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'Q +1 2 MQ ,K 1. ' xxx 'rf f Wgx X K X N if -if "A v 'L ani' . rf TO THE FUTURE Our space shnp walls In fhe dls+ance We re off on +he roclce+ of fhe fufure To vls+as dum and vasl' The las+ spd' ball has been lured The las+ exam has been sped And we are away al' fhe break of day To unchar+ecl space ahead We II wave goodbye fo 'the hangar Salule l+s cap+am frue The fufure as ours unshackled As we zoom +hru fhe dls+an'r blue Beyond 'rhe 1mmedla+e presenf Well scan all fhmgs unknown ln +he fhrnll of +he ou+er spaces Beyond +he bounds of home We II rev her up +o 'rhe hlghes+ Sfrefch our endurance far And search in +he nebular spaces For fhe brighesf +rues'f s+ar. Published by The S+uden+s of ALBANY HIGH SCHOOL Albany, California 5 ,iam Q . Jim gf, 7953 Mr. Charles A. Moore Principal Mr. Jol1n P. Rolains Algebra, Counselor Mrs. Ida Clwerry Homemaliing, Clofliing Mr. Philip Elwood U. S. Hisfory Mr. Mauri Gould Chemisfry, Radio Mr. Raymond Olinslcy Commercial Miss Margarei Gilclwrisir Spanish Miss De Vore Wall Librarian Mr. Frank Turner Woodshop Mr. Lesier Brolliar Social Sfudies Miss Helen Palme Office Pracfice, Counselor Mr. Clarence Finn Prinfing Miss Winifrecl Goode Social Sfudies Mr. Roberi Hughes Aufo Shop Mr. Roland Yourd Science Miss Grace Dinsclale Girls' P. E, Mr. William Myers Biology Mr. Paul Flegel Mafli Mrs, Tess Tyler Girls' P. E. Mr. Freeman Sargenf Ari Mr. Eugene Worlliingion Commercial Mrs. Marion Lisier Secrefary Lefi fo righi, back row: Fred Sieele, Presidenfg Yvonne Willson, Secrefaryg Shirley Lenes, Girls' Commissioner, Janel Harris, Girls' League Presidenig William Woolworih, Eighih Grade Represeniaiiveg Diane Pursell, Treasurer. Fronf row: Gloria Beniamin, Vice-Presi- denh Jim Loebbeclce, Boys' League Presidenig Waller Johansen, Boys' Commissioner: Diane Werronen, Publici+y Direcfor. ' Agnalwl nf, L'nnbwL The Board of Con+rol 'lhis year was headed by Fred Sieele, presideni, assisied by Gloria Beniamin as vice-presiden+. Fred was also on +he Board of Conirol as boys' commissioner. Gloria, a low senior, was a cheer leader and also eighih and nin+h grade represeniaiive. Our secreiary was Yvonne Willson, and our rreasurer was Dianne Pursell, who held ihe iob for fhe fall of '52 and fhe spring of '53. Diane Werronen filled ihe iob as publicify direcior. Shirley Lenes was Girls' Commissioner, Boys' Commissioner was Wall' Johansen. Bo+h were very good and filled fheir posiiions exceedingly well. Bill Woolworfh had ihe job of represen+ing ihe eighfh and ninih graders and worked hard 'ro see +ha+ +hey weren'+ neglecied. The iob of Girls' League prexy weni' io Janei Harris, who is also our band maior- eHe. Jim Loebbeclce was Boys' League presideni. Leff lo righf: Bruce Kepple, S. B. Presidenfg Joy Aschmann, S. B. Secrelary: Don Pihl, Publici+y Director: Tom Green, Boys' Commissioner: Jim Loebbeclre, S. B. Vice-president Lynn Pawson, Girls' Commissioner: Dick Kaye, Eighfh and Ninfh Grade Represeniafiveg Dianne Werronen, Girls' League Presidenfg Claudia Merclr, S. B. Treasurer. Ja!! fbdlld nf fnnilwl The above piclure shows lhe Fall Board of Conlrol wilh Bruce Keppel handling fhe gavel for l'he job of Sfudenl Body Presidenl. Assis+ing him on fhe Board will be Jim Loebbecke, Vice-president Joy Aschmann, Secrelary, will have fhe responsibilify of faking nofes on fheir meefings and lafer informing +he sludenl body by reading +hem a+ 'lhe assemblies. All of 'rhe books and records will be laken care of by Claudia Merck since she has been appoinled Sludenl' Body Treasurer. Diane Werronen was elecled lo handle 'the responsibililies of Girls' League Presi- denf, and Dave Kennedy will be doing fhe same for fhe Boys' League, as he is Presi- denl of lhis organizalion. Lynn Pawson will have rhe job of faking care of all Sludenl' Body Dances since she was elecled as Girls' Commissioner, and Tom Green will be faking over fhe dufies of Boys' Commissioner, come nexr fall. Ge++ing Albany in +he News will be +he big responsibilily of Don Pihl, Publici+y Direclor. Since lhe 8+h and 9+h grades are noi as recognized as are fhe upper classes, Dick Kaye will be working hard represenfing his classmafes. Jim. fnuqan, More fhan fwenfy sfudenfs, nof all of whom are picfured above, produced fhis Cougar. If ifs fheme and make-up please you, fo fhem goes fhe credif. Meefing af noon and somefime far info fhe nighf, fhey assembled fhis book fo give you a record of your high school days in I952 and I953. In fhe nimble brains of Sfephen Cardinelli, Roberf Krafff and Bruce Keppel origi- nafed fhe fheme of fhe Space Cadefs, and fhe general overall scheme of fhis volume. Ofher innovafions were furnished by Beverly Oclegard, Joyce McClary, and Floy Pres- ley. Shirley Brazier, Jack Greenwood and Ernesf Schorsch provided fhe ideas of snaps among fhe sponsors' pages, signafures on fhe faculfy picfures and fhe special secfion for Girls' Sporfs. To Joan Angelo goes credif for fhe horoscopes and fhe capsule characferizafions of fhe seniors. Dorofhy Sanfapole was fhe official fypisf who fyped and refyped and revised fhis book wifhouf ever geffing ouf of pafience once. Paf Glenn collecfed fhe snaps, and Kay Hood acfed as pinch-hiffer for fhe enfire sfaff. Barbara Runnion and Beverly Odegard sold Cougar pledges in fhe courfyard fhroughouf fhe Spring ferm and kepf fheir accounfs accurafe fo fhe penny. Shirley Brazier, business manager, sfruggled fhrough reams of figures and finally balanced fhe Cougar books. Joan Alforno and Marilyn Hayes were in charge of proofreading. Barbara Browne handled fhe final sales. Don Lousfalef helped prepare fhe lay-oul. Miss Ryan was faculfy adviser. Wifhouf fhe invaluable help of Mr. Theo Kann and Roberf Krafff, phofographersg Miss Helen Fake, Mrs. Marion Lisfer, Mr. E. J. Boland of fhe Berkeley Engraving Co., Walfer Olofson, Mr. Paul Brazelfon and Mr. Jim Mapes, of fhe Fonfes Prinfing Co., fhe sfaff could nof have produced fhis book. To fhem and fhe sfaff ioinf credif is due. To Danny Riggio, unfiring worker, and chief confacf wifh our sponsors, go fhe fhanks of fhe enfire Cougar Sfaff. Wifhouf Danny's business abilify fhis Cougar would nof be possible. 4 Q v qyg QWQ f'5N1wq J Sv, QM? ,A U I X,- 4 Z SEVQIORS e Q F f bv ' If ff wil f ff , 1-f X 1 ' C3 f , YQ f Jfxiql f gl 7, iv X Qfj ,. X' , , , ff , , Q 'V J' 4 I' .i C ?L7 1 f J' f XX, :' S-t-.4 ,Q f. 3, C We-.issg 'f's. Class Advisers and Officers Leff fo righf: Miss Gilchrisf, Adviser: Dick Andrews, Presidenfg Domenica Zupo Treasurer' Mr. Hughes, Adviser: Miss Vranna, Adviser, Beverly Odegard, Secrefaryg Edwaid Berfoffi: Vice-Presidenf. ' gzaupgss June, l948, was a big day in fhe lives of fhe class of '53, for on fhe I0fh of fhaf monfh fhey said "good-bye" fo fheir grammar school days and "hello" fo a new experience in high school. From Cornell, Cordornices and Marin, I25 sfudenfs sfarfed af Albany High in fhe fall of '48. Since fhen many have moved or goffen married and a few have joined fhe class. Ninefy-five of fhe original enfranfs grad- uafed fhis Spring. ln fhe Low I I fhis class elecfed fheir firsf group of offi- cers. Dan Riggio served as Presidenf, Jim Giacoma, vice- presidenlg Joan Angelo, secrefary, and Norifa Neilsen as freasurer. If was during fhis year fhaf fhe class purchased fheir senior rings. Then again in fhe Low I2 a new group of officers were elecfed. Dick Andrews, presidenfg Ed Berfoffi, vice-presidenf: Bev Odegard, secrefary, and "Cookie" Zupo, freasurer. Since fhere were many acfivifies during fhe end of fhe ferm especially, fhe officers as well as fhe resf of fhe class were kepf busy. Memorable feafures of fheir high school days were fhe grand opening of fhe swim- ming pool in I950, wifnessing fhe dedicafion of fhe foofball field in I952, and Dan Riggio parficipafing in fhe dedicafion af fhe field house of fhe plaque in memory of fhe Albany boys who gave fheir lives in World War Il. Yin- RSL DOROTHY ADKINS Clofhes she loves and affenfion nexf, The lasl on fhe lisf is her high school fexf. SHIRLEY ALLEN ln public speaking she excelled, Scholasfic sfandards she's upheld. CARL ANDERSON A merry chuckle, a look so sly, We fhink fha! he is quiie a guy. RICHARD ANDERSON Because of fhe quief sincerify of Dick, The friends he makes for life will sfick. RICHARD ANDREWS Dick can crack a joke well enough, And is a leader in serious sfuff. JOAN ANGELO She's fhe gal wifh fhe smiling face, Her friendliness will gef her someplace. JOHN AZEVEDO Always a lover you can bef, He'll land iusf one girl yef. MARION BABROS Marion is quief, her lovely ways, Will keep her friends for many days. BILL BAKER Once a lover quife unfrue, Looked af fhe girls and made fhem blue. BARBARA BARRELLA Always as busy as a bee, Has lovely clofhes as you can see. ADRIENNE BARRETT Good fhings come in liffle packages fhey say Af leasf our Adrienne has proved if fhaf way FRANCES BATES She doesn'f plan a frip fo fhe moon, Buf she's gefiing married preffy soon. EMMA BATTLES Always gabbing during a fesf, Buf her papers are sfill fhe besf. BETTY BEERS Lovely, gay, full of pep, She's a gal who's really hep. EDWARD BERTOTTI Baseball makes a hif wifh lhis guy, Girls don'f seem fo: is he shy? GINGER BEYERS See fhe sparkle in her eyes? She'll succeed if she fries. BETTY BISHOP Even if if means a fighf, She'll sfick fo her Bishop righf. ALERA BLAIR A wrifer some day she hopes fo be, Wrofe a book on her family free. BEVERLY BONATO Somewhaf small buf wiffy and perl And does our liffle Beverly flirf! SHIRLEY BRAZIER Her cheery smile and heluful ways, Has proved fhaf friendship really pays. SANDRA BROWN Full of fun, fhis girl is fops, As for falking, she never sfops. BARBARA BROWNE She plans fo have a good career Buf she'll marry wifhin a year. ORPHA BURKE Always falking and always neaf, Buf we fhing she's brighf and sweef. JOSEPH CAMPANA Being noisy lo Joe is fun, Thank heaven fhere is only one. STEPHEN CARDINELLI We like his arf, he's helpful foo, Always kind, sincere and frue. PAUL COLLYER He cares nof for maidens' looks, Because he's here fo sfudy books. DON COWLES He has fhe humor and fhe wif, And doesn'f mind using if. RICHARD COX His impish grin we won'f forgef, His wiffy words are wifh us yef. ANN DURRIN Her quief mien and sfeady gaze, Cover a depfh fhaf can amaze. SIDNEY EDWARDS Serious, yef he doesn'f care, lf he cracks a joke here and lhere. JEFF EICHNER "Humphrey" is really quife a guy, See fhe mischief in his eye. BARBARA EVANS Quief and shy, wifh genfle air, When you need her she is always fhere. HOWARD EYERLY He has pep and vifalify, To go wifh his personalify. GERALD FREDENBURG This a friendly sorf of a guy, Who is noi foo forward and no? foo shy. RAY FREDERICKSON This boy af fimes is very quief, Buf somefimes he can be quife a riof. KENT FRENCH His personalify is all his own, And for his wil he is well known. ,gs SHEILA GEERING This girl always has somefhing fo say, Always fun and is quife gay. JAMES GIACOMA A lover fha he claims fo be, Brofher! whaf a personalify. ROGER GILES A merry eye and curly hair, He'd crack a joke mosf anywhere. JOHN GREENWOOD One fhing cerfain we do know, Thai fringe on his head is no halo. LEONARD GROSSMAN In malh and science he rafes high, Buf now, if's high school days gooa'-by. DONALD HAMMA He runs fhe lighfs for our school, And you can bef he's no-one's fool. JAMES HAMMILL Quief, collecfecl, and very smarf, ln busines he'll make a good sfarf. RICHARD HANNON Richard's Miss Ryan's favorife pef She fhinks he'll gef in fhe movies yel. JANET HARRIS She led our band as maforeffe, A finer one you could nof gef. DON HAVEN Don's inferesf in foofball is known, His falenf in fhis sporf he's shown. CHARLES HAYWORTH He served wifh fhe Marines you see Before he joined fhe class of '53. MABEL HOLSTEIN She is sfudious, cheerful loo, Real friend fo me and fo you. LEE HOWARD As rowdy and as noisy as he can ever be, He'll probably be a quief man when he's 53 CHESTER INSKO Alfhough shy and reserved, we always find, He's nof afraid fo speak his mind. WALTER JOHANSEN His many falenfs he fries fo hide, ls if modesfy or a kind of pride? ELIZABETH KIEMELE "Kim" is her nickname, fine and dandy, She always has a smile fhaf's handy. GEORGIA KLARMANN Georgia, wifh her friendly smile, Keeps us happy all fhe while. BARBARA KOLARI Full of fun and very gay, She'll gef her man on her wedding day. GERALD LAX This characfer is far from shy, He's a happy-go-lucky sorf of guy. WESLEY LEISER This boy's grades have been fhe besl, We're sure he could pass any fesf. SHIRLEY LENES Efficienf worker, becoming smile, We fhink her secref fad is sfyle. RAY LINDSAY Well known for fhe fhings fhaf he does say Ray has us laughing all fhe day. DONALD LOUSTALET When fime drags and days are dreary, He can always make us cheery. JAMES MILLER Has fhe build and has fhe looks, He has everyfhing excepf for books. ROXIE MOLESWORTH This is fhe lively sorf of a dame, You'll find her af mosf every game. JOYCE McCLARY Joyce is slender and quife fall, She is liked by one and all. McLAlN Face life wifh a smile wherever you go. And a friend you'll win, she has found if so. NORITA NEILSEN Many friends "curly" has won, Because she is always full of fun. BEVERLY ODEGARD Her fhoughfs are concealed deep inside, Buf her friendliness she cannof hide. PARKER She fhinks she'll be a secrefary, Our guess is fhaf she will marry. WA LLACE PATCH He's a wonderful guy we feel, Albany High's own big wheel. CHARLES PETERSEN He may be quief, buf never fear, He keeps us laughing when he's near. ALAN PIEPHO He is always a wonderful sporf, This is whaf makes him a likeable sorf. DOUGLAS PIPER He made a vow no longer he'd sin, Buf broke fhe pledge fhree days wifhin. SHARON PORTER She has a smile for everyone, Never quifs a job before if is done. FLOY PRESLEY Flay is fhe shyesf girl in fhe class, And yef she is a very popular lass. DIANNE PURSELL ln bookkeeping she is a wif, She's always willing fo do her bif. JOYCE RALEY Misfress of ceremonies af our Masquerers' Revue She managed fhe mike quife cool foo. WINIFRED REGAN She always looks so very prim, Her smile adds fo her neaf frim. JACK REGIS He is quief, also shy, Bu! we fhink he's quife a guy. DAN RIGGIO Cufe guy, a nice car, Danny is way ahead by far. SUE RODDA Gaze nof so long wifhin fhose books, While you are young and have your looks. DOUGLAS ROSS "I-fee" is Doug's pei word, Anywhere if may be heard. KENNETH ROUSE In civics he is on fhe beam, Local governmenf may be his fheme. BARBARA RUNNION Polifeness is a viriue fhafs grand, She's always willing fo lend a hand. JACQUELINE RUSSELL Jackie is quief all fhe while, Whaf lurks behind fhaf silenf smile? JACK RYDMAN You can always find him clowning around, Which end is he sfanding on, up or down? WENDELL SANDERS Those waves and curls are nof phony, They're nafural, noi made by Toni. DOROTHY SANTAPOLE As Cougar fypisf her fingers grew sore, She did her fob and quife a bif more, SACHIKO SASAKI We'll miss her smile and pleasanf way, Thar brighfenea' many a dreary day. BETTY SHIREY A liffle red-head she's known fo be, And very sweef, as you can see. WILLIAM SLATER Known as "ScoHy" by his pals, And is he popular with fhe gals. BETTY SM!TH BeHy's a wrifer for fhe Newseffe, if's frue, Tell her some gossip and see whaf she'll do. FRED STEELE A guy who is prexy has go! fo be- Brainy, smarf, bold and free. PATRICIA STONE For being quief, she is known, Pai is neaf, she has shown. LESTER SWITZER Taking picfures here and fhere, Has made Miss Ryan fear her hair. MELVYN TAMM Easy fo play wifh, hard fo beaf, As a sporfsman fine-as a friend complefe. SUZANNE TREMBLEY A guy named Joe gave her a line, They suif each ofher perfecfly fine. ROBERTA WADSWORTH Anofher man she need nof land, She wears a diamond on her leff hand. BARBARA WALKER In class she's is a noisy one, Buf really is a lof of fun. DONALD WILLIAMS Onward, wayward, up fo fhe fhrone, He fravels fasfesf who fravels alone. JESSE WILSON Come ouf from behind fhaf quief lace, And cuf a rug and sef fhe pace. SARA WOOD Sara is our soufhern belle, Known by her "you-all" so well. DOMENICA ZUPO When you hear a giggling sound. You know af once fhaf "Cookie's" around .mf K ,wk ' - Mala: dr-1' 252: 1 .1 ,,:n-' -l ag, 51 v Y '91 Av ,ugh Q fl A! :Q 5 1 , EF Q N 0 Q. . vi sm 'film 1' 'QQHW Q- 1 NAME DOROTHY ADKINS SHIRLEY ALLEN CARL ANDERSON RICHARD ANDERSON RICHARD ANDREWS JOAN ANGELO JOHN AZEVEDO MARIAN BABROS BILL BAKER BARBARA BARELLA ADRIENNE BARRETT FRANCES BATES EMMA BATTLES BETTY BEERS EDWARD BERTOTTI GINGER BEYERS BETTY BISHOP ALERA BLAIR BEVERLY BONATO SHIRLEY BRAZIER SANDRA BROWN BARBARA BROWNE ORPHA BURKE JOE CAMPANA STEPHEN CARDINELLI PAUL COLLYER DON COWLES RICHARD COX ANN DURRIN SIDNEY EDWARDS JEFF EICHNER BARBARA EVANS HOWARD EYERLY GERALD FREDENBURG RAYMOND FREDERICKSON KENT FRENCH SHEILA GEERING JAMES GIACOMA ROGER GILES JOHN GREENWOOD LEONARD GROSSMAN DONALD HAMMA JAMES HAMMILL RICHARD HANNON JANET HARRIS DON HAVEN CHARLES HAYWORTH MABLE HOLSTEIN LEE HOWARD WALTER JOHANSEN ELIZABETH KIEMELE GEORGIA KLARMANN BARBARA KOLARI GERALD LAX WESLEY LEISER SHIRLEY LENES RAY LINDSAY DON LOUSTALET JOYCE MCCLARY PATRICIA McLAIN JAMES MILLER ROXIE MOLESWORTH NORITA NEILSEN BEVERLEY ODEGARD PAT PARKER WALLACE PATCH CHARLES PETERSEN ALAN PIEPHO DOUGLAS PIPER SHARON PORTER FLOY PRESLEY DIANNE PURSELL JOYCE RALEY WINIFRED REAGAN JOHN REGIS DAN RIGGIO SUE RODDA DOUGLAS ROSS KENNETH ROUSE BARBARA RUNNION JACOUELINE RUSSELL JACK RYDMAN WENDELL SANDERS DOROTHY SANTAPOLE SACHIKO SASAKI BETTY SHIREY WILLIAM SLATER BETTY SMITH FRED STEELE PATRICIA STONE LESTER SWITZER MELVYN TAMM SUZANNE TREMBLY ROBERTA WADSWORTH BARBARA WALKER DONALD WILLIAMS JESSE WILSON SARA WOOD DOMENICA ZUPO Jbwwpc KNOWN FOR AMBITION Eyes Smarfness Trno Chemlslry Sensor Prexy Pudgy Porky Goldy Locks Spooks Clolhes Shorlness Thurman Drama Name Sludenl Courl Anhcs Musuc Wrller ev Sleno Norm Sanlor Ta k Hunllnq Ar Lone Bug Jokes Bones Engaged I Papa Krud Married Chop Top Fruendluness Ray Foolball Jeff Gnrls Swnmmrng Monk Scnence Shnrley Brains Helghl' Magorelfe Pasqual Gurl Frlends Lalln Trumpef Muslc Klm Halr Jonler Grades Achvmes Track Baseball Fngures Bowllng Muscles Black Chrysler Kurly Organ Neafness Sporis Eyeslghl Looks Nonsy Shar: Senror Puclures Jackie s Pa Glee Club Wlnnle Buslness Course Chuckens Sewmg Anee Always Talkmg Barbara Sweelness Truck Wmdy Name Brains Oulelness Scolly Pickle Faclory Bubbles Posse Hannon s Pal Blossom oe 'lov Frlend Smnle Eyes ess Accenf Cookie Tremendous Mlss Ennsfeln Solo Chemlsl S Pre To Be Rlch Pefunla Brunelle Goblln Model To Grow Marriage Drama Teacher Foamy Supreme Courl Belle Davls Singer Author Marllyn Monroe Secrelary Mrs Soulh Dakola Admnral s Wlfe Movie Slar Bug Game Arhsl Bug Catcher Comedian Thesplan Jack Glorla Mamma Krud Gel Ouf of School Long Halr Kld s Fruend New Car Place Kicker Jeff More Glrls Engllsh Channel Chlmp Sollfude Aer Force Genlus Glanl Presxdenl Lung: One Gnrl French Tuba Dancung I Realue Money Valenhno Professor Soclely Olymplcs Cleveland Indians Bookkeeper Foolball Mr America New Car Dancnna Carnecle Hall Faye Emerson All American Blundman Gorgeous George Speed Burgundy Phofographs Teacher Opera 'iecrelary Rusnnessman Turkeys Seamslress Comlc Slooge Talk More Known as Barb Sugar Truck Faclor Sunshine Sanfa Claus College Nonsy llallan Pickle Experl Bubble Gum Model Money Rose Gel Joe Marriage Laugh Delecllve Torch Singer Rfewardess Cake FUTURE Exclllng Mrs Smllh Duel Bang Dog Calcher Poor House Beans Wig Model Plxle Bubbles Happy Soap Opera On lhe Wagon Jail Bird Marfha Raye Judy Canova Pencil Sharpener Imogene Coca Boss Wlfe Mlsslsslppl Seaslck Iheafer JBDIIOF Ra? 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To some of us lhis may mean confinuing our educalion furfher by enlerinq cole lege, and having a profession of our own, +0 olhers il may mean securing a iob upon gradualion, fhe mosr im- porfanf of fhese iobs lo be held by our boys in The Armed Forces: and lhen, of course, fhere are 'Those who will be married inside of a few monfhs afler 'lheir deparfure. Whalever we sel ou? lo do we shall succeed in, since we have had lhe besl educalion possible, combined wiih fhe secrel of learninq how +0 do useful worlr and qef' along wifh one ano+her. This is loesl demonsfraled by lhe class officers which include Bruce Keppel, Presidewlj Wayne Long, Joan Alforno, Secrelary' and Toby Popper, Treasurer. This group is considered +he leaders of 'rhe class and dernonslrales lhis besf by se++ing a fine example for fhe ofher members. Every one of us will always remember our school days ar Albany Highp our reachers, fellow sfudenls, qarnes. dances, club acfivilies, and of course-sludies. As much as we dislilre leaving our hiqh school, if is somefhing we all musf do sooner or lalerw bul we can assure you fhaf wherever we go, and whalever we do, lhe fond memories of our days he'e a+ Albany High will remain wilh us always. fly' 'Q JOAN ALFORNO This girl s looks will lake her far Someday she ll own a Rolls Royc c JOY ASCHMANN Careful worker fried and flue Reliabrlrfy is fhe word for you JACK BAUGH A devilish sorf of a lad is he From frouble he will never flee GLORIA BENJAMIN She is always friendly kind and sweef And even fempered smiling neaf VIVIAN BOGGESS Always falkrng sweef nofhrngs fo say Buf fhrs gal rs really gay FAY CANN Bram rs fhrs girl s flckef fo fame And far she ll go because she s game DON CROWE Always joking lull of fun Never sfops when fhe day is done EDWARD EVANS Prinfer s shop someday he ll own As his falenfs here are shown ROBERT FUHRIMAN Always sludymg mosf of fhe fame To fhe fop someday he ll climb BARBARA GRAY Wedding bells will ring someday, May fhey bring good luck her way. MARILYN HAYES Jolly smiling and full of fun, Same af dawn as when day's done. TERRY HEESZEL Always laughin, full of lun, He has a joke for everyone. MILLICENT HUBBARD Kindly and fhoughfful, quief and sure, When fhere's work fo be done we call on her ROBERTA JOHNSON Smile refreshing, manners sweef, ln addifion mosi discreef. ROBIN JOHNSTON Her every day is merry, And her every fhoughf is kind. DON JURGENSEN This boy may seem very shy, Buf he is really quife a guy. DOROTHY KENNEDY Lisfen fo her and you will find Thaf Dorofhy has an able mind. BRUCE KEPPEL I dare do all fhaf may become a man Who dares do more is none. SUSAN KLUGMAN Silence is her golden key, Thoughfful, genfle, kind is she. BOB KRAFFT ln Chem fhis boy is a brain, Some day "Chem" may bring him fame. SHIRLEY LIGON Because she does wifh jokes abound, There's no boredom if Shirley's around. JIM LOEBBECKE There is nof much fo liffle Jim, Buf he is full of fire and vim. RON LONG Kindness ifself is Ronald Long, His life will be one long, slow song. WAYNE LONG ln frack evenfs Wayne does excel, Has fhe looks and is really swell. DAVID LATHROP Thai bold, brighf eye means fhaf he can see Merrimenf in you and me. DON McFADIN Don is our own school's nafional clown, You'll have fo laugh when he's around. MARILYN MORTON Life can be gay, and lull of bliss, Wifh your pleasanf smile you cannof miss, JANICE PHIPPS Mirror, mirror on fhe wall, Am I fhe fairesf of fhem all? MURLE PIZZAGRANI For him fhe girls would gladly fall, Pifzie is known by one and all. TOBY POPPER Toby with his brighf red hair, Likes fo hunf lor wolf and bear. EUGENIA REED Always falking, always gay, This girl is used fo having her way. ANTHONY RIGGIO Wrofe school sfories lor fhe daily paper, Journalism may be his caper. BOB ROGERS Slow fo anger, and six feel fwo, Wifh fhis guy you are never blue. ALAN ROWLAND He numbers his friends by fhe score, Who could ask for anyfhing more? CHARLOTTE SANDFORD Played a parf in fhe Junior Play, lf may be her career some day. CLASTON VAUGHN Clasfon, silenf as a door, Wowed fhem all when he gof fhe floor. s . . W NAME JOY ASCHMAN...- ..., - ....,..... ... JACK BAUGH ........, - .... - .... - .... - GLORIA BENJAMIN..-. .... -....- VIVIAN BOGGESS...- .... -. ,..... ..- FAY CANN...- ..,. - .... - .... - ..., - .... . DON CROWE...- .... .. .... - ......,. -.- EDWARD EVANS .,....... - ..,.........A WILLARD WRAY DON WALLACE Girls envy his beaufy prize Dark skin, whrfe feefh and cool green eyes JOHN WEBER Works on mofors in a garage Buf wanfs his own car noi a mirage YVONNE WILLSON Never a hair oul ol place Never a funcfion she couldn f grace The week-end makes him old and gray, Af home on Monday he dofh slay. HOWARD WRIGHT A baby face hides fhe man inside, Buf his brilliance he cannol hide. low ' Zlowampa. KNOVVN FOR AhANTKDN JOAN ALFORNO...- ........ .... - Sophlsflcallonm- .................. .Boy Friends ..,..... Eyes ....... -. ........ Heighl ............. -.. Dancing .................. Alaska ........ -...- ....... .. ......... l n d i a n s....... ..... - ...... .... . Foolba ll ............... - ........ .... .. . ............. -Girl Friend ....... ..- ,..... -20-20 ......,,...... . ......-..-.-.Dagmar...-..... .................-Ballerina...-......... Hawaii. ...... - ........... . Model ..................... - .......... -. ....,,.. . Chief ......... - .......... - ........................ -... Bob .Waferfield ................. -... -.. .... FUTURE Bar Maid Lonesome Four Eyes Minnie Mouse Chorus Girl lnner Mongolia Lasl of lhe Mohicans Albany High Coach Ignoranl Liflle Carrol Tops Sourpuss Lou Cosfello Lockiaw False Teeth Tweely Bird Boris Karloff Mayor of Albany Donald O'Connor Tesl-lube Washer Theafer Proiecfionisf Bookworm Supermouse Warm M. G. Messenger Boy The Shadow Model A Bonlo Thin Popcorn Vender Dishwasher Canned Sardines Full House Copy Boy More Girls Sanla Claus Barber's Wife Curfain Puller Tehachapi Sporly Albany High Band Wallflower TV Wrifer ROBERT FUHRIMAN...-.. - ..... -Sludlous ....,.... .- ......... ......... G er1IuS ......................... .. .... - .... - ....... BARBARA GRAY...- ....,..,. ....... K eiIh...- ...... - .... -. ....,. -.Mrs. lbson .......... -. ............. MARILYN HAYES...- ,............. -.Sweefness ..... ..,..v. - Sweeler ............. TERRY HEESZEL ,,,,,,, - .,,, - ,,,. -...-Loyer...- .,..,..... - .... .. ....., Charles Boyer..-... MILLICENT HUBBARD-.- .... --.Ouielness ......... ................ L oudmoufh...-......-. ROBERTA JOHNSON...- .... -.-..Ska+ing...- ........ ..- ......... Dental Nurse .... ROBIN JOHNSTON...- .... -....-..Voice...- ..........,.... ...- .... SInqer...- .... - .......... -....- DON JURGENSEN...-- ....... -...-Looks..-..- .......... -.. ..... --Tony Curfis...- .... - ....... DOROTHY KENNEDY ,.,,,,.,, - ,,,,, Love of Texas ....... .... - ...Governor oi Texas ......... ........ . BRUCE KEPPEL...- .... - .... - .... .-...Build...- .... - ........ ............ M r. Alles ................... -.. SUSAN KLUGMAN...-. --...Gabbiness ....... ..- ..... Lab Technician.......-. BOB KRAFT.-- .... - ,,.,.,,,,,,, ,,.,,,, C amera...- ....... ... ...... Pholographer.-...... SHIRLEY LIGON.-- ,,,,,,,,,, - ,,,, -.Earrings-.-... ......... Librarian...-......... JIM LOEBBECKE...- .... -. ......... ...ViIlain...- ........ - ......... Hero. ....... RON LONG...- .... - .... - .... - .---Hof Merk...- ....... ......... C ool Cad.-...... WAYNE LONG...- ,,,, - ,,..,..... -Track ............. .. ........ .,.,.,... B ob Mafhias ................. ..... . .. DAVID LOTHROP-... ,,,, - .,,.,,,,..., Myslery ........ . ,....... To Be Known ..... - .... - ....... VENTURA LUPO..,- .,,, - ,,,, - ,,., -..Car ........... - ........., . ........ Hopped Up Chrysler ........ DON MCFADIN ,,,4,,.., - ,,,, - ..-...Clown ......... - .......,.... -...Ladies' Man ......... .. .... - ....... MARILYN MORTON...-... ....... Grin...- .... - .... ......... C onqress ............... - .......... JANICE PHIPPS ..................... --Usherelle ...... - ....... Candy Seller ..... . MURLE PIZZAGRANI ................ Bop...- .... - ................... ...- ......., Cook ............ TONY POPPER...- .... - ..,. - ........... Fishing ........................... .- ...... Tuna ..... - .... -... EUGENIA REED...- ....... Malrimonial Desire ....... ..- ..... Five Kids ..... .. ANTHONY RIGGIO. ....... ...--Journalism .................... ......... E dilor...-..... BOB ROGERS ....,....,.......... .... - .TaIlness...- ................. ......... G irls ...... ALAN ROWLAND...- ......,.......... Laugh..- ................. ........ G igqles..-... CHARLOTTE SANFORD ............ Shorf Hair ......... - ............ ......... L ong Hair ...... CLASTEN VAUGHN ............... -.Masquers Review ..... .. .... - .... - .... .Vaudeville ............ -.. ....... .. .. ....... .. DON WALLACE...- .... - .... ....... P oker Face..- ........... - .... -..Gambler ......... - .......... - .... - ....... JOHN WEBER-.- .... - .... -. ..... -SporIs...-...- .... - .... ................... M ore Sporfs ....... - .... - ......... -....-....- STUART WHITE...- .... - .,........ -...Clarinel ......... - .... -. - ............ -Jazz of lhe Phil ........... YVONNE WILLSON ........ ..... - Shyness ................... ...-..- ...... Life of lhe Parly ............ ........ . ..- WILLARD WRAY ............. .... - .Pracfical Jokes ....... . ....... - .... - .... lmpracfical Jokes...- .............. -......- HOWARD WRIGHT...-... ....... Prinfing.-.. .... .. .... -.. .. .... - .... ..PrinIer...- .......... - .... -.. -....-... Counlerhiler f , , 1455 : ""k ,z 49 vu-ng., A' '. F . F Yr. 4 . 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June Smifh and Danny Riggio are placing 'rhe wreafh beneafh +he engraved name plare af 'rhe new field house. amwmqg Jane? Harris, Albany's Maioreffe, is fhe mosf out s+anding member of rhe graduafing class. Her high school career included leadership in dramaiics, dancing and in Sludenf Body acfivifies. Jane? was Girls' League Presidenf, Girls' Commissioner and Presidenf of fhe Girls' Arhlefic Associaiion as well as chairman of many commifiees and boards. This February Jane'r disfinguished he:self anew and broughf honor fo Albany by winning firsf place in ihe Bay Area Oralorical Confesi in compefifion againsl all fhe Bay Area schools. Jane? also won firsi place in fhe Licns Club Public Spealring Confesi on March 26. The class of '53 will never forge? Janef's wonderful conrribufions 'ro Albany High High during her five years as siudenf and leader. ,jx 3 , ' 1 Q Lx. , Mini. t 'Q' if if , R 3? 1 ' Q9?1P?? M A wr- VW swf,- ,ff 3 mfzl 3 1 f -I 43 'WE -' ' 5 j, an N, 2,1 gif 4 1 'giwkxm ,J E g 5 ' ' f is f 1 '1 Jr yk, 1 Ss I W Y iv W ,af Q " 25112 " H 1 ' is 5 'ft f 'A Q" Q ' ff' ',vVv' 5 K ' ' " 5 f G wg? wi 175 f - 'w'? E? sl QQ 'af , .4M4.m'4f ,V Qian. WW, Q2 I . , -wi i I , 3 ., ' M1 , ev- 2 , "W 01 f I ff A X 5 3 Y f 1 fS,- 4 Mx M, 4 4 f , A ' ,Af 4- fr, jf ' . as 4 N T I 5,5 37 ,, v 1 1. f z 3 wg V ,V fri . 'y x twin if , fl . N 1 y r 4, '. Q sw- f - U 3- on MH , 1, new wr ., H V 2 'iffww W' 'Q' 4 ' 9 ! , 3 W yu 'Q ig 5 4. .ep- HSXE- . 4 fa: x ,hs si? 'f 34 ,Egffif ' " ' ri., f AIIIDITOIIIUN CYIIIAUU lm I J - 2- 1- -1 Q A'lf'gi', H. N X f "3 1' Aff, i ff ..X. Q YW. gif" ' 4, 'f Q 4 5 ., f 5 Q wwf W. f .5 Q , 4 I Q. 5, Y M .qs ll. fff A' -A , .. V V fxff ' E fiwf K 4 f in ' f V ,35w. MS 4 :Y I 5-if-4 I -Q 44 y , 'Z 1 Li' Bissau-1 ' rw QQ? X ,xr ' "E,Wi','?:sisy'sf,fg - . ES.. ' ' "NEI, 'S "W JF 4 is U 'f AS fi? ' Q5 4 it-g ww E . " 'QW M ' . , -gl J' H ov 5 '11 I! 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Q 'n 1. :Q 'jf 23 x J n- ,V M-.. .scf iff, ff' 5 I PQ 1 J" 4, 1' 59 Af" 'Lv , ii if had X, Y, Vf, 'Y W ff ,X ,sg Q. -A-Q.. 4 .y a 5 1 U ig? I Q Q ,A C 4.1 ' x 1, ,mt ,,n,-.wan-,VM fu... f--f- ne 1 WIP: x-x ff, , 1 . --if XJ 1 .w A -. fnxx N f mayb V 'K 5 . 3 . f -at ' 1 in I . YV gifs? rf 41 A xl' ,,3r""w QL, ,Q Q N V l I , I V Q nv ? 2 L31 ,L . -,mmulln ,ii fi 1 1 .di-' , V, 4 4 ' .fiwi ' wa 5 , ,QA 1 ig, 5? ' 1 l J" A y f" : ,ffm iff 22 ' Q 7 "WAfEsf? w If QQ ' . ff"'50'f Q ffhifw- ' A 4 " . L- 'gal 'A 3 5 4 ,f , ' .,, f ' " ' ' X ,pw I 'M M A ,W 5 M f v 11, Y, gf - A fl! ,. Q ' V -Q ,fl l I g 1:-I V 1 '13 4 I . I , f 1 F 'K :fl 5 J uv v ' Q F c Q . f S9 I Ig any? -Sf. 3251 MX 'H 'W' 2' ' ' ' 3253 1 I' is ixgy , X X, . 5 1 Yfx gm:-Q,-. , Wm Q' 4' 'K' -f 4 4 4 Q 4, A 2 iii E F Q x". Y EF' 5 V ' v A ' '. Ii V4 U 4 X6 'I' A' L if s , "'fif"Q?i S AN '31 4 ' , I HW "W"8'rf1' ' fl fl 2 ,ii 2 1 4 E Q . Under flwe direcfion of Mr. Ricliard Hillman, slu- denfs of A.H.S. presenfcd fwo full-lengfb plays, as well as flie Fourfh Annual Masquers' Revue, and a number of skifs, exchange assemblies and dramafic offerings during fl'1e year. The Junior play, John Loves Mary, sfarring Jackie Saxron, Bob Rogers, Ernesf Scborsch, and Diane Werronen, was pronounced a Hilarious success by +l'1e large and enflwusiasfic audience. In April ilwe Senior class presenfed The Curious Savage, willri Susie Trembly, Herberf Harrison, Char- loffe Sanford, Sheila Geering, Dominica Zupo, and Diclr Cox in llwe leading roles. We are iusfly proud of our Dramafics Deparfmenf. Mr. Hillman is fo be congrafulafed on l'1is abilify fo furn our arfisfically sfaged producfions Hua? combine finislwed scenery, perfecf coordinafion and excellenf acfing. THE CURIOUS SAVAGE I M! f M MV f fjff l Amr' 155. . I Jkt el rg LA 5? SPORTS I 'K E l 1 ' , f ,J f . 41, W' K -. Il! lx: V 1 X n , rx. If Y XQ A 1 , I ' ii ERA A! WAAA WY' Y-V YV: Y W L M ,, ' ' ' ' k' ' 211.21 f ,Ax A li ,UQ V ' I ,f X J -1 9,1 'U ' 'A' iafk. -g'-A5 W1 "-4'1 ...Q ff 1 3 ' ' ' 'Ill M .. lf , 1. " 1 1 "' ,:' ff", 132- F ' X:-'if' - 4 AES? lr-1 -if 'J A - X, ing, 1 'ij I X, 5' -4-N J .. . ulbc1nv's Tron I , champions IJ, BRUCE KEPPEL Boys' Noffoncf 750-Yd. Frfrf,-Sfyw Q 4 Chcmpfun C, M , LYNN PAVYQON Mambo' Noiiono' SyH:'7'gwf:f-' Chcmpfonzfwlp T4-:vw 7953 ETD" PAT owen Ladle: Nofionol ffoffce Chzfvpfor 'off gk' 14 fi?" . M s 4 , ff! V M0 if W M , Wiesel? ,HEL 0 , AV' Q 5 u, 2 4: s 4. F W MV., Q . 1' 'mm -4 N X is , K- f ,,,,,,,,4.,,m .,.,. 1,-.wt f 'Ex v-tif! 1-' Q' A " 41? 'gi 'J 'Y -.'35 if v ' Q 'Y x I +9 W ' f 5 P A 4' -gf 9' Vw' all .M 'mm wmv? ff ' 14 g W 3 ' " ' W , 1 , , v , . , A 5 i AA id U1 4 fi 5 m 53? gglieirxi' fb if A V2 3 1 V . ',N ,-.. . 'I' o-W' ' 1 ' . 1- .- '- v. - . -v--.G -"-"' --pa f ff ,y gui- , Q . -jr ' A- .A ' , . -V - ,M V ' ' ',.g.'- ff l A f.z.fg'-'-.c-1.-fx.-sf'g"'4V-sal.. ""'- '- ' Q, 4 'ff'. -.,.. T- , 5, , ' 'b '. . .,,f O I- , Q lL- 'A xxkut. 1 e x rw 1 ' W x . i q , . , I- ya Q ,, my H? , ,,, L 54, x W n 'rf' 9 P .1 1,2 j RQQAYXTQJ-11 I A I B 5 ' ,f F 4 2-rx ,Q mf A g M7 lp, 71 kk 'fax I , 044' f. weed Q J Q '98 Gai! . 3 f Sr 1 1 f ws v "'6b.N a .x ak, 'gl 9 . 5, . rx, if 5 'E ff i' 32 2 V0 359 5' , 'WL I 4 " X fs LJ' ' , V , SHI' w-nun., 1 A ' "f vc f1ffw1 232 :LWI 5-fi 34 2 W' 565 x , Q 2? 4 , gage, 4 , ig? V ,,fv-"SAW ff. f 19 A 1 gif? 7 . N 11 M5 M, V wan , 9 A W l,.g 2 .K V T. , ,A 1 if , Q F' ' ' 1.544 A g N -. , ,V IL ' ' ' ' ' gf' F if, 'Q if 3 as f A " 'ff ' X Q5 ff , f ' , Y ff i , in I 3 xl Q 9 1 ,wgm-3, fu :L Q Vai fx 'U . 62 fi .Q gg 1 4 'V J' if f A l Yi f ra 24 6. f ', I Q my A' gg' . S ty V . Y VM ,mf 1+ hi 5, M M 3 wg mil K., 5 1 Q5 fi 'X X. 2353, 5 '41, mf , -,f '7' , , W 31 1 1 x ' 5 7 W N 5 .5 f J ,An ,lf L4 .A I r - 'Q , W' A ' M Af f V' . ww ,V M' ' " ff W fd We 45 40 36 49 39 55 56 36 37 62 32 53 54 58 35 49 SI 55 47 39 THE Opponent S+. Mary's , EI Cerrifo ,,,, Ml. Diablo ,, S+. Joseph's John Swell Acalanes ,,,, S+. Mary's Anfioch 7,,7,, Alhambra , Pi++sburg ,Y,, EI Cerrifo H Ml. Diablo W. John Sweef Acalanes ,,,, Anlioch ,, Alhambra ,,,, PiHsburg Chico Armiio , , Sania Cruz ,, SCORES Firsl row: F. Garrelf, B. Parrino, E. Lewis, J. Miller, R. Giles, B. Thomas, R. Lind- say. Second row: G. Grisham, B. McGimpsey, B. Young, A. Hagard, F. Collins, R. Hannon. Third row: J. Walls, D. Hielala, D. Barfhman, E. Banks, H. Bauer. W. Long. Uwuulq Jw Jmm The Track Team was coached very nicely by Coach Boeflcher 'l'his las+ year. The boys fhal' compe+ed on ihe 'rrack leam were as follows: Wayne Long is a senior on +he feam and runs fhe l00-yard dash, +he 220, 440, and also does some pole vaulring. He earned an A le++er lasf year in rrack. Also a very good boy is Leroy Banks who is very good on fhe sprin+s. One of +he besl' High Hurdle and High Jumpers is Jim Miller who is a senior. Rohby Parrino is one of Albany High's besf Discus Throwers and Shof Pufers. Here are +he names of 'lhe resl of 'lhe boys 'rhaf compefedz Jim Wa++o, Dave Hierala, Don Bar+hman, Howard Bauer, Gary Grisham, Bill McGimpsey, Bill Young, Arlen Hogarrh, Richard Han- non and F. GarreH'. '26 " Inari: Jmm Firsf row: B. Aclebeine, J. Donahue, H. Bae: Seconrz row: J. Coffon, D. Wise- hauer, K. Freenman, J. Jones, P. O'Gara, R. Hansen. TENNIS TEAM-M. Kerr, D. Bruce, H. Marion, E. Serex, B. McNulfy, M. Ea+on, C. Anderson, Mr. Robins. jmnia Jnam The Tennis Team did very well 'lhis year in Tennis compefilion They show +he cour+s lhis year. Some of ihese were: Mickey Kerr, Eugene Serex and Carl Anderson. The Tennis Team did very well 'I'his year in fennis compe+i'fion. They show much promise for fhe coming season of I954. g M ' f 1,- 3 af ' 5 M N 1' 7. , ., V V, ' I 'W A ' W. , 1' W 2 ' ' it a If iff B L J E539 ,I ,ff M A i f l gg. 21 , A ,Q N M K 15 g -' I-1-1. ll T 7 zmxxxk Q f 'wi M Y V" ,Q H rf Jfgfzzf w 1 4 1 V ' 5' ga. ,, ,Q .V Q 4 ' ' My . We, is 5 at 2 ? by If ft' 9 w J 1 x v 'Q k tx f J V " JL ' M -W x Z x 1 Q P , Q 4 -fl fx First row, left fo righf: C. Grisham, W. Tognolini, J. Donahue, G. Francis, J. Angelo, B. Larson, D. Baker, J. Russ, B. Bua. Second row: B. Williams, O. Washington, E. Lenrz, B. Thomas, J. Sanders, K. Freeman, R. Weber. Third row: D. McHone, E. Thibadeaux, J. Howe, L. Cafelono, B. Heinrich. Fourth row: E, Chapman, A. Turner, D. Randolph, K. Pelegrin, L .Torrez, A. Aschow, A. Olson, A. Weikerf, W. Maihews, H. Anderson. ' A Jnntball The Junior Cougars, Iighl on weighi bul' heavy on deferminafion, furned in 'their besf season in years. Under 'Ihe new and capable reins of Coach Charley Clarlre, 'Ihe Jay Vees progressed well, improving wilh each game. Coach Clarke faced a none-loo-brighf chore when he Ioolr over fhe leadership of fhe Junior Foolball ouffif. As is frue wilh Jay Vee reams, Ihe coach has +he problem of facing an almosf enfirely differenl squad each year. Very few of ihe boys spend more 'lhan Two years in Junior foolball ranks since Ihe purpose of Cub 'foolball is fo develop experienced men Yo 'fill varsify slols, I+ gives a chance 'For lhe younger men Io compefe wilh players more Iheir own age and size. The Cougar Cubs are handicapped by Ihe facl fi-ral Ihe orher schools allow Juniors ro play on fhe squads, while Albany permils only underclassmen +o pariicipale. A 'rip of Ihe haf goes Io Lee Torrez, Jim Sanders, Bill Larsen, Joe Angelo, AI Aschow, and Arr Olson. THE SCORES: S'r. Mary's . . I3 - 7 Mr. Diablo 25 - O Acalanes I9 - 6 Las Lomas . 6 - O Alhambra .. 7- I3 Piflsburg , .. .. .. 36- 6 John Swell... .. .. I2 - 36 Anfioch .. . .. I9 - 0 slab ati' F. 'LJ 1.1 Firsl row: P. O'G-ara, E. Chapman, B. Larson, R. Hansen, B. Young, L. Cafalano. Second row: A. Brenes, G. Carlson, D. Baker. 62048 all Wilh guard Bill Larsen and cenler Ron Hansen providing fhe scoring punch, and Ron Brenner, Don Torrez, and Bill Young fhrowing some more, fhe Cubs malched fhe varsify in playing honors. For lhe firsl firne in Albany hisfory. bofh varsily ancl Bee squads were fhe champs fogefher. The Bees mrned in a IO-2 league record fo march Acalane's record and wind up co-champions wifh fhal school. The Bee's overall record of I3-4 also equals fha? of fhe varsily. Wifh fhe Cougars ligl playing championship ball, +he Albany gym was always paclred wifh enfhusiasfic fans al lhe 7:00 o'cloclr sfarling lime on Friday evenings. This was anolher firsf for Albany. Larsen and Young eslablished fhemselves as one of lhe lop play-making combinalions in +he league, while Brenner was lcnown for his ball-hawlring abilifies, and Torrez and Hansen were high among +he conferences rebounding aces. Coach James Guallieri wasn'? alone wifh his sfarling live, having Paul O'Gara, Louie Cafalina, and Ar? Brenes as reserves. Bill Larson was chosen as caplain along wilh O'Gara. Varsify hoop menlor, Craige Orllieb, agrees wifh Gualfieri lhal lhis year's Bees are going +o form an irnporfani parf of nexl season's varsify squad. lb R I U fi' if 3' A wb A 'K ' Hs 9, Q R-Q ,g' 'xl 'ings ., IA 1 H.:-D will Him: ' fu N .fi -XQ fir' ian--. 5 Q 05? f X3 lie' ' V QA M gf 2 51-.M if - 5 S x 23 ... iK Q5 YQ Qi ? J 'fx ,QWK I' 4 9 Q' 3 Q M'M "gg " W' 9, fy., 21" 4 mg 1 W 4: L..,:,3 4,- 4 E M 197 12, x Q, " W A ,E fl, 'W K. fi ., x " 1 , as in ,A ' ,vii-fl,,Q 'Sv "' J X . U3 W N-,L WT. 3? 'E M. .. I I 4 E' A i: A117 -A A-in Q,-f?' , K 'V , 23:6 x ,sr E X 9, . s . 4 i ,Q ,X 31 ' A fr if ' -A Q!!! vs 1 , gi: " J A' Q ,X xiii' ' s ff M Y , Q .,. I If if ggvi' fi :R 1 In , .Q nf 1 .,x, , if 6 . X r 1 -V-,. ff , V. 4 . v Q f 1 1 .. "' . .5- n Y 'dh' f gym f dp F fl , ' W ' ' , , '31 f, 1 , ,M J, -?'-Eff' -wfwff .- -'nj " if WW" la -f,,g f-4 1 J' kqgzfff 94 - , , 'lirliv .-f "W 'W' 'W' 1 ' , . R ,, I , I A' l P, L I . ,, X 2 9 l f,1,il . an ! 1 Q'5 I A -617' Y IU! Our sponsors are fhe buslness people of Albany who have made 'Ihls Cougar possible by Ihelr generous fmancual suppori' We ask +he s'ruden+s I'o pafronuze Ihese sponsors When you go shoppnng remember our frlends ALBANY BOWL ALBANY CLEANERS ALBANY FOSTERS FREEZE ALBANY FURNITURE CO INC ALBANY POULTRY ALBANY STEAM BATHS ALBANY TIRE SERVICE AMERICAN FLORIST AMERIO DRUG CO ANGELO S POULTRY BACIGALUPI DR ROBERTJ BAHL ROBERT JUVENILE OFFICER BANK OF AMERICA BERKELEY BUSINESS SERVICE BERKEY LEE GARAGE BILLS GOLDEN EAGLE STATION BLANK JEROME REALTOR BOB AND TONY S SERVICE BOGER S CERAMIC STUDIO BRIGHTON GROCERY BYRONS RICHFIELD SERVICE CALL BROTHERS JEWELERS CIVELLO M TAILOR COLOR CORNER CONNORS OVERHEAD DOORS Complele Inslallahon S60 00 COOK PIANO CO COREY S ALBANY GARDEN SUPPLY CORNELL SHOE REPAIR CURT CAMPBELL S DAGNA S MARKET DEL COURTNEY TV DENHAM S DEPARTMENT STORE DOUGLAS PHARMACY EAST BAY CHEVROLET ECCLESTON C H ELLIS OLSON MORTUARY ETTINGOFF MAX 8: SONS FAMOUS MEAT MARKET FOLEY 81 BONNY FORSTER S VARIETY FRANK S MOTOR SALES G A FRENCH AUTO SERVICE GAYS DELICATESSEN 8: GROCERY GENERAL HARDWARE COMPANY GRANHOLT SHEET METAL WORKS HAYS RICHFIELD SERVICE HILL LUMBER AND HARDWARE COMPANY I-IOLLFELDER S JEWELERS HOWARDS MOTOR SALES KARLS FIXIT SHOP AVERS CECIL N San Pablo B42 San Pablo I32O Solano 973 San Pablo 437 San Pablo I002 Solano 742 San Pablo 900 San Pablo 847 San Pablo Rlchmoncl C Inf BE IO57 Solano Avenue Avenue Avenue Avenue Avenue Avenue Avenue Avenue Avenue 4 485 Avenue Compllmenls of Solano Avenue Branch I605 Solano 736 San Pablo ISIO Solano I530 Solano Chevron Gas I272 Solano I250 Brlghfon I540 Solana 850 San Pablo I284 Solano Fue I597 Solano 828 San Pablo I226 Solano 836 San Pablo I382 Solano II20 Solano II85 Solano 862 San Pablo San Pablo II27 Solano 727 San Pablo Solano af San Pablo IIO9 Solano II44 Solano I373 Solano 957 San Pablo I550 Solano I244 Solano II33 Solano SOI San Pablo I350 Solano I259 Brughfon II3I Solano 969 San Pablo I48I Solano IO57 Solano Avenue Avenue Avenue Avenue Sfahon Avenue Avenue Avenue Avenue Avenue r Palnls 6 24I9 Avenue Avenue Avenue Avenue Avenue Avenue Avenue Avenue Avenue Avenue Avenue Avenue Avenue Avenue Avenue Avenue Avenue Avenue Avenue Avenue Avenue Avenue Avenue Avenue Avenue Avenue I e e Y , a ' ., . -2 CAMPS GARAGE Vees ,,---,,,... I I .,,,, I5OI Solano Avenue be . I E I 'ff A I I QfQf,e,,,,, II ' I - ' . , ,,.,,v,,.,..,.......... LA. - Uwz LATAPIE 81 LATAPIE REALTY l4l2 Solano Avenue LENNOX PHOTO SERVICE I479 SoIano Avenue LEXICON RADIO AND APPLIANCE COMPANY bl? San Pablo Avenue LING, LEONARD, D.D.S. I5II Solano Avenue MacGREGOR, C. M. I39I Solano Avenue MAHURIN, KEN., PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT I605 Solano Avenue MARY AND JOE'S DEPARTMENT STORE 9I3 San Pablo Avenue IvIcCALLUM'S FAMOUS ICE CREAM I825 Solano Avenue MCMAHON, DR. ROBERT T. II8I SoIano Avenue MECHANICS BANK SoIano Avenue MICHAEL'S LIQUOR STORE I495 Solano Avenue NAUSIN FOOD CENTER I253 Porfland Avenue NEW-FASHION CLEANERS I8I8 San Pablo Avenue NEW SOLANO MEAT MARKET I249 SoIano Avenue OAKS THEATRE, , I875 Solano Avenue OLSONS' PAINT STORE Il78 Solano Avenue ORTMAN'S ICE CREAM l207 SoIano Avenue PACIFIC MILL 81 FIXTURE COMPANY AI Weikerf PARK AND SHOP I850 SoIano Avenue RAINBOW PAINT CO. 3I6- IIIIN S+., Richmond RAYMOND, BEATRICE 81 SCHAFFER, GEORGE, REAL ESTATE 854 San PabIo Avenue RED BARN l742 Solano Avenue RED'S DRIVE-IN 7I2 Solano Avenue SAM'S PRESCRIPTION PHARMACY IIB3 SoIano Avenue SECURITY SAVINGS 8: LOAN ASSOCIATION I377 Solano Ave.-Complirnenfs of SHAW'S HARDWARE COMPANY ISI3 Solano Avenue SPENGER'S FISH GROTTO I9I9-41h S+ree+, BerI:eIey STALLONE, VICTOR, JR., M.D. I393 Solano Avenue TEASDALE, WALTER E., Insurance Broker 3I5 Monfgomery S+reeI, San Francisco THOUSAND OAKS FRENCH LAUNDRY I309 Solano Avenue TRI-CITY ELECTRIC COMPANY I252 SoIano Avenue TRI-CITY PAINT COMPANY I22O Four+h Sfreef, Berlreley VILLA'S MARKETS WERNER, FRED, Underground Garbage Recepfacles WEST, EDDIE, Sporiing Goods WILLIAMS, STANLEY, Chief of PoIice ZINMAN'S DEPARTMENT STORE San Pablo Avenue--CompIImen+s of Albany CompIImenIs 01' 843 San Pablo Avenue fsfiix, Q Q. X , ,M P SMB wg-gifs. .,gN,, . 1 Q my QQ: .555 in 'iq ' f S As.wff" is , f 'fH'i.f ylfigw 5 ' i ffy: 1f.,v,rg Q fl L AA K, ,x mf.. 17, -N wr V Avi- ,X - .V V ff'?Fi,? f f S+ f. M wwf f f -fig. ws X v ,, AA., A if ,N m ,Q qaghqi , ,. " ,"f5 Q 1 f QQ,-dv 45 Aff 'ix' 'f 'Jw . gig! ,E gff- 'Z ' "U ' .Q k- V - 4 Y W. 5, - ., 1, 'Q 3 ' W lfiiiffi-fQ L5 ?1ff2sff f 2- ruby,-rx ,MJsA.M'5x ' ARP 4 , f Q gif' W 23' 83,7-yfw,,x"Z 5 , gx -L ?L, f fwfgv lf 36' A M f -H vi ,MPK N-as I sgvf' ww 1- 'R . 4' Q 2 vi .A, 1 5. S: lib , 1 AVN wr X M8 Mr sw L

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