile, You're on the way to explore the ex- tmng v.orlil .truuntl you, JUN . f-- " , ft!-s I' .,- 'nr' -5 an-W-0 -aug KEN .1 Margaret Abalos 8-26 Daniel Anderson 5-20 Robert Arendell 9- 18 Kevin Amold 2-23 Kim Bahmanyar 5-21 Phuiip nancy 10-27 Beniamin J. Bakkenta 5-8 Marguerite Barrier 9-4 Kevin Bataille 9-4 Kimberly Beal 2-7 Ellise Blacknell 6- 18 John R. Bowie 3-31 Joshua Boatright 7-15 Daniel P. Borgfeldt 1-10 Faith Boring 9-6 James Bracken 7-4 Ricky Brackett 7-4 Kerry Brown 1-23 Andrea Brunetti 12- 13 Jolie Brunetti 6- 10 Adelia Butler 10-11 Janice Chen 4-30 Kenneth Chen 3-5 Vivian Chi 8-1 Rhonda Choi 12-1 1 Allyssa Christner 2-15 Daniel Chu 11-16 Michael Clark 2-26 Michelle Clark 2-26 Richard Cline 3-8 Jack Collier 3-1 Diana Conklin 10-13 Ana Conlin 4-22 Jenia N. Cortezzo 5-31 Steven Crosetti 2-26 Ross Culverwell 9-27 Mehdi Dalvand 4-2 Jennifer Davis 11-23 Emily Dewalt 1-3 Jason Dodson 8-23 Leilah Dphrepaulezz 6-30 Christina Dravis 5-9 Theron Dyble 3-14 BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF '87 Niani Christian 7-8 Carolyn Ebert 4-17 Pheobe Emker 9-23 Diana Engle 9-20 John Falconi 4-24 Joan Eerrin 10-22 Renee Fesperman 8-8 Khadija Fredericks 7-27 Josh Freeman 11-2 Jack Fu 6-21 Corinne Gaeta 1 1- 19 Joseph Ghione 7-18 Guy Glover 12- 13 Chaz Ray Green 10-22 Kenneth W. Gutierrez 4-7 Malachi Gutierrez 7-31 Raul Gutierrez 12-3 Kimberlee Hagan 10-3 Ethan S. Hall 3-26 Max Hanavan 12-21 Jason E. Handlos 5-17 Rodney Haney 7-3 David C. Hardy 12-13 Sheila Hasrajani 1-10 AndrewJ. Hawthom 1 1-7 Michelle Hazlett 7-28 Cynthia Hobbs 1-5 Karen Hopkins 6-15 Renee Howley 1-21 Sidney Hsu 8-6 James Huang 9-26 Yong Huang 7-26 Jeduthun Hughes 1-11 Faizal L. Hussain 10-10 Xin Jin 12-17 Judy A. Justus 9-12 Kevin Kajiwara 4-4 Adam Kane 4-1 Eunah Kang 4- 14 Seralina Kelly 1-9 Melynda Kelsey 6- 14 Kevin Kennedy 6-23 Adam Kevorkian 10-10 Regina Khmelnitsky 2-21 Hando Kim 3-23 Jeffrey Kim 12-5 Steven Kobayashi 4-1 1 Alisha Koepke 5-26 Aisha Krieger 8-5 Ilya Kucherenko 10-23 Natasha Kucherenko 10-23 Barbie Kuo 12-4 Mike Kuliga 2-8 Penelope Lackey 3- 18 Daisy Lai 7-s Tam Le 5-11 Jesus Malanche 7-23 Ruth Martin 3-24 Zinda Massmam 7-27 Maryn McFarland 12-29 Sean McGaughran 6-6 Anne Christine McSweeney 1- 12 David Mello 2-24 Roxana B. Mendiblez 10-22 Kristina Middleton 10-33 Dariush Mohkami 7-2 Neveen Mostafa 3-1 1 Eric T. Nakatani 6-9 Cathy Nguyen 1-6 Devalyn O'Nea1 7-25 Kelly M. PanteU 11-25 Michael Parham 10- 18 Lara Peters 2- 16 Margaret A. Peterson 9- 10 David Patterson 6-3 Daniel Reed 4-22 Eric Rice 7-14 Lisa L. Rice 12-12 Ted Richards 10-31 AdamJ. Richardson 1 1- 19 Daniel Rogers 5-25 Elizabeth Rogers 4-1 1 Paul M. Rosenblatt 6-2 John Prather 7-31 Adam L. Salir 6-19 Andrew Seltzer 1 1-30 Miguel Serrano 6- 19 Yonneem Severin 5-5 Daniel Sheperd 1-15 Rochaune Sheppers 6- 7 Joanna Shober 2-20 Sabina Sicard 10-3 Victoria Ann Silva 7-23 David Simmons 6-20 Tracey Nicole Sims 8-14 Jon Sloan 1- 14 Luis Soto 11-4 Brett W. Sterba 2-20 Raymar Tabatabian 11-20 Scott Thomson 1-4 Christine Tagle 10-27 Jennie Tseng 8- 18 Andrea Tung 6-30 Donald Turtle 2-4 Tobin M. Umland 5--10 J. Michael Valladares 5-3 Christine Valterza 6- 16 Tracy Vanover 8- 15 Karla Marie Volz 7-17 Erica Watkins 11- 1 Daniel R. Weiss 7-24 David Weiss 7-24 Michael S. Wehr 8-30 Linda Ann Wells 12 - 12 Benjaminj. Wieman 10-6 Chris Willey 8-25 Kelly Kay Wilkinson 9-30 Merrick A. Wise 4-21 Eleanor Wong 9- 17 Ho-Yuen Wong 11-29 Kerry Wong 2- 12 Rachelle M. Woody 8-23 Ruben L. Woolford 12-28 Morgan M. Worth 3- 19 Diana Wu 6- 16 Mike S. Wun 12-6 Rachelle Yamasaki 12- 19 Elizabeth Zawadski lt 15 42 sefixot QS do Bmw Come? QU C QU 'NJ ' LQDQ wb S.. 5 .,.-. S'-. . '1 'iiul vi, f rm 0 Q ,N 3 v 1 Y 5 5-.X Q 'QU FP N , - v wr- . Made in Korra Urban Psycho KiUer A 'ui' -x I 9 R, Watch Out Elvis! Peck a Boo W hgh f Parry! Califomia Girl 0 A W' J f .Og , -Y . Qi, 2 Wlxy Do I always gona Say Cheese? vm a Um. Now What!! W f s If you haven't guessed who N " ' " 'l: 'E i as , , ,, - 'V ' these babes are, then tum to page 169 Cin the Mini Magi! RN s X E 9 Arcn'xlCme? ' -s W A , r W, 1 , ,ir 1. K 0 haran uncss A R s ns., shsshh h, h, hh f N 5 s gg Q f X if R I 'U s .4 .My X Q , by M - 43 gig xl - 5 X W Q wm..,Mylzpsnfk ' 9' s ' 1 . Seniors Show 56- "Sophistication" at its finest with Ben and Senxfma. Vlouldn't you like to rub "noses" with and Kim? D621 Michelle and Andrew definitely the "loudcst!" X. Beth and Allyssa, "chums" forever Ti fx N -', ,gg A Dan and Rhonda, our favorite "athletes. R 3 N3 our "best all around." "Shyness" is Cathy and Miguel's middle name. ,.. Q ff? Vogue of '87: Guns and Leilah. Expression E O Meg and Scott being "personable," as usual, Kelly Flashes her famous "smile." Our future Grammy winners: jed and Annie Q .s if .sg tg , rdf X it 'x 2-K if so rg' be M-4' 11733 ' 3 T . fkfifiwl 3'-jgegs - ' nf' f I " x .. Q- :.' 1 n , 1, , 3 . ' e -fs I, 4 'l.B. v, is .. ' i Q14 . ,-..--xi fi Kevin and Kristiina: Albany's "social" butterflies. Cory's got rhe "lockers" of '87. Ken and Andrea lend an ear to the dass of l987 45 5., s xii 'A T it .Q Through f"' N' y p ,a 9 , i 4. Mike and Sheila Best Dancers of 1987 K it f,,f 5 ,WL 1 l"i- Andy and jolie, just "clownin"' around. What "spirit!" Luis and Michelle. Mike and Sheila: "Best Dancers" of l987 Ilya and Natasha with their awesome "legs" Malachi and Diana flex their "builds," Arc Chaz and jenia "flirting" again? Don and Penelope: our cures "couple," "Millionaires?" Not yet, but someday, Kevin and Eunah. 46 '3' ur ed' 41 ,n. vu 2:1- Their Talents 9 V 41" 3 ,,..., J X 13-B, 's...-.f V-. N. -'ixX..2f'i 5 T ' and Lara and their "sexiest" voices. Ross and Zinda display their works of ,Av jon and Emily, what are you "laughing" about? 43 Q ,z mf Kelly and Kevin have the cutest "cnmpies. Ethan and Christina play beautiful "music," Diana and Steve, taller is not always better. WUI David and Kim ever stop "talking?" 1 Q, I-v-"f Y . E They Owe, They Owe . . So Off to Work They Go! Kevin constructing the next tower of Piza i 1 55 1- " 2 , 3 2,259 Tix'- A fa' ':.'izv'....-Q4 E igm,z3g,an X ,,,......,, Anne saving lives at our pool Q " gl 'NHS '21w.'Lq V 1 rp- --Q11 ' 'N .6 Theron and Andrea wash away their lives at Walker s White of Wheat? R055 wants gg know it ff-'TT 1 john and Faith constructing towers of pizza IP' Natasha and Penelope sweatin' away at Swensen's 4- s I ' Q N- 'Q gf! T f 'll 5 ' Q, .,5'-"- i '61 1 P P by-p .f . K4 4 . . L . as Q an ef 4 -- 2 'V' K' if - "' o .. ,, Q P" ' 1 ig -4 1 4'-.'-.D A ' -. - f wt - V 'T ""- W - 9. psy'Qw-V .. 1 . 'X' . ' ' if " 4 f , .. .1l"f-1.-I ,fi -.,, Gi 1 - 1- Ii ,gf Vila, ' ,-,fx-W. f , 7' -A ..,, 4 " ..' 143. 1, x., - -, '11, N7 F l"' " Q . ' Lia? Q ' ' ' ,HQ ' ' '01 'dxf' r ' Q - s.'A JO v 4 Q tw. R' S .A V ' - .4-'43 .,. " ' ' '- -" 2 ' I ' laser . 4, ' 'gg .. .- 44 P. ' 4- Q.. R, 4. 5., 3 s Q .4 .Af--'.' K IE 'f Q. B'-,f l"4 Q., Q 1' :5 - I fy" Q ' s , HT f . , , r--Q ..,. ,++,g.. as-. W " ' Q7 I- -1 1, . ,1 J "1 I M4 -- . ' V .. ' '.. 9? ' .TQ-7' Qt ' ' " 'veg 'F ' U ,A 'K' A X ' ' . Why 11,4 l 5' D ' in - 4.-fitwtfrif' -.'f','i ' "Q, ,4' ' 'H-'q?"4' '4 .,, .. 4 . ' '- 3 ' x s ' -a - -U" it 'ff ' . 'Q 4, A Lf, .' .4 -H r.'fq '- ,--f ,r p- . ww, ' 2- Ac. V 4 .:4M. -:Aff . I ' y '- ' A' YH! S , .Jaw 4? Q. v J - e 4 g.! A srxl v.-S' f. -xzwlri Ia t , , '- 1. . 4' '.. 1 -' . N! '-A-.Q -' f ' ' '.- ' ' ., in 'ipfinr' 3... -J .4 ttf' ' 't !'af'Q' -1 4-5' 9 A! ' ' '- ,w ' 1 '95 332 u H Mo AU- ' .YV ,' 2 ,, t Ayfgxn' -ax . ' ,gl vi ' .1 4 T s . L Q, ..Q1r ' Q " '-.f,--FZ." 453. ' Mr N' - J . f " 2' 15+ - fiffi -Q 1' Q. gn' - ' .1 , , .,,,p- . ' ' -'- -. ' ,.,gf-,- . "Q-,' ,-,Qu-',',: . 1 yfilx 9124... D' : fl. V 5 'F 3... .- gif-ug , 1,4 -...v4,. 4 , ., ,La -V , . Q -W-4 A 44 ,Q was.. 1 Avy., . .-3.4, , 2 .i .4t,, -' a5'i J ff. 1535- 4.32.1 qi. L4 6 ' ,I - 'V V - ' v if ,'l,p. .1 .V 1 . . ' . J: , K: - ,,1" , 1 , .5. ' 5 ' 4 I .1 -'-. ' l,,',', . v 'A . A 4 ' 4, . . ' 4 ' 4 ' 3 ' 6 ' P4 .. Lux, p . 1 , 1- - l f'1 .14 ,' , ' ' . A 5 FV-"0" - ' 4 me 1' ,lf.' .r 1 J . " .EY "': l ' " Q- -tl. ,P "f Q, . .gm ,-at :T ,ws Q, . f ,ni 4 , f , .,?'yQ . ..,.u ,Q -Q, -i E .' .K 545' ' fr- - ,lk.". ' ' U., 1 ' ' ., ' I K - 3 , ' . . . . ' 1- "'-- , ' ' 1 ' ",, rv 9 ' 5 4. ' ' ' . l l .Ixus K. zz 6 rv' , 1 K ft 5. i' 4 M lt' N 5 . 1, Q - . c '. r 'A A 9 ' ' - ' L " 1 s 114 '44 :Jig 1. 8 x 2. 44, - n X Q , ' 1 - ' .A - -1' .,f .' If ,Q '. W- .Q -f- . '4 . ' ' 5 ," is -n ' ' " :fig 5 4 " S 4 , ' I 5 a ., ., ' ,,- ' ff: f: -' -,.--,.a'.gg' It , . V 1, . V 4 wa J. QQ. gl 4 ' Q H ' . . ' ' A . 5' ' 5 Q ' , 1 4 l'.', ' ' 5. - I., . al . ' 4 ' rfj. - 1 N, Q, ,K -' 4' 5 1 I N. Efx .1 f. "- '1- 1 , 5 4 42" I ,, 1 ' , 'Ark t , 9 ' 4 -rg 1 .. , , , . ' g 1: ,N :.,r,f .. .- F: . ' ,in g 51' f 1 , 3 X ,Q ."-, . 4 I , l 3444, .114 'V4 T .4 Jr, .X 2, -.wrt-',A ,' - . ,Y . 4 -g.. . 4 9 4. ! .- ' . 0:5 -.f 'e Y my 1. ' - Y! V" "f ' ' . X ,-Uhr: . ' '- 1 'fn 'b , ., X, A... QQ- l . E 4 bf. 4 ' u ' 4 . . . . at T',4v' , yr:-1 4 5 .-. , , ,, t D ' f y. - I. -' -3 , ' " s-4,91 1 flli l. ' . 1, . .,. I D I ,4,f Q' . X M I ' 4 Q I ff.,-. ,Qrdj -KX Q. 158 01- . 1' 0 jw G fy: ,JN .nap -'x AHS BLOGD DRI ALBANY STUDENTS GIVING ALL THEY'VE GOT -la T' 2- ' Q-rl 'sew Mfg is 'wr 5' x .T L, A s. IQAA . . fi V ' V' t .. .jf - . , ,. l , 'S . P' ef A-ef. up . raw... A-f - ., . ---...sf A fi A 4 -f X - ' '41 - ., ,. --4' " ' 'V K - y A A-ev We 42 'K All Dr- 5 fff . I llgufw in --v-r'!"7'? A if ' --wa. ., X-Q -I X A f : 4 'FK This was the most successful blood drive ever! After everyone was drained, there were 88 pints of blood, total. We even had seven teachers, an assistant principal, a secretary and a parent donate blood. These pints are now credits toward our school, in case someone is in need of blood sometime this year. Perhaps next year, Albany High will have two blood drives instead of just one. K .1 3 4 fx-if 3 Ya -We ' I i 'Qi gfvhv xg X , . -vm-q-.1 O - .,, .A- ,, .- -4,,,, the Global C1 A group of adventurous A.H.S. students flew to Washington D.C. with history teacher, Mrs. Genie Miller, on November 30th for a week of on-the-go excite- ment. Our transcontinental consort consisted of ,Mike Aldersen, Phoebe Emker, Andrew Hawthorn, Maryn McFarland, Mike Nagle, Mike Parham, Paul Rosenblatt, and Elee Rogers. While there they studied U.S. govern- ment, the history and culture of D.C. and other areasiofi the United States. They studied U.S. relations with the U.S.S.R., the delicate balance between free press and na- tional security, and current events, including the Iran-1 Nicaraguan weapons affair. They visited embassies, office 1 of Congressman Stark, Capital Hill, the Smithsonian In- I stitute, the Supreme Court, many memorials, and the Kenneday Center where they saw in - PHOTO CR EDIT: E. Rogers, A. Hawthom, M. McFarland, T. Wanlin. L Vietnam Memorial Cemetery 4 jefferson Memorial Top Photo: Andrew Hawthom and entourage in Top Row: The three Mikes, Parham, Nagle, and Aldersen. Washington, D.C. Bottom Photo: Paul -Bottom Row: Phoebe Emker, Mrs. Miller, and Maryn Rosenblatr and Elec Rogers with chaperone, Mr. McFarland. Miller. 53 ,Z 5. A ,':'L" X ,gt ' B ,- - Eng. ., 0 X " - is Q - ug- , ig:- n.v is, Q. ,Q ' g 3 bis. ' .2267 First Row: Grace Peak, Melanie Linebaugh. Second Row: Rachelle Yamasaki, Shawn Horsman, Brandon Skaggs, Nicole Chu, Emily DeWolC Marty Bandvik. Third Row: Scott Sterling, Hando Kim. Dan Reed, Kevin Kajiwara. Fourth Row: Sun-Yil Moon, Aaron Nakahara, jack Coming, Rob Arendell, Leslie Hall, Debbie Yamasaki, Angel Kuo. Not Present: Ethan Hall. Nathan Perdue. Theron Dvble. Mike Parham. jazz Ban Lunch hours are customary practice ses- sions for this select group of musicians. These experienced entertainers perform a variety of music, including rock, old blues and jazz. They participate in competitions throughout the year as well as perform on campus for various functions, like the homecoming game half-time activities, and the Concert in the Park in June of each year. This class periodically features out-of-town speakers. This year, Mr. Douglas arranged for a visit from a distinguished musician who teaches at Berklee Music College in Boston. He also offers to his students the op- portunity to attend weekend retreats in the Santa Cruz mountains, packed with talent shows during the weekend and a concert on the last day. Grchestra Members of the orchestra are a talented bunch with years of musical experience behind them. But the one thing that sets them apart from other schools is DEDICATION. Members of the orchestra meet during their lunch hour for bi-weekly 45 minute practice sessions throughout the school year. They present an annual Christmas concert each year, as well as perform in late spr- ing with the production of a Cabaret-type concert. Many students are also members of the Bay Area Wind Sym- phony, and other youth orchestras as well. This excellent preparation for aspiring musicians is due to Mr. Douglas' hard work, dedication, and experience in working with youths. As one of his students so aptly put it, "It would be impossible without him." Expressions in Movement i Y f Expnessions in Snund I: ff A 2 ,aww ,. 5 ' 1 f 9 - ,V . L 4 T S' ,, ., .fa-., ,- ye e' A Musical Comedy Book by Michael Stewart Music by Charles Strouse Lyrics by Lee Adams Directed by Lawrence Harada Choregraphy by Karen Stenger Musical Assistance by Janeen Rydman Music Accompany by Mary Vlallmann Summary Set in the late 5O's, the musical "Bye Bye Birdie" parodies Elvis Presley's drafting in the army. The rock star this time around is the fictitious Conrad Birdie, who has been drafted into the army, much to the dismay of the teenage population of America. This musical comedy's storyline revolves around the "One Last Kiss" Conrad is to bestow upon one lucky girl fKim MacAfeeJ before he leaves, The central adult characters are Albert Peterson, Conrad's manager, Rosie Peterson, Albert's secretary and fiancee, Mrs. Peterson, Albert's domineering mother, and Mr. MacAfee, Kim's father. The central teenage character's are Kim, the lucky girl, Hugo Peabody, her jealous boyfriend, and Ursala, Kim's best friend. Among the memorable songs from this production are "Put On A Happy Face," "Kids," "Telephone Hour," and "One Last Kiss." Cast of Characters Q QW Albert Peterson Rose Alverez Helen Nancy Alice Margie Ann Penelope Ann Deborah Sue Suzie Carol Martha Louise Harold Karl Harvey Peyton Utsala Metlde Kim MacAfee Mrs. MacAfee Teen Trio Sad Girl Another Sad Girl Mae Peterson Conrad Birdie Guitar man Mayor Hugo Peabody Randolph MacAfee Mr. Henkel Charles F. Maude Chorus Jeduthan Hughes Anne McSweeney Gabi McCombe Gabriella Rigg Kelly Pantell Meridee Carter Nina Carrieri Tanir Keret Eunah Kang Tracy Anderson Semoine Sykes Michael Dockens David Simmons Kevin Kajiwara Scott Sterling Tracy Lohman Samantha Starr Julianna Snapper Joan Perrin Adrienne Olmstead Julie Kim Cheri Robinson Belita Aaron Tammy Kaehler Andy Seltzer Vincent Walker Sam Good Jeff Kim Tim Starr Adam Kane Paul Nwoodson Joanie Albee Caroline Hoffman, Leila Homick Anne Cliatt Sarah Huang Joan Perrin Stephanie Russell Angel Kuo Allison Harada, Heather McFarland Vicki Hughes, ' 'Lf I . ,Avg :sf " 6 J VJ fi . 62. ,vp arm l -,wf u A, I- 'N Ti R ,iQ . 1987 Squad I . in k ,1 ,R xx V7 . ,Y ' av , -, We A ' T A K Yv . Q ' 1' Q, ' x I x Q1 in ii X I -C-. x ff hows S 'Q 14 ,ay ., , I 0 gum' J 'Q ,Lbs pmt 0 f'l,,jLf",l' he .Ll Varsity -- j.V. Squad l. Angie Luna 2. Michelle Hallett 1 1. Miranda Abrams 12. Kim Hancllos 3. Jolie Btunetti 4. Natasha Kuchetenko 13. Stephanie Russell 5. jenia Cortezzo 14. Angela Pruitt 15. Grace Pack 6. Shannon Askins 16. Tammy Markham 7. Kenyatta Webb 8. Gabriella Rigg 9. Whitni Willson 17. 18. 19. Krista Handlos Heather Stevens Rachel Taylor 20. 1 -A V he 7? ug, .- .4 v 'ff .:u,,'-1 fx 4.2 1 '-'fffzeilik if -' , .e .. ,a .,,.,.,4 aw, ,aw-w 1 , .,.,f 1Zi41,"'f!5.T'i'i-05''if 1 L' ' T' 'le' 2' 12' - a.-,1..': I is a,"4Iff91"'Sij12' -fa + r ,, , 2 2 - Ya-tim ., lf xiZ'la:f,tHl-F.,-Q .3 10. jenny Gould Dawnya Pring C ugar F o111es aces 1n the Spothght Cougar Follres has been a tradrtron at Albany Hrgh for many years The Senror class produces rt to earn money for therr class Ramyar Tabatabaran Mrlce Parham jeff Krm Dan Shepherd Kevm Arnold and Andy Seltzer were rn charge of thrs years productron Early rn November they held audr trons Many drfferent types of acts trred out and luckrly they all recerved a spot rn the show On january 22nd and 23rd at 7 30 pm the 1987 productron of the Follres was held In the spotlrght on Thursday and Frrday nrght was Mr Fred Brrll Master of Ceremonres He yuggled drd flrps and read Dr Suess Fox N Sox Next appeared the commercral addncts presentrng a few of our favorrte TV ads Many srngers performed mcludrng Scott Sterlrng Sara Huang Anne McSweeney Semorne Sykes Scott Thomson Andy Seltzer and Chaz Green Followrng these acts came the band Rabbr Conspxracy some rnstrumental musrc from joe Gh1one and Ethan Hall and last but not least the Senror Men On Campus left us breathless wrth Happy Trmlr sung for every Senror lady Everyone who partrcrpated rn 1987 s Cougar Follres drd a fabulous job as well as showed off' therr acquired talents it rs I Q l x 1 f The Commercral Addxcts showrng how com mertmls should be done Adam Rrdge and Chris Read, the lxght crew Semornc sxngs wonderful songs by Teena Mane and Irene Cara Mr Fred Bnll practxces hrs juggllng Senror Men warm up then' voxces smgmg Hap py Traxls ' 6. 9 fi'4 all 1 FNQ. 'A JH X I H414 Q E .-.--- ., 8. A 'X L, ! 5- Nxl " 'gr ADVISOR: MI. Carlotk. PRESIDENTS: Farid javandel, Adam Safir, Ben Wieman. TREASURER: Markiu Mullarkey. MEMBERS: Dan Anderxon, Yong Sue Ann, lan Alkinfon, john Bae, Paul Bae, Ehab Bandar, Karen Bealr, Mirhelle Brown, Andrea Brunetli, Doreen Caparro.r, Nifhole Caparror, Nina Carrieri, Claudia Caxtro, Ivy Chan, janire Chen, Peter Chen, Richard Chen, Rulh Chen, Shirley Chen, Phoebe Cheng, Rhonda Choi, Dan Chu, Nirole Chu, Miyoko Chu, Albert Chung, Helen Chung, jennfer Daoif, Sarah Draper, Theron Dyble, April Falco, Eileen Farman, joan Ferrin, jaxon Fink, jaxon Fitfrhen, Amy Fleifig, Marika Foltz, Shanta Frantz, Khadya Frederirkr, Krirtin Gan, jenny Gould, Malachi Gutierrez, Sheila Harrajani, Caroline Hoflernan, Mark Honer, Amy Hfieh, Sidney Hru, David Hu, I-Chieh Huang, joyre Huang, Sarah Huang, Youg Huang, jeduzhun Hughex, Reza jaoandel, Brad jenn- ingf, Xin jin, Adam Kane, Eunah Kang, Gina Kim, Graee Kim, Hando Kim, julie Kim, Beth Kuhneoerte, Barbie Kuo, Ilya Kucherenko, Daify Lai, Paul Lee, Seo!! Lee, Ben Liao, Hiro Liao, Marifa Marireal, Dariuxh Mohkami, Sung Yil Moon, Markus Mora, Aaron Nakahara, Mike Parrott, Michele Pender, Lara Pelerr, Sara Preu, jennwr Rediek, lxabelle Rogin, Paul Rwenblan, Robyn Sato, Brian Shin, Benjy Sikora, Luix Soto, jeniea Tauber, Viva Taylor, Alexander Tfai, Lillian TJai, jennie Treng, Toby Umland, Kelly Wilkinmn, Elly Wong, Matt Wong, Malt K. Wong, Claudine Woo, Morgan Worfh, Annie Wu, Dianna Wu, Nanry Wu, Terexa Wu, Lira Wun, Lury Wun, Mike Wan, Raehelle Yamafaki, Shahram Yanemi. 7 Exif' :,F'3'f 4 ' .- 'Q'-' .1 1 E A t , 5 1 fl 3 5 2 i . Q ' E3 Alllll'l l"lllll PX MNASIIIM --,Q AVENTQH MEMBERS' Lillian Trai, Sara Pren, Lacy Wun, Alexander Trai, Anne Bailey, Reid Macdonald, Raven Halderman, Kelinn Lobo, Caroline Hafman, Carey Roienbaurn, Lily Quarb, Lilia Roraf, Irabelle Rogin, Debby Kim, .Yiuana de la Torre, Abba Krieger, Ivy Chan, Michelle Brown, Kaela Vronrky . . . and :bore two who are ooerreafz Courtney Bloomer and Carrie Garlirk, and :bore who will mon be leav- ing: Brad jenningl and Benjy Sikora. '86-'87 A.F.S. Students Abroad Courtney Bloomer - Dominican Republic Carrie Garlick - Belgium Brad Jennings - New Zealand Benjy Sikora - Thailand AFS The AMERICAN FIELD SERVICE 1A.F.S.D promotes cultural understanding by sending and receiving students from different parts of the world. As a club, A.F.S. is a support group for our exchange students. Through international days, parries, and pizza night, A.F.S. has been an active part of the community and especially, Albany High. Our exchange student, Osama, has mn cross-country, and taken physics Qwhich he has enjoyed immenselyl. We sincerely hope that Osama has enjoyed his experiences at Albany High. Advisor: Ms. Alperg President: Karen Beals, Vice-President: Adrienne Olmsteadg Secretary: julie Kim, Treasurer: jason Fink, Publicity Manager: Phoebe Emkerg Organizer: Soseh Kevorkian, This is Osama Haj-Ali, our A.F.S. Student from jordan. He lived in Albany with the Jennings family and graduated with the dass of '87, When asked what was different about our country, his response was, "Everything!!" In his own country, they eat more rice was his answer as we asked differences. When asked what he thought was the major dif- ference between countries, he responded, "Here, everyone is busy all the time. Everyone is in a hurry. Here, almost everyone works. In jordan only the father works. Here, the children are more free. At 18, a child can do anything he wants. At home, that is unheard of. The family is always together at home. Children don't leave when they tum eigh- teen." Thanx Osama, keep in touch. Medieval Club ADVISOR: Mn. Miller. MEMBERS: Alberl Chung Qrefidenlj, Farid jewandel, Anton Galmen, My Truemun, Eric Schultz, Richard Chen, jzueph Cben, Ben Sikoru, Peter Cben, Ben Kananan, Zeke Sieuenr, Paul Rage. This group of guys, interested in the Medieval Ages, l lodged themselves in Mrs. Miller's room during lunch to play games and to learn about the Medieval ages. Their advisor will sometimes even get them video f movies that will teach them more about this time of history. Theatre Club In the Theatre Club the members saw plays at A.C.T. and Berkeley Rep as well as discussed their shared interest in the theatre. The intentions of the club were to increase awareness of the world of theatre and to provide the op- portuntiy for interested students to participate and become more aware and knowledgable as to the role the theatre plays in society. ADVISOR: MJ. Cbarlip, MEMBERS:juan Fer-rin Qpreiidenll, Ben Bakkenlu frfire premlenlj, Zinda Mauman flreaiurerj, Yuneem Severin Iierrelaryj, Diana Engle, Neveen Mailufa. V Adrienne Olmilead, Tanir Kerel, Semfina Kelly, Marllm Braun, Tnuy Vunniier. Debby Kim, Sumnna de la Torre, Leila Hornifk. Computer Club ADVISOR: George Fwfeliux, PRESIDENT: Doug Turriii, VICE PRESIDENT: Nirole Hall, TREASURER: Xin jin. MEMBERS:-Ioannie Albee, Silvia Blamn, Phoebe Cheng, Helen Chung, Saian de la Torre, Nirole Har-rif, Amy Iliieh, Debbie Kiin, Ryan MrArthur, Shawna MrGourty, Max Rible, Lui: Soto, Alex Trai, ana' Lillian Trai. MEMBERS: Kezfin Arnold, lzfy Chan, janire Chen, Kriilie Chen, Shirley Chen, Richard Chen Qireiidentl, Rath Chen, Phoebe Cheng, Miyoho Chu. Albert Chung, Helen Chung, Thoinaf Chang, jawn Filirhen, jark Fu, Krirtin Gan. Pariia Ghauenizaileh, Nicole Har-riJ, Amy Hiieh, Dazfiil Ha, I-Chieh Iluangujoyre Huang, Sarah Huang. Ifariiljararlilel, Xin-fin, Adam Kane, Gina Kinpjarh Kim, Barbie Kao fprefitlentl, Brenda Lee, Wfilliarn Lee. Hiro Liao. Frank Lin, Grace Lin. Wai-Ling Lake, Ryan Mai'Arthnr, Sung-Yil Moon. Adrian Mueller. Marhaf Mullarhey, Aaron Nahahara f.I7V'L'JIllt'!Ili. Cathy Nguyen, Owen Niihioka, Max Rible, Eric Shultz, Lair Sato. Rainyar Tabatabaian, Amy Thach, Alex Tiai. Eileen Tiai, Lillian Tiai, Annie Wa, Dianna Wu Ipreiidenll, Nanry Wu, Tereia Wu, Cindy Wan, Lury Wan, Shahrani Yaiienii. The Computer Club has been at A.H.S. for the past ten years. It consists of a group of students that have an interest in computers. The activities have included working on computer projects, supervising the computer room, taking educational field trips concerning 'high-tech' topics, and welcoming computer- based demonstrations by computer specialists. Their goal for this year was to take an Alpine ski trip to the Sierras. To raise the money for the trip, the Computer Club ran car washes, worked in the kitchen dur- ing Bingo night, and held numerous other fund raisers. Math Club The MathClub was formed by a group of students who are in- terested in math. The activities included: - mathletes in different schools every month - noon contests - Santa Barbara math contest - Poly Royal math contest and many many more contests that are related to math. The teachers who volunteered as chauf- fers get a hand of thanks. It was a fun year!!! 69 Bike Club e-ff, 1 ADVISERS:-joe Cruz and Ed Hill. MEMBERS:-hanelle Provo! I, Kerry Wonghjark Fu, Adam Ritbardron, Eric Gray, Silvia Blamn. A "The aim of the Bike Club is simple: to go on bike rides and have fun, and if we get fit along with it, all the better. We ride usually on Friday afternoons about 3:30 and go to various places, such as Inspiration Point, Emeryville, Grizzly Peak, or Briones Park. The rides typically last for one or two hours, after which we feed our faces Cor the club's, of courseb. A good bike is not neccesary, but it does help as we meet some pretty long and steep hills. Our motto is: 'Ride, fun, fitness, food' which sums us up quite nicely." - thanks to Adam Richardson Elmer Gump Who is Elmer Gump, what does Elmer Gump mean? What is the pur- pose of this club, what kinds of things does it do? Who is its president, vice president, or secretary ftreasurer? Who are its members? When does Elmer Gump get together? Why do they get together? Do they get together at all? Is Elmer Gump really a club or is it a fraud? Is joe Cruz just posing as Elmer Gump's Adviser? Ask him, see what his answers are, and then please let US know! P he Offical Unoffical Not Really Real Clubs wg'- -ea Senior Men on Campus This "club" has been a tradition at A.H.S. for many years. And although it is not registered with A.S.G., we decided that, for once, we'd include them with the rest of the clubs. This group of guys consider themselves the "brother-group" to Senior Girls Honorary. Though not thoroughly organized, as this picture shows, they're just a group of seniors trying to survive their senior year by having as much fun as possible. PRESIDENT: no one. MEMBERS: Dan Andenon, Roh Arendell, Kevin Arnold, Sieve Cfafelli, Rau Culverzvell, Kevin Ka- jiufara, jeff Kim. Mike Parham, Dan Reed, Adam Safir, Andy Seltzer, Miguel Serrano, Dan Shepherd, jon Sloan, Luix Solo, Ramyar Tabazahaian, Seal! Thornton, and all the ren of "the guyx. " PRESIDENT: Sean "Yabn" Yalmraki, VICE-PRESIDENT: Torn "Hal" Benion, SECRETARY' Tim CloJe, TREASURER: Siem' "Ike" Eirenberg, MEMBERS: Shawn Hormzamjake MfCuJler, Stacy MfCurter, Parker Neuflon, jawn Sangmaffer, Ken! Zapata. Though everyone i1 invited lo join in . . . "lhiJ :lah could he ralled the E.S. U.: Everyone Srmleni Union. " ' W.S.U. The original name of this club was the We Skate Union, their original idea was to have their picture in the yearbook and raise money for club activities. The original adviser of this club, though, had beliefs contrary to those of its' members and of the club's activities, so the club was officially cancelled. There is no longer an official W.S.U. yet its' spirit lives on. The involved students had always wanted a club, and though it was short-lived, and there was no formal photo of its members in the yearbook, we decided to let them have one of their original goals reached. The well-known name of the club came to be the Whoop Student Union or the Weekend Student Union. Their logo is still seen all over A.H.S. on people, as well as their T-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, and binders. "Everyone had a club, so we wanted one, too." Service Club ffm C? Q' ..-L... MEMBERS: Tanir Keret fPre.rident2, Claudine Woo fViee-Prexidentl, julie Kim fSerrelary-Treafurerl, Stephanie Runell, Adrienne Olrnxtead, Lira Wien, Rohyn Sato, Eileen Farnan, Miehelle Pender, Anna Sherhurn, Rachel Hileheorh, Kiln Elzel, Kerri Safnpron, Genevieve Higgini, Cinde MeKnight, Anne Cliatl, Mitki Martinez, Heather Steuenf, Leila Hornieh, jenny Laird, Mary Larkey, Birdie Chi, Nina Carrieri, Tammy Markham, Miranda Ahrarru, Mirhelle Seeley, Meridee Carter, Catherine Sugg, Shawna Hawley, David Hu. Big Sisters 4 ."K3f"' if i MEMBERS: Carla AUHIHJ., Karen Beal.r', Mirhelle Brown, Miyako Chu fSerrelary-Treaiurerl, Nicole Chu, Sherry Djahangiri, Amy Fleiiig, jenny Gould, jenny jacohi, Neva Keret, Debby Kim', Brenda Lee, Trary Lohrnan', Melanie Linehaugh, Angie Luna, Mariia Mariieal lVite-Prefidenti, Sara Prem, jennikr Redirh fPreiidenlI, Alexandra Ridge, Gahriella Rigg, Carmnilla Saulihury, Eve Sfnalyield, Rarhel Taylor, Sufan de la Torre", Lillian Tfai", Whilni Wil:on', Meredith Winer, Lury Wun'. IMernherJ with an " By their narnex, were no! in the Servire Cluhj ' Sr. irls' Honorary RT' 4 is R X, ,c 4213+ ,fs- L 'kj - if ,jf ,.,- 1 . .f Qi HM' I N -rv MEMBFRS Kim Bdllllldllydf, Kim Beal, Andrea Brnnetti, Rhonda Choi, Diana CUVlkl9,-ICHHWF Dewi.f,joun-Ferrin, Renee Fefpernlan, Michelle Hazelell,jefKi1r1, Nntnfhn Knrberenbv, Klmdeju Fredrlrk Penelope Lackey, Anne MrSufeeney, Krir Middlelan, Kelly Panlell, Mike Parham, Meg Peterfon, Elee Rogen, joanna Sbaber, Rarnynr Tabnmbniun, Amlrm Tung, Cbflfllflt' Vallerzu Ben Weiman, Linda- Wellf, Elly Wong, Kelly Wilkinron, Rurbelle Yamamki. The gals clubs! Sorry, they can no longer be called that as of this year. The Service Club is an opening for sophomores to do exactly what it saysg serve. Such activities as Back to School Night and the Soroptomists' Oktoberfest Open House help members to earn points. Baking foods for school activities like Cougar Follies, the junior Talent Show, and the annual musical help the club earn money to take on to the next year when they become juniors and . . . Big Sisters! The members of this club get Lit- tle Sisters 18th graders from Albany Middle Schooll and take them to school functions and other outside activities, earning points while do- ing so. The purpose of this club is to sufpply a "familiar face" to the new freshmen Cat least those that were Little Sistersj in a senior girl, formerly a Big Sister, now a . . , Senior Girl! Senior Girls Honorary, except lbif year the club should be called Senior Girls and Guys Honorary, seeing how four of the members are of the male species and one of them is the clubs's co-president. The club's highlight activi- ty is the annual weekend snow trip in Tahoe. They all stayed in a cabin, skiing and partying all weekend. With guys under the roof this year loo, let our imaginations wander for a moment . . .J it was really FUN!!! This club exposes Asian culture to sports Cbasketball, softball, volleyball interested students, enables them to and footballb, picnics, bowling, fund make friends and have fun through raising and whatever else to have fun!!! cultural events and outdoor activities. Activities this Club included Cben, Helen Cbung, jarb Fu, SlJantalFrantz, dance parties, ice skating, intermural Frirlin Gan, Nicole Harrif, Sidney Hfu, Sarah MEMBERS' janice Cben Sbirley Cben Zbener Huang, jdf Kim, Angel Kuo, Barbie Kuo, Steve Lai, Allen Lee, Brenda Lee, jarkmn Lee, Wai- Ling Lobe, Aaron Nakabara, Paul R., Lillian Trai, Annie Wu, Diana Wu, Terefa Wu, 'Cindy Wan, Lucy Wan, Mike Wan Qreridentl, Debby Yafnaraki, Rong Zbeng. UBIS YS' Juapmg L The Black Student Union CB.S.U.D includes most of the Black student body of A.H.S. and has grown significantly over the years, especially in the past two. In 1984, Rhonda Smith took over as the club's president and began getting the club the recognition it deserved. Its activities have included such things as fund raisers, talent shows, trips, a haunted house, and a planned grand finale program for Black History Month Cin Februaryb. In October '86 alone, they raised over 3200.00 and that was just the beginning. "Our goal is to raise enough money to have an end-of-the-year trip," said Tracy, this year's President. PRESIDENT: Trary Anderion, VICE-PRESIDENT: Khadija Fredrirkf, SECRETARY: Whilni Wilion, TREASURER: Zania Harrir, MEMBERS: Beliia Aaron, Tamika Ahdulah, Damon Anderion, Malile Anihony, Marvin Anthony, Shannon AJhford, Ben Brown, Martha Brown, Mithael Clark, Mirhael Dorkinf, Chira Ealon, Keir Fifher, Palrirk Foner, Marty Gnfilh, Adrian A. johmon, Cheryl Mann, Malik Monlon, Dingane Newion, TM fan Rin ala' Annefle Sander: Rorhane Sheppard Tanirha Y gg 1 1 1 Singleton, Charlolle Srnilh, Sernoine Sykei, jeff Walker, Kenyatta Webb. aT Q W' U3 e-r C CL FD D f-r E o 'D Tennis Club 'lzhe Tennis Club is an opening to students who like and appreciate the game of tennis. Their pro- grams enable tennis players to find part- ners, to improve ten- nis skills and to have fun during the school year. Goals this year were to KD set up a 9 ranking system to en- courage people to challenge themselves, C29 see tennis tour- naments and GJ set up their own tennis N i et Q Ch-lb tournament in MEMBERS: Sherry Djahangiri lPreJ.I, Mike Alderfon, Ian Alkinmn, john Bae, Ehah Bandar, Antonio Cediel, George Chue, Rhonda Choi Thama: the SP1-ing. Chung, Erin Flowerr, Majid Hahihi, David Hu, I-Chieh Huang, Moria Kajiwara, jack Kuo, Melanie Linehaugh, Lara MfCONHlfi6 Mike Morgan Mike Nagle, Kevin Newlon, Kelly Panfell, Nathan Purdue, Mig1ielSerrano, Andrea Tang, Kelly Wilkenmn, Kerry Wong, Shahram Yarfemi Badminton Club Albany Badminton Club was formed to serve those who have an interest in this fast paced racket sport and to bring a fun time to everyone by going and com- peting in tournaments. Goals of this year were to establish a schedule and to find a place where they could play without having natural events disrupt play. To improve services to members and improve the member's playing were also important goals set up by this club. MEMBERS: Frank Lin lPreJ.i, jack Kun, I-Chieh Huang, Barbie Kuo, Diana Wa, Namy Wiz, Shirley Chen, Garre Lin, Lacy Wien, Lillian Trai, joyce Ilnang, Ivy Chan, David Hn, Thainar Koeppe, Eunah Kang, jawn Filrfhen, Yong Huang, Angel Kuo, Alexander Trai, Helen Chung, Enoch Lee,janife Chen, Amy Hfieh, Hiro Liao, Annie Wu, Ehah Bandar, Sarah Huang, Shahrarn Yanefni, Sidney Peng. Q, 5, All 5 QA rn, sg .-Vx-,,. '- " IC If i an-0 .qv- ,-...Jaw --- ' His anic Club uri ll 15.2 MEMBERS Adam Safir CPres7 Karen Beals Silvia Blason Miyoko Chu Helen Chung Susana de la Torre Richard Entenmann, Kritin Gan, Sebastian Frey, Sidney Hsu, David Hmly Amy Hsieh Nicole H1rris Leila Hornick jeff Kim Hando Kim Sung Yil Moon Markus Mullarkey Aaron Nakahara, Dan Reed, Vicki Silva, Lillian Tsai, Ben Ever woncler where that money goes from those gummi bears? Vfell if you buy 'em from an Hispanic Clubber during their tradi- tional sale, it supports the groups activites. And what are we paying for . . . their dinners at MexicanfSpanish restaurants, tickets for Latin movies, museum showings of Latin art and things in that nature. Le Cercle. Francais Le Cercle Francais is a social organization which aims to promote French culture by dining in French restaurants, viewing French films and art exhibits and other activities related to France and its culture. A major goal of the club this year was to raise money for a scholarship for a deserving senior in the French department. As you can see, even people not in the club wish they were! ar Resisters - W li 4 Q MEMBERS: jorh Boatright fPreJia'enli, Mike Wehr fViee-Pref., Seeyl, Toby Urnland lTreaf.1, Rachel Abrarnion, Cuilia Alauon, Aniy Andriilewir, Kevin Arnold, Ann Bailey, Phil Bailey, Ben Bakkenta, Karen Beale, Gabrielle Brinkman, Andrew Brittney, Claudia Caftro, Riehard Chen, Allyna Chrixtner, Ana Conlin, jenia Corlezzo, Diana Conkle, Anne Cliait, Surana de la Torre, Sherry Djahangiri, Shania Frantz, David Ferrin, David Gibion, Malarhi Gnitierrez, Erie Gray, Chrix G'arrirk,joe Ghione, Raven Halderfnan, Max Hanavan, Andrew Hawthorn, Ethan Hall, Lerley Hall, Eva Hui, Mike Kuliga, Ilya Knrherenko, Aifha Krieger, Donna Kim, Soreh Kevorkian, Melinda Kelrey, Serafina Kelly, Kevin Kennedy, Debby Kim, jenny Laird, Kelina Labo, Krifliina Middleton, Katie MeNenny, Neveen Mo1tafa,jennM'r Marlin, Todd Mork, Marriu Mora, Adrienne Olinitead, john Prather, Meg Petenon, Sara Prerf, Adam Ridge, Alex Ridge, Caffidy Reynoldi, Ana Paula Rodriguei, Chriftina Rate, Regina Randomh, Elee Rogerx, Hope Singer, Molly Singeen, Hope Singien, Heather Steveni, Rain Springer, Mike Stephenf, Lui! Soto, Andrea Tung, Rafnyar Tabalahaian, Matt Wong, Kim Wellf, Kevin Wehr, Kaela Vronxky, Robert Wooyord, Ariele Wild- wind, Elly Wong, Cindy Wan, Matt Wanlin, Anne Wood, Beth Zawadxki. r The War Resisters Club is a of students devoted to educating themselves and the on anti-war issues such as the draft, Central arms race, and several others. They have sponsored lide shows, films, peti- tion drives, and participate in rallies protests around the bay area. They believe that war is a crime against humanity, and are opposed in principle to all wars and-any war. They believe that there is always a better solution thanivvar, 'and that grassroots American nonviolent resistance is the best way to get their message across. They have modeled, their club on an interna- tional organization called the Warjiesisters League. ., I3 "The War Re.ri.rter.r League is indispensahlefoir the preparation of a fundamental change in public opinion, a change that, under present-day circumstances, is absolutely necessary if humanity is to survive." ,r',' 5 -- ALBERT EINSTEINf1953i ii' p1 QL Q59 -.., Ski Club MEMBERS: Raehel Taylor IPrer.l, judy jurtui IV-Prerj, jenny Gould, Tracy Lohman, Meredith Winer, jaron Mearr, Marita' Marirral, john Falmni, Sherry Djahangiri, Lara MrCormirk, Neva Keret, Amy Fleixig, Lara Peterr, Linda Wellf, Shannon Arkinr, Gabriella Rigg, Mike Witwer, Erit Okimato, Alex Ridge, Matt Wanlin, Stott Thomron, Ian Atkinton, Eric' Chapman, Brenda Santor, Kenneth Chen, Dan Barge-kit, Faith Boring, Mike Morgan, Mike Nagel, Mike Alderfon, Meridee Carter, john Bae, Lui: Sato, Faizal Huuain, Dana Eaton, Tom Benton, Sam Benton, Andy Seltzer, Adam Kane, Colleen Konig, Ryan Lewir, Kirrten Perry, jamn Tuttle, Diana Conkle, Andrea Tung, Rarhelle Yaniaraki, Ben Brown, George Choe, Nathan Perdue, Kelly Wilkenron, Nirole Hall, Erin Floweri, jawn Fittehen, Kevin Campbell, Mike Parham, Davida Berglund, Sara Prerr, Chrit Willey, jenny Laird, Matt Harger, Ramyar Tahatahaian, Shahram YaJ.remi,joanie Alhee, Shawna MtGorty. The AHS Ski Club is a club designed to satisfy the desire of those students who love skiing and want a convenient and fun way to hit the slopes. Club organizers made sure the trips were nothing but a chance to get outdoors, to meet new people, and to have fun with friends. At the beginning of the season, snow was very scarce but as the rain began to fall, AHS's skiers couldn't wait to hit the slopes. It was the club members, and especially the organizers, that made this year the success that it was and it was those members that made the AHS Ski Club one of largest, funnest, and most popular clubs at AHS. Auto Club The Auto Club is made up mainly of Advanced Auto students who enjoy working under their cars. The extra time - outside of class time - allows students to talk about problems with their cars and allows some of them to work on special projects. MEMBERS, Top: john Falconi, Alan Markham, Eric Ellerbasch, Matt Vlanlin, Raul Guiterrez, Kenny Guiterrez, Steve Vuong. 2nd- Row: Nathan Rodriguez, Reggie Hightower, Lela Fasciani, Andre Sicard, David Weiss, Tim Romain, Matt Bailey, joel Scherzer. Front Row: Andy Dryer, Ken Blanchard, Alisha Koepke. Print Club The A.H.S. Print Club is composed of both Print I and II students. During the school year, the club visits trade shows and printing plants to further their knowledge of printing processes. Fund Raisers for this club include printing and merchandizing a calendar, and printing for various clubs and groups on campus. MEMBERS: Miranda Abrarnr, Malik Anthony, Dawn Annftrong, Sam Benron, jamn Brarkett, jarnn Carter, Cyra Carlillo, David Catrnull, Lira Dumeld, Adam Duran, Mirhael Ellery, Korlene Firher, Patrick Foxter, Mark Honor, Daniel! Ibbotron, jamer MarDonald, Tam- my Markham, Danielle McHone, Michael Parrott, Brian Parrley, Malinda Pittman, john Prather, Roland Revoir, Ezra Srhnirk, Andre Taylor, Cindi Tipton, john Ulrirh, Tammy Yokornizouloreph Zeiu. Cougar Expressions Issue Volume Une, 1987 1 H CDM,- ' WWE' vffdw was . , ' LP-if umLKOJri?'.E M am.,- HTQ'-NCl'f -kuwjm Fun' W H mm fghihr 5 WDP'-1+ wuqv Sw.-3 -wr - .fbi Num Dy CKE u 'fvuxssfduhbkg-dL Ah. CY 7 """W'C aug www W3 Qavevds. Ne Mod cm bmw' ' NNE, hc' dxlrxvxef 'Hn S9VNRRV1CilSC0'1MgVx qofvml ow-4. -.kwa BM dudf K ' ' r J 25-ki LADY? Oaboui' -W1 Pkumv COUBQVS qoip 3 im 5 LI. ii aim? .'W0i'wflS eo wursvm vimwwqr OluAg,7,3eQp J MTU?-'kv Qaqbxn OWYMLS Snrlfvwvwd qyvl Smnal ,ko bmupy.-B,wO5 XQML AD GTA!! Wfglexmi PULL Na.. M3 'faxed On-.uv-vs Q Sw. 5-Mund md' 09 -Marc, axvljxbwf SQWC1, re, were kqlxgd Qeqiic, R+ wsfmve inten Lg-Lf -bday ww, WQOJ. Cfpnvitk DC gp l.NE...,AstYaxcxvxf 5,9 RAD 1nMgl"Dd WM. T966 Bmagxe BHP umm W'-iq wire mr675Cns Axurmd ofwvai? time q,P1r't-'f bwaclfs we. CXO OF? ggwkl 5,g,fQD,,Lg S.f,,,,b,1'H Milf QmCui'mfh9.c,Um wrcL,T1q,g.,-Ljfcmnyqu WWW 5651? s F-rwpwd' X Q . 'QUXTQK4 VDQQRA ' '?,,N.L .f3fwxQE.f'.,1'?4 Eogbfolmdiflif-Z' WW' E' N Q9 'mf Q 3006+ v-A60-Ft cy'-Awu sex. CK wmv'-e -546 u.Je,ZKZYO-'Il dai-K' Know?-Texan or A PKOu+'OO0'50vunCi CQOX 700 0 Lnowgg, , m2a9x4beQ7LI'tec,vQgwo flviw Ted 0.254 v gm - vw Worr - voouucivf-Rf dare +or4-,Age uuvfln avw evcmknoxovd- ber K U 'WW are goo 5' GH, wbg Cxg-kv, QM? gait ro ' Luvtlfwkjis WQOW ld Y 'K-b 'N-mpc WJ, QAWQCYS B Ullw- Lili, an EC'-?A?f'.6 .- I' I K "avril ALQ For Nu.. Ycnifc Onclckx 5 . " "W r :fx of . - Q ,Ag-4 .q- '. iff, ' :S?1i'Jef by I 3 5 5 , built-Li 539' ' zu 1 ' q Y 0 V f xv . N1 1 'CD YT? ,ga I ,. V 9 .4 Patrick Foscer, I lah: "Ir's rhebcsc school in che world. Ir's chebesc school to bear fora good education. Youfllbe greatlf' - A ' Q , ,Different o .If You, Had the Chonce, Vfould You Go to a School Kevin Wehr, 9tl1.Wld staylr Albnpy becnusel know everyone here, not like a big school like Berkeley-where you 'walk down the holland youysec weird people rhar you A don': know. And so. you can? to people and here you-can so everybody." ' DeWoll' l2rh"'lactu likedmisachoolbecauseifsd ' smallschoolnnd Ermly , . fairly . people know each orherzyery I that you get a fine odumgionf' A J., 4:1 LeronneArmguong,9:h: "IH hadchechoicetogotoAlbanyornot,-mon, Pdgoco BishUP0'Dowdicause AlbanY'sweak!" j - A' . W. . Miyoko klhu, llrh: "I would sray ar Albany. You can play volleglzll and go our for che y play and you can be more involved. I think :he teachers at Al y are-'really good. l- chink tlrev reallv care about what zhev're doin." Alemndra Szostak, 9ch: "I would go on another school bemixse Albany doesn'r offeuhe classa charyoucouldgeruabiggerschool. l.ikeBerkeley,forexample,offers fencing and more languages. Also, Albany has so few courses and more squdencs in qmhiclass rim ir's gridlocked now, so even if you wanted ro you couldn'r move down ro Brian Parsley, l lrh: "l'd my ar Albany because it's a nice lirtle rowng everyoneknows cv .lrhinkmheschooli remsrall .Ev ' seemsrowork-lz'sa-M erybod ' ' ' A . HYWUUB A -I . smgll schyoolgand everyone in know y. The atmosphere ar the school is .""'Y8'P"-. ioo , ooeeev e ooo. ...A o o'lnazwouldbecl1eonlyrensorrl'dzhinkofmovingf' ' ' Pin! Rosenblatr, Heh: "l live wizhirny grandfather so I on go to school here. I'd my arAlbanybecauseir'sagrurschool! lfsnioeandsrnall. Youcanmlktoallrheteachers and go and-get help during lunchtime. Actually, with any .teacher you can walk in and you can talk during lunch if you have n problem, and rhey're always around to ealk ro you. Bur, in a biggerischoolg than nor posible. Ir's easier no geriinro CAl.ll'rom Albany :fell than from Berkeley-lfligh. They only rake ar few people from Berkeley High. I edrosomepeopleinrheAdmMoru0flicearld.5har3wharclxeysay. You haven berrerchance. 'I1ur'sorleofrhereasonswhylcamehere." j1mBeechl0rh. Idsmyhercbeauoelhlcertlieredmebcsrlvebeencoodxoolrn orherplnces hkeIvebeernoschoolinVirg1nn.Peoplehezeuernoermdxhewenrhers good Theacademrcnrceasiertlunonrlweaszooan Irssmallerandllnkerchererhe most Ihave xo leave during the third quarter Immovmg roPans France to live wnh mydad lmnoclookmgforwardroit ldrathezsmyhere N F '55, Q. M4 , L 7'- I T ' fs I 3 X f V4 'v ll 'lf I n 1 '97,-X 1, The Long " the Short of It l ,.,. . this year, anyway. Fosselius and his ecology class to change the asphalt faculty parking lot into a cool, green lawn, complete with walkways. Sounds like an easy enough project for an enthusiastic teacher and an .:, energetic class. But they soon found out what a bumpy road they chose to take. The students first observed from the se- cond story as fellow students traveled across the asphalt. Phase one was complete when they created the 'X' design for their green breezeway. Phase two: The students borrowed city jack-hammers and began breaking up the asphalt, leaving the portion that was to They then began to such as ash from manure from efforts to plant trees of '79 donated 8950, which was put in the district fund account, safe and sound, they thought. Unfortunately, they were never able to use that money. It had disappeared. The Ecology Class used the plot of ground for various activities during the next couple of years, including a vegetable garden and a grass the r - -we wind-mill experiment. The hope of an ex- pensive lawn, however, was revived when the Class of '81 donated 8800, for sod and topsoil. This was enough to completeione section, leaving three sections in a 'pot-hole' and muddy condition. Little changed until it came to the atten- tion of the district manager, who in '86 reported this 'hazardous condition' to the board. In response, the district finally came through! To Mr. Fosselius' relief, they donated S1700 of district funds to complete the job. In addition to finishing the grass, they also contributed S900 with which to in- stall a sprinlder system. , Mr. Fosselius now feels that the students were paid back ip full when the district com- pleted the job. Despite it taking years of hard work and entanglements, we now have a beautiful place where all of us can' gather and relax. Thank you, Mr. George Fosselius! cr. 1 " Qt, is S N 1 r . - . n if' 'ir s r 1 ' 1 . it i'e l Q X Xi: p g Q 1 , IE fs 3 . -g ' .gie K eili . I ai g X . , xii.. ' . I X, is 1 5 1 , ., -gg P . A XX 1 S 1 . ... .. ., K 8 . J Shop Classes with "band: on" experience may rome to an end at Albany. When It Happened, Yearbook Was There! Albany High School is an oasis in the middle of a desert," was the W.A.S.C. committee response when they came to Albany about five years ago for accreditation and evaluation. But, the oasis is drying up! The necessary funds to continue many of the dasses at Albany fthat makes our school so specialh are at a desperate low and the finan- cial situation is not getting better as Deukmejian has continuously cut fhackedl the school budget. These cuts come at an in- opportune time as the state-wide high school drop-out rate is at an all time high, teenage drug and crime rate is at an all time high, and sadly, the teenage suicide rate is at an all time high, being the second highest killer of teens in America today. I At Albany this year, the board of directors faced with the first time dosute of many vocational and extracurricular classes. At press time, the situation seemed hopeless for the continuation of the auto and wood shop classes. In spite of a unified presentation from the faculty for the comprehensive pro- gram, little hope remained for photography dasses, printing, mechanical drawing and music. Parents and students went to the board to stress the fact that the students would not be the only losers. In the long run, the economy would surely suffer with the decreasing number of knowledgable individuals in life- skills, such as auto mechanics and cabinet- making. In addition, housing values will also decline because one of the reasons why homes in Albany are expensive is because of the high ratings of our schools. Many out-of- district students may go to their local schools that offer the vocational classes, leaving Albany in an even tigher financial bind. And worse, for the student who drops out of school completely, the community can ex- pect an increase in crime, drugs, and violence. This year was the first year of the propos- ed drug testing of all athletes. It created much controversy due to the fact that most athletes believed it was an infringement of their constitutional rights. Many athletes protested at board meetings because they felt that the administration was singling them out as drug users, when they are a very small segment of the student population, and not representative of the drug users on campus. Guidelines for the program could not be worked out, so the proposal was dropped. Our annual talent show, sponsored by the junior Class, once again exposed the hidden talents of AHS students. Sarah Huang and Simond Sykes lulled the audience with their song. "KISS" and other bands played for the enjoyment of all. The AHS short Flags pet- formed "I Can't Wait" by the Jetts, and the jazz Band filled in at intermission. It proved to be an enjoyable evening for all who attended. A.H..S'. Talent Show, beld in March, raised money hr the junior Prom. 85 A day in the IW 4 if s If KF-W., 1 we R xX Another day begins . . . I 1 1 e A in Brush away that plaque and it's off to a clean start! J 'Sa 'i 'IN xwu! X e e " A ,, , ,Ns A., , and shave off nighttime's stubble. Cx ff' but don t be late' Oh no" not agam ,N fx' fl Nxt X Force down a well-balanced breakfast . 'Mir' bf 5 , l x Q, f4 ,Q '. I 1- ttyt A A 1 . by , Y ,, E -.. L L . ' f 5' f' Q . 744 A c L L A s , ' L . . . . t .. . ,.. se Q, . 3 'fs X 'NWA yi V ie Ii ,ly 1 1 V ' 1 P ' 5 V E X. 5 a i , r S . ' , . 4, X 3 cfyxfk Z' . , WM ,, X p f ,gg .- if - ,451 ,. L gi 1, ilg-Qg:Q5Liil,iQi 1 'f""I'5'vdY, ' ' ke. Some hands-on experience in Chemistry. H. in-f' . . and then she said that he. . "I already know who discovered America . . 'm E5 t ii f ,,. Ax I f wil. "Yeah, Okay! just one more minute!!" i Q Q3 1+ Goodnight!! '45 , .1 LYWQ MTS f x G93 i W L i'i ' - 1 tn t ff 9 Another happy meal with the folks. "y : mx + b, Right?" ,. ....-......,.A YC ,",R. .-as --6 l l X . T 1 Afrcr looking rhrough back issues ufrhe "Cougar," wc realized rhar we saw rhc same thing every year. Previous yea rpresunr what guys and girls were. The resulr was a confusing hodgc-podge of srylss and rrcnds all rhrown onto o you're a girl who gors ro A.H.S.'r mum than you all wear rubs skins, and nor vvcry guy has a llar-rop. This wanrcd ro do something diffurrnr. We randomly ihuse srudunrs from uvcry grade and "srylc" and asked rhcm ro s mum." We rook rhem all and had a Rrshiun shoor. ln this way wc rried to show what Albany rmlly looks likc. W4-'r nur a hunfh of ilonv.-s, lmr theres onc poinr on whirh we all sr.-em ro agree: Alhany looks good! r n h e 0 fi T 'TY' 'NM yu... We go to the same places, we do the same things, and this year it seems our clothes show it. Unisex is in! From styles to jewelry to brand names, you can see it everywhere. Here are some examples from A.H.S.: -- Thermals - jean jackets -Logo sweatshirts Qi.e. College or Sportsj - Plaids and Flannels - Rugby Shirts - Man-Jizea' sweaters - Anything black - Leather jackets - Topcoats - Ripped jeans - Leggings - Hoop earrings Cmore and more guys are getting their ears piercedl - Anklets - "Chain" necklaces 90 Brand names are going unisex, too! People can get their favorite clothes in either the guys or the girls departments in stores. They'll be in both places. - Fila - Swatch - Coca-Cola - Guess? - Generra - Bennetton Our hair, however, is as different as ever. Girly, for the most part, seem to have their hair cut at a medium length, and although the styles differ, curls and waves dominate. Some of the Guy: went wild in the fall with decorations shaved into their hair, and many others "flat-topped" it. At this rate, we may all show up at our class reu- nions wearing the same outfits! 91 Awar ds 9" mul' Q S I Anal' lP4i 3? af J Banquets ,P a,,s 'Viv i ii, AX ef 4 1 IW 1 IITWW 5"Wfv"w 5,5 L It Was the Worst in of Times 1986 ended with much excitement and surprise, but also confusion and questions Especially one: EXACTLY WHO is running this nation of ours? IS it Ronald Reagan, the president, or someone else? Why is this question asked? Here's the story. After an nouncing to the public that WE, the in any way, shape, or form, CAnd he proved this with the attack on Quaddafij it appears that we had done just that. The United States government was sending arms to Iran a supposedly "terrorist" country in exchange for hostages held by Shi'ite Moslems. Then we sent the money that we made by this arms deal to fund the Contras in Nicaragua Excuse me Mr. President but isn't Iran a terrorist country, as you have mentioned before? And wasn't there a law passed in Congress stating that we are not to send funds to the' Contras? I guess I was wrong to believe in your word. Oh, thank you for cor- recting me! As you explained so diplomatically, we are dealing with "moderate factions" within a terrorist coun- try. Now that we got that straight, here are some more people involved in this scandal: Lt. Col. Oliver North a NSA staff member who has taken the fifth, William Casey ,f . n win . Sw ings QP QQ toon' saves Fall FOKEK-mens ww bmw' no WHAT' we was Director of the CIA who suffered a stroke and retired and Chief of Staff Donald Regan who has resigned under pressure The Plot thickens as we add Senate in vestigatron committees namely the Tower commission who held President Reagan ac countable for the sequence of events And your response Mr President? Could you remember what you did on August 5 1985? Come on President Reagan get real This isn t Hollywood' i COMEOM Meanwhile President Reagan scrambled to patch up his credibility. In the forty year history of nationwide polls of presidents never before has a Presidents popularity dropped so sharply and so quickly. Americans were doubtful about the things Reagan was saying. Was it the truth or a well covered-up lie? As more facts are reveal- ed the truth will come out. We shall see . . . Another subject of growing concem was the dreaded disease called AIDS Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. Once con- tracting this virus the person does not sur- vive. The major problem involved with AIDS is not limited to one group race or sex as it was originally believed This dread ed disease has no prejudice The fear caused all to think twice about who they were with and unfortunately started to make people look suspiciously at each other The extreme of this fear was LaRouche s attempt to pass a patients This bill did not pass To fight this fear Surgeon General Kopp started a cam paign to distribute information about AIDS He also recommended that not counting abstinence the safest means of prevention from contracting this insidious disease is the use of condoms In 1982 there were 144 cases reported in the U S with a death toll of 46 Five years later there are an estimated 3 million cases in the U S with a death toll of 30 000. Currently there are over 10 million persons with AIDS worldwide according to a study done by John Hopkins University. AIDS often is not suspected until 2 years after exposure. Each person with whom the victim had intimate contact has also been exposed. Those people will either contract the disease or unwittingly become a carrier. Eventually however Qwithin 8 yearsj the carrier will also perish. AIDS cannot be fought with fear. It can only be defeated with the strong arm of knowledge. So it is up to us to get rid of this disease or rather the spread of it. Not to be forgotten are the other events that occured this past year. Natural disasters such as the earthquakes in Mexico and San Salvador caused major destruction' and the not so natural disasters such as the accident at Chernybol nuclear reactor in the Soviet Union caused all nations to look at the real dangers of nuclear energy. And also the ferry ' - K by Rachelle 1 -Wit 4 A I S -aax -if- --"r"'. . 1 1 . - ,N N O U G I w lll Americans, will not negotiate with terrorists , . ' . " bill in San Francisco to quarantine all AIDS Q 1 f A 'ln X 69 ' 1 YN J , N f! , . K It Was the Best of Times boat accident in the channel between London and Belgium, where innocent lives were lost. Despite all the bad events of this past year, America still had a reason to celebrate. To start off the year of celebration, Americans came together at the party of the year held in honor of one of our great monuments. After the Lady Liberty received a much needed facelift and renovation, millions squeezed into Ellis Island to join in first hand while billions of others world-wide watched the spectacular event which lasted four days. And coming up this summer is the two- hundredth birthday of our nation's Constitu- tion, which should prove to be another week of partying. And while the nation celebrated, we in the Bay Area celebrated the 50th bir- thday of both the Golden Gate Bridge and the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge. Also celebrating birthdays are Coca-Cola's 100th and Sherlock Holmes' 100th, Hollywood celebrates 100 years in the entertainment in- dustry and the Peace Corps had it's 50th birthday. Not only did Americans celebrate, but so did the Royal Family. Queen Elizabeth's se- cond son, Andrew, married Sara Fergeson, "Fergie" as she was affectionately called by the British. Other weddings of the year in- cluded the Kennedy clan when Carolyn mar- ried Edwin Schlossberg and Maria Shriver married movie actor, Arnold Schwarz- tenager. Congratulations to all and Best Wishes!!! This also was the year for sports. With corporate sponsors and Dennis Connor, we took back the Americas Cup from the land down under. The New York Mets beat out the Boston Red Sox, and for the football fans: The New York Giants trampled the Denver Broncos in Superbowl XXI. What a year for New York!! Unfortunately for San Francisco and Bay Area fans, the 49ers did not have the best year. But despite major back surgery, joe Montana made a more than speedy recovery and was back on the field in 8 weeks! In the wake of WiUie Nelson's contribu- tions for our own, "Hands Across America" HAPPY BIRTHDAY Enjoy Coke Trade-mark Q TM394 was launched. The purpose of "Hands Across America" was to raise desperately needed funds for our homeless. Ironically, in the land of plenty, the number of homeless increased. Only this time, the homeless con- sisted of struggling families that were hit by unfair blows of fate. White and blue collar workers who lost their jobs, found it im- possible to pay their mortgages, car payments and other loans. When their houses foreclosed and their cars and furniture repossessed, they suddenly became depen- dent on city missions. The hardest hit are the children through no fault of their own. Because they lack a place to live, they cannot receive welfare and because they have no money to get started again, it often leaves them in an endless circle of red tape. There was an unprecedent response to this idea, which was "Hands Across America." This human chain, which spanned from coast-to- coast, raised millions of dollars, but due to expenses of the event, like television com- mercials, the actual amount of money going to the homeless was decreased substantially. However, at least the problem has now been addressed, and now the hope of the homeless has been lifted. But for how long? FOR 'Dzmuue youa own! CONCLUSIONS i o sf" ff 1 ff P "'V?Bff'h'L. 4"f T94 -A Q. I n ,C o s :Y 5 n 5' nfl' s ' w ff 3 'Q 4 7' 1' ' N r 1' IJ -Om W 'f 1-uw-31-,,.,.4,,,. M VARSITY FOUTBALL: High Spirits Top: Steve Crosetti 476, jason Sangmastet 475, Dan Anderson 437, Dana Eaton 470, Matt Wanlin 474, john Prather 473, jaya Guiterrez 423, Mike Clark 479, Steve Bames 458, Scott Thomson 471. Middle: jon Sloan 49, Luis Soto 46, Ross Culverwell 421, Rich Cline 432, Bobby Medearis 480, Malachi Guiterrez 477, Don Turtle 490, Dan Shephard 491, joe Ghione 467. Bottom: Eric Rice 44, Mike Parham 48, Miguel Serrano 427, Kenny Guiterrez 426, Raul Velez 413, Mehdi Dalvand 417, Reggie Hightower 463, Dan Reed 424. Missing: jason Handlos 452,josh Freeman 444. Coaches: K. Bankson, D. Defabio, Head Coach D. McCollum, B. Calegerri, G. Brown, At the end of the last year, preparations to get this year's football team together were being made. Through the summer they slaved, working their way through double days and ending them with hot showers. When school started, and the games began, our team was definitely in high spirits. We were able to hang tough through a difficult season, culminating in a victorious homecoming. 1986 VARSITY SCHEDULE john Swett 9 f 6 Alameda 1013 Piedmont 10113 Newark 9fl2 Fremont l0fl0 Encinal ll 7 McClymonds 9119 Bishop O Dowd 101 18 St Mary s l1fl5 Dublin 9f26 Salesian lOf24 ALL LEAGUE AWARD RECIPIENTS Matt Wanlin offensive guard defensive Shephard jon Sloan Scott Thompson and Don Turtle V ' f tackle: Honorable Mention: Mike Clark, Mike Parham, john Prather, Dan Reed, Dan v-N .il L JVFQQTBALL1 High Hopes! ynpx 4 4 o- Q x 'Gig ' g f' 'V 'A s -, W -V iqgniginzgivw s T 4 5 hi .Q ,Z 1. s 2 'Y -XAXLI Top: Coach Steve Miller, Matt Brown, Malik Mouton, David Gemett, Dave Chung, joel Shelton, jim Beeth, Mike Nagle, Myong Shin, Shammas Brown, Eric johnson Coach Paul Borgfeldt. Middle: Louie Brehm, Matt Hatger, Adolf Sabeh,jan D'Lemont, Dave Macchi, Scott Cliatt, jesse Davis, Mike Kostainsek, Mike Alderson. Bottom Ali Ravan, Mike Piniero, Eric Chapman, Gary Speakman, Rodney Austin, Scott Turtle, Luther Fleming. Missing: Aaron Mickelson, jason Mears, Carlos Protzel. varsity , r V21fS1f Y For the Albany volleyball players, it wasfanother suc- cessful season. Ar rhe end of the season, both j.V. and Varsity teams were league Champs, repearing"terri'Hc performances of earlier years. A . After a 2243 season the varsity championship series between Albany and Bishop O'Dowd was-truly a cliff hanger. Albany won the first two games easily but the O'Dowd Dragons were no pushovers. They took the next two games and the series went into its fifth and final match. Every point was a battlelbuc the Cougars held on to their narrow lead, winning the game 15-13. Rhonda Choi, Carolyn Ebert, and Penelope Lackey made All-League while Mary -Lackey and Martha McQaw received honorable rnenrion. K girl Top: jon Newman, Eye Smalllield, Adreinne Olmstead, Martha MeGaw, Renee Howley, Carolyn Ebert, Debbie Wanlin. Bottom: Miyoko Chu, Ivlary Lackey Natasha Kucherenko, Penelope Lackey, Michelle Hazlett, Elizabeth Rogers, Rhonda Choi. i ' Z Champions. Mr. and Mrs. Wanlin, a winning team! in 'U QA k A .w 1 Top: jon Newman, Rain Springer, CorimHangen, julie Kirin, Genevieve Higgins, Phil Wanlin. Middle: Terri M?d8fO,VG8bIiCU6 McCornbc, Shawna Hawley, jennifer Laird, jennell Provost, Anne Lackey. Bottom: Sarnamha Starr, Kim Erzel, Cheri Robinson, Alexandra Monie, Deborah Yamasaki. 102 un for Your Life ! Top Row: Sydney Hsu, Adam Safir, Steve Kobayashi, Tanir Keret, Maria Delgado', Meg Peterson, Andrea Brunetti, Patrick Mello, Coach Fred Brill. Middle Row: Jeff Kim, Darri Mohkami, Dan Borgfeldr, Brad Jennings, Raffi Kevorkian, Osama Hajali, Matt Wong, Reza javandel, john Ulrich, David Mellow. Front Row: Marcus Mullarkey, Aaron Draper, Marcus Mora, Andre Brunetti, Ramyar Tabatabaian', Farid javandel, Phoebe Emker, Damon Anderson. ' Captain .9 E, ,935 vi r -7g af NWA Z f f rag. TNQ' ' .-f'-'7!"-"!l1- t was another successful season for the AHS cross-country team. The girls' team, 4-3, placed fifth in their league. The boys' team, 5-2, fourth in their league. At the beginning of the season, the team went to Frogtown in Calaveras County. Medals and one trophy were brought back by the team which placed second overall. Towards the end of the season, the team went to the League Meet. The girls' team missed going to the North Coast Sectionals KNCSJ by one point. The top three girl runners were Phoebe Emker, Maria Delgado, and Meg Peterson. The boys' team placed fourth in the League Meet and went ro NCS. The top three boy runners at the league meet were Raffi Kevorkian, Ramyar Tabatabian, and Brad Jennings. A K ssifs X gases, .. v li 4 iFIfkDwI'izI it ti1g3,,Z:5f.ffi fly' iii if iid 1,3 ,W ,L , if sllaiw 3 YNY EM ,,4t,mt,1 1235252 L15-'fn ' , . EMEA- f-2 si ,satis .,,m,.w wwf i -- My S , ,, .K is - -I f Hviiiki 5SiH3iS"Y'l ioasssfwf 5TH?DiL.T:5 5 .:, LINXK itsffwh i?3SZ:r5!:::Jf T4 ,,ff 95552553555 , ,Pig 2552321 EE? 3? W - BE. -- EFS-5 im in ,vw ,fi fm .E s 1 1 ' R3 QW. 1 ,,,... if 55155 bg 'R Siu: v- .. . -' -'vrwzw , X sig,i1e,tisfx1fQ5:'-F?-is-fR,si2, ' A Q A Y 5 , ii is 'L K, It 5 'X ,fi Eff? 2 1 -f 'L 'A N, A ,tg f x w w' 2 E 3 ' ini' 5 W f ' R? in F 5 ' ' ., r X 5 il i T x I ', I ' pg f Yi , xg L. f Q' .g xl ,fig f F fi 32 1, i R N 'ig W 1. or .av Anne McSWeeney, Fwd. f Guard ..-.,. V+ Faith Boring, Fwd, f Guard Mary Iackey, Fwd. s , 73 w. j,V. SQUAD, Standing, Left to Right: jenny Rogers, Crystal Tia Scott, Gaby McCombe. Sitting: Cheri Robinson, Miryn Pinero. '-, Eve Smallfield, Fwd. fCenter X Yvonne . ix, VX ggi: ga eee ff a if- N 3 3 fi? we in H in eg 2 as .-,v we Xi WS? ,M os, Nella Cutolo, Coach Corina Peruzzi, Kim Traer, Tamika Abdhulla, c Lackey. 'Sl -ta Coach Natasha Kucherenko, Fwd.fGuard Q-X 'L 'X F Penelope Lackey, Fwd. ld! fd " -Lf if ' - a. if 1' n Elec Rogers, GuardfPoint Missing: I-lydee Hagan and Melanie Lienbaugh. Q K. e,..k. ,mn is X A X X If PX M ii., I 'Q if . EE 5' f ii Y 5 ,Si sl. S A 1 ' w 1 4. 'iw I Iv!!! A ' J X + 1' if 3' l 'N K il Q QU, Rl A ,Z ' 1 M ,Q x 5 B '35 ' ' .- 1 ' in . 'xii-XP. si Tiffany Ringold, Center x is :ew .Nw ,Wa Q -4-, l Sir: ASQ 5 'ls A N. fx- Q , Fi. 95535 a N Six? 5' ks. , is e. fgggem Reg? Tfiiifif S5303 2 'F 1 . sg 5 i ! gf J: fail gil 33 . R ALBANY M , , LB ll, Q v-s I '30 Q, X 1 l 27 - . 5 t X . , s t 4 . Y xx.- N1 I W v Top: Coach Doug Kagawa, jesse Malanche, Morgan Worth, Ben Kavanagh, Michael Clark, Don Etchegorry. Bottom: jon Sloan, Shannon Ashford, Sidney Hsu, Don Turtle, josh Alpert, Doug Bailey. VARSITY CG ARS WHOQPI AT THE is probably the best way to describe this years Varsity and -I.V. season. Although the teams did not walk away with all victories, their ,. team was successful in other ways. . "They're a really good group of guys," said coach Doug Kagawa about both the fy N.. K - nga r I j.V. and Varsity reams. "Both Etchegorry . ever, since the team is so much fun." and I are having one of our best seasons " - That seemed to be the overall comment shared by all the players, who 4' K are looking forward to playing again next QQ , ,si K yC3.l'. iA,., 1, l ,l WL ifw Q YJ r ,A - Top: Coach Don Etchegorry, Emory Tung, Morio Kajiwara, Marvin Anthony, joel Shelton, Neal Bidleman, Eric Mapes, Doanld Toomer. Bottom: Mike Souza, Kevan Newton, Russell Kobayashi, Tyler Warren,jeffTanaka, Scott Marham JR. VARSITY . 2 sl Q .. :K if 1 -li?-ii . - I,-:'ffif.? , , -ffl! 5 .. 32 K - e '-X 5215: gy . kgfgfgf. f 15151 K .- ' si - A - fi: - . - .i ' , Y L "Albany's Proud Grapplersw "We were awesome and undefeated, what else did you expect from a managed to capture the League Championship for the second year in a championship team? row. - Ike - Dan Reed CSteve Eisenberg! We must admit, our wrestling team is the best, and always will be! "The success of Albany High Wrestling this year must be at- GQQD LUCK to ngxt yeal-'S team! G0 for it!! tributed eam spirit. It was not through individual heroics, but rather hard work, and excellent that we K - 4 +l1...m .ni Parham working some form of fabricated move. Lance Saulisbu Ga S akman. 2nd: Mike Parham Shawn Horsman Raul Velez Nick Bet er VY, W Pe 1 - i 8 1 Naranjo-Borgfeldt, Steve Kobayashi, Sean Yabusaki. 3rd: K. Bankson Qcoachb, Farid javandel, Zeke jason Sangmaster, Roxana Mendiblez, Madeleine Kempton, Aaron Mikkelson, Sal Ferrito icoachl, Parsley, Dana Eaton, Craig Tamahill. 4th: Benjy Brown, Reza javandel, Bobby Medearis, Jaya P, Weilaker Qcoachb. 5. K .,.,r5.k,,k ., ,. ,:5E::Q: A, ..,.. :.. ,,-,, , H .,,., -2, :k- -,-- Q " ' f his: li ,Ale 41, Z....'---M" Kent, riding to victory , vm ,ALLK -we-Q ,.,, ,.l "af - W ' 3 v- vig A. 4 . Reza looking for a pin. " " ' ' ' " ' " ' " ' " . -S T 'f iff 1 Ts 'g aedgix await t E-Q -43.35 , ss Q sr sg, , .t s.r.g3SQ, tw. Q i X N ef s X5 i Q a 1 -35' ' -an-if r' - me 1 NQV KYXQWV , e ivsi Val 1 df xg We . Q 'Y 1 L, X Se AA - .. P Cougar Softball Once again, Albany High Softball was in great spirits and played well during the season. There was obviously a lot of effort and practice hours spent on making our team what it was. Varsity X z,, . I V. m X i Y .r Top: Stephanie Mears, Angie Briggs, Annette Sanders, Erin Flowers, Yonneem Severin, Faith Boring, Penelope Lackey. Bottom: jenis Cortezzo, Mary Lackey, Roxana Men- diblez, Natasha Kucherenko, Elly Wong, Elee Rogers, Meg Peterson, Rhonda Choi. Not Pictured: Cynthia Hobbs, jenny Laird, Anjella Vega. Coaches: Loring Barker, Jon Newman. e- .z Nft lx ' K x l N , . M, i 'I Top: Susana De la Torre, Terri Madero, Dim Handlos, Kirstin Perry, Krista Handlos, Shawna Howley, Lesly Flynn, Rachel Hitchcock, jan Razi, Anne Whitacre. Bottom: Rachel Abramson, Nella Cutolo, Anny Lackey, Elizabeth Hopkirk, Claudia Castro, Shanta Frantz, jessica Hill, Carla Abalos. Coaches: Corina P. E.. i - I X xl' 1-it.. fi" , iff. ake Me Cut VARSITY Front Row: Erik Flenoid, Mike Nagle, Nate Rodriguez, Sean Yabosaki, Parker Newton, Rich Cune, josh Freeman. Back Row: Sergio Naranjo- Borgfeldr, Mike Alderson, Mike Parham, Bobby Medearis, Doug Bailey, Jason Mears, Don Turtle, Craig Tannahill, jeff Ross, David Sortino. Not Pic- tured: Chaz Green. ,K JR. VARSITY Front Row: Terry Naylor, Tyler Wanen, Morio Kajiwara, jason Tuttle, Adrian Mueller, Luther Fleming, Paul Rago. Back Row: Jim Giblin, lan Atkinson, josh Alpert, Eric Mapes, Mike Kostanek, Rito Constance-Hill, Eugene Cockerham, Gary Speakman. Not Pictured: Ehab Bandar, Martin Hutchinson, Ben Kavanagh, Scott Turtle. 112 'lr S kj kj ,u xg MW 9 W Q kj Q lx 24 M- MBANY 2 XGII7 X 4 x' u l-. H -fi", A A-4:5 :QL - z gf l a, ..- 5 m 1 U 7 , -spffx,-gg v-Hn ' - X "rf'ia 1X ' , E j 4 . .,' , , .WW ,. . QL Y . Q .1 'V - 11' 1" ' I -LJ ga .1 xv , f wk , ., . mmf. ' f"- mv , -3...-.,, ,.. - K... W X - . HIP' 3 ,pt sb ,XX -49.3 'F -li' -qw- 1 QLN xv S ,ff - it ,.--. '55-"" ---.N - - !"".fb. . 131, if-' "?Ii" rw...--.-gf-'f - - if " iw' N-A They're Cff and Running 1 Y' 01 ro Coach Carl Sumler, Tamika Abdullah, Damon Anderson, Kim Beal, Dan Borgfeldt, Matt Brown, Andre Bnmetti, Richard Chen, Mana Delgado, Aaron Draper, Phoebe Emker, Jaya Malachi Gutierrez, Osama Hai-Ali, Zania Harris, Farid javanclel, Reza javandel, Raffi Kevorkian, Angie Luna, Reid MacDonald, Dave Mahon, Cheryl Mann, Darosh Mokami, Mullarkey, John Prather, Sean Prather, Ali Ravan, Dan Reed, Tiffany Ringold, Cheri Robinson, Tasha Simms, Luis Soto, Ramyar Tabatabain, Rachel Taylor, Scott Thomson, Alexander john Ulrich, Iatisha Ware, Mike Wehr, Edyce White, Mathew Wong. il ... -ill il 6 nf' isi' 1 W1 ,ia V-Lal ,f it fm. ,X ,M My , V i. ,, Again l li l im- S 1 The Albany High Track Team had a totally new start this year. Not only did they have a renovated track, but a fresh face arrived to fill the position of coach. Carl Sumler, a past hurdler for El Cerrito High, came to add spirit and unity to the team. Freshmen girls had a large impact on the team this year, making up half of the Varsity Girls' team. Participants of the field events took it upon themselves to coach themselves because of the shortage of assistant coaches. The team was placed in a tougher league this year, but none the less, they went into the season with determination and high hopes. Aces and ore This year Albany I-Iigh's Tennis proved record was due to the fact that Team scored rwo"aces" Q7-OD against they had more "faces" on the team. Presentation, and ended up with a 4-6 Everyone improved a lot and was en- record Cthe best in 3 yearsj. i f' 5.1- This im- thusiastic. All the members seemed to aces! become more of a team, and pulled together to make this a great season! Below: The whole team demonstrating their high spirits and enthusiasm. J ,. n I ' xx Left: Kelly showing what it takes to win. Right: Melanie, giving it her all, at prac- Front: Eileen Tsai, Shanta Frantz, Kelly Nazareno, Lucy Wun, Lara McCormick, tice. Above: Concentration is the key to winning, for Andrea. Pantell, Cindy Wun, Sherry Djahangiri. Andrea Tung, Kelly Wilkinson, Erin Back: WaUy Choy Qcoachb, Josephine Flowers. I 0 4 0. 1 I 4., wxxx . I' ' I Ks xxqls- Af-I Z., y . Ak: fi' lf.. ,! -Xp ,..5,f'f. if ', 5,'4,'?N . f -. I y lf"l, . o'I':-f'- .se-0 I , ' I ,J x 'K I. LSE . " 5,5 ,- ,N ' C , -wa ' ' A 'f Q :n,,. . Q . .U-,1?!...i. . ," P .N ngrtif ' ' ' I yd A : 31 x. . M 1-.Q 5 'G T. 4 - Q' " 'f' " If I , "T It 'f - 11 -am, - 'u ' 4' ' 1 X 4, . vi' N . X X Rx 'xr 8 Q-as-an 'N' CI' C -N " 1 lf'- . . H7 J uniors Carla Abalos Cecilia Alarcon joanie Albee Mike Alderson Tracy Anderson Yongsod Ann Marvin Anthony Heather Arnett Blaine Aseltine Shannon Aslcins john Bae Doug Bailey Matthew Bailey Ehab Bandar Karen Beals Sam Benson Tom Benson Davida Berglund Neal Bidleman Angelique Briggs Richard Briggs Gina Briscoe Andrew Britten Martha Brown Matt Brown Michelle Brown Jessi Butler Kevin Caras Rose Cascio Cyra Castillo Sofia Cesana Ivy Chan Kristie Chen Richard Chen Shirley Chen Shiaomay Cheng Miyoko Chu Nicole Chu Albert Chung Helen Chung Tim Close jeremy Crandell Susana de la Torre Maria Delgado JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS: Nicole Chu, Presidenrg john Bae, Vice Presidentg jenny Gould, Secretary x X -.:.. xx it - L i"' " L . X M 1 f-. 3: '- Q it ,X rp JMX' 33, A, 3 x l 1 i All H x l A .xi u ' at i -. c. l , My J 54 -in 1 Class of '88 A Sherry Djahangiri Lisa Duffield Dana Eaton Nicole Ehrlich StevenElsenberg Eric Ellerbush Richard Entenman Eric Esquivel April Falco Lela Fasciani Jason Fink Korlene Fisher Amy Fleisig Keir Fortune Chris Fraser Michelle French Sebastian Frey Fetima Galvan Kristin Gan Chris Garrick Parisa Ghassemzadeh Anton Goldman Jenny Gould Karan Gray Nancy Groom Dissie Guiton Nicole Harris Richard Henry Regsia Hightower Shawn Horsman Patricia Howard Amy Hsieh Joyce Huang Shireen Hussain Thai Huynh Shelton Jackson Jenny Jacobs Farid Javandel Luke Jenks Brad Jennings james johnson Jennifer Johnson Tammy Kaehler Oscar Kennedy Neva Keret Nathalie Khachikans Gina Kim jonathan Kimber Thomas Koeppe Lucy Kohhen Colleen Konig Aisha Krieger Beth Kuhheverte Brenda Lee Paul Lee Ben Liao Grace Lin Melanie Linebaush Tracy Lohman Loke Wailing Angie Luna 66 To lioe your IW in your own way, To rearbhr :he goalx you 've .retfor yoursef To be tbe YOU that you want lo be, Thai if Juccen. , Gavin MacArthur David Macchi Cheryl Mann Marisa Mariscal Alarn Markham Lara McCormick jake McCusker Shawna McGourty Danielle MCI-Iome Krista Meadows jason Mears Sun-Yil Moon Michael Morgan Todd Mork Kesley Mowry john Adria Mueller Markus Mullarkey Daniel Musni Aaron Nakahara Sergio Narano Michelle Neuhauser if H L , Q. - n-will .IQ ihglq-, 4 A x c Parker Newton Thuy-Van Nguyen Owen Nishioka Tuli Oral Victor Ortiz Brian Parsley Sima Patel Marni Pease Marnie Peyovich Mireya Pineiro Torah Popal Sara Press jennifer Redick Cassidy Reynolds Alexandra Ridge Gabriella Rigg Nicole Riley Anapaula Rodrigues Nathan Rodriguez Randy Roque jeffrey Ross Lance Salisbury jason Sangmaster Brenda Santos Camilla Saulsbury joel Scherzer Ben Sikora Marc Sloan Eve Smallfield jason Smith Alicia Snyder Gary Spcakman Noah Stafford Sue Steffen Mike Stephens Scott Sterling Alicia Sundseth Craig Tannahill jessica Tauber Carmen Taylor Rachel Taylor Viva Taylor josh Terrell Amy Thach Kimberly Tinsley Rhys Truman Lillian Tsai jeff Walker Mart Wanlin Kenyalla Webb Katrina Weiss Gary Wenot Whitni Wilson Meredith Winer Shannon Wise Matt Wong Anna Wood Nancy Wa Lucy Wun Sean Yabusaki john Yeh Tammy Yodomizo Kent Zaputa l2l Belita Aaron Tamika Abdullah-Devo Miranda Abrams Josh Alpert Damon Anderson Amy Andrulewicz Dawn Marie Armstrong Rodney Austin Paul Bae Frank Bamba jim Beeth Charles Bennett Nicholas Berger Rick Black Elizabeth Blake Silvia Blason Garrett Bloomer Darmino Bonds Louie Brehm Gabrielle Brinkman Benjamin Brown Shammas Brown Martin Bandvik Doreen Caparros Nina Carrieri Meridee Carter A Trini Caselis Rito CastanoneHill Claudia Castro David Catmull Felicia Chavez Peter Chen Ruth Chen Phoebe Cheng Birdie Chi Ike Chi-Kiang George Choe Phung Chung Thomas Chung Tina Clark Anne Cliatt Scott Cliatt Jessica Cochran Erik Connolly jack Coming Alexis De Maria . jan Diemont Michael Dockens Sarah Draper Sophomores n ba- ' Ni? '-..,wsWh,' f-., .,.a ..41.. Adi ,- .' Uv, i iq K . , CLASS OFFICERS: Vice Presidentg Bird Q r Mary Lackey, Presidentgjulie Kim, ie Chi, Secretary-Treasurer. ,- q , fa x - I N 1 i . Xr 4- ...3 Class of '89 Adam Duran Chira Eaton Diana Ellerbusch Kim Etzel Eileen Farnan David Ferrin Luther Fleming Eric Flenoid Kathy Flores Erin Flowers Lesly Flynn Marika Foltz Greg Fordham Cycle Foster Sardy Frantz David Garnett Heather Good Sam Good Richa Govil Eric Gray Lisa Guan Mitzi Guiton Stacey Guthrie Jaya Gutierrez Hydee Hagan Nicolle Hall Kim Handlos Krista Handlos Craig Haney Cori Hansen Matt Harger Zania Harris Zarina Hasan Pat Hawthorn Genevieve Higgins Rachel Hitchcock Tom Hodge Leila Hornick Shawna Howley David Hu Ichieh Huang Sarah Huang Natasha Hyman Reza jaundel Chris Jensen Adrian A. Johnson Eric Johnson Tanir Keret Hyon Kim O' . The dmrenfe between Jlumblifzg Hack! and ftepping-Jtonef if the way u perfon mer lhem. julie Kim Bonjin K00 jack Kuo Mary Lackey Steve Lai jenny Laird Tim Laird Nikki Lasagna Allen Lee Enoch Lee William Lee jacob Lewis Hiro Liao Edwin Lim Frank Lin Alishia Lindberg Reid MacDonald Solange Mao Eric Mapes Tammy Markham Michelle Martinez 'Kofi KW N Q 'Ng V. , f ,f 'ff . I f .ni Gabi McCombe Martha McGaw Cinde Mcknight Katie McNenny Stephanie Mears Bobby Medearis Patrick Mello Songhai Mendell Per Moan Gina Monje .Iefferey Nelson Patrick Newell Linh Nguyen Thuy-Phuon Nguyen Brendan O'Bra Christine Ogden Adrienne Olmstead Andrew Otten joseph Pacheco Grace Paek Mike Parrott 46 'YOU NEVER FAIL until you Jtop trying. Michael Patterson Michelle Pender Nathan Perdue Kirsten Perry Aaron Pohlmann Mavilla Popal Sean Prather Dawnya Pring Carlos Protzel Angela Pruitt D'Angela Purnell Ellisabeth Rainsberger Virginia Raju Regina Randolph Ali Ravan jan Razi Max Rible Richard Rios Cheri Robinson jenny Rogers Brent Rojas Brian Rojas Stephanie Russell Adolfo Sabeh Kem Sampson Annette Sanders joseph Sartoche Robyn Sato Leighann Schreyvogel Sara Sederoff Michelle Seeley Emil Sempf joel Shelton Anna Sherburne Molly Signsen Leshay Simmons Tanisha Singleton Aaron Smith Rain Springer Tim Starr Ezekiel Stephens Heather Stevens jason Strange Catherine Sugg Semoine Sykes Jeremy Taubman Andre Taylor john Tinsley Cindi Tipton Kim Traer Max Trueblood Eileen Tsai Scott Turtle Anjella Vega Raul Velez Maria Vree Paul Wagner Vincent Walker 'Steven Wang Aaron Warren Chris Weber Kim Wells Ariele Wildwind Suzie Wong Claudine Woo Teresa Wu Ziging Wu Lisa Wun joe Zeits CLASS OFFICERS Julianna Snapper, Presidenrg Adam Ridge Vice Presi dent Paul Woodson Secretary Treasurer. Rachel Abramson Yu-jin Ann Malik Anthony Leronne Armstrong Ian Atkinson Celina Avalos Ester Bae Nicole Bailes Ann Bailey Eliise Balckwell Nabil Bandar Pierre Barrer Dave Barrows Andrew Barzoloski joe Benjamin Robert Blank Trisha Boney Andre Brunetti Paulette Butter Yohar Callen Kevin Camphell Aaron Carlisle Jeffery Carswell James Carter ' Antonio Cediel George Chapman Eric Chapmen Alvin Chang Class of 1990 Chac Chang Haiming Chang Angela Chen joseph Chen Ying Chen jennifer Chester Kwang Chong David Chung jacob Clark Wiuiam Corning Nella Cutolo Elizabeth Davis Frank Davis Jesse Davis Colurnba Delatorre CJ Donaghue Aaron Draper Eden Dupont Tina Elizondo Mike Ellery Kendra Fisher Jason Fitschen Matthew Flint Richard Flood Micah Franks Shanta Frantz Steven Fujisaka Marty Griffith 2- J 41 vs Y. - -. D rx A x I I .M 1 wx N...,, Charles Grosjean Monica Gutierrez Majid Habibi Raven Halderman Lesley Hall Allison Harada Dietrich Hemann Jessica Hill Caroline Hoffman Orion Holcomb Elizabeth Hopkirk Allen Hsieh Wendy Huang Vicki Hughes Kva Hui Matthew Hursh Melissa Jacobs Yue Jin Morio Kajiwara Madeeme Kempton Soseh Kevorkian 0 One ofthe harder! thmgx to lgzm in IW, if which bridge to from and which bridge to hum Charley Kim Donna Kim Leif Klokkevold Russell Kobayashi Michael Kostainsek Sabrina Kresge Shanon Kristoff Angel Kuo Vincent Kuo Anny Lackey Zak Lasagna Kian Lavassani janet Lee Mink Lee Aaron Lewis Ryan Lewis George Li Kelina Lobo Ryan Macarthur Greg Macchi Terri Madero Sean Malloy Scott Markham Tobin Mayell Cameron McCadon Heather McFarland jeff Meadows Aaron Mikkelsen Marcus Mora Malik Monton Terry Naylor Dingane Newson Kevin Newton Enrique Ortiz Oranas Pahlavan Haewon Pak Matt Pascale jason Peak Sidney Peng Sally Peterson Malinda Pittman Krystal Points We cannot direct the wind, but we fan adjuxt our Jailr. Q Rich Pon -Iennell Provost Lilly Quach Paul Rago Mehdi Ravan Roland Reboir jennifer Reeves jason Reid Tom Richardson Adam Ridge Tiffany Ringold Damon Robinson Isabelle Rogin Lilia Rosas Cristina Rose Carey Rosenbaum Ezra Schnick Tia Scott Brian Shin Kisa Sims Brandon Skaggs T. 'fe 53 Fl: A 3 all f l L- '-'-'FU' Charlotte Smith jamie Smith Juliana Snapper Mike Souza Jennifer Spadoni Sara Sporer Samantha Starr Autumn Stewart Allan Sugarbaker Andrei Sunabjuntak Alexandra Szostak Jeffrey Tanaka Dana Tommer Don Tommer Rosemary Torrano Ann Traer Alexander Tsai Matthew Tsang Emory Tung jason Tuttle Delia Vega Amadis Velez Eric Volz Kaela Vronslcy Latasha Ware Tyler Warren Kevin Wehr Anne Whitacre Edyce White Seth Wieman Michael Witwer Paul Woodson Annie Wu Cindy Wun Deborah Yamaski Sara Young Rong Zhang Ll! ,,-,,1---" 11' sis 'Q ,rl 'A .ug - 9' Nu- Z' , . .N . ,nag- - , .Ti ng. . 8 sx. 0 ' ' b Q. . .- 4' i 4' LS 1 ' Arithmetic Master Mathsmen ax-I-ciby3J: by+ax3c. Is thisisome alien language used by the an- thropods ofthe Andromeda Galaxy? No, far from it. Kids in the math cplessesi at A.H.S. face equations like this everyday. From basic pro- blems to complex proofs of trigonometric properties, the classes not only teach students numbers, but also show them how to think logical- ly in order to solve all types of problems. 133 1 fi-...Q n.-, 45. s 9354? -Q-..,..,, Thee Q' -JQ., nglafb L In keeping with Albany's attempt ,to present 1 an in- teresting academic program, they ,English Department s is foremost in offering a variety of ,thought-provoking classes. In addition to basic grammar composiiion courses, s curriculum includes Sa rrt ,tire and Humor, Mythology, Mass 9 Media, Psychological, rtty L Literature, American Literature, Dramatic, Literature, jour- nalism, Classical Literature and an yttr, ,honor's course ,in English Literature. A novel approach to expressing oneself in writing! X hs g swf, is l 9 'ar W 51" T' I ll 4 N 31,-f i 4 s 7 I ui -. til it. ' v 2 3 . A! F fi' - FT X ,Hep--1 Nh. J .V 1' f ab' x, f 1X , N-A XX J G X Histor Albany Highs Social Studies Department encompasses both required classes, like U.S. History, U.S. Government and World History, and electives, like Medieval History and Humanities. All of these classes teach us an understanding of how our society developed and how it conducts itself today in our world. We're lucky that at A.H.S. we have a full year of U.S. Government which insures that Seniors will be able to participate intelligently in our Govern- ment. Studying history, even though boring at times, gives direction to students, for it's hard to know where we are going if we don't know where we've been. ' i " fe I i .,.,,, , s r t a , X N 1 ,.-2:4 l iw Remember those freezing mornings out on Memorial Field? We all tried so hard to play football on that frost- covered grass without slipping. W Who can forget seeing all our pals dressed out in their swimming gear? We all were so embarrassed when we really had nothing to hide or flaunt back then anyway! Last of all, how could P.E, be com- plete without Mr. Banlcson's famous monologue about the "sum- merfwinter of 42f52?" We all must have it memorized by now! F To the underclassmen who have yet to experience all this "FUN," have a ball! ' N fi? The Many Faces of P.E. Mechanical Drawing and Print Print Shop is an excellent class for getting hands-on ex- perience, using different printing techniques and designs. The class is responsible for producing things such as The Informer, programs, and other school related hand-outs. H95 S,s-.umwww me ,, IX +X 4' Mechanical Drawing is a preparatory class designed for students interested in different fields of design, by learning the use of drafting equipment and doing practical work in drafting. Advanced students get a chance to apply these skills on Epson computers. 4' , -I-. - is , . . lil "5 if " ef if r - .N li l yur Whether ic's cing puppies, balan- ladybugs, or is a great -x wi 'x ff' .xg Express fi 1, 3 M-...M Life ar among., rhe amily Life. Mr. che class, but homosexuality, 7 F add the most that rake two weeks cg care Each stu- "It is often principles that he or she is child. Hopefully, being a parent is is designed to the pressures of O O O Art1st1c EX ress1or1 The art classes at Albqmy High age great places to let your creative ideas mn wild. You can to your hearts contentypainr, sciilpt or use a number of other media to create your masterpiece. From calligraphy to clay, the variety of maserials they you cangnse is enciless, l ThelArt Depnialso offefs a largeichoice of classes you can take, in cluding, basic ancladvancecl art, ceramics, calligraphy and explor . arc. Wish a goodyimaginafion and aglitrle talent, art be a citing and enjoyalile class. ,ex -. 140 acory ,fx ' . V. qnivfl 4, , 1- M S 1 Computer Programming and ping Learning basic skills is important for our future. Computer programming as well as typing will not only help us in college, but on the job, too. Albany High offers a variety of classes for our beginning and advanced students. S -9' -" ' TiiT r e or Global Commumcauons at A H S The foreign language department went through a lot of changes this year. Wendy Ruebman left to live in Europe. Also, the two advanced classes, 4 8: 5 were combined. The annual trip to Mexico, put on by Mt. Cruz, won't take place this year. Instead, Patricia Moore planned a trip to France. Albany High is very grateful to have such generous teachers, who give their time out of school as well as during the day. Y 'gr' ,4 vf lb , x 'A' ' 1 M Focusing on Expressions in hotography Photography is a challenging course full of many options for assignments. Students learn to develop their own film, and produce their own exhiletating pictures. Things such as depth perception, contrasting, and composition are a few of the topics of study. 'sig A3 xl Wood and Autoshop Expressions in Wood and Steel Have you ever wanted to build a table or soup up your car? If so, Albany High has the classes for you. Auto and Wood are classes that teach woodworking and car repair. Students in Woodshop make jewelry boxesi tables, and even grandfather clocks, in addition to many other useful objects. Cats are donated to the autoshop for the students to work on and repair. Both classes foster creativity and give students valuable skills that they cantuse for the rest of their lives. t "You did what to this car?!" The master craftsmen ar work., Mike showing his pride. e 144 if Q 1 My Q I sv 4 I I he Administration ,, i,iiL J. Dale Hudson Janice Smith Superintendent Business Manager C7 BOARD MEMBERS: From Left to Right, Standing: Robert Nehls, Vice Presidentg Eunah Kang, Student Representativeg Gerald Bmnetti, President. Sitting: Kay Rabin, Sally Outis, Gayle Tapscott. Missing: Student Rep., Andrew Hawthorn. my . A AI ifgafi xi' i at 1 5 l x I x, R s gs . , , li- ag,-4 2 zz. 1 gvyagf , Afizfhvffa-20' . r f' 4 mf-if-":'xf-H N-,Afs4z:.1fS:ff - - 1, FH.7Q:L"'t.NA-gf'ik-!ii1:5?d4'fl4 - ila".11.. flfff . Ai44xfff.x4fsim' 1' sf., .,...,ir-, x , .v,.4.tmX5V , 4,sf,,,y,. if-'t',-1-,g.sf'fi5'.'.if ,i -'iE2Sr35"'-,".g6 'Zi . igK2H..,:..:.,J5wg-., p , 3 ,Q ,525 K X K-rvtl:55Qqi1.x ,a-Q, -47,...5j.:'fggmg 3 tl. ,tgfsr :gf Q- gfszmggz if it 0 fi M53 fi I. . ' 231 t. ben: ' ' f:3f.fff.STif': ti. ' , 'abit N33 at 5-if gk1'3'SgI:g 1, 'B 1 gt ,rv ' 1 fat 4 mai: we-ri V -'Img '2:K!.?,i4 - 2,3-g,'ftfQ.J't ' if . . gm Knew Wiki "xi: " fi - tifwxgav ,fi-f3.c+ 4 Dick Rosenquist Assistant Superintendent Albany's Board The Albany Board of Education is an important part of the School District, deciding the school's future policies and controlling finances for the schools. Trying to find ways to help the schools work can be difficult and because of grave financial dif- ficulties, the Board of Education may be forced to cut back some programs throughout the district. Even with the cuts, A.H.S. will continue to be one of the best schools in the bay area because of the great teachers, administrators and, of course, the students. its H E john Marlowe Constance Hubbard Les Rogers Steve Kabeary Principal Vice Principal Vice Principal Campus Aide V313 Cfip , '42 vf s A 'vigrx' 'gf . 4. A U ' V ,V -Ear 5 Nr,- ov lsnlgr igg-i:Q 4 l I W " f 'Q clcc. it , zz ,. g , A in , gl i .is ir, gg ni gc i ,ie' . is 233355155 ms. ill ls Doug Kagawa Millicent Reguzzoni William Savage jim Walker Counseling, Family Life Counseling Counseling Counseling A" ,W 4? i 1. Margorie Atkinson Shirley Kajiwara Marion McGaw Gwen Stewart Secretary, Main Office Secretary, Attendance Office Secretary, Counseling Office Secretary, Attendance Office Staff as ,. or M ij 5 iv 'f A f riff w' c 2 Y X ' 4, , Ag J s ,M C. S F,!wgi,M Q iw. Q sg.. 4 ' A fe, f" , ff- ii i A if ' 2 Q , Q F25 f via' Q, ...Y QL 22' shave H v 1 M ,i ,?i"'M3i . ,, ff -75 5 Yvonne Arnold Arthur Bolton Special Studies Study Center v Vyx 'Ib NK' Cya! 1 1Jff'y : . .,,f'g,g,'qsi- -. 14,1 K ' '-ww-.rx f? Diane Foster Careers Counselor wit X Ralph Cantor Drug Counseling rc"-. i,,, e .J- Anne Bosch Phyllis Giblin Shirley Haberfeld Peter Hanawalt Special Studies Library and Main Office Psychologist Special Studies ,vi s,.o,,W,. , H , 1 'Qi S , , ll:". gg: -IU . t ' H ff , ' I , 'A ' it t -. , ig ' A . 34122 in Y Q, M 2 T -.4 ' ' Suzanne Morrison Mary Mortimer Mary Wallman Our 01 Handy-man Student Activities Account, Bookroom Careers Center Librarian I48 -C -,f ' 7,1 , f ' 'C Bob Allegroni Christine Alper History E,S.L., French 'uv N Xf- tr Ken Blanchard Fred Brill Industrial Arts linglish l Wally Choy Charles Clarke Business History eachers ,cx,1b, war? Kermit Bankson Loring Barker P,E, Math 17K 293 , . i-:f..b p X , , ...X 3 -..q ,. i ' : A V, - . 4 :N A j.. , "- is I -yi ,f' ' ". v ' ,- L- ' , X .. Q 1 L . 1, A - . S rv- - ,A 4 .rf-N W r l -,' ,I : C- sa is Q -C - : .lg-4 Peggy Car-lock Susan Charlip Chemistry English 1 'J I 3 V fgdii A 4 awk ,, If A A N ' A ,V ' A ' . Ji ' if E ' fffifjifgfi frfffff if M: 1 1 ffgigi 4 U: f V : ,Hixf Q V I 32. '1 'illis f,4i,ffi'ifl Cuddles Joseph Cruz Spanish 149 Facult 'QQX -cb ,Q ,, Gene Davis David DeHart Don DePasquale Earnest Douglas Biology History Science Music 6-"fl lx ff 4 , MVR Berry Dubravac Sal Ferriro English Business, P.E. George Fosselius William Haig Computer Math xf . 'qvi-'7 I' Ns And the winner is . . . Ed Hill Bonny Hubbard Marilyn lmes An Mach Spanish in ta I L N L I s Amy Kahn English Q Ng tx! 55 Elisabeth Klein Richard Lohman A Math Math Genie Miller History xiii'-Wt.X? ' rdf '39 Q I K v si? W" o - .R ,, ,. - s e Patricia Moore Jody Schroeder David Sortino john Thomsen French English Ecology, Math, Science Industrial Arts his L ' -. . Xi Z 1 T im - R 'i-. I f N i wil, i I Q, fi? .5 T1 'gixgf . ' il wif: :luv . V A z x Deborah Wanlin ' Phil Wmlin Gail Winslow Connie Wodf P.E. History English -English FACULTY MISSING IN ACTION: Carroll Coughlin, Biology and Artg Christine Hatton, P.E T X, fx 'PA fkf' EQ Ivana Marteuccx Loretta lacobnm Adnana Matteuccn Food Servxce Harold Manuel Cusrodxan Larry Eaton Head Cusrodnan K.-ii f-x an 41,4 Z? -4 'U an 3 O D Y' O : 2 o 9' N : 9 -. 0 Q o -. o "N 5 53' ,.,... .- gnu 2: tn 8:- "I F3335 V5 QQ '49 rn 5 :- o 2. S7 V5 -. '9 F ., i n In O C UI P 3' ED v. G .. N :x ,-. I fb S5 Q.. O ': 2 o E' 93 :J i , K K K. ., . ., . .M . QR 'ZX I 2 N,-'f - Ax X 1 D I I 5 in ,, , ,L , mx, L hx ,I fm' A X f S ,' ,fx D xx X. Fx ' , :A , N 5 ' Q , . ,I N W, rf Y ' 1 ' XX x si wi? ll-ff t '00 THIRTY-FIVE YEARS OF DEDICATIO .N,,q!, l fs, tt-N Q 1 Aw Charles Clark Wfilliam Savage Ernest Douglas 1952 1953 1952 The 1986-87 Albany High School Yearbook Staff is cot- dially dedicating this year's edition to the three teachers who have been at AHS for thirty-five years, Charlie Clark, Bill Savage and Ernie Douglas. Charlie Clark reaches US. History, as he has done ex- clusively for the past five years in room lll, which he sometimes calls "the blue room," ln his thirty-iive years teaching here, he has taught eleven different classes in social studies and English. He taught Adult School for ten years, coached many different sports for an average of fourteen years, and has been negotiator and President of the Albany Teachers' Association for several years. Of the more than l5,000 students that he has taught since 1952, he finds the students "to he the mort rcherhing and rewarding part of leaching at A.H..S'. I don? think ther: ir u high .trhool in the entire hay area that can mulch the unique chararterirtirr :J Albany." Bill Savage has been ar Albany for thirty-lout years, dur- ing which time he has taught Consumer Education, Driver's Education, Mechanical Drawing, Nth grade Social Studies, Physical Education, Math, and Work ExperiencefVoca- tional Education. He was the head football and track coach and a counselor lor many years. In addition to his involve- menr at the high school, he has made generous contribu- tions to Albany's community as well. Observing that disrespect for teachers, general irresponsibility and greater drug abuse has risen over the years, he still agrees with Charlie in that, "lhe ftlrderm flu-11tJ4fli'ifJ" are his hivotite part about teaching. Ernie Douglas began at Albany the same year as Charlie. He's always been involved with Albany High's instrumental-musical activities. His accomplishments in- clude Orchestra Director, Marching Band Director, Concert Band Director, and jazz Band Director, He is also the supervisor of all ofthe school districts music groups. Accor- ding to Ernie, his students are, "bright and uiell-hehureil, and many of them .mem to do if lol rljrlamiing fbr the pzture. I like 'em!" The 1986-87 Yearbook Staff thanks YOU for your thirty-five years of love and dedication to this school and community! J Ddte Hudson Suoerrntendent Rtchdrd Rosenqulst Ed D Asst Superintendent Currrculum ond Instruction Drrector Business Services ond Cldssatned Personnel BOARD OF EDUCATION Gerdld Brunettl PhD President Robert Nehls Vice President Sdlty Outls KGY Robin 9011 fdlbot Avenue Albdny Cdtrfornrd 911706 M151 526 611114 Congratulauons Class of 1 ALBANY UNIFIED Sdtoor DISTRICT Robert L Hawley The Ross Valley Book Co 1407 Solano Avenue Albanv California 94706 books maps prints paintings photographs 14151526-6400 Tue.-Sat 10 6 Specializing in Classic Westem Americana ADAME CERAMICS Crafts Gallery Owner: SUSAN ADAME 1251 Solano Avenue Albany CA 94706 C4155 526-9558 The full Sel"VlCE Dl'1Ol.O Sl.OI"e f'i 526- 0775 1747 soLANo AVENUE BERKELEY CAUF 94707 DELICATESSEN ,. , gg, 1 I007 Solano Ave. Albany, Calil. 9470f' MOH - FI17-6 No waning Call Ahead san is-1' 525-DEL: Sul 9-3 iq .- W MIKE sl ANDIES w l v' Y nf Ms. McPhyzz 1486 Solano Avenue Albany, Ca 94706 524-1226 I 944 E MON- SAT 10am-5.30pm I 1 ,QQ I1 h I QUALITY RESALE 567 San Pablo Ave. Albany CA 94706 524-865 Wed.-Sat. 10-5:00 Cons. Hrs. Consignment Shop by Appr- Qi 10 IQ, CLOTHING 56 AI Caruso Agent 367 Colusa Avenue Berkeley California 94707 Phone 527 4640 Auto Fire Llle Farm Commercial 1 n'n'o 0 ' FLOWERLAND NURSERY 1330 Solano Albany '?fa.ff,'5 526-3550 plxlbany The Man s Consignment Shop Quality Consigned Clothing - New 'md Preowned Hours. Tues-Wed-Fri 11-6 l Thur ll-8 I S'1t 11-5 f4l5j 525-0236 1389 Solano Avenue Albany CA 94706 155 U 1' 'f?1h"f!l.'.l1 21" "5 --V ill- e ,,3f.i-- .ms :gif mix. -f', al . ll Q mIn,tl,1 . gl..-Fix 'I mill :NNY 1 "' Q iw Q SE as l ' tx X' X 1 I d 'Q . x ' ' Dave Segerlaerg " Buy - Sell Trade 0 X9 GUMBALI. MAC:-uNEs 'rovs ou: ADVERTISEMENTS RAnlos STAMPS BASEBALL cARns NEoN AND MUCH MORE. 1229 Solano Ave Albany CA 94706 l415l 524-0817 Peter Franklin --5 Specializing in vw D: S V nArsuN W 597 roYorA U-we is -- RW HoNuA 614 San Pablo Avenue - Albany Ca 94706 527-7400 1811 Solano Avenueagerlwley Cahf5rma 94101014151 52 7- 9677 .9562 ' O el-'lc , ' l ' ' o oe: Q d 00140 -fs 0670 , "bi, o - ' t 1. . 1 . X t Zazzz 4 Eebca feuerz 'Pffklvs Duck LUNCH MEATS. CHEESE. SALADS 1 SANDWICHES a WINES l 1871 Solono Ave, Berkeley, CA 94707 14151 527-7598- I244 SOLANO AVE. 0 ALBANY, CA. 94706 525-5405 1 X iewelry occessories 'ad Q 6' bb 10280 5263 Q' ,J G Andrew Cohen 9 'Ko N090 Manager 9 906540 Qoiiege oo 5914 College Ave. S36 ' Ooklond, CA 94618 bt R . Qc., qbngb X 14151653 1136 I QP- !! PSQOH Michele Leong TerriaChon 9' , , if Aerobic Sludlo 52 7-41 14 1831 A Solono Ave., Berkeley 94707 BUS. 486-1495 ' Aususenorms suns rmmcl nzrwonn RES. 527-1008 COLDWBU- JOANNA R' GOULD Areas Largest Selection BANKQRD REALTOR9 ASSOCIATE A , of Yarns for Knzctmg 8 Crochet 'VTVNNX . I H Wools ' Cottons ' Silks ' Blends I1 7 ' N ,? Patterns ' Custom Designs ' Sweaters L Instruction ' Classes ' Repairs COLDWELL BANKER Blocking . Finishing 15 RESIDENTIAL REAL ESTATE SERVICES 1495 SHATTUCK AVENUE BERKELEY, CA 94709 Mon-Sat 10-5:30 Deirdre Wallace Sanchez 952 San Pablo Ave., Albany, CA 94706 ' 14151 525-9424 PATRICK CTGORMAN 0'GoRMAN's PORTRAIT STUDIO 1303 17th Avenue I 7 San Francisco, CA 94122 681-32.413 A Th' Page Reserved for he Class of 1987 S nior Signatures I-L. SHHHL SVS 11k , X - 1 QII . " III ISI Sl III 'IV PHONE 525-4478 AIKO MIFUNE HAIR DESIGNS FOR MEN 8: WOMEN 1490 SOLANO AVENUE 0 ALBANY CA 94706 Albany s Limst DLIICIILSSLII THF A PPE TI Tli S IIOPPE CAP - DAVE - SAM CAPELUTO l7lE'LLCdfl 7 N Qoznaf FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS TELEPHONE SAN PABLO 8 SOLANO AVES 4415, 525-3553 ALBANY CALIFORNIA 94706 New Construction 8: Remodel 1374 X Sohno Ave. Xllrmy. C IX 94706 Terri Scowins 5776367 Owner Scania 701710412 PEWTER 0 STA-INLESS STEEL CRYSTAL l MOBILES 0 WOOD CANDLES l JEWELRY 1286 Solano Ave. Albany n YA lu PITODBI 14151 526-7036 INS DICK KISTNER 1401 San Pablo Avenue Berkeley California 94702 Agent A Magazine for I cttcr Writers SZ S! LZ The Letter Exchange PO Box 6718 Albany Cal forma 94706 Florence Snkora Chxef 1n Charge Custom Builders Mike Gansen Tel 14151 528-2172 LC 3442036 525-7370 AUTO PAINTING 6: COLLISION WORK 24 HOUR TOWING Rose Auto Body 810 SAN PABLO AVE ALBANY. CA 94706 nm Rose Ka, Coflett Freelance Legg! Secretarifn 957 TAI. 101' AVENUE ALBANY. CALIFORNIA 94706 I4-15I 524-4045 526-1562 Q11 nervifses QL rx ' ,4 . L Il . r V E I . ' I Q 4 l l i X . L 1 14 .- , -Q. .. 1 . I . 1 4 f 1 p YI . . an an x sn n 3 UIANCI 0 J. I 1 . 11 - 1 f" I I . Congratulations Class of 1987 From AHS PTA l60 UNITED DRIVELINE SERVICE Foreign 8: Domestic 806 San Pablo Avenue Albany CA 94706 LARRY and LARRY JR. Q UI gy x N 3 55' as 2 9 9 3 LO 14155 527-6878 5 3 S A A, Q I 2947 COLLEGE AVE. BERKELEY. CALIFORNIA 94705 Watches OUR 59th YEAR All Work 4415, 3413073 Glftu Guaranteed OFFICE SUPPLIES GIFTS WEDDINGS INVITATIONS ELMWOOD STATIONERS Q90 S Jewelers "A SERVICE TO oua COMMUNITY" FINE WATCH AND JEWELRY PAYN S STATIONERY REFAWNG OFFICE SUPPLIES ' HALLMARK CARDS I RUBBER STAMPS 1791 SOLANO AVENUE HENRY P. AccoRNERo 526-7563 BERKELEY. CALIFORNIA 94707 DONALD H. ACCORNERO 1763 SOLANO AVENUE 1415! 526-3056 SUNG H- KWAK JEFFREY M. ACCORNERO EERKELEY, CAl.lF. 94707 W e're the W eight-Loss Professionals. And we'll show you how to lose weight fast and keep it off, forever! Call Us Today for a Free 55 and 104 Consultation. xo,,,mA1rNEL0swc 841 San Pablo Avenue 1035 San Pedro Ave. ps Gm 528?Th1n Albany, CA Suite 4 524-4645 Albany 528-thm LITE YEARS AHEAD. 631984 DIET CENTER, INC.TM office 527-3500 res. 526-4584 uEuaEn,1'uE onosn OF rue coeozn nure ,. , e z glgx . g : I ' Q gb A-7, ,ny T JEQQ' I STEVE DOVALI if ' Q . X mummy 'W' , nggg,-1-gn. I AuaANv, CALIFO 'rsremonsr um mums i533 solano avenue berkeley, california 1,- AHV ' zz Z 301' -. Z' Ks ' 'N-is M K MEYER SPORTING Z SUUND eoons P S P bl A . MEYER SOUND LABORATORIES INC I Al Y 2832 S P bloA B k 1 y CA 94702 m S. 525 1597 524-6542 ETC. 8c COMPANY -A S 1 . Alb y CA 94706 -- - '8bYAPP LAPPERTS ICE CREAM QE z'efr1'f1'r Han 8l'l'8f7 flasfnf-1' 'rendu lzffrpfr-mm ies ' CP' 7516 Fairmount Ave EI Cerrito 0 N7DAYS1l-10 28-10 1' Q- To the Class of 87 We are Proud of You Pam 81 Gene Turtle CD .n E. 3 0 , P F0 3 U. g Q. 9. O 7-'I f :s -Q 'E' E' O 'I 2 r - 5 ' 'iva- s 0 Q ' 'Q 3 :L 'Qui' 5' X I Y cn V 2' 1 m Q 0 G4 Manufacturers 911 an a 0 ve At So ano, ban an a I 132 5 o ano Ave an , European Trained Cutters Tues Sat Evemn I T3 I v ' -' . f Q . I. - f, F B N CONSTRUCTION ang Enhg I-'fem size Prepmaen to Finish GARY S""TH FRANK Custom Homes Cabinetry ,W O""'9's Remodeling Repairs Room Additions 5 uv Dave Frey Bill Nash 702 sa 237-9591 Lic. No. 487568 223-4945 Albgauy 1415, 524 2721 one HIGHLAND CAFE B eakfast-Lunch Tu day-Sunday 827 San Pablo A e. Albany CA 4 15 524-01 5 7 TENNIS It was the best of t1mes Anne Mc:Sweeney 'It was the worst of times. 'Ml It was h1gh school JAPANESE RESTAURANT We Love You, Ann1e 91151528 A1166 938 Scn PObIO Ave Albany CA 941706 Mom 81 Dad Congratulatlons Class of '87 1161 Sola oA e ue Wallfnann Alba y CA 94706 - 525-4154 A.H.S. L1brary I . B . . DR. STEVEN L- LOWE Sumitomo ank of'CaIlf'ornla Optometrist 1156 Solano Avenue Albany CA 94709 5?L'L"e?e3'J3Sf"3Xe Manager Telephone: 14151525-5535 A'banYOff'Ce PLAZA 1451 Solano Avenue, Albany, CA 94706 4151527-8141 ,.,., fC4....e, 5'1"'4 gene:-gll A :Vex if K Ve ,352 f F 'A ,,. wi S' g ll I Tacos SL Burritos To Go GDRDG D99 5-AWN At Petland Expert Trimming and Stripping A Sporting Dogs, Terriers and Poodles and Cats, Too! Phone 527-0110 SAN FRANCISCO ALBANWBERKEI-EY J. A. BIERBAUMER 1327 some Avenue 2252 Clement St. 387-4484 1423 Solano Ave 1233 9th Ave. Congratulations! Class of 87 From 7 . IS VIDEO l INTERNATIONAL 190 El Cerrito Plaza 5 26-3 199 El Cerrito No Deposit Required on Rentals BOOK STORE ,fe 1fff' .5 . 1 Always COOL , - 1485 Solano Ave I, Albany CA 94706 rlgff 525-5199 ' if V I buy books 61 postcards ' 566-6011 528 TAGG Proprietor Albany CA 94706 Printing MINUTEMAN mt., PRESS '11:131,':f1:z:"'f 1 LUKES as Sl-ICJPIVIAN Porieohe Audi Volkswagen Ser- ' I P rise f Ma h' eShop 101 'l San Pablo Avenue Albany CA 94705 SERVICE 14151525-4439 ! PARTS C4151 526-S954 Vietnamese 81 Vegetarian Food Luncheon Specials - Private Parties Phone In 0 524-6837 ' Take Out OPEN 1'l'0O-2'30 - 5'00-9'00 905 San Pablo Ave. Albany CA 94706 lat Solano Ave.l Q 'W -"1f1 . . I , A me B C ln of FRANK MOR'-EY . DA NANG RESTAURANT 1 M' J f . .L A K5 L! l ' ui. ' ' '-I L, u . y . V . . Like a good neighbor rj " 8 ' State Farm IS there GEORGE G CHIN Agent an Q In P o sox s1aa -'L..5. l Albany California 94706 6188 Bus 14157 527 4927 STATE FARM INSURANCE COMPANIES Res 14151 865 3826 Home offices moouuvarou ILLINOIS . --II ! 1 . X X, M f A' 1 1000BSolano Avenue. K X it 1 g A -2' ' 1 Vera M. Boyovich Branch Manager B 13 77 Solano Avenue Albany California 94706 , Telephone 415 525-1145 Class of 87 SEARS SAVINGS BANK SS Dana R. Meyer ulzmn fbrwnizxl Qing fgnllerg Buy, Sell, A Trade Old and New Rugs 527-1938 creanlng and nesmranon DANA MEYER FOREIGN OAR SERVICE 700 Son Poblo Avenue . Albony. Colifornio 941706 1175 Solano Ave. 1415! 528-7847 Berkeley, CA 94707 Q415y 933-7847 DATSUN . TOYOTA . HONDA . MAZDA . vvv , 5 l ..,. ' -Y----um MMA ..-,LSI-lr-w .X . , "'V 'f.ii' w,23y5Qlf ': A --A-1-A-,Me A 17, - V A , Y . " 'fu' X X fi--iwii s e Heavy' , rtizge, T 4 M -4, HN ff HQ- A R 1g:gi'- '- 4? S 1 '- -- . - ' ,1,n-,?e,55,,,x- ' x .-A ... Na, .,..,.,,,u ,. -, Complete Line of Fruits Vegetables an Oriental Food I, , f 84 Video Rental 1240 Sola o Ave. Owner Alba y CA 94706 TOM CHEN 4I5 525-l57l 1200 San Pablo Avenue 526 6180 d , U X HAPPY PRODUCE MARKET -.AAS Ro d Table P1zza ., A Wlwwrymuuullrwfvuuffa 'W-mr I '- - ---- 962 San Pablo Ave. Albany 524-3272 Albany Tire Service MICHELIN AND DUNLOP TIRES RECAPPING BRAKES ALIGNMENT Movon 'ruNEuP AUTOMOTIVE REPAIR 742 SAN PABr.o AVENUE ALBANY, CALIFORNIA 94708 EDDIE BLEWETT Parts Manager Q1 Q 'Q' GQ Val Strough Company 54 5' vw - sualxnu - Fono 0 S 4151526-2942 718 San Pablo Avenue 01221139 Albany, California 94706 UNITED TRANSMISSION Graphic Design SERVICE D 8: S Composing Service Foreign 8: Domestic MCS 8400-PowerView 10 806 San Pablo Avenue Albany CA 94706 Digital Typesetring 44157 527-6878 Disk Storage LARRY and LARRY JR. 'lhe Glenn Custom Framing Gallery of Art 7512 Fairmount Ave. El Cerrito CA 94530 Telephone 44153 236-0186 I Metal Frames Mini Frames Trusite Glass Stylish Mats Do-It-Yourself Systems Postage Stamp Art JeWe10kHwHChi 600 Sa P bio A en e Alb y IPI UI Albany Square - Suite 207 n a v u , an FLOWER y NEW ALBANY BOWL CENTER V A+-Qi, UNDER NEW OWNERSHIP SHOW THIS AD AND 'LILII GET C0 ONE FREE GAME AT ALBANY BOWL 0 Q AY! H- O I Z :I m 7 Z rn -4 CD rn Z rn T If I- MANAGER 415-527-8084 4l5ElC- E -' C 94530 526-8818 540 SAN PABLO AVE ALBANY , RlCHARD'S gmzm Stamps SCEOO - RICHARD YAMASHIRO CHRISTINE YAMASHIRO if Cflzssicaf 524 6860 1272 SOLANO AVE TINA STAMPS ZAHNER ALBANY- CA 94-we FINE JEWELRY l4l7 SOLANO AVENUE ssnco WATCHES. ci.ocKs ALBANY CA 94106 l4lSl 525-9575 Juanes: ons:-iss o ENonAvmo A , A Camera Ready Art for Offset Pr' t' g THE I ' l 0' YI-gl-ZZ. . Q f , ,, 5, I uv Qt k S 3 43'- ' WJ OpenMonda S day I0-6,S d Il 3 PI ICU Come and Apply at Berkeley MCDONALD s Make New Fnends and Money Too' a 1198 San Pablo ' 1998 Shattuck Berkeley :jg s 1 4, J' QF gm 4 n ie G20 uoflkg K . Plaza. Pharm!-acy 6500 Fmrmoont Ave. 'El Cerrib' 57-4"-5531 -ro -rn-as 58 T -rt-ia C,l.Ases oF BBS-r or LANCE F. KLOKKEVOLD PROPRIETOF! 1404 Solano Avenue Albany, CA 947CB l415l 524-9942 2 Fans Dae..Ne.RY 2 we 'lr-'jiixis x - . N... , ,f 1 1 X ARROW GLASS Albany 525-2118 ' HAL HOFFMAN, Realtor 1207 Solano Avenue Albany, Califomia 527-2326 Res: 525-4535 Congratulations Paul Rago Your First Year at A.H.S. Love, Mom and Dad Class of 65 8c 63 Senior Baby Names Page 42 L to R, lst Row: A. Tung, K. Hagan, M. Parham. Znd: D. Conkle, K. Chen, M. BL M. Clark, L. Wells. Std: T. Vanover, R. Fesperman, J. Ferrin, B. Kuo, S. Thomson. 4th: T. Simms, K, Amold, F. Boring, R. Woody, M. McFarland, R. Culverwell. Sth: R. Choi, K. Middleton, E. Blacknell, N. Kucherenko. 6th: E. Rogers, D. Wu, A. Safir, R. Arendcll, Y. Severin, M. Serrano, A. Brunetti. Page 43 lst Row: M. Gutierrez, j. Kim, C. Read, R. Shepherd. 2nd: M. Peterson, j. Falconi, Mystery Baby. 4th: E. Wong, B. Sterba, A. Koepke, K. Bahmanyar, B. Bakkenta. Sth: V. Silva, K. Pantell, K. Wilkinson, C. Dravis, J. Shober, A. McSweeney, N. Christian. 7th: K. Hopkins, D. Engle, M. Hazlett. 169 elf' 005. W'-4 1 4-.YA i' ' ,MIN- I l N Hlil1N flw egg., Q New Z , 'a X S4 55451 Q ,Aix fig A is E, Effnnfikt 'YZF' gi n' .' 37' I I' fl A Sw-V 1' 'F' ESSIVE Q' .1 YEAR! The students did rt earning no grade The teacher did it without being paid No camera nor strobe did they have rn September using their own 'til way past December. As deadlines grew near, the anxiety, the fear! They'd look at each other with, "Why are we here?" But, the pictures turned out, and the writing was fun. And the layouts looked good when their work was all done They're proud of themselves, this hard-working eleven, to present to you: the Cougar '87! - Bev Wanlin, Adviser e 'Kum Www XM wp , Autographs Qbibbbpf -1 Mk MW-, OMQQ ncbrwf- 'gm ii WE WMV XHCDLAJK KQQC3 GLW JbwLQQKY LQMQQ CLWQ LQQM FT MU ' ljfgvlf wiki RX' you wwe JVVNWQUO QVUCT 353554 CM MM WMQQQ mamxgw awp We F MQ WQQ vxJCl1LQOUm5 LLVYN 5CPWQ UVbL QQMQSSQGU 135+ CVXQCJCAYXCE. Vxwfa QL WCXQQ SLkUVXVyXQ!ef f LCJCQDM fbdrxvwx Aw LM W C170 93' lffj fjfpf U Qld A!!g06Q4 747 7,104 Wil ,WWWXK X zfmig Haj, 2511! pear nigj ml! V tVOa7I H760 GWQOE wwfiiw . X H S M ffif,MQ3Wf5?jJgwa' WV' of , JfVQfWi5ZZWw9QyQbx Miww Jffypbw ov PM 0Dh6O,p'f6yC,ygCYx QW' 90' Xboiwwfv L Q I C321 ,J 3 fgaiggiai 5335? M55 2356 23555 Xo- Q 1 , +fT'T f? X X W .VE WW UH! nw L'fA5VlKfJx X T , 4 sf sv Wy Ls "AQ, ,. U-,X ' l:g'O 'V ,Q FA W i A5 I, X I 'x A6 SX X - 1 XQN Fiji If S C X 6 1 7 ., . W Ny F My -' MSKU 5 1. A J Lfj 'fx . 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