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T H E C0 U G H R A Published by Hue Senior Class ALBANY HIGH SCHOOL ALBANY CALIFORNIA FALL 1945 T0 THOSE UIHO IIRE EUIIIIIIG BITCH T0 BUIlD Il FUTURE BETTER THIIII THE PIIST IUE IIEDIEIITE THIS VEIIRBUUII. ORVO NELSON - - FRANK MARASCO - EUGENE STANFORD CARL CRIST - - - NORMAN JOHNSON KEITH LA POlNT-- - 'BILL PERSINGER - - KENNETH SKILLING 'JIM BARNES - - - 'EUGENE HELLWIG - 'PAUL BURGER - - VERN NYLANDER -----NAVY - - - - MARINES MERCHANT MARINES - - - - MARINES . - - - - NAVY - . MARINES MARITIME SERVICE - - - - NAVY . ARMY AIR CORPS - - - - NAVY - - . - - NAVY - ARMY AIR CORPS 'Honorable Discharge The oIive in Hs orchard Should now be rooied sure, To cas'I' abroad i+s branches And flourish and endure. Close should Ihe frui+ be cIus'I'ered And Iighi' Ihe Ieaf should wave, So deep +he roo+ is planfed In Ihe corrup+ing grave. -A. E. Houseman MARGARET SARGENT Presideni BUHRD OF COIITR0l During The Tall oT I945 The maioriTy oT acTiviTies cen- Tered around The Two principal sporTs, TooTbaII and baskeT- baII. AIThough our TooTbaII Team didn'T Tinish on Top, I believe everyone will agree Thar They did a good iob. As yeT, The baskeTbaII season hasn'T Tinished, buT 'iT appears ThaT our Team is one To waTch. Along wiTh games and rallies we also Think oT dances. This Term we had Tour, each one a success. OT These dances The "Dance oT The WiTches" wiTh everyone dressed in True I-Ialloween Tashion, and The "Rhapsody in Blue," TeaTuring Gershwin music, were The mosT ouTsTanding. Assemblies, Too, were a big iTem. This semesTer we again held an exchange assembly wiTh El CerriTo which meT wiTh The approval oT everyone. AnoTher oT our besT assemblies was given by our own A Cappella Choir, which presenTed a musical review oT America. To make any Term a success you need a cooperaTive Board oT ConTroI, The cooperaTion oT The TacuITy, and The supporT oT The sTudenTs. I am very glad To say ThaT I have had This cooperaTion Trom everyone. My board was mosT cooperaTive and a consTanT source oT ideas. The TacuITy, Too, have helped whenever needed. BuT my deepesT graTi- Tude is Toward The sTudenTs, wiThouT whose cooperaTion no underTaking could be a success. I'd like To Thank everyone Tor The privilege oT having served as STudenT Body PresidenT. IT is an honor I shall always remember. Thank you again Tor your help and cooperaTion. STUDENT BODY PRESIDENT RHLLII CUIIIIIIITTEE IT is The Rally CommiTTee's job To supervise The conducT oT The sTudenTs during all The TooTbaII games. The duTies oT Rally CommiTTee include Taking TickeTs aT The gaTe, keeping sTudenTs and ouTsiders Trom "crashing The gaTes," keeping The sTudenTs in The sTands, and supervising The conducT oT The sTudenTs in general aT rallies and assemblies. In order To be on The Rally CommiTTee, one musT have aT IeasT a "C" average, be in The IITh or I2Th grade, and have aT IeasT Three Teachers approve The applicaTion. I-Iowever, IOTh graders may puT in an appIicaTion To become an assisTanT. The appIicaTion Then has To be approved by a commiTTee oT sTudenT leaders. QuiTe oTTen The Rally CommiTTee members see very IiTTIe oT The game because They are OTT in one corner oT The Tield, and someTimes They aren'T able To see any OT ET. For This reason They deserve a IoT oT crediT. This year The behavior oT mosT OT The sTudenTs was exceIIenT and The Rally CommiTTee greaTIy appreciaTes iT. STUDENT COURT FIRST ROW: D. Forresf, L. Gegen, B. Reasoner. SECOND ROW: J. Hickman, C. Ward, D. Kinne. TRAFFIC SQUAD FIRST ROW: G. Nyman, M. Sargenf, J. Hanson. SECOND ROW: D. Kraf'fT, J. Davis, I. Godfrey, F. Wakeman, A. HedquisT. THIRD ROW: D. Pickering, C. Ward, A. Rodriques, D. Forresf, B. Reasoner. RALLY COMMITTEE FIRST ROW: B. Francis, L. NorTon, D. Hahn, R. Wilson, R. Vier, W. Johnson. SECOND ROW: K. Waldron, E. Prescop, B. Werner, B. Hamma, B. Reasoner, J. Snowden, R. Triple'H. THIRD ROW: D. Chelemedos, L. Fischer, V. Sannauaro, D. Pickering, P. Giles, B. Morris. STUDEIIT EUIIRT The STudenT CourT is one oT The mosT imporTanT bodies oT The school in mainTaining law and order. This year The courT consisTed OT a chief iusTice, Tour associaTe jusTices. and a courT clerlc. The chief iusTice Tor This Term was Don l:orresT: The Tour associaTe iusTices were Bob Reasoner, Laverne Gagon, Joanne l-liclcman, and Carl Ward: and The courT clerlc was DoroThy Kinne. To become a member oT The STudenT CourT, one musT have aT leas+ a "B" average and one's name musT be submiTTed To The Board of ConTrol. The Board oT ConTrol Then elecTs The STudenT CourT Trom These names: Then The courT elecTs iTs own chief iusTice and courT clerlc. TiclceTs are given ouT by The TraTiic Squad or Rally CommiTTee members To Those who have noT Tollowed The rules of The school. IT is The STudenT CourT's iob To Try These cases and To provide a senTence iT The accused is Tound guilTy. The courT was visiTed This Term by The El CerriTo STudenT CourT, and new ideas were exchanged. The courT also visiTed a regular courT session in Oalcland To see how a larger courT is run. ' AlThough There have been very Tew bad cases This year, The STudenT CourT has conTribuTed a greaT deal Toward mainTaining good conducT among The sTudenTs. TRFIFFIC Sllllllll The Albany l-ligh TraTTic Squad is a viTal parT of sTudenT TuncTions. lTs duTy is To mainTain good conducT in The halls and in The CaTeTeria. The squad TaculTy advisor is Mr. Paul Flegal buT iT has an execuTive commiTTee made of six members elecTed by The squad. These included The Tollowing: Carl Ward - presidenT, Ilene Godfrey - secreTary, MargareT Sargent Janie Davis, Angelo Rodriquez, and Don l:orresT. The TraTTic squad sTands in The halls while The sTudenTs change classes. They are excused Two minuTes beTore The passing bell and are admiTTed Two minuTes laTe so ThaT They may be on duTy during The enTire passing period. The members musT be in The elevenTh or TwelTTh grade and cannoT receive any lower Than a C. New members are elecTed To The squad by The resT oT The members oT The squad. GIRLS' COUNSELOR MIRIAM F. GILSENAN PRINCIPAL CHAS, A. MOORE VICE PRINCIPAL WM. F. FEENY BOYS' COUNSELOR JOHN P. ROBI XA 'P Q an . J are M :af- .31 6 MEN FACULTY FIRST ROW: Paul D. Nathan, John C. Ryan, Charles A. Moore, William W. Myers, Clarence A. Finn, Mauri Gould. SECOND ROW: George L. Chessum, Leonard Callan, John P. Robins, Stephen Lehmer, Robert C. Laxon, James A. Hoskins. THIRD ROW: William F. Feeny, Robert Hughes, Boyd W. Rea, Ellis Nixon, James Wells. WOMEN FACULTY FIRST ROW: Margaret A. Gean, Helen Fake, Edna R. Black, Margaret E. Brightman, Mabel W. Altman, Blanche Vranna. SECOND ROW: Charlotte E. Hatch, Grace I, Williams, Harriet E. Middleton, Patricia Gill, Arilee E. Pollard, Bertha L. Foster, Sophie Ryan. THIRD ROW: Constance Dietschy, Miriam F. Gilsenan, Dolores Watt, Margaret Gilchrist, Jessie Williams, Winitred Goode. .rf .i A I I I I f'N SENIORS 4 5 5 2 1.3 9 2 X 5 CLASS PRESIDENT JIM SNOWDEN 7' ' VICE PRESIDENT ROSS MacKELLAR SECRETARY-TREASURER ORLA GILBERT I ., 4 ,,, FACULTY ADVISOR J. WELLS , FACULTY ADVISOR E. BLACK ASHENFELTER, THAIS BRUNSTEIN, LORRAINE BAKER, GENE CELIA, LILLIAN BENSTED, BARBARA COX, ED BREWSTER, MARY JANE CREAN, HELEN cmsr, DOWS, ELDER ELICK, CARL FISCHER, LE ROY DAVID FOLEY, MARIAN BARBARA FORREST, DON RUTH FORSTER, BEVERLEE GAGON, LAVERNE GREGORY, MARY LOU JACKS, BILL MCGRAW, BILL GERLING, DARYLE HAMILTON, CAROL LITSINGER, ED MCOMBER, VELMA GRAY, BETTY HURLBURT, MARILYN LUNDBERG, GARY MURRAY, DICK SREER, RAE ICARDO, WILLIS LYON, VIRGINIA NOLAN, JERRY NORIN, BILL SARGENT, MARGARET SWENSON, RUTH THORPE, VIRGINIA PERSINGER,-BILL SELLSTROM, MARIAN TAYLOR, BARBARA TURPIN, LUCILLE PRINDLE, ARTHUR SHYVERS, BILL TERRY, STAN YOUNG, BOB REASONER, BOB STRUHM, ANN THEILACKER, GRACE YOUNG, DICK REIP, MARILYN SUMMERS, JEAN THOMAS, ERNIE UNDER CLASSMEN Ei 33 if fs 3 5 1 H 3 5 EE E 3 2 Ei 3 s UIIDER ClHSSlllEll L-8 AKIN FRONT ROW: M. Burnetfi, A. Bulfer, R. Cornell, L. Andrews, M. Aasqaard, R. Buckwalfer, M. Bellamy, C. Anderson. SECOND ROW: B. Brownell, L. Beckley, J. Giacoma, D. Diani, J. Bellerive, F. Balinqer, R. Brent, B. Benning, D. Ander- son. THIRD ROW: S. Andrews, A. Allison, K. Cox, G. Carpen- fer, D. Bayles, Jean Campbell, Jane Campbell, B. Branum, B. Benner. L-8 DIETSCHY FRONT ROW: J. Cerveau, F. Frizzell, N. Driver, V. Lenfy, R. Knight, P. French, J. lngersol. SECOND ROW: S. Johnson, D. Holland, R., Hiquera, K. Glines, D. Heinzel, V. Grubbs, D. McHane, R. Marenqo. THIRD ROW: M. Garrefr, N. Hunl, V. Flemmina, J. Hanson, B. Evers, V. Hindamood, J. Miller, W. Hubbard. FOURTH ROW: E. Havey, E. Layfon, S. Johnson, D. Hupe, B. Heafh. M. Camp- bell, E. Johnson, C. Cramer. L-8 NIXON FRONT ROW: J. Pedracci, K. Kelly, R. Patterson, J. Parks, L. Moore, M. Overson, B. Nelson SECOND ROW: B. Pence, F Reqinafo, V. Riqqio, L. Pausch D. McHone, H. Long, L. Ragle s. rancher. THIRD Row: of Naerl, L. Lemanen, C. Oneal J. Kerr, A. New, D. Kopn, D Moran, T. Muzinick, B. Norris L-8 REA FIRST ROW: J. Shelby, B. Wil- son, E. Willis, R. Smith, K. Wood, R. Wallace, J. Schimia, J. Wright. SECOND ROW: J. Rodriguez, J. Roe, T. Tamba, D. Stacy, J. Wood, J. Thomp- son, R. Villa, I. Vacca, M. Turner. THIRD ROW: M. Turner, L. Williams, D. Symingt, F. Williams, S. Steles, C. Serogin, E. Varvil, D. Verner, J. Tilbury. H-8 ALTMAN FIRST ROW: E. Triplett, M. Lowe, B. Swain, B. Swain, D. Moshier, A. Moore, D. Mardilla, B. Redding. SECOND ROW: D. Wright, R. Roberts, N. Tarl- tan, N. Kelly, G. Tiensvald, B. Young, V. Monti, D. Howell, R. McWhirter, K. Nelson. THIRD ROW: B. Osborn, N. Patsnick, D. Stephens, H. Layton, W. Robie, J. Thorpe, A. Pate, W. Oates, J. Young, G. Lynch. FOURTH ROW: K. Smith, B. Wilmoth, A. lnqle, F. Wein- berg, A. Jelten, R. Peacock, B. Roberts, B. Sargent, R. Leim- back, D. StrickIan'd. H-8 MYERS FIRST ROW: L. Hawkins, J. Crispen, D. Barns, A. Dahl, K. Fuis, E. Estrada, B. Castell, J. Darrah. SECOND ROW: K. Car- dinella, B. Hill, P. Flegel, N. Johanknecht, B. Davis, T. Furze, G. Golde, M. Brininger. THIRD ROW: D. Grisham, B. Beau- champ, B. Biscay, M. Derthick, D. Godfrey, D. Davey, D. Har- riman, J. Berry. FOURTH ROW: A. Alderson, M. Gauqh, L. Gewan, J. Christic, T. Becker, L. Dewald, G. McGee, L. Fiedler, J. Brunstein. L-9 CHESSUM FIRST ROW: M. Watkins, J. Sullivan, I. Walters, B. Scott, R. Reid, J. Wright, L. Pasini, R. Rodreques N. Vargas SECOND ROW: M. Zinn, B. Stanley, J. Yonke, P. Vander- burq, G. Sorenson, B. Sanders, B. Scott, B. Pihl, P. Trapanese, S. Roderick. THIRD ROW: R. Vargas, L. Wearne, R. Stebbins H. Richford, J. Rewgan, HI Faison, J. Sims, R. Dennett, B. Thatcher, A. Schorsch. L-9 GILL FIRST ROW: J. Tamb, B. Lenes, N. Giles, J. Sax, N. Hinkle, S. LaPoinf, L. McAIlisler, A. Hall, D. Johnson. SECOND ROW: B. Lewis, J. Irving, L. Milchell, B. Miller, L. Mace, J. Harper, J. McMahan, R. Malia, J. Kolari. THIRD ROW: C. Gan- nef, J. Hoque, P. Kane, E. Hogan, J. Hill, J. Kalberer, M. Aonone, J. Johnston. L-9 MADIGAN FIRST ROW: M. Rose, R. Beemer, P. Knighl, H. Wood, H. Tsugawa, M. Vernon, J. Smilh, H. Shiqemafsu. SECOND ROW: D. Anderson, R, Lugaria, M. Mori, P. Manley, B. Lelh, N. Meinke, J. McG,owan. S. Nickolelle, C. Zipser. THIRD ROW: S. Kennedy, D. Binnin- ger, S. Newfh, D. Baker, S. McBride, R. Nelson, N. Slrick- Iand, E. Bakosh, E. Lineer, D. Boger, C. Browninq. M. Oakley, M. Williams, N. Vella, N. Car- melich, B. Schupp, D. Phillips. L-9 WILLIAMS FIRST ROW: J. Fox, M. Smith, E. Brown, C. Golf, M. Gran- holf, G. Berfino, J. Cirimeli, B. Barnes, A. Enqelking. SEC- OND ROW: J. Capelulo, M. Davis, B. Prince, D. Evers, L. Clark, D. Caldwell, D. Crab- free, J. Campbell, R. Wishon, C. Archer. THIRD ROW: B. Dows, T. Johnson, R. Payson, P. Harrison, J. Granl, J. Cox, G. Gilberl, R. Webb, W. Elliolf, D. Daunf. H-9 FAKE FIRST ROW: A. Gol'dman, E. Lonq, P. Casey, S. Feinstein, M. Pagliero, L. Arri, R. Maras- co, A. Marfino, A. Karpo, L. NeHo. SECOND ROW: D. Brown, D. Bolfon, L. Minemofo, A. Busey, P. Foley, E. Magazin, L. Crifser, C. Hari, G. Mardillo, G. Hedquisf, H. Hubbard. THIRD ROW: W. Asp, N. Bloom, P. Hagqard, T. Hanson, D. Brininqer, W. Hasfings, T. Labrenz, W. Charler, H. Geis- endorfer, T. Carroll. il' Q Xa iwig wax ,nd 5? If M ' asifgsigi M Eiwffe :saw wg. , ggjj ,, 'PQ xwew' swf, was nd i sf QW spawn? 4 W Y , we 3 -Wwe -fig Q :W ' 2,225 L-I I POLLARD FIRST ROW: S. Coberly, B. Ed- wards, R. Dobson, B. Jones, M. Borba, R. Burke, W. Herberf, T. Tsugawa. SECOND ROW: L. Bryan, T. Arcand, E. Ewinq, M. Depuy, D. Hood, G. Calhoun, B. Brandi, L. Fosfer, J. Gordon. THIRD ROW: G. Andrews, K. Kennedy, D. Andre, T. Eberf, F. Bolfon, B. Bishop, C. Clarke, P. Brolhers, L. Busey, B. Filberf. H-I I GOULD FIRST ROW: J. Burgher, D. Dowling, G. Becker, L. Jurgen- sen, L. Bono, A. Bafes, Armstrong, D. Kinne. SECO ROW: V. Cook, P. Schaefer, D. Foley, J. Mifchell, G. Blitz, B. Lyon, J. Smith. THIRD ROW: D. Kraff, H. Enge, R. Bianconi, D. Bowman, D. Chelemedos, P. Giles, L. Howard, H. Burdick. M. ND H-II S. RYAN FIRST ROW: B. Seeburg, M. Celli, L. Williams, J. Thatcher, N. McNamara, P. McCoy, C. Osborn, F. Wakeman. SECOND ROW: N. Tansley, G. Nyman, S. Young, S. Vaughan, A. Web- sfer, E. Basacker, K. Tressmer, D. Wilson. THIRD ROW: J. Marasco, B. Pugh, D. Robbins, R. Rinne, R. Peferson, J. Wil- Iiams, J. Reid, D. Dodge. L-I2 FLEGEL FIRST ROW: A. Volpe, B. Knapp. J. Nishi, M. Tsugava, M. Wriqhf, J. Knighi, J. Wood, M. Robin, M. Reasoner. SEC- OND ROW: R. Sarfain, L. Sfru- ben, B. Shaffer, O. Echdai, K. Waldron, R. Vier, I. Godfrev. J. Granf, L. Pimenfal, V. Sannaz- zero. THIRD ROW: B. Sheldon, T. Kawaquchi, J. O'Gara, R. Olson, D. Thompson, R. Mich- ener, D, Pickering, C. Ward, A. Rodriquez, J. Thompson. L-I2 LEHMER FIRST ROW: L. Katow, J. Han- son, D. Lefh, A. Hanahan, M. Newfon, C. Olsen, J. Owen, T. Allen, R. Burgess. SECOND ROW: E. Prescop, J. Davis, M. Hendershol, B. Dickie, A. Hed- quisf, B. Maffos, B. McKenzie, J. Hickman, B. Hamilton. THIRD ROW: L. Maxam, B. Hamma, G. Hudson, L. Mayo, E. Griffin, R. Lineer, W. Powell, L. Hardy, L. Ferguson, G. Meamber. L- I 2 NATHAN FIRST ROW: J. Meinke, M. Fiz- zell, P. Marheny, D. Gregg, D. Brady, B. Ely, M. Anderson, L. Green. SECOND ROW: R. Trip- leff, D. Allen, J. Waldron, V. Berg, M. Drew, L. DeMaria, D. Chrisfensen, M. Hipslay, C. Breedlove. THIRD ROW: R. Crooks, F. Corfese, P. Barbera, E. Alveraz, R. Colvin, V. Darn- er, C. Keifh, T. Crane, W. Asquifh. 'True rousuesr or nu We've wriiien composilions-Tliai was louglw. We've decoraied for dances-Thai was louglw. We've seen good friends iransier-Tlnal was lougln. We've iried lo sell bids-Tlwai was lougli. We've wriilen because of laleness-Tlwal' was 'louqlm We've seen our piclure proofs-Tlnai was louglw. We've goi our "F's" in number--Tlial was 'rouglm We've slalled on llie grade lo ilie "rock"-Tlnai was louglw. We've seen our 'reams defealed-Thai was 'louglm We've fell vacalions end-Thai was iougli. We've iloored ourself for "Air-raid Drills"-Tlwal' was rough We've seen our "gridders" iniured-Thar was 'iouglm Bur gang, despiie remarks io conirary, Remarks lllal early fall, Graduaiing, yes, Graduaiing, Thai's "The Tougl'1eSl'oiAll," l l 7 cousnn sms FACULTY ADVISOR-MR. J. WELLS Li if il EDITOR ,.,,,,,,,LL,,,,,LLLL,LLL.,.,,.LL.....L,...,, BILL SI-IYVERS as ASSISTANT EDITOR ...... LORRAINE RRuNsTEIN T' I ASSOCIATE EDITOR .........,L, ROSS MAC KELLAR BUSINESS MANAGER SSSSSSSSSL,,.,,E,E ANN STRUI-IM PUBLICITY AeENT .,.,.,,,..,.,,S..SSS JIM SNOWDEN f COPYIST ,,I,SSS.SSS,LSSSSSSS, .S,.,...... R AE GREER JR. ASSOCIATE .,,.,SSS ,S,SS,L,S R ON CROOKS SPORTS ,LS,SSSS,,S,,S,S,,L ,,SSSSLSS. R ILL .IAOKS SNAPS SSSSSSSS,,,,SSL,SSSS,.LS, .,...,S,.... B ILL NORIN PI-IOTOGRAPI-IER LLLLLLL. LL.L,L.LLL M R. M. GOULD BOYS' CARTOONS ,,,..,,,SSSS....S.SSS.,LLL GENE BAKER GIRLS' CARTOONS .,,.,,.. MARCELYN HIPSLAY BILL SHYVERS Your EcIiTor wishes To express his Thanks To Those persons wiThouT whose willing help This book coulcl noT have been prepared: To Ivlr. Bond OT California ArT and Engraving Co., anol TO Leolerer, STreeT 84 Zeus Co. Tor Their SympaTheTic inTeresT and exceIIenTl conTribuTionS Tor This book. Your EdiTor wishes, also, To Thank Ivlr. Gould, and Colbourn STudioS Tor Their Tine pholrography ancl cooperaTion. LORRAINE BRUNSTEIN ANN STRUHM RAE GREER BILL JACKS ROSS MacKELLAR JIM SNOWDEN RON CROOKS I JAMES WELLS ea'- 355if55'ss2- mm .W M,w:4:.,, 2 mwfggf ,pw , new ' 13223 ,g, QSM 1 .U ,MM g5gmw,4 iwzsiz, f - fbQ"'7W527'5? 1 6 ef was BOYS' HI Y FIRST ROW: R. MacKeIIar, B. Hamma, B. Reasoner, D. Murray, G. Theme, G. Hudson. SECOND ROW: L. Welch G. Baker, S. Locke, D. Krafff, V. Sannauaro, J. Smifh, G. Lundberg. THIRD ROW: G. Chessum, A. Rodrigues, C. Ward P. Pickering, B. Norin, R. Vier, J. Snowden, E. Thomas. BLOCK A FIRST ROW: G. Hudson, B. Hamilfon, B. Reasoner, J. Vefferli, D. Young, F. Corfese, E. Alveraz. SECOND ROW: G Andrews, J. Snowden, B. Shyvers, E. Cox, D. Pickering, B. Young. THIRD ROW: G. Erickson, L. Gann, C. Ward, L. Ferguson, G. Lundberg, T. Crane. GIRLS' DRGHIIIZFITIOIIS FIRST ROW: B. Forsler, J. FIRST ROW: G. Theilacker, D, Gerling, B. Stanley, J. L. Efingoff, L. Andrews, A. GIRLS' LEAGUE EXECUTIVE BOARD Wood, M. L. Greqory, A. Sfruhm, J. Waldron, D. Gerling. SECOND ROW: L. Williams B. Shauer, B. Norris, R. Swenson, V. Lyon. GIRLS' LEAGUE REPRESENTATIVES P. Reed, B. Lenas, J. Crispin, R. Beemer, M. Turner. SECOND ROW: C. Babros, R. Greer Plaff, J. Wood, S. Johnson, L. Crifser, B. Forsfer, B.. Schauer, M. DePuy, F. Lockharl Bafes, A. Hedquisl. THIRD ROW: P. Priesf, G. Lindslrom, B. Grant, J. Waldron, B. Norris A. Slruhm, D. Crablree, L. DeMaria, R. Swenson, M. L. Gregory. G. A. A. EXECUTIVE BOARD FIRST ROW: J. Smylhe, V. Lyon, A. Slewarl, C. Sfauber, J. Mos- ley, L. Williams. SECOND ROW: G. Lindslrom, M. Noe, M. Talham, H. Sargenf, P. Priesl, C. Harfrnan. JR. G. A. A. EXECUTIVE BOARD FIRST ROW: D. Moshier, S. Feinslein, J. Crispin, B. Younq, B. Sargenl. SECOND ROW: W. Robie, S. Richelieu, S. Sfewarf, K. Walsworlh, P. Ree'd. BIG SISTERS FIRST ROW: M. Borba, L. Wil liams, D. Gerling, M. Sargenf, F. Wakeman, J. Wood, J. Hick man. SECOND ROW: B. For sfer, G. Thafcher, M. Pendo, L. Gaqon, M. Rabin, L. Bryan, S Granholl. THIRD ROW: S Young, P. Priest, J. Waldron, V. Berg, A. Slruhm, R. Swenson, M. L. Gregory. GIRLS' HI "Y" FIRST ROW: P. Malheny, A Hedquisl, J. Hanson, M. An- derson, N. Nelson, L. Williams, S. Younq, L. Gagon, G. Thei- Iacker, J. Smyfhe, M. Riep, C. Williams, N. McNamara, J. Thatcher, V. Lyon, M. Robin. SECOND ROW: J. Wood, A. Hanahan, R. Dobson, M. Sell- sfrom N. Tansley, J. Hickman, F. Lockharl, M. DePuv, B. For- sfer, L. Efingoff, L. Jurgenson, L. Bono, G. Calhoun, M. Sar- aenf, B. Brown, Mrs. A. Pollard THIRD ROW: L. Johnson, G. Lindslrom, J. Davis, J. Milch- ell, J. Waldron, I. Godfrev, O. Gilberl, A. Sfruhm, D. Kinne G. Nvman, R. Swenson, M. L Gregory, L. Wood, P. Priesl, M. Moss. if 2 A YR is 1 0 1 Nl' n vi? L4 :iii wg. . , N ' -W. iii is 1 is bfi ' IIEIIISETTE This year's Newseffe has been under fhe capable leadership of lvir. J. Wells. Af fhe firsf of fhe ferm fhe sfaff consisfed mainly of five edifors. They were fhe following: Edifor ln Chief, Bill Shyvers: News Eclifor, Virginia Lyon: Associafe Edifor, Norman Lewis: Feafure Edifor, Bill Norin: Sporfs Edifor, Dick Young. Alfhough fhis sfaff was very successful if was changed so as fo give every one a fair chance af wrifing. The new sefup was begun in fhe middle of fhe Fall ferm. lf consisfed of a fhird period sfaff and a six period sfaff. Each puf ouf ifs own paper every ofher week. ln fhis way more fime was devofed fo each page. These sfaffs were: Third Period Edifion: Edifor, Norman Lewis: News Edilor, lvlary Jane Brewsfer: Associafe Edifor, Carol Osborn: Feafure Edifor, Ray Rinne: Sporfs Edifor, Bill Shyvers. Sixfh Period Edifion: Edifor, Virginia Lyon: Associafe Edifor, Vicfor Sannazzaro: Feafure Edifor, Bill Norin: Sporfs Edifor, Carl Ward. On behalf of lvir. Wells and ourselves we would like fo fhank fhe sfaff and fhe Journalism classes for fheir splendid cooperafion in making fhis such a successful ferm. Signed Virginia Lyon and Norman Lewis JAMES WELLS NEWSETTE STAFF THIRD PERIOD FIRST ROW: Mary Jane Brew- sfer, Joan Hickman, Norman Lewis, Carol Osborn, Lorraine Brunsfein. SECOND ROW: Ray Rinne, Bill Jacks, Bill Shyvers, Dick Murray, Don Hahn. NEWSETTE STAFF SIXTH PERIOD FIRST ROW: Ed Cox, Virginia Lyon, Dick Young, Vic Sannaz- zaro. SECOND ROW: Bill Shy- vers, George Blifz, Larry O'Day, Bill Jacks, Bill Norin. I IJRHIIIII ' ThaT handsome hunk oT WesTern cowboy lDon KraTTTI seems To be geTTing The ladies Told! Miss WhiTman lDeIia Jonesl doesn'T believe a word oT iT, good Tor her. Peggy IBarbara WhyaTTI is being Taken in, The IiTTle TlirT, buT The heroine Brenda IElizabeTh I-lalll is somewhaT skepTicaI. Say, where is ThaT Mexican villainess, Meri- Miss ooLoREs WATT edes IMilIdred Borbal? Poor Mrs. Corbin II.oIa Bryanl is s+iIl a biT cracked and won'T even Talk To BarsTow or The coroner. I know who "done" iT!! IT was The ranch cook Caleb IJim Reidl who looks so innocenT There behind The soTa! The Junior Class solved all These problems IasT November 2, I945, when They presenTed Tor The enTerTainmenT oT The Albany High School sTudenT body, TaculTy, and Triends, "The Good Bad Man," a Three acT mysTery-comedy. "THAT AIN'T THE WAY I HEARD IT" FRONT ROW: Lola Bryan, Ari Doss, SECOND ROW: Jim Reid, Roy Wilson. "WELL IT'S THIS WAY. . . ." Don Krafff, Delia Jones, Barbara Wyafi, Elizabefh Hall, Ari Doss. :fw,ss .:w- main SPORTS 3 1 2 'a 4 7. .2 1 3 5 'E 4 's .4 , Y 3 5 K 9 2 fs MEAN 5 ,f wa x L 4' WHA l I M xfgfifffgiiq 'ia 2 ,ESM FIRST STRING FOOTBALL Ei? FIRST ROW: End, Chas. KieThg Tackle, Wally Asquifhg Guard, CapTain Ron Crooks: CenTer, Tom ,. 'I ,ixiiiiisiiggegw Crane: Guard, Frank Corfeseg Tackle, Capfain Carl Ward: End, Guy Hudson. SECOND ROW: ig' if ll QuarTerback, Don Forresfg Riqhf Half, Dick Young: LefT Half, Lloyd Ferguson: Fullback, Dick I , K .S If 2 ,,.,T , Eg 5 Q E! ii? . If. gjgwf J qlqlblxvn T l945 King FooTball, Albany sTyle, added up mosTly if l , - ' Eli To iniuries and bad breaks. Coach George Chessum f .,,:, , . fs f- handled The Cougar VarsiTy Tor The TirsT Time wiTh skill .lf 1. 1- - - - - - ,ET - ig 5- and Tune uol menT. Our TirsT racTice ame was losT in iissibiiiix? --:- .-..: s : "-, I S '.,.'2-22.2:' 4' . I g g . 4- ---- . The closing seconds To The Tune OT 6-O. The Tollowing ' ' ' Friday we were eased ouT by Tamalpais, 20-I9: Albany . 5 ,ss, I dropped Their opening league TilT To Berkeley, 33-O. ,gf ' The locals came To liTe a ainsT Richmond and scored , c H Q qqllg M llgl ...L fig B a I3-7 win, Tollowed by a loss oT I9-O aT The hands oT -P in Alameda. J The Cougar second Tally came, when Albany scored a I3-7 Triumph over l-laywa rd. CAPTAIN '.'f'f.,:'1 "" - ' - - CAR,-WARD , ' , Albany wenT To PieclmonT, and allhough leading 6-O in The lasT quarTer, losT To The Clan 20-6. ln The league Tinale, a very TasT and shiTTy Team Trom The plains oT EI CerriTo baTTered The Cougars 27-7. The ....' ame wiTh ST. Mar 's ended in The hard Tou hT baTTle .. Q Y Q CAPTAIN T2-Q -.-" 1.-1 - h H I hw - h h S - - - 6 O RON CROOKS X - ---r- --'- P - if in T e sus . wlT T e ainTs winning - . .-...... ...,,, . . .,... - .,.,. i FIRST ROW: F. CorTese, D. Gregory, B. Hamma, D. Murray, D. Pedracci, -'grV ss K. Nylander, V. Sannazzaro, B. Brandf, B. Lyon, P. Barbera, J. Maxam, H. Enge. SECOND ROW: L. Welch, J. Reid, E. Thomas, B. Hanson, J. M 'H ' Marasco R. Lineer D. LaFond, B. ThaTcher, A. BiasoTTi, R, Bianconi, H. I SchmidT, J. Powell, R. Jensen, J. Dukes, B. Davis. ,, . :,- Qf W, -' fi ""', 5 2 ..:- .':f: L . 2" L ',-' '-'- 3 , .,.-,f-:,-. E, MARS QGUCAR3 G S 0 u 00848 mums S L. .. X ' nuw Quang-1 Anucnpsxc sf 1 n 2 WMV S 3 I Quq-,wg MEMS S33 VAS we 'E ff f ga Kylix? wwe 'z ' 553 .1 fm K 1 ww N 91735 Si W .AQW 35, SNAIJS ' f 9 gg wan.-v N0 X I :Ramos -f oN1oNSf- WHAT A QHASSSE. vim vwmem SAY vt-:'R'S 7 Swim -YW Mve' vw -renew I PASS. WHENUES? wx-ucx-k xs 'me Gems vo-rr? 'PERSY Avi! You svucx uv !! Yo U' 's-EEN fx 2 5.1: Misa? if QE .,'A 'A 'A" X q'Q.f . - , 5 NK NICK! E " CUT TRS END Mg 1" M xy W f f f 4 My gf. J IT T' A OU Snastviis A 'swrve:1. I-NPSA' L,-1-Sy' G-Yew. 4 soanesr .mt EN D THE H Y , , HAR? SLE E W GMBAG2 1852 ALF NIC MGOL I 1 ,, ,mms Q V -wW 1 1 an 9 Wffnff A X X 2 5 Z u - A 5, Q 4, 5 QQ Z fwfff H 7 T5 f 5 QD A W 17' X S Q M V ywwwl .- 1 1- ,.. 11, " 1 7 , X s if IZ X fd W N 5 wwf ' - x I Q Q W H Y E X . 4 Q N S-.lf 7 ij H ll Q H1111 I lm SQA xx X X 14 Cv xlk . N 3 4 ' - . C' 1 ix 'A' I' ?E,'l. I I Y .W x 4 ' 'Q X' ,"X ' l f v'r::,z:f"" 32 Q Q 1 BOB-func-we-wg 9 Px-wsuqlke Sl-WVERS Qu. , 1 ,, , H fig SNXXQ - Q 'HG E ' fi X S "ugh 1 I iw,,,, ll 756 g M10 ali , R- lr XX I Q Q I f Qekgct 5 H "OflI:'NGg6K4 McGMW f 1 Jn-if PW Z! Li 0 TW! c X45 5' 0353 X X!! , f , R QM W7 mv H W ' 1 - 1 0 . x .. . ' .3 Q -,q1lg6,'jH1f- SY' ' ' X Q61 N" ev-'-"' 5599 f f- , IQ 4 Q I 'X X XWW In .. E70 f TAL I x Q Q. x ,',nc1 in ,..- WA, 6 l l nll f , :- Abv Fmgwvonru 1 X X A ff ,Il 1 1 'e "' QQ , f SQ E- f I 1: 1 ff 1 JT: I7 ei QX.: D wi Qf: -- X .WJ5,y- D1oK 7 Munnx f f DUN -'ZX 9 Q Q If : 4 VAN '.YhoN3oN ax For-VJJ1' i W , J-N - -.4--1 K4 DICK FLASH qoaosN'Qou,,.,q r - ----- . Rf ' i Q W 3 X Qs at 7 .6 I I, g- llll-f 61, U . X cf, 0 , sg 7 N '1"'v 'QF W7 7, W5 . I 1 Rm ' 53' ' EN X I 311,-A 'NOSENSNOWD L f - EDX DRUNK Cox X I W " .Q B' M99 GENE Qyg W

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