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ALBANY COMET 1975 AIJ5AAY INCH SCHOOL ALBAAY, WISCONSIN EOITOR Carol Gibbons ♦JR. EOITOR Joan Acscliliman ASSISTANTS Photography: G. Glass D. King J. McCrcedy Copy: B. Hulbert J. Atkinson J. Broge Layout: J. Aeschliman J. Pryce Advertising: D. Schlapbach ADVISOR Jennie Wondia T A BEE OF CONTENTS CLASSES Carol Gibbons, Editor.... ACADEMICS Joan Aeschliman, Editor. STUDENT LIFE Gaye Glass, Editor...... 8 26 48 SPORTS Roger Flood. Editor. GRADE SCHOOL Dave King, Editor. ADVERTISING Darlene Schlapbach. Editor. INDEX Rick Manshicm, Editor. 66 76 94 110THE MAK¥ FACES HAPPY SAD I XCTII I) MAD HAPPY SAD IXCII I I) MAD IIA PPY SAD I XCITI I) MAD HAPPY SAD I XCI I I D MAI) HAPPY SAD I.XCIII DMAD HAPPY SAD KXCITI-I) MAD HAPPY SAD EXCITI-D MAD HAPPY SAD I XCITI'D MAD HAPPY SAD I XC ITI D MAD HAPPY SAD I XCI I I D MAD HAPPY SAD I XCI I I I) MAD HAPPY SAD HXCITRD MAD HAPPY SAD I XCI I I D MAD HAPPY SAD l-XCITI-D MAD HAPPY SAD I XCITI.D MAD IIAPP Y SAD I XCI 11 I) MAD HAPPY SAD I XC ITI.I) MAD HAPPY SA I) l-XCITI-D MAD HAPPY SAD l-XCITI-D MAD HAPPY SAD I X CITI D MAD HAPPY SAD I XCITI D MAD HAPPY SAD l-XCITI-I) MAD HAPPY SAD I XC ITI D MAD HAPPY SAD I XCI I I I) MA I) HAPPY SAD l-XCITI-D MAD HAPPY SAD I XCI I I D MAD IIA PPY SAD I XCITI D MAD IIAPPY SAD I XCI 1 l-l) MAD IIAPPY S M) I XCI I I D MAD HAPPY SAD I XCI I I D MAD HAPPY SAD I XCITI I) MAD HAPPY SAD I XCITI I) MAD HAPPY SAD I XCI I I I) MAD HAPPY SAD I XCITI I) MAD I IAPPY SAD I XCITI I) MAD HAPPY SAD I XCITI I) MAD HAPPY SAD I XCITI I) MAI) I IAPPY SAD I XCITI I) MAD HAPPY SAD I XC I II I) MAD...I AC IsSOF ALBANY HIGH l.imco in Wonderland.DEDICATION The Gass of 1975 would like to dedicate this edition of the Albany Comet to our friend, advisor, and teacher: Mr. Thomas J. D. Gross. Our class entered high school the same year Mr. Gross joined the teaching staff. In the last four years, we have learned much from each other. He gave our class the help and support we needed when we were planning our Prom, our chili suppeis, our car washes, and all the other activities we’ve spon in the past four years. For these reasons and many more, we would like Mr. Gross to accept this honor and may we wish him much success and happiness in the years to come. 4EDITORS’ NOTES In working with the annual this year, we learned many things. We learned that many people were willing to put in long hours after school to help complete this yearbook. We also learned that many people not connected directly with the yearbook staff were invaluable to us. Mr. Cornwell spent many hours taking and developing pictures on his own time and we cannot thank him enough for his help. Ilelgeson Studios came through again with a full day of picture shooting and Mi. Astin and fim McMeen rounded out our crew of photographers. Tom McCauley was always there with his experience when we encountered problems, which, fortunately, were few. Tire staff this year was great. It was both loyal and hardworking. But without our advisor. Miss Wondra. we could have never gotten this book off the ground. Thanks again to all those who contributed their time and efforts toward making this book a success. 5CONI! AGAIN! ! 7CLASSESCarol Gibbons Editor 9SENIORS CLASS OF 1975 COMMEXCEMENT-Junc 8, 1975 CLASS COLORS—Red ami Black CLASS FLOWER—Spider Mum CLASS MOTTO—Shoot lor the Stars, to Heck with the Treetops “A Tribute” to the Class oi '75 There is one tiling that could always be said for our class-"Wc had a lot of character.” Why. we were just brimming over with it! Who else but our class could sponsor a car wash in the rain and have it turn out to Ik one of their biggest money projects of the year? What other class has a president that drives a ’33 Chevy and a motto like ‘‘Shoot for the stars, to heck with the treetops”? Social life outside of class wasn’t dull cither. There were a lot of things which made our high school years memorable. Yes, the faculty will never forget us! But our high school years arc behind us now, and all we have to say is. “Look out world, here comes the CLASS 01-’75!” Karen Pleshcr-Sccretary Jeffrey Pryce-Prcsideni Daniel Black-Treasurer David King-Vicc-Prcstdcnt 10JEFFREY FRYCE Volleyball 10 Band 9,10,11,12-V. Pres. 12 Stage Band I ?. Pep Band 9,10,11,12 Chorus 9,10-Sec. 10 Drama Club 12 Annual Staff 12 Ecology Club 11 French Club 9 EFA 9 Spade Winner Basketball Manager 9 Prom Court 11 Class Officer-Pres. 11,12, V. Pres. 10 DAVID KING JEFFREY PRYCE DAVID KING DANIEL BLACK KAREN FLESHER Volleyball 9 Basketball 9.10.11 Band 9.10.11,12 Stage Band 12 Pep Band 9.10.1 1,12 Chorus 9,10.11,12 Drama Club 12 Annual 11.12 FFA 9,10.11.12 Chaplain 10, Reporter 11, V. Pres. 12 Honors Band 12 State FFA Band 11.12 Class Officer-V. Pres. 12 DANIEL BLACK Band 9.10.12 Stane Band 12 Wrestling 10.11 Letterwinner Prom Court 11 Chorus 9 Forensics 10 Student Council 10 Drama Club 11 Class Officcr-Trcas. 12 KAREN FLESHER GAA 10 Drama Club 12 Newspaper Staff 12 Ecology Club 12 FHA 9 Class Officer-See. 12 Pep Club 11.12 ItWILLIAM ALBRIGHT ROBERT ALLEN BMcm hr QBbu LAURIE BAERTSCHI cSuxhjtJU KENDALL BAUMGARTNER i3 KIM BINDER CHERYL BLUMER 12BERNADETTE BANDI 13 JLA vv(xdsL Aj -B o wcLc WILLIAM ALBRIGHT Volleyball 10.11 Band 9,10,1 LI2 Stage Band I 2 Pep Band 9,10,1 LI2 Diuma Club 12 French Club 9 FFA 10.11.12 ROBERT ALLEN Wrestling I 1.12-Co. Capi. 11 Band 11 Vocal Ensemble 12 Chorus 11,12 Letterwinner 11,12 N.H.S. 11.12 Drama Club 12 Newspaper Staff 11.12 FFA 12 LAURIE BAERTSCHI Basketball 9.10 Softball 10 GAA 9.10.1 I Chorus 10,! 2 Letterwinner 10,11,12 Drama Club 12 French Club 9 FFA Class Officer-Pros. 9 Pop Club BERNADETTE BANDI Volleyball 12 Basketball 10.12 Chorus 9 Student Council 12 NILS. 11.12 Newspaper Staff 12 Ecology Club 11.12 Badger (oris State I I Pep Club 9,10.11.12 KENDALL BAUMCARI N ER Wrestling 10,11 Letterwinner 11.12 FFA 10,11,12-Sec. 12 KIM BINDER Volleyball 12 Basketball 10 Softball 10.11.12 Band 9.10.1 1.12 Stage Band 12 Pep Band 9.10.11 Letterwinner 11.12 Cheerleader 11 Drama Club 12 Annual Stall 12 FHA 10.11.12-Trcas. 12 Prom Queen 11 Homecoming Court 10,11 FFA Sweetheart 12 Green Lake Delegate 12 Pep Club 9.10,11.12 Honors Band I 2 CHERYL BLUMER FHA 9.10,11.12 MIKE FIGI Volleyball 9.10 Basketball 12 Wrestling 9.10 Chorus 9 i i i: Baseball 11 MIKE FIGI TnJu. d u 13COLLEEN GILL MARTIN GLASS KRISTY GRAEBNER 14ROGER FLOOD Basketball 9.10,11,12 Band 9,10,11.12 Stage Band 12 Pep Band 9.10 Chorus 9 L.cttcrwinncr 11,12 Student Council 12-V. Pres.: Treas. N.H.S. 11.12 Annual Staff 12-Sports Editor Ptom Court II Badger Boys State 11 STEVE FLOOD Basketball 9.11.12 Wrestling 10 Letterwinner 10.11 Class Officer 9,10-Trcas. JOYCE FRIEDRICHS COI I FEN GILL Basketball 9,10 Softball 10 GAA 9.10.11 Chorus 12 Cheerleader 9,10,11 FHA 9,10,11,12-Parl. 11; V. Pres. 12 Pep Club 9,10.11 MARTIN GLASS Volleyball 10.11 Basketball 9,10.11.12 Band 9.11,12 Stage Band 12 Pep Band 9 Chorus 9 Letterwinner 11,12 Student Council 9 Drama Club 11,12 Newspaper Staff 12-Layout Editor Prom Court 11 Chorus 10,11,12-Robe keeper 10 Vocal Ensemble 12 Ecology Club 11 French Club 9 F1IA 10.11.12 CAROL GIBBONS Basketball 9 Band 9,10.11.12-Trcas. 12 GAA 9,10 Stage Band 12 Pep Band 9.10.11,12 Chorus 9.11 Wrestling Cheerleader 10.11 Student Council 12-Pres. N.II.S. 11.12 Annual Staff 12-Editor French Club 9.10,11.12-Pres. 12 Forensics 10 Class Officer I l-V. Pres. One-Act Play 11 Badger Girls Slate 11-Alt. Outstanding American II.S. Student STEVEN HARRY Honors Band 12 National Merit Commended Student Drama Club 9,10,11.12 KRISTY GRAEBNER Band GAA 9,10.11 Pep Band 9.10,12 Cheerleader 9.10-Capt. FHA 9,10,11,12 Class Officer 10.11-Sec. Prom Court 11 Homecoming Court 9 Pep Club 9,10.11.12 STEVEN HARRY Wrestling Letterwinner 10.11.12 15Pboto DO KENNETH HENNINGSEN HARVEY HUFFMAN DIANE JANES VICKIE LISSER i GUNTHER MARX DEBRA NIPPLE 16CHARLENE RICHARDSON KENNETH III NNINGSI N Band 9 Chorus 9 Teacher's Aide 9 HARVEY HUFFMAN DIANE JANES GAAO.IO Chorus 10 FHA 9,10 JAYNE KLOSSNER Volleyball 12 Vocal Ensemble 11 Chorus 10.11 Student Council 10 Drama Club 11.12 Newspaper 11.12-News Editor 12 French Club 9.10 Forensics 9,10,1 1,12 From Court I I FFA Princess I 2 VICKIE LISSER Volleyball 12 Softball 12 GAA 10 Chorus 9,10.11,12 EIIA 9,10 Library Aide I 2 GUNTHER MARX FFA 10 One-Act Plav 12 Pep Club 11’.12 DEBRA NIPPLE Chorus 9.1 |.I2 Cheerleader 9.10.11 Drama Club 12 Library Aide 11,12 CHARI ENE RICHARDSON FHA 9,10.11.12 17sFRED R1NGIIAND ----1 DARLENE SCHI.APBACH LOIS SCHI.APBACH CLAYT SOWL CONNIE STEIN DOR I Ctm'TUJi, JfjMJjfaljj KAREN TWAY SULnr iccTVUL -- 18THOMAS SCUMIEDER FRED RINGHAND Volleyball 9,10,1 l-Capt. 11 Basketball 9.10,11.12-Capt. 12 Band 9,10 Pep Baud 9 Chorus 9 Lctterwinner 9,10,1 1.12 Homecoming Couti 9,10 Newspaper Stall' I 2 DARLENE SCHLAPBACH Band C A A 9.10 Stage Band 12 Pep Band 9.10.11,12 Chorus 9,1 l-Trcas. 11 Wrestling Cheerleader 12 Drama Club 11,12 Annual Staff 12 Newspaper Staff I I FIIA 9,10.11.12 Green Lake Delegate 11 LOIS SCHLAPBACH Volleyball 12-C.apt. Basketball 9.10,11,12-Capt. 9,11 Softball 10.11.12 Band 9,10.1 1.1 2-Prcs. 12 GAA 9.10.11 Stage Band 12 Pep Band 9.10.11,12 Vocal Ensemble 10.11.12 Chorus 10.11.12 Lctterwinner 10.11.12 Drama Club 11.12-Treas. 11 Newspaper Staff I 1,12-Assist ant Ed. 12 French Club 9 Prom Court 11 Badger Girls State I i -Alt. Honors Band I 2 CINDI ZURFLUH THOMAS SCHMII DER Basketball 9 Track 9.10 Crosscountry 9.10,11,12-Capt. 12 Lctterwinner 9,10.11,12 Newspaper Staff 12-Sports Editor French Club 9 Class Officer 9-V Pres. CLAYT SOWL Volleyball 9,10,11,12-Capt. 11.12 Basketball 9.10.11,12-Capt. 11,12 Track 12 Lctterwinner 9,10,11,12 FFA 9.10.11,12-Treas. 11; Pres. 12 Prom King 11 Homecoming 11 CONNIE STEINDORF Volleyball 12 Band 9.10,11.12 GAA 10,11 Pep Band 9 Vocal Ensemble 9.10.11,12 Chorus9.10,11.12-V. Pres. II Cheerleader 9.10.11,12-Capt. 12 Student Council 9.11 N.H.S. 11,12 Drama Club 11,12 Ncwspapci Staff 11.12-Editor 12 French Club Pres. 12 Forensics 9,10.11.12 Class Officer 10-Pres. Badger Girls Slate I I Outstanding American IIS. Student KAREN TWAY Basketball 9.10 Softball 10 GAA 9,10.11 Wrestling Cheerleader 9 FIIA 9.10. II. 12-Prcs. 12: Treas. 11 Homecoming Court 10 Spoon Winner Pep Club 9.10.11,12 CINDI ZURFLUH GAA 9 v horus 12 Drama Club 12 FIIA Prom Court 11 Pep Club 9.10,12 19C. Flynn L. Friedrichs J. Mauerman M. Foxen J. McCreedy C. Moldenhauer K. C.Schlapbach R. Manshcim T. Black J. Aeschliman Binder R. Krupke V. Lyle G. Gcmpeler G. Ardisson J. Aeschliman 20 S. SteuriOFFICERS B. Mulbert Sec. R. Keegan V. P. Trcas. J. Acschliman Pres. k. Purdy D. Runaas T. Robinson J. Robinson R. Keepers R. Keegan B. Hulbcrt J. Kopp J. Elmer S. Elmer I). Dowdcn B. Brugger G. Briggs J. BlumerJ. Hcitzman 4|| C. Zwcifel n R. Hammon R. I larison T. Hauri J. Ringhand J. Larson K. Nipple S.Sowl 2324 K. Allen J. Gibbons J. Larson I). Stoehr G. Thill on ici. us B. Atkinson. Treas. J. Gibbons. V. Pros. J Muucrman, See. J KrUpke, Pres. ,f i:sii Pit?. Mr B. Atkinson N. Bellows J. Blumer K. Harisen W. Mauri I) Mill C. Mamies K. I toward D. L.isser ■n J. Mauerman ■ A. MeCrccdy D. Peterson J. AtkinsonG. Gcmpclcr J. Krupke J. Schneider T. NVlieeler 25 B TwayACADEMICS 27 Joan Acscliliinan EditorADMINISTRATION Robert E. Allen The administration has done a great deal of work this school year to improve facilities for both students and teachers. With a combined effort, classrooms were painted, carpeted, relocated, and rearranged in order to provide a belter atmosphere for learning. As in any readjustment period, the 1974-1975 school term had some difficulties, however, with a little understanding. patience, and a few compromises, these difficulties were easily ironed out. Mr. Robert li. Allen, superintendent, served as K-12 principal in addition to his superintendent duties. With the help of Mi. Michael Henderson, assistant administration and guidance, the administrative department showed diplomacy in dealing with various situations concerning class scheduling and othei areas of administration. The Board of Education also served an important role. With the strain placed on the economy, the Board faced many major decisions regarding finances. The Board works closely with the administration and faculty in creating and implementing policies which relied the educational philosophy and objectives of the community. SCHOOL BOARD: W. Albertson. S. Blumer.G. Brewer, L. Dunphy. P. Hahn, V. Lcrch. and W. McCrccdy. — The 1975 Comet Staff wishes to apologize to the Albany School Board for not having their picture in this year's annual. Due to the inability to have a working camera and a skilled photographer at one of their regular meetings, we were unable to get a picture. SORRY!! Mr. Allen addresses a student body assembly.Michael Henderson Mr. Henderson’s major role is that of guidance counselor. He handles the difficult task of scheduling student’s for their classes each semester. Along with this duty, he also serves as assistant administrator. Miss Charlotte King and Mrs. Phyllis Aeschliman also serve an important role in the Albany School. As bookkeeper, Miss King handles the financial accounts for many student organizations along with the payroll, lunch program, etc. Mrs. Aeschliman serves as the school secretary. She handles the telephone, various correspondence, and the many other duties of a school secretary. Mr. Henderson checks the halls while classes are in session. SECRETARIES Charlotte King Phyllis Aeschliman 29AGRICULTURE All courses in the Agriculture Department have been semesterized. These courses were designed to train students interested in the business of farming, or any of the related occupations. Courses offered include: Ag. Resources, Ag. Survey, Dairy Production, Livestock Production, Crop Production, and Machinery Management. Students studied these many phases of agriculture under the guidance of Mr. James Kuntz. Agriculture students attended the World Dairy Expo in Madison and visited local farms in order to obtain knowledge and familiarity of the different farming set-ups. Outside speakers also provided the students with the opportunity to gain further understanding of the agricultural field. James Kuntz The second hour agriculture awaits the dismissal bell. Ronnie tests milk during an Ag lab.ART Miss Kay Miller teaches Art 1 and Art II for high school students in addition to all elementary art classes. Art I is a basic introduction to art and the techniques related to that field. Students in Art I learn macrame, drawing paper machc, weaving, sculpture, clay molding, pottery, and other crafts. Art II is an advanced course that goes into more detail on the material covered in the Art 1 course. It also introduces the budding artist to new media. Various areas covered in Art II are acrylic and water color painting, portraits, and silk screening. Kay Miller Tom and Rick listen as Miss Miller comments on an art sketch. Jeff and Robert sketch portraits during their art class.BAND The Band has been busy as usual this year. They marched in the Cheese Days Parade in Monroe, and traveled to Milwaukee to play at the State Fair. Many students prepared solos and ensembles for the contest in April and those receiving firsts in class A music traveled on to the State Solo Ensemble Contest. In addition to their fall, winter, and spring concerts the band worked hard to prepare for the State Line League Band Contest in May. Something new this year was the creation of a Stage Band. The newly formed Stage Band made its first appearance at the annual Unior Co-op dinner, and at a later date, supplied the music for a dance following the Blackhawk basketball game. There was also an addition of new instruments, such as an electric guitar, amplifier, and trap set for the stage band, as well as a stereo and recorder, new stands, and new chairs, which have helped the band as a whole. Donald CornwellBUSINESS Under the instruction of Miss Jeanette Wondra, business students obtained the knowledge and skills necessary to prepare them for future careers in the world of business. Clerical Courses offered in the Business Education Department this year were Shorthand. Typing 1, and Typing II. These classes arc designed to train students in the skills necessary in office work. The advanced classes had the opportunity to tour business offices in the Madison area and gain first-hand information on the activities involved in a secretarial career. General Business, which was offered on the Junior and Senior levels, covered various areas of consumerism. This included the American Economic System. Credit, Banking Services, and Insurance. A visit to the Bank of Albany provided an opportunity for the class to sec how banks process checks and also to witness banking services in operation. Jeanette Wondra Dave demonstrates correct checking procedures. 33CHORUS The Vocal Music department was under the instruction of a full-time teacher this year. Miss Anderson directed the Vocal Ensemble, High school choir, as well as K-6 classroom music and Junior High choir and General Music. The Vocal Ensemble and Choirs appeared in several concerts throughout the year. These included the Fall Concert. Christmas Concert, and Spring Concert. They also appeared in the district contest in March. Several music students had the opportunity to participate in the Dorian Music Festival at Luther College in Decorah, Iowa. This year proved to be 3 year for organizing and building within the Music Department. Joan Ellen Anderson Miss Anderson listens to chorus as they perform. Chorus students attempt to memorize a new song. The chorus rehearses a few of their favorite tunes. 34DRIVER’S ED Drivers Ed is not just getting in the car 3nd driving off. The students must put in six hours of driving with Mr. Quinn and more time with parents. Students must have classroom instruction before their first driving experience. The Driver’s Ed students study from books and pamphlets, watch movies and make decisions. Outside of learning how to drive, they learn things like state laws, in suranee, and how the engine works. Practical experience and common sense are always stressed in this course. Of course, the goal of the course is to put safe drivers on the road and the students can hardly wait to take their driver’s test and be able to get behind the wheel without having an instructor to help them. Russell Quinn 35 These driver’s education students concentrate on one ol the «csts required for the course.ENGLISH The English Department, under Mrs. Sue Zimmerman covers the areas of composition, literature, and speech. Masterpieces is a college bound course in which students study world classical literature and authors. Rhetoric and Research is an intense writing course stressing logic. Contemporary Literature is the study of present day authors and trends in literature with the emphasis on minority authors. Attitudcs-Mass Media deals with newspapers, TV, and radio, and the opinions formed from their use. Journalism includes writing news articles, layouts, and editing. The goal of the class is to put out their own edition of the school newspaper. Other classes offered by Mrs. Zimmerman arc Basic Composition, Drama, and Speech. Sue ZimmermanFRENCH Mrs. Susan L. Tews offers English 9, Introduction to Literature, Attitudes, French Culture, French I, II, and IV. French Culture, a new course this year, is taught in English, and introduces students to the contributions the French have made to Western Culture. This course covers everything French from Geography to Cuisine and is open to all students whether they have studied French or not. The French classes took time out from "parlez-francais" to make a Buche de Noel (yule log) for Christmas, and a traditional French meal in the spring. The English 9 students have been getting a taste of what they will need to know to prepare them for more specialized English courses in the next 3 years. Introduction to Literature is a reading course that gives its students a taste of 3 wide variety of good reading material. Attitudes revolves around the reading of books and other material with emphasis on the opinions of the author and reader. Susan Tews 37 Jeff receives individual help from Mrs. Tews. Mrs. Tews guides Bill while he prepares a French meal.HOME EC. The Home hcononiics Department has completely rebuilt their course structure this year. Individualized courses are offered to both male and female students on a semester basis. Mrs. Ellen Nordin, head of the Home Ec. Department offers courses in Foods I II. Textiles 1 II. Child Development, Family Living. Housing Interiors. Textile Crafts. Bachelor-Know-How, and 7th and 8th grade Home Ec. courses. The Child Development class studied the growth of a child from before conception to adult years. The Housing Interiors class built their dream houses from the floor up; and the Bachelor-Know-How guys have prepared themselves for life alone or for marriage to any liberated woman by learning how to cook, sew. and do the laundry. Ellen NordinIIUD. ARTS The Industrial Arts department added four new courses to their curriculum this year. They are: Energy. Materials Processes, Communications, and Production Systems. Energy is an introductory course to various aspects of energy supply, transportation, conversion, measurement, and applied application. Materials Processes is designed to provide an encounter with a wide range of industrial materials and processes. Learning opportunities included woodworking, plastics, upholstery, and metal working. Communications introduces the student to the field of industrial communication. Traditional areas involved printing, electronics, photography, and drafting. Production Systems instructs the student in the organization and functions of the manufacturing industry by formation of a teacher directed classroom company. The company designs, produces, and sells a mass produced product. John Vanderhoof Gunther lines up a board to be cut on the table saw. Jeff slims down a board preparing a cutting board. 39 Roger wires a creation of his own. LIBRARY The library has undergone quite a face lift this year. The biggest change is that of its location. Prior to the 1974-75 school year, it had been located upstairs. This year, however, it is in the center of the high school section and elementary section, making its facilities more available to all. Carpeting, paint, new furniture, and new equipment have also made the library more attractive and functional. Just some of the added improvements are a circulation desk, new shelving, a movie projector, filmstrips projectors, record players, and cassette filmstrip viewers. Mrs. Hanson had a great deal of rearranging and organizing awaiting Iter this past fall. But with the help of several students, the library gradually became organized and ready for the use of the student body. Kris Hanson Stacks of books were awaiting Mrs. Hanson in the beginning of the school term.MATHEMATICS Mrs. Arlene Oliver, head of the Mathematics Department, offers courses in Consumer Math, Algebra I, Geometry, and advanced Math. Consumer Math provides students with work in fundamental mathematical computations. A background in basic consumer math provides the student with the knowledge needed in everyday affairs. Students in Algebra I learn the fundamentals of Algebra and other mathematical phases. Algebra prepares a student for other High School math classes, college, and vocational-technical school. Geometry puts an emphasis on the logical development of ideas. Topics include lines, angles, polygons, circles, arcs, inequalities, and constructions. Advanced Math is intended for the mathematically inclined student and is a continuation of concepts learned in Algebra with a greater emphasis on theory. Arlene Oliver Mrs. Oliver gives individual help in Algebra I to Bob. Rick works out a difficult Algebra problem as Mrs. Oliver helps. 41BOY’S P. E. Physical Education is a course to develop physical skills essential to physical fitness and recreation for the present and the future. Boys in Mr. White’s Physical Education classes work at getting in shape by climbing ropes, running, lifting weights, and all the many exercises involved in “the circuit.” In the recreation side of gym classes, the boys participate in basketball, badminton, volleyball, as well as the many other sports. In the winter, there is always the walk down to the bowling alley and in the spring there is always baseball. Physical Education proves to be a very active class which results in many sore muscles and tired bodies. Robert White The boy's Physical Education classes participate in an active volleyball game. Mrs. Shcrwin and Mr. White take time to clown around for the photographer. 42 This student demonstrates his strength and muscle power.GIRL’S P. E. Mrs. Lois Sherwin heads the female Physical Education department She also takes on the instruction of many elementary classes. Something new which was added this year was a routine on the uneven parallel bars. As a special treat. Miss Janet Lange, a gymnast from Evansville, gave advice and demonstrated her skills to the girls. In addition to gymnastics, many group sports were participated in. These included basketball, baseball, and volleyball. During open house, the girls held a volleyball tournament between the different Physical Education classes in order to give their parents a taste of what they do in their gym classes. Lois Sherwin Kris demonstrates her fitness during her second hour gym class.SCIENCE The Science Department covers the areas of Zoology, Botany, Human Anatomy, and Chemistry. Zoology covers many aspects of animal biology. Some areas covered are the cell; sponges; worm; fish; insects; and mammals. The course includes eight to ten complete dissections of different phyllums. Botany covers such areas as viruses, bacteria, algae, and plants. Students in Botany do field work in nearby woods and plant experiments. Human Anatomy deals with the systems of the body, structure, and genetics. Chemistry involves the chemical basis of life, reactions and experi-ments. chemical equations and problems. In addition to experiments.students in science courses took field trips to the Arboretum and zoo in Milwaukee and an energy conference held in Plattcvillc. Kathy GardnerSO(. STUDIES The Social Studies department, under Mr. Tom Gross and Mr. Terry Astin, offers courses in Area Studies, U.S. History, Social Problems, World War II, Wisconsin History, and Psychology. Area Studies is designed to give the student a better idea of the world today. It discusses location, resources, people, climate, and physiography of different countries. World War II offers an in-depth look at the cause cffect relationship of the “Great" war; the personalities involved, major events, and the subsequent re-drawing of the world map with its ensuing upheavals. Psychology is the science that studies why humans and animals behave as they do, and in this course the student is introduced to the workings of the mind. Some of the areas explored arc senses, memory, perception, responses, motor skill, ego, and self concept. Thomas J. D. Gross Mr. Astin lectures class in High School Social Studies. Mr. Gross instructs his second hour Social Studies Class while students take notes. Mr. Gross looks worn out at the end of a hard day. 45STAFF COOKS Ai D KITCIIEX HFLI 46 Foreground: R. Paul Background: G. Gcmpclcr. L. Friedrichs, W. Hauri Left to Rigid: Nancy Friedrichs, Evelyn Thornton. Pat Johnson.BI S DRIVERS Left to Right: Madeline Atkinson. Mary Ringhand. Joanne Rankins. Miriam Blunter, and Ervin Coplien. Missing: Bonnie Ringhand Bonnie Ringhand takes time to comfort child. The administration, faculty, and staff of the Albany Public Schools work together creating a close and friendly atmosphere. Not only among themselves, but a sense of unity among the students as well. They approach their task in the Albany Schools with the hope of helping young people achieve those goals that will be the most rewarding for them. The dedication which stems from their hard work is felt by each and every student. The 1974-75 School year not only saw changes in remodeling and construction of the building. It also found changes in the various curriculums. Many of the departments turned to scmestcrized courses in order to provide a broader education for its students. In a society, which is becoming more and more complex each year, education is a necessity. It is the aim of the administration. faculty, and staff to help the youth of Albany prepare to improve this society and become the capable leaders and citizens our society needs. “Our lives are truly shaped by those who care.” Those mentioned in this Academic Division have proven this. 47STUDENT LIFE49 Gave Glass EditorPROM D. Black. C. Zurfluh. M. Glass. J. Klossncr. C. Sowl. K. Binder. K. Graebner. J. Prycc, I.. Schlupbach. R. Flood. Junior Royalty: D. Pryce and T. Malcook. SEASONS IX THE SIX The date was May 11 ih. 1974. Tltc big day had finally arrived for the Junior class. Seasons in the Sun had become a reality after many hours of planning and preparing. Music was provided by the Statclinc Playboys and everyone enjoyed dancing to a wide variety of music. The Class of ’75 will never forget the memories of their Prom. Not just the dance, but the week before when decorating the gym and later when the dance was over. If they could sum up their Prom in one word, it could only be - memorable. 501974 KING: CLAYT SOWL QUEEN: KIM BINDER KRISTY GRAE BN HR AND JEFF PRYCE MARTIN GLASS AND JAYNE KLOSSNER LOIS SCHLAPBACH AND ROGER FLOOD DAN BLACK AND CINDY ZURFLUH 51ANNUAL STAFF ANNUAL STAFF: Left to Right, Top Row; J. Aeschliman, D. King, J. Aeschliman, J. Brogc, J. Pryce, J. Me-Creedy, Miss Wondra (advisor). Front Row; B. Hulbcrt, G. Glass, D. Schlapbach, R. Flood, C. Gibbons, J. Atkinson, T. Wheeler. EDITORS: Left to Right. Standing. D. King.G. Glass. R. Man- sheim. D. Schlapbach. R Flood. Seated. C. Gibbons and J. Aeschli- , , „ , „ inan Darlene and Carol sell yearbook subscriptions to Julie and Janet. t!i B :. - •. - • 1 WiidBssEi. B- s FACES’75 The annual staff put in many hours of hard work on the 1974-75 yearbook. Every Tuesday evening they would be busy drawing layouts, typing and creating copy and captions, running errands, and developing photos. The annual staff did their best to cover all major events with photos. The advisor. Miss Wondra, and the editors were determined to create a book which would hold many happy memories for all Albany students. 52NEWSPAPER STAFF NEWSPAPER STAFF: Left to Right. Front; Mis. Zimmerman. K. Purdy, K. Binder, B. Allen. I). Runaas, I. Schlapbacli. K. Flcshcr, J. Klossner. Back; I). Dowdcn, C. Stcindorf, B. Bandi. T. Black, T. Schmcider. and M. Hass EDITORS: Background; M. Glass and T. Sclimcidcr. Foreground; Mrs. Zimmerman. B. Allen. J. Klossner. L. Schlapbacli. C. Stcindorf. and T. Black. THE COMET’S TALE Many changes occurred in the Comet’s Tale this year. It was printed in school and an issue was put out every two weeks. In addition to the regular staff, English Journalism classes played an important role in the printing of the newspaper. Reporters were given assignments for articles of interest and with the staff working together, a newspaper enjoyed by all would be produced. The Editorial Staff aimed to promote the wcl fare of the school and to inform, entertain, and inspire its readers.BAND BAND: Left to Right, First Row, C. Gibbons, C. Flood, G. Merralt, K. Kehm, B. Fahmcy, W. Johnson, J. Blumcr, and J. Atkinson. Second Row; D. Dowden, D. Dowden, K. Binder, K. Graebner, D. Runaas, C. Althaus, S. Dixon, J. Elmer, R. Flood, C. Stcindorf. Third Row; J. Krupke, L. Scllnow, L. Friedrichs, L. Schlapbach, T. Black, K. Binder, R. Rood, B. Albright, R. Hammond, R. Althaus, M. Tourdot, and A. Rood. Fourth Row;J. Broge.C. Flynn, D. King. B. Brugger, R. Hammond, K. Purdy, D. Black, and C. Schlapbach. Fifth Row, Mr. Cornwell, J. Schlapbach.M. Glass. J. Pryce, L. Briggs, and D. Schlapbach. BAND OFFICERS: Left to Right: T. Black Secretary; L. Schlapbach. President; J. Pryce. Vice President: and C. Gibbons. Treasurer.CHORUS CHORUS: Left to Right, First Row;T. Black, C. Krueger, C. Zurtluh, R. Allen, W. Hauri, L. Lyle, J. Robinson, and Miss Anderson. Second Row; S. Malcook, D. Runaas, B. Allen. D. King, L. Schlapbach. D. LaBelle, and D. Nipple. Third Row; L. Friedrichs. C.Steindorf, R. Hammon, C. Schlapbach. D. Dowdcn, L. Bacrtschi, and J. Friedrichs.FFA FFA: Left to Right. Standing; Mr. Kuntz (advisor). S. Fanner, B. Albright. D. King. J. Sellnow. C. Sowl. R. Flood. C. Sohlapbach. M. I-igi. D. Peterson. R. Krupke. R. Pluss. W. Hauri, J. Kennedy. B. Brugger. S. Elmer, G. Briggs. T. Robinson. K. Baumgartner. Front Row; B. Atkinson. K. Binder, J. Elmer. J. Larson. M. Malkow. and B. Allen. OFFICERS; C. Sowl. K. Baumgartner, J. Sellnow. G. Briggs. R. Kmpke. J. Kennedy, D. King, and Mr. Kunt ., (advisor). FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERIC A The FFA guys started the year out right with their annual Fruit Sale. Boxes and boxes of delicious Texas grapefruits and oranges were sold. Something new this year was a donkey basketball game. Trying to ride an uncooperative donkey and shoot baskets at the same time is not the easiest thing in the world, as any FFA member who tried can tell you. When they weren’t playing basketball with the donkeys, the guys played against other FFA basketball teams. ALBANY DAIRY QUEEN Kim Binder FFA SWEETHEART Jayne KlossnerFHA FHA- Left to Right Standing; K. Binder, NV. Johnson, J. Friedrichs. B. Murphy. J. Brogc, J. Blumer. J. Krupkc, D. Schiapbach, J. Atkinson. J. McCrecdy, J. Aeschliman, C. Krueger. C. Zurfluh. C. Richardson. S. Soear, and K; Tway Sitting; C. Runaas, K Nip-pie, S. Steuri. C. Flynn, B. Hulbert, G. Thill, G. Kauk, J. Mauerman, K. Graebncr. C. Blumer, K. Binder, and Mrs. Nordin (advisor). GREENLAKI- DELEGATES: J. Mauerman, K. Krupkc. D. King. G. Briggs. B. Hulbert. J. Aeschliman. K. Tway. K Binder. FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA OFFICERS: :B. Hulbert (Sec.). J. McCrecdy (Pari.). J. Aeschliman (Hist.). K. Binder (Reporter). C. Krueger (Vicc-Pres.). K. Tway (Pres.), and K. Binder (Trcas.). The FHA girls were busy as usual this year with their many activities. In the winter months, they sponsored a cookbook sale and a tobogganing party. At Christmas time, they displayed their goodwill, by taking a “Fruit Bowl” to the people living in the low-rent housing project. In the spring, they held their annual Stanley sale. An event by which housewives can buy quality products and the girls can contribute to the FHA fund.DRAMA FOREKSICS SOMETHING NEW IN MURDER: J. Klossncr. L. Schlapbach, K. Binder. P '’.rugger. C. Sleindorf, B. Hulbert. G. Marx, and J. Piycc. MINNIE FIELDS. S. Parmer. D. Schlapbach. C. Schlapbach. J. Kopp. and D. King. THE SKIN OF OUR TEETH: N. SUNDAY COSTS FIVE PESOS: D. Janes. Runaas. T. Black. S. Mai cook, D. J. Maucrrnan, J. McCreedy. B. Albright, and Dowdcn, L. Baertschi.J. Alderman. J. Friedrichs. J. Kennedy, and R. Weeded. THE MAN IN THE BOWLER HAT R. Flood. K. Tway. G. Ardisson. R. Keepers. C. Zurtluh. and II. Huffman. OVERTONES K. Binder D. Nipple C. Krueger L. Friedrichs FORENSICS: J. Kennedy, C. Stcindorf, T. Black, and N. Runaas. 58FRENCH CLUB lx Ccrdc Francai OFFICERS: C. Stcindorf. R. Keegan. C. Gibbons, and D. Runaas. FRENCH CLUB: Lett to Right. Standing:T. Mauri, S. Ross, R. Pluss. J. Keclc. J. Blumcr. R. Keegan. R. Manshicm, D. Dowdcn, J. Gibbons. J. Kennedy. K. Harlson. I). Runaas. and C. Stcindorf. Front Row; M. Bandi. B. Atkinson. G. Kauk. L. Huffman, J. Atkinson. W.Johnson. T. Wheeler. C. Gibbons. R. Janes. N. Runaas. and Mrs. Tews (advisor). They started the year with a Pollywog sale. Car washes and a real French Dinner were planned for later dates. Incentive for the many activities W3S the hope of raising enough money for another trip to France in the spring. The French Club experienced an increase in membership this year with the addition of students taking the French Culture course. With more people interested, the French Club found they could do more things.STUDENT COUNCIL STUDENT COUNCIL: Left to Right; R. Rood, T. Black, B. Bandi, T. Webb, C. Gibbons, J. Kennedy. D. Runaas, N. Runaas, K. Howard, K. Binder. L. Huffman, and R. Allen, HONOR SOCIETY HONOR SOCIETY: Left to Right. Back Row; R. Rood, B. Allen. C. Steindorf. C. Gibbons, B. Bandi. Front Row; R. Manshicm and T. Black. 60BADGER BOYS GIRES Roger Flood and Bob Allen Bernadette Bandi and Connie Steindorf SPOOA MD SPADE Spoon and Spade Winners arc elected at the end of their Junior year by the graduating Senior Class. They are selected on the basis of: CITIZENSHIP SCHOLASTIC STANDING PERSONALITY, and LEADERSHIP Congratulations! 61 Karen Tway Jeff PryccLETTER WINNERS: Left to Right. Back Row; K. Binder. L. Schlapbach, K. Binder, L. Baertschi, T. Tway, R. Keegan, S. Parmer. Fourth Row; F. Ringhand, S. Harry, C. Stcindorf, L. Lyle, B. Brugger, D. Dowden, T. Robinson. Third Row;T. Schmcidcr, C. Schlapbach. D. Blumer, D. Black, J. Heitzman, B. Alexander, R. Flood. Second Row; J. Kennedy, R. Flood, R. Friedrichs, W. Hauri, R. Janes. Front Row; D. Robinson. K. Baumgartner, J. Kopp, M. Bandi. D.Schmiedcr. PEP CLUB PEP CLUB: Left to Right, Back row; B. Murphy, J. Mauerman.C. Stcindorf. K. Flesher, J. Prycc, B. Hulbert.C. Zwicfel, N. Runaas. C. Flood, J. Elmer, J. Blumer. D. Dowden. J. Krupkc. Front Row; D. Dowden, K. Nipple. L. Schlapbach, S. Malcook, L. Lyle. B. Bandi. J. Blumer. S. Spear. J. Aeschliman. K. Binder, and G. Marx. LETTER WINNERSPOM PON SQUAD POM PON SQUAD- Left to Right, Back Row; W. Johnson, G. Kauk. Mrs. Gardner (advisor), D. LaBcllc.and L. Ruef. Front Row; J. Brogc. K. Howard, C. Zwei-fcl. and K. Nipple. LIBRARY HELP 63ROCK A 'I) ROLL IS HERE TO STAY "Rock and Roll is Here to Stay" was the theme for the 1974 Homecoming. The black silhouettes on the wall and balloons on the ceiling set the mood, as Dogbitc played everyone’s favorite songs from the 50’s to the 70’s. Couples danced till midnight and then went out to eat and have fun until the early morning hours. HOMECOMING KING: DAN BLACK QUEEN: KIM BINDER 64BRUCE LAURA TIM SHARON 1974-75 65SPORTS67 Itoger Flood EditorCROSS COUNTRY CROSS COUNTRY: Standing - D. Blumcr. J. Kopp. D. Schmieder, T. Schmicder, R. Keegan, S. Parmer, Kneeling M. Bandi, Mr. Wliitc (coach), R. Friedrichs. R. Janes CROSS COUNTRY GOES TO STATE Cross Country returned to the state meet level of competition after a one year absence, and the yearling team did themselves proud collecting runner-up honors in the state championships. The Comets showed great team balance, with six of the first seventeen places, to total 54 points behind the winning Fcnnimorc team with 41 points. Team captain Tom Schmieder, the only senior on the squad, ended four great years of running, having placed in the state meet 30th as a freshman, 5th as a sophomore, and 8th as a senior. Junior Ron Keegan was elected captain for next year as sophomores Ricky Janes and Dan Blunter were chosen Most Valuable Runner and Most Improved Runner respectively. Spectators wait for their runners to come in 68BOY’S VOLLEYBALL VOLLEYBALL: Bottom row - J. Gibbons, J. Muucrman. R. Allen. B. Tway. 2nd row - B. Alexander. J. Larson. T. Tway, J. licit .man, C. Sowl. Top row - Mr. Gross (coach). C. Schlapbach, D. Stochr, R. Rood. D. Dowdcn. VOLLEYBALL TEAM BECOMES ‘ S E A SO A E D V ET E R A X S” This year’s team should have come away from the season with a sense of accomplishment. Hopefully thcv also ended the season with a hunger for next year’s comf union when they can return as "seasoned veterans." The four freshmen, four sophomores, and three juniors should come back the strongest in this area. While the squad will lose a valuable member in graduating senior. Clayt Sowl, it should have enough experience to carry on. ahead of where they left off this fall. 69GIRL S VOLLEYBALL 1ST. YEAH TEAM BRINGS HOME REGIOXALS The newly formed girl’s volleyball team has reason to be proud of themselves. After netting up a seasonal record of 7 wins and 7 losses, the team got it all together to become Regional Champs. It was an exciting game when the girls beat both the Monticcllo Ponies and the Belleville Wildcats to bring home the title. At Sectionals, the inexperience of tournament play coupled with the loss of vital team members undermined team confidence to come home with I win and 2 losses. The girl’s arc looking forward to next year with hopes of improving their already good record. VARSITY: Top - K. Binder. 2nd row - B. Bandi. J. Krupke. Bottom - T. Black (Statistician). C. Steindorf. L. Schlapbach. B. Murphy. Mrs. Sherwin (Coach). JUNIOR VARSITY: Standing - T. Black (Statistician). J. Klossncr, L. Huffman. C. Runaas. K. Nipple, J. Blumcr. Mrs. Sherwin (Coach). Kneeling - N. Runaas, D. LaBellc, C. Flynn, V. Lisser. 70VARSITY BASKETBALL VARSITY BASKETBALL: Front row, left to right; B. Alexander, C. Sowl, D. Blumcr. Second row; J. Scllnow and J. Heitzman. Third Row;T. Schmicdcr, C. Sowl. Back row; Mr. Gross (coach). The fellas presented here - for better or for worse, for themselves or for the school - stuck together and made it through a very long and difficult basketball season. After a discouraging start, the Comets pulled a win from non-conference Saint Joseph s to improve morale. The season really ended with some excitement though when the Comets won their first conference game in two years by beating Juda. The fans will never forget that game in which 10 technical fouls were called on the Juda coach, players, and crowd in the final 9 seconds of the game and a riot nearly broke out afterwards. The team will be sad to lose their seniors, Clayt and Tom, but arc looking forward to a better than ever season next year. VARSITY CHEERLEADERS VARSITY CHEERLEADERS: L. Lyle, D. Nipple, C. Stoindorf (captain). J. Atkinson. K. Binder, and J. Mauerman.J.V. BASKETBALL J.V. BASKETBALL: Front; K. Flood. Second row; M. Bandi, K. Purdy. R. Mammon. J. Mauerman, and R. Althaus. Third row. C. Sow), B. Tway. J. Gibbons. R. Pluss, and Coach Aslin. J.V. CHEERLEADERS CHEERLEADERS: Front; D. Dowdcn. Standing;S. Malcook. D. Dow-den.and K. Binder. Top;J. Acschliman. GIRL’S BASKETBALL JV BASKETBALL GIRLS: Top - K. Howard, L. Huffman. 2nd row - T. Black (Statistician), D. Dowdcn. J. Blunter, S. Dixon. S. Speer, L. Friedrichs. Bottom - L. Malcook, Gaylene Flood (Coach) GIRL’S BASKETBALL BECOMES STRONG VARSITY BASKETBALL GIRLS: Top - K. Binder. 2nd row - C. Rood, J. Krupke. K. Binder. Standing - Mrs. Shcr-win (Coach), B. Bandi, N. Runaas. D. Dowden. L. Schlap-bach. J. Blumer. The girl Comets had a longer season this year with the addition of 5 games to their schedule following a change in the League mlcs affecting the maximum number of games that a girl’s team can play. A welcome addition to the team this year was a Junior Varsity coach. Gaylene Flood. Gaylene W3S a big help to both Mrs. Sher-win and the girls at practices and also an invaluable member of the cheering section! Both Varsity and Junior Varsity teams have improved over last year to bring home many Comet victories, and they are looking forward to an even better season next year. They’ll miss Bernic. Lois and Kim next year, but they will still have a lot of experience behind them.WRESTLING GRAPPLERS HAVE A GOOD SEASON As a whole, this year's team was very much improved over last year’s grapplers. With a new coach, new uniforms, and a new mat, the guys totaled up impressive win-loss records for themselves and a 4-14 record for the team. One wrestler, Dan Black, went to Regionais this year and ended the season with 23 wins and 2 losses. The team will miss Dan. Steve, and Ken as they will graduate this year, but the Comet Wrestling squad will be back again next year with hopes of another good season. CHEERLEADERS WRESTLING: On mat - S. Harry. T. Tway. W. Mauri. D. Robinson. 1st row - R. Allen. T. Robinson. J. Keelc. B. Bruggcr, K. Baumgartner. Mr. Bosnian (Coach) 2nd row - R. Manshcim. C. Moldcnhauer. D. Dowden D. Black. CHEERLEADERS: C. Zwcifcl. D. Schlapbach. D. RunaasGRADE SCHOOLDave King Editor 77JR. HIGH ENGLISH Allen Bosnian PREFACE by Theodore Weiss Darnel. Ragweed. Wortlc And turning to me. the young poet tries to say once more what weeds mean to him - luscious weeds riding high, wholly personal: “0 go ahead, hack away as much as you like; I’ve been thrown out of better places than this” - Darnel. Ragwood. Wortlc 78 JR. HIGH MATH Russell Quinn ARITHMETIC by Carl Sandburg Arithmetic is where numbers fly like pigeons in and out of your head. Arithmetic is seven eleven all good children go to heaven -or live six bundle of sticks. Arithmetic is numbers you squeeze from your head to your hand to your pencil to your paper till you get the answer. Arithmetic is where you have to multiply - and you carry the multiplication table in your head and hope you won't lose it.JR. HIGH SCIENCE Charles Hallmark HEY DIDDLE DIDDLE by Paul Dchn Hey diddle diddle Tire physicists fiddle. The Bleep jumped over the moon. Tile little dog laughed to see such fun And died the following June. JR. HIGH SOC. STUDIES ANCI ENT HISTORY by Arthur Cuiterman I hope the old Romans had painful abdomens. I hope that the Greeks had toothaches for weeks. I hope the Egyptians had chronic conniptions. Terry Astin I hope that the Vandals had thorns in their sandals. 1 hope that the Persians had gout in all versions. They started the fuss and left it to us!EIGHTH GRADE Left to Right, First Row; L. Schenk, D. Mueller, K. Atkinson, A. Rood, B. Robinson, T. Alderman, T. Janes, T, Alexander. Second Row; L. Parker, G. Muralt, C. Kchm, L. Briggs,B. Gohlkc, J. Pagel. R. Paul. Third Row; L. Sellnow, L. Johnson, J. Larson, M. Murphy, P. Kennedy,C. Althaus, D.Schmieder, D.Gums, J. Peach, D. Hannes, M. Tourdot.SEVENTH GRADE Left to Right, First Row: I). Johnson. T. Alexander. f . Mueller, I. Gill, J. Fahmey. D. Beugger. M. Glass. I). Pluss. M. Tourdol, D. Mauri, L. Larson, L. Swanson, L. ILmgc. I .Xilliox. Sceond Row: T. Kennedy. J Patchcn, M. Reasa. J. Schlaphach. J. Sandlin M. Malkow, P. Wheeler. I). Dustin, S. Krupke. A. Bump. R. Marx. D. Marlin. M. Courtosis. C. Mau lticin. D. (rooks. I hml Row F. Nipple, R. Paul. K. Kccplc. M. Moldcnhaucr. M. Hudson. S. Nipple. R Woeden. B West. I Isles. I Zilliox. X. Mammon. B. Sarbackcr, W. Lewis. T. Gohlkc, L. Brugger. P. Muralt.JR. HIGH SPORTS CROSS COUNTRY CROSS COUNTRY: Left to Right; J. Pagcl, J. Schlapbach. M. Class. and D. Schmcidcr.EIGHTH GRADE ■ BASKET IS AIX 8th GRADE BASKETBALL: Standing - Mr. Kunt . (Coach). R. Mammon. B. Gohlkc. R. Paul. J. Peach. D. Hannes, T. Janes. M. Tourdot. T. Alexander. L. Hauge. Kneeling - T. Kennedy. 83 CHEERLEADERS: B. Robinson. T. Alderman. K. Kchm, L. SellnowSEVENTH GRADE BASKETBALL BASKETBALL: Left to Right; J. 1). Pluss, D. Johnson, F. Nipple. J. Malkow, S. Nipple. J. Schlapbach, I). Brugger, M. Glass, and J. ratchcn. Front Row; T. Kennedy and Mr. Kuntx (coach). CHEERLEADERS: D. Martin. P. Muralt, L. Brugger. L. Larson, and R. Marx. 84CADET BAND CADF.T BAND; Ijeft to Right. First Row.T.Gohlkc, P. Muralt, L. Bruggcr, I). Dus tan. L. Atkinson, L. Allen M. Gums. Second Row; T. Mammon. L. Mood, N. Sigafus. K. Kclim. L. Cook. R. Marx. T. Koehler, L. Atkinson, Third Row; I). Mueller, M. Tourdot. D. Mauri. C. Mansheim. L. 1-arson, A. Bump. L. Bruggcr. S. Krupke. Fourth Row; Mr. Cornwell. J. Schlapbach. D. Mueller, I). Dowden, F. Nipple. B. Heron, B. Mauri, J. Patchen. JR. HIGH CHORUS JR. HIGH CHORUS; Row One; J. Fahrncy, D. Bruggcr. T. Kennedy, L. Schenk. D. Mueller. L. Briggs, B. Robinson Row Two; D. Dustan. P. Wheeler. P. Muralt, R. Marx. L. Swanson, A. Bump, L. Atkinson, G. Muralt, J. Larson. Row Three; D. Martin. M. Courtois, D. Crooks, C. Mansheim, T. Hammon, P. Zilliox, L. Parker, K. Kchm. L. Sell-now, D. Schmcidcr, T. Alderman. Row Four; L. Brugger, S. Krupke, W. Lewis. T. Gohlke, L. Larson, L. Zilliox, J. Malkow, F. Nipple. C. Althaus, P. Kennedy, L. Johnson. M. Murphy. 85Standing, Left to Right: M. Bennett, J. Lincicum, L. Malkow, D. Kehm, L. Keelc. B. Hauri, T. Alexander. L. Robinson, K. Kehm, D. Moldenhaucr, M. Sefrood, R. Crooks, T. Lucdy, R. Richardson, C. Sow), J. Dunphy, B. Lyle. Sitting, Left to Right: R. Anderson. B. Heron. M. Gurns, L. Klapper, K. Jones, C. Lisser, K. Hamilton, J. Rucf. Missing, C. Ball and Mr. Kanable Left to Right: K. Hamilton, M. Kennedy. S. Fahrney. L. Brugger,C. West.T. Kocbler, S. Harlson, L. Atkinson, T. Brugger.N. Sigafms, R. Clcaveland. J. Pfeuti, B. Anderson, M. Elmer. D. Dowden, K. Hulbert, M. Howard. F. Ross, B. Atkinson, L. Flood. P. Zwcifcl. K. Peach, T. Langston. B. Zettle, R. Pluss, L. Allen. P. Zweifel. M. Gurns. G. Gempeler, L. Coak, T. Stcindorf, Mrs. Wcndorf 86Sealed. Left to Right: L. Flesher, R. Foxen.C. Fricdrichs.K. Mammon, K. Alderman, K. Bennett. R. Bump, L. Elmer. Standing, Left to Right: Mrs. Mlavachck, L. Kehm. T. Nipple. S. Langston, C. Kauk, D. Malkow, R. Ruef, S. Pfeuti, J. Shell, G. Vitense. E. West, M. Janes First Row: M. Golz, H. Blumer. Second Row: L. Heron, D. Speer. R. Mabie, M. Muralt. Third Row: R. Anderson, K. Gempcler. D. Gohlkc, Mrs. Kuntz. Fourth Row: D. Dust an, R. Wceden, K. Widmcr. Standing: C. McCarthy. J. Sandlin. L. Hauge, L. Flesher, D. Pence, and K. Flood.Left to Right, First Row: D. Horn, D. Jones, S. Albertson, M. Friedrichs. Second Row: R. Lisser. A. Creuzer, B. Nicld, G. Gibbons, T. Vitcnse, R. Wendtlandt. Third Row: B. Pence, K. Peach, J. Franklin, T. Hulbert, C. Elmer, B. Ilciwig. Fourth Row: M. Krupke.G. Anderson,C. Hannes, K. Albertson. Standing: D. Briggs, L. Muralt.T. Bump, M. Scffrood, A. Rcasa, S. Flood, D. Blumer. L. Stcindorf, L. Koebler.G. Gohlke, D. Anderson, Mrs. Ladwig. Front Row: C. Klapper, P. Zweifcl, P. Lyle, M. Flood, G. Schneider. Second Row: R. Lcrch, A. Acschliman, W. Johnson. B. Johnson. Third Row: T. Alexander. H. Anderson, L. Detra. Standing: L. Allen, M. Graves. L. Kennedy, J. Adams, B. Schallcr, J. Althaus, D. Nelson, L. Dodd, C. Zwcifel, Mrs. Coplien. 88Left to Right, First Row: B. Zettle.C. Anderson, K. Hamilton, J. Kauk. Second Row: P. Pluss, M. Bruggcr, D. Dustan.C, Ceslok. M. Kock, D. Wendlandt. Third Row: T. Sutherland, J. Paul, M. Colburn, D. Muralt, M. Lisscr. Standing: C. Backman. G. Child, R. Shell. D. Luedy. B. Courtois.T. Brewer, M. Jones. J. Sandlin. R. Neild, Mrs. Gibbons. Left to Right, First Row: B. Hall, S. Keegan. B. Child. Second Row: G. Heron, T. Boss. T. Farley wine. F. Helwig. M. Nipple. Standing: C. Ncuenschwander, D. Mueller. M. Waterman, J. McNecly, S. Nipple, D. Kehm. S. Bump. R. Peach, R. Crooks. D. Klapper,S. Larson. W. Zec.T. Schwartzlow.C. Drye, M. Pence. 89 Left to Right, First Row: M. Thompson. S. Olson, D. Zurfluh, D. Kinney, D. Marchant. Second Row: T. Blumcr, K. Crcuzcr, K. Horn, S. Lcrch. B. Batz. Third Row: C. Briggs. S. Pfeuti. P. Tourdot, G. Lervis, T. Malkow. Fourth Row: S. Harlson. Mrs. Quade. J. Lincicum. Left to Right, Standing: Mrs. Arndt. E. Sharp. S. Nelson, D. Malkow, Z. Brewer. D. Dodd, D. Nipple. J. Batz, K. Flynn, K.Thompson. M. Marty. Sitting: M. Hahn. J. Johnson, L. Flcsher, D. Kinney. Middle Row: B. Luedy, T. Briggs, T. Kecle, D. Bump, W. Detra. First Row: D. Nelson. J. Zurfluh. D. Myk. 90MORNING KGN. Front Row: R. Sharp, M. Blumer.T. Brewer. D. Lcrch. D. Albertson. Second Row: M. Johnson, B. Kinney, S. Atkinson. K. Olson, S. Jones, T. Shell, N. Schnecbergcr. Third Row: L. Stcindorf, I. Webster, S. Johnson, J. Blumcr, P. Tourdot. Missing, P. Rhyner. M. Nyc. J. Myhre. T. Zurfluh. AFTF.RNOON KGN. Front Row: S. Gcrtsch, L. Cook. J. Marchant. M. Hanson, B. Bennett, R. Kicler. Middle Row: D. Anderson, S. Moore. J. Thalacker, C. Zee. M. Hclwig, R. Keegan. Mrs. Spring. Back Row: S. Flynn. M. Zwiefel, L. Martin, R. Moe. W. Backman. K. Oliver. Missing, M. Oas. Albany’s future Junior High and High School students arc beginning their educations with much enthusiasm and imagination. The little girls fill their extra time with hopscotch, jumping rope, and playing on the swings. The little boys, in the meantime, fill their extra time with baseball, football, and chasing the little girls. The Junior High students are busy with classes as well as the various extra-curricular activities which they so eagerly participate in. Making new friends and learning new things seem to make the Junior High and Grade School years both exciting and inspiring. Remember your grade school years and you will think of excited little kids crying and laughing and just having a really good time. This year has been quite successful for them and we hope that their next years at Albany will be filled with as much excitement as their Junior High and Grade School ones had been. 91IUDniDUAUZED STUDENT PROGRAMS Julainc Barribeau TITLEI Albany’s Title I project, which was given initial approval in November of 1972, was tagged Project Success. It’s goal is to provide a successful start for every child in the first few-ycars in school. Starting at the time of Pre-Kindergarten screening, tests and observations arc made to determine if a child may have special learning needs. It is crucial that problems learning be planned, especially for those children who have very unique needs. Mrs. Barribeau, the Title I coordinator, strives to provide these children with the activities which will help them develop their undeveloped skills. The Title I workshop is a very important aspect of our school as it meets the needs of individual children for whom the program is geared. SPEECH THERAPY Our language. Speech, and Hearing Therapist, Miss Helanc O’Reilly, examines, appraises and diagnoses the speech, voice, and language behavior of children who experience difficulty with these functions, and provides remedial services for them according to their respective needs. Professionals in this field use many different titles, all meaning they have the same expertise. Some of these are Speech Therapist, Speech Pathologist. Speech Consultant, Communicologist, Communicative Disorders Specialist. Remedial Speech Specialist, Language Specialist. Speech and Language Clinician. Language Pathologist, and Language, Speech and Hearing Clinician. We arc concerned with the speaker as a person, as well as the speaker's important listeners. 92 Helanc O'ReillyTEACHER AIDES Charlotte Briggs Harriet HeitzmanADVERTISING95 Darlene Sclilapbacli EditorCONGRATULATIONS SENIORS Mr. Mrs. Russell Albriglu Mr. Michael Henderson Mr. Mrs. Robert E. Allen Mrs. Kay Arndt Mr. Mrs. Fred Bacrtschi Mrs. Leone Coplien Mr. Mrs. Emil Bandi Mr. Leon Kanablc Mr. Mrs. Bradley Binder Mrs. Donna Ladwig Mr. Mrs. David Black Mrs. Clareda Ncunschwander Mr. Mrs. John W. Blumcr Mrs. Louise Spring Mr. Mrs. Boyd Figi Mrs. Rebecca Wcndorf Mr. Mrs. Donald Flood Mr. Terry Astin Mr. Mrs. Kenneth Flood Mrs. Charles Hallmark Mr. Mrs. Vernon Friedrichs Mr. Russell Quinn Mr. Mrs. George Gibbons Miss Joan Anderson Darlene Gill Mr. Donald Cornwell Mr. Mrs. Michael Glass Mrs. Katherine Gardner Mr. Mrs. Thomas Gracbncr Mr. Thomas Gross Mr. Mrs. Gilman Harry Mrs. Kristine Hanson Mr. Mrs. Gordon R. Janes Mr. James Kuntz Mr. Mrs. John L. King Miss Kay Miller Mr. Mrs. K. J. Klossner Mrs. Ellen Nordin Mr. Mrs. Gordon I.. Klossner Mrs. Arlene Oliver Mr. Mrs. Kenneth Morgenthaler Mrs. Lois Shcrwin Mr. Mrs. William Pryce Mrs. Susan Tews Jessie Ann Rendall Mr. John Vandcrhoof Mrs. Mary Lou Ringhand Miss Jeanette Wondra Mr. Mrs. Fritz Schlapbach Mrs. Susan Zimmerman Mr. Mrs. Hans Schlapbach Mrs. Phyllis Acschliman Mr. Mrs. Martin Schmioder Miss Charlotte King Mr. Mrs. Rolland Stcindorf Mrs. Charlotte Briggs Mr. Mrs. John Tway Miss Hclane O'Reillv Mrs. Pat Johnson Mrs. Evelyn Thornton A Friend to the Kids 96BANK OF ALBANY P.0. Box I Albany. Wi. 53502 Phone: 862-3214 (A.C.608) Urge Enough to Serve You Small Enough to Know You C 0 N G R A T U L A T 1 O N S HARDWARE HOUSEWARES APPUANCES AUTOMOTIVE TV SOUND SPORTS PAINT GAMBLES OF ALBANY 118 N. Water Street Albany, Wisconsin 862-3944 Neil Jacquelyn Stefanik S E N I O R S 97Congratulations to the Class of 75 from your 1975 Comet Photographer HELGESEN RESIDENCE STUDIO 1220 Milwaukee Street Janesville, Wisconsin V7 VARCO-PRUDEIM metal buildings Evansville, Wisconsin 98 A division of AMCA International CorporationAMERICAN FAMILY I NSURANCE AUTO HOME HEALTH LIFE FRED BAERTSCHI 101? 1ST CENTER AVENUE BRODHE AO. WISCONSIN 53520 Albany: 862-3893 Brodhead: 897-8111 Congratulations Seniors from Krostue Implement Your Quality John Deere Dealer Albany Wisconsin Congratulations Seniors GOHLKE Furniture Store- Funeral Home F u mil u re—Appl i an ces Floor Coverings Albany Albany Lives of By All Phone 862-3332 anytime Congratulations Graduates Helps Everyone Reaching to And their Needs Likes and Year round Desires Albany Herald serving Albany since 1883 99ALBANY INDUSTRIES 603 East Main Street Albany. Wl 53502 Josef Marx Congratulations Seniors BRICK MASON Duane U. Dixon 1 . E. General Manager 862-3409 Complete Asphalt Maintenance Albany. Wisconsin PRYCE BROTHERS Congratulations Class of "75” j Wa ALBANY SILO CO. Kast-Rite Silos 'm l Feed Easy Equip. All Proof Synthetic Oil if Fritz Schlapbach - Albany Dealers in Livestock Bulls For Rent Phone 862-3781 or 862-3769 Albany Wisconsin Phone 862-3814 too COMPLIMENTS OF CROSS COUNTRY BUILDERS 9 4 West Exchange - Brotfhead, Wisconsin 53570 TEALES AUTO SERVICE Office: (608) 897 4713 American Motors ALBANY WISCONSIN Home-way Homes ...Home to THe FORm Farmy for 34 yeaRS Custom designed to fit Your family's Needs And your lot 862-3549 HOME WAY HOMES are the hallmark of midwestern farm heritage We've been building homes for two generations of farm families In fact, our growth and roputation aro tho result of their satisfaction! KNIGHT MFG. CORP. Forage Boxes- Spreaders 'Auggie" Mixers-Wagons BERRA’S SADDLE SHOP 897-2131 English and Western Wear Saddles. Boots. Clothes Square Dancing Clothes OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK 9:00 A.M. to 9:00 P.M. Route 2 Brodhcad. Wl 608-897-4039 Pal Lois. Harley Howard Berra Brodhcad. Wisconsin 101ANCHOR SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION 1712 12th Street Monroe, Wisconsin For your savings needs The Albany Community Newspaper AGENDA ELECTRIC RESIDENTIAL • • COMMERCIAL • • • INDUSTRIAL • • • ( 45 South Franklin Street Janesville, Wl 53545 752-0508 CENTER TAVERN Home Of The Bulls Gary Geno's Sandwiches. Cheese. Pizza Albany. Wisconsin Congratulations from BARTON INSURANCE AGENCY HEIN AND FRANCIS Albany's Home-Owned-Independent Grocery Just Everyday Low Prices ' Telephone: 862-3236 Sincere Service Security. Satisfaction Phone 862-3271 Albany, Wisconsin 102DOYON AND RAYNE Phone: 862-3267 Albany, Wisconsin IRV'S MASONRY FLAT CONCRETE WORK P.O. Box 229, Phone 862-3854 Irvin Klapper Albany, Wisconsin 53502 KRUEGER CONSTRUCTION Office Phone: 862-3276 Chopper Boxes Builders for Farm and Home Carpenter and Cement Work Albany. Wl 53502 MYK’S TV and APPLIANCE SERVICE 402 Sugar River Parkway Albany. Wl 53502 Henry S. Myk - 862-3373 TV Repair - Antennas -Wiring - Towers-Refrigeration - Rotors Congratulations POP’S YOUTH CENTER Albany, Wisconsin Rose Pop’s Out Jones SUGAR VALLEY DEVELOPERS. INC. Box 250 Albany. Wisconsin 53502 Phone: 862-3913 - 862-3966 Manufacturers of Custom Homes Building Components Free Estimates Qualified Professional Builders UNION COOPERATIVE Feed Fertilizer Grain Drying Seed Petroleum Storage Albany Brooklyn Evansville Wisconsin STOP IN ANYTIME ALFIES DRIVE IN Hwy 14 South Oregon OPEN YEAR ROUND 11 AM - I I PM 103DOUBLE D' BAR BANK OF OREGON s NDWICHES CARRY-OUTS LIQUORS WINES PIZZA Oregon. Wl 53575 121 N. Main Oregon. Wl Happy Hour 4 - 6 PM Mon. - Fri. AMERICAN FAMILY INSURAN C AUTO HOME HEALTH LIFE WILLIS DRUG STORE 7 West Main Street Evansville, Wisconsin Arnold A. Willis R. Pit. Jeff Jones Agency 8W. Main Street - Evansville Phone: 882-6267 Phone: 883-4550 General Contracting Building Supply Interior Decorating Custom Cabinets Floor Coverings Phone: 325-2117 BRUNT-MILLER CO.( INC. 1900- 12th Street Monroe. Wisconsin 53560 PETERSON’S SOUTHSIDE GROCERY AND BEVERAGE MART STUDER SUPER SERVICE INC. Massey-Ferguson New Holland Gehl Monroe. Wisconsin KARLEN-WOLD FORD, INC. Tel. 938-4345 Open 7 days a week Btodhcad Wisconsin Cars Monticello Trucks WisconsinVALLEY SCHOOL SUPPLIES FROM A FRIEND” ALBANY LOCKER Fresh and Smoked Meats Homemade Sausages Cut. Wrapped, and Frozen Available Phone 862-3128 Albany. Wisconsin CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS From: Alvin Kranig Excavating Albany, Wisconsin For Fruit Trees. Berries. Flowers Shrubs. Evergreens or Landscaping SEE DAN DEE NURSERY At The Bridge Albany. Wisconsin GREEN COUNTY FARMCO COOPERATIVE A Farmer-Owned Service Albany Janesville Argyle Monroe Brodhead Monticello Orfordvdle Equipment For All School Needs Bob Wolfe Sales Representative JOSTENS is pioud to be a part of ALBANY traditions lbertson Realty Waync Jan Albertson and 862-3531 UCtion Services Wanda Feller 938-4451 lbany, MI 53502 Jac£ ““™rd CHESTER WHITES Fay Brewers Sons Breeding Stock Sold at all Times Albany Wisconsin Compliments of EARL AND WALLY 7WICKEY HALL S STORE Albany. Wisconsin Hair Care. School Supplies. Magazines Soda Fountain - 862-3277 105Floyd Krause KLaSfO (§x? MELODY BAND and MONROE WISCONSIN ROOM BOARD FOR THE AGED jP HAURI'S CYCLE SHOP 715 21st Street Monroe. Wisconsin Motorcycle Bridgeston Kawaski Rupp Snow Mobile Parts-Accessories Phone 325-0052 (© Monroe Wisconsin Across from the fire station JD’s White Elephant MONROE BEVERAGE MART Live Entertainment 11 w 11-81 Last Monroe, WI Phone 325-2963 Open 9 a.m.-9 p.m. Daily Liquors and Wines Cordials Beers MONROE FLORAL SHOP MONROE MACHINE WELDING, INC. Downtown Monroe Wisconsin 1020-3rd Ave. Monroe, WI Truck Equipment MONROE ONE HOUR CLEANERS PANDOW JEWELERS 1115 16th Avenue Fine Quality Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry Monroe, Wisconsin Monroe, Wisconsin f'h. 325-6134 PHILLIPS SMITH S 0 TV SERVICE AND Furniture Appliance City, Inc. MUSIC CENTER Complete Home Furnishings North of the Banks, Monroe Sales Service Monroe, WI 903-17th Avenue Phone 325-3731 SCHULTZ PHARMACY Compliments of SOLOMON AUTOPARTS CO. INC. Monroe, Wisconsin Ph. 325-2151 Brod head S97-46 () Mon roe-325-4181 Darlington 776-4541 THORPE VALUE VILLAGE DEPARTMENT STORE Paint and Wallpaper Custom Drapery Monroe. Wisconsin 106 Hwy 11 Monroe. Wisconsin Open Daily 10-10 Sunday 10-6BANK OF BRODHEAD Full Service Bank Brodhead. Wisconsin Member FDIC Member of Federal Reserve System Bjork’s Toggery " )n the Square” Brodhead, W1 BLUFF VIEW PARK thf: fun spot Brodhead, Wisconsin COUNTY LINE BEVERAGE Brodhead, Wisconsin FOESCH S BODY SHOP 897-2274 Brodhead. Wisconsin KUBLY’S O D-NR bar vfmu? Brodhead, Wl LA VERNE LEDERMAN State Farm Insurance Companies 1015 Center Avenue Phone 897-2834 Brodhead. Wisconsin OLIN AND AYRES Buick Pontiac Sales Service 705 E. Exchange St. 897-4222 Brodhead, Wisconsin PIERCE aRgIS pharmacyk 'JunHitwu 'ZfwiAC 1201 - 17th STREET BROOHEAD. WISCONSIN 53520 Brodhead, Wisconsin Phone: 897-2595 STAIR’S SENTRY FOODS Brodhead, Wisconsin SUGAR RIVER RACEWAY 897-4380 Brodhead. Wisconsin PETERSON S SUNOCO Brodhead. Wisconsin 1 IlOp 1027 1st. Center Ave. utherland's Brodhead, Wisconsin oon Anderson TV 10 East Main Street """" Cal Anderson: Evansville. Wis. 882-4156 BERG REALTY SERVICE Farms, Residential, Commercial, Financing Broker Realties 102 E. Main - Evansville - 882-5216 107EAST SIDE BAR AND STEAK HOUSE 882-9942 BUB'S SANDWICHES 882-5528 230 E. Main Evansville. Wl ( 08-882-5600 15 N. Madison St. Evansville. W| 53536 MARSH’S - ALS Paint and Appliance Evansville. Wl - 882-4005 DR. CHARLES E. NELSON DENTIST SHADY LANE FURNITURE SHOP Re-Upholstering Drapcrics-Carpcting-New Furniture-Decorator Fabrics 24 E. Main Street - Evansville - 882-5245 STRAKA JEWELRY Evansville, Wisconsin DR. II.C. YOUNOMAN Dentist GEMPELER’S SUPER MARKET Groceries-Frozen Foods— Fresh Meats and Sausages Phone 938-4927 Monticello. Wisconsin 53570 SCOTTIES STAND Fruits - Vegetables IIY 11 - Browntown.WI Plione: 966-3337 HOMECAFE 104 N. Main Street - Oregon Home-made pies Phone: 835-9906 U- NAME -IT -SHOP Antiques - Collectibles - Used Furniture Oregon. Wisconsin -119 S. Main St. - 835-5181 □ HI Gcltl New Holland MARTINSON IMP., INC. DPOOKLYN. WISCONSIN . i! (• f. q $ t£ r rqDONATIONS Albany Beauty Mart. Albany Wayne Albertson Sr., Auc., Albany George Edna's Bar. Albany Green County Ag. Chest, Albany Luedy’s Albany Brodhead Veterinary, Brodhead Flynn’s Bar. Brodhead Pierce Hardware. Brodhead Recreation Alleys. Brodhead State Line Playboys. Brodhead Zwcifcl Realty. Brodhead Montgomery Electric. Browntown Burkhard Electric, Monroe Florine's, Monroe Gasthaus Motel. Monroe Kohli Office Supply. Monroe Lanz Hardware. Monroe Pipers Dream. Monroe Boars Nest, Monticello Dickson’s Grocery. Monticello Voegli Chevrolet Buick. Monticello the donnahugh shoppe. Oregon Midwest Tape Co-op.. Oregon Coast to Coast. Evansville 109INDEX Kick Maiislicim, Editor SENIORS Albright, William 12,56,58,54 Allen, Robert 12.44,56,61,53, 55,60 Bacrtschi, Laurie 12,58,55,62 Bandi, Bernadette 13,53,60,61, 62.70.73 Baumgartner. Kendall 12,56,62,74 BindeF, Kim 12,38,50,51,56.57.62, Black. Daniel 10,11,50,51,54.62, 64.74 Blumer. Cheryl 12,57 Figi. Mike 13,56 Flesher, Karen 10,11.53,62 Flood. Roger 14,39,50,51.52,54. 60,61,62 Rood, Steve 14 Friedrichs, Jovcc 14,55,57,58 Gibbons, Carol 5,15,52,54.59, 60 Gill, Colleen 14,55,57 Glass, Martin 14,32,50,51,53, 54 Graebncr, Kris 14, Harry. Steve 15,38.62,74 Henningson, Kenneth 16 Huffman, Harvey 16,58 Janes, Diane 16,58 King, David 10,11.52,54.55.56, Klossncr, Jayne 17.50,51,53,56, 58.70 Lisscr, Vickie 16,70 Marx, Gunther 16.39,58,62 Nipple, Debra 16,55,71 Prvcc. Jeffery 10,, 54,58.61,62 Richardson, Charlene 17,57 Ringhand, Fred 18,62 Schlapbach, Darlene 18,52,54,57, 58.74 Schlapbach. Lois 18,50,51,53,54. Schmiedcr, Thomas 19,53,62,64, 68.71 Sowl.Clayt 18.50,51.56,69,71 Steindorf, Connie 18 53,54,55,58, Tway. Karen 18.57,58.61 Zurlluh.Cindi 19,38,50,51,57, 58 JUNIORS Acschliman, Joan 5,20,52 Acschliman, Julie 20.21,52,57, 62,72 Alderman, John 20,58 Ardisson. Greg 20,58 Binder, Kris 20,43,53.53,56,57.,73 Black, Tami 20,53,54,55,58,60, 70.73 Blumer, Jackie 21,57,59,62,73 Briggs, Gary 21,30,56,57 Brugeer. Brian 21.54,56,58,62, 64 74 Dowden, David 21,33,44,53,55, Elmer. Jill 21.54,56,62 Elmer. Scott 21,56 Rood. Christy 20,54,62,73 Rood. Rick 20,54,56.58.62,69 Rynn, Cindy 20,57 Foxcn, Mary 20 Friedrichs, Lorna 20,46,54,55, 73 Gcmpclcr, Gloria 20,46 Glass, Gayc 21,52 Hill. Brenda 21 Hulbcrt, Bcthy 21, Keegan. Ron 21,59.62,68 Keepers, Rick 21.5 Kopp, Joe 21,36.58,62,68 Krupkc, Ron 20,30,56,57 Lyle, Valerie 20 Manshcim, Rick 20,52,59,60,74 Mauerman. Julie 20,57,58,62,71 OlcCrecdy, Janet 20,52,57.58 Moldenhauer, Carl 20,74 Murphy, Becky 21.38,57,62,70 Parmer, Steve 21.56,58,62,68 Purdy, Ken 21,44,53,54.72 Robinson, Janice 21,55 Robinson, Tim 21,56,62,74 Runaas, DeEttc 21,53,54,55,59, 60.74 Schlapbach, Carl 20.54,55,56,58. 62,69 Stcuri, Susan 20,33,57 SOPHOMORES Alexander, Robert 22,69,71 Althaus, Rick 22,31.54.72 Anderson, Robert 22,41 Bandi, Mike 22,59.62,68,72 Blumer. Danny 22,62,68,71 Dowden. Delores 22.54,62.72,73 Dowden, Dorothy 22,23,54,62,72, 73 Friedrichs. Rex 23,62,68 Hammon, Richard 23,54,55,72 Harlson, Robin 23,31 Hauri, TTieresa 23,59 Hcit .man, John 23.62,69,71 Henningson, Anna 22 Janes. Richard 22,59,62.68 Kecle. Joel 22,59.74 Kennedy, Jay 22.56.58,59.60,62 Keopp, "Brian 22 LaBeOe. Darlyn 22,55,63.70 Larson, Jeff 23,36.69 Lyle. LuAnn 23,55.62.71 Malcook, Sharon 23,55,58,62.65. 72 Malkow. Mike 22,23,56 Nipple, Kelly 23,57,62,63,70 Ringhand,John 23 Ross, Sheryl 22.59 Runaas, Nina 22,58,59,60,62,70, 73 Sandlin, Jimmy 22 Schmiedcr, David 22,62,68 Schneider. Robert 22,31 Scllnow. Jeff 22,31,56,71 Sow), Scott 23 Tway. Tim 23,44.62,6S,69.74 Webb, Tom 23,31,60 Weeden, Rick 23.41,58 Zweifel. Cindv 22, FRESHMEN Allen, Rick 24.55,60,69,74 Atkinson. Bill 24,37.56,59 Atkinson, Janet 24,52,54,57,59, 71 Bellows, Norma 24 Blumer, Julenc 24,54,62,70,73 Broge, Julie 24,52,54,57,63 Dixon, Sonya 25,73 Fahrney, Bruce 25,54 Flood, Kevin 25,72 Rynn. Christy 25,54,70 Foxcn. Kay 25 Gcmpclcr, Gerry 25 Gibbons, Jim 24,59,69,72 Hannes, Chris 24 Harlson. Kenneth 24,59 Hauri. Wesley,62.74 Hill, Douglas 24 Howard, Kelly 24,60,63,73 Huffman, Laura 25,59,60,65,70, 73 Johnson, Wcndv 25.54,57,59,63 Kauk, Gladys 25.57.S9.63 Kcchn, August 25 Keepers, Douglas 25 Krupke, Janice 24,25,54,57.62, 70,73 Larson. Jamie 24.56 Lisser, Debbie 24 Mauerman. Jeff 24.37,69.72 lcCreedy. Agnes 24 Peterson Don 24,56 Phillips, Todd 24.33 Russ. Roger 25,56,59,72 Robinson, Dick 25,62,74 Ruef, Laurie 25,63 Runaas. Carol 25.57,70 Schneider, Jacob 25 Speer, Susan 25,57.62,73 Stochr. David 24.33,69 Thill, Ginny 24,57 Tway, Bruce 25,65,69,72 Wheeler,Tammy 25,52,59 1109 PISCHBL Yea ft BOOKS 112

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