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5 ff' ' 4 f W W 4, W A ffijwf ,ff fb 5 ff M 'RTV Q xx , Qxi I Q XV P EW 'ax gr yy - iq.. A 5 gk XR ' lx ' il PW A . 'V AqbQ J Q M Q Q K Y .f 4, '5 - - f'A' 1 "ww-- , ---f -r- . " . - , - 1 ' . . . . E -4. Aa '.4g,4f.!'Z,,:' -" '-" ff Lexan L A r.. Y NTQQL A F H df bf 567' X x .1 'L .-Cz' 4 X J 1 '. U I I. M .1 gay- K L: ,Ja C. JA. V I ,, V . .K-A3-9 xp- '7' ,gm '1,Zgg j4 f K K ' ,. l Cf- Wsfy Mmm f, VL, ,. g 1 -V ,lf J . I. a mf WW , flq N' .gif A--:A ',"- F X ' -1 .X , X, I X4 x 'T I 'ilyyx s xvvf I 1 V YAX47 fl, A ll, ,A 5 M ,4 1, iffy I 5 ff' L: .ff I ! ,1 ly ,k1"H X ff 'W' , X Jnqliy ,VIII fl! I A 'WF IM OJ cf f I L. Qi X ww 7 I Inv ' x 'F fi wk S H K Q, .i rj I f ,JM 'fnmjfx J 'Nr ' V xy? X M A '- rf: 5-ig ,xx I 'a . fp X wx f I fl ,f X I Y NMFS! MMM N 4 'W N f Q W 7 fa tg . , - A' ' ' ' f ' . R506- ' Q6vGi CHfhQQui5 P . .35 - F h A Jfixn I gr fb' if gg, l,. My rj A jgsl' t PQAA ' , , ,ff I : 1221 5' 14!'P A , . , . ,' ' . 25 ??W M ggi? , -ff Cl J VM My 'WW fQ'j f9 ?f95X ET7 my ' fl!! XRS E59 Q My Ujjff ww fff QEEQ 'GQ 1 E M79 ?e00 - in M jjff may .SEER - J , wvfo., jj .fo-,ggi NM fin:-K JJVQA, , J f 1.!.2.f.,: V4 fc J OJ Aj 'N as CV' A if I J .Lf ' A an ini!-dt! dur., ,Zag I ' he K fx '13 fn jf 4 jx 4 'fd 44., THE CUUGFIR PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOR CLASSES OF ALBANY HIGH SCHOOL ALBANY . CALIFORNIA SPRING AND FALL, 1948 FHCULTV F. WILLIAM FEENY CHARLES A. MOORE Vice-Principal Pfincipql FIRST ROW, left io right: Miss B. Fosier, Mrs. I. Dickey, Miss B. Ratio, Miss H. Fake, Miss L. North, Miss W. Goode, Mr. R. Yourd, Mr. D. Pimentel, Mr. Moore. SECOND ROW: Mrs. M. Glover, Miss G. Dinsdcxle. Mrs. R. Kimball. Miss B. Vranna. Miss H. Akin, Mrs. H. Cassidy, Mrs. C. Dietschy, Miss S. Ryan, Miss Gilse- nan, Mr. W. Myers, Mr. P. Flegel, Mr. W. Bouton. THIRD ROW: Mr. SL I. Smith, Mr. I. Nolan, Mr. I. Ryan, Mr. M. Gould. Mr. P. Nathan. Mr. R. Hughes. Mr. I. Hoskins, Mr. L. Bush. FOURTH ROW: Mr. S. Lehmer, Mr. F. Chase. Mr. C. Finn. Mr. G. Chessum. Mr. Robins, Mr. W. Treacy. MISS MIRIAM GILSENAN JOHN P. ROBINS Girls' Counselor Boys' Counselor BILL HASTINGS DON BOUCHET DON THOMPSON NANCY SI-IERRICK DICK PAWSON LYLE WELCH Directed by President Lyle Welch, fourth semester member, the Board of Control of the Associated Students of Albany High School has completed another successful semester of guid- ing the policy of the students of our school. Assisting Lyle has been Bill Hastings as Vice- President. Bill has currently been entertainment chairman as well, and he was Second Vice- President when in the ninth grade. Florence Lockhart, serving on the board for her second time, has filled the office of Secretary. Don Thompson, last year's Boys' Commis- sioner, was this term's President of the Boys' League, While Barbara Flavin was President of the Girls' League. Working under the President are the Commis- sioners. The Boys' Commissioner for the past semester has been Don Bouchet, Student Body President of last term. The Girls' Commissioner, lackie Kerr, has been active in several all-school organizations. ln addition to her office of Girls' Commissioner, Iackie also held the position of social chairman for the Board. Pat Casey, on the Board for her second semes- ter, was treasurer. Normally the treasurer is chosen for two semesters. The Second Vice-President, still an officer on the Board of Control, is now called the Eighth and Ninth Grade Representative. Ninth grader Dick Pawson held this office for the Spring l948 term. Mr. F. William Feeny, Vice-Principal of the school, again served the Student Body as faculty advisor to the Board of Control. JUIIE - 1948 Bonnn or conrnol FLORENCE LOCKHAHT IACKIE KERR BARBARA FLAVIN PAT CASEY F. WILLIAM FEENY ,Ll 4 fk K BARBARA BROWN BILL HUSKINS GLADYS HEDQUIST DAVE SWANSON BILL HASTINGS DON BOUCHET RUTH MILLER IOYCE BROGDON BOB FRANCIS FLORENCE LOCKHART SHERRY RICHELIEU HELEN DYER BOB MUIR SHIRLEY LAPOINT DON BROWN PHYLLIS FOLEY PAT CASEY DON THOMPSON SALLY STEWART DON ZIEGENFUSS DAN GLINES Editor-in-Chief FRED CHASE IOHN NOLAN CO-Advisor CQ-Advisor 'it' ..,,, In ' 1 x, 9 :in J C ' fi 1 5 V':' .X 'fihi RAY MATOUS WILBUR CHARTER PHYLLIS FOLEY BILL STAYTON LORRAINE MCBLLISTEB ,fi Fllll C Ig -ffgi All X 2 . rl ' lffff , Af ,r .W7 A ..f ' 7 rj I 1 ,I uf" A J , f, , iffy wf During the spring term an exciting election race was held choosing the Board of Control for the fall semester of 1948. Elected to guide the Board as President of the Student Body was Bill Hastings, the previous terrn's Vice-President. Bill faced stiff competition, but emerged suc- cessful on a platform built on general school improvement. Bay Matous was selected to assist Bill as the Vice-President, while Bill Stay- ton was named Eighth and Ninth Grade Bepresentative. Pauline Reed, new Secretary of the student body, ran unopposed, as did Wilbur Charter, successful candidate for the office of Boys' Commissioner. Sherry Richelieu competed for and won the office of Girls' Commissioner while Phyllis Foley was elected to carry out the duties of Girls' League President, and Don Brown was successful in his campaign for President of the Boys' League. The hottest pre-election battle was car- ried on about the office of Publicity Di- rector. Lorraine McAllister was selected after a campaign involving noon skits, funny hats, and 'much poster advertising waged by candidates for the job. Named by the Board as Treasurer for the next school year was loyce Cirimeli. 'it BILL HASTINGS , 1 9 4 8 SHERHY RICHELIEU DON BROWN PAULINE REED BOHRD 0FCOI1TR0l SJ 'QU 3 WW fm 1 we can Wm' GIRLS' HONORARY CLUB FIRST ROW, lett to right: G. Hed- quist, P. Reed, M. Pagliero, S. Stewart, I... Smith. SECOND ROW: P. Casey, S. Feinstein, S. Richelieu, P. Foley, L. Netto. GIRLS' LEAGUE EXECUTIVE BOARD FIRST ROW, lett to right: S. Rich- elieu. P. Casey, S. Stewart, l.. Netto, P. Foley. SECOND HOW: H. Richford, L. McAllister. BOYS' LEAGUE EXECUTIVE BOARD FIRST HOW, left to right: B. Mc- Whirter, D. Brown, W. Charter. SECOND ROW: H. Layton, H. Wood. FOLK DANCING CLUB FIRST ROW, lelt to right: P. Edel- stein, B. Scott, E. Bowen, N. Mattos, S. Fuhrimcm, E. Durland, P. Galbraith, I. Richardson. K. Green, P. Casey. SECOND ROW: B. Scott, M. Kinney, I. Crooks, M. Lowe, M. Reed. H. Manning, S. Festner, B. Nelson, B. Kline, D. Anderson, N. Willis, N. Giles. THIRD ROW: B. Stayton, E. Fle- gel, G. Allen, W. Walton, W. Charter, D. Easter, V. Riggio, E. Willis, D. Robins, D. Capeluto. 5 VL X MWA WQWJWQ wl:WiMY,+Egf,i' KLM ww M3253 ww of J! iw WNWQKMJ ww! Km + ow . Y Q' Qmwwwwmwp fi Af L 'o"zAf i . ,1, A fi 43" L +1 X --1-di in ' 1 -ip, 1 - ,- - UFFICERS ANGELO BIASOTTI President JOSEPH OSTERGAARD Vice-President HELEN DYER Secretary-Treasurer CHISS 0F JUIIE 1948 l N MISS BLANCHE VRANNA by MISS BIANCA RATTO FHCULTV HDUISORS KX M A .xg V 3-5 .fx P 4 --QW if x v : 55, .4--if , , - .L .I.fr4"i' f 1: far" ' .Sim eff..RF' '40 7 :ge ,M X ., A . .W EN ,, , Y 'IJSIFE fm ' ,Qfs:ff5' 4 MWA '- X552 - .Sv x . .,.:L.w,, Y ,E ,x V .il S. ff "' 'R A 5 DOROTHY ACKELBEIN SARAH ADDLEMAN GLORIA AMUNDSEN PAULINE BACA ROBERT BARRY LOIS BEALE INIARIORIE BERRY ANGELO BIASOTTI DONALD BOUCHET ALYCE BROGDON BARBARA BROWN SHIRLEY BUNDY HARRY HURT IOAN CARNO IOANNE CHAPMAN IEAN DARLINGTON MARIAN DEYORD MAE DE PAOLI IAMES DIANI DONALD DRINNEN Clll S5 0F JUIIE1 if ERNEST BALL THOMAS BOAM IOYCE BURGESS ROBERT DAVIS DELBERT DRIVER 948 if AR? Y wk E12 N DOUGLAS DURLAND MARIORIE GAVAZZA WILLIAM HUSKINS DONALD MARQUES ROBERT MCNEMAR HELEN DYER WILLIAM GEORGETTE HAROLD IOHNSTON VIRGINIA MEAMBER IACK NELSON PHYLLIS EASLEY GERALD GILBERT DOROTHY IONES RUTH MILLER MARGARET NORRIS I QNX DONALD EASTER DAN GLINES SYLVIA IUDKINS LOREN MOELLER IOSEPI-I OSTERGAARD Cllll MURIEL EKDAHL HELEN GOLINVEAUX LUCILLE IURGENSON MARIAN MOOERS HAROLD OVERSEN SS DF ,- Off? ' J LOIS ETINGOFF EMMA GOODE RUSSELL FAIRBANKS DOROTHY RICHARD GROSSER CAROL DARRELL LAFOND JULIUS LEVY FLORENCE LOCKHART MARILYN MOSS ROBERT MUIR ROSEMARY MURPHY FLORENCE PENDERGAST WALTER PETERSEN IOAN PLATT UIIE 1948 W .IHS X I X1 1 - A jyiwffl BARBARA FLAVIN DAVID HOLLAND BEVERLY LOMBARD KENNETH MCGRAW ALAN REASONER ROBERT FRANCIS YVONNE HOWELL PATRICIA LOWERY IAMES MCKENZIE DONALD REED WILL ROBERSON, IR. ERWIN ROBIN EVELYN ROGERS BARBARA SCHULTZ CAROL SIMPSON LORRAINE SKINNER ROBERT STAGG PATRICIA STEWART DAVID SWANSON WALLACE SWINDELL GERALDINE SWORD ELAINE THAUBERGER RUTH TURNER WALLACE WADE LYLE WELCH BAYARD WILSON LORA WOOD DONALD YOUNG GORDON YOUNG DONALD ZIEGENP USS g 5' I -lm. i NANCY SHERRICK GUIAMAR STORCK WILLIAM THUNBERG MARY WILSON SAMUEL ZIERKE CLHSS 0F JUIIE 1948 OFFICERS DON BROWN Presideni PAT CASEY Vice-President GLADYS HEDQUIST Secretary LOU MINAMOTO Treasurer MISS HELEN FAKE JOHN RYAN FHCULTV HDUISURS ,Q-gi LAVERNE ARRI WILDON ASP LOIS CRITSER LAVERN EVANS HELEN HUBBARD ALANNA KARPO FRANK MARIETTI ANTONETTE MARTINO wx NORMA BLOOM SHIRLEY FEINSTEIN CHARLES KISSNER STANLEY MICHENER DAWN BOLTON DAVID BRININGER PHYLLIS FOLEY ARTHUR GOLDMAN TED LABRENZ RUSSELL LEE LOU MINAMOTO EDWARD MORGAN CLHSS 0F J . I 1- X, X . . 4 way .. 1 . ' . f - ., :55:j. ,: .:, . I '-I DONALD BROWN THOMAS CARROLL PATRICIA CASEY PHYLLIS HAGGARD THOMAS I-IANSON WILLIAM HASTINGS EUGENE LONG ROBERT LUBKE EDITH MAGAZIN GLENN Mc!-'ADIN LUCILLE NETTO PATRICK O'DONNELL UHRV 1949 vw. WILBUR CHARTER VINCE CHAVEZ GLADYS I-IEDQUIST EUGENE HOLLAND ROSE MARASCO GILBERT MARDILLA CHARLES OTT MARY PAGLIERO I5 .PN 1' WAYNE PETERSON GEORGE .XPAULINE REED SHERRY HICHELIEU IAMES ROBERTS DOROTHY ROGERS ELLEHICK SANDERIN -4 VRFA S61-YULTZ LELIA SMITH RICHARD SPIVEY xx 4 . 1 . 1 , . SALLY STEWART THOMAS STEWART K ELAINE 'monks xx s , DONALD THOMPSON DUANE THOMPSON 'K '85 fx x ' ' X 'u WENDELI. WALTON OSMUgNDQfUlEBSfiElT"ix Digi MDOLIIWXQNTQOR, 'R-MCHRHLES WOODS DOROTHY YANAGI f x N-X X 'S X, - N. ix b FF' XXX 'X R- W ' V -K. . M ,X if- Sxx-, 2 KK -N. -. - X x Q, -X X x sf -rw MM X Nr, xx v NRA x., ' Y xx -1 2 'A X A f-as-S - X X - .vw X - sl Q Xi. 4- - - f I 'V' mi' 'Qi RHP- D. :X "Vx N ' X N-N f- X wk - 1 I -xxx X 'X -Q ' "xx X . 'S -X A ' S. -.KN - X X Xxx 'Zn XX '-1 "xg X " -X-:X N f V x f. -.x X 'f ,Am 6 K, "- X ' A f. D ' X, N " X XSD' 51. xx A -5 -N K 'O' M ' x A sy, A 'x l , N, 4 D x xx NDN YW K A X 'K X' X VN- X' 'N b . D ., . X ,, in 8 'N b. , N Rx HEX 453 M Q0- 1 X X XX N '5 Q 'X 54 CLFISS OF JFIIIUSHIW 1949 Underclgfgdsmen ff2W ifi?W Z! ff M iid ,f ,ff W7 QW ggi ijt vf 6"'fx X L s , Qffifiggi ---1.-i, S6 W f. EW? ffm wx, :: ..... 3,3442 ' F 5, 4 'iv'- n asf .un f . 4- v e , 'Lg an is WS U1 iff' ajax? if ' N an 'ww W . if ' .iff 3 ' wi + . an Q QM? Ang . 8115 Q k sw X ill W Q ii 0 SQ' Q-'QR 5-my o my 'L' A X Ci 42226 SG QA: Y m v7'?f' 5 W 35-,..4,.. KY Q Q5- . 'ing 6135711515 am ,wif my na il LOW 9 FRONT ROW, left to right: I. Seay, I. Heinzel, B. Bonninqton. C. Matta, B. Caldwell. D. Demp- sey, C. Merwin, M. Odegcrrd. B. Pausch, E. Platner, E. Wilcox, D. Atwood. I. Burger. SECOND ROW: I. Stebbins, N. Stewart, I. Harvey. G. Icardo, A. Youch, K. Riep, M. Wylie. B. Smyth, I. Dye. I. McElroy, I.. Lamoureaux, H. Schissler, C. Gunther. BACK HOW: R. Fornenqo, M. Iohnson, I. Campana, L. Minear, F. Bice, E. Sioermer, T. Ryder, I. Kennedy. G. Rendahl, W. Stayton, D. Paw- son, R. Iohnsen, M. Cowan, A. Elkin, E. Beale, S. Stanford. HIGH 9 FRONT ROW. left to right: W. Surry, C. Iohnson, I. Evans, R. Eliason, R. Donnelly, E. Durland, M. Forster. B. Billiard, P. Edel- atein, L. Gavazza, E. Guichard, Q. Hartman. SECOND ROW: G. Zantie, I. Engstrom, C. Bevans, '. Bauer, M. Boekhoif, I.. Beam. .. Kellogg, M. Aschmann. I. Ben- iett, I. Eichhorn, L. Erickson, A. Fiitchcox, B. Kline, O. Bertrand. THIRD ROW: S, Aschow. T. Dren- aan, I. Foster, W. Hale. G. Gar- 'els, D. Homewood, D. Brisson. 3. Markley, R. Hurteau. T. Bin- minqer. BACK ROW: E. Arri, E. Eliason, R. Bishop, H. Friis, W. Flananhan, I. Lockhart, D. Haines, H. Decker, R. Bond. HIGH 9 'RONT ROW, left to riqht: I. Nillis, I. White. I. Staunton, M. 'hillips, N. Sylvester, A. Murphy, tl. Layman, M. Ieflries, N. Lohti. N. Marsh, S. Teani, B. Scott. C. Simons, H. Wray, I. Martindale. IECOND ROW: E. Welander. W. 9atterson, E. Zieqeniuss, C. Vlann, B. Leishman. S. Wilson. vi. Zazattaro, C. Larson, I. Peter- sen, D. Moncrieif, M. Woolworth. V1. Zupo. P. Kuster, A. Wong. SACK ROW: I. Roberts, F. Run- lion, D. Young, A. Martinez, R. Vlelbye, G. Wannop, W. Temple: '. McConnell, G. Robin, L. Wardle, D. Shore, W. Milligan. AllUl'l'Ol!lllll ' v 1 I-'X MRASHIII , AW!lll'l'9l!lllN CYMNAginN NflDl'!'OE!lllli 1: Y esmtssnnrs ,ao ,ulBl'l'll!IlIll l3Yus.'.niiuu LOW 10 FRONT ROW, leit to right: H. Bright, C. English. F. Linn, M. Braidwood, C. Tarleton, D. Amundsen, C. Nelson, P. Pickard, N. Thomas, S. Williams, E. Her- rera, B. Trelease, L. Valterza, D. Brill. SECOND BOW: R. Russo. I. Lenes. P. Gowen, B. Evans, I. Norton, F. Lundquist, P. Bateman. N. Stauber, E. Iurivich. S. Max- am, M. Coltrin, I. Schupp, H. Richiord. THIRD ROW: A. Babros. G. Sanderson. I. Stratlord. R. Browning, I. Ball. H. Battles, F. Crooks. F. Bawden, R. Chase, B. Larsen. B. Boggess. I. Nahmens, E. Peterson, D. Ambrose, B. Han- na, B. May. BACK BOW: V. Smith, R. Spivey, N. Hansen, H. Iarvis, I. Rogers. D. Tognetti, S. Davis, I. Mullaney. I. Bishop. R. Hildebrand. I. Hash, D. Steele, M. Vezilich, H. Wilson, W. Burgher. HIGH 10 FRONT HOW, left to right: I.. Moore, M. Oversen, H. Long, I. Parks, N. Driver, S. Patterson, N. Hunt, I. Hanson, I. Ingersoll, L. Litmanen. B. lkola. M. Garrett. SECOND ROW: A. McDonald, G. Pine, B. Norris, I. Kerr. I. Evers, S. Iohnson, C. Cramer, B. Kopp. D. Holland, V. Fleming, I. Keeler, E. Iohnson. THIRD BOW: E. Lay- ton, I. Gilman, R. Gardner, G. Carpenter, T. Muzinich. B. Pence, I. Pedracci, I. Klein, D. Heinzel, R. Marengo, I. Miller. K. Glines, B. Porter, D. Hupe, C. Iackson. BACK ROW: D. Ohye, B. Nelson. B. Latham, D. Moran, F. Regi' nato, V. Rigqio, L. Baqle, R. Reed, B. Heath, S. Pilcher, V. Linda- mood, D. Mel-lone. I. Harding. W. Hubbard. HIGH 10 FRONT ROW, left to right: C. Redick, S. Brown, H. Buckwalter M. Williams, s. smnh, L. cfichf ton, C. Anderson, B. Brownell M. Heed. B. Scott, S. Cochran SECOND HOW: M. Holman, S Stiles, T. Tamba, C. Scroqin, A Allison, S. Andrews, M. Turner I. Wood. D. Verner, L. Wallace R. Villa, B. Bennett. THIRD ROW B. S. Smith. I. Schima, M. Bru netti, I. Lewis, B. Benning, B. A Smith, R. Deitrick, A. Claish, I Bellerive, D. Diani, K. Cox, B Crawford, F. Ballinger, E. Willis BACK HOW: B. Gorman, L. Wil liams, P. Williams. D. Stacy, F Wright. B. Tevlin. B. Wilson, I Shelby, R. Wallace, I. Giacoma I. Tilbury, K. Wood, B. Viets, D Symington, R. Cornell. 1 I LOW ll FRONT ROW, lett to right: D. Moshier, B. Osborn, B. Roberts, B. Young, D. Mardilla. A. Moore, V. Monti, N. Tarleton, I. McElroy, I. Young. BACK BOW: G. Meek- lns, K. Nelson, B. McWhirter, F. Weinberg, I. Runnion, D. Howell, H. Layton, R. Peacock, G. Lynch. W. Hobie. LOW ll 'RONT now, left to right. A Dahl, B. Hill. K. Cardinelli, B. Davis, I. Crispin, C. Crooks, M. Zouqh, B. Morra. SECOND ROW: J. Grisham. B. Beers, D. Derthick, in J. Harriman, B. Bisccty, M. Brin xinqer, L. Fiedler, A. Alderson. JACK HOW: M. Kawamoto, E. knthony, E. Estrada, I. Christie, S Castell E. Fle el T Furze, . , g , . J. Davey, I. Darrah, D. Godfrey. LOW 11 fHONT ROW, left to right: L. 'atterson, L. Pasini, E. Yonke, K. Rodriguez, N. Vargas, M. Zinn. W. Zucca. SECOND HOW: L. For- 'st, P. Vanderburgh, H. Richford. 3. Pihl, B. Viets, S. Word, George Lorensen. THIRD ROW: R. Var- rus, H. Webb, P. Trapcmese, S. loderick, I. Regan, B. Sanders, L. Thatcher, BACK ROW: R. Reid, D. Gehb, C. Stcmtord, S. Schorsch, R. Dennett, G. Gundry. W can as 'ff 4 , rn. f I T o HIGH 1 1 UUZEIUI FRONT ROW, left to right: . Kennedy, S. Nickolette. . Beemer, M. Mori, B. Leth, . Meinke, S. Newth, M. Baxter, . Anderson. SECOND ROW: . Boqer, H. Schupp. C. Browning, A. Poirer, M. Williams. N. Car- melich. BACK ROW: H. Wood. D. Binninqer. N. Vella, M. Oak- ley, H. Tsuqawa. HIGH 11 FRONT ROW. leit to right: S. La Point, I.. McAllister, C. Gan- nett, I. Kolari, I. Moss. B. Lenes I. Harper. SECOND BOW: N. Giles, I. Hogue. P. Kane, E. Leien- decker, D. Iohnson, M, Leigh, E. Hogan. BACK ROW: F. Correia. G. Marriott, I. Lax, B. Miller, D. Anthony, I. Iohnston, I.. Mitchell. HIGH 1 1 FRONT ROW. leit to right: G Bertino, I. Cirimeli, M. Granholt D. Bowen. M. Bowden, G. Evers I. Broqdon. V. Borreani, D. Cald well, B. Ball, D. Crabtree, M Dietz. SECOND HOW: P. Harri son, D. Daunt, W. Elliot, I. Fox I. Capeluto, G. Gilbert, I. Oli- verio, H. Lindamood, G. Parks BACK ROW: T. Iohnson, B Webb, R. Huber, I. Grant, H. Nel son, C. Archer. fwnkaiofas ink 57 x Q cg 4' 'S is . 5 ro' KI " w-. GD o U . 2 'L 0 GPX lj. ' 'U' if Vx if Q L GIRLS' ORGHIIIZHTIOIIS All IHTQIBIIIII xr. l2'i"'MNA'RIllN GIRLS' LEAGUE EXECUTIVE BOARD SEATED, left to right: P. Foley N. Sherrick, B. Flavin. D. Iones C. Cramer. STANDING: I. Kerr M. Zinn, S. Richelieu. L. Wood L. Etingofi. GIRLS' LEAGUE REPRESENTATIVE FRONT ROW, left to right: I Willis, N. Kaye, D. Iones, N. Sherrick, I. Bauer, I. Cirimeli, R. Rodriguez, H. Manning, I. Bur- ger, M. Mori, M. Yanaqi, G. Pine. C. Anderson. SECOND ROW: D. Ackelbein, M. Mooers. B. Flavin. I. Harper, L. Etingolf, L. Wood. S. Richelieu, P. Foley, M. Mc- Namara, M. Zinn. D. Bolton. B. Evans, N. Iohnson. BACK ROW: C. Cramer, I. Evers, I. Kerr. B. Leishman, S. Maxam, C. Scrogin. C. Garner, D. Wilson, V. Shultz, W. Rohie, E. Thauberger, M. Brininger. GIRLS' SENIOR HI-Y FRONT ROW. lei! lo right: R. Beamer, D. Iones, D. Ackelbein, S. Nickolette. C. Gannett, G. Hedquist, M. Paqliero. P. Reed. M. Berry, B. Brown, P. Lock- hart, L. Etingoil, I. Burgess, M. De Paoli. N. Sherrick, P. Stewart R. Murphy. SECOND ROW: I. Berry, S. La Point. I. Cirimeli, D. Grisham, D. Mardilla. A. Moore, I. Harper, H. Richlord, E. Magazin, L. Smith, A. Hall, I.. Netlo. P. Casey, L. Skinner, S. Addleman, G. Berlino, H. Dyer, D. Fisher. THIRD ROW: P. Baca. R. Miller, B. Roberts, A. Alder- son, B. Flavin, L. Wood, M. Moss, M. Mooers, B. Schultz, E. Hogan. D. Bolton, A. Broqdon, I. Breq- don. I. Hague, P. Vanderburqh, M. Granholl. BACK ROW: S. Newth, R. Turner, B. Hill, B. Young, P. Foley, S. Richelieu, J. 1. Kami, M.McA11mer. w. nobuf Platt, C. Hartman. I. Chapman M. Zinn. G.A.A. EXECUTIVE BOARD SEATED, left to right: B. Pihl, R. Beemer. I. Harper, M. Zinn, C. Gannett. STANDING: H. Richlord. B. Brown. I. Kerr, S. Andrews, E. Bakosh. IR. G.A.A. EXECUTIVE BOARD LEFT TO RIGHT: S. Hinch, T. Boarn, I. Willis, I. White, I. Man- ning, A. Wolff. HONORARY CLUB SEATED, left to right: M. Mooers. C. Hartman, I. Burgess, D. Iones, M. De Paoli, H. Dyer, R. Murphy. L. Wood. STANDING: R. Miller. G. Amundsen, B. Schultz, I. Chap- man, B. Flavin, L. Elinqoti, N. Sherrick, D. Ackelbein. BIG SISTERS FRONT HOW, lelt to right: N. Tarleton, P. Casey, M. Paqliero. D. Bowen. L. Netto, P. Heed, S. Feinstein. I. Cirimeli, S. Nicho- lette, C. Gannett, I. Moss, R. Beamer. A. Moore. SECOND ROW: M. Granholt, A. Hall, I.. Pasini. I. Harper, E. Magazin, L. Smith. M. Zinn, P. Kane, B. Wilmoth, V. Monti, D. Anderson, M. Lowe. I.. McAllister, D. Mardilla. BACK HOW: S. La Point, I. Young, A. Dahl, S. Richelieu, P. Foley. B. Pihl. E. Hogan, V. Borraani. E. Bakosh, H. Hichford, I. Kolari, D. Grisham. LEADERSHIP FRONT BOW, lelt to right: S. Smith, L. Crichton, I. Lanes, R. Russo, B. Evers, C. Gannett, I. Kolari, I. Moss, L. McAllister, M. Paqliero, R. Beemer, E. Thomas, V. Monti, 5. Iohnson, B. Osborn, B. Ball. SECOND ROW: G. Amundsen, P. Haggard. H. Hub- bard, I. Crispin, B. Davis, B. Hill, B. Young, A. Moore, S. LaPoint, I. Berry, D. Mardilla, D. Gris- ham, M. Zinn, V. Borreani. BACK ROW: B. Pihl, B. Kopp, S. An- drews, B. Norris, I. Harper, C. Hartman, I. Platt, P. Stewart, I. Kerr, H. Richlord, E. Bakosh, A. Alderson, P. Kane. HOSTES-S CLUB FRONT ROW. left to right: C. Anderson, I. Lenes. R. Russo, S. Smith, S. Iohnson, B. Evers, M. Granholt, A. Dahl, N. Driver, I. Wood, I. Hanson, I. McElroy, C. Tarleton, B. Brownell. SECOND HOW: G. Pine. D. Amundsen, B. Evans, F. Lundquist, I. Kerr, B. Norris, B. KOPP. C. Cramer, T. Tamba, S. Stiles, B. Wilmoth, V. Monti, I. Young, N. Tarleton. BACK ROW: G, Amundsen. S. Andrews, B. Anderson. E. Iuri- vich, C. Scroqin, A. Allison, S. Maxam, I. Keeler, M. Gough, W. Hobie. 7 COMMERCIAL CLUB FRONT ROW, lelt to right: I. Cirimeli, S. Niclroletta, M, De Ford, G. Bertino, N. Meinke, E. Thauberger, I. Camo, D. Bowen. B. Leth, M. Mori, D. Fisher, M. Pagliero, H. Hubbard. BACK ROW: E. Leindeclrer, D. Evers, S. Newth, D. Rogers, D. Iohnson, M. Norris. V. Meamber, V. Schultz, D. Anderson, B. Lanes, L. Minamoto. D. Yanaqi. VY ORCHESTRA FRONT ROW, left to right: Mr. W. Bouton, I. Crooks, P. Casey, L. Moore. O. Bertrand, B. Lom- bard, G. Lynch, S. Teani, E. Durland, E. Wilcox. SECOND ROW: A. Babros. V. Riqgio, B. Milligan, R. Clark, H. Lowfhian, E-jghjg, W. Swindell, B. Hus- ins. BACK ROW: E. Layton, G. Robins, G. Markley, T. Binninger. . fu... N. Hinkel, D. Davey, R. May, I. Gilbert. ai 1 x BAND FRONT ROW, left to right: M'-. ' W. Bouton, L. Carmelich. H. Lowthian, N. Davey, VJ. Milligan. P. Casey, L. Moore, T. Flynn, R. Huskins, T. Williams, A. Gran- holf. SECOND ROW: A. Babros. K. Nelson, G. Robins, V. Riqgio, W. Swindell, E-Bghjg, G. Lynch, E. Wilcox, B. May. THIRD ROW: D. Davey, R. Reid, G. Garrels. I. Darrah, T. Binninger, B. Lar- sen, D. Reed, I. Tilbury. BACK ROW: E. Layton, N. Carmelich, I. Gilbert, H. Layton, E. Flegel, D. Young, G. Markley, S. Davis. R. Deitrick. IIIUSIC . RTIIIEIIT GLEE CLUB FRONT ROW, left to right: E. Guichard, M. Ieffries, I. Burger, I. Ingersoll, B. Caldwell, I. Willis, I. White, S. Patterson, M. Granholt, B. Scott, B. Pausch, L. Crichton, S. Smith, N. Sylvester, N. Driver, M. Williams, B. Morris, B. Kline, M. Woolworth, K. Gaffney, N. Kaye, I. Staunton, A, Hitchcox. W. Marsh. Mr. S. Lehmer. SECOND ROW: T. Tamba, L. Boam, M. Zavattaro, R. Eliason, B. Billiard, I. Lynch, M. Crichton, C. Matfa, S. Sfiles, V. Borreani, M. De Ford. M. Aschman, B. Kusfer, I. Darlington, L. Skinner, L. Litmanen, I. Hiyama, I. Evers, A. Moore, M. Zupo, V. Hartman, C. Scroqin, C. Larson. THIRD ROW: L. Wardle, D. Bond, B. Leishman, E. Ziegenfuss, M. Turner, M. Gough, L. Gavazza, L. Forster, B. Beers, S. Simons, V. Fleming, D. Wilson, L. Pausch, M. Coltrin, M. Odeqard, M. Wilson, G. Pine, I. Norton, C. Mann, M. Bowden, R. Peacock, I. Brogdon, A. Allison, A. Schorsch, B. Hastings. BACK ROW: W. Munn, R. Rendall, E. Beale, V. Riggio, D. Ambrose, D. Godfrey, B. Craw- ford, V. Chavez, C. Iackson, E. Anthony, L. Hanson, B. Stayton, M. Cowan, D. Pawson, E. Arri, T. Drennan, I. McKenzie, I. Gilbert, E. Eliason, . G. Carpenter, M. Vezilich, R. Wilson, E. Layton, I. Tilbury, W. Walton, G. Gundry, D. Oliye. ' ' if 4. , f is f STUDEIIT COURT - TRHFFIC SQUHD To maintain order in the halls, to direct the stu- dents to the proper stairs, and to slow down those few individuals who insist on running from class to class include some of the duties of the mem- bers of the Traffic Squad. When necessary they give tickets and summon violators of rules to the Student Court. The Student Court, made up of six members, gives sentences after due consideration, rang- ing from letters of apology to Written composif tions on a variety of subjects, to all offenders who come before it. Appointments are made to the court by the Board of Control but those appointed remain on the court until graduation or until resignation. New additions are made to the Traffic Squad by nominating and balloting held by the squad. Like the court the traffic members remain in the organization until graduation. STUDENT COURT TRAFFIC SQUAD FRONT ROW, left to right: D Bouchet, F. Lockhart, A. Hull S. Stewart, B. Brown, G. Had quist. BACK ROW: G. Gilbert, D Glines, B. Davis, I. Osterqaard B. Miller. L. Welch. SEATED, left lo right: M. Phillips. . TANDING' P. Reed, H. Dyer S . I. Dicrni, B. Davis, I. Ostorgucxrd. IIEUISETTE STFIFF The Newsette is published Fridays by the journalism section under the direction of Editor Lora Wood and Faculty Advisor F. C. Chase. Editors loyce Broqdon and lim Diani headed the news aatherinq staff of the Newsette, while Harry Burt handled the features and Bob Muir the sports. lulius Levy was kept busy the first half of each week preparinq material for the Newsette since he has been copy editor. The Newsette's pub' licity director, Don Zieaenfuss, made sure that the local papers had the latest news and infor mation about Albany Hiah at least twice a week NEWSETTE STAFF FRONT ROW, left to riqht: I.. W d, I. B d , N. Sherrick. oo rog on SECOND ROW: I. Diani, B Francis, D. Zieqenfuss. I. Levy. BACK ROW: H. Burt, B. Muir, H. f Iohnston. R. Fairbanks. Circulation Manaaer Nancy Sherrick bundled and distributed the Newsette to all classrooms before noon on Fridays and made certain that all student body card holders received papers. The Newsette is printed in the hiqh school print shop under the direction of Advisor C. A. Finn. Linotype operators who contributed their serve ices toward publication were Louis Mitchell, Elf win Layton, Bob Heath, Andy Poirier and Bill Georgette. Special thanks should be qiven to Walter Qlafson, alumnus. Witlioiit his help the school paper often would not have been ready on time. LIN OTYPISTS LEFT T0 RIGHT: E. Layton, B. Heath, A. Poirer. L. Mitchell, B. Georgette. B095 URGFIIIIZHTIUIIS BOYS' LEAGUE EXECUTIVE BOARD LEFT TO RIGHT: D. Bouchet. I Diuni, B. Webb, F. Weinberg. BOYS' LEAGUE REPRESENTATIVES FRONT ROW, left to right: D. Bouchet, D. Lauters, B. Davis. F. Weinberg, E. Morgan, K. Friis, K. Wood, G. Mm-kley. SECOND ROW: I. Diani, S. Roderick, B. Webb, B. Thunberq. I. Christie. P. Harrison. B. Crawford, A Goldman. THIRD ROW: D. Thomp- son, B. Staqq, D. Boqer. BACK ROW: R. Iohnson. S. Cebull, I. Mai-cisco, G. Keppel, B. Stayton, D. Shore. E. Layton, E. Eliason. T. Flynn, H. Layton. BOYS' HI-Y FRONT ROW, left to right: D. Davey, B. Davis, B. Mcwhirter, T. Furze, I. Darrah, K. McGraw. R. Fairbanks, G. Gilbert, T, Stewart, B. Hastings. D. Grosser. SECOND ROW: D. Swanson. B. Miller, D. Thompson. D. Bouchet, L. Welch, I. Ostergaard, A. Bia- sotti. D. Brown, T. Hanson, I. Mc- Kenzie. THIRD ROW: B. Huskins. D. Glines, W. Charter, I. Roberts, B. Muir. I. Dicmi, A. Recxsoner. D. Holland, D. Duunl. BACK ROW: D. Easter, H. Layton, E. Flegel, D. Lal-'ond. K. Nelson, I. Kalberer. W. Elliott, I. Lax, D. Gehb, C. Stanford, G. Mclfadin, D. Godfrey. BLOCK "A" SOCIETY FRONT ROW, left to right: B. Castell, M. Williams, E. Flegel, E. lacobson, H. Oversen, B. Davis, K. McGraw, I. Ostergaard, D. Easter. B. Muir, B. Francis, D. Brown, B. Hastings. SECOND ROW: B. Georgette, I. Dicmi, l. Darrah, D. Bouchet, D. Grosser. R. Matous, I. Kalberer, G. Gilbert, T. Stewart, B. Stagg. BACK ROW: D. Glines, D. Thompson, L. Welch, E. Willis, L. Patton, D. Lu Fond, W. Charter, B. Thatcher. I. Iohn- son, G. Mclfadin, T. Labrenz. D. Zieqenluss. RALLY COMMITTEE SEATED, lei! to right: I. Diani D. Durland, B. Webb, S. Rode rick, B. Huskins. STANDING: B Francis, A. Porier, D. Zieqenluss A. Reasoner, P. Trapanese. SCIENCE CLUB FRONT HOW, left to right: D Cornell, M. Anderson, P. Clover D. Roberts, R. Dallas, A. Gran holt. BACK ROW: Mr. R. Yourd G. Keppel, R. Wallace. R. Clark, C. Schultz, I. Wakeman. v- B Mwrrolmm azvamlssum 5 N. S . - tl 'A l . ., X .. kmwiw g F X .s X .E ., . X W s js G i S-r X 'QQ in ' A' ' , xii 5 W x if Q vii 2.1 im w G d i4fef4"'?'f 3 L 'wifi T F359 -Q2 N wi' K ,Lf I QP? w-94 sv 'ivflfwx " wh Mn k N ,v ' lf V, i s A g Q f W ,M ii lla Q rw x ,mf . v ,A 11 2 A v 22 ,, A '. L .Il if Mm' 3 Dltlllllil - SENIOR Pllilll DIRECTOR AND STUDENT ASSISTANT S SEATED, lei! to right: S. Feinstein, Mrs. Iessie Dickey. STANDING: I. Chapman, G. Hedquist. X CAST 'RONT HOW, left to riqht: H. Jversen. D. Swanson, D. Thomp- ton. P. Foley, E. Magazin, B. Schultz. W. Wade, E. Long. BACK KOW: D. Bouchet, D. Brown, L. Valch, R. Fairbanks, K. McGraw. B. Wilson, W. Asp. PRODUCTION STAFF RONT ROW, leit to right: R. Iurphy, I. Carno, E. Thauberger, . Penderqast, D. Iones, I. Bur- ass. H. Dyer, I.. Netto, A. arpo. BACK ROW: D. Ackel- eln, D. Fisher, M. Norris, V. Iocxmbor, M. Mooers, C. Hart- man, L. Critser, R. Miller. "ARSENIC AND OLD LACE" Thirteen murders, by two mentally unbalanced but charif table old maids, and their brother who thinks that he is Theodore Roosevelt, provide mystery and comedy for the Senior Play, "Arsenic and Old Lace." The two charmina old ladies, Abby and Martha Brewster, played respectively by Edith Magazin and Phyllis Eoley, mur' der thirteen old aentlemen, mainly because the old codqers were unhappy. Perhaps another reason was because the sis- ters thouaht the roomers looked so peaceful after they died. After each death the sisters and the brother "Teddy" CDon Bouchetl, dispose of the bodies in the cellar. Romantic interest is lent by the youna lovers, Elaine Har- per tBarbara Schultzl and Mortimer Brewster CLylc Welchl a nephew of the three elder Brewsters. lonathan Brewster, the old maids' wayward brother, in the form of Don Thompson but looking more like actor Boris Kar- loff, and Dr. Einstein, another odd individual, played by Rus- sell Eairbanks, cooperate to keep the plot lively. The police frequently visit for afternoon tea and other social calls to see how their lovely old friends are makinq out. The "dumb cops" of the play are Police Lieutenant Rooney Clien- neth "Sandy" McGrawl, and Officers Q'lrfara tDon Brownl, Klein tBayard Wilsonl, and Brophy, the last played by Dave Swanson. fl 02 5. GB' . RED CROSS SEATED, left to right: S. La Point I. Norton, P. Foley. I. Lenes, M Lowe, M. Granholt, P. Kane, E Bakosh, I. Kerr, S. Andrews, A Hall. STANDING: B. Hastings, B Thatcher, S. Davis, M. Williams D. Steele, I. Diani, I. Tilbury, E. Fleqel, I. Nahmens. STAGE CREW SEATED, left to right: D. Stacy L. Litmanen. I. Ingersoll, B. Hast- ings. STANDING: D. La Fond. D. Reed. D. Mattcx. LIBRARIAN ASSISTANTS SEATED. left to right: P. Easley R. Russo. M. Brcxidwood, M. Col trin, N. Kaye. STANDING: I. Evers. E. Platner. B. Lombard, M Dietz. SERVICE CLUB FRONT ROW, leit to right: I Willis, I.. Crichton, M. Boel-choif I. Lenes, R. Russo, C. Malta, S Nickolette. S. Patterson, I. Norton N. Tarleton. SECOND ROW: I Evers, I.. Boam. B. Leishmun, M Zavattaro, I. Evans, E. Holmes C. Iohnson. W. Robie. or X 1 ff Y ffglifl A1 P gi 5 XX X x C3 CHEER LEFIDERS CHEER LEADERS YEAR 1948, le!! to right: B. Dennett, S. Nickolette, C. Gannett, O. Webster. 1949, left to right: V. Chavez, A. Moore, D. Murdilla, B. Dennett. COACHES LEFT TO RIGHT: Messrs. G Chessum. I.. Callcm, H. Gabe! I.. Bush. UHRSITV BHSKETBI-Ill FRONT ROW, left to right: Mr. G. Chessum, L. Welch, K. McGraw, D. Glines. G. Gilbert, B. Hastings, T. Stewart. BACK HOW: I. Ostergcrard. I. Kalberer. B. Stagg, B. Thatcher, D. Thompson, R. Lee. The Albany High Cougars, never given a chance to take the Alameda County Athletic League cage crown in the preseason ratings, proved to be the most surprising team in the league. Coach George Chessum's crew had a medi- ocre practice season as they won only foul games, while dropping six. The Cougars fought to a first place tie with the Alameda Hornets during the first round of league competition with a 5 won, 1 lost record. The victims of many bad breaks in the second round plus the loss ot their All-County center Gale Erickson, cost Albany the league title, while Alameda gained. Here is a review of the league games. One of the most startling upsets of the season took place in the opening game of the first round as Albany conquered the highly favored Berk-- eley Yellowjackets 45-39. El Cerrito fell 35-23, and then the Cougars turned the Alameda Hor-- nets inside ,out 28-27 on Erickson's two free throws in the last thirty seconds of the game, Piedmont was slaughtered 43-23, and then we met a red-hot Oiler team from Richmond and were defeated 43-31. Hayward was humbled 42-31 as the first round ended. The dismal second half of the race tor the crown opened with a 45-29 loss to a torrid Berk- eley quintg the loss of Erickson at half season was very noticeable. The local cagers had to fight to edge a weak Gaucho team 30-28, and then lost a thriller to over-confident Alameda 32-31. The Cougars trampled Piedmont 29-17, and ended the season with losses to Richmond and Hayward, 44-30 and 34-33, respectively. Here is the Varsity's 1948 A.C.A.L. record: FIRST BOUND Albany, 45-39 Berkeley Albany. . . .35-23 . . El Cerrito Albany . .,.. 28-27 . . Alameda Albany . H43-23. Piedmont Albany ..,.... 31-43... . Richmond Albany., . .. .. .42-31 . .... . Hayward SECOND ROUND Albany.. . .. . 29-45 .. , Berkeley Albany ., 30-23. El Cerrito Albany . . 31-32 ,, ,, Alameda Albany , 29-17 .... .. Piedmont Albany 30-44... ..., ,. Richmond Albany 33-34.. Hayward BEE BFISKETBFILL FRONT ROW, left to right: E. Willis. manager: V. Chavez, D. Lauters. B. Georgette, Coach Bush. B. Castell, D. Hoinzel. D. Marques, B. Glines. BACK ROW: J. Oliverio, L. Patton. A. Goldman. I. Capeluto, A. Porier, K. Cox, B. Saunders. S. Davis. K. Wood. ln one of their better seasons, the Albany High Bee basketball team won fourteen games and tasted defeat in but seven, finishing second only to Berkeley, the Alameda County Athletic League champions, with a league record of ten wins and two losses. What the Bees gave up in height to opposing teams, they gained back in undying fight, for the 1947-48 squad was one of the scrappie-st ever. Coach Leon Bush substituted freely throughout the year and had a fresh team operating on the floor most of every game. The Bees of 47-48 will long be remembered for their smooth style, determined aggressiveness, and unmatched team work. The Cougar Bees only league defeats came from the hands of the Berkeley Yellowjackets and the Richmond Oil- ers' by twelve and five points, respectively. Here is the Bees' 1948 A.C.A.L. record: Albany Albany ,,,., Albany Albany Albany Albany FIRST ROUND ,,,,. 30-25 ........,. .. ,, ,... 30-20 ,.,,, , ...3l-22.......,, ,Z5-30,,.,..... SECOND ROUND Albany ,,,,.. , ,, .,,,,, ,28-40 ...... Albany , ,... M31-I9 ,,... Albany ,....,,,. , ,,.,,,,, 40-39 ....,.., . Albany H, M42-3l......, Albany ,,,,, ,. .., ., 83-30,.,.,,,.. Albany ,,..., H42-l7 ...,.... . Berkeley El Cerrito Alameda Piedmont Richmond Hayward Berkeley El Cerrito Alameda Piedmont Richmond Hayward BFISEBHLL FRONT ROW, left to right: I.. Patton. B. Castell, B. Georgette. G. Robin. E. Iacobsen, D. Heinzel, D. Luuters. I. Miller, Mr. L. Callcm. BACK HOW: R. Mcxrenqo. E. Caldwell. E. Evans, T. Stewart, D. Diani. I. Kulberer, R. Malous, D. Glines. I. Thorpe. As the season came to an end back in the mid- dle of May, it was evident to everyone that the 1948 edition of the Albany High baseball team was one of the better clubs to represent the school in recent years. The Cougar nine under the capable guidance of Coach Len Callan was one of the most bal- anced teams of the Alameda County Athletic League. The local baseballers were blessed with fine pitching, heavy hitting, and on the base paths, plenty of speed. Up to the time of this writing, the Cougars were breezing along at a perfect clip, having beaten such worthies as the California Frosh, Vallejo and St. Mary's High schools without a single defeat. Based on their outstanding pre- season performances, the Cougar nine was established as a definite threat to the league crown along with Berkeley, Alameda and Rich- mond. The members of the Albany team in their bat- ting order read Lou Patton, center field: Bill Georgette, second base, Ray Matous, catcher, Don Lauters, shortstop: Eldridge Iacobsen, first base: Dan Glines, left fieldg Tom Stewart, right field, lim Thorpe, third base. The mound chores were shared between southpaws Bill Castell and Ernie Caldwell and righthander Iohn Kalberer. For utility men Coach Callen had such versatile players as Dick Heinzel, Ron Marengo, Ed Willis, Ed Evans, Iim Miller, Tom Furze, Gary Robin and Don Diani. The last named player broke a bone in his foot and was laid up most of the year. Dick Grosser, heavy-hitting catcher, was ineligible for competition, but served under Coach Callan as a trainer throughout the season. The Cougars, in much the same way as the record-breaking l944 outfit, were handicapped by heavy rains in early season, and the March schedule was never the same from one day to another. FRONT ROW, left to right: D. Easter, I. Darruh. S. Davis. D. Stacy, E. Flegel, I. Fox. BACK ROW: Mr. G. Chessum. G. Mcfcxdin. B. Mcwhirter, G. Sorensen. P. Trcxpenese. W. Charter, B. Muir. TEIIIIIS Under the tutelage ot Coach George Chessum, Albany High's tennis team enjoyed a successful season. Bolstered by a number of veteran play- ers trom last year's l947 campaign and numers ous rookie prospects who will return next year, the team earned the respect ot all its opponents. Two of Albany's racket wielders, lack Darrah and Don Easter, were chosen to represent the school at the Monterey Prep Tennis Tourney dur- ing the Easter Vacation. Although these two boys did not win any ot the individual laurels, they proved themselves great competitors and sports- men. Four netmen will be lost tor next year's coin- petition by graduation, but the remaining men, most of whom have two years' experience, leave Coach Chessum with tar better than a discour- aging situation. New prospects will till those places vacated by seniors and with veteran play- ers, Albany should have a successful season. FRONT ROW, left to right: B. Hastings. D. Boqer, B. McNamara. B. Dennett. V. Bigqio. G. Mclfadin. I. Levy. B. Nelson. SECOND ROW: D. Durland. D. Viets, B. Davis. D. Daunt. B. Saunders. P. Trapenese. B. Webb. S. Roderick, manager. BACK ROW: D. Battles, N. Milton. D. La Fond, T. Labrenz, I. Hart, I. Roberts, D. Reed. UFIRSITV TRHCH Although handicapped by early season rains, a poor track for practice, and a definite lack of student body interest in track, the Cougar thin- clads still had what might be called a successful l948 season. Albany was well represented in contests such as the Cal Aggie Picnic, a state-wide meet which is held every year in the town of Davis, the Ala- meda County Athletic League track finals, and the many local events in which the team partici- pated. Coach Harry Gabel built the team around the talents of three boys who completed their high school track careers this season. Darrell "Tiny" La Fond, a returning letterman, excelled in both the shot-put and discus throw. Bob Davis, Albany's outstanding hurdler last year, also ran the quarter mile and put the shot. Bill Hastings, for two years the top Cougar miler, ran the half-mile and the 220-yard dash. As the season came to a close, many of the trackmen came through with their best perform- ances. This gave strength to the belief that in the next few years Albany High will have a team equal to the great team of 1942, when the Cougar cindermen finished first in the state-wide meet at Davis. BEE TRHCH FRONT ROW, left to right: V. Smith, W. Hunuhcxn, G. Lockhart, H. Layton, I. Lax, G. Marriott, D. Steele. BACK ROW: B. Milligan. G. Gan-els, R. Melbye. G. Markley. I. McConnell. A. Poirier. The Albany High Bee track team again experienced a successful season, under the new mentor Harry Gabel. Coach Gabel walked into a most discourag- ing post when he accepted the track coaching job, but he worked long and hard with his boys and had a better than average squad. Some of the Bee thinclads accompanied the Varsity on the Cal Aggie Picnic at Davis, and many of them were represented in the Alameda County Athletic League track finals at Edwards Field. Although the Bee cindermen lacked depth in almost every event, they did not fail to win their share ot the meets. Many of Coach Gabel's boys were young freshmen and had no experience in the sport. With their increasing development in the next few years, Albany can look toward much stronger track teams. The outstanding tracksters and high-point winners during the season were lack Lax in the low hurdles, pole vault and high jump 7 330-yard dash, shot-put and relay man Andy Poirier: Don Gehb in the 1320 and the high jumpp Herb Layton in the 75 and 150-yard dashes, 660-yard run man Bob Stebbins, and Gary Mer- riott in the 330-yard dash. TUIIIBLIIIG TEHITI Y FRONT ROW. left to right: M. Crichton, M. Yunaqi, A. Ostergaurd, L. Crichton. M. Boehkcfi. B. Kline. SECOND ROW: Mr. G. Chessum, M. Williams, V. Riggio. D. Boger. R. Garner. BACK ROW: D. Syminqton. R. Tevlin, I. Hash. I. Lax. The Albany High School tumbling team was composed of nine boys and seven girls who have a talent for acrobatics and like to tumble. Coach George Chessum, advisor for the team, was present at their weekly meetings after school when the team met to practice together. Vitto Riggio was the boys' leader, and Peggy Crichton led the girls in their stunts. This year's team was the biggest that had ever represented Albany High, and at this writing, promised to be one of the best that Albany has ever seen. In their first public appearance, the team per- formed before the Cornell Grammar School's Dad's club: the next performance was at the Block "A" Society's annual "Sport Night" where the tumbling team put on a display of their prowess. At the annual Public Schools Week they tumbled in the gym for the benefit of the visiting parents and friends. For their final per- formance they were called on to entertain the Marin School Dad's club, and they received or loud round of applause at the end of their show. Most of the members of the tumbling team will be back in the fall, and this will undoubtedly help in next year's team. HTHLETES - JUIIE 1948 FRONT ROW, left to right: I. Dicni, K. McGraw. D. Easter, B. Francis, B. Davis. B. Muir. SECOND ROW: B. McNemar, D. Bouchet. D. Grosser, L. Welch, B. Slclqq, D. Reed. BACK ROW: E. Ccxldwell, D. Glines, I. Oster- . , guard. B. Georgette, D. LaFond, D. Ziegeniuss. ri FRONT ROW, left io right: D. Brown, G. Mclfctdin, B. Hcslings, A. Goldman. BACK ROW: I. Roberts, D. Brinl inger, T. Lcxbrenz. W. Charter, C. Kissner, B. Stewcn-1. HTHLETEKS - JFIIIUHRV 1949 -V' K L , HUTUGRFIPHS .. 43.0,-f ff ,AJ Q4 WM A WMU 1fJ""' M gp? 'fm"4f'A W W . ' , ' . 'WW Qfizwfzi J ,J fig jgf ' if Q'3? f F 39ff B MMM wt 1 , QQ' f'?i'ffvE5 , , ' bl 4351552 fx ' 'fff1fg'5f,z,i,.Lf , X gf .,,. ff- -1 Lgy ' P94 sNf,A's .. ,, ...J W .fs fs ff A, , . V x A" ' ff Wy. 2 W, Cy 5ri?!,f 'Vw:F QM f 30153 '9"7:-if 33 x--S 55 ts: A Q 1. -. xv GQQQ W l , g If 4 ,.. fxx .X, ilk Vi. pw. E933 Q ., S 3 M X if Ufiiiwx Wwnumgig nrus HQ , ypgwy, 32? w'wf Jjwfz A W5 W2Qf WYW f Q fy MM Aff-jW'f7 WE WX0 fi3?2jf2ifjd"' X 12 M1 ',, 5? 4 My xv jf J of W3W7yM 215 9 p wi? g . N WWM! ?'5?q!K4w WZWWQ5. ' - A wp M', 0 ffiijw Q , WnQZZMMl S 2 M QM? Q ESMWW M Mffw M V 41W W My WJ WLM R J ! f f W? XXX? QWJC wg L ?W2Nd , X A A V, y 4: jg 2' W A fw ff Q 4' W!w'1 b Qfvfff ' A J M M Ig" .Jz..,,y- Kgafklfjfzol I H , I rw-wr-v-1 raw xg I-r X -:...,x , v , - - - . , - , ' v I 4 - ' WW 0? , MO L'V6M,LfVL X V W 4 , x L f A JL V ISM , ! x , f,,. ,A 1 Qs J, Vj , , 3 pk l ,'l A' J v. ful . T' luv' CD01 8 L .3 7 QQ, J ey. A-E 5' .lik ' ,", W4 111111. f J fffL L ,f ff 3ff3LJT 'AAP' 9" 'fi J! ' , l ,Kg Q w ' ' f ,fy ' Q X X 1 b l IVV , x X H Q, . X N NY V vewfbjwf J X W . J I Q3f7Zvf'WJ 'X Y V16 A . fd' I f 7 4 x X2 1 ylfqf 1 , E Jaw xg' ,1Q710.fL'1 KVQWW PF f , , . .iffy X!! X 'A K Ski, . V I : , X V "E V -:gg v u 47 f . ' iii- W , ' - I I 1 , in 'V 'Tiff '2,. fi-2.-. , . lbv: a x,. kj, , , F A.b -x, ff, 1,Lg, 1 g, gf A n affix 313 i ' 1 13 A? 1Q ' ! , my , X , , 5 YW! hip, MP Ufdx QA sigh? Jfgjg 4,131 QP!-G? Cy fwfjfj blkzigff kjXQMp,Qf9-'x 1 qw ,wp 6 gf 'fLjl'T'WfQ11+,A543' 1 33 A 0- ,f X , -1-r-N' . .-ig Q- ,f ,IN U V, ,fK,. '17 ,. ' ,if A 1 I 6. Q A Qc 2 .V X' f ,Q li rig ' My ,a '75 , ap - 29" J JMW-,E f QWV Wi, -NU -1 W , 4fX? 49fQ jf, iv fflf- "' I 2

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