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ALBANY COMET 1978 ALBANY HIGH SCHOOL ALBANY, WISCONSIN TABLE OF CONTENTS EDITOR Julie Broge CLASSES...................... 10 ACADEMICS.....................38 STUDENT LIFE..................50 SPORTS........................80 GRADE SCHOOl..................98 ADVERTISING..................110 INDEX........................127 JR. EDITOR Lisa Sellnow ASSISTANTS Copy: Julene Blumer Layout: Bruce Fahrney Photography: Rick Allen ADVISOR: Mrs. Jennie GasnerDEDICA TION This year the 1978 Annual Staff would like to dedicate their annual to Mrs. Jennie Gasner. Mrs. Gasner has been the Annual Advisor for five years and without her, there would be no annual and no way for the students and faculty to leave a token of their feelings about AHS. Mrs. Gasner has made it possible for us to hold on to the memories of events and the friendships which would fade without an annual to look back at. We are all thankful for the time, effort, and organization she has put forth. The Annual Staff wants to show their gratitude and appreciation for all she has done by dedicating this annual to her. It is something we all helped put together and we are proud of it. More important, however, we are proud of our advisor. Mrs. Gasner has not only been an advisor and a teacher, but a true friend as well. We sincerely hope she has enjoyed her years at Albany and wish her the best for the future. Thank you, Mrs. Gasner, and Congratulations from your 1978 Annual Staff. CONGRA TULA TIONS AND BEST WISHES JENNIE GASNER 2It is strange and wonderous how the lack of strength emits the greatest power. Those who are at all cognizant of the current status of Roger Pluss know what power is. While we are saddened and lessened by death, we are fulfilled and strengthened by survival. Normally a section such as this commemorates one who has passed away, ALWAYS before his or her prime. It is called a "rememberance," something we feel we are supposed to do. Perhaps because we feel better about recognizing something we cannot avoid. This section, however, is different. For instead of carrying the weight of death, we are affirming the gift of life. No, Roger did not die. He is alive, miraculously, in every sence and fiber of that word. While the "odds" favored a rememberance page for Roger, he overcame them and is now rewarded with sincere recognition. The doctors say it's his age that matters. True, but few teenagers have shown the determination to survive in such an extraordinary way. As a result, Roger's weakness became our strength. He gave cause to a basketball team. He supplied happiness and determination to a family. He caused a community to gather together for good and see the results. Roger would be the first to deny such things. We must all remember the strength of the human will, and that the "will to live" is the strongest. We should be grateful that Roger's experience has made all OUR trials less distressing. For this "witness" to life and the pleasure of existence, we thank and affirm you, Roger Pluss. See you in school next year. EDITOR’S NOTES From past experience we have found that with a limited staff, we could get more work done. We all worked together to meet the deadlines and to raise the necessary money to cover expenses for the publication of the 1978 Annual. A special thanks goes to Mr. Astin and to Mr. Gasner for helping with the photography. I would also like to extend a special thanks to Mrs. Gasner, our advisor, for all the time and effort she put in to help us make a successful Annual. Without her help and encouragement, we never would have gotten the 1978 Annual completed. As editor, I would like to thank the entire staff for all the help and time they devoted to the annual with a special thanks to Teri Gohlke and Lisa Sellnow. Best of luck to Lisa as next year's Annual Editor. Memories of 1977-78 will always remain with me -Thank you A. H. S. Julie BrogeMEMORIESMEMORIES OF A.H.S. Memories of High School play an important part in the lives of every individual. This year we have chosen Memories as the theme of our annual hoping to reflect on the many fun times we have shared as well as the embarassing moments we have experienced throughout our High School years at Albany High School. As we grow through the years from Freshmen to Seniors, does time rewrite the patterns of our lives? Were the times we felt courses were tough and teachers expected too much really that difficult or could it have been all so simple then? Student life may have been beautiful, and yet there were some difficult times. Is it the struggles we'll remember during the athletic seasons, or the laughter? As we reflect upon the past years, if we had the chance to do it all again, would we? Could we? And finally, remember those who made this annual possible ... those who advertised. So whenever we remember, remember them. No Glady, class is not over. See that Foot? It's not always in my mouth bDURING 1977-1978 1 Those sophomore girls will try "To Pull" anything. This game is so much fun. Boy that pie was good! Hey Loren, type and put the other book away.SENIORS PREPARE FOR FUTURE CAREERS COMMENCEMENT: May 28, 1978 CLASS FLOWER: White Rose CLASS COLORS: Powder Blue and Silver CLASS MOTTO: Learning Today To Live For Tomorrow Officers Advisors Mrs. Jennie Gasner and Mr. Jim Bromwell (Advisors); Wendy Johnson (Secretary); Rick Allen (President); Jim Gibbons (Vice President—Treasurer). Missing Mr. Tom Gross (Advisor). 12WILLIAM RICHARD ATKINSON JR. RICHARD HENRY ALLEN Annual 10,11,12; Class Pres. 12; Boys VB 9; Wrest. 10; Chorus 9,10,11; Letterwinners 10; Student Council 9,10,11; Pep Band Stage Band 10,11; Vocal Ensemble 9,10; Forensics 9,10; Badger St.; Baseball 9; FFA FFA BB 10,11; Musical 10; Student School Board Member 11. Annual Staff 10,11,12; FHA 12; Class Treas. 9; Prom Court; French Club 9,10,11,12; Student Council 10,11,12; FFA 9,10,11,12; FFA Basketball 11; Teacher's Aide 12. JANET ROSE MAXINE ATKINSON Annual 9,10; FHA 9,10 (Rep), 11,12; Green Lake Del. 10; Pep Club 9,10,11,12; Prom Ct.; French Club 9,10 (Treas.) 11,12; Letterwinners 9,10,11,12; Cheer. 9,10,11,12; Stage Band 11; BB 10; VB 10,11,12; Commanding Officer Band 11; Forensics 11,12; Band 9,10,11. JULENE JEAN BLUMER Annual 10,11,12; FHA 10,11,12 (Rep-Hist); Green Lake Del; Pep Club 9,10,11,12 (Pres); French Club 10,11,12 (Pres); Let. Win. 10,11,12; Pep Band and Stage Band 9,10,11,12; Spoon Winner; BB 9,10,11,12; VB 9,10,11,12; FFA 12; Musical 10,11; Forensics 10; Track 10 13ROSE MARIE COULTHARD Ki JULIE ANN BROGE Annual 9,10,11,12 (Editor); FHA 9,10,11 (Treas.); Green Lake Del. 10,11; Pep Club 9,10; Class Vice Pres. 11; Class Treas. 10; Prom Queen; French Club 10; Letterwinners 10; Pep Band 10; Girls BB, 10; Girls VB, 10; Badger State 11; Pom Pon 9,10,11. Future Homemakers of America 9,10; Chorus 9,10,11,12; Girl's Gymnastics 12; Spanish Club 11. SONYA BETH DIXON Annual 9; News. 10,11; FHA 9,10,11,12; Pep Club 9,10,11,12; Letterwinners 11,12; Pep Band 9,10,11,12; State Band 11,12; Girls BB 9,10,11,12; Girls VB 10; Band 9,10,11,12; Forensics 11,12; Track 11. BRUCE JOHN FAHRNEY Annual Staff 10,11,12; French Club 10,11,12; Pep Club 9,10,11,12; Stage Band 11,12; Band 9,10,11,12; Library Assistant 9,10. 14KEVIN DON FLOOD AGNES KAY McCREEDY FLOOD Annual Staff 9; Future Homemakers of America 9,10. FHA 11,12; Prom Court; Letterwinners 12; Homecoming Court 12; Boys Basketball 9,10,11,12; Cross Country 10. GERRY ALAN GEMPELER JAMES GEORGE GIBBONS FHA 11; Class Pres. 11; Class V-Pres. 9,12; Class Treas. 12; Prom Court; Boys VB 9; French Club 9,10; Letterwinners 10,12; Homecoming Court 10; FFA 11,12; Boys Basketball 9,10,11,12; Track 9,10,11; School Board Member 12. 15 Future Farmers of America 11,12.CHRISTIAN CARL HANNES Forensics 11; Badger Boys State 11. KELLY ANN HOWARD News. 9,10; FHA 9,10,11 (VP), 12 (P.); Green Lake Del. 10,11; Pep Club 9,10,11,12; Let. Win. 10,11,12; JV Cheer. 10 (Capt.) Stu. Coun. 9,10,11 (VP), 12 (P); Homecoming Ct. 12; BB 9,10,11,12; VB 9,10,11,12; Poms 9,11,12 (Capt); FFA 12; Musical 9,10; Foren. 9,10,11. WESLEY THOMAS HAURI Drama Club 9,10; Newspaper 9,10; Wrestling 9,10,11,12 (Co-Capt.); FHA 12; Chorus 9,10,11,12; Letterwinners 9,10,11,12; Vocal Ensemble 9,10,11,12; Foren. 10,11,12, Badger St. 11; FFA 9,10,11,12 (Sec.); Musical 9,10; Wash. Del. 11. LAURA JEAN HUFFMAN Honor Soc. 10,11,12; News. 11; FHA 12; Class Pres. 10 Prom Court; French Club 9,10; Let Win. 10,11,12; Stu. Coun. 9,11,12 (Sec.); Homecoming Ct. 9,12; BB 9; VB 9,10,11,12; DAR 12; Who's Who 12; French Club 9,10; Forensics 10; FFA 12. 16GERMAINE RUDOLPH KADERLI JR. Wrestling 12; Letterwinners 9,12; Future Farmers of America 12; Future Farmers of America Basketball 12. WENDY JO JOHNSON FHA 9,10,11,12 (Sec.); Green Lake Del. 10,11; Pep Club 11; Class Sec. 9,10,11,12; Prom Court; French Club. 9,10,11,12 (VP); JV Cheer. 11; Pep Band 9,10,11,12; BB 10; Homecoming Ct. 11; Band 9,10,11,12 (VP); VB 11; Badger St. 11; Poms 9,10; Foren. 10,11,12. GLADY MARIE KAUK Newspaper 11; FHA 9,10,11; Pep Club 10,11,12; Chorus 10,11; Cheerleader 10 JV; Vocal Ensemble 10,11; Pom Pon Squad 9; Who's Who Among American High School Students 12. DOUGLAS NEIL KEEPERS Baseball 9; Musical Play 9. 17JANICE ANN KRUPKE FHA 9,10,12; Pep Club 10,12; Class Pres. 9. Treas. 11; Prom Court; Letterwinners 9,10,11,12; Cheer. 10 (Capt.); BB 9,11; VB 9,10,11,12; Band 9,10,11,12; Forensics 10; FFA 12; Track 10; Outstanding Band Mem. 12; Wrestling Manager 11. ANGELA MARIA LEDEZMA GARCIA Honor Society 9,10,11,12; Annual Staff 11; Class Sec. 11; Class Pres. 10; Class Treas. 9; Girl's BB 12; Girl's VB 11; Forensics 11; A.F.S. 12. JEFFREY LEE MAUERMAN Class Secretary 10; Prom King 11; Boy's VB 9; Homecoming Court 11; Boy's Basketball 9,10,11,12; Track 9,10. 18RICHARD JAMES ROBINSON Wrestling 9,10,11,12; Letterwinners 9,10,11,12; Forensics 9,10; Future Farmers of America 10,12; Track 9,10; Future Farmers of America Basketball 10,12; Library Assistant 9,12; Cross Country 9,10. ROGER ALLAN PLUSS French Club 9,10,11,12; Letterwinners 9,10,11,12; Badger Boy's State 11; Future Farmers of America 9,10,11,12; Boy's Basketball 9,10,11,12; Most Improved Player 10. LAURA LYNN RUEF FHA 11; Pep Club 11; Wrestling Assistant Manager 11; Letterwinners 12; Pom Pon 9,10; FFA 12; Track 10; FFA Basketball 12; Library Assistant 10; Cross Country Manager 12. CAROL ANNE RUNAAS Future Homemakers of America 9; Girl's Volleyball 9,10; Future Farmers of America 12; FFA Basketball 12. 19SUSAN CHARLOTTE SPEER JACOB ALLAN SCHNEIDER Wrestling 11; French Club 10,11; Track 9,10,11; Boys Basketball 9,10; Cross Country 11 DAVID LEE STOEHR Prom Court; Boys VB 9; Letterwinners 9,10,11,12; Homecoming Court 12; Boys Basketball 9,10,11,12; Track 9,10,11; Cross Country 10; Most valuable player BB 11; All Conference BB. GINNY LYNN THILL Future Homemakers of America 9; Library Assistant 11,12. Honor Society 10,11,12; Annual Staff 12; Newspaper 12; FHA 9,10,11; Green Lake Del. 10; Pep Club 9,10; Prom Court; Letterwinners 11,12; Girls Basketball 9,10,11,12; Girls Volleyball 10,11, Track 11. 20BRUCE ROY TWAY Drama Club 11; Ecology Club 10; Prom Court; Boy's VB 9; Letterwinners 9,10,12; Homecoming Court 9; Spade Winner 11; Boy's Basketball 9,10,11,12; Track 9,10; Cross Country 9. Don't just sit there Rick-You better HOP TO IT!!! SENIORS REMEMBER YEARS AT A.H.S. Looking back at our last four years at Albany High School, we remember all the times we shared with each other. But now we must prepare to face a world of new hopes, new challenges, and new dreams. We must prepare to face the new world as an individual. We will always remember the memories of Driver's Education, fieldtrips, class activities. Junior Prom, working in the snack bar, sports events, as well as all our advisors, friends, and teachers who have done a great deal to help us through the past four years at Albany High School. We will never forget all the times we have shared, learned, and grown together as a class. Memories of Albany High School will always light the corners of our minds, misty water-colored memories of the way we were. 21 Senior volleyball players relax while the teachers prepare their game strategies.The look of an Albany Scholar. Is this a Monticello Pony? It goes through the top Kevin, not the bottom! Where’s mother Turns when we need her? 22JUNIORS SPARK WITH INCENTIVE THROUGH RELEVANT CLASSES PROM HIGHLIGHTS JUNIOR YEAR The class of 1979 finally started to get it all together as their junior year was upon them. Many responsibilities were to be put upon them this year as a year for decisions was in hand. The beginning of the year was filled with ideas for fund raising activities for the class. And they all came through as sales were made with magazines, baked goods, and hot dogs. Junior Class Officers Advisors: Larry Hauge (Treas.), Kirk McCullick (Pres.), Dan Schmieder (V.P.), Lisa Sellnow (Sec.), Mrs. Sherwin, Mr. Krause, Miss Hanson. Many students also were thinking about plans after high school. This meant a nose in the books on week nights to prepare for tests the following day. But the studies paid off as the juniors, by the end of the year, now felt prepared for their senior year. 24Tammy Alderman Chris Althaus Sandy Albright Lisa Briggs Brian Gohlke Mike Hulbert Leigh Atkinson Angie Flood Steve Elmer Oan Hannes Adella Coulthard Robert Hammon Larry Hauge Maribeth Kauk Terry Janes Laurie JohnsonWayne Roberts Lisa Sellnow Kirk McCullick Lori Parker Barb Robinson Debbie Mueller Pam Kennedy Jerry Pagel Mary Murphy Jim Peach Dan Schmieder Lisa Wilcox Robert Paul Lorrie Schenk Mike TourdotHold up the sign Kurt Show us what you are. Sing away Debbie-Let’s hear it. Absoultely Divine Angie Just Divine'.!! Watch the ball Laurie, not the guys in the bleachersSOPHOMORES ENJO Y A CHIE VEMENTS AS WELL AS PLANS Class Officers Advisors: Windy Lewis (Sec.), John Schlapbach (Treas.), Lisa Brugger (Pres.), Mike Powers (V. Pres), Mr. Volkman, Mr. Astin, Mrs. Tews. SOPHOMORES EXPERIENCE BUSY YEAR Now that the Sophomores have had a taste of High School life, they are better prepared to fulfill their needs in moneymaking and other various activities. They are becoming more confident and getting involved in more clubs and sports. A Sophomores year is a very important and sentimental one. They have many things to look forward to, such as Driver's Ed. and Class Rings. They patiently await the day they will receive their class rings and finally get their actual driver's licenses after all those long hours of "Behind-the-Wheel" driving. In remembering, the sophomores now feel accepted as an important part of Albany High School. 28David Brugger Michelle Courtois Jamie Fahrney Teri Gohlke Lisa Brugger Sandy Creighton Doug Gerber Teresa Hammon Joe Coulthard Debra Dustan Mitch Glass Debra Hauri Lori Hauge Amy Bump Debbie Crooks Lonnie Gill 29Laura Isely Ken Keele 3031FRESHMEN STRIVE FOR ACCEPTANCE THROUGH LEARNING EXPERIENCES Officers Advisors: Dan Dowden (V. Pres.), Lisa Allen (Sec.-Treas.), Mindy Kennedy (Pres.), Mr. Cebulski, Miss Harding, and Mr. Wagner (Advisors). FRESHMEN INCREASE ENROLLMENT This year the upperclassmen had to get used to 66 new freshmen instead of a small class of 30 or so. The freshmen class is the biggest to come into high school, but that didn't stop them from making their stand. It didn't take long for them to adjust to the hustle and bustle between classes and the rush hour before lunch. They were soon pushing and making their way into the crowd. Under the leadership of their President Mindy Kennedy, the freshmen got involved in sports and many more clubs. They were soon accepted as one of the AHS group. The first year went fast but they can't wait till next year—it's going to be even better. 32Ray Anderson Teresa Boss Rick Cleaveland Jim Dunphy Lori Brugger Larry Cook Lisa Allen Bill Anderson Ted Alexander Ben Atkinson '1' •• V 1 -f, l Laura Atkinson Todd Brugger Mark Bennett Kent ClarkStacey Fahrney Laurie Flood Grace Gempeler Kathy Hamilton Karl Hulbert Mindy Kennedy 34Terry Langston Laurie Malkow Steve Moldenhauer Lonnie Pohl Jeff Lincicum Ken MacGrath Ken Pence Pat Quirk 35Randy Richardson Mike Seftrood Brian Zettle Pat Zweifel I Pam Zweifel Loren Robinson Julie Ruef Charles West V ■ Natalie Sigafus Carson Sowl Forrest Ross 36ACADEMICS 38Could it have been all so simple then? 39BOARD AND ADMINISTRATION WORK CLOSEL Y SCHOOL BOARD: Jean Zweifel, Lawrence Dunphy, Shirley Blumer. Standing: Glenn Brewer, Wilbur McCreedy, and Paul Hahn. The Board of Education is the backbone to the entire school system. It has responsibilities to the school, the people, and the community. The Director of School has a responsibility to the students and the faculty and staff. It is a hard job and Dr. Allen must coordinate the students and teachers to obtain a profitable educational atmosphere. Both the Board and Dr. Allen work closely in creating and implementing policies which reflect the educational philosophy and the objectives of the community. This year Mr. Michael Owens joined the scene at A.H.S. Mr. Owens has the job of 7-12 principal. The main job of Mr. Jim Bromwell, Guidance, is to get information to the students on plans for the future. The bookkeeper at Albany is Miss Charlotte King. She has an important role handling the financial accounts for many of the student organizations along with the payroll. The school secretary is Mrs. Charlotte Briggs. 40 Robert E. Allen, Ph. D.PRINCIPA l guidance bookkeeper Jim Bromwell SECRET A RYART CHORUS Kay Miller Art is a class that gives a student a chance to use some of their skills. Miss Kay Miller teaches both grade school and the high school art classes. Art students are busy all through the year doing everything from painting to wood carvings. Experimenting with different mediums enables the students to develop artistic talents as well as an appreciation of the various Art forms. The Ban Department offers students the opportunity to play an instrument in various in-school and extracurricular activities. Under the direction of Mr. Dave Gas-ner, Band members learn to be responsible and to work with a common goal; as well as obtain self-satisfaction and confidence from individual personal accomplishments in the field of music. Students who have an interest in vocal music are offered the opportunity to sing in the High School Choir or in Triple Trio. This gives the students a chance to earn credit as well as to participate in a non-academic area. The music department is for students to get involved in extracurricular activities and gives them the individual talents in the field of music. Music boosters was also developed this past year. Karen Hubert BAND Dave Gasner 42ENGLISH Jeff Cebulski FRENCH Susan Tews HOME EC. The English Department furnishes the students with backgrounds in reading, writing, and speaking. The main objectives of the language program is to improve the students' ability to communicate through various media such as books, speech, radio, and television. Under the direction of Mr. Jeff Cebulski the point is clear. No one really appreciates his own language until he has learned another language. The French language prepares students for their trips to France which they have been taking every two years. Mrs. Susan Tews shows the students how the language should be spoken. The bi-yearly trips to France play a very important role in broadening appreciation of the contribution the French have made to the Western Culture. Home Economics prepares students to get along after they are out of school. Mrs. Terese Gross teaches her students to sew, cook, and even child care. In her bachelor know-how class, she teaches the boys the facts about how having to do something with a woman's touch. The basic objective is to impart knowledge to the student which will better prepare them for the decisionmaking and practical skills that will be demanded later. 43 Terese GrossA GRICULTURE BUSINESS ED. Delbert Wagner Mr. Randall Krause has the job of teaching students that are interested in the business of farming, or any of the related occupations in the field of agriculture. Students in the agriculture program are made aware of this field since it is a very big part of our local community and of our society. The objectives of the Agriculture Department are to make the students aware of career opportunities in this field since Agriculture is the nation's largest business. Different techniques are learned in Industrial Arts through reading and actual use. Under the direction of Mr. Del Wagner, students learn new techniques in craftsmanship, skill which prove to be valuable for use after high school graduation. Job opportunities as well as vital background knowledge are made available to business students under the instruction of Mrs. Jennie Gasner. In Office Occupations the Juda and Albany students prepare for the future clerical positions available after graduation. Many more classes are also offered to help the student not only in business but in their personal lives as well. The keeping of financial records and income tax is also taught in the business department. INDUSTRIAL ARTS Randy Krause Jennie GasnerMA THEM A TICS SCIENCE Sue Harding Since the world has become more automated and technologically advanced, math has taken on an increased importance as a subject in High School. Miss Ann Hanson, aims to teach students the concepts and skills of Mathematics and prepare the students for future Math learning in vocational school or college. Mr. Russell Quinn has put in many hard hours in class and in the car teaching students the proper driving techniques. Rules of the road, traffic signals, and parts of the automobile are all taught in the Driver's Education classroom. These connect to “behind the wheel" which is held after school and during the summer months. Under the direction of Miss Sue Harding, students have lectures, discussions, and lab work in the various science classes offered at Albany High School. Science gives the students an excellent background in all phases of science from the amoeba to the atom. Students who like to discover and be challenged select these courses to expand their knowledges of how the world around them is put together. Equations are also balanced and animals are dissected also as part of the science classes. Ann Hanson DRIVER’S ED. 45 Russ QuinnSOCIAL STUDIES Tom Gross Under the direction of Mr. Tom Gross, the Area Studies and Social Problem classes learn many things that can help them when they are out of school. Area Studies and some of the other classes in the Social Studies Department give a student the understanding of international problems. Social Problems gives seniors a background and make them realize how different it is when they graduate and enter the working world. Mr. Terry Astin teaches both of the U.S. History classes. This gives students a basic history on the United States of America. The underlying theme of the U.S. history Class is the American Dream and the Promise of America. The class is divided into five units with each having its own book. Each student is assigned a special project based on the text. Mrs. Kris Hanson is a big help in the library when you have a report to be done. She helps you find the material that will help finish a report. The bibrary was set up to be a quiet area for completing classroom assignments and for pursuing individual interests through the various media. Mrs. Hanson keeps the library quiet so you can do your work there in peace and quiet. Terry Astin LIBRARIAN 46 Kris HansonPHYSICAL ED Lois Sherwin Rick Volkman AUDIO VISUAL The Physical Education classes at Albany High School help to promote physical fitness in our student body. Mrs. Lois Sherwin and Mr. Rick Volkman teach students various sports and activities which are designed to develop fitness as well as coordination and good sportsmanship A sound body is just as important as a sound mind. Mrs. Sherwin and Mr. Volkman are kept busy running by participating in the sports right along with the students. Tournaments are held, putting the best players on top. Yet there was plenty of competition and struggles to get on the top. Mr. Volkman is not only a physical education teacher but also teaches a health class throughout the year. He teaches students about the various things that can help them and their families. Mr. Terry Astm, as head of Audio Visual, is responsible for the distribution and maintenance of all A-V Equipment and recommendations for new equipment as the need for the equipment arises. Together with the library, he provides a beneficial and important service to both the faculty and the student body of Albany High School. 47 Terry AstinHIGH SCHOOL AID COOKS Phyllis Aeschliman Evelyn Thorton, Nancy Friedrichs, and Rosella Briggs BUS DRIVERS Madeline Atkinson, Kay Flood, Micky Fahrney, Ervin Coplien, and Joanne Rankins. 48JANITORS Willis Nipple Roy Kopp STUDENT JANITORS: Ray Anderson, Bill Atkinson, Jeff Mauerman, and Mike Hulbert. The administration, faculty and the staff has a hard job of creating a close and friendly atmosphere for the students. The dedication which stems from their hard work is felt by each and every student. They approach their task in Albany Schools with the hope of helping young people achieve those goals that will be the most rewarding for them. In a society which is becoming more and more complex each year, education is a necessity. It is the aim of the administration, faculty, and staff to help the youth of Albany prepare to improve this society and become the capable leaders and citizens our society needs. It is their goal to help them reach those goals. The annual staff and the students of Albany High School tip their hats to both the administration, faculty, and the staff for the hard job they put forth. We thank you. 49STUDENT LIFEMay have been beautiful, and yet? 51SUITE MADAME BLUE PROM COURT: Laura Huffman Bill Atkinson, Sue Speer A Dave Stoehr, Jan Krupke A Jim Gibbons, Queen Julie Broge A King Jeff Mauerman, Jan Atkinson A Bruce Tway, Wendy Johnson A Kevin Flood, Junior Royalty: Tracy Runaas A Trent Blumer. During crowning ceremony. Jim Gibbons crowns King Jeff Jr. Royalty observes Queen Julie being crowned by King Jeff.King Jeff Mauerman Queen Julie BrogeV EICOME TO THE im S JUNIOR % ------------------------------------ iiiiinniir Bill and Laura Kevin and Wendy Jim and Jan Tracy and Trent Sue and Dave Jan and BruceMemories of Jr. Prom A long time dream came true for the “78" juniors as they started to prepare for their “77" Jr. Prom. Everyone worked together to make it a life long memory for all who attended. On May 7, 1977 the Junior dream was reality as the crowd danced and enjoyed the tunes of the Big Tips Band. Suite Madame Blue served as the theme song and the gym came alive with a nature atmosphere. King and Queen, Jeff and Julie, were crowned during the festivities. We must all agree that the 1977 Jr. Prom will reign over us as truly memorable. 55ANNUAL STAFF Bruce Fahrney, Rick Allen, Mrs. Gasner (advisor), Julene Blumer. Seated: Julie Broge (Editor), and Lisa Sellnow (Jr. Editor). EDITORS DEVOTE LONG HOURS The Annual Staff, under the direction of Mrs. Jennie Gasner, started the year with the sale of ads in late August. As the school year started so did the work on the yearbook. The staff began doing layouts of pages and writing of the much required copy. This year the staff was able to maintain the size of the yearbook but also was able to provide extra space for additional candids of our fellow classmates and teachers throughout the book. One problem we had was not being able to develop our own photos as in past years. And this added additional expense to the production of the book. The annual staff puts this entire book together. This includes providing the money for its production as well which proves to be harder each year. Editors Jule and Lisa study over the progress being-made toward meeting the many deadlines. 56The school camera was a common sight. Rick explains how to use it to other staff members. Subscription sales play an important part in financing the yearbook. G. Kauk, R. Marx, S. Speer, C. Althaus, L. Swanson, D. Mueller, C. Pulcine, B. Atkinson, C. Manshiem, J. Blumer, R. Allen, B. Fahrney, T. Gohlke, F. Nipple, J. Broge, L. Sellnow, and Mrs. Gasner (Advisor).HIGH SCHOOL BAND K. Hamilton, M. Gurns, B. Fahrney, L. Brugger, D. Dustan, L. Allen, J. Blumer, W. Johnson, L. Atkinson, L. Malkow, P. Zweifel, S. Fahrney, T. Hammon, J. Krupke, M. Kauk, N. Sigafus, L. Flood, W. Lewis, S. Dixon, D. Kauk, K. Hamilton, W. Gerber, C. Althaus, C. Pulcine, M. Kennedy, C. Manshiem, D. Mueller, R. Hammon, M. Tourdot, M. Tourdot, D. Kauk, A. Flood, (Drum Majorette), S. Krupke, D. Hauri, L. Brugger, K. Jones, J. Schlapbach, Mr. Gasner, L. Briggs, F. Nipple, D. Mueller, S. Nipple, J. Patchen, D. Johnson, W. Roberts (missing). BAND PROVIDES ENTERTAINMENT People never really realize how much time really goes into band. The students practice all summer marching to participate in different parades. The amount of trophies the band already has went up this past summer. The Albany Marching Comets placed third in the Dairy Day Parade and first in the Evansville Parade. Besides those parades, Mr. Gasner and his band marched in different parades competing against big bands. The band showed much improvement both in marching and in looks. The new uniforms really boosted the band and made them feel they really can do something good. Besides the parades, the band works all year getting ready for different concerts. The music boosters and band students work hard to make the band better and make the community proud of Albany and of the Albany High School Band. Julene Blumer, President; Jan Krupke, Vice President, Wendy Johnson, Secretary-Treasurer, and Mr. Dave Gasner, Director. 5859 COLOR GUARD: Rifle; T. Alderman P. Zweifel. Silks; D. Crooks, C. Lisser, P. Zilliox, P. Kennedy, L. Zilliox. P. Quirk, M. Gurns (missing). Guard Captain: J. Atkinson.CHORUS S. Albright, P. Kennedy, T. Hammon, S. Krupke, A. Flood, W. Lewis, Mrs. Hubert, W. Gerber, L. Atkinson, D. Hauri, M. Kennedy, C. Manshiem, S. Fahrney, D. Mueller, L. Briggs, D. Dustan, and W. Hauri. CHORUS PRACTICES MANY HOURS The Albany High School Chorus, though very small this year, was very determined. The chorus began the year with a bang. They worked two months on the twenties program which was a large success. They spent the year working on the fall, Christmas, and Spring concerts, and on district competition which was class A this year. The Triple-Trio has continued this year as in years before. It consists of nine girls who sing for concerts, district competition, and other community events. Also added this past year was the Girl's Barbershop quartet. The “Sugar River Belles" also performed for many of the same events the Triple-Trio did. BARBERSHOP QUARTET: L. Briggs, D. Mueller, C. Manshiem, and W. Lewis. 6061FRENCH CLUB L. Sellnow, T. Janes, L. Hauge, F. Ross, L. Swanson, J. Biummer, W. Johnson, J Atkinson, D. Mueller, T. Koebler, D. Martin, M. Tourdot, C. Manshiem, D. Hauri, D. Dustan, W. Lewis, R. Marx, B. Fah-rney, L. Briggs, B. Atkinson, L. Atkinson, F. Nipple, M. Reasa, Mrs. Tews, B. Gohike. FRENCH STUDENTS EXPERIENCE NEW CULTURE The French Club members enjoyed a variety of activities this year. They started their year off in mid-summer with a swimming and boating party in honor of the French-Foreign stay kids. By Fall the club was ready for ghosts goblins as everyone dressed up for Halloween and a get-together hosted by Mr. Mrs. Tews. Also enjoyed by all who attended a spine-shreaking film called "Two on a Guillotine". By the holidays we were in the Christmas spirit as they got together and celebrated Christmas French style. These and many more holidays parties were planned and celebrated by the French Club to enjoy together. By the new year the club got together for some serious money-making projects as another trip to France was in mind. They had successful sales in candy bars, comet pendants and bake sales. Also the club enjoyed getting soaked at the French Club car wash. Memories of 77-78 will always be fun, exciting, and just memorable for it's members. Mr. Tews (advisor); L. Sellnow (Treasurer), W. Johnson (V.P.); J. Blumer (Pres.); C. Manshiem (Secretary). 62During the 1976 Trip to France the group posed for this photo on the Lisa Sellnow and Jan Atkinson enjoy Eiffel Tower. themself outside a Chateuax. The entire group posed for this photo at Notre Dame during the last Trip to France taken by the Albany High School French Club. 63FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA J Blumer. K. Howard, K. Clark, R. Richardson, R Crooks, 0. Kauk. L. Huffman, P Kennedy, L. Ruef. L Johnson, T Alderman, M. Kauk, L Parker, B Robinson, 6 Kaderli, M Tourdot, D. Robinson, L Gill, 0. Pluss, S Albright, C. Runaas, L. Hauge, L. Malkow, T. Janes, J. Patchen, J. Fahrney, J. Krupke, B. Gohlke, T. luedy, J. Schlapbach, W Hauge, T. Kennedy, J Dunphy, P Zweifel, R Pluss. B. Hauri, ? K. Hulbert, S. Elmer, J. Pagel, M Hulbert. B Hammon, J. Gibbons, M. Moldenhauer, J Malkow, R. Cleveland, G. Gempeler M Seffrood, J. Sandlin, B. Atkinson, C. Sowl, 0. Hannes, 0. Brugger, J. Peach, K. McCullick. Mr Krause, B. Zettle, R Paul F.F.A. ENCOURAGES INVOLVEMENT The Future Farmers of America started out the year with a slave auction which proved to be the biggest money maker that Albany FFA has ever had. FFA members were auctioned off to area farmers and other people at a price. In return that person auctioned off was to supply so many hours of labor to the person who bought them. Some of the other money makers they have participated in are the fruit sales, pork sales, and donkey basketball game along with the FHA this year. They have also taken field trips to Arlington Experimental farms. Dairy Expo, and various judging contests. The Future Farmers of America also gave fruit baskets to the elderly and put sand barrels out in the community. It was a busy year. Terry Janes is seen here with one of the Future Farmers of America National officers. 64OFFICERS: T. Janes (V.P.), D. Brugger (Sen.), W. Hauri (Sec.), K. McCullick (Reporter), J. Pagel (Pres.), S. Elmer (Ex-Pres.), Carol Runaas (Treasurer) missing. JR. OFFICERS: L. Ruef (V.P.), B. Hauri (Sec.), J. Dunphy (Treas.), K. Hulbert (Sen), R. Pluss (Reporter), and P. Zweifel (President). GREENLAKE DELEGATES: K. McCullick, D. Brugger, T. Janes, and W. Hauri.FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AM ERIC. D. Mueller, W. Johnson, K. Howard, J. Blumer, P. Kennedy, C. Manshiem, T. Alderman, S. Hartwig, M. Elmer, K. Hamilton, S. Fahrney, K. Hamilton, D. Haurl, M. Kennedy, L. Huffman, M. Gurns, P. Zweifel, L. Allen, L. Atkinson, L. Atkinson, L. Briggs, A. Bump, D. Martin, L. Swanson, C. Pulcine, K. Flood, J. Atkinson, Mrs. Gross, W. Gerber, T. Boss, L. Larson, T. Koebler, W. Hauri, T. Hammon, W. Lewis, S. Dixon, R. Marx, M Murphy, B. Atkinson, J. Krupke. FUTURE HOMEMAKERS KEEP BUSY Like the F.F.A., the Future Homemakers of America does many money making things to support their club. This year the club had their first donkey basketball game with the Future Farmers of America. This turned out to be a big success with the crowd and also by beating the boys. The club also had their annual party this year it was Amway. But FHA is not just selling for money. They have Christmas parties and the annual swimming party at the Ramada Inn in Janesville. Those that are in Future Homemakers of America will agree that it is a fun club and it is not just for girls. We have three boys in it and they have just as much fun or more than the girls.67 GREENLAKE DELEGATES: Julene Blumer, Kelly Howard, Julie Broge, Wendy Johnson, and Debbie Mueller.STUDENT COUNCIL T. Koebler, F. Nipple, C. Manshiem, J. Gibbons, D. Mueller, M. Reasa, L. Atkinson, T. Janes, J. Pagel, K. Hulbert, L. Huffman, K. Howard, and B. Atkinson. Mrs. Gross (advisor) The Student Council is a group of students voted by the student body to work for the student body. They are elected by their respected classes and work as a voice of these classes. Through this year the student council has worked as representatives for the student body. The student council, with the advice of their advisor Mrs. Gross, worked for the benefit of the students. They also worked to bring the students closer together through the annual Homecoming. This year held after a game, and the Halloween and Christmas parties held in the gym in the afternoon. bdHONOR SOCIETY Mrs. Susan Tews, Advisor; Sue Speer, Lisa Briggs, Terry Janes, and Laura Huffman. BADGER STATE Chris Hannes, Wesly Hauri, and Rick Allen. Julie Broge, Laura Huffman, Kelly Howard, and Wendy Johnson. 69AMERICAN FIELD SERVICE Pat Quirk, Angela Ledezma, Debbie Mueller, Amy Bump, Carmen Mansheim, Laura Huffman Faron, Pam Kennedy, Wes Hauri, Leigh Atkinson and Mr. Jim Bromwell, Advisor. Fa-ron Nipple. The Albany American Field Service or A.F.S. is a new addition to the numerous school clubs. This club works throughout the year to earn the funds to bring a student to Albany. This program brings students from other countries to the U.S. for the school year. These A.F.S. students stay with a family in the community but are considered the "Albany Student." These students attend school with the other students and are required to graduate. The A.F.S. club works hand in hand with the adult A.F.S. club. Their activities this year include the pizza sale, donut sales, and various other sales and dances. 70 Debbie Mueller was this year's American Sister for Albany's first A.F.S. Student, Angela Ledezma.SPOON AND SPADE SPOON WINNER: Julene Blumer SPADE WINNER: Bruce Tway POM PON SQUAD Debbie Crooks, Cheryl Lisser, Chris Pulcine, Karen Hamilton, Rosie Marx, Laura Huffman, Teresa Hammon, Chris Althaus (Co Cap.), Kelly Howard (Cap.) 71LETTER WINNERS Dick Robinson, Laura Huffman, Dan Kauk, Dawn Martin, Jan Atkinson, Amy Bump, Barb Robinson, Mary Jo Tourdot, Kelly Howard, Tammy Alderman, Jan Krupke, Laurie Johnson, Lisa Sellnow, Julene Blumer, Sonya Dixon, Chris Althaus, Dave Stoehr, Wes Hauri, and Sue Speer. 72J4 MIKE OWENS y THLETIC DIRECTOR PEP CLUB Pep Club provides various skits throughout the year to increase school spirit.P. Kennedy, D. Mueller, C. Manshiem, M. Kauk, M. Kennedy, L. Briggs, J. Blumer, Mr. Bromwell, T. Alderman, P. Quirk, D. Kauk, L. Klapper, K. Jones, B. Robinson, L. Sellnow, G. Kauk, L. Johnson, S. Dixon, A. Flood, C. Al-thaus, J. Atkinson, K. Howard, J. Krupke, L. Huffman, L. Schenk, L. Parker, T. Gohlke, A. Bump, and D. Martin. PEP CLUB BUSY SPARKING SPIRIT The Pep Club started something new this year by awarding points for various pep activities that a class does. At the end of the year, the class with the most spirit points wins the right to have their class and the year won engraved on the trophy. The same thing happens next year but there can be different winners. The Pep Club helps support the various teams at Albany High School. They add a little spirit to everything. From posters on the wall to decorating a store window downtown on Homecoming week they spark spirit where ever and whenever they can. OFFICERS: Maribeth Kauk, Vice President, Mr. Bromwell, Advisor, Julene Blumer, President. 74STUDENT LIFE CANDIDSHOLDING ON TO YESTERDA Y HOMECOMING COURT: Jim Dunphy Lisa Allen; Mike Powers Lisa Brugger, Dave Stoehr Kelly Howard; Kirk McCullick Debbie Mueller, Kevin Flood Laura Huffman. Kelly is crowned during varsity game halftime. 76QUEEN KEELY KING DA VIDDEBBIE MUELLER AND KIRK McCULLICK LAURA HUFFMAN AND KEVIN FLOOD 78Spectators watched as the crowd danced. MEMORIES OF HOMECOMING 77 A very successful homecoming was planned and carried through by the Student Council this year. The date was December 10, the theme "Holding On To Yesterday", and the band was Roc Tin. All these made the night truly memorable for the athletes and all who attended. Representing their class athletes were King Dave Stoehr and Queen Kelly Howard, Senior attendants Kevin Flood Laura Huffman; Junior attendants Kirk McCullick Debbie Mueller; Sophomore attendants Mike Powers Lisa Brugger; Freshmen attendants Jim Dunphy Lisa Allen. The Student Council is to be thanked for all the time, work, and effort put into Homecoming 77-78, as the athletes were honored for their fine participation and excellence in various sports this year n Homecoming was enjoyed by all who attended.SPORTSIs it the laughter we'll remember? 81GIRL’S VOLLEYBALL TEAM PROVES VICTORIOUS Wendy Johnson, Laura Huffman, Laurie Johnson, Lurene Larson, Chris Althuas, Julene Blumer, Jan Krupke, Lisa Sell now, Jan Atkinson, and Coach Sherwin. Lisa Sellnow cheers on her team during a varsity game. The varsity team warms up for a tough game. 82Lurene Larson, Lisa Sellnow, Chris Althaus, Laurie Johnson, Laura Huffman, Kelly Howard, Jan Atkinson, Jan Krupke, and Julene Blumer being introduced by Coach Sherwin during a pep assembly. VOLLEYBALL TEAM HAS WINKING SEASON The girl's varsity team showed much improvement this year ending up with a 12-2 record. Coach Sherwin said that this was her slowest to get into a game team, but they had a lot of skill. The Comets had a little tough luck with going into regionals. After being regional champs for 3 yrs. it was heartbreaking losing to Cambridge. But next year they have a good J.V. team coming up. The J.V. team proved to be a skilled team ending up being tied for first place among the other schools. Helping Coach Sherwin this year was J.V. Coach Hanson. It was the first year ever that the teams had two coaches. With the season ending, many people can't wait until next year. The teams lose five seniors this year, we're going to miss them and hope they will be proud of the team next year. 83 The varsity players put forth great effort In this important game against the Monticello Ponies.JUNIOR VARSITY: Lisa Briggs, Amy Bump, Dawn Martin, Rosie Marx. Margie Gurns, Lisa Brugger, Tern Koebler. Mindy Kennedy. Penny Zilliox, Lori Zilltox, Windy Lewis, Ten Gohltce. and Coach Hanson. GIRL'S VOLLEYBALL SCORES VARSITY JR VARSITY New Glarus (W.W.) (W.L.L.) Monticello (W.L.L.) (L.W.W.) Belleville (W.W.) (L.W.L.) Pecatonica (W.W.W.) (W.W.W.) Barneveld (W.L.W.) (W.W.W.) Argyle (W.W.) (W.W.L.) Blackhawk (L.W.W.) (L.W.W.) Belleville (W.W.) (W.L.W.) Juda (W.W.) (W.W.W.) New Glarus (L.W.W.) (W.L.W.) Pecatonica (W.L.W.) (W.W.L.) Monticello (L.L.) (WWW.) SUB-REGIONALS Juda (W.W.) The spirited Junior Varsity team cheers after a victory over the Monti-cello Ponies. 8a Penny provides just the right amount of force on her serves. Keeping an eye on the ball, the girls prepare for a return Carol takes down booster signs after one of the volleyball matches. Penny prepares to return a serve while Ten prepares to help out 85CROSS CO UNTR Y Steve Nipple, Dan Schmieder, John Schlapbach, Mr. Bromwell (Coach), Bill Anderson, Mike Powers, and Mitchell Glass. CHEERLEADERS 86STATELINE CHAMPIONS—1978 From the exciting beginning of the first game to the frustration of the final minutes of tournament action, the 77-78 basketball season will never be forgotten. It was one of those rare seasons for Albany: a conference championship, a scoring leader, and a team molding together to produce 12 straight victories. We figured this season would be something special when we shut out Holy Name 22-0, in the first quarter of the first game in THEIR gym. Two consecutive losses to Durand and Blackhawk did not diminish our hopes. Then came the "winning streak." A 23-11 first quarter at Monticello led to the win which clinched the championship. Who do you remember most? Was he Dave Stoehr, the amazing shooter? Bruce Tway, the Burger King? Jim Gibbons, the defensive hustler? Jeff Mauerman the smooth controller? Jim Peach, off the bench with key points? Kevin Flood, the long armed guard? No, you don't remember anyone "the most." You must remember this group as a TEAM. Maybe our finest, certainly our most exciting. But, without a doubt, a TEAM. A championship TEAM. Albany's starting five prepare for an eventful basketball game Dave Stoehr sinks one of his many baskets during the season. for a shot 88 Number 44, Bruce Tway, preparesJim Peach, Kevin Flood, Jeff Mauerman, Oavc Pluss, John Schlapbach. Coach Cebulski, Bruce Tway, Dave Stoehr, Jim Gibbons, Brian Gohlke, and Robert Mammon. Jim Gibbons hangs on to the ball as he attempts to score a basket. Varsity and Jr. Varsity Cheerleaders welcome the Albany Comets on to the floor with a wild cheer. 89BOYS' BASKETBALL SCORES ALBANY ALBANY VARSITY JR. VARSITY HOLY NAME 75-51 (W) 30-44 (L) MONTICELLO 65-56 (W) 27-52 (L) JUDA 83-55 (W) 50-60 (L) HOLY NAME 80-52 (W) 42-49 (L) DURAND, IL 66-67 (L) 57-41 (W) BLACKHAWK 75-77 (L) 27-44 (L) BELLEVILLE 84-50 (W) 46-45 W) BARNEVELD 77-49 (W) 31-36 (L ARGYLE 74-55 (W) 68-40 W) PECATONICA 56-54 (W) 25-60 (L) NEW GLARUS 57-49 (W) 33-57 (L) JUDA 87-62 (W) 39-50 (L BELLEVILLE 68-55 (W) 44-37 (W) BARNEVELD 79-46 (W) 45-39 (W) BLACKHAWK 52-50 (W) 40-31 (W) MONTICELLO 66-62 (W) 17-58 (L) ARGYLE 65-50 (W) 56-43 (W) TOURNAMENTS MONTICELLO 60-56 (W) NEW GLARUS 48-54 (L) Final Record was 16-3 Conference Record was 15-1 Mike Howard attempts a jump-ball wtiile the team members wait to recover. 90J.V. TEAM BUILDING Jim Dunphy, Terry Langston, Jeff Pfeutl, Randy Plus , Forrest Ross, Carl Hulbert, Mike Powers, Ricky Cleave land, Dan Dowden, Steve Nipple, Dan Moeller, and Coach Gross. This year's J.V. Comets compiled a 7-10 record. To say that the fellas "came a long way" would be a classic example of understatement. From their first drubbing at Holy Name to their resounding victory here against Argyle it was obvious that the guys had learned a few things in the course of the season. Victorious is seven of the games but successful in all, the J.V.'s constant improvement illustrated Coach Gross' philosophy: Playing their best and learning from each game is the real measure of a winner. Should they continue to improve. Coach Gross feels they can equal, if not surpass, his year's varsity championship team. Congratulations Junior Varsity. Time outs prove to be .1 time to catch one's breath. concentrate on blocking the opponent. 91INEXPERIENCE LIMITS GIRLS’ VICTORIES Chris Katik, Angie Flood, Pam Zweifel, Debbie Mueller, Pam Kennedy, Robin Anderson, Lurene Larson, Sue Speer, Sonya Dixon, Jutene 8lumer, Mrs. Kerkvliet. This year the Albany Girls' Basketball Varsity team had it rough going. Mrs. Georgette Kerkvliet tried her best but inexperience was the biggest trouble. There wasn't enough interest so the team only had two letterwinners back this year. But soon everyone adjusted. Next year the team should show some improvement because more letterwinners are coming back. The Team loses just two seniors this year. Sony Dixon and Julene Blumer will surely be missed by their team members, but the team will still carry on and continue to fight for those victories. Sony and Julene certainly kept the team spirit together and really gave their best to this last year as Comet Girls. Congratulations Girls. The varsity team gathers together as Coach Kerkvliet explains game strategies. 92Sony and Lurene try for a rebound agamy the Montlcello Pomes. Great stress and dedication is shown here as Angie controls the ball. 93GIRLS' BASKETBALL SCORES ALBANY ALBANY VARSITY JR. VARSITY MONTICELLO 12-77 (L) 9-46 (L) BLACKHAWK 21-57 (L) 11-67 (L) PECATONICA 29-30 (L) 27-20 (W) BARNEVELD 21-71 (L) 13-24 (L) BELLEVILLE 15-50 (L) 10-37 (L) ARGYLE 21-60 (L) 25-23 (W) MONTICELLO 11-66 (L) 12-35 (L) NEW GLARUS 33-47 (L) 18-30 (L) BLACKHAWK 17-78 (L) 10-38 (L) PECATONICA 42-32 (W) 10-11 (L) CAMBRIDGE 25-42 (L) 6-30 (L NEW GLARUS 34-64 (L) 6-40 (L) BARNEVELD 24-74 (L) 6-41 (L) ARGYLE 19-61 (L) 16-45 (L) BELLEVILLE 21-75 (L) 10-55 L The Albany Jr. Varsity Team shows great team determination. 94 Chris Kauk, Karen Hamilton, Kathy Hamilton, Laura Kiapper, Natalie Sigafus, Robin Anderson, Laurie Malkow, Laurie Flood, Lisa Wilcox, Terri Koebler, Margie Gurns, and Miss DoeringJ.V. TEAM BUILDS FOR 78-79 The Junior Varsity Team saw a new and different look in their coach this year. Miss Kathi Doering headed the team for the first time at Albany High School. After a slow start, the girls caught on and had the feeling of winning. The team this year consisted of mostly freshmen. This gives the girls some experience and they all showed much improvement as the season went on. They certainly worked hard at building for next year's (1978-1979) season. The Junior Varsity team learned the skills quickly and will be great assets to the varsity squad when they get there. We look forward to seeing these girls next year on the Junior Varsity team once again or on the Varsity Team. Nice work girls. Albany attempts to block the basket against Montlcello. Jump balls arc a common sight at the Girls' Basketball Games. Coach Doering gives i pep talk to the J.V. Team. 95A. H. S. WRESTLERS SHO W DETERM IN A TION Dick Kauk, Kent Clark, Bill Hauri, Dan Schmieder, Terry Janes, Dan Kauk, Todd Brugger, Todd Kennedy, Mr. Volkman, Germaine Kaderli, Wes Hauri, Mike Tourdot, Jeff Malkow, David Brugger, Kirk McCullick, Dick Robinson. Missing: Dan Johnson. WRESTLING SCORES ALBANY GRAPPLERS EDGEWOOD 31-30 (W) MONTICELLO 30-33 (L) WEST GRANT 49-10 (W) GALENA 26-27 (L) BLACKHAWK 39-30 (W) WM'S BAY 42-21 (W) JUDA 21-33 (L) W.S.V.H. 60-6 (W) BELLEVILLE 23-32 (L) BARNEVELD 54-15 (W) NEW GLARUS 45-21 (W) BLACKHAWK 29-21 (W) PECATONICA 18-32 (L) Albany placed 4th. in conference dual standings with an 8-5 season record. 46Albany Grapplers provided fierce competition for Beloit Turner at the Albany Invitational as shown here. Dick Robinson receives first place. Dick Robinson begins his match at the Albany Invitational which brought him a first place. WRESTLERS HA VE GOOD SEASON Once again the Albany Grapplers fielded a full team with a man at every weight class. Their matches were very intensifying as you watched the team led by captain, Dick Robinson, take match after match. Many people played an important part in making this season such a success for the Albany Grapplers. The most important, of course, was their coach, Mr. Rick Volkman. He spent many hours preparing this fine team for competition. Albany placed third in the Blackhawk 8-team tournament in December and placed second in the 9-team Madison Edgewood Invitational with Dan Kauk Wes Hauri winning their weight classes. Albany also placed fifth at their invitational with Dick Robinson winning his weight class and placed fourth in conference dual standing. They ended their season with an 8-5 season standing. Dick Robinson, Wes Hauri, and Germaine Kaderli showed great authority as the team's only seniors. They will be missed by their fellow teammates next year. Best of luck for another promising season next year. 97 To do it all again, would we, could we? 998TH. AND 7TH. GRADES C. Kauk, E. West, R. Anderson, C. McCarthy, L. Flesher, D. Dustan, K Bennett, F. Gerber, K. Hammon, J Shell, S. Kauk, F. Ruef, R. Bump, C. Freiderich, J. Sandlin, T Hand, D. Kehm, D. Malkow, D. Gohlke, T. Nipple, C. Clark, D. Speer, L. Elmer, K. Widmer, G. McCullick, K. Gempeler, R. Quirk, R. Mabie, K Feeney, H. Blumer, M. Janes, K. Flood, S. Pfeuti, M. Golz, L. Keele, Mr. Hallmark, S. Langston, L Hauge, D. Pence, M. MacGrath, Mr. Astin. S. Albertson, D. Anderson, L. Kehm, A. Creuzer, 7 Fiebrang, S. Veeder, S. Flood, M. Krupke, K Albertson, T. Hand, D. Blumer, C. Elmer, M. Friedrichs, T. Roverts, B. Helwig, T. Hulbert, D. Briggs, T, Bump, R. Lisser, G. Gibbons, K. Peach, L. Koebler, G. Anderson, C. Hannes, A. Reasa, M. Seffrood, G. Gohlke, R. Wendlandt, D. Jones, B. Pence, D. Horn, B. Neild, Mr. Quinn, J. Coulthard (not present). 100CADET BAND AND CHORUS S. Flood, M Lisser, M. Krupke, L. Koebler, B. Helwig, K. Bennett, 0. Clark, P Zweifel, F. Gerber, E. Feeney, J. Kauk, C. Boehman, T. Bump, M. Fredrichs, T. Roberts, A. Creuzer, J. Althaus, S. Albertson, P. Tyle, D. Dustan, G. McCullick, K. Flood, M. Colburn, K. Hammon, G. Anderson, T. Hulbert, L. Allen, L. Kennedy, D. Blumer, J. Sandlin, K. Hamilton, K. Albertson, L Elmer, R. Mabie, D. Dustan, A. Aschliman, C. Elmer, A. Reasa, D. Malkow R. Nield, C. Quirk, R. Shell, Mr. Gasner, C. McCullick, D. Briggs. Not pictured: J. Sandlin, G. Gohlke, B. Nield. D. Anderson, F. Dustan, H. Blumer, S. Veeder, A. Creuzer, M. Krupke, K. Feeney, B. Helwig, Mrs. Hubert, K. Bennett, L. Kehm, T. Fiebranz, K. Widmer, D. Briggs, G. McCullick, D. Clark, T. Roberts, S. Flood. K. Hammon, F. Gerber, D. Blumer, S. Albertson, S. Elmer, M, Friedrichs, K. Albertson, D. Malkow. 1018TH AND 7TH GRADE BASKETBALL S. Kauk, S. Pfeuti, D Speer, J. Shell, M. Janes, K. Flood, D. Gohlke, R Bump, F. Ruef, D. Kehm, B. Quirk, and Coach Cebulski. B. Nield, K. Peach, G. Gibbons, R. Wendflandt, Coach Cebulski, G. Gohlke, B. Lisser, D. Jones, and B. Pence. 1028TH AND 7TH GRADE CHEERLEADERS G. Anderson, D. Pence, T. Hulbert, L. Hauge, B. Helwig, C Kauk, A. Reasa, S. Langston, K. Bennett, L. Koebler. L. Hauge, S. Langston, D. Pence, K. Bennett, and C. Kauk. 1036TH AND 5TH GRADES Mrs. Wendorf, C. Zweifel, L. Allen, K. Cruezer, T. Blumer, J. Kauk, R. Shell, C. Bachman, A. Aeschliman, P. Lyle, C. Quirk, M. Koch, W. Zac, D. Wendlandt, P. Zweifel, S. Bump, K. Horn, P. Tourdot, S. Olson, S. Pfeuti, C. Briggs, R. Lerch, D. Luedy, E. Feeney, L. Dudd, L. Kennedy, P. Pluss, J. Paul, M. Brugger, T. Hand, M. Thompson, S. Lerch, M. Waterman, D. Fridenberg, G. Lewis, T. Aebly, H. Bech, B. Schaller, J. Sandlin, M. Flood, T. Brewer, M. Jones, B. Zettle, D. Klapper, J. McNeely, R. Crooks, D. Zurfiuth, L. Calhorn, M. Graves, D. Mueller, J. Paul. D. Luedy, L. Kennedy, J. Althaus, B. Schaller, M. Powers, L. Detra, J. Bos-berg, K. Hamilton, M. Brugger, C. Ces-lock, H. Anderson, R. Neild, L. Allen, C. Zweifel, M. Lisser, R. Lerch, P. Zweifel, J. Kaderli, R. Boss, P. Pluss, Mrs. Wen-drof, Miss Walker, J. Kauk, A. Aeschliman, T. Sutherland, J. Adams, B. Zettle, G. Schneider, T. Hand, D. Wendlandt, D. Dustan, M. Colburn, L. Dodd, B. Johnson, R. Shell, W. Johnson, C. McCullick, E. Feeney, J. Paul, M. Flood, T. Brewer, T. Allen, M. Koch, C. Bachman, T. Alexander, P. Lyle, C. Quirk, J. Sandlin, B. Courtois, M. Jones. L. Colborn, W. Zee, S. Bump, D. Klapper, R. Peach, K. Horn, S. Prisk, S. Pfeuti, K. Sruezer, S. Nipple, C. Drye, S. Olson, C. Briggs, S. Whitehead, J. McNeely, D. Zur-fluh, P. Tourdot, C. Anderson, S. Keegan, S. Larson, D. Fredenberg, D. Kehm, T. Aebly, B. Hall, S. Lerch, M. Vosburgh, D. Mueller, H. Beck, T. Boss, R. Dallman, G. Lewis, R. Crooks, Miss K. Doering, M. Graves, M, Pence, M. Thompson, T. Blumer, P. Koebler, C. Klapper, M. Nipple, M. Waterman, Mrs. V. Stuckey. Missing: E. Helwig, B. Child, M. MacNaughton, and J. Zee. 1044TH, 3RD, and 2ND GRADES J. Wendlandt, D. Kinney, L. Luebke, T. Brewer, S. Prisk, D. Kinney, L. Bromwell, L Flesher, D. Nipple, D. Cump, N Pohl, D. Dodd, B. Quirk, J. Zurfluh, K. Thompson, S. Nelson, D. Wilde, B Wells, D. Nelson, D. Malkow, W Detra, T. Malkow, D. Myk, M. Hahn, B. Luedy, J. Johnson, L. Sacker, S. Larson, D. Fredenberg, T. Briggs, and Mrs. Ladwig. S. Keegan, C. Ivabnit, T. Bergum, M. Parker, T. Flesher, C. Atkinson, D. Broughton, J Sellnow, L. Blu-mer, R. Waterman, S. Boss, K. Abely, M. Zurfluh, B. Klapper, B. Jones, P. Bartelt, S. Myk, B. Hall, K. Krueger, M. Koch, J. Detra, T. Fiebranz, A. LaBelle, T. Cruezer, Mrs. Krueger, C. Moore, S. Kauk, T. Brewer, C. Chrisbaum, M. Tway, D. Dodd, S. White, K. DeVoll, J. Briggs, K. Clark, J. Briggs, R. Crooks, M. Nye, R. King, B. McNeeley, D. Powers, R. Luebke, C. Creuzer, T. Dieter, M. Oas, Mr. Krause. L. Coplien, B. Bromwell, R. Keegan, S. Gertsch, M. Zweifel, N. Schneeberger, M. Blummer, L. Martin, K. Dallman, K. Oliver, S. Johnson, P. Tourdot, D. Feeney, B. Kinney, G. Luebke, T. Shell, P Rhyner, J. Blumer, C. Zee. M. Johnson, K. Olson, M. Hanson, S Atkinson, D. Veeder, S. Jones, T. Brewer, D. Anderson, D. Albertson, G. Kerkvliet, L. Cook, S. Moore, W. Backman, K. Boss, B. Bennett, T. Zurfluh, K. Kauk. 1051ST GRADE AND KINDERGARTEN D. Backman, E. Schneeberger, D. Dowden, E. Olson, S. Schmieder, L. Cook, S. Blumer, S. Hlavachek, C. Quirk, K. Atkinson, G. Drye, J. Bromwell, B. Pluss, W. Gertsch, R. Hahn, B. Kinney, S. Sutherland, B. Blumer, D. Backman, L. Benway, S. Pennot, V. Schneider, D. Atkinson, J. Briggs, L. Bump, Mrs. Quade, Mrs. Arndt, P. Feeney, A. Broughton, M. Pence, T. Brewer, D. Moore, K. Gohlke. I. Ringhand, J. Astin, N. Kennedy. T. Hlavachek, A. Sobacki, L. Cook, M. Hanson, C. Luedy, L. Hauge, R. Hartwig, D. Wei-chelt, P. Graves, P. Alexander, M. Kraus, S. Lyle, P. Parker, Mrs. Spring, S. Prisk, K. Macke, A. Alderman, T. Roberts, T. Sutherland M. Oliver, W. Zweifel, R. Pohl, S. White, S. McDonald, C. Krueger, T. Blumer, W. Pickett, D. Dodd, E. Horn, N. Weichelt, D. Martini, B. Malkow, G. Weiss, Mrs. Spring, J. Boeck.SPECIAL PROGRAMS AND AIDES Clareda Neuenschwander, Marcia Teale, and Julie AIDES: Mrs. Flood. Mrs. Heitzman, and Mr. Martinsen. Barribeau. LIBRARY AIDES: D. Jones, K. Peach, R. Wendlandt, G. Gibbons, G. Thill, and B. Pence 107SCA TTERED PICTURES A D VER TISINGWhenever we remember, remember .BANK OF ALBANY P.O. BOX 1 ALBANY, VYI 53502 Phone: 862-3214 (A.C. 608) LARGE ENOUGH TO SERVE YOU SMALL ENOUGH TO KNOW YOU 112c hardware o HOUSEWARES s N APPLIANCES G R AUTOMOTIVE E N TV SOUND A I T SPORTS PAINT U O L GAMBLES OF ALBANY R A S T MSN. Water Street Albany. Wisconsin I 862-3944 O Neil Jacquelyn Stefanik N S Wf frRANOALL KRAUSE JBr W S?r £ [Dc £ountrp Jfloral 1 WEST MAIN STREET (608) 882-6665 EVANSVILLE. Wl 53536 113 p VARCO-PRUDEIVk metal buildings Evansville, Wisconsin • division of AMCA Inlcmaiional Corporation CONGRATULATIONS to the Class of '78 From Your 1978 Comet Photographer HELGESEN RESIDENCE STUDIO 1220 Milwaukee Street Janesville, WisconsinA Thought For The Future Be yourself” HERFF JONES YEARBOOKS Thomas R. Qiles 5770 N. DEXTER AVENUE MILWAUKEE. WISCONSIN SJW RHONE: RIGHT UP YOUR ALLEY COMPLIMENTS OF THE ALBANY AGENDA The Official Albany School Newspaper and Kwikee Print Swiss Village Mall—Monroe Your Instant Printing Center ACE LAURIE 115A q jij q Sltenp m f n ate XEU r ’r A j I ? i! i ?A i. jHugit ' mi tI 7 f r r q r r . Boosters r==r= =■■ ■ T= Supporting Albany's Music Programs Congratulations Graduates Albany Lives of By All Needs Year-round Helps Everyone Reaching to And their Likes, and Desires. The Albany Herald The Only Newspaper Dedicated to Serving the Albany Area Since 1883-Your Official Community Newspaper ALBANY, GREEN COUNTY, WISCONSIN ALBANY INDUSTRIES 603 East Main Street Albany, WI 53502 Congratulations Seniors Duane E. Dixon P.E. General Manager Complete Asphalt Maintenance CLAYT’S CORNER BAR Package Goods Sandwiches Pizza HAVING A BIG ONE WE HAVE KEGS AND TAPPERS FOR ANY SIZE PARTY STOP IN, OR PHONE 862-7514 116Congratulations Seniors from Krostue Implement Your Quality John Deere Dealer Gohlke Funeral Home and Carpet Shop Albany Wisconsin Albany, Wisconsin Phone: 862-3332 PRYCE BROTHERS Dealers in Livestock Bulls For Rent Phone 862-3781 or 862-3769 COMPLIMENTS OF TEALES AUTO SERVICE AMERICAN MOTORS AND JEEP ALBANY WISCONSIN 862-3549 Albany Wisconsin 117CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS FROM HARVEY L. KOPP New York Life Insurance Company AMERICAN FAMILY I VSl SCI RAN cc AUTO HOME HEALTH LIFE ® LIFE-HEALTH-DISABILITY INCOME RETIREMENT PLANS TAX SHELTERED INDIVIDUAL RETIREMENT PLANS FRED BAERTSCHI 1012 1ST CENTER AVENUE BROOME AD. WISCONSIN 53520 Albany: 862-3893 Brodhcad: 897-8111 921 W. Grand Avenue Beloit, WI 53511 WILLIS JOSTENS DRUG STORE is proud to be part of the Albany 7 West Main St. Evansville, Wisconsin tradition Arnold A. Willis E.A. DUERST Larry D. Lauke Phone: 882-4550 836-5654 118 Congratulations Seniors Congratulations from BARTON INSURANCE AGENCY CENTER TAVERN Sincere Service GARY COLLEEN Security, Satisfaction Sandwiches, Cheese, Pizza Phone 862-3271 Albany, Wisconsin Albany Wisconsin HEIN AND FRANCIS (§3 Albany's Home-Owned-Independent GROCERY GREEN COUNTY FARMCO COOPERATIVE A Farmer-Owned Service Albany Janesville Argyle Monroe Brodhead Monticello J ', Just Everyday Low Prices f Telephone: 862-3236 Orfordville Albany, Wisconsin IRV’S MASONRY FLAT CONCRETE WORK BERRA’S SADDLE SHOP P.O.Box 411 862 3854 English and Western Wear Saddles, Boots, Clothes Square Dancing Clothes IRVIN KLAPPER ISO Albany, Wisconsin 53502 OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK 9:00 A M. to 9:00 P M. Route 2 Brodhead, WI 608-897-4039 Pat Lois, Harley Howard Berra PETERSON’S SOUTHSIDE GROCERY BEVERAGE COMPLIMENTS OF THE MART BROOKLYN STATE BANK Open 7 days a week Box 128 Brooklyn, Wisconsin (608) 455-2311 BRODHEAD WISCONSIN 114FORD r i Anwv - Mom Compliments HELGESEN'S INC. ROWLEY'S BAR HELGESEN'S INC. Evansville, Wisconsin Evansville, Wis. 53536 Bus. Phone 882-4700 Res. Phone 882-5901 t NION COOPERATIVE CONGRATULATIONS FROM Feed Fertilizer drain Drying • • Seed Petroleum J F] |WILKE CHIROPRACTIC OFFICE Storage n ■ DR. J. W. WILKE. CHIROPRACTOR ALBANY-BROOKLYN-EVANSVILLE-BELLEVILLE 15 E. Main Street Evansville, WI 53536 The Bank of Juda w Box 65 Juda, WI Phone:(608) 934-5225 Member FDIC The Bank That Cares About You” Phone: 882-4146 CARTER GRUENEWALD CO., INC. P.O. Box 5—Juda, Wisconsin 53550 Phone 934-5201 IHC TRACTORS MACHINES CRANDALL, INC. if:!1 WHITE [fun Equtpmrrt] 120 DAVIS IMPLEMENT Phone: 934-5234 JUDA, WISCONSIN 53550 THE COMPANY SERVICE BUILTCOMPLIMENTS OF JOS. HUBER BREWING CO. MONROE MACHINE WELDING, INC. MONROE Truck Equipment Steel Fabricating Welding Crane Service GREEN BAY KMOOMJF BUSMMESS FOJ7M0 KMC. 350 17th Street Monroe, Wisconsin An Equal Opportunity Employer Male Female SWISS WHEEL INN Great Party Facilities Meeting Wedding Receptions-Dances Live Entertainment on Weekends No Parties too Small to Handle 1001 30th Street Monroe, Wisconsin 53566 Phone: 325-2420 CLOSED MONDAYS UNITED TELEPHONE COMPANY Serving Monroe—Albany— Blanchardville—Browntown Juda—Monticello— South Wayne—Woodford Entertainment on Weekends in the Bluechip Lounge Reservations Phone: 938-4324 SINO KARLEN-WOLD FORD, INC. Graham's Shoe Repair Tel. 938-4345 105 EAST MAIN EVANSVILLE. Wl. 53536 Best Quality in Orthopedic Correction ond Leather Work. Cars Monticello Trucks Wisconsinfl lbertson Realty Waync Jan Albertson and 862-3531 uction Services Wanda Feller 938-4451 lbany, WI 53502 Jac eJ"» d CHESTER WHITES Fay Brewers Sons Breeding Stock Sold at all Times Albany Wisconsin For Fruit Trees. Berries, Flowers Shrubs, Evergreens or Landscaping SEE DAN DEE NURSERY At The Bridge-Albany. Wisconsin "Food For The Whole Family" EDGEWATER CAFE Albany, WI CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS From: Kranig Excavating. Inc. ALBANY. WI 53502 KRUEGER CONSTRUCTION Office Phone: 862-3276 Chopper Boxes Builders of New Homes Forage Boxes and Livestock Truck Bodies ALBANY WISCONSIN ALBANY LOCKER Fresh Meats and Processing 862-3921 Albany 'auk t wdhead BRODHEAO. WISCONSIN 53520 ■t»tm "Your Money Friends" Bob’s Carpets OLD HIGHWAY 11. SOUTH BRODHEAD WISCONSIN S3520 Business Phone Home Phone 608 897-4893 608 897-2315 CARPETS VINYLS FREE ESTIMATES FLYNNS BAR RESTAURANT SERVING SHORT ORDERS AND SANDWICHES DAILY COMPLETE DINNERS SERVEDFRIDAY SATURDAY 5-11 P.M. Your Hosts Tom Rosemary Flynn, Rich Rena Flynn Monticello 938-4750 FOESCH’S BODY SHOP 897-2274 Brodhead, Wisconsin Green County Bank Brodhead, WI Mcmt cr FDIC Phone: 897-2151 A full service bank IVERSON CHEVROLET INC 897-2550 Brodhead Wisconsin JUST IV HIM Clothes for Men Boys Formal Wear 897-2737 Brodhead, Wisconsin KAMPS COUNTY LINE BEVERAGE Co. Trunk T Brodhead 122 Open: Noon to ( Sunday 9 to 9 Weekdays Kubly’s Bar Sandwiches and Pizza Brodhead, WILA VERNE LEDERMAN State Farm Insurance Companies 1015 Center Avenue Phone 897-2834 Brodhead, Wisconsin o OLIN A AYRES m m BUICK PONTIAC PIERCE 'punnittvu '% xu4t 1201 - 17th STREET BRODHEAD. WISCONSIN 53520 897-2196 i PHARMACY Brodhead, Wisconsin Phone: 897-2595 s STAIR'S SENTRY FOODS Brodhead, Wisconsin to MARTINSON IMPLEMENT, INC. 109 Hotel Street Brooklyn, Wisconsin 53521 MORTENSEN AUTO REPAIR And Snowmobile Dealer Brooklyn, WI 53521 Tel. 455-3621 Anderson TV r, 515 S. Madison Cal Anderson: 882-4156 Congratulations From CHAPINS Fine Foods CONNERS CHEV.-OLDS, INC. 119 E. MAIN ST. EVANSVILLE, WIS. 53536 "WHERE FRIENDS MEET" Evansville Wisconsin EAST SIDE BAR STEAK HOUSE and BUB'S WXR LXTRA TOUCH HLNBt Evansville, WI Peg Berg EVANSVILLE GREEN HOUSE FLORAL Corner of $. 4th and Liberty St. Evansville. WI 53535 Phone: (60S.) 882-5580 Complete Service Florist Ralph ami Angie Hall ESEEsasiza ts NORTH MADISON STREET EVANSVILLE. WISCONSIN S3536 STRAKA JEWELRY Evansville, Wisconsin DR. H.C. YOUNGMAN Dentist VOIGT MUSIC CENTER BANDWAGON Band Instruments—Violins Guitars-Amplifiers 312 State St. 2602 E. Milwaukee 123 Beloit, WI Janesville, WIHELLAND'S FOOD LOCKER SERVICE, INC. JUDA, WISCONSIN 53550 PHONE 934-5241 Home Made Sausage Country Food Store Slaughtering, Processing, Freezing Curing, Smoking, Lard Rendering Beef Sides Quarters For Your Freezer NEWMAN SEED FEED COMPANY OF JUDA. INC. PHONE 934-5244 JUDA, WIS. 53550 FERTILIZER • FARM SUPPLIES • LIQUID NITROGEN • PLUMBING • ELECTRICAL J S EQUIPMENT SCHNEE'S TAP Warren Melody Schneeberger Graduates—Best of Luck (T The Camera Shop Kjf 1005 10th Street On the Square Monroe, WI 24 hr Color Processing FLORINES Ladies Ready-toWear Accessories and Gifts NORMAN SYLVIA PETERSON 1618-11TH St., Monroe The Gift Castle East of the Square Monroe, WI HAURI’S CYCLE SHOP 715 21st Street Monroe. Wisconsin Motorcycle Bridgeston Kawaski Parts-Accessories Phone 325-0052 MONROE FLORAL DOWNTOWN MONROE PANDOW JEWELERS Fine Quality Diamonds, Watches. Jewelry Monroe, Wisconsin Ph. 325-6134 gALDOR DRIVE KJI CONTROL ELECTRIC MOTORS 504 11th ST. clcrTOir MONROE. WIS. 53566 ijUllT ELE™ PHone 608 328 8151 MONROE TV SALES AND SERVICE On the Square 1028-17th Avenue Phone 325-5598 Your Zenith Dealer Monroe. Wisconsin 53566 Monroe, Wisconsin SOLOMON AUTO PARTS CO. INC. Complete Auto, Truck, and Tractor Supplies Brod head-897-4666 124 Monroe-325.-1181 Darlington -776-4541 CHAR-LYN'S FLYNNS BAR RESTAURANT Beauty Shop Monticello 938-4841 GEMPELER'S SUPER MARKET Groceries Frozen Foods- Fresh Meats Sausage PHONE 938-4927 MONTICELLO, WISCONSIN 53570 MONTICELLO PHARMACY Monticello 938 4750 KARLEN BUILDING SUPPLY, INC. 106 South Pratt St. Monticello, WI 53570 Voegeli Chevrolet-Buick, Inc. Joseph H. Jameson Pharmacist-Owner Bus. 938-4104 SALES AND SERVICE Telephone: 938-4191 camout Monticello, Wisconsin IftlJICK ONE LINE DONATIONS Beauty Mart, Albany Doyan Rayne Lumber Co., Albany Maple Leaf, Albany Brodhead Gas, Paint Christian Books, Brodhead Kelly—Hamilton, Brodhead Pierce True Value Hardware, Brodhead R. R. Implement, Brodhead Sutherlands, Brodhead Vern's Shoe Box, Brodhead Beauty Mode, Monroe Fabric Land, Monroe G T C Auto Parts. Monroe Monroe One-Hour Cleaners, Monroe Thorpe Paint, Monroe Wolfe's Office, Monroe Dickson's Monticello Freitag Atkinson Agency, Inc., Monticello Wilbur's IGA, EvansvilleCONGRA TULA TIONS SENIORS SENIOR PARENTS FACULTY STAFF Dr. Mrs. Robert E. Allen Mrs. Kay Arndt Mr. Mrs. William Atkinson, Sr. Mr. Terry Astin Family Mr. Mrs. Robert Atkinson Mrs. Julie Barribeau Mr. Mrs. Kenneth Blumer Mrs. Charlotte Briggs Mr. Mrs. Harold Broge Mrs. Rosella Briggs Mr. Mrs. Duane Dixon Mr. James Bromwell Family Mr. Mrs. Arlie Fahrney Mr. Jeffrey Cebulski Mr. Mrs. Wilbur McCreedy Mr. 8c Mrs. Ervin Coplien Mr. Mrs. Donald Flood Miss Kathi Doering Mr. Mrs. Glen Gempeler Mrs. Kay Flood Mr. Mrs. George Gibbons Mrs. Nancy Friedrichs Mr. Mrs. Carl Hannes, Jr. Mr. 8c Mrs. David Gasner Mr. Mrs. Alfred Hauri Mr. 8c Mrs. Thomas Gross Mr. Mrs. Bobby DeVoll Mr. Charles E. Hallmark Mr. Mrs. John E. Howard Mrs. Kristine Hanson Mr. Mrs. Max Huffman, Sr. Miss Ann Hanson Mr. Mrs. James E. Johnson Miss Susan Harding Mr. Mrs. Germaine Kaderli, Sr. Mrs. Harriet Heitzman Mr. Mrs. Dallas Keepers Mrs. Karen Hubert Mr. Mrs. Wesley Krupke Mrs. Georgette Kerkvliet Mr. Mrs. Walter Mueller Miss Charlotte King Mr. Mrs. Gordon Mauerman Mr. Roy Kopp Mrs. Delores Phillips Mr. David Krause Mrs. Emogene Pluss Mr. Randall Krause Mr. Mrs. Norbert Robinson Mrs. Nancy Krueger Mr. Mrs. Gary Pickett Mrs. Donna Ladwig Mr. Mrs. Elmer Runaas Mrs. Vivian Lerch Mr. Mrs. Albert Schneider Miss Kay Miller Mrs. Barbara Krause Mrs. Clareda Neuenschwander Mr. 8c Mrs. James Speer Mr. Willis Nipple Mr. 8c Mrs. John Stoehr Mr. Michael D. Owens Mrs. Mary E. Thill Mrs. Louis Quade Mr. 8c Mrs. John Tway Mr. Russell Quinn Mrs. Joanne Rankins Mrs. Louise Spring Mrs. Virginia Stuckey UNDERCLASSMEN Mrs. Marcia Teale Mrs. Susan Tews Mrs. Evelyn Thornton CLASS OF 1979 Mr. Delbert Wagner Miss Candi Walker Mrs. Rebecca Wendorf CLASS OF 1980 CLASS OF 1981 126SENIORS Allen, Rick 1, 12, 13, 21, 56, 57, 69, 128 Atkinson, Bill 13, 49, 52, 54, 57, 62, 64, 66, 68, 76 Atkinson, Jan 6, 8, 13, 22, 52, 54, 59, 62, 66, 72, 74, 82 Blumer, Julene 6, 8, 13, 56, 57, 58, 62, 63, 64, 66, 67, 71, 72, 74, 82, 83, 92 Broge, Julie 3, 8, 14, 23, 52, 53, 55, 56, 57, 67, 69, 128 Coulthard, Rose 14 Dixon, Sonya 14, 58, 66, 72, 74, 92 Fahrney, Bruce 14, 56, 57, 58, 59, 62 Flood, Aggie McCreedy 15 Flood, Kevin 15, 22, 52, 54, 66, 76, 78, 89 Gempeler, Gerry 15, 49, 64 Gibbons, Jim 12. 15, 23. 52, 54, 64, 68, 89 Hannes, Chris 16,69 Hauri, Wes 16, 60, 65, 66, 69, 70, 72, 96 Howard, Kelly 6, 16, 55, 64, 66, 67, 69, 71, 72, 74, 76, 82, 83 Huffman, Laura 16, 52, 54, 64, 66, 68, 69, 70, 72, 74, 76, 78, 82, 83 Johnson, Wendy 12, 17, 23, 52, 54, 58, 62, 66, 67, 69, 82 Kaderli, Germaine 17, 64, 96 Kauk, Glady 17, 23, 57, 74, 6 Keepers, Douglas 17, 22 Krupke, Jan 18, 52, 54, 58, 64, 66, 72, 74, 82, 83 Ledezma, Angela 18, 70 Mauerman, Jeff 18, 49, 52, 53, 55, 89 Phillips, Todd 18, 57 Pluss, Roger 3, 19, 62, 63 Robinson, Dick 19, 64, 72, 96 Ruef, Laurie 6, 19, 23, 64, 65 Runaas, Carol 19, 64, 65, 85 Schneider, Jacob 20 Speer, Sue 20, 52. 54, 57, 69, 72, 92 Stoehr, Dave 8, 20, 52, 54, 72, 76, 89 Thill, Ginny 20, 23 Tway, Bruce 21, 22, 24, 52, 54, 71, 89 JUNIORS INDEX Albright, Sandy 25, 60, 64 Alderman, Tammy 25, 59, 64, 66, 72, 74 Althaus, Chris 25, 57, 58, 59, 71, 72, 74, 82, 83 Atkinson, Leigh 25, 60, 61, 66, 70 Briggs, Lisa 25, 58, 60, 62, 66, 69, 74, 84, 87 Coulthard, Adella 25 Elmer, Steve 25, 64, 65 Flood, Angie 25, 27, 58, 60, 61, 74, 92 Gohlke, Brian 25, 62, 64, 89 Hammon, Robert 24, 25, 58, 64, 89 Hannes, Dan 25, 64 Hauge, Larry 24, 25, 62, 64 Hulbert, Mike 25, 49, 64 Janes, Terry 25, 62, 64, 65, 68, 69, 96 Johnson, Laurie 8, 25, 27, 64, 72, 74, 82, 83 Kauk, Maribeth 8, 9, 25, 58, 64, 74, 87 Kennedy, Pam 26, 57, 59, 60, 61, 64, 66, 67, 70, 74, 92 McCullick, Kirk 24, 26, 27, 64, 65, 76, 78, 96 Mueller, Debbie 26, 27, 57, 58, 60, 61, 62, 66, 67, 68, 74, 76, 78, 92 Murphy, Mary 26, 66 Pagel, Jerry 8, 26, 64, 65, 68 Parker, Lori 26, 64, 74 Paul, Robert 24, 26, 64 Peach, James 26, 64, 89 Roberts, Wayne 26, 58, 59 Robinson, Barb 26, 64, 72, 74, 87 Schenk, Lorrie 8, 26, 74 Schmieder, Dan 24, 26, 86, 96 Sellnow, Lisa 3, 8, 24, 26, 56, 57, 62, 63, 72, 74, 82, 83, 87 Tourdot, Mike 26, 27, 58, 96 Wilcox, Lisa 26, 94 SOPHOMORES Brugger, David 29, 64, 65, 96 Brugger, Lisa 28, 29, 58, 76, 78, 84, 87 Bump, Amy 29, 66. 70, 72, 74, 84, 87 Coulthard, Joe 29 Courtois, Michelle 29 Creighton, Sandy 29 Crooks, Debbie 29, 59, 71 Dustan, Debra 29, 58, 60, 62 Fahrney, Jamie 29, 64 Gerber, Douglas 29 Gill, Lonnie 29, 64 Glass, Mitch 29, 86 Gohlke, Teri 28, 29, 57, 74, 84 Hammon, Teresa 29, 58, 60, 61, 66, 71, 76 Hauge, Lorie 29 Hauri, Debra 7, 29, 58, 60, 62, 66, 59, 72 Isely, Laura 30 Johnson, Dan 30, 58 Kaderli, Dawn 30 Kauk, Dan 27, 30, 58, 64, 72, 96 Keele, Ken 30 Kennedy, Todd 7, 30, 96 Krupke, Sharon 7, 30, 58, 59, 60 Larson, Lurene 9, 30, 66, 82, 83, 92 Lewis, Windy 7, 28, 30, 58, 60, 61, 62, 66, 84 Malkow, Jeff 30, 64, 96 Mansheim, Carmen 7, 27, 30, 57, 58, 60, 61, 62, 66, 67, 68, 70, 74 Martin, Dawn 30, 66, 72, 74, 84, 87 Marx, Rosemary 30, 57, 62, 66, 71, 84 Moldenhauer, Mike 30, 64 Mueller, Danny 30, 58, 91 Nipple, Faron 30, 57, 58, 62, 68, 70, 76 Nipple. Steve 31, 55, 86, 91 Patchen, Joe 31, 58, 64 Paul, Richard 31 Pluss, Dave 8, 31, 64, 89 Powers, Mike 7, 28, 31, 76, 78, 86, 91 Pulcine, Chris 31, 57, 58, 66, 71, 76 Reasa, Mark 24, 31, 62, 68 Sandlin, John 31, 64 Sarbacker. Bonnie 31 Schlapbach, John 28, 31, 58, 86, 89 Swanson, Lori 31, 57, 62, 66 Tourdot, Mary Jo 31, 58, 62, 64, 72 West, Robert 31 Zilliox, Lori 31, 84 Zilliox, Penny 31, 84, 85 FRESHMEN Alexander, Ted 33 Allen, Lisa 32, 33, 58, 66, 76, 78, 87 Anderson, Bill 33, 86 Anderson, Raymond 33, 49 Atkinson, Ben 33 Atkinson, Laura 9, 33, 58, 68, 62, 66, 71 Bennett, Mark 33 127Boss, Teresa 33, 66 Brugger, Lori 33, 58 Brugger, Todd 33, 96 Clark, Tent 33, 64, 96 Cleaveland, Rick 33, 64, 91 Cook, Larry 33 Coulthard, Delvin 33 Crooks, Ricky 33, 64 Dowden, Dan 8, 32, 33, 91 Dunphy, James 33, 64, 65, 76, 78, 91 Elmer, Mary 34, 66 Fahrney, Stacey 34, 58, 60, 66 Flood, Laurie 34, 58, 94 Gempeler, Grace 34 Gerber, Wendy 32, 34, 58, 60, 66 Gurns, Margie 34, 58, 59, 66, 84, 94 Hamilton, Karen 34, 58, 66, 71, 76, 94 Hamilton, Kathy 34, 58, 66, 87, 94 Hartwig, Shirley 34, 66 Hauri, Bill 34, 64, 65, 96 Howard, Mike 34 Hulbert, Karl 34, 64, 65, 68, 91 Jones, Kim 34, 58, 74 Kauk, Dena 34, 58, 66, 74, 87 Kauk, Richard 34, 58, 64, 96 Kennedy, Mindy 32, 34, 58, 60 61, 66, 74, 84 Klapper, Laura 35, 74, 94 Koebler, Teri 35, 64, 66, 68, 84, 87, 94 Langston, Terry 35, 91 Lincicum, Jeff 35 Lisser, Cheryl 9, 35, 71, 76 Luedy, Todd 35, 64 Malkow, Lauri 35, 58, 64, 94 MacGrath, Ken 35 MacNaughton, Alice 35 Moldenhauer, Dave 35 Moldenhauer, Steve 35 Pence, Ken 35 Pfeuti, Jeff 35, 91 Pluss, Randy 35, 64, 65, 91 Pohl, Lonnie 35 Quirk, Patricia 35, 70, 74 Richardson, Randy 36, 64 Robinson, Loren 6, 36 Ross, Forrest 36, 62, 91 Ruef, Julie 36 Seffrood, Mike 36, 64 Sigafus, Natalie 36, 58, 94 Sowl, Carson 36, 64 West, Charles 8, 36 Zettle, Brian 36, 64 Zweifel, Pam 36, 58, 59, 66, 92 Zweifel, Pat 36, 64, 65 HAPPINESS IS ACHIEVING THAT FINAL DEADLINE

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