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dLBrtNY CONGT1976 AimV HIGH SCHOOL 4LBi4NY, WISCONSIN GDITOR Joan Aeschliman JR. GDITOR Dolores Dowden ASSISTANTS Photography: Rick Mansheim Copy: Bethy Hulbert Layout: Gave Glass Finance: Dorathy Dowden PHOTOGRAPHY DIRGCTOR Don Cornwell ADVJISOR Jennie Wondra MBLG Of CONTGNTC ACADGMICS Janet Adkinson. Editor ..... CLASSGS Lorna Friedrichs. Editor ............................ 39 STUDGNT Uf£ Nina Runaas, Editor ................................. 56 SPORTS Rick Allen, Editor GRADG SCHOOL Julie Broge, Editor 80 90 ADVERTISING Julie Aeschliman, Editor INDGX Bruce Fahrney. Editor no 197 iTHIWGrfimTORY School opens at the end of August... Classes are organized... Class officers are elected.. .Organizations are organized. . .Fall sports begin.. .Cheerleaders are chosen.. .Seniors order graduation announcements. . .Guidance Counselor talks with individuals. . .Girls' Volleyball Team takes regionals.. .Rex Friedrichs breaks his toes... Student Council sponsors costume day. . .Students and teachers welcome teachers' convention.. Jamie Larson get a mouth full at the Christmas party.. .Christmas vacation gives welcome rest to all... Students cram for semester's end. . .Sophomores choose class rings .. Homecoming Court is elected.. .Semester grades decide rank... Winter sports season ends. . .Musical begins production.. .Letter-winners honored at banquet.. .Easter vacation (sigh!).. .Spring magic created at Junior Prom. . .Seniors prepare for graduation. . .FFA holds annual banquet.. .Textile classes show skill at style show... FHA honor mothers at banquet. . .Music Department presents spring concert. . .Spring sports become active.. .Badger Boys' and Girls' State representatives elected.. .Honor Society initiates new members .. .Awards presented at class night.. .1976 Annuals arrive.. .Final exams are taken.. .Seniors graduate.. .Report cards bring news (and some surprises).. .Summer vacation begins... No other story will ever be the same as THIS YEAR'S STORY. Careful, don't drop it Dave. 2 Caught us with the goods!dTrf.H.9.... Race you to lunch? HA! HA! HA! Got’cha now! SLURP! SLURP! SLURP! Such manners. 3What do you want Parmer? 4-AGDITORr MOT€9 This year's book turned out to be quite a story for the Class of 76. Without the help of Miss Wondra. our advisor, there never would have been a yearbook. A lot of time and creativeness goes into it and I'd like to thank Miss Wondra for her time, patience, and assistance. Special thanks is also extended to Mr. Cornwell, our photography director, the school for purchasing a camera, and all the staff members for putting their time in to make a successful year for the 1976 Annual.. The survey which listed your favorites and took us hours to tally up as well as the sports records were added to our book this year in hopes that when you look back in your yearbook a year or ten years from now. you will be able to say ''1976 was a very good year!" Since the Annual is financed totally through funds raised by the Annual Staff, the selling of ads is a necessity. This can prove to be hectic and disappointing at times, however this year's staff stayed right in there and kept on selling ads. A special thanks goes to all staff members who went out and sold ads as well as to those who bought the ads. Businesses who bought half page ads made it just that much easier. Helgesens extended a special service to our staff's finances by providing a day's worth of pictures with no charge. Money was also raised by selling hot dogs and by having a car wash in the Spring. Both time and effort were put into these jobs, and as a result, we earned the money needed for the 1976 Annual. I'd like to thank the staff, our advisor, and everyone else who helped to make the 1976 AHS Annual possible. 6DGDIG1TION The class of 1976 would like to dedicate "This Year's Story to Robert White and his State Cross-Country Champs. Much of the excitement and memories of the past year were due to his direction and involvement in the school's activities. Mr. White has been a great help to our class, and to the entire school. He put in many hours working with the students' schedules, helping individuals decide on after-graduation plans, but he was never too busy to talk with anyone. Mr. White has been a wonderful friend, teacher, and counselor all through our high school years. The senior class would like to congratulate Robert White and the Championship Cross-Country Team, wish them much success in the future, and thank them for playing an important part in This Year's Story. COMGMTUWTIOMS TO BOB WHITG rtND TH€ 1975 TMTG CROtt-COUNTRY CH NPY 7 ‘ODGMICT 8BOHRD rtND dDMINISTMTION BUSY WITH SCHOOL OPCMTIONS SCHOOL BOARD: Front Row; David Dowden (Student Board Member), Wilbur McCreedy (Treas.), Lawrence Dunphy (Pres.), Paul Hahn (Clerk). Back Row; Shirley Blumer. Vivian Lerch. Glenn Brewer, Wayne Albertson. The Board of Education is responsible to the school, the people, and the community. It directs all school activities which are entrusted to its supervision such as directing curriculum, and deciding upon budget requests. The Board of Education is the backbone of the entire school system. It makes available an equal education opportunity for every student in the community. The District Administrator has a large responsibility to the Albany Public School. He must co-ordinate the students and teachers to obtain a profitable educational atmosphere. In addition to his administrative duties. Dr. Allen serves as K-12 principal, showing diplomacy in dealing with various situations concerning both students and teachers. The Board of Education and Administration work closely in creating and implementing policies which reflect the educational philosophy and objectives of the community. 10 Robert E. Allen, Ph. D.GUIMNCe rtlD? IN PLANNING fUTURG The major focus of guidance at Albany High School is to provide a service for all its students: to help students obtain information, increase their understanding about themselves, and help them make decisions where future careers are involved. Great emphasis is placed on career objectives, especially through the various vocational programs. Students are directed toward their individual career goals with the help of the guidance program. Mr. White helps plan for the future of each student by adjusting class schedules, presenting materials for vocations, and advising on future education and training. College representatives as well as vocational school representatives are brought in to discuss and explain their curriculums to any interested student. Bob White 9€CRGT Rie9 PROVIG IND G9PGNI IBLG Phyllis Aeschliman Charlotte King Miss Charlotte King and Mrs. Phyllis Aeschliman also serve an important role in the Albany School System. As bookkeeper. Miss King handles the financial accounts for many student organizations along with the payroll, lunch program, budget requests, etc. Mrs. Aeschliman serves as the school secretary. She handles various correspondence, lunch tickets and many other duties of a school secretary. II AGRICULTURE PRCPARCT TUTURG MRMGR9 All courses in the Agriculture Department have been semcsterized. These courses were designed to train students interested in the business of farming, or any of the related occupations. The objectives of the Vo. Ag. Department is to make the students aware of career opportunities in the field of Agriculture since Ag. is the nations largest business and has much to offer if the students want to take advantage of these opportunities. Under the leadership of Mr. Jim Kuntz, Agriculture students attended the World Dairy Expo in Madison and visited local farms in order to obtain knowledge and familiarity of the different farming set-ups. Outside speakers provided the students with the opportunity to gain further understanding of the Agricultural field. JIM KUNTZm D€MON9TMT€9 9TUDGMT CR01TNITV Miss Kay Miller teaches the high school Art classes in addition to all elementary Art classes. There are many different courses offered in the field of Art. These include the learning of many fundamental skills which are needed to express creative works. Fundamentals of design, color, and sketching are the basic work of Art students in the beginning classes. The advanced classes study painting, metal craft, ceramics, jewelry making. and wood carving. Experimenting in these different mediums enables the students to develop individuality of style and appreciation of the various Art forms. MY MILLCP Don't cut yourself Dar. OH BOY!!! How pretty! Good morning. Jeff. 13Mm €L©MT€f NU9IC L T UeMT? The Music Department offers students the opportunity to play an instrument in various in-school and extracurricular activities. General Music, containing guitar, is a new course added this year. Under the direction of Mr. Don Cornwell, Band members learn to be responsible and to work with a common goal; as well as obtain self-satisfaction and confidence from individual personal accomplishments. The High School Band marched in various area parades. Other activities include Solo and Ensemble Contests and Band Concert Contest held in Belleville. Memorial Day was busy with Memorial Day services in the morning and concert for Yesteryear Days in the afternoon. Stage Band places emphasis on jazz and jazz notation. Members learn the different styles of music from the big band music of the 40's to the jazz music of today. DOM CORMWGLL 14Jennie wondm BUflNGtf PROVJIDG9 CrtRGGR TR INIMG To gain knowledge about jobs in the Business field and to prepare for these jobs are the main objectives of the Business Education Department. Job opportunities as well as vital background knowledge are made available to the students under the instruction of Miss Jennie Wondra. Something new this year was the two-hour Office Occupations course. This is a vocational capstone course designed to prepare students for various clerical positions by providing the skills necessary for office work. One big change in the Business Department was a shared program with Juda. Students interested in the Office Occupations course attended the class at Albany, while those taking Shorthand attended the class at Juda. In addition to these courses, beginning typing and accounting were also offered.CHORUS' DCMOHSTRHTCS UOCHL WILLS’ Students who have an interest in music are offered the opportunity to smg in the High School Choir or in Triple Trio. This gives students a chance to earn credit and participate in a non-academic area. The Christmas and Spring Concerts employ the vocal skills of the Chorus students. There are many opportunities for Chorus and Triple Trio to perform through extracurricular activities. One such opportunity was the school musical which was enjoyed by many people. The concerts given have also been very enjoyable and entertaining. Under the direction of Miss Joan Anderson, several Music students had the opportunity to participate in the Dorian Music Festival at Luther College in Decorah. Iowa this past winter. JOdN rfNDQKOhRUtt QUINN DRIVO'9 €D. T£ CHG9 UTO MfGTY A course geared toward safe driving is Albany's Drivers' Education program. Rules of the road, traffic signals, and parts of the automobile are all taught in the classroom. Connected with this classroom study is a "behind the wheel" course conducted after school and during the summer. "Behind the wheel" is a program necessary to obtain a driver's license under 18 years of age in which students are required to put in 6 hours of driving with Mr. Russell Quinn. Drivers' Ed., basically a sophomore class, stresses good attitude on the road as well as the general principles and the mechanics of automobiles. Students study from books and pamphlets, watch movies, and make decisions using practical experience and common sense.gmglis'h strgtcgs Gf GCTNG COMMUNICATION The English Department, under Mrs. Sue Zimmerman, furnishes its students with a well rounded background in reading, writing, and speaking. Speech, literature, and composition are the major divisions. These classes strive for proficiency in both verbal and written topics. The journalism classes were exposed to the basic principles of journalism and related fields. They played an important part in the production of the school newspaper. The literature classes stressed comprehension of English literature. The objectives of the English program is to improve the students' ability to communicate through the various media of books, universal symbols, verbal media of speech, radio and T.V., and written media. Ill . sue zifiNeRr M How about a nice Hawaiian punch, with Cindy's compliments. Brian, let's go over it once more. Hey Lorna, this is Contract English, not Home Ec. 18«€NCH QOTG1) CULTURAL (MMeneK NJMM TCW Mrs. Susan Tews offers several English courses m addition to the French classes. The French language classes are an individualized program with some group activity. French Culture, a relatively new course, introduces students to the contributions the French have made to Western Culture. This course is open to all students whether they have studied French or not. No one really appreciates his own language and culture until he has learned another. To learn to converse in another language and look at another culture from that culture's point of view is the basic objective of the French Department. 19HOME EC. EXPLORE1) LNING 9TYLE9 To bring about a worthwhile and lasting family life, students are encouraged to enroll in Home Economics classes. Home Ec. plays an important role in training students to meet the challenges at today's household needs. Miss Dougoveto's classes learn the fundamentals of cooking, sewing, and family living. Within the variety of courses offered in the Home Ec. Department, the basic objective is to impart knowledge to the student which will better prepare the student for the decision making and practical skills that may be demanded in the future. The Foods classes learn the fundamentals of cooking while preparing many of the basic foods. The textiles classes learned line and color in clothing, use of patterns, and clothing construction. TGRG9G DOUGOViGTOJOHN ZGNkG IMD. Z1RT9 PROUIDET FUTURE TRILIT Many students selected the Industrial Arts courses our school offers. Different techniques are learned through reading and actual use. These courses are useful to students selecting Industrial work as their vocation. Under the instruction of Mr. John Zemke. students learn new techniques in craftsmanship, skills which prove to be valuable for use after high school. A course in power mechanics is also available to those students interested in this vocational area. The use of this equipment under actual shop conditions is helpful to the students selecting this as their vocation. The Industrial Arts Department aims towards making the student aware of the careers open in the Industrial field. Wouldn't you know it, Scott is "BOARD" as usual. What's the matter Greg, did you run out of ink?MrtTH PROV1IDG9 CORKUMGR GhRICHNenT Since our world is becoming more automated and technologically advanced. Mathematics has taken on an increased importance as a subject. The Mathematics Department, under Mrs. Arlene Oliver, aims to teach students the concepts and skills of Math and prepare them for future Math learning and development of analytical thinking, or for use as a consumer in today's society. In the Math Department, students are offered a wide range of courses. Consumer Math and Algebra I are beginning courses. From these classes, students may go on to more advanced classes such as Geometry, Consumer Math II, or Algebra II providing a challenge for many students. Outside speakers provided excellent means of providing students with the “why" of Math. dRLGNG OLNGRrciGNCe CHriLL€NG0 9TUDGHT INTGLLGCT Science at Albany consists of a wide variety of semesterized courses giving the student an excellent background in all phases of science from the amoeba to the atom. These courses, under Mrs. Donna Burke, include lectures, discussions, and lab work. The labs are always busy and signs of various experiments in progress can readily be seen and many times these experiments can be readily smelled. In Biology, dissection of organisms is most interesting laboratory work, while the Physics classes study mechanics, light, sound, and electricity. The Physics class is another one of the courses which is part of the shared program with Juda High School. DOWM BURKGPHY9IG1L GDUC TlOh T0OG9 COOPGMTION Just as important as a sound mind is a sound body, and that is what Albany's Physical Education Program develops. The various sports and activities which the students participate in are designed to develop fitness as well as coordination and good sportsmanship. The Physical Education classes at Albany help promote physical fitness in our student body. Students participate in classes that stress clean competitive athletics, that build strength, and which build endurances. Lifetime Sports is a new class offered in the Phy. Ed. curriculum this year. This class proved to interest many students as could be seen by the enrollment in the course. Phy. Ed. classes are taught by Mrs. Lois Sherwin and Mr. Rick Volkman. LOIS SHCRWIM ♦ You're supposed to only have one ballIII TWINKLE TOES.. .Blumer and Binder.Are you telling jokes, Mrs. Sherwin?90CML 9TUDI£9 GXPLORG9 CULTURE Under the instruction of Mr. Tom Gross and Mr. Terry Astin. historical background, provided by the Social Studies courses laid a foundation for the comprehension of the American mode of life and government. Area Studies figured as an important portion in the understanding of international problems. Through study, students realized that geography determined the resources, size of family, way of life, and ultimately the success of a country. To gain understanding of the business world, to develop an interest in the economic development of our families in our country, and to realize the importance of securing training and skills were the objectives of the Social Problems class. TON GROttRICHARDSON SPANISH BROADENS FOREIGN UNDERSTANDING Spanish I is a new class offered at Albany High School this year. This course is offered through an exchange program with Juda. Under the instruction of Mrs. Richardson, Spanish students grasp both the oral and written concepts of the Spanish language. Through the use of films, slides, and supplementary texts, the Spanish classes become familiar with this foreign culture. The objectives of the department are to create knowledge about the Spanish culture and to teach the students to understand and to speak the Spanish language. WATCH IT KRIS!!! What's behind the book Dan? 27IM9TRUCTIOIW M€DM 9UPPLIC9 Re90URC€9 More shelving and audio visual materials have been added to the Library this year. The card catalogs have been completed allowing students to find more materials on their own. Under the direction of Mrs. Kris Hanson, the Library moves closer to fulfilling the state Library standards by providing more materials and allowing students to put these materials to more serious use. The Library was set up to be a quiet area for completing classroom assignments and for pursuing individual interests through the various media. The Audio-Visual Department was given a new home in 1975 when it moved from the Library to a remodeled locker room near the old gym. Mr. Terry Astin, as head of Audio-Visual, is responsible for the distribution and maintenance of A-V Equipment and recommendations for new equipment as the need for the equipment arises. ms Hdrirori 28 Mr. Astin instructs these boys on the many functions of the various A-V equipment.B€HiMt)-THe-rcen€9 Left to Right: R. Allen, G. Gempeler, L. Friedrichs. BU1) DRIVieW Left to Right: Ervin Coplien, Joanne Rankins, Madeline Atkinson, Miriam Blumer. Mary Ringhand, and John Briggs. 29Willis Nipple Roy Kopp Bob Anderson and Bobbie Alexander Love is a pat on the head (with the fist in Buck’s case). CU9TODMIW ■LIBRARY HGLP Left to Right: Row 1; S. Kauk, K. Pence. T. Langston, K. Hamilton, K. Hamilton, L. Klapper, K. Bennett, L. Flesher, C. McCarthy. Row 2; J. Pfeuti, L. Heron. M. Bennett, R. Anderson, D. Pence, L. Hauge, D. Kehm. R. Mabie, C. Kauk. Row 3; K. Gempeler, D. Crooks, S. Harlson, D. Martin, T. Sieindorf, M. Muralt, K. Blaser. Row 4; M. Golz, L. Swanson, B. Heron, B. Fahrney, L. Malkow, K. Hammon, A. Flood. G. Gempeler, L. Friedrichs. LIBMRY rilD rfUDIO-VIKlML AID Kelly Nipple David Gurns 31cwfte? O lt ° O . Mfg‘ 7 % I I s% • ►r7iffi n»fr 32339GNIOR9 PRGPrtRG FOR RGSPONSIBILITGS COMMGNCGMGNT—MAY 30. 1976 CLrttf FLOWGR-MrtROON TIPPGD CrfRIWION CLrftf COLORS—MAROON AND WHITG CLASS MOTTO—TODAY WG FOLLOW,TOMORROW WG LG AD 9GMIOR Officer ELIZABETH B. HULBERT PRESIDENT GAA.9-10 Honor Society, 11-12 Drama Club, 11 Annual Staff, 11-12 Newspaper, 12 (Editor) FHA, 10-11 (Sec.) -12 (Sec.) Green Lake Delegate, 10 Ecology Club, 10 Pep Club, 9-10 11-12 Senior Class President Junior Class Secretary Prom Court RICHARD A. MANSHEIM VICE PRESIDENT TREAS. Volleyball. 9-10 Wrestling, 9-10 Chorus, 9 Honor Society, 11-12 Annual Staff. 11-12 Newspaper. 12 Ecology Club, 10 French Club. 9-10-11-12 Senior Class Vice President Sophomore Class Treasurer Senior Class Treasurer JULIE A. MAUERMAN SECRETARY GAA. 10 Letterwinners, 9-10-11 Cheerleader, 9-10-11 Student Council. 9 Newspaper, 12 FHA, 9 10-11-12 (Treas.) Pep Club, 9 10 11-12 Senior Class Secretary 34JOAN K. AESCHLIMAN Basketball, 9 (Captain) GAA, 9 Annual Staff, 10-1 M2 (Editor) Pep Band, 9-10 Ecology Club, 10 Pep Club, 9 Homecoming Court, 10 JULIE A. AESCHLIMAN Basketball. 9-10 GAA, 9-10 Cheerleader, 9-10-11 (Co-captain) Student Council. 10 (Treas.)-12 (Pres.) Drama Club, 10 Annual Staff, 11-12 FHA, 9-10-11 (Hist.)—12 (V.P.) Ecology Club, 10 French Club, 12 Spoon Winner Pep Club, 9-10-11-12 Junior Class President Prom Court Homecoming Court, 9 GREGORY P. ARDISSON Wrestling, 9 Student Council, 10 Spade Winner Prom Court KRISTINE E. BINDER Basketball. 11-12 Band.9-10-11-12 (V.P.) Letterwinners, 11-12 Cheerleader, 10-11-12 (Captain) Student Council. 11 Drama Club, 11 Newspaper, 11-12 FFA, 10-11-12 FHA. 9 10-11 (Rep.)-12 (Pres.) Pep Band,9-10-1 M2 Stage Band. 11-12 Ecology Club. 11 Pep Club. 9-10-11-12 (Pres.) Homecoming Court, 11 35 GREGORY P. ARDISSONTAMBRA A. BLACK Volleyball Scorekeeper, 11-12 Basketball Scorekeeper, 11-12 Band. 9-10-11-12 Chorus, 9-10-11-12 Student Council, 11 Honor Society. 11-12 Drama Club, 11-12 Newspaper. 11-12 FHA, 12 Pep Band, 9-10 11-12 Stage Band. 11-12 Vocal Ensemble, 11-12 Forensics, 9-10-11-12 Pep Club. 10 Freshmen Class President Prom Queen Girls' State KOLLEEN M. BLASER Basketball. 9 Softball. 9 Band, 9-10 Chorus, 11 GAA, 9-10 Pep Band, 9-10 Pom Pon, 9 JACQUELINE K. BLUMER Basketball. 10. (Cap.) -11 GAA. 9-10 FHA. 9-10-11 French Club, 10-11-12 Pep Club, 9-10-11-12 Pom Pon, 9 GARY R. BRIGGS Chorus. 9 Newspaper, 12 FFA.9-10 (Pari.) -11 (Rep.) -12 (V.P.) Green Lake Delegate, 11 36 GARY R. BRIGGSBRIAN A. BRUCGER Wrestling, 9-10-1 1 12 Baseball. 10 Band, 9-10-11 Chorus, 9 10 Lctterwinners, 9-10-11-12 Drama Club, 10 FFA, 10-11-12 (Sent.) Green Lake Delegate. 12 Pep Band, 9-10-11 Prom Court Homecoming Court, 11 DAVID A. DOWDEN Volleyball, 9-10-11 Basketball, 9 Track. 11-12 Wrestling, 10-11-12 (Captain) Chorus, 9 11 Lctterwinners, 10-11-12 Honor Society. 11-12 Drama Club. 10-11-12 Newspaper, 11-12 FFA, 12 Vocal Ensemble. 11 Musical, 11-12 French Club, 9-10 (V.P.) -11-12 (Pres.) Forensics, 12 Sophomore Class Vice President Prom King Badger Boys' State Student School Board Member. 12 JILL M. ELMER Basketball. 10 Band. 9-10-11-12 FFA. 10-11-12 (Sec.) Pep Band,9-10-1 M2 Stage Band, 11-12 French Club, 9 Pep Club. 9-10-11-12 Freshmen Class Treasurer SCOTT E. ELMER FFA Basketball. 9-10-11-12 FFA. 9-10-11-12 37 JILL M. ELMERCHRISTIN A. FLOOD Basketball, 10-11-12 Band, 9-10-11-12 (Sec.) GAA.9 10 Student Council. 12 Pep Band. 9-10-11-12 Stage Band, 1112 French Club, 9-10-11 Pep Club. 9-10-11-12 Pom Pon, 9-10 Prom Court PATRICH N. FLOOD Volleyball. 11 Basketball. 9-10-11 Band. 9 10-11-12 Chorus, 9 Letterwinners, 10-11 Drama Club, 11 FFA. 10-11-12 Pep Band. 9 10-11-12 Stage Band. 11-12 CINDY A. FLYNN Basketball, 9-10 GAA, 9 10 Letterwinners. 11 FHA. 10-11 French Club. 9-10 Pep Club. 9-10 LORNA M. FRIEDRICHS Basketball. 9 Basketball Statistician. 11-12 Band. 9-11 Chorus, 9-11 GAA.9 Annual Staff. 12 Library Assistant, 9-10-11-12 Pep Band, 9-11 Pom Pon, 9 38 LORNA M. FRIEDRICHSGLORIA A. GEMPELER Annual Staff. 12 Library Assistant. 9-10-11-12 Badger Girl Alternate. 11 GAYE M. GLASS Basketball Manager. 10 GAA.9-10 Annual Staff. 10-11 12 FHA. 9-10-11 Ecology Club. 10 French Club. 12 Pep Club, 9 Pom Pon, 9-10 BRENDA L. HILL GAA, 10 Cheerleader, 9 Pep Club. 9-10 Chorus, 9 Freshmen Class Vice President RONALD L. KEEGAN Track. 9-11 Cross Country, 9-10-11-12 (Captain) Letterwinners, 9-10-11-12 Newspaper, 11-12 (Editor) Ecology Club, 10 French Club. 9-10-11 (Sec.) -12 Junior Class Vice President Junior Class Treasurer Sophomore Class Secretary 39 BRENDA L. HILLRICHARD R. KEEPERS Basketball. 9-10 Prom Court LESLE J. KOPP Basketball. 910 Track. 9-1 M2 Cross Country, 9-10-11 -12 Letterwinners, 9-10-11 12 Student Council, 9 Drama Club, 11 RONNIE A. KRUPKE Basketball, 9-10 FFA. 9-10-11-12 JANET M. McCREEDY Annual Staff, 11 FHA. 9-10-11 (Pari.) Green Lake Delegate. 12 Pep Club. 9-10 40 JANET M. McCREEDYCARL R.MOLDENHAUER Wrestling, 9-10-11 Letterwinners. 12 REBECCA A. MURPHY Volleyball, 10-11 Basketball, 9-10 GAA.9-10 Letterwinners. 10-11 FHA, 9-10-11 Pep Club. 9-10-11 STEVEN G. PARMER Track, 9-11-12 Cross Country, 9-10-11 12 Letterwinners, 9-10-11-12 Drama Club, 11 FFA, 9-10-11-12 TERESA A. PENCE Girls' Track, 9-10 Letterwinners. 10 Student Council, 9-10 Newspaper, 10 Library Assistant, 9 10 FHA. 9 10 11 41 STEVEN G. PARMERKENNETH W. PURDY Basketball. 11 Band. 9-10-1 112 One Act Play. 10 Musical, 11 JANICE M. ROBINSON Chorus. 9-10-11 Forensics. 9 Pom Pon, 9 TIMOTHY L. ROBINSON Wrestling. 9-11-12 Letterwinners, 11-12 Library Assistant, 9 FFA, 11-12 Spanish Club. 12 KENNETH W. PURDY DeETTE F. RUNAAS Volleyball. 12 Basketball, 9-10-11-12 Softball. 9 Band. 9 (Treas.) -10-11 (Sec.) -12 Chorus. 9-10-11-12 GAA.9-10 Letterwinners. 11 Cheerleader, 10-11 Student Council. 11-12 Honor Society, 11-12 Drama Club. 9-10-11-12 Newspaper. 10-11-12 Pep Band. 9 10-11-12 Stage Band, 11-12 Vocal Ensemble, 9-12 French Club, 9 (Treas.) -10 (Sec.) -11 (V.P.) -12 Forensics. 10-11-12 Pep Club, 9-10-11-12 Freshmen Class Secretary Badger Girls' State Wrestling Manager. 12 One Act Play Competition. 12 Pom Pon, 9-10 Honors Band, 11 Musical, 11 TIMOTHY L. ROBINSON JANICE M. ROBINSON 42 DeETTE F. RUNAASCARL E.SCHLAPBACH CARL E.SCHLAPBACH Volleyball. 9-10-11 Basketball. 9-10-11 Wrestling, 12 Band. 9 10-11-12 (Pres.) Chorus, 9-10-11 (V.P.) Letterwinners, 10-11-12 FFA. 10-11-12 FFA Basketball. 10 11-12 Pep Band. 9 10-11-12 Stage Band, 11 12 Vocal Ensemble. 11 Musical, 11 Prom Court Homecoming Court, 10 PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE KIM NIPPLE Band. 9-10 11-12 Chorus, 12 Pep Band, 9-10-1 M2 Stage Band. 12 As secretary, Julie played an important part in organizing various committees worked closely with our President, Bethy in getting projects underway. Rick, as V.P -Treasurer, kept a close watch on the class's finances. f M €MD . . . OR ( BEGINNING Like the end of a day, so have our years at Albany High School ended. A new world, a new life, awaits us; a far more challenging world, yet one in which there will be many difficulties. We hold many pleasant memories of our years at Albany: The freshman dances. Drivers Education, the many field trips as class activities, our Junior Prom, the Senior Class chili supper, working in the snack bar. sports events, etc. as well as the friends and teachers who will always play an important part in our future endeavors. Though memories sometimes fade, we the class of 1976, will never forget those years in which we learned, shared, and grew in stature and in mind. As everyone awaits the coming of the dawn, we too. readily await the new experiences before us. We await our beginning. 43JUNIOR?. Bob Alexander Anna Henningsen Dolores Dowden Richard Janes Jimmy Sandlin Brian Koepp Jeff Sellnow Dar LaBelle Jay Kennedy Dave Schmieder Joel Keele Bob Schneider 44 Nina Runaas Diane Sisson MTICIP TG S'GMIORITV Dorathy Oowden Jeff Larson Rex Friedrichs Sharon Malcook Kathy Topp Cindy Zweifel Scott Sowl 45The Junior Class was very busy selling magazine subscriptions to friends and relatives in hopes of raising enough money for their big Spring event. Prom. They became more and more excited as Prom drew near. With the help of their class officers and advisors, they made decisions on the theme, the band, and the decorations. The Juniors are also beginning to start planning for their futures. Since it is the end of their third year, they are starting to decide what careers they will choose. They are beginning to work towards that goal in this society. Even if there is only one year left to finish, it will still be the hardest and most meaningful year of all. Quite the Brutt! JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS; John Heitzman, President; Kathy Topp, Vice President; Robin Harlson, Secretary-Treasurer. Eat it, Bobby.Chalk one up for Nina! Getting right on top if it. 47roPHOMOue?, Chris Hannes Rick Allen Jim Gibbons Jeff Mauerman Mark Mancfel 48 Ginny Thill Bruce TwayGrfiN coNwerice Sonya Oixon Laura Huffman Carol Runaas Jacob Schneider Dave Stoehr Laurie Ruef Sue Speer Gladys Kauk Doug Keepers Wendy Johnson Janice Krupke Jamie Larson Kevin Flood Bruce Fahrney Christy Flynn Tom Flynn Gerry Gempeler 49 Kurt Von AllmenNow that the Sophomores are beginning to get used to High School, they are starting to find their place. They have become actively involved in all aspects of school life including studies, sports, and money raising projects such as dances and bake sales. The day finally arrives when the Sophomores begin to get out on the road to show what they have learned in Drivers' Ed. Class the past year. Class rings are also an important part of the Sophomore year. They order their rings in the winter months and eagerly await their arrival in the Spring. Once they arrive. Sophomores feel like they truly are a part of Albany High School. Are you sure you can read it Todd? Caught in the act! 50 SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS; Laura Huffman. President; Don Peterson, Vice President; Wendy Johnson, Secretary; Julie Broge, Treasurer.fl €5HM€N. 52 Lori Parker Barb Robinson™peRjTURe Steve Elmer John Kremkowski Mary Murphy Dan Hannes Jerry Pagel 53 Lorrie Schenk Mike TourdotThis year's Freshmen were a little nervous about taking that big step into high school. The High School days that they have been looking forward to for so long were finally here. High School was a rather big change for them. They had to get used to new teachers, classes, activities, and hardest of all. they had to get used to study habits. The freshmen class, however, soon proved that they could fit right into high school life. They are beginning to start on some money raising projects in order to start a treasury for use their senior year. All-in-all, through their grades, talents, and enthusiasm, they have shown that they can be a welcome addition at Albany High School. FRESHMEN CLASS OFFICERS; Debbie Mueller, President; Lisa Briggs, Secretary; Dan Schmieder, Treasurer; Terry Janes, Vice President. Does that pencil taste good? Elmer explaining an assignment-who are you kidding?55 That's a guilty look if we ever saw one.9TUD£MT Life 56JUNIOR PROM JULIE AESCHLIMAN BRIAN BRUGGER CHRISTY FLOOD CARLSCHLAPBACH KING: DAVID DOWDEN QUEEN TAMBRA BLACK 1975 58 VAL LYLE RICK KEEPERS SARA BURMEISTER TOMMY ZURFLUH BETHY HULBERT GREG ARDISSONTMIRWrtY TO HG GN April 26, 1975, Prom Night, was especially memorable to our class after a long week of decorating. The ceiling filled with with balloons, the fountain near the stage, and the stairway all made the atmosphere perfect. The mural from the album was also an important part of the decorations. Summer Haze played the tunes of Led Zeplin while Mr. White served as Master of Ceremonies for the evening. After dancing till Midnight, the party moved to Marco's Supper Club for an enjoyable evening of dining. Dave Dowden, chosen as king, selected Tami Black to reign as Queen. The court consisted of: Julie Aeschliman escorted by Brian Brugger; Christy Flood escorted by Carl Schlapbach, Val Lyle escorted by Rick Keepers; and Bethy Hulbert escorted by Greg Ardisson. The Junior Royalty consisted of Sara Bur-meister escorted by Tommy Zurfluh. A great deal of time and hard work went into the preparation for prom but every bit of the effort was well worth the final result. April 26. 1975 will always hold wonderful memories for all those who attended.rtNNIM RGCORD9 TH£ Ye R’9 £VI€MT9 EDITORS; Bethy Hulbert. Copy; Dolores Dowden. Jr. Editor, Rick Mansheim. Photography; Joan Aeschliman, Editor; Dorathy Dowden, Finance, Gaye Glass, Layout. Bruce works on the Index Section identifying whose picture is on each page. Sorting photos, preparing layouts, composing copy, cropping pictures, and thinking up captions are a few of the many duties. 60ANNUAL STAFF: R. Allen. B. Fahrney. J. Atkinson, J. Aeschliman, L. Friedrichs, J. Broge, N. Runaas, Miss Wondra (Advisor), J. Aeschliman, G. Glass, B. Atkinson, S. Malcook. C. Zweifel, R. Harlson. J. Krupke, D. Dowden, 0. Dowden, J.BIumer, R. Mansheim. T. Wheeler, L. Sellnow, B. Hulbert. P. Kennedy. T. Alderman, and S. Albright. In order to obtain the funds needed to finance the yearbook the Annual Staff sold hot dogs at the Wrestling Invitational and at basketball games. THK YG R'9 TORY The Albany Annual Staff, under the direction of Miss Jennie Wondra. began work in the summer with the sale of ads. In the Fall, the staff began layouts of pages. An additional sixteen pages were added in order to give more coverage to various activities, classes, and Junior High. With the purchase of a new camera and the help of Mr. Cornwell, the staff was able to get more action pictures to add greater coverage to the 1976 yearbook. The Annual Staff is responsible for the entire yearbook production. This includes selling ads. taking pictures, drawing layouts, and writing copy. From August to February the staff works on putting together this yearbook.dNNUflL KAf-f- CTNITIGS' Lisa studies photography for better action photos. Ads play an important part in the financial aspect. Lorna sells the yearbook representative an ad here. Bethy spent hours typing up the necessary copy. Dolores concentrates on the final layout sheet she is sketching. 62NewwpcR provjidg9 new9. £DITORWL9, fertTUR€9 th€ coder? MIC Under the direction of their advisor. Mrs. Zimmerman. the Comet's Tale Staff aimed at putting out an issue as often as possible, hopefully monthly. Reporters were given assignments for articles of interest and with the staff working together, spending many hours on the preparation of each issue, a newspaper enjoyed by all would be produced. The Editorial Staff aimed to promote the welfare of the school and to inform, entertain, and inspire its readers. In addition to the regular staff, the English Journalism class played an important role in the printing of the newspaper. An added feature this year was the addition of a crossword puzzle within each issue. The typists spent a great deal of time at the typewriter typing up the articles submitted by the various reporters. EDITORS; 8ethy Hulbert and Ron Keegan NEWSPAPER STAFF: Left to Right; Rick Mansheim, Bethy Hulbert, Kris Bin-dor. Rom Keegan. Tami Black, Dave Dowden, and DeEtte Runaas. 63LONG HOURS Of PRHCTICe PQfGCT BHND C. Flood, D. Dowden, D. Dustin, L. Brugger, L. Atkinson. G. Muralt. J. Blumer. B. Fahrney, W. Johnson, J. Atkinson, J. Broge, J. Krupke, M. Kauk, L. Sellnow, D. Dowden, D. Runaas, W. Lewis, C. Althaus. R. Marx, S. Dixon, J. Elmer, T. Gohlke. T. Hammon, P. Muralt, T. Black, K. Binder, R. Hammon, R. Althaus, M. Tourdot, A. Flood, M. Tourdot, D. Hauri, L. Larson, A. Bump, D. Kauk, S. Drupke, C. Mansheim, D. Mueller, R. Hammon. R. Allen, C. Schlapbach, L. Briggs. K. Nipple, D. Dowden, F. Nipple. J. Patchen, n Mueller, Mr. Cornwell. A.HA BrfND The band, directed by Mr. Cornwell, had a busy year. Performance in Albany's annual Christmas and Spring Concerts kept the musicians busy practicing. Many members also participated in solo and ensemble contest on May 15, in Belleville. The Pep Band provided music at the home basketball games and added musical spirit at the pep assemblies. The band has participated in many parades such as; Evansville 4th of July Parade, The State Fair Parade, Whitewater Band Day, and many other parades around the community. Band members are not only busy during the school year, but are also involved in a very active summer. BAND OFFICERS; Christy Flood, Secretary; Carl Schlapbach, President; Kris Binder, Vice President; DeEtte Runaas, Treasurer. 649MGG BrtND D. Runaas, D. Dowden, J. Krupke, J. Elmer, D. Dowden, T. Black, K. Binder, R. Hammon, R. Althaus, J. 8lumer, R. Allen, C. Schlapbach, J. Schlapbach, Mr. Cornwell. C. Flood. Foreground; K. Nipple. 65 Pep Band plays an important role in the spirit shown at the home basketball games. The Pep Band provides music for a very enjoyable half time show. The above photo shows the basketball cheerleaders leading the cheering crowd in the school song during the half time show."DMCUIA B BY" 19 PP£9£NT£D BY MU9IC D£P RTN£hT '‘Dracula. Baby," a musical comedy based on the novel by Bram Stoker was presented by the Music Department under the direction of Ms. Anderson, Ms. Zimmerman, and Mr. Cornwell. The leading role of Count Dracula was played by Dave Dowden. Other cast members were: Tami Black as the Nurse, Roger Flood as Dr. Seward. Ken Purdy and Tom Webb as Renfield, Connie Steindorf as Lucy, Dan Black as Arthur, Carl Schlapbach as Prof. Van Helsing. "Dracula. Baby?' was filled with noise, yelling, and laughter. The production, filled with chaos, had serious scenes as well but only to be followed by another widely farcical scene. The hard work of the cast, as well as the lighting crew, makeup, props, programs, and advertisements paid off. "Dracula, Baby" is a farce designed to make people laugh. This goal was truly achieved as shown in the audience's response. CAST CREW: Front Row; J. Pryce, B. Koepp, D. Keepers, R. Keegan. K. Binder, J. Elmer. Second Row. K. Purdy, L. Schlapbach, T. Black, D. Dowden. C. Steindorf, C. Schlapbach, R. Flood. Third Row. J. Friedrichs, C. Gibbons, D. La-Belle. D. Runaas, D. 8lack, K. Howard. D. Janes, T. Webb. Fourth Row, C. Zwei-fel. W. Hauri. J. Blummer, B. Albright, D. King. 66Realizing he has entered Lucy's bedroom, Arthur faints. The nurse is called in to help out. Dracula's gang is gathered at the local pub to discuss the events of the time. Arthur captures Renfield, the Kook, while Dr. Seward. Lucy, and the Professor look on. Professor Van Welsing wards off Drac-ula with a sprig of garlic. 67CHORUS KINGS' fi SCHOOL CONCGRK AH.?. CHORUS The Albany High School Chorus spent many hours in rehearsal of the musical selections they presented throughout the year. Their performances included several concerts, (including the Christmas and Spring Concerts), field trips, and contests. Triple Trio is a smaller group of students who also perform at concerts. This group is composed of nine girls. Members of chorus learn about the music of the arts, yet sing a variety of music. The Musical is a big production resulting in many hours of rehearsals in the early Spring. Miss Anderson, D. Mueller. L. Atkinson, C. Zewifol, L. Briggs, K. Nipple, P. Kennedy. D. Sisson, D. Runaas, D. LaBelle, M. Murphy, C. Althaus, J. Kennedy, W. Hauri, K. Nipple, and T. Black. TRIPLE TRIO 68 D. Runaas. L. Briggs, K. Nipple. M. Murphy, C. Althaus, T. Black, C. Zweifel, D. Mueller, and D. Sisson.DIMMrf €M€RI€l1Ce PROVJGS R£WrtRDING vtffecT of cmm mv" "Affect of Gamma Ray" was presented by DeEtte Runaas as Tillie. Nina Run-aas as Nanny, and Tami Black who played Beatrice. This three act play received one A rating and two B ratings at the Sectional Meet. The play dealt with scientific minded Tillie, her mother, Beatrice, who was very cynical of everything, and Nannie, a dot-tering old woman, who stayed at their home as a boarder. Strange, yes, but an experience for these girls and very entertaining for their audience. Beatrice talks to Mr. Goodman, the science teacher. 69 Nanny, played by Nina Runaas, receives honey for her hotsi-water.f UTURG fm€K Of dMGRICd DGDOTION rtRPrtRGNT Front Row: C. Schlapbach. S. Elmer, G. Briggs, J. Elmer, K. Binder, W. Hauri, T. Robinson, J. Kennedy, R. Krupke, S. Parmer. Second Row: J. Peach. T. Janes, L. Hauge. S. Elmer, T. Phillips. K. Von Allman, M. Tourdot, J. Sandlin. T. Webb, S. Sowl, M. Hulbert. Back Row: L. Johnson, J. Larson. B. Anderson. R. Allen, D. Dowden, J. Broge, B. Atkinson, R. Hammon, J. Sellnow, G. Mauralt. Foreground: Mr. Kuntz, Advisor. F.FA The Albany FFA Chapter spent the year involved in much of the student life, with activities ranging from the humorous Donkey Basketball game to the judging and speaking contests. The summer is also a busy time for FFA members. Summer activities include: Dairy day cattle show, tractor operations contest, Green County Fair, and a trip to Washington D.C. The money raising projects such as the Pork Fruit sales went towards the State FFA convention, putting on the parent-member banquet, and buying awards. The Albany FFA Chapter is not only active in school activities, but also plays an important part in community services. They participate in community clean up and safety projects and also present the PFA OFFICERS: C. Schlapbach, Treasurer; J. Kennedy, Reporter; J. Elmer, Secre- outstanding farmer award to an area fartary. G. Briggs, Vice President; R. Krupke, President. Missing: B. Brugger, Sentinel. mer. 70fUTURG HOMGN keR Of rtMGRICrf k€PT BUW First Row: K. Howard. W. Johnson. J. Atkinson. J. Broge, J. Lar son. Second Row: K. Nipple. J. Aeschliman. B. Hulbert, J. Mauerman, K. Binder. Third Row: J. Blumer, J. Krupke, N. Bellows. C. Zweifel. P. Kennedy. S. Albright. Back Row: Miss Dougoveto. S. Speer, S. Dixon. T. Black, C. Althaus, and M. Murphy. FHA OFFICERS; J. Atkinson. Reporter; J. Aeschliman. Vice President; J. Mauerman. Treasurer; Miss Dougoveto. Advisor; B. Hulbert. Secretary; S. Speer. Parliamentarian; and K. Binder. President. F.HA The FHA girls were busy as usual this year with their many activities. These activities include: a swimming party, decorating the halls for Christmas, selling Stanley Products, and visiting the elderly. In the Spring, the Albany FHA Chapter held their annual Mother-Daughter Banquet. In addition to their various fund raising projects, each member pays dues of $2. This money is sent to Save The Children Fund and also helps finance their various club activities. Chapter Mothers this year were Mrs. Binder and Mrs. Kraus. GREENLAKE DELEGATES; S. Speer. J. Atkinson. J. Broge, K. Binder, and J. McCreedy. 71FRENCH CLUB MCMBCR9 GNJOV FICTNC VCFIR First Row: S. Albright. M. Murphy, J. Blumer, W. Johnson. D. Blumer, M. Band), R. Janes, L. Huffman, L. Schenk. L. Parker. Second Row: J. Atkinson. J. Broge. B. Atkinson. J. Keele, S. Ross, T. Hauri, N. Runaas, J. Blumer, G. Kauk, B. Fahrney. Third Row: D. Dowden, G. Glass, J. Gibbons. R. Keegan, R. Hammon, Mrs. Tews, D. Runaas, K. Harlson, R. Mansheim, L. Sellnow. D. Dowden, D. Dowden. LGC€R€L€ FMNG1I9 The French Club members enjoyed a variety of activities this past year. These activities ranged from the almost vigorous candy and popcorn sales to the serious planning of the trip to France and England at Easter. A Halloween Party, in which members dressed in bizarre costumes, and a Christmas Party were also activities which the French Club members enjoyed. Members also worked on skits and planned fund-raising activities to help aid several members finance the trip to France and England this past Spring. OFFICERS: J. Atkinson, Treasurer; T. Hauri, Secretary; D. Runaas, Vice President; and D. Dowden, President. 72VRJDGNT COUNCIL €NCOURrfG€9 CNVIOLUCMCNT T. Alderman, L. Sellnow, M. Hulbert, B. Atkinson, Mr. Gross (Advisor), C. Flood. J. Keele, D. Dowden, N. Runaas, J. Aeschliman (President), J. Kennedy. R. Allen, K. Howard, and D. Runaas. 9TUt)€NT COUNCIL Albany's Student Council is one of the most beneficial dubs of the student body. The class representatives work together with President. Julie Aeschliman. and Advisor, Mr. Gross, to manage many student affairs. The Student Coun-dl continues to legislate for the benefit of the entire school. It remains a voice of the students. This activity gives elected representatives an opportunity to express their views on school policies and functions. Fun activities are also a big part of the Student Council.HONOR roCI€TY PROMOTE L€Y1DGR HIP ABILITY HONOR SOCIETY: Front Row: J. Kennedy, D. Dowden, R. Mammon, T. Hauri, R. Janes. Back Row: B. Hulbert, D. Dowden, T. Black, R. Mansheim, D. Runaas. N.H.S. Honor Society represents the fundamental objectives for which schools are instituted and gives recognition to those who have attained scholarship, character, service, and leadership. Honor Society is one of the highest honors that can be bestowed on a high school student. These students are selected by a faculty evaluation. The student who has this honor must represent the Society and not let it down. The new advisor this year is Mrs. Tews. Officers consist of: Dave Dowden, Pres.; Rick Mansheim. V. P.; DeEtte Runaas, Sec.; and Bethy Hulbert, Treas. 74SPOON WINNER: Julie Aeschliman SPADE WINNER: Greg Ardisson BADGER BOV: Dave Dowden SPOON m SP 4DG WINNCRS B 4DGGP BOV GIRLS' BADGER GIRLS: Tami Black and DeEtte RunaasPON PON SQUAD Front Row: A. Flood, D. Mueller, W. Johnson, L. Parker. Back Row: J. Broge, L. Ruef, L. Atkinson, and L. Schenk. LeneRwiiweiK Mr. Kraus, T. Robinson, J. Kennedy, T. Tway. J. Heitzman, J. Sellnow, R. Friedrichs, B. Alexander, 0. Dowden, D. Dowden, D. Schmieder, B. Tway. D. Stoehr, C. Schlapbach, S. Parmer, D. Blumer, R. Janes, J. Gibbons, D. Robinson. K. Binder, B. Murphy, C. Moldenhauer. J. Kopp, M. Bandi. N. Runaas, C. Zweifel, J. Krupke. J. Atkinson, D. Runaas, W. Hauri, D. Dowden. R. Keegan. 76PGP CLUB Miss Joanis, N. Runaas, P. Kennedy, K. Nipple, S. Albright, M. Kauk, L. Sellnow. D. Runaas, A. Flood. L. Parker, L. Schenk. 0. Dowden, J. Atkinson, J. Broge, D. Dowden, W. Johnson, L. Huffman. K. Howard, J. Blumer, J. Krupke. S. Dixon, C. Althaus, T. Alderman. K. Binder. rtTHLeTIC DIReCIOR 77 Dave KrausLeft to Right: M. Tourdot and D. Mueller. Freshmen; J. Gibbons and J. Krupke, Sophomores; B. Brugger and C. Flood. King and Queen; D. Dowden and K. Binder. Seniors; J. Sellnow and D. Dowden. Juniors. HOneCOMINC 1976 The 1976 Homecoming was held on January 24. Student Council members spent many hours in the gym decorating for this big event prior to the Homecoming Dance. On the evening of Homecoming the gym was beautifully decorated with paper streamers and an attractive mural. The efforts of the Student Council had truly paid off in their decorations for this year's Homecoming. Everyone who attended the dance enjoyed a wide variety of music provided by the band. Couples danced till midnight and then went out to eat. The theme. MV LITTLE TOWN, played an important part for the students of Albany High School, and applied so well. If Homecoming could be summed up in just one word, it would only be-memorable. 78KING BRIAN BRUGGER AND QUEEN CHRISTY FLOOD 79 JIMMY GIBBONS AND JANICE KRUPKE DEBBIE MUELLER AND MIKE TOURDOTCROtf COUNTRY TCrtM Trtk€9 YMT€ I a) o; os eg! o T. Janes. R. Friedrichs, D. Blumer, R. Janes, M. Bandi, R. Althaus. D. Schmieder. K. Flood, S. Parmer. J. Kopp, R. Keegan, D. Stoehr. Mr. White. 1975 TW€ CMNPIOM Once again. Coach Bob White and his Cross-Country Team entered the State Meet level and brought home the second State Championship in 5 years. Albany has been in State Meets 7 times in the past 15 years. Albany's participation at State Meet level in 1975, moved Albany to 9th, on all-time list of schools making it through through tournament series to State level out of all 300 schools sponsoring cross country. The team ranked second in State Class "C" each week of the season behind Loyal. They ended up first in State with Loyal second. In their championship season, the comets were the Beloit Trogan Invitational Runner-ups, Al-Hi Relay Invitational champions. Dodgeville Invitational Runner-ups, Mountain Goat Invitational champions, WIAA Regional champions. WIAA Sectional Runner-up. and WIAA State Champions. Coach White was voted "Wisconsin Cross-Country Coach of the Year" by the members of the State Coaches Association. He is the only person to ever win this honor twice, this year (1975) and also in 1971. 82 STATE CHAMPIONS: 0. Blumer, D. Schmieder, R. Janes. M. Bandi. J. Kopp, R. Keegan. S. Parmer, and Coach White.GIRLS' LIOLLGYBrtLL TG N WINS RGGIOMLS T. Black. D. Dowden, N. Runaas. L. Johnson, K. Howard, J. Krupke, J. Blumer, J. Atkinson, C. Althaus, Mrs. Sherwin (Coach). RGGIOML CHAMPIONS This year the girls' volleyball team had another successful season. They started out slow but ended up really great. The JV had a young and inexperienced team, but they still put in their most and brought home a few victories. The Varsity learned right away from mistakes and started winning half way through the season. They went to Juda for Sub-Regionals, and got right in the game, winning 2 out of 3. With Jan Krupke. captain, leading the team, the girl comets went into Regionals with very determined minds for winning, and they did. winning 6 out of 6 matches. They brought home the Regional Trophy. All members will be returning next year, which should prove to be an even better season. T. Black, Mrs. Sherwin, B. Robinson, L. Huffman. L. Briggs. D. Runaas. J. Broge, K. Nipple, T. Alderman, S. Dixon, L. Sellnow, C. Runaas. S. Speer, D. Dowden.BOY9' BriW€TBrfLL TG N CL09G totfON VARSITY CHEERLEADERS: J. Atkinson. D. Dowden. T. Alderman. L. Sell now, K. Binder (captain), B. Robinson. J.V. CHEERLEADERS: M. Kauk, D. Nipple, G. Kauk, C. Althaus, K. Howard (captain). BOYS' BASKETBALL SCORES ALBANY ALBANY VARSITY JR. VARSITY St. Joseph Argyle Pecatonica New Glarus Benton Blackhawk Holy Name Brodhead Barneveld Belleville Juda Monticello Argyle Pecatonica New Glarus Blackhawk Holy Name Belleville 69- 82 (W) 54-50 (L) 70- 65 (L) 72-57 (L) 80-93 (W) 80-75 (L) 78-85 (W) 91-64 (L) 66-123 (W) 74 -59 (L) 97-95 (L) 66- 60 (L) 91 83 (L) 76-71 (L) 69- 46 (L) 67- 66 (L) 70- 57 (L) 58-55 L 33-42 (W) 60- 42 (L) 38-40 W 40- 38 (L) 37-39 (W) 45-38 (L) 35- 48 (W) 37-34 (L) 52- 58 W 36- 31 (L) 51-42 (L) 37- 51 (W) 61- 44 (L) 53- 41 (L) 59-46(L) 65-50 (L) 45-47 (W) 43-39 (L) 84VARSITY: J. Dunphy (manager). B. Alexander. D. Blumer, J. Heitzman. B. Tway, J. Gibbons. R. Pluss. D. Stoehr. J. Sellnow, D. Schmiedcr. BOYS’ TG IM SHOWS D€TQMIMTION The Boys’ Varsity Basketball Team started out the first part of the season with a 3-4 record. This record was already better than the last two years wins put together. Along with their coach, Mr. Gross, the team set out trying to have a .500 season, and having all players back next year should make the record even better. Of the games lost, most were by five or less points. But, compared to the other teams, we had the youngest squad in the State Line League. Albany had an "older” Jr. Varsity team than it did a Varsity Squad. What the fellas seemed to lack in experience they made up for with determination. Many nights it was the latter that allowed them to close the gap. only to have their inexperience preserve a victory for an opponent. The Jr. Varsity this year had a new coach. Mr. Zemke. They started their first part of the season by winning at least half of their games. The 1976 season was a promising, rebuilding year for the two squads. Next year shows great promise for the returning team members. JR. VARSITY: R. Althaus, M. Bandi, K. Flood. J. Mauerman. B. Ham-mon, R. Hammon, J. Kennedy. B. Gohlke. 85GIRLS' M‘ k£TBrtLL Hrt9 IMJURGD 9€d90N JR. VARSITY: J. Broge, W. Johnson, J. Atkinson, J. Larson, G. Muralt, D. Mueller. A. Flood, L. Malkow, L. Johnson. C. Althaus, S. Dixon. S. Speer. P. Kennedy. Miss Dougoveto. GIRLS' BASKETBALL SCORES ARGYLE ALBANY VARSITY 24 - 37 (W) ALBANY JR. VARSITY 15 - 12 (LI MONTICELLO 36-31 (L) 23- 20 (LI BELLEVILLE 45 — 23 (L) 26- 16 (LI BRODHEAD 40 - 26 (L) 35- 10 (L) BARNEVELD 49 - 25 (L) 38- 19 (L) NEW GLARUS 32 -24 (L) 31 - 13 (L) BLACKHAWK 59 - 32 (L) 66 - 6 (L) ARGYLE 32 - 33 (W) 39 - 13 (L) MONTICELLO 34 -43 (W) 21 - 23 (WJ BELLEVILLE 31 -21 (LI 17 - 10 (L) BRODHEAD 38-20 (LI 44 - 18 (L) BARNEVELD 48-18 (LI 24 - 8 (L) NEW GLARUS 28- 18 (LI Forfeit (W BLACKHAWK 43-41 (LI 64 - 11 (L) 86VARSITY: L. Friedrichs. Mrs. Sherwin, L. Malkow, D. Dowden, K. Howard, C. Flood, K. Binder, D. Runaas, N. Runaas, J. Blumer, and D. Dowden. GIRL ) CRUTCH THROUGH 9CHTOM The girls' basketball team started out slow this year with many defeats, but learning from those mistakes. This year the J.V. received a new coach, Miss Dougoveto who helped with a lot of encouragement and advice. She also took some of the load off the Varsity coach, Mrs. Sherwin. Through the whole season there were at least six girls on crutches. Getting them all back on their feet was sure a help to the team. Although the girls were usually outdone by points, they held a good defense. Blocked shots, steals, and fast breaks, made most of the games very exciting. Next year the team will lose 3 seniors: Christy Flood, DeEtte Runaas, and K. Binder. These girls played all four years of high school, helping the teams during those years. 87wesneK expeRiGNce succewuL Tehran Foreground: T. Robinson. B. Brugger. Back Row: Mr. Volkman. R. Paul, W. Hauri, J. Keele, C. Moldenhauer. C. Schlapbach, D. Dowden, T. Tway, D. Robinson. GMPN£K PIM dnoTHGR tottON The wrestling team got under way this year with a new coach, Mr. Volkman. Their matches were very intensifying as you watched the team led by captain, Dave Dowden, take match after match. A lot of people played important parts in making this season such a success for the Albany Grapplers. For one thing, the comet team took on a new look with a female manager, DeEtte Runaas. which might be one reason why the team did so well. The wrestlers once again hosted the Albany Invitational bringing in 3rd. place out of 9 teams. The Wrestling team really looked impressive this year. We'll really miss the seniors next year, but with our returning veterans and the new faces that will come up from Jr. High, we should have a very promising season again next year. 88WR0TFLING CHGCCLGrfDGK Left to Right: J. Krupkc, C. Zweifel, and D. Dowden. TMCK Te M BUILDS' FOR 76 season Front Row: J. Mauerman. D. Blumer. M. Bandi. R. Janes. Back Row: Mr. White. J. Gibbons. D. Dowden. D. Schmieder, J. Kopp. T. Schmieder. S. Parmer, R. Keegan. 89GMD€ SCHOOLJUNIOR HIGH GMGLI9H Jr. High Language Arts, under the instruction of Mrs. Barb Christensen, consists of Reading. Spelling. Grammar, and Composition. A great deal of material is covered in the Jr. High English classes in order to prepare them for further English courses at the high school level. During the second semester, each student was responsible for a semester project. This project ranged from art related constructions to a book of poetry written by the student. Each student gave a five to ten minute presentation on what had been done. BriRB CHRKTGNSGN JUNIOR HIGH NHTH The Jr. High Math Department offers both Seventh and Eighth grade basic Math. Mr. Russell Quinn teaches in this department and strived toward individualized instruction as well as group work. Jr. High Math students strive towards mastery of numbers and number skills. It is the aim of the department to review each individuals Math strengths and weaknesses, so as to further their future progress in the mastery of Mathematics. RUtf QUINN g ljunior high raence The Jr. High Science Department has undergone a great change in curriculum this past year. The course has become completely individualized and students work at their own rate to achieve the objectives of each unit covered in the subject. Mr. Charles Hallmark works with individual students or groups of students in order to aid them in the understanding and comprehension of the various scientific experiments undertaken by the science students. CHrfRlTO HrfLLNd k JUNIOR HIGH TOC. S'TUDIGS' Since this is the 200th Birthday of our nation, the Jr. High Social Studies Classes dealt with the Bicentennial theme as well as the normal class curriculum. Under the instruction of Mr. Terry Astin, students are educated in the areas of civics and United States Studies. Government, Economics, Anthro pology. History, Political Science, and other areas of Social Studies are cov ered. These courses laid the foundation for further study in the Social Studies areas at the high school level. TGRRY rffTIM 93JUNIOR HIGH SPGCIHL 9UBJ€CTC Jr. High Art classes are taught by Miss Miller. Students are in the Art classes for a period of nine weeks. Under the instruction of Mr. Zemke, Jr. High Ind. Arts Students learn techniques in craftsmanship through basic woodworking and drafting. The Jr. High Foods classes gave Madison's finer restaurants a run for their money at their brunches. The clothing classes learned clothing construction. IND. HRT9 Junior High Industrial Arts serves as a means to educate junior high students toward a career awareness in the field of Industrial Arts. The Junior High Art Students learn the fundamental skills which are needed to express creative works. HOMG €C. ■M The delectable menus served at the Junior High brunches were evidence of their progress in the kitchen skills.CrtD£TB MD First Row; Left to Right, D. Pence, K. Alderman, S. Fahrney, D. Oustan, L. Allen, M. Gurns, K. Hamilton. Second Row; G. Vitense, N. Sigafus. L. Flood. M. Kennedy, M. Janes, K. Hammon, K. Hamilton, D. Kauk, K. Flood. T. Koebler, L. Atkinson. Third Row: L. Malkow, S. Pfeuti, L. Brugger, L. Elmer, T. Steindorf, K. Jones, R. Mabie, D. Malkow. J. Sandlin. Back Row; Mr. Cornwell. D. Dow-den, B. Hauri, D. Gohlke. D. Speer. BAND LIBRARIANS: C. Mansheim. D. Dustin. W. Lewis, M. Tourdot, and D. Hauri. Individual lessons are a big part of the Junior High Band course. All during the day one can find someone practicing in the bandroom. The Christmas Concert involved many hours of practice but their efforts paid off through the beautiful performance which they presented on December 14. 95JUNIOR HIGH CHORU9 T. Steindorf, J. Pfeudi. L. Franklin, F. Ross. K. Pence, T. Langston, K. Hamilton, K. Hamilton, P. Bellows, M. Kennedy, P. Wheeler, D. Dustin, L. Hauge. S. Fahrney, Miss Anderson. B. Sarbacher. T. Hammon. M. Courtois, M. Tourdot, D. Hauri, C. Mansheim, N. Sigafus, D. Martin. T. Gohlke, W. Lewis, D. Dowden, M. Howard, L. Larson, P. Zilliox, L. Flood. L. Zilliox.JUNIOR HIGH WRemiHG B. Atkinson, T. Langston, T. Brugger, B. Hauri, D. Pluss, D. Brugger, D. Kauk, D. Moldenhauer. D. Kauk, M. Harlson, M. Moldenhauer, C. Sowl, and M. Howard. CHEERLEADERS: P. Bellows, S. Krupke, K. Hamilton, K. Hamilton, J. Aeschliman. Once again, Jr. High Wrestling is a part of our school's sports program after being absent for one year. This year they had their own coach, Mr. Kraus, and were separate from the High School team. They had regular practice each night after school during their wrestling season and also competed against other area Jr, High teams. 97GIGHTH GMDG B kGTB LL The Albany 7th and 8th grade teams for 1975 were different but yet alike in many ways. The biggest differences being that the 7th graders had a 7-1 record while the 8th graders a 1-7 record. The 7th grade team possessed much natural talent and basketball instinct, whereas the 8th graders had to work hard for whatever success they obtained. Even though the records weren't the same the teams were alike in the fact that they never gave up. After hours of practice, joys and disappointments and regardless of the won-loss records, the 1975 Jr. High Basketball season was a success. 98 1 CHEERLEADERS: P. Muralt. D. Martin. R. Marx, L. Brugger. and A. Bump.9€M£MTH GMD€ MWETBrtLL T. Langston. T. Bruggcr. R. Richardson. F. Ross, J. Pfeudi. C. Hulbert, R. Anderson, L. Franklin, R. Pluss, D. Kauk. M. Howard. D. Dowden, C. Sowl, J. Dunphy, Mr. Cornwell and Mr. Kuntz. CHEERLEADERS; T. Koehler, T. Steindorf, P. Zweifel, L. Allen, and D. Kauk.eiGHTH GMDG First Row: D. Dustan, L. Hauge, D. Alexander, J. Patchen, D. Kauk, D. Mueller, J. Fahrney, M. Glass. K. Keele, P. Wheeler, J. Schlapbach. Second Row: L. Isely, L. Zilliox, P. Zilliox, P. Muralt, D. Martin, R. Marx, M. Tourdot. D. Hauri, P. Bellows, D. Crooks, A. Bump, B. Sarbacker, F. Nipple, M. Rease. Third Row: C. Mansheim, L. Swanson. L. Larson, M. Courtois, L. Brugger, S. Krupke, T. Hammon, T. Kennedy, J. Sandlin, R. West, D. Johnson. Back Row: T. Gohlke, W. Lewis, M. Moldenhauer, R. Weeden, M. Harlson. D. Brugger, S. Nipple. J. Malkow, R. Paul.9GVJGMTH GMD£ First Row: M. Elmer. G. Gempeler. D. Kauk, S. Fahrney. M. Gurns. S. Lisser, R. Anderson, M. Seffrood. D. Moldenhauer, R. Pluss, J. Dunphy, C. Hulbert, L. Atkinson. L. Allen, P. Zweifel, T. Koebler, S. Harlson. Second Row: L. Robinson, J. Ruef, T. Steindorf. M. Kennedy, K. Janes, K. Hamilton. L. Klapper, K. Hamilton, M. Bennett, T. Langston. J. Pfeuti, T. Alexander, T. Brugger. W. Hauri.C. West. R. Richardson. K. Pence, F. Ross. L. Franklin. R. Crooks, Back Row: N. Sigafus, L. Flood. B. Heron. M. Gurns. L. Brugger. L. Malkow, C. Sowl, D. Dowden, M. Howard, J. Linsicum. D. Kauk, L. Cook. T. Luedy. R. Cleaveland.9IXTH GMD€ First Row: D. Kehm, R. Mabie. C. McCarthy. Second Row: L. Hauge, D. Pence. D. Dustan. M. Muralt. L. Heron. M. Golz. Third Row: K. Widmer. H. Blumer, J. Sandlin. K. Gempeler. E. West. Standing: R. Anderson. D. Golhke. K. Flood, S. Kauk, D. Speer, D. Mandel, Mr. Kanable, L. Keele. R. Weeden. 9IXTH GMD€ Seated: K. Alderman, L. Flesher, S. Langston, M. Janes, T. Nipple, C. Friedrichs, S. Pfeuti. D. Malkow, J. Shell. T. Hand. R. Bump, K. Hammon. Standing: Mrs. Wendorf, C. Kauk, K. Bennett, L. Elmer, G. Vitense. K. Feeney, F. Ruef. 102FIFTH GIMD€ First Row: D. Horn, L. Steindorf, D. Briggs, S. Albertson. Second Row: L. Muralt. M. Krupke, B. Pence, L. Koelbler, J. Frankiin. Third Row: K. Albertson, T. Hulbert, T. Bump, R. Wendlant. C. Elmer. Fourth Row: T. Hand, B. Neild, D. Blumer, K. Peach, T. Vitense, G. Gohlke. S. Flood, A. Reasa. D. Jones, B. Helwig, C. Hannes, Mrs. Kuntz, R. Lisser, M. Seffrood, M. Friedrichs. G. Anderson. A. Creuzer. L. Kehm, G. Gibbons. WeTY PATROL Front Row: B. Helwig, S. Flood, D. Dustan, B. Pence, C. Elmer, A. Cruezer. M. Krupke, D. Horn. Second Row: L. Elmer, D. Jones, L. Heron, S. Langston, L. Flesher, D. Malkow, K. Gempeler, S. Pfeuti. F. Ruef. J. Shell, M. Seffrood, C. Hannes. Third Row: G. Vitence, L. Steindorf, D. Briggs, M. Friedrichs, K. Bennett, L. Hauge, D. Pence. C. McCarthy. D. Speer, 0. Gohlke. Fourth Row: Mrs. Wendorf, supervisor, D. Blumer, A. Reasa, R. Mable, R. Lisser. G. Anderson, L. Koebler, K. Peach. M. Janes, G. Gibbons, K. Flood, captain, R. Bump. Fifth Row: K. Albertson, K. Hammon, J. Sandlin, G. Gohlke. T. Nipple. 103FOURTH GMD£ First Row: J. Kauk. A. Aeschliman, D. Muralt. D. Dustan, L. Dodd. Second Row: M. Sharp. K. Hamilton. M. Lisser C. Bachman P. Zweifel. J. Sandlin. Standing: B. Schaller, T. 8rewer, M. Flood. T. Sutherland. R. Lerch. M. Graves. C. Klapper H. Anderson Mrs. Ladwig, D. Wendlandt. Absent: L. Allen. C. Ceslok, B. Zettle. FOURTH GRiTDG ' LAJ w IAJ v-ro First Row: R. Neild, C. Zweifel, D. Luedy. Second Row: M. Brugger. D. Nelson. G. Child. Third Row: G. Schneider. J.. Althaus, L. Detra. Fourth Row: J. Adams. E. Fe«Jney. Standing: Mrs. Studkey, R. Shell, J. Paul. J. Hand, P. Pluss, J. Alexander, L. Kennedy, B. Courtois. W. Johnson, M. Jones. M. Kock, B. Johnson. 104THIRD GRHDG First Row: S. Bump, T. Alexander. W. Zee, S. Larson. M. Thompson. K. Horn. Second Row: D. Kehm. G. Heron, R. Crooks, P. Tourdot. S. Harlson. E. Helwig, M. Nipple. Standing: Mrs. Coplien, D. Kinney, S. Pfeuti, D. Zurfluh. B. Batz, C. Briggs. S. Lerch. K. Boss. THIRD GRHDG First Row: M. Pence, R. Peach. T. Blumer, K. Creuzer, B. Hall. Second Row: C. Drye. D. Klapper, H. Beck, P. Koebler, M. Waterman, R. Dallman. Standing: S. Keegan. L. Colborn, D. Fredenberg, S. Olson. S. Nipple, D. Mueller. T. Malkow, J. McNeely, Mrs. Gibbons, R. Child, G. Lewis. 105SECOND GMD€ First Row: S. Febock. K. Thomson, S. Wesselhoff. D. Fredenberg. Second Row: T. Keele. D. Myk, L. Flesher, D. Malkow, B. Luedy, W. Detra. Third Row: T. Briggs, J. Johnson. D. Kinney. D. Nelson. T. Brewer. M. Marty. Standing: Mr. Kraus. S. Larson. J. Wendlandt. S. Nelson. J. Zurfluh, J. Heron. E. Sharp, D. Bump. J. Batz, D. Nipple. K. Boss, D. Dodd. M. Hahn. FIRfT GMD€ First Row: K. Dallman. S. Jones. R. Moe. Second Row: C. Zee. D. Anderson. D. Feeney. M. Johnson. M. Johnson. M. Zweifel. Third Row: Mrs. Arndt. K. Kauk. W. Backman. B. Bennett, M. Blumcr, L. Steindorf. P. Tourdot. R. Kielcr. T. Shell. M Helwig. 106FIR9T GMDG First Row: D. Albertson. B. Kinney, T. Zurfluh, K. Olson, J. Blumer. Second Row: R. Keegan, T. Brewer, L. Cook, S. Johnson, K. Oliver. Standing: R. Sharp. P. Rhyner, J. Pence, S. Moore. N. Schneeberger, J. Myhre, L. Martini, M. Hanson, Mrs. Quade. klNDGRGdRTeri First Row: L. Blumer, M. Koch, T. Flesher, J. Briggs. Second Row: J. Sellnow, B. Klapper, R. Crooks, B. Hall, C. Creuzer, T. Creu-zer, D. Broughton. Third Row: C. Moore, D. Dodd, S. Fuchs, S. White, S. Keegan, R. King, D. Lerch. Fourth Row: Mrs. Spring, B. Jones, S. Myk. D. Febock. M. Zurfluh. Absent: T. Helwig. 107A klND£IORT€N First Row: T. Bergum, J. Detra, S. Sutherland, D. Atkinson, L. Cook, C. Atkinson. Second Row: B. McNeely. D. Dowden, M. Parker, T Brewer, M. Tway. Third Row: K. Krueger, S. Kauk, C. Inabnit, B. Child, S. Schidel. Fourth Row: Mrs. Spring, M. Oas, K. DeVoll, M. Nye, R. Waterman, J. Briggs, D. Powers. Absent: T. Malcook, C. Christbaum. TGOGK’ rtlM 108 Charlotte Briggs Harriet Heitzman9P€CML PROGMM9 Julie Barribeau Title I Mary Joanis Speech Therapy Clareda Neunchwander Reading Teacher Albany's Title I project’s goal is to provide a successful start for every child in the first few years in school. Starting at the time of Pre-Kindergarten screening, tests and observations are made to determine if a child may have special learning needs. The Title I workshop is a very important aspect of our school as it meets the needs of individual children for whom the program is geared. Our Language, Speech, and Hearing Therapist examines, appraises, and diagnoses the speech, voice, and language behavior of children who experience difficulty with these functions. and provides remedial services for them according to their respective needs. Speech Therapy is concerned with the speaker as a person, as well as the speakers important listeners. The role of the reading teacher is to work with the classroom teacher in identifying and selecting the children who are not working up to their fullest capacity in reading. They select children who already have a deficiency in reading ability or who have problems that make them high risk failures for learning to read. The reading teacher schedules with the classroom teachers, the times best suited for each child or small group to come to the "Workshop." Time ranges from 30-50 minutes of one to one or small group instruction on the daily basis. The chief goal of the reading teacher is to work with the classroom teacher to get the student back to the mainstream of classroom instruction. 109rfDVOTNNG 110CONGMTUMTIOM9 9€MOR9 9GMIOR PrtRQW Mr. and Mrs. John Aeschliman Mrs. Harline Ardisson Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Binder Mr. and Mrs. Dave Black Mr. and Mrs. John Blumer Mr. and Mrs. Roger Brugger Mr. and Mrs. Albert Briggs Mr. and Mrs. David Dowden, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Elmer Mr. and Mrs. Paul Elmer. Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Flood Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Flood Mr. and Mrs. Robert Flynn Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Friedrichs Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Gempeler Mr. and Mrs. Michael Glass. Sr. Mr. Mitchell Glass Mr. and Mrs. Raymond K. Hill Mr. and Mrs. Ken Hulbert Mr. and Mrs. Harry Keegan Mrs. Ruby Keepers Mr. and Mrs. Ralph L. Kehm Mr. and Mrs. W. Kopp Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Krupke Mr. and Mrs. C. Mansheim Mr. and Mrs. Roy Mauerman Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur McCreedy Mr. and Mrs. Carl Moldenhauer, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Muralt Mr. and Mrs. James Murphy Mr. and Mrs. Bill Parmer Mr. and Mrs. Nobert Robinson Mr. and Mrs. Francis Pence Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Runaas Mr. and Mrs. Hans Schlapbach FACULTY Nftff Robert E. Allen Russel Quinn Joan Anderson Coach Sherwin Kay Arndt Louise Spring Terry, Carol, Jaden, Virginia Stuckey Elizabeth Astin Sue Tews Julie Barribeau Rick Volkman Donna Burke Rebecca Wendorf Barb Christensen Bob White Ervin Leone Coplien Jennie Wondra Don Cornwell John Zemke Therese Dougoveto Sue Zimmerman Lorraine Gibbons Charlotte King Tom J.D. Gross Charlotte Briggs Kris Hanson Harriet Heitzman Charles E. Hallmark Rosella Briggs Mary Joanis Evelyn Thornton Leon Kanable Tim Jones Dave Krause Willis Nipple Jim Karen Kuntz John Tway Donna Ladwig Madeline Atkinson Kay Miller Miriam Blumer Clareda Neunschwander Joanne Rankins Arlene Oliver Lois Quade Mary Ringhand Vw20«H rCH »02On BANK OF ALBANY P.O. Box I Albany. Wi. 53502 Phone: 862-3214 (A.C. 608) LARGE ENOUGH TO SERVE YOU SMALL ENOUGH TO KNOW YOU HARDWARE HOUSEWARES APPLIANCES AUTOMOTIVE TV SOUND SPORTS PAINT GAMBLES OF ALBANY 118 N. Water Street Albany, Wisconsin 862-3944 Neil Jacquelyn Stefanik S E N I O R S 113CONGRATULATIONS to the class of 76 from your 1976 Comet Photographer HELGESEN RESIDENCE STUDIO 1220 Milwaukee Street Janesville, Wisconsin P VARCO-PRUDEN metal buildings Evansville, Wisconsin A division of AMCA International Corporation 114DONATED BY HERFF JONES YEARBOOKS Congratulations Graduates Albany Lives of By All Needs, Year-round Helps Every one teaching to And Their Likes and Desires Albany Herald serving Albany since 1883 ALBANY INDUSTRIES ■ 03 hast Mam Street Albany. Wl 53502 Congratulations Seniors Duane E. Dixon 1 . E General Manager Complete Asphalt Maintenance USCONGRATULATIONS AMERICAN FAMILY I M SURANCE AUTO HOME HEALTH LIFE wrm FRED BAERTSCHI 1012 1ST CENTER AVENUE BROOHEAO. WISCONSIN 53520 Albany: 862-3893 GOHLKE Brodhead: 897-811 I Funeral Home-Store Congratulations Seniors PRYCE BROTHERS Congratulations Seniors from Krostue Implement Your Quality John Deere Dealer Albany Wisconsin Dealers In Livestock Bulls For Rent Phone 862-3781 or 862-3769 Albany 116 WisconsinCOMPLIMENTS OF TEALES AUTO SERVICE American Motors RIGHT UP YOUR ALLEY ALBANY WISCONSIN 862-3549 ACE LAURIE English and Western Wear Saddles, Boots. Clothes Square Dancing Clothes OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK ‘LOOA.M. to9:00 P.M. Route 2 Biodhead. Wl 608-897-4039 Pat Lois, Harley Howard Berra RESIDENTIAL • • • COMMERCIAL • • • INDUSTRIAL • • • 045 South Franklin Street Janesville. Wl 53545 752-0508 117CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS FROM HARVEY L. KOPP New York Life Insurance Company C.E.M. CUSTOM ENGRAVING OF MONROE LIFE-HEALTH-DISABILITY INCOME RETIREMENT PLANS TAX SHELTERED INDIVIDUAL RETIREMENT PLANS PHONE NO: 362-8697 921 W. Grand Avenue Beloit, Wl 53511 SINO 1112Vi 17th. Avenue Monroe, Wl 53566 NAME PLATES TROPHIES PLAQUES Phone: (608) 325-2404 JOSTENS is proud to be part of the Albany tradition E.A. DUERST 836-5654 Entertainment on Weekends in the Bluechip Lounge 118 Reservations Phone: 938-4324Congratulations from BARTON INSURANCE AGENCY Sincere Service Security, Satisfaction Phone 862-3271 Albany, Wisconsin CENTER TAVERN Home of the Bulls GARY COLLEEN Sandwiches, Cheese, Pizza Albany Wisconsin HEIN AND FRANCIS Albany's Home-Owned—Independent -Mt' GREEN COUNTY FARMCO COOPERATIVE A Farmer-Owned Service Albany Janesville Argyle Monroe Brodhead Monticello Orfordville GROCERY "Just Everyday Low Prices" Telephone: 862-3236 Albany, Wisconsin IRV’S MASONRY FLAT CONCRETE WORK P.O. Box 411 862-3854 IRVIN KLAPPER MYK S TV and APPLIANCE SERVICE 402 Sugar River Parkway Albany. Wl 53502 Henry S. Myk - 862-3373 TV Repair - Antennas -Wiring - Towers -Refrigeration - Rotors Albany. Wisconsin 53502 UNION COOPERATIVE Feed Fertilizer Grain Drying Seed Petroleum Storage Albany-Brooklyn-Evansville Wisconsin CARTER GRUENEWALD CO., INC. P.O. Box 5—Juda, Wisconsin 53550 Phone 934-5201 IHC TRACTORS MACHINESPETERSON’S SOUTHSIDE GROCERY BEVERAGE MART Open 7 days a week BRODHEAD WISCONSIN HELGESEN’S INC. Pontiac I.H. Trucks AMC Scout Phone: 882-4700 EVANSVILLE. WISCONSIN DAVIS IMPLEMENT I rM tmm I JUDA WISC0NSIN 53550 KASTEN AMERICAN FAMILY AUTO HOME HEALTH LIFE ® Jeff Jones Agency 8W. Main Street • Evansville Phone: 882-6267 Compliments Rowley’s Bar Evansville, WI WILLIS DRUG STOKE 7 West Main Street Evansville, Wisconsin Arnold A. Willis R. Ph. Phone: 883-4550 KARLEN-WOLD FORD, INC. Tel. 938-4345 Cars Monticello Trucks Wisconsin PHONE 608 325-4307 UJiuuujEeYd FftMify Reatoutiwl Highway 11 West Monroe, Wisconsin 53566 DON SPARBY 0 n '«l M,n»9«r B leakiatt — Lunch — SuppM — ix Belute«xRings and Jewelry of all types In Drapery House Building Monroe, Wl 3284240 BERGEY Bulova and Wyler Watches CRANDALL, INC. THE COMPANY SERVICE BUILT MONROE MACHINE WELDING, INC. 1020-3rd. Ave. Monroe, Wl TRUCK EQUIPMENT Phone: 325-8127 The royalty of radio ond TELEVISION MONROE TV SALES AND SERVICE On the Square 1028-17th Avenue Phone 325-5598 Your Zenith Dealer Monroe. Wisconsin 53566 For Better Repairs UNITED TELEPHONE COMPANY Serving Monroe - Albony - Blonchordvillo - Browntown Judo - Monticello - South V oyne - Woodford With The Moit Modern Dial ond Direct Long Distance Dialing OLIN AYRES BUICK PONTIAC The Albany Community Newspaper AGENDA ALBANY LOCKER lbertson Realty ... , ... . 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Wisconsin Member FDIC Member of Federal Reserve System Bjork’s Toggery "On the Square' Brodhead, WI Mr Jack Martin, Owner 1 TO BRODHEAD, WISCONSIN 53520 Phone: 897-4343 Flynn’s Bar Serving Short Orders and Sandwiches Daily Brodhead, Wisconsin. FOESCH S BODY SHOP 897-2274 Brodhead. Wisconsin IVERSON CHEVROLET INC. 897-2550 Brodhead Wisconsin KAMPS COUNTY LINE BEVERAGE Co. Trunk T Brodhead LA VERNE LEDERMAN State Farm Insurance Companies 1015 Center Avenue Phone 897-2834 Brodhead, Wisconsin aRgis pharmacy k H ( trust, 'fp tyu tu rv gtirtesW Brodhead. Wisconsin Phone: 897-2595STAIR’S SENTRY FOODS B rod head, Wisconsin SUGAR RIVER RACEWAY 897-4380 Brodhead, Wisconsin McGinty Variety V S First Center Ave. Brodhead, Wl VERN’S SHOE BOX Shoes for the family Brodhead, Wisconsin Phone: 897-2211 MARTINSON IMPLEMENT, INC. 109 Hotel Street Brooklyn. Wisconsin 53521 MORTENSEN AUTO REPAIR And Snowmobile Dealer Brooklyn. Wl 53521 Tel. 455-3621 Anderson TV 10 East Main Street" vansville, Wis. Cal Anderson: 882-4156 Evansville Congratulations From CHAPINS Fine Foods Wisconsin EAST SIDE BAR STEAK HOUSE "Peg Berg" 608-882-5600 15 N. Madison St. Evansville, Wl 53536 DR. CHARLES E. NELSON DENTIST SHADY LANE FURNITURE SHOP Re-Upholstering Drapcrics-Carpcting-New Furniture-Decorator Fabrics 24 E. Mam Street - Evansville -882-5245 EVANSVILLE, Wl WILBURS IGA TRADITIONAL WEOOINC WINGS STRAKA JEWELRY Evansville, Wisconsin DR. H.C. YOUNGMAN Dentist HAURI'S CYCLE SHOP 715 21st Street Monroe. Wisconsin Motorcycle Bndgeston Kawaski Rupp Snow Mobile Parts-Accessories Phone 325-0052HELLAND’S Food Locker Service Inc. NEWMAN SEED-FEED Master Mix Feeds Smith Douglass Fertilizer Custom Spraying Juda Plumbing Electrical Supplies Wisconsin VOIGHT MUSIC CENTER BANDWAGON Band Instruments-Violins Guitars-Amplifiers 312 Stale St. 2602 E. Milwaukee Beloit. Wl Janesville. Wl BRENNAN'S FARM MARKET WE BUY DIRECT- YOU BUY FOR LESS Monroe-Madison FLORINES Ladies ReadytoWear Accessories and Gifts NORMAN SYLVIA PETERSON 1618-11TH St.. Monroe THE GIFT CASTLE Monroe, Wl CONGRATULATIONS COMPLIMENTS OF JOS. HUBER BREWING CO. Monroe Wisconsin Across from the fire station LEISURE LANES, INC. Score Automatically 16-Lane Bowling Center MONROE. Wl MONROE BEVERAGE MART Phone 325-2963 Open 9 a m.-9 p.m. Dally Liquors and Wines Cordials Beers MONROE FLORAL DOWNTOWN MONROE MONROE ONE HOUR CLEANERS 115 6th. Avenue MONROE, WISCONSIN — PAX DOW JEWELERS Fine Quality Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry Monroe, Wisconsin Ph. 325-6134 ROSA FLORIST Starflower Shop Monroe. Wisconsin Ph. 325-8161 Compliments of SOLOMON AUTOPARTS CO. INC. Brorl head-897-4666 Monroe-325-4181 Darlington-776-4541Wisconsin Power C Light Company CHAR-LYN'S Beauty Shop Monticello 938-4841 FLYNNS BAR RESTAURANT FROM Monticello A 938-4750 FRIEND ONE LINERS Albany Beauty Mart, Albany Albany Junk Shop, Albany Floyd Krause Melody Band, Albany George Edna's Bar, Albany Krause Room Boarding, Albany Maple Leaf Cheese Factory, Albany Bluff View Park, Brodhead Christian Book Store, Brodhead Pierce Hardware. Brodhead R. R. Implement Co, Brodhead Sutherland's, Brodhead Chocolate Shop, Monroe Fabric land, Monroe Idle Hour Mansion, Monroe G.T.C. Auto Parts, Monroe Joanne's Beauty Salon, Monroe Mel's Sport-o-Rama, Monroe Pipers Dream, Monroe Rosa's Green House, Monroe Thorpe Paint, Monroe Wolfe's Office Supply, Monroe Boars Nest, Monticello Dickson's Grocery, Monticello Gempeler's Super Market, Monticello Voegeli Chevrolet Buick, Monticello Conners General Motors, Evansville Disch Hardware, New Glarus 125COMMUNITY SUPPORT CINDGX BRUCG MHRNGY. GDITOR SENIORS Aeschliman, Joan 6,35,60,61 Aeschliman, Julie 35,58,61,71,73,75, 97 Ardisson, Greg 21,35,58,75 Binder, Kris 14,27,35,63.64,65,66.70.71, Black. Tami 14,36,,68.69, 71.74.75,83 Blaser, Kolleen 5,31,36 Blumer, Jackie 36,72 Briggs, Gary 21,36,70 Brugger, Brian 37,58.73.78,79, Dowden, David 5.37,58,63,66.70.72. Elmer. Jill 23.37.64,65.66.70 Elmer. Scoit 37,70 Flood. Christy,65,73.78. 79.87 Flood, Rick 25,38 Flynn, Cindy 38 Friedrichs. Lorna 5,18, 87 Gempeler, Gloria 5,18,29,31, 39 Glass, Gaye 4.39.60,61,72 Hulbert, Bethy 34,43.58,60, Hill, Brenda 39 Keegan, Ron 7,23,39.63,66.72. 76.82.89 Keepers, Rick 21,40,58 Kopp, Joe 5,7.21,26,40,82,89 Krupke, Ron 40,70 Manshcim. Rick Mauerman, Julie 3,34,43,71 McCreedy. Janet 40,71 Moldenhauer, Carl 41.76.88 Murphy. Becky 4,41,76 Nipple, Kim 64,65,68 Parmer, Steve 4,7,26,41,70, 76.82.89 Pence. Teresa 15,41,73 Purdy, Ken 42,66 Robinson, Janice 42 Robinson, Tim 42.70,76,88 Runaas, DeEtte 5,16,42,63,64, 65.66,,75,76, 77.83.87 Schlapbach, Carl 14,43,58.64, JUNIORS Alexander, Bob 30,44,46,76, 85 Althaus. Rick 14,44.64,65,82. 85 Anderson, Bob 30,44,70 Bandi. Mike 7.26.44,47.72.76. 82 85 89 Blumer, Dan 7, 85,89 Dowden, Dolores 6,44,47.60,61.62.64, Dowden, Dorathy 14,45,46,60,61,,84, 87 Friedrichs, Rex 29,45.76,82 Hammon. Rick 14.45.64,65,72. 74.85 Harlson. Robin 13,45.46,61 Hauri, Theresa 45.61,72.74 Hcitzman. John 45,46,76,77,85 Henningson, Anna 44 Janes, Richard 7.23,44,74,76, 82 89 Keele! Joel 44,72,73,88 Kennedy, Jay 76.85 Keopp, Brian 18,44,66 La Belle. Dar 3,13.44,66.68 Larson. Jeff 45 Malcook, Sharon 13,45,61 Malkow, Mike 45 Nipple. Kelly 31,45,68.71.77. 83,84 Ringhand, John 45 Ross, Sheryl 20,45,47,72 Runaas. Nina 44.47,61,69.72. 73,76,77.83,87 Sandlin, Jim 44.70 Schmieder, Dave 2,44,76.85.89 Schneider. Robert 44 Sellnow, Jeff 13,25,44.70,76. Sisson. Diane 44,68 Sowl, Scott 21,45,70 Topp. Kathy 45,46 Tway, Tim 45.46.76,88 Webb. Tom 21,45,66,70 Zweifel, Cindy 15,18,45,47. SOPHOMORES Allen, Rick 29,48.61.64,65, 70,73 Atkinson. Bill 48,61.70.72,73 Atkinson, Janet 48,60,61,64, 71.72,76,77,83.84,86 Bellows, Norma 24.48,71 Blumer, Julene 14,24.48.61, Broge, Julie 48,50,51,60,61, Dixon, Sonya 49,50,64.71,77, 83.87 Fahrney, Bruce 31.49.60,61, 64.72 Flood. Kevin 7.49,82.85 Flynn, Christy 49 Flynn, Tom 49 Gempeler, Gerry 49 Gibbons. Jim 20,22,48,51.72. 76,78.79,85,89 Hannes, Chris 48 Harlson, Kenneth 48,72 Hauri. Wesley 48,66,68,70.76. 88 Hill. Doug. 48 Howard. Kelly, 83.84.87 Huffman, Laura 49,50,72,77,83 Johnson, Wendy 49,50.51.64,71,72, 76.77.87 Kauk. Gladys 49.72.84 Keepers. Doug 49,66 Krupke, Janice 17,25,49,61,64, 65,71, Larson, Jamie 22,49,51.70 Mandel, Mark 22,25,48 Mauerman, Jeff 48,85,89 McCreedy, Aggie 17,48,51 Peterson, Don 48,50 Phillips. Todd 48,50,70 Pluss, Roger 48,51,85 Robinson, Dick 49,76,88 Ruef, Laurie 49,76 Runaas, Carol 49.83 Schneider, Jacob 19.49 Speer. Sue 24,25.49,71,83,87 Stoehr, Dave 49,76,82,85 Thill, Ginny 48 Tway, Bruce 24,48,76,85 Von Allmen, Kurt 49.70 FRESHMEN Albright. Sandy Alderman. Tammy 52.61,73.77. 83.84 Alexander. Tom 52 Althaus. Chris 52,64,68.71. Atkinson. Leigh 52.64,68,76 Briggs, Lisa 16,52.54.55,64, 68,83 Elmer, Steve 19,53,54,70 Flood, Angie 14,22.31.53,64, 76.77.86 Gohlke, Brian 15,53.85 Gurns. David 31.53 Hammon. Robert 53.64,70,85 Hannes, Dan 53 Hauge, Larry 52,55,70 Hulbert, Mike 52,73 Janes. Terry 19, Johnson, Lauri 52,70,83,86 Kauk, Maribeth 52.55.64,77.84 Kennedy. Pam 16.52,61.68,71. 77.86 Larson, Janeen Mueller, Debbie 53,54,55,64. Muralt. Georgean 53,64,70.86, 87 Murphy. Mary 19.53.68,71.72 Pagel, Jerry 53,12,55 Parker. Lori 52.72,76.77 Paul. Robert 52,88 Peach, Jim 52 Robinson. Barb 52,83,84 Schenk, Lorrie 53.72,76.77 Schmieder, Dan 7,27,53,54,82 Sellnow. Lisa 53,, Tourdot. Mike 79 127THIS VeHR’S STORY Of H.H.S.’S MVIORITGS MUORITG COLOR, BLUC MUORITC PGR?ON, fONZIG GWORITG ?UBJGCT, PHY. CD. MUORITG ?ODH, DR. PCPPGR MUORITG ?PORT? 1. Basketball 2. Football 3. Baseball 4. Volleyball 5. Wrestling 6. Tennis 7. Swimming 8. Honkey 9. Skating 10. Soccer MMORITC MOMIC? 1. Jaws 2. Towering Inferno 3. The Sting 4. Other Side Of The Mountain 5. Tommy 6. Blackbird 7. Earthquake 8. American Graffiti 9. Exorcist 10. Young Frankenstein MVIORITC GROUP? 1. B.T.O. 2. K.C. And The Sunshine Band 3. Grand Funk 4. Montros 5. Bay City Rollers 6. Elton John 7. Rolling Stones 8. Led Zeplin 9. Beatles 10. Areo Smith MMORITC TVI ?HOW? 1. Happy Days 2. Welcome Back Kotter 3. Starsky And Hutch 4. Baretta 5. M A S H 6. Good Times 7. Six Million Dollar Man 8. On The Rocks 9. One Day At A Time 10. Bionic Woman MUORITC ?ONG9 1. Convoy 2. Stairway To Heaven 3. Saturday Night 4. Feelings 5. Love Will Keep Us Together 6. Fox On The Run 7. I Write The Songs 8. Ballroom Blitz 9. Color My World 10. Pin-Ball Wizard MUORITG MOUIC ?THR? 1. Henry Wilker (The Fonz) 2. Robert Blake (Baretta) 3. Raquel Welch 4. John Wayne 5. Paul Glaser (Starsky) 6. Jerry Lewis 7. J.J. Walker (Kid Dynomite) 8 Robert Redford 9. Alan Alda (M'A'S’H) 10. Clint Eastwood 128

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