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fr F if QSO. wx-Wk Published Annually by 'I'he ASSOCIATED STUDENTS OF ALBANY HIGH SCHOOL HAMMA DION 'KH ALBANY, CALIFORNIA J U N E, I 9 3 9 Richard B. Ruiz -------- Edilor June Marshall - - -- Associa+e EcIi+or Cxpvnevns ' fxvwxxwxswmxow wwwws X E IRC P5 HXHXCS X H ia E CLASSES 'H QQ Q 5 X939 2 Rx ix f A f 2. M ' is 1 M 4 N, H Hu W '-f X ' ' It E Q gl L iw in 'uf - M K CLASS 0? CBIXNNNNMDXCDN NX T939 WORD The Gammadxon GreeTs youT ' ear's puTohcaT'xon 'rs The ' ThaT aqe The T es 'rn The Theme oT Thrs y ' GoTden Psqe oT Greece. 'Durrnq Greeks oT oTd souqhT To perTecT Themsey sp'xr'xT, 'rn m'xnd, and 'rn body. The spxr'xT Tound ex- press-'xon 'rn scuTpTure, pa'xnT'xnq, poeTry, and dr amax The m'xnd,'xn scfrence and ph'xTosophy', and The body 'rn aThTeT'xc qames and conTesTs desxqned To pro- moTe heaTTh, sTrenqTh, and ToeauTy. The GoTden Psqe has remaxned ThrouqhouT The cenTurTes The sym'ooT oT man's cTosesT approach To an 'xdeaT cfry'rh1aT'xon. We aT PxTToany Tfhqh SchooT Today are sTr'xy'xnq Toward ThaT same qoaT. Throuqh a muTT'xTude oT acT'w'rT'xes, TooTh 'rns'xde and ouTs'xde The cTassroom. we Too are sTruqqhnq onward Toward a T'xner T'ron. STaTT ThaT Th'xs, The second 'xraT'xon To The rad- c'ry'rh1a oT The an 'xnsp T939 Q, Y TT 'rs The hope Gammadxon, WKTT serve as Te sTudenT Toody, especfxahy To The May The Senkors regard Thrs 'ooo 'Th 'rn Them and our hop who uaTKnq cTasses. as an e-Apressron oT our Tax Tor The'xr success. Those who areTeayKnq us,"T'areweTT ' od Luck." We say To Gamma ' dds,' Go dron a f fl 5 fb ' J fvvlx' 14. 4XNXNXPXiX0N S in Y VEC? a JUNE MPNQSYXN-L CHARLES FLETCHER MUYAEL NCUEFFER Psssocfrake Edkkor Budrness Manager Ark Edkkor BXLL ROCXCNNELL EDNPX BPRNEU MM SCFKNLPXN Oiikce Manager Pxudnor Pnbncfrw Manager BARBARA MNIENGO MXNNXE-ELLEN YXPMSUNGS EV Ps VXLIR N Oifxce Manager Copy Edkkor Saws Manage Psssksi an AD WN r , '52 X1 ,- S5-S ig32x J ' QA M Q z f 515 X Xx . kd f X v 5 p X 6, ,A , MR. CHARLES A. MOORE MR. WILLIAM FEENY MRS. BONDE MISS BOWEN MR. CALLAN MR. BROWN MRS. DEN MR BRYAN MRS DIE'I Principal Vice-Principal MISS GILSENAN Dean of Girls MR, ROBINS Boys' Counselor FACULTY FAKE MISS GRAY FINN MRS. GREGORY FLEGEL MISS GOODE GILCHRIST MR. HUGHES MR. ALLEN KEIM Superinfendenf MISS KOONTZ MISS LEMM MR, MYERS MR. NATHAN MRS. MISS MISS MISS RI-IOADS ROBERTS ROBERTSON ROSS MR. RYAN MISS RYAN MRS. SMITH MISS WATT MR. WEGNER MRS. MOU NTJOY SecreIary AVN '53 I . I ' A . .Pj 'T ikggi xLK" .f',1'- ' S ,V-,'.,,,:, ' Bl 3, .aI , , - :L N95 Hz' 'J f x .I f'5im" fsL i3 1 I , I' 4 ' I If T' 2 Q an SA R' 'T 'ff' , , Q. igiff I ww. ,4--P I938 BOARD OF COIXITRCDL Under Ihe leadership of Presidenr George Vila, Ihe Sludenl Body of Albany I-ligh moved info The mosr prosperous financial era of i+s exislence. The increase of 'funds available for Sludenl Body purposes is Iraceable 'Io 'Iwo prin- cipal sources, lll Ihe increased alfendance al' fool' ball games since Albany ioined Ihe Alameda Couniy Alrhlelic League: l2l 'rhe generous sums con'I'ribuI'ed 'Io Jrhe Srudenl Body Treasury by Ihe Albany I-ligh Dad's Club. These amounrs represenlred a share in Jrhe profils of Ihe Salrurday nighl dances al Marin Audirorium. Presidenl Vila, assisled by an able Sludenl Board of Conlrol, handled Ihe appropria- Iion of 'rhese funds wilh honesiy and efficiency. Many olher imporI'an'r measures were acred upon under I'he Vila adminislralrion. For example, Ihe melhod of voring was changed. A common polling place was sub- sliluled for Ihe advisory syslem which resullred in increased accuracy. Commissioner Publicify VINCENSINA DE BIASI SHIRLEY O'NIELL MARCELLA Vice-Presidenf Treasurer RICHARD RUIZ WANDA IJAEDINA MARJORIE MERE Represenfafive Represenfalive CLEVELAND HICKMAN CHARLES FLETCHER MARY JANE B CLELLAN econd Vice-President JAMES scANLAN Pubncafy FLORENCE GLENN Represenraiive ROCKWELL Represenfafive EVA VILA Commissioner LLOYD SAMAHA Commissioner MOORE Faculfy Advisor MABEL HAWKINS Secrefary ANITA CASEY Vice-Presidenf 1939 BOARD OF CONTROL Under Jrhe leadership of Presidenl Charles Tscharner, Jrhe spring board of conlrol pu'r info effecl many new rulings. The board devised a budge+ designed lo leave more money available 'lo Jrhe Fall Board of Conirol for ils acJrivi+ies. One of 'rhe mosl imporrani rulings was rhe one reslriciing 'rhe lending of school equipment All school equipmeni musr be used in school acliviiies and games. The idea of buying slrudenf body cards yearly insfead of semi-annually was broughf up and presenled lo The sludeni body a+ a special eleclion. The bill was defeaied by aboul' one hundred voies. However, many siudenls hope Thai ihe new plan may be adop+ed in 'rhe furure. CHARLES TSCHARNER Presidenf STUDENT COURT, I938 A. Niemann, SecreTaryg T. DeMonTe, M. Hawkins, C. Ness, J. Guay, B. Theilacker, D. HaTch, Bailif'f. STUDENT CGURT Showing greaT progress in sTudenT adminisTraTion, The STudenT CourT oT Albany High handled approximaTely Three hundred cases covering TraTTic violaTions and sTudenT ciTizenship lasT year. The STudenT CourT was organized in 1937 by PresidenT Anderson and consisTs oT a ChieT JusTice, Tour AssociaTe JusTices, a CourT Clerlc, and a BailiTT. Under The counsel oT Vice-Principal Fee-ny The CourT has had a very successTul pasT in helping adiusT The differences oT school liTe. TRAFFIC CONTRGI. The Albany TraTTic ConTrol is The principal law-enTorcing body OT The l-ligh School. Aided by The l-lall Guards, iT Tries To bring To iusTice all violaTors oT The law. IT is required ThaT all members oT The TraTTic ConTrol be in The elevenTh or TwelTTh grade and mainTain aT leasT a B average in Their sTudies. The TraT-Tic ConTrol is governed by an execuTive board chosen by The membership. The members oT The Board elecT Their presidenT and secreTary. This Torm oT govern- menT has been very successTul in The pasT, and The socieTy has enioyed success as a social organizaTion as well as a servanT oT sTudenT iusTice. I2 li! 6' 4122 wk W,..,.,,, A,,, ,, v., 4 S . vb N 1 'Wm X fgnx' 'ff-f'f3j,.'A V 'ff . ftgviek k', 1-4' 12:-'f u " w ,V ., G., ., ,IW fir? '-if . wit AA, f M Z YW ' fXXN WN NX? WNRE r1,xv'ff"' Xin I " 3 4 I P. yr GIRLS' LEAGUE Row I-C. McCormack, J. Banner, M. Hawkins, L. Gore, L. Duff, L. Carroll, J. McCausland, O. Smilh, A McCormick. Row 2-D. I-luillade G. Vaughn, D. Harrell, M. Meredilh, J. Smlrh, J, Hurlburf, W. Medina E. Haines. Row 3-J. Anfhony, J. Brison, A. Wrighl, P. Feinslein, N. Sovick, F. Glenn, B. Rosenlof, A. Casey' GIRLS' SERVICE Row I-L. Sandrello, C. Barnes, I. Alpegene, L. Duff, T. DeMonIe, J. Coggiola, D. Fardiq. Row 2-P Salegna, D. Blow, D. Lombardo, A. Sola, M. Brofzman, V, Sfrombeck, M. Bissell, N. Sfone. Row 3-R Taveira, P. Feliciano, E. Schnider, S. Smith, M. Taffon, F. Leimone, D. Pasini, B. Seed. GIRLS' HONORARY CLUB Row I-M. I-lawklns, M. Salegna, B. Marenqo, E. Bench, L. Duwcf. Row 2-B. Graeber, A. Niemann, C. Mc- Cormack, T. DeMonle, J. Marshall. Row 3-F. Glenn, D. Wyles, E. Vila, G. Pearl, B. McDuf'fee, M Chrlslopherson, ,E X 4 ,r 4 if 1. 'CN . ,- . au. J X L L 4 XL .A . .. l ' 1 GIRLS' LEAGUE '39 . Row I-L. Duff, B. Wyman, E. Barncll, B. Marengo, E. Bench, S. l-laysom, M. Swilzer. Row 2-A. Nlemann M. Higgins, T. DeMon+e, B. Seed, L. Lepurin, J. -Hurlburl, D, Williams, P. Brown. Row 3-A. Paul, D Schiller, E. Vila, A. Miller, E. McCully, B. McDuffee, R. Bergman. GIRLS' SERVICE - Row I-M. Hawkins, E. Radmilovic, G. Granberg, P. Zickefoose, C. McCormack. Row 2-D. Schiller, E Vila, E. Torchio, J. McDaniels, P. Flavin, W. Haywood. Row 3-J. Thompson, S. Slruben, B. Slollz, F Williams, J. Scoll, J. Marshall, J. Brison. Row 4-M. Chrislopherson, R. Bergman, D. Vercelli, P. Cordy M, Pillman, M. Salegna, B. Marengo. ' BIG SISTERS Row I-D. Wyles, E. Bench, T. DeMon1e, E. Torchio, L. Duff, B. Marengo, B. Seed. Row 2-B. Graeber, M Salegna, A. Niemann, D. Pasini, G. Pearl, J. Hurlburl, R. Guay, M. Swilzer, F. Leimone. Row 3-F. Glenn E. Vila, J, Marshall, M. Vischeck, C. McCormack, L.S+af1'ord, M. Chrisfopherson, M. Hawkins, B. Swenson B. McDuf'fee. FORUM CLUB R wl E V la E Qulnnell L Weinselmer E McDow ell Row 2 J Jungnic el B Flefcher J Lombard J Scanlon, B. Rockwell. BOYS' LEAGUE Row I-B. Foley, J. Kam- merer, C. Ness, V. Myers, C. Hickrnan, S. Hawkins, M. Engsrrom. Row 2-D. Halch, B. Filler, B. Woolworlh, L. Brunsfein, G. High. GIRLS' HI-Y Row I-L. Slansbury, M. Sa- leqna, L. Duff, M. Culh- berfson, R. Guay, C. Bush, J. McLean, B. Vochalzer. Row 2-A. McCormick, P. Edwards, E. Vila, J. Barnes, D. Williams, L. Theilacker D. Huillade, H. Brazil. Row 3-l. Manning, M. Hyde, N. Armsfrong, L. Giraud, A. Connors, B. Rose, P. Tre- leaven, A. Harper. BOYS' HI-Y Row I-A. Barassi, W. Fris- vold, B. Lee, J. Bigler, L Samaha J. D err L. Wil , . vs . - hams, B. Foley. Row 2-C. Tscharner, R. Sampiefro, E Goodding, G. Moore, B Woolworfh, B. Piffer, B Avilez. Row 3-H. Twigger, C. Hakanson, C. Robin, G. Duncan, G. McCleary, R Schauer, B. Murphy, M Engslrom. Row 4-D. Niel- son, B. Klein, L. Tilion, C Orfo, H. Lehman, W. Sen- ior, J. Mclfnighf, W. Denlc PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB Row I-F. DeCicco, J. Lomf bard, J. Jungnickel, Mr. Myers. Row 2-L. Weinsei- mer, G. Crooks, C. Glenn R. Ollmann, R. Armslrong. BOYS' LEAGUE SPRING Row I-J. Cola, N. Foley B. Lee, A. Barassi, P. Ryan A. Alegre. Row 2-B. Wool- worfh, D. Nielson, S. Haw- kins, L, Sarnaha, B. Pifler. Row 3-L. Brunslein, E. Hauser, C. Mayers, M. Engslrom, 6. High. RALLY COM M ITTEE Row l-H. Lehman, W. Pil- fer, T. Nishi, T. Karnmerer, B. Nora, C. Robin, D. Halch, J. Dygerf, E. Lenzi. Row 2-B. Woolworlh, G. Moore, J. Karnmerer, V. Myers, R. Sampielro, W. Frisvold, B. Foley, B. Theil- acker. Row 3-C. Hickman, C. Ness, C. Olfo, M, Eng- slrom. HALL GUARDS Row I-L. Gore, A. Byers, D. Boam, D. Morian, D. Fardig, D. McDuffee, l. Al- peqene, F. Leimone, J. Hurlburl. Row 2-N. Kinne, N. Armslrong, H. Manig, M. Srnifh, E. Radrnilovic, P. Ashenfeller, J. Brison. W. Haywood, D. Schiller, G. Granberg. Row 3-A. Ba- rassi, B. Fletcher, H. Olson, L. Williams, B. Klein, B Irish, K. Flelcher, J. Dygerl, B. Lee, B. Renfree. Row 4- S. Hawkins, B. Klein, G Severy, H. Engsfrom, B. PH: fer, G. Moore, D. Alwaler, C. Glenn, D. Porferfield. JUNIOR HONOR SOCIETY Row I-T. Tronoff, P. lsrnan, J. Tyler, L. Carroll, F. Halslenrud, O. Smilh, R. Perkins, lvl. Chappell, L. Lepurin, T, 'Iheilacker B. Harrell, L. Sorenson, P. Sareqna, D. Jackson. Rcw 2-E. Nel son, J. Shoolery, G. Clelland, L. Gore, 6, Josiph, F, Meads lvl. Talion, B. lx'iller, N, Slone, lvl. Brolzman, J. Coggiola, A Sola, E. Zahn, R. Hickman, B. Brown. Row 3-D. lvlurison, S Fosler, C. Roy, C. Barnes, R. Tayiera, F. Williams, S. Smilh, B Voss, P. Brown, J. Scoll, L. Slork, D. McDuffee, E. Byers, G Ramos, A. Livingslone, P. Ryan. Row 4-G. Vochalzer, H Boyde, G. Granberq, N. Kinne, J, Zahn, D. Chrislopherson, S Severine, D. Oliman, R. Drew, E, Swanson, N. Soyick, R. Barg- man, J. Thompson, D. Schiller, D. Orlland, W, Perkins. BLOCK A SOCIETY Row I-B. Foley, C. Ccla, B. Lee, S. Hawkins, C. Hakanson, G Viarra, L. Samaha, J. Biqler, L. Williams, B. Schoonhoven, A Barassi. Row 2!J. Guay, C. Ischarner, G. Severy, E. Goodding B, S hencian E. Nur h E. I-louser B. Pilfer R Ruiz. Row3 P I U Y. I . - 1 R. Schauer, B. Klein, J. Mclininghi, D. Nielson, W. Senior, W. Denk, B. Henderson, I-l. Lehman, B. Henas, L. Tilton. COMMERCIAL CLUB R:w I-A. Niemann, B. Barbgelafa, I. Alpeqene, R. Miller, M Burke, F. Leimone, M. Williams, M. Culhberfson, Row 2-J Barnes, A. EIs'a, J. Phillips, S, Slruben, N. Armslrong, D Fardig, J. McDanicIs, E. Torchio. Row 3-E. Barneff, M. Hyde D. Klobas, lvl. Pillrnan, B. Randall, E. Radmilovic, D. Vercelli V. Sarlain, V. Sirombeck. Row 4-W. Lampson, B. Carson, A Connors, E. Agren, E. D'Olivo, R, Krinkel, E. Coplin, S. O'NeiIl B. Roney. ALIEORNIA SCHOLARSHIP FEDERATION CHAPTER C. S. F. LIFE MEMBERS Row I-A. Tansley, M. Safegna, M. Crackbon, V. Crackbon, J. Marshall, B. McDuf'fee. Row 2-B. Rockwell, J. Junqnickel, R. Ruiz. SENIOR HONOR SOCIETY C. S. F. Row I-A. Nlemann, B. Seed, D. I-luillade, S. O'Niell, B. Roney, T. DeMon1e, M. Safegna, M. Hasfings. Row 2-M. Sullivan, M. Hyde, E. Bench, A. Tansley, M. Hawkins, W. Haywood, E. Coplin, l.. Duff. Row 3 -M. Crackbon, V. Crackbon, J. Marshall, J. Bowen, B. Graeber, E. McDowell, I-I. Arndf, B. McDuf'lee. Row 4-L. Jackson, S.-Hickman, J. Dygerl, L. Weinseimer, B. Rockwell, B. Klein, R. Ruiz, B. Sfrauss, A. Ruiz, J. Jungnlckel. 296 J I I ,Y ,K 1 ., w X 1 I. L .- .4 I' f . W, IT PAYS TO ADVERTISE Excellenl performances by lhe casl' plus a highly amusing plof made This Junior Play a big success. THE BAT Slarfling news causes a lense momenf . . Casf: B. Rockwell, A. Casey, M. Rob- erlson, F. Glenn, J. Dygerf, M. Eng- slrom, L. Samaha, C. Blachley, W. Frls- vold, B. Foley, J. Sfevens, W. Frisvold. Ouiia board forecasfs sfrange evenfs, as This blood-curdling myslery unfolds in fhe lonely house in fhe country, Florence Glenn Anile Casey DRAMA A mysterious prowler . . .a sho? . . . a scream! Again THE BAT has sfruck! Milton Engsfrom. VAUDEVILLE . . . . .kiss me, mofher . . . Lois Duff and Jim Scanlan. IT PAYS TO ADVERTISE Casf: BeHy Olson, Bob Foley, Dick Ruiz, Jim Scanlan, Gloria Marshall, Milton Engsfrom, Emery Bryan, Jusiin Dygerf, Lois Duff, Muriel Kueffer, Winifred Haywood. DRAMA DRAMA IT'S HUMAN NATURE The Senior Play . . . an amusing comedy in The modern manner . . . . . . One of The mosf successful plays of The currenl season . , . Cash June Marshall, Larry Williams, Shirley O'Niell, Jack Reynolds, Don Kleinmaier, Ann Knoll, Bob Murphy, Lawrence Welnseimer, Armand Giraud, Ar? Schroeder. DRAMA X ' ,I-',, if I ,,1 . . , W , 1, , f I 45' ,I 'X ,X 5 5 I WL'1, 1 Q ' . wg. V A my af, ' 5 I K K Q I ,J 2? Q t... I ' f 2, I L Vg, -kf' f f L," Iwfffawwvat : S :,, V' fl H I f W up -' I " -f new Hillary we - -I kc:--3: av bmi? ,, , A L -.J : v -. I ,gi 1 :s.v5z:!v?Q-til ' sg . mwfv I fa. .iv Ig' . , L' me I I. if v ' H -W-:wmzs-qw: Y I - fs K f'ffA4.1Lk 'I' A A .lx33AQ..-Q,-,N-,:.Egf.q. , , , ,3L, I , ,f ' Q 111 .f . , - -Y' fuk-1 -,411-:L A - ' ., RiffM"Lf1x337X I ' L- fl f , ffffw! If ,JI if L .- I K. 1M,,i-f'f,.3w-Lg: ,. 'ff' .Q , I, GIRLS' JINX Albany's famous dancers C. McCormack G. Pearl B. Nunn L. Slafford E. Bench B. Marenqo GIRLS' JINX . l wan? fo learn Io s Hawaiian . . ." G. Carroll L. Sfaflord C, McCormack VAUDEVILLE . . Really off the cob . . J. Gerlacher A. Bellesano A. Malnar B. O'Leary peak SOLOISTS Anila Casey and Ed Quinnell GIRLS' QUARTET F. Glenn, J. Zahn, C. McCormack, D. Wyles GIRLS' GLEE CLUB Row I-J. Tyler, L. Carroll, E. Lamberl, D Morian, E. Collam, L. Slansloury, S. Wilson, L Sorenson. Row 2-J. Slromberck, C. Hansen, C McCormack, J. Zahn, J. Marshall, D. McDuffee G. Marshall, M. Calverl. Row 3-D. Wyles, J Banner, M. Chrislopherson, A. Knoll, L, Hodg- kins, B. Swenson, F. Glenn, A. Casey. MIXED CHORUS Row I-M. Calverl, L. Slansbury, E. Coflam, T Tronoff, L. Foye, J. Daqna, B. Faraudo, E. Ryan R. Rydman, T. Gagna, J. Tyler, L. Sorenson, S Wilson. Row 2-D. Morian, C. Hansen, D. Mc- Duffee, J. Slrombeck, B. Roderick, N. Car- micheal, B. Brown, J. Slrombeck, P. Berg, D Murison, O. Slone, D. Wyles, L. Carroll, E Lamberl. Row 3-A. Knoll, D. Beesley, J. Zahn B. Swensen, B. Andrews, O. Nelson, R. Fosler, E Zahn, J. Banner, C. McCormack, Row -T-L Hodgkins, F. Glenn, A. Casey, M. Chrislopher son, N. Foley, L. Millendorph, B. Campbell, G Trimble, H. Dyer, J. Calalina, R. Inman, M. O'Donnell, G. Marshall, J. Marshall. BOYS' SOPRANO GLEE CLUB Row l-J. Dagna, B. Faraudo, M. Carmicheal L, Foye, T. Tronoff. Row 2-J. Slrombecle, B. Brown, E. Zahn, H. Dyer, B. Andrews, B. Rod- erick. Row 3-R. Fosler, O. Nelson, N. Foley, L. Mlllendorph, D. Murison, G. Trimble. FIESTA DAY L. Samaha, Mr. Callan, C. Tscharner IaT deskl, A. Barassi, M. EngsTrom, J. Scanlon Iwifh cameral. DEBATING TEAM J. Scanlon, L. Weinseimer, E. Vila, B. Rockwell, E. Quinnell. PUBLIC SPEAKING CONTEST Ed. Quinnell, Bud Flefcher, Jack McKnighT, Jim Scanlon, Eva Vila Iabsenfl. Row 1-fkneelingp P. smifh, M. cufhberfsan qquee?lTE5lqPS3llflTiT2If 2-fsTandingJ B. Marenga, A. casey, L. STaTford. One OT The highlighTs OT The school acTiviTies each year is The Senior Honor SocieTy's annual Public Speaking ConTesT. Previously an eliminaTion conTesT was held Trorn which Tive TinalisTs were chosen. The iudges of The Tinal conTesT were: ProTessor PersTein oT The UniversiTy oT Cali- fornia: lvlr. l-less and Mr. Teasdale of The Board OT EducaTion. The winners oT The con- TesT in The order named, were: Jim Scanlan, Edwin Quinnell, and Bud FleTcher. .This year Albany l-ligh's DebaTing Club proved Themselves To be one oT The mosT progressive organizaTions oT The school. The club began The year wiTh a debaTe which was presenTed aT one oT The assemblies. The quesTion Tor debaTe was Resolved: ThaT CapiTal PunishmenT Should Be Abolished by Law in The UniTed STaTes. A challenge was senT To ST. Mary's l-ligh Tor a debaTe held May 3rd, The evenT was planned wiTh The idea of making iT an annual aTfair. This year The quesTion Tor debaTe was Resolved: ThaT Socialized Medicine Should Be Adoplred by Law in The UniTed STaTes. The Tearn debaTing Tor Albany consisTed OT Bill Rockwell, Ed Quinnell and Eva Vila. 28 BILL THEILACKER, Editor, l938. BETTIE GRAEBER Editor I939 MISS RYAN, Advisor NEWSETTE STAFF Row I-P. Smiih, B. Foley, G. Crooks, J. Jungnickel, B. Graeber. Row 2-L. Jackson, D. Kuhlrnan, R. Carre, S. Hawkins. Row 3-A. Sloerrner, B. Woolworlh, W. Denk, B. O'Brien. Row 4-G. Severy, L. Samaha, L. Tilfon, B. Murphy, E. Goodding. NEWSETTE This year's Newselle slail under Edilors Bill Theilaclcer and Bellie Graeber, and Ad- visor Ryan, was one of l'he besl we have had. Many new feaiures were inlroduced inlo lhe Newselle, such as using colored paper, prinlinq lhe firsl page, and changing ihe day of publicalion from Friday +0 Wednesday. Jusl before ihe Easier l-lolidays Jrhe April Fool edilion ol Jrhe Newselle made ils appearance. This edilion, which hasn'+ a word ol lrulh in ii, will be an annual iealure. Z Q 9 R 2 U X VARSITY FOOTBALL Row I-T. Delorefice, B. Klein, E. Goodding, W. Senior, A. England, B. I-Ienas, W. Denk. Row 2-C. I-Iakanson, 6 Vila, J. Guay, B. Schoonhoven, E. Sharlow, L. WiIIiams, W. Jenkins. Row 3--B. Spenchian, A. Barassi, G. Severy, 6 Vierra, D, NeiIson, L. Samaha, W. Cabral, B. Fulks, E. I-Iouser. Row 4-P. Marengo, B. O'Brien, T, Gagna, C. Tscharner J. McKnight J. O'Leary, B. Lee, C. DeRose, C. Forsyfhe. FCDGTBALI. WILLIAMS, half ENGLAND, full woun- bling Rowl P Marengo C DeRosa E Houser C Forsythe B OBroen W Cabral J OLeary A Ruiz Mgr Row2 B Spenchnan L Allen J Sfuller D Adams B Fulks J Anderson' D Kaer T Harrell Row 3 T Gaqna E Lee A Cola H Twlgg r VILA, end HAKANSON, guard SCHOONHOVEN, guard SHARLOW, half Using a more complicaied offensive, Al- bany gof off Jro a sfrong srari' lasi season, holding Poly +0 a scoreless 'rie and giving +he besr leam Crockerr has had in years a 22-O defeaf. Bad luck overlook lhe Cougars, however, and we were defeaied by our in+er-ci+y rivals, S+. Mary's. In a nighl game ar San Jose, Albany fans saw a very srrong Cougar eleven defeared 7-O by one of The besi Frosh reams in Jrhe hislory of San Jose Siaie. In A. C. A. L. compefirion we los'r 'ro Piedmont 6-l33 +0 Richmond, O-I4, and fo Berkeley, O-7: 'fied Alameda, 6-6, and losl' +o Hayward, 7-8. The Berkeley game was a highlighl in 'rhe I938 season. The Cougars ourplayed The Yellowiacke+s un'ril fhe lasl one and one- Managers: ART ALEGRE TOM SOULE -H' Yell Leaders: JOAN PEMBERTON VIC MYERS VIRGINIA MADRID hall minules of 'rhe game, when an accidenl gave Berkeley fhe ball and an opporlunily Io score. The firsl half of Ihe game had ended wiI'h Albany on BerIceIey's four-yarcl line. Evi- dence of AIbany's superior playing was Ihe number of firsl downs: Albany I I, and Berkeley 2. Caplain Joel Quay, Charles Tscharner, and Tony Delorelice were ousranding as Team leaders. .lack Briscoe and George Vila Iurned in very line performances. Bolh made I'he all- A. C. A. L. Ieam. Quoling Coach Ryan: "lf our baclclield measures up in qualify I'o our line, AIbany's hope for a championship in l939 will be no idle dream." TSCHARNER, quarler DELOREFICE, half KLEIN, 'rackle SAMAI-IA, end ir i 4 y I X! . , I 5 , .4 CAPTAIN JOEL GUAY Albany slarls season by holding Poly scoreless- O-O Albany looks hopeful. We rouf Pirafes- 22-O The "Bells of Sainf Mary's" sound our cleafh lcnell lo The Jrune of- O-I3 The Oilers grease our sldcls.sWe slip oul of 'l'l'lG running by- O-I4 Almosl slung by Hor- nels. Albany squeezes a 6-6 lie. l-lay-seeds gel in our hair. We fake a small end- 7-8 COACH JOHN RYAN BASKETBALL Despile Coach Callarfs besl eiclorls, The Albany baskelball leam experienced a dismal season. Our of 20 games played I4 were losr. Callan's boys did win 6 conlesls proving lhal lhe game is nol a dead arl al Albany. The Cougars, paced by Lehman and Samaha, opened Their season wilh an impressive 3l-25 win over lvll. Diablo. Albany played ils besl game of lhe season, smolhering San Leandro 4l-2l. A loss lo Croclcell and a win over Emeryville fol- CAPT. LEHMAN TILTON WOOLWORTH If VARSITY BASKETBALL Ro I BWoIoTh o w r , M. Engsfrorn, L. Samaha, B. Hammond, Coach Callan. Row 2-C. Oflo, Mgr.g R. Kuhlrnann, C. Tscharner, L. Tilton, P. Marengo. Row 3-D. Nielson, B. Klein, W. Denk, H. Lehman, J. McKnight SAMAHA lowed. A cherished vicfory from S+. lvlary's made Things brighfer. A. C. A. L. play sfarfed wilh Albany meefing her arch-rival, Berkeley. Affer playing Three quar- lers of dead-even baskefball, Berkeley pulled away io win. A fhrilling viclory over Hayward was fol- Tsci-QARNER lowed by a close decision lo Richmond. DENK Perhaps il' was The sfrain of a long schedule or Jrhe lack of a gym of 'rheir own 'rhal' caused 'rhe quinfel 'lo lose lhe remaining games. B BASKETBALL Row I-J. Carlevaro, R. Drew, B. O'Brien. Row 2-M. Roberfson, E. Lee, S. Hickman. Row 3-N. Ferguson, B. Fulks, B. Murphy, D. Adams. TRACK This year proved a very successful one for Coach Brown and his Jrrack learn. While The Team as a whole did nof win all iis meefs, 'rhe performances of various individuals surpassed even Mr. Brown's predicfions. Many school records Jrhal have been slanding for several years were broken +ime and ROBIN O'BRIEN CA PT. LEE VARSITY Row I-J. Dygerf, B. O'Brien, A. Sfoermer, C. Robin, D. Nielson, R. Henderson, R. Lee. Row 2-W. Whifford, R. Drew B. Leonard, E. Swenson, J. Cafaline, H. Twigger, L. King, J. Golden. Row 3-M. Pecharf, Mgr., T. Soule, H. Nichel man, J. Stephens, W. Senior, P. Foiey, D. Aiwafer, R. Schauer, D. Wilcox. fir M : - . AIV V . 5 ,M i K . , wr R , . 'ir ,-f vii, W ew WHITFORD Q ,' : '1i .1 h Es, HT5fQi5i4- lime again. Juslin Dygerl broke The 440 record lhree limes in a row, while Bolo Lee shallered 'rhe mile record in shorl order. Even lhough compeling wilh such schools as Sacramenlo and Slocldon, Albany's lraclc leam managed lo pile up quile a few poinls in lhe an- nual lrack meel al Davis. As we go lo press we learn 'rhal 'rhe lraclc leam elecled Bob Lee as 'fheir caplain. B AND C TRACK Row I-R. Boucher, D. Kaer, A. Sleele, J. Lombard, J. Carlevaro T Gagna A Gerrnolus Mgr Row 2 D McGregor B. Fosler, F. Colver, R. Sowell, K. Wrighl, D. Novell Row 3 B Hansen C Hugh R O Brien F Declcco zlvlwfff ' ,lfimll BASEBALL VARSITY Row I-J. Cola, Mgr.: A. Barassi, J Guay, L. Samaha, C. Cola, J. McNa mera, C. Gagna. Row 2-W. Frisvold Mgr., E. Zimmer, C. Tscharner, R. Kuhl mann, B. Piffer, N. Ferguson, J. Bigler Mgr. Row 3-L. Bofhun, C. DeRose, H Lehman, W. Denk, W. Jenkins, E. Hou ser. Row 4-Coach Bryan. CAPT. TSCHARNER, 2nd LEHMAN, Isl' DENK, shorf sfop KUHLMANN, field GUAY, leff field BARASSI, 3rd SAMAHA, pifcher PITTER, field if WH """'f"f - W1 I WEN . I T 2i?.Z2.?'i 25l"' Q- 'M "K "" 'I' BASEBALL This year one oT The besT ball clubs ever To represenT Albany on The diamond Turned ouT Tor Coach Kelly Bryan's yearly call. Coach Bryan had a Team composed of veTerans plus a Tew new men who showed promising signs lasT year. ArT Barassi was given The Third base iob This year, and he proved a big help in AIbany's hiTTing during The season. The Team +haT generally Took The Tield Tor Albany: Cola, caTcher3 Lehman, TirsT base: Tscharner, second base: McNamera, shorT sTopp Barassi, Third base: PiTTer, righT Tieldp I-Iouser, cenTer Tieldq Guay, IeTT Tield, wiTh Samaha, Zimmer, BoThun, or DeRose piTching. As This pubIicaTion wenT To press, Albany was leading The league wiTh wins over Alameda, Richmond and I-Iayward, wiTh one loss To our TradiTionaI rivals, Berkeley I-Iigh. YELL LEADERS JERRY CARROLL CHARLES ROBIN CLAIRE MCCORMACK ORMAN STONE INTERCLASS TRACK CHAMPIONS Row I-J. Lombard, J Dygerf B Lee H. Twigger, B. Golden Row2 I'I elman, D. Nielson, B Henderson Swenson, J. Sfevens D Wi co ARCHERY TEAM BRYCE STEWART ERNEST ZIMMER JAMES KLEIN BASIL MAY .aux T. G. A. A. CABINET Row I-S. O'NeiIl, D. Fardig, R. Guay, M. Sullivan, J. McLean, B. Roney. Row 2-D. Vercelli, V. Crackbon, M. Crack- bOI1. P- Edwards. B. Cordy, G. Carroll. Row 3-E. Coplin, M, Pillman, M. Chrisiopherson, M. Visek, B. Nunn, L. Siafford, P. Cordy REFEREE CLUB Row I-D. Schiller, N. Kinne, M. Hawkins. Row 2-D. Fardig, M. Pillman, E. McDowell, M. Hill, GIRLS' A CLUB Row I-R. Guay, C. McCormack, G. Pearl. Row 2'-M. Crackbon, V. Crackbon, M. Chrisiopherson, M. Sullivan. RIDING CLUB Row I--J. McLean, P. Boyle, G. Carroll. Row 2-J. Phillips, P. Cordy, B. Cordy. MISS ROBERTSON GIRLS' ATI-ILETIC ASSOCIATION The Girls' AThleTic AssociaTion aT Albany l-ligh was Tounded six years ago To pro- moTe aThleTic and social acTiviTies among The girls and To encourage The highesT ideals of good sporTsmanship and good Tellowship. The G. A. A. should be highly commended Tor The splendid work iT has done in organizing The girls in'l'er-class sporT program, The social alllairs iT sponsors, and in general Tor promoTing The ideals Tor which The organizaTion sTands. WiThouT such an organiza- Tion iT would have been nexT To impossible To do The work which iT has Thus Tar accomp- lished. As FaculTy Advisor, Miss RoberTson should be complimenTed Tor The excellenT work she has done in organizing The AssociaTion. 45 GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSCDCIATICDN Along wiTh The resT OT The acTiviTies oT The G. A. A., more numerous and successTuI Play Days were enioyed by The girls This year. Even Though Play Day has been a parT of The G. A. A. acTiviTies since The AssociaTion was organized, we have never seen such a show oT enThusiasm as we saw This pasT spring. During The spring Term The girls oT our associaTion were guesTs aT Berkeley I-Iigh, where one oT The mosT enTerTaining Times oT The semesTer was experienced. AT The I939 EasT Bay FederaTion, which was held in Richmond, The Albany G. A. A. was represenTed by Twelve deIegaTes, who, Trom all reporTs, enioyed a mosT pleasing and successful day. TerminaTing our Play Day acTiviTies, our G. A. A. was hosT To ThirTy girls Trom Berkeley and Richmond High Schools. In Time To come we hope ThaT The G. A. A. will be able To look ahead To Play Days which will be even a greaTer success Than Those we have had The pleasure oT knowing This year. - I GIRLS' HOCKEY Row I-D. Fardi , P. Kilker, L. Sfafford, H. Hoffler, J. McDanieIs. Row 2-L. Barb gel T Bench, B, Randaiil, D. Vercelli, I. Alpegene. Row 3-G. Pearl, C. McCormack, B. Ma engo E. Radmilovic, S. STruben, B. Seed. GIRLS' VOLLEYBALL Row I-B. Nunn, G. Pearl, L. STafTord. Row 2-B. Marengo, E. Vila, C. McCor ac E Be GIRLS' SPORTS The girls' inTra-mural sporT season was highly successful, wiTh The TwelTTh grade carrying OTT The honors, winning Two ouT oT Three TournamenTs. The loaskeTl3all champion- ship wenT To The high Twelve SmiTh advisory, while Miss Ross and Mr. l3eeny's low Twelve advisories Took Top honors as volleyball champions. Making iTs TirsT appearance This year was The Junior BaskeTball TournamenT, which was won by The high eighT advisory oT Miss Bowen. The hockey conTesT was won by The high eleven advisories of Mrs. DieTschy and Mrs. KoonTz. Tennis was played buT as no inTer-class TournamenT was sched- uled, The girls held an eliminaTion conTesT To deTermine The TirsT Three on The advanced ladder. H As The resulTs oT The baseball TournamenT are noT known unTil aTTer we go To press, The mosT we can do is make The observaTion ThaT lasT year's champions are sTill in The running and have an excellenT chance oT Taking The championship again This year. SENIOR BASKETBALL CHAMPIONS Row I-T. DeMonTe, S. O'NieII, M. ChrisTopherson, B. McDuTfee, M. Hawkins. Row 2-M. Sullivan, M. Crackbon, K. FIeTcher, V. Crackbon. JUNIOR BASKETBALL CHAMPIONS Row I-A. Fisher, B. Harrell, E. McCuIIy, A. Harris, M, Ambrose, E. Arnold. Row 2-D. Lee, B. McCausIand, J. Anfhony, L. Chrisfensen, E. ArndT. TENNIS Row I-E. BarneTT, E. ArncIT, T. DeMonTe. Row 2-M. Visek, M. Kueffer, A. Harper. Row I-G. Carroll, B. McCausland, A. Paul. Row 2-E. Lipanovich, C. McCormack. ,ff " NR A QM gm H, f X X, X ' x J- ' M V X N , . 5 X Q. X , A '-",..- H 3125 iw J ' vW'eHd . 9, gg, sf X - Wyfi, - x u 1 f 2' Q eric -iw: av 1 o , ,,.3-.......,,,.,h ,,...-n..,...,,. -I Ns A ' 'z Ng .-1 hw' J 4 q L x ,.f-, -M--Q., if yi Y f - 9. ,, , fs, " ,f W' if 42' 4 . W I M , . 52311 M , W. ,WQQ AK no 'Q ay se' 4 . -2 fr . ,M M, X "QF 1 W, uw Az 1 Qc -X 1 R, K, v f:"imw':S ,. N3 V , V - lk tk , fl' ,F ? 2, n, , ff' 'J Z N A ,. , kg . i, la? :+I ,gt g AQVQMA , fx C CUASS . x X 7 2 N X f M 9 ALLENDORPH, HARRY S E N I G R S AULT, MARY JANE BARTON, LOUISE BEATTY, HAROLD BEEBE, DOROTHY BEESLEY, DORA BOUCHET, ROBERT BRADAS, VERNICE BRAINARD, WILLIAM BROOKS, MELVA I BUSH, CAROL BYERS, JAMES CASEY, ANITA CARRE, RAY CORDY, BARBARA CORDY, PATRICIA CHRISTOPHERSON, MARIAN CORCORAN, DANIEL CRACKBON, MAE CRACKBON, VIRGINIA DeMONTE, TERESA DETTLING, JOAN S E N I Q R S DOBBS, WILLIAM FARAUDO, MARILYN FASSETT, CORA BELLE FITZGERALD, JOHN FLETCHER, CHARLES FLETCHER, KEITH FURZE, FLORENCE GLENN, GRAEBER, BETTIE GUAY, JOEL HAKANSON, CHARLES HALVERSON, LLOYD HAMALA, JOHN HANSEN, ROBERT A 1- fw., ik R, XY, mif . - ,av-ww., HARDENBROOK, DEA HARRELL, DOROTHY HAWKINS, MABEL HELLBAUM, BARBARA HEXTON, GEORGE SENIORS JOHAN KN ECHT, NANCY JOHNSON, RUTH JUNGNICKEL, JOHN KLEIN, ROBERT KLEINMAIER, DON KLOBAS, ALBERT KNOTT, ANN KRINKEL, RUBY KUHLMANN, RICHARD LEHMAN, HAROLD MARSHALL, JUNE McDOWELL, ELAINE MCDUFFEE, BONNIE LEE MCFADIN, FLOYD NIEMANN, ALINE NORHEIM, RAY o'NlELL, SHIRLEY oLsoN, HAROLD 4zww , v If I A PITTER WILLIAM 3 ii A 'V I' PHILLIPS JEAN fi I J 'QR 5 ,A 5 I . A S, ,L ,J W if , ' ' ' 4 AE.TL1g -55235 ggi WI"fwIjL I- 21 A ifizfif 1 fa A - I' 'Q A, .L - am ,wi E71 2- I 56 i TT- A' f '53 A REGAN, KATHLEEN Q' M ','A , ROBERTSON, MALCOLM , v' , ROCKWELL, WILLIAM RONEY, BETH SAMAHA, LLOYD SCHAUER, RUSSELL SENIOR, WILFRED SEVERY, GLENN SMITH, JAMES SMITH, JEAN STOERMER, ARTHUR STROMBECK, VIRGINIA SULLIVAN, MARIAN SWITZER, MARY TANSLEY, ANN TILTON, LLOYD TSCHARNER, CHARLES WEAVER, HELEN 4.. , WEINSEIMER, LAWRENCE S E N I 0 R S WILLIAMS, LAWRENCE WOOLWORTH, ROBERT WRIGHT, SHIRLEY CIJI SS Q39 WYLES, DOROTHY WYMAN, BETTY VAUGHN, GLADYS AABLING, PHYLLIS AHLGREN, JUNE BARASSI, ARTHUR BENCH, ELIZABETH BIGLER, JACK BLOCK, ERNEST BRAZIL, HELENE BRISON, JEAN BROWN, MARY BRYAN, EMERY CANNON, ERLYNE CARSON, ELIZABETH DEN K, WALTER DeCICCO, FRANCIS SENIORS DUFF, LOIS Was-pw-4 DUNCAN, GARLAND ELSEA, ANITA ENGSTROM, MILTON FARRELL, VIRGINIA FOLEY, ROBERT GEACH, DOROTHY GIRAUD, ARMAND GOODDING, EDMOND GRANT, THOMAS HARRELL, THOMAS HAWKINS, STANTON JOHNS, FRANCES KRAUSE, sl-HRLEY LLOYD, JAMES LOGAN, EARL GOULD, CLARENCE MALNAR, ARTHUR MARENGO, BARBARA SENIORS MCCORMACK, CLAIRE MAYERS, CHARLES MOORE, GEORGE MURPHY, ROBERT NUNN, BETTY O'BRIEN, ROBERT O'DONNELL, JACQUELINE PEARL, GLORIA PESTANA, MARIE POTTER, DOROTHY REYNOLDS, JACK ROBIN, CHARLES RUIZ, RICHARD SAMPIETRO, RAY SATEGNA, MARIE SCH ROEDER, ARTHUR SONNTAG, MARGARET SPENCH IAN, ROBERT ' A STAFFORD, LILA MAE s E N l 0 R 5 SWENSON, BETTIE TRAPANESE, DOMINIC 'WR 'X VIARENGO, ALFRED VILA, EVA VOCHATZER, BARBARA WALKER, DARLENE WHITFORD, WILLIAM WHITTEMORE We wish fo express our apprecialion fo 'rhe following sludenls, who, rhough nor S+al5F-Members, assislecl 'rhe Slalll wilh clerical work, as well as +0 Jrhose who conlribulecl some of lhe piclures for our snap-shol' seclion: Rifa Guay, Chris OHO, Bill Parsons, Lowell Jackson, Don Nielson, Lawrence Weinseimer, Bonnie Lee McDul5Fee, Kay Flefcher, James Byers, Don Kleinmaier, Wally Frisvolcl, Bob Lee, Claude Glenn, John Jungniclcel. We also 'rhanlc Jrhe mem- bers of Miss Roloerfs' arf class for Their excellenl pos+ers. THE EDITOR. Wi+hou+ Jrhe aclverlising which appears in Jrhe following pages, 'rhe I939 GAMMADION could noi' have been pulo- lished. When you supporl' 'rhese aclverlisers you are help- ing +o supporl' ALBANY HIGH. BUSINESS MANAGER RANSOM D. HICKMAN CO. REAL ESTATE INSURANCE 2107 Addison THorn. 5545 ASHBY UPHOLSTERY SHOP Cheslerfields Bull? To Order UPHOLSTERIN6 - REPAIRING REFINISHING - DRAPERIES 2338 Shalfucli Ave. ASh. l2lO CONGRATULATIONS lolhe CLASSES OF I939 GENERAL HARDWARE COMPANY 977 SAN PABLO Phone BErlc.4805 Open from 7:00 A. M. hll l:O0 P. M. ZI36 Universily Ave. RYKEN'S G sHoP FOR MEN O , Correcl' Slyles for High School F' fy fe fun Fellows O I smell the aroma of a hamburger bun IIO9 Solano BErlc. 862I D Fi fy fo food D Lefs go to GOODDINGS," to him she caged, I48l Solano Ave. BErlx. 7427 l "Milk shakes are thick, service N if '1"'C"' KARL'S FIXIT SHOP Prices so reasonable-They sure do the trick." LOCKSMITH G BICYCLES LAWNMOWERS S REPAIRED SHARPENED HELP THESE MERCHANTS 0 THEY HELPED Y OU HE ONLY HIGHEST CLASS WORK ESTIMATES FURNISHED W. E. WOOLWORTH GUY'S BEAUTY and BARBER SHOP ALL TYPES OF BEAUTY CULTURE Guy and Myrlle Rosenlof 854 Carmel al Solano THorn. 0733 Painling Conlraclor Y-WEEE A L B A Y PAINTING, PAPERHANGING, 'Z N fl T F' TINTING- and DECORATING F l- O R A L S H O P I504 Albany Terrace Phone THorn. 0385 835 San Pablo BErIc. 754I 862 SAN PABLO AVENUE l3Erl:. 663I DOUGLAS PHARMACY COMPLIMENTS OF H U G H C O L E M A N YOUR FRIENDLY FORD DEALER 836 san PEL-,lo Ash. 4900 THE OUTSTANDING COMMERCIAL SCHOOL For 'three quarlers of a cenlury Healcl College has been 'flue leading Privale Commercial School on Ihe Pacific Coast 300.000 GRADUATES Offers Courses In BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION HIGHER ACCOUNTING SECRETARIAL SCIENCE SHORTHAND, TYPING GENERAL BUSINESS DAY and EVENING SESSIONS Regisler Any Time HEALD COLLEGE OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA LP THESE MERCHANTS 0 THEY HELPED Y OU A AABLING, PHYLLIS 924 Curlis SI. ACCORNERO, HENRY 835 Evelyn Ave. BE. 35854R ADAMS. DONALD IO47 Ordway ST. TH.2I6I ADAMS, JAMES 948 San Pablo. AGREN, EVELYN 8I8 Key Roule Blvd. AHLBORN, ANDREW 645 Gabriel Ave. AHLGREN, JUNE 826 Adams S+. TH. 0490 ALBITZ, JACK 923 Polls SI. BE. 45 I 7-J ALEGRE, ARTHUR 6I8 Kains Ave. BE. 7297-W ALEGRE, ROY 6l8 Kains Ave. BE. 7297-W ALLEN, LESLIE 840 Masonic Ave. BE. 9554-J ALLENDORPH, HARRY 823 Curfis S+. TH.4085 ALPEGENE. IRENE 4I9 Evelyn Ave. AMBROSE. MARILYN I IO8 Sfannage Ave. ANDERSON, JAMES 726 Madison SI. ANDERSON, LIONELL 625 Calhoun SI. ANDERSON, LYLE 904 Venlura Ave. BE. 4272-W ANDERSON, ROBERT lO2I Solano Ave. BE. I4I9-W ANDREANI, CAROLINE I209 Masonic Ave. AS. 5699 ANDREWS, ROBERT 725 San Carlos Ave. TH. 3205 ANFORA, CARLO 7I3 Madison SI. AS. 5699 ANSON, RICHARD 6I I Sanla Fe Ave. ANTHONY, JANE 8I2 Key Roule Blvd. ARMSTRONG, NADINE 9IO Carmel Ave. BE. I I57-J ARMSTRONG, RUSSELL 904 Carmel Ave. TH ARNDT, ALFRIEDA I3I Carmel Ave. TH 2II5 ARNDT, HELEN I3I Carmel Ave. TI-1.2! I5 ARNOLD ELEANOR 966 Venlura Ave. TH. 4674 ARNOLD, EWELL 966 Venfura Ave. TH. 4674 .3992 ARREBITO, DAVID 746 Adams S+. ASHENFELTER, PATRICIA I IO3 Ordway Sl. BE. 8297-J ATKINSON, ROBERT 9l3 Evelyn Ave. BE. 2806-W ATWATER, DANIEL, JR. 955 Ordway S+. TH. 6682 AULT, FLORENCE 845 Kains Ave. BE. 8345-J AVERY, MELVIN 639 San Carlos Ave. TH. O9IO AYERS, ALVIN IOI I Key R+. Blvd. TH. 3165 AYERS, MELVIN IOI I Key RI. Blvd. TH. 3 I65 AVILEZ, ROBERT IO27 Evelyn Ave. B BAKER, WILLIAM I207 Talbol Ave. BE. 4354-W BAKER, ROBERT 627 Curlis Sf. BE.BI37-R BALL, MARGARET 958 Kains Ave. BANNER, JULIA 96I Peralfa S+. BE. 276I-W BARASSI, ARTHUR I236 Porlland Ave. BE. 8426-J BARASSI, LUCILLE I236 Porfland Ave. BE. 8426-J BARBAGELATA, LORRAINE I235 Garfield Ave. BARNES, CAROL I IO2 Neilson Sl. BARNES, JAMES IO2O Peralla Ave. BE. I89O-W BARNES. JUNE IO2O Peralfa Ave. BE. I89O-W BARNETT, EDNA IO3 I Curlis BE. 2649-J BARRY, MARGARET 908 Neilson SI. BE. OI56-J BARRETT, BARBARA 947 Madison SI. BARTON, LOUISE IO22 Peralfa Ave. BE. I335-R BEATTY, HAROLD BE. I4I6-J BE. OO68-J 6 I 7 Claylon Ave. TH. 9247 BEEBE, DOROTHY 963 Talbol. TI'I. 7096 BEESLEY. DORA I445 Garfield Ave. BE. OI94-J BELLASANO, ARTHUR I IO9 Porfland. TH. 4353 BENCH, ELIZABETH BI9 Curlis S+. 68 BENNETT, MARILYN 9I6 Evelyn Ave. BENSON, CHARLES 608 San Carlos Ave. BENSON, NINA 608 San Carlos Ave. BERGMAN, BETTY IO83 Neilson S+. BERGMAN, ROSE IO83 Neilson SI. TI'I. 672 I BERLIN, JEAN 652 Key Roule BIvd.TH. 75G4 BEST, LEWIS 946 Peralla. BE. 88I4-W BIASOTTI, ALFRED 845 Jackson SI. BIGLER, JACK 63 I Curfis Sl. BISHOP, WILMA I239 Talbol Ave. BE. 8209-J BISHOP, DON SI I Adams Sl. BISSETT. MYRTLE I2 I5 Solano Ave. BLACHLEY, BILL I I I4 Pomona Ave. AS. IO323 BLACHLEY, COLOMBE I I I4 Pomona Ave. AS. IO323 BLITZ, CONSTANCE 524 Talbol' Ave. BLITZ, TEDDY 524 Talbol' Ave. BLOW, DORIS 847 Talbol' Ave. BOAM, DORA IOO7 Evelyn Ave. BOTHUN, LESLIE I I I2 Masonic Ave. BOUCHET, ROBERT IO42 Venlura Ave. BE. 4470-J BOUCHET, CLAIRE IO42 Venlura Ave. BE. 4470-J BOWEN, JANE IO2 BeImonI'Ave. BOWLING, ROBERT 937 Slannage Ave. AS. 8395 BOYD, HAROLD 809 San Carlos Ave. BOYLE, PATSEY IOIOSan+a Fe. BRADAS, VERNICE 845 Cerrilo. BRAINARD. LeORA TH. 672I BE. I9I7-J BE.4383-J BE. 6792 BE. 6792 IO64 Ordway. TH. 5498 BRAINARD, WILLIAM IO64 Ordway. TH. 5498 BRASSEA, TONY 926 Sfannage Ave. HE GAETA 81 YOVINO REAL ESTATE BROKERS CONTRACT BUILDERS LOANS AND INSURANCE 928 San Pablo ASh. 2460 We confinue fo serve you in Albany. We are now serving Oalclancl. REAL ITALIAN DINNERS D E B I A S I ' S P O L Y T E C l"l N I C ENGINEERING COLLEGE I3fh and Madison Sls., Oalclancl A WEALTH OF FACILITIES FOR ENGINEERING COURSES Charfered fo Granf Degrees in I9l I Chemical and Physics Laborafories New Diesel Engine Laborafory Elecfric and Hydraulic Laborafory New Air Condifioning Equlpmenf Comolefe Degree Courses offered in rivil. elecfrical, mining, mechanical, archifec- fural, sfrucfural, air conclifioning, Diesel and radio engineering. 860 San Pablo Ave. Albany 0PP0Vl5T4Ug'g5iE4E5 ALL C A P R I Wrife for free cafalog and plan fo en- SIO. IYH-I S+. Qaklancl fer fhe engineering field which offers Reservaiions-n greater opporfunifies fhan ever before. BErIc. 9l8l GLen. 2888 SAVE FROM ONE TO TWO YEARS MR. and MRS. DE BIASI, Props. FOR BACHELOR OF SCIENCE DEGREE Olaf's Shoe Sfore 0 QUALITY SHOES AT LOWER PRICES GREEN'S MARIN AVE. MARKET GROCERI ES--FRUITS VEGETABLES-FRESH MEATS Free Deliveries for Over SI.OO I258 Marin Ave. A BErl1. 9474 'xsg-Ywm I Y v-..'.... 152.1 Complefe Your Educafion-Keep Up I "" Wifh fhe Worlcl DRAMA - NEWS - SPORTS - FASI-IIONS I7 Years Experience in The Shoe Business ' Showing fhe Finesf Film Producfions of America I4Il Solano Albany, California Solano and Kains Tl-lorn. I233 LP THESE MERCHANTS 0 THEY HELPED Y OU BRISTAL' ARTHUR 7I8SIannage Ave. BRAZIL, HELENE 6I5 Kains. TH. 6307 BRIDGES. WALTER I034 Peralla. BE. 029 I -W BRISON, JEAN I306 Marin TH.4429 BRISON, JOHN I306 Marin. TH.4429 8I2 Cornell. BROOKS, JAMES 735 Madison. BE. 4385-J BROOKS, M ELVA 735 Madison. BE. 4385-J BROOKS, PHILIP IO26 Masonic. BROTZMAN, MARY JANE 705 Talbot BE. 6862-W BROWN, WILLIAM 930 Cornell. BE. 2562-W BROWN, LUCILLE 527SIannage. TH.4785 BROWN, MARY 930 Cornell. BE. 2562-W BROWN, PATRICIA 527 S+annage. TH.4785 BROWN, WANDA 947 Madison. BE, O068'J BROWN, RAYMOND 423 Cornell BROWNE, GERALD 423 Cornell. BRUCE, BONNIE JEAN 58l6 Panama. TH BRUNSTEIN. LOWELL 824 Madison. TH BRYAN, EMBERY l072 Orclway. BUNNEL, PHYLLIS I024 CurI'is. TH BURG, PAUL I l52 Garfield. TH BURKE, MARGARET 848 Sfannage. TH BURNETT, HECTOR I727 Addison. BURNETT, JACK I727 Addison. BURNETT, ROBERT I727 Addison. BURT, MARION I I42 Evelyn. BUSH, CAROL OI96 7834 6256 0300 .6342 BE. 6793-M I4I4 Milvia. BYERS, ANNA JEAN I244 Marin. BYERS, JIM I244 Marin. C CABRAL, WILFRED I I I5 Garfield Ave. TH. 8342 CALL, LEILA 5I7 Pomona Ave. CALVERT, JERRY 375 Pomona Ave. CALVERT, MARY 375 Pomona Ave. CAMPBELL. BOB l020 Ordway S+. CAMBIS, BURDETT 646 Madison Sl. CANNON, ERLEYNE 82l Ramona Ave. BE. 2I5O-J CARLEVARO, GIUSEPPE 906 Kains Ave. TH. I597 CARLSON, CARL 707 Pierce S+. CARMICHAEL, NORMAN 946 Slannaqe Ave. BE. 2055-W CARPENTER, ROBERT I6I6 Sonoma Ave. TH. I587 CARRE, CHARLOTTE 823 Key Roule Blvd. CARRE, RAY 823 Key Roule Blvd. CARROLL, GERALDINE 604 Key Roufe BIvd.TH. IOI6 CARROLL, LAURA MARION 9I I Evelyn Ave. TH. 347I CARSON, BETTY l505 McGee TH. 7430 CASEY, ANITA 807 Ramona Ave. BE. I I6I-M CASTELL, EDWARD 738 Talbof Ave. BE. 060I-W CATALINE. FRANCES 949 Talbol Ave. BE. 3265-W CATALINE, JOHN 949 Talbol Ave. BE. 3265-W CELIA, ELVERA 96I Ensenada Ave. BE. 4092-W. CELLI, LORRAINE IOO9 Kains Ave. TH. 2239 CHAPPELL, ADELLE 94I Sfannaqe Ave. BE. 78I3-W. CHAPPELL, MARCELLA 94I Slannage Ave. BE. 78I3-W. CHARLESWORTH. MAROLYN 9I2 San Pablo. AS.3I82 CHAVEZ. CLEMENTINE 605 Cornell. TH. 7494 CHELEMENDOS, GEORGE 9I9 Key Roule. BE. 9030 70 CHICOU, ROBERT l02I Pomona Ave, TH. 8072 CHRISTENSEN, LAURA 633 San Carlos Ave. AS. IO4-23. CHRISTOPHERSON, MARIAN 7I8 Siannage Ave. TH. I353 CHRISTOPHERSON, DORIS TH. I353 CLARKE. MARGIE LEE I446 Porlla nd Ave. BE. 098l-R. CLELAND, GEORGE I49O Posen. TH. 6699 COCKS, JACOUELINE 408 Richmond SI. COHEN, SAM I046 Curlis. BE. 6637 COGGIOLA. JULIA 9I5 Madison. BE. 7626-W COLA, CLEM ENT 7I8 Evelyn. BE. 5832-J COLA, JOHN 7I8 Evelyn. BE. 5832-J COLTON, ALMA I220 Garlields. BE. 340I-M COLTRIN, EDWIN 92I Carmel. BE. 5798-J COLVER, FRED 94I Key Roule Blvd. CON NORS. ANITA 842 Talbof. CONCA, BETTY I206 Waslninqlon. AS. I I96 COOK. MAY ELLEN l5l5 Solano Ave. TH.5982 COOLIDGE, CRAIG 9 I 8 Curfis. TH. 6074 COPLIN, ELEANOR I435 Porlland. TH. 7428 CORBETT, BARBARA JEAN I45I Garfield. AS. 777I CORCORAN, DANIEL l560 Marin Ave. TH. 0259 CORDY, BARBARA I609 Sonoma. TH. 3 I 74 CORDY, PATTY I609 Sonoma. TH. 3 I74 CORDY, STANLEY I609 Sonoma. TH.3I74 COTTAM, CLARENCE I038 Venfura. TH. 5732 COTTAM, EDITH l038 Venlura. TH. 5732 CRACKBON, MAE 807 Carmel. TH. 7772 CRACKBON, VIRGINIA 807 Carmel. TH. 7772 HEL HARM'S SCHOOL OF BUSINESS INC. Call, Phone or Wrile for Cafalog. THorn. 3696 2I6I Shalluclc Ave. Berlceley J O E V I L A HOMES BUILT and FINANCED IZO7 Solano Ave. THorn. 5067 O'MALLEY'S MUSIC SHOP Agenls for BACH Irumpels, cornels and 'rrombones KING saxophones and band insfrumenls. BUESCI-IER saxophones and band inslru- menfs. SELMER saxophones and band ins+rumen'Is. CLEVELAND band inslrumenls. AMERICAN STANDARD band inslrumenls. GLADIATOR band inslrumenls. VIOLINS, BASSES. CELLOS. ORCI'-IESTRATIONS and SHEET MUSIC. Fines? inslrumeni' repair shop on Ihe coasl. We reni' inslrumenls for school use. I IO8 FRANKLIN ST. OAKLAND, CALIF. Phone TEmplebar 6505 LAN if Ib . JE , II ' 'IIAI I IG- 'I-if x . -- N - . -LY l INTENSIVE TECHNICAL TRAINING added 'ro your High School culfural educa- Iion will prepare you for a good posiiion in business wilh early promolion. Call or send for inleresling boolclel "YOUR TRAINING AND YOUR FUTURE" CALIFORNIA COLLEGE 2132 Allslon Way-ASh. 4050 Solano al Peralfa TI-Iorn. 7I ll TWIGGER'S AUTO REPAIR SERVICE YOUR RICI'-IEIELD STATION Cars called for and delivered. CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISI-IES TO THE GRADUATES FROM D O N ' S M A R K E T 759 San Pablo Ave. BErIc. 4266 P THESE MERCHANTS 0 THEY HELPED Y OU CRAVEN, MARY 925 Masonic. CRAWFORD. BILL 609 Spokane. CRAWFORD, FRANK 609 Spokane. BE. 1988-J CREWSE. LOUISE 818 Carmel. BE. 4970-W CROOKS, GEORGE 1076 Curlis. BE. 1969-W CROWELL. KENNETH 1096 Peralfa Ave. CUTHBERTSON, DOROTHIE 1559 Sonoma. TH.4675 CUTHBERTSON, MARJORIE BE. 1988-J 1559 Sonoma. TH.4675 D DAGNA. JOHN 901 Ramona. TH. 6395 DAHL. ANITA 1102 Masonic. DAMON, LUCILLE 809 Slannage. DeC1CCO, FRANCIS 1143 Marin. DEAL. EDWARD 1054 Kains. TH. 7393 DE LA ROE, JOEL 1026 Kains. DELISO, MARIE 618 San Pablo. BE. 0245-J DELISO, ROCCO 618 San Pablo. BE. 0245-J DELORIFICE, FRANK 1149 Porlland. DE MONTE. TERESA 945 Kains. BE. 6550-W DEMPSEY, THOMAS 609 Curlis. BE. 7191-W DENK, ERNA 1028 Venlura Ave. DENK, WALTER 1028 Venlura Ave. DeROSE, CARL 1051 Curlis. BE. 7518 DERTHICK, ROBERT 510 Curlis. TH. 6518 DETTLING, JOAN 729 Key Roule Blvd. TH. 7198. DE VADO, MAURINE 629 Masonic. DEVER, BILLY 113 Ramona. DICKSON, BILL 920 Tulare. BE.3318-R DION, DAVE 411 Cornell. TH. 27772 DISHMAN, TOM 600 San Carlos Ave. TH. 0370 DOBBS. HILL 1221 Marin. DOLAN, EDWARD 934 Cornell. BE. 2562-J D'OLIV1O, EDA 1025 Slannage. TH. 5699 DONEGAN. JACK 504 Masonic. AS. 8102 DOUGHERTY. BETTY 717 Kains. TH. 1830 DOUGHERTY. GERALDINE 717 Kains. TH. 1830 DREW, RAY 841 Page. DRUMMOND, IRENE 832 Curlis. BE. 4810-W DUFF, LOIS 825 Evelyn. AS. 5145 DUNCAN, GARLAND 1019 Pomona TH. 5189 DUNN, LUTHER 534 Evelyn. BE. 6194-R DURNAN, GRACE 637 Sanla Fe. DUSTIN, NELLA 1225 Masonic. BE. 2299-M DUTROW, KENNETH 1132 Talbol. BE. 2547-W DYER, HERBERT 1212 Evelyn. DYGERT. JUSTIN 525 Curlis. BE. 4309-J E EDWARDS, MARILYN 514 Ramona Sl. BE. 5222-J EDWARDS, MARJORIE 959 Venlura. BE. 5491-W EDWARDS, PAT 631 Spokane. BE. 7894-J EGLIHT. TOM 1510 Beverly Place. TH. 7595 EICHNER, MAY 832 Carmel. TH. 1082 EICHNER, MURIEL 832 Carmel. TH. 1082 ELDER, PATSY 2532 68111. T1'1.4226 Oakland. ELIA, PAT 512 Masonic BE. 7506-R ELIA, ROSE 512 Masonic. BE. 7506-R ELLIS, YVONNE 727 San Pablo. BE. 1645 ELLIOTT, ALLEN 615 San Carlos. TH.4408 72 ELLIOTT. EARL 615 San Carlos. TH.4408 ELSEA. ANITA 1018 Slannage. BE. 3428-J ENGE, DOROTHY 1054 Evelyn. BE. 8068 ENGSTROM, HOWARD 1255 Washinglon. TH. 6298 ENGSTROM. MILTON 1255 Wasliinglon. TH. 6298 ESCOLA. VICTORIA 914 Cornell. AS. 5755 ESPERANCE. JEANNE 1024 Pomona. TH. 0461 ESTES, SUSAN JANE 1515 Beverly PI. BE. 2491-W Berkeley. EVANS, EDNA 1502 Albany Ter. TH. 1500 F FARAUDO, BURSEY 817 Key Roule Blvd. BE. 1975 FARAUDO, MARILYN 817 Key Roule Blvd. BE. 1975 FARDIG, DORIS 802 Sanla Fe. BE. 8183-J FARLEE, LaVERNE 841 Evelyn. AS. 8472 FASSETT. CORA BELLE 1779 Sonoma. TH. 6332 FEINSTEIN, PEARL 1136 Porlland. TH. 0681 FEIST, BRUCE 836 Jackson. TH.0O69 FELICIANO. PEARL 1228 Garfield. BE. 1474-J FERGUSON, FRANKLIN 1138 Brighlon. FERGUSON. NORMAN 81Arc1more. TH. 3591 Berkeley. FERNALD, HELEN 914 Kains Ave. FINKBOHNER, TED 704 Curlis. BE.4262-W FIORENTINO, MIKE 1225 Garfield. FISCHER. PAUL 1022 Pomona. BE. 1127-W FISHER, AUDREY 711 Pomona. TH. 2128 FITCH, LAURIETTA 930 Cerrilo. TH. 0930 FITZGERALD, JOHN 2111 Rose S'I'., Berkeley. FLAVIN. PATRICIA 965 oraway. As. 8977 FLETCHER, CHARLES E. 706 Ramona Ave. THE MARION MADSEN SCHOOL FOR BUSINESS TRAINING DAY AND NIGHT SCHOOL ADVANTAGES: I-Individual inslruclion and guidance. 2-Enrollmenl af any Iime. 3-Thorough Iraininq aI' Ilne minimum ex- pense in 'the sI1orIes'IIime possible. 4-Assislance in finding employmenl. 5-Credil for previous Iraininq. 6-Specializaiion on seleciecl subiecls. 74 Brush up. 8-Full secrefarial course. 94PosI-graduale review willioul' charge. IO--Gregg and Pilman Shorflwand. 532 I-I Igale 6340 I6Il1 Sireel Oakland SCHOTT CLEANERS ALTERI NG, REMODELING. RELINING. EXPERT DYEING I36l Solano THorn. 3784 iliilahgia Svhnprttr Tlworouqlwgood 84 Allen GIFTS HOSIERY LINGERIE DRESSMAKING - ALTERATIONS I258 Solano THorn. 8983 hm EVERYTHING IN BUILDING MATERIALS GOLDEN GATE STUCCO CO. BErlceIey 2280-228I Briglifon and Masonic Aves., Berkeley. Calif. CONGRATULATIONS FROM GRANHOLT SHEET METAL I I4O Solano Ave. ASl1berry 7244 DAGNA'S MARKET "WHERE OUALITY and PRICE COOPERATE' CORNER RAMONA AND SOLANO Telephone BErlc. 0948 HE LP THESE MERCHANTS 0 THEY HELPED Y OU FLETCHER. KEITH 706 Ramona Ave. FOLEY. ROBERT 729 Sanla Fe. BE. 6l I9-J FOLEY, NORMAN I508 Posen Ave. FOLEY. PHILLIP I508 Posen Ave. FORREST, AUDREY 947 Kains. BE. 9I46-J FORSYTH. CHARLES 732 Arlingion. AS. O5I8 Berkeley. FOSTER. JERRY IO76 Neilson. TH. 9573 FOSTER. ROBERT IO76 Neilson. TH. 9573 FOSTER. ROBERT 826 Evelyn. FOSTER. SHIRLEY 923 Cornell. BE. 8456-W FOWLER, EDNA IOI3 Ramona. FOX, JOYCE I2I9 Kains. TH. 9294 FOX, REVOLA IZI9 Kairls. TH. 9294 FOYE. LAWRENCE 532 CurI'is. BE. 3450-J FRENCH, ALMA 974 Kains. TI-I. 9I I I FRISVOLD, WALTER IO5I Sfannage BE. 7975-W FULKS, KAY 832 Key Roule. BE. O5I2-W FIJLKS. WILLIAM 832 Key Roule. BE. O5I2-W FU RZE. FLORENCE 433 TaIbo+. BE. 4748-M G GAETA, JOE 8I6 Kains. TH.4572 GAGNA. CARLO 7I2 Kains. GAGNA, TONY 7I2 Kains. GEACH, DOROTHY 928 Ramona. BE. I69O-W GEHLING, JOHN IO52 Venfura. TH. 2798 GEHLING. ROSEMARIE IO52 Venlura. TH. 2798 GEORGE. VIRGINIA IOO9 Slannage. GERLACHER, JAMES 909 Cerrilo. GERLING. VIRGINIA LEE IO37 Pomona. BE. 3528-J GERMOLUS, ALVIN I4-43 Washinglon. BE. 2692-J GERMOLUS. IRVIN I443 Waslwingfon. BE. 2692-J GERMOLUS, ROBERT I4-43 Washinglon. BE. 2692-J GOELZ, WILLIAM 840 Key Roule. GIBBS, DOROTHY MAE I2l4-Talbot TH. 506I GILCHRIST, JUNE l335WasIming'fon. BE. I323-W GIRAUD, ARMAND I I34 Washinglon. AS. IOOI3 GIRAUD, LORRAINE I I34 Waslwinglon. AS. IOOI3 GLENN, CLAUDE 644 Spokane. TH GLENN, FLORENCE 644 Spokane. TH GLOTCH, RICHARD II35 Masonic. TH GOLDEN, JACK IO43 Peralla. GOODDING, EDMOND .38I6 .38I6 .3759 920 Ramona. TI-I.6I92 GORDON, CARMEN 605 Cornell. TI-I. 7494 GORE, LOIS 8I3 Evelyn. BE. 7226-W GOREE, AMOS LEE 829 Jackson. GOREE, MARTHA 829JacIcson. GOREE, ROBERT 829JacIcson. GOULD, CLARENCE I5I9 Solano. GRAEBER, FRANK IO6I Peralfa AS. O84-I GRAEBER, BETTIE IO6I Peralla. AS O84I GRAEBER, LORRAINE IO6I PeraI+a. AS O84I GRANBERG. GLORIA I55O Marin. Tl-I 3803 GRANT, THOMAS 722 Sanla Fe. TH.4776 GREBLO, ALFRED 8l9Jackson. GREEN, ALICE 906 Cornell. BE. 2840-J GREEN, YVONNE IO24 Peralfa. TH. 8388 GREER. EVELYN 729 Talbol. BE. I393-J GREIN, HELEN 727 Evelyn. 74 GRIER, LORRIE I243 Kains. BE. 5658-J GROAT. BOYD I505 Albany Ter. TH. 2227 GUAY, RITA IO36 Cornell. BE. 6488-W GUAY. GEORGE I43O Porllancl. AS. I4-25 GUAY. JOEL IO36 Cornell. BE. 6488-W GUIDICI, LORRAINE 825 Masonic. BE. 5439-M GUIDICI. WILLIAM 825 Masonic. BE. 54-39-M H HAINES. ETHEL JANE 825 Slannage. AS. 3549 HAINES. HELEN 825 Sfannage. AS. 354-9 HAKANSON, CHARLES I2OO Washinglon Ave. I-IAKANSON. GEORGE IZOO Washinglon Ave. HAKE, DONALD 936 Camelia. HALSTENRUD, FRANCES 628 San Carlos Ave. HALVERSON, LLOYD 907 Madison. AS. 8276 HAM, CHARLES I5I5 Francis TH. 8626 HAM, HUBERT I5l5 Francis TH. 8626 HAM, RAY 534 Curfis. BE. 8075-M I-IAMALA, ELEANORE I IOI Slannage Ave. HAMALA, JOHN I IOI Slannage Ave. HAMMOND, DALE I I42 Washingfon. TH HAMMOND, JIM I l42 Washinglon. TH HAMMOND, ROBERT IO83 Curlis. BE HANSEN, BETTY 955 Cornell Ave. HANSEN, BOB IO66 Curlis. TH HANSEN, ROBERT 969 Orclway. AS HANSEN, CHRISTINA I2I4 Marin Ave. HANSEN, TOM . 0809 .0809 876I IO67 7369 IO66 Curiis. TH. IO67 HANSON. JACK I345 Washingfon. BE. 3I97-J I-IANSON. THORMOD 62I Carmel. TH.728O M A R G A R E T ' S we 18194199 r-bvzvwa B E A U T Y 5 H O P P E 'amy ouelog gggl E866 'uJoHl Belly Darling, PFOFJ. SHAMPOO, FINGERWAVE 75c Open Tuesday, Friday Evenings. Machine- less Waves quaranleed nof fo be fuzzy, dry S 3 I -I d d n S - -I V 'L N 3 H or brilfle ends. A silalglon for each +ype of I537SI A. Bkl.CI'f. wma amow awon Ve Ney 5' INSURANCE REAL ESTATE 9NIHIVd3H olovzf oinv any EIWOH BWECENEAMD HOMIES OICIVEI S.dl7lS 84-5 San Pablo Avenue Albany, Calif. SHAW HARDWARE CQMPLIMENTS OE c OMPANY Holmes Johnson ISI3 SOLANO AVENUE Tl-lorn. 5405 ' WHOLESALE W I M P Y I S TOBACCOS, CANDlES, ETC. "FOOT LONG HOT DOGS" O 945 San Pablo BErlceley 9550 295l Broadway Hlgafe 9468 2347-49 Sen Pablo HELP THESE MERCHANTS 0 THEY HELPED YOU HARDENBROOK, DEA 93I Ramona. BE.8I42-,I HARPER, AUDREY I022 Ramona. BE. I536-M HARPER, FRANKLIN IOI3 Pomona. AS. 8906 HARRELL, BETTY 90I-A Sanfa Fe. TH.9635 HARRELL, DOROTHY 90l-A Sanla Fe. TH. 9635 HARRELL, TOM 296 Colusa Ave. HARRIMAN, MIRIAM BI Ilfg Jackson S+. HARRIS, AGNES 605 Slannage Ave. HARRIS, ROBERT ELMER 605 Slannage Ave. HARRIS, ALICE 605 Slannage Ave. HARRIS, JOYCE 826 Pomona Ave. TH. 0735 HARTER, EVONNE I I4O Garfield. BE. 3743-W HARWOOD, HENRY 507 Adams. BE. 4006-J HASTINGS. MINNIE ELLEN 817 Cur+is. TH. 5540 HAWKINS, CHARLES I223 Briqlwlon. BE.4437-W HAWKINS, MABEL l223 Briqlnlon. BE. 4437-W HAWKINS, STANTON 545 COIUSG. BE. 4488-R HAYHURST, ROBERT 905 Masonic. TH. 7948 HAYS, MARYAN l027 Peralla. TH. 6IO0 HAYSOM, SHIRLEY 503 Key Roule Blvd. AS. 98I7. I-IAYWOOD, WINIFRED 734 Key Roufe Blvd. BE. I744'R. HEAGERTY, CLEMENT I I I I OFCIWGV. BE. I635-W HEALEY, HERBERT IOI I Pomona. AS. 0423 HELLBAUM, BARBARA 904 Cur'I'Is. BE. 7750-W HENAS, BEN 3 I3 Berkeley Park Blvd. BE.O73 I-J. HENDERSON, BOB 963 Curlis. BE. 34-5I-R HENDERSON, DICK 963 Curlis. BE. 345I-R HENDERSON, FLORENCE 963 Curlis. BE. 345I-R HEXNER, BILL I005 Ramona. BE. 3648-J HEXTON, GEORGE l2I0 Porlland. TI-4.9894 HICKMAN, SIDNEY I002 Ordway. TH. 0883 HICKMAN, GEORGE 9I4 Venfura. HICKMAN, RICHARD 9I4VenIura. HIGGINS, MURIEL 6I9 Sanla Fe TH.2052 HIGH, GEORGE I347 Waslwingfon. BE. 778I-W. HIGUERA, LORRAINE I059 Evelyn Ave. HILL, ALMA 9IO Fillmore. BE. I654-J HILL, ART 320 Ramona Ave., EI Cerrilo HILL, BERT 937 Pomona HILL, MARION 7I7 Aclams. HILL, RUTH 9IO Fillmore. BE. I654-J HODGES, VELMA 642 Neilson. TH. 5655 HODGKINS, LOUISE I333 Washinglon. TH. 4040 HOFER, DAVID I459 Porllancl. BE. I404-M HOFFLER, DONALD 641 Jackson. BE. 3996-W HOFFLER. HELEN 64-I Jackson. BE. 3996-W HOLLAND, MILTON I I59 Sanla Ee. BE. I249-W HOLMBERG, ROBERT 976 Tulare. BE. 0476-W HOOK, ANNA I3I Hawlhorne. Eureka, Calif. HOUSER, EUGENE IIO7 Cur+is. BE.4I82-R HUILLADE, DOROTHY I353 Marin. TH. I I86 HUNT, MARGARET 709 San Carlos Ave. HUNTER, ROBERT lI52 Marin. TH.2487 HUNTER, JACK 524 Cornell. BE. 5834-J HURLBURT, JANICE 9I5 Venlura. TH. I900 HYDE, MARGARET 9l4 Neilson. TH. 76I2 I-IUTCHINS, EDWARD 727 Tallnof Ave. I INGRAHAM, RICHARD 949 Ordway. TH. 3374 INMAN, ROBERT 706 Curlis. TH. 75l9 IRISH, BETTY 7I6 Masonic Ave. IRISH, WILLIAM 7I6 Masonic Ave. ISAMAN, JACOUELINE I I I2 Kains Ave. ISAMAN PATRICIA I I I2 Kains Ave. 76 IVERSON, HELEN IOI6 Sanfa Fe. TH J JACKSON, RICHARD 9I8 Cornell. TH JACKSON, LOWELL 9I8 Cornell. TH JACOBSEN, ROBERT I076 Masonic. TH JACQUES, WILLIAM 930 Ramona. TH JENKINS, WALTER 76I Pierce S+. JILBERT, VERL I503 I67I I67I I8I5 I258 IO90 Peralla. BE. 5I37-R JOHANKNECHT, ALICE 9I9 Curlis. TH. 5227 JOHANKNECHT, NANCY 9I9 Curlis. TH. 5227 JOHANSEN, RICHARD 720AdamsSI. JOHANSEN, VERNE 720Adar'ns S+. JOHNS, FRANCES I5I5 Milvia. AS 9353 JOHNS, WILLIAM I5I5 Milvia. AS 9353 JOHNSON. RUTH 4l8CoIusa. TH I822 JOSEPH, GAIL IOO4 Sanla Fe TI'I.4098 JOSEPH JAROLD 1004 Sanla Fe. TH.4098 JOWETT, JANET I223 Porlland Ave. JUNGNICKEL, JOHN I06I Evelyn. TH 6433 K KAER, DONALD 536 Adams BE. 4077-J KAMMERER, TED I043 Pomona. BE.4I08-W KATHER, THELMA 7I3 Key Roufe Blvd. KILKER, DUANE 940 Jackson. BE. 2963-J KILKER, PATRICIA 940 Jackson. BE. 2963-J KING, KATHERINE 702 Taylor. KING, LLOYD 733 Key Roufe Blvd. BE. 3027-J. KING, MAE DALE 733 Key Rou'Ie Blvd. BE. 3027-J. KINNE, NORMA I I IB Sanfa Fe. KINNE, WALTER TH.4273 I I I8 Sanfa Fe. TH.4273 KISER, LORRAINE 735 Cerri+o. TH. ZI93 KLEIN, BETTY 636 Slannage Ave. KLEIN, JAMES 636 Sfannage Ave. HEL HOMES BUILT AND FINANCED NEW OR OLD Lois or Homes Wanfed-Have Cash Buyers Fire-Aufomobile-LiabiIiIy COMPENSATION INSURANCE BROKER ALBANY REALTY CO. I783 Solano Ave. TH. I700-BE. 4778 BEST WISHES TO GRADUATING CLASS OF '39 FRANCES ANN PASTRY SHOP "ALBANY'S LEADING BAKERY" IO Years in Albany 9I5 San Pablo Albany THE SCHOOL BEAUTIFUL fad. Hay, .S,cluwL fl Bmutq, Kuitzum, A SCHOOL SECOND TO NONE Free Marcelling-Finger Waving and I-IaIrcuIIInq Daily MEMBER KAPPA DELTA CHI Phone TE. 9304 I608 San Pablo Ave. Oakland, Calif. ,AA 'A SKATE EoR HEALTH p, L, DRAGON AND FUN and y C. R. SCHMIDTS ARRAIXIGE A PARTY ARCHITECTS AT TI-Iornwall 4757 RO R N D 2068 AIIsIon Way BerIceIey,CaIiF. TELEGRAPH AT 55+h or ROLLERLAND JR. GRAND AND WEBSTER Phone OLym pic 4778 WALTER E. TEASDALE ALL FORMS OF INSURANCE lOI5 Ramona THorn. 2527 P THESE MERCHANTS 0 THEY HELPED YOU KLEIN, ROBERT 636 Sfannage Ave. KLEINMAIER, DONALD 660 Spokane. KLINE, KENNETH I I6 Kains. KLOBAS, ALBERT I972 Talbot KLOBAS, DAISY I040 Talbof. KLOBAS, JOSEPHINE I040 TaII3OI'. KNOTT, ANNE I024 Peralfa. TH. 8388 KNOX. ELEANOR 535 San+a Ee. TH. 25I0 KRAJCAR, RUDY 609 Kains. KRAMBECK, WANEETAH I042 EveIyn. BE.47I7-W KRAUSE, SHIRLEY 654 Sanfa Fe. TH. 6787 KRINKEL, RICHARD I206 Dar'Imou+h SI. KRINKEL, RUBY I206 Dar1mou'Ih S+. KUEEFER, MURIEL I0O3 Ordway. TH. 0608 KUHL, DOROTHY I055 Sfannage Ave. KUHLMANN, MARGARET I024 Neilson SI. KUHLMANN, RICHARD l024 Neilson S'I'. L LA ELAMIVIE, BEVERLY ISIS IVIiIvia. AS. 9353 BerIceIey. LAMBERT. ELLEN I I2O Neilson. BE. I084-J LAIVIPSON, WINIFRED TH.7I24 905 Evelyn. BE. 5329-W LARSON, LOIS 825 Adams. BE. 0237-J LAVERS, PHYLLIS I4-36 Por'I'IanCI. TH. 5I35 LAWSON, ARTHUR I I99 Cornell Ave. BE. 5I7I-W. LAYMAN, JOHN 748 San Pablo. TI'I. 827I LEE, DELMAR 645 San GaI:JrieI Ave. LEE, DO ROTHY I048 Cornell. BE. 6828-J LEE. EUGENE I333 Henry. TH. III4 BerIceIey. LEE, MARGIE 9I4 Ordway. AS. 3560 LEE, NANCY 9I4 Ordway. AS. 3560 LEE, ROBERT I333 Henry. TH.III4 Berkeley. LEE, THAD 9I4 Ordway. AS. 3560 LEPURIN, JOHN I035 Cornell Ave. LEPURIN, LUCY I035 CorneII Ave. LEHMAN, HAROLD I447 GarfieId. BE. 7262-W LEIMONE, FLORENCE I033 SIannage Ave. LEIMING, ROBERT I I I9 Key RouIe BIvd. LEONARD, ROBERT 7627 Levis+on., EI CerriIo. LEONE, ROBERT I280 Briqh'ron. BE. 3882-W LEWIS, BETTY I6I5 Mariposa. BE. 7997-R LIEBERSHACK. BETTY I23O GerTieICI. BE. 5832-W LIGHTFOOT, HORTENSE 937 POIIC. TH. 3055 LINCOLN, CHESTER I268 PorIIand. AS. 7382 LINDAMOOD, ELAINE 1493 Sonoma Ave. LIPANOVICH, EDIE 734 Pomona. BE.372I-J LIVINGSTON, ALAN 9I I CarmeI. TH. 5I55 LLOYD. JAMES 73I BisseII. Richmond 3I36-M. LOCKHART, ARNOLD I328 Curfis S+. LOGAN, BETTY 84I Solano Ave. BE. 2473-W LOGAN, EARL 949 CorneII. BE. 0846-R LOMBARD, JACK I247 Washingfon. BE. I I59-W. LOMBARDO, DANA 545 San Pablo. AS. 7 I 73 LOMBARDO, MARION 545 San PabIo. AS. 7I73 LOTTI, ED 9I3 Camelia. BE. 3285 LORENZ, ZELDA 727 Curfis SI. LYONS, PATRICIA 9I7 Neilson. AS.67I2 M MADSEN, RUSSELL I I40 Evelyn Ave. MAGAZIN, WILLIAM 6I3 Masonic. TH. 9864 MALNAR, ARTHUR I2O0 Briqh+on. BE. 9I88-R MANIG, HILMA 84I Sania Ee. TH. 5479 MANN, DAUNE 792 Curiis. BE. 2549fR MANNELIN, CHARLES I229 Kains Ave. 78 MANNING, ISABELLE IO47 Sanfa Fe. AS. 7254 MARCH, WILLIAM 847 Adams SI. MARCKS, DONALD 7I3 Sfannage. BE.3776-J MARCKS, HOWARD 7I3 Sfannaqe. BE. 3776-J MARENGO, BARBARA 200I Gaynor, Richmond. Richmond 329-J. MARTINO, FRANK II5I Por'rIand. BE. l434-M MARTINO, PETE lI5I Porfland. BE. I434-M MARSHALL, GLORIA 950 Ordway SI. TH MARSHALL, JUNE 950 Ordway S+. TH MARSTON, GEORGE 73II 73II I754 SoIano. TH 8836 MASON, BEATRICE 720 S+annaqe. TH. 6050 MATTHEWS. BARBARA 525 Kains. TH.253I MATTOS, WILLIAM 964 EveIyn. TH. 2I79 MAY, BASIL 966 Kains. TH 8325 MAYERS. CHARLES 980 Peralfa Ave. MAZZONI, DANTE 746 Adams. BE. 5854-M MEADS, FLORINE 830 Ramona. BE. 8393-M MECK, NAOMI 969 Talbot TH. 8085 M ENEFEE. BETTY ANN 632 San Gabriel. TH.42I7 M EN EFEE. ELSIE 632 San Gabriel. TH.42I7 MERRICK, CHARLES IOI3 Sanfa Ee. MEYER, GEORGE I055 Key Roufe BIvcI. MEYER, LUCILLE I055 Key Roufe Blvd. MEYER, MELVIN I055 Key Roufe BIVCI. MILENDER, BEVERLY TH. II77 815 Ramona. TH. 8646 MILLER, ALICE l6l8 Sonoma. TH.3247 MILLER, BARBARA 957 VenIur'a. BE. 549I-J MILLER, GLORIA I066 Masonic Ave. MILLER, JOE 404 Sfannaqe Ave. MILLER, ROSALIE 957 Talbof. TH. 93I9 MITCHELL, BLANCHE I554 Sonoma. BE. 239I-W MITTENDORF, LESTER 803 Pomona. TH. 28I I MOORE, GEORGE 836 Cornell. BE. I632-W HE 1,,,A Q Q N Q R AT U L AT I Q N 5 To The Class OT '39 from PAINTS QCW' --CW-W M. FRIEDMAN PAINT CO. Berlceley STore-ShalTuclc and UniversiTy ZZQZ 'DIJHQ sipng pue OUQIOS 'dw 'Nasdama Ailepadg mo iuewubily IGSIIM ersiiziivdazi oinv ivuaisiae EIOVEIVO S.dWVO your nearesT neighbor We oTTer you Business and secreTarial courses The mosT in The shorTesT Time Tor The IeasT money Three, six, and nine monThs courses T110.r1' 'ZUIIO 1110111 l't'I1llI7'I?Ill011f.Y 11111 1'11111l1'Iy jvlrlfvd T11 g001lp0s11'i011.i' Charra Barlow School AT NorThbrae 2005 I-Ioplcins Ash. 3242 'wbmvwum GEORGE FRIEND CO. REAL ESTATE HOUSES LOTS INSURANCE Phone BErlc. 0397 I797 Solano Berkeley SOLANO W A V E S H O P RINGLETTE AND REAL1sT1c WAVES B, Cross ancl E. Spaqnoli Blfrlr. 4280 I487 Solano Albany Tl-Iornwall 4478 JANE'S FOR BEAUTY COMPLETE BEAUTY SERVICE Jane ChrisTensen, Prop. 901 SanTa Fe, Corner Solano Ave. I Albany, cam. OLSON'S PHARMACY I395 Solano Ave., Albany KODAK SERVICE FOUNTAIN SERVICE PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS Free Delivery BErlc. I966 We Serve American Ice Cream LP THESE MERCHANTS 0 THEY HELPED Y OU MORIAN, DONELLA 7I8 Carmel. BE. 6I46-J MORRIS, CARL 930 Cornell. BE. 2562-W MORRIS. DAVID 930 Cornell. BE. 2562-W MORRIS, HENRY 9I9 Adams. BE. 6294-W MORTON, ROBERT 7IO San Carlos. TH. I892 MOSHIER, MYRTLE 840 Evelyn Ave. MOSS, BEVERLY 706 San Carlos. TH. 5246 MOUNTJOY, THOMAS I I I7 Ordway. TH. I546 MULLIGAN, FLORENCE 809 Key Roule Blvd. MURISON, DONALD I069 Cornell. TH. 5650 MURISON, LOIS I069 Cornell. TH. 5650 MURPHY, ROBERT ' IO5I Kains. BE. I74O-W MURRAY, BARBARA ID76 Peralla. BE. I539-M MURRAY, ROBERT 82I Sanla Fe. BE. 7664-R MUZINICH, JOHN 837 San Pablo Ave. Mc MCCAUSLAND, BARBARA I44I Delaware. BE. I629-W MQCAUSLAND, JUNE 735 Carmel. BE. 6383-J MCCAUSLAND, WALTER 735 Carmel. BE. 6383-J MQCLEARY, GLENN 826 Key Rouie Blvd. TH. 2I33 MCCOLLOM. JEAN IOBO Neilson. TH. 6254 McCOLLOM. JEWEL IO80 Neilson. TH. 6254 McCOMBS, GERALDINE 706 Ramona Ave. McCORMICK, CLAIRE 623 Sanla Fe. TH. I64I McCORMICK, AIJDREY I205 Garfield. MCCRARY, RICHARD IO55 Evelyn S+. MCCULLY, EVELYN I039 Masonic. TH. 8285 MQCULLOUGH, EDWARD 909 Nielson. BE. 8317-J MCDANIELS, JOSEPHINE 65l 6O+I1S+. McDOWELL, ELAINE 50I Sanla Fe. AS. I0409 McDOWELL, JACK 806 Adams Ave. McDOWELL, WILLIAM 501 Sanla Fe. AS. I0409 MCDUFFEE. BONNIE LEE 601 Kains, BE.4264-W MCDUFFEE, DORIS MAY 6OI Kains BE.4264-W MCEADIN, FLOYD 625 San Pablo Ave. MCGREGOR, DUNCAN 837 Sanla Fe. BE. 5760 MQGREGOR, ROBINA 837 Sanla Fe. BE. 5760 MCKNIGHT, JACK 720 Masonic. BE. 0425-J MCLEAN, JANE 907 Curlis. TH. I27I MCLEAN, ROBERT IO28 Tevelin. TH. 0728 MCMORRAN, CLAYTON 6I5TaIboI Ave. MQMORRAN, MELBA 6I5TaIboI Ave. MCNAMARA, JIM 927 Talbol Ave. N NARO, JOY 622 San Pablo Ave. NAUSIN, FRANK 633 Masonic. TH. 9844 NEILSON. BILL I459 Garfield Ave. NEILSON. ELEANOR I509 Terrace. BE. I550-W NEILSON. FRANCES I509 Terrace. BE. I55O-W NELSON, ELMER IO58 Curlis. TH. 9075 NELSON, JOHN IO58 Curlis. TH. 9075 NELSON, OLIVER 5708 Panama, Richmond. TI'l.48I5. NEUMANN, BELLA I56O Marin. TI-L0259 NICHELMAN, HOWARD I030 Venlura Ave. NICHOLS, DONNA 7I I Carmel. BE.9284-M NIELSEN, DON 72I Pomona Ave. NIEMANN. ALINE I325 Parker. AS. IOI25 NILSSON. RAY I454 Porlland. BE. 6327-J NIVOLA, RAY I IO0 Pomona. AS. 9825 NOE, LESLIE 508 Masonic. AS. IO237 NOE, NORMA 508 Masonic. AS. IO237 NORHEIM, RAY I529 Visalia. TI'I.4B5B NORIN, PHYLLIS 912 San+a Fe. TH.4539 NORTON, BETTY JEAN 906 Neilson. TH. 9863 80 NOVELL. DONALD I463 Garfield. BE.4309-W NUNN, BETTY IO92 Peralfa. BE. 257I-J NUNN, STUART IO92 Peralla. BE. 257I-J O OBERG. HELEN 964 Kains Ave. O'BRIEN, BOB SI3 Ramona. BE.4969-J O'BRIEN, DICK BI3 Ramona. BE.4969-J O'DONNELL, JAOUELINE 736 Evelyn. TH. 6I87 O'DONNELL, MARTIN 736 Evelyn. TH. 6I87 OGDEN, JACK IO56 Slannage. OJALA, SYLVIA 633 Talbof Ave. O'LEARY, BILL 8I6San Pablo Ave. TH. I7I8 OLSEN, BETTIE 523 Sanfa Fe. BE. 4246-J OLSON, HAROLD I447 Marin. TI-I. 8265 OLTMANN, DICK I I I5 San Pablo Ave. OLTMANN, STANLEY I I I5 San Pablo Ave. O'NEILL. SHIRLEY I I I4 Kains Ave. ORTLAND, DONALD I204 S+annaqe. OTTO. CHRIS 965 Cornell. OVERACKER. ALTA 936 Camelia Ave. P PARDUE, MILDRED 639 Spokane Ave. BE. 0080-W. PARSONS, BILL 900 Ordway S+. PARSONS, ELDON 932 Slannage Ave. PARSONS. RAY 932 Slannaqe Ave. PASINI, DELPHINA IO6I Curiis SI. PATTERSON, RAYMOND IO3I Sanla Fe. BE. 24IO-M PAUL, ANNABELLE 735 Curlis S+, BE. 224-I-W PEARL. GLORIA TH. 2529 BE. 1627 TH.53I5 I499 Posen Ave. TH. IOI3 PEARL, PHILLIP I499 Posen Ave. TH. IOI3 PEARL, ROBERT I499 Posen Ave. TH. IOI3 PECI-IART, IVIILBU RN 542 Adams SI. BE.43I8-M HEL GOLDEN BEAR . BAKERY l4l7 SOLANO AVENUE ALBANY, CALIF. THornwall 3944 NAUSIN AND SON FOOD CENTER I253 PORTLAND AVENUE aw. xi 7 y X wlgifli In 'fi f S A eg leafs FREE BEAUTY COURSE DAYOR NIGHT A limifed number of FREE SCHOLARSHIPS for deserving sfudenfs. See us as soon as possible. THorn, 9844 B E A U T Y O D I A N E A c A D E M Y 474 I2+lT Sfreef Hlqafe 9474 CONGRATULATIONS EROM . HILL LUMBER CO. Albany, California 2. POPPE DRUG STORE l49l Solano Avenue 3. PETERSON'S GARAGE Corner Solano and Pomona, TH. 2878 4. VOGUE lO4l Solano, BErlc. 4956-W 5. AL'S DONUTS 75I San Pablo, BErlc. 2546-W 6. EVELYN BEAUTY SHOP l233 Solano Ave. THornwall 4928 THE SCHOOL OF RESULTS W A K E M A N SECRETARIAL SCHOOL Complele Secrefarial Courses Slworf Courses-Small Classes lnfensive lnslrucfion Enrollmenf af Any Time 2 I62 Cenier ST. al Oxford BErlc. 6192 Finishing Courses for Commercial Graduales-Also Special Summer Courses GALLAGHER PAINT COMPANY PAINT S WALLPAPER STORE BOYSEN PAINTS ASlT. 4020 ' I36-9 Solano Ave. Albany P THESE MERCHANTS 0 THEY HELPED Y OU PENALOSA, FERNANDO 720 Madison S+. BE. 28I7-M PENNY, ROBERT 826 Curiis SI. BE. 7087-R PERKINS, DAVID I I22 Masonic Ave. TH. 2430 PERKINS, ROSAMOND l652 Marin Ave. BE. 8747 PERKINS, VIRGINIA I IOI Ordway SI. BE. 7874-W PERKINS, WALTER 903 Ramona Ave. TH. 4402 PESTANA, MARIE I I35 Wasliingfon Ave, PETERSON, ARTHUR I I5I Dar+mou+I1S+. PETERSON, BERNICE 8I5 Ramona. PETERSON, MERVYN TH. 8636 I336 Porfland Ave. TH. 400I PHILLIPS. JEAN I47I Porfland Ave. BE.6285 PHILLIPS, JEAN I600 Buena Ave. BE. 7078-W Berkeley. PILLMAN, MELBA 733 San Carlos. PIPER, JACK 927 Carmel. AS PIPER, MILDRED 927 Carmel. AS PIPER, VIRGINIA 927 Carmel. AS PITTER, ROY I403 Parker. PITTER, WILLIAM I403 Parker. PLATNER, CAROL 820 Pomona. TH PLATNER, WILLIAM 820 Pomona. TH POMEROY, RODNEY 956 San Pablo. BE .9677 .9677 .9677 2765 2765 7006 PORTERFIELD, RICHARD 922 Ramona. PORTERFIELD, ROBERT 922 Ramona. POTTER, DOROTHY 836 Masonic. BE. 9554-R PRINDLE, DEAN I223 Masonic. PRINDLE, PHYLLIS 6I4 Pomona Ave. TH. 2390 PRINTY, ROBERT 1121 Evelyn. BE. low-R PRINTY, BETTY JEAN 1121 Evelyn. BE. I079-R O OUARELLO, PETE II05 Slannage. OUINNELL, EDWIN I I2O Garfield. BE. 7297-M R RADMILOVIC. EVELYN 907 Buchanan. RAMOS, GLORIA 509 Key Roule Blvd. RANDALL, BETTY 9I0 Jackson. TH. 2475 RANDALL, PAUL 9IOJackson. TH.2475 REAM, FORREST 900 Carmel. BE.45l4 RECTOR, ROBERT I07I Sanla Ee. RECTOR, PEGGY I07I Sanla Ee. REGALIA, BLANCHE 974 Talbol. BE. 3747-J REGALIA, FRANCES 974 Talbol. BE. 3747-J REDE, HELEN 7I4 Kains. REGAN, KATHLEEN 8l2 Hayes. TH. 3948 REGAN, VELDA 8l2 Hayes. TH. 3948 RENFREE. BEN 9 Pomona, EI Cerrilo. REYMUNDO, TRINIDAD 9I6If9 Kains. REYNOLDS, EDNA IO56 Kains. BE. 6I65-J REYNOLDS, JACK 672 Spokane. RINE, EARL I049 Kains. RICHARDSON, JOHN 534 Adams. RINDSBERG, VIOLET I IO0 Evelyn. TH.4380 ROBERTSON, MALCOLM I877 San Pedro Way. TH. 0798. ROBIN, CHARLES I044 Sanla Fe. ROBINSON, ALLEN 969 Curlls. TH. 807I ROCKVVELL, WILLIAM 6 I 5 Curlis. BE. 692 I-J RODERICK, ROBERT IO49 Peralfa. TI'I. 24BI RODGER, AGNES BI4 Adams. BE. B056-J ROGERS, LORRAI NE I587 Solano. RONEY, BETH I254Washing+on. TH.5290 RONEY, GENE I254WasI'1ing1'on. TH.5290 ROSE, BARBARA JEAN 9I6 Pomona. BE. 3265-J ROSE, BERNADEAN 9I6 Pomona. BE. 3265-J 82 ROSENLOF, BERNICE 662 Key Roufe Blvd. BE.6004-J. A ROSENLOF, RICHARD 662 Key Rouie Blvd. BE. 6004-J. ROSTAGNO, PHILLIP I I32 Slannage. ROY, CHARLOTTE 826 Cornell. BE. 7I92-J RUIZ, ARTHUR 504 Key Roufe. BE. I279-J RUIZ, RICHARD 504 Key Roule. BE. I279-J RYAN, JOHN IOI8SanI'a Fe. TH.7I72 RYDMAN, DONALD I224 Talbot BE. 3694-W RYDMAN, RUSSELL I224 Talbol. BE. 3694-VV S SAMAHA, LLOYD 720 Sanfa Ee. BE. 737I-W SAMPIETRO, RAY 749 Madison. BE. 7399 SANDRETTO, LILLIAN IO34 Talbof. BE. 3770-W SARTAIN, VALERIE 929 Key Roule. TH. 5580 SATEGNA, MARIE I033 Key Roufe. BE. 3352-W SATEGNA, PIERCINA I033 Key Roule. BE. 3352-W SAUNDERS, SHIRLEY 834 San Carlos. BE. 5857-W SAVATTONE, ROBERT I I I9 Kains. SAVIO, VINCENT 977 Kains. TH. 80I9 SCANLAN, JIM 7I9 Evelyn. AS. IO282 SCHAAL, GENE 9l7 Polk. SCHAEFER, HERBERT 640 Spokane. TH. 6I48 SCHAEFER, JACK 640 Spokane. TH. 6I48 SCHAUER, RUSSELL 82I Ramona. BE.2I50nJ SCHILLER, DOROTHY 42I Sanfa Fe. TH. 6646 SCHLECT, ROLAND 737 Adams. SCHNEIDER, EVELYN 622 Evelyn. AS. 7384 SCHROEDER, ARTHUR I I24 Slannaqe. BE. 6264-M SCI-IULZ, SHIRLEY 9I0 Neilson. BE. 2067-W SCHUPP, JACK 946 Talbol. SCOTT, JEAN 507 Carmel TH. I562 SCRIBNER, MAXINE 83I Adams. A HAPPY FUTURE CONGRATULATIONS AND FROM LOTS OF SUCCESS FRQM C.M.MacGREGOR Q 9 O. C. YENNE HOMES . 0 TOTHE '3Q THOrr:.6879 l39l Solano Ave. ThwAALBANY'TIMES "PERSONAL SERVICE WITHIN THE MEANS OF AW OFFICIAL PUBLICATION OF THE COMMUNITY IT SERVES JAMES J.ELLIS CO. I MORTUARY COMPLIMENTS OF H.I.DYGERT ms PbIA. AII, ,Cx GI A O VT W am CITY ENGINEER Phone BErk. l645 CNY HGH HELP THESE MERCHANTS 0 THEY HELPED YOU SEAY, PATSY 9l2 Fillmore. TH. 6527 SEEBERG, MILDRED 950 Evelyn. BE. 5748-J SEED, BETTY 704 Spolcane. AS. l0425 SEGERBERG, MAURICE l055 Neilson. TH. 9358 SENIOR, WILFRED 929 Talbof. BE. 4706-W SEREX, JACK 9I7 Ramona. TH. I063 SEVERINE, STELLA IO56 Neilson. TH. 2927 SEVERY, GLENN I I4I Marin. TH. 4545 SHELBY, ELAINE l087 Masonic. BE. 5370-J Sl-IELBY, KENNETH IOB7 Masonic. BE. 5370-J SHOOLERY, JAMES l504 Marin. BE. 5016 SILVA, DOROTHY IO38 Neilson. BE. 2829-W SLATTERY. DOLORAS I358 Marin. BE. 8685-R SMITH, DALE 8l2 Carmel. BE. 0703 SMITH, EMERY 625-A Adams. SMITH, GLENN I334 Waslwinglon. BE. 8386-W SMITH, JACK I472 Carmel. TH. 26I4 SMITH, JEAN 724 Carmel. TH. 4509 SMITH, JIM 5480 Barrelf. Richmond I7l I Richmond SMITH, LAURA NETTA 625-A Adams. TH.4l I5 SMITH, ORABELLE 625-A Adams. TH.4I I5 SMITH, MAY ELLEN I334 Waslwinqlon. BE. 8386-W SMITH, PHYLLIS 724 Carmel. Tl-I.4509 SMITH. SHEILA 729 Evelyn. BE. 0676-W SMYRL, JACOUELINE I l08 Curlis. BE. 7046-J SODERMAN, WOODROW 839 Carmel. TH. 7059 SOLA, AILEEN 837 Slannaqe. TH. 6240 SONNTAG. MARGARET Bl I Evelyn. BE.4338-W SORENSEN, PETE IO94 Peralla. BE. 2498-W SORENSEN. LOIS l073 Peralla. SOULE. DICK l530 San Lorenzo. BE. 3822 SOULE, TOM I53O San Lorenzo. BE. 3822 SOUSA, BURL 70l Jackson S+. SOVICK, NORMA 832 Neilson. BE. l46I'J SOWELL, RICHARD 1022 ordwsy. AS. 73I7 SPENCI-IIAN, ROBERT I029 Venlura. BE. 0702-J STAFFORD, LI LA MAE 910 ordwsy. BE. 1076-J STAN FORTI-I, GAYLE l445 Virginia S+. BE. I689-W Berkeley. STANLEY, RAYMOND 916 Adams S+. BE.4I25 STANSBERRY, LOUISE 600 Key Roule Blvd. AS. 8593 STAPLES, ELDENE 994 Kains Ave. BE.245l-M STEELE, ALBERT I5Il Valley Road. STEPHENS, JOHN 620 Spokane. TH 5535 STEWART, BRYCE I447 Marin. TH 8265 STOERMER, ALBERT l2l4 San Pablo. TH.0275 STOERMER, ARTHUR l2I4 San Pablo. TH 0275 STOERMER, ROY I2l4 San Pablo. TH.0275 STOLTZ, BETTY l3l5Wasl'1inqI'on. TH 2992 STINE, MARGARET I4-4l Porlland. TH 3635 STONE, NORMA 944 Talbol. STONE, ORMAN I020 Curlis. BE. 2649-R STORCK. GLORIA 704 Ramona. BE. I229-W STORCK. LUCILLE 704 Ramona. BE. 1229-W STRANG, BARBARA l04l Pomona. TH. 3l23 STRAUS, ROBERT 65I Ensenada. AS. 3562 STROMBECK, JOHN I I46 Washingfon. BE. 348I-W. STROMBECK, JUNE l4I6WasIwing,+on. BE.348I-W. STROMBECK, VIRGINIA I I5l Garfield. BE.4672-J STRUI-IM, EUGENE I052 Neilson. TH. 6l45 STRUBEN, GLORIA I I36 Marin. BE. 2753-J 84 STRUBEN, SHIRLEY I I36 Marin. BE. 2753-J STULLER, JIM I I8 Sl. Albans Road. Berkeley. AS. 6I76 SULLIVAN, MARIAN I4-24 Porlland. BE. 5535-W SULLIVAN, WILLIAM I4-24 Porlland. BE. 5535-W SUTHERLAND, BRUCE IOI2 Curlis. TH. 7082 SUTTON, JOAN I605 Sonoma. TH. 65Ol SUTTER, CARL 608 Solano. SWALL, PATRICIA l50B Sonoma. TH. 4274 SWAN, ALBERT l036 Ramona. BE. 7362-J SWANSON, EVA 904 Neilson. TH. 5634 SWENSON, BETTIE 660 Neilson. TH.0l97 SWENSON, ERIC 952 Venlura. TH. Ol I8 SWENSON, ROBERT 660 Neilson. TH.0I97 SWINDAL, NORMA 957 Slannage. SWITZER, MARY l650 Marin. BE. 9225-J T TANSLEY, ANN IO46 Neilson. TH. 2733 TASTER, CECILIA 5I3 Ramona. TH. 5630 TATTON, MARILYN 9l6 Masonic. BE. 3 I49-W TAVEIRA, NORMAN 9IO Slannage. BE. 5893-R TAVEIRA, RUTH 9lO Slannage. BE. 5893-R TAYLOR, FRANK 920 Pomona. TH. 5253 TERRY, MARION 435 Vermonl. TH.4743 TEVLIN, AILEEN II3I Kains. THEILACKER, LUCILLE 7I0 Cornell. BE. 5834-W THEILACKER, TERESA 7I0 Cornell. BE. 5834-W THOMAS, KENDAI-IL I I27 Garfield. AS. lO85 THOMAS. MARIAN I l27 Garfield. AS. l085 THOMPSON. GENE I5I7 Solano. THOMPSON, JOAN I669 Marin. TH. 6697 TILTON, LLOYD 636 Pomona. BE. 0895-M HE CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF I939 CARL B. AHLGREN CHIEF OF FIRE DEPARTMENT CONGRATULATIONS AND SUCCESS TO THE CLASS OF I939 WITH A BRIGHT AND HAPPY FUTURE TO YOU ALL DR. BRISON, D.C. CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF '39 GRACE L. HIGGINS CITY TREASURER CITY OF ALBANY CONGRATULATIONS FROM THE MECHANICS BANK Solano and San Pablo Ave.. Albany A COMPLETE AND FRIENDLY INDEPENDENT BANK Member Federal Dep. Ins. Corp. COMPLIMENTS OF DRS. M. J. and L. WALTER DENTISTS San Pablo and Solano FRED W. STARRATT OPTOMETRIST Eyes Carefully Examined 2235 Tlalornwall Shalluclc 7 qifgv 2897 Avenue lOpposi+e Hinlcsl-BERKELEY COMPLIMENTSOF L. F. MMDQNALD INSURANCE-REAL ESTATE CECIL N. LAVERS ATTORNEY-AT-LAW When Facing a Loss I+ Malces a Difference WHO Insures You. Solano Avenue af San Pablo ALBANY 904 San Pablo BErk. I966 LP THESE MERCHANTS 0 THEY HELPED Y OU TIMMERS. FRANK 920 Carmel. TOLLEFSON, JULES 7I0 San Carlos. TORCHIO, ESTHER I236 Kains. TH TOWNSEND, EDNA 8l6 Pomona. TOWNSEND, PAT 8I6 Pomona. TRAYHEY, ROBERT 907 Adams. TH TRAPANESE, NICK l020 Masonic. TRELEAVEN, PHYLLIS 733 Pomona. TH TRIMBLE, GEORGE I082 Neilson. TH TRONOFF, TED 608 Masonic. TH TRUE, PATRICIA 827 Jackson. TSCHARNER, CHARLES 830 Cornell. TSAGURIS, GEORGE 645 Adams. TURNBULL, ROBERT TH 6377 9482 3850 .0870 . 7877 . 7299 .4242 I023 Pomona. BE. 5I67-J TURNER, JIM 825 Sanla Ee. TH.4637 TWIGGER, HEATON 9I0 Polls. BE. 64-B6-M TYLER, JEAN 83I Carmel. BE. 827l-J TYLER, WILLARD 944 Evelyn. BE. 6604-R V VALLO, ROBERT I I03 Solano. BE.6508-W VAN, DO ROTHY 422 Carmel. TH.9676 VAUGHAN, EARL 9IO Adams. BE.4837-W VAUGHAN, GLADYS 9IO Adams. BE.4837-W VERCELLI, DOROTHY IOI I Slannage Ave. VERCELLI, ELSIE IOII Slannage Ave. VERNON, HARRY 97I Curlis. BE.4769-J VIARENGO, ALFRED 829 Slannage Ave. VIERRA, GEORGE I6I8OaIcView. TH.72I7 VI LA, EVA l207 Solano. TH.5067 VIRZI, LORAIN I504 Solano. BE. 8522-W VISEK, MILDRED I453 esrfreid. As. 76I3 VOCHATZER, BARBARA I332 Marin. TH. I222 VOCHATZER, GLENN l332 Marin. TH. I222 VON STIETZ, ANNA I7Ol Portland. AS. 7606 W WALKER, DEAN 839 Sanla Fe. WALKER, DARLINE I502 Wasliinglon. BE.4948-J WALTERS, LEAH I826 Alcalraz, Berkeley. WARD, VIVIAN 7I6 Norwell. TH. I282 Berkeley. VJATSON. RALPH 837 Carmel. WATSON. ROLAND 837 Carmel. WEAVER, BEATRICE l445 Garfield. BE. OI94-J WEAVER, HELEN 820 Evelyn. BE. 055I-M WECKHERLIN, FRED I433 Porlland Ave. WEHER, LOIS I I48 Garlield BE. 5276-J WEINSEIMER, LAWRENCE 6l7 Sanla Fe. TH. 539l WEIR, WILLIAM l047 Peralla. TH. 389l WELCH, JEAN 843 San Carlos Ave. WESTMAN, BERT 4I2 San Pablo BE. 0418-J EI Cerrilo. WHETSTONE, RICHARD 760 Pierce. WHITCOME, DANIEL 6I9 Cornell. Tl-l.OI32 WHITFORD, WILLIAM Box 326 R. F. D. Walnul Creek. WHITTEMORE, ARTHUR SOI Colusa Ave. TH. 8570 WILCOX, DELBERT 620 Adams Sf. WILCOX, ROBERT 620 Adams SI. WILCOX, VIOLA I052 Curlis SI. WILLARD, JUANITA I045 Neilson. TH. 6703 WILLI-IITE, MAX SOI Pomona. BE. 53564M WILLIAMS, DORIS I059 Peralla. TH. 3723 WILLIAMS, FRANCES I009 Orclway. TI'I. I087 86 WILLIAMS. LARRY I059 Peralla. WILLIAMS, MABEL I I89 San+a Fe. WILLS, ALATHA Il86 Curfis. WILSON, HELEN 1062 Curfis. BE. 2066 WILSON, JACK l3I7WasI1ingIon. TH.2472 WILSON, SHIRLEY I062 Cur'l'is. BE. 2066-J WILSON, VERA I3I7 Waslwinglon. TH.2472 WOOD, GORDON 5I3 Sanla Fe. TH.477I WOODS, LAWRENCE I240 Slannage Ave. WOODSTOCK, RAYMOND 808 Pomona Ave. WOOLWORTH, ROBERT l504 Albany Ter. TH. 0385 WORKMAN, DONALD TH. 3723 803 Carmel. TH.-1830 WRIGHT, ARLENE 943 Madison. AS. 8875 WRIGHT, DAVID I525 Oaks Blvd. BE. 0642-J WRIGHT, KERN 936 Carmel Ave. WRIGHT, SHIRLEY I064 Slannage Ave. TH. 6l82 WYLES, DOROTHY 92I Key Rou'Ie Blvd. AS. 2687. WYMAN, BETTY I420 24+h. WYRICH. WILLIAM I4-52 Por'I'Iand . TH.4038 WYRICH, WILMA I452 Porlland. TH. 4038 Y YOUNG, BILL l6Ol Sonoma. BE. 5l76-J YOUNG, DONALD I022 Curlis. BE. 047I-M YOUNG, ROBERT I4-50 Washinglon. TH.9835 AN. 9668 Z ZAHN, EGON 907 Sanfa Fe. TH. 7776 ZAHN, JUTTA 907 Sanla' Fe. TH. 7776 ZICKEFOOSE, PERCALINE 9I7 Srannage. BE.0085-M ZICKEFOOSE, ROBERT 9I7 Sfannage. BE.0085-M ZIMMER, ERNEST I I53 Marin Ave. ZUERNER, DONALD l035 Kains. BE. 34I3-W COMPLIMENTS OF CHIEF JESTER AND ALBANY POLICE DEPARTMENT TO THE CLASS OF '39 MEET YOUR FRIENDS AT T H E R O B E R T A Nexf Door To Ihe Albany TheaIre SANDWICHES AND MILK-SHAKES We Serve BREAKFAST - LUNCHEON - DINNER JOE IS ALWAYS HAPPY TO SERVE YOU CONGRATULATIONS FROM T H E A L B A N Y CHAMBER OF COMMERCE TO THE CLASS OF '39 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF I939 JUDGE LOUIS J. HARDIE BEST WISHES TO GRADUATES ALBANY HOSPITA Mary Ann Lamafch. R.N. Propriefor Marin and Masonic Avenues, AIbany Telephone I3ErIceIey IO6O L RHODES CHARTER STAGES Inc. GROUP TRANSPORTATION Buses Charfered - Modern Coaches Any Occasion - Anywhere IOII San PabIo - THornwaII 7I7O CONGRATULATIONS from H. W. McNERNEY, M.D. Physician and Surgeon I393 Solano Avenue Above OIson's HELP THESE MERCHANTS 0 THEY HELPED Y OU INDIVIDUAL INSTRUCTION my COLLEGE OF BUSINESS I9I'I1 and Webs+er SI'ree+s. GLencour+ 0437 OAKLAND CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATINC- SENIORS FROM THE HIGH DADS' CLUB DANCE COMMITTEE WITH THE HOPE TI1aI Hwe seniors will re+urn Io mee+ Ihe Dads aI II1eir d ance s and a+ olrher school funclrions. LP THESE MERCHANTS 0 THEY HELPED YOU WHLLA3 SAN PABLO AT SOLANO ALROSE COMPLETE FOOD MARKET HERE QUALITY WINS GILMAN AT CURTIS LP THESE MERCHANTS 0 THEY HELPED Y M 'AUTOGRAPHS W ,W 21 7 f E fdfiwgj M ILL Qi X . QE 4166 QW l jQJqX Qy,nxfQj - LL k 322-Af aww V M V 44? . 1 Q17 ! , 9-ff. ' 4 2 M' ui C X Lf Jyjfffyf aff , ,QEWVY if J' KJ , ff -I ' I I' f f 1-'ff Fa' K Vp, Q1 ,I 5 wg.. My 'I gf'Ar.JTJjF2Xix Q 76 I X aw' ' i QD 4 R' ,fdfww ff-IWW! ' . xsh A--pyvm 'Q' "W A x f J I 1 4 , K , , ,nn.-- , 'fun I W A, 4, . t, f 4 im 1 . M WW - f , he f WMU f X. fr, . . iq M! p Bxwifbxf i Vwf bags? A 6,35 , W? XQVM W r' X Q ,Q A, .XX Ex, W.. 'Li -ISV' -Z L.-ff' .X -I, X 3 5 w Q, Il 19 ,T - v- -- 1 I 1 1 Z s I w . 8 5' Hifi J , V " A r 1 ' lk 5 ' N ,tr A i L, EQ 5 'I , f J . Q L? E ?' V Ni E 3 A V i . 5 A 1 1 ' 1 . lf f's . ,I I ' 5 - " ww V x V : , ! l i l f f 3 4 ' il S yl! . QU' i W, gf Q! Mfg 'ii w k , J? a ' ' in A fa lgg fsh 11 U3 if gmam wiifla-f A - f 1 572 - 4- zyrwnwpizzza-W -:K ' ' , 1 a Xi -4 '41 f . , ,f f .E 2 lf si ' t v E -r , ,Q G: si? fi ' -3 V 15 1 Q if? .. ,V Q 1 . T . 'fi t-4 Se F! , E 1 14' ,fir 23 . '12 .A 2

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