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52, X aj- fl g, Q if ,,f X x 1'-.ENV , S? fy-' A f , yf ' ' -x ,. , W 'JV ,f 'BX . Q14 NIA I 3 V X u ' 'W' Y jf! RN ,y I ER ' - , ' V y , ,f XJ 'x , ' v fx' . Y 1 ' . 132 If M ' A pf- N, . x u ,fu f f' N 'Sq fj. ,I U h M Ol- - wi M ff W I 1 1 -H ' . ,My I in: A J . -'ff-' 1, f 41 F 4 J' ,J . jf M '- . . M ,1 H, - ' I ,A-W, ,..,-' yin wif 5' ix guy 4-...X N ,. A A A .U 1, J .,,. B J 4 W' ' fb 'X af . rx 1' ' KN H f af . JP f K - fx e , '- 53 3 Y .,, xx ' A f Q K If -X -R , ,om xy, gf V -4 - - H 5 RP' O - .' 'W XJ5 Q.. , - X xy Iv A -' wx Q Q, Ali' 5 X, Xb PM -. I mlhz., f .J x X fx, '- V. -. . I N uw, V ' F, xi- . px X, gg-' Nj N xl, X x, N xx , X N - ,VJ xg 5 ' , I.. Q, 5 5 uf' . I fu b ' N:-' 131 ,N . ,NNN ,Aj wx, K Nw., NXJP' ' J 1 K f ff f.f: hxxxx . ,N X, ,N ,Q Q x M xx My l , -,. 5. .1 N, N , , xx ,K -f - ,X W V IK, X A if hx,x:LxRxci, sv Y' 4' 1 N' 'B x NIA ' L 'R-D - Q-' Q 'ff X N xvfx' QXK' X , , . XA Y. Y .1 A ,NN N- A . RQ, SX I, f ,, 4 ,JJ g, 2 Nr' A pf X N f Q. NX 'DX Ns' - 47 'f-X '-' R J 'ff . -fly HC' A .J-'Y 15 XJ' , 'h X 1 'X ' .. i ,-X '-.XX 4' X M5 ' by ' ., - --X 'sf X fx ,ff ' NJ X 'TL Nxj N 3 X K ,., , , . , V , Yfyfjii 5553? fgfffiff lQf'9,Z FAQ! I yn, 9Qij,y6'5?gf3yf iff ' ' ?f5Df4JggjyJ5N Q ijsgff r r I V r r F L. N. 5215? agikgii kjif R fi?QQJ2Qfbf2Q2.f iam XRs2a.?f51ae Albany High School .. .ww .ww 1 ff: A 1 , W 4 , f -. f w .A I wamrmwmvu ,mmm Mymzmzwmm-Mmm:.we mmkw mlwmx 1.4 pmwmwmvw wwwmnnwmwnnwummmmmmummuuwbga H . DEDICATION For 30 years, Mr. John Ryan has been a pillar of friend- ship, advice and tolerance to thousands of Albany High Students. As a teacher and counselor Mr. Ryan has generously given his time, energy, and affection to all. His door has always been open to anybody-whether the boy or girl wished to talk about school work, personal prob- lems, or just bat the breeze -Mr. Ryan has always been a good listener. To you, then, John Ryan, we dedicate this book. May your years of retirement be as long and rewarding as your service was to our school. l consider it a distinct privilege to have been associated with Mr. Ryan. l know that this feeling is shared by faculty, parents, and hundreds of students. His career has been characterized by a devotion to education in general and to individual students in particular to a degree that is unusual today. Former students and counselors will attest to his gener- osity and helpfulness in terms of extra time and energy well beyond the call of duty. We all have learned a great deal from Mr. Ryan and will be ever indebted to him. We wish him many happy years of retirement. Harry J. Price, Principal Spirit is Learning Helping Sharing ik 5 2 3 3 4 Spirit is Enthusiasm Spirit Is Participation The people who make no roads are ruled out from intelligent par- ticipation in the worid's brother- hood. Margaret Fairless Barber Spirit is Competing I iwi .f A-'zfi ,, f M,,,,,,- 1 k ,uf- A .4-!,, fk xw Xxx' 94' - R 'lf Sv' H3 . '16 M Wai gif X0 X ff ' X ,f iwwl? ' LL ' X 1 94 Ep '-LL 133 l , ML , .f 1336. xfirf V,l:fff-, .fa-ff: ,, Y A., ,mf J 3 fx YQ ,A X U 1' JT K. , QQ., . . ,, .V Q-f-ww .,f 1 , ,. l W i P f QAQ l if fi f ' , 3 .kk,k. 2 kf-Lv k,rr K 2 ,.,,2 ,k., .. ,fgff A ' I , fff'I:fV' if - - 6 r ' pf? 'ST' , - A 'key i K 5 ,, N - W A . V ,ffgifif .. 132, A ge 1 1 Jw W' fs .:, N , E ! , 2 Mmzfsr-rwxesriszre we-Q Jemima , A Expression Of every noble work the silent part is best, Of all expression that which can not be expressed William Wetmore Story pirit is Creativity .I , ' if W W 501' eGNX XX P N M ill If SN Xlhk' 'QQ N REQ ap ,Evra ', fyfq fy W 'LVN , , . rlq '- W...-an F an ii 94 if 1 1:2 -I R 'iff was-i' 1 g,'4i'fg-gfzgzi l me 5 ,N Kb A .wma M fl N M' .. T X KQ M. -. ' ' '-wggu m ' , 6 4 ,K ,,..,.,...x ,M , X Spirit ls Discovery l have made a great discovery. What l love belongs to me. Not the chairs and tables in my house, but the masterpieces of the world. Elizabeth Asquith Bibesco I5 Spirit is Brotherhood -.., 5,4 f if wi 'F ,f -'+L-V-V xg: , V-4 'L' g ---m...Yg,, :V - E :iff r A - 4- H -- -f 33 -W 2 ff? W'-wm:,..w.. 2 -' ' B+-1. ff M32 ' -M,-M ' 'f' lin g - 'wr - , :QQ , -K-M, .i:'3E' 49 Q rf' ' 4.,,g'1' r-M wmv rr' A Ubi. N r-Mr? m...M,::::,, 2-eff -311, fl V , X-vga: 3.,,gjTTi'.:.,::-f 2 ' f-- li 1? M? t w' M..M,,Q.1fi? H i ' -on... 'f ' ip 4 Q g Yrhgffwmw ..,. .. r -H... 5, ,f- , Q , 5 .tm-ffm-Im. rw-Q Q. ' A1 W 1 rg : ,.2Li1.:1'5i-fr of pin' V , ' f H vw ,f T' , ' L'-., V, .... ,f '!. Wallf , 33 A--, ,- ,, ' ... W--. A-A,-ai.:i ':frf,7 ' . 5 ...MI :tr '73 ' - ' ' H32 H mi, 'if ---ov., M 11:1-W... , j 5 'M-ff 45 N MN , Q .. Y . P s 2 ' ,Q '-- . .. 2 V ,i ---- ' af -:N .. .:, , ' fi Lf r r ds.. V '-H -+ , F ' ' TVN' - ' -C f-. s .. . K 4 ,.- ' . XM. Q 4 ., H -if M gg Af V1 ' -T--44.2.1 ' og: , x is .f'JE'1'1f flfafwwx' ww 9 fm-at ww Connie Ahenth Bond Boosters, Girls' League George Alt Boys' League Linda Ailor Linda Alvarez Bond Boosters, Business Club Track Helper, Girls' League Alan Arcol Boys' League was--P Gerry Behman Varsity Tennis, J.V. Basketball, J.V. Baseball, CSF, Rally Commit- tee lCaptainl, Boys' League lSec- retary, Presidentl, Sophomore Class President ew- '! Linda Beckerson G.A.A., Business Club lSecretaryl, Choir Linda Atteberry Lee Beckhusen Glee Club, Business Club BOYS' Glee, Boys' League ' ef N 3 'ww o if Y ,, 4 , Q Q Q , , V A f, m x A Z ,,., fr, il' . ara' my tsll. ig ii , Qll . ,M ,..:. - , l U 7 L 'V' 3 George Bernard Y -HHH i .C Frosh Football, J.V. Baseball LL C '45 -L E L Larry Belote Bonna and Steve's first victo Baseball, Boys' League fide- Marcia Blank irls' League, CSF, Sec., G.A.A., FS, Pedagogues, French Club, and Gregory Bryan nys' League Robin Campbell football, Track, Boys' League Carolyn Bonnesen G.A.A., Service, Hostess Business Club, Girls' Glee club, Claudia Bubnis Choir, Girls' League Connie Runnion and George Hritz take an exciting Home- coming ride. Jean Boles Girls' Glee Barbara Calegari G.A.A., Girls' Glee, Girls' League Susan Casteel Orchestra, Pep Club, Flag Girl Kathleen Brower Girls' League, Pep Club Nina Camilli Track Helper, Girls' League Rick Cavallera Football, Track, Wrestling, Block A, French Club, Prep ofthe Week Le Roy Cisneros Wrestling, Assembly Sergeant Pat Corvello Girls' League, Cougar Staff, Red Cross, G.A.A., Pep Club, Peda- gogues Paul Dillard Boys' League Janet Clausen Pep Club 5 54 .4 Edward Doerffler Football Ronald Clifton Stage Crew, Boys' League Susan Dempsey Girls' League, Business Club, AFS, Pep Club, G.A.A., Band Marilyn Corey Business Club, Service, Glec Club T Kathleen Dennis Girls' League, Business Club Donna Dreyer Girls' League, Band, G.A.A., Pep Club, Bth at 9th Rep., eoc, Serv- ice, Hostess Club, Pres., Head Cheerleader, Big Sisters Carolyn Drozda G.A.A., Orchestra, Girls' League French Club, Band, CSF, Busi ness Club, Pedagogues, Couga Staff, Co-Editor, Dance Ban Pep Club Peter du Pree Stage Crew, Jr. Play Stephen Epling Boys' League Paul Durante Joan Eggert Boys' LSBSUG G.A.A., Pep Club, Band, Girls' Shamshun Edun Pep Club, Choir, AFS, Peda- gogues, Red Cross Q,-nun-I Barbra Espenson Girls' League, Business Club Steven Etingoff Track, Football Delores Ferreira Girls League Rodney Ferreira Track, Boys' League League, Orchestra, French Club Lynda Fagerlund Choir, G.A.A., Pep Club Rose Marie Ferreira Choir, Business Club, Girls League Gregory Duckett Boys' League Bonnie Francis Business Club, Secretary, Girls' League Yvonne Gallettini Pep Club, Business Club, Choir, Cougar Staff, Girls' League 3 ' Anna Feusier Choir, Library Club, G.A.A., Band, Boosters, Pep Club, Girls' League .45 'kv-sf-nav' Sharon Fricken Pep Club, Business Club, Choir, Cougar Staff, Girls' League Nancy Fitch Orchestra, Girls' League Kathlen Fulton G.A.A., Girls' Track, Cougar Staff, Business Club Larry Gaun! Boys' League Charlotte Fox Choir, Girls' League Nlom, does Larry have to drive everywhere? Paul Gamba .loan Gerrish BOYS' I-938119 Girls' League 3' Betty Gleason Choir, Pep Club, Hostess Club, AFS, Big Sisters Mike Glading Nellie Goldberg Boys' League Choir, Junior Play Diana Goldstrom Girls' League Charlene Gorham Girls' League, Pep Club, G.A.A., 7 Big Sisters, Hostess Club, Serv- ice Club, Choral Ensemble, Choir Robert Graham Swimming, Pep Club, Football Janie Green Girls' League l Choir David Hansen Jon Gruss Michael Hartman Boys' League Bgys' League Thomas Hartung Choir, Boys' League l Lloyd Hawkinson Block A, Pep Club, Stage Crew, - Jr. Class Vice Pres., Football, CRM Sherri Royal and Jerry Thauber- ger vie for Homecoming crowns. Swimming, Wrestling Stan Hendricks Debbie Herbert Boys' League, Football Girls' League James Hermann Football, Wrestling, Band Diane Hoffman AFS, CSF, French Club, Pep Club, Pedagogues, Business Club, Year- book Staff Joyce Howell G.A.A., AFS, Pedagogues, Busi- i ness Club, Cougar Staff Editor George Hritz Boys' League Richard Holcomb Boys' League, Block A, Football, Baseball, Basketball Bill Holm Football, Boys' League Josephine Hsu Girls' League Ann Hulbert CSF, Girls' League, Cougar Staff, Jr. Play Colleen Hurley Red Cross, Girls' League, French Club Ron Hulburt Kathleen Hurley Boys' League Red Cross, Girls' League Mark Jacobson ep Club, Block A, Basketball, ennis, Track, Choir, Rooter of he Year gas ' ...41figw,f1, :ws ' ss s S., ig sfo s . , I li Our New Homecoming Queen George Jaekle Boys' League, Block A, Football, Baseball, Choir Carmen Johnson Orchestra Club, Pres., Cougar Staff, Business Club, G.A.A., Choir Joan Jersey Red Cross, Cougar Staff, Faculty Ed., Girls' Honorary, Girls' League, Vice Pres., Big Sisters, Hostess Club, Pep Club, Service, G.A.A., Cougarette Kafen JlJhI1SOI1 Hostess club, c.A.A. Bob IHSEITB Assembly Sergeant, Baseball, Football JoAnne Jersey Girls' Commissioner, Publicity Director, Board of Control, Red Cross, French Club, Service, Hostess Club, Big Sisters, Pres., Business Club, Cougar Staff, Sr. Ed., Girls' League, Ex. Bd., Girls' Honorary David Kaiser Track, Basketball, Trainer Richard Kh0 Steve Layne Boys' League Block A Pres., Boys' League, Foot- Sally Klemm Girls' Commissioner, Pep Club, G.A.A., Cougar Staff, Hostess Club, French Club, Band, 8th 84 9th Grade Rep., Girls' League, Jeannie Lewis Girls' League, Pep Club, Business Club, Big Sisters, Hostess Club, Junior Class Treas., G.A.A., Serv- ice Club, Choir AFS Pres., Exchange Student, Service Band Alan Liner J.V. Football, Drama Play Richard Magid Boys' League Elizabeth Macagba G.A.A., Service Club, Pep Club, Hostess Club, Big Sisters, Red Cross, V.P., Pres., Recorder, Girls' League, Cougar Staff ball, Basketball, Baseball, Track, Varsity Football Captain, Choir Paul Leimone Varsity Football, Basketball ,SR tif? Roxann Lipanovich Girls' League Melise Makinen Business Club, Girls' League '-.nwfr Roger Lloyd Boys' League 'wrztff' In - E-N .-J -J Q- :J 3 ' 1. , ., l -- l J sn . j ., , .1--f . -V-ss-.L ,-.ra '-1. .1 fi.. ,f.ji' , 15566 ' 'Wi H , - ' 'ii 55'5153f? 355- zsigemftfllii fat: s?rS?z1 , 'U 7 'lii M 1 llrl , :f fx .1 as ...l ..,- 'NGA 2 Jerry Thauberger donates the of his car to fellow classmate? help promote the spirit of Ho coming. Bonnie Markham Harold Manuel 'arsity Football ,L Ethel Mariinelli Girls' League Girls' League James Markham Boys' League, Choir, Football Ann Menges Girls' League Chris Medearis oys' League John Mestas Boys' League Elaine Moody Red Cross, Cougar Staff, G.A.A., Business Club, Service, Band A , Kathleen Moore Girls' League, G.A.A., Hostess Club, French Club, Cheerleader, Pep Club, Service Club, Scrib- ularious, Jr. Play JZITIBS MUI'I'0W ' Boys' League, Band Boosters, Student Court, Chief Justice, catherine Murillo QEfg,,BgggVEfgt0' of Nbany News' Business Club lPub. Directorl, Service Patricia Murry G.A.A., Band gn, Linda Meyers Girls' League, Pep Club, Big Sisters, Business Club, French Club, G.A.A., Cheerleader, Service x. Suzanne McCain Choir, Service Gary Nelson Boys' League George Nice Assembly Sergea nt, Football, Scott New Boys' League Baseball fx Vi mfg! iff 1 nl-lltrgil ii, My LE- sl will lf ,,.l ir 1 H so V ,aw 'l 'fy .Lf J?-W --.K ' ' aksffivs N Bm George is planning for a new home 1- Carolyn UNVBI' after graduation. Hostess Club lTreas.J, Pep Club, Linda Oakley G.A.A., Service, Band Business Club, Big Sisters, French Club, Porn Pon Girl, Girls' League David McKenna Yearbook Staff, French Club AFS, CSF, Orchestra Robert Nishiyama Boys' League, Football, ball, Band Lewis Oliver Basketball, Boys' League 'Q as Who says our school is JP Sandra Ostrov Mickey Mouse? G.A.A., Pep Club, Band, Cougar Lawrence Olson Martin Ortiz loys' League, Pep Club, Swim- Rally Boy, Baseball ning, Football, Wrestling, Cougar itaff Staff, Assistant Sr. Editor JoAnne Paul Service, G.A.A. Rosario Pansoy Mike Pedrick BUSll'16SS Club Swimming, Choir James Perry Boys' League, Rally Boy, Block A, Basketball, Tennis, Baseball R0bEI't P6iEI'S0l1 Track, Boys' League Adam Petersen rack, Boys' League Susan Plumb Girls' League Rep., Historian, G.A.A., Business Club, Sec., Pres., Traffics, Pep Club, Sr. Class Treasurer, Big Sisters, Hostess, Service, Cougar Staff Arnold Pope Block A, CSF, Tennis, Football, Swimming, Band Jan Pinkerton French Club fTreas.l, Choir, G.A.A., Hostess Club !PresJ, Big Sisters, Service, AFS, Peda- gogues Kenneth Potter CSF, Track, Football, Senior Class Vice Pres., Junior Class Play Victoria Rivard G.A.A., Cafeteria Worker, Girls' League Dan Porter Intramural Football, Boys' League Jean Porterfield G.A.A., French Club, Red Cross lPub. Directorl, Pedagogues, Pep Club, Orchestra Celeste Guam Orchestra, Choir, G.A.A., Pep Club, Red Cross, French Club, Scriblerus Rose Ramirez Business Club, Track Judy Roberts Choir, Service, Girls' League Patricia Rosby Girls' League, Business Club But this IS my letter sweate Helen Ray Girls' League, French Club, Choir, Service, Honor Society, Busines Club, Boosters, Traffics, Hostes Club, Big Sisters, Pep Club, CSF Student Body Treasurer, Cheer' leader Deborah Rossi Service, Hostess Club, Big Sis- ters, Girls' League --...,,5i, Sherri Royal Choir, Red Cross iSecJ, Sopho- more Class Secretary, Pep Club, G.A.A., Hostess Club, Big Sisters, Service, Traffics, AHS News, Pom Pon Girl, Drill Team Juanita Russell G.A.A., Choir, Hostess Club, Big Sisters, AFS, Cougar Staff, Peda- Connie Runnion SOEUES 8th Grade Rep., Pep Club, Busi- ness Club, Service, Big Sisters, BOC, Traffics, Pom Pon Girl Richard Sandretto Assembly Sergeant, Rally Boy, Football, Basketball, Track Dan Senst Band lPres.J,, J.V., Varsity Foot- ball, Wrestling . R0bel't3 Russell Segerherg Wolf, Hostess Club, French Canteen Worker, Girls' League ub, AFS, Pedagogues, G.A.A. James Shirley Band, Boys' League Katherine Sieg Pep Club, G.A.A., Junior Class Secretary, Girls' League Presi- dent, Service, BOC Roger Skinner French Club, Radio Club, CSF, Boys' Commissioner, BOC, Varsi- ty Wrestling, Block A, Photog- Linda Simon G.A.A., Pep Club, Red Cross, raphy Service Brad Smith Football, Basketball, Baseball, Rally Committee Keith Smith Choir, Track 1m--'N Paul Stewart Boys' League, Pep Club, Boys' Commissioner, BOC vw' Bev Tew Girls' League, Hostess Club, B Sisters, G.A.A., Pep Club ig Kathy Sturgeon G.A.A., Pep Club, Hostess Club, Cougar Staff, Big Sisters, Red Cross, Pedagogues, Service, Band, Drill Team Victor Spranis Wrestling, Tennis, Baseball, AFS, Cougar Staff f . i g,.w 1.4.43 We Robin Sumimoto Pep Club, Business Club, Treas., Girls' League Rep., Treas., Girls' State, Pom Pon Girl, Girls' Glee Christine Thomas French Club, Pep Club, Pom Pon Girl mf Kristen St Girls' League wwf adtman Q C I .L ',,, - YQ, 5- -51. --if - V s ' SENIORS RULE! Gerald Thauberger Leonard Thompson Football, Track, Block A, BOC, Assembly Sergeant, CSF, Boys Senior Class President, Band, League Repq Junigr C1355 pres Stage Crew Swimming, Stage Crew Ronald Torres ally Boy, Track fri. 'fvf : . 'iff gg' , f f., , . . 11 ? -I ' L .Q B 3 K rr ftiq. 5? Q,-,, , , . . ', lf, 8 if 51121 952 rr 4 ,av . TM. 'rife Melody Vandre .A.A., Pep Club, Girls' Glee william Torres , French Club, Wrestling T Rob Tracey Assembly Sergeant, Boys' League Rep., Sec., Vice Pres., Pres., Soph. Class Treas., Football, Baseball, Block A, Boys' Com- missioner, BOC Jim Valentine Football, Basketball Ted Valli Swimming, Tennis, Basketball, Block A, Boys' Glee, Rally Boy, Boys' League, Student Body Vice Pres., BOC Daniela Verdura French Club, Board of Control, Exchange Student Cheryl Vess Choir, Girls' League Kathryn Trythall G.A.A., Business Club, Cougar Staff, Service Peter Van Coops Assembly Sergeant, CSF, Treas., Boys' League, Boys' Commission- er, Boys' State, Student Body Pres., BOC, Rally Committee, Football, Basketball, Baseball, Block A, Vice Pres., Soph. Vice Pres. Toni Villa Girls' League Sharon Wendel Business Club, Choir Susan Winship Pep Club, AFS, G.A.A., Peda- gogues, Red Cross, Secretary Paulette Wrede G.A.A., Pep Club, CSF, Business Club, Pedagogues, Vice Pres., Yearbook Staff. Gaylene Williams ' George Williams G.A.A., Girls' League, Pep Club Boys' League, Assembly Serg- eant, Block A, Rally Committee, Football, Basketball, Baseball Swimming Graduates Not Pictured Janet Bailey Susan Brant Dan Brittan John Diemont Tamas McDonald Gregory Duckett Eileen Meuti Dean Ruff Gerald Talley Michele Tripodi Bob Wright ICM- 5 ? 3 a i ! Kathy Wilson G.A.A., Girls' League, Pep Clu Service, Pom Pon Robert Woolworth Football, Basketball, Service, Boys' League William Young French Club, Library Club TEEN AGE! Oakland Tribune, Sat., Dec. 23, 1967 The gifts of youth. The quiet poetry in his eyes reflected the con- fusion of his world as the five-year-old retarded child sat listlessly by the window in the Wednesday afternoon sunlight. Something stirred in the doorway. He turned quickly . . . and the poetry sparkled. A delighted laugh burst from his lips at the sight of a blue rocking-horse and Santa Claus with a bright red wagon . . . It was a youthful spirit of giving that entered the doorway of Sonoma State Hospital as more than sixty Albany High School seniors made their eighth annual pilgrimage with punch, cookies, and toys to let Christmas happen for patients in the chil- dren's wards. Each student took one child for two hours of joy, laughter and affection . . . There was peace and contentment for the children. For the students, parting brought tears and pain. A sense of quiet desperation mingled with a com- mon prayer, Let there be miracles for the chil- dren . . . Peggy King Nina Camilli hears a child's dream of toys and sleigh bells and Santa. Students find a way to bridge the gap of understanding. asft?Q, A magic spell is cast by good witch Sharon Fricken. With Jingle Bells and a blue rocking-horse, Lloyd Hawkinson succeeds -l OUR SENIOR YEAR. . . F A L L I said, back to school. Our Senior Prom Senior Class officers planning our trip to Sonoma State Hospital Q Ditch Day ,ark 2' F'-1V'i wx ROW 1: Peter Van Coops, Janet Bailey, Sally Klemm, Marcia moto. ROW 3: Josephine Hsu, Ken Potter, Paul Leimone, Reed Blank, Kathi Moore, Helen Ray. ROW 2: Kris Stadtman, Len Pope, Roger Skinner, Dave McKenna. ROW 4: Shami Edun, .lan Thompson, Robin Sumimoto , ls- Lyn Drozda, Paulette Wrede, Sue Plumb, Robin Sumi- Pinkerton, Diane Hoffman, Sue Casteel, Ann Hulburt. Melody Vandre as A ,,,. K ,V 1 . ' lf-21: - 1 -1 13: :ig nseiigsfss ' : Sue Casteel - -we 2144151 4 f .3 , ,i 1 Sgsssimffiyf ' -1' 'j 35 'Ln '1:,- i 1535759197 ' E l A misss . wel' l 1 if sztzfgeiffs-' isis . wgss--f K ,. figkiis? K ' ' ' - M., ,b A, .w3,,:,,,s 5 siitigsf' :silggi,ezfsS ff-il as ,A siiigfszwiitf- 11- i' . as ,.. M -M51 Hi w'Z:53?-if V ' ' lf'f:iilQiqi2liw Wi'viiiiii-f'f11-5421 ' - sfqtgjfff ' gf,--fasjgg , .,jlfq:!,1,g,5 k'S57f5ilfS'V-Sillaig ' -, g,l,,53-f :HQ-14? f-,.t'fg'g:.,t: z13:55-Sirf2::w,.z1s1 ' A-'lf ' ' f-z.:f'1iwg-2 wlff-ewzfzfwvsie mf s,5m1l,gf,ss,i f .f-f.:1seg4e1fl - - .,1,,w- .,M,f, .,,. ,i:q, ,. -Q: ' :w.34's9'liQ ',1'fX54sVisg?fgiiis1' fE.'3 A ., .V , - -,.,l ,,,t A ,ms l,.,,- ,Z ,.., W, f-,. 9 ,f --::w:.Qf:wff, Xfwwlffss-fel ' f , , -fiviifewuefii' time-sf . mzaswsw r - is , 1 f safes : Ywziawvseaizlis 1 V e.,-ff-4, l,.,t.,-f'fi1.1:.A2 . - .1:',-we 'mifzeafqffif ' - ' ',g',,f,-::sii,fl 5 'gizsiiggwt .ag ,mgkggiwzmtx '5'lmW,gzl -fn... f,-s.s-fsm- , wmfiiw -91 .-,mgxwa gm,fm.,,.5, .-,,... A. ,,t W ,S -my., . , ., lififsezsgiq fiwggsvfsv twzfwfis '- L-well V - p ,sz- ,mssgieg 1 'itlfmg - :zfwgf .f .sz ' , I offs. . lff,w:i1g2z: V -raw y zssge2g5i:2zi.s-,-Egg 2? .225 f ,, M? fiigsfiifzfwfwez1,31 . Ei ' 38 Anna Feusier f A ' ' .dv ,4 BOARD OF EDUCATION 3 , ,,,,..z4- E Mr. William Woolworth Mr. Kenneth Forry Superintendent of Schools Director of Instruction flaw., , I Q, Mrs. Kay Geering, Mr. Max Kelley, Mr. Kenneth Forry, Mr. Charles Pinkham, Mr. Robert Nehls, Mr. Milton Porter. lMrs. Anita Tronoff elected to the board in April 19683 If V- ,.....-n- ':? This yearbook is unique in a number of ways. Aside from the fact that no other class at any other school will produce one exactly like it, its most outstanding characteristic will be its in- creasing value to you over the years and its sharp loss of value when you and it part company. You will probably soon conclude, as many before you have, that the original investment of work and money pays increasingly valuable dividends. Carl 0. Couch, Vice Principal Society today demands quality education for our young people. Albany citizens, through the Board of Education, have provided the wherewithal to meet this demand. Teachers, facilities and equip- ment are here to serve young people. All students are urged to accept these privileges, use them actively and wisely, and pass the tradition on to their own children, for our democratic society is based on education. Harry J. Price, Principal The experience of high school is a variable thing. lt can be happy, frustrating, unpleasant, ridicu- lous, rewarding, helpful. It is seldom all bad or all good. Whatever it means to you is determined almost solely by you. It is hoped you have found it an experience from which you have benefited. Whatever Albany High School is and whatever it means to its student body is a result of what that student body makes it. Johneva Pond, Dean of Students COUNSELORS AND OFFICE WORKERS Mr. William Savage Head Counselor Mr. John Ryan Counselor Miss Grace Dinsdale Counselor Mrs. Esther Kingsley S.B. Finances Bi Clerk Mrs. Kay Rector Counselor's Secretary Mrs. Alice Gray Mrs. Myrna O'Leary Attendance Clerk Bookroom Clerk 9- Mrs. Marion Lister Office Secretary gfwsswgww S ff Q ' 4 3.51 23552653 2 S :fi 5 .. S 3 war Q Mr. Joseph Cruz 'Sb ,W 1--W ,P Mr. Richard Hillman iSS Helen Mr. Ralph Stone eff' Mrs. Marion Matlin 44 Mr. Allan Morgan Mr. Alwun Tokuhama Q. V. . A VV i K -1 V J , ,X l . .- 3 f k ,' fs: - SSA, :V , . , Q, A ' 2 if if 1 Mr. Craig Ortlieb Mr. Lester Brolliar Mr. David Hamann Mr. Wallace Choy Q Mr. Roland Yourd Mr. Ernest Douglas rs. as if idfgffv ans, xiii n-,r,,A1as'r QQQQQ ,,,.V.:-if Mr. Lawrence Hughes Mr. Robert J. Hughes Mr. Morton Berns Mr. Wilfrid Treacy Mr. John Ingram Mrs. Dorothy Williams Mrs. Margaret Rathmell ww., Bi I-L3 ff . f ,!,f',...f K 1 I NL Y A f' . If . V! ff: Annette Allen Freda Hanelt Leonard Callan, Virginia da Luz V f ix 5 3 117 .4 Marie Wilson Gene Davis, Anne Hall, Mary Wallmann, Carl Dwight K, A coffee break? Frank Turner ani Michael Scullion, James Greenwood, Robert Hoyle Judith Marchand, Roberta Seeger Vineta Bear lda Cherry Robert Ruebman J if Amy Wells Hungry teachers . . . Mr. Charles Clarke Mrs. Elizabeth Skelton N, ' I-Q, allillllt ' lr f Mr. Freeman Sargent t . E Mrs. Wendy Holcenberg Mrs. Sheila Farrell ? Miss Patricia Kelly Mr. Stephen Lehmer Ethel Murphy, Grace Cuniberti, Gladys Lehmkuhl, Altha N Mr. Robert Gatov-Meditation or physics? Branning, Jennie Carmilich. IN'-an-Y Doc Lawrence, Wally Flores, Ed Strohmeier,Jim McArthu f gil fS: Li f1i! is x 1 L, M of - V , . ,ly f , ,E vs - M if Y z e l ,ix , 5 V , ., ,gi iff 4 ,L k X , , R Q at . Y .. A - V, L ' 4, . 'Q . 4. Y Q, .- av? 4 ca A ' . in as -3 3 Sw' ' s' ,. i Iii 1 Q Q A U I 'fi 5M J . 1 , A r l iff? ,H .: . , 1 , A 5? . Sy, . F w A f' ,K -M - .. . . -If il' .L ,' T., - ' 1 ,X vw 1 W :K . , , W I Ma .fu . I learn , N Q LV' f. J , - me John Whitman Barry Barron Renne Beasley Vvonne Beckman Francine Cardwell Ana Amaral Peter Barone Ted Benjamins Steve Carnahan Alan Arkley 50 Steve Battermann Ken Berman Melinda Black Karen Burke Charles Butcher Janine Butts Marcia Brown John Bryant Marc Charbonnier Terri Chinn Leni Collier Alain Collins Ines Collins Preston Cook Robert Cordero vi 2 , , ,., kg Q . I 'Q ,F if X599 ' Q lik I A V,,. ,W .X ,G 4, ,fr if m ,., 1 J an aww wines My MM ,xJw.,,,,,iw . 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QQ 1 tr Carisma Mattioda f W 4 Marco Meniketti gr David Okawachi f Kirsten Petersen I ,. I Mark Pun Jean Mayeda Kathryn Meyers . 3 K Bob Onweller A ,fl Sarah Petrie A Chad Quan Kim McDonald Glenn Miller Xp - 7,5 Doug Parker A . Nancy Pinkerton -Q A :'. Tyygne Rabh 1 . A M' 1 I . if ,. I Y' f Hi . .V A 7 . i. 1 E, I I iw Q Q 5- X A Pau: nose ff T Kim shenon Debbie Tew V ' Tm-award E : 1- W L V Pam Rossi Y. 2 , Kris Shelton I M Y' V Mary Thomas Bobby Wightman KVV A 'Wa , Patti Royal Sharon Sims kj ' Debra Thompson if . H Edward Wilson , Q. ' U Shawn Ridley I ' ' R Gary Siu ik 'T' Michael Tom E' Beniie Winningham I 'i--, - Af W J, - I N Jon Saler Y, Q., Susan Skinner 7 ' 1- :X Debbie Turner RaeAnn Wise I .. V A ' AX X' Tdilg ii L' ' -, V I 1 ,, ,I ' '-sf - K . ' K gift' f K ui Nm LA. f . -- x f, , ' ff ff . qu .. a We of J. we 'L .SL ... ,..- lr' ' WL ' 4. Khrr , ik ,, ,, S . R fa W 1 ' s' .fa 1 w.. H gm X , ,Qi VX . K K 11, ,,- I VN I X M ' YSL J .r, K y ,sf f 9 I . 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Ken Segerberg if Y Kathleen 1 Michael Chervl Reswick ' , Robert seaaief 7' srarzenski J ' ' van Ecknafdf Linda Richard N239 Terry Shea Fed, Brian Storrs D099 Van Wvck 'Gm Jody Sumimoto Amfa V9fdU90 lr ,J L ? un' FALL Helen Ray Janice Butts Peter Van Coops Treasurer Secretary President BOARD OF CGNTROL LEFT TO RIGHT: Gerry Behman, Boys League Presidenty Kevin O'Gorman, Junior Class Presidentg Kathy Sieg, Girls League Presidentg Jim Murrow, Chief Justiceg Roger Skin- ner, Boys Commissionerg Ted Valli, Vice Presidentg Peter Van Coops, Presidentg Molly Yager, 8th and 9th Grade Rep- 1 if H 4 I' I' 'WU 'Sl was Chief Justice Vice Presidenl resentativeg Anne Rapoza, Publicityg Keiko Tamura, Head Cheerleaderg Sally Klemm, Girls Commissionerg Helen Ray Treasurerg Jerry Thauberger, Senior Class Presidentg Jim lVlcKenna, Sophomore Class Presidentg Daniela Verdura Left to Right: Anne Rapoza, Secretary, Kay Tamura Head Cheerleader, Emily Grosz, Girls' League Presi- dent, Jim McKenna, Sophomore Class President Shelly Miller, Girls' Commissioner, Sally Turnerl 8th and 9th Grade Representative, Janice Butts Jerry Thauberger, Senior Class President, Paul Stewl art, Boys' Commissioner, Gary Sasaki, Publicity Di- rector, Daniela Verdura, Exchange Student, Helen Ray, Treasurer, Jim Murrow, Chief Justice, Peter Van Coops, President, Ted Valli, Vice President, Kevin O'Gorman, Junior Class President, Bruce Schroffel, A.H.S. Editor. BOARD OF CONTROL Anne Rapoza Secretary Jim Murrow Chief Justice SPRING V. Ofiiii sot Helen Ray Treasurer 'I wfia 'll Jerry Thauberger Senior Class President CLASS OFFICERS xS 22 , jr' 7 -va P -' 4 5 mr 5 1 A ' t o is 5 : K I -ff-. 1 ':-L Joanne Jersey so X K Q, Senior Class Secretary X. I Ken Potter Senior Class Vice President -:i' 5 ,i'- J 4 gag, - 2 ' l ,gt-gg fihf Lk.:V ,,,, .r-' ,i i . I, 2 J ' iiol if --zz A Lwsfx srssi iff. 2' V J' A W Tom Scott 7 J if' xx ' Junior Class Vice President J -l rr- Kevin O'Gorman Junior Class President 66 'NU :if Jim McKenna Sophomore Class President 'H' l me-Q ' vw- Sue Plumb Senior Class Treasurer Lyn Nunes Junior Class Secretary Dave Wells Sophomore Class Vice President mf' LEFT TO RIGHT: Lynn Fletcher, Jim Murrow, Cindy Karst, Noel Laverty. RALLY BOYS ROW 1: Gerry Behman, Chuck Nlarscico, Marty Ortiz, George Nice, Ron Torres, Ted Valli. ROW 2: Jim Perry, Mike Piasente, Rob Tracey, Rich Sandretto, Greg Duckett, Larry Belote, Steve Layne, Brad Smith, Peter Van Coops. i , m, - ., 1 1 GIRLS' LEAGUE Kathy Sieg Wendy Hoggatt President Vice President FALL Pam Morely Secretary LEFT TO RIGHT: Robin Sumimoto, Wendy Hoggatt, Kathy Sieg, Pam Morely. GIRLS' LEAGUE X12 ROW 1: Chris Thomas, Wendy Hoggatt, Emily Grosz, Kathy Radcliffe, Robin Sumimoto, Kathy Sieg. ROW 2: Barbara DeManicor, Ann Maberry, Sally Turner, Maureen Dunlap, Kay Tamura. SPRING Emily Grosz President Kathy Radcliffe Wendy Hoggatt Vice President secretary BOYS' LEAGUE 4 FALL Gerry Behman Louis Oliver President Vice President LEFT TO RIGHT: Steve Valenzuela, Louis Oliver, Gerry Behman, Mike Griffin. Mike Griffin Secretary M L 'i1M..L BOYS' Rob Tracey President -EFT T0 RIGHT, ROW 1: Larry Belote, Mike Griffin, Bruce Schroffel, Rich Sandretto, Seorge Jaekle, Steve Valenzuela. ROW 2: Chuck Marsico, Peter Van Coops, Curt Pihl, Aike Piasente, Tim Taylor, Rob Tracey. Peter Van Coops Secretary gn, - ., ,M ,,,: an iff? , sw 3, ,,,,, he ef LEAGUE il a .1 ., .,vA I nr - F -,,.: iiia VM V. ,. , 'i 'gi y .,i. aiie g I ,..,. Ki., Gerry Behman Vice President SPRING ' mm W .K 'H up Robin Sumimoto, Girls State citizeng Helen Ray, Paulette Wrede, alternates. Girls State sponsored by the American Legion Auxiliary and Boys State sponsored by the American Legion is a way for young people to learn more about their govern- ment and how it works. However, it is not just a week of learning but a week of many friendships and memo- ries. Daniela Verdura, Exchange Student. It was the pleasure of Albany High School to host Daniela Verdura, the Amer- ican Field Service exchange student from Mantova, Italy. We hope that Dany will not forget her stay in Albany and we wish her the best of luck in all her future plans. Peter Van Coops, Boys State citizen. MQW ' tt. A S' GUR STUDENT GOVERNMENT WORKING... CANIPAIGNING E1-n-QA, nt un- 1- A. reta ry. Board o PLAYING Mm 2'i'7?fw-,1 V . M Mi I f 2 5. if-M557 Wm f 1 5 K 1 A . - ' V4 ily: .ff gb' ,V k UV 1 2 iw: ki,f:,554 ':-fi' 71 A : f ' ' f:,55f?L' f 1? 1 kr d , Lf1m.,.5g,,,,,' , My QQ, Ef MW ,4...J mam :inf rf? ,QS wi' 'if ,e ,Q ,f., ,Q, I wr A Y -E, V :mg ' : f A ' - x N rf DANCE BAND ROW 1: Debbie Lomax, Sally Klemm, Lyn Drozda, Mark Forry. ROW 2: Gary Over man, Brian Hellwig, Dan Senst, Curt Pihl, John Knight. ROW 1: Dave McKenna, Pam Haller, Bonnie Holcomb, Molly Hutchison, Nancy Potts, Beth Parker. ROW 2: Carmen Johnson, Shelley Miller, Sidni Saler, Joann Bates, Gayle Wightman, Kirsten Peter- sen, Carol Dunk, Ashley Barnes, Kathy McKenna, Gloria Cravotto. ROW 3: Cynthia Hill, Angie Hung, Sherri Petersen, Mike Phillips, Debbie Polivka, Joan Eggert, Kathy Sieg, Emily Grosz, Debbie Wolf, Janet Bailey, Sheila Morishige, Mark Forry, Cynthia Maberry. ROW 4: Valerie Huber, Tris Wellcome, Debbie Blank, Roger Skinner, Brian Hellwig, Anne Maberry, Ross Gershenson, Jim Tamura, Dan Senst, Curt Pihl. ROW 5: Mr. Douglas, Sue Perry, John Knight. PEP BAND ROW 1: Jim McKenna. ROW 2: Debbie Blank, Debbie Lomax, Sally Klemm, Reed Pope. ROW 3: Tom Turner, Roger Skinner, Brian Hellwig, Dan Senst, Curt Pihl, Mark Forry. ROW 4: John Knight. E CHOH2 ROW 1: Lynda Fagerlund. Josie Martinez, Laura Batterman, Caryn Nenneman, Kathy Brower, Terry Swerer, Marlene Fer- reira, Zvia Flowers, Lori Sanchez, Liz Williams, Beth Stock- holm, Charlene Gorham, Wendy Hoggatt. ROW 2: Celeste Quam, Roberta Ebey, Betsy Rowe, Linda Bass, Maureen Hur- ley, Linda Lindholm, Nellie Goldberg, Molly Hutchison, Don Rogers, Steve Brummels, Cathy Cannizaro, Lynne Pelosi, Patty Mack, Connie Noble, Linda Amaral, Jayne Myers. ROW 3: Carol French, Janet Clausen, Elina Randle, Yvonne Beck- man, Bonnie Pullen, Tom Miller, Mike Griffin, Herb Russell, Gary Reyes, Brian Bolte, John Fan, Linda Torres, Susan Clay, CH ROW 1: Cheryl Resnick, Cheryl Pullen, Sandra Smith, Jean CLUB Mayeda, Dan Fine, Bob Johnson, Marco Meniketti, Pierce McDonald, Mr. Lehmer. ROW 2: Carlene Carlevaro, Cheryl Belcher, Toni Ward, Socorro Cardenas, Anne Scott, David Kimura, Bob Jersey, Philip Hutton, Mark Richardson, Den Segerberg. ROW 3: Peggy Rackley, Janet Paul, Linda Cabral, Beverly Tew, Barbara Calegari. ROW 4: Juanita Russell, Jan Pinkerton, Melody Vandre, Melissa Windhip, Dorothy Mack, Leni Collier, Louis Oliver, Mark Jacobson, Jim Murrow, Larry Olson, Lee Beckhusen, Dan Johnson, Michael Epling, Marcia Brown, Pat Ramairez, Cynthia Hill. ROW 5: Maureen Haesloop, Jeanette Young, Donna Russell, Cecily Granger, Bill Young, Fred Mendoza, David Hansen, Keith Smith, John Mestas, Roger Lloyd, Ted Valli, Scott New, Chris Hutchison, Jan Hughes, Judy Roberts, Charlotte Fox, Sharon Wendel, Char- lotte Nishimura, Linda Attebury. Rae Ann Wise, Terry Valenzuela, Charles Bone, Terry Shea, Mark Larimore, Bob Dill, Bob Wightman, ROW 4: Sharon Sims, Linda Richards, Kim Shelton, Randy Christiana, Maria Quintana, Walt Handlos, Eric Lindh, Marc Reiterman, Charles Griffin, Shawn Ridley. CSF SERVICE ROW 1: Len Thompson, Linda Miller, Sheila Morishige, Lorrie Romo, Wendy Hoggatt, Lynn Fletcher, Helen Ray, Gerry Behman. ROW 2: Mark Foster, Tom Matson, Ken Potter, Reed Pope, Mark Forry. ROW 1: Cindy Karst, Karen Schwab, Rosanne Thompson, Nancy O'Gorman, Glenda Dunlap, Chris Lowe, Susie Corvello, Kathy Sieg, Kathy Fulton, Robin Sumimoto, Sally Verdugo, Alice Accurso, Sherri Peterson, Marilyn Corey, Bonnie Pullen. ROW 2: Maureen Hurley, Sue Castile, Linda Oakley, Lynn Nunes, Kathy Ames, Cathy Steele, Linda Miller, Diane Duckett, Alma McCann, Diane Galletini, Athena Triggas, Terry Kempt, Denise Rivard, Dottie Hoffman. ROW 3: Debbie Fricken, Diana Torres, Roberta Ebey, Kathryn Plotkin, Karen Mahan, Sally Turner, Georgia Levas, Donna Russell, Alice Piezzi, Diane Onweller, Laura Batterman. ROW 4: Elaine Moody, Gayle Wightman, Patty Young, Jim Murrow, Alan Liner, Dave McKenna, Terry Rabb, Nancy Van Pelt. - 12 an Q5'E'16L7v'?rS35?2f4f2Y4'ti???f?BEPZfhf'Lf'ls-Msblilwiiilsiisif9EZ?E.llE:ivE:E 7E??iFiEJ?7E,f'E:?ZQ??i fTEaE2:fi::?axiSiiT:zfxieiiiiui IHELLM' - ' ff . ' . ,- , i Z . Legg Wmrumeww-A ,. AFS GUITAR ORKSHOP s U Q il ,aiming - V ,Zi ROW 1: Marcia Blank, Anne Maberry, Angie Hung, Juanita Russell, Daniella Verdura, Jo- sephine Hsu. ROW 2: Sharon Ledgerwood, Jan Pinkerton, Elizabeth Nlacagba, Shamson Eden, Barbara Delvlanincor, Sally Klemm. ROW 3: Emily Grosz, Dave lVlcKenna, Tom Nlatson, Jim Murrow, Dan Johnson. Joy Havelaar, Nancy Gay, Mr. Gatov, Christine Lowe. ,J ROW 1: Linda Fagerlund, Melody Vandre, Joan Jersey, Sherri Corvello. ROW 3: Donna Russell, Susan Clay, Pat Ramairez, Royal, Joanne Jersey, Kathy Sieg, Sue Plumb, Kathy Stur- Cynthia Hill, Sidni Saler, Wendy Hoggatt, Pam Morley, Emily geon, Sue Winship. ROW 2: Debbie Wigmore, Jackie Reckas, Nlacagba, Debbie Wolf, Elizabeth Macagba. ROW 4: Debbie l Lorrie Romo, Arnelle Pope, Yvonne Beckman, Barbara Lomax, Sharon Hansen, Maureen Haesloop,Juanita Russell, Kempe, Bonnie Holcomb, Terry Kempt, Cyrise Bega, Jayne Angie Hung, Kathy Ames, Linda Beckerson. Faria, Shelley Miller, Kathy Radcliffe, Jody Hanlon, Patty Charlene Gorham, Sue Plumb, Kathy Sieg. Charlene Savio, Judy Segerberg, Linda Beckerson, Lynn Nunes. 81 LIBRARY CLUB Fritz Laura, Bob Dill, Maureen Hurley, Doug Turney. lfi:f!'f:36 iw.-um l Ruth Shaw, Emily Grosz. ROW 3: Terry Kempt, Debbie Wolf, Anne Ra ROW 1: Janet Bailey, Anne Maberry, Jim McKenna. ROW 2: Sue Perry, poza. ROW 4: Nancy Potts, Debbie Blank, Lorene Gifford. ROW 5: Marilyn Mat- tioda, Kathy Ames. ROW 6: Cathy Steele, Joan Eggert. ROW 7: Linda Miller, Karel French, Angie Hung, Jan Lundberg. 1- SCR l B LER US 2 ' 15 Chris Lowe, Nancy Potts, Debbie Wolf, Debbie Blank, Bill Taylor, Janet Bailey. 'D L i W- ,m Z GIRLS' HONORARY ROW 1: Sherri Royal, Kathy Sturgeon. ROW 2: Carol Oliver, Joanne Jersey, Joan Jersey. ROW 3: Connie Runnion. ROW 4: Donna Dreyer, Jean Lewis, Helen Ray. ROW 5: Juanita Russell, Linda Myers. ROW 6: Jan Pinkerton, Charlene Gorham, Sue Plumb. ohio ca 1313 ',,..1- 9 BIG SISTERS ROW 1: Kathy Radcliffe, Jan Butts, Barb DeManincor, Anne Maberry, Anne Rapoza. Ns, HOSTESS CLUB ROW 1: Debbie McCain, Bonnie Jacobson, Nancy Potts, Jayne Faria, Cathy Steele, Kathy Ames, Sidni Saler, Shelley Miller. ROW 2: Gayle Davis, Candy Mahan, Joan Marengo, Vicki McWilliams, Angie Hung, Linda Nliller, Jan Lundberg, Bonnie Holcomb, Pam Morley. Mx., is , Hhamm RED CROSS 'ky 'Z-JT vello, Sue Winship, Melissa Win shop. ROW 2: Elizabeth Macagba Rosanne Thompson, Sue Cor vello, Marty Chandler. be QW WV., 1 PEP CLUB ROW 1: Carol Oliver, Lynn Fletcher, Kathy Radcliffe, Chris Thomas, Tina Van Coops, Robin Sumi- moto. ROY 2: Kathi Moore, Debbie Rossi, Linda Myers, Cathi Shelton, Keiko Tamura, Carol Young, Toni Fisher. ROW 3: Wendy Hoggatt, Pam Rossi, Sue Perry, Diane Duckett, Jayne Faria, Mary Koerner, Shelley Miller, Janice Butts, Pam Morley, Debbie Wolf. ROW 4: Elizabeth Macagba, Sue Luoma, Melody Vandre, Linda Fagerlund, Sherri Royal, Kathy Sieg, Sue Plumb, Jeanie Lewis, Anna Feusier. ROW 5: Linda Beckerson, Melinda Black, Karen Mahen, Candy Mahen, Barbara Kempe, Valerie Huber, Helen Ray, Joan Jersey, Joanne Jersey, Linda Lindholm, Pam Haller, Vickie Yama- guchi, Terry Chinn, Lynn Nunes, Kris Hanson, Sidni Saler. ROW 6: Cindy Hardin, Joan Marengo, Lorrene Gifford, Gayle Davis, Colleen Moore, Lynne Pelosi, Lorrie Morris, Terry Kempt, Gayle Wightman, Roseann Thompson, Kathy Ames, Josie Prins, Kathy Steele, Chris Senne, Emily Ma- cagba, Lloyd Hawkinson. ROW 1: Kathy Sturgeon, Pat Cor- Nl ,rf BUSINESS CLUB ROW 1: Rosemary Ferreira, Kathy Dennis, Nancy Fitch, Marilyn Corey, Carolyn Bonneson, Melise Makinen, Josie Prins. ROW 2: Yvonne Gallettini, Robin Sumimoto, Paulette Wrede, Lyn Drozda, Joyce Howell, Diane Duckett, Barbara Kempe. ROW 3: Joan Gerrish, Barbara Espenson, Elaine Moody, Carmen Johnson, Bonnie Holcomb, Maureen Haesloop, Terry Rabb, Melinda Black. STUDENTS FOR IM PROVENI ENT Gwen Duncan, Russell Heath, Keith Elliot, Ruth Shaw, Sally Turner, Emily Grosz, Ken Berman, Chris Lowe, Bob Wright. :ij x W w,,4 T. 2' it s , gf 1 S'.Dxgge f. Q Egg! gg HTZEI' 9521 uf 5 gp 3' W M J K in X J ff 4 x ' 2 1 Q2 3 ,f I . 1' ,ff . . -I . . ff ,, ,,,...i,,,,f I f wr . J- . U . 'Q lx II I 4 k 7 'U K . x ,5 t x 1 as ,. , 1 J , S 1,53 , ,il-.mi +?:x::.s::g::1.,,::+f::1::r.:,a. EI FI t'E5b::S.:': . Q -, lf IF.,5:.:5EJ5EE?9EEiE:E:'-EPP-f:f5l555 55k 8 1 ff -V 9 S o 4,5452 - .f qw, . f a'!9 g , Q f A Ji ft , ya COUGA 5 David Kaiser, Sports. Joyce Howell, Advertising, Lynn Drozda, Activities. Joyce Howell, Editor. We did not realize when we started this yearbook, the chore that lay ahead of us. There were layouts to draw, pictures to take, and deadlines to meet. lt seemed impossible that we could accomplish all of this, but we did! Our only hope is that we have produced one of Albany High School's finest yearbooks. Sandy Ostrov, Paulette Wrede, P Joan Jersey, Faculty, Joanne Jersey, Seniors. TAFF e, Advisor. Lyn Drozda, Co-Editor. Anne Rapoza, Linda McNab, Organizations Carmen Johnson, Elaine Moody, Underclassmen. Liz Macagba, Victor Sprancis, Photographers. imoto, Rich Goforth, Yvonne Gallettini. Lynn Nunes, Art. DRILL TEAM ROW 1 tbottomj: Sidni Saler, Bonny Jacobson, Vicky McWilliams, Fran Cardwell, Sherri Royal, Mary Koerner, Judi Hall. ROW 2: Emily Grosz, Nancy Van Pelt, Sheila Morishige, Kathie Lucas, Carol Ball, Cyrise Bega. ROW 3: Emily Macagba, Shelley Miller, Sallie Verclugo, Diane Duckett, Janice Butts, Lynda Miller, Nancy Nehls, Pam Morley, Jayne Faria, Debbie Polivka. GIRLS' WEEK Monday: Girls' League vs. Boys' League in flag football. Tuesday: Ugly Teacher Contest. Wednesday: Pumpkin Seed Contest. Thursday: Pie Eating Contest. Friday: Girls' League Dance. Ugliest Teacher-Miss Seeger. . P k' S d ' 90 Girls' League vs. Boys' League. 03323. ee Wmner-Gary l Mrs. Wells interrogates would be dates. Homecoming King and Queen Steve Layne and Donna Dreyer. Monday: Spirit Rally-Tag Day. Tuesday: Senior Boys' Beauty Contest. Wednesday: Faculty Dating Game. Thursday: Voting for candi- dates. Friday: Rally, Parade, and game. Queen candidates await decision -if HOMECOMING CANDIDATES. ROW 1: Michele Tripodi, Kathy Wilson, Connie Runnion, Donna Dreyer, Anna Feusier, Sherri Royal. ROW 2: Rick Cavallera, Rich Sandretto, Jerry Thauberger, Steve Layne, George Hritz, George Williams. ,.. 30 V. - M 1: n Q . KP? ' A 564, Q S. cwtfi?ffie'lfsfwg' . :fi-f i! ,gp-- 'fs iw-.q,iisfdc ...a ,,,,, if: ,ga 1 , , 2 ' , 2 1 5 , wr r: 1' k IQ, , F 'V' ru.. .Q f Q ' Ex. . ,,..-' if. . hi The Audition ls Over by John Kirkpatrick CHARACTERS THE SECRETARY, BEA SIMMONS THE APPRENTICE, BETSEY CROFTS THE ACTRESS, EMILY HAVEN THE MOTHER, FLORENCE RUSSELL THE TEACHER, MARJORIE DOWD THE GIRL, NANCY RUSSELL STUDENT DIRECTOR The Dear Departed by Stanley Houghton CHARACTERS MRS. SLATER Sue Perry MRS. JORDON Barbara deManrncor HENRY SLANDER Keith Elliott BEN JORDON Alan Llner VICTORIA SLATER Sidnr Saler ABEL MERRYWEATHER Richard Ralston STUDENT DIRECTOR Wendy Hoggatt Tina Van Coops Kris Hanson Karen Burke Judy Segerberg Sally Turner Sharon Fricken Sharon Hansen DRAMA CLASS PRODUCTIONS Papa Never Done Nothing . . . Much by E. P. Conkle CHARACTERS MRS. DEWBERRY MISS NASH STUDENT DIRECTOR Debbie Lomax Emily Grosz Anne Maberry The Boor by Anton Chekhov CHARACTERS LUKA, A SERVANT Chris Mikuriya MADAME POPOV, A WlDOW Susan Brant GREGORY STEPANOVICH SMIRNOV, A LANDOWNER Randy Bolte STUDENT DIRECTOR Linda Beckerson JUNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Gayle Wightman Rosanne Thompson The selection of Junior Varsity Cheerleaders was something new at A.H.S. this year. Their enthu- siastic presence at the Junior Varsity games really helped arouse spirit among the underclassmen, and proved that the younger students are really star supporters of the red and white. Terry Kempt Sue coweuo VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Keiko Tamura, head M V , M The spirit at Albany High School has been greatly improved by this year's Cheerleaders and Pom Pons. We wish to congratulate them on their great show of spirit at the rallies and the games and hope that this spirit will continue in the years to come. Linda Meyers ,Kg , + t K, , , ll,, 'il-,T H ,' -: F L In ., 45 ,. ,. if wr ,, a 5 i in 2' Toni Fisher is Carol Young Kathy Shelton POM PONS Kathy Radcliffe Tina Van Coops, head - Nfffy' 1: - I fl: 'iff-i?3L . 'W W .WA . ,. 'VA' AAA I' 1 43. ,A A ,ki .Z f gg? .-f 4-wif 423,-I l X Jgfxfkiff iw! N a I , M H -p . 4.112 Robin Sumimoto Carol Oliver Lynn Fletcher ix 'ffgxvxw F 4 Chris Thomas, head Jim Murrow, Editor. Sherri Royal, Feature Editor. Eagerly awaited was the semi-monthly edition of the A.H.S. News pub- lished by a limited but diligent staff. N 1 .ms Rob Tracey, Sports Editgr, Mr. Ralph Stone, Advisor Journalism I. A.H.S JEWS Bruce Schroffel, Editor. . Under new leadership the i A.H.S. News saw a change in i format. Mike Piasente, Sports Editor. Lynn Nunes, Assistant Editor. S P R I N G Ruth Shaw, Feature Editor. Mrs. Jan Ellwanger, Advisor. ROW 1: Bill Haskins, Bruce Schroffel, Mike Piasente, Kurt Doerf- Forrest, Peter Van Coops, Tim Taylor, Bill Taylor, Greg King, fler, Bill Kastens, Todd Bachman, Linda McNab. ROW 2: Mark Lyn Nunes, Ruth Shaw, Lynn Pelosi. - ,, .aw H-QW vp 5 H dint VARSITY FOOTBALL f' 5 as as lfwb A I . ,. ls ROW 1: Steve Valenzuela, Rick Magid, Rich Sandretto, Rob Tracey, Bruce Schroffel, Rick Cavallera. ROW 2: George Jaekle, Steve Eisner, Bill Haskins, Jerry Thauberger, Peter Hymens, Tom Dyer, Dan Senst, Ken Potter. ROW 3: Paul Leimone, George Williams, Steve Layne, Bob Peterson, George HritZ. . f 1 f ,stef - ,,,,,.:, ,,,., , ls g . A . f 4 152.1 3 , f . ' J V ' r .. A. ,, H., . .la , lr .X is - , , 1 .1 ,,, -9 ,T 1 Coaches Meyers, Hoyle, and Greenwood. SCORES Albany 0 Nlarin Catholic . Albany ... 6 St. Mary's ...... Albany ... 6 CSD ...... ... Albany ..... 14 St. Vincent's Albany 0 Livermore Albany ... 0 Granada ...... Albany 13 John Swett Albany ... 0 Amador ..,.. Albany ..... 7 Liberty IOO This year the Varsity won only one game, but when very few boys turn out for football, we can't expect miracles. At the end of the last game we had only fourteen fellows in shape to play! And we had only nineteen players at the start of that game! As Coach Hoyle said, lf more boys came out we would be successful. The bright spots of the season included Rick Cavallera, who received the Berkeley Gazette's Prep of the Week award, and was named not only to the All-League second string, but to the All-Area first string: Steve Layne, who also was named to the All-League and All-Area teams, as well as receiving the Most Valuable Lineman award: Bruce Schrof- fel, Most Valuable Back, and Robby Tracey, Most Inspira- tional Player. Since most of this year's players are seniors, we can only hope that a nucleus of juniors and J.V. gridders can develop into a winning team. Piasente gets valuable yardage. THE VARSITY IN ACTION Scott finally finds a dance partner. Schroffel is dragged down as Thauberger watches help- Iessly. STOP! George Williams scores Albany's first TD of the year It looks like it will take three Cowboys to stop Bruce Schroffel. 41 e, . ,Af wig? J.V. FOOTBALL ROW 1: Steve Batterman, Mike Wills, Todd Bachman, John Petrie, Mallard, Dave Dutcher, Randy Bolte, Steve Eggert, Ron Torstrom Vaughn Nordby, Bruce Corey, Rich Goforth, Mike Granko, Kirk Mike Reed, Joe Griffin, Marc Granko, Britt Felton, Bob Gherlone Landaker, Tim Johnson, Jim Babich. ROW 2: Steve Fukashima, Bill Dave Potts, Curt Pihl, Martin Manuel. This year's Junior Varsity season, although un- successful, produced several players who will help next year's Varsity squad. Key individuals were Most Valuable Back and co-captain Martin Manuel, and also co-captains Steve Eggert and Dave Potts. Other outstanding players, according to Coach Scullion, included Marc Granko, Vaughn Nordby, and Rich Goforth. The defense was able to shut out two opponents and limit two others to two touchdowns or less. T if i 32 Y , ..,, ,i V J 4. . S v. ,, 42: .J , L f j- Y h p, Coaches Davis and Scullion SCORES Albany ..... .... 1 8 Marin Catholic Albany ..... .. O St. Mary's Albany ..... .. 0 C.S.D. ...... .. Albany ..... .. 0 St. Vincent's .. Albany ..... ... O Livermore .. Albany .,... .... 1 2 Granada ...... Albany ..... .. 0 John Swett Albany ..... .. 0 Amador .... Albany .,... .. 6 Liberty .... Marc Granko struggles for a few more yards against the Granada defense. J.V. AND FROSH SNAPS K. Rich G0f0Vth SDfinfS f0f 22 yards against St. Mary's. Winners of a free lesson at Arthur Murray's are . . EEK! A mouse! Goforth is due for a rough landing. 555' F 51 u Hi there! 1 an fv as ' , A - ' In I , we . ' f .2 , -- - - My f . 1 . ' I- I -' I ' , .,- ,I -I Fix., I b 1 A J-, K., -'-' f , , , ' 'R -V ,, ' ' rzfffrfav fi Q, x 'A fwi1eifi'i32- 12 , - ' us 'f 'Q , H771 . Q f, 1 ,fry W 5 if -2. sum' Qzszxzz if wslvza-V if ei gjiif A We i , 4 M we - ,. f s s .. ii '-'i in Wi-f Y lfll. , ' V Z :S ',fwwffsxF'Mi' - . L .2- f'x:V 5 My , , s , 1, A 'iw L3 gmiliiiwfi i+f42i 'iwf 2g:iY-M-if i 3 is . is WWF -7 W. f W . ' 7 f ' pi r - .'f i 's1,: -Nm W Q r esir L f A 1 Q' ' ,ggi 4 1 FROSH FOOTBALL Albany Albany ROW 1: David Calegari, Randy Hanson, Ray Straub, Allen Hoggatt, Bob Stovel, Andy Lennert, Alan Luty, Miguel Puell, Tony Diaz, Don Frisby, Stan Hoffman. ROW 2: Coach Ortlieb, Bob Fisher, Barry Hexton, Jon Etingoff, Tom Detar, Herb Russell, Duane Focht, Tom Miller, Tom Drennan, Fred Men- doza, Coach Cruz. SCORES ...2O Albany .... 7 Albany .... ... 14 AIbany.... 7 Albany SMASH! Berkeley . Livermore Granada .. John Swett Amador .. Liberty According to Coach Ortlieb, This group of boys could be Albany's next football hope. They, as a group, have good spirit and attitude. They have a good relationship with each other. lf they can continue to work together and get a little support in some of the positions, they could win many games. Shifty Herb Russell leaves John Swett tacklers behind TENNIS ROW 1 Jim Brodie, Dennis Simon, Vic Sprancis,Tamas McDonald, Chris Mikuriya. ROW 2: Mark Jacobson Ted Valli, Jim Perry, Gary Nelson, Reed Pope, John Koser. Albany Albany ...... Albany Albany Albany Albany Albany Albany Albany Albany This year the Albany Tennis team had a very good season, finishing in third place in the league. Out- standing players Jim Perry and Ted Valli competed in the EB-DVAL tournament and both tied for third place. Next year's prospects are dim, according to Coach Choy, as most of this year's players are seniors. Hopes for next year rest on Dennis Simon, John Koser and Chris Mikuriya. Ted Valli Jim Perry Captain Mark Jacobson 1!V ?7L2m '5 Q VARSITY BASKETBALL ROW 1: Manager Gary Nelson, Greg Duckett, John Whitman, Piasente, Steve Layne Tom Dyer Bill Haskins, Rick Holcomb Brad Smith, Harold Manuel, Gerry Behman, Manager Tamis Mc- George Williams, George Jaekle Donald. ROW 2: Coach Clarke, Lewis Oliver, Paul Leimone, Mike Albany Albany Albany Albany Albany Albany Albany Albany Albany Albany Albany Albany Albany Albany Albany Albany ...... Albany Albany Albany Albany ...... SCORES De La Salle Emery ..... Pinole ..... Vallejo .... St. Mary's . De La Salle St. Vincent's John Swett Benicia .... Granada El Cerrito .. Amador .... Livermore . Benicia Liberty .... John Swett Granada Amador Livermore . Liberty .... This year's Varsity did not experi- ence a very successful season, finishing with a record of four wins and sixteen losses. Although not suc- cessful in the won and lost column, the fighting Cougars put up many good battles against taller and more experienced teams. Steve Layne was elected team captain, Rich Sandretto was chosen the Most Valuable Player, and Lewis Oliver was the top scorer and re- bounder. Coach Charles Clarke feels that four Juniors-Bill Haskins, Mike Piasente, John Whitman and Tom Dyer-should lead the Varsity to a more successful season next year. Steve Layne goes animal against John Swett! Q. Q 345. ,AQ we UV' Qs ,W swim: JI ff -Av f 5 9 ff mzgxgia Q iw: - rw WE 32,1 fe, V' '7L,'55Y7x Wi JU N IOR VARSITY BASKETBALL ROW 1: Larry Dutcher, Tim Taylor, Bruce Schroffel, Tim Johnson, Gary DeLucchi, Steve Valenzuela John D1 Presco Marc Granko Bret Felton, Vaughn Nordby, Jim Babich. ROW 2: Mike Griffin, Dave Potts, Curt Pihl Chuck Boettger Coach Craige Ortlieb SCORES Albany ...... 30 De La Salle Albany ...... 55 Emery ..... Albany ...... 44 Pinole ..... Albany ...... 36 Vallejo .... Albany ...... 23 St. Mary's . Albany ...... 35 De La Salle Albany ...... 33 St. Vincent's Albany ...... 32 John Swett Albany ...... 52 Benicia .... Albany ...... 43 Granada Albany ...... 40 El Cerrito . Albany ...... 46 Amador .... Albany ...... 39 Livermore . Albany ...... 50 Benicia .... Albany ...... 38 Liberty .... Albany ...... 40 John Swett Albany ...... 39 Granada Albany ...... 52 Amador .... Albany ...... 44 Livermore . Albany .... .. 39 Liberty HO Coach Craige Ortlieb attributed the J.V. team's poor showing during the first half of this season to lack of experienced players. The club worked hard but didn't give up, which resulted in a very good second half. Several of the J.V.'s losses were quite close, with only one or two points separating the squad from their op- ponents. Mr. Ortlieb feels that guards Tim Taylor, Bret Felton, Vaughn Nordby and Tim Johnson all developed nicely as the season progressed and finally gave the team game control, which had been its weakest point. Coach Ortlieb cited Curt Pihl and Steve Valenzuela for their scor- ing efforts, and Pihl and Marc Granko for their rebounding. Curt Pihl grabs another one FRESH IVIAN BASKETBALL ROW 1 Greg Sims Kirk Sutherland Randy Hanson, Bob Fisher, Ray Straub, Martin Valli, Jesse Chavez, Miguel Puell, Alan Hog- Kurt Lenhart ROW 2 Coach Scullion Tom DeTar, Tom Drennan, gat, Jim Tamura. Jim Tamura Captain Bob Fisher Marlin Valli ALS, The Frosh team, under the direction of Coach Scullion, won four of the twelve games that they played this season. Mr. Scullion feels that of all the players on the team, three deserve mention. They are Jim Tamura, Captain and Most Valuable Player, Martin Valli, top scorer, and one of the most inspirational players on the team, Bob Fisher. These boys will hopefully form the nucleus of a winning J.V. club next year. Albany .... Albany .... Albany .... Albany Albany Albany Albany Albany Albany Albany Albany Albany SCORES Redwood . . Encinal John Swett Granada .. Amador Livermore . Liberty .... John Swett Granada .. Amador Livermore . Liberty .... WRESTLING ROW 1: Leroy Cisneros, Frank Pio, Peter Ross, Allen Luty, Rob Tracey. ROW 2: Bob Gherlone, Pete Heymans, Bruce Corey, Jim Hermann, Rick Cavallera, Mike Granko, Roger Skinner. VARSITY SCORES Albany ..... .... 2 6 Monte Vista Albany ..... .... 2 5 C.S.D. .... . Albany ..... .... 2 6 Kennedy . . . Albany ..... .... 1 3 Concord Albany ..... .... 2 5 Monte Vista ....... Albany .... .... 2 8 De Anza ... Albany ..... .... 2 6 Berkeley .. Albany .... .... 1 3 Amador Albany ..... .... 2 6 Pacifica Albany ..... .... 1 2 Liberty .... Albany .... .. 9 Granada Albany .... .... 1 1 Livermore . Albany .... .... 1 4 Amador Albany .... .... 2 5 C.S.D. Albany ..... .... 1 6 Liberty Albany .... .... 1 2 Granada .. Albany .... .... 2 3 S.R.M.A. .. Albany ..... ..., 1 0 Livermore .. Leroy Cisneros is taken down by Liberty's Varsity man ws iw . R ff..-o Si 5 Q5 A A ww. - fs ,gmail Ana-mm n...,,,,'-S .www-....,,W, Wmmnm-WN 1 3' ar .. f 7- A -1 mr V is I' 3, 2 Qui' . . Mg.-3- -. - - VARSITY BASEBALL sl Y , Q l l l als Q.. do ROW 1: Tim Taylor, Rob Tracey, Kevin O'Gorman, Steve Valen- Perry, Mike Piasente, Peter VanCoops, Bill Haskins, Steve Layne zuela, Larry Gaunt, Ed Bernard. ROW 2: John Whitman, Jim George Williams, George Jaekle, Coach Greenwood. Mike Piasente winds up. The future looks bright for baseball at Albany High. This year's Varsity team has six junior starters returning for next season. With a positive attitude and strong pitching from Bill Haskins, Steve Valenzuela and Mike Pia- sente during the 1968 and 1969 seasons, Albany has the potential to press the top teams for the EBAL championship. Captains Kevin O'Gorman and Rob Tracey. Steve Valenzuela 4-19 5- 7 4-23 5-10 4-26 5-14 4-30 5-17 5- 3 5-24 Kevin O'Gorman gets the ball in time to put out the opposition. v Bill Haskins, one of the three Varsity pitchers John Whitman fouled this one off. Jim Perry gets a base hit. JU N IOR VARSITY BASEBALL w T L, -k if XNQX , ef 4, W T -sf' 1 lf 2-L. ROW 1: Tom Turner, Allen Hoggatt, Mark Wills, Tom Drennan, Hansen, Tom Dyer, Tim Johnson, Curt Pihl, Mark Charbonnier, Martin Valli, Tony Diaz. ROW 2: Gene Rossi, Bob Gherlone, Randy Bob Fisher, Larry Dutcher, Mike Granko, Coach Ketlinsky. Coaches Greenwood and Ketlinsky talk over their start- ing line-ups. H6 Coach Ketlinsky feels that the J.V. team has a good chance at the cham- pionship this year. The team is young and eager to learn, with a strong pitching staff, several very quick players and a number of strong hitters. Tom Dyer leads the pitch- ing staff with capable re- placements in Larry Dutcher, Curt Pihl, Mark Charbonnier, and Tom Turner. With some im- provement, this team may dominate the EBAL, and will help substantially in next year's J.V. and Var- sity efforts. ig. Curt Pihl gets in some batting practice . 4 lx . ' 'lf f i l tli LEFT TO RIGHT: Ben Kemp, Tom Matson, Richard Kho, Lloyd Hawkinson, Ted Valli, Al David- son, Steve Gleason, Mike Pedrick, Farrokh Marashi, David Schranz. Captain Noel Laverty, Coach Carl Dwight, Captain Lloyd Hawkinson. A good start is an important part of swimming compe- tition. The Varsity swimming team is expected to do well in EBAL competition this year. Coach Carl Dwight expects at least a fourth place finish. Top Varsity swimmers include Sophomore Noel Laverty and Seniors Bob Graham, Lloyd Hawkinson, Ted Valli, Mike Pedrick, Richard Kho, and Farrokh Ma- rashi. The team has been working very hard this season, and the loss of the graduating Seniors will distract from the balance of the team for 1969. Noel Laverty is again expected to go to the North Coast swim meet. Last year, as a Freshman, he received two third places, and should finish much higher this year. Juniors Tom Matson and Kirk Landaker are expected to place in their events at the League Meet this year, and will be able to do a lot to help the team next season. aww' M Kirk Landaker, Albany's only diver. Ted Valli takes the lead in the 100 yd. breaststroke. A Goofing off during practice. 118 Sherri Royal keeps track of the results B SWIMMING LEFT TO RIGHT: James Woodard, David Sannazaro, Manuel Gonsalves Larry Hample Steve Hanson, Mark Forry, Dan Wells, Noel Laverty, Terry Gross, Dan Beckman Ross Gershenson Kent de Giere. 3- 1 James Logan 3-11 .... Richmond 3-13 ..... Canyon 3-20 ....... Liberty 3-27 ..... John Swett 4- 3 .... Amador 4-17 .. Livermore 4-24 ...,........... Granada 5- 1 ..... ..... E .B.A.L. Meet 5- 3 San Rafael Military Acad. 5-11 ...... N.C.S. Division ll 5-17 ..... North Coast Meet Albany has a very strong B team this year. Mr. Dwight thinks that they will place at least third in league competition this year, as they did last year. When these boys move up to Varsity competi- tion they should be a factor to contend with for league cham- pionship honors. Some of the guys relax between events VARSITY TRACK gi? at ROW 1: Larry Burton, Manager: Vic Stallone, Bill Petrie, Bill Cavallera, Jared Peterson Rick Holcomb Ken Potter Bob Wright Millard, Rich Goforth, Tim Bilotta, Ken Burman, Ken Yamashita, Greg King, Mike Petrie Coach Joe Cruz Kirk Landaker. ROW 2: Charles Clarke, Gary De Mercurio, Rick The Track outlook appears very bright for this season. Outside of Sen- iors Rick Cavallera, Ken Potter and Bob Wright, our Track hopes for the future rest mainly with Juniors Rich Goforth, Gary De Mercurio, Greg King, Kirk Landaker and Vic Stallone. With the larger number of underclassmen returning next year, Track is expected to have a good future at Albany. During the Fall, Bob Wright, Gary De Mercurio, Greg King, Bill Millard, and Vic Stallone competed in Cross- Country events with fair results for a first year team. 3-14 ........... John Swett 3-20 .... Benicia 8: Courtland 3-28 ............ Livermore 4- 4 4-18 4-20 4-25 4-27 Amador Granada 8t C.S.D. Benicia Relays John Swett El Cerrito Relays 5- 2 .............. Liberty 84 Benicia 5- 4 Castro Valley Invitational 5-10 .... ............ E .B.A.L. Meet 5-17 5-31 . ,... ...... N .C.S. Meet .. California State Meet Cross-Country Track Team: Gary De Mercurio Greg King Vic Stallone Bill Millard Bob Wright. ww . ., if-' My' if . , --af, ,. . ,Was J, i L.., ,,.l,. 529' Rich Goforth practices for the low hurdles. Bob Wright has turned in several QT record times in the 880 K -M-,ss my 4 . ,. . - U bikini ,ff As. f ,4,.A .H-u if ' M K I Q. ,M - ' ' I - I .r , ..,i. - 4. H '? ' mm, .1122-'i?f7f?5fi:3i'f4f1'.w!Q4,.s,.f 7 f ,Q-,wigm1ewg.r-4-.l.1.:he -, -' ,ue flicks i x ' ,MM ' an ' x J. 11, .V ,.s-JW-Ifl ak A P ' W .1 , L John Petrie didn't clear the bar this time. ew 'Wig Bill Millard practices handoffs with Gary De Mercurio. FROSH SO PH TRACK ROW 1 Wayne Morlmoto Jim Tamura Craig Bam Glen Kenele Mark de la Torre Steve Eggert, Gary de Lucchi, Peter Heymans, Wade Klatt Ray Straub Bob Stovel Frank Pio Juris Smats Todd Bachman Andy Lennert, Kurt Lenhart, Tom De Tar, Tom ROW 2 Bruce Corey Jon Etmgoff Herb Russell Kirk Sutherland Muller Larry Burton Manager. This year's Frosh-Soph team is expected to be one of the strongest in the league. This team is going to form the backbone of a strong Varsity team in coming years. Glen Kenela and Gary de Lucchi have turned in some very good performances so far this season, and will be great assets next year. Bill Millard is the anchor man in the 440 relay and runs the 220 and the 440. GAA Miss Seeger, Laura Batterman, Linda Richard, Sherry Petersen, Yvonne Beckman, Bonnie Pullen. For the second consecutive year Albany High has had a girl's track team. Although the team is small, its members are active and en- thusiastic. Members are: Laura Batterman, Yvonne Beckman, Di- ane Onweller, Sherry Petersen, Sa- rah Petrie, Bonnie Pullen and Lin- da Richard. Miss Seeger expects a good future for girI's track at Albany. 'I' Linda Fagerlund tries walking on water ,P . Yvonne Beckman, Laura Batterman, Sherry Peterson, Linda Richard, and Bonnie Pullen :Lv ,f0'7', .r .VJ SPO RTS CAN DIDS Mmfgmbm, fb-r 'P' K, f' - M-aaa-1. sg- A ,unawa- V A 4 W W Q nM 5 F, I - .. W -V REP? iii? H2 NAMONDE ENGQAVYNG I M, 5. H SC HOU!- W-WX? moe 5 f VRD! ' 323555 Sa A Bcziiib-f-5 5 if iff? Q ,QE qi! W sg if FEB SEER? SFQQYSESG SEEDS TRi!Rfl EI1i gig , EM? 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LA 6-6260 Phone 525-7370 1286 Sglqng GOLDEN JERSEY DAIRY IIo9o SAN PABLO , .,0m,E, EL CERRITO AAS!-ET, fcorner of Madison Street and Son Pablo Avenuej BRANCH LOCATION: I255 UNIVERSITY AVENUE, BERKELEY FOR HOME DELIVERY CALL: 526-2343 I0 DEPOSIT no RETURU I Congratulations and Best Wishes for Success to the Albany High School Graduating Class of 1968 Our thoughts go with you as you go Forward in the world as Good Students Now Get A 257: Discount on Car Insurance NG' Auto Lite Fire HANK PERALA the leaders ot tomorrow. CONGRATULATIONS ro THE CLASS or sa A.H.S. P.T.A. DAGNA'S MARKET I382 Solano Avenue Albany's Largest Independent Grocery The Nice Store for Nicer PeopIe Compliments of l'IOLLFELDER'S JEWELRY Your Class Ring Headquarters IIIO Solano Avenue, Albany There's No Substitute For Know How LA 6-496I S I . S , a es f . A ' ervlce iff ED HERRNS-I-EIN ALBANY TELEVISION SERVICE 1331 Solano Avenue, Albany Owners We Repair All Makes 526-9I77 LA 6-8566 Louis L. George II50 Solano Ave. Donald L. George Albany, Calif. 94706 RICHARD'S JEWELERS I272 Solano Avenue at Key Route Albany, California 94706 DEL COURTNEY T.V. T.V. - Color T.V. - Stereo THOUSAND OAKS FRENCH LAUNDRY Sales Service H20 S I A . I309 Slano Ave. oano ve Albany Albany, Conf. Chrysler 525-7200 plymouth H. L. MOORE CHRYSLER - PLYMOUTH 1 Hr. Service 929 San Pablo Avenue - Albany, California MERIT CLEANERS H- l-- Moore Phone 526-I390 I779 Solano Ave. Owner PIWOFIS 525-4914 Berkeley, Calif. 94707 129 ii- 1 mint fi 5 ?! Q Signatures 3 mg 'East wishes and Glungraiulaiiuns in the 0112155 uf ES. Hunt lglquiugrzxpher Hue Qggnrman Steaks 526-0966 7 5 4517! xl' Corner Solano Ave . fwlf x UVM and San Pablo Ave. Albany WD Dancing DEL cou RTN EY Sales Service ' L T .V . - Color T .V . - Stereo -sq S 1120 Solano Avenue Albany, California . ,r I ' BERKEY L l2ll1s+CDlson. EE M O ILT u A RY X- 727 N BL , LB Y SI Egigiifg A 'W Sglgnlksfrlzxgen 2.15255 RDER 'Mai oET .... - ' 718 San Pablo Ave. - LA. 6-2942 Albany, California C. EDDIE JOHNSON Complefe Insurance Sewice 1535 Solano Avenue, Berkeley, California Phones: 525-4518, 525-4740 ,T ,,.,, -.s Iv ARROW GLASS CO. 640 San Pablo Ave. Albany, California Bus: LAndscape 5-2118 Chuck Tscharner Res: I.Andscape 5-7146 PAULSON'S BARBER SHOP Three Barbers to Serve You Ladies Welcome VINCE'S BARBER SHOP Across From Albany Theatre - LAndscape 6-0946 Men-Women-Chi'dren-Hoircuts Albany, California 1116 Solano Avenue I787 Solano Avenue 524-4563 New Cm and JIM WOULFE FORD, INC. Trucks 836 San Pablo Avenue SUPPORT ouR ADVERTISERS AIPOHY 5254663 USZC:mf0'S THEY MAKE . THIS BOOK PGSHBLE A1 Qualify Car Care Trucks Body and Paint Work 131 fy ,pig gr R R1 ,sggyqAikf5ii?a5'L1'gQ:iw mggwwazij, ' ' ITL HERE DEC 98 W Me! 0 1950 siililillf-fir Y McDONALD'S HAM BURGERS ilu ul H98 San Pablo Avenue 525-9939 McDonalcl's All American Bancl Nominees Dan Senst, Lyn Drozda with Mr. Douglas HAROLD'S K-9 BANK OF AMERICA GROOMING SALON Expert Grooming 8a Bathing Home of Charlie N.T. 8.S.A. The Poodle Solano Branch With Prescription Glasses l5l6 Solano Ave. Located Next to Solano Pet Shop Albany l573 Solano Ave . Brk. ---------- 526-64ll CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1968 Marcia Blank and Daniela Verrura, A.F.S. exchange student. from mme glam! Albany High lHerberi Hoover Jr. Highl Class of I933 and the staff of JEROME BLANK REALTY l53O Solano Avenue Albany, Calif. 94707 526-42l5 Huberl F. Call 25111 nninersarg 4 igli flBuz1Ii1Q jlllerrhzxnclise and Service 823 San Pablo Albany California 525-8144 Exclusive Dealer for ORANGE BLOSSOM Omega-Tissol l DIAMOND RINGS Acculron-Bulova Walclaes ongratulations to the Senior Class... the best investment in America's future. MECHANICS BANK SINCE 1905 RICHMOND: Main Office, 9th 81 Macdonald - Civic Center Office, 22nd 81 Macdonald Mira Vista Office, 42nd 81 Macdonald - EL CERRlTOf Fairmount 8. San Pablo EL CERRITO PLAZA: 250 Plaza Ave. - SAN PABLO: 14330 San Pablo - ALBANY: 1107 Solano EL SOBRANTE: 3826 San Pablo Dam Road MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION CALL BRDS. 1 WILLIAMS ANE, INC. DETROIT DIESEL ENGINES DONALDSON AIR CLEANERS ELECTRIC GENERATOR SETS tilittiggjiti' Ifsiffggfs y A--Ixf.L.L If X5'INI IIE? ETX? N.,,A .L C E R. 1 :.I AQTA ' ' LL tw, 2 . .1 N gejr-miter-'LLL fi, Lfrfgftl y A fs- rlifie A ' X 'ffm 1,f':1. 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